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2009 Tributes

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Qaetian, 03/11/09

I've always loved you, Qaetian, and I always will. I hope you've found every thing a household millipede could ever want. I'll always be waiting for he day we reunite. I hope that your time spent here has been very pleasing and happy. I hope you will make many friends a The Rainbow Bridge. I've loved every thing about you, and hope you loved my too. I'll always try to do the Monday Pet Loss Candle Ceremony. Never forget me, Qaetian. Out of all the millipedes I might have, I will never replace you.

Bailey Peyton Boring

Quaker, 11/93-04/07/07

You came into our lives after the Northridge Earthquake, an abandoned puppy.
You brought us so many memories and unconditional love.
You are forever in our hearts.

Colleen, Angie, Kristen

Queen, My Beanie Baby, 03/10/09

Queen, my Beanie baby and special little girl - I will never know why you were taken, but I give thanks and feel extremely blessed for every day I got to spend with you and be your mama.
My heart is broken and my soul is now not whole, but I know that one day we will rejoice in seeing each other and holding you in my arms, giving kisses and hugs to you.
You will forever be my little girl, my Beanie Baby.
Please keep my spot next to you and your heart - and remember that I will always miss you and love you.
Bubby misses and loves you too, baby girl!

Laura Matthews

Queen Victoria, 02/29/99-06/13/06

To my beautiful Queen Vickie who left too soon. I still think of you and still miss you greatly. You are always in my heart.

Constance Wilson

Queenie, 01/06/94-01/20/09

Queenie was a small girl with a huge personality. She was the queen of digging tunnels, especially on the beach. Queenie was our little ocean star, she loved the beach and the ocean. A brave and tough little soul who will always be missed and loved. So sad to say goodbye but it was time after she put up a good fight against her illness. 15 years old!

Vickie and Ed Ruess

Queenie McDermott, 12/28/09

Queenie, you were the empress of exuberance.
I hope you are now someplace where the fence gate is always swung wide and you are roaming where you want to go. Or I hope you are riding in the convertible and the top is down and you are barking madly at every little thing.
I hope you are in the kitchen, and the refrigerator door is askew, and you are happily foraging.
I miss you so much.

Mary McDermott

Queenie Windmiller, 12/01/03-03/13/09

Queen Latifah "Queenie" Windmiller charmed all she met. Born in New Hampshire, she spent her first 3 years in a home with a boy and a girl who loved her. On Nov 21, 2004, she and her mate Scooter had 4 daughters and a son. She and a daughter came to live with me August 27, 2006, when their owners traveled overseas.

They were not merely pets; Queenie and her daughter also toured nursing homes, schools, and hospitals doing nature therapy programs with The Nature Connection. They also visited both a synagogue and an Episcopalian church (for the Blessing of the Animals).

Unlike most hedgehogs, Queenie was so relaxed, she would remain uncurled for nail trimming and veterinary exams. She touched noses with my cat Fiona through her cage and never hissed. She was an extraordinarily gentle soul. I feel blessed to have shared her life, and grateful that I still have her daughter to enjoy.

Jane Lothian

QueeQueg, July 16, 2007 - August 29, 2009

QueeQueg... Gift of mine, Daddy brought you to us 2 years ago, and now so quickly you have been taken from us. You brought much joy to our family. You with the gorgeous long coat of orange, and the loving personality. You were beloved by all of our family Daddy, Alisia, Cara, Sacha, Shania and most of all by me. You tugged at our heartstrings with your illness. I wonder if you weren't taken quickly from us, to spare you the disease and lingering illness? You are connected forever to us from our soul to yours. We will meet again one day, beloved.... I know it will be a wonderful reunion for us. Know that we all will miss you so much in our lives, but we thank you for the beauty and joy you brought to us. You are gone from our garden, but you will remain forever in the garden of our hearts. Rest easy, QueeQueg and run with the Kitty Angels free among the green grasses of the Rainbow Bridge. Chase the girl kitties and play with the mice for at the Bridge everyone is friendly and kind. There are no enemies, there is no fear, there is no illness... It is here in this peaceful and beautiful place that we leave you until that day when we meet again. Much Love and Kisses.... Mommy, Daddy, Alisia, Cara, Sacha, Shania XOXOXOXOXOXOX

Quiky, 08/21/95-04/06/09

Quiky it is hard to believe you were with us 13.5 years. We had a wonderful time with you and miss you so much. All our walks. Oh how you loved your walks even if you weren't feeling well. I can still feel you laying by me under the covers and sometimes I can still hear your sighs of content.We miss you so much. I had always hoped you would live forever, but our furry loved ones only share time with us for a short while.
The time went too fast and now you have crossed the rainbow bridge. I know one day we will meet again until then you will always be loved and missed.

John, Teresa & Kyle Walker + Kasie Parker

Quila, 1994-05/21/09

You will be missed greatly my friend.


Quimby, 07/23/99-01/14/09

Quimby was a typical Scottie, stubborn but was always there for you.
He loved to bark at the squirles and chase our other Scottie Walter who would always outsmart him by hiding on the couch while Quimby kept running around the house in circles.
He loved to look out our front window from the couch and sneek food bits from Mom at the table.
We love and miss you soo much Quimby and look forward to greeting you again at the Rainbow Bridge along with Tammy, Angus, Barney, Duncan, and Freckles.
Good Bye and God bless you all as He has blessed us with having you here with us.

Pete & Kathy Berez

Quincey Scanlon, 12/4/1999 - 10/21/2009

Quincey was the most beloved pet that our family ever had. We will miss him dearly. Even in his last days he was still energetic has the day I got him home as a puppy. I think the thing we will miss most is the 9:45 curfew horn in our town. when it went off he would sit and sing until it was all over. When he would be outside at this time the neighbors would come out of their houses just to listen to him sing. Quincey you are still loved and always will be. Your family Todd,Tami,Ashley and Lindsey

Quincy, 04/01/09

So blessed to have had Quincy-not a mean bone in his body-loved people and cats and enjoyed socializing with other dogs-love to go in the car-loved to swim and dive for rocks. His time had come and even though I understand my heart sure hurts. For you Quincy the pain is gone and you are free. Thanks for being apart of my life and you will always be in my heart.


Quincy, 08/03/97-03/18/07

Quincy was such a sweet and loving boy.
Everything was an adventure to him.
He adored his sister, Carly, who shares our grief at his loss.
We are having such a difficult time, but we also know he would want us to celebrate his life like he celebrated every moment of every day of the glorious 11 years, 6 months that we were fortunate enough to have him in our lives.
We love and miss you, Quincy.

Beverly Stalnaker

Quincy, 05/14/95-02/27/09

Quincy, a loving, giver of unconditional love, sloppy kisses, greet you at the door friend, keep you warm in bed at night, cuddler on the couch next to you, 13 years of great companionship.
Quincy was a 13 year old dashaund.


Quincy, 09/12/97-01/11/09

The pain and seizures stopped on 01-11-09 when Quincy was sent to heaven.
Our time with him was filled with laughter and smiles.
He brought sunshine to each of our days.
His passing has left us with an empty heart and unbelievable sadness.
Quincy-thank you for the joy you brought to us.
The laughter that we had because of your playful nature.
The fun we had playing tug with you and your beau-beau.
The understanding you provided when we just needed kisses from our boy.
The patience that you gave to us when Mom dressed you in your holiday outfits.
Each day with you was a blessing and we will never forget our sweet Quincy Bear.
You are no longer in pain and have beau beau to share with your family in heaven.
We will always love you!!!

Ken and Sue Lambert

Quinn, November 16, 2003 - November 13, 2009

My best friend Quinn passed away from a pit bull attack. I loved her more than words could ever say. I need her to know that I am sorry for the way she died, she would never be replaced and I will not let her death be in vain. I will find a way to make a difference in people's lives, in her honor. She was my everything.

Quinn, 04/09/08

Quinn, you were a great little pony and you taught so many people how to ride. everyone at SCS will miss you and we all love you. </3

Daniella DiNardo

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