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2009 Tributes

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J.J., 08/19/00-05/29/09

J.J. was not just any cat. She loved to hunt and bring us the occasional "gift" home. She belonged to me since I was three years old. She was an incredibly tolerant cat who took anything from being dressed up to bathed and shampooed with Pantene. She lived nine filling years, which I enjoyed with her everyday. I taught her to look both ways before crossing the street, and even to do little addition problems with her tail. One trick I was especially fond of was I would make a kissing sound an inch away from her face and she would lick my face. I loved J.J. , but the way she died and the date she died on was shocking and painful for me. On May twenty-ninth two thousand-nine, the day I turned twelve, she was spooked by a dog, ran into the road, and was hit and killed by a mahogany car. She didn't die just then. She had to fight to say goodbye to my loving father. he petted her,she purred. And gave out one goodbye meow. I felt terrible. My friend was with me to spend the night, and poor Abbie had to go home because she loved J.J. as much as I did. Later, Jake Junior was buried at my grandma's house with her recently lost kitty, Tinker, who'd died of a mouth cancer. I think we all have a little J.J. in us, when you think about it. We all try to be friends with everyone. We are all brave. We all like giving "gifts" to loved ones. We all love.

~J.J. Griffin~



J.O., 06/04/98-07/09/09

You were the best of the best of cats.You were so protective of us and your home.I thought you would be with us forever. For such a healthy cat you went down hill so fast, the doc tried all he could but even after 2 days on IVs it just wasn't enough. I put you beside Popcorn outside, only 13 days separted your deaths. I hope you are keeping each other company.I miss and love you so very much.Sleep well my boy. Love, Mama

Jacey, 11/20/08

we miss you terribly.
i'm so sorry for how you had to die.
my guilt is tremendously heavy.
we love you and still wait for you to greet us each day.
see you over the bridge.

Amy Fehlberg

Jack, July 5, 1999 - October 17, 2009

Our Dear Jackie
Our Springer Spaniel, Jack, died unexpectedly on October 17, 2009. He was only 10 years old. Even though he was getting on in years, we expected to have him with us for another 2 or 3 years. Losing him now, hurts so much. It's hard to describe how very much we loved him. He was so special.

Jack was the sweetest dog youd ever want to know. Whenever we took him out, he always loved to meet new people and other animals.

We got him back in 1999, just a couple of months after our first Springer, Charlie, passed away. Jack was the cutest puppy you could imagine. He made himself right at home as soon as we brought him in the house. As the years went by, he grew into a wonderful dog. He had a genuine giving and loving nature. Its hard to describe all wonderful characteristics he had. We love him so much and miss him terribly.

Every night, hed sleep on the floor right next to my side of the bed. When I awoke in the morning he was right there and would always bring my slippers to me. Hed bring them in the evenings too. I especially remember one of the many times when Id been working out in the yard all day and finally sat down in my recliner to relax a bit before dinner. I was so tired and my muscles just hurt all over from working in the yard all day. Jack quietly went to the bedroom and brought my slippers out to me. It was as if he knew how much I needed to relax. He brought the slippers over and set them down ever so gently by my feet. Then hed look at me with those loving Springers eyes as he wanted to comfort me.

Jacks loving nature was the very definition of love, compassion and loyalty. Our other two dogs and two cats loved him, too. We can tell they dont understand why he isnt here. Its obvious theyre grieving too. His leaving us too soon leaves an empty space in our lives that can never be filled. Although we cherish our other dogs and cats just as much, Jacks loss has left us totally heartbroken.

We love you forever,
Jack. Jim & Mary Beth

Jack, April 1997 - Sept 14, 2009

Today my wife and I said good bye to very special dog that has been a part of our lives, our childrens lives and our grandchildren..He brought joy into everyone's life who knew him..There was never a more gentle spirit than Jack ..It was so hard to say goodbye ,but it was his time and his quality of life was ebbing quickly. Jack you will be missed and apart of our memories forever,as I set he I think of so many times that you gave comfort or gave us a smile...May your spirit run free ,,,all our love your family

Jack, 02/03/04-07/11/09

On July 11, 2009 we had to make the hardest decision.
We knew it was for the best but it wasn't easy.
Jack had cancer.
He was 5 years young and wagged his tail till the end.
He will be truly missed and in our hearts forever.
"dogs leave pawprints on our hearts" and that is just what he did.

Alena Carlson

Jack, 12/09/96-07/17/09

Jack -
the Jack of All Hearts.

Words cannot express the love, gratitude, respect and appreciation we have for your unconditional love and friendship through the all too short years we had together.
You are my animal spirit brother,teacher and the loyal and loving guide through the lonley journey of our souls. Your beautiful eyes and persistient snout always brought your loving spirit everywhere and shared it with everyone.
We will miss you everyday until we meet again at the Bridge.
We will miss and Love you forever and always,

Momee and Dadee--Phyllis and Marte
Grandpa Joe and Grandma Kitty and Grandma Lee

Jack, 03/01/94-07/06/09

Jack was the most loyal protective cat in the world. He followed me around like a dog and was always facing me in any room. He loved to be involved in anything and never met any person he didn't immediately like. We always said he could be a pillow tester because he had a zillion pillows around the house for his beds. I don't know what I will do without him - his large heart and loving personality will leave a huge hole in my life. I love you Jackie and I know we'll be together again in heaven!

Nanette Blanchard

Jack, 02/09/96-05/30/09

Our precious Jack went to heaven today to be with his beloved sisters at the bridge!!
The lights in the room flickered right before he passed, so I know they were both there waiting to welcome him into heaven.
I'm sure the 3 of them are romping around right now, chasing squirrels in the green meadows, happy as larks!! We love you Jack Beagle.
Thanks for being our wonderful dog for 13 years.
Be happy and carefree until mommy and daddy see you again some day.

Jack, 08/26/97-05/28/09

Dear Jack:

You were the best kitty ever.
I am so sorry I couldn't save your life...I hope you know that you were loved beyond belief.
There is an empty space in my heart and in my life....I am very glad that I was able to hold you as you passed from this life.
And I know that I will see you again, My Good Little Boy.
Kaitlyn, Jill and I will never, ever forget you.
I love you, forever.
Love, Momma

Betsy F

Jack, 08/09/08


Your birthday is on Monday, the 18th of May. I hope you enjoy it. I'm reminded daily of your abscence. My heart still hurts. Mommy misses yu very much. One of Deb's cats went to the bridge. So you should see him if you didn't already. He is about three and is a seal point siamese.
Samatha and Diamond are doing ok.
It's a nice day out here. Saturday I went to Ocean City, Maryland. I got a sunburn. I took lots of pics. Then on Sunday, Mother's Day, I went to the street fair with mom. We all had a good time. I love you and will write you later.

Jack, 04/82/03-05/82/09

Rest in peace old man.
We'll miss you so much and will see you one day at the Rainbow Bridge.

Marnie and Ian Hisock

Jack - Jumping Jack Flash, 12/24/02-05/02/09


You were a wonderful dog and companion for 6 1/2 Years. I will miss how you would siddle up to me and put you hind quarters on my lap, and then watch tv with me. You brought me such great joy, and you dies way to young, but you are in Heaven now looking down and waiting for me. You were loved by many and will be missed by as many. I love you Jack.

Pam Hamlow

Jack, 06/10/01-04/18/09

Jack, it was only today that we made the most difficult decision to put you down.
It was the most difficult decision, but it should not have been.
You were the most wonderful friend.
You loved us from the moment we first saw you and you had us all with those big blue puppy eyes and big ears.
You were bright and loving, caring and protective.
Everyone who knew you realized how wonderful you were.
There truly never will be another like you.
I know that you are healthy now and in a far better place.
Until we meet again...we love you, we always did and always will.
You are free of illness and pain.
You are back to being our Jack.


Jack, 04/17/09

Jack, my buddy, you always were by my side where ever I went.
You'd give me a nip on the leg if you didn't want me to go someplace that didn't smell quite right to you.
You'd play footsie with me on the deck and you'd pretend to bite but never, ever bit.
You had the most beautiful eyes and when I looked into them today for the last time, I cried.
You gave one last breath and just like that, you were gone.
I love you doggie and I'll see you again someday.
Have fun with Barney, Lady, Fred, Buster, Tippy, Rusty and Sheeba (you'll like her). See you, my friend.
Love, Staci

Jack, 08/09/08


It has been over eight months since you left me. I still miss you everyday. Last week I cried for about 1 hr because I missed you sooooo much.
Samatha and Diamond are fine. It is flea season again, so I had to get them frontline. At least you don't have to deal with that. I hope you had a nice Easter. I was playing with Samatha in the backyard the other day and she picked up a stick and just started trotting with it in her mouth.
She reminded me so much of you.
Mommy loves you and misses you.
I bought you a dozen red and white roses for Easter. They still look very nice.
Mommy hopes you are running on lush green hills, eating meaty bones and playing with the other dogs. Please know I love you.

Jack, 04/11/09

Jack came to me serendipitously more than 13 years ago, showing from the start we were truly meant to be together.
He was a natural comedian and a loving, loyal friend.
Jack (a.k.a. Boo Boo) recovered from paralysis four times, proving himself to be a true miracle dog in every way.
He loved everyone, and everyone loved him.
He joins 3 sisters and 2 brothers at the Rainbow Bridge.
I will miss him with all my heart.

Valerie Flocco

Jack, 03/27/09

Little Jack passed away this morning, i had him in my life for a very short time, but a very happy time.
Im glad he is out of pain and gone to a better place, but i just miss him so much...

Lisa Kelly

Jack, 06/01-03/12/09

My heart is broken without you by my side im still looking to see your face, to have you curl up next to
me and touch me with your paw,to see you run to the door and talk to me when i get home, to lick my tears away, even just to see you sleeping upside down,my upside down cat, you were my world my beloved friend My life will never be the same untill we meet again I will love you forever


Jack, 09/22/95-02/21/09

Beloved Jack:
Most stubburn dog ever but a gentle, kind, compassionate spirit who loved his family more than anything and i loved him so much I would not stop crying all day long ever since 4 o'clock in the morning and i would not stop praying 4 him to come back and visit me and i could say good by and god bless u Jack my favorite dog in the world and im sorry i never paid that much attention and i just sat down and played the computer so im sorry i was so cruel to my friend Jack im so sorry and i just would not pay attention to u when i was watching tv you must hate me Jack but some were in your heart i hope you can forgive me your pal Owen so please forgive me lord. Jack i hope i will see you in heaven please forgive me will u please?

Arlene Billon & Owen Kolar

Jack, 2006-2009

My little buddy, I hope your time with us was good for you. I will miss seeing you hop around and sunning yourself on your favourite rock. We have lots of pictures of you to look back on fondly. Rest in peace my little friend. xo


Jack, 03/15/09

Our faithful happy, Mr. Bubbins survived osteosarcoma as a tripod for three years, a miracle dog. The circle of life is sad and poignant as I am about to give birth to my second child next week.
My grief is too deep and I have to get myself together for this birth.
This is also my first dog ever, so I feel like a child- at 40 yrs old.

Linda Alexander

Jack, 03/03/09

Gone But always in our hearts and on our minds you gave us so much I wish we didn't have to put you to sleep but just wasn't in Gods plan. You fought a tuff battle but at the end you had way to may things fighting against you. Your name should have been fighter because you did all the way until the end . Mom and Dad miss our little Boy Love you Always

Jack, 12/25/00-03/12/09


Bridget Gruzdis

Jack, 02/22/88

Jack may have been only a rat, but he was my best friend.
He was always there to listen to me and snuggle up when I needed him.
He was a little theif, who liked to hide all things shiny.
He beat cancer, having a nasty tumor removed when he was about 3.
He will be deeply missed and I can only hope to have our spirits meet again.
Soon I will have a bew tattoo in your honor.

Gendy Gaedike

Jack, 02/19/09

Jack, a true and loyal friend who stood by you through all the tough times, never questioning, always loving

Michael and Jenna Dillon

Jack, 02/12/09

Jack, THANK YOU for almost 17 years of Unconditional LOVE and Friendship.

Angela Cunneely

Jack, 08/17/08

So sorry I couldn't be with you.
I heard you crying.
My heart is with you.

Jack, 09/20/95-01/26/09

Jack was wonderful gentle obediant friend and a great companion.

William Dodds

Jack, 01/03/09

Jack was our little boy. Our hearts are broken even though we know that we did the right thing for him. We hope he is playing with his big brother Lance who passed on october 8, 2007. Our house feels too quiet and lonely without them. Can't wait to see them again.

Jen and Guy

Jack and Jill, 04/04/08 and 04/16/08

We will always hold you in our hearts, and you will be forever missed.

Dad, Mom, Emily and Elizabeth

Jack Canwell, 12/17/96-05/22/09

Jack I love you more than you could ever know.
You have been gone for 4 days and I feel as though it has been a year.
May you rest my dear boy, until we meet again.

S. Canwell

Jack Dye Alexander, 09/20/99-03/18/09

My sweet boy you are so missed you were our "1st" son. We adopted you 1 year before your (human) brother was born. You were a great son and brother. You watched out for the whole family. I hope your life was a happy life we tried to make the best life possible for you. Taking care of you those last three weeks was the hardest thing i have ever done. the sicker you got a piece of my heart was fading away. We could not have asked for a better "Dogson" Everyone had a different relationship with you. Daddy wil miss you licking his hand at night to put him to sleep, Jakob will miss being able to feed you his green beans, Jeremy will miss running in cirles around the pool in the back yard for hours, and I will miss you following me around no matter where i go and being able to talk "say momma boy" and trusting me 110%. There will not be a day when you ae not thought about and loved. We are blessed to have had you for the 9 short years but i would not have traded it for the world. You were all of our best friend. You were mommas mini-cow, you were daddys roll dog, you were jakobs jackie kruger, and you were jeremys jack. Everyone came over to say goodbye to you. I was trying to be tough for the boys but it is so hard. We miss you with every fiber of our bodies and our hearts are heavy with sadness. We have a sense of refief knowing that you are not sick anymore but it does not help with the sadness that we feel. We will miss you everyday and we will always love you and never in amillon years could we ever forget you. We love you boy have fun with PaPa and Odie and we will be together again someday and we will hold you like a baby and pet your belly and then we will know we are in heaven. You will always be in our hearts and memories, we love you.

Momma, Daddy, Jakob and Jeremy

Jack Jackson, 08/17/96-03/25/09

I was not ready to let you go, you knew it was time. I miss you every day. Until we meet again.
My love always!

Diane Jackson

Jack Kennedy, 02/01/09

Jack was a happy well-loved little fellow.
He loved the outdoors and although small in stature he was fearless. He was thankful every day to be in a loving home with people who adored him.

Susan James

Jack Marchiano, 08/09/08


It's been a little over seven months since you left me. I miss you every day. The other day I cried for over 30 minutes before going to sleep. Your abscence is felt most at night time when I hda to give you your medicine and say goodnight to you. Not a day goes by where I don't had flashbacks of your last couple of days. Often crying results, but I try and tell myself that I did the best I could. Guilt still plagues me though. Mommy misses you very much.
I went to the spca to give the dogs bones in your memory two weeks ago. While there, I saw a very cute jrt. No, not as cute as you. I would have possibly taken him home if I could. I gave him ten bones! Hopefully, he didn't get sick.
I love you and hope you are running free and eating lots of meaty bones.

Jackee, 02/02/09

The sweetest soul. She loved to just cuddle. She was a little rescue dog. Someone just dropped her off at the kennel. We will miss her greatly and believe that such a sweet soul must be with God. We will see her again someday. Although there is a tremendous void in our hearts, it was worth every second we all were together.

Kathy Harte & Greg Couture

Jackie, 02/13/09

Your Momma and Daddy are so lost right now! We never thought our baby would be taken away at only
9 years!! Helping you get to dog heaven was one of the hardest things we have ever had to do! But... We were oh so glad that we were able to
do it in our home and on your
favorite place... the couch!! You were the best puppy in the whole world, and there is a piece of our hearts that will never heal! It's only been 2 days, but... It feels like forever! Caring for you
the last 3 weeks of your life was hard, but seeing you not being the Jack Russel Terrorist that you were, was heart breaking! You will be missed by all who your life crossed and We were truley blessed for having you in our life.
We love you baby girl, luv your momma and Daddy

Jackie, 12/17/08

jackie i hope you like heaven and there is lots of room for you to run around and plenty of grass for you to munch on. i also hope that you are with pedro and i'm sure you'll get plenty of atention from him. just like you did when we were fortunant enough to have you here with us. i will always love and miss you. i hope someday we will see eachother again and that you won't forget me. i love you more than anything else in the world and i will forever. i hope you still love me too.i'm just sorry that i can't be with you right now to comfort you like i used to do when you were worked up.i want you to know that.


Jackie, 06/94-12/30/08

My Jackie, I know you are in a better place.
I hope you know how hard a decision it was, but you are free.
You are loved, you are our little girl. We will miss you, you changed us all, and you made our lives the happiest ever.
Until we meet again, my love...
Mommy & Daddy, your brother Michael, and your sister Kiki the cat.

Jackie Dugan, 06/24/99-03/20/09

Jackie is my heart,dont know how 2 go on w/out her.Dont remember a time b4 her.How is there suppose 2 b an after? Never was capable of loving..didnt trust eneough 2 love,that is intell she and her sister came along. Cant count the times she was my salvation...I have 4 more at home.Jackie was my 1st baby,1st love,1st everything cus she was my everything.
I miss you baby and will see you soon. I love you....Daisy,lexus,keylo and princess miss u so very much and no worries mama, I will b there 4 them..xoxo

Lisa Dugan

Jackpot, 11/24/06-02/11/09



Jackson, 03/17/00-06/29/09

I didn't even have time to say goodbye,but,I miss you so much-I had you for 9 years,and,I feel lucky to have had you that long...Love and caring,Sande & Paul

Jackson, 05/03/99-07/02/09

Jackson was the best dog I could have ever asked for.
Sadly I was on vacation when the vet called and we asked to put him to sleep over the phone.
I wish I could have been there for him.
I miss you so much Jackson.
Home isn't the same without you.


Jackson, 05/90-05/23/09

I love you, boo-boo. What a long strange trip its been.

Janice Condran

Jackson, 05/16/09

Jackson was one of the sweetest cats we've had at Angels with Paws.
He was brought in only a couple of months ago and seemed really healthy.
He only needed to be neutered to be put out for adoption (which I know would have happened quickly as he was so sweet and cute - tabby with tuxedo white).
His cold didn't respond to meds. and soon he had pneumothorax.
He went down hill fast and had to be put down this afternoon.

I am happy to have known and loved this sweet little boy.


Jackson Daniel Bowman, 04/26/09

My beloved best friend. Your life was taken too soon. I am greatful that you gave me your heart and love and allowed me to do the same. I miss you everyday and you will always be in my heart. Till we are together again, I love you!

Jennifer Bowman

Jackson Pierce, 03/11/97-02/17/09

To my best friend, mt first son, my love, thank you for being you.
Our lives are so empty now that you are gone.
Not a day goes by that we don't think of you.
Having you as a dog Jackson, made me a better person.
The kids miss you hanging around with them.
Jackson you were a great dog and friend, you were part of the family.
I think you taught us all had to love a little more.
Thanks for all of the memories.
Until we meet a again.
I love you!

Jacob, 07/2000-03/29/09

Jacob was the most loving, loyal and craing dog. He was like a little teddy bear that needed constant human contact. Our other 2 dogs and 1 cat are at a loss as to where there buddy is. He was deaf all his life but we talked to him all the time.
Everyone that met Jacob fell in love with him and many people that came into our home tried to sneak him out with them. We are very lost at lossing a very important member of our family.
Jakey you were one of kind and never will be forgotten.
A peice of us has gone with. See you one day on Rainbow Bridge.
Have fun with your new pals and enjoy hearing all the beautiful sounds of life that you could when you were with us. We love you little buddy.

Janet & Joey Vessey

Jacob, 05/09/96-02/17/09

He was our sweet and loyal Ronnie.

Kathie & Peter Schultz

Jacob Blue of Belair Estate aka Jake, 03/23/09


My best friend closed his eyes last
night, As his head was in my hand.
The Doctors said he was in pain,
And it was hard for him to stand.

The thoughts that scurried through
my head, As I cradled him in my arms.
Were of his younger, puppy years,
And OH...his many charms.

Today, there was no gentle nudge
With an intense "I love you gaze",
Only a heart thats filled with tears
Remembering our joy filled days.

But an Angel just appeared to me,
And he said, "You should cry no more,
GOD also loves our canine friends,
HE's installed a 'doggy-door"!

Deborah Phillips

Jacob The Dog, 07/06/99-08/11/08

Jacob was a gentle soul who left us much too soon.
He was a special friend to both of us as well as to Kaia and Rocky our Doberman and cat.
He is and will always be greatly missed.
He will always hold a special place in our hearts and on our mantle.
We love you and miss you Jacob......

Sally Hirsh and Earl Koster

Jada, 01/20/09

"I love that little dog. She brings me so much joy with her tippy-tappy tiny toenails clicking down the hardwood hallway. Her black puff-ball poodle tail wags every time she sees me, even if we have only been separated a few minutes. I love it when she snuggles in my lap. Her mere 10 pounds of fur keep me warm in my rocking chair as I settle down for the night."
We miss you Jada. You were an angelic presence in our lives. You brought calm. You didn't bark, whine, cry. You were not demanding. I miss your little nose pushing the door open to peek in to check on me. I miss crunching up carrots for your treat. Daddy misses taking you out. Indi misses giving you her daily doggie greeting. It is so lonely to come home and realize that you are not here. We love you. I am sorry you couldn't breathe at the end. I hope you are at peace, and as comfortable as you made all of us.

Nilla Childs

Jade, 08/19/94-07/04/09

Jade, I cannot begin to explain how much I miss you.
I'm so sorry you were in pain the last few weeks.
The one thing that makes me feel better is knowing you don't hurt anymore.
We had so many good times together.
I'm glad we got to go through so much together: elementary school, middle and high school, undergrad, and grad school!
I loved studying with you on my lap or right by my side.
Thank you for staying up with me so many nights.
I love you baby and I'm never going to stop missing you.

Bridgette Pauter

Jade, 06/03/96-06/18/09

Jade was a sweet, gentle soul who was my best friend and constant companion for twelve years. She was beautiful in looks and in temperament. She was very intelligent and was almost human in her understanding and response to me.
She found my parents who gave her to me, but I could not have chosen a better pet if I had tried. We were perfect for each other. Our personalities just meshed. We did everything together and I miss her terribly!!

Carol Kopenhaver

Jade, 09/16/96-04/28/09

For my beautiful baby girl, we know that you are no longer suffering, but we miss you something awful. Morning coffee will never be the same without the dance. You rest your lovely head now and we will be seeing you. MAMA

Jade, 06/01/06-12/20/08

Oh sweetheart, I miss you so much already. Who else will keep me company when doing laundrey? who else will trill and coo at me, and remind me that nothing is THAT serious!
I love you.


Jade Pooh Labruzzo, 06/29/09

Our big beautiful girl. You were so loved and will be so missed. Your fight against cancer was brave, but your sweet and childlike heart gave out. Look for Paul, Grammy, Spunky, Spunker, Alfie, Leah and all the other friends you had. I still have your froggie and I'll keep it with your ashes.
I miss you so much. I love you.
Your human,

JADE ROSE, APRIL 12, 1996 - OCTOBER 14, 2009


Jadee, 06/21/01-04/17/09

To my little lover of birds, you brought such happiness and sunshine into my life. You will be remembered and missed, always.

Emily A

Jadzia, 01/20/09


I wish you hadn't had to pass on so soon.
We will all miss you so much.
I have tried to explain to Lilly what it will be like to be an only child.
I think she will be ok in time, except for not being able to eat your food haha.
I remember when you first came to us, skinny and cold, you needed food and warmth then, but the first time you crawled into my lap I knew you needed love too, and I hope I gave that to you, and made you happy and content, as you deserved to be.
Remember when I sprinkled catnip all over you and Lilly and how you guys would play?
And your special Christmas stocking with your favorite treat from santa?
I gave it to you to keep, I hope there is a place you can use it later.
I'm sorry I only had one flower for you, it snowed today for the first time in 4 years, and the only flower left was the orchid.
Now when it blooms I will always think of you.
We have been through a lot together squeak.
I'm sorry your first Dad left us.
I guess we have that in common.... But you got a new dad, and Sean loves you soooo much, you are his special baby.
You taught him about the love an animal can give, and how much it hurts to lose them.
When I was lonely you gave me companionship, when I hurt you stayed by my side.
You are my beautiful girl and I love you and I miss you so much already.
I hope it is peaceful in the bamboo grove, and the little birds always play in the window.

Your mama,

Jaeger, 08/13/00-04/25/09

125 lbs of mean loving bear

Matt Arendholz

Jaeger, 09/05/97-03/03/09

We regretfully have to say goodbye to Jaeger.
What a wonderful dog he has been!!
Everybody who ever came in contact with Jaeger loved him and commented on what a great dog he was.
He truly was special.
He was our beloved friend and the neighborhood pet.
It is so difficult to make this decision, but we cannot let him suffer for our own selfish reasons.
As much as we wish he would live forever, we know he cannot.
We are sending him on to the Rainbow Bridge to wait for us, and to play with his brother Captain who has gone before him.
We know that when he gets there, he will be able to run and play like he used to, without any pain.
Good-bye Jaeger -- we know we will see you again someday!

Jack & Karen Troiani

Jaegermeister, 01/11/09

Today I've lost my pal.
His little heart stopped beating this morning while he was laying in my arms.
Jaegermeister always has and always will have a special place in my heart and he will hold that place until we reunite one day at the Rainbow Bridge.

Kristina Klier

Jag, 11/18/02-02/21/09

Our Jag will forever be in our hearts. He was such a funny little character. We will never forget all of his quirks the way he used to bully his feline sister,Portia, his funny faces, his catnaps, the love he had for his canine best friend, Lexi, and just recently, the way he would run into the laundry room to check out his new automatic litter box, when it would sweep away his droppings! He was fascinated by this! I am going to think about him every time I hear that box go off. We will never forget him.

Carly & Jay

Jag, 09/22/97-01/27/09

My golden girl, my best friend, you were so loved by all who knew you.

Mommy misses you so very much.
Sleep well my beloved, Jag.

Joanne Stefan

Jager, 05/28/09

Jager was a most special dog. He showed true determination in fighting his disease. Jager taught us to never give up and to live life to the fullest.
He succumbed to a nerve disease which never allowed to him to fully know or grow into his true strength.
Jager was more than a dog, but the ultimate companion.

Jen Wertz

Jager, 02/18/98-09/02/07

You will never be forgotten.

Rhonie & Don Smith

Jager, 06/09/06-02/23/09

Jagerz, We are going to miss you baby girl. You mine as well of been our only daughter. You thought you were one of the people. We just cannot wrap our fingers around this. We are so sad you left us so early. You weren't ready to go yet. We are so sorry we weren't home to give you a farewell kiss and hug. Miles will know all about you when he grows up. We had hoped you would grow old with us, but someone else had a plan for you. Luckily you will have a friend up there waiting for you. So go on, wait for us and keep Mia company. It's lonely down here without you.
We love you baby, you are missed so very much! "I loooveee yoooouuu"...

Matt Cary and Lindsay Fogle (Cary)

Jaisey, 06/01/09

She was my baby. I'll always love her with all of my heart. She was the best dog anyone could ask for. She loved me unconditionally and I thank god I was blessed with her for thirteen wonderful years


Jak, 04/10/02-01/17/09

You will forever hold a special place in my heart bud! I will love you always and will never be forgotten. Thank you for showing me what unconditional love really is. Your daddy will always love you! Rest in peace Jak! I love you!


Jake, 11/14/99 - 10/30/09

You have given us the best ten years. We love you & miss you very much!

Dawn & Rick

Jake, Sept. 1997 - Oct. 26, 2009

Jake came into our lives when he was 6 weeks old. He was our furry baby, he was black w/white markings on his chest and paws and the whitest tip on the end of his tail. He loved to run and play and roam the hillsides of the hollar. He gave us so much unconditional love and joy. He was the first to console us when we had a broken heart. He loved having his ears and belly rubbed. When we found out we couldn't biologically have children and I was sobbing on the porch, he came and leaned against me to say "mama, it's okay". When we adopted our two legged child, Jake became and awesome big brother. Our son was special needs and even though Jake wasn't a "trained" therapy dog, he was a therapy dog. From the time our son was an infant if he got upset, taking him to see Jake made everything all better. Until his passing, if he heard our son cry, he came running to console.  
Our hearts are broken and we miss him so much. The love and joy he brought to our family and others that knew him where enormous. He left his paw prints on our hearts and I know when I cross that bridge he will be there to meet me. I know you are running and playing and aren't in any pain.  
We love you Jakie Boy and we miss you very much. Thank you for being the best dog a family could have!

Jake, 1/23/01 - 10/10/08

It's been 1 year since you left us and it seems as if it were yesterday...I'm so lost without you! I wished I could have just one more day with you!!!!! I miss you little manny more than anyone will ever know.

Jake, 07/15/09

Jake was my best friend and soulmate.
He survived many illnesses and surgeries late in life.
I miss him every minute of every day and can't seem to stop crying.
I know he will be the first one greeting me at the Raidbow Bridge.
I love you Jake.

Pam Schmidt

Jake, 07/96-07/06/09

My best friend Jake passed on 7/6/09.
He's a Springer Spaniel and I was with him as he went to sleep.
I know how much we all love our pets, our family members.
I miss him more than words can say.
To all those who have heart goes out to you too.
I made this video for Jake.
Thank you for watching.

Dan M., Gladstone Oregon

Jake, 07/15/09

He came to me as a stray and left his paw prints on my heart for a lifetime. For Jake was a healer. Little did I know that he would take care of me when I was sad, stressed or upset. All I had to do was lay next to him and a calm came over me. I am lost now because the one friend who helped me through hard times is no longer there to help me though this. Dogs like him are rare. I feel so blessed to have passed through this life's journey with him for the 12 years we had him. May he rest in peace now and know someday we will meet again.


Jake, 08/31/96-07/19/09

The sweetest, smartest, most loyal dog in the world died today and a piece of me died, too.
My heart hurts and the tears won't stop.
I can't believe my sweet baby is gone.
I will never, ever forget you and you will live in my heart forever, Jake.

Lisa Storms

Jake, 01/01/97-06/23/09

The big Jakester.
Did the job he was here to do very, very well.

Greg & Deana Volker

Jake, 07/17/96-06/23/09


You were the world's best yellow lab.
I loved you with all my heart and will miss you always.
You loved to bark at everyone and play with Reba and you had your run of the acreage.
You had such a mean bark but were really just a big old baby.
You protected me though whenever I was alone, and I always felt safe knowing you were there.
I will always remember you lying on the pool deck sunning yourself and playing with balls and lids.
I missed you so much every winter when we had to leave but I know you were well taken care of by Seth.
I hope you didn't miss me too much.
I am so thankful I was here when you needed me, and I know you are no longer suffering and are at peace now.
I am glad I stayed with you all day long, and I feel at peace now too being with you when you passed on.
You were such a good boy.
Jakie, you will always be my sweet dog.

I love you and will miss you always,

Jake, 06/12/09

Pumpkin Pie, Momma misses you sooooo much.
I am so sorry you got so sick.
I wish you were still here.
Our house and your back yard are not the same without you here.
My heart aches and I'm so sad that you are not here with me.
Not a minute goes by that I'm not thinking of you. Grandma, Papa, the Bugs, all your aunts and uncles, Trudy, Garry, your cousin Lucy, Momma's friends all miss you too.
It all happened so quickly. I hope you weren't in any pain.
You were such a good boy through all the tests and all the poking and prodding the doctors had to do to determine why you were so sick - thank you for being so strong and for fighting...for me.
Thank you for being such a good boy and for all the unconditional love you gave me over the years. You were so easy to take care of!
For being my best friend, for always being so happy to see me.
For all the walks you took me on (I've been trying to go alone and it's soooo hard!). I snuggle with your critters everynight to help me fall asleep. Thank you for the laughs and for fulfilling my dream of having a puppy.
You were always such a good boy from the minute I brought you home.
I still remember the day we met.
You laid down belly up, saying pet me, and I KNEW you were the one for me!
A snuggler you always were.
I miss you so much. Thank you for all the laughs; for sharing popcorn with me on movie night, and eating ice cream together, all the high 5's when our Wings scored, for watching over the Bugs when they spent the night.
Thank you for always being so excited to see me no matter what time I got home.
I will always miss you and remember all the love you gave me. Car rides without you are not the same.
Going up north will not be the same and riding in Papa's boat without you will not be the same.
Thank you Bubba for all the love.
I miss you soooo much!
I will love you forever.
You will always be in my heart. I can't wait to see you again and look forward to our joyous reunion.
Give Hannah a kiss for me. I love you Jakers! Love, Momma xoxoxoxo

Jake, 06/12/09

A fungal infection called Blastomycosis, claimed the life of my friendly dog Jake on Friday June 12th, 2009.
In case you have not heard of it I would read up on it just in case.
It seems it is a common fungal spore which is inhaled by a dog and most of the time it is fought off easily by the dog, but in rare cases it can take a foothold and thrive and leading to great problems and difficulty in treatment.

In Jake's case he had developed some more rapid, labored breathing and it was confirmed by the x-rays that the fungus had taken over his lungs and the Vet was very unsure whether he had enough lung capacity left to survive the first week of treatment which often makes things get much worse.
Added to that the idea that he would not likely regain his lost eyesight even if he survived, I had to put him to sleep.

He was Lab of British bloodlines, from Prince Edward Island Canada.
He excelled at duck and goose hunting and had many remarkable outings.
One in particular in Manitoba he retrieved 24 ducks in one afternoon, and while he was tired, he was happy doing it.
He was and will live on in my memory as the extremely hard charging, vigorous, constant companion, hunting dog that he was.

Greg Van Eeckhout

Jake, 06/17/09

We lost Jake today after 15 years of love and friendship. We had to let him go and it was the hardest decision of my life, but I know it was the right one for Jake. He was a trooper for the past 6 weeks, but he wasn't going to get any better.
The house seems so empty. I will miss you my dear old friend.


Jake, 06/01/01-11/26/08

In memory of my precious angel Jake.

I will always remember you angel,
and keep you alive in my heart,
till we meet again at Rainbow Bridge
and never again have to part.

Wait for me baby boy, until I come to play ball with you, mammy xx

Jake, 05/08/09

We will miss the laughing eyes, wagging tail and easy going attitude of our sweet Jake.
He came to us late in his life, and has never been a bit of trouble. He always wanted to please us, right up to the last minute he was here. Run free Jake, your pain has ended and ours is still fresh.
Until we meet again at the Bridge.

Ardra and Marty Morgan

Jake, 06/01/96-04/29/09

Run pain free my love.
You have taught me how to be a better human and I will forever be grateful for the incredible unconditional love you have shared with me throughout the past 12 and a half years.
I am missing you terribly but I know that you are with me in spirit as well as with amazing Jerry and the other furpals.
You fought like a hero and will always be an incredible inspawration to all of us who were lucky enough to know and love you.
I love you buddy and always will. xoxoxoxoxo...


Jake, 11/2008

Jake was the first friend I ever had. I spent the first thirteen years of my life with him constantly at my side. We laughed and played every day, and I still can see him wagging his tail begging for a treat. As he grew older, he wasn't as playful or bouncy but he loved just the same. In the past few years of his life I was scared every day I would loose him. I thought it would be unbearable. When his arthritis took over, my family and I knew he didn't want to suffer, and we put him to sleep. The pain towards us was awful, but somehow it eventually started to ease up. It helps to know he lived a long and happy life and I hope I'll see him again someday. I love you and miss you, Jake.


Jake (Baby Jake, Jakers), 10/04/00-04/26/09

We rescued Jake from a shelter when he was two months old.
During his life with us, he's rescued me daily.
Taken from us early, he suffered from Immune Medicated Hemolytic Anemia (IMHA).
He fought for 23 days undergoing blood transfusions and spent 6 days in ICU.
He was a fighter and withstood all the needles, testing, weakness and lack of oxygen this disease brought to him so rapidly.
He has always been my angel that has brought us so many good memories and I know he's gone to be with God now and I'll see him again one day.
I love and miss you with all my heart....Love you, Momma & Papa

Jake, 04/15/09

We rescued Jake from the Shellbyville, IN Humane Shelter on November 24, 2001. Age unknown, but close to full grown, sick and nothing but skin and bones.

He was our brave and strong protector, and of all the many pets we have had over the years, he was The Best.....and we miss him!

Because of Jake, we have become active in the Indy Great Pyr Rescue group and consider it a fitting tribute to Jake - The Best of a wonderful breed.

Chuck & Vonna Knapp

Jake, 01/95/09-04/06/09

To our dear Jake, you were the best friend we both ever had.
We will miss you so very much.
It will never be the same without you.
You were the best dog.
The house is so lonely without your little smile.
From the minute we saw you in that cage at the animal shelter, we knew you were the one.
Jakie boy, wait for us at the bridge.

Love, Mommy Renee and Mommy Linda

Jake, 02/12/96-04/04/09

I lost my baby Jake just a few days ago he was 13 yrs. old he had heart failure. He was the sweetest thing and I feel like a part of me has died inside. He had the sweetest face that od a angel and no matter what kind of day I had just seeing him made everything alright. I wake sometimes and I can still hear him . I catch myself starting to do the dame rotine I did when he was here.I pray he knew just how much I love him. He was my Best Friend! I gonna miss you my sweet boy, I'll never forget you and the joy you brought to my life. It is so empty here without you!! I love you Jake!! God take care of my baby!

Angie Yeomans

Jake 'Bubba', 04/03/09

Beloved friend to all. You shall forever be in our hearts and thoughts.

Love your forever family

Laurie, Chris, BJ, JT, Jacki, Leonardo, Cozy, and Emily-Jean

Jake, 01/02/99-04/06/09

Jake, our dear loving friend.
You are gone from us but we will never forget you.
You have given us more joy than can ever be imagined.
That day we first saw your sad little face in the pound, we knew you were the one.
You became a member of our family immediately. You wil be sorely missed.
Please wait for us Jakie man.
We love you deeply.

Renee & Linda Marmorale

Jake, 03/30/09

Jake found you on Christmas a few years ago that already made you special
loved you a lot and will miss you alot
love mom

Jake, 03/13/09

Our time together was short but our memories will be a lifetime.

Dad, Mom, Amanda, Diana, John, Samantha

Jake, 05/26/93-03/07/09

You were a very special dog Jake. You lived a good, happy, long life & sadly it was your time to go.
I will miss you always.

Renee Nault

Jake, 03/01/09

Jake was deemed to be a ferocious non-adoptable dog and was about to be euthanized at the local humane society when he first came into our home in 2001. He had been guarding his previous deceased owner's body so that first responders could not enter the home.
He did this for four days!
Jake became quickly a part of our family and was the most docile, loving, loyal dog of the many we have had in our lives.
That "ferociousness" was only fear and was quickly replaced by a devotion so dear that even non-dog lovers took a quick liking to Jake.
He developed a spinal disease, yet still had joy in "dragging" himself around the yard and found special pleasure in watching the goats and also was still able to catch his most favorite toy, a yucky tennis ball.
He was also able to continue his protection of those he loved with his scary bark.
We do know we were blessed to have Jake in our lives and he will never be forgotten.
God bless you Jakey Boy.

Susan Starrett Siu

Jake, 04/20/05-02/28/09

I hope you are well in your new home, Jake.
I trust that Bandit is helping you with your new surroundings. I'll feel you in my heart everyday and you will always be in my thoughts.
I miss you so much l'il guy.
Mom Cheryl

Jake, 02/09/09

What can you say in words about how special Jake was. He was one in a million. He always gave unconditioned love. Even as his life was coming to end, he still wanted to give you his paw. The tail was still wagging. And I think he was trying to tell me it was okay. I look forward to the day we are reunited and we will both be young and healthy again.

Joyce Stizza

Jake, 07/22/94-02/01/09

I brought Jake home when he was 18 months old- he lived with my parents & their Rottie, Turbo. Daddy was retired- the three of them were inseparable. Jake would chase Turbo around the yard spinning in circles, then they would curl up under a pine tree to watch Daddy working in the yard. He would even jump up into the hammock to nap with Daddy. All 3 would come visit me on duty days at the firehouse.

Jake would smile if asked. He loved riding in the Suburban- sometimes, Daddy would leave the tailgate down, and Jake would nap in the back all day. One time, he got away from Daddy in another town, & wound up at a McDonalds. A worker gave him a cheeseburger, read his tag, & called Daddy to come get him.

After Daddy died, Jake came to live with my husband & I on our farm. We put in a bigger dog door- he loved being able to go outside whenever he wanted. He had Skipper the Lab mix, and 4 Dachshund friends to keep him company. He rode in the truck bed for the mile drive to the mailbox & went with me every morning & evening to the barn to feed the horses.

Jake, these are some of my treasured memories of you, Sweetie Boy. I miss you & will always love you. I am comforted with the hope that you are together with Daddy & Turbo again.

Leslie Steinbuch

Jake, 01/19/09

A loyal friend who was quick to grin and shared his joie de vive with me always.


Jake, 02/23/93-02/05/09

We knew your time was coming as different things about you changed. It was hard for you to wait to make it outside on time, you didn't come when I called you, and finally you found it difficult to walk or to get into your recliner. And you quit eating.

17 years is a very long time for a dog, but in the scope of things it was to short. You will always be remembered with love. Your owner, master and friend Ray and your friend and often caretaker Keith.

Jake, 02/02/09

jake was the best friend our family ever had he was a member of our family we have 7 children at nite we have snack time and jake would always stand in line to get his treat we love him so much he will be missed our family will never be the same rest in peace ole boy we all love you and youll be in our hearts forever

The Schafer Family

Jake, 01/2009

we miss you so much jake. we know you can see and hear perfectly now, and you will never be lonely because a piece of our hearts went with
for us on the bridge jake;we will meet you there someday. love;brad, sue and family.

Jake, 03/10/02-01/29/09

I miss your smell, your love, your sweetness. I miss everything about you. You made this family so happy. I wish I would have known more about your illness and not concentrated on your blindness. Jake mommy loves you!!!!!

Monica Ball

Jake, 01/25/09

Jake, you've been such a gift to me and you were always such a gentleman. I'm always going to treasure the time that we spent together and I'm so lucky that you came into my life. You were wonderful and I simply love you, handsome.

Katie Hedrick

Jake, 08/30/95-01/05/09

Jake was the best dog and wanted nothing but to love and be loved.
He saved my life many times in his 14 years with me.
He had a very good life but I wish I could have back every day I didn't give him the attention he deserved.
I wish he could have lived the rest of my life with me.
He was a gentle and loving boy.
I miss him. RIP, Jake.

Debra Geer

Jake, 01/19/09

we took you in to make your final days comfortableand to let you know how loved you were. rest comfortably jake. till we meet again.


Jake, 03/07/05-01/26/09


we will allways love you and you will allways be in our heart. we had allmost 4 years with you and we enjoyed ever moment we had with you you allways brought a smile on our face when we was down . well jake you be good ok and treat the other dogs good ok you can not be boss this time ok

love your family

Gary & Patty

Jake, 01/29/09

rest in peace jake


Jake, 12/20/01-12/02/08

You saved my life more times
than I could
have ever saved yours...
You are my angel...please watch over
your brother and I...
I can't wait to see you at the bridge...
Wait for will be the first one I look for...
I love and miss you with so much of my heart it hurts...
Thank you for picking me...
Love always,

Jake The King of Wigglesworth, 07/23/99-01/17/09

To my beloved, most trusted and loyal companion.
I love and miss your happy boxer face. Jake, I released you, so you could have peace and die with grace.
You were to regal to ever force to stay here, without the ability to walk or to be in pain. We will meet again.
Thank you for the laughs and being the greatest travel partner.

Jamie Ellington

Jake, 11/17/03-01/20/09


Were sorry. We love you and miss you very much. We know you are no longer suffering and waiting for us on Rainbow Bridge.

Love you Jakey.

Mom and Dad

Jake, 04/30/93-01/16/09

We lost our beloved Jake on Friday.
The emptiness we feel can't be put into words.
He gave so much to us. He was our clown and everyone who came to our house loved him.
Jake, we will meet again little buddy.
Please be waiting for me someday.
Love Mom and Dad

Jake, 12/29/08

You were the best boy ever!
I love you and miss you.
Take care of your siblings at the Bridge!! Mom

Jake, 02/28/90-01/05/09

My Best Buddy
and the love of my life

Bunny McClure

Jake, 09/27/98-01/03/09

Jake, thanks for 10 plus great years, you are soo missed by us, especially Zachary..... Rest well, eat, and enjoy the endless bowls of water!!

Michael and Nadine Bruder and Family

Jake, 10/10/08

Jake was my best friend, he was my world, my soul mate and I miss him deeply.
I love you little manny!


Jake, 09/2007

Jakie, from the moment I first bent down to greet you at the shelter and you offered your paw and a lick, my heart was yours.
We knew nothing of your background, only that you had been abandoned and probably abused.
In the 10-1/2 years you spent with us, you brought more joy then any of us thought possible.
Never destructive and no accidents in the house - just unconditional love and companionship.
Your loss is still felt today, but your pictures, our memory box and the urn with your precious remains keep your memory alive.
You were truly one of a kind, and no matter how many other furry companions join our family in the future, you will always have a piece of our hearts.
Watch and wait for us until we meet again.......

Nancy Leclerc

Jake Baker, 01/12/03

Jake my beloved dog

When you came to my door and i picked you up you were just a beautiful pup. You were mine 4/ever. You gave me 11 yrs of joy. You were so smart and loved everyone. I'm so sorry for any pain you had because i just didn't want to let you go. It was time i couldn't see you suffer anymore. I have your picture in that special frame that i look at every day The two of us together. I miss and love you so much i still cry. Even though i have 2 new baby's that i love dearly i would give anything just to see you again. You showed me what love really means and i thank you for that. Until we meet again Jake i will miss you always.

Nancy Sgroi

Jake Beebe, 10/28/09

To the best dog you could have. We love you buddy and miss you lots. I know that we will see you again. You have fun with the grandpa's and lily and jordan. We love you buddy.

Jake LaMotta, 04/05/00-07/02/09

Your wiggly-piggly will always make me smile.
The games of chase, warm snuggles and your jealousy are missed on a daily basis.
Along with your "fold your body in half" greetings at the door EVERY time I came home.

Melissa Hyde

Jake McComesky, 02/28/09

Our Baby Jake:
We miss you so much, already.
If our love alone could have helped you, you'd still be here with us.
You gave us three wonderful years that we cherish.
We are so heartbroken over our loss of you.
We all looked for you this morning.
Joe slept on your spot under the dining room table last night.
He is missing you too.
Please know how much we love you, our baby Jake.

Diane & George McComesky

Jake Neihoff, 11/09/02-01/28/09

Jake will be missed by all who knew him.
He was loving and playful and a loyal friend.

Janet Neihoff

Jake Parrett, 03/17/00-02/11/09

My life is just not the same without you, my big giant dog.
I miss you more than words can express!
I enjoyed every minute of my life with you.
Until we meet again.


Jake Pooh Bear, 10/08/96-11/24/08

A beautiful, sweet, kind, gentle, loving big golden retriever whose name was Jake, but I called him Pooh Bear, because that is just what he was.
You were my best friend for 12 years and you took a piece of my heart when you left.
But I will never forget you or the great peace and joy you brought into my life.
I'll love you always Pooh Bear.


Jake Reilly, 04/11/09

I love you and miss you


Jake Sherno, 05/30/09

Jake was a speacial part of my husbands family for nearly 15 years.
I was fortunate enough to get to spend the last 3 with him.
He had to be put to sleep due to aches and pains of his old age.
We are all terribly devesated and miss him so very much.
My husband got Jake from a pound when he was only a few months old and he was such a loving and energetic dog.
He survived major surgery 4 years ago and hung in as long as he could. We will never forget him.
Love you Jakeie...

Mia McGinty

Jake Szegda, 10/26/93-01/07/09

Jake, We love you and will never forget you.
Love, Mom and Dad.

Jake & Abby, 05/16/09

Both our dogs will be missed terribly
The fond memories we shared with them both will live on in our hearts and minds forever Dogs are man's best friend but in this case a friend to all our family members Sadly The Russo & Smith Families

Jakelyn, 05/24/09

My most loving companion and friend, the most special girl in the world. Thank you for sharing your life with me, and for all the little things you did for mine. I will miss you with all of my heart, baby girl.


Jakester, 04/18/09

Jakester was a loving a loyal good friend.
There will always be a space missing in our hearts, but know he is romping at Rainbow Bridge with others that have gone on before him. We love you Jakester and miss you.

Brenda Salvage

Jakey, 05/25/09

Jakey - You were a wonderful boy and we will miss you.
Thanks for the time we had together.

Karen, Pete, and Connor

Jakey, 04/06/09

No words could ever describe the emptiness in my heart nor the joy you gave me over your lifetime. I love you, I miss you, my gentle friend.

Holly M

Jakey aka Bpupba, 10/31/99-01/20/09

Jakey was a most exceptional dog. He had hip dysplasia and was going to be put down as a puppy but a rescue organization saved him, paid for his surgery and gave me the incredible privilege of being his daddy. He was a huge golden and left a huge void in my heart when he died on Tuesday. Jakey died in a traumatic and painful way. His decline was swift, scary and extremely painful for both of us. He died on his own terms though. He did not make me euthanize him.
I will miss him forever and look forward to the day when we can be reunited on the rainbow bridge.

Ryan Meglathery

Jakie, 05/30/09

My sweet little Jakie boy.
You were so very special to us.
You were so brave with your beautiful badge of courage. Thank you for being our big watch dog and taking care of us all these years.
You brought us more love and pleasure than you will ever know.
We will think of you and remember all our fun times together forever.
I hope you are so happy now playing with Bubba and eating butter toast with Gram.
We will love you and miss you forever. xoxoxoxox

Bob, Devon, Joe and Rob

Jamaica, 12/28/08

Jamaica was the most loving a faithful companion for 16 years.
She was a magical kitty who was loved by many.
Her spirit was the strongest I have ever seen and imagine that it glows on as such.
She is fondly remembered and intensely missed.
We know that we are connected by bits of our hearts and spirits.
I am changed and healed by all of her love and am blessed to have had her in my life.
Thanks for finding me.
Now I know I will never be lost.

Twylah Falls

Jamba, 07/08/09

We rescued Jamba from the Agoura animal shelter in January 2000.
He was an amazing dog.
His favorite thing was to go to his cabin in Green Valley lake and chase the aquirrels or help his Daddy fish.
Jamba loved
when his mommy made salad and would bark for tomatoes.
Sadly Jamba was stricken with liver cancer in 2004.
He had the most amazing care from Dr. Alice Villalobos.
Dr. Alice and her staff gave kind and loving care and helped in his transition from this life.
Thank you to them for being so special.

Gail and Jim Wells

Jamela, 05/27/09

Your gentleness and devotion will never be forgotten. You were so ready to go when we loss Dakota, but you willed yourself to stay in order to help us with our grief. You are now with Dakota and Dreyfus in a place without pain.
I know all three of you are out paroling once more.

You will be forever in our hearts.

Momma and Daddy

Jamie, 01/11/99-12/05/09

Keep safe my gorgeous boy. Thank you for the love and companionship you gave me for eight and a half years. Very sadly missed


Jamie Riley, 04/18/09

Jamie came into this life to be the angel who would watch over Charlotte Riley after the loss of her husband. She was the warmest most loving four legger that you could ever imagine. When two young grandbabies came into the family shortly after her adoption, she welcomed them with open paws. She watched over her mother Charlotte with the sweetest love ever. She will be missed by friends and family alike. We all look forward to seeing her when we meet her in heaven for she truly has been an angel.

Wynette Jameson

James Brown, 11/24/02-07/10/09

James was a wonderful dog with the best spirit. He was our baby. His little brother misses him terribly too. He will be truly missed and thought of every single day. It was his time to go and I will think of him playing around the Rainbow Bridge all the time.


James Dean Rockefeller, 02/01/97-04/08/09

To the best friend I ever had. I miss you.

Eddie Yates

James the Warthog, 04/2009

Dear James was an angel in warthog form that came to earth to help souls that were hurting.James was blind since birth and this gift allowed him to give children the safe place to heal thier hurts-since the kids,like James were often blind too.I love you James.

Kirsty Hall

Janey, 02/18/09

We will always love you Janey. Thank you for all the wonderful love ,licks and belly rubs. You made my dreams of having a sheepie come true. Love you forever! Mom, Dad, Caleb

Jani, 05/22/09

We lost our sweet Jani yesterday.
She was a very freightened dog when we rescued her from the shelter 6 years ago.
But she came to trust us and she was our keeper.
I tried to tell myself that this is the ultimate love of a pet - to end it's suffering of a neurological disease, but it does not seem like it. As sweet Jani's eyes closed I was hoping she was heading for the Rainbow Bridge.
One day I will see her and all my other pets.
What a day that will be.


Janie, 10/05/06-04/07/09

Beautiful Jane, Mom, Dad & Nips miss you so very, very much.

Mimi Greene

Janie, 12/11/08

janie i want you to remember me always and know that i will love you no matter what.i hope you are with j.r and pedro the two that you loved most when you and they were alive.i hope you are happy wherever you are.i will never forget you the best dog i could have ever had.i know it's selfish but i wish you were still here with me right now instead of watching me from heaven.i hope i get to see you again someday and that you will still love me like you used to.unconditional love like you gave me is hard to find, and i could never replace you. ijust hope you know that.


Jansen, 12/31/93-01/09/09

Jansen was my special friend and was with me for 15 years.
He was there for me through the toughest times of my life as well as the happiest times of my life and always loved me unconditionally.
I wish for him happy, pain free times in heaven enjoying those things he loves.
I will never forget you Jansen, you have meant so much to me in the 15 years I knew you.
I love you and will miss you every day of my life.

Becky Vander Upwich

Jar-Jar Binx, 06/01/99-04/27/09

Goodbye Jar Jar (poem by my brother - Syl Vin)

You came to us smaller than my size 12 shoe;
As a pup you tore up boxes of tissue.
You always cover half your face under the curtain
When it's dinner time you're there for certain.
You saved the fishes from certain death
And you loved durian that stinks your breath.
The way you slept on your back
and you snore louder than Mack. (truck)
I remember fighting over the pillow with you
white is he only colour you will go to.
You made our lives full and bright
By greeting us filled with light.

Today you left us, but you waited to say goodbye
Thinking of you brings tears to my eye.
I would have traded a year of my life
for you to have another day alive.
It's gonna be tough days ahead
Goodbye Jar Jar, you've been a good mate

Syl Fyn Ong

Jari Kuri, 07/04/92-05/23/09

Jari was my heart.
A truly dear, unique dog. Everyone who met Jari could see he had a true spirit.
He survived way past expectations, with 3 legs due to cancer, 2 years.
His life was taken before he and I were ready, due to a needless and tragic accident as he lay innocently, unsuspecting, and almost deaf, in his favorite place, the front yard. I have long ago dedicated him to God, and thank my Father for the years I was blessed with Jari.

Suzanne Brown

Jarvis, 02/02/84-11/13/02

You were my special baby. I still miss you every day.


Jasman, 06/11/09

Jas, you were my pride and joy. Thank you for all your outrageous misdeeds and for the way you loved to show off and for letting me call you Mr. Fluffy Pants. I didn't know how much I loved you, my beautiful, beautiful, beautiful, beautiful boy.

S. Cook

Jasmine, 12/16/99-01/14/09

It's been almost 6 months since I had to but Jassy to sleep, and I miss my best friend more than my words can say. You were the best dog Jasmine, and I can't wait to be with you again some day!

Tammy Rada

Jasmine, 10/05/05-06/18/09

I lost my Jasmine sometime during the late evening of Tuesday, June 19, 2009, passed away in a neighbor's yard after taking her last little steps to her passing. She always stayed on or near my third floor patio (as she was social but conservative about going too far), but for some reason she randomly wandered off that evening. I think she died within an hour of leaving my arms because she was trained like a dog to come to my commands,and she would not come to me. It took me two days to find her, but I finally found her closeby laying across the street in a yard after an exhaustive, door-to-door search. I just collapsed in total shock and denial...and cried and cried and cried. My sweet, innocent, defenseless angel was struck in the left side of her head by a car.

She was not even 4 years old and left behind her brother (from the same litter) and me, her devoted parent. Her little pink collar was still around her neck with a brand new nametag I had just made for her.

My "pretty girl" princess Jasmine was a one-of-a-kind...never met a feline so sweet with the cutest habits like playing hide 'n seek with me, doing the pretty girl dance (she knew she was pretty and would prancedaround for me as I repeatedly chanted "do the pretty girl dance, you're so pretty"); loved chasing her treats (never took them from my hand -- she always HAD to have a toss chase), and sleeping in the strangest places like on top of my kitchen cabinets in a decorative basket.

She was very vocal and affectionate with EVERYONE and just loved her belly rubbed. Jasmine greeted me at the front door every day but liked to hide under the doorside table...I pretended not to see her every time and then would turn around quickly and say, "hey Jasmine! There's my pretty girl!" She would go crazy and loved that I would acknowledge that she was sitting there; it never got old for either of us.

She also loved sitting on the toilet seat when I did my makeup and hair, and she loved watching the toilet flush. I even caught her drinking out of the toilet on severals occasions as I considered her my dog-cat. She loved to drive me crazy too, always turning my trash cans upside down to see what was in them and chewing plastic...esp. plastic grocery bags. She looooved plastic and digested plastic all the time too, no matter how careful I was trying to hide the stuff. She was something else.

I will remember her love of catnip to the point of rehab, her obsession for getting brushed and often doing it herself if I laid the brush down, and how she looooved being my bed buddy. Every nite I said "let's go to bed" and she would immediately go to my room. She always waited for me to show that I wanted her in the bed, so I would say "get up there! get up there Jazz!" She would jump and immediately plop on her back with all fours up, for some belling loving...can't forget the armpits or her feet either.

What can I say more than I will miss my amazingly unique little girl who was robbed of a long life. I know she was a happy, spoiled with two cat towers, a tons of toys, treats including feline chew sticks, 24/7 food bowl, and her constant neck massages and brush sessions that she just adored. (Not to mention the trips to Petco to look at fish, birds, mice, and other cats.) I will miss her dinging pink collar, her petite size, and her extremely odd soft hair. I will miss her keen bug chasing abilities and her walking across my desk to reach the window or super tall cat tower, or walking around on my laptop when I am using it to say "me, me, me!" will miss her quirks about laying on the edge of things so her front legs would dangle and how I could make her purr in 2 seconds flat!

I hope she forgives me for not protecting her better and I hope she is waiting for me at Rainbow Bridge. She did not die, she is merely in heaven waiting for me and her brother Miko. God I love you Jasmine and I am so sorry. I hope it was quick and that you were not scared, missing Mommy.

She has been cremated and I picked out a beautiful pink cloisonne urn to match her personality. I pick her up tomorrow (Friday, 6/19) and made her tags a necklace for me to wear.

Ashley Steadman

Jasmine, 04/22/96-05/27/09

my princess, my baby, my darling, my soulmate, my best friend, my everything. I'm so sorry I wasn't there to give you the last kiss, the last cuddle and to just be there with you. Missing you so much and loving you forever...

Neo Peici

Jasmine, 05/28/09

Our unique daughter who did not realize she was a dog has left us heart broken.
She changed our lives and brought us a tremendous amount of love and laughter.
We realize we were so fortunate to have had her as a member of our family but her loss is indeed almost unbearable.

Judy and Willie Uhrig

Jasmine, 07/23/97-05/23/09

She was the best dog anyone could ask for and I miss her sparkling eyes and her smile so much!!
She was the best friend I ever had.


Jasmine, 07/16/94-05/05/09

My Princess Jasmine,

By my side for almost 15 years!
You helped get mommy through college, being out on her own, the start of a career, new places, you were always the constant and the loving face to come home to.
I'll never forget seeing you in the window as I pull in the drive, hearing your little attempt at a meow, which turned out to be an "ehh" when I opened the door.
All the times you laid on my stomach with your little purr motor running at full speed.
How you would come running at the sound of the can opener or the smell of tuna.

Jasmine, the decision to let go of you and let you go to a place you can run and play and sun tan all day was the hardest thing I've ever done.
Please know baby girl the decision was made out of love for you.

You are missed more than anything in the world!
I will forever wish we could have one more moment that mommy says "kisses" to you and you tip your head in for me to kiss you right on top of your head, you're favorite!

You are no longer by my side, but will forever be in my heart!
Watch over me baby girl and know mommy will always love you!

Jasmine, 09/28/94-05/16/09

I miss you so much.
You were such a light in my life.
The sound of your meow everyday put a smile on my face. I can't beleive we were together for 11 years.
Oh how time goes by.
You will always be remembered and my memories of you will live on.
I loved you so much Jasmine.

Jennifer Dawn

Jasmine, 01/02/94-05/03/09

Last night we took Jasmine, a part of our family for 15 years, to Mt. Laurel Animal Hospital. My daughter Deena, our Papillion Mia and I stayed by her side to the end.
It's sadder than I ever thought it would be.

The diBacco Family

Jasmine, 04/01/90-05/01/09

for 19 years Jasmine brought us unconditional love....she loved to great our company, jump up on plant shelves, sit in the bay window each morning to say goodbye as we left for work, she ruled the house, she played fetch, loved xmas morning jumping into all the boxes, she was the smartest kitty we have ever had, she always tried to sneak outside to eat the grass...for 19 years Jasmine was our life, our world, our love

Dana Waters

Jasmine, 01/94-04/30/09

When light is gone, love remains.... now she can run with her funny little hop, chase 'quirrels and lie in the sun to her heart's content.
..... she was my heart, small in size and large in presence..... I miss her so.
I'll see you again, 'Boo de Boo'

Susan Debruhl

Jasmine, 07/19/93-03/15/09

Jasmine was a sweet, loving and gentle dog.
She was part of my family before I had children. Even though, she received less attention when my children were little she stayed close to me. She wasn't jealous of the kids.
She was loving and patient with my children.
We miss her terribly.
We love you, Jasmine.


Jasmine, 04/10/09

We will sadly miss our little Jasmine. She came into our lives for such a short time, but brought such an immense amount of joy.

Her happiness was so contagious and refreshing. We will miss her running in her back yard, laying in the sun and wiggling her little nub when you woke up.

She loved us unconditionally and will never be forgotten. She is now with Buster and Jazzie until we all meet up again...we love you little momma....

Paul, Laura, Isaac & Isaiah DeNigris

Jasmine, 07/16/95-03/06/09

Miss Mooer,
I'll miss you greatly.

you will live in my heart forever!!

Jeff Etling

Jasmine, 12/01/94-03/01/09

Jasmine, you were my little girl that became my frail old mate.
I was lucky to have you in my life for fourteen years.
Thank you for loving me and wanting me.
Thankyou for all the love, for licking away my tears and making me laugh.
I am so so sorry that I could not get to you on time, please know that I will always love you and carry you with me no matter how old I become or wherever life takes me.
You trusted me and I let you down and for this please forgive me.
I can only hope that you slipped away knowing that I loved you and am sor sorry that you did not get to feel my hands to reassure you i was there.
I love you my little one.


Jasmine, 09/02/09

Snow Moon 2009

warmth in the
February charades

Dog toys lay untouched on the grass
yesterday covered by snow, hidden

Those entreating eyes, those sacred soulful eyes that once hankered for pleasure
Your breathing hostile
Told me it was time to let you go

You and I
Bold of mind
Hearts breaking
made the journey to the place of partition.

I held you hard
tones into your ear that gave you joy and security
Your head pressed against me as you sniffed my scent
"I'll see you on the other side"
Your final breath gone
I left the room and your doggy body behind

I took with me your essence and placed it in

the dog nest in my heart.

Michelle Deeman

Jasmine, 02/03/09

Jasmine, you were a gift to us given by God. We will dearly miss you!

Yolanda & Mark

Jasmine, 10/01/94-02/12/09

Jasmine loved life! In her younger years she could jump with the best of frisbie dogs. We called her "Air Jasmine"!
She loved the sun,cat naps,eating and simply being acknowledged! She was much loved and will be sorely missed, but never forgotten. I hope she is at peace and happy to be reunited with Zoey, Alice and Julie, who will take good care of her for us.

Karen Martin and Michael Sotire

Jasmine, 09/15/07-02/11/09

I had a hamster, named Jasmine. I've had her since I was 5 years old and now I am 7. She passed away today. I loved her so much, she was a very good hamster. She loved me very much. I remember when I first got her, she was 0 years old. I named her Jasmine. I will miss her very, very much.

Morgan Molitr

Jasmine, 02/02/09

Today I lost my dear little Jasmine, a sweet and good little friend. I pray that she is happy and free of pain and playing over the Rainbow bridge. Momma loves you and I will never forget you.

Sue Lomauro

Jasmine, 10/97-11/21/08

A wonderful and loyal friend. She was always waiting at the door when I came home. Slept with me in the bedroom. Was wonderful with our grandchildren, never biting them even when they were little and would sit on her. She just loved to be loved and to give love.

Joyce Harris

Jasmine, 05/09/96-12/31/08

My sweet Jazzygirl left us on 12/31/08, after 12 and half years on this earth.
We had her put down due to bone cancer which was found 12/24/08 and had already spread to her lungs.
Thankfully pain medication gave us another week with her, to deal with the idea of life without her, say goodbye, spoil her rotten and send her out in style.
She was the sweetest and best dog ever and I will never forget her.
She was such an important part of my life.
My husband came into the picture when she was 3, the only daddy she has ever know.
You are no longer in pain.
Do all the things you love to do, run, play, swim, roll in the snow, eat snow, I hope there are treats for you in heaven too.
You will never be replaced in our hearts. Please know that we love you and will miss you forever.
RIP my sweet baby girl - I hope you find your litter mates to play with, and a wonderful human to love you until we meet again.
We love you Jazzygirl!

Laura & Joe

Jasmine Ann, 05/15/98-07/31/08

Jasmine was a gift in my life for more than ten years and her purpose was to teach me the many lessons I learned from her.
She was a once in a lifetime dog and I was blessed to have her as my best friend.
She changed my life in a profound way. She is forever in my heart.
Her storms are over and she is at peace.

Anna Schneider

Jasmine Becerra, 04/04/96-07/08/09

My beautiful baby girl is now running free in the tall grass. We miss you so much Jasmine. You were such a big part of our family.

Your food bowl is still as you left it but the kibbles you left out to battle with have been put away.

Your blanket has been sent with you just in case you get cold or want to hold on to me and papa and PeeWee.

We miss you so much and hurt so much for you. We'll always have you in our hearts and you are everywhere here in the house. Our memories are all we have now, and oh what great memories you gave to us.

Thank you for allowing us to be your family, and we will see you again soon.

*****Good night my sweet Princess*****

Mama and Papa and PeeWee

Connie J Becerra

Jasmine Bouquet Brown, 03/24/97-06/12/09

You were my Best Friend for 12 years and you will be missed dearly. You will always be in my heart.

I love You Jazzy Girl!

Carolyn Brown

Jasmine Douglas, 09/19/93-03/23/09

you were a member of our family for over 15 have been gone 1 week,and the loss is unbearable.we have been looking at hundreds of pictures of you.each picture shows a life full of love.your gentle,loving heart will forever beat in every memory of your loving eyes and gentle licking which you gave so often to anyone who needed a special touch of were and always will be the only "Pooh-Bay!"in our hearts.look for mamaw and papaw, they will take care of you til we meet again. we love you and miss you.

Art and Vicki

Jasmine Franklin, 01/10/09

Jasmine, you were truly my best friend in this world and I am missing you each moment of the day and night. You filled my life with so much love and light and I look forward to the day that we meet again and can stay together forever.
I love you more than any words can say and you were the best dog ever.
You will remain in my heart forever.

Jasmine Leah, 02/14/09

Jasmine,You will always be with me in my heart.I miss you soooo much. Thank you for being my special Valentine girl.xoxoxoxoxoxooxo


Jasper, 10th December 2009

Jasper was my best friend for 15 years and last thursday i had to make the hardest decision ever to let go and send him to sleep forever. Jasper had been epileptic for about 8 years and also had a stroke 2 years ago but always managed to come back fighting. This time sadly he didnt - he died in my arms.
Jasper loved more than anything to go for a walk and cuddle up with me on the sofa, he slept on my bed every night and waited by the door for me to come home from work. He was the most loving and loyal dog anyone could wish for and I feel so lost and empty without him.
he went to my mum's house every day for the last few months as he had seperation anxiety and barked every time i left the house. i'm so greatful to my mum for this, he used to love going as he got spoilt rotton.
My house feels so empty without him, when i eat my tea he is not there begging for any leftovers and when i wake in the morning he is not there to give me a fuss.

I love you Jasp and miss you terribly. I know one day i will see you again.. until then r.i.p my bestest mate (jasper carrott) and i hope you've found yourself a lady friend in doggy heaven!

Jasper, pound puppy 24 July 2009

10 years ago, I found you at the pound. Your the best friend I could have ever had. Though we weren't always together, you were always in my thoughts. We shared so many road trips, but the last few years spent time apart. Just so glad we had the last few months together. This last week together house sitting, on the farm is the best gift anyone could have given us. I'm so sorry boy. I hope I gave you the love you deserved. I can't believe your gone, and can't believe the rest of my journey will be with out you. I love you Jasper Boy.

Jasper, 01/08/97-04/07/09

My darling little boy passed away after a short illness. He was a treasure, a loyal faithfull and loving friend who I will miss every day of my life. He will be in my heart forever
God Bless my little Jasper, I will love you always and forever
Your mummy xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Jasper, 05/18/09

I remember the day my mom took me to the Danbury pound. She told me I could get a dog and that there was one there that she thought I would like. As I walked around to the back I saw you jumping like crazy wanting to be free. I said I wanted you and that was it from then on you were family. I remember taking my first picture with you; it was for my first day of third grade. You were crazy and out of control when you were young but I was young too so we had fun running and playing together. As you got older and started to calm down things seemed to only get crazier. My parents were fighting a lot and you tried to make them stop. You would jump in between them and always be on my mom's side trying to get my dad to go away. You were her protector and her friend. You used to go nuts every time my mom would put those white sneakers on because you knew that meant you were going for a walk something you loved. You went through it all with my mom and I and these last couple years I saw how it effected you. Your eye sight started to go and you had trouble walking with your back legs but you never let it get to you. Then you got the skin rashes the vet kept telling us it wasn't cancer but we thought it was. When you got so sick on us a month ago I got scared. It was the first time in a while I realized you were old and might not make it through. But I kept praying and you were alive and well. Then came the dreaded day...I saw you weren't feeling well but I figured it was just because of the skin rash and I gave you a bath and cleaned you up. But you just got worse. You wouldn't dry and you were cold no matter how many blankets we put on you. Mom and I took turns holding you. I went up stairs to tell your best friend tom that you weren't doing well and when I came down stairs, I knew. I saw you not being able to breath and then it happened. I saw you take your last breath something that will be with me forever. I'm glad you were comfortable and that we shared the day together but now that your gone a part of me is missing. The whole mood of the house is different now. When you walk in the house we don't see your face or hear your little foot steps on the kitchen floor. The whole house is quiet and sad. As for your friend Sydney, she misses you too. She barely does anything. She just lies around and hardly ever gets excited or happy now. We all miss you so much and we don't know what to do without you. You were the best and I guess now your in a better place. When I think about it as selfish as I am for wanting you here, now you aren't in any pain and best of all your with Wendy your best friend. I told Wendy that she needs to take care of you. As hard as this is, it isn't goodbye it's "I'll see you later". We love you buddy.

Kathleen & Katelyn Vrabel

Jasper, 13/06/97-21/05/09

My darling Jaspy, you were my "dog from God". You miracuously came into my life as I was berieving 3 parents who died in 6 months. You needed us and we needed you. You gave us unconditional love every day for 5 years and 5 months. I love you and always will my darling. We all miss you soooo much and look forward to being re-united some day.

Big hugs
Peter, Louise, Samuel, Lily
and your best mate Little Theo XXXXX

Jasper, 12/91-04/27/09

This is a tribute for Jasper who I had close to for 17 tears. He was there for me after work,for his 5:oopm feeding everday,when I would go to work after his morning meal {when he would wake me up}he would go under the covers to go to sleep,I miss him so much. I had to put Jasper to sleep because he was in a lot of pain. I am so happy that you are on rainbow bridge pain free. I love you ,Jasper


Jasper, 12/91-04/27/09

Jasper was close to 18 years old and was a fantastic cat that was my best friend. Jasper for the last two months was really sick. I took him to the vet for the last time on 4/27/09 and found out that he had fluid in his lungs along with liver problems.Its been close to 2 weeks and I miss him VERY MUCH. I have his ashes with pictures and rainbow poem next to him. I love you Jasper

Anthony Bilotta Jr

Jasper, 04/17/09

Jasper had a zest for life. We adopted him at 4 months old and he was diagnosed with FIP on 4/17/09 and died 5 hours after the vet sent him home with me. The vet told me to work on getting him to eat and he could have a chance. He died in pain. He should've never been sent home with me. I adopted him right after my cat Joey of 13 1/2 years passed. I have never been more heart broken than I am right now. Jasper deserved a long and beautiful life.
I will miss him and never forget him. I only hope he forgives me for the unnecessary pain he went through. He died 5 minutes after we arrived at the emergency hospital alone in the cage. We were in a room waiting for the doctor to bring him in to be euthanized.
We didn't get to say goodbye.

Natalie Sorensen

Jasper, 01/18/05-03/20/09

Jasper was my baby and I will & do miss him greatly.
Jasper came into my life for such a short time and left oh so suddenly and unexpectedly. I shed many tears for my little and best friend.


Jasper, 05/03/97-11/07/07

I love you always

Tracy Nicholson

Jasper (Jappy), 05/09/97-21/02/09

Thank you for your funny, head turned looks.
For your funny howling rabbit chasing, but never catching.
You weren't supposed to be added to the family, but I'm so glad you came along.

This was such a difficult day, I couldn't stop apologizing to you, but I know you understand.
I'm glad you're without pain and know that you can see again.

Helen Drummond

Jasper, 06/15/98-02/09/09

Jasper, I miss you so much..My heart aches without you. You will always be in my thoughts and I will never forget you. When you passed, you took part of me with you. Each day is a struggle, but I am trying to stay strong, knowing you're in Gods hands and you are no longer suffering. I Love You!

Trina Cooper

Jasper, 02/14/09

Jasper is with God now. Waiting, I know that someday we will be back together. I have never grown this attached to an animal. I have no children, he was my CHILD. Forever and always. I feel like life has been sucked out of me. Nothing will ever replace him. God keep Jasper safe until we meet again

Kenneth McClamrock

Jasper, 08/02/04-01/23/09

Miss you baby....

Sheri Szostak

Jasper, 12/14/92-01/16/09

Jasper, you were our first child and then an intimate part of family life with three children.
You were there when each babe was brought home, you were there to comfort after each miscarriage, you romped with us at the park, you helped us rip open each Christmas present and birthday present, you begged for tidbits whenever we ate, you accompanied us on lovely walks.
You lay down to sleep when we slept and rose when we rose.
Every night when I rested on the couch, exhausted from a busy day, you came over with your love exuding from you for a greeting and a scratch on your back.
Your hair covered all of our clothes and also managed to fly into our food.
You were with us in every small detail of our lives, and now you are not here.
How I miss the sight and the touch of you! Forever yours, Kay

Jasper Davis, 01/03/08-02/16/09

Jasper was the best puppy we could have ever asked for.
She was loving and affectionate and always wanted to make us happy.
We will miss her forever, and we look forward to the day we get to see her again. Until then, she will always be in our hearts and thoughts.

Wes and Christina Davis

Jasper Evans, 10/12/09

My best friend in the whole world, I just cant believe you're gone, the house is so quiet and empty without you.

I had you when you were a few weeks old, I was asked if I wanted the black puppy or the brown one, I'm so glad I chose the black one. I had wanted a dog forever and when you came along I was so happy.

You have given me unconditional love for 15 years and now I am so lost without you.. you were my soulmate and have been there for me through thick and thin.

I do have to say tho Jasp you were such a bloody pain sometimes when you were young, you practically ate a window trying to get in, chewed god knows how many pairs of my shoes, managed to get into a tin of paint and get it all over my new sofa, also managed to get into the oven and eat a family size portion of spag bol and not to mention the little present you left on Jane's brand new dress and my new lipstick which you ate and you were covered in. I wouldn't change any of it though, its what made you who you were and you were so well known for being mad when you were younger.

I'm glad you had chance to go to Nanny's the last few months, I know you enjoyed going cause you got spoilt and always jumped in the car with your tail wagging. you had a cooked meal every day and a lovely walk and you even had a proper bath.

I hope you didn't hate me when we got Zack, we wanted you to have some company when we were at work - Zack will never replace you Jasp - he is missing you tho I can tell, you are/were the love of my life and when you died a part of me did too, it was the hardest decision in the world sending you to sleep, I just didn't want you to suffer. I am so lonely without you, I go to sleep with your collar next to me every night and pray that you are at rainbow bridge running around with all the other dogs - maybe you've even found a lady friend - I hope so cause you spent years humping that teddy and other people's legs!

I would give anything for one last walk, one last shout at you for drinking out of the toilet and mostly one last love (and a cup of tea to share, how u loved a cup of tea and the last bit of an ice cream.. I could write so much jasp - marley and me has nothing on you, the stories I could tell and YOU WERE THE BEST DOG IN THE WORLD

I love you Jasper Carrot and will think about you every day until we meet again. Wait for me at the bridge my beautiful boy, I hope to god we do see each other again one day as that's the only thing keeping me going at the moment.

All my love forever
Mum (Michelle Evans)

Jasper Higgins, 01/04/09

He was the sweetest little boy who always got into trouble.
I see his little eyes everywhere I look in my house and miss all the things he used to get into.
He could never get too much attention.
I love you dearly, Jasper and am sorry your life had to be cut short so quickly!
My little tuxedo boy, I miss you~!

Donna Higgins

Jassi, 03/19/95-09/14/07

Jassi, "little diddle" we miss you so much.
It been 18 months since you went to heaven in your mommmy's arms. It was so unexpected and sudden, but I am so grateful you were in my arms when you left this earth. Now Moki has joined you and your together once again. My babies, I love you and miss you both forever.

Moki and Jassi, our little angels
forever...may you run

Dmarie Mayers

Jassmine, 05/93-05/2009

We love you for ever Jass, You were wonderful to us all these years, You are now with the one you loved the most, Jolene,your bestest buddie and Dinky Your daughter they were waiting for you. I will love you for ever,Love Maureen and Jeff

Java, 06/14/09

Our dear sweet girl.. We miss you very very much

Alam Family

Java, 11/20/96-03/09/09

We thank God for giving us Java to take care of for 12 years.
He was such a loyal and faithful and honorable little dog.
We will miss him dearly, but know he is completely free of pain and fear and is rolling around in a huge beautiful open field of grass enjoying the wind in his face!

Henry & Cathi

Java Mishka, 09/15/93-01/07/09

There has never been a sweeter, more dedicate companion that only gave love and friendship. The understanding you gave was astonishing. Your faithfulness will not be forgotten. You talked to us through your eyes & we understood everything you were saying. We love you Java and will see you at the Rainbow Bridge.

G. N. Chrisman

Jax, 07/02/09

You left us too soon, but I know it was your time. We rescued you from a life of neglect & you rewarded us with your unconditional love. Our short 6 1/2 years together will never be forgotten as you will always be our Jax-a-max! To honor you we will rescue another puppy when you say we're ready. But you will always be our first & only...Jax!

Kathleen Hebert

Jax, 05/12/09-06/25/09

Dear Jax, I only had you for 1 week.
But I want you to know that you were loved.
You had such a short life, and I had such dreams of the things we were going to accomplish together.
I beleive that God put us together for a reason, but I don't quite understand why you had to leave me so soon.
Please wait for me at the bridge.
And go find Brute, he will help you. I love you Jax.

Pat Redmon

Jax, 02/11/09

To my buddy.


Jay, 05/01/09

Cant beleive youve gone its just not the same, im sorry i never said goodbye. I will never forget you as long as i live sleep tight baby :). See you in my dreams.


Jay-Jay, 03/10/94-04/04/06

Jay Jay,

Your Mama misses you beautiful girl.
You are together now with Bob.. and LoneyBug.
Romp in the wild grasses until we meet again sweet girl...

Judy McFarlane

Jayda, 03/28/09-07/05/09

Loving puppy taken away too soon from the grip of parvo. She will be missed. Her memory will live on forever in my thoughts and dreams. She had spunk, energy, and a love for life. She loved running around and playing with me. She used to paw at my bedside and paw at it until she was all the way around the sides. My heart breaks everytime i remember.

Charles Markham

Jaymes, 07/11/09

Jaymes and twin brother, Bartles, arrived at my door in a cardboard box. In need of a home I opened my heart to them.
Pure white with caramel markings, they brought happiness for over 14 years.
No longer will Jaymes perform a woodchuck stance on his hind legs for a kitty treat, no longer will he and his brother romp and play and no longer will his soft meows be heard. I have had to reassure Bartles that Jaymes will see him soon. So Jaymes, the diabetes will no longer hinder you.
Thank you for spending time with us~you were loved dearly and will be missed!

Karen M

Jazmin, 03/25/09

Jazmin was a big, fluffy cat with beautiful blue eyes.
Aside from being fed baby food (chicken was her favorite), her favorite pastime was being held for hours at a time.
She was also a very funny cat who loved to play; one of her favorite games was to sit on a chair and bat at me when I got close to her.
She always gave me a lick to let me know she was just kidding!
She also taught my how to give her 'pony rides' by jumping on my back, which was always very confusing to visitors.
She was my first real pet and she gave us all the love her little kitty heart could give.

After she was gone, I stroked her long fur and scratched between her ears while I said my final goodbye.
This calmed me down and I felt a little better, so she was able to comfort one last time.

Benjamin Barrera

Jazmine, 2006

I met my first Bouvier when I was 15 (yrs old).
I will never forgot this huge/beautiful dog jumping up and sleeping in a hanging basket chair.
My heart was forever 'a Bouvier lover'
In 1996, I became ill, and my kind/loving husband found a breeder that had a litter.
He came a got me from the hospital - to go for a drive.
To my "Absolute Joy"
I was able to have my own bouvier - Jazzmin.

She gave us 10 incredible years of love/laughter.
She did (mind you )hated cats.
my son was walking her one day, and Jazz spotted a cat. my son had no chance in holding back this 130lb dog. he came home crying that Jazz was chasing a cat.
But Jazz loved everyone , and everyone loved her.
She died Christmas morning 2006,
I again was in the hospital that morning

Jazz, you where a teddy-bear with so much love to give - and you gave me that.
Nitro, Tita and Kayo
sadly miss you also.

we will meet again Jazzmin, and together cross the Rainbow Bridge.
Lorraine P.


Jazmine, We all miss you so much. We will never foget your sweet kisses.Hope to see you one day in Heaven.


Nancy Foster

Jazmine Marie, 06/17/03-01/05/09

My sweet, beautiful, (in your own way) loving Jaz.
So short the time we had together, so grateful am I for every minute.
From the moment we picked you up, with your red Christmas bow, you knew you had come home.
And when I looked in your eyes or you tucked your nose under my chin for a hug, I knew you were sent to me with special gifts.
You will always be my baby. My heart aches for you.
Love, Mom

Jazz, 03/19/09

Thank you for 10 wonderful years...the day you came to us from the shelter was the beginning of a special friendship. You were my best friend and companion. I miss you so much! You will never, ever be forgotten. I love you.

Lisa Greene

Jazz, 10/29/95-03/20/09

Our beloved cat, Jazz, is now in Heaven.
After fighting her illness for over 4 weeks, she had a very difficult night and I made the decision this morning to call the veterinarian.
She enjoyed her last ride in the car as much as she could, looking out the window for the last time.
Her death was comfortable and peaceful.

Jazz found us 14 ½ years ago in a church parking lot in what was then a remote area of Cranberry.
She was sitting by the tire on our car when Taryn finished her dance lesson late on October 29, 1995.
She was in poor health, abused, and starving and required many visits to the veterinarian and a lot of TLC before she was up and walking 2 months later.
She has graced our home ever since, requiring nothing but some love, food and a cozy place to sleep, preferably in the sunshine.
We often remarked that she always seemed amazed that food appeared in a bowl that she didn't have to eat out of the church trash cans!

Jazz was a very private cat, not sure about strangers entering her home.
But to those who were fortunate enough to know her, there was never a more gentle, loving, true friend.

She will be terribly missed by our family, but we know that she is romping in good health and happiness with our pets who have gone before her, waiting for her owners to someday join her in her glorious new home.

We love Jazz, we love Jazz, we love pretty, pretty, pretty, pretty Jazz.


Karyn, Ray, Taryn & Trever

Jazz, 03/04/00-02/04/09

Sadly Missed but Never Forgotten!
Always & Forever,
Tom & Joy

Jazz, 18/04/99-20/02/09

The bestest best friend in the world, our overgrown puppy dog and my angel. Words cannot say how much we miss you. You will always be with us in spirit and we will never forget all the joy and happiness you brought.
We love you jazzmo dog.
Until we meet again big guy, we will try to go on but it is so so hard without you.

Rachel and Mike Williams

Jazz, 02/14/09

The best cat ever in the whole world.
we miss him so much. He was an angel.

Kari and Donnie Freeman

Jazz, 01/30/04-12/18/08

Our dearest Jazzmine how our hearts broke when we had to let you go.
Not a day goes by where we don't think of you - tears are now running down my face.
Christmas Eve we all had our tears as we remembered what we loved best about you.
You did not understand that the liver disease was stealing you and it was so hard to watch you struggle.
You are so proud and nobel, my best baby yet, taken too soon from us at only 4.
Our angel from heaven - please rest in peace.

We will never forget you.
Goodbye baby.


Mom, Dad, Allie, Katie, Bri, Buddy, and Peanut

Jazz, 12/20/06

Our Little "Terror" Jazz,(Adamo)

Two years have passed and we still miss you.

We will always remember and love you

You will never be forgotten

Love "Mom and Dad"

Jazz Busbee, 05/06/09

We miss you our dear beloved Jazz!

Georgie Busbee

Jazz Walker, 04/19/01-04/04/09


Michele Walker

Jazzabelle, 07/28/08

You were amazing. I think about you every day. I see you in my dreams at night. I miss you so much. You weren't a pet, you were a family member. It's unfair that you were such a great pet. You set the bar so high. But I'm going to try and move on. I love you. I hope I will see you again someday.
Love always,

Jazzie, 06/27/96-05/16/09

Tiny Dancer, thank you for coming along with us nearly everywhere, and for being our great little friend.
Thank you for staying just as long as you possibly could.

You will live in our hearts forever.
You will be able to go anywhere with us that you wish.
We will never have to leave you behind ever again.

Until we meet again, play as much as you can and be happy, Sweetheart.


Jazzman, 02/08/09

Jazzman was a wanderer to came into our lives. We loved him as he loved us.

Richard and Marlene Greer

Jazzmin, 02/14/94-01/24/09

A beautiful and loyal friend on good days and bad, always beside me, loving me unconditionally.
So deeply missed, I am so empty hearted without you.

I pray that we will meet again one day by the Rainbow Bridge, where our bodies and souls will be healed and we will spend the rest of eternity together, once again.


Jazzmine, 02/17/00

All she ever wanted to be
Was with me


Jazzmyn, 02/23/94-04/17/09

My Jazzmyn was a beautiful, gentle, graceful girl who taught many about the loyalty and gentleness of the breed. She was graceful until the end. It was with heavy heart that I gave her the kindest gift I could....a sleepful rest with no more pain. She will never be forgotten, and never replaced...there is none who could. I hold you forever in my heart my baby girl...I love you. Rest in Peace

Michelle Nelson

Jazzy, 07/11/09

My Jazzy - I never thought I would have this emptiness & pain again so soon after Shadow leaving us.
But now my sweet boy you are with him & I must wait to see you & hold you both again. Now you can run & play wherever & whenever you want, no limits, no pain, no cancer.
Your love, joy & simple ways lit up my life, I miss you so much my Jazzerdoodle. I miss your touch, your smell & your voice. Love Mommy

JB, 05/05/09

You brought joy to my life,I and your siblings will miss you.

Amy Eno

Jean-Claude, 06/29/09

Good-bye Jean-Claude.
It is so empty here without your wonderful soul.
You lived with me for 14 years and I guess I took you for granted.
You were always a constant in my life.
Everything else changed, but you remained my constant companion.

Thank you for the love you gave me, and for letting me love you.

There can never be another like you.
You were absolutely unique and a perfect match for me.

Whenever I counted my blessings, you were always at the top of the list.
And I will be forever grateful that I had the opportunity to love and care for you.


Jean Luc, 03/29/09

He was the single most loving and loyal companion I have known.
He was with me from the time I first moved away from home.
He has seen me through a lot of rough patches over the years and was always there to make me feel better at the end of the day.
I will never forget the way he would look at me sometimes with his little pink tounge sticking out, or the way he used to love be rubbed under the chin.
He will be greatly missed.

Marty Runion

Jean-Luc Picard le Cockatiel, 10/30/89-06/08/09

When I first saw you, you couldn't even fly.
But you somehow got me through the loss of my mother, and the loss of my best friend, Dee, and even the loss of my dear Jay.
You were always so beautiful, and always willing to chirp out, and ask me what I was doing, even if you took your time returning to your cage.
I will miss you more than I ever thought was possible - 20 years of companionship - I will always love you, Birdie With Crest, my ivory colored teal with pumpkin cheeks.
Soar with the eagles, Jean-Luc.

Joy Baggish

Jeb, 03/07/97-04/06/09

I couldn't order up a more perfect dog than Jeb. He was calm, always loyal, and loving, and had a huge heart. There was not a mean bone in his body---he loved our family tremendously, and as three other dogs ventured into our house, he took it all in stride.
He graciously let our black lab, Jackson, be the alpha, but he let the others also know who was the first born and who had the birth-right.

He took himself for walks by placing his leash in his moth...when I would take him up to the school where I teach, he would get out of the car with his own leash in his mouth---he did not need me to hold it---he was truly my companion, and my family's, too.

he blew one knee out when he was nine, and had TPLO surgery--went through it like a champ.
HE blew his other knee out around Christmas of '07, but the vet said, due to his age, he didn't need to get it repaired.
I always thought that arthritis would get him in the end, but Jeb had other plans.

Jeb, you see, didn't want us to suffer by making agonizing decisions about "the appointment."
You know, the last meal, the last bedtime, etc.
He was OK Monday morning and Monday afternoon, but later he refused to eat his dinner and couldn't get up.
He fell down outside, so we rushed him to the vet.
AS I sat with him in the back seat I knew deep down inside that it was "his time."
But he was so unselfish to the end.
Even though he couldn't give us his puppy kisses, he did try to wag his tail.
He loved us all the way to the end.
While his heart stopped beating here on earth, I know that his heart is still beating in heaven, waiting for us.
Jeb, we will love you forever and miss you forever, too.
You were not just a good dog, you were an EXCELLENT DOG!

Tim Campbell

Jeckyll, 10/15/1995-08/01/2009

Dear Jeckyll,
Thank you for all the years of happiness you gave us. You were always there and loved us unconditionally. For many years we walked every night no matter what the weather was like, whether or not you felt like it or if it was too hot or cold. When I was so out of shape and could not make it up the hills, you pulled me. When you became too old and sick to go anymore, I tried to take you for very short walks just to make you feel like you had been somewhere.
Please forgive us for ending your life. I think you would have stayed and suffered just because you knew how much we loved and needed you. I will always feel like we lost you too soon, but did not want to see you become so sick that you didn't want to be here anymore. Your wonderful life became just an existence that you tolerated for us. The selfish part of me still wants you here and I miss you more than I can say.
I hope one day we will be able to remember all the good times we had together and that this horrible pain will pass.
We love you Jeckyll, and I hope that you are with your brother and all those who have passed before you. We will always miss you.

Jed, 05/98-05/2008

you were always a good boy. you are missed so very much.and now you can run free. i know tadd is with you.and that you will be happy boys.

Donna G

Jed, 11/11/07-06/11/09

25 years ago I had a wonderful dog named Lady.
Lady was with us for 15 years.
She watched my children and was a great part of our family.
I thought for sure that I would never own another dog after having to put Lady to sleep once she developed a tumor.

Eight years after Lady passed, I was once again ready for a new pet.
Jed was that pet.
Jed was a total delight.
He was happy, energetic, kind with everyone and beautiful.
Anywhere we went, people often remark how cute he was.
People would pet him and he loved the attention.

Last winter we took a drive to Frazier Park in California where it had just snowed.
Jed loved it, he ran this way and that way.
The snow was his best friend.
We enjoyed watching him so much that we posted his romp in the snow on YouTube.

On June 10th we discovered that Jed was missing.
I immediately sent out emails to my friend network.
The next day the animal shelter came by.
They found my beloved Jed on the side of the road by my home.
I was distraught to say the least.
My companion for such a short time and gone already.

I will surely miss Jed and the happiness he brought to my life.
I hope to one day be with both Lady and Jed when I move onto the other side.

Marisela Parker

Jed, 13/03/03-04/07/08

still missing you lots big fella, look after Candy until we see you both again, night night xxx

John and Tina Roberts

Jeff, 06/09/09

Always in our hearts!

Lina & Paula Becker

Jefferey, 12/2008-04/2009

Jeffery was an orphaned Ibis that was handreared with utter love,when he was released into the wild,he would still visit his human family.Jefferey loved being sctratched under his belly and was an angel, already in feathers.Jefferey loved life and we miss him terribly.

Kirsty Hall

Jeffrey, 03/06/92-02/15/09

My big boy, my snuggle-boy-you were always there for me when I needed comforting. I will miss you terribly-especially when I go to sleep at night & you're not there beside me like you always were. I know we had a special connection-you always tried to talk to me so I could understand. I hope you're at peace now & are young & frisky again-running around all crazy like you used to do! I hope you know how much I love you-now & always.Till we meet again-Momma

Jeffry, 03/27/95-07/02/09

For such a little guy, you left such a huge hole in our hearts. You will be missed more than words can say.
We love you Jeffy

Barbara & Thomas Rohr

Jelly, 05/20/09

Sometimes you were such a brat but we loved you anyway.
You were aloof but empathetic when we least expected it.
We miss your meow greeting whenever we came home and first thing in the morning.

Vicky & Casey

Jelly Bean, 07/12/08-06/05/09

I had you only for a short time,I will miss you,but you will never be forgotten.

Keith Morgan

Jellybean, 11/26/08

Baby Girl, I miss you so much, My heart is still broken from when God Called you home. Thank You for waiting for me to get home from work, say hello and hold you when you passed suddenly. I love you

Bob Christopherson

Jellybean, 09/15/03-01/22/09

My beautiful girl Jellybean I had you for 5 years and the time just flew by.You were my friend and companion.You were always there and you were the most faithful dog anybody could ever own. Even though I sometimes took you for granted and maybe didn't give you as much time and attention as you deseved, you always loved me unconditionally and only ever wanted to be with me
I could never replace you and I miss you like crazy. It's so quiet without you and I have shed many tears over you
From your heartbroken owner Sandra xxxxx.

Jeni, 06/18/09

Jeni was my Mom & Dad's dog. I inherited her and she was the best gift of all. Jeni was a black toy poodle with very soulful eyes. Everyone commented on her eyes. She was very well behaved and loved to play with my other poodle until she would have to cough due to her heart condition. The vet told me that I might have another year with her so I wasn't expecting such an early loss. I beleive that my father called her to heaven. She was originally his dog. We actually picked her out together. I'm thinking she might have earned her wings by now because she sure was the best dog ever.

Jackie Jordan

Jenn Jenn, 1995-02/20/09

My beloved Jenn struggled with jaw cancer for about 6 weeks but today she's in a much better place where I know I will be reunited with her and all my beloved animals I have rescued.
I miss you Jenn Jenn, Love Mommy

Jenna, 07/03/01-07/16/09

After a brave and courageous battle, Jenna left this world on 07/16/09 at 11:45am. As her daddy and I held her paw and kissed her head, she crossed the bridge with dignity because she deserved no less. We can't explain the overwhelming grief we feel and the anger that we could not save her despite all of our efforts. We hope she forgives us, but this was the last great act of love and compassion we could bestow upon her. Our heart is completely broken. Our family will never be the same. She was the kindest, most loving and affectionate pet I have ever seen an integral part of our family. She loved so much for someone so small. We will miss her terribly.

Jeanette Iurato

Jenna, 01/24/09

Jenna was my parent's dog.
We are all heartbroken from losing her so quickly and unexpected.
She was a beautiful, precious seven year old beagle that we fell in love with the first day we saw her.

Jenna loved to be petted and loved, especially by my mother.
My mother also sometimes put her on her back legs and danced with her.
She wore a bandana around her neck proudly, which my mother would make for her with different designs.

We loved her dearly and will miss her terribly.

Kathy Randle

Jennie, 01/19/09

For 22 years you were my baby. I started out bottle-feeding you, watching your eyes open and falling in love with you... with each passing second. We grew up together... you taught me more then I could have ever expected. We were together till the moment you had to leave..
I love you, I miss you, and I will see you later.


Jenny, 07/16/09

Jenny was found in a box in the middle of a road in country South Australia. Someone stopped to check the box, found a little kitten in it and brought her here. Today some 18 years later, Jenny has gone over the Rainbow Bridge, gently put to sleep by a caring vet and mourned by me and her various furry friends. Vale Jenny. Your were a much loved member of this family.


Jenny, 04/10/97

All dogs go to heaven.

Chuck, Marge, and Emily

Jenny, 04/05/97-04/05/09

Thank you Jenny for 12 years of joy. I can't even say how much I miss you already.

Linda Bloom

Jenny, 07/02/03-03/13/09

Jenny,You will always be a part of our hearts.
You went so fast we didn't even have time so say good-bye.
You will always be our 'Oobo'. Love you always, Jenny! Hugs and kisses from your momma!

Jenny, 05/20/90-07/12/03

My wonderful, gentle, intelligent best friend, I think of you every day and Buddy is now there with you at the rainbow bridge.
You were there when dad died and knew instinctively that I was in such pain.
You were there when I got sick and had to be in the hospital for such a long time.
You were so happy to see me, as I was to finally be reunited with you.
Remember when daddy brought you to my hospital window so I could look out and see you.
It made the whole ordeal much easier to take.
You were everything to me Baby, and I can't walk through Riverview Park anymore because it still hurts too much to do so without you.
Please wait for me Angel.
I'll be there with you and Buddy soon.
Love, Mummy

Jenny, 09/09/80-10/15/98

We'' never forget your crazy antics, especially the jumping on the drapes and hangin out on the curtain rods. And to think Mom & Dad didn't like cats.
They certainly grew to love you.

Stacy, Dolores & Jack MacGregor

Jenny, 04/27/07-12/23/08

My darling Jenny had the sweetest nature and has left her brother Jaap behind. He is fretting for her.
I miss her terribly, she was so cuddly and had the softest little meeow.
Rest in Peace my little 20 month old sweetheart.

Dianne Petersen

Jenny Anny Dots aka. Jenny Girl!, 10/18/96-03/15/09

My beautiful Jenny girl crossed over yesterday morning.
It was her time to go, since her sarcoma was now taking its toll.
As a Veterinary Technician, I promised that I would never be one of those owners that holds on to their pet for their own sake, and I honoured that promise by not letting her suffer.
I thank her for choosing me to spend her life with, she taught me so much, and will be missed so much more than words can convey. I realize that her physical body was only a container for her incredible spirit, and that she has only made the transformation to a better place.
I'm sure she was guided through by Mistoffs and Sawhiskera...and I too will meet them again someday.
Until then, now and always, Jenny girl, I love you!

Lorraine Bannerman

Jenny Rose, 03/27/05-03/23/09

My sweetest girl I will miss you always.
Thank you for your love and companionship, for all the times you made me smile and for all the joy you brought to me.
Jenny, Jenny you're the girl for me.

Katrina Moore

Jenny's Lexi, 05/12/00-05/17/09

Our little one forever. We miss you dearly and you will NEVER be forgotten. You brought such joy to our lives.

Jenny Powell and Jenny Pair

Jenti, 05/02/09

Thank you for being my buddy, my friend, my companion who always cheeered me up even on a black day.


Jeny, 1 July 2009

Gracias por todo el amor que me brindaste durante estos 8 años. No sabes que dolor me dejas en mi corazón. Tu me diste compañia cuando perdí a mis hijos y me refugie en ti. Como podré soportar este dolor que me dejas mi niña bonita. Sólo te pido perdón. Me haces falta mi JENY. Cuando llego a la casa de madrugada ya nadie me sale a recibir y cuando voy en el coche te veo que vas conmigo. Solo que Dios me dio otro dolor en mi corazón quitandome una perrita tan linda come tu. Se que nunca tendré otra compañera como tu. Solo te puedo decir que estaremos juntos te lo juro JENY. Tus cenizas estarán con las mías y si Dios quiere te veré en el cielo. Se que me vas a esperar con Heidy, el Pingo, la Copetona. Pídele a Dios por mí chiquita para seguir cuidando a los perros que me quedan. NUNCA TE OLVIDARÉ JENY. Rafael Montaño.

Rafael Montaño

Jeremiah, 07/18/09

Be at peace, Jeremiah Blanket Baby. You were so gentle, sweet, so beautiful, and we will love you always.

Laurie and John

Jerico, 10/30/08-04/26/09

I miss my Jerico so much.
He will rest now--no more suffering.
Take care J!

C Mills

Jericho, 05/06/08

We lost our sweet Jericho on May 6, 2008.
We had him only 9 short months, after he was surrendered by his previous caretaker who wasn't able to provide the medical attention he needed after an accident.
Jericho was so sweet, uncomplaining and loving.
Complications from his injuries were just too much for his little body, and we had to give him a mercy shot.
Now you can run and play, sweet Jerbearbean, on the other side.
We love and miss you so much, and are so grateful to have known and loved you.
We'll see you on the other side, and we will all play again.
Kiss all your brothers and sisters for us.
We love you forever!
Mama, Dad and your brothers and sissies.

Jerri, 08/24/95-01/07/09

Almost three years ago, I found Jerri. It was as if she just appeared, lying on the sidewalk, hungry, flea-ridden, and thirsty, waiting for me to rescue her. Never have I met or cared for a cat who never let you leave her side without giving you a kiss or a snuggle. But, God needed her in Heaven as an angel. Jerri, I miss you terribly. I'll miss your "morning calls," your beggings for turkey and cheese, your soft fur, and your sandpaper kisses. Wait for me in Heaven. I love you!

Jill L

Jerry, 06/84-06/10/98

Always in my heart mon Jerry cheri XXX

Ines Casey

Jerry, 06/05/09

thank you my little one. it was time for you to go.


Jerry, 03/21/09

You were there in my time of need and I was there when your need came..I will alway love you boy and miss your hugs. my angel on earth.

Kim Blackwell

Jerry, 03/31/09

To my beautiful little man.
You meant the world to me and I loved you with all my heart.
I miss you terribly and am so lonely without you.
You were always there for me Jerry and such a friend and comfort.
The joy you gave me in your short life was something that I never thought I would experience with a cat.
You will never be forgotten my little man.
Mummy loves and misses you.

Jerry, 03/31/09

Jerry i miss you. you will always remain in my heart. take care. i know that we will meet. i love you.

Devanshi Lall

Jerry, 2005-03/11/09

Jerry was a stray kitty literally dumped on my door one year ago. Although we do not know why anyone would do this, we chose to take the best care of him. He had a heart of gold and always gave love even though someone did not care for him. I write this tribute for Jerry and place him on the BridgeList because he belongs to all of us..the world that cares for furbabies.
Jerry, may you find peace and continued love at Rainbow Bridge and be an angel to all of the furbabies who face the same fate you did. Thank you for visiting and accepting our love. God Bless!

Su R Parris/Anne Parris

Jerry, 03/05/98-03/07/09

My little Lovebug, Jerry, crossed the Rainbow Bridge at 1:25 p.m. on 3/7/09, two days after his 11th birthday.
He was in congestive heart failure and the medicine was damaging his kidneys.
Still, he was so "Jerry".
He showed love beyond belief.
Each morning when I opened my eyes, he would pounce on my shoulder and shower me with good morning kisses, even though he was beginning to have trouble breathing.
He would "spin" when he wanted his treats and always let his Mommy know how much he loved her.
The decision was almost unbearable and I am devestated.
But, I am blessed to know that he is now no longer in any pain, breathing clearly and happy as he always is and that one day I will see him again.
Thank you for this wonderful site!
Sending love to all who have lost their furchildren.

Debi Debellevue

Jerry Bear, 10/15/88-01/15/03

Master masseuse of Benny, and loved by all

Kim Proseus

Jerry Lee, 06/14/94 - 12/13/09

Our Miss Jerry Lee,
The day you and your brother came to us was a day of laughter and love. You were a cherished member of our family and your cheerful nature was a source of comfort to all of us. All you ever asked of us were food, shelter and a kind hug or scratch behind the ears. In return, you gave us unconditional love, trust and loyalty and many years of joy.
You are now with your sisters at the Bridge, young and healthy once more but we miss you terribly. Your favorite spot in our home may be empty but you live on in our hearts.
Rest well, little lady, until we meet again.
Grammy, Mom and Tuffy

Jess, 06/15/09

You were my child, the first thing I thought of in the morning and the last at night.
I am so grateful and honored to have had you in my life.
I know that you are with Betsy now, safe.

Laurie Neebling

Jess, 04/08/05-26/12/08

Jess you were taken from us too early. We will miss seeing your happy little face everyday you were our soulmate. We will never forget you and hope we meet again someday. We love you Love mum and dad

Jessa, 05/31/93-03/16/09

Jessa, you are the one and only superdog. We have travelled so far together, you have always been there for me, your best mate Mitzi, and then JoAnna. There can never be a greater love than we have, there could never be a greater bond than what we have. Nothing in the universe will ever keep us apart, we may be on different planes right now, but i know you are still there, and i know you are watching over all of us. To simply say we love you is to compare an atom to all of the entire universe, but it is all we have. To say our hearts are broken is so inadequate, we are totally devastated. You will never be forgotten Jessa. We love you incredibly much

Mark and Joanna Hill

Jesse, 03/28/99-01/25/09

Oh Jesse, my love, you were our little white furry boy(the only good boy). Happiest when near us, being part of our family.
Greeting us with Joy, each and everytime we came through the door. You loved to come to the party, go for walkies and rides. Everywhere I was, you were in synchronous time, my white lovable shadow. I went home daily with anticipation, to see that lil furry face in the window. We talked, loved, laughed and cried. You loved us well and we reciprocated in return. It was so hard for you at the end yet your valiant, brave soul carried on. We willingly served you our faithful, gentle, friend. I will not be able to be as courageous, as you, at your passing from our lives. It has been one week and the silence just covers me in sorrow. I can still feel your little body in my arms as you slept your eternal sleep. Mommy's boy, rest in peace. Run free over the rainbow bridge...I leave you with many kisses, belly rubs and hugs. I Will Love You Always and Forever... your Mommy

Jesse, 02/05/08-24/01/09

Jesse I cannot express in words the devastation that I am feeling, nor the shock of coming home and seeing you lying there. I love you so much and I just want you back.

Gemma Blezard

Jesse Luray, 07/16/09

You gave us no sign that you'd be leaving so suddenly like this.
You were still young and loving and lively.
How will I sleep without you on my bed?
How will I eat breakfast without you walking on the table and sniffing the lavender? How will I watch TV without you on my chest? Goodbye, sweet little one.
We will miss you deeply, sorrowfully and long.

Lynda Mermell

Jesse Puglia, 05/30/85-02/26/09


Patricia Puglia

Jesse Trafton, 03/08/09

Sunday, March 8, 2009

This morning my little dog Jesse was hit and killed by someone who never even stopped to tell me. I had to go outside and look for him when he didn't come in after going out with Bear to go to the bathroom. He let them out the side door like he always does and Bear came in but he didn't and after Larry called Jesse and he didn't come I went out the front door and called him. I was in my robe and shoes because I'd just taken a bath for church. I got into the tub earlier than usual because Ian got up and was taking a shower and I knew that if I didn't run the bath then I wouldn't get any hot water at all. I've told all the boys not to use the water in the morning when I had to go somewhere because it takes so long to heat up again. Now this morning I didn't let Jesse stand on me and kiss my mouth to wake me up like he's been doing lately because he's been doing it earlier and earlier and it was a bad habit to let him get into. So of course where I normally would lie then and dodge his kisses and laugh at him today I said "no! bad dog! Lay down.. Git.."
I guess he went and had Larry let him out like always and that's the last time I saw him until I found him dead beside the road.
So anyway I called him and he didn't come so I tried to trick him like I do by calling Bear and then I knew he'd come because he thought she was coming in. As I called him Ian stuck his head out Cody's window and apologized for taking a shower. After I stopped talking to him I kept calling but still nothing so I started out towards the road and noticed a truck pulling up. It was tom getting dropped off by his mom for church. As I was thinking how stupid I must look out there like I was I walked toward the truck and looked left and saw him lying there on the ground by Shane's truck just about by his front passenger tire. I said "JESSE!" and went to him and knelt down to pick him up. He felt dead but I didn't want to think that so I just carried him inside and headed into the kitchen then the living room and then the bathroom because people were in my way everywhere I walked and I just kept yelling "Move! Get out of my way!"
I said"Jesses dead!" Carissa ran into the bedroom with Jessica and was crying and all I could do was carry him around and say his name and I felt so numb because I knew I'd lost him and this time there was nothing I could do and that no vet was going to save him. His left ear had blood in it and his little nose that I loved so much had a little blood and some white stuff that was kinda jellied already.
I don't know what that was but as it was a head injury I can assume it was some of that. I held him close and kissed his little face and nose and cleaned it a little with a paper towel; I was cradling him in my arms like a baby and he was my baby. Larry kept trying to get me to let him take him but I said no because I wanted him to feel my arms if he could and I simply didn't want to let him go because that made him really gone forever. I kept touching his chest and feeling for a heartbeat and looking into his eyes and I knew I knew. Oh God I knew. So I held him and I thought how I couldn't go to church now and you know just the night before I had found a board to place by the hall so Hershey couldn't push it aside like he did the gate because I'd been taking him to church after Hershey bit his eye and blinded him the week before. So l said that he could stay him from church because he'd be safe. isn't that ironic? Well I watched his little face and I saw that his good eye looked like his bad eye all glazed and I was able to touch it and he didn't move so I knew. I don't know what I'll do without him. He's been such a part of my life everything I do is Jesse now like he'd simply always been my dog. I used to look at him and my heart would squeeze so hard from love. It was the first time ever that I've felt that was about a dog ever. No dog has ever touched me like that. My cat Velcro hurt me really bad and of course I found him too. But oh man did I love this little dog. I had to take him and put him in a bag and in the freezer so I can take care of him. I took his little daughters and placed them by his chest. I have been out to pat him and tell him I loved him at least twice and I don't know if it made me feel better or worse? Then we went to church but I just couldn't go inside even though I knew I should but I just couldn't so I walked to April's and told her. She comforted me and I felt better but oh MAN did my heart hurt. All I could think about is that I will never see him again never hold him again never see him play again just never have him again., Ever. And I don't know how I am going to do that I just don't.
How can this happen? Just how? I am wearing his little bell collar on my wrist and I hear his sweet little self shaking and scratching and playing and just living each time it rings. God it hurts though. After we got home me and the girls went through the house and found just so many parts of his life.. Toys and snacks and clothes and treats and food and blankets and so much and it showed how much he LIVED!
And just being in that house was hard and I am on the way back there now and I don't want to go.
We went into Walmart a little while ago for stuff we have needed for awhile and I felt like a zombie and I knew people were staring at my face cuz I couldn't stop crying but I didn't care. As soon as we got ready to go off today I felt him because he would have gone with us for sure. I had been looking forward to the weather getting nice because he would have been able to go almost everywhere I went. And now he can't go anywhere. I guess I will have him cremated with his daughters and keep him close to me forever. Maybe with his toys and special things. That is a good thing that I saved his daughters and never buried them. Now I know why.
So tonight I am home and this house haunts me. I have been crying and just kind of whimpering because everything here anything going on he was in the middle of it. I see him on the couch"¦.under which I found another hot dog toy and 2 balls. I see him in front of the fire getting warm. I see him in the bathroom waiting for me. When I fed the cats I found another hot dog toy behind the curtain. I see him in the kitchen looking for a treat. I took Tom home and it hurt that he wasn't trying to go and that he never will again. I am hungry but I don't want to eat. Last night when I got home I wanted to give him some of the chinese chicken bones but figured I'd wait till today. So he probably didn't have much to eat last night with me gone cuz it's usually me that feeds him. I would have sat him on the bed and gave him a few nibbles of dog food like I always do before I left. So he didn't eat this morning either. Larry said he got up and played a bit before he went out. And that was that right? So now I have all these good things to think about and remember and the worst thing I think about is that I should have been more diligent in keeping him from the road. Debbie gave him to us in hopes that he'd have a better life and yes he did but not for nearly long enough. Just 3 years old and he could and should have many years. I was so happy that he was young for that reason.
I still think about the way I got him. Mom asking me if I wanted another Pomeranian as there was a free one in the paper. My thinking he'd be gone for sure. Debbie waiting for us to get him and so glad we took him. The day I took him to visit her it was so obvious how much she loved him and him her. I felt bad taking him back but I was also afraid she's change her mind. I think when she stopped answering my calls it's because it bothered her and she wanted to back off. I don't blame her because if she had him for 3 years I can't imagine the bond with how I feel. I remember when you hadn't been here too long. The day that Carissa insisted she wanted to ride you to school in her bike basket that I bought her for that reason and I followed in the car to get you. You sat in that basket like you'd always done it. And the night too when you were still fresh in our lives when we let you out alone for the first time alone and when we thought you were lost or stolen and walked and drove all over the neighborhood calling you and how upset and worried we were thinking someone had stolen you. Then when we got home and saw you sitting at the door like we were idiots, waiting for us. That's when I decided you needed a bell on your collar! I remember Debbie sent that "care" package of toys and snacks and you helped to open the box and grabbed things. You must have smelled her scent on the box the way you got so excited and danced around. I was looking for something to be wrong with him when we first got him since it seemed too good to be true. He was just TOO good of a dog. SUCH personality. So smart, so calm when you wanted him to be and so bouncy when he wanted to be. His little box of toys that he would paw through till he found what he wanted at the time. Usually his hot dogs that didn't squeak anymore but he didn't care. The way he would get one to play with first thing in the morning when I was getting Carissa ready for school. The way he came up and jumped on her to get her up. Him and that black cat. His wrestling buddy. They really had some fun. then how he would come back to bed with me and sleep tjll I got up. The way he would follow me around the house and if he thought I was going anywhere he'd be right there trying to go. He'd come out and pee then jump right into the vehicle and sit right next to me or look out the window or over the dash. See, he was supposed to be Carissa's dog and at first he was but I think that since I fed and took care of him he changed. Or maybe just cuz I was older and he felt comfortable with me since I showed him so much love all the time like I guess she did. Treated him like a baby with hugs and kisses. The way I'd dress him in clothes sometimes and take him out. He usually tried to undress as soon as possible. Especially when he had that skin problem and I tried to keep him from scratching. The way he used to get into the back window and scratch his little back against the glass and make his little grunt noises. His going to Carissa's soccer games sometimes and me holding him in my coat to keep him warm since he shivered so much. Especially when his coat was thin from the skin problem. Just lately for some reason he'd gained weight and looked the best he had since when he first came here. I had just looked the other day at the frontline I'd been saving for warm weather since the fleas seemed to bother him so much. Thinking how I'd need it soon. The way he came to me that one day I was upset and brought me a toy and dropped it at my feet and looked up at me like I'd cheer up if I played and I said no. the times he'd just show up and have a toy in his mouth and drop it at your feet. The joy when you threw it for him. Or kicked it.. The way he'd stare at you and wait for your move. Try to outguess you. The times I took him to stores and restaurants and sometimes no one knew. When they did they adored him. And he'd be so good sitting in the seat calmly. Never acted up or barked. The string cheese he loved so much. Any cheese actually. His puparoni treats. The night the people at "four your paws only" gave him some snacks and he turned away from them till they offered the dried liver! Oh how he loved that!
The way people in stores would give him snack bones and he wouldn't touch them till sometimes in the car he'd grab one when he was ready not before. The way he made babies with Bear shortly after he came here but the pups died. Oh how I wish I'd had one live. I hope he bred her again this past heat but I doubt it. It was uncanny how he just fell in love with Bear lately and seemed obsessed with her. Always wanted to be near her. If he came with me the minute we got home he ran for the door. He had even stopped sleeping under my covers to sleep with her on the floor which made me sad but I understood. he would still wait for us to go to bed and get on the bed and love up for a minute before he got down. I never wanted to go anywhere without him. I adored his company so much. Tonight felt so wrong without him with me. I really don't know how I am going to deal with this. I am so hurt. And I know most people don't know why I am so torn up but he was my salvation in so many ways. Everything that was bothering me was made easier with him to love and hold. I took him to see Lois sometimes when I was upset. Just stroking him on my lap made me feel better. And the way lately he would get up and stand on us to go out was annoying but so funny. He'd lick and kiss me and I'd laugh and try to hide my face but he still got to me no matter. Oh how I wish he was doing that now. The way sometimes when he'd be in the car he'd get in my face and I'd have to try to look around him to drive. Just kissing my face and wiggling on me. So happy to be with me always. Why he loved me so much I have no idea but I did treat him like my baby. Larry said he'd get me another one but there is no way any other dog could EVER come close to the way he was. He was just that unique. Even Larry got attached to him and would play with him in the mornings. Jesse would sometimes plant a hot dog on the back of the couch and when he woke up sit up there and drop it on Larry's shoulder so he'd throw it.
This stupid pink bell collar I made him wear so I could find him. Didn't do me much good today did it? How oh how could this happen? It hurts so much. I never thought this would happen. And now that it has I just want it to be a bad dream. Please God
I hope it was quick and he never knew what happened. That he was so intent on going to his spot to poop that he never knew. And please God let him be with Larry and Stub and Ginny and make sure that Velcro is there too? And of course Billie.
I know his daughters and he never got to know each other but I will make sure they are together now for all eternity. You know God, does it make a difference to you if someone is cremated? Because I hope that even though I may decide to keep him and the girls here with me in some form I don't want to hinder their going to Heaven to be with everyone there. I feel like I could write this forever and never be out of things to say. I remember how Carissa used to think it was so funny to make him growl at her and protect me. It was hilarious but wasn't a good thing to let him do. I have been looking at his pictures and videos and it hurts me to see how alive he was. And now I am sitting here looking at the medicine I have been giving him daily since he had that eye injury. How he'd try to hide on me when he knew I was going to give it to him but would come to me anyway to take it and so good about it. I always tried to give him a little treat with the bad stuff to make up for it. Oh man I remember the night I came back and found him with the eye. How if I was gone 5 minutes or 5 hours he'd be so happy to see me he's be frantic with excitement till I picked him up and loved him. This time he went right past me to go out and didn't act or walk right so when he didn't respond to my calls I picked up and saw that terrible thing. I was so upset I didn't know what to do. When I got him to the doctors and she said he would probably lose his eye I didn't really care I was so happy he was alive. Watching her trying to get his eye back into the socket was so hard as I could imagine what he would feel like when he woke up. When he did he was so clingy to me. So like a scared child watching me from the table and then climbing on me to feel safe. On the way home he was staying close too. That night he couldn't get comfortable under the covers and I think that was the last time he really tried. I missed the way he used to get in and go way down bottom between us and if I tried to move him when he was comfy he'd growl. What an opinionated little boy he was. Oh man it's so hard to say "was" when I talk about him. I love him so much. So much. Why oh why? It hurts and no one has any idea how badly. I didn't even know myself how bad it would be even now and then when I would think about something happening to him. I used to say to Carissa how it seemed like he's always been here and how I didn't know how we could have lived without him before or could be now. How right I was. I can only imagine what Debbie would feel like if she knew any of it.. The eye.. Then this. I think it would kill her to think she gave him away and that I didn't take care of him like I promised I would. And oh God if I could have had any idea that this would happen
I would have kept walking him on the leash. And I used to complain that he was so slow doing his business and which in fact was one of the main reasons he became my dog was because Carissa didn't want to take the time to do it. Not that I blame her. He was slow. Had to find the perfect spot, in fact that is really why he got hit because I let him have the option of going poop by the hydrant when I should have nipped that in the bud way back. He could have gotten used to another area if he was made to. So in essence by letting him have his way I killed him. I love you Jesse so much. Oh I wish you could come back to me. I understand the concept of "pet semetary" by Steven King in wanting your fuzzy child back no matter what. And I would have done the same with Velcro. I guess I have to go for now but I will probably write more tomorrow or when I can. Please God help me get past this somehow because it's not looking easy. Not at all. No it's not. Oh Jesse puppy I love you so much. I don't want to go to bed knowing you will not be there when I wake up. Getting Carissa off to school will never be the same. Goodnight my Jesse.
I love you. I love you so much. I want to go out back to pat you and tell you I love you again but what am I gonna do? Keep you out there forever just to see you?
Is it helping me to know you are near or is it worse? I swear I don't know just yet. Sleep my baby and know that I have never loved like I love you. Still do. You are never going to leave my heart. Today wasn't much better for me. I did go to talk to the man from the driving school then the Academy staff themselves. I don't know if that got me anywhere but I'll be damned if I let it go. They killed my baby and I cried today again so much. I have an ache in my heart. I've been looking at pups online and thinking about it but I feel so disloyal to you after all we've shared. No one else seems to be all that upset but they didn't feel what I did for you. It's not their fault. I didn't go out to see you today. Yet I felt your presence strongly and wanted to. Yet I think I am afraid. It's still so raw. I dreamed of you so much last night and thought so many crazy things, some I wish were true like Bear having your babies again. I think maybe that's the only way I'd feel right about another baby. If I knew I'd have a part of you maybe it would be special like you somewhat anyway.
Today I thought more of memories of you. Like the way you'd just walk over to the nightstand and drink from the water glass like you deserved it. Drinking it like a chicken with your little head bobbing. The way when we went for rides you'd take drinks from the little cans I had for you in your bag, the way I had food in the car for you and you would eat it. One piece at a time like at home and only when you decided you were ready. Most of the time you were too fussy to eat regular dog food and would enjoy sharing with me most anything right from my spoon or fork. The way you would dance for your treats like your puparoni.
Or your cheese. Or that dried liver you loved. I should have bought you more of that. I think back and there are so many things I wish I'd done with you. I only hope that I made you happy when you were here. Such a short time. I know you must not have liked staying in the kennel with your old mom but I bet you'd be alive. I remember how much you loved ice cream and when I would buy you the little ice cream sandwiches in strawberry. No chocolate, right Jesse?
The way when I had food or was cooking you would sit and quietly and stare so trusting that you'd get some. I'd have to look to know you were there. The day I finally relented and gave you a chicken bone that I'd kept from you for so long. You thought it was Christmas! The way you would go to stores with me and everyone loved you. You would be so excited when someone mentioned cheese.. Your ears would perk up and your eyes would sparkle. Just the same when you wanted to go for a ride. You loved your rides. When I would talk to you silly in the car and you would listen then howl with me. The smoke alarm going off drove you nuts. You'd fly out here and bark! The vacuum cleaner! You'd chase it and try to kill it and I had such fun turning it on and off to see your reaction. You could be so silly and I loved you so much for it. The way you would protect me from anyone, the way you would growl at Carissa when she would poke you to get you going and even though
we knew we shouldn't do it you were so funny.
The way
you'd crawl on my legs and hide from people sometimes but still growl so vicious. The way Carissa and Jessica would get you aggravated and you'd chase them through the house to kill them and they'd run like maniacs. And the way that you growled at Hershey was I'm sure why he bit you. I remember thanking God you lived.
I was so afraid I'd lose you that night.
I knew when you didn't crawl my legs so frantic that I was back like it had been weeks. I knew something was wrong baby and when I saw your eye oh man was I upset. My mind went blank.
Oh boy.. Just getting Carissa up for school this morning was so hard. No Jesse jumping on her to wake her up.
No Jesse plopping down flat on his belly to drag his belly across the bed to kiss you. No Jesse going to find a toy to play. Just no Jesse and never again a Jesse except in my heart and memories.
What I'd do to hold you right now baby boy. The way you'd chase your toys so quickly that sometimes you would run a cat over and they'd swat you by reflex. Didn't bother you did it?
The way you beat up a stuffed animal for the toy.
So funny to watch.
The toy you'd leave on the top of the couch for morning and drop on a shoulder to play.
When I'd get you to come for the medicine that I had to give you how you'd try to hide but come anyway maybe with a defeated growl. Then lay there so passively while I did it. You trusted me so deeply. And I didn't protect you when it would have been so easy to. To have you stolen from me so savagely and instantly. It just isn't right. It isn't.
I am so hurt. Everywhere I look I see you or something that reminds me of you. When I see the black cat walk it's you.. When he is lying on the chair or couch it's you.
The times I bathed you and Larry said that was why your coat was thin and you itched so much. You did love the bath AFTER it was over but took that long suffering position facing the wall while I scrubbed you up and when I got to your back you'd arch it and close your eyes because it felt so good. Carissa said you looked like a cute little drowned rat. The way when you were done and I was blow drying you on the washer you'd try to rub on the towel and when
I let you go and laid a towel on the bed you'd roll about over and over to dry your self and then get up and run around so happily. The baths weren't so bad then were they? I used to call you to me and sit on the floor and you'd come to me and sit between my legs and I'd comb your little back which felt so good you'd quiver. I'd get that nasty dried skin flakes off and I think that was helping your coat get better. Larry said he was sometimes having a hard time telling you from Bear since your hair was filling in better. I miss how you used to follow me around. When we first got you it got boring taking you out on a leash because you would be so busy sniffing around and peeing little driblets everywhere and looking for the perfect spot to plant you little butt on an object to poop on then when you were finally done you would trot for the house and wait to get let in and scratch the door. The way you liked to go to the front yard and poop on the grass or the fence and I let you go. This is why you are no longer here. You should have been turned away from the road totally anytime you went near though you should have been safe staying in the dirt like you did..and I should have let you think I was mean though I never wanted to even speak harshly to you.
If I did that you would have probably been satisfied with the back yard and been good. There were even times I thought about teaching you to use the litter box cuz I heard that some dogs did. But you liked going out so much. I was waiting to have good weather to take you to the pond and see if you'd like swimming. To know you are not here is killing me. I wish I knew you were with little Larry and the rest of the family, but I would still rather have you with me of course. You were one of a kind. I will never have another dog like you Jesse. Damn, I guess I better stop writing for now. I guess I am hoping this memorial to you will help me somewhat. Years from now I will still feel your presence in my life because I am writing this when it is so vivid in my mind. Goodnight my puppy pie. I love you.
Well, it's been 3 days since I lost you little boy and it sure hasn't gotten easier. I find myself disorganized even worse than before and I'm not sure I even want to stay in this house anymore. I see you everywhere and feel you in everything I do Jesse. If you were a regular plain old dog but you weren't. I am hurting so bad honey but you know that. I wish you could show me you are okay. Can you? In any way that I can recognize. I need to know and then I can get a little better but now oh it's killing me and no one understands. I guess I'm supposed to get better. I am having a hard time functioning. I don't want to eat and when I do I think about how I used to feed you little pieces of my food and I lose my appetite. I am having restless sleep and the minute I wake up I feel you like a punch in my stomach and my heart hurts. I hope that you did breed Bear so I could have one of your babies. But I also worry about her health so if not I guess I have to accept that.
I just want you back Jesse. It can't be true that you are gone. I was supposed to have you for a long time. I was so happy you were mine. I've never felt like that before and it hurts so much that I can't hold you anymore. You won't be sleeping with me or curled up on my lap or walking on my laundry while I try to fold it and staring up at your toy box waiting for me to get the hint that you wanted to play. The way you'd jump around when I "got the hint" that you wanted me to put the toybox on the bed so you could choose a toy.. though most of the time it was the same one, you'd root through the box frantically till you grabbed it.
Just the joy in your little face when anything was done with you. It's just not fair that you were so alive and taken from me in one second. Why did God not prevent that after all I have been through lately? You made things so much better just by being there for me. I can't stand all this pain Jesse.
I miss you SO much so so so much. I want you back. Oh God I want him back. Please make time go back to before it happened. and I promise I will take him outside myself every time. Why did you have to be taken from me when I love you so much? I keep seeing you out there so broken and I was not able to protect you just like when Hershey hurt you I wasn't here to protect you. I was off doing stupid things. I could have taken you to the store but honey I had no idea that I had to worry. And you had to suffer like that and take medicine every day and then get killed? Oh Jesse it hurts my heart so bad. It hurts so bad. I miss you so much and I can't fix it.
Everything I see that reminds me of you is so painful. How am I ever going to get past this if everything IS you? In the stores, the dog food area, puppy snacks, toys, clothes. You were such a perfect dog. Please Jesse, show me you are okay baby. Please? I need to know. I need to feel better. It hurts. It hurts so bad. I want to go out back and touch you and tell you I love you but I know I shouldn't. and then I think I need to get you out of here but that means you are away from me. If only I could make this go away. I want to hold you. I can't stop this hurt in my heart. Jesse I had no idea I could hurt this bad. But I never expected I'd lose you. I was going to eat some pizza tonight but the cheese and meat should be getting fed to you when I ate it. I am hungry but food is not the same. I can't concentrate. Bear has been trying to get my attention and I have been trying to give it to her but it's just not the same. She isn't you. And that makes me think that no one will ever be you. In fact I know it but probably I wouldn't want a dog anything like you. That is something I wonder. If I get someone to help fill the hole in my heart will I be hurting you or do you want me to feel better? I don't know I just don't know. I better stop for now because this is making me cry and I don't like to cry. I am crying too much all the time. I love you my baby boy. Please tell me.. Should I get another puppy? Could I teach him to help my hurt? Or will I be better to get a little girl so she'll be so different from you? And what if she decided to like someone else more than me? I still don't know why you liked me so much except that you were sent to me and meant to be mine. But if that's true why are you gone. Okay I am stopping now or I won't.
Tonight is the 4th day since you left me and I have been trying to occupy my mind all day and almost succeeded until I let you slip back in somehow. Stupid stupid me. And I haven't written because I have been trying all night to get the video camera to go on the computer and then I could save the video of you playing with your hot dog toy and I think I would send it to youtube so everyone can always remember my little boy. Hopefully in the next few days I'll get it to work. I am going to write to the people at the Academy tonight and see if they have thought about you at all. I may even send this letter to them so they will see just what I am feeling. I don't know if they really "get it" honey.
Well, it's very late and I have to go for now but I will be thinking of you as always. You know that silly black cat buddy of your's has been clinging to me something awful these past few days. I am sure he knows I need the attention. He just jumped on my lap 3 times in the last few minutes to snuggle and kiss me.. He is a smart little boy. I love you Jesse boy. So much. God it's so hard to think about bed lately. Here it is after 2 am and I am not tired or maybe I am just so tired.. I don't know..
Goodnight my "tiny thing"
It is day 5 and I did send that email to the people like I said with no reply like I expected. That makes me so mad. I haven't been feeling great tonight but crabby and when I went out back and kinda saw you it got me going again. I should have known better. Then I found your Halloween costume and when I put it away I played with your hot dog toy for a minute and got sad. You had so much stuff my boy. And enjoyed it all so much. I think I will put a memorial to you on Larry's site so you can get to know each other a bit. I hope you understand that I am going to try to "wean" myself off this blog so maybe it will help a little more each day.
I think it probably has helped me some by writing in it so far. If there are nights that I don't write I will have to take that as a good think sweetie, right?
I read that little poem today about not grieving too much and that made me grieve because I miss you so much. I really do honey and I am still so torn up about this. Little mr. kitty has been trying to keep me cuddled and loved so he is helping. I think he misses you too and so does Bear. But never as much as I do. Goodnight my puppy love
Well, 6th day and I get a card in the mail from the Academy apologizing and with a $200.00 check to "cremate your dog" How nice. Not. Is that all you are to them? A check? Something to forget about..?

Deborah Trafton

Jessica, 01/11/09

Our beloved furbaby, Jessica, crossed Rainbow Bridge, peacefully, while in the arms of her human mommy, Emily, and with the help of a most compassionate veternarian, also named Emily.

Jessica had a mind of her own, and so our four cocker spaniels treated her the utmost respect!
But, they are missing her, today, because they loved her so.

Jessie, I know that you are romping with your friends Samantha and Max and Andy and Smokey, too!

I know that you are in the arms of the angels, as the song says, and that you have found comfort there . . .


Jessie, 4-05-05 to 8-10-2009

My beloved black lab- daughter, left me suddenly due to heat stroke from running in the desert mountains, with my son. Something she loved to do. My 15 year old son was killed in a car accident in 2003 I was done, well 2005 God brings this 6 week old puppie into my life, and I tell you I never new I could Love an animal/daughter so much. She was the princess, as my daughter refers to her, and I know she as I am writing this my Joshie is running with her and giving her a whole lot of LOVE. grieving momma.

Jessie, 01/01/93-07/16/09

Rest in peace my sweet baby.
I will always love you.

Mary White

Jessie, 07/09/09

Little Jessie Bunter we miss you so much you were the best little friend we could ever have, you brought so much happiness to all the family and we always smiled with you around,now the sunshine has gone out of our lives ..your with your dad Roy now, Hes been waiting for you,God bless you little Jess.

Sue & Rachel

Jessie, 02/07/99-06/15/09

Dear Jessie,
We miss you so much.
You will always be in our hearts.
We know you are not suffering anymore, but we miss you all the same. Thank you for your wonderful presence in our lives for so long.


Coni Baumgartel

Jessie, 06/10/09

For Dad & Brenda. My favorite quote, from my Dad is "Jessie - she's the BEST white puppy in the world!" My dad & Brenda along anyone who ever met her will all miss her dearly.

Jim & Brenda Grimmet

Jessie, 04/20/94-06/06/09

Jessie had a huge heart. She loved every human and animal she met. She helped my children and I get through a horrible time for all of us. She paw-picked my husband. He always tells people, he fell in love with Jessie before me. We feel blessed that we had her in our lives. I know that she is watching over us and once again is able to run and jump. We will think of her every day until we meet up with her again.

Lisa Block Kohn

Jessie, 12/13/02-04/15/09

Jessie was a special girl that touched the hearts of many. She will always hold a special place in our hearts and will never be forgotten.


Jessie, 06/14/00-02/12/09

For my gorgeous, loyal friend, I miss you so much it hurts.

Sharon Hudson

Jessie, 06/13/03-02/12/09

We will always love you Jessie

Jacki & Caitlyn Fetter

Jessie, 02/14/97-01/20/09

Jessie girl, I miss you so much.
You were the best dog a person could ever dream of.
I will never forget you. XOXOXOXOXO

Steve Mooney

Jessie, 06/14/95-01/19/09

My beloved Jessie,
I am sorry for the things I didn't do and for the things I should've done. The last few months you were like my baby. I'd get up several times to take take care of your needs. There were times when I was too tired to come down a 3rd time and would cover my ears, and hope you'd settle down. I will never forgive myself for that. Nor will I forgive myself for the times that I was impatient with you. Even though those times were few. I am trying to remember all the good times, and they far out numbered the rest. I'd cook for you, hand feed you to make your life easier,
make booties so you could walk without slipping, make you peanutbutter bones stuffed with your favorite treats and cover you to keep you warm. I'd lie next to you on the floor and massage your muscles and tell you how much you were loved. On Monday, 1/19/09 I let you go... I kissed you gently and stroked your head as you went to sleep in my arms. It was the hardest thing for me to let you go. But I knew it was time. I am so very thankful that you did not suffer and went to sleep peacefully.
I know that someday you will see me in the distance and run to me..and we will cross Rainbow Bridge together.

Judey LaRocca

Jessie Daniel, 03/10/09

We lost our beautiful blue eyed Jessie Daniel(aka as Jester, Apricot Ears,Jess) much too young. Jessie was given to us when he was about 3 and hid under the bed for weeks. He refused to come out except to eat(by himself) and use the cat box. He made friends with only one of the other cat and our Doberman. It took 2 years before he would sit in our laps, but after that he stuck like glue.
He surely was "mama's and daddy's boy" only. About 6 months ago he developed kidney disease and in spite of treatment he did not improve. On March 10th. we had to say goodbye to our boy and it broke our hearts to do so.
We have buried him out beneath the pine trees, alone as he liked to be, but with mama and daddy's love to send him to the Rainbow Bridge. His little headstone reads "To everything there is a season, and a time to every purpose under heaven"...Ecclesiastes 3:1.

We'll see you at the Bridge Jess....say hello to
Sadie, Reno, Moby, K.C. Karl, Sam, Mimi,the Peep brothers,and Frankie Philip... Till Then...
Love from Mama and Daddy.

Jessie Rae Ross, 04/29/93-06/05/09

There was never and will never be any greater love... She was my heart and soul. Jessie will always be a part of me, no one can ever fill that space in my heart.

Glenda Ross Gibson

Jessy, 01/15/09

Rest in peace our little angel. You gave love so unconditionally and lovingly. You brought love and fulfilment into our lives and home. We have cherished memories of you to last a lifetime BUT we wish we still had YOU. Our hearts are empty and our eyes full, our longing to have you in our life as a pup, for you to be free of sorrow and pain. Darling Jessy our lives will NEVER BE THE SAME.
Your Daddy & Mum

Jester, 06/25/09

Jester came into our lives after we lost our beloved Tyson. He was a rambuncious 5 year old that LOVED to play fetch with anything he could get his teeth on. True to the Border Collie breed, he also loved to herd- even my husband & myself! He quickly mellowed out into the perfect dog. When my husband started training to be a police officer, he became his best friend- jogging with him nearly every day, even in the rain.
Over the years we've added a few Cavalier King Charles to our canine family and Jester soon becamse "Uncle Jester" to our little Chloe. She worshipped the ground he pounced on. And rightly so!! Jes was such a striking handsome boy, and when he walked, he walked with pride in his step.
June 25th 2009 will be etched in my heart and mind forever... my husband and I came home late from the vet and work to find that Jester had escaped from our fenced yard. We went out searching for him immediately all throughout town- but there was no sign of him. I pulled back into our driveway and saw my husband's truck (that he had taken to look for him), so I thought for sure that he was home with Jes! But as I was getting out, I saw my husband coming down the road, his face red and streaked with tears. I knew immediately and asked him where he was. Somehow our beloved Jester who I never dreamed would go anywhere near the train tracks by our house, had wandered over there and was killed by a passing train.
I have gone over and over this in my head, as to why my boy, who would HOWL when a train passed because it hurt his ears so much, would go anywhere near the train tracks. The only thing I can think of is that there were farmers working in the fields across the tracks and he escaped to go see them. And when the train started coming, he probably stopped to cry, not realizing what was about to happen.
He was such an incredible boy and I wish everyone in the world could have an experience and pleasure of having such a bond with an incredible soul. He will be very greatly missed.
I love You Jes... go chase an endless supply of your orange duckies now buddy.
Mom & Dad love you

Jester The Pudder, 11/01/91-12/17/08

Goodbye our Pudder-Love. You had such a personality that even though we named you Jester, you simply became THE PUDDER.

I know that living with diabetes for five years was hard but you hung in there because you were happy and wanted to be with your people.
That Wednesday was the saddest day of my life but at least we got to hold you in our arms as you passed from this world to the next. I still miss you every day.

Donna & Jim

Jet, 07/17/09

A feral cat who became a close friend and companion, he lost his life to a car before I could get him into his own home.


Jet, 01/14/09-04/19/09

jetty,I am so sorry you only had a short life,you had a hard life in 3 short months,and only found love for the last week of it , I wish I could have saved you,I tried as hard as I could.When you get to the bridge I want to you to look for moxy(she is a very beautiful doberman) and Lilly( a very sweet great dane) and also cleo(she's a lil red doberman pup about your age)They will take good care of you up on the bridge until daddy abd I and rest of you family can be with you again, be happy my baby pup love mom

Jet, 02/11/09

A faithful, loyal and trusting family companion who will be missed.

Tom and Amber

Jeter, July 17, 1997 - August 5, 2009

Jeter was the most beautiful black and tan minature dachshund. From the time we saw him for the first time at the breeders in October of 1997 we were all in love. He taught us the meaning of unconditional love. He was kind and protective of our home and family members. To the day he died he wagged his tail when we said his name. He loved to snuggle and was always the first to greet you at the door to say hello and let you know you were missed and loved. He died of a heart attack in my daughters arms yesterday. A piece of each one of us went with him. We will never have another dog like Jeter. We love you so much and will never forget you. You have a permanent place in our hearts and I hope we get to meet again someday. I really believe that all dogs go to heaven!

Jethro, 04/01/94-06/12/09

Thank you Jethro for adopting us in that rest area, an abandoned puppy who became the most wonderful friend and companion. You traveled many a mile in that 18 wheeler with us giving joy and laughter always. We will love you forever, and those who didn't know you missed knowing a wonderful, very special dog. We miss you so much, you touched our lives and will be in our hearts forever. X

Wendy Kelly

Jethro, 01/21/00-05/25/09

Jethro was a wonderful dog.

He was so unique and was a gentle giant. We went on many walks and because no one sees a person walking a bloodhound too often we made many friend in our rural surroundings.
Everyone that met Jethro loved him. He will be missed greatly.


Jett, 03/06/01-01/14/09

Dear Jett,
I miss you so much. I still can't believe you are gone. I loved coming home and seeing you on my bed just relaxing.
You always purred when I would come in and pet and hug you.

I don't think I will ever forget that horrible day when you left us.
We were snuggling like we would often do. I closed my eyes because I was tired. I heard a noise like you jumped off of the bed. But then
I looked and you were on your side in the laundry basket on the floor. At first I thought that maybe you jumped wrong and were stuck. I got up to help you out and you made a scary crying sound. It scared me.
I picked you up and your legs were not moving. I immediately took you to mama and told her something was wrong.
I don't know if you passed on the couch or in my arms on the way to the vet.
The doctor says that you probably threw a clot to your heart of lungs.
I didn't know such a thing was possible because you seemed healthy to me.
I guess I am glad that you went fast and didn't have to suffer.

I miss you very much and I hope to see you again some day.


Jetta, 03/13/09

Jetta came to us 3 years ago from an abusive home. We gave her a loving home and took her fears away. About a month ago she became aggressive. I took her to the vet and they told me there was nothing we could do, something had shifted in her brain and she was reliving her past abuse. We had to put her to sleep. We gave her the best 3 years of her life and now she will always have a wonderful afterlife. We love her more than anything and will miss greatly.


Jewel, 11/18/96 - 08/24/09

I will always love you jewel, and I will never forget you. how am I suppose to go on without you. you were my best friend for almost 13 years and me and your dad had lots of special times with you. you will be missed every minute of every day.

Jewel, 06/2004-12/25/08

Jewel was my best friend and I miss him terribly. He brought love and sunshine to all who took the time to know him. He will be forever missed.

Georgi Scholz

Jez, 01/06/09

I remember the day I picked my handsome Jez from a litter of about 6 kittens. I was four years old. I am now 20 and I do not know what to do without my kitty. It's extremely hard. Jez, my handsome lovable kitty, I love you and I miss you, but I am glad you are no longer in pain. You were so loving to all people; even complete strangers. We will never forget you!

Brittney Mosser

Jezabel, 01/2002-05/04/09

My Dear Jezzie-belle,
My friend, thank you for all the joyous years you gave to me.
You and me, we were like soulmates.
You came into my life to heal a broken heart;and that you did.
You always had this uncanny ability of knowing when to make me laugh with all of your antics, or knowing when I just needed peace by allowing me to hold you close to my face to feel your soft fur,or knowing when to just let me cry by capturing my tears in your coat. You know more of my secret thoughts than anyone else.
And through it all, you loved me unconditionally and never judged me. Thank you.
I remember how you used to ride "shot_gun" on my shoulder and I now smile knowing that you're riding "shot-gun" on God's.

My heart is heavy,my arms empty but I am at peace knowing that you are painfree and eating to your heart's content in God's green and lucious meadows.
Know how much I love and miss you my little "wabbit". And know I will never forget you!
You were a precious gift to me from God and now I must give you back.

Watch for me, for I know that someday, you'll be able to ride "shot gun" on my shoulder again. Forgive my tears for they are shed in honor of you.
I love you and always will and you will forever be carried in my heart,

Jezebel, 10/01/96-07/08/09

She will always be my baby.

Beverly Henry

Jezebel, 03/30/09

In 1993,Jezebel was a homeless cat who had slipped into the window of my new apartment while the paint was drying. As I brought the last of my stuff in, I heard a loud cry behind me and there she was. She was small and skinny and covered in fleas, and upon asking the manager about her I knew she didn't belong to anyone. I took her in and several weeks later she gave birth to one kitten on my living room floor. I kept them both and moved across the country with them a few years later. Jezebel liked to talk, meet new people and sit on laps. She rode in the car and went to the vet without being crated up, and never met a dog that she was afraid of. We had the best times together and life was grand.

Jezebel's blood test in January came back with probable cancer cells throughout and her appetite quickly diminished. Every day she would still want to go outside to the playground to play in the fort and swing on the swing. To the very end she remained loving and gentle, and the decision to put her down was hard but necessary. Yesterday was the hardest day of my life, but necessary for her.

Jasper and Mommy and I miss you so much. It is so quiet in the house without your voice and your incessant purring. I am betting everything I have on the fact that we'll meet at the Rainbow Bridge and be together again. I hope you know how much it hurt me to let you go. I love you baby cat. I hope you are having fun skipping and dancing with some new friends and I will see you one day, so wait for me.
Fuzzy Hugs and Whiskery Kisses,
Your Mommy

Jezebel, 23/03/07

I love you my little girl


Jezebel, 03/05/09

Jezebel--Sweetie, at last you are at peace and reunited with your sister, Delilah.
It's been a long, lonely road for you this past year.
Please forgive me for the difficulties of your life, and I am sorry I was unable to comfort you as I felt I should.
May you rest in peace always, and remember the beautiful times of your young cathood.
I love you always . . . and wish you well, my friend.
Give Lilah a kiss & say Hi to Billy-Boy for me.
Love, Mom

Jezzabelle, 10/05/08-05/06/09

You will never be replaced. You'll always have that special place in my heart, that nobody else can ever fill. You left me heartbroken and crushed, but I know you're happy, and someday we'll be happy together again.


Jillian, 06/03/09

Jillian was the sweetest and toughest little basset ever and I miss her so much

Cheryl Gervasio

Jilly, 05/01/92-11/25/08

I miss and love you my sweet baby girl "Miss Jilly."
Until I see you again in heaven, rest in peace baby girl.
All my love.


Jimena, 06/24/94-03/05/09

You were such an exceptional girl, and thank you sooo much for sharing your life with us.
In times of sickness and pain you were there to support us wagging your tail and making us smile.
In times of happiness and joy you were there to share the moment with us.
We love you Chilla and are very honored that you were in our lives.
You will always be remembered dearly and you will always be with us in our hearts!

Fernando, Susan, Raquel and Nick

Jimmi, 2/14/1995 - 10/08/2009

Jimmi My Jimmi -- You were born at the gardens and lived almost 15 years there. Such a loving, gentle companion and friend to all the garden staff. Always purring and wanting to be petted, right to the end. Now you join your mama, Katy Kat, as she waits for you at the Rainbow Bridge. You will be dearly missed at the greenhouse and gardens.
Deb, Julie, and staff at Munsinger & Clemens Gardens

Jimmy, 05/17/09

Jimmy we will always love you.
You are missed by all of us, you touched our hearts and your goodness has made us all better people.
I know you are happy again and your heart is healed and breathing is easy once again.
Be happy Jimmy and breath easy, we will see you again one day and holding your dear face in my hands will be wonderful.
Love and kisses and hugs to you Jimmy, your goodness lives on.

Jimmy aka Mr. Jimmy White, 11/12/00

You were hit by a car when you were a baby and you survived.
A year after on the anniversary of your accident, you went into congestive heart failure, and you survived.
The doctor said you would not live long thereafter, maybe 2 or 3 more years, but you gave us a total of 10 wonderful years.
Everybody adored you.
What was there not to love?
My poor darling, your suffering was not long and I will never forget looking into your green eyes as you were looking into mine and saying our last farewell.

It has been almost a decade that you left us, but you were never forgotten.
You saw how much we were suffering without you, so you must have let the angels know and God made for us a double of you and he found us to ease our suffering.
Now your gift to us is also gone, but he never replaced you, but through him we were able to remember you and he did comfort us, as I know you would have.
Now you and LoverBoy are together and when it is our time to cross over, please be there together to greet us.
We love you and miss you and LoverBoy.

Anna, Paula, and Frank

Jimy, 03/16/09

Bert's best friend Jimy will be terribly missed. Our neighborhood will not be the same without seeing Jimy during his morning, afternoon and evening walks. Jimy was kind, gentle, and even a friend of cats. He was the perfect therapy dog. He visited a nursing home twice a month,
putting smiles on patients faces.
Jimy is survived by his loyal and loving father Bert, his devoted Aunt Rita, and loving sister Gypsy plus his many human and animal friends.


Jinga, 04/04/09

Jinga, you are very missed by Rachel, David, Renee and their Mom and Dad.
Your playmate Toto is also missing you so very much. Please say hi to my Tiger, okay.
Love Auntie Florence

Florence Armstrong

Jingle, 11/10/08-05/22/09

Sleep tight darling Jingle.
You went through so much in your short life, and fought so hard.
You were taken from us far too young, but you are at peace now and whole again.
Mummy and daddy love you so, so much.

Kate Rattray

Jingle, 04/26/09

My beloved Jingle saw me through so many milestones in my life.
He was with be since I was 10.
Now at 23, I saw him through a battle with cancer that took over his life.
He was so strong and fought his way as long as he could.
He had an awesome last month of feeling good and I think God that he went quickly.
He will forever hold a piece of my heart.

Kayla Smith

Jino, 06/06/09

Miss u jino alott.............


Jinx, 02/27/09

Well Jinx, you fought hard, but the lymphoma was just too much.

My beloved black cat with so many nonsense names.
Even now, I sit here waiting to hear the click-click of your claws as you pace across the floor looking for your next toy to terrorize or your next lap to curl up in.

My Buddy - who liked everyone and whom everyone liked.

We tried, you and me.
You were a Grand Old Man, and will be missed.
I love you.

Carolyn Zsoldos

Jinx, 02/14/09

May you R.I.P Jinx. You deserve your freedom. The four short months we had together will forever be with me.


Jissta Mirage, 02/26/88-03/28/09

Azja was my first horse and was glad to have her in my life for 21 years. She blessed me with 3 wonderful babies that I still have and will forever cherish. Azja gave me support in my rough childhood life and helped me learn alot. She was a TRUE friend, a very STRONG TOUGH ENCOURAGING horse that never gave up. People called her a TROOPER cause of her will to live while battling laminitis for 5 years, but a colic twist and a tumor in her intestine took her to RAINBOW BRIDGE. I know she is up there now with her stallmate Missy, who I lost 6.5 years ago. They are both up there running together in the fields painfree!! I LOVE YOU MOMMA!! You are my very best friend and forever you will live in my heart and your babies. You were the best!!!

Miriam Henn

JJ, 05/23/09

You were such a good boy. I love you.


JJ, 04/19/91-03/08/09

JJ was truly his own person!
JJ loved to snuggle-up, talk, dance, and loved meditating on the world outside.
He was extremely aware and smart!
Always responded when spoken to with a meow that you could interpret.
He's probably organizing the "Rainbow" crowd as I write this. He will be missed!


JJ Dufault, 01/29/09

He was a great Guard Dog.
He is missed dearly by myself and his "sisters".
Someday we will be reunited at the bridge.
Goodbye my Big Boy.
Love your Mama & sisters...

JJ Goriss, 11/05/99-05/29/09


Mommy, Daddy and Logan will miss you very much!
Thanks for being the PERFECT dog and for giving us 9 1/2 wonderful years!
It won't be the same without you!
We'll see you soon....please don't forget about us.

Jeff and Joanna Goriss

Joanie, 08/23/07-06/16/09

Joanie was only a year and a half old, and we only had her for a month before she died. She had heartworm, and the treatment gave her a blood clot. She came from Louisiana, where she grew up alone on the street before being rescued and sent to the SPCA up here. She spent most of her life scared, but when she came to live with us she knew she was safe, and she found happiness. Just when she was starting to wag her tail and play for the first time, she was taken from us. She liked to have her belly rubbed, and she danced around when she wanted to go outside. She was a really good dog, and I loved her so much. I'm so sorry we didn't meet sooner, baby girl, I already miss you so so much =(

Georgia M

Joanna, 06/16/09

Joanna was like a soulmate to me.
I got her at the beginning of midlife and she saw me to the beginning of old age.
She had an amazing life force and presence and the loss of her spirit has hit me harder than I imagined.
She came into my life during hard times and was like a consolation prize from the universe as I embarked on a time of terrible pain emotionally.
She is sorely missed and I hope I see her again when I die.
Till then I hope she is chasing bees and rolling in some grass somewhere.


Jock, 08/12/94-01/27/09

Your paw prints are in my heart and on my wrist forever... you are already greatly missed and it hasn't been a week. I love you... with my whole heart, you are my #1 boy.


Jody, 12/18/95-06/23/09

13 1/2 years of the best love and affection she could ever give me, her sister Janel is missing her terribly, Jody was so different than most poms, she had some health issues but I helped her handle all of them, she and Janel both had collapsed tracheals, enlarged hearts, diabetes, there was nothing that I would'nt do, no matter the cost, I had both of the girls shaved and groomed every month, so they could be as cool as possible, everybody loved their haircut, they looked like little teddybears. Jo, till we meet again, I love you so much and you will forever be in my heart, love Dad

Joe- tailspins first cup o joe , 01/04/97-05/16/07

I miss you terribly...I love you just as much as you love me...all the way to GOD!!


Joe, 03/01/93-03/29/09

In March 1993, a beautiful black kitten with beautiful gold eyes showed up on my door step.
I was a dog person so I kept trying to shoo this kitty away.
He was persistent.
(My Mom said if you feed him, he is yours.)
And so it went.
My son named him Joe, so Joe it was.
He came into our lives and every day of those 16 years were better because of our Joe.
I will miss him terribly.
My morning routine will never be the same, neither will those cuddly nights together on the couch.
Everyone loved Joe.
He was such a people person.
And Joe loved everyone back.
Aunt Paulette was his favorite - beside me - she was his babysitter and he thought she was the best.
My grandchildren, Mason and Sarah, loved to brush Joe with his favorite pink brush.
(Why did I get my beautiful, shiny Joe a pink brush?)
We buried the brush with him.
Things will be so different without Joe around, especially Christmas.
He actually got excited when the bows, ribbons, and wrappings came out on the table.
He was always in the middle of the ribbon.
He loved his naps under the tree.
He was definitely our Christmas cat.
We will miss you Joe.
Thanks for coming into our life.

Rosemary Phillips

Joe, 03/01/99-11/30/08

Dear Joe,

My honest, loving, sweet, lap-loving boy. You had beautiful green eyes. You never had a place in our home, always exhiled to the garage or barn because of my husband. I'm so sorry I didn't stand up for you. You only ever wanted my lap. I didn't know you were ill until it was too late. I wanted to hold you and keep you comfortable, but I left you alone at the end. I'm so sorry. You died alone, a regret I will always have. Someone as sweet as you deserved so much better than I ever gave. I know that you find that place now at the Bridge. I hope you find forgiveness for me as well. I love you, sweet Joe-Joe.


Joe Murphy Martin, 02/12/09

Joe was abandoned by his mom when he was still nursing. I gave him to Harley when he was 8-9 weeks old. They were inseperatable. He spent the rest of his life with his buddy until Harley passed 2/7/09, then Joe grieved himself to death and joined Harley 5 days later. We buried them side-by-side.

Lori Martin

Joe Pye, 01/05/09

Joe Pye, you were our beloved companion for 6 years. You did so much and inspired so many by your courage. We love you. You were amazing with only 3 legs.

Sue and Jim Mooney

Joey, 06/22/09

Babyboy i miss u to no end I hope your Happy and free now I will forever love you

Kathy Tuttle

Joey, 06/22/09

Thank You Baby Boy For being My stone During hard times I will forever Miss You

Kathy Tuttle

Joey, 07/25/01-06/25/09

my dog was my only friend in the world i dont know what to do without him i miss him so much i am really lonely now he helprd me through so much i am devastated hes gone nothing will ever replace him he was very comforting loyalloving and sweet and so many other great things i am lost without him i love him so much

Aaliyah Coulahan

Joey, 05/19/09

Joey, we miss you so much and we're so sad. We can't believe that after only a few short months together, you are gone. It is so unfair, yet we wouldn't have traded our time with you for anything. As I sit here typing this, the sun is shining in and the breeze is blowing in the trees. How I wish you were here to sleep in the sunshine. I hope you are comfortable and safe. Daddy & I miss you so much and wish we would have had many years with you. SBF, D.E., Shandy and Angie wish you were here. We will always love you. We put your picture on the wall today. We will not forget you. See you again one day!

Lauren & Brad Chorzempa

Joey, 05/30/09-05/18/09


I barely got to say goodbye to you, your illness happened so fast!
But we're glad you didn't suffer and I'm so glad that Bill came to see you while you could still recognize him.

So, goodbye old friend. You were the best and sweetest dog anyone could have, and I was the blessed to have you. I'll miss you every day.
All my love, Lynn.

Joey, 02/13/97-04/17/09

My Frogapottamus.My constant companion. How I miss you. I am not far behind. I will see you in heaven. I Love all your stuff!!!


Joey, 06/06/01-04/14/09

Joey was a special angel who appeared one day with a mission. He picked me out of a crowd of people as if he'd been looking for me, the person he was assigned to protect and love. From that moment, he did not willingly let me out of his sight. He did take time to run the fields and hunt birds with joyful abandon as any young dog should, but he never took for granted his original purpose. One time, I was sent out of town for my work. My kids were supposed to check on Joey and feed him, etc. They were unable to find him. For two days they were frantic and too afraid to tell their mother that her precious dog was missing. To their immense relief, they finally found him. He had crept into my car ans was on guard so he would not be left behind. Joey's greatest gift to me was his total love, acceptance and absence of judgement. When things got rough and my hope and self-esteem were non-existent, I relied on his. Dogs can't lie and if he thought I was the greatest person in the world, I must be missing something. I trusted him that someday, I would become the person he believed me to be. When I met my husband, Brad, Joey's regard was purchased by a few pieces of beef jerky. But, being the insightful dog that he was, he also saw the good in Brad. They became soulmates as well and devoted fishing buddies. When asked to give, he gave all of that and then some. He saw me through the darkest days and the biggest challenges. When I asked him to remain through my graduate school and next big life transition, he rallied some more to be there, although he was beginning to wear very thin. Joey's last act was to give me a sign that I meant everything to him as a source of affirmation and comfort. Although blind, deaf, sick, and barely able to walk (at this point I was not sure he even knew me anymore), he found my sweatpants on the floor where I had discarded them after sitting up half the night with him. He laid down on them and had his final seizure. Joey still refused to leave so we lovingly helped him find his rest and peace. Our hearts are both breaking and yet full of joy for the gift he was, and will always be. I don't know how we'll live without him but he trusted that we would be alright. I will trust him, this one last time.

Cathy & Brad Curry

Joey, 03/01/07-03/14/09

Some might say you were 'just' a hamster, but we all know better.
You were always so kind and loving.
You were curious and friendly.
You loved broccoli with a passion and you loved to burrow in your little bed.
Most of all, you loved us and we loved you too.
It'll take a long time before I will be able to stop searching for you every time I pass your cage.

Take care Joey.
We all loved you so.


Joey, 10/02/96-03/02/09

I miss her very much

Beth Staton

Joey, 07/03/02

Joey was my first pet as an adult (although I grew up with lots of dogs and cats as a child.) He was an all black male cat with the most beautiful yellow eyes. I rescued him; I was single and living alone with Joey for many years until I met my husband.
My husband had never had a cat, lived with a cat.
I told him that Joey and I were a package deal - if he wanted me, Joey came along!
So my husband got to know the cat and quickly grew to love him. Prior to marrying and living with my husband, and even after, Joey was a constant companion and provided a source unlike any other of unconditional love, acceptance, & companionship - a sort of companionship I've never had with a human.
He saw me through many lonely and hard times in my life.
I don't know how I could ever repay him. He had his own distinct personality, loved his toys, and would over turn the big basket of his toys, scatter them about so as to make room for himself to sleep in the basket!
After living with my husband a while, Joey would greet my husband at the door at the end of the day - coming home from work - and would make that sort of half meow noise, roll over onto his back and keep meowing until my husband would pet him and rub his belly gently. He of course, like many cats loved to gnaw on my house plants so I was sure to have only cat-friendly plants in the house and had organic grass and catnip growing in a pot that he would eat or just nibble on. After the three of us had been living together, we added a rescue shelter dog and then about 6 months later a 2nd rescue shelter dog.
They all adjusted well and Joey, even though he was a cat, sort of became a pack animal and was the alpha of the three animals!
Joey would play with the two dogs; the dogs would chase him down the hallway and then seconds later you'd see the dogs pass by coming back from the other direction and Joey chasing them!
He passed on July 3, 2002, was privately cremated, and is in a beautiful urn that has always, since, sat on our piano in the living room.
His passing was about 6 1/2 years ago at this writing and I still miss him so much and right after his passing grieved deeply for many months.
He was such a huge part of my daily life for so many years.
We love and miss you, Joey, and always will sweet kitty koot!

Allyson and Tom

Joey, 02/02/99-20/02/09

The naughtiest, cheekiest and funniest sweetest dog to ever live.. I am glad your illness was relatively short and I hope we did the right thing for you letting you go when we did.

If there is an afterlife I hope you are with nan and sam ... doing legs and playing with loads of teddys :)

Thank you for being my best friend for 10 matter how much I put scrunchies in your hair and dressed you up you were just lovely.

I love and miss you.. the house isn't the same without you. x x x x x x


Joey, 01/26/09

Dear Joey

We miss you so much!!!!
Our heart aches for you!
We are so happy you are free from pain and discomfort and that you are able to run free and chase your blue racquetball again.
We know you are content and taken care of at Rainbow Bridge and we can not wait to see you again off in the future and cross the bridge together.

We love you so much and you will always be in our hearts and in our minds!!!

Love, mommie, daddie and KK

Joey Alexander, 06/26/09

Joey was my rock and my world for the longest time.
I don't know if I will ever heal from losing him.
I love him more than life.

Jesika Woods

Joey Cora, 01/26/09

Dear sweet Joey...
Now that you are gone, that special place in our hearts now feels so empty. What a gentle dog you were..always happy with wagging tail looking for someone to throw your blue ball.
Now, you will have no more shots, no more medicine, no more pain, no more cloudy eyes.
What an incredible loss for us.
Gar Gar and Grandy

Joey Gonzales, 09/01/93-04/12/09

Our "Bubba" stayed with us as long as he could. He made me strong enough to help him to go to the Rainbow Bridge.
I love you so much Joey.

Heidi Gonzales

Joey Hannah, 10/30/03-03/27/09

Joey its been a month and i so miss you. The tornado siren went off today and i could almost here u howling, my beautiful friend i miss you! i miss you so much.

Rachel and Bryan Barton

JoeyBear, 04/17/06-07/01/09

I adopted JoeyBear when she was 6 weeks old from an animal shelter in Emmett, ID.
She gave me three wonderful years of companionship and friendship.
She loved to play fetch, go swimming and go geocaching with me.
Joey was the best dog I ever had.
God rest her soul and I will miss you so much!


John Boy, 2008-05/21/09

John Boy we love and miss you so much!!


John Deere, 02/10/01-02/06/09

He will be greatly missed and loved eternally.

Joe & Dawn Breakall

John Henry, 10/2/09

John Henry came to our home in the fall of 1979. I had visited a pet store to get supplies for our aquariums and found a friendship that lasted 30 years. John welcomed 4 dogs and 3 cats into our home before he had to cross the rainbow bridge. He wasn't sick long, just 13 days. He was with me thru the passing of my Mom and the passing of my Dad, and the coming and going of a teaching career. I'm going to miss him so much. I buried him yesterday morning behind the garage. Thirty years sounds like a long time, but yesterday morning, thirty years was just a wink in time.

Johnnie, 03/03/03-02/28/09

Johnnie, our Mr. Big, was one of the most fun, loving and gentle spirits we have ever known. He will be missed by us and his sister Frankie and best girlfriend Joey. He will live on in our hearts forever. May our little guy live on in doggie heaven chasing balls, making friends, receiving tons of love and eating anything and everything he chooses! We love you so much forever!!! OXOXOXOXOXO

Jerry, Kerri, Frankie, Joey

Johnson, 7/4/1994 - 7/3/2008

How do you say good-bye to your best friend and companion of 14 years (or any number of year)? It's been over a year and I miss Johnson every day. Not only that, he is the one soul in my life that when his loss is brought up will bring tears to my face and an ache in my heart immediately. Johnson, I love you bud - you know this though!!

Unfortunately, the reason I found this site today is my very dear friends Tam and Kevin lost their best friend Darby two days ago. I know all too well the heart ache that goes with this and they have a tough road ahead.

To Johnson and Darby, who are in heaven now playing like kings! Your humans are here missing you like crazy!!

Love you!!! Cathy

Jojo, 05/28/09

i love you joey forever.

Brenda Holleman

Jojo, 03/19/09

jojo was the love of our life & will stay in our heart forever

Sue & Meredith Going

JoJo Bear, 08/07/00-02/26/09

My love for you is without end. I already miss you more than words can say.
JoJo was a very bright, very loving soul. He made my life complete each and every day. He was beautiful, inside and out, always ready to make someone feel better, always ready to give a kiss and receive a loving pat, always loyal, and my very best friend. The light of love in the world has dimmed a little just because of his passing.
Until we meet again...I love you my JoJo Bear.

Rikilynn Bommersbach

Jok Jok Ee, 05/25/99-05/09/09


Joker, 07/31/95-04/11/09

Joker came into my life when he was 5 years old and passed away in my arms this morning.
He was the best little guy... stubborn as all get out but that only added to his character.
I miss you terribly, Jokey.
Sleep well, my friend.

Janna Dutt

Joker Afire, 08/10/02-12/18/08

A Tribute to Joker Afire
Susan Vecchio

Have you ever seen a horse cry? What a question? That would be a display of emotion, sadness, regret, things we are told that horses cannot experience.
Yet, we that have spent any time with these glorious animals know better, they do feel emotions and display them, sometimes at the most inconvenient time.
But, to answer the question, yes, I have seen a horse cry. An experience I will never forget, unbelievably sad and heart wrenching yet somehow almost surreal and spiritual.
But, let me start at the beginning to explain what led to that moment.

This is the story of my daughter Ashley and her horse Joker Afire. Her devotion and obsession started at the Ohio Buckeye in 1993.
Ashley was just turning 9 years old when she saw Afire Bey V for the first time.
It was love at first site.
As she watched him the first time she was bitten.
As I tried to watch classes, she kept disappearing and I would have to go look for her.
She was always at the same place, Afire Bey V's stall.
I kept telling her not to bother him and the Shea's, that they were very busy showing horses, but within a short time she would be back again.
After the second day when I
was again demanding her to leave them alone, she declared to me that one day she would "own one of his babies!"
I agreed, anything so I could get back to classes.

For the next ten years the little girl grew into a young woman but she never waivered in her desire to find her Afire Bey V baby.
When she was nineteen we started to look for her baby.
After three years we had been to numerous shows, checked internet sites, magazines, farms I finally said to her we should go to Afire Bey V, if it's his baby you want we should go to his home.
She called Marty and made an appointment.
Ashley was beyond excited, we had to leave a day early and stay in a Hotel close to the farm because she didn't want to be late.
Marty and Tim whom we had just met treated us like we were old friends. Along with Allen they showed us several horses that would fit the needs of Ashley, who had been riding her whole life, but was new to Saddle Seat.
We were down to a choice of two, a beautiful chestnut and a bay.
Ashley was drawn to the bay, he looked like his dad and had a sparkle in his eye that matched his name and Ashley's personality.
Joker Afire.
After she had ridden him and he was back in his stall we went up to his window and asked him if he wanted to come home with us.
He shook his head yes!
That was it, he was hers.

Their first year together was interesting, Joker had just turned 4 when she got him. Ashley had to learn the specialties of Saddle Seat and Joker had to learn what it meant to be a show horse.
Joker accepted everything Ashley asked of him and she showered him with love, attention and every toy and gadget made for horses.
They had a connection, a deep bond.

They went to the Buckeye the first year and showed in Open and Amateur.
They did great but it was obvious they needed a trainers help to move to the next step.
The choice was made and Joker would be leaving home to go to the trainers in January 2008.
Ashley followed the trailer to Pennsylvania and she cried all the way home after she left him.
Every week she would drive 3 hours each way to spend a day with Joker.
She would have a lesson and then spend the rest of the day just hanging out with him, her best friend.
As the show season began they started to make small improvements at first and then really started to improve.
They were really starting to understand what each other needed to come together as one.
It finally happened at Region 14, Ashley and Joker went Top 5 in County Pleasure Horse AOTR 18-39.
Ashley was so thrilled and excited it was the highlight of her young life.
She felt they were finally on their way.

Ashley was going away to school in the fall, a school she chose to be close to Joker, she had decided not to take Joker to Nationals this year but wait until "09".
Ashley started school and visited Joker every week.

Then one beautiful October morning I got the call no horse owner ever wants to get.
One of the trainers from the farm calling to tell me Joker was injured and it was serious.
I was told he was in their pasture and had broken his leg.
He wanted to know if he was "insured".
My heart stopped, insured? There is no insurance to cover the heart and soul of a girl in love with a horse, a horse she tells everyone is her "best friend" the one who knows all her "secrets".
I heard the voice saying the vet was on his way but it was bad, real bad.
At that moment I pictured my daughter at school 2 ½ hours away from me and how was I going to tell her.
I got in my car and started driving toward Ashley.
When it became obvious a decision had to be made I called Ashley's school got a hold of her riding instructor filled her in so she could tell Ashley.
Ashley called the farm and told the vet to send him to Ohio State she was going to try to save him.

I got to Ohio State first and met Joker when he got there.
Ashley arrived next.
The vet at Ohio State did her evaluation and gave him a 20% chance of survival.
That was enough for Ashley, she authorized the surgery and treatment.
For the next almost three months instead of her driving to the farm to see Joker, she would drive home every weekend and we would go to Ohio State to see Joker.
She bought him a radio and cd that we hoped would keep him calm and peaceful, treats and what ever she thought he would like.
She tried to convince him the lift would not hurt him but help him.
He had good days and bad days and we expected that, but then when he should have made the turn for the better "we ran out of horse".

On December 18 the vet had planned a surgery to check his broke leg and to see if he was developing laminitis in his good leg.
Ashley drove home the day before and we went to the clinic to spend the morning of the surgery with him.
Joker was himself, even though he was uncomfortable he was still Joker, trying to see what he could get away with, being a clown.
Still Ashley's best friend.

When the vet came out of the surgery room the look on her face told the story, Joker's leg had stopped healing and was breaking down.
He had less than 5% chance of survival and his quality of life would be unacceptable.
Ashley made the hardest decision she has ever had to make, she decided to be his "best friend" and end his suffering.
As we walked back to the surgery room to say good-bye, there was no sound, everyone we passed put their heads down, they couldn't look at us.
Joker had quite a following after being at the clinic for so long, he had lots of visitors from students, vets and even the student's families.
Joker was an ambassador for the Arabian bred, no crazy Arab as some have said, just a great horse, with a great personality who really loves people.
A great patient who everyone was pulling for, a friend no one wanted to lose.

After we said our good-byes Ashley said she would not leave him to pass alone, she insisted on staying with him.
The surprised vet agreed and they started the meds.
As I watched my daughter crying with her head laying on Jokers neck and her hand stoking his face, I could hear her whispering to him, how she would miss him and how much she loved him.
I became aware of the only other sounds in the room, the sound of the machine breathing for him and the heart monitor.
As the monitor slowed and Ashley continued talking to him to comfort him, I looked at Jokers face and in the corner of his eye a tear had formed.
As I watched, Joker cried a single tear as he left Ashley.
A single tear from one best friend to another, a single tear to show that horses do love, they do have emotions. As that single tear slowly rolled down his face, I knew that Joker will miss Ashley as much as she will miss him.

A single tear

Joker was cremated and returned home

December 20, 2008

Joker Afire

August 10, 2002 - December 18, 2008

Susan Vecchio

Jolee and Bailey, 05/07/09

thank you girls for loving me.
I miss you and know that you are in heaven and are okay.

Thanks for the love.
thanks for everything,

Mommy and Lindi

Jolie, 12/13/2009

My little girl passed on to the rainbow bridge early Sunday morning. I got Jolie back in February of 2007. When I looked into her sweet little eyes I just knew she was the one. She had to have been at least a year when I got her making her 3+ at the time of her passing. Jolie has been the most inspiring pet I have ever had the honor to share my life with. Not only was she elderly but was battling 2 large mammary tumors and it appeared a pelvic one was on its way.

Since Friday I noticed she was beginning her decline. I placed her in a large hamper bin with towels and blankies to keep her warm. She gave up eating Saturday and slept all day. Upon waking up Sunday morning at roughly 9 am I walked over to her bin and noticed she was on her last hours. I quickly took her out of the cage, wrapped her in a towel and carried her to my bed with me. I sat there with her for the next 2 hours, right as she was breathing her last breaths she perked up and looked directly at me. I placed my hand under her head to let her know I was there and she took a few last wheezing breaths, I told God I was ready for him to take my friend and he did ever so gently. She will always be missed, but never forgotten. I loved her with all my heart but I know shes in a better place.

"And when, when the night falls on you baby, your're feeling all alone, you won't be on your own, I'll stand by you...Take me in, into your darkest hour and I'll never desert you, I'll stand by you"

RIP Little Jolie - you'll always be in my heart

xoxo Cristy xoxo

Jonah (Kika rook a roo), 05/01/05-04/23/09

Jonah, you were truly washed up on the shores of our Life by our Father in Heaven. We return you to your Creator, knowing that the Love you embodied will find it's way back to it's source and into the Loving Arms of the Lord who made heaven and earth. Shrimp coctails will never be the same without you. You were ever the protector and vigilant guard cat. I only which we could have protected you from this world. From Beggar Cat to Prince of the pride, your gentle nature and faithful comfort will never be forgotten.
Love and Blessings<><

Lauren Floden

Jonde, 11/20/94-02/23/08

I know I was lucky to have Jonde for 14 years, I will always miss him.

Suzanne Garber

Jonesy, August, 1995 - Sept. 20, 2009

Jonesy, Double Super Wonder Puppy. She liked to run.

Jonesy, 01/31/07-03/11/09

Our beautiful girl Jonesy a perfect and beautiful dog that should not have had to suffer the aggressive disease you did and ever so bravely.The energy you use to have when we would pick you up from Lara,s, blue lead and collar in mouth.
We were very fortunate to have such a wonderful mate and family member.
Love and remember always Redda, Jac & Sam

Joni Ladi-Bird, 01/10/09

I will see you again in heaven my baby. Mommy loves you

Jonjo, 06/94-02/26/09

Farewell,our charming boy.You brought so much joy to our lives.You were such a smart cat performing all the tricks we taught you.We try to find comfort by thinking that you are in peace now.We hope that Misu will be there and take you to heaven with her so you don't have to be alone.
Dear Jonjo, you will be missed deeply.

Ritva, Tarja and Eeva

Jono, 06/06/09

I miss you boy. You were so gentle and soft. I miss our walks and your playfulness. Your life was cut so short, we only had a few good months together, but I will remember you and hold you in my heart for the rest of my life. I know that you will wait for me there, you always did so here. Rest a while, run, play,I know that you are not suffering there and I will be along soon when my work is done here. Nothing has changed, I am still your human and you are still my beloved dog. With my love always Jonathan

Jordan, 04/06/09

He lived long, healthy, and happy.
He will never truly know his effect he had, or how much he will be missed.
Never will a day pass where I won't think of him.
I love you forever.


Jordan, 10/20/97-03/16/09

We miss you more than you can imagine. We will love you always. You have touched our lives.

Bob and Cyndi Neumann

Jordan, 03/23/09

My Jordan kitty. I have had 17 wonderful years with you before you were taken by cancer. What a brave fight you put up to live. Because of your spirit to fight on you were able, with vet care, to have many more months of quality life. Your brother Elliot mourns for you, as do your other brothers and sisters. I miss you little orange man and you have a special place in my heart forever and ever. I love you, Jordan. Mommie XOX

Jordan, 10/01/96-01/23/09

Jordan died of chronic renal failure.
He was my best friend and he will be missed. In memory of Jordan. Sharon,Tom,Charlene and Jenny.

Jordan, 01/15/09

Today I lost my buddy.
For 17 years he was as loyal as any friend could be.
No matter when I came home from work he would meet me at the door.
No matter where I was in the house he would find me and want his head to be scratched.
No matter what mood I was in he was always there willing to comfort me with his beautiful purr.
He was more than just a pet to me.
He was a companion and devoted friend to me for almost half my life.
I know that now he is somewhere else running and playing just as beautiful as I ever remember him.
I will miss you J and never forget you.

Mike Williams

Jordan Wright, 04/04/93-01/21/09

My sweet Jordan left us a little over a month ago and the pain seems to never end.
I know you are in a better place, not in pain, but I miss you little Jordie kisses as you would so freely give.
Know that you gave our family almost 16 wonderful years.
You sister Boomer and the rest of us cannot wait to see you again.
I love you sweet girl.

Melissa Wright

Jordie, 04/20/09

Jordie was a gift from God who showed up 16 years ago. It was on March 12,1993 the storm of the century. He was the BEST pet anyone could ever have!! He will be sadly missed.

Julie Farmer

Jordy Morgan Ooi Ren Mei, 08/01/07-04/09/09

Mummy is so sorry baby, Jody good girl ya, come back to mummy soon okay, mummy love you so much!


Jose, 24/06/09

Such a special friend who will never be forgotten x x x

Laura Capes

Josephine, 09/25/88-04/10/09

She was a remarkable animal.
She had the largest vocabulary I have ever seen in a dog, and could easily differentiate between fetching a ball, a bone, a toy or a sock.
She would dutifully run upstairs and wake baby Charlotte from a nap when I asked her to.
She survived falling through the ice, multiple porcupine and skunk encounters, and even a full-on attack by a coyote.
She was one tough little dog.

She could do gymnastic-like aerial flips, leaping amazingly high in the air, and could swim incredibly fast.
She loved the water.
When taking walks down the apple orchard road, Charlotte and I would look back and realize she'd stopped to savor a smell.
I'd clap my hands to bring her to us, and she'd break into a trot, then a fast run, and then her ears would go back and her body would flatten out and she'd streak to me, jumping straight up into my arms when she got to us.

My heart is heavy but I feel blessed and fortunate to have shared so much of my life with this little terrier.
She has been a light, a joy and a gift I will never forget.
Thank you for sharing this with me.

Kristin Frykman

Josephine Walter, 04/16/01-07/04/09

Josephine was the sweetest dog to ever live on this earth.
Her tail never stopped wagging, although the wag got slower as she quickly declined.
The epitome of a Cavalier, her smiling face made everyone she met happy.
Her natural sister and human parents will grieve her loss forever.
God bless you, our little honey-eyed angel.
You were a precious angel on earth, now we're sure you're a real angel in heaven.

Velva and Don Walter

Josey Wales Blue Pistol, 12/19/06-05/07/09

Josey was a high energy weim that left us shocked by his death.
Early one morning I woke to find that he was suffering from bloat.
His heart shortly stopped and he passed at 2:50 am May 7th.
He was full of life and only laughed at the word "no".
He was always into something and you always had to keep one eye on him.
It is now so quiet here and I miss the little things you did. Standing on my foot while I got ready in the morning and the way you had to be somehow touching me while I slept.
You have touched my heart and I will always love you.

Sarah Compton

Josey Woodward Herbert, 07/10/09

Josey was a good friend to us all. I would look forward to watching her when my sister and husband would go on vacation. That was our special time.
Josey, you will be sorly missed. I know you are in a high place in heaven today! love ya!

Josh, 05/24/09

I miss you so much, my cute little dog!

Claudia Fodor

Josh aka Joshua Bellotti, 09/01/97-12/24/08

Josh you were the best cat ever and I love you. I had so much fun with you. You were the best thing that I ever had in my life and you will always be. I miss you and when I think of me licking something and biting it I think of you. 3 licks and a bite. Nanny, Teddy, Ms Kitty, Chloe, Lil, Heidi and Coco miss you also. I know that Hooch is with you and you are both always in my heart. Love Evan

Josh was the best cat ever. He will always be remembered for his love of beef and spaghetti. He was more than a cat he was the man. Everyone adored Josh. He was so sweet and gentle. At night when you sleep he decided it was play time and would lick you 3 times and than bite. Rescuing Josh when he was a kitten was not only the right thing to do but also the most rewarding. I will never forget all the joy, happiness and love he gave to me, my children and anyone he came in contact with. Although deeply missed I know he is in a better place, free from pain and chemo treatments. In time I know the memories we made together will fill this empty spot in my heart that is aching. Until we meet again my orginal fat cat. Love You Always!


Joshua, 06/23/02-06/27/09

Good night little man...we didn't get to keep you long, but we loved you.
We will miss you.

Elizabeth & Steven Young

Josie, 03/2009

They say we all have a soul mate... YOU were/are my soul mate! You were the light of my every day! We spoke to eachother and only we knew what we meant and wanted and needed. I love you so much girl. You have been with me through everything and you were my best friend. They say a dog is a mans best friend? Nooooo sweetheart. You ARE! And always will be. I will talk to you everyday until you come back to me. Thankyou for giving me so much joy and love and light! Please come to me again. I will wait for you! I love you Josie and miss you so much!!!


Josie, Ginger, Mittens, Smokey, Spook, Petunia, Porky


Linda M. Schulz

Josif Barry, 12/16/01-07/13/09

He brought us so much joy in the short time he was with us.
We could not watch him suffer anymore and only wanted him to be happy again. We loved him so much.

Karen & Bill Barry

Jossie, 08/10/93-07/11/09

I wish I had the words, but there just is nothing that I can say that is equal to what you meant to me. I feel lost without you and don't know where to go from here. All I can say is I love you, I love you, I love you.

Shawn Williams

Joy, 09/21/96-04/30/09

I will meet you at The Rainbow bridge my baby darling. love, Mama

Joy, 03/02/09

Today I lost my best friend. She had been with us for the last 15-1/2 years, since she was just 6 weeks old.
We called her "PP" for Perfect Pet.
She wasn't a barker, or a biter or a chewer...she was lovable and sweet and looked like a toy .. she was so adorable.
You will be missed more than you or I ever imagined...and I hope to see you again someday too!
You have truly been my "Joy"!

Jan Dominick

Joy, 02/27/09

Our Sweet Joy,
We are so sorry we didn't get to say goodbye to you. We were so happy to have you with us and your name was perfect for you, you were such a Joy.
We will miss you. When you meet with Kami at the "Rainbow Bridge" tell her how much Mommy, Marty & sister Mollie miss her and we will wait for the day when we can all be together again.
We will never forget you and we love you,

Charlie, Marty & Mollie

Joy-Dan Scarlet Kyra (Kyra), 03/14/06-01/30/09

To my special Kyra. I remember the day when I first got you to bring home. You were so beautiful. You made my heart sparkle with joy. I loved taking you to the groomers and getting you clip styles that suit you so well. You were so beautiful. I enjoyed it every time you laid on your back so that I can give you attention. I miss you scratching and barking at my back door. I loved the moments you let me hold you in my lap so that I can give you attention. I still wish so much that you were still here with us. My heart aches every time I think about you and when I think about the day that I took you to the veterinary clinic. I love you My Sweet Little Kyra. I know I will never find another like you. You are definetly a class all on your own. I Love You Kyra and God Bless.


Jub Jub, 01/08/96-01/13/09

I thank my wonderful companion Jub Jub for 13 years of joy. I love you my sweet doggie. Jub Jub, you taught me how to see the world. You taught me in life and you teach me in death. I know you are no longer with me in the physical world but you are all around me in the spiritual. Jub Jub, you will always run in my heart and I will never forget the gifts you have and continue to give me. You have left an indelible mark on my life...I will see you again soon dear doggie. I thank you with all my being my Junior.

Jeff Kappel

Jubilee, 5/16/1993-7/29/09

My beautiful Jubilee passed away this week. He's been with me for 16 years, almost to the day. Always the "alpha" cat, he was my constant companion and loved everyone - greeted everyone at the door, would jump on top of the fridge and roll around until he got attention...would fetch hairties...was an excellent mouse catcher...too smart of a problem solver...loved sneaking outside, and he wouldn't run away, he'd just lounge in the sun in the yard...insisted on sleeping next to my head, or across my neck!...if I was on the couch, he was curled up on me. Last 3 years he really got sick...intestinal issues, and possible cancer. When he started urinating blood, and his hair was all matted and his eyes foggy, I knew it was time. Held him the whole time at the vet's office, and felt my heart breaking into a million pieces. He was full of personality, full of life, and I will miss him and think about him every day. I love you Jubilee - I know you're in a better place, and I'll see you again someday, and we'll snuggle together forever.

Jude, 02/03/97-01/13/09

Too my beloved Jude, even though you were eleven, it was too soon. I hope you are happy in heaven. I will miss you.

Stephanie Williams

Juju, 12/19/02

Juju rest in peace.
We never knew where you came from but bought so much love with you, we had to let you go.
Juni love you mum x

Jules, 02/01/92-02/24/09

Jules you were my little angel.
Special, loving, smart and loved.
You will never be forgotten and never be replaced.
Bones sends her love and we know that you had a wonderful life.
We love you....

Yvette Bowman

Jules Wilson, 02/22/02-02/05/09

Jules was my best and last remaining friend other than my family.
He was young and full of life on the day he died.
He was only 7, but he lived everyday to the fullest, bringing joy and laugther to all that knew him.
I miss him very much and still struggle to understand why he had to leave so soon.
I will always carry him in my heart and mind.
I truly hope to see him again..

Steve Wilson

Juley, 04/16/01-05/29/09

To our Precious Girl, Juley,
We are grateful for the eight wonderful years we've spent together and find comfort in knowing that you are now with your Daddy and Christy.
We miss you terribly.
You are always in our hearts!
With love forever, Patti, Brandy & Skylar

Julie, 06/01/09

Today is your birthday July 1st.
We miss you so much.
I am so sorry that I wasn't there when you passed on.
I will forever regret that decision.
We sometimes think we hear you in the house.
I know Soxs misses you very much.
My Precious Julie-you will forever live in our hearts.
We love you always.
We will see you at the bridge.


Julie, 03/20/09

I will always love you, Julie.
You were my best pal and companion.

Minnie McCarthy

Jumper, 10/13/95-06/03/09

My heart aches, a loss I've never felt. No more suffering "JUMPER" It's momma "RUN JUMPER RUN"


Jungelina, 2000-2009

Jungelina lala girl was a stern school marm of a cat that was delicate in body and a bit ditzy.She was a gentle little soul that liked order and good manners.We are devastated at the sudden death of Jungelina la-lal girl.We promise not to let any other cat sleep on your throne.And we miss you.


Juneau Alaska Dowling, 01/27/95-02/27/09

Juneau's original parents abandoned him to his fate in the woods.
My neighbor found him, offered him to my son & I.
He was suppose to bond to my son, but like most doggies they have minds of their own.
He was the proverbial Mommies boy.

He loved his toys, protecting them as if it were the end of the world.
He would not let go of one once he had it in his mouth. One was never enough!
He had a great life, but most of all he gave me unconditional love & devotion (something most people need a lesson in). I miss him, barks & all!

Lucinda Dowling & Son Dennis

Junior, 06/12/07-06/16/09


For 2 years you made my life better in so many ways...

You never failed to put a smile on my and mommy's face with your goofy antics.

You showed me how to care for something else than myself.

You never once asked me for anything (except for your treats, which you did with the best of doggy manners), you just gave and gave...

You gave me an answer to the age old question - what's better, a dog or cat?

You were an integral part in saving my marriage, and I promise you i will honor your efforts and make it work.

So many other things I don;t have the energy to write now, but you know....

I love you Junior. Go rock 'em up there.


Junior, 05/17/00-05/17/09

Junior was the first kitten we rescued.
It is because of Junior's sweet spirit that we rescued countless other kittens.
He was "the king" of all the others.
Many kittens are in happy, loving homes because of his love of life.
Junior fought a
courageous battle with liver cancer.
He had a
very special purpose on this earth.
His extraordinary
spirit will live forever in the hearts of all the lives he touched.

Colehour's Kitten Kaboodle

Junior, 2004-04/15/09

Dearest Junior you were only in our life for such a short time..5 years.
You were not ready to leave us and you did not deserve to die so young.
We do not know how you died, but we are thankful to the neighbor who found your body. We had looked for you for 2 weeks and were so sad to find out you had died.
I will always remember you for how you would stand on a chair and try to put your arms around my neck.
You were the most loveable cat ever.
No cat could ever be sweeter.
Rosie is on her way to meet you at the Rainbow Bridge, and I hope the two of you, and Chance will wait on us.
We will see you again.
You are so missed and so loved! I will celebrate your life on Monday.
You are buried on the farm under the big tree with the rest of our loves.
Have a happy life at the rainbow bridge.

Cynthia Hardy Wadsworth

Junior, 11/15/92-05/09/04

Hey your still my pertty bird ,and I LOVE YOU. Have fun with Sam and Sparkie tile I get there. LOVE You Baby

Lanelle Hatfield

Junior, 03/21/09

He had a brain tumor... Seizured thursday night and now he is gone... The vet said his heart was still perfect and I know it always will be. I have had him since he was about 4 weeks old and now hes gone...


Junior, 10/01/99-03/11/09

We will always love Junior and will miss him very much.
Now he can run all he wants and bite as many ankles as he would like!

Lynn Santiago-Calling

Junior, 12/20/04-02/27/09

Little baby,
we enjoyed our short time with you.
You lived life at full speed.
You were quite a character and I'll keep you in my thoughts and close to my heart for the rest of my life.

Steven Wyderko

Junior, 11/05/99-02/20/09

Junior was my big baby--an adorable guy who loved to get into everything. He was afraid of nothing and loved to squeeze into any tiny area he could find! He was so affectionate and loved to lay on any lap he could find. We love you and miss you so much, Junior. Until we meet again, my friend...

Linda Carroll

Junior, 07/04/04-02/02/09


I will miss you so much! I had to bring the joy that had gone away from you while you were sick back to you by releasing you today from your sickness. You will always be the cat that was there for us when Mookie left; now you can meet him.

I am sorry I couldn't help make you better we really tried but you were needed somewhere else and I know I will see you again someday with Mookie, Boz, Sbats, Tom and all of the friends I miss so much.

I love you Junior...Good Bye.

Doug Pace

Juno, 02/02/93-01/06/09

Dear Juno,

You left our lives just 2 days ago but your presence will be felt in our hearts forever.
You chose us to be your family 16 years ago and you have blessed our lives ever since.
Junie, you were a brother to Bosco and friend to Jesse.
We let you go out of love and the desire to stop your suffering.
We could never see you in such pain.
You hung in there like the good little trouper you were and we thank you for that.
Please go in peace to join our other family members that have passed.

Every day we feel the pain of losing you but look forward to the one day when we can all be united again.
Give a big hug to Bosco, Icky and Stinky.

I know that you are with me in spirit and I will always love you for being you.
I have gotten the signs from you that you are well and crossed over already so I thank you for that. It gives me comfort.

I will remember our last night together and only wish that I could have done more for you.
Please wait for Jesse and help him cross over when the time is right.

I love you and I wait for the day that I can hold you in my arms and kiss you again.


Justice, 05/28/09

Justice was a super good dog. I dont really know what I am supposed to do for the rest of my days without him. All I know is that I have never been so loved. I am the luckiest person alive to have had him in my life. I remember the day that he came into my life. How blissful it was to roll around in the grass with this little soft white fur ball. Even though you are gone you will forever be in my heart. I love you jubba loo!!!!!!

Holly Sunshine

Justice Marie Charles, 04/23/98-03/18/09

I will see you when I get home.

Don, Terri, and Brittany

Justin Clydesdale Roughwater, 12/28/95-01/10/09

Justin loved life and people. He was a social animal and always knew how to bring you up when you were down and make you laugh. He will be sorely missed and loved forever. Truly man's best friend. Thanks Justin for all the joy, happiness, and love that you gave us.

Love Always Chris

Justy Terry, August 1994 - 8/23/09


We love you, Justy. We will always love you and we will never forget you. Thank you for being such a great dog, daughter, and sister. Thank you for your sweetness and kindness. You and Libby were the best and will be greatly missed. Thank you for being such a big part of our lives. We are so glad that you are no longer in pain and that you have reunited with Libby in Heaven. You can now run and jump just like you did when you were young. You were the best tennis ball catcher and handshaker that there ever was. I will miss your sleeping next to my side of the bed and your sweet little snore. I will miss you greeting me at the back door when I returned home. Trapper and Peaches love you and miss you. Thank you for welcoming Trapper into your home after Libby passed away and for loving him. Thank you for loving and taking care of our family. We look forward to the day we will reunite and see you in Heaven. Have fun chasing the tennis ball and catching frisbees with Libby. We will always cherish the time that you were with us. Thank you again for being such a wonderful part of our family. You will be missed by everyone that knew you. We will never forget you and will love and think about you always. Grandma will miss her Justice Louise Terry.

We love you, Justy. Say "Hi" to Libby for us.

Matt, Kathy, Heather, Peaches and Trapper

Jynxy Wynxy, 11/01/08-05/26/09

I will never forget you my Jynxy Wynxy! I will always remember the things you stole from me, and how you like to eat french fries with me! I miss you so much, I love you my Jynxy Wynxy, I will miss you.

Brandon Lathe

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