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2009 Tributes

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Facci, 04/19/09

I lost a special friend today
the kind you can't replace,
and looking at her empty chair
I still can see her face.

I see the vibrant energy
those sparkling hazel eyes,
Not the tired, fragile friend
I had to kiss goodbye.

Relaxing in her favorite spots
she'd purr most days away,
But always would come running
when she heard me call her name.

Without her will not be easy
I'll miss her in many ways,
Even though I had to let her go
here in my heart she'll stay.

Thank you for the love
you showed me 'til the end,
You were truly more than just a pet
you were my Facci, my friend

Chris Imperiale

Faith, 09/29/97-03/16/09



Faith Marie, 03/26/09

My wonderful and faithful companion.
You had a personality all your own and tried so hard to please.
Always the one to be at my side.
You ruled the house but left your gift of Lucky to keep me going.

Karen Chandler

Faith's Puppies, 12/16/08-12/16/08

Poor puppies. I'm so sorry your mom's horrible owner threw her out in a snowstorm.
When I found her in the snow I looked everywhere for you but I couldn't find any of you. I'm sorry. Know that I will take excellent care of your mom Faith.
She misses you all terribly. She has a new, happy forever home.

Sharon Gibson

Falcor, 04/29/09

He was my buddy, my friend, my little luck dragon. He loved to just be there and thought head rubs were the best. I lost him too soon and can only hope he's in a far better place than the one he left. Those paw prints will forever be on my soul.

Lindsay and Shae

Fallon, 03/07/93-26/11/08


Fancy, 02/17/98-07/09/08

The most amazing heart I have ever known belongs to my Fancy Dancer.
She came into my life as a retired show dog.
She quickly became my protector, my confidant and my best friend.
I became very ill in the last several years and through every diagnosis, through every surgery, through every recovery, my Fancy was right by my side.
She even would come to the hospital and visit me.
She never judged me, she never got mad when I wasn't feeling well...she just loved me when I felt like no one else really did.

My Fancy became very sick in the last several weeks with kidney failure.
She also began to lose control of her rear limbs.
She was always so elegant and beautiful and her eyes told me that she just wasn't feeling her best anymore.
My heart couldn't bear to make her suffer. Now my heart can't bear to live without her. I want nothing more than to have just one more minute of her loud snores...her tail slapping the floor when she was lying down and didn't want to get up, but wanted to wag her tail...her nails sliding on the wood floor when I turned the key in the door...her heavy breathing at my side, her way of telling me she was ready to eat in the morning.
I wake up in the middle of the night and for a moment, I think I hear her breathing...and then reality sets in.
I would give anything to have her with me again.
My heart breaks for my Fancy, and I cannot wait until I am with her again.

Claudia King

Fancy, 06/30/09

You were so young and sweet. People used to ask me, "Can a reptile be affectionate"? and the answer is a resounding "Yes"! I feel like your passing is my fault. You were sick and I tried, really I did. I am sorry I let you down. I miss you so much. I remember taking you out for car rides to the local pet store to show you off. You certainly got a lot of attention! You were so beautiful, both on the outside and in your personality. Now, I hope you are with the angels. I hope you forgive me, but I don't know what I could have done differently. I wasn't prepared even though the vet said that you may not live. I knew you were a fighter and wanted to live, but somewhere deep inside me, I know you are better now because you have no more pain. You brought something into our lives that can not be explained. We love you, and miss you Fancy. Rest in peace with the angels, we will meet again some day.

Rebecca, Greg, Grace, and Zachary Horn


Fancy was my husbands first hunting dog.
He trained her himself.
Fancy was always business.
She loved to play ball and fetch sticks but when it came to the "real thing" hunting birds was her passion.
All you had to do was drive down a dirt road and Fancy went nuts thinking that you were taking her hunting, she was sooooo funny.
She would cry and talk to you, get so excited!
Those Labs, they're the greatest! When Fancy became so sick that the vet said there was nothing more he could do, I remember the tears in my husbands eyes.
He was losing his best hunting buddy.
We miss our little Fancy girl.
She was unique.


Fancy Doo, 05/01/05-03/21/09

In loving memory of our little Fancy - the one who started it all.

Susan Crosby

Fang, July 1992 - October 16, 2009

Dear Fang: We miss you so much! You were our furriest, purriest treasure and companion from the first day you picked us and we still can't believe you are gone. This week has been surreal, filled with so many highs and lows. While we could not bear being separated from you and putting you in the care of strangers, we did so with the hope that we could relieve your suffering and bring you home so that you could be in the place you loved with those who loved you most. To do right by you was all that we wanted. We so looked forward to this day, as this was the day we thought we could bring you home. You were the best thing that ever happened to us and our hearts broke in realizing that today was the day we had to let you go. You have made us better people and we cannot imagine what life would have been like without you. You gave back a million fold the love we had for you. We truly hope our being able to hold you during my visits with you this week and during your last moments of life was of comfort to you as it was unbearably sad to see you in this state. You handled this week and our last moments together as you always have, with utmost grace and dignity and we can only hope you understand how much you were loved and we pray you are now in a better place. You made our house a home and to return home without you was unbearably lonely and sad. We see and hear you everywhere and long for your purr and reassuring presence on our laps. To leave the world in half the manner you did and to be reunited with you in a place such as heaven would bring us peace and closure. Our dearest, beloved Fang, what we would give for a mutually happy and contented moment longer with you, but we understand you had to you go and you passed on in the most dignified manner one could have imagined. We will always remember you and you will always have a place in our hearts and in our home.

Be well and happy my truest and purest love,
From your dearest human loves, Karen, Craig, Mia and Anna.

Fannie, 06/10/07

Fannie - came into our lives at a very special time, she came with her friend Faith....for some reason on that day they decided to explore farther than they knew...a senseless act took her from us...but the love we compassion she showed us can never be measured in words or actions...Fannie is always on our minds and in our hearts...


Fanny, 06/01/09

My Fanny girl, I will miss your waggily tail and your happy eyes, I will miss our daily walks and your contented sigh when you laid down, you brought me 12 years of unconditional love and I thank you with all my heart.


Farley, 06/29/90-06/23/08

My darling Farley, my little Munch-Munch, my Dolly, my Nahnah, my Angel--you were, and always will be, the love of my life.
You were my sun, moon, and stars; my entire life.
Our bond that we had will never be forgotten, and will transcend everything else in our lives. I will always have you locked in my heart, where only you and mama can get to; it is our special place where our memories will be forever present.
Mama thinks of you every day, Dolly, and I look at your beautiful pictures everyday.
Your "big boos" are so beautiful, and your long furfy furf.
I remember the goofy things you did and your sassy attitude--it was so very Farley!
I hope you will always remember the talks we had, when mama told you she loved you always and forever, and loves you more than life itself.
That couldn't be more true now, darling, and will always be true.
It will always be mother and daughter forever, and one day, mama is coming for you, and I will give you kissies forever, and never let you go.
We will live the rest of our forever.....together.
Mama loves you, twinkle toes.
May your star always shine bright.

Justine Lello

Farrah, 11/01-02/10/09

Farrah was my husband and I's first fur baby. We picked her out a few days before Christmas. She loved to have her ears rubbed, her cheeks stroked and her neck "massaged". She would run to greet you when you came into the room. She loved cardboard boxes, chewing on straws, and hiding under blankets. She could be a diva but never bit anyone. She had beautiful big, brown eyes and was so loved. I feel so sad that she is not with us anymore. I miss Farrah dearly.

Christy Gray

Fat Cat, 04/15/09

He gave me and my family nineteen years of love and affection, unconditionally.
Came into our lives when he was just five weeks old, and left us nineteen years later.
Thank you Fat Cat for the love, for the trust, and for making us and our lives better just by being a part of us. I gave you all I could, I just couldnt give you back your youth.
Rest in peace my little buddy, and I will be there someday, with you again, holding you on my chest and loving you again.

Brenda Jump

FATCAT, 7-2-96 to 7-21-09


Fate, 11/01/04-10/09/08

A beautiful life cut far too short. The brief time you spent with us will be treasured eternally. I can't wait to hold you in my arms again my little princess.

Sheree Apps

Fatman, 2003

you had quite a strange name, you were a fat cat. but more to love right fatty?Well you were my special cat even though i loved all our cats... because when i was a baby and i would cry you would always scratch and meow at whoever was holding me to make sure i was alright,my little gaurdian angel threw your life and died when i was six and now im eleven and its so weird knowing youve been gone to "rainbow bridge" for almost half my life now. but i know your really still here watching over me while i sleep at night. i miss you so much! Luv you... rest in peace, please? cant wait till i go to heaven so we can cuddle, that will be in a while tho... bye.


Fatman, 05/16/92-01/10/09

Your Mom & your sisters miss you Baby.Thanks for the awesome 16 1/2 years.You were & will always be the BEST DOG EVER! I wish I could have given you my eyes, my heart, my kidneys and my hearing because, for you, I would have given anything.
Mommy loves you SweetHeart! See you, Molly, Zoe, Rose, Trixie, Pepper, Missy, Jelly Bean & Harry at the Bridge.

Fatty, 06/19/09

rest in peace sweetie...Sailor is going to miss you & so are we!
pets and kisses

Rae Quidgeon

Fatty, 04/12/89-05/27/09

Part of me has gone with you.
You are so missed but will always be in my heart. I love you Fatty!

Claudia Wissler

Fatty, 04/2009

i miss my baby fatty. she was the best fattest hamster ive ever had and i miss her so! :] i would love to see her again,but sadly cant...
i live her!

RIP fatty
(other hamsters too!)

Allison Dennise Castillo

Fatty, 01/09/09

Fatty, no one can ever replace you. I'm relieved that you are no longer in pain, but home was always wherever you were; now that you're not here, everything feels so empty. I am truly honored to have been a part of your life and to have made your last journey with you. I love you, and I hope kitty heaven has an all-you-can-eat buffet, comfy couches, and lots of sunny windowsills.

Michelle C

Fawn Baxter, 06/01/00-07/06/09


Fax, 06/03/09

Faxie, I loved you and still love you so much. You were a daughter to me and so special. I loved it when I woke up in the morning and you jumped on the bed for your morning scratches and hugs and kisses. I feel like I could die too. I wish I had been home to save you. I am broken-hearted and I want you to be home in my arms. My God I love you and my heart hurts without you. I pray you are reincarnated as my real daughter just like Pinnochio became a real boy for Gepetto. Amen.

Loredana Nesci

Fayeroe, 06/02-02/18/09

Seven years was such a short time with you. How you had grown from the bow-legged puppy into a beautiful young lady was always amazing to me. Your love and loyalty to me was breathtaking. The strength you showed by guarding me and the other pets will never be forgotten. You were the sweetest of the sweet, the funniest girl I've ever had and the best to cuddle with. I love you, Mom

Feather, 01/29/07

Our precious Feather. We love you and miss you.
Every night Tessie takes her treat and goes and lays by your container and enjoys her chewie with you.
For some reason she always goes to that spot. Don't forget us.
We will never forget you.
We think of you everyday.
Mom and Daddy

Fee Fee Chandler, 03/13/95-07/11/09

It was so hard to let you go and even harder to watch you suffer from kidney failure.
I know that you are in heaven at the rainbow bridge happy and leaping from place to place.
I miss you jumping on the counter for breakfast or meowing for a treat.
You had to best meow ever and you were a great cuddly grey snuggler.
I have so many wonderful memories because of you.
I will always miss you.
Now you get to play with Soxie again!
I love you so much!!

Feefee, 1989-07/04/03

We miss you FeeFee and you're always in our hearts. Snookee has been with you now since last August so we know you are not alone.


Mamma, Papa, and Kids.

Feetsie Shaunessy, 05/05/09

Feetsie had extra toes and was with us for 15 years after he came to us as a stray. The first night we went out to see him we locked ourselves out of our apt. and my husband had to climb up to the balcony in his boxer shorts! We loved Feetsie very much and took him to the emergency vet just tonight as it was his time to go. I know he will have many playmates now and feel better. We love you Feetsie...XXOO.

Dianne & Brian Shaunessy

Felicia, 04/23/09

My beautiful Felicia.
I will miss you terribly.
You were the sweetest little girl.
I loved your cream-colored hair and orange eyes.
The way you stood.
Just like a little lady.

I will miss most our mommy and Felicia hour at night on the couch.
I will always remember and miss your snoring when you slept.
It was always so funny and loud!

The kids miss you so much and Bridgie has been looking for you.
I'm glad you were able to meet her.
She loved you.
Michelle sends a special message - I will miss our snuggling in bed.
I used to love it when you would lay on my chest under the covers.
I miss you.

Bye bye, my sweet princess.
I hope that you are with Pup Pup, Molly, Nattie and Muffy and having a wonderful time.
Until we meet again.
Goodbye for now.
I love you.

Love forever,


Felicia, 04/13/09

Felicia came to us as a stray kitty, along with her friend Funny Face.
They both lived long lives - Funny Face passed away around 4 years ago but Felicia now has joined her friend at the Rainbow Bridge.
Everyone misses the pair of YinYang kitties - especially my mother, who was the primary caregiver to them.
I can only hope that they have been reunited in someway and that I will see them again somehow.

Gigi Rabe

Felicio Parker, 04/88-01/23/09

Felicio was the most patient, tolerant, loving cat in the world. I treated him for kidney failure for over three years with sub-Q treatments, Adequan shots for arthritis since last summer, but then he got a tumor in his mouth in January. The vet said it was inoperable and aggressive, and I had her come to our house to put him to sleep, but even though he had taken a tablet to sedate him an hour beforehand, he hissed and fought when the vet and her assistant put the shot into his leg. I thought it would be a peaceful, welcome death, but it wasn't. I feel guilty that he thought I had betrayed him after all those years of his love and trust. He came to me in a snowstorm in January '92 and left on an icy day in January '90. Almost 21 years old, his former owner told me. He's buried in our back yard, but I can't reconcile myself to this ending. I love you, Felicio.

Cynthia Parker

Felix, 04/07/97-06/03/09

Felix and Oscar entered my life and became my buddies forever on 04/09/97.
Felix passed away on 06/03/09 from heart problems that he was diagnosed with in the fall of 2008.
I did everything possible to help him through this time in his life, but it wasn't enough.
I took him to the best hospitals, gave me all his medicine, yet his doctor told me that it would get progressively worse.
Not knowing how much time I had with him since his diagnose, I tried to treasure each and every day.
What a great cat!
His loss is only a month old and the pain is still with me and his brother Oscar.
Peace to my little guy!!

Dorothy Decker

Felix, 06/07/09

We'll miss you Felix.

Becky Rouze

Felix, 05/01/09

Felix the Cat, you were a small, tough, cool alley cat behind my DC rowhouse.
At night you rested on my window unit, watching my activities and my indoor cats' antics, waiting for me to feed you outside. You green eyes and gaze--half-lidded always-- looked like Godzilla! As soon as I opened the door, there you were, lickety-split, meowing in the quiet-ist whisper ever.
I always wondered if you might've been owned one time, for you let me pet you, you purred mightily and you kneeded your paws a lot. Thank you for trusting me, I feel very honored. Sometimes, you just wanted me to come out and say hi to you. I will miss you and your stare in the window.
I love you, Felix.


Felix, 09/01/93-02/24/09

Felix, my big king.
You came to me when someone abandoned you in June of 1994.
Just a young 9 month old kitty with a purple collar on.
You ate and ate because you were afraid it would be your last meal.
You grew to a huge, king of a cat at 23 pounds and was popular in the Bay Area as well as in the Sierra Foothills.
My whole Bay Area neighborhood knew 'Felix' the big black cat.
You used to kiss my forehead.
I am broken hearted that you became so ill these past number of days and I helped you cross to the other side this morning.
But you are no longer in pain or suffering and now you are young again and playing with your siblings (Moe, Toby-cat, Arthur) and other friends (Leo and Edgar).
Your two remaining sisters (Frida and Melissa) and I are very lonely without you and yet we know one day we will all meet again and kiss each other's foreheads and snuggle.
You will always be my king!

Ellen Willingham

Felix, 03/96-11/03/09

My sweet Felix.

We've been apart for nearly four months now. I've missed you like crazy every single day and it breaks my heart that I won't see you again.

I remember bringing you home when I was seven years old. You were the last kitten there but you were absolutely the best. Now thirteen short years later I can't believe my sweet boy is gone. I wish I had gotten to say goodbye to you. You passed away so suddenly that I feel like I am still in shock.

I miss your gorgeous blue eyes and the way you used to come whenever I called you. I miss my suncat and the way you used to climb under the covers to sleep in my arms every single night (Eventhough I sometimes hated it in the summer heat). I even miss the times when you laid on my cellphone and car keys, hiding them from me.

I will remember you forever and I am so sad that time is dragging us apart.

Your sweet girl Felisha is sick now and she will be with you shortly. I know that you two will be together soon playing and laying in the sun.

Rest in peace my angel. I love you so much.

Denyse Allen

Felix, 02/23/09

My Sweetheart Christmas Eve Handsome Gentleman Guy, Felix The Cat, had to be put to sleep last Monday, February 23, 2009.
He was diagnosed with squamous cell carcinoma and it was aggressive.
He was such a sweet soul.
I will never ever forget him and I'm missing him too much.
All I can be happy about is that he is not having to suffer anymore and is at the Rainbow Bridge with my other precious babies there to play with him and wait for me.
You are still and always so loved and very terribly missed.
Thank you for being with us.
Bye my Felix.
Let your light shine...


Felix, 04/11/99-01/12/09

Bye my little one - we'll miss you.

Diana Kruger

Felix Cooper, 11/05/09

Always loved and never forgotten

Florence Cooper

Felix the Cat (Bug Bear, Kit Cat, Kitty Bear), 03/92-02/05

We love and miss you, Mr. Felix.
I think of you often and I know that you are safe and happy at the Rainbow Bridge waiting for us.
Have fun playing with my Lucky Cat.
She is a sweetheart that I wish I'd had more time with too.
I love and miss her so much also.
Keep each other happy and have fun!
Love and miss you both so much!

John, Cherie and Sarah

Feliz, 12/25/98-03/14/09

Feliz came into my life like a brilliant light.
He jumped in my car on Christmas Day 1998 and was the best Christmas Gift I could have ever received.
He was the kind of dog you only get once in a lifetime.
It was apparent he had been abused, however, he put that behind him and greeted all who crossed his path. He loved children and anyone who would acknowledge him.
He was so smart.
I never had to teach him anything, he'd just get it! Feliz was my angel and gift from God. He was my constant and loyal companion.
We were hardly ever separated in all the years we were together.
He was my traveling buddy and up for whatever adventure I planned next. He made me laugh and loved his toys.
I never had to put him on a leash.
He always walked by my side.

I miss you so much, "P".
I think about you everyday.
I know your body was tired and worn out. I know how you didn't want to leave me anymore than I wanted you to leave.
The Vet said you were a real fighter all the way until the end, and you were! Thanks for being my best friend.
I will always love you, even from beyond the grave. I'll never find another you. I hope the day comes when we'll meet again, and just in case it's possible, maybe your little spirit can find its way back to me once again.
Until we meet, I love and miss you so much.
You will hold a special place in my heart throughout all my days.
You're free now baby to go play.
Your Mom misses you so much.
I love you with all my heart.
Always ~

Fella, 07/29/08

When the vet called and said they had a stray, and we went to pick you up I knew you were not going anywhere. If I had one more day with you, if you could walk and run we'd go have some fun.If you were young and strong we'd jump into the car and drive you loved to ride along. We'd drive up to the mountain trail and gaze down on the world below and yes, I'd steal a hug. If I had one more day with you, but time takes it toll my friend my boy. And so I keep you close and in my heart, my friend that's where I feel you shine. And for the long car ride I will save it for another day the day, the bridge, we'll cross. Bless your little heart my sweet boy mommy misses and loves you so much. Rest with the angles sweet baby.

Wendi Fleming

Fella, 03/24/09

My dear friend, I miss your presence.
My daily routine is all messed up.
I know that you gave me the sign that you must go on, but it was so hard to make the decision to let you go.
You can thank Tracy Wales, who helped me with the decision and was there to help you go to that pleasant place where we will meet again some day with Tag, Britt, Sandy, Nikki, Paula, Bingo, Traveler, Figero, Morris,and Bud. You will be in my heart forever.

Helen Bailey

Fenja, 04/10/02-02/02/09

We miss you so much Fenja girl.
You brought so much happiness to our lives.

Michael Richart/Fancella

Fenmore, 01/13/09

i know you are in kitty heaven with gynger and whysker's. Today i lost another special friend when i lost you. you where so young but so sick. i will love you forever. we will meet again someday,until then have a wonderful time at the rainbow bridge


Ferbie, 02/24/09

Ferbie, my little "BeBadoo". You are truly and painfully missed. You added so much joy and love in my life as well as everyone else.You changed me forever for the good. I hope you know how much you were loved by us, your human family. I know you are at peace and over the rainbow bridge having the best time of your new life, You are no longer physically with my but your spirit remains embedded in my heart. I love you

Stephanie, Edgar, Kat, Steve, Roger, Janice, Terrance and all others who loved you.

Fergus (Fergie), 07/07/09

Our baby we will miss you and love you forever. Run free now our beautiful one.


Fergus Newman, 08/03/95-06/09/09

We are truly blessed to have been able to spend our time with Fergus while he was here on earth.

Jeff and Debbie Newman

Fern, 22/05/09

FERN I'm so sorry you got so sick and went down hill very quick.
I had to let you go, couldn't stnad to see you in such a state.
How and Why? Could such a beautuful, healthy loved Cat in a good home get so sick?
Please God look after her.

We shared so much, you were my companiion and friend since you were 10weeks old.
beautuful shining Chocolate Fur, how I long to stroke and tickle you.
Miss your yowling especially at dinner time.

Sleep well my beloved Fernie, wait on the bridge fro me.


Fia, 05/15/09

Faithful friend, and good sister to her brother Wizard cat who preceded her.
I was absent at her passing, in Oregon on business, when she passed suddenly.
My wife called me to tell me.
We have been mourning her honorably for several days.
And I wanted to put this simple message here in respect for our devoted furry friend.
All of our other pet friends will miss her too.

Spenser Affleck

Fidel, 07/12/07 little one...with this
sweet caramel colour...
The days we were together,were the
most happiest ever...
I have never though that one day you
would go. I don't listen to your bark
anymore, I can't find your big black
eyes...and now I go all alone on that cliff.
Do you remember that cliff Fidel? It's full
of flowers now...that was your favourite season..
and I still go up there...alone....but I feel you next to me...this is were i barried your body,just your body because your soul isn't there,it's free! You still run in The Kingdoms of the Sky!
I will always rember you...whatever i do...

HAVE FUN UP THERE...!And be careful!!!



Fidget, 08/28/98-04/13/09

I miss you already...
You were my best friend.
I will never forget all of the days we shared.
Thank you for always brightening my day. Rest in peace.

Tiffany Morrison

Fidget, 02/03/09

We miss you already Tiny Toes!
You were our little baby girl and princess.
But you are in a better place now - no more pain!
I know that the boys miss you too...especially Comso.
We will meet one day and we will drag you around on a a blankie and let you chase your bee.

Michele & Dave

Fidgie, 03/01/94-02/26/09

I miss you more and more each day.
You brought my heart joy for 15 years.
I could never have asked for a more beautiful special kitty. Love you forever and ever.

Fielder, 09/29/98-03/13/09

Fielder, you were here in our home for nine years.
You were a faithful companion and very greatly loved.
We laughed at your antics even up to a couple of weeks ago.
You had the best temperant and we never worried about any harm coming to anyone entering our home.
Your energy kept us going, your faith and love for all of us was so evident everyday you were with us. Your illness and growing weakness has brought us to depths of sorrow we have not had to experience before.
The very hard decision to allow you to be put to sleep was one I hope not to have to experience again too soon.
Godspeed to you Fielder on your new pain-free life.
We love you soooo much!!! and you will always be remembered.

Love always,
Kim & Matthew Crowe

FiFi , 07/05/09

FiFi Dearest,

You are one of a kind. A special friend in every way, a beautiful lady and constant companion. Always happy, always ready to give your special one-lick greeting, always the first to run up and stand next to me. Will I miss you? Yes, although I know you are in a special place, with Lulu your mom, Lutchi your brother, and of course lovely Nywinywi to play with. In a while I'll be with you. 'til then, always know that I love you. I'll take very special care of TinTin.

Anthony Njoroge

Fifi, 05/13/95-12/13/08

I will miss you and always love you and your ashes will always be with me.

Sharon McManus

Fifi, 02/14/03-12/24/08

Fifi you were my sweet loving girl. Although we named you Fluffy you had a few nicknames: Fifi, Girlsy, Sweetie and Fluff and responded to all. I miss you so much. You were fine the night before, as. I said Good Morning and you didn't respond I knew something was wrong. You were having trouble breathing. I did everything I could to save you. Vet couldn't determine what was wrong. Maybe heart complications he said. Two days later you passed away. My life isn't the same without you. My heart is broken beyond repair. Thanks for the years of pure, unconditional love you gave me. I'll love you forever.

Abby Velazquez

Figaro, 04/14/09

I love you so much, and love you still.You were the best boy, mummys boy. You gave me more then i can ever express. I miss you mo-man. I miss your voice. Now you rest beneath your granny's tree, wait for me my best friend. I love you x

Samantha Toyer

Figaro, 03/28/09

I found you in the courtyard being fed be other tenents. Sweet, covered with fleas, I thought you were a kitten instead of the vet estimated 12-13 years old. Six wonderful years, I could not bear to see you suffer.
The sweetest cat, loved people, other cats, very even tempered. It breaks my heart that I had to let you go.
You are at peace now and at the Rainbow Bridge whole and healthy.

All my love,


Fiji Macy, 04/17/03-05/30/09

To our Son, Fiji, we will always love you more than life and miss you every single day. See you later sweetheart. Love You.

Leonard Macy

Finley, 01/01/07-07/09/09

He was such a loving friend, I will miss him greatly.

Darrel Leach

Finn, 07/08/08

He was menacing to those he didn't know. Aggression, or was it his, my Finn's, way of protecting me. I couldn't take him anywhere because he'd bite, or just act too difficult to introduce to new situations. And that is why, perhaps, I didn't do much myself for the near two years he lived on this merciless plane full of mean people, disappointments, cruelty and fast moving, iron angles of death and demise.
If Finn wouldn't do it, well, then neither would I. We became hermits so happy in each other's company that there was just no question of tearing us asunder.
He always waited dutifully in my car when I went to the supermarket and the weather permitted. He'd climb into the driver's seat and wait. And when I'd appear, there he was: face pasted to the window, jumping to welcome me and nose through the groceries. It never angered me, the way he foraged through brown paper bags, smelling fruits, meats, detergents because Finn knew that more than likely a gnarly bone would be packed in among them.
He loved his bones. With treat in mouth, I can say that these were the only times that Finn growled at me. He'd spend entire days beneath my bed, deconstructing raw hides. Oh, he'd appear, but the bone was no more. Then, with nothing to protect from the likes of me, Finn would assume his old self friendly, so smart, loveable to a fault and just generally the best friend this narrator ever had.
He's been dead "hit by a car on the Downtown Expressway" since July 8 of this year.
My pal, my protector, my loyal comrade deserved a nobler death many, many, many years down the line.

Charlotte Shilling

Finneus, 03/01/09

I miss you sweet little boy.

Kyle Smith

Fiona, 04/18/09

Fiona, my beautiful girl, you brought so much joy and comfort into our lives.
You were a sweet, loving soul and you were a lady right to the end.
I will always love you with all of my heart.
You gave me a gift that I will never forget.
Our family was blessed to know you and share our love with you.
Everyone who ever met you loved you.
I'll always love you, Fiona.
You have my heart.

Angie and Bill Thomas

Fish, 05/04/00-03/17/09

Fish and I rescued each other on the day I graduated high school.
For almost nine more years, he was the main constant in my first years of adulthood.
His death was untimely and painfully tragic, but every moment with him will be cherished through whatever my future brings.
It will be a long time until we are reunited, but I anticipate the utter joy that will come when I see my Sweet Boy again.
Rest in Peace, Fishie Man -- your sisters and I miss you very much.


Fitzgerald or Fitzy, Spring 1993-04/24/09

Fitz was a true friend...I will always miss him.

Heather Noel Jorgensen

Flacka, 01/17/09

Flacka aka Skinny was given to us to take care of as she was old and very very skinny, we got her perky and she was starting to fill out, but alas age got to her first and I could no longer keep her with me. She was the most amazing horse, loving, kind, gentle, would follow you anywhere for a hug, a good rubbing or some horse treats. If you rode her, she knew not to scare you but to go nice and easy and had a gentle trot. I can't say more about her except that I know she is at peace. She was very much loved and will be missed terribly for quite some time to come. Thank you Flacka for being a part of our lives, you will never ever be forgotten.

Becque Ford

Flash, 06/01/08

Flash was our giggling chubby buddy.
He had so much personality and always let you know he was there and if he wanted food - he loved blueberries and carrots.
He also loved his mommy and daddy very very much and was thankful for his two-story condominium, furnished with an Elvis picture, igloo and ramp to the second floor.
He was fearless and loved to be side by side with his brother, a 43 lb Brittany Spaniel who also had a heart of gold.

Brad and Karen Cotton

Flash, 12/31/08

"Good Night Flash"
"I Love You"

Ruth Wilbourn

Flash T Bone (Bubba), May 8, 1989 - November 18, 1999

Bubba was my "first-born", my first basset hound. Because of him, I love the breed above all others. I fell in love with Bubba the very first time I laid eyes on him, when he belonged to a sixteen year old boy who had purchased him, quickly grown tired of him, and kept him closed up in his bedroom all the time. I contrived a way to convince the boy to give him to me, and we were inseperable from then on. He was the pure light of my life and I loved him more than words could ever express. We had picnics together, long walks together, he helped me through a bad marriage, and we both came out stronger and closer because of it. Bubba had me as his human for ten years, and it was not near enough time to love him as much as I wanted to. I am making this tribute ten years after his death, and I still think of him and miss him every day. He was the best dog I ever had.

Flashie, 04/20/94-10/12/06

My Dear Little One,
Every day that goes by I miss you more & more.
You & I had that physic connection, all I had to do was think of you & you appear by my side.
Maybe it was a blessing that the vet's misdiagnosed you, because if I knew you had lung canncer with no cure, I would have been devastated for the 3 weeks that you lived.
I know you are still with me because I still feel you brush against me & there is no one else there.
We will be together again Little One ,
some day I firmly believe that and with all your other brothers & sisters that have pased before & after you.
I love & miss you so much,All I have is a swatch of your fur to remember you by.

All my Love,

Flashman, 1995-01/12/09

Flashman, Momma will love you and never forget how much you loved her.
We made quite a team for many years, your persistent devotion -never questioned or wandered.
No matter how lonely I would get, you were always there for me.
I pray tonight, that when I reach heaven the Lord will know how much you meant to me and allow you to once again walk by my side.

Till we meet again Flashman - Momma

Flealix O'Shea, 06/16/09

Goodbye my little flixy fleabag, you were our good little man.May you enjoy playing in heaven now sweetheart and wait for us at the Rainbow Bridge. Love you always Mam and Dad.

Fletcher, 06/01/97-07/05/09

Fletcher, you were there for so many happy times in our life. You made us laugh more times than we can count. Tilly misses you and is still looking for you in all of your usual sleeping places. When I sit at my desk I can't hear you snoring. I realized after you died that I never knew a cat who purred as loudly as you. I'm so sorry that you got sick. We did everything we could. Everyone at the vet's office is sad too. I hope you weren't in too much pain. We had no idea we were going to lose you or we would have visited you. I thought you would live many more years. You were always so healthy and beautiful. I hope you know how much we loved you and that we will always hold a place in our hearts for you. Please say hi to Mack and don't chase Jeremy.


Fleury, 05/11/09

My little lovebug was taken far too early in his life by lymphoma and feline leukemia.
His brother, Crosby, misses him terribly too.
We tried to beat the bad cancer, but it was too aggressive in the end and my little boy let us know he didn't want to fight it any more.
I can't wait to see him again over the Rainbow Bridge!!!

Cyndi Slagel

Flex, 08/25/01-03/09/09

Flex was more than a dog-He was my son. He was very playful and full of life. I miss his big brown eyes and sweetness that was my son. He will be forever missed and never forgotten.

Regina Barrientez

Flex Marner, 12/26/95-12/14/08


Tony Marner

Flint, 08/01/03-01/19/09

Flint, we will miss your smiling face and your aloof attitude, but your need to cuddle in the most inappropriate places, like the bathroom.
You were a smart and mischevious cat, with your uncanny ability to open the bedroom and bathroom door, not just for yourself, but for your cohort, Emma.
You will be missed in our hearts and minds.

Jonathan and Deborah Pelley

Floppsy, 02/21/04-02/27/09

We love you, Floppsy. We will miss how you played ball and how you liked to pick up stuffed animals and throw them. We will always remember all the love you give. You are forever our Bunny Boy.


Floppy, 05/06/07-05/18/09

Floppy was THE BEST and most exceptional pet that Sherri and Jonathan could have ever asked for. Her wonderful, spunky personality made both of their lives absolutely wonderful for the two years they were graced with Floppy's presence. May she be feeling the utmost happiness wherever she may be now, with undying confidence that she will be re-united with her loving companions one day in the future.

Sherri Martin and Jonathan Tenenzapf

Floyd, 10/06/94-03/06/09

To my dear Floyd, thank you for blessing me with 14 wonderful years of love and laughter. You gave me so much joy and comfort, and made me a better person. I'm sorry for all the times I scolded you, or was impatient with you. You are and will always be my best friend, my angel. Wait for me. I'll see you soon. I love you.

Stephen Kelman

Floyd, 06/11/96-01/06/09

When my brother died at birth on the 11th December 1996,it left a huge void in our family's lives.My mum and stepdad thought it would make it easier if we had something to focus on,so we had Floyd,an 8 month old Basset Hound.He helped us so,so much,you wouldn't believe.
But today,Tuesday 6th January 2009,we had to have our beautiful Floyd put to sleep.He was 12 years and nearly 7 months old.He was an amazing dog,and I told him so as the vet put him to sleep.I was there with him as he went,and I will always be grateful that I was there.I didn't want him to be alone,and I'm so glad he wasn't.
I don't know how I'm ever going to be able to say his name without crying,but I know that in time,it will get easier.
I'm missing you already Floyd,thank you for everything you did for us.You helped us in so many ways.I've got so many wonderful memories of you and we won't ever forget you.I love you Floyd,and I hope we meet up again.Sleep well baby,I love you and miss you so much.Good bye Floyd xxxxxxxx

Heidi Sammon

Floydette Obrien, 12/02/98-05/21/04

flo-I miss you just as much today, and as yesterday, and all the days preceding, as the day you left me. keep the guiness waiting for me lassie, for one day , I will join you.

slainte sweet hound,

dana o'brien

Floyne, 06/95-04/05/09

We love and miss you, Mr. Floyne.
Run and jump without pain!

Deanna Kyle

Fluff, 9th March 2009

My precious girl, mummy is so very sorry, I love you and will never ever forget you.

Night night my darling, sleep well and wait for me.


Tina Burton

Fluff, 1992-02/17/09

In tribute to Fluff, my queen. We will miss her terribly.
She was strong to the end. And now she's crossed over the Rainbow Bridge to be with my other cats.


Fluffy (nutter-butter) Shetler, July 1990 - Nov.6, 2009

i love you alway nutter!

Fluffy, 07/08/09

She was a grand old lady who travelled far

Brian and Audrey

Fluffy aka Fluffalufigus, 07/85-10/99


Mom and Dad aka Janice and Greg P

Fluffy, 07/01/97-06/22/09

I love you so much my Fluffy lady. God came and brought you home to be with ma now. You are in the place I told you about, and you are happy again with ma.Please don't forget me and know how much I love you and will miss you always until we are together again. Rest in peace my fur baby.................


Fluffy, 10/10/93-03/14/07

My beautiful boy, I still miss you and speak your name each day.
Will always love you. Mummy

Fluffy, 03/06/03-08/05/09


Phil Manning

Fluffy-the Hun, 08/08/95-06/03/09

Fluffy was my friend, my companion, and my confidant.
He would greet me at the front door when I got home from work, stand on his hind side and strech his arms in the air to have me pick him up and love him.
He was always there to listen and not judge.
He was my best friend and I ache for him

Armand Souza

Fluffy, 01/01/02-05/23/09

Thank you for being such a wonderful friend and bringing so much joy and love to my life. Mi cosita, I am so thankful that I adopted you and that you did the same with me. I'm thankful for the 7 years we had together and saddened by the fact that we couldn't have more. I hope you did not suffer too badly and that you understand why I couldn't keep watching you get sicker and sicker. This past month pained me so very much, seeing you deteriorate before my eyes. I wish it hadn't been that way for you- you deserved a peaceful and serene ending. I tried to do my best for you by giving you a dignified exit from this world, but it pains me so much that I had to make that decision. I will always love you and I will tell Luca about you, I'm sorry you didn't get to meet him. I love you always - until we meet again.

Monique Zubkow

Fluffy nickname 1 Beasty Boy nickname 2 Fuss, 15/05/09

Goodnight my precious little angel. You were in my life for 7 years after having a rough start in life. I did everything i could to try and help you but in the end it wasn't enough. You were too weak to fight anymore. I have cried a river of tears but i know you're playing on rainbow bridge with motley and we will meet again someday. You will be forever in my heart. I love you now and forever, until we meet again my baby boy, sweet dreams, RIP my angel. xxxxxxxxx

Joanna Gooch

Fluffy, 05/06/09

Fluffy came to me from an abusive home. She came through the door in a carrier, and was home from the moment the door was open. In the letter I wrote to her and placed in her grave, I thanked her for loving me, and that if we had 100 years together I would cry "That wasn't enough!" She was brave and loving her whole life, even after cancer decided to quickly take her away. Fluffy, never doubt what I would have done to save you; all of Heaven and Earth moved before I gave up. I still wish I could have done more.

I love you, Fuffy-kitty.

Shawn Obchansky

Fluffy, 12/89-04/08/09

A new star shines in Heaven,
New angel wings appear,
You'll never be forgotten,
I'll always hold you near.

Pam (Mommy) and Sue

Fluffy, 03/26/09

You were loved for 16 years, sleep well my love, will miss you always.

Michelle Atkinson

Fluffy, 03/16/09

For my Mother who lost one of her Best Friends last week.

Fluffy was a sweetheart, she loved to sneak besides you when you where eating and quietly ask for a taste. Always a sweety even though shy, she had a way that grabbed you. Born with health issues, she was always taken care of and always knew she was Loved!

May she be at peace now with all of our Bridgekids playing and eating and having fun till we meet again!

Miss You and Love You Fluffis!


Fluffy, 02/10/08


Suzanne Huie

Fluffy Dubinsky, 06/03/09

To the best cat in the world,
The house is so empty without you.
We still walk around thinking you are still there.
Me and Deanna went to feed you the other day.
There is a cat in the backyard that keeps coming closer to the house. She reminds me of you.
I wish we could relive all the great memories we had together.
Everybody that met you thought you were amazing.
Thankyou for helping me raise Deanna and Joseph.
You always were good to them.
Thanks for watching over them, staying with them when they were sick, letting them dress you up and push you around in boxes, doll carriages and whatever else.
Thankyou for letting me feel I was never alone after you know who left. That last night was special.
I hope you liked the barbecue chicken, rice a roni and milk.
I'm not sure we will ever look at that meal the same again.
I tried my best to give you a good life and I hope you know you were loved even when we lost our patience at times.
I know the last few months were hard on you.
Take care of My Dad and Tasha.
Till we meet again.

Maria, Deanna and Joseph

Fluffy Gautesen Krukonis, 04/93-03/26/09

My gentle little girl who shared 15 of her 16 years of life on this earth as my companion

Violet B. Gautesen Krukonis

Fluffy Hughes, 03/25/2000 - 04/16/2009

FLUFFY HUGHES you were the best rabbit ever i am so sorry that mommy and daddy went on that cruise, and left tou over at that ladys house, we will never know what happened to you there, still to this day we dont understand it, you were a healthy rabbit for your entire life and then all of a sudden you started going downhill, we are very sorry FLUFFY i hope that you will someday forgive us- we are taking good care of precious, we love her dearly-FLUFFY we will never forget you our precious baby,WE LOVE YOU AND MISS YOU! football season wont be the same w/o you. i know that we werent the best mommy and daddy in the world, but we loved you-we think about you every day FLUFFY and wish we could of done things differently, but we cant go back all we can do is hold on to the good memories, and pray that we all will be together again! love you and miss you- mommy and daddy hughes

Fluffy Ibera, 08/15/04-01/28/09

Dear Fluffy,

I miss you right now. I'm sorry if I didn't treat you well. I hope your having a really fun time at Rainbow Bridge. Play with all the other bunnies and make many bunny friends there. I love you and I miss you right now.


Fluffy Scott, 04/24/09

Fluffy we love you with all our hearts. You were the best friend and family member we could ask for. You have always touched our lives with your love, compassion and happiness. You were so smart and helped the family in so many ways. We will always miss you. Sam and Hunter tell me that they feel you close by. We love you so much and will miss you forever.

Rhonda Scott

Foo Champlin, 10/25/98-04/20/09

I always took pride in the fact that I love and had a sense of independance living alone. And now, my house is so empty, and I'm alone for the first time. My cat was everything to me, so awesome. I am paralyzed with guilt, shame and sadness.


Foofoo, 04/08/62-04/15/77

My dear sweet Foofoo, you were my first childhood pet. You were such a great dog. You used to love sitting in the basket on the front of my bike and we would go for long rides. You loved to cudle. I got to have you in my life for 15 years. I still love you and think of you often. You were the best poodle. I hope you are playing with my labs Rocky and Hunky. I know that I will see all of you at the Rainbow Bridge.

Your sister Karen

Foozie, 07/15/09

Foozie was named for his uncanny skill at playing foozeball.
During his 15 years on Earth, all he wanted was to be around Alice and Larry to be held and loved.
His favorite activity was dancing at night with Larry and his favorite songs were Johnny Mathis songs.
He loved to nap with Alice and sit on her shoulder and in her lap when she was working on her art.
He did a security patrol of the house every night before going to bed and he loved hunting in the garden for lizards to play with, not eat!
Foozie brought grace, calmness, and dignity to this world.
Everyone who met Foozie loved him and all remarked on what a handsome boy he was.
We will miss him dearly and will always think of Foozie,
We love you Foozie.

Larry Schear

Forrest, 1990?-03/09/09

You were an amazing dog. So well behaved and loving. Allthough you weren't my dog, the time I spend with you was special. I have only known you for a year and you have touched my heart. The only thing you asked for was love, thats all. I am glad you are in a better place where you are free from the pain of old age.

Kari Seelman

Forrest, 02/09/09

Forrest was so loved by so many people, any one that met Forrest was touched in their life by knowing him. It was hard to let him go, but had no choice. It's not the same where ever we go and where ever we are and look, Forrest would be there.
Now he is happy and young again I do believe this and he waits for us, Freddie, Arthur and I. Miss you Mr. Forrest, you are loved so much

Linda, Arthur and Fred

Foster, 04/12/09

RIP my beloved pup.
You will always be my baby.
I am so sorry you had to get sick at the end.
You were the sunshine of my day.
Gage & I will miss you deeply.


Foulla (Little Girl), 12/21/91 - 8/16/09

She arrived on a cool July evening, 1993, Air Canada Cargo, LAX. Her brother, Yapou, was next to her in another carrier. Upon my approach, she called out a soft meow and rubbed on the bars of her carrier's door in greeting to me. She was the first to make friends with me, jumping up onto my shoulders and sitting there purring. She looked like a dainty little thing - she was small even for a Somali. However, inside she was a tough old gal.

When I would arrive home from work, she would come running up, meowing all the way in greeting, then stop and turn around to make sure her brother was following. One of her favorite places to stay during the day was up on the stove, in the middle, where the warmth of the pilots would be all around her. On getting down from the stove, she was usually toasty warm. At night, she was on top of the bed covers, laying on top of my legs. Her favorite toy was two shoe strings tied together with a button. I would drag it around or twirl it and she would grab it. She loved that toy all the time she was with me. Another thing that never changed throughout her life was her purr, a soft purr she did while being petted while at the same time rubbing against another object.

She died on a Sunday evening as I petted her. She had been with me for 16 years. I will never forget her.

Foxie Girl (Foxie Midnight Thunder), 08/18/01-05/12/09

Foxie girl, you brought such joy and happiness to our lives although you were only with us a short while, you will be FOREVER missed and loved rest in peace our sweet girl

Bobbi & Randy Thommpson

Foxy, 10/16/03-05/17/09

You will me be missed my baby.
You meant the world to me.
I am sorry that I couldn't do anything else for you.
You will always be in my heart.
Thank you for being so such a loyal and loving companion.

Love your mama.

Foxylady, 11/11/93-07/01/09

My beautiful Foxy girl who I will always
cherish our memories together, and your beautiful smile.

Seek out and play with your sister Lexie and wait for me for when my time comes.

till we meet again my angels.

You will always be in my heart and soul.

Many hugs and kisses

Foxy Lady, 03/14/94-04/28/09

Foxy Lady came into my life at a time when my heart was hurting from the loss of my soulmate Cody.
She took her place in my heart very quickly and blessed me with her handsome son Six-Toes.
Foxy went through alot in her life.
She was the queen bee, the mama to all the others and she will be deeply missed.
She loved to bask in the sun and play in the woods.
Run Foxy run for now you are whole again.

Barb aka DrewTenderHeartWolf

Fozzi, 08/01/07-04/18/09

Goodbye my beloved meow meow head. I cannot wait to see you again....


Fozzy, 05/05/08-05/23/09

Me and daddy miss you so much. Grandpa, Grandma and my mommy miss you too and we all loved you beyond words. Words cannot express how much I love you. You were my best friend, my child and if I could take back that horrible day you left us I would. You died in my arms and I want you to know no one will ever replace you. It was not your time to go and you were only a baby. You were daddy's first pet and he never knew he could love a dog as much as he loved you. I miss your kisses, I miss you walking across my legs to sit on my lap as I type on the computer right now, I miss you waking me up in the morning and doing your puppy pounce and kissing me all over when it was time to eat, I miss you burping all over the house, I miss you trying to talk to me when you wanted to play or be taken out, I miss you jumping up and pulling our food off the table, I miss you chewing on daddy�s dirty socks, I miss you coming in the bathroom every morning and running off with my undies,
I miss you putting anything and everything in your mouth, I miss you hiding from us when it was time for you to go in the bedroom, I miss you hopping from the couch to the chair like super dog, I miss you running around crazy and biting my feet..You always had to be with us and I miss everything about you.
I don't know why God took you away from me so soon and I wish I had never left the house that day. I hope you're happy and playing with your new friends up in Heaven. I look forward to the day that I say your name and you come running to me again. I sleep with your lamb every night and I hope you're up there looking down at me knowing you were mine


Fozzy, 04/29/04-10/11/08

Fozzy was another special kitty of mine and he will be missed everyday,
I will never forget him. He is up there on the rainbow bridge,

Tracy Montalbano

Fran, 07/01/99-01/23/09

Fran came to us on 10/02/1999, a Saturday morning, at age 3 months. We know nothing of her background, but she accepted us as her masters. She was a faithful companion, who loved her three times a day walks with Ken. she greeted humans as well as other dogs in the neighborhood. She survivand stage 4 heartworm and two surgeries for cancerous tumers. She had more cancer and went down hill rapidly these last couple of days. She was not the Fran we loved and knew and so to relieve her of her pain and misery, we had her "put to sleep" today at 5pm.

Kenneth & Betty Tucker

Francesca, 08/23/08-07/23/09

Our little Francesca,

We loved you so ~ how could we not?
You're life so fancy ~ & your wardrobe, how hot!

You made the loss of Tyler so much easier to take.
You showed us another way, with out the loss to negate

We pulled you into our hearts and let you heal the pain
Who knew that at the end, it was our hears that you would reign!

Thank Dog Boot Camp made you a small, pink & proper star
Heel, sit, come and stay, were just a few ~ you'd come so far!

You had your own closet...filled to the tops with the very best couture
Pink tutus, pj's, summer dresses & robes - worn proudly, but still demure

Quite the world traveler, with us you came ~ we never left you alone
Florida, Vegas, & fine dining ~ to all others, you were sight unknown

Slowly but surely, you worked your way directly and deeply into our hearts
As each day passed, you showed us new things and made us laugh, never apart

All of the sudden, it happened one day,
So quickly, it took our breath away.

How could it be, why did it happen, a bee sting that made you stop breathing
My God, how's it so? Ten months to the day; you hadn't even stopped teething!

What are we left with, nothing but sorrow and a hole where our hearts once stood
You are gone from our lives, the saddest part being, you never became all that you could.

We'll love you forever, our bright shining star, little angel sent from heaven
Taken from us way too soon, now we're left to mend our hearts and hope that we're forgiven

For not knowing how to help you when you needed us the most
You will always be in our hearts, you'll always be close

Our cirque du soleil performer, our tiny little dancer
You were kind enough to leave us with the truth and an answer

You were here to bring us together, unite a family as one
Now you're back where you belong: with the angels, moon and sun

We will always love you, a special place in our heart is yours
As we watch the shooting star, the angel you are above soar

May you live in our love forever. May you know the peace you brought. We love you more than anything and will honor you every day, every step we take.

All our love,
Mommy, Daddy, Luca & your little sister "Les Deux"! xoxo

Francesca aka Frankie Weinberg, 07/06/09

I write this on behalf of my wonderful daughter , Jenna who lost her beloved Frankie( Francesca), early this morning. Frankie is the light in Jenna's life. Frankie, taught Jenna humilty, how to love unconditionally, gave her peace and comfort in her times of need. Jenna will always be Frankie's mommy today and forever. My puppyman Hoover, and Frankie are now together at Rainbow Bridge. May we all meet again one day. I speak for myself and Jenna, we are better people because of our furbabies.
Be at peace my grandkitty Francesca. May St. Francis of Assisi watch over all our beloved fur babies at rainbow bridge. Amen. - Lou Ellen Kalb

Frank, 11/97-01/20/09

My friend, my companion, my protector, my faithful Frank.
You took a big piece of my heart with you, so until we meet again, keep it safe, because that's the only part that isn't broken.

We love you Collie-flower.

Karan Saltal

Frank, 03/21/05-01/03/09

Frank was such a special dog. He was unlike any pet I've ever had. He was so outgoing and so dedicated to our family. He had to be laying in your lap or at least touching you. He loved riding and going places with his daddy. We are going to miss him so much. I cannot imagine being home without him!
I love you Frank.

Wendy Boone

Frankey, 03/16/09

you were a beautiful cat.
I loved you so much.
I will always have you in my heart.

Janel Galvan

Frankie, 01/09/01-05/07/09

I am so sorry baby.
You were having a fun time with your new friend in my moms yard.
No one knew you would go near the pool.
My heart aches every second with the thought of pulling your lifeless body from those depths.
But I do know you are waiting for me on the other side.
You have your vision and your hearing back, and no hip problems.
We will met again someday, I promise.
And we will never go near another pool again!
I love you.
And so does everyone one else.
I've had so many emails sent it for you.
People who have known you since a pup.
You were a well traveled dog.
You were my little hippie best dog on the planet!

Lindsey Yoder

Frankie, 08/20/07-11/14/07

I miss you. I hope you had a good life with us, even though it was short. I think about you every single day, and I hope you're having fun, wherever you are. I know you lived your last few days in pain, but I hope wherever you are now that you are running and playing and happy, and completely pain-free. I love you


Frankie, 03/26/09

Frankie was a part of the Belvedere Condo.
He was a good dog, liked by all who knew him.
We will miss seeing Frankie everyday.

Sheryl Dewalt

Frankie, 06/12/95-01/08/05

This dog was a sweet and beautiful boy who was at the shelter where I worked. He had been injured and had a cast on his leg.He was only 5 months old and the most amazing golden eyes. I loved him the minute I saw him and took him home right away.He was always by my side, no matter what, and I loved him more than I can say.I will miss him forever.



You were such a cute boy & so loved by our mother & brother.We miss you...


Frankie Rudd, 06/26/09

Frankie, give my sweet Toto some really special headbumps for me.
Tell him I miss him so, so much and that the last 2 weeks have been so lonely without him.

You had such a short, short life.
I'm so sorry for whatever they did to you before we got you. I hope that your last week on earth was happier.
We tried to make you happier.


Franny, 01/06/02-04/06/09

Franny was a beautiful, loving, sweet bunny & she is terribly missed by her partner Maurice and myself. She loved Maurice from the moment she saw him and they had a deep affection that transcends this physical life.
We are both mourning the loss of such a giving, playful, elegant girl. I pray that she is in peace and knows how deeply loved she is.

Kristen D. Murray

Frasier, 07/16/09

I found Frasier 11 years ago at the animal shelter.
He was my walking companion, an easy going dog who slept on his mat in my bedroom every night, loved car rides, cheeseballs and my cat, Nero.
I learned this week that he had bone cancer and was in great pain.
Frasier went on to the Rainbow Bridge this afternoon and I will miss him always.
Thank you, Frasier, for years of just being there with me.


Frasier, 06/08/09

Dear Frasier, words cannot tell you how much you are missed and loved. I think of you every movement around the house and in our lives.
You are a very special part of our family, a stellar pet and a BEST Friend.
My days feel empty without you but I am comforted to know that you are at peace and we had so many good times together!
I think of you at Rainbow Bridge and someday we will by each other's side and I'll have lots of scratches and hugs and love to give you!!
I miss you and God Bless...Love You!

Ginny MacHamer

Fraulein Gretchen, 11/04/93-03/10/08

She was a heart in the shape of a dog, she responded to the name "heartshape" and "sweetheart" among many others.
I was proud to show her and compete with her and she brought understanding and compassion to my life. She could whisp away a nightmare with a simply touch in the middle of the night.
She took care of and raised my other dogs who also miss her greatly.
She passed away in her sleep, peacefully at the grand old age of 15, much older than many German Shepherds.
She was, by far, the finest dog I've ever had.
I will miss her deeply.

Karen Hamnik

Freaky, 10/01/93-05/11/09

Freaky was the coolest cat. Even though she was elderly she still played and got the crazies. She slept with me almost every night and always wanted to cuddle. Freaky was not afraid of anyone or anything and put our large dog in his place all the time. I will miss her so much.

Susan Reno

Freckles, 12/04/08

my best friend,keeper of secrets and unconditional love and trust...........what a better world this would be if we could say that about humans

Ann Augsburger

Freckles, 04/22/96-01/08/09

In loving memory of my sweet, sweet Freckles.
Companion, kindred spirit and friend.
Thank you for almost 13 years of unconditional love and joy you brought into my life.
You were there during the most difficult and challenging times in my life and gave me love and comfort when I needed it the most.
You will never be forgotten as you have left your pawprint on my heart.

Wendy Sloan

Freckles, 01/23/09

To Freckles, our beloved kitty.
May your spirit find peace in heaven.
May you be forever more at rest. Our hearts are very heavy with sadness by your leaving us.
We all know that you are in a better place.
Go rest high on that mountain old girl.
Your work on earth is through.
Just know that your family will always love and miss you.
Every time I see the clouds in the sky I will know that you are on one of them laying on your back like you used to like to do.
Take care old girl.
We will see you again someday.

Heather Kmetz

Freckles, 1995-03/02/09

Mom and Dad found you, and then brought you home. On that day you adopted me and become my boy. You were the sweetest boy and you are loved. I miss you but I know you are no longer in pain.

Stacy Wilkinso n

Freckles, 02/19/09

We will miss you faithful Freckles

Jim and Debbie

Freckles Paige, 12/15/04-08/27/06

Freckles, you are my heart.
I miss you dearly.
I love you freckles.
I will see you again one day, and when that day comes we will never be apart again.
Mommy loves you.

Freckles Paternostro, 03/10/03-06/15/09

Freckles was always purring and happy.
We all miss you Freckles, but we know that you are in a much happier place where you can run with all the other animals.
We will see you again!!
Love you Freckles!!

Tom, Cindy, Nicole, LeAnn, Pumpkin, Bobalena, Priscilla, Noel and Bella

Freckles Sloan, 04/22/96-01/08/09

For beloved Freckles.


Fraulein Gretchen, Ucd, Cgc, 11/04/93-03/10/08

She was a heart in the shape of a dog, she responded to the name "heartshape" and "sweetheart" among many others.
I was proud to show her and compete with her and she brought understanding and compassion to my life. She could whisp away a nightmare with a simply touch in the middle of the night.
She took care of and raised my other dogs who also miss her greatly.
She passed away in her sleep, peacefully at the grand old age of 15, much older than many German Shepherds.
She was, by far, the finest dog I've ever had.
I will miss her deeply.

Karen Hamnik

Fred, 11/07/09

Fred was my cockatiel somewhere between 28 and 30 years old. It was a running joke that he was going to make the Guinness Book of World Records and outlive me and everyone I knew. He chewed on the wood blinds and I'd say I'll get new ones when he passes. He'd fly over the wall unit and I was afraid he would fall beind it, so I put sheets on top of it because I will take them down when he passes. He bit at the couch and I said, I'll buy a new one when he passes. I needed new carpeting but didn't want to get it because it would disrupt where his cage was located, so I said I would get it when he passes.
Now Fred has passed.
I can do all those things that I said I would do.....and I don't want to do any of them.
My heart is truly broken.
I love you Fred.

Fred, 06/94-06/22/09



Fred, 10/19/93-10/25/08

Faithful friend and loyal companion

Glenda & Roy Wallace

Fred, 1995-03/16/09

Fred was my little brother, my snuggle, my best friend. He had the sweetest soul and the brightest eyes. Goodnight, Fred, I love you more than anything.

Elyse Endick

Fred, 07/26/00-02/19/09

He shall not grow old
As we that are left grow old.
Age shall not weary him, nor the years condemn.
At the going down of the sun and in the morning,
We shall remember him.

Angela Gardner

Fred, 02/26/09

Fred had bladder cancer and tolerated the treatments for it very well but he lost his battle yesterday, Feb 26th and we helped him get to the Bridge.
My husband and I have fostered hundreds of rescue dogs and Fred was the Patriarch, the head of the pack who taught the new ones, the scared ones, the un-housebroken ones, the unsocialized ones, how to relax and be "just a dog" and let humans take care of them, for Fred himself had been a street dog.
Fred came to us not wary of humans and a fear-aggression biter but with time and patience, he grew into a perfect gentleman and a "poster child" for rescue dogs everywhere.
His effect on the world was exponential and his spirit and generosity will remain with us forever.

Debra Griggs & Steve Ballard

Fred, 10/16/05-02/20/09

You are the Best Friend/Son a girl could ever have. I love you with all my heart. You always looked after me. You knew how to make me laugh when I wanted to cry and listened quietly when I needed to vent. You'll always be the best dance partner I'll ever have. You'll forever be with me. I love you Fred...

Hunnie Mejia

Fred, 05/31/91-02/27/09

Fred came into my life by a curious set of circumstances. I had lost my previous dog in late October of 1995 and it took a while to completely put the grief behind me before I was ready to embark on a new relationship with a dog. I wanted another black lab but none of the local shelters had one and I kept scouring the classified ads. In late December of 1995, an ad for a labroador retreiver was posted and I called the number and went over to the lady's house. She was supposed to be enroute and I walked into the back yard to see this dog. I kept looking and looking but didn't see one when suddenly I spotted movement and here came this medium-sized lab, slinking slowly across the yard in my direction. This was a cold day, with a temperature in the lower 30s and a northwest wind of 20 mph. When the dog arrived at my position, he looked up at me and I gave him a good look.

Initially, I was disappointed; this dog had chow in him and was not full-blooded. But there was just something about him that kept my interest. He only weighed about 45 pounds, his tail stood up and his feet were chow feet, not the big paws all of the other retrievers that had been in my life had had. He was shivering in the cold, looked really pathetic and the only shelter he had was a shed that was open on both ends and provided very little protection from the cold. His water bowl had leaves and debris in it and there were several piles of poop scattered around the yard. I was appalled at the conditions. As if I needed any more weight to make my decision on this dog's fate, Fred sat, lifted his right front paw to shake and looked at me with those loving brown eyes I would grow to be so fond of with a look that begged me to take him out of there. Those images have always remained in my mind and I have recalled them often over the years. By the time the lady who owned the dog arrived back home, I knew this would be the next dog in my life. She looked at Fred as a piece of property she was tired of taking care of and even made me pay for the bag of dog food she was using to feed him; I looked at Fred as a great potential companion. He was the perfect age; my chaotic work schedule and single lifestyle meant that I could not devote the time needed to raise a puppy. I needed an older dog. Fred wasn't Fred at first; his former owner had not named him and just called him "Come 'ere." It wasn't until I had taken him to the vet's for shots and a checkup after buying him that he got the name Fred; he was named after Fred Flintstone, because I thought Fred was a really cool name, especially if applied to a dog, and Fred Flintstone was the only Fred I could think of at the time.

Fred went way beyond anything I anticipated. Until the last couple of years of his life, Fred slept on the bed, next to me. He even had his own pillow and used to smile when he'd be snoozin'. He was always excited about hiking the trail that leads from our neighborhood to a county park or running errands with me...and he loved to walk around our local PetSmart. When I'd make the turn into the shopping center, Fred would get all excited because he knew he'd be able to wander and explore all the new smells in the store. We were there at least once a month and because of his advanced age, several staff members knew him and would come up to us as we were shopping to find out how he was doing.

One anecdote to let you know how smart Fred was: during one of our trips to PetSmart we were finishing one circuit around the whole store and were back to the dog section. Fred was pulling and pulling me and came to a stop in front of Kibbles and Bits Dog Food; at the time, that was what I was feeding him. Fred recognized the bag (or the smell) and knew which dog food was his out of all the different brands.

Another story that stands out is how we got lost in the woods on one of our trips to the park. The trail from our neighborhood to the county park cuts through a small forest. One day, for some reason, I decided to go off-trail and explore some of the forest I had not seen before. Fred, of course, didn't mind at all and let me take the lead; usually, he was ALWAYS ahead of me, even when off-leash. Well, I got lost and confused and didn't know where I was after we ended up taking some sharp turns. I looked down at Fred and said "We're lost, buddy" and he took off, back from where we came from and stopped to look back at me with a look that said "Follow Me...I know how to get back to the trail." Which he did and we were able to resume our trip to the park and we never ventured off the safe trail again on future walks.

In December 2002, our area was hit by a severe ice storm. The power was out to most of our area for several days. We lost power here at the house on a Thursday morning and no estimate was given on when it would be restored. It wasn't long before it became uncomfortably cold in the house. I could not go to a hotel that DID have heat because I refused to leave Fred alone in a cold house. We huddled together to keep warm for five days. When we would sleep, Fred would curl up as close to me as he could get, as if he thought he could share some of his body heat with me. When the power came back on 5 days later, the temperature in our house was 36 degrees. But we made it through the ordeal together.

Fred was good at reading moods and could sense when things were not going well with me. He often seemed content just laying at my feet as I watched TV...and was always glad to receive any kind of rubbing or love I could give him. For a few years, he enjoyed rolling over on his back and letting me rub his tummy for sometimes hours at a time. I don't know how many football and basketball games we watched over the years, but it must be in the high hundreds. He was a pretty good sports fan but didn't like too much cheering or loud noises.

One final story I want to relay occurred just this past week. As his health rapidly declined, I started sleeping on the floor in the living room, next to him. I have a heated throw blanket I was using to keep warm. When I awoke Sunday morning, I almost broke into tears: during the night, Fred had curled up next to me and had stuck his head under the heated throw to get warm and his head was resting on my stomach. It was a touching scene and I wish I had snapped a pic of it.

My weird work schedule precluded regular participation in social events and I have developed very few friendships. Without intending it, I evolved into a loner but it was okay because I always had Fred to keep me company. Over the years, I came to think of Fred as my son and took him everywhere he would let me take him. He had a mellow demeanor that was the perfect complement to my high-strung, hyper ways. He was just a great dog. Oh, I wish all of you could have known him. Fred was really special and ended up having a nice, long and mostly happy life after getting off to a rough start. Fred did purty darn good for himself.

Stephen A. Burrus

Fred, 03/02/99-01/01/09

FRED died on my bed at 5 am. I was getting my vet on phone to carry him out their it was an emergacy,HE died when i picked him up. He had cancer.he was in good health last year at check up. we didnot know he was sick tillhe passed we did a e crop on him. i miss he soo much

Cindy Green

Fred, 12/01/96-12/22/08

It was a balmly, mosquito laden July evening in 1997. At the time I was married to an abusive man who liked to frequent biker bars. Coming out of the "The Witt's End" headed for the entrance of the rest room, I encountered a skinny tuxedo kitten. He said "meow" and I said "Here kitty,kitty." The next thing I knew he was in my arms, his cold nose pressed to my cheek giving me kitty kisses.
"He looks like a Fred," my husband said and so it was.

Fred was very playful in his youth, always getting into something. "That cat's got to go" my husband said and he did six months later when I left my husband.

Initially, I believed I was rescuing Fred but as years passed I would understand that it was he who rescued me. Fred taught me about living life to the fullest. No matter what the circumstances were, he found a way to make himself happy. He never met a stranger. People would always comment on how friendly he was. In fact, I used to worry that some "cat hater" would harm him.

When I met my future husband and moved to Tennessee in 2003, Fred embraced the change, exploring his new surroundings with great relish. My other kitty lived under the couch for nine months being so traumatized by the move. Meanwhile Fred set about climbing the neighbor's fence and checking out their goldfish pond. Being a Florida native, Fred had never seen snow. When that first dusting of snow arrived in December 2003, he walked outside trying to shake it off of his paws.

He loved being outside. One spring Sunday morning my husband and I were enjoying a cup of coffee on our steps when we kept hearing Fred meowing. We couldn't see him but our eyes followed the sounds of his voice. There he was on top of the roof checking out the beautiful day, watching the birds and squirrels.

You always knew where Fred stood on matters. If he wanted to be petted, he would climb into my arms. He liked to sit up on my shoulder with me patting him like a baby, he would offer those cold, wet kitty kisses. It seemed his appetite could never be satiated. That was probably a holdover from his early months of eating from a dumpster. It is a nightly ritual to give our kitties Friskies. The sound of the can being opened and the clink of the fork hitting the dish brought incessant meows until the dish was placed before Fred. Most times he would beg for more. When a new friend, who is very intuitive, came to visit the first time, she said that Fred greeted her, announcing his name was "Mr. Pussycat." From there on, he was known as "Fred, our Mr. Pussycat."
In the spring of 2007, we began to notice that Fred's breathing was shallow and fast. Eventually he was diagnosed with feline asthma. From there on began breathing treatments, pills and liquid medicines with our veterinarian trying everything he could think of to normalize Fred's breathing. Fred hated all of it and my husband and I felt we were torturing him. X-rays were sent to the University of Tennessee Veterinary College for review. Their diagnosis came back as most probably asthma. Nothing seemed to work and Mr. Pussycat was growing very weak and tired of it all.

In early December it became apparent that Fred would not be getting any better. My husband and I struggled to find a time when our work schedules would allow us to be present for Fred to be put to sleep. At about 6:00 a.m the morning of December 22, 2008, Fred awakened us making very strange noises. About a half hour later, Mr. Pussycat made his transition in my arms. We can only speculate that Fred had cancer. Holding him when he drew his last breath was hard but I wouldn't have been anywhere else.

A couple of days after Fred's passing, I set listening to a song written by Townes Van Zant and it was so appropriate for how Fred lived his life.

"To live's to fly, both low and high. So shake the dust off of your wings and the sleep out of your eyes."

Fred, a/k/a Mr. Pussycat thank you for choosing me.

Eve Robinson

Fred Berg, 03/11/09

Fred was the love of my life.
I love him with all my heart. I miss him so much.

Jan Berg

Fred Disciscio, 04/06/01-01/07/08

To My Best Friend Fred, Today makes one year that you have been gone from MY life! I am still so very sad today like it was the very first day on that dark, cold, winter morning of Jan.7th, 2008. When I had to say goodbye!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I think of you everyday. I have your pictures everywhere. I look at the one(framed)on the kitchen counter in front of me all the time. You are there looking at every move I make,, like you always did. Your eyes are so big in this picture. You look absolutely beautiful!!!! I talk to to alot. I had such a hard time at home when you first were gone. I still was calling your name, I didn't move your food bowl or toys for the longest time. I cried soooooo much for you.. I was lost and so was your friend or should I say girlfriend "LUCY". She missed you so much, that she cried everyday and I had to take her to the doctors. She got better over time. But she hasn't left the window. I wonder if she thinks someday you'll be home. Thank goodness you did make some beautiful puppies together and she still has Ricky. She loves having him come over. It was sad just to see them two and not all of you together. I am so sorry for what happened to you, I wish I knew exactly what happened at that time of your sickness but they did not have any definite answers to WHY..I wish I could turn the hands of time back and I wish I could have saved you,, You know I tried my hardest Fred. I wish you were still here with me. I know you are in spirit and you are in our home.. I can still picture you following me around and sleeping at my side of the bed ,,that was your spot. Was just to be close to me! Thank you for being such a good, loving, friendly boy..And thank you for being my best friend. It's so true when they say a dog is mans best friend!!! I couldn't have asked or wanted for anyone better than YOU..I will remember you for the rest of my life! I will miss you, cry for you, smile about all times with you.! You have branded my heart forever & ever,,FRED!!
Thank you for sharing and allowing me to have you in my life. Love Momma x0x0x0x0

Fred Graziano, 07/04/95-12/21/08

Fred was loved by many (even those who prefer dogs!) he was a comfort and a blessing in my life and will be remembered always.

Lori Anne Graziano-Stuhm

Fred Sugarcreek, 03/10/98-04/06/09


You will be missed by all in your home, you were so gentle and happy and always wanting to please us.
We look forward to the time when we can be with you again, our home will never be the same.

We love you,

Robin, Mark, Sarah, John, Chuck, & Sammy

Fred's Frolicking Frannie, 02/13/95-05/14/09

She loved me no matter what

Brian, Glenda & Roy Wallace

Freddie, 05/24/53-04/16/09

My dearest one was a stray - his mother a stray also.
My co-worker found him on a country road in the middle of the night at six weeks old, weighing only a pound and a half, unable to support himself on his back legs from calcium deficiency.
He had 15 wonderful years of life, though was always a special needs dog in terms of personality.
He had a wonderful spirit, eager to play ball always, playful with the sound of the vacuum cleaner and hair dryer, barked at his dinner before he ate it, and always had puppy kisses for me until his last days.
I miss him terribly.

Lisa De Soto

Freddie, 09/15/88-03/14/09

Freddie made it to 20, and what an amazing cat he was. My ever-present companion, food-tester, bed warmer, and confidante.
Freddie the Freeloader was his nickname, for his tendency to try to make off with whatever you were eating - he particularly enjoyed spaghetti with sauce.
We took him when his first owner was diagnosed with terminal cancer, nearly five years ago, so I'm sure she was there to meet him when he arrived.
I hope he'll stop by to say "Hi" when I arrive some day.

Kyla & CJ Jones-Mannon

Freddie, 02/07/00-02/16/08

The joy and love you brought in to our home will never be forgotten. Each day was an adventure to be experienced to the fullest for you. Thank you for sharing your beautiful, perfect self with us. We miss you more than words can say, precious baby boy. Till it's "go time" again-- Love, Mom and Dad

Freddie, 01/14/09

You were such a special baby for all of us.It is so sad that someone took your precious life for no reason and poisoned your so loved body.But we have the hpoe that you are in a better place now.

We will never forget you!

Olga Cabanellas

Freddie Girl Raymond, 1964-12/24/08

I have known you all my life and thought we'd be old ladies together.
I will miss you terribly Freddie, I wish we had more time together.

Anne Raymond

Freddie Too, 10/89-04/13/09

Our family pet for 20 years.
Freddie, you will always be remembered.
You were such a warm, affectionate kitty.
I will always remember your love of popcorn as a little kitten.
How you used to love to play outside.
You tolerated all the other kitty's that came into the home - but you always knew you were king cat.
God blessed you with many years and you were loved every day.
We will miss you so so much.
Rest in peace (and take care of Shamrock!).

Jack, Marla, Kim and Andrew

Freddy, November 28, 2007 - August 10, 2009

Dear Freddy,
Right before my eyes, our life together seemed to fade to black and white. My life in a blink of an eye, became dark and the sun went down on us-not to rise again on Earth. Freddy, I swear to God I never prepared to cope with such a significant loss without you by my side. When you left me, I had no reason to be here anymore. A part of me died that day and I wished I went with you. My God-I know it wasn't your fault, but Jesus has told me that some things were supposed to happen to make way for the new. Your passing has taught me many lessons, all of which you would be so proud to stand by my side and watch. God I wish, it never happened. You know what my heaven is Fred, seeing you and all of my other buddies that I have told you about.

Fred, your angelic presence in time of need to me is unspeakable. I'll never forget the time, we first met-God, it was magic-your little face, "Hi I'm Fred, pleased to meet you." Oh Fred-to rewind that moment, I would do anything. I looked at you that night and said, I promise you my friend, you and I will do it together-remember-till the end my friend? Remember Freddy? You just looked at me, and gave me a head tilt and a big kiss.

You and I shared a special bond. Freddy, I have never had that with any other being on this earth. We had unconditional love. You and I breathed and waited for each other during the hardest of times. Fred, I had thought the hardest thing for you and I to go through was when we had to fly home to America-we separated for 15 hours-in which seemed like a decade. I remember going through so many loop holes, all of which were so worth to make sure that you would continue to be in my arms. I remember picking you up after that trip, you were so upset after that plane ride-crying and then after you heard me calling you. You suddenly stopped crying and then I took you out of that crate and we hugged each other so hard.. And we both said-never to be separated again. Our special bond, Freddy, was unbreakable and we both knew it, even after your untimely passing. Your spirit still lives and seeing your passing and then your vision in the clouds. It was a true miracle my little man. Even after your passing, you tried to bring comfort to me... God I miss you so much!!!!!!

Freddy, I will never forget our special times on the beach, teaching you how to swim, you riding in my bicycle basket, us going shopping together, Pug play dates, hikes, car rides... we just loved being with each other!!!

Good bye yellow brick road-and I know we will see each other real soon. It's not forever that we will be separated. God promises us that. It is only temporary. Just please remember to hold me in your heart just as much as I will always for you. God I miss you so much! I know you are there already waiting for your Mama playing for a bit until I come and see you again and oh Freddy-never to be separated again. God bless us both until then. Your beloved and devoted mama......... I love you Freddy..

Freddy, 06/23/09

Dear Fred/Freddy/Fredders/Freedie and all the other names you got called - Mum, Dad and Wizard miss you millions already ....

You will always have a special place in our hearts.
You helped each one of us through times, that without you, would have been so much harder.

You will be in our thoughts everyday, thinking of all the joy and laughs you brought to us.
A trusted and loyal companion who touched the hearts of everyone who knew you ...
You were never just a cat or a pet ... you were our family.

Resting peacefully ....
love Mum, Dad & Wizard XXXX
Hugs, Heads, and Purrs .... and maybe a couple of squeaks...

Freddy, 03/2000-04/13/09

Freddy, I love you. Since we were little, we both shared a connection that was sometimes interupted as I began to become a teenager. Friends, computer, and school were often a struggle for me when it came to making time to be with you. I wish I could have been with you longer.

It was on Easter Sunday and I was out shopping, doing a church egg-hunt and chatting about with friends.
When I got home, you didn't get excited and sneeze (when you got happy you would do that). Instead, you just acted differently. You were quiet.

"Mom," I said that night, "Does Freddy have to sleep on my bed tonight? He's been waking me up for the past few days and I want to sleep in tomorrow." "No, he needs to sleep with you," my mom replied. You quickly followed me to my bed room and jumped up. Then, snuggled into my lap and laid a warmth upon my legs. Although your breathing had not been quite right, we both fell asleep.

Now, it is Monday. Today my parents were out working and I was able to spend my last day of Spring Break with my brother and you, and I didn't have to clean or work or any of that stuff! You woke me up early (which I was used to at this point) and I followed you. You didn't want food or to go "potty." I was confused but decided it was alright for you to have woken me up. Now I was able to start my "free day." I went (almost immediately after putting food and your pill into your bowl) to the computer and began to chat with friends.
After an hour or so, my brother came in and asked me to watch a movie with him. "Sure, one second" I replied and got up. You had been lying down in the room (farther away from me than you usually did) but gathered strength to follow me. The movie was horrifying! We watched Disterbia and I constantly left the room and came back and then redid the process a few times. Then, we watched the Incredibles! As we watched the movie, I noticed that you were not in my lap, like you usually were. Instead, you were behind a chair in the corner of the room, making strange noises with your head up high. I didn't think much of it and me and my brother continued watching the movie and throwing around Jinga pieces. Finally, we calmed down and focused back on the movie. After it was finished I decided to take a few pictures of you - you looked so cute, even though I hadn't known at the time that you were severly suffering. That night, my parents got home and we ate the dinner I made, Pot Roast! Then we settled down to a movie night. I went back to the computer. After a while, I returned to the family room and listened as my dad told me the news I never thought I'd hear, "We're putting Freddy down tomorrow." I began protesting against this inhumane thing that would take me away from you. Remember those last moments that we spent together in the bathroom? You were breathing odd but you were still alive. I remember when I lied down on that cold tile floor and cried my eyes out, begging for you to stay. I didn't know why you wanted to be in such an uncomfortable room so I moved you to my other brother's room (he was in college). I wanted to give you some space so I left and slowly ate some ice cream. I kept glancing back and forth, from my ice cream, to the TV, and then towards the hallway that led into the room where I placed you. I watched as you jumped from the bed and went back to the eerie bathroom.
I was completely confused and immediately went to see what was wrong. You didn't want to be anywhere else but there. Finally, after I had tried multiple times to pick you up and then you would hack and make more strange noises, I decided it was for the best. I carefully wrapped my arms around you and quickly walked you over to my bed which was only a small distance away. You left me. I cried my eyes out; I had done everything I could but you didn't want to be comfortable. May be you wanted to be in a place that you would be alone in. I left you in peace until finally I asked my dad if you could come back. He understood and carried you to my room even though you were ill and didn't want to be bothered. I'm sorry. I should have left you there...I think.

After a few moments of trying to make you feel better and giving you gentle strokes against your body, you jumped off and went over to my closet. It wasn't a walk in closet, but it was the best dark place you could find. I went back to loving on you until you moved to another place. Then, my dad came in and asked me to take a shower. I said I would but first I wanted to take a video of me and him for some reason. I got out the camera, but because it was so dark in the room, all you could see what a faint outline of my face and hear your breathing. I wished that I could have seen you in that video, but at the same time I'm happy that I didn't turn on the light and bother you even more than I had been. I kissed you good-bye and remembered that look you gave me as you took a helpless glance into my eyes as if you were crying.

I finally gave up and went to take the shower. I was extremely exhausted (I bet you were too!) and took a bit longer than usual. Probably around twenty minutes. After I got out, I cried a bit more and then walked back into my room. "Freddy, come here boy! Freddy?" I searched around my room, he wasn't where I had left him. "Freddy?" I was about to faint! Where were you?

Faint footsteps came down my hallway and my dad slowly said to me, "Freddy has passed." I collapsed. Right then, I felt as though a chunk of my heart had been ripped out and I couldn't breathe. Why did you leave me? Did you die because of me? Where are you? I miss you.


Freddy, 02/07/09

Freddy, you were so ever loyal and full of love for all that knew you. You were my best friend, and always by my side.It was so painful watching you slip away from us. You endured your pain for so long and so bravely. Up to the end you fought to be the strong one, but I knew it was time to let you go.I wish I could bring you back but I know you will be waiting for me and one day we will all join you there. Until then my friend. All our love.

Michelle Hinkins

Freddy Howell, 02/09/00-04/10/09

Rest in Peace "Freddy"....Freddy passed at 5:50pm on Good Friday, 04/10 of Kidney Failure.
Got him on Good Friday and he passed away on Good Friday. Now my angel can rest and not suffer anymore. Our hearts are broken into. There will never be another Freddy. This precious angel came into our lives for 9 years and we would give anything to bring him back. The time you spent with us will be treasured for eternity. We will miss you Freddy and do not know how we are supposed to go on without you.

Billy, Brenda, Christin, Neal, and Diva

Freddy Wigand, 02/27/09

Please include Freddy in your thoughts! He was only with us a short time, and was very sick before he passed. But, he brought a lot of joy to my daughter and she deeply misses his presence in our lives.
Freddy, we will always love you!

Sunni Wigand

Frederick (aka Cosmo), 07/18/08-01/10/09

Frederick/Cosmo was a semi-feral kitten a coworker of mine found last July. We took him in as a foster, worked with him and he came around and was adopted by an absolute saint of a woman.

Frederick/Cosmo became gravely ill due to F.I.P. symptoms and ultimately would have had a miserable quality of life had it not been for the heartbreaking decision by his adoptive mom to have him euthanized today. We were all there with him, petting him, kissing him, holding his paws as the veterinarian administered the drugs and he peacefully left us there crying for our loss but knowing we did the right thing.

Frederick/Cosmo led a short-life, just under six months, but he touched an awful lot of lives with his happy-go-lucky approach to life.

Sheila Reuther

Fredrick Gus Stejan, 07/2000-04/17/09

Fred was our pet for almost 10 years.
Fred will be sadly missed by us and his 1/2 brother Barnie.
We had him in the animal hospital for 2 weeks
getting surgeries and tested but he was at the point of not being able to help him anymore.
We had to say good bye today

Jan and Steve

Freebie, 01/18/07

2 years have passed and there isn't a day I don't think of you.
There will always be a part of my heart missing until we meet again.

Diane Oliver

Freesia, 07/17/99-04/11/09

We love and miss you.


Freeway, 07/09/09

Freeway, You still are my best friend and I will always miss you.
I miss giving you hugs, kisses, and petting you.
I miss talking to you, knowing that you understood everything I said.
I know that I will see you again in Heaven and I can't wait until then.
I hope you are happy and feeling good.
I hope to see you soon my sweetie pie, Love your momma.

Freeway, 04/21/09

It is with a very sad heart that I announce the passing of my beloved Freeway.

Freeway graced my life for 19+ years and was one of the most affectionate cats I have ever encountered.

Each and every day she left me with a memory that will always be treasured.

Over the last few months Freeway's health had started to deteriorate.
She had been losing weight, and over the last week was no longer eating.
Rather than put my needs and desires to hold on to her as long as I could, the very difficult decision was made this evening in conjunction with her veterinarian.
At 5:35 this afternoon her health was evaluated and at 5:50 she took her last breath and drifted away while in my arms.

She will be sadly missed - but never forgotten.


Fresno, 07/10/94-05/05/09

Beloved companion and faithful friend, we will miss you and all your quirks.
You live on in our hearts and memories.

Michelle, Karl, and Zoe

Fresco, 02/03/09

I thought you would never go. Now I know you will be in heart forever.

Juvenal Reis

Freya, 08/02/97-27/06/09

Freya, you were a joy to all who knew you. Sometimes naughty but never malicious, always happy when we came home to you, you had a great heart and loved us deeply as we loved you deeply too. I know that we'll see you again when we pass over too. We'll remember you with love and happiness. A small time to grieve your passing before we can remember with smiles the light and joy you brought to us all. We miss you with all our hearts doggie. XXX

Tony Wood and Maria Santos

Friday, 10/21/04-04/15/09

You were the best and your Mommy loves you

Friday Winn, 04/19/92-12/10/09

Friday Winn was born on Good Friday, 1992.
He was the only kitten, and his mother passed at his birth.
He was hand raised and believed he was a child of ours, his Mom and Dad.
He was treated like this and thus, car rides, special trips, greeting people, were just the norm.
He wore a bandana with pride, and especially loved the truck ride to the Cottage, where whith out cages or barriers, stayed by our side continually.
A people person, he was..........and will always be like our child.
He had a stoke on February 10th during the night, and he managed to come and tell us.
We both took turns holding him in our arms in his favourate blanket, until at 9 am, our vet gentle put him to sleep.
Holding him till the end give us some comfort, but the grief we feel will take some time.
Forever, Friday will be in our hearts and around every corner when we look.
Until we meet again.........our love.

Susan & David Winn

Frieda, 05/26/09

Frieda was a part of my relationship with my husband since before we were married.
She traveled the country with us from east to west coast and back again.
Even though she lived a full life, I can't imagine the days ahead without her.
Frieda, I miss you so much!

Stephanie Whitman

Frisbee, 06/06/91-07/06/09

Safe journey, beloved girl. Thanks for seeing us through so many years. You'll be sorely missed.

M. Snyder

Frisbee, 09/16/97-07/18/09

My dear friend,

You have been our family's loyal companion over the years.
We loved you dearly and will miss your silly antics and loving ways.

You will remain in our hearts forever.

Don't forget to watch for me, you know mommy always gives cookies when she gets home to you.



Frisbee you were 18 years old and went through many things with me.
Max still walks around looking for you and sometimes I truly feel your breathe on my shoulder.
You shared many special times with me that no one else will ever know.
I love you and miss you with all my heart.
Know that you will always be close to me.

Wendy Josephs

Frisco, 08/13/98-05/28/09

Frisco, you will always be my happy little puppy. I will miss you forever!

Lori Hoisington

Friska Drye, 10/13/96-11/18/08

Friska Drye was my dog and best friend for 12 years

George Drye

Friskie Simba, 03/23/89-06/03/09

loved you with all my soul.wait for me on the rainbow bridge.i cant wait to see you. lots of love.

Janine Boguslawski

Frisko, 01/19/08

I love you so much! Our bond has been the strongest and I can't thank you enough for getting me through the tough times. You made me quick to smile while you licked my tears away. I will miss our little moments, especially when we snuggled and you would rest your head against my neck. I will always love you my best-friend and I can't wait to reunite with you one day and cross that bridge together for eternity.

Kristi Riccobuono

Frisky, 06/05/93-04/16/09

Frisky was a wonderful companion to me for over 15 years and my heart is now broken. She was sweet,fiesty,independent and very smart.Frisky was the love of my life and I don't know how I will manage without her.We had an amazing bond and she will live in my heart for eternity.

Joanne Spencer

Frisky, 03/04/09

Dear Frisky-

You were loved from the day you were chosen from the shelter to the time it was meant to let go and return "home". Run and play with Binky and Tiki and befriend Tammy. Our consolation is that you were cared for almost 17 good years and now are free of the physical decline of health.Our prayers are with your spirit- until we meet again.

Blossom, Gil and Family

Frisky, 01/26/99-01/14/09

To my wonderful, sweet and loving baby girl, Frisky.
You are forever in my heart and mind.
You are truly missed.

Mommy Karen

Fritz, 07/18/09

My little brown eyed boy. For 13 yrs you were at my side giving me hugs and kisses when I needed them. And laughs every day. There can never be another like you, as you were so unique in your ways. All ways ready to chase a ball or chase a squirrel, or to curl up in my lap for a nap. I was blessed with having you in my life and I know God is blessed with having you by his side now. We will meet again my little man and when we do I will have that tennis ball with me for you to chase. Rest in peace little one for you have earned it. I will forever love you as you loved me for all these years.


Fritz, 01/08/09

thank you for always taking care of Shaun, you were a good "buddy", he is heartbroken with out.

Louise Smingler

Fritz Ferdinand, 07/06/06-05/10/09

Fritz was a wonderful friend and companion for my wife and I.
We are young (in our 30's) and have no children.
We thought of him as our boy.
When we were home, he was always either on our lap or laying up against us keeping us warm.
He was such a happy dog, his behind wagging almost as much as his tail.
He loved balls and ran as fast as lightning to chase them.
He was always happy to see us come home.
He would run up to us and then stand on his hind feet and hop like a rabbit until he was leaning against us.
When ever we ate, he would hypnotize the dinner plate until he the left over food was transfered (by our hand) to his waiting mouth.
He was such a good boy and did not deserve to leave this world so young.
We loved him so much and miss him terribly.

Robert Fredenburgh

Frizbee, 01/01/97-06/30/09

Frizbee simply was the best dog and I simply can't believe he's gone. He's an impossible act to follow.
I pray he's in an amazing place...filled with love and good health...knowing how much he will be missed. There are people left behind here who will love him and long for him forever. As much as it hurts to lose him, I know how thankful my family and I are to have been blessed by having in our lives.
Frizbee, our perfect perfect pet...we love you so much. We'll never forget you.


Frizzle, 12/07 - 9/1/09

How we miss oyu already Frizzle!..You and daddy and your taking your naps togther...and you bringing me the back scratcher to scratch your back and then mine...and your many times you brought it to one of us and we threw it back 100 times a day.....oh how you drove us crazy with that toy but oh how much more you will be missed.....WE LOVE YOU FRIZZLE AND MISS YOU DEARLY!

Frodo, 02 July 2005 - 15 September 2009

We miss our Frodo, the eternal French Farm Cat, who used to come walking with Oliver, exactly as if he was just another dog.  He was such an active cat, adventure was in his soul, until his kidneys failed at just aged 4.  We miss his face, and the hugs he loved so much. Jerry, Gemma, Loki, Freyja, Branwen and Oliver.

Frodo, 04/10/09

I don't know if you rescued me or I rescued you, it didn't matter, you taught me the true meaning of patience and love. I told you when we met that it would be till death do us part, and it was. We had only 7 years together, but we were together always, you were my co-pilot, my wing man, a more loyal soul I'll never meet, just wish we had more time and that your little body didn't fail you in so many ways. I'll see you at The Bridge my friend,I know I can depend on you to be there waiting. You took a piece of my heart when we said good-bye, but I know you're at peace now. Godspeed Frodo,until we meet again, lotsa Lhasa kisses from me,Tash and dad.


Frodo, 02/06/09

Frodo was a "ready for anything" pup. He loved life and wanted to spend every second cuddling with his family making us smile. We loved him so much. He was hit by a car today. His short life enriched ours by an infinte amount! I love you Frodo! THANK YOU!


Frodo, 01/99-01/05/09

We love you and miss you Frodo, you were a great of the best and you will always be my little puppy guy.

Michelle, Eddie, Gracie and Claire

Frodo, 01/02/09

Frodo you were a wonderful member of the family.
Thanks to the wonderful work of the rescue facility we were able to spend a wonderful 3+ years with you.
I hope you know how much we love you and how much you will be missed.
You can run and play now without any pain.
Your daddy will miss you more than you could ever understand.

Richie Patrick & Jim LaPolt

Frosty, 02/25/05

Miss you Freezer!
Play nice with Rosie.
See you at the bridge - love and miss you everyday.

Felicia Magdon

Frosty, 01/01/99-03/04/09

In Loving Memory-Frosty, was my dearest and most loving friend for 10 years. He passed from diabetes. Frosty was home and surrounded by love and family holding in our arms just before he passed. When he passed, in his bed he was warm and secure. I will always remember him and cherish my memories of him. He would cry when I had to leave him home, and grieved if he was without me for any length of time. Now until we meet again I grieve for him. He can never be replaced in my heart, nor my husband's heart. He leaves behind in addition to us, our children and grandchildren, five other dogs and four cats, one rabbit who he loved to play with. We all miss him. Frosty will be buried in his favorite sweater under the dogwood tree in our yard. Rest in peace my wonderful friend.

Diana and Gerald Houghtaling

Frosty, 01/19/08

To our beautiful beloved bunny.
We loved you the day we saw you in the Humane Society.
You brightened our lives and enriched our souls.
You will always be remembered and cherished.
Thank you for being a part of our lives.
We love you.

Chris and Dale Pierce

Frosty Barnes Spink, 07/01/94-04/23/09

To my baby angel.
I will always love you and cherish the time we spent together - thank you for bringing so many happy memories to my life.
I will never forget you.
You will live on in my memory for as long as I live.
I hope you know how much I loved and will miss you.
My angel girl, my Frosty kitty, my baby......I love you....

Tammy Barnes

Frosty Goldfarb, 7/28/97 - 9/06/09

WE MISS ALL YOUR TRICKS AND HOW YOU COULD COUNT UP TO 10 With barks. when you are at the Rainbow Bridge make sure you are sociable with the other animals.Our Hearts and house is empty with out you Till we meet again Love Mommy,Daddy+BLC

Fry, 01/10/06-28/03/08

Fry was a wonderful hamster, lived to a ripe old age and will be sorely missed. Love you Fry.

Laura Goodacre

Fudge, September 1992 - 11th September 2009

Thank you Fudge for seventeen years of love and happiness. We loved you from the moment we saw you and always will.  
Sleep tight beloved Fudgie.  
Forever in our hearts.  
Paul and Helen Moorhouse, Sally and Katy

Fudge, 01/01/97-13/05/09

Fudgie - courageous, amusing, handsome.My closest companion and consolation in all sadnesses.Everyone you met was a friend. I love and miss you and will never forget. Say Hi to Tigrina, Nina, Truffles, Juno and Dewi.We were so happy together in 3 countries.Farewell till we all meet again.

Gabrielle Redford

Fudgie, 02/21/09

I just want to show how much i love and care for you and i just want to dedicate this tribute this to the most sweet and gentle cat in the world.I also want to thank you for the greaetest7years of my life.You were the only cat for me,therefore i will never get another one.I will always love and miss you .You will always be my sweet baby FUDGIE.


Fuji, 06/13/01-01/11/09

Oh sweet little Fuji! We are so sorry about what happened! We should have gotten rid of Bear years ago....Understand it wasn't easy accepting that Bear was "not right". We really think Bear was always scared...pretty much her whole life. You know we tried to find another home for her...unfortunately it took her attack on you to make us finally make that move. We will regret this late action the rest of our lives. You were such a bright and wonderful spirit here! You always knew how to cheer me up. It was the hardest decision I have ever made to put you down. I knew you might be able to fight back and were always so tough for such a little girl. I failed to protect you, and this I will always regret. I swear if your mommy and I were not trying the IVF we would have tried to save you....I just didn't think we could do both...and you know how much we wanted our own baby. Bear was very lucky we found a suitable home for her....with no other dogs. I think she and her new owners are truly happy. It is very empty here without you.... playing your piano and running circles around the kitchen. As you know my dear Ivan has passed as well....perhaps he missed you so much and wanted to find you. I hope you two are having fun together, and you have found our dear Josey as well. You know how I felt about Ivan, but the truth is, I loved you all. I will miss your dear delightful spirit in our house. Lets all try not to hold anger for Bear....I really think she has a mental illness. Please know how hard it was to make the call to put you down. I knew you were in so much pain...nothing like any of your previous tussles with bear. I wish I had heard the know I would have been there in a couple of seconds. I got there too late. Please know this tragedy has galvanized amy and I to recognize inappropriate dog aggression like bear's...and we won't allow the same issue to ever occur again. We thank you so much for that.

I can't wait to see you again!

your daddy and mommy,

Sean and Amy

Fulai, 02/10/09

He was a lot more than a dog, he was a family member who gave us unconditional love every day of the nearly 10 years he was with us. We weren't looking for a dog, he just appeared. God gave him to us and now he has gone home to God. Rest in peace our wonderful adopted child.

Gary and Yali Clark

Furby, 05/03/09

I miss you so much Furby. You are always with me in my heart and in all that I do. Not a day passes that I do not think of you. And all the love that you gave to me. I love you so very much my little boo boos.

Cheryl Ann Gatlin

Furby, 05/03/09

I love you Furby we miss you so much. Im not sure how to go on with out you. I hope you saw I gave you a bisket this morning. I love you my little booboos
love mama

Furby, 09/09/99-04/20/05

One Thousand Eight Hundred Twenty Five days ago it all ended. It was a day that I knew I had to face no matter how much it broke my heart. Furby was a very special friend but he had become quite ill. He loved to go for rides in the car and we had taken many, but it was time for us to take our last ride together. As we drove to Virginia my thoughts drifted back to the winter evening of 1999 when a neighbor knocked on my door with this tiny little coal black ball curled up in her arms. She handed him to me and said, "Furby, needs a friend and I think you are it." To say I was reluctant was an understatement, but when this tiny creature struggled up my chest then gently and lovingly licked my nose, he stole my heart. For six years he was by my side. He was there when was born and through many long nights working on my computer he was right there at my feet, on my lap, or lying next to the keyboard watching my every move. He was small in stature but his heart was huge. He was patient when I spent so many long nights sitting there looking intently into this strange box on the table but he never left my side. He cried when I had to leave but always ecstatic when I returned. Together we shared some good times and some tough times but it didn't bother him because we were doing it together. I learned a lot from this little guy who was totally convinced he was human and to say he was my best friend is an understatement. Sadly our last ride together had ended and it was time to once again take him into my arms. Entering the door of Cass Veterinary Services was one of the most difficult things I have ever done in my life because I already knew what Doctor Dan was going to have to tell me. As I was kneeling at the end of the table with my face close to Furby's and our eyes focus together, the effects of the first injection was taking its affect and he was barely still awake. With every last ounce of determination he had he reached out and for the last time lovingly and gently licked my nose. Furby is no longer by my side but his fiery spirit and loving nature will remain in my heart forever. I was given a great gift that winter evening in 1999, a gift that I did not realize the magnitude of at the time. I miss you, my friend.

Ted Connolly

Furby James, 07/01/98-06/11/09

Furby was an angel on Earth.
He is sorely missed.
We love you Furby, tons and tons.

Debbie Bloom

Fuzzball, 05/01/08-07/17/09

He was a big part of my life, when I heard he passed away I almost cried, and I thought about the memories of him. My little brother used to hold him while watching Hamtaro, we build houses for him out of legos.
Goodbye Fuzzball we will treasure you forever.

The Ray Family

Fuzzie Lumpkins, 11/09/01-03/19/09

We can't believe you are gone Little Man. Mommy misses you so much, and loves you so much more than you could ever know.

Say hello to the crew for us, give them snugglin's too please. Please watch over Amee and Rosie. Help them to heal and love each other. Little Rosie is missing you terribly. You are such a special boy, I will always have a special place in my heart for you. You are my soul mate, the love of my life... There will never be another love like the love I have with you.

Rest well my angel, until we meet again... nose kisses and neckie snugglins. I love you...

Gayl & Keith (Mommy & Daddy)

Fuzzy, 06/01/09

My dear Fuzzy. How I miss you already. Your fuzzy fur, your striking green eyes. The time we had together are so dear to me. You will forever be in my heart and mind. Untill we meet again in the Summerland, I will forever be missng you. Play nice till we unite again. I love and miss you Fuzzy!


Fuzzy, 10/15/89-03/28/05

I miss you very much Fuzzy. I love you and know that we will be together again some day. Love, Hayley

Fuzzy, 03/18/99-07/03/08

Fuzzy, your mommy and daddy remembers when we first received have given us nothing but joy for the 8 years we had you, you would always cuddle with daddy and I and we will never forget you..we miss you so much and look forward to seeing you again!
Love you my precious baby!

Eric and Vickie Guerin

Fuzzydog, 06/27/09

I had you for only a couple of years and I gave you the love you never had and you gave the same to me. Rest well my fuzzydog and wait for me at the bridge.


Fyrlites Never Give Up - Winston, 10/10/04-06/12/09

Never, never give up, my little fighter.
Never, never give up.
I got your message.
I love you, too, and I'll meet you there.
Until then, little cheeseboy, until then...

Crystal Harris

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