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2009 Tributes

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K.C., 04/15/94-06/29/09

My sweet girl. She would come to comfort me when I cried but now my tears are for her. My baby dog and I have grown up together over the past fourteen years and I will always love her and cherish my memories of her.

Sarah and Arlys

K.C., 06/18/09

I can't believe 20 years have passed so fast. You are the best cat I ever had. i don't know how I'm going to live without you. Rest in peace.

Lori Neitzel

K.C., 03/01/00-03/11/09

Everyone agreed, you were one of the sweetest dogs ever.

Jan King

Kaboodle, 01/22/09

Dear sweet Boo.
Be happy at the Rainbow Bridge when we will meet again.


Kabuki, 1973

We got you, with your lovely seal pointy face and crossed blue eyes, to keep Sakura company.
I know she was not very welcoming and not the most loving big sister!
I had no idea how interactive a Siamese could be!
Soon you held your own.
Although you and Sakura never seemed close, you were company for each other, I hope.
You moved with us to the "good life" at Stearns Hill Road and then with me to the single apartment.
I don't know if you ever understood what happened, why it was just the 3 of us.

Then I changed.
I went crazy, I think.
I do not to this day understand it.
I have no excuse.
The only thing is, it turned out to be better than what might have happened if I had kept you.
I had a bad accident and had to go away for over 2 weeks and then I had to move where I could not have pets.
So bad things were on the way, it seems.
That does not make up for taking you and Sakura to that place, giving Sakura to that family, then taking you inside and leaving you in that cat room.
The man said Siamese did not do well there.
I hope you did!
I hope someone came and took you to a real forever home.

I hope you adapted and became happy.
I hope people were good to you and kept you safe and loved you and let you love them.
I never forgot you or how awful it was for me to have abandoned you and been mean and scary before that day.
I always wondered about you, until over 20 years passed and I knew you must have gone on to the next world.
Maybe you see Sakura there.
I am so sorry. For years and years I have been praying for God to forgive me for abandoning you.
All I can say is thank you for the years when we were together and I became a better cat owner and friend to all animals because of you.
I love you, baby.


Kabuki Cat, 10/31/90-02/22/09

You came into our lives and gave all the love you could.
I hope that you found Bug Man and are playing over the rainbow bridge.

Jo Bush

Kacey, 03/16/01-06/02/09

Kacey, you were a dog apart. Silly, goofy, never a day went by that you didn't make me laugh. I will miss the way you rubbed your head against me, and the way you barked like a little bratty kid whenever you didn't get your way. There will never be a dog like you in my life again. I will always love and remember you buddy boy.

Alexis Clawson

Kacey, 03/14/09

Good bye darling Kacey.
it will be so hard to not see you around the house.
im glad you are at peace and no longer in pain. Your mom will miss you so much. as will I. you were the sweetest most loving girly and your constant affection will be greatly missed!
im sorry i didnt get to say good bye.
- auntie claire

Kaci, 01/21/09

Kaci will be missed in our household.
She was part of the family, her energy was contagious.
She was the best dog I have ever had and to be taken from us too soon.
We are all heartbroken.
Kaci we will miss you and you will always be in our hearts.

Jennifer Pliske

Kadee Miller, 03/13/97-12/30/08

Our princess is gone.
She went to the rainbow bridge Tuesday afternoon after a short illness.
She was playing with her new Christmas toys and running in the yard on Monday, and after Tuesday morning seemed to start normally for her, she suffered a spinal/neurological problem and could not walk.
We tried so hard -- she saw all the experts.
Even without the use of her rear legs, she was graceful and kind in her last hours as always.
She loved petting and she was petted a lot on her last day.
She passed on with us in the room with lots of hugs and kisses.

We miss you princess Kadee.
Your buddies are still looking for you, but I think they know now.
I wish I could see you running on the beach in heaven.
I know it is nice.

Goodbye sweet Princess.
We love you.

Dave and Cy Miller

Kaden, 05/01/96-04/01/09


I hope you are at peace and playing with all the other pets in heaven.

I hope you are happy and not mad at me in any way.

I can't wait to see you by the rainbow bridge someday where we will walk and talk forever.

I love you and miss you very much. Please send me a sign that I know you are free of pain, that you are happy and in heaven with God.



Kady, 04/19/09

kady was only 3yrs old. She was the daughter my husband and i never had. She was her daddy's little girl. She wasn't acting herself on that friday night and we new something was wrong. we despretly searched for a animal hospital. after getting kady there they did some blood work and an x-ray on her back. blood work came back fine and her x-ray showed a little sign of irritation on her spine. at that time she was still walking. they perscribed some meds and told us to limit her activity. we didn't even make it out of the waiting room and she had a seizure. We decided to let them keep her for 24 hours to make sure she didn't seize again. we called a few times to check on her and they said she was doing o.k but after her being gone for 12 hours we wanted to bring her home. before we left the hospital we noticed she really didn't want to stand and when we walked her she started to drag her left paw. they assured me she was ok. so we drove 45 min. home. by the time we got in the house she couldn't walk at all. she hates her paws touched so i decided to mess with them and she had no feeling. when i tried to help her up she had no control over her bladder. at that time i new it was serious. so we rushed her back to the hospital. we were gonna spend the money on immediate back surgery. but the doc didn't give her a good chance she would walk again. not only were we dealing with her not being able to walk we were wondering why she had a seizure. they said the best thing would be to put her down becuse she wouldn't have a good quality of life. my poor husband had to make that decission. it was the hardest thing he ever had to do. now he blames himself. wondering if he did the right thing by not doing more extensive testing and the surgery. you can tell she was in pain. even though it would of cost me over $5,000 if we new she would walk again i would have paid anything. but she got worse so fast. We are both in so much pain right now and we miss her so badly. i guess it doesn't help not knowing what was wrong with her and if we did the right thing. we feel so guilty. Kady will forever be in our hearts and missed terrible. our hearts are broken. we would give anything to have her give us "kady kisses" I don't no what to believe but i hope and pray our animals go to heaven and we see her again one day.

Kelly Wentz

Kaesha & Kenta, 11/28/92-10/30/06

Only hours have passed since you were here, lying in your bed.
You were having trouble taking breaths, I wish was only in my head.
Although you choose last night to leave, as sudden as it was,
I knew I had to say goodbye without understanding the "because".
Today I look into the open field, where you and Kaesha once played,
Comforting myself with the thoughts, of a reunion you have made.
We are left with extraordinary gratitude, of times that we spent.
Cherishing the love and memories, of every place we went.
Go run and play with Kaesha once more, as you are not alone.
Look down on us from time to time, remembering what you used to call home.
We will be here missing you both, and know that we are okay.
And will look forward to the time we meet, where we can play again all day.

Trish Duncan

Kahless Alderink, 03/06/94-06/18/09

Kahless has many doctors to thank for his long happy life. One of his last vacation pictures can be seen at

Kyle Alderink

Kahlua, 07/87-11/30/00

Heaven couldn't have told me that so many years later, I'd still drop tears over you.
We had year after year of mutually loving moments.
Our love for each other was TRULY unconditional.

Mommy has since gotten another pet who I love, but no love will ever surpass that which I still have for you.
My sweet little beanie.
Me, your daddy, your grandma and auntie still miss you so.
I have your picture in a frame, and I blow you a kiss all the time.

Roberta Butler, Roland Atley, Joan Atley, Gail Atley

Kahlua, 09/20/06-03/30/09

Kahlua was our beautiful baby girl fawn boxer. She was the sweetest most loving and loved puppy in the world.
Her poor little heart was to weak to last and she passed at only 2 1/2 years old. She truly was a special pet, friend and family member. We miss you so much Kahlua. There is not a day we will not think about you. You truly meant the world to us. We love you so much - Mama, Daddy and Floyd

Kahlua, 03/23/09

I am sorry I couldn't save you and I didn't know you had parvo. I love you and I will miss you, and so will the rest of the family.

Kristin Valdiviezo

Kahlua, 06/03/91-03/22/02

Kahlua, I still remember the day I brought you home. So demure and small at 5 weeks, 3 days. You and Bear went everywhere with us. To Christmas tree farms, pumpkin patches and we enjoyed many romps in the ebb tides of the Pacific Ocean. We celebrated each birthday with 'galloons' and you hunted for Easter eggs every year. But on March 22, 2002, I knew something was wrong.
I held your head in my lap,tears streaming down my face as the vet began the process that would take you to Rainbow Bridge. You gave one final glance upwards to my face, touching the depth of my soul,licked my hand and then you were gone. Please wait for me Kahlua. You are in my heart everyday and I love and miss you so much.

Kai, 06/08/04-06/20/09

Kai "Beauty," you were loved by and brought joy to everyone you met. Recently Morgan asked me if I would trade you for her boxer!
You will be greatly missed and forever in our hearts.

Mom, Dad, Jen, Lou, G.T., Pricepatia, Hipoty, and your best bud Heidi

Kaiko, 03/27/97-07/02/08

To my best friend and Companion Kaiko "Mommy loves you and misses you..."

Kaila Lynn, 02/08/00-06/17/09

I still cant believe you are gone. I keep thinking maybe this is all a dream and you will still be there waiting for me when I get home. It breaks my heart all over again when I remember that this is real and I will never see you again.
You were so willing to do whatever I asked of you. You were so tollerant of all the orphaned babies I brought home, teaching them how to be good dogs.
You were my first friend, my first agility dog and my first loss. I dont know how I am going to get along without you.

Kristina Karraker

Kaiman, 03/90-04/2006

It has been three years...still miss you!


Kaiser, 08/19/95-06/08/09

Kaiser, the wonderful, crazy Boxer boy who romped through life with happiness and vigor, and who charged through two and a half years of degenerative myelopathy with a lifted head and curious eyes.
Fourteen years, your legacy, and we feel you romping with us to this day, side-by-side.
Enjoy your new-found spiritual freedom and perceptive framework!

Another day?
We'll be there.

-- Jon and all who loved you.

Kaiser, 11/25/08-03/29/09

Kaiser, Our little guy, your going to be missed by everyone in the family, you brought so much happiness to us in such a short time, you'll anyways be in our hearts.

TJ, Jen, Ethan, Digger and Rowdy

Kaiser, 08/27/87-12/20/08

Our beloved Kaiser loved chasing squirrels, barking at kayaks and laying on his perch.
Fiercely loyal and loving to the end.

Arva and David

Kaiser Chief, 03/03/09-06/07/09

Kaiser our beloved little angel, we love you so much. You made us happy and now we miss you so bad!So many things we want to say.... But baby know that you always going to be deep in our hearts and patiently we will wait for the day when you and us reunite. Thank you for having been in our lives and specially thank you for letting us know that you are o.k mow! We love you Kaiser!!! Our apatotas.

Guadalupe and Eulalio Perez

Kaitlin Dog, Dec. 1994 - Nov. 16, 2009

Katie-lynn, you will always be the BEST dog - the very best dog ever. You guarded our children and our yard for many years, even after you were injured long ago in duty! No one ever knew a dog who knew as many words as you! You amazed everybody, even just by surviving as long as you did.
If ever there was a genteel, grand lady, it was you. Your brave strong heart kept you here much longer than you should have stayed, but you never never complained about your pain.
Please know that we are grateful to you for your love and acceptance of each of us. I am sorry that your last days were so hard - I should have helped you sooner. Please know that you were never a burden to us - it was just so frustrating to watch you struggle. Your presence was so big - I had no idea how much your spirit filled this house up!
In secret I still cry - what it meant to see you go, know one but you and I will ever know..
Have fun - run and play like you haven't done for most of your life!

You are loved and forever missed - the very best dog.. Becky

Kalabilli, 02/22/90-04/02/09

He was my best friend and I miss him so much. No other furry friend ever bonded with me the way he did. He was a really cool cat with class, took walks with me or vice versa {no leash), let me know when he needed petting, or not. Came when I called for meals, usually, unless it was after dark, then he'd be sitting in the middle of my neighbor's back yard watching the fireflies and I'd join him. (I never let him out if I wasn't home.) He was my baby and I can't stop crying for him.

Gail Dorsett

Kaley, 07/98-04/28/09

You were so special and such a good dog. Have fun playing with your sisters


Kali, 04/29/09

My dear sweet Kali, although I know you have gone to a better place, I am lost without you by my side. You were my source of comfort, laughter and love. I miss you watching over me but I know you still are. I feel your soul in every flower, bird, and butterfly I see. I have planted sunflowers in your honour and will forever be blessed that you were in my life. I know you are now free my Kali.

Ellie Blair

Kali Igraine, 03/28/93-03/18/09

For my friend and companion for so many years.
We went through so much and you were always there for me.
I know we will be together again some day.


Kalil Rasmusen, 01/97-05/23/04

Kalil, you were such a fragile, beautiful and sensitive kitty. I feel I should have fought harder for you.
I am so sorry, Kalil. I hope I can make it up to you should we meet again. I love you. --Mom

Kalle Cibic, 02/02/09

We found our beautiful Kalle when I was 3-4 years old. He was our familyĀ´s baby prince for 22 years. He was sick the last 6 years of his precious life but he never gave up on life and we never gave up on him. He became really sick 1.5 months before he left us, but we still kept on nursing him, just until the last day of his life.

On February the 2, 2009, our baby prince gave up and left us, but he will always stay with us in our hearts and we are waiting for the day we will be reunited with him, never to be separated again...

Linda Cibic

Kallie Jean, 08/02/99-02/21/09

My precious Kallie Jean.
You gave me your loyalty and your love.
I will miss you giving me sugars, cuddling with me and your "talking" to me.
I will cherish the memories of you being so verbal, like you were telling me a story. I loved you with all my heart.......I miss you.

Kallie Sweetface, 03/18/09

Our Kallie has left us after 15 1/2 years. She was there for so many events in our lives, all the ups and the downs and thru it all she never gave us anything but unconditional love. She was a very special little lady... we loved her so much and she loved us and now she is gone and our hearts are so heavy that I can actually feel a burning in
my heart when I think about her which right now is all the time. She was a one of a kind cat, like a stuffed animal that came alive, so sweet, so affectionate.
I cant bear the thought of going on without her.
We have had a lot of animals in our lives and still do but we can say that she was unique.
We will miss you sweetheart always !
Til we meet again...
love momma and daddy.

Kanata, 05/13/06

Still iss you with all my heart. Taken way too soon.

Michael Smith

Kandi, 08/31/94-04/16/08

She loved her home and being with me in any room.
She was very strong-willed and bossy.
She spent a lot of time alone because of my work but evenings were ours' and she didn't like anyone to take my attention.
She was the darling of my life and I miss her so much.
The six pound little girl left a 600 # hole in my heart.

C Millward

Kandi Girl Currie 'Hootie', 09/20/94-02/06/09

She was our little baby girl, she was kept inside and only went out to do her
She would get sick but always bounced back, but on 2/6/2009 I knew that this sickness there was no bouncing back.
I had to do the hardest thing I have ever had to do in my life.
She was fighting to stay with us, but she was tired and sick.
I told her that her momma and daddy loved her as she slipped away.
The vet couldn't believe how fast she went, so that let me know she was holding on for us.
She loved us just as much as we loved her.
We are lost with without her and don't know what to do.
We have other babies but none as special as her.

Jonathan & Christy Currie

Kane, 05/14/01-06/19/09

I had a dream the night you passed.
You were at my feet, so young, so strong.
You were full of life and wanted to run and play. It was then that I heard a whistle and I knew that you heard it too. "Here Boy!" a voice called.
You hesitated a moment looking back at me and then to your caller.
Only then when I realized who it was, I told you you could go - for it was God calling you Home and I new you would be OK.

We were blessed for the 8 year to be with you!
You fought a long battle of cancer and now you are free!
We miss you and love you!

Mom, Dad, Poppy and Marlo

Kane, 02/99-05/15/09

Kane was a good dog. Loving, Faithful always looking for affection and love.
A good companion. He will be missed.

Tim Layser

Kane, 02/14/09

Kaney you were a wonderful friend and a great part of our family.
You will be missed.

The Harrison Family

Kaos, 10/06/98-03/19/09

My first son... I miss you dearly... Thank you for your unconditional love... My Kaos...

Karla Neville

Karisma, 06/20/09

Lay in peace...


Karl, adopted 04/04/09-04/16/09

What a kind and handsome boy! I was so hoping that you only needed TLC, but alas, that evil cancer claimed you, too.
Even after only 12 days, you claimed our hearts and we miss you, especially Bella!!! Run free now, with no more pain. Look for Rommel, Annie and Nick.....We"ll see you soon enough,for life is but a vapor.

Robin E. Eyster

Karl, 10/10/99-02/28/09

Karl was my faithful companion for almost 10 years and I will miss his cheerful greetings and playfulness very much.
To his special character which I will miss forever!

Jeffrey Keefe

Karma, 02/18/05-04/15/09

Karma was the best lap dog in the world.
We found her after she had been abused by someone, she was cold and out woundering the streets.
We brought her in and she immediately became part of our family.
We never did know her exact birthday or age, so we counted the day we found her as the day of her birth.
We had to put her to sleep because she had skin cancer.
She will forever be in our hearts.

Michael, Kristie and Nate Moe/Sonoras

Karma, 05/19/03-01/26/09

Karma wos the most wonderful dog ever.
She loved everyone. and loved chasing tennis balls.
Karma loved gardening with Andy and getting the paper in the morning. She was the best dog, and we will miss her forever.

Donna Fisher and Andy Becker

Kascha, 10/19/97-05/10/09

When I wake in the morning I look for you, but you're not there. When I make my lunch for the day I look to see your face, but you're not there. When I come home in the evening, I look for you at the back gate, but you're not there. When I go to sleep at night, I look for you beside the bed, but you're not there. I miss you. Natalie and Jake miss you. Ken

Kasey, 07/02/09

I came back home from vacation and found out Kasey passed away in the boarding kennel.
She was such a loving dog and will be missed.

Jennifer Richman

Kasey, 08/16/92-05/24/09

Kaseman-you were a brave little tough guy.
You fought for your friend Emi and you took on a possum. Nothing scared you but your little body just gave out. We miss you so much... but we couldn't stand to see you in pain anymore.
You are always with me in my heart...Mom

Kasey, 02/05/96-05/02/09

Kasey, We loved you dearly and we miss you so much.
We hope you are happy and that you found Max and Molly.
You were my very special baby and I loved you so.
Please be happy and "I will remember you.
Will you remember me?"
Mom and Dad

Kasey, 08/16/96-04/24/09

My best friend. My first love. You will never be forgotten. I love you, Kasey.


Kasey, 04/05/08


Cyndi Roach

Kasey, 03/14/09

I love you and will miss you Kasey Masey.

Jim and Terri

Kash, 05/15/03-05/12/09

Kash or his full name Kash Money Millionaire...he was my baby boy, a mama's boy.
Always leaning on me, always by my side.
He was my little messer weighing in at a tiny 126lbs.
He loved being home, being with me, laying in bed and taking up all of it.
I always told him how tiny he was so he wouldn't feel out of place.
He was my never late alarm clock.
My sweet goofy boy.
He was a lover to say the least and easy like Sunday Morning.
When I took him from a horrible life as a puppy I promised him he would never be alone again...and up until his death which was traumatic and unexpected he was not alone, he died with me holding him in my arms of what they think was a heart attack or anurism.
He died with me loving him in my arms/lap.
He will live on forever in my heart and I miss him every moment.
When I come home, when I feel my other two babies (my older dogs)when I wake up and when I go to bed...he had an internal clock for that sort of thing.
I love you Kash and I miss you terribly and I can not wait till you meet me at the Rainbow Bridge!

Tori Bodenhamer

Kassi Bear Bonar, July 7, 1998 - August 31, 2009

Kassi lost her sister Kodi to Cancer when they were only five, and now we have had to say a temporary good bye to our sweet Kassi she was 11 years old, she too was stricken with cancer. Our only comfort is in knowing she is with her sister that she loved and missed so much.
Every pet that has ever owned us has been special, Kassi was very special. Kassi was my tail, my shadow, every step I took she was right there with me. With her I was never alone, she was my best friend, my constant companion, and really one of the truest loves of my life. I was blessed to have been loved so well, for so long, and my love for her will last forever.  
Kassi Bear I miss you so much, I miss your sweet little face, your always loving kisses, your funny little smile, your happy waging tail, your soft warm cuddles, I miss everything about you, and I always will. Know that we will see you again some day but until then have fun with your sister and all of our furry family over there.You will always be in our hearts. We love you,
Mom & Dad

Kat Hearn, 07/01/89-05/04/09

Cat Poem

They will not go quietly,
the cats who've shared our lives.
In subtle ways they let us know
their spirit still survives.

Old habits still make us think
we hear a meow at the door.
Or step back when we drop
a tasty morsel on the floor.

Our feet still go around the place
the food dish used to be,
And, sometimes, coming home at night,
we miss them terribly.

And although time may bring new friends
and a new food dish to fill,
That one place in our hearts
belongs to them. . . and always will.

-written by: Linda Barnes

We know that Hannah (Sissy) was waiting for you. We love you so much. As much as we will miss you, we know that you will keep each other company. Until we meet again,
Barbara, Howell & Joshua

Katalya, 01/12/03-08/15/08

This is my husbands cat.
She died from CRF related illness in Aug 2008.
I just found out about this site and wanted her remembered for her loyality in the 5 wonderful years she gave us.

Patricia Kosovic

Kate, 08/05/07-07/01/09

Kate was just a special pet.
She slept in the bed with us, she would not lick your face, but just sniff with her wet nose.
She was always by my side wherever I went, inside or outside.
She got bit by a snake and was gone in 20 minutes.
Probably allergic to the venom.
I'll just miss her brown eyed self.

Patricia Coram

Kate or Katie Kupkake, 04/06/09

We adopted kate from a rescue off the Internet.
She was abused and left tied to a tree for a week and 40 pounds under weight.The vet operated on her eye free - it had been poked by a child with a stick. She came to live with us at age 3 and she was afraid of a towel, a fly swatter, any man without a shirt on, etc.
She never experienced pain with us --we spoiled her rotten and we will miss her. She was my shadow-- every step I took she took, never out of my site --even sleeping by my bedside on a nice comfy bed.She was the most loyal dog I ever owned. We love her and will miss her everyday until we see her at the Rainbow Bridge someday.

Shirley Bishop

Kati, 05/02/00-05/29/09

We are grieving the loss of our beautiful berner Kati at age 9.
She was the most wonderful and loving dog a person could have.
We miss kissing her, hugging her, her smiles.
She was very ill, but was always ready with a smile and incredible love to the very end.
She saved my son and helped him and us recover from a serious illness with her uncondtional love.
Our hearts are breaking as we know we will never have another dog like Kati who loved us as much as we loved her.

Jill, Lindsay and Sean Arends

Katie, Dec 20,2004 - Dec 29,2009

My sweet Katie, today you left me so suddenly, my heart is heavy and my tears flow, you brought so much joy and meaning to my life, I know time will help heal this loss but for now I cling to the many many memories of you always there,always loving, I miss you so much. You are gone but never forgotten. We love you.
Joel, Jeffa,

Katie, 10/26/97-07/13/09

Katie, you had such a hard life. From your birth in a puppy mill, through illnesses and diseases and sugeries and other health issues you remained strong and happy and loving, always eager to play and make a new friend.
Feeling you curled up against me in the middle of the night was so comforting to me. I knew you were getting older, and had slowed down in many ways; the years of health problems taking their toll on you. Still the end came so quickly, over just a weekend.
You needed a big, painful, difficult surgery for a dog of your age, and you had other health problems needing immediate attention as well. I just could not put you through any more surgeries, or pokings and prodddings and tests, etc.
You were in pain, and tired, and I knew it was your time. I held you in my arms the way I have so many times before while the vet gave you peace.
My heart broke at that moment.
The house is empty without the sound of your toenails clicking across the wood floors, or your grumble when you were ready to play or go for a walk when I was busy.
I loved you so, and I cannot believe how bereft I feel at your loss. I hope you know how very loved you were, and that your place is etched firmly and forever in my heart.
I cannot wait until we meet again, and I see your beautiful shining brown eyes looking up at me, waiting for me to toss the toy bunny for you to chase.
Until then, my friend, rest in the peace you so deserve. I miss you now and always.

Mary Ellen Thompson

Katie, 11/25/00-07/10/09

How I miss my beautiful Katie, what a wonderful companion she has been. The greetings at the front door, the cuddling at sleep. Oh how she loved to cuddle up, at the end she couldn't even do that. She tried though. I see her running around the table again, running to look at the window when I came home. The socks I took off my feet, she would grab one and take off running and would always come back for the second, not chewing them, she just loved to play with me. How she would sit up in the chair and couch just like she was human for hours, everyone would laugh. She has gone way too soon, her legs failed her, I couldn't bare to see her in pain. She would NEVER go to the bathroom in the house, the last night with me, she was bleeding and wet all over the house and she thought I was mad at her, I never once was mad at her. I loved her SOOOO much, she was my best buddy, my companion and what a GREAT one at that. I love you Katie, just know that, and I will miss you every day till the day I die and I get to see you again, running, licking my nose, I just won't have any socks for you, it will be just you and I. You are forever in my heart and soul girl!!! Iam soory I had to put you to sleep but I knew you were suffering in silence.

Pam Kiefer

Katie, 07/03/96-06/29/09

Katie was the sweetest girl.
She is greatly missed!

Fred & Lee Duffy

Katie, 10/16/96-06/26/09

My beloved and beautiful Katie took her final sleep in my arms yesterday. She was my dearest friend, my girl child, my protector...I miss her so much already.

I got Katie from the Animal Humane Society when she was 6 weeks old...actually Katie picked me, and I have treasured my time with her ever since then.

She loved to go up to the Kennesaw Mountains and every weekend, we were there hiking.
Katie soon found her favorite spot and although she did not like to swim or go into deep water, she liked this spot because there was a place in a creek there just deep enough for her to feel comfortable in and she would romp and play in that pool of water like it was heaven for her.

Until the past year or so, Katie and I went everywhere together.
She will forever remain in my heart.

For everyone who truly love dogs and is going thru what I am going thru right sympathy is with you.

Mary O'Hara

Katie, 11/2001-04/08/09

to my kate kate..we miss you so much


Katie, 01/17/94-05/24/09

Katie was literally my guardian angel for fifteen wonderful years.
She saved me from being maimed or death, not once but twice.
She passed on yesterday and I'm missing her presence, her warmth, protection, and devotion so much.
She was a small dog with a huge heart.
She was a very meek, mild spirit and won the hearts of all she came in contact with.
I feel the abysal void one feels when a trusted, loving friend leaves this world behind for relief from suffering and anxiety.
Katie was diagnosed five years ago with hepatic encephalopathy.
She fought the battle well, and stayed here with us as long as her mind would allow.
Her suffering has ended.
How I miss her!
I pray we'll be together once again.

Paula Edens

Katie Bug, 08/01/99-07/05/09

Sweet girl, we miss you so much! But now you are free from all the pain...

We will see you again at the Rainbow Bridge~


Katie Katums, 02/02/09

You can play without pain and you are cancer free, now, sweet girl.
We miss you with all our hearts. All our love goes with you, Katie. Til we see you again...

Terri N Anders Johansson

Katie, 05/10/09

Katie was my "Katie Booty".
She sat with me when I was sad and played with me when we were happy.
She guarded my family while my husband was overseas and she was my best friend.
She loved her walks and was also so happy to see me when I walked in the door.
The end came too quickly for Katie and she will be missed forever.

Heather Miner

Katie, 12/25/94-04/15/09

The rescue that never left.
It was you that chose me, not the other way never had me fooled for a minute, old girl.
You were everything they said you weren't, trustworthy, gentle, loving, and the finest member of the pack.
You were one of a kind, and my grief is endless......

Dena Horne

Katie, 04/08/09

To my Katie, i am missing you so much. It's not fair you had to go, you were healthy and happy. You still had so many years left,you were there when i woke up and wating for me when i went to bed oh god i loved you so much. Why did that dog take you away from me. If only i walked outside 10 seconds sooner mabey i could have saved you. I am so sorry honey I will miss you every day. I love you and i hope you are noe at peace,and have an endless sacuer of milk and all the tuna you can eat. You will always be in my heart.

Rachel Prettyman

Katie, 07/31/01-03/26/09

Birth of an Angel

The dark night slips away as the rays of the sun welcome a new day.
She lies in purgatory waiting for her call.
As her light slips away, a new day is born.
She gently slips back into the night.
As her breaths become shallower soon a new angel will be born. Good bye Kate

Ed McCune

Katie, 07/96-07/13/08

Katie girl I miss you so much. Its been almost 8 months and it seems like just yesterday. My heart aches so bad. You were the best freind in the whole world. You brought so much joy to our lives. You ruled our home. I miss the times when we would go to the park and just sit and watch the ducks and other people. Id talk to you and you listened. When I was sick you were always by my side. You loved to go to get ice cream. You just wanted to be every where I was and I wanted you every where I was. I miss you my swet angel I will see you at the rainbow bridge.
Love Mommy

Katie, 02/21/96-01/19/09

My sweet little girl was very, very smart, lovable and well-traveled.
She is greatly missed, not only by her Mom and Dad but by her half-sister, Maggie.

Katie, 04/22/91-03/11/02

Katie was our best friend.
Her presence in our life is sorely missed.
Our love for Katie is never ending.
Meet you at the Rainbow Bridge, Katie!!!

Kathy and Frank

Katie, 07/14/92-01/16/09

You gave us unconditional love and protected us.
When BJ left us and it affected you, we became your mother, even though it was not the same.
When you could no longer hear or see, we became your eyes and ears.
Now it is time to free you of your pain.
Enjoy your new life with BJ and your siblings.
We miss you and will never forget you, Katie "Girl."
Like your mother, brothers, and sister, we will forever love you and keep you in our hearts.

Barbara E. Brod

Katie Bug, 04/29/90-02/15/09


Kim & Miranda Thixton

Katie Jo, 06/08/09

Strong fiesty cat who loved people the best that she could.

Sue Petersen

Katie Lou, 10/17/94-06/25/09

My sweetie girl Katie - you are a part of every memory I have since I began living on my own. I will always love you for your kind spirit and the unfailing devotion you have shown me. I will miss knee hugs and Katie kisses more than I thought possible. It's hard to believe that I met you on the day you were born and was able to hold you in my arms as you left this world. I wish we could have had more time together, but I can just imagine you romping through the plush fields of Heaven with no pain in your old, old joints. My heart is full with the many joys you added to my life, but I ask you for one more favor... please whisper a special request in the ear of Jesus for your sister Sasha. She misses you terribly. We will be together again one day my sweet LouLou - until then, run Katie run.


Katie Scarlett O'Hara Gaines, 04/12/91-03/17/09

God Rest your little soul my beloved Katie.
You were the best companion to me your whole life.
If you had lived forever it would not have been enough.
I know you can see and run and jump and climb again.
I know you are having fun with your old pal Randy Travis.
When Randy was a puppy and you were a kitten you always got along famously. I am happy that you both can play together again.
I will see you both at the Rainbow Bridge someday.
Until then please watch over us down here.
Send me a sign that you are ok.
My love forever, Mommy

Katie Strain, 03/08/93-06/30/08

katie,my precious baby,i love and miss you so much,i pray and think of you each and every day and until we meet you my baby.. mom..

Kato, 06/10/96-02/28/09

I miss you my Kato Potato. You were my closest friend, I hope you are at peace. We love you!

Denise, Donna, Anthony and Steven

Kato, 04/15/94-02/11/09

Kato our beautiful little schnoodle dog - I can't tell you how much you are missed. But we all know in our hearts that you are one happy dog now. You brought us so much joy into our lives each and every day for almost 15 years! Thank you for loving us so much! I miss your wonderful greeting when we would come home. Keep chasing your tennis balls and jumping for your frisbee! Good boy little buddy. Mom is hugging you! You will be in my heart forever!

Laura, Timmy, Jessie and Jenny

Kato, 12/16/97-01/13/09

you are truly missed,and i will always love you

Barbara Wilder

Katrina, 08/01/89-12/29/09

Thanks, Katrina for the joy and friendship you always gave us.
We hope and we know you always felt our love.
You will never be forgotten.
You are with God, the Creator of all.
Love, Rosie and Joseph, your eternal friends...

Katy, 11/08/94-02/28/09

Katy was an awesome 15 yr old female Daschund that loved life. She was my best friend for 15 yrs and now into eternity. Today, Feb 28, 2009, Katy passed away as her huge, loving heart gave up. Now my heart is broken but I thank God for the time and love Katy and I shared. I will see her again in our glorified bodies! I love you, Katy Girl!

Rick Dreibelbis

Katy Mueller, 01/01/93-04/13/09

Katy is missed by all members of our household, including Max, who is still looking for her.
She was a precious diffuse calico, with a feisty spirit, a loud purr, and bunny soft fur.

At night we would go to bed together, in the morning she would come with me into the bathroom and ask that water be poured into the sink, from the faucet, for her, because she was oh, so thirsty, just like her mama, in the mornings.

In her latter years she stayed inside more.
Even when outside, she was on a porch and attached to a rope.
No wandering for this girl!
She slept more, but she would always awaken to receive a kiss or a carress.

We were lucky to have her with us for sixteen years.
Ah, dear Katy, I know your spirit is free and bright again.

Helen Mueller

Katy Noel Smith, 11/11/04-06/11/09

We hope you know the joy you brought to our lives.
You will always be our "Sweet Baby Girl". Until we meet at the bridge, know that WE LOVE YOU WITH ALL OUR HEARTS.
Mommy & Daddy

Katya, 07/16/09

My beloved angel, you will always be my baby girl.
Thank you for being the sweetest friend anyone could have.
I will miss you every day.
You were the best dog ever.
Love, Mommy

Kayla, 08/13/93-06/20/09

Thank you, my sweet Angel Girl, for the best 15+ years of my life.
Have fun, be good and we WILL be together again before you know it.
Miss you, love you!

Kayla, 03/12/09

I love you and I miss you so much, Kayla. You brought joy into my life for 15 years. I wish I could have done more to help you and I wish I had more time with you.
Rest in Peace, Kayla.

Stacy Patchel

Kayla, 01/26/09

He is your friend, your partner, your defender, your dog. You are his life, his love, his leader. He will be yours, faithful and true, to the last beat of his heart. You owe it to him to be worthy of such devotion...........We love you and you will be missed dearly, may you be peaceful and comfortable.....and one day we will play again.

Jim & Gina Clark & Marc, Eric , Alyssa

Kayla Ann, 01/23/09

Kayla Ann was a hugh part of my life an soul.
Today I feel as if I have lost the one true thing that I LOVED and LOVED me back with out question.

Kayla leaves behind three sisters -
Hidie - Dog
Myia - Dog
Rosario - Cat
And myself who will miss her and think of her everyday until we are together again.


KAYLA B. V. FROHERZ WILSEY, 09/26/97 - 08/18/09

"Dogs are our link to paradise. They don't know evil or jealousy or discontent. To sit with a dog on a hillside on a glorious afternoon is to be back in Eden, where doing nothing was not boring . . . it was peace." This was found at the bottom of another website; author: Milan Kundera

Kayla Bird Thomas, 06/20/09


Fly with the angels until we meet again.

Love always and forever,

Mommy, Daddy and Chompers

Kayla May Sherman, May 03, 1999 - November 04, 2009

Kayla May Sherman was brought into this world on May 03, 1999. Throughout her life, she traveled many places and love many people. We had the extreme honor of being her best friends as her love was endless. Kayla climbed mountains, flew around the world from Australia to Canada and traveled endlessly around with us as we lived life. In the end, she was taken by cancer as on November 04, 2009, after 10 1/2 years of passion, love and endless strength, we asked God to accept Kayla as we decided that it was best for her to leave this world and get back up on her feet in another place, and hopefully a peaceful world. We put Kayla May Sherman down on November 4th, 2009 in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. It was and will ever remain the most painful and most unforgettable day of our lives. She has left behind a family of 4 that is lost without her presence, and forever in debt for her being with us. We will always love her, and never forget the joy she brought into our lives each and ever day. I know I personally will never be the same without her.

RIP Kayla May Sherman....we will never forget how you changed us...I can only pray that I will see you once again...........

Love Daddy, Christine, Cole and Chase

Kayle Jane, 12/15/00-01/26/09

You will be missed sweet Kaylee


Kaylee, 08/18/00-04/23/09

Our hearts are in pain our eyes cry,the silence is over bearing,our baby died,I know you are in no pain now ,,nor fear of dying,you can run and play,without crying,All the pain is gone ,and so are our hearts you left us to soon,yet you had to will stay with us forever,we know your there ,watching and waiting, for one day we will be there ,Kaylee we love you this pain I cannot bare,God will watch over you and hold you in his care,Wait for us Kaylee for one day well see you again ,,Go My Dear One,Run, Play you earned it; the pain go away,,Love you Kaylee B

Cindy, Zusy, Mion

Kaylee Santangelo, 01/15/09

A remarkable being. We were so lucky to have been able to share our lives with Kaylee. She was smart, empathetic, fun beautiful and just one of the finest creatures to grace the planet. We will miss her forever.

James & Karen Santangelo

Kayleigh, 01/25/00-03/02/09

I hope your life was as happy as you made mine.
Love Dad

Kaylin, 02/04/95-05/04/06

Kay, I still miss you and love you.
Take care of Chels

Laurie Biggs

Kaz Thomas, 04/15/03-05/02/09

Kaz was our buddy.
The one we talked to when things got rough.
He would see you upset and he would do something so funny that you just had to laugh.
He always gave unconditional love.
And for that I thank God for now.
We know that we will see him agaim someday soon.

Kecia and Alan Thomas

KC (Barlow), 08/15/93-04/18/08

We will meet again at the Rainbow Bridge. We miss you boo girl. Love Mommie and Daddy

KC, 01/08/99-05/08/19

We will miss your greetings each time we return home...the toys your bring...the cute conversations you would have telling us about your day.
We love you sweet K.C....and Mommie will look for you at the bridge some day.

Lee, Dee Dee and David

KC, 03/05/09

KC was my best friend and sometimes it felt like she was my only friend.
She got me through some major emotional times.
She had a beautiful smile and was a beautiful dog.
There are no words to express my complete despair.
A piece of my heart died today.l


Kecia, 05/04/09

My poor, poor baby. You gave me 17 amazing years and your family will miss you forever. You were the toughtest, scrappiest, most stubborn dog I've ever had the good fortune to know--I know you're at peace now but I miss you terribly...

Anne Bracewell

Keebler, 01/30/09

Dearest, sweetest Keebler, we hope we do see you once more across the Rainbow Bridge.
We hope your passing was peaceful, and that you are happy and free of your earthly burdens in life.

We both loved you so very much, and your companions Roweena and Miles too shall miss you dearly, we can tell.

Fare well, sweet Keebler!
Please, please be safe and happy.

Alan and Jan

Keeley, 04/01/92-06/24/09

A dear friend asked me to take care of her baby as she could not care for her anymore. I hesitated since I am not a dog person, but agreed to take you for 2 weeks and if it didn't work out I would have to bring you back. That was ten years ago, but now I recently had to say goodbye to our sweet little Keeley girl. My only regret is that you loved me more than I loved you and I love you so much for that. Your love was unconditional. The only love I can compare it to is the love of Christ. It didn't matter what I did or how mad or irritated at you I may have been, you always loved me as though it never happened.
When I was seriously ill you were there with me lying next to me giving me companionship and comfort and when you started having heart problems we would both be in the kitchen taking our medicine every morning like two little old ladies. We took care of eachother as we each suffered through our hard times.
You were with us while we moved to a new city, you saw me through my wedding and stayed around to see our youngest graduate high school.
The house feels different without you, I feel different without you, but I will get used to it I guess. They say to take it one day at a time, but I'm finding that sometimes it's one hour at a time.
I'm greatful for the time we had with you and I pray you loved your life with us.
Ten years ago I'm so glad I said "yes".

Anna Gonzales

Keenan, 07/99-07/02/09

Our best little buddy...part dog...part cat. You will be in our hearts forever!!

Nancy Schunter

Kees, 05/20/95-07/06/09

Dear Kees,
Thank you for 14 years of love and companionship. You are always our good boy, and always will remain in our hearts.
Now go and have fun playing with Leo, and Fluffy, and Phelan.
Watch for us.
Dad and I will join you all again one day.

We love you!!
Mom and Dad

Keesha, 10/01/95-04/13/09

Faithful companion and best friend for
13 1/2 years full of love and loved by many.
You are missed.

Connie McWilliams

Keesha, 03/14/91-03/25/09

The best dog I've ever known and my best bud. I'll see you on the bridge keesh........We can walk then

Chris and Maria Cunningham

Kehleyr, 04/01/93-05/13/09

My little girl was 16 years old. She led a great cat's life until she became sick about a year ago.
She was all black, and special. I loved her with all my heart and always will. She was my best friend and helped me through many personal trials. I just hope she has gone to a better place where she can once again chase birds and mice to her heart's content.

Sheree Harrell

Keiko, 03/05/09

Keiko, you were our angel for 16 years.
We will love you and miss you forever.
Right now, it doesn't seem possible to face the days without you to complete our little family.
You will be with us forever in our hearts.
We love you.
Heidi & Marshall

Keisha, 10/19/97-10/2008

I was sad to see my sister at the bridge last Sunday. Now we can run and explore together, just like the last time we went to the dog park together. Together again, we will wait for you.


Keisha, 11/06/95-06/05/08

Keisha was my best friend


Keisha, 06/29/99-03/02/09

Dearest Keisha, My heart aches for you. You were here for me when I went through my chemo and I made sure to be there for you through your illness. You were a great friend, watchdog, babysitter and loved everyone that me you. You were so gentle yet so brave and bold. We will miss you terribly. I know you are at peace now and we will meet again. Take care of Zues too. You can never be replaced and will remain in my heart forever. Love Mommy, Daddy and Alexa xxoo

Keisha, 09/17/97-12/22/08

Keisha I miss you so much.
You saw me through many rough times in recent years.
You always knew when I didn't feel well and needed you close.
I will never forget the love you gave me.

Laura Anderson

Kelley, 05/18/09

miss you.

Kim Lindeman

Kelli Kramer, 12/16/95-01/04/09

We put down our beloved Kelli,age 13 on Jan 4/09 after a valliant struggle with bone cancer that slowly took her mobility and spirit one bit at a time. On Nov 1st they gave her 2 weeks to a few months and she lived 2 months 3 days.. She fought very hard to stay with us. We love her and miss her with all our heart and souls. I wish so much we could have done more to help her, but I did the best I could medically. Kel.. I am sorry to see you go, but I love you and I will see you again someday. Love always Mommy, Jared Ady and Doobie...xoxoxox We never will forget you Queenie..

Kelly, 05/20/09

Kelly you may have not had much time on this earth but the love and joy you gave us was immeasurable.
We will miss your silly ears and kisses.
You will never be forgotten.....until we meet again at Rainbow Bridge.

Chelsee Colling

Kelly, 04/12/09

Kelly was the nicest cat in the world. She would always come and cuddle you in bed and she had a lovely purr. I really miss her.


Kelly, 05/10/95-03/23/09

Kelly was the most loving and devoted canine family member anyone could ever hope for.
She will be missed terribly by her family and friends.
You're free to run to your heart's content Kelly baby. We'll see you soon.

Donna Nicholson

Kelsey, 06/01/09

we miss you kelsey pee pee pants!
We hope you are finally at rest and no longer in pain. We love you and can't wait to see you in heaven! p.s little boy really really misses you

Nancy, Mel, Kay, Bailey, Little Boy, Bella

Kelsey, 04/01/95-05/29/09

My Darling Baby Girl, I will miss you for the rest of my life.
Go to the bridge and find Sam, Annie,and Pepsi, they have been waiting for you for so long.
Wait there, and when I come, run to me and jump into my waiting arms.
I love you beyond belief, and together we'll spend eternity.
I'm sending kisses to your sweet little nose, and I'll forever be missing you, my darling.
Wait for me, and I'll be there.
What a reunion it will be with all of us together.
Hang on to Rikki, he'll need your help.
He will miss Mommy and Daddy so much, so help him please.
I love you both, remember....I'll be there soon.
Mommy and Daddy

Kelsey, 06/15/00-04/10/09

We still don't know what made you sick Kelsey, but it was your time to go. You were always there when I came home from school, and now it's just empty. You were a beautiful dog. You always loved going to Wisconsin and swimming in the lake. You always had a smile on your face. I miss petting your head, rubbing your belly, telling you that you don't get a treat every time we get up, watching you play outside, and everything else about you. We love you so much, Kelsey.

Jon Dowell

Kelsey, 04/19/09

A wonderful little guy who brought much, much happiness.

Kate & Mike Moran

Kelsey, 1995-02/05/09

I love you, Kelsey, my grumpy old man.
Thank you for being so verbal, loving and good to me.
I'm sorry I made you suffer.
I tried to free you as fast as I could.


Kelsey Crone, 03/10/95-07/16/09

the best dog in the world.
she loved our family til the very end

D. Crone

Kelsey Roads Honey, 01/11/94-03/23/09



Kelty, 04/31/01-05/11/09

Our hearts are broken over the loss of our beloved Kelty. No one could have prepared us for this. It hurts. We miss him soo much. Please hold your pet close and pray for us.

Ron Connor

Kendall, 11/26/99-05/05/09

We will miss you Kendall! You were the best dog and a very big part of our is lonely already without you around to greet us, nudge us, pick up all the kids scraps!!
Can't wait to see you again on Rainbow Bridge!

Anne and Joe Morrissey

Kenisha, 04/27/09

kenisha was a great dog one of kind very indepedent it was like she chose me too care for her! she was my best friend and listen to me whatever i talk about! i will never find another dog like her! she will never be forgot! and always loved even though she is no longer with me!

Kelli J Coldwell

Kenny, Dec. 9th 1996 - Dec. 4th 2009

I will never forget the day our eyes met.. You picked me and daddy.. We took you home and you filled our lives with more love then anyone can imagine the loyalty you had showed daily..Our hearts are filled with so many memories and they help us get through the broken hearts we are suffering.. You were our first 4 legged child and accepted all mommys rescues your brother chichi and your 3 kitty sisters.. You made us laugh with all your crazy little acts like the attacking the vacuum and ironing board and making sure you broke every squeker in your toys all 6lbs of you.. I will miss our camping trips and watching you sun yourself in the yard as well as hogging the bed at night what I would do to have that back.. You fought hard through your sickness I know that was because you did it for us.. We knew when it was time to say goodbye our love is what guided us.. you never were left alone we took you right away to be cremated and took you home the same day were you are with us ... We are lost beyond words..The love you gave us is as deep as the suffering we are feeling but the 14yrs having you showed what love is all about.. Happy Birthday my little boy mr. Co.. heartbroken mom dad and your brother and sisters RIP I know your with Grandpa XOXOXOXOOX

Kenny, 05/09/09

Kenny, I did not know you, but you were so brave when you were finally rescued, and cared for by the loving and caring people of our SPCA. You stole the hearts of all who learned of you through the media. The best days of your life were when you were in the care of the shelter, and they were trying so desperately to save your life. You will no longer be neglected or abused; rest in peace my little friend

Grace Knoof

Kenya, 07/10/09

I miss you princess. You were and will always be the greatest love of my life. I may not have always shown it in this life, but if I am so fortunate to have you as my companion again one day, I promise you would never go another moment without knowing in your heart that I LOVE YOU !!! I miss you baby.


Kenya Johnson, 04/18/01-02/03/09

After doing everything the vets could Kenya passed this evening. I watched her take her last breath & then I collasped to the floor in agony.

Even though they said there was nothing more I could have done I'm still going through the what ifs & if onlys.

I believe there was a higher power that was with her at the time of her passing. No more than 2 mins after I made the extremely hard decision of signing the papers to put her to sleep she gasped for air & was gone within 45 seconds. I think she was taken from me to releive me of the burden of having to make that decision.

I wrapped her in a blanket & cradled her in my arms for over an hour until the clinic closed. I didn't want to let her go. I can't put into words how sad I am. I can barely read this because of the tears making my vision blurry right now.

One thing is for sure, the rest of my cats & my dog are allowed to do whatever they want for the rest of their lives as long as it's not bad for them. They can jump on any table & as many counter tops as they please & I will never again shoo them away when they are begging for food. Instead I'll give them a kiss & hug.

Cherish the animals that are dear to you in your life. You never know when they won't be there anymore. My animals are my life & my world revolves around them. I would die for my animals & do everything I could to make sure they are happy, healthy & safe.

I miss Kenya so bad already, I can't get her out of my mind. Everything I look at somehow reminds me of her. I can still hear her meow that was unique only to her. She was always the first one to greet me when coming home. I will miss hearing her cry for me if she's locked out of the room I'm in. I will miss her coming to tap on my arm while I'm at the computer like a little person, so I'll pet her.I will miss one of my kids. Animals are a gift from heaven.....they are little angels with fur. I have an empty hole in my heart for my angel.

Alyssa Johnson

Kenzo, 06/30/09

Kenzo was too young to die. He was the best natured dog I ever owned and did not know how to growl at anyone or anything. Loyal, gentle, friendly always as close to us as he could get. His loss is unbearable and so unjust. This cancer seems to be heriditary and if so, then something should be done about that. It is so heartbreaking to loose these big hearted dogs at such an early age. We will always miss him. I hope dog heaven is a good place to be.

Inge Frye

Kenzy, 09/03-03/12/09

My Dear Kenzy was a special little girl in my world. We were just fine up untill the end of January 2009. She started getting sick and detorieted so quick that the doctor told me that she was suffering to much and i had to put her asleep. She died peacefully in my arms, although i was crying my eyes out. It is such a weird thing to watch happening. But, at least, she and I were together at that moment.
There was nothing more exciting for her than human food. It could be a carrot or a spoon with fish oil. OR, even better, a dougnut! Krispy Kream was of her choice. She would seat there and look at you with those BIG PUG eyes begging to share a bite. Of course, lots ot times she got her way. She was my baby, I'd give up lots of things for her.
I wish we had more time together though. With work and all, I only was 4-6 hours a day around in the work week and the whole day sunday. Now it seems such a short time, but back in the day it felt like a quality time together. Usually she would be harrasing her pink teddy-bear. U know, teaching him a lesson or something. It was funny to watch, because afterwards she would just lay on top of the thing and stare at me.
Kenzy loved her walks down the street or in the park and was very partial to her pink winter sweater that she had to put on in the cold weather time.So many good times together...
I know that she is not suffering anymore and that she is happy now in the Doggie Heaven.
My world had become sadder but I know that she is always with me, in my heart and the memories. I will never forget you, Miss Kenzy! I miss you so much! I love you!

Katya Volkava

Keo, 01/09/99-30/06/09

I can't beleive my beloved Keo has gone he was and will always be in my heart I love and miss him so much, why does it hurt

Lynn Toner

Keona, 09/21/02-06/04/09

We are missing our little special sweet girl Keona so very much. She was the light of our lives and we will miss her more than words can express.

Janelle John & Morgan

Kerfuffle, 3/15/09 - 11/08/09

Our sweet, funny, awesomely unique kitty came into our lives unannounced and left suddenly. We miss her terribly, a piece of our hearts is gone with her. She showed up during a rough patch in our lives and made us laugh, which is just what we needed. She burned hot and bright and lived fast, for a cat! She is so very much missed. We so wish we could have had more time with her, such a special girl.

Love to you little Kooky Dooky!

Mom & Dad(Michele & Bob)

Kerry, 26/04/09-16/06/09

Goodbye our angel, we'll never forget the joy you brought us for such a short period of time. We're sorry we didn't recognise that you were ill until it was too late for us to do much to help. (We had no idea that her blood glucose levels had dropped too low). We miss you so much and it's hard knowing that when we wake up, that you're not there to greet us.

We hope that wherever you are, you're happy, warm, safe and well.

We love you and always will xxxxxxxx

Aynsley Gill, Adam Holden

Kessa aka Spitfire, 07/28/99-05/12/09

Kessa trotted into my life on a warm September day in 1999 and left too soon less than 10 years later. She was a wise and independant soul, who took life and relationships on her terms and those whom she honored with her regard were truly blessed. She loved to lay on my computer desk and tickle my fingers with her paws as I typed. She had the people in my building eating out of her paws - and not the other way around. Neighbours would call and ask if they could come up and see Kessa - I was of secondary importance - and that was right in the scheme of things - for she held my life together. For almost 10 years Kessa kept the demons of depression away from my doorstep, by her gentle presence when I felt lonely, or her soft purring as she lay on my chest. She made us all laugh, with her comical expressions and her firm demands for treats and attention. She would alert me to the fact that she wanted somethng by knocking items off the table or shelf near where I sat or slept - she always got her message across. Kessa, did mine come across? Did you know how much I loved you? I believe you are out there, somewhere looking over me. You were such a special little girl, sweetie, and I will love you forever. Thank you for sharing my life.

Kathleen Gorman

Keto Boy, 05/30/96-12/09/08

May God hold you, my angel baby in His arms. May it seem like a moment before we are together again in Heaven. I love you with all of my heart and all of my soul. You are the best of me.


KeyKey, 22 March 2008 to 22 June 2009

My dearest keykey.

I wish you were with me right now so I can give you a huge hug while you tell me the stories of what you did during the day like always. I did not want the last time that i held you to be today but even though your soul wasn't there, it was still with the deepest of love. But now my angel, you are free and one day very soon, i will see you again. I want you to always remember how much i love you. You will always be my little Pudding Paws angel. You have the most special place in my heart.

And heres the poem I wrote for you last year

Powderpuff petunia paws
Hitting those bell chimed whistle balls
A dutchesses crown atop your head
rests while you slumber upon my bed
Preen and clean as you may
I shant get in your way
Beatiful eyes set in green
Just like moss covered forst trees
A chime like voice
To match your majestic poise
I do adoreth thee
You are afterall and always will be
My KeyKey

You will always be in my heart and soul

Deepest of love from
Your Mommy

Khaki, 07/10/01-03/18/09

We are heartbroken, and our hearts feel heavy as we grieve the loss or our beloved Khaki, who we had to put to rest on Wednesday.
She had been diagnosed with Chronic Renal Disease in September of last year, and it had already progressed to moderate levels when it was detected.
She appeared to be doing fairly well considering... I think that she was just that kind of dog.
She continued run and play and didn't want us to know how bad she was really feeling I guess.
About 3 weeks ago, we noticed that she again had a decreased appetite, even for the things that she LOVED.
We took her to the vet last Thursday to have her kidney values checked again, and her BUN had hit 116 and a creatinine level of 12.
I didn't know at that point that this truly was the final stage, for her only real symptoms of it being the final stage were her loss of appetite and subsequently weight.
They put her on 36 hours of IV fluids, for we were headed to SC to visit my parents for vacation on Saturday morning.
We picked her up late Friday night, and she appeared o.k. but exhausted.
She still refused to eat on Saturday morning, so we hoped it would changed once we reached her favorite vacation spot.
Unfortunately, she took a rapid turn for the worse and began vomiting, refusing to eat or drink, and having diarrhea over the next few days. On Monday night, things again continued further down hill, as we think her high blood pressure caused her to have seizures and difficulty walking and moving about.
We took her on Wednesday morning to my parents' vet, fully intending that this was the end. The vet thought that we could make it home, as she perked up once he came in.
We left the vet confused about whether we had made the right decision to try to make it home to our own vet.
We prayed that when it was indeed her time, we would know without a doubt.
We started home, with our two young children in the car, and within an hour she started again having seizures and diarrhea.
It was so difficult to watch an animal that we loved so dearly go through it all. We finally realized that we were not going to make it home and had to find a vet immediately.
We feel as if it was God's will, for we found the most amazing vet in Macon, GA, who talked with us at length about her condition.
He assured us that it was indeed time and that we had to let her go.
It was the most difficult thing but at the same time most peaceful thing that I have ever experienced.
We still can't seem to stop the tears from flowing at our house and only wish for a sign that she is in a better place, once again running and playing.
We know that the the grief will eventually pass, but it seems impossible to overcome at the present time... Thank you for allowing us to share. Ashley

Khalua, 01/22/09

Our baby girl Khalua a 1 1/2 year old beautiful reversed brindle boxer crossed over the rainbow bridge suddenly and our hearts are so saddened she was our baby girl. Her personality was beyond compare and oh how she loved all of us.I hope she is enjoying all the beautiful things she deserves and we will never forget the joy she brought to our home we love you Khalua.

Lana and Dave

Khan, 05/19/95-01/06/09

until we meet again you will be forever in my heart


Khanna, 08/17/07-07/11/09

Khanna graced me with her presence for such a short time, but made such a huge impact on my life.
I don't know how I will fill the void she has left in my heart.
She was such a sweet girl, always ready to cuddle.
She always yelled at me when I got home, and didn't come straight over to give her love.

I love you Khanna, and will always remember you in my heart.

James Luke

Khanti, August 19, 2000 - July 17, 2009

To the best dog ever. You will always be in my heart. Thanks for everything you did to enrich my life and keep me amused. I miss you so much!

KI, 10-04-1996 - 10-02-2009

'Ki' was the most loyal and honorable companion I could of ever wished for. He helped me through the hard times and always gave his 'daddy' a reason to feel unconditionally loved. I truely feel if not for my little 'fuzzy face little man' I would have not made it to this point in my life...I will go on now in the spirit of my beloved companion 'Ki' and remember all the lessons he taught me about life and living. He was loved by all who ever knew him and he returned the love instantly to all that came into his existance.There are know words to describe the void in my life right now, but with the grace of God and the memory and spirit of my 'Ki' I shall do as he taught me to do. Love unconditionally, enjoy every moment of your being and get out and see the open spaces as often as possible. And I truly pray to the Lord above that some day I will indeed be reunited with my 'little man' and we can again go walking and rub our faces together for all of eternity. In god I trust Amen...  
'Rest in peace' and 'frolic' over the 'Rainbow Bridge' my beloved one "KI'...  
Daddy will see you soon!  
Forever 'MYKIANDI'

Ki, 01/02/09

I will miss your kisses so much, and that happy face and warm eyes you always had. I will miss you happy ears and tail everytime you see me. My heart aches but I know you are in a better place not in pain. Take a deep breath in doesn't that feel good? Now run and play like you used to I will be ok and look forward to the day I get to hold you again! Hugs and kisses ki boy


Kia, 29/05/09

My Darling Kia

It has been 7 long weeks since we had to make the decision to put you to sleep and end your suffering. I hope you are at peace now my loving loyal girl. You gave me 13 happy years and I hope I made your life happy too. I couldnt think of getting another dog....there wouldnt be another Kia so what was the point, but someone knocked on my door yesterday Kia and asked me to take Ramsey an 11 month old dog in as they couldnt look after him anymore and I couldnt say no, he will never replace my girl in heart but maybe we can learn to love and respect each other like we did my girl. I will miss you forever thankyou for being my best friend kiapoppet I will always love and miss you.

Mum,Lauryn and Jackxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Kia, 05/25/09

Loving, intelligent, Kia, my "happy spirit," thank you for so many wonderful years.
I will love you forever.

Marie Turco

Kia, 01/25/95

Kia you were my first dog.
You were very smart and kept the house very secure.
Construction workers thought you were 6 feet tall.
Good thing they didn't know about the mound of dirt near the fence.
Occasionaly I get to go by and see where you are buried.
Nobody has bothered your resting spot.

One day we will be reunited again.

Edwin Mays

Kiah, 02/01/96-05/30/09

We would just like to say that Kiah was a beautiful dog... in spirit and in person.
She was always kind, well behaved, and loved everyone! She was a scaredy dog :) the leaves rustling in the wind would startle her.
She was able to walk off leash and never go to far.
She LOVED the water, and won the "Fastest Hotdog Eating Contest" She could even say her prayers.
We will miss her so much! Love you Big Girl! Rest in Peace and have fun at Rainbow Bridge.


Kiara Lynn Hagemann, 10/28/98-05/04/09

You will forever be in our hearts, we miss you and love you very much!

Lisa, Chuck, Chris and Zack

Kiba, 04/09/09


Thank You for your unconditional love

Your love, inspired me to be more mindful

of how I interact with my fellow humans,

I attend to try harder, to be appreciative

more loving and attentive, and to try not

take my family members, for granted

Thank you Kiba, for loving me,

I thank God for you, I believe,like many

good things, in my life that You were sent

from God to teach me, to help me to be a

better person. I think you knew I loved you.

Forever In My Heart,


Kief, 11/15/02-01/09/09

Kief was our best friend.
Lymphoma took him from us at the young age of 6.
We miss our buddy so much & cannot stop crying.
He was an amazing dog.
I picture my mother-in-law looking after him (we lost her on Dec.9/09)and that helps somewhat.

RIP Kief ... we love you so much & miss you ...

All our love,
Mommy & Daddy

Kieffer, 02/10/95-05/03/07

Kieffer was my loving companion for 13 years. I continue to grieve for his passing.

Linda Knobler

Kiki, 06/24/09

Kiki Boo,my Boo Boo Kitty,we will miss you. You have been such a big part of our lives in the past 5 years since we rescued you. You are so beautiful, anyone would have been lucky to have had you but, you picked us and we were honored. Our home seems a bit empty without you and coming home from work will never be the same without you there to greet us. I know we did the best we could to take care of you when you were ill. I'm happy to know that you will suffer no more. I love you Boo Boo and I know someday we will be together again. See you at the rainbow, my Keeker.

Mary and Connie

Kiki, 02/28/04-06/05/09

Kiki, I will never stop loving you. I miss you so much!

Liz Greene


A happy, energetic kitty cat that was only about 2 years old. She snuck outside and got hit by a car. Her sister became extremely antisocial after that. =(


Kiki, 02/20/04-01/16/09


Lisa Horton

Kiki, 03/91-01/06/09

Kiki/Kiki Bunny/The Bunsen Burner/Bean/Bean Head

We are grateful for your 19 years of perfect companionship.
You are truly an angel Kiki.
We'll miss the times of you eating all of your favorite products involving processed cheese (like cheetos, macaroni and cheese, wispride).
You are so special to us Kiki Buns and we will always remember how much love you brought to our home (and how you liked to mooch heat by cuddling and the little "grey cloud" that circled your head).
I know you are in Heaven with Auntie Kim now, so I am at peace with your crossing over the Rainbow Bridge.
When you have time, send us a meow or a special scent of your "grey cloud."
All of my love to you my precious Kiki-I love you forever Kiki Buns...
Lots of love from all of us.
Mommy, Other Mommy, Maylee, Tootie, Preston and Ally Mae.
I hope you find lots of warm blankets to snuggle on!

Kiki Chun-Li Robare, 05/04/01-02/09/08

Kiki.. Ah, the silent meower. Stubby, piss-a-keek, and the many nicknames we called her. Despite her hating every other animal she ever met, she was a true lap cat- content as ever to curl up with my mom and watch TV with her.

If the family was upset and yelling, Kiki would quickly jump in the loudest mouth's lap and try ever so desperately to quiet and calm them.. She cared about her humans, and by that, she showed it.

She will truly be missed..

Aubrey Robare

Kiko, 07/04/94-04/01/08

One year ago today I lost my best friend.
Kiko you are in my heart, my mind and my life always. There is not one day that goes by that I do not think of you.
I know you are still with me.
I feel the signs always. Please know how much you mean to me and everyone whose life you touched.
You are my precious angel that was given to me by God and I will be forever grateful for your love.
Thank you for being there for me for the hardest time in my life. I love you now and always.
Love your mommy xoxoxoxo

Kiko, 10/06/96-03/09/09

He was my best friend. I will love him forever.

Bob & Joy Hoffman

Killean, 07/91-06/12/09

My baby Killean, how I longed for you to recover from your illnesses, what a fighter you were, taking everything so calmly and gently, but the last day we had together I couldn't bear to see you in pain. I knew you were and I made the decision to let you go. I know that you are happy and free and suffer no more pain. Know always that I love you and that you were the best cat I could have ever known or ever asked for... I will see you someday... I love you and miss you.. Be free

Robyn Christine

Killer, 10/10/09

My beloved Killer was put to rest after a long bout with colic, a very debilitating disease in horses. He had been rescued by my niece around 10 years ago. An old race horse neglected by his owners. He came into my life in 2003, bringing back the love of horses I experienced when I was a child. I learned so much again with him. We had many good rides down the trails. When he became lame & could not be ridden any longer, he retired with my and my new horse Traveler. They were the best of buddies.

He had a beautiful spirit, a kind and loving personality. He was very old by horse standards, comparable to about a 150 year old person. I was happy to care for him because he gave so much in return. It is a huge hole in my heart for him to be gone. No longer can I kiss his beloved old head or lead him back to the barn. I would gladly have taken care of him for another 100 years.

I will love and miss him for the rest of my life. Even though I knew I would one day have to say good bye to him, it was still not easy.

I do hope that I will see him again one day over the Rainbow Bridge. It is possible.

Thank you all for listening.

Killer, 06/06/09

Killer not a day goes by that I do not think of you and feel that familar pain in my heart. You were my baby boy, my best friend, and the most amazing bunny anyone has ever known. Even though you are no longer here physically I feel you all around me every day, and I know that you are not truely gone because you are always on my mind and forever in my heart. Buba I know how hard you fought to stay here with me, but I understand you had to go. I miss you so very much and I cry so many tears at the thought of not getting to hold you every day. You are so special and so loved and missed so very much. You were my bunny boy.... my favorite cuddle buddy, and as unique as your name. Killer, you forever changed my life that Easter sunday when I first got to hold you. Those amazing blue eyes and that little tail.... a twitching nose and little bunny ears, you were beautiful. You were so docile and loving, I will never go a day without thinking of you, I promise. I cannot wait to see you again and hold you. I only hope you know that I love you and miss you. I wish I was there when you left this earth, and I am sorry I was not but I know you were not alone and that offers me some comfort. Enjoy Rainbow Bridge baby boy, and keep an eye out for me. Until we meet again I love you buba a million times infinity. All my love always and in my mind and heart forever


Killer, 12/06/09

My little baby who whistled colonel bogey and sang a rude song passed away yesterday,he was my friend not my pet; but at least now he can never feel pain
he is in "Bird Heaven" with my African grey "Smokie"

Derek Turpin

Killer, 11/02/06-03/01/09

He was full of love, and happiness. He was taken from us in hate, and scorn. You my Prince, did not deserve to die so young. We will never go a day without praying for those who did this. We miss you, baby boy. We love you, Mom, Dad, Derek, Paige, & Joshua (always).xoxoxoxoxoxo

Killerkitty, 06/19/08

My cat found me at a time in my life when I was tired and ready to end it all. I had no reason to live....or so I thought. Then this wonderful creature entered my tiny she was, eyes closed and ears folded but such courage she had. Not even a week old and she crawled out from under a house on a nearly freezing, rainy November night to call for a mama who never returned. I had never heard such a huge cry from such a pitifully small animal. She would die if I didn't do something.
I had this cat for almost 17 years and she saved me twice from suicide. More than that though, she taught me how to love. I was taught in childhood that love is just painful. Bruises and no self-esteem. I couldn't imagine doing that to a child so I never had children, and couldn't form any close bonds with anyone. Until I was "given" Killer. She taught me that love is the most easy companionship you'll ever have with anyone, two-legged or four. It's being able to watch them sleep and wonder what they're dreaming about when their whiskers twitch and their feet kick. It's dragging a string around and your laughter as they chase, endlessly. It's having them climb up to, and sit on, the page you are writing or reading, just to get your attention, and you don't knock them off or yell. It's the time when you end up in the hospital dying of pneumonia, and your only thoughts are that you HAVE TO take care of your baby, someone take care of my baby!
Love is the panic you feel when they aren't where you expect them to be. Love is telling them that it's ok that they knocked "this" or "that" down and maybe broke it. I thought love was this unbelieveably HUGE, impossible to keep, commitment. And I found out that all love is, really, is being with each other, one day at a time. She taught me that, my beautiful cat named Killer. I didn't know it then, but she would eventually "kill me with kindness" and love. Both of us should not have survived on that cold, wet night. She is, truly, my hero.
My baby girl, I love you more than I ever thought possible, and you gave me your life. I didn't deserve it, but you had faith in me the moment you crawled into the palm of my hand and curled up into a shivering wet ball, leaving me wondering, as I tucked you under my shirt against my warm belly, what the heck did I think I was doing? I see now that I was choosing to live. And through all the tough times you stayed there by my side, even through a cold, homeless, Minnesota winter. My sweet and precious girl, I will miss you terribly. Thank you for forgiving me when I got mad at you. Thank you for being my gift. Thank you for what you taught me. I can honestly say "I love you".

Nick Spooner

Kils, 08/01/94-12/31/08

My beloved friend has left.
She was so strong and full of life until the end; she was a beauty as well.
Then a collapse, a seizure, and downhill from there.
Within hours it was over.
The spunk, the life was gone.
I miss her so.
She brought a lot of joy in her 14 plus years.
I hope we meet again..

Mik Harkin

Kim, 05/12/08

Kim, so young to have a brain tumour.
So much life to live.
Race on at Rainbow Bridge, enjoy what we could not give you.

Anne Coates

Kimber, 12/05/95-02/18/09

To My Lil Kimber,

I love you boo boo

Love "Forever" from your Laurie

Laurie K Hammond

Kimberly Kaytlyn Kaye, 03/11/03-03/29/05


Kimberly Cummings Kaye

Kimo, 13/.5-03/25/09

My best friend Kimo is no longer hear.
I miss you so much, it's hard to explain.
I would do anything and give anything to have you back.
You were there for all of my mistakes and loved me anyway.
I know you are flying high and in pain no more.
I miss you and love you and promise to never forget you.


Kinder, 05/08/08

Kinder was my best friend for 15 1/2 years and she pasted away 1 year ago today.
It was the hardest day of my life she was there for so many events in our lives, all the ups and downs and thru it all she never gave us anything but unconditional love.
I hope you are at peace and enjoying all your new friends in heaven.
I love you and miss you so very much.
Please know that someday I will meet you at the Rainbow Bridge and we will once again be together as a family.

I love you and miss you Kinder!

Lisa (Mommy)

King, 04/10/98-03/17/09

We are glad that you are now free of the suffering that plagued you. So long as you are happy we are willing to live with the huge holes in our hearts. We shall always love you and miss you.

We hope we shall be reunited in the Dreamtime when the world is finished with us. We shall never forget you!

Bless you, our King-King

Robert and Teri Sprackland

King Fluffington, 08/01/08-06/04/09

King, I am so sorry that you got killed by an unknown, careless driver.
I feel so bad that I did not catch you as you sneaked out of the house. Our doctor said you did not feel any pain, but the pain in my heart is so vile.
I am trying to forgive myself and understand that some cats only come into our lives for a brief time.
Your boy, Zach has made you a very special place in the yard.
You will be forever in our hearts.
We have never lost a pet like this, you know our other pets lived past 15 years or more.
I hope you will forgive me.
You where such a darling cat, peaceful and big. I was so proud of your hefty 35 pound size.
Barker, the Rough Coated Collie played with you like a dog.
Petunia and Sheba are looking for you.
They will miss you even more.

I threw away the shirt I was wearing when I found you, I won't wear a yellow shirt again.

King, you always kept my feet warm, I look forward to seeing you again someday. I will make a donation to the shelter to give another kitty a chance for a good life.

Joey Vancleeff

King Fluffington, 08/01/07-05/28/09

King, I am so sorry you got injured and died in a car accident.
I hope you will forgive me. I brought you to the vet right away, but there was nothing the vet could do to bring you back to us.

I hope you have a wonderful life in Heaven and someday I hope to see you again.


King Louie, 12/26/07 - 10/4/09

King Louie was the best you could ask for. Everytime I got angry, I would hold him until I felt better. He will always be in my heart. I will never forget him. I love you buddy. Chaz

King Solomon, 03/17/09

Dear Tinker,

You will never be forgotten on this earth and we will forever look forward to seeing you once again at Rainbow Bridge.
We know you're strong and whole again and that you can run and play with Kitty, Cliffy, Lazarus, Chloe and Pooh. We also know that God is taking great care of you for us but we miss that responsibility terribly.
Mama misses your little velveteen face and your head popping up from the bathtub where you slept.
I miss your greeting me at the door when I came home from work and sleeping between me and Mama.

We do now and will forever love and miss you, Son.

Mama and Daddy

Kingsford, 11/06/2009

Kingsford was an awfully cool dude for a mutant. He had seven toes on each front foot and one dewclaw on the back. He and Chester brought many a smile with their WWF matches in the living room. He was a very loving, people-oriented cat, happy to be held and happy to just hang loose. FeLV+...He was a fighter to the very end. He will be sorely missed by our whole family, human and feline. We love you, Dude.

Kingsford, 02/14/09

Kingsford I will miss you.
Your presence in my life helped me deal with life's slings and arrows.
You were a steadying influnce.
Your face will always be in my memory.

William Chandler

Kippa, 08/94-05/22/09

Kippa - the pain of your loss is overwhelming. We miss you so much. We look at the couch where you used to lay and still see you there.
We take comfort in knowing you are no longer in pain and can run and play again like a puppy. We know we did the right thing as hard as it was. You were the best dog in the world!! We will always love you.

Peggy & Robert Shields

Kipper, 05/18/07-05/01/09

I want to put a tribute out there for my beloved cat, Kipper.
He was so incredibly special and taken from us far too soon.
Kipper was loved by all who met him.
He was sweet as can be, loved to play fetch(bottle caps and twistie ties were favorites) and loved to cuddle up with me and suck on my hair each and every day.
I miss him so so much around the house, and i'm also sad that my infant son will miss his orange play buddy as he grows up.
We all love and miss you already Kipper, be well until we see each other at the Rainbow Bridge one day

Joanne Jansson

Kira, 07/03/93-04/06/09

My lovely Kira, I miss you and love you very much.
You are my dog, and I am so glad we had 16 years together.
I know you are with Brandii at the Rainbow Bridge playing together. I know that you are seeing grandma, grandpa and daddy too.
I love you.

Jan Snelling

Kira, 10/01/96-01/09/09

Our sweet girl left us swiftly and without suffering. If there is such a place as the "Rainbow Bridge"(and we hope there is), she is romping there with her first soulmate Bogi. I cry as I write this, for we will miss her sweet disposition, her tapping on the sliding door to get back in, and her love of a "cookie treat" and a good walk with her best friend Rooni. So sadly missed by Dad, Mom, our Children, and Grandchildren. We all love you and will never forget you, Kira Lou!

Ray and Patty Pettus

Kirby, May 1 - 9/16/09

My dear beloved pal Kirby. You meant everything to me and i meant everything to you. Every time we walk on the beach it feels different without you there. I hope you know that you are always in my heart and i am never ever going to forget you. i hope you are no longer in pain up in heaven and are looking down at me.You will always be with me in spirit.I WILL NEVER FORGET YOU KIRBY. MAY YOU REST IN PEACE.

Kirby, 03/14/09

I cannot begin to think of the right words to adequately describe my dog, Kirby, that would do her justice.
In her honor though, I will try. She was fiercely loyal and protective.
One Sunday evening when she was around five years old I had let her out in the back yard while I cooked supper for my husband.
She started barking (which wasn't anything new, she was very vocal) like something was wrong.
My husband went outside to check on her and saw her standing close to the back steps barking at something.
Before he could get any closer she had grabbed a large snake with her mouth and began slinging it from side to side.
She called herself protecting my husband from the snake.
She was bit several times and with it being a Sunday no local vet was open.
Everywhere I called across the state told me that in all likelihood with the snake being a water mocassin and the size of it she was going to die.
Her paws swelled until they split and the side of her mouth swelled to extreme proportions also.
She was in so much pain and I remember feeling so helpless.
My husband and I stayed by her side throughout the night during her fevers and delirium thinking it was the end.
She was so strong.
She made it through the night and to the vet's office the next day.
She was an inspiration and I remember being so grateful that the Lord didn't take away my baby that day.
She unselfishly sacrificed herself to keep my husband from being bit because he could not see the reptile.
I hope that recollection sheds a little light on who "Kirby" was.
She definitely had a mind and personality all her own.
She was very independent, but loving at the same time.
She was a leader at heart despite her small size.
If you were to put her in a yard with other dogs twice her size, she would be running the show in a short period of time.
She loved exploring and running free outside, but at the same time she loved sleeping between us buried under the covers right by our feet.
She loved her toys and had a basket where she kept all her favorites.
She loved plush animals because biting a hole in them and pulling out all the stuffing was one of her favorite pasttimes.
She was a wonderful addition to my life journey, and even though the pain of her loss is almost unbearable at times I would do it all over again in a hearbeat.
She is extremely missed by, not only me, but everyone who had the pleasure of knowing her.
She was not only a dog, but a daughter, a protector, and a best friend.

Melisa Willhite

Kirby, 11/05/07-30/05/09

Kirbs touched a lot of people.
He was very special and even though he wasn't around long he will always be remembered and loved.


Kirby, 03/17/09

The most lovable, smart, intelligent, sociable
Beagle ever!
We miss you girl!
Ditch misses you too.

Joanne Duncan

Kirby Broderick (Dikity Dikity Dog), 10/15/92-04/02/09

Kirby lived with us for 16 years. She chased my Dads quarter horses and loved every minute of it. She loved to eat and have her tummy rubbed. Her friends that are left without her will miss her everyday.....we have so many great memories of her. After she was put down we were driving down Summerland Hill and there was a rainbow greeting us.....we knew Kirby was with Dad and Daisy.
We will love you Forever KirbyOOOOOOOX

Marty & Sherri Broderick Wood

Kirby Rowell, 01/08/98-05/15/09

"what we have enjoyed, we can never lose ... all that we love deeply becomes a part of us."
~Helen Keller

Thank you Kirby for all the things that you were that are now apart of me. Thank you for opening that door that I had tried to keep shut. Thank you for making me curious enough to see what is on the other side of it.

I will adore and miss you until I take my final breath and we are in the same place for all eternity.

I love you!!!

Renee Rowell

Kiri, 01/11/01-10/16/07

Our beautiful little girl and companion to Sibby for 6 years.

Frank & Lynn Peters

Kiri, 28/10/92-11/07/09

The love i have for you will never leave my heart, i think about you all the time i sometimes cant go on.I wish that i could hold you just for one more time and tell you that I love you but I know that I cant. Please wait for me my darling untill we meet again and i will love and kiss you in eternity. All my love mam.xx

Kirstie Alley, 05/31/09

What a funny little creature you were!
Ready to snap at everyone and everything that disturbed you.
You made Daffy's life miserable but you were your own dog and there was no changing you.
You were with us for just a little less than a year, and you never really learned to trust us, but who knows what you'd been through to make you the way you were.
Duke and I miss you, which might surprise you.
I hope thast Daffy is kinder to you at the Rainbow Bridge than you were to her, and that you meet and like Nick and Feather, and Foo and Sam and Pepper and Nunu and Pokey and Cindy; and the cats Kitty, Katrina, Boots and Sassafras.
You make quite a crew waiting for me.
Be nice to the other guys and they'll be nice to you--they're really a great crew.


Kisha, 06/07/99-03/03/09

Kisha was and will always be remembered as the little blessing in my life. She will be missed dearly. Her companionship and memories will always be close in my mind.


KissyFace, 07/06/09

We will miss your sweet face and kisses baby, Love, Mom and Dad

Kissyfur, 11/28/97-03/19/09

My precious Kissy,
You always managed to put a smile on my face throughout the hardest times in my life.
Thank you from the bottom of my heart for loving me and comforting me in ways that no human being can even compare.
You'll always be remembered and greatly missed.
Rest in peace my little angel.

Leticia Zaragoza

Kit, 02/23/09

Love you Kit

Jenna Kaplinski

Kit Kat, November 1998 - October 3, 2009

You were just the sweetest, most loving cat we ever had. Funny and goofy, you always knew when we needed company. We miss you so much and am so glad we found you. We prayed for the right kitty for our family and he sent you.

Kit Ninu, 2003-01/04/09

We love you and will miss you Kittles.

Calan Hess

Kita, 03/11/09

She was everything you could ask for and more.
Her "food guys" and feline buddy Kalie miss her and are deeply saddened that we will not be able to cuddle with her again.

Mark & Virginia Lee

Kita Rose, 02/10/94-03/23/09

1994 "Kita" 2009
It is with very much sadness that I tell you my beloved "Kita"¯ is no longer with us. She died on Monday, March 23, 2009.
Kita was such a wonderful dog, a most faithful companion and a dearest friend. She came to us from a broken and bruised past, but with such a brave spirit. When she arrived at our house "she was home where she belonged" a part of our family now.
Kita lived a beautiful life with us for 5 years, leaving many precious memories that will always bring a smile.
We love her and will all miss her very, very much.
She will forever be in our hearts.
Katrina, Phil & Patti , Pepsi

Kitari, 12/31/08

Kitari, you were with me for 19 years but you will always be in my heart. I will miss your kisses, your evening nudges, your uniqueness.

Yesterday was a hard day having to make the decision to let you go. I sensed it was OK with you since you were very peaceful as you nudged your head against my chin when I had you on my shoulder. I know you are at peace and in a better place.

Goodbye for now, until we meet again.

I will always love you.


KitKat, 05/15/09

My special boy and friend. I will love you forever. God bless my sweet KitKat.

Richard "Buddy" Howard Jr.

KitKat, 05/11/09

KitKat loved people, especially kids.
She was my soul mate of cats, my constant companion and best friend.
She was very loved by her family.

Julie Benson

Kitt, 03/10/09

My precious Kitt.
Your little life was too short.
The FIV and cancer took you from me and your Benny too soon.
I will miss your constant conversation and sitting next to me on the couch.
Your Benny is deeply missing his snuggle buddy.
I rescued you only 5 years ago and you stole my heart with those beautiful gold eyes.
Your with Vido now.
Healthy and happy.
We will be together again someday.
I am so sorry I could not save you.
I did my best for you my baby but the cancer won.
Your in my heart and soul, my Kitt.


Kitt, 05/05/95-01/24/09

I miss you little girl. You gave us 13 wonderful years. I hate that you're gone, but I am happy that I was able to see you at the end of December. I'll always remember you, Circus Dog, and will always cherish the love and affection you gave us. I love you!


Kitteny, 12/25/08

We said goodbye to our friend Kitteny on Christmas Day - She was a lovely, loving, fun friend, and will be missed.

Kathy & Fran

Kitters, 02/23/09

My dear kitters - I'll never forget the two most important days I had with you - the day I first held you, you were so soft and purring so loudly, I knew I had to have you and then last night when I held you while you were struggling to breathe. It was so devastating to watch you suffer. When I first became aware that you were dying, I looked into your eyes and promised you that when you were ready to go, I wouldn't make you suffer. How could I let you suffer when you had brought 18 years of unconditional love into my life. You were indeed the sweetest, most loving cat I had ever owned. You were there for me through some truly terrible times and I will always remember that. Now you are gone and I don't know if I'll ever stop missing you, but at least you will be restored back to your original glory where you can sit in the sun to your hearts content. I'll miss you more than words can express, and I'll love you forever.
Love, Mama, Daddy, Simba, and Cooper

Kittles aka Kit Bit, 05/09/95-01/16/09

Forever in my heart you will remain.

Noreene Wilson

Kitty, 11/01/2000 - 09/17/2009

Kitty, you are the weirdest cat we ever met. Remember that cold, snowy morning when we pulled into the driveway of our new home and you were waiting there on the porch for us? My first thought was, 'Oh,no- another stray. And she doesn't know I have dogs in the car.' You ran up to my door and acted like you'd been waiting for us for so long. I tried to warn you about the dogs, but you didn't listen. And when the bounded out of the vehicle, you simply started rubbing up against them, much to their surprise. Since that moment, you were a deeply ingrained part of our lives.

You were always there, you were always talking and looking for someone to rub against- me, the other cats, the dogs, our extended family, even Lucky, the horse. You managed to turn even the most determined cat-haters around. You even had Eric looking for you whenever he was at the house. You always came to comfort me when I was sick or crying. You stood up for your fellow cats and defended the house with the dogs. You were a great playmate for Boy, who I know misses you every day. You were a great mother to Peggy Sue, who is crying for you, wandering around the house wondering where you've gone.

You chased your tail, you loved flashlights, you always announced your arrival as you came in the dog door, you always got weird just before bed, you carried those toys around, crying as though you were trying to say something we'll never understand. That last night we were all together, you cleaned Minnie's ear (and she let you) and you brought Rich one of your toys in bed. You insisted upon cleaning Rich's chin every night and you know he secretly loved it. You made sure you were there to watch me get dressed and do my hair in the morning, smacking me every time I went by so I would make sure to pay attention and hurry up to feed you or turn the water on in the sink so you could watch it. You would forget that the scenes on the TV weren't real or the mouse on the computer wasn't something you could grab. You were a great traveler. You always came running to our whistle. You loved to take walks with the dogs. You loved climbing that tree at Grandmagrandpa's house. You had a big crush on Dad and like to bite his hands when he dared read the paper in your presence. You loved Kate's sandals. You loved vanilla yogurt, popcorn, and liverwurst. You had the softest paws and pads, which Mom loved to touch. You always smelled good. You always insisted upon sleeping under my arm, usually under the covers. You had that orange spot on your chin that you liked scratched. You had that goofy, notched ear and we'll never know how you got it.

You got into some of the oddest places, but we always got you back. This time, though, we cannot. And for that, Kitty, I am truly sorry. I am sorry I didn't insist upon seeing you at lunch time. I am sorry I wasn't home from work sooner and maybe I could have saved you. I will always feel terrible regret about that. I am sorry I moved us somewhere with a road where people speed. I will never forgive myself for any of this. We were robbed of many, many more years of finding new oddities about you and having you on our laps. Everyone is grieving, Kitty. And I've left your bowl out where you like to eat and your toys just where you left them, hoping you'll be back when I awake from this terrible nightmare. I can't imagine life without you. I'm feeling very lost because you're not always in my lap at home and I say your name, but you don't come running anymore. It hurts me so much that you will never be there again.

I take some comfort that you're in Cat Heaven, chasing birds and salamanders, and you've found endless amounts of cats to clean and cuddle with. We'll be there soon, Kitty. Wait for us, okay?

We love you and we'll always miss you. No one will ever fill that part of our hearts where you belong.

Kitty, 08/02/93-07/13/09

We miss you and hope you are no longer in pain.


Kitty, 1991-05/15/09

Kitty was the best cat and friend I could ever hope to have. She came along at a time when I was grieving and she helped me, healed me and made me smile again.
I think I helped her too.
We shared so much together and I will forever be grateful for her presence in my life.
I love you Kitty -now and always.
You are always in my heart.

Annette Sinclair

Kitty, 05/17/09

My Kitty died after being hit by a car. I'm really sad about it and trying to move on. I just miss her. My son was outside and saw it happen. He is really sad too and I'm helping him deal with the loss. I know Kitty is up in Heaven sleeping on my grandpa's bed.
Thanks for understanding.

Kitty, 09/23/92-04/17/92

The world is silent without your purr

Marj Schaff

Kitty, 09/23/92-04/17/09

The world is silent without your Purr.
Brother Matt and Mommy miss you.

Kitty, 10/01/96-04/10/09

Kitty loved to talk...she would meow up a storm...especially at the birds outside.
She was interested in all strangers that came to our home...friendliest kitty I've ever had.
She loved to cuddle at bedtime & slept close to me all night.
She will be very missed.
We love her very much.

Amanda Hackman

Kitty, 11/92-04/11/09

You came into my life 16 1/2 years ago.
As I write this I am devastated. You met me at the door after work, you laid with me in bed no matter what time of the day it was.
You helped console me when we both lost your brother, Lynx, over a year ago.
Although you were never the same after that, you continued to be my best friend until the end. You were with me through ex husbands and boyfriends, many moves, and through it all, you were my calm in the storm.
I can only hope that you are in heaven with Lynx, finally together again, looking down on me to help me get through this horrible time without you.
You will never, ever, ever be replaced.
All my love, Valerie and David....

Kitty, 05/01/06-03/14/09


Kitty, 02/25/09

Kitty was my best friend and always there when I needed her. She helped me through hard times after I lost my mother 4 years ago. She was always the highlight of my day and always made me laugh. She had a very special talent of fetching and bringing me her bag of treats to bed in the middle of the night. Kitty I know your at the Rainbow bridge looking down on me right now and I want you to know that I love you very much and you will always have that special place in my heart. I am so sorry that this has happened and I wish there was something that I could have done to prevent this but I guess it was your time to go. I love you very much....

Angela Jones & Brandy Dedmon

Kitty, 1990-02/16/09

My "Itty Bitty Kitty", as my daughter and I called her, entered this world being called Petrie and then we just started calling her Kitty.
Despite her age (and until she became ill), she never acted her age.
She ran around the house, batting things, and loving her catnip as if she was a kitten.
She had a stroke a year ago and I thought I was losing her then.
She basically recooperated, but in the last week her eating cut way down and then in the last few days of her life, she would not eat.
She barely drank, and was not acting like herself.
I hoped that she would pass in her sleep, but when that didn't happen I decided that I could not let her suffer and took her to the vet to be put to sleep.
We buried her on our friend's land and plan to make a memorial/grave marker for her soon. After having her for 18 1/2 years and her just dying yesterday, I keep waiting tonight for her to jump on my lap, meow to be feed, and to purr so loud you can hear her across the room.


Kitty, 01/31/09

I rescued Kitty from a group of ferral cats. He had a rough life living out on the streets for 99% of his life. When I brought him into my house a few months ago he loved it and he loved to be held and pet. He was such a good cat it was a shame that he didn't get more love throughout the years that he so deserved.


Kitty, 02/2008-02/03/09

I love you kitty.
You did such a great job as my best friend.
You were always there for me and will ALWAYS be in my thoughts.
I hope you send me a sign down here that you are happy and pain free.


Kitty, 03/09/91-01/12/09

no one reading this tribute will know what a special cat you were.
i treasure every second i had with you and losing you is one of the sharpest losses i've ever experienced.
wait by the rainbow bridge for me.
i can't wait to see you again.


Kitty Boy, 03/10/01-06/12/09

Well my dear Kitty, you and your sister had a rough start when l rescued you both at the barn.
You always wanted to go out hunting, lay in the sun and come in the house to eat and sleep.
We traveled many miles together and survived hard times.
Looking at us with one eye open and talking, you were very special to Nara and l.
The dogs will miss you, as will your sister.
I searched for you, called your name, but nothing.
Wait for me at the Bridge along with Garfield,Penny,Shadow,Dude and Bo.
We Loved You.

Barbara Butler

Kitty Cat, 02/12/82-09/18/07

I big cuddley baby

Tracy Nicholson

Kitty Coo, 02/03/08

No other animal has touched me the way that you did Coo. I miss you so much, and my home and heart are empty. I am happy that you are no longer suffering, but I wish that I was still holding your sweet little self. Nathan and I will always be thinking of you. I love you forever baby. MSP

Kitty Girl Taylor, 06/09/09

Kitty Girl, I miss you greatly baby. I sure hope this pain leaves me be. You are a great gift from above and will always be in our hearts. Love, Dad

Kitty Jones, 09/76-08/05/94

My baby, my love, my reason for living.
My heart still aches.

Kathy Morgan Jones

Kitty Priscilla Tremont, 04/20/09

We will miss you always, our dear sweet, Kitty.

Jean Tremont

Kittycatacusaraticus (Hobbes), 04/94-03/04/09

One of the best feline companions ever!

She was part cat, part human!
She was my best friend. I will miss her forever!

Cathy Brace

Kiva, 5/29/05 - 11/24/09

You were the shyest of Sylvia's kittens born under my neighbor's deck. There were times I worried you hadn't make it out of infancy when I wouldn't see you. But, then again, its hard to see a black kitten in the shadows and you would always appear eventually. We would play "Toss the leaves", I would toss and you would leap in the air to catch them. After you came inside to be with me for always, you would sleep by my legs under the covers, prance and mince when it came time for breakfast, and crave the cuddles and kisses I was so willing to give you.

I still don't know what took you from me; it doesn't appear that it came with violence or pain. But I thought we had many years left to us, I had no idea when I left for work yesterday morning that it was the last time I would see your perfect face full of life. I love you my shy child. See you soon.

Kiva, 1994-03/10/09


You are or precious little girl...........we will love you always and miss you so much.

Debbie and John

Kiwi, 05/26/2000 - 10/18/2009

For 9 years you were part of our lives and they were as special as you. There is a such pain in our hearts and I can't understand why you had to leave so suddenly. I'am so sorry I was not there to help and protect you from the events that took your life. You will forever be in our hearts and we will rejoice in the years lived by your side. Love always

Kiwi, 07/02/09

Kiwi, we missed you so dearly and you're always in our hearts forever. We've cherished all the years you've been with us since you arrived when you're just 6 weeks old. I will never forget how comfortable you were everytime I carried you over my shoulders. The kids missed you too!

Dan, Shelley and Kids

Kiwi, 01/05/01-05/22/09

you were the best co worker i ever had and my best friend i love you very much

Sandra Bergan

Kiwi (aka Kiki, Kika Boo, Kiwi Wee Wee), 04/17/09

Kiwi was our special and beloved Russian Blue cat. She was funny, loving, graceful, and full of life. Her presence left an empty void in our hearts and we miss her deeply. Her spirit lives on in our memories and in our thoughts; and eventually, time will heal the pain. Although she was taken so suddenly from us, I know that she is no longer in pain and playing happily with our other beloved cats, Kahlua and Bailey. I will see them again, once I cross over the Rainbow Bridge. And my heart will be at peace. May Angels watch over you, Kiwi (as well as Kahlua & Bailey). Forever you are loved...(ADR, April '09)

Alice & Arlene

Kiwi, 02/21/09

Dear Ki Cat,
Thank you for all of the love and patience you taught me.
Strawberry and I miss you so much.
We love you.

Kiwi, Christmas 2008

Kiwi~~~a darling Quaker Parrot.. I'll miss you as long as I live, I think of you so much!!
We spent everyday together~
You made this old girl's day, everyday.
I love you Kiwi.
Till we meet again~~~

Tommie Goudeau

Kix (Kixy), 08/00-01/28/09

Kixy,you were our little social butterfly. The boss of the house,but not too bossy. You were friends with everyone or at least tried to be! You were sooo smart, I know you knew English.I will miss how you liked to play psycho kitty in the tub behind the shower curtin,how you nipped my nose or seeing you waiting at the patio door for us to come home.You always somehow was able to be up the stairs waiting by the front door by the time we got in the house.Your passing was way too soon, it left us in shock. We knew you weren't feeling like yourself, but to find cancer and that you couldn't be saved just makes me so sad and lost. I'm just glad you wouldn't have to go through any more suffering. I always said you were put in the middle of the road as a baby by the angels for me to find. Now, you are back with the angels waiting to see us again. We love and miss you! Mom,Dad,Goldie,Smokey,AJ,Missy and Roscoe

Kizmit, 03/01/94-05/05/09

Gone but never forgotten, you will always be in our hearts, love ya & miss ya always!

Seth Dunas

Klanci, 08/09/96-06/19/09

You brought our family so much joy-we miss you dearly and will always love you.
We will see you in heaven


Klee Rae Davis Our Baby Girl, 05/24/94-07/09/09


Frank and Linda Davis

Klein, 02/09/09

I miss you so much and I am so sorry Klein. Please forgive me for not taking you sooner to the vet.

I am so sad. I am devestated. You are my best friend.

THe best part of me is dead.


Klondike, 06/22/09


You were my stregth and my hero.

Few people will ever possess the compassion, intelligence, beauty and complete love which you possessed.

I feel I failed you in your life.
I betrayed your love for that of a man, but even then you seemed to understand my needs.
You were always at your father's side while he was sick.
You even directed EMT worker's to your father's side.

You always had trust, love, compassion and loyalty in your big beautiful heart.

I will miss the curl of your tail, the love in your eyes, and the joy you always displayed when you saw me.

Without you, I don't know how I would have made it through all these years.
You always stopped to give your love.

I miss you so very much, and will always hold a special place in my heart for you.

I always told you that if you were a man, I would have married you.
I always meant that.
Thank you for your love and support all your life.
I could never even begin to reward your devotion.

You were and will always be my love.
Thank you.

Jeri Baker

Klondike, 07/04/95-12/10/04

I miss your sweet face.


Klondike, 03/01/09


You were such a cool old guy.
We will miss you forever.
Love, Sheila

Klyipe, 10/29/06

l still miss you and dart very much but knowing we will be together again helps me through

Dawn Angel

Knickerbocker Day Freeman, August 3rd, 2009 - November 18th, 2009

To My Best Furry Friend, My Protector and My Baby forever...
You have been by my side for 10 years and it tore me apart to say good bye. You protected me and now I must protect you from any more harm or illness. You were so loved not only by me but your Grandma's, Grandpa, your Daddy, Renegade, RJ, and Cleopatra. Plus all your other aunts and uncles of the Day/Bain & Freeman Family.
You are now at the Rainbow Bridge playing with Smokey, Topper, Snapper, Willie, Moochie, Heman, Renegade, and Sasha. Have fun, jump, run fast, eat anything you want. You are now safe and free of any illness.
Just know your mommy and daddy loved you with all their hearts and was trying to do the best thing for you. I still feel your kisses on my face before you went to sleep. I will feel those kisses until I see you again crossing the Rainbow Bridge.  
I love you!

Knob, 02/17/09

You came to us 6 months ago as a rescue and became part of our family, you were such a happy little ferret and you got along with everybody. Then you got sick you had surgery and theyremoved a tumor and your spleen you recovered so well but 5 days after surgery things went wrong we did everything we could for you but nothing worked. It broke my heart when you died you touched us in such a little time and I miss you so do your brothers Dobie and Quigley and siste Gumpy. We will see you again over the bridge along with everybody else.

John & Carolyn Woodward

Koa, 02/14/09

We'll miss you forever~


Kobe, 12-26-04 - 9-26-09

My precious Kobe,  
I am so grateful to have had you in my life no matter how brief it was. You lifted me up when I was down and gave me so much joy.  
You were such a sweet dog with so much heart-I am so sorry you had to suffer the last few months. I did everything I could to save you.  
I will love you and miss you forever.  
Be happy now, and know I will keep you in my heart.  
Janine Gass

Kobe Dobe, 03/17/03-07/10/09

loved beyond belief rip kobe

Joyce Sper

Kobi, 04/11/96-20/01/09

I have had this dog for my entire life.
He was with me in the best and the worst of times.
He walked to the kindgergarden bus on the first day of school, and when i graduated elementary school.
He always sleeps in my bed.
I just want to make sure no one will ever forget the best dog ever.

Colin Todd

Koco, 01/17/97-03/04/09

I would like to add Koco, my very special sweet little boy, to the Rainbow Bridge. Koco now joins his mom who passed away this past Sept., and is at the Rainbow Bridge, along with my other sweet boy Romeo, a boxer I lost in 2006. I pray that they are all happy, and playing together, now all healthy and whole, and that Koco was welcomed by his mom at the Bridge so that he would not be frightened. I love them all, and miss them very much. May Koco be at Peace.

Linda Marcotullio

Koda, 05/03/09

The most beautiful, coolest, most majestic Alaskan Husky in the world, Koda, left this world today.
He died at home and didn't suffer.
Before we took him to his final place, Dad and I took him for a ride along his favorite route to go on his daily walks with Dad.
I know his brother Yoda will be waiting for him when he gets to Rainbow Bridge.

Everyone marveled at Koda's beauty.
People stopped to photograph him.
At the dog park, people would take pictures of him with their camera phone.
Koda made himself the mayor and greeter of the dog park.
He would walk around with newly arrived dogs, would show them where the water was and where the toys were etc.
Then he'd wander and hang with the people because he was a people dog.
He'd make his rounds so everyone could pet him and tell him how beautiful he was.
He liked hanging out with the folks wherever he was!

Koda loved to run and I once clocked him at 18mph for 20 minutes as he ran next to me on the bike.
Watching him run was a thing of beauty.
Koda was a husky and liked to talk.
Sometimes he would talk as if he was tattling on one of the other dogs, he would also out bitch and complain any other members of his breed.
He knew tons of words in English and it was really as if he understood every word said to him.
I remember he would ask to be fed (verbally) and I'd say "15 minutes"¯ and that guy would be back 14-17 minutes later.
He was so funny!

He knew tricks like sitting, shaking and laying down and when he would "shake"¯ for a treat, it was funny how quick he was with the paw for a fast and assertive shake.
Koda loved car rides and would get his entire upper body out of the car.
My old car had a scratch spot where Koda would "steer"¯ with his right paw while on his car rides, holding on as he only had his back legs in the car.

Koda had a great and happy life and was full of unconditional love.
He made our lives better!
There's a huge hole in my heart right now, but I can't think of Koda without happy memories, so I'll hold those close!!

All dogs go to heaven and I know Koda will have a special place there with no toenail clippers and no brushes!
Thanks for your understanding as we mourn the huge family loss of our beautiful boy.

DeDe, Don and Brian Forwood

Koda, 03/18/09

You were a great "cat-dog".
We will miss you and your special ways;
Ringing the bell when you wanted to go out, laying on the sink when we were getting ready for school and your unusual likeness of water. We love you!


Koda Warhurst, 04/09/09

You were taken from us far too soon. You were a young dog but so bullheaded. You were not a pet. You were not just a dog. You were a part of our family. You laid by my feet as I worked each day. You market your fair share of the house as your own. I love you so much and I miss you so much that my heart is breaking.

Shonte Warhurst, Kennedy Grant, Maesin Grant and James McNally

Kodak, 06/19/09

Kodak has been an important part of my life for 15 years. My constant companion and friend, who kept me grounded and loved. Even when he could not walk any longer, he never quit looking out for me, watching over me, waiting for me to come home at day's end. Words cannot express how I feel not having him here. No more pain for Kodak. I will miss you more than even I could have possibly known 15 years ago when you walked into my life.

Lisa Rountree

Kodi, 06/07/09

May your boudaries be the Milky Way, where you
sparkle from afar.
Do not cry that I am gone, smile that I happened. To the most loving, loyal beautiful adopted baby ever - we will miss you. Thank you for all you gave and shared. Our hearts are broken, may you be free from all pain

Andrea Bozzi

Kodi, 12/30/00-04/15/09

We picked you out from amongst your siblings and brought you Home because of your happy personality and go-lucky attitude.
You trusted us completely. I hope we were able to provide a loving environment for you as you did for us.
Thank you for making us laugh with your goofy antics and for teaching me something about what matters in Life.
When I was feeling down, you were the one who nuzzled me and asked if I was OK with those big soft eyes. And the world got a little brighter because of you.

Jeanette & Felix Tang

Kodi, 12/17/97-04/23/09

My furry best boy, you were the sweetest, gentlest dog ever put on this earth. You came to us when we needed you most to heal another great loss. When we first spotted you in the pet store that day in April, we knew you were the one who would bring healing to our hearts. You trembled uncontrollably as we played with you and we would not leave the store without you. Kodi boy, you are so loved by the whole family. We will miss your beautiful face and your hugs and love. Romp and play in green fields my little love. You will be with us forever in our hearts. Rest now, sweet one.

Mom, Dad, Grandma & Shadow Man

Kodi, 03/16/95-04/19/09

I will miss you my wolfie girl. Now the Amigos (Cinni, Chang, Allie, and you) are together again. Go chase your squirrls baby girl. I will see you again soon. Love, Mom

Sissy, I miss you so much. I will look after Mom, Dad, and the kitties. I promise. Love, your baby brother Jake

Kodiak, 06/05/96-04/11/09


Lisa Wiltfong

Kodiak (Princess of the Arctic Snow), 03/09/09

kodiak was a wonderful friend.
she would lick the tears from my face when I was sad and was always able to chear me up.
she was a true husky and would dig to china if we let her.
she had been thru many hardships and pulled thru them all (parvo, kidnapped, dog attack) and still lived to be almost 17yrs old. seeing her in pain and dying was the hardest thing I have been thru.
I will miss her so much

Kelly and Steve

Kodiak Polar Snowbear, 01/06/06-02/17/09

Kody Boy, I know you will wait for me at the rainbow bridge, miss you already

Monique Musgrove

Kodie, 04/01/09-06/11/09

My dear sweet Kodie. Although you were here for such a short time you have touched my life in so many ways. I was lost after my cat died of cancer and I knew when I saw you that you would fill my heart with love. I waited
many weeks until you were old enough to be with me. It felt so right when you came to me on Mothers day and I knew we had many years together. My heart is broken and I am so filled with guilt as I did not see you walk behind me out the door. You were always so brave and believed that I would never let anything hurt you. I am so sorry that the car that you liked to go to work in took your life. I hope that you will forgive me. I will love you always!!!!


Kody, 12/25/98-04/23/09

Thank you Kody for being such a wonderful friend to us, for making us laugh so much at your antics and for all the love you gave us. Run free with Jack. We miss you so much already

Chris & Dave Stanford

Kody, 12/20/08

Kody came one into our lives one day and adopted us Richard, Gail and Bearzie. He was my ears, letting me know when somone was visiting. He was also a judge of character.Letting me know who to trust and who not to trust!

Richard Sakker

Kody, 06/23/90-12/27/08

We will truly miss ya Kody, you were the best cat ever..............

Ed, Elaine, & Travis

Kohl, 02/15/02-03/07/09

You are with me as I am with you, always.


Koi, 2006-2009

You will be missed. xo


Koji, 04/10/98-01/13/09



Loree, Roy and Taki

Koke'e, 09/18/91-01/29/09

Koke'e, my little one, this dreaded day finally came and left me no choice but to help you on your journey to the Bridge. I will miss your soft kisses, crazy antics and booming purr more than I can say. I will treasure the hours you spent sleeping in my lap as your health faded. I have lit the first of many candles for you today - may their flickering light help guide you to the Bridge, and may you be whole and happy again. I love you - Mark.

Koko, 05/23/07-09/23/09

koko, I rescued you from the animal shelter & you proved to be a loving young lab, i didn't get to be with you as long as i did your buddy shorty, but i loved you just as much. it nearly killed my soul when you were killed on the highway & then a few short months i lost shorty boy to the same god-awful highway. God only knows what a blessing you 2 dogs were to me. You both will be missed everyday, we will meet at the rainbow bridge & the 3 of us will again do the things we loved so.

I sure miss throwing the sticks for you & shorty to fetch, God I loved you both so much, it breaks my heart that you are both gone from me !!
Love You Guys

KoKo, 05/11/09

With love for a wonderful friend KoKo.
A sweet girl who was ALWAYS there for her Dad, especially during his illness. You may not be present, but your love and devotion will always be remembered and cherished. Thank you for our time together.
My love always.

Aunt Mary Malone

Koko, 08/23/00-05/08/09

It is with great sadness and a heavy heart to let you know our KOKO had to leave us today, May 08, 2009, after only being with us just short of four years.
His illness was a shock and the decision was a hard one since he was so young.
He was such a joy and blessing for the time we were allowed to have him in our lives.
Our other two cats, Karma and Zeus will miss him as much as we will.

John & JJ Golden

Koko, 07/15/98

You were such a trooper, you were the ultimate Lab!
We hope you are taking care of our Precious Sagie Girl, she had such a gentle nature, and she needs you right now KoKo!
We love you KoKo, please take care of Sagie Girl!

Emery & Patty Matsko

Koko, 09/01/91-03/27/09

Our beloved Koko,you are so missed. We knew this day would come and what a tremedous hole in our hearts you would leave when you passed. Our house is so quiet without you,we have always had a dog. When your mother and brother left us you filled the void, but now there is no one.By the way you kept fighting to live I know you didn't want to leave us either. You had a wonderful 18 years with us. Everything we did revolved around you and now I turn around and you are not in your favorite hangout. I still see you and hear you. You were our alarm clock in the morning and now we can't even bear to get out of bed because you are not there to greet us. We love and miss you so much.

Kathy Nester

Koko, 02/28/09

He was the best friend I have ever had I loved him with all of my heart and soul

Connie Martin

KoKo, 02/19/09

We love you and miss you KoKo.I got up and fixed your breakfast this morning without thinking. Your
death has left a big hole in our lives,we are really grieving.There couldn't have been a better dog than you.I am sorry if I made some mistake with your care,I feel like I let you down.You were
so strong and put up such a good fight,and were such a good patient. I know my voice was the last
one you heard,I think you knew I was there-but if
you didn't hear-I said I love you and I will see
you at "the bridge."

Jon F. Haydock

Koko, 06/01/00-01/24/09

I lost my Koko kitten way too soon.
I will always remember your love and companionship and what a truly great cat you were.


Koko De Loco, 12/12/95-03/04/09

I am numb, I am weak, I am depressed, and very very sad. It seems it is a nightmare in which I cannot awaken from.
My heart breaks, and tears begin to flow like a river at a smell, a sight of something that was his. I feel the same pain as when my mother passed away, am suffering from the same sense of loss, and most likely, will continue to suffer from it until I can come to terms with its' finality. That is how special to me he was...he was not an animal, he was not just a pet, he was my family member, my friend...and now he is absent from my life.
The other cats know and feel him missing too.
He was the runt of the litter, but he had a huge heart and will.
Koko deserves every tear I shed for him.


Koko's Baby Sage, 06/27/98-02/12/09

WE Love you Sage, you were the bright spot in our lives and we will carry your pawprint from now until the end of time and back again!
We will see you again our sweet girl, one day, when God says it is time!
We Love you Sagie Girl!

Emery & Patty

Kokopelli T Bear, 06/29/09

In memory our beloved pup who brought so much love and affection into our world.

Gregg and Olena Thomas

Kolby, 05/22/97-03/25/04

Kolby was the runt of the litter of Chihuahua pups and I kept him. He was my best friend and campanion for 8 years I still miss the little guy,I know there will come a time we will see each other again.

Rachelle Arion

Kona, 01/15/00-03/17/09

Kona was quite simply the best freind and family member anyone could ask for.
He was a 'Gentle Giant', with a warm soul and friendly demeanor.
He was complimented everywhere he went for his handsome looks and intelligent eyes.
We loved him as a member of the family who left a deep hole in our hearts when he passed on.
We look forward to seeing him and Dutch on the other side of the Bridge.

Mom & Dad

Kona, 07/07/00-03/19/09

Rest in peace, my beloved friend. I hope you are at the big dog park in the sky, with lots of grass to run, and lakes to jump in, and toys to play with, and COOKIES! Will love you and miss you forever. You were the best girl ever, my shadow, and my best buddy. KONA-MONA-BONA-DEEDEE-SUGAR-FACE.

Janet Lamere

Kona, 03/07/09

She went from rags to riches and totally filled all our lives with joy and happiness.

M McCarty

Kona and Rusty, 01/19/09

Kona and Rusty - We miss you so much!
Even though we grieve your loss, we are so thankful for the many years of loyalty and love.
Now you are both together at the Rainbow Bridge.
Wait for us there.
We will love you always!

Susan and Mike Phillipp

Konrad, 04/11/05-02/19/09

Dear Konrad,

You were the best dog ever.
I am sad your time with us was so brief.
I know you are getting used to heaven, and I will see you there again someday.

Daddy and I love you always, and will miss you until we meet again.


Kooki, 12/12/99-03/19/09

My beloved chocolate & white Cocker Spaniel, Kooki, passed following a health emergency on March 19th.
She had recently been diagnosed with lung cancer and the emergency had to do with a clot that traveled from her lungs to her femoral artery.
Fortunatly, I was home when it happened and I could take her to the emergency vet hospital, minimizing her suffering.
She was 9 years old and lived a very full, happy life.
She probably had the lung cancer for a long time but did not start to show symptoms until February.
She was a very hardy, healthy, vivacious girl and I miss her terribly!


Kooner, 08/12/96-03/17/09

I had to put my beloved Kooner down on March 17, 2009. She had liver cancer for over a year and fought it like a trooper but she just got too tired at the end. My vet said the love she had for me and the love I had for her kept her going far longer than we ever expected. She was my shadow knowing that if she didn't feel good I would make it better. I miss her so much but I couldn't wish her back after she got so unhappy at the end. I was with her when she was born and I was with her when she went to sleep. It helped her by being there and it helped me knowing she went so peaceful. I love you Kooner. Mommy

Kooters, 04/15/97-02/22/06

To my prescious Kooters on his birthday.

My heart is still hurting. Yes kooters I still think of you and I miss you. I remeber every year on your birhtday we would go shopping at Petsmart and buy you treats or a new collar just something to let you know how special you were. Boy I miss you, have a nice birhtday at Rainbow Bridge. I love you kooters.


Kosmo, 09/03/16

Lighting a candle for Kosmos transition into the next world on your behalf.

Gary Allick & Barb Dickenson

Kota Blue, 03/08/00-04/18/09

We love you always Kota.
Rest peacefully Sweetheart.
We miss you.

Becca Gray & Matt Phippard

Kotte, 10/08/91-12/29/05

You are still missed, wait for me at Rainbow Bridge my friend.


KOUKLAMOU KISTANOS My Brown Doll, January 1, 2004 - October 31, 2009

Kouklamou Kistanos is Greek for "My Brown Doll." Koukla did not make it. I grieve. I grieve her loss. I reverence her life. I cherish her memory. I’m thankful for her loyalty… her sweetness… her gentleness… her playfulness… her companionship… her attentivenss… her desire to please her master. She was a source of pure joy and pleasure to me for almost 6 years. Too short! Too soon! How I will miss her! Kouklamou! Oh, Kouklamou! What a precious, precious pet!

The attached pose in front of the Christmas tree was very typical. She would sit atop my recliner, draped around my neck, or on my knee in the car - she loved to go everywhere with me. I'd take her to church and after service, she'd get out and romp with the church kids. I thought I'd keep her into my 80s. Once again, I've had to be reminded to "hold to the present with a slack hand."

Thank you, Baby Koukla, for making life so much fuller because of your unconditional love and devotion. Goodbye, Baby, Goodbye!

Koviack, 03/31/91-06/01/09

Dear Sweet, Sweet Boy- It was so hard to let you go.
But I had to think of your suffering and not my grief.
China and Sascha are there waiting for you.
You are all now healthy, whole and free.
There will be such a hole in my heart and life.
I will be with you all again someday.

Karen Constantine

KowKat, 07/14/09

KowKat, your suffering has ended. Being lost or abandoned, I was glad you stayed with me. We all enjoyed your affection. We will meet at the bridge some day.


Kozmo, 05/05/98-02/06/09

Kozmo was a loving and caring Dog. He loved going up to our friends cabin where he could run and have fun.Kozmo lived with his younger sister Precious and they were the best of friends. Kozmo we miss you and we will always keep you in our heart

Dave and Pat Thill

Kramer, 01/29/09

Sweet little are our in our hearts now and always, little man!
We love you so much and will always, always cherish the time God gave us to spend with you. We love you, baby boy.

Regan and Dallas

Kraze, 01/06/09

You made our lives brighter and happier.

We love you very much and you will be missed.
Enjoy all the catnip in Heaven!

Laura, Joy, Bill, Jen, Dan

Kricket, 05/23/01-01/29/09

Kanga and I miss you very much.Thank you for the years of love and companionship. I will remember you for all the good in you.

Kelly M

Kringle, 04/20/09

Kringle was and always will be a loved part of our family. She was a big sister and is a family member that will not be forgotten. I can only thank GOD that I was here when she took her last breath. I hope she knows she means the world to me!!

Jennifer O'Keefe

Kris Miss, 10/31/94-06/27/09

KrisMiss came to me the night my father was buried in December 1994.
I always felt she was a little furkid angel sent to me by my daddy.
We were together 14 1/2 years.
Her beautiful blue eyes were still piercing my heart as she passed to the bridge while I held her in my arms.

Cyndy West

Krishna, 08/13/96-03/04/09

my dear friend krishna the cat whom ive had for 12 years was recently diagnosed with pancreatic cancer and there isnt anything they can do ..tomorrow morning i have to put him to rest and it breaks my heart ..he was my best friend and i will miss him forever,marty

Krissi, 11/23/98-04/29/09

Krissi brought more laughter, love and joy to our hearts than we could ever have hoped for.
What a bond the three of us had.
It is difficult to put into words how empty and sad we feel right now. Just to look into those beautiful brown eyes of hers melted our hearts every single day.
We were so blessed to have her as part of our family. We will always love her and will always have a special place in our heart for our little Krissi.
Looking forward to seeing her again at the Rainbow Bridge.

Lea and Larry Weismer

Krista, 07/06/09

Krista, you were not only the best dog I ever had, but also the best friend I ever had. I love you so much, & I will miss you every day of my life. I am hoping by doing this it will lessen the grief I feel, I cant eat or sleep, all I do is cry. I miss you so much roachie, you will live in my heart forever. I love you

Karrie Witty

Krystal, 11/20/07

Krystal i will never find a better friend than you. You licked my tears when i was sad, you made me laugh when i was mad, you always stayed by my side. My heart will never mend. Krystal i miss you so much and love you. Rest in peace best friend.


Kristi, 03/14/03-05/13/09

She was a young and loved dog that was taken from us today.
She will always be in my heart and I know she is with my family and friends running free and some day we will meet again.


Kristi, 03/28/09

Kristi was an Angel from heaven who loved unconditionally and was a gentle companion.
He gentle spirit will be missed and cherished as long as she is in my memories.

Judy Jones

Kristy, 12/09/08

Kristy was my friend and I loved her deeply. She was a stray from Animal Rescue and we got her at 4months of age.
WE walked every day at least 2 or 3 miles.
When she developed Cancer we were not going to put her down. We got her cancer treatments for two years.
She got through them and never let on she was even sick.
Her little heart finally gave up and she died in her sleep. I lost the best friend I could have in an animal.

Bernie Kaminski

Kristy Love, 04/75-10/28/01

Kristy was my very first horse. We got her when she was 5 years old.
She had a wonderful disposition, was great with our kids.
She had such funny little flukes.
Hated grasshoppers, balloons, leaving the corral.
She always thought she was outsmarting us, but we knew what she was up to because she did it all the time!!! We always called her "the great escape artist" because if there was a way out of the pasture, Kristy was sure to find it and she wasn't a little horse.
She was 16 hands high & about 1300 lbs.She would run around whinning with her tail held high & just whistle,show her the can or oats & back she would come! With her passing came a great big hole in our lives. 8 years later I still miss her dearly and think about her all the time. There will never be another horse like her I miss her everyday.

Sandy Maloney

Kristy Schmidt, 10/16/02-03/20/09

Kristy Lynn came to me Dec 2002. She joined 3 ferret brothers - Joey, Bandit & Shadow - who have since passed on. She had been sick since January and, due to weakness & weight loss, was put to peace on 1st day of spring 2009. She left behind a loving family, and 2 additional ferret siblings - Rascal & Smokey. She will be missed and forever loved.

Jennifer Schmidt

Krusoe, 03/10/09

our darling most beautiful natured have given us so much love ,comfort in bad times and laughter. our hearts kru are broken our home is empty .. you were special,unique and nothing can ever replace you wait for us in heaven kru. we love you always
and always and alway your loving mumm and dad and adam and paul and martin...
your brother is lost completely lost without you he is quiet and just stares into space . you live in our hearts kru xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


Kuba, 04/17/09

I miss your smile so much; until we meet again.

Cindy Rich

Kubush Gale, October 1999 - 12-9-2009

Kubush we all miss you and your sudden illness and death is hard to understand. We had you for 10 years as a little kitten. We will always love and miss you. Someday, we will meet again. Say hello to your brother Kaitek and your sister Halle.

Kuini (Queenie), 01/01/08-04/27/09

She was my heart and my best mate and my entire life is clouded with gray now that she isn't here. In my minds eye I see her in all the places she liked to relax around the house and I shed a tear every night I go to bed alone. When I come home from work she isn't there to meet me and I cry inwardly for the loss of her companionship her untimely death has wrought. I miss her every every hour of every day and the loss is like a hole in me that can never again be filled. My greatest wish is to hold her once more and tell her one more time how much I love her and to tell her goodbye. Goodbye Kuini: queen of my heart.

Donna-Maree Austin

Kujeaux, 11/26/99-11/26/08

You are always in our thoughts and prayers. We love you and miss you so badly but we know we'll see you again some day!
Love you man, Mommy and Daddy

Kujo, 03/06/09

i love u alot kujo and im veri sad tat u had to leve me al alon. i promis not to get new puppi becase i wan u to be mi pupi in heavin when i go there too.

Akari Mitashi

Kujoe, 05/25/92-04/12/09

My best mate who was put to sleep today. I will always love you matey and treasure all the times we had together.I will have no one sitting beside me now but you will always watch over me.Joe you were a special friend and will suffer no more.Run free now in the Rainbow Gardens.

Ann Gibson

Kuki, 05/11/93-03/29/09

Forever in Our Hearts


Kuma, 04/24/09

Farewell to beloved Kuma, who beat the odds and cancer as a puppy... who lived 11 wonderful years and gave his mama more joy than she ever thought possible.
He will never be forgotten!

Mandy Kelly

Kuma (Cu-Mah), 10/07/99-06/25/07

Still missing you little one. The candle still burns for you...always. Love you forever.


Kuma Uno, 11/11/08

I miss you so much Kuma. I miss your regal presence. Sometimes I think I hear you barking and other days I could swear I see you out the corner of my eye. But I know you are gone from me forever, until we meet at Rainbow Bridge.You were the best dog I've ever had and I know no other will ever compare.I just wish we could have sqeaked out a couple more years but that wasn't meant to be. My heart still aches for you and I miss you.

Cindy Krecsy

Kyia, 09/93-01/07/09

Kyia, My best friend, you will be forever missed but forever remembered. Wait for me. I'll see you on the other side.

Tom Tessier

Kyla Do Dee, 01/03/93-05/01/08

Forever in our hearts.

Joe and Barb Driver

Kyle, 07/18/09

Kyle was a beautiful, strong German Short-Haired Pointer who died suddenly at only 3 years of age.
He brought so much happiness to me and I am heartbroken over losing him so suddenly and early.
I love him forever.

Cindy Walden

KyLei, 03/01/94-02/19/09

My heart is broken baby-girl.
I love you.

Deb Hojnacki

Kylie, 02/07/03-05/02/09

My Heart, My Soul, My forever girl...


Kylie, 04/04/99-03/10/09

My sweet, sweet Kylie.....our family loved you from the moment we saw you!
You were such a beautiful, but lonely girl.
You came into our house and brightened every single day with your absolute love for us.
You were so happy to be with your "people", your buddy, Maggie, and Allie.
The last few months have been so
difficult as we watched you stoically struggle, always so sweet. Our final goodbye was incredibly heartbreaking but we couldn't have you suffer another minute because we couldn't bear to be without you.
We set you free to find Maggie, Lacey and Callie at the Rainbow Bridge.
We know you are once again running and playing together, happy and without any more pain.
Our whole neighborhood is in mourning, because you were their "baby", too.
You made such a difference in so many lives.
I'll always remember the sick children and cancer patients that you visited and made forget about their problems for a little while.
I know you had to leave, but I will always carry you within my heart, my sweet, sweet love.
I know we will all meet up at the Rainbow Bridge someday and walk through eternity together.
Thank you for being our Kylie girl.
With love and gratitude, Mom

Kylie, 04/24/93-01/29/09

Sadly Kylie had to move on from her life with us to greater adventures. But we will never forget how she made our lives better every single day.

Kylie was more well-traveled than lots of people. She was born in hawaii which truly makes it paradise, we adopted her from the Humane Society there when she was eight months old. Then we moved to new jersey when she was 4 and that became her launching pad. Sheā's literally been from coast to coast (and Canada) including:

New York City (including Times Square, Central Park, and Rockerfeller Center at Christmas)
Amish Country
New England
Washington DC
Las Vegas (one of her favorite destinations)
Plus many less exciting destinations like Kansas, Texas, Nebraska, South Dakota, etc.

Kylie loved road trips! She visited multiple world's wonders - Niagara Falls, Mount Rushmore, The Grand Canyon, and Old Faithful. She's seen Hoover Dam, The Space Needle, Pike's Peak, Royal Gorge bridge, the Statue of Liberty, the White House, even the Hockey Hall of Fame (can you believe they wouldnā't let her in)! And of course the ever-popular roadside oddities like Carhenge, that big thermometer in Baker, CA, and the entire town of Roswell, NM.

We moved to colorado about seven years ago and Kylie loved it here too. The weather is nice in Denver almost all the time so she got to go on many hikes, and loved climbing up rocks and walking through streams, and chasing bunnies, and she really loves the snow and going sledding and going to the mountains!

Kylie is quite famous! She was on the radio when we had a friend in honolulu that was a dj who let her hang out in the booth with him. Then she moved on to television when her Psychic Puppy Network got media attention. It was featured on the So Graham Norton show in the UK, then she was interviewed for a television show called "The Internet Tonight"¯ on the former TechTV channel (now G4). PPN (the psychic puppy network) was also featured in a newspaper in florida, on USA today's website, on Seventeen magazine's website, and for awhile it was a link on Penn & Teller's website.

Kylie was even a model! Wag n Wash used her as a spokesmodel on their website and in their brochure and print ads. She was very photogenic even though she really didn't like the camera. Kylie is possibly one of the most photographed dogs in the world, just visit her flickr page and you'll see what I mean.

Kylie was such a comedian, she made us laugh almost every day. She was our child, our best friend, and she was a Rock Star! She was loved by everyone who knew her, and thanks to her website even by some who never met her. We were so privileged that she shared her life with us.

Of course and our memories of this sweet funny girl will live on. It was all a work of love, for the most special soul we have ever known. We will miss her dearly everyday.

G Alexander

Kylie Bonadurer, 05/16/96-07/12/09

Kylie- i hope your playing with Jaz on the Rainbow Bridge. We will be together again one day.

Michelle Bonadurer

Kyra, 01/16/09

Almost eight years ago, Jay and I arrived at the humane society in search of a companion for our dog when we found an unlikely candidate.
She was a 5-7 year old Australian Shepherd (her age is still somewhat of a mystery) who hadn't seen a comb in weeks and had been sitting in her cement cell after having been abandoned on the shelter doors almost a month earlier.
As soon as we opened the door to our car, she leapt in and didn't look back.
When we cleaned her up, she was beautiful, with a full, shiny multicolored coat. Upon hearing this story, you might think that she was lucky to have gotten a second chance at life, but after saying goodbye to her this Friday night, I can assure you, we were the lucky ones.
She was everything we could've hoped for in a dog and more.
Within a month of adopting Kyra, we learned that she needed surgery to remove bladder stones, so, as struggling young newlyweds, we embarked on spending everything we had to ensure this.
She had a number of health problems throughout her life-reoccurring bladder stones, seizures, but each and every dime we spent was well worth it.
She became the calming force our puppy needed. She was the one beside him when he somehow found his way out of the yard.
They were two dogs, side-by-side, traveling a cement path to a place we finally found our way to more times than we care to admit.
She took it upon herself to be his protector and when they were apart, she became sullen and anxious.
They were two peas in a pod and to see them separated makes her absence that much harder to grasp.
Kyra was the epitome of unconditional love, a loving and sweet dog who never used her teeth on anything but treats dropped to the floor.
Within ten minutes of teaching her 'roll over', 'shake' and 'sit', she was our star pupil, with a thoughtful intelligence and understanding of language uncommon to most dogs.
Along with this intelligence came curiosity.
You could never come home with shopping bags without finding Kyra rifling through them with her striped snout.

Sensing her gentility, the cats adored Kyra and always attempted to cuddle with her, but were met with comical indifference every time.
She was also a girl who did not like strife.
Even when Jay and I were playing around, she got upset and tried to get in the middle of it.
She stopped this several years later, but I recall being tickled by Jay on our bed, screaming in laughter and suddenly being met in the face with a protective snout.
My dog, Luke, communicates mostly with his tail, but being an Australian Shepherd, Kyra did not have that luxury as she didn't have a tail.
So, instead, she communicated with her eyes.
Kyra had big, beautiful brown puppy dog eyes that gave her more expression than words ever could have.
She adored car rides with the windows down and for many years, we called her our speedomoter as she would gladly hang her head out of the window for speeds below 50, but anything above, she promptly removed her snout.

Her loyalty to us was unbending.
Always underfoot, Kyra never left our side, no matter how tired she was.
If I was in the office, Kyra was next to me.
If I was in the kitchen, Kyra was next to me.
Even during a loud New Year's Eve party last year, she stayed sleeping in the middle of the living room.
I attempted to bring her upstairs, but before I could turn around, she was right back down, sleeping in the middle of us.
In her younger years, she consistently greeted us with a buck in the air, which along with her beautiful long nose and knowing eyes, earned her the nickname of 'noble steed'.
Even in her younger years, she would occasionally have the energy to dance for us.
While many dogs become grumpy in their old age, Kyra was still the sweet, happy girl we had always known, albeit a little more stubborn, a little slower, and a little more forgetful.
Still, even with arthritis, she still found the strength to wrestle with Luke and find her way up and down our many sets of stairs.
Her condition was sudden, in most respects and our goodbye happened only within a matter of hours of learning about her condition.
After collapsing on her walk and not having the strength to get up, she was diagnosed with a tumor at the base of her heart, which had by then filled with blood.
Given the new tumor growths over her body, anemia, and her recent weight loss, it was likely that the cancer had metastasized throughout her body.
We could have had more time with her, performing a risky heart operation that could have either ended in her bleeding to death or best case, given us a day or maybe a week, but the same events would have taken place, likely leading to a heart attack.
We didn't want to put her through that or chemotherapy, which might've bought us a few months.

By the time we made the decision to say goodbye, she had stabilized somewhat and was able to walk outside and enjoy a cheeseburger with us.
She followed us back in to the room and for a dog that we always tried to get to lay on her bed many times without success, she immediately made herself comfortable on the bed made for her without prompting.
To see her in better shape was a blessing and a curse.
I didn't want her end to be spent in pain or trauma, but it fooled me into thinking that we had more time with her.
In the end, while it was the hardest decision I have ever made in my life, it was the right one.
She passed peacefully in both of our arms, her last vision being Jay, the guy she adored.

I can now safely say that I feel emotionally gutted, especially as I walk around my empty house and still see the signs that she was just here remain.
Her hair is still on the carpet. Luke still looks for her food dish to clean out after his meal.
I still listen for her steps down the stairs or think I see her shadow in the hallway.
I still walk more slowly than I need to on walks because of her arthritis.
And then I realize.
She's not here.
Someday, these signs will disappear.
I'll no longer reach out of habit for the spoon to dole out her food or for two leashes instead of one as I take Luke for a walk.
I'll no longer have to wait for my dog to make laps around the coffee table in excitement before I can put her leash on.
I'll no longer have to put the light on at night on my way to the bathroom so I don't have to trip over her laying on the floor beside me and I'll no longer have to carefully maneuver my feet around the dog right below me as I get off the couch.
After eight years spent with her, I wonder how long it will take until these little traces of her disappear.
How long will it take until walks with Luke no longer feel disjointed or until the house no longer feels completely empty, even while filled with people and animals?
But one thing is certain: she will never disappear from my heart.
I will never forget the eight great years I was lucky enough to spend with this amazing creature.
She was as close to being a child for us than if we had actually had one of our own.
Goodbye sweet girl.
You will be forever missed.

Kelli Leiner

Kysha, 11/05/00-03/07/09

After suffering a heart attack in November of 2000 and planning on going back to work in March of 2001, my husband, being retired, wanted to adopt a dog so he would have some company while I was at work.
In March of 2001 we took a trip to the Humane Society and as soon as I saw this little puppy with blue eyes I knew this was our addition to our family.
After many years of companionship she passed away today (March 7, 2009).
I held her and comforted her as she took her last breadth, as she comforted us for a little over 8 years.
She is in a better place now with no pain and other furbabies to play with.
We will miss you terribly but will never forget you.

Kay Turner

Kyza, 02/06/03-02/05/09

Kyza, you left us way too soon, you weren't finished playing with all your toys or swimming in the sea. We miss you so much, we have broken hearts. Run free little fella, until we meet again...

Martin Blandford

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