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2009 Tributes

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Waffles Scott, 8/03/2007 - 10/18/2009


I never thought we would have to say good bye so soon. Please know that you are and will be forever loved and missed by many. It was a blessing for your former parents to allow us to adopt you. They are griecing the loss of you as much as we are. Pleas eforgive the person that hit you and ran. I am praying for God to give me strength to forgeive them as well. You are gorgeous, loved, missed and so much more a part of our family than you could ever know. We look forward to meeting you again in heaven. You were created to be loved by us. God created all animals to be loved and love us back. we know you definitely love us. I wish they could have revived you.

I love and miss you~

mommy christine

Wagger Rush Robare, 01/21/91-10/31/06

I miss my dog so much. She was my best friend and confident. She kept me safe from thugs that would mug me, rape me, or worse in the streets of downtown Richmond when I lived there. She would pull a sled, and loved the snow.. If you even said the all-mighty "M" word (mush!), she would bolt, happily, dragging you along. She loved the snow and would bounce threw it, looking at a yard full of freshly fallen snow like a child with a new box of crayons looks at a white sheet of paper- desperate to turn it into a work of art.

She taught my cat, Yakasa, how to walk on a leash, and played with him with gentleness I never expected from a dog so big to a kitten so tiny (as he was the runt of his litter), but soon learned to expect such kindness and nurture from her to him.

She had bones of steel- no other dog I can think of can survive being hit by a car three times in a row and surviving without much more than a bruise, but she did.

Wagger will always live on in my heart- I can only hope I'll see her again at the bridge someday.

Aubrey Robare

Waldo (aka Bubba), 07/08/93-07/15/09

My Waldo(AKA Bubba) was a wonderful loyal pet. He was a beautiful 18 pound Maine Coon cat. I was lucky enough to have him for 16 years. He was diagnosed with congestive heart failure 8 months ago and we have done everything to treat this disease and make him as comfortable as possible. He did very well on the medication until Friday and sadly passed on Wednesday. I will miss him more than words can ever express. When Waldo left us he left a huge whole in my heart! I try not to be sad because hes gone and try to smile because I was blessed to have him but right now its very hard to stop crying.I see him everywhere. My husband jokes that he will forever be my first born. Noone will ever take the place of my baby Bubba! I miss you and love you Bubba! When that day comes I know he will be waiting for me. I will see you again my friend :)

Julie Lum

Waldo, 1995-06/06/09

We will miss you Waldo.
You had the biggest smile!
You started out the worst dog we ever had and ended up the best dog we ever had. The day we found you wandering the streets and took you in turned out to be the best thing we ever did.
Thank you for your love and dedication.
You will always be our best buddy.

Bonnie Nelson

Wally, 06/16/09

Wally was a SO NEAT Basset Hound, and he was loved by all who came in contact with him. Later in life he developed some problems, and had to be put down. My son, also Marc, had a HUGE decision, and made the right choice for Wally. I have always believed that you can see it in the pet's eyes--- THEY know, even if you do not want to accept it. May God bless Wally, and all lost pets.

Marc Schiele

Wally, 05/05/99-06/09/09

My dear Sweet Wally.
So loved, so missed.
My heart aches for the loss of you.
You were my friend, confidante and constant companion. Rest well, my friend, you have deserved your rest.
Love you, always,

Wally, 05/16/09

Our first born has return to heaven. We miss him so very much. Rest now my gentle little friend.

John and Michelle Bailey

Wally, 04/22/09

Wally was my friend and protector, cancer took him from me.
I will look for him at the Rainbow Bridge.

Naomi Goldstein

Wally, 06/10/96-03/14/09

Wally you were the most loyal, loving and protective companion ever.
Some day Mama and Daddy will see you again,in the mean time we will always think of you and smile for all the joy you gave us.
Rest in peace.

A. & J. Caballero

Wally, 01/26/09

A true friend, a true companion.

Fred Riemann

Wally C, 02/13/04-03/12/09

My beautiful Belgian hare Rabbit Wally C passed on...He stopped eating & going to the bathroom. We took him to a vet and he was better for a few days. The problem I think was he was never a Hay or vegetable eater in life & that caught up with him and made him sick at the end.He was a loved rabbit, the cats loved him,our dogs, he loved going outside in the spring,summer & fall on his rabbit leash.
He loved playing with his toy bunny ball.He loved eating dried leaves outside. He loved chewing on everything from newspapers to magazines .....
He was part of the family & is missed. I am 4 months Pregnent & I wanted him to meet the baby so badly. I feel Terrible . I miss him so much..
His Birthday was just last month...I wish I did so much more for him...


Walter, 12/06/09

Rest in peace sweetheart... you've left a huge gap.


Walter, 04/03/09

Walter rest in peace, you came into my life for such a short time and today I had to let you go to the rainbow bridge.
Be happy and well, you will feel better at the rainbow bridge the sun will shin and there will be no pain or hunger.
Until we meet be with Kitty, Tammy, Tara, Juju, Buster and Shriya love you Walter so sorry I could not do anything more for you.

Wanda, 01/14/09

Wanda was the best dog we could have asked for. She will be loved and missed by all the lives she touched.

Mike, Linda, Erin and Kelcie

Wappo, 2003-03/17/09

Here's to you, Wappo. A friend, a companion, and a swell guard dog. Rest in peace.

Chester Castañeda

Warner, 09/06/09

Warner, beloved pet, friend and all around cool cat. We placed him on a hill so he could look out at nature as he did so many times from the windowsill. We will miss our friend and look forward to the day when we meet once again at Rainbow Bridge.

Washington, 11/23/09

You were found walking the streets in Clayton N.J. We found you in the paper from the rescue, & we took you home immediatley. You were so full of life & funny as a clown. Doc told us you were about 5, but you acted like a young kit. The night we brought you home, you chased the dog & had fun w/ Ted & Alice. They accepted you in a heartbeat & this remained until Alice passed & you were a good "brother" to Ted until you got the blockage... it was so painful & we had the surgery done right away & it was very stressful for you but your love of life kept you going, even though you lost all your hair for 7 months, but it all came back except for the top of your head & you looked like a little monk, so funny but happy. You did well until 10 months later & you got another blockage that Doc said you wouldn't survive again because you were about 7 now & it was so hard on your little body the first time. I had to do what was best & although they told me that, it didn't make me feel any better ... you died in my arms looking up at me as the shot went in you & took you from your life & mine. You listened to every word intently & I know you understood what I told you, because you never looked away. I hope you found Alice at the bridge cause I know she would be looking for you to play with again. Although we only had you for almost 3 years, you left a mark on our hearts forever. You were such a little angel that never bit anybody including all the people that hurt you at the vets from all the treatments after the surgery, such a good boy, my "little man". I will never forget you little one, & I know I will never have another ferret like you. Ted was so sad for days when you left, & he has slowed down too, but he is ok now, I think. You were such a tribute to your breed & now this little tribute is such a small token for such a little baby with such a big heart. Mommie will miss you always ... Carol Wall

Watson, 05/27/09

Watson - our precious love, our protector, our best friend. Your love for life, your energy and constant business will be so missed. You were taken so tragically and without notice and there will forever be a hole in our lives that will never be filled. We will miss your soft fur, your beautiful brown eyes and your genuine love for your family. You chose US 10 years ago and God gave us such a gift in you. Even when you ran into the neighbors garden, barked at the vacumn or moped - you did it with that twinkle in your eye knowing we did not mind it. You were beside us in times of sickness, sadness, fire, and death. I wish so much I could have protected you and saved you! I am so sorry... Know that you were and will always be so loved. Enjoy your reunion with Shadow, Simba and Bee! Wait for us... we WILL be with you again. WE LOVE YOU WADDY! Forever you will be with us... gone, but never forgotten!

Amy, Dakota, Devon & Abbey Traylor

Watson, 01/11/09

Our wonderful little Watson.
For the past 12 years you have brought so much laughter and joy into our lives.
Your sudden death has left a huge void in our lives.
We are so thankful for the time we had with you and we will never forget you.

We love you are so missed!
You are now with your friends Denim and Cassidy and we will all be together again one day!

Love you!

Kathy and Michelle

wee Sleekit, 07/01/07-06/19/09

Our sweet, sweet boy, Sleekit, left his furry body quite suddenly when an unfortunate soul crushed him with his or her car last, last Friday night. He would've been two soon.

He was brilliant, hilarious, athletic and extremely affable and amiable. He looked like a little sable panther with tiny rainbows caught in his smooth, shiny fur. He loved it when we would build him "caves" out of pillows and blankets. He had a meow like W.C. fields and sometimes fell asleep with his little slip of tongue hanging out. He loved his Greenies after getting his teeth brushed and his Aikido rolls were poetry.

He is survived by his largely furless Mama and Dad and his Burmese brother, Ogyges and his flan snouted, peach blossom eared creamy queen of a sister, Zephyr. We'll not forget our beautiful boy. He was taken from us all too soon. May Bast rock him to sleep on her furry belly and purr AUM into his little ears. May she put some balm on the hearts of those of us left behind without him.

Tiffany Bouchard and Douglas Goins

Weenie Johnstone, 08/01/92-01/13/09

My darling Weenie Kitten passed away today .
She was ill for a short time and had to be put to sleep .
I miss her so mcuh and am grieving so badly .
Rest now my Angel

Liz Johnstone

Weezette, September 6, 1981 - September 15, 1998

To my precious Yettie Baby. You are in my thoughts daily and will be till the day I die. For the 16 months while I was so sick and didn't know if I'd make it I knew you were watching over me and protecting me. Also, I know you were in the operating room sitting on my shoulder while I underwent the transplant surgery because you knew Amber and Bridget still needed me here. Even though I know you wanted me there with you, you wouldn't let me leave this earth yet. Just remember, the day will come when you and I will be together again never to be parted again.  
I'm sure you watch down from heaven and know that I still celebrate your birthday and say an extra prayer to you on the date of your passing. CoCo and Hunnynutt know all about you (how could they not with the portrait of you hanging over the fireplace?). They know they have a couple of special angel sisters (you and BabyMay) in heaven watching down on them.  
My darling, I still love you and will as long as I live.

Weily, 02/15/94-06/04/09

I bought Weily from a breeder when he was 6 weeks old and I was 16.
I picked up his tiny body, no bigger than the palm of my hand, and we fell in love at first sight.

For fifteen years we were best friends, inseparable.
Not a day went by that I didn't pick him up and cuddle him, kiss his head, and tell him I loved him.
He told me he loved me, too, by knocking me down with kisses and snuggling up against me as close as he could get.
There was no greater love in my life than my precious Weily.

He always had a healthy appetite, up until the very end.
His last day on earth was spent sprawled out in his bed, eating to his heart's content!
A few people told me I should take him to the vet to have him put down, but I knew my boy would not want that.
He wanted to go in his own way, when he was ready.

When he was ready, he got up out of his bed and stood in the middle of the floor, staring at me the entire time.
He did not whine or cry.
There was peace in his eyes.
He fell to the floor, barely breathing.
I picked him up, told him I loved him one last time, and that it was okay for him to go.
I would be all right.
I did not want him to suffer.

Weily lived a long, full, happy life - much longer than any other Yorkie in my family.
He is irreplaceable, and I know that one day we will be together again.

Angela Schaffer

Wendy, 10//1991-08/13/05

Miss. Wendoola,
I remember always coming over to Patty Clark's house and seeing you. We just fit together and were best friends even though you weren't my dog. After a while Patty said we could have you and from then on we were inseparable. I remember dressing up for Halloween when I was about six. You were the dragon and I was the princess. We walked around the neighborhood and everybody thought we were so cute. Because you were deaf everyone had to be your ears for you. Even though you did have a disability you were the sweetest dog in the world and smart too. You learned hand signals of come, sit, stay, and down. You loved bathing in the sun on the back deck and standing under the tall oriental grass to gaze. Then one day we brought this small pup home by the name of Jasper and you too became good friends. He was now your new ears. Every morning my mom would tell Jasper to go get Wendy and wake her up, so he'd run down the stairs into my mom's room and go to your bed and bark until you woke up then you'd follow him to go outside. He'd bark to get you up so you could go for a walk every morning. Even though he had tons more energy then you did you still loved him even when he was in your face. You were my first dog and will always have a special place in my heart (along side Jasper). You two helped my through my parents divorce which was the hardest thing I had to go through. Then you started to get sick. The vet told us your kidneys weren't working right anymore and you'd have some accidents in the house. But the worst was your weight. We couldn't bring you out in public really because people thought we weren't taking care of you but in reality it was because you were old and didn't eat as much as you should've. Mom and I were talking about outing you down because you were just skin and bones and your condition got worse. Although we didn't want to we did anyways because it was better to have you go now then suffer anymore. That day I didn't go to the vets with you. It was way too hard to watch. And now you sit upstairs in my room in a pretty blue and white flowerily urn next to my bed. And in a couple days Jasper will join you in my room. I know that he's up there with you now and all I ask is for you to take care of him. We love you Wendy, "if you get there before I do, don't give up on me, I'll meet you when my chores are through, I don't know how long I'll be, but I'm not gonna let you down, darling wait and see, and between now and then, until I see you again, I'll be lovin' you, love me."

Kathleen & Katelyn Vrabel

Wendy Hagan, 06/10/96 - 10/15/09

Goodbye to my 13 year old sheltie Wendy. Besides chronic kidney disease, she had a bladder infection that proved beyond the power of current antibiotics to cure. However, I could not have imagined a better way for Wendy to go. I spent almost two hours playing with her and her dog walker brought over a can of her current favored dog food which she ate.

The vet arrived at my townhouse around 8 pm and Wendy had fallen asleep on the couch which she usually does around that time. She woke up briefly and looked surprised to see them but then lay down and closed her eyes quite sleepy. The administration of the drugs just seemed to bring her into deeper layers of sleep. It was incredibly peaceful for her. I would say there was a complete absence of stress and a complete presence of trust.

God bless you and your brother Zack forever, my little Wendy the Pooh.

Wheeler, 01/22/08

I miss you, my big grey boy. You were my favorite. I worry that since we took in your little brother, you thought I didn't love you as much. But you were always kind and gentle with him, letting him hit you on your big tummy. I also worry that when i was working so many nights away from home, that I wasn't coming back, or that you had made me go away. I will always love you, and feel your soft paws on my face when I am dreaming at night.
Love, Mommy

Wheezer, 01/03/09

My Sweet were my heart, my best friend, my handsome boy.
Thank you for all of the adventures, the laughter, the gifts of mice, birds, frogs and snakes, for sitting on my shoulder like a parrot while I did yard work, for welcoming me home each day, for reaching up with your paws to give me a hug, for sleeping on my lap each were so special to me. Life will not be the same without you.
The Wheeze, King Wheeze, My Boy, Wheezer Ebenezer, The Man; I will love you always.

Cindy B

Whinniee, 05/04/03-18/03/09

Oh dear sweetheart, you are and always will be our beloved and most beautiful little girl.
At bed time we always said you are the most beautiful little bunny girl in whole wide world and you are.
It may have been a few weeks since we lost you but we still cry every minute of the day whenever we see your photo, speak you name or remember you.
The garden, the house our lives are not the same without you.
I truly wish to be with you at the Rainbow Bridge to see you running down the path like a little puppy. Our arms will be permanently outstretched to welcome you back and we have kisses and hugs in profusion for the time when we can be together again.
Whinnie, you are and always will be our little girl.
Words alone cannot express how much Mommy and Daddy love you and miss you dreadfully.

Whinny, 03/26/09

My wonderful girl was adopted around the summer of 2003 I believe and she was with me since. She was playful and friendly and just as cute as can be. She met her end far too soon when she was hit by a car and we found her in terribly bad shape, thus forcing me to make the extremely difficult desicion to have her euthenized. I was with her in her last hours trying to comfort her, and pet her gently and told her it was ok between sobs when she took her final nap at the vets office. My baby will live on in my heart and memories forever, and I will love and miss her always. "It's ok Winny, you can let go and go be with God in Heaven and run and play with Miss Puppy." I love you Winana Banana! I miss you terribly!


Whiskers, 07/13/09

Whiskers was a wonderful little cat who came from the pound. I always called her my little soccer ball because she was black and white and had very short legs.She gave me 16 wonderful years of love and affection and will be missed deeply.

Cindy Gouker

Whiskers, 10/10/06

She was a wonderful companion. And there is never a day she isn't missed.
She found us as a pup and stole our hearts and we will never be the same without her.

Audrey Bowling

Whiskey, 06/28/05-07/06/09

You were a terrific friend and companion and are sorely missed by your family and friends.
I never new a dog could make such an impact on so many peoples lives.
We love and miss you Whiskey-girl!


Whiskey, 01/01/93-06/12/09

to my sweetest canine companion. you've been that rock of stability,love,compassion as well as undying loyalty for the past 16 years. you were with me for such a very long time. yet,it still wasn't long enough.

goodbye my friend. you will never be forgotten.

Mike Kissane

Whiskey, 09/09/02-05/25/09

She was a loving, affectionate, happy, and energetic dog.
While I won't miss her chewing up some of my clothes, I will miss her demands to be petted, to be fed, or just to play with her human family, and I'll miss her always being nearby.

She also left behind a canine companion that she spent every day of her life with (after her first 8 weeks), and I know Eclipse is mourning Whiskey's sudden and untimely death as much as we are.

We love you, Whiskey, and you will always be in our hearts... and will always be missed...

Vero Walters

Whiskey, 09/11/06-03/29/09

Whiskey you were my shadow, my friend, sometimes it seemed my other half. I love you bookydoo, and miss you so much. My life was brighter for the short time I had you with me. Rest safe, and happy until the day I can see these sweet little brown eyes again, and rub them ears for you baby.

Danica B

Whiskey, 06/01/99-01/09/09

he was this best dog that anybody could ever have. he loved everyone and everyone loved him. I miss him so much and will always hold him in my heart.

Paulette Pacifico

Whiskey, 06/10/08

You were so wonderful. We miss you everyday!!
Love you sweet boy

The Maddens

Whiskey, 01/12/09

my beloved whiskey, you were my shadow everywhere I went..even as you were old and frail you didn't fail to get up and follow me around. I love you & look forward to having you by my side again

Connie Holman

Whiskey, 05/01/01-12/31/08

I lost my very best friend only 15 months after him losing his best friend Tuco, his adopted sister.
He was the best animal we ever shared our home with.
He from the day he picked me, never did a thing to anger us.
He never had an accident in the house, he never chewed on anything but his toys, he loved everyone and everyone loved him.
I miss him so much but I know he is wiih Tuco and all our other dogs.
35 years without a pet.
He has ruined me.
I could never take another loss like this one. MY Boy!! I love you Whisk.

Gale Faggioli

Whisper, 01/19/93-03/23/09

My beautiful and precious Whisper. You took a part of my heart when I had to let you go. It hurts so much, but I know we did everything in our power to keep you. You were a perfect little pet, and I loved you with all my heart. I will love and remember you all the days of my life. Goodbye my darling angel until we meet to cross over.
Your loving Mom

White Paw, 01/01/96-05/24/09

We LOVE you and miss you so much. You will be forever in our hearts. Thanks for all the love you gave to us.


Whitey, 08/06-02/09/09

Whitey, my precious kitty, I love you so much. From the moment we picked you up when you were only 6 weeks old, I loved you. And even now that you've passed, I will always remember and love you.

Sleep sweet my precious Whitey.

Leslie W

Whitie, 01/01/09

When I saw Whitie and his brother, Blackie, in June 2004 at an Exotic Cat show, they were the only ones that I could pet, pick-up, etc.
They were part of a booth the Humane Society had setup at the show.
They each only had three legs and I feel in love with them right from the start.
I just had to have these cats.
Blackie and Whitie are brothers from the same litter, each missing opposing hind legs.
I called them my 6-Legged Posse and affectionately each of them were known to me as my 3-Legged Hobblers.

I had the delight and priviledge to have Whitie in my life for 4 1/2 years and everyday he made me smile.
He was my "follower" as he would follow me everywhere I went, hobbling along as best he could.
Everyone who met Whitie and Blackie fell in love with them, they were so affectionate and just wanted to be loved.
They obviously stole my heart.

While I still have Blackie, my heart aches for his brother.
He died in my arms of a massive stroke/anuerysm on 1/1/09 at 11pm. Whitie as usual followed me around the house all day, curled up in my lap to watch a movie, and sat in the bathroom as I got ready for bed. I laid down, he climbed up on his pet stairs by the bed, loved on his brother for a minute, and curled up beside me and went to sleep.
He was asleep only a few minutes and I thought he was having a bad dream, but it was not.
He was letting go and passing on to the other side.

Whitie was my constant companion and I loved him with all I had.
I recently left a relationship and moved back home and part of me feels that Whitie knew I was safe and was going to be ok and that it was his time to let go. I thank Whitie for his love and companionship.
He will never be forgotten and will always hold a place in my heart.

I will take care of Blackie of course until it is his time to join his brother.
I know one day I will see him again, I just wonder if he will have 3 legs like he did during his time with me or he be perfectly healthy and running around on all 4s.
I love you, Whitie, always.
You were my sweet baby cat.

Iris Daly

Whitman, 05/25/09

My darling big boy, I love you so much. I am so sorry you could not stay - my heart is aching for you. Every corner, every rustle I think is you. I don't know what I am going to do without you.

Nicole Ketchum

Whitney, 02/08/96-06/12/09

You were "Simply the Best".
We put alot of miles on together.
Your kennel is now dark and the door is open for your spirit to leave.
You will never be gone in our hearts.
Loving you forever.

Tom & Joanie

Whole Lotta Gone (Jet), 02/19/96-09/20/08

A few months ago, I lost my best friend, my first horse Jet. Being only 12 years old, this was the worst day of my life so far. Words cannot describe how much I miss him. He was the same age as my, big, and sweet. He was always so cautious whenever I was near him. I trusted him so much that it was like we were the same. I understood everything about him and did my best to be a good owner. He was my guardian, my baby, my brother, and my life. I will never forget you Jet and I can't wait to see you in heaven!!! I love you big man!! :'(


Whoopie Pie, 07/01/00-06/21/09

She was a special animal rescue league kitty who desparately needed a home- her time was running out. she purred when I picked her up even tho they said she didn't really like people. I had her for 8 short years- I thought I would have her much longer. i wrote and illustrated a children's book after her- Whoopie and the Sleigh. I'll do an update in memory of her. I miss all her toes and the white heart on her chest. To my Whoopie Pie!

Jackalyn Darling

Whopper, 03/31/99-04/18/09

To my wonderful magical whoppsical cat - a true miracle cat, who defied the odds with a will to live that inspired all around him.
He chose to spend another year with his brother vincent and pug family wilbur and pumpkin despite having only one kidney.
You will be forever missed, and always remembered as a super cat who touched the lives of everyone you met.
Rest my sweet, and play in the eternal sunshine xxxx until the day we are reunited we love you so much xx your family

Wicket, 03/13/09

you will be greatly missed, there is a hole in our hearts were your love once flowed

Clint Travis and Brian Hackney

Wicket, 01/16/09

My cat was taken from me and put to sleep without my knowledge.
i dont know how someone could be this cruel to an animal that was so caring and loving.
Rest in peace my baby wicket, i will miss you forever.


Widge, 02/24/09

Widge was a very handsome one eyed bearded dragon that we rescued when he was only about 6 wks old. We pampered him and I handfed him daily. He was very precious and very loving. He went downhill in 2 days and died on the 3rd day. We miss him terribly.


Wiggy, 01/12/09

Wiggy was my best friend.
She knew all about me. she knew my secrets and she accepted all my faults. I lost my best friend this day. And I miss her so much.
Her spirit and soul are every where I look in this house. I hope she is happy and with her sister Mama. I hope
she is pain free now and I hope she knows how much I love her and miss her. She will always be in my heart.


Wiket, 12/25/07

Wiket, you were tiny beyond belief with the personality of a Great Dane. So delicate, so loved, and yet so independent - almost feral. I will never get over losing you because I blacked out and fell while holding you - that just is not acceptable. If not for that, you would be sitting in my lap right now. I cry when I think of you and how I stopped your life in one instant - it shatters me into small pieces every time I re-live that moment. I can never forgive myself. I love you forever and ever.

Nancy Harris

Wilber, 04/02/09

Wilber is a much loved dog full of life we miss you


Wilbur, 03/23/95-01/23/09

My Dear Sweet Wilbur,
Your Dad & I loved having you in our lives. You truly were sent by God... Thank you for your love and all the joy & happiness you brought our family. You are missed so much by our family. We are so happy you are not in pain anymore and are romping around having a great time with your brothers! We love you so much and one day we will see you again! Love, Mom & Dad

Wiley James Ladd, 06/04/03-07/11/09

Bless our Wiley. Rescued from abuse I tried my hardest to help him. 6 years but he could not
forget his past. We all loved him and he joins
my mom who he loved most.

Will, 10/1/97 I think - 8/24/2009

To my Will,

You will always be my sunshine boy, my little short man, my little man Goldshine, my Will Will. It is so hard being without you. I'm so lost. I see you everywhere and still think of you when I wake up. Grandma misses your dancing for her and the way you'd go the stairs to say good-bye. You will always be my baby. I hope you weren't in too much pain. Please know it was so hard to make that final decision even though I know it was the right thing to do. A lot of people are grieving for you. It isn't just about consoling me. It's that they loved you too. Dr. Perkins loved you too. I hope you know how much I loved you and hope that you'll be waiting for me when my time on earth is done. In the meanwhile, you go to Walter & my daddy and they'll take care of you and give you as much PupPeroni as you want. I love you little boy and always will.

Love always,
Your mama Amy

William, 05/27/09

Sweet little William. Such a big name to live up to and yet you managed with a certain flair and grace.
You were so sweet and precious to us. You came to help us heal from Snowball and ended up stealing our hearts too. I miss you baby.
I hear your little voice in my ear all the time.
Know that I love you baby, and miss your sweet little face. In your short little time here you touched us with your heart.

I miss you baby, my sweet little William.

Joan Goza

William, 16/01/09

my little lad

Chris Spooner

William Wilson, 01/02/08-06/19/08

Oh Bubba...we only had you for a short time but you left paw prints on our hearts forever!
Thank you for being Mommies little boy!

April Wilson

Willie, 06/24/00-07/15/09

Willie was a wonderful pet, my best friend.

To lose him broke my heart.

I miss him very,very much.

It will be very hard to go on without him.

Elisabeth Sparano

Willie, 04/15/05-06/14/09

Willie you are so missed.
Your brothers are all looking for you. Please always be looking for me.

Shelley Davis

Willie, 04/29/09

We will miss you very much. I hope you are playing and having fun!

Rose McSweeney

Willie, 1992-2009

Rest in peace Willie. I will always love you.

Willie Chamberlain, 01/03/09

So much missed My heart has a empty spot as He was my baby, very much a part of my every day


Willie Harland, 03/91-05/01/09

My companion for 19 years.
Willie has been with me thru thick and thin..never passing judgement, just loving every minute we had together. He was rescued from the animal shelter when he was 2 weeks old..I did not know what I was getting into when I took in an kitten that had been abandoned by his mother, but i knew he did not have a chance of survival otherwise. The payoff was worth every minute of time he required of me.
I would do it again.
I will miss Willie everyday of my life!

Kim Harland

Willie Mills, 04/13/09

You will be missed my loyal Canine brother and friend and to the only dog who could truly understand what I was saying. Say hi to harold and Norm and grandpa for us.
The pain is gone and the birds are ready to be chased, go play my friend and find peace with your pals!

Doug Mills

Willie Nelson, 06/19/09

Willie, you were the love of our lives for so many years; you brought us so much joy and happiness; you were truly unique.

Love eternally
Mom and Dad

Willie Silver, 06/20/09

Willie was a sweet cat. Though he would scrap with strays, he was always loving with us. He even became best friends with our pitbull puppy and often they slept together. He was dianosed with an inoperable brain tumor. Even to the moment he was being put to sleep, as we held him at the vet's, he was purring and rubbing on us. Goodbye sweet Willie, we miss you!

Lenawee Silver

Willie Stewart, 08/03/92-01/08/09

My wonderful cat and handsome boy Willie passed away the evening of January 8th, 2009.
We are just lost without him.
I cherish the 16 years and 3 months I had with my sweet Willie.
Sadly missed and forever loved by his Mom Jane and siblings Whoopi, Nicholas Webster and Kokannee

Willie Wayne Loper, 03/27/08-12/28/08

On 12/28/08 I lost my little Willie, it was the most tragic thing I have ever gone through. I miss him so much, as does my Millie, his playmate.
Please keep our family in your prayers.

Janie Loper

Willis, 03/26/08

Everything stopped when we lost our boy.
There was no other cat quite like him.
Maybe we all says that about our pets,
But to his mom& dad, he was truly the best.
Gone too soon-and never forgotten.Miss you sweetie


Willo, 05/23/94-03/10/09

Will-o' touched the hearts of everyone he met all over the world.
He was the great joy and brilliant light of our lives, and we will hold him and his memory in our hearts forever.

Will-o' was born in Brownhills in the UK and entered our lives in July 1994.
He was the most beautiful little puppy, and whenever we were out and about in London, people stopped us on the street to ask what kind of dog he was, and to pet him.
He was beautiful in outward appearance, but even more important was his loving heart.
He was truly a gentle Ambassador and loving diplomat for the dog world.

He traveled with us from London to Dhahran, Saudi Arabia for nearly six years.
After a brief stint in Washington, DC, it was off to another assignment, this time in Mumbai, India.
He was currently with us in Matamoros, Mexico, when his deteriorating kidney function and excruciating arthritis pain required us to release him from his suffering.

He gave unconditional love and total devotion.
His only desire besides his food and treats, was to be close to me and my husband.
We honored that request in life, and in death, his cremated remains will be with us wherever we go so that he will be forever a part of our lives and be close to us.

We miss him so much every minute of every day.
Will-o' - we pray you know how much you were loved and that we did everything we could to protect you and to give you a good life.

Phyllis and Willy

Willow, 09/14/06-06/25/09

Baby Willow, We will miss you so very much, but Mia can keep you company now until we see you again.
Sweet dreams my handsome boy.
Love and Kisses

Willow, 27/12/07-20/11/08

willow was a beautiful angel

Charlotte Gaul

Willow, 03/20/09

Willow, you were the most loving & beautiful creature on this earth & we miss you so terribly!
You were so special! No one & nothing can compare to you! I am so empty without your sweet voice & gentle touch & cuddles!
I am thankful for the joy you brough to our home, but am so sad without your love. Thank you for sharing your life with us. We miss you so badly! We know you were so sick, but even in your sickness you still gave us love & happiness. Thank you, my lovely little girl! Until we meet again, I'll be waiting & thinking of you!

Maureen Butor

Willow, 04/09/86-02/24/09

You had me at first glance. You will remain forever in heart. Rest now, my little one,at Rainbow Bridge and I will see you when it's time.


Willow, 05/10/00-10/25/08

Willow was not just a cat she was one of my children and my best friend who was always there for me and gave me unconditional love all the time. I will always remember the times she would curl on my lap or felt that she had to protect me, and she would always sleep in the bed with me under the blankets,I to this day still feel her with me and I always have her spot under the blankets saved for her,Gerr and I Love and Miss you Willow very much but we know you are in a better place even though we would love to still have you here,in some ways you still are, <3, much love too you and you cold never be replaced....

Dee Mason

Willow, 10/28/99-01/05/09

In memory of my dog willow @)-/--































I love you and will miss you very much. You were my best friend and you will always have a place in my heart. Thank you for being by my side while I went through some difficult times. xoxo


Willow Grace, 01/27/09

We adopted Willow Grace after she was rescued from a puupy mill.
She was sick when we got her, we nursed her back to health, but she got sick last week and after days in Vet care she passed away.
We have a whole in our hearts and feel a great loss.
She brought us joy for the short time we had her and knew she was happy!


Willy, 1993-05/10/09

Our Sweet William, Willy, made his transition yesterday. A kinder, sweeter, gentler dog has never walked this earth.
He was a friend to people, cats, dogs, parakeets, horses.
He was the perfect friend, the sweetest boy, and we will miss him dearly.
He will live on in our hearts forever.
Alex, Henry, Sophie, Alamar & Milo.

Willy, 04/27/09

I miss you so much .
You're purrs and cuddles always brought me so much love and happiness.
No other cat can ever replace you.
You were always my ray of sunshine.
I'll see you agian my wee willy winkie.

Joni Frankenberger

Willy, 08/23/93-07/2000

He, Tuker and Rudy and their kitty 'sisters and brothers' walk beside me on silent paws

Michelle Lindgren

Willy, 02/26/09

Willy, you were such a little trooper, fighting FIV until your last breath.
We will always miss your sweet spirit and the way you celebrated life.

Keith and Kay Blom

Willy Craig, adopted 09/11/01-05/08/09

Now your legs are strong again and you can run. We miss and love you so much.

Simon and Viva Craig

Willyum, 10/29/07

Willyum was resusitated at birth and I (and many others) suspected that there was some brain damage.
If you looked in his eyes, you read the message "I trust you". He was big and solid and always there as suppport for me


Wilma, 04/01/96-04/09/09

Wilma was the epitome of a lady.
She walked with such grace and lived each day to the fullest.
She was by our side everyday for 13 years.
Words cannot express the love we have for this dog.
I miss her terribly and look forward to seeing her again one day.

Maria and Tim Brett

Wilson, 08/01/96-06/01/09

Our beautiful little friend passed on to the Rainbow Bridge at noon on June 1, 2009. He was affectionately referred to as our "dwarfed puma." He was loyal, loving and always with us. We made the difficut decision yesterday when he couldn't breathe any longer due to a pleural effusion. It was a beautiful late Spring day when he purred for the last time. It was fitting for him because he loved this time of year. Today we cry with sadness as every moment he is deeply missed. We love you, Wilson. Enjoy your healthy spirit along with those you loved who were there to greet you at the bridge. Until we meet again, you are deeply missed and deeply loved always and forever. ~Mom and Daddy

Wilson, 11/25/95-04/06/08

The second love of our lives. So missed. We all love you Wilson !

Dave and Lois

Wilson, 12/22/08

I miss you my sweet baby Wilson. Duncan, Dutch and Gabe will care for you. Give them all the love you gave us.

Ann McLaughlin

Wilson Collazo, 12/24/99-03/01/09

My dog was sent to Jesus.
He is in a better place now.


Wilson Perdue, 01/09/09

I adopted Wilson at age 5(approx) when his owner went to prison. He was transferred around and found me. He was my shadow and brought me through so many trials and loss. I loved him and feel like an arm has been cut off. He will be missed beyond words and I feel disconnected w/o him here next to me. His adopted sister Pepper is also experiencing the loss He deserves the best place in Heaven and I know God will take care of him and that my Dad will be there for him in heaven.

Carol Perdue

Wimsey, 08/91-04/06/09

Wimsey, my beloved, prescious furbaby, I love you and will miss you always. You are now reunited at Rainbows Bridge with your brothers and sisters; furbabies Tigger, Zorro, your mama Fluff Chick, Sis, Raggedy Ann, Rhubarb, and Carrot Top.

My tears of sadness have been replaced with @ tears of joy knowing you are now young and strong and pain free with plenty of food, water, comfortable home and large, lush grassy tree fillrd meadows where you can play, explore, or simply take it easy.
My fond thoughts and eternal loveare with you my sweet furbabies.
Love always,
Your loving Daddy

Winchester, 01/11/09

Winchester was my best friend, everyday he would be so happy to see me.
He loved everyone and everyone loved him.
He will always be remembered, he was loved by Marnee, Ronda, Diana and his step-brother Pappy.
And most of all my me.


Windrift Brace Yourself, RN Ziggy, 11/05/00-04/01/09

I wish I could write a poem as a memorial to my Ziggy, but that is something I never could do, so I will just tell a little about him instead.
Ziggy was my heart dog.
I don't think I even realized this until he was gone.
I have never felt this much loss for any of my other pets in the past.

He was such a beautiful soul and I miss him so much.
He was gentle with the family and friends, but would fiercly guard and protect his territory from strangers.
He put up with two little girls learning their dog handling skills on him.
He helped raise two puppies and gave the cats heck.

He was a joy to show and he loved to show off for the judges.
After he aquired his championship and was retired, he would watch me load the van for a show and would whine terribly when the other dogs were loaded up and he had to stay home with Dad.
That is why I took him out of retirement long enough to earn his RN title.
It was after that title that I had a professional photographer take close head shots of him.
I am so glad now that I have those pictures.

Ziggy had to be released to the bridge much too soon because of an aggressive cancer.
I only wish I could have had more time with him after he was diagnosed.
I took him in on a Friday and had to let him go the following Wed.
I still cry for him ever day.
I am truly hoping there really is that bridge, because I want to kiss that pointy nose of his one more time and stroke that gorgeous borzoi coat again.

Until then I hope he is happy and feeling great again.
At least I do know he is no longer feeling the pain.
Rest easy my Ziggy.

Lisa Vanvleet

Windsor, February

Windsor was a small, amazing, rat terrier. I loved him. He was my first male dog. We only knew each other for 9 months. I loved him. A speeding car hit him. It crushed his hip and pelvis and fractured his lungs. He had to be humanely put down or he would suffer. He didnt deserve to die in my opinion but God had a different idea. I loved Windsor and he will always be in my heart. Windsor I love you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Windsor, 12/27/08

To the most handsome Scottish Terrier ever.
You were my brave boy. You had a beautiful soul.
I love you and will miss you forever.

Jane Dally

Wingazen Tuckaway Tucker, 09/26/96-04/07/09

Oh my little Tucker wucker you left me so suddenly that I still expect to see you when I walk by the room where you left me.
I am so lost with out you but I know that
you are happy to see Kipp and Quinn again you probably are cleaning Keely, Kai and Jasmines ears like you used to and that you are having the time of your life till I get there to join you.
I love you and miss you so much

Marilyn Aurand

Wingnut, 05/09/09

Goodbye Wingnut. Moonbat, Spuds and I love you and will miss you so much.

Chris Robinson

Winkie, 05/26/08-03/10/09

I would have gladly given up my life to save yours. I miss you terribly.

Danikka H

Winnie, 05/11/97-06/05/09

My beloved Winnie, left me quite suddenly. She had cushings Desease and suffered from Arthritis and weight problems in the end. She was a special and very spireted little girl. When she was younger, she was always in to something, or after something. Always looking for her next adventure. She was a very loving companian and my heart is broken, as I grieve for my girl. Always I will her coming to me for her loving each day, her little yelps when she demanded attention, and her little head cocking she did, when she heard the car keys, or my say, You wanna go bye bye. She loved to go , and it didnt matter where. Just to be with us wherever that may be. I FOREVER will miss her at my side.

She is missed by her sister Bailey as well, if we could have just one wish, it would be to have just one more day with her. Until then, we have to take comfort in knowing that she will be waiting for our love again in heavan.

WE LOVE YOU WINNE !!!! You will reamain, forever in our hearts, till we see you again.

Sue Nichols

Winnie, 04/18/96-12/20/08

My beloved friend, Words cannot express the loss i feel.
you were my best friend. till we meet again.

Christine Balestrieri

Winnie Rabusin, 02/16/09

Dedicated to my Princess and companion for life, Winnie.


Oh my little Winnie how I love you
There wasn't a day that went by that I didn't feel your love
From the moment you came to our home you jumped on my lap
Oh my little Winnie how I love you

Kisses were abundant, your little tail wagging when I looked into your eyes
I loved to hold you close and feel you near
Life was so much easier you kept me safe always there
Oh little Winne how I love you.

Nuzzling your fur with my nose made you oh so happy
Remember how you smiled when I would come through the door
You would bark, bark, bark until I picked you up
Oh my little Winnie how I love you

Dinner was a time for joy you loved to eat what was on my plate
Red potatoes, chicken and french bread was one of your favorites
Gobbling it up and barking for more sometimes becoming impatient
Oh my little Winnie how I love you

I remember you jumping in the swimming pool and circling about
Your little stub of a tail wagging extremely as if it kept you a float
You loved to play with your sister Anne
Oh my little Winnie how I love you

When you were younger you loved to chase the birds as if you were on patrol
Running from place to place letting the world know you were there
So petty you were when you played ready, set go
Oh my little Winnie how I love you

You were my "Princess" right to the end
The day I held you and felt your heart leave
I knew on that day my life would never be the same
Oh my little Winnie how I love you

I never knew the capacity and bond of a love so generous as you gave me
I think they call it unconditional love
So freely you gave never asking for anything in return
Oh my little Winnie how I love you

One day I pray that we will unite
I have to believe until it becomes right
Until then I will hold on to you with the memories held in my heart
Oh my little Winnie how I love you

It hurts inside to be without you
But I know all the same you are free of the pain that burdened your soul
Yet you gave me more then I could ever ask for
Oh my little Winnie how I love you

I pray you will play with Elle once again and run through meadows smelling the flowers
Remember to take time to smell the flowers as you did on earth
Pausing to remember how much you were loved and missed, never to be replaced
Oh my little Winnie how I love you and miss you so!

You will always be my little Peanut loving you far more then life itself
Someday we will meet again and I will try to move on without you here
Let me know you are happy and pain free, it was so hard to let you go
Oh my little Winnie I will always love you!!!!

Kerry & Steve Rabusin

Winnie Winston, 02/07/92-05/19/09

Winnie my beautiful blue Birman boy.
I never wanted to say good bye but it was your time.
I miss everything about you my sweet boy but nights are cold and lonely without you beside me.
Run free of pain at RB with Fluffybum and wait for me.
My heart is truly broken and my life will never be the same now you have both gone.

Winnie Winnie Winston I love you, Winnie Winnie Winston Winnie the Pooh. My blue Birman boy.

Trish Cutting

Winslow, 05/08/09

I did not know you, but you stole my heart. Rest in peace my little friend.

Grace Knoof

Winston, 06/15/09

To Winston, the best cat in the world:

I will always miss you, and will love you forever. I have truly lost my best friend today.

Amy Gailey

Winston, 08/06/05-05/16/09

We can't believe your life was cut so short. We loved you so much. There will never be another you! You were truly one of a kind & we wish we had more time with you.You were definitely the greatest bulldog that has ever walked this earth & we can understand why god would want you with him.
Love you bud,
Your forever families..The Maddens & the Clair's

Winston, 02/14/93-04/12/09

Winston, we love you unconditionally and forever.
There never was nor will be a cat like you.
You suffered at the end and never complained. We could not heal you and therefore had to let you go.
Our hearts are heavy with loss. We know you were special and we are the lucky ones.
Thank-you for choosing us as your family.
Play, continue to chase fat old mice, reach under the door with your paw and find comfort in laundry baskets and small boxes.

Marie Gattinger

Winston, 04/01/99-04/17/09

My baby boy you left much to will always be with me and daddy. We love you so very much. 10 years was not nearly enough. You were a wonderful cat and we miss you so much.

Joanna and Chris

Winston, 02/14/93

Winston was the furry love in Carla's life.
He drank the bath water out of her tub, he loved her very much.
There wasn't anything that was too much for her to do for him, dinner at the table with the rest of us.
Special birthdays and occasions were celebrated with treats for him too.

Carla and Winston had 16 wonderful years together and he will be missed so very much by her and will never ever be replaced.
There will always be a furry part in Carla's heart forever.


Winston, 02/20/09

Winston came into my life just 3 yrs ago. At the time I lived with another dog Cub with my ex-boyfriend for about 3 yrs. He was the first dog I ever really lived with for a long period of time as I was never much of a dog person always a cat person. I loved going on walks and having him greet me at the door when I got home. Then due to old age Cub passed and then me and my boyfriend broke up. I was in the process of getting my condo and thought it would be great to have a dog as company so I started on my search.

I started Looking online at rescue dogs and some puppies my Mom and Al knew I was on a quest too. Well then one turned up at the Humane Society in Brevard NC he had been found wondering into a gas station left, abandoned. I was so excited to help this dog! They thought he was around 2 I thought perfect for my first dog!

So my mom brought him home and I was going to ride up to get him in a few days. Well let's just say Winston was not perfect my mom called me concerned that he very timid scared and he also was not afraid to bite and she told me to come up ASAP. On my ride up I was a little worried but thought how bad it could be. Well I got there and to be honest it was BAD he defiantly had been abused and was scared to even really be touched and he would bite HARD. I thought about giving him back but then thought maybe he just needed some love maybe he had been tossed around from owner to owner who knows but in my heart I knew I had to give him a chance for a good life.

So I brought him back to Charlotte and it was not easy he was not a happy dog and he was mean! I cried because this was not how I imagined my dog to be but still said NO I am going to give him a chance. About a week or so later I brought him to his first trip to the vet where I found out no he was not 2 but more like 7-10! I was devastated. Again thought about giving him back but then thought NO this poor dog needs a good life.

So that is what I gave him a good life with lots of LOVE. Everyday he got better became more loving and he followed me where ever I went I was never out of his sight! Even for a little dog he did some amazing things he went hiking with me even climbed all the way to the top of Chimney Rock with me! I live on a golf course and he loved to run after the golf carts when they went by. He would run so fast sometimes his hind legs would flip over his head! When I was sitting at the table eating he would get on his hind legs and sit perfect forever that was how he begged it was so funny it was like he was sitting!

My friend Cheryl lived nearby and we would hang out with her beagles Tabitha and Barkley the three had fun out back and Winston would even walk over to Aunt Cheryl's from time to time and just walk in her door if it was open in fact when she moved out there were guys in there laying carpet and Winston just went walking in like he owned the place! The men working were a little confused. LOL.

His biting never really went a way but it got better I think it was just a defense mechanism cause he was abused so if he got scared or you stepped on him by mistake etc and you better watch out cause he would take a chunk out of you! My friend Patrick learned the hard way one day when Winston was laying on my chase lounge chair and Patrick went to flop down on the chair and he bit him on the chin! Sorry Pat you know Winston loved you!

One thing that was always hard is he didn't like getting kisses on the heard either which Drew also learned the hard way. But he loved him some Drew! On Winston's last day I kissed him several times on his head and for the first time he didn't mind it was bitter sweet as I knew at that point he was not himself anymore.

It started that Winston could no longer run after golf carts with out falling over and getting dizzy I was told it was his heart and was told just to not let him run but in the last few weeks the episodes were worse and more frequent he was collapsing over and having seizure like attacks when I brought him to the vet on Thursday they said he had an enlarged heart that was pushing into his trachea making it difficult for him to breath as well they told me I had to go get a bunch more test done at the specialty clinic. At this time I did not think it was necessarily Winston's time to go just yet when we had gone to the vet that day it was not even something I thought would happen. Well when we got home Thursday night he just was not the same he had 3 episodes and when he slept next to me that night I could tell he was not himself at one point in the middle of the night I woke up and he was in my face looking at me which he never had got in my face that close. The next morning when we woke up he was laying there and he looked at me with the saddest eyes and did a short whimper that I have never heard before. He was telling me what I didn't want to hear.

I got ready for work and went to bring him outside to go the bathroom just walking out my front door he had another attack I called the vet again when I was there the day before the vet never even said to me it was maybe time to put him down as he was waling around fine and healthy. I told the vet about the episodes the night before and just now he told me it was probably just time for him to go. I couldn't believe it I was still in shock thought maybe I should get all the test done just give it the weekend but then Winston had another attack and he stopped breathing and his heart stopped beating and I knew he was gone. But then a few minutes later he came back! It was terrifying. I knew I could not watch him die and come back to life anymore; I had to be unselfish and let him go so I made the appt. I held him in my arms all day and Carrie and the boys came over and brought him some chic-fl-a for his last meal. Drew and Scott came to see him and my mom and Al came and we went to put him down.

My condo is very quiet with out him and it is strange opening up the fridge and him not standing there looking for a piece of food to drop, for me to walk up the stairs and him not be on my heels or to sit on my chaise lounge and him not be there sitting with me. He was my company and why I couldn't wait to get home everyday. I am glad I gave him love the last few years of his life and he has given me so much as well, and I know that now he is in heaven running along side my dad's golf cart as he plays his rounds of golf keeping him company.


Winston, 11/23/07

My Loving Punky Pug Winston. You were my shadow, attached to my hip never ever leaving my side, my very best friend who gave me unconditional love. You never hurt me, never ever treating me like trash, the 13 years with you were full of joy, my little Punky Pug Winston. Bark In Peace Winny, I Love and miss you so very much!

Mark Warnick Jr

Winston, 02/10/00-07/31/05


Although it has been a few years since you died, I wanted to leave a message here for you. I still miss you every day. You were my buddy during the worst period of my life, always there with that huge tail in the air ready to give me some lovin'. I still think about the way your blue eyes lit up when I would bring home a new toy or scratching post, and the way that people would be amazed that I found, "such a beautiful cat at a shelter."

Then, as things started to get better for me, you had to go. It hurt more than anything that had come before. But…I would never trade one moment that I had with you for all the gold in the world.

Somehow…a while after you left, I was able to get another companion, Thomas. He has helped fill the void you left, but not completely. We have new games and new ways of doing things - but I always wish you were here with us. We could have such fun!

Now, it seems that Thomas is going to have to leave me soon too. The familiar pain in the heart and stomach that never quite left is strong again. Thomas is still here, but keep an eye out for him - he will probably join you shortly.

Take good care of him, buddy, h e has been good to me too. And know that when he is with you,  I'll be longing for the day that I can hold you both again … together.

I love you buddy.


Winston, 03/14/92-02/10/09

Dearest Winston,
You've brought such joy and happiness into our lives. We have never known the depth of such unconditional love. Now you can be with Buddy, to run and play until we shall meet again.
The gifts you have given us are embedded in our hearts and minds - and will be treasured forever.
There is one more star up in the sky tonight.
Your Blessed Parents,

Richard and Judy

Winston, 04/29/96-02/05/08

Our handsome boy is now waiting for us at the Rainbow Bridge. I am glad that he is not sick anymore, but I miss him so badly.
He was my heart.
He made me a better person.
I selfishly want him right here beside me and this pain to go away.
We love Winston....always and forever.
Thank you for being such a wonderful part of our lives.
Love you Poohbear.

Kathy & Andy Knopp

Winston, 12/21/97-10/06/07

Sorry I'm so late in getting this in Big Guy.
I'll always miss you.
You were my little son and someday I'm sure we'll be together forever.
Love you, Big Guy

David Friend

Winston Caldwell, 04/27/09

Winston will be missed.
He was a wonderful friend.

Robert Caldwell

Winston Churchill Montgomery, 09/04/93-01/23/09

A Shop Dog, Angel, Friend in Troubled Times, Always There when Called for to console his family -- The Love of our Lives -- Will be Thought of Fondly for the remainder of our Lives

Monte & June Montgomery

Winston Churchill Spray, 10/31/99-05/01/09

I was working on an isolated northern reserve.
One of the other nurses came to my door on an evening in January 2000 and said, "There is something up front you should see".
Expecting some medical emergency, I went with her, only to find the rest of the nurses huddled around a floppy eared puppy, about 3 months old.
"He got hit by a truck", one of the staff related.
I had wanted a dog but didn't feel I was ready for one.
One of the senior nurses said, "Just hold him for a minute".
That minute lasted 9 years.
He just put his head on my shoulder and snuggled in.

He use to come into the bedroom in the morning to see if I was awake, and just stand and stare at me.
Then if I didn't move came the wet nose on my face followed by the sneezing to get my attention.
He always reminded me of a black and white cow.

We had all sorts of nicknames for him: Winnie, Winnie the Pooh, T'Pooh (that was his Vulcan nickname), Mr. Winston.

He loved spaghetti and rice, especially with butter.
He use to sleep on top of a picnic table in the courtyard of the nursing station, on his back, bellie exposed to the air.
He loved just about everyone.
When he was little, he would be like a tornado.
As he got older, a lot less busy, and a lot more loving.
He would walk up to strangers and throw his head against their legs, look up with his milk chocolate brown eyes and almost seem to say,"Hi, my name is Winston, please pat my head".
He had really big ears that stood up and when he was listening really hard he would look like a radar station.

I never had a dog before, he was my first.
He had been sick the last 3 years with an unidentified infection.
The vet was amazing, but at a complete loss as to what to do.
Finally, I realized that the constant pain he must have been in was not something I should let him live with.

I miss my baby so much.
I feel like my heart is broken.
He was my protector, my companion, and the one guy in my life who was always there for me.
I became a dog person because of my Winnie T'Pooh.

Mariea Spray

Winston Coy Bernhardt, 04/15/97-01/27/08

Winston was like a baby to us and we will miss him terribly. Heavenly Father please make room for this sweet, loving dog, who loved us unconditionally.

Mary and Ken Bernhardt

Winston Horatio, 12/12/95-04/01/95

Winston was just the best!
A bit stubburn at times, what Bassett isn't, but he was a really wonderful boy and a great companion.
He will be missed!


Winston 'Von Schrieber' Moch, 01/27/09

My most loyal friend and confidant, you will be missed.

Theresa Moch

Winston Samra, 05/16/97-04/22/09

Our hearts are heavy and the house seems empty without you.
Rest in Peace. We love you.

David and Maria Samra

Winston the Wonder Dog, 05/01/92-06/30/09


(May 1, 1992-June 30, 2009)

When you first came to stay with me
so many years ago
I didn't know what to make of you and
I would watch you sleep

We had an understanding at first
you knew this place was mine
but you wandered around checking and
I would watch you sleep

Months went by and you were calm
and I knew this place was ours
you heard my car and wagged that tail and
I loved to watch you sleep

When I got hurt you had to leave our bed
but were never far away
I only had to reach my arm down and
I would pet you while you sleep

More years went by my bestest friend
and together we would be
walks on the beach or watching tv and
how I loved to watch you sleep

Then it was your turn to be hurt
and the doc said there was nothing he could do
I helped you walk around my tired pup and
still loved to watch you sleep

Many nights when I would go to bed
you to weak to come upstairs
did you know that I would creep back down
because I loved to watch you sleep

That last day was hard
you had your favorite feast
the doc knew you were ready
I had to let you sleep.

My heart is broken baby dog
things will never be the same
but sometimes I sit and smile
and think of you asleep.

Angela Paparo

Winter 'Winnie the moocher', 08/05/92-11/05/03

To my my winnie,who was the best soul mate I have ever had.She knew just what to do she had true empathy with every one. She cared.She was a shelter dog.But I think that she rescued me from a very boring and life that would have been short without her.I miss but She watches over me,You see she and the angles helped me to find two more to rescue and like I say they rescue as well. It is a win win situation.We love unconditionally. Winter was so talented knew tricks,could dance,a real love,my two now are different and I love them just the same.She taught me not to be selfish it was a hard lesson. Now I learn patience.Good bye sweet Winnie till we meet again.

Linda Hughes

Wintston, 01/16/09

My best friend who shared his wonderful life with me. Who sat next to me through the bad times as well as the good. The only one who could put me in a good mood even through the roughest time. Who always made me laugh and smile no matter what trouble he got into.
I will always miss and love you.


Wishbone, 1996-03/17/09

Thank you for being a good friend.

Mary Van Dyke

Wolf, 01/29/09

Momma's boy, art studio companion & best friend, he lived life on his terms and will be missed forever.

Jody & Gerry

Wolfgang, 05/25/01-03/25/09

For almost eight years he was my constant companion.
Loved children and other dogs, Children to pet him and dogs to romp with in the parks.
In all those years I never once heard him growl at anyone.
He changed the minds of many people about Dobermans because he made you like him whether you wanted to or not.
Most of all he loved me and would never leave me out of site, even in the bathroom.
I loved him dearly.

Father Terry A Fulton

Wolfie, 06/09/97-07/14/09

Thank you Wolfie for all the wonderful years you gave us. We miss your little face at the top of the stairs greeting us when we come home. I'll forever miss you touching your cold wet nose to my bare arm in bed so I would scoot over and make a place for you. Twelve years was not enough time with you. I only wish we had had more time with you. We love and miss you so much!

Rosa Lewicke

Wolfie, 02/23/94-04/20/09

Wolfie was rated a CDX dog. I didnt know what that was. My neighbor told me that means "companion dog extrordinaire". It's the highest rating for companion dogs and means a dog that is highly empathetic with humans and therefore acts to please. Well, that may be true but he did not do that whenever he chased wildlife. And that was alot since we live in the woods. I had always thought at least adult squirrels were safe. Wrong. That dog was way fast. I should have known. Once when I hurled a golf ball halfway down a quite long alley he actually ran after and caught it in his mouth! That was the last time I did THAT. But he never even nipped any of my cats or the neighbors cats or any kids or mailmen. I never heard him growl.

He knew words and I had to spell things. I'd say "Wolfie, go find your ball" and he'd go all around the house and bring it over. He would have been a great frisbee dog but I was too lazy to teach him. But we did play alot of ball. Even at 15 he didnt do things slowly. He didnt hear as well and couldnt see so great but he didnt walk, he ran. I really thought he would live forever. One of those record dogs who live to be 35. I never heard of Rainbow Bridge before today. I dont believe in an afterlife but wouldnt it be great if that one is true? Theres's a quote from one of life's curmugeons who said something like "If dogs dont go to heaven, then I want to go wherever they go". Count me in. In the meantime, Wolfie, eat lots of your favorite things, roll in whatever you want, and run through lots of mud. And visit me at night and sleep next to my pillow.

Anne Brown

Wolfie, 04/07/94-04/13/09

We just lost our wonderful, funny, wacky cat. He loved to chase our other cat, and he would hiss and wack at you when you invaded his space, but he was just being his funny self, and we will miss him dearly. He had beautiful long orange hair and six toes on each foot. We will miss his purrs and hisses and love-scrathces. We know he is happy in heaven today. He was named Wolfie by his mother, after Wolfgang Mozart.

Pam & John

Wolfie, 03/15/88-03/28/09

Farewell, my gallant, funny, opinionated, beautiful companion.
Your mane held so many grief tears after the death of my daughter, Heather, and now I grieve you.

Happy Trails at the Rainbow Bridge, until we meet there when it is my time.
You are the best and your hoofprints are forever on my heart.

Susie Martin

Wong Wong, 2000-06/19/09

Dear Wong Wong,

Thank you for letting me taking care of you during the past few months.
You had been a very strong cat surviving and living with the illness.
Thank you for being so good when I took you to the clinic.

I am sorry that we might have noticed your illness too late.
Thank you for waiting for me last night and left this world in my arms and on my laps.
Thank you for eating once last time.
Thank you for the warmth of your body.
Thank you for letting me hold you.

May you now be in a happy place.
May angels be with you always.
May you be loved and cared for there until I see you in Heaven.
May you live a life whether you choose to be with other cats or be by yourself until we meet again.

I'm glad that you no longer have to be trapped in the ill physical body.
I am glad that your spirit is free.
Dear friend, I love you and I love you dearly.
I will miss you.

Can you please send me a sign that you are fine?
Can you send me a bright big rainbow?
Can it be a special one that I know it is from you?
Knowing that you are fine will give me strength to continue here with my life.

Remember that you are loved dearly even though you are not around physically.



Woodrow, 09/01/91-04/16/09

My friend had only unconditional love for all. Even as his health declined, he was such a happy cat. One of a kind. I keep looking for him on his favorite couch, hoping this is just a bad dream. I hope he enjoys his new journey and that we are together again someday. Please say a prayer for him.


Woodsmokes Lightly Scented (Truffles), 07/21/95-04/25/09

Run freely again my little one. Chase squirrels for as long as you wish. You were the most lovely little whippet, you were a tomboy, you were always so beautiful and such a wonderful companion. I will miss you forever but you will always have such a very special place in my memories. Until we meet again, I love you.

Deb Sheppard

Woodstock Hunter (Woody/Woo), 04/25/09

Dear Woody
You were the best dog ever. John, Nicole, Ben Luca and Connor miss you so very much. Nonni & Papa too. We don't know why you were taken so soon in your life but you are no longer in pain.
You are like a puppy again healthy to run in the meadows of heaven. You left your pawprint on all of our lives and there will never be another you. God Bless you dear Woody.
Love Nonni and everyone

Woody aka Duck aka Sweetpea, 5-1-93 - 5-22-09

A true meaning of the word "Angel"; the sweetest, kindest, happiest, best devoted companion and friend I could have ever asked for. A rescue dog, who really rescued me. You made my friends and family want a dog (because of you). You always were by my side, and listened to all my stories. I owe my everything to you. I still grieve for you and can't wait to see you again in HEAVEN, whole, and perfectly healthy and happy. We ALL miss you Woody boy! No one can take your place. I'm truly blessed for the time we had together and consider it a privilege and honor to have had you. Sweet dreams my dear angel boy! Until we meet again. Love, Sabrina, Jerry, grandma, and all our wonderful neighbors who truly love you too!

Woody, 07/13/09

To my best friend. You were here for me and I held you in my arms when you took your last breath. Woodycat, I love you and always will.

James McNeill

Woody, 04/01/97-05/08/09

Our big boy Woody is in Heaven today. We miss him in every possible way.

Jennifer Paire

Woody, 06/22/96-04/11/09

Woody was the greatest dog that ever lived. He was the kindest, gentlest, most polite dog. He had no bad habits and never bit or jumped on anyone. He was loyal to the end. He will never be forgotten and is dearly missed.

The Henrikson Family

Woody, 03/29/09

Woody -- you were not mine but you were a joy to those who tried to help you. Rest in Peace...

Cynthia Payne

Woody, 02/26/09

Our beloved boy

Karen and Jim Shields

Woody, 02/17/09

i rescued in mississippi on a visit there.unfortunately there was no animal control in the rural area i was visiting. there were stray dogs and puppies sick with mange and parvo. i noticed a spotted pup running with a group of stray puppies. he spotted me sitting on the porch and came up to me with sad sunken eyes and very undernourished. the day i was to fly back to kansas he once again appeared on the porch. i already had a dalmation at home and decided to bring him home as i had heard that a bunch of rednecks were shootin at the dogs for target practice. i was horrified and bought a crate and flew him back to kansas. i took him to the vet and the poor boy had distemper,hookworms and mange.his chances were slim but after three of treatment he came home. day by day he grew stronger and formed a real attatchment to my other dog and especially to all of us. he would look at us with loving eyes and sneak kisses whenever he could. he
loved kids and everyone he was around. today i decided to end his suffering as his back legs were giving out and he had a very hard time getting up and down. i tried him on several medications but none seemed to work. he would lay on the floor and whimper and at times had difficulty breathing.i held him as they injected the medication and even when they took he needle out he managed to give me two soft kisses.i told him how much i loved him and then it was over.i will miss him so very much but i know he is in a place where he is not in pain anymore. i am huring so badly now but know he will always be with me in spirit.


Woody Woodrow, 05/17/09

Woody...know that you were loved so much by your human daddy, my son JT.
I called you my grandson and he called you his child.
We will miss you and your schnanagens.
You were extra special right down to your extra toes.
Love Grandma and Dad

Woofie, 07/01/08-12/31/08

Woofie, i miss you!


Wookie, 06/11/95-07/09/09

You may have only weighed 8 pounds, but your heart was as big as your namesakes.
I was the first thing you saw and felt the day you were born, and the last thing you saw and felt the day you died.
Your footprints will always be on my heart my Little Man and I will miss terribly your "break dancing."


Woopy, 04/12/09

You were my faithful love and companion, a wise spirit, playful, well mannered and so leave me with so many wonderful memories. Your spirit will live forever everywhere I go as you did almost everything with me...I couldn't have asked for a better friend...

You will live in my heart forever Woopy....until we meet again...


Wrangler, 05/12/09

We had to euthanize our cat Wrangler today after his long battle with renal failure. He was the best cat. He would always wake me up everyday and would always sit next to me when I was watching tv. He IS definitely always going to be a member of our family and we will never forget him.

Joe Polonsky

Wren, 06/01/93-05/07/09

Wren was a special dog for me given in kindness from her previous owners. She was so loving, an angel, smart and wonderful dog. I enjoyed all the years that we were able to share together.I will miss Wren with all my heart but I know that now she will go over that Rainbow bridge and be free to run with her brother & sister BillyJack & Stella.
I love you and will always have you in my heart Wren! Miss you so much, your Mom!

Wyatt, 12/23/09

Till we see you again. take care of all the kitten and pups at the rainbow bridge just like you did here on earth. You truely new how sick Dad was,you stayed by his side day and night for 3 months, until you new he was better. It was only then you showed us the signs of cancer. I truely appreciate you staying strong for me. only you knew I couldnt handle anything else at that time. THE LISTENER OF ALL MY WORRIES !! We love you and miss you sooo much, love mom, P.S. Dad says love you and truly miss you. till we meet again

Curt & Leala Harwood

Wylie, 1992-06/09/09

I will forever miss your always laying on or near me. I walk in the house and can feel the emptiness without you there. There will never be another cat like you in this world. I will be excited to see you again one day.

Cathy Z

Wylie, 01/01/96-03/23/09

Wylie was 'our boy' and gave us 12 years of unconditional love, joy and happiness. He will be in our hearts forever.

Melanie Mulford

Wylie, 04/08/09

We mourn the loss of our beloved heart corgi Wylie. He filled our lives with laughter and love. He made us whole and we are empty without him. Rest easy my baby we will meet again over the bridge wait for us.


Wynstn BentLee Clark, 02/2009

We loved Wynstn and dearly miss him.
He was the best!
Matilda, his bull terrier adopted sister misses him, too!

Mary & Chris Clark

Wynter Hope, 01/04/09-03/07/09

I raised her from 3 days old. We named her Wynter Hope. We only had her for a season but her love will last a lifetime.

M. Askren-Miller

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