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2009 Tributes

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P.J., 05/03/09

P.J. died this morning.
I think it was a broken heart.
He was left at the animal shelter I volunteer at a few months ago and never adjusted.
I tried to give him as much love and attention as I could when I was there and he seemed to be getting better, but then he developed a upper respiratory infection and had to be put in a cage in isolation.

I think that was more than his spirit could handle.

I will miss his sweet little face with the cute stacked up diamonds on his nose.
I hope he is free and happy now.


P.J's Handsomeboy Jethro, 01/23/99-03/09/09

Jethro stole my heart and I pray that I see him again one day. I got him when he was 12 weeks old and when our eyes locked I fell in love and for over 10 years we were as close as best friends and soul mates can be. My life is totally empty without him and everywhere I look something reminds me of him. I was fortunate enough to have had him for 10 years, 1 month and 2 weeks but that wasn't long enough. He brought so much happiness into my life every single day. I know he knows he was loved greatly and I know he loved me as much. I will miss him everyday for the rest of my life.
He stole my heart.

Penny Banden

P-Nut, 10/01/08-07/04/09

To my beloved P-Nut. You came into our lives as a stray off the street. We took you in and gave you a home. You returned you appreciation with all your love. We had you for only ten months, but I loved you a lifetime. I hope you run into your older step-brother Papas and you can both share a great game of "Get the Ball"!!! I miss you. I hope you didn't suffer, when you were taken from us. I miss you. Love Mom & Dad.

P:tree, 26/09/98-27/05/09

We will always love you. You were an angel sent down to help us through our darkest time and now we are finally on our feet you have left us thank you Xxxxxx

Stacey Sheriff

Pablo, 30/03/08

Pablo was taken from us suddenly. He was too young and is missed so much. We love you Pablo.

Laura Goodacre

Paches, 09/26/90-01/25/09

I miss you sooo much.You are alway in my heart.
I will keep you close in my dreams until it is
time for us to be united again.
Love you my pach baby.


Pacino, 01/03/97-05/11/09

Love forever

Jim Schiuma

Paco, 07/15/07-07/15/09

Paco was a very sweet and very animated lil thing who loved eating raisons like no one i have ever met.
Watching him enjoy those raisons made me smile inside and out.
I will miss that lil guy...


Paco, 03/15/02

Paco was a homeless doggie until he found me. He showed up at my door. Someone had moved out of the neighborhood and left him behind. That was in 1991. Paco lived with me until March 15, 2002. He had a brother (Rhodesian Ridgeback, Nixa) and a sister (Husky/Shepherd Mix, Chancey). Paco was a real character; he had many tricks up his sleeve to survive. He had the fake shake down to an artform. He could also come up with a gagging cough when women were around. It worked every time. Paco was always grateful for having a home. He lived a long, happy life. We miss you Paco and we love you.

Tom Scherrer

Paco Bishop, 03/10/01-02/10/09

My little man, there for me through thick and thin, he'd licked the tears from my cheeks when I was cry which seemed to be a lot lately. He'd do flip flops when I came home, whether I was gone five minutes or five hours. You were the love of my life and I shall miss you unlike I ever missed anything or anyone in my live. Rest in peace little man and rest assured there won't be a day that mommy doesn't think about you and miss you. Now go find your sisters and play. Tell them mommy misses them too.

Kim Bishop

Paco Mares-Johnson, 06/20/08-02/16/09


Yu were the love of my life...The pet that i wanted my whole life and even though i didnt get yu until i was sixteen yu were the first pet i ever had and yu changed my life.I know yur up there with papaw and hes taking good care of yu.I know yur life was so short but i hope i made it as good as i could. Mamaw and Papaw miss yu so much too.i could never replace yu and i kno yu wouldnt want me to cry but i just miss yu so much my babee boy.I miss yur kisses and how whenever i came in the door yu got so excited behind that gate yu would shake and jump and go crazy till i got yu out and yu would sleep right on my head every night. Every one thought i was crazy cause i held yu like a baby and yu would only kiss me on the lips.I didnt care because I love yu<3I hope that the person who hurt yu feels bad because they hurt my babee.It hurts because i cant think about yu without the image of yu layin there in the street pops in my head. Yu were only a babee and never got to live yur life. Yu changed Mamaw she hated animals but yu were that *SPECIAL* yu even won her heart over.Dont never forget me cause i know i wont forget yu=] when i die the first thing i will do is find yu in heaven so we can be together forever.There will never be someone that meant that much to me. I LOVE YOU MY LITTLE BOY.Love always yur mommy

Paddington, Paddy, P.Cakes, Paddy Cakes, 03/22/08-06/30/09

Paddington was a Lhasapoo who looked like Paddington Bear. We called him Paddy for short. I wasn't even thinking about getting a dog when I saw him in the pet store, but there was something about him that made me know I had to bring him home. He brought so much joy into our lives with his sweet face and fun-loving personality. He loved to play, he loved to ride in the car and stick his head out the window as he sat on our lap, he loved to sleep on his back next to me at night. He loved pizza crust, he loved to play with his Uncle Sam, a 17 year old Golden Retriever. Paddy had a job, he was a carpeter dog. He would go to work with my fiance and play outside in the sun. He loved to play fetch and chew tissues up into a million pieces. We miss him so much.
We held everything he did dear to our hearts. Everything he did made us laugh. He was our special boy. He will always be greatly and sadly missed. I love you P.Cakes.

Rachel and Bobby

Paddy, 01/24/06-06/08/09

I love you, Paddy !!!! Miss you so very much....!


Pagan, 11/10/99-05/29/09

Pagan was the perfect cat.
He was a rescue cat and we loved every inch of his big, black, furry body.
He said "Mama" when he wanted milk; he told us "I love you," and when he didn't want milk that was offered to him, he would say, "Not now."
He was always there if any of us were sick or sad, and he never, ever did anything bad or wrong.
We are devastated at his passing from cancer and will carry him in our hearts until the day we can meet him again.

Heather, Mason and Melody Brown and Joe Shade

Paisley, 08/20/93-05/18/09

I miss you baby so much. It's just not the same without you here. You have no idea how much you meant to me.

Jennifer Ebersole

Paisley, 02/08/09

Paisley was a neighbor's dog.
She was rescued from a situation where she was neglected, but still she was such a sweet and lovely girl.
My neighbor gave Paisley a good life, but unfortunately it was too short.
Paisly died from health complications just a few months after being rescued.
She will be missed.


Paison, 03/01/07-10/24/08

Even though your time with us was short we loved you tremdulously!
Please wait for us for we will be reunited!

Melissa Jones

Pal, 01/04/09

Somewhere in time,
you're waiting,
still faithful to the end.
And soon I'll meet you at the road,
my friend.

Ron, Julie, and John Pugh

Pal, 12/05/08

Pal was a good and loyal dog.
He came to us on his own from a neighboring farm and took us on as his new family.
He loved the boys. We moved with him to another state where he became an inside dog and led a good, but mundane, indoor life.
I always wished he could have been on a farm doing work, but he remained loyally with us despite being an indoor dog.
He followed me everywhere.
I guess it was his job.
He may have eaten a poisoned animal about a year before he died because his liver function decreased until he finally just needed to be put down.
He was such a quiet and good dog.
He was so submissive and kind.
Thank you God that he came to our family and that we had the opportunity to care for him and him for us.

Jill Cohen

Pal Currie-Grace, 1998-05/07/09

With a heavy heart I must let everyone know that Pal passed away yesterday afternoon surrounded by all his family in a room filled with love.

Pal was diagnosed with Cushings Disease in May 2006 and likely suffering from it before he became part of our family in August 2005.
As the disease progressed, my veterinarian cousin learned of a medication being used in the UK to treat Cushings. Pal began treatment last year just in time. Unfortunately, his liver was already damaged and finally gave out yesterday. But now, because of Pal, other Cushings dogs in Edmonton are receiving the same disease-suppressing treatment. We will miss him dearly, but I know that Sable, Schaeffer, Gryphon, and Jake are all with him now and he is strong, healthy, and among friends.

Each and every one of you had a wonderful impact on Pal's quality of life. He loved his dogwalk friends both canine and human, and Terwilligar Park - where he ran off-leash for the first time and then many, many times afterwards. He loved "vacationing" at Nana and Papa's. Nana loved him so much that she tried to convince us he should live there all the time. And, Uncle Bryan was his favorite dogsitter who was also there the time Pal ate the mouse or vole or whatever it was at Chicakoo Park. Pal went on business trips with Uly and got to be the center of attention at Sheraton Au Claire and the Banff Springs Hotel.

Pal loved his doggy door, his ramp, his kennel, his home-cooked meals, and often tried to "love" his best friend Sandi. He didn't have a favorite toy but was always glued to my heels, especially in the kitchen. He is the only dog I have ever heard actually enunciate the word "ruff" when he barked. And, we never figured out how he could spring himself, with his little legs and barrel body, onto the bed - landing on all four feet at the same time. If he thought I was going somewhere, he would be waiting by the garage door wagging his tail and wanting to go for a ride in the truck. He was an attentive, loyal, steadfast, and loving "schmoop".

Pal had a very full life. That alone makes it worth going through this difficult time. There are no regrets. Love never forgets.

Pal Currie-Grace
Sometime in 1998 May 7, 2009 @ 1515 hrs.

Stop all the clocks, cut off the telephone,
Prevent Sandi from barking with a juicy bone,
Silence the pianos and with muffled drum
Bring out the coffin, let the mourners come.

Let aeroplanes circle moaning over head
Scribbling on the sky the message He is Dead.
Put crepe bows round the white necks of the public doves,
Let the traffic policemen wear black cotton gloves.

He was my North, my South, my East and West,
My working week and my Sunday rest,
My noon, my midnight, my talk, my song;
He endured much: my dog for so long.

The stars are not wanted now; put out every one,
Pack up the moon and dismantle the sun,
Pour away the ocean and sweep up the woods;
Just for today, nothing can ever come to any good.

-- W.H. Auden (personalized especially for Pal)

Melanie Grace

Palma, 07/05/09

My heart is broken and will never be the same.
We had to say goodbye to our precious Palmita yesterday - faithful friend,companion, and sister (to her canine brother/littermate Coco and her human brother Sergio and sister Angie).
Yesterday was the worst day of my life, little girl, because I had to tell you goodbye.
It's so unfair.
Cancer SUCKS!
I love you, will always love you, even beyond my last breath on this earth.
I pray that you are well and running free in heaven with God and that by His grace we will join you there one day and again touch your soft fur, never to have to leave you again.
When you died yesterday in my arms, a part of me died with you.
How I will manage without you, I do not know.
Dear Holy Father, please give me strength.

Teresa Arellano

Palmer Hamlin, 12/28/07

Palmer was my foster dog from the DFW Cocker Rescue group.
He had never had any shots before he was rescued and contracted distemper, a disease that can be prevented by a $5 vaccination.
He captured my heart over the course of 8 days, and I cried for two weeks.
I miss you buddy, and I'm sorry that I didn't get you quick enough!!!

Kevin Hamlin

Pancake, 05/18/09

My sweet kittiest meow... You crossed the rainbow bridge just a few hours ago and I miss you already. I'm so sorry that I couldn't make you better... I hope that the 6 years we had together were good - I loved you so much and will always love you sweet boy.

Emily Kleier

Pancake, 05/20/08-03/12/09

Pancake was a loving, perky kitten who passed away from feline leukemia.
Although she was less than a year old, she'd imprinted on us and we were extremely close.
It's hard to believe she won't be jumping in to bed with us anymore, or chirping and running around the apartment.
We miss her more than anything, and hope that we get to see her again someday.


Pancakes, 03/01/07-26/04/09

you brought so much joy to us and mummy and daddy love you very much,have you can now play with toffee,lilly and nanna in the big field

love mummy and daddyxxxxx

Panchita, Marzo/16/2009

Mi pequeño milagro ¿que puedo hacer con
mi necesidad de abrazarte y todo este amor que revienta doloroso en mi corazon ?Mi potito cagado
este amor trasciende tu muerte y mi muerte.ASI SEA.

Berta Patricia

Pancho Boo Bear Golden Boy, 04/01/94-01/14/09

To My Boo Bear,
I will miss you so very much; they way you smell, the feel of your head when you bump it on mine and the weight of your fuzzy butt when you slept on my neck. You were an adorable, playful baby who grew into a mischievous adolescent and later a partner in crime. No matter what, you never left; you stuck by me through thick & thin. It's been a 15 year friendship that I will cherish forever. Play with Condesa and wait for me. All my love,


Panda, 05/26/96-07/12/09

To the sweetiest, happiest, softest velvety eared, always available to lick your tears, bounciest, gentlest to our babies, counter cruising, best wonderful big dog ever- May you rest in peace. We love you very much and always will have you in our hearts. You were always there for me, were my first baby and the first one I told when I was going to have our little girl babies. I hope you are as happy in Heaven as you were on earth- always smiling and wagging your beautiful fluffy tail. Cuddle with Clarisse in your paws in Heaven. You will never be forgotten .It is a very, very sad day for our family and saddest for your mommy veterinarian- I wish I could have made you live forever.

Michele Lentovich

Panda, 08/01/98-06/15/09

Oh Panda, our sweetest simple friend.
You gave us so much happiness and pleasant smiles every day of your little life.
You will never know how deeply and passionately you were loved by Mommy and I.
Your sweet and gentle nature, your happy tail wagging, your joyful little bark.....the house feels so empty now.
All we do is cry.
You took a piece of our souls with you. We could not keep you from suffering and the agony of having to end your wonderful life of joy and love will always be Mommy's cross to bear.
It will always tear at my heart to remember how simply and easily your gave back the love we gave you, twofold.
Your love was like a sweet cleansing shower or a soft gentle breeze.
Life without you seems empty, barren, and pathetically sad.
If there is a loving God in heaven, I pray that in my last minutes on this planet that I will see you running to me with a happy smile on your face.
I will gladly come with you to bask in the joy of seeing your wonderful face and healthy body.
We must carry on and repair our broken souls.
Goodbye, Panda.
Oh God, did we love you.
And we will miss you until we breath our last breaths.


Panda, 06/10/09

No, Heaven will not ever Heaven be, unless my cat is there to welcome me.

Rest in Peace warrior


Panda, 02/14/94-02/02/09

My dearest Panda,

This afternoon I buried my face in the scruff of your neck as you left this life and told you how much I love you and appreciate the almost 15 years of joy and devotion you gave me.
I will miss you tomorrow waiting for me at the door, but I am so happy you are running free and strong once more.
I do not need to tell you that YOU were FAMILY and we will hold you close to our hearts forever.
Wait at the Rainbow Bridge for me.

Rebecca Finch

Panda Bear, 02/29/00-04/03/09





~ ~ SARA ~ ~

Panda Bear, 01/07/09

You were our Little Bunny and my Little Bear the loss we feel is imeasureable.
You overcame your handicap with fearless determination and gave us inspiration.
You left us only days before your mother, Frosty.
Please hold each other tight as we wish we could hold you both.
Please do happy jumps for us.
We love you more than life itself.
Mom and Dad

Pandi, October 30, 2003 - October 2, 2009

Pandi came to us in December 2003 and brought much happiness to our family. She left us on Friday October 2, 2009 with much sadness.

You never experience a pet until you have one of your own. She was "Mommies" baby as I let her get away with everything. "Daddy" loved her too as well as her sister.  
She was not just a pet to us......she was a daughter, a sister, a neice, and a granddaughter.....She was so spoiled with love, laughter, and everything that we could provide to her.

She loved going out to camp and going for boat rides. She was so excited to go for a boat ride and see all the fishies that we would catch. She also loved the bow of the boat and when her ears flopped in the wind, she looked like "Dumbo" the elephant from behind.......It was so cute.  
She loved the freedom out at camp because she could go pretty much anywhere.

Pandi would greet anyone at the door and even before they walked in with her bark.  
I would tease her as I came in the driveway, I would look at her as she stared out the bay window and I would talk to her without her even knowing what I was saying but seeing the expression in her face to know that Mommy was home.  
As soon as I would walk up the stairs to open the door, she would be there waiting for me to take her out; and love her to death and let her pee....cause of coarse Pandi always got so excited that she would pee right away. Anytime, anyone came to the house, the rule was "DONT' TOUCH THE DOG FOR AT LEAST 5 MINUTES UNTIL SHE SMELLS YOU OUT OR ELSE SHE WOULD PEE.........."

I loved the fact that anywhere I went in the house, she would follow me; whether it was to the kitchen, the computer, the living room, bedroom, or even the bathroom. Once I was home she would never leave my side.

She was spoiled by going for car rides. Her favorite place to go was Tim Horton's. Boy she could smell that tim~bit from a mile away. As soon as we got to the window, you betcha she was right there waiting for her treat. OMG, if she didn't get one.

We had Pandi just short of 6 years. She filled our hearts with so much love, joy, happiness, and laughter. She had a lot of characteristics that everyone could love.  
She will be deeply missed.

We will miss you everyday that you are gone our lil "Pandi" girl.  
Mom, Dad, and sister love you very much and it saddens us that you are no longer with us. There is a big void everyday here in the home. We look for you out the window all the time.  
We Love You Pandi................  
Miss you to pieces........

Pandora, 06/15/93-04/23/09

Pandora was loved by all who knew her.
She was a tiny cat with a huge spirit.

Dr. Mary Rutledge

Pandora Carroll, 02/14/03-07/17/09

She has been my familiar, my baby, my angel, and my best friend for six years.
Cancer is taking her from me but I know she will be waiting for me.
I love her with all my heart and cant imagine my world without her.

Carlye Carroll

Pandora Duggan, 08/04/1996 - 10/01/2009

Pandora, we loved you so very much. It broke our hearts to have to let you go. As I held you while your spirit moved on, I knew that you would be in a better place with no more pain. You were part of our family for 13 wonderful years and there is no other cat that could have loved us as much as you did us, and no other family that could have loved you so so much. You made us laugh, comforted us when we needed it, and always gave unconditional love. You will be mourned, you will be missed, you will always live on in our hearts and our memories. Love from us all...Mommy, Daddy, Connor, Chris, Tigger, Branna, and Onyx.

Pandora Steele, 07/21/00-05/05/09

Pandora was my little girl.
The day I first saw her we knew that we were meant for each other.
She knew she was special and I don't know how I will go on without her.

Maricarolyn Steele

Pandy, 12/02/91-02/10/09

Dear Pandy Bear,

You gave me so much happiness.. I look for you everywhere and I can't find you. I know you will be waiting for me at the bridge.. I will look for you and Heidi Bear...
Thank you for the hours of snuggling and purring and just letting me know that at least I have someone that cares..
I love you and miss you dearly, my faithful friend


Panther, 05/27/09

For Panther, who died at the cat rescue in Nottingham today. He was rescued from the street 2 months ago, ill and unloved. We gave him the comfort and treatment he needed and grew to love him for his gentle nature and his patience in bearing his illness. We will miss him. "Go Find the Light"


Pants, 9-23-2003 - 12-16-2008

We bought our little buddy in Cheyenne, Wyoming. We named him Pants cause he had a fun little personality and a different type of name fit him perfectly. He was the most loyal dog, and was always doing adventurous things he shouldn't have been doing. I am sure he though he could fly, or had superpowers. The best of times for Pants, we also called him Bubbs, was play fighting with his big sister (Shoes), or curled up on the couch in his mom's lap, taking a nap. He loved driving in the car, staring out the window with his paws up on the steering wheel.

He was the young age of five when he passed away from a back injury, and this was the toughest day of our family's life. Even though he has been gone for some time, his family has never, and will never forget him. You remain in our thoughts and hearts at all times.

We will love you forever, and we will miss you until it is our time to meet again.

Hugs and lots and lots of kisses, Mommy, Daddy, and Shoes.

p.s. you still have mashed potatoes on your nose. :D

Panzy, 02/24/09


Pao, 07/05/00-05/31/09

You were a true blessing and a faithful companion from the first day. Your time here with us was so short, but you loved us everyday and we are so thankful to have known you.
We will miss you always. God couldn't have made a nobler and more sweet creature in all the world.

Thomas, Veronica, and Brisa Chadeayne

Papa, 02/16/09

We'll miss you Papa!


Papa Chulo, 04/20/98-05/10/09

best friend and companian that was called away well before his time. healer,greeter,heater,leader,teacher,yoga and zen master,human walker,comforter,honerary fireman,protecter,comiedian,entertainer,loving one,inspirier,confidante,navigater, co-pilot,my best friend i'll know since the day i met him. forever paw prints on my heart-your girl k8*

Kate Brogan

Paris, 05/03/97-03/29/09

Paris you are missed, and I love you!

Amy L. Yngsdal

Paris, 05/01/99-03/03/09

Paris, we had a wonderful bond, beginning at your age of four-and-a-half weeks, when I found you alone, hungry, and half-starved.
Syringe feeding you until you could eat on your own was very special for me!
As you grew into your antics, I adored you all the more.
I always loved your "Calendar Cat" black and white markings, especially the black "beard" and "tuxedo pants".
And your talking!
I have never had a cat talk to me so incessantly as you did!
And you know, I always remarked about your silky-soft fur.
You were such a gift, and I was so blessed to be able to be with you for your 10 years here.
I miss you so much, but I know that the seizures are over now, and that you have been happily reunited with Tiffany and Linus, as well as my other friends who you didn't know until now.
You will find happiness and bliss on The Other Side, and, one day, we will be together again.

I'll be talking to you once in a while; you'll hear the familiar "ParisKittyKittyKitties" as I begin. (You know that I'll want to be checking in with you!) But that will just be to get your attention, and perk up your heavenly ears, because, from now on, we will mostly communicate with thoughts and emotions...Know that my love always has been, and always will be, with you.


Paris, 07/25/01-01/12/09

Goodbye Paris - we love you very much.
Thank you for spending your little life with us.
Baby Gin, Jo and Mark all miss and love you very much.

Parker, 05/13/09

I was given a rescue golden retriever 10 years ago next week. He was 9 months old and the most beautiful dog I had ever seen. It was love at first sight. He had separation anxiety issues when we first got him but they disappeared as soon as he realized he had found a loving home and he was here to stay. The previous owners had named him "Fluffy" which he never acknowledged. He had a habit of leaning on you so we named him "Parker" and we had 10 absolutely wonderful years with him. He was the perfect pet, always loving, almost psychic in knowing our moods and his was that wonderful little face between the curtains at our front window when we came home. I estimate I walked about 3500 miles with him and he had a very happy life with us. We live at the edge of a small town with a huge gravel pit and bush just past our house and he knew every stone and every path out there (as did I)
The past few months he started to become less energetic and started breathing faster. I just assumed he was getting older. Then he stopped eating. Our wonderful vet was thorough and caring and felt he may have a chest infection. Antibiotics didn't help so she asked to put a drain in his chest. It was very hard to take him for this procedure because I think by then, I knew it was more serious. Our vet called shortly after to say she couldn't get anything out of the chest tube and wanted to operate hoping it was a benign tumour. I said "please do everything possible" She called back in about 10 minutes and said there was a large malignent tumor all round his heart. She sais she could close him up and give us a brief few days to say good-bye before this tumor stopped his wonderful heart. I said "no, please put him down now" I couldn't bear to see him in pain. Now it's me that's in pain. Every where I look and everywhere I go I see a void. Parker was such a huge part of our lives and taught us so much about love, understanding, forgiveness and just plain enjoyment of living. I have to believe that all God's creatures have souls and that he is now up there playing in the fields with his friends. In his lifetime he made friends with a skunk, a groundhog, a baby crow, countless dogs and cats and every human he ever met. He also tried to make friends with a large snapping turtle but that didn't work out too well and the experience left him with a small scar on his nose and a healthy respect for turtles. His loss is harder on me than I could have ever imagined but I thank God for His grace in giving me this loving creature as my constant companion and best friend. I shall always love and miss my Parker boy. Rest easy old friend and I'll be looking forward to being with you when my time comes.

Lou Kirby

Parker, 04/18/09

My sweet Parkie, you came into my life and brought me so much love. You woke me in the mornings. At night I listened to your breathing. I'll miss you forever. Be at peace and know you are still loved.

Sally Mericle

Parker, 01/16/01-03/19/09

Farewell my Big Brown Boy, Mystic's Forever Parker Boy.
Your courage, determination and strength were always there
Shining in your spirit from the very depth of your soul.
You taught us love, you taught us patience,
You showed us thoughtfulness, love of learning, and joy.

About a year ago I thought about you and me,
And realized that you were me and I was you.
We shared silliness, laughter, fun and adventure.
We shared love and caring for each other.
You were my Heart Dog.

Now you are pain free, and as you swam under the Rainbow Bridge,(chessies always SWIM under The Bridge)
You got back your missing leg
And your cancer is gone.
Your legs work just fine as you run in the fields
With Dasher and Ebony and Maggie.

I have no doubt that we will see each other again
And that when we do, we will know each other immediately
By the smile, the light in our eyes, and the love in our heart.

Run free, my Parker Boy.

Terri Ganster

Parker, 05/06/95-02/15/08

Hi Parker!

I can't believe it's been a year since you've passed. I just wanted to let you know that there isn't a day that goes by where I don't think of you. You brought so much joy to my life when you were here, and the thought of you still brings a smile to my face. I wanted to thank you for that.

Lots of love, kisses and treats for you.


Parker, 02/10/09

Our little Parker was truly a gift.
He was abandoned (dumped) by our home when he was about 8 months old in August of 1993.
What a good thing for all of us.
We gave him a home but he gave us so much more. He reminded us every day to love and laugh and enjoy life.
We love and miss him more than words can say, until the day we are together again.

Diana Pihaylic

Parker Madison Dailey Justice, 04/10/97-02/21/09

Parker Madison was an angel in furry clothing.
He was the smartest, handsomest, and most loving boy who ever lived.
We were truly blessed to have nearly 12 years with our precious baby.
We know that he is no longer suffering and is running free in Rainbow Bridge just waiting for his mommas to join him.
He will live on forever in our memories until that sacred day when we are united once again.
Rest in Peace, Angel.

Melissa Justice & Hilarye Dailey

Parkers Never Leave Us Alone (Levi), 01/28/03

You were the best dog a family could ever ask for.
I did everything I could to try to help you during your seizure.
I wish you did not have to leave us, as each day is different without you here.
You are extremely missed.

Tess Parker

Parson, 09/01/03-11/12/08

Dear Parson,
Mummy sends you lots of love and hugs.
I do know that you come and kiss me in my dreams and mummy thinks of you EVERY DAY.
I know one day we will meet and mummy and Parson will be together again.
I miss you so much my baby.
Till we meet again
Love and Kisses,
Mummy and Daddy

Pasha, 02/03/09

This tribute is for my best friend Kym's kitty, Pasha. Pasha was a gift to her father around the time he was diagnosed with cancer. Kym was there, and fell in love with this beautiful, long haired white kitten, being sure to let everyone know if they ever decided Pasha needed to live somewhere else, she wanted him. Sadly, daddy passed and Pasha did need a new home. Pasha lived happily at his new home, until he fell suddenly & mysteriously ill the end of Jan. Pasha joined our other friends at Rainbow Bridge on Feb 3, 2009....2 days after the anniversary of daddy's passing. ~ Pasha was a beautiful animal with a sensitive soul, and will be missed terribly by all who loved him...most especially his mama, and my very best friend in the world.


Pasha Lynn, 11/14/07-06/10/09

Pasha lynn we will miss you so much and will always love you.
How sad we are that you are no longer here.
I thought I was doing the right thing by getting you spayed and insteaded you died during the surgery.
How we have cried and cried over the loss of you and the pain is so hard.
We will always love you and miss you,
You were not our pet you were our daughter and we loved you just like that.
Always know that you are missed and loved and that one day we will meet again I know this..
Love your
Mommy and Daddy and your brothers

Pasiley, 05/23/09

I miss you baby girl always in my heart!!!!

Dawn Farley

Patch, 11/12/94-03/27/09

Patch, my little baby girl, I miss you so much.
There's a hole in my heart and an ache that will never go away.
I try to look up and think of you with smiles, but it always ends in tears because I still can't believe you are gone.
I miss watching you sleeping in your bed when I was working on the computer.
I miss seeing you tucked in next to Daddy in his chair while we were watching TV.
I miss laughing while you settled in between Daddy and me in bed and I miss waking up and feeling you between our pillows.
I still feel for you and my heart breaks when I realize you're not there.

You gave us such wonderful memories.
You made Daddy laugh like I never heard him laugh.
And how I loved playing hide-n-seek with you!
Daddy laughed at both of us then!

I think about you every day.
I love you so much, Patch, and how I wish you were here with me.
Nothing will ever be the same without you.


Patch, 04/25/09

Oh my "Sweet Boy" how I miss you! I am so empty and aching in my heart without you and your soft purring face against mine. I miss waking up with your body on my pillow and your head on my head every morning. I keep your picture on the headboard so I can see your smiling face 1st thing.
You have given me so many precious memories to hold and keep in my heart Patch. I thank you for loving me and being my "best friend" for all these years. I will never forget you and will keep you alive in my heart forever and ever Boo. My life will never be the same without you. Until we meet again baby..... Mom

Patch, 1998

You are missed so much my beloved Patch.

Sandra Gregory

Patch, 08/2007

Patch my dalmation was my best friend, my comforter, and my life. He was one of a kind true companion.
I will always remember Patch for his loyalty, devotion, and love he gave.
He will be missed always in my heart forever. Even though I adopted another dog 2 years later after his passing, I still love him and miss him.
Each night as I say goodnight to my new adopted dog I say goodnight too to patch and say I love you too Patch I always will. Patch got me through alot of difficult times by just being there and showing in his own way he cared. He was always there through the ups and downs in my life. He was a brave dog till the end.
I know he is in doggie heaven right now running and healthy, which gets me through the times I miss him alot. However, I know Patch was loving and and good natured and would have been happy I got someone to take care of me. Patch I send my love to you forever.
I miss you dearly.

Donna K

Patches, Oct. 6, 2009

i know you never eally had some one to love you as i did until you came to me you learned how t trust and love i know i will never know why you were taken from me until we meet in heven and i will proby never know then i just know you are waiting for me and we will be together forever until rember that i love you and miss you every day love mom

Patches, 10/01/93-10/03/08

My little Boy through thick and thin.
No matter what... he always loved me.

Julie A'Hearn

Patches, 08/17/94-06/19/09

Patches was a loving faithful friend.
He loved to sniff out animals and go for car rides.
He loved belly rubs, the hair dryer, and playing with his toys.
I miss you Patches, and can not wait to see you again.
I know that you are in heaven running free and sniffing your heart out.
I will miss you forever and you will be in my heart forever. Until we meet again, my buddy.

Jessica Lightner

Patches, 01/97-06/30/09

You mean't so much to all of us, we are so honored to have had you in our lives and no other dog will ever take your place.
You will be missed so very, very much and you will never, ever be forgotten. You will live on in our hearts and in our memories forever.
Now you can play ball all you want, run or walk around with Nanook and other animals:)
Our angel on this earth and now a angel in heaven, may you watch over us all, till we can all be together again...
Love you Patches! Always and forever, Your family

Patches, 06/19/09

In memory of a faithful best friend.
You will always be loved.
May your spirit be with us always.

Jessica Lightner

Patches, 01/01/06-06/13/09

We love you patchy waaa ! Will see you again at the end of the rainbow.

Marian Davis

Patches, 06/07/09

Patches was a good cat i loved him so much he got hit by a car today and really hurt me to see him laying there You will always be in my heart love you Savannah missing you alot and so does your brother socks your dad love you and misses you very much

Shawna McAlpine

Patches, 06/10/96-05/28/09

My dearest sweet Patches you got so sick so fast and in an instant you were gone.
You made my life complete and made it have meaning.
My sweet Patches, you loved me so unconditionally and were always there for me.
My soul is so saddened and I miss you so very much!
I am comforted by your last kiss to me as you laid on Doctor Ronnie's table.
Even in your pain, you gave to me.
I will always love you and you will be with me forever!

Annalee Yard

Patches, 03/97-05/17/09


Mommy misses you so much. As much as I wanted you to stay with me, I know you were hurting from the cancer. It was too tough to see you struggle anymore. You will always be in my heart. I know I will get to see you again, free from cancer and pain. I will get to hold you and pet you as I did for the 12 years that I had you here. And, when we are reunited, it will be forever. I love you, honey bear.


Patches, 05/11/09

In loving memory.


Patches, 05/10/09

We will miss you my friend and love you always!

The Deitrick Family

Patches, 03/29/09

What a sweet and loving dog.
He was always happy to see us and never stopped loving us.

The Hinkle Family

Patches, 07/29/95-03/17/09

Patches, mommy loves you and misses you. Go to the bridge and find Princess. Mommy will see you again my sweeties. You have given my life so much joy and you were there for me always. I will never forget you.

Mary Beneduce

Patches, 05/01/00-03/09/09

Patches was an awesome cat - so friendly and loveable.
Every day he made me laugh.
I will miss him greatly.

Catherine Brown

Patches, 03/13/09

Patches was picked by Seth when he was only 1 1/2.
She was just a kitten herself.
We got her from a rescue organization.
She lived with us for 12 1/2 years.
She was sick for the last three years and the vet could not figure out what was wrong with her, but she was still perky and friendly.
Then she stopped grooming herself.
It took about six months after that for her to get to the point she did yesterday which was her last day with us.
I could not find her.
I looked everywhere, but she was in the kitchen.
She was hiding in plain sight.
She meowed and that is how I found her.
I wrapped her in a blanket and put her in a box.
In the morning she was like ice.
I keep thinking that she is going to walk into the room, but she won't.
She has gone to the Rainbow Bridge.
She is no longer sick.
She can hold down food.
She is no longer a 4 1/2 pound kitty.
She is fat again.
She is grooming herself.
She can chase butterflies and run after birds.
I miss you so much and I know Seth and Justin miss you too!
I will always love you, my little kitty.

Jennifer Weinstein

Patches, 07/92-01/07/09

Little Patches, miss you very much. You brought me many years of happiness. You were the cutest little cat anyone could ever want. I never thought you would not be moving with me. It was so lonely that last week after you passed. I keep seeing your little body walking around corners and hearing your tiny meow by my bed wanting to come join.Sorry I was not there at the end. Hope you are safe and warm. Will always remember you.

Vera Rema

Patches, 02/11/96-02/14/09

You will ALWAYS be Daddys Little girl, Oh how I miss you, but yet I feel your presence, and still feel you riding in the back car seat with me. I know your still here, and your brother Romeo, misses you and keeps looking for you, matter of fact I know your still chasing him, he has a strange look in his eye, will look behind him and then dart off running if though he is being chased, and I know he is. YOU have touched my Heart and Life completely, but it was'nt nearly long enough. I LOVE YOU, PUMPKIN!!!

Jeffrey Anderson

Patches, 11/94-12/29/08

Patches was a stray, barely old enough to be away from her mommy, when we spotted her on our porch. We have always said it was she who found us. She was a happy cat and had a great life. Over the last 14 years she's definitely left her pawprint on our hearts. We will love her always.

Jodie Meyers

Patches Ann Sexton, 04/26/94-01/16/09

Patches was the best kitty that ever was. She was so beautiful with her calico coat, emerald green eyes and beautiful white feet and breast. Patches had the sweetest dispostion of any cat we have ever seen. She was gentle, playful, loving and a little mischievious at times. But we loved her just like she was. She was daddy's little girl, and mama's baby! We had her for 15 glorious years. And now she has gone on to Rainbow Bridge waiting on her daddy and mamma. We miss her and our hearts are broken. But she stayed as long as she could until it was time for her to go. The house is quiet, the tears sound like rocks rolling down our faces, and it will never be the same without our dear little Patches. Charlie is sad and knows you have gone to Rainbow Bridge. And daddy has cried the blue right out of his eyes and mama's brown eyes have turned blue! Oh, I miss you Patchie! Goodbye from Mama & Daddy and Charlie!

Patches Dawn, 01/31/09

We are so sorry for all you went through in your little life baby. We tried so hard to spare you pain and show you true love. Your poor little body was just to sick.

We will never forget you, and although you are no longer here in physical form, we can feel you here with us. Be with little Rosie, your meaning to your name carries on for her. Watch over her, and help her to heal. I will never forget your precious little face, or your sweet little "Bunny Nose". I love you so much, and I pray you forgive me for what you went through. I wish I was there when you crossed baby, Mommy and Daddy love you!

Peachie, 04/30/09

You taught me how to love.

Kristy Cobillas

Pati, 03/06/09

Gramma and Grampa miss you so.
You brought such companionship to our little Timmie and our daughter.
You could have only come from heaven in such a time of need.
You are and always will truly be an angel Pati girl.
Love like yours knows no end.
You were just attached to a star of love that gently followed our life pathways and now we have had to let you move on to your new home at the bridge.
We long to meet you there
never to have to bear such a painful separation - every again - you precious innocent angel.
We are so relieved that the earthly pain has ended for you.
Our family is eternally grateful for the grace, forgiveness, mercy and love you represented on this earth.
We will hold you once again in heaven.

Gramm, Grampa and Mimi

Fern and Joseph Kolda

Pati, 03/06/09

In 1995, a lost and frightened precious Pati.
I gave her all of me, my home, my love and my promise of safety for fourteen years.
Miss Pati, a toy 20 pound springer, liver/white beauty, was accepted on Planet's Funniest Animals as her video has her calling me "MAMA".
She was my fishing buddy, my loyal guard and companion, the love of my life.
As her little body became more and more worn and kidney failure set in, I realized that her state was not about ME but about her dignity.
She was peacefully placed to rest on March 6, 2009 at 5:15 pm.

Sharee Sunfeather

Patra, 05/22/09

You are our first pet to leave us and it was so hard to let you go. You will be missed always. Rest now little girl and know that you are loved.


Patricia, 07/09/98-03/01/09

thanx patito for being my buddy,even in my darkest hours,life without you will never be the same,love you forever

Andrea Ferreyra

Patrick, 3-22-09 to 8-31-09

My Baby Patrick Kitten. Mommy raised you and your eight siblings from 3 week old infants and what a joy you were. You and your twin brother, Isaiah, were the very tiniest babies of your feral mommy cats litter. You amazed me baby boy with your intelligence. How you made mommy smile each time you went to the door and said "out" just as plain as I do. You were a bundle of love and affection and just the sweetest baby in the world. FIP has cut another life short and robbed us all of having you with us to play with and hold. Isaiah misses you so much and a piece of mommies heart went with you. We will always love you, baby boy Patrick, and you will forever be in our hearts. XOX

Patsy March, 02/07/97-04/21/08

Our wonderful determined girl who lived a full and long life despite the odds.
Good girl Pat!
Skinner will look out for you until we get there.
love Mom and Dad and Willy and kitties

PattieD, 12/30/08

This is for the most beautiful little girl in the world. Her name was Pattie and she was our friend and our girl. Just wanted to pass her memory on for all to read, and to say God Bless to all of our little ones that have moved on.

Thank You

Charlie and Lisa Webber

Pattycake, 06/11/09

Pattycake lived with my aunt.
He was a dumped kitten that she took in and loved, then one day he suddenly disappeared - we think he was taken.
Eighteen months later, I found him sitting by the edge of a gravel road not far from her place, waiting to be taken home.
He was very thin, but despite the best of food and care, he didn't thrive.
He became ill, and today, six months after he came home, the vet diagnosed acute kidney failure and Patty was put to sleep.
We have buried the little man in her back yard.
Pattycake was the most gentle and loving cat imaginable.
He has left us far too soon.
Rest in peace, little man.

Marie Cameron

Paulie, 09/10/08

Paulie, what a treasure you were.....I don't know what happened to you?
Maybe one day I will found out.
Love Mom & Ashley

Jo Ann De Poalo

Pauly, 01/05/09

You are good boy, a great son. We will miss you forever!You loved us, your brother and everyone. You loved sleeping on laps,and the couch.You loved food.You loved laying on shoes.You loved Daddy the most.You loved rubbing your face on every hard surface.You loved your bed I made for you. You loved me too. It is not the same here without you, but we feel you with us everyday. We love you, Pauly. Always!

Jamie Chavez

Pavarotti J. Martin, 05/18/09

Top 10 Things I learned in Life from Pav

10. Always greet people eagerly and happily at
the door.
You will make new friends.
9. Speak your mind loudly and constantly and people will listen to you.
8. Be alert to the feelings of others and comfort them when you can.
7. Things are always better when you share.
6. Sleep is good.
Get lots of it.
5. On cold days curl up under the covers with someone special*.
4. On warm days lounge out in the sun and soak up its rays.
3. *Always wake them up with a kiss.
2. Learn to adapt even when you need to be sneaky about it.
1. ALL you really need is food, shelter, and lots of love.

Chris Martin

Pawnee, 06/25/04

I miss u Pawnee:

I miss the way you meow
I miss the way You purred
I miss the way you looked at me
I miss the way you would hug me when i cry and lick my tears away
I miss the way you would follow me
I miss the way you went camping and hiking with me
I miss the way you went fishing with me
I miss the way you would get mad at me
I miss the way you would cuddle with me
I miss the way you would wait for me to get home
I miss the way you would sit on my home work to get attention
I miss the way You were with charlie but now u and charlie are together again
Most of all I miss My Best friend.....
I know your with me in my heart and in my heart you will stay
And that your in a better place but i wish u were here with me again
I will never get over losing you
I will never love another cat the way i loved u
You were the best cat that i have ever had in my entire life
I wish you were here with me again
But we will be together again one day
I miss you Pawnee I love you................

Tricia Robertson


Paws, 08/29/2008

My Dear Paws,

I cannot believe that today has been one year since you and I shared our last hug... I cannot believe that I have been without you for a year... I cannot believe that so much time has passed, yet your memory is still as alive as ever. I think about you all the time. I miss you each and every single day. I don't think that all the time in the world will ever change that. I know in my heart that we WILL be together again one day. Until then, I cherish all the wonderful times and joy that you blessed my life with. I love you my baby. We ALL miss you and love you so much. Nobody will ever be able to take your place. You will be forever in our hearts.

Love, Mommy Daddy and Ashlyn

Paws, 05/27/94-06/2007

I'm coming Paws Love you so much


Pawz, October 31, 1997 - November 10, 2008

Pawz was not only and amazing pet, but he was my best friend. I loved him like no other. He was my protector and guardian, my friend and my baby all wrapped in one. He was the most loyal companion and he seemed to posses a knowledge of human life. He was smart and had a personality that was unmistakably adventurous and devious (as most cats are) but also gentle and caring of his human family. Pawz was more apart of the family then most pets are to some people, I'm sure of it. Sometimes I would wake up late at night to find my mother getting a "late night snack" and there would be Pawz, patiently sitting there waiting for his too. He was spoiled rotten. There was nothing but the best, for my Pawz.

When Pawz got cancer, it was not only a shock to us but to his second family at MVAH. They took care of Pawz since he was an itty bitty kitty. (Although, to be fair, Pawz wasn't a small cat. In his prime, he was a huge, fluffy in-charge kind of cat. Always really healthy and really active)Pawz was diagnosed with an extremely rare form of cancer (so rare, it didn't have a name and his doctor had no way to even begin to name it. Some of Pawz's blood even went to a national center for testing) in November of 2005, before thanksgiving, which was his favorite holiday. Mainly because he'd get turkey for days afterwards. And no one was skimp on it. At one point, he even had a place setting. Although his was on the floor, he still got a plate-full courtesy of everyone in the house. Spoiled rotten. Pawz survived for more than three years after that and many surgeries to remove tumors. After the first surgery which took half of his beautiful, fluffy tail, tumors popped up every couple of month and it seemed like every couple of months, he was having another surgery. It was horrible to think that we were putting him through that but every surgery, he'd recover and after every period of recovery he was back to his old self again. Jumping, playing (even at his age) and lounging (no surprise there!) around anywhere and everywhere he pleased.

The last 3 months of Pawz's life were agonizing for him. I had left for England with my husband and was afraid that when I returned, I would no longer see his face. But to my astonishment (and I probably shouldn't have been surprised because he could be very stubborn) he was there at the door, purring, waiting for me to come home. In November, poor Pawz's body had tumors everywhere (and I believe it finally starting to disturb and affect his insides. Up until then, it was mainly a skin thing. And regular scans of his body didn't prove otherwise) so the decision was made to relieve him of his pain and say goodbye to him. I'll never forget that day. Not just because its been the hardest thing I've ever had to do, to drive to the vets, but because I knew that it was the best thing for him and I felt less guilty about keeping him for so long. I can't describe the feeling when he was gone because while it's clear as day in my mind, its something that I'll treasure forever and something that has given me peace. All I can say is that when he went, he was calm and I think he knew that I loved him more than anything. He was looking at me the whole time and he didn't look sad, just incredibly exhausted. And when he was gone, his body felt as light at a feather. I've heard people say that when somebody dies, their soul goes to heaven so their body seem weightless, because there's nothing holding them to this earth anymore. I pray that that is what happened. I know Pawz loved me and I know he knew I loved him. I know I did the right thing. I'll always miss him and hopefully, one day if I'm lucky, I'll be able to hold him once more. Its taken me nearly 8 months to be able to talk about this (even if its online and via text) and I can't say I feel better but I can say that I'm going to be ok. I miss you and love you forever, Pawz, my little "bean".

Grammie, Uncle Choochie and Beeb miss and love you too.

Paxie Lynn Fox, 10/07/08

How do I begin to tell you about our beloved Paxie Lynn...our baby girl...who we miss so very much.
She was the smartest dog I ever owned...she knew how to spell certain words AND what they meant...she knew who and WHERE Grandma lived...she understood when talking on the phone that Mommy was coming home...just not sure which door I was coming thru.
She knew when I was sad or upset, and stayed with me until I felt better or loved me through it.
She barked and barked at me if I didn't get right up from the computer or whatever I was doing when dinner was ready.
And she was forever by my side waiting for me no matter how long it took.
That's the faithful friend that she was to me.

She is now resting in God's loving arms with those that have gone before...and I know that if she knew I was so upset it would bother her big I'm trying to not be so upset.
I loved her very much, and she will always be a big part of my heart.

May you rest in peace little girl...Mommy loves you and always will.

Robin Fox and Peggy Eckers

Payton. 06/09/96-07/20/09

For 13 years the best part of every day was waking up in the morning and seeing you jumping up and down and wagging your tail. I miss that so much. I cry every morning thinking about it. Every day was the best day to you. Every walk was the best walk. I remember when you were a pup. You would find your leash and drag it around the house until I would take you. Like any Lab you loved the water. I remember one time I left you on shore to go out fishing. You spotted me a short time later, I was in the middle of the lake...but that wasn't about to stop you. Into the water you went - lucky I saw you and met you in between. You liked car rides, especially in the convertible...I can still your head sticking out the side and the wind blowing in your face. Things changed a little for us after I got married and had kids. There wasn't as much time for you...and I'm sorry about that. I did the best I could. On those final days I cherished the time just laying by your side. It killed me to count the hours I had left with you. But I had to let you go. I'll never forget that day. I found a nice shady place in the backyard. You curled up next to me. There was a nice gentle breeze rustling the leaves on the trees and birds were singing. It was so peaceful. I laid my head on you, and closed my eyes...and replayed all the great memories in my mind, all the while hoping you were doing the same. Then you were gone. I thought the hard part was over, but I was so wrong. The hard part wasn't saying goodbye, it's missing you....and that wont go away.
You were so sweet. A wonderful companion for 13+ years. We went thru alot together. I hope you run and swim and steal every pizza cutter you can find....wait for me Payton, and I promise I'll watch for you to come running.

Payton Girl, 11/21/08

hi my beautiful payton, i think about you everyday and i miss you so much. it has been almost 6 months since i had to let you go. i have been missing you a lot lately and my heart still breaks everyday. i always wonder the what ifs, your mind and heart was still with us but your body was giving up on you and i never want you to think i gave up on you. if love could have made you better you would have been the healthiest dog ever! you were licking my face as the dr. was putting you to sleep and i was telling you that you were so beautiful and that i was sorry and thank you for being my dog. your 3 furry brothers miss you so much too! parker still barks all the time, guinness is still a piggy and chancie is still sad that you are not here. i do not know where you are but with everything i am i hope that you know that i loved you with all of my heart, i miss you pay pay and will love you forever<3

Michele Kammer

Peaches, 2005 - August 29, 2009

To our sweet little lady, have a safe trip to Rainbow Bridge. We love you...

Peaches, 03/01/03-05/09/09

Peaches big momma, we will miss you forever.
You were such an important part of our lives.
We are sorry about the hurt and pain you felt here, and only wish that you could have gotten better.
Love our darling.
We will look after the others for you.

Steven and Cora

Peaches, 04/12/09

God allowed us to watch you and treasure you for almost 9 wonderful years. Your passing was so quickly and didn't leave us time to grieve, which we know that is how you would have wanted it. We can not wait till the day we will be reunited with you again. Until then, you will be forever in our hearts.

Eddie and Amanda Johnson

Peaches, 03/25/09

Our little Peaches,
You were never a pet to us.
You were our companion, our soul mate and the love of our lives.
You lived your life to make us happy.
You did all of the silly things you did and you knew that it brought joy to our lives.
We loved you so much and we will never forget you.
Fly free little one.

Mommy and Daddy Bird

Peaches, 04/04/09

Our sweet, bossy girl, discovered at Circle K, 4 hot dogs later your were with us for almost 11 years.
We hope you find Layla.
And we hope there's someone there to throw your ball to chase.

Lucinda Davis/Paul Maseman

Peaches, 03/29/04-03/29/09


Peaches, 03/10/08-03/27/09

I can't imagine my evening without you lying on my coffee table all sprawled out and waiting for me to rub your belly. I would do it everytime - no questions asked - I loved you so much! Shaianne and Joey are going to miss you terribly! To watch you suffer for 5 minutes felt like forever and I am sooooo sorry that I couldn't take away the pain. But I prayed to GOD to stop your pain and you breathed your last breath - we will all miss you! Love you with all our hearts and souls! My baby PEACHES - I LOVE YOU!!!

Tracy Filipiak

Peaches, 08/12/96-02/19/09


Vicki John & Joey Jackowiak

Peaches, 02/26/98-01/23/09


You were such a dear friend to us.
We loved you the minute we first saw you.
You loved riding in the car with us and went everywhere.
We miss you more than you will ever know.
We are so glad that you belonged with us for almost 11 years.

Mucho love,
Connie and Sparkie

Peaches, My Little Devil Dog, 05/29/09

You were always a blessing and a joy to me, my loyal and loving little girl.
Last night you met me at the door when I got home, now you're gone.
I'll miss you forever.
Rest well. You are loved, and always in my heart.

Stephanie Stark

Peachy, 04/2009

Waiting at the Bridge. Never forgotten


Peanut, 08/01/91-07/14/08

Dearest Baby Peanut,

It's hard to believe that it's been one whole year already since you've gone to Rainbow Bridge. There isn't a day that goes by that I don't think of you and miss you.

You would love Tucker. He reminds me so much of you. He chases Popcorn all over just like you used to.

Just know that I love you, and I'll see you at Rainbow Bridge some day - I know you'll be there waiting for me. You will ALWAYS be my little Peanut Shell.

Love and miss you lots and lots,

Your Mommy

Peatree, 03/20/94-07/05/09

You were my best girl ever since I was two.... sleep well precious one...

Sara Robert

Peenut, 12/03/96-03/15/09

He was our little angel sent from heaven.


Peanut, 07/07/09

It's only been the morning after and I am grieving the loss of our pet, Peanut.
One of the hardest decisions I've had to make, but I know in my heart it was the right one.
I will imagine Peanut running through the fields on a beautiful sunny day ..... x0x0x0


Peanut, 03/97-05/15/09

Little buddy, I will miss you more than I can ever express.
I am glad you're out of pain, but my arms are so empty without you.
You were my best buddy, my constant companion, and my heart.
Thank you for letting me be your Mama, little Nutter.
God speed.

Peanut, 1994-05/08/09

My best friend, hiking buddy, snuggle bug, and you gave so many kisses away.
I will miss you terribly!


Peanut, 05/97-05/09/09

Peanut, you were and still are such a huge part of our lives and always well be. You have touched our hearts and those of who knew you. We will miss you terribly. Until we meet again...


Peanut, 10/92-04/2009

Our precious little chi-chi bird....

Jim & Debra Lullie

Peanut, 05/22/05-04/04/09

Peanut was a very special part of my life. I remember when I picked him out & brought him home with me. He was so tiny I called him my little white rat. We placed him in a box the first night & he didn't make a sound. I remember telling my husband that he was the best dog. I figured he was going to cry all night but he didn't he felt at home & I knew then & there he was the one. He had a playful personality no on can resist not even Junior who is my other Chihuahua whom I brought in our home 2 yrs after Peanut. They were like night & day total opposites he never likes to play or be fussed with but sure enough Peanut's infectious playfulness even got into to Juniors heart. It took him a couple of weeks but he never gave up & soon they were best friends playing all over the house every chance they got. Now even Junior knows how quiet it seems without him around as he laid in Peanut's bed last night instead of his own. I feel like my heart is broken but will always have him in my heart & in my memories. I love you Peanut.

Idaliz Ruiz

Peanut, 08/21/06-01/17/09

I loved you more than words....I am having a hard time with this but I will meet you at the bridge.
I loves you and miss you so much
- mommy

Peanut, 08/2006-03/15/09

Today my little friend Peanut passed.

He had just recently had a duct tumor removed by the vet and seemed to be doing quite well.
He was healing and although slowed down he still seemed to enjoy hording his food and treats.
Me being an insomniac, Peanut and I often shared the wee hours.
He would climb on me for a good bit, look for his doggy sisters and then run in his wheel and do hamster-like activities grooming, gathering food and being goofy.

The morning before he seemed to take a drastic turn, he was very energetic while out during his cage cleaning.
But, then later that night he became weak and wobbly. I held him for a while then let him snuggle in his little house, but much to my dismay, he didn't make it through the night.

He is greatly missed.
I wish I could have done more.
Our family loved him, the vet and his assistants thought he was so cute.
He never bit and always looked to be cuddled and climb on us.

I'll miss my little midnight buddy.
Bye little friend.


Peanut, 03/03/09

To my sweet little Peanut.
I know you are in a better place now, but I will still miss you always.
You were the sweetest little animal.
I'll always remember how you loved to cuddle up inside of the laundry, crawling into a random sleeve or pant leg.
You will always be remembered!
Love your mom, Joni

Peanut, 04/16/93-02/19/09

In Memory of Peanut

Memories bring back younger years before age took away
all the things you loved to do; to jump, to run, to play,
to lie on sun-baked concrete, on the hearth before the fire,
to snuggle under covers and freshly dried attire.
In times of joy and sorrow, sickness and despair,
my world was always brighter just for your being there.
But now your body fails you, age has brought us to a place
where death stands by in waiting; no final saving grace.
As I hold you for the last time, even unto death,
You lick my tears, console me, until your final breath.
Yet I still feel you with me; I know we'll never part
for you live on inside of me, you're buried in my heart.

Elaine Smothers

I love you & miss you Peanut ... see you at the bridge.

" knows not its own depth
until the hour of separation."
-Kahil Gibran

Elaine Smothers

Peanut, 02/15/94-08/15/07

We love you big man you wait for us at the Bridge.Love,Daddy&Mama

Peanut, 02/06/09

My beautiful Peanut, a member of the family for 11 years. A mere 13 pounds with black and white fur and a cute lil face that would melt you. My baby liked to go to the park, take walks, sit near me or her daddy in our chairs. Peanut liked to follow her mommy around after her brother, Chopper, passed away 4 months ago. Peanut missed her brother emensely. They loved to play together and chase each other. Peanut didnt like car rides too much but once she got to the destination, she loved it! Peanut became sick almost within 2-3 days and it progressed fast. She stopped eating and was sleeping all day. We took her to the vet to find out the heartbreaking news of her liver. We got some pain meds for her and wanted to be home with her that night to spend as much time with her as we could. The next day wasnt good. My poor baby was in lots of pain and didnt want food and very little water. I knew she was suffering. My heart was breaking as i cried looking at her pain riddled little body. The time had come to go back to the vet and help my baby forget all the pain and be free to go to the Rainbow Bridge with her brother, Chopper. My sweet baby girl gave me unconditional love for 11 years and now it was my turn to end her suffering and let her be in a better place. With lots of crying and hugs, my baby girl, Peanut, was put to rest on february 6, 2009. Now my baby girl can be happy and go play at the Rainbow Bridge with other animals and her brother, Chopper. Mommy loves and misses you sooo much sweet girl xxoo.

Stephanie Radziewicz

Peanut, 02/25/09

Peanut, we all love you so much! There were so many people who loved you! You were the friendlest, most loving cat in the world. Your cuddles and purrs are missed so much. You purred right to the very end. I am so sad living without you, and I hope we meet again soon. Daisy too! I love you and miss you. You were the best dog anyone couldve hoped for. I hope you and Peanut are together!!!!

Jessica Fisher

Peanut, 11/10/00

My little Peanut;
I miss you terribly;
so glad I found this site so I can add you here.
My baby girl will never be forgotten

Jo Ann De Poalo

Peanut II, 02/23/09

Goodbye my beloved boy....I am so very sorry for the pain you endured.
I tried to save you but couldn't.

You will always be in our hearts...we miss you so much....we love you so much.
If tears could bring you back, you'd live forever.
I just do not know how we will get thru this.

I don't know what else to say but just that we adore you, love you and will miss you FOREVER.
Rest in peace my wonderful man

Donna Hadnot

Peanut Butter, 01/24/09

To the best little dog ever, Peanut:
You were adorable, super intelligent, comical, athletic, sensitive, loving, and stubborn.
You were the best and worst of canine attributes and because of that I loved you even more.
You were the best companion and I miss you.
We'll meet again.

Megan Kershner

Peanut Caie, 2009

Peanut aka Petey aka Little Baby

He will be sorely missed. He was the most loving, tender, and affectionate dog i have ever known. We rescued him from off of the street when he was just born and he was raised up by his big brother Rocky, who treated him like his own. He joins Rocky in heaven. While his time on earth was short, he lived it to the fullest, always scampering around and getting into trouble. I truly believe his time with us was meant to make us appreciate life, and all it's gifts. While it gets hard at times to carry on without him, it's necessary. It's important to remember to take advantage of the time we are given, and the loved ones we are blessed with. I can honestly say I will never forget him or his brother Rocky. They touched my soul in ways that a human never could.

1 Corinthians 13:4-7

Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud. It is not rude, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs. Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth. It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres.

Eric Burton

Pearl, 11/28/96-06/27/09

My heart is breaking I miss you so much. You were the best dog. Full of life till the end. I will wait patiently till you come back to me and we can be together again. Love, Mommie

Pearl, 05/05/09

Thank God for making such wonderful creatures for us to love,care for,and nurture. They are so precious and I will always remember my beloved little friend who gave me so much love for twelve years. - Mother Of Pearl

Pearl, 1990?-01/12/09

Miss Pearl was always there with happy ears and eyes for my homecoming.


Pebbles, 07-16-1993 - 07-23/2009

My sweet furry baby I miss you sooooo much, I remember saying to you "what's mamma gonna do some day without you". I couldn't answer that until now, "mamma's gonna cry every single day. It's my 80th day without you and my heart is still full of saddness. I miss kissing that soft furry spot on the back of your ear and I miss all the super snuggles, I miss waking up and you're not there, I miss you riding on the Harley with us in your puppy pouch, I miss your creek walks, I miss your tiny little body wanting me to pick you up, I miss you hanging your head out the window on the way to Grandma Johnsons, I miss telling Daddy to look over at you because you are doing something cute, I miss you bossing me when you want to go to bed, I miss you helping me with grocery duty, I miss your smell, I MISS YOU !!!!!!!!! I can't wait to super snuggle you and hold you with my face buried in your fur as we cross the rainbow bridge together. You are always on my mind and forever in my heart, I'll see you someday, p-jelly, I love you & miss you .... mommy

Pebbles, March 15, 1991 - May 6, 2009

March 15, 1991 - Pebbles it's been 3 months now since I had to let you go. I miss you more with each passing day. I feel so lost without you. Baby girl, I want you to know that you are always in my heart, I will never forget you. I know that with God's grace we will be together again until then I love you. Be at peace my baby I will hold you again and never let you go.

Mama loves you

Pebbles, 01/01/95-06/27/09

My baby girl. I will miss you always and forever.Rest now my girl.

Rich/ Daddy

Pebbles, 04/81/97-04/82/09

She was the love of my life and I miss her so much


Pebbles, 06/05/90-09/03/09

Pebbles, you were loved so much and were such a friend to us.
We miss you more than we can say and look forward to finding you again at the Rainbow Bridge.

Myra Corri

Pebbles, 12/21/01-05/30/09

Pebbles -

No more pain, no more suffering. Mom and Dad miss you so much.

Love Mom and Dad...!

Pebbles, 03/15/91-05/06/09

Pebbles it's been a month now since you had to go. I miss you so much. I hope you know how much I love you. It just doesn't seem right without you here by me.
Every time I come home I look for your eager little face and listen for your happy bark that I'm home.
I will miss you always.
I know that I will see you again, til then wait for me baby, Momma will hold you again. I love you Pebbles.

Gayle Green

Pebbles, 09/01/94-02/24/09

Pebbles, you will be remembered always as you have left an imprint on our hearts that will be cherished forever.
You mean more to us than you will ever know, and we hope you are now in a better place and running around like you so enjoyed when you were younger.
We miss you so much my sweet baby girl and we cannot wait to be joined with you day...Until then watch over us and know you will always be our precious angel...Love you Pebbley-Pooh.

Ernest, Dawn, & Alexis Parrish

Pebbles, 02/23/09

I Miss you already.
The house seems so empty without you waiting for me everyday.
It just seems like yesterday I got you and now you are gone.
there will never be another dog like you.
You were truly my best friend. The years went by to fast and I wasn't ready for you to be gone.
I will think of you everyday.


Pebbles, 05/15/94-02/28/09

Pebbles was the greatest girl dog anyone could have asked for. She was the sweetest, most gentle soul I have ever known. She survived 3 years with cancer and then congestive heart failure. She will be deeply missed and never forgoten. Her many names included Doll Baby, Sissy Girl, Peanut, and Sweet Pea. Forver in our hearts, I love you Ms. Pebbles, God bless!

Robert Mallon

Pebbles Elizabeth, 02/06/09

To the leader of our pack....Pebbles, you were the go eat fill the water bowls....the others depended on you to guide them thru their day...what a joy and bundle of fun you brought into all our lives

Cynthia Heiskell

Pebbles Mockewich, 04/07/91-03/10/09

Pebbles was the best friend I ever had and will live on in my heart.
She is dearly missed by all.
Love Mom

Pedro, January 26, 1997 - July 8, 2009

Pedro you were my best little friend in my entire life. I miss you terribly and it's so hard to go on without you. Nikki is grieving for you as well and is looking for you every day. My life will never be the same.

Pedro, 06/12/04-05/30/09

Pedro was such a gentle sweet soul-so loved and will be so missed.

Parker Allen

Pedro, 04/11/09

I miss and love my little lovebug...always. God bless you and I will see you someday.

Rebecca Foxworthy

Peedie, 02/13/09

May my little baby rest in piece. I hope that she and her hamster boyfriend, Hamlet find each other.


Peegie, 01/08/08

Peeg was a rescued bun. She was an "only" furbaby and didn't like people touching her stuff. She was wise beyond her years. She will be missed by many. I hold her safe and always in my heart.


Peekaboo, Found 7/26/96 Died 7/28/09

Peekaboo - I loved you with all my heart. No more breathing trouble, my love. You are forever with me in spirit. Help me to be strong without you.

Love always,

Peep, 07/17/09

Peep, you found joy and love in your third and final home.
You were an intelligent, funny, loving, black and white tuxedo boy.
Your friends and family will miss you, but your spirit will always be around.
In their quiet moments, your wonderful family will feel your presence.
Go over the bridge and be with your dog buddy, Bailey now.
She has been waiting for you.

The Bauer Family

Peep, 12/28/08

My constant companion, he was truly my little man.
Always by my side, he slept with me, followed me, comforted me, loved me.
My husband said he truly loved me and that was it and I felt the same way about him.
The unconditional love a pet gives to you is something that can never be replaced!
In the two short years of his life, Peep was a tremendous joy to me and I am heartbroken to have lost him so soon, but his memory will live on in my heart forever!
I miss you so much little buddy!!!


Peepers, 04/04/1991 - 09/21/09

My pretty, pretty Peepers --

You have been my best friend, my companion, the keeper of my secrets for the last 18 years.

I feel the loss of your comforting presence to the depths of my very soul. The hole in my life is immense.

I saw you last night sitting on God's lap, being caressed by Him. I saw you being held by Dad and Dad was smiling because he had never met you. I asked you to say hi to Dad and Tommy before you left me, and you have already made Dad's acquiantance.

You will be well loved by God until I can hold you in my arms again. I feel incomplete without you, yet I know that you are now complete in God's loving embrace.

I will always remember your paw reaching out to touch my face as I sat on the couch last week. I remember the softness of your fur and the comforting sound as you purred. I remember lying in bed as you slept by my hip with my hand on you.

I will always treasure you as the gift of God that you have been to me.

I love you beyond measure. Please send me peace of mind and the knowledge that you will wait for me to hold you again.

I love you.

~ Sheila

Peepers, 04/04/09

A loving friend through many ups and downs in both our lives.

Anne Stevenson

Peepers Spowart, 12/28/08

Even though we have 6 other cats and a very sweet dog, we miss Peepers terribly. He was the boss of the cats and very "talkative" to us. He died in my arms at 2:35am on the 28th of Dec. and I haven't stopped crying since.

Nancy & Kenny Spowart

Peeps, 04/01/09

We miss and love you forever Peepsie girl.


Peepsi Girl, 03/25/09

We love and miss you Peeps!

David & Arlie

PeeWee, 08/01/89-06/20/09


It seems like only yesterday that I picked you up out of the box of tumbly, meowing kittens. But it's been 20 years, and I wonder where that time has gone. I hope you think you had a good life with me. I'll still look in your window sill where you always spent your days. And I hope every now and then I might glimpse a little cat shadow sitting there. Say hi to Sidney and Archie and Rodney for us. I miss you, Pee Wee, and love you muches.

Love Mom - and Dad, too

PeeWee, 08/15/03-05/19/09

I will miss my fudgie buddy, he was fuzzy and pudgie, hence the nick name fudgie buddy. I came home and found him dead with no ryme or reason. I was just playing with him that morning. His brother and sister miss him as much as I do, and I can't believe he is no longer here. I feel the absence of his comanding presence. I miss him in bed, his distinctive purr and his cuddly self are sorely missed. I'm out of words, my heart is weeping, I needed him more than he needed me. I miss my PeeWee. I love you fudgie buddy and will see you at the rainbow bridge when my time comes.

With all my heart felt emotion and love,

Peewee, 12/06/03-04/21/09

Rest in peace our beautiful baby girl.
You're sorely missed by mom and dad.

Peggy Paterson, 05/06/94-01/28/09

Peggy was my little mate, she came to live with me when she was 4, having lived in two bad households before me.
We were only apart for a few weeks over the next 10 years, Once I was rushed to hospital and she had to wait for 3 days for me to return as she would not let anyone else come near her who had come to help.
She would follow me everywhere, and just wanted to be with me all the time, and I with her. Her illness finally became too much and I had to make the decision to let her leave this world, and me. I am so sad.

Rod Paterson

Peggy Sue, 06/02/09

To my wonderfull Peggy Sue, I love you so much.
Have fun in those beautiful fields with your mum, dad and 2 brothers.
Til we meet again.
Forever in my heart

Yvonne Haworth

Peggy Sue, 12/04/94-05/02/09

Peggy Sue was such a super gal and a super mom, she raised a lot of wonderful maine coon kittens. We really became best friends when she was spayed,she has helped through so many hard times. She gave her 5 yr battle with the lower abdominal mass that she had, she was given 2 months to live nearly 3 yrs ago when we did the exploratory surgery to see if anything could be done. She was such a great kitty taking meds 3 times a day for 5 yrs. I'm sure you have found Blue Suede Shoes your buddy and you are enjoying the best catnip and tuna at the bridge. I love you Peggy Sue I always will and I will always miss you, and you will always be in my heart forever. R.I.P my very special pal Peggy Sue.

Anita Ballard

Pegleg Pete, 11/86-04/13/09

Dearest Pete, I miss so much your feisty, loving, and loyal nature, your screams and clicks and trills, your snuggling against my neck.
You were pure energy and love, my "best boy in the universe."
Thank you for staying so long.
I will always have you in my heart and will see you again one day, my dear, dear friend.


Pekoe, 07/18/95-05/26/09

Sweetest little guy ever. How empty our life is without you. Our love is yours always.
Have a good nap.

Mom and Dad

Pekoe, 03/30/09

Pekoe passed very unexpectedly early Monday morning after a short illness. She was a very smart kitty who loved to play fetch with a jingly ball. We miss her very much!

Amy & Patrick

Pele, 04/23/09

Pele was a sweet soul who brought much joy in our lives.
He helped his brother Loki recover after a horrible car accident.
He gave hugs, loved to swim and ALWAYS came when called.
He was a gentle soul with loving eyes. I miss him so much.
He had acute lymphoblastic leukemia and wouldn't eat.
I just hope he is in a better place, across the Rainbow Bridge running through the fields with his best pal Loki. I love you Pele and miss you dearly, my Poopie!

Heather Berntsen

Penelope Patterson, 04/27/09

We're glad you aren't in pain any longer and can run on all 4s with your sister Gretel now!

Jenn Patterson

Penne Chiquito, 03/14/09

Penne, you were a one of a kind poodle!
We miss you SO very much.
God Speed, little one!

Nancy and Brandon

Penni, Oct. 24, 1992 - Dec. 26, 2009

Oh Penni, i miss you so much. I know you're having fun being able to run and jump and play again with Maddi, but gosh we miss you so. I miss your kisses, your waggy tail, your snoring, your skinny little bum, your cute ears and most of all, i miss waking up and seeing you curled up on the pillows beside my bed. I know we were lucky to have you for 17 years, but it still wasn't enough. Never is.

Thank you being so sweet to me, Luann, Jan and Shaggy. We all miss you so much. We always will.

Penny, 10/11/09

Our sweet Penny passed away on Sunday. We are so shocked and miss you so much baby. We love you with all of our hearts and you will live in our hearts forever. I pray my little princess that we meet again in heaven. Please be happy baby and rest in peace. I'm so sorry that I didn't know you were so sick. I love you baby.

Penny, 08/2004-07/09/09

She was the most gentle, loving,faithful dog. Always by my side no matter how hard it was for her to get up she would manage to follow me everywhere. Penny was 8 weeks old when I got her and she was my baby. 16 years later I have 2 children but she will always be my first baby. I love her and miss her dearly but I know she is in a better place. God Bless Penny I love you always, Mommy

Penny, 09/13/91-06/18/09

For 17 years and 10 months, Penny was my constant companion.
For seven of those years, she was also the alpha-female and surrougate Mom to Gypsy, my American Staffordshire Terrier.
We are both devastated by the loss of our ornry little girl.
We love you Penny and we are struggling to continue on without you.
We pray that we'll see you again in the after-life.
God bless you and keep you until then my butterbean.

Karen Hughes

Penny, 12/02/92-06/08/09

Your where my love, my best friend, my world.
I miss you so much.
You came into our lives a stray you became the love of our lives.
You made us laugh you made us cry but most of all you made our lives richer.
Love you always Night Night

Denise Wood

Penny, 05/25/09

To the best companion anyone could ever ask sweet girl.

Janice Harrison

Penny, 05/15/96-05/25/09

Pete Pete was a very special member of our family.
She was with us for many years, and through those years we made some wonderful memories. She is in a better place now, where she is pain free and having the best times ever. Your always have a place in our heart Pete, I love you and miss you so much!!


Penny, 11/05/93-05/26/09

Penny (my baby girl), Even if you were 16 1/2 years old, you were always my baby, our only child and we will love you forever. We deeply miss you and will never forget the unconditional love you gave to us.

Chris Tomlin-Harding

Penny, 10/01/07-05/22/09

Penny you will never be forgotten or replaced.
I will never forget that palmsize pup I found in the bushes.
Your eyes always were a welcome sight and your bark talked to me.
May you life in Heaven be filled with happiness!!!

James P. Ellen III

Penny, 04/23/09

"Penny" had been abused and tossed from shelters to multiple foster homes her whole life....the last shelter she was in closed and her current foster home didnt want her anymore and took Pennty to my vet to have put vets office called me to see if i could help just
one more...this was in October....Penny was flea infested, had severe teeth problems among other issues....we took her on....we removed all her teeth, got rid of the fleas and gave her a warm safe home to live....what a "new" kitty...she began to trust us, feel better and she knew that she finally had a forever home....this week we discoverd a mass, during surgery yesterday we discovered it was cancer....very aggressive and large (wrapping around her bladder) our Dr decided it was in Penny's best intrest to be in peace so we let her go...I only had her for 6 months but she filled my heart with a lifetime of love....Penny loved to headbutt us and despite having no teeth would only eat hard food...she was sweet and timid and appreciated love

Dana Waters

Penny, 07/20/92



Penny, 09/30/92-03/11/09

Penny was the world's best lapdog, also the most opinionated and independent little dog ever and I could not have loved her more.

Cara Stewart & Nate Green

Penny, 09/21/04-12/17/08

My angel, mommy misses you still so much. You were the light and constant in my life. It's so hard to not have you here every day to come running when I come home. I pray that you are peace and always knew how much your mother loved you!

Heather Dodes

Penny, 12/05/96-02/27/09

Dear Penny,
We miss you so much, but we know that you are with Ollie now.
We hope you and Ollie are running and playing together.
We tried every way we could you get you over your illness, but at the end, you had to go.
We love you and miss you very much.
Give Ollie a hug from us.
Mommy, Daddy, Joey, and Marley

Penny, 12/26/96-02/19/09

To Our Beloved Penny,

We were blessed to have you as family and in our lives for the past 12 years. We will cherish and remember you always for the unconditional love, joy, comfort, and companionship you gave us each and every day.

Linh is sorry for not visiting often. We are sorry for not being there to hold you and to comfort you when you passed away. Please forgive us. We hope you are resting in peace and in comfort.

We love you so very much baby girl. We miss you dearly. You will always be in our hearts. We will be together forever when we meet again.

Love you always,
Daddy, Mommy, Linh, Luong Chieu, An Chieu, Jason, and your sister Phoebe

Penny, 02/16/09

We carry your memory in our hearts.

Julie , Mark, Carolyn and Joseph Dewey

Penny, 04/15/00-02/17/09

There are not will be in our hearts forever. Sleep well my angel, We love you so.

Linda, John, Eileen, Maureen and Johnny Whelan

Penny, 01/10/09

Penny...I don't know what happened, or why you had to leave us so fast, but we miss you so much everyday. Love you, please take care of Shadow now.

Kimberly Roque

Penny, 04/02/08-01/13/08

To our beautiful Penny the Pekingese whose short loving life was snatched by the nasty Coyote.
Penny, you were a joy and blessing to us.
We miss your waiting by the door for us and then giving us a loving and kissing reunion.
We miss your snoring and cute dreamy sounds.
We miss you looking out the car window waiting for us.
We miss you eating your favorite doggie treats and also burying them.
You were a blessing to us and we will never forget you.
You will always be in our hearts and souls.
We miss you Penny, our litle baby dog, our woggie woo, our Heimer, our joy and love.
We are soooooooo sorry we couldn't save you from the coyote.
We did everything possible for you.
We loved to spoil you and take you everywhere.
We love you Penny doo. You were such a good girlies, independant, brave, affectionate, free, strong, and sooooo loving. You never barked and you always let us sleep during the weekends and weekdays. OUR beautiful baby woo. The most precious pekingese EVER.
Mommy, Matthew, Brianna, Joshua and Douglas

Dear Woofie woggie woo,

Coming home from school and seeing your face as the high point of my day. You comforted me always. I loved your smile, it filled me the most phenomenal feeling in my heart. You slept in my room in your favorite doggy bed. I loved your warm cow tummy and seeing you run through the snow, catching snowflakes, your first and only snowy winter was your playland. Your would get snowballs stuck to your belly because you are short, only 11". The best dog I could ever want. My favorite dog in the world. My first dog. I miss you sooooooooooooooooo. Your little leaps through the snow, you were very brilliant, always told us if you had to be alked or let out. THE BEST. I will always love you.


Penny, 01/07/09

Penny was my beloved friend. I was her stepmommy. She passed to the Rainbow Bridge today when we had to let her go because she hurt so bad. I remember when my husband was sick and dying, Penny would sit on my lap and just be with me. She'd lick my hand because she knew I was sad; she never licked anyone else's hands. I love her so much and I am very sad today, but I know that she is no longer blind, she can hear, and she is playing with her best friend Chessie, a cat she grew up with. They used to tear the Christmas tree apart. :) Penny, you will be missed greatly, and we will see you one day soon. Love, Mommy and Daddy, the kids, and Charlie and Cosmo.

Penny, 09/28/96-10/25/08

I so miss you very much and your sister Molly. that was so hard to see what you went though, because your dad and I thought you were going to be ok but we were never told the true. I am soo sorry.

Grammy - Debbie Hendry

Penny Davis, 06/07/02-06/08/09

Her name was Penny so we called her "our bright, shining, little Penny".
She also was the color of a penny.
She had so much love she shared with us and her siblings Molly, Milly, and T.
They miss her too!
She loved to play, and she was pure entertainment to us just watching her play and make her bed.
We didn't think she ever would get it made, but she always did. I don't think we will ever stop missing and loving our Penny.

Joe and Kaen Davis

Penny Landfried, 06/24/09

To a sweet puppy and a long time friend and family member of Ted and Lillian.
Sweet dreams little one.

Gary and Kathy Henry

Penny Lynn, 04/10/09

Penny was the cutest dog I've every seen and was the love of my life.
When I get to heaven, Penny is the first thing I want to see.
She was my bestest friend and I miss her terribly!!!

Kathy McDonald-Hingeley

Pepe, 04/13/99-06/18/09

Pepe is now with our other beloved dogs, Frosty and Venus.
They were all very special in their own ways.
Our family will always have them in our hearts and remember the love they have all given us.
We will miss Pepe very much for a long time.
He was sick for 3 weeks and we tried everything to help him but it was his time to cross over the rain bow bridge.
I am happy to know he is with our other dogs and also with all the other wonderful animals that have crossed over. good Bye Pepe I love You Mom

Pepe, 12/21/08

great friend...always there when i needed comfort and always cared about me....later on when he was getting old he began to look uninterested in things and eventually that morning he ran down the street
we thought he would come back but eventually we went to look for him found him dead with bite marks on the back of his neck
good bye pepe
i look forward to seeing you


Pepe, 03/25/93-09/25/08

I was second mommy to Pepe. I got him when his first mommy passed away when Pepe was 8 years old. We enjoyed the next 7 years with him. He loved to play and wouldn't give up tug of war even though he had no teeth left!!! He passed of cancer of the mouth. The look in his eyes just asked us to do the right thing when the time was right. He was ready. Perhaps he might have been met at Rainbow Bridge by his first mom and our other fur babies that had that had left us before. He will be specially remembered in our hearts forever, until we meet again at Rainbow Bridge.

Beverly May

Pepe, 17/12/08

Beloved dog, companion and friend.Sleep easy my boy.


Pepe, Duke, Doobie, Lamb, Missy, Sam, Molly, Toby (Dogs) Shaft, Mieke, Chasie, Miss Kitty, Whoopers (Cats)

I miss all my pets , now they are in Heaven with my husband who just passed away.

Barbara A Niedentohl

Pepitu, 11/24/91-03/20/09

she was with us for 17 years,1 month and 3 days

Virginia Spoolman

Peppa, 04/01/90-01/21/09

On Wednesday, January 21, 2009 my little sunshine Peppa slipped over to Rainbrow Bridge.
She truly was my pal.
I wonder if the whole in my heart will ever mend.
Peppa was my first and only furry pal.
She taught me more than I could ever write or say.
She made each day interesting and I never felt alone when she was here. Now I truly feel alone. I don't think I will ever have another furry friend in my life.
My heart just won't allow that to happen. Watching her get sicker and sicker was just too hard to bear. Medications worked for awhile but then they stopped working and the inevitable was obvious. She passed away being held tightly by both me and my husband.
We owed her that much and so much more. If people were more like our furry friends the world would be a much better place. May God bless Peppa and all our furry friends.


Peppe, 12/09/02-06/01/09

My baby died of kidney failure yesterday at 259pm. He was my best friend , loved so much and he knew it, spoiled to the core. He was so funny ,kind,smart,a real little man. I have him now under the tree , he liked laying in the cool dirt when we were out side for very long and he tried to help pull the water hose when i had to water. I am so lost but he is so much better now. I will always love you and miss you so much Thanks for all the hours of pleasure pep pep

Pepper, 11/28/08

Dear Pepe baby, How you are dearly and deeply missed. I think of you always with good memories, we laughed, we ate together, walked and talked, you were my family, and special friend always in my heart. I thank God always for all the moments we shared in this life and You are looking down from the beautiful rainbow bridge we can't see in this life but in another dimension not too far away. Please visit in spirit for I will see u again in the future!!
Love, Mom

Pepper, 15/06/09

We miss you so so much, sweetie pie. Thank you for coming into our lives and touching all of us, you are really special. I still remember the day you ran upto me and looked into my eyes.

Its heartbreaking that we will never see you, touch you or hear you again. I hope you are at peace, wherever you are.
I'm sorry I couldn't protect you, I'm sorry you didn't even have a dignified burial. I hope you forgive your mother and I hope you know she loves you very much!


Pepper, 03/03/05-07/13/08

Pepper was our special girl. She also had her own unique personality that made her special. Pepper was Brownies buddy and pal and we miss her just th sames. She lived a very short life and we miss her alot!!

Lisa Marie

Pepper, 09/30/93-06/09/09


Pepper, 1986-10/16/90

Pepper You are so missed.
I'll always be looking for you.

Shelley Davis

Pepper, 05/26/09

In loving memory of Pepper Wise.
You will be greatly missed.


Pepper, 05/07/09-05/23/09

I miss my Pepper, he was a bright burst of JOY, that was taken away too soon. I need healing, I am greiving terrribly over him. I found this little guy, in our shed. he was maybe 3 weeks old. I have an adult cat Scarlette, she was staying away from him @ first, then she began to play with him. the dog Sheeba, was my stepsons dog. she wound up living with us. I had a dog Lulu, she passed last year. Lulu was a sweet & gentle Lab mix. Sheeba is a domineering territorial dog. At fiest I did not want Sheeba, she was bullying Lulu. In time, all was OK with the dogs. It is difficult for me to write this, last Saturday, the animals were sleeping, I thought ok, I fall asleep, it was 5 am. I woke up @ 9am & Pepper was dead, lying on the floor, near the kitchen, with Sheebas dry dog food scattered around him. I became hysterical, I was in shock . I screamed @ the dog & made her go outside ! I was and still am angry with myself for falling asleep, before putting the dog outside. It is now a week and I am still very sad & the mornings are difficult for me. My sisters are caring & friends, but, I'm still extremely sad over loosing this kitten. he was so different, he truly showed his love. I Pray to God, that I will see him in Heaven on the bridge. I need to belive he'll be there.

Pamela Miller

Pepper, 05/26/09

You was there for every step of my grandchildren lives and you are going to be missed and remembered forever. Love you. The Seals

Josephine Seals

Pepper, 05/01/09

My Little Pepper I miss you so much!


Pepper, 05/18/09

I miss you so much Little Dude, so does Cheech, your puppy playmate.
I look at your pics and its so hard not being able to scratch and cuddle you.
No one comes running and meets me at the door to be carried through the house when I come home from work anymore.
That's when I miss you the most.
I love you and you will always have a place in my heart.


Pepper, 05/13/09

My best friend Pepper closed his eyes last Wednesday, as his head was in my hand at the Vet's clinic.
It was hard for me to take.
Despite the pain, I know you are not suffering anymore.
Pepper I am missing you.
Thank you for loving me unconditionally.
I am content that I took good care of you.

Pierre Polycarpe

Pepper, 11/29/08

My Beloved friend, Pepe(Pepper)
Thanks from bottom of my heart for being there, loyal, I will always cherish the good times we shared, giving u treats and watching TV,
playing outside, caresses, happiness, drives in the car, walks in the park chasing birds/, views of the ocean with you in my lap, the memories live onforever in my heart and I look forward to meeting you at the Rainbow Bridge eventually!!! Love you forever my sweet!!!still think of u everyday!!!!


Pepper, 06/20/99-04/13/09

Pepper, you were a joy and brought many smiles to us, even through the pain.
You are well now and happy.
I will miss you but someday will be with you again.
Love, mom, dad, Tom, Chris, Lisa, Charlie and Squirt

Pepper, 04/19/95-03/28/09

Our little scottie Pepper passed away last night.
He was with us for almost 14 years and we loved him as a child.
There is a huge void in my heart for my little boy.
I don't know when this sadness will end.
Daddy and Mommy miss you so much Pepper.
I keep walking around our house finding things that you liked or that belong to you.
It was so hard to put you to sleep.
It was the hardest thing I have ever done.
Pepper, I have always told you that I will always take care of you...I suppose putting you to sleep was the last way I can love you.
We all love you and miss you so much.
Hannah was only 5 and Luke only 2 when we brought you home so many years ago!

You are always in our hearts and our memories.
You are so loved by us all

Dave, Linda, Hannah, Luke

Pepper, 09/22/00-03/03/09

Pepper left to early. I miss him so much. He was a great Friend and companion. Always so excited with his tail wagging and eyes so wide! He loved every moment he spent with me and I did the same. There is such an empty feeling without him. I will always remember you Pepper, I Love You!

Dan Lasorda

Pepper, 03/03/09

To my friend Norma's dear pet, Pepper. She'll be OK girl. Don't feel bad it was you time.

Selena Coles

Pepper, 09/07/99-01/31/09

My baby Pepper--You brought me, Daddy, and Peanut so much joy and laughs for almost 9 1/2 years. You were always so tough and strong, no matter what illness you were struggling with. Even Dr. Kessler always said that he never saw a bunny like you. You were such an important part of our lives, and we'll miss you dearly. Love Mommy, Daddy and Peanut

Pepper, 01/27/09

You have always made our family happy. What an amazing dog you have been, always protecting, playful, happy, and obedient.
I know you will have plenty of treats in heaven. Please look for those people in Heaven I asked you to find before you passed on. Please forgive me.
Wait for us there, we will be there some day.
I know you are not hurting anymore, that you are your happy self, running around, making friends.
No one can replace you ever in my heart and although there is a hole in my soul right now and I feel a loss as if you were my flesh and blood, I know you will be around us in spirit, taking care of us like you always did. We will always love and remember you until the day we meet again.

Denise Lizano

Pepper, 06/08/05

love you always pepper take care of petie boy ans show him the ropes out there! always missed and never forgotten

Lisa Flores

Pepper, 01/12/09

In loving memory of my beloved Pepper who was so special to my family and me.
We shared 15+ wonderful years together and she was my life. My life is so diminished without her.

Jackie Levin

Pepper, 11/86-04/2002

My baby Pepper was the most lovable cat in the world. She had special tricks that she would only do. At the age of 15 she got very sick. We found out her kidneys were failing and she went on dyalisis. The dyalisis did not work and became weaker and weaker. She passed away in April of 2002. I miss her deeply and still grieve for her.

Patrice Oldani

Pepper, 12/26/08

love you peps we will miss you until we meet at the bridge.

Pepper McClenahan

Pepper Marie, 2008

Our beloved pepper. We miss your love and affection. There has not been a day we have not thought about you. You will be in our harts forever.
Your family

Pepper Neidengard, 06/03/92-12/18/08


As the days go by my mom and I miss you so much and remember you with fondness.

Thank you for being part of this family for 16 years.

Your loving owners,
Pat and Amy Neidengard

Pepper Olive, 01/19/09

You will be forever in my heart. Be in peace, my angel baby, Pepper. Run free. Play. Know we will miss you and how you loved us and made us laugh. I will see you again. Until I do, may the Lord keep you safe. Thank you for being part of my life and being there from my childhood and through to being an adult. I don't know how we all will get over losing you...... There will be such a void now....

Dawn Skoglund and Robert and Nancy Gropper

Pepper Parde, 02/08/07-01/05/09

Dear, sweet little "Pepi's",

I miss you so much.
I missed the first night with out you last night.
You weren't there at my feet, or tapping around like you always do.
You are such a sweetie.
You are my friend, my best friend and always will be.
Thank you for the love the we shared.
Thank you for loving me so much and being my shadow the past 2 short years.
Ashes misses you and the kids miss you, daddy misses you.
You know you will always remain in my heart.
I will see again someday and we reunite in heaven until then... please have fun, run, jump, never stop tapping, and keep giving me your puppy kisses everyday.


Pepper Penelope, 01/01/01-06/01/09

My precious Baby Pepper, you didn't deserve to go in such a way and I am so sorry Mommy couldn't save you! I'm so proud of you trying to protect me Baby! I will always love and miss you so much. Love & keep Fullback company until we all meet again.

Agnes Marie Firpi

Pepper Proulx, 04/08/95-01/13/09

Our beloved Pepper left us on January 13, 2009.

She was such a special dog and we had been blessed to have her in our lives. She was so sick that we had to put her down as she was in heart failure. She looked at us with those sad eyes saying, "Please help me." It was time for her to have the needle and we said our goodbyes. We talked to her and petted her face. She looked at all of us and in a matter of 10 seconds, she was gone. We continued to pet her and the tears started to flow.

We know you are still with us as we hear you walking in the house. Now all we have is memories of you.

Miss and Love you Pepper!!

Mommy, Daddy, Justin, Jamie and Shi-Di

Pepper Rogers, 04/01/00-04/22/09

His proud goatee, graceful walk and happy tail. He left us better for knowing him. A brother, friend, companion and playmate.We could all learn from his willingness to go through trials with dignity and grace, something he did so well.Unchangeable love he shared so faithfully with all he knew and loved. Always there to share a purr or a wiggle of his tail to let us know we always had a friend and always would. Forever in our hearts as we were always in his, our precious Pepper boy!

Kerri Rogers

Pepper Vaughn, 02/17/09

Always by my side, for over 12 years.
Today I'm not sure this pain will ever go away, We miss you so much.
Tonight will be the first time in
over 12 years you have not slept on our bed.
I will never forget you.
Your Mom and Dad

Peppermint Twist, 01/31/91 - 09/10/09

Goodbye sweet Peppermint. You have brought so much joy and happiness into all of our lives for the past 18 years. You will be remembered for your sweet disposition and kind eyes. You were happiest when you could just sit on someone's lap while they would stroke your soft furry body. You would be waiting with a wagging tail at the front door when we came home and you knew we had a doggie bag full of french fries or leftovers. You gave all of us unconditional love for so many years. Your Mama Ann will miss you so much as her faithful, patient, and loving companion. Bella-Mae your furry buddy friend will be so lonely without you around to romp and play with. Sleep peacefully sweet Peppermint knowing you will never be forgotten and always remain close to our hearts. Someday at the end of our time here on earth we will meet again in heaven at the Rainbow Bridge and we will all be happy again.  
Love & Kisses,  
Your Family & Friends, Ann, Denise, Danny, Bella-Mae, Nick, Weezie, Paulie, Mahrissa, Stella, Nicole, Jeff, Sophia, Tripp, Ben, Karen, Michael, Kelly, Ricky, Wendy, Lil, Rick, Mr. Cooper, Kim, Joe, Hailey, & Gracie, Marlene, Jerry & Roxanne.

Peppers, 12/11/93-06/08/09

My little Peppers.
You were the love of my life.
How will I be able to go on without you?
Right now all I do is cry because I miss you so very much.
I hope one day I will be able to find peace and happiness and remember all the love and joy you brought me and look back at our lifetime together and smile again because it was wonderful.
Thank you for loving me.
You will be in my heart forever.

Katherine Howard

Peppi, 01/07/09

What can I say about a best friend that lived to be 18 years old? He was there for me through the death of both of my parents and so many other things. I can't imagine my life without him. When I needed him he was right there next to me. I pray to God that Peppi is there waiting for me in heaven. I don't think that I could go on if I thought that I would never see his big brown eyes and bushy wagging tail again. Before he died, I asked him to "come back to me in my next dog" if he could, but now my heart just can't take the thought of another dog. Since I have no children, it truly feels like my child has died. Please God, be sure he gets enough to eat, and give him treats.

Angie Sutton

Pepsi, 07/07/09

My mother and I lost our beloved Pepsi last night. She was a beautiful golden retriever, and the light of our lives. I had always wanted a dog as a child, but was unable to get one. She was the first thing I bought with the first ever paycheck I ever got as a part-time job while in college. She was truly a wonderful dog. Beautiful, willful, empathetic, hyper, humorous, mischievous, enthusiastic, independent, caring. I will miss her stealing my socks off my feet as I would sleep. I will miss her lifting both her forelegs to put then on my shoulders and hug me while she was in a sitting position. I will miss the beautiful cinnamon golden curls at the back of her neck. I will miss her dog odor. I will miss her beautiful deep, rich brown eyes. I will miss her beautiful, silky, soft ears that I used to kiss. I will miss her pretty paws that she would always lift up to hold me with. My beautiful Pepsi was for almost 13 years a dog that acted and behaved 5 years younger than her age. She had such a zest for life, and then she got diagnosed with melanoma in January. We tried everything to save her. We tried an experimental drug at an oncologist, and we thought it was working, and then 9 days ago she had a seizure. Then 5 days ago another one, and we did a chest x-ray, and it showed metastasis in the lungs. My mother and I could not believe it. She went quickly, my beautiful Pepsi, and I am glad she did not suffer long, and did not live the life of an aging dog until the last week of her life. But I will miss her forever, and always. Pepsi, Mama and Dada will miss you and love you forever.


Pepsi, 23/05/09



Pepsi Cola, 04/02/90-08/26/06

You were my best friend.
You were there in the good times and the sad times, always by my side.
My little shadow. My little Pepsi Cola, funny face.
You used to run with the wind,so many years we had together.
I watched you age, I watched you walk with so much pain in your last months.
I carried you outside when you no longer could walk on your own.
When you left me, a piece of my heart was forever gone.
I have so many memories that help me when I cry for you.
I will always miss you my baby and I know someday I will see you again.
You are at the brideg now waiting for me.
You are running with your sister and your friends.
Laying in the soft green grass and enjoying the soft breeze in the warm sunshine.
Yes I will see you again my Pepsi, sometimes at night when it is quiet I can almost feel you laying at my side.
I think your spirit visits sometimes.
I will always miss you, you are always in my heart sweet Pepsi, never forgotten, Ever.
Thankyou for sharing your life with me my little "P" love always your mom

Pepsi Cola Casanova, 07/03/93-11/07/09

To the little star who lit my life for so long.
I miss you bubby!


Pepsi Cosmo Rogers, 08/22/96-01/14/09

The love of my life passed on today.
He was my son.
I chose not to have children and he was the light of my life in every way.
I am so lost without him.
I loved him more then life, and will always love him...

Denise Rogers

Percy, 05/26/09

I'm so sorry I was not there when you left. Ever since I found out, I have been so heartbroken. I wish there was something I could have done. I wish we could have spent more time together
cuddling on the bean bag, watching tv, going to stanley and enjoying the water by the beach. But I think you were in a lot of pain, and I am glad that you've finally found relief. I love you always and you will forever be in my heart. My greatest hope is that one day, we will all be together again.

All my love,

Percy, 01/18/09

we will miss you percy. you were such a funny little creature. you can play with baby and fizz again. we love you. chris and mark X

Perdie, 02/11/09

Perdie was a wonderful little girl and even though she was old her passing was sudden and unexpected. She always had a way of bouncing back from any health problems that came up. THe vet called her the energizer bunny. We also have a sick cat and no one thought Perdie would go first. Perdie, I love you forever and hope you are running around in Heaven with Friskie right now with no leashes or fences to hold you back.


Perry, 03/10/08-07/06/09

just a baby i didnt want you to suffer.r.i.p pers my baby boy

Dana Muir

Persephone, 09/09/93-10/09/08

Persephone was named after Demeter's daughter in mythology. She was a little shade (Persephone was a grey kitty) who was chased by Hades. My daughter was only 3 and a half when she was born and constantly chasing the poor little boneless kitty -- therefore the name. She was a very sweet cat and we miss her.

Jo Voisin

Persia, 09/10/91-12/22/08

You will be so missed Persia, give Smokey a kiss from us when you meet him at the bridge. We loved you both so much. Mum and Dad xx

Peso, August 30, 2009

I would like to pay this special tribute to my dog Peso.She was killed by a coyote protecting me and my one year old on this past Sunday mourning. She was very brave and showed her love and devotion to us by putting herself in harms way to protect us. She will be missed by all of my children-Madalyn, Chris and Mia. She has left a hole in our hearts and we want her to know how much we miss and love her. I hope to see her one day at the Rainbow Bridge.

Peta, 08/28/94-02/02/09

You will be in my heart forever. I love you so very very much. I know you felt my love for i could tell you loved me too. I am so sorry that ypu were so sick, but you were so brave and such a good boy. Jasper misses you too as he is expecting you to come home as usual. We will be reunited one day at the rainbow bridge and we sgall cross it together. Yoa will be in my heart forever. Love and kisses, bridget

Bridget Gagnon

Pete, 06/10/93-06/01/09

Pete, everybody's buddy cat!
Take care of Marley and be my furry angel!
I love you!

Lisa Hopsicker

Pete, 02/27/09

Ears came before you, and stayed 15 years.
Then, you. 16 years you spent with me at the center of my heart, and now that you've gone, I know even more how much you filled it.
We cared for each other, when sick, you purred so hard on my chest until the EMTs came, and months later, I held you as you died.
We relished each other as we knew each mood, sound and move. You came to me, lost, from an empty lot in Seattle, traveled with me to Alaska and saw moose and the Northern Lights, and then back home, and I miss you so.
You welcomed BK from out of the woods, and between you, decided what part of me you each got to sleep on.
BK disappeared back into the woods last summer, and though I found two new boys that needed a home 2 weeks ago, they are not you, and now I know I will always miss you.

But know that someday, when we all are gone, all our ashes will be fused into a diamond, where long after our names are all forgotten, we'll twinkle in the sunshine of a cloudless day, together. Momma Cat

Pete, 10/20/93-03/13/09

Until his health began to fail, Pete definitely saw himself our family's nurse-maid. He'd wake us up between 6:30 and 6:45 every morning, and bark at us to go to bed when the clock struck 10PM. I'd even hear him "patrolling" through the house late at night, before he would settle himself in the hall. Pete's favorite pastime was taking rides with us in our truck, with the radio tuned to his favorite Oldies station. On his last ride yesterday, we could see in the rear-view mirror that our old dude was definitely groovin' to The Stones, Allman Brothers, and Kool & the Gang. After months of degenerating health and discomfort, he seemed so happy and care free. That's a memory that we'll treasure forever.

Gene Cimino and Jane Tighe

Pete DiOrio, 03/28/98-04/17/09

You are my best friend buddy.
I sorely miss you.
You will always be in my heart.

Mike DiOrio

Pete Sharrock, 05/20/09

My best friend Champion Peter the Great AKA Petey

Alex Sharrock

Peter, 03/28/07-03/17/09

Rest in paradise.

Danielle Vazquez

Petey, 03/28/00-07/08/09

Petey brought so much joy to our lives.
We owe him a debt of love.
He was very unusual, very intelligent, like a person.
We have never had a dog like him before, and we hope to see him in Heaven.

Frank and Julie Pence

Petey, 05/27/09

Until we meet again my dear, sweet girl.
You have crossed the rainbow bridge now and are playing with all the other little furbabies.
No pain and no that you are always in our hearts.
You are missed.

Liz Chappell

Petey, 05/14/09

We grew together for the past 14 years and you will always be in my heart. I miss you so much, you were so brave in the end. I love you more than anything and I hope one day we will meet again. Petey, you were a wonderful companion through my childhood and teenage years. You will always be a part of me, not a day will go by where I do not think of you. <3


Petey, 03/12/09

To my sweetie Petey, the best boston terrier ever! Petey passed away unexpectedly from a seizure while we were at work.
I can't believe you are gone, I couldn't even say goodbye.
I will keep your tennis ball with me until we meet again. Hercules is lost without you, as are Ray and puppa.
You made my life full of love and laughter and the emptiness here will last a long time.
I wish I could hug you one more time and make you wiggle on the couch again.
I see you under every blanket laying around.
I hope you are no longer deaf and can here me when I say I love you, Petey, you are the best.
Till we meet again, your Mommy

Petey, 12/09/08

Petey, You will always be my special little puppy. I miss you every day. You will remain in my heart forever. God bless you my little white angel.

Debbie Sraga

Petey, 02/08/09

Petey was the sweetest cat with not a bad bone in his body!!!!
He lost his battle with kidney disease and thankfuly only suffered for two days.
With the help of a loving vet clinic he was sedated mildly as to not be in any pain and humanely euthanised with me petting him and talking to him.
I recommend everyone read the Rainbow Bridge poem as it greatly helped us.
Thank you.
God Bless you Petey Sweetie, my little buddy!!!!

Amy & Tommy

Petey, 01/24/09

Our Petey was a wonderful, loving friend for twelve short years.
He is so greatly missed.
I pray that God holds him in his arms until we can see him again.


Petey, 04/08/97-12/09/08

Petey, you were the very special white fluffy dog I always wanted. Now you are one of gods angels. You brought many years of happiness to all. I will always love you and miss you. You will remain in my heart always.


Petey Crutchfield, 06/01/09

Petey was a special little girl, she brightened up our world. She made us laugh when she got into things she shouln't have. She always got what she wanted.We have so much pain in our hearts because of her sudden death. She didn't have good nutrition, she wanted the junk we ate, if we didn't give it to her she would scream. We know that her death was our fault, but she was so happy when she got what she wanted. I'm so very sorry for her death, I wish I could bring her back, it kills me inside to know I'll never kiss her,massage her,hold her anymore,tell her I love you.I want her to know she made these years very happy for us,I LOVE you very much Petey. We will never forget you.I miss you.You will always me in our hearts.Love mommy.

Petey Cunningham, 07/06/03-04/07/09

Petey wasn't my first dog, but he was a perfect one.
He was such a good boy.
Petey was comical and so smart.
He was loyal and comforting.
There never was a time when my boy wasn't ready for a bye-bye in the car; a romp at the duck pond or anything I did; he was with me.
Petey was always there checking to make sure I was alright and was right there to slip under the blanket when I would go to sleep.
The happy dance you greeted me with whenever I came in the door lit up my day.
..I don't know why he had to leave.
He was the best at touching peoples hearts and making them smile.
A little tan dog with the biggest bug eyes and an up-curled tail.
It hurts so much that you aren't with me.
I love you Petey.
Thank you for all your love.
You're such a good boy; so brave.
I would have done anything to save you.
My precious little boy...I will be looking for you at the Rainbow Bridge.
You are always in my heart baby.
Please don't be afraid.
You weren't even six years old; it all happened so fast you probably don't understand either.
I never want to say good-bye Sweetheart.
My Petey...always.
Your beautiful bright light burned out too quickly.
Good night my sweet boy.
You are missed by many.
Mommy loves you boy.
Mommy loves you.

Petey Parkes, 4/01/2000 - 11/17/2009

I am so sorry Petey . Daddy and mommy love you so much and we miss you.

Petey Pryor, 07/01/07-06/12/09

Petey, we miss you so much. You were an angel on earth.

Chris Burkett

Petey Vecchione, 01/01/99-05/14/09

You will always be my "wheaty" my special boy!

Brian Vecchione

Petie, 03/25/89-09/02/08

Petie, my son, my love, my life, my world.
It was love at first sight, and there will never be another like you.
You gave me so much that I could never have repaid.
I hope you know how much I love you.
I miss you more than words can say.
You're always in my heart.



Petie, 08/96-05/08/09

Petie was such a wonderful and kind cat. He always took care of me and knew when I was sick. I have fibromyalgia and am often at home more than I would wish. But he was always there for me. We went through so many tough times together. He is my big strong guy and he fought all the way to the end. Such a brave boy!


Petie, 04/28/09

I love you and I'm sorry.

Chris Piazza

Petie, 10/10/94-04/09/09

Petie was not only a great companion, but really a friend. He made me smile, laugh and got me through many tough times.

I know we truly had a bond, and I miss him greatly. I hope there is a doggie heaven because Petie should have a happy life beyond the one here.

I hope to see him again one day.


Petie, 03/11/09

Petie was dropped off at the place where I was head chef, up the mountains. He sat there waiting for them to return, and they didn't so he became my soul friend, I had no friends as this was out in the middle of nowhere. We became great friends, with my cat, Max too. He was so beautiful and really looked out for me. He became my best and only friend for awhile, then I met someone and remarried and he took to her very well, and loved her too. Our other animals miss him terribly, and the jingles from his collar. He was one of a kind, and my dearest friend and companion. He was put to sleep due to a neurological problem, and could not stand any more. I loved him and stayed with him through his being put down. I hope to see him again someday. He was the best pet I could have ever had and I know it will take a long time to get over. Hopefully I will see my dear Pete again, young and rejuvinated when we meet again at Rainbow Bridge. He was a true friend and they are hard to come by.

Geofry and Gerry Tlush

Petie, 1994-2006

You were the first dog I ever were the spark that caused me to become an animal have taught me so much and i love you and miss you..cant wait to see you in heaven..not a day goes by where i don't think about you

Kari Seelman

Petie Flores, 01/14/08

rest in peace... you were always so happy. i love you and hope to see you when i pass on...

Lisa Flores

Petra, 04/04/09

In memory of Petra, our best friend xx


Petra Hernandez, 1998-03/26/09

We will always be grateful to you Petra for everything you gave this family, your loyalty, your protection, your puppylike personality, sweet and gentle disposition, your intelligence, and the pure and endless love that poured out from those beautiful eyes. I miss my Girlie so much

Tracy Hernandez

Petra Jean Marie, 10/22/91-02/22/09

Sweetest, most loving kitty ever

Karin and Max

Petunia, 06/14/95-02/07/09

My little baby angel left us today, after serious stroke. I love her with all my heart, and she will be with me always. I am grateful and thankful to the Creator for having had her in my life; we are truly blessed ny that. Nothing could prepare me for this loss. She added to much to me and my husband's life, and I believe she had a wonderful love-filled life. I cant imagine that any feline was more loved than she. I beleive she knows that. Someday, we will be together again.

Katherine Grant

Petunia (Tutti) Nelson, 09/08/94-01/06/09

For 14 years, my faithful companion, Petunia, I thank you.
You gave so much and asked so little.
Livi said it best at about age 9, having known Tutti as Grandma's dog for her entire life.
Livi wrote: Tuttie the Coccer Spaniel.
Tuttie is cute, Tuttie is nice. She has long ears & soft furr.
She is deaf, butt it doesn't change her in any way at all.
She itches alot. She likes to sleep on the beds.
She loves kids. Her favorite person is Grandma. No dog is better than Tuttie.
The End."

Toni Nelson

Pewter, 05/21/09

Pewter gave our family much love and will always remain in our hearts-she will missed every day

Denise Cunningham For Bill and Sue

Peyton Charles, 06/30/09

My little Peyton was very special to me, he was my buddy, he slept with me all of the time, I really miss that, and he was right by me when I was ever sick.

My heart is so happy knowing that he is with the Lord in Rainbow Bridge and he is not suffering any more.

I love you and miss you Peyton:

Dennis and Mae Mueller

Phantom, 08/98-06/07/09

Phantom lost his fight for life last night. We Will miss him, his deep wise owl eyes and his teddy bear belly airing out, Bruce his buddy who only cuddled with him, Boomer his grooming and Punkin his fellow hunter, Pepper his occasional swat. Always in our hearts.

Bea Patterson

Phantom, 06/04/09

You were an amazing creature and changed my life, I will never forget you. I love you and miss you so much.


Phantom, 03/28/09

Phantom was a friendly and beautiful cat. She had a squeak about her meows which in turn garnered her the nickname "squeaker". An interesting note on how her actual name came to be is that I had a couch that matched her fur patterns in such a way as that when she sat on the couch you couldn't see her, she was camouflaged.

Phantom, I love you and I miss you, you were my best friend and am going to miss how you would lay with me anytime I sat on the couch or would come see me when I came home from work. Your brothers and sisters and your human friends miss you to.


Phillip, 09/11/96-04/30/09

I love you and miss you buddy


Phoebe, 02/01/99-03/16/09

Despite her pain from dysplasia and arthritis, she had the spirit of a puppy until shortly after her 10th birthday. We love her and miss her and are glad to know she's not alone.

Jean S

Phoebe, 12/26/96-03/19/09

To Our Beloved Phoebe,

We were blessed to have you as family and in our lives for the past 12 years. We will cherish and remember you always for the unconditional love, joy, comfort, and companionship you gave us each and every day.

Linh is sorry for not visiting often. Please forgive her. We hope you are resting in peace and in comfort. You and your sister Penny are now together.

We love you so very much baby girl. We miss you dearly. You will always be in our hearts. We will be together forever when we meet again.

Love you always,
Daddy, Mommy, Linh, Luong Chieu, An Chieu, and Jason

Phoebe, 03/16/09

You were always a good dog and I always looked forward to coming home to see your wagging tail and your little howling of excitement.. You will be deeply missed and never forgotten... May you run free with no pain and be full of happiness in a better place..

Heather & Todd Clower

Pheobe, 10/29/08

To Pheobe I hope you see your sister Tonny at Rainbow Bridge you were loved a lot and i miss you just remember mommy 's you and I hope to see you at Rainbow Bridge!


Phil, 03/02/09

MY darling sweet boy,I tried so long to keep you with me, safe and warm, now you are free from illness,pain. I love you.

Mare Reasons-Arthur

Phillip, 05/01/95-03/10/09

My Phillip passed on at 4:30am on March 10, 2009.
He was diagnosed with lymphoma only a week earlier.
He was such a good friend, greeted me every day, chirped when he saw me, and licked my nose all the time.
I already miss him so much.
Please pray for Phillip.

Tom O'Connor

Phoebe, 05/05/09


Phoebe, 05/16/95-12/25/08

Phoebe you are missed so much.
You were my best friend in the whole world. I thought I said all the goodbyes possible in our last minutes together but I would give anything to see you again.
You are the one that always comforted me when I needed it and now that I need to be comforted more than ever you aren't able to be with me.
I really do hope you are having as great of a time as everyone says you are and I can't wait until the day we meet again.
I love you so much!

Heather Ligman

Phoebe Valentine, 01/13/93-07/19/08

Phoebe - My furry brown angel, my sweet and gentle Springer Spaniel, my liver and white shadow for 15 1/2 years- half of my own life-, my most amazing blueberry picking partner, the most incredible water-loving, swim-crazy, apple and golf ball-chasing dog who I miss and love with all of my broken heart.
I hope you are no longer in pain and are swimming all day long. Thanks for the treasured memories.
Thanks for teaching Willow some things before you passed on, especially your love of water, she is serious about it herself and is now teaching Piper.
Willow, Piper, Emma and Loki miss you. Loki, especially it seems.
Thank you for guiding Hunter into our lives, I know you had something to do with it. He thanks you as well.
I love you! I can't wait to see you again my baby girl. Love, Mommy

Phoenix, 08/2007

Phoenix was my friend. I will always remember his short life, and the fact that he was his bold, brave self until the end. XXX Phoenix. I still miss you.

Tracy Gent

Phoenix, 05/26/09

Phoenix was such a loveable dog. She loved everyone and was the neighborhood mascot.She rode with the security guard and played with all the children who came over every afternoon asking if Phoenix could come play.
Every morning we went to the park for an hour run and if I was not ready to go early, she would sigh and lay down like,come on pokey.
She kept me going and visited all our family regulary. The pain of missing her is unbearable.I feel like she is still here blocking the doorway so she knows where we go and goes with us.When ever we got in th ecar, she ran and jumped in not to be left behind. We love her so.

Marguerite Kirk

Phoenix, 05/14/09

Phoenix was a loving, mischievious little cat who thought he was a puppy.
He filled my life, enriching it with his very existence.
The world is a duller place without him.

Marie Sims

Phoenix, 05/17/01-04/04/09

This is to honor my buddy Phoenix who I loved so dearly and will be greatly missed..he has left many paw prints on my heart, I will never forget him, he was my best friend and true companion, he was my shadow!..There will never be another phoenix..In my eyes I belive he passed to early... but maybe he was needed up in heaven for some great purpose or he fullfilled his purpose here...RIP my snuggle buddy..I love you forever!!

Marguerite Messenger

Phoenix Peirce, 07/21/97-05/12/09

Our baby, our love meant the world to us.
He will be missed by his miniature pincher sister, Savannah.
She is still looking for him but I know deep inside she does realize that her brother has said goodbye until the time that we all meet again.
We love and miss you buddy...

Kim & Jeff Peirce

Pia, 06/02/09

PIA was an adorable persian cat I've got on 11/16/08.
She was 2 months old & had a severe diarrhea, flu & ear infections but full of life & joy.
I gave her all of me, my home, my care, my love.
PIA was taken from us suddenly on 06/02/09 after an anaesthesia.
She was too young & we miss her so so much.
Thank you PIA for all the love & happiness you gave us.
You will always remain in the deep of my heart.

Yasmina Roesch

Piano, 02/22/02

She "saved" my sis after being saved herself. She was meant to be with our family. She stayed as long as she could. We could not ask her for more. She was and still is my sis' "Beauté désespérée".

Celine Poulin-Lape

Piccolo, 11/27/08

PICCOLO 01/27/97-11/27/08
Our Little Man Piccolo, our hearts are broken and the house seems empty, everywhere we go or everything we do we are reminded of you, so we laugh and then we cry, and we cry and then we laugh.
It was the best 16 years, so much love to give, taught us affection and soothed us when needed.
Special Little man that touched so many.
Oh I long to caress those silky ears and look into your beautiful eyes.
You hung in there for so long , and I know it was for me because I couldn't let you go,and you knew that and you endured until I had the courage to make the right decision.

Keep an eye out for me Piccy at Rainbow Bridge,a special lady who kindly let us know of that special place your in has eased our pain somewhat

I know and feel in my heart I'll be with you again because it is meant to be, we'll cross the bridge together (after I have hugged and hugged and hugged you)and then it will always be you and I again, never to be seperated

Trish and Geoff

Pickles, 05/06/99-06/30/09

I love you, my precious baby Pickles. Thank you Sweetheart for all the puggy cuddles and kisses we shared.
Thank you for loving me and for every moment we shared together. My heart aches for you my little one.
Forever in my heart, forever in my thoughts.

Love forever and a day,

Pierre, 10/13/08-09/15/08

Pierre will always be in our hearts. He is deeply missed.We love you very much! He loves when we would come in the house and say Pierre Pierre Bonjour mon frere! He was such a great pal!

Camille, James, Odie, P.J.

Pierre Garay, 08/13/99-02/02/09

Oh Pierre,
how we miss you.
There is a stillness in our house without you.
We always knew how important a part of our family you were but we really feel the loss now.
We are greatful that you are not suffering anymore.......we know that you are with St. Francis and are being cared for.
We will meet again at the Rainbow Bridge.
It is the only thing that is keeping us sane during this difficult time.
We love you and miss you.

Juan, James and His Brother Jean-Claude

Pierre Gustave Toutante Beauregard 'Beau', 10/16/95-05/02/09

To Beau, who always loved us.
We love you and miss you.

David & Claudia Hawkins

Pierre Harkins, 05/25/09

Pierre was a wonderful cat.
He brought so much joy to our home.
He will definitely be missed.


Pigabar, 02/12/09

For my beloved PIGABAR who I loved with my whole heart and soul, you are now with all my other weasel angels in Heaven. I love you!

Melissa M. Northup

Piggee, 01/09/09

Thank you my dear Piggee I held you safe in my arms until I could hold you no more. I will always hold you safely in my heart. Until we're together again I will miss you a piece of my heart went with you. I Love You forever and always!

Tere Michaels

Piglet, 1996-07/15/09

I miss you my little girl.
I love you.

Tracy Van Dyne

Piglet, 10/09/07-07/05/09

sweet baby of mine
i miss you so much...i wish you were in my arms because they ache without you...
i love you...your sweet little face is engraved on my heart...

Amy Hughes

Pikito, 03/22/09

Thank you for your company and love. More than a pet, you were part of our Family. You will be always in our hearts.

Alejandrina Mejia

Piky, 06/08/09

You will forever be in my heart. I love you so much and will love you forever.

Delisa Tejeda

Pilla, 20/07/87-04/07/00

Pilla, you and I have been parted for so long and I still miss you so very very much. I love and long to hold, cuddle, kiss and smell you again. I know Mummy is with you now and I miss you both so much. I have kept my promise to you my baby, you still hold that special place in my heart where nothing or no one can touch. I know you visit me from time to time because I catch sight of you every now and then. RIP my darling Pilla because I know I will meet you again, never to be parted.

Christine Goodridge

Pilot, 03/01/99-11/12/08

My Pilot lives on in my memories; I will never forget him.
He was my best buddy:
my big, black puppy buddy.
I miss him every day.

Michele Urban

Pineridge Royal Blue Doulton, 04/24/97-10/15/08

truely one of a kind

Deborah Zapasnik

Pineridge Royal Blue Glory Bee, 07/01/01-08/04/08

Simply the best, better than all the rest

Deborah Zapasnik

Piney Samantha Pollino, 07/10/94-12/13/08

I remember the day that Mom and Dad brought you to gram and pap Lonergan's house as a tiny puppy wrapped up in a towel after you had thrown up in Mom's lap in the car from a chicken bone being lodged in your throat.
Mom always told us that she chose you because you walked up to the van and wanted someone to take you home.
We would always laugh about the first impression you made on Mom and how you managed to fall into the garbage in the basement the first night we had you.
It never got old.
Dad always called you Houdini because as a puppy you always managed to get out of your box or crate.
You were so bad when you were a puppy that Mom threatened more than once to give you up to another family.
We never gave you up and eventually you warmed Mom's heart as well.
Becky, Mom, and I loved you very much, but we always joked that you were Dad's dog.
He was the one who got up with you every morning, always made certain you had enough to eat, and the one who you would usually walk over to when you wanted your belly rubbed.

When I left for college I would always ask Mom and Dad what you were doing at home and if they had any new stories about you.
When I first brought Jenn over to meet everyone I told her that I was excited for her to finally meet my baby girl, which was what I always called you no matter how old you were. Taking you for walks are some of my favorite memories of you and sometimes I would take you out several times in a day!
When you were a puppy, I could barely keep up with you.
As you got older we walked side by and soon I could only take you on short walks down to the mailbox as you trotted behind me, but I always enjoyed them.
I remember having to brush your teeth everyday because you refused to chew Milk-Bones and the way you used to lick the water running down your face when I would give you a bath.
You were a very quirky dog and we always said that there were no others remotely like you, something that we still believe to this day.

The night before I left for California we found out you had a tumor.
I decided to come home earlier than I had planned to so that I could say goodbye.
When I left again for the airport I told you that you were a good dog and that I never regretted one moment of the time that we shared together.
I had expected you to live for a few months longer, but a few days after I returned to LA, Mom called and told me that they took you to the vet, wrapped up in your favorite orange and yellow blanket and had to put you to sleep.
I didn't think you would leave so suddenly, but then it occurred to me that you probably held on to see me one last time.
I felt such intense sadness at the thought of returning home and you not being there to greet me as I walked through the door and the empty spaces where your bed, dog dish, and toys once occupied.
Mom suggested that I read the Rainbow Bridge poem to help me through my grief and I know that you are there right now waiting there for us until we meet once again.

I hope that the Rainbow Bridge has someone to take you for as many long walks as you like, a warm sunny spot where you can lay, a tall window sill that you can jump on, and all of the turkey that you can eat without ever getting sick from having too much!
You were truly a sixth member of our family, the wonderful memories that we have of you are far too numerous to list in such a small area, and you will forever hold a special place in our hearts.
I will meet you at the Rainbow Bridge!

Love always,

Mom, Dad, David, Becky, and Danny

Ping Pong, 05/27/09

Ping Pong you will be greatly missed. You are in our hearts forever!

Hugs and Kisses,


Pinki, 12/17/97-11/03/08

I miss you!!!!! I miss you so much!!!!

Carl, Marissa and Gina

Pinky, 06/24/09

We mourn the loss of a docile, sweet, curious cat. A lapcat, a shadow cat, a sometimes evil-looking cat. Nothing can replace her. We will Love You and Miss You Forever, Pinky-cat.


Pinky (aka Adidi), 08/89-03/31/09

we miss you so much. thank you for 19 yrs. of love and happiness.

Cesar & Vicky Mendoza

Pinky, 11/22/08

Until we see each other again, Pinky...You will always be in my heart.


Pinky and Blue, 03/91 and 05/90 to 06/2009 and 07/2009

I will miss you guys so much....
You wil always be in my heart!


Pinon, 10/22/92

We miss you lil Pinon!


Pip, 06/13/04

Pip was named by our son Tim who was in 8th grade at the time and reading GREAT EXPECTATIONS. Pip was tiny, but he was the best Chihuahua ever.
We all loved him.

Ellen & Bob Bassett

Pip, 02/24/09

Pip, was the most precious guinea pig i've ever had. She was also my first. She was the whole reason I have guinea pigs today.

If it wasn't for her, I wouldn't even know what a guinea pig is. I'll always remember you, pip! Wait for me at rainbow bridge!!!

Staci Dobson

Piper, 02/22/02-12/24/08

Piper only got to live 6 years, but she was the best dog anyone could have! She gave us so much love and kisses! We miss her so much but we have many great memories of her and will always remember her!

John and Melanie Gilbert

Piper Boselli, 11/04/93-04/15/09

Dearest Piper,
Today You left us in body, but not in spirit.
Sweet Baby, I will love You forever.
You took a piece of my heart with You today.
You died exactly 20 yrs to the day and the time when Your Dad and I were being married.
A happy and sad day!!!!
I'm glad your Dad and I were with You when you passed.
I will see You and Chipper at the Rainbow Bridge.
Sleep, sweet Piper, till we meet again!!
Say hi to Chippy for us!!!
I Love You forever.
In my heart and soul you will always live.

Michele Boselli

Piper MacLeod Allen, 08/14/95-05/11/09

Piper, she was perfect.
She gave so much more than I could have ever given her.
She was the center of my life.

Lilie Allen

Pipin, 11/10/09

Pipin was a special friend that came into my life not even a year ago. Our time together was far too short. He made my life better and I can only hope his life was better too. The pain of losing him is still unbelievable and overwhelming. I pray he is with Fuzz and Grady leaping around and playing and waiting for the day I will one day join them all. I am grateful he was a part of my life. He had a loving and gentle spirit. I will miss him deeply.

Leah Viste

Pippen, 03/26/94-01/16/08

Pippen - I know Tippers was waiting on you and was very happy to see you.
I will miss you very much.
Give my love to Tippers, Chloe and Max. - Mommie

Pippi, 11/01/94-04/16/09

Pippi came to me when her previous owner died.
I was lucky enough to spend 10 wonderful years with her.
She was bright and inquisitive, loving and always a good companion.
She was equally happy going for walks, chasing balls, swimming in the pool, or curling up for a long nap.
She never left my side.
She had a true and pure heart.

Jill Levy

Pippi Longstocking, 01/01/09

My Dearest Sweet Pippi, I Loved you so much and I want to Thank you for 17 incredible years.
You we're always there for me thru all my good and bad times.
I was so incredibly lucky to have a furry best friend as you.
You will always be in my heart and forever on my mind.
Ill meet you at the rainbow=)

I love you

Brianna Lynn Degener

Pirate, 05/19/94-03/08/09

To my baby - you are missed so much

Janet Walter

Pisky, 03/15/95-06/22/09

Pegsy and I will miss you more than anything. You have been a loving constant in my life and I will never forget you.

Amy Reiner

Pita, 05/27/92-03/14/09

Pita was a GREAT cat!
She was super healthy and happy up till the end but left us oh so fast!
Sweet little girl, we still can't believe she's gone on.
I wish her well, she's with her brother now, he's got some good company.
Love you Pita forever!

Michele O

Pitty, 1997-02/14/09

My beloved boy past away to rainbow bridge Saturday, Feb. 14, 2009. We miss him so much.
He will remain in out hearts forever.
I can't awit for that special reunion we will have.
Pitty, Shylow, Daddy and Mommy love you and miss you tons everyday.
Thank you for blessing us while you were here.
Love Always
Mom aka Kenna

Piwacket, 10/84-11/02/01

It has been over seven years since you've been gone, and time hasn't taken away any of the pain I have from losing you. When you left, a big part of me left with you. I will never forget that horrible day. I miss you so much my little boy. You are in my heart and soul every single day. Not a day goes by without me thinking of you. I looked at the calendar today and realized it was 24 years ago when you found me. I can't believe time has gone by so quickly; it seems like only yesterday...

You will always be remembered and cherished as long as I am alive.
I miss you so my precious little boy.


Pixel, 01/02/08

Pixel (from the second litter of the stray calico that resided here for about 3 years and would never befriend us as we wished she would) I scooped him up when he was just a tiny and scared feral. He was a very special pet for me and my boyfriend. He had the temperment that I wanted out of every cat I had owned and never got (and I loved them all too). I will miss him tremendously and I hope he is enjoying playing with all the other kittens, nuts, and potatoe bugs in Heaven that he can have his fill of. And I am hoping he is able to watch WOW up there too (World of Warcraft, as he'd sit on the arm of my boyfriends chair and watch the screen as if he was as interested in the game as us). I will miss him tremendously and hope that his 2nd b-day in heaven will make him as happy as we were to have him in our lives in his little time here on earth. We will miss you Pixel and never forget having you in our life.

Tamera Deuel

Pixie, 05/02/09

She was the BEST.
She gave us so many years of wonderfulness, and we thank her.
And "I know there'llnever be another you" sweet lady.

Marg and Ivan

Pixie, 04/10/09

Pixie, we will never forget you. You were small but full of life; you filled up any room you were in. You cheated death so many times, we thought you would live forever. In fact you do, in our hearts. Love, Carol and Mark

Pixie, 08/23/98-01/06/09

Pixie was my shadow for 10 1/2 years. She was such a loving and strong dog. I took her to work with me and everybody loved her.I had a small resale shop. She was born with Mega Esophogas and was given a year to live when she was born at the most. Vet's told me she lived longer than any other dog with that disease then had ever knew of. I miss her so much.

Love n Prayers, Lucy

PJ, 04/23/08


Diane McCamy

PJ, 12/97-05/17/08


It has been a year since your passed. Your family still loves and misses you. We adopted a new Golden in need Sam that has helped us cope with your loss. Please watch over him and know that we love and miss you always.

Mike and Jackie

PK (Pretty Kitty), 1991

I have a very special place in my heart for my very first Kitty "P.K". She came to us as a stray when I was still playing with barbies on the front lawn. Our kitty had slowly worked her way from the neighbors yard over to our yard and then little by little she moved closer to me onto my blanket that i was sitting on in the grass. before we knew it she was all curled up sleeping on the blanket while I played. She may have slowly moved onto my blanket that summer day, but she quickly moved into our hearts forever. We have missed her everyday and we will continue to miss her until the day we see her again. We love and miss you P.K, our "Pretty Kitty". We will see you again someday! LOTS of love, the Young family. (Mom, Dad, Jenny, Julie and Jeffrey)

PKitty, 06/05/03-02/23/09

Pkitty was a good guy.
He was so smart and so very loving.
He ran to me like a doggie when I called him.
He kissed me on command and would knock on the back door when he wanted to come in.
He was a funny little guy and made me laugh every day of his short little life.
I feel so profoundly sad by his passing and I will miss him forever.
I have never loved a human as much as I loved my short furry son.
This loss is nearly unbearable for me.
Pkitty, my sweet little boy, rest in peace.

Laura Dejesus

Plato, 01/21/99-01/25/09

I was blessed for nine years with my big, beautiful,wild boy. Scout and I miss you so much.
I am so happy you are not suffering any longer.
I hope to see you again.
You are always in my heart, Plato.
I love you.

Sheila Young

Pluto, 06/22/93-03/06/09

Pluto was a loyal,faithful companion and protector for 15 years, 8 months, and 12 days.
He was truly a member of our extended family.
He was a great dog who was loved and will be missed by all. It was so hard to say goodbye but I know that his time had come and he wanted me to let him go. I hope he knows that I tried my best to keep him safe, happy and comfortable. It is so lonely when I come home from work. I wish I could see him, pet him, and walk him again. I am, however, grateful to have had Pluto in our lives for nearly 16 years. It was quite remarkable that a Dalmatian should live that long. He was a rare and special gift. Pluto, we will always remember you with love, humor and joy.


Pocahontus, 09/14/04-06/23/09

Poca has ended her battle today with nasal cancer. She was also hyperthyroid and had a heart block for 5 years. She was the strongest little tortie in the world! I had her since I was 14 and is the first pet I have lost.
I miss her so much!
Amazingly 3 hours after she was gone a rainbow came out in front of my house,I would like to think she was letting me know it was ok. Please say a prayer for my "mama"( what I called her) and myself since i am having a hard time dealing with this lose!

Susan Soutar

Pocho, 08/93-03/25/09

Our Dear Pocho, you were friend, and companion to us.
You brought much light into our lives and we so enjoyed our one to one time with you.
You were caring to both of us, always sure to kneed us both and to gaze into our eyes with longing and seeing into us, like you understood and trusted our bonds.
You will for always be a part of our continued living and instilled into our hearts.

Love and Cuddles to you Sweet Boy,

Cheryl and Jim
we miss you sooooo.

Poco, 05/01/05

I will never forget you.

Barbara Jo Hernandez

Poco, 04/23/93-04/18/09

God Bless You Poco! I Miss You!!

Robert Wright

Pogo, Pogie, July 1992 - September 22, 2009 4:00PM

Tribute to Pogie's life - How do I begin to describe little Pogo ... the absolute joy, happiness, dedication, loyalty, friendliness, love, intelligence, gentleness of my best friend ever, she grasped my heart and soul from the minute I first saw her at a shelter when she was just weeks old. Pogo was a mixed breed pup, with a merle coat and white patch running down her face from the top of her head and a white tip on her curled tail. An attendant told me they had a pup in the back, she asked if I wished to see her. I certainly did, and so they took me to a viewing pen and then brought her to me. Immediately, I noticed her upswept and curled thin tail, sort of like a little piglet. She hopped around exuberantly like a bunny the second her small pink paws touched the ground, she ran right up to me. I did not have to call her. She licked and kissed with incredible excitement. She hopped around not really running, just a cute hoppish gait. I made a whimper sound and she immediately stopped, she gazed at me intently with her big brown eyes, her ears went up and she cocked her head as she stared. I whimpered again and she darted into my arms at full speed, almost knocking me over. That was a joyous moment I will never forget, the beginning of our life together. The two of us overjoyed with happiness. She now had found a home filled with love for her, away from the coldness of the shelter. I immediately thought of a pogo stick when I first watched her, thus I promptly named her Pogo. I initiated the adoption process without delay. She had to be spayed before she could come home. My father and I went back in a couple days to pick her up. It meant the world to me to do this with my dad so he could see her. When he first saw her he remarked about her legs being so long. True, I laughed, we affectionately called them sticks from that day on when later my mother saw her and with love and excitement in her voice exclaimed "sticks", and then it was firm, legs out ... sticks in.. On that day Pogo rode home in my lap, licking and squirming all the way. When we got her home she played in the front grass and chewed everything in sight, including nibbling on my fingers and shoes, she even chewed on sticks, her own legs!. A unbridled bundle of energy with those long legs taking her all over. Several weeks of getting to know one another and her new home went by, during that period I took her out for her first sail on a boat. She loved it out there, tethered in the cockpit with nose in the air and sniffing everything in sight. In the process of scurrying from port to starboard knocking over a sizable jar of peanuts spilling them all over. No problem, she was happy to clean up the mess. She got into unimaginable contortions to reach every last one. She was a natural to be on a boat as she had good sea legs, she loved gazing out over the water as her nose would twitch back and forth and her curly tail would wiggle with excitement. A memory for eternity. She should have been Mr. Peanut from that day on. Later in following weeks, she discovered something irritating and it turned out to be her own tail. To her it seemed alien and she was curious and wanted it. Thus, the tail chasing period began. Whenever her tail would touch her it triggered the chase. She would spin around like a cyclone until she grabbed it or fell to the floor. If she successfully grabbed it she would enjoy chewing on it evidently never realizing it was herself or just didn't care. She would begin this ritual anytime anyone would touch her lower back, thinking it was that pesty tail again. Much joy in this home was produced by those antics, always a funny show, brought laughs to us all. She was extremely good, house trained almost instantly, followed me everywhere, wanted always to learn. Never cried at night, just content and happy. She had a funny little eating habit, just a kibble at a time. Always that way from day one. All her life she would pick kibble out of her bowl and set it on the floor, eating them one by one as if each one were a special treat. She would even get a mouthful and go on her way and spew them across the floor little by little, then go back and eat each of them one at a time. We began obedience school before long. She was tiny compared to all the others in her class. We worked hard at school and did our homework too. We both learned. But, all on her own she received her well earned reward. She was awarded a first place ribbon and special degree of achievement for her abilities and performance. She was first in class. She achieved a 100% rating by the staff trainers during her final trial exam at the end of our class term. She was amazing to watch and never let me down when I gave her any instruction in school. She was Dwarfed in size by the other pooches. I knew she was very special when I first saw her. She was still a pup, but she learned very fast and was extremely attentive all of the time. It was a fantastic evening for us, our communication was now well established. Since that graduation day it had always been more learning ahead of us and our bond just deepened and grew, our emotional attachment simply amplified with each passing day. Never, ever did Pogo disappoint me. I became rather ill after awhile when she was still less than a year old. She was my life and hope, she supported me in the best state of mind possible, she kept me whole, always with me hour after hour for a very long time. Slept by my feet always then and forever after. Eventually, during the illness period she would sneak her way closer and closer to me and would lick my hand or arm and significantly improve my spirits. She would then nuzzle like a special hug of her own design, pushing her body closer and closer until it touched and would then add a little more push to be tightly pressed against me, she then knew she could go to sleep in peace. She knew I was ill. Giving her all as usual, simply the way she was. Always going to people to bond, no matter who it was. Never have I experienced a pet with such curiosity and love for everything. Even the geckos that she would discover on the patio, she would go see but never hurt in any way, just a little gentle, curious sniff. Gentleness always, her way. You could see the love she had for everything and everybody. For years our life and bond just blossomed in every way. She loved to sniff everything outdoors and she would eat hibiscus blooms when she was young. Pluck them right off the bush and chew them with an unbelievable look of happiness in her eyes. She would prance around with a funny little walk, we would call it a waddle butt. It never dawned on me that this was not supposed to be like. A year ago I learned differently. Pogo would provide a delicate kiss when asked for one, she would place her cold nose to your cheek and give a little soft exhaled blow, like a delicate reversed sniff. She would hug too whenever desired, kneel down and hold out my arms and she would come up to me and place her head between my arm and side pushing hard up against me, saying how much she loved. She would shake with both paws matching whichever hand I or anyone would extend to her. She would speak gently if I would just move my lips saying the word "speak" but being silent, simply reading my lips in some way. She would sit heeled tightly by my side pressing against my leg while I stood. I would say "front" and she would immediately spin around to the front of me and completely face directly at me holding her chin almost straight up like a little soldier earnestly looking at me waiting to here my next request of her. Mostly her obedience never waivered, except when she could run free, then she would run like a little fawn, but with traits of a graceful hop, then stop when she heard a call to her, look and stare back, then phooey, on with the discovery until she was bribed with a treat. Couldn't blame her for the phooey, they all wish to run. Pogo was great on a leash, heeled like no one's business. A nice slack dip in the leash when walking her always. She knew, she learned well in school. Her first lessons in fact, and she picked it up surprisingly quick. She had a trick for checking doors, a little push with her nose to see if it was latched, she learned quickly she could gain her opportunity to discover the world this way, and she took advantage of her new skill often. I recall once getting a call that she got out when she checked the front door and she took advantage of the unlatched obstacle and off she went, later she was found playing with a group of children a block away. She would have stayed with them all day if she could. She had another thing with doors, she would frequently bark to go outside, the door would be opened and excitedly out she would go, then when she realized no one followed and she was there alone, she would immediately bark to come back in. This was her way with people, always wanting to be near them. She was not happy without people around her. Pogie loved to nuzzle, never ever liked to be alone. She followed me everywhere and was always at my side. Pogo would rarely bark, she was very content. Her bark was gentle and very unique in tone, a happy bark, never mean spirited or upset. She would try and talk sometimes with a very soft, sort of combined mumble tone dressed over by a touch of very delicate bark. It was quite obvious it was her special attempt to converse as her eyes would be wide and bright very eager to communicate. During holidays and special occasions she loved to push her nose into gift boxes as they were opened, she would ruffle through the tissue until she found the mystery inside, just curiosity, never hurting anything, just enjoying the search and excitement. She opened her own presents too, tearing loose paper and pulling at ribbons. She would love to look and search in shopping bags when brought home to discover what wonders were deep inside and all the new scents to enjoy, a constant deep curiosity within her. Her passion was Frosty Paws, this ice cream was very, very special to her. She would carry the little cup by the lip between her upper and lower small front teeth to a ideal place and then lay it down, sometimes she would drop it on a lazy day and it would land upside down. She would then lay down and learned to flip it over and hold the cup between her paws. It was amazing to watch her cleverness. Then the ritual would begin, almost a trance of ecstasy as she licked it until there was no trace remaining in that cup. The immensely gratified and happy look on her face, priceless. She would always remind us after dinner with a requesting bark it was her turn, ice cream time. Pogie and my mother built a unique special relationship over the Frosty Paws routines. Pogie was a dream come true when visiting a vet, she was exceptionally good and always perfectly behaved. Never a issue. They could push her, bend and twist her, poke her, take blood, give shots and all sorts of things and she just let the care givers do what they needed to do. Not even a peep from her. Pogie was as gentle as a lamb. Although, at times she was not happy with having her nails trimmed. She liked the vet trips. At bath times she would always co-operate, like she understood the entire event. She would just stand there and even lift her legs to assist with the washing and rinsing. Of course she liked to taste the suds sometimes. Funny, as she did not like to swim. She would not get into the pool without coaxing, she didn't like water where her paws could not touch the ground. She was a good swimmer though and would swim if I went first and guided her in. She liked to pace the pool and watch as I or anyone would swim. She was always eager to go in the water at the beach, sniffing around at everything and her eyes would light up with happiness. But, she just had to have those paws touching the bottom. Pogie was not a retriever, she would watch a ball and try to catch it, sometimes it would bounce off her nose, she would go after it and get it but not with intensity nor great accuracy, not her thing. She was not a sportster, she was a lover, a pet of deep affection and loyalty and great sweetness. She did not use her own bed, she would be on the sofa or on the bed to rest and sleep. She wanted to be with the people always, she liked to be positioned so she could see all. She never wanted to miss a thing. Being alone did not sit well with her at all, I think she wanted to be a person. She would always keep very close tabs on me, she had her own system for doing that. Her yard was her own, a nice area of many bushes and beds she could sniff at her leisure which she loved to do, and on occasion she would go on the dock and peer down to the water delicately perched with her front paws carefully placed on the edge, all the time sniffing at the scents of the sea. She was a frustrated fisherman I think, she loved to watch the activities and would certainly let you know it when a line was cast, barking up a storm as though she wanted to be part of the process or desired to be the fish. Sometimes, she had to stay inside while I was outside, she would follow my every move by running from room to room and poke her little head between the window blinds in the same place every time to keep tabs on me. She eventually caused the blades on the blinds to break away where her little head would always poke through to see, creating her own small window to the world to watch me by. She would always be at the door when I came in, sometimes she would wait a long time, occasionally I would trick her as I began to return and she would choose the wrong door at first so then she would run like mad, feet not keeping up with the body, cutting corners too tight, slipping on the tile to beat me to the other door. Always arriving as excited and happy as ever. It was a little different game when we were both outside. Sometimes she had to stay in the back yard and when I would have to be in the front, she would watch me through the fence until she couldn't see me anymore, then she'd scurry as fast as possible to the other side of the house, dodging obstructions along her route to find me there. There were times I would tell her to meet me on the other side and off she would go quick as a bunny as I started to walk away. Of course she would be there on the other side when I arrived, tail wagging and fully excited with greetings, always winning the race and obviously quite proud. How much more devotion and loyalty is there in a pooch ignoring the distractions to get to her friend. Bye Bye's she liked a lot ... meaning a car ride, she would sit next to the car and wait to be told "ok" to hop aboard. Pogie loved to ride, head always up and alert looking around, she was a wind in the face pooch, her head would be out the window in a flash. Her little nose sniffing like she never wanted it to end. The wind would push her skin and fur back, her little ears pinned flat against her head. This was bliss, she loved every second of it. Periodically, bringing her head inside to look straight at me and let the moisture return to her eyes. Then out she would go again, in total bliss. Pogie had a gesture of affection that she would share with anyone who wished to receive it. While if you were sitting she loved placing her head on your leg or in your lap and exerting some pressure, then she would simply look at you with big open brown eyes. Just looking for a pet or caress (perhaps a treat)in exchange for coming to see you. Often times bringing you her toy, one of which was named "Apie", a small brown stuffed ape with a hailing ape sound inside. Her favorite toy of all. Her gentleness and sweet nature always came first, she never destroyed her toys at all. Her toys were called babies and she would search for them and find them when asked. Very proud to bring it back. Her babie's included Apie, Mousey and a new Kwappy (the cute rat, shown in the photo), and other stuffed friends. Always a joy to watch her respond to "Where's your baby?", off she would go and usually return with the baby of choice. Although, sometimes even she couldn't find where she left it! She also enjoyed her Bonz treat, the bone like treat with the soft center. She had a liking for the center, her primary target of interest. She developed her own technique, to pick it up and slip it to the back teeth and then crunch, a snap and the bone fell into two pieces and the treasure layed there free before her to enjoy, and that she did. Always the center would come first, a special deliberate technique she created. Of course she made sure the remnants were taken care of too. She was one for human food also, she loved red bell peppers and broccoli too. Although she wasn't too fond of a black olive, but enjoyed a green one now and then, especially the little red pimento. Lettuce and spinach was good but even better with dressing. Anything else was welcome too! She liked her snacks as well, especially a chip or two, of course the dip was always a great pleasure for her and often times her fussiness would come out and the dip disappeared but the chip remained, followed by a look of wanting, and of course who could resist that. She had a thing for nachos too! Pogie was always trim and never overweight, she had her normal diet and some morsels of human extravagance as well. Of course she became spoiled, but in a good way. Pogo was great about dinner time, well behaved and would sit on command, wait for her bowl to be filled and water poured, then on the word "ok" she would go to her food bowls. I could always take food from her or interrupt her while eating, her good nature and sweetness always came through, incredible patience and understanding in my best friend. She would drop anything if I told her "drop it". Like most pooches Pogie had her "spot", the one that was like a funny bone, the place that simply would put her in immediate bliss, although hers was on the rib cage it would migrate to different places at different times, like under the front leg and shoulder union. A little scratch with a finger tip would of course put things in motion and the little rear leg would begin to cycle back and forth running in thin air as her pink tongue would lick tenderly at anything near it, her eyes glassed and squinting, her front legs as limp as could be. A calm and passiveness would envelope her from head to tail. This she would do forever if she could. Pogo set up a game for me a long time ago that became a regular event. She seemed to feel left out on some mornings when I, her best friend would be getting ready for a day so she created this morning game... She loved to place her nose through the warm air stream of a hair dryer as I would lean over to dry my hair, at the same time tickling her nose with the hair dangling down in the flow. She would tickle herself to where she would turn and sneeze and come back for more, rummaging through the ends of the hair strands, having a great time. Between the hair moments she would stick her nose and head between my knees and squeeze herself through, going back and forth, wiggling her head side to side in absolute glee. Then a tap on the behind and off she would go to start her day with the dash for the water bowl which always came first, take a drink and a look back to see where her companion was, another drink, another look. Then a trot to get her companion to say let's go! On request Pogie could retrieve her own collar that would be hanging on a cabinet knob, some days she would grab it and bring it to me and then there were the lazy days when she would just try and toss it to me. Pogo was adorned with many nicknames over the years all of which she knew, names like Pogster, Pogie, Pogette, Peanut Head, Lil Dummy, Buster, Lil Piggy (the tail),Waddle Butt and several others, all special purpose and for fun, amazingly she adopted to them all. For 17 years, 2 months we shared times like these and so many, many more. If only everyone could have known her. The joy she would bring. Our companionship and devotion to each other was second to none. Pogie was and remains a huge part of my life, she has taken a large portion of myself with her, I am completely crushed inside, my life will never be the same and I will always in my soul and mind be reaching out to desperately touch and hug her. This innocent, sweet, sensitive little pal has impacted my life in a way that is absolutely impossible to explain. These words I hope have provided a glimpse into her wonderful being and life. The deep pain of losing her will never go away and I will have to try and learn to live with it but it will be a constant, deeply personal struggle. I will shed tears and smile with many wonderful memories but above all my heart will always be with her and her spirit with me, every minute, every day. I so love you Pogie with all my heart and being. I miss you beyond belief .... Your very loving pal, John

Pokey, 02/24/09

Pokey, you always let us know how much we were loved. I know you knew how much we loved you too. We miss you sleeping in our bed at night, nudging our hands for attention, and singing with the sirens. Your loyalty was unmatched. We were honored that you adopted us as your human mom and dad. We will always love you.

Sherilyn and Cliff Hines

Polar, 10/10/97-27/12/08

Our special first born friend
A perfect perfect cat
The best there can be
Born a cat, died a gentleman

Lara O'Connor

Polka Jean, 08/30/97-06/02/09

Hers Littlest Cutest One- My heart's happiness.
She brought me more love than I could have ever imagined.
I was always amazed at how the love just grew more and more each day.
She will be forever missed & my heart feels shattered, but how very thankful I am for the time we had together....& I know I will meet up with her again one love love you my little Polka Jean....


Polli, 01/01/99-03/08/99

Oh Polli- our sweet, beautiful girl. We will miss and love you forever.
Our hearts are shattered.

Robin & Rich

Polly, 05/12/09

Polly came to us one cold winter night starving, scared and near death.
We nursed her to health and fell in love with her.
She filled a deep space in my heart with unconditional love. Polly was hit by a car and we had to bury her last night.
My heart is crushed!
I will love you Polly forever!
I am thankful for the four months we had.

Polly, 06/14/90-01/09/09

For Polly, who made my life complete for nearly 19 years. You were such an independent soul, and loved your walks almost up to the end. I love and miss you sweetie. xxxxx

Gloria Byrne

Polly, 27/12/95-04/02/09

Our darling Polly, a very special chocolate labrador.
Loved and missed by everyone xxx


Polly, 08/01/07



Polly, 02/01/09

You were our Baby Girl and we miss you terribly.
Please forgive our carelessness and always know that we love you and will think of you always.
We will meet again My Sweet Girl.
We will take care of Petey for you.

We love you - Mommy, Daddy, Jewel, Joey, Petey, Sky and the Snail Bunch...<3

Polly, 07/25/06

Dear Polly,
We miss you so. A day doesn't pass that something doesn't remind us of you. We are all fine except for the hollow spot you left in our hearts.
I know we will be together again someday.


Polly Peegirl, 05/31/09

Our precious little angel Polly, we love you and miss you dearly.We want you to know the only sorrow you ever brought us is the day you left.

Maria D'Amelio Ralph Auletta

Polo (Napoli), January 27, 1997 - November 20, 2009

Velvet-soft ears, wet and inquiring nose, that wonderful Iggy way of being a love-bug all the time. I miss you, Po-pea. You've only been gone for a little less than 2 hours, and it's still hard to believe. I'll miss that wonderful comic howling, every time you and your cousins, Flash and Rosie, knew that we were all going on a "walk in the park in the car." You were such a gentle soul! So sweet all the time, and so in love with your cousin Flash! And even when you couldn't see anymore, and your heart was giving out, you still never, ever missed even one walk in the park--not one, Po-pea, not one! I'm so grateful that your quality of life remained good, right until the last day, when within just a few hours it became apparent you would be leaving us. I'm so very, very grateful you came into our lives, Grandma's boy and our second rescue dog, and even if we had you only for a little under 5 years, you captured our hearts forever. And I know that your first mama, whose side you stayed next to the entire time she was dying of cancer, is there with you now. I'm so grateful you are not alone! And that someone who loved you as much as we did was there to greet you as you crossed the bridge! Tell her to give you a kiss for us, Po-pea. A great big kiss. And now, with your sight restored and your heart whole and sound again, you are free to run and play with her, happy and reunited with her at last. We'll come find you, Po, someday. Flash, Rosie, Grandma, Uncle Rob, and me--we'll come find you Po-po. But until then, be happy with your first mama, wiggle in her arms, and kiss her face. I know you are in paradise, reuinted with her at last.

We love you forever--

Grandma, Uncle Rob, Flash, Rosie, and Aunt Lisa("Step-Mom")

Polo, 6/1/95 - 9/28/09

Polo, a white standard poodle, was our first dog. This gentle giant brought a smile to our faces every single day. All Polo needed to be happy was food, water and his family. He gave us so much and expected so little in return. A piece of our hearts died with you. We all loved you so much and will always miss our Polo Bear. You are at peace now. The Gitlers

Polo, 02/09/09

Polo was an amazing companion who brought me such love and joy.
He has taken a piece of me with him and I will forever hold him in my heart.


Polonius, 1998-05/01/09

Goodbye my have added much joy to my journey and have given me great closure to the pain of my childhood. You will be terribly missed.


Pomposo Del Rio (River), 13.5 years old 8-29-09

I buried my best friend today.  
His name was Pomposo Del Rio, but we called him River.  
My beloved dog River, he was so sweet, gentle, regal, kind and protective.

River, I will always love and remember you. You were always at my side on our walks down to the river and field, you always waited patiently for me. You always looked up at me with shiny eyes, my sweet boy. I will miss you so much and can't wait to see you again along with Buddy, Cassie, Patches, Pete, Sabrina, Duke, Puppy, Cindy, Scotty...  
You were the best dog ever and I am sorry our time together was so short, 13.5 years was not enough. I love you so much. Be at peace now and out of pain.

My boy, run with the angels and be happy and blessed!  
Diane, Tom, Esa & Shadow

Poncho, October 26, 2009

Poncho you were a good friend and though you were not with us for a long time you captured our hearts. You brought us so much joy and we will miss you.

Poncho, 02/04/09

Poncho, you will be greatly missed.

Sandy and Scott

Pongo, 05/25/95-07/06/09

We had to have our Dalmatian, Pongo, put to sleep yesterday morning.
He lived a good, long life and was a wonderful pet to our family.
It was so hard to make the decision yesterday, but he was getting sicker and sicker and not eating or drinking.
Still, he looked so sad, and it broke my heart.
Today, I miss him and seeing & hearing him in the house.
I didn't think I'd be this sad.
I can't stop crying.


Pongo, 06/19/09

Our beautiful boy went to sleep yesterday for the last time - a wonderful boy who gave us so much love as we did him in the short time we had him. We miss you so much Pongo, god bless - go now to Rainbow Bridge where no one will hurt you and you will be happy
love mummy, daddy, Natasha & Lucy xxx

Pongo, 08/93-04/06/09

He was a great dog. He came into the family to be the dog I believe every child needs as they are growing up. When my children outgrew cuddling he was their replacement. We took a walk together almost every night for 14 years. I feel like a part of my life is missing. It leaves a big empty spot that only another pet lover can realize.

Deb Calander

Pongo, 07/07/92-03/02/09

He was the most caring of dogs. He saw us through the sad times and was always there to share the joy. He always knew when he was needed to share his love when you most needed it. He was truly special.

Joyce Mesnik

Ponsona Gile, 10/18/99-07/16/09

Best Little dog in the world

Deb and Tom Gile

Pooch, 04/16/09

Pooch was a big, loving boy, who took joy in all his friends, his food and life in general. As a young dog he would race in wide circles around and around, like freight train! He would howl at the moon in his deep voice. He was a leaner and a wiggler. He hardly ever just wagged his very short tail, but instead wagged the whole dog. He liked his comforts, and was drawn to soft pillows; when he couldn't find one, he would take a blanket or a carpet and bunch it up to rest his big head.
We will miss his company, every day.


Poochie, 12/18/87-03/04/98

Forever is our prayers for your devoted love.
We will see you again little one.
Your with Baba now. With love and miss you everyday. Your Jennifer and Susan


God bless your little soul forever.

Susan Carter

Poochie Turkatte, 12/26/08

You won over everyone's heart. So sweet and loving companion, with a mind of her own.

Linda M Turkatte

Poochkas, 10/15/95 - 09/05/09

Since Poochka went his way to the Rainbow Bridge yesterday, I have thought over and over of how much we loved him. He was a beautiful buff colored Cocker Spaniel, and his face looked the same yesterday as it did the day he came into our lives....a Christmas Eve evening in 1995. A funny, sweet dog...he loved to snuggle in anyone's lap, and enjoyed his animated pink furry pig the most. His decline into old age was slow, until last week. His breathing became more labored, and he had lost so much weight. His appetite went away, and Mike was giving him Cherrio's and McDonald's hamburgers...when he refused that, and wouldn't gulp and splash at his water bowl...we knew. It didn't help that I am a Hospice nurse...well, maybe it did. I held him all night Friday night...thinking that each breath might be the last.

The others here...Samson, the chocolate lab, Parker, the mini schnauzer, and the three cats...Zack, Thelma, and Louise...are looking for him. I've called Poochka's name several times when I walk out onto the deck...His name was always the first name called. I made the two bowls of dinner last strange that felt.

There seems to be this very strange, gaping, pain near my heart. The tears just come out of no where.

Thank you, were a wonderful dog.

Poof, 04/10/09

Poof, You were the light of our lives and we will miss you forever.
We love you

Keith & Amanda Gorzela

Poofy, 06/07-02/09/09

I miss you so much, little Poofy. Even that squinty-eyed glare and death yawn that looked like a portal to hell. It's all quiet and sad without you at night. Squeak squeak!

Chengyee T

Pooh, 03/01/93-02/11/09

Pooh, You gave us 16 years of love, laughter, comfort, and you contented purrs of love. No matter what was going on in the family you held no ill will of anyone. Even when your father was the alpha male over you and your brother, you were still humble and gentle all the time.
Your one dot of slightly stiped orange over your left eye in you all white face with the black hair between your ears and the wonderfully large green eyes, were all we needed to see when any of us were feeling down. You brought a smile to our faces and nothing could be wrong when you jumped up in our laps to cuddle with us.
We will all miss you, but we know that you are still peeking around the clouds up above and still purring your way on to heaven.

Donna, John, Kelly, Paul Merkle

Pooh, 01/07/09

I love you Pooh Bear. You were my best friend for 15 years. I'm sorry I didn't know more about how to make you better. I'm sorry you felt so bad at the end. I miss you very much and look for you everywhere. I wish I had more time. I wish you weren't so sick at the end and I could have hugged and played with you more then. I wish so much we had one more good day. I hope hope I get to be with you again someday. somewhere.

Pooh, 12/29/08

So special and So missed!

George and Margaret Duke

Pooh Bear, 5/13/1995 - 10/27/2009

Pooh Bear was our “first bornded” as I would call her. She won our hearts immediately...she was a good girl, always trusted off leash and we used to joke that she housetrained us. She was a Daddy’s Girl for sure, although she liked her mom. She loved to swim and snooze in the sun. Her only nemesis was Big Brown…we never did figure out what she didn’t like about the UPS truck, but it was the only vehicle she ever chased, NEVER leaving the sidewalk of course. Like I said, she was the Good Girl. She was a wonderful big sister to our Tigger, gone too soon from cancer. Then she took control of Darby...13 years difference in age but Pooh managed to keep her in line.

She was diagnosed with diabetes in October of ‘08. It took a while, but we managed to get control of her blood sugar and she was doing fine. Our vet was very happy with her progress. Dr. Moore said she’d never had a diabetic dog do so well so quickly.

Then on October 23, ‘09, she was picky about eating; she didn’t want her food, but she would take treats. By the evening of the 25th she wouldn’t eat OR take treats. The morning of the 26th she couldn’t even hold water down so off to vet we went. It turned out she had pancreatitis...treatment was started immediately.

October 27, 2009.…a day that will be heavy in our hearts forever...we went in for what we thought was a visit with our girl. Dr. Moore came in and informed us that Pooh had developed neurological problems. She warned us that the prognosis wasn't good, and we would understand more when we saw her. When they brought Pooh in to see us, we could see a dramatic change. She didn’t see us or respond to us talking to her. I asked to hold her and when Dr. Moore put Pooh in my arms, I knew...she was gone, but her body hadn’t realized it yet; her dad felt the same way. Dr. Moore was concerned about Pooh making it through the night and we didn’t want her to have a seizure and cross to The Bridge alone. So, we made the difficult decision to let her go peacefully. We miss her terribly...she took pieces of our hearts with us when she left. We will never forget her....

Pooh Bear (Winnie The Pooh), 11/05/95-02/04/09

Pooh Bear was a special child and immediately loved by all who met her. She was intelligent, understanding, angelic, and with a personality as unique and endearing as any human we have ever known. We have been blessed to be her parents and to share just over 13 years of life and love with her.

When she died, she broke our hearts. But we will remember the joy she brought to us and others as long as we live.

Alan and Susan Barclay

Poohbear and Snuggles, 12/23/07 and 04/22/09

The best of friends til the end. They will live in my heart forever.


Pooka, 05/07/84-07/02/09

Pooka was a 14 yo pekingese from Pensacola Florida
I rescued him from the streets and he was my best friend. I am a army veteran and never have felt this sense of loss.Pooka would go surfing with me and I will meet him on the rainbow bridge.we will miss ya


Pooka, 03/92-05/08/09

Pooka was our family's first pet.
She was born in a litter in March 1992, and we took her in.
She was gray with a little white patch under her neck, and she was regal and beautiful.
I first met her when I was 14 years old and returned home from softball practice.
We were fascinated at the way she purred when we pet her.
We kept her closed in a back room on the ground floor of our house and heard her whining and crying all night, which was painful.

Pooka was supposed to be kept to that back area, but it was not long before she took her reign over the house and we became her loving slaves.
I wish every pet could have the love and care that Pooka received for 17 years with our family.
If you said the word "turkey" she would come running into the kitchen for her bowl of freshly cut deli meat, at least twice per day.
She had a blanket or pet bed in every room of the house, with toys and brushes.
There was always someone to scratch her in the right spot behind the ears or play a game.

Pooka never liked to be alone.
If left home alone she would greet as at the door as soon as someone returned.
We did not have the heart to leave her in a kennel, and so aside from her overnight stay at the vet when she was neutered, she never spent a night alone without one of us at home.
If we were on the second floor of the house, she would cry at the bottom of the steps until we said "Pooka I'm upstairs!" and she would mosey on up as if obliging our invitation.

Pooka traveled to Puerto Rico, Florida, and Atlanta but lived in New Jersey full time.
She attended law school with me for a few weeks while my parents traveled.
She sent me occasional cards with cash and some fur when I was away for college and law school.
All of my friends have known her, and luckily so does my new husband so he will never wonder who I speak of for the rest of my days.

Although she gave us a couple of scares, Pooka seemed an invincible indoor cat until a sudden deterioration these past couple of weeks.
Since she is the first pet in our family, we did not know what to do.
How could we determine her quality of life?
Two weeks ago the vet said her heart was strong, although we all knew her bodily functions were starting to fail and she did not have much working muscle in one hind leg.
She still ate, but not as much.
She seemed to be begging all the time and not eating the food, and constantly under foot-- I realize now she was trying to tell us something, that she did not feel good.

Yesterday Pooka could hardly lift her head.
This morning she woke and limped to her spot in the sunroom, but could not make it back to the room with her food.
She stopped halfway and lay down on a mat in the kitchen where she never lays.
We had scheduled to see our vet at 10am, our wonderful vet who came in to see our Pooka on her day off (Town & Country Vet in Marlboro, NJ, Dr. P, she is the BEST.)

The vet was able to confirm what we did not want to admit-- it was time.
Pooka had at least one organ failure and would likely not make it through the weekend, and her heart was very weak.

Pooka has been a terror at the vet for years, our little princess turns barbarian with hissing and fighting whenever she visits the office.
But today, she could barely lift her head or growl.
For the first time in 17 years, the vet office staff was able to pet our Pooka calmly.

I stayed with her through the end.
Because my mother is allergic to dogs and cannot enter the vet's office, we took Pooka outside for a final goodbye.
Then I stayed with her while they shaved her leg to see the vein and made the Injection of Kindness that would help Pooka fall asleep for good, rather than suffer through the next several days in organ failure.
Sleep came immediately, and then peace for our beautiful cat.

We miss her terribly.
Our house is not the same without her.
I can't fathom how a mother can handle losing a child, because my cat lived a full wonderful life and yet I am devastated that I will not get to hold her just one more time.
I did not comprehend at the vet's office that those hugs and kisses were the last, until the vet gently carried Pooka's heavy body away for good.

As she went to sleep, I told Pooka that my grandpa was cooking up a nice steak for her, and I hope they are together now and I will see them again someday.

It has not been 24 hours since we put her to sleep, and her absence is very painful.
I will never forget our beautiful cat, who was with me from when I was 14 to 31 years old.
I am so happy for the time we had, and hope someday to share my home and family with another pet.

Thank you for sharing my tribute to Pooka.
I will miss her very much and it helps to talk about her.

Amy Raphael

Pookey, 02/26/09

You came to me, a "used" cat from a family that found you too antagonistic toward their other cats.
You loved me unconditionally after a painful divorce. You curled up in my arms at night and let me cry in your fur, then stayed there for 9 years, every night I was home.
I can't sleep without you here - my sweet love muffin no longer in my arms.
You comforted your new Papa too, for three months when I was at war, curling up and comforting him until I returned.

Your death was sudden and unexpected...liver cancer that caused a massive attack your little body couldn't were gone in 24 hours.

We can't believe our littlest friend is gone...we can't stop crying. You were the best little cat in the world...your brother misses you too.

There will never be another you, Pookey.
My heart will ache for a very long time. I loved you so much, my sweet boy. I will miss you forever.

Paula Godes

Pookie, Fall of 1995 to 24 July 2009

Pookie... you were our first ever cat. You were a joy and a terror and ruled this cat filled house with an iron paw. A freak accident took you from us and both your human Mom and Dad miss you deeply. I look at your grave every day and worry that you get wet when it rains. There will never ever be another kittie like you (remember your vet said you were an absolutely perfect cat). Know that you will and cannot be ever replaced. I will forever miss you running like a dervish through the house; snuggling across my neck when I tried to sleep; sleeping on top of your Dad's belly, or biting body parts that nudged you when they disturbed your sleep. I will especially miss your unique "meow" that said "pick me up" , "pet me now", or "let me out". I cry buckets as I write this and wish to heaven that the events surrounding your passing could be undone.

Love from your forever Mom.

Pookie, 02/02/95-06/27/09

Pookie sweetheart, Mommy and Daddy and the kids can hardly believe you are gone.
I know you are playing with Woody and Terrier and Pretzel, and also with Black Moon and Zebra.
You are not in pain now, and your eyesight and hearing are back.
I know you are romping around like you used to when you were a puppy.
Still, it is so lonely here without you.
The bed seems empty without you, and I keep waiting to hear your scratch on the door.
I love you so much, and I want to tell you how thankful I am we had so much time together, even though I am greedy enough to wish for more.
You were always there for us.
One day I know I will see you again, but for now I am missing you here.

You will always be my furry baby.
I love you.



Pookie, 04/26/96-06/13/09

Pookers you were the most loyal, wonderful dog.
We feel like we have lost a member of our family.
We can't go anywhere or do anything without being reminded of your cute little otter face!
We miss you.

Cindy, Steve and Carly

Pookie, 04/09/09

Who will wake me at 5 everyday for breakfast? Who will walk under my feet until we play? Who will talk to me until treats come? Who will snuggle with me everynight? I will miss all of these things and so much more. Thank you pookie love for the wonderful years of friendship and unconditional love. I will miss you so much my best girlfriend ever.


Pookie, 03/25/09

My Dearest Pookster!! How you turned my world up side down. You gave me so much more than most could. I will miss you!! I know that you are in a better place with no pain. You go now and basque in the sun and chase those rabbits. I love you...


Pookie, 11/85-07/22/02

Pookie (Seal Point Siamese) was almost 17 years old. Her health has been going down hill for the few years, more so in the last year. A year ago in June she was hospitalized at the emergency clinic for a week with Renal Failure. I went twice a week to visit her, taking along on her friend Halo (white snow Bengal who adopted Pookie as her mommy), because she cried continuously while Pookie was in the Hospital. Thru Gods grace Pookie pulled through and we brought her home. Everyday at first I had to give Pookie subq fluids and PO medicine twice a day. This went on for about 6 weeks, then she was cut back to once a day then to every other day then once a week and so on till it was just when didn't.

Over the past year though Pookie has many UTI's and frequent visits to the doctor's and the emergency clinic. Last month again Pookie heath started to go down hill. The Doctor said that Pookie's heart and lungs were strong and we should do everything we can to see if we could keep her kidney's functioning....I agreed immediately. Again she spent a week in the hospital with all us visiting her several times a day. She came home again this time not quite as strong as before. The fluids were given again twice a day along with 3 meds. Until 7/19/02, we made an emergency run to the vet, Pookie was fading fast.........driving ....crying....with the help of my two children we few to the vet.
Pookie was admitted immediately........I knew in my heart that Pookie was soon going to move on to be with other love ones in heaven.....Kids and I told her how much we loved her and that we were praying for her. We headed home still crying.
My husband and I went over that evening to visit her..with all of her IV's in place I picked her up and just held her and rocked her for about an hour until they said we had to leave.

Saturday morning the Vet called around 9:00am and said that he feel that it was time. I didn't want to hear that.........I couldn't even finish the conversation with the Vet.I was crying out of control.
My son and daughter, along with my husband and my father, headed over to the clinic around 10:30..
We were taken back to see Pookie and to say goodbye.. I excepted to find her unresponsive and barely alive. As I walked into the room Pookie lifted her head and looked right at me and started to purr........then she tried to get up...I felt she was saying please take me home and I'm not quite ready.
So that what we did against the doctor advice. He said that when she came in her temp. was 97 and now it was 93 and her system was starting to shut down.

We set up an ICU for Pookie at home. My husband and my daughter went quickly and purchased warming lights. My son made me an IV pole...Pookie can home with IV still running. Convinced the vet I could manage the IV rate, etc because I have been a paramedic for 17 years. There was someone at Pookie side continuously around the clock 247.
She was too weak to eat and to weak to make to the liter box. So we would help her and I also purchased pampers and cut them in half and placed under her bottom just in case she had an accident. I was feeding her watered downed nutrical and giving her water by a couple drops at a time every 30 minutes. I was continued to give the subq fluids with the IV in place and meds by mouth. Late Saturday evening Pookie got up and made it to the litter box herself,(only a foot or so away), but unable to stand once she got there so we helped her stand and then put her back to bed.. This was great because her kidneys were still functioning. We were successful in get her rearmed her body, temperature was 101.5.
My husband and I stayed by her side all night.

Sunday, she was still very weak and by seemed to be improving tiny bits at a time. She was able to get up now and reposition herself and
made it to the litter box and back on her own. Continued the same family effort of one of us being with all the time. We have 5 other cats, 2  Bengals and 3 strays that we have taken in over the years. They also took turns sitting by Pookie's side.

Monday, I thought we might be starting out of the woods Pookie, stood up and
went to the water bowl and drank a little, tried to eat some extremely watered down moist food. She spend the rest of Monday morning resting.
Last Monday afternoon her got up and went to the door. So I picked her up and carried her out to the pool where she loved to lay and drink. Then I took her for a walk in my arms to all of her favorite places and we spend as brief time at each. Then we headed back in so she could continue to rest. She seemed to be alert and content very aware of her surroundings.

At 7:45 Pookie went to the litter box and cried. My daughter and I both were at her side. I picked her up and held her and rocked her. She looked up into my eyes and seemed to say thank you...but it's time and passed away in my arms.

I loved her so much...she truly was my best friend. I'm so glad we brought her home with us because I don't think I could ever forgiving my self if I would have lefted the Vet put her down. She was my baby also.................

I love you Pookie

7/22/02 7:45pm

Pookie, 02/29/08

I had to let my little boy go. The pain is still so fresh and I can't believe it is almost a year now. The hole you left in my heart and life is unreal and medication does not even help. I am so glad we had you for those twelve years. You were the little man of our house who took care of Mom and Tara. We will love you forever.

Gayla Frasier

Pookie Brooks, 07/12/09

you brought so much love joy, and compassion to my life. I will never forget you. May your soul rest in peace and your memory live on forever in my heart.


Pooky, 09/03/08

There are no words for an angel, but we'll always miss our gray tuxedo girl.

Roy & Marguerite Dykes

Pooky, 02/09/94-12/12/08

I am writing this on your celebrated birthday, my beautiful little.
I know that you are having a wonderfully happy day, and somehow, in some way, you are with me today, and you will be with me, without a doubt, on 2/11 and 2/12/09 when we will be visiting the Oregon coast together.
Always remember our time together, always remember playing with your ball, and rolling in the grass.
Always remember our love, and know that it will hold strong between us for all of eternity.
There are so many good times that we have shared, times that we will always remember.
But what is most important to me is that you are happy.
It is difficult for me to not to see you or touch you in your physical form, but I know you are still with me.
In some way, you are still with me, I can feel it in my heart.
I know that you are wishing for my happiness as well, and I am trying, and I know you see me trying so hard.
I know you are proud, and I am too.
I am on the pathway to happiness, my little, and I promise I will get there very soon.
We will be togther again, physically, I know this without a doubt in my mind.
Until then, we will live on in the ways we are supposed to exist at this time...and then one day, you will be licking my face, smiling with your ears back and wagging your tail and entire body...and I will be the happiest girl in the world!

Dawn Rhodes

Pooky Sweetheart Pumpkin, 02/02/05-01/17/09

To my geerul, I cant begin to tell you how sorry I am for what all happened and my ignorance. I did everything I could to make you happy and I believe maybe I loved you too much if that is possible. My baby girl. I still cry so hard for you. I miss you so bad. If I could hold you just once again. You are with Jesus, Cha and Boo and all those that have gone before. Mommie loved you more than words can say and I always will. You brought me so much happiness and laughter. If I ever hurt your feelings I beg your forgiveness. You are truely happy and out of pain now. I am taking care of Wimmy for you. All my love, mama

Poopie (Ebony), 11/92-03/16/09

Poopie Girl,
I held you as you went to sleep and my heart has been broken since then.
Through my tears I try to be thankful for the 16+ years we shared together.
I will forever miss your meows and you sitting with me on the arm of the couch and also hugging me.
I love you Poopie, we all do.
Thank you for sharing your life with us.

Carol, Mike & Ryan O'Connor

Poopsi, 05/18/06-10/28/08

miss you poopsi!!!!!! may you be happy with piggy

Alicia W

Popcorn, 10/98-06/26/09

Popcorn I miss you so very much already, you brought so much love when you came to us. Although we only had you the last 4 years of your life, I think we showed you that all people are not mean are evil. I'm so glad that we were able to spoil you and love you. You in return showed us your unconditional love by trusting us and humans again. You will always be in our hearts, sleep well my little girl, Mama loves you.

Poppet, 03/28/09

I'll never forget the moment you entered my life, staring at me through the bars of the cage of our local shelter. Even then it seemed you reached out for me, and I've cherished every moment we've spent together. I'm sorry if there was ever a minute I didn't acknowledge you when you wanted me to or pet you when you needed me. I miss you desperately and I know I'll see you again in Heaven because I don't want to go if you're not there. I love you my little man.

Sandy Prater

Poppy, 1994/02/26 - 2009/06/03

Do not stand at my grave and weep
I am not there; I do not sleep.
I am a thousand winds that blow,
I am the diamond glints on snow,
I am the sun on ripened grain,
I am the gentle autumn rain.
When you awaken in the morning's hush
I am the swift uplifting rush
Of quiet birds in circled flight.
I am the soft stars that shine at night.
Do not stand at my grave and cry,
I am not there; I did not die.

Poppy, 06/29/09

My precious boy Poppy passed away on Monday afternoon 6/29/09.
His illness was totally unexpected and appeared very quickly, without warning.

While that leaves me totally unprepared to deal with this, it was a blessing for Poppy; he was only sick for 5 days and did not have to suffer through a prolonged illness.

Poppy was a gentle, sweet, childlike soul who just wanted lots of love. My "dog in a cat suit" was cherished by everyone who knew him.

I wish we had been given more time together, but I'm blessed to have had him with me for two and a half years.

You never know what tomorrow might remember to cherish every person and every creature that you love every single day.

Jill Konecnik

Poppy, 02/26/95-06/03/09

My best friend


Poppy, 04/01/01-11/11/08

Poppy - we love and miss you so much!!!
It has been 6 months since you've left us and I still think about you every day.
we did all we could to save you - sorry it wasn't good enough.
I know you had a tough life, and I at least hope that the time you spent with us was your happiest here on earth.
Lizz still misses you as well.
I will always remember you nosing you way under the covers with us and you sitting on my lap every morning while I read the paper.
I miss your pretty blue eyes and sweet little voice.

Ed & Leanne Sweeney

Poppy, 06/03/09

Poppy was such a wonderful cat and very special to us all. She brought so much happiness and always was so bright and cheerful. She loved life to the full and was so excited at the beginning of each day and wanted to enjoy every living moment. It breaks my heart that she had such a short life and it ended so suddenly. Poppy you gave me so much joy and I am so pleased that you came into my life even though it was for such a short time. I will miss you so much and will always be thinking of you. Last Friday morning you were lying on our bed washing and I gave you a kiss and a cuddle and said I would see you later after work. That was the last time I saw you and there is so much pain in my heart. I will always love you my dear Poppy.

Elizabeth Aylott

Poppy, 18/04/03-14/02/09

take care pop pop always in my heart forever taken too young now run freely x x x x

Helen Partington

Poppy, 06/10/99-01/30/09

Good-bye our Angel, please wait for us at the Rainbow Bridge where we can feel your silky fur and get your kisses again. We love you so much.

Nancy and Bob Griswold

Popy, 02/28/94-06/03/09

Ao meu amor, o melhor cão do mundo.

Diana Coelho

Porky, 2-15-1996 - 8-22-2009

He was the best pal in the world. He would talk to you and keep you company when you needed him. He also knew tricks, he would sit when you ask him and speak when you say speak.. Every morning he would tell you to feed him and never stop bugging you until you do.. Overall he was a gentle giant, and a real good friend to have. We got him when he was 6 weeks old from a good family. His mother got killed and the family took the time to feed the kittens and adopted them out to good families. The best part of the day for him was just laying in the sun and enjoying a long nap, when you open a can of cat food or tuna he was right at your feet telling you he wanted some.. He was always in trouble with the neighbors and loves to pick on the dogs. He would sit on something near by a dog and make the dog bark and when he was done bugging the dog he would go..  
The thing what got him was he was just a nice and loving cat that trusted the wrong person and someone broke his leg and he had couple of health problems too. He will be missed and loved always in our hearts..  
13 years old was to young to go, we love you porky and stay out of trouble now... you can eat all the salmon and yummy chicken all you want....

Porky, 09/07/07-07/02/09

Porky was the sweetest little boy. His time came way to early.

Heike & Michael Taylor

Porky, 11/26/06-06/19/09

My baby boy Porky, thank you for teaching me
how to love unconditionally. Mommy will be there one day and we can be together again. Know that I love you more than anything else in this world.


Porky, 05/20/09

We didn't have you very long, but you brought such joy to our lives. You will be missed by your mommy and daddy and your dog and cat sisters.
We all loved you very much.


Porsha, Late November 1991 - October 26, 2009

I got my little girl, Porsha in Febuary of 1992 and it was love at first sight. At the time I was by myself and she was just a sweet little girl who loved to play. Over the years she was such good company who understood me and most of what I said to her, very smart. In 2003 I met my wife Donna and she took right to her, it was love at first all over again, she would sit with my Donna while she was on the computer or watch her while she was in the kitchen waiting for a hand out. Another thing she liked was to have her picture taken, when the camera came out she was ready and would pose for it. Over the years Porsha had her health problems from kidney stones to ear problems and came through them fine but this last time it was cancer and as her Vet.said it was fast growing and to put her through anything more just to keep her wasn't fair, so I had to make the hardest decision one has to make and do what had to be done. Now she lays in our back yard with a large boulder for her headstone and is sorely missed by both of us and it will always be like that.

Porsha, 04/22/09

Heaven has received another sweet puppy

Mary Sophiea

Portia, 11/2008-12 July 2009

Goodbye my beautiful Portia... Taken way too early at the tender age of 8 months due to tragic circumstances. You know we loved you so very much. We are so sorry we wernt there to save you, and will regret not being there forever. As hard as it is now, i will try to remember all the good times we had together. Rest peacefully baby girl and keep out of mischief!
Love you forever
Katie and Daniel

Posha Anoush, 09/10/98-02/05/09

We miss you terribly stinkey.
Not a day goes by that we don't think of you.

Sue Saganich

Possum, 06/29/09

Daughter of Nikki and Chico. My sons best friend. You loved stealing Matt's hat, sleeping on Matt's bed, and showing your Brother Marley who was boss. You loved Gobstoppers and gummy Bears although they stuck to your teeth. You passed from the arms of your best friend and into Gods hands. You will be missed little Furbaby.


Possum, 01/06/93-03/23/09

Possum, you were like my little "dog," even though you were a cat. You followed me everywhere. Never have I had a cat who was so sweet, gentle, and loving. I will always miss holding you and cuddling with you on the bed, when you slept next to me. I'll miss the way you played and always carried your favorite toy mouse with you to your food dish. I'll miss all the times you sought me out for attention. But most of all, I just miss YOU. The house feels so empty without you. Your favorite chair is empty. I'm now left to pick up all of your toys and either put them away or get rid of them. I find them everywhere. Even emptying all of your food dishes was hell. I'm sorry that you suffered so much with your cancer. You were always a fighter, and you did your best to beat this, like you'd beaten many other deadly illnesses in the past. We couldn't bear to see you in such pain any longer, though I know that you were still trying very hard to keep on being "the same old you." To the very end, you still rubbed your head against mine and gave me all of your love. I'm sorry we had to have you put to sleep. I hope you can forgive me. I'll never forget how much more wonderful you made my life everyday. Rest in peace, my baby.

Michelle Ouellette

Poufy, 03/15/03-01/25/09

Thank you, Poufy, for blessing me with your life. I will love you forever, in this life and all others.

Peter Maddux Dunlap

POUNCEQUICK TAMURA (a.k.a.- P.Q.), February 1991 - September 01, 2009

Pouncequick was an orange long-haired tabby. He passed away at the age of 18 1/2 years on the morning of September 1st, 2009. He wasn't sick, he had a very healthy life with a few minor events. It was just his time. He gave us all the love & happiness he could give & we will always love & cherish him. We all have a big, fuzzy, cat-shaped hole in our hearts & lives that will take a long time to heal.

He came to our family as a kitten, given to us by one of my co-workers (a cat had given birth under her house) & he grew to 18 pounds. He made fast friends with our Newfoundland/Shepherd mixed dog named Princess that was also born in February 1991 (Sadly, she passed away in November 2004). When they were young he would jump into her pen in the kitchen to visit & play throughout the day.

He had another pal named Stormer, a black & white half Persian. In their younger days, they would chase each other & tumble around the house together. Stormer had gotten sick last year & left us at the age of 13 on the morning of January 1st, 2009. He loved to follow Mom around the house & sleep on her.

P.Q. carried himself like a lion; very regal, confident & strong. He had an aura of wisdom about him, his eyes gave you a sense of calmness & peace. He was always there to greet you when you came home, even if you weren't the first one back. He made sure you knew he loved you. His meows & purrs were loud enough to hear across the room.

P.Q., as well as all our pets are beloved members of our family that are sorely missed when they go on ahead of us. He is now young & spry again; reunited with Hobo (Sharpei/Shepherd), Hushpad (Short-haired Blue Calico), Keela (Short-haired Calico), Princess, Buddy (Sun Conure), Billy (Solomon Islands Eclectus), & Stormer. I'm sure they all get along well together up in Heaven. It'll be a big celebration when we are all together once again.

Pouncequick: We love you, thank you for the love, laughter, comfort & wonderful 18 1/2 years. We were so very lucky to have you in our lives. Rest in Peace, until we meet again.

Craig, Cindy, Daena & Dean

Poupette, 04/07/09

She had that little soul, that little expression, gee, she could almost talk, gee we could almost hear what she thought. She was a Princess, she was the cutest, she was "le Mannequin". She's now with Piano and Leo, at the Rainbow Bridge.

Familles Poulin-Goulet et Lape

Prancer, 11/27/95-07/01/09

Thank you for being in my life...We love you and miss you every minute of every day.
Rest in peace sweety.

Mom and Dad

Prancer, 04/22/96-01/26/09


Precious, 9/21/2009

Sweet little Precious-cocker, my sole knows that you have joined Ashley and Alexis and are running and playing with them in the beauty of heaven's light. Free of earthly impairments, you can soar with them to your heart's content.

I love you and miss you every moment.

Baby girl, we will all be together again soon.

Your devoted guardian,

Precious, 09/81-10/96

Precious went through so much wth me when I was young...She was such a gently loving girl...She is sadly missed after all these years...We love you Precious...You were such a gift to me...

Lynne Brown

Precious aka The Chicken, 02/08/09

Chicken , as I always called her, was the sweetest most beautiful cat I have ever known. She was with me for 17 years, through good times and bad, she was my very best friend. I remember when i went through a very difficult time sitting on the floor crying so hard my ears were ringing, she put both her paws on my shoulders and licked away my tears, then she curled up and my lap and purred. I would not have made it through that time without her, but now I have to be without her until we meet again at Rainbow Bridge. I love you sweet cat.


Precious, 04/02/91-04/23/08

Our Precious Dog. always in our hearts

Tim and Mary Helen

Precious, 10/93-02/25/09

today i say goodbye to my baby girl she has been a light in my life for so long now that light is gone and i feel so empty without her i wish i could have done more for her to keep her here with me longer but it was time for her to go with her brother alex

Raymond Conley and John Montini

Precious, 09/01/86-11/14/91

Oh Wheezie, mama still misses you so much. I'm so sorry I couldn't help you at the end. I will also see you in heaven. XOXOXOXO

Chris Perkins

Precious, 03/05/01-01/05/08

Precious was absolutely my rock.
She was the one who I could always count on.
She was definitely the better companian and I'm going to miss her so much.
I can't believe that she is all of a sudden gone.
She made an impact on everyone who met her and she had a different character.
A human character that allowed people to welcome her into their lives.
She was my first pet, my first love, and her soul will always remain in my heart.


Precious Alvarado, 01/15/99-07/09/09


Aimee Alvarado

Precious Angel, 02/02/02-09/16/07

Precious Angel

Precious you were suddenly taken away
When you wished that you would stayYou will always have a special place in Our hearts.

You will forever stay and never fade away
You maybe gone but, you will never be forgotten,
Your spirit will forever live on.

You are so Precious now your Our Angel
We will miss your Our Precious Angel.


Precious Sandy, 04/20/92-03/26/09

Sandy was a special girl.
We got her when we got married thus she was our only child for 11 years. She adapted to many moves a baby and a companion.
She was always excited to see me even if I just walked outside and came right back in.
She slept beside me every night.
The last few years I worked from home and she spent each day in the office with me.
She was my special girl for 17 years.
Loved having her in our family.
It's not the same without her.
Really going to miss her!

Sherry Roden

Presley, 05/07/00-05/30/09

To my sweet furbaby Presley (aka Boo Boo). I am so sorry that your life was shortened because of your diabetes. You were my first dog that was all mine. It started out as just you and me. You were with me for many of my firsts. Such as marriage, and then you were there when Ryan and Jay were born. You were wonderful to the babies. I am so so sorry that I got so busy with our hectic lives as our family continued to grow. You came second a lot and I'm very sorry. It wasn't because I didn't love you. I feel like I got too busy for you and didn't give you nearly as much attention or love that you deserved. You are very special to me and I will never forget you. Little Ryan has already been asking for you, although he is too young to understand. I hope you forgive me for becoming a very busy wife and working mother. I think I gave you a good life. Please save a place for us in heaven. I really do believe I will see you again someday. I love you and am so sorry you had to suffer. Please enjoy your peace and end to suffering. God Bless You, Boo boo!

Julie and Jeremy Arnott

Presley, 04/05/04-01/28/09

Presley was a very special cat he was not only my pet but he was like my best friend and he will be missed just like all my other furry friends that i have had that have passed on and i believe they all are on the rainbow bridge together all happy to see each other everyday!

Tracy Montalbano

Presto, 08/07/08

Presto you were the best dog anyone could have asked for. We all miss you and cant wait to see you on that amazing rainbow bridge. Miss ya buddy

The Paluga Family

Preston, 09/86

Preston was a good companion,
loving, faithful and a good friend. saved us from waking into a rattlesnake once.

Tim Layser

Pretty Girl, 01/01/07-01/02/09

Pretty Girl never had a name. She was a stray, and was noted for her stunning beauty at the animal shelter. She was a sweet little cat, and was a "purr-purr".

I was stunned and horrified when I learned today that the shelter killed her. They had room for her, but they felt that no one would adopt a cat this time of year, right after Christmas. Thus, they reasoned, it was a waste of their finite resources to care for her.

Poor, poor girl. May she rest in peace. I hope she is up there in heaven, comforting a child.


Pretzel, 02/11/09

Pretzie-your sweet countenance and unconditional devotion and love will be sorely missed. I really thought you had more living to do but time and age just caught up to you. I can't wait to feel your sweet,soft,velvety ears(really my security blanket)again someday. Until then keep my bed warm for me in my mansion. Mommy loves and misses you.

Primy, 01/07/01-03/26/09

We will always love you and remember you, sweet baby.
Thank you for eight yrs of happiness. There will be many more, but none like you.

Desiree Salas & Rafael Sanchez

Prince, 04/11/09

We will love you and miss you always and forever Prince.It is not the same here without you.You were and are a really good boy.Rest in peace Prince...see you again someday.


Prince, 05/01/04-04/05/09

We miss our "naughty fat cat"!

Nancy, Allyson, Rachel and Mark Poston

Prince, 04/08/09

A loyal and trusting family member who will be sadly missed,a true friend wh could never be replaced rest in peace and run free pal.

Alan and Teresa Waddell

Prince, 01/16/96-03/18/08

Prince, you were the light of my life. I could not have had a better friend. You were always by my side for 12 years, through thick and thin.
I miss everything about you, the way your tail wagged so hard all the time, the way you bounced when I came in the door. I miss your head resting on my feet.
I miss you and will always love you.
Mom xoxo

Prince, 03/15/09

Prince was an amazing little dog who loved to be around people.
He fought bravely right up until the end, and I'll miss him very much.
He was my baby.
I love you and miss you, Prince!
Those 9.5 years we were together just weren't enough.

Amy Wohlitz

Prince Albert, 02/04/09

My little boy, I loved you with all of my heart.. it still hurts to think of you not here with us... i had to make the decision to let you rest just like I did my sister just a couple of months before and I was so tired of death and heartbreak, but I let you go.. you don't hurt anymore you can run and play. I know you are there with Lynn and her dog Snoopy waiting on me to get there so we can all cross the bridge together.. I will be there just can't come now.. just wait for me baby boy... I love you and I miss you so much.... tell them... Niecie loves them....


Prince Cocoa, 09/06/03-04/27/09

Thank you for your unconditional love.

Chiharu Kane

Prince Rascal Cravey, 07/01/99-02/26/09

Prince, losing you is losing my best friend.
I don't know what I am going to do without you.
I keep seeing your face that moment that you passed, and how I wanted you to come back so badly.
I don't know how I am going to get through not having you here with me.
You will ALWAYS be in my heart, and I look forward to the day when I can be with you again.
I love you always, Prince!

Scott Cravey

Prince Zeus, 12/27/08

Zeus our hearts are broken...
I hope you know how much you were loved and are happy now and finally cancer free.
We will always miss you.
Love you always,

Princesa, 03/24/09

Princesa you will always be in my heart. I never thought you would die so soon, but Ill promise to take care of your baby and give it to somebody who will love it and take care of it.

You were a funny and cuddly dog and it hurts me so much to see you die in front of my eyes T_T

Im sure we will meet again one day. Until then lots of love Princesa


Princess, July 9th - September 1, 2009

Today my 6 year old 6 lbs. poodle got attacked by two hunting dogs in our yard. They killed her. It hurts so much. She was such a happy dog.... Our little Princess has now gone to the rainbow bridge joining my other toy poodle Sandy that had passed 4 years ago. We adopted princess from a rescue organization. She was rescued from a puppy mill. Now she is gone and we will miss her so very much... I love you so much princess. Wait for me, for someday I will meet you and Sandy at the end of the Rainbow Bridge.... Goodnight little pricess sleep tight... You are no longer in pain.

Princess, 10/31/02-06/28/09

Princess was a beautiful dog inside and out. Although she was taken from us suddenly it was the way she would have wanted to go she was with her mom and dad in her bedroom. She will be more than greatly missed I will think about her everyday when I wake up I will miss those beautiful eyes looking up at me, and miss her patience with me on days when I could not get it together, she was our best friend and a great companion in everyway.She made me remember the little things in life and to just enjoy life and every minute you have together.
I will forever hold a piece of her in my heart. She will never be forgotten I know when it is my time to go she will be there waiting wagging that tail ready to give me those wonderful kisses ..
xoxo mom-dad lillian

Princess, 07/03/09

I love you very much I miss you to forever you will be in my heart until we meet again at rainbow bridge I am so sorry I had to put you to sleep sweet baby but you were in pain with the cancer I couldn't stand to let you suffer I only did it because I love u I truely do RIP Princess I will see u again

Amy Warren

Princess, 10/19/98-07/02/09

Princess was our Sweet Girl, she was a joy to our lives and she will be greatly missed. Princess we Love you and Miss you so much..
Love Moma, Daddy, Kyle and Kelly

Princess, 07/92-06/26/09

Princess will forever remain in our hearts! She will be GREATLY missed but FOREVER remembered! She will always be our " Gordita" and " Fat Butt"... NO cat will ever lick our faces like Princess! GREATEST FAT CAT OF THE WORLD!

Veronica/ Steven

Princess, 05/26/06-06/19/09


Princess, 04/94-06/18/09

Thank you Princess for making me smile everyday of our ten years together.

Klyda Hunsbedt

Princess, 04/19/90-05/26/09

Princess was with me from the second she was born, I had both her parents from the time they were kittens.
By the time Princess was ready to be born, her mother Dixie had already dilivered 5 kittens and was exhausted. I helped get her out, gently wiped her nose and mouth and placed her by Dixie's face for final cleaning.
Princess has been with me ever since.
Right up until the end she was a very smart, mellow and loving cat.
Her death has left a huge hole in my home and my heart.
There will never be another Princess like this one.
I will see you some day at the rainbow bridge.
God bless you.

Cathryn Grubbs

Princess, 05/26/09

Princess was an incredible blessing and it was an honor to care for her throughout her life.
All who met her knew she was special.
Her life was filled with much joy and as much love as we could give.
She left this world from my arms into the Lord's peacefully.
I am thankful for all that she gave to me and the opportunity to have had such a perfect companion for so many years.

Virginia Leudo

Princess, 12/18/95-05/11/09

In Loving Memory of My beloved Princess. I Loved you more than Life. You gave me more than I could every of repaid you. You were sent to me by God and threw the grace god we will be together again someday. I cry each and every day, and you will live on in my heart and soul always. I feel so very Blessed and grateful for the time time that we had. I will never forgot you. Love always Mommy

Princess, 04/25/09



Princess, 11/21/93-04/09/09

Princess came to me at a very low time in my life. She helped me through those hard times and others yet to come.

She appeared at my mother's home as a tiny, little flea-bitten ball of yellow and white fur. Mostly fur. We got rid of the fleas and we got over the ringworms together. And she was the light of my world from then on.

She gave me unconditional love and happiness.
She was my constant companion and any time I was away from her, I could hardly wait to get back to her.

She woke me every morning with kisses and asking for treats. She was at the door waiting for my return, every day, and wanting her treats and my love. She slept cuddled up against me every night and when not sleeping, was in my lap or sitting next to me. Sometimes I would get the feeling that someone was watching me then I would look down and there she would be, looking straight at me and deep into my eyes and into my soul, with her little fuzzy white paw up in the air. Then she would touch me, ever so softly, with that little paw. Then, I would hold her and love her and feel all the love in the world flowing from her, into me. Just with a little stroke of her paw.

She was the only one who could console me when my mother passed away two years ago. She new I was in pain and she took that pain away. She nursed me through seven back surgeries over the last two years and never left my side. She was the reason I could get well, each time. She was my very best friend and she was my baby.

I was devasted when I leasrned she had cancer of the lungs. How could this possibly happen? I took her to every doctor I could, to confirm her diagnosis and seek help foor her. I gave her her medication faithfully and I thought it was helping. She was still so spry. Playing with her toys and running and jumping. I thought she was so much better. Then one day she just stopped playing and was so inactive. The next day she was still inactive and didn't eat very much so I I called the doctor for an appointment. I took her in to see the doctor the very next day. May God forgive me. I had to make the decision to let the doctor free her of her misery. I held her in my arms and watched her slip away. I really thought she was still alive.

I love her so much and I miss her terribly. I cry every day for her. I think the pain will never end. If I could just get her back, with no cancer or suffering. I would do it in a heartbeat.

I am so sorry, Princess. I love you so much and I hope you will look for me and find me at Rainbow Bridge, so we can be together forever and ever. I know I will be looking for you. And I will find you, precious. Bless your little heart. I love you, Prinny.

Love, from your very loving and absolutely heart-broken mommy. I love you.

Debbie Ulmer

Princess, 11/30/98-06/2005

to my beloved one who I missed so much may God reunite us on that day.


Princess, 12/29/99-03/21/09

I miss you so much baby girl.your passing was such a surprise to me.I will always love you.


Princess, 04/15/01-03/17/09

On March 17, 2009 we lost our special friend. We had her for less than a year. She was a rescue from a puppy mill and was 7 years old when we got her. She had hip dysplasia, but she never let it bother her. She was my therapy dog, my companion and my friend. After a fall last week that caused her hips to fall apart we decided it was time. She'd been through enough pain in her life, it was time to let her go. She leaves behind alot of people who will be lost without her and her adopted puppy Tassa.

We love you Princess and can't wait to see you again at the Rainbow Bridge.

Shelley and Dennis Canning

Princess and Kitty, 06/03

kitty, you were taking away from us way too early before your time. We will always love and miss you.

Princess,you were our perfect one... you so perfectly fit your name... Like royalty you were loved by so many. There will never be another like you. We will always love and miss you too.

Paul & Susan W

Princess, 11/03/06

It's hard not to see you, and i miss you more and more every day, you were my best friend, and will always be in my heart


Princess, 10/28/04-02/11/09

the most wonderful friend you could ever wish for

Helen Lessard

Princess, 10/13/07

Momma loves you Princess (Prissy) And, big bro Screech just followed along a few weeks ago so your no longer alone now. I miss your craziness in the house it's so quiet without you, your loving cuddles, etc.

K Buckler

Princess, 05/24/93-10/20/08

Princess was my best friend, my heart and soul. We did everything together.
A piece of me has died with her.
I will always love you, baby girl.

Karen Kolwey

Princess Ann, 1994-05/25/09

I had Princess since I was 5 years old, I got her when she was already a year old...She was like my first child and I soon gave her the middle name Ann..I loved her with all my heart and my daughter loved her as well...She will be missed greatly.

Stefanie Jenner

Princess Belle, 11/25/98-06/20/09

To the most beutiful, loving dog
that anyone could have ever asked for.
Now you are among the angels.
Run and play.
I will never forget you.

All my love,

Princess 'Carmel' of Melbourne, 06/04/95-02/24/09

May have been a "Princess" by name and pedigree, but was a family member. Loved by all. The absolute best family member that anyone could hope for. Never again will there be a smarter, more well behaved dog.

Ed, Jeanne, Meagan, Keith

Princess Clark Marple, 01/20/95-02/14/09

Your are going to be love forever , you are my baby and i will miiss you

Ingrid Clark

Princess De Invisibella, 07/19/06



JULY 19,2007

Everyday my blind cat used to sit in her window and chatter to the sky.
Even tho her eyes were blind, she found her window on her own everyday.
I often felt that someone was guiding her steps.
Her words in meow were so intensely said, they must have been heard

Then when she was through, I returned her to her soft warm bed.
For the last few years her legs were weak, but she made it to her window everyday.
Her life here was filled with love
Then it was time for her to go home.
Gently, she went with no fear.

Now, I know who guided her steps each day.
He listened to her chirps and later my tears.
He held both of us close when the end was near.
He carried me when I carried her.

He shielded her from pain for so many years
When his special angel came home HE knew I would need help to carry on.
He sent another angel to help me carry on.


Lulabetti Parker

Princess Ginger Marie, 01/12/01-07/11/09

Ginger, You were not a pet to me, you were family. I'm going to miss cuddling with you on the couch and going for rides in the car when you'd have the biggest smile on your cute little face.I miss you so much, and so do a many of others. You will forever be in our hearts. We love you so so very much.


Princess Ginger Tyndall, 08/02/96-04/17/09

Ginger was such a loving & so special to me, she will always hold a special place in my heart. She may be gone but never forgotten. She was the best little companion anyone could have ever had.
Bye Girl until we meet again. I Love you Ginger!

Princess Heidi Suzn, 10/25/95-03/16/09

I am very thankful to have had Heidi in our lives. She was so loving and sweet and I miss her more every day. It is so special to have the unconditional love of a pet and even though I have 2 large breed dogs I feel the lap dogs just for some reason, become closer because they can cuddle, snuggle and be held and carried with you everywhere. Heidi loved to ride and go to the bank and get doggie bones from the tellers. I miss her meeting me at the door after work. :(

I could go on and on but I know you know what I mean. God Bless you all and your beloved pets. We will be with them again one day.

Holly & Sam

Princess Jade, 05/26/09

Jade, in this life you were a true lady in every sense of the word. So dainty and feminine. But you always reminded me of Scarlett O'Hara too, tough as nails when the going got tough also carefully insisting that things be done your way. You were a trooper, never complaining despite the many health trials you endured after your time at the shelter.. and who knows what you endured before? Daddy and I love you, will never forget you and when we cross the bridge we will look for you among our furbabies. We were blessed by your presence for the 4 years we were together. Fly free Jade! Love Always, Daddy Lee and Mom Elaine

Princess Jessie Alley Rose, 06/24/99-04/04/09

Jessie was one of the family and was with us 24/7. She had many struggles during her short life.
So many allergies and it seemed that when treated for the allergies that she was found to have then she would become allergic to that. She was given shots once a month and we cooked her special food.
Her hair would fall out and then after taking anti-biotics and predisone for awhile it would grow back.
But for some reason, this time her hair just kept falling out.
She loved once a week when she would get into the shower and wash down with her special shampoo. Then I would dry her with a towel and hair dryer.
Her fur would shine so beautifully.
She was turning white around her face as she was aging, but still the most beautiful dog we every had. We loved her so much and she loved us, unconditionally.
We were her pack.
There were so many times that she obviously didn't feel good, but she was such a trooper.
She just wanted to be with us.
On Saturday morning, we took her into the vet again, and she was to stay over night for tests.
The Vet did some blood work and her white count was extremely high. The Vet then did an ultra sound and found a large mass.
She thought that she could go in and remove it and possibly the spleen, however when she got in the mass was around the colon and as she put it, there was alot of necrosis.
She couldn't understand how she had survived this long.
We had a choice, to continue and remove much of the colon and for her to be on Chemo the rest of her life, or to put her down.
This was the hardest decision that my husband and I have every made.
Mike and I went into the Vet's. office at 3:00 pm, 4/4/2009 and we were with her.
I know that this was best, but now I wish I could have brought her home and let her die where she was so happy.
I wish that I could have said good bye the way I really wanted to.
Not by leaving her at the Vet's.
My husband and I came home and we see her everywhere.
We found ourselves talking to her, but she was not there.
I pray that she will be with us forever.

Thank you for listening.

Michael & Carla Neal

Princess Kehn, 03/94-04/11/09

Princess Kehn was my dear friends dog, Judy Kehn.
Princess was her "baby girl". Princess knew how much she was loved by her mom and Nana, Pat. Beno, Sam and Bill miss you bunches, Beno especially is lost without you.
You were his "dog" mother.
Play at the Rainbow Bridge my Princess, and know we will meet again someday.
Love You SO Much!

Judy Kehn

Princess Kiko, 08/24/95-07/06/09

I lost my best friend of 14 Years today.
She was the the most wonderful pet I ever had.
I am very sad that I no longer will be able to see her beautiful face or touch her soft fur.I walked her thousands of times in summer winter ..all kinds of weather.I took her everywhere I am lost...I know the average life expectancy of an Akita is 10 -12 so I am lucky to have had her for 14 womderful years. She walk in front of a Saint of the virgin Mary in my back yard this afternoon and layed down and went to heaven. I wrapped her in a blus blanket and buried her in front of that statue.May My Baby rest in Peace....she was a gift from God.


Princess Lacie, 06/26/09

Princess Lacie and Prince Buster were the most playful fun-loving Lhasas ever born.
They were murdered by a neighbors Pit Bull that got in to our yard today.
I am so crushed I don't know how I'll ever recover...

Leslie Koller

Princess Lia, 06/26/98-12/29/08

PP...its been less then 24 hours and i still cant believe it. i miss you more then anything. i hope you found your way across rainbow bridge ok...i know you love wondering through random field of grass sometimes so im sure you are thrilled... Lady is there too and one day, i will meet you there and we will be together once more- but this time it will be forever. mommy loves and misses peanut.

Princess Peach, 07/30/05-01/05/09

Princess Peach...thank you bringing such colorful and peace to our lives as we enjoyed watching you glide through the aquarium water.
You were a tribute to beauty and grace and YOU will be missed.

Leslie Clingan, Brennyn and Corey Pieper

Princess Rago, 11/13/93-7/28/09

Swimming, boating, jet skiing, traveling, playing with her siblings was some of the many things that made her the best dog ever. She was tough till the end. She had alzheimers, kidney failure and completely deaf but the sweetest dog and sweetest sister to her brother Louie and her sister Sophia. We loved her so much and she will be missed. I can't wait to cross that bridge and be with her again.

Love you, Lisa, Tony, Louie, Sophia, grandma, nieces, nephews, dog sitters and friends

Princess Sparkles, 06/23/09

Your family at your temporary home on Elm road will always love and miss you forever Princess Sparkles (the kids also called her Lilo when she was a kitten).
This is a memorial to our true "water cat". Princess would swim in our pool, drink right out of the water faucet, and was always there whenever a hose or a faucet were turned on. She loved the water and I am sure that God has her in heaven living near the water-waiting to meet up with her family members again someday.
Princess was kind of a loner and would not stand for being held in one place for very long, but when she did feel like cuddling, she always made you feel loved! She loved the outdoors and she spent most of her time outside. She was only 6 years old when she passed away, but it does comfort us knowing that, during those 6 years, she had the woods and the prairies as her playground.
Princess passed away on June 23, 2009 at home from an aggressive cancer in her mouth and nose. She was with her family members and died very peacefully. She seemed to know that the end was near because, during her last few days on earth, she did become very cuddly and friendly and actually slept on our bed, something that she had never really done before.
My son Kristopher stated it best when he said that "she was the best cat in the world".
We all will miss you forever Princess, but we are comforted by the fact that you are now no longer suffering and that you are now drinking water out of a faucet near the Rainbow Bridge in cat heaven.

Vince Debie Vinnie Kris Jessica Kasprzak

Princess Ziggy, 1997-01/24/09

Princess, your sudden leaving has pierced a hole in my heart and made an empty spot in my home.
Thank you for your many beautiful songs, chirps and chits and pecks. Now the silence is torture. I miss the bell ringing, yours tweets and twitters,and your scolding chatter. My beautiful sweet bird, gift from God to enlighten my day...I will miss you. If I'd known you were leaving I might have stayed up all night to spend the time with you. I'm sorry I did not know but thankful that I said good night to you as I put the cover on your cage.
Good bye my friend, I will see you soon.


Princey, 12/22/94-05/16/09

Rest easy my beautiful, sensitive boy.
We loved you so dearly, so completely.
I will miss you terribly, my once in a lifetime friend.
You were loved and you loved.
Thank you, my dear friend, thank you.

Lisa M. Hughes

Princy, 07/02/02-06/07/09

My heart aches for you, my monkey cat. I will never forget you.

Jennifer Scherz


Hey baby girl.. Toven is coming to meet you today.. we miss you so much..we had a kitty show up that i think is you in yr second life, he's been taking care of Toven , now you 2 can see each other again.. we miss you guys.. love you baby girl

Sherrill Lund Josh and Sasha Worley

Prinses, 06/2009

She Was A Cute, adorable Thing And I Loved Her So Much. She Died So I Gave Her Flowers And Love. She is in her grave now and at peace.

Andrew, Allen

Priscella (Silly), 01/31/08

My little girl.
You were taken from us so young,but it feels like your still here. We feel you and hear you everyday.
You are not in pain anymore.
You are up there with Dallas and Shellbe, always stay with each other and never forget we will always love you and miss you.


Priscilla, 01/17/99-06/25/09

Words can not express the loss I feel.I am truly broken.Til we meet again sweetheart.


Priscilla, 06/15/95-01/16/09

I miss you sooo much Prissy.
You will always be in my heart.
I love you.


Priscilla, 06/18/95-01/19/09

I love you Priscilla. You have been the best companion I have ever had. Thank you for all that you gave me. I carry your heart in my heart, and I will miss you forever.


Prissy, 09-16-2009

Prissy I'm writing this tribute to you for Lisa. She called me yesterday crying so hard about losing you. She said losing you was like losing her Mother all over again as you were her loving and faithful friend until she passed away, then you lived with Lisa and her family, Prissy she was really upset when you went to the Rainbow Bridge. I told Lisa that you and her Mother were together again and I can only imagine how happy the two of you are now. Maybe you can see Deja and Babyboy and give them my love. I told Lisa about the Rainbow Bridge and how beautiful it must be there, she doesn't have a computer right now so I told her I'd post this for her and to let you know how cherished and loved you were, are, and always will be. She will be seeing this as soon as she can and I hope that when she reads this somehow she will know you are ok now. I can't wait for her to see this website that Mr. Ed has, cause when she does then she'll know in her heart that crying for you is only natural and so many Tributes attest to that. Prissy you will be missed but never forgotten, Thank You for all the years you gave us all to love you.

From Martha for Lisa Smallwood and Family

Prissy, April 12, 1991 - July 29, 2009

On April 12, 1991, a friendly kitty named Sissy gave birth to her first litter as she lay on a towel in the lap of a friend, studying to be a RN. Sissy belonged to the lady's 11 year old daughter and the family were friends of mine. Around 8pm, 5 kittens had been born and that seemed to be it, but the next morning, there was a 6th kitten, very different from the rest, 2 black & white females, and 3 gray males. The 6th was a tabby longhair. @@ Later, helping the family move to better quarters, I asked my little friend if I could have the longhair when the kittens were at least 8 weeks old and she agreed. I reached in the box and stroked the little one's head with just an index finger. Still blind, as she would be for two more weeks, she reached up and licked my finger and a bond formed then and there. Prissy, as I named her, came to my home at 8 weeks of age and never left it except to visit the vet. She was strictly an indoor cat, spending most of the day on my bed, which she claimed as hers. I also got one of the other females at the same time and named her Crissy. Both were a delight to me for nearly 18 years. Crissy passed away on Jan. 14th, this year and has her own tribute. Prissy had to be put down with kidney failure on July 29, and at times, I feel as if a part of me was put down with her. Both are buried in the shade of the fence outside our kitchen window and a small sign has been made for the fence that reads:

Two Little Sisters, Forever Together
Crissy                            Prissy  
4/12/1991 - 1/14/2009      4/12/1991 - 7/29/2009

As I am now 70, these two little sisters were my pets for nearly 1/4 of my life.

Jerry & Karen Sullivan

Prissy, September late 90's to 06/30/09

Prissy -- my little calico girl.
You came to me when you were six weeks old -- a little early, and have been my little girl ever since.
I'm so sorry I had to let you go, but I couldn't let you suffer.
I just couldn't let you suffer.
My heart is broken.
My tears will carry you over the Rainbow Bridge to see all our friends who have gone before.
I pray to see you again when it is my time.

Carol N

Prissy, 02/28/09

I miss you my dear girl. Bit is looking for you. She sat on the couch yesterday waiting for you to come home and then she went to the dining room to look for you. Your spot on the bed is lonely without you. I keep looking for you on the bed or on your cushion.

I hope you are having fun. I hope there are a lot of birds and lizards for you to chase. I hope you are having fun with Rufus, Stripes and Solid. I hope it is sunny and warm and you are soaking up some rays.


Prissy, 03/21/90-01/29/03

I will never forget you


Prissy, 02/12/09

My dear Prissy, you were loved so very much, and gave that love back! You were one-of-a-kind. It hurts so much to know you are gone, but I know you were in so much pain in the end.
Just know that you will never be forgotten.

Sandy & Rick Fitzsimmons

Prissy, 11/21/08

she is forever missed


Prudence Rose, 08/01/07-03/02/09

I miss you so much!!!!
I think about you every second of every day.
I look forward to you greeting me at the Rainbow Bridge.

Love Dad

Puck, 07/98-06/21/09

Puck, you have been my best friend for the past 12 years.
Saying goodbye to you today was the hardest thing I have ever done.

I'm going to miss petting your super-soft ears...
and you nudging me when you want more.
I'm going to miss snuggling with you.
I'm going to miss seeing how much happiness a tennis ball brings you.
or knowing that you're going for a car ride.
I'm going to miss that guilty look of yours when I discover that you stole the tomatoes off of the kitchen counter.
I'm going to miss your companionship.
I'm going to miss your perky ears.
I'm going to miss how you hop around and wiggly-butt when you get excited.
I am going to miss you..... I miss you already.

Pucker, I will always love you.

Jane Hokanson

Puddin, 07/17/94-03/24/09

Puddin was my baby girl. The joy in my life. I love her with all my heart and will miss her terribly.
I would give anything to have her back with me again.
My heart is just breaking.
I pray that one day I will see her again.


Puddin, 01/20/09

I love you and I miss you so much!


Pudding, 01/05/09

I love you so are very much missed..but always in my heart xx

Liz Campbell

Puddles, 04/12/09

Love and miss you baby girl

Eleanor Cave

Pudge, 11/17/95-11/16/08

My sweet Pudge.. you have been my very best friend, the light in my life, the beat of my heart and my very breath. You have helped me walk each moment of each day. The strength you gave me, by just being with me is something not many understand. I am lost without you. If I had one wish that were granted, I would wish you back in my arms. If angels came with fur, you certainly were one of those. Never forget how beautiful you are, and how you made us all smile. You are in my heart.. always.


Pudge Pudge, 06/23/09

Pudge Pudge--I didn't expect to lose you.
Although looking back you had been really quiet in the past few days since Sydney left us--I thought you were mourning him.
When I came home at lunch and you didn't greet me I knew something was amiss.
When I found you on the chair--where you often were--I was shocked.
I knew you were leaving me.
I picked you up--kissed you--and told you goodbye.
I wrapped you up one last time and you died in my arms.
I miss you bunches--you always slept right next to me--and you were the best dog.
Miss you bunches--say hello to Dad and Sydney--"you boys be good" and Dad would always say "we will".
Missing you boys a bunch.
Duchy joined you the next evening--I expected to lose her didn't expect to lose you and Sydney and especially just days apart.

Missing you all.
Love Mom

Pudgy Bear, 03/06/06-12/31/08

My Pudgy Bear, I miss you so very much. It hurt so much to think I will not be able to hold you again.
I wish I could have protected you from that terrible accident. You did not deserve to die that way. I felt so helpless when I was holding you in my hand. I couldn't do anything for you. I am Sorry. I love you so very much. You will always live in my heart. Mi corazon, My Pudgy Bear I miss you.

Love Always,
Mommy, Daddy & Your Sisi-Delilah

Pudifoote Durango of Snuglcoons, 05/09/08-05/11/09

To My Durango

I will always protect you and love you forever.

Jesse Ayers

Pudsey, 04/07/91-06/02/09

Our little man died yesterday, 18 years old. We love him so, so much. The house is so empty without him and i'm not coping at all. I see him in every room and in the garden that he loved. If only I could have you back with me my sweetheart then life would be wonderful again. Rest peacefully my baby and wait for me to be with you again one day. God bless my mummy and daddy. x

Pudster, 01/01/09

I will miss you so much. I will miss you talking to me and sleeping in my arm each night. I will look for you in the rainbow.

I love you Pudster Theodore

Love, your Mommy

Puff, 04/93-04/28/09

You were the best kitty ever Puff. I'll always remember how you came into our life as a bold stray young thing living in the backyard of the home that we purchased.

We took you in and you became one of the kitty-boys with your brothers Sparky and Piper, who went to the Bridge before you, and who are probably so excited to see you now.

The past 15 years with you have been a blessing. You brought so much joy to our lives. I'm sorry you had to get so sick before the end. I know you feel much better now, although we don't yet.

Thanks for being the best pal a family could ever want. Thanks for all the times you loved us, comforted us, and visited us in the play fort. Watching you climb up and down that ladder was so amusing. I'll also miss you coming by the barbecue grill for a morsel when I cook-out.

Me, Janet, Zachary and David will never forget you ever. It will be so different without you. We will miss your morning visits into the house to say hello, get a pat on the head or two and maybe find a crumb of something good on the kitchen floor.

Your human brothers Zachary and David miss you so very very much. Have fun with your kitty-brothers in heaven. We all hope to see you again one day when we get there.

Love to you always Puff from your family Everett, Janet, Zachary & David Frye.

Puff, 04/05/09

Puff was an outside cat that I invited into my home when it was very, very cold here.....she had beautiful yellow eyes and long black hair......I have another cat, Maxie, who is still here with me......I had to take Maxie for her shots and I wanted to take Puff for her shots, too......Maxie is fine, had gained 4 lbs and is a beatiful calico cat, not white, but black, brown, a little orange and a little white on her paws.........My vet, Dr Cerjan looked at Puff and asked me did I know that she was pregnant (no) and that she would have kittens any day........I said I would not be able to keep the kittnes but to test her for feline leukemia.......he came back 10 mins later with a sad face and said that yes, she did have feline leukemia and that if he took the kittens, Puff would still get sicker and sicker and I would have to keep Puff and Maxie separated, which is really hard where I live......he said if she had the kittens they would be stillborn or sick.......The vet said, Karen, I know u just had to put Phrankie down but I know u will do the humane thing........I had no choice and I hated to do it, but I had to have her put down.........She was in the cat carrier and looked at me with her beautiful eyes and I said to her, Sorry my Puff, I hope you and your kittens will go to the Rainbow Bridge and I will see you again Msxie is okay.....the dr just said watch her for any symptoms of any change in her.........We miss you, KAREN and MAXIE

Puff, 02/09/09

Rest In Peace my baby boy. I will never forget you. I hope your passing was painless. Love you forever Puff/Puffles/Puffy/Fupples/Bunny <3.

Jessica Stone

Puffy, 10/01/94-17/07/09

To my loved friend, companion, son and everything in the life

I will miss you forever, you were with me almost fifteen beautiful years and only pleasing and good moments are.

I give thanks to I take you to God to its side, after 15 difficult days and although it did everything so that you were better, your poor and tired body did not resist more.

I was very lucky to count on your presence in my life all this time, but still privileged by to have been able to be with you your last moments of life.

You were a great dog, tender, smart and with a great heart; you were always arranged to even give everything even when your cousins arrived Moon and Cinnamon and but recently with the births of Tomas and Juan Andres.

You are a champion of the life, is strength lessons to us and bravery to each of us, is nobody does not remember to you with great affection

You changed and you transformed my life of a surprising form, are and you will be the son who any mother had wanted to have; you filled my life and is to him sense, me you made very happy as it had done it to nobody.

Your loss I leave an emptiness immense that nobody will be able to fill, I only hope that when crosses the bridge at the end of the rainbow, you are hoping to me along with Ambrosio, your son and all the legion of canine angels, that is my greater hope at this moments

I love you forever!!!!

Liliana Carrasquilla

Puffy, 08/2006

i miss him so much, he would follow my finger around the fish tank, i would die to watch him swim for 5 more minutes, this fish was my best friend. it was so funny to watch him eat!


Pugley, 07/10/94-06/27/09

You were an amazing little girl. We were blessed to have found you. You will be forever missed.

Robin Berk

Pugsley, 07/2005

Pugsley, you were so full of love and appreciation.
I miss you so much and want you here so much. Princess and Shane miss you so much also.
Thank you for being in our lives.

Christine Bergensten

Pugsy Demers, 02/09/09

My dog pugs was the best friend a guy could have,we did everything together,I had to put him down.........he had trouble getting up ,walking and hold in his poop,I will miss you more than you know pugs,im sorry what I had to do pugs.......If I could of change places of would have,you brought me more joy than anything or anyone could ever,you went around the country more places than any dog I know buddy,from colorado spings,to cape cod ma,you were my best friend and Ill always remember pal So longyou will be very missed, your pal .....Bill

Puka, 06/28/09

Puka, Princess Puka, Puka-Nuka-Luka.....We are going to miss you so much. You were the most beautiful cat we have ever had and we will miss those bright blue eyes and miss how heavy you were! We still have your pink plate here where you last left it and we are sad that we can no longer see your beautiful body, but know that your soul lives on. We can still feel your presence with us. I'm going to miss when you did your "suck-suck" and paw marching on the blanket every night when you wanted to get comfortable. You were lovable but stubborn and just started to let me kiss you on the forehead, but I had to come down on all fours and get to your level in order for you to cooperate with me. Those little things will be missed. In your short 2 years of life, we grew to love you more than you can ever know. You were our family and we hope to see you again in heaven. We are honored that you came to live with us and we are happy that when you left this earth, you knew what it was to be loved. You were our only "Princess" and you will be forever in our hearts. We love you!!!

Brittany & Aryanna Dolor-Mull

Pumpkin, 08/01/87-06/25/09

Pumpkin was put to sleep today.
She almost made it to 22.
She was acquired during the Twins-St. Louis 1987 world series, lived thru 5 presidents, the collapse of the Soviet Union, 9/11, and the first Black president, but did not see a Cubs World series. Five minutes before she died, she spilled her last glass of water, something she always liked to do for mischief.
You had a long life, rest in peace now.

Jeff, Inna and Kari Larsen

Pumpkin, 07/15/02-06/13/09

I wanted to adopt a kitten, so I went down the local shelter and saw Pumpkin sitting all by her lonesome in a cage not next to any other cats. She was sitting so nicely and meowing softly, not aggressively. My mom thought she was very cute and seemed to have a nice temperament. I agreed and signed up to adopt her. I was fortunate to be first on the list! I had to wait a week to make sure no one claimed her, as she had just been rescued a day or two earlier. No one did, and so she became my kitty. And that is the story of me and Miss P. She loves sitting in Daddy's lap, sleeping, eating, bird-watching, flinging around Q-tips and burying them in the Q-tip grave (i.e. under the couch cushions). Her pet-peeves are loud people and rain drops on her back...they must be removed immediately! Her favorite foods are tuna flakes, tunafish, and dried salmon. She is very skilled at looking cute, posing for the camera, playing fetch, and pouncing on specks of dust. Her favorite game is chasing the laser pointer. Her favorite places to nap are in a big pile of warm laundry, or burrowed under 6 blankets on Dad's bed, or in Dad's sock drawer. She was my companion for 7 years and helped me through so much. She's my angel and I look forward to seeing her again someday.

Nicolas Winter

Pumpkin, 06/25/02-04/26/08

Dear Pumpkin-

Today would have been your 7th birthday- & it has been a very somber day all day.
I kept saying I felt depressed all day today & didn't realize why until just now.
My spirit knew it was your birthday & I just miss you sooooo much.
I hope you are safe & well & know that mommy loves & misses you so much.


Pumpkin, 08/30/94-03/29/09

In September we loss our precious Seamus and now we have loss our precious Pumpkin, his litter-mate. We love you Pumpkin, you were sweet to the end, happy to go to the Vet's office to see them one last time. I hope you are eating lots since your disease wanted to starve you. I hope you get a big tummy again and are playing with your brother Seamus. We love you guys so much. Make sure to find your mother Rok-c and Petal and Lucy Dog. Look for Prince and Chou-Chou, Scotty, Mikey, Brandon and Happy. You will have lots of playmates waiting for MaMa and PaPa. Kisses by the bunches and hugs galore. You were so sweet to the end. Your kindness and soft pink tongue will never be forgotten. You were a trooper living six months when you were given one month with advance lung cancer. Your spirit was much too strong for your poor little body and your fight was valiant. Be happy and play hard.

Kathy & Raul Nodarse-Morrissey

Pumpkin, 02/27/09

You were always there to comfort me, cheer me up and make me smile.
I love you so much, and it was so hard to let you go.
You will always be in my thoughts.


Pumpkin, 01/26/09

You are always in my heart...I love and miss you so much

Julie Wilson

Pumpkin, 02/01/09

Pumpkin was a great dog. She died suddenly at the age of 10 (she just turned 10 in January) . She became such a sweet dog , every year she became more of a sweet dog. I feel very heartbroken and lost without my dog. When you grow up with your dog, they
become your family member. You may not even fully appreciate them until they're gone, I'm finding that to be my problem. I loved my dog very much, but sometimes she was nerve wracking, I regret even thinking that! I'm gonna miss this dog for the rest of my life.


Pumpkin, 01/13/09

Our much-loved "Punkie Kitty" passed on Tuesday this week.
She came to us as to us as a feral kitten, so small that she could fit thru the hole of a chain link fence & came to feed alongside the raccoons.
She was diagnosed with cancer 3 years ago and at the time was only expected to live 6 months. Fortunately the tumor grew very slowly and she lived a comfortable life until recently. She will always be in our hearts.

Deb Wesson

Pumpkin (Punky), 01/13/09

Little Pumpkin, she's a munchkin, little Pumpkin, little Pumpkin...(that's her song). Oh, my beloved little Pumpkin,
you will always be loved, and always be missed, with all my heart and soul.
I love you so much!

Pumpkin, 12/19/08

Dear Pumpkin:

I am sorry that I didn't get to see you for so long.
I still have the toy that you left at my house in 2005 and 2 blue balls.
I will miss you forever and will always cherish the moments that I spent with you.
You were a gift from God.
I hope to see you again in eternity, as I often told you.
Rest in Peace.
Your Aunt T.

Pumpkin, 01/02/09

Pumpkin was a very special pig that will be missed by not only me, but dozens of kids whose lives she touched with her gentle, loving nature. She passed so quickly and unexpectedly. And so many kids weren't able to say good-bye to you! Pumpkin, I hope I made your life happy because I know that you made mine. I'm going to miss hearing your voice every morning and riding in the car with you. Watching tv just won't be the same without you on my lap.


Pumpkin Wood, 10/05/07-03/09/09

We adopted Pumpkin from a kill shelter on 10/5/07. We were looking to rescue a cat that had little to no chance of being adopted. Looking in her cage, we could see that she was cross-eyed and very scared. Her previous owner had dropped her off at the shelter citing cat allergies as the reason for abandonment. We were told that Pumpkin's age was 6.
We got Pumpkin home and discovered that she could not walk straight and it took her a great deal of effort just to jump up onto a chair or cat perch. Our vet discovered that Pumpkin's neurological and vision problems stemmed from trauma to the head on numerous occasions and deducted that her previous owners were abusive to her. This theory fit with the fact that whenever we called her the name given to her by her previous owners she cried out in fear. (Pumpkin is the name we gave to her after discovering that her previous name brought back bad memories for her).
As can be imagined, Pumpkin had trouble trusting at first. She never lashed out at anyone but would hiss and hide when she felt threatened...which was often as because she did not have any peripheral vision from being cross-eyed, she startled easily by things she could not see until they were up close to her.
Pumpkin began to trust us and others that we brought into the house very quickly. She would spend hours on your lap and loved playing with her "feather on a fishing rod" toy and catnip stuffed pumpkin. She loved kisses on top of her head and shredding any and all paper to bits. She was making such strides and becoming less fearful of the other cats in the house every day.
On Sunday, March 8th, Pumpkin suffered what we later learned was a stroke and fell off the top of what is her section of the sofa. She then had two very bad seizures and we rushed her to a 24 hour emergency specialty animal hospital. After being there for 2 hours she only had one very small seizure that was so minor the vet did not even have time to give her valium. The doctors there thought she must have ingested some ice melt which had caused the seizures and now that it was working its way out of her body, the seizures were stopping. They said we could take Pumpkin home in the morning. I told them I would feel better if they observed her for 24 hours to make sure she was ok. They said that would be fine.
I received a phone call at 115pm the next afternoon telling me that Pumpkin had suffered another seizure and had stopped breathing and could not be revived even though 3 doctors were working on her to bring her back. I was on the way to visit her to bring her favorite toy, food and blanket at the time. My poor little girl died thinking that we had abandoned her the way her previous owners did and she died without the people who loved her around her.
Pumpkin had a lot to teach others about life. She taught us that no matter how badly you've been hurt in the past, it's still possible to trust others and find love and happiness again. My little girl was so brave. She didn't let her handicaps stop her in anyway and even was able to make it up the flight of stairs to the second floor on occasion. Her time with us was too short and she will never ever be forgotten. I pray God has a special place in heaven set aside for her after what she's been through.

Tyler & Gina Wood

Punkie, 04/12/00-06/07/09

Punkie was the most beautiful dog and brought so much to our household, laughter and joy. We always told him he was the King of the Punkies and boy did he think he was. He is greatly missed and oh so loved. We will never forget him and only hope to see him again. We love you Punk (little ratso) Forever in our hearts

Deb & Chuck

Punkin', April, 2003 - August 7, 2009

Punkin' was born of a feral mother and never really came to be comfortable with strangers. It even took 3 years for her to warm to me enough to voluntarily climb into my lap, but when she did, she did so with her whole heart.

Her last weeks were spent fighting pancreatitis, fatty liver disease and finally diabetes. Even with all that, and even when she could only crawl, she still held onto her dignity and made the effort to get into and out of the litter box.

During those last weeks there were times when she would curl up in my arms while I was sleeping and I would awake to her purring gently.

Punkin' fought a good fight. May God rest her soul.

Punkin, 07/01/09

He was playful, loving, sweet, and very cute.
Loved getting new toys and being held.

Trista Patterson

Punkin, 05/15/04-06/14/09

Punkin was a beautiful Calico with green eyes. She was tiny, but had the biggest heart. A terrible accident took her from me and this world, leaving me heartbroken. I know however, I'm going to get to see her again when I pass on, and I can't wait. She didn't deserve to die so young, but now that she is at Rainbow Bridge, she can live a safe, happy, healthy life, and I wish her well. I lit a candle for you tonight Punkin, and will continue to do so every Monday night. I love you little girl, and I'm so sorry. Take care of yourself sweetie and I'll see you again soon.

Leslie Creelman

Punkin, 09/09/96-03/31/09

She was a wonderful kitty. I had her from the time she was 6 weeks old until she passed on early this morning. She will be missed very much.


Punky, 06/03/93-10/03/08

After I found you on the boardwalk in Miami Beach, I thought you were for my brother.
I even tried to give you away but you stole my heart.
You lived with Christopher, Sureshot and me for a long time, then you fell in love with my mother.
You were really meant to be with her and you gave my mother companionship and love and she misses you so much.
You are irreplaceable!
We will love you always.
It's the Punk forever.

Mommy Linda and Grandma Dorothy

Punky, 05/15/95-02/02/09

My baby just left me yesterday and I do not know how to live without her after almost 14 years together. My most cute,beautiful face, sweet little girl, that I love so much and my heart is hurting so much missing you. I will think and miss you every day and one day we will be together again. My little bit thing I love you so much and never forget that !!! Come back to mommy !!

Pupa' Lilly, 03/26/09

you absolutely was sent to me i so loved you. you had the cutest ears and beagle bark. i miss you so much. please please be in a better place. i wish you endless chewys, honey yougert, and love, my bagle xoxoxoxoxo


Puppers, 01/01/88-02/11/09

My Love, My Life
A Friend Forever

Star Dolittle

Puppy Sheils, 03/12/1996 - 22/08/2009

Just a few small words on an internet web page to pay tribute to the Best Friend i have ever had. his doesnt seem enough really, how do you thank that special being for giving you all hi,s love unconditionally., for listening to all your troubles without complaint, without holding a grudge when you're in a bad mood, for being there through thick and thin every day for 13 years? you were my heart, there was nothing could come between you and i. We were inseperable, until today..... My life will never be the same without my little buddy and i'll miss you every day of my life. Please be there at Rainbow bridge to lick away these tears that no doubt i'll shed over the years. I love you to pieces baba and you not being here won't change that cos to me you'll be here, in my head and my heart.... forever. Night night baba, Mama loves you. xxxx

Puppy Young, 01/05/94-11/21/08

Happy 15th Birthday baby boy.
This is your first birthday at the bridge.
Hope you and Bailey have fun.
Sure do miss you!!!!
Mom & Dad

Pups, 04/15/94-07/04/09

Pups, you were my best friend, companion, the true meaning of Unconditional Love. You will be missed, but will live on and be loved in my heart forever.

Heather S. Gomez

Purdy, 04/25/92-04/23/09

Purdy "Sister" we will miss you and LOVE you ALWAYS

Gina & Stefanie Finch

Purrsephonie aka Sephie, Seph-Seph, 07/01/90-05/01/09

Dearest Sephie,
I held you with awe the day you were born all that time ago and we held you in your final moments with love.
Yours had been a long life well lived and well loved.
I will miss your ways, your purr, your call, your love, your head bunts and your nose licking. We nearly lost you ten years before but you rallied and we rejoiced in having you for longer, you more than repayed us those two years I demanded from you.
Thank-you for being our cat.
You are missed.
Have fun with Niki and Speckles.
Love Tracy and Daryl

Pushkin, 10/04/97 - 15/09/09

i will always miss our time playing hide and seek you chaseing me and then me chaseing you i will miss you calling mum and ho no but most of all i will miss my cuddles and kisses you gave me i allways miss you my liittle man and the love you gave me.

Pushkin, 08/29/93-04/03/09

My beloved Pushkin has left this earth.
My husband and I loved him so much; we are bereft and inconsolable.


Pushkin Fisk, 06/17/09

Oh Sweetheart,
We helped you pass over today and our hearts are full of sorrow and hurt. You were such a wonderful joy to us, a companion and a friend. You went through a lot during you life, yet you were always brave and sweet and I will always remember your warm little body curled up on my chest, purring. You will be sorely missed. Thank you for all your love and companionship over the years. We have loved you so dearly and deeply. Until we meet again, Your Mommy and Cat Daddy

Puskie, 12/28/08

Puskie, your loss is immense and painful but I had to let you go. I hope you can forgive me for the fear you felt leaving here. I couldn't let you sufferany more even though you would have stayed just to make me happy.
I hope you are at peace and happy and healthy as you deserve to be and wait for me until we can be together again. In the meantime I will try to be like you were and are now, magnificent, proud, dignified, wise, magical, fussy and most of all the best purrer and guzzler of all time.

Don't worry about me, I will be a trouper just like you were and although my heart is breaking now I will look forward to being with you again when my time comes.
It is you I want to come for me when I leave here, and I look foward to that moment when I see your magical green eyes again. In the meantime give me your strenght in spirit to live my life as best I can without you in it now.
I love you baby snakes and I miss you so terribly.


Puss, 07/29/93-05/30/09

Puss was my best friend. For the last 16 yrs she was by my side with a love that never failed. I can still hear her meowing. I can still feel her rubbing her face to mine. I can still smell her. My heart aches. Having her put to sleep was the hardest thing my husband and I have ever had to do. I said to her right before her passing that if there is a rainbow bridge that I know she will be looking for me and I will look for her and not a day will pass that I wont think about her. She was our baby and we love her so, Forever and Always.

Samantha and Joseph Graddy

Puss Kitty Naomi Cinders (Nywinywi), 10 August 1990 - April 2006

More than words ....much more than words. I really do not know what to say, just that your passing still brings me to tears, and that I dearly miss you so so so much. You are perfect in every way, and you always will have the most special of places in my heart. I love you so much.
As sad as I may be at your passing, the joy you've brought into my life is beyond comparison. Absolutely so.
Take care Nywinwyi, and see you.
I love you.

Anthony Njoroge

Puss-Puss, 1997-03/24/09

You were a wonderful companion, and we could not have asked for a better friend.
We will always love you, and you will be very sorely missed.

Michael, Courtney, Bishop, Taffy, and Nora

PussPuss, 05/30/00-02/23/09

We will always remember the constant headbutting whenever you wanted attention and all those funny faces you made especailly the snaggletooth look when your lip would get caught on your broken tooth or when your tongue would stick between your teeth and you'd look like you were smiling .And lets not forget the acrobats when it came to catching birds. But what I'll miss the most is watching you play and get frisky an how you'd flick your tail straight up then run around like crazy & how you'd always talk to me anytime I was there with you. We all knew your weakness for chasing a stick cuz you fell for it everytime yet dispite all the odds we took a chance & you won our hearts over. So now we have to let you go so you can play with BC & Squeekers. You were my pussypusspuss and I loved you so much & we all will miss you more than words can say

Judy Kay Seefried

Put Put, 02/02/02-09/27/07

i just miss my dog so much i dont think i will ever recover i just want to go to sleep for ever next to mo my dog

Matthew Santangelo

Putsy, 12/06/98-04/20/09

Our dear Putsy, we loved you so very much. we had no Idea you were so sick when we took you to the Dr. on Monday we had no idea we would be commming home without you. The pain in our hearts is very deep. It is so hard not having you were only 6oz. when we got you and you grew into a big beautiful long haired boy. we will always love you and keep all the time we had with you in our hearts forever.
Mom & Dad

Putz, 07/13/09

Putz was a white poodle that was my constant companion for the last 17 years.
Through every curve life threw me Putz was always loyal and stood by my side.
He was diagnosed with kidney failure and hepatitis and I had to make the choice to have him put to sleep.
This was a very hard thing for me to do as I have never had to make a choice like that before and I wanted him to stay with me.
Howeve, I knew it was best to let him go.
I miss him so much and don't know if this pain will ever go away.

Cindy Cunningham

PW Peanut, 09/01/92-01/28/09

My sweet Peanut, my friend for so long. Thank you for spending your entire life with me. You should have been an only, spoiled little baby, but as it was there was much competition in our home. You had the love of all the others, and us also, and you outlived them all. It's been so long that there have been mini pins in this house it will be hard to be without any. I know your last few years were getting hard, being deaf, losing teeth, and probably going blind. But you always found a way to follow me all over the house. And you still loved to be held, and hugged, and I know you felt safe when you cuddled up close to sleep in my arms. I will miss you, my Peanut, tho I know it was time for you to go. I am sure now that you are not moving slowly, and stumbling, like you were beginning to do. I know tonight that you are running and playing, your eyes clear and bright. We love you Peanut, we will miss you so badly. Rest well, my pet. I will see you again.

Cindi Roberts

Pyewacket, 11/11/08

We will always miss Pye..she cuddled with us in bed at night and would lick the top of my husbands bald head while he slept.
14 yrs was not long enough to spend with this gentle loving member of our family.
renee and mike hlavka

Pyr D'Lyte's Tiny Tim, 12/22/08-12/30/08

You were born late in the night on 12/22/08.
I was there to watch you come into this world. You were so small, smaller than your siblings.
I brought you into the house to keep you warm and to make sure you got enough to eat.
You started to grow and grow.
I thought you were going to make it.
I thought for sure esecially when I put you back with your litter mates and you did so good. You grew and kept warm with the bigger pups, but then I came to check on you and you were gone.
I feel so bad that you were so young and you had to go.
You are missed so much.

Michele Miller

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