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2009 Tributes

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Vache, 05/02/09

Vache was our first bunny. My 14 daughter brought her home in a shoebox on the bus, and handed it to me when she discovered the box was getting wet. I opened it, and there sat a tiny black and white Holland Lop, just waiting to be picked up and loved.
We had been preparing for a hampster, so we did have some readiness. I went to the store to get her some veggies; she tore into them. We were hooked. She played with blocks, arranging them in a circle, and having it as her fortress. She bounded up and down the stairs, became good friends with an older dog, and groomed it a bit.
She had some surgery for a minor problem, but reacted badly to the anesthetic, and passed away in my daughter's arms two weeks later. Soon she will come home again, free of pain, free to play with her heavenly friends. She leaves us with tears for now, but many years of memories of love and happiness. Farewell Vache,
till we meet you at the Rainbow Bridge. Rest in peace.


Valkyrie, 04/30/09

We loved you so much, but yet, you left us to soon.
We already miss you so much, what will we do without you?

Marlene and Matthew MacLean

Vampi Herrera, 04/14/09

thank you uggies for being a good friend and companion. you will be missed little bull.


Vampire, 01/19/09

Dearest Red eyes im so sorry you died andi called me today to say you had flopped and she thought you where dead you whre not and for hours andi tried helping you but you choked 2 on bits of food and the second time you could not be revived R.I.P vampire i knwo andi will miss you lots rest easy with grim please watch over your daughters and there nanny truffle will be so upset to hear of your passing R.I.P we will always love you for giving birth to truffle and her daughters goodbye lovely xxxx from ryan your mum andi sisters in law petal pumkin pip gynx daughters suicide, darkness(mini grim) and truffle and mother in law flower

(ps) im glad i told andi to elt you know you would be a granny at least you died knowing that)

Vanilla, 01/19/09

Love you, nilla piggy. Your baba toffee, is missing you loads. Just laying there. sniffing where you lay and died silently in your sleep.

Goodnight have a nice time with sandy and charliie on rainbow bridge

Abbey Platten

Vanny, 03/09/94-01/31/09

Happy Birthday, Vanny.
We love and miss you, but we know you're at peace and with Karla.

Sheri Schneider

Vasco, 06/22/09

Vasco suffered a mysterious neurological disease that our vets could not diagnosis or cure and that ultimately made him too weak to hold his head up to eat. He was my cuddle buddy and loved playing with his mouse toys. I miss him terribly.


Vegas, 01/03/09

Vegas was among the most loveable and loyal of companions.
As our first child, Vegas held an extremely special place in our hearts.
Although her passing was sudden, our family's memory of her is everlasting.
Vegas is sorely missed but we're very happy she is no longer hurting.
We love you Vegas.
Be at peace!

Sean Knight

Velcro, 10/04/96-06/26/09

Nearly 13 years ago, you swarmed up my arms to my shoulder, and left your pawprints on my heart forever. You are my heart kitty, my handsome little mutant boy, and the house is empty without you. We were supposed to have many more years together, but lymphoma stole them from us, and I had to free your sunny, generous spirit from a body that was starting to cause you more pain than pleasure.
Oh Tabby Boy, your stripes, your stripes are many
From nose to tail, and down your fuzzy sides
Though summer's come, and all the flowers are blooming
'Tis you, 'tis you, must go, and I must bide

But come ye back as sunlight through the window
Or in my dreams, still perched on my pillow
Until it's time to cross the Bridge together

Oh Tabby Boy, my Tabby Boy
I love you so.

Maggie Young

Velcro, 07/07/92-03/19/08

My Velcro was the love of my life and I think I was his.
From the day he was born, every time you would pick him up, he would give out this little squeal.
In the beginning, we were afraid we were somehow hurting him, and over the years we had our vet continually check him out.
(Just to be sure, mind you :) But the name of "Squealie" kind of stuck, for me, mostly.
He was my Squealie Kitty, until the day he died.
He fought obesity and diabetes for over five years, needing two shots of insulin every day.
It used to kill me to have to stick him, but what I wouldn't give right now, to be able to have him back for just a few more, if I could hold him like I used to.
He was 30 plus lbs, and didn't feel the stick at all. HE was waiting for the five crunchy treats he got after each injection!! (I know, I wasn't helping his chubbiness at all).

I have his ashes right here beside me by the bed, I've been disabled for 11 yrs now, and he was about the only thing that made it bearable, most days.
And now he's gone.
I know he'll be waiting for me at Rainbow Bridge and knowing that is what keeps me going.
That, and two little guys I just rescued from a pet shop...
It took me 11 months to do it, but I felt the only way I could break out of my depression following having to put Squealie to sleep, was to get another cat.
For me, AND for Velcro's brother, Bobbo, who is still with me.
He kept vigil by the door, waiting for his brother, until the day I brought the "babies " home; a brother and sister my daughter found in a pet store.
I hate the thought of the pet store "thing" and puppy mills, etc., but I couldn't pass up these two sweet litle faces, once I saw them.
My daughter got me there, and I was not going to leave empty-handed.
It took a week for Bobbo to really get used to them and they still want to suck on his big fluffy tail, but more and more, I find the little ones curled up next to him, and I've noticed he has stopped pulling his fur out, which he began after Velcro's death.
I'll never stop missing my cat but I can wake up now and know I've got a reason to go on.
It isn't that Bobbo WASN'T a reason, it's just that he was never MY cat, he was my daughter's.
And even now, if I pick him up, he gets all stiff and tries to squirm away.
He PUTS UP with me, but that's about it.
He lives for my daughter's visits and waits for the day that she might change boyfriends and be able to take him once more.
Life can be so funny and what goes around usually comes around, and I can be happy again, because maybe, just maybe, my "Squealie Cat" SENT these little babies to me...

VELCRO'S MUM, Pam Swenson

Velvet, 03/30/09

Velvet was one of the sweetest, most gentle cats I have ever known. He was a "daddy's cat" and even after he developed intestinal lymphoma he would still jump up on the bed for petting. He was euthanized today when his condition became too severe. We miss him so much.

Kenneth Albin

Velvet, 10/2005

I am reposting for you my friend.
Alone, I saw a sign 'widowed cat needs loving home.' You were 11 or 12 still young at heart. We had six wonderful years together, I know you are there at the bridge playing with Figaro both of you restored to perfect health.
I still miss how you would sit on the back of the couch and watch tv or 'help' me with typing whenever I was online.

Love Always,


Velvet, 03/01/09

Love you so much little babe, will never forget you.
Help me look after your big brother Valentino.
Love you and miss you always, your muma Alicia xxxx

Velvet, 02/04/97-01/31/09

Velvet was the smartest, most beautiful dog ever and added so much happiness daily to our lives.
She is missed very much.

Louisa & Steve Didat

Venom, 02/14/08-05/30/09

Venom after talking to andi i found out you passed away around the 30th (she doesnt seem to remember the date!)

R.I.P lovely boy your mum Gynx sister sunshine and niece Snow will always love you and nanny flower and everyone including me apparently you got up ill and then just got worse throught the day until you passed on jsut over a few weeks since Mikey died.

Love you always,you were scared but loving gone and not forgoton R.I.P

Ryan Selwyn

Venus, 05/25/08-07/07/09

We miss you- you were our tiny little princess!


Venus, 03/19/09

Venus was rescued from the Humane Society and loved her family since the day we brought her home. She loved riding with her head out the window of the car or truck and going on long walks to check out the new smells in the neighborhood. She will be missed but is in a better place, away from the pain that her cancer gave her. Love you!

Paul & Kt Miller

Venus, 12/19/02-02/13/08

Venus was such a special girl.
Always loving.

We will miss your little quirks, especially when you were nervous or excited and would grab a stuffed toy and carry it around like a pacifier.

Venus definitely put her paw print on our hearts as well as the many people she met.

Such a lady!
This is what everybody who knew her said she was.
Always polite and used her manners.

No one could ever ask for a better friend.

She will be deeply missed!

Jen Crittenden

Venus Schooley, 01/28/09

RIP little one. I love you. Until we meet again....
Love, Mom

Versace, 03/05/06-07/18/09

He was beautiful and full of spunk and attitude. He lit up my life and gave it character in a way I never thought possible. Everyone around him was given laughter and smiles by everything that he'd do. He was my baby and I'll never have another one just like him. My unconditional love is everlasting.

Desiree Campbell and Robert Black

Vhladamyr Clyde, 10/20/2009

Divine Spirit of all living beings,
please call Saint Francis
to come escort this beloved companion
to the Rainbow Bridge.
Assign him a place of honor,
for he has been a faithful and beloved pet.
Bless the hands that sent him to you,
for they did so in love and compassion,
freeing him from pain and suffering.
We thank you for the gift of his companionship here on Earth for so many years.
We ask that his earth parents can feel comfort and strength from the highest planes as they adjust to their loss.
To Vhladamyr, we say move beyond this life,
flowing like water, free and formless.
Enter the arms of God fearless.
Return to the source of you being, the great source of love.
Rest your soul, heal, be whole and young again.
Be blessed. Amen.

Vickie, 10/15/02

Vickie, you were the smartest dog I ever had.
You were natural smart and knew what was allowed and not allowed.
I can never find one as smart as you.
Live in peace by rainbow bridge.
You will always be missed in my heart.


Victor, 05/02/09-06/28/09

A special friend of mine that didn't make it in today's tough world. The vet couldn't save my young baby. R.I.P victor


Victor Colee, 07/26/94-04/02/09

My love, you are finally home and in the loving embrace of the angels.
Twink, Jade, Ropa, Razor and Kelly are running to greet you, the fun you will have and the new friends you will meet makes my heart happy.
We will miss you so much, but to know you are now free from pain, lightens the sadness a bit.
God bless you little V, until we meet again.
April, Mandy and Matisse send their love.

With much love,

Mom and Dad

Victoria, 07/06/09

Victoria - Our Beloved and Best Little Friend in the whole world!

Ann Aren

Vince, 01/09/09

Vince was family, my running companion, our guardian, and everyones boy. Everyone loved Vince, and he will be greatly missed. He was not just a part of our family, but a part of everyones heart that met him.

Tracy Morgan

Vincent, 02/01/91-04/13/09

My dearest Vincent...
You weren't the dog I was looking for...but you somehow knew that you were exactly the dog I needed..and while, they said that I rescued you, you truly saved me...Our years together were were some of the happiest of my life....Your fight for life was truly valiant..Your Vet's still don't believe how long you stayed....and ending your suffering was truly the most difficult thing I have ever done..I miss you sooo much....Rest easy my love..I hope to see you soon...Love always, Mom...

Vinny, 1991-06/21/09

Vinny was a special kitty who lived a long full life. He will be missed. I am adding this in remembrance of him for his family.

Ashley Kurau Adding This For Rucy and Bill Kurau

Violet, 05/14/08-06/19/09

Violet was able to spend one short year with us.
She was a sweet little girl who made us laugh.
Violet was a very special "empty nest" dog.
We'll never forget you, Violet the Co-Pilot.
We miss you.

Deb Antoniades

Violet, 05/28/09

She was a nice kitty and she would climb up your leg it would hurt.She was so cute and sweet
and fun! I MISS her so much! Any body that met her loved her.


Violet, 08/94-04/27/09

Violet Rose Kittenpuss McFluffmuffin
My sweet Violet, beautiful Violet Rose, there was never a more beautiful kitty, nor one more sweet and loving. You were such a fluffy, cuddly joy, a soft, gray cloud of warm fuzziness. Those sea green eyes gazed so knowingly, and you were always so ready to give and receive love. I wasn't ready for you to go and I wish your last few days could have been easier. I trust you are safe and well now, happily purring on a down pillow. I miss you, my sweet Violet.

Cheryl Burns

Violet, 05/12/03-04/17/09

Violet "Bun", you were a true joy to me. I never imagined that a rabbit could be such a wonderful companion. In all my life, no pet has been so special to me. You made me smile and laugh with your buntics daily and truly brought a little ray of happiness into my life each day that I knew you. I look forward to the day you run across the grass at the Rainbow Bridge and greet me "up on two!" I promise to have a "chip" and pets ready! P.S. Mr. Tumnus misses you so much. He truly adored you too! Love, mommy

Violet Bear Connolly, 04/27/09

Violet took care of me for many years.
She was with me thru some of the hardest times in my life.
She slept with her paws wrapped around my bicep, and loved me unconditionally.
She loved to be brushed, and was a very strong spirited, motherly cat.
She liked to chase birds, and sit in the sun.
Violet loved life and loved people and other pets.
I loved her very much.
She will be missed.

Steve Connolly

Violetta, 08/01/94-12/17/08

You were loved and you loved back. We miss you.


Viver, 05/28/09

Viver was a small hamster, but she moved so many hearts.
She was always there when I needed her.
We shared so many wonderful memories.
I will always love and miss her.


Vivian Grace, 02/03/2005 - 10/15/2009

Oh Vivie!
You were our princess, so full of life! You came to us when you were just a baby. I remember how you used to jump up my arm as I reached in to the enclosure to check out all the ferrets...You were the smallest, but you made sure your presence was known. You expressed yourself quite boldly. You came home with me as a Mother's day gift. You were such a stinker! The only little girl who was as big as a mountain...nobody could tell you how tiny you were in comparison to Tommy or the horses! I never saw anyone who could climb on my bed and curl up dead center like you. Queen size bed, just the right size for you! You "ferreted" so many things, especially your "clinky can". Mawmaw's cell phone, Daddy's shoes/insoles. You were so full of life, and to not see you when I look for you it still so hard. Nobody else could rattle the cage at 2am to play like you...You will be so missed. I don't know why you left, but I know that you are with Gertie and Yeager, and with Jesus. We will see you again. I miss your kisses, and look forward to getting them again in time. We love you Viver liver, our little princess. Go night night, Viv. We will stand watch.

Vixen Miller, 11/14/01-03/31/09

Vixen was so loved by our family... We are devistated by our loss, but know we will see you again one day our sweet Vixen. Vixen was the most loving and loyal of souls you could ever know. Your daddy Justin will be making a special memorial sight for you. Today you passed away and he is so devistated without you. We will never ever forget our Vixie! Life is forever changed without you... our lives were so enriched with you. LOVE IS ETERNAL!!!

Justin Miller, Amber Miller, Kathy Miller and Brandon Miller

Volya, 2000-01/12/09

We'll miss ya, Volya, forever.

Your whiny little meow, your inapproprite stabs at dominance. You were shaped like a soup can, very muscular, affectionate and purry. I'm sorry you got so sick so fast. I would do anything to change it all, my boy.

See you.


Vonnie, Sep 1996-12/30/08


Rick Gray

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