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2009 Tributes

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Nadab Maloney, 03/01/09

I miss you SO much Big Guy! I know you told me with your eyes it was time and it was the best thing for you, but you are SO missed here at home! I hate that you got that stupid cancer. Play with Sparticus until we get there! I Love You Nadab, wait for us!!

Alan Maloney

Nadja, 23/02/09

You were our first pet and your passing was too quick.
We shared many wonderful memories
and you will live on in our hearts.
We miss your presence.
We will see you soon you at the rainbow bridge.
Love you.

Denis Boileau

Nahla, 12/29/08

My wonderful Nahla was brought to me when she was only 8 weeks old and a small ball of fur. I knew from the moment I saw her, we would be companions forever. Her favorite things to do were chase squirls, cats and deer. She was always full of life and energy and that kept me going. I had some very down times in life and she always took the tears away. We have made many travels together around the U.S. and she never missed a beat on accepting the new place. She was my world. A couple yrs ago I had cancer and she was my support. Last yr I became a mother for the first time and I was so worried how she would react but she was fine, confused but fine. I found out she had mammory cancer when I had a small tumor removed a yr ago. I thought she would be fine but after a few months, tumors came back and grew aggresively. I made the hard desision to let her live out her days best she could and not put her through more sugery. I prayed God would let her have one last x-mas with us, and she did. The tumors had grown so large that her quality of life was gone and it was time to put her out of her suffering. I could not do it, I loved her too much, I had to have my husband take her. I sad goodbye to her on the morning of 12/29/08 and have never cried so hard in my life. I know she is as peacea and pain free and chasing all the animals she wants and that helps. There will never be another like her. I miss you Nahla and look for u each day I come home but I know you are here in spirit. U brought me to my next journey in life as a mother to my son.
I will see you again and we will run and play together. love you baby girl.


Nak, 01/15/09

Nak is greatly missed after coming out of his shell and then the night before he passed he crawled back in.... in the morning I found Nak out of his shell and Nic(other hermit crab, Nak's brother) cuddled next to him.

Drew Griffin

Nakita, 03/10/09

We were blessed with your love and companionship for so many years.
Now you can run and play to your hearts content.
Gone but forever in our hearts my beautiful friend.
I look forward to meeting you again.
Love Always.

Patricia, Asha, Jennifer & Dan

Nala, 03/10/04-07/08/09

We miss you. Rest in peace.

Grace Jakubowski

Nala, 09/95-06/22/09

So much love, little baby.
You were the best hugger on earth, and I'll miss your beautiful little face smiling up at me and making conversation every day.
You've brought me such joy over for the last 13 years, thank you for loving me as much as I loved you.
And for putting up such a valiant fight.
Rest peacefully, chick pea.

Hillary Schubach

Nala, 05/18/09

Dear Nala,
We will miss you so much! You were our baby,girlfriend,sports dog,and our best buddy. We will love you forever.
All of Your Family

Nala, 01/29/08-05/15/09

Our sweet baby boxer girl Nala Cobala.
We will so miss thoses loving kisses that never stopped. Chessie and Diamond especially sit quietly today the day after you left us.
We will give them extra love from you.
PJ is so broken hearted but would not let you go.
Please be happy at the Bridge.
Hopefully you met up with Tippi.
She will watch you.
Hope they have cookiebones.
It will be so sad without you. Will never ever forget you my sweets.
Just remember that morning I smothered you with kisses.
I didn't know it needed to last a lifetime or I would have kissed you more.
Be good girl = Love Mom, Dad, PJ, Ash and Brookie<3

Nala, 04/29/09

We miss you Nala.

Kathryn, Chris, and Carly

Nala, 04/18/09

May you rest in peace. You are free from pain. May you know that you will always be missed and loved everyday. Our hearts ache, but we know you are in a happier place.


Nala, 05/26/96-04/04/09

We just lost our little girl this past Saturday.
She within 2 weeks went to a perfectly fine dog, to a sick dog with intestinal cancer we never had any suspicion of or reason to bring her to a vet.
We thought she then had something treatable called IBD, which I gladly would made a special diet for, for the rest of her life.
We were told that if she didn't respond to a steroid, that it was probably cancer.
She continued to not eat, at that point it was over a week and a half of not eating and vomiting every last bit of fluid in her stomach, she was then suffering and in pain, but hid it well.
We took her from the Vet hospital for 1 last night at home with us and the boys whom she knew since a baby, they are now 18 and 15, we all spent the night on the floor with her, and then Saturday morning said our goodbyes to our beloved and told her how much we loved her and will never forget her.
We brought her back to the Vet and he put her into her eternal rest.
We are struggling with this huge empty, dark hole in our hearts.
We honor our Nala - she was the best.

Christine Stevens

Nala, 06/07/95-03/19/09

Nala was the happiest and most loyal dog and the best friend anyone could ask for. She will be greatly missed but her memory will live on.


Nala, 06/98-02/26/09


Alex & Debbie Olan

Nala, 11/12/07-02/12/09

Rip. I love you Nala!!!


Nala Sarabi, 04/28/09

Bestest of all ears. Our one and only.

Jackson Lee and Andrew Charles

Nalla Chida, 08-05-94 - 10-09-09

Nalla, losing you was so hard. I love you very much. I am so sorry that today you had to leave me but I know that you found your brother Zip, who we loss several years ago. I feel that I let you down but I could not see you suffer anymore. You will always have a special place in my heart. Thank you for the best 13 years together. I still remember the day that Ed brought you home from the vet because your previous owner could not take care of you anymore. You were such a sassy and beautiful little girl right up to this morning. Again I am so sorry that I could not continue to hold you forever and always. Your light will shine upon me. You will never be replaced because you were the best kitty to me. You helped me with the loss of Ed and Zip. You were always there for me which is why you will shine upon my heart forever. I sleep with angels watching me...There is only love up here. I am never lonely or afraid because God is so very near. I walk with Jesus every day, He is very kind and loving.And even though you are not with me,I am really still with you.  
Love you forever and always, Nalla, the most precious and beautiful kitty in the world.

Nana, August 10, 1999 - August 24, 2009

Nana, I'll miss your wet kisses, your big wagging tail, the sound of your paws as you walk across the floor. Watching you sitting on the steps of the pool, enjoying the cool water. I'll miss looking into your soulful eyes. I'll miss your strength and courage, your stoic ways. I must admit I was always a little in awe of you. The pain you endured, the love you gave and always the forgiveness you presented with an open heart. You're with Nevados and Cory now, happy once again, running, playing and breaking through fences. You will no longer be in pain and that's how I want to remember you. I love you Nana Banana, my goofy newfie.

Nancy, 04/05/09

Nancy, I gave you many names: bushey, tikal, kalikimaka, cush, kashish.. I miss you so. You were my best friend. You and Mr. Bear were the reasons why I didn't do something drastic during my years of depression and despair. I lived for you, for us. I worked hard to afford a better apartment and finally a house. All so that you and Mr. Bear could have a nice place to live in and spread out in. It was hard living in that tiny apartment on Miami beach that year. I worked hard to get a better paying job because of you. Then we moved to Bradenton, FL. and I got the big apartment for you both. It was never about me. I did it all for you my loving motivaters!!
I stopped going out on the town and began to stay in with you two because I always had a great time with you. Those were the best years of my life.
Mr. Bear died in August of 2003 and now you my love are gone. This is no longer a home but a house that I can easily walk away from now.
You were a little kitten stray that ran into that house I was renting in Miami way back in 1993. I have pictures of that first day. I would never have guessed that 16 years later I would be so devastated. You taught me how to love. How to show respect. How to RELAX!!! You changed my heart. I love you so.
You will always be my wonderful girly. My girl cat. I am sorry that I kept you hanging on, probably longer than I should have. But you kept coming out of your bad days and eating bunches of tuna. I couldn't do it! Not until that last day when you couldn't walk and were moaning. PLEASE FORGIVE ME!!!!
I sang to you before I took you to the vet one last time. I sang the "kitty with the really pretty coat" song and a recent tune I wrote just for you.
"You know I miss you so badly when you're far away, you know I love you more madly with each passing day. Because I love you so, and I miss you so, till all the stars proclaim that it's all over".
There is no more pain girly. Now you can see with both eyes again. It's ok to go. Find Mr. Bear and save a place for me please.
I love you so...what am I going to do now? I miss you so... I love you so girly.

Richard Sullivan

Nanook (Nickname Dopes), 17/06/09

My beautiful baby has gone to sleep for the last time, my heart is breaking but i know he's at peace now. Dopes i can see you chasing rabbits & splashing in the water chasing ducks, we will meet again one day. My darling fluffy bum i'm missing you so much, take care my baby, always in my heart & thoughts, i love you, your mam xxx

Nanook, 05/18/09

Nook you were the best dog ever.
You were once blind but now you can see.
You were once deaf but now you can hear.
You are loved and Mya misses you.
I got to say goodbye and now you are not in pain.
You are in a happier place.
I LOVE YOU NOOK. I am never going to forget you.
We are all sad but it was time to say goodbye. GOODBYE NOOKER!!! Love, Abby

Nanook, 03/05/93-02/25/09

Our beautiful, beloved gentle giant, Nanook, may you rest in peace and be happy once again with your buddies Max, Nakita and Nakoda. May you be running ,swimming and catching your ball again.
Nanook, no one could ask for a better buddy. You were the best along with Max, Nakita and Nankoda who passed before you and are there waiting for you at the Rainbow Bridge. Our hearts are forever broken but also changed for the better because of the love and devotion of our beloved furry family.
Until we meet again dear Nookie have fun and as you did here on earth for us, bring lots of smiles joy and laughter to all our
beloved members in Heaven including Mom-Mom, Pop-Pop and Madison. We miss you smiling Nook but know that you are finally not suffering anymore.
Love Forever And Always,
Your Family

Nany, 07/04/96-09/24/07

Nany came to us as a 6-month old pup who was not being raised properly, was neglected and abused. Our other Shepherd, Champ, who was 2 years old then, adopted her right away and before long she was living with us permanently. It was the start of the most amazing relationship between those two. They were inseparable. Champ mothered Nany into a wonderful, confident and ultra-loving dog. Nany loved Champ and nuzzled to her all the time for affection. They had their share of disputes but remained best buds. Nany was a joy-filled, happy dog her whole life. When I discovered her enlarged lymphnodes the summer of 2007 and the vet confirmed the worst, my grief began. We gave her the best care available for stage 4 cancer with no chemo or radiation and the vet was amazed at how well she had done for her condition. One night she began to be restless and I was awake with her all night, and the following, trying to comfort her and lull her to sleep. We knew that it was time to part with her. She lay down in front of Champ, like always, and Champ gave her a series of final kisses goodbye and we left the house. Nany fell asleep peacefully as I talked to her and held her. Champ was never the same and also died 4 months later. Our hearts were ripped out with the double loss. I don't know when it will finally become easier to not have them around. I love you Nany, our joyful sweet girl and miss you so much.

Cristie Ricciotti

Napoleon, 01/20/09

My pup and best friend, I miss you more than anything in the world. I love you so much.


Napoleon, 12/23/08

You were the greatest dog and you will be missed beyond belief. I hope that now you can run freely for all eternity! We will never forget you!

Shaun and Brianne Sampson

Napolian ( Ghai Varr ), 02-14-1980 - December 2, 2009

Over the hills and through the woods he would carry his care giver, Evelyn. Never a wrong step on the steepest of uphill or downhill slopes. As a colt I was allowed to watch him for his first year. Silly colt that he was, always keeping his mother on her toes. He succeeded in the Half Arabian Futurities at Scottsdale Arizona. Many other yearling halter classes. When Evelyn bought him, I knew he was going to a great home. She took over his training turning him into a wonderful companion. He was 3/4 Arabian and 1/4 Morgan, she found out how versitile this breed was. She did jumping, carrage driving, trail and he was always there willing to do for her. Of course there were times when he and she wondered what each other wanted. He was so kind and took such good care of her. He was one of those horses that an equestrian, if lucky will have at least one in their life. He will be missed.

Napper, 03/02/09

Napper was a great dog - friendly and loved being around people, but still a good watchdog. He loved to camp and be 'part of the campfire group'.
He will be missed as he was part of the family

Sylvia and Rich

Nari, 04/17/09

Nari was the best cat anyone could ever ask.
She loved to play to the very end.
We will miss her purrs, meows, running around the house like there was a horse running through the house.
There was not a room that was unavailable for her and every room is missing her presence.


Nash, 7/30/98-8/15/09

Nash, We miss you so much. You were a special part of our family. You helped steady my children when they learned to walk, you ran with them in the yard, and you never allowed any snakes to ever get close. You were the BEST! From the day we met you at Petsmart you stole our hearts. -Mom

I MISS you very much. You were very soft. I'll miss you ALOT! I knew you my whole life. Bye Nasher Washer Love, J

I love you and miss you very much.I will never forget you. Love,B

Nash, 05/02/09

Nash has lost his battle with bone cancer. He will be dearly missed.

David Stapleford

Natasha, 02/03/99-04/22/09

Dearest Notorious Natasha, I knew the day I saw your face on the Doberman Rescue page-you were the challenge I wanted to bring home. Beautiful, champion bloodlines, & fully-trained got you adopted many times-But your hidden dark side-an obsession to scare and manipulate to get your way-you didnt know love. I drove hundreds of miles to pick you up, and I swore never to take you back. You were a huge challenge,but I refused to fail. We went rounds and it got ugly many times, but I got your respect and trust as time went by and I know you loved me as much as I loved you. You were there for me when my daughters moved away, when I was lonely,sad, or scared in this big house. You were always there by me to make me smile. You made me feel safe & protected me and your sassy personality and attitude made me laugh.
You fought against your cancer for 2 years, even when tumors took over your whole body, you still were tough & mean & pretended not to notice the bumps-You liked me to put on your sweater so no one would feel sorry for you.
I promised you I would never be selfish if I saw that you were suffering or in any pain, when I saw all the blood the other morning, I knew that horrible day was here.
I know you knew too, I could see it in your eyes when you looked in mine. The vet was so kind and caring and he assured me I was doing the right thing. Why did it have to feel so wrong?! I held your face in my hands & told you how much I loved you over & over-Your eyes smiled back with love as you slowly fell to sleep.
You were the best dog I ever had, went from a naughty dog to a good loving dog. I know you are healthy and happy in heaven, running & playing but I miss you terribly. I am throwing your ugly sweater away since you are well now and will never need it again.
Always in my heart Natasha, I look forward to the day your ashes come home, a small part of you will be with me again. Meet me at the bridge one day, cant wait to see you snapping at me & kiss your soft wise head~ Yes, you may bark as loud as you want! Love you Forever and a Day~xo mommy

Natasha, 03/08/09

Natasha was everything I could ever want in a pet. She gave such unconditional love and support in good times and bad.
She had such a big personality and stayed evermore curious and always ready to play hide and seek.
She passed suddenly and unexpectedly on Sunday morning. I will always remember and love her sweet personlity and her determination will always be an inspiratation.

Sheila Stokes

Natasha/Tasha/Lona, 01/21/09

My baby girl...u stood by me and kept me warm, you were alway's there for me...everytime I had surgery or cried you were there for me. You were such a wonderful girl..Chico is so very we all are. You are now romping around with Smokey and having a grand time! We are hurting so bad here..missing you. You stayed so strong till the VERY end. When they took you to the Vet you turned your head and looked at your house and me...but you will be back as soon as your ashes come back to us. You were a great companion and friend for all. I wish I had the strenght you had. You did not want help, it was like you wanted to do it on your own. I pray we did not wait too long..but letting you go was one of the hardest things we have had to do baby girl. You will be on the mantel with Smokey as soon as we get you back and I will have you put together with your boy...we all LOVE AND MISS YOU . Kurt has your name tatooed on his neck on the other side of Smokey's name...god we miss you baby girl!

Natasha, 11/97-01/21/09

I am laying here looking at my baby girl who will be put to rest at 4:30 this afternoon:((( I am crying my eyes out. She has a brain tumor and we held on as long as she could..she has been a wonderful friend companion part of our family..but I know it is time..she can no longer walk without assistance and has a bump in her mouth from biting down and she can't feel. Her feet no longer go out they go under...she will be greeted by her companion Smoke The boy...who passed in 06 we still miss him everyday. Natasha leaves behind Chico Bob, Deb, Kurt, Kyle, Susie, Amber and Baby Kai....we love you Natasha and want you to be out of pain and run with Smokey... You will be gone in less than 6 hours and I am preparing myself for our last hours..God baby I love you and You were such a strong dog trying to stay around as long as you did. I am proud to have had all these years with you and will miss you laying on my leg and comforting me after every surgery I were much sronger than I. You will forever live in my heart. Give Smokey a BIG LICK from all of will be comming home..your ashes will be put in the Urn I bought for you and him...
I love you so much...
Mommy Deb

Nathan, 06/09/09

Nathan was the best cat ever. We will miss him terribly and always love him.
We Love You Nathan!!!!!!
Ann & Devon

Nazareth (Naz), 12/15/99-03/06/09

You came into our lives as just a little 6 week old ball of fur. You leave us a tired old man. May you forever be released from your pain & run free forever.

Melanie & Steve Cox

Nectar, 06/06/08

It's been almost a year since I lost my baby Nectar. I think of her often and miss her like I've missed no other pet.
I miss her cuddles and kisses and being with me 24/7.
One day we'll be together again.

Desiree Brennan

Neddie, 12/27/08

Neddie, a wee little dog with a mighty heart; so lovely, so loving, so loved.


Neeko, 08/31/03 - 08/29/09

Neeko, You were the most special dog. Just looking in your eyes could make anyone love you. You were so loyal and so loving. I loved how you would just put your head on my lap when I sat down with you and how high in the air you would jump when you saw us coming. We miss you so much. We know you and your Daddy are running at full speed through the fields of heaven. I would do anything to give you a big hug right now. We love you forever Neeko. You touched all of our lives and will live on forever. Enjoy running free and jumping high buddy!!!

Neeko Booth, 01/23/09

Loyal, warm, loving and very much loved.

Maria Booth

Neelah Billgert, 06/19/09

Our beloved Friend Neelah- was lovingly taken in and loved in her end days by wonderful furangel Suzanne- Neelah was abandoned by her owners for being old and sickly..... to die alone. But the angels brought her Suzy, who loved her and let her know it and showered her with hugs and kisses up to the very last day. The world is lucky for two things, beautiful peaceful creatures like Neelah, and loving friends like Suzy.

Laure Baker

Neko, 03/14/06-05/20/09

Neko, you were my sweet li'l guy.
You were the most laid back kitty I've ever known.
You let me flop you over, pet your belly, massage your paws so long as I moved over when you pawed at my nose so you could sleep on my pillow next to me.
There will never be another like you and I love you more than I ever thought possible.
What a bond we shared.
Your time here was so short, but I appreciated you every day, from cradle to grave.
Thank you for bringing so much joy into my life, though the pain of your loss feels unbearable.
I miss you, I love you, my dear sweet li'l guy.
I just can't quite say goodbye.

Kat Wiranowski

Nekoli, 01/21/09-05/01/09

I used to think no matter what,
I'd have you there no buts!
Now I know a different tune,
Life's not always so true.
You have suddenly passed on now,
Leaving me in a pit of sorrow.
The only light is this rainbow,
Which seems so far away now!
Worry not my little love,
Again I'll see you up above!
When the end comes my way,
I'll finally be with you to stay!
------------Kitty Rushing----


I will always miss you my special little friend! Tho knowing that one day we see each other again really helps. I hope your happy where you are and plz just know I'll see you when its my turn to.
Love You Neko!!!!

Momma Kitty

Nell, 29/02/96-01/05/09

in memory of my faithful loyal old girl,love you nelly,miss you always.XXX


Nellie, 9/15/193-08/11/08

Nellie we love and miss you every day, you were such a sweet gentle soul.
Miss your beautiful angel face. Rest my sweet one.
Mom , Moochie & Dollie

Nellie, 07/13/09

Nellie was true of heart and brave - having a pacemaker implanted and liviing the last few months of her life blind - never slowed her down. She was loved, and loved us, deeply. We will never forget our loyal and loving companion.

Kris and Val

Nellie, 06/09/97-18/06/09

A wonderful loving big dog, sadly missed and we'll meet again with Daisy at Rainbow Bridge

Tony & Anne Croft

Nellie, 03/31/09

My very best friend


Nellie, 02/26/09

Nellie, you will be loved and missed each and every day of my life.
I am so hopeful I will be with you again someday. Until then... be well, be happy, and be strong.
I hope you have a basketball with you to keep you happy till I am with you again. You are the best socker playing dog I have ever seen.
I think of you always. Many times with tears, but also often with a smile. I love you so!

Patricia Baily

Nellie, 09/01/96-02/28/09

Nellie was sweet and loving to everyone she met. She was loyal and devoted to her family, and showed unconditional love to them. Nellie loved being with us and especially enjoyed going for walks with us.

Gayle Faulkner

Nellie Bone Brown, 4/23/95 - 12-09-09

Dear Nellie, Thank you for your compassionate unconditional love. Daddy, Sara and I (Mommy) will always keep you in our hearts. God knew he would send you to be a Blessing in our Lives. You always waited for Daddy at the landing, watching out the window for him to come home. You loved the lake, so every time we walk there, we will stop and look around like you did. Never in a hurry, you knew you were blessed and we knew it too. It was so very hard to let you go but, its now time to be with all your best doggy friends playing and feeling free from pain. We will one day see you again and we send you all the kisses and cuddles to you forever and ever....... Our hearts will hold you dear, little Nellie. Mommy xoxoxoxoxo

Nellie Hannon, 04/12/98-12/16/08


Brian Hannon

Nellie Jacobsen, 04/07/02-07/17/09

Nellie,though your body failed you, your unquenchable thirst for life was contagious.
You touched our lives like you could not possibly understand and though we know your in a better place now and you live unimpeded by a failing body, we miss you dearly, and will never forget you, your mannerisms, and unique and undeniable personality!
Thank you for seven short but wonderful years, until we meet again someday we love you dearly and miss you always.
Julie, Brett, and Big Sis Maxine...."bbbreowwww"

Nelson, 23/10/03-17/04/09

Taken from us suddenly by a heartless driver. We will miss you so much.
You were the best friend anyone could have.
The workshop will never be the same again.
Together with Saf now.
Until we meet again dear friend.

Chris Alsop

Nelson, 08/95-01/07/09

My beautiful one-eared boy, Nelson. You were my best friend and companion for 13 years. You were with me through thick and thin and I tried my best to give you the best possible life an "island cat" could ever have. You were truly a "rag to riches" story. I am so thankful that you came into my life. The loss I feel after your parting is immeasurable and the grief all consuming. I have to believe that we will be together again. You are and will always be Mama's boy. I miss you and love you.

Carrie Tanner

Nelson, 12/12/97-08/08/07

in our hearts every day
al through they are broken

Terry and Valerie Aston

Nemo, 07/18/09

My loyal and loving Nemo passed on after giving me 15 years of love and companionship. I miss him dearly.

Thomas DiCecco

Nemo, 08/06/03-01/28/09

Our Beloved Nemo passed away after a tragic accident. We will never forget him and he will always be here with us in spirit and in our hearts. I grieve for him every day.

Debbi Nordstrom

Nemo, 08/28/96-02/13/08

Mr. Nemo,
It has been one year since you took that fateful trip to the vet because you were sick to your belly. You never came home. Your mom and dad miss you so much that we still cannot even mention your name without crying our hearts out. I am looking at the last pictures we took of you,laying on the stove, soaking up the heat from the oven and waiting for the turkey to be done. If there is one comforting thought in all our grief, it is that someday we will be able to share some turkey with you at the Rainbow Bridge.

Dennis Reynolds

Nemo (Captain Nemo), 16 Years Old, 12/22/93-01/13/09

Nemo brought joy, energy, and love to his family and will be remembered most for his inexhaustable fetching abilities, sweet nature, and velvety soft ears. Thank you for being in our lives Nemo!

Ouellette / Francine Family

Neo, 02/20/03-06/03/09

My little one passed away yesterday and I want to say I miss you so!! You where a funny cat you always brought me presents! In your last months where so kind a loving and now I understand why you acted the way that you did!

You where fiercely independant and a strong beautiful kitty and I love you and I am glad that you are no longer in pain and I hope that you can forgive me - I love you Neo XX


Neo, 09/28/99-05/06/09

I miss you very much Neo. Rest in peace my friend.
We will meet again someday.


Neo, 05/02/09

i love you Neo! You are loved and missed, my baby!

Courtney Randolph

Neo, 03/16/09

Our sweet Neo passed away in his hammock sometime during the day on March 16.
We think is was age related heart failure.
We hope he didn't have any discomfort or fear.
We found him in his hammie, like he was asleep when we came home.
Our sweet boy, the years passed all too fast, and we just weren't ready to let you go.
Rest and play with your brothers over the Bridge, and give them kisses for us.
We love you and miss you so much, and thank you for loving us and letting us love you.
One day we'll meet you at the bridge and be saying "There's a Neo" once more.
We love you forever, sweet Neo!
Mama, Daddy, and all your brothers and sisters. Christos anesti!

Neo, 03/20/05-01/28/09

My sweet sweet Neo...
You came to me at a time in my life when I needed you most.
You were my first pet, Wynn had given you to me for Mothers' Day of 05 after some pretty rough health issues.
I remeber seeing you for the first time, just a big ball of fur tripping all over yourself...
All paws we used to say.
You grew into our family like you were always there, even TT (our other dog) finally loved and mothered you.
For a rottweiler, you were a special one.
Always a people person, stranger or family member you always had the "nubby" (his tail) going for all.
The only time you ever barked was at the 4 wheeler, lawnmower or when people left in their cars.
You were my 150 lb lap dog (or at least you tried).
The last day of your short sweet life I will never forget...
how someone could poison you with antifreeze we will never know.
I am truly sorry that this has happened to you, but I do have comofort knowing that you are at the rainbow bridge and one day I will see you again!
I miss your sweet face more than you will ever know, but you are no longer the sick dog I saw that horrible Wednesday.
Remember that we all loved you as an important part of our family and you will never be forgotten!!!


Nephtys, 02/25/09

She was my little hooligan. If there was mischeif afoot, she was in the thick of things. She was an indoor outdoor cat having free choice as to where & when she would like to be. But each nite, when lights went out, she jumped up and lay on my side all nite. Early in the morning, off she would go checking out the immediate area around my home. Although I live in a quiet neighborhood, a car hit her. The driver was kind enough to put her by the side of the road and cover her with a baby blanket. I saw her, brought her home, prepared her, gave her funeral rites,removed her neclace & ID collar, then took her to my vet for cremation. When I receive her back, she will be mixed in with the ashes of my other beloved pets whom I preserve in 4 canopic jars. At my own crossing over, I will cremated, mixed in with my kindred spirts; and, together we will be cast to the wind together.....being reunited at rainbow bridge.

Roxanne Anderson

Nerm, Roodi, Cody, Kyrie and Garf, 1984-1987 to 1998

They walk beside me on silent paws with their pup buddies Rudy, Willy and Tuker

Michelle Lindgren

Nero, 12/31/92-05/19/09

You were a beloved companion and frend and I will miss you!

Chelle P

Nero, 08/97-01/17/09

Nero was an extraordinary animal. God gave me the privilege to care for him in his last few years. He retired from the airforce as a bomb dog in 2007 and came into my home to be my faithful companion while my husband deployed to Iraq for a 15-month tour.
He was in perfect health up until December 8, 2008 when his spleen ruptured and he was diagnosed with hemangio sarcoma. He fought his way back to recovery and was doing excellent until this past Saturday when within a few hours he couldn't hold out any longer.
What a terrible disease this type of cancer is; it takes its victims suddenly and brutely. I may have only had Nero for two years, but in those two years, we were inseparable. My husband is due back from Iraq in three short days, and I truly believe God gave me Nero to help me get through this terribly long deployment. The Lord gives and takes away, and though I am so heartbroken over his loss, I can only be grateful and give thanks to God for letting me "borrow" Nero and honoring me with the position of his caretaker.
Though I cry every day for him, I smile at the memories I have of just the two of us, and those will be the memories I will hold on to for the rest of my life.

Nero, God gave you a wonderful purpose for your life.
The countless lives you saved in Iraq from your ability to detect bombs to "saving" my life with your gentleness and companionship with your dad being gone for such a long time. You will always be remembered and I will always love you with all my heart!!

Grace Jackson

Nessi Maio, 06/23/09

You are my heart. Love and miss you so very much.

Louisa Maio

Nestle, 06/14/95-06/23/09

I miss my girl so much. The decison to lay her to rest was the hardest of my life. She was and will be my daughter as I have no children, but do have 7 pets remaining.

I cannot put her pillow away and her toys., her leash, her winter sweater, when will the grieve stop?

Nestle has Cushings Disease for 4 1/2 yrs but it was her hips and back legs that finally were giving out.

My husband walked out on me a year ago and Nestle once again helped me through a very dark time.

I didn't work and spend all day with her, she was never boarded and she was never left alone.

I love you "My One".


Nestle, 07/14/94-05/06/09

Nestle was my baby. We adopted her from a rescue with her siser Cami.
We hAs them for 12 years.
She slept right next to me every night. I feel so lost without her. I can't even sleep in my bed without her here. Nestle was so sweet and followed me every where. And ever cried if i did not sit down for her to get up on my lap. We called her Nestle's quick because she would run in the house so fast if she new i was home.
We found her sister Cami sleeping with her after she passed and is now looking everywhere for her.

Heather Ohara

Nestle, 04/08/00-02/28/09

I promised I would be with you to the end and as you gracefully went to sleep, I felt a piece of my soul tear away.
You were my best friend, my safety, my snuggle buddy, my world.
I am lost without you.
I miss the little click of your paws on the tile.
I miss talking to you, I miss sleeping uncomfortably because you took up so much space.
You did everything right and I tried to do anything to save you and I was helpless.
You were too young and I will never understand.
You spent your last day as you wanted, laying in the grass.
We each had time to talk to you and you gave me a final kiss goodbye.
I held your paw as you took your last breath, you went to sleep like an angel and I cannot wait to be with you again to see your happy wag, eyes bright, and to lay down and feel your chest rise and fall when we snuggle again together.
I will always love you and I miss you more than you will ever know.

Stacee Scott & Michael Reames

Nestle, 09/18/95-02/14/09


Nevada, 11/96-07/10/09

Nevada was a beautiful Great Pyrenees who was my best friend.
He was loyal, true and loving.
He cared deeply about his family and stood by our sides no matter what.
He was always there through good times and bad.

Susan Chasteen

Nevare Mimbrera, 05/31/85-01/14/09

A one in a million horse...

Carol Nelson

Newton, 04/04/99-03/21/09

Our hearts are broken at the loss of our beloved Newton. He filled our lives with much love and laughter and we pray that we will be reunited with him one day.

John and Merriann White

Newton, 04/17/01-02/12/09

Kind and gentle soul. My best friend and most valuable companion. Letting you go was the hardest thing I have ever had to do, but you are not suffering. You will be missed by so many people. The love that you gave to everyone who had the honour of meeting you will be forever in their hearts. I love you so much Newt. I look forward to the day that we are together again.


Niblet, 12/09/94-12/15/08

My sweet Niblet went to be with her 2 sweet sisters Taz and Snuggles. Niblet was my baby and is missed so much. I hope she is okay in heaven and is being taken care of. I love you Niblet.

Nicci Navidad Wiegand, 12/05/98-03/22/09

In Loving Memory of Nicci Navidad Wiegand
Not just a pet but a constant companion, friend and loved one.
We will miss you!

Ron & Kem Wiegand

Nicholas, Dec. 24, 1992 - Aug. 6, 2009

Nicholas was sent to me by God one day as we were in a car in a small parking lot. He came out of nowhere, sat in front of the car and wouldn't budge. this tiny kitten, let me pick him up and from then on it was love at first sight. He helped me through an abusive relationship and gave me the courage to leave him, knowing that someone would always love me no matter what. during the course of his time here with me he constantly showed his love for me. As soon as I came home from an exhausting day from work, he was there to greet me and to snuggle with me in a warm bed. then one day he got very sick, and the doctor said there was no more they could do. His last night with me, we spent sleeping with him in my arms. God took him that night, I guess he is needed in Heaven for some special task. I am devastated but at least I know he is in no more pain and suffering. I love him always to the end of my days and when I go I will greet him and my other cats at Rainbow bridge.

Anne Fernandes

Nicholas, 06/05/09

I love you Nick.

Katie A

Nicholas, 03/01/09

I hand-fed him from 10 days old because he was the 'runt' and his mother rejected him.
So he was really precious.
He died of kidney failure after two months of treatment at the Vet's.
When his ashes were returned to us they brought a great sense of peace, as though he was thanking us for letting him go.
He was a wonderful part of our lives.


Nicholas-J Frieri, 07/31/94-01/22/09

Nicholas, I miss you so much. On Sunday you will come home to your final resting place where you will be at peace.


Nick, 06/1994 - 10/05/09

Nick was also sometimes known as "the little black-faced one," the term my late mom initially used to distinquish him from his brother and two sisters. He was a special friend to my mom and a great friend to me. He spent the last five years of his life battling FIV and an assortment of related health problems. But he was a comedian and a bit of a nut and he remained that way even after his advancing age and health problems slowed him down. He could make me laugh even during the darkest times. I'll never forget you, Nick. I'll miss you, Buddy.

Nick, 08/96-06/17/09

My "Kitten", Nick, is missed and loved, dearly.
I am a better person for having known him, and shared his life with him.

Elizabeth Bush

Nick, 04/14/09

Nick was not my cat!

April 15, 2009

He just showed up one day about 7-8 months ago. He was someone else's cat and they had simply left him. This was happening a lot because of all of the people in our area losing their homes. He was a rough looking guy and at first I did not want him around. We were concerned that he may have some sort of virus or sickness and infect our 3 indoor cats who we love very much. He would come to the back door and look in and played with our three guys through the glass. So after 2-3 days I started to feed him and give him clean water. Shortly thereafter I made a nice bed for him in the storage building behind our home and he took to it right away. At first I did not want to touch him because I did not know if he would bite or not. But after a while I would pet him on him head. He liked that very much! There would be sometimes 2-3 days that we would not see him and all of a sudden he would show up again. I would talk to him and pet him and he would respond in typical cat purring fashion!
Since he showed up I could tell his health was fading. And then about a week ago he was having a little trouble walking. He was staying at the back door all of the time now. When I would go out he was very happy to see me and would let me know. But I know he was quit sick. Money is short now so I was reluctant to take him to the vet. I came home yesterday afternoon and I could not take it any more to watch him suffer. Three weeks before I requested help form Best Friends in Kanab, UT with him. But they are so overloaded with request for help for so many animals that it's takes up to a month for them to assist in these cases. I told my wife less take him to the vet and spend $200.00 and try and help him. She agreed. So we loaded him up into the car and took him to the Vet. He was scared at first but once we got him to the vet he was okay. I told the vet the story and her approach, because he was not our cat, was let see what is going on with him one step at a time? So they checked him out for feline Aids first. She came back in 30 minutes later and said that he did not have Aids and of course that was good news. So her next subjection was to do blood work. So we went next door to the 7-11 to get something to drunk and went right back. It took an hour this time and when she came in the news was not good. He had kidney failure! I ask her how long does he have. She said that it could be 3 day or 6 months with care. Her subjection was to put him down! We talked about his pain and his quality of life. Again I had to think about the money or lack of it. My wife, the doctor and I talked it over for 5-10 minute and I finely said like put him down. I told my wife even if we get him to Best Friends he will be stuck in a cage, sick and alone. I was okay at first but after I signed the order to put him down it hit me. We paid the vet and we went to the car where I was quit upset and crying and so was my wife. We almost went back inside and stopped them from putting him down but we didn't and I don't know why?
All night long I though about the decision I was forced to make. Life of death for a cat who was not ours. The next morning I call to see if it was to late to get him back but he was already gone! The saddest thing is we only took time to name him when the vet needed it for their records. So my wife and I names him right there. And you know what we were wrong, Nick was our cat and we loved him and we miss him very much! I don't even have a photo of him!

Lary and Margarita

Nick, 11/28/98-03/11/09

he was such a good dog. he was a son & a brother
he would greet you at the door with smile and his tail would be going 100 miles an hour. everyone who met him thought he was a cool dog.

Walter, Linda, Victor & Emily Dougan

Nick Magic Rhodes, 11/04/08-06/01/09

Nick died while being neutered under anesthesia. He was very special. He was very loving and cuddly and brought lots of laughs and smiles to our families lives. We miss him a great deal.

Donna Rhodes

Nick Stocks, 10/09/99-06/23/09

We miss you Nick!
Thank you for waiting for us to get home.
Be happy & healthy now.
Grandpa is glad you're with him now.
You were the best "boy" cat.
Thank you for 18 1/2 wonderful
Love you!

Sarah & Craig

Nicki, 07/01/09

My Nicki left tonight.
He was the best cat ever.He made me laugh and gave me such joy and peace.
He loved his Sika.
And he loved me.
And I loved him. He was ready to go.
When he was diagnosed I brought him home and we had a talk.
I told him how very much I loved him and would he please tell me when he wanted to go.
He did tonight.


Nicki, 02/18/95-09/24/02

I will always love and miss you, Nicki.
You were my protector and my best friend.
You were such a sweet and loving girl, you are so very much missed by your mommy and daddy!
I know we will see you again one day.

Linda Pierce

Nicki, 03/25/97-02/18/09

Our sweet Nicki. Our hearts ache for you. Nothing in life ever gave us the unconditional, relentless love that you blessed us with. You were our happiness.

Larry and Kelly Jackson

Nicki Joseph, 07/01/09

My baby poppi, you brought me such joy.
You made me laugh.
You always acted like a kitten even in your later years.
My shadow, always wanting to sit on mommy's lap and when I wasn't there, you were always with your sister Sika Frances.
You went so quickly my Nicki but at least I had time to say goodbye and always the good boy, you let me know when it was time to go.
Did you feel my tears on you as you left?
I felt your purring.
Thank you for giving me your love.
Sika misses you so much.
I miss you so much.
My heart hurts.
Go play with Cleo now. I know how much you loved her.
I love you Nicki.
My baby.
See you again okay?
Now go and play with the angels.
love and kisses to you from Mommy and Sika.

Nickole Anne aka NickII, 10/07/60-01/07/08

My beloved Nickii, you are my best friend and soul mate you will live on in my heart until we can cross the bridge together. I miss you and love you angel.

Hope Carroll

Nicky, 10/09/95-06/21/09

As tears run down my checks, i grieve the loss of my loving little dog, taken from me a sudden illness. I miss her and cry for her. This gentle breed teaches love to anyone coming in contact with her.
I will never stop loving you, my beautiful little girl.


Nicky McCulley, 10/06/93-02/05/09

Nicky was a Christmas surprise when my daughters were 5 and 9 years old - today they are 20 and 25.

My precious Nicky left us suddenly only three days ago.
He was with us for 15 years and 4 months.
Oh, what a tremendous void we now have.
We had no idea our pain would be so intense.
By grace, Nicky only suffered for one day - and was relieved of his pain by medication for several hours of that day.
Our hearts were shattered as we realized he was gone - in the arms of my daughter.
As quickly and unexpectedly as it happened, I am so grateful that God took the decision of euthanasia from me, and took Nicky from his pain and suffering.
My daughter ended up holding Nicky for several hours after his death, as his arrangements were made.
I just do not know the words to describe the intensity of the hurt and loss our entire family feels.

I am grateful for this website and the love expressed here for the many of us who grieve for our precious loved ones.
Nicky will be honored at the candle ceremony on February 9, 2009, my birthday.
Oh how we yearn to love on him again.

Kimi & Lis - Nicky's Favorite Girls
Kathy & John - Mom & Dad

Nico, 04/06-01/20/09

what can we say.
We love you buddy and will never forget you.
Who would have thought you would get so sick before you were even 3 years old.
Having you put down was one of the hardest things I ever had to do, but I know it was the right thing to do and I hope you forgive me.
I know you appreciated me being there to help support you to the other side. We will miss you forever and talk about you often.
Izzy misses you.


Nico, 02/20/97-01/09/09

Nico.... thank you for being my partner during all these years.... I will never forget you..... you were the best dog anyone could have..... I hope I see you again one day ....Ana

Nico.... Gracias por haber sido mi companero durante tanto tiempo.... nunca te olvidare.... fuiste el mejor perro del mundo.... espero algun dia volverte a ver.. A

Ana Schwarz

Nico Austin, 03/01/00-03/03/09

Oh Nico how we miss you. You were the best thing that ever happened to us. We got you so young, Mommy bottle fed you and burped you. You grew up to be the best friend I could of asked for. I will miss your howling when it was time to eat or go outside. Scratching your head for hours at a time.
I will never forget you. Mommy and the girls feel the same. I know you are in a better place now. No pain just green pastures forever. I love you boy.

Nicodemus, 02/26/98-05/09/09

I'm so glad we found each other 11 years ago.
You've been my best friend since then, and at times my only friend in lonely places.
You have always been so strong, so healthy and so happy, that I couldn't believe it when you became sick.
I hope you know I did my best to care for you and keep you comfortable, and that you understand my decision.
I feel like I failed you but please know I loved you more than anything, and did everything I could for you.
I'm sorry if you suffered at all.
You are my brave and loving boy.
I'll miss you always, Nicky, but I'll carry you in my heart.
I'm comforted to think we'll meet again someday.
Good boy.


Nigel, 03/07/94-04/24/09

In life I loved you dearly, in death I love you still. A whole is left in my heart, no one could ever fill.


Nigel 'Nigey', 06/06/93-02/18/09

Nigel was my everything.
My baby and my best friend.
He has been a constant in my life for the past fifteen years and I will miss him terribly.
His passing has left a huge hole in my life and I will never forget him.

Donna Wilson

Nigel, 10/08/01-01/23/09

Nigel was very special to me. I tried in every way to help him, but his illness was so sudden and serious that he just couldn't fight it. I did the most loving thing possible and now he is at peace. I can still hear his adorable little high pitched meow and see him on his favorite scratching post perch, watching over our home.

Ita Pekarek

Nightmare, 03/13/95-05/07/09

"The Best Rottweiler in the Whole Wide World"
Nightmare was much more than just our best friend.
One look into his soulful eyes, and we were all in love.
For 14 wonderful years, his irreverent brand of playful exchange made life more exciting (and constantly entertaining)! Way smarter than the average dog, (and some humans) we will miss all of our special times. Life will never be the same.
We love you, Nightmare. Tell Uncle Devin we'll all be together soon.
And don't forget to "hand over the cash!"

The DeFauw Family

Nika, 05/30/09

To my poor little funny-faced kitty:
I loved you with all my heart.
We shared a lot of good and bad times together.
You gave me a lot of joy, & unfortunately toward the end, a lot of heartache.
I didn't know what else to do, little girl.
I tried so hard to keep you, but I couldn't.
Please know that I didn't know what else that I could have possibly done.
I miss you, little kitty.
Sleep well.

Cindi Micheau

Nike The Wonder Dog, 12/27/02-04/09/09

All of our pets are special, but Nike was the one whose passing has left a huge hole in our hearts. He tried so hard to get better for us, and it broke our hearts to let him go. We hope his spirit is now free of his weakened body and the pain is gone forever.
Watch over us, my friend, and wait for us at the Rainbow Bridge.
We will meet you there with a pocketful of biscuits and your favorite rubber ball. Until then, know that we'll love you forever.

The Clinard Family

Niki, 10/16/08

Niki was 9 years old when she passed away suddenly one morning. We miss her more than words can say. She was such a big part of our family. Like every Golden she was with us every moment. Never very far from us. Life is not the same without her around.

Julie, Dave, Melissa, Chad

Nikita, 04/17/95-06/20/09

Our dear sweet Shiba, what a huge hole you are leaving behind.
When we saw you at the humane society we had no intention of getting a dog but we could not resist your sweet face.
That first week home, we realized how we got you, boy could you run.
And I learned so many languages trying to find 'sit' and 'come' in one you might know. At first we thought you couldn't speak English, little did we know then how stubborn you were!
Everyone who met you was so surprised by your sweetness, apparently shibas aren't supposed to be sweet but obviously you didn't get that memo.
The memories you have given us over the past many special years will be with us always.
We know you are at the Rainbow Bridge with your sister Meisha but more importantly to you, your sweet boyfriend Dustin.
There was never a cuter pairing than the prissy Shiba girl and the rough and tumble Golden boy.
Give him kisses for us and know we loved you and always will.
Thank you for choosing us and letting us love on you.

Michael and Jamie Sladky

Nikita, 07/02/99-04/19/09

We will never forget you our beautiful Nikki,We love you and will miss you dearly. You are with Bear now and you can once again runfree.Rest in peace my beautuful girl.

Lisa Ear, and Ashley

Nikita, 01/12/97-01/19/04

Nikki, tomorrow will be 5 years since I have seen your precious face. Your memory has not faded, you still occupy a special place in my heart. I wish I could feel your kisses one more time. I love you so much and I miss you. Your little sister Natasha is 11 years old now and she is failing. Her back legs are not strong enough to hold her up at times. I am afraid she might be with you soon. I know you will take good care of her, she was there for me when I lost you, so love her as I did. Nikki, you are always in my heart.

Beth Buckley

Nikita Bohley, 05/01/99-04/25/09

In memory of my dear angel face, Nikita.
I hope your journey here with me was one of joy and love as you had given me for the full duration of our life together.
All the memories will forever be in my heart.
You will always be with me...your smiling face, your wide eyes looking at me wanting to just be by my side, your tail up in excitement, our walks and the love you showed me everyday.

Rachel Bohley

Nikita Hicks, 01/28/01-04/15/09

My sweet bestfriend, companion, and spooner.
We played, we ran, we jumped, and we slept.
You were always there for me and I only hope you felt I was for you.
I still feel you with me.
Run free little girl, and chase the balls.
I will be along "pretty soon."

Laura and Judy

Nikita Jane, 08/26/94-05/22/09


You will surely be missed.
Thank you for the memories.
I am glad you are no longer suffering.
We will meet again!
- miss you, Karen

Nikki, 12/23/89-01/04/00

My beautiful Nikki, There isn't a day that goes by that mommy and daddy don"t think of you!It has been 9 years since you have left us and I still miss you so.If I could, mommy would walk up to Heaven and bring you home.Be a good girl and take care of Pepper till we see you both again.
I miss you more than ever!! My love forever..


Nikki, 06/17/09

My Special Nikki, you were a precious gift.
Your gentle nature, your beautiful smile, your loyal friendship will never be forgotten.
I always felt safe when you were here.
The way you took care of Michael was so wonderful.
Remember the time he broke his hand while skateboarding?
When you heard him cry in the street, you jumped the fence and ran to his side, comforting him.
Your beautiful long hair shone in the sun and waved in the wind, giving you an etherial quality.
You are now at the Rainbow Bridge, with Chapin, Jill, Roy, Yuri, Mau Kitty, Cassius, Ce-Ce, Merlin, Clarence, Becky, Salem, Roudy, Runner and Sneaky.
I pray that you all will play, run, eat, sleep and experience peace till one of us comes to call you home again.
I miss you.
I love you. I will see you someday and we will once again be together, snuggling, kissing, and speaking whispered words of love.

Linda Lunt

Nikki, 06/18/09

My beautiful Nikki died suddenly.
She came into our lives about ten and a half years ago as this amazing light that brought happiness to all she touched.
Nikki was a joy, a blessing and a gift. We will miss her more than words can express and we will love her always.

Mommy Linda, Baby, Princess and Little Guy

Nikki, 06/06/09

You were the best friend I ever had, I'll never forget you.


Nikki, 12/23/93-05/29/09

To our beautiful girl Nikki.
You gave us 15 wonderful years and we will miss you forever but never ever forget you.
Go find Cody & Ashley, they'll be waiting for you.
Love forever, your family

Gary, Michele & Kyleigh

Nikki, 11/16/96-05/21/09

Nikki, my girl, you will be missed so much.
You were there for me through the last 12 1/2 years and numerous tear drops were shed on your fur.
You were the best psychiatrist!!
I will miss your puppy hugs and kisses, the love in your eyes, our nightly tummy rubs, snuggle time and just having you here with me.
If I'd had a bad day you would make everything better just by being happy to see me.
I miss the feel of your face against mine and the way you would turn your head from side to side when you were trying to get my attention to let you outside for the 87th time in an hour.
Baby girl, there will forever be a special place in my heart for you and someday we'll be together again.
Until then, know I love you with all my heart and can't wait to hold you again.

Kim Strupp

Nikki, 03/06/92-03/28/09

Nikki was our precious little girl who we miss so much. She was the light in our home and hearts and will always be remembered.
Love you BooBoo!

Robert Parr and Lorraine Leal

Nikki, 03/11/07

Miss you nice with Blue Dog, Shadow, Roxanne, Randi, Jake and Jiggsie, I love you all and miss you so much, come to me in my you, your mommy Lee

Nikki, 04/17/90-02/01/09

I miss her sooo hurts so time I know I will be OK....but the first few days are so painful...I will see her at the Rainbow Bridge and I can't wait to see her again...I LOVE you my girl and I will miss you FOREVER...xoxoxo

Wanda Power

Nikki, 1993-10/28/08

Nikki was our 15 year old basset. She was the sweetest girl and the biggest DIVA :) She was a daddy's girl and had both of us wrapped around her little paws. There isn't a day that goes by that we don't miss her or think about her. It has helped us some to know she isn't hurting anymore and can see and hear and is playing like a puppy at the bridge.
Beth and Joe Crews

Nikki Hanssen, 12/13/96-01/16/09

Nikki was the best cat, we really loved each other. It broke my heart to let her go.
Sharon R Hanssen

Nikki Wyandt, 12/98-06/16/09

Nikki was a beautiful, gentle soul we adopted from the pound at 4 months old. I don't think she ever stopped showing us how grateful she was and how much she loved us.

We will always love you so much my Nikki!

Mommy & Daddy

Nikko, 06/04/09


Nikko, 02/14/09

Nikko died of old age on Valentines Day 2009.
She was a good and loyal pet and will be buried in Palmer, Mass.


Nikko Verwiebe, 12/31/98-05/12/09

Nikko fought long and hard with CHF and renal failure. Our Love never, ever met a human he didn't introduce himself to with loud "Woo Woos".
He smiled and loved and ran through his life.
He gave his Mom and Dad and brothers all that he had to give every moment.
Mom is beyond tears; there is a kind of numb desolation inside.

Anne Verwiebe

Niko, 08/31/91-02/02/08

I love Niko will all my heart. She lives still in my heart.
I miss her everyday.
She brought sunshine to my life. She was so full of life and humor.
I love her still.


Niko, 06/18/09

My sweet, sweet Niko. My Niko Suave, my baby boy. The kitty who would meet me at the door when I got home, who taught himself to play fetch with a mouse, who drove me nuts with his bell ball in the bath tub all night long, who found the silliest and crazy places to sleep. The kitty I would hold and snuggle when I was sad and needed a friend. I love you and miss you more than words can say. For the nearly three years I had with you, you brought me so much joy. I am so, so sorry that I failed to protect you like I should have. I would do anything at all to bring you back. Know that I think of you every single day and that you will forever hold a piece of my heart. Sleep well, baby boy.

Donna Crowe

Niko, 04/05/01-06/01/09

To Niko (otherwise known as Nu-nuh, Neeky or Neeks): We love you more than you'll ever know. Although you drove us crazy at times, and were definitely a challenge, we have so many happy memories with you that we will cherish forever. We'll always remember how much you loved exploring new places, hiking, chasing rain gutters, digging in the snow, running on the beach and rubbing your body across people's heads whenever someone was laying on the floor! You were different than any other dog in the entire world - feisty and primitive, just like a little wolf. We respected that about you and loved you unconditionally, despite your challenges. You were our first baby and we will never forget bringing you home when you were just a fuzzy little 8-week-old puppy. You were so damn cute - and grew up to be a beautiful dog. We couldn't take you anywhere without getting stopped a million times. We'll miss that. Your absence will leave a great void in our lives, and in our home, that will never be filled. We will miss you very'll always hold a very special place in our hearts. May you be happy and healthy, and steal all the toys and shoes you could ever want, in doggie heaven. Hope it's an endless dog beach with plenty of rocks and shells for you to fetch. No more vet visits, no more stress. Until we meet again, goodbye for now, little buddy.

Behnaz and David Peterson

Niko, 03/15/96-05/04/09

He was our first baby.
We held him while to took his last breath and then he slipped away.
He will be joining his sister on the other side.
She passed away last year on May 1st.

Stacey Florian

Niko, 03/27/95-01/23/09

Niko was a white German Shepard Dog we got from the animal shelter when he was about one year old. He was our child, the best dog one can imagine, and our hearts are broken.
He could not get up anymore and I had to put him to sleep.
Still dealing with the immense pain.
Niko we love you and will forever miss you.

Andreas and Shauana Hausner

Nikolai The Great, 09/18/95-07/14/09

On a windy, snowy night I brought you and your brother home. You all black, him all gray. Two brothers that I couldn't seperate - I had to have you both. For the last 14 years you have been my constant companion and my soul's solace. I am lost without you. My heart began breaking in May when the vet said you had renal failure. Our move half way across the country was hard on you, too. Our last weeks together weren't filled with all the playing we used to do, but instead with a quiet love as you sat on my lap or burrowed under the covers to sleep on my chest at night. I tried to soak up every last minute it of it as a balm against the pain I would feel once you were gone. And now you are and my life is not the same. Your brother and I can't figure out how we're supposed to sleep at night. Once the pain diminishes, the joy of your love will return and I can smile. I am so grateful that you have been in my life and weathered all the storms with me. Thank you. Rest now and be healed and one day we will be back together again. With all my love, your Mama.

Niles, 06/04/09

Cate and Dave -

Few things are tougher than letting a beloved pet go.
It takes a tremendous amount of love and courage, and fortunately for Niles, you have both. Don't worry about him. He's once again the vibrant, happy dog you knew, and he's in good company. Merlin and Aries will take care of him for you.

much love,
Tracey Dennis and Jordan

Nimby, 10/30/97 - 08/12/09

Nimby, you were the most lively little rabbit. I miss you so much. I knew that you were very elderly for a rabbit at 12 years, but I always thought that you would live forever. Even in your old age you had spunk and vivacity. You were my childhood pet and you taught me so many lessons. I will always remember you. Don't chew up too much of heaven's carpet. Love you and miss you.


Nimr-Mau, 07/01/92-02/03/09

Sweet Nimr, you taught me that love doesn't depend on being small and cute (or clean).
You taught me that friends take care of eachother, even if it means bringing down a fat squirrel in the middle of a freezing winter to feed your pregnant human.
You taught me that happiness is lying in a bed of soft grass, in the sun, my face buried in your fur listening to the hum of your purr.
Nimr, you taught me how to love unconditionally.

Thank you for intruding upon my life and being my friend.
Forgive me for doing what had to be done as you became old while I remained young.
Know that I will love you forever and keep the memory if you in my heart.
I pray life in heaven finds you whole and well again and peace upon you until we meet again.

Victoria Lee Kovacic

Nin, 04/14/09

My mellow fat cat Ninny. We miss you very much. Just today I took out the cheese bag, but you didn't come. The whip cream can dosen't work any more either. I'm SO Sorry for the way your life ended. Rest in peace Ninners, we love you always!

Erin Wildes & Jeff Draheim

Nina, 1997-02/17/06

love and miss you always


Nina, 06/93-01/24/09

Nina, I remember when you were just a little pud and some woman found you thrown away in a ditch and came in the yard and asked if you were my cat and I said "Yes! Thanks for finding her!" It was fate that brought us together and love at first sight. I had to have you for my very own. You had me wrapped around your little paw with your crossed baby blue eyes and your little meow. How lucky and blessed was I to have you as MY cat and I was YOUR person. We were really made for each other and even looked like each other in profile.

I'm so sad and very sorry that life got in the way for awhile there and I didn't give you the full attention you deserved. I never stopped loving and adoring you so much. I can't stop crying knowing I'll never hold you again or kiss your furry little head and your little cocoa puff face, ears, and paws. You were so sweet and affectionate and always happy to see me and make bread on my belly. You will always be mommy's Little Buddha Bear, my Big Girl, and my Baby Baby Baby. I will always cherish and remember our last days together taking care of you as you were entering your twilight days. I will especially treasure the sweet memory of lying together by the sunny kitchen door and cuddling you on my chest and kissing your head. You never stopped purring and the love and vibrations went straight to my heart. I hope you felt my love go deep in your heart too.

I've had other furbabies that I really love pass on and it hurt so very much, but your passing has cut me the deepest. I hope and pray that you and I will be reunited again one day so we can just cuddle forever by a beautiful garden. Please say hi to all the other furbabies and give them our love. Mommy and daddy will miss you terribly and love you forever and ever. I will light a candle to honor you and have put pale pink roses on your grave and have also left you some tuna and cream. Thank you for blessing us with 16 loving years and thank you God for giving me this little angel. I hope and pray you let me see her again. xxxooo


Nina and Roly, 10 years and 14 years

Two beloved pets.

Always in my heart and thoughts.


Ninetales, 07/07/09

Good bye Ninetales. I will miss you forever. When I saw you muster that last bit of strength to look at me, I almost fell to the floor. I was crying way to hard, and I regret not hugging you. Please..know that I loved you very much. I wish we could have spent more time together. I'm sorry for so harshly throwing you down that one time..I hope that didn't cause your death. I hope it was the right time for euthanasia. Thank you for being my beacon of love, no matter what I did to you, you would never give up. I will never forget you.


Ninino, 1988-2006

My beloved Ninino,

You were the first cat of my life. After you came to me never have I spent a day without the presence of a feline and I will always thank you for that. Like the first love, I'll never forget you, you are forever in my heart. Be in peace.

Fernanda Ferreira de Ferreira

Ninino (Milton Boconcini), 01/2006

Shed no tear - O shed not tear! The flower will bloom another year. Weep no more - O weep no more! Young buds sleep in the root's white core. Dry your eyes - O dry your eyes, for I was taught in Paradise. To ease my breast of melodies - shed no tear.

Overhead - look overhead 'mong the blossoms white and red - Look up, look up - I flutter now on this flush pomegranate bough - See me, 'tis this silvery bill ever cured the good man's ill - Shed no tear - O shed no tear! The flower will bloom another year.

Adieu - Adieu - I fly, adieu, I vanish in the heaven's blue - Adieu, adieu!

(From Faery Songs by John Keats)

Wesley Coll

Ninja, 2004

i love you.
you are my best friend and you were always there for me.
i miss you so much.


Ninja, 02/10/09

Ninja was with our family for approximately 14 or 15 years and she will be missed alot.
Our youngest daughter, who loves dogs, will miss Ninja the most.
This dog was my husbands and I know he will miss her alot too.
May she always remain in our hearts as our best loved pet.
We love you Ninja!

Lisa Qualls

Ninky, 2008-02/10/09

You were only with us for about two months. You came in with a red gash on your nose. I'm not sure how it happened,but it healed quickly. It was five days ago that I first noticed there was something wrong. I should not have assumed you would get better, and wait until last night when you no longer had the energy to move to decide to take you to the vet. You did not make it through the night, but I did try to make you as comfortable as possible. Your cagemate will miss you, and we will all miss you. RIP, little buddy.


Nino, May 24, 2000 - Dec 4, 2009

Nino was by far the sweetest dog in the world. He was a laid-back little Pug puppy that grew into a most comfortable couch potato in his later years. On walks, his pace always quicked when he spotted our house. He was a real homebody! He wasn't a beggin dog, but kindly took treats offered very gently out of my hand. He was a quiet and gentle fellow that grew the most excited when I arrived home after being out for a while. He made me feel loved indeed! He is sorely missed but will never be forgotten, even for one day! I love my little Nino still, and look forward to the day I'll be reunited with this only one I loved calling my good-for-nothin-little flea-bitten Silly Willy! haha Oh how I LOVE and MISS you, Nino!

Jeannie Hill

Nino, 12/01/95-02/08/09

Today I lost my best friend over nearly 14 years. "Nino" was adopted from the Houston Humane Society. His owner was a soldier going off to war and the soldiers parents did not want him. Nino turned out to be the best dog any one could ever have. He was a rather large Boxer and very intimidating, but would never hurt a fly. He was a true friend and was always at my side. He survived several cancer removals, but like most boxers the cancers finally took him. I will miss him very much

P. Leone

Ninty Nine, 1996-05/28/09

ninty nine was the best dam bear dog there ever can a dog comunicate so much with out talking all she had to do was nod her head and i new what she and nintey nine spent months togther in the bush she slept in my bed and kept me warm at night.She would sleep in the truck on the 500 mile trip home and wakeup 5 miles before we got there happy to be at home.She was my best friend and i miss her so

Paul Boger

Nipper, 01/01/08

Nipper was our first dog and was very special to us. She had alot of love to give and will always be in our hearts. We love you Nipper.

Jim & Sandy Wiles

Nippy aka Nipolean, 01/22/09

Tomorrow I have to put my kitten to sleep. He has had 13 years with me and he has had a good life. He has cancer and is in misery and it's cruel to keep him alive in pain when there is no hope of him getting better. I am so sad. I tried to make him well but he got worse everyday (for the last month). He does not eat or drink and is so week he cannot walk. I tried to save him, get him treatment but now I have to face facts that God is calling him to rainbow bridge. So tomorrow that's where he will be until I see him again.

Phyllis Dilworth

Nirvana, 03/09/09

Our sweet beloved Nirvana, the cat everyone loved because she loved everyone.
She was abandoned at my job (a charity) weighing 18 pounds, front and back declawed.
Unable to fend for herself I took her home and attempted to find her one ever claimed her and she was ours and we believe her life started with us.
She was always at my feet wanting to be pet and always at my side when I was sick or upset.
My heart aches for her but I take comfort in knowing that she had a full and well cared for life with our family.

Joan & Justine

Nishka Bauer, 06/23/00-04/03/09

We will never forget you Nishy.
We love you so much.
Until we meet again.

Quinton and Rebecca Bauer

Niska, 10/31/90-10/31/05

I hope you have found another sleeping buddy. I wake sometimes and think you are still wrapped around my head. Then I realize it's not you.


Nisshou, 04/25/01-06/05/09

To our special boy:
We thank you for sharing your life with us.
You taught us about unconditional love, loyalty, gentleness, and patience.
You filled our lives, 24 hours a day, with love, and you added a whimsical bit of fun to everything we did.
You were our family member, and we will always love you, and we will always miss you.
We are so sorry that you got so sick and had to live your last days in such pain, and we know you are free of that pain now, free to run on mountain paths and splash in mountain streams.
We know you will continue to watch over us and we will always hold your spirit in our hearts.
Thank you for sharing your Sunlight with us.

We will love you forever,
Mom, Dad, Baylee, Sammy, Naiya, Grandma, Grandpa, and Cleo

Nitro, 02/05/96-03/22/09

My sweet sweet boy we miss you so much!

Teri Pelletter

Niu Niu Baby, 08/12/94-06/07/09

To my most dearest little baby who brought me more joy than I can ever express.
I only got up today because NiuNiu would have wanted me to.
I can't wait until I see you again baby.
Momma is so sad and misses you so much.
I love you.
Thank you for all of my most precious memories and for being the best daugher a mom could want.
Have fun while waiting for momma.
Kisses, kisses, kisses, all my love, Mom.

Nixa, 09/16/93-03/23/09

On Monday evening, March 23, 2009 my dear old friend, Nixa, will be passing on from this world and into the realm of the spirit, in heaven. He has been my companion, guardian and family member. He picked me out 15 years ago. His purpose in life was to be my dog. Nixa is an AKC Champion Rhodesian Ridgeback. I got him as a pet, but quickly got the dog show bug. He quickly won his championship. He has always had a very sweet side to him. That is what gave us such a strong connection. Nixa has had a little brother, Paco and sister Chancey who will be waiting for him when he passes on. Until the past year, Nixa was never sick. He has been a strong and vibrant dog. He was especially great with children. He is very patient and gentle with them. Nixa has had a steady decline for over the past year with neuropathy. He has been losing sensation and control of his rear legs. In spite of his discomfort and suffering, he never complained, growled or snapped at me all of the times that I picked him up to help him. I love him dearly and will miss him. My heart will be broken while I move on in my life. I will never forget Nixa and how he has been such a blessing to me and to all who knew him.
Thank you Ron and Linda Conner for telling me about this site.

Tom Scherrer

No Ears, 1999-03/18/09

Its hard for me to say, just how you leaving affects me. I always wanted to be able to touch you, but you always kept your distance. I understand, you are a feral cat, thats what they do. But in your last few days, you were so sick and barley moved. I know how much you were hurting, I could feel you leaving and all I wanted was to comfort you. You are a great cat and I want you to know that you are loved, missed, and will always be remembered.

Megan From Phx., Az

No Name, Wild Baby Bunny, 06/2009-06/25/09

Tonight is a sad night =( my sister and I tried to rescue a baby bunny brought in by our dogs.
We tried what we could but he passed on.
I know it is silly, and he wasnt even my pet but my heart really hurts for him.
I really wanted him to make it.
I know that he is in a better place now, and I know I am being selfish, but I hope that he lived he last moments without pain and that he went peacefully, it seemed to me that he did. I wish I could bring him back. But its good to know he isnt suffering anymore.


Noah, 09/08/08

For our Noah.....
The tide recedes but leaves behind
bright seashells on the sand.
The sun goes down, but gentle
warmth still lingers on the land.
The music stops, and yet it echoes
on in sweet refrains.....
For every joy that passes,
something beautiful remains.

In our hearts for ever. We miss you Boy.

Jerry & Gwen Copple, Oklahoma

Noel, 09/29/95-06/19/09

My Little Noey, I miss you so much and can swear I hear you still around the house. I have spend the past 14 years with you and it's very hard realizing I'm not going to see you in his lifetime again.
I know you were in lots of pain, so I hope now you have found peace and will keep your promise to be the first thing I see when I pass on. I love you so much and words cannot express how great of a dog you were. From belly rubs, rubbing your back on your favorite bone every morning, begging for food because Daddy could never say no to you, giving me kisses when I needed them (and even refusing them in the morning sometimes because all you wanted to do was go back to sleep), putting on the Santa hat and antlers (you were a Christmas Dog), and making me feel safe when no one was home.
You went through my life from ages 10-24, ages I will never forget as they were all important.
Thank you for enriching my life and being the friend that no one ever was and will be. I love you bunches and look forward to the day I can hold you in my arms and see you again. I love you munchykin

Marissa Burek

Noel, 10/15/99-03/07/09

Noel, you taught me a lot about life..I have learned more after your passing into heaven..You taught me to value what is truly imprortant and don't sweat the small stuff..I miss playing ball with you and making new friends..You were and still are a blessing in my life..I miss you so much and I will see you again..


Noel Maria, 02/22/09

You'll always be my beautiful Princess.

Norane Gallagher Monaghan

Noelle, 07/18/94-04/18/09

Sweet baby Noelle.
I miss you more every day (if that's possible).
You saw me through some of the darkest days of my life and always seemed to know when I needed you to curl up next to me or crawl on my lap.
I love you more than words can say and you brought sweetness and happiness into my life.

Cindy Welch

Noki, 08/24/93-06/02/09

Noki came to us unexpectedly one day just for a visit and then he never left. He jumped onto Mommy's lap, eyes smiling and said, "I love you, can I stay here?" It was instant love and everyday, every minute was pure joy. We can't believe the time went by so fast, but time flies when you're having fun loving your pet. He had an old soul and a strong intuitive force when he looked into our eyes. Sometimes our hearts would ache just because he was so precious and special. We learned a lot from Noki-- the experience of unconditional love. Hail to Noki! You live in our hearts forever. Your pal Sonic misses you deeply too.

BethMarie & Jay

Nomo Peters, 12/27/08

My lil West virginia Buddy NOMO just passed, on to the rainbow bridge..He was one dog that was tough as nails... He was proof that it is the heart a dog has and not his size..You are going to be missed out in the garage during our long nights... Chad & Marie NOMO couldn't of had two better people to raise &
care for him...
Gonna miss ya buddy.............Steve D

Nonomax, 11/06/08

You were the best. Rest without pain now. Miss you and always will

Lynne Stoll

Noo Noo, 11/2005-01/30/09

You were my beautiful ball of fluff with the big blue eyes. You made me laugh, you gave me love and how I loved you so. When I had 2 miscarriages you knew I was sad and you stayed with me. You were the funniest most beautiful cat I ever knew and you have left the biggest hole in my life.
Taken far too soon, I love you baby boy. My little Noo Noo.

Kath Newton

Noodles, 11/28/07

Noodles, my big girl,

Angel is on her way to be with you.
Please take good care of the little one.
She reminded me so much of you.
So loving and so intelligent.
Hold her and love her as I did and make her welcome.


Norma, 05/15/09

we loved her dear and did not want her to go but it had to happen


Norman, 07/05/99-07/04/09

Norman was the sweetest most loveable little yellow lab.
He was never a barker, but boy could he snore!
He loved to play fetch, swim in the ocean and play in the sprinkler.
He was never far from our sides or his big brother Owen.
No matter how hard we tried, we could never keep him off the bed, I would wake up almost every night to him sleeping peacefully at mine or Sue's feet.
Norman was diagnosed with lymphona and also had a mass in his intestines just about 3 months ago.
He fought as hard as he could for as long as he could, but his poor little body couldn't fight any more and he passed in his sleep on his bed in the kitchen late last Friday night.
I miss him so much, our lives will not be same without him.
I picture him with his cousins Licorice, Molly and Tela playing happily at the Rainbow Bridge waiting for us to be with him again. I will always love you my little man and will miss you with all my heart.

Greg Wallace and Sue Peterson

Norman, 07/01/91-04/10/09

Normie was my best friend for 18 years.
He was there by my side thru thick and thin.
I knew he was getting old, but I had no idea the impact it would have on me.
I miss him dearly.
Every day without him is empty.
The only thing that keeps me going is knowing that I gave my baby boy a wonderful life.
I will never forget my kitty-witty.
He will remain in my heart till we cross the rainbow bridge together.


Norman, 04/16/09

Norman was a good ol' boy! He loved to lay in the sun, to rub back & forth on your legs and to meow very loudly. He was such a good boy and we will miss him so much.
Norman, thank you for coming into our lives.
I think that if you could talk to me you would have asked me to let you go the way I did. I hope you enjoyed the sun and the birds chirping in your last hours. I was by your side and I am grateful that you went peacefully in a place I knew you were happy.
I hope that you & Mojo are together again. Life is not the same without you guys and my heart is broken.
We love you!!!!! MEOW!

Keri Cifaretto

Norman, 03/08/09

My best friend and loyal companion...I miss you so much already. You are the best and will remain forever in my heart Norman <3 until we meet again...

Bonnie Schaub

Norman, 03/05/09

Norman was the sweetest, funniest, dumbest, fattest cat ever! He apparently got into some poison and became very ill. On the night of 3/4/09 he went into a coma (while in the vets office) and they put him down this morning. We had him for more than 8 years and will miss him so dearly!

Lynn Hope

Norman, 06/28/07

Dear Norman,

There are no words to even begin to tell you how much you are loved and missed by so many people.
There is not a person that I talk to that doesn't bring up your name somehow in conversation.
Lola and I miss you every single day.
I know you are taking care of Lucy and Pop-Pop and all of our other friends and family, and we are certain you are knocking over every garbage can in site!
We will see you when we get there Big Guy.
You are forever and always in our hearts.
We love you.

I think Lola dreams about you sometimes, she really misses her buddy


Normie, 05/09/09

Little Norm was the light of my life, and I will miss her desperately.
We were together for ten incredible years, and she filled each one with purring and snuggling and loving.
She brought me more happiness than I had a right to hope for.
My sweet girl passed away so suddenly that I still can't wrap my mind around the magnitude of my loss. Normie, I will love you all of my life. You will always be my best Clam-Jam.
I'll see you again at the Rainbow Bridge.


North, 11/15/1996-07/23/09

My baby boy - you left us after 12 1/2 wonderful years. You fought the good fight but the pain was too much and your poor body could not heal. Though your spirit remained strong the disease was just too great. It's been 6 days since you crossed over the Rainbow Bridge to Heaven; 6 of the loneliest days of our lives. We still grieve for our beloved Boo-Boo. What will we do without you? The house is lonely, the air so quiet; you've gone my baby and we can't come to grips with it. Hannah, your companion of 7 years, still looks for you in every dog bark she hears and every jangle of a collar tag. Thank you Baby Boy for letting us be with you as your time was ending, thank you so much for waiting for us. We hope your body is once again strong and healthy, free of pain. Chase those squirrels and cats my baby, chase them to your hearts content. We miss you so much and hopefully as time passes this awful pain will pass. Watch for us baby, as we one day cross over that bridge to join you and make our hearts whole once again.

Daddy (Jim), Momma (Cindy) and Hannah

North, 06/16/04-02/26/09

I will always remember North as my happy go lucky dog who loved everyone. He was loved dearly by his family.
He left us suddenly & unexpectedly & we are in a state of shock. He was a wonderful dog & we will miss him.
If anyone would like to see my wonderful dog please take a look at him in a happier time @ under company news. All good wishes would mean alot to me.

Skye Swan

Norton Schaake, 01/27/09

To the furry little soul I came home to every day for 15 years....I miss you and love you and think of you every day.
I know we will see one another again....

Samantha Schaake

Norton Simon Albert, 10/19/05-01/10/09

Go for a walk.
Ride in the car.
Peepee Potty
Gonna Get cha
Quick Quick

We love you
Time to go Night Night
Night Night
Simon, we love you
Go to sleep
Your heart your soul is in us.
Please stay and watch over us.
You are our heart!
Simon, best boy, we love you forever.

These are the words you loved in life. We will say them each night so you can still hear our voices and know you are always with us.

Robin and Susan Allen-Lambert

Nova Nunez, 12/05/07-04/10/09

***Nova ...we will miss you soo much mommy loves you and daddy too...You will always be in our hearts we are all hurting over your loss....Mommy thinks of you you forever....Daddy says he knows you are in a better place yet I wish you were still with you miss you forever. ***WE LOVE YOU ..NOVA!!!!!

Carmen Marcano

Nub, 01/08/09

You couldn't have been a better friend - this house will never be the same.
You welcomed every "newcomer" readily (and there were plenty of them, weren't there?)....even the human one.
I already miss hearing you snore from two rooms away...and no cat's "motor" will ever match yours (the loudest and "love-iest" purr)
Today I made the hardest decision....and I know that as I held you and whispered I was sorry, if you could have told me "it's ok" would have.
Thank you for a wonderful 15+ years, Nub.
You will always be with me.

Kate Thompson

Nubbin, 05/14/91-06/02/05

nub was my little man, even tho, he weighed 30 lbs. i still miss him sohe also had a sibling a year younger sheba who passed with grief on the 5th same month and muffet a buddy who passed on the 6th. lord this like to have killed me. i loved them so.

Rumell Franks

Nubby, 04//04/99-04/04/09

We Love You & Miss You So Much, Nubs

Jeff & Kristie

Nubi, 11/01/00-02/02/09

I was blessed for 8 years to have Nubi in my life. His name is Anubis but I always called him Nubi. 8 years does not seem long enough, it feels he was taken so soon. The heart that loved so much gave out on February 2nd 2009 from his battle with cardiomyopathy. My beautiful boy, I miss him so much. The pain doesn't seem to go away. A day does not go by when I do not think of him. His pictures are everywhere, he's always in my mind, he will always be with me and I will always keep his memory alive. At 130 pounds and gentle as a lamb, he touched the hearts of everyone he met. I wish I could bring him home again, I wish I could have had him with me forever. The pain I feel is almost unbearable. I long for the closeness my Nubi gave me. How much I miss him cannot even be described. I would give anything to see him again, to snuggle with him one more time and to see his beautiful face. I look forward to the day that I meet him at the bridge and can hold him in my arms again. Until then, Nubi, I love you so much. Mommy will always keep you close and love you forever.

Katie Roush

Nugget, 12/10/07-07/14/09

I wanted to create this page in memorial of my best companion, Nugget. He was the world to me...he was my child. I cared tremendously for him...he was so compassionate and loving. He was hit by a car and killed least he didn't have to suffer. I will miss you are in my thoughts.


Nugget, 12/01/08

Precious little soulmate, I will miss you forever. You are special and irreplaceable, Nuggie, I love you today and always.

Candi Cole

Nuisance, Shorty, Rags, Levi


Number One De Castro-Castalia, 09/13/01-01/20/09

My dear boy! I will miss you like hell, but we both know life can't be forever. One day we'll cross the Rainbow Bridge together...


Nuni, 05/2005-05/18/09

Nuni is an angel sent to us, to give us the purest love we have ever known. She was the sweetest, most pure being I will ever have the honor of spending life with. She was and forever will be, loved beyond measure. Her loss, is indescribable. She will be deeply missed. We were not her owners, but her Mama, and Daddy, as she was our Sweet Baby Girl. She made us a family, showed us how to love unconditionally, purely, deeply, truly, and sweetly. I know we will meet again, as we had before. Daddy loves you, I love you, Baby Girl, Mama loves her Baby so so much. A&F E&E, Nuni Baby. Thank you, for being in our lives, and giving us the gift of your love. XOX Mama.

NUPER, 08/03/2009

Nuper you are the best gift I have ever received in my life. I am lucky to have had a lifetime with you. You have taught me so much and comforted me through two decades. I will miss you, Nuper, but will always be happy for all the years we have together. You really are the best kitty... I LOVE YOU NUPER

Nurbles, 04/96-05/17/09

Dearest Nurbles,
Thank you for bringing me so much joy during all our years together.
I want you to know that all of us who were lucky enough to know you were delighted by your beauty, intelligence, sweetness, and playfulness.
You are an absolute treasure!
You were always the highlight of my day, and I cherish our friendship.
I wish you love, snuggles, and luck on your next adventure.
I will always love you.

Jennifer R

Nurt, 07/2006-05/22/09

Nurt was a very beautiful orange cat who liked to "play Fight" with me and our dog.

Suli Baumgartner

Nutmeg (Meggie), 06/02/06-02/06/09

Goodbye to our lovely Meggie who fought so hard to survive but sadly her little body couldn't fight any more, we will miss you and always love you xxx

Paula, Olie and Izzy Holley-Williams

Nutmeg, 04/12/98-04/12/09

The most perfect spice girl dog in the world. You made my life wonderful!


Nutmeghan Amanda Pickney Peters, 11/02/99-04/10/09

My baby Meghan is gone !!
I knew it wasn't going to be easy but I never thought it would be this bad.
I thought I was prepared, there is nothing that can fill this big hole in my heart.
I can't wait to get to the Rainbow Bridge.

J Faulknier

Nuvolino, 11/26/98-03/14/09

We thought we'd have you longer than we did, but all of our time with you was precious. We'll miss you. You were a well loved and loving friend. -Mommy

We love you Mr. Fluffer butts and we're thinking about you all the time. I'm gonna miss you sitting with me at night when everyone was in bed. I'm gonna miss you following me around the house just to have company. I love you Mr. Man and I can't wait to see you again. - Leah

We all love you and miss you Nuvs, you were a great friend and companion and we will never forget the love you shared with us throughout your life.
I miss sleeping with you at night and that content look on your face when I rubbed your belly.
You were a beautiful little fluffer man and we will always have love for you in our hearts.
Rest in Peace, boy. -Dianna

To my 'Little White Cloud': I know I yelled at you to get off the furniture and the couch but when you would look at me with your little tilted head, it would crack me up.
I will miss your 'mows' in the morning and your company at night when everyone was sleeping.
I love you and Rest in Peace little boy. -Daddy

My little Mr. Boobs, you were the best little boy anyone could ever ask for, Mia will miss biting fur off your butt. I love my little fluffy butt man, I know wherever you are you will have all the catnip and cottage cheese you could ever want. We will never forget our little cloud. Rest in Peace fluffy. -Amanda

Nykka Star, 12/05/91-03/09/09


You were and always will be my baby girl,you were my heart and soul. I miss you so very much, but i know you are at peace now. You will always be in my heart, I will never forget you.
I love you more than words can say,

Nyles, 04/23/98-03/28/09

To our dear puppy, Nyles ~
We miss your presence in our lives. There is no one: to lick our plates (the cats won't do it); to eat the hamburger with the sesame seeded roll and share the french fries with on Saturdays; to take for walks; to play with (the cats don't play tug-of-war); to give doggie treats; to do tricks (yeah, like the cats might ever do them - ha).
Hope you are having fun with TJ!
We will see you one day!
Love always ~ Mommy, Jenni, Danny, Jack, and the 5 kitties

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