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2009 Tributes

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Ice, 04/01/09

My girl. I will forever miss you. You had the most beatiful icey blue eyes. Life will never be the same without you. You have been with me for 15 years. It wasn't enough time. I will miss our pee-pee walks. I will mis your howl. I love you. You are now with your girls, your daughters, Cammy and Cy. My 3 girls. Will be forever missed.
I love all 3 of you. RIP Girls.


Ice Cream, 05/04/09

Our dear Ice Cream lost his battle to cancer.
He was a blessed little guy who was always there for us. He was always the one who came when his name was called, sat on our laps, slept by our side and gave us that special purr.
You will be deeply missed beyond words can express.
You will always be in our thoughts and our prayers.
We love you Ice Cream.
You are with Sleepy and Sebastian now and are at peace.

Jacque and Benjamin Brecheisen

Ichi, 02/25/09

I knew you were scared, scared of the world.
My little Ichi, my parakeet, ever since the fatal accident you put every piece of trust in me, and stayed by my side as I treated you. We fought together for your life, but two days later God claimed you. I regret not being there to comfort you,as time went on.I know now you are with God, and me and you will meet again. You were so young, but you were a great friend. I trust to meet you again soon,my dear friend,to once again see your blue and white glow as you fly full of life, again and again.

Simmoane D

Icy, 02/07/09

Icy, you were a special kitty. Being the runt of the litter and only weighing 5 pounds most/all of your life you were pleasure to have.The many times you were held and cuddled you always knew you could settle in the smallest places or even in the crook of our arms. Spoiled with attention and love you had an unyielding trust. Love, Mommy

Ida, 03/18/00-01/08/09

We miss you dearly,as you were a loyal friend and family member.
You were called early, but will forever remain in our hearts and memories.
Mom, Dad and Emmett

Idgie, 02/24/09

You were a beautiful and sweet cat and we all miss you.
The living room feels so lonely now.
Rest in peace.

Lisa Pope

Idgie, 10/01/90-12/31/08

Till we celebrate crossing the rainbow bridge together, I will hold you dearly in my heart.


Ikaika, 01/06/09

Ikaika, you were the best warrior dog and didn't deserve to be chained to the house all the time.
Even though you weren't my dog.
I tried to keep you warm and dry and fed.

I'm sorry you had people who did not look after you, but know that you were LOVED by me and many other people on our block.


Ike, 08/10/2007 - 09/29/2009

My friend, my baby. So smart - Sit, down, dance, roll over, heel, house, hurry up (potty) -willing to please, friendly, loving unconditionally. You will always be the best puppy in the whole world. I love you most.

Ike (Mr. Eisenhower), 01/05/93-02/16/09

What a personallity! A cute laughing face. Though you were 16 years old, you gave us 13 years of joy and happy times.
We miss your happy talk and you waggy tail. So protective, that you would bite anyone that came near us, we loved you cause you loved us..I know that you are happy and funny now and hope that you have found Scottie up there.
Our house is empty without you, no one to meet us at the door when you have been left behind. Sorry we had to let you go like we did, but the doctor thought we did it right. Please forgive us.
We love you buddy.

Barbara and Ed

Ike {asbo Ike}, 08/12/08

Ike,you went before your time but in the 2 short years you had with me and your canine friends,you found the will to be happy again. You came to me as an angry & confused rescue but over time you turned into a loveable little rogue. You had youre group of human friends who had helped and understood you, and in turn you adored them-even running out of an agility ring to see them!! I know youve found Bouncer & Jasper the horse,so you can all look after each
We all miss you little dog, and there was so much i was looking forward to doing as a team.
Take care wee man.xx

Mel Duncan

Ilf, 05/19/87-02/29/00

I rescued you from a life outdoors,and,you thanked me by being one of the sweetest cats I have ever owned...You were with me till the end...Missing you...

Sande Butler

Indiana 'Indy', 01/25/95-04/11/09

Indy was a wonderful friend and beloved family member. She had cancer that was being treated but ultimately had to be put to rest because she could not get up anymore on her own. We love and miss her so much it really hurts.

Noelyn M. Kljavin

Indiana, 02/08/09

Indiana, we love you and miss you so very much, you were the best friend to us all, you always seemed to know exactly what each one of us needed, even when we didn't.
You were always so brave, I still look for you and expect to see you in your favorite spots, I turn and sometimes still feel you with me. I know you had to go, and hope you wait for us. Someday we will be altogether again. But for now we know your no longer suffering, your whole and healthy and happy again.
We love you always
Mom, Dad, and Roo

Indigo 'Bookie', 03/18/97-03/10/09

Our sweet girl.
We had you for nearly 12 years.
You were so loved by so many.
You were such a clown yet so gentle and loving.
We will miss you but will carry you in our hearts forever.
We will meet you across the bridge later...until and play and be silly.
We love you.
Your Mama's & your brother Gus

Indigo Jones, 03/24/09

Oh my sweet buddy, you were by my side through so many trials. I'm so sorry for all the time you sat waiting for me to come home, and I'm so grateful for all the time we spent running through the woods and the desert, and on our creekwalks. Remember last summer when I fell in and you laughed at me? There was nothing I liked more than seeing the tip of your tail wagging through the tall grass, except maybe sitting with you on a hill when we were tired. You taught me how to love, and how to be in the moment. You arrived when I most needed you, and you stayed until I was healthy. You are my angel dog. I will always love you.

Lexa Scupham

Indy, 06/04/96-06/05/09

We'll miss you forever my sweetheart!!
We will never forget you and we thank you for the years of love, companionship, and loyalty.
You were always such a good girl and our home is empty now that you are gone.
I can see you playing with all your friends in heaven and I think you are curled up next to Pammy at night for warmth.
We love you!

Courtney Benedict

Indy, 09/29/96-05/07/09

Indy boy,

I could never put in words what you were to me.
You will be in my heart, until we meet again.


Indy, 02/01/93-03/04/09

To my best friend, Indy, who was always there for me. She was my shadow. I miss you so much and know I'll be with you again one day. I know you're happy and healthy now, and lying in the sun beside the ones who've gone before you. I miss you Monkey....

Wendy McGlynn

Indy, 02/01/95-01/12/09

Bender, for 14 yrs you made my life happier, I can only hope I made yours happy too.
I love you Little Man.

Kim Doss

Indy Lily, 12/21/08

Indy, our deceased Ferret was such a joy from the day she was found wandering on a busy roadway.
My husband brought her home to care for, but I was reluctant to keep her.
I had a difficult time viewing her as a rodent.
But Ferrets are not, they are a member of the weasel, mink family.
So I read up on them and discovered what wonderful pets they are.
I finally held her and played with her after a couple of months, and was totally in love with her ever since.
Unfortunately, after three years of tender loving care, she developed adrenal gland disease and all the treatment could not save her.
We had to put her down just before Christmas, 2008.
She was suffering, and we could not bear to watch this.
She is so sadly missed and we had her cremated, so she is still with us. Maybe we will get another one someday, since we just lost our precious dog.
It seems pets are not in the plan right now.
But we're sure you're resting in peace, our precious Indy Lily.
We Love You, Mommy & Daddy xo

Inga, 04/13/97-01/30/09

Your example of mercy, steadfast courage, loyalty, compassion, and your joy-filled Eski smile added an undeniable light to our lives.
We look forward to sharing eternity with you as we are called to comfort by our Lord.
We are so glad you are healed and with Him now.
Thank you for loving us back so deeply.

Beth, John, and Your Constant Companion- Shepherd Ben


may ink rest in peace and always know that mommy loves her baby.

Linda Kolbe

Instinct, 06/07/09

Instinct we love you-- you were our one eyed pet for 10 years.. we will miss you Opal and the girls.

Opal Brinkley

Insy, 09/91-12/30/08

She was a wonderful, loving friend

Wendy Lien

Iolaus, 04/05/09

My your sweet soul find rest and maybe you hurt onlonger.. I love you baby boy.

Crystal Raines

Irie, 06/01/08-06/23/09

My sweet sweet Irie, We only spent but a year with you, but i loved every second of it. im so sorry your life was taken from you so quickly. I love you so much little puppy and i will NEVER forget you. I hope you found Millie up there in heaven, she's lots of fun too. I miss the way you would come and be my cat dog and sit on my lap while i was watching tv. Or the way that you had a specific bedtime everynight, you were done by 11 o clock. Irie you brought so much joy to our lives and i can never thank you enough for the chance to be your owner. Know that we always tried to be the best owners we could to you baby. i love you little puppy, and ill see you someday again. wait for me.
Brittney (mom)

Iris, 06/22/09

To my beloved Iris

I love you Iris.
You were my constant companion and protector on remote ranches and farms for so many years.
Thank you for sitting on the end of my bed listening for trouble when I was so tired.
Thank you for staying in motel rooms for so many hours while I was out on the grade working.
Thank you for being with me, under the covers on those three dog nights when it was just you and me in the candle light.
I love you Iris.
Please forgive me for letting go of your dear paws and telling you to leave me. I love you Iris.
No one knows better than you how much I love you and how you never ever let me down when I needed you to keep watch. Thank
you for all the beautiful, heartfelt singing when we were our only entertainment - priceless entertainment I will never forget.
I knew you were a huge part of my world, but now I can see how you filled every corner of my life.
When other mother asked me if my best friend was still a dog, I was proud to say YES! Now and forever.
I love you Iris.
You are a proud member of both worlds of Border Collies and Basinjis.
You knew what was going on everywhere, always.
Thank you Iris for coming back to me time after time.
I love you Iris.
Your human, Sheridan

Iris, 2009

Iris was the most gentle, kind, and loving dog ever.
She loved everyone, especially cats and belly rubs.
She will be sorely missed by all the friends and family of C&E Furniture.

Gerry, Nancy Katie & Becky Winnington

Iris, 11/04/93-02/21/09

Thank you for having spent 15 years with us, thank you for all the love you gave us. You will remain for ever in our heart. Carry on with all you have to do in the somewhere else world, Sami has joined you the night before last, you both find your ways peacefully, I hope that the candle light will show you how much we miss you and love you.

Anouk de Winter

Iron, 11/5/95-7/15/09

We miss you so much, you were such a huge part of our lives that it feel so empty without you here. it has only been days since you left my side and crossed the rainbow bridge. I know over time this pain will disappear, but you will always be in our hearts and minds. I just want to thank you for being the best friend we could ever have.

I love you so much
Mommy and Daddy

Isa Marinko, 04/07/09

I cannot count the miles we walked or the tears I have shed since you left us.
I miss you more than you would ever know and will never forget you.

Jay Marinko

Isabel, 11/95 - 8/31/09


loved me in a way that an old tabby can,  
gave me kisses in the morning with her cold wet nose,  
purred me to sleep for 14 years,  
woke my lonely heart with her loving spirit,  
she'll remain a part of who I am.

Companion, listener, communicator, jestor, beauty, sun godess,snuggler, hunter and secret keeper  
I miss you so.

Isabel, 12/28/98 - 7/15/09

Dear little Woo,
Our precious little girl. You brought endless joy, love and laughter to us. You gave unconditional love, encouragement, gentleness and your own special limitless devotion to every one of your people. You made each of us feel as if you loved us best! You helped to teach your brothers how to be responsible, loving people. You showed each of us how to love unselfishly, withour reservation, just because.....

You will be forever in our hearts. We thank God for sharing you with us for so many years.

Wait for us, my little angel. Keep a close watch and in the blink of an eye, we'll be running to you, never to be separated again. In the meantime, keep an eye out for Bub, and Darwing and tell them you're in charge.

Thank you for your love and patience with us. You taught us the best things we know.


Isabel, 09/04/05-03/18/09

My baby Isabel you were with me for far too short a time. I have never known love like the love you gave me and the love I could give to you. I will miss you forever and a big piece of my heart is gone with you. I will miss talking to you more than anything and, I'll even miss your eating the bread and stealing the uncooked chicken.
I love you Princess Isabella, always.


Isabell, 10/31/08-05/02/09

I love you and will miss you very much. You were and will always be my little buddy. I will miss all of your kisses and the playtimes we had. Im sorry you had to go through so much and die so young. But i am glad we had you as long as we did. You will always have a place in my heart. Know that now your at peace and are no longer suffering and you wont be in heaven alone you have willow to play with. I know in my heart we will be together again. I love you isabell xoxo


ISABELLA, 12/16/1997 - 12/01/2009

We had been a three dog one cat family. One of our dogs, Sheba, died in 1995, and then another, Maggie Mae, in 1997. The house felt empty so we decided to get another dog to keep our 12 1/2 year old Golden Retriever, Goldie, company. We went to a breeder who had three puppies left. Two were very cute and playful, and the third was very quiet and somewhat aloof. That is the one my wife chose. On the drive home of about an hour, our new eight week old puppy, (we named her Isabellatheball but called her Isabella, Isabell, Izzy or Iz) sat on my wife's lap without stirring at all. Isabell reached up and gave my wife a kiss on the face but that was about the only movement she made. No crying, barking, fussing etc. I was thinking at the time,” Wow what a wonderfully calm puppy she is”. When we arrived home, we brought Isabella into the house and put her on the floor. It was as if she had been there before (we think she might have been reincarnated from Sheba as she had a lot of the same attributes though she was a different breed). She ran into a different room and made a beeline for the toy boxes we had for our puppies. For the next five days she didn't stop running around and trying to get into mischief. She jumped up on the kitchen counters, tore apart all the toilet paper rolls, tissue boxes etc. Her next endearing trait was ankle biting. I said to my wife, "See you chose the wrong puppy, this one is a devil dog". My wife said, "Wait and see, she will be one of the great ones". Boy was she right. Isabella became an intelligent, loving, loyal, beautiful girl. She kept our 12 1/2 old Goldie company for three more years until Goldie passed on in 2000. A few months before Goldie passed away we brought home another puppy, Jesse, for Isabell to play with. Izzy thought that Jesse was her toy and played with her accordingly. Jesse loved every second of it. Well, the years went by and Isabell became the ambassador for dogs in our neighborhood. Everyone we met loved her and she loved them right back. Human or animal, she didn't care, she loved them all. Many of our neighbors adopted dogs for their children because of Isabell. At eleven years old, Isabella was still acting like a five year old. A few months past her eleventh birthday she started slowing down but we thought nothing of it. We took her for a blood test and everything was fine. I was gleefully thinking that Isabell would live to be fifteen like our Goldie did. As the weeks passed she start slowing down rapidly and little by little stopped doing things that she had done for years. We took her to the vet as we had found a lump on her shoulder. Her blood test was still good but showed very slight anemia. They took some blood from the lump, but it came back negative. A few more weeks passed and Isabell was getting fatigued easily and had stopped doing everything within her normal routine, though she did go for her two miles of walks every day. One night Isabell was lying on our patio. I went outside to be with her. She jumped up and dove on her favorite toy and ran across the backyard to play with me. She hadn’t done this in many weeks and it filled my heart. We kept it up for about 20 minutes and then she laid down to rest. It was as if she was saying “See dad I can still do it”, or maybe she was saying, “This is the way I want you to remember me” as she knew she was dying. That was the last time she ever played with anyone. Finally we took her back to the vet and he suggested taking the lump off and sending it to the pathology lab. The lumped turn out to be a very large, extremely aggressive, incurable cancer. That was last Wednesday. She never rallied form the operation and just got weaker and weaker. She could barely stand and no longer wanted to eat. Yesterday , just six days after her operation, we put our beloved Isabella at peace. She has started her journey to Rainbow Bridge to be with her sisters; Sheba, Maggie Mae, Goldie & Tyler (our kitty).Our hearts and souls are making the journey with her and our prayer is that someday we will all be together again.

Stu & Annie

Isabella, 03/15/00-04/29/09

My Isabella was the only creature I ever met on this Earth who was totally without guile or anger.
I will always miss her clear, soft eyes looking up at me with love.
She met me at the door every day when I arrived home from work, and sat at my feet just watching me and chattering until bedtime.
Her loss from cancer has left a hole in my life and my heart so large I don't know how or if I can ever fill it.
As she slipped away, I told her to wait for me at the Rainbow Bridge, and I would join her.
Two nights later, I had a dream.
I was standing in a foggy clearing, watching a cat walk toward me.
It was Bella, healthy and whole again.
She came within 5 feet, stood looking at me for a few seconds, then turned around and walked away.
As I awoke, a small voice in my head said, clearly "I'll be waiting for you."
I wouldn't expect anything else from her.

Charlotte Turley

Isabella, 08/02/08-02/01/09

She was only in my life for such a short time but will forever be in my heart. I miss her so much and will never forget about the joy she brought into my life. Goodbye sweet angel.

Danielle Taylor

Isabella, aka Izzy B, Isabella Bingleberry and Bella, 01/19/09

When I lost my 20-year old Pusswinkles just four years ago on 1/17/05, I thought my heart would never recover.
Isabella had been his playmate for several years--he was the one she accepted.

Then when I realised we were both grieving ourselves to death, I got Playdoh--my Child of the Corn.
Knowing Isabella would soon pass on, Honeybump soon joined us, and for one year the three of us would be happier than ever.

Then just two weeks ago today, an eviction changed everything.
We ended up sleeping in our car, and when a friend said we three could stay on her sofa bed with her cat, Beau, we knew there would be an adjustment, but the transition was smooth.

Except for Isabella.
She soon stopped eating, going to the litterbox every five minutes (I knew she was probably facing end-stage renal failure.), and needing me to force-feed her.
I thought it was perhaps stress and would pass, but alas, when she began crying out in pain, I knew it was time to ease her into the Rainbow Bridge.

Today at 5:10 I have an appointment to do just that.
And while I'll probably always blame myself for allowing this to happen, at least I was able to keep my promise to her that I made as soon as Puss passed:
That when it was her time to go, she, too, would go to sleep held lovingly in my arms.

Isabella, my faithful companion, I will meet you at the Rainbow Bridge.
Du bist mein gut fraulein.

Carla René

Isabella and Lilianna, 12/9/08 and 1/26/09

Isabella, you were one of the best things that ever happened to me.
I can still see that spirited, determined little chin of yours lifted into the air trying to see over the dashboard, and I will always remember you calling me Ma-Ma when I decided you were too old to adopt at the pound.
You proved me so wrong.
And, I hope you welcome little Lilly.
She was so sweet and shy and gentle.
I knew her for only five short visits.
The vet told me today that her cancer was too extensive, but I'll always remember the trust she was willing to venture and the love she was willing to give.
Night sweet babes.

Karen Delaney

Isabelle, 05/11/09

To my very best friend...I love you and I miss you!!!!

Mickie Manning

Isabelle Wilson, 10/22/99-05/13/09

Oh my Isabelle how I love you!
You were the turest of friends and provided the deepest of loves!
I will cherish you and love you forever!
You leave behind a legacy of unconditional love and an admiral spirit of strength!
You fought your battle with dignity and courage and you have truly inspired me to be a better person.
People say you were lucky to have us but I was lucky to have you.
God may have you in heaven; but I have you in my heart!

April Wilson

Isca, 04/01/09

The most loving, affectionate friend you could have. Everyone was his friend, esp if they had food! TTotal chocaholic, loved all veg & fruit - whether raw, cooked or frozen. Life is not the same without him, there is a BIG hole.

Edith Storey

Isha, 11/15/98-01/17/09

She was my best friend, my backpacking and hiking buddy.
Even though she knew how to rough it in the outdoors, she was spoiled enough to crawl under the covers for warmth in bed.
She had a wonderful smile (don't tell me dogs don't smile) and a wag of her stump for anyone and everyone; people and pets, that she met.
Not a mean bone in her body.
She lived life to the fullest and forgave unconditionally.
She stole her way into everyone's heart.

I love you, Isha Bisha, my Princess Girl.

Michelle A. Dufault

Isis, 05/04/04-06/24/09

Our Sweet Isis...
I remember the first day I brought you were the princess of the house..You learned how to open doors and always listened when we needed it...I hope you know how much we both loved and still love you! You were a blessing to the family and even though we tried to get you to wear a red shirt when you didn't want too, you were a sport about it! I just want to thank you for bringing so much joy in my life and loving me uncondtionally...You will always be my sweet princess...

Melis & Ron

Isis, 04/21/09

I first got Isis as a stray outside of a Pizza Hut restaurant in Arlington, Tx. in 1998. She was emaciated. I took her in, and took her to the vet. She checked out good at the vet. She ate good, and gained her weight back quickly.

But our journey together has now ended. She became inactive, and not eating around April 10, 2009. Took her to the vet on 04/14/09. He prescribed two antibiotics, which I gave her like clockwork. But one week later on 04/21/09...she passed away.

She was such a good cat and companion. She enriched my life. I'm glad I found her outside that Pizza Hut and brought her home. Those 11 years togther were great. I miss you Isis. You are with the Lord now. You are in paradise now, and very happy with Zeus, Panther, Suzie and Brittany. I love you.


Isis, 01/14/09

We miss our dog so much right now. She was one of the sweetest dogs.

Cheryl and Charlie

Issa Bella di Villa Regina, 07/24/93-01/10/09

Goodbye, Issa.
But just for a while...
I truly believe there is a Rainbow Bridge and that you will be there waiting for us...
Cara, TT, Cookie, Sugar and Angelo all miss you so much, too.
We are all looking forward to joining you there some day...

I am so grateful that something told me to stay home yesterday and that a few hours later something then made me really look at you and stop and notice and somehow comprehend that you were beginning your final journey...
even though the vet and I thought you just had a little sore back on Friday morning...
I am still in shock -- I did not expect this at all...
But I am so grateful that when I realized it would soon be the end that I had a chance to lay with you for those hours and hold you and tell you how much I loved you and what a good girl you always were.
I am so glad I was able to do your favorite kind of cuddling one more time while you could still hear me and know me and feel me.
I was able to tell you all of our funny stories and laugh at all of your quirks and tell you how pretty you were (pretty was your word) and nuzzle you and kiss and kiss and kiss and kiss you.
To tell you how much I love you and would miss you and to not be afraid...
but mostly I am so, so, so grateful that you went peacefully and painlessly.

Thank you so much for your unwaveringly honest, joyful and unconditional adoration of me...
Thank you for giving me the opportunity to give it all back to you in return....
Thank you so much for enriching my life with that experience...
It definitely made me a better human...

You were not just a dog, my IssaPoo, you truly saved my life...

Mommy Regina

Issi, 09/28/00-02/10/09

Issi, you brought so much happiness into my life after I lost Kahn and Precious.
You have been such a wonderful sister to Coco and to the kitties whom you accepted without question.
You fought a brave battle and I thank you for making my life complete. You take a big piece of my heart with you and I will always remember my little shadow.
Your suffering is over now.
I love you my beautiful Issibella.
God speed.

Barb Aka Drewtenderheartwolf

Itch, 03/22/94-05/13/09

Itch, I know you are in a better place and I am sorry you were alone when you passed away. The 4 boys really love you and miss you. they remember how you playing and scratching them. They want you to go play with TOY and COUGAR, your best friends
love mommy

Itchy, 06/01/05-01/11/09

Our pet Itchy died today. And now we feel a big gap in our hearts. I can still hear his little paws running up and down the stairs. He was a strong and brave boy and he will always be rememberd. There are still so many things he has broken but suddenly i'm o.k with that. When we first got him we also got a toy hotdog that squeaks. We thought he loved it but he hated the noise. Everytime I squeaked it he came running after me. Now when I squeak it nothing happens.Now I understand he is happy in the rainbow bridge and he will always be in our hearts.

Sophia, Jocelyn and Andrew Gold

Itchy-Scratchy, 04/14/09

Poor boy, a beauty of a black cat, you came to us from the wild with Liver & Kidney Failure, painful teeth, baldness, malnutrition and old age but you were happy, full of character and grateful to be cared for and have some food, water and a comfortable, safe place to rest your weariness. You touched our lives so briefly but it was like we knew you forever, we could never forget you.
We tried our best to get you some help but the vet said that you had to go to the rainbow bridge after many tests and attempts to right the wrong that you suffered. We will be there some day to see you again.

You know Us xxxxx

Itty-Bitty, 05/08-06/03/09

You had such a spirit. The first time I saw you I knew you where special. You where born without having a loving human around you and still, you decided to trust me. You came when called, you snuggled and cuddled and gave so much love. You became sick and still, you fought against the sickness with the courage of a lion. You came to me on june 6th to say good bye. Had I known I wouldn´t have let you go back outside. I would have held you so you wouldn´t have been alone. I will always remember my little Itty-Bitty. A small cat with so much courage and love and trust to give!

Sabine W

IttyBitty, 04/90-11/18/08

We love and miss you so very dearly.
That horrible HyperT can no longer hurt you...thank you for your love and devotion to all of us.
Thank you for the many(19)years and love you gave us and all the work you put into helping mommy raise the children (mommy is single)We love you our precious Bitty...Mommy, Rachel(11y),Thomas(15y),Nathaniel(9y) and Caleb(3y)and feline sister Zanda(21y)as well as Ava, Chloe, Heidi, Cookie, and Sophey (other family furbabies)

Ivan, 06/28/09

Miss you, Ivan, "the wonder-dog!"

Sally Hoover

Ivan, 03/30/09


Vera and Andrea Principe

Ivan, 07/12/00-03/16/09

Ivan, my best friend! I have never been more loved by a creature, and never more loved a creature myself! You were the best friend anyone could have! You have the heart of a lion and I am so proud of how you carried yourself thru all your days, from the day I met you, till the day and moment of your passing. What a wonderful boy you were. Never once did you ever harm a living thing, though you were so physically strong and capable yourself. You never used your physical power to harm any living thing. Many who saw you feared you, though they didn't need were really just a big teddy bear.
I love you, and will always love you, and will never forget you. I am so sorry if I made you suffer anymore then you needed to. You are so brave. I will not fear death as I know it will reunite us. Be joyful my buddy, we will meet again!

Your daddy,
p.s. Amy loves and misses u two, as do all of us on this side!

Ivan Beeker, 10/91-01/30/08

I love you Beekie! Thanks for being you over all the years we've been together. I hope you are at peace with Bailey now.

Cindy Hill

Ivory, 06/15/93-05/05/09

for my angel

Paula L. Mechanic

Ivy, 05/15/09

My sweet sweet Ivy girl is no longer in pain. She left this life on Friday, May 15th. How I miss her so! The pain I feel seems unbearable. I know she's now at peace and that brings me comfort but I will miss her forever and ever.

Amy Bigge

Ivy, 02/14/95-03/26/09

Will see you again princess.


Ivy aka Kitty, 03/15/94-01/21/09

the only time i ever felt lonely was when you weren't here to greet me at the door.
So long, my little bed buddy.
I will never forget

Lorna J. Koberlein

Ivy Marie, 09/25/98-05/26/09

You were so much more than my pet,you were my friend,companion,confidant,& the best snuggle buddy ever!

You loved everyone in spite of everything written about your breed.You are so missed.The house is empty without you.I loved you to much to watch you suffer any longer.

I know I will be seeing you again someday.Until then my sweet baby girl, I do Love You So.

Diane Martin

Izzy, 07/13/94 - 10/31/09

Izzy, You were a wonderful dog. Thanks for all the love you have given in your 15 years on this planet. You will be missed. We will think of you everyday. We hope you are with your "sister" Holly in Heaven.

Love, Tina, Amelie and Opie

Izzy, 05/14/09

Miss Isabeau (Izzy) was 16 this spring. Failing health and and spine/joint pain made life difficult but she never lost her grin or her curiosity- or her love for me. Izzy was my travel companion and we took many a trip together- family expected that she would be wherever I roamed. Searching out squirrels - trying to bite the water from the hose- exploring everywhere- thinking she was bigger than her Rottweiler sister Harlee- and knowing she was above the antics of kitty brother Buddy Higgins- these all made life fun. Sleeping curled up next to "Mom"- this made life supremely happy (as did her treats!!). Oh she will be missed so very much. I will carry her in my heart.

Robbin Stokes

Izzy, 06/24/07-04/14/09

Izzy you were my best friend and I loved you so much.
I loved how you watched me and would follow me around my apartment.
Your time here was short but you made a lot a people happy.

Gwyn Burden

Izzy, 01/07/08

Our precious Izzy with the perky ears will be missed terribly.
We are so thankful for the joy she brought to us for the time we had her as a part of our family.
See you at the Bridge sweet will always be in our hearts.

The Deupree Family

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