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2009 Tributes

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T.C., 03/03/91-03/23/09


T.J., 18/26/84-06/30/98

Sweet T.J. - we had you for 15 short years. You grew up with the kids and went through many of our trying times with us. You were my kitty. When we brought you home that Christmas in 1984 you were so scared. Coming from a barn and never having been inside a house you had a lot of challenges to overcome. And, once you came out from behind the fridge and learned how much loving we wanted to give you it didn't take you too long to accept us. Though you weren't a cuddly kitty you liked to be close to us. You ruled the roost and we loved it. Your last 6 months was tough for you but I just couldn't let you go. You had been my baby for too long. I hope you've met Emma and Bailey on your side of the Rainbow Bridge and that you're all playing together and knowing how much you were all loved. One day we'll all be together again. I love you my heart.

Wendy Reglin

T.J., 06/24/95-01/02/09

If you go first and I remain to walk this world alone,
I'll live in memories garden, dear pet
with happy days we've known.
If you go first and I remain one thing I'll have you do
Walk slowly down that long, long path for soon I'll follow you
I want to know each step you take so I may take the same
For someday down that long, long road
You'll hear me call your name

I cannot thank you enough for loving me. You were always there when I needed you.
I miss the wag of your tail and the sound of your bark. I want so badly for you to give me your belly to scritch.
It's time for you to run now. You run and play until we meet again, my little old man.

Morgaine Dease

T.K. (Little Lover Boy), 3-3-08 - 8-4-09

My little lover boy, you were one of 5 kittens born to Tiger. Even though you were born under a dumpster and lived your whole short life there you were the most friendly feral cat I ever met. I want you to know how much you touched my heart. You were really more like a pet than a wild cat. I miss petting you, holding you, and giving you kisses. Your brother, Shadow, misses you very much. I told you many times that I loved you, I just wish I could have done more for you. You will always have a place in my heart and I won't forget you.
Love You Always,
Your Daddy

Tabasco (Tabby), 04/22/09

We adored our precious, loving Tabasco (Tabby) for his exuberant personality and open heart.
We often compared him to my Will, saying many times that he was my Willy reincarnated, their personalities were so similar.
Tabby was a beautiful little soul who'd climb onto the kitchen window to converse with us, hang from the screen door and roof gutter just to make us laugh, and roll at our feet every time we'd cross paths.
Last Sunday we lay together on Rowlly's bed ... I was kissing him all over, he was just irresistible.
Sitting on Rowlly's lap or contentedly watching cartoons on cable; he was a joy to be around.
But we did not realise he was so sick.
We don't know why he left us so soon and so terribly young, but we are deeply honoured that he chose us to be his family.
He filled our lives with laughter and amusement and so much love.
So many indelible memories.
To help him to the Bridge, Rowlly gave Tabby his special Buddhist ceremony while all the kitties watched ... Ging and Fluffy Tail kissed Tabby goodbye ... Sooty did his mourning wail, as he has for kitties past, and then disappeared in distress.
Little Fluffy was Tabby's soul mate; they were inseparable.
I sat by Tabby's little grave in the dark last night with Rowlly, where we've put yellow roses, kitty and angel ornaments, incense and candles.
As we were making our way back into the house, little Fluffy greeted us in the dark under the clothes line: we lifted him up and kissed him all over, sharing his grief.
I put a pink hibiscus flower on the stepping stone where Rowlly found Tabby and Fluffy went straight to it ... he will miss his precious Tabasco so much. Tabby, our beautiful, unique, special little man ... rest peacefully and know how much we adored you.
Your sacred life touched all of ours in countless ways and we are in your debt, dear little one.
We will look for you in the stars ... xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Rowlland, Helen and Nicholas

Tabatha, 10/17/05-03/28/09

Thank you for making me believe in miracles. You had a plentiful life and you will stay in our hearts little moose!

Katherine Quiel

Tabby, 1992 - 8/6/2009

To my dear little Ruby,  
The house is so empty without you today. I keep looking for you, especially at dinner time, when you'd join us at the table. Afterwards, you'd wait until the dishes were done and then jump up on the couch to watch Jeopardy with us.  
I've closed the attic door now, since there's no one here anymore to go up there with, and hide among the boxes.  
I will especially miss you at Christmas time. From the moment the decorations came out, you were a source of such delight and joy. How we'd laugh at your sleeping under the tree as though it were real!  
You were such a good cat and gave us such love.  
I pray you are with the other "babies" and happy and healthy again.  
I know we'll be together some day, never to part any more.  
I still talk to you, at the place where your soul found it's way to Heaven, and cry because I miss you so much.  
You were my special friend and I love you so much.


Tabby, 06/30/09

Tabby we will always remember you. You were the best pet cat ever!


Dear Tabby, I miss you a lot. You were the best pet in the world. It will be hard without you. I miss the times when we come home and you come running out of the house. I also miss when the piano is open and you start stomping on the keys.

Love, Reid

Tabby, 06/2002-06/26/09

He was the best and nicest cat that I've ever known.
I really, really miss him.
His beauty and sweetness will be missed by everyone.
He was very considerate and compassionate - a true companion.

Katarina Wilke and Jennifer Wirz

Tabby, 19/05/09

Tabby passed on yesterday after a short fight with cancer and will be sadly missed.

Andrea Joanne

Tabby, 05/28/94-12/28/02

you butter up to me so i would let you stay in this home and you end up into my heart

Betty Frisz

Tabby Tabs, 06/01/08-02/26/09

Even though your life was cut short, you were a very special girl in my life and heart. I will miss you, your sweetness, your soft purrs, and your cuddling with me on those last days of your life. I always knew I was meant to take care of you and now I know why sweet one. Missing you every day...

DeDe Tyler

Tabby, 09/28/90-08/10/07

Tabby was my companion and friend for nearly 17 years. She and her brother Squirt were born in my apartment when I was a college student, moved with me cross country two times, and settled down with me after I married. She was with me through thick and thin. May we meet again, Little Tem Tem.


Tabby, 11/2008

You were the best cat that was ever placed on Earth.
You stuck around through many difficult events that happened within our family and your own life.
But no matter what you were there as steadfast and reliable presence in our lives.
You had a true and pure heart and we were thankful that we had you to care for us throughout your life.
Thank you for allowing us the honor of caring for you.
You are missed beyond belief.

Bud & Sharon

Tabitha, 06-08-98 - 11-18-09

On 11-18-09 Daddy and I had to make the hardest decision to let you go, but we knew that you would always be in our hearts forever. When we found out you had cancer in your back leg, 2-23-09, it was the worse news that would be told to us. Instead of letting you go, we decided to do surgery and get rid of that pesky tumor. With all of our love and strength, between all of us, you did wonderful as a tripod dog. Then 11-17-09, that pesky tumor showed up again in your front leg, which was devastating, and we knew then we had to say Good-bye, for now. Although we will miss you deeply, you will always be in our hearts forever. Tabitha, there is not a day that goes by that Mommy and Daddy do not grieve and talk about you. We miss every moment that you are here, with your excitement of going for walks, having your tummy rubbed, or just hanging out and being with us. Tabitha I hope that you are out of pain and enjoying the sun, as you always loved the outdoors.
Tabitha was a loving and caring Saint Bernard, which we also called out little girl or sweet pea.
She joins her Saint Bernard friend Chewbacca, also known as Big Man, whom we lost on 12-14-07, due to cancer.

To Tabitha and Chewbacca with love

Mommy and Daddy

Tabitha, 04/01/94-07/01/09

Tabitha was rescued many years ago from kitty death row. She was 9 months old when she came home with me. All she ever wanted was love. I gave it to her. She will be loved by me forever and ever. I miss her so much. Goodbye again little one. Rest in peace.

Ginny Lawson

Tabitha, 04/01/03-04/19/09

Tabby was a sweet kitty.
She loved people and was happy in the middle of family get togethers.

Mary Ann Stafford

Tabitha, 1992-04/13/09

My little girl, Tabitha,
I miss you so much. You had such a horrible death, but I was glad that I was there to hold you until DannyBoy came to get you. Hope you know how much Ric and I loved you, my little girlfriend. The house is so empty and lonely now, and I haven't slept since you left last Monday 'cos you aren't laying on top of my sick body anymore. I know I will see you two again real soon; please come and get me. Love, Mommy

Tabitha, 11/04/07

My Dearest Tabitha,
Not a day goe's by that I don't miss you!
I have never felt more loved in my life than
the love you showed me everyday of your short life.
The time I had with you was short, but I am grateful for the gift you gave me every day.
You will always be in my Heart and you will never be forgotten.

With all my love!


Tabitha, 02/20/09

I will miss you every day of my life Angel Face. You'll always be my baby girl.


Tabitha, Summer 1995-01/03/09

I remember the day you came into our lives pretty girl.
You were in the cage at the shelter and moment I walked into the room you put your paws up on the door and let out a cry that was so loud I couldn't even see the other cats in the room.
Our eyes locked and I knew at that moment you belonged in our family.
Today I feel a loss that I know I will never forget.
I am so sorry baby girl, I wish that it could have turned out differently.
I HATE that you were in pain and had to suffer at all. You were so special and the most beautiful cat I have ever seen.
I am so going to miss seeing your beautiful face every day!
You were my first little girl, my special girl....Tabitha, I love you so much, I am going to miss you more than I can say!!!!
I know everyone else will too, I am sooo sorry, I HATE playing God and deciding when one of my animals has to go, I don't feel I have that right.
I knew you were hurting, I hope I did the right thing...I will forever miss you my precious are forever loved!!! Sleep well my Tabitha, I will see you again someday!

Cari Rudnicki

Tabitha Knickle, 03/19/09

Our little girl is finally at peace after a long and courageous battle with bone cancer, you will always live on in our memories. Love you

Knickle Family

Tabitha Thomson, 02/18/08

Momma's Bubba, Love you boo boo

Wendy Thomson

Taboo, 07/15/07

I'm so sorry I couldn't save you my poor baby.
You brought so much happiness to our lives during your short time here on earth. I hope you are playing and having a wonderful time now.
I miss you.


Tabs, 06/05/92-03/16/09

He was such a pain sometimes, but he was always there for me when I needed him. He was like a little brother to me, and I don't remember life before him. I love you Tabsy kitty, and I ALWAYS will.


Tabs, 07/01/88-01/28/09

I've lost pets before but I always knew this one would hit me the hardest. For over 20 years Tabs was the one constant in my life. He was there when my parents passed at 19. He outlasted my first wife, several girlfriends, three houses and a whole slew of four footed companions from canine to feline to ferret and more. He shared Häagen-Dazs with me during the good times and didn't complain about the bargain cat food during the bad times. I could always count on him to be there at the end of the day, ready to curl up in my lap for TV or to snuggle into my side for bed, purring all the while. He kept love in my heart during my bitterest moments; he truly was my rock. For all these reasons and many many more he will be sorely missed. God speed my friend, god speed. I love you.


Peter Raymond

Taco, 04/01/92-01/28/09

To my little MeeMee.
We miss you terribly.
We miss your cries in the middle of the night, we miss the little critters you would bring back from the wild, we miss your help in cooking chicken, we miss your help in wiping down the counters, we miss the warmth of your body on our lap, we miss your curiosity and playfulness, we miss your ghost busting abilities keeping them out of our closest, and we miss your maternal instincts keeping your brother safe and sound.
We hope you are happy in your new home.
We love you.

Tracy Andacht and Richard Winn

Taco Bo Dubay, adopted 06/01/98-04/17/09

Taco, our little fella,
You changed out lives forever. We enjoyed every second of having you in our family. You will NEVER know how much you are missed and how much we will always and forever LOVE you! Nothing will ever be the same without you here with us!!!
WE LOVE YOU!!! (and MISS you!!)
Daddy, Mommy, Tia and Me-You
hugs, squeezes and kisses, my sweet angel

Roger and Mary-Ellen Dubay

Tacoya Lee, 04/28/94-02/03/09

Tacoya, you have been my best friend for almost 15 years.
I picked you up at 6 weeks and it was love at first site!
I thank you for the love you gave to me, teaching me unconditional love and a wonderful freeing sense of responsibility.
We grew into old ladies together! I wish I could have you longer, but we both knew it was time.
I was glad I could be with you when you moved on.
My heart has a very empty hole but I know you are happy, and healthy, and have found Scout and Kachine!
Thank you for being so good to the kids and Daisy (that silly new pup!) I don't think there will ever be another doggie soul mate for me, but I'm glad you taught her so much, Coy.
I don't think I'll ever see, hear, or know of another as cool as you.
Remember when, you surprised a whole construction crew by climbing the extension ladder and getting up on the roof?
You always stayed close to your people, and your memories will forever live in ours.
I love you Baby Girl, see you in time.

Jacqualyn Eskers

Tadd G, 09/98-06/2008

oh, my poor little are missed so very much too. i know you couldnt stay after jed left. you have always been together., but mommy misses you so much.find jed and be happy.

Donna G

Tadpole, 04/15/09

We lost our best friend and he will be sorely
missed.We had him for 11 years of his life.He was rescued from my grand children & son whom treated him badly.A part of my heart is gone with him.He was a good little boy.He brought so much joy to our lives.Love you little boy.

Walter & Denise Jackson

Taffy, 06/24/09

Taffy was the best dog that we could ever ask for, she made life worth living.
She lived a healthy 18 years and we enjoyed every second we spent with her. Taffy will be in our hearts forever and we know that one day we will see her again on Rainbow Bridge.

Kelly and Cathy

Taffy, 05/18/09

We Love You and miss you so very much,you were such a GENTLE SOUL and such a People Lover.
On behalf of all those who knew and Loved you, You brought such JOY and PRIDE,and Laughter to our lives.Your Love, UNconditional.You seemed to say the most, when you
said nothing at all, by the way you would wag your tail upon greeting us at the door, when we would come home from work, or the store it really did'nt seem to matter if we gone 8 hours or 8 minutes your response of the Tail wagging and perked up ears would always be the same.Oh how you loved to go "bye-bye" Off in the car we would go with the window down and your ears flapping in the wind.We will miss your Beautiful brown eyes, and asleep on your bed at the foot of ours at night. There are so many things We will miss about you, but YOU WILL NEVER BE FORGOTTEN.You have taught US so much in your short lifetime.How to Love,The TRUE meaning of JOY, and what it means to live in the moment.

Dan and Melanie Carrigan

Taffy, 01/14/97-04/27/09

Taffy, you left us so suddenly....words cannot describe how much we will miss you....We we always remember you and love you....
Mom, Dad, Kayla and Megan

Taffy, 03/22/09

Taffy was more than my dog, she was like my child.
She was the best companion anyone could ask for and I miss her more than words can describe.

Sharon Boley

Taffy, 02/07/09

Taffy was my precious baby for 7-1/2 years.
I got her from the pound where she had been left after having had five liters before she was five years old.
She had just had a litter when I got her, and had been abused, but I gave her a lot of love and a good home until she passed.
My heart aches and I will miss her dearly, but knowing that she was loved and no longer abused makes going on without her a little easier. She was a very kind and loving dog, and I look forward to seeing her again one day.

Benita Lenoir

Taffy Ricucci, 05/21/92-07/07/09

My dearest Taffy: I loved you so much for 16 short years and miss you like you can never imagine. I am so sad and sorry that I was away for those 3 days during which time you chose to leave us. I hope you are now healthy and happy and running around with your brother, Squirt, as in days past. I will hold you forever in my heart and not a day will go by that I don't think of you. Give Squirt a big kiss from me. Your sister, Pugsie, is missing you terribly and still confused by your absence.

I love you, Taffy.

Your "Mom"

Taffy Tyler Kennedy, 09/07/93-06/23/09

My precious Taffy, you are in my heart and are part of my sole.
I loved you more than I've loved anyone or anything and I will miss you each day of the rest of my life.
You were my little protector and my love and you gave me so much joy, and made my life blessed little Taffy, the pain is so great today but I truly believe it was time to go to the Rainbow Bridge and I will see you when I arrive my dear pet.
Your mommy, Nancy.

Tag, 2004 baby Tag...I'm so very sorry.
You were living outside and I was so happy to finally bring you in with your Mom, Boo.
I wished I wouldn't have had to work that day because you were SO funny and playful, happy to be in the house, so loving, jumping on my legs while I tried to type.
You had such a cute walk.
Felix sure loved you
The next day you were so sick and we took you to the vet and hoped everything would be okay.
You died that night on the living room floor while we were sleeping....Felix came to tell us...he was so upset and very depressed for days afterwards.
He is with you now and I hope you are both having too much fun at the Rainbow Bridge together and both of you are now not having to suffer in pain anymore.
Your Mom, Boo, is still here with us but we all miss you too much.
Sure didn't have you long but long enough to fall in love with you.
What a cool name I gave you first Rob wasn't sure about it but when they called your name at the vet he thought it was a really good name. are it...

Cannot wait to hold you in my arms again and spend a LOT more time with you my baby guy...


Tahoe, 06/14/09

I love you and miss you very much. You will always be in my heart.
Love, Mom

Tahoe, 02/02/09

Tahoe was adopted when he was 5 after being rescued from a puppy mill.
We had to teach him how to walk on a leash, housebreak him and reassure him that every noise he heard was not someone coming to hurt him.
He never became a very active dog but he was our Tahoe, always greeting us when we came home and becoming full of life when he smelled food cooking.
Arthritis and other ailments finally got the best of him.
When he could no longer walk or fight an eye and ear infection we felt he was suffering too much.
He had 8 wonderful years being loved.
We will miss him but we know he is in a much better place now.

Sanders Family

Tai Bell, 11/15/97-06/05/07

Tai filled my heart and my life for 19 1/2 years and the loss I feel now is perhaps the greatest loss I have experienced in my entire life.
With her she took my heart and she can give it back to me when I meet her on the Rainbow Bridge.

Mommy loves you Tai, forever and ever.

Linda Bell

Tai-Chi, 01/01/00-02/10/08

Happy 1 year Bridge Day My Precious Tai-Chi...we love and miss you more than words can ever say....Hope you are running free and having fun at the Bridge until we meet again never ever to be apart....All our love now and forever, Mommy, Daddy and your Sisters XOXOXOXOXO

Taia Kaplan, 04/17/94-04/16/09

Thank you my sweet little girl for bringing so much love and happiness to my life for 15 years.
You taught me how much love I was capable of and you returned in manyfold.

All who knew you saw the grace of God in your beautiful eyes and your loving ways.

Taia, sweetheart, the pain of our loss is only eased by knowing that you are no longer suffering and are now whole, happy and above all spreading your love again through the Universe.

Our heart yearns for you, for your smell, for your touch, for your loving licks and your always asking "what's to eat"?
I miss you at my feet while I work and your diligent "guarding" of our safety.

I love you more than life itself.
I cry that you needed to transition but I am relieved that you are now free of the burdens of an aging body.

Most I am grateful for your clearly telling me it was time.
Yesterday's conversations were the most precious I have ever had and you my sweet girl are part of me forever and ever.

Return to God my sweet girl and know I have never been happier than in the times I knew with you and the love you showered upon me.

I will always watch for signs of your rebirth with the prayer that we can hold each other again and again.
Your spirit shines forever.


Talend, 02/18/93-04/29/09

Talend, you were the most wonderful friend... you made everyday wonderful... and complete.
I pray that you are happy and not afraid.
Hugs until i see you again...

Julie Mattingly

Tailer, 11/10/93-05/31/09

He couldn't have been more lovable. Cute, cuddly, and cheerful, always wagging his tail. Happy and free. I love you, Tailer, so much.


Tails Cooper, 09/06/96-02/13/09

Tails was more like a dog than feline.
He would come when you whistled, he could do a "high five," walk on a leash and harness, and even liked to play fetch in his younger days. He was our best friend and would often be a comfort when we were sick or sad.
He always gave and never asked for anything in return.
Cancer took him from us too soon and we will greatly miss our kitty boy.
We are looking forward to the day we get to see him again and I'll whistle for him...

Eric & Dana Cooper

Taja Marie Pitt, 01/96-02/16/09

taja was the best dog in the world
she had a very loving personality and love to play she'll be missed by the whole family ill love you forever ta

love mom

Taji, 08/16/93-07/14/09

Dearest Taji, it was with the deepest of sadness that we said goodbye to you today.
You were loved by all of us and will always be a part of us.
We will never forget you or stop loving you.
Please say hello to Raymond and the others who have gone before you.
You will of course be most especially missed by your Jesse.
His love is with you always and forever.
With Love From Your Family

Talbot, 01/24/09

Talbot was abandoned on Cheung Chau Island as a tiny kitten and saved by angels.
Although born part feral she embraced life indoors and was the sweetest, albeit most reclusive of cats. We spent more than 16 years together and she was a a delightfully quirky companion.
I miss her terribly but I am grateful she went peacefully after being diagnosed with terminal cancer and that she was not made to suffer long. A truly gentle soul

Vivian Harrington

Talia, 5/92 - 3/21/09

This is very hard for me...Talia was the dearest, sweetest, most loving cat my husband and I ever knew. She came into our lives when we decided, after many years, to get a pet apiece. We decided to get two kittens, because we knew our work hours were very irregular. It would have been impossible to get home to walk a dog or give him/her the proper attention and care. We went to a local animal shelter, went into the "last day" room, and selected two kittens, both of us selecting the other's. Talia, I should point out, choose us by tapping my husband Val on the head with her paw! She was in a small cage on the topmost row. I had picked out a silver/black tabby that had the most beautiful markings I had ever seen on a kitten for my husband to love and named her Roxie... At any rate, we took them home (after acquiring the necessary equipment and food). From there we had them examined by our newly chosen vet and a wonderful sixteen years together began. Roxie, our silver tabby died in her eighth year of pancreatic cancer. Talia continued to live a very active, happy life until she began to show some signs of old age at the age of thirteen. The usual signs of arthritis, aches and pains that afflict a geriatic cat continued but did not slow her until her fourteenth year when she began to have some stomach problems. She gradually declined, climaxing in several hospitalizations that only stayed, not stopped the inevitable. Finally, in March of this year, we could see the end was near...I knelt by her at home, crying hard, telling her that it was ok to go...Dad and I would always be near and with her...She had been home for only a few days after a recent vet stay, when it became apparent that she had to go back...I will never forget that Friday morning when our veterinarian called me at work to say that he had spoken to the night technician...She was of the opinion that Talia did not have very much time left...He saw her early in the morning, saw that her condition was worsening, and called me...I told my boss I had to go...They kindly let take the day...I left for our vet's office after letting my husband know...He said he would meet me there... Oh!what a sight met my eyes when I went into the "quiet room" where owners can spend their last hours, minutes,seconds with their dear one...Talia was loaded with tubes, moaning softly, in a rough, throaty way... Her ears, paws and belly were colored a gastly yellow as the blood was gradually being withdrawn to her heart...I sat holding her, calling her "my little girl" with all the other endearments I loved to tell her...Shrtly after, my husband came and wept with me as we realized our sweet, sweet girl was leaving us...In all her years she never, ever bit or scratched us...Always a little lady, she was lovely in her shining black coat with deep green eyes...which when she was deep in thought, would turn a blue/green...The struggle began with deeper and deeper breaths, slower and slower...until suddenly, she began to have a seizure...It did not stop! A technician ran in, took Talia out of my arms, saying "This kitty is in big trouble!" I followed with Val to the back examination room...The vet on duty said "We can bring her back..." We said, "No! She has suffered enough...Let her go..." Out daring girl was laying on the table, so still, so small... Val and I cried our eyes out that night as I have many days and nights since...She was the most affectionate, loving, talkative little cat that was my joy to know, love, and care for...all these too brief years...There will never,ever be another like her until we meet her Heaven wehere there will be no parting or sorrow ever again !...Those who love pay for that joy in sorrow, the depth of which lets you know you had a very special being in your life... My sweet Talia! You were and are the very best! Wait for us! We'll be there soon...very Heaven's time.
Your Mom and Dad

Tallulah, 06/03/09

for my bab girl the only one who listened wihout juding, who was taken so suddenly from us with no warning. she was just a baby, i miss you so much please know i love you, and if i had known anything was wrong i waould have helped.

Amy Jones

Tallulah, 01/19/09

14 Years ago on January 21st a little black puppy plopped down on our feet and chose us.
Throughout the years she has protected us, cared for us and many times saved our lives.
This precious angel was a gift from God who for a brief time, allowed us to take care of her (when in fact she took care of us).
When you do not have children, God's creatures take on that roll.
Over the last few days, in a very quiet and simple way we have known that it was time for our little baby to go.
We have struggled and we did not want to listen to this still small voice.
Like so many times over these wonderful years, it was Tallulah herself that let us know that she was being called home.
She was so tired, her eyes pleaded with us to let her sleep and we knew that she had began to suffer and was through her pain she let us know that it was time.

For any of you who has made this decision, you will know that it is the hardest and most difficult you will ever make in this life time.
We spoke to her doctor late on Saturday and scheduled an appointment for this morning.
A few times yesterday, we thought that perhaps we needed to take her to the emergency clinic and were prepared to do so.
We prayed fervently to have God please take her.
But His answer was He wanted us to find the ultimate courage, you see this is one of the purposes in life - that when we are blessed to care for one of His creatures, sometimes this burden is part of the deal. We made her last day as comfortable as we could.
She had fresh ham, turkey and canned chicken.
We gave her treats every few minutes.
We showered her with kisses, rubbed her face and belly for hours at a time and were each bathed in her wet loving kisses.

Her last trip in the car was like so many, window down, ears flopping in the air.

She was a little scared when we 1st arrived.
Her breathing was very heavy and she almost could not catch her breath.
They took us into the room and gave her a sedation, but it wasn't strong enough - so they gave her another.
They left us with her while she calmed down, which she finally did.
The entire time she laid on the table, she kept pushing her nose and face into both of us very forcefully.
She gave us both kisses over and over.
Then the Doctor came in to administer the last shot.
Once he did, we both held her and just a few minutes later about 10:30a she passed away in our arms. She looked at both of us just moments before with a love in her eyes that we will never forget.

We love you all so humbly from the depths of our hearts, your kindness has been a source of strength as we have moved through our-darkest hours.

Our precious baby is now been freed from her pain and is running and jumping in joy.
She is back from where she came.
She will be waiting for us by the rainbow bridge and we look forward to the day, that perhaps if the Lord will allow us, to embrace her precious little face and be once again bathed with her wet kisses.
Until then, may He scratch behind her ears, rub her belly and give her as many treats as she can eat.
Most importantly that she will know how much we loved her.

Much love,

Rob and Marvin

Tally, 10/01/96-03/01/09

TALLY,we got you from Rescue after you were first starved and put in a small pen.You were only 2 yrs.old then.You did't know how to play with other dogs,and did not like to be outside very long at a time.As our dogs do,you slept by my bed,and "talked" to yourself,from pure pleasure during the night,sounding like an old man talking to himself.
But DOGS = PEOPLE TOO,and you were one special dog.The most mellow and sweet big BABY.When you could no longer walk,and was in pain,it was time to say goodbye.It broke my heart,and we miss you so much.You are in our hearts forever.You are buried right outside our bedroom window,and at peace now.Hope you are "talking again".

Anne-Lise Bonham

Talon (Tally) Granato, 7/14/01 - 8/10/09

Talon or as I liked to call you, Tally, my beautiful big pineapple head, sweet, sweet man, what am I going to do without you! Without, seeing you and rubbing your beautiful big head, which we both enjoyed :-). Eight years of playing with you, giving you treats, taking care of you, loving you. It ended too soon!!! Every time I went to see you at your Daddy's house, opening that front door and looking up at you at the top of the stairs, waiting to greet me, was the best thing ever! I looked forward to that! I'd call your name if you weren't there, "Tally, Tally, where's my Tally and there you'd come to say, "Hi, Aunt Danielle, I'm so happy to see ya"! As big and "scary" as you might have seemed to others, I know you only to be gentle and trusting. You were and will always be an ANGEL!! I wish with all my heart that there was a way I could have miraculously took your pain away. That some how I could have done more or have been able to place my hands on your leg or on your tummy and you'd be well and whole again, running and jumping like you used to. I feel this way every time I lose one of "you", my precious animals. This has been a bad year, between losing Gizmo, George and now YOU, it's just too much to bare. My heart breaks! I'll remember so many things about you, but most of all your undying spirit and curiosity. Even with the pain in your leg, if you saw something that excited you or peaked your interest, you went to investigate. You'd gallop to it or for it, whether it be a treat or to see what I had in my hands, preferably food (like cheese). And of course once I looked into those beautiful soulful eyes, you could have anything you wanted, my big boy! You had an aura about you that was special and that exuded calmness and tenderness. I'll miss hearing you speak to Daddy when he'd play with you and say, "Talon, Talon, what are you doing"? And you'd answer him in that deep growl and sometimes earth shattering bark, as if to say, "nothing Dad, can't you see I'm trying to relax, now leave me alone" :-). You were a JOY to this Family! From the moment I met you, held you as a pup, you had my heart and remained there throughout your life. You will now forever remain there, ALWAYS!! Our last day together I will always cherish and I thank god for that time we had. When I spoke to you and prayed for you and you picked your paw up and placed it in my lap, that was the most touching moment that I'll never forget! It was a connection only you and I shared. I know you're with the "Family" now, so make sure you keep everyone in line. You're the biggest in the group so they will certainly listen to you :-). Always know one thing, YOU ARE AND WILL ALWAYS BE LOVED! AND YOU WILL NEVER, EVER BE FORGOTTEN! I love you! Love, Aunt Danielle, Grandma, Aunt Debbie, Uncle Michael and Uncle Chris - xxxxoooo

Talulah, 11/24/08-03/30/09

Talulah was hit by a car last Monday night (3/30). She passed almost immediatly and left us broken hearted and empty. We miss her so much and are having a very hard time coping. I have owned pets all of my life but never met one quite as amazing and unique as our Talulah. I'm not sure how to adapt but we are trying our best. Please pray for her and us as we try to let her go and accept her absence. Thank you.

We love and miss you baby! I hope the angels are enjoying your endless kisses and effortless perfection. -Holli

Tambourine, 05/27/1997 - 11/19/2009

Tambourine was truly one of a kind. She loved her balls and stuffed toys right to the end. She touched so many people's lives even those who did not really like dogs. Along with most dog characteristics of unconditional love and loyalty, she was unbelievably sweet and extremely obedient. In fine Labrador form, she wanted to please. She would even go to the "bathroom" on command!! Throughout her 12.5 years of life, she helped me through a divorce, a car accident we were in together, multiple surgeries, numerous moves even from one country to another and then the loss of my father 3 months ago. There is just so much I could say about Tambourine. Many people have shared some amazing and touching memories of her this past week. Her life was shortened very quickly by an acute medical event, but even at the end she was fighting to please and comfort me. She would raise her head and kiss my face as tears flowed down my cheeks. Tambourine will forever be in my heart and all those lives she touched. If she could have talked, I know she would have wanted to thank all of the people that played with her and took care of her when I (we-after I got married) went away. I will miss her expressive face, her kisses and the joy she brought to our lives every single day. Cello misses her playmate and sister. Our home is definitely not the same without her. My sweet Tambourine...See you at the Rainbow Bridge! We miss you...we will love you always and forever.

Tamika, 10/15/94-04/03/09

My heart is heavy and my life emptier without you.
I thank God for blessing me with you.
May we meet again in Heaven.

Veronica Andersen

Tamlyn, 05/15/86

I remember opening my back door to find a shivering mound of snow with emerald eyes.
So you became mine, but for such a short time!
Your shyness let me know that someone else had not been kind to you.
I hope that your time with me --only six weeks-- was happy, and that we can truly get to know one another at the Bridge!


Tammy, 9/4/2009

For Tammy who gave so much to everyone who knew her. Tammy was so sweet and loved to dress up in her little dresses. I can't put into words how truly special she was.
Tammy was a gift to me to help me when I became ill. I was so depressed nothing was working for me. My boyfriend went to a pound where 6 Maltese dogs had been dropped off. When he got there all but two had been taken. He asked that they put him in a room with the two left. He wanted them to pick him. Tammy's brother was very excited running around, but Tammy just sat and looked at him. After a while she finally jumped up on his lap, and that's how we got her. Tammy was a mess, she was abused, and neglected badly. We never knew her age, but our Vet figured by her teeth she was about five years. That was in July of 2004. She was diagnosed last year with Cancer. Ed did everything possible to save her. They told us she only had a month, but she lived a happy year thanks to Ed's efforts.
Tammy loved to mow the lawn, ride on Ed's tractor, ride in the car, Tammy even loved to snow plow!
Tammy will always live in our hearts, and will go on being loved. It has only been a couple days since her death and I know I haven't begone to feel the pain of loosing her.
I thank my good friend Claudia for sending me this site. It gives me a place to share with others a little bit of my little Angels life.
This is also a place where all who come here understand the pain we are going through. So many don't understand how much pain we are in. I hate when someone says in a off handed way sorry about your dog. Tammy was more than a dog. Tammy was my little girl, my friend, and so much more.
I love you Pumpkin, and I will see you soon,
I posted a painting I had done this year. I chose this because the Artist likeness of Tammy is better than any pictures I have.

Tammy, 06/29/09

Tammy was a very special and beautiful cat that came into my life in 2005 when I started working from home. She lived to be 21 (100 years old in human years) and had a very "old soul" that people could instantly sense about her. She was very intuitive and sweet and taught me about deservedness and about how to speak up for what I need and want.
I was blessed and thankful to have her pass away in my arms with my partner beside me, but I still long to hold her again. I love and miss her so much and will always remember and have a place for Tammy-Cat right beside me (usually on my left :-).

Amanda Monyhan

Tammy, 06/02/09

I miss her terribly!

Melissa Shannon

Tammy, 07/12/94-02/18/09

Tammy was a good girl. I will miss her mightily.

Sally Smiley

Tamsin, 06/11/08-04/12/09

I miss you my sweet little love machine.


Tang, 11/21/09

Goodnight, sweet Tang - my little six-toed buddy. You stole my heart 11 years ago and bounced your way into our lives. The little bundle of orange tabby energy, with a curled tail that was too long (but really just right) - you always knew how to brighten a day, whether it was with a few kisses or purrs louder than problems.

I love you, little dude - sleep well and peaceful.

Say hello to Patches for me (though she'll probably bop you on the head like she always used to!), and I will see you again one day, on the other side of the Rainbow Bridge.

Tang Reed, 01/25/09

We lost our beloved Tang prematurely on January 25, 2009.
Tang was a happy, sweet boy, always purring, talking to you and sitting closeby. He followed us around the house constantly. Tang had so much personality; he was like a little old man.
He enjoyed sunning on the lounge chairs outside with us on the weekends.
Tang was tough and a fighter; he won a death sentence he was given 10 years ago.
He was kind and full of love.
We miss him terribly and are devastated by his unexpected loss.
Hopefully he and his brother Ben are happy, hanging out up there and watching over us and we'll get to see them one day.

Rob & Christine Reed

Tango, 06/02/09

Tango, my beautiful sweet baby, you are my heart and soul, my reason for being. My life will never be the same without you. I love you always and eagerly await our reunion someday. xoxoxo

Dana Stano

Tango, 07/27/98-04/19/09

Tango was a happy, playful, thoughtful and well behaved dog.
He brought us so much happiness and comfort through some of the worst times of our lives.
he brought happiness and joy to every person that he would meet.
He went everywhere with us, to the office, to the mall and he even slept with us.
One of his most favorite pass times are to go outside for a walk and especially loved chasing after small baby coconuts.
He also loved going boating.
His favorite food is chicken breast, brocoli, baby carrots and a little dry food.
We are going to miss him so much and its very sad for me and my wife Tomoko.
We will spread his ashes at sea on Thursday April 23, 2009 and do a small prayer for him out at sea because he loved that so much.

Tao and Tomoko Miller

Tango, 1994-03/01/09

Joy & light of my life, and will never be forgotten for all the love that she has given me.

Liang Yap

Tango Alvim, 11/05/00-03/06/09

A special, loving and loved dog. A friend, an angel. The best partnet ever. He pass away because of a cancer,without we expected. My love. We're gonna miss you...a lot!


Tangy, 03/24/09

Tangy - you were one of a kind every since we went to pick you out and you picked me out instead by landing on my kap with a stick in your mouth. You represent a wonderful segment of my life and you will be greatly missed. I know you are running happy and free in a place with unlimited carrots and mushrooms. Until we meet again.

Tank, 05/25/08-05/28/09

My dog was only a year old. He died suddenly without any warning of being sick. My daughter is 6 and she is heartbroken as is my husband and I. He was totally fine. Then out of nowhere when he was laying down, he started to pee and looked like he was running in place. He was flopping around like he was having a seizure. He died instantly after 30-60 seconds. We are all devastated and waiting for the autopsy results. I know it won't bring our dog back, but it will give us some closure as to what happened. God Bless everyone here!


Tank, 05/2008

You were the foster kitten that didn't make it. Your spirit was strong but your body didn't allow you to live. I hope you felt the love that we had for you as you passed over the bridge.

Morgan B

Tank, 04/95-11/13/08

Sweet boy, mommy's are missed.

Vicki and George

Tank Benzing, 06/20/09

Tank was hit by a car on June 20, 2009. I let him outside to go potty and he saw another dog across the street. Tank darted out into the road and a truck from our city farm came speeding by and hit him twice. The truck driver never stopped or came back later. I laid in the road and held him as i cried. He was my son Nicholas' pride and joy. They did everything together and I feel as if it's all my fault for letting him outside. I know he's in a better place now but our hearts just can't heal. I miss Tank every single minute of every day and i don't know how to help my son's pain. We have not only lost a pet but a family member.

Tina Marie Benzing

Tank Kautzer, 12/14/06-04/17/09

Tank, we thought of you as our first baby together. We love you so much and are devastated that a cruel disease took you away so soon. We will miss your little circles, your love of all food, your love of dryer sheets, and your sweet Papillon kisses. RIP Tanker. We love you and will always have you in our hearts.

Ashley and Kevin Kautzer

Tanner, 11/25/97-02/00/09

Tanner, my velcro dog, you were a special, strong boy and we miss you. You so loved us and were so devoted to us . I miss our special times but Now you have to look after your sis at the rainbow bridge.

Wendy Brown

Tanner, 05/27/05-05/16/09

Tanner was a small white/tan boy Cocapoo and was a good boy i regret not spending alot of time with him its hard to see him go


Tanner, 02/17/93-06/26/09

16 years...and we are heartbroken.He was just the best doggie. He is going to be missed until our time has come. I can't quit this is all for now. God Bless and Keep Tanner.

Vicki & John

Tanner, 04/03/09

Paying tribute to a best friend is very hard indeed as there aren't enough words to say how I feel. I miss you with all my heart and will never forget you. I told you someday we would part for awhile but would be together in eternity together someday. And Ken told you we would see you on the "other side" and we will. Just don't know where,just don't know when. So lonely for you Tanner. It's real quiet here with you gone. Even in your senior years you brightened our lives and kept us going. Good night my dear friend. We'll meet again.


Tanner, 10/04/96-04/04/09

My best friend died on Friday and I'm devasted and heartboken,I miss him so much.

Mary Fenton

Tanner, 03/20/09

You will be in my heart forever my sweet baby! I miss you so much!

Tara P

Tanner, 07/15/97-02/03/09

Tanner was an opinionated cream tabby who never let feline diabetes get in the way of living his life. But after 5.5 years, he finally ran out of the ability to come back at a time when we thought we'd lost him.

Stay there at the bridge, my baby--I'll see you, I promise.

Paul and Julia Pearson

Tanner, 04/18/95-01/24/09

In memory of Tanner ~ beloved friend, loyal companion and faithful follower for 13 1/2 years. Wait for me at the bridge, buddy.


Tanner, 09/03/08


Tanner, 07/22/00-01/02/09

Tanner was our best friend.
His gentle ways and vivacious demeanor and unconditional love will live on in our hearts forever and ever.

Heather-Erin Dickens

Taoiseach, 09/05/95-04/20/09

I love you "T" and miss you. I know you're better now. You will always be in my heart.

Michael Quigley

Taquita Belle Fletcher, 1/23/1997 - 10/31/2009

Our Taquiata Belle went to heaven on October 31, 2009.

We hope she can now see again and pray her "heaven" looks a lot like San Felipe, with golf balls and frisbees, sand and elephant poop. We know she is there, gazing into a waterfall with a ball rolling in it. She loved golf balls and riding across Lake Powell on the jet ski. Marching down dog beach in Coronado ignoring all other dogs. Camping in the tent trailer in Mexico and finding sandy snacks to munch on. Playing ball in the spa in the backyard. Snuggling as close as she could get in bed with us with her head on the pillow. Snarling and growling now and then at her sister Tia. Watching her humans Erica and Ryan grow up and become magnificent people. We miss her so much - our Queen of Ween, Taquita Belle Fletcher.

Tara, 01/98-05/20/09

You were a wonderful, loving, loyal, highly intelligent, protective dog who I was blessed to know for the past 11 years.
You will be greatly missed.
I hope someday a cure for GVD/Bloat is found so that others may be spared this agony.

M. McCluskey

Tara, 03/22/07

I miss my dog very much. I know God will accept her in his kingdom. She always loved me with all her heart.Tara i will always love you and remember you in my heart.Know that i will be thinking of you every day of my life. May God bless you and i will see you soon.Love.

C B Guzman

Tara, 11/20/09

Tara had been with me since she was 5 months old. I got her or rather, she got me at the Humane Society here in CT. In her 14 years she had been through many life changes with me and had remained a constant companion no matter what kind of mood I may have been in or what the situation may have been. She was with me when we moved 5 times and she was there when I met my then husband and got married, she was there when my daughter Taylor was born. She was there through my divorce and subsequent move. She was a beautiful long haired tortie who loved to play hide and seek and sit in the bathtub in water!! Just last week she tried to get into the tub with Taylor when I was giving her a bath. She only just passed away today, but it already feels like it has been too long since I have seen her. She is irreplaceable and will always, always hold a special place in my heart forever. Tara means homeland or Ireland loosley translated, I heard it also means star in Russian, and fittingly there is a bright star returning home, from whence she came. We love you Tara..

Kim Dunlap

Tara, 01/06/09

Tara you were part of our lives for such a short time, adopted at 3 years old from a rescue. You seemed fine that night we went up to bed as usual , you tripping me up then about an hour later you started being so sick, and by 5am in such pain.
We were all amazed at what was found and nothing could have been done except to let you pass to ease you dreadful pain. Missing you dreadfully and your sweet chortling , chirripy way of talking. hugs darling, bracken, pattie and jessi are very aware something is wrong and i am sure they are missing you too.xx

Rosemary Bishop

Taramisu, 06/00-02/13/09

Taramisu was one in a million.
She had big blue eyes and the softest fur.
She loved and was loved.
Our dearest, Tara, you can breath easier now, go find Figment on the Bridge, he is waiting.

Brad and Melissa Radecki

Taro, 06/09/00-01/13/09

Dear Taro,
I miss you so much.
We had such a short timer together,
When I first saw you when you were just a baby just short of eight weeks old; I know immediately that you would be my very special pal.
You stayed by my side through all my days of surgery & recovery; you were who I longed to see when unexpected events kept us apart,
you returned my love so may times over unconditionally.
Dad came to love you, too and treasured your walks together,
He still walks but you're not there; your absense is so heavy in his heart.
Our sweet, cuddly, playful and loyal friend,
We loved you so and we'll always miss you .
We will meet again one day and we know that your little face with the lop-sided tooth will light up when you see us and we'll go together to eternity,
you, Dad & I.
Love Donna Coonfer

Tarot, 04/08/99-09/24/08

You are my everything.

I used to joke that you were a reincarnation of a former lover and now you are gone I know it was true.

My heart is empty. I long to be with you.

Suzanne V.M. Potter

Tarr Baby, 01/30/99-01/30/09

Tarr Baby,

Thank you for the years of love you gave us. We know you are playing with Spikey and Moogie right now and you are no longer suffering. You will always be in our heart.

Love without End,

Mommy and Daddy and "Willy"

Tarra, 01/29/91-12/31/08


Stephanie Black-McDonald

Tarzan Moore, 03/15/09

Tarzan will be very sorely missed and he had wonderful life and gave us his whole truth of love that we are missing him.

Christopher and Karyn Moore

Tasha, September 1992 - October 19 2009

Tasha, my sweetie girl, you have finally joined your brother Ponder. I miss you and love you always.

Tasha, 07/14/09

Tasha know that you will never be forgotten.
We will love and miss you always Momma Cat.
Your son Toby is missing you to.
He is right now sleeping where you usually sleep.
Tabby misses you to.
Know that I will see you again on the Rainbow Bridge.

Victoria Crew

Tasha, 07/13/08

Our One Year Tribute to Our Beautiful Tasha: Tasha, on July 13th, 2009, we will be one year without you and your love. We miss you so much my little loved one. I come to the Ceremony every Monday night and I remember you and the love we shared. I cry often for you. I miss your sweet, gentle kisses and smile. It seems like just yesterday we watched you cross the Bridge without us. Please wait for us at the Bridge, Tasha. I can't stand the thought of never holding you again and looking into your loving eyes. I will always love you and when I breathe my last breath, I'll smile knowing you are waiting for me. Love Chere

Tasha, 06/20/09

Tasha, I will miss you alot. You brought so much joy and happiness into my life. When I was sad or angry you knew, and somehow you could change my mood. I love you and I know I will see you again. I miss you...

Robert Cameron

Tasha, 12/09/95-06/20/09

You are the most beautiful soul I have ever met.
My heart is a kinder place for having loved you and been loved by you.
We travelled the country together just for the sheer joy of a car ride.
I love you and will love you forever my sweet, sweet dog.
There is an absence that tears my heart out since you've gone but I have no doubt that you wanted it that way.
I spent 14 years getting to know you and feel confident that I could read what was in your heart.
You are but a breath away and I hope do dearly that I will one day see you, feel you, smell you once again.


Tasha, 06/17/96-06/06/09

I miss you. I love you.
You taught me much.
I wish I could've done more for you.
I am so sorry!
I hope to see you at the rainbow bridge. OXOX

Rita Z

Tasha, 06/17/96-06/06/09

I am thankful that you came into my life and enriched it.
Taught me so many things.
I am sorry that I couldn't do more for you.
I hope to see you at the Rainbow Bridge.
Love you!


Tasha, 04/17/99-04/03/09

She went to the Lord to tell him that we would soon follow.she has crossed Rainbow Brdge along with thousands of other ainmals we miss and love and billions more we didnt know and love.

Garry Collins

Tasha, 03/16/09

I lost my beautiful Husky, Tasha, this morning in an accidental run-over! I'd gotten her when she was about 8 weeks old and she was the most beautiful dog I've ever seen! She had gorgeous ice blue eyes and the most unusual markings on her face. It looked like the black from the top of her head and the white from her face bled into each other in one line right between her eyes. She was also known as Wonder Dog and Problem Child and she was all Husky! She LOVED to dig in our yard, luckily it's not landscaped, and I always joked she was digging to China! She loved her sister, Marley, who will miss her SO much, and had a great time tearing around in the living room and bouncing from couch to couch, with Marley hot on her tail. We had our final trip to the dog park on Saturday and she always ran up to people with a look on her face as if to say "I'm pretty! Tell me I'm pretty! I know I am!". She loved riding in the car and trips to PetsMart and always howled me at me when I came home after being gone for the day or night. It was like she was saying "Where in the hell have you been! You're supposed to be here with me!!" She never listened and loved to run away when anyone was trying to catch her. She'd run away and then come zooming back and zip by to show me how fast she was! I'll miss my puffy dog every day. Life will never be the same without her. . .

Erika Fultz

Tasha, 12/16/08

Tasha, I miss you every second of every were the best dog anyone could wish for..loving, waggy tailed, happy, loyal..BEAUTIFUL and gentle. I love all my pets deeply but you took the largest chunk out my sweet soul mate, MY girl x
12 years we had you, from a neglected little girl to the happiest lady on earth..I hope I gave you even a tenth of the happiness and love you gave me xx pls look after Nanny Pat and Butch till I get there.
Love you ALL the world, Mummy xx xx xx
ps I hope we helped you to the Bridge at the right time, you battled cancer for 12 months but it was getting too much and to let you suffer and to see you get any worse would have ripped my heart in 2 xx go play with your ball, and keep that lovely tail of yours wagging my baby girl x

Catherine Ormrod

Tasha, 05/01/93-02/26/09

Comical, sweet, stubborn, gentle, courageous, fragile, curious, and forever loved.

Richard Arneson

Tasha, 02/08/09

My tiny girl who was a tigress in spirit. Thank you for sharing our lives. We miss you and love you.

Kathryn Rolfe

Tasha, 07/04/08

Tasha was my first puppy and a most forgiving and loving and loyal friend for over a decade. I love you Tash and look forward to you greeting me when its my turn to cross to the rainbow bridge.


Tasha, 09/03/94-02/03/09

To Our Special Baby Girl,

You will be sadly and greatly missed.
Thank you for all the love and happiness you gave us.
It was a great honor that you & God bestowed upon us to be allowed to care for you all these years.
You will always be remembered as our special Baby Girl.

Sharon & Bud

Tasha (Miss Anastacia Fuzzface), 09/23/93-01/31/09

Tasha - There's a hole in our hearts since you left. We will miss you always. We were very lucky to have you. Thank you for bringing us together.

Rose & Chuck Ganyard

Tasha, 10/29/08

I miss you, Baby.
Thank you for all your love.
Thank you for all the kitty kisses, kitty hugs, the games we played together, the times you were my nurse and all laughter you gave me.
You are my angel forever.

Carolyn Dougherty

Tasha, 01/09/09



Tasha, 12/31/08

Tasha died far too young. She was a delight and a real lovebug. She was black and white and had a very sweet face. I still talk to her. I think I always will. Towards the end, her decline was rapid. After repeated trips to the vet, she was put on IV to rehydrate. She seemed to be responding somewhat but passed away in spite of efforts to revive her. She died from autoimmune deficiency. It's as if she never had a chance. I was hoping to let her chase butterflies in the summer. Perhaps God will let her do that up in heaven. She was the second cat we lost in December. She will be forever missed.

Sheila and Bob Chaffecombe

Tasha Asax Satindal Smith, 11/02/95-03/07/09

Tasha was our "Baby Girl" from the beginning to the end, she was a gift from God, specially chosen by a description Nicole had given as a very young child. Nikki always talked about having a Dalmation a female,which she was going to name Tasha. Tasha would have lots of spots with spots over her eyes. It seemed like fate when I happened to pick up a newspaper one day and just happened to be drawn to the pet listings where I found an ad "Dalmation Puppies" and only about an hour and a half away! It's early Dec., What a great Christmas gift that would make. I got first pick of the litter and I knew Tasha the minute I saw her....just as described!

Nikki had only ever seen Dalmations on Walt Disneys 101 Dalmations movie and being the extreme animal lover that she is, fell in LOVE with the breed. Who could ever take one of these BEAUTIFUL creatures only to turn it into a coat?!
At age 12 Nikki finally got her Baby Girl for Christmas from Satindal Kennels in PA!

Tasha walked the kids to and from school everyday tucked inside my coat. Tasha Loved romping in the snow in the backyard, she was a very loving, playful, and affectionate dog, she brought lots of joy not only to us but to all who became aqquainted to her.Tasha was a neighborhood pet to all of the kids's friends, playing hide-n-seek and being a constant companion. Tasha did everything with us she was always at our side and is sadly missed!..... Baby Girl, We all Love You dearly and one day we'll all be together again. We know you're in a better place in God's care with restored youth and health. Baby Girl you'll never be forgotten, Thanks for the WONDERFUL momories of 13 precious years! XOXOX!!!! Until we meet again....Rest In Peace Baby Girl we LOVE you!
Grammy, Nikki, Kristin, Melissa, Kayla and Ryan

Tasha Gismo Herron, 09/17/88-03/19/09

She was a Special Gift for the Man I Loved;
In The End ... She was God's Gift to Me.

Every Morning When I Woke Up, She would say *Hello* to me as I opened the blind and pulled the curtains back so she could see. The same sound every morning; I will never forget it.

It is very difficult to care for an animal over 20 years and lose her as the pain is very deep and I feel very empty inside. I Cherish the memories of our first encounter, to our last, when I got to hold her again and kiss her before saying: Good Bye.

This death of Tasha has been the hardest to handle since my Human MoM died!

I left it up to God to do what was the best for her and I understand it was truly her time to pass.

Carole Palmeter and Robert Herron

Tasha Little, 07/16/09

Dear Tasha Little, You are such a brave little kitty. Mama is so happy that your passing was very peaceful. I'm sorry for all the years of fluids, medicine, nausea, and discomfort. I know you are at peace now, and are happy. I will miss you, but know we will be together again. I'll stay strong, I go on for you. Love you, my baby girl. Mama

Tasha Lou, February 20, 1994 - December 4, 2009

Tasha Lou you were the best little girl we could have asked for. Such a loving girly-girl. You loved and trusted Frank and me unconditionally. You filled our lives with love and happiness and it is lonely without you. You were a once in a lifetime pup and we loved you so much.

Tasha is sooooo pretty! Yes, Tasha was so pretty and will always have a special place in our hearts.

I wish your last days with us could have been easier on you. I've loved you for 15 years lou-lou girl, and I hope and pray you are pain-free and you have found peace.

The house feels so empty without you. I swear I still hear your nails on the floor and the jingle of your tags; and I miss you watching me at my computer, sitting next to the dinner table, taking up the whole bed every night, and even the stinky-girl breath kisses. Just one more time I want to "hold you like a baby."

One day we will all be together again. Until that day I hope you run free and as fast as you always did when you were young. I pray you go bye-byes to the big doggie park every day, eat all the chickie-chickie and roasted beast your heart desires, and think of us every now and then until we're together again.

You'll always be with us, our little lou-lou girl.

All our love and sweet pepperoni kisses, until we meet at the Rainbow Bridge.

Tommy and Daddy

Tasha Marie, 07/09/09

Our beloved girl has crossed over. She was a rescue dobergirl. She was with us as our children grew up, helped us heal when our parents passed on, and loved us more than life itself.

She would look at you with those big brown eyes with such devotion. We are the luckiest family to have had such an incredbile furchild in our lives.

Our loss hurts us so deeply. We walk into a run and it feels so empty. No more Tasha sitting in my office ever keeping a vigiliant eye over me. My greeter will no longer be at the door when we come home...her little 'handle' wagging...her butt shaking so happy to have her family back with her.

Our lives are so much richer for having had for all of these years. We will never ever forget our Tasha Marie. Until we meet again....we love you Tasha Marie.

Joan Buntin

Tasha McKillop, 02/14/91-06/12/09

Our beloved Tasha left this earth 3 weeks ago after 18 years of being a dear friend.
We pray we will see her in heaven.

Barry & Susan McKillop

Tasha W., 01/06/96-06/26/09

Tasha was a true friend who was always here for me.


Tashal, 2002

All our love forever...
We miss you everyday

Love mommie, daddie, Amy, gma and gpa

Tashi, 02/19/09

You were the joy of the boy's and my life.


Tashia, 03/28/89 - Summer 03



Tasi, 07/06/00-04/26/09

A sweet soul with amazing spirit!

Don & Denise Ruddick

Tasia, 1993-02/08/09

Birdie was the sweetest little girl I could ever wish for.
I had her in my life for 7 years.
Rocky, my cat, and I will miss her dearly. They were great friends and used to play together.
I miss hearing her little tweeting when I would come home and when I would talk on the phone.
However, it is a comfort to know that she lived a full life.


Tate, adopted 11/24/94-10/18/06

Our sweet good ol' boy!!!
How we miss you...your big brown hounddog eyes and sweet and gentle nature.
Everyone loved Tate, and Tate loved everyone.
You were such a good doggie brother to Molson, and hound dogs now hold a special place in our heart thanks to you!
You'll always be our first and greatest hound!
Miss you boy!

Ray and Holly Estrada

Tate, 05/23/09

Thank you TATE for teaching us how to love unconditionally and with our whole hearts. You were a central part of our family and will be loved forever.

Rachel & Robb

Tatiana, 01/04/98-02/07/09

Our sweet girl was only 11 when she passed.
Memories flood back from her 'escorting' my wife to the kitchen every evening and the smile on her face every time I returned home and was greeted with a kiss.
She was taken suddenly and we miss her terribly.
We will love you always Tatiana.
Take care on your journey.
We will see you again.
Love Vickie and Stephen

Tatianna, 08/12/90-07/02/05

You were my first and will always hold a special place in my heart.
I miss you everyday, sine you left me. Daddy LOVES his little girl.

Don Smalley

Tavish, 04/04/91-07/01/09

Tavis you are greatly missed, but now you are playing with Cinnamon and Dickens

Virginia and Bill Heald

Tawana, 07/07/09

To my spiecal friend Tawana after all these years, my attactchment has been so unbelievable to you and the loss is very hard. From you being a kitten to an adult. All the joy you brought Ginger and I will never be forgotten. love you always. Bob P.S. Kayla misses you also good-by sweet kitty

Robert Gibbs

Tawnee, 12/17/94-02/09/09

Our girl, we love you!
There is that big empty space in the living room that only you can fill.
You were the best of both (you know what I mean)
You gave us so much and I only hope we did the same for you. Know that you are loved now and forever.
You gave us unconditional love and there isn't anything better than that.
Love you always, Mom, Dad, Buster and Sammy

Tawney, 12/12/96-02/02/09

Thank-You Tawney for coming into and being a part of our family and lives. You brought so much love and happiness to us during your stay.
We will never forget you and you will always be in our hearts.
Good-Bye good friend.
We will always love you......

Denise and Jeff

Tawnie Sugar Bear Gem Nunes, 11/01/97-02/28/09

Memory of my Tawnie

I miss you baby Tawnie girl.
I miss your Golden furry curls.
I miss waking up to you and making you toast the most.
I miss your beautiful face
I miss your eyes in gaze.
You were such a loving
loyal golden retreiver and were such a true believer.
You will always have a place in my heart
Your beautiful paws
that had no flaws.
Since you been gone, my heart is torn and my home is cold.
though I'm sad and never prepared for this outcome.
I know now, that god knew it was time to take you and gently closed your eyes.
As I always promised you, my spirit will always be close to you
Even though I can't see you,
everynite I kiss you goodnite and won't say goodbye,but see you again when we re-unite.
I Love you my baby girl.

Sonya Nunes

Tawny, 01/30/94-04/02/09

We miss you ... our guardian angel...
I know you are in heaven with dad... looking down over us.


Tawny, 07/15/95-11/19/08

Tawny was my wife Elaine's first working dog, doing both service and hearing work for her. A special bond was formed the moment they met, and persisted through 9 years of faithful work and companionship. Tawny retired in April, 2006 due to age-related health problems, and I formally adopted her as my pet. She passed away suddenly,in my arms, while on our daily stroll. Her smiles, wags, and endless love will be with us all of our lives.

Christopher M. Dunkle

Tawny, 1983-03/16/98

I remember after my brother died that his dog had puppies and I HAD to have one of them as it would be a link to my brother as well.
You delighted me from the minute I saw you with your infectious personality!
You had an adorable bark especially when you wanted a cookie, which you begged for quite often.
Over the years you provided me with such love and companionship and I am grateful for our time together.
We had 15 terrific years and now it is time for you to join my brother Mike and your sister Hildy at Rainbow Bridge.
Amber is heartbroken and wonders where you are.
I know she will join you and you will play at the bridge like old times.
Look for me one day and we will spend eternity together!


Taylor aka Pookie, 07/14/96-07/10/09

Our little guy came to us from a kennel in McPherson Kansas by way of a pet store in Concord NH. We were over the road truck drivers and he was 3 months old. It was love at first sight and continued to grow from there until his going to the rainbow bridge. He had visited all 48 states and made his home here in Indiana. A dear and devoted friend for live and can never be replaced.

John & Jan Speed

Taylor, 08/03/96-06/06/09


Julie Finnegan

Taylor, 09/92-02/04/09

You beautiful boy...we went into the Humane Society in October 1992 looking for a white female cat...instead we found two Flamepoint Himalayan kittens, brother and sister. You were scheduled to be euthanized within a couple of days, you were so sick. We just knew in our hearts that we couldn't just adopt the female kitten without always wondering about her brother, so we took a chance and adopted both of you anyway.
It was the best decision ever. We couldn't decide on names for three weeks, but you came when called "kitty" then soon adjusted to "Taylor" after.
You and your sis, Tiffany, were the best cats we've ever had.
So gentle, kind, loving, patient, lovable, sweet...I loved that you liked having your tummies rubbed, and didn't mind having your claws trimmed, and so patient when we would brush you, (your fur matted easily) you were the best lap kitties a girl could ever have.
You were there through times of joy and sorrow, always friendly and comforting.
Even though Tiffany was the "boss"
I knew you missed her terribly when she died in September 2008 from lymphoma cancer. It was sad for all of us and I knew you had lost your best friend.
These last five months we've comforted each other, and I discovered that you wanted to be a lap kitty again and that you have the sweetest disposition. Beautiful boy you were never sick again during these 16 plus years until a week ago when we discovered you had a bacterial infection. It came as a shock because you had been so healthy over the years. We knew you were not getting any better from the antibiotics so we decided that the next day we would let you go to sleep in peace.
I layed down by you that night and told you that it would be okay to go and be with your sister, that we didn't want you to be in pain or suffer any longer, how much we loved you and what a great cat you had always lovely blued eyed lion, I was worried that you were in pain, and I was petting you stroking your lovely fur and you sank into the pet bed with a great big sigh of relief and started purring...I'll never forget that moment, what a sweet sorrow washed over me and I kissed you and told you again how much I loved you and said goodnight.
When we awoke the next morning you had already slipped away from this life and went to the bridge to be with Tiffany. Taylor, your gentle soul will always be remembered you beautiful, beautiful boy.
I love you from the depths of my soul.
My pain is still raw and my tears are still flowing.
I know there will come a day when I can think of you again without tears but with a smile and happiness in my heart from the joy you brought into all of our lives.
I miss you and love you both so much. May God watch over you both until we can be together again.....

Brian, Tess & Riley Connor

Taylor, 01/17/09

Taylor taught us the meaning of true love. He is missed so much.

Mary & Chris

Taylor Roy Lund, 05/21/09

Taylor was the Best, best buddy I have ever had.
He will be missed tremendously, but we now know he is happy, and in a good place!!

Pauline Lund

Taz, 07/13/09

You were the best friend a lonely little girl could have and you were a great and loyal companion for 18 years. You will be missed but we will meet again. I love you baby!

Christina Graham

Taz, 06/12/93-18/06/09

It's been over three weeks since you passed away Taz and you are still very much missed.
We all miss your smiling face when we come into the room, there's no one to greet us, no wagging tail, no excited wee bhoy when we walk through the door Taz.
We all miss you very very much.
You are our faithful furry loyal little bhoy.
Miss kissing your cute little nose and leaving lipstick on your fur.
Everyone always commented on your lipstick.
You were so loved Taz you really were.
You still are and you always will be.
Love you forever wee man.
Hope you have settled into rainbow bridge and met Sasha, Sherry and Bilko. Taz you'll never walk alone.
Lots of love, kisses and cuddles your maw, Jordan, Taylor & Iain xxx

Taz, 09/01/97-06/01/09

Taz was my "cancer cat" - for she sensed a tumor in my breast so small that it could not be felt by me or my medical provider.
But she was so determined to dig it out - I thought she had lost her mind.
She caused so much pain I finally had a disgnostic mammogram.
Then she stopped digging when the cancer was gone.
Why could I not return the favor and sense that she was going to pass?
She napped in the sun and did not awake.
Sleep on my dearest friend.
Wait at the Bridge with Harley until I join you!

Lori McLean

Taz, 06/12/93-18 June 2009

Taz you have left a big whole in our hearts.
You brought us nothing but happiness for 15 and half years.
You were loved so much and I miss those kisses and cuddles that you were showered with every single day.
You were such a faithful furry friend and treated like a king.
We miss you so very much and you will live in all our hearts forever.
Your our wee bhoy Tax. Love you forever Mum, Jordan and Taylor xxx

Taz, 06/02/04-05/23/09

i love you so much and i am sorry your life was cut short, and that you had to die the way you did. You didn't deserve it i miss you so much i don't know how i am going to live my life without you :(


Taz, 05/13/09

I know you are not suffering anymore, now it is my time to suffer for you.
You were my beloved kitty for almost 14 years and I will miss you so much.
Always in my thoughts and in my heart.

Taz, 05/01/09

In loving memory.
You will be greatly missed.
Today I celebrate your life and love.

Sally Miller

Taz-Tazmanian Devil, 04/23/09


David & Monika MacInnis

Taz, 11/12/07

This is in memory of my baby Taz. He was my son, we went everywhere together,he loved the beach and the sun. He was the best dog ever, all he needed was a voice box, he was awesome.. I LOVE HIM AND MISS HIM SO MUCH. I would give anything to have him back. Love you Bubba, MISS YOU SO MUCH..

Love MOM

Taz, 10/2000-03/06/09

We miss our beloved Taz who passed away from bone cancer.
He was a smart, beautiful, loyal friend.
He had his back leg amputated, had chemotherapy and radiation.
We were thankful we had an additional 6 months with him after he was diagnosed with bone cancer.
We will always remember him.

Dan and Holly

Taz aka Snazzers, 03/12/09

To my beautiful Snazzers we will miss you so much!
You have gone through so much with me. I will miss you pawing and meowing from under my door to get in, to the chewing of anything plastic that you could find.I will miss you and everything about you. I am sorry if I ever took you for granted. I love you.

Pam, John, Maddy, Cody

Taz, 05/12/07-01/22/09

Taz's story. I saved him from a home when he was about four weeks old. He had a malformation of the nasal cavity and I knew that without my help he would not survive so I brought him home with me. He was just a regular playfull kitten that loved attention. The malformation of his nose didn't keep him from doing what anyother cat would do. In Nov of 2008 I noticed that he was not his playfull self and took him to the vets. Buy the time we found out what was wrong it was to late. I had tried for two months to get him better but nothing was working. Sadly I had to make the decision to put him to sleep. For anyone that has had to make a decision like that knows what it feels like. I just wanted him to know that I tried my best. I will truly miss my little man.


Taz, 01/30/09

This is a tribute written for all pet-lovers.
It is still too soon, and therefore too raw to write a personal tribute to Taz.

"What if the way we relate to fellow humans is modeled after the way we readily bond and relate to our pets?
What if the love by which we are bound to other people mimics the manner in which we connect lovingly to our pets?
What if we lived in a world where unconditional love was the rule rather than the exception?
The animals we adore without condition, adore us in spite of our myriad flaws and blemishes.
Perhaps our thinking is in reverse - the animals we so cherish sit on a higher rung in the ladder we sometimes refer to as the Great Chain of Being.
Our capacity for rational thinking, which many believe sets us apart from the "brutes" is not always, and not often reasonable."

Steve Lappen

Taz, 12/30/08

Tazzy was one of the best critters to ever enter my life. He came to me when he was five years old. His previous owner didn't want him anymore but for me it was love at first sight. Taz and I had an instant connection and a bond that only grew stronger as the years went by. Losing him has been totally devastating for me. I don't know how to be without him. Taz will live in my heart and memory forever. Someday I hope to see him again at Rainbow Bridge where we can be together always. I'll miss you Taz forever and ever and ever and I'll love you twice as long. See you later King Daddy!


Taz Lofton, 10-18-09

To my baby boy...I don't know how to function without you. I still see you everywhere yet you are not really there. I wish you could tell me that everything is alright and that we will see each other again. It hurts so bad to think that I will never be able to kiss your little head and get your your stinky wet kisses in return. You have been there for me through so many things and gave me love and laughs when no one else could. Your unconditional love meant the world to me and all can I hope is that you feel you had a good life with me and knew every day just how much I loved you. I miss you so much baby boy and although I know you are with God and are healthy and happy now I want you to know that Mommy loves and misses you so much. I just cant wait for the day when we are together again.

Tazmanian Alfred Andrew Jordan, 01/10/98-21/11/07

You were my boy Tazzy I miss you so much and think about you every day. Its not the same coming home and having to carry my own bags hope your with nana and grandad see you when I get there Love you son xxxxxx

Chris Andrew and Lydia Jordan

Tazz (Schneider's Tazmanian Tiger), 04/01/98-06/16/09

It's been a week since I had to let my Boxer boy of 12 years go.

I have read all the poems and rainbow bridge stories, but I needed something for myself. I broke down and asked for a sign that my best friend that I missed so very much really was happy and ok.
I got my answer last night - He came to me in one of those dreams that's not a dream because it's so vivid and you remember every bit of it like it is a memory of the real world.

In my "Dream" I opened my door (The house was an amalgam of all the homes he and I lived in) and there was my boy running up to me, happy and completely youthful and healthy. He immediately conveyed to me that he was happy and loved me. I know that he was thanking me for being strong enough to let him go so he could be that way instead of suffering.

He had a couple of puppy friends with him and they were all romping around the yard when I noticed one of them was a tiny Boxer puppy marked like Tazz but tan instead of brindle. I called to the pup and he came over along with my boy, Tazz. Tazz was very proud and puffed his chest up.

I saw the puppy had a tag with his name on it, I don't remember the name but I'm sure it was a full, proud AKC name.

I turned the tag over and on the back was written "INSTRUCTOR: TAZZ"

I remember them all running off together and feeling so relieved that he was doing fine and so proud of him because he was up in heaven teaching baby Boxers to be just as wonderful as he is.

I know someone soon is going to fall in love with a little tan and white Boxer pup that came from puppy heaven and got all it knows about being a friend, companion, and protector from the best of the best.

Please, whoever you are, take it home and give it all the love and friendship you have in return, knowing that it will never come close to how much that puppy will give you. But that's ok .. he or she will never complain as long as they have you to take care of.

Erik Schneider

Tazz aka Buck, 1996-03/20/09

Buck lost his battle to CRF and we will miss him dearly.

Don & Rhonda

Tazz, 03/29/92-03/08/09

Last sun. morning I did the hardest thing I've ever had to do, say goodbye to you and hold you while you went to sleep forever.
You were my greatest joy and best friend for nearly 17 years.
Always happy, the smartest little guy ever.
You never gave up these last four months, and that kept me going too.
The love you gave, the happiness you brought will be sadly missed for the rest of my life.
I've been carrying your bunny you carried your whole life with me everyday so I still had a link with you, even to the office, cause you went there too.
I would give anything to have just one more happy day with you.
Tazz, I love you most of all, and will forever, my sweet little guy.


Tazzy Eisner 2, 2000 - Sept. 5, 2009

Tazzy died Sept.5, 2009 just after lunch time as a result of being hit by a car. Her injuries were severe and we stayed with her until she passed away, just before reaching the Vets. Tazzy was a black and white long haired funny little cat. She loved her treats and would wait most patiently for them. She loved to sit in the window and watch what was going on outside. Every morning about 6:30am she would start scratching at the bedroom door, wanting to come in or for us to get up and feed her and then she would want to go outdoors on her leash and harness. She loved to be brushed and my how the fur would fly. She was outside this morning on her harness when she was hit, an accident in our own yard. My children who are grown now, named her Tazzy 2, because she looked just like the first Tazzy we had that passed away from feline leukemia. She could be such a pain sometimes, but she was mine, my sweetheart Tazzy. We will all miss you very much. Love you with all our hearts.

TC, 07/19/08

For my dearest,darling TC-it's been a whole year since i lost you,and for that whole year, i have missed you so very much. I've lit a candle for you EVERY night,i kiss your picture,and stroke the ears of your 'sleeping cat' casket,and tell you how much i love and miss you. It's been such a difficult year to pass-every day i've said "this time last year TC this,TC that..",and now i can no longer recall the previous days of the last year,with you alive beside me...i pray that at 'rainbow bridge', you are well,happy and running free with all the energy that you had before your heart complaint took over your whole being.I will ALWAYS be thinking of you my darling,and will NEVER forget you-you will ALWAYS have a place in my heart. I'm sending you lots of love and sandpaper kisses 'til the next tribute-I LOVE YOU TC...XXXXXXX


TC, 09/17/94-04/15/09

TC I miss you so much. You were a good dog and you went too fast. I know I must remember the 14 years I was lucky to have you. My heart is broken and my house is empty. I continue to look for you and talk to you and try to feel you. I love you.

Patricia Leveille

Tchutzi, 11/10/06-01/20/09

Dear Dog Lovers ,
We got Tchutzi when he was 10 weeks young in Belgium. He was the smallest, calmest and sweetest from the litter .
Tchutzi always loved to relax in your lab and loved so much to be caressed .
Tchutzi loved everybody !
He was very playful and ran around a circle in our backyard like a circus horse .
Tchutzi's favourite game was to chase big sticks
in the water . He carried several big logs and sticks at once in the water and on land - people smiled in amazement !
He was a smaller sized Labrador
, the english breed and so it was faszinating and funny to see how Tchutzi could carry such a load !
The logs were bigger than him .
Tchutzi was a gentleman : he gave his Labrador girlfriend Zoey his beloved sticks .
Tchutzi was so happy, loyal, protective, very affectionate and
very kind !

He was so full of life and enjoyed every moment !
Tchutzi's jumps in the water were funny - stop for seconds in mid air - cartooney .
When he ran , his ears and style
had a resemblance
of a sweet rabbit .
Tchutzi was such a charmer .
His sweet facial expressions were so heartwarming !
Tchutzi TRULY was the MOST WONDERFUL DOG you can have .
On Jan. 20 th 2009 , just months ago , Tchutzi was killed by a car .
Like so many times before ,my husband let him run at night at a creek, further away from streets . After several calls he wouldn't come to my husband and instead ran away across a small lake and got hit next to it at a semi - busy road .

He was not a run away dog.
We will always miss him very much !
He was just 2 years young
still a baby .

It is almost like loosing your own child .
We will always love Tchutzi deep in our hearts !
Love and kisses ,
Nadine, Bernice, David, Jim

Teak Redfearn, 11/21/96-01/05/09

Teak the Man! My Sweet Puppy that loved to give me Sweet Puppy Hugs.
Momma misses you!

Teaki, May 30, 1998 - October 8, 2009

Teaki, our precious little Lhasa. We miss you so much.  
You were the sweetest doggie in the whole world. It was so hard to let you go, but we couldn't stand to see you struggle to get your breath. Life is empty without you and we feel lost but take comfort in knowing that you are in a better place where you can run and play again. Remember when you would run through the pansy flower bed and grab a flower in your mouth as you ran through, and remember all the trips we took together. You were a great traveler.  
Someday in the near future, we will be with you again and we can have more kisses and hugs. Bye our darling Teaki.

Mommy and Daddy

(Bette & Carl)

Ted, 01/09/09

Teddy, you will forever stay in our hearts.
We love you so much and miss you so much. Thank you for the love and joy you bring to our lives.
We will always have a pillow for you to sleep on.
We love you Teddy Bear xxoo


Ted Macgowan Hays, 12/05/94-04/11/09

Ted "Teddy" Macgowan Hays died at the age of 14 of chronic renal failure. He lived a full and wonderful life with his human family and litter mate Tom.
He will be greatly missed.
Teddy will be remembered always as a happy and energic kitty. He saw the face of God today.

Jennifer Hays

Teddi J. Murphy, 05/15/09

To Teddi who was the best pet and freind that anyone could have asked for.
We have been together for 17 years and even that was not long enough.
I love you and miss you with all my heart.
I can not wait to see you again.
miss everything about you including your little bossy ways to get what you wanted.
I don't know how I am going to be able to sleep at night without you by my side.
I pray that you are no longer in pain and can run and jump freely once again.
I love you Teddi!

Jan & John Murphy

Teddie, 10/23/93-04/28/09

Teddie - You will be missed by us.
You loved us unconditionally.
We will always hold you near and dear in our hearts.
We love you always.

Dara Hawkins

Teddiursa, 05/27/09

I'm sorry I didn't take better care of you, Teddiursa. You know how busy I can get. Plusle is doing fine, and even though her years are almost up..she will join you soon.


Teddy (Huguenot's Magnificent Teddy Bear), 07/24/02-06/27/09

Teddy will be missed and loved by many but especially by his family.
He was so beautiful, people just wanted to touch him.
He loved life and all living creatures. He was where the fun was.
Have fun with Daddy and Andy.
See you again precious puppy.
You were the best.


Teddy alias Theodore James Bear, 08/06/98-06/03/09

"Thanks for always being there in the morning when I woke up and waiting for me when I came home at night." I miss you............:(

Roxanne D

Teddy, 06/07/00-05/14/08

Always at home in our hearts...


Teddy, 04/15/95-07/18/08

Teddy adopted us at the age of 10 months, and we took him in with the intention of uniting him with whoever the owner was he ran away from. We found his owner and to my great joy she did not want him back and said I would make a much better home for him.
Teddy lived to be 13 years old and enjoyed good health thru most of it. He was a loyal companion and was loved by everyone who met him--even people who were not "dog people."
He became a legend in two different neighborhoods-the one he came to as a runaway and the one we relocated to when he was 9 years old. Tears were shed by many when they came to bid a last farewell.
Since Teddy's death I have rescued a homeless Sheltie and am now fostering a homeless collie whose antics bring back memories of our Teddy when he was young and healthy. When I watch this creature bounding thru our yard I can only imagine Teddy playing beyond the Rainbow Bridge-free of pain and making new friends along with his buddies who have also passed on. A Sunday school teacher once told me dogs have no soul.
I believe that person could never have owned a dog.
Teddy-we will love you forever--Kitty and Dave

Teddy, 11/21/98-04/13/09

It's YOU & ME Bear!
It always has been and always will be!
You mean the world to me, and I know you know that.
I am so empty without you, but you'll be in my heart.
We have a special bond, and NOTHING can ever take that away.
I know it's time for me to move on as you need to too.
You have been the BEST dog and you can never be replaced.
I will always love you Bear, I am so happy knowing that you can run and play again, I know you are having so much fun!
Thank you Teddy, for being you...I miss you, I love you, and I WILL SEE YOU AGAIN!
It's you and me....until then BABY BEAR!


Teddy, 11/08/96-04/22/09

Dearest Teddy:
Good boy dog...What I want to remember, most of all, is how you, (even as a young and wild pup), would always slow down when you walked with Pop and his walker.
The neighbors loved that about you too, that you seemed to know that Pop could only walk like a snail, and there you were, a strong, eager and able Rottie, shuffling along like a snail with him.
But when I'd take you for a swim and a game of ball tossing, you'd jump into the lagoon and swim until you had that ball, green and dripping, locked inside your mouth, your prize.
You were proud and strong and young and vital then, and I loved every second of your joy and pride over having fetched that green ball from way out in the middle, and how you'd swim back like a speed demon, so thrilled that we were shouting, GOOD BOY TED---YOU CAN DO IT!
Good boy Teddy, you CAN do it.
And today too, my dear, YOU did it, you departed as a wise and elderly dog, a sage among your peers, the oldest Rottie I have ever known.
12 and a half years old.
Thanks ever so much for seeing me through the departure of Fiona, Diva, and Pop.
And thanks for helping me with the bratty Phoebe.
I love you miss you so very much.
From the moment we brought you home to Pop in November 1996, until this day when I wiped your beautiful gray face as you lay, still breathing, but only mere hours remaining in your life, ....I cherished every moment, and will never forget.
You, Teddy, were a very good boy dog.
Love, Steph

Teddy, 04/20/96-03/18/09

Teddy, you were the best doggy boy ever.
I cannot believe you are gone. I wish we had discovered your cancer sooner.
I tried to get the best care and treatment I could for you and of course in the end nothing worked to stop your cancer.
Teddy I loved you so very much.
My heart is so sad now that you are gone!!!
I am so glad that you are not suffering anymore and are free to run and play ball all day long. I will never forget you my little boy and I know we will be together again someday forever!!!!!

Mike Salo

Teddy, Summer 1989

Teddy were our first cat when we were only 19 years old.
Your stray mom took you and your brother out into the woods.
We looked for you everywhere and thought we would never see you again.
We had ran out to the store but forgot something and came back home.
As we pulled in the driveway with the headlights on, we saw a little golden kitten in the yard.
I hoped it was you but we weren't sure and Rob said not to scare you, but I couldn't help going to get you.
I ran to you and you jumped into my arms and you were our kitty ever since then.
You were an outside kitty (which we will never go through again) so we are sorry about that, but you were here when the woods was and before all the people took it knew the snapping turtle...we hope you had fun and are having even more fun at the Rainbow Bridge.
Please take good care of the babies that have come to follow you...we know you will.


Teddy, 10/25/99-02/06/09

My little teddy bear... my heart.
You came into my world and flooded it with love.
I'm sorry I could not protect you from that horrific illness that took you away far too soon.
I prayed, hoped,and wished relentlessly.
My world has been crushed.
I love to infinity and back...... I'm so very sorry.........

Kathy Geiger

Teddy, 11/28/08

Teddy, you were a good ham-ham.
I'm crying when I remember you because you were so good, and I loved you.
R.I.P. Teddy-
???-November 28 2008.
You will be awalys missed.
Nobody will replace you.


Teddy, 01/08/09

Teddy was a faithful friend & companion for 12 years. He died suddenly and I will miss him alot.


Teddy B, 07/95-04/2009

teddy b. was our furry angel--our love in a fur coat

Patricia Brigance & Jerry Corwin

Teddy B, 06/01/95-01/14/09

My sweet Poopah Bear..

How I miss you... 14 years was not nearly enough time for us.
I remember you as six weeks old, just big enough to fit in my hands.
You oinked all the way home and I thought it was adorable.
That same oink drove me crazy at times but how I wish I could hear it now.

I love you bubba bear..
I will always love you!

Melinda Saez

Teddy Bear, 10/08/1997 - 08/14/2009

Dear Teddy Bear loyal friend, you were always there with your own loving distinctive personality. No matter whatever happened, you were always there.

I will miss your warm furry body and your beautiful brown eyes so terribly. I am so sorry that I couldn't save you in time. I guess, the Rainbow Bridge was calling more loudly than I.

May we meet again one day sweet boy.


Teddy Bear, 01/11/08-03/04/09

I miss my Teddy bear so much.I love you.I miss giving you your butt You were my little baby I'm so sorry not caring for you the right way. Not protecting you. You will always have a olscr in my heart you will never be forgotten and always loved.

Valerie Forte

Teddy Bear, 02/24/09

Teddy was a free spirit and had many adventures. He lived his life to the fullest and had many happy moments with us. We will miss him.

Richard and Marlene Greer

Teddy Bear, 10/31/96-11/05/08

It has only been a short while since you have left us....

But we miss you more and more every day....

The boy's keep asking where bear-bear is....

We told them that you got sick and are now up in heaven with Jesus....

We will always love and remember you....

Your family in Montana

Teddy Bear, 01/23/09

My little Bear I will miss you.
Your sweet face, your soft meow, your faithful friendship throughout so many phases of my life.
You will never be replaced but will always hold a special place in my and Brandon's heart.
I am so thankful that we were with you for your last breath.
Rest in peace little love.

Jody Johnson

Teddy Bear Brooks, 09/29/94-03/24/09

My Teddy Bear,
I miss you so much. I know you were in pain and could not do the things you used to love to do, but I never meant for you to pass like this. Please forgive me that I was not there to stop the pain sooner; I was selfish. I am sorry baby Bear; please forgive me. Please find Madison, I know she has missed you. Granddad will watch over you until I get to hold you again. I always knew how much you loved me, I hope you know how much I loved and will continue to love you. Peace be with you, play and have fun. Promise to come and get me when my time here is done. I love you Teddy Bear.

Mindy B. Brooks-Smith

Teddy Bear Sabastian Dumas, 11/07/96-01/16/09

In loving memory of a very special boy. The joy he's brought to my life has been more than I deserve or could ever wish for. It has been my honor to care for him and to love him.
God bless you Teddy. We shall met again.

Crystal Dumas

Teddy Bear Shade, 06/01/98-02/28/09

The happies day of my life was when Teddy came to my house as a stray.
He found me and it was love at first sight.
People say that you don't pick the cat, the cat picks you.
I'm so happy that he found me. My Teddy gave me so much love for the 11 years he was here. He was a wonderful pal and I miss him dearly. His brother Rusty cries for him and he still roams from room to room looking for his playmate and companion.
We all love and miss you Teddy.
Mom Dad & Rusty.

Teddy Bear Westberg, 10/31/92-09/07/08

Teddy, on Halloween 1995, I went to the Animal Welfare to adopt a "kitten" to bring home to my first apartment. You were the first cat I saw as I walked into the viewing room. You stretched your paw out to me...and I took you home (along with Mo-Mo, too). Even though you were full-grown, it was like you and I had always been together. I am going to miss your fascination with water, your silent meows, the way you ironed my clothing with your paws and how, every single night, you faithfully slept by my side. Thank you for your love, Teddy. I love you!!

Kim, Maya, Mikayla, Corey, Carly, Tutu, Spookie, Cindy and Big Baby Westberg

Teddy Chen, 08/16/94-05/30/09

My dear beloved Teddy,

You are my first, my best, my always.
You are my Teddy.

I love you, and I miss you so very much.

Your Grace

Teddy Michael Clarke, 05/14/09

Our sweet Teddy, went to the Rainbow Bridge last night.
He was such a good boy, so loving, so protective and a loving friend, family member and companion. He made us laugh and cry with his antics, but he was a true blessing from God.
When there was no one else there when we were sick, he was our doctor and healer always laying faithfully by our side.
We will miss you so much, but all your pain and suffering is now over. We've already cried so much, but I hope each tear that we've shed has turned into a sunbeam of love for you. We love you Teddy, wait for us but have fun with the other babies and don't forget to find Zeus.
Love you much, Mommy and Amber

Tedi Wheeler, 04/15/91-04/22/08

I miss the way you would touch my face, when I was feeling blue.
You seemed to know when I needed a hug, and were always there for me.
I miss you my sweet girl.


Tee Jay, 07/94-07/18/08

Faithful and loyal companion even though your will was strong your body had given up. You're missed.


Teek, 04/12/09

Teek, you were only in our lives for a month and a half, but I dont think I could have been happier with you as my pet. I hope wherever you are now that there is no more pain and you are playing and happy like you should be.

Adrienne Leipold

Teeka Marie, 07/16/93-05/18/09

Teeka Marie, Teeka for short, came to me at the age of 10 weeks.
She was a shy pup and we grew so close.
It had been 3.5 years since I had lost my malamute who was 14 when he passed.
She did not try to fill the void I felt but showed me how to love and be close to her as a new friend. She enjoyed playing with other dogs and going for long walks in the woods.
She did not like to get her feet wet and prided herself on her beauty, especially after she was groomed.
She was a real lady! I miss her terribly and my heart aches as the tears fall in rememberance of physical being.
I am forever grateful for the time I had with her and treasure the memories we made together.
Her spirit lives on.
I love you Teeka and I will see you again in time.
Your beloved, Deb

Teencie, 01/13/09

God Bless my small bundle of joy.
She was the most loyal and loving child I could have ever asked for. She was so full of life even at the end. She loved everyone and everything and everyone loved her. Just seeing her would put a smile on anyone's face.

Mindy Mitchell

Teeny Tiny Bit, 05/27/09

Teeny Tiny Bit I love You so Much. You brought so much joy with your little paws and meows that sometimes had no sound. I love you. Your presence in my life was a special gift and will always be a gift and I look forward to seeing you again on the Rainbow Bridge, I love you you are in my heart
forever.. Come and see me , i will be waiting in the "feeding spot" for you. I will be laying where you came up to be with me so many times
Teeny Tiny Bit i love you so much....Jerry Marchand. I love you I love you I love you My little one...One thousand kisses on your little head and nose like the thousands I gave you in your life with me. Your presence made life special each time you came to me or When I saw you asleep.. Teeny Tiny Bit Dad loves you. I will wait to see that little paw come up again asking me to pet your little head and caress you. teeny I love you, SLeep well and I will see you again
You can bet on it.. teeny tiny Bit i love you!!!!!

Jerry Marchand

Teeva, 10/03/08

Teeva, I miss you! Get the bell ~ how you loved your bell. Watch out for Daisy and Lily, give them kisses for me. See you soon.


Teja Louise Driber, 12/19/95-05/20/08

love mom dad and Nakkai

Ten Ten, 08/14/97-04/21/09

Daddy wanted a dog when he retired. Constantly at humane league he chanced into area where dogs were just dropped off but not registered yet and there she was. A 8mths old jack russell who looked like snoopy. Well he got her. Took her on first fishing trip and after she tangled with skunks twice i got the sos call to come and get her. From that day on she became Mommys dog. Her name was Ten Ten and i could not seem to find another name for her and Ten Ten she stayed.She was the joy of mommy, daddy and my son mikes life.On 11/07 she was given 5mths to live with severe heart problem and our life would never be the same.We were able to nurture her for 1 1/2 yrs and then on 4/21/09 we had to put down. The hole in our heart is totally devastating. I cant bear being in house without her here. I cant even get in bed as she was always there all snuggled in after giving us her goodnight kisses. Our baby is gone and the grief we feel is overwhelming. I will be the one running and looking at rainbow bridge. Ten Ten we love you and thank god every day for being a part of our life and mommy, daddy and mikes life will only be complete when we are all back together again.
love mommy

Tena Baby, 02/05/09

There was never as more beautiful, tiny pom than Tena. She was so sweet from the time sher was a feisty puppy until she became a perfect little lady. The one problem she encountered that she could not beat was a severe case of diabetes that sent her to heaven when she was too weak to withstand the rigors of eye surgery. She had lost her sight over the years but was so smart that she could find her way around as well as when she had sight. She understood nearly everything that was said to her, especially by her master.

We all loved her and will always miss her.

Helen Parks

Teo, 2005-05/07/09

Teo, you are the kindest soul i have ever met.
Your warmth, your heart and your personality will live with me forever.
Thank you for four wonderful years, i know i wasnt always the best guardian but i always loved you and always will...

Until we meet again my friend..

Love from your daddy who miss you so much

Tequila, 06/16/00-02/28/09

Our first baby, always in our hearts.
We all miss you, especially Rebel.
You were so smart and loving, there will never be another like you.
We love you so much.

Meredith, Brian, Mya and Rebel Rodgers

Tequila, 12/29/08

Dear Tequila, I hope that you are happy and whole now.
I'm so sorry that you were suffering with cancer, I would have done anything to have prevented this.
I'll always love you, my special lady.

Debra Cain

Terra (Kudabin What DreamsRMade of), 01/02/94-04/08/09

Terra, you were my best most loyal friend ever, I love and miss you so much.
You were more than "what dreams are made of".
I will never forget you, as you will always be in my heart.

Donna Grzenda

Tes Shea 'Dah Dah' Courville, 10/20/06-01/24/09

I will miss you more than you will ever imagine.

Pat Courville

Teshir, 02/02/09

you'll always be 'The Puppy'


Tess, 1996-06/21/08

She has left my house so heavy hearted today, she was such a great friend to my whole family:.(


Tess, 28 April 2009

Tess we knew you for just over 11 years,you had the sweetest nature anyone could wish for;
You were a loyal and constant companion and gave so much to us:you were always there for me during my Radiotherapy treatments then after my operation for cancer.
I loved you too much to allow you to suffer,the house is empty without you and I shall never forget you.
I am devastated.

Sandra Gregory

Tess, 10/31/91-04/15/09

Tess, you were my best friend.
You loved me unconditionally, even on days I was not being very lovable.
You were my truest companion for more than 17 years, and were one of the greatest blessings in my life.
I wanted you to live forever, but that was too much to wish for.
For everything wonderful that you gave me, thank you.
For all the times I was not the best daddy for you, please forgive me.
I miss you.
I will never be the same without you.

Philip Carpio

Tess, 05/01/99-03/11/09

Sleep well Tess. We both tried everything we could but you suffered long enough.
You tried so hard to stay with us but we both finally knew it was time to let your weary body go. Run free of pain in the sunlight that you loved so well until we join you once again.

Karen Sanford

Tess, 08/26/95-12/30/08

You gave me 13 and half wonderful years and I can never thank you enough for your love, loyality and devotion.
You were my baby, my best friend and my loving companion.
My heart beats a little slower since your passing and my days are filled with sadness.
I am so thankful that your final hours were spent right beside me with you head in my lap.
My beautiful Tess... I miss you more than I can possibly express.

Heather Pert

Tess and Karah, June and October 2008

I lost my 2 girls this year. I could not ahve loved them more. My heart aches for them. Karah was my blonde bombshell always giving kisses and snuggling, Tess was my beautiful black girl, always ready to play. They were my girls , having raised them from puppies. My husband thought it a good idea to get a puppy for us each time we brought them into our lives, I ended up taking care of their needs and wants ,they bonded with me the most, I quickly learned what they wanted by the way they acted, they dependend on me and I on them. Karah had hip problems , and Tess had spondolosis along with 2 torn crutia ligaments. It came down to the Day when Karah just couldn't walk anymore that we had to let her go. Tess had an opperation on her back knee and then the other 1 went out, the decision was made to stop their pain. Mine will go on forever without my girls.

Jan Shaw

Tess Velvet Kidden, May 1995 - December 5, 2009

My Kidden, my heart. I miss you so much. I am lost without you. I knew you lived in a special place in my heart but I had no idea how big the hole would be when you were gone. Every morning I listen for your paws on your favorite scratching post or your howling in my ear so I will get up to feed you but the sounds never come. I can't believe you are gone from me so soon. I was not ready to say goodbye and my heart is so heavy. I will never forget you and I will love you forever. I pray I will see you again at the Rainbow Bridge. Please look for me but have fun until I get there too. I hope you are happy and at peace my beautiful sterling silver girl. Love, Mommy

Tessa, 01/16/09

Tessa was the best friend I could have ever wanted. She laid next to me during many an illness and snuggled away my pain.
I will never forget those beautiful eyes that shone with love as they looked up at me and her loss leaves a void that will never be filled.
I cherish her memory and will be forever thankful for what she gave to me and for the opportunity I had to know her.
I love her and miss her more than any words could ever express.

Cassandra Keene

Tessa Joy, 01/09/09

My sons hand picked best friend.

He got her at age 13 after working all summer for the money.
There was nothing he could toss, heave, or shoot from a dummy gun, that she could not find, or bring back to him.

For a kid that had a hard time making friends, at school, and that had no siblings. She was our angel.

She did her job well, and was a lady all her life.

I will miss her very much.

Sandy Riley

Tessie, 02/22/09

Tessie passed away on February 22, 2009.
She adopted me on March 9, 1993 and was my beloved girl for nearly 16 years.
She was the sweetest loving kitty and I will miss her very much.

Tessie first adopted me and my other two kitties, Spike and Gonzo, when we lived in an apartment complex when we first arrived in Houston.
She belonged to a neighbor who had taken her in for a friend.
When I bought the house we shared for the past sixteen years, the neighbor told me we could have Tessie and she became part of the family.

Tessie had a wonderful personality and was very gentle.
She loved to be brushed and would go crazy when she saw the brush or comb.
She wanted you to hold the brush while she stroked alternating cheeks against it.

She was very good and tolerant of the other cats and she lived with Spike, Gonzo, Rocko, and Max over the years.
She never caused any trouble but she seemed to get picked on by all of them.
She put up with it and never caused problems.

She loved people and was always willing to meet them and get petted.

Tessie would always lay next to me on the couch and she had a spot on the bed next to my head so I could keep a hand on her all night.

Tessie, you were a very sweet and loving kitty and I will miss you.
You made my life much better and it will be terrible not to find you at the door when I get home.

It was a privilege to be your caretaker and I want you to know how much I loved you.


Tessie Mae, 12/30/08

You were a lover,a companion, a mischevious baby girl and your loving stares will be forever missed!
W'ell think of you always.
Mom and dad

PS. Riley sure misses you.

Steve and Frances

Tessie Sue McInally , 12/10/94-01/19/09

My Tessie was a gift from 2 very special friends, at first I was unsure of having a dog inside as I had always had cats.
We fast became best friends, she was my comfort and joy after only having her for a month I injured my back and she was there for me every minute all these years.
She never judged or left me, instead we became as one, she was my baby girl. When she started getting sick and having the problems that come with getting old, I just wanted to over look them and not think about it, because I would not let her go.
At first it was small things and then going blind and we dealt with it.
Then all of a sudden it was like over night she quit eating, loss lots of wieght and could not walk with out falling.
It was terrible, we spent the weekend together and she got worse and I had to make the dreaded decission.
It was the hardest thing I have ever had or will ever have to do.
I had a friend go with me because I was not able to handle it on my own, I held her and told her how much I loved her up till the end.
I have never been so miserable as I am now, I know she feels so much better and is running around happy, but I Cannot stop crying and my heart ache so bad.
I Miss my best friend and baby girl.

Tammy McInally

Tetley, 09/30/09

We had just lost our first cat, Ling, after 18 years and vowed "no more pets" and then our daughter saw this grey kitten, sitting on a piece of cardboard on an entrence ramp to interstate 95 where someone had left her, we could not. She brought her home, we took her to the vet and for the next 17 years she was my little girl, the queen of the house. Entertaining us one way or another every day and giving us unconditional love all the time. We loved her, she loved us and when she began to fail we wanted her to pass at home (she hated the vet's)but that last day when she stopped eating and couldn't walk, as I lay beside her patting her with my left hand she reached her paw out, pulled my right hand to her, picked her head up and laid it on my hand. We couldn't watch this anymore so we wrapped her in her favorite blanket, took her out to the car and started for the vet's. She never made it, she passed wrapped in her blanket being held in my arms. I hope Ling met her at the bridge and they will both be waiting for us. Soon little girl, soon.
Love carl & Gail

Tetley, 07/26/95-01/20/09

You will be missed everyday my little girl, you will never be forgotten. I will love you always.


Tevye, 12/31/06 - 09/21/09

Never a dull moment.  
Never a day unloved.

I don't know when the tuxedo-patterned young kitten who would come to be known as Tevye was actually born, but December 31st, 2006 - New Year's Eve - was the day he came into my life.

Stranded on an abandoned downtown rooftop on a rainy, frosty night, he had no-one to help him, no-one to hear his mewling cries, and no-one to come to his rescue.

I clambered onto the roof myself, took him down, took him in, and made him a part of the household, naming him after his iconic association to one of my favorite plays, "Fiddler On The Roof".  
At first, barely a year old and straight out of the stray life, he was difficult and rambunctious, unaccustomed to living in a house where things are breakable and one is expected to play nicely with others. He was always nothing but sweet to me, but he did cause a lot of collateral damage, and he and my elderly cat, Raisin, didn't exactly get off on the best of terms.

After several months, he came down with a serious blood infection, a side-effect of what we discovered to be a cracked dental root from his rough-housing alleycat days. One emergency surgery, a week of antibiotics, and lots of tender care later, he was back on his feet and - having very narrowly averted an untimely end - just as spry as ever.

After that, he took to living in the house more readily, though whether it was due to his appreciation for a newfound lease on life or just finally becoming accustomed to indoor living I'll never really know.  
The fact remains that over the following 2 years, Tev became the sweetest, most charming feline I have ever known. Nobody who met him could ever manage not to like him, and he loved everyone he met in return. An incorrigible attention hog, ardent explorer of cabinets and countertops, and avid squirrel-watching aficionado, there was nowhere Tevye wouldn't go - especially any time someone came to the front door. So persistently fond was he of nudging his way past any visitor and out into nature that I had to buy him a special collar and get a series of vaccinations for outdoor pets so that he could enjoy forays into the wilderness of Southern St. Louis without fear. I still never let him out of my sight, but in his mind, he was a wild jungle kitty, forging trails into the great unknown.

Alas, all good things come to an end, some far sooner than they should. On Sunday night, September 20th 2006, I put myself to bed, the warm furry lump of Tev burrowing into the sheets beside me as he always would, loudly purring his contentment for the world to hear.  
The following morning, September 21st, I awoke to find him passed away in the sunroom, victim to no apparent violence, fright, or struggle whatsoever. It was as though at some time throughout the night, he had simply wandered into that many-windowed room in which he was so fond of sunbathing and wildlife-watching, laid down in one of his customary spots on the floor, and breathed his last.

I never expected to become so attached to that ragtag little stray I found, but the gentle, loving, handsome young man he grew into was truly one of a kind; a fact to which anyone who had ever met him could attest. There wasn't an ounce of meanness in his body, and everything he ever did, he did out of affection and love.

I still expect to see him come running to the sound of a window sliding open, and have to stop myself from spooning food into his bowl at feeding time. It feels surreal and almost wrong to use the front door without having to either shush him away or sigh, shrug, and go fetch his collar so that he can come out too.  
With time, the pain will supposedly fade, but right now I miss him terribly, and my other cats seem perplexed and saddened as well. No doubt they can sense that this time, their erstwhile ringleader and unflappable playmate Tevye won't be coming home.

Only memories, pictures, and trinkets remain to provide solace as I grieve, and while I've never been a religious man, I do hope with all my heart that somewhere between the Earth and the great unknown there's a place for my boy Tevye's dear soul, where he can nap in the sun, chase squirrels all day long, and lie down with a full belly on a soft pillow every night. It seems only fitting. He deserves that much and more for all the happiness and affection he spread.

I'll never forget you, Tev - my gentle, charming boy. I hope that during your brief life, I was able to bring you even a fraction of the contentment and joy you brought to me.  
It was a privilege to have called you friend.

Rest well.

Tex, 1993-2009

Tex was and always will be my best buddy!

Bill Burns

Tex's Dazzlin Shasta, 04/15/09

From the moment I saw you, and we hugged that first time I knew in my heart you were born to be mine.

We've been through it all, you and I - inseparable at all times!

Now I have to go on....all by myself, don't worry anymore Buddy - you taught me to take care of myself.

Simple words can't explain the love that was me and YOU, but each time you looked at me I KNEW.

Bye for now Shasta, you know I love you!

M & M

Thai, 1999-05/09/09

Thai Sud, my Free Tiger. I guess our whole time together was a miracle.
You were angry and afraid at the shelter when the rescue asked me to pull you. The shelter director asked I wanted to just have you put down, and I said no, of course not.
But those first days you huffed and growled and howled and I wondered how I would ever take care of a cat that hated me so much.
The rescue decided they couldn't place you and left you with me. Over time, the huffs and growls and howls were replaced with purrs and itty bitty kitty noises.
You became my blue eyed shadow, following me thru the house,
keeping me company when I worked on the computer, waiting by the door for me to come home, crawling into the empty recycle bag because you were "into" environmental issues, curling up in my lap at the end of the day.
I could find you in the dark just by calling your name, you would reply with great breathless purrs.
You had a glorious face that reminded me of the colors of a sunset:
crossed blue eyes deep as the sky, a pink nose, and apricot and white markings on your beautiful lion like head.

Even your crossing the Rainbow Bridge was a miracle.
I knew I would lose you to renal failure, I just did not know when, so I stayed home with you that last night and we all watched TV together. I swore your nose was pinker, could it be maybe you would stay with me a while longer?
But I woke early that morning to hear your breath coming in little short pants.
I put my arm around you and you purred for me again.
We stayed that way to the end, when you sighed a few times, then were gone.
God loves both of us so much to give us that gentle passing, my sweet tiger, now you truly are free.
Stay close to the Bridge so when its my time to come home, the first thing I'll hear will be your great purrs and see is a face that has the colors of a sunset.

Sandi Grubb

Thai, 2003-01/21/09

Thai had a tortoiseshell coat with a white streak down the middle of her face. She had two adorable brown doe eyes. She gave me unwavering love, companionship, and attention when I needed it most. The only thing I want for my birthday is to have my little girl back. I miss holding her and kissing her on top of the head. I miss seeing her and Rosi (her cage mate)interact. I miss seeing my little baby on my lap, ever gentle and quietly curious. I have never felt grief like this. She and Rosi gave that love that pulled me through. Thai was suffering. She had fluid built up on the inside of her lung tissue, which is not possible to remove except through medication. Even then, she would probably not live, since she was an old guinea pig, and would probably suffer horribly. I had to put her down. I miss my baby so much.


Thatcher, 06/01/09

Thatcher, Thank You for being the best companion and the best seeing eye dog anyone could ever have. You served faithfully for many years. You will always be missed

Steve & Janelle Shelton

The Amazing Gracie Fowler, 10/10/07-05/19/09

Gracie was my best friend, my dearest companion - I got her to help with the transition of my daughter going off to college.
Gracie was a funny, active and talking dog, who could communicate like a person.
She loved me and I love and miss her.
We recently moved to the country and she was finally permitted to run free and had the best time of her life chasing squirrels, digging after moles and just playing and getting muddy.
She was killed by a rattlesnake and lived only about 20 minutes after the bite.
My heart aches for her, I search for her everywhere.
I work from home, and was with that sweet little face 24/7...I pray that there is a rainbow bridge and that she waits for me there.

Alice Fowler

The Babycat, 07/15/98-06/29/09

The Babycat found me ten years ago, I thought that I had rescued her, but it was she who rescued me. Two months after she came to live with me she had three kittens, all healthy, whom she nursed and loved until we found loving homes for them.
After that The Babycat became my companion, I dare say my soulmate, and we bonded like I have never bonded with any other cat. She was affectionate and smart, and for ten years she loved me unconditionally as I loved her.
On Monday June 29, 2009 I had to make the gut wrenching decision to end her suffering, and I am grateful that I had the courage to put her well-being ahead of my own.
She was truly the wind beneath my wings, and now my heart is broken.

Armand Belmonte

The Colonel, 03/01/02-03/05/09

To our beloved friend, The Colonel,

Our hearts are broken.
You'll never know the joy you brought to our lives.

I hope you are in a place where you can eat anything and everything in site - including all the loaves of bread you want!
I hope you are in a place where your knees don't bother you anymore and where you can run and play and sniff and sleep until your hearts content.

We love you with all of our hearts. Rest well my friend.
We will miss you forever.

Mom and Dad

The Dude, around December 1995 - 10/3/09

What can I say about my baby, the Dude? Well, how about that he was the sweetest cat that I've ever known. He loved laps (he didn't care whose!), he loved to be near people and to give kisses to his daddy. He loved sleeping with us at night and following us around during the day.  
He was the most beautiful cat I've ever seen and he had the most laid-back, loving personality of any cat ever.  
|And he used to crack me up the way he would run over to the "treats closet" to get his daily treats...and prance across the room when he spied an open lap that he had to be on, like, right now! :-) And the way he licked the walls...I don't know what that was all about, or where he learned that (we adopted him when he was 10), but it was SO funny!  
My baby Dude, Duderino, Duder, you brought so much love into our lives. I can't imagine living without you.  
My one hope is that you are happy and healthy and that you are waiting for me on the bridge when I get "home". I can't wait to see you, little guy!  
I love you so much, Baby Dude!

Love always and forever,  
(Peggy Thompson)

The Empress Clawdia, 09/95-12/23/08

The Empress Clawdia (Claw-Claw) was the sweetest kitten We had ever had the privelage f being owned by! Her purr was bigger than her whole body, and her blue eyes just pierced right through you!

She was one of the most affectionate kitties - a great hunter, loved a warm fire - or better - a warm lap! And slept with us every night.

Clawdia will be loved by us, and remembered for ever. We love you sweet Claw, may your trip to the Rainbow Bridge be a swift and easy one.

Chandra, Paul, and Kaelynn Forest

The Scratch Man, 04/22/98-01/28/09

He was my best buddy.

Ginger Johnson

Thea, 04/21/09

Thea baby,you went so fast, we weren't ready to say goodbye but we had many wonderful years with you. We will miss you forever til we see you again at the bridge. We love and miss you so much...Papa and gramma

Thea, 04/21/09

Thea, you are not in pain anymore and I love you and miss you with all my heart. You are the sweetest angel and will never be forgotten.


Thea, 05/14/08-03/03/09

I miss you so much my little girl!!!!

Nicole Eby

Thelma, 12/25/97-06/15/09

We will miss you Thelma. You were the best friend and companion anyone could ever know. You will be missed every day and never forgotten.

Pete Hartje and Kelly Bloomfield

Thelma Cembower, 03/28/09


Rachel/Troy Mills

Theo, 6/5/1993 - 9/5/2009

Theo was born on my birthday 16 years ago. He was my spirit dog and brought me back to life after the war. I turn him over to my mother now who is waiting for him in a place of eternal life where there is no pain. Until we meet again my friend . . . I love you. Love, Deb and your family.

Thom Yorke, 05/26/09

You were a wonderful member of our family and will truly be missed. Can't wait to see you on the other side of the rianbow.


Thomas, 9/19/09

He came to our house that summer in 2002, appearing out of nowhere. He was so thin but so very shiny and sleek, like a panther! Over the next several weeks we noticed he was being pushed around in a stroller dressed up in doll clothes. The little girls next door used him as their baby. When he could escape them he would hide out at our house staying longer and longer each time. You know cats have no loyalty, they will go where the food is the best plain and simple.

We began to notice he was a hunter, dead mice, remnants of birds and even 2 squirrels had become his prey. It bothered me he was a killer and I didn't really accept him until the killing subsided probably a factor of regular feeding both wet and dry food. He was staying at our house full time after about 6 months he was even accepted by our beloved Scottie, Rosie a dog who chased cats with a vengeance up until the final week of her 15 years. Rosie's acceptance of Thomas was the first sign he was an incredible cat.

We moved a couple of years later to the North Bay and Thomas had a new neighborhood full of very large cats to navigate. It was late one night and heard a loud noise on our porch only to see Thomas diving into the shoe basket with a cat behind him in hot pursuit. A few days later he came home with a claw stuck in the top of his head; another time his right ear was split about 1/3 of the way down the center. His ear never did heal back together but somehow I know the other cat looked worse! By now we had 3 rescue dogs sharing our house as Rosie had passed away. Although these dogs (2 Chihuahua and 1 corgi mix) constantly tormented Thomas he never hurt them he would only get out of their way. He even protected them one afternoon when a terrier broke from his leash and ran down our driveway. In a flash I saw Thomas riding this dog with all four paws wrapped around its back. The owner had to pry Thomas off her dog as I stood a few feet away in shock. We never saw that dog or its owner again.

Cancer is full blown evil it took Thomas so fast. it was maybe 2 months and Thomas was only able to eat a little, he lost weight and you could see it in his eyes that his will was alive and well but his body wouldn't cooperate. We tried for a few weeks to see if he could turn around but it wasn't happening. Dignified is the one word that describes Thomas he was a guy with manners and purpose. Animals unlike humans are able to die with Dignity and that is how Thomas went. I can't tell you how much I miss this cat who I didn't accept for a long time but somehow grew on me enough to leave a giant hole in my heart. Thomas the incredible cat.

Thomas, 01/09/93-07/02/09

Our darling precious boy-we miss you so much-
one day we will meet again-love mommy,daddy and Maggie xxx

Thomas, 11/01/94-07/05/09

Thanks for all the wonderful memories- we will all greatly miss you!

M. Higgins

Thomas, 13/06/09

Goodbye my friend,untill we meet again,run free without pain,we all love you,my darling thomas,mum and dad xxxxx.

Thomas, 02/09/90-24/12/08

Never thought you'd leave me,you were my special boy.Always loved you from the day you were born in the kitchen,hand reared from a day old,and so very loved by all.You are always on my mind and I cant wait to hold you again.

Cathy Anderson

Thomas O'Malley, 05/10/02-02/12/09

Our precious Thomas O'Malley, God couldn't have given us a more special furry child. You were the love of our lives, but you know that, because we told you often. Thank you for loving us, teaching us, taking care of us. We'll miss you so much in the days ahead. We know you're in Heaven, with your brother Ralph. You two were quite a pair. Our hearts hurt, losing you like we did. Please forgive us, for letting you down. Take care of Ralph. Watch over us.
We'll look for you, in signs around us. We may not have you in our arms, but you'll forever be a part of our souls, and that will never end. Love to you, our baby boy. Mma & daddy

Thomas Oggem Bowlercat, 12 January 2009

tommy thanks for all the happiness you gave us the years growing up with the boys. all the happy times we had together. sometimes naughty always a loyal friend .we all miss you very much.our home is so empty without you. always in our thoughts. a kiss from us all xxxxx.

The Gibbs Family

Thomas Paul, 04/20/91-12/18/08

He was a perfect gentleman.


Thor, 06/27/09

Your wolfish grin
Your tail curled high
Your insatiable nose
Your handsome coat
All will be missed...

You were never a bore
A dog to the core
Your bark was ferocious
And scared off the bad guys
In repose, dignified,wise

A daily walk- a demand
If not, a remand!
We miss your welcome at the door
May your dog spirit hover and soar
Over 5 Garden Crescent, your home evermore.

Mary Card

Thor, 01/01/09

Thor I loved you with all my heart.
I thought our time together would be longer. I didn't want to let you go but knew it was time. One day we will be together again and never part.


Thor, 04/01/99-11/28/08

Thor was my best furbaby - loving, funny and loyal.
Patches (my other best furbaby) and I miss him terribly.
May he rest in eternal peace. Amen.

Z. Babul

Thor D'Silva, 09/16/94-03/24/09

Thor D'Silva 16.9.1994 - 24.3.2009 (Dobermann X Bullmastiff)

Thor you brought us so much of joy and happiness these last 14.1/2 years. We will fondly remember all the happy times

The day you brought back a bunny from the bush and wouldn't let it go till you got a chocolate

All the trees you uprooted from the garden every time we went out

The washing from the line "especially the sheets" you loved to play tug of war

The evening we were having a chinese dinner and you took the entire chicken from the bench top (while mum was returning the video).
Your sorry face when you got caught with the chicken between your paws

Your little boredom signs - taking stuff from daden's garbage bin and bringing it to the family room emptying out the entire paper towel roll with a trail of paper from the kitchen to the family room, then to the games room and finally to your carpet

Your little dance routine every evening when your dinner was being spooned into your bowl

The gallons of water you drank with loud slurp slurp noises

You would be there in an instant when you heard the sound of rustling paper in anticipation of getting a lolly

And who said ICE CREAM and WALKIES you would be up in an instant

The list is endless.

We are going to miss you Thor and you will always be remembered.

Hope you have caught up with Starsky and Foofie?

Till we meet again.

Your family
Des and Blossom, Pasha and Caroline, Natasha and Bernd and Daden D'Silva

Thor von Regius, 12/12/98-06/15/09

Beloved Thor-your were loved since you were born. We mourn your loss! your are in our hearts forever.

Cynthia Dianne Hastings

Three Babes, 06/09/09-06/09/09

R.I.P we never got a chance to know each other but i am sure you would have been lovely i am not sure who your mummy is as she is in with other girls but i am sure she will miss you and your daddy R.I.P lovely babes play free and be happy until we all meet again.

Also my male guppy passed on today R.I.P swim dree with your family lovely boy.

Ryan Selwyn

Thumper, 12/01/87-06/16/09

I don't know where to start when I talk of my "Bubby".
I'm forever thankful to of had him in my life for 20+yrs.
He went thru college with me, got married with me and was able to meet all 4 of my children.
He was loyal, gentle, warm, nurturing, loving, kindhearted, friendly, playful, strong, sensitive, outgoing, and the best darn snuggler out their!!
I miss you baby!!
Love, your mommy- Lori

Thumper, 03/19/09-05/06/09

Thumper you went so suddenly i will miss you always well we all will

Love you always gone to soon R.I.P gone but not forgoton

Love from Daddy Disney Mummy Minnie Siblings and Great Nanny and grandad Angle and Buscit Nanny Snowball and Aunt Hope

Play free babyxxxx =-[

Thumper, 04/04/09

a dear and loving companion


Thumper, 09/07/08-03/16/09

Though he was young and died for no reason he was a loved Bunny and i will miss him!


Thumper, 2007

Thumper was the best housebunny. she could be out of her cage from 6:30am to 10:30pm which was night-night time, we miss her soooo much.
We know you are in the blessed Bunny Heaven with Molly, Floppsy, Dexter, Gus, and Patrick. I know that you all are playing in heaven right now, but I miss you so much.
You left me some of your
bunny fur after you passed on behind the bed in the back bedroom, as you were in (Mother Mode) as I called it. I found it, blessed it with Holy water, and put it away.
It is my only reminder that I have of you till I meet up with you in the beautiful heaven that awaits us all. I miss you Thumper.. Someday, when the Lord wants me, We will all be playing together again.
Be happy with the other bunnies, and always know that we love you, espicially me, I sure miss you Thump, Thump... I say a prayer every night for you.. Love

Thumper, 03/07/09

If you are able,
save for them a place
inside of you.
And save one backward glance
when you are leaving
for the places they can
no longer go.
Be not ashamed to say
you loved them,
though you may
or may not have always.
Take what they have left
and what they have taught you
with their dying.
And in that time
when man decides and feels safe
to call loving your pet insane,
take one moment to embrace
the gentle angels
you left behind.

Herbert and Susan Keltsch

Thumper Gromit Swedberg, 01/24/04-04/27/09

Thumper, my baby pumper nutter, I love you so much and I miss you terribly. You were the best boy a momma could have and I cannot wait until we can be together again. There will never be another like you. I love you.

Steffany Swedberg

Thunder, 05/15/09


Angel Garisol

Thunder, 07/01/96-07/27/09

We miss you Thunder... You we're one amazing friend to all of us:)

M Speers

Thunder, 08/01/97-10/03/07

Thunder...It hurt so much to let you go. You gave me unconditional love and in return, when you were suffering, I loved you with unconditional love and knew I had to let you go. It was the hardest thing I ever had to do. I held you in my arms when you went to sleep. There will always be paw prints in my heart for you, my precious boy.


Thunder, 03/07/09

A Poem for Thunder
In my heart you will always be
So close, just you and me
So far away from me you are
But in the sky, I see, a new shining star.

Thunder, you will be loved forever and a day.

Thurman, 5/11/08 - 8/25/09

It's been 14 plus years since we had a pet and we found Thurman at the Humane Society on July 12. For 3 weeks he had a good home and stole both of our hearts then he became fatally ill and for 2 weeks we tried several drugs and even a surgical exploratory. He continued to have a high fever and lost his agility completely. When he was ok, he would drive us crazy walking on a railing 14 feet above the floor just because he could. He loved to play and we loved being with him every day. He even liked to ride in the car (in his carrier) when I would elevate him so he could watch the road. The hour before he was euthanized, I took him along a wooded road by a river and he and I watched a large Blue Heron take flight. He even started meowing again which we hadn't heard since he became ill. For the short time we had him, we loved him and he loved us back and I'll not forget him. Thanks Thurman for making us happy when you were here.

Thursday, 03/20/99

We miss you Thursy and think about you everyday, your furry little self will never be forgotten! Love Carly, Robyn and Lianne.

Thylvester, 08/01/96-03/14/09

Devoted and beloved, the sweetest cat ever, we miss you, we love you, you are free now on the other side of the rainbow bridge.

Laura Van Waardenburg

Ti, 1993-05/02/09

To my beloved pet of 16 years. You have brought me so many happy times with your wagging tail and excited greeting everytime I arrived home. If only the people in our lives were so happy to see us every time we returned. We have shared so much. Walks in the parks, snuggles in the bed, popcorn on the couch on Friday nights, travels afar, and lots of car rides with your ears blowing in the wind. In the later days when your arthritis kept you from long walks we still shared time outside with our strolls in your red wagon, with you riding in it like a prince. All the neighbors wondering how you got so lucky to be treated like royalty. I never minded the extra care you needed these last few years, as your sight went and you needed an escort to help you find your way to the backyard. It was my pleasure to carry you up the stairs so we could continue our nights on the couch watching movies together.

There will be a void in my life knowing you are no longer part of our family. I'll cherish the memories knowing you are free from pain now and once again restored to full health and running free once again with your older brother who passed before you. Take care my little sunshine you will always hold a special place in my heart. I cherish the day when I can see you again in that forever place where neither of us grow old and we never have to say good bye.

Your loyal owner.


Tia, 04/20/09

My pretty little girl, with the eyes so blue
What's my life going to be like now, without you
There will be no one to hug when I come home
No one to keep me from feeling so alone
You soft hello when I would walk by
The way I could hold you when I would cry
How you would snuggle so close and so near
Was like you saying, don't worry, I'll always be here
Your soft white fur that loved to be stroked
The way you loved my just out of the dryer housecoat
The nip on the toe if I slept in too long
How we would dance to my favorite song
The way you purr at
glance from me
Made me believe you were where you wanted to be
I feel blessed that I has such a beautiful
little friend
and glad I was with her right through the end
I stroked her, I held her and told her
I cared
and thanked her for all of her love she had shared
I look forward to the day when I can hold you again
I will have nothing else replace you, my
And now you've gone, my heart is broken and cracked
If I could have only one wish, I would wish you back

I'll never forget you and you will always be in my heart


Tia, 03/02/09

Tia, I remember getting you as a foster dog. We had hosted and found homes for twelve foster dogs already, and we figured you would be just another foster dog who passed in and out of our lives in a few weeks or months. Who would have thought that you would come to spend the last five and a half years of your life with us?

I am so proud that you chose us to be your family. You were not always the best behaved dog, but you were truly loving and special. There are so many things I'll never forget about you--how you used to sleep on the bed with us, how you and Hana would play together, how you cocked your head when we talked to you, how incredibly soft your ears were... I have a whole list of memories of you that I'm writing in a notebook, just so I can never forget who you were and why I loved you so very, very much.

It's been a few days, and I still can't believe that you're gone. Please forgive me if I do not cry over you every day--it is not because I did not love you, and not because I am not sad, but because I still cannot believe or understand that you are gone. I am sure this understanding will come in time and the tears will flow freely and I will slowly begin to cope, but in the meantime I hope you understand.

I hope you can forgive me for not coming over the day before your death. I am trying hard not to regret it, because I know you wouldn't want me to. It is a struggle not regretting it, though, thinking of how you were alone for several hours unable to walk. I stayed up all night with you, though, and sat with you in the morning in the car, and I never left you again until you fell asleep for the last time. I hope, when you fell asleep, you knew how much we loved you and will always love you. More than anything, I hope you knew that. I'm so relieved that you were able to fall asleep so peacefully, and that you weren't in pain when you passed.

It is hard for me that you went downhill so quickly. We said our final goodbyes less than a day after I found out there was anything wrong at all, and I didn't think what was wrong would lead to this at all. It makes it hard for me to accept your death, which is probably why I'm still in denial about it. On the other hand, I'm happy that you didn't have to be in pain for very long, and that you were able to spend most of your life happy and healthy and energetic. It's better that way, and much more important than my lack of preparation for losing you.

The house doesn't feel right without you in it, and Hana misses you, too. I think even the cats are a little sad. We had to turn the painting of you around for a little while while we try to cope, but eventually we'll turn it back over. We wouldn't want to miss out on the painting of your beautiful face for too long, would we?

I hope that you are somewhere with Lily now, and maybe Lea and Cleo and the others as well. I hope that wherever you are, it has endless good smells, and a field to run in, and no fences or bad owners or leashes at all, and perhaps someone to take you on car rides because you loved that so much. I hope wherever you are, I'll be able to meet you there again someday. Maybe it is truly the Rainbow Bridge. We will continue to miss you and remember you here, and we'll make sure that we help save other great dogs like you who need to be rescued before their lives are cut short. They all deserve happy lives, too.

I love you now and I always will. I'll keep you in my heart forever and use my memories of your energetic spirit and love to help me through the hard times in my life and remind me to always be kind to other animals and humans alike, and to give everyone a fair chance before judging them on their negative qualities. I'm so glad that you came into my life and enriched it for the five and a half years you lived with us. I am so proud that we were able to give you a happy, fun life where you were loved and never had to be abandoned again. Thank you so much for everything you taught me, and for all your love and enthusiasm and how much sunshine you brought into my life. I miss you, and I know that someday we will meet again.

Kristin Rodriguez

Tia Johnston, 06/04/2002 - 09/06/2009

Tia left us very quickly. She was 7 years old and full of vitality and spirit. All of a sudden, after a full day of being completely active as usual, she lay down and did not want to get up. She started breathing very heavily. After a short while, we realized she was in trouble of some kind and rushed her to the ER. They found that she had an enlarged heart with a ruptured tumor inside. The doctor said her heart cavitiy was almost completely filled up with fluid to the point that her heart could not pump normally. We put her down before she went into anymore trauma. We miss her following us around the house constantly and always wanting attention and wanting to play or go for her walks. Our other dog Buddy is already missing her and wondering where she is. We are so sad without her. But of a vase of 12 new flowers, one separated itself and we believe this is Tia telling us she made it to the other side and is fine and happy to not be sick anymore. We will see her again someday. We love you very much, Tia! Love Mom, Dad, Emily, Sean and Buddy

Tia Maria, 08/31/95-03/19/09

My Darling Tia,
You have gone first My Love and I remain to walk this world alone,
I'll live in memories garden My Darling Tia Maria with all the wonderful happy we've known,
Since You have gone first My Sweet, Sweet Tia there is one thing I'll have you do.
Walk slowly down that long, long path for yes soon I'll follow you,
I want to know each step you take so I may take the same.
For someday down that long, long road,
You'll hear me call your name.

Tia, I have Loved You for so long My Little Girl and My Love will last throughout eternity.
You have always been there when I needed you, through sickness and healthy days,
I'll always miss you waiting at the window every day as I left and came home from work.
Your kisses, hugs and little stories we shared as we snuggled at night before bed time will remain precious to me.

Tia, you are now one of God's Little Angels and My Shining Star who will brightly show me the way to meet you at Rainbow Bridge.
Go now My Darling, as you are free of any pain, you will see and hear again as you are met at Rainbow Bridge by your babies and family who left before you, now you can all have fun together again.
I will meet You at Rainbow Bridge one day My Love and then Tia we will be together again forever.

I'll Always Love You My Darling Daughter Tia Maria,
Te Querio Mucho Me Amor,
Rest In Peace, Love Forever
Your Mom Ruthann xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo

Tibet, 07/25/99-04/14/09

aI am in shock, my Tibet died this morning.
She was fine Friday, Saturday evening she started not feeling well. I took her to emergency Sunday night she spent all day yesterday at the vets and last night back at the emergency vet when I got her this morning to take her back to the vets she was breathing bad. My vet called me an hour later and said she had fluid in her lungs and he was going to try another antibiotic.
An hour later he called and said she had had some kind of seizure. She was gone before I could get there.
She was the best girl in the world. Always smiling she loved everyone and everone that saw her loved her.
I don't know what I'm going to do without her, she was all I had.

Ellen Hoekstra

Ticky, 03/05/05-03/06/09

Ticky was a very special memeber of our family. He was loved more than any gerbil ever could have been. Ticky brought us so much joy and so many smiles. We will miss kissy time and play time everyday. Ticky was a tough boy and has made it through so much, now he can play forever with his brother BooBoo. Ticky, we love you sweetknee!!!

Love from your Mommy and your family.

Bye Tickers

Tico, 05/30/03-04/29/09

The best dog anyone could ever have!
I never knew I could love so much.
He will be missed beyond any words I can even describe.


Tidbit, 03/30/09

My dear, sweet baby was the consummate outdoorsman. He loved to climb a tree in the back yard, chase squirrels and birds, and lay in a clump of brush in the neighbor's yard where he was seperated from his mother by some children when he was very young.
He loved his freedom.
He was able for the time he was here, to live his life on HIS terms. He is very missed.

Patricia McCormick

Tiddlywinks, 03/02/95-07/07/09

For fourteen lovingly years you graced us with you calm and steady blue eyed presence. From the moment we set eyes on your running on the farm, chasing geese and rolling in the fields.
We knew that you would be ours to love and cherish. That first night your crawled up into a ball of fluff with Maressa and slept right through like a trouper. You patience has been amazing, your time with us a very special gift.
We will miss you but you will wait at the rainbow bridge.
We will see you there good buddy.

Cindy, David, Kendra and Maressa

Tido, 11/15/98-02/20/09

Tido was my best friend for 11 years. He never let me down, and was always there when I needed a lick or a pick me up. He was my baby, and I will never forget him. I love you Tido!


Tiffany, 06/2006

My best friend and soul mate.
As much as I love and have loved all my fur babies, no other can ever take your place.
You were so incredibly special.
I will miss you forever my little girl.
Someday we will be together again forever.


Tiffany, 9th February 1994-1st April 2009

Tiffany my beautiful Princess we send you this message of our undying love and prayers.
We miss you more than life itself.
Your always in our hearts our memories and know these will always be cherished
Love MUM DAD AND LITTLE TZAR (who misses you terribly)

Tiffany, 10/02/93-02/20/09

The pain is unbearable, she was a very special pup, when I was down she cheered me up, covering me with kisses, wouldn't let me forget what bliss is. She was a cute, gray, little poodle who kept lots of tricks in her noodle, loving, smart & dear I will miss her year to year...I love you Tiffany...


Tiffany (Tiff Tiff, Miss Tiffy), 09/07/08

Miss Tiff, it's been 5 months since your passing and I still am thinking of you...especially since your brother, Taylor, met you at Rainbow Bridge last week.
I remember seeing you for the first time at the Humane Society 15 years ago.
You were so young and just so cute, a little fuzz ball..just a baby kitty not even four weeks old. Those beautiful baby blues, you and Taylor were the most beautiful kittens I'd ever seen.
I am so glad that we adopted both of you.
You two were so connected with each other even as you got older.
You would groom each other, I believe you did more grooming than he did, you were a fuss budget about your fur and it showed, that beautiful silky coat...I miss touching you, holding you, cuddling with you.
Over the years I think you only had 1 or 2 mats ever, you really had the silkiest softest fur.
I miss your sweet meow, so soft and gentle, your sweet disposition and patience...You and Taylor were so curious when we came home with Riley...I wasn't sure how you'd react to a new baby in the house, especially since you two were 10 at the time.
As I expected you were a gentle soul and as she grew into toddlerhood you would hide from her until you knew she was "safe" to be around.
Little Miss Tiff I hope you know how loved you were the short while you were here with us, and forever will be.
I miss seeing you wrapped around that Ficas I had, and then climbing up the ladder whenever were the adventurous one always wanting to explore your surroundings.
Taylor being cautious of the great outdoors, you explored everything. Even indoors you found ways of seeing beyond the walls, sitting on back of the couch watching the birds in the hedge, or out back watching them in the feeder....Losing you was heartbreaking...hearing the vet say you have Lymphoma was devasting and yet we had the hope that you'd make it through the winter, as the vet had said.
As the month went on I could see you getting weaker but still hanging onto the hope that you'd make it..I didn't realize at the time that last evening you'd be with us... I spent cleaning out the pantry.
I had no idea that would be your last night, I would have been holding you instead of cleaning...I've had to work through the guilt and hold onto the fact that we were still together. That you curled up in the basket next to me to just be where I was. I'm glad Riley had been at G & G's house so you had some peace...You were still with us in the morning but I knew it was time...I remember telling you we had a couple of errands, I told you how much we loved you and though we didn't want to lose you that it would be okay if it was your time to go.
You purred one last time and by the time we got back home, you had passed away peacefully.
The hardest part was walking in the house with Riley close behind and telling her you had died. That was just in September, My heart ached so much, you were my special beautiful beautiful soul, I was comforted that we still had your brother and thankfully he did not have Lymphoma.
But I think he just needed to be with his special sis, I know he mourned for you, as we all did, and couldn't be without you.
So here you both are at that very special place, whole again, happy, healthy, enjoying each other's companionship.
Tiffany, you and Taylor were the most precious, gentlest souls we've ever known.
We love you both.
Your lives with us here is way too short, but mine has been so full of love with you having been a part of it. Thank you for the last 15 years of your beautiful life, I'm happy we chose to share it with you. All our love, hugs, kisses, forever, until we meet again, may Jesus watch over you...

Brian, Tess & Riley

Tiffany, 10/08/08

To our lovely beloved Tiffany - you are missed dearly.


Tiffany, 01/26/09

The best dog anyone could ask for.
Never to be forgotten, always in my heart.

Lisa Dalton

Tiffany, 01/14/09

My name is Vanessa but I am adding a tribute for my boyfriends (Rick) dog Tiffany. She was a beautiful little black and tan Daschund and from what my boyfriend told me she was very loving and always a very good little dog. I never got to meet her, because my boyfriend lives here in Florida and little Tiffany lived in Ohio with my boyfriends parents. Dogs are one of the most wonderful creatures to walk our planet. They do no harm, they do not judge, and they will always love you no matter what. What is most sad is that their existence here on earth is a short one, yet is packed with memories and stories to tell for a lifetime. I hope Tiffany knows that she brought very much joy and laughter into the lives of a wonderful family and she will be missed by them all. Tiffany is in a beautiful place now, where she cannot suffer and can live happily for all time until we can see her again. Also know that Rick loved you very much Tiffany, and that you meant so much to him; You will live on in his heart forever.

I love you Rick and I love you Tiffany.


Tiffany, 01/02/09

Tiffany, You will truly missed. Your tail waggling as I entered a room, your lick on my nose when I bent down to pet you.
I will even miss your bad breath, the smell of wet dog when you came in from playing and eating the snow.
I wish that somehow I could of conveyed to you just how much you were loved.
You were one in a million my friend.

James Motley

Tiffany Ivory Marie, 07/03/99-05/02/09

How can we put into words a fitting tribute to our beloved Tiffany. She gave us so much joy in the few short years she was with us. We never expected our baby girl to leave us so soon. I will be back to this site to give everyone a view of the years we did get.

Danny & JoAnn

Tiffany Louise Woo-Woo, 03/10/95-04/07/09

She was our special little jewel from day one, like a gift from Tiffany's.
She was kind and sweet yet always in charge of her own destiny.
Tiffany will be always loved yet sadly missed.

Patrick Bonones & Patrick McCauley

Tiffany Ohana Aikane Bruckman, 01/22/04-01/27/09

Our lovey puppy dog.

April, Bobby, Jackie

Tiffy, 05/01/09

The joy you have brought us througout the years will never dimish.
We will cherish all the happy memories forever.
Rest our beautiful princess until we are re-united again at the Rainbow Bridge.

Steven and Mina Scott-Davies

Tiffy, 12/29/95-04/29/09

Tiffy is now with her sister Missy.
They were the best schnauzers in the world.
Neither one is in any more pain.
Rest in peace my dear ones.
Both of your hearts are well.
You gave so much joy to our entire family.

Patti McGuigan

Tiger (Mama Girl), 1-24-07 - 8-4-09

When we found you and your sister, Midnight, at such a young age living under the dumpsters we didn't realize how much we would come to love you. We tried to do all we could for you, I wish it could have been more. You were such a beautiful cat. We didn't realize that you were a female until you were pregnant. You were the best mama those 5 kittens could have had. Although it was stressful on all of us, I'm glad that we got you and the kittens to the vet. Your life was too short but you had people to love you and give you care. Now you are together again with Midnight, Smokey, and T.K. We will always have a place in our hearts for you. We will never forget you and the joy you gsve us.

Sonja & John

Tiger, 01/01/1990 - 08/28/2009

Tiger,... Nineteen years ago, homeless and hungry, you wandered up to our busy house, filled with the lives of five children, refusing to leave, hanging on our back door screen until we let you into our hearts and our home. The vet was amazed at how many lives you used up getting into scraps, surviving accidents, illnesses and the like! You rested on the chests of feverish children until they safely recovered. You were the honorary "mayor" of our block, keeeping watch, and keeping unwelcome strangers and animals away, all the while taking a walk with the family dog. You defied traffic with your refusal to move! Visitors entering our house had to pass your inspection first. You were tough, yet affectionate. You taught us so much about life, love, and the key to survival! Rest in peace, buddy........Knight family

Tiger, 06/17/09

Tiger was truly a special kitty. He had his own cute little things that he did that would make me happy when I was sad. I will miss my "buddy" so much.

Sheena Baldwin

Tiger, 05/31/09

My beautiful boy i miss you so much you unlocked my heart and showed me i could love. I am a better person because of you and our time together was precious. I loved every minute of knowing you and thank you for spending your short life with me from the bottom of my heart.


Tiger, 07/15/93-05/26/09

Tiger adopted me one November day in 1993 when he was waiting for me on my porch steps.
He was full of fleas and mange.
I was 23, just moved to a new place 2500 miles from family.
I scooped him up and muzzled him and called him by his name, Tiger. From that moment on, we were family, later joined by Bailey in 1995 (and still alive).
Tiger has been my strength and seen me through so much, happiness, joy, success, love, loss, sickness, death of my father - Tiger was in the room, to new love.
What can i say?
Nothing that could ever do him justice.
Except i will never be the same without him, because of him.
That i had to send him today with a million kisses and it will never be enough....

Kristin Rosenbeck

Tiger, 11/17/92-03/10/09

TIGER You were momas babby for tweleve years and when she left us you became my babby.
I knew you you were very special from the first day i saw you. My heart is stillo broken from your leaving, but I know you have already gone across Rainbow Bridge and are with moma and daddy.
I'll see you again and all of us will be togather forever.

I love you and miss you

Robert L. Frey, Jr

Tiger, 07/07/97

You're always on my mind ~~ My truly beloved son, Tiger !! Take good care of your sister Bear Bear!
Your dad Rophan.

Tiger, 08/15/99-08/25/08

My precious baby I cry for you everyday, even after over 8 months.
I miss you so and I will always love you.
I hope that you are frolicking with the other furry babies at Rainbow Bridge.
Tiger's Mom

Tiger, 11/99-04/13/09

My baby boy - We all loved you so much, and we miss you each day.
We see you in every bird that eats from the feeder, every bunny that hops across the yard, and every ray of sunshine that hits our deck.
We know that you are in a wonderful place now, and we count the days until we can be with you again.


Tiger, 03/30/09

We miss you Tiger,
Love Mom, Dad & Rocky

Tiger, 03/17/09

I miss you Tiger. My little puss. After you wandered into my life we had 10 good years together. You were there to see me off every morning and to welcome be back at night. You were always so friendly to people and other cats alike. I never knew what took you that terrible morning. I only hope you felt me there in those last seconds.
Goodbye me true friend,

Tiger, 12/15/95-09/29/08

Tiger was the most special and cherished pet I have ever owned. He helped me through some very rough times. Any time I cried he would come to me. He never asked for anything in return. He was a tiny guy, weighing only 5 pounds, but size never stopped him! He is my baby and very much loved and missed. I love you, Tiger. Until we meet again...

Linda Carroll

Tiger, 05/15/98-02/11/09

Tiger was the best cat I ever had.
he was so ''human''.
He understood me, and I him.
He loved people, he had no fear, he was suchg a fun loving cat. He will be remembered as the most gentle, kind, smart, loving animal I ever had.
I miss him dearly.

Joe Hypnarowski

Tiger, 03/23/97-01/15/09

Dear Tiger,
Although I am so very sorry I could not make you well again, I have faith that our Creator will take good care of you until I see you again at the Rainbow Bridge... Daddy and I may not have always shown our love for you when we were busy working but know that now that you are gone there is a void in our lives, and in your brother Cordy's life that will not be filled until we see you again at the Rainbow Bride. Our hearts will remain broken until then... We will always love you. Love Mommy, Daddy and Cordy

Tiger Dorries, 05/15/00-04/03/09

We will miss you terribly, Tiger. You were the best cat we ever had the pleasure of being owned by. We will miss you drinking out of the sink. Whenever you wanted us to turn the water on, you would stand with your front legs in the sink and it looked just like you were praying!

We will miss you meowing loudly in other rooms as if you were asking, "Where is everyone?" You would continue to meow until one of us would tell you, "We are in here, Tiger." And then you would come running into the room as if you had not seen us in years. You always greeted people at the door and then would plop down in their lap as if you had been friends for years. People were amazed at how friendly you were for a cat. We called you our little cat-dog.

Life will not be the same without you. Now you can take care of little Sweetie and Schnitzel in heaven just like you do when you were all here on earth. And try to be nice to Nefretiti, even though you never liked her very much. We love you!

Amy Dorries

Tiger Fortin, 06/14/09

Tiger was a devoted friend who gave everything to his family.
He asked for little in return, save a pat on the head or a bite from the table.
We could never fully repay all that this brave companion gave to us.
The house will be an empty place without him.
His little protege Scruffy has some very big paws to fill.

Michael Balduf

Tiger Lee, 03/30/09

i loved you so much and will miss you dearly, i wish you were here with me now. but someday we will see each other again. until then sleep peacefully my friend.
mary your mom

Tiger Lily, 05/06/09

This is for the Angel at Rainbow Bridge, Tiger Lily.
Although you were not my baby, you became everyone's baby because of the great pain that was caused by your senseless death and the pain you endured through your innocence.
May you now rest in the comfort and peace that you so deserve.
Your cries were heard around the world and our hearts are forever broken. Tears will forever be in my eyes.
The world cried out for justice, but you did not get it.
You will never be forgotten and you will always be in the hearts of all those that shed tears for you.
Although you were not mine, I have a picture of you on my desk and a place for you in my heart. I'm thankful that I have a heart that can mourn for you as much as I have.
Have fun with my babies, Silver and Prince, who are already there.
I Love You, Sweetie.

Sylvia Musto

Tiger Lily, 05/2009

May you rest in peace my little friend, I did not know you but you stole my heart.

Grace Knoof

Tiger Lily, 05/06/09

Tiger Lily, I never knew you, but I was very saddened to read of the brutal way that you were killed by that teenager in the Bronx.
I think you were only a couple of months old, which makes me especially sad that you had to suffer so.
Not a day goes by that I don't think about you.
I hope that God is holding you in his hands in a very special way.
I have a new little kitten whom I am going to name Tiger Lily after you.


Tiger Pertessis, 06/16/02-03/30/09

Tiger was the best thing that ever happened to me. I was 13 when we got him and I was there to watch him be born. He was there to make me happy when a best friend of mine died and he was there when I needed a hug, or someone to cuddle with. Tiger was the sweetest cat and all of my fiends loved him. He was so friendly and outgoing. I loved him with all of my heart. He passed away at only 6 years old.

Desiree Pertessis

Tiger Tse, 07/18/06-05/29/09

Tiger mommy wished you joy and happiness in heaven. Make new friends and be happy, don't worry about me.


Tigergutt, 07/10/07-07/15/09

Our dearly beloved Tigerboy. You were deeply loved and passed so early. Please forgive me for any anger or bad mood I've shown you or at times I was lazy to care for you. You always stood by my side during my hardest days of sickness and depression. I have never loved anyone like you. Please let me be with you again in Heaven. You filled our home with curiosity, playing, and always had the focus on here & now. You showed every human the same level of respect and interest, you never let anyone out. You welcomed guests and searched for love and care in my arms when you needed it. You were truly an angel sent by God. We love you!

Maryam Al-Eenisi

Tigero, 11/11/03

My sweet boy-o Tigero, went to the Rainbow Bridge. The thing about him...he was loved. He was my baby, and I had to let him go when cancer came to take him away. I miss him still...and always will.

Jennifer Graf

Tigger, 1999 - 9/22/2009

He was my best little buddy. He was taken too early. Thankfully he only had 2 bad days before we had to let him go. He will be missed terribly.

Tigger, 06/09/09-07/11/09

One of 4 babies born to mama "baby". He was quick as a bullet. Never sat still except to nurse. We will miss the chase. Rest in peace, sweetie.

Marguerite Brunk

Tigger, 07/16/09

I only had my Tigger for 5 years.Tigger came to me after some one shot him in the neck with a 22. He also had pellets in his hip. As bad as mankind was to him he had more love to give than any other living thing I have ever known.I lost him today to Kidney failure. My life is so empty without.Please remember my Tiggy in your prayers.

Joann Montgomery

Tigger, 06/24/00-07/17/09

my sweet tigger was diagnosed just last month with kidney failure...after a few days in the hospital he was home and doing much better.
About a week ago he went downhill and yesterday he went even further downhill quite fast...he passed in his sleep about 2 hours ago.
I am heartbroken..he was my baby of 9 years...the sweetest cutest little boy...he is greatly missed already and will always own my heart!


Tigger, 06/09/09

Tigger was my furry baby boy. The youngest of my 4 cats. He passed away of non regenerative anemia. I loved him very much and Although I'll miss him dearly, I know I'll see him again at the Rainbow Bridge.


Tigger, 06/08/09

Tigger was my soulmate. He cared for me when I was ill and I did for him. He was deaf like me as a kitten and when I was ill he used to lay at my head with his paw on me. He always slept by or near me. He became ill and we did the best we could for him. He was found passed on sleeping nearby our house. He had moved to the next world. I miss him terribly..........

Jim Sutler

Tigger, 06/06/09

Tigger, you have brought us so much joy and happiness over these past 15 years and I hope that we have returned the unconditional love you have given us. Tomorrow you will be at peace and without pain, in God's arms in Heaven waiting until we meet again. We love you and will miss you every single day until our reunion. May God bless you on your journey.

The Power Family

Tigger, 03/03/07-02/06/09

I miss you so much, and wish you could have known just how much you meant to me.
You were my best friend and such a special boy.
Thank you for loving me.
You will always been in my heart. xxxx goodnight tiggsie.x


Tigger, 04/96-06/04/09

Others may have seen a grumpy dog-we just knew you were picky about who you loved.
The vet always said you were the worst combination of breeds he'd ever seen. We just considered you one of a kind.
You watched over us every night, chased away the bad dreams, offered a cold wet nose when we were sad.
We will miss you so much Tig-A-Moo.

Maria Robertson

Tigger, 03/01/08

It was 1990 and I was 20 years old when I rescued two cats from an abusive family. I was young, living on my own with a minimum-wage job and barely able to take care of myself least of all 2 grown cats. But I just couldnt sit back and watch this man (who was the boyfriend of a friend of mine) physically abuse those poor cats.
The female, Tiffany, was grey and white long-hair and the other, Bubbles, a black and white long-hair male beauty. Both had been fixed, is what I was told.

Soon enough Tiffany, the female kitty made an escape out the back patio door that was left opened just enough by accident. They were indoor kitties, but Tiffany made it back after a couple of days safely. A few weeks later I happened to notice Tiffany was a little "round" on her belly than usual. I chalked it off to a large meal she may have had. Couple more weeks later and I dont believe my eyes...4 newborn kittens in my closet! How did this happen? My friend said she had her spayed?? Oh well, it didnt matter because when I saw these little fur-balls, my heart turned to butter! One in particular, a brown-black striped tabby male. There was no question about it...He was meant for me! I instantly felt a deep connection for who I would later name "Tigger."

From the beginning, Tigger was differnt from all the others. He walked, talked, played differntly. His mannerisms were almost humanlike. I have a huge roman cannon-ball 4-post bed. Tigger was so smart. He would jump up onto the railing and walk to one of the cannon-ball posts, jump onto the ball and stand on it on all fours. I would walk up to him and bend-over allowing him to step onto my head then I would walk (with kitty on top of my head) and bend over allowing him to get off my head and onto the next ball-post. This was our little game we called "get on top of the world!!"

Every morning at 6 am sharp, Tigger would sit on the floor in the hallway by my bedroom door and meow softly once. If I didnt respond, he would meow again but just a little louder. If I still didnt respond he would jump onto the bed sit and stare straight at me and make a little crackle sound until I opened my eyes. This was him telling me it was time
for our morning walks. By the time he was in his senior years, and was not as strong as he used to be enough to defend himself from other tomcats, I would make sure to be near him as much as possible. He loved midnight walks. So at midnight I would take him for a walk wherever he wanted to go, never more than 6 -8 feet between us. His eyes seem to twinkle with so much gratitude when he looked at me. He loved the night bugs and dark brush and the knowingness his mommy was there to protect him from harm. If a dog chased after him, I got in front of tigger and pushed the dog away.

Many times in his geriatric years other cats would try to hurt him, well mommy wasnt very far behind to swoop Tigger up and run after the neighborhood bully!

I was never really alone, even after thousands of miles of driving with Tigger cross-country, he slept quietly in the back seat, it was comforting to know he was with me. Through 2 failed marriages, countless empty relationships, cold- lonely nights, broken dreams, empty promises from people and life, Tigger again was still there. From a young, naive 20 year old girl to a 38 year old broken-hearted woman who lost everything down to her name and clothing, Tigger was there. So you can only imagine the depth of untarnished, unconditional, Godly love he gave me and I hope I have given him. I was unable to ever conceive children, so Tigger became my life, literally.

Tigger had been showing signs of intestinal distress for some time. I took Tigger to the vet religiously every two weeks for blood, urine, x-rays any and all kinds of tests. They all came back as nothing really significant. The vet prescribed B-12 injections, multi-vitamins, prescription food and medicine to improve any vomiting and/or nausea he may have. And he did perk up for just a bit. Then within a 6 month period, tigger went from 10 pounds to 5. Intestinal lymphoma (cancer) was highly suspected. We didnt have anything to lose at that point so chemo was initiated, which I now feel guilty for allowing this to have been performed because he was too weak to take it, and at 7 am March 1, 2008, I got that phone call telling me he had passed. I was in shock, couldnt talk, breath, pacing the house. I have never experienced a loss this profound. I was and still am devastated beyond comprehension. I cried out for him..."NO! where are you Tigger...this isnt happening...NOOO!"

I have always believed in the afterlife and decided to put this whole nightmare to the test. After pulling myself together, I pretended like nothing ever happened. If I left the house, when I returned I would immediately call Tigger's name in a singing voice just as I always had and he would come running to me with his usual welcoming meow. If I was getting ready to leave I would talk to him and sing our "sunshine" song. I would call his name to "come see me...come see mama."
Every time I did these things and without hesitation, I immediately "felt" a presence in the room with me.
I could almost feel him looking at me. I knew right away it was Tigger. About the 2nd or 3rd day after his passing I was sitting on my bed with my back against the headboard and laptop computer in hand. My body was leaning on my right hip and with my left knee up. Everything was quiet and without any movement, there was noone else in the room. All of a sudden something of the size of a cantalope or similar in weight and mass plopped right down next to my left hip, just like Tigger would do when he wanted to snuggle with me.
At first I was startled but then realized that it was Tigger doing his little "plop" he used to do when he would slide his body along side me then "Plop" into a comfy position. I smiled and was pleased.

Later that same night at about 3 a.m. my boyfriend, Mike, came home on his lunch break. Mike said when he opened the door to come in, he heard what sounded clearly like a small animal run into the other room. The floors are wood therefore its easy to hear someone walking. Mike said the sound was so audible that he pulled out his gun, thinking there was an intruder in the house. (Mike is a police officer) He followed the sound into the next room, turned on the lights but saw nothing. When he told me this, we agreed it must have been Tigger running to the other room. Another incident was when I was laying in bed one night under the blanket and I felt something "pounce" onto my toes on the top of the blanket just like that little game kitties love to play. After being startled, I looked uponly to see there was nothing there. One evening I was watching t.v. while sitting on the bed. On the nightstand next to me was a small toy. The kind you might get in one of those fast-food kids' meals. I had just finished making the bed so I remember where it was placed. I was thinking about Tigger and at that same moment the toy moved about 2 inches across the nightstand. I was a little frightened but also thankful. It was as if Tigger had jumped onto the nightstand and moved the toy to let me know he was there.

I still have yet to see his apparition, but nothing will ever be enough to heal my heart. I have had many dreams of him. One of the first dreams that left an impression upon me was of Tigger sitting at a garden gate looking at me. The gate door was open about 6 inches and on the otherside were trees, flowers and alot of greenery. He was looking at me when I called out to him to come to me but then started to walk to the gate. He seemed to be telling me he didnt want to come back to all the suffering. He wanted to go through the gate but loved me very much. In another dream, I was holding him and he was swaddled in a baby blanket just like newborn babies are at the hospital. Someone once told me that after death, we go through a cleansing or healing process, much like Tigger was cocooned in the blanket.

Even though its comforting to know they are still alive in spirit, it isnt comforting to know I wont be able to touch his soft fir, clean his ears for him with q-tips (something he loved) or take our little walks. I miss laying next to him and looking into his gorgeous green eyes. I keep pictures of him everywhere and have placed his ashes where I can see them everyday in a beautiful urn. It has been 15 months now since Tiggers' death and I am no closer to healing. In fact, I cry and mourn more now than ever before. The love I felt with him was nothing I have ever felt with anyone or anything. It was powerful and it was pure. Since his death, I am not the same. Upon visiting my mother at one point she told me something was missing, or "void" within me but couldnt figure out what it was...I didnt tell her but that was a no-brainer to me, it was the absence of my baby, Tigger. A huge part of me died with him and I dont know how to heal. I am thankful for those 18 years we spent together but I would give anything for another 18 with him here.

Yvonne M

Tigger, 05/11/09

Today I had to say goodbye to my tigger mommys tigger he had a tumor in his cheek and was starting to suffer. sometimes words are not enough to express love that lasted as long as our love did we showed each other love day in and day out we could just stare into each others eyes and nothing needed to be said our eyes spoke. Tigger there will never be another you We found you on melissa 16th birthday and we fell in love with you instantly Thank you for all th pure true love that you gave on a daily basis I as well as melissa will never forget you nor would we want too I cant wait to reunite with you (mamas boy) please watch over us we need your strenght I know your in a better place the bible doesnt lie it is the truth the only truth rest in peace mommys little tigner I love you soo.

Cheryl Cwiertniewicz

Tigger, 03/01/08-04/28/08

Never has such an animal touch our lives as our little Tiggerman.Only 10 years in our life.Not nearly enough to enjoy our lives together.

Linda Courtney

Tigger, 04/26/91-04/15/09

You will forever be missed.
We love you!
Thanks for being such a special part of our family.

Brian, Terri & Tyler Payne

Tigger aka Tiggy Bigs, 2006-02/07/02

Miss You

Christine Beal

Tigger, 04/07/09

Tig I love you


Tigger (Tiggie), 04/11/09

My Ferret Rainbow Bridge -

Dusky, Scooter, Bear, Ivory, Scootsie, Sasha, Gambino, Teddy, Nessie, Buster, Lexi, Rocky, Dookie and now, Tigger (Tiggie)

Thank you for blessing my life and at times, actually saving it while I battled cancer!

Each of you live through and within the rest of your Sisters & Brothers. You are missed dearly!

James O'Donnell

Tigger, 03/30/09

I love Tigger like a child.
He has been there with me since he was 4 weeks old.
I miss him dearly and will never forget the great times we had.

Tigger momma loves you!!

Tigger, 09/30/01-03/16/09

I will miss him forever!

Cheryl Cornett

Tigger (Tiggy, my very good boy) , 08/92-02/24/09

Tiggy was my baby and a very good boy.
I am very proud and lucky to have lived 16 1/2 years with him.
He was always loyal, sweet, funny and loved to entertain.
He gave me a loving and peaceful feeling and forgave my defects.
I think he took care of me more than I took care of him.
He was an incredible kitten and a young hearted senior.
My best furry friend forever (BFFF).
Miss you baby. I'll always love you.
I pray that we will be together again.
btw..Cleo misses you too.


Tigger, 04/98-02/24/09

My dear Tigger,
We miss you so much.
You were my best friend for 11 years.
I love you forever and I will see you again someday.


Tigger aka Fatboy, 11/93-02/22/09

He picked me out to be his mommy 16 years ago in New Smyrna Beach at the Humane Society Shelter.
The void I feel in my heart and home is vast and painful.
He was a "big boy", and he ruled my house with much love. I thank God for giving me such an awesome pet and know he is at peace.

Pattie Frost

Tigger, 05/01/97-02/21/09

Tigger - to our cuddlier, we miss your purrs, your insistence on being petted.
My you play forever with Hendrix and find eternal love with Dusty and Melissa.
Love, Jacki

Tigger, 02/16/09

Jinx's brother. Had to be put down due to blood in lungs and coulndt breath. Anesthetic reaction.


Tigger, 01/25/98-02/13/09

Eye to Eye

Tigger, my boy, you always knew what I want by just looking into my eyes.
I also knew what it was you seek when I look into those big, round and dark eyes.

I was there when you were coming out of your mother's womb.
I picked you out of the litter because I saw the spunk in you.

Losing you this day has been very hard for me.
The special bond we had between us can never be replaced by any other pet.

I cherished every day that we were together.
You received the higher calling and are now waiting for me at the Rainbow Bridge where someday I will follow.

Until then I will miss you but have fun and run around in the meadows.
I know that when my time comes to follow you on the bridge, those big, round and dark eyes already knows to run towards me and lick my nose as it used to.

I love you so much boy!!!

Don Coronel

Tigger, 10/26/96-02/11/09

Tigger was such earth angel and I will miss him forever.
I thank him for being with me and being the best companion I have ever had.

Christine Velte

Tigger, 09/22/03

Tigger had a long and happy life,,loved camping,,kids,,and just being with you.. the last two years of his life he suffered with pancritis,,i finally decided i was being selfish and let him go..was the hardest thing i"ve ever had to do,,i still miss him every day..but i know he is waiting for me,,and i will be with him again someday,,,
you will always be with me in my heart,,,jane

Tigger, 07/07/04

Tigger, the white and tawny Cockapoo, was the unwilling older brother of Winnie the Pooh (Pooh Bear, the yellow Lab). No wonder. The first thing baby Pooh did when introduced to the family was to pee on Tigger's brand new LL Bean bed, which had his name embroidered on it. It took six weeks for Tigger to acknowledge Pooh's existence. After that, we were all one happy family.

Tigger was loved for all of his endearing qualities, but some that stand out were his quirky, goofy, bone-headed, happy-go-lucky nature. He was sweet, loving, adoring, and empathetic with his mamma. One day, he had a Great Golf Adventure with his daddy, when he got to ride in the golf cart and run around the tee box with great abandon for 9 holes. Sweet!

We miss him greatly. And now we miss our Pooh Bear, too.

Alan and Susan Barclay

Tigger, 01/29/09

I miss you so much.

James Peterson

Tigger, 01/30/09


Our sweet ginger tabby, mommy and daddy miss you already. We are so sorry you were so sick and coulnd't get better. We know you aren't suffering anymore.

When I came to the shelter that day looking for a ginger tabby, you stretched your arm through the cage at me and meowed real loud. I knew you were the one for us. Little did we know you were to be put down the next day. I think God had alot to do with you sticking your arm out that day. I saved your life and in return, you gave me the best 17 years. Sweet boy, as long as I live, I will always remember you. You will now be taken to a place where othere animals ashes are spread in a beautiful apple grove. That way you can continue to thrive and make beautiful flowers for the apple trees. When my turn is up here, I will come and look for you and all your brothers and sisters. Please have fun and love your siblings. You will never be alone. Goodbye for now sweet boy. Please be good and mom will see you down the road. Please give all your siblings hugs and kisses for me.

I love you Tigger and always remember that. Good bye sweet boy.

It's been such a pleasure and I hope you thrive in Heaven.

Mommy and Daddy

Tigger, 05/17/98-01/06/09

I adopted Tigger when she was 15 weeks old. It was love at first sight for me. For over ten years, she was my constant companion. Tigger was the sweetest cat, never bit or scratched, only loved and played. I knew that I could always count on her to be there for me on good and bad days. I know that she's in a better place now where she's no longer in pain but her loss has hit me like a ton of brick. Never will I forget her. I love you, Tigger-roo. See you at the Rainbow Bridge.

Sayra R

Tigger, 01/10/09

Tigger: You were our special cat and friend. You were so very noble, loving and brave to the end.
We miss you, Tiggs - and will love you forever!


Mom, Dad, Marnie and Mike

Tigger, 10/29/08

Tigger, Our pretty Tig Tig. We Love and Miss You Always Big Girl.

Georgia Ledesma

Tigger Bear, 09/14/91-07/06/09

My Very Precious and Special Tigger Bear left me this morning.
He was the child I never had, my Soulmate and my very Best Friend.
He was actually my life and I am suicidal without him.
My heart is an open wound now that bleeds constantly.
I don't know how to go out without this very special guy in my life.
I want to hold him so badly.


Tigger and Ashley, 06/2009

My sweet little angel faces..Mommy loves and misses her little sweethearts..I know you are at the bridge with your brothers and sisters and are well again, and that bring me peace but does not mend the broken heart I have. Nothing can ever replace such pure creatures...I love you my babies and I pray I get to see you again at the bridge. A thousand kisses to all of my babies...always a part of my heart, forever. Thank you for being such joy to me and your Daddy, you were all such brilliant sunshine!

Mary Bedell

Tigger and Jinx, 10/2008 to 16/02/09 and 14/02/09

I miss my babies alot and hope they are safe on the rainbow bridge.


Tigger Jones, 9/16/2009

I am here to say goodby to a member of my family. I saved Tigger when Houston flooded so bad about 10 or 11 years ago. I was visiting a friend,and we heard a terrible noise and it was a large cat fighting this small yellow tabby kitten. My daughter and I fell in love at first sight.

We brought Tigger home to Louisiana in the front seat of the car. He there for me throught a divorce, death of my father, heart surgery of my mother and a car accident that almost took my daughter. He was always waiting for me to get home so I could put ice in his water, he did not like it any other way.

Ever since I have had Tigger I did not feel alone. There was always someone there with me at all times, even when I would wake up he would always be beside me.

I forgot to say that he did not like men, so dating was rather difficult for me and my daughter. If Tigger didn't like you, you were out.

I got married in Jan. of this year and me and Tigger moved to the city. My husband was not a cat person, but their personalities were so much alike (my way or no way) that they bonded. Tigger had a way of making you love him and getting his way.

My Tigger Man I will miss you so much and hopefully you will know what a blessing you have been to me. There will never be another like you. My daughter always said I would pick you over her, and sometimes she was right.

Beth Cooke

Tigger Louise, 03/11/98-03/24/09

Our best friend crossed over the Bridge suddenly today and our hearts are heavy. The doctor discover a large mass in her lungs and gave her 24-48 hours to live.
She was having trouble breathing, so to avoid any suffering, we made the tough decision to have her humanely euthanized.
The hardest thing we've ever had to do and our sorrow is immense.
We miss you so much T-t...see you on the other side

Jim and Rosemary Kulesza

Tigger Tank, 01/22/09

My Tiger Tank was my best friend for 16 years. He was an outside inside cat and when he wanted to come in he would knock on the window. i will miss him terrible and his little knocks. He was my "BUB" and slept with me every night. I will miss you Tigger Tank. Daddy too. Mommie and Daddie will be there with you soon.

Tigger Too, 01/2008

I know this is late but we still miss our girl. Bye, sweet Tigger.

Christine, Judy, Tim, and Steve

Tigger Ward, 08/01/00-03/24/09

Tigger (Tiggy) Ward was so loved by his family, Janice, Tony, and Cameron. He was such a beautiful and intelligent cat with the warmest eyes and heart; everyone loved him. Tiggy never met a stranger and had the sweetest personality. He was like a child to me and was very much one of our family. He was only 8 1/2 years old, and left us too soon. I always knew he had a big heart, but unfortunately it was his heart that was sick. We were blessed to have him for all of his 8 years. I love him so much that my heart is truly broken. I miss you and love you so much, Tiggy Ward!

Janice McQueen Ward

Tiggi, 01/03/09

sleep tight handsome man

Jane Paxton

Tiggles, 04/04/09

My gentle loving loyal little friend I miss you so much and you will always be close to my heart, thank you for everything. I will see you at Rainbow Bridge....xxxx

Aisling Ireland

Tiggy, 07/13/09

Tiggy was a beautiful cat, she was my best friend.
She came into my life when she was just a few weeks old and I was eight years old - I've moved to various addresses and each time she came with me.
Considering we were in our first address for 18 years I was concerned about the first move, however it didn't worry her - she always seemed happy.

I'll never forget how loud she purred, or how she used to come trotting up to my car when she heard me pull up to the house after work.
The way she used to follow me from one room to another, or how she used to curl up on the couch next to me, in the smallest gap she could find.

I'll never forget how during the last year she always started the night laying next to me in bed, before moving to the floor next to the bed.
How she came down the stairs when I got home from work and poked her head over the side to look at me and meow.

Most of all I'll never forget how much I loved her, how important she was to me and how happy she made me.
I hope I made her just as happy.

Rebecca Kirkby

Tiggy, 04/04/09

Tiggy was our best friend... He loved life and loved playing with his family and friend Buster.
Even to the end Tiggy loved life, but he was in pain and now he can run and play pain free again.
You will be missed..
You will remain in our hearts xxxxxx

Julie Crosbie

Tiggy Rickett, 06/05/90-03/03/09

My Beautiful Tiggsy Mow Mow I miss you so much, my life is empty and cold without you.
There is a hole in my heart where you filled me with love and affection. I miss your purr and I miss you saying hello in the mornings, and when I woke you up, you always said hello.
God Bless you my darling and I hope you are with my mum, and her cats and dogs, and my kimmy mcchoocha. I hope you know I did all I could for you and so did Owen, Niki said he was the best vet she knew. Your little body had just got too old and could not cope. Please be there for me when its my turn I want to see you again and
be in my next life, I love you always, xxxlove Gailxxx

Tiki, July 21, 2009

Tiki, you brought light and love back into my life and home. You were a little cuddlebug, full of sweet kitty kisses. Your life was much too short, but it was filled with love. I will never forget your intelligent eyes, filled with curiousity and excitement about the world - each day was a new adventure for you. My heart is broken and the house feels empty without you here. Mom loved you so much and there was no way to prevent what happened. I know you are in no pain and one day, we will see each other again.

Tiki, 03/17/05-03/12/09

I never had a dog before you, and the pain of your sudden loss is so difficult to bear. I knew we had a special bond, but until you were taken I had no idea how deep that love went. I know that time will heal my grieving heart, as it thankfully does, but it seems so unlikely now.

My dear Tiki, you allowed me to find a side of myself I did not know I had, a wonderful gift. I will always remember you and all the fine times we had. I love and miss you so much


Tiki, 09/10/99

I still cry for you every day baby girl and it's been 10 yrs now. I can never replace you in my heart. God understands. We will meet at the rainbow bridge soon. All my love to you.

Jean Ogle

Tiki, 05/18/89-01/21/09

To my beautiful, purring girl. For 19 years and 8 months you were a bright light in my life. You were always sweet, loyal, and affectionate. You were going to be called, Kiki, but when I saw you and you fit in the palm of my hand, you were my tiny kitty--Tiki. You were a mischievous kitten who grew into an adult who liked dogs, travel, and feline greenies. I miss you very much. I miss that normally when I would sit here at the computer, you would curl up on my lap. I miss not hearing you insist upon your greenies in the evening. There is an emptiness in this house right now as I have never lived here without you. My brave, beautiful, strong girl--I miss you and love you.

Cathy Paul

Tilley, 07/12/09

Tilley, we loved you and you will be missed by all of us.
Love Randy, Beth, Melissa, Matthew, Jake and Chris

Tilley Gamble, 31/03/93-21/02/09

A faithful and loving companion who will be forever in my heart.

Shirley Anne Gamble

Tillie McWilliams, 03/17/93-01/17/09

I am writing this with the heaviest of hearts.
My beloved Tillie McWilliams passed away in my arms early this morning.
(She was named after a neighbor of my mother's in Belfast, N. Ireland during the 20-30's)
She put up an amazing fightfor life after being diagnosed with cancer on Sept. 29,2007, and being given 3wks-3month to live.
With the exemlary effort of my wonderful veterinarian and friend, Dr. Mary Bowles, I was given 16 months of more time with my companion.
Tillie is the smartest cat that I have ever had (she would point with her paw to what she wanted1). I will miss her so much.
I do not think that you are ever prepared for the loss of unconditional love.
I was truly blessed.
I am a better person to have had her in my life.
I had lots of help throughout this ordeal from my neighbor, Sandy, and my friend, Debby.
They were always on call to help watch Tillie so I could go to Tulsa or OKC.
I am forever grateful to them.
The staff and students at the OSU Vet School were phenomenal.
I have come to realize that Tillie was known by many more than I ever knew.
I was at Wal-Mart and after a little bit of visiting, the cashier asked me if I was Tillie McWilliams mom!
God Bless All of You!

Gerry Pinion

Tillie Rose, 05/04/00-07/08/09

You are always in our hearts and we look forward to meeting you again at Rainbow Bridge. Say hello to Rebel and Bullie and the rest of the gang. You were our silly tillie and loved more than words can say. Until we meet again, Til.

Dixie Martens

Tilly, 26/05/97-24/07/09

Tilly was the kindest, loyal friend, who's tail never stopped wagging and who brought happiness to all who knew her. She was also a stubborn and determined lady and she will be missed so much by everyone who knew her. She passed over today at 2pm surrounded by all her family and I miss her so much already.

God bless my Tilly xxxxxxxxx

Tilly, 05/11/09

You were my little white shadow, even though you were so small your presence filled our house with love. You will never be forgotten. I miss you so much already.

Carla Lee

Tilly Sharpe, 07/12/98-13/03/08

always thought about every day sorly missed by andrew her wee brother and myself lyndsay (HER HUMAN MUM)tilly was like a child to me and was never left alone we done everything together if tilly couldnt come i didnt go will love and miss you always tilly love mummy and andrew xxxxxxxxxxx
i love u till from andrew xxxxxxxxc

Tilly the Wonder Dog ,09/03/95-01/31/09

Tribute Tilly The WonderDog, CCI Yellow labrador (9/3/1995 - 1/31/2009)

Tilly the Wonderdog was a Service Dog (yellow lab) from Canine Companons for Independence in Santa Rosa, California, and I consider it an honor to have been friends with her partner and "adopted" by Tilly into her family.

Tilly was the greatest. Tilly had and made more friends than I can ever hope for in several lifetimes. If having a one good friend is like a cool, refreshing cup of water on a hot day, then she was a waterfall, with more than enough love to go around. If she had born as a human, I have no doubt she would be the outgoing, welcoming "amabassador of goodwill", brightening up every place and everyone she met. When I was in the hospital rehab ward recovering from surgery, Tilly and her partner were there to visit me every day. The whole floor brightened up when they rolled in - Tilly had to stop and "visit" other patients on the way, a few even thought she was the "Official Therapy Dog." The nurses even gave her a certificate of appreciation and paged her over the intercom - she came romping over, ears perked, just as if she was one of the staff and brought much needed smiles to everyones faces.

I really do believe that what we see is not the totality of who or what we are. I've come to think that true spiritual advancement is really measaured by the heart's capacity to give and receive unconditional love. Maybe a soul is given a life that best fullfills that. This may sound pretty crazy, but what better life is there to fullfil that than that of a Service Dog? To share the best of ones' self with everyone, unconditionally, without the hangups and limitations we humans struggle with. When evaluated by the heart's measure, Tilly the Wonderdog is lightyears ahead of us and she was truly a angel in disquise. But I think those of us who were honored to know Tilly and by way her partner generously shared her with us, already quessed that.

Tilly the Wonderdog, we love you and you will always be with us.

Tillys website is at and her memorial page at

Kate and Mary Boyle

Tim, 04/28/09

A great little kitten who was the victim of a speeding woman.

Paul, Paulette, Lena

Timbermist's Sirius A'Knight, 06/05/98-06/06/09

She was a Very Special girl whom I expected to enjoy for another couple years - my little Siren, as in Vamp, as in lady-with-a-red dress on!
She enjoyed meeting new people and was convinced they all had a nummie for her.

Kristine Kerr

Timmy, 1983

The most intelligent animal I have ever met, Timmy was my first kitty and my first love, and my forever heart kitty. I've only just found this site or I would have posted this years ago.


Timmy, 04/12/94-01/20/09

To the most loveable and huggable yorkie. We miss you so much, Timmy. You were by our side for almost 15 years.
You are the probably one of the most traveled dogs because of our military life but now you are on your last journey. The emptiness that remains is enormous.
We had no idea how much you were the heartbeat of our home. It is incredibly quiet and lonely without you. It is sad to think of you not here and it is very hard not to cry. We wish that we didn't remain in denial for too long and hope that you are at peace now with Amber. Till we meet again...
Loving you always! Momma, Daddy Dog & Lucy(german shepherd).

Timone, 10/25/95-01/05/09

Dear Beautiful Boy, you were a constant joy.
Your loving, sweet and gentle personality endeared you to so many.
You made us all laugh with your quirks and your canine sense of humour.
I will always remember you.
You are always in my mind and heart.
Everyone misses you and we hope that you are up there playing in the sun with Mitz, Jack and Simon.
Tell them their mom and dads miss them too.
Love you Poopie, rest in peace.

Sue Nelson

Timothy, October 2004 - 8/20/09

Timothy a little red headed boy with attitude and joy. He enriched our lives so much. We miss him so. No more pain or fear now little fellow.

Tina, 05/11/09

You have been the light of my life for the last 14 years and I will miss you Buddy!
I pray that you had a good life and enjoyed it as much as I did!
I will see you again!

Sandi Baxter

Tina Vinci, 01/17/97-02/28/09

I fell in love with you the minute I held you.
You had a humor about you that always made us laugh, like when you'd grab the nearest bone or toy and toss it in the air when you were happy. You had such a big heart for everyone, always sweet. You'll always be Mommy and Daddy's sweetheart and Johnny's sister.
You always understood us and spoke to us on many occasions.
You gave so much love and happiness.
I thank you for being by our side when we were hurting and sad and when we just needed a friend to play with.
You never judged us...just loved us.
You taught us how to be better people. Your loyalty and devotion helped get me through this last year and a half of illness and operations.
You followed me to every room I went..and I knew you were watching out for me. My little princess, my little bean, my Saint Tina, I pray that you are out of pain and not scared as you wait for us at Rainbow Bridge. We will miss you.
You will always be in our hearts! I always said that you were my little angel on earth. God must have needed another angel up in heaven and he chose mine. You are the Best! We just wish we had you with us longer.
It hurt to let you go but as I told you..It's Ok.
You didn't deserve to be in pain.
We will love you forever.
Thank you for being there for us...I just hope you know we tried to do the right thing for you.
We will love you forever and always, Boo Boo Tina, our little sweetheart.
You've taught us well...You did good!
Now run and play at Rainbow Bridge til we come for you.
Love ya forever and a day, Mommy, Daddy, Johnny and Uncle Bill xxxxoooo

Tingri-Zayu, 05/05/95-07/11/09

I am paying tribute to my cat Tingri-Zayu who died on Saturday July 11 2009 at the age of 14.
He was a loving cat.
He was an energetic cat.
He was also a playfull cat.

Jan-Fraser Coward

Tink, 12/30/08

I love you my precious..... Fly with angel puppies.. find rags and shy and and have a ball!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Tink Coffey, 06/17/98-06/24/09

Tink was a special one.
I will miss him terribly.

Leanne Coffey

Tinker, 06/15/09

Tinker, we are going to miss you around here.
Enjoy the sun, the birds and we'll be listening for you.
We love you, baby.

Your Family

Tinker, 03/28/09

Your death was so unexpected and you were loved and cherished. We will miss you very much! You left us far too soon.


Tinkerbell, 03/2009

TinkerBell was Dear to my heart i got her when she was about 8weeks i love her dearly.I still remember when i got you from the feed store,you were the cutest bunny ever,Just hoping around by the chickes.i just wish you could have stayed sorry i had to do that just i didnt want you to suffer and be in pain.i know there will NEVER be any other bunny like fun and used to scare the big cute!i just wish i could relive those years.I love you and you will always be in my heart for ever!


Tinkerbell, 05/28/04-02/15/09

Tinkerbell, we love you so much and miss you even more.
You will always be a special part of our family and we look forward to the day we get to see you again in Heaven.
Your beauty, gentleness, patience, and trust will never be forgotten.
Play to your little heart's content and our family will be together again soon.
We love you Tinkerbell!

Mary Walker

Tinkerbell and Beavis, 06/02/09

The house is so quiet and empty without you.
You were part of our family for so long, there will always be a hole in our hearts.
Until we see you again, you have each other.
You can cuddle up and sleep together like you did for so many years.
Take care of each other like you always have and rememeber how very, very loved you were.
Sleep peacefully my beautiful kitty babies.
Love MaMa

Tinkerbell Maria Weekly, 10/10/97-01/04/09

Tinkerbell - You are the dog of a lifetime........
Forever Loved and Never Forgotten.
Wait for me, Girl.
I will be there with you as soon as I heart is broken....
Love you
Mommy & Poppy

Tinkerbelle, 03/11/09

We will always love you!

Rick and Patti Parnell

Tinkerbelle, 09/15/93-02/12/09

Tribute to Tinkerbelle
Sept 1993 - Feb 12, 2009

You came into my life and stole my heart. You were with me through all the valleys and hills in the 15 years we shared. Your sweet unconditional love was constant and unyielding. I will never forget you and will always love you Tinkerbelle. Now you can watch the birdies and play outside any time you want. I miss you terribly, but I know you are safe in Jesus arms. I hope to see you again, and look forward to that day. I'm thankful to heavenly father for giving me such a precious gift. Remember what I told you before you went home... you will always be my sweet angel. You are in my heart forever. My love is with you always.

With much love,
Debra J Harrington aka Mommy

Tinkerbelle, 06/15/03-01/08/08

Tinkerbelle was the most attentive, aware, generoua, non-judgmental, unconditionally loving at all times, obedient, fun-loving, beautiful, graceful cat there EVER was. We are devastated and confused. She went so quickly---48 hours. What could it have been? We are lost.

Judith and Larry

Tinkerbelle Lindsey, 04/01/01-12/13/04

She was the Mae West of the Labador group.
And my Best Friend for almost 14 years.
She was a Trooper.
She will always be missed.

Judy Lindsey

Tinky, 12/25/06-07/10/08

My dearest Tinky, I miss your furry little face and whiskers. Have fun at Rainbow Bridge. You are not hurting anymore. Till we meet again. Hugs and Kisses, Love your mommy, Jeanna

Tinky, 05/08/09

Tinky had the best life any dog could have. We always was camping with us and loved the ocean. She was my surfing baby. Also loved swimming in the river. She gave us 6 litters of the most beautiful lab puppies. We will be missed.

River Run Sheba

Tino, 09/03/00-06/24/09

Tino was my boy he stuck by my side always 1 had many surgerys from a bad car accident he was always waiting for me with face up against the window no matter how long i was gone he loved his family my kids grankids he was smart loyal funny i no he is with his grnma now that he also loved and she loved him i will always love him and miss him it broke my heart to let him go but could not let hi suffer. until we meet again my boy in my heart you will be to then. love you always mommy.

Tino, 24/04/09

A much loved friend sadley missed,we are heartbroken with your passing,always remembered resting in her favorite place in her garden


Tiny, 09/21/93-04/10/09

In loving memory of a very special member of this family.

Sue...A Friend To Mother Barbara and Her Aunts

Tiny Boy, 07/11/09

My tiny boy will be missed forever. I am heart broken.


Tiny Jones, 07/17/08

I will miss you forever mama.Come visit me in my dreams anytime i love you!!!

Vi Jones

Tinyman Peyatt, 04/24/94-05/20/09

My beloved Tinyman you are loved and missed more then words could say. I had you for 15 wonderful years and you are now your my baby angel at the rainbow bridge until we met again. Enjoy your new found health with no more pain. Mommy loves you so much my dearest Tiny.

Tiobla, 1996 - September 25, 2009

Shock, bargaining, denial, anger......When will I be able to accept? Hopefully for my heart someday, but most likely never.

Tiobla really came into her daddy's and my life quite accidentally. I had lost my cat a little over a year before. I felt maybe, just maybe I was ready to bring a new kitty into the home. We went to the Denver Dumb Friend's League to see if I was truly ready. When I firt walked into the cat area, the first cat I saw looked identical the Anna Pavlowa (my kitty who passed). I lost it. The first thing David (my husband)did was pull me out of the cat area and into the dog area, trying to me to calm down.

At the time we were thinking we would like bring a Rottweiler into our family as well. So David and I were just looking at all the dogs. After I calmed down we decided to ask the people if they had a list we could be put on for Rotties. The said they did, but wondered if we absolutely had our hearts set on a Rottweiler. They told us we needed to meet someone.

After a few minutes the door opened and there she was. A timid, shy, confused, lost-looking Doberman Pincher. We mad eye contact and she immediately ran to me. I thought she was going to jump in my lap! It was love at first sight. They then told us her story.....

Her owner had to moved to Europe and couldn't find a home, so took them (Tiobla and her sister) the DDFL. She made specific instructions that Tiana (Tiobla's sister) and Tiobla had to go TOGETHER because Tiobla had separation anxiety issues. Some lady came in adopted them both as if she really wanted the two dogs. Then she went home, decided which one she liked best and took Tiobla back. Poor little Tiobla, dumped twice.

We told the people we had a Black Lab and would have to see if they got along. We rushed home and got Bailey. The two of them hit it off immediately. So instead of coming home with a cat or kitten, which we intended, we came home with 1-1/2 year old Doberman named Tiobla.

Our family felt whole again. Bailey loved having a little sister to boss around. Of course Tiobla insisted she was alpha, but Bailey wouldn't give up. Over the years everytime someone would come to the house or they would see other dogs they would try start barking and growling at each other, because Tiobla didn't want Bailey to bark at all. It was definitely a noisey household with the two of them trying to figure that out. It went on for 14 years.

One year 7 months to the day that we lost Tiobla, Bailey left us. It broke everybody's heart, but especially Tiobla's. She was once again lost. She wouldn't eat and just slept. One of our cats then latched on to her (Grizabella). Tiobla then seemed to perk up a bit. However, 8 weeks later our dear, sweet Grizabella had to leave this earth as well. That threw Tiobla into a tailspin. Since that time we had been trying to get her to eat. Trying to make a party out of the whole thing, thinking if we got her excited enough she would eat. Finally we had to put her on medication to make her eat. It wasn't enough.

Our poor girl dropped down to 65 pounds. Her muscles were atrophying. She was having trouble with her back legs. Then that horrible day came. On September 25, 2009, her legs were buckling underneath her and she couldn't hold herself up. She tried, boy did she try, but the strength was gone.

We went to the vet hoping something could be done. There was nothing. There were a couple of meds that we could give her, but one had really bad side effects, which would cause her kidneys to fail. The other we would only be able to have her for 2-4 weeks. We couldn't do that to her. Looking in her eyes we could tell she was tired and had enough. She wanted to be with her two friends again, Bailey and Grizabella. So, once again we had to play God and tell the vet to put her down.

Your daddy and I will never forget you Tiobla. We miss you so and hopefully we will be able to accept it. I feel your daddy is still in denial and I hope you can help him to cry. He needs to.

You were the best Doberman anyone could ever have. I always grew up being told how Doberman's are "bad" dogs and "mean", you can't trust them. You were the sweetest girl ever, as long as you knew I was safe. Thank you for being my friend, my furbaby, my protector. Thank you for fighting and being here with us as long as you were.

I hope you can forgive us for what we had to do. I pray that you are back with Bailey and Grizzy and that you and Bailey are fighting over clouds up in heaven, barking and getting into fights whenever there is a new arrival. Why did you guys always do that? Silly, silly dogs. I also pray we will one day all be together again. Please come to me sweet girl in my dreams and let me know you're okay. I don't know if we will ever have a dog again after you and Bailey. The two of you broke the mold in my opinion.

I love you sweet Tiobla. Your daddy loves you too. We miss you.

All of our love,
Mommy and Daddy

Tip, 06/11/09

We miss Tip very badly, he ran under a car after escaping from the house. We hope that he is running like the wind in Heaven.


Tip, 1991-06/30/09

We lost a best friend and companion and he will always be missed and remembered.

O'Neill Family

Tippen-Tutkillen, 12/07/04-05/06/08

In Loving Memory

When tomorrow starts without you..

My most beloved whippet "Tippen"Ě Aaniston Alarch The Sea Lion
December 7th 2003 - May 6th 2008

"Tippen"Ě was not a Show champion he was a neutered (cryptorchid) little boy, but he became my most beloved and the most important whippet that I've ever had. He gained all the titles in endless love, infinite kindness, and a will to stay alive for as long as he possibly could.
Even though there was no cure. He had such a humble attitude, and I have never seen or meet a dog with so much affection towards all living things.
He had the most beautiful inside and I found a masterpiece in him.
He was the love of my life, where do I go from here..

Mia Westerlund

Tipper, 10/23/95-07/07/09

Tipper you were an amazing companion and we are so sorry you are gone from us.
We wish so badly it was our faces and voices that were with you at the end.
You gave us so many great years and we wanted the end to be with us as well, in your bed at home.
We are so very sorry that didn't happen, we did what we thought was best.
We are very grateful you are no longer suffering.
We were never ready for you to go and so thankful for all the memories and love you gave us.
We so love and miss you.....

Pam Alfieri

Tipper, 04/21/09

Tipper, my forever friend for 16 plus years.
I know you are on the other side and chasing squirrels and tennis balls and lying in the sun.
I miss you.


Tipper, 03/29/93-03/23/09

Tipper you were so special in our lives. We miss you so much and love you now that you are gone. Our home is so lonely without you in it even Sarah is missing you also. Wait for me at The Rainbow Bridge and we will be togeher again for eternity.

Jimmie Tucker

Tipper, 02/05/99-09/29/08

You left us all too soon.
You were always by my side and ready to give a kiss.
Coming home to find you standing at the door with the tail wagging in greeting brightened the worst of days.
You are missed and loved.
You touched our lives and our hearts forever.

Colleen, Angie, Kristen

Tipper, 04/27/01

To my baby girl Tipper (Babe)

you were our heart and soul little girl. I can not wait to hold and kiss you again. I loved you so much and you were such a good little girl. I am so sorry that your life was taken so untimely.
I know that you were there to meet Michael and walk him across the bridge. I love you and miss you every day! God bless you babe girl!

love--your Momie

Tippi Cat, 05/06/98-05/18/09

Our sweet little Tippi Cat was as healthy as ever until March of this year.
At age 11, she developed a carcinoma attached to the underside of her tongue.
The vet said it was a very nasty and aggressive disease.
Indeed, it took her in two months.
But with long-term steroids and pain meds, we bought her another few weeks of quality life...backyard walks in her harness where she could chase bugs and chipmucks...seeking out the sun-spots in the house to lounge...talking to the birds in the open window...scratching her claws on the scratching post...keeping us company in our bathroom...and most importantly, one last loving lap on my husband's legs the night before we had her put to sleep.

No more suffering, sweet Tippi-Toes. But there's a huge void with your passing.
We look for you everywhere but you're not there.
But know you'll always be in our hearts and at the back door talking to the birds and chipmunks.

Keeping the patio door open in your memory, sweet Tippi.

Love you for being such a dynamic and smart cat!

Lynda Havens

Tippsy, 01/28/09

In memory of Tippsy, my 9 yr old grandson Tristyn's beloved hamster who went to the Rainbow Bridge today. She was loved and cherished by Tristyn and he knows she will be waiting for him at the Rainbow Bridge.

Sandy Sturm

Tippy, 12/14/93-05/19/09

Tippy was a sweet dog.. she loved her cat siblings and we will miss her so much

Barbara Brady

Tippy, 09/94-01/02/09

We will always love you, Tippy.
You were the smartest "human" cat we have ever known.
We loved your funny antics for 14 yrs.
We never thought we would lose you so fast.
We will see you in heaven.

Your Momma and Brother

Tish, 05/01/95-05/03/09

You will be missed. I know that you are not suffering anymore...I Love You

Tammy Nowakowski

Tisket Tasket - Trixie - in a Basket, 02/10/96-06/13/09

You were a beautiful dog, you gave us 13 years/5 months/12 days of comfort, happiness and love.
You put up with the constant moves of military life from AK, NC, TN, TX and PA...but when I looked at you on Friday morning, I knew your time had come. I believe you knew it too, I could tell.
Knowing I will no longer hear your bells on my heels, makes me sad, but OH WHAT A WONDERFUL LIFE!!
We love you, Mommie Puppy, and we all will miss you.

Kenneth, Jocelynn & Tyson Aka Sissy Davis

Titan, 01/10/00-01/23/09

Our gentle giant, What a loving soul. We took you
to keep you from being destroyed. You gave us 9 years of love and loyalty. We miss you big guy.

Barbara Watkins

Titan, 03/2008

Titan was a big sweetheart.
Even though he was a police dog he was very loveable.
He was often referred to as the "surfer dude dog" because he was so happy and laid back.
We miss him every day.

Geraldine Earthman and Ginny Chase

Titan Metlika, 02/11/09

Titan, You were a wonderful faithful friend to the whole family.
We all loved you.
You will never be forgotten.

Adam and Kristen Metlika

Tito, 08/93-01/02/09

My buddy you will be in our hearts forever
Your Family

Titus, 08/30/06-05/08/09



Dave & Joanne Ryngiewicz

Titus, 07/04/03-04/13/09

Titus found us when he was about a year old.
it was instant love. He was the most loving, fun-loving dog i have every seen.
I guess he was a bit of a goof-ball because he would actually make fun of me and try to make me go to bed on time--he would actually go in and pull the covers down on my bed.
I never taught him to do this. you couldn't ask for a better friend, if i cried at a touching commerial he would try to lick my tears away. everyone said what a bueatiful dog he was, he always looked like he was smiling and happy-until that last 24 hours, when he was in pain and he still never got bad, he just cuddled up to me and looked to me for help - i did the only thing i could but i'll never get over it- it may have stopped his pain but it was the hardest thing i have ever had to do.titus was diagnosised with an endocrine carcinoma on 11-1=2008 and we were told it had already spread - there was not really any hope.
this type of cancer spread to the heart and lungs usually and his chest x-ray showed it was in his lungs already.--no symptoms other than a flat swelling on the back of his neck and he had so much fur it was hard to find that.

Linda Osteen Lockerman

Tivo, 01/23/09

Mr. were the first dog Best Friends rescued out of Katrina in 2005....we never thought you would make it past the first month, but with alternative therapy for your heartworms and love, good food and lots of attention you were on to live another 4 years having the best of the best.....precious sweet boy

Love your foster mom, karen

Tixxie Jeffrey, 20/04/09



TJ, 11/01/00-05/31/09

TJ, we don t know what happened to you. You went outside with Jack and Mya but you didn t come home.
TJ when my Mom died you were my only comfort, you stayed by my side day and night. You loved my Mom and it took you a long time not to cry every night. Now I am crying every night for you.
There are people up in heaven who loved you. Go to them over the Rainbowbridge and be happy.

Lynda Thayer

TJ, 07/18/91-02/10/07

Oh TJ mommy misses you terribly. I find some comfort in the fact that no one could ever take my precious memories of you away, they belong to you and me. My heart aches always for the weight of losing you 2 1/2 yrs ago is still so very heavy. I replaced our front door, but kept the part of our old door where you used to scratch to come back in. Besides still having your teddy bear and ashes this is all that I have left to prove that you were truly a big part of my life. Though the rest of the family may make fun of me for these things....I hold on to all that was once a part of you. I love you still deeper than ever. Until we are together again, keep me in your heart.

Shirl Simonian

TJ Rodriguez, 05/25/09

TJ, I am so sorry you left me at such a young age.
Poor baby, you had a difficult life before I adopted you.
I am so sorry you suffered so much the last few days of your life.
I miss you so, so much and know you are no longer suffering.

I love you - Mami

Sandra Rodriguez

Tobe, 12/30/08

My Dearest Tobe, It was so hard to say goodbye to you.
My greatest solace is that you are now with your sister Chessie.
I'm sure they have a special water bowl in the sink just for you! I miss you very much but I am so thankful for the many wonderful years you and your sister gave to me. Thank you for choosing me as your Mom. There is a special place in my heart that will always be yours. All my love to you.

Angela Wagner

Tobi, 03/18/09

Tobi became my best friend and companion when I was diagnosed with breast cancer in Nov. 08.
We only had a short time together, but he had a wonderful home and we had lots of fun!!

Tomi Greene

Toby, December 14, 1990 - November 5, 2009

Dear Toby, for 19 years you have been our little boy and sweetest companion. Many sisters and brothers have come and gone since the day you put your puppy paws on our window sill and wagged your little tail begging to come in and play with your sister Amber. We kept taking you back home to your parents, but you came right back until it became obvious that you belonged with us. They originally named you Paco, but once you became a part of our household, we renamed you Toby. We called you Toby Toes because for 19 years you suffered with allergies and nothing would keep you from biting your toes! Through juvenile cataracts, glaucoma,blindness and surgery, you hung in there and were such a trooper. For 19 years you have shared my side of the bed with me. Last night was very lonely without you. It will never be the same. I keep hearing your familiar cry to go outside and give you your water, even though you are no longer there. I miss you so. There is an empty spot in my heart right now. Until we meet again with all the rest of our family, remember we love you and were honored to have you in our lives for so very long.

Toby, 07/04/06-07/10/08

Toby was the best dog anyone could ever ask for. I loved him more than I though ever possible and I miss him terribly!!

I know he is waiting for me at the Rainbow Bridge


Toby, 05/15/99-12/23/08

Simply the Best.
Greatly missed.
Always in our hearts.

Norman and Gloria Gollub

Toby, 06/22/09

I miss him so much that there is a physcial ache as though part of me is missing. I got a tattoo for him last night (photo attached) was very cool because they were able to add some of his ashes to the black ink for the paw print. I was obviously thinking about him the whole 2 - 2 1/2 hours that tat took and I realized something....he was only with my for nine years, but I think he took care of me as much as I took care him. Don't get me wrong, I love Mega just as much, but he's not much of a caregiver.

Toby had a very kind soul and was human-like with his emotions. He was with me through a marriage breaking up, a painful divorce, family deaths and my mom's cancer. He could sense when I was upset and would always be right at my side, not begging for attention, just resting against me as though comforting me. I remember a specific time when I was crying and (some of you will think this is gross, but it wasn't) he actually started to lick away my tears as though drying them for me (when really he was just covering me in cat spit).

When I got home from work (or wherever) he would generally be on the footstool and would meow like crazy until he got his hug and kiss. If he was anywhere else in the house, he came straight to me to get his loves.

Wherever I was, Toby was. If I was sitting on the couch, he was with me. If I got up to go to another room, he followed. He was my shadow and it feels so lonely now to walk around without him right sit down without feeling his warmth against me. I will never stop missing him and he is definitely irreplaceable.

Everyone who met Toby loved him. Certain red-headed cousins of his loved to give him hugs around the neck and lay her head in his fur. Certain friends of cousins who were at my house for a bachelorette party enjoyed spooning with him. Despite his large size, Toby was the most gentle animal you'd ever meet. He was patient and tolerant with children and loved nothing more than a good ear scratching.

Toby, you will forever be on my mind and in my heart...and thanks to Joey at Outer Limits tattoos, permanently on my thigh. I am hoping that will be a catharsis of sorts, to always have you with me, to have your ashes permanently on/in my far not yet. The physical and emotional wounds are still too fresh, but I know a day will come when I can think of you and smile instead of cry.

I feel so lucky to have been your mama for 9 years and I will forever be grateful for all the joy you brought into my life.

Jaime Clark

Toby, 02/05/04-06/26/09

we miss you but enjoy your peace and painless time

Kate Bork

Toby - Mr T, 08/13/96-05/20/09

Toby was 'the perfect companion'.
He saw us through some tough times; his unconditional love and smiles made us able to handle the snags in life these past 10+ years.
He was such a gentleman.
We miss him so, so much.
He made our lives so much richer and we praise God for letting us be the ones to take care of Toby's needs.

Claudia & Bill Perry

Toby, 10/31/99-06/21/09

Until we meet again Toby will be missed I love you!

Jennifer Rieb

Toby, 10/02/95-05/30/09

I will see you again Tobster. I miss you so much.I have never felt so much pain in my 42 years on this planet.

Garin Bougiť

Toby, 05/21/99-06/03/09



Toby, 04/01/92-05/11/09

Toby was rescued from a shelter in Flordia. He was found as a puppy dumped in a box along side a busy road.
We were on vacation and saw his picture in a local newspaper. We fell in love with his big sad eyes and long droopy ears. He came home to Maryland with us and that began our love affair with Toby.
He lived to be 17 years old.
All he ever wanted was to sit by your side and have his ears and neck rubbed. Everyone in our family misses him so very much.


Toby, 08/02/06-17/04/09

Toby was a very loveable and friendly playful cat. There is now a huge gaping hole where Toby should be in my life that may never go away. He was run over a month ago. His death is all the fault of the person who ran him over. Toby was my best friend. The week before he died he scratched me when we were playing with him because he was in a playful mood and now that scratch has turned into two scars. I love you and miss you Toby.


Toby, 12/28/05

Think about you everyday. God Bless


Toby, 05/08/09

Thank you, Toby, for being my friend and companion. I miss you so very much.

Thomas Williams

Tobie, 05/16/97-01/09/09

Tobie was an amazing dog. She was well loved by everyone in my family. She new exactly when you were happy and when you were sad. Just her wagging her tail at you would make you smile. She always greeted you at the door when you came home and always said good bye. She loved walks and Love going up to the camp. She will be forever missed. I LOVE YOU TOBIE!

Matt Harper

Toby, 05/22/09

My best buddy forever.


Toby, 08/02/06-17/04/09

Toby you were the best cat I have known. You died at the age of three years old. You were my best friend. I have lost the best friend I have ever had. Your life was cut short when you were 3 years old. It was a tragic accident. I am hurting without you. You were my boy. My darling angel and you were always the sunshine in my life. If it rained then you would brighten up the day with your glow. I love you Toby. Your the best cat I ever knew and life is dull without you.
Danielle, your mummy.

Toby, 05/18/09


Nick Koster

Toby, 02/23/92-04/03/99

Beloved pet, faithful friend, sorely missed!

Elaine McKinney

Toby, 01/06/94-10/13/08

Toby, you came to us 8 years ago and gave us love. We loved you and will remember you as the scrappy little guy with the big heart chasing the big dogs around. You were loved. One day we will all be together again.

Jack and Marilyn Stewart

Toby, 04/05/09

Toby-My faithful and loyal friend....I will miss you more than words can say.

Kathy Eustace

Toby, 03/29/09

How would I have guessed you would have turned my world upside and come when I called from a busy 4 lane highway? How did I know you were my friend? It was fate, Toby. It is so fresh, it hurts so much...I hope you are OK. I love you and I hope you know that...I would have done anything for you. Thank you for sharing your life with me. We picked each other on that hot day in 1999.

We will meet again!!

Heather Baker & Will Melick

Toby, 02/22/09

Toby was my rescue.
He was my Dennis the mennis. I put him in peril and he died.
I pray he forgives me and knows how much I love and miss him.The girls miss him too.
I am so sorry Toby.


Toby, 05/02/08

Toby was a good cat. He was cuddly and cute. He loved to go outside alot after he became 1 years old. He enjoyed grabing birds from the outside. He loved to try to open the front door with his paw. When my dad was staying with us Toby tried to get my dad to let him out. He would sit in front of my dad and meow. He got along with all our other cats up until a few months before he passed away. He will be missed for a long time to come.

Angel and Tim Scott

Toby, 01/04/08

My loving Toby...thank you for your gentle nature and your fun sprit....I hope there are lots of shoes in Rainbow Bridge for you to play with....Toby...Toby...I love were my first to go to Rainbow Bridge.......Spats and Mystic I know honey are with you.....I love you gentle giant...daddy misses you so much...sweet dreams.....

Lucy Pintouri-Godwin

Toby, 02/28/09

We will always love and miss you so much.
God be with you and bless you xoxoxxo

Joe and Sharon Francoeur

Toby, 03/01/09

We love you, Toby. Say hello to God for us!

Ray, Gloria, Jasmine, Cathrine

Toby, 11/14/96-01/26/09

You were given to us when you were 7 yrs. old. You were my little man that always followed me everywhere I'd go. You lived a long happy life and it was hard to let you go. We miss your bark when we would come thru the door. We miss you so much and we know we will see you when we get to heaven.We will always love you Toby.

Abe & Johnette

Toby, 03/16/95-02/14/09

We miss you.
Thanks for all the fun times.
We hope you are no longer in pain and hope you are running around playing with your friends.
In time, we will meet you at the Rainbow Bridge.

Steve Nuzzo

Toby, 02/18/09

Toby, you were truly the best dog a family could have.
You will be missed so much by so many people, dogs and cats.
We love you.
Krissy, Corey & Colin

Toby, 01/24/09

My wife and I bought our dog, Toby from Animal Controll over 5 years ago in Nashville,TN. He was sighly overweight, as well as being blind in one eye. He went through a lot of chenged, before my wife had to put him down, before she left for Des Moines,IA. It was one of the hardest things my wife had to do, but it had to be done.
He never complainded, never gave us any trouble. He was just sooooo spoiled as all get out.
We got attacked by a woman's dog, twiwe, who thought that the leash law in Tennessee did not apply to her. He survived both of those attacks. We then got evicted from out apartment, and we stayed with some "so called" friends of ours(actually my sister's brother-in-law). My wife went out one Sunday to take hime for his morning walk, while I was at the grocery store. When i got home, my wife had this look of grief or horror on her face. I could tell without asking that something happened to our big man. He was attacted by a pitbull, who was wondering in the neighbourhood. Toby got loose wrom the dog an out of his collor, but the pitbull came after him, again. By then, Toby was crying,and so was my wife. She then yelled "help", and when she did that, the pitbull let our dog go.

Victor and Mary Goodwin

Toby, 06/15/94-02/02/09

i miss my little toby so much it is alsmost unbearable


Toby, 05/19/96-01/28/09

I could not ask for a more sweet and loving dog. I don't think I will ever love again in the same way. Thank you for all the devotion and love you gave me and I will keep you close in my heart forever.


Toby, 01/23/09

Toby "Bubby" was a wonderful friend and companion.
His life was cut short from liver failure and will be sorely missed!

Gary and Christine Jacobs

Toby, 01/12/09

Sweet Toby, we will miss your little puppy face. You were the best little guy ever.


Toby, 01/09/09

To my beloved Toby.... I miss you so very much my friend. I had you for 8 years, and that was too short. I hope you didnt suffer too badly at the end, and if so im sorry. I love you greatly and the house is not the same without you here. we tried to nurse you back to health but clearly there was no saving you, my love. i hope you are with Gramma and happpy and healthy once again. much love, Mom...

Kelley Starkey

Toby, 01/10/09

Toby was a wonderful, loving clown. I will look forward to the day we will be together again.

Michael Brady

Toby, 01/11/08-12/18/08

Toby, you were more than my dog, you were my baby.
Our house is a broken home without you.
It seems unfair that you had to go at such a young age, but I know you lived the best life during the time you were here.
I'll see you again, my love.

Amy Marvin

Toby Andersen Lamb, 05/16/88-08/12/05

Toby, the love of our lives has been gone for nearly four years now. It seems like an eternity. You are always in our hearts, sweet little dog. A smart little guy affectionately called Mr. Wigglebottom, for the way he giggled all over when he'd greet you. Loyal to the end and, sadly, left alone by the Vet during the euthanasia procedure despite our specifically insisting on being in there. May all readers see this and break down the door if you must to get to your pet. We loved you in life and we love you still, Toby.

Sharon Andersen and Shirley Lamb

Toby Barbour Boy, 12/25/08

For all who have loved and lost...there is nothing like the love of an innocent animal....

Susanne, Andrew, Dillon & Dave

Toby Bear, 04/21/09

I remember when brought you home
timid and shy a sweet little fuzzball
and then you grew up you got over being shy fast. ill miss the way you used to look up me from your cage you looked like you were smiling at me. ill miss your funny antics. you were my furry little clown. And now your gone from me
you got so sick fast.
And GOD took you cause i asked him . Could let you suffer. Don't worry little guy ill see you again. I LOVE YOU

Toby James, 06/94-02/13/09

R.I.P. little Angel. Mommy loves you so much and will miss you terribly. You have been my little boy for nearly 15 years and my life will feel so incomplete without you. I hope you are at Rainbow Bridge teaching all the other kitty's to play fetch, hide and seek and peek a boo. I have so many fond memories of you throughout the the time when you were still a kitten and you attacked my fingernail polish and your entire nose area was painted. I remember I was so frightened something bad would happen, but now I look back on it and it brings a smile to my face because it was so cute. I remember the day I first got you and you fit in the palm of my hands. I remember how much you used to love traveling when we went cross country or were on the big truck. I will always remember how your fur felt like bunny fur. I will never forget the millions of times that we played or just snuggled together. As crushed as I am to be without you, I am grateful that you are no longer suffering and that you are at Rainbow Bridge frolicking and waiting for us to be together again. You are and will always be my baby boy. I love you!

Candy Marie Kaufmann

Toby Jane Burns, 02/94-04/2003

Toby Jane, our sweet little lady with her little pearl necklace which she wore so proudly. You have been missed for so long and loved forever..

Love from your Mommy and Meem..

Toby Jugs Rohlf, 03/15/04-06/24/09

Toby is no longer with us. Diabetes claimed his life after only 5 trips around the sun.

Toby was originally named "Bear" when we found him at the Wichita Animal Shelter. He was just weeks old. He had a very rough start, as he was very sick in the first week or so after we brought him home. His appetite was completely gone. We would try to feed him cooked ground beef, just to spark his appetite. Finally he bounced back, and it was off to your typical puppy behavior.

Toby had razor sharp baby teeth, and he wanted to chew on EVERYTHING. We had all the raw hides, chew toys, woobies, etc. But mostly he wanted to chew on US!!

Mary, Amanda and I had clothes with bite holes in them. Battle scars I suppose.

We had a two pronged approach to our chew happy puppy.

First and foremost, we had the sponge. We would take a small bowl of hot sauce, and soak a sponge in it. When Toby decided to chew, we would give him a taste of the sponge. The look on his face after tasting the hot sauce was priceless. But it did NOT deter him one bit.


We decided to take a different approach. We decided to get Toby a playmate. Enter Gracie.

Gracie is our other black lab mix we picked up at the Hays shelter. She saved us. Toby and Gracie became joined at the hip, and our clothes, and leg flesh were spared from further abuse.

Toby had a wonderful personality, as dogs go. His playfulness will be missed. I know he's not human, but he certainly thought he was. He was a member of the family, regardless.

Rest in Peace Toby

Mark and Mary Rohlf

Toby Larose Kane, 09/22/98-04/19/09

Toby was the sweetest, gentlest dog and he left us as sweetly and gently as he lived.
He brightened so many lives for 10 1/2 years and he will never be forgotten by all those who love him.
We miss him so much!

Melissa & Graeme Kane

Toby Reno Little Buddy, 12/18/97-06/30/09

Our little buddy left us too soon; You will always remain in our hearts

Henry & Cindy Wolst

Toby Sesler, 12/22/08

We only had you a short time.
We wanted to give you a better home.
It was a tragic accident and we blame ourselves for your loss, which makes it even harder to accept.
You were very much loved.
Our house is not the same without you.
Your paw prints are etched on our souls and in hearts.
Our little Toby.
We miss you so much.
We hope and pray we will see you again on the other side when it is our time to go.
You were our special little boy.

Jeff & Debbie Sesler

Toby Trites, 01/07/04-06/20/09

toby, we all love you. you will missed every day. thank you for the most amazing 5yrs of your little life. We love you.
mommy and daddy

Toby wan Kanobi - Swenson Remitz, 04/01/96-05/12/09

To Toby...a real trooper...whose life began in unstable and shaky circumstances, having been moved from shelter to foster homes -- and who finally found his forver homes with his mother, Evie and his other mother, Bonnie. He kept us laughing at his endearing antics and impressed us with his amazing intelligence and spirit.
"Those whom we have held in our arms for a little while, we will hold in our hearts forever."

Bonnie Remitz

Toca, 05/09/91-03/21/09

We miss you dearly and may your beautiful sole rest in peace.

Thomas & Carol Dubiskas

Toe, 12/19/08

I never thought I'd be writing a tribute to you. I guess I thought that you would live forever. You were my best friend for 13 years. I took you to the best hospitals in the country and was so happy when your cancer was put into remission 2 years ago. Then the cancer came back to avenge. You know I tried everything and money was no object. I promised you I would never put you down. It was the hardest thing I have ever had to do. Its been weeks and I still put your ashes on the bed during the day, like you are still here. I miss you greeting me when I come home, waking me up when my alarm didn't. I;m so sorry we couldn't get the cancer back into remission. Your picture now hangs in the hospital, you touched a lot of hearts. I miss you so much, you took a huge part of my heart with you. I think the pain will always be there that I let you down.

Darryl Mongovan

Toeffer, 07/15/95-06/24/09

Toeffy Kitty I miss you.
I hope you found your Cooper dog.
I love you.
Be safe.
See you when I get there. Love Mama.

Toffee, 05/01/09

A tribute to our dear forever friend (whose wondeful purr will always be remembered, too).


Toffee, 2002-03/19/09


My baby I will miss you so much. I'm so sorry you had to leave. Please know my heart will cry for you forever. I love you so much. Until we meet again
With all my love Karen

Toffee, 07/04/93-12/15/08

My very best friend for 15 and a half years - although I have a new puppy my heart is still breaking for for her -


Toffie, 23/06/09

You were my best friend and I can't imagine life without you.
You left us so quickly.
You will always be sorely missed.

Colette Nieuwoudt

Tom, 06/84-09/84

Gone but not forgotten

Ines Casey

Tom, 03/18/92-03/07/09

Tom was my best friend.
He has such a sweet nature about him and was so tuned in to my feelings at all times.
He comforted me when I was sad or sick and rejoiced with me in happy times.
I am not sure that he knew he was a cat, but rather a small human who talked, smiled and bossed me around quite a bit.
He loved me unconditionally and I him.
I pray that he knows that I only wanted to end his suffering when we made that final trip to the vet.
I will miss him every minute for the rest of my life.

Beth Menefe

Tom Stoppard, 05/15/09

We had our share of crazy times. I'll never forget all those little things you were strange about, like being carried always up stairs but never down or how you liked to sleep with your feet sprawled straight in the air, or how the first time i met you we played fetch and you brought the ball back to me then put your head on my shoulder. Life was never easy for you and was all too short but I hope that at least you felt better not going through it alone. I suppose that's all any of us can hope for, not that life will be kind or easy or free from pain and sadness but that we don't have to experience those things alone. With you, I wasn't alone.

Phillip Rudy

Tom Tom, 11/02/08-07/04/09

Please say a prayer for my Puppy who was hit by a car and passed away.


Tom Walden, 01/12/95 - 08/02/09

Dear Tom, Your love and your life will never be forgotten by your "Dad" and me and your little cat brother Menny. You were a big part of our life: whether in the house or on a trip. The house feels like a empty tomb without you. Menny misses you too. We have had to get him special food to eat as he lost his interest in eating after you did not come home that night. We all miss you dear Tom. "Dad" has been sad but took great effort to keep strong for me. I know he is misses you though like me. He looks to take you out in the morning and feed you at night. I know he misses you on the trips to the mailbox too. It is these little things you did with us that are so difficult to overcome. For me, I look for you each morning when I get up. I can hardly dress in the morning without looking at the floor to insure I don't step on you. I look for you as I go to work in the morning so I can give you a much deserved "cookie" treat to watch the house while I am away. I look for you in the evening when I return home from work. Your happy greeting always melted away the worst of my work days. I can hardly cook the evening meal knowing you are not there watching my every move. And at night, when we watch TV and you are not there, tears run down my face. I know this would make you sad to know or see us sad so I will try to be strong and move past the feelings of your loss. I just wish I could play with you one more time chasing you or you chasing me with toys you pulled out of your toy box. You were always determined to keep me entertained. At night, I now walk up the stairs without you. How you used to run those stairs when young! As you got old, I carried you up each evening and we would pretend you were flying up the stairs. You thought that great fun and so did I. Menny of course, ran by our side. All of us look for you at night, either at the side of the bed or the corners of the room where you watched over us each night. It's true the years had robbed you of your hearing so you probably could not have heard an intruder anyway but it was always clear, no one dare hurt your family. You loved us and we loved you. We miss you so much dear Tom. I am sure one day soon I will smile when I think of you, but that day is not today. Today I am still sad at losing you. So, for now, I am still wishing you were with us again. And yet I am certain one day I will call your name and you will find me. And don't you worry, Dad and Menny will be there too. Until that day sweet Corgi, be free of pain and continue to look for us at Rainbow bridge. Much love and appreciation to you for the joy you brought us for nearly 15 years. "Mom"

Tomas, 12/2005-05/04/09

My baby boy, you will be greatly missed. You had so much spunk and personality that you brought a smile to my face whenever I saw you. I know I squeezed and hugged you too much and too tightly, but I'm glad that you knew that you were loved. You were there for my mom when she needed you the most. You gave her comfort and love when I could not. Your time came too soon Tomas but we'll never forget you.


Tommy, 07/07/09

Tommy you will be missed so much we love you buddy, Love Randy, Beth, Melissa, Matthew, Jake and Chris

Tommy, 04/15/04

I miss him so much, I just hope he knows that we all love him, and are so glad he doesn't have to hurt anymore. Smokey misses you too Tommy/
See you soon one day buddy

Ryne Jansen

Tommy, 12/02/03-02/10/09

Beloved little Tom, you brought joy and happiness into our lives that we thought we should never know again. You were gentle, affectionate and compassionate. You "took care" of Daddy when he was ill. You doted on your little brother even though he swiped your toys and ate your food. You loved a good nap and loved to have your head patted. You were a quiet boy, didn't bark much, never growled, were always happy and full of kisses and affection. You were as constant in your love and devotion as the sun in its journey across the heavens. Your stay here on earth was far too short, but you did what you were sent here to do, and did it excellent well. You are an exceptional boy, a solid friend, and remain forever in our broken hearts.


Tommy, 05/21/94-06/30/08

My baby kitty, I love you and miss you every day.


Tommy Cat, 07/10/93-06/24/09

In Loving Memory of my beautiful disabled boy, who brought so much joy to my life and taught me the true meaning of real love.

I miss you so much my darling xxxx

Jan Collings

Tommy Gibbs, 12 January 2009

miss you more than words can say the house is so empty without you lots of love tommy

Wendy Gibbs

Tommy P Jawmmy, 02/20/09

You will always be our special boy. I will never forget the day we took you out of the animal shelter. You were so shy and quiet. Boy, that sure changed when you got used to your new home. We miss you so much, and we never expected you to leave so quickly. We still can't believe how you hid your failing heart problem until it was to late. Please wait for us and when it's our time to cross over, be there to greet us. I'll bring lots of tennis balls and we'll play again. Sleep well our little darling and know how very much we miss you!

Max and David

Tommy Peel, 04/07/08-01/31/09

Tommy, he was my darling baby! I Got him as an Early 13th Birthday present last year.. He was my everything! We had gotten so close and he was growing up to be a big boy! He also had a best friend, Toby who we got off the Streets in December, He was homeless.. They had gotten real close too! But Tommy, no-one could Ever Replace you. You was my Everything.. and ALWAYS ALWAYS will be! I Hope your ok in Rainbow bridge, i Miss it when you followed me around the house, nicked my food! Slept in my bedroom EVERYnight and shared my Supper, i just miss everything about you :( Your Purr, your cheeky smile, when you danced to the songs i listened to! i just wish that Man didnt knock you over :(! Otherwise you'd be by my lap right now! i will soon see you in Rainbow Bridge! Hope your ok! i love you LOTS AND LOTS!

Shannon Peel

Tonka, 09/30/01-01/15/09

It's hard to believe you are gone...I feel our time had only just begun and then you were taken away by malignant melanoma so quickly.
I remember bringing you home as a pup 7 years ago...time flies way too fast.

I did everything right...premium foods, vet care, etc...and it didn't matter. I'm sorry baby boy...we loved you sooo much.
Our hearts are broken.

Can't wait to see you, Argus and Pepper again some day.

All our love and more...
Ma and Da

Tonks, 05/09/09

Tonks, only 2 years old and in excellent health, died suddenly of Cytauxzoonosis (Bob cat fever), an illness contracted from an infected tick.
The mortality rate is about 98% for this illness.
Tonks was the most beautiful and special cat I have ever had.
He was a big beautiful Maine coon with long white-gray-tan fur and a bottle brush tail.
He was very intelligent.
He loved to lounge down by the creek and in the iris bed.
He also loved to chase one of my other cats, Duchess, down the hall.
I just don't know what to do now.
My life will never be the same without him.
I will miss him until the day I die.

Karen Kemp

Tonny, 10/29/08

To Tonny I hope you see your sister Pheobe at Rainbow Bridge you were loved a lot I miss you and mommy 's you see you at Rainbow Bridge!


Tony, 09/2001-06/27/09

Dear Tony, I can't tell you what your sudden death has done to me. I've already tried to replace you! I miss your huge green loving eyes, your beautiful soft fur, your loud purrs and you wrapping your paws around my head. I miss your head butts when we cuddled. Your were taken to soon and we should have had many more cuddles and head butts together. I will always love you. Mom

Tony Jaisinghani, 04/21/2002 - 11/11/2009

Dear Tony,

Me, daddy and yoyo are at a loss of words of what emptiness we feel without you..i wake up each morning and have to go thru the empty feeling over and over again that you are gone..i expect you to greet me as i enter the house, come lay down next to me or hog my space in bed, or wait for daddy to pick you up. i find myself going to your grave in the backyard and just staring to an empty space. i wish we could have done something more to help you with your pain.. i forever have to live with the guilt that noone was home when you passed away.. i couldn't bare to even touch you when i got home you just laid there still ..i kept hoping for a movement or any sign of breathing but you were gone.. tony you were the best dog calm and mild mannered..although you did have your moments when you bit other ppl.. yoyo is lost without you as well and feels the sadness that his friend is gone.. tony iam still lost as to how you got kidney failure and in your last days i know you were not yourself.. iam sorry for not kissing you goodbye when i left that day but you knew we loved you. You will always be in our hearts and and your memoried will not be replaced.. we will always love and miss you baby..

Tony Smelser, 08/96-05/21/06

You brought so much love to this family and you know how much you are loved little boy.

Those raccoons took you and our hearts are still aching bad.

You were mommys little lap top, because you loved to sit on the computer and my lap.
You loved to talk to us all the time and we miss that so much but your pictures are everywhere and we know you are with us all the time in spirit baby.
Thank you for letting us have the most ten beautiful years we could of ever asked for. We Love You Tony the Tiger(daddy named you)

Connie and Family

Tony Soprano, 02/14/01-06/21/09

Everyone knows the saying that Dog spelled backwards is God.
Well God gave me a special gift and it was Tony.
Loving, trusting,faithful and Never on a diet.Hard to say enough about him.
Tony I miss you so Much.
Love and Kisses.

Your mommy.

Toodles, 06/16/94-02/08/09

Toodles the schnoodle was my loving, loyal best friend.
I miss her every day.

Debbie Hornsby

Tooee, 04/01/08-12/25/08

Me, Rush, Saana, Lola, Rizzo, Gavin, Kabuto, and Orochimaru miss you very much...


Toonces, 04/90-05/21/09

Toonces was my mom, Gail's, cat.
We had to put her to sleep today. Rest in peace, Toonie!

Jennifer Whitley

Tootie, 03/21/09

You were one of the best friends that one could ask for. You would listen to anything that would have to talk about. Every now & then you would meow something back for some kind of advice. You slept at my feet or by my head. You would wake me up in the morning with your paw on my neck even after my alarm went off. Anyone who met you loved you. You loved milk & cat treats. Anytime opened a plastic bag you were there by my side eagerly looking for that special treat. You loved ice cream or when had a bowl of cereal; looking for the milk that as left in the bowl. You always crawled in my lap when at my desk. You seemed to like the occasional car ride; always looking outside like it was something new out there to find. I will miss you to no end & I hope you know how much I loved you every single day.


Tootie, 02/01/97-01/15/09

"Baby Girl," You were a very sick little girl, God took you and made you well again. No more sickness nor pain. Now you can run and play. I know you are having fun with all your brothers and sisters... Grandma too! "Thank You" for all the love you gave to me, I miss you so very much! I will meet you in heaven where we can play together forever. You will forever live in my heart, You are my special angel. I LOVE YOU!

Peg Baesel

Tootsie, 02/10/00-06/15/09

Love Always

Linda Gutierrez

Tootsie, 02/18/09

My dear Tootsie I will miss you forever. Thank you for all of the happiness and love you brought to my life. Not a day went by, even in your pain, that you did not come to me with tail wagging, awaiting just a touch or hug from me. We had a very special bond that only you and I know. I can't wait to join you one day at "The Rainbow Bridge" so we can be together again. Until then, you will always be in my thoughts and I will cherish your memory forever. I love you my "booties girl".

Vicki Garcia

Tootsy, October 1994 - November 12, 2009

Tootsy -
You came into my house to be a friend to Jack cat. Instead you became a friend to me. There's only been the two of us for the last few years and I came to depend on you to get me up in the morning, to welcome me at the door when I came home, and to cuddle up 'in the big bed' when it was time to go to sleep. You were funny and sweet and loving and a dear, dear companion. I'm so sorry that you had to get so sick and my heart is truly broken without you here. I love you baby, and I hope to see you again when it's my turn to go.

Topaz, 01/09/94-09/01/09

My little Lion King, courageous full of character and the will to live.....right to the very end.
You will be in my heart, my thoughts and dreams forever. I love you xxx

Susanne Jones

Topo Gijo, 01/08

He had cancer and at 14 we let him go. He was a buddha, my best friend and I miss him so much.


Topper, 05/03/99-02/24/09

Topper I will miss you always. You brought me laughter and smiles every day of your life and I am so sorry that you were not able to live out your life for longer than the short 9 years you were with us. I love you forever and I promise to only smile when I think of you. Good bye my baby boy. Until we meet at the bridge..... Love, mama

Toranaga, 09/07/00-04/10/09

Toranaga was in my life for 8 1/2 entirely too short years. He was never hungry, he was never cold, and he never had fleas or heartworms. He was taken care of and loved beyond my ability to express. The hole in my heart is enormous, and his loss is a crushing blow. He knew his dad loved him, and he knew he owned me in every way it is possible. Good-bye, Toranaga, you were a good boy.

Terry Gardner

Torch, 02/20/09

Please find that u both wait for me when my time comes. Thank's for all the happy times when we're together. NO ONE CAN REPLACE YOU BOTH..i love you as always.

Rosecielo Espiritu

Tori, 10/95-06/09/08

We love you and miss you Sugar Bear....Godspeed!

Garland, Kim, Vanessa, Alex, Ben & Emma

Torrie, 02/21/09

Torrie was a special cat for a lovely little girl who will iss he very much.

Alyson Santangelo

Tory, 03/01/97-05/21/09

A wonderfully sweet and loyal companion.
He will be missed terribly by the whole family and his Black Lab Buddy, Storm.

Saundra and Cindy Mitchell

Tosca, 16/01/09

Tosca who was our first rescue cat, we love you and will always remember you. You gave such joy and 19 wonderful years and after such a long time our hearts are broken.Rest in peace forever baby until we meet again.

Love and light

Carmel Gormley

Tosha, 03/06/09

I'll truly miss my best friend of 15 years. No amount of words can describe the void I feel in my life at this time. I will always cherrish the time God granted me to spend with her, hopefully we were both enriched by each other during that time. Tosha renewed my faith in love and her memory will linger in my heart forever.

Doug Rhudy

Toto, 06/06/85-04/01/04

She was a wonderful friend.
I miss her dearly.

Brenda Smith

Toto, 06/19/09

Toto, you were named after the movie "The Wizard of Oz" which is a movie that is very special to my heart as I truly believe, "there's no place like home."
Max misses you, each member of the family misses you; we love you terrible and can't believe you are really gone.
But I know that you have a new home and you are jumping from cloud to cloud and star to star.
You were my beacon of light. Shine for me little one.

Christy Saufley

Toto, 05/13/09

Toto you were my heart. I will miss you so much and will see you on the bridge. love Mom

Toto, 05/24/94-03/29/09

Toto was the sweetest little girl.
She loved everyone and was always looking for a lap to sit on or a cuddle.
The house is so lonely without you!
We all miss you so much!


Toto, 02/13/00-02/01/09

Toto, I will miss you very much, a few days ago, I found that picture that was taken on the day Kayla got you with her Dad, I was only missing from the picture because I did not know Kayla was getting a dog that day. I also found the one where it was you and me and you had a cute bib on from several years ago. I Love You!


Toto, 01/04/01-01/15/09

We love you our beloved Toto, and we miss you so so much. We know you have gone to a better place, we want to thank you for being there for us in our time of need. Rest in peace muffin.

You will never leave our hearts
Mom, Sister's and Danny

Toto Otto Crow, 12/07/92-03/28/09

We will always hold a special place in our hearts for you.
You are no longer weak, but strong.
You are not longer hindered by poor vision, for now you have perfect vision.
Hold us a place and patiently wait for us to join you Today.
You will always be my little 'Puppy'.

Linda and Devan Crow

Toto Rudd, 09/20/90-06/13/09

My sweet, sweet boy, you know I loved you so much.
I always will.
You are a part of my heart that will never leave.
I love you so much, and I miss you terribly.
My heart is hurting so much right now.
I can't stop crying, because I miss you.
I don't want you to go.
I can't be without you.

Linda Rudd

Toulouse, 01/13/01-11/07/08

Dear Toulouse,

It has now been 7 weeks since you left my side.
There is a hole in my heart, so large.
There is an empty space at my side.
Life is so very different without you.

I think of all of our ggod times.
Your happy go lucky ways abd you immense ability to love.
I know you are no longer hurting and in a better place.
That is the only thing that gets me through these sad days.

I want to thank you for being such a dear friend. Words cannot express how dear you are to me.
I know you are with my other pets and you all are doing well.
I look forward to the day that I cross the Rainbow Bridge and am able to hold you again.
Love forever, Mom

Toy, 1993-03/13/09

Much loved and enjoyed. We will all miss you especially your cat mate Tinker!

Ruth and Charles

Toy Soldier, 08/12/00-01/01/09

Toy Soldier, Thank you for the wonderful years of walks we had together. Then we would go up and down the driveway, you running along side me while I would ride my bike. You were such a good little guy, you minded me so well. You loved your "schooling", and then afterward you would get your treat. You could jump so high, and we once bumped heads together. You made me so very proud, you beautiful prancer with your big beautiful eyes. We will be together again, when I come for you and Howdy Doody at Rainbow Bridge. Until then, I'll be here Always loving you. I love you Toy Soldier.

Susan Shir

Toyah, 09/01/09

Im very sad about the loss of my beloved greyhound - Toyah, who live with us for 10 years, a decade, who witnessed lot's of our life events during that time, who was a wonderful, affectionate, gentle and noble dog, who was a racer, then we took her on as a pet, straight from the race track, who loved to run and chase rabbits even after her racing career, who loved long walks on the beach and in the countryside, who loved her food so much and lying on the sofa or on the bed without use telling her off, who eventually was diagnosed with a diabetes in 2007 and we took an extensive care of her with two doses of insulin daily, until her very last day... She was like a child to me, which i didn't have for a long time. Then i did have a child, but still carried on taking care of my Toyah - greyhound. Thanks to my mother this was possible. Eventually she became almost blind and frightened of any noise in the house, she neeeded more care than normal, taking her out several times a day and night. it wasn't easy, but we did it. Then the day of the decision came to let her go to sleep instead of waiting till she detiriorated further. I feel the guilt and will feel it forever i guess.


Tracey, 06/04/09

Tracey was a rescue cat that was part of the family for about 14 years. She had a long life and cancer took her in the end. She will be missed.

Mary Newman

Tracker Miraglio, 07/18/09

I Love you tracker- you were the perfect dog and the way you filled our house with love will not be forgotten.
We miss you!

Sophia Miraglio

Tracy, 12/31/95-08/25/08

My Dear Tracy, my heart aches for you. We all miss you so very much.
You will always be in our hearts. Love you so very much.
Hope to see you again. Till then, many hugs and kisses to you.


Train, 11/01/98-07/14/09

Thank you for being a true friend to my family!

Mike Allen

Tramp aka Tramper, 1996-06/12/09

What a wonderful mother you were.I will see you and MitziMae at the bridge.
We miss you two so very much!


Travi, 01/15/09

In memory of my sweet little girl Travi, you brought joy and smiles to my life. I miss you so much, I will never forget you and I will be with you someday again. Have fun playing at the other side of the raimbow bridge.
I love you!
Your mommy

Travis, 08/21/94-12/31/08

My life and Max's life were made richer by your presence. These last eleven years have been the best of my life. You have taught me the essence and true nature of what it means to be loved, and to love.

We walked all over, and almost every day you were alive. Those many days on the beach will always bring a smile to my face - for you were in your element, so happy, so able to run gallantly through the waves of light and surf. I wish those moments could have gone on forever...

Your last days on earth were filled with pain and confusion, and if I could have taken them away, or upon myself, I would have gladly done so. I hope
those last precious moments together were felt as tenderly, and lovingly as I meant them to me. I hope there was some joy and peace in those last seconds.

I will miss you, I will always love you, and I will carry your spirit and joy for life with me for as long as I remain here.
Thank you, Travis. There really isn't much left in life for me to hope for, other than by some chance we can be together again.

As long as I can dream, as long as I can think
As long as I have a memory, I will love you

As long as I have eyes to see and ears to hear
And lips to speak to you, I will love you

As long as I have a heart to feel, a soul stirring within me,
An imagination to hold you, I will love you

As long as there is time, as long as there is love,
As long as there is you

and as long as I have a breath to call your name, I will love you
Because I love you more than anything in this world

I would love you with every beat of my heart. And I do.


Travis Beardsley, 12/18/93-04/30/09

The best little guy ever.
Lived a long life for a schnauzer, but not long enough for me.
My heart is breaking.

Diane Rogers

Treasure, 06/13/06-11/28/08

I love u treasure rest in peace


Treasure, 04/02/06-12/08/08

The Things I Will Miss From My Treasure.

Treasure I will miss your beautiful face, your dancing around me when I come home, your barking when you were talking to me and protected me from the outside world. I will miss feeding you, touching you, stroking, petting you and you following me everywhere I go.
Most of all I will miss spoiling you with all my love. Thank you for comforting me when I was sick with cancer, when I was sad, and lonely you were always there. I Love you so much, it will hurts so much to live without. Thank you always for being a true companion, a friend, and my kid. I pray that we will be together again.
Love always Mommy

Treat, 04/19/95-03/14/09

Treat was an absolute joy to my life and those lives that he touched.
He was a quiet, lay-back sweetheart of a boy who's purpose in life was to just be adorable and sweet.
God sent him to me 11 years ago and he has fulfilled my life ever since.
Today, he went to the Rainbow Bridge to wait for me and finally be happy and healthy.
I love him so much and can't wait to be reunited with my little blondie.
Treat, I love you more than you'll ever know and I'm going to miss that cute face every single day of my life.......until I see you again.
I love you and will never forget you, Mommy

Trek, 06/26/09

Always by my side, forever in my heart.

Mary Beth DiBlasi

Trevor, 05/05/09

Trevor, you always put others ahead of you. You were such a good boy and knew how to make me laugh by playing keep away with your chew toys. I miss you T Dog.

Dana Cromwell

Tri-Paw, 03/03/98-11/13/08

My Guardian for ever

David Beck

Ti-Pouce, 03/24/09

So loveable, so gentle, so cute.

Caroline Forest

Tribble, 03/16/09

A piece of my heart will always be full for that crazy dog who loved me no matter what

Scott Nicely

Tribble, 12/02/88-01/24/09

Tribble, you were a sweet and handsome boy.
So many people said you were a beautiful cat!
I'll miss you purring in my lap, but I know you are free of your infirmities now. Thank you for so many years of companionship -- I'm glad you got some enjoyment from your final, 20th
Christmas tree.
You always liked Christmas trees, and the palms I'd bring home on Palm Sunday.
Say "hi" to your friends -- Cricket the Sheltie, playmate of your youth, and my Dad.

Susan Meckel

Trick, 07/01/98-05/19/09

Trick i miss you so much already I know you are now in a better place able to walk and run like you use to.
You will always be in our hearts thanks for all the beautiful memories. We love you so much. Save that special place for us, I will have your snacks ready when we meet again.

Alexandra, Rey, Reylyn

Trigger, 03/21/91-01/26/06

Trigger you were the greatest dog I ever had.
I miss you every second of every day.
I know that someday we will be together again.
I love you.


Trina, 10/12/94-01/02/09

I have never felt so sad & alone. Bear and the five cats are taking the edge off but there is a hole in my heart that can not be filled. I've built so many fires in the fireplace to warm your old doggy bones that I find it difficult to enjoy one even on the coldest and snowiest of days. Please forgive me Trina. You will be missed more than words can say.

Michelle, Nicholas & Daniel

Trini, 05/20/09

I will be thinking of you tomorrow (6/6) on your birthday, thank you for being a great companion and friend to me.
Good bye for now my girl, i love and miss you Trini girl you are the best friend I ever had.

Thanks for letting me know you got there okay and
don't forget to let me know how you are from time to time.

RUN FREE--I know we will be together again one day
until then remember I will always love you!

until we meet again.

Hugs & Kisses,

& Ryan, Tiger, Salem, Milo,
Grandma & Pop Pop too!

PS Say hi to Bugsy,Holly, Gary & everyone!

Trinity, 05/30/96-07/09/09

You were my best friend, my confidant, my heart. I will love and miss you every day for the rest of my life.
My world will never be the same without you in it. Be at peace girlfriend.

Susan Armstrong

Trinity Nicholson, 08/15/07-03/14/09

My dog was just a puppy when she was taken away from us. She loved to play and go for long walks.We will love her and always miss her.

Alyssa and Mike Nicholson

Trinket, 06/10/07-05/05/09

This is a tribute for my tiny Trinket whose life while short added so much joy to mine. I miss her more then anything in the world and wish I could have her back even for an hour...She was so sweet and was everything to me.


Trip, 01/01/09

I miss you already Trip :(
In my heart forever until I see you again.
I'm comforted knowing that you and Pinky are together again and in Gods loving embrace.


Triscuit, 04/02/09

Today, my cat Triscuit died.
I had never been a cat person actually did not realy care for cats; always felt they were too independent and unfriendly.
I had gotten Triscuit as a kitten for my 90 year old grandmother for companionship since she had lost her dog.
Six months later, my grandmother went into a nursing home.
Suddenly I was a cat owner and yes, I did try to fnd him a new home but couldn't.
Afterwards, Triscuit grew on me and it wasn't easy because he was a real P.I.A.
Eventually he grew on me and turned into a treal great copanion.
He slept with me every night behind my head. It wil be lonely tonight for it wll be the first time he won't be there.
It was tough in the end but I know that he is in a better place with my grandmother, my father and my beloved dog Crystal.
I know that I will see him again but in the meantrime my heart breaks at the thought of him being gone.
Triscuit, I love you so much and I will never, ever replace you.

Barbara Schnatter

Trista Aislinn, 05/98-01/28/09

RIP TRISTA AISLINN- You Are Forever In My Heart!

Angela K. Scott-Cox

Tristan Erin Sturtevant Crawford, 08/01/95-05/08/09

I got Tristan my first year away from home.
He was the smartest cat I ever met and learned how to meow "mama".
He only would say it to me.
He had been sick and I was so worried he would go away to die.
The night before he died, he looked in the window at me, I went outside to love on him, then during the night he laid down in his favorite sunny spot and went to sleep.
He was alive until the very end.


Tristan Nemo Norris Smith, 04/07/01-02/08/09

Eulogy for my beloved Tristan

Tristan I love you,
You came into my life when I was without friends or family.
You came when I was in a strange country with an unfamiliar language.
We understood each other immediately.
One look at each other's eyes and we knew we were going to be partners in this journey called Life
You brought me so much happiness and you stayed beside me
when I felt sad.
In your presence I could let tears of sadness fall when the world hurted me, without being afraid to be judged for it.
You loved me unconditionally, even though I have many flaws. In my turn I loved you with all your faults, funny and weird ways.
Our understanding was so deep that all that was need was a look at each other to know what we were thinking.

Since you left me, my life is been empty, something is missing, a part of me was gone with you.
I had to let you go, even though I knew that in ending your suffering I would be starting mine.
During our last hug, when I knew it would be our last, you purred like you always did when I held you, when you were happy usually because you knew you were about to be fed, but this time it was different, the purr was a sad purr, not loud, not a strong one, , maybe it was thank you purr or a sad goodbye purr.
I held you strong in my arms and I did not want to let you go.

My baby Tristan I will never forget your last breath, when the life left your body.
The intensity of happiness I felt when I held you for the first time it was proportional to the sadness I felt when I knew you were gone forever.

The pain is hard and is ever present. the days are not lessening it but making it deeper. Thank you for the seven years... It seems yesterday that I met a 3 months old kitten so cute beyond words.
I know two things for sure: one I kept my promise to never leave you, I stayed with you until the very end, and the second thing is that I don't know how life will be without you for I am only pain and nothing more...

your mama that will always love you

Tristen McNamara, 04/22/98-07/13/09

Our Beloved, beautiful Golden Retriever came into our lives almost 10 years ago and was a part of the family from day one!!
It was your time to go on July 13, 2009 -- and you took a piece of each of us with you -- my old man!!!!
You are so, so missed right now and will always be missed by all of us.
You were a wonderful addition to our family and gave us many happy memories that we will hold precious forever.
You brought much happiness into our homes and our lives.
We know that you are no longer suffering and are peacefully running around again - be happy and we love you!!

Patti, Mac, Kel & Kev McNamara

Trixie, 04/05/00-06/01/09

Rest in peace, Caballito.
We will miss your foot tapping, snoring and beautiful brown eyes.
You filled our lives with joy and we will see you again someday...

Ron & Cathy

Trixie, 09/16/94-05/21/09

I'm so sorry I had to put you to rest.
You were hurting so much and it was selfish of me to want to keep you when you were hurting. I'm sure you are playing now with Taffie across the Rainbow Bridge.
Tootsie misses you and looks for you. You were my funny little roly poly Trixie girl.
I love you and miss you so muuch.


Trixie, 04/20/09


Trixie, 11/05/70-12/15/85

i fell for you the minute i saw you and after all these years i remember you the good times you gave even when i had little time for you how you smile in your own way you show your love to me you were a one person baby and that was to me oh you love others but i was number one to you as you were number one to me and the day i had to let you go
was sad but i knew the best thing for you was to let you go to the rainbow bridge as it is called today your 24 years younger now

Robert Frisz

Trixie, 06/08/00-02/16/09

Trixie we think of you everyday & wish that our baby was still here with us. You brought SO much happiness to our lives. you were WAY to young to leave our family. We still think of our times of playin with "How ya doin" toy. That was your favorite toy!! Every christmas eve you would guard the christmas tree when the presents were put under. Oh, we can't forget the Hedgie well yeah you know what you liked to do to the hedgie. Besides flippin it into the toilet. Trixie if we could only snuggle you & hold you!! We hope you are being loved by grandma & grandpa in the greater place beyond.Trixie we miss your kisses!!! Give Angel, Belle & Misty BIG Wet Kisses for us. Skittles & Zuleika miss you greatly! Trixie We loved you SO much our hearts hurt. We all tried & thought you were recovering from your stroke. The time we had with you WE WILL TREASURE. One day we know we will meet again our little love! Help the others watch over us. Keep coming & visiting us often like you do!! XXXXOOOO!!

Barry, Patty, Brittany & Cassandra Thomas ( Skittles, Zuleika, Gizmo & Sassafrase)

Trixie, 27/06/06

Our beautiful little brown dog Trixie was a delight to our lives. She went to work with my husband every day - barking at others from the back of the ute when a new dog was on the horizon. She was retired when we acquired a forklift because i was concerned she was getting older and may not be quick enough to dodge the wheels......She died in our arms at the vet's - with one last squweel just to say goodbye - Meet you at Rainbow Bridge

Natalie and Noel Kirby

Trixie, 03/90-01/02/09

We really love you and miss you so much my little princess, good night and god bless, you are always in our thoughts, love you so much princess
mummy,daddy,and adam and jake

Trixie, 01/18/09

My constant companion, most loyal and truest friend.
You brought me more joy and happiness than I can put into words.
I know that you loved me, as I loved you.
I am grateful that I was able to hold you during your hardest struggle, just as you would not leave my side when I needed you most.
I miss you, and will always miss you at my side, where you were everyday of our life together.
You fought so hard to stay with me, but it could not be.
I hope we will be reunited one day, and we can again run side by side.

Jodie Hawley

Trixie, 12/29/08

You were my best friend for 16 years and it's unbearable for me here without you. I hope you're now able to run and play again Trixie and that I will see you again one day. I miss you my sweet, precious pup.

Audrey Harder

Trixie, W, Trixter Girl, 05/12/09

Trixie was our Beloved Pet and Family.
She had a very important job and that was to make sure we were happy, and she never failed that job.
She was always by Us whether we were watching television or getting ready to go to work in the Morning.
Trixie always made me feel safe and comforted.
If I was ill she was right there to let me know everything was going to be alright.
Losing Trixie has brought great grief to our hearts, but it is worth the pain, because the pure happiness she has brought us far outweighs the tremendous grief.
I know we will see our beloved again, and that reunion will be a beautiful one.
There will not be a day that passes that I do not think of Trixie.
I will never stop missing you Friend.
Thanks for being the best Friend a Family could ask for.
We will be seeing You one Sweet Day.
Love Your Family

Trog, 08/10/05-05/09/09

I'm sorry I took my eye off you for a second. You were the best thing to ever happen to me. I wanted so much to grow old with you.
You were so bright & sensitive, putting smiles on all that you met. i know you wouldn't want me to be feeling so hurt. I'll come for you at rainbow bridge

David & Jenna

Troopa, 06/04/91-10/22/01

Happy Birthday Troopa,
you have a new brother, his name is Rudy.
Were teaching him about you. Love ya Baby Boy.

Paul and Kathleen

Trooper, 12/01/95-07/14/08

we can't believe its been 1 year today july 14th, since you went to the bridge.

i know u are running around, chasing ur ball, forever free from the pain,and that you are watching over and waiting for us.

we have ur pictures all over the house and there is not a day that goes by that we don't talk about and remember you.

u were such a special member of this family and though, some day, we may get another gsd...

always know you will never be replaced.

when it is time we will be together again

forever 'big man'

ur family...

Trooper, 07/04/09

Trooper lived up to his name by overcoming childhood illness and all odds.
My heart filled with his boundless love and trust.
My heart swelled and ached with the love I had for him.
My heart is forever bigger having loved and been loved by our beloved Trooper.
We will always miss you and feel you in our expanded hearts.
Thank you for sharing your short life with us.
Your Mom and Dad, Lisa and Tom
Your new little brother Jelly will miss you terribly, and Hannah and Sam will actually miss you a lot too.
I can't wait to see you again.

Lisa Greedy

Trooper, 04/03/09

Thank you for making my life better and for teaching me unconditional love. I will miss you everyday.
You were and will always be my #1 Dog. I love you Troops. xx


Trooper, 06/01/05-03/24/09

May you run on all four legs and have no more pain. I love you sooo much. Although, it's only been 24 hrs, I really miss you bugging me and begging for food. You can eat whatever you want now, no more nasty prescription diet food. Eat ALL the snacks you want. I can't wait to see you again someday.

Jason and Christina Melton

Trooper, 02/06/09

For my best friend.
From the day we adopted you until the day we had to say goodbye, you were my most loyal companion who gave me an endless supply of unconditional love.

You're in my heart, you're in my soul, you were puppy, you're my best friend, you're in my soul.


Trooper Styrvoky, 07/01/07-01/05/09

Trooper led a good life and will be missed by all. He was an inspiration to all of us.

Love, The Styrvoky's

Trouble, 23/05/97-15/06/09

A cute little black faced boxer puppy entered my life 12 years ago.
He was a really busy little guy who turned both my life as well as my house upside down.
We named him Trouble to reflect his mischievous ways and crazy antics.
As the years passed he grew to be a loving, wonderfully accepting and absolutely dedicated friend who rarely left my side.
Each morning as soon as my eyes would open, he would immediately jump out of his chair to welcome me to that day with a sloppy kiss and a happily wagging tail. Oh the countless joyous walks we had together discovering squirrels and maybe even a deer in the woods.
Sadly, when he was recently diagnosed with a brain tumour we knew that the end could not be very far away.
On Monday June 15, 2009, Trouble let us know that he was ready to leave his pain and suffering behind.
I held him in my arms as we said our final goodbyes and then he left to go running to play over Rainbow Bridge.
My darling boy, you will always be loved.
Please know that there will be a hole in my heart until we are together once again.

Chris Guerin

Trouble, 02/19/09

When I am gone, release me, let me go-
I have so many things to see and do.
You must not tie yourself to me with tears,
Be happy that we had so many years.
I gave you my love, you can only guess
How much you gave me in happiness.
I thank you for the love you have each shown.
But now it is time I traveled alone.
So grieve awhile for me if grieve you must,
Then let your grief be comforted by trust,
It is only for a while that we must part,
So bless the memories within your heart,
I will not be far away, for life goes on,
So if you need me, call and I will come.
Though you can not see or touch me, I will be near.
And if you listen with your heart, you will hear
All my love around you soft and clear.
And then, when you must come this way alone,
I will greet you with a smile and "Welcome Home".


Trouble, 01/15/09

Wonderful,loving son to Robert&PJ,Beloved Brother to "Danger",Trouble"troub-troub" was loved tremendously and will be greatly missed. He passed away peacefully on Jan.15,2009 of Cancer of the spleen.
Our little angel is at the Rainbow Bridge in peace and we will all be reunited someday.
We love you forever Trouble!
God will take care of you son.

Robert Raum & PJ Finczak

Trouble Dolittle, 04/20/09

A Poem For Trouble

I buried you that day
When the jasmine was in bloom
The sky was overcast
But rain drops never fell

You were laid to rest
When the jasmine was in bloom
On a bed of white flowers
With your sisters near

You crossed the Rainbow Bridge
When the jasmine was in bloom
Many were there to greet you
For you were deeply loved

I lost myself that day
When the jasmine was in bloom
The grief so overwhelming
A loss so painfully mourned

One day we will together be
Never again to be parted
Until then the fragrance lingers
When the jasmine was in bloom

by Joylene Bennett

Trousers, 01/06/09

see you in heaven little boy....


Trudy, 04/01/94-04/20/09

our sweet Trudy-boo. We love you so so much. We'll see you again, I'm sure. love love love mom, dad, and Nina.

Truffles, 09/15/94-04/10/09

Truffy,we miss you so much.We can still see you running and fetching your stuffed toys,the way you always searched for treats when you came into the house.You gave us a lot of good memories.You were such a joy for us.Our house seems so empty without you.But please know you will always be our big stuff truffy truff.
Please wait for us at the rainbow bridge.Because we will be looking for you.

Love you forever,
Mom amd Dad

Truffles Thompson, 02/21/09

Our special baby Truffles passed away Saturday, February 21, 2009.
He was five years old and brought so much love, energy and joy into our hearts.
We will miss him every day and always remember his unique personality and charm.

Cathi Thompson

Truman, 12/10/03

Truman my man, it's been almost 7 years you've been gone. It might as well be today. My loss is still as fresh as that day. Lacey is still here but very old now and I'm sure she'll be looking for you in the near future so be on the lookout for her. She misses you so much as we all do. Until I get there, be good. You always were. Dad

Truman, 05/11/09

You will always be in our hearts, you are truly one of the special ones who have touched us deeply.
Say hi to Bailey for us and tell her we love her.

Susan Meier

Truman, 10/31/01-01/31/09

He was my best friend and there is a huge hole in my heart...Thank you Truman, for all you did!


Truman Hensley, 1998 - 9/14/2009 6AM

My Dear Truman,  
What a sad sight you were the day Mom and I rescued you. I'll never forget how you laid in the back seat with your head in moms lap just wondering what was going to happen now. We arrived home and you met your brother, Frankie, and after a few tense hours the bond was formed between you which was never broken. We had you for 11 years and you brought nothing but love and laughter to our hearts. Your personality was a one of a kind. Your "Stevie Wonder" impression of tossing your head back and forth as you waited for your treat, the way we would call you into the house and you would look at us and turn and go the other way, you were one of a kind.  
When we found out you had cancer a few months ago it was the worst news we could ever receive, we loved you so very very much. Your illness did not slow you down til the end. We still laughed at your Stevie Wonder impression, your bounding like a new born colt when you got your food at night and whenever you would hear the word ride or treat. What a joy you were to mom and I and your brothers, Frankie and your little brother Toby.  
Mom slept with you in the family room that last night to make sure you were OK since you had such a bad day Sunday. She went to bed about 4:30 when I got up. I took you out to go to the bathroom and you came back and laid on the deck. I went to get your meds. and when I came out you were having problems breathing it became shallower with each breath and I begged you not to go. I told you how much we loved you and not to leave, I begged you not to go. I do not know if you heard what I was saying but I hope that you did and that you were not alone. Then you were gone. I went and woke mom and we sat and petted you and cried.  
Truman what a wonderful majestic Golden you were. You earned the love of each and everyone who ever had the privilege to be around you. Your nickname "Bear" came because you were as big and lovable as any teddy bear not just to mom and I but to everyone.  
This hole in our hearts can never be mended. We love and miss you so very much "big guy". We know that you are in a better place and your pain is over and we are thankful for that, but we wish you were still with us.  
We believe in Rainbow's Bridge and look to the time when we cross life's bridge, that you will be there when we arrive, and when I holler, "TRU TRU,TREAT" we once again see your beautiful self and your Stevie Wonder impression.  
Sleep well big guy, we love and miss you so so much and each time we say your name it is followed by tears of love.  
God, be good to him.  
Good night "BIG GUY" with all our love we miss you,  
Mom, Dad, Frankie, Toby

Tsuki, 11/19/08

Tsukiyomi- You came to us during a moon phase, and you left on one as well.
I'm so very sorry I had to put you down.
I miss you so very much. I loved you with all my heart, you were special.


Tsumni, 02/09

My god i had 2 give u 2 God on Feb 2009......if it wasnt 4 the tear in your eyes that nite b4 I let u go. i would not have had the courage 2 let u go. i lost your sister on this month and i feel so alone and guilty. please pray 4 me , my grief is overwhelming.

AB Collins

Tubbles, 01/01/09

You are now free of all pain Tubs, and although I miss you like crazy I hope one day we will meet again.

James Cresswell

Tubby, 07/04/96-05/16/09

He was the best dog ever.
He was all things a good dog should be.

Leslie Baldwin

Tubby, 2008

i miss you and sunshine so much


Tucker, 09/18/98-06/14/09

Best 10 1/2 years of my life.
I'll never forget you Tucker.

Derek Jones

Tucker, 09/10/94-05/27/09

One week ago today I took you on your last walk, gave you your favorite treat, and sat with you while you fell asleep for the last time. You were sound asleep when the Vet came, just as I had wanted it.
You were the best dog ever.
You were my companion, protector, and at times my only friend for 15 years. I will miss you always. Sleep in peace my dear, dear friend.
"...if there are no dogs in Heaven, then when I die I want to go where they went..."

Judy Dipaolo

Tucker, 05/16/09

It was so very hard to make the decision to have you move on to a better place where you won't feel the pain that has sapped your strength
That morning I took you to the vet, I cringed at the thought of your not being there and greeting me when I came through the door. Your leaving is one of the saddest days I have ever had in my life. The house feels empty without your presence.
You were a wonderful and exceedingly friendly dog who did't have a mean bone in your body.
I will miss you deeply.


Tucker (Kentucky), 10/30/95-05/19/09

You will forever be our big, sweet, first furry child.
We love you beyond words and always will.
Our hearts ache terribly from your loss.
Thank you for all the wonderful memories, smiles, hugs and love.
You will forever be in our hearts and have left your indellible pawprint there.
Thank you also for your endless inspiration we will always carry with us.
Love you,
Mommy & Daddy, Jack & Jada too!

Tucker, 05/22/09

We helped our sweet Tucker cross the Bridge Friday morning after became suddenly ill due to a brain tumor.
When Tucker's back was petted, he would gleefully bark "Wow".
I hope when he crossed the Bridge, he barked Wow as he ran for the vast treats ... fully sighted.... fully able to hear... and not feeling anything but peace and comfort.
We love you Tucker... and someday will see you waiting for us at the Bridge.

Sharon Judd

Tucker, 03/24/09

My second time writing on this page.
Tucker was with us for 13 glorious years.
He was nothing but faithful and the epitome of unconditional love.
My life will never be the same without him.


Tucker, 02/06/96-04/06/09

You were my special boy and I will love you forever.

Jill Burstein

Tucker, 09/08/00-03/04/09

My Dear Sweet Tucker,

Today is the day I have to say goodbye to you. I would do anything to change that, but, baby, you're so sick. I can't bear to put you through another day of what your life has become. To see you lying on the floor, eyes half closed, unable to keep down even water is torturous. In some ways it's hard to believe you are so sick. You're still as beautiful as the day we found you at the shelter. I took one look at you and was smitten for life. As we took some time to get to know you, your personality stole my heart.

I love how you like to be close to me, but not too close; how you need to sleep near me, but not with me; how you follow me everywhere, but wouldn't snuggle in my lap for all the crispy bacon in Kern County! I love how you're intrigued and immediately protective of babies. I love how you're completely gentle, but turn into a raging tiger if any person or animal tries to take a toy from you. I love how you like carrying soft things in your mouth; stuffed animals, socks, it never mattered what.

I love how when I have been at the most alone places in my life, I was never fully lonely because you were there. I love the gentle kisses you placed on my hand as I held the water bowl for you during your last days.

I love how you hate loud noises and bark at the UPS truck. I love how you loved me to chase you through the house until you finally got tired, let me catch you, and I rubbed your belly while you panted and smiled you looked like you were laughing! I loved taking you for walks and letting you off your leash in a big field. You'd run all over the place until you were completely worn out. If the grass was wet, you'd run back to me dripping, muddy, and gleefully happy!

I love your short little legs and your round fuzzy body. Remember the time the groomer decided that, since you were part Terrier, you needed a Terrier haircut? Well, she didn't take into account your other parts because your non-Terrier hair fluffed up around you until it looked like you were wearing a tutu. I tried not to laugh, but you had such a look of sheer disgust on your face I couldn't help myself!

I'm looking at you lying on the carpet right now, licking your paw, and I wonder how I'm ever going to live without those sweet brown eyes gazing into mine every day. And your fluffy face; I'll never find more kissable cheeks than yours.

I will cherish every moment you've been in our family. You will always be my sweet

I love you, sweet baby,


Tucker, 06/08/09

Tucker was a wonderful cat and always welcomed everybody into her home!

Susan Nadon

Tucker, 08/01/95-05/05/09

You live on in my heart and soul until we meet again dear friend.

Dawn King

Tucker, 08/07/08-02/21/09

To my Best Friend: TUCKER I miss you so much,Your warm kisses and hugs. Love you oh so much Your Daddy.

visit my tribute page on my space

Tucker, 10/01/93-09/09/03

Tucker we miss you more and more everyday. You will be in our hearts forever. Love, Dad, Mom, Jon and Haley and of course Jack.

Tucker Jo, 02/21/00-01/18/09

Tucker was our best friend!!!
He was poisoned, somehow, by an unknown chemical.
We can only surmise it was something in the ice melt that our sub uses.

We will miss him!!!!

Anna and Chris McIntyre

Tucker Thompson, 12/14/01-07/18/09

Tucker lost his 2-1/2 month battle with cancer on 07/18/09. At the end, he was at home and comfortable with those he loved, and he passed peacefully and without pain. To call Tucker our dog hardly does him justice. He was a devoted friend, brother and cherished member of our family, and we belonged to him as much as he to us. To have known him brought each of us profound joy, and in death profound sadness. Tucker will lay buried our hearts forever, and we will miss him terribly all of the remaining days of our lives. ďFor the soul of every living thing is in the hand of GodĒ (Job 12:10) -- so Tucker has gone into Godís loving hands. Goodbye for now my dearest, best buddy. When itís time to be together again, I promise to bring the Frisbee, Scooby Snacks, and long drink of cool water.

Jim Thompson

Tuco or Miss Tuftsey, 05/20/09

The best kitty ever. He loved his Chicken-nugget. He attacked every kitty in the house, every morning. 'Got him from a yard sale. He loved to attack stuff. He got ran over by Beachey Sweeps truck. Tuco had beautiful blue eyes.

Geneva Waynick

Tucson, 05/21/91-12/10/08

Impossibly hard to say good-bye.

Darlene & Ken

Tuff, 02/17/95-05/16/08

Tuff was the light of my lfe. He and I had many happy times. Tuff never left my side from the time I got him. I had some rough times and he helped me through them. He loved his tennis balls and loved his grandparents farm. The cows even enjoyed him. He is terribly missed by all. I know in my heart that he is healthy again and that he knows that I love him and always will. I will be with him someday and what a wonderful day that will be.


Tuffy, 06/19/09

I am so sorry I couldn't help you. Your in heaven now with g-ma and fatty :)
pets and kisses to you.

Rae Quidgeon

Tuffy, 01/01/90-07/05/05

Not a day goes by without thoughts of you.
I miss you so very much.
I look forward to seeing you again at the Rainbow Bridge.

Barbara Wargo

Tuffy, 04/01/91-02/16/09

Rest in Peace Tuffy!
You were a good friend for many years.
I love you!
We will miss you so much.

Ardis Paulson

Tuffy, 04/10/08

We first met at the Kendall County Animal Shelter in April of 1999.
He came into our lives and into our hearts as a four year old, unnamed, 7 Ĺ pound ball of fire.
He bonded instantly and enriched our lives for nine years.
When he attacked a Pit Bull that ventured too close to us, he became Tuffy, the dog with no fear.
He loved to travel, accompanying us on many vacations, camping and fishing trips.
Wherever he went, he attracted people like a magnet, such was his personality.
In his early years, he loved to ride on the bow of the boat, nose to the wind, a dog's version of the scene from the Titanic.
The rolls of master and pet often became blurred, at the very least, Tuffy was his own dog.
As he aged, it took a toll on his body, but he kept his fiery spirit.
In March of 2008, he was diagnosed with prostrate and bone cancer.
While the cancer devastated his body, it could not break his spirit; he was defiant until the end.
On April 10, 2008, when the pain became to hard to manage, we made the difficult decision to release him from his failing body and allow him to find peace.
He leaves behind his two grieving owners and his brother Min-Pin Rocco that we got from A.D.O.P.T.
We are very grateful to the Doctors at Sandwich Veterinary Hospital, Branson Veterinary Hospital, Branson, MO, VCA Aurora Animal Hospital and the University of Illinois Veterinary Hospital for helping us make Tuffy's last few weeks as comfortable as possible.
To Tuffy, our old friend, in time our hearts will heal but our home will never be quite the same without you.
You were the smartest dog that we have ever had and you can never be replaced.
So we say good bye little buddy, you will remain with us in spirit until we meet again.
Roger & Kay Jones

Tuffy, 02/93-02/06/09 I had to put you to sleep because you were in great pain.You were the first cat that I had and it was hard for me to do it.You stuck by me in thick and thin.I will never forget this.And you sat by me the whole week in 2003 and 2004 after the deaths of my mother and brother.When I came home from greeted me and you knew..You never left my side.I miss were a good cat and friend and soon we will be together again.Well done,Tuffy!


Tuffy McLovin, 2006-05/02/09

Tuffy was our feline leukemia rescue cat.
Even though he had the disease and we had other cats we took a chance and precautions and kept him.
We are so glad we did.
What a gift he was.
We only had him for 14 months until the disease all of a sudden took him.
We were blessed by him.
He was so very special and unique.
Now he is in Heaven with our beloved Tigger who died in 2006.
He will always be missed and loved.
Good-by my Tuff lovey.
What a joy you were to be with.
until we meet again.......

Matt and Keri Isenberg

Tug Tug Tugger, 04/29/09

There's something wrong with the night now, when I go to bed...and wrong again with the day after I wake up.
With all our extended furry family of brothers and sisters and cousins and grouchy old uncles and sweet fat aunties, I can't quite identify that off-kilter feeling at first.
But then I remember, and then I hurt - it's your absence that makes the familiar seem so strange.
Losing you is a scar I'll always carry.
I love you, Tug.
Forgive me.

"Run to the arms of the Friend and Helper; He waits to embrace all wild hearts."

J.E. Ginty

Tuker, 06/10/95-03/27/09

He, Willy and Rudy and their kitty 'sisters and brothers' walk beside me on silent paws.

Michelle Lindgren

Tukey, 02/22/09

My beloved Tukey you filled our hearts with so much happiness and Joy, You were more than a pet you were a part of our family we love you and miss you so much our hearts will always be full of love for you.


Tuki, 06/01/97-07/04/09

Tuki Tuki Bird....
I loved you so very much little bird.
We had 12 great years together and I will treasure every day we had together. I miss your squeaks every time I walk into the room.
Everything seems so much emptier without you.
You wait for me at the Rainbow Bridge so that one day you and I will be reunited again. Kanga, Turtle and I miss you. Little will always hold a special place in my heart.

Elaine Nam

Tully, 04/18/09

I miss my beautiful black and white cat Tully. Taken from me too soon.Love you so much

Julie Dubroff

Tully, 05/02/95-02/11/09

His official name was Prince Tully Turner, but he was a clown.
He loved us unconditionally and brought us joy.
He used all of his 9 lives, nearly dying twice before and miraculously recovering after major surgeries.
He was Halloween kitty bouncing on the stairs.
He was the rumble kitty with the biggest purr in the world.
He grunted in pleasure and rubbed his head against us.
He snored and took up half the bed with his 20-lb Maine Coon body.
He was so beautiful that everyone stopped to look at him.
He sang in the bathroom because he loved his own yowls - no little Maine Coon cat chirp for him!
He played chase with his foster mom until she died.
He even played chase with the local fox and skunks as a kitten.
He took over the proper raising of the two kittens who joined us after his foster mom left us.
He bathed them, chastised them as necessary, and generally loved them.
Until the day before he became too weak and had to leave us, he sat in our laps and loved us.
I will never forget the sound of him and the feel of him with his perfect soft and shiny fur.
He was beautiful until the day he died despite his organs failing and being too weak to walk.
And he had the habit of looking so directly into my eyes with beautiful, huge green eyes filled with flecks of brown.
At the vet, I helped hold him, and he turned his head to look directly in my eyes again.
I told him to just keep looking at me and everything would be over soon and he wouldn't hurt any more.
And he seemed to understand and did just that until the light left his eyes.
His body is buried in a grove of oak trees near our house, next to his foster mom.

Elaine Turner

Tundra, 06/15/09

Good bye my sweet boy.
Your life was too short, but it was so well lived and you were so well loved.
You will forever be my heart dog.
I am glad you are now pain-free and running in the high mountain meadows and rolling in snowfields.


Tundra, 09/01/99-03/01/09

My beloved dog, Tundra, passed away Sunday March 1, 2009. He was 9.5 years old and was dealing with debilitating cancer. Diagnosed in October, I took care of him and prayed that he would last longer. But, he did not. I had to have him euthanized to ease his suffering. Tundra went to work with me, was with me when my mother died, and was a constant companion while I dealth with a difficult divorce. He was one of my best friends and I loved him dearly. I will miss him until the day we are walking together in heaven.

Robin Nelson

Tunuki, 09/06/95-10/29/08

I named her Tunuki, after the Japanese raccoon. Even as a puppy, she had an extremely fluffy Akita' tail, and with her Brindle coloring, she looked just like a raccoon. But she was as gentle as a baby lamb, which is unusual for an Akita.

She was quite independent from the day we met. Quite the adventurous Houdini too...At about 4 months old, she dug under the back fence and wandered away from home. When I reported her lost, they told me she wouldn't go far being so young, but she walked over a mile through the woods and across a creek her first winter, then stopped to rest at a house that looked like 'hers' when she got tired. It took me 2 days, and posting hundreds of signs to find her.
Someone had put a sign on a telephone pole (I still have that sign) the same pole I was putting my LAST sign on. The couple that left the sign made me identify her before they would give her up.

About 6 months later, I left the both Akitas in the backyard while I went to do an errand. Miss Tunuki Houdini' was gone when I got back. She had dug a new hole under the fence, and took a stroll. Luckily, my neighbor Joe Tannis saw her wandering, and put her on a leash in his back yard, and left a note on my door (I still have that note).

She was a hunter from a young age. One evening while I was out, Tunuki tracked, brought down, and gutted my taxidermy pheasant that was on a shelf. The feathers went from one end of the living room to the other. That was the last and only time I spanked her behind, and the one thing I did that I would always regret, even now 13 years later. Mommy is SO sorry, Angel. Please forgive me.

Tunuki came into my life as a companion for my 1-year old Akita. From the day I brought her home, she just radiated joy, and that joy touched your soul. I never realized how special her gift was until she was gone. She always wanted to please people. I'm convinced she would try to cheer me up if she thought I was unhappy. She would do funny things, like pounding her paw on the floor to get my attention, until I would look over and laugh.

SHE LIKED... Laying inside, at the front glass door, watching people walk by, hoping to SEE A DOG, or watching TV with me to LOOK FOR A DOG. She thought the TV was another bigi window, and when a DOG would go walk off the side of the TV screen she would LEAP into the chair at the window, and look out to see where the DOG went'. She loved DOGS.S She liked having her neck scratched and her ears rubbed.
She liked jumping in a 'just-raked' pile of leaves and resting in her nest' watching people walk by WITH THEIR DOGS.S She liked rolling in the winter snow, and her freeze-dried liver snacks.s.

Getting wet! Hated the rain. She didn't want to go out even after it stopped raining. She didn't like getting her paws wet.
Bath-time was always a terriblee experience for both of us. Good thing she never liked getting dirty either..

HER FAVORITE TOY... Nuki didn't like toys or balls at all. She would reluctantly play sock Tug-of-War with Samurai if he teased her long enough. This Akita was a serious girl, and a good hunter. One morning I let her out, and she promptly brought back a dead mole, or something. She was so proud and I was so horrified...but couldn't let her know. She dropped it on the patio at my feet as a gift. I returned it to Mother Nature when she went inside.

Baked Chicken or Pot Roast, promptly followed by a Milk-Bone Biscuit.

Anywhere, with, or without her Mommy. She was so fast, a friend nicknamed her "Tunuki-Suzuki". Thankfully, she learned to come back home when shee heard me call her name and whistle.
I could see that Akita Smile' as she came running towards me.
She was so proud that she was my good girl'..

Perfectly imitating the sounds I made when I stretched to get comfortable for sleep, which always ended in a heavy sigh. (I didn't know dogs could do that). Tunuki slept on the floor at the end of my bed every night. I can't seem to sleep without her there.

I hope she knew how MUCH I loved her. No other dog could ever fill my heart and soul with Tunuki's radiant Joy.
When we had to part, I told her, Wait for Mommy at the Rainbow Bridge. Play with the other puppies' until Mommy gets there.Ě I PRAY I FIND HER WAITING THERE FOR ME.

Diane Gingrich Reich

Turca, 02/28/09

You will always be in our hearts. We love you!

Daniela Toledo

Turk, 02/10/09

We love and miss you soooo much xoxoxox

Brad Lemoine

Turner, 01/21/04-02/14/09

We adopted Turner on September 21, 2004.
The vet thought he was 8 months old so we decided his birthday would be January 21st.
All family members need a birthday!
He was the best dog.
I called him Buddy, because that's what he was, my buddy.
I miss him constantly.
When I pull in the driveway he's not looking out the window.
When I open the door he's not there wagging his tail...happy to see me.
We tried so hard to save him.
Why did he have to get so sick?
He was a part of our family and losing him was such a loss.
I love and miss you Buddy.

Lee Ann Frazier

Tut, 02/25/09

I love you my little Tutsie.
Thank-you for finding me my "John Deere" dog!
You were a blessing the few short years we had together.
Miss you terribly!
Now you can follow Jazzy around again!
Till me meet again my little buddy!
All my love and kisses, MAMA!

Tuttle, 03/24/09

Tuttle was the sweetest little guy I've ever met dispite all the neglet and abuse he endured before I adopted him.
He never really bonded with me or my family but he was very much a part of our lives and we loved him.
I know he has found peace that only a dog could know.
He will be in my heart always.

Lisa Gibson

Tux, 06/04/92-11/23/01


Tuxedo Mask, 12/01/08-04/07/09

Tuxedo Mask was only 4 months old when he passed and I only had him for a month. I don't know what happened to him. I just found him dead in his cage and he had been perfect earlier that day. He is a bunny missed. He helped me in so many ways. He was always there to cheer me up when i was sad. I took care of him so well and he had everything a bunny could have... He was the best bunny a person could ask for and he will stay in our hearts and in heaven he will play and be loved.

Bella O'Brien

Tweed, 03/31/94-01/25/09

Tweed was a wonderful,sweet, gentle dog with a loving disposition. She was so loving to anyone she met. We had her for 15 wonderful years and miss her terribly. Our house is not the same without her. Our hearts are broken, but know she is not hurting anymore. We loved her so much.


Tweek, 09/01/00-Unknown

She disappeared almost a year ago. She was prone to seizues. She got out of the house and never came home. We miss her so. She was the sweetest lap kitty you could ever have. Rest in peace, sweet Tweek, we will think of you always...

Marguerite Brunk

Tweena, 03/21/09

Our beloved kitty cat was suffering and had to be put to sleep.
We grieve terribly and pray for peace in our hearts due to our loss. Our Tweena had so much love for both of us as we loved her dearly.
She was an angel here on earth and she is truly an angel now.
Pray for us and we pray for you too.

Derre and Terry

Tweety, 06/25/09

Tweety I'm sorry I did everything I could, I hope you felt me with you . You will be missed by your buddy Cloud ! We love you and will miss you , till we meet at the bridge!

Maureen La Bryer

Tweety, 05/06/09

We are very sad you are gone but we are sure you are in heaven with Casum your brother who passed a year ago.
We love you.

Mary Jane

Twinkie, 12/10/02-06/06/09

Twinx, The minute you came into our lives our world revolved around you (and you knew it).
The day you died was the day a part of me died too.
I know you are in heaven with Grandpa now.
Maybe he needed you more than I did.
I miss you baby.
Love, Mommy

Twists Girl, 03/17/77-03/20/01

I miss you so much. You were a such a wonderful mother to yur babies. And loved those carrots. Now you run those green pastures pain free.


Tybee, 09/20/93-06/27/09

To our long time big floppy puppy and family member - Tybee. You are forever in our hearts and truly loved and will be terribly missed by us all. You lived your life with such great enthusiasm and joy and love for us. We always think of you bounding in and knocking us over with your energy and happiness. You are the smartest and most gentle dog we have ever known. We hope you are now free and off your leash to run and be the big rambling dog we know you are meant to be! We love you Tybee - I can't wait to wrap my arms around your big furry head when it's time to meet at the rainbow bridge.

Helen Renshaw

Ty-Ty, 12/10/05-05/10/09

My Ty-Ty lost his fight with cancer 5/10/2009
He was only 3 years old...he was here much too short a time, but will forever be in my heart!

My Ty-Ty
I lost a special friend today
the kind you can't replace,
and looking at his empty bed
I still can see his face.

I know he's in a special place
our Lord has for such friends,
Where meadows, fields & flowers
help make them strong and whole again.

I know he's watching over me
He'll be with me when I cry,
So with one more kiss on his beloved head
I told my friend goodbye

Sherry Fuller

Tyger, 03/09/09

Tyger words cannot express how distraught I feel at your passing. It has only been three days and I cannot bear the thought of you buired in the garden when it's cold and raining outside. I wrapped you in my nightdress and took a lock of your hair to keep close.
Typing through the tears I still can't believe I won't see your beautiful expressive eyes again or see you get impatient with me as I'm not getting fast enough to the door to let you out.
I can see you watching the floor as I plate up your food just in case I let some fall.
Snoops (my other Jack Russell) is sitting here beside me, something he'd never do when you were with us, he misses you too.
You were both constant companions for fourteen years.

I wish I knew what took you.
You were bright and active one minute and over a period of eight hours you went downhill and died at five in the morning in my arms. I thank you for all the love and fun over the years and especially for the uniqueness of you.
I am haunted by your absence and keep looking for you in all the usual places. The house is so different without you. When my grief eases I know I have some magical memories and some wonderful photographs.

Miss you and love you forever,

Anne & Snoops xxxx

Tyke, 04/28/96-04/21/09

Our forever family friend


Tyla, 4/20/1997 - 8/5/09


Mommy and daddy love and miss you so much. You were the best friend that anyone could have. Your soft brown eyes melted our hearts and spoke volumes to us. You brought so much love and happiness to our family. You will never be forgotten because you left a large hole in our hearts which can never be filled by anyone or anything.

Our only comfort is knowing that you are running and barking once again with your 6 brothers and sisters and biological parents Bonnie and Roger. Stay happy until we see each other again.

Mommy loves you and don't forget our little song, "Hush Little Baby".

Love you a.k.a. Manny, Little Man, Big-Head

Mommy and Daddy

Tylee, 07/06/96

To my baby who has been long gone but your memories remain within my heart. I think of you always. I love and miss you still.

Norean Frenza

Tyler, 08/03/93-07/10/09

You could hardly see me,yet you always knew where I was
You could hard hear, but came when you knew I needed you
I have loved you from the first moment to the last.
I feel guilty that what we thought would be
gentle ending would turn out to be so horrifying cause the vet was rushing.
I apologize. You were so scared and I am so sorry he hurt
You can make it up to me when we meet again.
Love mommy Roxanne

Tyler, 03/95-10/16/07

We still love you and miss you each and every single day.
You will be in our hearts always.

Jill and Thomas Kelty

Tyler, 10/27/92-06/27/09

Our beloved Golden retreiver, Tyler, has joined his buddy Casey, at the Rainbow Bridge.
Tyler, you were a fighter to the end. Mom and Dad miss you and love you with all our hearts.
Run free with Casey, run free....

Trish Stack

Tyler, 06/01/09

Tyler will always be in my heart.


Tyler, 04/21/09

Ty, you were a dream come true.
Watching the Eagles, Phillies, and Flyers will not be the same without you.
I will miss you every day for the rest of my life.
You were the best pal anyone could ever wish for.
Rest easy now, Tyler, Mom and I will be with you soon.

Tyler, 11/04/04-04/11/09

I hope you made it safely...


Tyler Blackie Walker, 03/27/07-03/29/08

I love you forever Tyler.
You have always been there.
I love you.

Sym-Chrisie Walker

Tyler Hummel, 03/01/10-03/09/09

We love you Tyler!!! Thank you for being the most loyal and brave dog we will ever know.
You will ALWAYS be in our hearts. I know that you are happy in Heaven.


Tyr, 04/28/98-08/10/04

A true Gental Giant at 285 lbs, and thin at that. 39" neck.....a truely majestic beast!!

Kristeen Ferguson

Tyrian, 05/01/09

Mommy loves you and misses you very much Tyrian!
I hope that you and Ferenczy are kissing and cuddling up with each other.
Jerry, Lina, Tokio and Tenshi send their love also.


Tyrone, 05/19/94-12/06/08

To My Little Bone,

You brought so much love and joy to my life, and for that I am so grateful. I will always keep a special place in my heart for you. Some day we will walk together again. Love, Mom

Tyrone Barker Lea, 06/01/97-02/28/09

Be at peace sweet and loving boy. Thank you for Blessing our lives.
You are loved and missed!

Sophia and Michael Lea

Tyronne, 01/07/08

Tyronne was my heart dog, my soul mate in a dog's body. He waqs taken from me too early and my love is bleeding. He was a joyful soul, always happy, loved to run and go for rides in the car. He got along with every person and every dog. He smiled all the time. He smelled so sweet and wagged his tail hugely all the time. He talked when he kissed you and he offered his kisses constantly. His loss is so great, I just don't know how to go on right now.

Laura Hinson

Tysen, 07/2001-05/15/09

*I loved him so very much, because no matter what mood I was in he loved me through and through.
He was a handfull with other dogs, always trying to protect us... I will miss him until I see him agin...XXOO
*In the summer when we were outside, he used to run in a circle over and over again and wore out the grass and even in the winter you could see a big circle in the snow. =]

Mark Denise and Bonnie Darcangelo

Tyson, 08/15/05 - 11/01/09

Tyson mi perrito lindo, quiero decirte lo mucho que te amo y lo profundamente triste que estoy por tu partida, en donde quiera que estes deseo que sepas lo feliz que me hiciste cada momento que estuviste a mi lado, fuiste una gran compania, un aliado y un excelente amigo, no puedo entender todavia el porque Dios tuvo que llamarte tan pronto, siento un gran vacio sin ti, mas sin embargo deseo que estes descansando y que tu alma se encuentre tranquila. te agradezco cada momento que estuvimos juntos, siempre estaras en mi corazon, espero verte algun dia. te ama tu mama.

Tyson, April 2003 - 10/15/2009

My Dearest TayTay,
You were the most free spirited creature i ever met. You had no boundaries, you never cried. No one knew when you were in pain. I remember when i took you to have you neutered and the doc found another cat's tooth in your leg. And it was getting infected too. Jeez Tyson, you weren't even limping. One day you came home with blood squirting out of your chest from fighting with another cat. Before i could find your carrier you were already running upstairs to go eat. My God you were such a tough guy! It never crossed my mind to take out our nails and make you into a house object. You had too much personality. You didn't have owners, you acted like you had your staff. Every morning we woke up together and i set there and pet you for a while, and when i stopped, u followed me into the bathroom and purpously sat in the sink so i can't brush my teeh. Whenever i turned on the faucet you wanted to drink water. If i came donstairs into the office you ran along with me, jumped on my desk and made your furry but comfortable on my laptop so that i can't type. I would move you and you come right back. If you were out ,i could never go to bed until u came back home. You had me scared a few times when you were younger... Thank you for over nine years of LOVE. I love you so much!! You've never been scared of anything. Even when you were little you were tring to fight the geese. You crazy little thing. I adore you! I do not know how i am going to go to sleep tonight without you. I am terrified of waking up in the morning. Tyson, i used to wake up and feel for you in the bed! Today, when you were passing away and i was brushing you with your favourite brush, you had the tip of your tongue out just a lil bit. You did that since i found you. You were soooo lilltle. I feed you formula with a bottle and asked everyone how to make you go peepee :-). I adored you since then. You were smaller than my palm Taytay. And today, today, you died the same way. I loved it when u had your tongue out like that. I took many pics of you sleeping like that. I hope it ment that you felt loved and spoiled. I am going to plant something over your grave and hope you eveolve into that. I will always love your spirit and your stuck up, spoiled attitude. I love you booboo.

Tyson, 23/01/09

He was our best friend, our comforter and a great listener, we miss you Ty

Alan Curtis

Tyson, 09/23/96-02/09/09

Tyson my smoocha my hound dog hooch la coocha you will never be far from my heart or my thoughts I love and miss you always
you are mommas boy


Tyson, 04/14/99-02/12/09

Toots - our gentle giant, re-united with Sabre, play awhile until we're all together again one day.

Allan Nelson

Tyson, 06/01/02

To Tyson,

We miss you and We never really got to say good bye.But now that we have rainbow bridge i can see you on the other side!,

Love you and can't wait to see you on the other side , love you and always miss you,

Mom and ali<3

Tyson and T.J, 07/24/09 and 11/28/08

Rest in peace my beloved dogs.. Till we meet again.. play and run with each other...
Love u both
your together now

Cheryl Paquette

Tyson Alampi, 12/02/96-03/01/09

To my Tyson- I miss you and love you. You will be in my heart forever.

Theresa Alampi

Tyson Chaparro, 01/09/00-07/03/09

The best Friend that I ever had !!!

Angel Chaparro III

TYSON LOPEZ, 3/9/98-8/7/09


Tyson Pucho, 03/30/99-06/26/09



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