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2009 Tributes

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For pet names beginning with "G".

G Gordon Kitty, 06/05/09

Oh loyal friend, I hope you're having fun frisking about with all of your new friends at Rainbow's Bridge.
Can't wait to see you.
I love you.

Bruce G Rockey

G Kitty, 06/01/09

"G" Kitty found us one day when she walked into our garage. She was an older Alley cat and was very confused, scared, hungry. We feel that she might have been abandoned by her previous owner and when she saw our garage door open, she took the chance to come in. From that day on, we accepted her with loving and open arms and little by little we gained her trust and love in return. We named her "G" Kitty because she spent most of her time in the garage with my husband and followed him around everywhere. She was a beautiful calico cat that had the warmest eyes and even though she was older, she had the cutest baby face. Her black stripe down her nose made her stand out. She would come in at night when it was time to go to bed and would lay in the same spot on the couch night after night. We always covered her with a blanket to make her feel extra warm. I will miss her adorable face and am so proud to have been her owner before she made her journey up to heaven. We love you G Kitty and are honored that you let us love you and care for you. Thank you for being in our lives. It gives us comfort to know that when you left us, you KNEW that you were loved very much and that we were and are your family. We love you!

Richard Mull & Analyn Dolor

Gabby, 04/01/89-05/28/09

Gabby you were the best friend and roommate that anyone could ever wish for.
I will miss you so much. I know that you are feeling better and no longer are in any discomfort.
I love you "baby girl."
You will always be my kitten.

Anne Marmorale

Gabby, 05/19/09

Gabby hope you fine your brother Andy, now you are back together.
I will miss you, hope to see you someday!

Gabby, 08/01/95-05/16/09

My sweet Gabby girl left me too soon and too fast this past Saturday.
She was always there for me whenever I needed her...unconditionally.
She brought love, laughter and joy to my life when at times when I'd just about given up hope on life.
We bonded instantly and she got her name from talking to me the whole way home from the awful farm where she was born.
She told me all about her life up until then and then licked my face and hands as I drover her to our home.
Gabby was my sweet girl and I will never be the same without her.
I love and miss you Gabriella!
My noodle doodle!
I will see you again one day and we can snuggle all you like.
I would give anything to have one more snuggle session with you.

Leslie Uffalussy

Gabby, 05/22/00-05/06/09

To the best girl in the whole world. I miss you sweet girl so much and my heart feels like it has fallen right out of my chest. I know that I have so much love to give but you gave me your whole goofy, silly soul and I feel so lost without you. Don't forget to get your stick and bring the paper to the house in the morning. I love you Gabby Girl.

Debra Moody

Gabby Andrey, 01/19/03-09/19/08

I will miss you Gabby forever. You were the light of my life and the music of my heart.


Gabby Girl, 12/31/04-07/06/09

I love you so much and wait for the day you run into my arms again.
I promise to never let you go! I miss you so much.
You brought so much love and happiness into my life.

Cheryl Dubenezic

Gabriel, 1997 - 8/8/09

Dear Gabriel,

I am going to miss you so much. You are my special little guy. I am sorry I had to put you to sleep. I just didn't want to see you in pain and I didn't want you to have another stroke. You have always been there for me. We went thru so much together. I loved your tuxedo coat and crazy meow. You will always have a very special place in my heart. I love you, Gabe


Gabriel, 04/01/02-07/19/08

Gabe, you were my best friend. I still think of you every day.
You came into this world with so much against you yet you always were loving and friendly to everyone you met.
You helped me through so many difficult times - I only wish I could have done more for you when cancer struck you. Your time here was far too short. A piece of my heart went with you when you died.
I love you and will never forget you!

Michelle Taylor

Gabriel, 2007-07/03/08

Gabriel was my soul mate from day one.
He loved to cuddle with me and always made me smile.
He fought pneumonia through his short life and the sickness finally won.
I miss him everyday that he's not here and i am.
He helped me be who i am today and taught me the real meaning of love and friendship.
I love you baby boy!


Gabriel, 1994-04/04/07

It is now two years and as I promised you have not been forgotten. Reminders of you are everywhere.
Now you have Ethan with you...


Gabriel, 03/12/98-03/22/09

Gabe, you touched the lives of many during your stay with us. Your were the best friend anyone could ever ask for. The memory of you will live on in my heart and in my mind, forever.

Darren O'Shea

Gabriel, 03/17/99-03/03/09

Good bye my beautiful boy,we will remember and love you for all the days of our lives.Wait for me at the Rainbow Bridge until we meet again.

Suzanne and James Deslauriers

Gabriella Marie Knight aka Pretty Princess, 08/01/01-06/14/09

My pretty little princess has crossed the Rainbow Bridge after a valiant fight to stay with us. She is/was the daughter I never had. I cannot imagine my life without her, but I'm so glad I have had the opportunity to have her in it. I can honestly say that everyday of her short life, I was thankful and blessed. Never once was she taken for granted or unloved. She was always showered with kisses and hugs that were always recipricated... I will miss her beyond what words could ever say or describe. My baby is gone, and I can only hope that I will be lucky enough to see her again.

Nicole Knight

Gaby, 02/02/09

to the most gentle beautiful creature I have ever known....a heart full of love, trust and devotion

Doris Bell

Gaby, 02/10/96-03/06/09

My beautiful golden girl is missed more than I can say. She was my companion for far too short a time and will be missed forever. She rode shotgun when I drove to my new home across the country and adapted to the desert heat even tho she preferred the cool climate of our 'back east" home. Even when Cushing's Disease weakened her muscles, slowed her walk and claimed her soft coat and beautiful feathering, her mind was sharp and her will was strong. She'd remind me of when it was time to take her pills. She'd be ready for a walk even tho we couldn't go far before she would be tired out. She was the first to greet me in the morning and the last to bid me good night. Gaby girl, how I miss you.

Sally Roland

Galaxy, 05/05/09

Galaxy was a very sweet special little rat, who was in our life for only a short time due to an illness that he had contracted from the store where we got him at. This si a tribute not only for our little Galaxy, but too all domestic ratties, who are very sweet & intelligent & are wonderful creatures.

Rick & Ila Vazquez

Gambler, 04/04/09

Thank you for being a good boy, little guy.
Thank you for keeping us company and for always being happy and excited to see us; we love you very much.
Although the pain is overwhelming, we are also grateful to have spent seven years with you.
See you later, boboy.

Lola, Lolo, Fernando and Rest Of Your Family

Gandalf, 03/19/01

You know you are so missed by me,and Elliemae too!
Someday we will see each other again. Also your little sister Oreo missed you until you 2 were reunited in March 22nd 2006.
I'm sure you would have liked Willie!
Love mom Elliemae & Willie

Garbo, 04/21/95-07/12/09

Grieve not, nor speak of me with tears, but laugh and talk of me as if I were beside you.
I loved you so, t'was heaven here with you.

Lee Morris

GARETH. 10/May/1999 - 2/Oct/2009


Gracias por ete amor que me diste como ningún ser humano lo ha hecho. Aunque regaños recibiste y unos golpes también Recordaré que siempre tuviste buen sentido del humor moviendo tu colita ante cualquier situación Eras y serás siempre un perrito que dio amor. Tendràs un lugar en el cielo con perritos que hizo Dios Hermos mi pequeñito lindo, te llevaré en mi corazón.

I just want to thank you for all the love you gave us. You were always happy, wagging your tail and you were never sad although you had a pain in your beautiful face. I miss you so much. I also thank you for spending your last night with me. Thanks to you, I have learnt to be happy despite all the problems I have. I miss your barks at night but you will be always in my heart. It is difficult to live without you. I cannot thank you enough for giving us 10 wonderful years close to you. I really hope that we can meet at the Rainbow Bridge. I know that you are taking care of us from that beautiful place where you are now. THANK YOU VERY MUCH! I will always love you!

Olga y Liss

Garfield, August 4, 2009

Garfield, a 7-year-old Guinea Pig who retired as a classroom pet in June went to the Bridge Aug. 4, 2009.  
A handsome orange and white Abyssinian, he was a proud member of the Sabatini Piggie Clan. He died of complications from a dental infection.  
Garfield joins his brothers Midnight, the patriarch of the Sabatini Clan, at the Bridge along with brothers Huey and Chester and sister Mama Pajama.  
Oh how we miss them so.  
Garfield retired from Mrs. Hadley's class at the Walt Disney Elementary School, Levittown, PA in June and came to spend his remaining days with the Sabatini Clan. He had lived with our family for the past three years while "working" as a classroom pet at Disney.  
Mrs. Hadley, his first mom, decided that when Mrs. Sabatini retired, it was time for Garfield to retire too.  
Happiness reigned that June morning when the others Piggies learned that he had been given to us to live in retirement. But that happiness turned to sadness the other day when Garfield went to The Bridge.  
Garfield we will never forget you. We hope you will wait for us at The Bridge with your brothers and sister.  
We held you close as you went to The Bridge and hope you are at peace now little one.  
Things will never be the same here. Your "weaks" as treats were being distributed will be missed as will your ear wiggling performance when your dad brought you your morning treats.  
Little boy, we want you to know how much we will miss you. We will always love you and never forget you. Until we meet at The Bridge, skip merrily with your brothers and sisters.  
Love, Mom & Dad, brothers Dewey & Louie (Louis), Blackjack, Cajun, Darby & Maguire; sisters Kimmi and Junie B., niece Baby Luv, cousin Ziggy, and your first "mom" Mrs. Hadley.

Garfield, 05/10/03-06/19/09

Garfield, now you can play with Tabatha and never be sick again. Mommy will miss you forever...

Garfield, 06/22/09

Garfield was a good friend. He was always loving, patient and sweet. He was playful and active. On May 22, we were told he had congestive heart failure and would not make it thru the week. He made it another month. He was losing weight, having problems eating and we knew it was time. It was hard to say good-bye. We had to love him enough to stop the pain.
Always in our heaarts...Garfield, best friend..


Garfield, 03/26/09

Garfield was the most loving kitty in the world.
He was a Daddy's boy and was always waiting at the door for us when we came home.
He loved to be cuddled and carried like a baby.
He brought so much love and joy to our family the last 14 years, we will miss him every day for the rest of our life. Until we meet again at the Rainbow Bridge baby Garfield you will be in our hearts.

Mommy,Daddy and Kris love you - thank you for all the memories and love

Garfield, 02/92-02/2009


Laura Clinard

Garfield, 02/04/09

I picked you up underneath a car and you only weighed 1lb 6oz, a dog had bitten your tail off.
I took you to the shelter because as Animal Control Officer thats what l had to do.
But, l thought of you all weekend and decided Monday that you would be living with me and all my other fur babies.
You were turning into a handsome cat, and then you developed a lung infection and getting well was not to be.
Garfield l had to make that awful decision, but know that l held you in my arms until you went to forever sleep.
We had a fun time and you gave me lots of laughs.
I love You Garfield.
See you at the Bridge...

Barbara Butler

Garfield Cummings, 06/2001-05/02/09


Kimberly Cummings

Garth, 1984

You were the gentlest and sweetest of dogs,you brought joy to us all during your time with us.
I know you are with my Father who died just before you passed away,I often think of and remember you both!

Sandra Gregory

Garth, 11/23/99-01/11/09

My angel in fur - always there when I needed a friend.

Rachel Morin

Gary, 02 July 2009

I still love you Gary!


Gary, 05/08/06-01/08/09

If I didn't know better, I'd think Gary was a dog. Extremely lean and well built; ideal weight at 12 pounds. From the time he was a little kitten he'd terrorize his (at the time) 16 year old companion, knock stuff over from sliding around on hardwood, nose his way into cabinets and closets, disturbing their contents along the way. Even in his sleep, his tail never ceased to move, breaking more than a couple vases and around a dozen ashtrays.

The names above are not all family. In fact, there are four families represented there. Families who were touched and blessed with Gary's attitude, spunk and love.

Pippin is the senior companion he left behind, and she mourns his loss greatly. She is 19 now, and this is the second life companion she's lost since Leslie adopted her ten years ago.

There wasn't a single day in his short life that he wasn't loved by many. He was a happy kitty.

Who would have thought that having too big a heart could end such a wonderful young life?

Gary continued to enrich our lives after his passing in ways he'll never understand. Josh quit smoking that night, I (Paige) and Kirill have followed suit since then. Breanna and Daniel will soon follow us.

His final lesson for us was this: Life is unpredictable and spontaneous. All we can do as human beings is try to put the odds in our favor.

To Perseverance, Family, and most of all, Gary. We send our best from all of us, and we hope your happy tail is breaking stuff in kitty heaven.

Paige, Josh, Daniel, Leslie, Kirill, Breanna, Pippin

Gateway, 01/20/09

Our special Gateway kitty, I wish you could have stayed longer, but we had a good life together.
I'll especially miss you reaching up for us to pick you up.
You'll miss playing the piano on Scott's tummy!
We love you buddy!!!

Scott, Laurie and Amanda Warren

Gator, 01/13/09

gator your mom is to upset to write this so i am writing it for her.
today you went outside to go potty and some how accidently fell into the pool.
you were not there long but she could not revive you.
you only weighed a little over a pound but you held a very special place in your mom and dad's heart. they will miss you very much and wished they had more time with you, but they will meet you on rainbow bridge and you will pass over to heaven together.

beverly for donna and steve

Gatsby, 05/07/00-12/23/08

Gatsby was a beautiful soft eared beagle who loved his food and walking with his nose to the ground sniffing out the wonderful smells of nature.
Every morning he wiggled his way into our bed to sniggle deep under the covers and get a few last minutes of "snoozing" with his human parents.
He is missed by me terribly but I believe someday he will join me in the rainbow bridge.

Sharon Field

GB, 09/21/93-06/23/07

GB, We miss you so much.
Wait for us on the bridge.
Love you Little One!

Richard/Barbara Muller

GC, 11/22/90 - 8/8/09

Sweet little GC girl, you will be missed. You were loved more than words can express. I remember so well the night you adopted me and your daddy over 18 years ago. The time has flown by so quickly. Good-bye until we see each other again at the bridge someday.

Gee, 1999-02/16/09

You were the best dog in the whole world and you will be missed everyday...we love you gee

Francucci Family

Gee Gee, 11/19/08

My Gee Gee was more to our family than a cat.He watched my children grow up and marry and bring their babies home to know Gee Gee.
He would sit with you for hours if he knew something was wrong or you were sick.He loved his family and we all loved him.Gee Gee we miss you so much and someday we will all be together again.He loved Dunkin Doughnuts and McDonalds and knew the bags they came in.Gee Gee we miss you everyday and cant fill the void your death left us with.You were the most wonderful cat ever.Please wait for us on Rainbow Bridge


Geena, 12/30/08

Our little Geena who was with us for so long; loved so much; whose was almost blind, has been missing since 30th Dec 08 but we think she was bitten by a snake and was hiding somewhere 'safe'. An animal communicator feels you have passed on to wait for us at the Rainbow Bridge. You are missed very much, we didn't have an opportunity to say goodbye and we still wait for your soft little jump onto our bed at night. Goodbye Geena, your family loves you and misses you. We will see you when our time comes.

Robyn, Peter & Dan Goulding

Geisha, 06/18/98-01/21/09

Hi Geisha, We wanted to let you know that while you were here with us we loved you so very much and we know that you loved us in return. We want you to know that we look forward to one day when we will cross that Rainbow Bridge and that we will be together again. Thank you again for the wonderful years that we had together. You were loved more than you will ever know.
In Sincere Appreciation, Michelle and Ronnie

Gemmy Girl (Gem), 05/09/98-01/29/09

My dearest Gem,

You are the love of my life. You have given me so many wondeful memories that I will always keep close to my heart. You are a very special dog, I cherished every moment God gave us together, and never wanted to let you go- but I have to. You've moved on to be with my mommy, God and all the other new friends you will make in Heaven. I love you like my daughter, best friend and closest family member.
When Mommy brought you home @ five weeks old, that was the happiest moment for me. I promised to love you and cherish you, and always be there for you so you could depend on me. Ironically enough, I received that and more from you in return. I will never forget our very first night when we went to bed. I put you along side of me on the floor next to my bed in a blanket and you cried and cried. The minute I put you in bed with me you were okay. I wont forget your first steps, your little red collar I got you to wear, the first timed you learned to climb the stairs, the first time you were bringing your leash to me to let me know you had to do "good girls", your first bark at Cheasquake Park, the love you had to play outside with your frisbees, balls or sticks. We shared a very strong and special bond where you looked into my eyes to my soul and I in yours for the same. We trusted each other, we made each other happy.
So many people love you, Gem, and miss you very much. Aunt Jessie, Uncle Newt, Aunt Diana, Joe and Amy, and Daddy. We all love you. You touched our hearts- you're a special part of our lives. I love you, Gemmy Girl.
You're not in pain anymore, it hurt me to see you that way. I want you to play as much as you want, sit in the sun and be with my mommy in Heaven. A loss for me, like knowing I wont feel your soft fur,your smell, your kisses, being at the door when I came home, the way you looked into my eyes- even when we walked and explored outside together. How you always wanted to play, how you nudged me to pet you and how you tossed your lamb and bear toys around.
Mommy loves you very much, I will always carry that love and memories of is close to my heart always- til the day I die- I promise. We will be together again, baby girl. In the meantime, please always stay close to me- you're such a good girl!
I love you Gemmy Girl- I miss you so much!
Love, Mommy

General Maximus Jackson Jack, 05/08/09

Jack was a beloved companion who loved to hunt, play, and to please like no other.
He achieved several AKC titles in his short life and touch the lives of many.
He was loved and will be missed by many. Jack, "May the road rise up to meet you, may the wind be always at your back,
May the sun shine warm upon your face, and the rain fall soft upon your fields, and until we meet again, May God hold you in the palm of His hand."

Ross Hickman

Genna, 01/09/96-06/29/09


Geo, 06/09/09


You will surely be missed...our hearts hurt right now and nothing but time will take that away...I will miss your loud meows and your cool personality.
Never met a cat that liked to be
held and kissed so much...I will miss that.
I hope you are in a better place...I pray that you didn't suffer too much...Putting you down was the hardest thing to do...Please know I did it with love.

Rebecca Gilchrist

Geoffrey Bean, 09/15/94-07/11/09

My sweet little Geoffrey Bean,
How can you be gone?
Know that you were loved more than anything and my heart broke to watch you in pain.
Know that Momma loved you Geoffrey, Geoffrey, Geoffrey and the memories of your little wiggling Dachshund ways warm my heart and soul.
I love you and miss you with all of my heart.
I know that someday we will meet again.
Until then, kiss Quick Nick, and stay close to Zoe.
M heart will never be the same without my very first babies.

Know that we love you Sir Geoffrey.
You were such a good boy.
I hope you're enjoying lots of cookies in Heaven.
I miss you so much. :(


Georald Russler, 06/05/09

My Little Orange Angel sent from Heaven, returned to from where he was sent last Friday.

He was so accepting of this phase of his life.
He was cooperative of all efforts to treat his illness.

All involved in his care were so kind and compassionate with him.
He made friends with his winning personality at his every stop; despite the fact he was a homebody and wasn't where he'd prefer.

His age was estimated to be 17 years old.
I had the good fortune to spend the last 12 years with him.

Thank you for all the good years Sweet Sunshine.
I love you so much.
Until we meet again, you remain in my heart and memory.
I couldn't have asked for a more loving cat.

Robin Russler

Geordi, 07/14/99-04/04/09

Geordi was rescued from a terrible situation and brought into our home.
We thought we would have him longer.
He adored his "mama" and followed her everywhere.
He was such a great companion.
His snoring became very comforting to me at night.
I'm 31 years old.
I don't have children, but I had little Geordi.
He was such a good boy.

Stacey Ary

Georgana, 01/13/09

Georgana was a rescue,and sooo young. She was sweet and affectionate, and loved to make buscits and snuggle in my lap. She became very sick soon after I adoped her, and I did my best to make her comfortable. I prayed for her to get better, but I guess God needed a fluffy, black kitten in heaven. She was so tired and weak, and then she was gone. I am so glad to have been able to love her, even for a short time. Georgana, I love you and I will never forget you.

Catherine Teague

George, 11/17/99 - 12/11/09

Thanks my Buddy for the great years we shared together.
Will miss you.

George, 05/15/96-06/29/09

I miss you so much. You were my best friend and confidante. Thank you for always being there for me with snuggles and love. Momma loves you and knows we will see eachother again one day. When we do: I promise: a nice long run,lotsa cookies and lotsa tummy rubs.


George, 01/24/86-01/22/98

I bought you from the Humane Society in Edmonton.
You were brought back to Ontario and my parents and I sat in the Ottawa airport for 14 hours waiting for you.
You always stole everyone's heart and I thought mine would stop the day you died.
No worries,
you ashes and mine will be mixed when I die. I've already arranged it.
We'll always be together my Snitter Kitty.

Betty Bremner

George, 07/18/08

We lost George on July 18th of last year.
I didn't add him to anything like this because I didn't realize there was anything like this available.
George died of liver failure.
He was an outside kitty and we miss him very much.
It gets easier but we still think about him from time to time.
We buried him in a grove of trees just to the north of our house so we can visit him when we feel the need.
George, we miss you and love you very much.

LaRee Allen and Joshua Allen

George ('Georgie') Granato, 12/25/01-05/25/09

For my sweet, precious little George.
We had you for 8 years and only recently found out you were a girl!
I know you were Daddy's (Michael's) pet, but in these past few weeks, I felt you were mine and you WERE as far as I'm concerned!
One of my favorite things about you (before you got sick) was watching you with those darn crickets (that you loved so much).
When one got a little too close to your tail, you would swat them almost clear across the tank.
That was too funny.
You certainly showed them who's boss.
That'll teach them to get to close to a lady, right.
And more recently, my joy was when I would take you out of your bath and put you on my chest and you'd walk up to my shoulder and just sit there.
You had a great view seeing what was going on around you.
It was like you were on your very own thrown....Queen Georgie.
I loved knowing when I would softly pat your head or under your chin it would sooth you and you'd go to sleep.
I like to believe we really bonded and that you knew how much I loved and will always love you!!
You have my heart Georgie and you always will!!
You will always be my peanut, little monkey, sweetheart and precious little angel.
The one with the fighting spirit.
Grandma called you our little soldier.
I guess it's fitting that you would pass on this very special day when we celebrate and honor all our soldiers gone and still living!
I only hope that you felt how much I tried to comfort and care for you.
And I can't say enough, just how much I love you!!
I thank god that I was there for you when you needed someone and that we had this time together.
I know our Holy Family, St. Jude and so many others are watching over you now.
Like Gizmo, I told everyone to make sure they find you and never leave your side.(Marlowe, Ben, Roxie, Blackie, Sonny, Casper and of course Gizmo).
You're one big happy Family now!
Remember me Georgie because I will forever and ever remember you!!!
Love you, Aunt Danielle (Mommy)and Grandma!XXXOOO

George, 02/01/97-09/01/08

This is a short story about our cat George. I received George from a friend in Virginia. We living there for a year, then made the long journey home to Illinois. I knew George was not an adventurer but when he had a bowel movement on me a ½ hour into our road trip home, I knew he was going to be memorable.
,George was a lovable cat. When my future husband Tom met him, George came right up to him, sat on his lap and let Tom pet him. He accepted Tom right from the first introduction.
Unlike my other cat Sam, George was a people cat.
If he caught your eye he would meow.
If you talked to him, he would answer back with meow with the correct tone for the conversation you were having.
He also loved sitting by the sliding glass door talking to the birds out on the balcony with chirps.
For some reason though, they never did want to come play with him.
,George was a big licker. He would come up to you and start licking any part of your body that was exposed. It didn't matter if it was your arm, leg or face- George had to lick it.
It was his way of "petting" us.
His ownership of us extended to our things also.
He would curl up with one of our shoes or even a purse and claim it as his.
George also had a habit of coming up to us when we were reading a book and laying down on it. I imagine it was for attention, of which he got plenty. If he didn't, you knew it, by licking or his loud motor purr in your ear. I used to think of ways to stop the purring that would wake me up at night. Now, I would give anything to have my loud purring, licking cat back.
,George was a healthy cat for 10 years. Then one day after returning from vacation, I noticed that he had a wild look in his eyes and wouldn't come out from under the bed. When I did get him out, he couldn't walk. We took him immediately to Dunlap Vet. They weren't sure what was wrong. I hoped it was an inner ear problem and would fix itself. It didn't. The Dunlap Vet staff was wonderful. They ran all kinds of test, gave him iv fluids and medications. When he got worse the next day, they said his only hope was to go to the University of Illinois Vet Med Center and have him looked at there. My husband picked up George and started the journey there. Unfortunately, George's heart stopped on the way there. The U of I staff tried to resuscitate him, but were unsuccessful. They were very kind and treated George with respect and dignity.
My husband brought him back to Peoria and we buried him.

George- we miss you.
By Tom and Angie Staley

George, 08/27/96-04/16/09

I've missed you George and your brother so much; I wish I could've said goodbye. I'll never forget you and Shadow. I hope you've found each other and are having fun chasing squirrels instead of just dreaming about it. You're loved and will be forever in my heart.

Rebecca West

George, 02/15/03-04/25/09

In honor of my darling angel George, who touched the heart of every person he met, who changed the minds of people who were terrified of dogs, who taught me how to love fully all the time, who traveled with me on so many of the ups and downs of grown up life over the course of the last six years, who taught me a new way of communicating, who taught me that poodles do speak "people,"and who shall never ever be forgotten. I love you, Bushy-bushy. Thank you for sharing your spirit with me.

Ifeoma Nwankwo

George, 03/28/09

a faithful loving companion for so long. we have been through a lot and having george as a companion really kept me going through all the bad times. george you will be loved and missed so much. i can't wait till the day we are reunited once again.

Lucy Juneau

George, 01/01/00-12/01/07

I can truly say he was my best friend.
From the first time we were together he never missed an opportunity to curl up on my lap and purr. Every night when I went to bed, he was laying next to me even before my head hit the pillow.

Died way too soon; but maybe he knew he was destined to live only a short while, that's why he always gave so much love.

I will miss him dearly the rest of my life.

Brian Skornick

George, 01/18/09



George, 01/15/09

My george, my little lad, i loved you so much and you were taken away from me, my best friend, Life is empty without you and your missed every single day, i miss you snuggling up with me at night, eagerly awaiting me to come home, you were there through thick and thin, and always loved me unconditionally, my life will never be the same without my best friend, and in my heart you will always stay, i loved you so so much, it was a cruel illness that took you from me, which made it harder to bear, i love you my georgie, my naughty little boy x x x x


George, 07/07/03-12/29/08

I lost my very close companion today, a gray wonderful cat who I rescued as a kitten.
He had a heart condition and although the Vet said he would only last 4 months, I ended up having 5 wonderful months with him, but today his heart just gave up.
He gave me just as much happiness and love as I gave him and I'm missing him so much my heart actually hurts.
I'll always love and miss you Georgie, but I'm grateful that I got to spend the time I did with you.

Liz Johnson

George Blackwell, 05/04/09

Just a really great friend, and we miss him.

Fran & Rick Blackwell, Kate Landishaw

George Brown, 03/24/96-07/08/09

Thanks for the many years of distressful companionship. you will be "souly" missed.

Petra Brown

George Pingree, 06/10/09

My beloved George,

How can you be gone from my life? I took you in as a stray all those years ago and you thanked me every day of your life. I will miss your being at the barn with me and just always being wherever I was. You would do anything for me.
I was so proud of you when you were named the top dog in obedience. Until your last week you would still obey any command I gave you and all for a loving hug and kiss.

I love you so much and do not know if I will ever be the same without you. You are beating in my heart my best friend.
Thank you for your undying love and devotion and for always being there for me. You were so much more than a dog-you were and are an angel.
I will never say good-bye. I will see you again over the bridge. You will run to me and I will drop to my knees and hold you with loving tears flowing down my face.
Oh my boy-I just want you back. Play and be happy. And wait for me. I love you so much my best friend.
Your mommy-Barb

Georgie, 06/09/09

She was blind and lived so well. She died all of a sudden from what is believed was a stroke. Miss you and cant believe this has happened. x

Nina Winchester

Georgie, 06/12/09

The best little dog in the whole world.
Mama misses you, and I loved you more than anything.

Scarlet Lovins

Georgie, 06/18/97-06/01/09

My brave little boy, i miss you so much but will see you again one day xxxxxxxxxx

Jennifer Mc Laughlin

Georgie, 2000-05/20/09

we love you georgie pooo


Georgie, 02/22/09

I love you Georgie.
Its going to be very hard without you.
I will always love and miss you.
You are a wonderful soul. hugs and kisses


Andrea Beltran

Georgie, 01/30/09

Forever may you rest in peace my little baby.
I am going to miss you terribly.
You may be gone but in my heart you will always live on.
I know my mom is there with you now and the good Lord. They will take great care of you.
Until we see each other again....I love you my little boy.

Joe Penn

Gerady, 09/26/05

I love you and miss you everyday... I wanted you to know that Mommy and Daady have opened our hearts once again and adopted two more Rotties, Maxine & Balou... we know you, Sarge and Amber sent them our way, til we meet again my fur babies please know you are always in our hearts.

Noelle & Guy Johnson

Gerald, 12/24/08

We will miss you Jer. You are a good boy!!!
Love, Mommy

Gerard J. Mehrhof, 01/18/09

The pain of losing you is unbearable.
We will forever love you and will miss that cold, wet nose and those big brown eyes.
You were such a gentle soul.
We will see you again one day.
Forever in our hearts.
Love, your family.

Jeff, Kristin, Julia, Mabel and Bart

Gerty, 09/30/1999 - 11/09/09

My beloved Gerty - you brought such overwhelming joy into my life with your sweet soul. Your sister Marney and I miss you so much. Thank you for the years of love and devotion you selflessly gave to me. I love you.

Gerzson, 08/04/97-02/02/09

We are going to LOVE HIM FOREVER. My heart is broken....We've been through together so much...

Susan & Peter


My cat Ghost was very special and was with us since I was a baby and I am now a teenager. He was a stray and my brother brought him home. Ghost seemed to get into a lot of trouble. One day he came home from being outside and the skin on his face was peeling off so my mother took him to the vet. The vet stitched him up and said he was really lucky. Then one day he went missingfor a few days. I was walking to the basement and he was laying down there. I picked him up and carried him up to my mother. All his skin that was showing was yellow not the normal pink color. The vet said he was poisened and only had 10% chance of living. He lived. His vet called him a Miracle Cat. Ghost was a very unique cat, he was white with blue eyes. The vet also said that white cats with blue eyes are usually deaf. Ghost was acting funny for the last week of his life. You could tell he couldn't hear well or see well. One night he must have heard my mom talking outside and ran from our neighbors. My mom started the car and backed up. She hit Ghost because he ran under the car because he heard my mom and didn't know where the car was. My mom felt a bump and saw Ghost run to the back of the house. When she walked back he was laying there. He died there.
Everyone in our neighborhood knew Ghost and all loved him. He was so friendly and loving. We had him for 14 years and the vet said he was about 4 years old when we found him. He is loved and missed.


Ghost, 03/97-02/06/09

Ghost spent his life attending to others.
First he cared for a quadrplegic boy in a wheelchair.
Ghost would pick up the crayons he dropped and put them in the chair.
Then Ghost came to live with me.
I have a spinal cord disease and drop many things.
Ghost would pick them up and give them to me. Ghost was Agape love--unconditional love.
He didn't want to sleep too deeply afraid that someone would need him.
He was noble and loving to small dogs.
He would bring me my shoe to take him out for a walk..ever patient.
Weimaraners are very special.
My heart aches but I will talk to him and tell him to go play with the other dogs. I know there is the "other side" where there is no pain and he is there.
He is my dog.,forever

Jere Hilton

Ghosty, 07/01/96-02/23/09

He was one of the best dogs a person could have.
He was always happy, right up to the end.
Never let us see that he was in pain.
I miss my Ghosty.

Diana Murawander

Gibby, 05/29/09

Gibby became the best dog in the world; I cannot put into words how much I miss him. Wait for daddy Gibby

Robert H. Jensen

Gibby Murillo, 07/93-04/30/09

We'll miss you forever Gibby.
You touched our lives daily and you had personality plus!
Thank you for being such a wonderful loving cat and sister to Pumi and of course your sis Jules!

Autumn & Tracy Murillo

Gibralter 'Gib', 04/29/09

Gib was the big, beautiful dog next door - He & my Mollie visited & played every day - today he has passed on - we will miss him so much - he was so gentle & sweet.

Love From Yvonne & Mollie (Best Friend)

Gibson, 06/04/09

To the most loving, caring, companion I have ever known.
Gibby, I miss you more than anything in this world, your love, your affection, our play games, your greetings at the door, and my bed buddy.
Even though my grief is unbearable here without you, I know you will suffer no more, I know your suffering ended, when you passed through heavens door.
I will always love you, and never forget you, and all the love, and happiness you brought to my life that no words can explain.
I know some day we will be together again, God has made us that promise.
I hope to see you soon.



Gideon, 05/18/74-01/09/07

You gave me my lifelong dream.
Except, Gideon, my dream wasn't nearly as wonderful as being your human.
Your love of people, your gentle ways, and your strength made my life so much richer than I ever dreamed it could be.
Thank you my gentle giant.
Run fast in your dreams and wait until we meet again.
I love you.

Linda Parker

Gidget, 06/04/09

Beloved girl, gone too soon, who's going to fill your place? No one, for you were unique.
Please hug Rusty for us, and we'll see you again someday.

Lorrie Williams

Gidget, 08/04/72-05/16/84

Our first, all black and sweet as can be.
A True lapdog.
Jumped into the babies crib when she was born, alway needed to know what was going on.

Dolores & Jack MacGregor

Gidget Hardin, 04/24/09

My best friend and snuggle buddy, Sweet pooh head. I love you.

Todd, Jennifer, Rhonda, Nathan and Chris

Gigante Guzman, 01/03/03-12/09/07

Gigante...I miss you so much baby!

You brought so much happiness and love to me.
I'm sure your mom (Princess)and siblings (Nina & Goloso) miss you very much, too.
OK OK! I know you didn't like your brother, Goloso, you two were always fighting, but you need to forget all that and love each other because one day you'll be reunited and I don't want to see you two fighting.
Gigante, don't get mad baby, but Goloso reminds me so much of you because sometimes he acts and does things you's so weird because he didn't used to do that...sometimes I feel that your in him.
Princess, Nina and Goloso are my strength to keep on with my life because I know they depend on me and no one will love them and care for them as me.
Gigante, one day we will all at last be reunited forever, and my soul will be whole again...see you later mijo!

My sweet boy, my heart still ache in sadness, and secret tears still flow, what it meant to lose you, NO ONE will ever know...LOVE YOU! MUAH!

Marisol Guzman

GiGi, 11/09/04-07/11/09

We love you and miss you little girl.

John, Dottie & Dallis Cahorshak

GiGi, 09/24/06-06/14/09

GiGi- please know that i miss u with all my heart. you loved me unconditionally and it addens me to know that i can never hold you again. I love oyu and you'll always be in my heart. Mommy misses you as well as Kia and Daddy!...

Gigi, 04/23/09

Ms Gigi, you were my first Sheltie I rescued....I adopted you myself because you came to me so matted you couldn't even sit...and when you sat on command and down on command and walked on a leash...I knew you were special.....Ms. Gigi was a Therapy Dog for many years and gave enjoyment to all the people she met.
There never was a stranger that she didn't like or they didn't like her....

She was my Gigi in peace sweet girl... I love you..mommy

Gilbert, 03/12/07

It will soon be 2 years ago that you left us.There is not a day that goes by that I don't think of you and miss you.When you left you took part of me with you that can never be replaced.I would give everything I have to be able to hold you in my arms again.There will never be another you my sweet baby boy.I am happy for the time we had together but it just was not long enough.You did put up a good fight to stay with me and daddy but you just got so tired.I am glad that you are no longer in pain and scared.I truly hope that one day I will be able to hold you again. You were the love of my life.I still say good night to you every night & tell you how much I love you.The hurt had never gone away.Your brother Georgie misses you so terribly yet and still looks for you.Until we meet again I love you.
Love Mommy

Gilda Dundy Taylor, 08/02/99-05/01/09

Our beautiful Princess Baby Girl, we miss you so!

Who will lie on the back of Daddy's chair and hug his neck? Who will greet Mommy and Daddy at the door, whether we were gone all day at work, or just going to the mailbox?

You were always as overjoyed to see us as we were to see you, and you gave so much complete and unconditional love. Our hearts are completely broken, our love for you is so great.

We love you, Princess.

Mommy and Daddy
Milo, Jordan, Jasmine and Jig

Gilgamesh, 04/16/09

Dear Friends,

Today I awoke to discover my beloved Gilgamesh had died sometime during the night. I knew, when I awoke, that he had died, because he wasn't singing with the morning song of birds I regularly hear outside my window at this time of the year.

I am so sad. This lovely bird gave me joy, happiness, and laughter, as well as his cheerful chirping and singing.
In honor of my little Gilgamesh, I'd like to share with you the following poem.

Though I didn't write it, it speaks from my heart, nevertheless. It is written in the spirit of the The Canticles of Creatures by St. Francis Assisi.

There are two photos of Gilgamesh attached. You can see his happy disposition and beautiful colors. He was red and green and blue and orange and yellow and so beautiful.

Canticle Of The Animals

What does the owl say to me,
as it watches?
The owl says:
your wings are folded under your breastbone;
Daughter, your wings are hidden.
If you do not feel them try to move,
you are not paying attention."
Blessed be the wary owl for the lessons it teaches.

What does the fish say to me,
as it flickers?
The fish says:
you had gills when you were in the womb;
Daughter, you come from the water.
If you no longer remember how to swim,
you are not paying attention."
Blessed be the slender fish for the lessons it teaches.

What does the cow say to me,
as it stands?
The cow says:
I make food from the grasses;
Daughter, you and I are makers of food.
If you cannot perceive how beautiful we are,
you are not paying attention."
Blessed be the broad cow for the lessons it teaches.

What does the dog say to me,
as it waits?
The dog says:
there is wilderness in you;
Daughter, your body's skin covers tangled thickets.
If you cannot smell them on the wind,
you are not paying attention."
Blessed be the steadfast dog for the lessons it teaches.

What does the lizard say to me,
as it leaves?
The lizard says:
you know how to live in a desert;
Daughter, you know where the drops of water are.
If you have lost the track of your own wisdom,
you are not paying attention."
Blessed be the quick lizard for the lessons it teaches.


What does the tiger say to me,
as it lies curled?
The tiger says:
you do not run your kill to ground;
Daughter, your kill comes cut and wrapped and packaged.
If you have forgotten that all life kills to eat,
you are not paying attention."
Blessed be the fierce tiger for the lessons it teaches.

What does the snake say to me,
as it slides by?
The snake says:
if you hoard poison, it will multiply:
Daughter, never turn your hand to venom.
If you have not noticed that my forked tongue speaks truth,
you are not paying attention."
Blessed be the shining snake for the lessons it teaches.

What does the beetle say to me,
as it scuttles?
The beetle says:
I remind you to tend to the small things;
Daughter, power is not only the property of the large.
If you cannot see me from the corner of your eye,
you are not paying attention."
Blessed be the antlered beetle for the lessons it teaches.

What does the spider say to me,
as it weaves?
The spider says:
your fingers are skillful;
Daughter, you know how the web shines in the light.
If you feel that there's nothing left to spin with,
you are not paying attention."
Blessed be the busy spider for the lessons it teaches.

What does the heron say to me,
as it wades?
The heron says:
notice my elegant bent wing;
Daughter, I would have you join me in my dance.
If you and I dance together, we will dance glory,
and we will pay attention."
Blessed be the tall heron for the lessons it teaches.

What do all the animals say to me,
as they go about in the world?
The animals say:
you have us for holy book;
we move by our principles, in the innocence of our time.
You will learn from us,
if you pay attention."
Blessed be all the beloved animals,
for the lessons they teach.

Dear Gilgamesh,

Thank you for all the lessons you taught me. Fly little bird, fly. You are at long last free.



Gilligan Kirk, 12/28/04-01/13/09

Your life started and ended with tragedy, but I hope you realized happiness and much love between the hard times. You were loved and you are missed. -Mommy

Gina Hurtado Sayegh, 09/01/89-02/07/05

ya ha pasado mucho tiempo desde que te fuiste pero siempre has permanecido en mi corazon y alli seguiras, se que estas feliz en este momento en que te has reencontrado con tu hija donna, se que la vas a cuidar hasta el dia en que nos volvamos a encontrar. te amamos, Rey, Kelly y Mapi.

Pilar Hurtado

Gina Tuzinsky nickname Beaner, 07/16/95-05/21/09

Today marks 1 month loss of my baby girl Gina. My heart is so broken and I love and miss her so much. Gina and I had a special bond that I feel no one will ever understand. She understood EVERYTHING I said and I in turn understood her thoughts and feelings. After blowing out her right knee on 5-12-09 I went to her doctor for guidance. Asking him if I was doing the right thing by putting her through this surgery again at her age. (She blew out her left knee 12-05 and had a successful surgery) He said YES, she's alert and healthy. On 5-21-09 she had her TPLO surgery, I was called and told Gina's surgery was successful with NO complications. Not even 15 minutes later the doctor called back to tell me she died. She had a heart attack and was told she probably got a blood clot to the brain afterwards. They performed CPR and got her heart beating, but once they stopped, they heart stopped again. I rescued Gina from an Animal Shelter when she was 3 months old. Gina was MY CHILD! I'm not married nor have human children. Gina was my world and I'm lost without her. Gina also was diagnosed with Mast Cell Tumors and had many successful surgeries removing them with clean margins. The past 3 1/2 years she had been in remission. Gina was a fighter (meaning strong willed) and hated to be apart from me. She was a MAMA's girl and very protective of me. When Gina died I wanted to die too. I still cry every day and haven't been able to move her belongings yet. (I.e. Her food dish, bed, toys, etc.) The hardest part of my days is coming home from work and bedtime. Gina was ALWAYS there to greet me. I had Gina cremated and she stays in my bed with me for now. When I die, I want her buried with me. I don't ever want to be apart from her again. I LOVE & MISS YOU GINA! Love, Mommy XOXOXOXOXOXO

Ginge, 1985-23/04/09

u know u will be missed and leave a hole in our died on a glourious day feeling no pain.what a disease cushings is.i know its been two days but already i feel like you have been gone forever .i want you to wait and greet me the way you used to at the bridge
your lock of hair brings lots of memmorys to my mind of our adventures rip
holly mounain spring once puk and hoys champ old man hold your head up high

Asia Williams

Ginger, 09/17/09

Today I had to put my beloved Ginger to sleep as she lost her brave battle against kidney failure like my precious shadow did several years ago and my boy blue.Ginger was a beautiful street dog who I found as a stray on the steps of the hospital where I used to work. Life had not been kind to her prior but she still met everyone with a smile and wagging tale. Since she has been with us she has brought us nothing but joy and love and our hearts break that she will no longer be with us. My husband called her smiley coyote because she looked like a lovely coyote. I will always remember her making snow angels in the snow and running through our yard with a hullahoop and just giving unconditional love to us. It will be a lonely world without her and she will be missed by her other furry friends scamp and coustea.I hope she is playing in heaven with blue and shadow and godiva and dresden and enoch zowie and all the others we have lost

Ginger, 02/24/1993 - 04/03/2009

She had brought alot of joy and happiness to us for the 15 years that we had her in our lives. She was all ways there at the back door waiting for us when we came home. There wasn't a box, bag or and emery board that she wouldn't play with. She was the best cat and friend that anyone could have around. The family miss you and we miss you alot too. the house is not the same without you. Your all ways in our thoughts and our home. We will see you some day We love you all ways

Ginger, 06/01/99-01/05/07

She was a church dog.
All the church member loved her.
She was a special part of our family and we loved her very much.

Brenda Smith

Ginger, 07/07/09

we love you and miss heart is broken

George and Melissa Lukaszyk

Ginger, 07/05/09

We loved you very much Ginger.
You played hard and left us too soon.
God has a great dog in heaven.


Ginger, 06/16/09

Ginger, I love you so much and always will. Thank you for the gift your love and life gave me. Thank you for being a wonderful companion to CB, and for being an attentive audience for Mike's music, and for the love and adoration that literally shone from you whenever you looked at me. I regret any time I ever took you for granted. I am thankful for every moment you were with me. I wish I could have always kept you safe, like I promised. Keep in touch and do please come again anytime, Gingerman. I miss you!

Sara Visentine

Ginger, 10/25/97-06/06/09

Little Ginger what can we were the perfect little dog & gave us such love & devotion. We both love you & both miss you very much, but also know we will all be together later. Peace be with you.

Dave & Linda

Ginger, 07/03/94

Besides my German Shepherds, I'm always thinking of you, Ginger.
We met in July 2003, and I was not able to adopt you; however, you have always been in my heart.
You are probably at the Rainbow Bridge now with Juley & Christy.
Love always, Patti

Ginger, 01/03/05-05/29/09

he died so painful, all i could do was sit and watch. :'( He died too young, didn't live long enough.


Ginger, 06/01/97-05/15/09

I have never known a more sweet, loving, affectionate animal in my life.
You were always touching me in some way, whether it was physical, spiritual, or emotional.
You sensed what I needed and never hesitated to offer your companionship.
I miss you terribly and will never forget my last moments with you.
I am also very appreciative of my last glimpse of you, winking at me, as if to say that you understood and that everything would be alright.

Susan Rheinschmidt

Ginger, 04/03/09


Becky Cox

Ginger, 05/01/09

We loved you from day 1 our little angel. The years flew by anmd we loved you more each day. You loved to camp.hike and just be with us. Miss you.The Seals

Ginger, 03/22/09

We had you for only four months, but I cannot imagine turning away a fourteen year old, nearly blind, emaciated dog. I loved you so much and you weren't really mine. I hope we made up for what happened to you in the past.
Tell Batista, Artemis, and TJ I love them. Stay away from Missy. She'll just his at you.


Ginger, 04/18/09

Good bye Ginger. You left to soon but we know your safe and happy in heaven. Until we meet again....


Ginger, 1992-04/11/09

She was found at a drag strip and brought home with me. She was abused but learned to love and be a great dog. She is missed.

John Swaz

Ginger, 03/19/19



Ginger, 08/09/94-03/13/09

My beloved Ginger, I miss you so much. Although it was the right thing to do, to put you down was terribly heartbreaking. You were my loyal companion, always by my side and waiting patiently for me to come home when I was out, even if it was just for a minute. You were always so happy to see me. You were such a good dog, and I will miss you forever. Rest in Peace, my special friend, until we meet again at Rainbow Ridge. I Love You!!


Ginger, 01/26/98-03/12/08


I can't believe it's been a whole year since you passed on. I hope that wherever you are you are safe and happy, whole and playful and young again. We are so sorry to have lost you. Mommy and Daddy are doing alright like we promised you, but life just isn't the same without you. We miss you like crazy and feel everyday the hole that you left behind when you exited this world. We love you always and miss you terribly and will see you again when we get to the rainbow bridge.

Love, Mommy and Daddy

Ginger, 04/17/00-03/14/09

You were the best dog I've ever known, I miss you so much. As much as it hurts to let you go, now you are free from your pain and can run and play with your firends again. I love you so much, I can't wait untill the day we get to meet again. I love you Ginge, you're a good girl.

Caroline Hanley

Ginger, 11/98-03/05/09

To my beloved Ginger, constant companion, friend and giver of unconditional love, I give to you the Bridge where you will feel no pain and be able to hold your head up proudly as you romp in the open fields.

You will be missed my beautiful big red girl, until we meet again, Mom

Ginger, 05/21/02-01/03/09

You were the icing on our lives. We miss you so much everyday and everynight. I wish for our game time everynight before bedtime. I wish for our hide and seek we played so often. I look for you everytime I go out in the backyard, by glancing at all of your favorite spots that you loved so much. I cannot begin to tell you how much you ment to so many has been overwhelming the number of hearts you touched in such a short time. I am sorry I let you out that evening to play...I am so sorry. I love you so much and miss you terribly. Nothing is the same, nothing. Thank you for wanting to live with me and letting me rescue you...and thank you for rescuing me...I did not know I had needed it, until you were gone. I love you sweet little "superkitty"...I love you...


Ginger, 12/20/09

Ginger, you were one of the greatest, most loving kids we've had. You hardly ever barked at anything. You were there when I needed you, sitting right beside me, while I cried. Now, I my heart is crying for you. I know in my heart that you are not in any more pain and having the time of your life running around the fields playing.
We miss and love you verrrrrry much!!

Ginger, 02/02/09

You will always be remembered for the wonderful and devoted friend you were.
Our whole family will dearly miss you.
Until we meet again at the Rainbow bridge...may you rest and play in peace and without pain or suffering.

Jennifer Books

Ginger, 07/24/91-01/15/08

Ginger was with us for over seventeen years.
She was healthy and happy most of her life and loved walks, tummy rubs, kissing her human brother, and cuddling.
She was playfully pouncing and running around the house just a few days before she died . . . even jumping on top of her brother and smothering him with kisses.
She was our first child.
We will miss her for the rest of our lives and wish with everything inside of us that we'll see her again some day.


Ginger, 06/25/08

Ging was one of the most beloved dog I've ever owned and, being 73 years old, I've had many. She was far to young to die but her alergies and stiffness became unbearable for her and for me. I still wished I didn't have my vet put her down and remember her saying "Dick, are you sure this is what you want me to do"?

Death is so permanent and I can't change what's happened. Some days, I tell myself it was the right decision. Some days, I question my decision.

The deciding factor was when she started to moan and then bark at night and continue until I came to her on the floor in the living room, calmed her and then fell asleep right next to her.

My wife stated, after the fact, that Ginger hadn't been well for a long time and what I did was the right decision for all of us including the dog. It's just that her ten years was far to short. All of the things we did together are gone for good, riding in the car, walking in the woods, running through the open fields, running on the beach at the Outer Banks of North Carolina, loving her as just one of the family....these are a few of the events I will miss forever.

I just hope there is a life after death for Ginger as I want and need to see her, hug her, kiss her, squeeze her and say "Ging, I love you".

Dick Stevens

Ginger, 05/01/93-12/26/08

Ginger lived a long healthy and full life until pain from Arthritis and Dementia took over.
I miss her but I know she has now free of pain.


Ginger and White (stray), 07/10/09

You came to us for help, sadly you found us to late, you were in a very bad way, and we knew there was no hope, you had such a beautiful face, and had once been a very handsome boy, in the hour that we knew you, you touched our hearts.

Pete and Gill Adams.

Ginger Ann, 04/04/09

Beloved Ginger, you have been a friend to me since I was 10 years old. I am 20 now, and my feelings for you remain the same. You lived all of your 11 long years with me, and I thank you for loving me unconditionally.


Ginger Bread Boy, 02/25/06-06/19/09

Gingie was a special gift to our family and though he was not with us very long he brightened and enriched all our lives with his loving nature, impish ways and the general character he was blessed with.
He is sorely missed.


Ginger Celist, 05/31/89-01/29/09

Ginger was the best most gentle cat ever and brought us a lot of joy. She was smart and a good hunter, she will be missed. She was a friend and took good care of her human family. I had to put her down today, and it was hard.

Cathy Dale

Ginger Elle, 01/01/97-01/05/09

My friend, partner, companion and heart. Her eyes were a beacon that her beautiful soul flowed through. She saved my life more than once and never asked for more than a belly rub in return. I will miss my Boogie until eternity...What a girl!

Mona Cooper

Ginger Lambert, 02/24/00-06/04/09



Ginger Noble Blankenship, 04/21/09

Ginger was a special gal that was rescued from Salisbury, MD. She lived in TX,IN,GA, and TN, never leaving my side. Ginger lived with cats, guinea pigs, birds, basset hounds, and a yellow lab. She was a gentle soul who saw me through many difficult times. Ginger would be the first one at the door to greet us, since she would be watching out the window and listening for the sounds of the truck pulling in. We held you, Ginger, as you drifted off and crossed that Rainbow Bridge. Run with Basil, Alex, Taffy, and until we hold you again. We love you, Ginger, and you will always be in our hearts.

Debi and Jackie Blankenship....Britt and Don Noble

Ginger Reynolds, 04/16/06-07/07/09

Ginger yo are the sweetest Baby Girl ever. You saved 2 hummingbirds and brought them to me. I held each one in my hand until the flew away. Lily misses you so much. She Loves you very much Mommy loves you very much. I love you so much Baby Girl I love you and will be so happy to see you in Heaven you are the best kitty ever and Lily's best best friend. We both miss you so much and your boyfriend Mark he is very sad too we all love you Gingy Your the prettiest and cutest girl

Tracey Reynolds

Gingersusan, 02/12/09

gingersusan- I miss you my baby girl. I will love you forever. I will see you at Rainbow Bridge. Wait for me there. Love Mommy

Ginger Tom, 30/05/09

We miss you so much, thinking of you every day.
Remember that you are a fine fine boy, Ginger Tom.
Love Grandad

Ginny, 11/02/92-05/30/09

Ginny was the best dog, she was only 6lbs but she had a mighty personality.
I know she hurt at times but she never let it make her grumpy or unhappy she always had a pomeranian smile on her face.
She has left me now to go and be with Mr. D.J. her buddy.
He had to go to Rainbow Bridge 2 years earlier than her.
Ginny was a Christmas present to me from my husband and she one of the best things I have ever been given.
I will miss her dearly.
I am so blessed to have had you from 6 weeks old until you left us early Saturday morning.
I am so glad I could be with you as you passed naturally to rainbow bridge, it was hard for me but glad I could tell you Goodbye and that I would see you again someday.
Love, Mom

Ginny, 06/01/93-04/22/09

You are our Ginny, our lovely Ginny,
You make us happy when skies are grey,
You'll never know Gin, how much we love you,
The time has come to take our Ginny away.

Gin, please wait for Mal & Tezza at the
Rainbow Bridge when we will be reunited again
Love you always.
Mally & Tezza.terence.blakeley@

Gins Royal Duke, 02/27/92

He was the best friend we ever had. Loved to play.

Virginia Richardson

Ginseng, 07/18/95-05/26/09

Our dancing girl. We miss you so much. Life is not the same now that you are gone.
Have a good nap.
Pugs' Hugs, Mom and Dad

Girl Scout Leverett aka Pumpkin, 08/09/96-05/09/09

Deep sadness creeps upon my heart without you here for comfort.
So many of my memories are of sharing life with you by my side.
Your last breath took mine away.
Forever I will love you, my baby, be at peace.

Photos at
Nowhere NEAR Acting My Age

Aaron Leverett

Girlie, 1994 - August 1, 2009

It is with deep sadness that I must share that my precious Girlie girl passed away on Saturday, August 1.

She collapsed while out on a walk with me and Sasha. By the time I got her to the animal ER, she was barely able to breathe on her own. I said goodbye to my Girlie girl with me and Sasha by her side as she passed. I’d always said I would only be comfortable letting her go on her terms and that is exactly what happened. She was not in any pain . . . her difficulty breathing simply couldn’t be cured. Her mind and her heart were very strong and willing to fight . . . her body just couldn’t keep up with her determination.

My heart is broken. We adopted Girlie as a senior doggie when she was 7 YO. She left her body when she was almost 15 YO. She lived far longer than any of us had ever expected while battling her own cancer diagnosis. She leaves behind a legacy of a true angel. As I battled my own cancer in late '08 into '09, Girlie was forever by my side.

I will always have Girlie in my heart if not by my side.

Girlie girle is a true Angel and my forever sweetheart.

Girlie, 06/30/09

My Girlie was a beautiful, loving, caring & kind friend. Somehow, she had gotten out of the house on 6-30-09. We keep all our cats in but somehow she slipped out. We found her the next morning in front of the neighbors house (looks like she was trying to make her way home)... she was gone. Her eyes were missing and a whole lot of head injuries.

We are so very sad, and pray that she did not suffer. I feel so guilty...she was a great kitty and you would have never guessed her age as she looked much younger.

Please pray for our Girlie, we miss her soo.

Carol Hartsgrove

Girlybird, 03/20/06-09/25/08

Light of my life, thank you for sharing your beautiful being with me. I will carry you in my heart forever times infinity. I love you, my Girly!

Sandi Kafka

Gismo, 03/20/96-07/01/09

My Lovely Boy,
Do Rest In Peace,I Love U......

Josephine Tan

Gizmo, 8/1/93 - 10/10/09

Mamas Girl. Words cannot say how much I miss you. Having to make the awful decision to live without you was the worst day of my life. The best 16 years were with you in them. Your love was unconditional. I haven't slept a full night since you have been gone. I wish circumstances would have been different that you would have never aged, so we could have been together forever. You will however be in my heart always. A day will not pass without a thought of you in it. You were the best girl, you were mama's girl always and forever! I love you my baby. Sleep tight and run free. I can't wait to see you again. Baron and daddy miss you very much too, our family will never be the same without you in it. Love mama (Stacey Cote)

Gizmo, 02/08/08-05/17/09

Gizmo, I can't tell you how much I think of you and how hard it was to let you go.
I feel like you took a piece of me with you.
I will always remember you and your spunky personality.
You were definitely a one-of-a-kind cat.
You were a great companion for Nicole and kept her on her toes.
I miss hearing her squeal when you would chase her. I hope you're having fun with the rest of our pets who are waiting for us at the rainbow bridge. I can't wait to see you and hold you again.
Love, Michele

Gizmo, 08/22/07-01/19/09

Michelle Thomas

Gizmo, 06/01/95-03/20/09

We miss you so very much. I think about you every second of everyday. Things are definitely not the same without you. I hope you hear me talking to you throughout the day and I hope that you haven't forgotten us. I just want you to know that having you in my life was the best thing that could of happened to me. I truly cherish everyday that we had and only wish we still had some more time together. I knew this day would come, but I guess deep down inside I never thought I would feel this much pain by not having you in my life anymore. I love you more than anything in the world, and can't wait until we see each other again. Please wait for me. I love you, sleep well and I hope you have sweet puppy dreams forever.
Love, Mommy.

Gizmo, 04/28/09

I just wanted to say that no matter what giz will always be here in my heart. ive never took losing an animal this hard.i had a guy i was goin to marry and on his way to ask me he died in a motorcycle wreck. He loved that cat. that made me keep him even when he would scratch my legs being mean i still wanted him he was more then a cat. he was like my son. my daughter loved him also. shes two so i try not to let her know what happened. he was a very rare cat being a male calico, they are usually female.

Erica Tidwell

Gizmo, 04/11/05-04/18/09

They say memories are golden
well maybe that is true.
I never wanted memories,
I only wanted you.

A million times I needed you,
a million times I cried.
If love alone could have saved you
you never would have died.

In life I loved you dearly,
In death I love you still.
In my heart you hold a place
no one could ever fill.

If tears could build a stairway
and heartache make a lane,
I'd walk the path to heaven
and bring you back again.

Our family chain is broken,
and nothing seems the same.
But as God calls us one by one,
the chain will link again.

Erica and Marvin Laing

Gizmo, 04/15/09

He was my best friend, human or animal. I loved him more than I knew. I will miss him every second of every day. I love you, Gizmo, and I'm so sorry I couldn't fix you.

Lauren Wagstaff

Gizmo, 09/25/94-03/31/09

We have loved our beloved Gizmo since he was 5 months old, when we adopted him.
He has been a wonderful, talkative character that has traveled all over with us.
He has "helped" to raise our children after they were born by "teaching" them to learn how to crawl and walk (by them chasing him, of course!)and by bringing us so much joy in our lives just by his every day, unconditional love.
He will be missed greatly by many.
Blessings to our beloved Gizmo.
Love always, Gerry, Karilyn, Alex, Lillyana, Tinkerbell, Yoda, and Missy.

Gizmo, 12/07/07

Gizzy, my buddy;

I'm sorry that I couldn't pull myself together to be there when they put you to sleep - I'll never forgive myself.

Rest well my friend, you will forever be in my heart...thank you for the many loyal years.


Gizmo, 08/05/97-03/24/09

To our sweet, sweet dog Gizmo,
You were such an amazing dog and such a special part of our family.
We miss you so much! You will always be in our hearts and memories forever!
We will see you again someday.
I hope you are free of pain and suffering and having so much fun with all of your new friends in Heaven! WE LOVE YOU and will never forget our Gizzy!
Mom, Dad, Dylan, Blake, Jordan & Madison (and Zack too!)

Gizmo, 01/01/09-03/20/09

Gizzie girl we miss and love you very much. Run free little one til the day we meet again. Gone from our lives but not from our hearts.


Gizmo, 03/20/09

It's been 2 1/2 months since you've been gone. Today is your birthday. We sang 'happy birthday' to you this morning and toasted to you at dinner. I hope you heard us. I hope you at least got to eat an extra treat today. I try to picture you everyday running and playing with all your new friends. I just hope that's true. We all miss you and love you so very much. We think about you every second of every day. Bianca definitely misses you too. She's very depressed without you here. Both of you are what helps me get through the days. Bianca and the thought of seeing you again at Rainbow Bridge. I have to believe in that. I want so bad to be with you. But, I know I have to wait until we are together again. I just hope that you are ok. That you're happy and making lots of friends. I love you so much Gizmo. I will always love you and you will always be in my heart forever. I can't wait to see you again. Happy Birthday, baby. Sleep well, and I hope you have sweet Puppy Dreams!


Gizmo, 09/28/91-03/13/09

Our dear and beloved friend who is gone to soon and much to quickly.
We miss your kisses, hello and dancing.
You will be forever in our hearts until we meet again.

Pam Eddy

Gizmo, 03/09/09

Gizmo, you were the best dog. You were always there for us. We love you and miss you. Cuddles and Tofu missed you very much and along with Pop=-Pop I hope they welcomed you with open arms at the Rainbow Bridge.

Amy Baverso Walter

Gizmo, 02/04/09



Gizmo, 04/09/95-01/13/09

I listen he is not here, I look I do not see him.
Do I feel him near me? No I feel a tear as it runs down my face. I feel an emptiness as I look and he is not there. I see him but only in my dreams. I miss him everyday. My love goes on for you Gizmo.



Gizmo, 22/07/02-11/12/08

The sweetest most playful cat I have ever had. He will forever be missed. I will never forget him. Goodbye sweet boy you will always remain in my heart.

Danielle Taylor

Gizmo, 01/30/09

Gizmo was the perfect name as that's exactly who she looked like.
She was too tiny and her nose too long to be a show cat, but she was first place to us for 19 years.
May she enjoy playing with Shadow, Blue, Muffy & Pixie and make many new friends on the better side of the Bridge.

Diane & Sean Keith

Gizmo, 09/05/98-01/19/09

MY PILLOW BUDDY. Will miss you laying your head on my pillow. See you soon Gizzy. Find WILLIe
ANNIE AND SPEEDY they will help you.

Tami Applegarth

Gizmo, 01/03/09

Gizmo -

My sweet little angel.
I already miss you so much.
You touched my heart.
I didn't want you to suffer - you had already been thru so much in your life.
My time with you will never be forgotten.
I love you and one day we will be together again.

April L. Dennis

Gizmo, 01/07/09

Thank you Giz, for coming into our lives.
You were a fighter from the first day that we saw you.
Only the Lord could have touched you in the way that He did to keep you going day to day. Heather asked us to pray for you and the Vet had given you at most 1 year to live; You ended up with 20!
Your Creator gave you 20 years, Giz!
How much He must have loved you!!

You will be missed more than you can imagine little man.
We love you.
We loved you so much that we couldn't allow you to suffer anymore.
We will see you again someday, Giz. Give out hugs to Gabby, Simon and Chloe and of course your Grandpa.Sit on the lap of your Creator and let Him pet you a while until we can see you again.
You will always hold a special spot in our hearts, little guy.
love, mom, dad, Heather, Faith, Rosebud, Buttercup, Raja, Tizzy, Starr, Skyler and Sully.

Gizmo, 12/12/08

R.I.P. my precious puppy girl Gizmo. Mommy and Daddy misses you so much. Life is not the same without you here with us. We love you and you will be in our hearts forever. We will be together again someday at the Rainbow Bridge.

Tracy & Phil Arons

Gizmo Biggs, 02/08/08-05/17/09

To my beloved cat gizmo, I wish you a happy life up there however you live and I wish you could have lived much, much, longer. We haven't really recovered from that time you left. I cant stop remembering the time you passed away in my arms at the vet. We have been through so much together between the year and 3 months that I had you and I hope that when my time comes I will meet you again at the rainbow brige to fulfil our long lost dreams to continue where we left off.

Nicole Biggs

Gizmo Granato, 10/29/94-04/15/09

Sweet Gizmo or Gizzy Lizzy as I used to call you!
A gift from Grandma to your Daddy, 15 ½ years ago, you were and will always be an original!
A smart woman who knew what she wanted and who she loved the best..her Daddy!

You were simply Giz to him!
Your passing was so sudden that we're all still in shock. Daddy (Michael) is so heart broken that you're gone!!
He feels so lost without you as we all do.
Your bond was undeniable and one of a kind.
When you'd perk up and nod your head up and down whenever you heard his voice or see him, it was as if you were saying "Hi Dad, I'm so happy to see ya"!
He loved when you did that.
He would look for it. When you would get scared, nervous or upset, his touch (you knew so well) would be the only thing that calmed you! You were his precious baby, his girl! And he knew you and what was right for you better then anyone.
What you two shared will never be replaced!
You were his "ONE IN A MILLION"!!
And I know he will find peace with this someday and when he's able to have you close again and is able to see you and speak to you it will give him great comfort!
For me, every morning and every night as I went by your cage to put your light on or shut it off, you would watch every move I made.
Tilting your head or curving your body to make sure I wasn't going to do anything funny, haha.
A little piece of you will remain locked in our hearts always.
You were our Family and we will love YOU now and FOREVER!!
Marlowe, Ben, Roxey, Blackie, Sonny and Casper know to watch over you!
I'm sure right now you're all having a great time together!
Until we all meet again, know that YOU WILL ALWAYS BE REMEMBERED AND NEVER, EVER FORGOTTEN! WE LOVE YOU, Daddy, Grandma, Aunt Suzanne, Uncle Chris, Aunt Debbie, Uncle Louis and Aunt Danielle!

Gizmo Passarella aka Gizzy, Gizarone, The Giz, 12/92-02/03/09

We love and miss you very much Gizzy Giz!!

Buddy, Lenore, Nikki and Danielle Passarella

Gizmo Rodriguez, 04/27/92-01/23/09

I loved you so much Gizmo.
I adopted you when you were a tiny baby,and at the same time I adopted your sister Gidget.
She misses you also.
I am happy I had you all these years, but it still was not long enough.

Love, Mom

Gizmo Yanik, 06/07/94-01/13/09

You came into our lives and stole all our hearts.
Your face will always be in my mind and in my heart.
Your tricks were the best, and no other dog will ever replace you in my heart.
We thank you for the laughs, for they were many. You were a little show off and we loved every minute we were able to watch you show off. Looking into your adoring eyes made every thing all right., even when there were deaths in the family, you helped us through
them. I will always love you. Thank you for the honor of being your parent. Gizmo I will always love you and I will never forget you.
We will be together someday.

Judith Yanik

Gizzie, 05/23/07-05/19/09


I will miss carrying, holding, and cradling my baby girl, my bun-bun, my Gizzie Bizzie each night to cuddle for hours. Our evenings always ended with you climbing up to my face and kissing me and a nudge to remind me to take you bed.

God blessed my life the day you came. You made our lives complete ~ compassion, love, & silliness. It was the most difficult & emotional court case and your love, playfulness & silly games sustained us.

I didn't know you were suffering, baby. Each time I walked by you in bed, your kisses touched my soul...I'm sorry, baby that I didn't realize you were asking for help or I would have ended your suffering sooner.

Thank-you for holding on as long as you did and for the enormous amount of joy you provided for me.

God Bless You, my Gizzie Bizzie. I love you always.

Joan Skwarczynski

Gizzy, 06/22/05-05/13/09

Gizzy was the most pretty cat u ever seen!!! She always loved to play with me n whenever I was sad r sick r just down n out, my lilttle Gizzy knew. She always was there for me anyway she could be n I will miss her sooo much!! Gizzy maybe gone from me now but will never be forgotton!! I love u Gizz

Adrienne Crocker

Gizzy, 01/06/09

Gizzy, I Love You and Miss you so much Honey Girl.
You will never be forgotten and always missed and loved. Our hearts are together for eternity.

Georgia Ledesma

Glacie, 06/30/08-07/14/09

God called our little girl home way before we were ready.
We loved our little Glacie with all of our hearts & she will be missed so much!
We Love You Glacie!!

Theresa & Bill Rettele

Glacier, 03/21/09

Glacier was an amazing fur baby and we were blessed to have had her for the 14+ years we did.
She never met a stranger.
She will be sadly missed but remembered fondly.
I pray she is again romping as a puppy and pain-free.
We will never forget you Glacier.


Gleekah, 09/22/82-06/28/92

almost 17 years and never ever forgotten!

Sandy Konstantinidis

Glen aka Drumadoons Son of Brigadoon, 08/03/98-22/12/08

A credit to your breed. You will always be Mummy's Puppy.
Goodnight Son.X

Colette Braid

Glenda, 09/03/94-02/16/09

Glenda was the sweetest Pearl Labrador ever.
She gave tons of love and we can't wait to see her again someday.
She is our 'Sweet Pea'.

Robbie and Lea Black

Goblina, 04/92-06/17/09

Dear Goblina, I miss you runnig to great me when I come home from work. I miss your fuzzy coat, you kissing my eyelids, your beautful paws. I miss all of you and will always carry you in my heart. Thank you for 17 wonderful years. Love forever and a day. Mom

Godiva, August, 2009

For Godiva, the ever-present and beloved "greeter" at the Terra Cotta Inn (written by her loving parent, Tom):

"Those who know me well, know one of my favorite movies is The Wizard of Oz. And in that movie, the Wizard utters a famous line:

"A heart is not judged by how much you love. but by how much you are loved by others."

If this is true then Godiva's heart was gigantic. It really comforts Mary Clare and I to see all these wonderful comments from everyone. Godiva truly was loved.

Yet, Godiva also LOVED our resort and the guests. We taught her basic commands like sits, stay, come, comienda (OK the housekeepers taught her that. It means do you want to eat know? And always brought a big hearty tail wagging yes).

Godiva herself decided on her responsibilities. She decided it was her job to great every guest, take them to their rooms, inspect the room, and OK it. She decided it was her job to sing happy birthday when we had cake. She decided to advise people on how to properly BBQ, and she decided when guests were too relaxed and needed walks. And she would walk right up to people and say, "come on, let's go, it's time I take you for a walk."

Godiva never slept all day long (until just her last few years of life) like other dogs. She normally was awake probably 14 hours a day or more for most of her life. That's because she had so much fun with the guests.

She was always smiling because she loved everyone so much.

So thank you everyone for your kind words.

Mary Clare and I miss Godiva immensely and it is so nice to know that she was so loved by you guys."

Golden Boy Barkley, 09/16/99-11/24/08

You are greatly missed, wookie man, and will always have a place in our hearts. Nine years wasnt enough but we were blessed to have you for those nine years. Freckles misses you too and looks for you everyday that your away from us. Gimmie Paw!

Becky, Tommy, and Krystina Wilson

Golden Girl Goldie, 05/16/96-03/23/09

Goldie, We miss you very much and always think of you.
Its been hard adjusting with out you being physically present with us...but I know you are still with me....we loved each other and that will always connect us forever. You were our best friend and everything in our lives...I wish you were still here..I love you and miss you. God Bless and take care of you...and always be with us...until we meet at the rainbow bridge for the great permanant reunion. I love you and think of you constantly. I miss you.

Jon John Levine-Mills

Goldie, 05/13/09

You will not be forgotten my smiling girl. Smile for Jesus till we meet again.

Kim Blackwell

Goldie, 03/29/93-07/09/08

Goldie Had left us a year ago but we still greive for her like she had left us yesterday. Goldie your Tipper is with you now at Rainbow Bridge. Take good care of him until I get there to see you both again and we can be together for eternity.

Jimmie Tucker

Goldie, 02/21/09

You will always be our little princess. We will miss you.

Mia, Steven, Jonathan, Joshie, Julianna & Bear

Goldie, 12/24/99-02/06/09

Goldie came into our lives three years ago. We met her at our local animal shelter and it was love at first sight. She was a beautiful, gentle, quirky and amazingly well-behaved mixed breed. All she wanted was to be loved by our family and taken on long walks through the Colorado fields and forests. We loved her so much. She helped us through stressful times and brought so much joy to our family. She was my constant companion around the house. Goldie was abruptly diagnosed with bladder cancer three weeks ago, and although we tried surgery and chemo, it was too advanced. Goldie collapsed last Thursday and we knew it was time. Heartbroken and lonely in her absence, we are comforted by knowing that she lived happily until the end, and that she's no longer suffering. I will miss her forever.

Julia Nichols

Goldie Girl, 06/04/09

Goodbye to our sweet and beautiful old lady.
We knew you were in pain and had to let you go, but adopting you and giving you the last two years of your life in a loving and affectionate home gave us back more than you could ever know.
We will miss your tentative kisses and funny "boston" grin.

Rae Packer & Arch Darrow

Goldie McQuillan, 22/04/07

goldie mommy and abby your sis will always miss you and remember you i didnt want you to go i still cry and feel sad for you abby misses you too i kno she does we both think of you our goldie i wish it didnt have to happen to you but you ended up in a great place up at rainbow bridge with all the other doggies and other animals me and abby reali like your rainbow memorial page that was made for you on my behalf its lovely but we do feel sad that you are gone and we still get lonely at home without you here with us both our goldie we love and miss you so much lots of kissies xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx and ((((((((((((((((huggies))))))))))))))))) up at rainbow bridge from mommy and sis abby abs WE LOVE YOU OUR GOLDIE xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo i hope someone can light a candle at the ceremony on monday nights for you my goldie my wee man that you always are my wee man i miss you " get them wee legs in the air" for mommy abby loves and misses you ((((((((love and hugs))))))))))))) xoxoxoxox from mommymags and sis abby abs xxxxxxoooooooooo

Mags Rachel McQuillan

Goldie Princess, 05/18/96-03/23/09

Princess Goldie I miss made me smile, laugh and love.
I am a mess without isn't fun. I miss sharing all of it with you. I hope your happy and not in any pain. We will be together again....I love you too much not to be with you. Love your John

Golly, 01/03/09

Little Golly was such a feisty, quirky and funny little kitten. I found him outside my workplace in early December 2008, and he looked so pathetic cowering under a parked car. I couldn't just leave him there. I picked him up and he just about filled up the palm of my hand, the tiny guy. But he was not afraid of anything, and cuddled up to anyone who held him. After bringing him home, my boyfriend gave him a bath and he seemed better. He was eating and meowing and even playing with the newspaper we lined his box in.

Soon though, we realised there was something wrong with him. Every time we cleaned his bottom after he did a poo, he would scream as though it hurt so badly. We took him to the vet and there was an infection near his anus, full of pus, the result of a cat bite. Poor little Golly! The vet dewormed him, gave us antibiotics and told us how to clean the wound and we thought that was that.

Pretty soon however, it was obvious things were not OK. Golly took a turn for the worse a few days later, laying listlessly in the cage - he looked like he was going to die, like a ragdoll! The first vet we took him to was closed because it was already around 7pm, so we decided to take him to another animal clinic nearer to our house. He was severely dehydrated and had been having diarrhea. The vet immediately put a needle into him to pump some fluid under his skin. On top of that, a dead worm was hanging partway out of his bum and the vet pulled it out - it was nearly as long as he was! Oh Golly... Then they gave him a shot of antibiotics and gave us antibiotic syrup to give him. All through this, he was still feisty, meowing weakly with whatever little strength he had left.

We took him home and the fluid under his skin from the vet was like a sac or bubble and I was worried, but we called the vet and they said t was ok and normal. The next day he was a different kitty, full of life! I was so relieved! He was Golly again, playing, meowing and being his silly little self.

But he wasn't out of the woods yet. The abscess he had earlier from the infected cat bite had burst, leaving an open wound oozing with pus - it was huge and right near his anus! It was a public holiday so the second vet we had taken him to was also closed, so I drove further away to a third vet who was open on that day (yeah, he was such a special little kitty.. he needed 3 different vets!) and the vet cleaned the would, cut away the dead tissue, and showed me where I could see his rectum through the deep wound. Luckily the rectum was intact. I was given antiseptic ointment to apply to the wound. And Golly growled a little when the vet showed me how to apply it. Such a tiny kitty with a cute growl!

Things seemed to be getting better. But then, poop started appearing in the wound. We thought maybe it was poop from his anus that had gotten into the wound somehow, but we wanted to have him checked by the vet anyway just in case. Our worst fears came true. Golly's rectum had torn and the poop was coming from inside, and getting into the deep wound. To show us this, the vet inserted a Q-Tip into the anus... and it came out of Golly's wound!! Golly screamed and I couldn't take it, I cried there and then... Poor poor baby.. oh my Golly, you went through so much in your short little life, you brave baby.

So Golly had to stay at the vet's t have colon surgery. He was ready to come home the next morning, and he was sprightly and the wound looked really good, mostly pink healthy tissue where there used to be yellow dead tissue and pus. He was getting better! Plus another 4 worms had come out in his poop (all dead) so he was free of them. It was so nice having him back.

We had to leave him at the vet's for 11 days because we went away for Christmas (it was all planned and booked before I met Golly, oh how I wish it could have been different!), and when we got back, he was fine - the wound had completely closed over and new fur was growing over it! The vet even told us other people had seen Golly at the vet's and asked to adopt him. He was such a charmer and a sweetie; everyone thought he was adorable! However, his anus was slightly swollen and the vet said it didn't seem to be anything but told us to monitor it. When he came home he was running around the kitchen and dining room like a little crazy kitty, meowing and showing us how happy he was to be home. He also ate like a little pig! What a darling he was. He had the loudest purr of any 2 month old kitten!

Then on New Year's Eve, he seemed tired for most of the day, but never wanted to be kept in the cage. He lay with us in front of the TV and fell asleep, and when we put him in the cage he'd wake up and start meowing real loud. When we took him out, he'd fall asleep with us. He was still eating fine and played with us when we tickled his belly... but a couple of days later the swelling was really bad, like the lining of his anus was coming out (although he had been pooping fine, there was a little bit of slimy stuff as well). I took him to the vet on January 2, at 730pm when I got home from work. He was still meowing loudly (he hated car rides) and at the vet I hugged him one last time and gave him a nuzzle on the face and a kiss, thinking I'd see him again the next day...

... and that's when the vet called the next morning to tell me he had passed away in the night. Just like that. She said they were shocked to discover his lifeless body in the morning.. and I could only ask "WHy? WHy? How??" She said the fight had been too much for his poor little body to take... there just wasn't any left in him. It's just so sad! After fighting so long, he just died like that, alone at the vet's... he seemed ok when I dropped him off!! He had died in his sleep. Oh Golly!! I know you were in pain and suffering while you were alive, but I hope you knew how much I loved you and how hard I tried to give you a good home and a good life. I'll miss you like crazy baby, I love you so much and I'm so sorry!!

We buried him that day, and he looked so peaceful, like he was asleep. His body was cold but his fur was still so, so soft... and I couldn't stop crying that day.. and even today I'm still crying when I think of all the cute things he did.. like rocking back and forth a few times before he jumped out of his cage whenever we let him out to play and hang out... or the weird, contortionist way he liked sleeping with his leg over his head.. and his cute breathy little meows when he was tired.

Golly!!!! I want you back every day! I hope you're in a better place and every day I look at your grave and feel so, so sad. My little baby. My angel. My quirky kitty with his weird funny little ways. There will never be another kitten with such character like you.

I love you Golly. Bye-bye, sweetie.

Inayah Ariffin

Gomez, 03/22/09

Rest in Peace sweet Gomez. You were always loved and will be remembered for ever. See you over the bridge little man.

Stacy McWilliams

Gomez, 04/06/09

Our Little Buddy Gomez,

You stole our hearts from the start. Just one look at your little crooked tail, and that was all it took. We chose you as our baby boy. You touched our lives in a way that we could never have imagined. We thank you for all the LOVE and companionship you gave us through the years. We also thank you for the beautiful baby daughter Bella you gave us. She is a darling, and she misses her daddy so much. We will always love you and miss you. You will never be forgotten. See you at the Rainbow Bridge.

Tom & Jojo Day

Gomez Tunick, 11/2008

Mr. Gomez Tunick was the best friend of my dear one, Jill...he was also "married" to my cat, Lacy Anne Pflieger...they are together now in heaven...I send blessings and hopes and dreams their way - and know they send them right back to me, and Jill - we love you now and always...Blessed Be.

Denise Pflieger

Gonzo, 07/26/94-06/20/09

Gonzo mommy miss and love you so much and one day we will see each other again

Brenda Williams

Goodpoody, 04/28/09

To the light of our lives.
Our little angel lives in our hearts forever.


Goose, 08/2004-07/17/09

We miss you, Baby Goose. We love you soooooooo much! Our hearts are broken. We can't wait to see you again, Love, Mom and Maverick

Gorby, 07/02/09

my dog has been suffering from a brain tumor for the past month and has not been himself. I gave him as much attention as possible and still i cant stop crying from losing him. ive had the dog ever since i moved into my house around 10 years ago and because of this everything i do in my house makes me think of him. i miss him alot and am happy that he is not suffering anymore and is in a better place.
i love you gorby


Gorda Bella, 03/20/09

You were such a sweet little cat that always made us happy1God bless you and I am so sorry that you were poisoned last night and we do not know who did this to you,but there is a good God in heaven that sees all.

I will always miss you

Gordie, 12/03/00-01/24/06

Gordie was like my child and brought me more love and support than I could have ever asked for.
He may be gone but never forgotten.


Gordon, 05/11/09

Rest In Peace My dear sweet Gordon, I will miss you so much. You will never know how much you added to my life ! I will see you at the Rainbow Bridge.

Ric Eberle

Gordon, 05/2000-03/28/09

Our handsome boy, you were taken from us way too soon.
Our home is not the same without you.
You were the most sociable cat I have ever met.
You were so handsome, it looked like someone had taken a paint brush to your nose with white paint. We love you so much.
Your mamaw misses you too and she loves you very much.

Mike and Maureen Pennington

Gossamer, 03/30/99 - 11/27/09

Gossamer was given to me as a birthday present, the best present I have ever received. He was a precious pug and he was the runt of the litter. When I first met him he looked like a baby rat, he could fit in my shirt pocket with no problem. Now ten years later, I had to put him down the day after Thanksgiving. Four days earlier he quit eating his food. I took him to the emergency on thursday and when I came back on friday, he looked even worse. When I looked in his eyes, I knew it was time. The Vet put him to asleep right there in my arms, I felt so honored to be with him till the end.
I'm forty-two but he was my first pet ever, that's what made him so special to me. He was my baby, my little man and I will never forget him. I miss you sleeping in the bed with me and I also miss your snoring. I miss looking into your eyes when I would tell you that I love you. I know you are pain free now and I my heart will ache for you, for the rest of my life. Good-bye my sweet little man.

Grace, 01/05/03 - 11/06/09

Oh Grace, do we miss you. Our hearts really did have an ache the day you passed, and just way to young. My heart actually ached that whole week before your passing when we found out you had kidney disease. Then I got excited when they said you had the two tick carrying diseases and the vet said that the disease could be treated and you'd be alright.
But it wasn't so, we didn't get it in time. She said maybe a tumor was present,too, being you went so fast. I miss holding you, watching you with your dad. Him loving you so much. You were such a little neurotic. Scared of everything, and I said I'd protect you always. I let you down, I'm so sorry. We'll never forget those eyes of yours, how they stared at us in the end times. You never seemed to close them. We loved you, our little Westie. I hope you don't mind, but in honor of you and your little personality, we want to get another Westie. Maybe in the Spring, for a fresh start for all of us. Daisy misses you too.
She seems lost without you, her partner in crime. She doesn't seem to have as much fun chasing squirrels, chipmunks. Nobody now, to chase Lily around the house. Shadoe, seems the same. Mellow as usual.Now, your with the rest of our pets. Play, have fun, and relax. Your safe now. We hope we see you again. Love you Mom, Dad, and your sisters.

Grace, 3/20/91 - 9/3/09

Grace you were so much more than a cat to me. For eighteen years you were my best friend. I knew every moment I spent with you was special, and I knew someday there wouldn't be any more days. That time came last week, and as sad as it was, I was glad that I could be there with you and hold you at the end. I was afraid that I waited too long, but your Mom said no, you were fine the day before and she reminded me how you laid out in the sun for hours the way you loved to do. I hope the end was as peaceful as it looked. I miss you every day, but I believe you're with my Mom now and I know she'll take good care of you. I promise I'll take good care of your sisters so you don't have to worry. Just run and play and don't hurt anymore, and I'll try to do the same.
I love you girl.

Grace, 01/21/96-12/13/08

my beautiful little princess girl, you are always in our hearts

Robert G and Robin C

Grace, 06/03/00-02/10/09

She was so full of love and devotion. I'm so blessed to have had her in my life. I can only pray I gave her happiness.

Ann Ebert

Grace Fry, 07/21/94-06/22/09

Amazing Grace, And I don"t mean the Hymn.
You were You!!!!

David Ohlson

Gracie, 2007 - December 21, 2009

Dedicated to a wonderful companion, best friend and beautiful black labrador retriever - GRACIE. Until we meet again....

Gracie, 07/01/1998 - 09/13/2009

Gracie brought such joy and happiness in our lives. She was our special puppy. Now she will live in our heart forever.

Gracie, 07/12/09

Gracie was my first dog.
We adopted her from the boxer resuce just over 5 years ago, shortly after the death of my mom.
Gracie must have known about the hole in my heart/life because she did her best to fill it.

She was more than we could have ever asked for in a dog.
We love her and miss her more than words can say.


Gracie, 04/2001-07/05/09

Rest In Peace, Sweet Gracie.
I know you are in a special place now. It was truly an accident that took your life.
I hope your new place will be filled with many treats, sunshine and lots of other furry playmates for you to run with.
We will miss you dearly as you were a part of our family for 8 wonderful years.
Coco and Zoey long for your companionship now.
You will always be remembered as a loving and sweet pet.
I will miss you waking me at night when you were scared from the storms outside to be comforted by a warm hand.
Your loving mommy, Michael, Kingsley, Coco and Zoey.

Gracie, 07/04/09

For the most joyfull, loving companion I have ever had. I hopeyou have peace now my loony little love.


Gracie, 07/03/09

No dog has ever loved more or been loved more. Our life will never,ever be the same again!

Lisa & Beth Shapiro

Gracie, 1992-05/22/09

Gracie & I said our final goodbyes today and she's on her way to kitty heaven.
We had a wonderful 16 years together & I'm truly thankful that I had her in my life -- and for so long!
Thanks to the Pat Brody Shelter for helping me find a very special kitty who was everything a perfect pet could be.

Gracie, 04/28/09

Gracie was the best dog we could have ever asked for. We don't know much about her first 9 years, but we do know they were rough. When we adopted her, she was sad, didn't know how to play with toys, and very scared of thunderstorms. In the past three years, Gracie finally got to be a playful pup! She enjoyed belly rubs, cuddling and running at the farm. Gracie even began to play with toys and could "tolerate" thunderstorms! She was loved more than anyone can imagine. In the last three years, she gave us so much love and laughter. We already miss her terribly.


Gracie, 03/09/09

Thank you for being my best friend for 15 years.
I love you so much and will never forget you.

Andrea, Beau, and Lauren

Gracie, 02/27/09

I prayed to God often that when it was your time to leave me- that he would take you quickly and with little pain. I prayed for the strength to make the right decision and to let your spirit go.
I will miss you Gracie because you were happiness, unconditional love, and my best pal.
You have taken a piece of my heart with you that no one else will ever own.
You touched many peoples lives and will be greatly missed. Love you forever Gracie girl.


Gracie, 02/18/09

Thank you, dear Gracie for 10 years of wonderful companionship.

Your grace will be missed.


Gracie, 09/22/01-02/15/09

Gracie Grace with the laughing face! Our family is so lost without and Niko brought us together and made us a family.
You gave us unconditional love, fierce protection and unfaltering loyalty. We will miss you everytime we "go to work", "go bye-bye", "round third and head for home" or stop in "cheeseburger town".
Your soft, warm body is gone, but you are a memory that fills our house and our yard and you have given us so much to remember you by.
Our tears fall freely, our hearts hurt, and we love you infinitely.
You will always be our gracious Grace, our duppiedog.
Missing you so much our hearts are breaking...

Troy, Anita, and Amber Worrick Chelsea and Tyler Bohl

Gracie, 12/17/95-02/08/09

To Gracie, my loyal friend and companion.
Thank you for thirteen wonderfully adventurous and fun filled years. I will cherish your memory forever and ever, until we are together again.

Lisa Ridnour

Gracie, 02/12/10

The best dog in the world.


Gracie, 01/20/09

Gracie was the most precious little girl that anyone could ask for in a pet.
She loved life and loved to run and play. She was always waiting for me with bright eyes and her tail wagging.
We were the best of friends.

A part of my heart is gone and I pray she is not tired anymore but now running and playing again.


Gracie, 06/15/90-01/13/09

Gracie chose me, I
did not choose her. A little grey bundle of energy. She got me through the good and bad of life, and always had a special way with me. She accepted her dad begrudgingly, but they had a special bond as well.

We will miss her quirky ways, her loud meow and her purring.

Jane and Stephen

Gracie, 01/13/09

Sweet,sweet girl. You stole my heart and took a piece with it.

J. Lyon

Gracie, 1991-01/02/09

Gracie, I lost you to kidney disease. You got so you didn't want to eat anything. You did eat our Christmas tri tip though. After you lost your best friend Dolly in June you had a few good months with us and then just got too sick. I hope you will forgive me for putting you to sleep. I didn't want you to feel bad anymore.

I found you in front of a donut store about 15 yrs. ago on Easter morning. You were the best doggie. You had the best ears. They were like bath sheets.

I hope that you and Dolly will meet me by those pearly gates when its my time.

We will always love you and remember you,
Mom, Daddy, Kelly and Holly

Gracie Anna Wildin, 06/12/09

Josh got Gracie when she was only 6 weeks old in 2000.
Josh and I started dating in 2003.
Gracie was in Josh's life for her entire life and in mine for 6 wonderful years.
She was the best dog that anyone could ask for.
My husband is upset but he is coping.
I can't seem to get a grip.
We have 3 other dogs and it's not the same without Gracie.
On June 10th, the vet told us she had some liver disease.
We started treatment right away but by the 12th she just wasn't getting any better.
I took her back to the vet on the 12th due to a bloated abdomen and the fact that she wasn't eating a thing.
The vet put a needle in her stomach to see if anything would come out and nothing but blood ran out. The vet came to the conclusion that she had a tumor either in her liver or spleen and said that we could operate but that it is cancerous and it would probably come back later. I started bawling and called my husband at work.
I told him he needed to get to the vet ASAP.
He showed up and sat with her for awhile and cried.
We had family show up and Josh made the decision to put her down.
I felt it was his decision since he was the one that got her in the first place and I was going to agree with whatever he decided.
Anyway, I don't know how to cope with this.
I have a picture of her from the vet but I can't look at it yet neither can my husband.
The other dogs know something is not right and so do our two cats.
We all miss her so much and just want the pain to go away.
Gracie, we miss you and love you very much.

LaRee Allen and Joshua Allen

Gracie Baby, 01/15/97-07/18/09

Gracie, we had twelve precious years together, and I never thought I would have to let you go. You were the greatest companion I ever had, and I love you and will miss you cuddles and snuggles forever.
Rest peacefully now, my baby.

Kyle Ruxton

Gracie Lou Sharpe, 05/30/09

We love you Louie Chen. Now you are ok and well. Have fun with Bean...we will see
you again. Love, mom and dad

Gracie Mae Monaco, 06/06/09

My sweet, special kitty girl came into my life on 10/8/06 and left my life on 6/6/09. She was the sweetest, most loving, most curious, intelligent kitty girl ever. I will hold her in my heart forever. She was more of a child to me than a pet.

Rachael Monaco

Gracie Mae Russell, 08/01/91-06/24/09

Our precious little Gracie was sent to heaven yesterday. We loved her very much. She brought great joy to our lives.
We will miss seeing her sweet little face and having her presence here.
God Bless you Gracie.
Thank you for blessing us with your love.
We will never forget you. You are always in our hearts.

Mark & Debbie & Darla Russell

Gracie Rose, 08/01/99-04/25/09

To my Dearest, Sweetest, softest precious Gracie!
Your passing was so sudden, and I am so sorry and sad that you are gone.
But only from this life.
Your memories will always be cherished in our hearts forever. We love you!
Mama, Daddy, Zoey, Jazzie & Bluzzie xoxoxoxo

Graham, 03/07/09

In loving memory of Graham. Rest in peace, good boy.

Cheryl H

Grammy, 04/25/09

I will miss our puppy (Grammy) she was such a special dog to our family. she died on my lap at 5am today. she was a rescued dog. abandoned on a farm place along a road side. we gave her a home for the last 3 years. she died of heart failure. she will suffer no more.. We love you Grammy !


Steve B

Gray Baby, 06/09/09

this beautiful kitty was born of a stray cat along with three other kittens. they were trapped under a mobile home. i rescued three out of the cinderblocks but the fourth was dead in a hole under the trailer. it was trapped in the hole and no one knew. please pray for the kitten to be happy again at the rainbow bridge.


Gray Kitty, 03/25/09

We love you, Gray.
We'll meet you at the Rainbow Bridge.

Pat & Chuck McClenahan

Grayce, 05/95-12/11/08

I rescued Grayce (pronounced Gracie) at about 4 weeks of age on Memorial Day weekend 1995. She was my best friend for more than a decade until she passed away Dec 11, 2008 from liver cancer. Grayce was a very good cat who never did anything bad. She always came to me when I called out her name and she slept next to me every night. Grayce never demanded anything and never took anything that wasn't hers. She accepted all the love and affection I could give her, returning the same. No one could ask for a more perfect companion. Grayce was a wonderful friend and she is sorely missed.

I have posted a few photos of Grayce here

Bob Castorf

Grayson, 02/20/09

Our "Floppy Boy".
You weren't supposed to die yet.
We love you very much.
Rest In Peace.


Graysun Pepin, 02/15/09

I will always remember you and the comfort you gave me Graysun. I know we will be together again in this special place "heaven". I love you and will miss you.


Greco, Early 2008-01/03/09

Goodbye Greco.
It seems like yesterday that you showed up on my doorstep barely alive.
Though I didn't set out to keep you, I did, and I was very lucky to have had you as my pet if even for such a short time.
You made everyone who was around you happier.
I will miss you very much.


Greebo, 01/13/09

For our beloved Greebo, waiting for us at the Bridge.

Annette Reynolds

Green Eyes, 01/29/09

Miss you Greeny, Rest In Peace and we will see you one day in heaven

Kristina Olszewski

Grendel, June 2009




Grendel, 04/06/97-02/08/09

sweet Grendel, your time here was much too short for me,but your pain is over now.Find Mattie & wait for me.Bailey,Piper & Izzy miss their big brother,they keep looking for you.You were my best friend for almost 12 years and I am so broken without you.You taught me much more than I could have ever taught you.Heaven has a special angel now.Watch over us & wait for us.
Mom,Bailey,Piper & Izzy

Greta, July 4, 1997 - Sept 19, 2009

GRETA HOLLEY MAIDA has passed away on Saturday, Sept. 19, 2009 due to heart failure.

She was a loyal companion. Protective, sensitive, sweet, smart and comforting. She was a beauty inside and out. Greta had been on heart medication for an irregular heart beat and fluid around the heart for the past several months. Surgery was not an option. She was full of life and had a uncontrollable appetite for raw carrots and tuna. On occasions she was lovingly cared for by our neighbors Liz & Dave and her play buddies Buster & Buddy. And she will miss her Aunt Tree and her other play buddies, Poppy & Holly.

Greta was one amazing creature of God. The love & laughs she gave us has already left a huge emptiness in our hearts. Our days and nights are a little darker but up in doggie heaven her brightness will be eternal. We miss you so much already Greta "Grinch"
We love you.

Greta, 1997-06/21/09

In memory of my dog, Greta


Greta, 12/25/01

I was only 5 when you died but you meant so much to me. You were a loving protective dog and I really wish I could have you again. I really cared for you and I remeber when you died on christmas in my moms arms. That day I refused to open my christmas presents and I don't think I actually opened them until a week later. We have had 3 dogs since you Freata, Maggie, And Sammi (Sam-Bam). But no matter how many dogs we get you will always be in my heart believe that. I cannot wait, no matter how long ,until we meet at rainbow bridge.

I love you baby girl,


Greta, 10/01/94-02/15/09

My beloved Greta was the best pet anyone could ask for.
She loved unconditionally and was my protector.
She had a loving spirit and all who knew her were touched.
I cannot imagine life without my little girl.
I know she will be waiting for me...

Katie Kindle

Gretchen, 06/30/97-06/01/09

My precious rottweiler Gretchen entered Rainbow Bridge on June 01,2009 at 9:58 AM. She had severe arthritis in her back and osteoscarcoma. She was too sweet to allow to suffer and the dreaded decision had to be made to release her from her pain. I believe with all my heart that she is waiting for me on the other side and I will agian see her one day. That belief and my faith in God are the only two things that are keeping me going. I do not believe that our loving God would allow a person to experience this kind of love and bond with an animal here on earth and deny us of that love in heaven. I will go on and get through this on that thought. May God bless each of you who have and will experience this type of loss.

Janice Mullis

Gretchen, 04/07/09

Gretchen, you were the love of my life.
You were everything I could have possible wanted in a companion and you will be so very missed by all of us who loved you.

Jacqueline Lawton

Gretchen, 07/15/96-02/21/09

thank you for being such a great frined, now you join your brother Boomer, who past 2008, give him lots of licks from us and you two take care of each other til we met again

Roberta Gardon

Gretchen, 03/12/08

It has been almost a year since Gretchen died, and I still miss her every day.
She was a great dog, and I adored her.


Gretchen, 01/23/09

She was a grand old dame - about 18 years old.
She brought joy and companionship to her family.
Even though she had recently been failing, she had spurts of running and catching moles.
She was a funny, affectionate friend.
She will be missed.
She will wait patiently at the Rainbow Bridge for her beloved Pat.

Pat Barbaro

Gretchen, 05/12/92-05/01/08

We found you on a country road, when you were just a wee little puppy with big, brown eyes and a hungry tummy. We picked you up and tried to find where you lived, but there was noone around, so we brought you home to live with us. You gave us 16 years of love and you were a good watch dog. I miss you very much. You were always at the door when I came home to greet me and give me kisses.

Joyce Harris

Gretchen, 01/23/97-11/01/08

Gretchen was one of the greatest gifts of my life. She was sweet, smart, funny, loving and I just can't believe that she is gone. At times I just ache for her. I miss looking into her beautiful eyes, touching her soft silky ears and even her smell. She was a once in a lifetime dog.

Teresa Gooley

Gretel Patterson, 10/19/08

We miss you big sweet girl!

Jenn Patterson

Grettle, 04/98-10/09/06

You will live forever in our hearts.
We still miss your smile.

Marie & Jaime

Grettle Black, 04/28/09

Little Grettle was a rescue cat. She was the sweetest, friendliest, lovable, most empathetic kitty I ever loved. Unfortunately, she had an autoimmune disease, but did well on meds for many years. Sending Grettle to Rainbow Bridge was the hardest thing I have ever done. I miss her so much, and will treasure her memory forever.

Cindy Black

Gretzky, 01/30/09

My beloved Gretzky, we have loved you for 21 years, from kittenhood to the Rainbow Bridge.

We will miss you until we are reunited with you, and love you forever, our Gritty-Bitty-Kitty, our first baby boy.

Tears and hugs, Xochi and John

Grey, 11/03/95-06/20/09

Grey was loyal, loving, protective, cute, funny, beautiful, and a little crazy. I really miss her, and did not realize what a big part of my life she was until now that she is gone. Who is going to meet me at the door everyday when I get home from work now?

Kim Carter

Grey, 07/17/08

I'll see you in Rainbow bidge


Grey Boy Pickles Grier, 11/93-04/26/09

Rest in Peace, Special Buddy.
We miss you and love you more than words can say.
My heart is in a million pieces without you.
I miss seeing you in all of your favorite spots.
The remaining 2 food bowls just look so lonely.
And Sniffer and Plumpy seem to know you're gone.
They miss you so much, too.
I wish Lucy could have known her "kitty protector" for longer, but rest assured, Lauren will and will tell her lots of stories about how you would protect them both and loved to play with us in the yard.
I was graced with your company for 15 1/2 years and couldn't feel more blessed by our time together.
One day, I'll see you again, waiting for me to come home, just like you always did.
And we'll cross that Rainbow Bridge together.
I miss you, Buddy.
Until then...

Adrienne, Manton, Lauren, and Lucy Grier

Grey Grey, 03/29/09

We will always love and miss you GREY GREY!!!!!!!!!

Stuart & Renee Salassi

Grey Mew, 03/01/96-02/22/09

We will miss you GREYMEW!!!

Tyler and Andrew

Greycie Lynn, 02/97-01/11/09

Your life was taking from us to soon.
We miss you terribly.
We hope you are making new friends and enjoying where you are now.
You will always in our hearts - "Fat Little Baby." Hugs and kisses.....L, S, Essence, Fred and Cana

Greyson, 11/01/96-04/09/09

My baby Greyson.
Today I lost a part of my heart.
I am so sorry that we had to let you go but know that we did because we love you and didn't want you to suffer any longer from your pain.
Your pain has ended while ours has just begun.
Know that you will always be a part of our life.
Be free now and run with Rugrat.
We will see you when we get to the bridge.

Mike and Lori Graham

Greyuska, 05/24/94-02/24/09

My sweatest Greyuska, I miss you so much, it hurts. I hope you are in a good place now and one day we will see each other again. I will never forget you and think about you evey day.

Love you more than everything else in this World.


Griffey, 03/12/95-04/06/09

To our beautiful and precious Griffey,

You showed us the true meaning of unconditional love.
You were a great example to us all on how to appreciate life.
You loved everyone and everything!!
You will be greatly missed and you will always be in our hearts.
We will love you always and forever!

Robyn, Tom, Todd and Jenna

Griffin, 06/08/08-05/01/09

Griffin, i miss and love you so so so much i hope I made the right choice and you are happy and remembering me because i will always remember you. You were by best friend and my baby! i love you so much and will see you again! i love you my baby, be happy.


Griffen Esposito, 04/01/02-01/15/09

My sweet Griffen, how you will be missed.
I cannot describe the happiness you gave me.
You chased away my tears and healed my heart many times.
Your pain is over and one day we will be together again. I will always love and miss you my angel kitty.


Griffin, 04/10/97-12/14/98

The year 2008, a truly remarkable year in so many respects, came to a very sad ending for me when I very quickly and unexpectedly lost my 11 year old cat Griffin to cancer on December 14th.
He was my littlest friend, but one of my oldest friends and he had such a huge impact on me; more than most human beings. Being an indoor cat, he was always there, whenever I came home from work; whenever I came home from a long trip.
He had his favorite spots in the house, though they changed somewhat over the years.
He was such a permanent fixture and personality around the house, it's still very hard to adjust to his not being here with me anymore. I just never imagined he'd be gone this soon.

He was never a particularly cuddly cat, he seemed content rubbing at my feet or just being in the same room, but there were occasions that he would very much insist on jumping up on my lap while I was seated at the computer. There are two things that always stood out the most about Griffin, his love of eating and his high volume purring!
He was the only cat I have ever encountered that could do both at the same time!

I still remember very vividly the day I adopted him from the pound.
He was in a multi-cat enclosure and he was toward the back, an orange and white short hair tabby, but he was very vocal and rubbing up against a carpeted cat scratching post. That was always his way of saying "Here I am!'
It's been a long time, but the way I remember it, he was clearly the one and only cat there for me.

Throughout his entire life with me there were a couple of behaviors that persisted which made me believe that his early life, the first 10 months that I did not have him, were maybe not the most pleasant for him. Any time I ever used any type of spray cleaner or spray air freshener around him, he would close his eyes and flee the room.
I suspect he had been sprayed a lot with water for whatever reason when he was a kitten.
He was also never able to control his food intake. However little or much food was put in front of him, he would scarf it all down as fast as he could. I have no idea if he was half starved as a kitten or maybe he was from a large litter and so food was always scarce when he was young.
He never really grew out of that and I was never able to leave food out for him to graze throughout the day as many cats do.
He got pretty large at one point and so I had to switch him to diet food and regulate his food intake! He was also always terrified of the vacuum cleaner and would run and hide when it was turned on.
Again, I always speculated whether a vacuum was used in his kitten hood as a behavior control device. I have no way of knowing whether these were just peculiar behaviors of his, or whether he might have been treated not-so-well as a kitten. Whatever his early life was like; however, I am forever grateful to his previous caretakers for taking him to the pound so we was there for me to adopt.

Despite that background, Griffin was always a very friendly cat and really liked people, or, I should say, he liked adults.
Unlike many cats, Griffin generally would not run and hide when unfamiliar people would visit the house.
In fact, he would meow and almost seem to greet new people. It did not ever take him long to size up new people and if they were the least little bit cat or animal friendly, he was at their feet rubbing against their legs. I always thought his ulterior motive was that he saw everyone as a potential giver of food to him. Children were a different story.
The few times children were around, he would either run and hide or hiss at them. Again, I was never sure whether he just never had any experience around kids and just could never figure out their quick and jerky movements and behaviors, or whether his early life was spent with bad kids who tormented him.

His sickness seemed to come and progress remarkably quickly, just a couple of weeks from diagnosis to when we had to say Goodbye to him.
In hindsight, he had probably been sick a bit longer, maybe several months.
He was sleeping more and eating less, but I had just assumed that was part of him getting a little older.
About 10 days before he died, it really sank in that he was not going to be around much longer because the disease had really progressed to the point that any treatment would only buy a little time and would be tougher on him than the disease.
At that point I was trying to spend as much time as possible with him, though it was pretty difficult to watch him getting weaker and weaker. There were a few decent days, he seemed to be a little stronger and was eating a little more. But overall, his condition was steadily deteriorating. The last few days, I kept hoping for the most peaceful way for him to go so that he would just go to sleep and not wake up.
There were times when I could tell he was uncomfortable, but he did not seem to be in any pain, then he'd go to sleep and purr some more.

Finally, on his last day, the little guy was still valiantly trying to eat a little and he still used his litter box, but it was getting painful for him to walk and he did let out some painful and scared meows. It was so hard to look into his little trusting eyes when he seemed to be asking me to just fix him and of course there was nothing I could do and I knew what was coming. When he started to run to hide under the bed, we knew it was time to call the vet to come put an end to his pain.
It was a very painful phone call. By the last couple of hours, when the vet came, he was pretty hazy in and out in sleep/consciousness and I could not get him to purr anymore like I had in the morning. As painful as it was to watch, I am glad we were there with him and that he was at home in familiar surroundings when the vet administered the procedure.
It is still difficult to think of how permanent it is.

I have lost very close people and animals before and there is always an initial panic about not wanting to forget any little thing about them and trying to figure out the best way to hold on a little longer and how best to permanently memorialize them.
Photographs help a lot. We have his little ashes back now, and though it is now 4 weeks later, every room in the house contains the little reminders of him.
I am planning on leaving the scratch marks on the right side of the door leading out to the patio.
Over the years I had often thought about filling in the wood and repairing the damage, but always decided against it because I was more grateful he was scratching the door, rather than the furniture, because the door could always be fixed, or at least a lot easier than replacing or re-upholstering furniture . Fixing it now just wouldn't be right.
It's a permanent memorial to him.

The last few days of 2008, we were bombarded in the media by the lists of the notables we lost or said goodbye to last year.
Many of them have permanent legacies on screen or in voice.
Every year, there are always some who you think, oh too bad, they'll be missed.
Of course, this year, none of them compare to my losing Griffin. I am not sure I know yet what his legacy is for me. But I do know his little big cat life touched me tremendously and I can only hope he knows, wherever he is, how much I loved/love him and I hope that he is at peace and eating all he wants and purring up a storm.
Goodbye My Little Friend, Griffy Griff.

Stephen Magruder

Griffin, 03/09/92-01/05/09

Griffin was my best friend and a beloved member of our family who passed away today.
For the last 3 years he had fought back from a brain tumor/surgery and resulting diabetes (only expected to live 6-9 months post surgery).
He gave me great joy for his entire life - but even more so as he came to rely on my assistance w/his special needs.
I will miss his huge personality, his constant companionship and his unconditional love.
I know he is at peace now.


Griffin Garlett, 08/11/98-01/23/09

You showed up at our back door 8 years ago, and claimed our hearts instantly!
Your sweet, loving, polite, joyful soul is like sunlight in cat form.
Your loving, sweet spirit, was too big for your little cat body.
Thank you for showing us how to love, how to laugh, all about belly rubs, snuggles and box!
We know you are in heaven playing Kitty Kung Fu with Frankie.
Your loss on Friday was so unexpected and David and I have holes in our hearts - we were not ready to say goodbye and miss you so much!
We are taking you with us to our new house and we know you will be with us always, as we will always carry you in our hearts, minds and souls.
We love you so much, Griffin, thank you for the time that you gave to us.
We are such better people for knowing you!
We know we will see you again some day and we hope it will be sooner rather than later.
LuLu misses you too, you know!
Love you forever, David and Tamara Garlett

Grimm, 10/16/97-06/22/09

You were such a great dog and companion for over 12 years.
I miss you terribly.
You will always have a special place in my heart.
I'll see you again at the Rainbow Bridge and at that time we can play with your orange bone.
Love, Mommy

Gringa, 05/13/95-02/21/09

Gringa Chula,
You were such a special girl, I treasure all the time we had together.
I pray that the pain is gone, the hearing crisp, the eyes bright and most of all that you are running and playing with all that went before.
I will see you again one day, until then, wait patiently.
I Love you!

Dee Ruelas

Gritty Kitty, 04/20/08

She will always be our Diggy Kitty.

Dale Hunter

Grizzley, 08/01/94-07/09/09

Griz - you were totally tuned in and never failed to be there - fifteen years went by in a heartbeat -
Helping you over the Rainbow Bridge allowed me to put you first - something that you have always done for us -

Marian Phillips

Grizzley, 09/15/93-12/31/08

Best dog in the world. Loyal friend for 15 years.


Grizzly, 11/19/99-06/27/06

I miss my Grizzly so much. Every time I think of him I cry because I miss him so much. He was the best .

Art Van Houten

Gromit, April 1,1998 - September 23,2009

My "little buddy dog" you really are my best friend. I feel such a deep loss I have trouble getting through each day.  
I miss our walkies and giving you treats but most of all cuddling with you when its time to go to sleep.  
I hope you were as happy as you made me.  
I Love You Grommie Dog...  

Groovi Ostrowski, 03/16/92-03/19/08

You are everything I aspire to be. Strong, loving, and a best friend! You are ALWAYS in my heart and soul.


Groucho, 05/09/08-01/23/09

Groucho was "life" to me. In the six months that he and I had, we made the best of it.


Gryndel, 4/23/08 - 12/05/09

Gryndel Gryndel Gryndel, the trouble you are in
Gryndel Gryndel Gryndel, so pretty it's a sin
Gryndel Gryndel Gryndel, our little Sabik dog
Gryndel Gryndel Gryndel, You're happy as a frog

We miss you so much, our little needle nose collie girl. Daddy was so beside himself, and as I held you as you passed I knew I couldn't save you. Out of the horrible-ness of that morning, good friends of yours and ours stepped out at came to give you peace - Dreamer and Sue-Ryn helped us celebrate your life. Gulliver still doesn't know what to do, and the kitties keep looking for you. Even Buster came over looking for you from next door. The house is subdued.

There will never be another Gryndel, and we are sad for that. But we are so happy that we had you and you taught us both so much love and forgiveness, joy about jumping, and just how smart you are.

We love you, little girl. You will be in our hearts forever. Please send our love and have fun with Garfield, Gizmo, Richard, Augie, Spaulding, Grommitt!, Meep, Quark, Geiger, Rohrshack and of course my mom and dad - Daddy would have loved you here, I bet he's loving you up now.

Love always and kisskiss

Mommy and Daddy

Grynell, Aug 16, 1992 - Oct 13, 2009 

My beautiful Nell. Always a loving cat, so sweet, so dainty and affectionate... never mischievous like her brothers and sisters.. truly a being of pure white light. I will never again bond my soul to another kitten like I have with my Grynell. Her departure leaves me eviscerated, raw, and feeling as if my world will never recover. She has been my best furriend for 17 years, years that might have gotten the better of me were she not by my side. She was a small kitten when I got her, the runt of the litter with one foggy eye... yet she was the most beautiful kitten in the world to me..... she was so small, I could take her to the vet curled around my neck hiding under my hair.. everyone that met Nellie loved her, she had that kind of way- even those not fond of cats found themselves loving her, they couldn't help it. I am sure she is whole, well, and invigorated, no longer tired and in pain, as she suffered from heart, kidney, and thyroid problems, and she tolerated her medicines and iv's like a trooper, knowing we were helping her. I love her so much, I find it hard to believe that I can live without her. She has left a cat shaped hole in our hearts that will never completely go away. My other babies will help, and I love them dearly- but I will never love another like my Grynell. My husband and I will miss her eternally till we are together again.

Gucci, 06/26/09

Thank you for being such a good dog Gucci. You are in a better place now and I can't wait to see you again.


Gucci Arians, 04/12/04-03/23/09

i miss you pooh bear!
can't wait to see you at the Rainbow Bridge.
have fun playing with Bizkit until i get there!
i will never forget you and i love you more than words can express!
i miss everything about you!

Traci Arians

Gucia, 07/01/08-06/09/09

I miss you all my little babies,Nataszka, Krolewna Sara, Stella, Ludek i Gucia.I hope you are happy somewhere in Heaven.
Your Mama

Guess, 10/24/1953 - 12/01/09

My heart is aching. Its been a week today that I had to let Guess go. I didn't think it would hurt this bad. He was a wonderful friend, always there for me. His eye sight was cut short so we had to quit competition training and later it was too hard on him to travel with me. But he never complained. I miss him so much.

Guido, 08/24/94-12/14/08

guido you were my reason for living and my whole life and why i got up each day. i am so lonely without you and i pray for the day when we meet again at the rainbow bridge with all the rests of your furry brothers and sisters. i hope they are all looking after you as i know you must miss me too. Love mom

Guido Gattito (aka Gato), 01/06/09

He was 17. He loved cream, tuna and catnip. He hated onions. He loved to play "snout rub" and "bonkie-head." He had strong opinions and expressed them openly. He shared his toys when we needed cheering up. He lived purring in our arms. He died purring in our arms. He lives in our hearts until we can be together again in heaven.

Mr. and Mrs. Rogers-Lent

Guiguis, 05/21/00-04/02/09

Guiguis was the most cheerful animal I had ever had the pleasure of loving.
He would always greet us with a whistle and brought more happiness to our family than could ever be expected.

We will surely miss you, but we know it's not the end.
We will see each other again soon on the other side.

Francisco Acosta

Guinness, September 20, 2008 - November 8, 2009

Today I lost a wonderful dog. He was so young and playful and wanted nothing more than to be next to me. He was only a year old before his life was taken away.

I'll remember his big floppy paws that he never grew in to, his love for tennis balls, and his gentle heart. I wish I had more time with him and hope that he knows I loved him.

I miss you!

Guiness, 06/18/09

Guiness, out little babydoll. The time spent with you made all the difference in our lives. You are the third leg we stand on. Our tears for you are a profound tribute to your life. You will forever be in our hearts our little angel. Rest in peace, babydoll. We love you.

Gary & Karen O'Maxfield

Guinness, 10/01/96-07/07/09

Dear Guinness,

You were everything I ever needed and wanted in a dog.

I wanted a dog that would lay around the house, but would run around with me outside.
I wanted a dog that would bark and sound like the meanest dog alive, but never bite and lick you once I say it's OK.
I wanted a dog to lay at my feet when I watch TV.
I wanted a dog that would protect my family.
You did it all.

You not only gave me everything I wanted, you gave me everything I needed.
When things went bump in the night, I felt much braver clearing the house with you by my side. You also challenged me when I needed it.
You helped me be a more patient person.
You helped me be a more loving person.
You helped prepare me to be a better father to my children.
For that, I am eternally grateful.
I wouldn't be the man I am today without you.

Eventually your German Shepherd hips failed you.
Once we saw your x-rays and how bad your hips really were, we knew the writing was on the wall.
We tried so many drugs and experimental treatments for you.
Your pain must have been so severe, but you never whined or complained about it.

Even at the very end, when we called the doctor to come to the house to finally relieve you of your pain, you STILL barked at the stranger in the house.
That's my good boy.

I miss you.

Bob Barber

Guinness, 03/12/00-06/07/09

You were my handsome boy, my love, my life, my best friend.
Yiu kissed me good morning and good night.

Anne Knauss

Gulliver, 02/29/00-02/17/09

Gulliver was a very sweet boy, never caused me any troubles always behaved.
By my side when my mom passed away, by my side 15 months later when my dad passed away.
Now he is at rest.
I love him and miss him, writing this only 2 1/2 hours after he went to sleep.
Rest in peace.

Phil Evsich

Gulliver Thomas, 03/25/91-10/11/08

Gulliver was 18 1/2 years old.
He was with us since he was 3 months old.
He was the most gentle, loving and wise Cat I have ever known.
He was the leader of all our animal family and ruled with a kind paw.
Gulliver always knew when someone needed a cat cuddle or a friendly ear to listen.

He will always be in our hearts and I hope to see him when I cross the rainbow Bridge.


Gumbo, 10/15/94-10/24/09

gumbo was the best friend a girl could ever hope for,he was almost human like in understanding me,he was always there for me and I miss him so much.

Sandy Sweeney

GUNMAT, 10/19/1991 - 12/13/2009

My precious baby you were my son for 18 years the loss I feel can not be described here.
More than just a pet you were in spirit my lovely son, my little boy, my friend, my buddy.
So loyal to me, I hope I did not dissapoint you.
It is hard to accept that I can not protect you anymore and be right there for all your needs.
Gunmat my baby, you are my guardian angel, there will not be another like you.
May god bless you and protect my precious baby.
My Gunmat baby, my boy, my son I miss you so much and you always will be in my heart and my mind until I reunited again forever.

Daddy Lolo

Gunnarmack, 05/01/94-02/20/09

I was blessed with 17 years of companionship, but he is so missed it makes my heart hurt.

Pat McGee

Gunner, 08/14/06-07/16/09

My best friend will be missed forever!

Ashely Deroushers

Gunner, 06/01/98-06/20/09

We miss you so much, our lives are not the same since you went on to the Rainbow Bridge-You lived for us, but we lived for you. Our life seems dull and lifeless now,
at home, we see evidence of what we lost and what we have to learn to live without everywhere. Please come to us and let us know you are alright, We need to know that buddy-We need to know we did the right thing and you didnt suffer when you passed. We miss your sweet kisses in the morning and your warmth laying next to us at night. Love Mom & Dad

Gunner, 06/20/09

My beloved beautiful Gunner passed away yesterday follwing a Laryngeal Tieback surgery. He was the love of my life and the child I never had. He was a gift I couldnt keep, he was on loan to me to love and cherish and learn from. He was my guardian and best friend and I dont know how we will go on without him in our lives. There are no words to describe this loss. Farewell my sweet Angel until we meet again.

Dee Krevey

Gunner, 04/11/08-01/21/09

Gunner was with our family for a short time, but he brought all of us joy and happiness every day he was here.
His life was cut too short, but he lived his life to the fullest.
Gunner we will always love you and you will always be with us in our hearts and minds.
We'll miss you little dude, jingle.

Mona Hall

Gunner Brunsvold, 12/27/08

Gunner where do I begin. U were my best friend. I think about u every day and miss and love u very much. Please keep letting me know u are ok. Jada misses her playmate boy. U will never be forgotten.

Megann Lohrbach

Gunner Elmore, 05/08/09

There will never be a more loyal friend than you. You were more than just a dog, you touched so many hearts and all of us will miss you.
I cannot wait to met you at rainbow bridge.

Jamie, Mo, Dakota, Tucker, Pete and Daisy

Gus, September 1, 2007 - November 25, 2009

We got Gus as a kitten for my daughter, Sophia. Gus passed away at home - we are not sure of the cause although we knew he had not been feeling well. After vet appointments and antibiotics, we were not able to bring him back to health. His life was too short. Our consolation is that he is no longer feeling pain and is back to climbing trees and enjoying life like that kitten of two years ago. We love you, Gus, and will miss you dearly. Love, Jennifer and Victor

I love you Gus. Love Sophia.

Gus, 07/18/09

Gus was the best dog in the world and will be missed so much.

Gavin Camastro and Dory Blakeslee

Gus, 05/01/96-07/02/09

I will miss you and think about you till I die. You were my best and longest friend.


Gus, 05/10/87-06/02/09

My best friend, my true companion with unconditional love and devotion always by my side through my surgeries and illnesses.
He will always be a special part of my life and I miss him terribly.
I could not let him suffer after his stroke.
Hopefully he is dog heaven and running and playing and waiting for me.
All my love Gus, forever.
I will never forget you.

Linda K. Coleburn

Gus, 05/07/09

Gus continues to be the greatest blessing of my life.
I have never met a cat who radiated such unconditional love, kindness, and purity.
The quiet courage and strength he demonstrated in the face of a devastating illness (FIP) inspires me each day.
He passed on in the peace and comfort of my arms, and I pray each day that he knows I did all I could for him, both medically and as his mommy.
I cherished each moment with this beautiful little soul, and I so look forward to our reunion.

My sweet guy, I am so proud of you!
I love you so much and I feel your presence around me.
Happy birthday in Heaven!
We will continue to honor you by assisting cats in need.

Shelby Keefe

Gus, 03/12/79-08/21/96

My beautiful, precious girl.
I love you and miss you more than you will ever know. Please be patient and enjoy the kitty heaven with your older brothers and sisters.
One day we will all be together again.

Gus (aka Auggie and Augustus of Tangled Wood), 07/99-05/06/09

It all happened too fast.
You're life was too short you were suppose to live forever! You got sick too fast and were gone too quick!
I wasn't ready, though I'd never really have been ready.
There is now the biggest hole inside of me, this ache that is so strong that it is hard to breathe.
You made my life better every day that you were in it.
I was so blessed to be your person.
I love you.
I will always love you.
Until we meet again.

Katie & Jon Miller

Gus, 04/15/09

In loving memory of Gus, who left us on April 15, 2009.

Martha and Doug

Gus, 03/17/09

Gus was a special fun loving sweet athletic, bounding with joy dog. I miss him so much that my heart aches and is profoundly broken.

Lisa Walker

Gus, 09/29/08-03/20/09


For being so young, you had a big personality. You were loved so much by many. Your passing was a tragedy, that I wish could have been avoided. We loved you, and even though you lived with another, you were always in my heart. I'll miss seeing you sitting outside the barn as I ride by each morning. You never got to experience the joy of spring and summer, and we never got the chance to go on those hikes with your mom that we always talked about. I hope someday, you will forgive me.....though, I know sitting here, I will never forgive myself.

love you always Gus. aka Rufus


Gus, 01/06/84-10/03/92

You were a miracle cat who beat the odds.
You were the only cat my folk's let me bring home with me during the holidays.
I'm so glad you came into my life.

Conni Fialkowski

Gus, 08/17/05-02/09/09

Great dog.

Arthur & Evie Stewart

GusGus, 02/23/09

GusGus you were truly one of a kind!So much
more than a "pet" to me. You were at times my little clown that made me laugh when no one else could, my security guard always protecting "his momma" from strangers, my best friend - my shoulder to cry on. You unconditionally loved me regardless of whether I was grumpy, moody, sick, or anything in between. And I still unconditionally love you with all that I am.


Gustavo Kevwitch, 02/03/09

Our sweet boy, lost his battle with lung cancer, on February 3, 2009 at 11:45pm.
Our other dog Maximus (German Shepherd) has been profoundly lost and sad, since his passing, when we go for walks he just looks around for his brother, it is hard to feel sorry for yourself, when he is so broken hearted about his passing.
Gus was one of the sweetest pet kids, you could ever want.
I just sit outside with my other dog and cry in his favorite spot outside in my mom's backyard.
It is so hard for all of us.
His passing has taken another piece of my heart, when I get to heaven, I will be so happy to see him and get that part of my heart back again, when we can be together again.
I miss you and love you so much Gus!
Love Mommy, Daddy, and your baby brother Maxi (doggy)

Guy, 04/20/00-05/19/09

Run free, without pain. Find Helga and be happy again. I love you.

Penni Phillips

Guy, 08/01/06-02/12/09

We found him (and (he found us) at Table Mountain Animal Shelter in Golden Colorado on August 1,2006, during the dogs days of summer.
For over two years, he's been nearly my constant companion and best friend. He was loved by many, and gave his best to everyone who knew him.
My sweet and peaceful friend, I miss you--but know one day we will meet again


Gwen, 12/14/05-04/16/09

Mama & Alina miss you SO much my beautiful Gwena!!! We will be together again my love!

Sonia Atherton

Gwenie, 08/31/97

gwenie, you were the first cat I knew.
you traveled on the dash board of my motorhome.
you taught me patience and love.
you were the first of many more cats in my life.
your friends iggy and moe are with you now, play nice together, ...I miss you

i wish I had your friendship right now....
'til we meet again my baby.....

Gwenie, 12/01/95-12/30/08

I found Gwenie at the pound, she was left to die, before she was brought it.
I adopted her on the spot. She was a loving dog.
Gwenie always wanted to be with me, even when she could not walk, she
would follow me around the house.

She will be missed.
We love you Gwenie!!

Vicky and Steve

Gymmy, 02/01/05-02/04/09

Gymmy- Josh rescued you on a cold winter night when you were just a tiny kitten. You brough warmth to our lives with your funny sounds and playful nature. You will be missed.

Josh, Fred, Melissa, Eileen, and Harvey Shernoff

Gypsie Marie, 03/08/09

Gypsie was a faithful friend, there at times when no one else was.
She was a protector and took her job very seriously.
She was always happy and a very loving companion.
She was loved by many and will be greatly missed.

Paula Long

Gypsy, August 19, 1996 - September 12, 2009

To my little girl. I want you to know that you are missed terribly and that I know you will be waiting for me at the Rainbow Bridge. I will always have you in heart. I know that you can now see and don't have any pain. I know you are having a great time at the Rainbow Bridge. I just wish I could hold you again. I love you baby girl!!

Gypsy, 02/15/85-04/21/09

gypsy was a great friend she loved us with out expecting anything from us and we are going to miss her very much

Wendy Trudeau

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