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2009 Tributes

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L, 08/09/03-01/02/08

So here we are one year later and I still miss you like it was yesterday. L, you were the best dog that anyone could ever ask for. We had a special bond, didn't we? Momma misses her precious girl. I think about you everyday and I will continue to think about you everyday until we meet again.
I love you Ellie Belly!
Love, Mom

Lacey, April, 1992 - August 3, 2009

Lacey was a "puganese" with a slightly curly tail, the face and coloring of a fawn Pug and short Peek legs. She was a totally odd and yet totally delightful little dog. When we got her, we had two other grown dogs, a full Pug and a Cocker. Being a puppy, she quickly made a nuisance of herself with the other two and added spark to the mix. I am convinced that Lacey added years to both Happy and Arthurís lives.

Lacey was paranoid and would hide under a bed whenever anyone came to the door. When she was in the back yard, she barked at anything and everything and then hid behind the other two. Since her tail was not straight and not totally curly, when it wagged, it went around in circles like a propeller.

After both of our other dogs were gone, we let Lacey sleep in our room on a pillow on the floor and mostly stay in the house. She stopped barking for some reason and never barked much again until about a year ago when she first began experiencing some disorientation.

Seven years ago she lost the use of all four legs and was diagnosed with a collapsed vertebra. She survived a serious surgery and went on to walk and run again - much to the surprise of the vets at UT Vet Hospital. She declined significantly over this last year. She could not climb the stairs or hear or walk very well. She stopped being able to control her bowels several months ago and left us little nuggets all over the house and deck. When she stopped being able to hold herself up to urinate and started standing in her water bowl, we knew it was time.

We are grieving her loss. She was a curiosity and a wonderful friend and we will miss her sorely. We will relive her antics for years.

Lacey, 06/94-05/19/09

Lacey was a sweet and smart little dog. It is 3 weeks ago today since we put her down, and I still can't stop the tears.
When we were sick, we called her Nurse Lacey, as she was a great comfort to us if we became ill.
She loved sardines and ice cream, and little girls.
She made such a huge impact in our lives, just by being an incredibly sweet little creature.
Other names for her were "Baby dog", and 'Sweetness and Light"
Our hearts are broken

Millie Gryschuk

Lacey, 05/14/09

My Lacey was an angel and a saint. She loved me more than anyone ever loved me, and I will carry her little spirit on forever in my heart and in my dreams.

Keely Espinar

Lacey, 05/12/06-05/09/09

You left me before I could say goodbye. I miss your eskie kisses, I miss your good morning Mom, I miss you so much my heart is broken in two. I love you now and forever RIP we are BFF's I will never stop thinking about or the times we shared. You were and always will be my baby girl. I love you Lacey.


Lacey, 01/17/00-04/29/09

Lacey, I love you and miss you. You were the best companion that I could have ever asked for. You were my protecter and my baby. You may not be in my sight, but you will always be in my heart. I will remember the fun days we have had over the past 9 years. You loved me unconditionally as I loved you. Rest quietly and without suffering. See you in heaven. I love you Laceylou.


Lacey, 04/01/95-08/09/08

My Best Friend.
My life is so much more for having you in it!!!
I love you so much!!! xoxo

Nicole McKenzie

Lacey, 02/02/07-02/18/09

Lacey, our sweet angel, passed away from bone cancer this past Wednesday February 18, 2009. She has found a world of peace & no pain now. She was only in this world for 2 yrs but she taught us so much about love and hope. We will always keep her in our hearts.

Mike, Eileen & Samantha

Lacey, 12/26/93-01/26/09

Lacey was our "Little Girl"
We have 2 wonderful sons and when it was time to get a dog we got our little girl, we called her Lacey and she wore pink and Lace and she was a girly, girl.
We feel honored to have been her parents for 16 years and 1 month.
She seemed confused the day she died and took off out of the yard, which she never did and she got hit by a car....What a horrid last memory of my baby to see her lying in the road like a stuffed animals that someone threw out the car window.
We will always love you and remember all the joy and love you gave us.
I hope you know how much you were loved.

Elaine & Jim Doherty

Lacey Grace, 07/12/08-11/02/09

Today we lost our little baby; Lacey Grace. You will be remembered always you sweet little soft bundle of joy. We only had you 5 short months but they were some of the best months of our lives.
You brought us such joy and laughter. You will be missed always.
We love you and we know you are in heaven where there is no more pain or suffering. Good bye our little darling until we meet again.
Mom and Dad

Lacey Graff, 02/17/09

It was my idea to get Lacey, and I loved her ever since we brought her home from the pet store. I was only 17 when we got her, but she quickly became my best friend. When I went to college, I always worried she would think that I didn't love her because I was gone. She got cancer before her second birthday. She became weak and lost her old energy. While I was at college, my parents put her down.
Lacey, I hope you know that my love for you will always be there. You were the best dog I ever had, and I miss you so much. I wish I could have hugged you one last time, but I continuously look at your picture. Please run free up in doggie heaven. I can't wait to see you again.


Lacey Kay Crompton, 03/17/94-01/26/09

I have had Lacey since the minute she was born. I helped with her birth.
She was my shadow. She never had a special toy or blanket shejust bwanted her momma. She was a very special dog.
I liked calling her Dirl. You will always be my baby. One day you will be back in my arms again.
I will miss so badly. kisses my sweet girl.

Karen Her Momma

Laci, 2002-06/09/09

I wanted to share a dream I had this morning, and I really think it came from God, Laci's memory, etc. it really doesn't matter.
I was just in awe of it, and not sure my description can give it justice.

There was this huge, long waiting room, rosy pink walls, and lots of windows, some extending over the top of the wall as the ceiling.
Just a waiting room.
You can go to the desk and 'check out' your pet to hold and let walk around just in this special room, for awhile, anytime.
you can feel their silky fur that you know used to be a rough outdoor coat, feel their suppleness from love as you pick them up as opposed to tension from fear.
You can still gaze into their eyes, brush their whiskers across your cheek, and talk to them to hear them 'talk' back.
I am so in tears as I type this, it was so beautiful.

I did that for Laci.
I went to visit her in that dream in that room.
I remember the details sharply right now as I sit.
I know that her manner told me as best she could that she misses me but she loves that place; and I can come visit her anytime.
I can't go beyond that door, but she can come to me just in that room.
And right now it's helping me.

UPDATE - Same Morning about 2 hrs later.

Remember that dream I wrote about earlier?
Well, get ready to have your socks blown off.

This was the dream I had before 7 am this morning that I wrote to you about earlier, the rose colored room.
That dream was such a blessing to me.
I got up and didn't want to go walking, but I did - 2 miles.

There was a corner I rounded where I had one last turn 1/2 mil more to go home...the mailboxes, they are brick and I was walking you know, in the street, so that the top of this last brick mailbox was eye level, and something glinted in the sun.
I walked a couple more steps, but came back and it was just this little base metal child's charm.
Hello Kitty, with a flower set in pink and rose colored crystal sets.

The whole time I walked this morning, I was in tears, praying to God, and talking to Laci in case she could hear me; and then this charm.

So then my best friend calls me from Alabama..I tried to call her yesterday after this happened.
She had to put her German Shepherd down in November; and I told her about this dream and the charm.
She told me, and I know it's just my mind, but the charm was not just in my mind.

I can't help but know that either Laci or God, or an angel put that there, in that place, in that moment.
I'm just so sure of it.
How can that be just chance?

I gave such tearful thanks.
I have made bracelets, and have many beads here.
I hope next week, to fashion a small simple bracelet with this charm just as it is.
I know it's just a base metal child's charm, but it's more valuable to me right now in this moment than rubies or diamonds.

Frieda Nugen, Jim Nugen, Reid Wallace, Russell Wallace

Lacie Sue, 06/10/01-04/14/09

Lacie Sue,
There is such a void in our life now that the "Queen" no longer walks down the hall. Your Dad and I both feel such a loss in the house without you, even though your brothers and sister are here. Your Buddy Butch misses you terribly, and Hummer misses marking the territory after you, and Brandy is trying to help fill the void by spending more time upstairs.Sinbad is still looking for "Pretty Girl". Everybody misses you Sue Do. I pray that there's a Rainbow Heaven , and that you are there having the time of your life, retrieving those tennis balls, and running like you've never run before. I pray that I will see you do those things again. Put a good word in for Daddy and Me, we want to go to Rainbow Heaven when God says it's our turn. We love you and miss you Scrutin Doodles. You have a special place in Mommy's garden, and special memories that will always live in our heart. We Love You xoxoxoxoxo

Cathy & Larry Crandall

Lacy, 07/15/09

My poor sweet little waif, you will always have a special place in my heart.

Ricki Lundstrom

Lacy, 04/07/09

Lacy was a loyal and faithful friend who always was my "protector". She was my best friend who I will miss very much and love always. I will see you at the Rainbow Bridge sweetie!!! Love and miss you. Sadie misses you too.....

Cindy Reynolds

Lacy, 04/07/09

Lacy is resting in peace now. She was a loyal and faithful friend who never let me down and protected me, always. I have many wonderful memories of her and she will be sadly missed. She will remain in my heart forever.

Cyn Reynolds

Lacy, 01/27/09

Lacy was the sweetest kindest, most beautiful loving cat.
She brought me such joy and happiness I am forever grateful.
God has a special angel in Lacy.

Joyce Lebaron

Lacy Anne Pflieger, 07/02/88-03/07/09

Almost two months have gone by since our last day together. I am blessed to have known you, and so thankful for our 21 years together.

Mothers, Daughters, Sister, Friends...our family spirit is without end.
Bless your sweet heart ; Bless your sweet soul....I love you now and always - Blessed Be.
Your Mom.

Lacy Baracy, 07/07/91-03/03/09

Lacy - You will always be our "baby" and will forever have a place in our hearts.

Kevin, Janet, and Ashlee Baracy

Laddie, 07/25/97-01/20/09

Words cannot express the huge hole in our hearts.
Laddie, you were so loved.
Poor, baby, you were diagnosed with Diabetes at 4 mo. of age, only 2 wks. after we got you. This we had control of & you did so well.
Then 9 mo. ago you developed Bladder Cancer.
We just couldn't make this go away. You were the best little scottie around & we will be with you again.

Phyllis Posey

Ladie, 1994

ladie was my ray of sunshine you are still verry mist the two dogs i have now will never replace you god bless

Derek Delacruz

Lady, July 29,1998 - December 28, 2009

You were the best 40th bithday present! You were the most beautiful dog and you were mine! You loved my son like he was your own and you protected us all with every bit of your german shepherd nature. For 11+ years you lit up our lives, and filled our lives with love. But your poor body wore out and you grew tired and the pain was hard to bear. So we sent you home to God to be in peace, to run free, without pain, and be happy. We miss you each and every minute of the day but I know sweet girl that we will meet again someday, and until then you will always be in my heart! I love you Lady.

Forever in my heart,
Sue Griffiths

Lady, 05/28/05-07/13/09


Jillian and Tiffany

Lady, 05//10/96-07/03/09

Our golden baby was put to rest on 3 July.
The most loveable, and sweetest animal I've ever known.
My wife and I will miss her to our end and meet with her after crossing rainbow bridge.
Rest peacefully sweetheart.

Jeffrey Edie

Lady, 07/07/09

Lady you were the best dog.
I am so glad we were able to spend the last 8 years with you.
You welcomed each new additon to our family - and made sure all the babies were taken care of.
You were two days shy of watching our newest edition turn 1 years old.
You were there for me while I battled cancer and a difficult pregnancy.

You are missed greatly and a piece of me is now missing.
I know you are up in heaven watching over and playing with KayKay - I didn't realize that our time with you wouldn't be longer - but I wouldn't change the time I/we had with you.

The worst part is going to bed at night and not having you to warm up my cold feet.
I know as time passing it will get easier.
We love and miss you Lady.
As we always told you, "You're a good girl".

Colleen B

Lady, 12/17/06-06/28/09

My little dog - a heartbeat at my feet. I'll always miss you my beautiful little Lady.

Zoila & Natalie

Lady, 05/24/94

The best friend I will ever have

Nicole Adrian

Lady, 06/12/09

She truly was the "sweetest cat on the planet".
We loved her so very much. We miss our little flower waiting for us in the window box. We miss her sweet face and her little pink nose.

Kathryn and Kevin

Lady, 06/15/09

Came to us a senior and
brought only love with her. A Lady til the end.
My best friend. Thought we would have had more time together

Denise Coscia

Lady, 02/04/06-06/08/09

Lady was a beautiful, loving dog. Sure she had a crazy streak, but that is why we loved her. Dog, dog, dog! I love you girl.


Lady, 05/24/09

My Angel.. My Love.. My little Lady.


Lady, 08/01/99-04/29/09

We will always miss you and Love You

Cathy and Chante Shepherd

Lady, 04/13/09

lady was a beautiful smart warm loving collie. she was my best friend. she loved everyone. she was everything to me. she love to empty sock baskets, take her daddys stinky socks off his feet. she was my therapist, my friend, my heart. lady has many people who will love her in heaven, my dad, grandma, grandpa, my original collie lady, and the follwing dog lady. and my princess. she will be missed very much by her mommy and daddy. she will never be forgotten. heaven is going to get the most wonderful dog.

Vickie Cutter

Lady, 02/24/96-04/13/09

lady was a beutiful,loving, caring collie, she was my best friend, soulmate, my life, she was so intelligent, kind and loving. i miss her so much

Vickie Cutter

Lady, 8th April 2009

My darling girl I miss you and will love you always

Babs Bufton

Lady, 03/19/09

Lady was a rottweiler with a loving, trusting soul; a real lady, which is how she got her name. She was strong and protective, yet gentle as a lamb. I found her sitting on the parkway and took her home. She was such a good girl, nuzzled with my daughter, "kissesâ" for my husband; never asking for anything except love and treats. She became our dachshund's lifelong friend and often found her sleeping with our two cats.
Many told me how lucky Lady was that I rescued her.
However, we were the lucky ones to be blessed having her in our lives. We love you Lady and will never forget you.
You were such a sweetness.

Elise, Roger & Lisa

Lady, 04/94-03/19/09

Lady ,You will be Missed *You were our Protector, Our Friend ,Our Family, I cant hold back the tears ,I find comfort in knowing that you were a happy extremley loved dog .All the way till your last breath you gave me more Happiness than you know. Who will alert me when someone arrives ? Who else will be that happy just to see me at the end of the work day or anytime of day. You are in my heart always . I'll see you at Rainbow Bridge where all your pains will gone and you are healthy and waiting for us ,Dont worry I'll bring the ball. With Undying graditude for all you have done for us, We give you to God now.

The McAllister Family

Lady, 1998-03/06/09

To all who knew her she was a gentle giant. She took care of me and my family and would never let anything harm us. She was my best friend and my girl. I love you Lady and you will always be with me.

Jessica Weston

Lady aka Ladybug, 04/05/96-10/14/08

Rest in peace my beloved little girl. Mommy loves you always.

Lilly Canterbury

Lady, 01/16/99-02/14/09

She was and always will be my best friend that saved me unconditionally. She came to me by fate that I now truly believe it was God that brought us together in her time of pain and loneliness so I pray that he looks out for her as I cannot be with her. I am eternally grateful for her being in my life and will always love her and treasure the beautiful memories she has left me with. Through the worst that life can offer she was always by my side. I will see you soon my Lady.

Terri DeBono

Lady, 11/05/02-11/05/08



John & Sandy

Lady, 02/26/09

We love those squerels.....miss you


Lady, 1998-02/2009

She was the best friend a person could ask for. I miss her very much and she is missed more than I thought possible. Lady was a sweet lovely girl and I hope she is at peace now.

Jeanne Thompson

Lady, 02/03/09


Elizabeth and David H

Lady, 11/25/95-01/04/09

You were the best dog a man could ever want. I know you loved me and you know I loved you. I hope you enjoy Rainbow Bridge. You're in my heart always. Words can't describe how much I miss you girl. Someday we'll be together again and we can rub noses again. I love you so much.

Dan Bowers

Lady, 12/31/08

Blessed and beautiful Senior Dog. Adopted when she was 10 years old. Her paw prints on my heart are big and many. I miss you Ladybug!

Lynne Jenrow

Lady, 02/26/94-09/14/08

September 14th 2008 was one of the worst days of my life.
This is the day I lost my Very Best Friend in this world.
She only weighed 6 pounds but her heart was larger than Texas.
The Loved Everyone(she never met a strangere) and everyone who ever met her Loved her.
I am still devistated over her loss.
She was the center of my life for almost 15 years.
I thought her loss would get easier as time went bye but I still hurt now as much as I did the day I lost her.


Lady Bug, Buggy, Love Buggy, 02/12/97-02/10/07

Lady Bug was truely a best friend, she had the greatest personality. She was also very smart, she could almost tell you what she wanted.
If she wanted to go to bed she would sit infront of you and look at the bedroom door and look back at you until we all had to go to bed. I can't say enough good things about Lady Bug, I can tell you she is thought of everyday and both me & my husband still cry when we talk about her!!

Melanie & Cecil Plemmons

Lady Bug, 12/21/97-01/11/09

Lady Bug was a sweet Scottie with lots of personality.
She grew up with my girls.
My youngest insisted on getting a dalmation, but mom wanted a scottie.
We found her in a pet store.
As soon as we found out she was a scottie she came home with us.
She loved playing with children and loved playing with their toys.
She always took my husband's socks and burried them around the house.
It was only his socks.
When my youngest would get sick she would lay down with her.
My oldest and her friend Layla loved playing with Lady Bug.
She loved the beach and seafood.
We would go visit my parents and they had a no leach law, a tidal creek with seafood, goats and animals to chase all over the yard.
She has been to many lighthouses and only a few times she went to the kennels.
We found another scottie in Monterey and we brought him home.
I am not sure how much she liked him, but they did play together at times and were always with us.
I am sure Romeo wll miss her as well.
She lived to be 11 and I think it was Kidney failure.
We spent Christmas at my mom's house were she had freedom to roam.
We took her to the beach and she had a great time digging in the sand and playing in the water.
She didn't seem to be in much pain but it came so fast.
I laid down with her the night before and I told her how much I loved her.
By morning she had left us.
I know she didn't want to go, but she didn't have to suffer.
God has her in his arms.
She was so beautiful even if she didn't like to get groomed.
We had a small wake for her with flowers and tears.
I kissed her good bye with my children and Romeo.
My husband has been really good through this.
She use to love sitting on his knees to watch the world go by.
I pray God has a front porch for her to sit on so she can watch everything go by.
She loved barking at the planes in the sky and watching the kids come home on the school bus even when it wasn't my kids.
Lady Bug we are sad, but you have blessed our lives in so many ways.
Thank you for coming to us and loving us.
With all our love and prayers you now can go to heaven.
You are a special dog and one of our family members.
You will always have a place in our heart and home.
Love, Mom, Dad, Heather, Sarah and Romeo.
We will be together soon.

Lady Jane Grey, 1987-01/17/09

Lady Jane Grey, an exceptional cat that loved to be hugged.
A talented cat that learned to do tricks:
sit up, give her paw and lay down to sleep.
A cat that loved doughnuts and cheese curls.
A wonderful loving companion.

Sandra M. Kingsley

Lady Jean, 09/11/97-05/08/09

Lady Jean 'Lay Lay' protected me & her land, cried when I cried, made me laugh, was a friend. She did a dance for only me. You didn't spank a child around her, she didn't care who you were. She didn't try to bite you, she would simply push you away from the child. I seen it happen when my neice was going to spank her child. Lady rode with me on a 16 hour trip. She was the best! She never had accidents inside. Lady always refused a snack until she saw that the other boxer & chihuahua got theirs. The other boxer gave her kisses all the time. I cried for weeks before making the decision to put her to sleep. She had hip dyslexia & was dragging her back legs. I'd been having to give her pain pills for about a week & a half. The night before, I cooked her 2 steaks, gave her a bath & let her sleep with me. The bath was hard on her, she basically sat in the tub. After drying her off & placing a blanket on top of the bed, I picked her up & put her on the bed, she never got off. I had to pick her up & place her on the floor the next day to take her outside. The walk was getting harder. The other boxer gave her a kiss before we left for the vet. She went very peacefully & I made sure that I was in the room with her at the vet's office. She'd been there for me! Dr. Byrd was very compassionate. This place is not the same, I miss her & the other 2 dogs look for her. Time will heal. I'll never have a good one like Lay Lay!

Jeanny Smith

Lady Keesie, 01/15/96-07/13/09

I Only Wanted You

They say memories are golden

Well maybe that is true.

I never wanted memories,

I only wanted you.

A million times I'll miss you,

A million times I'll cry.

If love alone could save you,

You never would have died.

In life I loved you dearly,

In death I love you still.

In my heart you hold a place

No pup could ever fill.

It broke my heart to lose you,

But you did not go alone.

For part of me went with you,

The day God called you home.

Your memory is my keepsake,

With which I'll never part.

God has you in His keeping,

But I'll have you in my heart.

If tears could build a stairway,

And heartache make a lane,

I'd walk the path to heaven

And bring you back again.

Our family chain is broken,

And nothing seems the same.

But as God calls us one by one,

The chain will link again.

--Author Unknown

Pepeiao and Ruth Beauchan

Lady Maxine of Aberdeen, 07/25/94-01/10/09

Dear Maxie,
Thank you for being the best thing I ever had for the 15 years you brought nothing but joy to my life. Even though every day will seem too empty now that you are gone, I wouldn't change a single one. Thank you for making me smile when things couldn't seem any worse, the comfort when I was sick, and the constant love at the end of every day. You will never be forgotten. My heart aches deeply. Thomas and Bree will miss you. Be Happy.

Ann Marie Ferrara

Lady Penelope, 02/08/09

I miss you, my little blue eyed girl.

Karen Davis

Ladybug (Bug), 10/96-06/21/09

My little "Bug", you were the sweetest little girl...I love you and will miss you greatly. I pray that you are happy and healthly now. You will never be forgotten.

Janet Seay

Ladybug, 06/18/09

May you rest in peace, old friend. I know you were in a lot of pain and I could not bare to see you suffer. You are in a better place now, and you are not hurting anymore. I love you like a parent loves their child, and I will miss you forever. You're in god's hands now, he will take good care of you. I will see you again someday. Take care up there. Goodbye baby.


Ladybug, 06/05/09

You'll always be in our hearts, Ladybug.

Heather D. Buck

Ladybun, 17/08/07

My Darling Lady, Miss you so much. Will love you always. miss our long walks in the park. Miss stroking your beautiful, soft, silky fur. Hope we will be together again sometime. Think about you every day. Love always, your Mom Corinne xxxxx

LadySarah, 09/10/95-07/13/07

My Dearest Sarah we miss you so very much! well stann your brother is there at rainbow bridge. running free with you picking oranges,lemon's,limes off the tree's
bye for now baby girl we will see you all again sometime.
Love momma Gen,gramma,dad,Stann, julie.

Lainie Berenz, 01/11/09

Born a dog . . . died a Queen. You will be forever in our hearts.

Tom & Ann Berenz

Lakota, 08/13/99-03/13/09

My Dear Sweet Lakota Boy
My arms ache to hold you again...
We were not prepared for you to leave us, but we could not let you suffer.
You will forever be in our hearts, and when the time comes, we will join you at the bridge.
I Love You My Sweet, Sweet Boy!
Foerever and Always,

Lamb Chop, 02/26/09

Lamb Chop was a 3-legged poodle that was with us for 4 years.
He was older and had a number of health issues.
He was also a playful clown dog who made us laugh and smile daily.
He taught us both about resilience, patience, and second-chances.
We loved him very much and the house is very empty without his little body tip-toeing around looking for scratches and snacks.

We will always remember him with love.

Anne and Michale

Lambchop, 05/25/09

Our precious little blessing, was released from our arms, and his pain on Monday, May 25th 2009. He suffered greatly at the hands of puppy mill owners for many years. But finally some how God guided him to us. He was in such a sad, fearful state, but together, for the next 5 years, we were all taught great lessons of love and trust.
We look toward that wonderful day when we will be together, and with great joy we will hold your tender body in our arms, feel the softness of your fur, gaze into your gentle eyes and feel the warmth of your loving heart again.
You will be so sadly missed, but little Lamb know that you are so greatly loved forever.

Wendy and Larry

Lambeau, 07/23/96-06/26/09

My dearest Beau Dog, I can't believe you're gone. It was such an honor to be the person you loved.
You was fiesty, opinionated, loving and very funny. Most importantly, you were a devoted friend and the firsy animal I ever loved. Thank you for letting me be your human. You will always be in my heart. I miss you. I love you.

Amy Kargus

Lambeau, 01/06/94-01/16/09

Lambeau, My baby boy! It has only been 10 days and I am so lost without you! The house is silent except for the sound of my crying out for you. I miss you following me around the house and checking up on me. You just needed to know where I was and you were okay. That's what I need to know right now--I need to know where you are so I can be okay. I don't feel you in my heart. I feel so very empty and alone. What I wouldn't give to see your sweet face one more time. I love you so much! I will miss you forever. Love, Mommy

Lance, 03/12/09

Lance, I am so sad to say goodbye to you today.
I don't know how I am going to ever stop aching.
Your toys are going to miss you, and I am going to miss you more than I can ever tell you.
I love you sweet boy.
I hope you are on rainbow bridge so you can walk again.

I am so sad to lose you.
Thank you for the 12 years you gave me.
They were the best gift in the world to me.
I love you dear Lancey.

Lance, 01/12/09

Lance, you crossed the Rainbow Bridge today. It was a very hard decision for me to make to have the vet help you cross. You were so very sick, so weak. It was breaking my heart to see you this way. I know I set you free. You are happy and healthy again. You can run, and you can see. Some day I will see you in heaven and we will go for a run. You will always be my #1 doggie. Always and forever!!! I love you.

Sarah McClure

Lance, 10/08/07

Lance was our first baby. We love him more than words can say and have missed him with broken hearts since his final day. We can't wait to be reunited with him one day.

Jen and Guy

Landry, 08/08/90-07/03/07

I still miss you everyday my beloved Landry.
You are always in my thoughts and I know we'll see each other again in Heaven!

Robyn McGee

Landry, 11/03/07-02/05/09

Our Blue Boy was The Greatest Dane of them all.
He was taken from us suddenly and unexpectedly.
He brought such joy and love to our family and will be deeply missed. I hope he is someplace wonderful and sharing the abundace of love he had.
We miss you buddy!

Monica Boyer

Landry, 08/08/90-07/08/08

Landry, you are continually missed each and every day.
We were together just one month shy of 18 years.
You were my best friend, my child, loyal companion and the love of my were and are so special and you will always be in my heart!

I hope you are at peace now and know that we WILL see each other again.

Until then, enjoy Heaven and all it's glory!
I love you!


Landry, 08/08/90-07/03/08

It's been one year ago today that I granted you eternal rest.
I still miss and love you so very much Landry.
You will always be remembered and in my heart forever.

Until we meet again, sleep and play with the Angels.

I love you Landry!


Lanie, 07/12/00-01/30/09

Lanie not only loved and touched those whom she lived with, but all that came in contact with her.
She always had a smiling face and a wagging tail, and chirped with excitement when she greeted you (especially if you had treats). She lived to play "stick" and rolled on it with love in the grass.
Lanie amazed us with how many tricks she could do.
She was our companion, spending many hours and miles of walks through the neighborhood, woods or beach.
She loved to swim, even in the surf.
At 8 years old, she was taken too soon and suddenly due to cancer, but must have been needed and loved in heaven.
We can only pray that we will meet her again.

Alan and Sherry Day

LaPoo, 1992 - 09/18/09

To My beautiful, sweet LaPoo. The six years we had together were simply not enough. I wish I would have found you when you were a pup. You survived a concentration camp of a puppy mill where you brought little babies into the world and cared for them as best you could; then rescued where you finally got your name and where you ended up abused by an evil man; then finally on to me at age 11. We were truly joined at the heart. I loved you so much and have grieved harder for you than any other pet - dog, cat or horse, I have ever lost. I am so glad that now you can see again and your poor, worn-out body is young and healthy. Wait for me patiently and please don't howl for me. I will be there before you know it to get you and take you over the bridge. My heart will not be whole again until that day.

Larry, 12/28/08


You will forever be in my heart.
Your gentle spirit touched those who got to know you and, in your last days your bravery and strong will through your illness prevailed.
Our love is cemented in gold and someday God's grace will bring us together again.....FOREVER WE ARE BONDED!

Mary Pollara

Larry Healy, 03/30/09

My little buddy, Larry, passed away Monday, March 30, after giving me 13 years of friendship. He leaves behind me and his sister and littermate, Lola, and our cat, Tarzan.
He was the best little friend anyone could ever ask for.

Elizabeth Healy

Lase, 06/28/90-02/09/09

Lase was preceded in death by her sister, Satan.
I always knew that Lase would not be able to go on without Satan, but I hoped to have more time with her.
I miss sharing popcorn and watching our favorite television programs with her.
Ribbonz and I both miss you Lase, but we understand that it was your time to go.
You will always have a place in my heart.


Lasey Taylor Isle of Skye, 10/04/97-07/06/09

We will miss you, Lasey, but we are glad that you are not in any pain anymore. Go run and play now with Jakey Cat and Aunt Carol. WE WILL LOVE YOU ALWAYS!!!

Laurie, Steve, Melissa, and Michele

Lass, 12/31/08




Colleen Shirley

Lassie, 12/25/95-01/20/09

You were a great dog Lass, I love you and miss you so much.


Lassie Murray, 15/01/92-31/05/09

In loving memory of my precious Lassie who tragically drowned on May 31st 2009. Aged 17. Very dearly loved and missed every day. I found Lassie when I was 12, coming out of mass, she has been a loyal and faithful companion since that day. Her tragic death has left a massive void. I cry every day as i think of her struggling to breath. I truly am heartbroken, will never get over it or come to terms with it. xx love you so much Lassie.

Sarah Murray

Late, 10/22/99-01/01/09

... see you there ...

Cheryl L.Evans / Jamie MacInnis..

LaToya, 05/14/92-05/11/09

There was no dog anywhere as sweet, loyal, and loving as our little LaToya.
Our hearts are broken and will never be the same.
Please know we loved you with all our hearts and letting you go was the hardest thing we will ever do in this life.
Our lives will always be empty without you.

Mark & Tina Akers

Latte, 05/06/09

Our sweet Latte....... We miss you so much. We wish you did not have to leave,but it was your time. You lived a full life and while the last couple of months have been rough we did what we could to keep you comfortable.
We will miss your kisses and your playfulness and everyday when we leave and come home we will see you.

We love you,
Mom, Dad and Hannah

Laurence Krug, 04/01/07-06/19/09

Laurence, we will always love you. We will miss your little fuzzy ears and sweet nature. We will miss your little face poking out of the box and from under the sofa. We will miss you jumping up onto the bed over and over again because you wanted to be pet so badly. We hope you are safe and happy now, and we will meet again. We love you Laurie!!

Kevin Matthews & Mai Fung

Lavender Lucy, 07/05/95-02/23/09

When we met we were strangers, but when our eyes met we knew we would be together thru thick and thin. You were not a dog lucy, you were my soul.
A piece of my soul has been taken and is with you my sweet friend.
Till we meet again and I see you on the other side.
Thank you Lucy for the best 13 1/2 years of my life.

Karen Graham

Lawa'i, 07/16/97-04/02/09

It is said Lawa'i was "born under a lucky star".
He came to us at the age of three months old and was the cutest thing we ever laid our eyes on.
In the next eleven years he would give us even more than we ever gave him... unconditional love and companionship.
He was a joy to have around and a joy to watch frolic around in the yard or bask in the sun.
He was spoiled rotten.
Everyone admired his beauty... wrinkles and all.

Thank you Lawa'i for letting us be a part of your life.
Thank you for the kisses and thank you especially for being a companion to your Papa and accepting your little "tita" 'Olapa into your family.
As we raise and nurture her, we will think about you and love her for you.
Find your Papa and kiss him for us over and over again.

After a short bout with cancer, we decided to do the right thing, by releasing our little boy.

We love you Wa'i boy.
Be a good boy and play nicely.
We'll see you soon.

Kamala and Son Haaheo Cockett

Lawrence of Arabia, 03/22/09

Lawrence of Arabia Cat. He was my big baby boy, my constant companion, and best friend. Lawrence brought me so much joy and happiness and love throughout his lifetime. We shared many wonderful years together. He loved to travel by car. Quite the conversationalist, he was both smart and silly and always made me laugh. During tough times he was always there to confort me. And every night, without fail, if he wasn't already in bed resting his head on the pillow, he'd crawl up on the bed and cuddle up in my arms when it was lights out. And then he'd purr....
Oh, Sweet Lawrence, I love you so much. You were my fluff child and are sorely missed!

Patti Balian

Lazarath, 04/01/98-05/02/09

I will live my life trying to be the person you thought I was.
I miss you and love you.

Jamie and Stacy Baldwin

Lazarus Hansen, 05/01/93-02/28/09

My beloved Lazarus. You will always be my best friend.

Kelly Hansen

LD, 03/21/09

To the best friend a girl could have had. I miss you little munchkin and look forward to the day we are together again.

Judy Hildebrand

Lealah, 03/15/04-01/26/09

Leahlah was a special girl who left us suddenly, without warning.
She was Mommy's little softie and Daddy's side kick. She stayed by his side all day while he worked and then would have her Mommy time at night on the couch as she cuddled next to Mommy's legs.
She gave us more love than can be imagined.
You will always have a place in our hearts.
Now you are with Carmen and Brandi.
May the three of you be at peace.
We love you.

Sal and Laura Fiore

LeAnne, 01/18/08

LeAnne was much loved by Her human and piggy sister, Autumn, alike.
LeAnne will be missed terribly, especially by Autumn who was constantly glued to LeAnne's side.

Rebecca Semon

Lee, 07/01/04-06/01/09

Today, I lost my second best friend in the world and I cannot believe how much it hurts.
Just a little black Siamese cross with mitten paws, dumped almost 6 years ago as a kitten in a neighboring corn field, he meowed, purred and scritched his way into our house and into our hearts.
He purred, he knocked over house plants, he talked to us in his Siamese way.

He was also very sick.
Diagnosed with Feline Leukemia early, he was on medication for most of his short life.
He took it all in stride, wolfing down his prednisone and doxcycline with his cat food every morning and evening.

But in the last few days he grew weaker and sicker.
He stopped most of his purring; only a little purr once in a while when he wasn't hurting too badly.
He started hiding; crouching in corners and under the dresser, perhaps in an attempt to hide from his illness.
He would shiver in the morning when I held him, whether in pain or from a chill I could not determine. He stopped seeking our laps and grew more emaciated and dehydrated. He stopped drinking and cried when I administered his subcutaneous fluids.

He was suffering.

And so today, after months of vet trips, additional medications and fluids, he was too sick to go on.
We took him to our local vet and had him put to sleep. His last act was to cuddle in my arms and purr.
Even the vet commented, as she administered the lethal injection, that he was still purring, sick and scared as he was.
We bought his soft, still-warm little form home and buried him among the fruit trees and the wild phlox, close to his other friends who'd passed on before him.
It was the hardest thing I've ever done in my life. Now his toys and bowls sit quiet and undisturbed in the house. The house itself seems empty, quiet and lonely.
I miss my friend.

Lisa Stickdorn

Lefty, 06/08/09

To my sweet, patient, intelligent little Bodhisattva, you are forever in my heart.


Leilani Langely, 08/18/04-04/24/09

Leilani, was my first dog that I had.
She had many health issues but that is what made her special in my heart.
She needed more love and attention throughout her whole life.
She left behind her significant other and two little boys.
I love her and she will be missed and never forgotten.
I love you my baby Leilani

Gisele Langely

Leita Snyder, 04/12/96-04/03/09

Leita was the most loving and intelligent dog I ever owned (or who owned me!). She was a caring soul, who always seemed to know when I needed her. She helped me through a divorce and was my camponion of 13 years. I will always miss her.

E. Snyder

Lemmon Brock, 07/29/02

Always loved and missed!

Erich Ostrowski/Joshua Brock

Lena, 02/25/09

Lena is my son's dog.
My son has been having a rough time and things were just beginning to smooth out but while he was at work Lena ran in front of a speeding construction truck.
Lena was meant to herd, she would walk home so proud after getting cows back in the pasture or even chickens in line.
He loves her and I love her and granddaughter lily loves her.
She was a good dog and I'm glad she got to live in the country and be free, she was a happy dog.

Jonya Jackson

Lena Medero, 03/07/09

Lena was not a pet for me she truly was a part of my family.She was a strong dog who lived a long and sometimes hard life before coming to our family.Lena also left behind an adopted brother,a shitzu named checkers who never left her side.All I can say is Lena was the perfect dog and will be loved and cherished in my heart until the day I die.

Jennifer Medero

Lenny, 10/06/08-07/07/09

Lenny died from a disease called FIP this afternoon. He was put to sleep because there is no cure to this disease. I really just want my kitten to know I loved him and wanted him to live to be at least 17 years old, not 9 months old.


Lenny, 06/18/09

In Loving Memory of one GREAT DOG!


Lenny, 07/01/02-06/09/09

Words cannot describe the loss and shock I'm feeling right now. Lenny, my beloved cat, crossed over the Rainbow Bridge yesterday, June 9, 2009. My precious little boy's kidneys just couldn't function anymore and God called him home. I could write pages of the memories he and I shared. Every night, he was by my side, sleeping next to me and letting me know he loved me by giving me little nose kisses. I often described Lenny as my "parrot" because you could often find him perched on my shoulder. Although God took away his eyesight in this life, yesterday he saw for the first time and what a sight I'm sure he saw--paradise. Lenny, Mommy loves you so much and when I die, I hope you and Jerri will run to me. Rest in peace my little son.

Jill L

Lenny, 05/05/09

Lenny was my special friend for 7 years. I found him to have passed on May 5, 2009 after coming home from work. He possibly had a heart attack. My fiance had fed him and he seemed well just 1 hour earlier. He has left behind a littermate, Gabey, who misses him dearly. Lenny a was handsome, black and white cat with huge green eyes. I have never felt softer fur or a more comforting purr. He loved to sit in boxes that were too small to hold his 17 pounds and never met anyone who he did not insist they pet him. Thak you Lenny, for your years of love. I hope you enjoyed your time with me. We will miss you always. ^..^

Melissa Watts

Leo, 07/11/98 - 12/08/08

My dearest Leo, it will be a year tomorrow that you went to heaven. I remember the day you left me as if it was yesterday. How we spent our last day together sitting together on the couch in the basement, how at 4:30 I went upstairs to get dressed to take you to the vet, and how when I turned around, you were right behind me. I still remember your sweet face looking at me. You had enough strength to walk up the stairs because you wanted to be near me. You always were my shadow. Whenever I got up, so did you. I remember carrying you around the house so that you could say goodbye to everything. I remember putting you in your crate, knowing that you'd never come home again. That was the saddest day of my life. Holding you in my arms at the vet's office for the last time was heartbreaking and leaving at 5:30 without you was so sad. I miss you more than words can say. I will always love you, my little grey man with the long whiskers. Your meow was like music to my ears and how I miss it's sweet sound. I hope you are sleeping in God's hands now, and when you wake from your nap, I hope there is plenty of tuna and milk and ice cream and all of your favorite treats. Until we meet again. Love, Mom

Leo, November 1, 2009

Leo died last Sunday...he was 6 1/2 yrs old. Diagnosed with diabetes in June, we struggled to regulate his blood sugar levels. He started losing weight the first of October. Then he stopped eating the end of October. He was sick. We didn't realize how sick. Our vet now thinks he probably had cancer.

In his prime, Leo was 22 pounds of macho, male bravado! Our vet said he was never fat, just a really big cat! He would strut himself down the sidewalk, chasing and intimidating other neighborhood cats!

The way he played with our granddaughter was hilarious. He would walk near her, swish his tail just out of her reach, and she would GIGGLE and GIGGLE! He would do this over and over.

Leo was seen grooming our Dalmation/Lab mix dog Emma, who weighs 60 pounds!! Cute!! Leo would walk under the dog's tummys!! They all got along so well together.

Leo and his brother KDBoy (who was supposed to be a 'Katie') were inseparable. They slept together, groomed one another, fought with one another...for 6 1/2 years. They were best friends, KDBoy now lays on the bathroom mat, where Leo used to lay. Does he know? I told him the story, but don't know what he feels. Wish I could talk to the animals, so we could grieve more together.

Patti looks out the bedroom window to the backyard...seemingly looking at your grave. She starts wagging her tail! She does this repeatedly. Are you hanging around there nodding to Patti??

Our pet family misses you, Leo...the dogs, Emma & Patti, your brother KD Boy, and kitty Gracie. We're not the same...the morning & evening routines in the house just aren't right...we tried SO HARD to help you feel better, as did Dr. Adams.

Rest in Peace, my dear sweet boy...
I'll meet up with you again....
Your Pet...Suzie

Leo, 05/01/90-07/16/09

Leo was a 19 year old Chihuahua that I found at the SPCA.
He touched many lives from my sick grandmother who knitted him little blankets to many nursing home residents as a therapy dog.
And every person he encountered.
He had such courage and a big heart and rallied back from sickness many times.
He left a giant hole in my heart.


Leo, 06/04/07

dear leo
i miss you very very much and i wish you were still here today.i will never forget you for as long as i live and i grieve everyday you are not here.i love you with all my heart and i will allways miss you very very were the best cat in the whole world and i will never foget you.

love, korinne

Léo, 03/29/04

He was the boy of the family, wanted to be "the Alpha cat" but the "girls" would always fight back. He used to sleep in boxes much smaller than himself and love to take a walk every night with his Dad. The smartest of the other cats of the family? Probably! He was also called "Mr. Spock".

Celine Poulin-Lape

Leo, 24/02/09

my little lee lee i miss u so much the pain will never go away . u were my baby and our closeness will always be even though ur not here now i have ur pics ev where to remind me ,also i still have ur footprint on the door . love always leo i will nev forget u that will be impossible u were one of a kind my special dog x x x x .lots love mum x x

Leo, 04/06/09

Leo was an amazing, loving cat, whom will not soon be forgotten.


Leo, 1980s were born outside and would come to visit and play with me at the back door.
Finally, I was able to coax you into the house.
You still asked to go outside but always came home.
One Easter Sunday you went out and we never saw you again...we called for you and looked for you for days.
We don't know what happened to you but I'm sure by now you have made it to the Rainbow Bridge and are so happy.
We sure miss you little guy.
You were too funny.
I found you one day laying in the bathroom sink like it was your new bed.
You were just so special and we are so sorry we lost you and didn't get to say goodbye.
Thanks for being my friend.

Goodbye my funny sweet little are still loved and missed so very much.


Leo, 24/02/09

You will always be in my memories and I will be forever sorry for letting you down.
The girls will miss you very as much as me.
I love you with all my heart and maybe one day we will meet again.
Sweet dreams leo and enjoy your freedom

Miranda Freeman

Leo, 12/01/08-02/13/09

Leo was a sweet, cuddly little rat who loved to be snuggled up against you. He was very curious and loved everyone. I miss you, Leo. Be good.

Ariel Fredrickson

Leo, 09/01/94-01/31/09

He was the sweetest little love imaginable.
I'll miss you every time I open the fridge and you're not there, looking for a snack!
Rest in peace, Little Dude.

Jen Learned

Leo, 01/19/09

Puppy mill rescue; lifelong companion to Reba, who predeceased him. Longtime companion to Phylis and Diesel. Always sweet, slightly clueless, our little friend the last eight years. Life was not always kind to Leo; we hope that in some small way we helped show him another side of life. We would have liked you here longer, but to keep you here for us, as your quality of life suffers would not be fair. If we could have another good year, a month, another good day....
Good bye little buddy, till we see each other again.

Scott Chamberlain

Leo, 06/24/94-01/10/09

On Saturday 1/10/2009 I lost my good friend and companion of 14 wonderful cat Leo. He was a gentle soul and I know now that he is in heaven where he belongs. He's no longer in pain and he is running around with his furbaby friends. He went over the rainbow bridge to a better life. 14 years ago I not only rescued him but, he also rescued me. I know that your spirit lives in my heart and that your soul is free to run. Everywhere I look I can still see your beautiful face. It makes me smile. God bless you and miss you. Hugs and kisses... xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoox
Mom & Grandma & Nattie - MollieGirl,Petey,Herman
Be Free. Until our lives entwine once more -

Monica Tripodi

Leo, 05/06/92-01/09/09

I held you in my hand as a puppy and for 16 years you have been a sweet loveable companion. I will miss you deeply.

Tina and Bill

Leo Flynn, 04/14/09

I was fortunate enough to board Leo for the last 6 months of his life. He was a true Sammy...just a sweet heart. He was finally able to go HOME, and when HOME and his real mommy were still there and all OK, he just stopped pretending he didn't hurt anymore.

I KNOW that Leo will wait for his mommy and son at the Rainbow Bridge. The Corgis say it's pretty quiet around here without Leo expressing his opinion about everything now.

Mary Wise

Leo Katz, 04/19/90-03/19/09

I honor my dear friend Leo on this web site. He was my faithful friend and I miss him terribly.


Leo LaBarge, 11/2008-04/13/09

Leo was my best friend even tho he was 5 months old i loved him very much. I will miss him very much too.

Bradly LaBarge

Leo Martin, 06/30/09

I just want to say that I will deeply miss my furbaby and he was everything to me in this world. I still see his sweet eyes looking at me and it saddens me. I will always remember you.

Phoebe Martin

Leo Sprinkle, 02/18/08


Leon, 07/01/01-06/29/09

A tribute to our loved kitty Leon...
In July of 2001 we adopted a beautiful orange tabby, who we named Leon. Leon was fun loving, full of life, and he filled our home with joy. Sadly on Monday June 29th we lost our boy to kidney failure. We loved him so much and he was more like a son to us than a cat. We are so thankful that we had the opportunity to have this wonderful boy in our lives, although it was much too short and we are deeply mourning his loss. Leon used to meet us at the door when we came home, he woke us up in the morning, he kissed us goodnight, made us laugh, and now the house seems so empty without his sweet little face. He was our baby...and our hearts are broken.

Lisa and Erik Hoffmann

Leonardo, 06/10/09

Good night, my sweet, until we meet again.

Corinne Kephart

Leonidas, 08/01/06-06/15/09

Leonidas brought us many smiles and joyous times. We were fortunate to have him for the short time that we did. We love him and miss him, and thank him for loving us.

Lori Cain & Demetrius Bereolos

Leroy, 05/29/09

I miss you, my little rat boy!

Mary Lou Hauser Eck

Leroy, 04/06/90-04/04/06

leroy you were my best friend,companion,my baby[april 6th]is your's been three years,on april 4th,god needed another fur-angel. i ask daily for god to watch over your spirit,and i tell you i love you.leroy you are forever in my heart.i find peace in knowing god will watch over your no longer have pain,god said if you love someone set it free i loved you enough to not have you suffer.know i love you always.miss you. so long for now my baby girl.i hold you in my dreams and i have all the sweet memories,your pictures are around,for now baby girl,love you today and always,mom.18th birthday.

Lestahdt Von Hackett, 08/28/05-01/08/09

Today we brought your ashes home, almost exactly the same time you left last know this already don't you Lestahdt...we love you and miss seeing you and smelling and touching you, but we feel you here with us "our baby" we feel you here...thank you for your precious friendship and devotion...we will never be the same because of you and your unconditional love...Love, Dad and Mama

Lester, 04/12/09

Lester the Big Kitty Boy came to me in 2000 as a rescued kitty who had been in a tree for 3 days and someone asked if I would take him. I am So incredibly grateful he shared his life with me. I had the good fortune to be His human. He would sleep under the covers with me and would let me shave him since he was a very big boy and walked with great pride with His semi Lion cut. He would stretch out his legs and very big paws for a good chest scratching , looking like he was flying with joy. Lester would offer his solid belly for special lovin too. I also was his heating pad/ personal couch as we spent many an hour in the living room. Lester was also a healer, during sessions with clients, allowing
and inviting others to adore and love him, opening their hearts in a gentle and special way. Lester aka Mr Tubby he was solid Not fat. when he would get in the box position, from behind he looked like a butterball turkey. I love you Dearly Big Boy Lester and miss you deeply. I wish as I was touching your body I had the magic to bring you back even though I told you to do what you need to do, wishing you were still with me my Big Boy Lester with the wildest whiskers I have ever seen and huge
thick paws that I would hear padding around the house. You are and always will be a Blessing that entered my life. Thank You Big boy, I Love You! Wishing you a good place in the sun to enjoy the views and see me as I come to you when my time comes

Leenie Bachman

Levi, 06/05/09 heart aches so much, I feel lost with out you...thank you for 15, almost 16 wonderful years of love, loyality, cuddles, laughter, pure happiness and understanding.. always a good boy, even taking the hard decision from me and dying in my arms, you were thoughtful to the last breath
Wait for me baby boy

Levi, 06/26/93-04/02/09

You were the best!
For almost sixteen years, you brought such joy to heart is broken.
I miss you so much.

Levi, 06/88-01/02/09

To Levi, my most loving and dearest friend of 21 years. You laid at death's door for too long and I will always regret it. You laid beside me when I was sick, and laid on my tummy when I was pregnant. You always wanted to be there with me. I'm sorry I left you alone so often. I laid beside you while you died, I hope that was enough. I stroked you and looked into your eyes and hoped that you knew I was there. You loved it when I took the time to lay beside you. You are the last piece of my childhood that I have now lost forever. My quietness. My solitary sunny spot. My contented purr. You're not lost, because I know where you are. Wait for me.

I love you.


Lewie, 01/01/94-05/01/09

We love you, little Lewie! We will miss you dearly.

Joe, Dorthea, Jennifer, and Kay

Lewis, 13/09/01-03/06/09

Lewis,our darling dog you were so beautiful and gentle how can we ever live without you I cant bear it I wish I could turn back the clock and have more time with you I wasnt ready to say goodbye but I know one day we will meet again Lou-Lou until then we love you and miss you so much xxxxxxxxxx Good Boy Boy Boy Boy Boy

Jodie, Jason, Annalise, Finley and Samuel Brown

Lex, 03/06/09

lex was the best dog ever she was a much loved part of the family and will miss her with all my heart. thinking of you always xxx

Stacey Astin

Lex, 04/04/09

He was my pride & joy & such a gentle giant. I miss him dearly. It has only been 4 days but it seems like forever. I miss the barking & the sitting on my lap. He was a doberman that thought he was a lap dog.


Lexi, 12/28/95-07/11/09

My Lexi girl was my heart and comfort.
She was fun, loving and so smart.
How she made us laugh she is the only dog I know that will sneeze if you sneeze and keep doing it.
We had 14 great years with her. You will be missed everyday our sweet little girl.

Love and miss you tons,
Mommy, Daddy, Shane, Mia and Wicket

Lexi, 06/08/09

I just wanted to add Lexi to the tribute list because we only had her 3 weeks, before she was run over and killed by a car, of course who didnt stop. Thankfully I didnt see it happen or I dont know what I would have done. Even though we only had Lexi 3 weeks I miss her terribly, I cry every day and I just cant seem to get out of this rut that I am in, even though we still have 1 dog and 2 cats, one that is about to give kittens, I cant
seem to even look forward to that. I miss her so much. Please keep me in your prayers. Thank you and God Bless Pam.

Lexi, 04/14/09

Our beloved little girl, Lexi, was the love and joy of our life.
No one could have been a better companion or loyal friend.
She was so precious to us and we miss her so very much.

Ron and Sheila Smith

Lexi, 10/01/08-02/06/09

On Monday night my husband and I noticed that Lexi wasn't feeling very well and thought nothing of it. We just figured she might have a tummy ache so we kept on eye on her on Tuesday to see if she would get any better and she didn't. We ended up taking her to the vet on Wednesday morning and that's when they told me that she had the canine parvovirus. They gave us some fluids and we gave exactly the fluids at the right time with the right amount. I prayed and hoped that she make it through this, but she just got worse and worse. Our vet didn't think she'd make it with hospitalization and we did what we thought was best for Lexi. We didn't want to see her suffer anymore and we made the hardest decision I think we've ever had to make in our lives. We decided to put her to sleep. It was so hard to see her go and to say our final goodbyes. She was only 4 months old and she didn't deserve to go like this. She was supposed to live a long happy life with our family. I just don't want to see her suffering anymore and I hope she's in Heaven. Lexi was a beautiful black and white siberian husky. Although she a pain at times, she was loved deeply and will be terribly missed. I love you Lexi and you will always be in my heart.


Lexi Bucklin, 03/28/04-02/27/09

May or beautiful and amazing girls spirit be renewed and her memories never be far from our minds.
Rest in Peace Lexi, we love and miss you more than you know. Love, mom and dad

Andrew, Jessica & Avery Bucklin

Lexi Lewis, March 5, 2009 - November 4, 2009

To our dear Lexi,

It is hard to believe you were only with us for such a short time because the impression you left in our hearts is so deep. You truly had a special place our hearts because you were such a special little dog. You beauty was only exceeded by your loving and caring personality. We have so many great memories with you Lex. Our camping trips, our family vacation to Banff. You Dad and Brooke scaling the Bears Hump.

Every single day you brought such smiles to our hearts and faces. I epecially loved the way you would stretch up and give me a hug when I stood close the the bed. One you the many ways you showed your love and it is missed by me and dad whenever we go into our room.

We miss seeing you cute little face in the window when we pull up to the house. So many times Dad and I pulled up to the house and laughed and smiled when we saw you sitting there....we asked each other "do you think she waits there the whole time were gone?' Trust me Lex all the love you showed to us so easily was always reciprocated. It was a highlight of my day and I would do just about anything to see your beautiful brown eyes in the the window again.

I loved the sound you mouth made when you yawned first thing in the morning or the same sound you made when you took a treat from my hand. I loved that simple sound so much I often thought about it when I was having a bad day and it would make me smile. Now thinking of that sound makes me cry but I'm sure in time it will bring a huge smile to my face.

You had so many quarks that helped make you being such a special girl. Only the people who knew you best can recall and appreciate these traits.

I love the way you slept on the arm rest of the cough and how you followed me though the house. How you were my cooking buddy when I was in the kitchen. I know you loved it when I dropped a little piece of cheese and between the two of us Lex my dropping food wasn't alway an accident;)

Your sister Brooke misses you like crazy. She misses her little sister to wrestle with and chase around the deck. She often goes around the house looking for you. We have been giving her lots of extra love and playtime. She loved you so much too. Winnie misses you too. As much as you bugged the old man we can tell he misses it. Especially when it's time to go for a walk, I know he misses your infectious excitement. Rocci also misses you. He fell in love with you from the first time he laid eyes on you. The true Lady and the Tramp.

We think of you all the time. First this in the morning until the second we fall asleep. Missing you and wishing you we here with us. I don't understand why you had to leave us so qucikly but I have faith you are safe and happy where ever it is you are. And please know little girl dad and I are thinking of you all the time and loving you all the time. We have faith we will see you in the future and you'll be the sweet, amazing little pup that you always were right up to the moment you had to leave us that horrible night.

I love you my little Lexican and you'll never be forgot and always in our hearts in everything we do until we meet again.

Hi Lexi this is dad; i miss you so very much i will miss playing with you on the floor with the dolls, balls and bones. I will miss running after you and you chasing me in the fields. I love you and i am so sorry you left us so soon. Mom and I will always remember you and your big beautiful eyes. I am going to miss people saying "It looks like Lexi has eyeliner on" we were so proud of how everybody thought you were so beautiful and they didn't even know you like Mom, Brooke, Winnie and me knew you. I love you and miss you Lexi.

Lexi Macartney, 07/04/09

Dear Lexi:

Our hearts are broken, we loved you so very much! Be young and healthy again, run, play ball, and remember all of us who spoiled you and adored you!! Till me meet again angel!!! XXXOOO Poppy, Mommy and sister Trish..........

Lexie. 2007-10-12 to 2009-07-24

My tears will never end. Rest in peace Lexie. You meant the world to me.

Lexie, 10/31/04-06/14/09

Lexie I miss you so much, you were such a wonderful dog. I can't believe you've left us so soon.

Thomas Nowicki

Lexie, 11/17/96-03/14/09

I love and miss you Lexie dog.
You brought so much joy to my life.
You listened to me better than anyone else.

Dawn Webber

Lexie Vincent, 07/06/09

You were my shadow and I loved you with all my heart. Sleep peacefully, my angel!

Sarah Vincent

Lexus, 02/01/97-07/13/09

Lexus Nexus the Wonder Doggie
She's everywhere, she's everywhere

Jamie Colvett

Lexus, 05/26/09


You were my shadow and the family will never forget you. We miss you and someday we will be together.

Phyllis Goodwin

Lexus, 12/31/93-05/19/09

This tribute is for Lexus pup Moffett who I affectionately call "monkey" or"snickers":)
My dog lived to be 15yrs. old he was a happy, lovable, loyal and adorable apricot colored toy poodle. I had him since I was ten years old and I will miss him dearly. I love you Lexus and I know that you are in heaven with my grandmother and aunts please tell them hi for me and I know that you will be my special guardian angel. Thank you for being a part of my life all these years and for being there for me everyday rain, sleet and snow. I will never forget you and you will always be my "baby" my first born son so to speak, I shared the good times and the bad but all in all I know how lucky I've been to have had you in my life and even though you will not be here in the physical I know you are here in the spiritual so with that said I dedicate this poem to you god bless and love always your mom(Starr)


I stood beside your bed last night
I came to have a peek
I could see that you were crying
You found it hard to sleep

I whined to you softly
As you brushed away a tear
"It's me, I haven't left you,
I'm well, I'm fine, I'm here."

I was close to you at breakfast
I watched you pour the tea
You were thinking of the many times
Your hands reached down to me

I was with you at the shops today
Your arms were getting sore
I longed to take your parcels
I wish I could do more

I was with you at my grave today
You tend it with such care
I want to reassure you
That I'm not lying there

I walked with you toward the house
As you fumbled for your key
I gently put my paw on you
I smiled and said "It's me."

You looked so very tired
And sank into a chair
I tried so hard to let you know
That I was standing there

It's possible for me to be
So near you everyday
To say to you with certainty
"I never went away."

You sat there very quietly
Then you smiled, I think you knew
In the stillness of that evening
I was very close to you.

The day is over...
I smile and watch you yawning
And say "Good night, God bless,
I'll see you in the morning."

And when the time is right
For you to cross the brief divide
I'll rush across to greet you
And we'll stand side by side

I have so many things to show you
There is so much for you to see
Be patient, live your journey out
And then come home to be with me

author unknown

Lexus, 12/19/96-04/07/09

My beautiful and perfect Lexus -
You gave me the 12 best years of my life. Your love, loyalty, and companionship will never be forgotten.
I love and miss you so very much, You were my world, my life, my reason for coming home.
You gave me the title of "Mom".
My life and my heart have been shattered from our separation and I've cried an ocean of tears, it's so painful having to go on alone, without you here with me.
Even though I knew that day was coming, there was no way to prepare myself emotionally.
I would do anything for more time.
But I know you're happy and healthy at the Rainbow Bridge and waiting patiently for me - I promise to come get you as soon as my time comes - and on that day we'll be together again for all eternity.

I Love you, Baby.
Don't forget me.


Lexus, 12/26/08

I open the door and still look for you. I can't believe your gone. You were my best friend. I miss you so much. I Love you and hope I see you in my dreams.


Lexus, 04/08/92-07/07/08

I miss you "baby dog"!
Your presence in my heart nakes up for the lonliness that I feel.


Lexus, 12/26/08

You were my best friend, my silent child,I miss you so much. Whenever I became angry you would put your head on my lap and look at me as if to say Calm down Mom and you wouldn't take your head off of my lap until I did.I miss your beautiful soulful eyes. I love you and will hold you in my heart forever.


Lexy, 04/28/09

My sweet loving Lexy was only with me for 2 1/2 years.
I was so lucky to have been able to adopt her after she was found wandering the streets.
Her zest for life was contagious and she was loved by all. I have a big hole in my heart and am overcome by grief. It's so sad that my gardener left the gate open and for the first time she tried to cross a busy street.
How terrible it was that she got hit by a car when she made this mistake and died only 30 minutes after she arrived at the pet emergency hospital.
I knew she wouldn't make it because as I held her I could tell many bones were broken and her breathing was reduced to a whisper.
She'll always be loved even though she has passed the Rainbow Bridge.

Cindy Benner

Lexy, 03/10/96-04/26/09

Lexy was a smart, loyal and eager to please companion and we will miss her.

Karen Larson and Richard Murray

Libby, 01/24/94-10/15/08

My libby pup was 14 years old when we had to make the hard decision of putting her down. She was my 3rd b-day present and I loved her dearly. She was my friend..and my savior when I needed someone and no one else would come she'd always be there to greet me with big warm brown eyes...someone I could hold and cry on...she'd just rest her head on me and almost seemed to cry with if she felt my pain. RIP baby girl-your momma misses u very much

Brie Rogers

Libby, 06/10/92-02/11/09

Libby was the best. She was kind, gentle and loving.
She was and will always be my best friend.
We Love You Libby.

Pat and Greg and Megan Allmendinger

Libby, 11/14/95-02/15/09

Libby, my precious little one, I love you and will hold you in my broken heart forever.
There will be no other like you Libby. You truly were my gift from God. Rest now Libby, you earned it. I will see you on the other side.

Lori Howerton

Libby, 03/17/98-01/15/09

Libby was a wonderful dog. Smart,loving and completely trustworthy.
She had almost made it to her 11th birthday when she was finally diagnosed with Wobblers disease.
I say finally because she had been having health issues for two years and had seen four vets with no answers.
The fifth vet we took her to examined her, asked us to bring her back the next morning for new x-rays and gave us the diagnosis two hours later.
The damage was quite severe so we put her to sleep. It was one of the hardest things I've had to do.
We stayed with her till she was gone.
I have so much guilt for not finding a better vet sooner.


Libby Guy, 02/13/09

Dearest Libby, you brought joy into my sister's life and the lives of everyone who met you.
You were a friend and provided uncondional love.
Thank you for sharing your life with my sister and her family. Barb

Libby Jewel, 03/04/92-03/30/09

Libby you truly were The Diva Dog. You kept your sister and me on our toes, but also gave us so much love and joy. You are truly missed. Your sister continues to look for you and just can't understand why you aren't here to help beg for the treats. I hope you are sitting with your granddad and keeping him company until the time that I can cross the bridge and we can be reunited. I also hope that Lucky came to help guide you across the bridge. I have told you about the Rainbow bridge for years so you know that Mollie and I will be there to join you someday. We love you and miss you so much. The house just isn't the same without you here to sit by us. I am so glad that you did not have to suffer for long and are now running free again. We will never forget you because you truly were a very special dog. Watch over us Libby because we still need your special love as we travel on without you. We miss you, your mom and sister.

Liberty (Libby) White, 11/04/96-01/01/09

Earth surprised heaven with Libby - bounding and barking with tail wagging.
Always ready to say "hi" to all people and creatures.
Everyone was her friend.
We had to let you go so quickly and unexpectedly - but God must have needed a loving, sweet Sheltie to grace his garden in the new year.
Mom, Dad, and River miss you so much and you were so loved.
You will forever be in our hearts and inspire us to be worthy of the look of love you melted our hearts with.

Mark and Sue White

Library Carter, 05/00-05/08/09

Rest in peace Library.
We miss you dearly.
You were a wonderful, playful cat.
We miss your kindness towards us, your affection towards the children and unbounding energy.
You were so playful!!! We miss all the pencils you played with and your looking out the window everyday.
You always new how to brighten our days! We loved you so much and will always love you. You will never be forgotten.

Your Parents

Liebchen, 09/26/00-04/28/09

Liebchen was our baby. He was my constant companion, following me wherever I went. We slept together at night under the covers and he was always waiting for our next nap. He was vocal when he wanted something and purred always. He would lick my face whenever he was picked-up. At only 8 1/2 I feel he went to soon. Complications from surgery, then seizures, then heart failure made it necessary to put him to sleep. I only wanted his pain to stop.
The hardest decision I've ever made, but my partner and I were with him until the end. So, he knew how much he was loved. The last thing he saw were the people who love him dearly.
Now we need to somehow fill the void that's left in our lives, and deal with the pain of knowing that's he's never coming home again.
My little Liebchen (loved-one) is truly missed.

Alan Sieja

Liebchen Von Straub, 11/27/97-01/02/09

An International Therapy Dog.
My best friend.

Jane Hornsby

Lightening, 11/25/97-02/17/09

A poem for our Dearest Lightening and companion to Desire.

~~~Final Act Of Love~~~

My loving friend.
Know my heart is heavy with pain.
Watching you slip away from life is more that I can stand.
I want to help your suffering end.

I hold you in my arms as a mother would a child.
My tears blind me and my heart is breaking,
How can I not help your suffering end?

I'll hold your memories in my heart.
Till that time when we'll no longer be apart.
Go romp the Fields of heaven.

For now our time has come to part, with the heaviest of heart.
I do this final act of love for you my friend.

Mom, Dad & Desire

Lightning, 09/09/00-05/27/09

It was so sudden;
You never complained;
I hoped that you were just "out of it"
that day..........It was so hard for me to see you like that...A vibrant/strong boy like you was so weak the only thing you could do was wag your tail when I called your name.
I miss you so much.
A young life snuffed out with the blink of an eye.............You're my baby boy;
I will never forget you

Jo Ann

Lightning, 10/30/02-05/05/09

The sweetest dog we've ever known.
She made friends with everyone.
youtube tribute to her made by her 12 year old neighbor/friend at:

We miss her so very much.

Jan and Gary

Lightning, Davey, and Snappy, L&D 06/93 Snappy 7/1993 to Lite 07/2007 Davy 12/24/08 S 02/14/09

tyrone&toby were there waiting for them ty was there dad and toby an old friend.after 22 yrs. of little ones in the house there all gone but together again.i look forward to seeing them again and playing like we used to.all our love and hugs to you mylittle ones.

Connie Peracca

Lil, March 1

I love my lil, so much! I miss her every mintute of the day. Lil is such a good cat, she is with me everytime i got sick or had a bad day. I hope she is feeling better in heaven.


Li'l Bit-a-Chocolate 'Bubba', 10/12/93-07/01/09 Bubba..You were the best dog anyone could ever have. You were one of a kind, there will never be another dog like you. You were loved by soo many people. It seems that anyone that met you loved you instantly. You are my heart and my soul. A part of me left when you passed and that part of me will always be with you. I was 12 years old when I got you, just a little bitty thing that fit in the palm of my hand. WE literally grew up together. I don't remember any part of my life without you in it. We traveled everywhere together, if I could take you, you came with me. You are my best friend. My life will not be the same without you.
I love you my bubba. Forever in my heart you will stay. I will miss you everyday more than you could ever know.
I love you


Lil' Black Purrvette, 06/27/95-04/13/09

For my big girl, who stood by me through hell and back.
I stayed with you, until the end...when you passed away.

I love you so much, the pain is still sharp and painful to my heart and soul.
I know you're with your sister Tara, who passed away 9 months ago.

You were the best companion I've ever had, and you'll always be with me.

Until we meet again, baby girl.

All the love in the Universe to you, from Momma Julie

Lil' Bunny, 02/01/04-06/08/09

We will miss you very much Bunny! We hope to see you again soon and you will come and visit us in our dreams. Love, Mommy, Daddy, Muffin, Puffin, Rerun, Lil' Spike, Skeeter, and fishes

L'il Doogie, 09/07/01-05/23/09

My heart is filled with the bond we shared. I didn't know people could be spiritually connected to an animal. You taught me so much and I will never stop missing you. See you when I get my wings. I love you.

Carmelle LaMothe

Lil Dude, 12/04/04

Lil Dude was a very special kitty that lit up our life.
He was 9 when he died of kidney failure and I buried him in the yard with his own marker.
He was a beautiful blue gray color and was very much loved and missed.

Vicki Sharp

Lil Girl, 06/96-03/01/09

I lost my cat early this morning. She had had several strokes with me not knowing as I work everyday and by the time I come home all seemed fine until I noticed her the other day walking into things.

She kept up her appetite until about an hour and a half before I took her into the animal hospital which was a total joke. They knew she was dying by looking at her, we did not. We thought she could take some meds and be okay. We were there for four hours and when we took her home with big payment to them, 3 presriptions, and not even an hour later she had a final stroke that wound up killing her. But she waited until she made it home and down in her room before she passed away.

She was very dedicated to me. I think she thought I was one of her kittens as she had none, but when I meowed she always came to me.

We had her for 13 years this year and I will miss her so much. I am lost without her. Although I have another cat, she isn't Lil' Girl.

RIP Lil Girl, I miss you already!!! Jillian & Ms. Smack, and Joe will miss you too. I have so much so say but I'll make a website and put her on it. Thank you for reading this.

See you at Rainbow Bridge Danie.....
I love you,

Lil Miss Muffit, 3/2/2004 - 9/8/2009

Lil Miss Muffit where do I begin. You came to us at 8 weeks of age and we drove with you to B.C. Those were such happy times. When we came back we decided to leave our condo in Toronto and move to Northern Ontario into a house so you would have the freedom to be a dog. You loved to run and play and even got used to riding in the boat and loved to ride in the jeep with dad with your ears flying in the wind as you went up and down the driveway. You were small (9 lbs) but feisty. If you saw a deer on hill you would chase it away so it would not eat mom's garden. You loved when people came over, especially our grandchildren, Troy, Jonah, Bronwynn and Zara and they loved you. Most of all we loved you so dearly, today our hearts are broken. A truck came up the driveway even though it was marked private, children and dog in yard, and hit you. You died instantly. My only comfort is knowing you did not suffer. We will miss you so much and right now we don't know how we can live without you. Good-bye our little darling-why did it have to happen?
Good-bye from all of us-Mom and Dad
Daralynn, Bronwynn and Zara
John, Kathy, Troy and Jonah
Buckets and Champ

Lila, 01/15/08

Lila you have been the best.
We are going to miss you so much.
I hope your buddy Willy will be waiting for you.
We will love and miss you always!!

Sally and Erich

Lilith, 09/14/95-03/24/09

Lilith loved life.
She loved me.
She loved her sister Psyche who passed before her.
She loved life and celebrated as best as a Beagle could by wiggling, wagging, sniffing and kissing as needed/appropriate.
Lilith brought much joy to my life and at least a moment or two of smiles to those she met.
Lili saw life as a huge cookie out of which one should take huge bites.
My sweet girl; my best friend.
I shall miss you like crazy, but you have taught me what living life to its max can be.
I meet you and your sister, Psyche, at the Rainbow Bridge when my time here is done.
You will always be in my heart.
I love you - Mommy

Lilli, 06/17/09



Lilli, 09/01/91-04/02/09

Alla mia amatissima banbina.
Spero che tu ora sia con Pepe e che stiate correndo felici.
Sarete per sempre nel mio cuore e nella mia mente


Lillian Grace ~ Lily, 12/18/07-03/28/09

Lily Girl, how I miss you. I cry myself to sleep every night, it's so hard to go to bed. How I cried and held you that day, I didn't want to let you go. I still don't want to let you go. I want you back here, I think about having another furbaby but then I think of you and that won't be fair to you, me or the newest furbaby. So maybe one day ~ for now I think of you all day and all night and even in my dreams. I see you everywhere. I will see you soon, and go to Daisy and Teeva and give them kisses for me. Bubba misses you too.


Lillie, 01/27/06-05/30/09

Daddy missed you so my little Bunny girl...
You left Daddy too soon...

Play with Tassie; Pavo & Mr. M. until Daddy gets back home to you...

St. Martin; St. Francis; St. Rocco & St. Blaise,
take care of Lillie until I get back home to be with her again!

Ray Baker

Lillie, 07/17/01-02/20/09

Lillie you were a special part of our family. I esp. miss you giving me "attitude",and your greetings. You always remain in my heart and I will miss always.


Lillie Belle Morgan, 06/05/97-06/22/09

My Lillie was one of the best froends I ever had- I was told yesterday that she had been sick with cancer a long time but until the last 3 weeks she never showed any signs.
I lost my father last year and she was my angel and my shoulder to cry on and I guess she felt she had to be there for me. I am glad I was there for her until the last minute I held her in my arms and felt her soul leave me. She is truly going to be missed and there is a huge whole in my heart where she was. I hope and pray that I will see her again under the rainbow bridge.

Kathy Morgan

Lillie Mae, 03/26/98-05/11/09

My baby was pure of spirit, wild of heart, and a lover of food.
She was so very special to my husband, me and her big sister. Little Lillie (and I use little loosely because she weighed 103 lbs.) died as she lived, the center of attention and smiling.
She and her sister were rescue pups that had been abused for months before we were blessed with them.
Lillie never seemed to be affected by her early months because she was always outgoing, loving, funny, and full of life!
She was so very very ill from what we think is cancer.
It robbed her of what she loved doing the most, eating and playing chase.
In the end she couldnt stand, eat, or breath.
As much as we loved her it would have been so very selfish for us to keep her alive.
I thank God that she only suffered a very short time.

I worry, however, about her big sister (by 6 minutes) who took care of her before and after my husband and I came into their lives.
Please pray for my baby Lillie that she is running, jumping, and eating great food in heaven with many friends.

But please also pray that her big sister, June, learns to adapt to being the only puppy in the house.
Big Sister, June, has always been the serious, high strung sweetie and she is very scared right now. I try not to cry in front of June because she is very perceptive and looks plantively at me, not understanding why I wont go get her sister.
I love them both so very much and never wanted anything scarey to ever happen to either of them EVER.
I feel I have failed because Lillie ended up in the hospital for the last four days of her life and Junie is left alone.

Thank you for allowing me to let others know how wonderful Lillie was and is.
Bless you.

Barb Wilburn

Lilly, 07/11/09

Lilly we are so grateful to you for coming to live with us in your Forever Home.
We hope that this last year was the happiest one of your life.
Thank you for all of the gifts you brought us.

Jennifer Williams

Lilly, 06/24/09

Lilly, your Mommy and Daddy miss you and love you so very much.

Lilly, 06/19/08-06/22/09

She was sweet, kind, and lovable. She left us too soon.


Lilly, 06/09/09

Lilly or baby Lil was truly one of the most exceptional and loving friends anyone could have ever known. She was known as the little white nurse. She comforted us and loved us for fifteen years. She was our little girl. Our hearts are broken, but we know we will see her again one day.
She is now in heaven sharing her love with others. We miss her and can not wait to see her again one day

Lesley and Kent Cobb

Lilly, 05/31/09

We miss you so much Lilly. So much. You've left a terrible void in our home and hearts, and we all miss you more than you believe is possible.

Find Es up there and have fun running with her. Don't lie in the sun for too long though, and don't eat any soil!

We'll meet again. But until then, an hour doesn't go by without me thinking about you.

Dave Collins

Lilly, 07/27/92-04/13/09

Lilly passed on April 13th, and the grief is overwhelming.
She was a few months shy of what would have been her 17th birthday.
The passing did not come easily for her.
For several days she refused all food and water, and then she started losing the ability to walk.
Soon she was in pain, and yelping and struggling, and we had to hasten her passing with help from the vet.
It was the worst experience myself and my 2 grown children have ad to endure.
Lilly's was a rough life.
By the time we got her when she was 2 she had had 4 previous owners.
No one ever seemed to have latched on to this runt of a beagle.
She was never properly housebroken, and had lots of other beagle undesirable traits, but as the years went on she become the most loving, loyal and cuddiliest of friends.
She slept in my bed for nearly 15 years, and was my constant companion each morning and each night.
I really don't know how I'll ever be able to get over the grief of losing this loving little girl.
But as I told her on her last day with us, I was getting her help to get over the pain because I loved her sooooo much.
I know she appreciated that, and I so hope to be able to visit her again some day.
Lilly's mom, Nancy

Lilly, 01/06-03/26/09

We will miss our Bunny Boodles.
You were truly a one of a kind bunny.
Love Always,
Jennifer, Tim, Tracy and Dylan

Lilly, 21/06/95-16/03/98

Lilly, eleven years have passed and I still want just one more hug. Your life was too short!

Nicky Rowlands

Lilly, 02/08/09

A good dog who will always be palying with the squirrels at the rainbow bridge. Always there to wake me in the morning to a wet nose and a warm heart. I will miss you and will meet you at the rainbow bridge. I love you, be a good dog for you will always hold a special place in my heart.

Love Daddy

Lilly, 03/04/94-01/23/08

Lilly girl, Its been one year since youve been gone.i miss you everyday .my heart is still broken .i will never forget all the joy you brought to our lifes.i still catch myself
looking where you used to lay.and all the cute stuffyou loves you baby girl until we meet again take care of mom dad jared buddy dogxoxoxoxo

Lilly, 08/18/07-01/05/09

I'll forever miss you Lilly. I'm so sorry things turned out how they did, i didn't mean for it to turn out that way.
Your now with Daisy, Floyd and Harry. Say Hi to them for me.
Till we met again, forever in my heart, i'll never ever forget you.


Liz Harrigan

Lilly, 11/11/96-12/05/07

my big sweet angel,you are in my heart always.It's been a year since I felt your soft fur.Your sister moxy joined you on dec 27/08.So now your not alone anymore.Until we meet again,huggs and kisses ,mommy

Lilly Bug, 11/01/06-01/30/09

Lilly Bug saved my sons life. She had THE most loving personality and spirit of any dog. She truly owned ME, helped me through so many hardships since I got her. She was so kind and such a loving soul. My heart is severely broken for losing her to a tragic accident. I'm never going to forget her, I couldn't. I miss her so much, she was not just a dog or pet to us, she was part of the family. I love you Lilly Bug, I will miss you always.


Lilly Taylor, 03/19/09

Lilly was my baby girl, my constant comfort and companion who never judged me and always loved me.
I will forever miss her full body wag, her smile, her sad eyes and her kisses.
She will always be in my heart and I pray she is safe and happy always.

Tara Taylor

Lily (Lily-Bug, 3/12/08 - 11/16/09

Our Lily-Bug was such a special girl. The first "out of the chute" in our second (and last) litter, she weighed only a couple ounces. She had to be bottlefed 'round the clock, since she was born with a cleft lip. She couldn't latch on to her mamma.

In spite of many offers to purchase her, we kept Lily for ourselves, as the bond had already been forged. We loved our Miss Lils, more than either of us could imagine.

When my husband had surgery last July and came home, disabled, and unable to return to work, Lily was his lap-mate; the ultimate "velcro-dog," never leaving his side until I would come home from work.

She slept with us every night. She would start out curled up under my chin, and sometime after I fell asleep, she would get between Johnny and me, head on the pillows, covers up to her chin, and most mornings that is how we'd find her. Sometimes, though, she would wake before we did, and would bring us around by pats on our noses with her little paw, and little Lily-kisses on our faces.

That little dog brought more joy into this house than either of us had imagined. She was such a special girl, giving more than she received, I'm sure...

Her illness came on fast, November 13, 2009, when she had her first seizure, and we lost her the following Monday morning after a particularly gruelling grand mal seizure.

Only a week later, we are still devistated. Not a day has gone by that we haven't shed a tear since she got sick.

When we brought her home from the vet, in the little casket, we decided right then that we would bury her near the deck, where we spend our summers by the pool, under the Bradford Pear tree that she favored so much. We also planted various types of lilies as a tribute to our sweet little dog. This past weekend I spent bricking it in with decorative stone, and pond and river rock. We are currently looking for a fitting slate memorial stone to immortalize our girl.

I will light a candle tonight for Lily and all the other pets lost this week, and will continue to do so. To love and to have been loved by a dear pet is something that everyone should experience, but not everyone can.

In memory of our Lily-Bug.....


Julie & Johnny Wall

Lily, January 2,1996 - August 24,2009

It is with a sad and heavy heart I regret to inform you that on Monday, August 24, 2009, our Lily told us she was ready to leave her earthly life and set out for the path to Rainbow Bridge. Although she was only able to share four and a half years of her life with us, they were wonderful years filled with many happy memories.

We were so fortunate to have been in a position to be able to accept Lily into our family when the situation of her former family no longer wanting her arose. Their loss was truly our gain. Lily was a grateful member of our family right from the start. Lily had a respect for Miss Kitty, who lived here before her, and a great love for each of us individually. It was like Lily knew Heather saved her from an untimely death when she pleaded Lily's case to us. Believe me, it wasn't hard to plead with this bunch. The same night that Heather told us about Lily, Danny BEGGED her to take him to the Veterinary hospital so he could meet the soon to be newest member of our family! Heather spent a lot of time with Lily in her early days with us, thus giving Heather the title of Lily's "Mommy". Lily would see her off to work, and be waiting at the door with a never ending tail wag when her "Mommy" came home in the evening! Heather got married in May and moved only seven minutes away, so Lily still got to see her Mommy often. And if Lily missed her Mommy, she knew just what tricks to pull to get Heather over here PRONTO!!!

Danny was Lily's "alpha male". Early on, she loved to play fetch with him, and go for truck rides with Danny when he first got his license. On a particular day when we took Lily to Round Valley Reservoir, Danny was throwing her orange retreiver in the water, a game Lily truly loved. On this day, Lily decided to put one over on Danny. When he threw the retriever as far as he could in the water, she sat in the sand, waiting for him to go get it. Once he took his socks and shoes off to go in to get it, she jumped in right after him to get the retreiver!

We surprised Erica with Lily, as she was living on campus at Marymount University at the time. One night Erica decided to "prank" her sister Heather by calling her and telling her she won a prize. Heather bought into it, and Erica, acting as a radio announcer asked Heather about her family. Heather went on to tell the "announcer" that she had a brother, a sister, a cat and a dog, to which Erica, the announcer replied, "Wait a minute, we got a dog??" The gig was up, and Erica couldn't wait to get home to meet Lily!

My Lily was my soul mate. She stole my heart the minute I laid eyes on her. I couldn't have asked for a more grateful, well behaved dog, right up to the end, and I couldn't have loved her more. She brought so much happiness and peace to me with just her presence, and she was the reason I flew home from work every afternoon. I don't know which of us was more happy to see the other...Lily, so that she could get out in the back yard to play and then get dinner, or me, to get that so sought after greeting, that no matter how challenging my day was, Lily was glad to see me, and her wagging tail would shake her whole rear quarters! She was a great listener also...I could tell her anything, and I knew she wouldn't judge me, rather, it always stayed between Lily and me! I miss her terribly, and she will always have a special place in my heart.
Now it's time for Lily to run and play in the green meadows, and wait for her humans to catch up with her so we can cross Rainbow Bridge together.

Lily, 04/19/06-07/08/09

our lily left us on 7/08/09 she was a wonderful and we will miss her very much . we love you lily and you will never be forgotten. I hope you are having a great time at the rainbow bridge with your sis lola , daisy, maggie , kippy and ginger . we love you!!!
<3 <3

Jennifer Gundlach

Lily, 06/03/06-07/11/09

I'm so sorry I couldn't be there for you, and I'm so sorry that you were alone.


Lily, 01/01/95-07/05/09

The best friend any of us could have had and a brilliant ambassador for dogs. Gentle and obedient but with a fun streak. LIly brought such happiness to our lives. We know she'll have found new friends (and old)

Sally Robertshaw

Lily, 10/08/95-05/11/09

To my beloved Lily in heaven.
Mommy mourns your loss and sends you all her love. I will always remember you.


Lily, 06/01/99-04/06/09

To my beloved Lily - thank you for all the love and support you gave me throughout your precious life.
I miss you so.

Catherine Brumley

Lily, 04/27/09

We will miss you, Lily!!!
At least now you can run and play and not be in pain anymore.
We love you dearly!!

Larry and Jamye Harris

Lily, 02/02/06-03/05/09

Oh, my little Lily girl, you were loud and bossy and, if there was trouble, you were right in the middle of it.
It is so quiet and lonely here without you.
You were a short little furball, but you would not have been any more one of my kids if you walked on two legs and had long blonde hair.
I have a huge hole in my heart and I'll miss my little kissy-face girl every day of the rest of my life.

Lily, 02/06/09

Thank you Lily for blessing me the past 7yrs with you in my life.
I loved you with all of my heart and gave you a life any dog would be jealous of.
You brought so much joy and smiles to everyone you met and you will be missed by many.
Love you always....


Lily, 01/03/94-02/18/09

Goodbye Lily. You are finally free.


Lily, 11/29/02-01/23/09

Lily was the sweetest, most gentle and loving kitty ever.
She loved to be with her human family and was the bright spot in all of our lives.
She was taken far too soon by cancer - she was not even 8 years old.
She tried hard to fight for survival, but it was not be be.
The void she has left behind will never be filled.

Cheryl Vodzak

Lily aka Sweet Lil, 10/02-01/09/09

Lily you were an awesome Boxer. A sweetheart, a lover of humanz and a gorgeous specimen. You ate lizards, and wiggled your butt and were an awesome companion to both Jasmine and Daisy. You loved my mom and she loved you. Now you get to meet Zach. Hope your journey was swift, your memory will be cherished by lots. Muah!

Marshall and Megan

Lily, 06/02/96-11/29/08

Dear Lily,my beautiful, big brown Burmese. I miss you so much. I love you sweet, sweet Lily, it is so hard being without you.


Lily Bart, 11/12/07-04/13/09

Lily Bart, my beloved fur baby, was taken from me today. My heart is breaking more than I can explain. She was named after my favorite character from Edith Wharton's novel,
_The House of Mirth_. Just like the character, Lily was a upper class dog who did not want all that went with the upper class lifestyle. She enjoyed jumping into the pond in the backyard, but would only eat Blue Buffalo dog food. She was picky about certain things, but aren't all ladies? I can not wait until that day that she runs and meets me again. I love you Lily Bart. You are always in my heart!

Crystal Baker

Lily Bean, 03/27/02-03/08/09

In loving memory of our Lily Bean.
We miss you mama.

Kyle & Matt

Lilly Braun, 06/11/09

I Miss Our Lilly Kitty we loved her dearly and think about her daily ..She sent us two angels to give us the love we so miss from her... my sweet kitty love.. my little triangle nose
she was not my kitty but she touched my life i loved her it shattered my world when she passed I will always wonder if we chose what was right she was taken way before her time.. I BLAME THE EMERGENCY VET I feel they prey on pet owners when they are at their worse... Lilly I miss You And I LOVED You! I am sorry I was unemployed... baby forgive me.. Poor Baby I am sorry I failed you.. Lilly I love You We All Miss You I hoped We made the right choice! I Look back and I would have paid any amount to make you better. Dam Vultures forc me while I was down.. Lilly Forgive Me..

Arianna Shaunie Chris

Lilly Bug Whittemire, 01/01/03-06/27/09


Lily Dale, 09/20/96-01/13/09

Lily was the best dog for a girl that was afraid of dogs. She immediately accepted me and I loved her from the moment I met her. She helped us through so much in the 8 years she lived with us.We will miss her terribly but, now she can run with my mom and watch over us from above.

Jerry and Leah Davis

Lily Gundlach, 07/08/09

my lily passed away on 7/8/09 she was diagnosed with wobblers syndrome in may and this horrible disease took over her body in such little time
and she could not walk anymore
and along with this horrible disease she had weak hurt. we miss her very very much and wish she was still here with us. my tribute to her is that I hope she is in peace right now but still with us in spirit .

Jennifer Gundlach

Lily Lee, 02/28/09

My beloved Daisy had been gone two weeks when a chubby fluff of silver gray fur came marching down the street. I was so raw with grief I was determined not to have another cat. But this little one didn't leave. One day, after I rescued her from a tree guarded by a barking dog, we bonded. She became my Lily. Or I became her Ann.

During the next 15 years, she got her own cat (Sage, abandoned at 4 weeks old in a field), she befriended the local utility workers (who regularly rescued her from my trees), she gained weight while on diet food by finding Callie's petdoor next door (used the litter box after lunch there, too), she invented the sport of bath tub wrestling (with Sage), and had entirely too many adventures and activities to list. Of course, sometimes she just like to doze with her head resting on the edge of her water fountain. A girl's got to get her beauty sleep.

She always sat either with her paws crossed, like a lady, or sprawled wantonly, sharing the glorious tummy. She was a beautiful silvery blue grey, solid except for three white spots placed perfectly as though pasties and a g-string. Sometimes her eyes were golden; sometimes they were emerald green. They were always beautiful and interested in everything.

Her joy in life, her constant fascination with my every move, her soulful looks into my eyes; I miss her so terribly right now I can hardly stand it. There is no expressing the love and happiness this little girl brought into my life. I thank God for the day she sashayed down my street and every day she ruled this house since.

This week, her kidneys failed. It was so complete and so quick there was no saving her. After letting her have a little time around her favorite places and things, after trying to see if she could quietly drift away, it became obvious that she would not.

Her dear vet and tech gently helped her leave us this afternoon while I held her and kissed her sweet head. I just hope I made her feel loved these last two days and in those last moments. She certainly gave me a lifetime of unconditional love.

My Lily. There'll never be another.

Ann Ours

Lily Valentine

I love you Lily, Gracie is up there to keep you safe and happy I hope you make lots more friends tell me everything when i go there.

Kat Lloyd

Lina, 11/26/96-07/02/09

Lina - the Boo, Lina Bear, cheese dog, big brown bear, buddy, best friend - we had to let you go to Rainbow Bridge today.
It was a beautiful day with blue skies, no clouds and warm sun, just like our last walk.
I am devastated but still comforted in the fact that you will be happy and strong when we meet again at the foot of the Rainbow Bridge.
You will always be in my heart and in my thoughts (especially every time I open a cheese wrapper).
Run free again with no pain my sweet friend.
I will miss you always until that day that we are reunited.
My love for you is as endless now as it was during your life.
Thank you for your unceasing love, and your Lina kisses, and taking us for walk-walks and ri-rides.
Mommy and Taylor miss you so much too, and I hope Lenders Beagle was waiting for you when you crossed so that you two could play and wrestle like you did years ago.
Play, run and catch tennis balls again my sweet girl, and I will never forget you, and always love you, my best friend.

Jim Yeager

Lincoln, 20/03/99-12/03/09

Lincoln was totally amazing,i miss him so much and always will,he was our life and the memories will hopefully turn to smiles instead of tears god bless you my little man,till we meet again,love you xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Mark Tomlinson

Linda, 02/02/98-07/17/09

Linda, you've been a part of our family for so long.
It's hard to believe you won't be patroling our yard anymore.
We miss you so much.
Life will never be the same.

Christy Zamboni

Linda Lu, 05/19/99-06/14/09

Hi my name is shawn and I am 8yrs old.
Linda Lu was my first horse and she was also the best baby sitter ever. She tought me and more people how to ride and was an insperation to use kids. She was the best. No horse will ever be as good as Linda Lu. I will always Miss and Love her and she will alway be in my heart. I Love You Linda Lu.


Lindy, 03/02/95-01/06/09

You taught me how to love.


Linebacker, 04/01/89-07/21/08

She was my best friend for 19 years and I miss her so much.

Carolyn Alms

LingLing, 01/30/08-12/31/08

My one and only LingLing.
I loved you.
You were taken by accident at a very young age.
You have a special place in my heart now and forever. R.I.P my kitty cat. Until we meet again.
I love you always

Brenda Katzer

Linus, 03/01/07-02/01/09

Lucy and all of us will miss Linus, our special Meadowlark little pup.
In one to two weeks, we will see Linus's lasting gift to his little furbabies born.

Karen Kohlruss

Lion, 07/04/90-02/05/09

To my best girl, I could not continue to see you suffer. You gave me almost 19 years and I will miss you forever. I hope to see ypu again. Rest in peace baby. I LOVE YOU. Daddy

Lisa, 01/01/91-05/16/09

I've lost today my best friend and can t stop crying. Lisa, you ll be in my heart for ever and I pray to see you again when i leave this world. It s so dark now, Life is so sad without you.
I love you

Jãrg Propach

Lisamarie, 12/01/94-07/27/08

I will miss you forever. You were the best gift I ever received and I can never forget.

John Kiriacon

Little, 05/08/09

I love you Little. I hope you know you brought so much joy to my life and our lives. I hope you were not in a lot of pain? We tried our best to help you hunny. I think about you constantly and hoping you are in Heaven and we will be reuinited soon. Love Kevin.

Little Bear, 12/16/00-03/28/09

Little Bear

A flicker of light came my way
and chose a place in my heart to stay.

In a time of trouble and days most dire
this flicker of light rekindled my fire,

pulled me up from the woes and strife
brought new hope and joy to my life.

Through good times and bad, laughter and tears,
as a whirlwind, has passed away these years.

This flicker of love became so bright
it was called away to assist in God's light.

Who had sat at the side of this greatful man,

has went to sit at the Creator's right hand.

Be it Shepard, Setter, Terrier or hound
no better candidate could be found.

Not one as true could ever be there
as my friend and companion,
Little Bear.

In Loving Memory of
Little Bear
March 28, 2009

True and Trusted Friend

Ben Nolan

Little Bear, 02/24/09

He was the most beautiful little boyl A TRUE Angel from Heaven and now he has returned home as one of "God's Kids." Bless you Little Bear! Be there for Mommy when I come home.

Jenny Pond Muckerman

Little Bird, 09/12/08

Aloha oe little bird. So tiny and vulnerable, you never really had a chance. I did all I could and I'm sorry that I couldn't have done more to help. God bless.


Little Bitt, 04/29/09

He didn't care about playing, he lived only to be in your arms.
He was my little "Piggy" cause if you scratched his back just right he'd oink.
Goodbye my friend, I'll see you on the other side.


Little Cat, 01/11/09

We all love you and miss you little Cat.


Little Dog Emile, 4/17/93 - 8/17/09

Our little angel here on earth... and she remains our angel now in spirit form. I'm going to miss you every single day, Little Dog. But our hearts are connected in a way even death can't separate... I feel you and I pray you can still feel my love and kisses.

You'll never be forgotten and memories of you still bring smiles. You are my sunshine, my only sunshine, you make me happy when skies are grey. You'll never know Sunshine... how much I love you, please don't take my sunshine away!

Love you forever.

Little Girl (AKA Spoildy Woildy and, officially, TIffany), Feb 23, 2000 - Nov 27, 2009

To our much loved Little Girl, Chris and I miss you so much, honey. The house seems so empty without you and I keep finding things of yours that have been so much a part of our life with you for so long that I don't even see them, like tonight when Chris was vacuuming and pointed out the two scratching posts. You came into our lives 9 years ago, a tiny little pet some fool had abandoned; the vet said you were about 8 months old and already fixed. I saw you in the parking lot, you little tortoise shell beauty with the big green eyes and beautiful markings and that amazingly fluffy tail of yours, crying for food, and of course I put some out for you, and you started coming to our door on the second floor of our apartment building, and I left food out for you there. At first, both of us felt unsure of whether we should live together, me used to my kitty-free home, you liking to run free. But then the board threatened to trap outside kitties and so I brought you in and after awhile, you stopped trying to run away. Oh how we loved your sassy little personality, squeaking for food and then walking away when we put in in the bowl, how you ran through the house like a horse galloping after the toy I dragged in front of you just out of reach. How, in the night, you climbed up and sat on my pillowed lap, and sometimes happily slept there, and I wanted to stay forever like that, you purring away, and only moved when nature forced me to. How I'd think of you and then there you would be, psychic little thing. How you comforted me in hard times, climbing on my lap as if you knew I needed you there. Oh, so many hows, little girl. We loved you so and you loved us too, ran to the door when Chris or my car pulled in almost a block away but somehow you already knew. It made me laugh that at first you sought me out the most, probably because I was the first to feed you and hold you and so at first you were in competition with Chris, thought he was a cat, I guess, but you were top cat and so you would bite him knowing that, kind and gentle man that he is, he'd never react. Life was so joyful when you were well and bouncing through the house, and purring up a storm when you were on my lap, and letting me give you mega strokes. I love how you gently batted me or pressed your damp nose against my let when you wanted food, and then ran, tail up, down the hallway, leading me to your empty bowl. But then in April you got sick, and the vet's medicine made you ok for awhile, but then the bouts returned, and I had to force feed medicine down your throat, and we hydrated you, and started feeding you special food, which you tired of but I couldn't give you something different because of your poor little intestines. And how, a few weeks ago, you wasted away to less than 5 pounds, oh, that broke my heart, and the vet wanted to do an ultrasound to find out if it's cancer or something else and you were so sick all the time, girl, I just couldn't see you suffer any more. No longer playing ever, life became a survival thing for you, just feed me, mama, though you couldn't absorb the food, it just went right through you. And the turkey I cooked and blended for you and mixed with the vet's prescription food, it stopped helping you, and finally nothing helped and I cried and cried and had to make the hard choice to put you to sleep. Oh, little one, I hope you know I loved you so and still love you more than my words can say. I'm grateful that I got to look in your eyes and say goodbye in the vet's office yesterday, and tell you that you're going to someplace where you won't hurt any more. I'm so glad you've found it now, little girl. Chris and me, we're walking zombies around this empty house, it feels like a cold cavern without you, so quiet, too quiet. We love you so. We always will. Be happy, little spirit. Thank you for coming into our lives and for sharing our home for the last 9 years. We're stroking you and holding you in our hearts and we'll look for you when we cross over too and be so happy when we meet again one day.

Little Lady, 03/18/95-12/02/07

She was my little best friend, I'll never ever forget her; It's been a year and ahalf and I'm still dieing inside!!!! She is my little angel, I know she's waiting for her momma to find her. I ask girl where are you? momma cant live without you It hurts so bad I never would have thought that you would have to leave me one day. You'll always be mommies #1 baby girl (ALWAYS) I love you Little girl. Remember when it storms to come by momma and I'll protect you. I hold you in my heart I cant wait to come to the other side to find you.Mommy is never gonna let you go ever again. This is soo awful for me to bear.

Dannette Jean Rager

Little Man, April 1995 - September 26, 2009

Little Man, you came into my life as a feral kitten and over the years you grew into the most lovable and affectionate companion I have every known. We are so saddened by your sudden passing and we will miss you always. Love, Mom, Tony and Scarlett

Little Man, 07/94-04/15/09

we will miss u were the most gentle soul...and the best sleep buddy...we loved you very much and always will but know that you will not suffer anymore and are with big brother's
major and scottie...i know you guys were happy to see each you all and will see you all again some day...till then play happy...moma

Little Man, 02/06/09

Rest in Peace Little Man. You were such a sweet and loving little fellow and brought so much joy to our lives. We will never forget you


Little Momma, 01/22/09

To the sweetest and most loving cat I have ever broke my heart to see you suffering as the cancer took over your insides.
And it broke my heart to make the choice to put you to sleep.
May you rest in peace until we are reunited in heaven.
Give your Jesus, my grandparents, and your sister a big hug for me.
I will always love you and hold you in my heart.

Mark Ranney

Little O, 06/25/06-02/20/09

My Little O - you are in my heart forever, my wise and sweet angel. I knew you would not be with me long and my heart is broken to have lost you so soon. But, we knew eachother forever, didn't we....And you stayed with me long enough to teach me the most meaningful lesson of my life. Do not be afraid to love....You are my "girliegirl" forever. I will love you forever.
Rest in peace with your brother Yoda, who is always with me...


Little One (Daddy's feathered Little Girl), 1999 - 10/7/2009

My Darling Little One, Ever since the day you hatched and struggling to survive I knew that you was a special cockatiel. When I use to hand feed you every day it gave me great pleasure. Watching you grow into a beautiful bird was very exciting. Please let your mommy(Duchess), Baby, and Storm that I miss them very much and I think about them all the time.

Little One, 11/04/98-03/23/09

May you Rest in Peace little buddy, and be with Nanny and Grampie.. You will be loved and missed forever.

Alexandra Dauphinee

Little Pretty Hill, 01/10/01-04/09/09

Little Pretty was a beautiful black an white tabby that was a very loved and faithful friend.She was killed in a road accident ,,i had called for her many times and no answer, i knew somethin was wrong ,and at 1:00 am i saw her in the road ,i could have died there with her.She really loved the out doors ,jus makes me sick to see it happen to any animal. I have lost 3 of my little friends in 6 months and it takes the Lords strength to keep me going sometimes ..Little Pretty was well loved by her sister ,the other cats and myself.She would often come to me at nite to comfort me, and bed down next to me. please pray the Lord give us strength to accept it more.just so painful. thanx for allowing me to honor her .your friend dh,plainview,tx.

Little Luck, 04/15/93-06/08/09

Lucky, I will miss your great spirit and gentle presence. I hope Nan found you and gave you a big piece of heavenly honey ham.

Hugs and Purrs,

Little Prince Albert of Duke Dale, 03/12/97-04/21/09

My best friend!
I miss you so!
I know you're happy in Heaven being the "big dog" you always thought you were, and until we meet again, I'll love you always!

Dale Bowman

Little Woody, 11/26/08

Little Woody, how I miss you so much!
We were in Florida when we had to make that terrible discison to have to put to sleep.
What went wrong? You were only 7.
You had an enlarged heart then we found out you had cushing disease.
You then were having strokes. My little buddy!!!
Miss you so much!!!


Livingston, 01/11/09

Livvy took his last breath in my arms. The pain I feel is intense. I miss him so much!

Deneen Carter

Liza Marke, December 5, 2009

Liza was a beautiful gray cat with a white vest, pink nose, and white mittens. She was brave and good, a cat that survived being shot and living a year outside in the bitter cold of a Missouri winter. She became our inside cat, loving and a bit demanding. She loved it when Mom and I were in bed with her - out pack. She stood her ground against all - dogs or cats - to protect us. You fought to protect your kittens and took a bullet in the process. That is strong love. Mom spent almost a year trying to get you to come in from the cold. And you were befriended by a very unlikely source: Wolfie, a chow wolf mix, who "knew" you were special and encouraged you to come in from the wild.

We loved her and she knew it. She was taken from us suddenly with an incurable and painful disease that would have been a very painful death. I cry every day at her loss.

Cats choose you. There have been 4 in out live: TC, Dusty, Skittles, and now Liza. She adored out little granddaughter, Allison, and the other pets know that "something is wrong." I wish I could have saved her. Liza I love you and hope to see you on Rainbow Bridge.


Lizzy, 04/09/09

it was a rough day yesterday. I put my beloved dog - black lab Lizzy down. We had 13 years , 11 pups, many perfect kill gorund hogs, daily trips to the barn and slept together nightly. She loved me more than I think humanly possible. It was peaceful and the right time

Barbara Peterson

Lizzy S, 07/07/09

You are my sweet baby girl. I hope you are no longer in pain or are afraid, and know how very much you were loved and will continue to be loved every day. You will be missed and will always be in my heart.


Lobo, 06/94-02/13/09

Our Lobo was almost 15 years old.
He was an outside dog.
He was house trained at 8 years old.
Lobo was a smart and loyal friend.
We are thankful that we had that many years with him.
We miss him and will always remember him.

Dan and Holly

Lobo, 03/23/09

Lobo, I will always love you. I cherish the years we had together and thank you for all the good times. I'm thankful you are out of pain now.
Someday we'll be together again.
Run free my Big Boy.
It's okay.

Karen Cary

Lobo, Pee-Wee, Damianne, Francis and Little Babies, 02/08/09

My precious little angels, I see now that you were all here for a reason. Lobo and PeeWee-you came to get Danny-Boy, and Francis, you came to get Tabitha and take them to heaven. I miss you all plus Damianne and the Little Babies. It's been a horrible year losing all of you and I am so sad and sick anymore. My heart is broken into a trillion pieces. I have no reason to get up anymore as of last week. I will see you all soon.
Love and thanks for being in my life. Mommy and Ric

Loco, 03/31/09

Loco, dear, funny, faithful cat. Miss you so much. May God hold you in his hands.

Deb Schmidt

Logan, 04/19/07-02/23/09

Logan was a beautiful African Gray parrot who was on this earth for much too short a time.
She brought so much joy and happiness to our home and her passing was the most difficult thing I have ever experienced.
I know she is with family who have passed, waiting for the day when we too cross over and can walk across the rainbow bridge together.

Loyce Henderson

Logan, 03/16/09

Mummy loves you. I miss you so much.


Logan, 08/02/98-01/27/09

Our Scooby, our Mush....You gave us so many laughs, you gave us so much joy, but most of all--you gave us all your love.
We will miss you forever.
Love, Mommy, Daddy, Brandon, Michelle, Madison and Kendra.

Logi, 17/07/97-19/03/09

Remembering a very special companion, we miss you so much, but know you are at peace now.

Margret and Brian

Loki, 03/31/94-08/2006

Loki, my tuxedo cat!
You were such a bright, sweet little guy!
Life was not kind to you, but you took the pills and the injections with never a fight.
I love you and miss you, but I know that you don't hurt anymore.
And I know that your sister is with you now, just as she always was.
I will see you at the Bridge!


Loki, 03/20/09

To one of the most beautiful little girls in the ferret world.
You will be missed so much by your human Mom and Grandma.
But I am sure you will be met over the rainbow bridge by your three little sisters already up there, Cleo, Nibblet and Ophilia.
Play nice and look down on us from time to time.
We will watch for the rainbows in the sky and know you are playing.
We love you all, and will miss you every day.

Marilyn and Lisa Logan

Loki, 03/18/00-03/07/09

You were our sweet girl who we had the pleasure of belonging to for almost 9 years. You battled heart disease during your entire life. You didn't let the shortness of breath, the tiredness, and the 6 pills a day stop you from enjoying the weather, your bones and your friends. We will miss you our Lok-a-potamus!

Sean and Cheryl

Loki, 08/08/94-02/14/08

You know I'll always love you Lokes pokes.
You was my best friend and I miss you so much.
love mummy

Lokie O'Callaghan, 04/28/09

I raised Lokie from the time she was one day old.
She went to work with me everyday in a shoe box. I was her Mother (the only Mother she ever knew).
She never let me sit alone and when I cried she would be in my face to cheer me.
We slept together every night, usually face to face.
I feel so alone without her.
She was my baby girl.

Geneva O'Callaghan

Lola, 03/19/1996 - 12/17/2009

Our Chocolate Poodle  
You were so unique and special to us.  
You were Jimena's best companion and you sure made us laugh.

Little did we know that you were leaving us so unexpectedly and that was very hard.  
But we celebrate life and not death, and we will always remember you for all the things you did that made us laugh and for being so unique and above all so smart. You were such a great lady!  
You will always be in our hearts and we will always miss you!

Susan, Fernando, Raquel and Nick

Lola, July 14, 2009 - September 28, 2009 at 14 wks

I used to just look into your face, staring at such a beautiful face. I miss kissing you and holding you close to my heart. You were my baby more than any other. Oscar, your Boxer brother, found you in the front yard...just born. I fed you, dribbling milk into your mouth to force you to live. Four sleepless nights. Until you got stronger. I gave you Reiki. Lola. Lolita. Such a perfect name for a perfectly beautiful kitten. At fourteen weeks, you were screaming in pain and Said was frantic, calling me on the phone. When I came home, I knew something was wrong but still hoped it was not serious. We rushed you to the hospital, still hoping and praying you would be fine. When the vet explained what you had, I could not hold the tears back. It was one of the worst moments I have felt. I held you and touched you and kissed you until I had to let you go. Until your heart stopped. I miss you so much my darling Lolita. And what a joke on me! You were a boy! But, it doesn't matter. You will always be precious baby kitty. It was too soon. What did God have in his plans for you. I am so broken-hearted. Manolo, your Chihuahua brother, misses you. Your daddy cried so hard for you. I can't stop thinking of you. I will love you forever and keep you in my heart until we see each other again. I love my Lolita.

Lola, 05/16/05-06/12/09

i miss you so much and i love you forever


Lola, 05/31/09

You meant the world to me...youll never know how happy you made me.

Jennifer E

Lola, 04/16/09

I love you and miss you so much. I will never forget you. This is an extended vacation, I will see you again. Have fun playing with grandma now. I love you

Jessie Watson

Lola Dunn, 01/20/05-01/20/09

Lola went to the rainbow bridge on her fourth birthday as she had become ill and the diease was taking too much of a toll on her poor little body. Words can not begin to express the pain and grief that we have in our hearts since Lola's passing...

From the beginning Lola was a fiesty little girl and I truly know I was blessed to have been picked by her to be her owner (she grabbed a hold of my jeans and didn't let go). She was there for me through many ups and downs in my life and never once let me feel like I was alone - she was my little cheerleader. Lola was loved by everyone who met her especially children. When our daughter was born, Lola became like her second mom; constantly watching over her and showering her with love and kisses. I was amazed by the fact that Lola would nessle up on my side of the bed to watch over our daughter as she sleep in her bassinet. I have many wonderful and happy memories of Lola and I know she is now watching over me from above... I needed a sign from her that she was okay and that I made the right decision for her and after an hour of asking her for that my daughter began to chew my jean hem like Lola - God bless Little Lola.

Lola,I cannot wait until we meet again and I can give you the biggest hug and kiss as life is never going to be the same until we are reunited. You are greatly missed by mommy, daddy, Dior, Diesel and Kookai. But I know you are here with us still in spirit as I can sense you watching us from the top of the stairs... My heart broke at having to let you go that day and I still cry over you not being here as our time together was too short but it was a blessing we got to spend time together. I love you very much, Little Lola.

Sarah Dunn

Lola Jazz Terrell-Tiffanigold's Touch of Velvet, 08/19/02-05/25/09

Best little dog in the world.
Champion frisbee catcher -but not retriever ;-)
Saver of a Lost Soul
My "Forever Dog"
Love you Lola-

Lola Mae, 05/25/09

God bless our little girl Lola Mae, mommy and daddy miss you so much.
We are forever thankful for the love you shared with us while you were with us, we only hoped and prayed it would be longer.
God bless the doctors, surgeons, vet techs, physical therapists and everyone at UW Veterinary Hospital for doing everything to help you life a full, healthy life.
Only God knew when you would leave us - we all prayed for your health and full recovery - thank you for all your love, kisses, tail wags, nudges, and every possible way you showed us love.
We were lucky to have you in our lives you mean more to us than anyone will ever know.
God Bless you - you are now living happy and healthy in heaven, playing in the fields with other heavenly angels.
Love - Mommy and daddy - forever kisses my sweet pea - until we see you and hold you again my brave little girl.
I love you forever and ever.

Lolah, 03/29/09

Lolah fought the last battle of osteo sarcoma on Sunday March 29th 2009. She was a brave warrior through an amputation, many many vet visits and countless veterinarian visits. She never voiced complaint or disagreement, even when paralyzed from the waist down and couldn't wag her tail she still had love in her large brown eyes. Lolah was not her cancer but rather a warrior fighting the good fight. My best friend, my other half in canine form, I will miss you and will never forget. Run free my dearest girl on four healthy legs, may you be chasing all the squirrels to your hearts deserve it.

Christine Starkweather

Lolita, 2/1/2000 - 12/8/2009

I miss you so much my "MAMAS". I miss you chasing squirrels and rolling over for treats. I can't believe your gone. Just days ago you were playing and fetching your ball. You were taken away from us so suddenly. I'm so sorry you had cancer that cut you life so short and not knowing that you were sick until it was too late. I know you're not suffering anymore and I have some comfort knowing that. I love you and always will, You will never be forgotten.

Lolly, 10/13/98-01/15/09

For my little girl, who loved like no other.
Devotion was written in your eyes when you looked at me - and when I wasn't there you were still looking for me.
50 years would not have been enough time to spend with you. Your white shine is missed every minute.



London, 2006-07/17/09

London was an incredibly gentle friend who never let me out of her sight. She was so kind, that I often took her to work with me at the mental health facility where I am employed. The patients there loved her and she loved them. On Tuesday, July 7, 2009, she was out with me helping do my farm chores. She loved to be around the chickens, horses, and rabbits. She also loved to ride the 4-wheeler with me! However, on this day, my husband returned home from work and stopped in the driveway to speak to our kids. London thought that he was parking the car, so she walked around the back of the car to greet him. Instead, he put the car back into drive and when he tried to go forward, the car lurched backwards (our driveway is on a hill) and ran over my dear, sweet girl. She was killed instantly in front of me and my children. I am having a terrible time getting that image out of my mind and I miss her like crazy. I don't know how to move on from this tragedy. It just hurts so badly. I hope my furry baby girl finds peace and will wait for me at the Rainbow Bridge. R.I.P. baby London!

Sheri Berry

Loney, 03/10/09



Loni, 04/10/09

To my dear, loving Loni girl. You will be missed, and an empty spot will always remain in my heart for you. Until we meet again at the rainbow bridge, I love you girl.


Looloo, 01/09/01-06/27/09

In memory of the brightest star that ever were the light of my life for 8 short years and you will dwell in my heart forever!!!!From your grief stricken mom and dad

Lori, 02/08/09

Your daddy is going to miss you Lori.
He loved you very much!

Martin Lambert

Lorraine, September 13, 2009

You found me 13 years ago and decided I was yours. I had no say in the matter, and I'm so grateful I didn't, for I couldn't have known the love, happiness and pure comedy you would bring to my life. Everyone who knew you always marveled at the cat who tagged along with her owner on all their dog walks. You knew you were loved and cared for, and that gives me some peace, but not to see you every time I look up, or as I am waiting for you to run out the door with me, is unbearable.  
I miss you so much, my little girl; my heart is broken.  
I have cried a million tears,  
I love you, Lorraine,  

Lou-Lou, 10/28/95-01/15/09

Our Lou-Lou passed away today. She was 13 years old and brought joy to me every day of her life. She was the best friend I have ever had. I pray she is at peace now. I feel like a part of me went with you today. I love you so much , my sweet little angel.

Loudmouth, 02/18/09

We will love you forever my sweet boy.

Allison Mann

Louie, 12/26/96

Louie! We envision you re-united & loving your grandma in eternity. Thank you sweet boy!

Glenn & Ginger Lyons

Louie, 11/15/03-01/02/09

Louie was my baby boy-- my first rescue, my first dog as an adult.
He saven my life when I suffered so terribly from PTSD, and I owe everything to him.
Since then I have saved 100's of dogs, all because of a big red hound with short legs and one blue eyeball.

To me he was the most perfect creature.
So soft, snuggly and loving-- so rough and tumble and rugged at the park.
He was a clown when we'd laugh together, and so very serious and sensitive when I'd cry.
he could make everything "OK"--- he was my closest confidante.

I lived in fear of the day I would lose him-- and on that awful day, I never saw it coming.
He escaped his dog run, and running like the wind (as he loved to do), he led his little pack of 3 straight into an SUV-- taking his sweet life instantly.
It was the moment I had feared.
SO many sacred, precious moments-- gone before I knew what was happening.

I thank god that I told him every single day, looking into his most beautiful, soulful eyes, "Mama loves you so, so dearly, my Bahboo.
You are my gift from God."
There couldn't have been any question in that dog's mind that he was adored.

My heart is broken.
My love is eternal.

Emily Gear

Louie, 03/31/98-01/12/09

Louie, you are so special to us and missed so very much. Since letting you go my heart has hurt like crazy. The kids and have talked about our special memories of you. We remember how you used to steal Patrick's snacks right out of his hand and how you would love to bite at the water coming from the hose nozzle. I remember how you would sit next to my feet when I was cooking just waiting for something to drop. I hardly ever had to sweep the kitchen floor since you took care of it for me. I know how much you loved to eat snow and of course eat anything else you could get a hold of. You were an explorer, I recall many times having to get in the car and drive the neighborhood to find you. I am so sorry it took us so long to find something that would help your skin allergies. I know you spent a long time not feeling great. Louie, I am so thankful for having you in our lives for the last ten years. I miss napping with you and having you sleep at the end of the bed where you would keep my feet warm. We miss your presence and your love.

Many hugs and kisses
Your family

Louie, 01/16/00-01/16/09

Your sudden death leaves us devastated.
You were pure joy--you touched our souls! We will miss you forever. "So long Sweet Prince/May flights of angels sing thee to thy rest."

Anita & Roger Sweeney

Louie Fielding, 01/16/09

my all life has now gone
he was my friend and my hero love you so much my baby boy louie

Sharon Fielding

Louie Louie Rendon, 09/21/08-03/16/09

You'll always be our biggest boy.

Hector and Giselle

Louie The Basset, 07/30/97-06/15/09

Louie was a very loving and affecionate Basset hound that melted the hearts of many. He was very courageous and protective of his keepers He will always be remembered, loved and missed.

Stanley & Nancy Matys

Louis, 06/23/09

Louis -

You were my teacher and my dear friend.
Thank you for choosing me - I will love you forever.
Godspeed my boy!

Wanda Woodworth

Louis, 04/10/04-01/07/06

It's been almost two years and I still miss you.
I will always love you my little man.

Jessica S

Louisa Maude, 03/02/97-01/22/09

My precious girl I am heartbroken. You're not here. I miss you with all my heart. Gone is the pain and suffering, gone is the sickness.
Blessed release has come and you are happy and healthy and whole once more

Bonnie Valentine

Louise, 03/28/09

Louise had many friends, human, canine and feline and was loved by all. She will be greatly missed.

Ruth, Jim and Kitty Wampus

Louise - Ch. Liberty's Return Engagement, 10/03/98-01/25/09

Louise was the companion to Carol Ann, and mother to several champion offspring Silky Terriers.

Mark Robitaille

Louise, 05/03/07-10/14/08

You came into my life when I needed you most.
You gave so much of yourself to me- in my pain;

even when you were suffering.Such unconditional love you gave. I wish I could have done more for you, my sweet Lou.
I always knew our time together would not be as
long as it should have been; but this was too short.
I needed you so much more.
I will always rememebr your last shudder, your last breath. Your unconditional love for me will be with me for the rest of my life.
Julius misses you and I know still looks for you.
I know you are no longer in pain and suffer not-
I only wish we had more time together.
I needed you more-you had to much to give.
There is always a reason when it is time to go-
so when we all meet again you will fill me in.
I will love you forever.
Until we meet again,

Momma Joy

Lovely, 2000

thanks for being my best friend.....


LoverBoy, 02/13/09

I dedicate these words to you my sweet LoverBoy named such because you were the total exaltation of pure love. You found us and we weren't looking. You came out of nowhere soon after the we lost our precious Jimmy. I don't know your birthday, my dear one, but my guess would be that you were born about the time Jimmy had left us.
You were almost his twin, except your eyes were of two different colors, one sky blue and the other amber, but you were pure white like your spirit.
You brought us many years of joy.
You used to hang out with my grandchildren and the neighbors' children who also loved you.
You walked with me and my mother to the mailbox every day and back.
When you came in from being outdoors, you talked to us and chortled, rubbed up against us, and when my mother and I sat down to watch TV, you were there with us, keeping us company with your purring.

How is it that you left us so suddenly?
How is it that we didn't know you were sick?
We had no time to prepare for your departure, my sweet angel kitty, and I'm so sorry your was so great in the end.
We will always remember you and miss your sweet purrs and chortles and your smooth white coat.
We will never look into your blue and amber eyes again, we know that, but we will never forget you.
You left us with many sweet memories, and may you know that you were loved and may you be at peace and now it's time for you to purr and chortle to the angels who are now taking care of you, my sweet furry baby, until we meet again....
When it is our time to cross over, please be there to greet us.

Anna Siroky

Lovie, 10/26/98-08/12/04

Our first Bun by fate, which turned into our lifetime of love for these endearing, sweet & beautiful creatures.

Glenn & Ginger Lyons

Loxley, 05/01/91-04/14/09

Loxley was my best buddy for just short of 18 years. He was one of those very special animals who just knew what his human needed. Even as his health declined, he would lick away my tears. He will always be in my heart, and I look forward to our Reunion on the other side of the Rainbow Bridge.(His first question will be where are his treats, so I'll be sure and bring plenty!)

CJ Barwin

Lucas, September 7th 2009

To Nya's Pet Lucas:

" a tribute for Lucas...except that he was a fat, funny, leaping rat, lol. xD Mochi definitely misses him, and has been beating up Klaus because he is bored." (Nya)

As for me, I would like to say even though Lucas was not my pet, I miss him alot, he left lots of nice memories and most of all he left me a precious gift, him along with this bro Klaus and of course Nya taught me how awesome rat are, and 'cause of them I own 3.

So Lucas "The Dude" go on little buddy wherever you are being fat and funny and a leaping rat.

Me and my rats Remmy, Emile and Squall "The Grouch" will keep you in our hearts forever.

R.I.P Lucas

Lucas, 06/30/09

Lucas went from an abandoned dog to a certified Service Dog who helped me do so many things. I will miss him terribly.

Margie Gray

Lucas, 12/26/01-01/09/09

Lucas was taken to heaven at only 7 years old from CRF.
He was truly my soulmate.
I remember the first time I saw him.
The precious kitten crawled up to my shoulder and went to sleep there.
He slept there every night thereafter for the rest of his life.
He saw me through three miscarriages and the birth of my beloved son Kevin.
I feel like a part of my heart and soul has literally been ripped out.
I guess that God needed his little angel back.

Darla Carriger

Lucci, 02/14/94-03/29/09

The coolest cat!
Lived his life never in fear and always showing love.
Beahtiful, purr-fect!
Loved forever and missed each day!


Luci, 02/19/09

We will miss our feisty, pizza-stealing, dog-chasing kitty. She had a long life and we hope it was a happy one.

Jen Pettus

Lucie, 12/30/03 - 03/28/09

This has been the loneliest 6 months of my life since you left me. My life just isn't the same. I so wish I could see your happy face at the top of the stairs, feel the softness of your hair, hear the click clack of your nails as you walk around the house. I cherish those memories dearly. You, in your 15 years with me, taught me the meaning of love and devotion. I guess your work here was done. I pray you are young, happy and free now. Just know you're always in my heart and on my mind. I look forward to that day when meet at the rainbow bridge.
I will love you always,

Lucifer, 03/08/09-05/29/09

Baby, you were a gift. I loved you and I miss you. I'll see you again some day

Hayley MacDonald

Luckie Rainbow Lane, 09/26/96-07/06/09

Luckie was a wonderful companion - really two cats in one.
He loved with all that he had and I will miss his kisses and love nibbles.
He would come when I called him which most cats just will not do.
Most of all he loved me and I he - I don't know what I will do without him.

Barbara J.M. Bartholomew

Lucky, September 1999 - September 16, 2009

Remember me Always

~ Lucky ~

Lucky, 08/20/09

I came to know sweet Lucky first as a sponsor of another pony at Horses Haven and then as a volunteer when I had to hold her on a lead line as she ate and then had the wonderful opportunity to give her legs cold treatments. She was gentle and beautiful and one of the first unknown horses I handled as a volunteer. Even though her original young owner had to give her up when she foundered and had additional health problems, she died very much loved by her sponsor and all the volunteers at Horses Haven. Dearest Lucky I hope that horses wait at the Rainbow bridge for all who loved them as well and I hope you can run free and enjoy green pastures again.

Lucky, 07/13/09

To our friend who will always be missed.

Karen Strausser

Lucky, 07/01/09

I just want to say Lucky is sadly missed. There is not a day that goes by that we do not think about him. We love and miss you terribly Lucky.

Danielle and Family

Lucky, 01/03/09

we miss you so much.
we love you.

Valerie and Larry

Lucky, 04/14/07-07/10/09

Lucky was my baby.
When I found her the day I saw she passed, I thought she was sleeping...til I saw that she wasn't breathing.
I feel as though I could have done something to prevent this from happening.

I found her when she was only a few days old.
I was originally going to take care of her long enough to be sure she was healthy and going to be able to make it on her own.
One day I was upset and Lucky meowed and it sounded like she actually tried to say momma.
That was when I realized that Lucky was meant for me. I had never felt so needed as I did when Lucky would come to me and meow when she was hungry or knew it was time for her feeding.
I will never find another cat quite like Lucky.
And honestly, I don't think I will ever be able to love another cat, or animal for that matter, as much as I love Lucky.
She was/still is my baby.
**Lucky, I love you!
I know that you are safe where you are and no harm can come to you.
I just wish I could have saved you...I miss you sweety!...Thank you for filling that spot in my heart I thought I would never fill...You will always have that spot honey!!**

Sky Bivins

Lucky, 01/01/93-07/09/09

To my faithful companion for many years, older than my son, and outlasting two husbands, you will be missed, but never forgotten.


Lucky, 01/10/02-05/25/09


Lucky, 02/10/99-06/10/09

You were taken away from us too soon, and we miss you already.
For now there is great sadness and my heart is hurting, but there were so many smiles and laughs that you gave to us in those wonderful 10 years of your life.
I hope that wherever you are, Princess is there with you and you're both playing again like you used to...all those years ago.

If there is a place in heaven for dogs, it'll be a better place now that you're there.
We love you, dear Lucky, and we'll miss you...

David & Sherri

Lucky, 08/10/95-05/08/09

I miss you very much. Every time I go for a walk it seems like you are still with me. Remember all the detours we used to take! You loved to go a different way every time if we could, as long as it brought us back home to Dad and Kitty!
She misses you, too!
I hope you've found some really good trails with really good sniffs where you are. Hope to see you again. I know I will.
Love always,

Lucky, 02/01/90-05/18/09

Lucky, You gave 19 1/2 wonderful years of love.
Always remember, I loved you best.

Until we meet again.
I will miss you always.

Flo Aiken

Lucky, 05/12/09

Dear Lucky, God sent you to use. You were rescued from a family that ill treated you and we loved every minute of the time you shared with us. Kashif changed your name from Tinker to Lucky and how fitting a name. You got sick and was gone in two weeks. You hung in not eating for over six days, just waiting for Kashif to arrive from Law School and then you passed on. I am comforted that you knew how much we loved you and I pray that you would have people that loved you as much as we do in your next journey. Yes your mama is still crying and missing your little head perched against my neck.
You are physically gone but always in my heart. Love you always


Lucky, 09/15/93-05/13/09

Fly free Sweet Boy! Send us a rainbow soon! We miss you and will always love you.

Marsha & Larry Marshall

Lucky, 06/01/97-05/06/09

From the first day I saw you in the shelter I knew you were a special dog. You were always there on good days or bad. Always happy to see me.You loved me unconditionally. I will always be grateful you came into my life. I will miss going for walks and rides in the car or the way you would follow me around the house especially at night when it was just you an me. I miss falling asleep with you next to me. I will always love you.

Marianne Duquette

Lucky, 05/2001-05/10/09

I found Lucky moments after she had been run over by a car.
She was 6 weeks old.
I took her to the emergency room and they said she had multiple broken bones, but would surivive with some tlc.
6 weeks of constant nursing, she came out just fine.
She has always been a bit timid, but the most loveable cat I have ever seen.
I know she tried to say "thanks' for saving her by being so loveable.
Well this morning it all ended when she died suddently and without warning.
I am so much at a loss right now.
My heart is weak.

Jayme Sullivan

Lucky, 2001-05/05/09

LUCKY was a beautiful, energetic and friendly cat. Her fur was so soft and her green eyes were so kind. She was full of life and wanted to explore the world. She loved to watch the birds and lay in the sun. On March 17 2009, she got out of the house for the first time in her life and for almost 50 days lived free outside on her own. I am so proud of her for surviving that long in an area where there are wild animals and no food. We did everything to try to find her. We will miss her waking us up every morning at 5:30am our own alarm clock. I never owned an alarm clock in 8 years. We will miss the way she would come running when she heard a can of tuna being opened or when she smelled popcorn and wanted to lick the corn. We will miss the way she would bang her head on the door when she wanted you to open it. Her sister Poco misses her very much and even our pug Harley knows she is not with us. She will always be remembered and I know that God has welcomed her into heaven where she can run free and play and not worry about cars. She was so special to us and we will miss her dearly. We love you Lucky!
Dad Mom Poco and Harley

Lucky, 04/14/09

I miss you everyday.I loved you so much.I miss my moring greetings.I'll always love you.


Lucky, 07/27/95-04/18/09

Thirteen and a half years ago, we picked up a collie-mix puppy from a local shelter. We never knew then just how much she would change our lives.

Lucky, we'll always love and miss you.

Richard, Connie, Sean, and Renee

Lucky, 04/25/00-04/12/09

My Lucky Dog, you were a great companion, my friend, my baby. i love you..


Lucky, 12/15/08

I will always remember the wonderful memories of her she is always in my heart.


Lucky, 09/27/08

You were the best pal and friend we could have ever wanted.
Rest well from your CHF disease and
we will be united some day.

Mark Pincumbe

Lucky, 02/2008-04/02/09

We lost our beloved Lucky today, when a thoughtless and evil man made went out of his way him way to hit him with his vehicle. Lucky was my rock. I am a single mother with 2 small children, and Lucky was in many ways like their father. He watched over both them and myself like he was responsible for their safety, and would have gladly given his life to protect any of us. Although he was only a little over a year old, he carried himself with the grace and wisdom of a dog 5 times his age. I cannot explain in words how much it hurts that he is not with us anymore. The only thing that I can tell my children to try and explain it is that God needed a watchdog more than we did, and that one day when we get to Heaven, he'll be waiting for us. No family could have asked for a better companion, friend, "father", or protector.

Angela Sandlin

Lucky, 04/20/97-03/27/09

We got Lucky when he was almost 2 years old.
When we picked him up we decided he was going to be an outdoor dog.
Yeah right, he instantly had full run of the house.
He had the best personality (more human than dog).
He did everything with dad, he was his shadow.
Lucky would ride with Jeremy on the 4 wheeler, snowmobile, tractor, you name it.

Having him put down was the hardest thing we have ever had to do.
His hips were so bad and he was starting to feel pain, it was what we had to do. We miss him so much. We have many great memories, and funny stories we share often.
We love you Lucky and miss you so much.

"Perhaps they are not stars in the sky but rather openings where our loved ones shine down to let us know they are happy"

Mom & Dad

Lucky, 03/26/09

Lucky ,We LOVE you and you will be missed but you will always be in our hearts.

Sirena Bosarge

Lucky, 03/20/09

I miss you my Lucky Duck. I will always forever love you. You were such an amazing best friend. I miss your sweet kisses. Every day was Christmas for you! Your sister Cinnie, misses you, so does the whole family. I love you and I will see you again someday :-)


Lucky, 01/15/97-06/13/08

What a dog, my best buddy, you ran away from me when we first met, but that quickly changed
We cried, laughed and played together, you seemed to understand all my problems I discussed with you, what a dog.
Luck thanks for coming into my life, I will join you one day, watch for me buddy.

The kids around here sure miss you playing with them.

Thanks for a great life together for 13 years, I cry when I think how sick you were, but I no now you are like a puppy now, and feeling great.

See ya one day my angel boy, watch for me.
Love Mom

Lucky, 02/20/93-02/27/09

Lucky was a part of our family for 16 years. He never asked more of us than love, food, walks, and being with us whenever he could. He was a big dog in a little dog's body. He was attacked by two large rotweillers when he was 5 years old and though bitterly hurt, lived to be with us for 11 more years. He had big loving eyes and the biggest heart of any animal I have ever known. He was suffering and tired, and we had to say goodbye. We are going to miss him every day of our lives, but hopefully will see him again.
I love you Lucky!

Denise Holland

Lucky, 01/19/08

We love you always.


Lucky, 11/2006

i dont know he was my best frand we grue up togetter
and well he was my best frand

Ber Lee Dawn

Lucky, 05/05/92-01/31/09

Lucky -
You were the best dog any could have ever asked for.
We had 16 years of love and fun with you.
You have no idea how much you have filled our lives with love.
You will be missed so much.
We love you.

Loretta, Bill, Billy, Michael & Joseph

Lucky, 07/07/05-02/06/09

To one of the most loving cats in the whole world. You will be missed but never forgotten.

Brian, Tracey, Becca, Jessica

Lucky, 02/06/09

We love you Lucky- you added so much JOY to our lives!!
WE MISS YOU DEARLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Butura Family

Lucky, 04/19/04-01/28/09

Lucky my angel dog i miss you a whole lot and i wish i could see you again.You were my only dog i ever had and i am sad that you are gone forever.Every dog i see reminds me of you.don't worry i will always love you no matter what.That was the sadest moment of my life.I hope you life a wonderful life in heaven. where you could eat and play and do anything you want.I'll never forget the name Lucky. you were out going and brave.
i remeber you used to run around every where and when you went out side.
We all love you
Me,mom,andrea,booboo,jaymee,nana,tata,deena,vanessa,natalie,your dog friends,and my friends.
Have a peaceful journey to heaven my angel...

Amber Velasquez

Lucky, 01/21/09


You were such a good boy... The best dog anyone could ever have. You were so beautiful, kind and gentle, never asked for anything just gave alot.
You know we loved you! I pray to God that you didn't suffer long, and I hope you can now play with Princess.
Until we see you again, Handsome Luck we will miss you and think of you every day!

Mom, Dad, Drea, Damian, Puff, Lala, Sonny & Fredo

Lucky, 09/30/96-01/17/09

Lucky was absolutely the best dog and friend anyone could have.-Actually a dog with manners.
He would look for approval if something fell from the dinner table, and I do not, for a minute, regret feeding you dinner scraps from the table.

I will miss the greetings at night when I came home from work and the enthusiasm when we went for a ride. I just wish I would have walked you more, cause I know he loved walks.

He would gently remind me every evening when it was time to go up to bed, so he could sack out, too.
There are just so many memories and It is so hard getting past this.......

Our house is empty and has lost an energy that was always there with Lucky.

Mom and Dad miss you so much and can't wait to see you in Heaven.

Mom & Dad

Lucky, 02/01/02-01/12/09

In the loving memory of my beloved dog Lucky

Lucky is an angle in my life for 7 years. He has been a good company to me through the ups and downs in my life. He was killed in a car accident just five days I will be reunited with him. He must miss his mummy and home and tried to run away. I miss him soooo much. I want to hold him, caress him and meet his trusting eyes...

Deep in my heart, I will always have an empty place reserved for Lucky. I will carry all the loving memory for him in my life until the day I meet him on the rainbow bridge.

Miss you forever, Lucky! my sweetheart!


Lucky, 01/14/09

"Someone" had put this adorable little puppy in our barn while we were both at work. When we got home that evening "she" poked her head out of the if she was saying.."I'm here!! please give me a home?!!" We already had a dog, Lady, a Black German shepherd, so we didn't know how it would be to "adopt" this little puppy..but she was already tugging at our heart strings. We decided to let Lady decide for us...if she accepted her so would we...the next thing we knew we were deciding on a name! "Lucky" was chosen because we felt she was "Lucky" to have found us...and "Lucky" that Lady wanted a playful puppy know we were the "Lucky" ones!!

Doug and Jeanne Bollenbacher

Lucky (Buddy Cat, Luckster, Duckster, Lucky Ducky, Ducky, Buddy), 10/03-02/16/08

To our baby girl, our buddy cat, Lucky.
We love and miss you so much!
We know you are well again, happy and safe at the Rainbow Bridge.
We will meet again one day at the Bridge.
We miss you every single day.
Please show me a sign that you're safe, happy and still visiting us sometimes.
We love and miss you so very much, my sweet girl!

Sarah and Craig

Lucky, 01/11/09


When our neighbor gave you up because they couldn't keep you when they moved, I knew you would be happy staying with our family instead. I had known you since you fit in the palm of my hand and always had wished I could have you for my pet. When you joined our family my wife and you bonded more then I had anticipated. I am grateful for the time you spent comforting her when she was sick. I will miss your little head snuggling up to both of us at bedtime. I will miss taking walks with you in the summer and having everybody go "look at the hotdog".
most of all I will miss squeezing your nose. sorry you had to leave us early.

Jason Bloom

Lucky, 1999-09/30/08

My best boy I will miss you always and never forget how very much you loved us. Always wanting to please even in the end when you where in so much pain you still talked to me as if to say I will always Love you and its ok its my time to be free of all pain. I am so sorry it took me so long to say goodbye that was selfish of me.Until we meet again my four legged friend you will be forever in my heart and always in my head I Love You Lucky Mom

Lucky, 02/15/93-11/17/08

We miss you Little Lucky Duck.
Dinah has been looking for you.
We will see you at the Rainbow Brige.
Dinah will meet you there some time, hopefully not too soon, and we'll collect you together.
You were such a sweet baby and we're lost without you.
We love you Lucky Duck.
Love, Mom and Dad

Lucky, 01/03/09

to the best cat and friend in the whole world.
We miss you.

Valerie and Larry

Lucky Azevedo, 10/28/02-01/30/08

forever missed.

if everyone says god watches over me, and has been my whole life.. then why has he taken away something that meant so much to me. my other half. my diary? needless to say, ive come to a conclusion that god isn't here. it's all a myth. to me, theres no prof he's real. so why live on what's non-real?
lucky, i love you with all my heart and you'll forever me a part of me. youre the only one who knew all those things that i told you. i miss you so fucking much baby. i know youre safe :x
1-30-08 the house is very quiet without you. kiko misses you. he misses a friend to play around with.
we're getting a new jack russell saturday. just for you :)
when the thirtieth of january comes, we'll get a new grave :)
i miss you sooo much babe.

I lost a special friend today the kind you can't replace, and looking at her empty bed I still can see her face. I see the endless energy the sparkling puppy eyes, Not the tired, fragile friend. I had to bid goodbye. I remember how she'd run to me to play her favorite puppy game, And how her ears would perk right up When she heard me call her name. She started sleeping next to me. Was this her special clue, Because she felt the end was near. I only wish I knew. My Lucky was a special dog. I know she gave her best, But as I looked deep into her eyes I knew it was time, for her to rest.

Tish Azevedo

Lucky Cat (Luckster, Ducky, Duckster, Ducky Cat, Snucky, Snuckster, Buddy Cat), 10/25/03-02/16/08

To our amazing, loving, sweet, perfect, beautiful girl.
We love and miss you so much.
We think of you constantly and know you are in an amazing place.
We miss you so much.
Have fun with Felix, Bert, Ernie, Norman, Tykie, Peanut, Thomas, Buffy, and the others at the Rainbow Bridge.
Someday we will meet you there. Know that we love and adore you and miss you so much.
Pets, scritchies and kisses,

Love always,

Mommy and Daddy

Lucky Dude My Baby, 03/03/66-01/27/09

My beloved Lucky was one of a kind. He loved life and he fought to keep living even when his heart was failing him. Today my beloved lost his battle. He will always be My Baby and I will miss and love him forever and ever.
One day we will be together again and at that time he'll be healed and renewed. Mommy misses you! It's especially hard because you died in my arms today. I have our precious memories, your pictures, blanket and many toys. Rest now my sweet one.
Your Mommy, Kay

Lucky Everett, 04/19/98-02/14/09

As I write this so many memories come back to me about how much joy you brought to our lives. You will always be in my heart.
I know you are in a better place.

Nancy Everett

Lucky Houston, 03/15/92-04/29/09

Lucky lived a happy long life.
She loved to lay out in the sun every day.
She loves to watch birds and butterflies go by.
She loves to have her head petted more than anything.
She was the most gentle cats.
She was always waiting for me to return home for her.
She slept on me too.
I miss her so much because throughout my years she has been the only one who didn't judge me.
I needed her love and she was kind enough to move with me all over the state.

Kirstie Houston

Lucky Kitty, 09/17/96-05/18/09

Beloved cat, Lucky, we were best of friends.
We both knew when the other didn't feel good, so we would always hug each other.
I will forever miss by Beloved Friend, until we meet again.

Jennifer Royce

Lucky M, 08/10/95-06/08/09

My Lucky Dog,
I remember the day Dad found you. He was so excided he found a puppy running down the road!!! Said he sure was cute now, but who knows what he would end up looking like. And you turned out to be the most handsome canine ever!!! You were going to be the "Shop Dog". I don't recall you ever spending a single night in the shop, nor did you want to!!!
You were my best buddy, too! Remember all of our walks to all the different places around here!! We would both get excited to find a different trail all the time. And you would alwasy protect me from other dogs and other people. We had good walks every day!! Even when you got older and your hips got bad, we still went for little walks. They weren't as long, but they were still good.
I miss you very much. The walks aren't the same. No one finding some great new sniff. Or finding a new friend. I hope you have found some great new friends and look forward to meeting them when it's my turn to cross that Rainbow Bridge. I only hope you will recognize me!!

I love you Lucky
Your other best friend
Mom (Toni)

Lucky Mayo, 07/08/09

Lucky was with us only a short time but she was the best little kitten I could have asked for. She will be greatly missed. Hope she is playing with Snoopy at Rainbow Bridge. Your mom loves you always and forever Lucky.

Pam Mayo

Lucky McCormack, 08/10/95-05/08/09

Dearest Lucky,
The spuirrels have returned and seem quite brave since your abscents. We also have a Chipmunk family that has moved in under the shed. They may have been here before but you must have kept them at bay. Your sister Gracie still hasn't gotten her meow back. She's looked for you every day and I think she now knows and understands. We miss you terribly and our hearts still hurt. I'm so sorry I couldn't fix your problems. I know all is well now though. I know you found the biggest stick they have there. Please remember to wait at the bend, we'll be there before you know it.
Say Hi to God for us.
Love you so,
Dad, Mom and Gracie

Lucy, 05/03/09-07/10/09

My little baby we loved you for the short time you were with us.
You touched my soul.
I love you!
I love you!

Anita Rakestraw

Lucy, About 16 years old. 5th September 2009

A tribute to Lucy,

To my lovely Lucy,
I am so sorry I wasn't there at the end; I will never forgive myself for that.
You found Allan (who I hope you are now with in heaven at Rainbow Bridge,)
And me about 8 years ago, from a 'home' across the road, and never went back!
You gave us so much love and affection that we will always remember you.
Rest in peace my beautiful girl, with Allan.
I have a picture on this computer, and have uploaded it in memeory of you, my dear friend.
Love you Lucy.

Lucy, 9/05/09

lucy was much part of our family she was the always there with a cocky head or just a lick when we needed it she was so full of life we loved her so much she loved her toys a toy wouldnt last but maybe 15 minutes it was gone she destroyed it but we laughed watching her have fun with it her brothers tony and baxter a beagle and a mix had fun with her they also miss her she would always chew on the beagle ears so funny she was a good guard dog too any one come over she would have this different bark if she didnt know them GOD PROTECT HER AND WATCHOVER HER i know he will. we love you lucy
mom and dad and cassie (your other mom)

Lucy, 07/05/09

My sweet were the first cat we had as a couple. You were alkso my very first cat ever. Though you mostly tolerated me, you loved your Momma. I will miss you and the belly rub down times you liked so well.

I hope you will find Chloe up there. We will see each other again but not for a long while.


Lucy, 02/01/96-06/28/09

Lucy, you will truly be missed.

Nick , Diana, Marie, and Alex

Lucy, 07/04/09

You were the best! Miss you Lula!! I love you!


Lucy, 06/24/09

My Lucy is a feisty girl, she could take on the world and love with her whole heart. She is truly missed by her sister and her Dad. I love you Lucy you were my bright light in the darkest of days. I am blessed fore being your mom. We will see each other again at the bridge I promise.

Roberta Juarez

Lucy (Goosie Girl), 11/30/93-06/23/09

We were so blessed to have you in our lives. 15 years was not nearly long enough. We love you Goosie Girl

Rich, Sue & Jack

Lucy, 06/25/09

Lucy loved people and always expected them to show proper appreciation for what a beautiful cat she was.
Cuddling and purring were among her best-developed and most-used skills, and she always had an opinion to state or story to tell.
In the fifteen years we had together (she "claimed" me when she was a year old), I never learned her language, but she always seemed to have a good handle on mine and could make her needs and desires know even to silly old me.
I'll miss having her to tell me who I am!


Lucy, 10/96-06/12/09

My Lucy Girl, Thank you for all the days of your precious love. You were so loyal and so loved.
You touched many people's lives.
I pray that you know how much I love you.
I can't wait until we meet again so we can play chase and I can kiss your cute head.
Love, Your Mum.

Lucy, 06/10/09

Lucy found us almost 14 years ago..she gave us nothing but wonderful memories. She was a wonderful dog. We had to make the decision this afternoon for her to no longer live in pain. I miss her already. We love you Lucy.

Kerry, John and Alex

Lucy, 05/08/09

my tribute to my close true friend lucy will always leave a hole in my heart but never leave my mind. she worked very hard to please everyone and affended no one. all that met her will never forget her. she compleated all that was asked of her and much more.


Lucy, 06/09/09

Lucy, you had such love all the time. Your greatest joy was to be in a lap purring and resting. We miss you honey. I miss you honey.I am so sorry for the stuff that happened to you, which were beyond my control. I was so sad..but I knew you were not suffering when we buried your body. I needed a sign that you were ok..and you sent me and God sent me a rainbow in the clouds in the sun and no rain anywhere nearby. Thank you Lucy..I will always love you..I will see you at the bridge one day...give Clarence a hug for me and Willy too....I love you..we love you...and miss you,XOXO Myrtle

Lucy, 06/15/07

To a beloved friend and pet who was taken to soon. I'll love and remember you forever.

Terry Henson

Lucy, 08/31/98-04/11/09

Mommas Baby, Peepers Earhart...I love you and miss you so much.
I can't stop thinking about the past 10 years we had with you. You are the best girl and will always be my baby.
I wish I could have said was way too soon.
Your my love always.
Your mamma

Lucy, 12/02/98-04/23/09

Love and miss you forever, so glad you're in no pain and had a final cuddle before you left us. xx

Sarah Tye

Lucy, 03/17/99-05/07/09

Till we meet again our sweet lovable girl.Have fun till then and go enjoy your reunion with Samantha and Nugget.You are all reunited again and knowing that helps soften our loss.

Bob & Lucille Leskanic and Your Doggie Sisters Oakley & Nacho

Lucy, 04/29/09

Lucy was such a special cat. She is missed so much. Lucy suffered so much in her final days and I pray that she is at peace now and forever. We love her so much and life is not the same without her. We can't wait until the day that we meet again and hear her purr and look into those big green eyes.

Kristin and JP

Lucy, 04/04/94-04/27/09

Lucy, mama misses you so much. The house seems so empty without you in it. Every time I come home I expect you to greet me at the door like you did for so many years. I am so thankful for the 15 years God blessed me with you. Till we meet again Lucy Lou, mama loves her big girl.

Mary Simpson

Lucy, 04/21/09

Our wonderful cat Lucy died yesterday - she was mostly blind and deaf (she was 18) but she was still healthy and pretty.
She was the gentlest cat ever, and very sweet.
She kept mostly to herself, but would come up to you when she needed some love.
She was a part of our family for so long, the house seems empty without her.
We love you, Lucy - until we meet again.

Nancy Scates

Lucy, 06/96-04/13/09

Lucy- My best Girl, Our Dance will last forever. With all my Love Mom.

Jamie Ford

Lucy, 10/01/98-04/08/09

She wasn't sick very long and I am so sad to have seen her go.


Lucy, 03/30/09

Lucy we miss you with all our hearts.
There aren't words express just how much we love you. We are so grateful that you were in our lives, even if our time together was too short. You will forever have a piece of our heart.
We know you are at peace now and we will take the pain so you don't have to anymore. We will count the days until we see you again.
We love you.

Jaime and Todd Baum

Lucy, 04/02/09

You were special and we will miss you.

Ralph Schreiber

Lucy, 10/01/03-03/23/09

Loved this dog as hard as I could and couldn't help her in her pain.
Lost her too young and feel horrible.
I miss her and want her to be happy and healthy where she is.
She was a wonderful dog and didn't deserve to live her days in the pain she had.


Lucy, 03/23/09

You were the most gracious figure in my life i will always love you ,i wish i would know better and have ended your suffering earlier, i wish i could turn back time and protect you from the poison.
i can't get over you and i don't want to.
My beautiful lucy all things went wrong for you today even the vet was unkind to you and your suffering
i didn't spent as much time i could with you that's why i missed you and i made plans for you and i wanted to take you home with me.
i hope you rest in peace
i cannot contain this pain i'm feeling for the best dog ever that i didn't get enough of all the faces you did ...i love you lucinta


Lucy, 05/12/08

Lucy bye we love you you were the best pet so far you so sweet your cute eyes I just remember them like the back of my hand. You had the the most awesome floppy ears they so big. you were the sweetest most lovable girl ever. lucy I love no matter what. your cute black and white tail. thank you...Chase.

Doug, Maryellen, Devon, Maddie, Chase

Lucy, 12/28/98-04/03/09

Lucy, always loved never forgotten. Lucy you were the most loved tuna fish and I hope you always knew that. I miss you so much, sitting on the microwave, on my knee, stealing Bella's dry food just knowing that you are there. I can barely cope with the pain of having lost you. I love you fishy cat now and forever. God Bless You xxxxxxxxxxxxx

Katrina Gillies

Lucy, 03/05/09

Lucy you have always been a special gift to us. You have filled each and everyday of our lives with so much love & happiness. We will always love & miss you dearly. The heartache that we feel right seems unbearable...but we know that someday we will see your sweet little face once again. Go in peace my sweet little angle.We love you!

Candy & Mike Schmitt

Lucy, 06/02/96-02/16/09

lucy u are in a much much better place i know that but all i have been doing is missing u and crying i love u and miss u so so much lucy till we meet next time u will always be with me


John Strampp/Francisco Apodaca

Lucy, 02/26/97-02/07/09

Dear Lucy,
I miss you every minute of every day.
You were the best dog in the world. I hope you are chasing tennis balls in heaven with Grandma Hopes.
I loved you very much.

Judy Fried

Lucy, 10/15/96-02/15/09

Lucy was our (John & Shannon's) first born.
She was the best dog either one has ever owned.
We enjoyed our precious time with Lucy.
Among other things, she was the smartest and most easy-going dog.
She made us laugh, she made us feel protected, she cheered us up, and now she made us cry.
She will always be remembered and will always hold a special place in our hearts.
We love you Goose!

The Morenos

Lucy, 11/11/05

My Little Lucy,

Even though you were only with us for a very short time, you won the hearts of so many people.
You were the sweetest little girl and you were taken way too early.
I am grateful to have had the time I did with you and I hope that we did right by you in that time.
I know you and Normy are having a good time up there.
Lola and I will see you when we get there.
We miss you everyday.
We love you


Lucy, 01/29/09

My dear Lucy,

I miss you so much baby! I think about you every moment of everyday! I hope that you ar somewhere watching over me. I hate that you are not here with me, but at the same time I am so happy that you are finally at peace and not suffering any longer. Im so sorry for he pain you went through and know that I will forever love you and carry you in my memory and heart. I miss you lulu! You will forever be my baby!

Rebecca Ashley Teague

Lucy, 01/29/09

Thank you for 13 years of love and companionship, I hope you and Dusty are together again. We miss you guys!


Lucy, 02/14/97-01/29/09

Lucy, our beautiful little girl.
You were a wonderful and powerful angel in a small body.
A truly loving soul, you made us so very happy and enriched our lives beyond words.
We are so thankful to God for the gift of our lives shared on Earth.
We miss you so very much, but know you will always be around us and happily greet us when it is our time to cross over.

Bill Siebert and Paul Winkel

Lucy, 12/23/93-10/01/08

When we lost you, we lost a piece of our hearts. We will love and remember you my little peanut, forever.
Chelsea is there with you now - take care of each other.

Deborah Gleason

Lucy, 01/10/94-12/30/08

We love you and thank you for all the funny and wonderful memories.
In your time with us, you truly were our best girl.
We miss you Lovey, and hope you are having a great frisbee game with Papa.
You will always be a special part of our family.

Go catch!

Jane and Eric Johansen

Lucy Abate, 06/21/02-06/02/09

I miss Lucy greatly.She was the sweetest, best behaved, loving little sweetheart ever. I had her for seven years.She was my beautiful little lady.

Susan Abate

Lucy Belle, 06/28/01-07/12/09

You were that unbeleivable companion that comes along once in a lifetime. We'll always love you and keep you with us. Time may move us forward, but our love for you will never fade.

John, Rebecca, Nathan and Joshua Pagano

Lucy Girl, 03/12/09

To lucy girl the best friend I ever had, you gave me so much love and joy in the short time you were on this earth, I will forever miss your pureness of heart and your beautifull spirit, your companionship and your total devotion,there is an emptyness in my heart that wont be filled until we meet again.Lucy you were loved by many and brought light and happiness to all those you came in contact with, your sweetness and purity are unequalled, and I shall miss everything about you even as though you were my child, and I am honord not to be your owner (because i never was)but to be your friend. I hope you know how loved you were and that we did everything we could to save you, but in the end your little body just gave out even though I know you wanted to stay, you held on as long as you could, any longer you would have suffered and as much as i wanted you to stay here with me I would never want you to be in pain or suffer just to make me feel better. I hope there really is a place called rainbow bridge and I hope your there with dad, and someday we can be together again with everyone we love and care about and not have to worry about disease, pain or loss and everyday will be the best day of our lives and you can chase all the kitty's and ducks you want

Daryn Mayers

Lucy Lu, 02/14/06-07/07/09

Mom and Dads little clown love you forever mom and dad

Lucy Mae Rupp, 09/04/94-05/15/09

Mamma Luce was a loyal companion. I miss her and think of her often. She was such an important part of my life. My heart misses her deeply but there is no more suffering.


Lucy Ricardo Ruff, 01/27/09

Dear friend and companion, brave soul, spunky circus dog- thank you for years of love. I'm sorry I couldn't help you get well. I will miss you for a long long time.

Donna Ruff

Lucy Rodosky Willett, circa 1997-05/25/09

Today I lost my very best friend, my little puppy girl Lucy. She was the funniest, happiest, naughtiest beagle that ever lived. We were inseperable from the day I adopted her at the shelter almost 9 years ago. I loved her with all of my heart and she loved me right back even more. I miss her so much and pray that Lucy is happy and free from illness, with lots of treats and squeaky toys in doggie heaven.

Katie Rodosky

Lucy Spoon, 05/11/09

Dear Lucy,

You were taken from us so sudden and way too soon. We miss and love you dearly. You were so special to us. With all the illness you went through you came out and was doing well and then this had to happen. We will forever remember your smiles, hugs and singing. We do not know why you were taken from us but can only anticapate the day we will be united together again. If there is a place in heaven, we know you are there and will suffer no more. Until the day we meet again we love you!

Connie & David Spoon

Lucy The Golden Lady, 08/16/97-05/03/09

We lost today one of the most amazing PETS that ever lived in a families heart and life.
As a pup she was so funny,
She overcame many challenges, with the many moves her Master and family had to make, in order to cope with his illness and family survival.
Miss Lucy, never complained, but stayed loyal and vigilant in helping the family stay strong, and be suppported.
Miss Lucy was there to five laughter and so much comfort on her humans most trying times.
Never wavering to give her unconditional smile, and warm hug.
She was passed the Crown of Queen family furbaby, by Miss Maggie, Scottish Terrier, in 2005, and Miss Lucy was so regal, and was magical.
Her heart will forever live within us, and her love with sustain us forever.
She has passes the Crown to Miss Jazzy, and left an open spot in our home, but not ever to be filled by one so REGAL.

Patti Wierzbicki

Lucy Whyte, 05/01/96-04/20/09

Lucy was a gentle giant. When children would pet her, she would pet them back. She never met a stranger. She would walk up to someone, sit, and stick out her paw to shake. But she also kept watch over my bedroom door when I slept and would wake me if anyone tried to come in. She completely understood that ladies did not potty in the house, only at the back corner of the yard. Even in her last days, she never complained. Her youngest brother was less than 1/10th her size (8 pounds) and could be a little terror but she never was mean to him. She picked me out at the animal shelter by tapping me on the shoulder as I entered the puppy room and I will forever be glad that she did. She shared her life with me for 13 years and I will miss her until we meet again.


Ludo, 2006-04/26/09

Ludo came to me just when I needed him the most. He was 3 years old when we got him, and suffering from insulinoma we knew he didn't have to much longer to be with us. He never really liked people, he usually avoided everyone, except me. I always made sure he got his medicine, and when he started getting really sick I would stay home just to feed him 4 times a day. He was my little angel, when we would play he would constantly run up to me to check up and make sure I was paying attention to whatever he was doing. I called him my little Soul Mate, and my fiance always joked that if Ludo was a human I would have run away with him.
He got me though one of the tougher times of my life, by giving me love and understanding and a reason for living.
His condition seemed to improve over January and February. He had more energy, gained weight, was playing more... but as March came around he went down hill again.
On the night of April 25 he woke us up with a screech... so unlike him to make any noise we went to check on him. He refused his medicine and treats, and seemed so tired. We let him run around on the floor and he would pause and lay down. I sat on the floor crying, we knew we would be lucky if he made it though the night. Finally he came over to me and put his front feet on my knee, when he looked up into my eyes it was an awful yet peaceful feeling for me. It was like he was saying "It's okay. I'm not hurting, It's my time"
We made him up a little carrier, put his favorite blankie in there, and let him crawl inside. I put some food and water in just in case he could pull though, even though I knew he wouldn't. And left him to rest.
We both drempt about him that night. And at 7 am the morning of April 26 we just couldn't sleep any longer. We found him curled up in his blankie, looking peaceful and asleep.
It was one of the most painful losses I have ever experienced.
We laid him to rest beneath two young pines in my mothers back yard.
I miss him very much, I still cry for him, and still expect to see his little head pop out of the hammock when I wake up in the morning.
But I know he is going to be the first one I see when my time comes, he will rush in front of the crowd of my family, just to make sure he gets the first round of hugs and kisses.
And I am so grateful, that he loved me enough to make sure to say "good bye, I love you"
Ludo "Bones" Bridgeman
Who loved and was loved to the extent of the Ferret and Human heart. You will be missed my little guardian angel.


Luigi, 02/20/95-04/23/09

Luigi passed on April 23, 2009 to end stage renal failure. He is the most beautiful, loving baby whose presence in my life is dearly missed everyday. I will always love you, Luigi. You'll be in my heart and mind forever.

Veronica Acosta

Luigi, 11/15/92-02/08/09

To my best friend Luigi,

You have been through so many things with me throughout the seventeen years we had together. We did have some fun.

Sunday I made the hardest decision I've ever had to make in my whole life.

I didn't want to let you go, but I had to. Please forgive me Luigi, but you were so sick.

I can not stop thinking about how much you meant to me. I need you so much right now.
I just want to see you again hold you and make you better.

I know Danny loves you so much and I hope time heals my pain but we will never forget you.

I can't wait to see you in whatever awaits us in the afterlife. Until then....


Doug Murray

Luigi Podolsky, 03/09/98-04/29/09

The best things come in small packages.
I will love you forever.

Linda Podolsky

Lujack, 06/07/09

My little Lujie...Such a good, sweet boy..such a great, loyal friend.
From the day I saw you on Kim Carson's porch, just after a rainstorm, soaking wet, looking like a punk rocker....meowing at Kim's two big cats in the window who were none too pleased to see a little kitty on their porch. You looked at me and I knew right then that you had chosen me. My heart swelled instantly to make room for you. Do you remember when I reached for you?
You dashed off like a dart, and the chase was on.
You made me chase you through the entire neighborhood, over fences, under porches and through shrubbery before you let me catch you and take you home.
You've been the very best friend I've ever had ever since.
When you'd go outside you'd kill mice and birds and put them at my door as gifts, and when you became an indoor cat, you'd always have the toy catnip mouse waiting for me at the front door of the apartment when I got home from work.
When I was sick, you never left my side. When my heart ached, you always comforted me. Somehow, you always knew. Oh, how I wish you were here now to comfort me. I miss you so much. I fear I wasn't the best friend that I could've been, that you deserved, but you never let me feel like I was anything less than your very best friend.
I agonized over you when I took you to get fixed and I always hated upsetting you when I had to take you to the vet to get checkups(and was secretly proud whenever you wouldn't let anyone except me calm you down or pick you up...prouder still when the girls at the vet nicknamed you "Lujifer").I cherish the times we sat together sunning ourselves during the day and chilling in the cool breeze at night.
I loved watching you chase the laser light around for hours, the way you'd look at me and slowly close your eyes whenever I'd say, "I love you, Lujie" and the way you sang whenever I'd scratch your back.
It was an honor to be there for you the two times you got treed by dogs, and it made me love you more than you could ever know when you'd repay me for those times by not leaving my side.
You were always there for me, old friend, and I sob with regret that I wasn't always there for you. My heart breaks that I couldn't make you well again when you got sick this time. I tried, Buddy. I really did.
I will always remember and cherish the look we shared as you passed on.
I loved you as I loved my brothers. I love you still. Wherever you are now, please wait for me and look for me, for I will be looking for you when the time comes...and we will never, ever be apart again...I promise, Sweet Lujie Boy. I love you.

Scott Summers

Lujza, 09/13/91-06/11/09

Louise was a beautiful silver gray lady with bright green eyes. She was very clever and moody. She loved spicy Chinese food and cheese. She enjoyed watching TV with me or sitting in my lap while I was on the PC. She always had something to "say" she was very vocal. She has been living with me for almost 15 years and her loss leaves me empty. She was always there for me and I just hope I have been able to return half of the love she has offered me during her life.

Zsuzsanna Szõke

Luke, 12/99 - 08/31/09

Hey buddy, you were my best friend and i miss you soo much. You left suddenly and i didnt get the chance to say goodbye an it hurts unbelievably. I don't know what to do without you here. I wasn't there for you when you needed me most and for that i am sorry. i love you soo much and will miss you forever. Sweet dreams and i hope to see you again. i will never forget you!

Luke, 07/05/04

He was kind, gentle, patient, brave, loving, joyful, handsome, forgiving, and wonderfully intelligent. Luke was that very special dog, our heart dog. He growled only in play, never lost his temper, and snuggled and gave kisses freely when asked. He once placed himself between his sister, a standard poodle, and a large mastiff who was being a little too "pushy". He thought everyone, dog or human, was his friend. On that final trip to the vet, I held him in my arms and before he slept, he gave me one last kiss. We miss him and we will never forget him.

Laura Lois

Luke, 05/18/09

you will always be missed my baby boy Luke.Letting you go was the worst day of my life.I stayed with you until the very end...until the very last breath.I love you baby boy and until we meet again...mama
loves you!!!!
Luke died of Lynpho-Sarcoma related illnesses.

Kerri Diogo

Luke, 03/05/02-03/17/09

Goodbye my friend


Luke, 07/07/98-02/07/08

luke we miss our silly baby so much you made us laugh every minute of the day. I hope you and your dad are having fun playing ball in the beautiful fields in heaven. luke i can't say enough what a special part of our family you were. we love you and we will see you again our sweet boy.

Theresa Cox

Luke, 04/96-01/05/09

Lukie our brave and loyal boy lost his battle with cancer today.
He will be missed by his family and all whose lives he touched.
Go and be with your brother Bennie at Rainbow Bridge.
We will all meet again one day soon.
We love you Old Man.

Shawlee Manning

Luke Kelly, 04/2001-03/31/09

Luke -- the last couple months have been very lonely without you.
You were the sweetest boy.
We will always miss you and we will take very good care of your sister.
Soma has now gone to meet you on the rainbow bridge.
We hope that you will take care of her.
We will always remember both of you. Love you Lukey!

Emily Kelly

Lukey, 05/15/01-03/16/09

he is finally released from his pain, and he will be missed.

Sarah & Jason Conner

Lulu, 23 October 2002 - 18 September 2009

The void is already open and deep and we miss you. You are a huge part of us and our family of cats. Lulu always sweet natured, never aggresive, never bit, snapped. ALways trusting, gentle and funny. You loved life so much. You loved people. You policed the cats, it was always careful to say the word naughty as you were immediately on patrol and keeping order! @@ You came to us as a puppy confused by what was happening, a long journey home. You had a beautiful home acres to wander in and freedom to roam and be a dog. We loved you dearly andn will always. PLease be there waiting for us when we pass over too...I want to be with you again. @@ You bore your illness so bravely and let me do all the things needed to help you. Your trust in me will always be with me, for your friendship and love we thank you and thak you for the memories we have ...just be there when we come too.... OH Lulu, I cannot believe you have gone from us...please just come back to let me know you are ok and happy. We hope you had comfort by us being with you at the end...Our love always and ever @@ Linda and Jeff

Lulu, 1/1/1992 - 8/30/2009

To our dearest and trusted friend, Lulu. You were our faithful and constant companion for 10 years. Our hearts are broken now but we know that you will forever watch over our home. You will be forever missed and always adored. You were a precious ball of fur that wandered in to our hearts years ago and never left. Faithful to the end you were. Until we are all finally united again, Love always, Mommy and Poppy

Lulu, 9-19-09

Lulu was the sweetest dog, she was running with our other dog Nicky and there were 2 coyotes. They ran after them and Lulu passed but Nicky got badly injured. I came out looking for her about 5 minutes later.

I love you so much Lulu and you were one of the most amazing dog in the universe.  
I am thinking about you all the time and miss you so much. You are the sweetest. Rest in peace and know I love you and so does everyone else.

Love, AB

Lulu, 07/09/09

I miss you sweet Lulu and you will always be in my heart.

Trenda Burton

Lulu, 06/01/00-07/02/09

Our sweet dog Lulu passed away last night unexpectedly.
Steve and I are really devastated but we know in our hearts that she is in a better place.
It makes me realize to NEVER take for granted the time with have with the people we love, furry or not.
I know that she is waiting for us on the other side.

Sarina and Stephen Le Sieur


Lulu, although we did not spend a lot of time together, I still remember your face and the way you looked after 25 years.
I was only probably 7 years old at the time.
Sorry to have to leave you at the time due to difficult situations.
I regret not being able to keep you.
I believe you should now be at rainbow bridge enjoying your new life.
You have always been in my heart and I think because of you, I've became a crazy dog lover.
Thank you Lulu.


Lulu, 09/15/08

Lulu was the perfect little dog... She was the happiest one ever and Never I mean it Never did anything wrong... because of Banfield animal hospital vets negligence and malpractice she passed away way too soon !!!!!!!!!

Jurate Liutvinskaite

Lulu, 03/28/09

He was so well loved and would steal your heart. We will one day meet him at the Rainbow Bridge........From his aunt Jean........

Lulu, 02/08/00-03/16/09

On Monday 3/16/09 I had to have Lulu put to sleep. She got very sick very suddenly on Sunday night and I took her to the vet on Monday morning and ended up having her put down by the afternoon. She had an aggressive form of Lymphoma that made her unable to breathe within a few hours. I loved this dog more than anything. She was my life partner for the past 10 years. She was my first dog that was solely mine. We swam from the old Wrightsville dog beach to Figure Eight in NC together so many times. We hiked mountains, we visited Old Faithful and the Grand Canyon together.

She had 12 puppies and they were all so dear and have brought so many people happiness. They also allowed me to have Fred (a sick puppy who died within a year) and now Dixie, her granddaughter.

She alone moved out to Portland, OR with me and has been my companion and best friend for 10 years. After much confusion about what to do that fateful day, and me crying my eyes out - thanks to the advice of a vet we'd never met before (who was a redhead like me) and the advice of my mom (who was on the phone and is on her way to portland now to be with me) I had to make the decision to have her put to sleep. It was the hardest thing I have had to do. She was unable to get enough air through her throat and was making terrible sounds. I asked to lie with her on the floor and say my goodbyes. I told her she was the love of my life and then they euthanized her and she died peacefully in my arms.

Many people loved Lulu. She was a truly amazing dog. Smart, loyal, protective, loving, and beautiful. She is the only dog I have ever seen pick up rocks from the bottom of a swiftly flowing river and bring them to shore as if building herself a stone mansion. She could read emotions and the true intentions of people. She was so important to me and brought me so much comfort, protection, and love.

One of the Buddhist sayings I keep reflecting upon is "All that is mine, beloved and pleasing, will become otherwise, will become separated from me." This doesn't mean it won't hurt, but that it is inevitable, especially when you own a dog.

Please send love to Lulu's spirit.


Lulu, 02/27/09

To my dear loyal, loving friend of 21 years, I wish you a peaceful passage to the rainbow bridge, and happiness and safety there, and in any future lives, until it's deemed, we can be together again.
Your companionship has been enriching in so many ways, and I can only hope you have known my love as well, and that your last years were full of contentment and comfort.
Milos is looking for you.
Maybe Misha and Tibor will be able to greet you now.


Lulu, 1998

I miss you so much Lulu. Every moment spent with you was special, and your loving kindness and gentle ways beyond special. I love you so much, and even after all these years I miss you. Thanks for being you.

Anthony Njoroge

Lulu, 12/28/98-02/08/09

Lulu was a great dog, very lovable and playful. Her cold nose and wet kisses will be missed! We were blessed to have her as a part of our lives.

John and Susan Harris

Lulu, 01/02/09

True cats will never wear bows!

Sabine Peters

LuLu Arnim, 08/01/2001 - 09/07/2009

My special LuLu girl. We love you so much. You were an angel and always brought a smile to our faces each day you were with us. Though we know that you have gone on to a special place where you are at ease , it hurts so much that we can't hug you and look into your pretty brown eyes anymore. I hope you know just how much you mean to us and you will never be forgotten. We love you forever Looty Tooty and look forward to the day we see you again.

Lulu Schweikart, 07/03/06-02/09/09

She was a beautiful and loving dog, she brought us the most blessed happiness a companion could ever give and we will miss her greatly. She fought the good fight with undeveloped kidneys till they couldn't give anymore. we love her and always will she be in our hearts.

David and Denise Schweikart

Lumpy, 02/10/09

Lumpy was a wonderful family member. Very loving and loyal. She will be missed very much.

Richard and Jennifer Schu

Luna, 12/10/09


As you run to catch up with the pack, I'm calling you, "LuuuNaaa." You look back in my direction, giving a smile and a woof, you continue on your journey.

Now that you are reunited with your sister, it's only then I can put a smile on my face.

You show me endurance and a zest for life despite your disabilities.

You kept up with the pack on our long walks, always dropping the ball and woofing for me to throw it again.

As I imagine the time, hearing squeak, squeak, you somehow throw the toy from your mouth. I'm happily obliging your request, and then you run off like the speed of sunlight.

Squeak, squeak, miss ya

Your friend and caretaker,

Luna, 20/05/09

luna, you was'nt with us for long but the time you gave us was fantastic you gave me and others so much love and laughter you touched many hearts and ment so much to us.
losing you is so hard and it hurts so much as it
was so sudden! i know now you will be out of pain and im sure you have found rexi and playing together.
you will always be loved luna and always in our hearts.
sleep well little angel love you so much.
dook on sweetie.


Emma Webber & Family

Luna, 04/16/08-05/07/09

Sweet Luna,

you were a stubborn little madame,
you were funny and playful,
you were soft and adventurous,
you were like the queen in the house.
I wish I never let you out,
but you needed your freedom,
you liked so much to be outside,
my poor little thing, you suffered before you died,
I wish I was there with you,
Daddy and Mommy will miss you,
we love you Luna,
rest in peace,


Luna, 04/21/09


Laurie Wexler

Luna, 04/21/09

Dear Luna,

You were truly a great hamster. No words can describe how much I miss you every day. You were sweet, loving, and not to mention awfully cute. I hope you had a great life, and enjoyed all the treats I spoiled you with. Wherever you are, know that I love you with my whole heart and will never EVER forget you.


Luna, 11/90-04/21/09

Luna is now my angel...
my companion for 1/2 my life has passed on...
the most traveled kitty... Nevada, Georgia, New Orleans, Los Angeles, Venice and Orange County California.
I will miss our "kitty bonding" time-other people call this nap time.
She was sweet, loving and brave.
Many people loved her.
I loved her more than I thought possible.
I will forever miss her little face watching me from the window.
I will now only see her in my dreams, but I promised her that I would love again.

Maybe, I'll even find her again some day... in some way...
My special friend who took care of me for so many years...
There have been tears already and there will be more to come, but I will never forget all the happy times, just normal, happy time spent with her....

Rest in peace...


Luna, 05/05/07-04/14/08

Luna my little angel, my little gift I never knew I needed you until I found you. We were the light of my life and no one could have loved you more. The day you left me my soul went to be with you, you were my love, my life, as I held you in my arms I cried. Oh how my heart cried, I wanted to be with you, even now. The pain of losing you is beyond anything I could have ever imagined. Forever in my heart little one. I LOVE YOU!

Nadine Felix

Luna Reider, 12/30/08

You were the greatest friend anyone could hope for. I'm sorry I could not take your cancer away kitty. I'll miss you more than you could ever realize..

Lisa Reider

Luna Zee Hoffa, 04/01/93-01/16/09

My first dog and the best dog that anyone could ever hope for.
Spoiled & well trained.
Could hold 2 tennis balls in her mouth at one time.
Loved children and got to work in the schools as a therapy dog.
She brought so much love and healing in to so many people's lives, especially into mine.
She was my pride and joy.
My constant companion.
Got me out walking in nature every day.
Taught me so much through out her almost 16 years here. From her first bath when she was a puppy in my hands until she was a senior and faced the indignities of old age.
Luna, you will be dearly missed.
You will be forever in our hearts.

Lilith Mary Anne Nix

Lusya, 20/04/02-07/01/09

rest in peace my beloved pussy cat, you've been with me through very tough times and left me unexpectedly, i miss you very much and hope that you are in better place....

Anna Zelanika

Lutchi, 2008

Lutchi, you crazy loveable bundle of joy. I miss your smile, and the crazy things you'd do to pass the time (like the time you literally ate one side of your kennel as a puppy). You were always more than special, and amazing in every way.
I miss you, and I am glad that I got to spend all that time with you. Thank you for also waiting (you know what I mean) for me and Sue.
You are amazing, and I adore you.
Take care of Lulu and Nywinwyi over there.
I love you.

Anthony Njoroge

Luther, 02/21/09

A very special, loving dog who will be truly missed by all.
He will live in our hearts and memories forever.

Mary Ann

Lynyrd Lord, 1997 - Sept.10,2009

Yesterday, I lost the best friend I have ever had. He was my bestest buddy. Ever step I took, ever pain I had, he patiently shared them with me. For 10 years, I have not slept a night without him. I always said when I leave this world he would too because no one else could love him like I do. I had made plans that he would be with me even in death. But, it didn't turn out that way. I miss him so so much. Everywhere I turn, I miss him. Even now as I sit at this computer, he is suppose to be under my feet sleeping and snoring. I know as time passes the hurt will ease but Lynyrd I will never stop loving you. Have fun running and barking in Rainbow Heaven.

I love you Lynyrd!!!

Lyoko, 10/31/05-04/09/09

Lyoko was the smartest dog I have ever met.
She was a special part of our family and she will be missed forever.

We miss you, girl.
Love alrways, mommie, dad, JJ and ben.
Wait for us at the bridge.

Lyric Butler, 03/20/09

Lyric was the best dog I have ever had. She was my fur-baby and I had her for about 9 years. She was a black-and-tan short-haired standard spayed female rescue who had a lot of love to give. I will miss her little black body sleeping next to me and her long pink tongue giving licks to everyone. Goodbye, my dear friend. I will miss you the rest of my life.

Virginia Butler

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