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2009 Tributes

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O Brien, 03/14/09

obrien was the best dog ever . he will be miss by me and my whole family
we all will miss him alot. you are
angel in my eyes. good by obrien i will always
love you from jenifer ,jill,

O O I've Been Spotted, 06/01/01-11/11/09


Maryla Miller-Feldheim

Oakley, 6/10/09 - 9/23/09

Oakley was truly a one of a kind. From his hyper ways, always wanting to play no matter what time of day or night to how he would walk sideways with his body turned like a horseshoe growling wanting attention. He lived just over 8 wonderful years but with onsetting health problems it was time for him to leave me and everyone else for a better place, "Rainbow Bridge". His last day and night I spent by his side not leaving him or falling asleep wanting to see him every second before that time came. I know I made the right decision by doing what I did, but you still feel regrets wishing there was some other way. He is in a better place now happy, playing, and healthy. I know at the beginning of this letter I stated I said goodbye but in the last moments looking him in the eye I let him know this was just a "see you later" because I know in my heart I will one day. Oakley was loved by everyone that he met. There wasn't a person that didn't fall in love with him and in return he showed that love equally as much if not more. Many will miss him but I will miss him the most. Oakley was the most caring, loving, obediant and loyal companion anyone could ever ask for. I will miss walking through the door and seeing him there waiting to greet me but I know in spirit he is looking down on me waiting for me to join him again one day. You were and are my best friend Oakley and missed dearly already. I will see you later down the road little buddy! I love you Oakley!!

Oakley, 02/14/93-04/07/09

My Oakley bear chose me out of a large litter of mixed pups in the mountains of Virginia on a warm Spring evening.
She put her paws up on my kness and clearly said "I'm the one"
I was graduating from college and had no business getting a puppy, but could not resist.
It was one of the best decisions I ever made.
She was my best friend through job changes, moves, and marriage.
Among frequent changes over the last 16 years, she was my one constant.
She was such a lovely, sweet old soul.
In the end, her body betrayed her and I think she would have stayed longer with me if her body had not let her down.
She is now at peace on a bed of fresh green grass with her favorite treats.
Godspeed my angel, I love you with all my heart.

Ahna Cafaro

Oakley, 01/26/09

To our special baby girl who we loved dearly.
Oakley you brought so much happiness to our lives and we will never forget you.
Thank you so much for coming to live with us.
We will miss you doing that "fluffy shuffle", but we know you are in good hands.
We love you precious angel.....Mama, Daddy & Beaux Beaux

Oakley, 12/30/08

We lost our beloved cat of 11 years last Tuesday. I am comforted to know that I talked to her the night before she died and told her how much I loved her and wish I could take her pain away. I guess that was enough to let her go. We miss her so much.

Jennifer, Chris, and Jacob

OB, 01/01/97-01/08/09

OB you fought the best you were just ready to go!
You will be missed and you are still so loved!
Thank you for being such a wonderful girl...

Dave, Linda, Kendra, Michael, Kody and Kyler

Oba Beloved, 11/07/90-02/27/09

Beloved Oba.
You are my dear boy.
Watch over me, and cradle me as I have cradled you.
Comfort your sister, Sufi, as well.

I will always love your purring, your meow, and sharing your breath.

Keep me strong and kind and peaceful while I'm fully alive, be with me in my illness and dying, and greet me when I pass over to your love.

God and Saint Francis be with all of us
Momma - Linda

Obelix, 02/02/09

Obelix, nous t'aimons beaucoup et nous ne t'oublierons jamais.

Beaucoup d'amour de Papa, Maman, Asterix et Pepsie. xoxoxoxox

Christel and Pierre

Oceana, 04/07/02-06/29/09

Oceana was the most amazing dog I have ever known. She was very special to so many people and helped many of them including myself through sickness and pain. All of these people helped Oceana through her difficult battle with cancer in which she fought with all of her might to stay with us for as long as she could. Thank you so much for all of the wonderful memories Oceana, you will be missed everyday of our lives. We love you baby girl, Mommy, Truman, Grandma, Grandpa, Anderson and all of your lifelong friends.

Ockham, 20/03/09

Our beautiful Briard.
Intelligent deep brown eyes, full of life now gone.
We said goodbye on 20.03.09 because you were so ill with cancer. The loss is unbearable and the loneliness shocking.
The roar of silence as we enter the horribly quiet house, no more licks, love and tail wagging. Our every thought was for you, we loved you so much dearest boy.
But of course you knew that and trusted us as the final injection took you away from your pain.
God forgive us.

Marlene Debens

Oden, 08/10/08-07/08/09

Oden you were only here for a short time but I loved you from the day I first found you. I know you are no longer suffering and are in Heaven. I miss you so much! It hurts so bad!

Debi Binkley

Odessa, 2/6/00 - 8/1/09

To my beautiful Odessa, I miss you everyday, the house feels so empty without you, I miss our afternoon cuddles and I miss your soft fur and warm kisses. I look at all the places we use to walk, I can still see you sitting by the duck pond so quietly watching the ducks swim. I miss looking over and seeing you riding in the seat next to me in the car, Odessa I will miss and love you forever. I know someday we will see each other again.
xoxo Love, Mommy

Odie, 05/2000-04/16/09

Odie was the love of my life. Words cannot describe how much I loved him. I am devastated as I have lost a beloved family member.
I will never forget my baby boy.


Odie, 12/23/08

Our dear Odie, our beloved baby who left us mucy too soon. You were our first cat and you will always be in our hearts. Till we meet again.

Love, mom,dad,Professor, Charlie and Eddie

Odie, 10/12/95-02/04/09

In memory of a very special boy who was a loyal friend and companion.
We miss him very much.

Leah Mills

Odie, 02/18/93-01/01/09

I thank God for bringing Odie to me.
Odie's unconditional love and support helped me get through life's happy and sad days. He brought life back to our family. Odie was a protector, saving my life several times.
He loved visiting grandma and grandpa's home and getting spoiled. He loved visits from his new Daddy, the chicken man, walks and going to the park.
I will always cheerish our years together for the rest of my life. I wish I could hold you like my baby next to my heart one last time.
May my little lover be safe in God's arms until we meet again.

Lisa Batcho

Odie, 06/14/93-12/29/08


Susan Gormley

Odo, 04/29/93-05/29/09

Our lovely dog was ill and we released him to puppy heaven.
He was a beautiful, fun, goofy, loving dog that will be missed more than words can say.

Barb and Rainier de Chavonnes

OJ, 2006-03/04/09


You will be loved and missed.
I will never forget you.
You gave me so much love.
I will never forget how you would talk to me and would touch my face with your sweet little paws.
You were my best buddy and I will always love you.
I will see you on the Rainbow Bridge.

Love Cat and Mike

Olan Jamir, 05/05/85-06/23/09

We will never be the same, now that you are gone. Tracie my daughter and myself,can't even thank you enough for all the "whinnies" and "Tricks" and the Laughter when you hid all the halters and no one ever found them! Tracie was 12, "jammers" was 11 when Jammers(Olan Jamirs nickname)Jammers picked my daughter out! They were a team.
You carried us on your back, and we held your head in our arms Until you passed away, and went on to the "Pearly Gates Horse Stable"Where you,for sure, will be waiting for us, we love you,miss you & will cherish your memories forever.

Rhonda Bragdon and Daughter Tracie Bragdon

Ole, 06/95-04/17/09

It was a great run buddy. We love you. See you on the other side. <3


Olen, 05/16/90 - 07/02/09

Olen was a very important part of my life. Olen was more to me than your average feline, he was something very special. Our bond was the kind of bond that extended beyond the human to animal existence. We would be so very much in touch with one another that we would be able to be connected in a way, that we knew each others language. Olen was the gentlest free, loving thing there ever was. He loved food and cheeses of every type. He loved being held and being right where I was at all times. He would cuddle up and sleep with me each night in my very arms. He would rise with the sun and he would talk and fill the room with chatter throughout the day. His eyes would light up when I would walk into the room. When I left the room and went into another he would follow me, and be in my face when I had food. He would embrace the sun beaming down on his fur so that it glistened so gently like snow would glisten on a winterís day. Olen loved the outdoors very much. He was very needy, yet, was very much needed. We needed each other. We completed one another. He became apart of my very soul and apart of my life. Olen connected me with God. His love was unconditional and he was a precious gift from God. Olen shared with me many gifts. He was my childhood friend, for I got him when I was 7 years old. He became my best friend and buddy, for I was an only child and he was with me and he understood my loneliness. We bonded instantly and he filled my loneliness. We played for hours, and I would pick him up and squeeze him and kiss him. He would growl and push away, eventually getting tired of struggling he would just tolerate it. As we grew, he grew fond of being held and loved it. He loved me. And he came to me often to be held and kissed. Olen endured many years with me. Through my hardest times in my life, there were many, he watched me grow up, and he watched me become a strong person, through Christ. He watched me pick myself up out of my past, detach from certain aspects of my life and go on to become something great. He saw me through meeting and marrying my husband. Olen loved my husband tremendously. Olen also had the opportunity of meeting Sonnie and our family grew complete, for the time being. Olen saw me through every bit of my life. For at this time of writing this I am 27 and Olen was 20 when he passed away. I guarantee you everything I do from this point on in life, will be in remembrance of him. From getting my degree, to helping people through the field of human services, to being all I can be with music and my arts and expressing myself. To, the family I will have one day with my husband, down to my journey with God.

Oliva, 01/02/09

Oliva came to the rescue I worked with after being given by her owner at eight year old.
She came to live with me as we attempted to find
her forever home.
She developed cancer and dispite the vets attempts it kept returning. She was a sweet girl and I tried to give her all the love she had missed out before coming to me.
I will miss her,but I am glad she is at peace

Kara Warren

Olive, 1/28/2003 - 9/12/2008


It has taken me a year to write this tribute because the pain of loosing you was too great to even put into words. You were my friend, my confidant, my buddy, my trusted soul mate and when you got sick, it tore your daddy and I to pieces. You fought so hard and were so brave through everything and we wish we could have had more time together, but you were called away for another purpose and we believe it was just meant to be.

We now have a new little happy guy around the house and, in your honor, his name is Oliver and while he doesn't have your spirit and sweet ways, he is a wonderful, silly dog that has helped heal our hearts.

We miss you and we think about you all the time.

See you soon!

Love, Momma, Daddy, Parker and little Oliver Joe too!

P.S. Tell Buster that we said hello and we miss him too!

Olive, 05/18/09

She was a loving cat who loved people more than any cat I have ever known. She was accidently run over by my brother. He is upset about it.

John Evans

Olive, 11/2008-03/16/09

I MISS YOU!!! I hope you know how much I love and miss you. I will love you forever! :(

Claire Lane

Olive H. Oil, 05/16/09

Olive Oil entered my life in 1996 as a semi-feral stray.
But she quickly bonded with my husband and me and became our little baby. Such a precious kitty she was -- those who met her always remarked about her sweetness, and indeed, she was a gentle girl.
She was intelligent, loving, and a talker. We are so lonely without her.
She was a treasure in every way.

Marilee Walmer

Oliver (AKA Liv Snow), born 3rd November 1998 and passed away 28th July 2009

Liv Snow, Our gentle sweet boy, you were such a large part of our lives. Your mischievous and cheeky antics have made us smile, and laugh, these along with the unconditional love you gave us, are the memories that we hold so dear. Sleep well our precious boy, until we meet at rainbow bridge. Forever in out thoughts and dreams Mum and Dad xxxxx

Oliver, 05/11/02-06/04/09

My beloved Ollie you lived such a short life. I had no idea what uncondtional love was until you entered my life. You were my faithful friend and constant companion. Words can't describe how much I miss you.

Until we meet again at the Raibow Bridge you will be forever in my heart.

With all my love,

Oliver, 02/06/09

Run free my baby until we met again, I miss you so much

Ann Cook

Oliver, 05/21/09

We miss you Oliver and will always love you. You were the best cat!!So sorry your little heart was bad, we had no idea. We will never forget about you.

Hayden McGhee

Oliver, 01/17/01-05/21/09

Oliver, you were the best dog we could ever have.
You were the sweetest puppy and the best friend. You were excellent at retrieving balls.
I know you are happy where you are and in no more pain.
We will always love you and you will be forever in our hearts.

Susan, Neil, Jake and Carly Moskowitz

Oliver, Hopee, Bobo, Queenie, Six Toes, Emily, 1995,96 to 2006,07,08, and 09

Thank you to six wonderful, beautiful companions.
This past Wednesday, an era ended for me. The last of all of the cats I rescued over the past 15 years has died.
I am honored to have known these precious creatures....they gave me, my sons, and my husband great joy and peace, no matter how challenging life sometimes had become.
Their love, unconditional love, was always present.
They are in my heart and soul forever...and the lessons they taught me about love has been incomparable.
Thank you, thank you dear precious cats.
I will miss you beyond anything I can write here.
Good bye and I hope we meet again.

Laurie Roberts

Oliver, 12/27/99-04/14/09


Isbell, Alex and Becky

Oliver, 07/24/03-04/02/09

My beautiful little boy.
You were born in this house and died here.
You filled every minute with a love I did not know existed, or could ever hope to find again.
I will miss you so and am so sorry for 'him'.
God Bless Oliver...

Minda Johnson

Oliver, 04/01/09

Oliver was The Gray Gentleman, full of charisma and curiosity, the man of the house. He was handsome, mischievous and loving. I don't know how to live without him. In his last days he was ill and weak, but he kept his dignity and affection. I will miss him terribly, my darling little buddy.

Jocelyn Gonzales

Oliver, 01/10/08

Oliver, my hammerhead, turkey butt, full of fluff kitty, 18 years I loved you and will continue to do so for the rest of my life.
It has just been 3 days since you had to go and I will never be able to fill the void you have left.
I was so lucky to have you and I wish I could have done something to still have you here with me, but it was your time and I know in my heart you are not hurting anymore. I know you are there with Sybil and Peugot and that gives me comfort. I am glad that they have you now.
Please kiss them for me and tell them that I miss them everyday.
All of you hold a special place in my heart and I will never forget my three amigos.
Please wait for me, for someday we will all be together again.
I love you all.
Your mommy

Oliver Simon, 03/07/09

In loving memory of my beloved"Ollie" who was most loving,caring & watchful companion.
You suffered since the petfood poisoned your health...attacking your heart,your pancreas and kidneys.
I will always think of you & will meet you at the Rainbow Bridge someday.Until then,I wish you Godspeed & much love,

Oliver Timothy Buckethead, 1999-06/01/09



Oliver Twist Bast, 07/10/97-02/09/09

Oliver was our beloved French bulldog.
His presence filled our home with an immense amount of comfort and joy.
He was an easy going, sweet little fellow who was loved by all...our family, our friends, our neighbors and strangers.
He didn't want to ever leave our side.
This has been so heartbreaking for us, more so than we ever imagined it to be.
He began to slow down and had a few accidents.
It was discovered that he had large tumors in his abdomen, engulfing most of his lungs as well.
We had to make the heartwrenching decision to let him go.
Our memories are worth so much to us and we miss him terribly.
We hope that once we heal we will be able to open our arms and hearts to another Frenchie looking for a loving home.

Mark and Kristi Bast

Olivia (Givy Goo), 10/10/98-05/19/09

Until we meet again, my beloved Dear friend, my you roam the hills of heaven with out pain. I will love you forever.

Kerstin Murphy

Olivia, 09/01/95-04/07/09

Beloved Olivia was a shelter baby of 6 months when her beautiful splotchy black-and-white self entered our lives.
For 14 years Olivia was always the playful kitten, even in her final illness.
Her endless variety of vocalizations never ceased cracking us up, and her even more endless creativity in escaping every enclosure we tried to create for her always amazed us.
She was always looking for snacks and love.
She purred louder than a chainsaw when you picked her up.
She never did learn to be box-trained . . . but we loved her so much it didn't matter.
Olivia, we miss you so much and pray to see you again in Jesus' arms!

Theo and Sophia

Olivia, 10/98-05/19/09

In Loving Memory of my sweet baby Olivia. May you roam the hills and forest without pain, may you run until your heart is content, may you never have a care in world. I will love you forever and when I see you again I will never be separated from you again. Love your Mommy.

Olivia, 06/15/92-08/2008

Olivia....the most beautiful of the four kit-tens.
Black, sleek fur with white in just the right places, especially your "marshmallow" mark on your pretty face.
You grew and grew and grew and grew some more! You weren't fat though, you were just large boned and buxom and had lots of "change in your purse"!
You had the tinniest little voice I ever heard and you were sort of on the shy side.
Ricky misses you but he knows that you are safe and feel much better now that you are with My Boy and Turtle.
You listen close and you will hear us all send you love!

Patty Doxtater

Olivia Marie, 7/12/99 - 10/29/99

I miss you my little queen. The only thing that comforts me is knowing you are with your baby sister now. I know you are not alone and scared. I will always remember and love you, my little motor.

Olley Mae, 01/17/91-01/21/05

She beat all the odds and will always be our forever dog. When told she would not live past 8, she gave us 13 years of amazing love and fun/ Love yu baby


Ollie, about March 1997 to August 17, 2009

My beautiful sweet Ollie was an extra special cat to me. He entered in my life in the winter of 1998 while living in Baltimore Maryland. One night I opened my back door to take out the trash and staring up at me with these big green eyes was this pure white Persian cat. He took off running and for whatever reason I was compelled to go after him. He only ran about 10 feet and stopped so I was able to just walk over to him, pick him up and bring him inside. I had another cat, Stanley, so there was already a dish of food set up. He wasted no time in devouring it's contents then looked up at me wanting more. I complied and he finished that off in a hurry too. He was so hungry and skinny it was no wonder he couldn't run far.

So here was this beautiful pure white pure bred cat, declawed, neutered and even litter box trained. I thought for sure he was just lost. I didn't think I was ready for a second cat so I placed an ad in the local Gazette and posted flyers around town looking for his owner. In less than a week this sweet, mild mannered docile beauty stole my heart and had me wrapped around his paw. Even Stanley didn't mind him around. I took down the flyers and did not renew my ad. He was my cat now. I named him Ollie (as in Stan and Ollie).

For the next two weeks all he did was eat and sleep while he regained his strength and put on some much needed weight. The vet put him at about a year and outside of being under weight and malnourished was other wise healthy.

I found out later from my neighbor that some teenagers admitted to her that they dropped this cat off in front of her house because they thought since she had a number of pets she'd see him and take him in. Evidently, he was a cute kitten when they got him but once he turned into a cat and they realized there was actually work and commitment in caring for a pet, they no longer wanted him so they tossed him out into the streets, in the middle of winter.

Over the next 11 years this cats mild manner demeanor never wavered. He walked around quietly, didn't meow very much and if he did, it was so soft and sweet, I had to give him exactly what he wanted. I always looked forward to seeing him after returning from work and missed him when I had to go out of town. Even his vet and groomer would note how unusually patiently he would sit there while they worked on him.

He was never a lap cat but he loved to be petted, scratched and brushed and would even let me bath him without a struggle.

Sweet Ollie was however the toughest cat I've had in that he went through quite a bit.

He had a number of abscesses from getting scratched by other cats that became so infected they had to be cleansed daily and he had to be put on anti-biotics. He was shot with a BB gun, gotten compartment syndrome from getting bit on the paw by another cat, needed two teeth extracted, had a growth removed from his abdomen, lived with a heart murmer, was caught out in a snow storm and endured a 900 mile move to Florida. He was well worth every bit of extra effort because he gave me such love and was an absolute joy to have around. I'm so lucky he chosen me to live with. I thank God it was my door he came to.

Over the last several weeks of his life, his heart murmer finally took it's ugly toll. He lost all of his body fat and muscle, his appetite decreased, his breathing became labored, he developed kidney disease and a host of other medical problem. As tough as my sweet Ollie had been over the years, I knew this was something he wasn't going to survive. On August 17th 2009 I could no longer bare to see sweet Ollie suffer any longer. After giving me 11 years of his love and companionship, I had to come to terms that his job here on earth was done, it was time to say goodbye to sweet Ollie.

It broke my heart but I took him to his vet and she agreed that he was not only suffering but was in a state of depression and wasn't going to get better. That night we sent Ollie home. I can't describe the hole his absence left in my heart. I'm grateful to have had him in my life but now I don't know how I'm going to survive without him.

I know I will eventually get another cat when the time is right but I will never find one who touched me in the way that sweet Ollie did.

Thank you sweet Ollie for giving me 11 years of your sweetness. I will miss you dearly and never, ever forget you. I love you so much, you will always be a part of my heart. Goodbye for now, we will see each other again someday.

Ollie, 25/06/09

Dear Ollie,

My beautiful furbaby, I shall never get used to my baby not being were one in a million Ollie and I hope time eases my pain but I shall never forgot you my darling..but please wait for me on rainbow bridge. Your loving mum Peggy X X X

Ollie, 04/27/09

Ollie - I hope I did the right thing for you.
You were the best kitty - you never caused any trouble until you got sick, and then you were just trying to tell me you didn't feel good.
I wasn't mad at you; I just felt sad 'cause I knew you didn't want to do it and that you would feel better if you could go for a long sleep.
You had such a rough life and had to be in confined spaces so much, I hope you are running free now and have found the Lizzie kitty to play with and give you licks.
Your dad cat and I love you.

Betsy Twining

Ollie, 07/01/95-05/03/09

No companion could be so loyal, nor so sweet, funny, and comforting as you, my clowning Beardie, Ollie. You will be missed by all who knew you and I hope to meet you on the other side.

Beth and Jeff

Ollie, 04/01/00-02/24/09

To the best cat that I will ever know.
Ollie, you were such a special part of our lives.
There is already a huge hole in my heart without you.
I love you so much Ollie, and I always will.
You left us way too soon.
I am so sorry Ollie. I love you.

Amie and Cory Hixon

Ollie, 04/15/91-02/21/09

Ollie was a patient, loving, intelligent delicate and kind little creature.
She loved and protected her people innocently and unconditionaly.
She will always be mummy's ollie.
Rest in peace fuzzy girl.
I miss you so much.

Helene LeBreton

Ollie ONeal, 10/13/08-01/13/09

Ollie died this morning from Hemolytic Anemia.
He fought for 2 days to overcome this horrible disease.
We will miss him greatly.

Aleigh and Jordan ONeal

Olly, 08/07/93-01/07/09

I will miss you forever my sweet soulmate. Everyday without you is flat and heavy. I pray to see you again someday.

Jill La Mura

O'Malley, 12/13/94-04/15/09

O'Malley was a sweet little Sheltie who
blessed us with his presence for 14y, 1m. He will be missed very much by his human family and Sheltie brother, Morgan.


O'Malley, 03/17/07-01/08/09

To our dear sweet O' have left us way too brought a lot of joy and pleasure to our whole family...we will remember you for crazy little antics, but most of all for the love and devotion you showed to all of us. Rest now painfree and in peace.

Richard and Louise Keeler

Omi, 06/15/09

To Omi: We never knew how old you really were or when you were born. You were all grown up when you came into our lives. But you needed a puppy free home and we needed a special fur baby to love. We did not have enough time with you, but we loved you dearly for the time we were blessed to have you. You will be missed.
Rest in peace Omi-Boy. We love you.

Duane and Tammie Duckworth

Omi, 04/06-14/11/08

My beautiful boy Mr Fluufum.
I miss you so much, you have left a hole inside me that I cannot fill yet. Thank you for bringing me such happiness watching you and Mrs Fluffum.
Watch over Honey and look out for her.
I will always remember the special times x


One In A Million, Maximillian, 07/95-12/30/08

There are no words that can explain how very special Max was.
Always happy, always loving, always our love.
His passing brings such heartache.
The house seems so empty without him and coming home is not as much fun as it used to be because Maxi's not running up to greet me. He is greatly missed.
He was the best.
See you at the bridge, mommy's baby.

Florio Family

Oneida, 03/04/09

My sweet angel who fought so long and so very hard.


Oni, 10/12/99-03/16/09

My beautiful girl left me on Monday. With her went
a piece of my heart. I know I will recover, but I will never forget. You were my special girl.


Onslow, 11/07/08

To my Toto,you were the best dog,my faithful friend,I miss you so much. XXXXX

Ines Casey

Onyx, 06/29/09

My beloved sweet and kind Lab,
You brought so much love and joy to our lives
,but you were already tired ,and I guess it
was time to depart ,but you will always be
in our hearts.
Mom, Dad, and your boys

Onyx, 05/28/09

To my beloved dog Onyx, we shared 13 years together through it all you were my one constant in all those years.
All your kisses and concerns for me will never be forgotten, as I will never forget my beloved and faithful friend Onyx

Tracey Profio

Onyx, 05/22/99-05/19/09

Onyx, you were a very good boy.
I will never find another one like you.
I am sorry your last day on earth was spent at the vet.
I would have done anything to make it better for you.
I will never forget you, Onyx.
My beautiful boy.


Onyx, 1994-2009

Onyx was a faithful friend and my constant companion for almost 15 years.
She will be missed.

Mike R

Onyx, 12/01/97-02/12/09

Onyx, you are such a special boy! You are missed tremendously already. Hold on to your strength wherever your soul is, one day we will all be together again, but until then, play, run, swim, find Kaybee. I will meet you at the Bridge, in time.

"If tears could build a stairway,

And memories were a lane

We would walk right up to heaven,

And bring you home again"

Charlie and Amy

Onyx Doo Scalf, August 17, 1998 - November 5, 2009

To my wonderful Onyx Doo, my Black Lab/Chow Mix Rescue Boy!

Sending you up to God in Heaven was the hardest thing that mommy had to do in her entire life, but she knew that God must've needed her precious boy up in Heaven helping Him instead of being down here on Earth with her, plus mommy didn't want her boy to feel any more pain and to be at peace.

Mommy misses her black furry lover boy! She misses his morning kisses, she misses our little talks, and she misses when he comes down the steps and peeks over the railing at her and when he greets her at the door each and every day with his tail and butt moving a mile a minute!

My precious boy, Onyx Doo was blessed with having the most loving eyes, the cutest little freckle nose, flying nun ears and a cute little wiggle-butt! You made all my hard times easier, you made my life so complete and you taught me what unconditional love is all about!

Run, Run, Run through the fields, play with all the little children and all the other animals, and eat lots of wonderful treats Onyx Doo!

God blessed our family the day you came into our lives and now God and His Angels are taking care of you until we meet again at Rainbow Bridge.

I love you with all my heart and you will be with me always!

Your Mommy, Cyndee

Onyx Marie, 02/01/97-04/30/09

Onyx was the queen of our pack. She had no fears and was up to any challenge. We will miss her very much. She was our traveling, fishing and hunting companion. Goodbye Onnie. We love you.

Tom & Nancy Knuth

Onyx Starr Elliott, 08/12/91-06/19/09

For the BEST Dog God has EVER put on this earth! You have been loved by SO many people. You will live forever in our hearts.
Go now, play and have a good time with Jesus for we will see your smiling face soon baby.
We love you, Mommy and Daddy

Oochoo, 2000-04/27/09

Oochoo was not your ordinary cat, she was very special. We miss her cute little ways such as tunnelling under the blankets and sleeping by our feet, crawling up mom's shoulder and falling asleep there, and many more. We miss her terribly and will never forget her. She is now at peace and free of the illness that slowly took her away from us. We love you Oochoo and we will never ever forget you...see you someday at the Rainbow Bridge. Take care of Tiger and Baby!!!

Love your Mom Deb, Dad Bill and Charlie

Opal, 01/02/09

She was more than just a dog, she was our best friend.
She will be missed and was loved by all her knew her.

Bill Connolly and Rick Silva

Opal, 07/08/05-01/09/09

Opal, we hope you know how much we love you!
You are a beautiful gray, white, and pink little girl.
You loved your toys and treats and were always so neat and easy to care for.
Although, Mommy rescued you, you loved to be Daddy's little shadow.

You were so fun to watch as you played and we loved having you near us!

We are so thankful that your had no pain or suffering.
We wish our time with you could have been longer.
We hope you hook up with Beau, Cuddles, and Puffy, Tippy, Wags, and all of the birds!
We'll see you all there together!

Patty & Jonathan Bright

Opie, March 26, 1996 - September 1, 2009

We had adopted Opie at six years old. He needed a loving home. He was such a happy dog; loved his walks, and stuffed animals. He always had his little tongue out. He gave us so much love an joy in the time we had him. He will be in our hearts forever. We will miss him a lot. Opie had a kind an sweet spirit an loved everyone. We know that he will be greeted by one of his best doggy friends. They will take him under their wing now. We love you and will never forget you.

Karen, Dave & Scott McArthur

Opie, 05/29/09

I will miss my furry friend who brought lots of joy and love into my life.

Sheree Slaughter

Opie, 06/08/93-04/13/09

It all happened so fast. Opie had asthma for two years and was on a regular inhaler and a rescue inhaler for her attacks and the day before she passed she had difficulty breathing, the next day the vet sent us to a specialist and there were x-rays taken. She had end stage lung disease. No wonder the poor little thing couldn't breath. I had NO idea she was so far along with her condition. They wanted to do an ultrasound on her lungs and talked about this and that but in the end she couldn't breath.
Why torture her with a bunch of tests that would show the same things I already knew.
It was my option to put her to sleep and I thought it was in her best interest. I stayed with her and it was very peaceful and she just nodded off into another world and left me in shock and pain.
It's almost a month later and it still hasn't really sunk in. I still expect to see her in her usuual places, and snuggled up in bed next to me at night.
Her loss has left a huge hole in my world and I miss her deeply. I keep telling myself she's ok now and I do believe she is. I have her ashes on my desk next to Dusty who passed in '03.
Opie's passing seems to have opened that wound too.
I miss my girls so much and I hope they are together.

Sharon Mayhak

Opie, 04/30/09

You were my best friend, my soul mate, my angel.

Diane Kelley

Opie, 04/01/09

we love you and miss you baby girl

Russ and Cheryl Quarella

Opie, 01/98-03/18/09

My very good friend, companion, joy -- "Opie" Cat (aka: Snicker-doodle-boo, Sweetums, Boo Bear, Sugar Muffin, Opie the Adventure Cat, Uber-cat, my little lion, Opus, Sweetie Boy, and a few other pet names, passed on suddenly and without much sign of illness a week ago Wednesday at 11 years young. (It was cancer - lymphosarcoma.)
Opie is wild and sweet, calm and funny, very intelligent, graceful, my constant companion, and so beautiful in mind and body.
I will never know a better cat.
But I will see him in Heaven.
Opie, I love you and miss you so much. You are my good friend. But you know that.
Have fun!

Lynn Ohl

Orchid, 11/21/98-02/05/09

Orchid- I could write pages in tribute to you. God gave you to me as the most special pet in the world. A dog who knew when I was ill, who would stay with me no matter what, who came to see me in the hospital.

Everyone loved you and you loved them- you're "baby's" were the cutest things in the world.

You are missed beyond belief- but you died in my arms and for that I am so grateful. We didn't know you had cancer and it took you as swiftly as it took my brother.

You are gone but you will never be forgotten.

Elizabeth Kress

Oreck, 04/25/09

She was the best of companions. One of my biggest regrets is that she was only able to have less than a month of enjoying my retirement with me before she got sick.
I wish we had more time to go for the walks she loved.
I'll miss her following me around the house.

Deborah Barrett

Oreo, 10-05-2001 - 08-04-2009

Oh Oreo,

If tears could build a staircase to Heaven, I would climb right up there and bring you back home. I close my eyes and see your face, if home is where my heart is then I am out of place. You were the motivator in the house and now the other dogs are quite. . . it is never going to be the same without you. When Kip went to Heaven a part of my heart went with him, and now that you have gone to Heaven. . .you took a huge part of my heart with you.

Words cannot express how much you meant to me and the void I feel at this time, but with each passing day our reunion gets closer. Every time I look at Zoe and Rookie. . .I see you. Please greet me at the Pearly Gates when our Heavenly Father calls me home.

I am truely sorry you experienced the awful disease that took you from us is a few short days, and I am so sorry I left you for a few days and was not here to help you. . .please forgive me. I am glad you waited your us to get back and ease your suffering, for it was hard to see you slip away from us. Until we met again, keep all of the animals in Heaven in line. Once again, I LOVE and MISS you sssoooo much my "Oreo Cookie" as mom would say!

We love you,
Dean, Tami, Michael, AJ, Zoe, Rookie, Chief, Kyra, Jett, and Anabel

Oreo, 04/99-07/06/09

We miss you handsome man and you put up a fight. We love you very much and you will always be in our hearts.

Tami Tabor and Vincente Pliego

Oreo, 07/12/99-06/19/09

For the Time you were here
You gave more love than could ever be returned to you.
You will be Forever in the hearts of all those who love you.
Greatly Missed by all of your family.
Rest in Peace Oreo, we'll be together again one day.

Laura Jean

Oreo, 01/04/99-06/09/09

Our beloved pet Oreo of 10 years, was laid to rest yesterday under the care of the St. Lucie County Humane Society. She was well loved by all, especially her mommy and daddy. We will miss her terribly and will never forget what an amazing dog she was. We love you Oreo and know that you are at peace and pain free.

Tamara Sokolowski

Oreo, 05/31/09

Oreo came into my life abt 2 years ago, at the start of school year 07-08. Nick was in pre-K....and the bus stop was a block away. Many a morning, OREO would run across the street to Nick while we were waiting, and roll in the dirt and get his tummy rubbed and soak up all our attention. That lasted a whole school year.
This past school year in abt the end of Sept, I saw him now and then, and he always came to Nick n I..not the other kids at the bus stop. One morning, a man who brings his granddaughter to the bus, said "Yea its really a shame how they left all those pets there"
I asked what he was talking abt, and he said the ppl in the house across from the bus stop, were kicked out and left all their pets behind...several cats and nasty dogs(NOT their fault, but the fault of ***** owners)

That morning OREO came over to us and when Nick got on the bus, I said "Come on...ur comin to my house and fill ur tummy"
He follwed me like a little dog, trotting behind me. I fed him...and the next day and the next. I already had 2 cats...never wanted a 3rd, but dont believe in outside cats either. My friend Barb said "Open the door and let him walk in. You KNOW you will eventually anyway"

Over the next few weeks, OREO came in for minutes at a time, testing the waters of an indoor life. He finally stayed in, but would sneak out sometimes, stay out all night, and be back in the morning. The last time he did that he came home with gashes on his face, which then swelled and filled with pus. I took him to the vet, deciding finally to definately make him mine. After a week of antibiotics, he was ok.

You need to understand...OREO was no regular cat. He had these gorgeous, deep expressive eyes, that were hauntingly beautiful. He would just stare and stare into my eyes, as tho to speak to me(I never DID find out what he was saying...maybe just simply thanx for a good home)
OREO followed us around, was cool and calm, a cuddler, sleeping with my son Chris every night, but seeing to it that he made his rounds to us all as well. During the day he was my buddy. GOD how I loved him.

A week ago OREO started peeing in some odd places. I thought it was becuz I have 2 other cats,.. maybe some kinda behavioral problem. I kept closer watch on scoopin the boxes etc. Friday he started stayin alot under the bed and by Friday night I noticed he wasnt eating and drinking....or peeing. I had to go to work 11-7.

Saturday he was lethargic...and altho I'm not proud of this....I had no choice but to decide that I would let nature take its course. No vets bill you, or make payment arrangements...I've been thru this before. I've been cut down to 2 days/week at work, and really dont know how im gonna pay rent or food or anything else. A friend of mine said its the cycle of life and to accept that its not a priority for my family right now, and yea...I actually know that was the truth.

By Sat. night he was really lethargic, and just lieing around, and his toes felt kinda chilly. I held him and talked to him, telling him how sorry I was, and my son and I said our goodbyes. I went to work sure I would find his suffering over in the morning.

This morning found him still alive. He picked up his gorgeous black n white face and looked at me with those eyes. I got on the phone to every vet and emergency clinic I could find. As I already knew, no one accepts a promise to pay, no billing, no arrangements. One hospital in Whitehall gave me the number of "CareCredit" which is kinda a revolving line of credit for veterinary care. I went thru the application process, only to be told at the end to try later due to technical difficulties.

I sat and held my OREO and the tears came and came....almost as tho I was crying for every sorow I have in my life...almost as tho his ultimate gift to me was just release of emotion...

I called my friend Barb who lives near Allentown. I cried. She informed me that she has that particular credit card type thing and with some convincing, I started the journy to her house. She called the clinic ahead for me. I held OREO all the way hour drive...on my lap. He looked around, was still blinking if you touched his eyes or whiskers. I could tell he was dieing, but I held out some hope now. If it cost $300 to help him so be it.


I got him in there. The vet. tech palpated his bladder to tell me it was huge, he was blocked, septic, and close to death. $150 dollars to see if there was anything that could be done at all,..just to see the vet at all. To unblock him would cost $800-$1000. I near died!! The docter took him from me to examine him in the back. In the space of 2 minutes they came out to tell me he had passed. My OREO...the most special cat I'd ever known, had, loved. I broke down there at the desk...sobbing and sobbing.

In the back, I was allowed to hold him as long as I wanted, and I did...rocking his lifeless body, crying, telling him how much I loved him, how much we all loved him. I also felt rage...the prices for husband for being a drunk, and being in jail, never giving me money.


My son Chris buried OREO today next to his dog Mindy that died back in 98.

If I were a veterinarian, I would donate at least 2 days a month to help ppl who are unable to pay...or else I would do a certain amt of charity cases. $1000 to unblock my cat is horrible. In this day and age who has that? Then ppl wonder why other ppl neglect medical care for pets sometimes. I wanted to save my cat. I loved OREO with all my heart, but I had to rock him into the next life while he was no longer living.

OREO, I will meet you at the Rainbow Bridge....

Oreo, 05/31/09

My special kitty. Adopted at 6 weeks old. Thought I was her mother. Very sweet, very small. Will be missed forever.

Nancy Lee Roberts

Oreo, 02/24/99-05/27/09

Oreo was the cutest black and white bi-color Persian. He was always the clown..playing peek-a-book in the warm towels, sticking his face in a glass of ice and getting it stuck and licking milk from your finger.
He was loved by all who knew him including his two female companions, Marie and Leili. We will all miss him and hold him in our hearts forever.

Cindy McHoes

Oreo, 1995-05/21/09

Oreo, you were a deserted and mistreated young dog, when we first found you. You trusted no one.
Over the years you were loved and you came to love and trust us. You, Oreo, blessed our lives We had the honor of your presence for 14 wonderful years. We will never forget you, girl. We will be together again When you see me on my way to rainbow bridge, get all of my pets and run to me, I will be running to you. love you forever

Caroline Griffith

Oreo, 06/30/98-05/11/09

Oreo, you went too soon, we didn't have nearly the time together I would have wished for, but know even for our time together you were loved with all my heart

Paula Coburn

Oreo, 04/30/98-03/12/04

Oreo was my best friend and the inspiration for a book of short stories and poems that I had published in 2007.

Lori Bakeberg

Oreo, 04/10/09


You were our little funny bunny!!
We miss you. Please if you see Paige tell her that we love and miss her too.
Love Mommy, Daddy, Erich, Sky, Aspen, Katy and Little Ann.

Oreo, 05/01/99-04/16/09

Oreo, we will miss you and know that you are feeling better now! Take care... Have fun... Until we see you again!
St. Francis will help you! Keep your eye out for Lucky, too!! Ti vogliamo bene!

Rosanne & Anthony

Oreo, 04/13/09

To our beloved Oreo,
He was a gentle soul who always knew how to cheer you up and love all humans, big or small. He was patient and caring and did a neat little trick. He died in his mothers' arms and will be missed more dearly than he will ever know.

Katie and Mackenzie

Oreo, 10/18/96-02/11/09

In memory of our beloved pet, " OREO"
she always filled our hearts with happiness.
May she rest in peace in doggie Heaven.

Anne Ghoddoussi

Oreo 'Ree Ree', 01/26/89-04/10/09

I miss you ree ree. You added so much to my life. I will you see you at the Rainbow Bridge.

Chris Dirricq

Oreo, 01/01/88-03/22/06

Little Miss Oreo~ You by far were the most unique little dog I EVER knew.
Tough as nails never took anything from other 4 leggeds even your big brother Gandalf!
But you had that soft side that loved to snuggle in my arms at night. Your last 2 nights with me you laid on my chest all night & never left me until you left me forever at the age of 18!
Miss Elliemae your big sister missed you so bad,we got Willie for her. She saw both you & Gandalf leave us & she was very upset when you left.
You know you can never be replaced ever,but Fast Willie filled a small hole in her heart! We love you & Gandalf & will see you some day!
Mom,Elliemae & Fast Willie

Oreo, 11/10/07-03/09/09

We "found" Oreo as a kitten and he adopted us as his new family. He was very active, hanging out with his neighborhood friends, chasing squirrels, and trying to catch lizards, meowing for food ten times a day and sitting on the newspaper when you are trying to read it or on the computer keyboard.
When he stopped doing all of these things, we knew something was wrong. We had to let him go to ease his pain. We miss him everyday, but know he no longer hurts.
We love you "Mr. Kitty!"
Love, Dan, Lori, Ian, Nyssa, Eric, and Tegan

Oreo, 12/07/94-05/19/06

My dear friend. you came to me when I needed you the most. I loved and still love you with all my heart. You will never be replaced in my heart or my life. I miss you and will see you again someday. love you mom

Oreo, 09/01/02-02/20/09

Oreo was a sweet little guinea pig.
She always squealed and whistled when she heard someone in the kitchen!
She loved fresh fruits and veggies and even occasionally invited the family cats inside her room to visit.
Oreo was preceeded in death by her siblings:
dogs Cappy, Boo-Boo, and Sam; guinea pig Pearl; and hamsters Ginger, Kenny, and Alan.
She is survived by her humans Jim, Karen, and Sarah; her dog Happy, and her cats Sadie and Ali.
We all miss her very much.


Oreo, 02/04/09

He was a wonderful ferret. He always was happy. He loved running around with buddy Zeke. He also loved his baths. I will miss you Oreo! R.I.P.

Jessica Moore and James Worcester

Oreo, 09/21/08

Oreo, we miss you so much. You left many admirers back here on Earth who were in awe of your love and tenacity. Someday we will meet up with you and Sammi again.

Steve, Melanie and Jonathan Nearman

Oreo Cookie Delight, 07/27/93-03/20/09

I love and miss you so much, Cookie.
I know you are not hurting any more.
Please have lots of fun at Rainbow Bridge.
Till we meet again, you will aways be in my heart. SAS

Oreo Vandermeir, 01/07/08

Oreo,you were the best cat!


Ory, 01/17/09

Never let you precious friend outside without putting him on a leash. Just when you become lax and think he will be right back, he will never come back.

I miss Ory very badly.

Sue Eason

Oscar, 01/30/92 - 09/22/09

We love you our little bubba. You captured our hearts from day one and we miss you so much. I know they say in time your heart will heal but you will always have a piece of our hearts. You were our little co pilot, fur baby and most of all you were and will always be a part of our life.

Oscar, July 1991 - 10-9-2009

He was with me all day as I am disabled. He gave me love when I needed it most and ask me for nothing. He left me way too soon. One minute he was there and the next he was gone. He made each day better and their is no way I can repay him for all that he gave me.

I will miss and love you forever......

Oscar, 27th September 1992 to 27th July 2009

Goodbye my beautiful, wonderful boy. I loved you so much and you made my life better by being in it.

I will always miss you and hope you are happy and at peace.

See you at Rainbow Bridge.



Oscar, 07/19/09

Your family misses you so much. There is a piece of our hearts that died when you died. We will miss your company deeply.
Love ALWAYS and sleep peacefully


Oscar, 04/2001-06/09/09

Oscar fought a brave fight with cancer.
His silliness, joy, and companionship will be greatly missed.
We love you Oscar!!!

Michele O'Dell

Oscar, 05/29/09

I would clone you if I could.
I don't think anyone loves me as much as you did!
I hope those legs are working great now and that tail is high above your back!

Kayleen Willis

Oscar, 05/01/91-05/12/09

We loved our little boy for 18 wonderful years.
His love for us, my husband, myself and our kitty, Sammi, was the dominant force in our household.
We miss him so much.

Lily Oppenheim

Oscar, 04/20/09

Dear Oscar, you were the sweetest, most loving cottonball any FurMommy could as for.
Your time was so short, and so out of our control. I am glad I got to spend your final time with you.
You showed me such love and trust in such a short time and I know I was truly blessed to have you in my life. I know when the time comes you will be waiting for me at the Bridge and my heart will leap for joy to cuddle you in my arms again.
I love you sweet baby and I will miss you always!

Vanessa Ames

Oscar, 04/07/09

I rescued Oscar ten years ago when I was a graduate student and all on my own. He was my baby, and that hasn't changed despite marriage, an addition of two dogs, and even a miscarriage as we try to extend our family. I'm sure I'm like so many others who love their pets with all their hearts.
I wasn't ready for him to be gone. The vet still doesn't understand what happened to him. He was my beautiful big boy and I will miss him so much.
There is a big hole right now in me. I loved him very much.


Oscar, 2003-03/17/09

To our beloved Oscar

You brought joy and happiness into our lives these past 6 years.
Your energetic, affectionate and sweetness will be missed tremendously.
We love you very very much and miss you.
Although our hearts are broken, the healing has already begun as we cherish sweet memories.
Dakota and SaSha also miss you and love you.
They are saddend by your untimely death.
May you bring joy and happiness to all your new friends at Rainbow Bridge.
Be sure to look for Lex and Hunter and know that we will see you all again.

Millard and Elizabeth

Oscar, 04/18/08-03/16/09

The short time we had together will always be special.
I am so sorry I could not do more to help you overcome your character defect.
You were a true friend and companion the good times will never be forgotten


Oscar, 03/01/09

Oscar and I rescued each other and I'm so grateful to have had him in my life for so long.
He was a once in a lifetime dog and he is missed.

Elizabeth Petras

Oscar, 03/03/09

In tribute to my sister Barbara and her buddy Oscar.
He entered her life when she needed a friend and left too soon.


Oscar, 01/14/09

Goodbye, my little buddy.
You and I were the only family we had; we cherished each other.
I'll never forget you, Susu.

Oscar, 02/19/99-01/05/09

I miss my baby boy.
Our family isn't the same without him.

Lisa Seal

Oscar, 12/20/94-12/30/08

My little boy, how i missed you when i came home tonight..the house will never be the same. PLease, always remember to stretch in the morning and eat your green beans; snort lots and kiss always. Laura says she hopes you have been given a radio flyer by now. and just one more time.. Os-car,
Os-car Gabriel!!!!!
Thank you for being my friend, my boy, by other half and my joy. May you rest with the biggest grin on your face, white whiskers and all.
See you sooner than later my friend. Love you always

McKenzie and Laura, Your Sisters

Oscar Baby, 06/05/09

Oscar was my heart. He was a very loving, cuddling baby and he is missed terribly. I hope he knows I love him.

Martha, Anne, Chuck, Julie, Terry

Oscar Brandy, 12/82-02/2001

You were my frist dog after several cats, so I had a lot to learn when you came to us. Thank you for being in my life and a companion to my teen-aged son. I will be forever thankful and will love you forever. Fran

Oscar Doodle Chuck Chuckie Greco, 08/27/94-04/24/09

You were the best boy and the light of our lives.
How much love, joy, happiness and life such a small being brought in to our lives.
Thank you for sharing your life with us.

We will always love you and miss you so much.

-Daddy & Momma

Oscar Eugene Abu Smith, 10/12/93-06/12/09

Our little buddy. In our hearts forever. You will never be fogotten. We will always love you. Your light will shine on forever. Until we meet again at the Rainbow Bridge....Lots of love, hugs and kisses Your Loving Family Daddy, Mommy, Sister and Brother and your furry siblings Harley, Jackie and Teddy

Oscar Maximus Steffler, 05/30/04-04/07/09

I can't describe hom much I miss my butterball Oscar! I can still see him skateboarding in the front yard barking endlessly at me to come an push him. God how he loved to skateboard! He was the most caring, sweet, and unconditionally loving baby. I love you Oscar and will always have you in my heart. I can't wait to see you again in Heaven.

Crysta Steffler

Oscar Mayer, 07/03/09

Oscar was a loyal and loving companion to our family for nearly 16 years. Spunky and fun-spirited, Oscar always made us laugh! We miss him dearly and will always cherish our memories of him. Your spirit lives on forever Oscie Man!

Rachelle & Family

Oscar Mayer aka Weiner Man, 10/25/93-07/03/09


Mom and Dad aka Janice and Greg P

Oscar Patterson, 05/06/09

If God doesn't allow me to see you again in heaven then I've got some serious thinking to do.

Wendy Patterson

Oscar Ramos Hernandez, 02/06/09


Oscar Strom, 12/25/98-03/05/09

so long old friend

Lois Strom

Osceola Godiva Roque, 04/09/99-01/23/09

You're gone at such a young age but your life is engraved on my heart and branded on my brain. Thanks for all the unconditional love.

Anita Roque

Oshie, 10/27/96-06/24/09

You were the epitome of a GSD: loyal, protective, loving, funny and way too smart for your own good.
You were my constant companion and loyal friend for almost 13 years.
My heart will always ache for you Oshie, you were truly my once in a lifetime dog.
Rest in peace my dearest friend until we meet again.

Marci Griffin

Oskar, 04/12/94-02/06/09

Beautiful Goofy Buckethead

You knew us before we really knew each other
There with us.......through all of our challenges and changes
Easing anxiety and lonliness when it was just us three

You made us family first
Love, pride, trust and responsibility, all taught well
Neighbors, friends, strangers and family
None escaped your inexhaustable charm

Joyous Crazy Dog
You will forever make us laugh
Wading in your water bowl or doing battle with a bush
Stuck lip, crooked smile, cocked head, perfection

Powerful, gentle giant
Watching as we wed
Sentry for our home
Faithful friend and protector for our sons

Go back now, go back to chasing squirrels, back to warming our tent
Go back to explore the streams and challenge the crashing Pacific surf
Run once more with Mom and roll on fresh cut grass in the warm sunshine
Go now and play again with Chelsey and Justice and all your friends

You will always be our good boy, our Oskie
You made our lives richer and we will never forget you

We love you

Now it is time to go and take your rest

Sheila, David, Jacob and Aidan

Oso, 01/23/09

I will always cherish the twenty-something years with My Meow with the soft, bunny-like fur.
I will treasure my memories of Oso . . .

. . . For the long life she lived and the joy that she brought me
. . . For the strength she possessed and the patience she showed me
. . . For hanging with me through the good times and bad
. . . For being my faithful companion until the end.


Osta Vom Kirkus, 07/08/96-06/25/09

She was our everything

Daphne Ward

Otis, July 20,2009

Our sweet Otis was a rescued bullie. We fell in love from the moment we saw him. With his big ol' sweet face, kind eyes and a tail that went crazy wagging everytime you talk to him. He loved his belly rubbed, hugs and kisses. He was the best, most sweet and well behaved dog ever. We only had him a few felt like a life time. We loved him so much and will greatly miss him. See you in sweet boy.

Otis, 05/31/09

There will always be a place for you in our hearts.

Bill Herman

Otis (Odie), 05/25/09

I loved you so much.
I'm so heartbroken and this is just not fair.
I love you so much, I don't know how I can wake up and not have your beautiful brown eyes staring at me.
You were the sweetest, most lovable dog in the entire world.
I can't believe this, I will never stop crying.
I love you so much, I love you... Please make this just a horrible nightmare that I will wake up from.

Melissa Allanbae

Otis, 03/04/97-05/15/09

Hey old fella, we miss you very much but we know you are in a far better place. Find Zardan and have a blast until we meet again.
We love you.
Mary & Dennis

Otis, 06/04/97-01/29/09

To the best dog that I've ever had. May you run and play with Budd dog, chase the four wheeler, take long walks, chase kitty kats and have no worries....just eat, drink, play and sleep. May you have an endless supply of doggie bones. You will always hold a special place in our heart! We miss you old friend!


Otis, 01/21/95-01/21/09

To our beloved dog, Otis....for 14 years of joy and laughter, "accidents" and mishaps, but most of all....for 14 years of devotion and love...we will NEVER forget you...and will ALWAYS remember you as the wonderful furry companion that touched so many lives....Rest in Peace my friend

Theresa & Donald Terhark

Otis Jae, 05/18/09

Otis, our big gentle giant. We love you so much and hated to see you suffer with cancer.

We know you are now with Maggie and Ruby and that gives us great comfort. We miss you and you will always be in our hearts.

Donna A. Peters

Otis James Antonelli-Lough, 01/11/09

You will always be in our hearts our handsome gentleman.
We love you Otie-Pie!

Pamela Lough

Otis Leroy, 07/09/98-01/28/09

To the best dog EVER.
You were such a great friend.
Unconditional LOVE was all you gave.
Your desire to play and run and jump provided so much happiness for us.
You are missed.
Every hour of every day.
This is the hardest thing we have had to go thru.
Now you are with Mandi Mae and your dad Luke.

We will never forget you.
We miss you so much.

Long may you run.

Love, Jodi, Rick, Rachael & Roc

Jodi Repola and Family

Otis Marshall-Wilson, 07/05/09

There is nothing I can say about Otis that would do him justice. As a kitten, I could not get him to quit climbing on me, especially when I slept. If I was lying down, he was under my hair, nuzzling under my chin, purring heavily the whole time. As he aged, this behavior never ceased, much to my delight. He had a beautiful trill that he greeted me with every single time I walked in the door. He was master of his domain, and made sure that every one knew it. Selfishly, I kept him inside because I didn't want anything happening to him, since he wasn't really "streetwise". For the last several months, my boyfriend and I walked Otis outside on a leash, while he rubbed his pheromones on everything in sight. In the end, he succumbed to complications from bladder surgery, which was done to remove stones that were blocking his urethra. I was at his side for the duration of his one week illness, even sleeping beside him on the floor since he was too weak to jump onto any furniture. His last good day was Saturday, the day before he died. After a week of feeling poorly, he finally wanted to be near me again, walking over to me and lying next to me on the floor Saturday night. The next morning, he declined quickly, so I called his doctor and she met me at the clinic. After she assessed Otis, she quickly realized that he was in dire condition, and said that short of him being able to tell me himself, Otis was giving me every sign that he was ready to leave this world. So, it was with a heavy heart that I let my child, my heart, my reason for smiling at the end of a terrible day, be at peace.
My boyfriend and I gave Otis a proper burial, in a shady spot in the backyard, underneath a tree by the bank of the river, so he could enjoy every minute of his afterlife. I will miss him dearly, and will always cherish the warm memories that he brings me everytime I think of him.

Tina Wilson

Otis 'papas' Martin, 09/19/08-06/13/09

We miss you very much Odie and we want you to know that you will always have a special place in our hearts.
You changed our world the day we first held you and we will always cherish the joy you brought us.
You were and are the love of our lives.
Bless you my sweet beautiful soul.

Kelly Martin

Otis Reilly Barnes-Nowak, 10/23/02-04/01/09

Dearest Otis.
Please never let go of your individuality. You are unique. You were taken from us way too soon in your youthful life. We will miss you more than you'll ever know.

Run like the wind Big Boy, play forever with Babies that was sent with you. Make new friends and play nice like you did when you were here.

Daddies love you very much and will always always miss you.
you are in our thoughts Monkey.
Love you forever Otis
jason and dino

Otis Smith, 04/13/09

Thank you for being part of our family. You are the best cat anyone could have.
We all miss you so much, but know that you are free to run and play again.

Gina Marie Smith

Otter, 07/12/98-03/17/09

Otter, my best friend these past 10+ years. You were a happy, joyful dog who lived life with great passion and enthusiasm. You taught me much! I feel lost without you, but ever so grateful for the wonderful years we had together. You will be so missed! I love you.

Laura Tocher

Otter, 04/15/89-01/24/09

Otter" was the first bulldog puppy I had kept from the first litter that was bred by me-His Mother was my angel"Abigail"whom I lost at 6 yrs. of age due to lyme diseaes. "Otter" was a specail boy who loved to grab towels from the counter so you could try to get them away from him.
"Otter" also loved car rides-He was our very special boy and he is greatly missed-We will see him again at Rainbow Bridge and I find great comfort in that.

Barbara Wolfe

Otto, 06/14/09

Otto we miss you sooomuch. I can't believe you are not home anymore. I can't even look out the window because it hurts to know you are not there. We all miss you so much and we love you with all of our hearts. From mom:Otto you were like third son and I cant stop crying for you. I hope to see you again someday. Everyone misses you so much, even family and friends. Good bye mommas baby.

Alonzo, Latrice, Justin, and Jordan

Otto, 04/05/09

To my Otto - I love you and miss you so much it hurts.
I will never forget you ever - it hurts so much not to see you or touch you.
I love you - Mommy

Otto, 04/05/09

I love you and miss you so much Otto.
I don't know why god had to take you from me.
Please know you will be in my heart and everybody's heart forever.

We love you,
Mommy, Daddy, Derek, Amber

Otto von Cypert, 10/18/98-12/01/06


Our time together was brief.
You are the greatest thing that ever happened to me!
You saved my life more than once!
I owe you so much!
After you went away, I planted a garden in your honor in Redlands, California where we used to walk, and you remain the best friend I have ever had.
I miss the walks, your wet nose and those silly looks you would give to me so freely.
Because of our friendship, I know how precious every moment of of life is and to never forget how important it is to live fully each day and to be happy.
Thank you dear friend for everything, the joy and the laughter and the tears, and if you are listening, I love you and will never forget you!
You are my best friend.

James Roland Whiteeagle Cypert

Owen Wilson Charles, 08/26/05-03/27/09

Owen, you brought us love, laughter and wonderful memories and we wish we could have had more time with you. We can't wait to meet you at the bridge. Until then, run free and know that we'll miss you every day until we see you again.

Jill, Keven, Sophie and Ben

Owly, 2001

Owly, old buddy, I hope you have forgiven me for being away when you passed on. God bless.


Oz, 08/08/07

Oz joined my husband's life as a rescue cat.
He found the (Oz and Mouse) on the hot sunny abandoned patio in Tucson. The owners of the townhouse moved and left the two kittens abandoned.
A few years later, both my husband and Oz enriched my life in 1991.
Mouse found another good home.
Oz was one of 4 kitties that became a part of my life.
He was a joy;as they all were. Oz was smarter than I ever imagined and so loving. I did not know anything about cats prior to the 4 coming to live with us.
Oz was never sick, until the very end. The vet told us he had massive organ failure and we had to let him go. He was 25.
It's been a very painful two years, especially now since another kittie Jazz, a companion, is ill.
I do hope that there is a place as described in the Rainbow Bridge where we will meet Oz, Habib, Jay, and Tia and my canine friends (Hasso and Alex and numerous others)until then they remain our beloved and missed companions.
Bless all the animal lovers in the world!

Yvette and Keith

Oz, 02/20/03-05/14/09

Oz was a special character. He was always happy-go-lucky and loved to be around people. He loved food and he loved to be loved. He could always be counted on as a snuggle buddy. His was always getting into trouble and we loved him for it. He was the most active basset hound I've ever seen. I loved watching his ears fly back and his floppy lips bounce as he ran across the yard. He was a mama's boy and his dad's "Forever Buddy". Everyone who met him fell in love with his goofy antics and sweet nature. He will be missed by many.

Oz developed seizures almost two years ago. To this day we're still not sure if it was a brain tumor or epilepsy. The seizures really took a toll on his body and he couldn't fight it anymore.


OZ, 12/31/08

OZ, we love you.
You brought so much joy and love into our lives in the short time we knew you.
I cannot believe how sad I am and how much I miss you.
You will always be in my heart and a part of me.
Thank you for sharing your short life with us and blessing us with your special, special spirit.

Jennifer Buchholz

Ozze Merrick, 05/19/90-06/13/09

"you are my ozze,
my only ozze,
you make me happy,
when skys are grey.
you'll never know Ozz
how much we love you
so please dont take my
Ozze away"
we made that song for you when you were younger and i will sing it everyday. i love and miss ou so much buddy , you were such a sweet cat. i sang that song for you as you were being put down, im so sorry. i love you so much.i dont know if i will be able to sleep tonight without your purring in my ears. or your annoying scratching at my door and your over loud MMERRRROOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOWWWW that would wake everyone up. I love and miss you ozze,im sorry we couldnt afford your ashes, we love you so much
we will never forget you bobalouuy. xox , your mommy.

Ozzie, 09/07/09

You were part of our family and we will miss you.
Thanks for the good times Ozzie.
We will never forget you little girl.

Wayne & Margaret Turville

Ozzie, 06/2009

I love and miss you Ozzie.


Ozzie, 02/17/07-05/18/09

Ozzie was momma good boy; and everyone who knew him felt the same a momma did, everyone loved him from the first moment they laid eyes upon him, with his sweet and gentle nature.

Ozzie was only 27 months when the cancer took him.
And Ozzie was a trooper as he dealt with all the doctor visits and medications.
He was in great distress on that Sunday, when we thought about ending his pain, but Ozzie did not let us make the decision, he somehow knew we could not, he went on his own at 7:05 am, Monday, May 18th.
Ozzie's live was cut short, but he gave as much LOVE as he received in return, and we miss him so much it hurts.
It is TRUE what they say. ONLY THE GOOD DIE YOUNG. and Ozzie is proof of that !!

Jane Koepke

Ozzie, 10/30/03-06/05/09

Always on my lap or by my side. Your unconditional love will be forever in my heart.
I miss you so much.

Gara Hovda

Ozzie, 01/01/02-06/09/09

Please lord keep Ozzie safe and happy. It breaks my heart to see him go, but I know he's no longer in pain. I miss him terribly and love him dearly, and always will. He will always be with me.

Katie Schumaker

Ozzie, 01/21/95-03/22/09

He wasn't the pick of the litter. He was the "cry baby"Ě as Trudy called him.
What a lover he was from the very beginning!
He was like glue.
He was intelligent and loyal.
A little skittish and always "wary of strangers."Ě
He lived most of his life in Louisville, but the last few years in Tulsa, Oklahoma.
Healthy and happy most of the time.
Thank you Jackie Bayes for helping bring this special boy into my life when I needed him the most.

Ozzie joins his canine family at the Rainbow Bridge. Cuddles, Samantha, Hunter, Sunny, and Sashaâ have fun guys and play nice!

Ozzie will always be loved and missed by Amanda, Jesica, Kenny, and Michelle Baur.

Ozzie, 12/24/96-03/10/09

My very sweet Ozzie has gone to the bridge to be with her sister Harriette. She also joins another sister, Daisey, who was out first dachshund many years ago.

All my lovely sweet babies are together now. We love you so much my darlings. Be happy and play nice.
Love forever, your mommy and daddy.

Ozzie, 11/2008-03/11/09

I only knew Ozzie for 12 hours. He was brought into the Walmart where I work after being hit by a car in the parking lot. No one would help the cold, scared, and grievously injured kitten. So I took him home, stayed up the entire night watching over him, and gave him the love all living creatures deserve. Too soon, I had to say goodbye. We only had each other for a short while, but I am thankful that he was my kitten, and I was his person. Until we meet again, Ozzie. I love you. - Sam

Ozzie, 08/88-02/15/09

You were my buddy for 20+ years...much longer than most cats live.
You were with me through so much...always there for me to love.
I miss you, little man.
I hope that you're waiting for me at the Rainbow Bridge with Molly, Felix, Odie, Clem and all the others.
I'll see you again, my friend.
Thanks for being there for me.


Ozzie, 04/29/95-12/30/08

I miss you every day, Ozzie. You were the best dog in the world, and a very brave little boy. You were very strong in dealing with your diabetes, and even being blind from the cataracts didn't get you down!
We still went for our walks, & even though you bumped into a lot of things (trees, fire hydrants, curbs) you still loved your walks.
You were definitely a tough little terrier!

Thank you for being my dog. See you in heaven when I get there. Be good until then!

Janet Alexander

Ozzie, 04/13/99-02/13/09

We miss Ozzie. He was a companion like no other. Always wanting to please and never a bad memory.


Ozzie, 01/12/09

Oh my handsome Ozzie.
Mommy misses you so much.
You were so sick and i had to let you go. I remember the first day I saw you and you were slopping in the water I knew I was going to adopt you. You were always a good boy.
You loved our walks together and all the body rubs and lots of hugs and kisses.
I will miss that so much. You go and play now with Chelsey and Taylor and wait for me. I love you my sweet boy. Love, Mommy

Ozzie Christy, 05/05/07-05/11/09

he was only two he died in my arms he was so young and playful ozzie gone but not forgotten May5 2007 - May 11 2009

Devin Christy

Ozzy, 04/22/09

We loved our chubby boy and miss him so much. He left us so suddenly one night. We know in our hearts that we'll be back together sometime....

Mike & Gary Martha Krell

Ozzy, 05/17/03-04/07/09

Ozzy you were an awesome cat. We will miss you Ozzy. You made us feel like we needed you more then you needed us. God will have a place in Heaven just for you Ozzy.

Nila, Brian, and Breanda Bursheim

Ozzy, 02/08/09

Ozzy man, may you run free through the catnip little guy. Say hello to the others for us! You are loved and very missed.

Make sure to send little hellos to your Mama every now and then.

Gayl and Your Loving Family

Ozzy, 07/22/08

This beautiful creature had a reputation for being a wild dog.
Ozzy loved life. He loved to go someplace, anyplace. He loved people and other dogs.
He started out his life in a basement in Chicago. Years later, he went all the way to Lodi California with my brother and his wife.
There he protected my mom and the back yard was Ozzy's domain.
Then he retired and spent his last years in Coos Bay Oregon just enjoying life with me. There he got to run free in the woods and run along the coastal beaches with the other dogs.
He became the calmest dog in the world.
He even got to go on a trip to Nevada. He really got around.
Ozzy brought so much love into so many people's lives especially in my family.
I am so lucky to have got to know him.
Thank you, Ozzy.
We will always love you.

Lilith Mary Anne Nix

Ozzy McGuigan-Cameron, 09/01/03-06/26/09

Ozzy was a special beagle. He never complained and was the true meaning of unconditional love.
His playful nature and obsession with his little football brought us smiles each day.
We love you boogalu , God Bless until we meet again Thank you for all the love you brought us
We will miss you

Lorraine, Jillian, Todd

Ozzy Moe, 05/28/07

It's been nearly 2 yrs since you have gone from us. We still miss you every day. You're in our thoughts always,Ozzy. We'll never forget all the joy you brought our family. Love you forever.:)

The Barrieaus

Ozzy Osborne Mills, 09/04/92-01/20/08



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