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2009 Tributes

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S.B. Valentine, 09/22/91-06/29/09

My beloved, S.B. - when we help you cross over to the Rainbow Bridge tonight we will be left with a lifetime full of wonderful moments with you.
You were with me through cancer treatment, the loss of Dad and were always by my side.
There will truly never be another one like you in my life.
I do not know how I will get through the next few months -- somehow I think you will be helping me "from afar".
All my love to you, my sweet little boy.

Debbie Valentine

Saada, 03/04/99-10/29/08

I love you Saada with all my heart. There is not a day that goes by that I don't miss you and wish you were back here with me. You were my best friend, and you will be in my heart always.


Saba, 02/12/95-06/25/09

My best friend....I will miss you so for your gentle spirit and soul...God gave you to me I know to help me through the hard times and I will always be with you...please wait for me at the rainbow bridge.

Sherry Amaral

Sabastian, 10/09/05-06/06/09

Sabastian was my best friend & will be deeply missed but I know today he is in a better place.


Sabbeth, 01/21/09

I will miss you my friend.

Scott Mann

Saber Gomes, 04/14/09

My little Sabie you were the sweetest friend ever. Nala and I will never forget you. You were the best....We will love you always!!!

Rosangela Gomes

Sabina ('Bean'), June 2000 - 8/10/09

We'll be together again; but until then, thousands of hugs & kisses my little calico girl.

Love, your mom.

Sabine, 03/13/09

To a fabulous little princess "The Bean", who brought so much joy and laughter to her Mom and Dad. May she join Trina, Duchess, Rufus, BA, Bessie and Sabre who are waiting for her to join them in the meadow where the grass is forever green and the sun always shines.

Lois Welch

Sable, 01/06/05

My sweet beloved will always be in my heart, loved and missed...I still cry over my loss of you.
After a year of grieving, you sent me my beloved Savannah and every day I see you in her. Thank you for loving me as much as I love you.

Love always and forever,

To All -
I rescued Sable when she was approximately 5 or 6 years old in 1999 - it was love at first sight.
I took her from a life of being neglected to a life of being loved and spoiled.
I gave her the best years of her life and I am grateful to be a part of her life.
She was my world and it came crashing down on me the night she passed away in my arms..I held onto her hugging her not wanting to let her go.
As sad as it was, I knew in my heart she was now pain free.
I cry every day for her and after a year passed I read the story about a special needs Saint Bernard - met her and the love connection was intense - either this was my Sable re-incarnated or a gift from her - either way my Sable lives on both in my heart and in my life.

Lizbeth Feldman

Sable, 05/14/09

...Grieve not
Nor speak of me with tears,
but laugh and talk of me
as if I were beside you...
I loved you so--
'twas Heaven here with you.

My beloved friend.
I miss you so much.

Pat Freyaldenhoven

Sable, 03/28/09

Our Sweet little Sable. We called her girly girl. She gave so much love and was loved so much. She was very small for a Sheltie and that made her even more special. She was smart. She understood, sit, stay, down, shake, and give me kisses. She loved to do an little circle dance when she was happy. Our hearts are breaking because we miss her so much. We look forward to seeing our Sweet Sable, Girly girl when we cross over the bridge. We know she will be waiting for us. It will be so wonderful to hold her in Heaven.

Linda and Roger Clark

Sable, 02/03/01-02/2009

My baby girl Sable  
You are missed and you are and always will be so very loved.  
My days are long and filled with sadness but I remember the crazy things you did that always made me smile.  
You will stay in my heart and my thoughts.  
Thank you for the time you gave to me and the unwavering and unconditional love.  
Thank you my baby girl- I miss you  


Sable, 02/03/01-02/28/09

You were taken from me too soon.
You will forever be in my heart.

Dana Youngman

Sable, 06/14/96-10/09/07

Sable, my "Baby Sable Marmaduke", your huge presence was only overshadowed by your wonderful and loving personality.
You are thought of each day and your sometimes serious, sometimes smiling face looks straight into my heart from your pictures.
I carry you with me every day of my life. I love you and miss you terribly.

Linda Parker

Sable, 02/13/07

dear sable mommy misses you so much i think of u all the time. i hope your with nana now.all my love mommy xo
miss you soooooo much.

Donna Gaccione

Sable, 06/06/04-01/30/09

My heart breaks, my eyes weep, I miss you so very much Sable.
But one day, I will see you again.
Until then........

Jean McLeish

Sable, 01/21/09

Sable was a loyal, faithful, and devoted
sweetheart and we will miss her beautiful green eyes and love each day of our lives. God keep you safe until I can embrace you again.

Judy Graham

Sable Belt, 07/04/09

Sable was such a gentle spirit..and thanks to our new neighbors and friends and family, this last year was the happiest year of her life...she learned to trust people and love them. She came to be 2 years old...was traumatized...the Sheltie Foundation allowed me to adopt her with another Sheltie who has passed on now.....Sable was terrified of people ....this last year...she just blossomed and found love and trust, Thank you all...she just loved Darwin more than even me I think...he was so good to her...our neighbor.

Cherilyn Belt

Sable Diamond, 02/07/02-02/11/08


Robert Frisz

Sable Jane, 01/21/09

Our dearest Sable Jane flew aay to the Rainbow Bridge on January 20, 2009.
We know you were greated by warm sunshine and the love of your sister Rupee, who passed one month earlier.
You filled our hearts with deep love.
The best girl a family could have.
You will always by in my heart.
Thank you for 15 wonderful years of faithful companionship.

Your loving family -- Pattie, Emile, Ravi and Deven Mahanti

Sable Princess, 02/04/00-01/19/09

Dearest Sable,

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to serve you. You were my best friend for awhile, but now you have returned to your Father in heaven.
Until we meet again; be sure to leave the light on for me.

Mom (Melissa)

Sabre, 05/17/94-05/16/09

Sabre was the sweetest kitty, he was my birthday present so many years ago. I loved him so very much, we were very close. My heart is broken over the loss of him.
I just hope he knew how much I loved him. Not a day goes by that I dont think about him. Rest in peace sweet baby. Love, Your Momma Kitty

Sabre, 05/30/97-03/12/09

My dear beloved Sabre,

I am so grateful that you were a part of my life for almost 12 years.
You were always there for me when I was feeling bad, and I know that you cared as much for me as I did for you. You were called my Million Dollar Dog, and you were worth even more.
You were my Wild Child,my Marley, and I miss your loving presence every day. Home is so very empty without you.
I will never forget you. I Love You Sabre.

Linda Scott

Sabre, 2006

You were taken away from us way to soon.
Thank you for being a wonderful companion and friend.
Take care of Sasha and Sheba until we meet again.

Adam James

Sabre, 22 Jan 2009

he was so loving gentle giant loved by all the village i will never forget sabre my companion my bestest friend miss you so much mum

Sabre, 06/04/94-02/08/09

We miss our son.

Gail Cook and Bill Raymond

Sabrina, 14 years old 09/21/09

Sabrina was such a sweet little Yorkie who couldn't wait until the front door was opened each day for she loved to watch the activities of the neighborhood perched on the floor looking out of the glass storm door. She would protect the house from the mailman and delivery men and innocent passersby who might be on an evening stroll or walking their dogs, and if a cat or squirrel dared to step foot in the yard, she could hardly contain herself, and would hold as still as a statue staring at it with both excitement and almost, it seemed, in disbelief that the creature was just on the other side of the glass door prancing about in front of her.

She had a way of making every moment worthy of a treat. She would do a dance with her little front paws and look at you with the sweetest little face. So sincere and pure. Ultimately in all her happiness her favorite way of celebrating, if she couldn't get kisses and hugs, was to steer you to the doggie treats. It always seemed to work! She was just a teeny bit plump, which made her even more adorable. She was just so cute and sweet and before you knew it, you were obeying her and getting her a goodie! Sabrina also loved to have her belly rubbed.

Sabrina was a fan of snuggling, especially with her mommy on the couch and taking naps there with her. It made her feel special to spend time up on the couch with her mom, since she couldn't get up there on her own. She also loved it when her mommy put her on the "big" bed. She especially loved it when her mom kissed her and loved on her... she felt so good she just had to roll around on the covers and make "feel good" doggie noises. She'd crinkle up her little nose and paw at her mommy to kiss her some more.

She loved her mommy and daddy and would get so excited when they would get home from being gone somewhere, it made her day every time they came back!

Sabrina loved her mommy and daddy for being with her when she wasn't feeling so good and loved them for not letting her hurt or suffer and for knowing when she was ready to go. She loves them so much for understanding that she had to leave them.

Misty was so happy to see her little sister come up over a sunny green hillside blooming with wildflowers. Finally together again, they can run and play with no pain. Young and happy and forever together, like the old days, until the day; one day that they will see their mommy and daddy again come up over that same green hillside. They will be there, running to you in the sunshine through the wildflowers to meet you and smother you with the sweet little doggie kisses you so love and remember and miss.

When you long for Sabrina, look inside yourself, in your heart and there you will always find a little part of her soul and Misty's and all those pets you have ever loved..., they will be a part of you forever in fond memories of love... until one day your souls shall be reunited again.

Sabrina will surely be missed by so many including her big sister, Lisa... who wrote this tribute for her mom and dad because they are hurting right now without her. Sabrina, sweet little angel, you were so very loved.

Sabrina, 1992-2003

Your always in my heart.
I miss you dearly.

Patricia Weaver

Sabrina, 03/25/95-05/07/09

Sabrina, the love you gave was unconditional and I will miss you.

Kathy Myers

Sabrina, 09/23/08

we miss you so much

Voirrey and Calvin

Sabrina, 01/11/09

To Laurie's beautiful baby Sabrina may you play and have fun in the Rainbow bridge with my Casha,Chloe, Sici & Christal, Maubi....stay close to your Mom and family who miss you terribly
We love you Sabrina!
Mary & Cashmere

Sabrina Boo Bear, 12/23/95-05/17/09

Sabrina came to live with us in February of 1996. We weren't really planning on getting a dog.
But fate intervened, when an acquaintance came into the store where I was working, to see if I knew anyone who was looking for a puppy.
His purebred Samoyed had just had litter of mixed breed pups and he was tryng to get rid of them. I immediately volunteered to take one of the pups. (my husband wasn't pleased, but I talked him into at least going to take a look at the litter)
When we went to see the pups, she peed on my husband's shoe.
Sabrina picked us.
She was the light of our lives; so sweet and loving.
She was like our child, and there is an empty place in my heart that is still quite raw.
No other dog will ever be able to take her place.
I miss her so much.


Sabrina Hano, 06/05/09

I loved my Sabrina, she was so loving and sensitive. She brought so much love into our home. We loved her so very very much and miss her every second of the day now that she is not with us. She was a very special dog, everyone loved her she was sensitive to your every need. She was pyscic and knew when you were coming and would get up and go to the door, even when you were a block away. She would follow me around and participate in everything I was doing. She would sleep with me and cuddle up next to me. I miss her beyone words. I love you Sabrina I love you so mucy and miss you so much

Nancy Sue Hano

Sabrina Mackanaw, 06/22/05

This is a tribute to my loving Sabrina.
She brought joy to my life with unconditional love.
I miss her each and everyday and I know, someday I will meet her at the Rainbow Bridge as she will cry out to me like she use to and we will again be reunited.


Sabrina Stella by Starlight, 05/27/05-02/18/09

You were in our life when we really needed you.
You helped us when we lost our son and over our own cancer diagnoses.

Just when we were going to winter in florida, Mikey took you with him.
I guess he needed you more.
I hope you are both happy over the Rainbow Briege

Jackie and Michael Breault

Sacha, 12/20/86-12/07/08

Sacha was a magnificent being who came into my life and blessed me with his presence.
It was always an honour to care for him.
He is greatly missed by his human and feline family.
We love him so.


Saddie, 10/19/07-06/24/09

In Loving memory of my little angel.
Saddie will be greatly missed. You will always be first and foremost the greatest blessing I had.


Sade, 06/30/94-04/06/09

My baby girl..My lil princess...My baby.I love you,I miss you. My days are empty and my nights are long and lonely.I lost a piece of my heart when I lost you to heaven


Sadie, 10/01/1998 - 10/30/2009

Sadie, You were not just a pet. You were our first child. You were so perfect for our family, one of us. As I sit here in the family room, I look over to your usual spot by the fireplace, and it seems so empty. Letting you go is the hardest thing that we've ever had to do. I know that you're up in puppy heaven with God and all of your other new friends having endless treats and running around. I know that you're happy and not in pain anymore. Still, we miss you terribly. I know that we will be together again when we cross over and on that day, you'd better be prepared for lots of hugs and treats from me! I miss you, Sis, and I love you more than you'll ever know.

Love, Mommy

Sadie, 12/02/91 - 09/16/08

My beloved Sadie, it has been a year since you left us. The time has seemed so long. I remember your soft brown eyes, at the end, gazing at me for the last time; saying it was OK. I know you are in a better place. I try to let you go, but the sadness clings to my heart like moss. You took a part of me, but I will always have you. I kept my promise, you know what it is, because I love you so. Stay close my little one. I love you, mommy

Sadie, 07/10/09

Sadie, our pretty girl. Momma's baby girl. Such a pretty, pretty, kitty. Big-time box, front paws tucked under you wonderful gal. The urrrt. Always an opinion. Full of widsom and dignity. Cherished family member, a comfort to Sam-Daddy. My wonderful, beautiful girl. I love you. I miss you, we miss you. Always part of our family. You have a beautiful soul and our bond with you is forever. Our family is forever, all the members. Sadie, the joy and delight you gave us shines on. I love you Sadie girl. Daddy called you Sneddie, Sned and Snedley. You are all wonderful. Divine, dignified, beautiful lady who always looked young. Thank you for allowing us into your life. We love you forever. Thank you for giving us such a long time, a treasure and gift to us. We love you.

Sam, Barbara, Amy, Shelly, Gunther (and The Souls Of Bosley & Ziggy)

Sadie, 06/03/02-06/22/09

The best friend and companion we ever had. A little joy with a big personality.


Sadie, 12/05/99-07/26/08

Rest in peace my BEST Friend, Until we meet again!

Pam McCulloch

Sadie, 06/16/09

Sadie (alias mop top) went to heaven today to be with Fuppie & Rambo....We will miss her very much. She was a wonderful friend that blessed our lives with her loyalty and feisty spirit for many lives. Sleep well baby girl.....thank you for your gift of friendship.

Anne & Lee Hollek

Sadie, 06/08/09

i will always love you sadie, our time together was too short, you taught me much about compassion, i miss you so much honey, my heart is broken. i cant wait to see you in the next life.......


Sadie, 07/20/96-05/27/09

Sadie, what an amazing gift from God you are.
You taught us all so much.
You were a true fighter to the very end.
Thanks for sticking it out through all of the challenges we faced.
I will always remember your spirit and take it with me from this day forward. Heaven is lucky to have you.
Have fun with Lady, Tiggie and Tahoe.
I know the four of you are having a blast and that makes me so happy.
When you get a chance, please send a good kiss our way, we miss you more than I even thought possible.
We love you and always will.

Tara, Chris & Kelsay Edwards

Sadie, 06/13/07-07/20/08

Our sweet little Sadie.
So full of life and energy!
You were only with us a year.
You were dad's birthday present and so tiny.
Then God decided to take you Home on dad's next birthday for some reason when you got out when no one was looking.
So precious and small...always in our hearts and looking down at us from your picture.
We miss you and love you still and know that you are now keeping your "big brother" BJ company at Rainbow Bridge.
I can't wait to see you again Daddy's Girl.

Janet Robinson

Sadie, 05/22/09

We Love and Miss you.

Walter and Mary Stones

Sadie, 04/94

remembered forever.
you were my soulmate.


Sadie, 09/08/94-05/25/08

Sadie was the love of my life. She was there for me when no one else in the world was. She saw me through some of the hardest times of my life. In fact she saved my life more than once. She was my heart and soul. I only wish that I could have saved her from the cancer that took her life. Sadie, I still think of you every day and I miss you so terribly. You will never be forgotten and I'll be looking for you at Rainbow Bridge.

Kyle Grismore

Sadie, 06/01/95-05/08/09

You were the love of my life and I took care of you the best I could. I miss you so much but I am happy you don't have to take any more medicine or cry out in pain. I will see you again and I love you my pretty are mommy's baby.


Sadie, 04/29/95-05/16/09

Sadie blessed us with a long life of 14 years.
She had many health obtacles throughout her life to overcome and pulled through them all.
She's a fighter, that's for sure.
I don't have children so she's like the little girl I never had.
I'm going to miss her terribly but I have two brothers in heaven who I know are with her and are going to take care of her until I come home.
I believe God will honor my wishes and I will be with her again.

Heather Richard

Sadie, 02/02/04-04/21/09

To my big girl, we miss you but are glad you are not hurting.
I missed my morning hug today.

David Groth

Sadie, 11/07/97-03/15/09

Sadie was my present to myself Chritmas 1997.
She was a small bundle of fur and as cute as a button.
It was just her and I in the house and we bonded very closely.
As a puppy, when I brought her home, I put my arm over her nose to hold her close and to give her comfort.
For the next 11+ years, she would love to have her nose covered by my arm.

Sadie went everywhere with me.
I live in California, but spent a year in Maryland.
She swam in both the Pacific and Atlantic oceans.
We had a blast together because she was always up for an adventure!

Her right eye went blind first.
She was 8.
She had to have the eye removed.
The second eye went blind and had to be removed two years later.

Her blindness was not a hinderance to her.
She still had her great smile and many, many tail wags.
She still chased her ball (she would stand very quietly to hear where it landed and sniff until she located it) and still shook her "baby" to teach it who was boss!
She took everything in stride.

Then came the limping.
She went down hill very quickly.
The vets could not control her pain, so I had to let her go.
She died in my arms, with my arm over her nose. Just like she likes.

I had her cremated and was going to spread some of her ashes at the beach (she loves camping!!) but I just can not bear to part from her any more.
So much of her is already gone, I can't bear losing more of her.

I miss her so.
It hurts.
I can't wait to see her again.
Until then, I trust God is throwing many a ball for her.


Sadie, 07/17/00-04/15/09

Thank yo darling Sadie, for sharing your sweet self with us for almost 9 wonderful years.
Your brother Dexter and I will
hold you in our hearts, until our end of days when, if our deepest wishes are granted, we will be together again.

May peace, love and your Rainbow brother Bartholomew, be with you always dear Sadie...
until we meet again,
Mommy and Dexter
xo xo xo

Sadie, 02/21/98-04/16/09

Sadie was the best friend and lived life to the fullest. She was the best part of our family and we did everything with her until her age just wouldn't allow her. I loved her deeply and I am having such a hard time with the simple things. To look over to her bed and not see her gorgeous face, to not hear her deep bark telling me to cover her or that she wants a cookie. The light had gone out of her eyes, just the simple things became too much for her and the best part of her day which was to lay in the sun was no longer of interest to her. She died as she lived, with grace and dignity. We love and miss everything about her. Thank you Sadie for the 11 wonderful years we were blessed to have you as a member of our family. I want to say thank you to all the wonderful caretakers she had that helped her last couple years in this world be comfortable and happy.

Kathy and Joe Nosek

Sadie, 01/22/08-04/08/09

Sadie you brought so much happiness and joy to our lives and we were so very lucky to have had you. You were always friendly, playfull and such a loving puppy! You were with us only for a year and that was enough to leave prints in our hearts. Sadie we miss you dearly and you will always remain in our hearts.

Ernesto Huerta

Sadie, 04/30/93-04/02/09

My baby girl Sadie will always be in my heart.
She did some of the craziest things and was quite the "devil dog" for a number of years, but she was still my baby girl...she was one of a kind.
One of the funniest things that sticks out in my mind is when Sadie got a hold of some lipstick.
She was covered with it and it wouldn't wash out!!!
Sadie, Mommy misses you so much.
Your sisters Jazz and Maggie miss you too.
I know you're with Sasha, Mocca, Deja, Sushi, Isaac, and the bunnies.
Play lots and know that you have forever left paw prints on my heart.
Love, Mommy

Sadie, 04/04/09

Our beautiful Sadie girl found us in Feb. 2004, she had been abandoned and must have known we needed and wanted her.
She was a gift; she made us laugh and at times made us scold her, but she was always loved.
We would make her dog 'omelets' on Sundays, take her for rides with us; it didn't matter if we were just going to the mail box or going out of town.
She had her own window and would lean out and we would laugh at her long floppy ears blowing in the wind.
She always looked so beautiful after going to the groomers.
They would put these silly little bows on her ears and we would oooh and aaah over her.

Her leaving was so unexpected, so incomprehensible.
We walk from place to place expecting to see her--wanting to see her just one more time--begging for one more chance.
But it's all over and we'll never have her with us again. So Sadie girl we loved you so much and we'll always miss you

Pat & Mike

Sadie, 02/18/93-03/23/09

She was the best dog in the world. She loved me everyday with her whole heart, was always happy to see me and was waiting to give me kisses. I was her whole life and in losing her she has taken a part of me to heaven with her.
Everyone who met her loved her.
I will love her and miss her forever.


Sadie, 12/02/91-09/16/08

I dream
you are with me every night. I miss you
every day. I wonder how grief can weigh so heavy on my heart.I will always love you.

Nanci Peterson

Sadie, 03/09/09

sadie song/ poem
sadie my love you've gone away.
your not at home now and your not to blame.
sadie my love why have you gone away.
you stole my hart love so tears flow today.
sadie my love why can't you stay.
why can't you stay.
such a good friend you were ready to play.


Sadie, 03/10/96-11/21/07

happy birthday my little has been 2 years now since you have been gone. you are still missed and loved. we think about you all the time.
i hope you are happy and out of pain.
love mom and dad

Sadie, 03/03/09

We lost our beloved Sadie in a tragic accident when she fell through the ice at a local pond.
She was the heart and soul of our family and we cannot imagine our existence without her.
She had such a deep, warm and kind soul.
She loved and cared for us all so deeply and we her.
How will we go on without her?
And yet we must.
Life is not complete when Sadie is not a part of it.
We are in so much pain.
Our loss so deep.
Sadie was God's gift to our family, and she was taken too soon.
May she rest in peace.
We will never, ever forget you, Sadie.
You are and will always be so truly missed.
Mommy, Daddy and your brothers and sisters.

Sadie, 01/20/95-03/04/09

She was my Best Friend for 14 years, through thick and thin, always there, and always will be!

Steven Philbrick & RJ Sullivan

Sadie, 02/25/09

To our beautiful dog Sadie.
You were the sweetest, most lovable dog.
Everyone who met you wanted to take you home.
We know you had a difficult life with many health problem, and we take comfort in knowing that you are no longer suffering.
You were only 4 years old, so young, but we were blessed to have had you in our lives and you will NEVER be forgotten.
We love you our sweet Sadie pup.
Rest in peace.
Your loving family.

Sadie, 01/21/09

Sadie was a beloved black lab with a heart full of love.
She never met a stranger. Her life was short, but she left so much love and joy for us to remember and cherish.
We think at times that she was better than some people. She was a people.

Michela West

Sadie, 09/09/00-02/14/09

Sadie 8 1/2 year sheltie, my best friend. I'm so sorry for your cancer and hope I made the right decision not to soon or not to late. I'm glad we got to spend 2 extra months together but miss you terribly now. The house is to quiet, every breath and step I take reminds me of you. From feeding the horses to getting the mail it will never be the same. I love you and can't wait to see you again.. Robert

Robert Fetzner

Sadie, 06/23/97-12/27/08

I miss you, my very best friend.

Katie Newberry

Sadie, 11/21/08

Sadie was my best friend/teacher/soul mate/back up. We only had each other, and that was enough.
From the homeless to corporate executives, young and old, strangers on the street--everyone loved her and couldn't help but smile and caress her. She brought so much joy into this world and spread it everywhere, freely.

Watch over me, Sadie, and keep the bed warm. I'm with you in spirit.

Mary Witter

Sadie, 04/01/91-09/11/08

Great dog, very old, misterious passing, 16 years old, She was loved, and is still greatly missed

Chrissy and Family

Sadie Allen, 05/11/99-06/06/09

Sadie, you are the love of our life. you kept our family together and brightened everyone's life around you. Our evening walks will always be the most special time of my life and we will always love you.

Bobby Allen

Sadie Banner, 12/20/02-03/07/09

Our little Sadie bravely fought cancer for two years before we chose to have her euthanized. Two operations could not stop the growth of the tumors under her skin. It was the hardest thing we've ever had to do. We miss her so very much.

Jennifer Banner

Sadie Bear, 10/15/06


Deborah Curry

Sadie Borja, 04/16/95-04/21/09

I love you Sadie. Be a good girl. Not too much "Bow-Wow" in Heaven! Be friendly to everyone. Don't give God a hard time, ok? You have always been by my side and i've cared for you the best i could. You have lived a long life. Thank you for making it to your 14th birthday. I'll see you at the Rainbow Bridge, my beloved Sadie. I miss you so much.

Dennis Borja

Sadie G, 05/14/94-06/20/09

We will miss you terribly Sadie.Never thought this day would ever come. Thank you for watching over and protecting us! We all love and miss you.

The Giangrecos

Sadie Hawkins, 04/29/09

My shadow, run with our son, run, run, run, until we meet again.

Rob Horne

Sadie Jane, 08/01/96-06/18/09

Sadie Jane. I miss you! My days are not the same with you not here. I wish you were still here with me. I'll see you in heaven. I love you!

Sadie Mae, March 1994 - November 16, 2009

Sadie is the beloved furkid of my longest and best friend, Peggy and her husband, Andy. I remember when they brought her home.....a little precious baby schnauzer. My daughter who was 2 at the time, and I went to their home to see the new addition to their family. It was a beautiful spring day in April and we were out in the backyard watching her hop and frolic in the grass and already trying to eat everything in sight. :) My daughter would say, "Hi Schnauzer" therefore earning one of her nicknames, "Schnauzer."

Sadie is one of the smartest dogs I have ever met. I really believe she could understand what Peggy was saying to her. I loved it when we were chatting on the phone and Peg could get her to speak. Boy, could she talk.

Sadie was meant to live with Andy and Peggy as she had a rough beginning. Through lots of love and care, she grew up to be a happy and healthy furkid. Sadie had a wonderful life with my friends and she will be deeply missed.

Rest in peace precious "Schnauzer." xoxoxo

Sadie Mae, June 1996 (Rescue dog) - July 25, 2009

Today saw the passing of my Brittany mix, Sadie Mae. She was always a dog of bountiful joy, with a love of running, exploring and being with her Mommie. Everyone morning I took her for a run at the park before work. This past year has been bad because this once joyous dog became first deaf and then blind. She slowly became thinner and thinner. A visit to the vet did not show any major problems, other than being old.

Still, yesterday morning, she went for her usual run, full of joy, but staying very near me for support. She smelled her favorite trees and trashcans, enjoyed one last run, still bouncing and happy. She even ate her breakfast of turkey and rice and half of her dinner. She just seemed like the same old Sadie.

However, this morning we were awakened by her thrashing uncontrollably in her bed. She has had a major stoke in the night. She was disoriented, very frightened and could not stand. To me, too many things were adding up for this once lively and playful dog. (Even as late as last year, she was running puppy circles when she was very happy.)

We took her to the vet, in my arms. She knew me and snuggled into my arms, but became very upset when asked to stand. Our vet told us that the prognosis was very poor. To me there wasn't much choice. Keeping a dog with me who could not do any of the things she loved seemed too much to ask of her. While we were holding her, she gently passed from this life.

Thank you Sadie for the loving and happy years you gave me. Thank you for coming into my classroom everyday and making my disabled children feel loved. Thank for being at my side these 11 years. Your spirit will always live in my heart.

I love you Sadie.

Sadie Mae, 02/09/97-05/15/09

Sadie was the joy of our lives.
She was so intellgent, loving, sweet and gentle. We call her "The Queen".
There is a hole in our heart that no one can fill.
We loved her so very much and we miss her so much.. She was so beautiful.

Katherine Stevenson

Sadie Mae, 01/2005-01/2009

Our Sadie Mae was & still is so special to us. She was truly my bestest freind.
She was always with me, followed me every where I went.
She slept with me, consoled me when I was sad or sick. She loved everyone she met. she loved children, especially my grands. She played with them, followed them, loved them.
She loved her cat brothers & sisters. I remember when one of the cats had kittens & she sat by her while she delivered these kitty babies, when mama would leave them to eat or just to get a few minutes alone, she sat by their bed, & would try to cover them up so they wouldnt get cold, a very dedicated "Auntie Sadie".

She always greeted me at the door when I came home from work, so excited & happy to see me, I looked forward to coming home at night.
She was my "baby dirl".
And now shes gone, so quickly to an illness that came upon her so ubruptly, that even the vet was baffled by her illness & was unable to save her.
Our hearts are broken, our whole family mourns the loss of this precious little doxie, who brought so much love & happiness to us all.
Now that shes gone, my heart aches, the pain is soo tremendous, that sometimes it is unbearable.
Our home is so quiet, so lonely without her here.
I go out to her grave every night to say goodnight to her, wanting to hold her & to pet her.
I have never loved an animal so much, nor have I ever had a bond so strong with anyone else as I had with her.
The pain in my heart is so unbearable at times, & I often cry myself to sleep at night, holding her toys,
She will always be in my heart.
Sadie died from a bacterial meningitis, she died in mine & my husbands arms on Sunday morning, January 25, 2009. Its been 10 days now, & still I ache for her.
We do have many wonderful memories of this little girl dog, & thanks to my love for photograpy, we have hundreds of pictures of her to look back on also.
I know that when it is time for us to meet again, I will head straight for the rainbow bridge & she will be there to greet me.
This is what i have to look forward to.
I love you Sadie Mae,
Love, Mama & papa.

Sadie Page 'Face', 02/14/00-04/24/09

To the best dog in the world..I miss you so very much Sadie, it is hard to get up in the morning and not see you face, that is what we called her "face" because she had the pretties face ever. I am so sad....I will see you again in heaven..I know you are out of pain and you can not play and run with the other dogs and yes cats, she loved to play with them, she weight in at 160 but she was the most loving dog ever, she was and still is my heart..till we meet again RIP SADIE PAGE "FACE"

Michelle Page

Sadie Porter, 08/26/95-02/18/09

This entry is for my son for his beloved Sadie
RIP Sweet Sadie Sammy Sus will stay by your side until you meet your family when they take their Journey to meet. Love Dad,Mom & Mandy

Sadie-Sue, 06/08/09

On Monday I will be giving Sadie the peace she needs so much. She is a swwt little girl who started live abused and was returned to the shelter twice. At the shelter she lived in a cupboard because she was so fearful. When I adopted her she became a one person cat. Mine. She has never trusted anyone but me for all these years and has clung closley to my side. She is so sweet and precious and I will miss her terribly, but I know they will all welcome her at the Rainbow Bridge. Especially some of mine that have gone before. Tinker, Boo, Bailey and Odie.

JoAnne Schmidt

Sadie Sue, 05/09/96-01/31/09

My sweet, precious Puppy Girl.

Jennifer Weete

Sadie Yoda Marie Beresford, 06/15/98-02/25/09

Sadie was my special baby.
Found malnourished weighing only 1/2 lb at 6 weeks of age and suffering an upper respiratory infection.
She had a fighting spirit and lived through this.

Sadie was diagnosed with mammary cancer in March 08 and underwent 3 surgeries to remove tumors before her death on 02/25/09.

There will never be a kitty baby as special as Sadie.
She is missed so much.
My heart aches for her sweet love bites, her comforting purrs and her companionship.
Her dear companion kitty which we rescued the same time as Sadie, Zeus, has developed a tumor on his front leg which is probably cancer, misses her so much too.

We love you Sadie and always will.

Sharon Beresford

Sadie's Sweet Taffy, 06/24/09

Taffy was my best friend.
I am missing her so much.
It was her time though.
She was in too much pain.
She is in a better place now, running and playing again.
God bless her.
Rest in peace my best friend.

Debbie Irons

Safire, 09/27/95-03/28/09

Babydoll, it has only been you and me since Ame died 3 years ago and I can't even express how much I miss you. We were such a team! I know your legs are good now and you and Ame are both healthy and running and playing at the Rainbow Bridge waiting for Grandma one day. I kiss your picture everyday. The house is so quiet without you and everyone misses you at work. Your unconditional love for me is what kept me going. You will always be my Babydoll.
Love, Grandma

Sage, 12/28/96-06/15/09

Sage was a gentle soul. She loved and was loved by eveyone.
You will be missed forever.

Pat and John

Sage, 04/28/95-05/29/09

A true friend full of love and joy. We are grateful for the time she spent with us. We miss her and love her.

Julie Renaud

Sage, 05/12/08



Ron & Teresa

Sage, 06/27/98-02/12/09

We love you so much Sagie Girl, we miss you with all our hearts, and the hurt just won't go away!
Thank you Monkey Girl, for all the years of love that you gave us!
We will carry you in our hearts, everywhere that we go, and one day we will see you again, and we will still be Loving you!
Love you Baby Sage!
Emery & Patty Matsko

Sage, 06/09/95-04/13/09

Missy girl you were my friend, my child, my forever listening ear.
My first pet you will be missed each and everyday I walk into the house and you are not there to greet me.
You are in a better place, with no pain, no suffering and lots of space to run.

I love you and miss you lots


Sage, 02/24/95-04/07/09

The day I've long dreaded has come.
Yesterday after 14 years of being the best dog I could have ever had.actually, a better dog than I could have ever asked for, we had to put my Labrador Sage to rest.
The burden placed upon her to continue to live because she knows it makes me happy is just too much for her to take anymore.
Watching the struggles she endures every day, her fatigued body still managing to wag her tail, has just become too much for her, and it's time for her to no longer be in pain.

Not to get to sappy, but this is quite a tough one for me to take.
Considering I'm 28, and she's 14, you do the math.I've had her for half of my life.
I got her as an 8th grader, and only hoped she'd be a good dog.
Little did I know she''d actually be man's best friend.

If you do't mind, a little prayer would't hurt anyone either.

The last night I saw her, I needed to say goodbye, my way, and leave.
After 14 years, she's been with me for half of my this is pretty tough for me.
I know it is hard for everyone, but I just needed to tell her I love her, that I always will, and know that she is loved.
And know that she knows she is a very good dog.
When I look back on all those years, the thing that stands out is that all she ever wanted was to make us happy.
She rarely put up a fight, but just wanted to be with us, because that made her happy and content.
While she was feisty from time to time, she was never a bad dog, and it's important to me that she knows and feels love, a lot of it, during this time.

I needed her to not be alone.
I need to know that someone was with her besides the vet, and grasciously, my parents were with her through her last breath.
I needed someone to be with her so that I knew she wasn't scared or feeling confused or lonely.
That's all I asked.
After 14 years, we owed it to her to have her leave feeling safe and embraced and in comfort of the people she loves.

To my parents: Thank you for taking such good care of her all these years; I'm sure you have had to deal with the hard parts more than I have because I am not there every day, but I hope you know that she (and I) very much appreciate all the care, love, attention, and dignity that you gave her.
Please know that I appreciate you watching out for her, and know that deep in her little doggie heart, she loves us all with a every wag of her tail.
This is more difficult for me than I imagined it would be.
When I got her as a boy, I hoped she'd be a good dog.
I never imagined that she'd actually become my best friend.

My life is more rich for having been able to grow up with her, and no matter where I go, her memory, spirit, and image will always bring a smile to my face.

I love you Sagie-and I will love you forever.

Tim Ulrich

Sage, 03/05/09

I will think of you everyday and try to live my life with all the happiness you gave me. I will share the love you taught me. I miss you so very much and feel very lost but I know I will find you again. Your memory will always be in my heart and I will never forget all the times we shared. I have truly lost a piece of me that can never be replaced. I love you!


Sage, 06/27/98-02/12/09

We Love you Baby Sage

Mom & Dad

Sahara, 05/08/97-05/16/09

This tribute is for a very special cat. Sahara always stood tall with pride. She never second guessed herself. She jumped and pounced with delight. She purred loudly with deep loyalty. She loved to be with us. She adored life. Her ears would twitch in the direction of every little sound. Every time we cried, she ran to soothe us. She was so confident that everything was under her control. She kept herself extremely clean. We had her for 12 full years until cancer took her away. She held on for as long as she could. We are devastated without her. Life will never be the same again. We pray she is happy and healthy wherever she is. And that we will be together again when we pass. We love you so much, Sahara. Stay close to us, wherever you are. We will rememeber you forever. Darlene will always love you and she thanks you for spending your life with her. You are free now, to roam in the fields again, and without any more pain. We love love love love you, Sahara.

Darlene and Doug

Sailor, 12/11/97-10/17/08

We did the best we could for you in the 10 years you were with us. Now you are with your life long friends Zacky and Dakota. One day, we will all be togeather again, until then we miss you every day, and are in our hearts always.

Frank and Melissa Way

Saimin, 1996-04/24/09

I will miss you Sai. You were my baby. You would follow me around or meow when I wasn't paying attention to you. You went so suddenly. I did not get a chance to say goodbye. I will miss you always.


Saki, 06/11/09

Dear Saki,

We all miss you!!!
We love you Saki, and we know you are no longer in pain.
You were a great guard dog, you watched over all of us!!!!

We Love You and you will be missed.

Hanesa, Hattie, Patricia, Tarsha, Carmiya, Mya, & Kathy
(The Gaston Ladies)

Saku and Princess, 08/21/08-06/02/09

Saku and Princess did everything together. They were born together, lived together and they died together.
Nothing seems right anymore with you gone and I'm finding it so very hard to move on. It isn't fair that you both had to die so suddenly and so tragically for no good reason.
Princess was truly a princess and she carried herself in such a regal manner.
Saku was the wild and crazy boy. He formed a strong attachment to me and was truly the "boss".
I miss the nighttime cuddles when Saku would come to bed and lay on my chest, purring himself to sleep, I hate coming home knowing he isn't going to be there to greet me and give me heck for leaving him home alone all day, I miss everything about him and everything reminds me of him.
They got outside on me a week ago and I was unable to get them back inside. By Tuesday morning I thought it odd that I hadn't even seen them wandering the yard and I went to their outdoors hideout and that was where I found them lying together.
Please think long and hard before letting cats outside, it is a mean and dangerous world out there.
I miss you Saku and Princess. Play safe and wait for me, we will be together again someday.

Tracy Edwards

Sakura, 1972

We found you in the apartment building.
I am not sure we had thought it through, but we were a family and you became part of it.
I remember the terror when you got out - running up and down Somerville Avenue, looking in that scary basement.
We were so relieved to see you on the window ledge and lure you back in.

When we got Kabuki, I know you were not pleased.
Although you never seemed close, you were company for each other, I hope.
You moved with us to the "good life" at Stearns Hill Road and then with me to the single apartment.
I don't know if you ever understood what happened, why it was just the 3 of us.

Then I changed.
I went crazy, I think.
I do not to this day understand it.
I have no excuse.
The only thing is, it turned out to be better than what might have happened if I had kept you.
I had a bad accident and had to go away for over 2 weeks and then I had to move where I could not have pets.
So bad things were on the way, it seems.
That does not make up for taking you and Kabuki and giving you to the family looking for a mouser.

I'll bet you were a good one!
I hope they were good to you and kept you safe and loved you and let you love them.
I never forgot you or how awful it was for me to have abandoned you and been mean and scary before that day.
I always wondered about you, until over 20 years passed and I knew you must have gone on to the next world.
Maybe you see Kabuki there.
I am so sorry.
For years and years I have been praying for God to forgive me for abandoning you.
All I can say is thank you for the years when we were together and I became a better cat owner and friend to all animals because of you.
I love you, baby.


Salem, 04/04/97-06/22/09

You will FOREVER live in my heart.
I miss you so much already and wish it did not have to come to this.


Salem, 06/15/98-10/14/08

She was taken from us in a great tragedy and thought she was ten she was always a kitten at heart.
Her affectionate nature knew no bounds and my home is quiet with out her meows and affectionate purring


Salem King-Scott, 06/06/09

I didnt know her that long but she was sick for most the time. I tried to take care of her. But she passed. I had decided a few days before her passing i was going to keep her.

Suzie & Robby

Salem, Spring 1995-03/22/09

Salem Kitty -- you will be missed very much. You offered so much comfort, companionship, joy and warmth to our lives.

Pam, Dick and Bryan Gesualdo

Sally, 05/19/95-06/16/09

my loving westie who passed away on the 16/6/09 rest in peice girl u will never be forgotten.SALLY R.I.P.XXXXXXXXXX

Phil Taylor

Sally, 05/01/92-05/06/09

God bless you, you are now at peace.


Sally, 04/24/09

After sixteen wonderful years I had to put my beloved cat Sally out of her suffering.It was the hardest decision my son and I ever made.He was only nine when we took her in.Sally was more than just a cat.She was my pal and my confidant my constant companion.She was my son's best friend.There are no words to express the pain and loss we feel.I can't stop crying.My son is doing his best to comfort me.We will never forget you SALLY.We will always love you.


Sally, 03/30/09

I miss you already.


Sally, 08/15/95-03/10/09

I was with you your whole life and will be waiting to see you again for the rest of mine!
You're my best friend and I love you with all my heart. Rest in peace baby girl.


Sally, 04/20/94-03/08/09

Sally was our "First" child.
We got her in Quincy, IL. and she had a sister in the cage with her but she was the one who stepped up first.

She was always there right by our sides no matter what.
She is very much missed around this house...cause a house is not a home without a dog!
We love and miss you soo much, Sally.

The Hobbs Family

Sally, 01/22/09

You ruled the house with an iron paw.
I will forever miss you.

Jo Ann Leutwyler

Sally Berry, Spring 1983-01/20/09

My beautiful Sally we had 20 years together and I Loved you so much
I remember when we found you at the Taco Bell on 19 th ave
Bell rd. many years ago
u just stood at our car and we could not leave u behind
It was a God thing.
U made our life great u where ever so sweet
I will miss you so very very much
Thank you my Pet for your Love for us and 20 great years
I will see you again in Kitty Heaven

Brigitte Berry

Sally Dehen, 12/31/08

Sally loved life.
She was a pleaser, and such a good girl.
She comforted so many of us, through so many tough times.
Her and her sister Marley were inseparable for 14 years.
They are now together again...and we are lost without them.
Our house will never be the same.

Keri Dehen

Sally and Bug, 05/10/08 and 01/04/09

I have lost my two very, very dearest friends in the world in a matter of months apart. I am grieving beyond belief. First the mother, "Sally", who was 16 and now her son, "Bug", who was 12.
Words fail me. I pray to be guided by their angel spirits and ask the Lord to take special care of them and to let them know how very much they were loved and how blessed I am to have been chosen as their PERSON.


Sally Mae Hayworth, 10/2003-12/31/08

Sally had a struggle most of her young life.
She went blind at the age of 3 and managed very well alongside her best friend Dawson the dog.
2 weeks ago she was diagnosed with epilepsy and was not doing well so I made the difficult decision to let her go in peace and be free from her diminished capacity.
I know she is having a ball in Heaven climbing trees again and chasing butterflies!
I love you and miss you terribly.
Love Mommy!

Sally Nichols, 11 years old 7-31-09

My dearest Sally. I got you on September 6, 2006. You were only with us for three years but those were the best years i have had in a while. You gave me so much more than I gave you. You were my best friend. We loved our walks around tomahawk and I loved looking out the window in NC with you basking in the sun on the front porch. I miss that beautiful face of yours. your brown eyes and your floppy ears. The sounds you made we will never forget. You were the most gracious, appreciative dog anybody could ever dreamed of. You were a wonderful companion to Homer,George and Louise and they miss you with all their heart. My heart is aching from your passing but I know you are at the bridge and I will meet you there someday. So in the meantime enjoy your new friends and health and you can enjoy your sun now more than ever.. I love you old Sally Girl and know that you are with the Lord again and I hope he is happy with how i took care of you. I hope one day I will get a sign from you or God just to let me know u r doing okay. I love you my sweetness-until we meet again.... I will bring you a bag of pig ears to when we meeet again. I promise......xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo SOphie

Salsa Bear, 1997-02/21/09

To the beloved puppy of my dog.
I was there when she was born and I was blessed to be there when she passed.
She now joins my childhood dog Heidi Sue at the bridge.
Love, your grandma...Lisa

Salty, 08/02/96-07/01/09

Salty was a very special guy... he has always been and always will be my "little buddy."

From witnessing his birth to witnessing his passing, he has brought joy into everyone's life he's touched. He loved to play the part of the "cannon" with a meow whenever I whistled the "1812 Overture."

It warms my heart to know that when he crossed the bridge, his best friend and younger "brother," Pip, was waiting for him to come play with him once more.

Rest in Peace, Salty... I will forever miss you!

Chris Stuard

Salvador, 02/13/97-04/29/07

Rest in Peace, my little buddy.

Janeen Miklowski

Salvador, 02/18/09

He was a horse with lots of heart and Brio.

Robin Posmanter

Salym, 02/16/09

Salym - a kitty that I picked up off the road after he had been hit by a car - back in 1993.
A black kitty with the sweetest soul and a funny meow that sometimes sounded like an out of tune violin.
I am so sad today. So Heart broken.
I had to put Salym to sleep. His Kidney Disease progressed to a point where it was not managable -unless I spent thousands of dollars to keep him in the hospital for three days. I feared this would stress him way too much and the treatment would not cure his illness, it would just prolong his suffering. I made the decision to get him put to sleep. It was very hard. Salym was with me for such a long time. He was such a good cat. He had such a cool - laid back personality - yet he was very dignified as well. He was a comfort cat for me. Always there to snuggle with me. I loved hearing him purr, I loved hearing him snore, I loved hearing his heartbeat as he lay next to my head all night and as I would fall asleep. His bright yellow eyes and meow will haunt me forever. I miss him so much. I wish that I could have had some more time with him. I hope to see him again and hold him in my arms after I pass. I love you Salym always.

Billie Bryant

Sam, 03/2001 - 09/30/2009

Dearest little light of my life, I will always hear your sweet little voice and feel the love you gave me. You have made me so happy, and filled every corner of my life with sunshine. "Without you" hurts so much.


Sam, 05/16/95-07/18/09

My cat Sam had been through so much with me. I will miss sitting on my front porch and brushing him. He was always so noble and good. Sam was a proud cat who was a excellent feline. I will miss you so very much my sweet boy. I will miss your meow most of all.
Love always,

Sam, 05/28/96-07/15/09

Sam was a wonderful boy. I miss him every day and hope that the hurt gets better. I will miss my soccer playing swimming boy. Walks on the beach and in the woods will never be the same. I miss my snuggle boy. I miss all his kisses when I walk in the door. Life will never be the same.


Sam, 06/94-07/15/09

Rest in peace, my baby kitty.


Sam, 12/15/08

almost 7 months after you left us it still hurts as if it were today. I'm sorry for everything and I love you very very much

Jean Mihalick

Sam, 07/92-06/12/09

I was privliged to know Sam for almost 18 years.
I had a friend that lived in Jamul, CA. that had kittens.
I decided to get one of them for my daughters 5th birthday.
We decided on a kitten who was grey with stripes on his side and white spots on his belly.
Since he was born around the fourth of July we named him Uncle Sam.

Sam was always loving and had a sense of what was right.
He didn't let anny dog bully him, in fact he would chase them!
If I was getting after the girls he would come up to me and meow at me and put his paw up as if to say "take it easy".

This last year has been hard to watch his decline.
He had becom very thin.
Yesterday I knew that he was done.
So very hard to say good bye.
Our vet was able to help him pass peacefully and gracefully.
Sam you will be sorely missed by all who knew you.
Love Diane Dan Jessica Erin and Shannon

Sam, 02/21/01-05/19/09

He will be GREATLY missed! We love you Mommy, Daddy and Caroline!

Sam, 05/15/09

Sam was a glorious horse having been 'off the track' and abandoned. He was rescued by a wonderful organization, Remington Acres, in Texas. When he arrived he was 400 lbs underweight and suffering with a severe fungal skin condition that had caused him to lose hair.

Through proper nourishment he gained 150 pounds over 2 months and most of his hair was beginning to grow back. Unfortunately the stress of having to be evacuated in a massive and unexpected flood coupled with his already stressed system, caused him to succumb to colic.

Volunteers worked tirelessly for hours trying to save his life. He crossed the Rainbow Bridge. He was gentle and gracious, brave and noble. Sam will be missed but we know he is loping through the pastures with everblooming wildflowers where faeries play and angels fill his sky.

Susanne York

Sam, 04/01/93-05/04/09

Baby Girl, you came into my life with a big bang and you have been there for me no matter what.
You were my buddy for walks, for just hanging out, going shopping and just going for a ride in the car.
I will miss you so much!
You will always be my Baby Girl. Love you!


Sam, 03/21/94-05/01/09

One year after your sweet brother you leave me.
Thank you for 15 years of cuddles and love.

Susan Alfano

Sam, 11/30/99

Ten years later, I still miss you. You taught me to savor every minute I have with George, the dog to follow you. Thank you for the years of true happiness you brought to me. Still loving and missing you.


Sam, 1986-2001

Sammy was our little sweetheart. We still miss you Sammy. We'll always love you.

J.B. Katz

Sam, 05/26/87-01/23/03

Miss you like crazy,but now you and Sparkie are back together be good til i get there. LOVE YOU

Lanelle Hatfield

Sam, 05/06/77-03/22/93

To my first doggy friend- I haven't forgotten you. Big kisses xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Jo Hibbard

Sam, 12/31/08

I loved sam very much an will never forget him.


Sam, 09/01/95-03/23/09

Sam fell into my heart in September of 1998, and his death shattered my heart on March 23, 2009.
He was my "Pandapup Extraordinaire."
There will never be another Sammy.
I will miss my little guy and his happy walk forever.

Lisa Hartzog

Sam, 01/01/01-02/24/09

We love and miss you Sam. You were a gentle giant. We will meet you at the Rainbow Bridge with a big hug and kiss.

Ila Renwick

Sam, 08/31/03-03/05/09

Sam you are in our hearts forever.
We will miss you and you will never be replaced.
Thank you for making our lives so special.

The Gilbert's

Sam (My Little Fat Man), 05/07/95-03/04/09

My Little Fat Man - SAM was the light of my life.
I miss him so much, I feel so lost without him.
I hope to see him again someday.

Love you--little fat man!!

Cindy O'Callaghan

Sam, 04/07/03-27/02/09

miss you sam with all my heart.


Sam, 12/06/95-02/16/09

Everyone thinks their dog is the best. I believe that's so.
Sam was our dog and the best we've ever known.
Always there....ready to recently.
We cried for 2 days and finally let him go yesterday.
Always a proud dog - loved it when he came home from the groomer - my "fluffy puppy".
I couldn't go to work today.
I thought I was ok - NOT! My heart is torn in two.
I know this too will pass but am I ok rolling in my grief for a day.
I feel guilty no going to work.
I had to make the decision to take my daughter off life support 9 years ago and I swear...this was almost as bad.
Is that wrong? He was the most incredible creature I have ever known.
Hopefully I'll get to feel the same grief when I need to make the same decision to put my little 6 month old lab Suki to rest in about 15 years.

Michael & Mary Anne

Sam, 01/31/09

As I've been thinking about sam constantly, I asked myself what she had taught me about life. She loved me unconditionally every single day, she was faithful, loyal, and listened intently to me every time I sat down in front of her just to talk. I learned from her love does exsist and cannot ever be measured. You could look deep into her eyes and know she understood. I will miss her, but never ever forget. Until we see each other again, she will have a piece of my heart always.
Cullman, AL.

Sam, 10/13/00-01/31/09

He was such a good boy!

Amy Portera

Sam, 1985

thank you sam for always protecting me when i was little. thank you for always coming to get me when i got off the bus. i will never forget how you always stayed by my side and went everywhere with me. i love you and miss you and will never forget you


Sam, Spring 1992-01/19/09

To my wonderful angel Sam. My heart aches for you and I miss you terribly. My home is quiet and empty without you. I miss waking up to your purring and listening to you tell me about your day when I walk in the door after work. You brought so much joy and laughter to my life. You endured a cross country trip in my little car like a pro adventurer. I will always remember how much fun you had exploring the new places we
visited and lived. We watched lots of birds that came to call on the balcony once you retired. I miss your paw dance, most of all your deep purr and your soft belly. I am grateful for having loved you for as long as I did. I am grateful to have been loved by you. I've asked God to watch over you and protect you. I love you and always will.

Tanya Brunet

Sam, 08/04/95-01/08/09

You joined your brother Shelbie just a few hours ago, and I can't believe that you decided to join him - but I am happy that you two can play again. You and I griefed ever since he passed on 48 days ago. And now I am alone without the both of you two, my true best friends. Please wait for me with Shelbie at the rainbowbridge ... it won't be long and we will all be united again. I miss you terribly ... have fun while you two are waiting for me. I love you ... and please say hello to Shelbie for me when you see him - and tell him also that I love and miss him. The three of us had a wonderful 13 years together, but now the road has ended for us together so that you can join your little brother, until we meet again in eternity. I love you and hug and kiss you always and forever. Your dad, Dirk

Sam, 11/95-12/03/09

I love and miss you so much, sweetie.


Sam Adams Harrington, 06/01/96-07/16/09

Our deeply beloved "Sammy" who unconditionally loved and watched out for us. His gentle nature and amusing disposition is heartbreakingly missed. It was only yesterday that we adopted him and he brought such laughter into our lives... it's hard to comprehend his loss. For 13 years I woke to his meows and his gentle brush of his head against mine. I am heartbroken. I will always have you in my heart dear sweet boy. I love you Sam. Always and forever.

Kim Harrington

Sam Fortier, 07/97-03/30/09

This is the toughest part of life, losing a great friend.
Sam was the most loving cat, he loved everyone.
I am very thankful that I was able to be a part of his life.
Those that knew him were able to see that cats are not always selfish.
We love him and will miss him very much!
Rest in peace Sam.
Goodnight and God bless.

Kimberly Fortier

Sam 'Miss' Hackett, 02/11/09

Well now are with Lestahdt now arent you my love, we miss you pretty girl and will miss you forever, you and Lestahdt wait for me and Dad ok, we love you so very much Sam...and we are glad you are a young healthy girl again!!! Thank you for being such a good friend and good girl!! We will see you someday honey...

Brent and Churee

Sam I Am, 09/07/95-01/23/09

Thank you Sam for being our friend and companion.
Our lives with you were ones of happiness and joy. We will love you forever.

L.B. and Melissa Schaefer

Sam Smith, 05/21/98-05/30/09

This tribute is for my dear, wonderful furry friend Sam. She will be missed so much. She was the girl with a hundred nicknames. She was the RottieGirl with so many friends. She touched so many lives and put big smiles on so many faces. I hope she is with my RottieBoy Bear in heaven playing ball and running all over only to stop for a cookie break. One day we will meet again Sammers... I love you so much.

Anni & Ruger

Sam Urrie, 09/01/94-03/09/09

I miss you and i love you so much. life will never be the same without you

Helen Currie

Samantha, 02/14/2000 - 09/19/2009

In loving memory of Samantha

Samantha, 04-17-03 - 11-11-08

Our dear Samantha,
It has been a year since your have left us. We miss you so much. There isn't a day that goes by that we don't remember something about you. Sometimes it is something funny that happened and other times it is the tender moments we had together. You were such a blessing to our family. Our thoughts and memories of you will go on forever. We are so thankful for the 51/2 years we did get to spend with you, although short, but they were filled with much love from you. Max misses you too. We always loved the way you Two played together. Sammy girl, we love you and miss you so!!!

SAMANTHA, 03/07/2008 - 08/24/2009

Sam, we thank you for every moments you shared with us, for your companionship and for your unconditional love. It is very hard for us to accept that you're no longer with us.You were such a loving and good pet. We miss you so much .Everything about you, Sam, your bark, your cry, your presence, your unconditional love and acceptance, everything. We love you so much, Sam. You will stay in our hearts forever.

Love you always,
       Rhica, Manny, and Casey

Samantha, 06/26/09

Our beloved dog, Samantha, died Friday morning, after being sick for 5 weeks.
She was a wonderful dog, friend, and companion.
She gave us 8 years of unconditional love and happiness.
We will miss her more than words can say.
We will miss her "happy dinner dance", her greeting Daddy at the door every night when he got home from work, her wrestling with Max and Frisco, her cute little "fuzzy toes."
She gave us 5 weeks for us to get used to the idea of her being no longer with us physically, and she waited until we were all home and together so we could say good-bye as she slipped away.
She may no longer be with us on earth, but she will always be n our hearts.
We love you, Sammie......we will never forget you.

Elaine Howes

Samantha, 05/24/09

I love you Samantha, thank you for letting me be your human for 17 years. You will always live in my heart.
Good night sweet girl, mama loves.

Nadine Hollingsworth

Samantha, 01/06/97-04/03/09

Samantha, a sweet happy dog who blessed our lives.

Linda & Jerry Lovelace

Samantha, 06/08/93-06/11/05

You will always have a special place in our hearts and your maternaly nurturing way was a source of great pride and joy as you showed your sisters Nugget,Lucy & Oakley how to be such good fury friends.We love you so much and we know Nugget greeted you upon your arrival and you are both happy and free.

Bob & Lucille Leskanic and Your Doggie Sisters Oakley & Lucy

Samantha, 09/21/92-04/04/09

Sammie, where do I start? She would have been 17 this year. About 2 years ago she began to develop mammary tumors, breast cancer. She was to old to survive surgery. She didn't let it stop her, she was still full of energy, playing with our dog, purring away, sweet and loving as ever. Saturday morning 4/4/09, I woke up and my husband told me she'd gone blind. How heart wrenching to watch this spirited little girl wandering around our home trying to find her way. Within 2 hours she started stumbling, wobbling when she walked, then breathing problems. She was in obvious pain. Being absolutely crushed, my husband called the vet and we brought her there to take her out of her misery. Such and unfair, non-fitting end for such a spirited little girl. By God's grace, her blindness allowed us to bring her to the vet (she never would have gone if she could see). I held her on my lap on a blanket, petting her, she was peaceful and quiet. Somehow I know, she knew. All I cared about was letting her know how very much I loved her and that I would be with her to the end. After it was done, I held her little lifeless body in my arms, against the heart in my chest as it broke. To feel her limp body, to know she was truly gone, I'll never forget feeling her against me. The worst thing I've ever experienced was having to let her go. I brought her home for mine and my husband's first christmas. She has been in our lives throughout our entire relationship. My 19 year old son called her his sister. She was our little girl, my best friend. When I was hurt, angry or sad, she was there. Listening to me, loving me, making me feel everything will be ok because I at least had her. She was the one constant I could always count on. I don't know how to live life without seeing her precious, pretty face. I always called her my little walking heart. Somehow I felt she was a companion soul, one that's been linked with me throughout time. Her loss causes me such grief, I can't cry enough tears to show how much I miss her. God how I love and need her. I can only pray that she is with God and the angels, happily running and playing. She has to be waiting for me because my heaven won't be heaven without her. My heart is broken and a piece of my soul is gone.

Donna Furtado

Samantha, 03/28/09

Until we meet again our little Angel. You are truly a blessing. You brought so much to our lives. You cannot be replaced. Grandpa Hinson is waiting for you in Heaven. Go to him baby girl. He will take care of you until we see each other again one day. We love you. You are in our hearts forever.

Lisa & Bill Gallagher

Samantha, 08/28/83-08/19/99


I miss you so much. You have helped me through so much. I don't know how I could of gotten through them without you.
You are my best friend. You are the best pet ever. I miss you so much.
You are in my thoughts all the time. I LOVE YOU SOOOO MUCH.

Laura Zielonka

Samantha, 10/13/96-02/27/08

Dearest Samantha,

I took it upon myself to include you in this site since your adopted parents are unable to. Your adopted mother, Mari Maddox, just joined you recently. I bet you were thrilled to see her again, and she was thrilled to see you.
I know how much you loved each other.
They treasured you Samantha.

With deep sorrow and grief, we had to give you up for your own protection against the pack, but we continued to stay in close contact with you throughout all the eight (8) years that you were with Mari and Dick Maddox. We were still family; that never changed.

I miss you very much Samantha, and I loved you dearly. You were not only a very beautiful and sweet girl, but you were Duke's daughter, and that meant everything to me. You and Duke are together again, and your mommy, Precious (Duke's former mate), is with you too. I cannot wait to see all of you again.
We love you so much Samantha.
Hugs and kisses to you, and give Precious hugs and kisses from me too.

Janice Giampaoli

Samantha, 02/27/09

Sam was a one of a kind dog and she was taken from us so suddenly. Even though she was not with us for a long time she was a member of our family and we loved her very much and she will be greatly missed.

The Brown Family

Samantha, 10/13/84-08/15/96

We miss your playfull spirit,and loving ways.
You were beautiful, in all ways.

Dolores & Jack MacGregor

Samantha, 11/18/96-01/16/09

My Sweet Samantha; my Best Friend who has loved me every day of her life. She has made me smile even when I didn't think I had a smile left in me. I honor her as it was a privledge to have her in my life. She is always in my heart and in my mind. My angel.


Samantha, 01/05/09

Samantha, what a wonderful dog.
She was the best. She loved everyone, loved the snow and cold.
She loved best her pond, you could always tell when spring had arrived because she went swimming that day.
14 years of memories will be with our family always.
Sam we will misss you.

Nancy Penter

Samantha, 10/11/98-12/08/08

Sam, You were my world and will always hold my heart.
You were my pecious gift from Heaven and I will see you again there.
You were the love of my life. I'll love you always.

Carolyn Coccia

Samantha, 06/29/92-12/29/08

I got beautiful Samantha when she was 2 months old. She died at age 16 1/2. She was the most loving, sweetest baby, all of her life. She would pat my face when I held her, and give me kisses on my nose.

I miss her so much, I can bearly stand it. She was a tiny little girl, weighing only about 5 1/2 pounds.

I love you, Samantha baby,and I am so grateful to have had you in my life. I will never forget your beautiful big gold eyes, and your sweet little "meow" and contented purrs.

Rest gently, my little angel. You will always be in Mommys heart. My arms ache to hold you once more. Goodbye, my little one.

Sandra Norrell

Samantha, 11/01/89-12/28/08

A small lady I love Samantha "The Listener". She graced my life for 19 years for that I am eternally thankful. She was a very gracious lady. Thank you Samantha.

Love, Greg

Samantha Bell, 09/11/01

Samantha was a wonderful dog and friend.
She was part of me.
I really miss her, but I know she is in a better place.
She really taught me how to love unconditionally, and I thank her every day for it.

The Bell Family

Samantha Cerrito, 05/14/96-06/10/09

In loving memory of our beloved Samantha, who gave us so much joy.
Our hearts are broken and we miss her so.
But we know she is with the Lord, and that we will meet again someday at the Bridge.

Rest in peace, sweet, precious girl.

Anna & Joe Cerrito

Samantha Hope Miller, 03/05/95-03/25/09

Samantha Hope Miller, Companion, Best Friend and "Dogter" of Karel Miller for 14 years. May her transition to the Rainbow Bridge be uneventful and swift. Mommy loves you and misses you- little girl. Go and be with Pa- Pa now and keep him company.

Karel Miller

Samantha Jean Baxter, 10/23/06-07/05/09

We took for granted the gift of love.
One moment you are playing and then you could not stand.
The vet said it was a torn ligament, too busy to really check you, Sammy I didn't fail you I loved you and believed the vet. But you suffered and now you are gone. I feel so guilty - how can I get thru this. We will treasure in our hearts the short years you were with us but you gave us so much.
Until I see you at the Bridge my baby, we love you.
Mommy and Daddy

Samantha Jo McKinley, 12/01/96-01/10/09

Samantha was a loving, caring, and gentle golden.
She took such good care of me when I needed a friend.
She was my very best friend.
We were as close as a person can be to a pet.
I will miss her terribly.
She loved life!
Samantha enjoyed going for walks, riding in the car, swimming, and camping with our family. She loved to go out and play in the snow.
She jumped for joy when the snowflakes started falling.
Even the last day of her life, she tried to play in the newly fallen snow. Macy, her step sister, our younger dog, misses her too.
Samantha is survived by her family:
Josh and Kelli and Chris will miss her very much too!
Samantha was an important part of our lives.
It won't be the same without her.

Sally McKinley

Samantha Russell, 05/23/09

We had to put you to sleep on Memorial Day weekend, but now we will always put flowers on your grave and Zoe's each year on that day. WE WILL MISS YOU SO VERY MUCH, SAM! HAVE FUN IN HEAVEN WITH GRANDPA GEORGE AND ZOE DOG!!!

Thomas J. Russell and Gail Miller

Samantha Wilson Bottega, 04/12/09

In loving memory of a courageous and loving heart, a warm and friendly personality, and the playfulness of a child that was God's newest Furry Angel, Samantha.
Mommie and Flissy love you and you will always be just over our shoulders.
We will meet once again at the Rainbow Bridge. If love could have kept you alive, you would have lived forever.

Linda Bottega and Her Sister Felicity Gertrude Bottega

Sambuca, 06/29/09

You will forever be in all of our hearts.
We love you and miss you so much!

The Recine Family

Samea, 04/09/09

Samea was my 14 year old pet, child and best friend..It will never be the same and i will never forget how much love and affection she gave me and I gave her. She truly was an angel...I love her and miss her so much my heart is broken.

Christie Pringle

Sami, 1994-01/2009


Sami, 07/25/98-06/02/09


Sami, 06/12/94-05/12/09

I could not have asked for a better companion.
Sami was my first pet and having her in my life made me a better person and taught me truly what unconditional love really was.
No road trip will ever be the same without her and each day is empty without her there beside me.
I will miss her forever!

Carol Godin

Sami, 03/12/09

You walked out of this life 3 weeks after Iris left it. You both find your way now in the spiritual world, may the candle light keep the link between you both and us, to show how much we love you and how much we miss you. Thank you for the love you gave us, for the protection you brought upon my children, for the fun and the joys you and Iris brought into our home. We shall meet again when the time is right. Rest now, get your strenght back till the time is right to carry on. Feel the joy and happiness of our love.

Anouk de Winter

Sami, 01/27/93-02/27/09

Sami was my soul mate. He entered my life when I needed it most and shared with me a love that can never be replaced. He had a strong desire to love regardless of who it was, what troubles would be around, or how ill he was feeling. I traveled alot and so did Sami. I joke that he has frequent travel miles compared to others. Bedtime was fun and routine; I slept on one side and him on the other in my arms. This was the same way we slept our last night together on Earth. Illness ruled our lives after the poison food recall. Drugs to help him would create another illness. Catch 22 faced us when it was told that one illness would end his life regardless of what we treated. Although they told us only 6 months, we were blessed to have many more than expected. Thanks to the love and devotion of my friends, my family, Dr. Morgan and her staff, and me; Sami provided us with many years of happiness and love until his time. Sami went to rainbow bridge in my arms 3:30 that day. Dad and I held him through his journey until we released him to God.

We all love and miss my little boy, my soul mate. I know he is not alone right now because my mom is with him. I look forward to seeing my soul mate one day and hold him like I have throughout his life.

Shalom my friend I will see you again and I look forward to that day. Thanks for all of the wonderful memories and neverending love you gave to me and to everyone.

Su R Parris

Sami, 08/31/05-01/17/09

Sami was the sweetest dog that anyone can ask for.
For a small dog, she had a huge impact on all those that met her.
She brought love and happiness, and completed our lives.
Unfortunately, she was taken from us too early by a disease called Granulometous Meningioencephalomyelitis (GME).
She will be missed everyday, thought of everyday, and will have a special place in my heart.
Rest In Peace my sweet baby.

Morinne Siu

Sami Sunshine Esparza, 04/14/94-05/27/09

My sweet Sami Sunshine, you brought so much joy to my life. You will always hold a special place in my heart. I love you and will miss you every day. Thank you for loving me back.

Rebecca Esparza

Sami Wright, 1993-01/31/09

Sami was a special dog who loved her parents.
She was a sweet dog.
She will be remember by her survivors: Parents, Ken and Linda Wright.

Todd Wright

Sammi, 04/28/09

She was a truly sweet, wonderful furball who left her little rattyprints on my heart forever. Deeply loved and achingly missed. R.I.P. my best friend. See you at the Rainbow Bridge...


Sammi Cat, 03/04/09

My dearest friend of 18 years: You will be deeply, DEEPLY missed...I honor you and thank you.
I will miss you always, my Sammi Cat.
With Love.

Theresa Hanlon

Sammi Polar Princess Wemyss, 07/30/97-12/28/08

Sammi was our first and only child and the best friend we could have ever had.
We were the luckiest parents in the world to have been able to have her for 11 years. She was our world and is missed so much. We look forward to the day that we see her at the Rainbow Bridge !

Stuart and Wendy Wemyss

Sammie, 06/2001-05/26/09

Sammie was my son's dog.
She was the love of his life.
She was our little clown.
We adored her.
She fought a courageous battle with cancer for two years.
She was called home on May 26, 2009.
Our hearts are filled with sorrow at her loss.
So here is a tribute to you Sammie, our Princess Nimee.
May your pain be gone and look down on those that loved you and cared for you.
Till we meet again.


Sammie, 06/30/05-04/06/09

Sammie,you will always be my special baby and will live on always in my heart.Sleep with the angels my precious baby.


Sammie, 01/12/97-01/02/09

For our beloved Sammie - the type of dog that gives dogs a good name.
We miss you terribly.
Tell Stoney we said hello, I know he was the first one waiting for you at the bridge.
We love you more than life itself.

Brooke and Jeff Walker

Sammie, 05/31/99-12/28/08

To my loving Sammie wammy, my heart is your home, and my body is yours, we miss you terribly and my tears are not of sadness but of missing and loving you.
You were my first child, and Im sorry I didnt get to hold you one last time, but our love goes me when I come home, I love you and we'll be seeing you soon!

Kristen Pickren and Joal

Sammie McGee, 1994-03/26/09

We will miss you, sweetie!

Dan McGee

Sammy, 06/2004 - 05/03/2009

My heart of hearts. I miss you my love. Listen close for one day you will hear again... Sammy..... Mommy's Home!!!! Until then my tiny treasure, stay in the arms of our Lord and think of me often. I love you Honey Baby.
You're Mommy

Sammy, 07/17/09

Sammy was a wonderful and loyal friend to us.
When we didn't feel well, he would stay by our sides.
He loved to be around us.
He loved our love.
He died suddenly on July 17th, 2009.
He just collapsed and died.
Our vet said it was probably a heart attack.
Our hearts are broken because we just lost our best friend.
He loved his daily talks, brushing and snuggles.
If I asked him to kiss me, he would kiss me.
He would wake us up faithfully at 6:30 AM with many head budds and licks.
He loved to climb on my stomach and stare at me until he woke me up.
He was just the most precious boy cat anyone could ever know and I feel like my heart is broken.
We will see you again someday Sammy.
You have been the best boy ever and our lives have been so blessed having you a part of it.
We love you so much and will miss you forever.
Forever in our hearts.
RIP dear friend... </3
You are our ANGEL!!

Andy, Patty and Jennifer R

Sammy, 02/01/09

Hi Sammy We just wanted to say thankyou for meeting Ella Bella, We miss you both so much. Our family will never be the same with out you too Lily said hi and she misses you both too. Take care and someday we can all be togather.

John and Jaime Jacobs

Sammy, 04/02/01-06/29/09

Sammy was the best cat anyone could have ever asked for. He was dropped off at a petstore in April on 2001. He was only 2 weeks old. I nursed him with a bottle and taught him everything a good cat should know, like fetching and sitting on command.
For the past 8 years, Sammy was my daily companion, a true friend, and my constant reminder to keep on going no matter what life threw at me.
4 year ago, when I met Mike - Sammy became our little boy. Sammy and Mike would spend so much time together that I actually became jealous. Over time, we became a little family...Sammy, Mike and I.
Sammy truly was the center of our lives and he ruled our house. We could always count on him for a good laugh, a warm hug, and a friendly ear.
After being diagnosed with intestinal lymphoma at the beginning of June - Sammy quickly began to decline. On June 29, 2009, we decided to help Sammy cross over the bridge. I know he will be greeted warmly and with much love by so many loving family members on the other side.

Veronica Wilson

Sammy, 06/22/09

Sammy was a great dog!!! He was a companion and a friend to those close to him. We saved him from the Dog pound 12 yrs ago and he has allways filled our hearts with love and joy. He will FOREVER BE in our hearts. Untill we see him agin we love you and miss you.

Robyn Coleman

Sammy, 12/01/94-06/12/09

Sammy, you were the light of our lives! God meant for us to find each other and you gave us unconditinal love and joy every day. Your spirit was free and beautiful and the world is a better place because of you!. You warmed the hearts of everyone that saw you.
Sammy, we miss you so much and one day will cross the Rainbow bridge to be with you again.
We love you so very, very much. Our lives have been blessed because of you.
Mommy & "Mr. Barnes"

Sammy, 06/01/09

Marty named him "say-meow-l," but he was Sammy.
He was our love, our baby, our joy.
He made us laugh so much.
We loved him, and he loved us.
Our lives are so empty now without him.
We knew he had health issues, but we were not prepared for him to go now.
We thought we had more time.
He went to the doctor in the morning, and by 4 p.m. he was gone.
We went to see him.
I brought him his favorite blanket, and covered him with it so that he would be warm.
He will rest forever with us in our backyard, under a small tree that we will plant over his ashes.
We thank God for giving us this precious angel for 12 years.
He was so full of love, and loved us unconditionally - warts and all.
We will miss him and love him every day until we die.

Vicki & Marty Goldberger

Sammy, 05/93-05/30/09

My Sammy left me Saturday night. I turned my back
and he had fallen into my friends new pool and
drowned! He just turned 16 and was starting to have problems with his back legs which I gave him
medicine for so of course I knew the inevitable
would happen soon enough and dreaded the possibility of having to put him to sleep as they call it.
Now all I can see in my mind is a picture of
him in that pool................
I got him when I was 40 years old and now I am
56, I had him for the best years of my life.
Sammy you will never be gone in my mind, the love I have for you still lives on, come running to me when you see me coming. Scootles and Sally miss you too.


Sammy, 12/19/98-05/26/09

Sammy,the sweetest and most loving girl who loved us with all her being. You taught us the meaning of eternal devotion and gave us endless joy and comfort.

You left us too soon and too suddenly. I know we will be reunited again some day. Until then, you wait patiently in a beautiful place that knows no pain, only love and joy and all the cookies you can eat.

And when it is Max's turn to cross the Rainbow Bridge, we will not worry knowing you will be there with your silly grin to meet him.

Love you my sweet mama girl...we will never forget you.
Mommy, Daddy, Tristan, Duncan and Blair

Sammy, 01/14/02-05/06/09

You were the sunshine of my life. I will never forget the joy you brought to me, and the way you looked at me with your loving eyes. I will never forget how you greeted me at the door, or played catch, or snuggled with me at night. I will never forget how you meowed incessently to go outside when the weather became nice. I will never forget how you made me smile no matter how bad my day was. I will never forget the sound of your little steps going down the stairs, or how you followed me everywhere I went and loved me unconditionally. I will never forget the sight of you peeking out the window as I came home from a long day of work. Sammy, you were so much more to me than a cat. I hope you felt the love that I gave to you for the past seven years, as much as I felt the love you gave me.
Please don't forget me, because I will never forget you. Never. Rest in peace my little angel.

Melissa Skreenock

Sammy, 04/02/09

We will always love you!! You were the best boy ever!!!


Sammy, 12/01/96-03/27/09

Sammy you were my little girl. I found you at the shelter and you stole my heart.I brought you home and you gave Sesbatian a trun for his became best buddies. When he went over the rainbow bridge you were sad for a long time then Monte came and you showed him all the ropes you helped him become confident you are my angel. when you became sick in November you wanted to live and we all fought and you survived, we overcame that but this time when we found the cancer it was to late. I love you very much you are out of pain now and running with Sebastian,Midnight and Shadow and i know you are stepping on dads feet just like you used to do i know he is taking care of you i miss you there is an empty place in my heart you are my little girl Love you Louise Monte and Bandit

Sammy, 03/21/09

To my precious cat Sammy. I love you and miss deeply. See you in the next life. Love, Mommy, Daddy, Maria, and Snowball.

Sammy, 08/26/99

You must be an angel now
Because you always were
With your sweet little face
And long soft fur...

Sammy...oh how sweet you are.
You came to us so scared and without claws, having been bitten on the back.
We took care of you and you turned out to be one of the sweetest babies we have ever known.
Whenever I laid down, you just had to play with my hair.
Rob called you the gay hairdresser....ha!
But you were my sweetie guy and I miss you to this day and still feel you near.
Have fun at the Rainbow Bridge, baby...can't wait to see you again....


Sammy, 11/19/06

Sammy was a sweet timid kitty. He was a stray when we found him, but learned to love with all his heart.
He will be missed always.


Sammy, 06/22/95-03/01/09

Sammy 03/01/09

My Best Friend and the Prettiest dog in the world. A person in a dog's body. Thank your for 13 wonderful years. We love and miss you. You will always be in our hearts until we see you again.

Mom and Dad
Jane and Dennis Ramsden

Sammy, 01/98-02/28/09

Sammy, we loved you very much and you will be missed!!!
I hope you are out of pain and playing with the other doggies in Heaven, Love from Ellen, Pat, Mollie, and Snoopy

Sammy, 05/07/93-02/28/09

This is a tribute to Sammy who, up until today, was a part of our family for almost 16 years. My son and I remember when we picked Sammy up from his parents' house.
He was so small and sitting by himself away from his brothers and sisters.
Glenn was only 5 years old then and Sammy wandered over to him and started playing with his shoelaces!
That was what sold us on Sammy.
He has been by our sides ever since.
We miss you Sammy -

Debbie, Rich & Glenn Cantwell

Sammy, 02/28/09

Our wild child Sammy won our hearts with her loving nature. She played hard and lived life to the fullest she was a wonderful friend to all of us. We miss her so much it hurts. She will never be forgotten.

Kim, Mark & Ashley

Sammy, 10/20/07

Sammy, you were my sunshine; and I will miss your wet kisses and all the love you gave to me. Your pain and illiness are gone now, and I know you will be happy playing at Rainbow Bridge. Thank you for all the wonderful years you gave to me.

Fern Ochakoff

Sammy, 09/11/98-02/12/09

Sammy was our first dog, as a family.
We have three remaining (and ten cats) but Sammy was very special.
When Jackie's ankle was broken, several years ago, Sammy stayed by her side and walked with her as she was healing.
His AKC name is:
Erin's Samuel Yuko St-James.
(For our daughter and Sammy's canine parents.) He was very socialable and loved playing with stuffed animals.
Tug-a-war was his favorite game!
As an obedience school graduate, he had quite learned quite a few tricks.
For some reason, whenever I (Ken) would sneeze, Sammy would start barking.
You don't realize how you can miss such a silly thing.
We love and miss "Sam The Man" . . .

Ken Ross and Jackie Irtoli-Ross

Sammy, 10/01/02-01/23/09

Sammy, we love you, and miss you so very much.
The house feels empty and our hearts are broken.
You died so young and so fast.
We miss the secrets you would tell, the happy times and the comfort that you brought us. We hope you have found peace, and know how very much you are loved.
We will play ball together again one day. Thank you for being in our lives, you made our family complete, we will never forget you.

Dena & Rob Anderson

Sammy, 12/2006

I loved you very much my little Samsam..I know you are waiting for me at the bridge, see you!

Summer Wade

Sammy, 01/21/09

The day I adopted you I already knew you were sick and the doctors didn't give you much longer to live.
You showed us all how strong you were and how happy your new life was with Shawn and I that you stayed with us for three wonderful years.
When the pain got too much for you and you seemed to get lost during your daily routine I had to make the decision to let you go.
I miss you hearty meows for food and your rubs on the back of my neck, I even miss cleaning up after you when you forgot how to use the litterbox.
I know you are watching over me now, my sweet old man and I will see you again some day. Until then I will think of you and smile since you are free of pain, young and full of happiness.
I'll love you always,

Sammy, 04/07/91-01/17/09

Sammy, my "little man", for such a little guy you left this big house very empty.

It well may be that we will never meet again in this lifetime, so let me say before we part,
So much of me is made from what I've learned from you. You'll be with me, like a pawprint on my heart.
Please wait for me right where the bridge starts so I can find you right away.
Until we meet again, I love you with all my heart.

Sammy, 01/21/09

The day I adopted you I already knew you were sick and the doctors didn't give you much longer to live.
You showed us all how strong you were and how happy your new life was with Shawn and I that you stayed with us for three wonderful years.
When the pain got too much for you and you seemed to get lost during your daily routine I had to make the decision to let you go.
I miss you hearty meows for food and your rubs on the back of my neck, I even miss cleaning up after you when you forgot how to use the litterbox.
I know you are watching over me now, my sweet old man and I will see you again some day. Until then I will think of you and smile since you are free of pain, young and full of happiness.
I'll love you always,

Sammy, 07/2008-01/2009

We came across our precious little boy completely unexpectedly. In no time he became so much a part of the fabric of our family.
But just as suddenly as he came into our lives, he exited.
All of a sudden his health started to deteriorate.
He had FIP.
Our precious little Sammy had to be put to sleep at only 5 months of age.
He died in my daughter's arms.
Sammy never had a chance to grow up.
We miss you baby - our lives will never be the same. We love you and will miss you forever. There is no cat like you our precious little angel.


Nikki, Matthew, Monica, Oma and Opa

Sammy Berezowski, 06/05/95-06/10/09

Our little bubby walked thru the big puppy door
We would give anything to have him around some more
My best friend let me know that he needed to go
We will love him forever and that he knows.
PS. Dont forget to clean your sisters ears. They havent been cleaned in a year.

Tony Berezowski

Sammy Bova, 08/97-07/10/06


Denise & Rick and Kids

Sammy Cocoa Jean Belford, 07/22/95-05/04/09


You were the most loving, loyal, sweet, fun, and nurturing dog that any family could ask for.
The world and our lives have been better because of you.
You will be forever missed until we meet again.

We love you more than anything.

Erin, Mommy, and Dad

Sammy Dog Nelson, 12.24.1994 - 8.12.2009

I miss Sammy (AKA Samalone, Samster, Buddha, Beans, Buddy) so very much. I was blessed to come upon this Beagle when I was 24 years old and he was 4 months old; I was settling into my first apartment. Although he had a respiratory illness and was only expected to live a short life, he died at home in my arms three weeks ago at the age of 14.8 years, as I come upon my 39th birthday. For almost 15 years, all of my adult life thus far, he was there for me through good times and bad. He brought out the best in me, I shined with him. I thought I'd been taking care of him all these years, but I realize now that he was taking care of me. I LOVE YOU SAMMY, WITH ALL MY HEART.

Sammy Fry, 04/13/07-04/03/09

Brave, sweet little Sammy- your life was way to short!
To you and all those that passed on over the years:
I love you!


Sammy G, 05/18/94-02/16/09

Sammy was not a dog -- she was more human than most humans I know.
I have never in my life experienced this kind of bond with any living creature.
After many years of battling Cushing's Disease and its complications, Sammy told me she was very tired and to let her go.
Although my heart broke and the grief was overwhelming, I let my best friend go to the place where there is no more pain and suffering.
As I said good-bye, she kissed me and let me know it was okay.
She fell asleep for the last time peacefully in my arms.
Good-bye, old friend, love of my life.
You are now gone, but you will never, ever be forgotten.
Wait for me -- some day I will be with you again.

Kathy Stalzer

Sammy Gomez, 10/01/99-05/24/09

Sammy was a one of a kind dog. I remember him always

bark for me or my husband would come home from work.
His innocent face expressed unconditional love and he taught me not to take things for granted...

Marcy Lewis

Sammy Joe, 12/07/87-04/10/02

We will miss you punkin butt.
You were such a great asset to our family.
We will always always think of you.

Susan & Mike Volz

Sammy Johnson, 07/12/94-12/26/08

Oh, Sammy, what a wonderful part of our family you were!
Our hearts ache for you and the wonderful companionship you gave us.
It seems like everyone who knew you, loved you, too. The 14 years with us was much too short.
We hope we did the right thing by helping you to "pass on" were so strong and overcame many medical problems during your life but this "last" illness seemed too much for you to bear.
You seemed to tell us with your big, beautiful eyes that you were tired of fighting and it "was time".
Sammy, How very hard it was for us to let go of you!
We will always love you and cling to the many happy memories you gave us.

Joan Johnson and Gib

Sammy Markowski, 06/20/98-12/29/08

Sammy was my best friend. He gave more to me than I could give to him in ten lifetimes. He was sweet, funny, dedicated, and a beautiful animal.
He died too young but fought hard and was very brave.
I am so blessed to have had Sammy as my companion for ten years.
I will miss him immensely and he will always hold a very special place in our hearts.
I would give anything to have just one more morning walk with Sammy at the park.
He was so loved by his Mom and Dad, his great friends Marge and Pop Pop, and by Paige, Evan, and Lucas.
I love you Sam.

Michael Markowski

Sammy McConnell, 08/15/02-06/08/09

You will be missed dearly.
Thank you for leaving your puppy paw prints upon our hearts. Lots of love to you my best friend.

Rhonda McConnell

Sammy Pennigar (Mini-Schnauzer), June 4, 2001 - Oct. 25, 2009

When my children married they rescued a standard schnauzer (Silver) from the Humane Society and gave to my husband and me. Silver had many problems. After seeing 3 vets, obedience training, tearing our house up and down, and animal prozac.....we finally bought Sammy (mini schnauzer) to help with his anxiety. It worked! Silver never tore another thing up. I made a baby out of Sammy. He wore pajamas, slept on my pillow with me, and followed me everywhere that I went. For 8 1/3 years he was my furry child. Last week he started having problems with what was diagnosed with stomach cancer. A second opinion revealed that perhaps he only needed gallbladder surgery. He was to have surgery Monday @ 8am (Oct. 26). I am an RN and gave him fluids all weekend per the vets orders. I took Sammy to bed Sunday night and he died in my arms. My heart is completely broken. Sammy was a wonderful baby. I never thought of him as an animal. I loved him soooooo much!

Sammy Phillips, 10/01/91-01/22/09

Sam was that special kitty who was always a little kitten even as he passed his 17th birthday last October.
He was loving, caring and always a good little kitty in contrast to his brother Elliot, who was always creating playful mischief.
Saying I will miss him (Both of them) is an understatement.
Take care Sammy Kitty.
Say hello to Elliot for me and both of you have fun in heaven.

Dave Phillips

Sammy Ortiz, 04/07/09

Sammy was my everything but I suppose to all pet owners that is the case. When I was a child, I used to pray for a dog. Just every night, on my bed with my hands interlocked, bargaining for a pet. It's pretty funny. When we first set of the appointment to see the seller, I was shocked and surprised. My parents didn't tell me anything and didn't really think they were going to get me one. When I walked into the building, I was a little apprehensive, I had been told the puppy had been named but I so wanted to name him.
I was a little bitter.

But that all changed, when I had my first glimpse of him; he was a cute energetic puppy. Flapping about with his roommates who consisted of a cat and a Chihuahua. He was trying to play with the cat, but she would just jump out of his way. And I remember when I first held him and thought, I want him. I just know this is the one I want. He would be an awesome companion to have around the house.ť So that day, we brought him and Sammy came home with house. And in the car, my brother and I were so excited that we started to feed him treats. But it turns out; he had car sickness so he threw it all back up and ate it. I was slightly disgusted. My brother just laughed and laughed while I tried to pull him away but to no avail. Sammy simply enjoyed his little regurgitate treat. >.< ew!

As soon as we pulled up to the house, I carried him to my room and since it was an unexpected buy, I laid him down on my pillow so he could sleep. My parents went out and got him the essentials before buying the real necessary things. The one thing I love about him was that, he always came back to my room after that one moment. Even after he got used to sleeping in the kitchen, whenever we lifted the gate, he ran straight to my room. I felt a sense of not pride but happiness when he did that. My family used to joke that it smelled like wolves den or animals, and that was the main reason he came to my room. I just laughed it off.

Over the transition of being a puppy to an adult, lots of adventures happened. First memorable one was when he bit my cousin after we warned her about him and meeting new people. [Oh, I forgot to mention that. He was an overprotective dog, thinking he was similar size to cujo. We tried to introduce him to new people in small groups but nothing ever worked.] My aunt just played the barking off but I was apprehensive about it and before I knew it, he bit her calf and she screamed in pain. Now the bite was nothing more than a nip, with him running towards my room or the cage in the end. [The term cage is used the friendliest manner. We got him a crate which was used when we began potty training him. Whenever he would do business in the house, we would lock him in there for about 10 minutes and then let him out. But I always felt bad, so I let him out after 5. I didn't really like seeing him punished, that was why, and it was my dad's job. But not to worry, in the end, it turned out either he liked the cage a lot or it was a safe haven. Sometimes he would sleep in the cage or lay down in there during the summer. Or when he was being punished, he unlocked himself.such a smarty pants .or smarty snout or paws ^.^] Or when he would hide or go under my bed. He liked it there very much especially when it thundered. He did two things, go under the bed or jump on the bed and curl up next to me. I liked the second option the most. Once he was under my bed, it was a fight to take him out. He didn't want to me. It was such a hassle but love him nonetheless. Sammy would take down his favorite toys under the bed as well, it was like another home. In fact, it still remains there today. Hmph =^.^=

One particular defining moment for my brother was when, Sammy tries to bite his laces off. At first I thought he didn't like him anymore, but it seemed more playful than anything. But I still love my brother's reaction to it, every time it happened.
Another favorite moment was when we introduced two new dogs into the family, Chucky and Droopy Ortiz. Chucky is a Shetland sheepdog. Droopy is a Cocker Spaniel mix. Well more like found. My dad is a cop, he happens to rescue Droopy from the streets. At first we were a little worried since Sammy sound really aggressive towards him but droopy didn't seem to care. He would just walk around the house. It was kinda funny. My dad and I left the house on an errand and low and behold my mother had released him from my room. [We kept him in there, since he felt comfortable] Sammy and Droopy were playing with one another. No one was fighting and biting. I was shocked to state it simply but happy. However when chucky was brought home, it was like WW3 happened. These two hated each other which turned into tolerance later. But still, it was completely ridiculous.
Nonetheless, Sammy, Droopy, and Chucky were like the three musketeers. They always stood by one another and never let go. When one had to go to get their hair cut, the other would wait patiently
Like all owners, there were good times and bad time, I will never forget the one time I thought my dog would leave. I was at a sleepover and my mother called and told me that almost all the dogs got away because she left the door open. I was like, "what! Why weren't you paying attention?" But my dad got them back, so it was a fun evening. Or when Sammy was sick and I was stuck in school. I was so worried that I faked an illness and got my parents to bring me home. I stayed with him the whole time.
When he reached 7 years old almost turning 8, he was still the same Sammy we first got. He barked, played, jumped around, still fierce and protective.
He wasn't one to lie down and be inactive. I love him for that and other reasons¦so many other reasons.

He will always be in my heart and mind but not just mine, my entire family will keep his memories alive. My father and I were the closet to him, but we all love him.

I will never let him go from my memories until the day I die. And as you page says, I'll see him again and we will cross the rainbow bridge together. To play and play for all eternity together.


Sammy Pennington, May 1999 - December 1, 2009

Sammy was truly one of a kind. He was loyal, fun, protective, quirky, and the sweetest dog ever. Everyone who met him loved him and he loved them all back. He didn't like it when one of the family was not home and would mope around until we were all safe and sound at home with him. He loved to chase furry things, rabbits, squirrels, raccoons, our cat. Words can not describe how truly sad we are today, for we have lost our best friend. Sammy has always been here, everyday at the end of the day to greet you when you come through the door. He loved bacon, turkey, and peanut butter, his stuffed ducks, and going to the mailbox with you, but most of all he loved his walks in the park. We will miss you Sammy, you were a good dog, and great friend.

Sammy Poguet/Cook, 04/14/09

Sammy, a gentle and lovely dog. I hope I have made the right decision, to ease your suffering; and that your last memories are of a beautiful autumn garden and being with those who loved you. You did finally look at peace after what had been a difficult time
You have been a part of our family and loved by us all. I want you to know that I think of you, miss you and look forward to seeing you again as the magnificent dog you have always been.

Jane Cook

Sammy Q., 9/12/1998 - 7/24/2009

9/12/1998 - My best friend, my little buddy Sammy-I added the Q. because I used to tell people that it stood for quite cute-and was he ever. Wherever we went,and we were always together, he made friends. He was a miniature Dashound (never could spell that word) with short red hair. He had short legs with wrinkles and the best personallity ever. He was stuck with Cushings Disease when he was 2 years old, but I never let up and kept his meds coming until the day he died. At the age of 8, he got real slow and just didn't want to do anything-I knew something was wrong, so I rushed him to the vet, he had to spend the night and the next morning I rushed him 45 miles away to the University to a special care department and the professor ran tests ( for 2 days) and determined he had issues with his heart and valves and was retaining fluid, well to make a long story short, Sammy was given about 6 months to live (although the doc said he has seen them go for 2 years!). As sad as it sounds, almost 6 months to the day, Sammy became very sick and I had to get him back to the vet and after x-rays and diagnoes it was determined Sammy was starting to suffer and was at the end of his life. I had a decision to make that for once could not include my feelings, but Sammy's. I cried and cried,and held Sammy so close for more than 2 hours before I went to the little room with the vet and we layed Sammy to rest. I kissed him and am now knowing he is waiting for me at the Rainbow Bridge. I know he is waiting because he always waited for me and would never stop doing that even now. I miss him every day and just wish I could hold him one more time. I would not be able to do anything different because everything he and I did was together and he always supported me even when I didn't think I needed it. I miss you so. Please be happy and play like you used to and run and hop as before. Good bye my friend, my little buddy, I love you! Don Trumbly

Sammy Sue, 05/13/94-02/06/09

to one of the best pet friends I have ever had.You were with me and meant more to me than any guy in my life ever was. Losing you has hurt more than ever losing anyone of those guys. I am having a tough time letting you go. I loved you so much. You will forever be in my heart.
Love Debra

Sammy Williams, 01/01/06-02/28/09

My baby girl.
How I wish so much I could be there with you, to be there in your last moments.
While I have been away at college, I have missed you so much. I miss us taking trail rides on Okie, and having you by my side, and forgetting our worries.
I miss spooning with you late at nights, and telling you of the stupid drama I was going through.
You always listened, and kissed my forhead to say its going to be alright.
You helped me through some of the toughest times of my life, and I can't thank you enough.
I miss you so much, my side kick, my sister, my little girl.
Please watch over me, and let Teddy and Forrest show you what Heaven is all about.
Give me strength be successful with school, so that one day, I can save dogs just like you :)
Though our time together was short, it was sweet,and I will NEVER forget you.
I love you Sammy, and never forget that.
Rest in peace baby.

Ashley Williams

Samoa Ralston, 07/02/09

Samoa was a beautiful brave dog. He had the sweetest spirit. He lived a hard life full of seazures, but he never gave up! He will be missed every day!!

Dee Dee Ralston

Sampson, 12/30/95-06/28/09

Sammy was one of my babies. We lost him on June 28, 2009. That was one of the hardest things we had to do. I know he's in a better place and out of pain but my heart is so broken and there is a part of me missing now. I feel lost without him. We all love you Sammy, please never forget that.

Jeanie Reynolds

Sampson, 06/17/09

My little man Sampson was thrown out of a car window on the interstate. I got him a took him straight to the vet and had him fixed up. He was 5 pounds. Its been a week now and I have cried everyday for my little man. Sampson mommy misses you so much. My life will be changed for ever.

Missy Epperson

Sampson, 05/23/96-02/06/09

Sampson, we saved you from a home that had not been so nice to
you. You have brought us so much joy and happiness and now is the time to let you go. You are going to beable to run and play without limping. You will be with Dica again. We will see you again when it is out time to go. Remember that we love you so much. Hugs and kisses. Love Mom & Dad

Sampson, 10/28/97-02/01/09

Sammy was and will always be my best friend. He was everything to me and I miss him more than i'll ever be able to express.

Connie Lyttle

Sampson Evans and Sarah Evans, 06/16/96 and 5/12/88 to 03/25/09 and 10/22/08

Sarah, (the calico) who passed in October, 2008, was 21-1/2 years old and healthy until she developed cancer last summer. I was therefore more prepared for her death than Sampson's (the gray) yesterday.
He was only 12 and was feeling good until this past weekend.
By Tuesday night when I went home he had declined to the point that I almost took him to an emergency hospital, but waited for my own vet to open in the morning.
Diagnosis was advanced acute renal/kidney; there was no treatment or anything elso to do except give him peace without pain.
So in the light rain yesterday afternoon Ed and I dug his grave beside Sarah's.
They are now together again - both buried in Karen & Ed's back woods - with 9 bricks each over their side-by-side graves (both for their 9 lives, and because 9 is my favorite number.)
There is a poem entitled "The Rainbow Bridge" about the passing of animals.
They are together now with plenty of catnip and cat grass to enjoy.
I will see you both soon babies!
Thank you for all your love, patience, and joy, and for always meeting me at the door.

Samson, August 13, 2009

Samson, my first love, my best friend, and my baby.  
I will never forget you. I miss you terribly already and it has only been a few hours that you have been gone. Your "boys" miss you too. They are looking for you already. Rifkin is taking it the hardest. I promise to give them extra lovins and scratches. You were the best cat anyone could ever ask for. You helped me the last 13 years to endure many of life's hardships and to embrace and look forward to each day. We survived high school, college, boyfriends and break ups, several jobs, grad school, fleas, a husband, kittens and all my adoptions of strays, Shelby, moving, and you were even able to meet my new baby girl Sylvie who was born last September. Oh how I wish you could have waited so she could remember you, but I have videos to show her of your love for her. The "head butts" and kisses and even the long stares into my eyes, I will miss it all. You could read me so well, like no one else ever could. I am sorry that you lost your hair when I was stressed out only to grow it back when I was calm. You are loved, will always be loved. Thank you for 13 wonderful years. Thank you for the last three months. We had a wonderful summer together just cherishing each other because we knew the days were limited. The day we met, I didn't want a cat. You marked me as yours that first night when you slept with me over everyone else. I can't believe you are gone. Wait for me at Rainbow Bridge, we will be together again! I know you will be rolling in the cat mint. Love always your mama

Samson 'Sam', 02/06/92-02/17/05

Best friend-loyal-smart-pretty-protective-the best
I miss you boy

Mike Bittle

Samson, 07/07/09

Sam, we love you and we will miss you, you were such a good friend to Gussy,
Love Randy,Beth, Melissa, Matthew, Jake, and Chris

Samson, 03/09/00-03/19/09

It was too soon for you to join Julie and Maggie, but I know they will take good care of you.

Barbara Sullivan

Samson, 02/03/99-03/08/09

Samson was truly the perfect dog.
He was beautiful, obedient, sweet, quiet yet he was 85 pounds.
We all miss him so much.
I didn't realize losing a pet would hurt this much.
He arrived home yesterday.
I never, while alive on this earth, want to be separated from him and cannot wait to cross that Rainbow Bridge with him.

Ann Marie Bethel

Samson, 06/20/00-02/07/09


Samson (Sammy) Ellis, 01/30/00-12/27/08

Sammy was taken from us due to cancer. He was my best friend, my boy and my life. We had to have his front left leg amputated because of the cancer. We were told that he would only have a few more months left, he made it over a year. I loved that dog like my own child. I held him when he left this world. I'm absolutely heart broken and miss him terribly.

I love you Sammy Boy!


Samson Essig, 12/04/97-07/08/09

Samson -
You brought joy into our lives the very first day we met you on that beautiful February morning in 1998.
Of course, leaving you at that farm was not an option, so you joined Dad, myself and Sophie.
Your unique personality touched me from the first day I held you until your last breath today.
I didn't think I would hurt as much as I am.
You stayed strong for a long time, and I admire your courage, as I am sure you felt worse then you would ever reveal.
I will miss your "woo-woo's", I will miss your "ruffs" when I return from work, I will miss your singing with Shiloh whenever the neighbors are in sight, I will miss my kitchen counter buddy (waiting patiently for that special treat), I will miss that intense Airedale stare with those beloved brown eyes, I will miss my bug killer(you always were there to help me out), I will miss your wet nose and soft gentle kisses
when I needed them.
Most of all I will miss my faithful, loyal companion of the last 11 1/2 years.
You brought great joy into our family, and Shiloh will miss you, but will carry on your tradition by singing to the neighbors.
You taught him well.
Thank you for being my very "special boy".
I will remember you always, tell Sophie we will one day all see each other again. Love, Karla (Mom)

Karla (Mom)

Samson Ravanis, 03/11/02-03/28/09

Samson, you loved so unconditionally and brought us such joy.
You fought so hard and gave us 6 more months despite all that you had to edure. May you breathe freely and eat plentifully....and rest in peace.
Your light continues to shine in our hearts.
We love you Sammy!

The Ravanis Family

Samurai, 03/26/09

Samurai, you Touched so many people and they are all missing you tonight.
You came to us a tiny ball of fluff and grew to be our "fat boy".
You really were one big bundle of love with the most expressive blue eyes I have ever seen-Thank you so much for letting us be your humans.
We loved you and we miss you so.

Sherri Howard

Sancho, 02/15/09

Words cannot describe how much I miss and will continue to miss my Sancho doggie.
Life will not be the same without hearing his howl greet me whenever I enter the room, or without sharing my pillow with him, or using him as a pillow.
He was the goofiest, sweetest, happiest, and most loving companion I have ever had.
All of my problems seemed to melt away by just looking into his bright brown eyes.
There are just too
many things I can say about him right now...the most important though is that I love him...and always will.
(Thank you Sancho, for everything.)

Anna Maria Martinez

Sandals, 05/27/09

Sandals, when I moved here all alone, we found each other. I can almost still see you walking up and down the stairs, and coming to the bowl at mealtime. It was you that made me realize that I might be pregnant (and I was) and it was you that let me put my head on your body when I had to cry. I will miss the way you will only sit on pillows, and cross your paws like a little lady. Sandals, you've been through so much with me these past 13 years. I love you so much and I'll love you forever.

Karen Dietzius

Sandee Lee Jennings, 12/09/08

You were my companion from the time you were 7 weeks until age 12.
You were not only my companion but also my guardian.
You are with me everywhere I go and will always be in my heart till we meet again.
Love Mom

Sandi, October 1997 - July 10, 2009

Sandi, You are in our thoughts every day. As Christmas approaches and I put up the tree, I put up each one of the ornaments that we ought every year for you. I bought a special one for you this year, with your picture on it. I will continue to add one every year in your memory. You will be forever loved and missed and NEVER forgotten. All our love, forever, Mama and Daddy

Sandi, October 10, 1997 - August 26, 2009

Dear sweet Sandi girl,

It seems like just yesterday we picked you up and bought you home. We had so many great times with you spending time with our family, taking walks, playing, swimming, training and competing in agility. You were so wonderful with Erick and Carter who absolutely adored you. You were always so kind and gentle to them even when they were pulling at your ears and tail.

You were loved more than you know and we miss so very much. The house hasn't been the same since you have been gone. You will always be in our hearts and loved forever. Thank you for being the best dog ever and such a very special and important part of our family, you were our best friend and we will never forget all the wonderful memories you have left with us.

We will see you again some day when we cross the rainbow bridge. Be happy and healthy.

We love you and miss you so much,


Mommy, Daddy, Erick and Carter

Sandi Binkley, 07/10/09

To our sweet baby girl.
At last you are free from pain.
You were and always will be our precious little girl.
You were the light and star of your mommy and daddy's life.
We are so desparately heartbroken.
There will never be another girl like you. We will love you and miss you forever.
We cannot wait till we meet you again at the Rainbow bridge.
Meet up with Bandit and Missy and run and play and have a wonderful time till we meet again for ever.
Your aunt Linda will be lookng out for you till then. May God keep you in his loving care.
Love, forever and always , Mama and Daddy

Sandi Lynne Thibaut, 11/16/93-05/27/09

Sandi, my golden angel, I will always love you.
I hope you can know how much joy and love you brought into my life.
I miss you so much but I know that even though your body is not here, your spirit lives within my heart and always will.

Lisa Thibaut

Sandi, our Precious baby girl, 07/10/09

Daddy's precious girl and Mama's baby girl.
Our much loved little Sandi girl, had to endure much in her 12 years, but was the best, sweetest, most loved dog in the world.
Everyone knew and loved Sandi. She will never be forgotten and we will continue to love her always. Till the day we meet her again in Heaven, may God keep her in his loving arms and let her know how much she is missed and loved. Love ever and Always, Mama and Daddy.

Judy and Dennis Binkley

Sandie, 01/26/09

She was a sweet dog. Loved chewing on her bone. Liked when I would chase her with my house shoe in her mouth. And, carry her water bowl in her mouth when it was empty to let me know she wanted more.
I loved her soo much and she will be missed!!!

Denise Jester

Sandy, 9/7/09

Sandy. you were a wonderful pet. you will be missed

Phyllis Weston

Sandy, 02/23/07

Miss you a lot baby girl. Can't wait to meet you at the Rainbow Bridge. Please send me a sign telling me you're alright. Love you more than life itself.


Sandy, 06/14/95-03/30/09

Sandy was a beautiful light brownish-orange with an almost white but 'sandy' colored under coat.
He is remembered with our love of his loyalty to my family members and his passion to persuade.

Tim & Bette George

Sandy, 04/10/91-03/09/09

My Forever Friend I know that it must be different, now that I am no longer here. I realize how much I was loved and how all of you did care. I know it will be hard at first when you look around for me. Expecting to find me in my bed or beside my favorite tree. Someday you will begin to see, although it'll take some time, the happy times you shared with me, the memories are yours and mine. I'll remember you, my family, and how much you meant to me. So please don't grieve and don't be sad, it was just my time to leave.

We love you and miss you Sandy! I am so glad that I was able to be a part of your life and that we were able to spend your last moments together holding each other as you so often loved to do.

Ann Starzynski-McNeil

Sandy, 09/24/93-09/16/09

My Sandy girl was a princess. I will miss her running with her floppy ears and always there to give hugs and kisses. I will miss you forever until I see you in heaven with your sister Sidney.Myself,Karen, Samson and Abbey miss you sorely and will never forget you. Love Daddy

Sandy, 09/24/93-02/16/09

Now Sandy is in peace and playing with her sister Sidney in Heaven. Life is going to be difficult without you. Love Daddy

Sandy, 01/10/09

May Sandy experience all the peace, happiness and true freedom that there is On The Other Side w/all the other canines, felines and other animals that have crossed over.
May your pain in her loss be lightened. I know the loss of a very special animal companion is very sad. Sandy was a happy dog and will be happy again.
~Love Terri

Sandy, 12/30/08

Sandy was not our pet but a member of our family, you know how there is always one that "holds" the famly together?, the one that everyone loves unconditionaly and can't wait to see and can always make you feel better?.
That was our Sandy
We love and miss you baby
Love Mommy,Daddy,Trey,Granny,Carol and Jim

Sandy Marie, 02/06/09

Sandy, you are gone now and my heart is breaking.
I look forward to the day again when you can jump on me and greet me in Heaven.
I love you baby.

Merle Bustle

Sandy Molaro, 01/08/09

To our Sandy, the sweetest friend I have ever known. We were blessed to share our lives with you. You warmed my heart with your smiling eyes. I'll miss you sweet girl. Till we meet again, Kisses Mommy

Sandy Pal, 11/15/99-07/09/09

Sandy came into our lives at the end of 1999, after my daughter found her wandering about alone and brought her home. At the time she was about a month old, very weak with an abscessed wound on her right thigh. She recovered well after being treated by a vet, but was left with a permanently short hind leg from loss of muscle due to the abscess. Sandy was of mixed breed, probably part Golden Retriever and part Japanese Spitz. She was pretty short-tempered, snapping at anyone if touched. She felt particularly threatened when the hand was extended towards her with open palm and fingers. We assumed that she must’ve been treated cruelly by whoever it was that had her before they dumped her out on the street. Despite her shortcomings, she was a beautiful dog with a soft and silky golden coat. Over the years we realized that treating Sandy with respect elicited good behavior from her. She became less aggressive, allowing us to kiss and pet her on the back of her head. She even tolerated a little bit of grooming every now and then. Sandy enjoyed going for rides in the car and taking walks around the neighborhood. Because of her short hind leg, she had a very pronounced limp. However, when she ran, it wasn’t so noticeable. She loved barking a lot, too. At times, it was so annoying that I wished my daughter had never found her. How I miss her voice now! Sandy died on July 9th from CRF (Chronic Renal Failure), something we were told was common in dogs 8 yrs and older. Even as we mourn her death, we are comforted by the fact that she had a good life with a loving family. We will forever miss you my darling. I am sure that wherever you may be now, you’re happy and peaceful because God is there with you. Subodh Pal

Sandy Phillips, 12/15/96-04/24/09

Our Sandy was always called the "yellow wonder lab" because he always looked at everything with such wonder in his eyes. He was a survivor of Hemangiopericytoma(2008) but he could not beat Lymphoma,it had been quick and very aggressive. He leaves a grieving little lab sister, Ashley, who is lost without her brother and us, his parents who cannot believe the pain they are feeling.
He never met a human or animal that he did not love! And he could never pass up a good tennis ball, or swimming pool. And if you said the magic words, Leash or Walk, you were really his best friend! He loved to watch the school buses go by and I think he dreamed of getting on one someday. I hope my baby boy that you are riding your school bus now and sitting in the front seat with that sweet look on your face!
We love you Sandy. We miss you Sandy. I can't wait to see you again at the bridge. I will bring the ball, Love Mom.

Santa, 03/24/09

Santa, your brought your unconditional love to our home, your brothers, and your Dad and I. We loved you so much, and will miss you terribly. We know we will see you again coming over Rainbow Bridge running and cancer free. Your spirit will always be with us and in your home. We love you.
Mom, Dad, Mr. Puppus, Cheyenne and Disney.

Santana, 05/14/95-02/20/09

Santana came to us as a racetrack washout in July 1997.
We had a fantastic time with her throughout the years and are very thankful for what she gave to us.
She was mostly in good health up until the past 6-8 months when she was slowing down.
I am just very thankful for the time we got together, and that she is no longer in pain.

Knut Torvik

Santee, 12/12/97-06/12/09

For my dear friend Patti who recently lost her precious Santee~ God Bless Patti & Santee.
We love you so much.

Cathy Hebrlee

Saphi, 03/01/09

We lost our beautiful Saphie this morning and our hearts are broken.
We rescued her when she was 12 and were blessed to have her in our lives these past 4.5 years.
She brought much joy and happiness to our home and her kisses will be greatly missed.
We know she is in a better place, happy and running free.
We love you and we will see you again one day.

Chuck Hinchliffe & Mark Kingsdorf

Saphie, 01/95-01/28/09

Saphie was a very special doggie in our family..shortly after we got her my Dad had a stroke that greatly affected him. She stayed by his side all the time-up until the day he died in 2006.

Saphie had a personality all her own-she was very particular about where she slept, how loud the TV and radio were and even having light on. She loved her walks and sunning herself in the lazy afternoons of the summer.

She will be forever missed!

Jessica Esposito

Saphyra, 07/06/08-07/04/09

I am so sorry you had to go, I miss you terribly and always will.


Sapphire, 03/07/09

to our much lived Sapphire,a smile can hide the tears, a laugh may hide the pain, you will stay in our hearts for ever, never to be forgotten. . . xXx

Alison Fishenden

Sapphire, 03/05/95-12/09/08

My beloved Sapphire, you are the light of my life. You added so much joy and love to my life and now that light has gone out. I pray that you have made a peaceful journey to your cat heaven. You are such a silly little kitty cat. Mommy loves you so much and misses you.


Sara, 04/96-07/06/09

Sara you were such a sweet laid back girl, no whining or attitudes, except for your hatred of cats & small animals. We miss you but know that you are healthy and happy now. You are frolicking with Jessica, Molly, Cindy, Muffin, Wendy & Little Bit.
Love Dad, Mom, Tom & Bear

Sara, 11/27/04-06/25/09

So much joy and pleasure you brought to us in a short time. Your brother and I miss you so much, but are glad you are out of pain now.
Love you baby girl.


Sara, 06/30/09

My beautiful Sara, I will miss you so much.
Everytime I walk in the house I will miss that your not there to meet me.
I'm so sorry that I wasn't there when the cancer came back..I'm sorry that I picked this week to go back to New York
I hope you weren't scared, I hope you weren't looking for me, I hope daddy being with you was enough
You will always be my puppy and I know one day I will see you again

Linda Arskey

Sara, 07/10/95-06/26/09

Sara was a retired Syracuse Police Dept. canine. She was my partner for 10 years and when she retired she looked after my family when I was at work. Even though I had a new canine partner she did not get jeoulous, she just gave me her love whenever we were together. Even though she was now almost 14 years old her mind was still sharp and wanted to play. Her body, however, did not agree. Once she could not longer get around by herself I knew it was time. This morning she came next to me as I layed on the couch and wanted to be petted. She looked up at me several times almost saying to me its ok and I know its time to say goodbye. Later that morning she did, with the honor and dignity that she deserved. I along with my family were by her side as she was by my side during our time working together and in retirement. Sara, we will miss you and look forward to the day we will see each other at Rainbow Bridge along with your predisor, Benny and of course Kelly.

Tim Stepien

Sara, 04/09/97-06/15/09

Sara we know you are in a better place.
No more pain.
We love you dearly and will miss you until we meet again


Sara, 11/08/92-11/06/06

YHou live in my heart forever.
I love you and miss you.

Ruth Rivenburg

Sara, 11/13/95-05/12/09

I love you, you were a beautiful, kind and caring girl. I will miss your sweetness forever.

Susie Montgomery

Sara, 05/10/09

My sweet Sara left me tonight. She had been with me a long time and was very old and getting ill.
I am aching in my heart.
I love her so much and will miss her until we can be together again. Run and play Sara.... your eyes can see now, your legs can run and chase everything like you used to. You are free.

Edwina Ditmore

Sara (Angel Puff), 02/24/09

My dearest Sara: I miss you. I miss holding you, kissing you and putting my nose against your fur and hearing that sweet hello in return. I'm glad I was there for you when you needed me and I know you're happy once again chasing birds and being able to do all things healthy cats are suppose to do. Thank you for loving me and being my friend. You will be missed and you will be forever in my heart.

Lee Yong Wong

Sara Lee, 08/28/98-06/03/09

My cat was the joy of my life, she will be sadly missed. I loved her so much.

Sara Lee


Sara Lee Lieurance, 04/01/96-03/21/09

Sara was a wonderful little Corgi.
She loved to run with the big dogs. She had degenerative disc disease and spent her final 14 months in a doggie wheel chair. We love her and will miss her.

Mark + Cheryl Lieurance

Sara Winkler, 06/06/99-04/22/09


Penny Winkler

Sarabi, 12/28/08

I saw you through that window that night and I made you a promise that although I didn't know how but I would come for you.
Three weeks later you were mine at last.
We were together for 15 years and had many adventures.
We played we laughed you purred and we moved to new places and lived through so many events.
I knew you couldn't live forever but you will always live in my heart and in the garden where you will be waiting for me when it is my time.
I love you my sweet girl.

Samantha Aezen

Sarah, 07/01/05

Mama's sweet girl.
Missed by all, especially grandchildren.

Cindy Tong

Sarah, 11/25/93-06/27/09

Sarah was a wonderful dog - devoted,loving, brave, athletic. She blessed us with her presence for 15+ years and now our home seems empty.

Mary and Jim Plante

Sarah, 06/01/09

My family and I lost our sweetest little baby girl Sarah in a sudden accident. Our hearts are broken and we miss her terribly. She was the most loving little dog and has taught me the really important thing in life is to spread love and joy to others.Even though she was only four pounds her heart was giant. Rest in peace little one we love you and hold you in our hearts forever.

Mike Dunlap

Sarah, 03/12/06-12/05/08

Losing Sarah was traumatic, particularly the manner of her going. She disappeared on Thursday 27th November around 2 pm. We looked all round the garden but could see no sign of her or a burrow and feared that she had been taken by a fox. Then when I came in from working in the front garden the following Sunday she just walked into the garage as if nothing had happened! We have no idea where she was for 3 days and nights but it's a miracle that she wasnâ't taken by a predator. On the Monday I kept her in her run to train her again and then on Tuesday I let her out and watched to see where she would go. I went into the house for a few minutes and she disappeared again. The following Thursday I thought of leaving the garage door up and after a couple of minutes Sarah limped in from under the left hand yew. She was famished and happy to go back into her cage for food. There was fur on the front lawn and because of that and because she was limping I took her to the vet who could see the limp but couldn't see what was causing it. The vet gave Sarah a pain-killer for the limp. I put her in her cage in the garage overnight and in the morning she was dead in her bedroom. It was a terrible shock since she hadn't seemed ill or badly hurt the day before. Even in death, she looked so sweet. The vet thought it might be a heart attack brought on by the stress of being outside for 5 nights and I think the injection might have tipped her over the edge but we'll never know and we'll never know how she managed to get in the front garden. At least she died in her bed rather than being eaten by a fox. Ollie and I buried her in the garden when he got back from school on the Friday.

Peter Bebb

Sarah Amber Evans, 06/16/96-10/22/08

Sarah was the most incredibly loving and affectionate cat dispite a history of abuse/neglect before she came to live w/me at 1-1/2 years of age.
I will post a web link soon.

Dianne Evans

Sarah Belle, 06/25/09

Sarah Belle, strong and brave, returns to the One who made her tomorrow, June 25, 2009, after doing battle with diabetes for years. She was a foundling, a dumpster kitten with an injured leg, and they almost euthanized her at the shelter. But she was strong and brave and the vet gave her a chance. She has delighted our hearts for 9 years and we will never forget her courage. May we have a fraction of that courage when illness finds us. Sleep well, Sarah of the Seven Purrs.

Marilyn Miller

Sarah Dunlap, 06/01/09

Mommy and Daddy miss you and love you so much. You are our sweet little angel puppy. Until we pick you up at the bridge we will think of you everyday. You made so many people and Evie Happy.
Love you sweet baby.

Mike Dunlap

Sarah Marie Austin, 07/23/01-01/26/09

To my sweet Sarah, my hunny bunny, Luke's sister and mommie's big girl.
Sarah, you will never know how much I love and miss you. I will miss your big pats on the back with your foot asking for pets.
Although you had bad hips, we took care of you in anyway we could.
We were so afraid we would have to make the decision to put you down, but God made that decision for us.
I'm just sorry I wasn't with you, but God is faithful!
Luke misses you even though you weren't able to chase squirrels anymore but I know you are healed and well and running on four good legs at Rainbow Bridge.
You rode home in the car yesterday for the last time and this time you rode in the front seat beside me.
I will always love you and there will never be another Sweet Sarah Marie. My love forever, Mommie.

Sarah Wiant, 10/27/96-06/26/09

Our Sarah crossed the Rainbow Bridge today.
Even though you are gone you will be in our hearts forever. Rest in peace Sweet Sarah.
We'll be together again someday...

The Wiant Family - Jim, Amanda, Janice, Laurel, Dixie and Freckles

Sarg, 09/16/87-12/11/00

Sarg I miss you and you're forever in my heart. You let me know that it was time for you to go and it was ok the way you gently placed your paw upon my cheek as a tear ran down it.

Gary Dorn

Sarge, 1/1/1999 - 10/22/09

My dear Sarge. I can't begin to tell you how much I miss you already. You came to our house a senior, but you wanted to play agility and rally anyway and you wanted to play with me. You entwined yourself so tight around my heart that I just couldn't let you go, and I still don't know how I will go on without you. You always picked up my ego when the other dogs stomped it, and you always were Mr. Congeniality at all the rally shows. Everyone loved watching you and loved how much fun you made rally and agility. My favorite time with you was sharing a pillow on the couch. You never took more than your half. Sarge, you were truly my best friend, and I love you so much. Have fun doing all the contacts in agility that you couldn't do and don't forget your jump height is 20". But, you can jump any height you want to. I will see you someday, and look forward to our agility and rally runs again.


Sarge, 07/09/97-06/05/09

I loved Sarge Williamson very much.
He was a friend to me. I will never be the same.

Irene Bain

Sarge, 06/15/90-05/02//9

you were a good cat like stripes, smokey. ricky, sarge you will be sorely missed


Sarge, 03/01/09

Sarge was the best, most loving cat I ever had - he always loved me unconditionally, and always knew how to make me feel better.
He slept with his head on my shoulder every night.
I will miss him for the rest of my life.

Costance Parker

Sarge, 07/04/89-08/01/04

To my loving boy Sarge.. I would give anything to have you here with me.. I miss you so bad..I hope you are pain free and happy.. I love you..

Chris Trainer

Sarge, 2005-02/03/09

Sarge, thank you for being my friend, and trusting only me to pet and hold you. I will miss our unique conversations that only we understood.
Kitten is looking for you, and we both feel a great loss. Enjoy youself wherever you are. I will have a deep void to fill with you gone. May you rest, and enjoy your painless eternal sleep.


Sarge, 05/96-01/09/09

I want to pay a tribute to my dog Sarge who I lost yesterday form congestive heart failure.

Sarge was a great dog
he was like having an angel sent down from heaven, he always wanted to be by me and would not leave my side in the morning until my eyes were open.

He was always there for me when I was down ,and now that I am suffering for his lose, I truely know the extent of comfort he showed me in the 12 years I had him.

I do not think that there will be another dog like Sarge.

I got Sarge when he was 4 months infected with parvo. Took him to the vet and $600.00 later I had the best dog any amount of money would buy.

So Sarge, thank you for the wonderful time you gave me, and may you be in greener pastures playing like you loved to do, and just know I will always love you and one day I will see you again, rest in peace my dear 4 legged friend...


Sarge Matusik, 05/96-01/09/09

It has been almost a month that Sarge has been gone, the hurt is still fresh. I find things around the house that are a total reminder of the great loss that is in me.
Sarge was more then a dog, he was the light of my life, He came into my life when I was taking care of my mother who had Alzheimer's disease, and he was just the strength that I needed to get through each day. He would rest his head on my shoulder and look at me with those big eyes and made me feel as though everything would be alright, and when my mom passed away he was there for me again. He was a true Blessing.

He loved life so much everyday was like a new adventure and a new toy was like watching a child at Christmas..
Though his first job was to break the squeaker. But one toy ,his last toy still Squeaks, never had the chance to break it, he got sick that night.

I have another dog, we had him when Sarge was here , but he is truely my husband's dog, where Sarge thought the world of me.

He died of an enlarge heart, No surprise about his big heart, he loved everything, people , animals of all kinds,toys, the dog park, life in general, you need a big heart to hold all that love.

Sarge was misdiagnosed. the vet thought he had a bad back and that is why he was breathing so hard and in reality it was his heart.

I love you Sarge, the void you left is HUGE! It will be a very long time before the hurt goes away. I wish I had taken you to another vet, but I trusted that you were in good hands.

I had alot of great animals in my life, but I know when I die, that Sarge will be the brightest soul of them all to come greet me because he was made up of pure love and he was a god sent.
Just know that you were and are loved, and alway's will be. YOU WERE A GREAT DOG SARGE, it will be hard to replace you......

Love, Sarge's Mom
Matilda Matusik

Sargie, 07/2005-03/30/09

Sargie, baby, I miss you so much.
I keep expecting to see you running down the hall to greet me, or standing at the open refrigerator door looking with me.
I miss you so much baby, and I miss seeing your beautiful eyes and feeling your soft warm fur.
It will never be the same without you.
I love you so much.
Until we meet again baby, I will remember the hugs you gave to us.

Judy Babcock

Sarsaparella, 11/29/93-03/20/09

Run free again my sweet baby. You will always be in my thoughts and heart.

Samantha Bellingham

Sasha, June 12th 1997 - October 12th 2009

Our beloved Sasha we miss you terribly,

As I write this note I look down to the empty floor where you always lay, the pain of your leaving is so instense. I want you to know that you were my best friend and you gave us so much more than we could ever give you. I look forward to seeing you again and burying my face in your soft coat - It may be a long time as I have children and a wife to be there for. But one day dear Sasha we'll all be togther again and on that day I know I will be truly in heaven. Run, romp and play now sweet Sasha you have your youth back one more - I promised that to you when we said goodbye on Earth that soon you'd be in heaven - I'll see you in a couple shakes of your tail.

Love always,

Dad, Mum, Lauren and Sarah.

Sasha, 07/13/09

What a wonderful pet for so long.
She will be truly missed and was truly loved.


Sasha, 11/94-05/28/09

My Sashita was special. The joy, love and companionship she brought to my life will never be forgotten.

Asela I. Lizama

Sasha, 05/28/09

You will always be in my heart, my beautiful, beautiful girl.
I miss you.

Maria Villasenor

Sasha, 05/23/09

Sleep softly my baby and give our Sammy bear a kiss from us - we miss you baby xxx

Joanne Phillips

Sasha, 05/22/09

You are so special to me in many ways I will never forget you


Sasha, 03/18/09

To Sasha,
I hope that you know how much you were loved during the time you were with us.
You were a joy to us and you will never be forgotten.
We love you so much.
Take care little Girl until we meet again.

Adam James

Sasha, 05/01/93-04/30/09

To Mr. Sash - devoted buddy to human Mom, Sammi, Sultan and Nalie - you have left a huge hole in our hearts but it was your time. THANKS buddy for a life time of love.

Cynthia Wells

Sasha, 05/01/09

We love you Sasha - you have been a part of our lives for the past 16 years and they have been full of fun and we will always remember you - you were the beginning of our family - we got you and Boots before daddy and I were married and before any of our kids were born. You and Boots were our original babies and now it is time for you and Boots to be together again - don't forget us - we won't forget you. We love you so much little girl!

Sandi Harris

Sasha, 04/20/09

To my baby girl, you left so suddenly on Monday, I didn't even have a chance for a last kiss, or to say I love you. I'm sorry I didn't check that you were in the yard, I even ordered you out of the house earlier that day. I will never forgive myself, but I know you are now happier than you could ever be here with me. I know you have crossed the rainbow bridge, please don't forget to wait at the gates for me, when I arrive. Not a day will pass when I won't think of you, my Angel, now in heaven. Please watch over Tubby, he misses you so and wanders where his mummy is.
Love you always, the Cowell family.

Sasha, 10/02/04-04/24/09

To My Beloved Cat Sasha,

Such a pretty girl with big beautiful green eyes, I will miss you sleeping on the hutch of the desk while I work.
I will miss you getting up with me in the middle of night even if it was only to score cat treats.
You made me laugh when you "boxed" with the dog. It was so nice when you jumped up on the bed to have a nap with me.

Rest in peace little girl.
In kitty heaven you can chase all the mice and butterflies you want.


Sasha, 04/17/09-04/14/04

To our special girl that passed away suddenly on April 14, 2009 She will always be remembered for her unconditional Love that she gave to us. She was our companian and friend to the very end. She touched so many lives with her gentle spirit and affectionate disposition. Her memory will always be etched permanently in our hearts and minds.
She passed quickly and quietly to join her sister Clara. She never knew pain and displayed none as her spirit was embraced by God.
We Love you so much and miss you M&M

Sasha, 08/04/95-04/09/09

Sasha I pray there can be a place like the Rainbow bridge. I get up every morning and look for you.
You have been the dog people wish they could have.
Be it known you have been a good and faithfull friend that will be missed forever more.
Lots of love to you ya big red dog, be good till I get there.
LOVE Dave.

Sasha, 03/03/09

My beloved Sasha has crossed the Rainbow Bridge. He came into my life as the answer to a prayer. I miss baby boy. You were my joy.


Sasha, 19/01/99-27/12/08

Sasha was our first puppy and we loved each other so much. Run free now Sasha, your body wont hold you back now.


Sasha, 02/02/09

Yesterday we said goodbye to the most wonderful pet we have ever owned. Words can't express how much this beautiful creature of God lifted our spirits when things were tough. We will miss her chatting, her face, her soft fur, her purring, her crawling into bed with us or laying at our feet. We'll miss the times she sat in our laps and let us hold her or the times when she licked our hair (or the hair of family that came to visit).

She was so healthy for so long. It was s surprise to us that she declined so rapidly. What we thought was a cold turned out to be an enlarged heart. She was only with us for three months after she was diagnosed.

Oh, how we wish she could be with us now. But, we know we had to let her go. It isn't easy and not seeing her everyday will be very hard on us.

Thank you for your site and allowing us to express our grief and our hearts.

Michael & Jodi Keys

Sasha, 10/28/93-01/31/09

Thanks for teaching us how to love. Forever with Jesus.We love you momma.Until we see you again in heaven.


Sasha, 02/01/09

Sweet angel Sasha with the heart of Gold; be a good girl and know that we will see you again very soon.

Joy Drawdy

Sasha, 01/07/09

Sasha you were loving, happy, beautiful and kind. Thank you for all your love you've provided Mom in her lonely house, you will be missed greatly.

Daniel & Mom

Sasha, Pudgey, Burt, Sniffles, 02/05/08

to our beloved pets...we will always love & miss you deep within our hearts. Each one of you had touched our life in a very special way. We will always love you... and wait for the day that we can see one another again. God bless you all.

Greg & Lori R

Sasha B Strom, 05/30/92-07/15/09

Sasha B, you meant the world to me.
I am inconsolable because you are no longer with me.
I miss you more than you will ever know.
I miss scratching inside your ears and on your tummy. I miss our morning, afternoon and evening cuddles.
I miss your bright eyes and your warm and loving personality.
You were the very best dog in the entire world.
I will see you one day.
But until then, I will think of you every minute or every day.
I love you my baby.

Cathy Strom

Sasha Marie, 08/12/96-04/14/08

Sweet repose our angel girl, Our little Honey head; God give you rest.
You were always a joy even when you were being sassy. Your wolf ancestor spirit lived in you well.
Thank you for 12 years of joy,love and healing. You were truly the best birthday gift I ever received, my constant companion, a true and loyal friend, mama's best medicine. Your family will never forget you.

Run free sweet angel until we meet again.


Sasha Reyes, 01/02/09

I love you and will miss you untill we meet again. Your sister misses you so much.

Your faithful owner,

Sasha Rose, 09/28/99-05/23/09

Sasha Rose was the love of my life. My only child who passed away last night. She loved to watch tv and run and play. Loved her sister Sassy and us so very much. She will never be forgotten.

Kim Wyatt

Sasha Smalley, 02/14/94-06/19/09

She was white, because she was my angel.
I will always miss her, my baby girl.
Your Daddy LOVES YOU!!!

Sasha V, 08/16/95-02/10/09

My love my World Sasha. Life isn't the same without.I have this big gap missing since you've been gone. I cannot imagine ever being happy again without you by my side. I miss you and I wish I was with you right now. Thank you for all the beautiful years you have given me (all thirteen of them).
I was the luckiest person on earth to have a dog as great as you SASHA !



Sasha White, 07/13/09

Sasha You were the Girl that held us together we will always Love and Miss you, but we will see you again along with Maxi, Kasha, Mittens and Kayla. We wil Love you always Mom and Dad, Nikki Jason and Micah, Jason, Sammy and Zack.

Sashi, 7/10/98 - 10/12/09

Sashi was "Mama's Baby". She was a pound dog with just one day left to live when she came home with me. It was love at first site for us both. My sister gave her a new name, "Sashi", and we spent 7 wonderful years together. She chased squirrels, caught possums, dug up the vegetables in the garden. She could catch a fly in mid-air, yet she was gentle to every little child who wanted to pet her fur or pull her curly tail. Every day I took her over to Grandma and Grandpa's house and she took care of them, too. :) She had trouble walking last week, but when she saw my sister she jumped up and started running. Her last day was one of her best. She greeted me at the door with all of the love and enthusiasm she had in her little body. We hugged and cuddled then went for an evening walk. When we got home,she laid down in her favorite spot and passed on to be with Kahlua and Stoli. My heart is ripped into a million little pieces at her loss. But our pets are not here forever. We made every day count. I sang a song to her every was her cue that it was time for bed: (To the tune of "We Love You Conrad" from the Pajama Game)

I love you Sashi
Oh yes I do.
I love you Sashi
For you are true.
When we're together
It's good.
Oh Sashi I love you.

Rest in warm and loving peace. Gail

Sasquatch aka Sassy , 09/01/90-06/05/09

You came into my life at 6 wks., with deformed front feet you would never be able to walk on normally and 6-toed back feet that helped you hop like a rabbit.
I gave you unconditional love and you returned it to me a thousand-fold.
You watched over me while I battled cancer and multiple surgeries.
You gave me so much joy.
I miss you terribly, my darling baby girl.
I hope you are over Rainbow Bridge, running in the sunlight.
I will never forget you and one day we will be reunited.

Connie Austin

Sassafras Tea (Sassy), 12/01/93-01/16/09

Our sweet Sassy,
You are in heaven at Rainbow Bridge, happy, healthy, cancer free, and seizure free.
You were selfless till the end, you did not want to leave us, but we had to let you go, we could not fix you, this time, the cancer was spreading fast.

We miss and love you very much, you were our 4 legged kid, who was spoiled rotten, and you knew it, too.
It is not the same without you, here with us, everything we do reminds us of you, but we will see each other someday at Rainbow Bridge, and we will never be parted again, so until then, take care our beloved angel.
When we see you again, we are gonna give you lots of hugs and kisses.

Love Always,
Daddy and Mommy

Sassi, 06/22/09

We love you so much and miss you so much. we had so much fun together and you tought me so much my dear friend.

Birgitte Scholz

Sassie, 12/15/95-06/22/09

Sassie, we all miss you so much.
You stood by me for over 13 years.
Such a loyal, faithful friend I wish we all had as good a heart as you did.
Wait for me at the bridge, you will always be in my heart.

Jennifer Paul

Sassie, 11/29/08

My stubborn,lovable,terrier. You were a great freind. I had to bail you out of doggy jail. Words can not express my sorrow at loosing you.
You were there when Fresh passed over the bridge in December. I will see you when It is my time to cross. Untill then have fun with your wrestling buddy.



Sassy, 05/2009

So sorry you had to suffer from such cruel acts from neighbors. Some people don't understand how precious you were to us. You are safe now. We miss you.

Nancy and Tommy Steele

Sassy, 06/26/09

I love my little Sass and my heart is broken. I can't wait to see you again one day.

I love you, Mommy

Sassy, 07/28/94-03/21/09

oh my sassy i miss you so much, such a awesome little lady you were,i will always love you my sweetie sassygirl

Sandy Briggs

Sassy, 10/03/93-06/09/09

We were blessed with your on-going tolerance and patience of all our life changes over the years. Now we have to accept your life change as you pass away from us. There is a hole in our lives now without our big black golden eyed Sassy,Sassycat,Sasser. Find that perfect comfy spot and wait for us.

Susan Nagy

Sassy, 04/03/02-06/01/09

There is less light in this world right now. We miss you so much Sass.

Jalayne Edward

Sassy, 10/2000-05/12/09

My girl was our first when we got married. We got her when she was 12weeks old, she was so sweet and loved to play. Sassy bonded with me for I was off work so she eneded up being my shadow. Sassy would lay on me as soon as I sat down. I had this little fuzz ball she loved so well, to whee she would carry it around and cry. It was very special to her, so it will lie by her. It was hard to hear thier was nothing they could do for My Sassy. So I did what I had to do for her. I know it is hardest thing I had ever done, and I weep daily it's hard to be strong as time passes by. I hope I can come to really say Good-Bye!!! Sassy I will get your fuzz ball and place it in your box by your side,I LOVE YOU MY SWEET SASSY!!

Donna Stayner

Sassy, 03/11/09

Sassy was a beautiful little girl who brought much to my life. She was always there for me. When I would arrive home, she always met me with a smile. Sassy loved to be with me, whether we were home, in the car, in the yard - as long as she could see me, she was happy. She would snuggle in my arms or beside of me in the bed. She was my true companion, never complaining. I know that she went with me many times when she probably really didn't feel like it; but, that was part of her unselfish and giving love. It is like her primary purpose in life was to make me happy, whether it was traveling with me, or just walking to the back yard to fill up the bird and squirrel feeders. Whether I was happy or especially when I was sad, Sassy was always there to bring happiness. I will always love her, she was my special little girl.

Jenny Bird - Englert

Sassy, 11/18/08

Sassy was my best friend, my constant companion, my confidante, my soul mate.
We were happiest when we were together and we were inseperable from the time I got her when I was 4.
I desperately wanted a cat, but I got so much more.
She died in my arms and I know that she is never far from me.
There will never be another cat like her and i will never have another friend like her.


Sassy, 04/18/09

Sassy girl--
you were the sweetest little Doxie ever.
Our hearts ache every day and the tears still flow just thinking about you.
Your big brown eyes can see again and you can run like you used to when we first brought you home.

You gave us 13 years+ of joy and happiness.
We are so glad that you chose us to be your human family.
We miss you so much our sweet little Sassy. Dutchie and Sparky also miss you-EVERYDAY!
We could not have asked for a better little Doxie than you.
I'll never forget all the times you were with me when I was sick, it was only right that we were with you on your last day here on earth. You are in heaven now baby girl--but always in our hearts.

Our home will be lonley without you. You are with Bailey and Snowflake now and someday we will be together again.
Love you Sassy girl-
Deb & Chuck

Sassy, 05/2008

Sassy was a lively Mini Schnauzer who loved to play "chase" with her "baby"(a stuffed hedgehog that I, Mandy, bought her the week we brought her home.
It was bigger than her when we got it.
She was the runt of the litter (which is how she came to live with us because we knew that the breeder wouldn't keep her)and many thought she was her own breed of "toy schnauzer". She loved car rides and hated to be left alone and loved cuddling with her people on the the couch watching tv.
My mom's a Methodist Pastor and Sassy loved going up to the church with mom for the day and sitting in the sancuary while mom was practicing her sermon for the week. Everyone loved her, espcially at her vets office, she was always the life of the party.
Sassy LOVED popcorn. I would come home from school in the afternoon and as soon as she would hear me popping popcorn she would run to the kitchen and sit there next to me waiting for it to finish,then sit either next to me or on the floor in front of me watching every bite go from my hand to my mouth until I finally caved and gave her some. She also loved peanut butter! She would get a vitamin every night in her "peanut butter snack". She would get so excited to go to bed at night because she knew she was going to get her snack.
"Sassydog" was also an avid tennis fan (although she liked "cheering" a little too much sometimes, especially if there were other dogs around). She came with my mom to all of my home tennis matches while I was in highschool and loved greeting all the fans!
She lived to make her family happy and always made us smile and laugh. I have so many wonderful memories of her and could go on forever. She is so very much missed and will always be in our hearts till the day we cross over the rainbow bridge to spend the rest of eternity with together.

Mandy Grayson and Sylvia Hull

Sassy (Mooch), 03/29/09

Sassy i miss you and love you

Tiffany Burkhard

Sassy, 03/29/07

Sassy, my biggest love... It is two years today that you have passed.
There is not one day that has gone by that I have not thought about you or missed you.
My life will never be the same.
I will never be as happy as when you were here with me.
You are alive in my heart and will always have a huge part of it.
I still can't buy our favorite yogurt that we use to share every night!
I can't eat that without you as I feel that I would be betraying you!
You were my little daughter.
Your funny bark and dancing and prancing will be fond memories always...
You gave me the best present in the whole world by waiting for me to hold you and comfort you before you passed.
I would not have been able to go on if I was not there for you... Somehow you knew that!
I will love you forever.. Please be the first one at the gates to see me when I pass.. I will be looking for you!

Your mom forever monkeyface.

Sassy, 01/16/09

Our beloved Sassy,
You were our baby, and we will miss you very much.
Cancer took you from us at 15 years of age.
You will be missed more than you will ever know and we love you.
Mommy needs you now more than ever, she is having surgery on March 4, 2009, and she is scared to death, so be with her.
So be happy and healthy and we will all see you again at Rainbow Bridge and we will give you love of hugs and kisses and never be parted again, so until that day, be a good girl and play with your friends and tell them hello from us and we all love and miss them too.
So, take care our special friend, we love you and miss you more than you will ever know.
Love Always,
Craig, Mike, Mommy, Daddy, Sammy, and Chunk.....

Sassy, 10/21/97-01/30/09

Sassy you were the sweetest little Princess Angelface a mommy and daddy could ever love. We will miss seeing you "sunbathing" in the yard. Who is going to be my little baby now? We both loved when you wanted to get on our laps and just want to cuddle. You brought so much joy and love into our home. It will be hard to sleep without you sharing my pillow and blanket. You will always be loved.

Go play with Pookey, let her know we miss and love her also, but be free and we will see you both soon.

Love you Princess
Mommy and Daddy

Sassy, 01/26/03-01/27/09

You are my sweet angel Sassy. You came into my life shortly before I was to experience years of difficulty, loss and sorrow. With your sweet, kind soul you helped me through it all. You truly were an angel on earth. Just one look at your face and into your eyes you could not help but smile. I thought we were going to have happier times ahead. You left us way too soon. We did everything we could. I guess God just wanted you too. It hurts so heart is broke. I held you in my arms and I know my Mom and Dad were waiting for you on the other side. You weren't alone. There will never be another like you and I miss you more than I could have even imagined.

Love your human Mom....
We all miss you!!

Sassy, 02/21/94-01/05/09


Pilar Garcia

Sassy Adcox, 07/05/09

to our sweet baby sassy girl.we miss you and love you baby girl and miss midnight misses you will only be gone for a alittle while just till we can all betoether again.know my little piddlebug you will always hear our heartbeat because thats where i will keep your memiorys safe in my heart. we love and miss you little girl. R.I.P saaygirl

Wiliam and Diane Adcox

Sassy Frass, 02/09/09

Sassy passed of kidney failure she was LOVED VERY MUCH!!

Alicia Ladnier

Sassy Girl, 24-12-94 to 27-08-09

Our Sassy Girl, smart and easy dog to care for, your ways of bringing attention to yourself, was almost human, doing tricks since your were a pup amazed me how intelligent you are. You were our first family pet, and we will never forget you, you will remain in our hearts for years to come, you brought a bright spot into our lives, and it will never be the same without you. The tough decision to let you go, the epilepsy, was frightful and tore us apart to see you suffer so much. I'm sure you and Raystar are together again, you were such good friends. I hope they have lots of balls for you to play with, as it was your favorite thing to do, besides going for walks. Today I found 2 more of your orange balls and it hit me, you are no longer with us. Getting to hold you that final day, will always stay with me, you are so loved, we didn't want to see you suffer any longer, although it pains us you are gone, you will never be forgotten. You were a true loyal friend, we certainly knew when you were happy, everytime the sun gleams in through the window, I think of the times you begged for us to open the drapes so you could rest in the sunlight, gosh you made us laugh, just so smart and you knew how to convey to us what you wanted.

We will miss you greatly,

Rest in Peace, our dear Sassy, Sassafrass, RasserSasser.

Love always,

your family,
Tom, Dawn and Alex x0x0x

Sassy Lady Nuno, 11/01/02-12/28/08

Sassy Lady, the kindest, most lovable Beagle there ever was.
My constant pet companion, to be missed for all eternity.
I love you with all of my heart, may God bless you in your journey to pet heaven.
Go with God, my baby girl.
Love Always, Momma.

Sassy Mae Fowler, 04/25/91-08/23/07

My forever beautiful Babygirl, I miss you so much. I love you with all my heart and will love you forever.
My heart aches for you and I know we will be together again.

Love, Mommy

Sassy Orman, 07/21/03-04/02/09

Are sweet dear Sassy you become sick so fast and the vet worked so hard to help you sweetie ....but god had a different plan and he knew you where to ill,so he had daddy make that loving decision to let you go.You couldn't lift you head but you could wiggle that tale one last time for him,and that brought tears to his's eyes ..Daddy little Girl.I know Phofer was waiting for you at the bridge because he has the healing light.are loving girl SassieFassie forever are Rotti.Mommy & Daddy & Cory & Spook & Splatter
alway in are heart .

Satan, 06/28/90-01/29/09

She was my beloved companion and soulmate.
She will be missed greatly by her sister, Lase, as well as her friend, Ribbonz.
Satan will always have a special place in our hearts.


Satchmo, 10/14/94-02/07/09

I love you, my faithful, loving "Puppy" Satchmo, and miss you more than I can express.
Tears and sadness are constant and I know the pain of your absence will ease with time, though you will never be gone from my heart.
May you rest well until we are once again united.
Your "Deda"

Satchmo, 10/22/02-01/09/09

What can I say about our best friend.
He was affectionate, loving, smart and my husband's left hip.
Wherever he went, Satchmo went.
If he went into the bathroom, Satchmo would open the door with his nose and go right on in.
Last night was one of the very worst times of my life.
At 5pm I took him to the Dr's because he started breathing heavy and had a deep cough.
She took x-rays and told me he had congestive heart failure.
She gave me meds and I left at 6pm.
When we got home he got worse and I caled my husband at work to come home immediately.
He passed away in my arms at 7:10pm.
My buddy boy, I miss you terribly and my heart is broken as is Daddy's.
I know you are no longer in pain and are running and barking at the squirrels in heaven.
I love you so very much and will see you again at the Bridge.
I can't wait to hold you in my arms again and feel your kisses...until them my sweetheart

My Love and Kisses always,

Sausalito, 04/07/96-03/18/09

Our sweet Sausi angel blessed us with 13 years of unconditional love. Every tossed tennis ball, every slobbery kiss every "give a paw" and every puppy sigh was a joy. She is dearly loved and dearly missed.

Kim and Clara Humphreys

Savanah, 03/2008

This was my neice and a dog TRULY loved and CHERISHED by my best friend, my sister, and her husband.
Her passing left a void that they will always have and although I cannot ease it, I wish to pay tribute to their pet that, in essence helped bring the two of them together who are, to me two humans destined for eternity to the 3 of you and to Major, who has big pawprints to fill, Tamara

Savannah, 06/19/09

Savannie, we will miss you always. You were a wonderful friend with a beautiful soul. My vision of you now is of you in a stronger, youthful body with all the tuny-fish you can eat. I hope that I gave you as much happiness as you gave me. You will never be forgotten.

Kristie Erickson

Savannah, 01/27/00-04/28/09


Russell Cabeceiras

Savvy, 04/17/92-07/31/07

You were my companion, my love, my life.
There are not words to express how much I miss you and the comfort you gave me.
I don't think you suffered too much at the end, going so quickly as I held you.
Please be waiting when I come to find you when I go.

Tinga Mastrelli

Sawyer, 07/12/02

To our beautiful big boy:
We love you and miss you all the time.
You gave us so much in your short life and hope you have found peace.

Jacqueline Lawton

Sawyer, 04/06/08-03/25/09

Sawyer was the sweetest, most loving momma's boy.
Dear Sawyer Buddy - we are so sad to see you go, especially so terribly soon. You were very much loved and I am so sorry this happened. You will always be with us. I know you will be watching over your sister Rousseau.


Saydee, 01/16/03-12/27/08

My sweet Saydee.
It is not fair that your life was so short and that the cancer ravaged your little body so fast.
Up until the end, you were so brave and just wanted to be near me.
I only hope that I made you as happy as you made me.
I love and miss you so much.

Christie Loven

Saydee Brieann Kerner, 07/23/00-02/15/09

Saydee was an Angel sent from above she came to me just right before labor day in the year 2000 and when I look back at the times she has saved my life while I was driving across country.and how she would lay across my chest when I had cancer. She would talk to me all the time and tilt her head when I was talking to her she was so happy she went so quick in my arms. I dont have any doubt that she was truly and Angel sent here to teach me to love again and now God has taken her back home

Rose Kerner

Scamp, 05/18/09

I miss you my sweet diva, you brought so many years of joy to my life.
I will never forget you.


Scamp, 05/09/09

We will miss your companionship and love.
We will miss you "spa"ing in the morning with us and cuddling with us in the evening.
Peanut will miss your warm body to sleep against and your playfulness.
It won't be the same without you asking us to turn on the faucet so you can get a drink and sometimes showing up in the morning with a wet head from drinking the slow drip that we never fixed.
Are hearts are breaking but we are happy knowing you are playing somewhere and having a treat of fresh grass.
We grieve but are warmed by the memories of you.
Peace to you our beloved kitty.

Ellen Ihlenfeldt & Scott Stone & Peanut

Scamper, 1996 - 09/03/09

Scamper was my special feline friend. Every night she snuggled up next to me as I was going to sleep, making me feel warm and loved. During one remarkable period, I had a severe muscle spasm in my back and had to spend my time on an exercise mat on the floor under a quilt. Scamper spent the whole time with me and kept me from getting depressed from my confinement.

Susan Schmerling

Scampi, 04/30/04-05/10/09

Thanks for the were a blessing to all!

Brad and Troy

Scarlet, 03/12/09

My Scarlet was my best friend and I miss her so much.
I never knew my heart could hurt so bad.
She lived a good life and everyone loved her.
I will never forget her and I will always keep her close in my heart.

Charity Adams

Scarlet, 03/15/09

Scarlet, only 11 months old; you were taken from us too soon! I wanted you to experience so much more than you did.
You had such a happy and fun personality. Your special walk was adorable with your tail wagging fiercely. You would play so hard and then, crash just the same. You snuggled every night and morning. You would 'tree' our cats and, let us know with your bark. We have many more great memories and loved you so much in the short amount of time you blessed our lives.
Momma loves you, 'my little cuddle bear'.
We miss you terribly, Love, Linda and the family. P.S. Kaber-dog misses you, too.

Linda Ullom

Scarlet O'Sones, 12/02/94-01/23/09

Miss Scarlett lived a hard life with an uncaring owner for almost 9 years, but she found out what it was like to be dearly loved in our home for her last 89 days. She is greatly missed.

Dan Greene

Scarlett, March 15, 2002 - August 16, 2009

My beautiful girl, you were so sweet. I have never loved anything as much as you and I will keep you in my heart forever. You were the only type of dog I ever wanted and when I went to just "look" at you, I never knew just how much love and joy I was bringing home. You were always "my girl". You came to me immediately every single time I called you, with a never ending desire to please me throughout your life. Finding out you had cancer was a devastation and although we fought the battle, in the end the cancer was too devastating and I had to let you go. I will miss our walks out on the dyke with Miles and Stryder, the hugs, the naps in the afternoon and the cold winter nights before the fire and under the quilt on my bed. You had so much personality and such a great bay and you were my constant companion through the trials of my life. I don't know how I will go on without you, the days are long and I miss you at every turn. The one word I kept hearing was how sweet you were, how you didn't fuss or cry when I left you even though I know you just wanted to be with me. I got your photos back yesterday and they were a great comfort to me although they brought me to tears again. You will be at my side and in my heart and home for the rest of my life.

I promised you I would take care of you all your life and I would be with you at the end. I will wait until we meet again so don't pine for me and be a good girl. I miss you baby, my "Flash". All my love special girl.

Scarlett, 02/16/97-05/13/09

My little girl with the golden heart passed to the bridge yesterday. Scarlett you filled my heart with joy and were always such a happy girl with a wonderful grin. The house is empty without you and my heart is breaking. Those who knew you were enchanted by your caring nature. I will count the hours until we are together again.

Be happy my beloved Pookie and keep grinning at the Bridge,give the others my love.

Deirdre Stuart

Scarlett, 03/13/93-03/14/09

scarlett my little darling you have been gone 1 month today. the pain is still as raw as the day you died. you were so speacial to me as i rescuded you from a university here where they still did animal testing for cosmetic companies. when i got you you had burns all over your body. you were so terrified it took me several months before you would come out of your pet carrier and be around had been so mistreated and abused and had never been around humans except to be tortured and have experiments preformed on you. once you began to trust me we became inseparable. you became my baby as i could never have children and i became your saw me through all the the good and bad times in my life. you loved me dispite my many faults unconditionally and i loved you the same. my life is empty without you and i am totally lost. i havent been able to sleep in my bed since you left. every time i go in my room i still look for you.a part of me died with you. im grateful for the 16 years we had together and for the ways you taught me how to heart is broken and i wish i could
have you back.i know you are in heaven with my father and two brothers that all passed within the last 5 years. please wait for me my precious love until we are all together again.i will never forget you darling and i will always love you. we had a bond not even death could break. i love you forever. mommy

Scarlett, 03/12/09

Our fifteen years together were exciting, touching, on occasion scary, but mostly filled with loving companionship and
happy times. I tried to be the best dog mom but feel I received even more than I gave. It would have been selfish to keep you as you became older and progressively more ill, but oh how I long to have you back!

Until one has loved an animal, a part of one's soul remains unawakened.

Anatole, French Novelist

Scarlett, 03/13/93-03/14/09

I miss you so much and it seems so unreal to call your name or run the can opener that you dont come running. When I hit the can opener you knew it was time for dinner. Its hard to sleep at nite knowing that you are not curled up next to me. You saw me at my best and worst and loved me despite my many faults. You were my best friend and we shared a bond not even death could break. I will miss you my little friend but we will be together again you will be whole and healthy no more pain or suffering I love you always with all my heart my little angel kitty. We had 16 years together and I am blessed to have known you.

Sallie Watkins

Scarlett, 04/29/94-12/26/08

Scarlett was a huge part of our lives.
She was 14 and 1/2 years old.
She went to sleep and never woke again. She traveled so much with us that she should have had frequent flier points.
She traveled with us to Europe, Nova Scotia, Colorado, New York, Maine, Washington D.C. and numberous other places.
She was smart as a tack.
She knew all of her toys, which there were many, by name.
She knew people by their names, etc.
She was such a special little person in a fur coat.
She was gorgeous and strangers would often often ask to have their photo taken with her. REALLY!!
My husband and I are heart broken and don't know when and if we can ever function normally again.
Scarlett will always be with us for she was one of a kind and will be missed each and every day.
Goodbye my sweet Scarlett until I see you again in Heaven.

Daphne G. Hopson

Scarlett aka 'Scuch', 06/25/97-01/03/09

Scuch, you are already so missed!
We Love You so Much!
You gave us so many great years and only wanted love in return.
You are an EXCEPTIONAL dog and My BEST FRIEND.
Sorry it had to end this way, but now there is no more pain and you are at peace.
Have fun at the Rainbow Bridge.
Til we meet again.

Scarlett Suzanne Dorris, 06/20/97-03/21/09

Mommie and Daddy miss you, but we are conforted that you are with your sister Shelby Lynn

Tim Lozon, Michael and Ethan Dorris

Schafer, 08/06/94-04/24/09

She was a champion in every sense of the word, but most of all she was our little blonde angel.
We will miss her deeply.
It's only been a few hours since she passed. Our lives are richer having known her.
We were blessed.
We welcome your prayers for Schafer and our family at this difficult time.

Dave & Rhonda Witham

Schaeffer Alexander Boals, 03/23/98-01/09/09

Rest in peace my sweet sunshine. You've given me more than I could ever thank you for.

Natilly Boals

Schatzee, 05/16/92-02/27/09

My Dearest Schatzee,
You are so incredibly missed.
We love you so very much.
There will always be a special place in out hearts for you.
We know that you are in a wonderful place where you can run as fast as your little legs can go and that you will find a place to bask in the sunshine and show off your beautiful red coat.
You will forever be our sweet baby girl.
Until we meet at the forever.

Mom, Dad, Simon, Daisy, and Levi

Scheppy, 05/98-06/08/09

Always in our hearts. Miss you bud.

Robby & Frank

Schmoopy (Mr. Bunty), 03/25/09

Thank you, Schmoopy, for gracing our lives.

Deborah Barbe

Schnitzel, 06/14/09

Schnitzel (Pork Chop) was a very friendly, loving, curious kitty who enjoyed every day!
He will be very sadly missed by Mommy, Daddy and all his kitty brothers and sisters.

Schnitzel, 08/2004

Bless always our "little old man".
We think of you daily.


Schnookie, 06/19/09

Oh Schnookie, you were the best cat ever.
You helped me through so many hard times in your 17 years.
You made me laugh, you cuddled and you talked to me. I know they said you liked to cuddle when I got you as a kitten so I want to thank you for letting me hug & hug & hug you as much as I did.
I miss putting my face into your fur and smelling your wonderful scent.
It always calmed me.
I miss you sooooo much.
I hope you're sitting in your favourite chair watching the birds and bugs go by.
Love you my little baby girl.


Schnuffel, 06/21/09

My one true has passed on to a better place. She was very friendly and active I tremendously miss her jubilant presence in my room. I anticipate to one day be reunited with Schnuffel in a different life. Schnuffel you will be missed dearly. We love you! ~Ted & Berlin~

Schoochy, 10/31/95-06/29/09

Schoochy was with our family for almost 13 years, having been brought to a shelter at almost a year old.
Her family couldn't keep her any longer and we were so blessed to receive her into our arms and hearts.
She brought much joy to all of us.
Today, when we had to put her down, she was so tired, and when we talked about options with the doctor, she looked into my eyes and I could tell that she was letting me know that she was just too tired to continue on. Tonite is the 1st nite without her in our home and it is so hard.
She was the best dog ever.
May you rest in peace, sweet Schooch.
We love you so.

Pam Riordan

Schuller, 07/08/82-09/06/97

Schuller my good buddy..I wasnt there when you passed on..and I am so sorry.But I had to leave home and I do regret this.You were always there like Tuffy and you knew when my father died.You knew that you were the top dog and you protected all of us..Schuller..I do miss you..And I do regret leaving home and leaving you behind...May I say something,good buddy? Mother had problems and this is why she stopped taking you out and such..but Frank did.You were excellent,good buddy!


Schultz, 04/10/05-04/27/09

Schultzie Boy,

It is coming on 4 weeks, I can't believe you are gone from me, my heart aches because you are gone.
Please know that I will love you always.
I miss you so much, everyday.
No one love you more then me.
Love, Momma

Schuyler, 07/21/03

This dog was loaned to me by my sister as a companion when i was going thru some difficult years. This dog is and was my best buddy.

Thomas Plummer

Schyler Rolfe, 03/27/03-06/12/09

Our beloved boy, you were here for only a short while but you will be in our hearts forever.

We love you,
Mommie and Daddy

Scoobee, 03/15/09

Scoobie, your love helped us through life.
We loved you so very much.
We took care of you the best we could and gave you a haven, far away from the first six months of your life.
You will always be with me, through the rest of my life, and until the day that we will no longer be separated by the veil.
You have gone on ahead to be with your new friends and I will be there to retrieve you when my time comes.
Don't be afraid girl, I am with you always.
Mom, Dad, Amy, Shane, Dustin, the Toths and I will immortalize you with our memories.
I love you so much.

Scooby, 1996 - 2nd November 2009

Beloved Scooby Buried today November 2nd 2009 at 12 noon we are devastated, Till We Meet again precious friend Rest In Peace: A truly amazing dog.

Scooby, 08/15/00-04/12/09

Scooby its been 2 months since you have left us, we miss you so much we wish you could have been in our lives longer, you we always be in our hearts. We know you at the rainbow bridge, and someday we will all be together again in our happy world where we can hold you forever and never be apart again
Mom, Dad & Craig

Scooby, 12/14/05-09/18/08

Scooby Doo.....I told you to stay away from the road....there are nasty people who don't didn't see them.....they saw you and then you were gone.....I love you big were my special rescue and always Scooby Doo.

Love mommy

Scooby, 03/28/00-03/18/09

Scooby came into our lives at 8 weeks of age. We rescued him for a local shelter and he immediately stole our hearts and became an irreplaceable part of our family. He was a friend, companion, brother, son, and protector. He is forever in our hearts and we are blessed to have had such a loving and kind dog. We all miss Scooby every second of every day that he has been gone.
Scooby may have lost his battle with cancer, but the impact he made on our family is forever. We love you Scooby and thank you for all you have been and always will be to all of us. You are proof that angels do. Words could never express how deep and lasting our love is for you.

The Dascani Family

Scooby, 14/04/98-16/12/08

He was my best friend, funny,smart and loyal Also handsome gorgeous boy.i loved him so much and i miss him more every day.The best dog ever.I love you baby.

Christine Mc Cann

Scooby Do, 08/09/98-12/31/08

You gave us so much happiness, your life
was full of love.. you left us so much to
think of.
We love and forever miss you
our special little
Love forever, Mommie daddie sisters brothers see you on the other side!


Scooby Doo, 11/15/97-01/11/09

I lost my Scooby a little more then 2 weeks ago. Scooby lost his five month battle with cancer.
Up until the end he was my most loyal campanion, my baby and my best friend.
He was lovable, affectionate, adorable, the best dog ever!
I miss him every day and know the bond that we shared can never be replaced.

Jodi Stewart

Scooby Doo, 12/97-09/05/07

Love you Doo- please look after your brother Sweep. Hope you are running around together happily barking like you used to. Give eachother lots of kisses xxxxx

Jo Hibbard

Scooby Doo, 12/97-09/05/07

Love you Doo- please look after your brother Sweep. Hope you are running around together happily barking like you used to. Give eachother lots of kisses xxxxx

Jo Hibbard

Scooby and Doo Doo, 12/22/08 and 02/03/09

Today we lost our 2nd boy.
We lost Scooby on Dec. 22 and Doo Doo tonight.
These two little creatures God gave us were our children as we don't have kids.
They saw us through good times and bad.
They were there every minute of every day.
Once in a while they would go on a trip with us.
They were well behaved, our furniture is intact, and the litter box well used.
They were the most wonderful part of our life.
We have been married 16 years last month and had both boys almost our whole marriage.
Our eyes are swollen shut from crying, we don't know what to do.
We have tons and tons of pictures and we will be putting more up.
We Loved these 2 boys with every fiber of our being, they were our life.
I know they are resting together now, not missing each other, and they will get to see mom and dad when we get there.
We love you our boys, wait for us.
Mom and Daddy

Scooner, 05/31/2009

Scooner was a magic kitty. He made my bad days great and my life so much better in so many ways. He wasn't always affectionate, he wasn't always well behaved, but he was his own cat and he seemed to relish his existence. He was always there to greet us, always there for a bite of whatever we were eating, loved watching the outside. He was always an inside kitty, but he loved to be held and carried outside, just to smell and look around. He is missed terribly, always. There is a huge void he filled in our hearts and lives. He was truly one of a kind and we miss him so.

Scooter, 03/24/94

What a lost hungry little man you were, hiding in the weeds beside the road.
On the way home, we got you a burger at Sonic because it was late and you were so hungry. We searched fruitlessly for whomever must have lost you.
What a beautiful salt & pepper gentlemen you were, and brought us so much joy and love over the years. I cherise your pictures and remember you will so much love.
I hope your cataracts and heart problems have flown away and you are happy & healthy again.

Colene White

Scooter, 06/12/90-06/23/09

My precious Scooter of eighteen years crossed the rainbow bridge on the 23rd, taking my heart with him. I was so blessed to have him love me and my heart is broken. My wonderful vet helped to make his journey easier. He will always be with me until I meet him again soon. He was such a special boy. Rest in peace my precious baby.

Donna Hoggard

Scooter, 04/22/08-05/08/09

Our time together was so short, but Scooter gave me so much love and joy in that short amount of time.
He will live forever in my heart.


Scooter, 04/08/96-05/05/09

My beloved Scooter, daddy and I miss you so much.
I pray every night that you are in a better place.
We look forward to seeing you again at the bridge with all your new little friends who are now with you. You will never be forgotten and always in our hearts.
With our deepest love...Mom and Dad

Scooter, 06/02/03-02/13/09

To our beloved Scooter, Scooby Doo, Sweetie Pie --We love and miss you so much and feel so sad not to see your happy face and happily wagging tail every time we enter a room.
Our home is so lonely without you.
We know that you knew that we loved you but wish we could tell you one more time.
We will never ever forget your "in the nose" morning kisses or your warm little body curled up in our laps.
We love you forever, Scootie.
Love and kisses from Mom and Dad

Scooter, 02/12/89-02/12/09

To the best cat I could imagine.
You were there for so much of my life, and came at a time when I really needed you.
I love you so much and will never forget what a wonderful pet you were.
Little Guy and Missy will love and miss you forever, as well.

And thank you, Lord Jesus, for giving me such a wonderful cat.
He is now with you.

Joann Knight

Scooter, 02/08/09

Scooter was a small bundle of love, happiness and pure joy. He made every day and night better.
Such love and affection in such a little body.
I have never known another animal to actually be joy, be happiness, be love like him.
I miss him every moment.
I miss his "boogie woggie" dance and stealing my socks and leaving his toys all over the house.
I miss him getting into the bathroom baskets and strewing tissue all over.
I miss him waiting for the empty tissue rolls, shadowing me and I miss him snuggling up to my back at night in the bed.
I miss him sitting in his chair next to me while I worked from home. But mostly I just miss his unconditional love and joy.
Scooter, little darling, our time together was way too short. I miss you.


Scooter, 10/01/97-02/10/09

Scooter your funny little face was the sunshine of our lives and our world feels empty now. Only such a wonderful gift from God could be as sorely missed as you are. We pray for strengh and for the day when we can remember you without tears. We love you, Mama and Daddy.

Scooter, 01/24/09

Scooter-My Pretty Little Girl

I miss you my little girl. You loved me and I loved you. You were so easy to care for. I always felt that I could trust you. I never had to worry about you getting into something you shouldn't. You were such a good girl. I remember how you comforted me when we watched scary movies. I sure appreciated that Scooter.
I remember how you came to the defense of your sister, Honey, when you thought I was hurting her and flew into me with claws fully extended. Of course I was not hurting her. I was only picking her up to put her in the carrier and she screamed in mortal terror because she did not want to go. You were such a good sister to her, Scooter. I love you for this and for all the beautiful ways you had. I remember when you were born under my bed. Your rear legs were not right and you could not walk at first. So, you just pulled yourself along with your front paws. You were such a little trooper. You had a special place in my heart from the beginning. But, you learned to walk and run in spite of your rear legs. Thus, your body became heavily muscled and strong. Stronger than your brother and sisters even. You had such a funny way of running. It always amused me to watch you run. But I NEVER failed to be impressed with your determination my girl. It breaks my heart that you are gone. It hurt me so bad to see you get so sick. I miss you so much. Shorty, Honey, and Thomas miss you so much too. Thomas has been crying. I just love him up and tell him that I understand. I pray that you are with our Father in Heaven now and that we shall see you again my little friend. Thank you for your love.

All our Love,
Mark, Shorty, Honey, and Thomas

Scooter Geisel, 06/27/09

You will forever be in my heart and I will always love you.
I miss you so much.

Lisa Geisel

Scooter Pie, 03/28/95-06/12/09

We will miss you, little Buddy. We know you are with Snowball now. No more pain, no more confusion.

Elaine & David Porter

Scooter Pie Harley, 06/05/09

To our beloved dog of 16 years who brighten each day of our lives.
Our hearts are broken without you but we know you are in a better place with no pain.

The Harley's

Scootie, 07/01/08

Scootie will be in our hearts forever and ever. She was the pig with a personality that did not quit. Her favorite thing to do was give kisses on Ashley's cheek. We miss her terribly. God be with her in piggie heaven.

Brenda Pahl

Scotch, 08/12/95-02/29/08

Grandma misses her Scotchie Gardner so much. I will never have another dog like you. You gave me so much love! Grandma will see you again in heaven with Kamil, Precious & Boogie. XOXOXOXO

Chris Perkins

Scottie, 07/04/93-07/09/99

dear scottie...we miss you and talk about you all the were a great friend...and have the funniest expressions on your face loved me and christie and took extra care of us..i know you are in a better place and playing with major and man-man....just gone from us too soon....we love you boy....til i see you happy....


Scottie, 04/21/93-02/03/09

And now the time of my departure has come.
I have fought the good fight.
I have finished the race.
And now I go to my Father's house,
And into His loving arms,
I commit my soul to its fate.
So long my friend until we meet again,
At that bridge were I wait.
And you and I together will cross into the mist.


Scotty, 06/02/96-07/19/09

Scotty, Why did you leave the yard? Was it your time? We looked everywhere for you. I tried three anaimal communicators to try to locate you. I know now that you are not coming back... that you are gone. I always knew that someday you would not be here, but I never thought I could not put you in the ground next to Tasha. Today we are going to bury some of you things, because we don't have you. We are going to plant a tree for you as well. Your mom wraps herself in your blanket everynight and cries. Not knowing where your body is, or what happened to you, is unbearable for us both. Please stay with Tasha until one of us gets there. We love you more than you could know. Visit us often. Wait for us and remember us little man. Someday we will be together again, and then it will be forever. All our love... Dad & Mom

Scotty, 02/21/01-06/05/09

My cat was killed by my neighboors as a hate crime. He was the sweetest, gentlest cat. My poor younger brother is so heartbroken...


Scouse, 03/09/04-03/09/04

Passed a few years before I found this lovely site called Rainbow Bridge. I know you must be there playing with all our other beloved pets that have passed over. Yours was the most difficult departing as I had to make a decision to let you go. I knew it was the right thing to do and it was so peaceful. You fell asleep in my arms..I miss you so much and will never ever forget you. Until we all meet again..miss you all!!

Nina Winchester

Scout - Tunwaya, 09/08/00-07/05/09

I'll miss you Tunwaya.
You'll been in our hearts forever.
You fought a great fight, and I know you weren't ready to go but it was time.
I love you bud, meet me at the bridge. I miss you already. Love from all of us. We love you buddy. Kiss Snowball and William for us.I love you bud you will always be in my heart i love you never forget us! love you.

Jerry, Joan and Kate Goza

Scout, 04/28/09

American Boy Scout, full of spirit and love. I will be with you again some day. I love you always, my trusted friend and companion. Thank you for all the years of your unwaivering love and devotion.

Lisa Magness

Scout, 04/23/09



Scout, 09/14/97-04/13/09

Sweetest dog ever... abused as a puppy... don't worry scout there's no vacuum cleaners in doggy heaven


Scout, 04/02/09

We loved Scout for 12 wonderful years.
We adopted him from the Humane Society when he was a puppy.
He was loved by all of us and will be missed by his dog sister, Dot and Cammie


Scout, 03/27/01-02/24/09

scout - you are and will always be in my heart.
you are the best friend i have ever had. i miss you terribly but understand that you had to leave. your memory will always be alive in my heart.
you are my sould friend and i hope i get to be with you again one day. my love will be with you forever. i am lucky that you came in to my life.
-xo you


Scout, 04/01/00-02/09/09

My first baby that never ceased to make me smile.


Scout, 09/16/02-03/05/09

You were my best friend Scout.
I miss you terribly and I know the pain is not ever going to go away.
I can't wait to see you again and give you all the pupcorn that you want!
Anything else we would have done to save you would have been for our selfish needs.
You are no longer in pain and for that we are truly happy.

Lyndsay, Mark and Victoria

Scout, 11/15/93-02/13/09

A loving cat who met me everyday after work at the door and loved to talk to me.
She was a good cat; she knew where could climb and where she was not allowed to climb.
I'll miss her.

Fiona Coughenour

Scout, 10/05/02-01/15/09

Scout you are missed by all of your family.
I know you are in a happy place and have reunited with Darby Girl.
She is probably cleaning your ears and showing you around.
My love for both of you will never go away, I know it will only grow stronger.
We miss you and send you lots of love.


Scout, 12/20/08

dear scout i hope that you are with your mom and dad and also with tinker. and i hope you can hear sounds veryy clearly now


Scout LaRue, 1997-04/18/09

Scout was my girl.
She was sweet.
She was perfect.
I will miss her.

Chris and Mari

Scrapper, 07/13/09

Scrapper was the best cat in the world. She was my baby. She touched so many lives. She will be deeply missed but always in our hearts. Momma love you baby.

Scrappy, 03/30/09

Scrappy, we loved you so much. You were a good doggie and we will always miss you.

Travis, Susan, Laura & Spencer

Scrappy, 03/18/09

Scrappy was the sweetest, gentlest dog that I have ever met.
She came to me as a stray in 1996 with heartworms, unspayed, mange, and emaciated.
I nursed her back to health and she lived in a warm house ever since.
She had mammary cancer that had spread to her lungs.

Scrappy, you were the best anyone could ever ask for and I don't think I could have ever had enough time with you.
Twelve and a half years was not enough, but I didn't want to be selfish as I could begin to see the devastating effects that the cancer began to have on your body.
I am suffering so bad right now, but it was time for your suffering to end.
I had to do what was best for you and not think about myself and how I can barely function at this moment without you.
Know that I love you, know that I have always loved you, and know that we will be together again one day.
I love and miss you, Scrappy.


Scrappy, 09/01/08-02/02/09

We miss you and we can't wait to see you again. You are our favorite cat. The sweetest, funniest and softest kitty in the whole world. We love you so much and we hope that you are happy while you wait for us.We will always remember you, Scrappy Cat. I am so sorry.

Drew and Denise Dobbs

Scrappy, 11/15/01-03/26/07

My best brother in the world. The house is sure quiet without the jingle of your collar.

Jennifer Fabrizi

Scrappy CoCo, 06/29/09

A very special friend left us too soon.

Austin Bronson

Scrappy Doo, 12/25/94-07/16/09

Scrappy was my best furry friend. She lives such a good life. She was such a happy playful boxer. She love to kiss you and run as fast as she could in our big backyard. She could jump like I've never seen. When she was young she could jump over our 4ft back wall if someone call her from the other side of the wall. She love everyone but would also protect us from stranger. She will be missed so much by me and all of our family. May she enjoy running in the fields of dog heaven

Katherine Skube

Scrappy Elizabeth, 04/17/09

She was the sweetest little cat I ever owned.
She had been a stray and was just so happy to have a safe home and a Mommy who loved her.
I love you, little girl, and I miss you very much.

Sandi Carlson

Scratchems, 08/15/98-03/03/09

I found my angel Scratchems in a box at a local park when he was just 2 weeks old. It was a very hot summer day and I couldn't bear to leave he and his sister Fussy there so I brought them home and instantly fell in love. Scratchems was a creamy-butterscotch colored cat and people often said, "I have never seen a cat with that coloring before." He was beautiful and often referred to as "handsome boy" by random admirers. He was my sleep buddy and he always greeted me at the door when I came home; even when I would stay out late. He was diagnosed with diabetes in March 2008 and was treated with insulin and a new diet. Unfortunately, the disease took a toll on him and his tired little body gave out in March 2009. My husband and I made the decision to end his suffering and had him put to sleep on March 4, 2009. We talked to him, pet him and kissed him til the very end. I know I will love again and stop feeling all the pain I am feeling but I will never forget my 'big boy.' Thanks Scratchems for being a part of my life for 10.5 years. You made me a better person.

Melissa Maynes

Screech, 02/06/09

Screech, I really miss you boy, I love you, you were always happy when I came home, when i laid down on the coach you would jump on my chest and lay down , purring, sometimes sleeping, you showed me your love.

I believe I will see you again, patting you again,so now enjoy your time in Rainbow Bridge and I know you will be waiting for me again.

Matthew Buckler

Scruffy, 1995

My special buddy, my helper, healer, friend.
I miss you dearly.

Patricia Weaver

Scruffy, 05/07/05-03/28/09

Scruffy you brought so much love into our lives.
You were an incredibly sweet girl whom all that encountered loved so much.
You'll be forever missed.
Grandpa was your bestest friend and he'll be forever torn by your loss.
Henry and Sophie were your best pals, and will forever miss you.
The kids and us thought the world of you.
I hope you're enjoying the ability to run as fast and as far as you want him heaven.
Please watch over Sassy.
Snowball is there with you, and Biggie too, and Snuggles the cat.

Ann Marie Curling

Scruffy, 03/05/09

You came into our lives, left pawprints on our hearts, we will NEVER be the same.
I miss you Scruffadoodle

Jane Lewis

Sculler, 06/22/97-12/28/07

You Sculler had a special bond with me, being born the same time and day as me.
How amazing is that.
You helped to save my life in 2005 and together we recovered.
You kept me going, you were my angel while you were on this side of the Rainbow bridge, and your my angel now in Heaven.
Thank you for your love, devotion and peace of spirit.
I miss you everyday, and know that one day we will be together again.
Thank you Sculler for everything. My love forever, mama and Jennifer. God bless your soul forever honey, booba. xoxoxo

Scully, 07/03/09

Scully, my friend.

She brought you home, I wasn't glad, you cost so much you see.
However, it didn't take you long, to start to grow on me.

I remember when, up on our bed, you pooped and made me mad.
Tami plead your case to me and think I laughed instead.
I called you puff ball rat dog, you made my allergies roar.
You would jump and play with Phoenix, and meet me at the door.
You would shiver with delight when I came home to you.
No matter what our days were like, you were always there and true.
You've been with us, nearly twelve years, but you still you're just
like a pup.
And I found it so hard to believe, when the vet said that you were
messed up.
A tumor in your little nose, it made you sneeze and shake.
That news was devastating, and my heart began to break.
But then I found a miracle cure, you seemed to do so well.
I thought we really, had things licked, but then It all went to hell.
Now your little nose is swollen, your face is filled with pain.
You hardly sleep more than a flash, 'cause your breathing's such a strain.
You wake up panting and gasp for air, does it hurt my little gem?
Is time to end your misery?
Is now your final amen?
But then you walked in to the room, and looked me in the eye.
Your pretty face smiling bright, makes me sit and cry.
You slept with me for three straight nights, your breathing seemed just fine.
But then you sneezed and your bleeding came, and I knew it was your time.
We sat there together out on the lawn,
you ate a bit of food.
You drank some water, you sat with me, with your puppy attitude.
I let you hang your face out, when I drove you to the vet.
I only had these precious moments, you weren't gone from me yet.
They gave you a shot, to quiet you down, I cried and cried and cried.
Then they gave, the second shot, and there in my arms you died.
I brought you home, and in the yard, I placed you in the ground.
I think the saddest part of all, is you gave me no further sound.
I will miss you at the window, I will miss you at the door.
miss you spilling food around, and digging at the floor.
I'll miss the squeal of delight you'd give, to me when I'd get back home.
How you'd beg for us to carry you, when we'd take you out to roam.
Your scratching on the food bowl, and tapping the water dish.
When we were not paying attention, and fulfilling your every wish.
You'd run to the door, stand up and tap, when you felt it was time to come in.
I will miss the tiny graying hairs, that were growing under your chin.
I think the thing I will miss the most, is your bright and shining smile.
That will be the memory of you, that shall hold me for a while.
I miss you, I love you my sweet little dog.
Larry Ramberg

Scully, 02/01/94-06/09/09

Nothing I can say will do him justice.
My friend, my companion, my salvation.
Swift paws and a peaceful heart my darling.

Peta Bridges

Seamus, 02/09/96-02/23/09

In honor of our beautiful little Seamus, Holly's littermate, who we lost yesterday. Seamus thank you for spending time with us and giving us your unconditional love and undivided attention.

Mary Catherine Clarke

Sean, 01/09/94-06/24/09

Sean was a wonerful,warm and affectionate dog who was a big part of our family for over 14 years. His sister,Trixie,misses him very much as do my husband and I. Everyone that got to know him loved him and in return he showered them with love. Sean,thank-you for being such a beautiful,kind and special boy,Love,Your Mother

Seargent, 09/08/09-02/23/09

My beloved Seargent brought such joy to my life, he will be so missed.
He was beautiful, loyal, intelligent, brave and always so eager to please. The pain from his loss is incredible.
I will always love him and never forget our time together.

Cecilia Bosco

Seattle, 04/2009

Seattle was a special pet of my sister in law Celinda and brother Jim. Although she lived to be 12 years old, it seemed that it was too brief of a time to enjoy her.
She will be missed.

Colleen Dallam

Sebastian, 01/16/1997 - 11/09/2009

Sebastian - to know him was to love him.

Sebastian, my big baby dog.

You were such a special dog and we have so many wonderful memories of our life with you. You were without a doubt the “Best Big Dog in the World” and we love you more than you could know. You will be missed so much and will always have a special place in our hearts. You were extremely intelligent, loving, loyal and one of a kind. I’ll never forget the day Carol called and asked “do you still want a doberman puppy,” you had just been born, the moment we had been waiting for. Yes, I was a little concerned in the beginning about getting a Doberman but as usual I did much research and discovered that once you share your life with a Doberman, you will always want to share your life with one.

I know when you were a bit wild as a puppy I said I was going to send you back no matter how much money I had spent on you. I’m sorry for that, you know I didn’t mean it, I was just frustrated. I realize now that you just didn’t get enough exercise for a dog your size. I feel like the years just went by too quickly and I took you for granted, especially when I worked such long hours and was gone from home so much. I guess I thought you would always be there, I never thought about the day when you would no longer be with us.

I hope you know that I did everything I could to make you better. I took you to the cardiologists and gave you all the medicines and supplements to help and it did but you still only lived 3 months longer than the most we were told for a dog with your condition and on the best medications for it. If there was anything else I could have done please know that I would have because I love you and will love you forever. I can’t tell you how much it hurts now that you are gone.

I hope you enjoyed having Simon around, it seemed to make you feel younger and I know you loved playing with him. You were just the sweetest dog to him, no matter what he did, you put up with it, something many dogs would not do at such an old age. I don’t know exactly what happened but I hope there was no pain for you. You were in your own home and lying in front of your daddy who we all know you loved unconditionally.

You were so special to so many people. Your grandma and your great uncle both loved you dearly and miss you. They agree that you were a one of a kind and no matter what you will always be your grandma’s favorite. There will never be another Sebastian and if one day we do get another Doberman we know that he will never be you and could never replace you in our hearts. What I wouldn’t give to have just one more day, hour, minute, whatever I could get with you. Had I known it was going to be your last day with us I would have spent every moment I could with you. I just love you and miss you so much. It hurts so bad but I know that you are with Kosmo and my Dad now. I hope they were there to help make the transition. Just like with Kosmo, I just wasn’t done loving you yet. You had such a sweet face and those soulful brown eyes.

Sebastian my love, you are and will always be with us in our hearts and I hope you come back to us someday. Please know that we love you and miss you and always will.

Your mommy

Sebastian, 04/16/95-07/04/07

If Claire has already taken you across the bridge, that's OK, just be sure to look for me someday.


Sebastian, 11/05/00-07/04/09

Sebastian was the most loving kind soul I have ever know. He was my sweet, sweet boy. He never did anything wrong. He never left my side. He was pure love and kindness. He had just had a check up and was great. Saturday, July 4th, he laid down during his evening walk and died. the vet said it must have been his heart. I have lived alone with Sebastian for a long time and he was everything to me. My heart is shattered and I desperately miss my boy. He followed me everywhere like a shadow. He sat with me at night and slept next to me snoring.
I have never loved any person or creature the way I love Sebastian. I miss my boy and cannot stop crying.He was a true angel.

David J Reimer

Sebastian, 10/25/95-07/03/09

She was a wonderful dog and our only girl.
We loved her so much and will miss her always.
Her love for any food and her ability to jump always made it interesting for company.
Almost everyone we know has a story about how Sebastian stole something off their plate!

Jerry and Michelle Thompson

Sebastian, 10/31/91

He was a chainsaw in my ear, and a warmth in my lap. When I had to run away, I said goodbye to him foe the last time. I don't know if he waits at Rainbow Bridge, or has been reincarnated to make another scared little girl better. I just hope he knew how much he meant to me.


Sebastian 'Sabba', 09/20/99-05/05/09

Sebastian "Sabba" Strive, born on 9.20.1999 and dies on May 5, 2009 was honestly the best cat who ever lived and the 1 & only person who TRULY loved me unconditionally ... NO MATTER WHAT! He saved my life, he loved me and gave me reason to live & has helped to keep me sober for the past 22 months. He was my child! He was my Best Friend! And The Love of My Life! His sudden death is heart wrenchingly painful for me & I will truly never be the same without him in my life. The world is now missing something without his 4 paws walking on it! May he Rest in Peace, purr for the Angels in Heaven & lay in God's lap ~ he is truly worthy & deserving of that!!

Teresa Strive

Sebastian, 02/23/09

To my Big, Orange Cat - Best Friend, Loving Comforter.

How I begged for one more day, one more cuddle on the couch, one more game of chase.

You will always remain a shining light in my life and have a dearest place in my heart.

Alison McDevitt

Sebastian, 02/01/99-02/01/09

I love you moochie.

Sam and Hannah

Sebastian, 08/15/90-02/02/08

Today is the 1 year anniversary of your passing. Just wanted you to know that I still think of you everyday and miss you jstill. You will never be forgotten. Love you baby boy!


Sebastian, 05/95-01/08

Sebastian was the most amazing dog ever.
He knew no stranger, and loved everyone he came in contact with.
He was smart, caring, and never passed up the opportunity to shower us with puppy kisses.
He knew when you needed a furry friend to hug, and always greeted you with a smile and a wag of his tail.
He is missed greatly by all who knew him.
I can't wait to meet him on the bridge!

Heather Singletary

Sebastian Alexander, 05/14/09

I am a rape survivor and he helped me through some very difficult times. He is the best dog ever invented. I hope he is up there playing ball in no pain and is able to see and hear again. I also hope he is getting plenty of peanut butter and popcorn. He was there for me when no one else was. I am going to miss him a lot, but I know he is no longer in pain.

Traer Stahli

Sebastin, 04/25/09

He was a constant companion and my best friend.
He will be missed.

Holly Cohen

Secret, 12/19/06-03/13/09

Secret was my little guy- my first baby.
He died tragically by getting hit by an oil truck on Friday.
I can still feel him here.
I was as attached to him as he was to me.
He was with me during the most trying times of my life.
What will I do without him?
My heart is broken.
I pray that he is safe, happy and peaceful where he is.
Secret deserved so much more than what happened to him. I thank him for everything he did for me.
I miss you more than you will ever know, Secret.
Love, Mommy

Seeley, 07/02/09-20/04/09

You came into our lives just 2 weeks ago - a tiny grey kitten full of life and fun.
You took over the house, our hearts and our lives.
When we found you, it was like the world had ended.

Goodbye Squealy Seeley - hope you're somewhere where the sun shines, the birds sing, and everyone you meet loves you as much as they did in real life.

Roger and Sonia Menso

Sega, 18/05/09

A wonderful companion and faithful giving friend for 10 years

Melanie Card

Sega, 05/06/09

Sega, we miss you so much already but we know you are feeling no more pain and know no suffering.
We will see you, play together and exchange lots of kisses again.
For you are in heaven, the most wonderous place where we will meet again and have eternal happiness with our maker.

Mark, Laurie and Nicole

Sega Genesis, 01/01/09

loyal friend, protecter,gave the greatest hugs and kisses.Have fun with your brother @ rainbow bridge and I can't wait to see you both together happy and free from pain.

Jennifer Fabrizi

Selena, 05/29/09

I had known Selena several years prior to actually adopting her.
She, along with her siblings, was rescued from Little Rock Animal Services in the spring of 2003.
They were not in good health and a couple of her siblings did not survive.
One of her siblings was adopted but Selena, along with her brother Jack remained in foster care.
My husband and I fostered Jack and quickly fell in love with him.
We knew we could not part with him.
In 2007, Jack disappeared from our yard one early morning, never to be seen again.
We were devastated.
I had remained in constant contact with Selena's foster mom and visited her home frequently to visit Selena and her fellow fosters.
After careful thought and consideration, my husband and I decided that we would adopt Selena.
A second chance for us and an opportunity for Selena to have a home to call her very own.
So in March 2008, we brought Selena home to live with us.
Adopting Selena healed our hearts in so many ways.
She had all of Jack's sweet little personality traits, looked just like him, and unfortunately shared his chronic sinusitis problem.
Selena was a dainty girl, who enjoyed her naps, her chicken flavored Fancy Feast, basking in the sunlight, and momma's fluffy pink robe.
She had these beautiful brown highlights in her fur and a gap in her teeth that resulted in her tongue always sticking out.
I always told her how intellectual she looked with her tongue hanging out.
She of course agreed.
Despite her chronic sinusitis, Selena was such a spirited cat, never letting a little snorkiness get in the way of her daily activities.
She had known no other life.

The holidays were extra special for Selena.
She enjoyed grandma's turkey at Thanksgiving and got her own specially monogrammed stocking full of goodies at Christmas time.
Life could not be more perfect for us and for Selena.

The last few weeks of her life seemed like a blur. Things declined so quickly and irreversibly.
It seems unthinkable and so unfair to have lost her only a little over a year of welcoming her into our family.
Of course, forever would have seemed all too soon.
Selena was a survivor.
Despite all the medical issues she experienced during her life, she never missed a beat and never stopped being that loving, sweet, adorable little girl. Our hearts are broken and life seems so hard right now without her.
I know she is still with us in spirit, and I know one day we will be reunited again. Until that day comes, our beautiful memories together will remain etched in my mind, and the warmth of her love will forever endure in my heart. Thank you Selena, for sharing your life with us. You will never be forgotten.

Dianne Branch

Senecca, 08/16/97-12/18/08

This was the hardest thing I have ever had to do.
I love you buddy and miss you so much!

Lori Saar

Senor Bandido, 07/13/09

Senor Bandido was only 5 1/2 years old when he left us behind. He broke my heart, but I feel lucky to have known him. He was a brave little boy and died with grace. If I had the chance, I'd do it all over again.

To Bandido - let it be known to you, dear pooch: we now know how much you pulled at our heart strings, and you are very missed. Guenter is also sad.

C. C. Johannsen

Sensi, 07/01/96-12/29/09

Sensi, my beautiful grey-furred beauty with the fluffy tail - how can I go on without you? You seemly went from normal happy cat to death's door so rapidly that I can't wrap my mind around it. I hope you understand that the vet and I could not fix your body and I hope you felt the love as I gently held you as you passed. My tears will eventually stop but I will love and remember you forever.


Sequel, 04/10/99-04/02/09

My big boy Seq will be missed so much.
I truly believed that you were a dog in a cat's body.
Be well my dear friend until we meet again.

Diane Oliver

Sera, 06/23/09

A member of our family for 11 years, you brought us great joy and good times. You were loved very much and will be greatly missed every day. The best 90lb "lap" dog you would ever find.

Jason, Jennifer, Kacie and Kayla Martin

Serena, 1958-1972

Serena, you were my first cat.
I think I was 7 or 8.
My snow queen.
I thought you were the most beautiful kitty in the world, with your rich white fur and sparkling green eyes!

I wrote a poem about you in 3rd grade gifted class:
Doctor, nurse, and surgeon too
Please come quick, my kitty is sick!
Her eyes are running, her nose is hot and dry
Please come quick, my kitty is sick!

You were SO PATIENT with me - dressing you up in doll clothes, vacuuming around you, trying to get you to play with me.
You were my friend and confidant.
You were there when I came home to an empty house.

I know you did not like it when we got Cinnamon, who became my kitty.
You had Mama, but it was disloyal of me.

I am sorry I left home.
I went to college, then did not move back to the house.
I needed to get away.
I missed you a lot. You taught me how great cats were.
I did not know you were sick until Mama told me she had you put to sleep.
I am sorry we did not get to say goodbye.
I will always remember you and I love you, my catsister!


Serena, 01/01/89-01/25/09

We love you and miss you, Regis, Chanda, Gabby, Kayla

Serendipity, 10/27/04-06/02/09

We will always hold our sweet little boy in our hearts. Never forgotten a treasure beyond words. We love you Bun bun.

Liv and Moe

Serenity, 06/93-06/2009

serenity was 16 when I had to let her go. She had a long,wonderful life. She was the queen of the house and was treated as such. A limp turned out to a bone tumor. Not wanting her to suffer, I held her while the dr. put her to sleep. I will remember the life that left her eyes. I did this because I loved her so much and always will. She was my special girl and I will miss her terribly. When it's my time, she will greet me under the rainbow bridge.


Serenity, 03/31/95-03/30/07

Serenity, I will always love you.
You were my best friend.
We made it through good and bad times.
One day, we will see ya each other again.
I will never forget my best friend.

Jeanne Hall

Serenity, 07/02/95-03/13/09

I rescued Serenity from our local shelter when she was about 3 mos old.
I named her Serenity, b/c it was a much better time of my life after much pain, heartache and losses.
From the get go Serenity fit in every way.
She was the best dog anyone could ever have and when she looked at me, I knew all was right with this crazy world.
Life was good.
She could be a pain in the butt for sure but her love was real and deep.
We called her worm b/c she would worm her way into your lap from a simple pet.
When she laid on my lap and next to my heart, I never felt so at peace with the world nor did I doubt I was truly blessed to have my little girl in my life.
When she passed a part of my heart died forever.
She was 14.
I knew it was coming and tried to prepare for it.
She was losing her sight and hearing.
I got 2 sister pups, border collie mixes that looked like her and her brother that died 2 years earlier.
I knew in my heart they were met for me.
But every Friday since she left, my heart just cries out in pain.
Perhaps the pups make it easier as I hoped they would....but I miss her so so much.
Friday used to be the best day of the week, but now all it brings is reminders that she is no longer home waiting to greet me.
My heart dies on Friday from the pain of missing her.
My heart will never be the same or feel such peace as when she slept on it so contently.
I miss the thumping of her tail whenver she saw or heard me coming. I miss the eyes that looked into mine and told me you, I LOVE,,,,,so very much and so deeply and completely.
I miss her stench (especially as she got older), as it told me I was home....the world was good, loving and safe.
I miss momma's sweet baby girl.
She let me know that no matter how crazy the world could get there was a peace that was my home.
It was her heart beating for me and with mine and it no longer beats and my heart is so lost.
I got her before my daughter entered 1st grade and she is not finishing her 2nd yr in college.
Home is just no longer what it was.
It will never be the same now that Momma's Sweet Baby Girl is no longer waiting inside the door for my return.
She was the first face I saw in the morning and last at night.
Life will never be the same.
Serenity Jo.....I love you now, always and forever baby girl.


Serenity Blueberry Muffin, 06/02/92-03/10/09

Muffi was an angel on Earth...she fought so hard to be here after a long illness just to keep me company as I am not amazing gentle spirited loving girl...She is so missed by all...We love you honey....

Lynne Brown

Serge, 04/05/09


You were the light of my heart. Your happy barks and craziness lit our household. We are trying to manage without you. It is terribly hard, but we know you are with us in spirit. Words can never thank you for all the smiles you gave us. Our house is filled with your love and will always be. You will forever be in our hearts and we anxiously await the day we will be reunited.
Your Mommy

Serina, 06/07/97-04/27/09

My baby girl, rest in peace till we see each other again! We love and miss you so much!

Laurie Hein

Seta, 04/29/06

i got my dove from a livestock auction about 10 yrs before she died. i adopted her and her sister scooter and lenny. seta didnt like lenny and poor scooter got out and got eaten by a cat not too long after i got her. seta took up residence in my room. she loved it there. she would roost in my closet at night and was free all day. she and i bonded. after a while she would sleep with me on the bed. she would always coo and cuddle up to me all the time. she was so special to me. i still can not think about her death it hurts like it was yesterday. i miss her so much :(
i love her and miss her and she will always be in my heart forever.


Seven, 07/07/96-02/16/09

Always a loyal friend, companion and a true gentleman.
He always stood by patiently and allowed our female 4 legged children do things first.
He then seemed to enjoy being praised for being such a gentleman.

Virginia Gilbert

Sexi Rexi, 03/06/96-23/04/09

I lost my beautiful friend and will never forget you xxxxxx

Tracie Cini

Seymour, 03/03/95-03/17/09

The 14 years we spent together were very special to me and I will miss you more than anything.
You were my baby and I will love you forever...Thank you for all the love and affection you gave me, the memories are going to get me through this.
I know you are always with me Mours.

Lisa Eberle

Seymour, 02/19/09

I adopted you and had you in my life for two and a half years.
I miss you Seymour.....and I am so sorry I did not get to hold you in your last moments of life...nor did I get to really say goodbye.
I am heartbroken that you are gone...I miss you sweetpea.....

Elizabeth Moad

Shades, 07/16/98-03/24/09

Lost his battle with diabetes. No more needles, no more shots, just all the wonderful food you wish to eat. We love you our handsome big guy.

Sandy and JT

Shadey, 12/06/97-05/21/09

you were the most loyal and faithful dog that i
have ever had. you were my daughter, my best friend and my confidant, you never asked anything of me only love i miss you so much, I know that the time was right for us to say goodbye and that you are free from pain now and able to walk run and play like you did before. All i ask is that you wait for me at rainbow bridge when the time is right i will come to find you, i will call your name and you will come running to me again with that beautiful look of love that you always had, we will have the fun times again and play ball and run like we used to, i love you so much love Mummy x xxx

Shadow, 06/22/09

Warm hearted loving, friend. There beside me through all good and bad times. You are free NOW and happy once again. You are our Hearts forever.

Sharon Horne

Shadow, 07/12/09

Our sweet boy.
There are really no words to express our loss of the best guy ever.
You were the sweetest, smartest, most handsome dog.
Aside from that, you were full of love and life, and brought the greatest joy to our lives. We cherished every moment of the 9 years we had together, and we will never forget you, and never will our love cease.
We love you Shadow, and will miss you everyday and look forward to the day we can all be together again.

Tina Wong and Robert Engle

Shadow, 2001-12/2008

In Oct 2001, I nt to the Minneapolis Animal Shelter to adopt a kitten to keep my cat, Ellie company while working. I use a power wheelchair, and cqats are often frightened of it. As before when I'd visited all of the cats and kttens backed to the rear of their caeges All but one, this tiny little black kitten came right to the front of the cage and stuck a tiny paw through the grill trtyig to reach me. I fell in love immediately.I sdtill rembembr the first time I hel here, she wa so tiny.. a perfect miniature cat, ans so thin I could feel nothing but skin and tiny bones. In the 8 years we were together I never once s aw her approach another human. I have girls who come daily to hrp me, and it would take weks for her to get used enoughh to them o even venture out of hding. This made her behavior to me all the more extraordinay: she trusted mrfrom the time we met as she wopuld trust no one else.
In December, the Saturday before Christmas 2008, I broke my left shoulder in an accident and had to go to the hospital, then stay in a Nursing Hom, while recovering. Ellie and Shadow were being watched by a friend. One day, late in Dec or Early in January she vanished and no one has seen her since. A that t6ime we had 4 feet of snow on the grouNd,. huge drifts, and the temperature was in the 20 to 40 below 0 range. She wa asmall cat, only bout 8 or 9 pounds, and could not have gone far had she gotten out of the house. My friends think she got into the walls of the house and was trapped.
Little One, I will never cease to love you,I will always be your Humanm and you my Guardian Cat. Look for mr,I won't keep you waiting long.


Rebekah Sheey

Shadow, 04/20/09

we love you and we miss you

Scott Bronson

Shadow, 2002

To Shadow, my father's favorite cat.
Like your brother, Midnite, it was hard to let you go, but you are in a better place now.
You have your brother to play with, and my father came to you last year.
When it is my time, I will see you all again. -Erica Essary

Shadow, 11/11/95-06/17/09

Shadow, we adopted you before you were a year old.
You have seen us through many changes. You were just happy to have someone to love. It broke our hearts to watch as you grew older and older. You were very brave all your life and even up to the end when you took your last breath in your backyard. I love and miss you dearly. The House is just a little to quiet without hearing you walk around. Peace be with you my dear friend.
Love always

Leslie Iddings

Shadow, 07/10/97-12/22/97

shadow was a beautiful puppy that got killed by a car. we miss her and love her.


Shadow, 09/18/98-05/14/98

My Beloved Boy Shadow,
It has only been a day since you went home. How much I wish to hold you again, my tubby cat, like I did for the last time yesterday morning. We want you with us always, my Shadow. It would have been too hard for daddy and me to bury you in the backyard. So we took your precious little body to be cremated today. It was so hard letting go. But we will have you with us forever. I hope you know that, my Shadow. You will still be here with me and Daddy, and your brother, Rusty. And your cousins Boots, Bebe and Mysti. And your niece Angel. And your nephews, Bear & Dudley. And don't forget there's Max & Chibi. My little crybaby cat. Yes, you made the most noise. Always meowing for mommy's attention. And mommy loved to give you that attention. It will be so hard for mommy though to forget how you would come up on top of me while I lay on my side and you would knead me. I will miss that the most. And giving your your favorite, mayonaisse. Those are times that I will miss most and always.
I love you, my precious little 'furangel'.

Love Forever,

Mommy & Daddy

Shadow, 11/01/00-05/13/09

Our boy left us early and without warning.
Shadow was only 8.5 years old.
We found him, lifeless, in Jeremy's bedroom, eyes still open.
It was a shock and something neither of us were prepared for.
There were no warnings in his behavior or demeanor.
He seemed like himself...a big overgrown puppy.

In spite of his being fully grown and mature, he was still the biggest puppy you've ever seen.
He would get excited with every new visitor; bring you his ball to play fetch, or his pull toy to play games with; he loved us chasing each other around the house or on the patio.
But he's gone.
And Jeremy and I miss him so much.
The house just doesn't feel the same.

Now, everytime I look at my patio door, I think he must be out there waiting to come in.
When I'm away from the house and it's hot outside, I think I must hurry home to give our boy refuge from the heat.
As I sit and watch TV, I start to get up and wonder where he's sleeping.
I miss seeing him at the door when I come home after work.
I miss not having him come bother me till I go get him a chew.
I miss him not bringing his pull toy or ball to me.

Shadow was my buddy, he kept me company and I miss him so much.
But I know he's crossed the rainbow bridge and has joined out cat Moses, and they're playing together like they used to...happy, healthy and loved.

Lori & Jeremy Sabella

Shadow, 05/03/09

Shadow I am so sorry I let them do surgery on you, they said you were going to be fine, your heart was strong and you were healthy.
Can you ever forgive me ? You are the love of my life, the joy in my life, I miss you so much, I don't know how I am going to go on without you.. You were a pound puppy I found when your were 1 yr old now 8 yrs later you are gone. You were the best friend and best dog anyone could have ever hoped for, I can't believe you are gone, I hope you always knew how special you were and how much you were loved. The love and laughter and joy you brought to my life is amazing, now in an instant because of me you are gone forever...I have always loved you more than anything in this world, you were so precious to me, I just want you here with me now... Thank you so much for this website, Shadow I will think of you constantly and never forget our special love , you had the bright eyes I've ever seen, Shadow forgive me... I love you so so much Shadow...

Renay Grainger

Shadow, 12/23/93-10/21/06

Thank you, Shadow, for saving my life. Without you I may have drowned. You were my best friend. I am so sorry that I could not save you from the "hip displasia." Even though you were in so much pain, you wanted to keep on going, for me. Letting you go was the hardest thing I ever had to do. I visited your tree at the lake yesterday. I can still see you there. I miss you every day still......2 1/2 years later. Thank you for leading me to Cody. I took good care of him. But I did not know he was sick until it was too late. Perhaps you and he have met at the "Rainbow Bridge." It has been 8 days now since he passed. Now, you won't be alone. Watch over each other. Someday I will come for you both. Until then.....remember, I love you.

Deborah Mechlowitz

Shadow, 03/01/92-04/13/04

Shadow, How I loved your droopy eyes and hound dog lips.
You were so enthusiastic and such a happy girl.
You endured several surgeries and always bounced back.
You brought me so much joy.
Thank you for helping me move on from losing Sadie.
That's the kind og dog you were...

Therese Llanes

Shadow, 08/05/94-04/29/09


Kelly Smith

Shadow, 01/14/09

Rest in peace little friend. We'll be reunited some day.

Jerry Norsworthy

Shadow, 01/20/95-04/17/09

He was my best friend and pal.
I loved him so much and will miss my boy.


Shadow, 04/10/09

My sweet friend- I miss you so much-
I am grateful that you are not hurting anymore..
we did all we could for you. The house is so quiet without you.. we hope you find your brother Frosty and play together forever..
We'll always love you- my lap is sadly empty.

Anita Jansky

Shadow, 07/18/96-04/04/09

I love you. I miss you. There will be no one else except you. Love, Mom & Daddy

Alfred & Caroline LeMoire

Shadow, 06/16/06

this is to my dog shadow the first time i saw u my hart was filled with love i miss u so much i remeber when we went to the park and played and chased the birds and when u came and saw me every day how happy we where to be togeather u where a very good dog i miss i know your playing with all your friends now

Kyle Dilger

Shadow, 04/11/09

Shadow loved kids and puppies and was the gentlest soul that ever lived.
Everyone who met him loved him.
We will miss him forever.
Thank you Shadow Boy for all the joy and love you gave us.
We will meet you at the Rainbow Bridge.

Vic and Susie Viets

Shadow, 04/07/96-04/04/96

Dearest Shadow
This morning for the first time in 13 years you weren't here to greet me. I didn't want to say goodbye to you yesterday but it was time for you to go to Rainbow Bridge so you can run and play and chase the squirrels.
You brought so much happiness and joy to my life. I love you Shadow and will miss you very, very much I'll especially miss my morning kisses.

Shadow, 03/29/09

My dog Shadow was taken away from me at a young age due to him injuring his knees and not being able to walk. I recently moved out of my parents house and everytime i came home he would always be there and greet me. He would always jump up in our window to see if the cars pulling up were me. I didnt think losing him would be this hard but shadow would not want me to be sad and would want me to continue to live life. Shadow was the best dog i have ever had and he picked me out at the shelter. He was always there for me and was the my best friend and like a little brother. I miss him dearly and hope that one day i can meet him again on the Rainbow Bridge.


Shadow, 03/04/09

Shadow was a shy cat. He got along with the other cats we had but he didn't come to us very often. He loved being in the basement alot. He would let us hold and pet him when we went down to the basement to see him. When he was upstairs he liked being by the window to look out. He will be missed.

Angel and Tim Scott

Shadow, 03/17/09

I hope that no matter where you are shadow that you are happy and healthy.
you were good for the years that we had you and will miss the times we had.
I am sorry that i could not have been closer and done more for you on your passing days, because i did not realize that they were coming to an end.
You have taught me not to take life for granted becuase one day you could be here and the next gone.
I will always love you and cherish the memories that we shared

love wendy

Shadow, 02/21/09

Shadow will be missed always and I know that i will see her again one day.
I love her dearly and want her to know that.
She always knew how to comfort me and always knew when I needed her.


Shadow, 03/04/09

Love you Shadow.
You were the best mom dog and so beautiful and gentle.
I miss you so badly and hope you are having the best time wherever you are.


Shadow, 02/23/09

Love and Miss you buddy I know we will meet again!


Shadow, 03/01/05-02/22/09

A better little girl and more loyal companion I could not have ask for or gotten. I love and miss you baby doll.

Gloria Thompson

Shadow, 02/09/09

Shadow will be missed. He was with us for 15 years and we loved every minute of the time. I miss you shadow.

Jenny Thorstad

Shadow, 04/06/94-01/16/09

Shadow - you are missed more than words can say.
You were truly my sunshine (that's why I called you that) and I'm certain a part of me died along with you.
We had such a special bond that we could only understand.
My world was blessed to have had you with me.


Shadow, 03/96-02/08/09

Shadow, you were a special friend who gave me love and adoration while asking for little in return but food, a warm bed, a run in the park and a loving pat on the head.
You took a piece of my heart with you and I hope to one day be able to say hello again - seeing you wag that tail and being glad to see me. All my love.

Maria Strmsek

Shadow, 02/04/09

Shadow was a beautiful boy. Love by everyone in our neighborhood. He was special to us in so many ways. We will love and miss him. We had to send him to the rainbow bridge today. He will join his buddies Coco and Pookie there. They will run free together forever!!

Angie Kerr & Kyle Blackman

Shadow, 01/97-01/24/09

Shadow - 01/97 - 01/09
My Best Friend.
I miss you very,very much.
I will see you again in the better place.
Love you.

Rita Dower

Shadow, 10/10/95-01/23/09

Thank you Shadow for your unconditional love, protection, and companionship.
I'm sorry I couldn't have done more for you in the end.
Love, Joy

Shadow, 01/30/09

We love you and miss you so so much Big Guy...we had you in our lives so long we grew up with you! It's so empty here without you, and I know Brandon and Valo feel it too. Mommy and daddy are crushed you are gone, but waiting for the day we can see you again. Until that day, you will NEVER be forgotten. My tough guy...WE LOVE YOU SO MUCH!

Kimberly Roque

Shadow, 01/24/09

One sweet dog who graced my life. You will be missed.

Ricki Penna

Shadow, 01/16/09

We love you Shadow, you will always be in our hearts.

Mandy, Michelle & Joseph

Shadow, 11/17/95-01/09/09

She was my best friend, we grew together in love for 13 years.
I miss her so very much.

Linda R. Flores

Shadow, 07/05/98-01/09/09

Dear Shadow,
Shadow will every night quite sleep Jen bed protect watch, now Shadow angel same mom Sheba. Jen will sad love Shadow. Shadow and Sheba will play heaven wait Jen.
xoxo Jen

Shadow and Maggie May, 06/97 and 01/91 to 01/12/07


Shadow Elizabeth, 02/14/95-12/30/08

I had Shadow since I was 11 years old. She slept with me every night, curled up at my head or snuggled under my arm. She had the best purr. Through my abusive childhood she was my best friend, always there, always listening, always comforting. When I was sick or upset she would be on me or beside me the whole time. She was a good judge of character as well, she had scratched every guy I ever dated (even with no front claws) until I started dating my now husband. She never scratched him, she took right to him. I knew I could marry him.

The week before Christmas (2008) I was jolted awake when I heard her throwing up. I called my husband on the way to work, he came home dropped off the car and we borrowed $100 from his parents. I called the vet as soon as they opened, they were able to see her in an hour. The vet came in and began examining my baby, then I saw it, her face got white, and I could feel her heart sink. She felt the mass. It was in her intestines. It was final stage lymphoma. She showed no signs except weight loss ( she was on a diet we didn't think anything of it) and that morning she was throwing up. My life got torn apart. They gave her steroids and fluids and told me I had at most a month, but she couldn't garauntee tomorrow. All I asked God to give me was one more Christmas. She had a few good days. By Christmas day we were thankful but getting concerned.

She went back to the vet on December 30th. She got another steroid shot and fluids, they showed me how to give her fluids at home. She perked up a bit. I dropped her off at home and told my husband to feed her. I went shopping and called him to check in, he said she wasn't eating. I came home a bit later to try to get her to eat. Something was different, something was very wrong. She was refusing to eat and was becoming very lifeless. I told my husband we had to go and rushed to the vet. I just knew. The doctor came in and told us she was slipping into a coma. There was nothing we could do. I nodded to the vet to do what I dreaded. I couldn't even say the words. They brought her in and I kissed her forehead making sure she knew she was the best friend I ever had and my husband thanked her for choosing him. And then the nurse carried out my baby.

When we got home my now oldest cat came up and went to sleep on me, our dog kept trying to get behind the Christmas tree cause she knew that Shadow was supposed to be there, she cried as she failed to find her. A week later we were called and told that Shadow's ashes were ready. My husband brought home the crisp white bag with a white cardboard box in it. Inside the cardboard box was a gorgeous wooden box with Shadow's name engraved on a gold plate, the lock had a set of keys hanging with it. Then it really hit me, my baby was gone.

Shadow would have been 14 on this coming Valentines's Day. I love my husband but Shadow was the love of my life. I had her for over half of my life. I just feel empty now. Waiting for her to jump on the bed and purr and she snuggles down to sleep. I miss her more than I ever thought I would. I just want my baby back, the one person who was always there when no one else was.

Leigh-Ann Belay

Shadow Gilliland, 08/85-01/2000

Shadow was a blessing.
I got him from some people and he was going to be taken away.
I brought him home and he attached himself to my heart, we were bonded for life.
Shadow was my companion for 15 years.
He was my soul mate.
He left this life in a peaceful way while asleep.
Part of me left with him and I will always love him.
Here is a poem for Shadow:


I learned so much from you.
Your love was unconditional.

You captured my heart from
the beginning.

You never judged me.
You were loyal
no matter my moods or behavior.

You served as my guardian.

You showed courage in your battles
with pain and disease.

I am so grateful you came into my

Thank you for the years of undying
love and companionship.

You are etched in my heart.
I will meet you at the rainbow bridge.


Shadow Hassien, 02/14/93-02/07/09

Shadow came to me as a kitten 16 years ago, and I've loved him ever since.
I have other pets, but he was my first, and so always special to me.
He didn't suffer this evening, just slipped away as I stroked his head and back.
He will be terribly missed.

Cheryl Hassien

Shadow Prince Johnson, 06/19/09

shadow or snoop was always loved and he was playful and loved very much he loved to run and climb the fence but one day he got choked to death climbing it

Seth Johnson

Shadow Richmon, 05/18/93-03/13/09

I miss you so much, my precious Shadow.
I look forward to the day we wil be together again. You hold a very special place in my heart. I will love you forever!

Ilene Richmon

Shadow Server, 01/30/09

Shadow was brought home barely six weeks old.
Our then high school age son, Jeff, asked if we could keep her as a woman had showed up at his workplace to give her away.
I made the mistake of going to see her.
Shadow came home and immediately started herding our 120 lb. yellow lab, Dusty.

She was the toughest and smartest dog we've ever known.
She would do anything to protect us and managed to kill snakes, squirrels, or any animals she did not want in our yard.
She could have been on TV or the movies with her frisbee expertise.
As most dog owners know, she was our loyal and compassionate friend.

All of our children loved Shadow. . .Jeff, Brian, Kelly and Kristina.
My 90-year-old Mom adored her, and would babysit Shadow whenever we had to go out of town.
Our grandson, Alexander, (Jeff's son) was able to know Shadow even though he lived a long distance away.

Luckily, Shadow did have adopted grandchildren who loved her.
The Mogensen Family loved her dearly.
Rob, in Special Forces, was killed in Afghanistan approximately four and a half years ago.
At the time, he had three children - Josh, 10; Vanessa, 7; and Leilani, two months.
When Leilani turned two, we gave her a stuffed black lab dog.
She put a leash on the collar and carried Shadow with her everywhere!
Josh told us then that he hoped Shadow lived long enough so that Leilani would remember since she loved her so much.

Leilani is now four years old.
When her Mom, Tanya, told her that Shadow was going to heaven to give her Daddy a wet kiss, Leilani asked her why couldn't Buster Brown go instead.
(Remember Buster is bigger and a one and a half year puppy.)
Yesterday, the Mogensens came over and spent several hours with Shadow.
We made her paw print and gave Leilani a collage of pictures with Shadow.
She will remember Shadow.

Shadow grew to appreciate our one and a half year old chocolate lab/boxer mix, Buster Brown.
Buster would lick her skin cancer sores.
Shadow would only snap if Buster became to boisterous around us.
She also indicated to us that she would tolerate our daughter and son-in-law's dog, Sabre.

At noon, today, our Christian Vet consoled us with the fact that God wants man/woman to take care of the creatures.
We did not let Shadow suffer any more.
Our son, Brian, an animal lover called to tell us that this was the right thing to do for Shadow.

In the afternoon, Buster and I met a friend at PetSmart and the Dog Park with her dog, Lucy.
At the dog park, we met another woman who happens to be clergy and loves dogs.
She told me about the Rainbow Bridge.
Do you think maybe God had a hand in this?

Our 12 year old AKC lab, Dusty was just like Marley & Me.
We loved him even though he ran the house and opened the refrigerator on a regular basis to decide his latest snack. . .even though Shadow would tell on him.
We can only hope that Dusty and Shadow are together again running through the meadows and hills.
This time they would make friends with the squirrels, cats, etc.

Buster Brown is an old soul.
He loves all people and all dogs.
He eventually won Shadow over.

I have had dogs all of my life.
None of them are absent from my heart.

Bill & Martha Server

Shadow Wescott, 07/08/94-05/06/09

Shadow was a very special dog with a great personality.
He was paraplegic in his last two years.
We love him and will miss him very much.

Lew & Eunice Wescott

Shady, 03/17/08-06/13/09

you were the happiest, most generous dog there ever was. ill never forget you. i love you so much and our time will come soon enough for our meeting at Rainbow Bridge.


Shady, 02/08/09

I miss you so much my baby Shady

Kelli Doll

Shady, 02/89-03/08/06

Our Precious Shady,
Mommy and Daddy wants you to know that we will never forget the beautiful seventeen years you gave to us.
You always had a tennis ball in your mouth and those big brown eyes always looking at us saying please throw my ball mommy or daddy.
When we found out you had lung cancer it ripped our world apart baby.
We know you are with all your brothers and sisters at the rainbow bridge and you no longer have to suffer with that horrible cough.
We are so sorry baby our little shada lou
We will all see you again sweetheart and mommy will bring you alot of tennis balls when I see you again and we will have so much fun just like we use to.
Love you baby girl


Shady, 12/23/08

Shady, we love and miss you very much.
I am so sad about what happened to and don't believe it should have happened.
I am sorry you died alone, cold and, I fear, afraid. You deserved better.
Always know you were loved very much and meant so much to me and Janine.

Shae, 05/27/09

Shae, my little angel, you were taken too soon.
You still had sticks to catch and cows to chase.
Daddy cared for your illness as long as he could.
Then God told us your time here was done and he wanted you to come home.
We told you how much we loved you and we let you go.
Part of our hearts went with you.
You will be missed and remembered forever by your daddy, your boys, and me.
Love, Momma

Shaggy, 02/13/09

Shaggerz - you are the shining light that came into our lives on that special day.
Already an adult but yet still willing to start anew; still so loving.
My family and friends will always remember the joy and silliness you brought to us daily.
hope to be able to call you again someday.
I love you always "top dog".


Shaggy aka Saggy, Baby, Ge-Ge, Be-Be, 12/25/95-02/10/09

Thank you for being part of our lives all these years. Just simply lying by our legs, the many times of reaching out for food on the table and just about anywhere. All the stealing of tissue paper, socks, pens, chewing of plastic bags, soft toys and later hiding underneath the table, chairs and has never been easy having to trick you out of those places with your "mom-mom". Thanks for always being such a good boy and hardly peeing or shitting at home..always patiently waiting for us to bring you down..even on rainy days when you would hold on till your bladder is full and at times even shaking from a full bladder and would just gently look at us and be a good boy. Gone are the days where we can wrap you up like a baby and take you down to pee on rainy days..gone are the days we can take you in our arms and feel your golden fur and fluffy big paws. Gone are the days where I can see you sitting intently in front of us when we hold the biscuit bottle or any food. Gone are the days where I can hear you barking at the noisy neighbours that go up and down the staircase or the other noisy little dogs or children running around downstairs. Gone are the days where i can secretly take pictures of your cute sleeping poses. Gone are the days where I have to make space for you on the sofa or seeing you step all over my readings or notes. GOne are the days where we cook large portions of potatoes and cabbage for you and xiao-xiao. Gone are the days where we have to use the clipper to keep you from dirtying your drooping ears while eating. Gone are the days we wash your feet after the walk..drying your big your eyes. Gone are the days you get mummy ALL wet from giving you baths..Gone are the days where we buy you cakes on your birthday during christmas. Gone are the times where i can just hear your around the house or see you sleeping at my feet while I get my work done..There are just so much memories which can hardly be put down in words. We loved you so much when you were here on earth and we will continue loving you always. I will always remember how we first met at uncle william's that balcony where i know that you were meant to be with us..for a happier and more loving life that we all had together for these years. Thank you for putting up with the sudden addition of xiao xiao and letting him settle down in the family. Bless him to be a good little dog like you were to us and that he gets less scolding from daddy from all his peeing at home hurs Thank you SAGGY (though yvonne always say u are shaggy) for being part of our lives. WE LOVE YOU ALWAYS :)

Katharine, Yvonne, Vivienne, Jacqueline, Mooi Khoon, Ho You, Joshua

Shahar, 01/01/06

You are always in my heart.


Shak, 03/03/93-02/25/09

Shak was born in 1993 and was rightfully named after Shaquille O'Neil by my son, Brandon. As a very young kitty, Shak was busting with strength.
From a sitting position, he could jump straight up, almost 6'. He made a wonderful pet/friend for our family.
He was playful, loving and loyal. Shak loved to get a good rubdown and was playful most of his life.
You were a great kitty, Shak.
We will miss you.

Sandy Moeckel

Shakespeare, 06/27/09

You have indeed made my life totally worthwhile!!!
Thanks for comforting me throughout so many years,
for loving me and trusting me to do the right
thing inspite of my love for you and own selfishness to want to keep you around.

Although no longer in the flesh
you are indeed present in my heart, my thoughts as well as memories.
I'm grieving but I'm okay because I knew you had grown tired that week and after that moment I knew you wanted to rest.
Although loving you as much as I do I knew I had to let go because I didn't want you to suffer.
I prayed mornings, days and nights for God to take you before allowing you to suffer and when he spoke through you that day, that's when I knew it was time.

You were more then family,
You were more then a friend,
You were many things to me:
Mommas toot, mommas
old man, the love of mommas life
as well as mommas stank:-)
Me and granny took care of you from the beginning
all the way until the end.
Momma held you, rubbed you and prayed while granny comforted momma.
Momma loved you unconditionally and as a result so did granny and as a team we took care of you the best we could which resulted in a long life. Momma Love You Shake:-)

Thank you father God for allowing me to be a great mother and my mother for being the greatest granny to Shakespeare:-)

Margo Williams

Shakespeare, 01/14/94-06/27/09

To our baby boy--our hearts are broken at your passing, but you were telling us that it was time and that you were ready.
We had to love you enough to let you go, but it is so hard.
We fervently pray that we will see you again someday.
Until that day, we are comforted by the thought that you are young again and no longer suffering.
Say hello to Caro Cub, and both of you wait for us by the bridge.
We'll be there in the blink of an eye.

Ty and Sherry Walker

Shakira, 03/22/07-03/24/09

In memory. RIP. March 22,2007-March 24,2009.
Shakira was more than just a companion. She was my best friend. She was two years old when she died of a heart attak. I just found out this morning. On the 26th. Three whole days after her spirit left her energetic body. I was on vacation in the mountains for spring break. My parents didn't want to ruin my wonderful time, so they decided to tell me after. The roads were icy on the way home from my aunt's so instead of 30 minutes in the car we spent an hour. I cried the whole way home. Nobody knows yet. Besides my parents dog show friends and us. I don't know how I can cope the rest of my life without my Shakira by my side. I only had her for two years. She was the best dog in my eyes. I never thought I would lose her this quick. I loved her more than anyone else in the world. Maybe even my parents. I was in the middle of training her for agility. I imagined the two of us running side-by-side through the obstacles of the course. Whenever I had a bad day at school, I could always count on Shakira to be right by me comforting me. I loved her so much. It's just not fair that she had to go this soon. I will always love her and never forget her. One day I will see her on that rainbow bridge and she will leap into my arms and we will hold each other. But till than, I have to wait and live life fully. Happily. I will never remove her from my heart. No matter what, there will always be a place for you, Shakira. I love you. Jackie.

Shaland Marie Brown, July 30, 1996 - September 13,2009

To Our Sweet TeTe
You came into our lives to fill a hole in our hearts And you filled it with all your love And you were so funny and made us laugh everyday.  
We lost you this morning and we are having a hard time making it though this day with out you, But we now you are not suffering anymore.  
You were trying to make it for us.And we want to thank-you for making our days filled with love and laughter.Iam sure the sun is shining and there is lots of laughter were you are now.
We Will Always Love You and You Will Be Forever In Our Hearts.We Hope And Pray That You Will Be Waiting For Us At The Rainbow Ridge.

Love Your Mommy And Daddy

Shamrock, 09/21/05-02/17/09

When we first met your tiny, kitten self, we knew you had a heart murmur. We were warned that your life would be short, but we wanted to give you as many love-filled days as we could. You were loved dearly by both of us, but you were Daddy's special girl. His prayers over you tied the two of you together tightly. We miss you so much, but are so grateful for the time we had together and the healing you brought to our lives. Your spirit is always welcome in our home. We hope that someday you choose to come back to us in a healthy body. We love our fluffy girl always and forever.

Christina Laberge & Andrew Pelletier

Shamus, 06/06/98-03/19/09

To my best friend & companion. I love & miss you my BooBoo Bear!

Kathy Schacklin

Shamus, 06/09/98-03/19/09

My little bear Iwill always miss you and love you .The empty place in my heart will never be completely healed until we meet at the rainbow bridge. I love you and miss you my little bear.


Shamus (Daddy's Moo Pa Doo!), 11/26/99-02/25/09

We love you,Moopis!!!And miss you so very much,you will be in our hearts FOREVER!!!

John & Jennifer Donofrio

Shamus McCue, 03/22/09

We love you and miss you shoe shine boy.

Paula and Andy McCue

Shanahan, 02/06/09

Shanahan brought love and joy to our home.
He was our best friend and loyal companion.
I cannot begin to describe the terrible hole in hearts with the loss of our best friend.
I treasure the years of joy our beautiful black and white pal gave to us and the love we gave to him.

Carla Fight

Shanay, 12/28/08

Dear Shanay,
You will forever be in my heart,Every time i see the blue sky I will remember,your eyes for the color of them came from heaven,and God gave you to me for a short while,to teach me ,the unconditional love that he gave to you,I love you Shay, I will be seeing you again,you are always my good girl.
Love your mom,Robin

Shane, 06/12/98-11/10/08

Shane who was Barb's and my faithful companion for over 10 yrs.The dreaded hip dysplasia took Shane.I still cry over his loss and miss him so much.Getting emotional now as I write this(I'm 62 yr. old man).What kept him going the last few years was Glucosamine Chrondroitin(liquid form sold at Sam's Club).He was on it for over 5 years and it works.I miss you and love you Shane.


Shane Michael, June 27th, 1999 - March 10th,2009

Shane came into our lives at a time when we were all grieving the loss of a very young person. You see my daughters first boyfriend who was going in the service died on July 16th, 1999 in a terrible motorcycle accident and died on impact she never got to say good bye and either did his family or all his friends. He just graduated high school 2 weeks before and was leaving for service in August of 1999. So a few weeks went bye and my husbands friend had just gotten a Golden Retriever puppy and he said just maybe it would help our daughter with her grief. So Shane Michael came to us as a life companion to my daughter and our family. It was like he new he was to be here for all of us all of these years. A very proud dog but two years before his death he went totally blind but still always knew how to make you feel better. His death was cancer of the heart valves and he died of a massive heart attack. I stayed with him to the end but the rest of our family just could not. We also had a Black Lab who was older then Shane and use to help him around when Shane went blind. Plus my other daughter brought home a rescue dog a female shepperd who loved to be with Shane and misses him very much. Our older dog the Black Lab died of cancer also of the intestines but they also say he died a month after Shane due to a broken heart.

Shaney, 05/12/09

She was smart and brave and funny and friendly. She slept in my hair when it was cold, and sprawled across the pillow when it was warm. She wanted nothing more than to love and be loved, and maybe some tuna fish and a warm sunbeam and a feather-toy to play with. A beautiful cat, inside and out, with such a lot of love in that little furry body.

"You are God's kindliest gift of all - a friend.
Your shining loyalty unflecked by doubt,
You ask but leave to follow to the end."

~ D. Parker

Shania, 06/95-06/26/09

Shania was a wonderful dog full of life, and happy to love all of her people.
She was loved by many; and will be greatly missed.
Thank you Shania for being such a wonderful addition to our family for soo many years!
You were loved and in return we were too.
I thank God for giving us the most wonderful friend for 14 wonderful years.
May you rest in peace.
Until we meet again my faithful friend........


Shania, 03/01/96-05/05/09

RIP My beloved girl, you are no longer struggling. You were the best friend anyone could ever have. I shall see you again, at the rainbow bridge. Have a safe journey, I miss you more than words could ever convey. You taught me a great deal in the short time we were together, and for that I will be forever indebted. You're in my thoughts and prayers. Love you, now go and play like you did when you were young. So long for now XOXOXOXO

Roger & Denise

Shaniqua, 07/97-03/26/09

She was a blessing to our family. She loved giving bully kisses.

Eva Farrell

Shanna, 12/12/91-04/29/09

Goodbye old girl, you was a great dog.
I had you so long, but now it is time for you to go.
I love you and miss you.


Shannen Doggerty, 11/01/93-02/16/09

This was a one of a kind pup. She was warm, friendly, loyal, loving, and was always behind you, no matter where you went. She was one of those dogs that was okay with most cats, she was unique in that she had a white love heart shape on her forehead area, surrounded by her gorgeous tan colour. From the first day, she fit in a baseball cap. In the last day, she passed away peacefully in my arms, wrapped up in a top from her Uncle Paul, buried in a pet cemetery, surrounded by friends' animals who had passed on. Shannen was never alone in life, will never be in death, and never be forgotten. The fifteen years she gave was worth a lifetime xxx

Daniel Bell

Shannon Marie, 08/22/93-02/27/09

Our love puppy..that's what we called her. Words cannot express our sorrow at your leaving us! How-ever the joy and happiness you gave us for the past 16 1/2 years will live in our hearts forever. Your memory will never fade.
See ya on Rainbow Bridge...from your heartbroken Mom and Boy

Shanny, 02/05/09

You were my best friend and I love and miss you. Look forward to the day I see you again.


Shanti, 06/07/09

May 26, 1994 - June 7, 2009

My Fluffy Angel of Love,
My Sweet One,
My Always Brave & Courageous Girl,
Healer of Hearts, Soother of Pain,
Embodiment of Joy,
Compassionate Teacher of Selflessness and Devotion,

Your Life Blazed A Trail of Delight
For All Who Knew You,
And All Who Glimpsed Your Adorable Form
Even For A Moment.

Your Presence Was My Daily Blessing
And My Reminder of Grace.

Now You Have Graduated With Flying Colors
From This World
And From Your Doggy Disguise,
And Your Magnificent Spirit Once Again Soars Free
Among the Stars.

I Will Miss You Deeply and Love You Forever


Shanti, 03/07/09

She was my best friend in good times and bad.
We went through hell and back together.
I'm so grateful for all that she gave and never asked for anything in return.
I am honored to have known such a regal, poised, confident cat.
I just wish I could have rescued her from the shelter sooner.
I will miss her purring me to sleep at nights and giving me head butts to ask for a kiss.
I will see you on the other side of the bridge Pinkie!!!

Andrea H

Shaq, 05/2009

Shaq (aka "Pesters")

Thank you for the many years of love and devotion. Your gentle purr and sleeping on the tops of our head at night gave us as much comfort as it did you during those long Winter nights.

You are thought of and missed each and every day.

D'Anne & Doug

Shaq, 04/05/93-11/24/08

Shaq's trade mark was his smile, he smiled when he was having a good time.
Shaq was 15yrs 7 months.
His playmate Nikki, who is a 3 years old (Yellow Lab Retriever) misses him as much as the rest of his family. We love You Shaq!!!

Yolanda and Jacob Barnett

Sharon, 03/11/09

Found her abandoned by a neighbor....we loved her as she found new hope and joy. Sadly, she had to leave us....she will be missed everyday.

Rosemary Kenigsberg

Shasta, 05/08/96-04/02/09

Shasta honey, we love you soooo much!

Paul and Laura

Shasta, 10/01/95-02/02/09

We found Shasta one weekend when we were garage saling..Her other family was moving to Arizona and weren't taking her...It was love at first site for us..Even though she was an older girl she still had alot of heart..spunk and love....She became my girl...Following me whereever I went....Never going to bed until I did....We had her for three wonderful years...Her love has touched my heart and her leaving to be with God has left a big ache in it as well...Now she is well and romping once again...Shasta you are loved and missed..By...Dad & Mom...

Shatzi, 04/28/97-04/22/09

Shatzi, you will be so missed.
Run and play again with Grizzley.
You both are so missed here, we will see you again someday.


Shauna, 03/16/09

The Shauna I know.

There are so many things that I am going to miss about my little girl. I call her little well she is now, but she was always the biggest of the bunch. She weighed over 14 lbs a year ago in May now she weighs nine.

I am going to miss how she would come to bed each night and snuggle. She loved to climb up onto my hip once I got comfortable, or on my butt if I was laying on my tummy. She would knead for a few seconds an then stretch out and get comfy. I'm going to miss how she would love to get right up on the pillow and lick and chew your hair.

I will miss how she acted like a dog with her little mice. I would pull one out from the headboard of the bed, make sure my legs were safe, and ask her if she was going to get the mouse. Then I would throw it into the living room and she would run after it, pick it up in her tiny mouth and carry it back to the bed to play some more.

I will miss her little meow, it sounds like reant-reant. It's adorable.

I will miss her pretty, pretty face. A lot of people over the years have called her ugly, have said she looked like a burn victim, they have said lots of things, and I always say no she's unique and beautiful. She won my heart from the moment I saw her on my birthday over 10 years ago. Never mind the fact that she made me sneeze immediately, and when we got her home we found out that she had worms and dandruff and diarreah. LOL. We kept her and got her all patched up and she was part of the family.

Squeak didn't think so though. Poor little Squeak got sick right after we brought her home. She pulled through though. We nursed Squeak back to health over three long months of IV fluids, antibiotics and tube feedings of ensure and Metamucil.

I will miss how Shauna came running when the can opener was going, and how she is the only one in the house who liked the tuna juice. I will miss sharing my hearts of palm with her. She thought that was the best treat in the world. I just dug a jar out tonight and fed her some. I think she was in heaven.

I don't know what I'm going to do with the extra sink in the bathroom now. I almost cry when I walk in there. I am still keeping water in the sink, even though she hasn't been in there in two months. I don't know if I'll ever be able to just let the water drain.

All three of my girls have been here for me through a lot these past few years. There was many a night, I came home and cried on their shoulders.

I love Shauna dearly, and it's getting so close to the end now. I just had to put a few more things down on paper.

Thanks to everyone for their thoughts, prayers, kind words and stories. It means so much to me.


Shawn, 01/26/09

Shawn was my first rescued dog.
He started as a
foster and stole my heart on day one.
He was probably 10 + on the day my friend pulled him from the e-list and we had 2 fabulous years together.
Never deny yourself the chance to adopt a Sr. dog.
The time together will be shorter but you will be loved by a dog in a way you never thought possible.
I will miss you every day my sweet Shawnie Bear and can not wait to see you RUNNING to meet when my day comes.
Your loving Mom, Gracie & Benny

Shawnee, 03/25/06

Shawnee came to us at just under a year old..unloved, unwanted by her first family. She gave us 11 years of love..although she was defensive/aggressive due to something that happened in her puppyhood. Training didn't help. She was afraid of men..except for her Daddy Fred. HIM she gave kisses to, but always on the cheek...neat,little clean kisses. She was my devoted foot pillow..pure white, gorgeous fur baby, everyone fell in love with her gorgeous looks. Later, one of our cats (Kuma)fell in love with her and would snuggle up with no fear at all. She wasn't thrilled at first, but grew to accept him. She was so clever.
Even while barking ferociously..would put herself away in 'her' room if I'd just point down the hallway.
If we didn't come right away to close the glass door to her room(so she could still see out)...she'd peek out wondering why the door was still open. She could have been a circus dog..was so adept at figuring out ways around, over and through obstacles. 30 lbs of pure agility and intelligence. We lost her to liver failure at 11-l/2.
She lay quietly and lovingly in my arms with her head on my shoulder,giving her Daddy little kisses as our loving vet knelt on the floor to administer the medication which would take away all of her pain. We grieved then and still grieve for her today..she left a huge hole in our hearts.

Elizabeth (Scotty) and Fred Schulz

Shay-nay-nay , 01/03/96-01/30/09

Our beloved Samoyed. The memories will live on.

Vern & Sue

Shayla, 05/29/09

Shayla was a stray that we took in about 15 yrs ago. We did not know that she was pregnent, but after a short time with us, she gave birth to 10 healthy pups. We gave all of them to good homes, with 3 familys taking 2 each. She was a very good mother and for the next 15 years gave us unconditional love and compainship that can not be replaced. Shayla suffered her second stroke on thursday 5/27/09 after surviving her first approx. 5 years earlier. We took her to our Vet on thursday and our Vet thought at the time that with the meds and rest that she would survive this one also. We called Friday and was told that Shayla was not responding to the treatments as our Vet had hoped. Saturday we went to see Shayla and we could see that she was even more weak and inmobile then she was on Thursday. We knew then that our time with our old friend, our much loved gal was not going to be able to make it. We made the decision, which is the hardest thing to do when you have pets was to have her put down. We had one of our other dogs, Cookie who was also 16 taken from us on Jan 19 of this year. We have lost 2 wonderful, loving dogs who we consider our kids in the past 5 months. Shayla was beautiful, she was black with some white on her chest and paws. Our hearts are heavy with sorrow and we will miss Shayla to our dying days. We now are down to 4 dogs whom we love very much. We started with 6 dogs and 3 cats, now with just 4 our home is more quiet then it has ever been. If I had to make a choice of living in a world with either just humans or one with just dogs and cats, I would choose the latter. God Bless to all of you who love your pets as much as we have loved ours.

Kenny Wayne

Sheba, 03/07/04-03/27/09

Sheba, it's taken me so long to say goodbye because I could not do it until now. You were my absolute best companion and I will always have you in my heart. You left way too soon and I think of you daily. Your kind and gentle nature is missed by all. The hardest thing I've ever had to do is let you go, but it was time and I could tell when you looked at me, you knew it was time too. I am glad I was there with you when you crossed the bridge because I know you'll be there waiting, with your smile and that little nub wagging, standing next to Lady when we meet again. I am glad to have had you in my life.


Sheba, 06/29/09

Abedlington like no other...the transformation from Show Dog champion to the most loving pet is something I have never experienced.She loved her walks, her treats, "Beggin Strips" and even the chesse that was wrapped around her chemo... Yes cancer has taken my best friend but she is no longer suffering although her owner continues to weep.... selfish on my part...YES.. but missing someone who gave suport through her masters changes in life and gave unrequented love...Sheebie, I love and miss you....Dad

Sheba, 11/01/07-06/10/09

Your little life was short but precious.
We miss your loving pats and gental nibbles.
Mandy misses your middle of the night meows while she is trying to sleep.
You never were a lap cat but you enjoyed the lovins we gave.
You came to us as a wild cat but made a very special place in our lives.

Enjoy the meadows and the warming sunshine at Rainbow Bridge.
Never forget us because we will never forget you.
Mom and Mandy

Sheba, 01/96-03/28/09

My sweet were a throw away cat. Whoever you owned before Daddy and me; never saw the the great friend you really were. We loved you for 13 years and miss you so very much. Bogart is still looking for you even though he was able to say good-bye to you in his own way at the Vet's office. Your Daddy and I are so thankful that we were able to get back home from Georgia before you passed away from our lives. I know in my heart that you are running and playing with Mr. Rags. The two of you were such good buddies. Until we see you again at the Rainbow Bridge....
We love you so much,
Momma, Daddy and Bogart

Sheba, 02/21/95-03/27/09

In loving memory of Sheba. Thanks for being the best dog ever. We
had 14 wonderful years with you and we miss you more than words can say.

Michael & Wendy

Sheba, 03/26/09

My lovely loyal girl. I rescued you from the dogs home.
You were my best friend and I will always love you.

Cheryl Williams

Sheba, 03/17/09

We got a little fluff-ball who liked to gnaw in the summer of 1994 from our local shelter.
From the moment she got home she was part of our family.
Sheba was a tremendous companion animal to us and we loved her VERY much. She became diabetic in 2005 and we feared that she would not live much longer.
Yet, over four years later we finally had to let her go.
It was terribly sad to say good-bye to one whom you have loved so much and has brought you so much happiness and joy.
She was, even in her final day, a happy puppy.
We will miss her terribly.

Gloria Betcher and Doug Biggs

Sheba, 03/19/09

Queen Sheba II a/k/a Sheba went to be with the Lord on the 19th day of March, 2009.
Her owner eagerly awaits the day when they will meet at The Rainbow Bridge.

Jerrie England

Sheba, 02/14/93-03/20/09

"Gone, but never far from my heart"

Debra Wickliff

Sheba, 03/09/09

My Sheba was a very sweet dog and I miss her so much.
I am very blessed to have had her in my life and to have been able to give her a wonderful home.
She will always hae a special place in my heart.

Dolores Bach

Sheba, 03/21/97-03/06/09

sheba was a wonderful,intuitive,senitive,and very loving. she gave her whole heart and trust to the ones she knew that loved her. sheba will be missed by all that loved her, till we meet again.

Teri K

Sheba, 10/31/88-01/10/09

Farewell Sheba.
You had a long and full life.
I will always love you.

Susan Bowie

Sheba, 04/14/94-01/02/09

Wonderful cat - we will miss you!


Sheba, 10/10/90-01/07/09

Sheba was a beautiful friend. I had her for 18 years and she gave me so much. She never cared what mood I was in or what I looked like on some days. She truly gave me unconditional love and I loved her the same. She fought Chronic Renal Failure for 3 years. These last 3 years I have seen her disappear in front of my eyes. The final day she weighed 3 pounds. She was a tough cookie to the bitter end. Now she is in peace. I miss beloved friend.

Robyn Lafleur

Sheba, 12/15/94-01/02/09

Our hearts are so heavy today as we woke up for our first day without our girl.
She was always the first to greet us in the morning and waited right by the front door when we were coming home.
We had the perfect furry kid.
She was everything you could possibly want in a dog and more.
We will miss her every single day of our lives and be so grateful God gave us such a loyal, loving, affectionate, protective, angel that made us smile every single day for 14 years.
We love you Sheba girl.
No more pain for you now.
Run thru the grass and play all day!
We'll be with you again some day.

Stan and Sherry Hatch and Family

Sheba James, 05/15/09

To my Sheba Cat,
You and I went through so much together.
You were the Alpha and Omega . I will miss you terribly and never forget you. You was such a good companion for 16 years.
I will miss your meows and purrs.
Now you are free from sickness and can run and play with Sasha and Sabre.
You are all together again.
I love you and miss you Sheba.
Again thank you for the wonderful years.
We will all be together again someday.

Sheba Tudda, 01/04/09

To my best friend and my loving companion, I will always remember you as my special pooh bear and you will always have a piece of my heart. I love you.

Ines Tudda

Sheba Wisecup, 04/17/09


Sheeba, 09/03/90-07/05/05

Sheeba Sue Via
Best little puppy dog ever
You are loved and missed everyday

Linda Johnston

Sheeba, 04/04/04

I miss you Boo Bear. I am better for having spent time with you, I only wish it could have been longer. You taught me to be strong, be fearless, and to be happy. You are in mine and Aspen's heart everyday. We love you.

Lisa Marie

Sheeka, 04/03/93-02/09/09

Sheeka came to me when I was 13 years of age, and left me the year I turned 30. She saw me from adolescence through adulthood. I took her with me to college, and in fact we had never been parted for any length of time except for the rare vacation. She saw me all the way through starting my career and getting married. My life and consequently hers was often full of bumps in the road, but she was so uncomplaining. She was always there for me, and so forgiving and accepting. She was my companion and friend, and I look forward to when we meet again. I love her and miss her so.

Destiny Desmond

Shelby, October 9, 2009 3pm

Shelby -

I was lucky enough to have you as my best friend for nine years. Sometimes I took you for granted, but always loved you deeply. Yet I'll never measure up to the kind of unconditional love you constantly gave me and others.

I wish I could have kept you with me forever, to hug you tight the way you liked and scratch your chest. I hope my decision was the right one. If it's not what you wanted, please forgive me, and know that I only wanted to do the right thing for you.

I will miss you forever and there will never be another Shelby for me.

Heartbroken and missing you an awful lot-  
Yari & Ping

Shelby, 03/19/04-06/03/09

My dog Shelby has a condition called "Keratoconjunctivitis Sicca". She has had this condition going on 4 1/2 years. it's a condition characterized by decreased tear flow and thickening and hardening of the cornea and conjunctiva. Also called dry-eye syndrome. It's a painful and it can lead to blindness. My poor baby was going blind. Medications did little to help her and so it was time to end her suffering.

I will Miss her greatly since she was (my dog). Always being by my side and slept next to me on the floor. Following me around and usually under my feet. She never hurt anyone she was a sweet loving dog always leaning in next to anyone's leg to get a head rub, she never strayed far from me and when we would go for walks always making sure I was there with her. Next to being such a loving dog and wanting to be loved on. she loved to play ball.

Sometimes a pet will come into ones life that seeks out one particular person and give unconditional love and that is what Shelby did with me, by my side day and night. I know she loved me... all I had to do was whisper her name and she would come. I feel blessed that she choose me. I had 5 wonderful years with her she was a once on a life time kinda pet. I have her best buddies Dixie and Harley my other 2 Golden's and I love them too, But Shelby was very attached to me for some reason and I to her. Only once in a life time and I had it with with a very special friend named Shelby.

If there is a Heaven for Dogs then I know Shelby will be there with bright shinning eyes, like she had when she was a puppy. RIP Shelby I will never forget you!

Jill N

Shelby, 06/03/09

I will always remember the joy you brought me,
and the good times we shared.
I love & miss you so much Shelby...

Love mommy

Shelby, 05/27/09

I hope I made the right decision for you. You were my best friend but I could tell you were struggling. I am sorry I could not be there when they put you asleep. I could not handle it. I am a coward and weak. I love you.

Paul Mazzaferro

Sheena, 04/19/92-02/04/09

Sheena was with us for almost 17 years and she was the best friend, babysitter, and "sibling" I could have ever imagined.
I miss you so much.
You will remain in our hearts forever.

Allison, Barbara, David, Leyla, Mahir, and Rikki (Sheena's Parakeet)

Shelby, 05/13/09

Shelby was truly my little buddy.
She was warm, loving, playful and completely loyal to me.
We went through a lot together and my life is so much better and happier for having her in it.

Karin Springer

Shelby, 11/15/97-05/01/09

Shelby was my best friend and my confidant.
She was there for me during the best of times and the worst of times.

Even more important, she was there for all of the things that molded me into the person I am today.
So I feel lost without her, like a key part of me is gone.

I will always love you Shelby.....and I miss you greatly!!

Erin Schultz

Shelby, 04/16/09

Shelby was my baby for 11 years.
She was my best friend always giving me unconditional love and companionship.
Although she was a family pet, she and I lived alone for 10 years of her life.
I am just used to having her around and will miss her terribly.
Shelby was an angel here on Earth and I know she loved me without even thinking about it.
She didn't judge me or care what I looked like...she just loved from her heart.
She will never be forgotten.

Myka Washington

Shelby, 11/14/99-02/02/09

She was my baby. Always so excited when I came home and she met me at the door. She made my life so much better and I could not let her suffer one more minute.

Kathryn L. Brantley

Shelby, 07/04/94-09/18/08

My loyal "BOO", what a devoted girl you were.
My companion of fourteen years, you are sadly missed. I still see you with snow mounded on your little nose from playing outside and chasing the snowballs. How we played with the water hose and you pounced at the "moles". Our endless hours of girl...You made me smile, you made me laugh, you made me happy. I love you...


Shelby, 08/10/91-01/26/09

My Shelby,
I miss you more than you will know.
Thank you for 16 wonderful years together. You were with me during a big part of my life.
I hope you felt as much love from me as I did from you.
Thank you for the honor of being your person...and family.
You chose me and I couldn't have been luckier.
Thank you, thank you, thank you....we love you and miss you.

Jodi, Larry & Hannah (Max and Mittens)

See you at the Bridge...

Shelby, 01/19/09

shelby was my daughters cat,she loved her very much,that was her baby,shelby passed 01-19-2009,my daughter is left with a broken heart,i know shelby had a good life,and truely will be missed.i know someday nikki will have another one,and treat her just the same,nikki everything will be okay,i love you,i just wish i could give you a hug,but the distance is keeping me from doing so.i love you sweetheart,mom

Shelby Graziosi, 04/07/09

Shelby was such a loving and caring lab.
She was the sweetest, gentle, and beautiful dog we could have ever hoped for.
We are so sad that she is gone.
No other pet could possibly take her place.
Shelby we all miss you dearly, we're sorry you are gone....

Matthew and Erica Graziosi

Shelby Lynn, 12/27/94-03/18/05

Shelby Lynn, omigosh I miss you so much! You were like a mother to me, and I loved your company. Enjoy your time at the bridge, have fun and all, I will join you eventually... tell Amy I said hi. I love you sooo much, it was so hard to let you go! I will never ever ever forget you! Good Girl xoxoxoxoxo chase all the ducks you can find, eat all the milkbones you want, sleep in as long as you please, and if there is one you can bark all you want at the U.P.S man too.:) I love you unconditionally! I have a new dog now, a yelow lab named Josiphine (Josie) Lynn. You two wouldve been good friends. She is my baby now. See you again someday, love your daughter...xoxo

Shelby Lynn Gurik, 12/24/06


We think of you so often and our hearts still grieve for you.
If only we could have you for one more day.
We hope to be together with you again, sweetheart, look for us.

Dad, Gommy & PaPa

Shelby Marie, 12/00/90-07/25/05

Shelby Marie was a very loved family member of mine. My parents bought her for me when I was four years old. She was my best friend all the way till I was an adult, then God called for her to come be with Him. About a week later I got her ashes back in a velvet bag that said "until we meet again at the rainbow bridge" and attached to bag holding her was a poem called the Rainbow Bridge. I am still crying and grieving the loss of her years later, but the poem helped me alot. She was 15 years old when she passed. She outlived the life expectency of the average Doberman. She is a part of my life that I will never forget. I hope to see her again "when its my time".

Nancy Pellegrino

Shelby Miller, 06/18/97-12/25/08

Shelby was my best friend and will be missed dearly!
She brought joy to every person's life who had the opportunity to meet her.
Her beautiful and soft coat made it easy to snuggle up to her.
Her personality was like no other, even the non-dog lover fell in love with my Shelby instantly. Some of my friends even referred to her as "human dog". Some of her favorite nicknames were: Doo, Dooey, Dooba, Relb, Relby, Relba-doo, Mama's Bubba, Bubby,the Baby, and Shelbs Ane. She loved to walk, chew her toys, and of course eat! Her favorite snack was carrots. She will always remain in my heart and the hearts of all who loved her.
She truley was the best companion one could have for the last 11 1/2 years of my life!!
Mumma loves you Dooba!

Shelby Sue, 03/15/95-02/25/09

My sweet baby girl. We loved you so very much and miss you with all our hearts. We will never be far away. And I know you are with us all the time. We love you Pee Pee girl.
Love Mommy & Daddy

Shelby W. Barlow, 01/24/09

Today, there was no gentle nudge,
With an intense "I love you" gaze,
Only a heart that's filled with tears
Remembering our joy-filled days.

Shelby, all our love, hugs, and kisses go with you.
Elaine and Don W. Barlow, and the Affie Gang (the boys are missing their boss)

Elaine & Don W. Barlow

Shellie, 07/03/95-02/13/09

You were my best buddy for 13+ years.
I know you are happy and pain free but I miss you terribly. You were the joy of my life!!

Marcia Kahl

Shelly Clemmer, 04/01/92-06/30/09

You will forever be in our hearts and memories.
You are missed now and will be forever.
We love you Baby Girl.

Sheila Clemmer

Shenji Williams Harris, 01/01/93-01/07/09

Dearest Shenji:

You began your new life in the Doggie section of Heaven today.
I am sure that your mommy Kathy met you at the pearly gates.
Uncle Jim & Aunt Gina will see you sometime again when our time is up here on earth.
We are glad that you are running and playing again.
Without pain and eating the best food that there is ( Especially eggies and chicky).. Good bye buddie, even though you were adopted you were like our own.
Unlce Jim & Aunt Gina

Shenzi, 03/11/09

Shenzi came to live with us when our daughter could no longer keep her.
Her boyfriend's dog was very dominant, and so they didn't get along. It wasn't intended to be a permanent situation, but I fell in love with Shenzi and couldn't let her go. She was sweet and silly and looked like a loaf of bread with legs. When she was
young she had a total of 15
puppies, but when she came to live with us we made sure she retired. By the time she was 13, and had trouble seeing, hearing, breathing, and going downstairs, we knew it was time to say good-bye. I rubbed her silky ears and whispered to her as she fell asleep, the top of her head wet with my tears.

Karen Cook

Shep, 03/31/02-01/17/09

Shep, "Sheppie", will be greatly missed by his parents, his human sister, and his grandparents.
His passing was unexpected.
He was the most loyal and devoted dog anyone could ask for.


Sherlock, 01/24/09

Adopted 10/2002 (about 3-4 years old) passed on 1/24/09.
Our loving and faithful 4 legged friend left us at 1:30pm on 1/24/09.
Sherlock brought us so much joy, from the moment we adopted him at the shelter until his last moments with us.
He had been through so much physically, but never complained.
While his face was still so puppy like, his poor body kept failing him.
From onset Kidney failure to hip dysplasia and arthritis he took his meds and wagged his tail becauses he knew we were trying to help him.
Seeing his sweet little face starting to look so forlorn we knew it was time to make the difficult decision of euthanasia.
We all petted his beautiful coat and kissed his sweet face as he left us peacefully for the Rainbow Bridge.
He joins some other feline and canine friends he never met but I know they'll all get along and play together.
When I get to hold him again and get some of his sweet kisses I know I will truly be in heaven.
I hope you had a peaceful and happy journey my beloved Sherlock.
You taught us how wonderful it is to have a furr baby friend and because of that we will adopt another sweet canine.
Not to replace you but to honor you and your memory.
I love you and miss you.

Gayle, Amanda and Lauren.

SHERLOCK LAUZIERE, 5/29/93 - 10/4/09


Sherman (Junior or Bug), 06/21/03-06/17/09

Junior, I miss you so much you were very special to me, you were such a little fighter, you made it 11 months since we found out you had cancer, even Dr. Faust was suprised that you made it that long. he said i must be doing someting right. Well now you are with all your cage mates, Panzer, Sidney, Angel, obie, I know Angel is happy sheloved you so much, I know your better off but it still hurts, I still havent been able to clean your cage i have tried but i just cant, Sam just pasted over the bridge today, be nice to him. We love you and miss you Daddy doesnt have anyone to steal his socks, you would always wait for him to take off his socks and you would take them upstairs and put them under the dresser. Love you and Miss you
Mon and Dad

Sherman, 06/01/91-01/05/04

Germ you went through so much hardship before I found you,I hope I made a little difference in your life....I love you my Germ

Kristeen Ferguson

Sherman, 04/04/96-05/29/09

Shermie, you will always be loved. I had 13 wonderful years with you. You left too soon but I knew it was time for you to go. You were such a naughty little beagle; but I always had to smile when after getting caught you would look at me with those big brown eyes as if to say "What's the big deal?" My heart is broken but you have left me with so many wonderful memories.
I love you.


Sherman, 01/28/09

We loved our buddy. He was the best dog ever!We will miss you terribly and Abbey misses her companion.See you in heaven buddy

Kelly, Mitch, Josh and Jessica

Sherri, 01/01/97-04/03/09

Sherri was a 38 pound, black / white socks, junk yard dog.
Ever and always at my side 24/7 for her entire life.
A faithful runner and sweety pie that thought laps were made for occupying. She went everywhere with me and had a stint as a nursing home therapy dog.
Thanks for sharing your life with me.


Sherri, 04/07/97-09/12/08

sherri was our best friend our baby we met her when she was 5 days old ,the most perfect dog ,so pretty.the day we brought her home she settled sraight away, playing in the garden running around with us.she had more toys than our children ,she was our baby. she loved the woods never much taking notice of other dogs just stopping to say hello but loved the fuss of humans.she was very easy to train, never once had a problem with her she was always eager to please.our grand-daughter alex came along and they adored each other alex now four misses her she cant understand why shes not here she thinks when shes better she will come back ,if only that were true.we miss her so much i cry every single day for her i keep wishing i could have one more cuddle stroke her soft ears rub her belly .i think i hear her barking waking me up in the morning.its only been 3wks ,seems a lifetime . i know we will never get over losing her i know she is no longer in pain , but i wish we could have had her a little longer it happened so quick, saying
goodbye was the hardest thing ever to sherri my love GOD is now looking after you thats why he named you DOG , you were and always will be the love of our lives ,we will always miss you , be happy with the other pets we hope you find our cat mitz who was 20yrs old died last year, we know you missed happy my love you'll be in our hearts forever love mum and dad

Sherwin Angel Eyes, 01/25/02-05/19/09

God speed, my golden boy. You were much loved and will continue to be...

Sunita S

Shi-Lin, 11/02/99-03/08/09

God had a purpose for Shi-Lin upon this earth. It was to be my loving pet and protector during her life. It was 12 days after the 9/11 tradgedy that my home caught fire in the early morning hours. Shi-Lin came to my bedside and awoke me in time to escape from the house. The smoke was so thick I barely made it to a window but couldn't find Shi-Lin to get her out. When the firefighters found her body at the back door, they brought her outside and began CPR. It seemed like eternity to me then she responded and began breathing on her own. From then on I would tell her that she was " daddy's little hero". While during her final moments with me, I felt so bad that she saved my life and I could do nothing to save her's. Shi-Lin's kidneys had failed to 10% functional and the vet said it was a matter of a few weeks for her to survive. During that time I cooked her favorite foods and stayed with her telling her how much she meant to me. Now I will wait til I see her again when I travel to the rainbow bridge and we reunite.

Harold Stone

Shieba, 27 Jan 2009

Shieba as I held your paw I felt you claw my finger one last time telling me thank you and goodbye. You were like a sister to me. We grew up side by side and to lose you, I felt it was just not time. However God decided it was time for you to go and to him. I ask you to wait for me at the Rainbow Bridge. I look forward to holding you again old girl. Rest In Peace.

Nicholas Krob

Shiloh, 03/01/03-06/05/09

I loved Shiloh with all my heart, and I hope you will say a prayer for him tonight.
I know he is in a better place.
He brought me such great joy, and I will miss him. I just adopted him a year ago. I know his last year here with us was filled with joy and love and that he knew this was where he belonged.
I miss you sweet boy.
You will always be in my heart.

Marie Silverstein

Shilo, 07/01/99-03/30/09

Shilo,you have been our best friend.You always made our dark days so much brighter.we thank you for your unconditional love and will always be loved always be missed and never be forgotten!!Big wet kisses to you always sweet you forever your family.

Shiloh, 05/11/09

Michelle and family:
I am so sorry for your loss.
You're in my thoughts!

Crystal Hamilton

Shiloh, 05/14/09

Go play with Angel, George and Arlo sweetie.
I miss you always.

Shawn Henline

Shiloh, 02/2009

Shiloh you are loved and missed so very much by your mama lynn.

You were a blue eyed angel in a coat of white.
The person next door who owned you neglected you and you came to me.
I nursed you back to health more than once and each time your owner took you back and you came back to me near death.
I helped you with more love and care and you were the most handsome kitty I ever saw.
Then you were gone.
I miss you and hope you wait for me at the rainbow bridge, I'll see you there.
I love you and miss you so very much.
MaMa Meow/Lynn

Shiloh, 07/26/00-03/21/09

To my sweet baby boy Shiloh,

You were my best friend, my sunshine, the most wonderful dog I could of ever asked for. I could not let you suffer more than you already had. Cancer unfortunately does not go away.

Your brothers Ernie and Simon miss you very much and keep pacing wondering when you will come back home. They sure miss there big brother a whole lot.

Grandpa Clovis is waiting for you and he promised that he will take care of you until mommy comes up to take care of you once again.

I promise that everytime I see your face will be it so we can say hi to eachother.

You were very proud and very loving towards your whole family and for that we will always remember you.

We love you with all of our hearts.

Daddy, mommy, Simon and Ernie.

Shiloh, 01/19/09

My best friend who was always there for me and who stuck by me and gave me comfort through my hard times. We all loved you very much. You will be missed deeply. Thank you for your unconditional love and loyalty. God bless you.

Thomas Brehm

Shiney, 05/01/98-12/05/08


How we miss you so our gentle giant!
There is not a day that goes by that some little memory of you does not bring me to tears, like seeing your leash and not going for your walk you loved so much, or the couch you used to love to sleep on. We loved you and you loved us back. What a giant loss. We called you King of the Greyhound dogs, so special, kind and loving. We are very blessed we had you to take care of. What joy you brought to our lives. How I just know in my heart we will all be together again someday!

Dear God, watch over our precious boy. The most gentle soul. Mommy and Daddy miss you so, Tiny does too. You were loved by all who knew you.

Rest in peace honey.
Mommy Daddy and Tiny

Shing, 11/22/08-04/22/09

Shing was a cute dog,very smart,very good with me and I will always remember her.


Shiraz, 03/27/09-05/24/09

She was with us for such a short time and brought so much joy to our lives. She will be missed dearly.


Shiva, 04/06/08-05/05/09

She died trying to give birth to her kittens. One of the kittens sacks burst and killed the others. At the time we didn't know what was wrong so we called the vet to see if something was wrong, well they said every thing was fine and there was nothing to worry about. We woke up and she was dying, We took her to the vet and we had to put her down because there was nothing we could do to save her or the kittens. She was the sweetest cat in the world so beautiful and happy. I saved her from Animal Control. I missed her so much and I want to have her remembered for ever.

Adrianna Marchand

Shmoo, 08/13/01-03/07/09

Love you forever! Cannot wait to be reunited again :) Thank you for waiting for me. My lil' Boobala :P

Tiffany Clark

Sho Sho, 11/22/08

We will always love amd miss you SHO SHO!!!!!!!

Stuart & Renee Salassi

Shocker, 02/09/09

You came to live with us as a result of Hurricane Charly as we sheltered you, when your current home would be destroyed.
I was not your first owner, but I would be your last. I thought it was proper for you to stay with your buddy, Freida. The both of you were to grow old together.
I loved your stamina, and energy you displayed despite your age. And that bark to get inside the house. Wow!
I will miss you. We will all miss you. Freida has lost her friend for the last 11 years. I know you will be there for her too someday.
Thank you for allowing me to take care of you these past 4 years.
With love and light, may you have true happiness. You deserve it Shocker...xx00

Sandy and Family

Shoelace, 04/11/93-04/26/09

Shoelace was the everything I needed. Loveing, loyal, and happy to see me every day.
I could never have a better dog. She was my one constant through all my life changes.
I love you Shoelace!

Sarah Peters

Shogun, 04/10/09

He was the greatest dog. I loved him so much. He was a gift from God and I am grateful for every day he was with me. Thank you Lord and help me to keep him in my heart always as a piece of your pure love.
-- Kim

Shortie, 02/14/96-01/24/09

When tomorrow starts without me,
And I'm not there to see;
The sun will rise and find your eyes
All filled with tears for me.
I wish so much you wouldn't cry
The way you did today,
Remembering how I'd lay my head
In your lap that special way.
I know how much you love me,
As much as I love you,
And each time that you think of me,
I know you'll miss me too.

Michele Malaspino

Shorty, 08/25/96-07/07/09

Shorty was a rescue, adopted when he was 7 and a half months old from a basset rescue organization. They told me he was kidding. I had to drive from RI to NH to get him, and he hid behind the table, growled and carried on to the point I thought I would be leaving without him...finally his prior owner gathered him up and placed him in the car. She loved him, but worked 12 hour days and that kind of schedule was not conducive to house breaking. It's a three hour ride from where we got him s we stopped at a rest stop to let him do his business. It was mid-March in the midst of a snowy New England winter and there were still mounds of snow. The poor little guy was still scared to death, so he took off, running up a snow bank at the truck stop. When he did, he came right out of his collar. I was chasing him all over the rest stop with people staring at me. His tail was between his legs and he looked terrifed...I wondered if people thought I had hurt him somehow. I was so afraid a semi would pull in and hit him, but I finally caught him and put him back in the car.
At home our older basset, Brandy, thought it was great at first that she had compamy. That did not last long. I had bought her some pig ears at Christmas and she loved the first one and never cared for them after that. I gave one to Shorty and she promptly went over and grabbed it. So, I gae him aother. She took that. I tried again. Pretty soon Brandy was sitting there behind a pile of pig ears she had no intention of chewing and poor Shorty looked heartbroken and beiwldered. My heart melted and right then and there, he became my Baby Boy.
The Baby Boy grew up to be 85 pounds of cowardly but gorgeous red and white basset. His favorite trick was to pull blankets, bedding, anything he could get off the bed or couch and toss them around until he got so that he was completely burrowed under. People would be greeted by a barking blanket when they came in. He would walk all over the house, covered in his blankets, littering them as he went. At night he did not settle down until I placed a blanket on the floor next to my bed and then covered him with another. I had about a dozen different old quilts and fleece blanket that I called his nappies. His favorite was a very old one, threadbare but soft, decorated with sheep. Sometimes he would miscue when grabbing what he thought was a blanket and get himself into a situation he could not get out of without help. One day I heard him whining and found that he had found a sweat shirt, tried to use it for a nappie and had gotten his head stuck in the sleeve so far down that his nose was coming out the end of the sleeve. He could barely open his mouth. I laughed like mad and he sulked away, feeling hurt and betrayed, I suppose. He also liked to hide under the bed and I had this heavy brass bed that he went under. That was fine when he was only 45 pounds but when he hit 85 he would go under and get stuck. My dad would have to life the bed while I coaxed him out with a treat.
The first year I had Shorty, he chewed evreything in sight but shoes were his favorite. I finally was at the point that I had nothing but a pair of sneakers so I went out to get some shoes. As I checked out various pairs I joked that I wondered what Shorty preferred.
He had a habit of getting his hound nose into places where it did not belong, a typical hound trait. If I hid Halloween candy, he found it. He knew exactly where I kept hound treats and he understood "peanut butter cup" and would go nuts when he heard that.
As Shorty got older he couldn't move as fast but he still managed to be the first one out the door when we took a hound hike, or the first one in the living room when someone came. He scared people sometimes with his growling but he was more like the Cowardly Lion. My first basset Brandy, had no shame. You could scold her until the cows came home and she would just wag her tail and look at you as if you were telling her she was getting a steak. Shorty on the other hand hid for almost any reason, including anytime anyone on TV raised his/her voice. He was such a chicken hearted guy but I adored all 85 pounds of him. Brandy died in 2001 and Shorty was an only hound until I heard about a basset in 2003 who was up for adoption by his none-too-bright owners. They were planning to tie the dog outside the city pound and leave him. I was told about him and went and brought him home with some trepidation because Shortty had seemed to enjoy his role as Top Hound. Rollie, the new guy, was so skinny it was painful and he was so scared he stayed in my bathroom and shivered for a week except when Shorty came in and nudged him out to play in the yard. In a few months Rollie was the alpha, but Shorty took to his subservient role and seemed to relish that his "brother" had become his protector. He relied on Rollie so much that I used to joke that if I died he would get over it much faster than if something happened to Rollie. If Rollie went to a remote corner of the yard Shorty would whimper and cry until Rollie came out where he could see him.
Shorty slowed way down the past year or so, and a few months ago he lost interest in going for walks, simply watching as Rollie and I went out. I knew he was failing, but hoped that I would have him for a while longer, It wasn't to be. On this past Sunday I got up to find he had no use of his hind legs and he was incontinent all over himself. It hurt him to be touched on his upper body. He was in good spirits on Sunday despite that, but on Monday I could tell he no longer enjoyed where he was in life. He did not respond to my petting him the way he usually did and looked up at me as if to say he was tired and had enough. The vet came on Tuesday and we sent him to the Rainbow Bridge. I am still crying, but I know he is happy and whole again. Somewhere at the Bridge there is a barking blanket, waiting for me and for Rollie until we can all be together.

Donna Potter

Shorty, 04/10/09

We love you and will miss you alot.


Shorty, 03/23/09

For 17 years God let you be with me, little did I know that in the middle of the night you would have a stroke and I would have to make the choice to let you go. As little as you was you protected me. Oh Shorty, how I miss you, your love was unconditional and you always gave us that. You will always be in our hearts. Now you are playing with your Mom, Dad, and sister. I love you my little girl.
Love Mommy

Shorty, 02/17/02-10/22/08


Everyday I come home I miss you, I miss your little face, your special bark and most of all your hugs.
when I eat pizza I miss how you waited patiently for the crust, when I'm cooking in my kitchen I miss you waiting for me to drop something. Shorty this house is a little emptier without you. I'm taking care of your baby and he looks just like you. Im so sorry you're gone. I love you my baby girl. R.I.P. xoxo


Shorty Boy, 07/17/99-12/01/08

Shorty became my best friend & buddy at 8 weeks old, he was the easiest dog I ever hed to train. He was my constant companion, always by my side or laying at my feet, all he ever asked was to be fed & be loved, which I was blessed to do both. Shorty was a very good hunting dog, his dad was a state champion retreiver. Shorty's favorite passtime was playing fetch with a short tree limb. He never tired of running & fetching it back. I hunted him until I became so crippled up I couldn't walk much anymore, he loved everyone especially children. God only knows how much I miss you Shorty boy, we will be together again someday at the Rainbow Bridge never to be apart again !!!!

Love you boy, donnie

Shorty Brandao, 01/25/09


Show, 02/01/04-03/31/09

Goodbye, little boy ! I love you !


Shredder, 06/29/09

i love him so much it kills me to think about him but i cant stop.... I LOVE HIM SO MUCH! <3


Shula, 04/16/95-07/18/09

My beloved Shula made her last trip to the vet today.
Words cannot describe the pain of my loss nor that of many people's loss. Sweetest girl I adored you and the gap you leave is so painful.
Gradually I will come to terms, but for now God bless you darling, till we meet again. XXXXXXXX

Alison Mary Fox

ShuShu, 05/20/09

She was by my side every day for 12 years.
Always there to protect me, even towards the end when she was feeling sick.
She gave me so much more than I could ever possibly give her.
She was my very best friend ever, and loved me more than anyone in my life ever had.
She will be truly missed, but I know she is no longer in pain, and no longer feeling bad.

Yvonne Azarian

Shyann, 04/04/09

I'll miss her nagging, and I'll miss her wanting to head butt me and I'll just miss her.
Always loving, always wanting to be in my lap, always talking and telling me how much she loves me, till the end she wanted to be with me and I loved her so.
I wish she would be able to jhump into my lap once more and let me know that I could be her friend over and over and over again,
I'll miss you my Banany and I hope when I die you'll be there waiting for me when it comes my time.


ShyAnn, 03/28/09

I just lost my beautiful baby girl today! I was with here all last night taking care of her. she had a stroke and could not walk today. Our family decided to let her go peacefully. It is the hardest thing I have ever did in my life! I will miss Shyann!

Sherry Ayala-Mirkazemi

Shyla, 07/06/09

Shyla was my special little girl. She was my shoulder-kitten and just loved to be held, especially when she was stressed. She had a very sweet personality. I don't think I ever heard her growl once in her 14-year-old life. She was my rescue baby, brought home from the Humane Society when she was 11 weeks, and the extra toes on her front feet made it look like she had thumbs. I will miss her terribly, but at least I know she's not in pain anymore and that she'll be waiting for me at the Rainbow Bridge.


Shylow Saltzman, 07/16/08


It has almost been one year since you lost the battle with your past issues- left by the abusive you suffered before we met. I miss you so very much!!! I miss your big black nose pushing its was under my arm and spilling my coffee, the jingling of your tags, your goofy ways. I even miss your marking everything ( and on occasion everyone) that came into our house. You will never be forgotten!!! Until we meet again my furever dog-
You are loved!!!!! You left huge paw prints on my heart!

Shyne, 06/25/97-02/12/09

You are gone, dear Shyne... we know it most keenly in the diminishment of our own selves.
In our lives, we'd been sustained by certain things - you being one of them.
But it really was the three of us together, intersecting in you, for you powered each of our hearts in a different way.

Each of us bore different responsibilities to you and with you, and required different things from you, and our days were the fulfillment of those responsibilities.

We cannot imagine that portion of our lives will ever return.
Our sense of being alive is thinned by the proportion of our spirits devoted to you.

(Paraphrased from the Story of Edgar Sawtelle, by David Wroblewski)

Thank you for everything sweet, sweet Shyne.
We love and cherish you forever.


Shysak, 09/01/95-03/16/09

that dog loved me.
she would put her head up every half an hour to see where i was.
she always felt secure when she knew i was there.
i felt secure with her here.
now my doggy is in doggy heaven.
she is missed.
life is so precious.
i hated to see her go.
but i did not want her to have to suffer.
i loved that dog.

Vicki Skaug

Sibby (Sibelius), 03/11/99-06/18/09

Our beloved friend and companion of 10 years.

Frank & Lynn Peters

Sid, 05/11/94-06/12/09

Sid, thank you for being a great friend. I miss you, and I will see you on the other side.
Be a good boy.

Veronica Rahn

Sid, 03/28/09

November of 2006 I brought my second ferret home. Sid was given to me by a friend who could no longer care for him. The first night he was with us he eagerly ran around the room with his new older brother Charlie close in tow. Ever since that night our lives were so greatly enriched with his warm gentle playful manner. Always ready for play, to chase or be chased Sid quickly won his way into our hearts. For 2 years and 4 months after Sid, Charlie and myself lived a life filled with play. Sid the Shoe thief,Sid the Leaper,Sid the climber had left our world even quicker than he entered it. And left us all to miss him eternally with only the memories and a few mementos to remember this great life and light that shown so in brightly in our lives. We love you Sid. And,we miss you dearly.

Kenneth Housden

Sidnee Lea, 04/09/97-03/30/09

Sidnea Lea your passing was so unexpected.
Your death has forever left a void in my heart and life.
Even though, I can no longer see you through my eyes, I will always be able to see you and feel your presence in my heart.
And I know that one day we will be together again.
Until then, God will protect you and hold you closely just as I did for almost twelve years.

Anita Taylor

Sidney, 6/27/97 - 9/3/09

I love you my precious Sidney Dog!! I will miss you so very much!! Thank you for bringing such joy to my life!!

Sidney, 01/10/06-02/02/09

Sidney, you were so loved during your short life with us!
We miss you!
Rest in Peace my poodle.

Tara Stille and Family

Sidney Walker, 01/01/09

To My Darling Sid, it was too soon but I feel that it must have been time, We will miss your loving presence, but we still feel you in your home with us, I pray that this could have been so different but that we loved you enough to last a life time, We know where you are and will come and see you every day you will never be alone, my Darling Little Man, Sidney. xxxx

Mireille Walker

Sienna, 02/24/09

Sienna you came to us one year ago. We fell in love with you the minute we saw you on line. When we met you, we both knew you were special. You joined our family of three other dogs, you fit right in. Your Big brother Maui fell in love with you, kissing your ears till they were all wet.
Sister Bella, hoped you would play with her, however she learned from you how to lay in the sun and meditate. Lucie, you big sister, showed you the secret places in the yard.

Your sweet face and beautiful red fur shone in the sun that you loved to bathe in. Your pervious owners tried to silence your voice, but that did not stop you.....
We had an understanding when you would whisper bark what you wanted. Weather it be to go potty, the naughty squirrel, a bug, or lizard on the wall, you would tell us, and them who was boss.

We will never forget how you helped Mommy Kathleen with her physical therapy, riding the stationary bike with her after her knee replacement. The minute you would hear the sound of the peddling, you would come running, and want to get into her lap, and ride. That time with you helped her so much. We will miss your dancing when we were going to go for a walk, or trip in the car or Roadtrek. You were so gentle with children and happy to see anyone. We loved our cuddle time in the evening, while Mommy Kathleen painted watercolors or Mommy Constance read the paper, you would walk up to us and gently ask to come up and be with each of us, taking turns to share your love.

We will miss you dearly Sienna, We will meet again over the rainbow never to be apart again.
Love Mommy Kathleen and Mommy Constance. Bella Lucie and Maui

Sierra, 01/07/99-05/13/09

The little dog who used to lay
her gentle head upon my knee
and shre her silent thoughts with me.

She'll come no longer to my call,
retrieve no more her favorite ball.
A voice far greater than my own
has called her to His golden thorne.

And though my eyes are filled with tears,
I thank Him for the happy years
He let her spend down here with me
and for her love and loyalty.

Heidi Marlette

Sierra, 03/12/03-03/28/09

Sierra's bright smile and loving heart touched everyone she met. She was a one of a kind companion. She was my side kick and accompanied me everywhere. She will be missed by everyone. I will especially miss her undying love and beautiful spirit.

Megan Coppola

Sierra, 10/18/93-03/14/09

Our family was Sierra's 3rd family. She belonged to an older couple who passed on; then found a loving family who could not keep her due to a divorce. Just before her 7th birthday, she came to fill the empty spaces in our hearts. She loved us and romped around our country property so happily. She taught our then 7 year old son not to be afraid of dogs anymore. She came with us camping and chased sticks in the water and loved rides in the car just about anywhere. She had a heart of gold and is greatly missed.

John Wilcox

Sierra, 09/19/08-01/20/09

Our dear baby Sierra even though we only had you for 3 weeks of your life you are really missed by all of us. Your sister Savannah really misses you too. We miss the way you looked at us those beautiful eyes you have and a heart of gold. You weren't just a cat to us you were one of our little babies. Your spirit will always be with us and I know that for those three short weeks that we had you in our lives you knew we loved you and we knew you loved us. Love You always Baby Sierra Love From Your Mommy, Daddy, Savannah, Sabrina, Simba, Sparky, Scooby, and Buttercup.

Sierra, 08/08/00-02/04/09

It had been a very sad and lonely year, for both of us. We both hated it here so much after losing our animals that when school let out we packed up, determined to be away from here, to go home again if possible. It wasn't to be. By August we were back here in another house and both beginning a new year of classes and barely holding onto hope.

How could we have known that a very special baby had just been born, and in just a couple months she would become our miracle, our sweet pea, our baby girl, Sierra. It was as if the heavens above knew, because just about the same time, Anthony began asking for a Black Lab. That was August the 8th, 2000.

Then on an autumn day in October, a student came to ask, if I would please take the last of his Dogs litter. Its the runt he remarked, a girl, and if I can't find a home for her . . . and that was that. The very next day, Anthony and I were on our way to get her.

I will never be able to express how much love, and joy and laughter Sierra brought into our house. She was shy, curious, but cautious, was housebroken and learning tricks within days and loved us with all her heart.

She was exactly what we both needed. Anthony often reminded me that I spoiled her rotten, and I did. She ate a healthy diet that was supplemented with bites of steak, chicken, carrots, peas (that she could shuck herself), pizza crust, and the occasional walnut she snatched up in the yard.

She was also welcome to jump on the furniture, sleep in my bed and sneak peaks into the kitchen whenever she wanted.

Her favourite game was keep away - - Keep away from Mom when I have a rock in my mouth and keep away from both Mom adn Anthony when I'm chewing on their socks.

Other than the great escape from Coyotes in the orchard once, and the great grape scare (she picked some grapes of a vine near the farmhouse one day and had eaten the grapes by the time we found her) that had her on a special dog food (for years) to protect her kidneys, and twice - a bug bite - she lived the next eight years totally loved and spoiled. Sierra travelled with me every opportunity I got and she just loved going bye-bye. Even today when we all knew it would be the last bye-bye.

In October,2008, eight years after we brought her home she developed a sneeze. The vet thought it was an allergy. On Christmas Day 2008, I noticed her nose bleeding. Christmas will NEVER be the same.

Trips to the emergency and regular vet and a testing (Endoscopy, Anaesthesia, and X-Ray that made the bleeding and swelling worse) and medication fiasco (she had been given Rimadyl - deadly for her) resulted in her almost dying January 5th, but she fought back and I held on, even after I got the diagnosis of Terminal Nasal Adenocarcinoma - Cancer; an aggressive nasal tumor that had metastasiszed and spread to, her neck, both left legs, right front leg and right side in less than a month. The most dangerous one, on her head/ in her sinus, was inoperable. Radiation was even out of the question. So rather than have her be a test subject anymore I tried everything in my power, diet, palliative meds and an experimental one that has had amazing results (Artemisinin) on every other kind of cancer but hers. By last weekend she was sneezing blood, and was refusing to eat. By Monday she was reverse sneezing so violently it made her shake. She had to be coached to go outside, eat and take her meds (Prednisone and Tramadol). By Tuesday she was having trouble breathing, she was gurgling blood, and I could tell it was filling her stomach. She looked at me with tears of acceptance in her eyes. I could tell she was saying "It's time..

Wednesday February 4th, 2009 Sierra was encouraged to eat whatever she wanted, and she got what she had always wanted Anthony's breakfast of Pancakes and Bacon. We went out and patrolled the yard one last time, and she laid on the couch in the sun holding her ball between her paws, and enjoying one last massage and scratch from me. . .

The appointment was 10:30 but when we got there we just has to go for a little walk first, something she always enjoyed and never got enough of. The vet was running late and seemed rushed - but we tried one last time to relieve the pressure by tapping the tumor (FNA) on her head. It didn't work.

At 11:00 am February 4th, 2009 at the young age of 8 and a half, Sierra took her last breath. God, I miss her so much.

Diana Tolladay and Anthony Tolladay

Sierra, 04/17/95-07/29/08

To a true companion. A best friend. A dog above all dogs. We called her a person in a dog suit. Our love our baby girl we miss you beyond words


Siesta, 03/12/09

Adopting Siesta was the best thing that ever happened to me. She was the most loving, affectionate cat I have ever known. She showed me unconditional love at a time when others abandoned me. I loved her dearly and I know she loved me too. It was so hard seeing her health decline the past few years and especially the past two weeks when she got really ill. The vet said she had a brain tumor and I could tell she had no quality of life, so I had her euthanized. I held her in my arms as she took her last breath. It was the hardest thing I have ever had to do. I was so upset I forgot to tell her she was a good kitty and I had always planned on telling her that if she ended up having to be euthanized. She always loved being called good kitty. Well sweet Siesta I miss you dearly more than others could ever understand. You are a dear friend forever and I cherish the 10 1/2 years we had together. I just wish things had been easier in your life. I love you so much sweet kitty.


Sigmund Freud Pearce, 06/12/09

We miss you!!
We love you so much!
Please have grandpa throw balls in the pool for you in heaven.

Jennifer, Brantley and Jack Pearce

Silkaire Shalee Miracle Kee, 10/15/02-04/02/08

Little Mira, we still miss you so much.
You were such a little sweetheart, always happy and the girl who always tried to be the peace maker.
You left us before your time.
Run and play, our little girl.
You will always be in our hearts.
Your family.

Silken Aurora, 03/26/96-06/18/09

She was a gentle giant. Anyone who had the oportunity to spend time with her,always left with a smile. She had a special softness with children. She touched everyone's heart. She will be missed.

Gary Lawson

Silly Cat, 01/05/09

Silly Cat, you were a faithful friend while you were here with us.
We will miss you, baby.
We know that you will find Andrew and you and he can become reacquainted.
Snuggle each other for those of us here who love you both.

Leslie Clingan, Valerie Price, Trey Price, Roby Price

Silver, 10-24-1993 - December 8 2009

My beloved Silver, you were everthing to me, I'm really having a hard time without you, I went out today in the Jeep, I look over to see you and my love I did not see the love of my life. It is quite hard with out you! You are not here with me I look over to the right of the bed and no Silver I know you are in a better place and that you are in heaven, I'm sure there is a doggie Heaven and that you are watching over me, You're miss so much it just breaks my heart, you are my one and only. I love you so much.

Lorraine Silverstein

Silver, March 17, 1993 - July 06, 2007

Its now more than ywo years since Silver journeyed across the Rainbow Bridge, and I miss him as much today as after he just died. He was a friend, a companion for long walks in the forest, a tennis ball chaser that never tired (even if he wouldn't bring them back), and a gentle dog that was loved by everyone that knew him. He had some favorite things in life....his huge collection of grungy tennis balls, his trips to my sister's cottage, the long walks we took in the aborateum. Best of all, was just having him around...always around, close to me the way he liked to be. I have so many good memories...we had so much fun...we enjoyed life together and played like fools...god, but how I miss you. You rewarded my attention with unquestioning love and were so well behaved, except when my sister minded you...we won't talk about the whole poppy seed cake that disappeared or the episode when you got the cupboard door open and raided the baking chocolate. Those are the stories that we still laugh about when we remember you...and we remember you a LOT!! I only hope that when we made that last trip to the vet, and we lay together on the cold floor, that you understood that what was happening was being done with love. Silver, I'll always love and miss you...I hope there are lots of tennis balls for you in heaven......Bob

Silver, 05/03/96-03/02/09

Our dear Silver was a rescued racing Greyhound who came into our home as a foster dog at age three.
He adopted us after five minutes in our home when he rested his head on my lap and looked up at us with trusting and hopeful eyes.
It is amazing to us that this dog, who was someone else's unwanted discarded property, had such a profound effect on our lives.
Words cannot express what our Silver meant to us and what an absolute joy he was.
He was goofy, silly, endearingly needy, sometimes shy, sometimes boisterous, always gentle and affectionate, and he gave us his love and trust completely and unconditionally.
He was a strikingly gorgeous Greyhound, whose outward beauty was only surpassed by the beauty of his soul and spirit.
His spirit always shined brightly, and in our hearts it always will.
We are better people for having had him in our lives and for witnessing his joy for life.

He loved to eat (boy, did he ever love to eat!), play with toys (his ropey was his favorite), go for rides (even if only to the grocery store), bark for no reason (perhaps just to hear himself bark), get hugs, and whine for attention (if you stopped giving hugs or weren't nearby).
He loved a soft bed that he would reposition to his liking by digging, scratching, and moving it around just to make the right little nest for himself.
He had the softest fur which felt so warm and velvety on our cheeks when we gave him a hug and kiss.

Truly, there cannot possibly be enough words to describe such a wonderful and noble friend.
Even the most routine moments with him were special. Over ten wonderful years together, he taught us to treasure each day and each other, and for that we will always be grateful.
He will be our buddy always and forever.

Our first Greyhound, Carrie, was waiting for him at the bridge, so now they are playing together again and chasing each other in an open field.
We will miss both of them for the rest of our lives, and we will always treasure the time we were given together.

Joe and Jamie Empert

Silverio, 02/14/08-05/19/09

To our first and wonderful Silverio that have show me that I'm the head of the family and I should always provide not only food and shelter but love and compassion to all.

Thanks Silverio I'll always love you.


Simba, 07/17/09

R.I.P I love you very much, and I hope your in a happy place, you will always be in my heart


Simba, 06/23/09

Dearest Simba,
You will always be remembered as the three legged, fat siamese cat who could wake us up at 5am for a can of food.
These past few months have been hard on you, and on us. But we know that you are waiting for us, happy as ever. You are our guardian angel.
We miss you and love you and will think of you everyday until we see you again.

Sheri, Walt, Elizabeth, J.W.

Simba, 12/17/94-06/10/09

To all my friends, my sweet Simba had to be put down yesterday - she turned very ill quickly, and so that was the only solution.

Simba, you were my angel and I was blessed to have you take care of me 14.5 yrs.
You were my strength when I was weak, and stayed steady with me through thick and thin.
You're curious nature and intelligence got through a lot, and the loyalty you showed me has never been surpassed by anyone else.

I'm kind of messed up right now without you, but I know one day Rozz (my other dog) and I will see you again.
Simba, enjoy yourself at Rainbow Bridge with all the other animals that have been loved by all of us. You know, Simba, we will see you again....

We love you, Sims xoxoxo

Darcia Hewak

Simba, 06/06/09

Simba was my baby and I will miss him terribly. I still can't believe he is gone.

Lois Helton

Simba, 03/17/97-05/23/09

Dear Simba,
I never knew what true heartbreak was until yesterday may 23,2008 at7:53am when you left us. Your pain is gone but ours is just begining. It has only been 24 hours and we miss you so much and will love you always.

Love you always

Mom and Dad

Simba, 01/26/95-05/15/09

We love you Simba. We will miss forever.

John & Jeanette Dean

Simba, 05/09/95-05/13/09

I love you so very much and will miss you terribly. My heart hurts and I think a little part of me died the day you left me. I will meet you at the Rainbow Bridge my little baby dolly.


Simba, 01/01/88-05/11/09

Simba - I love you and miss you dearly!!!

Lisa Clayton

Simba, 05/10/96-04/09/09

We picked out Simba from the other puppies because he pee-peed on my husband when he picked him up for the first time. He cost us $100 and was the best dog. He was a "mama's boy" but he loved his daddy too and when his sister came home from the hospital,(he was 2yrs old), he slept under her crib and in her room from that point on. As with all pets, they are members of your family and he loved playing with his "woobie" rope bone-carried it everywhere. He loved when you rubbed that certain spot on his butt, marrow bones were his favorite treat, loved sitting on the porch on a warm, breezy day sunning himself and sniffing like there was no tomorrow. His licker would lick and his sniffer would sniff all the time and the puppy kisses were the best! We know that he is playing up in Heaven w/Grammy and Pop-Pop and eating all the treats he can possibly handle. We love you Simba and miss you so very much. You gave us 13 years of unconditional love and we were truly blessed to have you in our lives.

Patti, Bruce, & Amanda Staniorski

Simba, 04/01/09

Simba, my beloved friend, you are miss so much! Thank you for the many years of dedication and love to our family! I miss you following me around and laying at the foot of our bed and barking at the squirrels. I love you and will always keep you close to my heart.

Diane Shands

Simba, 06/26/95-04/12/09

I miss you so much, Simba. I'll always love you and will never forget our years together. Rest peacefully, my friend.


Simba, 02/97-03/07/09

Simba was the best dog in the world.
He was originally named TJ, after his dad but he acted like a Simba
When we first got him he could fit in one hand
and he pounced around like a lion cub
He was always sweet and caring toward us
He knew how to cheer us up all the time
Our home is not the same without you puppy
We will always love and miss you, and you will always have a special place in our heart

Marianne, Taylor, Melanie, Greg, Maks and Bill

Simba, 06/09/96-02/28/09

Our beloved Simba. You were our best friend. Our hearts have a void with you not here. We love you!We are so very very sad.

Jennie, Jon, and Bill Schlumpberger

Simba, 02/25/09



CJ and Jr Sanders

Simba, 02/26/09

my sweet friend simba you will be missed more than you can ever imagine. we love you!!!!

Sue Kunzler

Simba, 04/18/95-02/25/09

I just want to let you know Simba was a very special companion to me. I miss her so much. She would comfort me when I was sad, make me laugh when I was down, she was the best friend anyone could ask for.


Cheryl Pitt

Simba, 01/26/09

I'm writing this for my Sister who just loss a wonderful Friend, companion, love of her life.

Simba was a warm, gentle, beautiful Dog that was so full of love for her owners & all who met her.

She will be missed so much as She gave unconditional love & was the child my Sister never had.

May you rest peace beautiful girl, Aunt Michele

Simba aka Bubbie, 05/28/94-12/15/08

Our dearest little boy:

We found you in our backyard not more than 3 hours old your umbilical cord was still attached, I wasn't sure if you would make it as the vet said you wouldn't, but with lots of tender love and care you grew to be 22 pounds and full of energy.
You gave us 14 wonderful and loving years my little boy and how strong you were thru all that you had to endure.
I hope that we have made you as happy as you have made us, I am so grateful for your love and I knew it was time to let you go as you told me, the look in your eyes and that kiss you gave me on that fateful day.
I think of you every single day, I miss you so much and will always love you.
All the boys miss you especially Clobey and Desi.
Hope that you are eating all the chicken you can.

We love you Simmi-Boo


Simba Baker, 24/02/94-19/02/09

In loving memory of our beautiful girl Simba, our little Angel who has now gone to rest at Rainbow Bridge until we can all be together again.

Thank you for all the joy you brought into our lives.

Rest in peace little angel xxxxx

Marie Baker

Simba Girlie, 01/28/09

Best dog in the world!
Good friend to all.
Very loyal. Liked to hunt and walk in the woods. Greeted me daily each morning and after work.

Great companion! Simba was loved and will be missed very much. She had a big heart for me too.

Gary Sheppie

Simba Hunter Perry, 05/07/97-05/20/09

Our beloved Sim, momma's boy, you are greatly loved and greatly missed.
You were a perfect dog.
I hope you are having fun now playing with your best buddy wheezer.
You were so sick I now know you are at peace. Nicole and I miss you so much.
Our hearts hurt. We had the privelege of loving you for 12 years. You were so much fun.
Thank you for sharing your life with us and for being such a loving and loyal buddy to us.
Thanks for making us laugh.
We love you and miss you very much.
You will always be in our hearts.

Mary, Nicole and Amanda Perry

Simba Walker, 7-1-94 - 9-17-09

You were my little simmy susie!!! You were a one friend cat and I was that one friend. I loved u girl so much!!! U were a part of our family since Lakyn was 2. We watched you grow up and loved u like one of us. I am so glad u are not in pain anymore but I miss u sooooo much. I will never forget u girl!!! My little simmy susie!!!!!

I love u,
Melanie Walker

Simi, 06/01/95-02/17/09

Simi, you are forever in my heat, mind and spirit!!!!


Simka, 06/19/08

Dear Dog Lovers ,
We saved Simka when she was around 1 years young from the animal shelter .
They found her without her puppies in the woods . Simka fed OTHER puppies in the shelter and by the time we arrived she was supposed to be put down . This shelter is a high kill shelter and they kill animals after 4 days .
They kept Simka for one week , because she fed those puppies . When the technician opened the gate she right away jumped on me .
She was in bad condition
- bones sticking out her body and rough , thin fur .
Simka was TRULY the MOST WONDERFUL DOG you can have !!! Simka was beautiful inside out .
Simka was so sensitive, very affectionate, very kind , very loyal, playful till she was 14 years old and a " Tomboy " .
She used to run down so fast very steep rocky hills that you worried if you ever see her again.
She caught mice .
Once Simka brought home an antler .
She raced to chase any wild animals .
She gracefully jumped like a deer in the woods
and walked in a dancing style .
Simka was extremely attached to me and was very protective of my whole family .
We had to put down Simka when she was around 16 years , because she collapsed from blocked nerves and arthritis .
We will always miss Simka so very much !
We will always love her deeply in our hearts !


Simon, 06/16/09

My sweet baby, I don't even know how to begin. It's only been a week but it seems like forever. I really don't know how to go on without you. You've taught me so much: how to stop and smell the roses, to just be amazed at nature, not to be in a hurry on a good walk, how to (try to)love unconditionally and to just be happy just because. Your loyalty to me and your love for me when there was none coming from anywhere else was always and will always be truly forever held in whats left of my heart, for you took almost all of it with you when you left for your journey to Rainbow Bridge. I'll always love and miss you my sweet baby boy until we meet again. Be happy and wait with Liezel for me sweet heart! Love you always, Mommy <3 <3 <3

Simon, 08/30/99-06/16/09

I love you so much sweetheart, always and forever! For all the unconditional love, our many walks, quiet times, kisses, cuddling, everything in between and a life changing experience just having you in my life, I honor you and hold you in my heart forever and ever!
Loving is not only wanting to hang on but knowing when to let go. :(


Simon, 10/95-06/04/09

My sweet Simon--We loved you for 14 years, 8 months and we dreaded the day we'd have to say good-bye to you--Although I know you are still with us--I see you everywhere and I think I hear your collar tag clicking on the ceramic bowl as you eat or drink water....Please be with us. The house is so empty without you.
We will love you forever.


Simon, 05/11/09

I loved you so very much Simon and I am so very sorry I couldn't help you.
I pray to got every second that you didn't suffer and I pray that you are happy in heaven.
I miss you so much!
I hurt so badly now that you are not around.
I can't wash anything with your little shedded hair that used to annoy me so because now its all I have left of you and I can't let go. I miss you and I love you Simon.


Simon, 09/01/95-04/16/09


To know you is to love you.
I miss you terribly but I'm happy that you're in a better place.


Simon, 03/30/03-02/07/09

Simon was such a beautiful, charming little boy. Though he only weighed 6 lbs., he filled my heart with love. Everyday I would marvel at his sweetness, beauty and wonderful personality. He wanted nothing more than to be on my lap or in my arms. I will miss him forever.


Simon, 01/30/09

I don't know how to say goodbye to you bubby!!!
I can't believe that such an amazing soul like yours can ever go away so I know that I will see you again on the other side of the rainbow bridge playing with CJ waiting for the day we can all be together again.
Simon, we all loved you so very much that the emptiness that is felt in this big house is overwhelming.
A family is so very lucky to have one amazing dog in their lives and so far this family has been graced with two.
You, however are going to be a tough act to follow!!!
Those big, beautiful, loving brown eyes that used to welcome us home every day are missed very much.
Your amazing sweetness will never be forgotten.
I miss you bubby...we all do, but I know it's only so long for now....I will see you again.
Until that day I take comfort in believing that you and CJ have reunited and are chasing each other aroung a beautiful field.
Maybe tigger, semmi and tabitha are getting in on the fun.
It's a beautiful thought that helps me get through the day. was an honor to have you in our family...sleep well sweet boy, I love you more than I can say.

Cari Rudnicki

Simon, 01/21/09

To Simon, the sunshine of my life...

Lisa Mazzola

Simon, 07/30/97-01/13/09


you were such a joy to our lives we will truly love and always miss you you will never be forgotten now you can rest with your buddie, rest in peace together love you always,mom and kids,and footy

Simon Gretzky, 04/10/02-04/27/09

My little love,my best friend,you gave me so much joy. You were always by my side. Words can not express how much I love and miss you.

Marcella Meyer

Simon Hipp, 10/10/91-06/06/09

My blessed Simon. Your Mommy loved you more than you can ever know. It was my priviledge to have you in my life for 14 of your 18 1/2 years. Fly free now my sweet, sweet angel. You will be in my heart forever!

Karen Hipp

Simon Peter, 05/23/01-04/16/09

He was my best friend and companion when my children went off to college, his nose got him into trouble but he was simply a golden bundle of hairy dog love!
I will miss him every day ~ please also pray for Randy, the man who hit him with his truck, it was an accident and this kind man apologized profusely but it was truly just an accident . . . a silly cat across the street was not to be ignored by Simon who gave chase despite my pleas and screams.
His goofy smile and wiggle always brought a smile to all who loved him ~ peace be with him!

Mary Anne Nelson

Simon Wigglesby MacDougle, June 1997 - 04/08/2007

One hot summer’s night in 1998 I had a dream and woke up hyperventilating and with a burning need to go to an animal shelter. It made no sense, I could never bear going to shelters because they are so sad and depressing, like a concentration camp for animals that were discarded like garbage. I had never gone to shelters before this and I have never been to one since.

Once I had a dream  
About my good dog Simon  
Awake, I saved him

I came to a big cage with a lot of big scared dogs in it, mostly dominant and aggressive pit bulls. But in one corner was a scared and dirty dog of many colors. He was an Australian Shepherd, white, red, black, and gray with one blue eye and one brown eye. We made eye contact and I knew immediately that this dog was what I had dreamed about. This dog had called to me in my dreams.

I knew him before  
In another life we shared  
Always my good friend

We brought our first dog, Stella to meet him at the vets and we all took a walk together before bringing him home. Simon was still very scared, but he was a complete lovedog and he settled into our home immediately. He loved us so much that the first time we tried to take him out in our car he wouldn’t get in. We had to force him in the car. I know it was because he was scared - he didn’t want to leave us.

Simon became my best friend and shadow. He was always by my side. Trusting and loving, he was motivated to do things by love more than food. He would walk with me without a leash and though he was my biggest dog he was the easiest to take with me anywhere because he was such a good boy. Simon slept between me and my spouse, with his head on the pillow and my arms around him. I could make his little stumpy tail wag by just looking at him. His gaze on me was filled with love. My love for him knew no bounds.

We took Simon to herd sheep, to play at the beach, to dog parks, to walk the bluffs overlooking Santa Monica Bay and the Pacific Ocean, and we walked around our neighborhood every day. Simon had many friends and many visitors.

Simon walks with me  
By my side forever more  
He will always be

When he was happy – which was just about whenever we were around - he would wiggle his entire body, a typical Aussie behavior, I would bend down and wrap my arms around him like a circle ‘round the sun. I work at home and sit at my computer all day long. Simon always sat right by me, he was too big to fit under my desk but he was always right by my side. My constant loyal companion and best friend.

Simon, my lovedog  
Will always be in my heart.  
Empty without him

And now my baby and my first dog, Stella Blue, is very ill with terminal inoperable cancer, we are giving her hospice care to keep her comfortable and trying to coax her into eating.

I am inconsolable.

[I took the picture is of Simon & Stella when they were waiting to herd sheep, Simon's in the front]

Simone, 09/13/96-05/03/09

"Such a bright little spirit!"

Jan Kilgore & Bob Joyner

Simone, 03/15/92-03/06/09


She fought to the end! How we miss Her!

Sharon & Cliff Harris

Simone Hughes, 07/02/89-07/02/09

I'll love you forever. I can't wait to see you again. <3

Dani Hughes

Sinatra, 03/09/09

A dog in rescue who had a rough life until we were blessed to add him to our family. Even though you were with us for a short time, we will always remember you in our thoughts and mind.

Karen & Sid Thomas

Sinbad, Adopted 03/24/91-10/03/05

I miss you little Sinbad.
No one will ever replace you.
You were my first dog that I adopted on my own when I was 18.
You gave me in return 15 years of your companionship and love.
I miss you every day boy - the hurt passes, but the love never will...

Holly Estrada

Singha, 07/96-03/20/09

Thanks you for so many wonderful years.
We'll never ever forget you.....

Monty, Lorie, Aaryanna & Anjali

Sinsie, 04/02/09

Our loving Golden Retreiver.
We were given a gift of three and 1/2 years since you were stricken with cancer and lost your right leg and shoulder.
No one or dog was ever braver or loving or loved.
You will be missed by all who knew you and loved you.
Til we meet again.
Give our love to Shoga and Mom.

Howard Golden/Sue Kilgannon

Sir Captain Jack Velardi AKA JACK, 5/27/97 - 9/13/09

Jack you were always there when I needed you, and I tried to do what I could do within the Medical field, we love you and you will truely be missed. While you are up there, have my dad take you for walks he will watch over you for us. Raven and Zoey still looking for you and will miss you dearly too. Thanks for everything you were.

Sir Charles of Luckiness, 10/31/94-03/17/09

Charlie... You were with me 14 GR8 years!!! Thanks for being the BEST DOG EVER!!!

Marie Taylor

Sir Guinness, 09/15/99-04/30/09

I lost my boy today, my Sonny Boy Guinness. He was my child. I loved him more than life itself. He was the number one man in my life...he was my Boo. In good times and bad, he was my rock. I have handled a lot in my life...but I don't know how to handle this. He bravely went to sleep this morning. I just can't describe my pain...I am without words. He was my Boo Boo. I have sobbed and felt numb all at once. He was my heart and my child. He was 10. I don't know what I am going to do without my boy. I am in such pain.

Joan Walker (Guinness' Mum)

Sir King Tiberious Kuzik, 06/01/98-05/31/08

King you were the best thing that happen to our family the true love you had for Jennifer, Michael and Kassandra and Myself, to keep us safe from harm. We will miss you everyday of our lifes. And can never be replaced. We love you and Miss you even more. Love Mom Jennifer, Michael & Kassandra

Sir Lancelot, 8/16/2003 - 9/11/09

Sir Lancelot
Frankly his name was so formal for AKC Registration, we just called him Lancey or Baby or Jr. He responded to anything as long as it came with a kiss or a hug. He was full of life. In fact on 9/4/09, he enjoyed our family BBQ as usual since he knew he would get a roasted weiner off the grill. He loved snacks and I believe that he knew what a "greenie" meant. He would run off as if he had gold in his mouth.

He died this past Friday after fighting for 5 days. They couldn't find what had really happened. Perhaps a toxin or something from the yard. Funny...we had a huge home built for us and of course it consisted of dog proofing everything just for him and his brother. He loved to sit on the deck in the sun overlooking the lake. He loved to watch the birds and many times I could see Hummingbirds or Butterflies fly around him. He was angelic in nature. He had a beautiful soft head. He made silly noises and loved most especially his dumbbells. He bounced those silly dumbbells constantly. He loved when I threw them and he loved to chase them down.

He was my guard when I was ill. I tried to do the same for him but nothing worked. For now, my last contact was Thursday night when he was so ill but peaceful in the ICU. Perhaps that is how he wanted it. We kissed him goodbye and prayed over him. I blessed him with holy water and said our traditional Catholic prayers. I left him with his rosary and St. Francis medal and told him that we would be back in the morning. On Friday morning, I received a call that he had arrested. They did perform CPR but he didn't hold on. Perhaps the night before (when he was so peacfully sleeping in ICU) was the way he wanted me to see/remember him. He died before I arrived.

When I arrived, he was laying in a quiet room dressed in a Royal Blue blanket. His rosary and medal with him. So quiet and peaceful. I loved on him and kissed him constantly until my husband arrived. We held on for another hour. Loving on him and holding him. We had options...we decided to give him one last ride in his basket in the truck. We ended up in the Hill Country where Paws in Heaven helped us prepare his arrangements. We again had a prayer in their chapel and continued to love on him. My huband and I finally had to let go. My last view of him was lying in his box with his Royal Blue blanket along with his rosary and medals. We said goodbye and closed the chapel door.

Our area of Texas had been without rain for at least 2 months. This whole week was met with rain. Perhaps the Angels were crying I don't really know. On Saturday morning, I cried so hard because I knew that his body was to be cremated. By 1100, we got the call that he was ready. We drove one hour to pick him up. It rained continuously. When we began our journey home, the rain stoppped and the sun came out. Amazing, he loved the sun.

Last night, my husband and I informed his brother Binky of what happened. I think he knew but he went through the box and of course the Royal Blue Blanket. He smelled his locks of hair clippngs. He looked at us and we all cried. At sunset last night, the threat of another rainstorm was obvious in the sky. I sat outside praying to Lancey to give me a sign that he was alright or at least with our savior. I begged him to help me to feel him ...

In the sky, I began to notice the clouds in various shapes. I swear that they formed in his image. I kept asking Lancey to do it again. I called my husband and amazingly, the shape of Lancey was evident and my husband saw as well. The shapes went on and on for at least 30 minutes.

I guess that was his way of telling me or showing me. He looked so fluffy and many times, he appeared to be looking at me.

I will always treasure his sweet soul. He filled me with so much joy and laughter. His constant request for a sip of water in the middle of the night in his sippy cup, a taste of my dinner or just a hug. He loved me so unconditionally. A love that can't be replaced. I pray that he is truly in a better place. I pray that he forgives me for trying to hold onto him.

I had truly planned to bring him home this weekend. I prayed that he would recover. I remember telling my husband to make sure that our schedules would lend itself to be at home early or all day just so Lancey would be ok. I never dreamed that I would be bringing him home a different way.

I slept with his urn last night. I needed to hold him. I did sleep a little. My baby Paposito is gone. I have only pictures to view. The house is quiet and the grief is deep. My loss is unbearable.

I am trying not to cry because I don't want him to hear me. I want him to be running in heaven and making friends. Perhaps he will come in my dreams and again show me that he is alright. I will wait for that moment for as long as I live. I long to hear his dumb bells squeak. I long to see his smile. Most especially, I long to hold him again.

My Lancey is gone....forever in my heart. I pray that he remembers how much we loved him. were the best, the greatest and of course the apple of my eye. We will love you forever. Until we meet again, play with the Angels my darling, play with new friends, share your toys and eat to your hearts delight. I hope that there are Begging Bacon Strips in heaven. I hope that there is a sippy cup for your cold drink in the middle of the night. Most of all, I pray that you are with our Savior, free of pain and full of joy. I will forever Love You. Till we meet again.

We LOVE YOU.....Daddy, Mama and Binky.

Sir Maxwell, 07/28/09

In loving memory of my best friend and pet companion, my dog "Sir Maxwell". July 28, 2009. He was the best dog a person could ever ask for. He took excellent care of me. Traveled all over the nation with me. And he always gave me the most incredible greetings. His love and trust in me was endless and unconditional. He comforted me in the sad times, pulled me out the bad times and fully enjoyed the good times. Max was everything to me! My heart is truly broken today as he passed away in my arms. I loved him with all my heart. Max was the best gift I ever received into my life. I miss him already. A huge part of me is now missing.~al

Sir Mickey Charles Mangan, 04/12/09-06/27/09

In loving memory of my beloved dog, Mickey Charles, who gave us so much love and happiness, our hearts are broken.

Maryrose Mangan

Sir Paul McCartney, 03/05/09

My heart just breaks over and over again when I think about how you died, and how I couldn't get to you, couldn't reach you and carry you away. I never knew how quiet this house could be, how lost I could feel without your daily encouragement and the hope of your wagging tail. Your love taught me so much, and I will continue to learn from that love.

Mary Stratton

Sir Sidney of Seaton Hall aka Sid, 03/19/09

WE loved you so much Sid and we miss you.
We are glad you are free of pain and your youth is back and you are running and playing and happy again.
Watch for us someday Sid we will meet again..


Sir Spencer Wales, 06/22/97-05/17/09


Sir Wags ALot, 04/27/09

Sir Wags ALot (a.k.a Wags) was a shelter dog and was always a happy puppy dog. He would bark whenever there was anything strange out side our window. He was our best friend. And he loved everyone he met.

The Fullbright Family

Sir Winston, 02/01/00-05/23/09

Winston was my best
friend for the past nine years.
It's just been the two of us since my youngest daughter got married almost four years ago.
He has been the light of my life and the best companion anyone could ever have.
I love him so much, and it will always be so hard coming home at the end of the day knowing he won't be there to greet me with wags and kisses.
I am so grateful for the nine years we had together, and I know I will see him again at the Rainbow Bridge.
I love you little buddy.

Terry Whitlock

Sir Winston, 11/09/07-04/28/09

On the night of April 28,2009 Sir Winston, my 1 year old Boston Terrier was hit by 3 cars and killed. He was wearing a bright Orange harness and it was not totally dark. The people that hit my beloved dog did not even stop after they hit him.He was a big dog that weighed 30 pounds. I cannot belive that he is gone and i miss him.


Sir Winston Whitlock, 02/01/00-05/23/09

Winston was a loyal companion and was loved so very much. Even at the very end, when he was in so much pain, he could find the strength to wag his tail when he saw his best friend in the world, my mom, Terry. She fought long and hard for him, sacrificed her own needs at times to ensure that he was pain-free and healthy. Until the day came that there was nothing more that she nor anyone else could do, and she did the most unselfish and loving thing a pet-owner could do, and let him pass into the next life. Her little fur-baby will be waiting patiently (or impatiently, knowing Winston!) at the Rainbow Bridge for the day they meet again.

Terry Whitlock and Kelly Elliott

Siren, 12/23/89-03/10/09

There is no greater lesson in unconditional love until a cat like Siren shares their journey with you. I love you Siren and I miss you. Thank you for sharing your life with me.

M.L. Dombroski

Siren Dirk crni Vitez, 01/10/05-06/07/09

Dearest Siren,

You'r family misses you. You were faithful, loyal and a champion. When we were down you knew how to cheer us up. Play play play. Thats you and what you were always about. Nothing will be the same without you and may you rest in peace. We will keep you forever in our hearts and memories.

We love you always....

Your family

Sissi, 08/97-05/14/08

My dear Sissi,
A year has passed, but still i miss you terribly! I think of you everyday, i wish i could hold you in my arms again!
Dearest baby, we´ll see each other again, someday, and i am waiting for that day...
Love you,

Anabela Santos

Sissy, 02/10/90-03/14/09

Sissy was such a Grande Lady!!

She walked the streets of this little town with her momma (Shelby) for 13 yrs. until Shelby passed away.

My hubby and I took Sissy in and she lived a full life in the same town, but not as sociable as she was used to. ~smile~

She stayed home with us and the rest of the doggies that had no where to go but the wonderful home that we made here for them.

She was loved dearly and treated like the 'queen' that she was!

~~We love you Sissy and know that you are with your momma and that you will tell all of the rest of the kids over there that we love them too.~~

From mom and poppa and the rest of the little kids that are here missing you. ;o)

Sissy Brat, 07/04/09

Say hi to your brothers and sisters on Rainbow Bridge, Brat. We will always love and miss you. The 4th of July will never be the same again.

Tammy Sczykutowicz

Sissy Munoz, 04/95-09/04/07

My Darling baby Sissy.

I thought of you with love today,but that is nothing new. I thought about you yesterday, and days before that, too. I think of you in silence, I often speak your name. Now all I have are memories, and your pictures in a frame.
Your memory is my keepsake, with which I'll never part,
God has you in His keeping, I have you in my heat.
My precious angel, I miss you and love you and will forever.
Your heartbroken Mommy

Sister, 01/31/09

Sister my beautiful little white angel. I will miss you each and every day, you gave me almost 15 wonderful yrs. I love you Baby........

Amy Bragg

Sister Sue, 08/01/08-12/29/08

I miss you soo much Sister Sue, I hope you are having fun with all the others at the Bridge, and I also hope you are getting lots of naps in the sunshine that you loved so much.. I am thinking of you constantly..Love Mommy

Carol Randles

Skee, 10/05/95-02/16/09

I am sad tonight as I sit here staring at the spot that my beloved Skeeterbug used to lay her head. She was the most loyal friend I have ever known. She would stay by my side, even at night, when the other dog retired to bed, she would stay up with me until I turned all the lights off and decided to turn in for the night. I thank her for being in my life. I know God gave her a purpose on this earth. She was here to teach me the lesson of true love. I loved her, and still do, unconditionally. I was in love with that soul she had inside of her. I will remember her, and hope I did the right thing by putting her to sleep after a long fight of lung cancer. I can only pray that my timing was right and that I saved her from any more of her suffering. Thank you Lord for such a precious gift.


Skeeter, 07/13/09

We will miss you buddy.

Anomaly Romano

Skeeter, 04/27/93-07/05/09

We are so thankful for the 16 years we had with this sweet boy! Frolic and play till we meet again....

Julie Stapleton

Skeeter, 11/2001-04/09/09

They say memories are golden
well maybe that is true.
I never wanted memories
I only wanted you.
A million times I needed you,
a million times I cried.
If love alone could have saved you
you never would have died.
In life I loved you dearly,
in death I love you still.
In my heart you hold a place
no one could ever fill.
If tears could build a stairway
and heartache make a lane
I'd walk a path to heaven
and bring you back again.
Our family chain is broken,
and nothing seems the same.

Chris Stephen

Skillet Baby, 09/14/89-06/15/09

The sweetest little baby in the world.

Jackie Douell-Lodl

Skipper, 03/21/94-06/26/09

Skipper doodle........I loved you so very much.
You were the most beautiful, loving and gentle being that I have ever known.
You loved every creature and human you ever met, and I know you'll get along fine at the Rainbow Bridge until I can meet up with you again.
Please keep Poco, Toby, Fritz, Sally, and of course your loving cats, Tabitha and Maggie company until I can join you.
Squirt and Gypsy want me to tell you how much they miss you too.
I don't have to tell you to be good, because I know that you will.
I will love you forever and you'll always be in my heart.

Cheryl Reese

Skipper Doo, 02/13/09

Yesterday I came home to find my beloved pet for the last five years dead in his cage.
He was not sick in any way that I knew of and was eating and alert as always.
I am so grief stricken right now.
I feel like there is a huge whole in my heart and I can not stop crying.
Skipper I loved you with my whole heart and I cared for you every day with love.
You made my life so much more enjoyable.
I remember all the times you let me know you were hungry, the times we spent playing, the times I held you and brushed you, how fiesty you were, and the way you looked at me with such love.
Rest in peace my Skipper Doo Doodles I will never foget you and I can not wait until I can cross the Rainbow Bridge with you.
With Love always,

Skipper Girl, 09/01/01-01/22/09

We miss you very much our Skipper Girl. Chasing the birds and eating avaocados (that you weren't supposed to eat) You will always be in our hearts.

AJ, Cynthia & Nana Carmen

Skipper S Nugget, 05/12/65-03/24/92

Skipper, you are missed every day. How I long to go for a ride. Only in my dreams now can I ride. I gave my saddle away last spring.

Nancy Chotkey

Skippy, 06/28/09

My dog Skippy was hit by a car on 6/28/09 and he was 16 years old.
He was my best friend and while my friends were out having children, I had my dog.
My heart is broken and my life will never be the same.
He was a small dog with the heart of a huge dog.
He was always there for me-when I had nobody and everything seemed so bad in life, he would come lay beside me and give me a big lick on the face.
I will always miss him and love him and will always have him in my heart.
Everyone says it will get better but it doesn't seem to get better.
He was the best campanion ever.
Please say prayers for my sweet baby boy.

Candy Jackson

Skippy, 03/03/09

Skippy was my Therapet for approximately 9 yrs. He was not only my companion, he was my best friend. I am a 39 yr. old disabled mother of a 10 yr. old boy and wife to a wonderful husband of 16 yrs. I have been blessed in many ways despite my terminal illness. Skippy made my days brighter and gave life hope. He loved unconditionally. He was a healthy dog right up until the morning of March 3, 2009 when he came back inside from his morning activities and simply fell over, never to be the same again. I stayed with him all day and evening, convinced that he would "come out of it". My husband agreed to take off from work the next day and we would carry him to our Vet and all would be ok again. That was'nt to be. In the very early morning hours, as we searched the house for him (unlike him to not be lying on his bed next to me), my husband found him in our spare bedroom. He waited for all three of us to apparently go to sleep to spare us the grief. I had two drop seizures immediately upon finding him and have never been the same. He is buried in our front yard, under a tall cedar tree where our wind chimes hang, it is peaceful there. Skippy was afraid of the dark and never left our yard. It seemed approriate. He is missed each day but each day brings me a sense of healing. I also lost my father whom I was close to to cancer suddenly in December of 2008, my daddy also gave me Skippy. I think that we are now ready for a new addition to our family. One who can know how much love we have to offer. Skippy was loved. He recieved Christmas presents, Easter presents, Valentine's presents, he left this world trully knowing that he was loved by myself and my family. Thank you Skippy for the beautiful memories and for just being my best friend. I will keep you forever in my heart.

Rae Waller

Skippy, 03/01/09

Love you

Fran Haasch

Skippy Skye, 04/27/09

Dear Skippy.
It's only been a day and I can't imagine the pain ever subsiding.
I miss you so much and your baby sister is so lost without you.
Your leaving was so sudden and unexpected but in sleep so I hope you were totally unaware.
I hope there is a big comfortable sofa for you where you are and a beach on which to play ball.

We will always love and miss you and thankful for all the lovely times we had with you.
Rest easy baby girl.


Skittle, 12/99-06/16/09

My sweet baby girl.You were perfect. All people who saw you fell in love with your beauty and loving friendly nature. Everyone knew your name.
I can't stop crying yet. I hold your favorite toy, the white teddy bear as if it were you. For years it has been me and you. I pray that my family that has already gone is now loving you till I can be with you all someday. I miss you so much sweet angel..Love, mommy

Skittlebutt, 04/01/93-01/29/09

You were so strong and brave, very independent, smart. You always thought that everyone had to Love You . and you Loved every one.
My heart is completly torn apart now you are no longer here,I pray you are with Coyote & Gizmo now.They crossed over the rainbow two years ago. I hope you are all running in the fields.
My life will never be the same now that you are gone. I have this emptyness in my soul.
the 15 plus years went to fast.
I tried so hard to keep you here with me. I only have memories of you and me How we rode every day to get the mail. How quite you were on the bus, so no would know you were there.
Why did you go? I know you missed Coyote & Gizmo but now you all 3 are gone and I am alone.
I'll looking for you all when I finally leave here too. Love & Kiss's Mommie
there will never be a Greater Dog as you were

Suzzann Braggs

Skittles, 06/29/05-03/23/09

Skittles was the most beautiful, soulful, loving English Bulldog!!! She was every way!!! She was the best part of me...she was my soul friend...she was my heart. I miss her so much!!! 10 weeks ago...she was killed by a car. That was when my life changed forever...I will never be the same without her here. I need her...she gave me strength, fulfillment, complete pleasure and peace in my life.


Skittles, 04/28/09

Skittles, my little angel, you are now at peace. I love you my precious boy.
I miss you so much, but you will live in my heart forever.

All my love,


Skittles, 01/08/96-04/10/09


I lost my Skittles, my very best friend a week ago today
I cradled her in my arms and kissed her beautiful face as she passed away
Then I closed her big brown eyes and held her close to my heart
Crying tears of sadness because now we had to be apart
She left her paw prints on my heart for she was my true and faithful friend
And on her last night as I tucked her into my bed she protected me until the very end
I loved her more than anyone will ever know
And the hardest thing I ever did was to let her go
Right now there is a big hole in my heart
Because she and I must be apart
Her whole life she lived just for me
She was happiest when it was me she did see
Unconditional love I learned from her
She was by far my best teacher
I thought I was her master, but that is not true
I was her person and she ruled me through and through
I know she is in a very special place
And one day I will again kiss her sweer face
I thank God for my special friend
And can't wait until we will be together again

Janice Warham

Skivvy, 03/02/08

My baby Skivvy girl,
It's been 1 year ago that you left for your trip to the Rainbow Bridge and I still miss you every day.

I can't ever forget your last hours with us.
I hope you weren't scared.
Mommy did everything she could to save you but it was time for you to find Ziggy and play at the Rainbow Bridge.
Please know that I love and miss you very much and you will always own a piece of my heart.

Love, Mommy

Skrappy, 03/30/95-03/02/09

March 30, 1995 March 2, 2009
To tell you what my Skrappy means/meant to me is like trying to explain the universe. It's intrinsically deep and complicated one hand, yet so amazingly simple on the other. That's how love is. I knew from the moment I laid eyes on him dragging his little brother (by the tail) in his cage that this was going to be my little baby whom I would love and care for and nurture and give the best life to I could. Oddly enough, that tiny bundle of fur gave me the best 14 years of my life with more joy and unconditional love I would have ever imagined. Regardless what the weather, what I looked or felt like, what was going on in the world or economy, as soon as I reached over and touched my baby Skrappy, all was perfect in my life each and every time. He was the fussiest baby when it came to eating, but no worries, he trained me well and we got it right eventually. Yep, he got everything he wanted, anytime he wanted it. He had me eating out of his paw. I made sure that he was THE most pampered puppy. He was my VIP (very important puppy); he was my best friend, loyal companion and most precious angel on earth, who doted on me, and vice versa.

Over the last year my darling became increasingly more ill (congestive heart failure, high blood pressure, osteoarthritis, renal issues) and was put on many different medication that all had varying side effects and had to be adjusted along the course. At the end of February 2009, he developed Pneumonia and the Cardiologist put him on a course of Zithromax and upped the dosage of one of his diuretics'. It only made things worse. A week later, not much change in his lungs and the meds caused anorexia.
The only way I could get him to eat was to give him an anti-nausea pill.
They made him hyperactive, but they really helped with his appetite briefly. Then he began to have trouble swallowing his water. I knew at that point it was just going downhill and I was petrified, but praying more than ever. He made distress noises when being picked up (couldn't walk up/down stairs) and seemed to be sore when lying down.

Time is so volatile and precious and you know in your heart of hearts what the right thing is to do, but when it comes to something you love so deeply, the lines become blurred. In wanting to help them more than anything, there comes a point when you actually begin to hurt them and that's the killer. That's when you have to get stronger than you've ever been and say "I LOVE you more than anything; I can no longer be selfish"ť.
So you have to let them go. They have to go back home, back to where there is no more suffering. Only fun, love, great things and joy and one day, the anticipation of getting back together with the one they love. I MUST know that my precious Skrappy is now perfect once again and just waiting for me. I MUST believe that I did the right thing for him and we will be together one day soon, even better than ever.

For now however, I must learn how to fill the giant hole in my heart that is so empty and desolate. I must somehow manage to continue. I just simply don't know how. I miss him so so so much and would give anything to know he is happy, safe and well. I pray for some comfort and peace in order to move on.


Skrinnie, 06/24/90-12/29/09

We will miss you forever with your cranky attitude. You were loved only in our hearts but forever will be loved.

Donna Zeigfinger

Skippy, 03/03/09

Skippy was my Theraputic dog. He was my constant companion and my best friend. He passed away suddenly early one morning and my life has never been the same since. I have a terminal illness and this little dog certainly gave me the strength to keep going each day. I felt that I could'nt save him as I am disabled. He lived his life for me and for my family (my husband and 10 yr. old son). He is buried under our cedar tree in our front yard. I love you Skippy. I will never forget you. I thank God for the time that we had together. Thank you for being unselfish.


Skully, 07/04/03-01/19/09


Where or even how do I begin to say good bye to my angel my Skully. As I sit here and try to write the words I'm on the verge of tears and I feel them wanting to flow like a raging river that want be held back.
I desperately want these words to reach out through time to reach my Skully where ever she may be.
As I look upon a photo of my Skully I can't help but feel a bit cheated out of so many years I feel, NO that she was in titled to. Why is it that we as humans question about giving our hearts to others... but when it comes to our beloved pets we question not? It' a giving that our hearts are theirs to have for now and forever. I feel that by writing this is not just to inform you of our loss I'm hoping to find some comfort in the words that I'm writing. Though at this moment I'm fighting back the tears that want to flow out of me like that uncontainable river. Our pets have us by that first glance that first wimpier that first lick and after that it's pretty much over. They have very cleverly found away in to our hearts.

I look out into the open field that she once played in with little sister Lushious that also knows that big sister has gone away. I do believe with all my heart that my Skully's soul and spirit has gone to a better place and she's with other angel dogs. The pond behind the house is still with ice and that day when it warms will be a tough day knowing that you'll never again see the pond alive and with life. As I walk Lushious around the ponds edge I will think of you and those walks of yesterday.
As your bed is empty, where you once laid your head next to ours.
We will dream of you and of the times we once had.
Our beloved Skully¦ or sometimes as we called you Skullyballs.
I'll keep fighting to see through the tears, with memories you left us, to reflect through the years that are no more. Well never forget one minute we spent loving and laughing, of places we went Like the dog park where you and sister once played. I dread of that day when your scent disappears, for its proof to me that my Skully is truly gone.
It will take some time to get pass that when I turn around a corner and you're not there. When I call out loud wanna go outsideť only one dog will come. There is a huge vowed in our lifes that only time can heal.
Now go and play, and look down when you can, and always remember we love you and this isn't the end. Someday we will be together AGAIN

Your Family...

Sky, 05/30/09



Sky Bonner, 11/01/96-04/04/09

I love you Sky Sky.
Two and a half years was to short it was an honor sharing them with you.
I will take the best care I can for your brother Kahn.

Larry Bonner

Sky Boy, 10/31/01-04/26/09

You will always be special in my heart.

Deborah Lou Calabro

Skylark, 02/01/94-06/23/09

Most loving campanion. We miss her alot.

Susan & Mike Cross

Skylar, 06/15/02-01/19/09

He was my first dog. I love him very much. He was the funniest friend I've ever had.
If I ever get another dog, he has big shoes to fill. He only lived to be seven, but I hope he thought he had a wonderful life. I will never forget him.


Skyleigh, 03/17/07-04/14/09

I will never forget my "Little Girl".


Skyy, 03/15/96-06/10/09

You always had an expression that made you look a bit grumpy, but you had a heart of gold and had so much love to give. Your bright light was extinguished far too early. As you were withering away to nothing, no never complained or murmered. But that last night, hearing you suffer brought tears to our eyes. We love you so much and our lives are totally empty today without you.

Stephen P Jones & Neil R Rasmussen & Stoli

Slade, 25 May 2007 - 27 March 2009

Forever in my heart my beautiful boy, miss you so so much. Thank you for all your love and snuggles, just want to hold you again, I know I will one day. Sleep tight baby, Mummy x

Slash, 09/01/07-01/26/09

Slash, you are missed by many- Crush, Chris... so many.
There is an empty spot in our house and in our hearts.
We love and miss you Slash!

Steffany and Chris Ayers

Slater Dee Gator, 06/22/09

He was a great dog, with a lot of quirks and personality.
He wasn't the smartest pup in the bunch, and sure my mom named him after Christian Slater...
But he was our dog and he was cute and he had a polka dot tongue and tolerated funny costumes during Halloween and he had long fluffy white fur and permanent puppy dog eyes and he head butted you when he wanted attention and loved to eat paper towels and would automatically run over and lay down on anything that you laid on the floor whether you wanted him to or not.

His front tooth made his lip stick up so that he looked like Elvis.
When he slept his tongue would roll out of his mouth and when he woke up he'd walk around with it sticking out for a while.
He loved pasta and green beans and doggie biscuits.
He barked at his reflection in his silver water bowl.
He used to get car sick but then he grew out of it. He loved to lay on his back and scoot/kick his way across the yard to get a good scratch.
He loved to rub his face all over the carpet, even though Mom didn't like that.
He was our other dog Chances' best friend and they also slept near each other and licked each others faces when they were done eating.

His full name was Slater Dee Gator, but we mostly called him GateGate or Gator.
My mom called him Wiggy and my dad called him Stupid Head, but it was with love.

Toward the end of Gators life he was really having a hard time.
His back legs wouldn't work, we had to help him get up all the time, he couldn't barely hear anything, and he always looked frustrated and scared.
He's better now.

You'll always be one of my very best friends Slater. Good boy.

Chris Pickin, Jackie Pickin, Ashley Pickin, and Jordan Pickin

Slick, 06/22/84-12/31/99

You were so used to kiss me all the time...I couldn't go anywhere in the house without you...but,when you had the stroke that left you an empty shell,I had no choice but to send you to the Rainbow Bridge,because there you were yourself again...I miss your kitty kisses...

Sande Butler

Slick, 03/17/97-01/01/09

Slick was our companion and friend for almost 12 years.
He was our rock during years of significant change and sometimes trauma in our lives. He saw our daughter graduate high school and college, get married and move out of the house.
He stuck with us through several moves - most recently loving our new house at the beach, where he died.
He was always there for us, every night, waiting at home.
He was my buddy, following me from room to room and hanging out with me.
He loved my wife Kathy, and slept with her every night.
He was taken from us suddenly and without warning.
He was bright, strong and healthy one minute, and gone the next. We loved him more than anything, and will miss him terribly every minute of every day.
He was such a part of our lives, that it seems impossible that we can ever fill the void.
His death, I hope, has shocked me into perhaps understanding better the need to enjoy every minute of life because it is so fragile, and can be gone without a sign. Slick probably taught us more than any person could, and we owe it to him to live these lessons in the future - as his legacy.
Good by my friend - I will miss you always.

Slider, 12/01/92-05/13/09

Thank you for wandering into my yard so many years ago and choosing us to be your family.
It was a privilege to have had your love for so many years and hard to let you go today.
I know that I will be with you and all my other angels at the Rainbow Bridge.
Thank you for all you gave me.
I love you.

Colette Lover

Slinky, 05/04/02-04/15/09


Marcia Howard

Slinky, 11/04/92-04/11/09

Slinky went to Rainbow Bridge on 4/11/09.
He was our beloved dachshund who graced our lives for 16 1/2 years.
Letting him go was most difficult, but his illness had no cure and I wanted to spare him pain. My heart is heavy, but the years of love and companionship will sustain me and will endure forever.

Slink, thanks for blessing us with so many years of friendship.
Rest in peace and wait for me at the Bridge.

Linda and Art Hubert

Sloane, 12/19/08

I miss you so much.
You were my best friend and I will always remember how much you loved me.

Deborah and Jonah

Sloth, 05/04/09

I found my baby under the couch this morning barley breathing. i rushed him to the vet and found he was dying of heart failure. we had to put him down right away. i am so sad and the pain is worse then anything ive ever felt before. i want my baby back so bad! please please pray for us! RIP SLOTH MOMMY LOVES YOU SOOOOO MUCH!! thanks so much!

Alicia Klingbeil

Sluppy, 19/01/09

Obsidian ( sluppy) meant the world to me and was my precious boy I will miss you always and I will never forget you my boy


Sly, 06/04/09

You helped me through many chapters of my life, and I will never forget your unconditional love.

Mark Meredith

Smeagol, 07/06/1997 - 08/22/2009

Smeagol was a one in a million cat. More like a dog than a cat, he had endless love to give and expected no less in return. He responded to your voice, your questions and your comments in a way that was more human than feline. We had many in depth conversations. I told him frequently that he was the "bestest" cat ever, and I meant it from the bottom of my heart.

Smeagol was only 12 when he was put down due to kidney failure, a great cat's life taken much to early.

I will always miss his greetings at the door when I returned from work, and the way he melted into my lap when we watched the tube at the end of the day. I will miss the times that he scooted around the rug like a little worm, begging to be petted, persisting until you gave in and gave him the attention he demanded.

I love you Smeagol, and miss you with all my heart; so does Mommy and your brother Seamus. I look forward to seeing you on the rainbow bridge along with all your cousins; Kiki, Powderpuff, Lunzey, Noodles, Pepper and Cookie.


Smitten, 8.22.09

Smitten was a homeless cat my step-daughter found in the fall of 2004. She was so helpless but so lovable. We took her in and gave her the best home we could. We immediatly bonded with her. For the last 5 years she has slept on my pillow or directly beside me.  
She would patiently wait for someone to get home to pet her. All she wanted was love. Sitting watching a movie, reading a book or just relaxing, there she would come to perch herself on the nearest shoulder or lap available.  
She was a sickly cat but we didn't care. Every night she would sit on my chest and rub her nose on my chin, they place her head on my neck and go to sleep.  
I will never get over losing her. We made the agonizing decision to put her to sleep after exhausting every option to treat her lung disease and anemia. It was on her 5th day with no food that she gave me the look that said she was ready to go.  
I held her as the vet gave her a sedative and until she took her last breath.  
I miss her and I am so sad. I feel sorry for anyone who has never known the love of an animal. And I send my prayers to those who have and who have been through the same thing.

Smoke, 02/19/09

i miss you so much baby boy. You are my best friend. thank you for all the love you gave me over the years. I love you Bud..

David Wichlidal

Smoke, 03/26/96-02/13/09

Smoke was my hearing dog as well as best friend. I cherish the memories I have of him and will be eternaly grateful for his friendship. We were only together for five years but it seems like I always knew him. He took his work seriously but always had a smile for anyone that needed one. His only fault was he was a flirt.

Maggie Wihnyk

Smokey, 05/97-06/29/09

She was the sweetest cat, always quiet, never angry or ill with anyone.
She will be missed but will always be in our hearts.

Glenda Hoyle

Smokey, 09/96-07/13/09

Our dear Smokey.
You will forever be in our hearts.
We miss you so much.
Ashley your faithful sister is missing you.
We will see you again someday.
Daddy and mommy are so heart broken.
Know we'll always still love you for the rest of our lives.
You are now safe from noises.
You are protected from fireworks, thunder and any other noises that bothered you.
See you again one day.
We love you.

mommy, daddy & Ashley

Smokey (Smokey Joe), 01/24/07-05/15/09

Smokey (01/24/07-05/15/09)

Little Smokey Joe, such a beautiful and friendly cat. You came to us from who knows where and were with us for only a very short time. In that little bit of time we had with you our love grew quickly. We miss hearing your soft meows and seeing your pretty face. Your feline friend, T.K., still looks to see if you are coming to eat and play with him. We all miss you very much. We love you and will always love you. You will be in our hearts forever and we won't ever forget you.

Love You Forever,

Smokey, 03/96-08/09/97

It has been almost 12 years since you left us so suddenly. I still think about you all the time. You left this world too soon and never got a chance to live a full life. God must have needed you for some reason I will never know. I hope that you will keep Brutus company and help him get through his first few days. I know that some day we will all meet again in Heaven.

Mommy and Daddy

Smokey, 05/01/96-06/13/09

My 13 (close to 14) yr old baby girl Smokey died Saturday night.

She was a beautiful dark grey cat with luminous green eyes, a white patch under her neck and white markings on her tummy. She was born to a feral mother and was the runt of the litter. I bottle fed her from a kitten and watched her grow into a sleek healthy loyal cat. She loved to play and walk to the beach or around the block on her leash. People were always amazed at this and stopped to talk and pet her.

My husband and I were away for a day and when we returned I noticed Smokey didn't greet us at the door. Then we took her outside and she just laid down. I called to her and she didn't come to me, that's when I really knew something was wrong. She even cried when I picked her up.

I called the vet and scheduled an appointment for Tuesday, since they didn't have anything sooner. I brought Smokey to bed with me. I just held her and told her how much her momma loved her. She purred although I knew she wasn't feeling well.

The next morning I got up to feed her, she didn't eat. I then had my husband call the vet and tell them it's an emergency. The vet did an x-ray of Smokey's chest and did some blood work. He said the x-ray indicated that she she may have congestive heart failure since she had so much fluid in her chest. I was devastated. He said she wasn't in any pain just uncomfortable. He prescribed Lasix to help her excrete the excess fluid.

My husband, a New Yorker told the vet to give it to us straight. The vet then said sometimes the animals die suddenly with this condition...I almost lost it but I thought Smokey's strong enough to get through this. He said he'd call Monday with the results of the blood work. He said to prop her up with pillows (to help her breath easier) and to give her anything she wants.

We took her home and gave her the Lasix, she ate a little cat food and some turkey as well as drink lots of water. She went to lie in the bathroom (tile floor). I put her water, food bowl and potty in there with her so she didn't have to go far. I stayed there with her. Later that night after my hubby gave her the 2nd dose of Lasix, I bought her in the den (he was watching tv). I put her on the sofa next to me, she stayed for 5 minutes then jumped down and laid on the floor. She then started crying, trying to get up. I said to my husband something it wrong with Smoke - Smoke, we picked her up and she died in our arms. I saw the light go out of her beautiful green eyes, I became hysterical. I call the Animal Emergency Hospital but my husband said she was already dead... I knew it too but I didn't want to believe that my baby was dead. The hospital people were very nice and let me cry and said they were sorry for my loss. I wrapped her in her fluffy blanket and held her and just cried.

My husband called my father-in-law to help him bury her in our back yard close to the house where the garden was suppose to be (but is now her resting place). They told me to stay in until they had everything done, then I went outside to see the grave. I started hyperventilating and really realized that Smokey was gone. I wondered why she couldn't live to 18 or 19 like my friends cats. She was an indoor cat and wanted for nothing but she got sick so fast. I felt guilty because I remember her crying last week...may be she was trying to tell me she was sick instead of being hungry?

I spent the whole weekend crying and putting her toys away.
My husband comforted me the best he could. The vet called and told me it wasn't my fault (he's already spoken to my husband) and that Smokey had what looked to be cancer and leukemia, hearing this was awful. He counseled me for quite some time and I'm grateful for that.

Smoke-Smoke. You will always be my Baby Girl. I will never forget you. You were and always will be my very special baby. I know that you are in a better place now, a place where you are not in pain.


Mama Aja

Smokey, 08/22/96-05/06/09

Smokey you were a brother, a son, a friend, and a nephew. Their is not one day that goes by without all of us thinking about you. You were our world the love you provided us was beyond any other. I remember all the times we shared and during your last days I wanted to stop time to just spend more time with you. But in the end you tried and fought the fight but were unable to win. You are now in a better place with your cousin Tommy and brother Stevie. WE MISS U EVERYDAY, LOVE ALWAYS THE VARGAS AND CORREA FAMILY!!!!!!

Smokey, 03/22/91-04/21/09

to my loving angel

thank you for all the wonderful years you gave me of your love. i will never forget you. you were the most perfect cat i ever had. i cry for your loss every day. i will never forget you

love john

Smokey, 05/19/09

My dear, sweet, little gray, Smokey you touched my heart right from the get go. You brought me such joy & laughter. You were always there for me, and I for you. We shared a wonderful 17 years. Although I will miss you dearly, your memory will live on forever in my heart. Be at peace my sweet baby & keep my love close to you.
Love, Mom

Smokey, 07/04/90-05/25/09

My beloved Cat, Smokey, who I had in my care for 19years, lost the battle against renal failure on Memorial Day, 2009.
This spunky, spry little girl was a joy to the very end, giving me more comfort than I thought was possible.
May God hold her in His hands until I am ready to meet her again.

Amy Shaver

Smokey, 01/25/08

I didn't know I could add you to something like this when you passed, so I am leaving your name in good company with your brother Petey who passed yesterday. We miss you Smokey and talk about you all the time, you brought us so much joy and your playful spirit lives on in the wonderful stories we share. Your body may be gone but you have never left our hearts, you will always be a part of us. We love you and miss you so much.


Smokey, 04/22/09

I miss you so much sweetie...I will always love you...It's so hard to be here without you...this little apartment seems so empty...I did what I could...I am so sorry you had to go...There is always a place in my heart for you. Farewell my sweet boo boo kitty...I will remember you.

Smokey, 04/22/93-04/12/09

Smokey, meow meow, "bunny" "bunny", we love you and miss you so much.
It is almost unbearable.
We miss your meows, the way you brushed up against us, your love, and your warmth.
You were so very dear to us both and we miss you incredibly.
You will be in our hearts & thoughts forever.
We'll see you on the rainbow bridge some day where we will pick you up and we can all be together once again. All our love.

Sheila and Tom

Smokey, 08/29/96-03/04/08

We still miss you so much. Diamond still looks for you and she sleeps where you use to sleep. The house is quiet and the yard is bare. Wish you could come back to mom, sisters and your best friend, Diamond!!

Smokey, 03/23/09

Smokey you were rescued from a house fire and you were given to me to nurse back to health.
You were only 6 weeks old
covered with burns, ticks, and fleas.
At 6 months of age you got parvo.
You were so strong and survived that horrible illness.
You grew into a large healthy dog.
You never wandered off or caused any trouble.
You were the best devoted family dog I could ever have asked for.
You were always so happy and easy going.
On your last day of life your eyes remained bright and shiny. I couldn't let you suffer anymore. I will always carry you in my heart.
You were my faithfull pet through good and bad times.
I love you, and I will miss you Smokey!

Robin Kneer

Smokey, 07/15/95-03/20/09

Smoke was just barely weaned when he came to me. He had, of course, as so many cats are, been abandoned. He was such a sweet and gentle little guy without a mean bone in him. I told him I loved him and he went to his forever sleep. I will miss him deeply.

Ms. Chris Mason

Smokey, 03/18/09

Goodbye my dear, dear friend. My heart misses you more than I ever thought possible. I love you so much...Someday we will meet again, and until we do, you'll be in my heart and thoughts every step I take.

Jennifer O'Neill-Salki

Smokey, 05/15/96-03/20/09

You were the most joyous part of our lives.
The look in your eyes each day we came home and greeted you will never be forgotten or matched.
We will think of you and smile at all the wonderful memories you blessed us with.
Until we see you again, we love you.


Smokey, 06/03/08

Smokey was truly ,this particular man,s Best Friend.I have missed him every day, since he was put to sleep,in what the vet called "an act of kindness", at 12/04 pm.GMT on the 6th of March 2008.Tomorrow will be a grim day.I look forward to the day that we are re-united at that Rainbow Bridge.

Tony Robson

Smokey (Kitty), 02/05/09

I miss you so much!


Smokey, 02/23/09

Thank you, Smokey, for the many years of unconditional love you gave.
You were a blessing in a fur coat and our lives will not be the same without you, but you will forever be in our hearts.
Go now, and be at peace.
We'll meet you one day at the Rainbow Bridge...

Marie Noble

Smokey, 02/18/09

Smokey was one of my best friends, ever since she was a stray kitten who showed up in my backyard and decided to stay. I always looked forward to seeing her when I came home. She died of cancer last week, and it's hard to think of her not being there. I will never forget her spunkiness, her tendency to get into trouble, and her sweet personality.

Mary Mixter

Smokey, 01/30/09

Smokey was a special cat adopted by us just before Christmas.
He was the runt of the litter and the only cat available at that time.
We brought him home and loved his quirky little voice and soft meow. He was small when born, but turned out to be a large furball when he was full grown.
We all loved him and miss him so much.

The Malis Family

Smokey, 06/01/95-01/30/09

Smokey was our sweet angel kitty, he loved to headbutt and nuzzle, and would sleep with us at night.
On cold days he would lay on top of us while we were still and did not like to move.
he will be missed and loved till we are about to join him again.

Brian Bartley

Smokey, 11/21/89-01/25/09

We will miss Smokey, she was with us for 20 warm, wonderful years. She will be greatly missed.

Linda, Trevor, Kelly and Nicole

Smokey Beaudoux, 02/21/09

You are now with Buster.
Wait for us.

Elizabeth & Steven Young

Smokey Forbes Gredler, 04/17/09

You gave me joy and took the loneliness from my lifeSmokey okes
Love You

Jannette Gredler

Smokey Joe, 05/01/98-06/21/09

To my favorite cat - I miss you terribly. I raised you from 12 weeks old until cancer took you from me on Father's Day. I remember you hid under the desk the first night home, but I coaxed you out in the morning and we were inseparable until the end. You slept by my side every night, purring quietly. Rest in peace until we meet again.

Chris Green

Smokey Joe, 11/01/03-04/06/09

You and I were a match, a team, a feline companion and friend. You amazed me with your talents, riding my shoulders, perched like a panther in reckless solitude. So confident, so proud! The short five years we were together, just you and I, will never be forgotten. You're in my heart, where memories flourish. The void of losing you will never be fulfilled. Smokey Joe, you were my silken blue furred "Kit-teh"ť, my"śBaby Boy"ť the Strength of Light which shown down on me. Thank you for being a 'season' of warmth, beauty, wisdom and understanding. The affection and tenderness you've shown me has uplifted my world in times of hardship, sickness, and pain. You were there to calm my fears, purr through the years, and show me the way. I learned so much from you. Forever will you be in my heart, my beloved One.


Smokey Joe Stephens, 05/30/09


You were the best cat any family could have ever asked for. You brought more joy to us than you will ever know. We know that you are in a better place now and no longer have to suffer any pain. You will be missed everyday and we will carry you in our hearts always. RIP baby boy... we will always love you!

Brianna Stephens, Shirley Stephens, Bryan Stephens, Amber Stephens, Athena Stephens

Smokey K, 01/10/99-15/16/09

Smokey was a cat who thought she was a dog. Beautifully majestic, sleek with gray silky fur, slanted green eyes and a fiercely independent attitude, Smokey was my companion through many difficult and lonely times of my life. Whether licking and cleaning Rusty the dog's face, sitting atop my computer monitor with me at the keyboard, or curled up at the end of the bed, she brought me delight. I am forever grateful to your companionship, Smokey. Finally, you and Rusty are together again. Enjoy, my beloved friends!

Wendy Kurchak

Smokey Letoski, 10/1/04 - 09/27/09

Our beloved cat, Smokey, passed away on Sunday, September 27, 2009 at home. She brought many years of joy to our lives and will be greatly missed. She was sick the past few years with hyperactive thyroid disease but lived to be almost 15 years old. She was a very petite cat who never weighed more than 7 pounds. She was loving and talkative. Her favorite food was pork. She dearly loved my husband and laid on his chest and in front of the fireplace with him. God bless and keep her. She will be very missed.
We love you, Smokey, and will see you when we pass over.

Smokey Marie Sackett (Converse), 01/15/09

Dear Smokey, It doesn't seem there could be enough years for us to share our lives together but for 13 years, you were a best friend.
You weathered many a storm with us, and you were always a happy, loving, faithful dog, and a dear family member.
Alyssa misses her "sister" Binky Marie, and Daddy and I ache to come home and not find your happy face, and hear your welcome.
Zach and Lucy are so lost without you - you were Zach's soul mate.
Though time separates us, we will meet again in Heaven, and share eternity together.
You, my dear girl, are missed very deeply and will live on in our hearts, and in our shared memories forever.
God bless our special girl.
Mommy, Daddy, and Lissy

Smokey Phillips, 04/01/92-03/30/09

We will miss our precious Smokey. You have filled our home and hearts with love, happiness and joy. You had a mind all your own and were never one to let anyone change your path.
We have been blessed from Heavenly Father to have you 17 short years and we understand that you had to leave us to return home. Just know we will miss having you with us. We will see you when we get to the rainbow bridge.
Take an extra hug from the savior for all of us. We know he took you because he loved you too.
The kids say "have lots and lots of fun!"

Garvin and Debbi Phillips

Smokey Pokey Little Boy, 12/28/00-05/18/09

What do i say as a tribute??
i love you little boy, and miss you so so much....i hope where ever you are that you are running and free...that the fur is back so everybody can see your white belly, and your smokey spot.
i know the bandages are gone...mommy made certain of that...i will always love my puffa fish pink nose...more than words can say....


Smoki, 04/07/09

Smoki was part of our family for 13 years. She was like our first child and then when our children came along was like a big sister. She will always be missed and was a very special part of our family.


Smokie, 5/27/2007 - 9/1/2009

Smokie, was my baby. He was my joy, my life, my very best friend. There wasn't a moment that he wasn't by my side. He slept by my side ever night. He woke me at night, just to go out and do his business but always wanted to play too. He had such a mischievousness about him, with long floppy ears. He loved to swim and chase balls. He loved life and gave me life. I don't know what I'm going to do without him. He was my everything... I don't know how to cope with this loss. A part of me died with him.

Smokie, 01/16/09

Smokie, you will never be forgotten, you was well loved, and gave love in return, I know we will meet again so until then, wait for daddy and have alot of fun playing with Max now that you both are painfree, I'll never forget you so rest in Peace and be a good angel now as you was here on you


Smoky, 1992-08/15/07

My best Pal!!

I miss him so much

Debra Russo

Smoky, 04/23/08

My little bundle of gray fur with a heart of gold. We are going to miss our Smoky Now buddy you are free from pain and now you can play Cheddar bug again. We know you missed him. You were my ninja cat. I will miss the little heart you had on your tummy that you always wanted me to rub.

Julie, Donovan Zeh and The Zoo Crew

Smooch, 03/13/94-02/07/09

Smooch was with me for 15 years. She was my best friend and was there for me when the times were really hard. She knew when I needed comfort. When I was upset, she would come over and look at me and then lick my face. She knew. She was also an imp. The word no meant nothing to her. She was wild and crazy and was always into some kind of trouble. Her first Christmas, she got into the bottom cupboards and ate the Christmas cake my mother had just baked a few days before. My mother chased her around the house with a broom and Smooch thought that was great fun. There are so many funny stories about this
dog. She had a strong character.
But no matter what she was always by my side. She followed me around the house and slept with me.
She was 15 and I came to the decision to put her to sleep. She was sick, deaf and almost blind. When we were at the vet's office and I was crying, she came over and looked at my face, and then licked my tears away. She went very peacefully. My heart is broken. I lost my best friend. I can't stop thinking about her. I wonder if I did the right thing. I know I did. My life is so empty without her. I will always love her with all my heart!


Smoochie, 06/15/95-01/05/09

We lost our beloved Smoochie on Jan.5 of this year. I lost my baby and my husband lost his best friend. Smoochie will forever be in our hearts, she will never be forgotten!

Sharon & Chip

Smores, 02/26/09

Smores was our first pet rat. I wasn't careful enough and stepped back onto her and broke her spine, sending her to the bridge instantly. My guilt and sadness is terrible. I miss you, Smores, please forgive me.


Smudge, 05/23/09

We shared 10.5 years together.
We spent good and bad times together and you've seen me at my best and worst.
I'm so thankful for the short time that we had together here on Earth.
I had to make my most difficult decision ever today to keep you from suffering any more pain.
It was not taken lightly and I still wonder if there is anything that I could have done.
Yet, I let you go because I love you.
I hope that you are happy and at peace, my Smudge-bunny.


Smudge, 12/10/96-04/02/09

You found us and loved us unconditionally.
we will always love you and remember you.
we hope you are no longer suffering.

Alan Takara

Smudge, 03/25/09

Smudge was my best friend for 16 years. He was the keeper of all my secrets and the love of my life. While my heart is broken, I feel blessed to have had 16 beautiful, love-filled years with my baby. I will miss him always.

Allison Porter

Smudge, 01/05/09

Smudge was a very loyal friemd and family member. No matter how much pain he was in, he was always by our sides trying to comfort and protect us.
We did not know it until the very end, but Smudge was suffering terribly from cancer. We do not know how long he had been suffering since he never complained.
The night before he passed, he was in so much pain he could barely get up onto his feet. I myself was having pain from my arthritis and could hardly walk. Knowing I was suffering, Smudge got up on his feet and followed me around the house to make sure I was okay. Most humans do not even have that much devotion!
Smudge will forever be in our hearts, our minds, and in our home!!
We love you and miss you dearly Smudgie. You will always be momma's baby boy!

Carl & CJ

Smudge, 03/17/93-12/06/03

Our little Smudge.
God bless his heart.
The poor little guy was sick when he got him, throwing up all over the place.
We took him to the vet wrapped in a towel.
He gave him some antibiotics and told us to give him pedialyte.
He was ok for a few years after that playing with the other dogs. Then he started coughing and gasping for breath.
He had congestive heart failure.
Our poor little guy.
He was so precious.
We love you and miss you Smudge.

Judy Hartman

Smudge Parker, 04/30/08-12/05/08

passed only as a baby, the 7 months
we had him were the best ever. Will never forget you and will always love you.
mummys little boy

Joanne Kenny

Snarfy, 03/25/00-12/28/08

Since 2000 you were my closest companion and faithful little friend. I'm still looking for you around the house, and my heart breaks as I realize that you aren't here to follow me around anymore. Our time together was much too short, but it's time that I will cherish for the rest of my life. I will always love you.

Kelly Canaan

Sneakers, 10/03/06

My first cat, a very special adopted cat. Missed greatly.

Nancy Lee Roberts

Sneakers, 03/19/08

Sneakers was a special dog and everyone who was ever around him loved him.

He was adopted from the Chattahoochee Humane Shelter by my adult daughter when her two older children were 1 and 2 years old. The first time I ever saw him he was stretched out between Alex and Adrianne watching "Barney."

When her marriage ended and she and the children had to move in with her dad and me, he wouldn't let her bring him. Our beloved dog Sebastian had died a couple of years before, and he said that he didn't want to go through losing another one and said that we weren't going to get another dog. I was heartbroken and hated the idea of having to take him back to the shelter.

My mother decided a few days later that she'd like to have Sneakers, provided that I'd take him if anything ever happened to her. Ed said that it'd be OK.

I drove him to Montgomery one Sunday afternoon, and he and mother bonded immediately. Even my dad, who had demetia was often found sitting on the couch with Sneakers snuggled up next to him. He was a happy dog.

After Dad died, he became mother's constant companion. They were so cute cuddled up on the couch watching the 10 o'clock news each night.

Mother really looked after him and kept him healthy.

Early one July morning about four-and-a-half years ago, Mother got up to go to the bathroom. She had a rather bad stroke and was unable to call for help. The young man who cut her grass came around noon that day. He knocked on the door to let her know he was there. Ronnie decided to go ahead and cut her grass but became concerned when he noticed that her car was in the carport and Sneakers was not outside like he usually was. After he finished the yard, he rang the doorbell at both doors. Mother's neighbor drove up a few minutes later, and he told her he was concerned. Her neighbor had a key to the house. She was found on the floor in her bedroom, and her beloved Sneakers was snuggled up to her. Mother said later that he never left her side.

A little more than a year after her stroke, my sister, my sons and I had to make the difficult decision to move Mother to an assisted living facility near my home. As I had promise nine years earlier, I brought Sneakers home with me.

By this time, he was beginning to show his age, but he was still frisky and had such a wonderful personality.

He and our basset-mix, Bud, which we had adopted from the same shelter a couple of years before, became great friends. When Bud had to be euthanized because of paralysis from a disc problem, Sneakers grieved along with us.

During the past two years, he really began showing his age and developed arthritis. However, he continued to be a great pet.

In January, he got a chicken bone out of the trash can and got a sliver hung in his throat and developed a cough. The vet claimed that his trachea had collapsed because of his weight, which I considered to be a bunch of baloney. He hadn't gained any weight. For several days, Sneakers continued to cough, and Ed and our daughter kept telling me that he was suffering and we needed to have him euthanized. I decided I would give it another week. Lo and behold, after a pretty severe coughing spell one afternoon, he coughed up a tiny sliver of bone. The coughing stopped and he perked up. I periodically told my buddy that if it hadn't been for me, he would have been a goner.

Thursday, March 19, 2009, on a beautiful warm March afternoon, he went outside with our daughter's dachshunds. One of the slats on our deck railing had been knocked out. Why, I'll never know, but Sneakers jumped off the deck, which is at least five feet off the ground, and broke his back. We had to let him go. He was paralyzed and nothing could be done.

I knew that he would eventually die, but I'd always imagined that he'd curl up on the quilt he slept on and would ease out. I had put his quilt in the washer that morning so he'd have a clean bed to sleep on that night.

My daughter said that he had a "smile" on his face when she and her husband were asked to leave the room.

As I write this, I'm crying. It hurts badly when I walk in the den and he's not there, but I do know he's at Rainbow Bridge and he is running and playing and I know his cataracts are gone and he can see good again. I can just see him, Bud, Sebastian, Beau and all the dogs and cats we've had over the years together in the sunshine.

One day soon, Sneaker's ears will perk up, and his eyes will shine and he'll run to greet Mother when she stops by to get him. Off they'll go to be together forever with Dad.

I miss you old man. You brought a lot of joy to Alex, Adrianne, Krissie, Mother, Daddy, Ed and me.
Godspeed. I love you, old chum. Please don't ever forget that.

We will meet again.

Sneakers, 02/26/09

Our Sneakers was the most wonderful dog.
We had never had a pet, we never wanted one.
But she showed up and we fell in love with her. Even after seven years we don't understand why we were so blessed.
She left us so quickly and we will never forget her.

Harold Paff

Snickers, 06/09/09

Snickers was our little buddy.
He brought so much love and joy to our lives. He loved being with us and we loved being with him. Every morning I'd wake up and go to the kitchen where his cage was kept.
I'd pick him up out of the cage and hold him like a baby in my arms, kissing him over and over again, telling him how much we loved him. He never turned away. Never. He put a smile on our faces every day and made all the worries of the day disappear. Snickers loved to play. We'd let him out on the deck where he'd jump up in the air and kick his little legs out.
We loved watching him.
He would push his little head through the railings as far as he could so Daddy could kiss him over and over again.
Our lives will never be the same. We will never be the same. We feel as though we've lost a child.
The relief is in believing that we will one day see him again. When that day comes I'll hold him gently in my arms, kiss him over and over again and tell him how much we loved him and never let go.

Rich & Sandi Elfast

Snickers, 04/27/09

I will miss Snickers so much!
She was such a good cat, and is in a happier place.
I will never forget her!

Kristen Pfeffer

Snickers, 04/16/09

Snickers you were a great and loyal comapanion. We love you and miss you.

Ralph and Lynn Gillespie

Snickers, 04/16/09

Our friend, protector and confident.
The best dog in the world!!

Pam, Andrew and Brendan

Snickers, 03/27/03-03/21/09

"Momma's girl," you are so loved and my heart aches for your meow.
I miss sooo much your fuzzy black & white self next to me every minute of the day and night.
The house is so different today, quiet, without you by my side.
Your sister Squirt and I are truly lonely together without you.
It's without a doubt that Squirt, Kimberly, Daddy, and I will hold you in our hearts forever.
Never forget that you will always to be loved and missed!!! God Bless You Baby!!!

Snickers, 08/23/95-03/24/09

Our little girl...oh how you will be missed! From the day you entered our lives as a 4 week old kitten to the night we had to let you go to the other side we loved you with all our hearts. We know you are strong and young again now; your breathing comes easy and your cancer is gone; you are enjoying endless cat treats and the tuna water flows freely! Look down at us and send us your love as we will be sending ours to you. Until we meet again little girl, Daddy and Mommy.

(From Daddy - I was the first person to hold you 13 1/2 years ago and I was holding you when you took your final breath. There is a huge hole in my heart no one can fill right now because it held your love in it. I miss you when I'm making the coffee at night when you would beg treats, I miss you drinking water out of the tub faucet that you would remind me to leave on slightly and I miss you sitting at my feet sleeping contentedly while I watched TV. Above all, I miss my little girl terribly and I will for the rest of my life. Wait for us, baby. Love, Daddy.

Snickers, 02/14/09

Iknow I will meet my friend again one day,until then I will mourn her loss and then celebrate her life. She was a very loyal friend and loved very much. I did not think of her as a pet or that I owned her, she was one of the family. You do not own them. She will be missed greatly and it will take time to heal. This is not good bye Snickers, I will see you on the other side. Love you XOXO


Snickers, 02/99-02/16/09

I miss you so much, our whole family does.
You were the activity in the house.
It is so quite here without you.
I miss you coming in the shower and I miss you banging on the door.
I miss the security you gave me and the family.
I am so sorry that you were suffering. I am so sorry I could not help you.
I still am waking up to let you out.
I wish you did not have to leave us so suddenly.
I love you!

Paige Orgnon

Snickers, 02/10/09

Snickers was an angel.
He was one of the sweetest souls I have ever met, and I will miss him dearly.
Good-bye my little sweet-pea.

Alexandra Childs

Snickers, 09/94-09/2008

Snickers belonged to my husband David Melton since she was a newborn. She came into my life in 1999 when David and I were married. Snicks joined her sister Pickle Patch (kitty) and brother Nubbie, our Cocker Spaniel. Snickers loved KFC above all foods which she got on occasion as a treat. When ever David and I came home from an outing, Snickers and Pickles were both on the sofa near the door and jumped into our arms. I think we miss that the most about her. It was always SNICKS AND PICS! David and I will always thank God for his gift of Snickers love.

David and Jane Melton

Snickers, 11/08/95-01/15/09

Snickers, it was the hardest thing I had to do, but you were so tired, weak, and so sad. I know I did the right thing but the grief is unbearable. You brought so much joy to our lives. You may be gone physically but you live in our hearts forever. Until we meet again at Rainbow Bridge my darling. Love you always, Mom and Dad

Sniffles, 01/83

Sniffles & Georg; when you see Kayla, PLAY NICE! Always love you & miss you.

Terri A.K.A. Lovesmykayla

Sniffles, 03/01/00-02/15/09

Sniffles was a wonderful pet and companion.
He loved to be near his family.
He loved to sun himself on the window ledge in our living room and sleep in bed with us at night.
His passing was such a shock!
One minute he was fine and the next he was in terrible pain.
We all miss him and are grieving for him.
He will be forever in our hearts.
There is an empty place in our home.
We hope you are in Heaven having a wonderful time, Sniffles.
We will never forget you!
We hope to meet you again.
You will be in our hearts always.

Kanea Ward

Snokomo, 10/08/98-06/08/09

We shall miss your talkative nature and your sweet personality.
We shall always love you.

Dennis and Nancy

Snooks, Sept 1986 - Oct 2009

You were my friend, I told you secrets that only you knew. You were my companion and I loved you more than anything else in the world. I know you are in a good place free of all of life's problems and pains, I will meet you again.

In the end all we have are the memories and the love. I will love you forever and ever for always.

Snooky, 07/10/85

Snooky, my darling boy. A gentle dog who watched over the children as they grew and who alerted us with barking to the neighbor who lay alone inside his house, collapsed from a stroke. What a special dog you were! What a loving friend since I held you in one hand as a puppy, until you were as high as my waist. May you run in a place of comfort with friends who love you. Until we meet again.

Sharon Andersen

Snoops 'Sweetheart' Lanza, 04/29/08-01/04/09

Snoops, I miss you so much baby. I am so sorry this happened to you. You touched our lives only briefly however the impact you left will carry-on forever. Lucky will miss you too baby. You were so good to her. Thank you for the joy you brought to our family and the memories that will stay with us in our hearts. Mommy, Daddy and Lucky love you baby. Rest in Peace Angel, your home.

Jamie & Troy Lanza

Snoopy, 08/03/83-08/06/01

He was my best friend for 19 years. I will always love him and he is still missed very much. He always new how to make me laugh. And loved chocolate with his cast iron stomach.

Larry Casciato

Snoopy, 02/98-05/05/09

You brought so much joy into my life. I miss you so much and wonder how my days will be without you. You truly were an amazing, loving, and devoted furbaby.


Snoopy, 07/95-05/06/09

Snoopy Love,

My pain is deep and seemingly endless in its intensity.
I'm relieved you're not in pain and discomfort anymore and that eases my grief some.
We went through so much together and I feel guilty about many things.
I will always miss your beautiful face and loving personality.

I love you forever.
Rest in peace, my love.


Snoopy, 10/13/93-05/02/09

To my Dear Snoopy,

I am not sure when I will stop crying, I miss you and love you so much. Thank you so much for all the memories. I know you are in Doggie Heaven, I just wish I could have had more time with you. Adriana & I will never forget you.

Rest in peace

Vanessa & Adriana Estrella

Snoopy, 08/16/05-03/30/09

Dearest Snoopy, What a shock for us to loose you. We pray that you did not suffer. We will always remember your beautiful gray, soft fur, your sweet personality, and how you loved to snuggle and put your white tipped paws over your sweet little face while you slept. We loved the way you would snuggle up to your kitty brother Bob and wrap your tail around him as if you were giving him a hug and how sweet you were sleeping in the kennel with Ellie and Belle. You did not have a mean bone in your kitty body. All you wanted to do is give us love and to be loved. We love and miss you and we hope that you find Dylan and Coal up there to help keep you company. Now you can eat all of the kitty treats you want. All of our love Sweet Snoopy - until we see you again. Love, Mama, Daddy, Bob, Ellie & Belle

Snoopy, 10/30/96-03/12/09

Snoopy was a one of a kind dog. He was the most compassionate, friendly and happy dog...not dog...person. He was a person to us; he was our family. He was a brother, a friend, a son and a real momma's boy. Snoopy was a real neighborhood pet too! All the little kids on our block would ring the doorbell and ask "can snoopy come out and play". He loved to eat (everything and anything) except lettuce and peanuts. Snoopy was the type of dog that we would wonder if he would protect us in time of danger, because he just LOVED everyone the moment he met them. No questions or hesitation. Snoopy truly enjoyed loving other and BEING loved. Snoopy was treated like a king from the day he stepped into our house until the day he left. We will always have him in our hearts! SNOOPY WE LOVE YOU!

Jen, Barbara, George and Kim Gambino

Snoopy, 11/02/94-02/13/09

snoopy is the one im looking for

Maria Moreira

Snoopy, 12/26/94-02/16/09

Snoopy was the sweetest little boy. He was my constant companion, he followed me everywhere. He was such a mama's boy! I am devastated and still mourning. I miss him so much. But I know that he is no longer suffering, and that makes me happy. We will be together again someday. Snoopy, you'll always be mommy's little boy. I will love you forever.

Rosalie Christner

Snoopy Diggyman Hensley, 10/31/96-06/16/09

The bestest beagie in the world.

Jennifer Hensley

Snoopy Malone, 03/12/97-09/27/07

Snoopy was a gift from my late husband Hank.He quickly became my baby and heart as Hank and I were Seniors and our kids were all grown.As my husband was very ill before passing in 2007,Snoopy slept with me and we were so close.But as the end was approaching for my husband he seemed to sense and know that time was short with daddy and began to shadow him and go to his room frequently to check on him in his hospital bed.Then when Hank had a massive heart attack and his diabetis caused him to collapse and go to the hospital where he passed Snoopy was never the same.A few days later when I was awaiting my daughter to fly in and help me move out of state with her,its as if Snoopy could not bear to leave not only his home but where he had been so happy with his daddy.He bit me very badly drawing alot of blood on my chest and just wasn't himself.After much consultation with his lifelong Vet and friend it was decided he wouldn't tolerate moving;he also had developing cataracts.His Vet ok'd and agreed it was kinder to let him go to the Rainbow Bridge and there unite with daddy!Loosing them both has been more then painful and affected my health.But I would not have missed those years with the sweetest most loving and adorable dog I ever had in my life.His memory is precious and I know I will be with him and Hank when my time here is done.Thanks for the memories Snoopy.

Joyce Malone

Snoopy Peanut Orr, 07/22/01-05/18/09

Snoopy was a fun, loving, amusing, and energetic dog. He was always there when I needed a friend and was always wagging his little black and white tail. When we found out he had diabeties everyone was crushed. He stopped eating, drinking, and playing. His doggy brother, Max, is so sad right now and doesn't understand where his brother has gone. I hope Snoopy has a good time in doggy heaven and I know we will meet again someday.

Roxanne Orr

Snoopy Wayne Fields, 11/04/00-04/30/09

Snoopy was a bright and happy little boy right up to the very end. He was always trying to make his people smile and seemed to know when you needed to do so. Snoopy, my little man, I miss you dearly baby boy but now you are in no more pain, can SEE again, are not hungry,or thirsty anymore. Snooopy, Snoopity do, Snooopy, I love you!

Pamela Fields

Snow, 06/20/92-02/07/06

You were my first dog and your love was unconditional, run like the wind at the Rainbow Bridge until I get there for you, Daisy and Duncan.

Rose & Ed Rodriguez

Snow, 09/97-03/05/09

Snow, you were a true inspiration to us with your determination and will to overcome your handicap.
You ran the house from the sofa with a look in your eyes and a simple tilt of the head.
You were our princess that only wanted a bit of scratching from time to time.

There are so many feelings and words, but they are too difficult to express right now.
We love you with all our heart and our home will not be the same.
Please snuggle with Donnie near the bridge, just like you did on the sofa.
We will be thinking of you both.
Love, Bob & Mike

Snow, 11/13/03-02/10/09

We miss you Snowball so very very much. I am so sorry that I let you outside. You were my responsibility & I should have made you come inside the house, I know how much you love being outside. Our street is so quiet and not much traffic. You were playing, and did not see that car driving by, he did not see you. I wish I could have done more for you buddy. I'm so very sorry for the short pain you suffered. I am glad I was with you.

You were truly the best cat. So beautiful, so loving, so soft. Know that no cat in this world will every replace you. You are always with me in my heart, I will carry the memories with me until we meet again. I will be looking for you at the Bridge the day I die, don't forget to find me.

Till we meet again. I love you. Always. I will never forget you. Go play now.

Cheryl, Derrick, Lani, & Kyle

Snow White, 03/02/09

Snow White you will forever be missed by your human family. Your loving nature and playful banter with our other animals have given us soo much joy. Until we meet again...We love you and Miss You

Wendy Norris

Snowball, 1998 - 10/28/2009

I had to have my Snowball put to sleep yesterday. I had him for 11 years. He was my "baby". I miss him so much already. I don't know if I'll ever get over it. He won't greet me at the door when I come home, he won't 'meow' the whole time I'm gone from the house. (I have been told by several people that he did this) He won't sit with me when I watch T.V., and he won't sleep in the rocking chair in my bedroom when I go to sleep. He used to come into a room where I was cleaning, and just sit there. It was like he was "supervising" :) I love you Snowball, I always have from the time you were given to me. You made alot of days and nights less lonely. And I hope I gave you the same. I know you loved me, and I know you trusted me. I tried to help you, but it was too late, and for that I am very sorry. I will never, ever forget you. Your Mama loves you!

Snowball, 05/27/09

To my precious and cherished Snowball. You came into my life 12 years ago when you needed care, and I needed someone to love. We healed each other. I will never forget you, and you are sorely missed. I will remember our happy times together here on earth, and know you are waiting for me on Rainbow Bridge. I love you so much. Your Mommie

Snowball, 11/10/08-04/17/09

Snowball was simply a very sweet kitten with a super personality.
Unfortunately, he was born with some serious problems that all the love, caring and Vet visits could not fix.

He was released from his pain and confusion by the hardest decision that I have ever had to make.
May he be healthy and full of play because he truly deserves that.

Be happy little one.

Evelyn Hancock

Snowball, 05/11/09

Snowball, We miss you so much dear kitten. You have been the ray of sunshine in our home for the past 3 years. I'll miss your beautiful blue eyes and your furry little face. I'll miss the way you tapped me when you wanted my attention, or the way you tapped the drawer pull to let me know you wanted something I was cooking, or made that little chirp noise when you jumped up on something. I'm sorry I wasn't there for you when you needed me. I'm sorry baby. Till I see you at the bridge, We'll love you forever. My heart is broken.

I miss you Little Itty Bitty. We're so sad.

Love forever and always, no matter what.
Kate, Joan and Jerry.

Snowball, 01/10/95-03/15/09


Charlene Lawler

Snowball, 03/21/09

Snowball I miss you . You are the best hamster in the world . I hope you enjoyed your life here on earth. KISSES XOXO,

Natalie (love you)

Snowball, 12/01/89-11/28/08

I miss you Snowball. WHen I eat a bowl of Fruit Loops, I remember that you would come and set by me, just so you could have a little bit of the milk. And then meow back at me, as to say thanks mom. I will be looking for you, so be looking for me. Take care of Buffy also, I am sure you two are together. Go lay in the sun kid and stay warm. Love you lots.

Mary Torres

Snowball, 02/13/96-03/14/09

Snowball, I thought we would be together forever.
I am so sorry we had to put you to sleep but you were sick with kidney cancer and there was no more they could do.
Daddy & I didn't want you to suffer and as time went on it would have gotten worse.
We just couldn't bear to see you try to go to the bathroom and just quiver with pain.
We just tried to do the best thing possibly and and the love we have for you gave us the strength to do what we felt was best and that was not to allow you to suffer.You were always there for me when I wasn't feeling well or lonely you played with the kids and sometimes you just didn't want them to bother you and you let them know it.
I miss you sitting at my feet by the computer or on your sleeping bag that you dared Shelley to take back.
Daddy actually said that what he misses the most is when the two of you would be on the sofa and you giving him kisses all over his face.
He also said you told him that he was really your favorite but we knew better. Joseph asking for a kiss and instead you would nip at his nose. I especially miss you laying next to me at night keeping me warm and protected oh and lets not forget us coming home and you would just about knock everyone down just to get to me.
Momma Cat is looking for you around the house she misses you too. You will always be our perfect child. The urn with your ashes has been placed on the mantle next to your picture with a few momentos of your life with us. I hope you know that each night before I go to bed I come to you and say a prayer and kiss you goodnight.
You will never be forgotten the pain may ease as time goes on but you will always be with us. We Love You Snowball!!!

Virginia, Martin, Joseph & Shelley Genovese

Snowball, 07/07/89

Snowball, now you are with Tigger, Buster, Sandy and Flash, I Love you, always...

Ruth Wilbourn

Snowbell, 03/02/92 - 12/14/09

Snowbell was my first cat. I rescued her in 1993 when she was almost 2 years old. I didn't even like cats when I agreed to take her! After getting Snowbell, I then realized why other people loved cats.

Snowbell loved my miniature schnauzer, Schatzie. They grew up together. Schatzie loved to nibble on Snowbell. She would grab her hind leg and drag her down the hallway. Snowbell loved it and went back for more.

I feel so fortunate to have had Snowbell in my life for as long as I did. Many cats never make it to her age, but I wanted her forever.

I love you, sweet Snowbell. Take good care of Schatzie and Bruiser and wait for me at the Bridge.

Snowbell, 07/11/01-04/10/01

This kitten was the most beautiful Persian with a personality to match! Her purr would mesmerize you! Snowbell, rest in peace my precious and I will always love you and never forget what you brought into my heart and soul. Thank you!

Lynda Timm- Hudson

Snowflake, 06/29/09

Snowflake loved everyone and everything.
Snowflake was the best cat ever!

Carolyn, Lyle, Matthew, Brady, Brianna

Snowflake, 04/18/09

Snowflake you were the love of my life.
You gave me the best 13 1/2 years.
I never had such love before.
God gave me a gift.
And now you are with him to be cherished.

Dorothy Brozostoski

Snowflake, 11/18/98-02/09/09

My darling companion, shadow and lap mate for 10 years through cancer and deaths, you were always there for me to share with.
I deeply love and miss you daily.
Take care of Mom and Dad like you did me.

Paulette Laffoon

Snowflake, 05/2005

Snowy I forgot to add your name because your broke my heart and I just couldn't believe I would have to go on without you.
You spent so many years by my side, going thru so many good times and bad times with me.
I always came home and there you were my best and only friend true friend.
When you left, you also left Patchie behind and he missed you and has never felt the same since you left. Snowy, the love of my life,hardly a day goes by when I don't think of you.
You are in my heart forever and I am missing something each and every day I spend without you.
I will love you forever my best friend. You were always number 1 no matter who came into our home, it was always you I loved the most.

Deena Haas

Snowflake, 06/23/08-02/02/09

R.I.P. Flakees.
We miss you and love you.

Denise Cooper

SnowPuff, 04/21/90-04/24/09

My beloved best friend, my soulmate.
You will be loved forever and will never, never be forgotten.
My heart is broken, I am so lonely without you.
No one could ever take your place.
May you now be enjoying all the blessings of a place in God's Kingdom of Heaven; I will see you and hold you in my arms again soon, my little Angel.


Snowshoe, 04/08/06

I miss you sooooo much my beautiful, precious baby boy.
You are and will always be forever in my heart.
You were a very, very special kitty.
I look forward to seeing you again some day papi.

Snowshoes, 03/09/09

Ask anyone who has spent time with him and they will tell you that Snowshoes was the greatest cat of all times.
He was very loving and affectionate, and quite the character.
As recently as last summer he was regularly found trying to scale my neighbours' fence. He managed to climb five feet off the ground by digging in his claws, eyes determinedly fixed on the top of the fence and the prospect of escaping into the garden, before he was discovered earning him the nickname Spideycat.
He made friends with all my neighbours in every place I lived.
Nobody could resist his charm.
He used to sit out on the sidewalk and beg passersby to pet him.
Strangers used to leave plates of cream outside their windows for him.
Amongst many other things, I will miss having him purr me to sleep every night.
The silence in my apartment is deafening. Who knew such a small creature could have such a large presence?

Sir Winston Churchill once said, "We make a living by what we get, we make a life by what we give."
In which case, Snowshoes made an extraordinarily great life.
And I was blessed to be the recipient of his gift.

Celia Quigley

Snowy, 1/1/98 - 16/7/09

my darling little snowy, you will never know how much you are missed, not just by me but everyone who you came in contact with, small children, teenagers, all manner of people wanted to hold you and stroke you. love you for ever, always in my heart. goodnight precious one. your mum penny, and all your many friends. xxxxx

Snowy, 29/05/09

In loving memory of Snowy, our little narky westie, who had to be euthanised on 29/5/09 of liver failure. We will never, ever forget you, Snowy!


Snowy, 08/15/02-05/05/09

Snowy-You fell asleep in my arms in the vets care at 5.40pm, May the 5th, 2009. You were just getting more sick and despite all the antibiotics and diurins, you were still suffering too much and it was unfair to keep to alive. You are better off asleep and up at the bridge. I Love you so much Snowy, Mum and I will never forget you, please dont ever forget us! RIP my wee sweetheart, *Snowy*


Snowy, 28/04/09

I miss you so much sweet little angel


Snowy Mundee, 14/06/09

will miss you so much snowy will always be in my heart .

Belinda Mitchell

Snuffle, 05/22/07-01/18/09

Much loved hammy. Had a very pampered life.. thoroughly deserved though! She had a strong personality and I love and miss her very much.
With love from Emily and family xxx

Snuffy, 01/01/96-03/30/09

My beautiful boy, I miss you already. Have fun and run like the wind over there. I love you.


Snuggles, 06/25/09

My Snugs passed on 6/25/09 at the age of 11 years. Just diagnosed with cancer a few weeks before. I was with him when he passed along with his Poppa and Baby by his side. I hope he is at peace. I take comfort in knowing he and Baby are side by side in heaven. Love you my Buttercup.


Snuggles, 08/30/92-05/20/09

You live in my heart always and forever.
I love and miss you.

Ruth Rivenburg

Snuggles, 02/09/09

My dear Snuggles, I had to write you again. My heart aches for you.
What will I do?
You greated me every morning, every day at lunch and every afternoon with a smile, a wag of the tail and unconditional love for 16 years.
I can't sleep without you, having had you next to me for 16 amazing years.
I am thankful to God I found you and you found me, we were meant to be together.
You were the child I always longed for and you were everything to me I could have ever asked for.
You lit up my entire life, you brought the most amazing joy and I love you and miss you so.
Please know how much I love you and how much you meant to me.
You made me so happy and I hope I was able to do the same for you.
We went everywhere together - all of our trips, our moves, our walks, our rides in the car, our lunches and Pupperoni!!!
No one will ever take your place and I will always speak of you.
I long to hold you again and have you curl up next to me in the bed.
Thank you for a lifetime of love.

Love, Mama

Snuggles Hashem Noble, 05/25/07-04/10/09

He was such a cute little boy who loved to talk to us. He always expressed his concerns through meowing when we were bugging him while he was sleeping. Your unique and little meow will be missed. Maybe I will hear it again someday.

Michelle Hashem

Snuppy, 05/30/09

A loving,caring soul who passed on too young. I miss Snuppy so much and always will.

Dianna Ghorley

Sobe, 03/06/09

I brought Sobe into my home when he was only 5 months old.
He was just roaming the streets, he was so loyal and such a big part of my family. Over the years he had gotten older and he got aggressive so I had to have him put to sleep.
I will always love him no matter how aggressive he got, he was like my little boy.
I miss him so much already.

Here is a poem dedicated to all animals I found:


Time to let me go my friend,
Because my life no-one can mend,
Its better to let me go this way,
Than watch me suffer night and day.

I'm happy to go, my time has come,
My quality of life is no longer fun,
I've been so ill, so its not a bad thing,
To let me go forever resting.

Stay with me till I drift away,
Fast asleep forever I pray,
To relieve me from suffering and pain,
What more can I ask from my best friend.

Don't be sad, I'll be free from pain,
Never to be ill ever again,
I know you'll miss me being there,
But all the memories you have to share.

Thank you for being my best friend,
And all my needs that you did tend,
Try not to be sad, try not to cry,
Now's the time to say GOODBYE PUT ME TO REST.


SockerGirl, 12/25/95-01/04/09

Sweetest, most loving cat in the world. I rushed home every day after work for 14 years to hold in her my arms. Now I can't even pull into my driveway without having extreme panic attacks without her to greet me at the door. She was all I had in the world. A careless speeder ran her over on our quiet street in Gautier yesterday and didn't even stop. He failed to realize that he stole my heart.

David MacKondy

Socket, 11/16/96-02/02/09

Socket My Love,
We all miss you so much,honey. Letting you go was the hardest thing that we ever had to do. You could not go on the way you were. You were not able to do your favorite things anymore. You couldn't go for walks or even go into the backyard. You were not able to jump to your favorite spot on the couch. I hope that you are running around now the way that you used to, with your back legs tucked under you,running like the wind. We will always love you and you will always be our Booga Girl.
Mommy, Daddy and sister Gina

Socki, 03/11/86

Sweet, funny, feisty, loyal.

Evangeline Liquori

Socks, 08/10/04-12/22/06

Socks was a beautiful,affectionate,loving member of the family who had his life tragicly cut short. He loved life, loved his food and loved the garden where he now rests. He has never been forgotten, and will be loved forever. Dance among the stars my sweetheart...


Socks Bentrim, 01/29/92-06/16/09

My husband and I loved Socks very much.
She was my friend and companion for many years. We miss her and there is a void in our home.

Erin Bentrim-Tapio

Socks Iamurri, 03/01/09


We will always miss you, and put you in our hearts with Sweeper and Banda.
You made our
days happier with your love of your sqeekie toys

Stan, Wally, Sue

Sodapop, 01/01/09

Sodapop, one-of-a-kind Pekingese, had a seizure and just collapsed on New Year's Day without seeing it coming. Part of me feels dead since then. I'm afraid I won't snap out of it, ever. Reading the steps in coping with loss isn't helping me. It's awfully difficult for me to move on since she was my first personally owned and bonded pet. Maybe it was because I didn't foresee any warnings or didn't act sooner and beating myself for it? She is the cutest dog I've ever seen. She is my best friend, my lifesaver, my playmate and my little precious. She helped me to get back on the saddle during my divorce. She taught me control and responsibility and I paid a lot of attention to her rather than going off on the deep end. I took her everywhere I went and made sure her she could get enough joy of mountains views from my lap while driving. She loved it and looked at me said thanks for the opportunity. She loves to play in the snow and dip her head in it. She loves t play soccer with me. Some unbelievable talents she has. She loved walking with me anywhere. I said to her often, "You're going to live as long as I live, you hear me!! Sodapop, I love you!"ť She always made eye contacts with me when I'm looking or not. She understands when I talk to her. Until on that last day, I said to her "breathe Sodapop breathe!!!! don't go!!..don't do this to me..don't go!! I love you!!! I love you!!!"ť I sobbed so hard when she was leaving. When she did, my heart just stopped. I can't imagine my life without her. I'll always remember her and miss her. I know in my heart I gave her happy life and home. Ultimately, I gave her my love and loved me back. I can't wait to be with her again when my time is up.

Tony Fowler

Sofee (Paquerita), 01/04/09

We love you paquerita!! See You in Heaven. Xoxo


Sofi, 02/23/09

Dear Sofi, we love you so much. You brought such joy to our lives with your crazy attitude and energetic ways. We will so miss you so very, very much. I hope we added something to your life because you certainly added something to ours. I hope, in some way, shape or form, that our paths cross again because you will always have a piece of our hearts.
With So Much Love,
Your loving Mom and Dad

Sofia, 11/01/07-07/17/09

For Sofia (AKA Bia, Monster, Bumper, Booger, Sharky, Fat Princess, Burger, Hippa-Bia-Ratta-Potamus, Baba, Lovey, Spot-belly-pig, Goober)

I rescued Sofia and her twin sister, Sasha, from a feeder-rat bin (rats for snake food) in the spring of 2008.
They were the only two left and I reached in to pet them, not intending to take them home with me because I already had two little rat girls at home.
Just as I was drawing my hand out of her cage, Sofia reached up and grabbed my index finger with both of her tiny hands and just stared up at me, not letting go.
My heart melted on the spot and I knew that we were going to be the best of friends.
I let her and her sister crawl into my sweatshirt and took them home.

Sofia had never been socialized (feeder rats are treated like kibble instead of sentient beings) but she was never fearful of me.
She always wanted to be close and loved to curl up in my sweatshirt or go on errands with me.
When I came home from classes, she was always so excited to see me, bounding out to greet me.
I bonded with Sofia closer than I have ever bonded with an animal before.
She was just so good natured and loving!
She had a trusting and gentle disposition, but was always curious and adventurous too.
She was also needy, suffering from almost constant health problems as feeder rats so often do.
In late June, I found a lump in her belly.
It turned out to be a uterine tumor and she had it removed the same day.
The tumor had grown around her other organs, and there were complications from the surgery.
She was a brave girl and fought through one complication after another for nearly a month.
She came back from the brink of death numerous times, to the amazement of the vets.
Everyone at the vet's office began to love her and give her pets and treats.
She was the kind of rat that could turn a formerly rodent-phobic person into a believer.

I think she fought so hard to live because she knew she had a lot to live for but in the end, she didn't have enough strength to keep fighting.
I think she had accepted her death because this morning, she was bright and happy again for just a little while.
I held her in my lap for hours and petted her adorable little head and soft ears just the way she liked it.
Before I knew it, she was gone.

I know that her life was not as long as it could have been, but I am so thankful that I had the chance to bring joy to such a loving creature who started out so disadvantaged.
We meant the world to one another.
It hurts to lose her so early, but I know that she had the best life that she could have ever dreamed of, complete with nightly run-around time, a cage the size of a walk-in closet, lots of toys, good food, love and petting and a person who cared for her more than words could ever describe.

I will always love you my little Bia.


Sofia, 02/17/09

You were my puppy. You loved me the best. You were MY dog. I love you and I miss you.

Elena Nicole

Sofia Florendo, 05/07/00-07/01/09

We love and miss you so much, Sofia. You were such a sweet and good dog to us and to everyone who ever met you. All we wish for is for you to be happy forever and we hope that someday, we will all be together.

Adele & Gerard Florendo

Soldier Field Swift, 05/24/96-06/20/09

Ol' Solgy Boy will be missed by many people.
He brought joy, love and happiness to everyone that was in his life.
His last day was spend doing what he loved best - swimming and fishing at "Jordan Lake".

I miss you already Solgy Boy - until we meet again.
I love you.

Doug Swift

Solmaz, Summer 2008

Solmaz I miss you. Your box is always there and I am sure you can now get a lot of carrots in Heaven and you are now playing with Yeldiz and Zoya . Take care of them. We all miss you. you watch , Tania and shirn love you, we have always loved you. I am sure I will see you in Heaven.


Solo, 01/09/09

My beautiful beloved friend of almost 20 years, Solomio went to Rainbow Bridge today.
I miss him already and grieve for my loss.

Jody Saunders

Soma Kelly, 07/10/09

We love you Soma.
You are a wonderful kitty.
So smart and such a sassy personality.
I will miss your sweet cuddles!
I hope that you are feeling no pain and have fields full of catnip in your future.
I will miss you my first baby!

Emily Kelly

Something Special, 12/05/2009

My beautiul Special. My partner in the show ring. You were truly a unique and special boy. Your personality shined. I will miss your morning nickers and kisses. I will miss watching you charge across the pastures. You were my friend, companion, and champion for 30 years. You and Zackary are now kicking up your heels in lush green pastures. Jaz is still missing you and I will never stop.

Somozah, 01/01/02-04/10/09

I'm sorry you couldn't make it to our future, sweet girl.

Omar, Stephan, Rigo, Amerie & Veronica Ramirez

Sondra, 06/04/97-05/24/09

We were so lucky to have you in our lives. Our hearts are breaking because we miss you so much but we know you're in a much better place. Thank you for all the wonderful memories. We loved you so - you were the best!

Lorrie, Ken, Alex & Jeff

Sonia, 04/12/09


you were my best friend for fourteen years

I would come to you for love whenever i felt abandoned and your gentle understanding was always enough

i carry your tag on a chain close to my heart

today, before you passed, you peered into my eyes, and I knew you knew i loved you

i miss you

i wish there was something i could do to see you one last time


Sonic, 06/26/09

Sonic was my friend, he let me pet him, I loved him very much.
He left for the Rainbow Bridge on June 26th and I miss him very much.
I love you, Sonic.
Our whole family loves you.
Our candle shines for you and we will never forget you.


Justin and family

Sonic, 12/13/91-05/11/09

Our beloved Sonic who blessed us with unconditional love and companionship for over 17 years.
We have loved you from the second we brought you into our home and will love you and miss you for the rest of our lives.

Paula and Brett Talbott

Sonic Mayhem aka Mayhem, 02/14/09/

To my Great Hedgehog Sonic Mayhem I miss you alot

Grace White

Sonic Team, 31/05/08

Chopper and Baz will look after you sexy boy, wait with them for us xxx xxx xxx

Janet & Suzanne

Sonny, 08/15/03-04/15/08

from abuse came love, and a million purrs!

Kim Proseus

Sonny, 10/10/95-03/09/09

Sonny was a blue merle sheltie who came into our lives in the fall of 1995.
Our older dog Ringo was at first bewildered
by this 'spazzy little puppy', as my daughter-in-law named him.
But Sonny and Ringo soon became fast friends.
20 months ago we lost Ringo and thought about getting another puppy.
But Sonny wanted only us.
For the past 20 months he has been our constant companion and beloved joy. We remember him for his playfulness and for how well he faced his death.
After his sudden collapse from a tumour
we made the difficult decision to give him the gift of euthanasia.
As I talked gently to him and my husband rubbed his ear
he went "gentle into that good night."
We ask all of you who read this tribute to join us in honoring the life of our dearly loved Sonny.

Pat & Bob Moore

Sonny, 06/06/96-12/25/08

Sonny had a great life, with a loving family!
She will be sorely missed.


Sonny Hodges, 1994-04/24/09

Sonny and I were together almost 15 years. We went though a lot together, both good and not-so-good. I would talk to him and I KNOW he understood what a was saying. I am waiting for the day when we cross Rainbow Bridge!

Billy Hodges

Sonny Love, 07/11/98-01/28/09

Sonny Love,
Daddy loves and misses you so much.
The house and lifes routines are very different without you and your loving spirit.
I know you had to go and maybe we can see each other again.
You're in my heart and apart of my soul.
Wherever you are in the cosmos I wish you pigs ears, a dollop of ice cream and my eternal gratitude and appreciation for your love and friendship.
Daddy Doug

Soondole, 01/07/09

Soondole, it's been only 6 hours and I feel like you're still with me. I miss you so much my baby. You've been with me through my high school, college, my jobs and even my marriage. Thank you for always being there for me. You loved me unconditionally. I really don't know how to face another day without you my soondole. You're a true trooper. I love you so much. I know you're in heaven but I just miss you so much. I really hope you come and visit me in my dreams. You are the best!!!!! Sweet dreams my soondole.

Sharon K

Sooner Kuczynski, 06/26/96-02/27/09

Sooner will be missed beyond words and live on in our hearts forever.
She certainly set a high standard for any other dog to meet.
We pray we will meet again......

Darrin and Stephanie Kuczynski

Sootie, 04/01/92-01/07/09

My sweet sweet boy,

They say 17 years is a long time for even a small breed such as you but for me, it's not enough. I want you to be with me till the end of my days.

This is perhaps selfish and it's not to be. It was always on the back of my mind that you and your brother Chequer will eventually pass through this little body of yours and this world. But I always wanted to believe that day was tomorrow.

Tomorrow seems to be upon us. Although you have been so healthy for so long... never the less, you/we can't escape the ravages of time.

I am soon to face the ugly decision of putting you to death to save you from the sufferings that plague your now very frail body. I am tormented and it pains me tremendously to order your death... the one who I love so so much. I miss you already. Tears just flows forth unabashed and my vision blur as if I am driving through heavy rain.

The only thing that hurts me more is to watch and know you suffer terrible from your ailments of a bad heart, difficulties in breathing and severe arthritis.

Do not worry about me. I want you to have relief from this pain. Go find your brother Chequer and know that one day, I will find you both and we shall be together again. And when that time comes, I look forward to the two of you running into my open arms as I kneel to embrace you and hear your excited barks and whines. And last but not least, your slobbering doggie breaths.

They say everything happens for a reason. Well, you two are the reasons that I have felt and still feel love to its top!

Little did I know the joy and happiness you would bring into my life. You have taught me much... fatherhood, unconditional love, compassion, a zest for life, among others.

You love me despite that I have not always been at my best for you. Please forgive me, won't you? If I can go back and right my every wrong to you, I would.

And if I can give you 10 years of my own life to extend a healthy and happy 10 more years for yours' and Chequers', I would gladly do so without hesitation.

I will think of you often. You will always reside in the cockles of my heart. Your smell, your raspy bark, the playful rubbing of your face into the carpet while keeping your ass in the air will all be seared into my memories.

I shall always remember the feel of cradling you in my arms as your front paws dangled.

In my heart, you will always be as you were in the height of your youth.

I love you always.

Stephen Leung

Sooty, 12/03/08-06/27/09

Sooty, you were just 6 months old, i miss you so much and feel so guilty for letting them put you to sleep, but i could see little man you had never been right and never would be and i could see the pain in your eyes when you looked at me in the vets. I never thought i could cry so many tears, i miss you lying on my shoulder so i couldnt watch the television, you were the best cat ever.Sorry mate. I will miss you so much and will never stop loving you, Mum (Natalie)

Sooty, 05/2009

Sadly died of old age in the middle of the night. Miss you forever you will always be here in my heart! x

Nina Winchester

Sophia, 11/2007-06/18/09

You came as a surprise into our lives and provided comfort through some tough times.
You brought joy to everyone who met you.

We keep expecting to see your little head pop up at supper time or to see you appear beside us when out in the garden.
Momma and Charlie are missing you and still leave a space for you in the Lilac tree pot.

I'm sure you are with Rastus now.
You are sadly missed by us all.

Love Mom and Dad

Sophia, 12/30/08

You were taken away from us so fast, Poopie. But we know you are in a good place and not suffering. Until we meet again! We love you always and forever... xoxoxo


Sophia LJ, 10/18/07-04/01/09

Sophia, Thank you for being such a good friend.
I miss you deeply.
You were my heartbeat.
We were two hearts beating as one.

Patty Garnett

Sophia Louise Finan, 05/02/97-06/01/09

Sophia was only 4wks old when we got her. She was born under a shed. The moment we laid eyes on her we knew she was our baby girl. We loved her so!! Our Beah-Girl is what we use to call her because we would sing...Sophia,Bo-Beah,Fanana-Bana,Fo- Feah,Beah. While we sang that she would run around in circles barking. She loved it. I will miss the way she would nuzzle her face in my neck. Sophia gave us so much love, joy and happiness. Sophia, Mommy & Daddy Will Love & Miss You Forever & Always!!!! You will always be our Sweet Beah-Girl!!!

Brian & Pamala Finan

Sophia Rose, 05/17/09

Dear God,
Please take our baby sophie into your arms and comfort her. She was the sweetest animal we could have ever asked for. Her short time here was not enough. Her body couldn't handle her abundant spirit. Make sure she is ok. We miss her so much already.

Ryan Slattery

Sophie, 11/25/09

Sophie, you beautified my world when I needed a cheer up.

I'm so fortunate to have cared for you as if you were my very own. Because of you and my love of dogs, you changed one of the many purposes in my life.

Now, you have crossed the Rainbow Bridge and begin another journey with others that have passed, please remember you have touched many lives and made a paw print on Earth.

I take comfort knowing that your "little" brother, Cody and "big" brother Remy are there with you.

You will be forever in my heart.

Your friend and caretaker,


Sophie, 07/05/09

Sophie was the sweetest little dog in the world. I couldn't have asked for a better dog. She was silly and loving. Every time I scratched her, she would wiggle her butt from side to side and playfully howl in contentment. She never once complained. Even when she had severe back pain, she quietly endured. Sophie taught me so much in our short time. I adopted Sophie July 2005 at the age of 9 yrs. Unfortunately, God only gave me 4 short years to spend with Sophie. I guess her work here was done. Sophie has touched my life in ways others cannot understand. She is greatly missed!! Until I see her again, I will hold her forever, always in my heart.

Christina Smith

Sophie, 07/11/09

Sophie you will always be in my heart and I will never forget you. Your with Kenny now in Rainbow bridge.
Miss u loads Lindsey xxx

Sophie, 04/04/97-06/19/09

Our dear Sophie left this world 2 days, 3 boxes of Kleenex and several martinis ago. I am sure the angels have already figured out they can't put toilet paper rolls on the holders because she will chew them up.

She was a wonderful part of our family and my beloved friend. We will miss her terribly, but will hold her memory in our hearts forever.

If you have a pet in your life, give them an extra "cookie" when you get home, please encourage everyone you know who may be thinking about adding a pet to their family, to consider adoption from a shelter or rescue organization first.

Jody Schulz-Maude

Sophie, 05/01/86-06/16/09

Sophie, you were my baby, my sweetie pie, for 10 years.
You came to me when you were 3 years old.
Your first Mommy could not take care of you and gave you to me to love.
I will be forever grateful.
When I told my Dad that I got a beagle, his thought was a hunting dog? But you turned out to be the best house pet.
You were truly spoil but never got rotten.
You woke me in the morning and let me not over sleep.
You greeted me when I came home.
You keep the yard cleared of all critters.
You had your tricks and gave the best kisses.
You were the greatest companion, dog and baby I could have ever imagined.
I found out you were sick the day after Thanksgiving 2009.
You were given at most 6 months but lasted an additional month and half.
You made it to your 13 Birthday.
Two days ago we went for a walk and had a great day but yesterday when we woke up I knew that it was time.
The hardest thing for me to do was kiss you goodbye but I will see you in heaven.
God would not give me you to love so much and not have you waiting for me in heaven.
Today was the first day I woke up with out you since the day I got you.
I cried in pain but then I remembered that you are now healthy and free of pain.
You are running and playing with Muffy, Snoopy and Lady and getting your treats from Granny.
I will see you in Heaven and we will go for a long walk and seek out squirrels and kitty cats.
As I said every time I left you - Bye Bye Sophie Dophie, Love you, Bye.

Helen Ruth Tanner

Sophie, 05/21/09

She was so brave and gutsy in fighting her cancer.
She hung on to doing all that made her my Sophie until the very end.


Sophie, 02/14/95-06/14/09

This is for my beautiful Sophie; my life is forever enriched because of her.
She is love unconditional and friendship, joy and playfulness, peaceful and energetic, soft and happy... my protector, my teacher, my very best friend always and forever.
Sophie is all things amazing and wonderful under the sun and she is my sunshine, my angel.

Heidi C

Sophie, 07/12/01-06/07/09

My dear sweet Soph. You were ALWAYS there for me, and I will miss you every single day. The day you were born, God said, there goes some of my best work, and He was right. There will never be another Sophie, and I thank God for allowing me into your life and for you gracing mine. Your spirit will always be with me, and I only wish I had half of your attitude.
I love you, and miss's looking at you Sopha, until we meet again.


Sophie, 02/06/09

Sophie, its only been a few months since your spirit moved through my body as you passed. I miss you so much. I never thought you would be gone a few months after Jellybean died. I know you missed her, but I miss you too.

Bob Christopherson

Sophie, 02/03/02-04/25/09

Sweet Sophie, our beautiful black Greyhound... we miss you so much. You made us laugh every day. The house seems so empty, without you sleeping on one of your many "beds." The dog who loved to lie on the sofa looking at the Christmas tree lights....we never planned on saying goodbye so soon....

From your "mom and dad" and your Border Collie "sister", Mittens

Sophie, 04/21/07-05/03/09

Sophie was a 3 year old puggle
(pug/beagle) she was the sweatest dog ever, she helped my wife through cancer and slept on our arm everyday since she was a puppy, she was ran over by a car today, she ran away without listening alot. I will miss her soo much. I LOVE YOU SOPHIE!!, I hope your in a better place


Sophie, 04/22/09

Sophie was a stray dog.
I picked her up at the Humane Society when I was reeling from the loss of a relationship and his two full-bred Rottweilers.
If Sophie was a human, she would have been a comedian because she was constantly making people laugh, and still did til the very end.
I could write for days but this dog has left a footprint on my heart so big that I don't know if anything else can fill it.
Rest in peace my beloved Sophie.
I will be looking for you soon.

Stacey Collins

Sophie, 03/13/98

Sophie, after all these years I still have a hole in my heart that you left when you passed away. It has not healed and never will. I am thankful for all the good times we had together and hope you are happy in Heaven. I love you and miss you and always will and I will never forget you. Love, Mommy

Sophie, 04/15/01-03/01/09

In loving memory of my Sweet girl, whom I will treasurer forever in my heart.


Sophie, 02/2009

Sophie was a wonderful girl who loved her family well and worked hard to be the best dog she could be.
She was playful and loving with extended family, too.
She "talked back" and made everybody laugh and she loved to chase water when it came out of the hose.
Her exuberance and love for life charmed everyone, and she will be very much missed.

John, Katy, Sarah, Abby and Ryan

Sophie, 03/07/99-01/31/09

I miss you so much, thinking you are still here that I need to take you out, at dinner time I think you are in your spot ready for me to feed you, it is so hard realizing you are gone. I'm so sorry for the suffering you went thourgh, I just was not ready to let you go, There will never be another one like you. You will always be my Sophie Girl.

Tara Foxx

Sophie, 07/03/97-01/03/09

How we miss you our sweet Sophie Mae!
You seemed so alive only weeks ago and suddenly you are gone and we are beyond heartbroken.
Thank you for eleven wonderful years of love, joy and laughter that you gave us.
Your sister PJ seems lost without you...her constant and faithful companion daily for the past 11 years.
I can picture you swimming in the lake, chasing PJ around the house, rolling over for cookies...I can still feel your beautiful coat and remember petting you gently just days ago.
We will forever miss you our beloved friend.
Now go run, jump and play with Tawny, Amber and Hildy at Rainbow Bridge and one day we will join you in eternity.

Our love and gratitude,

Kim, Stuart and Audrey

Sophie Buist, 02/08/09

Sophie brought joy and love to all around her and her family,espescially Gillian Jennings, her beloved master. She was an extremely intuitive and compassionate dog. I am sure she is in heaven with St. Francis and all the angels. Special prayers and love to Sophie and her family.
Aunt Lulu and family

Sophie Jimenez, 12/03/99-04/30/09

Sophie was my angel. There could not have been a better dog for me. She lifted me in many hard times by just being herself.

Ginger Jimenez

Sophie Jo, 12/23/08

Sophie was my best friend who came into my life when I was just 22 years old, a tiny stray who had been rescued from a brush pile in the woods by 2 big dogs.
She was the sweetest little thing and continued to be a sweet girl all the days of her life.
She was quite a michieveous little thing in her youth and was into everything, even found a hole in the wall and fell through the interior of an apartment I lived in and fell through the downstairs neighbor's ceiling tile with not a scratch on her.
She swallowed a string when she was about 4 and I thought I was going to lose her then but God healed her and she came back to me.
She grew up with me and taught me so much.
She saw some things and lived in different states with me.
She was there when I would get home late at night and nursed me when I was sick.
She was the one I wish a happy new year to first.
She saw me grow up and get married and even have a baby this spring.
She loved the baby and would let her pet her.
I believe she left us only after she knew I was okay and had learned what she had taught me about love.
I wasn't done loving her though and wanted her to be with me forever.
The deepest hurt I've ever had was having to let her go.
I don't know if I'll ever recover.
I'll miss her forever and look forward to seeing her in Heaven one day!
I miss you T!

Sophie Marie, 06/05/09

I remember how I loved you
The day I brought you home.
And with every passing day,
My love has only grown.

You woke me every morning
With loving, sweet "meows".
You had your favorite places,
One was curled up on the towels.

On summer days I'd find you
In the tree branch, fast asleep.
And then when winter rolled around
Up through the Christmas tree you'd leap.

You thought the bathroom faucet
Was a fountain just for you.
And then, before we knew it,
You taught Mooch to do it too!

At times you'd get quite fussy
When I gave your head a pat.
But then you'd gladly flop your tail
When I'd whisper, "Hi Sophie-cat".

The last day that I saw you
I was sleeping, tucked in bed.
You purred so loud it made me laugh,
Then you laid down on my head!

You're no longer here with me,
I have only memories now.
But there's not a day that passes
I wouldn't love to hear your "meow".

Though you're not here to know it,
I love you even still.
You have a place inside my heart
No one will ever fill.

~We miss you bunches, Sophie-Cat.


~We miss you bunches, Sophie-Cat.

JD and Ashley

Sophie Mancheno, 06/23/09

She was the most beutiful , lovely dog ! she will be always in our heart

Gisella Mancheno

Sorka, 1999-2009

She's sorely missed by myself and many others; Had a very big heart; extremely intelligent and strong; and was a beautiful specimen of the breed.

Mary Dillon

Soup Dogee, 07/16/08

I wanted to say I love you very much Soup dogee and I am sorry that I had to put you to sleep but you were a sick kitty cat.
To this day I grieve every day if I did the right thing or not.
One day I'll be in haven with you.
Soup dogee your my best friend in the whole wide world I'll never for get you ever.
I love you. Moma Paula

Sox, 02/21/09-05/27/09

You will always be our baby.

Josh Schrock

Soxie Moxie Hohmann, 09/2003-04/03/09

Sox, we know you are with Jesus now.
Thank you Lord for watching over our baby until we see her again.
There will never be another like you baby.
You were given to us by the Lord and now you are with Him again.
Thank you God for honoring us and allowing us to be her parents here on earth.
We love you baby.

Jim & Laura Hohmann

Soxy, 12/28/04-01/08/09

I love you Soxy. I will see you again.

Emily Roth

SP Mar Rahmoun aka Puff, 03/06/78-03/06/09

Goodbye til we meet again. You were my best friend, the one who would let me cry on his shoulder. The one who didn't care that my hair was a mess or my clothes didn't match. You loved me for being me as I loved you for being you. I shall miss you my friend. Until we meet again. I love you.

Chandra G

Spanky, 06/1996-07/16/2009

Spanky passed away after weeks of battling kidney failure due to surgery having his leg amputated.  
He was the last of 5 dogs Jazzy, Bundee, Isa, Tallie, they had been a group since they were puppies...
Spanky was very onery, kept the kids in line by growling at them even if they weren't close to him, sat under the chairs waiting for food to drop down for him to get.
Thats how he broke his leg, going after a dog treat and missed a step. We had a brace made for him and it worked for over a year but he was getting older and harder for him to carry the brace around.  
We decided to have it amputated and now I wish we hadn't/ so many mistakes were made in his care after the surgery.....and if I would of followed my gut he still might be here.  
I love this little guy with all my heart and his soul will live in my Heart forever........  
Miss you Spanky Do, you were one of the best.

Spanky, 05/11/94-05/30/09

A loving companion 24/7 for fifteen years.
Granddaughter (age 4) says Mommie, "I know he licked Jesus' face."

Joe Blanton

Spanky, 08/03/02-04/26/09


Wayne Leblanc & Micheal Mouton

Spanky, 05/15/92-05/05/08


It has been almost a year now since you died and the emptiness and the lonliness in my life still remains. I miss you so much!!! I knew all along that I was blessed with a very special cat. You were definately "Mama's Boy". Your love for me was unconditional. Not a day goes by that I don't think of you. You were there with me right after I first got married. Then through the heartbreak of never being able to have children of my own. (I think God knew what he was doing... He made YOU as my baby). Then though all the ups and downs of life, and finally you were with me through my separation and divorce. You loved me and could always sense when I was hurting, as you would always want to be by me and lay in my lap, as if to say, "its Ok". One day we will meet again, and I am going to hold you in my arms and never let go.
Rest in peace, Spanky. I love you so much!!!!

Love, your mom, Tina

Spanky, 03/02/09

In loving memory of Spanky, my best friend and guardian angel.
When I felt lost and alone I always knew you loved me and that was enough to keep me going when I wanted to give up.
I don't understand why someone had to hit you and why I wasn't there to protect you or at least carry you back home.
I know you're waiting for me at the Rainbow Bridge and I want to go to you right now, but I know you would want me to stay here until God calls me, just like he did you.
The only peace I have is that we'll see each other again, that I'll get to hold, hug and pet you that I'll get to feel your nose on my leg and smell your paws and that I'll finally get to carry you home across the Rainbow Bridge. You changed my life, you gave me a better one and it'll never be the same without you in it.
I'll see you soon my precious piggy Spanky, until then I'll carry you with me everywhere.

Katherine Fox

Spanky, 02/09/09

Spanky was adopted from a Pet Store. He reminded us of our cat Shasta who was also white with black spots,and who we were lucky enough to have live with us for 18 years. Spanky was the most lovable cat in the world. He would kitty talk to us if prompted to, and loved to sleep with us every night. It broke our heart today when after several days of not eating or drinking, we had to mercifully have him put gently to sleep. We love him so much and will miss him forever. He will be continually in our hearts and prayers.

The Malis Family

Spanky Diaz, 09/07/07-01/13/09



Spanky Dirksen, 06/22/09

Spanky We will Miss you so very much. You came into our lives and filled us all with joy and true love. We will miss you and long for the day you are with us again. There is an empty place in our home that will never be replaced. We love you. Rest in peace my perfect friend.

The Dirksen Family

Spanky Weiblen, 01/15/95-12/22/08

Not a day has gone by that I haven't cried for you and missed you more than ever! I know I will see you soon and it will have been worth the wait. It's awfully quiet since you have been gone, but I still hear your little paws clicking on the tile and going in and out of the doggie door. I know you are still with me and you will always be my little doggie angel with wings! As you are the wind beneath mine! Mommy misses you whole bunches! See you soon! I love you!
Hugs & Kisses

Sparkie, 09/11/96-04/06/09

You will always be my puppy. I will think of you everyday.
I Love You Always!!!!

Lanelle Hatfield

Sparkle, 05/2008-30/06/09

bye bye my sparkle love and miss you so much you will be forever in my heart babes im so sorry i couldnt help you im just glad you died in my arms and not alone the garden is not the same without you, r.i.p darling mummy loves you loads and will never forget you xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


Sparkle, 03/30/09

Thanks for all the kisses-- love you and miss you pretty girl.


Sparkle, 01/15/09

The "Sparkle" went out of my life when I lost my little girl, but I am so grateful for the short time I had with her and look forward to meeting her again someday over the Rainbow Bridge.


Sparkles, 05/09/09

Sparkles added so much to our lives!
She was an absolute beautiful spirit who guarded our lives with hers.
Stubborn as a mule, sweet beyond compare, no limits on her love.....always in our thoughts and hearts....loved beyond compare....


Sparkplug, 07/26/98-04/25/09

I got you Sparkplug as a puppy you had 11 brothers and sisters you were the biggest boy in the litter. It did not take me long to love you.Its only been a day and I miss you so much,I miss takeing you outside,and you being here following me around downstairs. You were family my boy. I miss the give me a hug Spark.I miss the belly were a smart dog you gave paw and would sit.And sometimes do the banjo.You had a few heart shaped spots on your protector I felt safe with you by my side.I love you Spark.You had many nicknames too Shole,Spark,Sparkie, Now I must say please forgive me for the choice I made to have you put down the cancer was bad I did not want to see you suffer any more I thought when the vet told me the bad news I would have more time with you, I gave you your medicine and special food that you would like,But when you started getting weak and could not stand up and I could see the pain in your face,It broke my heart to see a once very strong Sparkplug become so please forgive me I did it for the love and compassion I have for you to free you of the pain and suffering.I wanted a miracle.But the Lord wanted you too.And I thank the lord for allowing me to have Sparkplug In my life for almost 11 years.
I will never stop loving you and you will always be in my heart.
Here is a poem that someone wrote.
The Last Battle
If it should be that I grow frail and weak
And pain should keep me from my sleep,
Then will you do what must be done,
For this -- the last battle -- can't be won.
You will be sad I understand,
But don't let grief then stay your hand,
For on this day, more than the rest,
Your love and friendship must stand the test.
We have had so many happy years,
You wouldn't want me to suffer so.
When the time comes, please, let me go.
Take me to where to my needs they'll tend,
Only, stay with me till the end
And hold me firm and speak to me
Until my eyes no longer see.
I know in time you will agree
It is a kindness you do to me.
Although my tail its last has waved,
From pain and suffering I have been saved.
Don't grieve that it must be you
Who has to decide this thing to do;
We've been so close -- we two -- these years,
Don't let your heart hold any tears.

-- Unknown

Judy Peck

Sparky, 1993-06/2009

Miss you buddy.
We had a lot of interesting years together.
Hopefully you're with daddy now.

Tracy Van Dyne

Sparky, 1990

I miss you terribly.
You remain with me always.

Patricia Weaver

Sparky, Oct. 2007

Sparky was that rare phenomenon - a friendly feral cat. His name described him perfectly - his personality totally sparkled. He was only 2 years old when a road accident took him from us. We will love and miss him always.

Ed & Betsy

Sparky, 03/97-06/27/09

My wonderful Sparky. You will be missed deeply. You brought so much joy and happiness to our lives. You are in a better place now, your pain is gone. We could not bear to watch you suffer. I pray that you did not suffer too much. I'm sorry there was nothing else I could do for you.

Tom and Nancy Schieble

Sparky (Spark Man), 11/23/91-06/07/09

My beloved Spark Man - I miss you like you wouldn't believe right now.
Everyone says you're in a better place, but I'm not.
My heart is shattered.
They also says when the time's right get another dog - CAN'T, it wouldn't be you, you were my everything, mommy is trying really hard to contine without my precious friend, lil man, constant companion, brother to Chris & Brad & Kylee doesn't understand.
Every morning I wake in a panic @ 3am for you to go outside - I MISS YOU BABY!
I know in what's left of my heart that you aren't suffering or in pain any longer.
You behave yourself on the bridge & play nice. Good night my best friend & I think of you all day, every day & will for the rest of my life.
I love you baby!
P.S. I know you don't want me to hurt & be happy & I just want you to know I will be okay but it's gonna be a long time. xoxoxo....MD

Maria Diamond

Sparky, 03/02/00-05/07/09

Sparky, Thank you for your companionship in my most difficult years. Your presence gave me safety, loyalty, love and so much more. Cristian & I will miss you and will always have a place for you in our hearts. I sent a thought out yesterday that you were in heaven next to a star called greater love.

Blanca Mejia & Cristian Frosceno

Sparky, 01/05/90-04/11/09

Sparky we miss you very much, you are in our hearts


Sparky, 04/11/09

Sparky was the best dog. I loved him so much. This is the hardest thing I have ever had to go through. I know that he is no longer in pain or suffering and that he is in a better place and there was nothing I could do (what I have heard over and over and over from family/friends) but it still hurts. I miss you Sparky :( and I want to thank you for being there for me through a lot of hard times in my life. I love you.

Crystal Campbell

Sparky, 1995-04/04/09

I miss you so bad. I hope I get to see you again someday.
I will miss you and love you always my Sparky.


Sparky, 04/12/93-03/23/09

Good-bye our sweet friend, you will never be forgotten.
We miss you dearly.

Kathy, Richard, Michelle, & Stephanie

Sparky, 12/01/92-03/19/09

My Sparky. It was a difficult and rough decision. He is at peace now. No more pain. I Loved Him So Much. He was my 30th Birthday present. He was always special to me. A wonderful,companion has now gone on to rest. I will always have the memories. Great memories. With Love to You Sparky, Mommy.

Spanky, 03/10/00-03/19/09

Thanks for your support loving family member and friend. rip see you in heaven!

Gary and Rose

Sparky, 07/2005-01/31/09

Sparky was a very special pet. He was loving and liked to play games. He loved to tease us. I pray to God that there will be a place in God's kingdom for him.


Sparky, 10/28/94-02/23/09

My sweet angel Sparky will forever hold a large part of my heart.
We will miss you until we meet again. Love Mom and Dad

Sparky, you will forever be my baby boy, I love you and miss you dearly xoxoxo Love Mom xoxoxo

Sparky, 02/14/09


Mary Briggs

Sparky, 02/09/09

My sweet boy, your were the best friend I ever had.
I love you and miss you so. You will always hold a special place in my heart.


Sparky, 06/02/07

Through the eyes of Sparky

A cold, dark night in Minnesota
I came to your door hoping you'd hear
And you comforted me, fed me
Took me into your home

Welcoming me, treating me like family
You took me into your hearts
My love for you continued to grow
As you fondly referred to me as your son

I liked to run through the house
Jump on the bed and start to play
Gaze out the window from my perch
Play with my toys strewn around the room

Purring like a motor as you brushed me
Rolling over for a belly scratch
Laying by your side as you slept
I kept you in my own heart

The sad, sad day when you had to say goodbye
You held me close and I knew
Looking into your eyes, I said goodbye
And thank you for the best 5 years of my life
Sparky, you will never be forgotten in our hearts forever.
We love you.

Angela and Dave Albee

Sparky, 10/01/97-02/07/09

Our sweet, lovable, faithful friend and fellow traveler.
He enjoyed traveling and never met a stranger.
He lived the life of several dogs and made our quality of life much, much better.

Rick & Ninfa Manuel

Sparky, 01/03/09

This is a tribute to our Sparky, our beloved cat who lived way too short a life.
It was as if Sparky knew his life would be shortened for he loved us twice as much.
We miss his expressive face, his even temperment when we aggravated him.
He almost always came running when we called or whistled for him.
He would sprint across the street from his friend Bob's house when he heard us.
He would jump over the fence into the backyard when he heard us there.
If he heard Pat practicing his golf swing, he was sure to leap over to be petted.
We miss his big eyes when he became excited.
We miss his playfulness.
When he was reprimanded with "bad boy", he became chagrined.
He was more than a pet, he made us all better people for having him in our lives.
We miss his comfort, his curling up beside us at night.
We miss his love.
I pray you are no longer in pain Sparky and have many trees to run to and scratch and that you have many friends who love you like we do.


Pat, Jan, Brent and Colleen

Sparky, 11/25/08-12/27/08

R.I.P beautifull it was such an unfair passing you had but be happy where you are now play safe and be happy please watch over us we will always love you R.I.P love mummy april your 2 brothers ziggy miggy

and your half siblings aunts granny great granny form us all R.I.P love always beautifull boy


Sparky Boy, 04/23/96-11/10/08


Millie Springer

Sparky Jo Marie, 02/19/09

Though I wasn't able to say "good-bye" to her, I hope she knew how much she meant to me and how much love she brought into out lives!
So good, so loved!!

Audrey Farol

Sparky King, 01/16/09


Vickie Sutton

Sparky Kline Napolitano, 04/18/09

Sparky, you were such a blessing to us. I hope and pray we made the right decision for you.

Kathy Napolitano

Spartacus, 01/28/09

On January 28th, we lost our beloved Spartacus.
It was a difficult decision, but the best one for him.
He brought us so much joy, and we know he is in a happy place.
We'll miss you, Sparty.

"Weep not for me though I am gone
Into that gentle night.
Grieve if you will, but not for long
Upon my soul's sweet flight.
I am at peace, my soul's at rest
There is no need for tears.
For with your love I was so blessed
For all those many years.
There is no pain, I suffer not,
The fear now all is gone.
Put now these things out of your thoughts,
In your memory I live on.
Remember not my fight for breath
Remember not the strife.
Please do not dwell upon my death,
But celebrate my life."

-Constance Jenkins

Liz Chamberlin

Sparticus, 03/15/05-01/11/09

To my special "moose"! Dad is SO sorry he wasn't here to protect my little boy!
Please forgive me! I loved you so much and you must have been so scared! Go in peace my precious little boy!
You are Loved & Missed!! Please forgive me and wait for me!!

Alan Maloney


the "regal" one who was the most loving,little bag of fur ever to live, she is not missed since she never left my heart, just my home her and her 3 sisters were part of me for 22 years.tyger,ziggy little puss and spats are in my yard listining to the birds sing and smelling the roses that are above them..
farewell my lovlies...
see you at the brigde.

Denis Williams

Spats, 12/20/98-03/06/09

I love you Spats and will hold you close in my heart forever. Thank you for your will always be my furbaby and daddy's too...October misses you...I saw the flowers in the vision....thank you sweety...I love them....till we meet again...I love you my Angel

Love mom and dad

Special K, 05/01/93

I miss you.


Speck, 07/21/97-07/07/09

Speck came into my life in Sept 1998. His oringal family said he was not a good fit. So, not wanting to see this tiny 5lb guy go to the pound he came to live with my family. Mom, Brother and me. His tail wag was the best it thawed the hardest of hearts, hard for all to resist.
speck though you are now on the bridge, now we miss you and shed many tears.

Love Carolyn

Speck, 02/15/09

My friend and my pal for 10 years.

Judy Baker

Speck, 01/25/09

Speck adopted me when she was a mere 8 weeks old.
She was a tiny, little firecracker that I will NEVER forget.
She was my constant companion for 14 years.
I could write so much about her, but I will suffice it to say that I will never, EVER forget her soft, warm ears, and little licks she would give my fingers when she was in the mood, or how she always slept on my back and was there to greet me at the door with a "burn out" with her little pink paws on my leg or on the rug in front of the door when I walked in.
She loved popcorn, spaghetti noodles, chicken, and watermelon.
It always made me laugh when she would play "baseball" with me with any piece of wadded up paper I would throw her way and it always made me smile and kiss her belly when she would lay on her back and look at me all relaxed and happy.
She was so special and I am absolutely heartbroken beyond belief that I couldn't save her from the cancer that, in the end, took her from me. I love you and miss you SO much, Specker Doodle Bug.
Wait for me on the Rainbow Bridge!
We'll play ball and eat watermelon in the sun again some day. I will always remember you until then, baby girl. xo ~ Mom

Speck Peet, 01/96-12/13/08

This happy 6 week old puppy came hurdling into my life, by leaps and bounds. His hair on his head was tanish in color but softer than cotton. The rest of him looked like a Jack Russel but a bit bigger than a Russel. I walked into the shelter and seen his momma, sister and there he was hurrying to get up front. It was like he was saying there's no one else here but me. Even tho his sister looked exactly like him. But then when those big beautiful brown eyes caught mine it was love at first site. How could anyone walk away without taking him. My grandson was in tee ball and speckles as I called him alot would wait for the crack of the bat hitting the ball. Needless to say he never missed a single one. My years with him were so wonderful,with such meaning(special moments).
I still couldn't tell you to this day how I was able to go to the Animal Hospital to take him there and to be able to put my best friend down. His tan hair on his head, now mostly silver down to the tan and black spots on his body mostly silver. But no matter where I went with him he always made as many human friends as possible. My buddy was the most loving,lush kisser, but they were always welcomed. I always used his judgement on who to have as a boyfriend because he was never wrong. All I can say now is that the Rainbow Bridge better be ready for the most joyous reunion of all. Because this is all I can't wait for is the day I have my best friend home again. My beloved Speckles and momma together again.

Jennifer Peet

Speckles, 03/2004-07/01/09

We miss our sweet Speckles so very much. She was so much fun, so gentle and such a dear pet. No one could imagine what a personality she had or how much she could communicate with such a wide range of noises. I will never forget the happy little trilling noises she would make as she sat in my lap and I rubbed her neck. Five years was not nearly enough time to have her with us.

Debby Kuennen

Speckles, 12/05/99-01/31/09

Our wonderful little Speckle Boy.
We found you at a rescue center, but you actually rescued us.
When we were struggling so to help Ebby with separation anxiety you came into our lives and calmed all of us. Everytime we made eye contact you wagged that adorable white-tipped tail even to the very end.
When we went for a walk your white paws strutted through the park. I'll never forget rubbing your short soft spotted ears and your white furry chest that felt like bunny fur.
I'll love you forever, and am so thankful we were able to love each other for the short five years we had. I know when you left us you ran into the arms of Grandpa and joined Snicky, Ruffy,and Phoebe. Love, Mom, Dad, Ebby, Ginger, Ruby and all the Kids

Debbie and Mike Wyrick

Spencer, 02/09/1995 - 04/11/2009

Spencer, my precious Schnauzer. For 12 wonderful years you were my pal, my buddy, and on occasion, my confidant. You were 2 when you bounded into my life. You ran over, jumped into my lap and that was that. “Bonded at the hip”, mommy used to say. And so it was.

We had a great time, you and I. We went for walks and car rides and played “pull” with your rope. In the car you would climb into my lap, stick your head out the window and pretend to fly. Those were good times.

When I came home, feeling ill from my cancer treatments, you would jump on the bed, lay your head on my chest and look at me with those beautiful brown eyes as if to say, “Its ok, I’m here with you.” So far, I’ve won my fight with cancer… you, my handsome brave friend, lost yours.

During my life I have lost friends and family and mourned their loss but losing you has caused me heartache beyond description.

I loved you, I miss you, I will never forget you.


Spencer, 01/08/05-07/08/09

Spencer, in every sense of the word was the gift of a 'Child' that I knew all along that God would never let me have. God let me experience pure love from the sweetest creature even if he was a just a dog to others.... he was my gift. He unfortunately battled lymphoma for the past nine months and in the early hours of 7/08/09(his half birthday) God took him from me.
God opened and shut the door so fast that he forgot to leave me a window.
Spencer's light was so bright that the sunniest day seems dark and empty. RIP sweet child of mine. I will miss you more that words could ever cover.


Spencer, 01/10/98-05/17/09

Speencer was so trusting and loving.
He suffered from diabetes from 8 mos. old. He always fought the hard fight and was inspirational to my wife and me.
We feel such a void without him and shall always love him.

Mike and Cheryl

Spencer, 12/23/94-04/24/09

Hey buddy, pal, love of my life - we will miss you every day.

Annette Dwyer

Spencer, 04/96-04/15/09

Spencer was a cat with more than his share of 9 lives.
He was friendly and fun loving. He was always a good kittie. Spencer loved to play in the yard even though he was an indoor cat.
He stayed in his yard when he was outside with the kids.
He loved ice cream and popcorn!
He greeted everyone that come over with a rub up against the leg.
He thought everyone was there to visit him.
In the end he never gave up.
God bless him.

John, Cheryl, Krysta, Rachel, John, Zachary

Spencer, 10/05/07

You were my best friend for 12 years and I loved you dearly.
I still miss you every single day and I look forward to being with you again someday.
I love you Spencer.

Lianne Morissette

Spencer, 03/09/99-07/20/06

God Bless you Spencer!!
We love you very much!!

The Spicer Family

Spencer, 03/07/09

You were my best friend I will truly miss you

Heather Pearson

Spencer, 04/19/02-02/13/09

My dearest Spencer my heart is broken in two right now. I never thought that yesterday would be the last day that I would ever see or hold you in my arms. Your passing was so sudden and unexpected that this all feels like a dream. You were my snuggle bear and totally a Mama's Boy!! I just hope you know that I will miss you and that I loved you with all my heart. Your brother Duce and your sissy Abigail know somethings wrong cause they are walking around the house looking for you.
I love you Sweet Boy and you will always have my heart.

Spencer and Hogan, 06/28/94 to 12/26/08 & 01/14/09

I'm almost at a loss for words.
I love you both so very much.
I realize now its best you are both together as you have been so long with eachother. I am grateful for your love and will miss you terribly.
May you be at peace with all the angels. Have all the playtime, bones, friends and fun you both want
I will see you someday.
My heart aches...but it eases knowing you are in a better place with no more pain, and confusion.
And, that you both have eachother again.
Take care of one another.
With all my love, mom

Spencer Boy Skillman, 03/28/09

My Dear Spencer..You looked into my sold and all others. You
did want to die at home, you did in my arms..

They said you were ugly and sick before I adopted you. But you were the best, most handsome, smart..A reader of all souls. my soul mate.
Yo know how much I love you and miss you..You were the best..I cant wait to see you again..Say hello to Scrabby, Missy Rosie and all the rest..I will see you again..I love you Spencer Boy, so much..You were the best..Kisses,
Now Spencer, Now

Melanie Skillman

Spencer Molinaro, 09/04/01-06/10/05

We miss you so much Spencer.
You were a present to each of us in our joining in marriage.
You were a joy in our lives that will never be forgotten.
You will live in our hearts forever.
You were a true gentleman till the end.
We loves you so much and always will.
You will forever be our Smoopybear.

Cheryl & Phil Molinaro

Spenser, 09/04/97-06/30/08

He was the best dog that I ever knew and a friend to everyone he met. Taken too soon and missed by his family. We still love and miss you Spenser. I hope you are free to run and play now and that there are piles of dirty socks for you to chew on :-)

Cindy Beagley and Woods Family

Spice, 27/09/96-22/03/09

the best dog ever
as a puppy she was on tv when she didnt win the saddist eyes competition
at 11 she came second in dog showjumping and was the oldest by a lot of years
she always had a ice cream wt blackpool and loved to eat it in one go
and many fond memories
missed always


Spice, 04/27/00-03/29/09

She was the most beautiful, loving pet and she was taken from us suddenly and us along with her sister, will miss her forever. We love and miss her so much. We are deeply saddened and heartbroken.

Karen & Robert Russo

Spice, 05/95-02/17/09

She was such a special cat and I was not prepared to lose her so soon. A beautiful calico cat who knew what she wanted and made sure she got it. A tough girl but with a heart of gold. I will miss her.

I love you Spice. You'll never leave my heart.

Jenine Pontillo

Spicy, 01/18/09

Spicy, every time I hear a noise, my ears perk up and I think it's you.
Then I remember you're gone.
I feel better because I know you're not suffering anymore, but I miss the happy times of snuggling up with you and listening to you purr.
I miss you so much!
I hope there's a Heaven for cats, well a Heaven in general, because you really deserve to be there.
We had a great 12 years together, my friend.
No cat will ever replace you.
Like I used to say every time I left the apartment, Bye Spicy, I'll miss you and I'll be back soon.
Unfortunately, this time it's you who's not coming back.

Jenna Plourde

Spike, 05/27/09

To all that knew him Spike was special in so many ways, God has taken Spike to a place where he no longer feels pain, Some day I know we will all be together again until then play and have a good time Spike.

Ellen , Bob Bonaiuto

Spike, 04/19/04-05/26/09


Cheryl Gordon

Spike, 05/12/96-08/06/99

Not a day goes by that you aren't missed.

Gina Y

Spike, 04/04/09



Spike, 03/24/09

You brought so much joy to our family. I am so sorry you had to go. We were being sellfish keeping you with us as long as we did we just did not want to say goodbye yet. I know you are happy again running, playing being able to see and hear again. We will miss you so much we love you papas.

Spike, 01/19/82-11/01/02

I miss your Garfield taste for people food, and I swear you've been reincarnated in Cuddles.
I still remember when I found you out in that field behind my apartment.
I miss your cute lion cut hair cuts in the summer.

Conni Fialkowski

Spike, 03/06/94-02/03/09

My Spikey, I hope I did the right thing yesterday. It was the hardest thing I have ever had to do. I just want you to know you were such a good boy. You have been such an important part of our family. We love you so much and you will be missed. Thank you for loving us, caring for us, being patient with us, making us laugh and being such a sweet boy. Love you, mom

Spike Baldwin, 02/17/09

Spike my son.
I will miss you hugs and kisses for Mommie.
Good boy Jimmie!
I love bubba.

Denise Baldwin

Spike Lee, 03/18/91-05/28/09

I love him. I miss him. Zachery misses him.

Mary Ann Urban

Spike the Wonder Dog, 06/04/09

To my Spikey, the Best Dog Ever!
You are so missed.
You are my best friend.
I know I'll see you again when God calls us home.
Be a good boy until then...
Love you!


Spikey, 03/06/00-05/19/09

Hey Spikey, the family loves and misses you.
Everyone from church and everyone that knows you misses you.
You touched a lot of lives.
We all Love you and appreciate your time with us.
Bruno misses you greatly and we will try help him live a longer and healthier life.
I know one day we shall see again in Heaven Big Spike....Have fun at Rainbow Bridge, play play play...I bet they got a lot of toys there for you and you can get your belly rubbed 24/7. We miss you Spikey and we Love you.

John Adejumo

Spikey, 07/15/92-03/21/09

I brought you and your brother pepe' home with me in september 1992. you were 8 weeks old.
you were the sweetest little cats, beautiful,affectionate and wonderful company,
i was never alone.
pepe' passed away 3 years ago he was 13, and now you are gone,you were 16.
goodbye spikey. I love you and I miss you so much.
i'm looking at the picture of you both together when you were about 5 yrs.old. young,healthy active,cats,who used to play together.
i know you are together again running,jumping,and napping side by side.just as in life.
thankyou God for spikey and pepe',i am truly blessed to have had your 2 gifts for all those years.
until we are reunited,you are both always in my thoughts,and lovely memories.

love...your father

Spirit, 11/14/07

On November 14th, 2007, Spirit the cat was released from her physical world of pain and suffering after more than 18 years on this earth. At 15 she was left homeless like thousands of cats less than half her age. She was a beautiful friend and a sweet, gentle soul.

I will miss her more than I could ever possibly explain. She taught me how the incredible power of love can overcome the unbelievable cruelty of fate.
I'm a greater man for having known her, and my heart is broken. All I ask is that you remember her in your thoughts and prayers.

I love her so much.

I love her so much.

I love her so much.


Spirit Palmer, 02/01/91-02/14/09

Farewell, my beautiful, brave girl.
Thank you for teaching me to be a better person.

Love you forever,

Spit, 05/31/09

Beloved friend and constant companion; he had the heart of a lion; he was "the best boy."
He was more loyal than any human we have ever known, and more deserving of our love than any friend we have ever had.
He was a friend who never let us down.

Jeff Jean

Splash, 10/22/98-06/19/09

You will always be our puppy boy.
We loved you.

Mary Jo Oliver

Sploj, 03/16/09

You were the most amazing cat in the whole world. You were 'Florence Nighting-Kitty' when I was sick, you comforted me. You were mischievious and so clever. You brought happiness to my whole family. I will never forget you. You are in heaven now, enjoying no pain. I love you xxx


Spock, 05/24/92-01/09/09

My Boy & Best Friend
Live Long & Prosper

Erich Benedict

Spook, 10/31/89-07/18/09

You were my best friend.
Thank you for showing up at our back door.
I will never forget you!

Mike, Michelle & Ross O'Haire

Spook, 09/17/07-02/23/09

Just a little over a week you left us to look for rainbows.
Any time we see a rainbow, we will know they are from you, our little Spook.
You are missed by all and your paws have left permanent indentations in our hearts.
Have fun with those that you are with, and know that not a day goes by that you are not thought of.

Chad and Heidi

Spooky, 06/30/09

forgive me my baby i had to put you down. I love u so much and i miss u and i just hope i did the right thing. i wish you were here sleeping in bed near me but you re gone and i'm so sad that i had to let you go i wish i could take it back but its too late.

Melina Naish

Spooky, 03/25/09

My Spooky was my life my companion , my unconditional love. my bedfellow for 17years
i am devasted . My girl i hope i see you again


Spooky, 03/05/09

God blessed me with my first cat, who was an adult stray. I was blessed with the happiest cat who never hurt anything, and thanked me every single day for 18 months for loving her and giving her a loving and safe home with real food to eat.
I miss her sitting on my shoulder and being my shadow, and talking to me.
I know everyday will get easier but right now I feel like I'm dying too.
I love you Spooky.
I miss you so much. Tasha and Angelina will take good care of you in Heaven.

Brenda Holley

Spooky, 10/01/07

Your favorite chair is vacant now...
No eager purrs to greet me.
No softly padded paws to run
Ecstatically to meet me.
No coaxing rubs, no plaintive cry
Will say it's time for feeding.
I've put away your bowl, and all
The things you won't be needing;
But I will miss you little friend,
For I could never measure
The happiness you brought me,
The comfort and the pleasure.
And since God put you here to share
In earthly joy and sorrow;
I'm sure there'll be a place for you
In Heaven's bright tomorrow...


Spooky, 04/01/94-02/11/09

Spooky- I love you so much and you are missed so badly. It has been a day since you left me and I am still in shock over it. I cannot look at the end of my bed without crying and my life feels very empty without you. I will think of you everyday, but knowing you are in a better place now brings me peace. I love you!

Spooky, 01/19/98-01/25/09

My Mr. Cat.
It's been 4 days since you have left us, and I miss you terribly.
It was one of the hardest things I have ever done to let you go, but I can receive solace in the fact that you are doing wonderful now.
You can see and move around again.
I love you, Kiddo, and I look forward to seeing you again, purring at Jesus' feet.
Mama (Lori)

Spooky Midnight, 07/09/97-01/17/09

In Loving Memory of (Spooky)

Steve Henning

Spoot, 11/2000-01/07/09

Good bye dear Spoot.
You were sometimes a PITA but we loved you anyway.
You are in a better place and are not suffering anymore.

Laura and Ron

Sport, 07/17/09

Sporty, we miss you so much.
Gus is lost without your guidance, and keeps looking for his "brother".
You brought us all such joy and happiness.


Sport, 05/10/92-05/13/09

Thank you for the enormous amount of friendship, love and happiness your brought into our lives.
You, Sport, will never be forgotten, but surely be missed.

Marni & David Furtado

Sport, 01/06/93-01/20/09

Our Dearest Little Sporty,

16 Fantastic, Unforgettable Years. You will always be in our hearts Sport, we love you more than you will ever know.

It's only been a few days since you left us and we continue to feel the emptiness that only you can fill.
We have sent you on a journey to a land free from pain, not because we did not love you, but because we loved you too much to force you to stay.

By now, you will have reunited with Taboo. Give him our love. Play nice and remember...we'll see you both soon.
Rooney misses you.
You're a good, good boy, Sporty.

See you at the Rainbow Bridge.

Hugs and Kisses...Love you !!

Gary & Cindy Ross

Sporty aka Dagz, 11/06-02/20/09

you are simply unforgettable you shall be missed dearly i cant simply get ova crying for losing you.
foreva in ma heart.mwaaaaaaaaaaah


Spot, 03/92-07/11/09

Spot kitty we will always love you. You were with us for seventeen years and through everything you pushed through, but illness took its toll on you and you passed away from us. We know you're in a better place now and we'll always remember you. You were you Big Kitty and you always will be.

Gone but NEVER forgotten,
aka. Big Kitty.

We love you

Jennifer Stephens

Spot Spotty, 02/02/87-06/28/09

John Manning loved his dog Spot

Spot (Spotty), 05/07/09

Spotty is the first cat we had that pawtapped! He was a one of a kind, a very beautiful orange and white cat, very loving, "talky", and he was not here long enough! We miss him terribly, and always will!!

Pam and John McBride

Spot Barr, 03/13/08

My Spotty!
I love you so much!
You were such a good friend to me in good times and sad times.
You let me cry on your fur and you'd purr to comfort me.
Sometimes, you would lie on the back on the couch and lick my hairline until I would fall asleep.
You would snuggle with me in bed and wake me up in the morning, if I overslept.
You were a good big sister to Mouse.
You helped raise a fine cat.
She loved you very much too.
Now, your body rests beneath the tree, under which you loved to shade yourself.
I love you, sweet Spot.
I hope you are playing with my other beloved kitties and Anthony.
I hope we'll see each other again.
I love you!

Kristin Barr

Spots Swan, 02/04/09

We love and miss you, Spots. <3

The Swan Family

Spring, 06/29/09

To our best friend, our Daddy's girl, who loved each and every member of the family.
We will always miss your smile, a wag of your tail and your unending devotion.
May you rest in peace, until we meet again.

Calene Cook

Springer, 15 April 1996-25th Feb 2009

To our beloved family member Springer who passed away today 25th Feb 2009 forever in our hearts and until we meet again

Carole Horsfall

Sprite, 07/2006-11/2007

Sprite was a fun little fellow.
He was a chirpy and full of life, and loved sitting on your shoulder and riding around the house.
Kiwi misses you too, and how you two would chase each other around.
Keep singing, keep preening, and someday I will see you again.

Heather Singletary

Sprocket, 06/10/09

My precious Sprocket.Im so sorry, maybe I could have prevented this, I dont know. I didnt know you were nearing the end of your journey here with us.We are so heartbroken over your loss. We will miss you terribly, you were with us for 12 yrs,and we loved you so much, and did our best to give you a good life. I feel so sad, you were lying on the floor, eyes open, when I woke up this morning, I could'nt believe my eyes. Rest in peace my boy.

Carol Diorio

Spud, 05/22/09

Rest in peace, little hammie. xxx

Ruth Simmonds

Spud, 04/03/88-03/12/02

you were my first dog and true friend who was by my side when ever i needed one and when i had food you somehow found your way to my side

Joe Frisz

Spud, 02/27/09

Spud was very very special to me and was my friend and he was always there for me. I miss him so bad and I am crying as I write this. Thank You

Jeannie Taylor

Spud, 02/09/09

Spud was our sweet kitty. She liked to sleep on my head at night, and you could never sit down on the couch without her wanting to be in your lap! I only hope she knew how much I loved her before she died.

Melissa Shawver

Spud Sheets, 04/25/09

Our little snuggle bunny you are our life and we miss you so much we will alway love you baby please be with Hybrid and Dakota. Bye
love mommy and daddy

Larry and Lisa Sheets

Spuds, 02/18/09

Spuds was a gentle cat.
She adopted me and my daughter nine years ago when we moved into Kendall.
She was soft and cuddly and smart.
We are scared of lizards and whenever a lizard got into the house, we knew it was a matter of time before Spuds would ease our fears.
She liked to be held and would sleep curved into my back,or her head on my stomach and sometimes right on my head.
She was getting older and frail and had stomach problems.
I had become impatient with her because she would urinate wherever and vomit whereever.
No matter how vexed I was with her, at night she would creep into my room, under the bed or by the bathroom door.
I had to keep her off the bed because my allergies were getting bad.
On Wednesday night 2/19/09,
I put her outside about 7.oopm and in a rough voice told her to stay outside until she did what she needed to do.
When my daughter came home and asked for Spuds I was not too concerned because she used to hide in the bushes when she was not ready to come in.
We never saw her again.
I posted posters and searched the neighbourhood. On 2/29/09 a neighbour told me he saw her opposite our house - it seemed a car had killed her.
He went over, and felt no heartbeat.
He laid her by the side of the driveway - he did not know it was my cat.
Another neighbour told me he saw someone put her in the garbage. I never got a chance to tell her sorry and that I loved her.
I took excellent care of her. I never stinted on her medical care and would cook special meals to encourage her to eat, as she was frail and now a picky eater.
All her baskets are empty.
I will never see her under my bed again.
I do not know how to stop hurting. She was so good natured, so loving. Spuds, I do not think I will ever forget the unconditional love you gave me or the lesson you taught me - to be kind....all the time, for you never know. Goodbye Spuds.
May you rest in peace. You were the best. We will meet again.


Spumoni (Moni), 02/19/09

I adopted Moni with my two sons in 1987 from the Humane Society. She was such a social little cat. She always looked like a kitten because she was so petite. She liked to be with family more than anything. She had some challenging health problems all her 21 years, but I think she just lived on Love. When the boys began their own lives, Moni and I lived together in my condo. She was great company to me and it is difficult to be without her!

Mary Wilson

Spunky, 06/11/09

We miss our Spunky dog. He was so special.He was a loving funny dog.He could make us laugh when we were sad.He was very photogenic. We will treasure all of the pictures we took of him.He was only with us for three years.He was a Katrina rescue. His former owner died.We would like to think they were reunited.

The Lyons Family

Spunky, 04/01/95-02/26/09

Spunky baby girl...
Your mama misses you so much. I am so thrilled with the years that I did have with you. You were my first kitty cat, and I know I will never find another one like you. The day that I was able to pick you out...out of a litter of kittens that a family left outside while they went out of town for several weeks. The nerves of those people, but I lucked out, and found you! You were such a funny cat that thought she was part dog. You never made a lot of noise unless mama pulled out the kitty treats. Spunky- aka- Chuma Luma, I'm so sorry you got so sick. Dr Merritt at Paces Ferry Vet in Atlanta, GA thought the kidney disease was going to get you, but it was the darn lymphoma that took over your tummy from Oct 08 to Feb 09 that grew to the size of an egg. It broke my heart to see you so sick your last morning. I could not let you be in any more pain. When I cae back to the vet to be with you in your last moments, I couldn't believe how much Spunk you seemed to have when you jumped over towards me so sick. Your mama knows you loved her...even though you were in so much pain. I'm glad I was there to stroke your head and tell you I love you as your heart beat one last time. I pray that I see you again one day, and you will run to me as you did every day when I came home and your last day. I love you Chuma girl and I miss you so much!

Stephanie Joyner

Spunky, 03/24/95-03/17/09

My cuddler, how you passed so suddenly in your sleep...i miss you.

Colleen Long

Spunky Tyler Lunn, 11/09/94-02/18/09

I had to put my precious 14 year old companion and friend down today due to old age and illness.
My heart is absolutely broken.
I know that someday we will be together again on the Rainbow Bridge, but the tears can't stop falling today at the loss of this precious member of our family.
Please keep me and my family in your prayers as we deal with the loss of this wonderful pet.

Pam Lunn

Spycee Kalico, 1/20/92 - 12/13/09

For almost 18 years I was loved unconditionally by the most amazing Lhasa Apso on earth. She truly was a gift from God and I thanked him everyday for her and her love. She was my heartbeat and I will miss her painfully until I see her again.

Rest peacefully Mommie.

Squeak Beeber Gilbertson, 07/27/99-03/03/09

To the kitty that stole my heart and made my life better.
Yours will live on inside me.
I love you, Beebs.
You will be missed.

Grace Sharington

Squeaker, 06/17/09

Rest in Peace Squeaker!

Judy, Dawn

Squeakers, 1990-05/18/09

Squeakers was a wonderful cat, who saw me through the loss of my parents, three companion dogs, a divorce and loss of her own special kitty pal. Today she joined her animal friends and will always be remembered as a true friend.

J LaFerriere

Squeaky, 07/30/03-04/05/09

He licked the tears off of my cheeks and chin when my precious Stormie passed away. I used to talk to him and he would chatter back at me as well as knowing his name.

Lori Bakeberg

Squint, 03/25/09

She was the best kitty ever. She only felt comfortable and loved when I was there, but started to open up her heart more. Having to put her down was the hardest thing I ever had to do. I will love and miss her always. Her attitude kept her going until the end.

Rhonda Giannini

Squirt, 08/30/90-06/08/06

Squirt was the love of my life. I've never had a cat that was so close to and was so in tune with me. The day I lost him I lost a big part of my heart - it will never heal. I wasn't able to be with him when he passed away. He was in a vet specialist clinic. It was around 2:23 in the morning when they needed to put him down. I'll never forgive myself for not being there with him. I miss you so much BooBear and I hope you can forgive me someday for not being with you when you had to leave me. I love you more than you can ever imagine. We had Squirt cremated, and when I die, he'll be with me. I love you so much Squirt, my little BooBear. R.I.P. little Boo

Becky Snow

Squirt, 09/28/90-03/05/09

Squirt was my friend, companion, and the joy of my life. He was in poor health the last 18 months of his life, but he bravely fought the battle and rarely had down days. He took a turn for the worse on 3/2/09. He quietly passed away at home on 3/5/09. My heart is broken, but he no longer has to fight the battle. May we meet again, Mr. Squirty.


Ssaaami (Sami), 01/10/09

It is day 3 without you and the tears are still falling from my eyes.
I hope you understand that I did what was best for you.
Your quality of life should be much better now.
You will always be a big part of who I am.
Right now I don't even know how to live.
I will take it day by day.
I wish I could hold you and listen to your little grunting stories.
Tell Idjee Cat that we love her too, and take care of each other until I can be with you.
I miss you honey girl. Love Mama

St. George, 10/26/96-05/27/09

St. George (Little Man)

I can't tell you how much I miss you.
It was a long last 4 years, but would not have traded the time we had.
Could always count on feeling like a million bucks when I walked through the door, even if you weren't feeling so great.
Now you are free and I am sure there are plenty of tomatoes by the bridge.
Save one for me Little Man.

Susan C

St. Thomas - Tommy, 05/01/09-06/22/09

Tommy was found in St.Thomas cemetary.. he was a scared, abandoned kitten who we fell in love with the moment we set eyes on him. He passed away today.. unexpectadly in my arms. While he was only with us for 22 days he will forever be in our hearts.

Sarah & Dan

Stacey, 12/12/94-11/10/08

In memory of my dear Stacey.
I miss you terribly and love you with all my heart.
You will never be forgotten.
You have taught me so many lessons.
Breeders used and neglected you, but we found you and provided a peaceful and loving retirement.
Even though I miss you, I know you are having a great time right now, just being the spunky yorkie you should be, full of energy and love.

Love you lots my special girl!

Carrie Smith

Stacey, 01/31/97-04/17/09


We knew it was time to say Good-bye & you knew, too.
I told you how much I loved you and how much I will miss you.
We'll meet again ...this time forever.
Thank You for a Dozen years of our lives, Together

Sharon Wroten

Stacey, 01/31/97-04/17/09

Stacey- a very devoted and lovable companion who will be missed forever!

Raymond Ellefritz

Stakey, 03/07/09

he was great and will be you stakey.


Stamos Anastasi, 01/29/09

We love you our sweet little boy.

Lisa Delgado and Maria Anastasi

Stanley, 06/01/99-06/26/09

finally resting in peace

Tony Spoto Vinny Spinola

Stanley, 11/14/97-04/22/09

Your dad and I miss your greeting when we come home at night, your barking 20 or more times because you're so happy to see us and you're following us everywhere we go.
You'll always be my "Dolly".
Love, Mommy

Stanley, 11/05/95-02/13/09

Our Baby Stanley, crossed the rainbow bridge and went home to our Lord on 02/13/09. He left paw prints on our hearts for 14 years. He will be terribly missed, but never forgotten. We will see you someday my darling, just know that we love you and are always thinking of you!

Amy L

Stanley, 02/14/05-02/04/09

Stanley brought our family joy. He was an amazing,smart,protective,& loving dog. You will be missed & we are so very grateful for the time you were here with us. You will always live in our hearts & I will miss you greeting me every morning & being so loyal. You had so much energy & kept up, never missing a beat. We love you & will keep your memory alive. Thank you for being with us Stan.


Stann Emidy, 05/07/01-01/07/09

We will alway's miss you Stann you sure were a gental giant. I can see you picking off all the lemons,oranges and limes off from the trees at rainbowbridge. well your with your mom jewel, dad aiden, brother keizer, and sarah love you forever. momma gen,dad,gramma you were huge at 118 pounds

Star, 05/18/09

You taught me so much and made me a better and more fulfilled person. I am a better mom because of you.
I miss you more than I could have ever imagined.
You are in my heart forever.

Cindy Campbell

Star, 10/12/98-19/05/09

Oh Star i can no longer touch you, nor put my arms around you,but, now alongside Sheba & Misty i will carry you inside me NOW,FOREVER AND ALWAYS. Till we meet again xxx


Star, 04/20/09

Star was the most precious girl and I miss her terribly.
Rest in peace, sweet girl.
Your mama loves you.

Star, 12/01/97-03/23/09

Star, my gentle little sweetheart.
I'm so sorry you had to suffer so much before you left for the Rainbow Bridge.
Search for your buddy, Harley, and the two of you can frolic and play free of pain and suffering. You'll be the first star in the sky every night and will shine just as brightly as you did on Earth.
We'll meet again someday at the Rainbow Bridge, when it's my time to leave.
I love you and miss you so very much, my little Starshine.

Brenda Brophy

Star, 03/09/09

My dear beautiful Star came through so much with great spirit. 17 happy carefree years followed by 3-1/2 years of medical treatments that brought us closer together. A beautiful gift from the universe.


Star Annie, November 03, 1997 - July 10, 2009

Star Annie, my precious black gold. Even though we had almost 12 years together, I would have kept you forever. I miss you so deeply, like Ive never missed anyone before. And yet I am so grateful to have had you and all the endless gifts that you brought to my life. Thank you so much daughter; you are the most beautiful being I have known so far in this lifetime. Your mama, loving you still, forever. Anne Belanger

Star Collins, 08/13/95-07/13/09

My STAR is the best dog anyone can ask for ,she was always there to meet and lick you at the door.
we will miss her ,we know we have to let her go .but she will always be in are hearts..
love you baby girl..

Debbie Collins

Starlight, 06/22/03-03/13/09

Starlight was as gentle and loving as the breed always says.
She was the best dog we ever had and we miss her terribly.
Starlight loved to swim and fetch her toys.
Starlight just loved being part of our family.


Starr, 12/28/98-07/16/09

You were the most wonderful & sweet girl.
You will be in our hearts always.

John & Wanda Dolan

Starr, 03/13/97-02/24/09

RIP will be greatly missed..

Wayne and Kelly

Starr, 02/01/09

Goodbye my sweet angel Starr.
I am so sorry I was not there with you when you died.
I will miss your "dancing", your little love nibbles on my ankle, your gurgling kitty sounds and your wide startled eyes.
I am glad I gave you the chance to live your last few years of your life in a real home instead of in foster care or in a shelter.
I will always miss you my sweet darling.
If I failed you, I am so sorry.
You are always my precious baby.
Love, Momma Leopard

Starr, 12/29/08

Starr was abandoned in our neighborhood many years ago. Several families cared for her until she became too old and fragile, then we took her in. She never tried to go back outside, preferring the warmth of the house with regular meals!
We had her exclusively for 3 years.

Starr's weight went down from 6.5 pounds to 4.5 pounds, and an fast growing abdominal tumor was detected. One week later she was gone.

My little black couch buddy - I will miss you terribly!


Starry, 08/16/98-05/09/09

I will miss you by baby. You brought so much joy to my life. Words can never explain how much I loved you, and will always love you. I know you are with God and his angels. Till we meet again my pookie, I LOVE You, Mama

Stasha, 03/20/09

Wonderful dog who had a rough stard with a happy ending.
We will always love you & forever miss you Stasha.

Carey, Mary Ann, & Bob

Static, 02/22/09

Static was 1/2 ferret, 1/2 polar bear and all piggy. He was loving and cuddly, but oh so playful. His sister Havok misses him and is always looking for him. The whole family loved him desperately and he captured the hearts of even people who don't care for ferrets. He was and is still loved and will always be cherished.

Valarie Bryant

Staurt, 06/30/09

Staurt i miss you forever and always. You were a dear friend that i could always talk to and i knew that you were meant to be with me the moment i held you. I remeber how i met you too, the way i spotted you in the grass the way i pleaded for daddy to let me keep you.I also remember when you got sick i prayed and prayed all night that you got better and in the morrning you were as bright as the sunshine. And now here i am a year later saying goodbye. Staurt i will never forget you I love you, wait for me.

Janelle Winners

Steamer, 05/02/09

You made our hearts sing,old man.We will meet you at the Rainbow Bridge someday. Until then,keep slobbering. We will always love you.

Doug and Linda Dunham

Steele Virani, 12/02/01-13/07/09

Steele was a very special dog. she always wished well for me and my family. In the end she made sure that i was not left alone. I love her very much.

Sonali Vishal Virani

Stella, 05/14/08-07/11/09

Stella was our little baby girl.
She was our world and we are happy to have gotten to spend one wonderful year in her presence.
She will be missed dearly.

Chris Foss and Lindsay Cooper

Stella, 05/26/97-06/16/09

Goodbye our sweet Stella. We hope you know how much we really miss you. You brought joy into our hearts and showed us unconditional love. You lived a happy life and brought us such happiness. One just had to look in those green eyes and listen to that loud purr and it was pure bliss. You will forever be missed and greatly loved.

Shelley, Patrick, Austin, Lillian

Stella, 04/05/09



Stella, 01/01/96-03/07/09

A part of our hearts has left and our home is now so very quiet. There is no pitter patter of wise claws scampering across the hardwood floors. There is no one there to lick your face and get you ready for the work day and to greet you when it has ended.
Our lives have been touched and will never be the same again.
Stella, we love you so much and know you are watching us now.

Vincent and Meg

Stella, 11/05/08

Stella you came into my life 10 years ago my father found you in our drive-way on a cold winters day I had just put one of my babies to sleep in Nov.

I had to have you put to sleep through no fault of your own, I was watching a friends dog and you were in my window when the dog jumped and pushed you out the window, you were gone for 5 weeks I was out everyday looking for you I put up flyers I went out every night before I went to bed and called you. One day I was in the drive-way and you came in when you saw me you started to cry I picked you up and I never wanted to let you go. I took you to the vet where they did all kinds of tests you were gone so long you got fatty liver disease they did everything but you continued to lose weight and were very sick, it was time to let you go as I held you I whispered in your ear how very much I loved you and how very much I was going to miss you. You are back home with me now never to leave me again, my neighbor said that you gave me a gift and came back to spend your last days with me. Thank you Stella for giving me 10 years of joy happiness and love. We will meet again baby girl until then, know that I love you very, very much.

Stella, 06/22/04-12/23/08

Stella was a bright light from heaven. She was our heart. She made us laugh when we were sad or had a bad day. She would purr and make little chirping sounds. Every morning like clockwork she would knead on our stomachs or chests to wake us up for work as only she could. She is missed everyday :( She was family and will always be family. She has crossed the rainbow bridge and is with God now. And sometimes early in the morning, I can feel her, still there, kneading on my tummy.


Benjamin Brown and Avis Moorehead

Steppie, 06/19/09

To Our Steppie, We were so lucky to have you for 17 wonderful years. You brought us such joy,every since you were born on our back steps. You were so special and we love you so much. Your passing was so unexpected and has left such an empty space in our lives. But we have beautiful memories of a wonderful, loving member of our family. You will always be in our hearts and in our prayers. We love and miss you so much. Mom and Dad Allen

Sternchen, 04.21.2002 - 08.04.2009

I first laid eyes on her when she was just 2 weeks old. She could barely move and still had her eyes closed. She barely fit into my hand she was so small and delicate. The meow that came out of her was beautiful. We decided to name her Sternchen, which means "Little Star" in German.

6 weeks later was finally the day I could bring my new baby home. She grew up with lots of love and lots of attention at my house. My husband was in Kosovo fighting for our country at the time and Sternchen helped me through an incredible hard time away from Nick.

Through the years, Sternchen has been the perfect cat. She would spend time outside, which turned out to be her very favorite thing in life, aside from drinking water our of the faucet. She loved attention and cuddle time, but it had to be on her terms. Sternchen was very independent and she'd let you know it. Nevertheless, she knew that I was her mom and she always gave me special treatment compared to the other people around her, including my husband.

At the end of last week, we noticed a change in her behavior. She stopped eating and was very low key, hiding away in the closed and not interacting with us. We decided to take her to the vet on Monday. Tuesday morning we receive the horrific news that Sternchen was diagnosed with kidney failure. We were hysterical and couldn't believe it. How can this happen?

The hardest decision of our lives was to decide on whether or not to put her through pain therapy and safe her for another few weeks, or to let her slip away peacefully. The latter is what we decided yesterday, and it was one of the hardest things I have ever done in my life. That perfect little kitty on my arm, purring until the last minute. So content and comfortable, you would not think that one thing was wrong with her. She was not scared, instead she tried to comfort me.

At 7:15 PM on August 4th 2009, Sternchen was finally released from her ordeal and slipped away peacefully. I am devastated to loose my dear friend and I will miss her forever. She was my first cat and taught me how to take care of my other furry friends.

It was an honor to spend the last 7.5 years in her presence and I will always cherish the memories I have had with her. The last thing I said to her before she slipped away "Good bye my angel, I will never forget you. I love you"

We will truly miss you

Steffi & Nick Nikitas

Stetson, 12/30/08

My beloved baby girl has lost her fight in the race of age to go on to a better place to watch over her herd once again. She will be missed painfully as we continue to wait for her to walk through that door one more time

Michelle Mayernick

Stewart, 09/03/98-04/03/09

My Stewart...

I never wanted a cat, didn't understand them, and was solidly a "dog person" when I started working at the humane society eleven years ago. I was showing a client through the "stray cat ward", after 6 months of working there, and spotted this little 3 week old orphaned kitten huddled face-first in the corner of his stainless steel cage. I had not been "drawn" to any of the other cats or kittens until this time. After I had finished walking the client through, looking for his lost cat, I went back to see this little bean that had called out to me. He pleaded with me, with his eyes, to help him. I immediately went to the foster care coordinator to tell him that I had to "foster" this particular cat. Little did I know, he was scheduled to be euthanized the next day, as nobody had claimed him and he was ill with an upper respiratory infection. Well, to make this long story short, he came home with me the next day, and never left my home. He showed me how these wonderfully magnetic, mysterious, intelligent creatures called cats have worked their way into so many people's hearts, over so many years. I loved him with all my heart, and he will forever be my little Bean Man!

Sadly, Stewart passed away on April 3rd, 2009. My heart is breaking beyond words and I feel fortunate to have had this most wonderful, loving cat in my life...even though I feel it was for much too short of a time. Peaceful rest my sweet sweet Stewie. Your entire family misses you beyond comprehension, though I think it is your mommy that grieves most. I love you more than I can ever say. I hope that you are surrounded by more glitter balls to fetch and pepperoni to fill your tummy than you can count. Godspeed sweet little bean man...


Stewie, 01/10/09

The first time I saw you, I was in love.
A little bundle of black fur, with two bright eyes and two erect ears.
Your little button nose twitching with anticipation.
You stretched up to make yourself noticable, I bent down to see you more clearly.
You were so small, you looked like a mere dot near my feet.
I took you home that day, I renamed you Stewie.
My heart was filled with my love for you.
I loved you as if you were my brother my son, and my best friend.
That's what you are to me, my own son and my best friend.
You loved everyone around you.
No matter their age, height, weight or race.
We couldn't contain your thirst for life, you loved the feel of grass between your claws and the wind blowing through your fur.
We came to put you to bed tonight, we saw you weren't your usual bouncy self.
We brought you in so we could keep an eye on you, we covered you over so you could sleep.
That's when we heard you collapse.
I saw you fit, you were in so much pain you couldn't control your body.
We took you to the vets, you stayed motionless in my arms the whole journey.
You are still there when I write this for you.
I want to thank you, Stewie, for choosing me to be your mummy and for loving me even when I thought no-one else did.
Thank you for being my baby, I hope you are not in pain.
As no Angel deserves that.

I will always love you baby.

Your mummy

Stewie Blackwell, 01/10/09

Stewie we are missing you so much, you have left a huge hole n our hearts. We love you Stewie and we will never forget you. God keep you in his care till we meet again.

Angela, Mark, Victoria, John, Scamp, Dylan, Ice and Your Mate Pete

Stimpy, 01/20/09

It is ironic that an older pet can be your little baby and your little old man at the same time.
Stimpston (aka Stimpy, Stinky, Stompy, Stintzy, Tinky, Grey Weasel and Monkey Boy) was a sweet, loving, playful, pretty little boy with beautiful eyes and soft fur who would purr when you looked at him and rolled onto his back with cute little bent wrists when you spoke to him.
He was such an attentive and wonderful companion.
He is missed very much.

Teresa and Dan

Stimpy J Friedman, 04/12/92-01/19/09

Stimpy was the sweetest and most gentle, understanding friend.
He was there to greet me when I came home and would sit on my lap as soon as I sat down.
He shared several homes with us and he added so much to our family.
He meant so much to all of us and will be missed every day. My heart broke when I had to let him go.
He is my true buddy.

Judy Friedman

Stinger, 05/08/97-12/20/08

My baby and best friend are so truly missed and forever and ever in my heart.
Not a day goes by that I dont think about you and miss you more.
You can never be replaced and I cannot wait for the day you and I, my friend meet again.
Our love for one another was totally undconditional.
Forever, I love you.

Gayle Morris

Stinker, 02/13/09

Stinker was a special cat, never hissed at any other cats.
He always welcomed a new cat coming into our Family. We all miss him, Stinker's playmates Baby and Kiki do too.
I still feel sometimes Stinker is still with us. When I am laying down, I feel him beside me I feel him at the end of the couch, when I am watching TV.
i still have his dish of food still it its spot.
I miss him terribly.

With love your Family.

Stinker Bell, 09/01/90-01/08/09

My baby girl, you came into my life by chance and left me so unexpectedly. I wish I was there to say goodbye. My heart is broken. I know you missed Bwana as much as I did and you wanted to be with him again. Now the both of you can be together forever. I will never forget the both of you and what you meant to me in my life. Rest in peace my baby girl.....


StinkMaster, 10/97-03/17/09

StinkMaster came into our lives during a family crisis.
He put a spark in our hearts and made our loss at that time a little easier.
We love and miss him so much.
Our home seems so different without him. There is an empty feeling in my heart.
I miss you and love you.


Stinky, 5/4/2000 - 8/16/2009

My puppy dog Stinky is a gift from God. We Miss Her SOOOOO much , But we know she is in Heaven now ,and I'LL see her again she'll be wagging her tail as meaning to say it's about time you came home. She's our fluffly guardian angel now.

Stinky, 06/24/09


She was a brave girl she gave me the strength to carry on after two major ordeals.She helad her head up high and never flinched.She was sick on and off for over a month.I hope her body rests in Peace. She will never be forgotten but very sadly missed. God bless my pretty girl.

Kathy Young

Stinky, 05/11/09

To my baby who was the light in my day and who loved unconditionally. I love you so much and will miss you.

Karla Thomas

Stinky, 04/23/09

For Stinky who loved apples, daily naps, and staring out of her cage trying to catch the attention of everyone around her.
She will be missed.
We hope that she is in a better, happy place and we will never forget the happiness she brought us.


Stinky, 06/98-03/25/09

Stinky was with me for 11 and a half years...He was my best friend - been with me through the worst and best parts of the last 11 years.
I found him in an ATM on the way to work one morning.
I called in sick to work and took him to the vet....that day cost me a great deal of money....both in lost wages and vet bills.....i never regret one minute or one dollar that I spent on him.

I was deployed in Iraq and came home Sunday - they had wonderful care while I was away - or so I thought.
I have another cat that adopted us 8 years ago.
The focus was on that little one as she has lost all her teeth over the years and no one had paid much attention to Stinky's weight loss.
By the time I got home Sunday night he was very very sick....After three days of intensive care - I had to do the unthinkable.
This has affected me like no human loss I have experienced, perhaps because I was the one to have to put him to sleep.

I miss him terribly....although he was getting old he is still my 'buddy'....listening to all my woes....and my tears fall frequently for him.

Be blessed dear friend.....I will see you at the Rainbow Bridge some day and we will play like we used to.

Bill misses you horribly - she wanders around looking for you...not sure where you went....I keep telling her you are ok and much better now, not having to be syringe fed and held just to make sure you are ok.

Bill and I love you very much - so do your caretakers.....I have to return to Iraq next week....and i will be thinking of you every day...

Kimberly Chandler

Stitches Richcreek, 02/19/09

Stitches or Stitch as we would call her, was Mike's best friend and truck partner.
Mike never went anywhere unless Stitch was in the back seat.
Stitch will be sadly missed and always loved. Thanks for being the best pet ever.

Mike & Sonja Richcreek

Stoney, 12/06/97-07/15/09

Stoney you were my ever present companion and LOVE.
My protector and guardian.
You taught me patience, love, compassion, simple joy and silly laughter.
My gentle, stubborn, crazy boy!
I will forever miss you my Love and I look forward to the day that we'll meet again.

Patti Hoffmann

Stoney, 04/14/00-04/19/09

Forever in our hearts...We will miss you.


Storm, 08/02/01-05/19/09

My Beloved Storm

The flesh-eating disease left me a prisoner in a hospital bed for a total of four weeks. Literally a prisoner in that bed. I killed my cell phone battery many times over staring at her pictures on my phone. When I was incapable of leaving that bed, thoughts of her were the only thing that kept me fighting. I had to get home to my baby. And after the reconstruction, with a ten-inch incision in my thigh down to the bone, I had to be able to walk before they would allow me to leave. On the 5th day I walked, to block the pain from my head I pictured her. It was only her, nothing else. No nurses, no doctors, no pain. When I got home, my leg kept me immobile for weeks, leaving me a prisoner in my house. And I had only one hand I could use. I couldn't even use a can opener. I couldn't do groceries cuz I couldn't walk. So mom did them. I was trapped in my house and couldn't spend much time out of bed, but because Storm was there, I kept sane. She kept me company through the long hours, and never complained that we didn't go for walks. She provided entertainment, making sure her momma kept laughing. She pressured me to show her constant love and affection, which prevented me from becoming self absorbed in my misery. And when the bills piled up, and the pink slips came in cuz I couldn't work for three months, one look into her eyes and into her absolute love made things seem bearable again. And I kept pushing ahead. Not for me at that point, I had given up. But for her, cuz she had not. Now she is gone. And with two, maybe three, more surgeries. And many more months of agonizing pain of physical therapy, I wonder how I'm going to do it without her. Thoughts of coming home to her were all that saw me through the excruciating therapy, and now I don't have that. It would be so much easier to just quit. To just give up. The only thing I have left to cling to is the knowledge that through her own agony shone her selfless love. In her own agony, on the edge of death, she pushed through it and gave her momma what I needed to make it through. And through her own agony, she gave me what I needed to help her die. I cling to that and think of how selfless she was for me, right to the bitter end, and how selfish I would be to give up now after all she has given me. She has been my everything for over seven years, and was my life for the last five months. To honor her memory, devotion, and selfless love I'll keep pushing forward. But for her. Always for her. Cuz I already gave up months ago. Even in her death she'll see my hand fixed. She always was a stubborn mule, and wouldn't let a thing like death prevent her from seeing me through this thing.

She gave me so much over the years, I can't even begin to mention. She was my everything. She brought so much to my life, nothing feels right without her in it.

Love you, Babygirl


Storm, 03/31/96-04/27/09

13 years of unconditionl love leave a terrible emptyness now that you are gone.
Even people in the neighborhood cried when they learned you were gone.
You have many friends of all ages and they all miss you.
See you at the Rainbow Bridge.

Pat Whitesell

Storm, 05/15/00-03/24/09

To the boy who made my life bearable and who accompanied me on my many adventures...your loss leaves a HUGE hole in my heart.


Storm, 04/04/09

You were there, always, for me. The best friend
I ever had. You had the most beautiful "puppy"
face and everyone at my desk at work wanted to know how to "get one like you". You were unique
and I always tried to compensate for your early
abuse/beginnings BEFORE I adopted you. Goodbye, Norm, Stormy, Norman, Little Man, Beautiful Boy...
I will love you forever..until we meet again.


Storm, 04/13/09

It was supposed to be me and you against the world.
I'll miss you and will never find another cat like you.


Storm aka Monster, 01/05-05/05/06

Just thinking about you today.
I miss you soooooo much you lil Monster!
Play nice up there, please?

Fawn Smith

Storm, 04/23/97-11/17/08

Hey Storm,it has a few months without you and some days are better than others..I see the other pets growing up and I know that they miss you..If you don't know it already,I helped out a homeless puppy.It in no way replaces you, I still love you and miss you and think of you before bed and say good morning to you every day.Look in on us from time to time,your candle is always lit up...

love mom sassy cole mayah calvin hobbs dad and grandparents and nanook

Storm, 10/2007-12/22/08

Our little Stormy girl.
You were such a sweet kitty and a such a fighter these last few months.
I hope you know that we loved you very much even though you were with us such a short time.
It's just not fair that you had to go so soon.
Hopefully you have found Smokey and Shadow so you won't be lonely.
Tell my other babies we love them - and don't worry, we'll take care of your brother Midnight until you see him again.
Hopefully you're feeling better now little girl!
We'll see you again someday.

Valerie & Mike Campanella

Storm Smith, 02/07/09

Storm was a beautiful dog and the light of my lige. I adopted her an 8 weeks and shared her short life with her. She wasn't quite 6 when she died. I will miss her smile. Whenever she looked at me, it always looked as if she was smiling. She was the most loving dog anyone could ask for. A small piece of my heart died last night. When Storm was dying, I told her that Piston and Coda would be waiting for her at the Rainbow Bridge.

Kristy Smith

Stormie, 05/11/97-04/24/09

I miss you, Stormie, and I can't wait for the day when we are together again at the Rainbow Bridge.
You were my best friend and my protector, and now you are my guardian angel in heaven.


Stormy, 05/18/09

To my Stormy girl. You hung in there when I needed you the most even though you had your own serious health problems. You are my miracle kitty and I love you so much.You were so strong and gave me the strength to carry on and I will never forget. I miss you so much. All my love forever.
See you at Rainbow Bridge girl.


Stormy, 02/20/09

Stormy was a loyal friend.
He would always be there when you needed him.
When I was going through many medical problems he was always there by my side to comfort me.
I will miss him greatly always.
He was creamated and is now resting in his beautiful coffin beside the woodstove where he loved to nap.
Rest in peace my beautiful Stormy.


Stormy, 02/19/09

Stormy was a very tiny girl who weighed only 4 lbs at the end.
When I met her she was my boyfriends cat, she weighed about 7 lbs at that time, so she was always very petite. She loved her owner Doug very much, it was only in the last months that she accepted the love I had to offer. She loved Cochise and they are waiting on the rainbow bridge together.

Pauline Mac Kay

Stottlemeyer, 10/01/03-02/10/09

We miss you so much Baby Stot. Jeff misses you meeting him at the door and grudging him. We all miss you covering up your food with varipus objects. Jeff misses his computer buddy. I hope you know how much we all love you and are sorry about what you had to go through.

April Wilk

Straussman, 08/10/93-03/28/09

Straussman was fun-loving and as smart as a whip!He would always greet you with lots of kisses and tail wags! He was a trooper to the very end!

Jeri Hall

Stray, 03/24/09

I found her one evening as I was taking the trash out.
She looked so skinny so I had to take her in.
I fed her and loved her and she seemed to be doing well.
I took her to the vet and found out she had FIV and she only weighed 4 pounds.
Her body temp was down and the outlook was grim.
I have another cat at home who is FIV negative, so the doctor discussed putting the stray to sleep.
It took me forever to decide but the vet just kept saying how sick she was.
I decided to put her to sleep and I feel so guilty.
What if I could have helped her?
I truly do not think I will ever feel right about this.


Stray Katt, 07/03/09

Stray Katt,was a good kitty. He loved laps,mooching chicken off his owners,and proudly bringing the heads
of dead critters home to present to us. He also loved his jingle collar. We miss him!

The Baldwin Family

Stretch, 06/20/08

You died June 20, first day of summer, now it's the beginning of summer again. Enjoy basking in the sun as you did in the bacyard. Miss you very much. YOU WEE SIMPLY THE BEST

Dorothy R

Stretch Townsend, 06/30/94-01/10/09

My sweet boy.
You chose me so long ago and never let go of my heart.
You are more dear to me, more necessary and more precious than I ever imagined.
With love and loyalty, friendship and compassion you brought joy into my world. I see you in my minds eye running, leaping, happy, ears flopping, eyes wide.
Go with grace, my baby.
I'll meet you at the Rainbow.

Gale Townsend

Striker, 10/20/07


Stripe, 05/02/09

Took so suddenly,we were almost there.xx


Stripe Vallance Kitteh, 01/16/09

Our Stripey must have been one of the gentlest kitties on the planet, with a tail nearly as fat as a squirrel's and thick, thick dark chocolate colored fur. I'll miss him padding down the corridor and demanding stroking and face rubs at all hours of the day or night, and coming in my bedroom window after being out 'clubbing' up and down the neighborhood's network of gardens and hills. More a dog than a cat in loyalty and love. Took on a snake and came off second best. Buried in the garden, under a gardenia. A fine cat and a real friend.

Ginny Desta

Stuart Owen Sprowls, 07/15/03-02/13/08

My Dearest Stuart,

What a brave soul you were and fought hard and
lost the losing battle.
You will always be my hero, my best friend, my true soul-mate.
You were my only reason for living at one point but now I know you would want me to do my best and we will someday be together again.
I didn't keep you alive for me but was assured that you might fight and win.
I am so sorry for keeping you alive when you needed to go.
I vowed I would never do that.
And now my friend, please remember me as I do you, with love and respect and I will see you another day, another way.
Let's both hold on to that thought and let our hearts recover and smile again.
I love you little buddy!!!
All my love and heart,
Your Mom

Stuat Owen Sprowls, 07/15/03-02/13/09

My Beloved Best Friend,

I miss you so that sometimes I don't even want to go on without you; my whole purpose in lief was to love and take care of you as you did me.

You fought a brave battle and I only felt it fair to you to end it humanely.

You mean more to me than any mortal human and I grieve and love you more than life itself.

I will try to make you proud of me but it is so hard to go on without you.

Rest well, "my little mand"

I Love You,

Stubby, 10/08/95-03/22/09

Here is a little poem in tribute of my beloved Stubby:


My best friend closed his eyes yesterday
As his head was in my hand.
The Doctors said he was in pain,
And it was hard for him to stand.

The thoughts that scurried through
my head, As I cradled him in my arms.
Were of his younger, puppy years,
And OH...his many charms.

Today, there was no gentle nudge
With an intense "I love you gaze",
Only a heart thats filled with tears
Remembering our joy filled days.

But an Angel just appeared to me,
And he said, "You should cry no more,
GOD also loves our canine friends,
HE's installed a 'doggy-door"!

Shari Hill

Studibaker aka Studie, 11/28/90-01/02/09

Studibaker lived just over 18years and was really a very sweet pup, although very stubborn in his elder years.
He was loved by many, well, except for one mailman, but that guy had issues.
Studie I will miss your head pats and running my fingers thru your curly hair on top of your head.
You were my first dog, and will always have a special place in my heart.
Lexus misses you too.

J.C. Scheeler

Studley, 01/05/06-07/15/09

We miss you Bubby.
You were so special to us. We'll always remember you.
Thank you for the short time we were so blessed to have you, we'll meet again soon, until then you will always be in our hearts.

Bill and Sara

Studley, 05/04/95-06/23/09

I miss my Studley so very much.He was my buddy.I love you Stud

Lorie Sullivan

Stuffy, 11/87-11/2004

My Stuffy was a beautiful orange and white tom cat. He was ill all his life with urinary track problems that required him to eat special food. He was amazing though. He lived to be 18 years old! We miss him so much. It was said the he probably had cancer at the end. He wouldnt eat and was to weak to move. He passed away in Novemeber of 2004 so I am still greiving for him. He was such a wonderful, loving cat. We miss him for his loud voice and can't wait to be with him in the rainbow bridge with him and his sister Pepper.

Patrice Oldani

Styger Provencher, 05/17/09-07/15/09

Please rest in peace sweetheart we all miss you very much - We miss your playful fun and your nipping at our feet. Me and mommy will always have a place for you to lay between us. We Love & Miss you Styger.

Phillip & Maryann Provencher

Stymie, 06/21/09

You are one in a million my english friend.
Thanks for putting up with us.
Our lives will change but you will never be forgotten. I love you.


Sue, 03/03/09

I loved you from the moment I saw you. You were my first baby, my little minnie. I miss you so much. I will never forget you.

Vincie and Greg Smith

Sue Mohrmann Nevin, 14 years plus - December 20, 2009

Beloved sister of Kareena, Sue remains forever in our hearts.

David Nevin and Nancy Mohrmann

Suede, 09/21/96-06/18/09

She was only 7.5 #s but her heart was huge. She was rescued from a pet store as a baby where she was close to death. She survived and was named a Christmas Miracle by the vet staff. By accident She was lost and alone in the big city of Las Vegas but by a Miracle of chain-of-events she was returned. She was always there to give me love when I needed it. She asked for nothing but love in return. I was hers' and she mine. That's her way. She will be with me in Spirit but I will miss the physical greatly. Be at peace Suede.

Nan Hays

Sugar, 7/17/2009

My sweet Sugar,  
It's been one month since I helped you cross over the bridge. I was hoping you would bounce back and get better like you always did, but you were in so much pain that I couldn't let you suffer anymore. I miss you more than you can imagine.

You were with me through the good & bad times and you were always by my side. You were a one-of-a-kind dog and I'm not sure how I will get through the next few months without you. You were taken from me too soon and so suddenly. I can't believe you are gone. The days are long and the nights are filled with sadness. It has been so quiet around here without the jingle of your collar. I miss you so much - I've felt so empty the last few weeks. You were my faithful and loving companion for almost seven years! You were the one constant I could always count on and you gave me seven happy years!

I wish I could rub your head and feel your floppy ears...I wish I could take you for one more walk and pet your fluffy coat...I miss having you beside me in the bed... I miss giving you your pills and feeding you 'pupcorns' as treats... I miss you riding in the car with me and always waiting for me behind the door when I was not at home.

I know you are in a better place now - no more epilepsy, no more seizures, no more trouble getting up off the floor, no more pancreatitis, no more medication and best of all, no more restricted diet! So have all the 'regular' dog food and tomatoes you want! We all wish you were back here with us, but I'm sure you are playing with your old pal, Rocky, and napping next to your buddy, Logan.

Thank you for showing me that the little things in life are what's most important. Thank you for bringing me so much unconditional love, joy and laughter over the last 7 years. I have and never will experience that kind of love ever again. And for that, I am truly thankful to have had you in my life.

May you rest in peace my sweet girl.


Sugar, 04/30/95-07/17/09


Keith, Christine, Brad, Laura, & Ginger

Sugar, 01/30/03-06/28/09

To My Dog - she was more than a freind. She was my girl. I loved her and will miss her. Sharing my bed walking her and her kisses. Her love which was so unconditional! Also want to thank the Newark VCA Animal Hospital for their support & to Alex Dvorchinskly (and his girlfreind) for being caring who stayed with her after she was hit. I thank you sincerly from the bottom of my heart and to the officer who transported her to the animal hospital. Sugar you were so sweet to me and Mom & Dad and to all that got to know Jen & her mom! Sugar people told me all the time how pretty you were. You truly were so pretty & sweet. I miss you already! I will say my last goodbye to you today Tues June 30th 2009 and with my freind Jen who knew her. We love you! I will miss you, your loyalty and your love Forever in my heart! I won't ever be able to forget you & will never be mad at you! I could never be! All the love you gave me! I love you RIP Sugies, Sugar- Bugar nicknames Mikey Loves you baby

Sugar, 11/01/94-05/07/09

Good-bye my beautiful girl!
Thank you for teaching me the meaning of unconditional love, forgiveness and sharing.
You will always be in my heart!


Sugar, 03/13/09

She is missed so much. We were inseperable. She was always by my side. I am confined to bed alot due to illness, Sugar got me thru so much. I think about her all the time.

Tina Hutsell

Sugar, 12/20/94-04/17/09


I think of you all day every day.

I think of you all night every night.

To this day I can't believe you're gone.

I wish you were still here with us.

I will always love you.

I will miss you until we are united again.

Thank You for Fourteen years of our lives,

Sharon Wroten

Sugar, 10/92-04/17/09

I got Sugar right after my husband died and she never left my side.
She love me and I loved her with all my heart.
I do believe pets go to Heaven for there are no tears there. She was absolutely the sweetest puppy in the world. I will really, really miss her, but she will be waiting for me when I get there.

Judi Cobb

Sugar, 12/20/94-04/17/09

Sugar was a very proud and regal companion, demanding nothing but love and respect, which she always received. Forever to be missed!

Raymond Ellefritz

Sugar, 02/2000-04/16/09

Sugar was a special cat.
He loved to get baths, ride on my back, get pictures taken especially photo greeting cards at Christmas time.
He especialy enjoyed getting his tummy rubbed & let me trim his fur.
You will be missed, but will forever live in my heart

Tiffany Joann

Sugar, 04/01/09

Sugar was brought to me from Golden Retriever Rescue in 2004 when she was already 11 years old. She was as sweet as her name. She brought joy into not only my life, but the lives of my parents, my family and my friends. Sugar wasn't officially a therapy dog, but she sure was therapeutic to everyone she met! Sugar was especially attached to my Mother, who passed away last year. This morning Sugar had a reunion with my Mother in heaven.

Your health has been restored, dear sweet Sugar! Go run and play and swim again - forever!

Steve Lobeck

Sugar, 12/05/91-03/17/08

I love you Sugar. You were what I looked forward to coming home. You made my home bareable. I loved to take care of you. Thank you so much for being with me so long. I just hope that in your absence you really never will leave me, stay in my heart. May God keep you and I can't wait to see you again. I love you.


Sugar, 01/11/94-00/18/09

So dependent, always faithful, Best companion,
all these and so much more.
Thank you Sugar

Bonnie Sexton

Sugar, 02/11/09

,You were the first rat I had even owned, you and Spices, who probably died of a similar fate, I remember picking you up in the pet store, you were nervous, but you came out to chill with us when we got home. You used to poop everytime you left the cage out of fear, but then as time went on you loved getting out of the cage and hotdogging, I will miss that severly, I will also miss how you always stood up for the other rats whenever Lulu attacked. You clung to the cage and swung at her. I dont what happened to you, but its far worse than Cinimin. Keep Hotdoggin' Sugar!
I love you
,Cameron Age 14

Sugar, 09/24/96-02/04/09

I almost lost my little girl twice in the last 5 years.
She has been a special gift to me since I lost my husband.
Now I will let her go to him......

Jan Cutler

Sugar, 03/18/97-01/27/09

Sugar was the most adorable,sweetest little dog I had ever had.
So lovable-cute and lots of time very funny.
She had a wonderful home with me and made my home so happy.
All the neighbors loved Sugar and looked forward to playing with her on our walks. I am missing her so much and she will always be in my heart.
I love you, Sugar..

Toni Ney (Nye)

Sugar, 12/10/96-01/27/09

For a very small dog she was the best as a friend.
Always kisses and love when I get home.
She helped me through many a tough times and I hope she is happy with her best bud Minnie now.

Barbara Lupia

Sugar, 12/30/08

Go in peace.
We love you.

Charlie & Karen & Casey

Sugar Baby, 02/20/95-05/10/09

Sugar Baby was my "life's lessons" friend, she was there through so much of my life, over 1/3 of it ...she has raised our two girls, she has overcome so much and this is the worst pain I've gone through in my life. I cry every night, I miss you so very much Sugar and I will never, ever quit loving you .... We all miss you so much. I hope that you are not in any more pain and are watching over us and know that I love you....


Sugar Baby Brzezenski, 04/02/98-04/09/09

I will never think of a dog as "just a dog" again. Sugar was a unique, loving, funny "character" and every bit as important to me as any beloved family member. I cannot imagine my life without having known her and enjoying 10 years of mutual love with her. I still cannot imagine my life without her, so sweet memories, sadly, will have to suffice. Part of my heart is in that place where she is and I don't think it will ever be given back to me. I did not find her--she found me. I did not teach her--she taught me. Goodbye my beloved friend.

Debbie Brzezenski

Sugar Bear, 09/01/03-06/04/09

You were my blue-eyed joy and I love you more than I can ever say.
Rest well and peacefully, Bear...You are missed.

Patricia Sewell

Sugar Bear Elvis Buzick Gregg, 03/26/94-04/06/09

My sweet Sugar was a wonderful "kitten".
He was always by my side...knowing if I was ill or sad.
He was always there to comfort me.
We always said that he was a dog trapped in a cat's body.
I loved him so much and will miss him the rest of my life.
I was so lucky to get to spend 15 wonderful years with him.
Wait for me at the Rainbow Bridge, my love!

Kris Gregg

Sugar Magnolia, 05/30/99-06/10/09

Our dear Sugar crossed over last night, after being diagnosed with late-stage liver cancer. This was quite sudden, which makes it all the more sorrowful for my entire family. We thank her for 10 years of joy and love she brought to us, and we will hold her in our hearts for all of our days. We love you Sugar!

The Degiosio Family

Sugar Schneider-Bury, 04/05/95-04/06/09

Sugar was our beloved dog of 14 years.
We celebrated her 14th birthday on April 5, 2009, knowing the vet would come to euthanize on April 6, 2009. She had degenerative myelopathy but always found a new way to compensate.
We called her the "gentle giant."
Even neighbors who didn't care much for dogs would end up buying biscuits for sweet Sugar. She touched the hearts of all who knew her.
We miss her terribly but pray that one day we will all be together again.

Mama and Ryan

Sugar Tash, 1994-02/27/09

Sugar, was the only cat we ever rescued that we knew was never abused. She was born in a mansion to people that rescue pets. We took her home where she turned our little home into a mansion. We named her for her loving temperment. We couldn't have picked out a name that was more fitting for such a love bucket, butterball size cat.
Sugar suffered from kidney failure and today was the day that we needed to love her enough to put her to sleep and go to be with God.
I keep questioning in my heart was I too hasty.
I really know the truth, but I couldn't and wouldn't overlook the signs of how bad you were becoming. Know how much we loved you and how hard it was to let you go. Forever in our hearts.--

Tash Family

Sugar Zimmer, 07/08/95-06/19/09

My baby, my companion, my love

Mary Zimmer

Sugars, 02/14/96-11/29/07

spicer misses you my dear friend.She will see you soon.

Sheila Pressley

Suicide, 08/03/08-01/20/09

R.I.P suicide (friends name)you passed on at 4.00am on the 20 of january barack obamas sworn in day (in amarica) im sos orry you could not be saved andi told me your limbs had gone and you were dragging yourself(she said it was cute???) but she dident mean it she was being wired at the thought of losing you im so sorry you passed on play safe and free with Mummy Vampire who passed only hours before you =-[ and Daddy Grim your sisters Truffle and Darkness will miss you so and your nanny flower and auntys play safe with your uncle/aunt and grandad

until i see you again beautifull piggie R.I.P andi will miss you im sure forever free from painxxxxx

Ryan S

Suki, 15/05/94-23/06/09

Suki my beautiful girl, you went to Rainbow Bridge today and I miss you terribly.
You fought the cancer long and hard but in the end the fight was too much for you.
You gave me 15years of love and I hope you know that even in your last hours I loved you very, very much.
I will treasure how you gave me affection and your love even when you were so so sick today.
I hope you know that I tried my best to get you well but today you were too sick for me to let you keep fighting.
I didnt want you suffering no longer.
One day we will be together again, you, me, Emma and Tiggi and maybe you will now be reunited with Emma and Tiggi.
Your memories are always forever in my heart and I love you very very much.
Sweet dreams precious girl.
Thank you for all the happiness you have given me and for all the special memories locked away safety forever in my heart.
Rest in peace babygirl.
Love you always.
Mummy xxx

Suki, 12/01/07-05/15/09

It was about the 2nd week of February that I first met Suki.
I was meeting my new boss at Lakeside Lodge and as I walked toward the entrance, a small black cat walked up to me and as I bent down to pet her, she jumped up to meet my hand.
We talked for a minute or two and then I went into the Lodge and complimented them on their greeter.
I was astounded when they asked if I would like to take her home and of course said I would, but not for a couple of weeks.
We were renting a small house in Lakeside while waiting to move into our new home in Hauser.
So, it wasn't until the middle of March that Suki came to live with us - my husband, and the other two female cats, Samme who is about 4-5 years old and Charlie who is about 3-4.
My husband asked how I came up with the name Suki and It just popped into my head, and when I looked it up in the dictionary it showed that it is Japanese for "beloved".
And until we picked her up, I would stop by the Lodge every few days with food and treats for her.
I think we picked Suki up around 5 pm on a Saturday night - she rode in the car like a champ, sitting on my lap and looking interested.
But the minute we walked in the door with her, Samme and Charlie were hissing and spitting.
Samme is number one cat and resented Charlie when she came to live with us - and they are both from the pound!
But we showed Suki the litter box, where the food and water was and she spit back and made her own space with us on the couch.
The air was electric for the next week as the two older cats spit at her and Suki spit right back - even tho Samme outweighs her by three times her weight and Charlie is twice her size.
So, the routine was that everyone was fed in the morning, let out if they wanted to go (kissed and told to be good and to be careful) and if anyone came back by the time the last human left, they were let back in.
This was from day one with Suki too - and there were many nights she didn't come back till dark and I walked the area looking for her and calling.
And then out of nowhere she'd bounce, little bell on the collar ringing and seemingly so happy to see me.
(And sometimes she was in the next field just watching me call and beg for what seemed like hours before she'd come over.
So the weeks passed and when we moved into the new home all cats were kept inside for a couple of days and then let out.
Over the next weeks Suki would leave in the morning, dive over the hill where our house sits, and into the woods which are typical Oregon coast, thick, brambly and full of animal trails.
But she would still appear after being called, sometimes right away, sometimes hours later.
Then Jerry left the last week of April and the four of us were on our own.
And Suki still went out and came back but because there was more space, each cat had it's own and everyone was starting to tolerate each other.
There was the occasional spit but Suki discovered cat toys and loved to play for hours with them - then she discovered sleeping on the bed, the cat tower and even playing on the bed. Some nights she'd come in and then eat one or two cans of her favorite Fancy Feast, mixed grill, which I bought by the case for her.
And sometimes she'd have bites in the morning before she left and sometimes she'd come back midday (if I was home to see her).

She seemed to appear out of nowhere - up the hill and then bouncing up to see me.
She had a loud voice for a little cat and I'd love to have her talk to me - and on the hardwood floors, you could hear her coming.
She'd had all her shots (someone at the Lodge had had her spayed before she came to live with me).
I almost forgot about Suki's wonderful jumping and purring.
When she had been with us for about 10 days and the cats were still getting used to each other, we had a couple come by and we left for four days in Reno.
During the entire time were gone, the couple never saw Suki and when we got back I found her hiding place - up in the closet on top of the hangers which means that she was jumping pretty much straight up from a standing position some 5 feet!
And she could do that - 5, 6 feet straight up!
And hide, she could pretty much make herself invisible - curling up into a ball the size of your hand and watching you from the top of the cupboards.
It was hard work finding her sometimes.
And the purrs - they shook the cat.
She would curl around your hand and let the motor rip - or she'd knead the couch or cushion or bed and rattle the windows.
It was a happy sound - as good as birdsong!
When she first started living with us, if I petted her and my hand stayed too long on her rear end she could attack with all four paws - scary because she came close to my eyes but that eventually stopped because I knew that the growl meant I was irritating her.
She is bright, smart, funny, happy and just a bundle of joy packed into a small 8.5 lb frame.
I was surprised when the vet said she was about 2.5 years old.
It was love at first sight, that little body, those golden eyes and that contagious manner - life doesn't get any better than life with Suki.

Patti Nichols

Suki, 05/21/09

We miss you so much

Di and Peter Cooper

Suki (Tibbitts), 12/05/08

Our sweet suki came into our lives at 3 years old. A shelter cat from birth she knew nothing outside of those four walls till the day I took her home. She had acted like a mother to any kitty that ever came into our home after her. She slept between the heads of my husband and I till the last two weeks of her life. She was a little trouper fighting the cancer but one day she look up at me and said "mom, I'm ready to go". With my husband and I by her side she peacefully passed away in our arms. She will live and purr forever in our hearts.
We love you Miss Suki

Mom, Dad, Tempt (greyhound), Jenna (greyhound), Miss lilly, Pumpkin, Sir sammy and little joey (our remaining four legged kids)

Lisa & Jon Tibbitts

Suki, 12/19/89-05/15/99

Miss you puppy girl.
We finally buried your ashes today.
I think of you often.
And miss you more than I ever thought that I would.


Sullivan (Sully), 04/18/93-06/11/09

Beloved family member for 16 years. Sully Bully I will always miss you. I know that your little buddies Gal and Kenz were waiting for you. One day, we will all meet again.

Dianne Jennings

Sully, 06/22/93-06/20/09

Sully was my oldest child. We got him when he was 8 weeks old and he was our faithful companion for almost 16 years. His passing has left a hole in our hearts and in our family. Thank you Sully for the unconditional and unwaivering love that you gave us. We love you and miss every day. You will always be our "Sully Dog".

Amy Nash

Sully, 10/25/01-04/08/09

He was a fun loving dog , loved life, being called puppy , puppy. Having woofy treats, rollover and love to kis all the time. He will be missed
We love him.

Nancy, Melissa

Sully, 02/12/09

He was the kindest dog. He loved to cuddle into my pillows and put his head on my shoulder. His brother and I are so so so sad.

Cathy Williams

Sully, 01/16/08

My Sully I miss you with every ounce of my heart.
I cannot describe the emptiness that I feel and will forever remember and miss you.


I love you Sully and miss you!


Summer, 09/02/93-04/17/09

Summy, you will always be our little girl

and in our hearts forever.

You are our little angel

We love and miss you!



Summer 'Puppy' Doughty Hynum, 06/21/90-01/04/09

Summer was a cat who was so friendly that she earned the nickname Puppy. She was very friendly and knew numerous tricks and recongized many words. She changed many people who thought they were just 'dog' people. She lived a happy life for 18 and a half years. She will not be forgotten.

Julie and Wayne

Summit's Samson The Noble (Sammy), 01/10/02-10/04/07

Our funny clown boy Sammy.
You left us too soon, but your suffering is over.
Our hearts ache for you and we miss you dearly.
We cherish the time we had with you sweet boy.
We will see you again someday!

Lynnette Neupauer

Sumo, 06/15/95-06/10/09

What a loving kitty! You brought so much pleasure to my live. I miss you.


Sumo, 12/12/94-05/09/09

To my precious baby boy of over 14 1/2 years - I will love and miss you. Thank you for unconditional love.
I will never forget you. Until we meet again...Mommy

Sundance, 05/10/95-04/02/09

Sundance, you were the best companion ever. We love and miss you so much. You were a good friend and protector of three grandchildren who love and miss you too.

Michael & Barb, Kayla, Jace & Elijah

Sunday, 12/25/97 - 05/27/2000

Missed but never forgotten. I truly believe The Lord had a very special need to be filled and you were his first choice. One day you, Holly, Max and I will cross that bridge together.

Sunny, April 8, 2000 - November 10, 2009

To my best friend of nine and a half years, Sunny. I miss you so much and don't know what I'm going to do without you now. You were taken from me before your time, but I know you had a good, long, loving, happy and fun life with me. We had so many wonderful rides and hikes in the hills, and I know you must have been plugging along on some of the last rides we went on, but you loved it so much, you kept on and always "made it to the top." I can't imagine how my rides and hikes are going to be without you there with me anymore, always looking back to make sure I'm still within your sight. And just being around the house and property, I won't have you following me around wherever I go! I'll miss seeing you this winter romping in and out of the snow drifts hiking in the canyon with me, buzzing your nose along in the snow and chasing up bunnies. I just can't say enough how much I miss you now and how empty I feel without you here with me. I pray you're in that "better place" and found Milo who left me/us just three weeks before you did. An extra hole in my heart losing our Milo. Until we meet again, rest well my little Sunny Bunny!

Forever and always, you're my baby girl! Love your Mom, Lori

Sunny, 10/28/01-06/22/09

Sunny, You were taken away so suddenly and my heart is broken.
I will never forget you and I know that I will see you again someday.

You are my Sunshine!

Love Momm

Sunny, 02/18/01-06/12/09

our beloved friend sunny passed on friday.if grief can be measured in equal parts to the joy and happiness this special boy brought us ,we are truly heartbroken we will miss you every day. rest in peace my beautiful boy

Nancy Russell

Sunny, 04/15/97-05/12/08

MAYBE ONE DAY.........

Sunny, 05/15/09

Sunny we love you and you will always be in our hearts and thoughts.
We miss you so much already!

Teresa Betena

Sunny, 04/17/09

An autoimmune disorder took you away from me too soon. I will miss you so.

Bethann Breitenkamp

Sunny, 09/07/04

Sunny was my baby and he followed me all over and loved to hear me read to him from the Bible at night.
I miss him very much 13 yrs long time to have a cat

Mary Jane Jewell

Sunny, 04/10/95-02/05/09

Our very dear Sunny.
You had such a comical personality, and those expressive eyes! You so loved to chase the squirrels, and you eventually caught one. You were so devoted to Jim, and he misses you terribly. We both feel such a void with you gone now, but we'll be reunited again at Rainbow Bridge. I feel Heidi, Howdy Doody, and Toy Soldier were there to meet you. Hope you all are having fun there in your new young bodies. Til we meet again, we'll be forever loving you. Love you Always, Jim and Susan.

Sunny & Sydney, 02/14/03-01/12/09

Sydney & Sunny,
You were a beautiful green & yellow peachface lovebirds.You were such a good girls & so loved by your pet parents.Sydney & Sunny you are missed every day by us & Remy.Remy happens to be your cute puppy brother.
God now has two beautiful additions to heaven...


Sunny Bunny, 1998-06/06/09

My precious little bunny girl. I miss you so much. We have been through so much together, cancer, mine; Bennies and then his death. You were always there for me my baby. Gods little gifts to us. Time with you flew by, as it always does. I believed I would have and enjoy you for another year, but God had different plans. Maybe Bennie was just too lonely without you. Vinnie misses you so. I know he harrassed you alot, but he loves you. When I held you in my arms for the final time yesterday, I felt like my own life was slipping away. Each time one of you leaves, a piece of me is torn away and taken with you. I swear I don't have much left.
God has just given me more than I can handle this past year - Now you are gone - my BEST FRIEND. You were always by my side, now there is nothing there - only loneliness. I love YOU my little white witch. I will see you again and this time stay with you forever. Mama.

Sunny Cloud, 05/12/09

Sunny I love you with all of my heart. You're the best dog we've ever had. I will miss you endlessly. I hope you're reunited with sweet Georgie and y'all are giving each other kisses. I will miss you old man.

Elizabeth Cloud

Sunny Glen, 03/26/09 - 11/29/09

Dearest Beloved Sunny,

Nothing I put into words can express how much you meant to me, how much I loved you. You were the joy and love of my life! You made every day of my life special just by being in it. Just hugging you, kissing you and pressing my nose into your lovely face and body made life worth living.It was like your soul radiated love and positive energy, so fitting of the name I chose for you. You showed me how to live life in the moment and to find happiness in even the smallest of things.Making you happy made me happy. You never failed to make me laugh with all your silly pranks and attention-getting actions. I will miss you always tossing the ball back to me, refusing to get out of bed and wagging your tail furiously until I dumped you, throwing me shoes, running figure eights around me, playing your jaws game and hide and seek, getting the Easy Button, barking for your meals, following me everywhere and lying on my feet, going downstairs with me to do laundry and get your food. Always with a smile on your face, your adoring, kind eyes brought love to everyone you met. With you, I met so many kind, caring people. You were always there for me through thick or thin. Without you I don't know how I would have gotten through so many sad and rough parts of life. You were my Sunshine, my only Sunshine. You made me happy when skies were gray. You'll never know dear, how much I loved you, oh my Sunshine I hope to return to you one day. I feel so robbed of a good-bye. But you are forever in my heart and soul as long as I shall be on this Earth. Sunny, my beloved Sunny how I want to hug you and feel you in my arms again. Please wait for me at Rainbow bridge with Kelly, Mandy and Rusty and all the Horses Haven friends I have lost. I want to spend eternity with all of you, where we can be joyful, happy and free of any pain, disease or infirmity. Someone said of you today, "Sunny was Love." That is so true. You were an angel God sent to me. Please let me feel your loving spirit always around my shoulders. Why did cancer have to take you from me?

Sunshine, 01/03/00-07/05/09

Sunny was the most wonderful dog, and the best friend I ever had.
She loved to play and be silly, knowing that if she made me laugh a treat would follow.
She was also a beautiful doggy, and I miss seeing her pretty face each day.
God bless you Sunny, you will always be in my heart. I love you.


Sunshine, 08/04/09

You are now with Shadow and both of you are waiting for me at Rainbow Bridge so we can cross together. I will have a full pocket of dogie biscuits. My heart will be empty until that day comes. I will forever miss you.


Sunshine (aka Peanut), 04/19/05-07/17/08

You were such a tiny, cute kitty.
Your time with us was much too short.
T.J. misses chasing you, and we all miss you very, very much.

Conni Fialkowski

Sunshine, 11/01/95-02/02/09

Sunshine was a very patient dog. She had the prettiest face.
She didn't like thunderstorms or tornadoes. She had survived a near miss with a tornado her first summer and she never liked storms after that. Can't blame her for that.
She was our doorbell and our alarm clock. We will all miss her. We love you Sunshine.

Betsy Coolidge

Sunshine, 08/2007

i miss you


Sunshine, 12/29/08

Sunshine (Sunny) passed away during the night.
She was a beautiful Maine Coon who was super intelligent, oh so friendly, and had the biggest appetite.
Her sign of affection to you was to come up and bump you with her broad side.
She purred like a race-car engine.
Sunny was the nicest cat I've ever had, and her passing has left a huge hole in my heart.
I pray that Sunny has been restored to perfect health, and that one day we shall be reunited.
God bless you, Sunshine.

Sunshine Linch, 04/24/09

Sunshine was and will be the cutest and sweetest cat i have ever known in my life. She was and will be my favorite little girl in my heart.
Whenever life is getting so hard for me to take, i just need to
rest my head next to her loving and caring little head and hear her purr away all my restlessness .
When I was sad or didn't feel good, she always came and lay next to me. Bed-time was Sunshine's favorite time of the day. Whenever the light was off, she jumped to the bed and purred really loud. She loved to rest her tiny head on my pillow and lay her warm little body underneath the blanket. Sometimes, she extended her tiny paws towards me, seemed like she was holding me. I loved every single moment of it. I was so grateful that I could have a kitty like her.
All my stress and worries always melted away when she let me hold her and kiss her on her little cheek and forehead. Sunshine was the best little kitty i have ever had and wished for.
Whenever she went out-side or sometimes got lost on the different floors, all i needed to do was to call out her name: SUNSHINE, SUNSHINE. She would respond so loudly that the neighbors across the building would hear her. I always responded: "Sunshine, Mommy's right here, stay there baby"ť. When i got to her and carried her back to the apt, she always seemed so happy; she talked in the cutest way. She tried to tell me she couldn't find her way back since they closed the door at the stairway and she was sorry for going so far. I never got mad at her, I was just so happy that she was back and safe in the home that we have for her.
Sunshine's favorite thing in the whole wide-world was Treats. In the morning, she would wait for me to get up and when i first saw her, she always talked in the cutest way with the sweetest voice that i could never bring myself to say "No" to her. The last two mornings have been so broken hearted for me; it was so quite; there was no Sunshine's voice anymore. The house is so empty and silent without her angel voice. The treat is there but my baby is forever gone. Night-time is the worst time of the day now. Sunshine is no longer with me by my side of the bed. No purring sound, no soft warm little body trying to steal half of my pillow or lean on me anymore.

I can still feel her presence everywhere in the house. Every corner of the house is filled with her beautiful angel face and the sweetest voice. Sometimes i wish i could see or listen to her one more time. How can a tiny thing hurt me in the deepest way i could never imagine?
Sunshine put up with me a lot. I always kissed her and held her. I let her know everyday that "I love you, Sunshine; Mommy loves you so much; Do you love mommy?". She was always so gentle to me, leting me hold and kiss her. Sometimes, she closed her eyes, like she was saying "yes, I love you too, please give me more treats".
Sunshine died because of an unknown reason; Heart attack or an aneurism. Everything was so fast and sudden, less than 10 seconds. My mom told me Sunshine is "LINH VAT" whose life would never last long or to die of an old age. LINH VAT means an animal with an extraordinary gift and an angel soul who only stays in your life a short period of time. My mom said Sunshine's soul is watching over me now. Two years and eight months i spent with her was so beautiful. I'm forever grateful that she could stay that long with me. She brought me so much happiness. I just wish that she could stay a little bit longer or warn me that the lost feeling would be so deep that i can barely bare.
How could a tiny furry kitty hurt me so much?

Jennifer Nguyen

Sunshine Prats, 12/23/2009

Sunshine was the most loyal and beautiful dog I have ever met. She was my best friend and companion for 8 wonderful years. I miss her but know she is in a happy place, free from the pain she was in for the last days of her life. Her canine friend, Lilly, misses her too. Although I wish I could have been with her for Christmas, I know she had the Christmas of heaven! It must have been beautiful!

I will forever hold her in my heart and know the other doggie angels are keeping her company as she goes through this transition. Thank you to Nutmeg and Nyessa Angels for comforting her!!!

Sunshine Shay, 05/11/09

Goodbye my little friend. You have taught me so much through our short ten years together. You will always be in my heart. Thank you for everything you have given me.

Jackie Shay

Suri, 10/13/08-03/26/09

To our little angel, we miss you so very much, you were such a big part of our hearts and when you left this earth you took part of our souls with you, rest in peace little one and know that one day we will be together again, all our love and blessings, mom and dad, Oreo and Coco

Susan, 05/14/59

You were the first of all.

Timothy Larner

Susanna, 03/08/09


Francesc Domenico

Sushi, 05/20/09

Please pray for my young pug who was hit by a car and died


Sushi, 05/12/09


Georgia Valenza and Steve Kinghorn

Sushi, 08/17/96-02/11/09

There once was a little cat named Sushi
Jane's beloved and sister to Miro.
She spent a lot of time under Jane's bed
In her own little luxury condo.

When she came out to make an appearance,
It was a sight to behold:
"Look, there's little Sushi!"ť we'd cry.
The sighting, more precious than gold.

Sushi's coat was softer than silk,
Her fur, white, like cotton or snow.
Her nose was pink and so were her ears
So different from little Miro's.

Sushi had an extra long tail,
She was also camera shy,
But still, there are many adorable photos
Of the elusive Sushi on Jane's Flickr site.

Sushi was nimble.
Sushi was quick,
And she moved like a ninja
Even when sick.

Sushi was unique in many ways.
Do you know how she woke people up?
I hear she'd circle the bed in the morning
And dole out aggressive headbutts.

And even though she was named after fish,
Fish was not her favorite dish.
For Sushi, salmon or tuna just wouldn't do it,
But give her a cantaloupe, and she'd eat her way through it.

Sushi was a sweet little cat
And though we can't believe she's gone,
We have all these heartfelt memories,
And through them, she will live on.

When it was time to say goodbye,
We held her and pet her and kissed her and cried.
All of our hearts were filled with love
For the little white Sushi who now flies above.

Jane Kratochvil

Sushi Shanghai Rose, 06/14/99-10/25/08

Miss Su, Miss Su
(Sushi Shanghai Rose Mallon)

She sat there in the cage
with her big brown beautiful eyes,
Looking out upon us
Alert, perky and wise.

We were not sure about her
A dog we never had
But if we left without her
The rest of my life would be bad.

So home she came and quick to learn
Things a normal dog would never do,
Like use a litter box, wash her face
Like our cats, together they grew.

She was always so happy and seemed to smile
As she ran to the door to greet;
And there was never a person she didn't like,
Or one she never wanted to meet.

As the years went by things began to show
Allergies, ears and such.
But she always adapted and over came
The issues that plagued her so much.

But then at a tender age of nine
Her heart began to fail
We did all we could to help her get by
But all to no avail.

The best doggie ever, so kind and so sweet
And it hurt to let her go.
But for all those nine year, she gave us such joy
We will always love her so.

Michael Mallon

Susi, 1997-05/11/09

The most loving, kind,and sweet dog I have ever known. We love her very much and she loved us too.

Danny and Mineda

Susie, 06/03/97-07/04/09

We love you and will miss you every minute of every day. Your sister "Daisy" even left one of her snacks for you to share this morning. You are the best friend I've ever had and my heart aches constantly without you here.

Joy & Chris Creed

Susie, 06/30/09

Susie you brought so much joy to me when I took you over after our Mum died.
I guess my Mum wanted you back, you were only on loan to me, perhaps our Mum was feeling lonely and had the need for a fur baby to cuddle once again, just as I did with you.
I will miss you cuddling up to me in bed.
Frank, Lisa and Toby will miss you too.
RIP and be happy and free my darling.

Love always

Susie, 06/03/99-02/18/09

Always in our hearts Miss Susie!!

M Speers

Susie, 05/31/93-01/02/09

you will be missed so much.
we love you.

Chuck & Tracie Barnes

Susie Marsh, 08-24-93 - 08-06-09

Our very precious Susie has gone to the Rainbow Bridge to now play with her sister/litter-mate, Penny, who passed away 12-22-07. We are naturally devastated. Her little doxie body gave 16 years of unconditional love. She will forever be loved and missed.

Sussie Vizcarra, 08/30/00-01/15/09

To our precious baby girl Sussie "chuchaput" in our hearts we hold a special place to cherish and remember all of the beautiful moments and great experiences she gave us.
To our loyal friend, we love you a lot and we'll forever miss you. Marviz, Delmy, Steven & Ernie.

Susy, 07/18/09

Dear Susy I aleady miss you,...thank you for being with us all these years Thank you for every time you sat with your warm fur on our knees... thank you for appearing one day in our garden, from the woods nearby... thank you for deciding to remain with us, thatn you for your large beautiful eyes, non scorderò mai la tua codona pelosa dritta, ciao volpina mia, non ti dimenticare di noi, un giorno ci rvedremo, vienici incontro, nonci abbandonare mai, con amore le tue tre padrone Gabri Marcella e Patrizia

Sutton Newman, 02/02/95-03/08/09

Our precious Suttie-Boy or as his daddy called him, his pound puppy, we will miss you forever.
You are one of our mama and daddy

Suzette, 04/27/09

Dear baby kitty, I miss you so much,I look for you by the window every morning when I hear the birds, I cry for you every night.


Suzette Riha, 03/02/92-03/02/09

Suzette was given to me by my Mimi (who is in the hosptial dying of cancer due to a brain tumor and it is the type of cancer that cannot be cured) when I was 3 years old and Suzette just died on her 13th Birthday at 5:55am due to old age!!

Brittany Riha - 16 years old

Suzi, 01/2000-04/11/09

I Miss You Boober
I Love You
Rest well my baby

Suzi Wu, 02/06/09

Suzi Wu provided an inspiration and a role model for anyone, human or otherwise to live by. Born with a congenital heart problem, she lived a full and long life by returning more love to others than she received. I'm not sure if anyone ever saw Suzi Wu when her tail wasn't wagging. I only hope that my friends will remember me in such a kind and loving manner. If she is the first I see at Rainbow Bridge, I'll know the after life is perfect.

Bill Manes

Suzie (Snider), 1991-07/14/09

Suzie, you knew me my entire adult life. Meowed at me every day as a greeting when I came home, even if I was only gone for an hour. You were introduced to several first dates, and not so many second dates. You nervously waited for me to come home before having your first litter of kittens. You moved with me several times and luckily we stayed put for the last several years. You accepted my husband with fond meows and a few scratches when you felt they were appropriate! You learned to tolerate the children and not scratch them even when they backed you into a corner, which happened many times. They miss you too, Suzie. I'm so sorry the last few days you were with us were difficult. I'm glad we could sit together one last time, even though you were so sick and nervous about being at the vet clinic. I have no doubt you knew I was there even though you were so weak. I wanted to, and tried to bring you home to take care of you for as long as I could but you were just too sick and I had to take you back to the vet. I stayed with you as long as I could after you were gone. The clinic was closing and I had to let you go. I found some pictures of you and am looking for the others I know I have. My favorite is of you sitting on the table of our house in NY looking out the window and chirping at the birds. It was one of your favorite things to do. I miss you so much and wish I could turn back time, do some things differently and still have you with me. I planted a 'Mon Cheri' rose bush in memory of you. It's in a pot so that when we move again it will come with me. I never had a pet like you, Suzie, or for nearly as long. You and Goo were the two constants in my life. I know the pain of your loss will ease but I will forever miss you. I'm certain your son, Goo, misses you too. I let him sleep with me to help distract him and not have him feel so lonely in the cat room now that you are not there.

The thought of never seeing you again breaks my heart and I'm just thankful you let me be a part of your life for so long. I will always always love you.


Suzie, 1996-03/31/09

I found Suzie as a stray kitten in October of 1996. She was poking her little head out from under a storage building. A storm was coming and she was scared. I got her, and we spent 12 1/2 great years together. She was always there day after day when I came home from work, she was a pleasure to interact with, and she enriched my life. She was one of the best things in my life, the only life I will ever have, and she was a part of that. She died of Feline Leukemia. I miss her very much. I was there with her as she took her last breaths at home,talking to her petting and comforting her. I know she could hear me, and she knew I was with her. But now, I know she is in heaven with God, and she is with Zeus and Panther in paradise. I know she is happy and just fine. But I still miss her. Suzie, I'll be with you again someday..then it will be forever. I love you.

David Denson

Suzie, 07/83-06/20/05

Suzie was my FRIEND for 21 years. She raised my Asthmatic son from 2yrs old till he was 23. She stayed until he came in from his shift. When HE told her it was ok..she went to Heaven.

Leslie Jaumot

Suzie Coo, 04/08/09

Suzie was my little baby.
She lit up my life and surrounded me with love.
I'm not sure how to live without her.

Paula Shirley

Suzie Lombardi Rebernik, 01/30/09

Suzie is spirited and unique. She lived life on her own terms and I will always admire her independence, her spunk and her intelligence. She added liveliness to the family that is deeply missed by everyone.

It hurts that you are not with me in body Suzie, but I thank you for sharing your life and spirit with me all these years. Thank you for trusting me and allowing me to be a part of your family.
I hope it was a good life for you. I look forward to being with you again someday and I hope you will meet me when I come to where you are. I miss you so much.

Suzie, I love you forever.


Suzie Q, 09/01/98-02/20/09

I am so very sorry that you were in pain my girl.
Now you are free of that pain and playing with Felix, Brandi and Shiloh. I will miss your constant and loud purring and the drool that came with it.
I will miss you coming out to the driveway to meet us after work and rolling on your back for a belly rub.
Daddy will miss you meeting him every night and coming out to his shop. You purred for me till the end, and it broke my heart when the purring stopped.
I will miss you Suzie Q, but I will never forget you and how you came into our lives with 5 little kittens.
Good bye baby girl, God speed.
Mama, Daddy, Cricket, Missy and Abby

Suzy, 12/14/99-12/29/08

Precious princess we all love and miss you so much.
I never realized how much it would hurt to lose you.
My heart is broken.
My baby and best friend.
I will always remember your kisses at the end telling me it's ok.
You were such a good girl.
Mommy, Daddy, brother and sister can't wait to see you again at the Rainbow Bridge.
Kisses Suzanna!!!!


Suzy 'Snappy Stretchy Stripes' Headrick, 1999-07/03/09

I miss my Bear.
I want her back so bad.
It's devasting.
The grief is overwhelming at times, so much so, it feels as if I'll never be able to breathe normally again.
I hate this.
I hate this.
But I know that if given the chance, I would gladly suffer this grief to live those years over.

Hilary Headrick

Suzy Machile Clabough, 04/07-02/02/09

suzy was my best friend for sure my mother passed away in Oct.this year my little suzy would not let me cry if she cought me she would start liking the tears until i would stop she would get under my hair and lay her little head next to my neck in our recliner and we would fall asleep i miss her so bad every step i took she was there i mean every one she never slept in a chair always with me i love my little suzy

Stella Clabough

Suzzy Dog, 11/01/87-06/27/09

Suzzy had been a part of this family for 11 years and her unconditional love and constant companionship made life joyous for us all. She will be deeply missed and we look forward to seeing her again near the Rainbow Bridge.

Teresa and Billy Jayne

Sweep, 09/22/08

You fell asleep of old age in the afternoon. I remember trying to get you to the vets but knew you couldnt make it.
The ovely lady at the vet told me make you comfortable as possible.
Hopefuly you remember that I did try my best to help you from your suffering. I miss you playing on the floor and curling up with your companion Sooty.
I pray that you and Sooty are now curled up together. Miss you my darling and will see you again someday. x

Nina Winchester

Sweep, 11/07/94-01/27/09

we love you so much and miss you everyday..there is a space in our home and our heart. Itoga, Nanuq and Jess the cat still are feeling your passing as well.
sleep well old man, feel free to come visit anytime

love you
mummy and daddy

Sweep, 11/94-03/26/09

Love you baby xxx

Jo Hibbard

Sweet Baby, 02/05/09

Sweet Baby

You were a ray of sunshine
In a grey and lonely day.
You were a light so bright
You took the clouds away.

Your presence and your spirit
Such a sweet and lovely boy
Everything about you
Brought us so much joy.

You were my heart and soul
A beacon in the night.
Just looking at you made
Everything all right.

Why did God have to take
You away from me?
I'm alone now in this darkness
Without my Sweet Baby...

Diane and Jeff Gallagher

Sweet Pea, 5/26/06 - 8/27/09

My Sweet Pea, the prettiest girl in the world. Mama and Papa and Frostie miss you so much. Our hearts are broken to know that our beautiful Pea has gone on without us. The emptiness of this house echoes with the sound of your barks that you used to keep away all manner of possible harm to your family. Your heart was so big that God had to make your chest so large to hold it, even though you were a little thing, you were all heart. You captured the love of everyone who knew you. Tara, the kids, Aunt Mo, Ellen are all so very sad you have gone away. Mama and Papa will think of you with their last dying breath and walk to the rainbow bridge to bring you home with us forever. Be patient my sweet beautiful little girl, We'll be there soon.

Sweet Pea, 12/12/08-05/29/09

she was a true gift, even tho her life was short she was truly loved and will be deeply missed.

Penny & Kent

Sweet Pea, 03/21/09

In loving memory of Sweet Pea, the house is way too quiet without you.

Susan Crosby

Sweet Pea, 02/04/09

We will miss you so much Sweet Pea.
You have been there for me (your mommy) through so much.
I will miss our special times at night cuddling together.
You making biscuits with your paws.
I will miss seeing you enjoy the warm sun and scratch your back on the driveway pavement.
I have so many special memories of you when you were a younger kitty-you would chase the grass when the wind blew and eat it sometimes too.
You would love to drink water and always wanted us to turn on the faucet.
Even when we would stop letting you drink out of the faucet-years later you would still ask.
You moved to over 10 houses with me and always liked to explore each new place.
Your favorite place was Indiana, Rex's too, where there was a huge field out back.
You were such a beautiful cat and someone once said that you were the most beautiful cat they had ever seen.
You were my friend during times when I was alone and needed support and I'm going to miss you so much.
You died on a Wednesday and I'm sorry I wasn't with you.
You picked a lovely spot, just under a beautiful stained glass window with a nature scene on it.
I will come for you one day and meet you on the Rainbow Bridge.
We will play again in the grass there. Love you Always, Your Mommy

Sweet Pea, 01/02/09

My little Sweet Pea was only with me for 10 months.
She was my first rescue dog.
She came trotting out of her foster home with her head down, but she came right to me, and I got all teary-eyed when I picked her up.
It was love at first sight.
She taught me what unconditional love is.
I miss her terribly and I can't wait to cross the Rainbow Bridge with her.


Sweet Pea Chan, 02/03/96-12/29/08

Sweet Pea was the most adorable Schipperke we have ever met. She was protective, playful and lovable. From a distance, she looked like a little black pig. She loved to sit on swings, play on slides and fetch for her toys. She was afraid of vacuum cleaners, skateboards and rollerblades, and the sound of thunder. She was our sunshine after a rainy day; she brought lots of happiness into our lives. From the bottom of our hearts, we want Sweet Pea to know that we are so grateful to have her become a part of our family.

Sweet Pea, even though you're gone, we always pray for you. You will always be with us in our hearts. We love you, baby girl!

Pauline & Edward

Sweet Jenny, 06/01/08-09/05/08

I had Jenny for such a short time.
She was my first dog and she opened me up to love and taught me so much in her short little life.
I now have Jenny's sister, Molly which I love dearly.
I think of Jenny often and thank her for opening my heart to loving animals and am so thankful for the time I had with her.


Sweet Sadie Fairweather, 02/11/01-03/11/09

The sweetest, best big dog... my best friend, I will always miss you my sweet Sadie-girl.


Sweet Sheena, with the biggest heart, 01/16/03

On Tuesday, Jan. 16, 2003 we lost our best friend and family sweet dog Sheena...leaving a gaping hole in our hearts and lives...12 years! The biggest heart ever, finally stopped beating.

Anne Ramsoomair

Sweet Thang, 01/02/09

Sweet Thang, I love you so much. You have made my life so wonderful and I miss you so much. Buster misses you too and keeps looking for you. There will never be another dog like you, you are the most special girl and I am hurting so much without you here. I hope you are resting peacefully now, as the brain tumor grew very fast and just took over your body. I love you more than life and I hope we will see each other again one day!

Stephanie Inman

Sweet Thing (AKA Mama cat), 11/11/09

The minute I saw your picture on the Placer SPCA I knew you were meant to be by my side! I knew that at your very old age & missing your 1st Mama, that you wouldn't last long. When I brought you home I couldn't figure out why you weren't getting better. I thought you were so home sick, you didn't want to fight to live. Once we figured out why you were sick you came to life. I am so honored to have had you in our lives, even if it was for less than a year. I miss your Siamese meow & wanting to be by my side constantly! I knew I would miss you, but I never knew I would miss you this bad! You were miserable the last week of your life & you lost your will to fight. I had to let you go because I couldn't watch you suffer anymore. I hope you know how much we love(d) you & I pray that you will come visit me someday. I know you probably went to see your 1st Mommy 1st, but I hope your 2nd Mommy will be missed also. Butterscotch misses her playmate, Asia & Little miss you too, even if they don't want to admit it! The house is so quiet & lonely without you it's too hard to bear. I will miss you with every being of my soul & I look forward to the day that we are reunited again, at rainbow bridge. I LOVE YOU MAMA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sweet Tweek Louise Miller, 10/18/05

My first sweet baby.
We miss you and love you always and look forward to the day we are together again... Love, Mom, Dad, Snapper, Elsie, Hanna, and Marley Bob

Sweet Willow, 02/12/99-01/26/09

I miss everything about my Sweet Willow.
The house seems so empty without her.
I can't believe she's gone and will love her forever.

Cat Feuerstein

Sweetie, 3/31/93 - 11/5/09

I miss you, I love you forever.

Sweetie, 03/07/09

I rescued Sweetie 7 years ago. She went everywhere with me and slept in my arms every night. She was diagnosed with kidney failure, she was able to live for 10 months after that! Sweetie was such a strong dog who had been through a lot. She was one of kind...sweetie will never be forgotten every one who ever came in contact with her has a memory.
I love her so much and she will be missed greatly.


Sweetie, 10/31/08

Good-bye, Sweetie -- I am still crying, though I am comforted that you are now well and happy.

Brigid Haragan

Sweetie Girl, 04/01/08-01/31/09

My dear little Sweetie Girl. I am so sorry for the horrible accident that has taken you from us. Speeding vehicles and dogs besides roads are terrible combnations. I don't know what to do with myself without you. I beleive God had a special place for you, you were such an amazing animal, my friend, my companion. I will spend every day missing you and would give anything I have just to have you back. You are simply a loss beyond words

Connie Brown

Sweetiepie, 10/31/05-07/30/09

We who choose to surroud ourselves with lives even more temporary than our own live within a fragile circle, easily and often breached. Unable to accept its awful gaps, we still would live no other way. We cherish memory as the only certain immorality, never fully understanding the neccessary plan....

Separate Lifetimes
"The Once and Again Prince"
Irving Townsend

Thanks Sweetie for giving us soooo much joy and love.

Love your Mommies,

Gayle and Crystal

Sweetiepie, 27/03/09

I miss you, my beautiful girl. Your sister, Petal, misses you.
During a very dark time for me, you and Petal made me a time that I thought I would never smile again.
I will always love you and will NEVER forget you. God bless.

Amanda Young

Sweetness, 02/18/09

Mommy and Daddy love you and miss you so much babygirl.

Glenn and Kim Miller

Sweetpea, 06/01/94-06/22/09

My Sweetpea,

You have gone to a better place and I will miss you so. You were my best friend for fifteen years. I love you so much. The world is not the same without you. Oh how I wish you were here. I will see you soon my sweet baby girl.


Sweetpea, 11/15/99-05/13/09

Sweetpea was daddys girl. She loved to be with daddy and to play ball when he got home. We loved her very much and are going to miss her terribly.

Charlie and Vicki Williamson

SweetPea, 04/07/09

Beautiful little SweetPea helped us through some very tragic eposodes in your life.
She slept on the floor beside our bed her entire life, and guarded us from nightmares by waking us when they occured.
She somehow always knew.
She nuzzled our faces us when we cried, jumped for joy when we laughed.
She kept us alive when we felt so low.
She kept us up when she did her tricks. She mothered our now three-year-old other Sheltie, Scooter.
Scooter now mourns with us over the loss of this incredible little dog.

Al and Dorothy McMillan

Sweetpea, 03/14/09

we love you so much and miss you more than you will ever know

Jane and Alex

Sweetpea, 02/09/09

Sweetpea was a gift to me from a group of co-workers after my first daschund was killed. A special thank-you to all of them for giving me what turned out to be the best and oldest friend I will ever have. Rest in peace, my friend.


Sweetpea, 09/27/08

Sweetpea my boy srry bout the name I was only 3
I'm srry we had to put u and babygirl down u guys were so sick tht day u and babygirl walked out the front door it killed me even though I'm 14 u gave me the best 11 years of my life u and babygirl embedded ur self in my heart I hope u and babygirl r not sick any more sweetpea my boy u were my baby I love u run ur heart out


Sweetpea Pugsy Smith, 07/04/06-05/13/09

I loved you as you were my child and I miss you so much,,,

Michelle Smith

Sweety, 02/18/09


Sweety-Pie, 04/12/09

You are missed more than I can say. We love you and our hearts our broken now you are gone. You will always be with us in our hearts.

Annette Murtagh

Sybil Nibbles, 01/06/01-18/04/09

Dear Sybil-my best friend and companion who literally lived in the lounge-a cuddly comfort when I needed you and a best friend to share the good times with! Miss you so much and wish you were here :0(
Love Mummy xxx

Syd Holmes, 11/18/08

For our lovely Syd, you tried so hard to stay with us. Even the vets called you 'the come back kid' We had to let you go when you became too weak and sick to eat through CRF.
It was an honour to have had you in our lives for over 17 years. You were our friend and our child - so loving and funny and intuitive. If we were ill you would come and pat our face or hands with
your paw - even non cat lovers loved you! You could speak and often chatted away with our neighbours charming your way into everyone's lives. Our beautiful sleek black cat with beautiful eyes we will miss and love you forever. We know Dad and Michael will take care of you but we wish it could have lasted for ever. Give Jeri, Thom and Sazcha a purr from us and please visit soon baby pooblebum. All our love forever Mam and Dad xxxxx

Sydney, 1990 - August 7, 2009

Syd was my best friend. So loyal. So beautiful. She and I bonded the first second we met ad I knew she would be my special friend. She brought so much joy to my life. It is beyond words. She loved me and waited for me to get home every day. She followed me around the house all day and night. She cared for me when I was sick. She cared for me when I was tired. She kept me warm. She squawked at me like a duck when I pet her in the right place. She loved to be outdoors but would happily come running in when I called her. Sydney was special in a way that made me believe I was a good person. Her unconditional love was exemplary and gave me hope and strength. She was so very brave for such a small little cat. She moved with me cross country two times and stayed by my side through a near death experience, through school, through boyfriends, through jobs, through every kind of pain. The 100% pure love she gave me will never be forgotten. While I miss her so much, I will always be thankful for the time we had together. She touched so many lives. She smelled like caramel. She has a split face, right down the middle, like a Picasso. Everyone loved her and commented about how great she looked for her age. I hope that it was my love that kept her young. When she ran down the stairs her little legs went so fast and her upper didn't move. It was so cute. I couldn't be more blessed to have her in my life. For her, I will always be thankful and for her I will mourn as long as necessary. I love you always, Syd.

Sydney, 05/05/03-07/13/09

Dear Sydney,

I want to thank you and honor you for all the love, kindness and understanding that you showed me over the last 6 years. I miss you so very much. You were so many things to me, and when you left you took a part of me with you. I love you more than words can say--you were my heart and soul. You were one-of-a-kind, and I am forever changed because of you.

I will miss many things about you:

1) How you would run over and lick my face when you knew I was sad. It didn't matter if I was on the opposite side of the house, if you heard me so much as sniffle, you would run over and jump into my lap.

2) How you would cuddle with me late at night before I went to sleep.

3) How you would run from the yard to come inside when I said the word "treat."

4) How you looked out the front window in the morning every morning that I left for work, and how you wiggled your body vigorously and wagged your tail when I came home.

5) The little yin/yang-like symbol underneath your tail.

6) How you would snore sometimes in your sleep, and on occasion, wag your tail if you were having a good doggie dream.

7) How you loved to lay in the backyard on sunny days, in front of the willow tree.

8) How your charisma and big beautiful brown eyes made everyone fall in love with you.

9) How you would often follow me from room to room in order to be close to me.

10) How you would take a deep breath and let out a soft sigh right before you fell asleep.

These are some, but not all, of the many wonderful things I will miss about you.

You were my sweet, sweet pup beloved friend and companion.

You will be deeply missed, but never forgotten.

Until we meet again.



Sydney, 06/17/09

Sydney--will miss you bunches.
Your tail was like a flag and you loved to wave it.
I will cherish the last wave you gave me--but little did I know that would be the last time.
Say hello to Dad and Sanders---I know you are all together on the other side.
Pudge-Pudge knew something was wrong and he misses you also.
You were the best!!!!

Linda Read

Sydney, 06/16/09

Our little Sidney! We will forever remember your loving kisses and gentle cleaning. You gave us hope, strength and love, and always will.
We know you are safe and happy at "Rainbow Bridge", with your Momma and Grandma.
We will forever love and miss you, our precious boy.

Frank and Lori Woodbury

Sydney, 05/22/09

Sydney was the sweetest girl ever and gave us so much love and joy.
Words cannot express how much we miss her.
We hope she knows how much we loved her.

Dana Fay and Bob Graham

Sydney, 05/03/09

We will miss you Syd. Thank you for chosing us to be your family.

Deborah Curry

Sydney, 03/2009

Noone ever got the best of her, until cancer.
She was my husband's favorite COL (cat on lap)

Suzan Riddell

Sydney, 03/03/09

We love you, Sydders, and will see you in heaven with Jesus some day!

Patrick, Sarah, and John

Sydney, 03/98-03/01/09

This tribute is for my Best Friend that I will miss immensely.
You were there for me unconditionally, during our time together.
I will remember all our good times together Sydney, please know that I will always love you and your place in my heart will be there forever.

I miss my angel, I love you!

David and Evelyn MacMillan

Sydney, 06/19/93-01/23/09

Our dog Sydney was the best friend and companion that we could have asked for.
He was loyal and affectionate to the end.We miss him terribly, but look forward to the day we will get to see him again at the Rainbow Bridge.
We know he is well and having fun doing all the things he used to do.Behave yourself Sydney, and don't be picking on all of the big dogs!

Your loving family

Sydney Brady, 01/02/09

Twelve + years of unconditional love and affection

Ray Brady

Sydney Olivia Tellone, 01/18/99 - 09/09/09

Dear Sydney,

Loosing you has left a hole in my heart and in our family. Im so sorry sweetheart that there wasn't anything we could do to make you better. Sweetheart, thats what you were. Thats what everyone called you. No dog ever had a sweeter heart than you. The 10 1/2 yrs you were with us were just not long enough. Thank you girl for being the best big girl in the world. Your brother Winston misses you so much. He has been so sad without you. Thank you for being so good and patient with him. I know at times he could be a real pest, but you were always so kind and good with him. He misses playing with you and snuggling next to you. And even though Abbey didn't always show it, she loved you so much too. All of our friends, who were lucky enough to of known you over the years, are so sad and sorry you had to go. Go find Pop Pop sweetie. I always said that he would of just loved you so much. Bring him the same love and joy that you brought to us. I will miss you always Sydie and you will always be Mommy's Girl. No other will ever take that place in my heart that will always be just for you. Sleep warm sweet Sydney. I will love you and miss you forever.

Sydney Pie, 12/08/00 - 10/13/09

i've got sunshine on a cloudy day, when its cold outside i've got the month of may..well i guess you'd say what can make me feel this way? my girl my girl my girl talking bout my girl,.oooooooooo i miss you pie-o. see you someday my girl. xoxoxo love, mama

Sydney Rose Von Baron, 03/15/09

You were loved so very very much.
I watched you come into this world.
Giving you to Mom and Charles was the best thing I did for you.
They loved so so so much and miss you more than anything.
I am so glad I got to see you in Jan.
Go meet your Father, he is there waiting for you.
I know that someday I will have to suffer the loss of your Mother Liza but when that time comes she will be joining you and your Father.


Sydnie, 07/02/00-06/24/09

I love u and will miss u...


Sylvester, 06/01/93-03/17/08

Dear Sylvester,
Next Tuesday (03/17/2008)will be one year from when you left us.
Even though u are gone you are NEVER EVER forgotten.
We love you and miss you sooooo much...we will see you in our dreams.
Please wait for us at the rainbow bridge.

Love always,
Mom, Dad, and Sadie

Sylvester, 03/08/09

In memory of sylvester my friend and cat of 17years. I love you and miss you. I can still see your bright eyes and loud voice. Please remember iam with you... I will see you again in the rainbow.. For now your in my heart...Love

Christina Goodrich

Sylvie, 06/16/96-07/01/09

We will miss you.

Marilyn Ronzo

Syrabi, 02/06/09

Syrabi aka Beanie was the most entertaining companion I have ever known.
She chased golf balls,
took walks like a dog, sat with me as I read books, slept with me, jumped up and down like a frog when she wanted to come in, brought moss in her mouth as a gift, and demanded I always pay attention to her which I gladly did.
There is a hole in my heart which will never be filled.
Farewell to my little 5 lb friend.

Carol Cantwell

Sysco, 01/13/09

My sweet Sysco. I miss you more and more every day. I look around the house to see you and i feel so sad that you are not around any more. You were the perfect dog. So friendly with everyone and so sweet. You were my company and protector when i was home alone. So sorry that we had to let you go. I know you are in pet heaven now having fun. We will always love you. Lots of kisses Syscouly mou

Irene Drakakis

Sysco, 07/06/97-01/13/09

Our sweetest were such a loving gentle doggy who was the heart of our family.
I will always remember how you were a surprise gift from Dad to all of us and the first moment I saw your adorable face.
You captured our hearts, made us smile and appreciate life.
You will always be remembered, no matter how much time goes by.

Vicki Drakakis Parisi

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