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2009 Tributes

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Ughlee Gabriel Rosales, 05/20/92-01/24/09

our beautiful baby was born with a smile on his face the morning of may 20, 1992 and through the years he put smiles on our faces. when he was a baby we owned a husky that taught him how to howl, it was so funny watching this little poodle howling and up to the day that he past he would still howl for your attention. I miss him so badly that some times it feels like my heart is going to literaly break, it is physically painful. he went every where we did and would sleep right in the middle of us each night. he will be missed until the day that we too will pass from this earth.

Gabriel and Sherry Rosales

Ulrike vom Barental, 03/07/08-04/24/09

I'm so very sorry that I couldn't save you and that you had to suffer so much pain before you died. I miss you my pretty girl.

Kim Fay

Uma, 12/29/08

We miss the warmth of your sweet nature .
We will always carry you in our hearts.

Beth and Roger

Uncle, 05/01/99-02/20/09

This old, ragged stray appeared on my mother's doorstep last fall, and she took him in with love and compassion.
He was neutered and declawed, and had clearly been cared for at one point in his life, but this sweet lapcat was weary and worn when my mother named him Uncle and fashioned a outdoor box for him, where he could stay protected and warm.
Uncle enjoyed a special place in her heart, and like fellow outdoor cats Puzzle and Rusty, he stayed close to the house and enjoyed tuna, wet cat food, and anything else his malformed jaw would allow him to eat.
Unfortunately, Uncle began to go downhill in recent weeks, and my mother showed the ultimate responsibility and bravery today in taking him to our caring vet to allow him to rest.
Sweet Uncle, I wish we could have done more to make the last few months of your life easy.
Our lives are better for having had you in them.
You will not be forgotten.

Jennifer Stevens

Uni, 07/05/94-05/19/05

My beloved best little girl, you live in my heart always and forever.

Ruth Rivenburg

Unsinkable Miss Molly, 11/06/98-01/31/09

(The post card from Miss Molly)

Dear Randy and Don,

When I arrived safely I explained to St. Peter I'd rather stay here, outside the Pearly Gate.
I won't be a nuisance, I won't even bark (I am a barkless dog after all), I'll be very patient and wait. I'll be here, chewing on a celestial bone,
no matter how long Randy and Donald may take.
I'd miss them so much if I went in alone and
it wouldn't be heaven with out them for me.

I love you both so much,
Miss Molly

Randy and Donald

Unsinkable Molly Brown, 03/15/01-07/06/06

Molly was my second kitty and quite an individual.
She would run down the stairs full force and then jump on a footstool with wheels to go for a good ten foot ride.
How she figured that out I"ll never know.
Molly was a beautiful calico kitty who was brought home to be friends with our male tabby who was only ten months older.
They did become close and would run up and down the stairs chasing invisible prey.
Molly and Taz groomed each other and loved to sleep curled up in one continuous ball of fur.
Molly was a great hunter.
We would go outside on a lease and play in our courtyard with a bell on her collar and a long lease and still she would catch a rat 2/3rds her size, jump to stop lightening bugs and climb up the trees a good nine feet using her font arms like a logger and the claws on her back feet.
Molly eventually would jump up across my chest, purr and demand a little love twenty seconds at a time...then off she ran.
It broke my heart to hear at only three years old she had a heart much weaker than her spirit.
After three more years we helped Molly end her pain at the young age of six.
It has taken me the past two and a half years to be able to write this tribute.
I will find a photo or two soon.
Thank you Molly for teaching me how to be more alive and silly just to keep up with you.
Your family misses you everyday and hopes you check on us too.
All our love.

Jean Sachs

Ursa, 05/14/09-07/06/09

She was a sweet independent kitten who loved sitting in the holes she found for herself. Her death was very sudden and we miss her a lot. We hope she is in a better place with other cats/people who will love her.

David & Julianna Rickman

Ursa, 01/01/95-11/29/08

She was the best dog ever!
So funny!
Unbelievably funny!
She lived a good, long life and is missed very much!

Lori Kenney

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