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2009 Tributes

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Racey, 12/01/91-02/20/09

To our precious "pretty girl", Racey.
You have been our heart's joy for 17 years.
Not having any children of our own, you were the "furry child" we cared for and loved with each breath.
A piece of us died with you.
The house is so lonely now, but we know you are in a better place, and waiting at the Rainbow Bridge.
Be a good girl and have fun with your new friends until we meet you there.

Cindy and Steve Schafer

Racheal, 11/06/97-02/07/09

My life is so empty without you!I love you so much!Please God take care of my baby.You are so loved and missed so much.I love you Racheal!!

Mark Hannah

Rachel, 03/02/97-07/04/08

It has been exactly one year since Rachel lost her battle with cancer under difficult circumstances (her favorite kiddo Katy and Dad Kirk were away and I was taking care of her that week).
We miss her lots and remember so many wonderful things about her.

Barbara Cauchon

Rachel, 02/18/09

No sweeter kitty than Rachel has ever walked this earth.
She was a kind soul, always loving and always at my side.
She has taken me through many sorrows and just listening to her purr and having her close to me at all times has been a constant reminder that there is an abundance of love around me.
Rachel will be greatly missed and always hold a special place in my heart.
We will meet again someday I am sure.
Rest your sweet soul my pretty, pretty princess.


Rachel, 08/11/08

Rachel was seized from a "rescue", which turned out to be run by a hoarder on February 2, 2007.

I met her several weeks later as a volunteer and fell in love.
She was tiny, only about five pounds, but she had the biggest, brightest green eyes I've ever seen.
Her cheerful, upbeat nature drew in all who knew her.
I had to bring her home, although I agonized over the decision of adding another cat to my household.

Despite tests run by the shelter's vet, Rachel turned out to be positive for FIP.
She was only home for two and a half months before we lost her.
But in those two and a half months, she brought my household together.
She fit perfectly with my other four cats, particularly my two younger males.
I called them the "Three Musketeers".
She brought into my home, sunshine and happiness.
Just looking at her made you smile.
She even turned around people who weren't very fond of cats.
She's very sorely missed by all who knew her.


Rachel Diane, 02/02/09

Dear Rachel,
In the Lakota way you are a four legged sister to the people.
We will miss you.
We put sage in when we buried you and may you be with Aubrey, Russell and Patches at the Rainbow Bridge.
Mama and Papa

Radar, 06/17/09

Put to sleep.
Had severe canine diabetes.

Sonja Clark

Radar, 03/14/99-06/05/09

Best dog ever, he had to get put down due to problems from old age.

Mitchel Hunt

Radar, 05/23/09

My heart is broken. I can't stop crying and asking "why?" You were always my rock Radar, and now my foundation is gone. You left me alone to take care of your brothers; George, Pete, Kolada, Birdie, Bob and Indiana. My heart hurts so bad-I always told people that you were my rock and that I think I would die if anything happened to you-I feel like I am dying. I miss you so much Radar-do you miss mama???


Radar, 06/01/94-06/23/09

Radar you have been such a loyal little friend..
So many people loved you because you were the Fat Cat...
Sure gonna miss you Lil Buddy... Till we met again Lil Buddy rest in peace, We will be together again one day "promise"
Love you!!!!

Tracy Creekmur

Radar Willingham The 1st, 07/05/09

Dear Radar
I know your soul is in haven and you are now at rest and not hurting anymore. The short time I had you, you brought me such joy. We all miss you and LOVE YOU and you are still in are hearts and minds forever.


Radhiki Anandi, 11/21/93-06/24/09

My little friend went to the Rainbow Bridge with her Silky Terrier ears standing tall.
She was eight pounds of spunk, love, and joy.
In the last years of her life she braved blindness, deafness, but never missed the chance to lick my face, growl at a passing possum or racoon. I miss here terribly.

Alice Shobhana Schwebke

Rafikie, 10/10/06-06/23/09

Goodbye my love, my companion, my friend
I will miss your Hello's,
I will miss your special whistles just for me
I will miss your constant companionship
I will miss you trying to feed me
May you finally be free from the pain and confusion that has ailed you for so long
Swing high and long on your swing
May you finally fly as you never had the chance before
A final kiss and head scratch
All of my love! I miss you horribly

Dawn Clarke

Ragdoll, 08/20/99

Ragdoll...Raggity...we are so sorry that you were hit by a car.
Once again, we will never have an outside's just too dangerous.
You came to us on a very cold February night.
We knew you belonged to someone because you had a flea collar on.
You were only about 7 months old.
You walked in like you owned the place but soon had to go on your way.
You kept coming back....we figured you had two homes but you became our pretty little girl.
You loved eating everything and you were so funny.
Rob would sing the song by Aerosmith, Ragdoll we never see you leaving by the back door...cause you never would....front door for our baby.
One August day, we found you in the yard...we think a car hit you as you loved to dodge them on the road.
We are so sorry.
We should have done more.
Please forgive us.
Thanks for being my baby girl.
We named you Ragdoll because when we held you, you just relaxed and cuddled with us like a ragdoll.

Bye sweet girl...we will be together again one day...have fun at the Rainbow Bridge...look for us...we will whistle for you like we always did.


Rags, 01/01/05-05/12/09

Rags I sorry I couldn't do a better job of keepking you safe.
You were such a good boy and I miss your not coming around for scratching and petting.
Thank you for your brief four years.

Betty Carlson

Rags, 03/27/09

rags, you passed away this morning,and i am heartbroken,we will never forget you,you came into our lives as a kitten when daddy found you at his work,the house is not the same without you as you were always a big part of our lives,you will live in our hearts forever,i know we will see you again someday,we love you very much,it was a pleasure to have known you,...lots of love, from Mom and Dad and Kramer the cat And butch.

Rags to Riches, 03/11/09 Riches we never really had a chance to love and care for you as we would have all liked but we know that God called you back to be with him and we have accepted that. We all hope that you enjoyed what short time you had with us. We will never forget you.

Kathy Thacker

Raider, 05/26/09

You were much too young to have to go.
We will always miss you.
Our hearts are broken.


Raider, 04/21/09

Raider, we miss you so much!
Our heart broke when we lost you.
You gave us so much happiness and made our family complete... each day we struggle to get through the day.
You will ALWAYS and FOREVER be in our hearts... WE LOVE YOU BABY GIRL!

Lori W

Rain, 04/06/09

I never expected to have a rat, much less come to love one.
Rain was gentle, playful, intelligent and loving.
She loved to get her "rat crackers" but loved to sit on my shoulder and play with my hair even more.
Because she was a rat, most people just won't get that.
I wouldn't have gotten it either, before Rain came into my life.
Getting to know Rainy Rat taught me anew that judging on preconceived ideas diminishes us all and can cause us to miss out on very special relationships.
Until we meet again, I will miss her.


Rain, 03/11/09

Rain, I miss you so much and it hurts so bad. I think of you constantly, even when I am sleeping. I miss your sweet little meows and the way you would wake me up during the night to snuggle close. You were my sweet little angel and always will be.
I am so blessed to have had you in my life for 15 healthy, happy years.
You brought comfort and joy to me each day.
I know you are watching over us and will always be with us in spirit.
Until we meet again, you will forever be my Rainy Day girl.
Rest in peace sweet angel and stay close to Bob; he will take good care of you.


Rain, 04/20/99-03/12/09

I will miss your beautiful brown eyes mommie will always remeber you thank you for all the joy you have given to us.

Doree Richardson

Raine, 07/92-12/30/08

Thank you for being a true friend and spirit guide for all these years.
My life is richer for knowing you and you will always be in my heart. Safe journeys until we meet again!

Karen Morgan

Rainey, 12/23/08

Rainey my little girl,
You are missed more than you could imagine. You brought such joy to our life from the time we brought you home from the Humane Society. You were with us for much too short of a time but the 4 1/2 years you were here we really learned a lot from you!
Your brother Rocky has done nothing but mope around and looks so sad it's hard to take. He misses his playmate so much that all he does now is lay around and sleep. Oscar misses you too in his own way :>
My side of the bed still has the covers pulled back so that you can have room. It is really sad not having you there to pet when I cannot sleep.

I think constantly of the Lifes Lessons I've learned from you and hope to put them all down in word in your memory!

BK and I are looking forward to seeing you again at the Rainbow Bridge! Until then take care and look for our other Babies Reba and Buddy to play with until we get there!

We miss you and love you. You are now and always will be in our hearts!
Love Ken and BK

Rainey Grey, 06/15/09

To the summerland you go my beautiful baby. You will be missed. Forever my love...

Kim C

Rainy Rae Hart, 03/18/91-09/22/08

You are a good girl
you were very close to me.
Do you love me I ask?
You can be my guardian angal that can gard me.
You will see me when I come.


Raisin Bread, 01/23/00-01/23/09

To my beloved Raisin - I kissed you 'hello' and nine years later to the day, I kissed you 'goodbye'. We are heartbroken and we will miss you everyday for the rest of our lives. We love you! Susan & Scott

Susan Susko

Raja, 08/12/96-05/05/09

I miss you so much. You were my best friend. Know that I love you and that I can't wait to see you again. I miss your smile. I miss your bark. I miss you singing in the car. I miss you gazing upon me all the time with your beautiful eyes. I miss your groans. I miss sleeping with you. I miss you constantly under my feet. I miss you playing. I MISS YOU SO MUCH. Thank you God for sharing her with me these last 13 years.

Michelle Biedscheid

Rajah, 10-16-93 - 10-19-09

Our dear beloved Rajah passed on 10-19-09. He was a part of our family for the last 16 years. He was such a devoted cat. He understood everything we would say to him. He was so stately and beautiful. He always greeted our friends at the door. He was kind and gentle and so loving. He was my daughter's best friend, he helped me through my husband's death. I could talk to him about anything and he always kept my secrets. Our other two cats don't understand what happened to Rajah. I know he is OK. My heart hurts, my stomach feels like I have a hole in it.How could this wonderful animal be gone? He provided us with so much joy. There will never be another Rajah. We love and miss you.

Rajah, 01/01/91-04/01/09

Rajah you were the most beautiful cat I have ever seen.
Even though you were considered fat, we loved that about you.
You were like a stuffed bear.
We miss all the things you did and we miss you most at night for you used to sleep with us.
Thank you for being such a good friend for so many years.
We love you.

Bonnie Auxier

Rakshi, 06/06/96-02/19/09

She was the most loyal creature I have ever known.

She was the responsible one, making sure that everyone stayed together and didn't stray.

Her energy and her love was very rare and she will be incredibly missed by Terri and I.

Our hearts ache at her not being here.
I keep hearing her, looking for her.
Her sister Aspen thought she was a goddess.

She was right.

Brooks Alldredge

Raleigh, 12/2005-06/16/09

Raleigh- we love and miss you and are so happy we had you in our lives.
I cherish all the special kisses...

Lesley and Jim

Raleigh, 05/03/00-04/30/09

Stewart Raleigh Jones

Words cannot express.

If you ever met him, you KNOW how special he is.

Raleigh was just too special for this world, and he knew he wasn't going to be around for too long, so he made sure to make each and every day count and love everyone and everything to the fullest extent possible, and then some more.

We devastatingly found out Raleigh had Hemangiosarcoma cancer of the kidneys, lungs, and liver. It is a horrible, untreatable cancer that simply progresses as it goes along, getting worse and worse.

Raleigh hadn't been feeling well the last week, and he kept telling us he wanted to go out strong. Wednesday night he let his Mom and Dad know.
We did what he would've wanted us to do and we honored our most special boy.

Raleigh was set free April 30th at 5:00 pm.

Caroline Lyons, Jordan Villareal, Melanie Lyons, Katy Lyons

Ralph, 02/06/09

Ralph was a little abandoned dog that we took into our home in 1995.
He was so happy to be in a home, with people who loved him.
He was never demanding, never an alpha dog.
Just a sweet dog who gave us a lot of love.
I can only hope that we gave him a good life and a lot of love in return.
He deserved it.

Debra Crosby

Ralphie, 07/10/94-06/19/06

I miss you Ralphie, every day,
How I wish you hadn't gone away.
Everyone tells me just give it time,
But it's been 2 years and it's still not fine.
They say that time will ease the pain,
But the hole in my heart will still remain.
When they said it was cancer, my heart just fell,
And I tried so hard to make you well.
I wasn't ready to let you go,
it all just happened so fast you know.
I knew it was selfish to make you stay
But I couldn't watch my buddy suffer that way!
So I laid next to you as you went to sleep,
My memories the only thing I can keep.
Now knowing you are no longer in pain
Is the only thing that keeps me sane.
I hope you can hear me when I talk to you
Because this is something I always do.
You're in every breath & step I take,
In my dreams at night & eah day I awake.
We will see each other again someday
I'll bring your Frisbee so we can play.
Please watch for me, I'll be looking for you,
My buddy and me, just we two!

Miss & love you so much Ralphie - you were an unexpected blessing.

love, Mommy (Lesa Schafer)

Rambo, 2002? - 09/14/2009

Our dear Rambo had been taken back at least once, and I think twice to the SPCA when we saw him. My husband saw him lying quietly in the back of his cage at the SPCA. He seemed despondent and withdrawn and was not very responsive to contact. He had even required an appetite stimulant at one home.

His name Rambo (from the SPCA) had come from his aggression when handled, as he was terrified if medicine or other handling when it was required. He was very withdrawn and did not purr for a long time as I recall.

He befriended our other dear kitty Morocco and they became fast friends. At the time we had to euthanize Morocco (at another location with me), my husband who was home with Rambo said that Rambo began a crying meow at the patio door.

Both kitties had constantly sought me out, so sensitive to the slighest change in my tone of voice at some of the more difficult times of my life. When Morocco died, Rambo took over the job of being "Family Comforter." He continued on with this constant loving approach to all, even though his new kitty companion Ondine was not affectionate towards him (though she was with us.) That part broke our hearts because he could not seem to understand why she did not want to be his friend and he kept trying for the longest time.

Rambo was so caring, loving and attentive that I always felt surrounded by a blanket of love with his presence. I am so heartbroken that he is not here. He would rusn to lie on me and he always longed for closeness to me and with us.

My only wish would be that I could have let him go sooner and at least spared him that last day in which he suffered so much. I am so sad about that and feel I let him down as I knew that he was not comfortable but wanted to think I was not sure if it "was time."

I was holding on to hope that the medicine would help and he would get better with his cancer treatments and have some quality of life time. I wanted so much to help and also did not want to be selfish-- it is forever hard to "get it right."

Somehow I don't want to hold this confusion, heart-ache and grief static. I long to let it merge in an open heart, and to finds its spot in a place of wholeness softly healing around the brokenness.

Rambo was a little angel-- one of God's children who I trust is tenderly cared for by him now and cuddling with his beloved Morocco and all of our other treasured pet spirits waiting there.

May his love live on in the way I treat others and in my openness to the beauty of what love means. May his spirit be part of what keeps me turning outward with hope and looking for the warmth in life. I want that to flow out from me even as the grief spills spins into the warm kaleidoscope of my life.

Rambo, 07/29/95-06/19/09


Diane Buttita

Rambo, 06/02/09

RAMBO My Truest,Best Friend and Companion.I LOVE YOU !

Frank Slider

Rambo, 11/16/94-03/17/09

Rambo is a special Corgi boy who captured the heart of everyone he met.
He is loved and missed by many.
We know he is happy now, able to run and play ball again, and is with his special Corgi girl, Iris.
We will never forget you and you will remain in our hearts forever.

Flori Bernal

Rambo, 01/04/02-02/12/09

To our little Pooper. we love you so much

Bud and Joy

Ramone, 06/16/95-07/18/09

Dear Ramone,

To my Ramone Claudius, a.k.a. "George", "Ramoni Spumoni" "Skeezix", "The King", "Caboose the Moose" and - when you got really skinny at the end of your life - we called you "Mister Bones". You always had a nickname but you were mostly "my Ramone". I always told you that you were the best kitty ever born. Thank you for the fourteen years of joy that you gave me. You were a little stray kitten that grew into a great strong cat. You were special because YOU were the one who chose ME. And you chose most of the things in your life that you loved - like climbing trees, chasing mice, sitting in the rain, and of course, eating! You were my baby and it is so hard to say goodbye to you. But I will see you again at the Rainbow Bridge, where you are inevitably climbing a tree as I write! I will always love you. My good baby. R.I.P. till we meet again.


Ramsey, 05/22/09

My Sweet, Loving. Smart. Beautiful Boy. I can't believe you are gone.
Taken from me, this world and your life so young.
My heart aches for you.
I want to hold you and love you.
I'm so happy you had a beautiful day and life with me. I know you were happy.
I know know... how much I loved you.
You were and are a special ...special creature.
I'm in shock with your loss.
I will miss you always.
Thank you for your sweet spirit.
It was an honor to care for you and share our Beautiful bond.
My heart is sad and aches.
Mommy misses you and loves you deeply.
I will take good care of Jasper.
He loves you and misses you.
You were a wonderful big brother.
I am very proud of you.
Take care my sweet Boy.
We will see you again at Rainbow Bridge.

Susie Q

Rana, 12/17/98-10/12/08

Rana was 10 years old when she died. We hoped that her cancer was operable. When we found out it was otherwise we made a decision to let her not wake up. She gave us the best years of her life. We could not allow her to live solely for our benefit in pain and misery. May God rest her soul and may we meet again.

Sheila and Bob Chaffecombe

Randy, 07/03/09

after many years of giving us love and joy, our Randy dog has gone onto the Rainbow Bridge to wait with his brother Corduroy until we all meet again.
We will miss him everyday as he was such a faithful and loving fried and companion to us.

Keri and Drew Broussard

Randy, 1993-06/18/09

He was an only child for a long time. He walked on aisle on our wedding. We took him to the European trip. We really loved him. I miss his butter-like scent on his head. I wish I can give him a hug just one more time.


Randy, 11/07/08

My family will miss our beloved Randy.
He was a funny, gentle and kind pet and he will stay forever in our hearts.

Criselda Alvarado

Randy, 03/17/94-02/18/09

Randy was a brave and loving friend. He was a special companion who took joy in life and who gave a lot of joy to our family and to other people he met on our trail walks.

Griffith King, Ellen King

Randy Travis, 08/31/90-10/2003

My sweet Randy Travis,

I miss you every day.
You were a very special doggie.
Now Katie has joined you at the bridge and I know you are playing together like you did when you were small.
I will see you both again someday but until then please watch over your family here on earth.

I will always love you,

Randy Travis Tritt, 04/15/96-04/2008

Randy was the first dog I ever owned in my life. He was my Buddy, Buddy. I loved him so much. There are no words to explain what he meant to me. He was always by my side no matter what room I was in. He was smart and knew all kinds of tricks. Randy never conplained. He was wonderful with children and loved everyone. He had a heart of gold. I miss him so much. It has been almost a year now since he went to Rainbow Bridge. I am looking forward to him running to meet me someday when I cross the bridge. The reunion will be heavenly.

Ranger, 07/15/95-07/13/09

Ranger was a member of our family, and a therapy dog for 11 years, touching many lives.
He will live on in our hearts daily.

Cid & Vern

Ranger, 03/18/06

Still in my mind & always in my heart.
I still think of you everyday, baby boy.


Ranger, 04/25/07-05/18/09

We loved him every second of every day.

Tricia Torr

Ranger, 05/11/09

Ranger was a very nice dog. We got him from the shelter when he was 1 1/2 years old. He was know 13. He never harmed anything. He very rarely barked. He got so excited when I would get my shoes on thinking that it was time for a walk. He would grab his toy knowing that we were going out. He never did play with them otherwise. I never thought that I would miss him as much as I do.


Ranger, 07/04/96-04/06/09

my once in a lifetime dog, my soulmate. You forever changed my life. We were meant to be. It was not I that rescued you. It was you that rescued me. thank you for sharing your life with me, loving me unconditionally. I learned much about life and love from you. such a sweet loving boy. you were so brave at the end, so weak and ill but you hung on because like me, you wanted one last day. rest now my sweet Aussie boy. I will see you at the bridge. I loved you like no other. You were and shall remain my "heart dog."

Love you Ranger,


Ranger, 07/01/95-03/22/09

Ranger was an amazing dog, he lived a full life.
I hope and pray he is now peaceful and playing with Ginger, Whisper and Angel.


Ranger, 02/28/98-02/13/09

...thank you for being our protector and friend. We love you....

Andy & Linda Capoccia

Ransom Lynn, 08/26/00-06/18/09

Ransom was my kitty companion from age 19 to almost 28.
She would follow me wherever I went, and as much as it used to irritate me, I would give anything to have her at my feet right now.
I took her to the vet this evening b/c she was losing weight and had small lumps on her.
The vet discovered numerous tumors that I had never seen.
There was no getting better in her future, so instead of bringing her back home with me like I had planned, we put her down and she is now without pain.
I miss you Bippy :(
I hope you're playing with Zach now at the Rainbow Bridge.

Reagan Rome

Rapala, 01/06/98-07/06/09

To a special friend who knew how to fish, had to retire from duck hunting prematurely, but knew how to pass out kisses freely to everyone.



Raoul, 03/21/09


I made the choice because I could not bear to see how it hurt you to walk, how you could not get comfortable even while you were laying down. It saddened me that my "big kitty" had lost so much weight.
Forgive me, and know that you were loved.

C. Dean

Rascal, 02/26/93-06/22/09

Rascal ("the Rad Dog")

Beloved and devoted family member, full of energy, full of love, full of Life;

You blessed our lives, Rascal ~ We love You, we miss You and we will never forget You, our Forever Friend.

We'll see You again ~ Rest in Peace and sleep well.

Lehman & Barb Holder

Rascal, 06/26/09

We love and miss you so very much Rascal. Thanks for all the love you gave us.


Rascal, 07/24/98-06/15/09

Dear Rascal,
We lost you way too soon -- you were an awesome pup -- it was instant love the first time we saw you at the Humane Society -- you were 6 years old and had been turned in by a family who didn't care about you -- you were lonely and had been an outside dog.
We loved you to pieces, and so miss you -- the Lord had a special place for you beside him, and took you to be with him today.
We did the best we could for you, but the tumors on your spine were beyond anything any doctor could do for you.
Know we will never stop missing you and loving you and will NEVER forget you -- no one will ever take your place.
Until we meet you again, run & romp pain-free -- Love, Mom & Dad

Rascal, 03/17/07-05/29/09

You will be greatly missed. I will always love you.

Nicole DeLuca

Rascal, 03/01/00-04/09/09

My darling Rascal Cat:

You were one in a million. You were the best friend I could ever ask for. Your love and playfulness and all of your little quirks, will never be forgotten.

I love you my angel. May God watch over and take the very best care of you. And stay out of the catnip!

Love, your mommy.

Rascal, 08/30/95-03/25/09

Thank you to my little girl.
I miss you.

Peg Belaska

Rascal, 03/18/99-11/14/08

To our special little guy, Rascal its only been just over 4 months since you have passed. It seems forever to your dad and I. Today is your 10th birthday, your brother Toby misses you terribly, and misses sharing his birthday with you.There is not a day that goes by, that We do not think of you and tell you how much We miss you and Love you. Happy Birthday our little Doodle - Do. Your in our hearts and souls.We know your healthy again and running free at Rainbow Bridge.

We Love You, Mommy and Daddy

Rascal, 11/01/08

Rascal always did live up to his name from the first day we met him. He was an abandoned kitty who adopted us. He was the type of cat who really lived up to the cat image...was always into everything, would actively ignore us when we came home from a trip and always made it known to us when the litter box needed cleaning or when the food or water dishes needed refills. I don't know how you disappeared Rascal, but even in the end you lived up to your name!

Vicki Corlett

Rascal, 05/16/96-02/20/09

You will always be my good girl.
We will forever love you.

Mom, Dad, JJ, and Kristie

Rascal, 10/03-02/18/09

A Million words could not bring you back I know because I've tried neither would a million tears I know because I've cried.
Rascal you came into my life unexpectedly and you wrapped me around your sweet little paw I'll never forget your devotion and unconditional love I know we'll be together again one sweet day

Kelly Taylor, Virgil Lyons, and Cole Lyons

Rascal Flatts Barrett, 10/13/07-07/15/09

Rascal, we all miss you so much.
Your brother, Mischief, is so sad, too.
Your huge grin made everyone light up and we know you are sharing that smile with the others at Rainbow Bridge! Thank you for making our lives brighter for the short time you were with us; you will forever be in our thoughts and hearts.
We love you Rascal!

Mike and Cathy Barrett and Family

Rasta Dawg, 02/10/08-01/02/09

Be free and run, no more leashes, no more fences, no more or mom and dad yelling 'No Rasta', 'Come Rasta', etc.
We miss you very much!
You are sorely missed...

Sharon Lacey

Rastus, 11/02/95-07/01/09

We miss you terribly, but are thankful that you are not suffering.
You gave us unconditional love, laughter and bugging for almost 14 years and we couldn't have asked for anything more from our Rassy Roo.

Brian and Valerie

Raven, 06/15/09

I will always miss and love you, my handsome sweet Baby Rave. You were the most perfect pet in the world.
I am trying to tell myself I was lucky to have you for 7 years, but in reality I am so upset and mad that we were robbed of more years together.
You know Mama loved you more than anything.
I can't wait for the day when we're playing "bum and belly" again.
The house is so empty without your presence and my heart is breaking without you.
I hope you are at peace and rest and out of the suffering.
Please don't worry about me, and Other Mama and Baby Miss.
Please be at peace wherever you are and know that you are loved as much now as you ever were.
We love you, Raven!

The best cat in the world:
Raven Wetherbee (4/25/02 - 6/15/09)

Cheryl Wetherbee

Raven, 02/04/09

Raven was a great dog. She witnessed many things including our wedding day and when we brought our children (Parker and Aidan) home from the hospital as newborns.
She was loved dearly and will be missed by all of us including Annie our other dog and our cats Pauline and Brian.

Chirs, Leslie, Parker, Aidan

Raven, 05/30/97-01/10/09

Raven, you were the love of my life, my special angel and you are missed more than words could ever express.
I will see you at the Rainbow Bridge. Love, your Mom.

Raven, 11/17/96-01/09/09

Raven was love on 4 legs.
I've been a single mom since my son was 3, we went through a lot.
This beautiful angel came into our lives when my son was 7.
She was always there to love us & make us laugh.
I feel so blessed that we had the years with her that we did.
Raven - we love you & know that when it's our time you'll be waiting for us.
Thank you for your unconditional love.
You brought us so much happiness.
We'll miss you.

Debbie and Brian

Ray, 05/21/09

He was a very special dog.
I miss him terribly.

J.A. Craig

Raymond, 10/26/93-07/18/04

My sweet, sweet Raymond,

You touched my life in a most extraordinary way.
You appeared when I needed you the most and your love and devotion knew no bounds.
I treasure you my little guy.
There is not time when my thoughts of you don't cause my tears to fall.
I love you Raymond.
I believe I will see you again and then the tears will fall in happiness.
I know you are in a safe place and that gives me comfort but all the same, I would rather have you sitting here beside me where you have always been.

Rosemary McDonald

Raymond akaThe Man of Rain, 10/01/02-02/24/09

Mom and Dad love you very much Raymond.
We now, know that you are not in pain anymore and running amongst the fields of Timothy Hay!!!!

Janine Johnson

Razia, 08/15/08-04/11/09

he was my heart and soul the love we share is beyond compair the lord called him home today my heart is broken and shattered, why lord did you take him from me


Razzy, 02/02/09

In memory of Razzy who never met another dog or person he didn't like.

Beth Peebles

Re Re, 02/28/09

Re Re since the day you were born I knew you were special. As you grew older and I became your protector because all your brothers and sisters picked on you I just got more and more atatched and could not sell you. Everyone that met you loved you. You were such a good boy and did not deserve to have such a short lived life. Everyone here misses you so much. All I do is cry since the accident. I am so sorry for what happened.

You were my little ADHD puppy and the kids loved it. I loved the way you would play with the new litter and try to teach them bad habits. The way you would hit me with your paw when I told you "no". I am going to miss it. Miss you loving the camera and sleeping next to me and your parents. I am going to miss everything about you. I could look forever and never be able to find such a good companion for this family the way you were.

We love you and miss you so much and we will eventually be together again. Till then there are all the great memories.

I love you Re Re!!!!!


Reason, 03/20/92-11/24/06

Always, Reason.
I love you, always.
You are with me, always. We are together, always.


Reba, 1998-04/07/09

After my 11 year old collie/lab was diagnosed with Pyometra - an infection of the uterus, she never recovered.

In nine short days, she had to be put to sleep after her liver failed. This disease is totally preventable by simply getting your female dog spayed. I never fixed Reba because all of my male dogs were neutered.

The death of Reba was avoidable and I will never forget her.

Tony LaPerna Jr

Reba Deber, 04/23/09

Beautiful, sweet, loving and loved. Reba was the center of our family.
A princess and daughter we were blessed to share time with.
A spirit we were and are honored to have known.
Reba, we miss you and always will.
We await the day to be reunited again.

Mariah E. Bennett

Rebecca, 06/12/94-01/10/09

Rebecca,I love you sweetie pie. Thank you for being my best friend for the last 15 years. Your love got me through losing Edgar and now we only have each other and your kitty sister Charlie. Your dad and I miss you so much already. There is something missing from our lives but not from our hearts. You are in our thoughts every day and tears do fall. There are tears of happiness when we think of your wagging tail every time we touched you, or looked into your eyes. There are more tears of sadness right now though, knowing you suffered at all. Sadness in missing your warmth beside us when we were relaxing on the sofa or went to bed. I miss holding your paw while i lay in bed reading. Rebecca we just miss everything about sharing our lives with yours. Without you we would have just led plain old human lives and missed out on having the special bond we shared with you. Time will ease our heartache, and we will smile when we think of you.We are glad we were there for you at the end and you didnt have to go to the light on your own. Please go now Rebecca go play with Edgar, he's perked up his ears girl! Tell him you are both going to wait for us to cross the bridge together. Love your mom and dad

Rebel, 10/19/07

We miss our rebbies,he Passed 2 months after dakota.He was such a good dog.Together they were the best of friends.Rebbies was the most loveable dog and he is missed by all of us.together with dakota, run free and happy over the rainbow bridge

Kevin and Joanne Serzan

Rebel, 13/02/09

The best dog in Ireland.

Jo Mangan

Rebel, 08/12/96-02/12/09

My Dear Sweet Rebel Boy - although you've only been gone a few hours I miss you terribly.
I ache with the loss and to think that I'll never be able to stroke your soft puppy dog ears or kiss your sweet nose.
Of course you are now in heaven with Mammaw and Penny - you are no longer in pain and you are able to run, jump, and do all the things your body hasn't allowed you to do the past year and a half.
Mommy loves you and I always will.

Rebel, 12/31/08

Rebel was my special friend I can't believe he's gone, life is so empty without him. I can't wait until we meet again.

Barry Higgott

Rebel Romad, 14 Feb 02 - 23 Mar 09

We will miss our sweet little boy with the heart of gold.
He was the most giving soul I've ever met.

Southern Rascal, Dixie Rose, Divina, Isabel, Isaac and Sam Moore

Rebo, 11/01/94-04/21/09

Our sweet, loving, complex, and noble companion left us last Tuesday morning...what a void he leaves behind in our hearts and our home.
The gift he left, in teaching his little sister Francie all the most important stuff, will be with us daily, as well as our knowledge that somewhere, he runs again.

Matt Curlee

Recon, 05/30/08-06/19/09

My heart is broken. You were my best friend...

Whitney Stinchfield

Red, 07/16/09

Rest in peace little buddy.


Red, 12/11/05

I rescued Red from the dog pound in 1991 and for 15years she has given me so much joy to have her as a loyal friend. Although she has gone for just over 3 years it still seems like yesterday that I had to take her to the vet to put her at peace. She had an infection in her throat and was to old to fight it off and the last 2 months of her life is the only time she was sick ever. I feel so lucky that I was there there to say goodbye and she died in my arms.
R.I.P my sweet red one.


Red aka Kenny, 05/09/09

Rest in peace my little friend, you were so very brave, you were surrounded by love when we had to say good-bye

Grace Knoof

Red, 05/15/96-02/27/09

You're my girl Red.
I miss you.

Shawn Demmin

Red, 03/13/93-08/06/07

Hey Buddy, We miss you everyday. Rosie finally gave in and joined you. We know she is happpy to be with you. You can cuddle aqain. Love you Bud.


Red Dog, 01/20/09

Red Dog was the gentlest creature ever.
He gave the best "puppy hugs" to me.
He is missed terribly.

Susan McCarthy

Red Fred, 1998 - 09/06/09

Freddie was a rescue. I found him at the local shelter after my 13 year old dog, Sidney, had to be put to sleep because of illness. I'd just dropped off Sidney's medication at our Vet's office hoping someone else could use them. I had an undeniable urge to turn onto the road to the animal shelter. I found that there was only one adoptable dog there that day, which was very unusual, a little red bundle of energy. He'd been picked up by the police after neighbors had called them telling that he was being abused by his owners. They called him Hook at the shelter because he'd come in with a fish hook stuck through his lip! But I knew the moment that I saw him that his name was Fred, Red Fred.
He and I bonded immediately. He wasn't very trusting of most people but the people he did like, he loved completely. He was so unique. I know everyone says that about their dogs but everyone did say it about Freddie. He had an amazing personality and many people told me that he acted more like a human than a dog. When we took in another rescue, Sadie, Fred treated her as if she were "his dog", lol. He loved music especially Django Reinhardt, the jazz guitarist. Whenever I'd put on a Django cd, Fred would run into the room and grab one of his mojos(soft cloth squeeky toys) and he would begin to "play" and I swear he usually played in time with the music. Or I could shout, "Play that funky music, Red Dog!" and he would start to play as I sang...badly but Fred never cared:).  
And besides being my best friend, he was also literally my hero. I'm certain that he saved my life one dark night when I found a car blocking my way on an isolated, lonely country road. The driver was blocking the free lane around his car and he asked me if I had jumper cables. I told him that I didn't and then he asked if I'd get out of my car, to help him look for his. That sounded so fishy and I told him that I lived just a short distance away and that I'd send back help for him if he'd let me pass. Still, he blocked my way and kept making up excuses to try and get me out of my locked car. I was wondering why Fred, who would usually be jumping and barking at any stranger approaching me, was sitting silently right behind me, I could feel his breath on my neck. Then the fellow suddenly reaches through the six open inches above my glass and Fred reacted. Fred leaped over the car seat, barking and snapping at the man's fingers. The man was so startled that he jerked his hand out and jumped back. When he did that, I hit the gas and sped around his "stalled" car. I did call for help when I reached my house and the police dispatcher called back later to tell me that the car and driver were gone when they got there a few minutes later. A few days later, there was a story on the evening news about three assaults, two that resulted in death, that had occurred in the area. One woman had managed to get away and the description of the man and his method of getting women to help him was exactly the same as the man we'd encountered that night. So, I truly believe that Fred, my little red hero, saved my life that night.  
Freddie was getting older and showing his age. I'd been afraid for the last year that something was wrong; he was slowing down and not taking interest in the things he use to love and he lost an alarming amount of weight. So perhaps the fact that he got out and was hit by a car on September sixth, was actually the most merciful parting for both of us. My husband told me that it looked as if death was instant and that he didn't suffer. It still hurts so much and I miss him continually. My husband picked him up and buried him for me. I know he buried him in the pasture field that Fred loved to run and play in but I'm not sure exactly where yet because I couldn't bear to watch. I think that might be the reason that I've still not full accepted that he's gone and I keep seeing him in all the old familiar places. When I'm in that field, I close my eyes and still see him running and playing full of life and joy. As a kind friend recently told me though, he still does live and always will in my heart.

Red Pepper, 12/29/08

Rest now Pepper we Love you.


Red Red Wine, 10/11/96-04/01/09

My best friend and soul mate. I miss you terribly Red.

Valerie Torres

RedBird, 02/05/95-04/37/09

We lost our beloved bird today. He was the most wonderful pet in the world. The house is so quiet now. No one to greet us hello or give us kisses goodnight. No one squaking to get our attention. He was loved more then he will ever know.

Karen and Nathaniel

Reddy, 1980s

Reddy Girl...Monkey Girl as Rob called were so pretty with your long soft orange-red fur and beautiful green eyes.
You were such a sweet girl...blinking your eyes and standing up to hug me when you knew I was sad or worried about something.
I know you are with Ruff, your sister, now and having so much fun at the Rainbow Bridge.
We miss you both so much.
Thank you for making us laugh and sharing some time here with us.
I will be looking for you both at the Rainbow Bridge.

Until we meet again, baby....


Redwood Chubs, July 4, 1998 - Aug 3, 2009

Redwoods is one of 4 mimi Dachshund's that we have it was the family mama,daddy,and 2 boys. Redwoods was such a loveing dog and we were so thankful that our Heavenly Father gave him to us and we were blessed with the 11 years that we had with him. Redwoods gave us love, kisses, and no matter how we were feeling he was always there to comfort us with his kisses. My heart aches, and I still look for him and still catch myself calling his name. I know we will see each other again one day, but I wish it didn't have to hurt so much while we wait. Redwoods was more than just our dog he was our baby, our spoiled baby who got so much love back in return that he gave all the family. He was such a beautiful dog with his red coat, he looked like both of his parents. Redwoods will always be in our hearts and will never be forgotton. We love you so much Redwood Chubs! Until we meet again sweetheart. Love Daddy, Mama, Alan, Joshua and pups.

Ree, 02/14/04-01/15/09

Too soon.Many people are sad.


Reebok, 12/21/08

You were the best little guy ever.
You will always be in my heart.


Reef, 07/16/09

I never thought this day would ever come or be real.
It always seemed to be sometime in the future.
And yet.
Just 3 days ago, my beloved yellow labrador started her journey to the rainbow bridge.
We have been through a lot together starting when she was placed in my arms to be trained and socialized by me, for the Guide Dogs for the Blind INC.
She decided the guide work was not what she wanted to do, so the center asked me if i wanted her back as a pet.
She has brought me so much laughter, comfort, and love.
But i knew with all the gifts she had given to me, unselfishly, I needed to give her this last final gift.
I made the desicion to help her cross over that bridge.
Even now i wish i could turn back time to bring back her youth.
I love her so much.
But I'll let her go.

Holly Ekstrom

Reekus, 02/15/08


We sent you on a journey,
to a land free of pain.

Not because we do not love you.
but because we love you too much
to force you to stay.

It's been 1 year since we had to let you go.
We still miss you soo much.
I think of you everyday.
There are so many things I wish I could change.
I hope you know how much I love you.
Nothing is the same...
Our house is so lonely without you.
I've enjoyed your visits.
I wish they were more often.
You are one of the best parts of my life.
I will carry you forever in my heart.
You will always be my little boy.
We both miss Daddy's boy!
I hope you are happy!
We are so lucky to have had you in our lives.
Thank you for sharing your life and love with us!
You have left huge paw prints on my heart.
Till we meet again....

Neva Essery

Reenee, 1994 - December 4, 2009

Reenee, short for Irina, was our baby, the sweetest cat. She had a beautiful gray fur coat, purple pads, and a little red tongue that loved to lap up yogurt. Reenee was a good friend to Millie and to all other kitties she'd known, and loved by all. She was there through so many changes in my husband's life, and every night at bedtime she made me a fur 'hat'. She loved to meditate with paws tucked under her, and I think she is doing that right now in a peaceful place. Goodbye, little Buddha princess. Give our love to Wolfy and Nigel and Marley. Danny and I miss you so much and will never forget you.

Reese, 05/13/95-05/26/09

I can only pray now that your pain and suffering is gone,but ours has just begun.We miss you so much girl,our days will never be the same without you gave us so much love,patients,kindness,& can I ever begin to thank you for the time I feel so priviledged to have had with you.It was 14 yrs and I can only hope you went knowing how much you meant to us.there is nothing in this world that will ever take your place. you were absolutely the best thing in my life and you will never be heart aches for you.every memory that I have of you
has been replayed in my mind a million times since you've gone.our best times in life was with made such an great impact on our lives and everyone that knew you.we love and miss you old girl .may you rest in peace now and when its my time I will be looking for you on the other side.bones,bear and spook all miss you too there buddy forever.

love Michelle & Richard

Reese, 06/25/96-03/05/09

I love you and will miss you always! You were a great companion!
Dolly will be with you!
I love you baby!

Kathy George

Reeses, 08/16/96-02/06/09

In memory of our dog Reeses who helped us through a very difficult time in our lives and added joy when we thought we would find none.
For our companion, friend and family member, we will miss you so much.

Pat ODonnell

Reg, 02/14/89-02/14/09

Reg came to us with his litter mate, Ira.
After going through a terrible divorce, I brought Ira and Reg home on Easter 1989 for my children.
They have made life so interesting and worthwhile. They were never a burden to us, and very healthy up until the end. At age 20, Reg had to be put down.
He was getting weaker and more frail.
He wasn't very social, but we loved him just the same.
Thank God for sending Reg to us.

Reginald Stuart Mitzenmacher

Reggie, 01/22/94-06/20/09

My beautiful baby boy ~ I'm lost without you. Thank you for blessing me with 15 and a half memorable years. You are and always will be my one and only best friend. I love you punkin. Until we are together again. Lots of kisses and belly rubs in Heaven. xoxox

Sherry Gemma

Reggie, 04/04/99-05/01/09

Reggie April 4 1999 - May 1 '09

Thank you for teaching me that 4 hours of planting shrubs can be undone in 5 minutes of puppy digging
Thank you for teaching my toddler that puppies/dogs are full of kisses and hugs no matter what the child had done.
Thank you for providing endless unconditional love to us; when it seemed like no one else cared, you always did.
Thank you for always having one of my shoes in your mouth waiting for us at the front door when we would return home...We will truly miss having to search for that second shoe......
Thank you for raising a wonderful toddler into a tween with your endless love and happy to see you wiggly butt dances
Thank you for teaching me that cat food in a closed cupboard doesn't mean the cupboard is dog proof
Thank you for teaching me that in one hour a dog CAN eat 15 lbs of cat food
Thank you for teaching me that 15 lbs of cat food ingested in one hour results in copious amounts of diarrhea all over the house.
Thank you for loving the cats and letting them play with your tail and rub your tummy and ears
Thank you for sharing your summer vacations with us; ensuring they were dog friendly holidays.
Thank you for ALWAYS rolling in the mud immediately after you had your bath. I will always remember the smile on your face while you rolled & rubbed yourself on the shrubs.
Thank you for asking to be lifted into the truck for your walk when your failing body was no longer able to
lift you.
Thank you for giving us the chance to prepare for your passing, we really needed it and appreciated it
Thank you for telling us it was time for you to go to the Rainbow Bridge...we could never have made that decision without your obvious behaviour telling us that it was time.........
Thank you for choosing us sweet Reggie..... until we meet again...we love you buddy 10 years really wasn't nearly long enough.

Marilyn Priest

Reggie, 12/21/99-04/28/09

To an awesome family member who gave us unconditional love with an attitude!
He is missed very much.
There will never be another dog who could hang with this family!
He truly was a family member who has left voids in our hearts.
We love you Reggie!

Wynne, Kris, Caroline, & Caitlyn Wolf

Reggie, 04/02/09

Reggie was such a sweetie-- Just adopted from the shelter last week, then suddenly got sick and passed on to his eternal reward quickly.

Poor little Reggie-- Know that we will be thinking of you with love and that you will always have a place in our family.

Pearl Fernando

Reggie, 06/26/95-03/26/09

Even though we weren't with you everyday our hearts hurt becuase you are gone.
We miss you old Boy.

Anja and Marina

Reggie, 12/01/00-01/18/09

Very loving, faithful companion.
Will always be in my heart.

Candy Kehl

Reggie, 12/28/08


We had our moments and we had a lot of fun.
I didn't realized how much we (especially me) would miss you.
I hope that you didn't suffer, and I know that you realized that I was calling to you.

I hope that I see you again.

I love you and miss you very much.

Michele Durocher

Reggie Wolf, 12/12/99-04/28/09

To my best friend, whom I miss VERY much!
I can't go a day without feeling the loss.
You meant the world to me!
I miss your soft ears and your knowing when I felt down. You were more then just a were my best friend!


Regina, 03/18/09

Regina was the kindest soul I ever knew. She was beautiful, friendly, kind, compassionate, loyal, and funny. She loved me and I loved her. We were best friends. We went everywhere together - everywhere. She had cancer for the last several months and she never whimpered or complained. She just wanted to stay here on this earth and be at my side, in our bed, or in our car. I never will know a truer friend. We had the best time together and the best 11 years. It never could have lasted long enough us. My grief is enormous and I will miss her everyday forever. Rest in peace my Regina. You are my best friend. I love you.

Robin Beatty

Regis, 11/12/95-03/14/08

My beautifull Regis, its been 1 1/2 yrs since you have been gone from my life...not a day goes by that i dont think of you and look for your presence inside the house.I hope your are healed and running all day long in a beautifull field like you used to love doing with me!
Till we meet again
Je t'aime mon gros Garcon

Regis, 01/07/09

I adopted Regis from my local Pug rescue group in April of 2005. He was eight years old at the time but a puppy at heart! We spent almost four wonderful years together before he crossed the Bridge.

Thank you for being a part of my life, Regis, and for bringing so much love and happiness into it. I will always love, miss, and remember you.

Jen W

Reilly, 05/05/09

My beautiful boy. I tried all your life to be sure you were loved and looked after. To see you the way you were when you were dying will tear at my heart for the rest of my life. You were the most loving, tolerant and affectionate boy.

All of your sweet ways will stay with me forever. I am so sorry for the pain you suffered when you passed. I love you more than words can say. I miss you so much, my heart feels like it will burst with grief.

I love you Rei'...always.

Deb Sharpe

Reilly, 05/21/91-08/18/06

Was the joy of my life!!!

Robin Miller

Reina, 02/13/93-12/06/07

My Reina. You were a queen through and through.
A golden girl in every respect.
You were passed from home to home (5 homes in 2.5 years)until you came to me.
We shared 13 years together.
I miss your beautiful soulfull eyes and soft golden fur. Till we meet again....

Therese Llanes

Reina aka Pichi, 02/06/09

I'll keep you in my heart forever,I can't wait to meet you again over the Rainbow.My little Vizsla, Reinita you brought us hapiness and love for 10 years and we gave you the best life we could give you. I kissed you and loved you everyday, I miss running w you and chase you around the house, not seing you behind the front door when I come back..I pray for you to be happy and free of pain.
Love.your Mami.

Reina, 01/15/09

My girl was the bestest puppy in the whole world!! Her love knew no bounds and she greeted every visitor with dish in mouth, always optimistic that a treat was not far behind! When 3 week old kitten Lola entered her life, she let her nurse and mothered her as if she was her own!
I will miss her from the depths of my heart!!
Good-bye, Reina-deer!

Doreen Cannon

Relay Howard, 07/95-02/16/09

Relay was a one in a million, a true hound dog and one that never passed a garbage can he didn't like!
He was well loved and lived a full life and brought a million bucks of happy and funny memories to our family!
Our hearts are heavy this morning seeing his food bowl with no Relay to feed!
I know he is in heaven because all dogs go to heaven and I can honestly say God got a good one yesterday!
RIP Relay and we love you so much!

Susan Logan Howard

Rembrandt Dukes-Cutsail, 06/04/95-05/12/09

Dearest Rembrandt,

Not a day goes by when we don't miss you. Your spirit, your smile, your wagging tail, your welcoming bark, your easy going, happy nature and your comforting soul that made every day we had with you such a pleasure and so precious. Monet was always your boss, but you were always your own man. Remember when we first met Kevin & you peed in his shoe to let him know who the man of the house was, but then, of course, he soon became your best friend? We will always remember how you loved to play in the water & would float on the raft in the pool, how sweet & soft you were, how much you loved your family, & how everyone said you acted like a puppy even though you were thirteen years old. You can and never will be replaced; we can only offer the love we have for you to another soul here on earth that needs us. If we could have you back to spend the rest of our lives together, we would never be without you. I hope you are now with your beloved sister Monet, your Dad Remy, your Mom Prissy, & your best friend Sugar, playing, kissing, snuggling and feeling fine. Spice is missing you, but I know all of you will welcome him with loving licks one day. I hope while you were with us, you knew you were treasured and loved and that we will never forget you. I hope even now you know you are loved and missed and forever remembered. We were blessed to have you in our lives for almost 14 years and we are blessed to have our cherished memories of you for the rest of our lives.

Love Always,

Your family, Kevin, Kristina & Karyssa

Reme, 02/07/09

Chopper, Baz and Sonic are waiting for you Rem Rem, behave now and no telling them off, Baz will be strong again and won't stand for it.

Heartbroken, Reme Angel.

We love and miss you all dearly, come back and see us sometime, it will be a while until we see you again.
Wait for us always xxx xxx xxx xxx

Janet & Suzanne

Remington, 1997-02/25/09

Everyday you provided me with kisses and a warm welcome.
I will miss my best friend but will see you at Rainbow Bridge.

Dennis Sliva

Remington Edelman, 03/14/95-06/22/09

Remi was adopted at the Denver Dumb Friends League. She was about 6 years old when she came to live with my girls and son, Ashleigh, Brandon and Chris and my ex husband Chris.
She brought us so much love and joy. She loved to go hiking, so loved to sneak out of the yard with their other dogs and run to the water treatment lake by out house for a quick swim. Although she got caught, I think that maybe she got away with this more than we knew.
Remi had cancer. At the point it was discovered it was too late for treatment.
It is with great sadness Remi was put to sleep on Monday. Although I am their Mom and Chris's ex-wife, I want them to know she also brought me much love and happiness when I came to visit. I will miss her. Thank you for giving her a happy, loving life.

Tamera Edelman

Remmington, 07/02/09

I love you Remmington.
So does daddy.
We will never forget you.
We think of you every single day.
You made our house a home, and now it is very empty.

Remus, 11/91-05/31/08

Not a single day goes by that I don't think of my little baby and thank God for bringing him into my life for so many years.
Never have a met a soul so unconditionally loving, forgiving, affectionate, and sweet.
I cry daily for his loss, and excitedly await seeing him again.
I send my many hugs and kisses and fur brushings and scratches under the chin and side of your face and on your butt where you loved it most!
Love my Remer-head<3

Christina Burkot

Remy, 12/27/97-04/27/09

it's so quiet without you,
people startle me now because you're no longer here to announce them.

it's so lonely here without you, your eyes followed me where ever I went.

it's so different without you, I have so missed rubbing your beautiful coat, giving you kisses & getting yours, walking with you through the forest or on the beach, playing with you and your toys, teaching you new tricks, assuring strangers that yes, I know my dog is beautiful and no I didn't want to sell him to them, driving up to the barn to play with the horses.

it's so quiet and lonely without you.
I keep turning to look for you before remembering you've gone.

you were in too much pain.
the bone cancer came out of no where and chewed you up within two months.
there was no other choice: either you suffer for another month or I help you leave all that pain behind.

it broke my heart because to the last you were all about me and showing me how much you loved me.
I almost stop the procedure twice but I couldn't bear watching you in so much pain and none of the drugs made any difference anymore.

so I held you head in my lap and cried into your ear and told you how much I loved you and thanked you for the best eleven years of my life.

and then you were gone.

I miss you so much.
every day I wake up I feel so sad and lonely.
though I know for you the pain has ended, it has for me just begun.

you were the best friend I ever had.
you were always happy to see me; always thought my writing was brilliant; always believed in me; always nudged me to get up and go out when I was feeling blue; always always, always made the bad better and the good great.

I got to have these past eleven years because I got to live them in your presence. I made more friends because of you.
I met my last boyfriend because of you
I sold my first photo--it was of you--and my first story--it was about finding you.

I miss you so much I think my heart will explode.


Remy, 11/01/99-04/15/09

A dear gentle mama girl that taught us about unconditional love and the gift of kind friendship that lifted the burdens of days and filled our home with endearing moments we'll treasure in our hearts. We all became a happier family during these years welcomed by joyful woofs and loved by tender nuzzles.
She deserves to rest now in the tall cool grass with no more pain and play again by jumping on trampolines and chasing the water hose.
A grateful family continues to share the message of tender compassion toward all dogs learned from a decade long journey with our Remy girl.

Marlene & Jeff Richter

Remy Jewel Weber, 05/27/99-02/17/09

I will love you, miss you and honor you forever my sweet angel.
My heart is filled with wonderful memories and I cannot wait for the day that i can once again hold you in my arms and kiss you and tell you I love you.

Mommy and Auntie love and miss you my daughter.

Reni Renee Anderson-Erramouspe, 03/18/09

Reni, you will always be with us.
We love you and we will see you in heaven!

Shauna Erramouspe

Rent, 12/20/04-07/05/09

RENT, It is difficult for me to write this letter due to my extreme love for you and the happiness that you provided us as a family. However, based on the information that I have read in regard to the grieving process, I need to write this letter for not only you, but for me. Here goes. When Kelly informed us about your situation in Dallas, it was heartbreaking to us all. My idea when I hear that type information is try to not go there. Keep those negative thoughts out of my head. Basically, apply the principle out of sight out of mind. However, Kelly, being the caring person that she is, would not do so. She monitored your situation closely until your previous owner was willing to give you up. Kelly’s desire was for Mom and I to provide the happy home that you were deprived. However, being the hardhead that I am sometimes, I said no that we cannot handle three pups. It would be too much on us and disrupt our little family unit. Therefore, I sought a nice home for you. I can be honest with you that I did not especially think that the people in Henderson were the right choice because they did not have the love for pups and, in particular Yorkies, as Mom and I. However, I reluctantly agreed based on knowing that they did not have a backyard and possibly you being crated during the day. They were hurting as a family from their losses and I could not bring myself to intervene without giving them the opportunity to incur Yorkie love as Mom and I knew it. I did inform him that if the situation changed that we wanted you back. I made a pledge to Mom then if it did not work out that I would not put you through another move. Well, it was only a few weeks when Mom was notified that we could have you back. Mom cried saying that there was no way she could part with you again and I agreed. We knew at the time of your heartworm illness. We arranged for your treatment. Throughout our vacation to Chicago, we checked on your progress many times. It turned out that you came through it successfully and with flying colors. We brought you home and that is when the enjoyment, happiness and love skyrocketed. The first few nights as you wedged yourself between Mom and Dad’s shoulders, you coughed as you sloughed off the dying heartworms. Like any loving Dad, I was concerned, but the doctors indicated that it was normal and that you would be okay. Well, they were right. You rebounded and then the excitement came. For the next two years, we played together, traveled together, slept and napped together and, yes shared treats together. You energized us as a family like no other. You were up, down and all around. However, when you did rest, you would lay your soft head on my chest as you rested for the next play session. As you ate your treat, you would lay across my lap and the arm of the chair. As I mowed the yard, you laid in the window sill. When I came home from work, you were so excited that you ran to me and then immediately off you went to get your rubber chew bone. As I went to the bathroom or was on the computer, you were there wanting a head rub or lay beside me. When I walked by the pantry, you waited anxiously for your treat. Before we went to bed at night, you would lay beside Mom staring at me. You would bring me your toy to throw and we would play fetch. When we went to bed at night, I would carefully place you on my pillow until I was ready to go to sleep. I would then softly slide you off the pillow between Mom and Dad. As you slept next to me, it was comforting in a way that I cannot describe. When we traveled you sat on my lap and slept with me. You agitated Scout and Sawyer to play in a way that they enjoyed it. At times, Scout seemed annoyed, but in reality he loved it. Sawyer loved to boss you, but he also loved to caress your face with his hands. Each day, before I went to work, I gave you all three a treat of dog food. You knew the routine. I would go to the pantry and tell you to get on the bed. You all would jump excitedly on the bed await the few pebbles of food. You also would on occasion give me that special kiss telling me how happy and appreciative you were of us and your life. Mom and I did our absolute best to provide a safe and happy home for you three boys. Gates were always checked. We exited through the utility room to provide double door protection. We would let the garage door down when we placed you in the car. You always had your leash on when we got you out of the car or we held you tightly. You all were taken to the vet at any hint of a problem and annual checkups. We were guilty of providing less than nutritional snacks just because of your love for them. The occasional potato chip, cheeto, etc. were not that good for you, but I viewed it that it was enjoyable to you and posed no serious health risk due to the infrequency and amount given. In other words, we loved you all dearly and tried our best to protect you. The Saturday that you got sick was a terrifying moment for Mom and I. We acted swiftly and took you to an emergency clinic. With two doctors involved in the diagnoses, we went with their recommendation for treatment. I was less than confident and apprehensive, but we really did not have a choice. We were told your situation was life threatening. If I had other options, I would have pursued them. Once I became aware of your worsening condition on Sunday, I acted feverishly to locate Dr Owens. I felt relieved after talking to Bart. Little did I know that I would receive the absolute worse phone call in my life at 10:55 AM on July 5th. Well, you know the outcome. God took you from us for his selfish reason. He knew that you were special and he needed your special needs in heaven. You have received your reward and are now enjoying your life more than what Mom and I provided. You also opened the door for another rescue to come into our family. Just like always, you were looking out for others. RENT, as I conclude this letter, I want you to know that “WE LOVED YOU MORE THAN YOU CAN COMPREHEND, WE MISS YOU LIKE NO OTHER AND WE CHERISH THE LOVE THAT YOU SHOWERED US. THE TIME WILL COME WHEN I WILL MEET YOU AT THE RAINBOW BRIDGE, CROSS THE BRIDGE AND WE WILL SPEND ETERNITY TOGETHER. AS DIFFICULT AS IT IS, IT IS TIME FOR ME TO LET YOU GO, BUT YOU WILL ALWAYS REMAIN IN MY THOUGHTS AND PRAYERS AND NEVER FORGOTTEN. I WILL MISS YOUR SWEET FACE, FLOPPY EARS, CUTTING EYES, LOPING WALK, WARMTH OF YOUR BODY AGAINST MINE, AND YOUR SOFT HEAD TO MY TOUCH. ALSO, REMEMBER ONE THING AND THAT IS YOU WERE AND ALWAYS WILL BE MY SON. RENT, RENT, RENT, LOVE YOU ALWAYS, MOM AND DAD

Rescue, 07/04/96-02/20/09

Just a month after you left me and yet I still hear you.
I listen for your bark and mourn each day when I walk in the house and you are not there to greet me.

I am so glad to have had you in my life and I am happy that you are no longer suffering and confused.
I am only sorry that I could not ease that suffering sooner, that I did not see what you would not show.
I love you Rescue.
I miss you so much.

Pam Cooper

Reuben aka Woobin, 04/27/09

Woobin is a special cat that I had the honor of being his auntie. He was very sick the last 6 months of his life with renal failure. I took care of him for 3 of those months and then Mom took over.
Woobin was very social and loved everyone. He could cuddle with you for hours on end and loved to sit on your lap while at the computer. He taught us how to love unconditionally and to keep loving no matter what.
I know that he was met at the bridge by my Shika who passed on 4/10/04. I love you Woobin and I hope you are playing with Shika happy and free.

Tara Spitzzeri

Revel, 03/23/95-10/12/04

Revel, who adopted me and showed me how easy it is to have fun!
Beloved softness, sweet nearness,
Loving, responsive, intrepid adventurer,
My very dear Revel.
Oh, sweet kitten! My ever-near glow of sunshine!
My "Glad to see you! Isn't life grand?" little puff of affection.
I still miss you so.
Sweet Potato, Pumpkin Pie, SuperStuffFluffPuff.
Life is good, we have cats aplenty, but I do still miss you so, my once-in-a-lifetime, sunny, loving companion.

Catherine Dickerson

Rex, 06/22/09

The most wonderful best friend I have ever had. He made coming home a joy no matter how troubling life became.

Chuck Boutwell

Rex, 04/27/99-04/23/09

Rex was my hero and my shadow for 10 years.
He protected my family and I, kept me company, consoled me, listened to me. played with me, ate with me, ate with my family, ate with anyone!

I miss him shadowing my every step.
I miss him licking the empty paper plate.
I miss him grabbing the washcloth off the counter and washing his face.
I miss him smelling my breath after I'd eaten out to see what I'd had.
I miss him going bye-bye with me.
Now he's gone bye-bye without me.

God, please treat Rex special because he treated me special.
R.I.P. Rex.
Love you!!!

Linda Linton

Rex, 01/26/09

Our beloved dog Rex died peacefully in the arms of his caregiver.
We miss him dearly and will always have a warm spot in our hearts for him.
He was the best dog ever and we believe he is now pain free, can hear again and is chasing butterflies along with our other dog Paco.

We miss you Rex.

Pat and Connie

Rex, 01/01/95-01/02/09

To my Sexy Rexy, you were with me for a short 3 years, but I love you as if you were mine from the beginning.
Thank you for your unconditional love and laughter you brought to my life.
I will always love you and miss you desperately.
Be free with love, Teri

Rex Loving, 08/31/07-01/30/09

Rex has left paws prints on our hearts.
From the moment we saw him we knew he was family.
He will be forever loved.


Rex Randolph Meikis, 04/19/07-04/24/09

Rex was a beautiful gift and a bundle of joy, a son to us. We just celebrated his second birthday last week. Somehow he and is his brother Zak got out and Rex, our love of our life, was hit by a car and killed, his first time ever away from the safety of his family. Rex we love you and do believe the day will come when we get to hold you in our arms and kiss your pumpkin face. Even though our grief is fresh and the pain so deep and life seems so loss without you near our sides, we know it was devastating to know that you died that way, so young, so full of life, so beautiful and joyful to have in our lives.
Please Rex, be going to dogging heaven, and please let there be a time for us to see Rex again, and keep him with us forever.

Christina and Christian Meikis

Rex the Wonderdog, 04/03/09

Rex was a truly kind a gentle soul, and I was so blessed that he came to share his life with me. He was a therapy dog, unofficially for many years. When he was 12 he became an official therapy dog, working with children with learning challenges. He helped so many little guys, and I could tell in his jaunty walk to the school that he had an important job to do.

Rex loved to hike, and run in the mountains. Deserts were pretty fun also, except for the stickers. I will always miss my very special boy, who shared his life with me.

Nancy Brunswick

Rexi, 06/03/09

rexi.... you gave many years of love and happness to us all, you was the best dog ever and helped me though so many bad times.luna has now passed over with you so i hope you both rest piecefully and have lots of fun in yoru new place together.
you will always be in our hearts and love you forever more.
rip my rexi boy!!

Emma Webber & Family

Rhapsody, 06/19/09

Rhapsody was the best horse i could wish for. i loved her more than anything in the world. she would knicker to me when i go outside to feed her and and chase me around when i had a treat and was the peacemaker between the other horses but it is difficult because i dont here that knicker anymore ot that soft trot and the horses are at war again i love you so much Rhapsody and i will see you someday I Love You VERY!!!!!! much and i am sorry it had to end like this.
Dad, Mom, Gavin, Andy, Maegan and all of the other horses. Love ya!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Rhapsody (Rhaps), 02/13/09


We love you so much and will be with you forever. Frisbee!!

Chris and Dawn

Rhenna, 03/06/09

Rhenna was the best black pug ever. She made herself known by snorting or blowing snot on pretty much everything. This was her way of telling you she loved you. She was a giant goober who would love you whatever the circumstances. She had a strong affinity for pizza crust, and chicken nuggets from McDonalds. Rhenna would spend her time begging for "pets"ť, of course while snorting and wanting affection."Cute"ť was her middle name... She made any person feel loved and any person would've totally loved her, and if not her butt-spins would've reversed that. You just had to get past her putting her butt on your pillows and the snot that would end up wherever she decided she needed to put it. For such a small pug she managed to leave hair, "Rhenna hair"ť, in the strangest of places, these places being everywhere. She wanted to be with you wherever you were at. She wasn't just "a pug"ť she was "the pug."ť Everybody loved Rhenna, and Rhenna loved everybody.

Tracy & Hunter

Rhett, 03/17/93-06/18/09

I never thought truly about guardian angels but as God as my witness I was assigned one for 16 years. We had a pact he would not leave me until I found someone to love and that is exactely what happened
There will never never be another rhett
I wait for my grief to move to gratitude
I miss my rhetty pooh and the world is not the same he was beyond special beyond cute beyond smart he was everything to me

Erika Somerfeld

Rhodo, 10/11/99-05/25/08

My precious baby, I miss you so much! You brought me such joy! When I'd come home, you'd be right there at the door to greet me, doing your happy circles and wagging your tail, so eager for me to pick you up and hold you. It's lonely and silent now and I feel so sad. I love you dearly and hope that you're with your brothers, Spodumene and Indium. The three of you are still here with me in my heart. We'll always be a family. Much love and lots of hugs to you all!

Kathryn Lees

Richard, 21/09/08

My little boy, now reunited with Barnaby.

I miss you so much


Richie, 07/29/97-03/22/09

My sweet and gentle Richie (Chi Chi),
We got you when you were just two weeks old almost twelve years ago.
You were cuttest puppy and the sweetest, kindest and most gentle dog we've ever had. You gotten to be quite a big dog, a gentle giant who wouldn't even harm an ant.

You grew up with my two sons and gave us so much joy and love in the 11 yrs and 8 months that we've shared together.
You were such a sweet and beautiful dog with so much love to give to everyone.

You always have the spirt of a puppy and jumped at the words "Let's go!" whenever it was time for your walk no matter how old you were. Your big smile and bright eyes made you always a puppy to us.

You had your favorite walk and treat before your heart gave up on you. It came too sudden as you seemed so healthy on the walk.
We rushed you to the vet and even he couldn't save you. I am thankful though that you suffered no pain and we were all with you when you went.
It was just too hard to see the life fading away from your dark bright eyes.

I still can't believe you are gone.
It's only been two days without you Richy but it seems like forever.
Mimi the cat and Mochi the Maltise know that you are not here anymore as they try to find you to lay next to.
They miss their big brother.

I know that you are now at Rainbow Bridge happily playing with other dogs and cat. I know you don't want us to be sad nor cry as you always lick and comfort us when you saw us upset. Wait for us patiently as you always do before our walks and we will be together again one day.
Chi Chi, I just want to tell you that we miss you so much, we love you and you are always be in our hearts.

Mom and family

Ricky, 06/15/92-03/01/09 were the last one of the four kit-tens to leave us.
Such a handsome cat you were!
So shiny black and soft....and always so busy carrying your mousies and toys to your Mom.
You especially loved "Big Blue", the mouse.
When you were so sick a couple of years ago, and in the hospital, your Mom would go visit you every day and then call me with updates...she was so worried about you.
Sometimes we would laugh at stories she told about you and sometimes we would cry.
I think it was then that she began to ready herself for "the day".
And a whole year went by, you got a little more gray fur during that time, but you did so well.
Then Father Time caught up with you and you just got tired I'm sure.
And I know there were lots of happy nuzzles and purrs when you crossed the Bridge and met up with My Boy, Turtle, and Olivia.
We all miss you but we know you are in a safe place and happy to be the four kit-tens again.
I'll bet you have lots of Big Blues there to play with too!

Patty Doxtater

Rico, 8/28/2009

We adopted Rico in April of 2001 at around the age of 6. 8 years later (8/2009), Rico sleeps. He has brought nothing but joy to us, our friends and family and our hearts are broken this sad day. Bye Sweet Mr.'ll live on in our memories forever.

Rico Valentino, 11/20/93-09/10/08

Rico, you were the love of our lives for 16 yrs.
You were just a little fluff ball when we first saw you. You developed into one of the most beautiful Pomeranian we ever saw. You were the most loving, gentle and intelligent little guy.
Our lives will never be the same without you. You left our world just FOUR short months ago today and the pain and loss has been devastating. Your pictures are everywhere. When we put your puppy video on tv, your cousin Marlowe gets very excited running up to the tv and barking with you.
He can't seem to understand why you're not coming off that video screen and playing with him. He and Mickey miss you. Please rest in peace knowing you will never be forgotten. Your spirit will always be alive in our hearts and home.
Can't wait to hold you in our arms again.
Love you baby.
Mom & Dad

Riddle, 01/29/02-05/21/09

To the little girl with the big heart that could run like the wind.
We will miss you, we love you.
Say hi to Ricci for us.

Laura and Calvin Lindsey

Ridgid, 12/08/08

I sometimes wonder why things happen and for what reason we have to witness them... On Dec. 9th I lost my best friend. We had let him outside to go to the bathroom and when he didnt come back, I got in my car to look for him and thats when it all happened. I saw him acrosss the road and called him, but a car was coming and she just didnt see him, and right before my own eyes, he was gone. I will never forget that image for as long as I live and I will never forget you Ridgid! They say things happen for a reason, but there is no reason for this. We only had him 3 months, but within that 3 months, he became our best friend. He followed me everywhere, even to the bathroom. He loved to sleep on the bed and cuddle with you any chance he got. I wish I could change what happened and get this horrible image out of my head, but i can't. So for now I will try to move on and slowly heal, and as for you Ridgid, I hope your running across the beach and playing in the sand and eating all the bread in the world you could want. The last thing Wes said to him when he was letting him out was, "Go potty, and you come right back..."

I will never forget you my sweet boy...


Riffkin, 01/05/95-04/14/09

Riffkin was the best dog a girl could have.
She was my constant during rough times. She traveled the country with me, to Alaska, Tennessee, Minnesota and Wisconsin.
She loved nothing more than to chase her tennis ball.
She sang along to the National Anthem.
She greeted us every time we walked through the door, with such happiness to see us.
She never realized that she was only 20 pounds, and nothing ever scared her.
She was not only my dog, but my protector, and also my best friend. My heart is broken without her.
She will be missed so much by everyone who knew her.
A piece of my heart is with her forever.

Tricia Cantley & Aaron Valdovinos

Rigel, 07/09/04-10/30/08

My boy was a gift, my first dog. How blessed I was to know him, my heart is broken. Thank you for this ritual. It really does help.

Susana Arroway

Riggs, 04/98-03/14/09

My bestfriend how I miss you. The house or anything is not the same without you here. Im so sorry
you were as sick as you were, If I could have ,I would have done anything in the world to save you.
You will always be in my heart and thoughts, until we meet again hansome guy.
With Love your Mom,Dad,and sister.

Rikki, 06/19/96-05/29/09

Rikki, my baby boy, I love you so.
What can I say about the love we have shared.
From the first day I touched you, my heart sang with joy.
I love you so my baby boy.
We had such great times together, and we will again, soon.
You take care of Kelsey, she needs you so badly.
Go find Annie, Sam and Pepsi, and they'll take care of both of you.
Stay close, and watch for me when I come over the hill.
What a wonderful reunion it will be.
All of us together again.
I love you so dearly
my Rikki.
I can still feel your precious kisses, how can I make it without you.
Stay with your sisters, they'll watch over you.
My darling baby boy....I love you.
Mom and Dad....

Rikki Tikki Tavi, 11/2007-04/14/09

Little Rikki was such a joy and in her short life with me she lived a fun life full of love; she will always be my dearest baby. I hoped for many years with her but it wasn't to be. I always worried about her tiny size, the vet said she was fine, but she wasn't and her body stopped making red blood cells. She is survived by her partner Eddie and her pal Kitt Carson, both miss her.

Denise and Jim Walker

Rikko, 02/23/09

Rikko, you will always be our pretty puppy dog.
We love you and miss you.
Be safe and happy now.
You were the BEST dog to us and we will never forget you.

Cody, Corey and Laura

Riley, 03/12/2003-07/31/2009

Oh my sweet baby boy dog. I am heartbroken over losing you.
Thank you for always trying to be so good.
I will miss you.

Your Dog Mom

Riley, 05/10/03-07/03/09

Forever missed and always in my heart, RIP Riley

Rachel Pruner

Riley, 08/16/97-07/06/09

Lil' Riles...I love you.
Enjoy your time with Gypsy and Tyler and I'll see you at the Rainbow Bridge.

Chelsea Herman

Riley, 04/15/97-07/09/09

It is so hard to say goodbye to my canine soulmate and one of my best friends ever. Oh my "Little Handsome" boy, my "Bear" Riley. You will stay in my heart forever as a wise old soul. I don't know what I would have done without you in my life and I can't begin to thank you enough. God truly blessed my life when I found you little one. You were first in my heart, from your beautiful red & black coat to your beautiful candletip tail - never a cross day, always so wise and loving yet always watching and protecting me. I loved every moment of being your Mom and I am so proud of you. George loves you too. You and Blaze will always be together now in Heaven as you take that journey on. And one day my beloved I will hold you again, till then I know we will always be in each others hearts.
Thank you for so much you taught me. I love you so much and will miss everything about you my love. It's the end of so much of my past but you will be my future, someday. Be the good boy you always were & take care of Blaze. George will take care of me for you. You are my heart. Go with God.


Riley, 11/22/03-06/26/09

Riley, Riley Roo, Rye Bread, Rules, Puppy Roo School Doggy and my best friend:

Do you remember the first day I brought you home?
It was a Sunday, and I knew that I had to bring a puppy home that day.
I looked in the paper, and I found a breeder in Blackstone, Virginia.
When I called, they told me there was only one dark male left, and you were promised to someone else.
There were other dogs, but I knew you were meant for me.
I called back two hours later, and the people who came to get you chose another golden.
I rushed to come and get you from Midlothian, Virginia (an hour away).
I picked you up, and I knew you were meant to be mine.
Do you remember how wild you were?
When we moved to Roanoke, do you remember how many people said we looked alike?
Oh, Riley, my baby boy, I love you so much.
You helped me through so much pain; when I cried for two hours straight, you laid your body on top of mine, and sighed and licked the tears away from me.
I am sad that your life was so short, but I know you enjoyed the days spent with your "grandpa" when we moved back to the Buffalo area.
He loved you too, Riley, and he misses you with his whole heart.
IMHA (Immune mediated hemolytic anemia), took you in less than a week, but it took less than a second for me to fall in love with you forever.

Do you know how much I love you, Riley?
My heart continues to ache; Chance is helping me through this, but I miss you more than you can imagine.
I can't wait to see your smiling face again.

Mama Roo

Riley, 08/09/95-06/24/09

My Riley was a very special boy.
He kept me good company and he was always by my side.
He got me through many difficult times and his loss is devastating to me.
I will miss his happy little face and him greeting me at the door.

Donna Farren

Riley, 05/01/95-03/28/09

Riley, Ry-Ry, Ry-Guy, Riley My Boy:
You had so many nicknames, and you were enthusiastic about them all.
You came to me as such a scared little man and became the friendliest, sweetest friend I could have ever asked for.
You have the soul of a saint and a heart full of love.
You were by my side through thick and thin for 12 years.
You celebrated my accomplishments with me and sat with me whenever I cried.
My mind is filled with memories of our time together; you never failed to greet me with your tail wagging.
I miss seeing your tail bouncing up and down, side to side, and my favorite...when it would go around in circles.
Everything in life made you happy, even fresh water in your dish...I have learned a lot from you, my friend.
There will never be another one like you.
You stole my heart and I miss you everyday.
I hope you realize I did my best to give you "The Life of Riley", if I ever failed you...I apologize.
You were my life and my number 1 priority even if I failed to show it.
There is nothing in this world I wouldn't have done for you.
At the end, I knew I had to let you go.
I will never forget the final look you gave me when you heard my voice.
I love you Riley and I look forward to the day when we will meet again.

Riley, 11/11/95-06/01/09

Riley was my first cat. He was 2 months old.
He turned out to be the best cat I could have hoped for. I have so many wonderful memories of him and his funny antics. He was truly a special cat.

Unfortunately Riley was diagnosed with lymphoma 2 years ago. He handled the treatment quite well and rarely complained. He was such a trooper. Finally the disease was too much to handle and he let me know that he was tired of fighting it.

Riley....THANK YOU for providing me with over 13 years of unconditional love. You will always live in my heart - I will never forget you. You mean the world to me. Thank you for all the wonderful memories. GOODBYE my sweet boy - I LOVE YOU!

Donna Wheeler

Riley, 07/05/01-05/23/09

You stole our hearts at first sight. Now our hearts are broken without you. You were always such a good bunny. Forever our "Wylwe".Now you are safe in heaven with Mika,Ginger and Hope living the life of Riley forever.Till we see you again little buddy,we love you so.

Tricia & Brian Wagner

Riley, 08/12/97-04/28/09

Riley, a soul of sweetness, your smiles and joy and vitality will remain forever with me and everybody you touched. You never let go of your youthful puppy exuberance and how I loved that so. What a gift it was to have you by my side for almost 12 years. We shared a life full of love, adventure and FUN, and boy did we have a good time together. You were the
best copilot ever, and I will forever miss you and remember you....until we meet again.


Riley, 09/21/05-04/17/09

To my Princess Riley,

I knew the moment I saw you that we were meant to be together. You were the best part of my day for the last 3.5 years.
It seems so wrong that you were taken from me. I don't know what to do without you, you were the light of my life and I will love you forever.


Riley, 03/27/99-03/31/09

Our dear "little" Riley passed away this morning at 9:00 a.m.
This was such a hard decision, but he was suffering in silence, never complaining of how much it must have hurt.
We will miss him so much!
We were so lucky to have him with us for 10 were the most adorable, sweet, lovable pup!
Sweet dreams Riley!

Madison, Evan, Louise and Brett Johnston

Riley, 04/03/09

Riley wants ALL cats to make sure they are on Heartworm Preventative Medication.
Please do NOT let what happened to my cat happen to yours!!! This is a very preventable disease... CALL YOUR VET TODAY!!!!!!!!!!!!
My cat died a very sudden and horrific death that NO cat ever should :(

Mommy loves you Riley and misses you!!!!!!
R.I.P. baby


Riley, 03/13/09

Part of a wonderful litter of Schnauzer puppies, brought into this world lovingly aided by Lynn, that added much love to everyone's lives.

Glenn & Lynn Calhoun

Riley, 02/22/03-03/11/09


Please know how much you were loved.
We are grieving for you so much, but we know you are no longer suffering and we will see you again one day on the Rainbow Bridge.
I'm sorry your last two weeks had to be filled with trips to the vet, all sorts of medicines, x-rays and numerous pokes and proding.
We didn't get to say good bye the way we wanted becuase we didn't know that would be your last day.
We did what the vet said was best for you, not us, but you.
You will live on in our hearts forever.
Rest in peace my friend.

Lisa Sabin

Riley, 05/21/05-03/04/08

You have left very big paw prints on this families heart, we miss you Riley!

Jennifer Howell

Riley, 08/28/08-02/29/09

My little baby, Riley. What a joy to watch you bloom as a scared baby feral into an adoring, beautiful, loving boy. The horrible disease FIP took you in less than a week. We tried everything to help you and you were so brave and such a fighter--you wanted to live so badly. Mommie's heart is again broken from this disease that so cruely takes these precious lives like yours. A piece of mommie's heart went with you my beautiful baby and you will be with me in memory everyday of my life. I love you sweet baby.

Cappi Duncan

Riley, 02/18/05

Riley was a lifesaver for me.
He always knew when I was sick and would lay on me stretched out and I could feel the infection leaving my body.
He was so precious to me and I had to have him put to sleep because he had a rare disease and it wouldn't get better and we had spent thousands of dollars on him trying to beat this disease.

Tina Stodgell

Riley, 2001

We loved you so much and still. You have touched our lives like no other. We pray for the day that we will be together again.

Mike and Mona

Riley, 02/14/96-01/29/09

I got Riley when he was three. He totally changed my life. When I saw his friendly, loving personality, I knew he had to become a pet therapy visiting dog. For eight years he brought joy, sloppy kisses and his delightful grin to the lives of countless seniors in nursing homes, as well as everyone in our neighborhood. Born on Valentine's Day, Riley was love incarnate. Riley was my best boy. There is a hole in my heart that nothing else can fill. I miss you so much, Riley, and I'll always love you.

Mary Beth Turek

Riley, 03/17/04-12/18/08

you were here such a short time.Imiss you like crazy.


Riley, 09/19/93-01/22/09

"He was special, and he was black and white. He was very good, and he liked dog biscuits." - KMM, his six-year old human sister.

The Merrilees Family

Riley, 02/07/96-05/03/08

To my sweetest pea...Life just isn't the same without your presence...


Riley Boy aka Atta Boy, 10/17/96-06/10/09

We wait to join you at Rainbows Bridge so we may cross together. We love you and you will always be with us.

Richard & Mary Rutledge

Riley Hunter Ely, 01/04/08-12/06/09

Today, our very dear friend, wonderful companion and brother of Radley was hit by a passing motorist and died instantly.

We know he will be chasing bunnies in heaven as Riley was a "hunter" and loved to investigate anything that moved.

It has not sunk in yet, that we will not see his waggy tail and chase fights with his brother Radley, but we all know that our sorrow and pain at losing him, will never go away.

God Bless you little man and what time we had with you will always be remembered.
At least you did not suffer, as we all are at not seeing you again.

Love to you little chap, we will never forget you.
Your Mum and Dad and big sister Rebecca and a w00f farewell from Radley

Pauline David and Rebecca

Riley James Stassel, 09/01/00-07/11/09

Dear Friends & Family,

For those of you who know us well, you know that our dogs are very important to us. They’ve brought us extreme joy and an abundance of unconditional love over the years. It is with deep sadness and shock that I must tell you that we lost our little Riley. Riley passed away on Saturday, July 11, 2009 from an intestinal infection that spread throughout his body. He went from being perfectly healthy to being rushed to the hospital Saturday morning, and ultimately passing at 8:45pm Saturday night. It all happened so fast, we are still in denial. Riley would have been 9 years old on September 1st, 2009. He and Bailey have been the loves of our lives. Little Bailey is lost without his brother---they were litter mates and haven’t been separated since they were born 9 years ago. Riley and Bailey were and are like our children. Our hearts are broken and it all seems very surreal at the moment, somewhat like a nightmare.

Thank you to all of you that loved him too. He loved seeing all of you and greeting you with his bark at the front door or sitting up asking you for a treat. He was a special dog, our special friend. Riley, we love you, miss you and will never forget you. Riley, thank you for the best 9 years.

Love, Daddy & Mommy (Dave & Kelly)

Riley James Stassel, 09/01/00-07/11/09

Riley James Stassel, Riley boy, it's been 3 weeks and 3 days since you left us and not a moment goes by that our hearts don't ache for you. You were the love of our lives and life hasn't been the same since you left us. We created a beautiful memorial garden in the back yard for you. We are celebrating your life with each passing day. We planted a beautiful tree that grows leaves in the shapes of hearts. There is a bird feeder, butterflies and all the things you loved. Daddy sits in his jacuzzi every night and cherish's the nights you would sit on the chase lounge and hang out with him. During the day you used to love to watch the birds and butterflies from the chase lounge. Oh, how happy and content you looked. I used to sit and watch you and just smile, because I knew how happy you were. Bailey misses you so much. He waits and looks for you every day, hoping you're going to come running through the front door. It breaks my heart to see him so sad. We love you Riley and your garden is beautiful, just like you. We are celebrating your life and keeping your memory alive. Our lives will never be the same without you. You were such a special little dog, and we were so blessed that you chose us to be your parents. Riley, you were a small miracle with a big heart. We miss and love you, our sweet little baby Nu-Nu! Riley, Nu-Nu, Ro-Ro, Rooster, Riles, Stassel. Forever in our hearts and will never be forgotten. Love, Momma & Dadda xoxoxox

Riley James Stassel, 09/01/00-07/11/09

Oh dear Riley James,

Today is the one month anniversary of your passing, 8-11-09. We miss you so much, Riles.

The things Daddy & Momma miss about you:

We miss the way your bowl used to rattle around on the back patio when you ate.

We miss the way you would hover around the stove while we cooked, just hoping for something to drop to the kitchen floor.

We miss the way you used to mess up all the pillows on the couch, sometimes even pushing them to the floor, just so you could bury yourself in them to sleep.

We miss the memory of you sneaking into the garage late Christmas night and eating all the Christmas dinner leftovers out of the trash bags.

We miss the time you knocked the Krispy Kreme donut box off of the counter at Gaviota and ate about 8 donuts in the middle of the night.

We miss the way you used to sit up and beg for food and when you’d use your paw to hold yourself up.

We miss waking up in the morning (Momma was usually the first one up) and seeing you nestled in the pillows, sleeping on the couch and greeting us good morning and we’d watch the news together.

We miss the times when you and Bailey would run around the house doing figure eights while we would cheer you two on and just laugh.

We miss when you would give us the “claw” just to say, I want attention or please give me a bite of that.

We miss your loud bark even after we had you partially de-barked. You trained yourself on how to bark again.

We miss telling you to “get out of the flowers, Riley”.

We miss your “waggy, waggy tail” when you were happy to see us, which was all the time.

We miss coming home and hearing you bark like crazy as soon as you’d hear the car pull up in the driveway. You were saying hello and by the way can I have a cookie, too!

We miss your smell and your extremely soft beautiful coat.

We miss your sweet and loving eyes looking up at us.

I miss the tilt of your head when we say words your knew like, Grandma, Mawma, Janice, bye-bye, cookie…

We miss the jumping and barking when we were making your dinner/breakfast, as if you were saying “hurry, hurry, I want to eat”. You would jump and scratch the counter and cabinets. It didn’t matter, we loved you.

We miss the way you would lay on the Jacuzzi cover or on the chase lounge chair during the day just watch the birds fly by, while you got your sniffs of anything and everything in the air. We used to just sit and watch you. You looked so content and happy. It always made us smile.

We miss calling you by all your names: Riley James, Nu-Nu, Ro-Ro, Rooster, Grandma, Stassel. Our, little baby Nu-Nu, Riley bear, Nu-Nu bear, Ri-Ri, James, Hoover.

We miss the way you would get so excited and bark when we’d come home from the grocery store. You would sniff all the bags hoping for a snack of something.

We miss your keen sense of smell. You would be able to smell another dog walking across the street all they way from the backyard. You’d run to the side gate just barking like crazy and you were only saying “hello”.

We miss the way you used to greet Carole, our old neighbor on Gaviota, when she’d return from her run. She always stopped to pet you and Bailey. At Christmas time, she’d always bring over a little Christmas snack to you and Bailey.

Momma misses singing all her silly songs to you, while you just listened and wagged your tail. “The most beautiful beagles in the world”……..

We miss caring for you when you had your leg surgery and we looked after you and your “yeggy-yeg”.

We miss your reverse sneeze or the times when you would “hack”.

We miss the way you used to dig at your dog bed to create a comfortable spot.

We miss your weepy eye.

We miss your spirit, your strength and your love. You were always happy and even when you had your surgery, you always smiled and wagged your tail.

We miss the way you used to open the cookie jar on your own and help yourself to a mouth full of cookies. We watched you and all we could do was just laugh.

Riley you loved food so much. Riley, we nicknamed you hoover, because you loved to eat and you would eat so fast and then go over to lick Bailey’s bowl.

Riley, you loved to go bye-bye in the car. We miss watching you stick your head out the window to sniff all the scents in the air.

Riley, you loved to run outside to greet the trash man every Wednesday morning. You always looked forward to it and as soon as you’d hear the truck coming up the street, your ears would perk up and your tail was a’waggin. You’d great the trash man with “Hi Mark, Hi Mark”.

Riley, you loved to just hang out with Daddy on the chase lounge while he sat in the Jacuzzi. You’d wait patiently, keeping him company. Then you’d follow him into the house; have a snack together, usually peanut butter pretzels, sometimes it would be ice cream. I didn’t matter; it was whatever Daddy was eating. You two would watch the news together before coming to bed. You were just happy to be with him.

Riley, you loved to sit on the floor in Daddy’s office or in his brown leather chair during the day while Daddy worked. Then when it was lunch time, you two would go to the kitchen and share a sandwich. You were always by Daddy’s side, always.

Riley, you would love to bark at other animals and you were only just saying “I found you, I found you”, as you wagged your tail uncontrollably.

So, today on 8-11-09, one month since you left us, we remember you and all the joy, happiness and love you brought to our lives. We love you our dearest Riley James. Love, Momma & Dadda XOXOXO

Riley Meister, 02/02/98-05/23/09

To Our Dear Riley Smiley, We will miss your sweet face your beautiful spirit.
You will live in our hearts and thoughts until we meet again at the Rainbow Bridge.
We love you so much,
Mommy, Daddy, Sophie, Chester and Cle-Cle

Rima, 10/2004-07/16/09

Our beloved Rima was such a presence in our lives-she had cherished habits and quirks of all our previous cats and so we felt that a bit of each of them had returned when we adopted her.
She will remain in our hearts for ever-and be thought of and greatly missed, each and every day. We are in despair as she has left us much too soon.

Mary and Steve Kenyon

Ringo, May 1994 - August 2, 2009

Ringo was at my side in my best moments and my darkest days.

I brought Ringo home back in August, 1994. The morning I brought him home, he crawled out of the box I placed him in while I was driving. He licked me all over my face as I was exiting on the Azusa offramp of the 60 freeway. The dog took a liking to my socks, and had a habit of running out of the yard. I chased him down with my car on occasion, since I clocked him at 25 m.p.h. one time.

He was there at my side as I completed my Master's degree at USC. Ringo was also there when I endured a class of buttheads and wanna-be gangsters back in '97-'98 that kept me up at night with the stress they gave me. He was there when I fought back from that setback, and reestablished myself as a teacher.

However it was painfully evident that age was catching up with him these last few weeks. His hips gave out, and his appetite is fading. I can only thank you for being my loyal dog all these years as he prepares to cross the Rainbow bridge.

Thank you and Fight on, Ringo! I, Mom, Sis, Lauren, and Katie will miss you. :-(

Ringo, 12/12/00-07/06/09

Ringo was a happy go lucky ball obcessed boy.
He loved by everyone who met him.


Ringo Starr, 04/03/98-04/11/09

we loved ringo very much, he was our child. losing him is the hardest thing to endure. he was our constant companion and gave us so much love. we both miss him but know he is in a better place.he was so sick in his final days, it was very difficult to see him suffer so we try to remember he is feeling no pain now. we still can't talk about him without crying.i know it will take a long time for our grief to subside

Bud and Lynn

Rio, July 1, 1998 - Oct. 12, 2009

Rio was a Golden Retriever of 11 years old. He was so kind and gentle that we called him, “our little lamb” . He loved his little “brother” Denero, a yellow Lab, from the first day we brought Denero home. Rio would let his “brother” climb all over him and would gently play with him for hours. It was not usual to see Denero with his head lying across Rio’s back as both of them slept. He loved his human family too. If his “mom” was cooking or I was working in the back yard, Rio would lie near us and just watch everything we did. An occasional treat would be a great reward, but not necessary. He loved to go for rides in the car, but really loved riding in our boat in the summer time. He would pick a spot on the back seat, rest his head on the boat side rail and watch the scenery go by. Our small boat has a hatch up front and Rio would to go up there and stick his head through the hatch to watch the other boats. People in those boats would look and see Rio and would smile and wave. Rio even made people, who never knew him, smile and feel good.  
But, the day came when our little lamb couldn’t walk anymore and breathing became difficult. Even with all this to bear, he would still wage his tail and plant kisses on our checks. That was Rio, always gentle, always tender, always loving towards his family.  
The end was quick and painless, within seconds he was gone. Passing into our history, but never leaving our hearts. Goodbye old friend, it was a privilege knowing you, you made our lives much richer and fuller. We have tears in our eyes and aching hearts, but with time our pain will ease.  
Like his “mom” would call to him, “Rio, Rio, Rioooo, come to me”.

Rio, 28 Sept 1998 - 29 July 2009

My beautiful boy Rio had to go on to heaven, he waited as long as he could, hung in there like the courageous, happy guy he always was, but he knew it was his time, and on July 29 I had to say goodbye.

He waited for me to get home. He waited until I came to him, in the middle of the afternoon, a time of day I am usually at work. but that day, something told me I had to be home, and when I got home, Rio was there, breathing regularly, but as in a deep, deep sleep.

I went to him and held him, lied down beside him and put my arms around him and kissed his head, told him how much I loved him, told him how he had always been such a wonderful dog, a loving and wonderful companion. and then I told him it was ok to let go, that I would miss him but it was ok to go on without me.

His breathing grew more quiet, not labored, just quiet. he breathed slowly, quietly and then he breathed no more. it was not more than 15 minutes since I had returned home to him that he was gone.

Rio, baby boy, you smiled all the time, you always wanted to play and be petted. you always snooted your nose in my hand to get a pet, you always loved your treats and you were so abundantly loved.

I'll remember our beach walks, your swimming, your love of tennis balls, your love of playing catch, your love of riding in cars, and going on walks, your love of me, your sweet, wonderful love.

I miss you, baby, and I pet your urn of ashes lying next to my bed. I love you, Rio boy, and I can't wait to see you in heaven! love, me

Rio, 21/03/95-30/04/09

You have been gone for nearly a month now, still miss your pitter patter on the floor, your find its treats, no one seems to care, you were my baby, love you so much.....miss and love you loads x x x x x x x

Carole Dixon

Rio, 10/10/08-01/09/09

He was a very special little puppy who deserved to live a long and happy life.
Tucson and I will miss you so very much.
I am so very sorry Rio.

Cecilia Middleton

Rio Rex's Kavic RN, 06/26/05-05/06/09

Kavic was a great dog. She was here for too short a time. We love you Kav!!!

Tammy Giovannini

Rip, 21/04/09

homes not the same without you come back


Ripley, 06/08/00-06/22/09

It is with sad and heavy heart today that I must send this news. Our beloved Ripley (Blue Merle BC) HAs gone to join all our friends at the Rainbow bridge. Ripley was my velcro dog. He had such an amazingly sweet affect. He was the gentlest and calmest and most loving and devoted BC I have ever met. (and I have 3 more at home) Ripley started acting just not himself after camp, last week he went to the vet when he developed a cough. Tests showed lyme's but the vet was unsure of what else was brewing. Xrays were suspicious for cancer of his lungs, but further tests to determine if what we were seeing was cancer were too dangerous as he was already very sick. We did not think he would make it through a procedure. He did seem to briefly get better. And Saturday he seemed like he was turning a good corner. But Sunday night he suddenly got worse, and rather then speed him off to an unfamiliar doctor's office with unfamiliar people and surroundings, I opted to stay home, keep him as comfortable as I could and hope to get through to morning. At 4:30 am Ripley lost his fight, he died in my arms with all my other furbabies around us. Ripley was my first competitive agility dog.He was able to title in Standard JWW and Novice Standard. We together had a few legs towards our open title.
He was my devoted friend and he touched many many hearts. He will be sadly and dearly missed.

June 8, 2000 - June 22, 2009

Ann and Brian

Risa, 02/28/09

You will live in my heart forever. I miss you more & more each day.

Jackie Garza

Rita, 11/2008-02/11/09

you beautiful little grey brought so much love into my life in just 2 months.

Iloved to hear you purr and put your arms around my neck...I loved to hold you when you were seemed like you needed me as much as I needed you.

You went directly to be in his keeping.
You will in so much better care there and will be with my other animals who are there too.
Someday we will see each other again...and you will meow for me then as you did when you were here...

I will never ever forget you.
you are a beautiful little soul that touched my heart in ways no other kitty has...

sleep well...and start to play "up there" with all the other little animals...remember ...I will always love you...and will never forget your face.

your mommy

Ritz, 06/25/09

We rescued him and he rescued us.
He will be missed.

Sharon and Sandy

River, June 3, 2008 - November 28, 2009

Sweet little yellow fellow, you were Katie’s ‘sweet little baby’. Even though you were growing up to be such a big, beautiful boy, we always said we would always think of you as our ‘baby’. We all loved you so much. Our house is so quiet without you and will never be the same. Shadow is missing you terribly and is having trouble figuring out how to hunt for chipmunks and squirrels in the forest without you. He keeps looking for you and when we turn to see where he is, he is sometimes just sitting on the trail, staring off into the distance. I wonder if he has picked up your scent and is waiting for you to return or if he senses your spirit there. You never failed to warm our hearts and bring smiles to our faces each and every day. I am so, so sorry that I failed to protect you from harm and comfort you during that terrible time after the car struck you. We visited your sister and she reminded us so much of you. We will have to wait until next summer before we can bring home one of her pups. You were such a beautiful, gentle pup and we were all privileged to love you. Wherever you are, we all hope there is a big orange soccer ball and lots of friends to play with. Love you and miss you forever. . . Mommy

River Frankine, 08/13/03-05/11/19

River, Daddy loves you.
You've been gone just over 24 hours and I miss you more than anyone could imagine.
I know you're with me in Spirit but I feel so alone right now.
Our home is not the same without you here.
I will always talk to you, all day everyday.
I'll keep waiting patiently until God lets you come visit me and I'm so excited for that.
I know you're healing right now and that's what Daddy wants for you.
I wish I could have fixed everything, but God needed to have you by his side.
We'll be together soon puppy.
I love you.

Joe Frankine

River White, 03/16/97-06/07/09

ah River, we miss you so much and wish for more time, but we understand and know you have passed from this life to a better one.
Your life has not always been easy and little by little you grew older and trips to the vet much more frequent.
In your puppy days, you'd fly up the stairs - lately they were a struggle you'd gladly make to get to the bed for tummy rubs.
The last few days were a struggle just to breathe but you fought to go on your own time.
You are forever in our hearts.
Go find Libby - River, go see.

Mark and Sue

Rizz, 09/07/92-12/20/08

To our little Rizz who we love & miss very much. We know you are now home safe with Jesus in heaven. We will love & miss you always!

Kristin & Karen M

Rizzo, 06/25/09

Rizzo was my wonderful best friend and most constant loving companion. I can't thank her enough for all the happiness and laughter that my little girl brought into my life. Such a loving, sweet, caring soul who was always there right beside me and who saw me through the good times and the bad. We walked "hand in hand" together down life's road. I am so happy and proud that I was able to share my life with such a grand gal. Such a dark day it was when I had to let her go but I couldn't keep her here for my own selfish reasons and I couldn't bear the suffering from the horrible forms of cancer that was taking place and so it was a sad, sad farewell but it was to let her go in peace and with dignity which my dear one so very much deserved.
Good-bye my love, thank you again for all the wonderful moments that you gave me, thank you for being my best friend, thank you for all your love.
Good-bye until we meet again. Go with God, with Peace and with all my Love forever and ever. Be free.


Rizzo, 07/14/98-03/23/08

On the 1 year anniversary of Rizzo's death, we are thinking about him.
Rest in Peace, little buddy.
Thanks for being our special angel.

Michele Emerman

RN'S Dama Bonita, 10/24/08

Bonita was the best thing that happened to me as a senior citizen. She understood what I was capable of doing, and endured long waits between grooming and putting her tack on because of my health. She always came to me in the pasture, not because I fed her, but because she loved me as much as I loved her. We had a bond like I had never known before. I miss her so much, and I know she misses me too. Love you Bonita.

Evelyn De Roach

Road Call aka R C, 01/15/00-06/13/09

My friend Bill went on a road call to repair a semi in the mountains 130 miles from the shop. while he was making repairs he kept hearing noise in the woods. Bill was from Denver and was a little uncomfortable with the woods in the dark and something crashing around. when he was finished with the repairs to the truck, he went back to his truck, started it up, turned on the head lights and saw his new friend. A little bit of a dog, tiny feet, gold eyes trimmed in black. He could not reach the running board on the truck. Bill reached down and picked up the little guy, feed him a sandwich on the way home and named him Road Call aka R.C. They became best friends. But the little puppy with tiny feet had a suprise within a year he was up to about 75 lbs. R.C. was a little scary until you got to know him, he smiled and showed all his teeth.

He became sick last week and we knew that he was close to done. He still tried to be R.C. but he was just tired.
Bill started to take him to the Vet, but R.C. did not like to get in the truck. He was so sick it would have been to stressfull. We just made him comfortable and spent as much time as we could with him.
Bill told him goodbye on Fri night and loved him another life time. And then we waited. He passed about 5:30 Saturday afternoon. The funeral was held Saturday night at 6:30. it was a hard night. A long day on Sunday. We are planning a trip back to the mountains where he was found. We are bringing back big rocks to put on his grave. He will have a full circle then. RCRCRCRC! He will be missed.


Roaky, 02/19/96-11/27/08

You gave your love with no restrictions.
We will be looking for you with the rest of the gang at rainbow bridge.

Fred Hrouda

Roast, 23/06/09

Gonna miss you big guy its so weird how you can become so attached to a chicken but you were one hell of a character thankyou very much for entering my life I wasn't even interested in poultry wouldn't even of crossed my mind to get a chicken but it was obviously meant to be we were meant to be looking out for a donkey but you just stood out from the 100's of others animals and from that moment I knew I had to have you.

You will NEVER be forgotton so for now goodbye.. until we meet again :)


Robbie, 8/24/09

Robbie had to be put to sleep today after being sick on and off for about a month. He had been diagnosed with low blood clotting factor in late July and had mostly good days until he got an infection about a week and a half ago. He seemed to be doing good when he stopped eating (strange with eating being one of his favorite pastimes) and drinking for the most part. The last few days he wouldn’t even get up to go for his morning walk (the usual highlight of his day) or come running get a bite of my food when I was eating or even bark at me when I left the house even I was only in the garage.

His quality of life had gone downhill the past few days. I had to carry him outside and to the water bowl. I finally took him to the vet this morning and they wanted me to wait until my scheduled appointment on Wednesday to see if there was any improvement since he had had some good days in the past week. I took him home and he ate a little chicken and drank some water and then I placed him on the couch. He seemed to have a little energy back when he started to have a very bad seizure. After the seizure I could see he was suffering and I couldn’t bear to see my buddy hurting like that so I drove back to the vet and asked her to ease his pain and suffering. Beth showed up to be there with me. I pet his head and kissed him and held him as he slipped away from this world. I told him that he was a great dog and that I loved him and that I understood that it was time for him to go and that it was okay.

At 2:22 pm this afternoon Robbie stopped hurting and is getting the best nap he would ever want. He is wherever it is that dogs go when they leave us. I hope that our Lord has a place for man’s best friend. I mean, why wouldn’t he? Anyway, I took him home, unwrapped him and gave him one last hug and kiss and then placed a “greenie” and his favorite toy in the casket with him and buried him in the back yard under his favorite shade tree (the crepe myrtle) on the left rear of the house. I buried him with his head facing toward the house so he would always know where home was.


I will never forget you and you will always be in my heart. You were there during all the good and bad times and loved me like a child. I will always miss you.

Robbie, 07/14/09

Robbie was a very special cat,who loved me very much.
SHe was not a friendly cat to others, but I will always remember her love towards me.
I only hope she knew how much I loved her. I wish I could see her one more time to show her my love.

Edna Hartnett

Robbie, 07/26/96-05/29/09

Love you and miss you with every breath I take.


Robbie, 07/01/08

You were with me 11 wonderful years.
We shared such wonderful and such sad times, we did it together and you will live in my heart till we meet again and I know we will.
Thank you God for such a wonderful gift that you entrusted to me.

Robby, Sept. 2, 2009

Robby, you came to us as a broken little rescue, but you blossomed into a loyal, loving, beautiful little guy. We miss your kisses as well as how you could always make us laugh. You gave us much more than we could ever give you. You will always live in our hearts. Be at peace our little friend. Love, Mommy and Daddy

Robin, 02/18/09

Robin was and is my love of life. He was a lover, the life of the party, a cuddler who I held in my arms for 16 years, and tenacious as they come. He fought a heroic fight against cancer, and won! He battled against kidney and heart issues, and stayed as long as he could until he let us know it was time for him to let go.
I know that he's not really gone. He is a part of me and in my heart forever. He was my "Tenacious C" and my "Southern G". He was my dream come true. Everyone loved Robin.


Robin Marlowe Schuler, 04/15/02-06/17/09

Run with the big dogs, Robin.
I love you.

Dee Schuler

Robo, 12/10/94-07/17/08

We never miss as you are beside me.


RobRoy, 01/21/09

RobRoy, my sweet boy, you came into my life at a time when I needed you the most. You were a beautiful 5 year old English Setter with sad cognac colored eyes who watched your first family pack up to move and dump you at the animal shelter.
After being at the shelter a week with no potential new families, your next day would have been your last if you hadn't joined my family.
We had 9 wonderful years together.
You were my dedicated companion and loving constant friend.
You listened and understood when no one else would.
Unfortunately, there is no cure for old age.
I miss you.

Mary Alice Kirby

Rocco, 08/06/07-06/11/09

Rocco was the BEST pup ever.
He came to me as a puppy.
I was going through rough chemo at the time.
He gave me a reason and will to live.
Now he is gone and it's my fault.
I never finished all his shots and he wound up getting parvo.

I am so sorry Rocco.
You were my heart, life and joy, you still are.
One day we will be together again, keep my spot warm for me baby boy.
I love forever...


Rocco, 06/04/03-05/24/09

I will never forget you Rocco. You were taken suddenly from me and I now must go on with a huge piece of my life missing. I still look for you in all your favorite places, hoping and wishing you will just be there, looking up at me with your pretty eyes. You were an amazing cat, my best friend. So funny and with your unique personality, you were unforgettable. I am so sorry I couldn't save you. I will love you forever and ever and ever and ever....

Allison E

Rocco, 04/09/09

i feel so lost without my baby, i dont know how to cope with the pain, im trying to remember all the good times but u were taken from me too soon. i am so sorry that we couldnt help u rocco, i have lost a peice of myself and im never gonna be the same. i will love u forever

Jaimie Viverito

Rocco, 12/21/00-01/03/09

Rocco was the best dog in the world.
He is missed. He was loved and loved in return so much.
My heart hurts from losing him, but I'll see him at the Bridge one day.

Angela and Chris Boyington and Allyson Drum

Rocco Casablanca, 05/06/09

Dear Rocco,

I will always remember you and love you.
You are my sunshine. Your'e brother and i will see you in the next life. My baby. My love.


Rocco Granese Merritt, 11/14/99-05/25/09

My sweet, sweet Pretty Boy has left us. His body had betrayed him, and he needed to be freed of it to run in the sun and the breezes once more. His home will never feel the same without him, and his loss is evident in all that we do. His loyalty and love were gifts from God, and the pride that he instilled in us was so great. We will always carry him in our hearts and his babies loved him dearly. So, we wait for the day that we will once again set eyes on him running joyously to greet us at the Rainbow Bridge, his beautiful brown eyes shining with love, dinosaur tail a-wagging, and that smile on his face. My heart will burst with love and joy!! For now though, we must re-learn living without him. Rocco, my Dippy-Doodle, my Pitty Boy, Mommy loves you.

Rock, 08/16/08

Rock its going to be 1 year since you left us the pain never goes away. I wish you would have never had to leave us Cant wait to see you again babe. You were a good dog we knew we only had a few weeks left with you but we thought you would stay forever. Then August 16th you closed your eyes and went home.I hope you knew that you were loved and that we all went with you when you closed your eyes and went to Heaven. We say why did you leave because a part of us died with you. We still greave for you we think that you will come back but you are with us in our hearts and our memories Hope you are not suffering anymore and that you are at peace and you are not suffering anymore Go rest Rock we will see you again love the Poole Family

Rocket, 07/02/09

Rocket, we can't began to express how much you are missed and how sorry we are that you left this earth the way you did...You did not deserve it.... We did what we could for you while you were here... Who would have known that the stray dog we took in would end up making us better people...
you have left a hole in our lives and your daughter Jazz, your best friend for 9 years is so lost without you.... she looks for you everyday and I hope one day she will find joy in living again.... feeding time is almost unbearable as I measure out only food for one.... we now only see one set of brown eyes when we come home.... only one tail wagging...
I miss you snoring outside our bedroom window and your tail thumbing on the porch when you heard your name.... I can't stand looking a two dog houses..... and I still feel bad about moving your food bowl.... but I couldn't bear to look at it.
Jazz doesn't bark much at all now... she always looked to you for approval.... I'm praying that one day I can watch the two of you run and play again in heaven.... I can't imagine that God wouldn't let such a beautiful spirit as yours not enjoy peace in heaven... We miss you, Rocket... and will always love you.... and please anyone that reads this please pray for us as we try to move forward...

Joyce & Tracy O'Neil

Rocket, 04/99-05/29/09

We had to put Rocket to sleep friday, May 29, 2009. She was 10 years old and the most wonderful, beautiful dog ever. So full of life and love and happiness. She loved to jump on the couch...loved her "cookies..." loved to be my running partner...loved to ride in the back of Daddy's truck. A piece of our heart is now missing and will never be replaced. We still feel her with us!
Rocket, we love you!

Lori Burns

Rocket, 05/16/09

We miss you Rocket and know you'll be waiting for us.
We are happy you are free of pain and went to sleep peacefully.
We are so grateful we didn't have to put you to sleep and that you went on your own terms.
Walker and Buster miss you too.
You gave us 18 years of love and loyalty and we will be thankful for the time we had with you as a family member.
Have fun and we'll meet at the Rainbow Bridge.

Lois and Doug Rothermund

Rocket, 05/06/09

We received a lot of love and loyalty for 18 years.
Are you at peace and free of pain?
We love you and will always miss you. We will see you again someday Rocket.

Doug & Lois Rothermund

Rocket, 01/01/05-02/07/09

I only had you for a few weeks and will always love and miss you! Can't wait til we are together again!!


Rockey, 07/2008-05/08/09

Rockey was a great dog, he was taken way to soon from us. Its going to hard to live with out our little Rockey Top We love you and miss you and can't wait to pick you up on the bridge. Love you Mama and Daddy

Rocki, 1992-04/06/09

Rocki my sweet, timid and loving little man,

You were my buddy and healed my broken heart.

The life as I knew it is gone without you,
But I know you will be there waiting for me.

I loved you with all my heart and miss you terribly.

Stacey Ambrose

Rockie, 11/01/98-03/08/09

She was loving and accepted me for who I was.
I loved her so much.
This was a cat that hugged back and gave kissed at
She was so soft and warm when she sat on my lap we both benefitted.
She played fetch and did backflips.
No other cat can take her place.


Rockie Tsan, 04/06/09

Rockie was a wonderful dog. He was one of a kind, and my life will never be the same without him. I wish him the best of luck in his afterlife. One day, we will reunite with each other. I love him so much, and I'm so sad to see him go.

Avian Tsan

Rocko, 05/05/08

still miss you.


Rocky (Shadow), 10/12/09

Rocky you were my best friend and was always there for us when we came through the door. The comfort you gave us when we were down can never be replaced. You were one of a kind and with that very own personality you had we will miss more then words can express. You will always be in our hearts and mind and will always be there. We will someday meet at the rainbow bridge and continue on our journey forever and ever never to be parted again. We know you are now with Molly and Littlebit and will forevere run and play with each other never to have to worry about pain. We love you so much and miss you so much words could never express.

ROCKY, 3-2-04 - 5-22-09


Rocky, 07/15/09

In loving memory of our beloved Rocky.
You will be missed.

Kristen & Rick Diaz

Rocky, 07/15/08-07/11/09

This is Kira and i want to say i loved him very very much and now he's in a better safer place and not hurting anymore were God love's him and so do alot more people and every night i think of him an cry myself to sleep i love him and he loves me and i will always and more love him and he will be in my heart forever

Kira/Leah/Michael/Melanie/Gary Vickers

Rocky, 07/27/99-07/07/09

Rocky was my handsome little man and loved very much. He is sorely missed by his PaPa

Rocky, 07/02/09

I wish to remember my best friend who was always there for me. I purchased Rocky when I was seperated from my 1st wife and he was there to comfort and console me through my divorce. He always seemed to know the right things to do and seemed to always know exactly what I meant when I spoke to him. When talking to him he would look intently or turn his head or just listen. He was the best friend a person could want. He was always there for me and never strayed from my side. If I was sick he would lay beside me and comfort me. If he was sick I would lay beside him and comfort him. I finally had to put him down because he was suffering too bad from his hip displacia and could not get up on his own and would cry because it hurt so bad. I hope he is at Rainbow Bridge and GOD how I want to be united with him later. I will ALWAYS LOVE YOU ROCKY...

Chuck Petree

Rocky, 07/21/01-06/26/09

Rocky , you will always be our dog, our love will be for you forever , we miss you very much!.
Rest in peace my friend.

Rocky querido , Dios te guarde en un lugar mejor , y espero que nos sigas cuidando desde los cielos.

Atte: Familia Quintana ,
Octavio , Raquel, Claudia , Ivonne , Leticia.

Rocky, 03/2000-06/18/09

My little boy who I have known since before you were born.
I miss you now and will always miss you.
Keep taking care of me... I love you... Mom

Rocky, 03/25/06

Rocky, you were the funniest dog I had.
Although you looked like a lion and scared everyone away, you were kind at heart.
You wonderful looks will always be in my heart.


Rocky, 06/15/09



Rocky, 12/20/97-06/17/09

The most difficult, heart-wrenching decision to make is deciding it's time to hand your furry baby over to God. You know it's the right decision, you know it's the humane decision, but it feels so bad, so sad. You doubt your decision, even though the vet assures you it's the most loving thing you can breaks your heart and spirit. My son and I held our Rock through it all. We gave him kisses and hugs and assured him he was such a good boy and we will love him and miss him forever. Coming home to an empty house and the usual loving greeting is so hard to cope with. The sobs and the tears are all we can do and it's Rocks' loving ways we could've really used to comfort us...but he is now in Heaven with his sister and his Daddy and in the hands of God with no pain and suffering. I will miss you my baby boy forever and a day and we will be together soon...Love Mama and your brother, Lance xoxo

Rocky, 05/12/06-06/02/09

We will meet you again.Wait with Pebbles until we get there.Love you ...

Julie & Mike Hedge

Rocky, 05/09/09

A loyal friend and companion who is missed so much.

Laura and Kevin

Rocky, 12/06/07

You were truely one of a kind Rocky! I miss you every day and remember all of the good times! I love you just as much as the day we brought you home and I can't wait to see you again! I know you're waiting patiently for me!

Sara Tyndall

Rocky, 05/03/03-05/11/09

We will miss our little buddy who wasn't with us long enough. We will miss him when we come home and see him happy with a toy in his mouth and his tail wagging. We will miss his kisses, they were the best. We will miss him following us around the house. We are so glad that we were Rocky's people. You will always be with us in our hearts. We love you forever Rocky!

Richard and Brenda

Rocky, 04/08/01-05/12/09

In loving memory,of my beloved,Rocky. I pray that you are in a better place,free from pain,and know that,you will always be with me,in my heart,and someday be reunited again with you. You are my best friend,and always my "baby".May God bless you,and keep you safe.I will love you,and miss you,always.

Debbie Lariviere

Rocky, 12/15/95-09/28/08

We miss you, Rocky, but someday we will reunite and be happy again.


Rocky, 09/01/92-05/15/09


Mary Ellen Barrows

Rocky, 12/15/99-05/09/09

Rocky -she was a unique dog...we loved her so much and I will miss her so much...I hope shes with all the others that came before -waiting for hearts breaking ...we love you...mama,daddy and your boy

Rocky, 04/22/09

Had to put my Rocky down today.
I had him for 15 years since he was a puppy.
He was an awesome little guy who will be so missed.
We've been through a lot together.

Run free little man, no pain, your sight back and ready to run. I'll be with you again someday.
You make sure and wait for me.

Joy Puglisi

Rocky (Rupus Roo Roo), 03/87-11/98

My dearest friend.
Even though its been almost 11 years since God asked us to let you go, we still miss our sweet boy and think of you often.
I still have your hair in your brush!

I know you were there to greet my daddy last year and that comforts us so much.
One day we will all be together again, but for now you live in my heart. Love, hugs, and kisses, Mommy.

Rocky, 04/12/09

I miss you and my heart hurts so badly for you. I wish you were right here with me. You were the most gentle, loving dog a person could have. I was blessed to have 10 short years with you.


Rocky, 04/11/09

We love you.You will be so missed.


Rocky, 03/10/93-04/18/09

Today I lost my best friend in the whole world.
Rocky was the best thing that ever happened to me and I will forever have pain that he is no longer with me.
From the beginning, I got him as a birthday present so he was always very "special" to me.
We had a great bond and it hurts to know he isn't here anymore.
He gave me such joy and happiness and for now, it seems like it is gone forever, but I know he'd want me to be happy that he is in a much better place now, but right now I'm quite inconsolable.
I miss my best friend and always will.
But I couldn't watch him suffer with his arthritis either, and he is now pain-free and happy.
Someday I will find peace with that just not today.
I'll never forget you Rocko and thank you for all the great memories you've given me, and all the unconditional love one could ever want and need.
I'll miss you forever.

Jill Flanders

Rocky, 04/28/96-11/16/08

The best are always taken before their time.
A beloved member of our family for more than 12 years, you will be missed forever.
Always in our hearts.
We love you.

The Sills Family

Rocky, 08/12/08-03/20/09


Priscilla Garcia

Rocky, 02/11/96-03/03/09

Mi angelito de Dios.
Te quiero para siempre y estas siempre en mi corazon.
I love you My Rocky, I love you forever.

Ana Silvia Turcios

Rocky, 09/15/97-03/06/09

Our Day of "Last"

The second I opened my eyes this morning
I was struck with panic and dread
I rolled over and there you were
Still with me, on the floor beside my bed
But there was no relief as I told myself
That my sadness would come to pass
Only growing terror knowing that the day ahead
Would be our day of "last"ť

We didn't move, just lay looking at each other Then I grew weak and began to cry
Knowing that although we were not moving
The minutes were speeding by
You ate your last breakfast, not I
Just coffee and a cigarette,unhealthy all will say
But I've felt no need for food for awhile
Not since that dreadful day

We looked at picture of you upon the wall
But there was nothing I recognized
For it was the monster growing inside of you
Not your sweet face or loving eyes
She stood beside me explaining the facts
Kindly trying to grant me some peace
And though I tried to listen, all I heard was
"Two weeks "two weeks "two weeks"ť

I drove home in the dark with you by my side
The tears streaming down my face
"Please God! Not yet! He doesn't deserve this!"ť
I silently pleaded your case
But God didn't hear or did not agree
Either of which became abundantly clear
With each passing day I've watched you grow weaker
As this day quickly drew near

You have always been so unselfish
My loyal companion in times of strife and tears
The gift of unconditional love and forgiveness you have given me for twelve years
I have spent eleven days and nights
Begging for strength, not weakness, to grow
To provide, what She says is,
The last gift I can give you, the gift of letting you go

My debt to you I could never repay
Regardless of time I had, so unfair but true
For I am a species whose nature is selfish, arrogant, vain
My Friend not so for you
So because this is my last chance to give you What I pray is what you need from me
The strength to say good-bye, courage to face the pain
And let you go with dignity

And if at your last moments I fall weak
I beg of you Rocky, grant me one last request
Please find it in your heart to forgive me
And please know that I did my very best
In all my times of hardship you never left my side
For this I pray strength will be mine
In that last second, when you take your last breath
And your heart beats that one last time

** To my dear, brave little Rock-a-man,
I am so grateful I was able to hold you in arms, as you peacefully lay down you head and left me. It has been 2 days filled with unbearable pain and sometimes I don't think I will survive the next moment.
You have left a pawprint on my heart that will never be filled!
We miss you so much my sweet, precious little man!

Cheri McInnis

Rocky, 11/01/95-02/28/09

You left us too soon.
We were supposed to be together for another 5 years.
Sorry for us that you were called before time.
We will always love you and always fondly remember you and miss you.
Always keep your lovely spirit.
You are in the company of Katrina and the Lord now.
I always felt your love, even in the very end.
I hope I can see you in the following life.
I will look forward to that.
Your memory will always live with us.
I will be always grateful because I met you and kept you for a short 14 years.
I couldn't let you go but had to.
No more pain now, Rocky.
All of our love and kisses, Rosie and Joseph, you eternal friends in love...

Jose R Rodriguez

Rocky, 04/20/04-02/09/09

My little guy, even though you are gone, I just close my eyes and you are there! No matter how far, I will always find you in my heart!
More to me than a Beloved Companion!

Andrea Conti

Rocky, 03/28/98-01/05/09

Our Sweet Rocky,
We are missing you so much that it hurts.
Thank you for all the lessons you taught us about life and love.
We know that you will be the first one to greet us on the other side.

We love you forever,
Daddy, Mommy, and Allie

Rocky Burcel, 02/20/91-03/04/09

You brought many years of joy to us. I never wanted this day to come. We will never forget you.
Goodby my friend.

Dan and Linda Burcel

Rocky Burton, 10-17-97 to 07-28-09

Our dearly beloved very much we miss you. You fought a long brave fight to stay with us as long as you could. We miss you so very much our hearts ache. No matter how many years go by we will never forget you - you are one in a milion and will never be replaced. Our love for you was shown every day and you in turn showed us your love. You will always be our shining star and we will always love you. You will live on in our hearts and minds, the loving family you left behind. Grandma

Rocky Castle, 11/14/97-02/16/09

Rocky was the best little buddy ever. His unconditional love and constant companionship made our lives fuller and us better people. You will forever be in our hearts.
Thank you Lord for letting us be part of his life and for the previledge of being his family.

Lynda and Rick Castle

Rocky Duey Garcia, 08/12/08-03/09


Rocky G, 11/26/92-03/10/09


You'll never know how much your unconditional love has meant to me.
Today I had to make the decision to end your suffering, and it's not the same without you around.
I miss you already so much.
To watch you grow from a playful, wild, and healthy young cat to so frail and unsure of yourself has been hard.
You were always here with me through the most difficult times of my life, yet now that I've lost you, I have no one here to confort me the way you always did.
There's no one here to meet me at the door when I get home, or to cuddle with me and watch TV, or to sleep in my bed when it's cold.
There will never be another cat like you, ever.
I was blessed to have you for so long, and yet it still wasn't long enough.
May you be In God's care now, and hopefully one day we can be together again.

Dave Grissinger

Rocky Janik, 06/05/09

The smartest, gentelest, most loving cat imaginable.
Gone too soon.

Barbara Janik

Rocky Navaretta, August 24, 2002 - Sunday September 13, 2009

HI, my little Rocky, as I know you are an ANGEL know, I know your watching over us and you know we all MISS YOU and LOVE YOU so much, words cant explain. You are a miracle to me, everything you had to go through since you was puppie, you never got to have a normal puppie life or live and do things other dogs could do, but you stayed STRONG. I will always remember when you was a puppie one vet told me you would only live for 6 months, but I wasnt going to give up and we found another one that figured out what was wrong and what we could do to control it and keep you here as long as possible. So, here we are SEVEN years later and even though you had a digestive problem and lived on baby food, we tried to make sure you never suffered and for you to have so many problems you always were so happy and loved to see and be with all of us. But, know that you arent with us anymore, I know that God took you to "DOGGIE HEAVEN", I prayed and asked god that if you were ever to start suffering to take you to a peaceful place, were you never have to be or feel sick again...SO, my little ANGEL, you will NEVER BE FORGOTTEN, you are still and always will be LOVED and MISSED by all of us, you are a true MIRACLE......RIP LOVE YOU XOXOXOXOXOOXO LOVE ALL OF US, HEATHER(MOMMY), NANA, JOHN(DADDY), JACOB(BROTHER), PAPA, UNCLE MIKE, BOBBY, AND EVERYONE ELSE THAT KNEW YOU, FAMILY AND FRIENDS....XOOXOXOXOX HUGS AND KISSES XOXOXOXOXOXO One more thing ROCKY, I know you are watching over the two new puppies, Meaty and Pudge, and I really think your SPIRIT lives on in MEATY, he not only looks like you, but acts like you in many ways.....Your always with us, NEVER replaced.....XOXOXOXOXOX

Rocky Roo, April 19, 1997 - November 27, 2009

My sweet, handsome baby boy, you meant the world to us. Back in 2004 when we adopted you, you had half an ear bitten off, a rope burn on the back of your neck, and had been kept constantly in a single room without heat. You were just shy of seven years old. Yet, you still managed to smile that smile that only a Dalmatian could manage.

We thought we were rescuing you, but truth be told, you rescued us. You brought a joy into our lives that we had never known. You completed our family. Now, we have a huge gaping hole in our hearts. I pray that the last half of your life made up for the first half.

Rest assured my love, that we will be looking for your smiling face as we cross that rainbow bridge.

Forever in our hearts,

Mommy and Daddy

The Watson Family

Rocky Roy, 07/04/98-06/11/09

Every owner has a dog they love beyond measure.
I had the privilege of having Rocky in my life for nearly 11 years -- 2 more years than each of his "brothers", Mugsy and Teddy.
I loved him so much.
I miss him, just three hours later, my heart is breaking.
I pray he is once again with his "brothers" and dancing with joy.
The most special soul, he understood me in a nearly human way...he held on for me so I had to let him go and make the decision for him.

Amy Roy

Rocky Whittall, 02/22/02-04/12/09

My darling Rocky.
I miss you so much.
You were cruelly stolen away from me and I hope that those evil people that murdered you with anti-freeze will be found and caught.
I hope that whereever you are you are no longer in pain and no longer suffering.
My darling Rocky boo, I love you so much and miss you so so much, you will forever be in my heart and I will never forget you, goodbye my darling.

Catherine Whittall

Rodger, 01/09/09

Rodger, the most gentle, sweet dog.
Silver, gray and white, big black eyes and a big black nose, with his floppy ears and short little tail.
He was part of my family and we all loved him very much.
He left us to soon and hope he is safe and happy.
I miss Rodger so much.
My heart breaks everyday.

Sue Nevins

Rodney Fichtner, 12/30/08-03/04/09

Our Rodmill -

Big Boy, we just didn't have enough time with you. And now we're left with questions about how old you were and where you really came from. It doesn't matter, though. We love you, Rodney. We hope you found love and comfort in our house. Webster stood up on his hind legs looking for you. We left your cat bed in your favorite spot. It's so strange to look over and see it empty. Come nap in it as a cat-angel whenever you want. We have it and your fishing rod ready. We love you, Rodney. Love, Mommy and Daddy

Roker, 09/19/96-05/11/09

We love and miss you Roker but we had to let you go. XXXXXXXX

Helen Jones

Rolf, 18/12/98-18/02/09




Rolls Royce Rowland, 09/17/98-04/30/09

Royce was so amazing in so many ways.
We had such a strong bond that it was as if he knew my thoughts and needs.
He did all of the tricks, he barked at the door to be let back in, he retrieved the newspaper, slept in the bed, hated squirells,loved being outside, rode on the ATV, was friend to many, tolerated the family cat, lived for the next puperoni, was always by my side, at my feet, in my thoughts.
Royce had an agressive form of mast cell cancer.
It seems so unfair to loose such a wonderful friend to such a mean disease.
I love you Royce and miss you so very much.
I'll see you at the Rainbow Bridge!

David Rowland

Roman, 02/11/09

I miss you Roman and I love you very much!


ROMEO, 10/6/1999 - 10/11/2009

To our sweet Romeo, you were our best friend. Thank you for bringing so much joy to our lives. Words can't describe how much we'll miss you. We love you so much. You will forever be in our hearts.

We love you,
Mommy and Daddy

Romeo, 01/27/97-06/28/09

You were one of the sweetest little angels that ever lived.
Thank you for enriching my life with your presence.

Natalie Nalbone

Romeo, 07/03/99-07/01/09

Romeo was my companion for 10 years.
He helped me through so many hard times.
Everywhere I look I can see him running and meowing towards me.
He is the most precious little furball I've ever known.
Even though there are a lot of safer hummingbirds, now, he will be missed by many souls, human and fuzzy.
See you over the Rainbow Bridge, Meow.
I love you!

Genia Blahitka

Romeo, 02/03/09

Run free my son for you have earned it.
We love you forever,
Mom and Dad

Romeo, 05/19/06-12/30/08

Youve left a paw print in my heart...I love you and will miss you. You were more than just a dog, you were a best friend and like my child...I love you and you are very missed and loved by everyone's lives you came into....things just aren't the same without you here...I keep waiting for you to greet me at the door or run up to me with your favorite toy..Im sorry that I could not save kills me inside and I hope you dont have me for it...I know someday we will meet again and Ill be able to have you in my arms...You will always be in my heart and I will never ever forget you...keep Jersey in line and let her know how much she is also loved and missed...Ill see you someday at Rainbow Bridge

Love Mommy and Daddy

Romeo Sugarman, 03/31/03-01/28/09

In Loving memory of Romeo, a beautiful, gentle, affectionate, loving and sensitive baby boy.
I can't believe you're not here any more, its so hard to accept I will never see your face again.
You will be so missed by so many people.
I love you Romeo, this is Sadie.
I remember you coming under my bed all the time and refusing to come out. I remember your hungry cries and lonely cries, and demanding cries.
I remember you being scared of everything, of never hurting any living thing even if it crawled in your mouth, when you carried a mouse into the house and it stood there unharmed and hopped away.
And your snake friend in the garden.
And your stand offs with the fox and the white cat.
You grew up to be so strong.
I remember sitting next to you in the sunny room and petting you while you were curled up
resting serenely, feeling your silky soft coat and hearing you breathe.
And begging to go out.
And your tail wrapped around my leg.
And you running into the kitchen.
And at night waiting in the window looking out at me when I came home from school.
Greeting me at the door with meows.
Displaying yourself regally across carpets in the hall and living room, lounging in your splendor.
Playing with toys, drooling all over them in delight then getting tired and going to sleep using your froggy as a pillow.
Rolling on to your head.
Standing upright so tall on the living room window sill at night asking to be let in and then coming round to the door, knowing I was coming to get you.
Looking out the window worried about Juliet being out too late, scurrying around to each window looking for her with us.
racing into my room and under my bed before I could catch you and keeping just out of reach.
How you purred when I gave you back scratches and tail rubs and how you would flop down on your side while I was still holding your tail and dare me to give you a tummy rub.
You playing rough with your claws and my toes/fingers. You getting stir crazy on moonless nights.
All your affection.
Your saucer eyes and big ears.
Your huge soft paws that felt like hands when I gave you a handshake and like Aslans paws.
I miss you.
I will always love you Romeo.


Romey, 05/05/98-05/16/09

We lost our beloved friend and constant daily companion on Saturday, May 16, 2009. Romey filled our lives with so much joy. He will be missed daily and never be forgotten. He will remain in our hearts forever.

Mike and Teresa McReynolds

Rommel, 08/22/04-12/30/08

My beautiful boy, how much it hurts and how much I miss you. I never expected you to get so sick so fast. I never expected you to die at only 4 yrs. old. There is no one to greet me when I come home. There is no one under my feet or laying next to me when I wake up.
This house is so quiet without you, my whiny pup. I know that you know I loved you as surely as you loved me. I know that you are no longer suffering, but how I miss you "My Bubba Rom". You were known to all as "mama's boy". Know that when the time comes for me, I will look for you to cross the bridge together. Until we meet again my sweet boy, remember how much I love you. Mom

Ron, 06/04/09

Ron was so little and so young, i just wish he would have gotten a chance to grow up.


Rondi, 08/96-12/24/08

Rondi was such a sweetheart, that what breaks our hearts. She loved to play up at our cabin in Northern MN, so thats where we are placing her ashes. She was the youngest of our two Dachshunds and we never ever thought she would go first. Rosie still wanders around the house looking for her warming buddy in the heated bed. We know now that she is pain free and looking foreward to finally meeting her family again.

Paula Miller/Dianne Slonine

Roofie, 12/26/98-01/23/09

Roofie, thank you for all you've given us and for sharing your life with us. We did the best we could for you, and hope you understand that everything we did, we did to help you, so we could see another chin spin, and see you get excited over Taco Bell or Burger King,and yes, even pee on the carpet one more time.
I'm sorry that you had to suffer at the very end, but I hope that now you are happy, healthy and peaceful.
We will see you again.

Donna Williams

Rookie, 03/31/95-06/15/09

I miss you so very much. Everywhere I go and everything I do all I see is you. You will always be in my heart. I hope God is taking good care of you the same way I did.
Till we meet again at Rainbow Bridge I love and miss you so much

Rookie, 03/29/09

Rookie was a pet rescue from the Humane Society.
He was totally devoted to me from the moment we took him to his forever home.
He was kind and gentle and loved people but mostly me.
He wanted to be by my side all the time so I was there by his side when it was time for him to go kissing him and telling him how much I loved him.
My heart is broken and miss him dearly.

Richelle Devine

Rookie, 12/26/05-03/04/09

You left us to soon. We miss and Love you beyond words.It is so quiet here,the house is empty without you
! You dont have to take those yuckie meds anymore and i know you are once again healthy. We will meet again!
Love ,Dad, Mom ,Mox and Boo..

Rooney, 12/01/94-01/21/08

I will always remember your love and how you soothed me when I was feeling down.
Rest in peace my beloved dog.
I love you Rooney.


Roosevelt Percy C.-D., 12/28/00-03/23/09

On Monday morning (March 23, 2009) Roosevelt, my beautiful and amazing 8 year old Maine Coone died suddenly and unexpectedly from what the Vet thinks was a heart attack.

He jumped onto my lap and began snuggling as he often did. He went into what I thought was a deep sleep.
When i noticed his tongue was hanging out of his mouth, i drove him (at 80 miles an hour) to the animal emergency clinic where they tried to resuscitate him...but to no avail.

Roosevelt was incredibly loving, intelligent, inquisitive and magical.
The night before his death, he ran outside through an open door as he occasionally would do.
He was not trying to run away, but just wanted to sniff around and chase some leaves that were blowing across the back yard.
The sky was dark and full of stars and I could barely see his beautiful black body and yellow eyes as I walked outside.
He then ran a wide loop around me and came back through the open door and into the warm house where he jumped onto the bed and we spent our last evening together. He was so healthy and so full of life; there was no sign of any health problems.

The world is now a much less joyful place without Roo.
I can not fathom his absence and would give anything to have him back.
I would give anything to once again see his yellow eyes following birds or watching the trees blow in the wind.

Never in my life have I missed anyone or anything like this.

Jeff Cook

Rooster, 05/31/09

Our Dancing Dog "Roostie"

Missi & Bryce & Jiame

Rooster, 08/19/07

i hope you're ok in heaven rootie, i miss you so very much. i need you to take care of minky for me till we can all be together again, and i know that day will come. you were a dear friend to me and your life and love will live on...till we meet again sweet rooster...i love you ...always

Maureen Bishop

Roque, 06/07/09

My dearest Roque, I let him go on 7th June. He was the most wonderful dog and company, he enjoyed every single moment of his life. I wish wherever he is, hapiness and proud for all that he gave me and everybody he knew.
My heart aches and is broken with his departure. Good bye my beloved one, forgive me for letting you go, you have left an empty space in my home and in my heart. I will always love you.

Rorie, 04/10/96-22/01/09



Rory aka Pal, 04/15/97-01/14/09

I miss my Pal.

Amy O'Donnell

Rosa Deangelis (Rosie), 11/15/02-01/18/09


Kathy Deangelis

Rosalita, 07/15/99-02/13/09

I miss my little Rosie.


Rosco, 09/13/94-06/10/09

my baby was there for me always when I was sick he stayed in bed with me he didn't leave my side when my mom died he was there for my whole family I loved him more than any thing in my life


Rosco, 2001-06/30/09



Rosco, 04/15/09

My Rosco passed from Lung cancer (and prob everywhere cancer) and I can not stand the quiet

Opening his own Christmas presents from "Santa Dog"
How his first Christmas he bit a ton of balls off the tree...oooo shiny things..but had the good sense to spit them out. Never did it again lol
Gutting a stuffed toy in 30 secs
The way he played "toy"
Picking around the veggies in his bowl
Favorite words...eggs, gravy, new toy, cookie, ice cream, Adams home, Devons home, Daddys home, deer, squirell, walk, car ride and of course "cheese"
Cooking him eggs for breakfast with toast of course..and how the kids always commented about how I never cook them breakfast but Rosco gets it. I would if they were home
Making sure he got gravy on his dinner
Taking him to Dairy Queen or Moshas's for ice cream
Drinking from the bathroom tub faucet
Shaking from thunderstorms
Calling him and talking to him on answering machine during thunderstorms
Making sure he always got cake and ice-cream on everyones bday
High Five
Dead dog - dont eat the cookie
kisses some 15 times in a row till he thought you were nuts
Sleeping on my side of the bed
Sleeping with his butt on Johns pillow lol
Knowing he secretly laughed when Shotz broke his leg
How I let him bark for a solid 20 mins on his last day at 8:00 am at nasty mean Shotz so he could have the last word...and he did..F the neighbors
The way he'd posture himself, hair standing on end, barking like mad at other dogs but knowing he was a wimp
Running up the squirell tree
Going nuts at a squirell on a wire
Wanting to attack the farmhouse guinne hens
Trying to attack the deer
Barking at EVERYTHING..small children, cars, dogs, cats, neihbors, bike riders, horses, everything, was ALWAYS on the alert for us...
How he flunked out of obediance school, they kept asking us to leave the "dog circle" as no one could hear over his barking and he wouldnt pay attention...Doggie ADD
How I didnt get my money back
How the vet wouldnt give me doggie xanex for him but wanted to send me to a dog behavorist at $90/hr
The way he'd yank me up the road on his leash - he hated his gentle leader
The way he'd keep me company at night when I couldnt sleep
Always came down and kissed me while I was laying on couch
How he was always on couch with me even though we didnt fit, between me and the back, or squished at the end
How he'd hug up to you when he was lonely
The howl he made when someone knocked on the door arroorrooorooo
The howl he made when we were outside w/o him aroooooooooooooo
The 15 mins of non-stop barking when someone came in the house and after they were here they couldn't move or he'd bark again
When we walked in the house he was just so dam happy to see you and never shut up barking up to even the end
How he broke his nose as a puppy
How he ate at least 1/2 doz of only MY shoes when he was a puppy
How he ate a hole in the landing carpet when I moved all my shoes
Eating the super bouncy balls and getting a dog
Planting his feet at the vet exam room door and refusing to go in
Being really really happy to walk out of vets
Covering him with warm towels from dryer and hiding in the pile of towels all curled up and warm
Listening to everyone bitch about the dog hair on the towels lol
The way he would try to cover his bone with a blanket by his nose
How after it was covered, he'd whine about it being there and wanted you to put it on the tv cabinet for later..eewwweee
The way he'd nip the cats if they came to close to it
They way he'd tear thru that ball field running a hundred miles per hour
The way he'd Border Collie stalk you all low to the ground as a game if you met him on a walk..(only us) and then run tearing up to you. We could always get him to do it lol
The way MooMoo loved him and he loved her back. She only loved him
The way he'd look at Moo sideways when she rubbed all over him waiting for the evil Moo to come out
How he loved to go for a car ride
How he never stuck his head out the window, just his nose as the wind was whooshing by
How he loved to go to the park with Adam
How if you said the word "Tick" he'd spend 5 mins staring at the carpet between his paws, and biting lint or fuzzys
how Adam called hims "His fuzzy hampster" or "Who's a bunny", and would make him sit like a bunny lol
How he could spot a real tick 6ft away on the carpet
How Devon always says she hated him as he barked, but she really didnt, she'd get him calm and kiss him...and then he'd just bark. "Shut the "f" up Rosco"...She loved him - and he knew that
How my neighbors I think wanted to shoot him as he always went out to poo at a running charge, barking as he went in case someone, anyone, or any animal was out back. He even barked while pooing and walking at the same time lol
How he stand in the yard and bark at nothing, or something, that only he saw/heard, just warning everyone he was there
How he barked at poor chloe and the veitmanese neighbor smoking on her deck
How he really just barely tolerated Knubs and only when she was being nice
How I wish he would have just bit Knubs at least once and put her in her place
Slipping on the floor because his hair was so long between his toe pads but he wouldn't let me touch his feet to cut it
Hardley ever getting a bath as he hated them and cried but he still wasnt smelly-at least I never thought so
How funny he looked when Adam shaved him
How pretty he was
How he would just lay there and stare at you
How everyday I said the same thing to him when I left for work as he always laid on the landing by the front door when I was leaving. "I'll be back, Adam will be home soon, be a good baby", Mommy loves you and give kisses
How he'd go between your legs to get his thighs rubbed
Loved his belly/underarms scratched and would just strech out for it
Dressing him up for Halloween in a pumpkin suit
Brought him home the day we got him and he threw up in the car..right in Devon's lap
When he got out the door off a leash he'd just GO and then turn it into a game to catch him
How he was such a big baby about everything
How he never liked anything was always scary to him
How he got his toe stuck in a phone cord (before we had a cordless phone), flipped out and forever after, terrified of cords
How we had to get his dew claws removed becasue he caught them on everything besides cords lol
How we bought him a "stool-bowl" combo, so he didnt have to bend down to eat...caught his collar on the bowl and for a week he wouldnt eat, and then we had to hold the bowl and coax him to eat for a month before he got over it.
How he didnt bark at Brianna (as much)
How I wish I had a farm with some sheep for him
Playing in the snow
How little snow balls got caught in the long hair between his toe pads so he was barely walking by the time he was done playing in it
His foofee ears
Rolling his ears in foam curlers and the look on his face lol
The way he always would lay down in the sunny spot on the floor and then be panting in 5 mins as he was to hot
How since my children are grown, he tried everyday to make the house lively and warm
How I know...that he knew what a lucky dog he was that we adopted him as anyone else would have sent him right back to the Spca
How I ALWAYS left the tv on for him in the morning when I left so he wouldn't be lonely (Animal planet or TLC) and how I was constantly getting bitched at about the electric bill and how it wasnt necessary. But I ALWAYS did it anyway for 9 yrs
No matter how bad he felt, he was happy to see you and missed you so much
Just what an all around good boy he was

I cant stop thinking of all the things I loved and sometimes hated about him. And how I had hoped it wouldnt be so hard. But when I walked in the house Wed, the silence was deafening and crushing. I'll never have to say "Shut the "f" up Rosco" again.

I am so sorry I didnt see all the little signs that added up to you being so sick. They say Lung cancer in dogs shows no symptoms till the end, but there were a few. You wore out easy, you walked slower, didnt play as much and groaned alot. I thought you were just getting old and stiff. I wish so much I had known as I never ever wanted you to suffer one second. I really really really miss you so much. I want to hear you abrk again. I am so heart broken...

Mary Ellen Patarcity

Rosco Biffen, 06/11/97-04/12/09

A true mummies boy who has left a gaping painful void.

Lynda Biffen

Rosco Shackelford, 09/02/2008 - 11/24/2009

Rosco was 10 pounds of Jack Russell who thought he was a 100 pound Rottweiler and lost the battle to a pit bull. We should have found a way to harness your strong minded disobedience, but nothing short of being confined 24/7 would have kept you from going your own way.

Pappy and Mammy are heartbroken and although we know our Little Man is waiting for us at the Rainbow bridge, we miss you so much it is a physical ache. Lucky and Sam miss you and are so very sad. Tell Blitz and Bailey that we are on our way and we will all be together forever soon.

Love always
Pappy and Mommy

Roscoe, 02/01/98-05/02/08

Our faithful, loyal friend,
We miss you so much Roc. Keep on having fun while you wait for us...we will see you again someday.

Jake and Bonnie

Roscoe Burchett, 09/16/07-03/03/09

You will be missed forever buddy. We love you!
Daddy, Mommy, and your sister's Roxy and Molly.
I'm sorry Roscoe.

Roscoe Catbert Harris, 06/25/09

We love you dearly and miss you so much!
You brought us so much happiness - Thank you.
We look forward to seeing you again someday.

Patti and Richard Harris

Roscoe D. Sowers, 07/02/94-06/09/09

A friend is a friend forever when the Lord is Lord of them. Roscoe was a gift from Jesus to our family, and we will miss him but know Jesus has Him in His lap and we will see him one day. After all.... dog is GOD backwards. Thank you Jesus for our friend. Love Roscoe forever.

Tim, Julie, Abigail, & Christian Sowers

Roscoe St. Blaise, 01/22/09

Roscoe was our sassy kitty for many years and the favorite pet of my daughter Melissa.
He happily stalked the backyard in search of trouble, slept on my pillow even though he had his own and befriended all who entered our house.
He will be missed by our family and especially his brother cat Otto and his best dog friend Joey.
He was greeted on the other side by his other dog brother Jake.
As I drove Roscoe to the vet today the first thing I saw was a rainbow (in January!)
Thanks Jake.

Gail Catalano

Roscoe Trinidad, 12/04-01/24/09

Sweet Baby Boy, Roscoe
Your time with us was so short
We miss your smiling face and wiggle butt
Such a sweet, clever and silly dog
Ever playful, loving and loyal
We'll never forget you
You'll be forever in our hearts and minds
Love Always,
Mama and Daddy
Mayleen & Eric

Rose, 06/2009

Rose spent 22 years with the same parents. There are children who can't say that! Rose was a comfort to her buddy, Harry, who preceded her in death. It was at that point that Rose's grief would not subside.

She loves her Mom and Dad but needed to move on and they gave her the most selfless act of love by letting her pass over the Rainbow Bridge last week.

Rose, 02/07/07-06/06/09

Another angel taken from us way too soon..we will miss you...

Kent & Penny Huff

Rose, 03/09/09

Rose gave me unconditional love.
How much greater must God's love be!


Rose Monty's, 08/01/96-04/10/09

My dearest Rosie, How I miss you. Your glowing little face, the way you followed me around, your dedication to our family. Rest in peace my little girl, be healed, and run happy with all your furry friends. We will be together again..I love you!

Brenda Bill Chris and Katie

Roseaux, 06/04/09

I can remember the cries I heard that morning ... it was a cold morning and I was outside on the carport with my mother ... working on a carburetor ... at first I could not tell where it was coming from ... but then I saw her ... a small black dog running across the road chasing after another dog ... it was almost thirty degrees that morning ... and the little puppy was running from house to house whining at every door she could find ... I ended up dropping what I was doing and getting in my car to chase her down ... caught up to her about two blocks away ... she just cowered there near a ditch shivering ... I picked her up and the first thing that she did was start licking my face ... I opened my jacket up a bit and stuffed her inside ... then got back in the car to take her home ...

when I got back home with her and showed her to my mom we brought her inside to get something for her to eat ... from our guess she was at the most about ten weeks old ... she was very tiny as well ... I took one of my old socks and cut it up to make a coat for her to try to warm her up more ... after she ate I put her on the couch with my jacket I had on since she did not want to leave the jacket ...

it only took about a day before she was wandering around the house to see where she was... my other dog Weebles was already staying around here and making sure she did not get into trouble ... Later that day I decided on a name for her ... Roseaux DeBreaux ... her eyes reminded me of a friend I had in school with how they looked at me when I talked ...

Roseaux grew up quick, she went from being a small puppy into a slender dog with real long legs. no longer able to fit into a sock as a sweater ... her personality was great, nice and quiet less it was someone she did not know or trust that showed up and then she would bark at them like crazy ... she even had a few funny sides ... I could buzz my lips at her and she would start chattering hers back at me ... and she could also jump up in the air close to three feet off the ground ...

close to fifteen years have passed since the day I found her .... and her days are coming to an end ... the spring is gone out of her step ... and she just gazes off into space often, I like to think she is dreaming about old days and remembering the other pets that stayed with her... she is at my mom's house, because she never did get along with cats and my wife can't live without them so I could not bring her with me... I cannot express how much I hurt right now knowing that she will soon be gone ... all I can say is that she was a good dog and I love her a lot and will always miss her ...

Today after i got off work early (wed June 3rd) me and my wife left to go up there for me to see her one more time ... when we got there, she could not stand.. but she still tried ... she looked at me several times and laid in my hands ... even tried to lick my hand a couple of times ... i spent a few hours with her before we came back home ...

around 12:20am the phone rang, it was my mother .. saying that my step-father found her ... she had died in her sleep... she waited long enough for me to come up and say goodbye to her ... and now she is in a better place .... hopefully i can see her again one day...

Freddy Lea

Rosebud, 07/24/95-03/14/09

Our little rosie, (rosenblaugh), we will miss you forever and always. You came into mommies' life as the best birthday present that could ever be had...a tiny little white fur ball popping out of a present...since that day you have been my became daddy's girl seven years ago...and stayed that way until the end...the last joy brought into your life was Leondra...You left us too fast...but we know you are no longer hurting...Dickie and Simon...miss you and loved you...Chickman is here comforting mom and dad and when you come home to us, chickie will again be with you...Say hello to grandma dickie and all your other new family for us and we will see your bright eyes again sometime...Love Always...Mom, Dad, Lee, Dickie and Simon.

Rosebud, 03/22/09

From a sick little puppy we rescued from a mall dumpster to the sweet and gentle girl you became, we have loved you every step of the way.
Always gentle to kids and animals alike you were the faithful companion to Axe and countless other "cousins".
You were always there to follow behind your "Granddad" as he worked in the yard and to greet your "Mamoo" at the gate, as she would pull her van into the driveway.
We knew that the cancer would take you from us one day.
But it is still so hard to say good-bye.
We all love you and will miss you so much!
Zoë will be there to greet you at the rainbow bridge.
You tell her we miss and love her too.
We will always remember your "smile".

The Ragan's

Rosiedog, 03/11/99-07/15/09

Rosiedog was such a great dog.
She died at my feet this afternoon.
She had cancer, and I was debating taking her to be put down this Friday, now I am happy I didn't.
The fact she died naturally at my feet with me holding her is going to make me feel better in the long run.
She was the most loving and caring dog I ever knew, I know she is in a happy place now.

Rob Kristie

Rosemary aka Rosie Toes, 1995-04/28/09

Dearest Rosie Toes this morning our vet helped you make it to the Rainbow Bridge.
It was a very difficult decision, but I made a promise to you that when you could no longer eat and groom yourself that I would let you go.
You went so sweetly and softly.
You seemed to know and you let me know it was OK as you gave me one small meow as we entered the door.

You are so loved and will be missed by all of us.
Somehow I know you are now running with Junior and Chance who went before you and knew you so well.
I hope you meet all of our other pets that you never knew.
Thank you for 10 wonderful years.
You were 3 to 4 years old when we adopted you so you lived about 13 to 14 years.
We will bury you on the farm, under the big tree.
Please wait for us at the Rainbow Bridge with the rest of the gang.
We will see you one day.
You are well now Rosie and free from pain.
I love you and miss you!

Cynthia Hardy Wadsworth

Rosey, 07/17/01-06/08/09

To Rosey, Our Beloved "Woo Woo Girl":

You will forever be in our hearts and very dearly missed.
We cherish all the wonderful and happy times you have given us.
Time will never erase the deeply etched memories we have of you.
You Rest In Peace, "BabyGirl".
We will all see you again someday, "RoseBudda".

Dad, Mom, Amber, Brandon, Jake, Jordan, Buddy, Spanky, Angel, Colby, Maddy, Peanut, and Shiloh

Rosey, 11/04/09

Rosey, you gave us joy for one year, due to your bad heart you were taken from us far too soon and far too young.
We all miss u so much, home isnt the way with u gone.We love and will never forget you.

Jescinta Hempenstall

Rosey Wenz, 03/03/02-02/03/09

I am so sorry I had you for just 22 short months. You made my life complete for the first time.
I love you Rosey, with all my heart and soul forever.
You're my girl.

Sheila Wenz

Rosie, 02/14/96-07/07/09

Rosie was known to us as Rosiedog.
She said Rah, Rah, Rah when asked to say "I love you".
She was by my side day and night.
She was full of Cancer.
When we had to have her put to sleep, she looked into my eyes as if to ask if it was ok to leave.
She was so loyal.
I said, Yes, it's ok Rosie.
I am not the same without her.
She was so weak yet so very strong for us.
I miss her so.
Rosiedog, the best dog....Rah Rah Rah


Rosie, 07/03/96-06/27/09

We love you and we miss you.
Our sweet baby Rosie-kins, we will see you again.

Felicia Magdon

Rosie, 03/16/98-06/10/09

Rosie the Welsh Corgy was our beloved dog
She loved the water, to walk and jog
Alone in the night when my tears were still wet
I'd reach over and touch my darling pet
I'd hold her paw and scratch her belly
She'd give me a kiss, even if it was smelly
After eleven years of youthful tread
her body, her heart, her fur, her head
started to show signs of an unknown place
where suffering and sorrow showed upon her face
Those moist brown eyes that shone so bright
were now red and raw, sick with blight
Her strong soul burned through the wicked haze
still able to make it through the days
without much complaint, a whimper, a whine,
We went through each day, one at a time.
Hoping, loving, I'd pray against fear
that we would get yet another year.
But somehow her coat dulled, her tumors grew
and the world took on a blacker hue.
I'd cry and I'd beseech the powers above
to heal her, and to let her know she was loved.
For when a dog suffers no words are there
for them to tell you, for them to share.
The aspirin and cheese became her snacks
and windows and curtains, no longer attacked,
became empty and cold and life did not enter
except to take more energy from the form it lent her.
Rosie, oh Rosie, Rosie my gal, my friend, my dog,
my very best pal.
You loved the girls, and "where are the kids?"
were what you lived for, through emotional skids
Like times they were leaving, going to school,
and mean people in our house, making bad rules.
Well you stood by me, in protection, and stayed so dear
During days in my life that
were filled with fear.
To describe you is easy, your caramel coat,
tinged with a few touches of pink here and there
and the glossy white fur that covered your throat
extended like vanilla ice cream to your right ear.
The clickety click that your little feet made
up the stairs down the stairs, never thought would fade.
The day was not easy when we saw the first sign
that Rosie, poor Rosie, would have to resign
her life to a cancer that no one can name, just
Rosie oh Rosie, you flickered your flame.
The walk was the last one, and then a bath
to clean away blood that was left by your path.
I begged the vet to let me keep you some more time
but she shook her head slowly and said no that's a crime
to make her suffer more than she could abide
so let me help her take the Rainbow Road ride.
Where all dogs go when they leave this life,
no more suffering, pain or strife.
So here is my poem to Rosie our dog
and please remember what dog is spelled backward,

Lynne Anne Andrews

Rosie, 06/01/09


You will be missed.

Kate Diaz

Rosie, 03/21/97-05/30/09

Rosie, we love you very much and we will miss you:)

Chloã and Clara

Rosie, 2009

She was the bright spot of our day. Everywhere she went she spread sunshine and happiness. She was my personal alarm clock. Every morning she did a tap dance on my back to wake me up. Rosie was just that.
She always had a rosie personality and was the most playful dog in the world. I still miss her so much.

Patricia Hight

Rosie, 10/09/97-05/09/09

I'll always love you Rosie.

Jennifer Galeo

Rosie, 05/05/94-04/28/09

We'll never forget you, Dear Rosie.
We love you.

Teri Fields

Rosie, 10/04/92-04/24/09

Good bye my little angel.
Thankyou for being my faithful companion for the last 16 years.
I'm not sure how I will cope without you.
I miss you barking to go out in the middle of the night, the tinkling of your tag against your water bowl, your endless wandering and your beautiful eyes always looking out for me. I keep looking at your empty bed space hoping but I know you're waiting for me and one day we will be together again.
Until that time you will always live on in my heart.


Rosie, 08/01/96-04/10/09

Rose Monty, We love you will be in our hearts your Mommy

Rosie, 03/21/09

You lost your lifelong sister Goldie last month and I know you missed her. Now I envision the two of you young and healthy.
Seeing everything, hearing everything and playing like you did when you were young.God bless you and keep you safe. Take care my little angels.
I miss you.

Rosie, 13/03/09

although you were only with us for a short while little rosie you touched all of our hearts from the moment we picked you up we knew you had chosen us as your family we all just wish we had more time with you we will all love and remember you always may you rest in peace and hopefully you will be better now we hope you will meet eugene daisy and grandad and we will all get to meet again someday sleep well angel all our love your loving family.

Rosie, 05/30/95-01/25/09

You were our perfect Rose.

Sue Costello

Rosie, 11/12/02-02/03/08

Rosie was such a great little dog.
She had so much love to give, and she enriched our lives more than we can ever say.
Losing her has been immensely painful for all of us.
While we feel her presence, we long to pet her and feel her next to us.
She was so young, and she had so much life left in her.
We hope that she is happy and well-loved in heaven.

Mary, Caroline, and Frank

Rosie, 2003-2008

I love and miss my many old friends since childhood and hope to see them all one day.


Rosie, 11/95-02/19/09

Rosie was a most intelligent dog of the three we have. She had an amazing vocabulary stored in her beautiful mind. She gave us 14+yrs. of unconditional love, laughs, and happiness.
On Fri. aft. I noticed she could no longer stand. She had remained in the same spot on her pillow. I grew concerned and a call was made to out Vet. hospital. We took her in, and it was plain to see, even as her heart beat strong, her body was calling it quits. We stayed with her as she drew her last breaths. I laying over her. My husband on the other side of her carressing her. We said our goodbyes and wished her "Spirit" well. Then we did one of the hardest things we ever had to do...we left her, carring out only her collar and leash. Please remember her in your prayers, and perhaps us as well. This grief is overwhelming.
Thank you~
Janet & Dean

Rosie, 20/01/09

My Rosie was a rescued yorkie who came from a home where they had no time for her.She had no idea how to play with toys or how to interact with other dogs.She learned all of these things when she came to live with our other dogs Toby and Judy and came alive with joy.She was a little angel sent to us to brighten up every day she was with us.She was never any bother and we loved her to pieces.Rest in peace little one.

Jacqueline & Tony Campbell

Rosie, 10/25/04-01/30/09

Our beautiful little girl will be sorely missed - we suffered terrible weather conditions here in Melbourne, Australia last week and she was not built to survive them.
Sam, her Chin brother, misses her terribly. We hope she is running free wherever she is.

Danielle and Mkie

Rosie, 04/03/95-01/14/09

Rosie you are with Samone and you buddy Red.
You will be missed.


Rosie, 10/08/00-01/11/09


She was such a great friend and her dad and I will miss her every moment of every day.
She had alot of health problems but still managed to render unconditional love every day of her life.
She has left such a void in our lives.

Sandy Probola

Rosie, 10/24/96-01/08/09

Rosie was the best and kindest dog ever.
She was my shadow.
I will miss her terribly!

Patty Roberts

Rosie Angelie, 9/25/00 - 10/24/08

I'm sorry baby girl your life was taken away so soon in time. In my heart you will always be my miracle fighter. I love you and miss you everyday.

Rosie Aronson, 03/17/09

Rosie was one of those personality plus dogs. She was a wild, hyper, super-dog in her youth. Very strong, medium small, with a sweet little pointy head. She looked like piglet, and rather looked like a little pig.

The older Rosie got, the sweeter she became, but was always loving towards people, children, and other dogs.

Rosie, I am missing you with all my heart!

Jory Aronson

Rosie Girl, 01/90-09/16/08


Rosie Girl, 02/16/09

I was volunteering at the Humane Society when a lady brought Rosie in and gave her up because she had too many other dogs.
Rosie was a 9 lb. Shih Tzu with no hair from the neck back.
She was covered in fleas and feces.
She had chewed her hair off and hair was wrapped around her little teeth.
Her toenails were long and curved under her feet.
I took one look at this naked little dog with the huge eyes and said, "I'm taking her home."
It took 2 hours to bathe her, cut her nails, get the hair out of her teeth and do a physical.
Then she was mine for the rest of her life.
I loved her for 13 of her 17 year life.
I don't know how anyone could have given her up or treated her so badly.
Rosie was always upbeat and peppy and would rather die than potty in the house.
I never had such a perfect dog.
She had no bad habits and loved everyone.
Although she had CHF for 5 years, medication kept her comfortable and active.
I was truly blessed to have her for so long.
God is good.

Rosie, baby, I will see you at the Rainbow Bridge and I will love you and think of you every day until then.
You gave us all so much love and joy and you will be mised by many people.

Sandy and Elmer Amsden

Rosie K, 04/15/97-06/01/09

Thank you Ro Ro for loving us and letting us love you.
We miss you everyday- all our neighbors, everyone who ever met you is sad that you are not around, bringing a real sense of love and happiness to a small but real moment in the day.
We feel like you were a little angel from God, sent to remind us that we were loved, even when we didn't deserve it.
I hope you are having fun, swimming and chasing birds, and sleeping peacefully in dog heaven- hopefully you dream of your family lovingly.
Love you forever Rosie Girl..


Rosie Lin, 03/08/09

Rosie passed away suddenly yesterday.
She had a seizure and died on the way to the emergency vet.
She was an absolutely wonderful friend and companion and there are many people who will miss her.
She got me through many hard times and I don't quite know how to get through this without her.
Her short life was wonderful and she made a deep impact on my life.
I will always love her and I can't wait to cross that rainbow bridge with her.

Amanda Watson

Rosie O Grady, 05/26/09

My sweet little Rosie, you were so brave and tried so hard.
I love you and miss you, but know that you are in a better place.
Paddy, Speckles and I talk about you every day, and miss you loads.
I know that you are running with Jenny, and all of our other beautiful friends.
Love you always and forever.

Judith H. Reilly

Rosie Posie Bringardner, 01/13/09

Our Private Prancer; we hate the fact that our slippers are always right where we left them, that socks aren't strewn about the house, that cards and gifts can no longer be delivered by way of you.

We take comfort in the fact that you died doing what you loved and that you did not suffer. You taught us so much about life, love and now death. Our house is not the same without you. Ella Bella misses you dearly and desperately and -- don't get mad - we're even letting her sleep with us at night now.

Kate Bringardner

Rossi (Racecat) Ashley, 03/12/09

Thank you for loving were the best tigerbaby, ever!! I will see you again one day and we will spend eternity together. I will miss you until then,
Love always, your Mommy

Rosy, 01/01/06-06/21/09

We (Danny and Laura) just got married (5/24/09), but Rosy was our first pet together. Her date of birth is just an estimate because Laura forgot to ask her birth date when she brought her home from the breeder. Laura was just too excited about Rosy's passion for life and how adorable she was- that all other rational thought just went out the window. Throughout the short years, Rosy made Laura and Danny soooooo extrememly happy. She was an addition to Devo, a chihuahua the two of us already had. Rosy was to be a companion for Devo; because Laura felt bad about leaving him alone while the humans went to work. While Devo rejected her at first, he soon fell in love with her as well. The two really bonded while Laura and Danny fell on hard times and had to move home with Laura's dad. The dad had several other pets, so Devo and Rosy stuck together. Finally, Laura and Danny were able to get back on their own and Devo and Rosy followed. The little family lived in their new beloved apartment for 10 months. It was Father's day. The summer solstice. Rosy was home with Devo and her daddy, Danny. Laura had left for Father's day activities. Rosy passed very quickly of a heart attack. By the time she was rushed to the ER, she could not be revived. Unfortunately, it was a Sunday, and an open clinic just could not be found fast enough. I (Laura) truly believe that she passed right here in her home, before her daddy found her- even though he had only left her alone for about ten minutes. But the last interaction she had with her daddy was him picking her up and giving her a kiss, as he often did throughout the day. Her daddy Danny held her and kissed her everyday. there wasn't a day that went by where either dog wasn't hugged and kissed. The ER doctor did an xray (free of charge) and explained that her heart was enlarged and it was coming for awhile. Unfortunately (or maybe fortunately) she never exhibited any problems so we never had her x-rayed. Well, now Rosy is in the hands of God. Dios. The spirits. We are not sure. The only thing we can be sure of is how much we both (and much of our family and friends) loved her. Thank you for reading our story.

Laura and Danny Alvarez

Rosy, 05/26/09

My Rosy helped me through so much with my husband's illness and passing.
Could not have made it through without her caring and loving me so much.
We were such a good team!
How I miss my little sweetie.
Cannot stop crying.

Rosy's Mom

Rovie, 11/12/93-03/02/09

i love and miss you everyday Rovie. it broke my heart to have you put to sleep after 15 years of having you as part of the family. the house is not the same. i cry everyday but there is nothing i can do. we will be together someday. Goodnight my buddy

Mark Tizzard

Rowdy, 02/09/04-01/30/09

It's been only 4 months, we miss you so very much. Such a good little man you were, so gentle, calm, & oh so loving. My little lap dog, so happy to please your mama! You deserve to be healthy. Take care of you until we get there to start our new journey together. Until then, we miss you more & more every day...Kristi & Kevin

Kristi & Kevin

Rowdy, 06/01/09

We will always miss you and love you.
We know that you are with us always in Spirit. We had so much happiness with you and our memories will always be in our hearts

Debbi Jordan

Rowdy, 05/10/02-04/20/09

Rowdy, our sorrow and tears will eventually give way to the many fond memories we have of you. I'll never forget those big brown, alert & beautiful eyes .. they were always sending a message of love, devotion and Let's play ball, even when you were near death.

How you loved to jump in the truck every morning to accompany Mom for a walk. Mom walks alone now but I know you're in her thoughts. I mow and do yard work now.. without your supervision. Never knew my home and yards would be so lonely. We miss you terribly. I'm looking forward to the day when I can greet, grab & Hug you at the Rainbow Bridge. Until then Rowdy boy.. run, play and have a great time with all the other pets there. Mom and I will some day follow.

For now... We've gone to Wally world and will be right back!

Roger & Teressa

Rowdy, 08/15/96-01/28/09

Rowdy was a special dog to all who knew him. Especially me. He taught me so much about dog nutrition, gentle training methods and patience. He always tried to give 100%, even when it was not an activity he enjoyed.

When he visited patients, he was so very gentle. When he ran in agility, rally or obedience he showed drive and determination. His patience and tolerance with younger dogs and children was amazing.

He left this world as he lived it - gently; at peace and licking my face.

Rowdy, while I am happy you did not suffer the indignities of growing old, I selfishly wish I had not chosen to have that surgery performed, for then you would still be at my side. Breathing harshly yes, unable to partake in hiking or biking, but still alive.

The tributes that I am receiving from all who knew you really show me how you brightened so many people's lives, not just mine.
I'll be watching for your light, and wish you a happy journey.

Until we meet again, little love, may peace and love cradle you softly and gently.

Sharon Cavanaugh

Rowdysnitzel, 05/19/09

our best friend and buddy
rowdysnitzel, a great little doxie
dog. we will miss her forever.

Arlene & Dick

Rowen, 05/11/97-07/03/09

Rowen, we miss you.
Younger than Akira by two years, she helped you to come to live with us.
You fought as siblings do but the best of friends.
You spoke your name loud with a chew in mouth.
You made our lives so much richer.
Though live was cut short by illness, you and your sister Akira are in our hearts forever.

Sharon Amos

Roxaanna, 06/29/97-06/15/09

Baby Girl you were my one true friend.
I miss you so very much.


Roxanne, May 19, 1994 - Oct. 3, 2009

Roxanne, you meant the world to me from the first time that I held you at 12 weeks old. We grew close over the 15 years that we were together. I miss you so terribly much. I hope that you are happy and taking care of your brothers. I will never forget you as you live in my heart always, my beautiful little princess. Love, Mommy

Roxanne, 02/14/92-05/20/09

To my darling sweet companion and friend for 17 years.
I miss you more than any words can ever say but I want you to know how much love and joy you brought me.
Your loyalty, bravery, sense of humor, intelligence and playfulness added so much to my life.
I hope you know how much I love you and how I will never forget you my little Roxie.
I can feel you beside me and I just want to hold you again ... and I know I will someday.
Love, Mommy Connie

Roxanne, 01/11/95-02/27/09

Mommy's Baby Roxanne. Mommy loves you. You're "the best dog ever". My Baby. My sweet, loving, loyal, funny, silly silly girl...My Girl. How it breaks my heart that you are gone. How could I have known when I kissed your sweet nose at least 10 times it would be for the last time. How I wish I had given you a big hug - like you loved - but I had so much hope for you and for us - that things would work out - so instead I walked out the door. It broke my heart to see you notice an opening in that door and try to sneak out! Back out to Mommy. I'm so sorry my Baby...Dear God I know how much you hated to be separated from me especially at the Vet! I just wanted to help you and get rid of that nuisance, and have a few more years with you(?) The hopes I had for you. I was so excited that I would pick you up the next day and care for you. But something happened that night - as I drove by the street where you were. Oh how I wish you were here with me again! I miss you terribly. I am heartbroken and devastated. Crushed. I ran in the house and collapsed on the floor when I was told. I love you so very very much. You were just the best. EVerything about you! I adored you. You got me through so much in the past 14 years, just by your love and quiet (and sometimes no-so-quiet) presence. You loved your food just like me, and my smoothies and the piece of banana you'd get to have. Why did you have to go? Why? I blame myself. I'm so sorry Roxanne that you had to leave this way...scared...left at the vet...It was hours before you were put under for surgery. Not what I planned or wanted! It's so empty in this room without you. No more pitter-patter (that could drive me nuts) of your feet on this floor. No more helping you up when you couldn't. No more kisses on your nose, rubbing your belly with my foot when you'd conveniently position yourself over it. Darnit - you were never a snuggler! But I loved you to pieces anyway. I got the last snuggle in though, but it was when you were already "gone". I love you Roxanne. Mommy loves you. Always. You're the best dog ever. Thank you for your love for 14 years - and Mommy will see you again! I just know it! XOXOXXOXOXOX


Roxi Foster Lozowicki, 01/25/98-02/02/09



Cathy Foster and Mary Lozowick

Roxie, 01/01/07-02/11/09

Our little Roxie we miss you more everyday,we will meet you at the Rainbow Bridge we love you Dad&Mom

Roxie, 22/05/96-18/02/09

Roxie 1996 - 2009
Hope your out of pain now... we miss you every day and our life is not the same without you.
In our hearts forever.

Helen Firmager

Roxie, 10/15/99-01/02/09

I miss you Roxie

If I could just stop crying
I think I'd be okay
If I could dry my eyes
I think I could make another day

If I could hang up your leash
And remove your feeding bowl
Maybe I could fix my broken heart
And fill this gaping hole

If I could take you walking
One more time and, then
I would never say, "shut up Roxie"
Cause, you were my best friend

I will miss you all my days
When winter turns to spring
When seasons come and seasons go
And starts all over again

When the moon shines through my window at night
And a canopy of stars covers the sky
I'll be wishing you could've stayed longer
But, it's not for me to know the reason why

I don't know how to continue
But, I'll have to keep trying
Maybe tomorrow will be better
If I could just stop crying

Georgia Washington

Roxie Ann, 07/09/01-03/12/09

My sweet, sweet Pug Roxie.
I had to put you to sleep today because I know that you would not want to continue to suffer the seizures and confusion that began just a few weeks ago.
I consider you a true friend and constant companion. You were a little fisty spitfire since the day I picked you up when you were just a few months old. You'll always be the "house manager" in my heart.
If only you knew how much I love you and consider it a blessing to have been your dog mom.
I can only hope that I will see you again in another place and time.
You are the best.
Love you so.

Heather Nimmons

Roxie Cochran, 11/08/02-12/31/08


Anna Cochran

Roxsy K, 04/12/08


Unfortunately I did not get to know you as well as I would have liked to. However I know how much your family loved and cherished you and still does everyday. You are missed so very much Rox and you are in our thoughts and prays everyday thank you. xoxo


Roxy, 08/05/90-07/02/09

My little sweet Roxy.
She beat to the tune of a different drummer.
She was loved so very much by me and by her brother Caicos.
She was so devoted to Caicos that she would claw herself bloody if kenneled without him.
She was so upset when I got him a year after her.
She thought I had betrayed her; but little did she know we would both grow to love Caicos with such intensity.
She left this world just minutes ahead of him in our beautiful garden.
I imagine she was very happy to see him.
Loved and missed, my babies Roxy and Caicos.

Barbara Shepard

Roxy, 12/13/98-06/20/09

You left paw prints on our hearts and you will never be forgotten. You will always reside in our hearts. Rest in Peace.

Scott, Lisa & Evan Kerry

Roxy, 05/16/89-01/05/06

I will always love you Roxy, forever I will remember you and I hope you are save and having fun up there until I meet you again one day and can give you all the love, hugs and kisses you have been missing xxx


Roxy, 05/19/89-23/05/07

You, Roxy, have always had a special place in my heart, and you always will.
I miss you so much (even with other pets now that I'm sure you would get on with at some point, even though you were set in your ways) and I hope you have fun up there.
I will see you when I get there too !!!
I love you and always wish you were here with me.

Vikky Burrell

Roxy, 06/17/01-04/22/09

Roxy, my first baby. My story with you started back in sophomore year of high school and you hung on long enough to see me graduate college. The battle between your 7 year old body and cancer was lost. Though you won't be here to bear my wedding ring down the aisle (a silly wish I had always had) your spirit is with me everywhere I go. I still feel your face rubbing against my thigh, I can still feel your soft velvet ears, I will always remember the way the top of your head use to smell and cute little freckles on your pink nose. There is not a second that passes by that I don't think about you. At night I miss your snoring, I miss your kisses as I walk in the door and every time I step out of the shower you are no longer there laying on my towel keeping it warm when I get out. I look forward to the day where I can see you and be kissed by those big jowls once again. You forever live in my heart.


Roxy, 10/97-03/2009

I miss you so much, my precious Roxy kitty
I'm so sorry you got sick, but I know you're not suffering anymore.
You are the most wonderful kitty in the world and
I will always treasure the time I had with you
Benny misses and cries for you too. We love you
dear Roxy and will never forget you.
Barbie and Benny

Roxy, 06/01/90-11/02/04

You've been gone for more than 4 years...My darling girl...Time does not heal all things...I cry less often, of course, I've got your big brother and two little sisters to provide lots of love and affection but you are never far from our thoughts..we loved you so much. I see your grave in the field and wish you could still run among them. You did get your farm, baby-girl, although you passed away 6 months later, but by God, you got it! :) I'll see you one day on the other side...until then, allow me to shed a tear once in a while because you were just the best...I miss you so much... XOX

Lynda Seymour

Roxy, 03/10/09

Roxy we miss you. Not only your human family but your little pack is not the were such a faithful loyal member of the family!
You were a cherished friend that brought LOTS and Lots of smiles to my days!

Renee Macias

Roxy, 01/11/01-03/10/09

She was the best dog a boy could ever have. She will be missed very much!

Cody Clay

Roxy, 03/16/08

My precious Roxilla,

Giving you up was the hardest thing I ever had to do. I wish I knew then what I know now because I would've been a much better mommy, and realized that you needed much more than just my love. I know you had a good life with your Daddy, and that you both loved each other very much, and for that I'm so grateful.
I just learned of you passing today...Please know that I never stopped loving & missing you, and never will.
God Bless You, my little peanut....


Roxy, 01/27/09

Roxy was such a good girl.She loved everybody. Never complained when she was so sick and trusted me completely to take care of her. I miss walking, playing with her and talking to her every day. If dogs could be a soul mate, she would be mine.

Kathy Lindeman

Roxy, 02/12/09

you will be missed by all of us at ROSA'S Rescue and also your four-legged friends - Frankie and Susie will miss playing with you and going outside with you. Frankie really liked you a lot. Now you will be happy and pain free. I hope you enjoyed 6 months with me and my family and extended family. God bless you and I know you are happy now.


Roxy, 12/27/08

Roxy was the light in my life and I miss her with all my heart. My world is so empty without her. I knew she was getting on in years, but I thought I had at laest 3-5 more years with her. Her death was so unexpected and I know that I did the right thing by having her put to sleep. There's no way I could ever watch her go through another heart attack, the way she did Sat. She'll never be in pain again and she'll be happy chasing the big dogs in heaven.


Roxy LiFonti, 01/19/09

My coo-coo, Roxy girl. I will always love you. I miss you dearly :(

Mary LiFonti

Roxy Lou Jump, 01/05/09

Roxy Lou was a gift from God to us. She was a beautiful, vibrant dog. She was loved by all who knew her and she never met a stranger. She was a very gentle and big hearted dog who enriched the lives of her mommy and daddy very much. She was born sometime in August of 2002 and we adopted her from the animal shelter in December of that year. The bond between her and us was instantaneous and very strong. She was loved very much and well taken care of her entire life. Sadly, she passed away at 3:35am today (01/05/09). She was at home among those she loved, her mommy and daddy and grammy. Her daddy was loving her and singing her special song as she passed. Mercifully it was very peaceful for her. She will always hold a special place in our hearts and will be with us in spirit forever. "Who loves that Roxy Lou? Daddy does!"

Ron Jump

Roxy Momo Morales, 07/03/09

Momo ~ You truly will be missed. We were blessed with 3 awesome years with you. Momo you have truly blessed and changed each and everyone of us in one way or another. You were are Hoochie Mamma, Molicious Roxy Girl and we are so sad to see you go. You will always hold a special place in our hearts and you will never be forgotten. I know you are at peace and are no longer suffering as you are now with the Lord! Boy are we going to miss you but we love you oh so very much................ We Love You MOMO!!!!!!

Manuel Rachel MJ & Christina Morales

Roxxy Murphy Lugo, 01/25/97-07/14/09

Rest in Peace my beloved Roxxy.
You have filled our life with more joy than can ever be measured and taught us the meaning of love.
You will be missed every minute of every day, until we meet again. WE Love you.
Mommy & Daddy

Roxziy, 11/25/08

She is missed so very badly. The best friend I have ever had, ALWAYS so warm and loving and affectionate, even when she was so very sick. Thank You for ALL the wonderful times, and for being my companion when life wasn't going so great.


Roy, 04/17/06

Dear Roy,
Tomorrow, April 17 will be the 3rd. anniversary since you left me. I still think of you alot. You gave me 11 years of happiness, joy and beautiful memories. I wish you could have stayed by my side longer. Hope you are happy at Rainbow Bridge with all your little friends. I'm sure one day, we will meet again. So, until then, take care, little one. Love always.

Florence Fong

Roy Douglas Beeson, 03/29/09

Everbody loved Roy.
He was always a happy puppy, but if he got out of the fence, Roy was like a Rocket.
Bless his heart, he got out of the fence & ran out on the highway.
He was gone before anybody could even scream his name.


Royal, 04/30/09

Royal was the most friendly and loving companion a family could ask for.
There wasn't a person he didn't like or a person that didn't like him.
You are missed our loving and faithful friend.

Donna, Stephen, Keith, Stephen, Christine and Mary

Roz, 10/03/04-04/22/09

To my dearest Roz,
You were the brightest light in my life. You loved me unconditionally and I loved you just the same.
Our bond was so very, very strong that there is a hole in my heart where you used to knead me with your tender, sweet little paws.
Not a day goes by that I don't miss you so much it hurts me to the core. You were only a baby when we found you and you were still a baby when we lost you. So it is...I'm here and you're not. The loss that I feel can't be described in words.
God, Roz, I miss you so much.

Liza MacNamara

Rpn Santo, 02/27/08

A great cat!

Ed Heath

Rubie, 04/30/09

We adored our Rubie.
We had so many pet names for her (Rubie Tuesday, Rubensteiner) She was always there when we were feeling blue and needed loving.
She contracted Feline Leukemia and got very sick and couldn't breath.
We put her to sleep and held her close.
She will be in our heart's forever.

Vicki, Carley and Dave Rach

Ruby, 4/09 - 9/15/09

Ruby and family I did not know you, but read about you. Ruby was a 6month old kitten murdered in Michigan by a criminal.Ruby I wish you warm, sunny, happy days at the bridge. So sorry your life here ended in tragedy. I pray your family will find comfort. I pray the person responsible for your death will pay. Love your friend

Ruby, 06/19/09

Our beloved baby has passed on. Our hearts are broken yet we know and feel the blessing of her in our much she taught us about deeply our love for her connected we were, the three of us, a family.
Run baby, run and play. Feel young and free again, released from your sore, stiff body. Play with Shadow and Lucy and get into trouble as only you three could do.
And come visit us, sweet Ruby. Come visit us.

Always loving you,

Your mummas

Ruby, 06/11/09

To my yellow kitty that came home with me in your special box on Halloween night when I was 7 years old. No words could ever describe what you brought to my life. You were never my pet, always my family. You will never be forgotten and you will be truly missed. I love you, Ruby.

Amity Borders

Ruby, 12/05/08

Ruby Girl, there isn't a day that goes by that I don't think of you and look for you in your spot.
I miss you old friend


Ruby, 04/20/09

We will miss Ruby and enjoyed the short time we had with her.
It is comforting to know she isnt suffering anymore and will finally meet Stella on the other side of Rainbow Bridge.

Cheryl, Brannon, Austin & Reagan Watson

Ruby, 05/13/01-01/20/09

Well I just wanted to let you know that you are going to be sooo missed, and to thank you for all the unconditional love you gave us, and that I am sorry for the times I made you mad at me, but thankful that you didn't stay mad long. I only wish that I had found you sooner so we could have spent more time together, you made daddy and my life so much better for the time that we had you, and one day we will all be together again. So in the meantime you have no nasty disease anymore keeping you still, so you run and use those legs like you never have before and have a great time, and don't worry about us being sad, because we will see you again.

DeeDee Brooks

Ruby Dean, 04/02/09

Ruby-It has been three week today that I had to help you cross over to the bridge.
I still cry everyday for you.
I love you very much and pray you have found health and happiness and will be waiting for us till all can be together again.
You are such a good girl, I know you tried to fight the cancer-it just wasn't possible.
You will always by My Ruby Girl.
Till we meet again.

K. Maureen Stephenson

Ruby Goh, 11/06/00-03/20/09

You are truly missed by us, Ruby.
We often pray for your well being.
To be cared and loved.
You were such a loving fur-daughter, full of compassion and constant mate.
Indeed, you are our soulmate.

Goh Family

Ruby Red Johnson, 02/26/01-06/27/09

Our Ruby Red, such a great companion, so loving and always by our side.
She was such a funny dog, that English Bulldog of ours.
She was very obedient and willing to please us.
We will always love our Bullie and there will never be another like her.
We love you Ruby Red

Rachel and Chris Johnson

Ruby Sky, 08/08/97-02/28/09

Tremendously missed by us and her fellow greyhounds,she was a regal addition to our home.She bravely endured osteosarcoma till the end.She loved car rides and walks, but did not always enjoy the destination.Although shy around new people,she had no problem communicating with "her" people.One look from us was all it would take to start a whirlwind of tail wagging for a treat or dinner or a trip outside or a walk.We miss you Ruby,sleep well.....

Vincent and Leslie Iachini

Rudi, 09/18/95-05/09/09

Rudi ~

My faithful companion, you are missed.
We love you and will be looking for you to cross
the rainbow bridge to welcome us to Heaven.

Rest well my friend.


Rudi, 07/15/98-04/27/09

To my eternal friend and playmate, I will miss you with all of my heart and cherish the time we had together. I will think of you often and never forget. I'll love my big Rudi always.

Elizabeth Trafford

Rudi, 03/22/05-03/23/09

Little Rudi was my daughters cat - a beautiful little girl who, unbeknownst to us, had a heart defect.
Thankfully, she was only sick for a few days before she passed on to Rainbow Bridge.

Robin Minnich

Rudy, 11/08/94 - 09/03/2009

The Character of my Home

I never truly realized or appreciated the level of noise, mischievousness, energy, or love that Rudy brought to my home. He must have been yelled at 50 times a day. He would simply stop, look at you with those eyes, then proceed with what he was doing. You couldn't possibly be mad at him. He was diagnosed with a heart condition 3 years ago which enlarged his heart about 5 times its normal size, with medication they were able to slightly reduce it. They were never able to remove the fluid build up which formed in his lungs. In those later years, I never saw him deterred. He would still play with his ball...he would still jump onto "his" recliner...he would still notify the house of the incoming pizza. I am amazed how this little dog made such a huge impact on my heart as well. He was with me during my divorce, my mom's passing, and my current marriage. He supported me through all my highs and lows the last 14 years. He truly was my best friend. I can only hope to be as playful, eager, loyal, and to love so unconditionally. He truly has made me a better man emotionally. I dream of the day when my heart can be as big as his.....and meet him again at the Rainbow Bridge!

Rudy, 03/07/99-06/10/09

To my very best friend of ten years - I miss you more than you could ever know. I'm grateful for the time we spent together. I love you, Rudy.

Sara Jankowiak

Rudy, 12/12/08

You were to me everything.You watched over me,protected me and loved me,as I did you.It was so unexpected,but I guess it was time to go.I think of you every day,and hope you hear my prayers.I am lost without you my boy. Rest in peace

Carol Diorio

Rudy, 11/26/94-09/14/08



Rudy, 10/31/94-03/25/09

you will always be my good boy Rudy. I miss you.


Rudy, 10/13/08

I will love him forever and he will always be in my heart.I love you boy!!!

Megan Edgerly

Rudy, 07/19/04-01/29/09

We miss you and Love you and hold you close in our hearts. You were so patient and caring and a delight to all. Be Happy...Rudy Patudy.

Ray and Nancy

Rudy Church, 05/05/1999 - 09/09/09

Rudy was the best dog you could ever hope to have. Everyone who met him was drawn to him and fell in love with him. He was obedient, friendly, loyal and so loving. We are heartbroken to have him gone. We adopted him from the pound when he was about 8 months old. He was named Rudy by the person who put him in the pound after the older exNavy contestant on survivor in hopes that he would be adopted and survive. We fell in love with Rudy right away and he with us. Rudy hated thunder and loud noises. I hope there is no thunder or loud noises where he is. Thank you so much for the rainbow bridge... I've been praying to God to let me know he is in an okay place and now I know he is. Goodbye Rudy. We love you and you will always be in our hearts.

Rudy Foss, 05/31/84-04/94

He, Willy and Tuker and their kitty 'sisters and brothers' walk beside me on silent paws

Michelle Lindgren

Rudy Leopuss, 08/18/01-03/27/09

My darling Rudy,
I loved you too much to make you stay.
When you reached up to hug me that morning, I knew you were asking to be released on your journey.
You are forever in my heart.

Polly Gove

Rue, 06/04/09

My dog Rue was my best friend.
She helped me out through so many hard times and I feel like a part of me is gone now. Rue wasn't just a dog to me, she was my child.
No one ever has made me feel so special.
When I came home she was so excited to see me.
She knew when I was sad and just stayed by my side until I felt better.
If I wanted to lounge around she would too!
I don't know how to make it without her.
She had gotten very sick, her liver and pancreas were failing and it happened quick when I finally found out that she was sick.
I know that she wouldn't want me to be this sad, but I can't help it.
It seems like not a lot of people understand how I am feeling so my sister suggested this website for some suppost.
I hope Rue can live on in my life as happy memories someday soon and the pain won't be so bad.
I love you baby girl!!! Thank you for being the best friend I could even hope for.

Linda Jungenberg

Ruff, 1980s

Ruff...Ruffer sure were so pretty...everyone thought so and commented on it.
We don't know what happened to you and why you became so sick...the vet wasn't even sure.
You became so weak and just weren't feeling good.
The last day we took you to the vet, I held you in my arms and lap on the way and you were so frail but still trying to be so brave.
We hoped so much they could help you and figure out what was wrong.
They told us to go home and they would call us.
We had barely gotten back home and they called and said you were going into respiratory and heart failure.
We had to let you go to the Rainbow Bridge.
We were devastated.
I'm so sorry that we couldn't help you get better but I know you are feeling so much better now and having lots of fun at the Rainbow Bridge.
Soon we will all be together again.
We love you Ruff...thank you for being our cute little sweetheart.


Ruffles, 04/09/90-05/05/09

Ruffles was not a dog, she was our Princess Daughter.
She was a loving and trusting pet that is missed so much my heart is broken.
The decision to let her sleep was so difficult.
I have cried for 5 days now.
I can write no more right now.

Jane Leuchtner

Ruffy, 02/21/92-03/30/09

Our family dog was more like a son to us and baby brother to our sons.
He was loved very much by us as well as grandparents and uncle.
Ruffy gave us 12 wondeful years of very fond memories.
We love you Ruffy Very Much and Always.
You will always have a Very Special place in our hearts.
We will miss you very deeply, but we will all meet again and be together happily ever after someday.

Espiritu Family

Rufous, 03/30/04-01/11/09

In memory of my heart and soul dog who taught me unconditional love, determination, joy and living in the moment.
Thank you for everything and I will see you when I pass over. I love you and carry you in my heart forever.
Your forever heart and soul mother, Anna.

Rufus, 06/30/09

In heaven with his sister....


Rufus, 05/27/09

You walked into our yard one day and straight into our hearts. You were our baby for 10 years. The last year has been hard for you with all the illnesses. I suffered with you and prayed for you each night. And then the day came....when your doctor said there was nothing she could do for you anymore. It was the hardest thing in my life I ever did, to let you go to eternal sleep.
Fluffy is missing you as much as I do. He is still looking for you.
I started the "RUFUS-Memorial Garden" where I put your body to rest. It will be a place where we come and sit and remember our time we had with you while you are playing happyly and healthy again in Kitty-heaven.
I love you forever you will be in my heart.

Rufus, 03/19/09

Forever Remembered, forever missed

Jodi Pruett

Rufus, 03/21/09

Rufus was a wonderful dog, Loving compianion, and loyal to his family. He was a beautyfull Rott. I fell in love with him the first time I say him. He loved to ride and it didn't matter how long the trip. He just wanted to be where his family was at. He loved the beagle we adopted from the pound, and excepted her right away. He love people, they would come just to see him, and It helped if they had a snacks. His most favorite thing was a tennis ball. He was beside himself about a tennis ball, He would play for hours chasing it, and never got tired of you throwing it for him. He was the best dog I have ever had. and he is very missed by his family, and beagle girlfriend. We have lost a family member, He was with us very where we went. We love you Rufus.

Lois Sanderson

Rufus, 01/25/09

Nine pounds of dog with 50 pounds of attitude. Aggressively affectionate, stubborn as all get out and so much fun, especially when you teased your older brother, Beau.
You owned Michael's lap and Kristen's heart.
You made me pay attention and ga ve us ten wonderful years.
I am so sorry that you got so sick, so fast, little guy.
Not being able to make you and Beau better broke my heart.
Wherever you are, make Beau behave.
And, for you, also I wish I could give out one more hug.

Susan Fellows

Rufus, 01/28/01-02/01/09

7 years or so ago
I went looking for you, my cat to be
Thinking I'd save you
Only to find in the end
That the one who got saved was me.

See you at the Bridge, little buddy.

Mike Watry

Rufus Mosquera, 03/38/07-08/07/09

Mr. Rufus, Mommy's Prince Charming was the best cat ever. For some reason, he was taken from us much too soon. He is dearly missed. We loved you so much, more than you'll ever know. We will never forget you.
Love always, Grandma, Mummy, Papa, Rafaela, and Otto.

Rufus Rat Leroy Pearson, 06/27/04-05/13/09

Rufus you were the meanest little sweet doggie. you will be missed.

Amy Pearson

Rugby (Cartagena), 10/31/97-05/02/09

Dear beloved Rugby,

I miss you so much that is umbearable.
There is a void that nothing can fulfill. The pain is so deep. The house is so quiet,empty and sad without you. I lost my companion of every minute of day and night. My wonderful friend on happy and sad times. My cheerful and playful buddy.
I lost my guardian angel.
There is only one good thing: the thought that you are now in a better place, eating all the treats that you want, playing with all your buddies there and running, running, running.
You are free now, my son.
One day we will meet again.

Violeta Cartagena

Ruger, 2006-04/16/09

Thank you for all the good times you silly little dog Thank you for making Blackdog for me (sorry for calling you bad for hooking up with Cola) Thank you for all the times you made me smile when i was down Thank you for being there. Sorry you had to go the way you did. i cant help but think it was my fault it happened. i should have remembered. I hope it didnt hurt and that it was quick. I wish i could have held you in my arms one last time before you left. We all love and miss you dearly. Its hard but we will be together again buddy. I LOVE YOU.


Ruger Romanowski Sweigart, 02/16/09

Ruger was my best friend and helped me through the toughest times in my life.
He always welcomed me home by wiggling his way to me.
He would run across the yard to greet me if he heard my truck.
As I sit here writing this I am deeply saddened this day came and I am without my little buddy who did nothing but love me.

I will miss you Ruger and I will always love you!

Your Dad.

Rugrat, 02/17/09

Rugrat you will be so very dearly missed. I can't even begin to think of what my life would have been without you in it. You were always there when no one else was. Your little fuzzy face and loud comforting purr will always be remembered. You touched my life like no other. Rest in peace and please don't ever forget where you came from and who loves you and will always love you. You have a very special place in both my heart and soul. I love you so much Baby Boo, sleep well... Love you always and forever, mommy

Rummy, 10/16/93-06/24/09

Dearest Rummy, what a beautiful little dancer, and a great walker also. You so loved that one park. You loved your treats also, and would reward us ahead of time with that cute smile of yours. Then at the end of the day you loved to jump into our bed and snuggle all night. we miss you, but I
know your happy at
Rainbow Bridge with all the rest in your new young bodies. So until we meet again there, we'll forever be loving you our very dear Rummy. Love You Always, Susan and Jim

Runt, 07/15/09

A litter of 5 was born on a rainy summer evening. The mother cat was a good momma, but the human they were living with was not a good person at all. He did not feed momma right, or enough, she suffered and the babies suffered even more. I rescued them, brought them into MY house, fed and cared for them, but the tiniest one just could not make it. I held her until she took her last breath at 2:30 this morning...and even up to almost the very end, she was purring, as if to say thank you, you tried your best, you made my short life happy, you played with me, kept me safe, fed me well, but I'm sick and I must go...but my purr lets you know I love you and appreciate what you did for me in my short time here on earth. I know she will be waiting for me. My heart is breaking but I know she is well and happy now. I light my candle every Monday night, but this next Monday it will have even more of a special meaning. Take care little Runt...keep that motor running, I will never forget what a loud motor you had and your sweet little striped face. Your brothers and sisters send their purrs and love to you, and I send you all my love too. I will never forget you...thank you for being a part of my life and for letting me love you and care for were an extra-special little fur-baby.

Ginger Jenkins

Runt, 1992-05/08/09

Runt you were a loyal friend and companion.
I miss you until we meet again.

Connie Brooks

RuRu, 07/21/91-01/19/09

We were blessed to have our RuRu almost 18 years... surely a part of the family.
I miss seeing you in all your favorite places around the house :(
You were the old man Mr. RuRu
My heart is breaking but you now will not suffer.


Russell, September 1997 - October 12 2009

You were a marvelous dog. My heart is breaking yet I am thankful you went peacefully and that I was with you at the end. I would give anything to have you back.
I will miss you terribly and I will never forget you.


Russell, October 1992 - August 3, 2009

My Old Man Russell has gone to a safe place to play with all the dogs of past.

August 3, 2009, at 8:00pm he made his departure, and I am so torn, but I know he is happy. He had a good 17 years, He was a very special old man. I gave him the best home, and plenty of love. But not as much as he gave to me. He was a very special old man.

Little Pauly (his cousin) will miss him too, He will miss the nose kisses Russell use to give him all the time. The comfort of them sitting together on the bed nuzzled next to each other, sleeping together, checking out the cat and birds out the front window.

He was always looking for somewhere to crawl into to rest his old head, usually on my lap.

I miss you dearly.

Russell, 07/15/09

Cya Russ.


Russell, 06/05/96-02/06/09

For his birthday and his love I am entering this tribute. He truly was my best best friend- spouse, baby, playmate, etc. and the closest relationship I've ever had (and I am a widow). There is a deep ache in my heart I hope will heal some in time- it's very painful.

Lori Lerner

Rusty, 11/14/2001 - 09/12/2009

To my Loyal Companion Rusty,  
    May the roads rise to meet you,  
    May the winds be always at your back,  
    May the sun shine warm upon your face,  
    The rains fall soft upon your fields,  
    And until we meet again  
May God hold you in the hollow of his hand

I've had you since you were 8 weeks old, and lost you too soon (7 years 10 months).
I miss you and love you so much. You will live forever in my heart.

Linda Barbour

Rusty, 10/15/95-07/12/09

Rusty you will remain in our hearts for the rest of our lives and will be missed dearly.
There are so many wonderful memories that we cherish and it is so heartbreaking for you to be gone, but we now know that you are at peace and free from pain.
We will always love you and can't wait until we are reunited again someday.

Mark Johnson

Rusty, 07/09/09

Rusty I love you and miss you so much I cannot put it into words.
I feel like my purpose in life is gone now.
I pray that in doggie heaven its so nice there and you are pain free.
My sweet Rusty girl - the "Icon of Thompson Street"

Always in my heart - always and forever.

Nicole C. Crouse

Rusty, 04/92-06/23/09

Goodbye ol Rusty,
I will miss your morning and evening greeting.
I had you with me longer than any pet in my life....17 years...but I sure hate to see you go.
I will miss you greatly.

Larry Cartmill

Rusty, 05/09/97-06/26/09

We love you Rusty, you will be missed dearly. You will always be my precious baby,I have a tear rolling down my cheek right now and you are not here to comfort me like always before.You are a good boy and i am so happy that you were a part of our lives. You can rest in peace with no pain now .

John and Janna

Rusty, 10/13/96-06/10/09

In loving memory of my dear little angel rusty,u will never be forgoton and have touched the hearts of so many,i will miss u so...


Rusty aka Rutee, Rustalicious, 10/29/07-06/11/09

THANK you Rusty for showing me the love and devotion you did, even if only for a short time. I will never forget you and you will forever be in my heart. Until I see you again my friend, bask in the glorious sun, run in tall grass, and think of me once in a while.

Rhonda Barlak

Rusty, 05/15/92-05/22/09

We will always love you.

Jan Sundry

Rusty, 05/19/09

I miss you my babay boy.


Rusty, 10/12/95-05/13/09

Goddbye my little baby. I will love you forver.


Rusty, 05/11/95-05/19/09

My Friend, My Buddy, My Baby. He made everyone who met him love dogs. G-d was good to him. He died in his sleep. All Dogs go to heaven.

Howie Londner

Rusty, 05/12/09

I lost my friend yesterday. I will miss his loyal greeting and company. I know it was for the best as he was suffering. I also know that someday we will be together again. Good bye Rusty. I miss and love you.


Rusty, 10/01/92-04/19/09

Rusty we will miss you deeply. I grew up with you, and you will always stay a part of our family.

Dwane Rua

Rusty, 07/04/96-03/04/09

The greatest companion we have ever had!

Kathy and Ken

Rusty, 04/10/09

Rusty finally lost her fight with cancer today. She put up a good fight and lasted 3 months longer than we were told she would, but we always knew it was a losing battle. She was a good friend and companion for 14 years, and I will miss her.

Eric Bullock

Rusty, 06/01/07-03/27/09

To Rusty -- Background.
Rusty was a rescue pet from the state of MS.
Rusty was a "poor, misunderstood dog".
No one knew how it happened or why. We were all so sad; it made us cry. How unfair it should have happened now, won't someone ever tell me why and how? A Greater Presence chose this time for his life to yield.
It's later now, while we try to move on, we miss him as though he had just gone. We'll never forget all the good he did, even though, to him our farewells we've bid. We love him still, we miss him yet; and on this I'll forever bet. He is truly in our hearts, from us we will never be apart. LOVE YOU

Rusty, 01/03/09

Rusty was a great dog, always patient and loving and attentive, very excitable and loved to bark, keeping everyone up at times, the house is so quiet now without him there and we will miss him always, I just hope we did whats best for him and he is happy where he is now, miss you always my friend x


Rusty, 02/13/09

Sweet Rusty, you are missed by us more than words can express. It's hard to even imagine the days to come without you. You were such a wonderful, sweet, loving friend and companion. I know the pain you were in was just too much. I'm so sorry sweet Rusty. It was time for you to go to the rainbow bridge and play with Bogart, Omar and Turbo and to wait for us to join you but it is so hard for us that were left behind. I love you Sweet Rusty and I miss you so much.

Marcia Winfield

Rusty, 02/20/09

We will never forget you.
We are so thankful for the 12 years you were in our lives.
You brought us so much happiness.
We miss you so much.

Debbie & Jim Leymeister

Rusty, 01/21/09

Rusty brought alot of joy and happiness to our lives. He was a unique and special pet, and a member of our family. He will be forever loved and missed, but not forgotten. We love you Rusty.

Jim & Sandy Wiles

Rusty, 09/27/08

Rusty had just an incredible amount of personality!
He was one of the best friends I ever had !!

Bill Manes

Rusty, 01/26/09

You will sadly miss forever.

Kim Bradley

Rusty, 12/18/94-12/06/08

My Rusty was just the best dog ever anyone who knew Rusty loved him so very much.Anyone he came in contact with just automatically felt his love in any room or place. We miss him so very much. There is not a day that goes by without him in my thoughts,sometimes they are smiles and other times they are tears. We love and miss you so much!buddy,I'm sure you know. Love Mom,Dad, kristen and Casey. I miss absolutely everything about you.

Rusty, 07/10/95-12/11/08

My sweet baby boy Rusty.
I want so much to see your sweet face and feel your wonderful kisses.
Baby, I would give anything to hold you again.
Enjoy your time at the bridge, play each day with your new friends and Mommy will be there soon.
Thank you for all the love, joy and happiness my angel.
You are forever held close in my heart.
I love you so much baby boy.

Rusty, 01/25/88-01/21/09

Rusty was a very spoiled 21 year old cat. The house was "set-up" for his needs. He had bum leg so there was a chair by my sink for the last 15 years so he could make it up onto the counter where he loved to sit. It was too hard for him to get to the cellar litter box where my other cat went, so I set one up upstairs for him. He had food in practically every room he went into for him. But most importantly, I loved him so much and I loved spoiling him. He will live in my heart forever. Love you Rusty Butt!

Debbie Noonan

Rusty, 05/16/94-01/16/09

I did my best. I just hope it was good enough.


Rusty, 01/08/09

God gave us Rusty for 11 years of gentle, devoted, and loving companionship. He will be sorely missed.
Our daughter, Ann, rescued him as an abandoned 4 months old puppy in January, 1998.
His picture is on my blog at:

Radford and Lina Allen

Rusty, 11/02/94-01/14/09

I'll love you forever my precious boy.
My heart is empty without you!!

Darlene Raper

Rusty, 07/10/95-12/11/08

Hello my sweet angel.
We've been apart for a month now and Mommy misses you so much.
I feel you close to me so often and for that I thank you.
You are my whole world baby boy and I love you with all my heart.
I promise we will be together soon, until then you run and play and smell all your new smells.
I hold you close in my heart until I can hold you close in my arms.
Mommy loves you.


Rusty, 01/06/09

You will always be my best friend -
I will miss you so much.
Thank you for a life time of memories buddy.


Rusty Boy, 08/01/93-06/08/09

My precious baby boy. It's been 1 week since I gave you back to God. The hurt is still within my heart. I loved you more than anything. I knew you were tired and saw your body start shutting down. You showed me you were ready for peace again. I loved you so much I had to lay you to rest. Sparky and Jazz miss you too. I know you are waiting for me to see you again and I will. For now be happy and playful with your new friends in heaven. You are in my heart forever. Love you my Rusty Boy!


Rusty Dusty, 09/29/92-01/10/05

A good little boy in corgi clothes


Rusty Lee, 03/05/97-06/07/09

The Guardian Angel of our family and a true brave heart.
We will love you for ever our dear Rusty may you run amoug the stars. God has greater things for you baby. God bless you always.

Laatsch Family Mike Pam Kari and Sarah

Rusty Marvin, 07/03/09

Rusty, I will miss you. You are the strongest little dog I know. Watching you play in the water always brought happiness to me. You never backed down from anything no matter how large an obstacle it may have been. I pray that you find peace and your family finds strength in you. Till we meet again. Hugs and Kisses, Love Uncle Mike, Jeanna, Aunt Robi, Bubba, Santana, Mercedes, and Cleatus.

Rusty Randolph, 07/29/08

We had Rusty from a pup, and she was the greatest dog we've ever met.
She was so connected to us.
She was a "Mama" dog, in that, I trained her to "say Mama" by her controlling her bark.
She will be greatly missed.
I hope that you can visit this YouTube site and watch the video tribute I did for her (it's only 1:10 sec. long).
I want to express my condolences to all here also who have lost these family members.

Virginia & Bob Randolph

Ryan Bonner, 04/17/98-02/21/09

My best friend....A true day we will be together again. I will always love you were the best

Cheryl Bonner

Ryder Smith, 06/05/98-12/14/08

Ryder was a meannie cat. Unless he belonged to you! Very loyal very territorial.
He loved his treats and sitting in the backyard by the pool. He was a healthy 22lb. cat for 10 years.
He had perfectly matched white socks on all 4 feet! White bib and a black face. He took those LONG white whiskers and wrapped them around my heart forever. Rest now. we will all be together someday. Miss you sooo much my friend.

Ryker, 02/08/09

I will always love you my beautiful Ryker boy, you were my best friend, confidant, protector and companion. I will always love and miss you and I hope you hold my memory with you as I will always hold yours with me in my heart until we can be reunited. i know you are in heaven with my mom and I hope you are making her smile just as you did for me everyday. I love you my beautiful angelxo

Kym Demarce

Rylie Mae Lopez, 02/26/09

Missed every second of life. Truly loved.

Jason Lopez

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