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2009 Tributes

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Earldine Lloydanna 'Duka', 10/31/05-05/02/09

Duka was born a feral, but went to Cat Heaven with grace and dignity as a very much loved house cat.
She had FIV and FeLV and lived 14 months with her family.

Jill Campisi

Earnhardt Cummings, 06/2001-12/23/08


Earth, 1992-01/22/09

Earth was a sweet loving cat, loved by many.
He outlived the elements, cars and coyotes and accepted many new friends into his home both feline and human alike.
His special friends that he helped raise from babies were Audrey and Brenna who will miss him very much.
He will be waiting for his family at Rainbow Bridge.

Catherine Stinett

Easy Tempe a.k.a. E.T., 11/13/93-06/20/09

E. T. was a retired "showgirl"
She earned the title Champion before she came to live with us.
She was not your typical Lakie.
She was more like the Garfield of Dogs.
She LOVED goodies.
She LOVED people.
She was an amazing girl

Kathy Davis

Ebbie aka YF Factor, 01/01/93-03/08/08

Its been almost a year and I find myself feeling like it was yesterday. Just the mention of your name Dear One, brings a flood of tears. I know we did all that we could do for you, and only erasing the years could have kept you with us. But that was not possible. Until we meet again run free, play hard, and sleep deeply.
Alway in our hearts. Love Mom , Dad, and Critters

Ebony, 08/03/00-07/09/09

The most sweet and loving spirit I've ever known.
Giving hugs and smiles were her specialty.
She was so precious to me, and the pain without her is unbearable.

Brenda Kitchner

Ebony, 07/11/09

Ebony, sweet girl, you gave us 15 enjoyable years. Your sweet self will be desperately missed. Heidi, Macy, Morgan and Abby (your littermate) will miss you, as will Daddy and I. We will see you again one. Run and play pain free now little one. Something you have not been able to do for a long time. God will look over you now.

Leslie Cain

Ebony, 03/01/93-05/15/09

Ebony was a grand girl . SHe came into my home when my mother had suffered a stroke and could not move one side. Here came this kitten and she quickly learned how to climb up the wheelchair and settle in my mother's arm. She would lay in the hole of my mother's paralzed arm and she would be petted over and over again by my mother. This little kitten bought such joy to my mother's last few years. SHe then became my companion and would always greet me with talk and would sit by me all the time. She brightened my life in more ways than I could even imagine. Thank you my beautiful girl. I truely miss you more than you will ever know.

Maria Glover

Ebony, 05/08/78-12/18/92

My beloved best big boy, you live in my heart always and forever.

Ruth Rivenburg

Ebony, 12/03/08

Ebony, AKA Eberneener, Neeners, Ebers, Chili Bean.
Your knicknames go on and on.
I don't know what happended to make you so honery in the early years.
You adopted me when I needed your company the most. I told you that I would love you and love you until you came around.
And you did in your last two years. You were the most beautiful black cat with green eyes, just like me.
Thank you for those final years of cuddling and purring.
I never thought a cat would get to me like you did.
I miss you very much.

Therese Llanes

Ebony, 06/30/93-02/26/09

Forever in our hearts.
We miss you terribly!

Punt Family

Ebony, 1996-02/05/09

Eb you were with us for 11 years and we will never forget how you bonded with Blackberry, how you took the plastic containers up the stairs thinking they were babies. I apologize for calling you ugly.
We tried our best to make you well but guess it was not meant to me. We all will miss you.

Kaye and Merrill Paletz

Ebony, 12/01/95-12/26/08

Ebby we miss you so much and are lost without you. We absolutely adored you and are sorry you had to leave the way you did. Christmas will never be the same again. Until we meet again mamma's girl. Sleep peacefully my princess. Mum,Dad & Lily xxx

Echo, 05/14/09-07/07/09

My sweet Echo, you had too short of a life, but you fought so hard.
When it's time, I will meet you North of the Rainbow Bridge.
Hopefully you have met up with Lovebug and you are playing and free of pain.
You will be in my heart forever.

Val Lorenz

Echo, 11/06/98-02/01/09

Our sweet kitty left us early one Sunday morning.
We miss you but know that you are no longer in pain.
Saying goodbye was one of the hardest things we ever had to do.
We love you and we can't wait to see you again!

Sarah and Mark Beier

Echo, 09/13/08

To my friend Echo

Warm sunshine and blue skies remind me of you.

When i found out you had gone over the bridge, i felt a part of myself die so it could go over the bridge to be with you.

Every time I pass Brush Road, I think of you. Someday I will come to kneel at your grave and run my fingers through the warm earth which blankets your body.

I miss you, old bean - and so does everyone else who was lucky enough to know you. At least now you wont freak out when Snoopy is taken out for a ride.

Rest easy - Every ounce of my love and you will always be in our hearts.


Eclipse, 12/12/91-06/22/09

Eclipse was a true sweetheart, spunky as she got older and my most beloved friend and companion. She passed today and my sadness is overwelming. She gave me a good life as I did her for almost 19 years. We will meet again and we will be happy.

Mary Lemmer

Eddie, 05/20/09

dear eddie you were such a character and you were much loved - my dear little friend.


Eddie, 05/12/09



Eddie, 06/30/87-03/27/09

Dear wonderful Eddie. I had you such a long and wonderful time. You were almost 22 years old and up until the end you were mostly healthy. I knew you would be leaving me soon. You were a wonderful cat and I loved you very much. I'm afraid your friend Riley will miss you too. I hope when you passed over the rainbow bridge you found Tykie who passed away 22 years ago himself. I also hope you found Casey who left me 11 years ago. I pray that the three of you will be waiting for me to come see you again and you all greet me first. I loved you Eddie, and I will miss you.
Love Always

Eddie Bear, 21 June 2008

It's been a year last week since I held you while you were put to sleep. The pain is as bad now as then and I can only hope and prey that there really is a bridge you and I will meet at one day.
You were my best friend, my heart and soul. Even though I knew then as I know now that it was the best for you, it tore my heart out as I held you while you took your last breath. Know that you are and will always be loved.

John Brown

Eddie Boy, 01/19/09

Here's to you Eddie!
You sure had some hurdles to overcome on earth!
From getting dumped on a highway, to your extra long tongue, your diabetes and blindness you brought a family together through your undying love and gratitude and kept it together for 4 1/2 years.
You became the KING of the house.
Everyone loved you with all their hearts and always will!
You were your Daddy Mike's apple of his eye, his only boy and right now his heart is breaking.
May God Bless You Eddie and may your soul be free and happy!
We will all miss you terribly as you are such a part of our family.
We are so glad you were here.

Diane Elliott

Eddie Lee, 01/21/94-03/30/09

You were a wonderful companion Eddie. Mom, Mel, Mitch, Oscar and I miss you terribly. You will be in our hearts FOREVER. WE LOVE YOU!!


Eddy Ossont, 03/13/09

Eddie was a special black lab who loved to chase cats.
He often ate the cats' food before they could. Eddie loved to sleep on the rug in the family room. He was a wonderful companion and member of our family. We certinly will miss him but he will be in our hearts forever!

Olivia O

Edgar, 04/14/09

To Edgar,
A dear part of our family and loyal friend.
You were a noble protector and will be missed.
Until we meet again dear friend.
We'll see you on the other side.

Steve, Denise, Stephenie, Tegan and Alex Sceales-Smith

Edith, 04/17/09

Edith, we loved you so and we will miss you very much.

Jill, Robert, Branden Berrong

Edward, 02/14/04-04/20/09

Oh Edward - I had no sign, no warning you were sick. I will never get over the shock of finding you. I miss you more than is palpable. Those little paws on my shoulder while reading, watching TV, and you constantly interfering with my needlepoint. I hope you know how so very much I loved you. I hope you did not suffer. I hope you are well. I got Spencer as a way to save another life. There's no replacing you. I will love you forever.


Egg, 02/17/09

Egg was such a special cat.
Putting her to sleep was the hardest thing I have ever had to do in my life.
I found her on the streets about 10 years ago and she has been a part of my family ever since.
She loved to snuggle and she loved laying on her back to show off her belly to everyone.
I miss her so much.. a piece of my heart died with her.
I have other pets but her and I shared a very special bond that I can't really describe.
I still love her with all my heart and am only at ease knowing that she is no longer suffering.


Eggbert barleyCornwallaby, 12/10/08

Hey Eggieee. Got yours ears on man? It's Pa talkin. I know you do- never missed a conversation or chance to talk! So sorry Eggers, I didn't stay longer at the doctor's. Thought you'd be home in a day. Seems you knew all along buddy, so brave and smart. Ma and Pa talked to the guys who are so confused- Daddy Frac and the Zipper, Smokey and Grampa won't come in without you here. Even Gray-b's being nice. And your sister Lean Beans sits on your last spot on the couch missing you Grumpus.
Remember when Grama found you all mangey and bit up- barely alive, and she cleaned you up good and brought you to us.
You we're the toughest little doily huntin, flying eggbeater around. But with spirit lessons from Daisy and your big sister Chomper's infinite patience, and the magic rainbow window that let you walk on walls, you learned to love and trust. It's your turn now to send those lessons to all of us who need them.
Your blanket's still here by your fake fire and your corall, but no puddle of butter snorin there. No big orange head stickin out of my curtains over the bed. No one to dip a paw in the yellow milkcup and fling it on Pa. No snakey face chompin Ma's leg. I'll always look for pinecones in my boots and grapes on the floor (pretty funny man), but never hear that big Meow-Wow at the door when I come home. You gave us all the best time in life, and while it's so hard and bleak now without you, I know I'll be with you again Peaty, at the magic rainbow. We'll do the sack-o-taters and eyeball rubs. And Ma'll scrape them ham hocks. Just miss those big eye winkers and stripey pants! Rest good, buddy.
You are my Bacon and Egg man. My very best friend.
Ma, Pa, Beanie, and the guys.

Eight Ball (8 Ball), 06/03/98-10/21/08

8 Ball, you were the best.
You were a saint who never had to be scolded for ANYTHING! From 6 weeks old to the end, your whole purpose was to be by me and to never disappoint.
You know I did everything humanly possible to combat your cancer. You were my world and I was yours. I miss you more than anything and wish I could pet you a million times more.
I wish I could take you to see Winnie one more time, too.
I loved knowing that you were always next to me and understood what I was saying.
You were so dependent on me that it broke my heart whenever we went on vacation to leave you behind.
You were so loyal to me and only me.
I hated to see you go, but you knew and I knew that it was time.
You are still teaching me even after your departure.
You will never be forgotten and there is an empty space in my heart that no one can fill.
You will always be my girl!
Thank you for being a part of my life.
I can't wait to see you again. "You're my honeybunch sugarplum pumpy umpy umpkin, you're my sweetie pie, you're my cuppycake gumdrop schnookem schookem snore, the apple of my eye; and I love you so and want you to know that I'll always be right here, and I love to sing this song to you because you are so dear".
Love, Mama

Einstein, 05/15/95-06/22/95

Einstein saw me through every one of the hardest times of my life.
He was there for me when I needed a friend the most.
He was a once in a lifetime dog.

Jody Skeen

Einstein Turner, 10/96-01/31/09

Our beloved crazy Einstein will be truly missed! We love you Einey!

Allen & Suzy Turner

Élan, 05/01/09

Élan, the next time I see you, I'm going to scoop you up and kiss the top of your head, and then I'm going to rub your belly while you roll around in the leaves.
I'll tell you how much I've missed you and I'll promise to never let you go again.

Russell and Catrina Sloan

Elber, 03/14/09

Elber, you appeared in my life on Dec. 23, 1987, having been left in a box for over 2 days on a Manhattan Street corner, frozen, flea infested and starving.
Having just returned from a long day at work, I was accosted by John, the super in my building at 233 W. 77th. How could I have known that he was handing me over the greatest gift of my life.
I've had many wonderful cats over the years, but none so unique and entertaining as you.
As everyone always said,you were more like a "cartoon cat"!
Not a moment went by when I said your name, or looked at your face, or cuddled with your kittie breath blowing in my ear, that I did not have a smile on my face and a tug at my heartstrings.
You fought like hell to stick around the last 5 years.
You knew my life was so difficult and I believe you did not want to leave me before you knew the worst was over and my "Second Act" was to begin.
And despite daily fluids and 2 types of medicine in the morning and evening, not to mention the special salmon oil that you hated, you kept going.
I believe that you, like Barak Obama's grandmother, had to go just before the "miracle" so you could be there to serve as my guardian angel.
Elber, you were my little boy - my Gift from God.
I will always love you. Please say hello to Sushi, and Moosh, and Alex, Dad, and Gram.
Thank you for being the best little boy a mom could ever have hoped to have.
I miss you so badly, I can hardly breathe.
I always knew this day would come, but secrety prayed I was wrong.
Just remember me singing the Elberoni song in your ear little boy.
Mommy will always love you and never forget you. You were not only in my heart, you were my heart! All my love Elberoni!!!!!!!!

Holly Lebed

Elbie, 02/21/09

Elbie was a wonderous cat who brought a great deal of love and joy to all humans whose lives she graced. Elbie lived to the ripe old age of 16 and will be missed. We are glad that she is in a better place, free of pain. We love you Elbie!

Elisabeth and Jason Herb

Eleanor, 05/27/00-12/30/08

My girl, my heart, my soul.
I knew from the first minute I laid eyes on
you that I loved you.
You were the one for me, my soul mate and best friend.
For the first year, it was just you and I in that apartment, remember?
You would wait for me every day, with patience and love.
Even after we got Annie and Luna, you were still my girl.

Words can't describe how shocked and devestated I am by your sudden passing.
Please baby, forgive me.
I didn't know you were sick.
You were just at the Vet's for a check up, and you seemed fine.
I didn't know you would throw a clot.
When I rushed you to the Vet that night, thinking you had hurt your leg because you were dragging it, I told you you'd be just fine.
I am so sorry baby, I thought you would be.

I hope you felt me holding you when we sent you to the bridge, and heard the love I whispered in your ears.

My heart aches like it never has before.
Wait for me sweet heart, I will be there one day.

Mary DeMarco

Elgee (Little Guy), 10/91-06/20/09

Our gentle giant passed away after 18 years of love.
At the high point of his life - he weighed a total or 24 lbs.
At death just 7 lbs.
He had lost his sight/hearing and had a massive seizure.
We held him hoping that he would pass in our arms - but when he started yeowling so loud, we took him to the vet and held
him until he was peacefully at rest - and on his way to the Rainbow Bridge. We still have him with us in a beautiful box/with a figurine of him on top.
There is also a name plate with his date.
We miss him very much as does his sidekick Squeeker, who is about 4 yrs old.
She wanders around our home looking very lonely. I know she misses him also.


Eli, 04/07/01-05/19/09

The best little boy anyone could ask for.
We miss you already and hope you find peace, happiness and comfort.
May you have all the doggie bones and tennis balls you want, and lots of friends to play with.

Luv, Mommy and Daddy

Eli (Our sweet Little Piggy), 04/20/09

Recused from a drain sewer, little piggy never really had a chance.
He was covered in fleas, had bad worms and couldn't see well.
We had him and loved him for 6 months, in the end a nervous system disorder claimed his sight and his life.
You will be missed my sweet piggy.

Susan & Mike

Eli, 02/01/97-03/07/09

Eli loved so much that his heart got twice as big as it was supposed to be, then it got a hole in it.
He suffered many catheterizations for urinary tract blockage.
In his last months, he had a respiratory blockage/infection that interfered with his breathing.

But he ran, he rubbed his cheek on my finger each time I came home, for 11 years, he scrambled on the edges of rugs. He hid in the tall grass and stalked squirrels, he played with his Rowdy Rat, he dove under papers to lurk until he could find something to catch (a string? a stuffed mouse) He came to comfort me in the house whenever I was crying, no matter where I was, or he was, at the time.
He rolled in catnip, and in dirt.
He clutched onto the catnip plant in our garden once, so hard I had to disengage his claws.
He caught mice and placed them carefully, alive, on my husband's chest when he woke up in the morning.
He rode on my shoulder and purred whenever I came home from work in the evenings.
He slept properly on a body pillow (full body involved).
And used my travel pillow for his head (just cat-sized)!
He knew how to relax, he knew how to love, and he knew how to play!

Donna Allison

Eli, 12/20/92-02/07/09

I will always love you my Son.
See you at the Rainbow Bridge....

Shanna Massaro

Elizabeth, 08/08/90-05/04/09

When I came home after Elizabeth's death, I very quickly realized that my home is now a house.
For me, wherever Elizabeth was, there was home.
Without her, I feel lost and alone.
I miss our daily routine.
It's hard to leave the house and not call out "Be a good kitty, I love you and I'll see you later".
I did that every time I left the house.
I miss cuddling with her in the evening and no longer have someone who sleeps on my hip at night.
I loved her and I'm so fortunate to have had Elizabeth in my life for 17 years and 8 months.
I know she is happy now and I trust that someday I will once again hold her in my arms.


Elizabeth, 07/07/93-12/27/08

Sweetheart, you were my North Star,and I oriented myself to you. Daddy is heartbroken without his "Angel in a dogsuit". Even people who didn't like dogs LOVED you. You were always smiling,always happy,drawing people to you by radiating the joy and love in your heart. How much we enjoyed every minute of being your Mum and Dad. Never will a day go by that you are not deeply,deeply missed. Til we meet again. Mummy and Daddy

Elizabeth, 01/27/08-12/31/08

Sweet little Elizabeth,
You were just under a year. No one saw this coming, or knew what was happening with you. You were fine yesterday, then something happened all too quickly today. I held you in my arms, wrapped you up, and tried all the things I knew on how to treat a sick ferret. I had chicken Gerber, sorry it wasn't Duck Soup. I kept you hydrated and warm. I started to think it wasn't the cold. Then I started calling the vet. Closed today. Then the next vet...then the next, and the next, and the next.."WHAT IS GOING ON???" and then it struck me..."For New Years Eve?" It couldn't's not that big of a deal--really. I tried all over King County and Pierce, but all I ever heard on the other line, was an answer machine. I even got desperate, and tried contacting some ferret rescues, because they are always there to help...nothing but a recording. It's funny, because human Hospitals are up and running 24/7...why can't there be someone available to help the animals? I'm sorry Elizabeth, that there was nothing I could do. We tried, but we couldn't take the pain away. There was nothing we could do to prevent this. I hung on to you until you finally passed. Your Dad and Mom miss you very much.
Love always, and rest in peace sweety.

Cj & Melissa

Elke, 04/29/93-06/03/08

My little Elke, gentle, loving and loyal companion for 16 years. We miss you so much and think of you everyday. You were the best little friend we ever had.

Barb Jacobs

Ella, 09/12/96-05/09/09

My beautiful, precious girl.
I love you and miss you more than you will ever know. Please be patient and enjoy the kitty heaven with your older brothers and sisters.
One day we will all be together again.

Ella, 03/12/09

Ella, you came into our lives when we were not looking for a new pet, and even though you were only with us for a short time, MY how much JOY you brought into our home!! You will never be replaced and you are missed SO Very much. Even though we are grieving( us and our other 2 dogs), we are thankful for all the funny (only Ella) times that we have to reflect back on. We love you and will always miss you.

Mommy, Daddy, Savannah,

(Angel,& Sandy our labs.)

Ella Bella, 05/09/08-07/10/09

We are so very sorry we lost you so soon, we love you Ella so much and I know Sammy was there to meet you. We miss you so much.

John and Jaime Jacobs

Ella Fisher, 09/19/08-02/03/09

Ella was a sweet, loving puppy. She would play fetch and romp for hours. She will be sorely missed.

Penny Fisher

Elle Marie Monroe, 01/19/99-06/14/09

A very beautiful girl that her family will miss dearly. I hope her sister Prissy will not grieve for her too long. She will always be in our hearts.

Patty Monroe & Donald Crews

Ellie, 2003 - 11/28/09


I love you and miss you so much. We are so sad without you. I still look for you in your favorite places but you aren't there. I hate it that you got sick and we couldn't do anything to help you. You were the most beautiful, intelligent, sweetest dog. Oreo is sad without her big sister. Please know that we all loved you and will always remember you. And I know that one day, we will all be together again. I am sorry if I didn't take you out to the park to play as much as I should have. I know you are in heaven with the angels and they are taking good care of you and playing ball with you until we can be with you again. Ellie, my precious doggie, my baby... your life was too short and the house feels so empty without you. You will always be in our hearts and I will show Patrick pictures of you when he is older. I love you, Ellie. Please know that. I love you so much. Please wait for us and don't forget about us. We will be together again one beautiful day. I love you Ellie, my baby. My first daughter. I love you and miss you. Your mom, Ana

Ellie, 07/25/08

Ellie was the sweetest and most loving dog I have ever had. She was my best friend and the light of my life. She unfortunatly had to be put to sleep on July 25, 2008. I still cry every once in a while because I miss her so much, and my Chihuahua Roxy misses her as well. I believe Ellie deserves this tribute because of her kind and loving soul. May my girl rest in peace. I love you Elle Belles.


Ellie, 01/01/98-05/22/09

I found Ellie alongside the highway on Oahu near Waikele while on my way home from work while serving in the Navy.
She had a shattered hip and required immediate surgery.
I decided to take care of her and in turn, she took care of me.
She was around 5 1/2 months old when I rescued her and she gave me and Andy, her companion dog, over 11 joyous and loving years.
She never gave anyone any trouble, but only wanted for everyone to be happy.
Together, we traveled to Washington State, Illinois and then to Florida, where she passed on May 22, 2009.
Now, though Andy and I grieve deeply for her loss, we continue on knowing that we will meet again when we travel the rainbow bridge.

Lee Page

Ellie, 16/05/09

You've been by my side for 14 years I am going to miss you so much my bestest friend in the whole world. See you again son love u loads mum xxxx

Ellie, 10/01/98-02/20/09

Ellie will be sadly missed by everyone in our family including our other pets.
She was such a smart and loving dog.
I will miss her barks when someone would come to the door.
She loved kids and was so protective of my kids.
We love you Ellie!
You will always have a special place in our hearts.

Kerri Collier

Ellie, 06/15/01-02/09/09

Ellie was a special, wonderful dog. She was full of life and she made me a better person. She will be greatly missed by her family. Please help keep her memory alive.


Ellie "Littles" Cash Gerringer, 07/24/2009

We love you little one. I hope you find a nice belly in heaven to lay on. You loved to do that with us. I also hope that an angel lets you lay on his pillow at night and lets you put your paw under his head. That is how you watched over me at night.

You don't have to suffer anymore and you and Abby are in heaven together. She was waiting on you. I am sure she wanted to chase you like she did when she was younger.

You are both in are hearts forever and we love you more than words can possibly say.

You will always be our "Littles".

Love, Daddies!

Ellie Mae, 03/07/01-10/05/08

My dear sweet Ellie,

It has been 8 months since you left me and I still feel the raw pain of your absence.
I miss you so much little one - and so does

He walks the fence now, like you used to do, and at bedtime
when he goes out one last time, he turns and looks out toward the back yard as if he is waiting for you to come in too.
Its so sad to watch him do this.

You should not have left us so soon.
I did not take you to the right person to help you.
You were sick and I knew it and I let someone let you die.
For that I am so sorry - I will never be that passive again, nor trusting.

Some say dogs do not go to heaven as they have no soul.
I do not believe this, for anyone who is capable of love has a soul and I know you loved me as much as I loved you.

I hope you are happy and have found little Jack (our neighbor)
and Newman and Hannah.

I love you my little Ellie Mae - I will never forget you.
Mary Ann Stallcup

Ellie Mae, 07/15/94-10/19/08

Ellie Mae was a wonderful and beautiful cat who still looked like a kitten until the day she died. My daughter adored her and was living in England when she died. We loved her dearly and miss her a lot.

Jo Voisin

Ellie Mae, 03/08/09

My sweet Ellie Mae passed away on Sunday afternoon after a bout with Mast Cell Cancer.
She was the love of my life.
She came to me in 2002 from her 1st rescue home.
I told her then that this was her last stop, I would never leave her.
In return she gave me her unconditional love.
Her favorite thing was to be by my side. Her smile could light up a room.
She loved her treats, her "babies", a walkie at night, and snuggling up next to me.
I will miss her more than words.
Please be happy in your new place baby girl, I will always love you.
-Your little mommie.

Elliot, 04/01/09

You truly were "a gift from above". Goodbye old friend. Go run free, as you should.. Thanks for everything.. I love you


Elliot Ghenghis Thudrucker I, 02/27/09

Elliot you were suffering so much that I was almost glad to see you go...BUT it hurts just the same. You will always be remembered in our hearts!

Helen & Mike Robare

Elliott, 05/96-02/14/09

I am going to miss you Fluffy Tail!


Elliott, 01/05/09

RIP my dear sweet Elliott.
You were the best friend I ever had.
See you in Heaven.


Elliott Andrew Eades, 11/05/99-02/23/09

Man's best friend?
Elliott was certainly MY best friend--what a good boy.
He was always happy to see me, and I know he loved me unconditionally. I just hope he knew how very much I loved him.
He was smart and loving and had a heart of gold.
I had no idea how very sick he really was--he never let me know--even this morning when I visited him at the hospital, he was happy to see me--wagging his tale, and gave me one quick puppy kiss on the cheek before I left.
I am so very sorry there wasn't something more we could have done for him.
I miss him already--my sweet, precious baby.
I hope he's at peace.
I love him so much.

Susie Eades

Elliott Grattan, 01/04/01-06/07/06

To my one true soulmate.
I think of you every day -- I hope you are happy and at peace.

Jennifer Grattan

Elliott Gurik, 04/21/97

We still miss you after all these years.
What we would give for just one more day with you.
Hope you're waiting for us in heaven.

John and Diane Gurik

Elmer Henry Burkett, 11/25/96-12/24/08

Our beloved dog, Elmer. We miss you so much. It's not the same here without you. You were such a good dog.

Michael & Beverly Burkett

Elmo, February 9, 1995 - July 20, 2009

Elmo (a regal male Pug) was my friend for nearly 14 1/2 years. When he came into my life, I really needed a friend. I was really proud to own such a cute, intelligent, special dog, who everyone thought was a special pooch. We moved many places together -- starting off in Brooklyn, NY; then to New York, NY; then to Darien, CT; and finally to New Jersey. He was there for my marriage, the birth of my child, and as many other things in my life unfolded. He was a sweet pet who liked to be pet. He loved his "foodie," particularly when some human food was mixed in. And he loved his "walkies," preferring journeys (e.g., through NYC's Central Park). He was a strong dog, always rebounding after surgical procedures he had throughout his lifetime.

Only God knows why he was taken at this point. I have faith that he is in a peaceful place where animals go after their life on Earth is over. He is eating delicious food and snacks, running over green hills and grassy fields, and resting in soft warm spots under the sun and cool, dreamy places under the moon.

Elmo and I will see each other again at the Rainbow Bridge. I miss you, my sweet Pug friend. You will not be forgotten and I'll see you again. With love, your human companion.

Elmo, 01/05/09

Just wanted to tell you how much i love you and adore you for being so special and how sorry i am that i didn't show it enough lately. Oli loves you and misses you a lot. She keeps on looking for you all over.
I hope you are in a good place and if you can see us that you watch over us and miss us too.
Will always love and remember you.
Kisses and bear hugs.
Adi and oli.

Elmo, 01/07/09

I hope you realize how much we love you and miss you,
You were our very special little shi-poo
We did not have enough time together here
And we still shed many a tear
You are always in our thoughts and in our heart
Just remember we are never really apart.

Love you and miss you dude.

Mom & Dad

Elmo, 11/94-02/11/09

It's been a month since we laid you to rest Elmo.
You left a hole in our hearts that can never be filled.
Our house doesn't seem the same without you, dear friend.

You were the best dog a person could have asked for.
I feel so blessed to have gotten so many wonderful years with you.
The decision to let you go was not an easy one.
However, we feel that it was best for you.
We did not feel it was fair to keep you around just because we were selfish and didn't want to let you go.

When your back legs would give out and you would sit patiently on the floor waiting for me to pick you up, my heart would just break.
You never complained and never seemed to be in any pain, thankfully, although it was obvious that you were going downhill.
It broke my heart to see you not clean your food bowl and have to be coaxed to eat.
I knew then that the end was close.

I can picture you up there with Maggie, the two of you wandering down the streets, just enjoying being out and about.
You always did like exploring.
It brings me happiness to know that Maggie is there with you.
You were always best buds.

Our lives were changed for the better the day we brought you home, Elmo, though there were a few trying times at first.
What can I say, I had never had a dog and suddenly we have this 10-month old lab mix puppy.
You were quite a handful, but you brought us so much joy, love, and laughter that we would never trade for anything.

Rest in peace, dear friend.
We love you!

Cathy and Ernie Phelps

Elsa, 05/02/02-04/26/09


Elsie, July 17, 2009

Elsie, you were a special and beautiful calico cat.

We couldn't bear to watch you suffer and it hit so fast. You were such a brave soul.

We miss you so much and want to thank you for the joy and love you provided us in the 7 years of your life we had you.

I lost my buddy and it is sad.

No more suffering sweet Elsie. Be free and know you will always be in our hearts.

Elsie, 02/16/09

Elsie was a recue dog and had been mistreated in the past. We got her when she was about 4 years old. My committment to her was that she would be loved and well cared-for. I hope she understood the love we all had for her. She will be missed and I will always rememebr her.

Roger & Christie Clark

Elsie Lynn, 06/13/02-01/15/09

The prettiest girl in the whole wide world.


Elska Keatty, 03/12/09

Mark was in Iceland and Kyle was at Penn State in Pittsburgh, PA.
Kyle kept asking me everytime we spoke on the phone, "Mom, why don't you get a kitty to keep you company?"
So as good sons do, Kyle went to a rescue mission in Mt. Pleasant, PA and fell in love with the orange tabby named Peppy, and brought her home to his dorm with summer break was only a few weeks away.
Her second home was with a bunch of college boys who fed her all kinds of junk and kept all sorts of hours.
Kyle renamed her Elska, which in Icelandic means love, after a poem he learned in high school. We went to PA to bring Kyle home for the summer and we met her for the first time.
She loved me from our first rub and sniff and I was her Mommy. She loved her new house in VA and we discovered so many things about her.
One day we found her coming out of her litter box only to learn she had been sleeping in there.
We figured out she needed her own nest.
We found a quiet place for it in the downstairs loo and she loved it.
Elska took a year before she crawled into Mark's lap, but it didn't take long after that for it to become a nightly ritual.
She took all of Mark's negative energy out of him and reduced his blood pressure.
They were a sight to see, those two, on Saturday morning after I left for work.
Elska curled up on Mark's chest and both of them were snoring and purring.
We learned so much about her and the love she gave to our family.
We talked about her when we went on dates.
We had a babysitter for her when we went out of town.
She walked on Mark's head at night and meowed in his face at 0400 because her dish of crunch was gone.
She loved going outside, supervised, of course, to lay in the sun and scratch her back on the the warm cement.
She was a part of our family.
She was in all of our newsletters at Christmas.
She had so many nicknames and Mark made up songs to sing to her, just like he did for me. She didn't tell us she was sick.
The vets gave us the grave news about her cardiac condition and she would suffer.
We had to let her go.
She died in my arms.
She trusted me to take her home.
We miss her so much.
Elska Keatty was the love our lives.
We miss her meeting us at the door when we come home from work.
We miss looking for her before we leave the house.
We miss taking care of her.
She was the sweetest soul we have ever known and lived with.
We know she is in heaven.
She never hurt a soul on this earth because she was pure love.
Elska Keatty, Mommy, Daddy and your Kittybug miss you.
We know we will meet you in heaven.

Love and prayers, Gail, Mark and Kyle

Elvis, Oct 1995 - 10/20/2009

I said goodnight to Elvis last night, I told her it was OK if she had to go. She has been having a rough month with some good days and some bad days. I looked in her eyes lat nigh and didnt know if I would she her in the morning. I woke up at 3 AM and she was not in her bed. She had gone into the living room and she had passed on. Elvis was my true friend and companion, my life will never be the same with out her.

Elvis, 07/05/09

We got you for Ryan to help him learn responsibilty and bring us all closer together. You gave us all so much more, and turned into the best friend I ever had. Your unconditional love for our family will never be forgoten and I don't know how to thank you and God for the love and joy you brought into our hearts. We could have never asked for a better fiend, dog, or family member.Thank you! Thank you! Thank You. We all miss and love you terribly and may God rest your soul. Say Hi to Fooey when you cross Rainbow Bridge and we will see you when we all join you. Visit us in our dreams when you can. All our love,

Me, Mom, Jenn, Ryan and Baby.
John and Madison too

Elvis, 06/14/09

Elvis was a loving and loyal fur baby. She brought much happiness to her family and all who came her way.
She will be greatly missed.

May she leap for joy at the rainbow bridge as she joins her cousins, C.T. and Beamer.

Lynita Cooksey

Elvis, 12/28/92-04/23/09

Dear Elvis, We are about to go on a family vacation and you will not be with us this year. I hope you are somewhere where you can eat whatever you want, can sniff whenever you want and feel like a young puppy again. I miss you and think of you every day.


Elvis, 04/21/09

You were a part of our lives for such a short time, although had such an impact. It broke my heart to let you go, but new it was best for you. I wish your life could have been like the last 4 months- in a home with a mom to dote over you everyday. We all did the best we could for you and all the others. We still are. I know you're not alone, but are with other shelter residents that have passed on along with Kay. I know you are running and playing with Porgy, Ridge, Pappa, and all the others. I trust Kay to watch over you until I'm with you....I miss you and love you sooo much Elvis! Love, Mom

Elvis, 02/22/97-04/07/09

Elvis was my heart dog. A big piece of my heart left with him. I had him since he was 7 weeks old. He was my faithful friend and companion. I will think of him until I can join him at The Bridge.

Kathy Dulin

Elvis, 02/15/08-03/16/09

My dear baby bird,

You passed away far too soon. I had planned for a long journey with you, but your spirit has left this world. I know you are with the Blessed Mother now, flying happily and protected forever.

Your memory will never be forgotten. You taught me so much about myself and the strength of love. I will always miss you. I will always love you.

Rest in peace, Elvis...

Victoria Patrick

Elvis, 11/25/95-02/03/09

I miss my baby. Elvis went through so much, but he always had a little tail wag.
He is my hero, and he will be with my mommy in heaven.

Joann Troup

Elvis, 07/2008

Love him always till i see him again never forget him


Elvis Lawton, 31/03/01-08/03/09

Its been only a day poops and I miss u like mad already, why did you have to go? We did all we could yesterday, but you must of had enough!You fell asleep on the car seat next to dad, your fav place.
No more pills or vet vists anymore poops .Uncle Ken will be up there looking for you right now! I will miss you forever, but one day we will see each other again and we can go walkies again and again and again! Love you poops! Love mammy x

Elvis Sangston, 02/14/96-03/23/09

We lost our beloved best friend Elvis on March 23rd , what will we do without you !!! You w/always there for us and loved us no matter what.
You w/a best friend and walking buddy to Mom, and a best friend and playing partner to Ethel, and a quiet companion to Lucy.
A lifelong companion & trusted friend to Alec.
You will live forever in our hearts Elvie ! We love you forever !!!!

Alec and Mary Sangston

Ellwood, 03/01/96-03/31/09

ellwood, my big huge gentle ben of a puppy and later he still looked like a bear.
we lived for each other.
the intuitivness of ellwood surpassed anything i've ever known.
you leave a hole in my heart, ellwood, that cannot ever be filled again!
i feel your spirit right here...right NOW! i cannot be consoled. home is empty, and the void left behind is so painful. i will love you always and forever my precious best buddy pal.

Linda Brink

Elwood Gray (Woody), 04/94-01/22/09

A wonderful, loving, sweet old boy that gave love as freely as he received it.
You were truly a dear old friend and I know that you are now running and chasing rabbits without any pain. You may be gone but you will always be loved.

Stuart Gray

Elwood O'Grady, 03/15/94-01/16/09

He was a cat's cat.

Bernadette O'Grady

Ember, 07/15/94-07/06/09

Ember, you were such a sweet cat and we were all so much better off for having you in our family.
I learned so much because of you and that helped you, Sunshine, and any cat that I will have in the future.
Velvet loved you so much and now you are together again.
I love you and will always remember you.

Love, Mom and Sunshine

EMC Maxis, 09/16/97-08/06/08

Maxis, the best greyhound I'll ever know because you were the first. You inspired my heart to learn and grow in knowledge. Believe me, I was more nervous than you those first few months. You were never a race winner, you were too timed and too slow and too all those other things that held you back, those very things are what brought you to me. For almost 10 years, my buddy, my honey, my friend, my dog, to spoil like you so deserved. I got much more from the relationship than you, but that was a secret. I miss you so, and from that grief that in the beginning was so overwhelming, I said I would never be able to do it again. Now in your home, lives three more greys , the grief that once could not replace you,
and the strength and happiness I knew it would restore. Not completely, not possible in this lifetime to replace a good boy like you. Because you were the first greyhound I ever knew, you took the biggest piece of my heart. I'll miss you forever, now I know you are running free of your pain, and winning every race. That's all a grey ever wanted.

Joyce Rider

Emiline, 01/17/09

Emiline found me in August of 2001. She wandered up to my house during a BBQ with friends. After that day, she and I were indivisible. She went everywhere with me. She was my rock, my confidant, and my best friend. I told Emiline secrets that I've never told another living soul. She even helped me with my career. When I started my job as a litigation attorney, I was nervous and always over prepared everything. She would sit tall and proud in the living room and listen intently while I practiced my arguments for her. She was the best judge ever - she always thought I was right.

On Saturday, January 17, 2009, Emiline took my love and my secrets with her when she lost her battle with pancreatitis. I am a stronger, wiser, better person for having known her, and I will never, ever be the same again. She left much too soon, but the 8 years that she gave me were wonderful, love-filled years that I will cherish forever.

Emiline: Thank you for everything. You were and are the best friend anyone could ever have. I'm sorry for those times when I thought I was too busy to play. I love you, and I will ALWAYS miss you. All my love, Gina.


Emily, Dec. 1992 - Aug. 31, 2009

From the time you gently snared a lock of my hair through the bars of your shelter cage, you were an exceptional cat. Little did we know you were part Maine coon (the crazy part), and all heart.  
You shared our lives for sixteen years, outliving all your rivals until you had us to yourself.  
You were a faithful, loving companion, a comforter, a clown, and we were happy to be your "cat butlers."  
There must be a heaven where you are right now, with no pain, no hunger, no old age, no disability.  
Fare thee well, most faithful friend. God and St. Francis watch over thee.

Emily, 10/31/1992-7/28/09

Thank you for being a part of our lives, Emily. You were Chris' fuzzy black sidekick for 17 years, Patrick's buddy for 10 years and my perfect lap cat for 3 years. We have so many wonderful memories of you that we will never forget.

I pray that we did the right thing yesterday. You didn't seem healthy nor happy, and it really hurt us all to see you lose your spunk. We hope you're out of any pain that you might've been in, and that you'll be happy running around my parents' land. It's going to be very hard in the next few weeks to come home to a black catless house. Even Cleo was looking around for you yesterday, and I think she almost misses you this morning in your patch of sunlight. Thank you for today's amazing sunrise and morning - I know that was from you.

Next time we're up north, we'll make sure to visit you. I hope you enjoy your favorite catnip toy again, and your milk jug rings. I hope some other family is enjoying a black cat as much as we got to enjoy you. We will always love you, Emily, and we'll see you again someday.

Chris, Amy and Patrick Andrews

Emily, 07/01/06

Emily was the first cat I ever had. When I adopted her on Sunday, May 15, 1994, my life changed forever, because since then I could never imagine not having a cat. She was my inspiration to start a cats-only humane organization someday. I will always miss and never forget the purrs in my ear, hugs and kisses, one white foot under the bathroom door, and her beautiful black and white, silky soft double coat that she wanted me to pet. She was one of the sweetest cats I ever met.


Emily, 03/28/93-04/15/09

My Sweet Emily,

You have been gone for almost 2 months now and I still miss you dearly.
I was so blessed to have you in my life for 13 or your 16 years.
What a joy and comfort you were!
I am so glad I was able to hold you and love you as you were passing.
I'm sure that our dear little Shyla was there to greet you!
Are you two playing "blurr" again?
My heart aches for you.
Thank you for everything you added to my life!
You will always be with me in my heart.

Emily, 05/05/98-05/03/09

Emily was part of our family for 10 years and we feel the emptiness. We love her so much and will be missed forever. She is no longer in pain and will have no more suffering .

Mike and Aleida Howard

Emily, 03/25/09

Emily was the center of our universe for 10 1/2 years.
We designed our life around her, even sleeping on a mattress on the floor for the last 5 years due to her knee replacement.
We will miss her deeply, but will try our best to remember all of the good times we had with her.

Deidra & Doug Stackhouse

Emily, 09/99

I love you Em


Emily, 05/09/00-02/10/09

Everyone who knew her loved her.
And everyone she knew, she loved.
She will be missed very much.
Emily is gone today because of bone cancer, but was very brave during her last few months living with the disease.

Ken Clark

Emily, 04/12/95-09/09/07

You were my little emmie. Those arms around my neck will be forever in my heart and soul. You now can be with your best friend Roverdog to give him a early bithday present. I'm so sure he was so happy to see you. I hope you know that I done everything that I could to make your last days on earth as good as I could do. Love you bunches your mom

Emily Bugay, 06/09/98-06/17/09

Emily was a caring, loving, affectionate, compassionate angel in my life.
She gave me unconditional love every day of her life.

Diane Bugay

Emily Chicky, 05/01/95-06/24/09

Emily you were such a good little girl and we all miss you so very much.Holly keeps looking for you she looks so sad she don't have you here to bark with her at the Turcky's or the Deer. The day you left use to go to the Rainbow Bridge I wanted so much for a Deer to come up but that didn't happen but you were haveing trouble barking and catching your breath and you were haveing trouble walking and standing but now you can run and play again and your not in pain anymore your at peace and your with your little sister Rosie and your Daddy Ray. Emily we miss you and we will always love you.

Donna Chicky

Emily Elizabeth, 05/01/00-03/26/09

You were a good dog Emily, too bad we had to let you go. You were the best dog in the world! I love you.

Emily my little furry friend- you were such a good little girl. I will miss you. I know you will be happy up in doggy heaven.

Emily, you were a family member that will be missed by everybody.
I hope you're running around somewhere in a happy place.

Love, Dad, Mom and Allison

Emily Lomeli, 09/04/97-05/15/09

Mommy and Daddy loved you more than words can say. Thank you for being the bestest girl in the world and Mommy's special angel for almost 12 years. My life will forever be better because you were a part of it and will always be in my heart. I love you Emmy!

Brandi Lomeli

Emily Rose O'Connor, 05/18/00-02/08/09

My little Emily, you were more than a dog to me you were one of my little babies, you helped me make it through a huge loss in my life and you are missed greatly every second of every day and our family will never be the same without you, you will always have my heart and I love and miss you more than words can say, I can't wait until we are reunited, until then I pray you can still feel my love, I still feel yours.
xoxoxoxo Mommy

Emma, 10/07/04-10/30/08

Emma was the best pet ever. She loved everyone. She loved to snuggle and always waited for me to come home so she could sleep in bed with me. I miss her so much.Emma came from Russia and was the mosy gentle pet I ever had.

Joanne Zeiber

Emma, 09/15/95-04/14/09

I miss you so much my wonderful girl. You were the first pet I ever owned and you gave me great practice being a Mommy before Jacob arrived.
I will miss your meows, your head butting, your deep many things. I know you were in so much pain and I just wanted you to be at peace. I hope you know how much you were/are loved.


Emma, 09/29/08-03/09/09

Emma was born very small.
She finally got up to 2.7 lbs and was ready to be spade. I was very apprhensive about it but wanted to do the right thing. We lost her within an hour after surgery. She was a wonderful princess who strutted her stuff and trained her Daddy and Mommy quickly. She has left a whole in our hearts and our family.
She is buried by a rose bush with her grandma and brother watching over her until I reach the Rainbow Bridge.

Terry and Mollie Morgan

Emma, 05/20/03-06/17/04

Dear Emma - not a day goes by that I don't miss you. Your life was too short and you were so very special to me. You had a rough start in life, overcame huge obstacles and then, too soon, a tragic end. One day you'll sleep in your favourite spot with me again. Know how much I loved you sweet baby.
Wendy Reglin

Emma, 11/16/08

You were so young...and my best friend.
You are missed by us all...wait for us sweet girl!
We love you...


Emma Chic, 02/05/08

Love you Emma, with all my heart.

Wani Muthiah

Emma Fisher, 3/1/96 - 4/12/09

To our beautiful big girl Emma. You gave us 14 beautiful years, you were such a faithful and loving baby. You were our baby before we had babies. We couldn't let you go on any long princess, you deserved a better quality of life and now we know you are running again with your Mum (Bella) and Dad (Harley) and your brothers and sisters. I feel you by my side and hear your barks at night, I know you are still here with us my big girl.

When my time is up I look forward to your big cuddles and kisses again.

Rest in peace my sweet darling Emma and until we meet again, I will miss you every day and I love you with all of my heart.

Love from Mummy, Daddy, Sam & Emily xoxox

Emma Toes, 05/14/09

I am lost without her


Emma Watts Boxer, 11/12/02-06/09/09

Great dog! She was a huge protector and woderfull Family pet. She is sorely missed!

Mike Watts

Emmett, 02/18/08

We miss you, E-man, and always will, but we are so glad that you get to be young and healthy again. We'll meet you there one day, so be patient, run and play (and eat all the treats you want!)and wait for us. We love you still.

Marilynn Gwin

Emmitt, 09/97-02/15/09

E-Dog, I can't believe you were so suddenly taken away from us.I have lost my buddy and I miss you terribly. As you passed I told you how much I love you, I told you to go get the birds and someday we would be together again.Until then take a nice long nap in a sunny place until we meet again.
When we meet again I will rub your ears and take you for a nice long walk. I can't wait to hear your bark when you see me.
I hope you can find a shoe to carry around until I see you again.
I love you and miss you.

Rob, Gina and Matthew

Ender, 10/01/08-04/16/09

My little spaz. . .


Enya, 06/19/89-01/21/09

We lost our sweet girl on Wednesday, January 21, 2009. Enya would have been 20 years old in June, and losing her has left a void in our lives. She loved for Daddy to rub her belly, and loved her Mommy very much. She's now pestering God for treats...

Mike and Sherrill Craig

Enzo, 04/01/09

You were such a brave boy fighting to stay around but you were so sick and we just hd to let you go so that you would have peace. I love you and miss you so much much my brave little kitty. You were always the strange kitty---so special. Loved plums and popcorn and peanut butter. I sure do missyou. It is so hard to lose you especially since Magic died 30 days earlier...So now I have three angles..Lucie, Magic and now my precious Enzo

Jennean Segebart

Ernie, 05/04/91-07/13/09

Rest in peace Ernie, my best friend for 18 years.
Every day I will look forward to seeing you at the rainbow bridge.
I love you, my big boy.
I will never forget you.

Melissa Pomeroy

Ernie, 11/08/02-06/25/09


Kristine Hall

Ernie, 06/17/09

I am 15 years old and Ernie was my best friend. Ernie died at 14 years old. He has always been in my life and things just don't seem the same without him....I know he was just a cat, but he was also family.

Julia Birtzer

Ernie, 12/02/99-04/08/09

Our precious beagle, Ernie, will be in our hearts forever.
We love him dearly and miss him terribly. We hope to be together again.

Barbara Hayes

Ernie, 02/17/01-02/28/09

We love you Ernie. We'll always remember and cherish the eight years spent with you. Rest in Peace <3

Janice, Bill, Rebecca

Ethan Allen, 05/02/08

Ethan--I am finding it very hard to pray, my faith seems to be lost. I need you, please please hear me, help me...I need whatever to just happen, I am so sad inside and I feel like everything is ripping me apart. If your there...please watch over me, help me, guide me. I miss you poopsie, more than you could ever think possible.


Ethel, 10/17/08-02/20/09

Ethel even though I had you for such a short time I loved you and took very good care of you even though you had an illness I couldn't cure . You were Lucy's best friend she misses you very much as we all do.


Ethel, 02/12/09

To my dear sweet Ethel baby. We are all missing you so much. We have your pictures everywhere. You sister Lucy is sad. She keeps looking for you. You told us it was time to go and we couldn't keep you here in pain just for our own selfish reasons. I will never forget when I would hold you that you would nudge your head onto my face. Your sweet kisses that helped me grieve the loss of my parents and nephew.

The house seems so empty without you. Lucy and I went for a walk the same place we went with you the other day. It was evident that you weren't with us like you have been for the last 14 years. We are really hurting but realize that you were ready to move on. You couldn't go through that pain any longer and your would only get worse.

My favorite story is when you wanted more scratches from Lindsey and your claw got caught in her braces. It was the funniest thing I've ever seen. You were a little nutty at times but it made it all the more to love you uncontionally as you loved me. I loved how both you and Lucy followed me around the house everywhere I went. I keep thinking I see you. I was happy to wake up with you every hour to help you with your neck and pain. I would do anything for you. I love you so much and I will ALWAYS miss my sweet baby Ethel. Lucy sends her licks and wrestling to you just like old times. Daddy is letting her sleep with us to help her. She really misses you. I promise I will take good care of her just like I did you both. Your brother Brandon is taking good care of his mommy. He is such a strong boy. I'm so proud of him. He suggested we all go to church yesterday after you left us and we did. I will miss you licks, nudging, following, barking, begging......

I love you baby!


Eugene Braunwald Harris, 07/06/09

I will always remember and love you, my darling bunny.

Leslie Law Harris

Eunice, 08/11/06-02/27/09

Eunie was taken from us shockingly and way too soon, yet at two and a half she gave us plenty of love and comfort to fill many years of life. If all was right with the world, she would be sitting next to me now watching my keystrokes, and waiting for her treats! But all is not right and without Eunice here, it will never be.

Arlene G

Eva, Cas, Pollack, Surge, Champ, 03/22/09-04/16/09

To my precious litter of kittens, born to die, I hope the care I was able to provide you at least made your all too short stay on this planet worthwhile.
It seems so unfair that you were born with a fatal disease, never given a chance, but for what it's worth, I loved you.
So your time on this planet was brief, but it inspired true love.
Rest in Peace Eva, Cas, Pollack, Surge and Champ.
I hope you are playing together in heaven now, free from this world's ills.

Arin Miller

Eve, 04/10/97-12/29/08

Miss you sweetheart


Everest, 04/15/98-02/18/08

Everest was the first cat I ever had, and the first cat my wife Leanne and I had together. We had him since he was a kitten.
He was ornery and difficult at times, but I do believe he really loved us.
I will always remember him playing with himself in the mirror and how he would race around like his butt was on fire.
I'm sorry he didn't get to enjoy our new house for very long.
I'm very sorry it took me so long to write his tribute - it isn't because I didn't love him - its because I didn't want to acknowledge he's gone.

Ed & Leanne Sweeney

Evie (Eppler), 06/11/09

Our beloved Evie, daughter of deceased parents Brandy and
Bennett, deceased brother & sister Pudge and Lacey, has gone home to rejoin them.

She will be eternally running after Tsi s du's (rabbit's), long sniffs at the park without leashes, and finally learning what to do with those balls people throw.
Her snort's of disapproval, deep chocolate brown eyes, colorful character, and walks to the park will be greatly missed.
We love you Evie & can't wait to see you again.

Misty & Justin Eppler, Heidi and Oscar; The Welch's

Ewe, 07/11/09

Please forgive me. I will bear the weight of your loss til the day I die. Sometimes decisions can be made in haste, but I made this one only out of love and protection. Your loss is overwhelming me. I am despondant without you here. I did what I thought was best. May I ever been so worthy to accept your unconditional love. I did not deserve such a beutiful companion as you. Thank's for allowing me to be your owner, I thought I did the right thing but now I live with regret. You always will live on in my heart. I love EWE.

Adam J. Dutka

Ewok, 07/04/92-07/10/09

Ewok will forever be loved by her family. She was the kindest, funniest, cutest family member we will ever have. She is deeply missed and never will be forgotten.

Nicole Hayek

Ewok, 10/22/96-05/07/09

Ewok was a sweet, gentle, loving, wise-beyond-his-years little guy who was suffering from kidney disease. We felt he needed to have some peace. He was such an old soul. Rest in peace, dear little friend. We miss you greatly. Ewok "Pee Wee" Brown, October 22, 1996-May 7, 2009. You are our love and light.

Angela Brown

Expo, 02/06/2009 - 11/27/2009

Expo was a quiet, gentle Golden whose life was spent as a Seeing Eye dog. But, he was much more than that. He was a loyal, loving dog who loved everyone unconditionally. He will be missed but not forgotten.

Exquisite Sunny, 04/30/09

Sunny will be greatly missed.
He was very much a lap cat and was the most mellow of any aniimal I've ever seen.
There most likely will never be another as special as he.

Ed and Denise Cissell

Ezeekial Blue, 04/05/03-01/10/09

My Sweet, Sweet Baby Boy,
From the moment I laid eyes on you, I knew you would forever be my baby. You made yourself right at home with Daddy, your fur brother Eli, and I. You have been through so much with me: hospitalizations, a fire, two pregnancies (how you met your human brother and sister - Madison and Elliott), and a ton of new homes. I am so grateful and thankful that I was blessed with you in my life. Thank you for being my rock through everything. A million thank-you's would never touch what you mean to me. I love you so much. I know you'll be waiting for me again so I can rub your chin-chopper and ears. You'll forever be in my heart, Zeek. I love you!

Michelle Miller

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