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2009 Tributes

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D C, 01/20/09

DC was my best friend. He had surgery to save his life on 9/11/01. And has gotten through some pretty tough times. He always greeted me at the door. And ALWAYS knew when I was upset. He has a brother whose name is AC he is my moms cat. MR. DC was the BEST

Robyn Bell

D.D., 11/15/90-04/20/01

D.D. was my first dog and we got her when I was two years old. We grew up together and she loved me the most out of everyone in my family. She loved to play fetch! She was so sweet, but didn't really like people she didn't know. She loved my grandma even though my grandma didn't like dogs that much, but she would at least give her a little pat on the head. D.D. stood for Dumb Dog because she was a little stupid. One time she got into the garbage and got a pop tart box stuck on her head. It was so funny, but of course I helped her and took it off. She liked to stick her tail under the book case and rub her behind. It felt so good she swayed her head back and forth and she looked like Stevie Wonder. Did got old and senial and we knew it was close to her time. She could control her bladder and had bad arthritis so we decided to put her out of her misery. It was so hard, but I didn't want her to suffer anymore. She was my best friend and she was always loyal to me and I hope she is having fun on rainbow bridge and I hope she made lots of new friends


D-O-G, 06/22/09

To my beloved baby who went before me.I will find you on the other side my heart.


Dae Dae

I rescued her as a kitten from deplorable conditions, she was only 5-6 weeks old out in the cold almost frozen to a garbage bag in her own urine. I took her in and nursed her back to health. She lived happy with my son an I for 6 years. Then I was diagnosed with a grade 2 brain tumor, an she was always there by myside as if she knew what was going on. She tried the best she could to console me. Then one day she came up missing, this was strange because she was an indoor only cat. Its been over a week now and with the temperatures in northern michigan being 20 below every night, I doubt that she is alive if she did get out somehow. I have a suspect in mind someone who didnt like cats but was close to me, I just dont understand how, if he did, get rid of her knowing how much she meant to me. Of course he denys doing it, but in my heart I know he did and she is gone because I no longer feel her presence around me. I will forever mourn and miss you my precious, beutiful Dae Dae. I love you

Crystal H

Daffodil, 07/04/07-06/12/09

My sweet Daffie,
I will miss your sweet little funny face and your BIG purr so much.
I will love you always.
Until we meet again my 'mee mee'.

Kathleen Swygert

Daffy, 01/01/91-04/24/09

Daffy was a sweet little old lady who came to us late in life.
When she arrived in 2002, the vet figured she was about 10-12 years.
Her earlier years were apparently unhappy, as she ran from members of her former family when they visited.
It wasn't until I didn't give her back to them that she decided she could trust us and bonded.
That was about a year after she arrived.
She then turned into one happy lady.
She'd been going downhill for about a year, and this week she stopped eating and drinking.
A visit to the vet showed little to no kidney function, so she went to sleep in my arms Friday.
Her "brother" Duke misses her.
And so do I.

Morva Ory

Daiji, 05/28/00-06/16/09

Daiji was sent to help us heal from the horrible loss of our young (and first) Newfoundland. She was a gift from God. She possessed the comic spirit of a puppy for all of her nine years. She taught us how to heal and love again. She was irreplaceable. She will be severely missed and never forgotten.

Lorraine Andriuk & Allen Veitch

Daisey, 30/06/09

sadley my daisey did not make it after all the tests the vet could not find out what was wrong we kept you till nearly the end as we could not bear to loose you after loosing our precious bonnie on the 19/06/2009 you are now both together and you brought me the best years of my life but are greatley missed god bless you both and i will meet up with you some day

C Wilson

Daisey Mae, December 1998 - November 2, 2009

Daisey was my loving, loyal companion. She taught me that love had no conditions and was by my side--Always. I cannot put into words what she meant to me, she gave me so much and asked for nothing in return. She may be gone but her spirit will live in my heart forever...until we meet again Daisey-I love you.

Daisy, 06/16/07-06/27/09

Daisy was a wonderful little lady who loved people and to go outside. She loved to sleep with her mommy and to give kisses. She will be missed so much and I truly hope that she is happy in Doggy Heaven. I will miss you dearly Daisy, and don't forget that I will always, always LOVE YOU!

Dulce Gonzalez

Daisy, 06/2002

Daisy was truly a loving and kind dog. With a heart of gold and a love of life.

Cheryl Boncuore

Daisy, 09/01/94-06/21/09

Daisy, you were such an integral member of our family that the days ahead without you will be painful and lonely.
Frequently you had to compete with the dogs for attention, but you lived life on your own terms, proud, strong and independent to the end.
This house was "Daisy's House" and our yard, "Daisy's Yard".
What a beautiful cat you were.
I will always hear you calling to me, I will hear your purr, and I know that I will catch glimpses of you everywhere.
The dogs are sad that you are not here, you may be surprised to know.
But we will anticipate our heavenly reunion one day beyond the Rainbow Bridge, dearest Daisy.
We love you.

Sandy Thomason

Daisy, 04/18/95-06/24/09

We love you so much and are sure you will be waiting for us with Sandy, Rocky, Figaro and Snowball-that is the only thing keeping us going now. We tried everything possible and your body failed. I wish there was something that could have done that helped.
Our hearts are sad but we are thankful for the time and love you had for us. We are sorry we couldn't do more and WE ALL LOVE YOU and we will be together again.

Sue, Paul, Sara Stanley

Daisy, 06/02-06/19/09

Daisy was found sicj when she was 3 months old. We healed her and got her healthy. We had her for 7 great years and loved her to pieces. We lost her to bone cancer. It feels so unfair to only get her for so short a time.


Daisy, 04/29/06

Daisy we are lost with out you and we miss you very much.
Please give us a sign that you are still here with us because i feel you every day.

Kelly Hortman

Daisy, 19/06/09

dear daisy I can't tell you
how much I loved you. You have kept me going through all my troubled times. How you looked at me when you had your illness will burn a hole in my heart forever. My heart is broken. mum x

Daisy, 06/13/09

RIP Daisy, The family will miss you very much. We loved you so much and will never forget you!
<3 The Robert family

Daisy, 05/12/91-06/29/02

My little Daisy was a gift from God. She was my best friend and I will miss her and love her always. She will always be a part of me. She taught me what its like to really love something. Part of me died the day she passed away. There is still a void in my heart. A hole that only she can fill. She was my sweet little angel. Her and I grew up together. I was 9 years old and she was 2 months old when my mom and dad bought her for me. I miss her dearly. Rest in peace my little Daisy, we will be together again someday. I love you with all of my heart.

Jodie Ridenour

Daisy, 08/08/98-05/15/09

You were the best friend I ever had and I miss you so much. I'll always remember the times we had and will forever keep you in my heart.

Tina Haynie

Daisy (Da-Da), 07/13/96-03/27/09

Daisy's Poem
Oh, Our little dog
We loved you so much for fourteen years and now we want you back. To hold and love. But we can only say your name.
You were loved by many and you loved back a few, Like Me and Momma and Memo and Papaw too.
There were others that you liked, as long as they sat tight and kept a distance
-a foot or two-
My Daisy girl, You were a Pup, some kinda Hound? and a bit of a Mutt.
Thats from the eyes of others.
To Ann and I you were a daugther.
I wish to God we could turn around whats done. We blame ourselfs and thats no fun.
We know you loved us and we would never bring you harm. We were only trying to help you, and now we are torn.
Da Da, You were such a part of my life and you will be missed.
But I think I should focus on my wife. You were her world, Her everything in life. She found comfort & love from you every night & she couldn't wait to see you in the mornings light.
I will do my best to love your momma and fill the void.
But haven't much hope, for I filled destroyed.
We love you Sweet Little Girl.

-Your Daddy

Daisy, 05/25/84

My dear first pet who will always be a special memory

Paula Coburn

Daisy - Love at Carolina Beach, 12/08/00-05/09/09

Daisy, you were my boxer, my baby, my best friend, companion, a joker until the end. You kept me going when your Daddy died of cancer 3 years ago. Now you are gone by the same disease! Thank you for your unconditional love and for all the great times we had together. Love, your puppy mommy forever....

Daisy, 01/97-05/04/09

Daisy was the most loyal dog, all she ever wanted was to be by my side. For 12 years she woke up every morning looking for me.
I took that love seriously and will never forget it. Rest in peace my baby girl.
I will see you in my dreams.


Daisy, 11/09/93-05/11/09

My dear sweet Daisy. I miss you so very much. From the time you were a kitten and we brought you home to almost 16 years later you brought so much love and joy to our family. Thank you for being the best pet we could ever ask for. Until we meet again sweet kitty have fun chasing the butterflys in the meadow over the rainbow. I will never forget you!

Cindy Herr

Daisy, 11/25/94-01/01/09

You came into my life when you were but 4 weeks old -- all whiskers, eyebrows and feet, and all of which you grew into beautifully. You had the biggest, loudest, most wonderful purr I've ever heard. I always cherished our twice-daily grooming sessions and our multiple daily cuddles. You showed us how to live life large and loud. Your love was palpable. You were pushy and bossy and took as good care of me as I did of you. I miss your presence so much, Mommy-Girl. You live on in my heart, always.

Vicki Marshall

Daisy, 11/13/07-04/30/09

Mommy and Daddy love and miss you Daisy Baby!

Adrianne and Jorge

Daisy, 11/23/94-04/11/09

Although we miss her a lot, Daisy is in a happier place (probably running around and stealing Snuggle's (our first Westie) food.
At least they are now together and Snuggle's has a companion to play with.
She was a very smart and loving member of our family.
Not only did she provide unconditional love, but comforted us during times of apprehension.
Daisy reminded us of what's really important in life..the simple things such as tossing around a piece of food or racing after rabbits and birds, sticking her face out the window of a moving car on the way to the vet, eating vegetables, but mostly just relaxing with the FAMILY..and for that we owe her a debt of graditude.
It's not things that we miss, but people (including living, breathing pets) and the relationships we create and develop with them, that occupy our memories and thoughts for eternity.
We Love you Daisy!
Have fun and take care of Snuggles.
Mom, Dad, Kraston III and Zoom (Bellevue, Nebraska)

Daisy, 10/16/06-02/10/07

I miss you so much, but now you are no longer in pain, and now Teeva (cockateil) and Lily (maltese) are with you, have fun with each other and mommy will see you soon. I love you so much and Bubba misses you too.


Daisy, 23/06/98-23/04/09

my darling daisy diagnosed with mammary tumour last november inoperable tumour so large she is to be euthanised nextweek


Daisy, 03/08/96-04/15/09

We will miss your beautiful "puppy" face and smile. Especially, your unconditional love.
We know you are at peace and not in pain.
We will love and miss you always!


Daisy, 05/31/94-04/05/09

Husband came home from church tonight and found her dead on her bed. She had been arthritic and not eating well for several months, but never complained. She just had vet checkup last Thursday, they said she looked fine.

Husband went out in the rain and the dark and buried her in the back yard in "her place" under the lilac bush.
I said thank you for doing that for me and he said well you did all the work for 14 years, it's my turn to help.

Knew she was getting old, and had lots of time to think about this and imagine how it would be, and I actually didn't think I would miss her (just another dead pet, eh?), so as I stood here in the dining room I was surprised to feel a sudden spasm of anxiety that she was "out there" in the cold and rain, like I ought to go and get her and fetch her in. Like, "Oh no, Daisy's still outside, and it's raining!" But I had to tell myself, "no, she's dead, it doesn't matter."

I've disposed of all kinds of dead pets over the years: a guinea pig, many hamsters and gerbils, a turtle, and a 12-year-old parakeet.

This is different. They weren't pack members; she was. She grew up with the kids; Deb was in kindergarten when her dad brought home a half-grown beagle mix, and now she's a freshman in college.

It's awfully quiet here tonight without Daisy snoring under the coffee table.

We will probably not get another dog.

Kathryn Rapson

Daisy, 09/21/02-03/03/09

Daisy you will be missed by all your animal and human friend.

Ann Warnock

Daisy, 04/19/95-02/28/09

You were my shadow. Where ever I went you were close beside me. You were my comforter when I was feeling ill and my snuggle buddy.
I will remember our walks and how you were able to locate cicadas in the grass and then bring them to me , then you ate them !
We miss your bark, your presence . We miss you.


Daisy, 03/94-03/06/09

Daisy, we will miss your sweet kisses and your sassy personality.
We love you!

Leigh Nelson

Daisy, 03/14/94-03/06/09

Daisy, you were a wonderful dog.
Your love and kindness will be missed.
Each day I will look to the sun and see your face. At night I will see you in the stars.
I loved you, Daisy.

Elizabeth Foard Swift

Daisy, 02/16/09

Daisy you will be forever missed.
We love you!


Daisy, 02/14/09

I adopted Daisy aka Rowdy Girl from the SPCA in March of 1995.
She was my first dog as a single adult and the best friend anyone could ask for.
I loved her very much and will miss her terribly but I know she is now with my Dad, feeling strong and feisty again.

Danah Anthony

Daisy, 08/10/95-01/28/09

Daisy, you were my best friend for 13 yrs. I will never forget you. It was just you and me for so long and I couldn't have asked for a better companion. We were so devoted to each other. You will always be in my heart my pretty girl...but we will meet again at the Rainbow Bridge.
Mommy loves you and misses you terribly!

Daisy, 04/01/93-01/29/09

My sweet little Daisy Girl, you have no idea how much you have touched our lives.
Love Always


Daisy, 05/22/01

Daisy, you are forever missed and in our thoughts. You were the best dog, and I love you dearly, as we all do. Look after Peanut please. I miss you and I look forward to seeing you again my little love!

Jessica Fisher

Daisy, 01/02/94-12/27/08


Darlene Schumacher

Daisy, 05/03/05-01/04/09

My beautiful Daisy died unexpectedly of kidney failure.


Daisy, 12/18/08

The best dog a boy could ever have.
Thank you for the 15 years you gave me.
I will never forget you.


Daisy Baby Girl, 02/05/94-01/10/08

Always in my heart and never forgotten, can't wait to hold you again at the Rainbow Bridge.

Rose & Ed Rodriguez

Daisy and Skittles, 2007 and 2009

Always In Our Hearts


Daisy Belle, 05/14/94-01/19/09

We lost a very important member of our family when we had to let you go.
Letting you go peacefully was the last gift we could give you.
You gave us many gifts over the years and we will miss you terribly.

Lori Holub

Daisy Bressler, 03/15/09

My beloved Daisy...I miss you so very much. My heart still aches and I look for you everywhere in our home. You were the best friend that I could ever ask for. Thank you for coming into my life and taking care of me as much as I took care of you. I love you, my sweet sweet Daisy girl.

Jackie Bressler

Daisy Busching, 03/04/94-06/23/09

Daisy was one of my best and most loyal friends for the last 15 years.
I miss her terribly.
I love you, Daisy.

Carol Busching

Daisy Girl, 05/09/94-01/28/09


They say memories are golden
well maybe that is true
I never wanted memories,
I only wanted you.

A million times I needed you,
a million times I cried.
If love alone could have saved you
you never would have died.

In life I loved you dearly,
In death I love you still.
In my heart you hold a place
no one could ever fill.

If tears could build a stairway
and heartache make a lane,
I'd walk the path to heaven
and bring you back again.

Our family chain is broken,
and nothing seems the same.
But as God calls us one by one,
the chain will link again.

--- Anonymous ---

We'll miss you always Dais.


Daisy Jane, 01/23/09

Daisy was very special to my family. A friend, a playmate, a confidant, a cohort in all we did. She came to us, after we lost our previous dog.....Daisy brightened our lives and everyone elses who she came in touch with. Happy go lucky, playful, with a bit of a silly streak. She was always there to play, cuddle, look for table scraps and be with us. When she first met us, she came into our house, and like the silly pup she is, ran upstairs, and into my closet, where she stayed until we found her sitting up, proud as she could be.

She loved to pass the day, going for walks, going for rides, playing in the yard, and spending time, following my dad around the yard as he tended his garden, or worked on building bird houses and flower beds. She'd stand by mom while she baked and cooked. She'd greet guests who came in the door and made all feel welcome. She'd rest on the bed, watching tv with me or with family and friends. I think she loved the day we had my friends over for a NFL football party to watch the Patriots play the Chargers....lots of people to spend time with, get pets and hugs from and to give her big kisses to. She loved it when friends and family brought their children over.

She started to slow down over the past month, and we thought it was just old age finally catching up to her.....however this week , she stopped eating....we took her to the vets yesterday, and she was diagnosed with advanced cancer to her organs. We made the decision to not prolong any suffering for her, and allowed her to move on to a better life. We miss her a great deal, but know she's better now, and that she made so many so happy. There wasn't anyone who met her, even in passing, who didn't like her, or who she didn't make happy in some small way. She was a gentle giant and a friend to all.

She will ALWAYS be in our hearts.

Chris Mosca and Family

Daisy Mae, 02/05/98-07/01/09

We adopted Daisy from an Animal Shelter when she was about two years old.
She always had a mind of her own...a strong personality.
She loved to escape out the front door, and run in the neighbors' yards.
When the vet told us she had a tumor, we couldn't believe it.
She went downhill so fast.
We love her and miss her terribly.

Kim, John, and Annie

Daisy Mae, 06/11/09

Daisy, we had 14 great years together.
We have been through a lot together.
Meet Fidget at the Rainbow Bridge.
I miss you....mommy

Daisy Mae, 11/19/95-05/01/09

Sweetheart, we will always love you.
Please do not be mad at us for putting you to sleep.
But you were in so much pain and you stopped eating and drinking, there was no more we could do for you.
We will meet again.

Donna & Mike

Daisy Mae, 12/07/00-03/15/09

My precious Daisy, Mommie will truly miss you.
It was so strange today to open the door and you was not there.
RIP my litle one.


Daisy Mae, 01/15/09

Thank You For The Best 9 Years....You Were The Best Little Dog Anyone Could Ask For...You Are Missed By Everyone Here....Love You My Little Daisy Mae


Daisy Mae, 12/29/06-12/18/08

Daisy Mae died of cancer at age TWO. The tumor was the size of a soccer ball and was on her spine. It came very fast-she was gone in a matter of weeks.


Daisy Mae Nield, 12/02/95-02/06/09

Goodbye my gorgeous Daisy Mae, we will see you at Rainbow Bridge.
Play nice with King and look after each other.

Julie & Steve Nield

Daisy Mae Stephens, 02/14/94-02/07/01

We miss you Daisy, your little bone and bird gifts, your happy were a joy! We will love you always!

Lynda Stephens

Daisy May, 01/03/96-05/29/09

My Daisy girl was truely my best friend my heart will never be whole again without her.
She was my whole world the best thing that ever happened to me in life.
The one thing that made me smile time and time again was just being with her!
Life will not be the same without her in it!

I Only Wanted You

They say memories are golden; I don't know if that's true
I never wanted memories, I only wanted you.
A million times I've needed you, a million times I've cried
If love alone could have saved you, you never would have died.
In life I loved you dearly, in death I love you still
Your passing leaves an emptiness no one will ever fill.

Betsy Policicchio

Daisy May Morales, 03/18/09

We love you more than words could explain, happy to know that today you no longer feel pain. Please don't forget that Mom and have a special place for you in our hearts. Oh, Bamby, is missing you as well. We are all sending you lots of kisses and hugs. We miss your gorgeus, and we love you....

Myrna & Cristian Morales

Daisy May Smith, 07/01/07-03/24/09

Our beloved Daisy left us to be in a higher place.
She brought love and joy into our lives. We will miss her smile and her joyfull spirt. May she rest in peace.

Carissa and Ian Smith

Daisy Schmidt, 07/25/95-01/05/09

We miss you so much already but are glad you are no longer in pain.

Cheri & Dennis Schmidt

DaisyMae, 05/01/09

Our DaisyMae was one of the best dogs anyone could ask for. We will miss her dearly and will remeber her always.

Joan and Bob Russako

Daizey Boota, 03/27/09

Daizey you were our world and you brought light and love into our lives.
You are missed more than you could ever imagine.
Run free my boota all the squirrels you want!

Tracy & Anthony

Dakota, 09/05/95-07/14/09

The best dog in the world will be missed for the rest of MY days.

Pamela Stander

Dakota, 01/14/97-06/23/09

Dakota, I miss you with all of my heart. I think about you everyday but know you are now at rest. I love you.

Laurie Planta

Dakota, 06/27/09

Dakota passed away peacefully in the arms of her mommy and daddy.
She will be remembered for her love of life; she never met anyone she didn't like.
Her favorite thing to do was to take a walk.
She had a real wanderlust and escaped every chance she got!
All she asked out of life was for someone to rub her chin and to be given lots of treats.

Judy and Tom Westerheide

Dakota, 05/23/96-06/05/09

We love you Dakota and we know you are in a better place, able to run again and chase those squirrels!
We will never forget you!
Thanks for watching out for all three of the kids!

Donald and Riki Phelps

Dakota, 07/20/06-05/30/09

I received my Aussie mix, Dakota, for Christmas in 2006. I never knew I would fall head-over-heels for him, but, in no time, he became my very best friend.

Dakota was a wonderful addition to our family. He loved to run and jump, would retrieve a ball faithfully, and was even taught to be a perfect gentleman (I trained him to "take a bow" for a treat!). He also enjoyed a good belly scratch and found comfort in those "close moments" with me, my husband and my two children.

About a week ago, Dakota began experiencing some discomfort, but we assumed it was his knee/hip, as this type of breed is prone to dysplasia. We took him to the vet on Friday, May 29, 2009, for an examination after noticing labored breathing and grunting as if he were in pain. The vet said that Dakota had a pinched nerve or a bulging disc in his back, and gave him a muscle relaxer. She said that if he began dragging his behind or his back legs, it would be considered an emergency situation.

Around 5 p.m. that day, I took Dakota outside to use the bathroom. While trying to have a bowel movement, his back legs became wobbly and he could not hold himself up to relieve himself. By 7 that night, he was completely paralyzed from the middle of his back down to the paws on his hind legs. I slept next to him that night and carried him outside at 3 a.m., holding his backside up because he had no strength.

On Saturday morning, May 30, 2009, we returned with him to the vet's office. The vet said Dakota's condition has worsened - surgery was an option, but she couldn't even give us a 5% chance for his full recovery. We made the decision to have him put to sleep.

This has been one of the hardest decisions I've ever had to make. I miss his spirit, his gentleness and his smile (yes, he SMILED!). My heart is so heavy and I keep praying that I did the right thing. I know I wouldn't have wanted for him to suffer or live his life to the fullest - lifelong paralysis wouldn't have been a fair trade for my selfishness.

God bless you, Dakota. You'll always be my baby - and I miss you so very much.


Dakota, 10/08/94-04/16/09

Dakota was the sweetest and most loving dog a person could have.
She was my faithful companion; she made me feel safe.
She will be missed.

Jan Paul

Dakota, 03/25/09

"If tears could build a stairway and memories a lane I would climb right up to heaven and bring you back again..." There's a hole in my chest where my heart used to be. I love you and miss you..wait with your 2 sisters and your brother at the bridge.
Love, Mom

Dakota, 02/15/93-03/12/09

Dakota, it has not even been 2 1/2 weeks and it feels like forever. My heart is broken. And although I know we will be together again someday, it feels like forever. I have not stopped crying - I miss you. Although you left a very large furry family behind, the house feels empy. Mercedes sometimes goes over and lays on you bed and looks soooo sad. She, along with everyone else misses you. We all love you and this comes with many hugs and kisses. Zebra still keeps on yelling Dakota, Come! and so do I. I love you, peanut and always will. Eddie does too and allthe rest of your family and you know as well as I do that if I wrote evryone's names down, this would be soooo long. You know. Make sure you give Grandma and Grandpa and the rest of our passed on family our love. Sleep tight. Mommy


Dakota, 08/04/07

We miss you dakota,our dear golden boy,who brought so much fun and happiness to our family and friends.Run free and happy over the rainbow bridge,til we meet again old friend.

Kevin and Joanne Serzan

Dakota, March 12, 2009

Dakota went to Heaven today. She died as graceful as a lady that she was in my arms. A special dog and family member that just accepted life and love - we have 57 abnimals as our family and she accepted every one of them. She knew my three other dogs that died at age 18 and my Mom, who passed away three years ago from leukemia. Dakota was more than a dog. If every person could be like her, the world would be a special place. Right when I was holding her at the vet office, she turned her head and held her nose to my left cheek - her way of saying "See ya" Never bye. I hurt, my son hurts, we loved and still do so much. Our other two dogs are stressed - and our parrot keeps calling her - she will never be forgotten. She actually waited for my son and I to be with her when shen went to God. I hurt, so much
she was my best friend. A special living creation - a miracle and God actualy made more snow in onnecticut for her this past year than we have had in a lot of years - Why? - She loved to eat snow!

Therese and Eddie Donini

Dakota, 02/14/98-02/25/09

Dakota was my best bud. He was always there for me and always happy to see me. He would listen to me when I needed someone to talk to even though he never said a word but you could see it in his eyes that he was listening and he understood what I was saying. This house is so empty without him and the hole in my heart just keeps getting bigger without him. I hope he knew how much I loved him and miss him.

Lisa Miller

Dakota, 01/25/09

Dakota was rescued from a Local Shelter in July 2002.
She was such a good girl.
Always wanted to play ball and rip the squeekies out of her toys.
Sadly she was diagnosed with Osteosarcoma in November of 2008.
She was a brave and stoic girl, happy to the end.
Unfortunately, the disease finally won and we had to put her to rest on 1/25/09.
She is missed so much by all of us.
Gone from our home but never from our hearts.
We will see you again someday sweetie at the Rainbow Bridge.

Joan Ciccarone

Dakota, 07/24/06

dakota it's been almost 3 year's since we lost you and we still miss you and think about you everyday. you were such a beautiful and loving boy.

Theresa Cox

Dakota, 07/07/95-02/12/09

To Our beloved friend.
You have touched our lives in ways that you will never know.
Each and every day you are missed and loved.
May you be free of suffering and happy in your eternal life.
Rest in peace my precious friend.

Deborah, Brian and Joey

Dakota, 10/02/09

I love u my baby girl, im so sorry i couldnt protect you, we will be together again
love daddy xoxo

Dakota, 04/15/06

Dakota was my best friend.
No matter what was going on he was the one I could count on to be there for me.
When I coughed he was right by my side as if the ask what was wrong and what could he do to help.
He will always be with me in my heart, mind and on my arm as a tattoo.
I love you Dakota and hope to be with you one day again.

Mona Hall

Dakota, 01/03/98-02/04/09

To our beloved Dakota - we love you and miss you terribly.
You filled our hearts and home with such joy and love.
We will never forget you and pray that you are at peace now and your suffering has ended.
Today is the first day we are without you and we are trying our best to be strong but we miss you so much.
Please know that we love you dearly and your spirit lives on forever.
You will always be our 'Secret Decoder Pup'.

Cindy, Chris, Wesley, and Ranger

Dakota, 05/10/94-02/02/09

The best friend ever.
Always wanting to please us.
We will miss her forever.

Jim and Laurie Moser

Dakota, 12/26/97-01/24/08

My dear baby Dakota - the day you came into my life was the very best day of it - now that you are gone - It is unbearable for me.
I long to see you on the other side.
I can't stop crying about losing you - I am incomplete without you here.
You will always be in my heart.

Lori Clark

Dakota Rayne, 12/24/08-05/04/09

So full of life, a bundle of fun, round and round the living room, this puppy would run.

I've had lots of pets in the story of my life,

But none quite as precious as this puppy of white.

Even as you were leaving to head for Rainbow Bridge,

You wagged your tail one last time, before lying down your head.

Dakota was with us for such a brief while, and yet he captured our hearts completely, and now mine is broken. Dakota Rayne, you will be in my heart forever.
I Love You.

Dakota-Son of the Wind, 08/04/91-03/25/09

Dakota is the best kitty in the world and I love him bunches and bunches and all kinds of bunches!

Donna Hutchinson

Dakota Wilson, 02/2002-01/19/09

My Dakota baby was put to rest last night, after a long battle with Addison's Disease, and Lupus. She was 6 years old, I had her since she was 8 weeks old. I know she no longer suffers, and can chase all the squirrels she wishes. I miss you my Dakota baby. A place in me is empty, be safe up there, and look for me, someday we will be together again. Love you my Dakota.

Scott J Wilson

Dale, 02/05/09

My heart is broken and I'm not sure when it will mend.
I lost my Dale, my sweet, sweet friend, this week to prostate cancer.
He will always remain in my heart!


Dalilah Calderon, 03/07/99-04/13/09

To my best friend and companion you will always be loved and never be forgotten. Thank you for all the great memories and the love you have provided over the years.You will be missed.

Steve Calderon

Dallas, 08/23/97-04/07/09

Beloved Dallas, our very special boy!!!

Michel and Peter Ising

Dallas, 07/04/97-03/28/09

Dallas my boy, "Thank You" from the bottom of our hearts for 11.5 awesome years of unconditional love, respect and security you brought to our home.
You did your job superb and beyond the call of duty.
We hope you have finally reached the Rainbow Bridge and are free to enjoy eternity.
We love and miss you each day.
You will be in our hearts forever.

Aloha Pumehana!
Until we meet again!

Koa, Kela, Mommy and Daddy

Dallas, 09/20/98-12/22/08

Dallas from the moment we brought you home I knew you were special.
I was the only one in the family that didn't want to get another dog because it hurts way too much when they have to leave but it didn't take you long before you had me wrapped around your little paws. You brought joy to all of us and to anyone that knew you.
You were the smartest, most gentle dog that I ever knew!!!! I think you thought you were human!! You enjoyed swimming in the pool in the summer with everyone and playing in the snow in the winter.
You loved riding shotgun with Dad when he took you to work with him. You loved going to Bryan's house on Saturdays.
You loved riding in Tracy's car and hanging your head out the window.
I am so thankful that I got to spend the last two months with you every day and taking care of you.
It didn't matter how hard it was I was willing to do anything for my "special guy"¯.
I miss you so much but it would have been unfair to you to let you suffer any longer.
When we looked in your eyes we could tell that you were in pain. The day we had to put you down was the hardest day of my life!!! You are no longer in pain and are running around and playing at Rainbow Bridge and watching over us waiting for someday to see us all again.
Dallas we all love and miss you very much.
I am not saying goodbye I am saying see you later. You will always be in my heart.

Debbie Laverriere

Dallas Alcione, 12/06/95-03/29/09

Dallas was a great boy.
I loved him very much - he will be truly missed.
I'll always remember the good times at the park, all the tummy rubs and especially the nights we slept together.
I LOVE YOU DAL-MAN - go run free with your brother TAZ - I'll see you again some day.




Dalyla, 01/14/96-01/28/09

Dalyla was a beautiful dog,inside and out.She made everyone happy that came in contact with her.She had a personality that will NEVER be replicated!!She will be so missed!

Zina Kennedy

Damian, 02/14/93-06/30/09

Damian, We know that letting you go was the kindest thing we could do, but it hurts so much to not have you home with us.
We will always remember you and your howling and constant licking, but we know that you are waiting for Rea at the Rainbow Bridge. Bye, Bye beloved kitty.


Damien, 01/19/09

Damien... I miss you more than words can say and look for you every night when I get into bed.
Max and I will see you at Rainbow Bridge.

Kathi Starr

Damon, 09/04/08

Damon was the light in my life, my confidant, my best friend, my heart dog. I may have rescued him from the shelter but he rescued me and stole my heart. I was privileged to be owned by him for seven and a half years. He taught me about unconditional love and loyalty. He left me very suddenly and unexpectedly on September 4, 2008. He knew I would not want to make the decision to send him to the Rainbow Bridge so he took the decision out of my hands.
I loved him and miss him but even though he no longer lives on earth, he lives in my heart forever and I know that someday we will be together again.
I love you my big red boy.

Dan, 07/08/03-02/02/09

In loving memory of my Dan. Rest in Peace. We love and miss you.

Sally Campbell

Dana, 01/24/09

Dana was my best friend for 15 years. She had a wonderful life for a dog, and was with the ones she loved right until the very end when she gave me a kiss and then went to sleep. She will live on in Riku, her stepson, who she taught to be a smart, confident and loyal dog in his own right. We love you Dana and you will be missed.

David Rocha

Dana Mae, 06/21/94-02/05/09




Dancer, 10/96-04/23/09

I was visiting a friend with no thought of leaving with a dog but this bounding Dalmation just jumped into my car, I asked if I have her, and for the next ten years we danced together.
She was a stunning, elegant, graceful girl who
turned heads wherever she went.
She was loving and patient, with a mischievious streak. We miss her terribly, and know we were blessed with a glimpse of divinity while she was here.

Annie Krell/ Dan Devine

Danielle, 06/27/09

The "Toys and Treats" girl was a sweet little puppy for all of her life.
She loved chasing squirrels, rabbits, turkeys and of course the big deer and hedgehogs.
And motorcycles!!
She loved her Maureen and her Mommy.
Little Danielle, the spoon-fed little lady.
We love you!!

Maureen Adele

Danke, 06/07/96-12/11/08

Her name meant Thank you in German but we were the ones who were thanking her for her love and friendship...she truly was my best friend.
She added so much to my life and she is sorely missed. My heart is heavy with grief and I look forward to seeing her again.

Sharon Steigerwald

Danke Ward, 04/14/08

Danke, you left us way too soon, and so suddenly.
We will love you and miss you forever.
You are now with Arthur, and Sonny and Sissy (Sissy left us way too soon as well), and Johnny Bird.
We will love and miss all of you until the end of time.
We will meet you all at the Rainbow Bridge gate some day, so we can all go on to heaven together.

Jacqueline Ward

Danny, 04/26/1997 - 08/07/2009

Danny was my baby boy!, He was a momma's boy. He had neverending, unconditional love. He helped me through breast cancer by being my loving support, always next to me, laying on top of me or wanting to be picked up and loved. He always had an abundance of "sandpaper" kisses and never got enough love. He made a handprint on my heart and I miss and love him dearly.


Danny, 06/20/09

Danny came to our home in October of 2005. We adopted him from the local humane society. At first we weren't sure if he would find his place in our family but it didn't take long and he had stolen our hearts completely. He loved spending time reading and watching TV with his girls, curled up on his blanket or cat stand. He filled our home with so much love and gave us all wonderful memories. He will be missed everyday.

I love you Doodle.


Danny, 01/02/09

This baby came into our lives on July 4, 2005. We had lost our 10 1/2 year old mini-schnauzer/shih tzu mix one month earler.
We both loved and adored this little girl.
But, I particularly took it hard.
Not working and being an empty-nester, I was at home a lot with no one to "mother".
She became my baby.
I nursed her through Cushing's Disease only to lose her to undetected cancer.
I found our "new baby" on the internet from the local schnauzer rescue.
He was all boy and I came love him as deeply as I did our girl.
He came to us as Danny and that fit him perfectly.
He was a playful, energetic, loving boy.
Personality plus.
He and I had an unusual ability to communicate.
It's like I could read his mind, and he "talked" to me all the time. He loved to run and chase the spray from the water hose, chase the pool cleaner in the swimming pool, and just stare for hours up in the trees trying to keep those squirrels in line (and chasing them, of course).
He's been gone a week and I'm heartbroken, can't stop crying.
He died suddenly in the vet while we were out of town.
They x-rayed and found a tumor on spleen.
It had ruptured and killed him. We had no idea a killer lurked inside.
I'd never heard of such a thing and I'm still in shock.
I know we'll get another dog but right now all I can see is him.
I want him and it can't be.
Our vet's office was in tears.
This was one of their favorite dogs.
For a schnauzer, he was so mellow and not hyper.
So long my dear and faithful friend.
(Oh, he wasn't a lap dog, but if I laid down to take a nap on our sunporch, he jumped up on the daybed with me and would not leave until I got sweet).
For five years this baby had a forever home and was so happy.
I'd never seen a dog who loved his toys more than this one.
He will be forever missed.

Carol and Tony

Dante, 12/25/07-04/21/09

My poor little potta... we had such a short time together.
I will miss you so much, but I know you're better and not in any pain.
Momma misses you my sweet baby.

Dante, 11/15/99-07/09/08

To Our Big Lovely Black Lab:
We will forever miss you.
You have been gone almost nine months now and we still feel your loss so terribly.
I hope with all my heart we will meet again.
I love you - Mommy

Dante, 02/14/94-02/21/09

Dante was a three legged hellian. At six-months, no one gave him a chance. He walked funny, he urinated on EVERYTHING, but that didn't stop me from loving him. And in return for my love, Dante gave me the best fifteen years of my life. He loved to sneak into small places and play hide and go seek. He licked and cleaned my hair to the point of annoyance. Early in the morning he would wake me by laying on my chest, purring and patting my nose.While all of these things cats do...the one thing he did that no other cat will was endure all of my irrational emotions and inspire my art. He gave me inspiration, watching him hang like a monkey from a chair or eating my favorite flowers, gave me inspiration to look at everything differently. His natural state of behavior allowed me to think outside the box. He was my muse, but most importantly he was my muse. All of our friends playfully nick-named him 'Lucky or Tripod'...He was a fighter.He fought diabetes, liver and kidney infections. While he was hospitalized even the vets gave up...except for Dr.Mark. But I knew...he wanted to be here, home with us. He still had so much to teach us. Which he did...and I learned, and I will hold on to those teachings and I will teach others. I love you, Dante, you were my muse but most importantly you were my son. Thank you for allowing me to love you for so long. Thank you for loving me. You will and are greatly missed.
Dante loved Tom Waits so to best quote one of his songs "I may be gone today, but I will come back one lucky day"...I'll be waiting for that day. I will keep your bed ready for you.

Geni and John Randle

Dante, 01/17/01-02/13/09

We love you Dante, our sweet Mastino. You will always be in our hearts, our protector and friend. Things won't be the same here without you. You may have weighed 190 pounds but you will always be our little baby. Rest in peace, until we meet again. We love you.

The Lindgren Family

Dante, 10/22/07-01/22/09

We love and miss you so much! You were the best little black dog anyone can ask for and you will never be forgotten. Home is not the same without you and we can't wait to see you agian. Theres not a day that goes by that we don't think of you!

Love you always and forver,
Dad,Mom,Steve and Dana xoxox

Dante, 02/15/97-12/03/03

To my youngest,

my rebellious Dante.
You put additional spice into my life.
In some unspoken way you stole my heart.
With bookshelf climbing, your hiding in every crook and corner but, at night you always placed yourself between my legs.
We became intwined and, nothing will ever separate us.
Everyone of you become inseparable in my heart.
And, I will see you all in heaven.
I will remember forever my beloved Dante.
Thank you for being there when Larry needed you.

With endless love some day we'll meet again..........Forever

Mary Pollara

Danyelle, 01/01/09

Little Danyelle - Kaitlin's "Sweet Thing" - one of the brightest stars in Heaven - in a few short months the laughter we shared over her precious kitten ways will last with us one will ever take your place....chasing the dreams of a beautiful young forever in the sky.


DaoDao, 11 Mar 2009

DaoDao, we always love you and missing you!! You are always in our hearts.

Sara Kwok

Daphaine, 03/24/92-02/02/09

Daphine, You were the light of many of lives. You had always been there for me in my times of need and you bought joy to all who were blessed enough to know you.
We will miss you dearly but realize that you are in a better place and I know you will wait for me at the bridge as you always waited for me by the front door.

Sandi Chandler

Daphne, 05/01/94-05/26/09

You were always there for me, old granny dog.
We will always love you!!!
You were my best friend for 15 years and no one will every take your place.

Denise Caputo

Daphne, 03/02/91-04/24/09

Daffy was her own dog.
She arrived just a bundle of long, red fur and skin and bones in 2002.
She loved her brother Duke immediately, and he adored her in return.
She was slow to trust me, but when she finally did, she did so without reserve.
Miss Independence all the way, she bossed our friend Ferdie around with a velvet paw--and Ferdie outweighed her by about 90 lbs. (Big Dobie vs. mini Dachshund) Sadly missed by Duke and Morva

Daphne, 10/01/02-03/20/09

To my dear sweet Daphne,

Mommy and Daddy love you so much and we miss you every day.
You brightened our day every day with the wag of your tail and your sweet licks.
You touched so many people during your short life with us.
There are no words to express how much we miss you.
I love you so much and cannot wait until we meet again.

Love, Samantha and Scott aka Mommy and Daddy

Darby, 03/21/00-06/24/09

Darby: You are a beautiful strong dog. I will always remember you like that. I hope you understand that we did not want you in anymore pain. I love you and we will always love you. Please don't forget us when we see you in Heaven. Love Always & Forever,
Mom, Dad & Your Sister

Darby, 2004-06/13/09

Darby was a sweet boy who came into our lives because his owners no longer wanted him.
He joined the family and quickley found his mate.
Darby was a fun loving little boy. He was wild as a March Hare when we got him. But he turned into a cuddle bug.He was the last of the old guard of our herd. Now only our next to older girl and our youngest remain. Darby was a rescue by choice but he rescued us by his love and his nature. Darby we held you as you slipped across to the bridge may the sweet clover and tall grass tickle your belly and the sun warm you. Love Dad & Mom

Darby, 04/11/09

In loving tribute to Darby, prince of cats and loving friend. Run free in company with my other pals Oscar, Alexi, Amadeus, and little Sarah. I am sure they will show you all the best spots for yummy treats, chin rubs, and catnaps. My heart has a now empty spot that can only be filled on that day when all tears will be wiped away and we are together again. Bob says he misses you a bunch, too.

Judy Livings

Darby, 06/29/97-03/01/09

Darby was an incredibly smart, fun, sweet and loving family pet for almost 12 years.
We loved her so much.
She touched our lives in so many ways.
She was ours before marriage, birth of two children, a move out of state and many other life events.
Every holiday and life event found her with us, a quiet part of it all.
Her sweet, large brown eyes expressed so much.
She leaves her fur brother, Dasher.
Dasher loved Darby more than anything and will miss her so much.

The Goveias

Darby, 11/20/96-05/09/07

Darby Girl we still miss you and hope that you have found your buddy Scout.
He loved you very much. Now I know both of you are finally together again. Your family loves and misses you everyday.


Darby, 06/23/97-01/11/09

May your star shine bright till we are together again my friend. I know your shadow will always be by my side.

Margo Hamilton

Darcey, 04/19/98-03/29/09

Darcey was always happy and was always there to meet me from school and college. She touched the hearts of all who met her and she will never ever be forgotten. Darcey was a big part of my life, she helped me through the good times and the bad times and not seeing her small form around anymore is just so hard to cope with. Sometimes, I can still see her walking around the back garden and curled up by the fire where she loved to sleep.


D'Arcy, 12/19/98-02/15/09

He was a gentleman shepherd, everybody who met him loved him.
He had the most gentle and beautiful nature of all the dogs I have had.
The 11 years of his life have been far too short and passed far too quickly. I wish he could have stayed with me for the rest of my life.

Marilyn Swift

Daredevil, 11/01/01-04/18/09

Daredevil...I miss you sooooo much. The pain is so heartbreaking. We always had our M-F morning ritual and you not being there this morning wa almost more than I could handle. I still wake up and look for you on the floor beside my bed. I love you and always will my little doo-doo


Darla, 06/07/09

My Darla Dog of 14 years passed away yesterday.
We had no idea she was sick but the vet thinks it was due to a tumor in her belly.
She was so sweet and always happy to see us.
She liked to dance and roll around on the grass.
She was always with us and loved to go on rides in the car with me.
She will be very missed.

Kathleen Noceti

Darla Farias, 12/12/98-05/13//09

Darla, my best friend, who saved me from so much, I am sorry I couldn't save you.
You were the joy of my life for 10 1/2 years and I will miss you every second of every hour of every day until we meet again.
You are in my heart now and forever.

Helen Farias

Darla Rose, 05/25/97-06/08/09

Oh Darla, I have such fond memories of you, but the best for me was when your learned to say mama. You would say it for a treat. Your cute little face, and bright eyes, so faithful. The cats miss you too. Sandy has no one to pick on anymore, and Kitsy was with you her whole life. I was so proud of you, and even though you were stubborn at times, that was who you were. I hope you live a full and happy life at rainbow bridge. So good-bye my friend, and I hope you are happy. Love from, Mom and Dad

Darth, 04/08/09

Love you girl. Sorry to see you go but glad you didnt stay and suffer. You cheered me up so much seeing your every day and night hurrying around. Run free baby girl with your sister and other friends. Forever in our thoughts xxx

Lucy, Binny, Animals and Nana

Darth, 06/99-03/31/09

Darth gave us 9 years of unconditional love!
The sweetest & best dog ever!
We've always received many positive comments about what a great dog he was from many friends & family that met him over the years.
They've told us they'™ve been around dogs for many years and that he stands out by leaps and bounds above many other dogs they've known.
This tells me they saw what we always bragged about - what a great dog he was and how there will never be another Darth.

Tom and Pam Driscoll

Dash 'Mad Dash at Twilight', 02/22/95-02/14/09

To beautiful Dash.
You found your way into our lives and our hearts after such a troubled beginning with more than several families. We were told by many you could not be rehabilitated and there was no hope. Those were unacceptable words to your mother. She found Helen who with her healing hands and heart gave you relief from all your pain,and we watched as you became a therapy dog, with such a gentle nature. Thank you for showing us the easy way is not always the best. We were all proud to be your family, and we are forever changed by this great white greyhound. You were so loved. Run in peace....

Mary Ann, Helen, Jill, Todd

Dasher, 06/08/01-05/29/09

Dear Dasher,

A Darling ... Words cannot express my grief over losing you.
Everyday is like a thousand years.
Till we meet again, my 'Quashy",
you will always be in my heart.


Dasher, 12/31/05-12/04/08

Dasher was my soul companion - he was the love of my life and my best friend (outside of my husband Cory) and he was lost in a house fire just weeks before his third birthday.
I can't believe the great loss I feel not having him in my life - I lost him two months ago today - and it still feels like it was just yesterday.
My life will never be the same without you Dasher - I miss you so much it hurts.
I hope that we will some day be reunited.
Until then know that I love you with all my heart and I miss you each and every day!

Shelli Davis

Dasher, 01/01/09

Dasher was so loved in our family. He was so young and ruled the house. He was playful and adventurous, and loved to cuddle. He will be greatly and extremely missed. We will see you on the other side little man.

The Darrah Family

Dave, 05/08/05-06/05/09

I remember the good times we had. When i first got you, you would always bother me at night to play with you. You were well trained and very loyal. When you did something bad,you immediately apologized and licked my hand. When it was the first day of school, you hid in my bag so you could come with me. I remember that time where we first got you and you laughed at the other ferrets. Just because we had good times, doesn't mean we had bad times,
like the time when you were exploring the air vent and you fell from it and broke a bone in your spine. The vet said you will never walk again and we have to have surgery or put you down. We didn't get the surgery or put you down. we just took care of you carefully and soon enough you were just limping a little the you can walk once again.I also remember that if you wanted to go through a tunnel, you would scratch the hallway carpet and try to assist us when we made it in a tunnel. And that other time when you were running in the same spot and you didn't move then you blasted at full speed. But You got a tumor. Something common for 5 year old ferrets. Usually ferrets lived for 7- 10 years at max.When we took care of you, you didn't get better, but you didn't get worse. but 2 weeks after, you had very heavy breathing, the lumps were smaller but not getting better. You began having trouble walking, you lost your appetite.When I researched on the internet, You had almost the same symptoms of Lymphoma. We couldn't undergo any surgery's because it was too expensive and you were already old. My mom said we had to put you down. He overheard us and went into his cage. After half an hour or so, my mom came by your cage again. you licked her with a thank you lick. and you wagged your tail then you past away. i sat by your cage crying the rest of the day. Even though you are gone, i still feel like you are sitting right beside me, and following wherever i go. I will miss you, alot


Dave, 12/29/08

The name means Beloved and he was greatly beloved by me and those close to me.
Dave was a rescue and spend most of his time with me. He went to work and made friends everywhere.
He was so intelligent, full of energy and tenderly loving and knew when to use his best manners.
I kept a watchful eye on me all the time. He followed me from room to room. He traveled everywhere and was always waiting for with his bright eyes perky ears and wagging tail. There is an emptiness in my heart on his leaving however, I know we will be reunited soon at the Rainbow Bridge.

Linda M Turkatte

Daweezel, 05/15/98-01/01/09

My best buddy passed away today after a month battle with carcinomatosis. He was 10 years old, and was my best friend. I will miss him terribly.

Joseph Barone

Dayne Weiler, 04/2002-04/09/09

This page is for Dayner.
She was almost 7 years old.
She was diagnosed with cancer and liver failure.
Her last few days were filled with pills and assisted feeding.
We tried all we could to save her but she told us it was time for us to let her go. It took but a few seconds for her to be comfortably and painlessly sleeping.
Her life came to such an abrupt end much too soon.
We will miss you terribly Daynecat.
You are resting peacefully once again on the hill in the sunshine.
We think of you you often.
When will the tears for you cease to come?
I fear, never.

Rob, Rebecca, Jackson, Daisy and Payton

DC, 06/27/09

You got on my last nerve when you first showed up.
You 'adopted' us and refused to leave.
You didn't use the litter box, and practically demanded the milk in my bowl when I finished my morning cereal; but you were a good boy.
You were outside for the ten years that we had you..unless of course it was cold. Even when we moved to the busy subdivision, you took it in stride.
You were our yard art. You knew more of the neighbors than we did! When the weather was bad, you came in and took up my spot on the couch.
You were always there when we pulled up in the driveway, and many times I had to get out of the car to move you out of the way.
Your "dad" is deviastated, because you were his buddy.
He misses you the most, but I have to admit, I miss you too.
You died fighting two wild intruders, and you laid there for 5 hours in the shade until we found you.
Only then did you utter your last "meow".
I didn't think I would hurt this much, but I miss you Darn Cat.
If there is cereal milk in heaven, I hope you get all you want.
We love you.

Ashley Huttinger

DC, 05/18/09

DC you were a Warrior in Life, and We love you always.

Don, Lauren and Barbara

DC, 01/2009

Mr. DC was Robyns baby. He would let her dress him in baby cloths and she would carry him around the house when she was little.
She is grown now. He would come out of wherever he was when she would come home and greet her at the door . Love you Mr. DC.

DC, 02/02/97-05/11/09

Oh that I could write like the great Bard, for my tale is that of the greatest happiness and the greatest woe.
DC was 12 years and two months old when we had to have him euthanized.
He had prostrate cancer that had spread.
But those comments are really not important.
What is important is my beloved pet was (and remains) my best friend and buddy.
We walked, we talked, we played, we shopped, we travelled, we laughed,
we (my wife included) slept together. DC usually slept at my feet, but when he was scared or not feeling well he always slept next to my side.
In the past few weeks that's where he slept.
That warm bundle of a Shih Tzu.
He would often tease me to scratch his belly, which of course I always did no matter what time of the night it was.
He was among the greatest joys a man could have and now my mind and soul have turned to great sorrow.
If there is a God, and if there is a heaven, he and I will be together soon (I'm 66).
I visit his gravsite every evening to talk to him and tell him how much I love him.
In the great scheme of the cosmos, my story is of little import.
For those who have and who love pets you know my every emotion.
Monday 5/11/09 at around Noon I held his lifeless, though warm body and placed him in a place that was special for the both of us.
He would often hide there and always
wagged his tail with great glee when I found him.
I still see him, hear him, feel him and smell him.
I hope those sensations never go away until such time that we meet somewhere out there.
My love to my beloved and wonderful pet DC.

Roland N. Pippin

DDay, 06/06/94-01/10/09

DDay Watts
June 6, 1994 - January 10, 2009
We have just lost our family member and friend DDay a few hours ago. DDay was a German Shepard, Doberman and Boxer mix that we brought home as a puppy from a farm through a newpaper ad on June 6, 1994. We named him in honor of the bravery that our soldiers, sailors and airmen exuded on that day during WWII. And man, he sure lived up to his name! Like so many others, our DDay's hips started giving him problems some time ago, and he began his very slow decline into old age and the medical conditions that accompanied that process. We thought we had a couple of days more after leaving the vet's office Friday evening, but it turned out that we only had another 18 hours, but did not know it at the time. He went downhill very fast the next day unexpectedly and we had to take him to the vet to carry out our fears. He was 14.75 years old and his body just gave out from the old age process. We kept him clean and fed him very well - he loved fresh fruits and vegetables. He was bathed twice a month and he used to go into the bath tub with his head hung low on command - almost as if to say "...OK, I'll go, but I don't have to like it..." He was always happy afterwards, and would bound through the house to let everyone know that he was "fresh and clean".
DDay and I used to go to the store every Sunday morning for the "...rolls and the paper..." for many years. I used to have a song and a humming tune for it and would hum or sing it as I lay in bed and he would jump up from his comfortable bed on the floor next to ours and begin to nudge me and make grunting and whining noises until I got up and we left.
If I lay there too long, he would start pulling the covers off from me until I got motivated! We would share a roll and donut - or 2 - as we drove around our area in those early hours - and man did he love going for rides! We would come home and have buttered rolls dipped in coffee. If I gave him a roll without butter, he would simply spit it out and look at me as if to say "..hey where is my butter and coffee dipped roll...? We would visit our family in New Jersey and he was always excited to see them - especially Ray and Dawn's pup Spunky. Actually, Ray used to make him pee the floor when he saw him because Ray had him so excited when he saw him.
Christmas was always a joy as he helped to tear open presents and then sat there and tore up the paper piles and we all laughed and enjoyed it immensely! DDay loved the snow and would dig tunnels, with his tail being the only part of him that we would see showing in the deep snows - much like the periscope from a submerged submarine.
He loved company and was especially fond of the BBQ's and the ensuing campfires we had out on the property that were attended by large numbers of our family and friends at a time, but he was always more interested in the children that came because DDay then had some play friends.
Our friends Vinny and Larry used to bring their 6 daughters combined and we would often see DDay acting the horse that he was and the kids would actually ride him - and he LOVED it!
DDay loved our sons and always enjoyed their company - and particularly enjoyed Russell wrestling with him.
He loved to get Johnny by the feet and wrestle with him, too. But he had a special bond with our grandson Russell Bruce Jr. - "Little Buddy," and was attached to him as if they were one. He chased the deer by running with a strange bounding hop to his gait as if he thought he was one of them for a short time. We took many pictures over the years and we are so glad that we did. He was famous for pulling our socks off of our feet and running away with them as well. DDay was raised to be very social. He loved people, and he never bit anyone or was aggressive in any way. There were only two people in his whole life in which he growled at and bared his teeth, and they were both mean people - talk about a dog's intuition! He loved children and women. He was a standoff with men until he got to know them. He loved romping around on the lands in Pine Bush with his dog buddy Shaq, a loveable Labrador Retriever who belonged to our awesome extended family next door, as well as with our neat cat Frinka and Spunky, when our family from New Jersey visited.
Actually, Shaq and Spunky were on the other side of the rainbow waiting for DDay and I am sure that they are romping together once again!
Even our cat Frinka and Jack and Nora's dog Tim were there waiting to romp as well.
DDay was extremely loyal, very affectionate, fiercely protective, calm in nature, poised in spirit, highly intelligent, and our best friend. He will be missed terribly. Some people wonder if our beloved pets go to heaven. Mark Twain wrote "Heaven goes by favour. If it went by merit, you would stay out and your dog would go in." I wish to all who have lost a wonderful friend the peace and stillness in spirit in knowing that our friends await us, and we will be together again with them and all of our loved ones when the time comes for each of us. In the meantime, stay safe, be happy and cherish the memories that we are all fortunate to have during our lives together. God bless you all.......................John & Deborah

Debo, 06/06/09

Dear Debo,
You are dearly missed and will hold your spot in the hearts of everyone you met forever.

Keep on wagging!
Love Dad, Mom, Grandma, Grandpa, Uncle Ben, Udo, Gus, Big, Tash, Mary, Meleynne, Gus & Franklin

Debo, 12/30/08



Dechelle Formoso, 01/30/98 - 10/01/09

Dechelle was a very loved puppy.She helped her daddy thru all of his cancer treatments while she was a puppy.Then her new mommy arrived in 1999 and we all became a loving family.She loved going for walks and crusing to the store with her mom. She will be greatly missed and can never be replaced.I know now you are cancer free and can see and run free.We love you Chelle puppy............

Love Mommy and Daddy Formoso

Dee, 02/10/09

Dee was our best friend and companion he was always there to love you. He always wanted to cuddle with you. He got a cancerous tumor on his toe and he got very sick so we had to make the decision it was time for him to go. So he is not suffering anymore. I miss him so much.

Theresa Taylor

Deebo Mae, 06/98-03/20/09

Deebo I love and miss you so much.
I feel lost without you! You are my spirit, my soul, my angel!

Regina Sky

DeeDee, 06/09/09

My dearest DeeDee, you were my fur daughter and my angel. I remember how I would kiss you every night and you would lick me back over and over again. What special moments we would have. I will miss you so much but look forward to the time when we will all be together again.
My girl, you are better than any person I have known, your love was unconditional and pure. How much I miss our cuddles together. I love you now and forever. Your mummy

Deedoo, 06/20/09


Lana Trester

Delila, 02/93-03/31/09

tuesday morning i said good-bye to my little girl.
delila died in my arms peacefully and with dignity....she was the best friend a girl could ever have and now, she can run forever....i loved her....


Delilah, October 2006 - 09/21/09

She was a 3yr old toy poodle. Just a bundle of pure love. A seizure got her and after we tried to get her well, too many in a row and painful crying outs we had to put her to sleep yesterday. She was my girlfriend's (Raven)puppy but I was her "daddy" since she was first brought home. I have lost grandparents but not kids, but this was the hardest thing I have ever done. We placed her in an airtight plastic container with her pink hand made blanket and a pillow and wrapped her snug and warm,and gave her her toys. Then wrapped her safely so that no bugs and worms can ever eat her.  
She was the most dainty, precious little love thing in the world. She had just had puppies that were only 3 1/2 months old. They are beautiful cock-a-poos (Dartagnen and Dakota) a little boy and girl and are doing fine. I see their mom in them all the time. She loved those puppies and was always playing with them and us. She had beautiful almonds eyes that when you looked in them you could just see the love radiate out from them. She would walk up my chest when she wanted to lay down and kiss my face all over. The cutest little tongue and butterfly kisses. We told her we would be with her in just a minute and I hope it is only a minute to her until we show up.
She will always be loved. This photots are older because I don't have any recent ones, but she hasn't changed much over the years, still a beautiful little girl. Please pray for us and her children.

Delilah, 1991-2009

Missing you, Delilah. You were the kindest, most selfless girl that ever lived. Wish you were still here, but will always be in my heart.


Delko Perro, 06/04/97-08/14/08

It is amazing how much he has touched our lives in the short period of time we had him... He was my buddy.... My Eeyore....

Mike and Stef

Delta, 02/28/09

Delta, she loved to fly and it showed.
Now she's flying forever after frisbees and tennis balls, with no pain.

Karen Runk

Demon, 05/06-04/07/09

Will miss your knocks on the door in the middle of the night wanting to come in for a visit.

The Brownfield Family

Dempster (Dempee), 03/02/01-01/11/09

We miss you so much, Sweet Brindle Boy will never be as good without you.
Dempee, you will live forever in our hearts and memories...there is so much love there.

Bye for now, Our Gentle Giant.
Papa, Mama and canine brother Lucky Jack and sister Luna.

Denver, 04/16/09

Life Whisks by us sometimes and we do not see it go by but I did see you come and go and my friend I will never forget you. You were the best little buddy a guy could ask for but Rest in Peace now my friend.I will cherish those memories of you forever.

Goodbye Denver my kind and loyal friend


Denzel Bruce, 04/26/94-04/13/09

Our loving Denzel went to sleep on Friday 13th February 2009. He loved to walk in the park each day, and always knew when it was time to go walking. He always senced if we were happy or sad. We will miss him so much, but we knew that he was tired and needed to sleep.

Rest well our good and Faithfull Friend until we meet again.

Angela & Willie Bruce

Derby, 04/15/01-01/30/09

One of the most patient additions to our family. May you find many friends at Rainbow Bridge. We miss you so much!

Geri, Lance, Adam, Erica & Ali

Desi, 07/07/97-05/20/09

Desi was a special boy. He was a dog everyone wants and I was lucky to have him. He was very gentle and even people who did not like dogs loved him. He always was by me and when I was gone he would always be waiting by the front door. I was very lucky to have him so long as he was recovering from a blood transfusion due to a disease he had when I got him. He was only 18 months old. He was only suppose to live about a year or two. He was put down 10 years later due to a liver disease. I know he is now at the rainbow bridge playing with his other friends who went before him such as Stormie, Rumor, and Trixie. I am waiting for to see him again so we play again. Desi, we all love you, thank you for being with us 10 years and you will be always in our hearts for the rest of our lives. Love, your Robsey, Mom, Dad, Laci, Sara and Charlie.

Desire, 09/25/98-03/23/09

Desire you will be missed. Now go join Lightening and be happy again.

~~~Final Act Of Love~~~

My loving friend.
Know my heart is heavy with pain.
Watching you slip away from life is more that I can stand.
I want to help your suffering end.

I hold you in my arms as a mother would a child.
My tears blind me and my heart is breaking,
How can I not help your suffering end?

I'll hold your memories in my heart.
Till that time when we'll no longer be apart.
Go romp the Fields of heaven.

For now our time has come to part, with the heaviest of heart.
I do this final act of love for you my friend.

Love Mom & Dad

Destin E, 11/2004 are my protector, my knight in shining armor.
You weren't meant to stay with us but you did and thus the name Destin E.
You were always there for me...always touched my cheek with your paw and looked at me with your big trusting eyes to say it was okay.
It has been quite a few years and we still miss you too much.

We heard you meowing that night....that was awesome.
Thank you for coming to take Felix to the Rainbow Bridge for us.
We know you are playing together, not sick anymore and are so happy now.

Until we meet again my sweet boys...


Destiny, 06/01/00-04/14/00

You were raised to be a guide dog.
Instead, you chose to stay and guide me through eight wonderful years.
Of all the dogs in my life, you were most special.
I will miss your smile.

Robert Stegema

Destiny, 01/08/09

My Baby Girl,

You will be missed forever. You are the best thing that happened to me. Everyone here loves you and wishes you were here. Uncle Phil and Aunt Ger are taking good care of you and me. I wish that we had more time together. I love you and will miss you very much.


Destynee, 03/27/09

Destynee was the most precious, gorgeous, sweetest, loyal companion anyone could ever have. She was with me through all the difficult times, and she always comforted me. I will love her and miss her always.
With my baby girl, "Gorgeous", "Panda Girl" ..... With Destynee, my heart lies. She was my best friend, and I can't wait until me and her can be together again.
I'll never stop loving her, or missing her.
I'm so thankful to have had her in my lfe. She made my life complete.
I am thankful to have known here.
Thank you Destynee!

Carolyn "caly" Kedzierzawski

Deter, 04/01/96-03/23/09

King of his castle. We love you Deter and we will miss you forever. Go and play in the grass with Meatball, i'm sure he's missed you.
I love you kitty, thanks for being my awesome buddy. i'll miss you so, so much.

Nick and Bethany Soures

Detroit Lady of Peaches, 09/08/99-02/03/09

You came to us without hearing and with little eye sight but you took my breath away.
Always by my side, I would leave a room and within minutes you had searched me ought.
Through chemo my best bud you made our lives complete. I buried a piece of my heart with you. We couldn't make you well this was the last act of love I could give .As a held your head and looked into your eyes I couldn't believe you wouldn't be coming home with me well and healed.
I love you detroit now and forever my little girl my troitse.

Lisa and Paul

Deuce, 07/06/09

You will always be my #1. You took a piece of my heart when you went to heaven. I will miss you deeply. You are my baby and the best cat ever! I love you Baby Deucie! I miss your kisses!


Deuce, 05/07/09

Deuce, I want to thank you for your unconditional love and company for the last 9 years.
You helped me send 2 kids to college, and helped me during my illness.
You are irreplaceable; with your blue and brown eye, post nasal drip (causing you to sneeze) and burping after your meals.
No more rides in the car to the poconos, Troy's house and many other places. No one running to the car checking the groceries for treat (how did you know I would have something for you)?
Deuce, I am going to miss you a lot more than you will know! When we got you from the shelter all abused and mistreated, you allow us to show you that there was love in this world.
And you returned the thankfulness by taking care of us and being the other male in the house. I ask you to watch down on me and the kids and help us get throught this tough time.


Deuce, 05/10/08-12/29/08

Even though we only got to love you for a short time, you meant so much to us. I can still see your happy little face when I close my eyes. Thank you bringing so much happiness to our family.We will never forget you and miss more than words can say.

Nich Fam

Devin, 12/27/08

To our catty girl you will be forever missed and loved.

Dawn Reynolds and Riley Castelvetere

Devon, 3-25-1995 - 12-4-2009

Devon we love you so much. You will forever be in our heart. You are a puppy again, with no pain and running and having fun. Wait for me my sweet boy, we will be together again soon. Love you forever, your Mom and Best Friend. <3

Dewey, 04/01/06-04/25/09

Dewey was a vibrant, beautiful and energetic cat. That tail! More of a dog than a cat you can say. He loved to play with strings and toss coins up in the air with his paws. Always greeted me at the door and ran around like a wild banshee. He sprawled across my computer wanting to be pet.

He woke me most nights by playing tunes on the blinds. It made me so mad but now I would give anything to be woken up by you.

You are now in a better place, pain-free. It will take me a long time to truly believe that, but one day I will.

I love you, Dewey, and will miss you always.


Dewey, 01/25/08

I am a foster for Pug Rescue.
I left the house for an hour tonight, and came home and my little foster boy was dead.
He most likely had a seizure.
I only had him for a week.
He was a sweet little boy, and very smart.
He made me laugh every day.
He just craved love.
Thankfully, today we took a nap cheek-to-cheek.
He was a stray picked up by animal control.
I love you Dewey.
You were a good boy!!!

Janeen Young

Dexter, 03/10/09

Last year I had brest cancer and my beloved Dexter was with me every step of the way. He even came to chemotherapy with me. Dexter came to me as a rescue dog and in return he rescued me.
It seemed once his job was done he was called home.
I am heartbroken without him but I know that one day I will see him and my other babies over the rainbow bridge and that brings me comfort.

Donna Popp

Dexter, 06/03/98-06/16/09

Dexter, I held you while you took your last breath. I hope it was painless for you. It was so hard to see you suffer and I only hope we made the right choice for you and that there was nothing more we could have dome. Please watch for your little brother Toby. We love you forever! Mommy and Daddy and the friends you left behind, Dee-O-Gee, Sammy and Quncy.

Dexter, 05/17/09

Though you were diagnosed with cancer 1/2 a year ago, you have remained happy, loyal and contented through it all.
I hope you will be happy and free of pain in heaven .
Hope to see you in heaven

Jaclynn Poon

Dexter, 04/05/00-04/15/09

You are our special angel now.
I just want you know that you were the very best dog in the world.
We will miss you very much.
Each day we had together was a gift from God.
We will remember the good times when you weren't sick.
We will see each other one day.
I know that you are with Tiffany, Muffy, Zak, and other.
You will never be forgotten.

Your loving family,

Mom, Dad, Adam, Midnight,

Midas, and suzi

Dexter Bubby Lay, 11/15/05-04/06/09

Oh my little beagle. He was such a momma's dog and would lay under the blankets with me when it started to get chilly outside. He had the sweetest eyes and the softest ears. He started off his life with a sad start, his mother died after giving birth to him and he couldn't nurse off his sisters mother so they bottle fed him. When my husband went to pick out a puppy he brought home TWO he said after he heard Dexters sad sad story he couldn't leave him. I was so freaked out about having two dogs but when I saw those sad brown eyes looking up at me I feel deeply and madly in love with this little brown puppy! i never thought that I would ever love a couple of dogs so much, they take over you life and really became a part of our family. Dexter was they Yin to Lydie's Yang they even slept head to tail most of the time and now she is alone and lost much like my husband and I. He loved dirty laundry, rolling on his back in the dirt, letting Lydie kick his butt when they were playing, taking naps, licking the water in the bathtub. if he wanted to have his head scratched he would start to make these wining sounds and start pawing at you to get your attention it was the funniest sounds that I have ever heard. I will truly miss that sound. He was such a wonderful dog, there will never be another dog like him. At least now he is at peace and will never have to worry about being sick or in pain and can run and play all that he wants. Goodbye Dexter we love you

Timothy and Jefferie Lay

Dexter Cortez, 04/21/09

We miss you buddy,
I know you know our special whistle, one day when we are ready to cross the rainbow bridge I will call you that way, and we can cross together.

But for now, God and all the angels want to play with you.

I just want you to know that you brought so much joy, laughter, and happiness to our lives, and we love you for that.
You are our special "Foofie Man" and Moms' "Special Angel".

Thank You Dexter for taking care of us.

We love you always.

Alex & Stephanie

Dexter Cullens, 03/08/09

He was my baby I will miss him alot. My mom gave him to me last year after having him for five years. She called him my little brother because that was her kid. I would tell everyone he was my brother and they would laugh. I will miss you Dexter and you will never be forgotten.

Carrie Cullens

Dexter F, 05/23/95-03/23/09

Dexter, I miss you every day. I still hear you walking around the house. I still think that you are standing right beside me everywhere I go as you were my velcro dog.
Goodbye my friend.

Nancy Filippetti

Dexter Malone, 07/29/02-02/21/09

I know one day when I see you again, you won't be sick anymore.
Thou you were sick, my love never waiverd for one moment. I love you today like I did when you first came my way.
You thought me patience, love and humality.
Our paths will cross again "My Playboy" and I'll have your favorite toy.
We grew in love together and I will also think of you with the greatest of love.

Have fun my love, I'll see you on the other side.

Mary Doty Riddle

Dharma, 03/06/00-04/24/09

Dharma was a great girl. She got me through tough times and was always there for me. She is deeply missed and greatly loved.

Peggy Heil

Dhuskha, 12/97-22 March 2009

I miss my Beloved Baby SO much. I wish I could join him at the Bridge now. Will this pain/loss ever lessen?

Ginnette Hargreaves

Diago, 11/29/96-06/21/09

Your love and gentleness will be with me forever.
A better friend I will never have. My heart is broken and may never mend. I will love and miss you forever.

Victoira Maricle

Diamond, 06/14/05-06/19/09

Diamond my precious kitty my best friend always listen to me even when I was sad. Made my life full. My loveable kitty cat don't know what to do without him right now...pretty lost...Your not suffering anyway more though I'm hurting down here. I loved you soooooo much.....I will miss you...

Monica Urban

Diamond, 04/08/09

diamond, you were the best beagle that ever lived.
I love you and always will.
your my other half don't you ever forget that dye dye.
My precious baby girl<3

Danielle Bassinger

Diamond, 12/02/97-10/16/07



Diamond aka Princess, 08/92-02/10/09

My dear Diamond, my Princess,
I miss you so much that it still hurts.
I know and believe you are happy and healthy were you are and that is what keeps me going. I miss all the love you gave me and I hope that I returned it all back to you. You are forever in my heart.

Love always,
Momma P.

Diamond, 11/06/08

Diamond was our first pet since being married and having children.
She was my first baby!
She went everywhere with me, and when children came along she was a little mommy.
She had a litter of puppies and we kept her son.
His name is Zeus.
She was the best dog and I deeply miss her.
I can't stop thinking about her and wishing that she were still her with us.
Zeus misses her so much and he has really helped us to grieve. We were so lucky to have Diamond for 12 wonderful years and I know that we will see her again.
She will be waiting for us in Heaven.

Lisa Hunsinger

Diamond, 04/15/96-12/29/08

Diamond Dog,
What a blessing you have been!
We loved you for almost 13 years, and in return, you have been such a wonderful companion and member of our family.
We will miss you more than you'll ever know...
We're sorry that we had to put you down, but to have you suffer would have been so unfair to you.
I so desperately want to hold your soft face and curly ears!
I love you!
Thanks for being our special diamond dog!


Diamond Alexander, 02/21/00-07/01/09

To my beautiful girl...may you shine forever in the heavens sky. You will always be my best friend. You were so strong and courageous. May you run, jump and be free! We will miss you forever until the day we meet on rainbow's bridge. You truly are a Diamond! We love you!!!

Michael, Debra, Mikey and Taylor Alexander

Dickens, 07/94-02/09/09

He was a smart, happy, funny little dog.
always happy just to be with us for almost 15 years.
Much loved, and sadly missed.

Sue Stevenson

Dichro Boo Gaskins, 05/22/99-04/23/09

Dichro you were our best friend. We miss you so much. You always took care of us when we were sick, you always knew if we were sad, and you were always there to be Daddy's little buddy and Mommy's little Angel. You were a gift from God and you will always be Mommy's little fuzzy Angel with little fuzzy wings. Hugs and kisses my sweet baby boy. Until Mommy and Daddy see you in heaven......Sweet Dreams

Dickens, 4/2008 - 12/2/2009

My Baby Dickens I will miss holding you in my arms as we waltzed around the house, with you streching out to view the world upside down. I loved the crazy way you meowed and shook your head when I asked if you wanted to play. You were always there when I came home with a soft meow and a head rub. It's just not the same without you, but we will meet again one day and until then you have fun. I know you can catch that little red light now.

Diddles Brunt, 12/03/90-27/04/09

To my best friend who i love more then anything i wish i could av been with you in your final hours 2 be there 4 you but i wasnt n im sorry 4 that i regret it .but thank you 4 everything your friendship been there 4 me when i was sad or sacred n protecting me in ur own way life will feel weird with out you there to look back to 4 resurence rest in peace thank you o x o x

Kimberley Brunt

Diego, 05/09/09

I Love you Babe! We went through alot together, and you were always there.
Go to the Bridge-- I'll see you later!

Denise Boots

Diego, 04/11/09

To my favorite boy, you were the love of my life. Miss you.

Heather Johnston

Diego Green, 12/29/03-04/26/09

My beautiful Diego was a strong and determined guy, he stayed strong till the very end. He endured a hard life, tearing his cruciate at only two years and being diagnosed with Lymphosarcoma at age three. Through his strength, determination, and veterinary care, he managed to stay strong till the end. He never let his dominance down, making sure his siblings new he was still the boss. Diego will be greatly missed by all that knew him.
I love you Diego.

Natasha Green-Fox

Diego Lovedog Starkman, 09/29/93-03/10/09

You were our littlest man in the world.
We loved you so much and hope you are at peace.
You will be forever in our hearts.........all our love.

Mom, Dad and Brian

Diesel, 03/29/09

Diesel was the most precious, smart, gentle, and compassionate dog.
He filled our hearts and home with so much love.
I can't believe he's gone, my heart is swollen and I will forever remember my little buddy!!

Lacey Witt

Diesel, 03/18/09

Diesel was my baby boy from the time he was 7 weeks old. My husband and I saved him from being put to sleep after a vet told the lady who owned him that he was going to be mean and would never be a good dog around children or anyone else. He was the complete opposite of that, a gentle giant if you will the entire 7 years we had him. Recently Diesel grew very sick very fast, was misdiagnosed as having an infection, and then rediagnosed with Lymphoma. After 3 weeks of anguish and pain we had to let him go. He is missed more than he will ever know!

Autumn Cannon

Diesel, 01/99/96-26/01/09

Dear Diesel
We miss you so much but happy you are not in pain anymore will miss you forever

Irene Johnston

Diesel, 07/20/02-01/29/09

My sweet boy Diesel,

My doberman baby - you had my heart the minute I saw you with your little ears taped and you will remain in my heart forever.
I miss you so much that it hurts.
I was truly lucky to have you in my life for 6-1/2 years because you were always by my side and were a loyal and trusted friend.

Thats why the hardest thing I ever had to do was to let you go on 1/29/09 but I knew it was the right thing to do because I love you so much and it was not fair to you to live in pain even with being on pain medication.
I held you in my arms as you went to sleep.
A part of my heart died with you that night and all I do is cry because my world is so empty without my my buddy.

I know you are chasing squirrels and birds and no longer in any pain.
I know one day we will be together again and we will play with your favorite blue ball.
Love and miss you more with each passing day.

Love Mommy

Diesel, 05/01/06-12/23/08

My dearest Diesel, I hope you know how much you were loved and how much Alex, Andrew and I miss you. I want you back so much it hurts. I am so sorry for not making sure you were in your kennel before I took the boys to daycare, I thought you would be waiting by the door for me when I came back and I was too late. I hope you can forgive me. The boys and I know that someday we will see you again. Just remember you are forever in our hearts....Love, Mommy

Diesel Hayton, 13/02/07

My darling diesel It was such a shock to lose you so suddenly, we miss you every day and life is not the same without you you. I hope you are chasing the rabbits with Mindy and Misty.
Love you so much baby till we meet again at rainbow bridge.

Lots of cuddles and kisses.
Mummy, Daddy, Zoe, Missy. Boss, Mace and Lexi

Digger (My Little Fat Boy), 11/24/00-01/20/09

Diggie Dog

You where the most enjoyable fun loving thing I have ever loved I will love and miss you always. You will always be my special little fat boy....Rest in Peace my little friend.



Digit, 12/23/07

I bought Digit out of pity. I had never had a pet rat, and had never even considered having one. She was unbelievably ill and was going to be fed to a snake. I took her home and did my best to make her happy with what little time she had left. She quickly became my best friend and I have yet to come accross another rat, or any animal for that matter, who could even compare to her. The night she died, she knew what was coming. She did everything she could to wake me up, and she died in my arms. I know I made her happy, though. I still cry whenever I think about her and it's been over a year since she passed.


Digit, 12/30/08

After almost 17 years of being the perfect cat, my Digit passed on today.
I adopted Digit when he was a baby and he was the cat that no one wanted.
Boy, they don't know what they missed!
Digit gave me almost 17 years of comfort, mischeviousness, and straight out loyalty.
Over the past few weeks, he developed bad diarreah, became wobbly and just was not himself.
As hard of a decision as this was, I am comforted in knowing that he is now running wild with Tinker, Brandy, Taffy and all of his other friends.
Digit--I love you and Speedy missed you but I've let Speedy know that everyhting is ok.
Rest in peace "Big D"----you deserve royal treatment up there!
I love you and I'm comforted in knowing that I was with you until the very end---rest comfortably--see you on the other side.


Dillon, 6-4-2000 - 10-6-2009

Dillon was the best dog ever, a Glen of Imaal terrier who we'd walk down the street and have strangers stop and say, "Hi, Dillon." He had that kind of effect on people. Friends and strangers both had photos of Dillon on the camera phots or web sites or framed on their desks. And these people had their own dogs. Here's a link to the tribute I wrote about Dillon on the Los Angeles Times Unleased blog.

Dillon was the star at Cedar Grove Park in Tustin, the leader of the pack on the hill. He was the star everywhere

There's not much more I can say about our bestest boy Dillon but that life isn't always fair and you gave us your very, very best. We miss you buddy boy. We miss you so much.

Dan and Diane

Dillon, 1990-04/12/01


Dindi, 1991-2002

My beloved angel Dindi,

You've been gone for almost 7 years now and there hasn't been one single day I have not thought of you and missed you deeply. You were the most loved one because you were just so very special. Your love is with me every day, all the time. And the day I join you will be the happiest of my life. Be in peace my little angel. I love you very much.

Fernanda Ferreira de Ferreira

Dindi, 04/19/03-02/25/09

Dindi was the sweetest little bird and a wonderful companion. She was very sociable and loved being around people. She ws happiest just sitting on my shoulder and being part of whatever I was doing.I was so blessed to have spent 5+ years with her. I miss her so much.

Sydell Spinner

Dindi, 22/06/02

I'll never forget you. Be in peace, my winged angel.

Fernanda Ferreira de Ferreira

Dink Hogan, 01/29/09

You were a great companion to my parents over the years. You will be greatly missed by all.

Crystal Harvey Rutherford

Dinky, 01/03/09

He was brave and strong right up to the end. He will be missed by many. Our love for him is/was real deep. The pain is immeasurable. My love for him will last forever.

Lois May

Dinky Keith, 12/09/93-12/10/08

Dinky I knew you were the one from the first moment I held you. You had made your way to my shoulder and I went to put you back
and you just moved up higher and I told your daddy that you were the one. You came home with us the next day. You were just the tiny little thing. We didn't have a name picked out and our son said he sure is a dinky little thing. So you know that your brother named you. I remeber you wouldn't sleep unless I had my hand by you. I remeber the first morning at home with us. You were playing with your brother,sister and daddy when all of a sudden you barked and it scared you. It was so funny. Dinky I love you so much and miss you. You are my heart. You are your daddy's best buddy. We love you so much and miss you so much. We will see you again.
Love you forever,

Dino, 9/5/09

Our ferret Dino passed away. He was a very special pet and we loved him, we still do. He was the most affectionate ferret we ever had. We try and think of the positive. Like that now he is with his friend Itchy. we made a tribute for him to. He passed away months ago. We really loved the way Dino licked my dads head.
We were very lucky to have him in our lives. He had a great life. He will always be remeberd and we will always love him.

Dino, 06/13/05

Dino you will always be remembered in my heart.
You were one of my cutest dogs.
Live happily by the rainbrow bridge.


Dino, 04/22/09

He was the best dog ever. Hopefully when i die he will be in heaven waiting for me.

Benjamin Wesley Todd

Dino, 05/95-08/19/04

You've been gone more than four years now; I still think of you often and always will. You were the kindest, gentlest friend and we all loved you. Our Gracie has joined you now and I know that the two of you are running and playing without a care in the world. I love you both and always will.
Until we're together again

Lisa Ridnour

Dino, 08/11/90-02/23/05

He is your friend,your partner,your defender,your dog . You are his life,his love ,his leader.he will be yours,faithful and true,till the last beat of his owe it to him to be worthy of such devotion.

Dino its been almost 4 years without you daddy and mommy miss you so much you are always with us in our hearts .

Joe and Judy Naccarato

Dino, 09/15/95-02/10/09

see you later little boy

Rod & Grace

Dion Fakkema, 02/09/09

A beautiful boy dog, faithful companion and protector DION was. He was a champion on the ring and in our hearts; he loved to chase squirrels, and the stray cat but he gently carried an injured birdie in his jaws.Oh, how much we miss his bark and his majestic run and trot;Mister Curls we called our D as he greeted us with toys. May we meet him on Rainbow Bridge with Lily, Hunter, and Jack!!

Bobbie Fakkema

Ditka Catalano, 03/24/09

My beloved dog is gone. I had to put her down yesterday. We adopted her when she was almost three years old - I have (for the past 16 years) had the great privaledge of having her with me - everyday. There is nothing that will take her away from me, we had (have) such a strong bond. I love you Ditka Dog.

Laura Catalano

Ditto, 12/2001-07/02/09

I'm so sorry sweetheart.
I will miss you and your "I'm queen of my world additude." You were always a tough girl who still wanted her rubs and pets and would do anything to get some parsley.
You got me all the way through high school, and then almost all of college.
Rocky is mssing his best friend right now, I'm afraid he's gotten depressed, but I don't know if I can suffer getting another rabbit yet.
The pain is still too near.
I live you so much.
And I miss you greatly.
You all are my children.
Be at peace now with Daisy, Apples, and the fishys: Blue, Edmond, and Spunky. I buried you deep in the garden under where your parsley grows.
I love you my good girl.


Diva, 05/23/07

'Diva, I miss you so much.
I love you.


Dixie, 04/15/95-05/11/08

Darling Dixie, Not a day goes by that we don't think of you. You were such a wonderful companion. Thank you for being a part of our family.

Ellen & Jason

Dixie, 06/14/86-07/18/97

You tolerated nobody but were so sweet to me,and,you ignored everyone else...but,you were loved by me,and,that is what was important...I still miss your fuzzy body sleeping next to me,sometimes I still feel you there...I miss you...

Sande Butler

Dixie, 06/10/09


You will be missed so much, although we didnt have much time with you, what we did have we cherished and we are so glad that you came into our lives. I dont know what happened to you before you came to us, but i hope that what time you had with us,you enjoyed. I will miss you jumping on me and greeting me and Ashley when we came home and waking us up in you very unique way. You are one of a kind my Dixie. We love and Miss you so much

Love Granny and Mommy

Dixie, 05/04/98-05/07/09

Dixie was Our sweet baby girl who gave us love unconditionally. She was always there for me, always full of love and kisses. When I had to put her down, I put my heart down with her.
I miss her so much and there is an empty space in my heart and life without her.
I thank you my dear sweet baby girl for the most wonderful 11 years you gave Daddy and I. You are no longer in pain and for that we are thankful. Now you can run and have lots of painfree fun.
We love you!

Bob and Debby Brown

Dixie, 12/04/97-03/10/09

My beautiful and beloved Dixie was classy and dignified, most of the time, but could make you laugh by doing something so silly and off-the-wall that you knew she was joking with you in her own special way.
She had a way of looking deeply into your eyes and you just knew she was reading your soul.
Everyone who met her loved her because she was always smiling and was so happy to meet someone new or see an old friend again.
I loved her completely and will always miss her until we will meet again.

Elizabeth Gnozzio

Dixie, 02/14/95-03/12/09

My beloved little girl went to heaven today. We are really going to miss that banging tail and loving kisses. She was the best girl who suffered many problems with her hips and legs but was happy until the very end. She loved to swim and could catch balls better than anyone. She brought lots of love and joy to our family for 14 years. We really miss you Dix.

Helen Camenisch

Dixie, 10/20/06-08/30/08

Rest in peace my baby boy. Mommy loves you.

Dixie, 10/30/99

We had a dog named Dixie
Dixie was her name
She made a mess and chewed on things
But we loved her just the same.

She'd run when we would scold her
And hide under the bed.
If you told her to lay down
She'd lean on you instead.

She never got to hone her skills
On the sport that was in her blood
But if she had, I tell you this
She would have been no dud.

It bugged her when we were on the floor
She thought that was her space.
She'd bark an yelp right in your ear
And try to lick your face.

We'd give almost anything
To have you back again
Because to us you weren't a dog
You were our loyaal friend.

Although you were mischievous
We loved you from the start
We'll never foret you Dixie
You're forever in our heart.

By Phil Peterson

Dixie, 07/04/08

Dear Dixie i miss u i don't know where u r but i hope your happy where ever u r

ps:i love u


Dixie, 01/01/05-01/04/09

Always a source of joy and entertainment, life will not be the same without little Dixie.
She will be missed dearly.


Dixie, 01/30/95-01/06/09

even when you were alive, you always had a special place in my heart.
you were my best friend and my confidante.
putting you to rest was the hardest thing i have ever done, but it was the best for you.
i love you and will always miss you.
rest in peace, my dear friend.

Susan and Richard Gordon

Dixie, 05/98-01/09/09

Dear Dixie,
You will always be in my heart and I will carry memories of you with me forever. Be free and know that daddy loves you and only wanted to end the suffering brought on by the cancer.

I miss you terribly and hope that someday somehow we can be together again.

With all the love I have,


Dixie Dog Little Girl, 09/16/08

I'm so sorry Dixie. I hope one day we are together again. You were the best of all.


Dixie Doodle Orban, 10/94

My forever friend. Even today she is missed.


Dixie Girl, 08/23/99-06/01/09

Dixie Girl was born 8-23-99 and lived a good life --just shy of 10 years.
She had two litters of beautiful puppies with Luke.
She was a spoiled yet healthy dog who slept in her parents' bed most nights.
Many people who met her asked if they could take her home because of her sweet nature.
She LOVED attention and as long as there was a hand on her she was HAPPY!

On Friday, May 29, 2009, Dixie was diagnosed with Hemangiosarcoma.
The vet highly suggested that we put her so sleep before her affected spleen or liver ruptured.
He told me that that if they ruptured, she would bleed to death internally.

Monday morning (6-1-09), after countless tears, I made 'the appointment' for 6 pm that evening. I contacted my friends and family with the news.
One friend told me about this site but, I didn't get here until 6-4-09.

The weather was beautiful until late afternoon and we got a thunderstorm. On the way to the vet, I held her and gave her lots of kisses.

In her little room, I hugged her and kept telling her that "Mommy is here" and "I Love you Dixie Girl" as she breathed her last.... XOXOXOXO

When I walked out of the vet's office, the sun was out and boy was it bright.
When I got the the car, I turned to face the vet with tear-filled eyes and couldn't believe my eyes.
I was looking at the LARGEST RAINBOW I had ever seen and it was resting on the vet's office. AMAZING! I grabbed my phone and took pictures to capture the event. It was UNBELIEVABLE!!!
I texted the pictures to my friend who told me about this sight and she texted back "God was Listenin. Dix crossed the rainbow bridge - that was a wonderful sign."
What I saw gave me amazing peace in knowing that God is in control and He takes care of everything - even our furry friends!!

Dixie is survived by: her littermate/sister - SPOOKY, her two pups - COPPER and HONEY, sisters - DAY-ZE & KATRINA, Dad - MIKE DORSA and Mom - KATY MUNOZ
**REST IN PEACE SWEET DIXIE GIRL - We will all see you again...

Katy Munoz

Dixie Lee Creger, 01/29/09

You were taken away from us too soon.
We miss you so much!
Our hearts hurt so bad & we wish we had more time with you.

You were our baby, not our pet.

Mommy, Daddy, Buddy, & Amy

Django, 01/10/94-01/25/08

My best friend, my protector my heart - thank you for your companionship and love. I will miss you more than you could ever know. You are so dearly missed.

Allison Adcox

Dobber, 03/16/08

rest in peace Dobber, we all miss you VERY much we will see you again one day my boy . I love you always BIG KISSES stinky bum

Elaina, Bev, Brian

Dobber, 09/28/08

Dobber - my big boy. Left too soon.
You shouldn't have gone but surgery failed you.
Hemoclips failed and the doctor didn't notice until it was too late.

Lori Enblom

Dobbie Doo, 07/05/94-11/06/06

You live in my heart forever. I love you and miss you.

Ruth Rivenburg

Dobbie G Butts, 07/26/94-12/14/07

dobbie, happy birthday bubby. a few days early we know. you will be 15 years old on sunday july 26.wish you were here for me to fix your usual cupcake. you especially liked the icing. thinking of you makes us smile and makes us remember how much we miss and love you more everyday.our 'man dog'.nothing can or will ever take your mom and dad

Dobbin, 12/06/08

You were always there...for everyone. (Hence the nickname Sunderfoot.) The only dog I ever knew who had his own country (Dababama), crop, uniform and performed in the "Limpics", weighing in at 3.7lbs. In this house you were my last bastion of unconditional love. When I come home now, no one greets me at the door. I have no one to cuddle up next to or to cry on when thing get rough. You were always ready to play or just get into trouble, but in the oddest ways. I miss you terribly and am glad that I had the honor of holding you when you passed.

The Scalera Family

Dobby, 10/17/08-03/22/09

We loved our little Dobby and wish he could have stayed with us longer.
For such a little guy you left a big hole.

David, Aimee, Kaitin, and Brandon Wyatt

Dobie Rubio, 02/20/03-06/25/09

He was my best friend of all time and had saved my life several times.
He was not a part of my life, he was another form of my life.
He was the himbest being I have ever met and I will miss him Eternally.

Wolfgang Rubio

Doby, 04/02/97-07/15/09

We rescued Doby when he was a year old. He gave us a lifetime of totally unconditional love, affection, protection. We can only hope that we returned to him a small fraction of the love he gave us. Doby's heart failed him and he crossed over before us. We will see him again soon enough. We miss our little Doby. We miss our best friend. Take care, Doby. We'll see you soon and we'll never be apart again.

Tom Puckett & Ray Pillion

Doc, 04/03/09

Doc is missed every day;he is now free and young again
I miss you Doc.

Marjorie Cochran

Doc, 04/14/99-04/09/09

We adopted Doc 3 years ago when his owner died. At that time he was very anti-social and did not get along with our other dogs.
Over the months though, and with lots of love and attention, he became very affectionate and loyal. He always wanted to be wherever we were in the house or yard.
His favorite place was in our leather chair with his paws resting on the armrests.
His quirky personality and facial expressions never left any doubt as to what he was thinking.
He was diagnosed with bladder cancer 2 months ago and slowly declined until we felt he was getting uncomfortable.
We had him put down on April 9 after treating him to plenty of his favorite cheese and riding to the vet with the window down so he could hang his head out in the wind.
We are taking his loss harder than we thought we would, but are comforted in knowing he is no longer in pain.
Our other dogs are mourning his absence as well. He will really be missed and I can only hope we get to see him again.
Goodbye Doc, and we love and miss you.

Gary & Alicia Bolduc

Dodge, 30/05/00

You were my first ever dog, rescued from the RSPCA 13 years ago.
We have had a wonderful 13 years together and I cannot believe you are gone.
You were my life, my best friend and we went through so much together.
The house is just not the same without you, I feel lost not having you to greet me when I come home and to snuggle up with me at night when we go to bed.
I know you are at peace now and reunited with Oliver.
I will always love you my precious baby boy.
You bought a joy to my life that will never ever be forgotten.
People here have been saying lovely things about you - you touched everyone hearts with your warm loving nature but no one will miss you as much as me.
I love you my baby,
Love always, Mummy xxxx

Dodger Landes, 01/01-01/17/09

My beautiful baby boy Dodger. I miss you so much.
It was so sudden that I still feel I am in shock and I will hear you playing with your toys or you will be next to me wanting your head rubbed.
Baby I love you so much.
I know you are with your good friends and with your Nana. You were my darling, my "bada to the bone" little man.
I love you sweetheart.
You enjoy your time binkying up a storm with everyone.

Bye baby Dodger.
I love you with all my heart.

Dodie, 07/04/97-12/27/08

Dodie was my special little girl.
I taught her how to snuggle and she learned it well.
She loved playing with her stuffed "babies" and was enthusiatic on every single new one she got.
She was never a problem dog, never had accidents in the house, never chewed anything she shouldn't, but loved to bark at the mailman and UPS trucks.
She loved going with daddy on "kitty hunts" in the car.
She also loved to bark at them through the window.
My Dodie saw me through a divorce and loved me through all my rough patches.
I love her more than I have loved anything in this life and the thought of going on without her...I just can't stand the thought of that.
She was always with me.
She would follow me room to room and lay down just to be near me.
She spoke to me with her eyes and has expressed her love for me.
I love you, too, Dodie.
Beyond measure.
And beyond this mortal life.
I hope to see you again.
Please wait and remember me, Your Mama

Dogma, 02/06/95-02/26/09

The best dog ever!!!!!!

Heather Alday

Dolce, 04/30/09


you became so much in our life you were bringing us joy everyday. we will miss you so much

Jeremy Millul

Dolche, 06/26/07-01/08/09

You were such a sweet girl with a big heart. We will miss you everyday baby......may you rest in peace. I love you.

Jamie Velazquez

Doll, 16/08/78-06/12/90

My wonderful, irreplaceable girl, you will always be here in my heart, you will never know how much I loved you, and still do, and how much I miss you still after all these years. You should be here, you should have taught my children to ride. I often dream you are still here, grazing with the ponies I have now, and wake up desolate, realising it's not true, you have been gone a long time. I hope we will meet again some day, love you always, Mam.XXXX

Dollie, 09/11/93-02/12/09

Dollie became my mom's fur-ever friend when she was only 7 weeks old (about a month after my dad passed away). She dedicated herself to making the lonely days and nights bearable and brought joy back to Mom's life. When Mom was diagnosed with cancer, she asked me to care for Dollie and continue showing her the love she deserved.
For the last 21 months, Dollie provided countless hours of love and companionship as only Dollie could. Words can not express how grateful we are to have been allowed to be part of her life. We want to thank her and will treasure the memories of our time together, fur-ever.
We love you Dollie. You will always be in our hearts.

Chris Stevens

Dolly, 10/22/95-07/13/09

Dolly was brought for ailing daughter in 1995 for her to care for. She was a great dog, and a great protector. We ALL LOVED her very much, I know she is up in heaven now with my daughter playing ball. They are Both MISSED both very much. Today is my daughters birthday how IRONIC


Dolly, 04/28/96-06/22/09

Dolly: A smilling 148 lbs of love has been my best BIG fur kid friend for a little over 13 years. Oh how I have loved her, you see She was my helper when I would fall down she would come and help me up. Given to me as a gift and what a gift she has been. I have been so Blessed to have known her for so long. I know there is a place for all Gods creation and Dolly is there a new. Some day I will see her again and recive her big wet kisses once more. I love you girl... MOMA.

Dolly, 07/01/93-06/24/09

Thank you for being my best buddy and for all the joy, comfort, and love that you gave me.
I miss you so much.
All your friends here miss you too!
I'll always love you and I'll see you again on the Rainbow Bridge.

I know that you can see & hear clearly again, that you never fall anymore, that your teeth are strong & you can eat as many crunchy treats as you wish, and there are no leashes in heaven.
Run like the wind.

Patty Dreven

Dolly, 04/27/09

Dolly came to live in our home when we decided it was time to give our other cat Kirby a companion and friend.
He had lost his other friend Chuckie in November, 2008 after he'd battled a long illness.
We found Dolly at our local humane society and were immediately drawn to her.
Something seemed to say that she was definately the one.
We, brought her home, had her checked by our veterinarian, and she started blending in with Kirby.
In those first days she explored and romped and played. A few weeks later we started noticing that she was hiding a lot, and was getting sick.
We retured to the vet, and found that she had a serious illness.
We were referred to a specialist, had extensive tests and treatment including a feeding tube. Sadly, she only made it one week after becoming ill.
we are all in shock and devastated.
We had hoped for her to pull through and live a long and happy life.
We have tried to resolve why this happened, and why our little girl had such a short life after finding a good home. We came to believe that she was given to us to help her through those last difficult days. Although we only had a short time, we loved her and will always miss her. She was a sweet little kitty, and we feel such a loss.
It is our prayer that she is at peace, and that we will someday see her again.

Justin, Chris, and Peggy Marion

Dolly, 04/11/09

Dolly was my life the sweetest dog anyone could have huge brown eyes and a black coat she was constant kisser,she loved everyone and never bit anyone,i hope she gets her wings soon and can find her way to my dad and other pets who have passed on her suffering on this earth is no longer and i will always have that void in my life but i know oneday we will be together again...god bless her little heart always

Desiree Carr Groeschel

Dolly, 1990s were a sweet little girl even if you did eat too much and try to get in the garbage.
Seems that you were born with stomach problems and it finally took its toll by giving you cancer.
We are so sorry that we had to let you go but we know you are with all our other babies now at the Rainbow Bridge and are so happy.
Destin, your big brother, will take good care of you now that he is there with you too.
We will see you all again someday and until then we will be here missing you.

Bye Dolly...


Dolly, 09/26/04-01/11/09

You were always such a happy and strong and brave little girl. From the time when you were a puppy and decided to eat a bit of the wall with no ill effects to the last few days when you bore with the incredible pain of the lymphoma that took your life without ever making a fuss, always trying to maintain a happy smile and playful attitude.

Oh my my precious Miss Doll I miss you so very much, an so does Mummy and Jemmy. Jemmy still looks for you, he guards his biscuits from you with his tail wagging wondering why you aren't coming to play like you used to.

I keep expecting to see you pad into the TV room to wait for the TV to be turned on so you can watch something (you liked the TV more than anyone else in the house. I can't believe you are gone. I feel so sad knowing you're no longer in the house.

I will never forget you Wee Miss.

Till I see you again.

Love Daddy.

Dolly, 30/07/05-28/09/05

Our darling little Dolly, Mummy, Daddy, Mummy Boo and all your brothers and sisters miss you so much our darling. We still cry when we talk about you and we all long to hold, cuddle and kiss you again. We tried so hard to keep you with us but God needed you for some other reason and took you away. Everybody who met you fell in love with you because you were such a little character. Dolly Doughnut, we all still love you so so much and I know our precious little darling that we will all meet you again. Your with Auntie Pilla now who will love and keep you safe until we all meet up again. You will always be in our hearts and soul and we love you so much our precious little baby girl.

Christine Goodridge

Dolly-Dog, 04/06/09

I rescued you and you rescued me.
I love you forever.

Snootches Jones

Dolly Harvey, 05/23/09-05/29/09


Polly and Aubrey Harvey And

Dolly Smith, 07/2003-01/21/09

She's a sweet kitty, a real trooper, and always a mighty force to be reckoned with! She lives on in the hearts of the many people whose lives she touched during her battle with cancer.

Gayle & Bob Smith

Dolphee, 10/18/97-01/21/09

My angel is in heaven now. I miss her. I know she is in good hands.

Jodie Snider

Dominic, 05/07/08

Dominic wasn't cute, or pretty. In fact, his coat was always greasy, and he was so skinny... he looked like your stereotypical alley cat. We knew there was something a bit different about this special little guy.
Even before he developed a neurological problem which caused muscle wasting and problems with his back legs, that caused him to walk strangely.

I was lucky enough to be liked by him. He let me hold him, although rarely ever for very long periods of time (he liked being able to drape his front paws over shoulders, though). He rolled over, and purred while I scritched his belly.

The day I filled out my paperwork to adopt him, I went over to visit him at the shelter. I sat on the floor in the isolation room he was being kept in with another cat who needed wet food, and he was all over me. He plunked himself down in my lap and spent so much time rolling around and purring, he almost fell off. We played a little- he followed me everywhere and looked SO excited when I'd call him over and tell him what a good boy he was.

The day I was approved to bring him home, was the day his neurological condition deteriorated to the point where the only humane thing left to do for him was to let him go.
He never made it home, but he was my cat.
My little trooper.


Dominique, 05/23/94-06/08/09

Oh, Dominique. You left so quickly. I still can't believe you are gone. I miss you baby. Mama loves you so much. Everytime I open the drapes and blinds, I will miss you sitting on your scratching post, waiting for some attention. That was our daily routine, wasn't it baby girl? I am so glad I have that video of you playing with your sister. Now you are together again and I hope you are at peace.
Remember, my girl, you are always in my heart. I will miss you until we are together again. I miss you, Dominique. Never forget that your Mama loves you.

DOMINO, 1993 - 9/14/09

Domino 9/14/09 rest his soul.

Domino was a black and white stray who was destined to be pinned up for life. I adopted him as a puppy. His fur was long and beautiful and his disposition was kind and wonderful. Some kids named him before I got him because he looked like a domino. Domino was with us for 16 years and finally just could not get up anymore. When the day came, I made arrangements ahead of time and then took him for McNuggets. I drove him down to the river where I opened all the windows and let the wind blow in on this beautiful hair and face. I shared the meal with him for about and hour. He ate and drank water. I then took him to the Vet…………Sadly, and I mean SADLY missed my me and Marci and my other dog, Clancy. The sadness is so great, especially at meal time and bed time. Love and kisses to him.

Domino 'Domi', 01/01/09

I love you my sweet, sweet boy.

Terri Anderson

Domino, 08/20/00-03/01/09

Thank you for being my grandkitten and letting me be your one and only human.
I love you and will miss you terribly.
Love, Momma, Grandma, Stripey and Loki.

Domino, 09/01/07-02/03/09

My little poot poots, you gave us lots of joy while you were with us for such a short time.
Hope to see you at the Rainbow Bridge.
Love, Mama

DOMINO SLAVIK, July 1999 - November 7 2009 12:30 p.m.

My Story Of My First Dog Domino.........
My parents said we could never get a dog, or may be when we move out( my two brothers and I). We always got pet rocks for Christmas. So I had gotten into reptiles heavily. I was always looking for that new pet to fill me with joy. Junior year of high school, by the time I had owned 4 ball pythons, 2 red tailed boas, breeding leopard geckos, five foot iguana..... etc......, my parents finally gave in and said "if you get rid of those reptiles you can get a dog." The boas and pythons went to a friend at school and the iguana went to a guy is San Francisco who rescued them and the leopard geckos to another friend. The idea of a dog was a real reality now! So I started to search and found an alaskan malamute for a good home and negotiable price? So my mom, Linda, and I went to check her out. Her name was Domino and she was purchased as a show dog for 1,500. He had not trained her at all, she jumped on people and didn't have much manners. We played with her for a bit in the yard, I was ready to take her home, but of course mom said dad, George, had to approve. I knew he would, I just had to get him to go see her now. We were at home waiting for him to get home from work and when he got home he agreed to go see her the next night. So we all loaded up in the explorer and went to go see Domino. My dad saw her and said " why didn't you bring her home last night" I was so excited. I had just gotten a new BEST FRIEND. One that wouldn't judge me for anything, like all the other wreched people in the world. I Would take Domino to the park and play with her, she was there for me everyday after school. I took her up to tahoe with me in some of the most horrible storms, but she loved that weather, even though it scared me to drive in. She made me strong as a passenger. She ran aside me as i sledded down hills and she would dig for animals in the snow. My dad played with Domino as much as he could too in the backyard, she would bring him the b.a.l.l to chase and bring back. I had to buy my mom a halti collar to w.a.l.k. Domino because she was so strong, but my mom loved to walk her. She hated the halti, but it got her around the block. Domino would get soo excited when I would get out the leash, no matter what it was for. Domino was kicked out of the dog parks because she picked up a jack russel terrier by its jugular and swung it around like a rag doll. Natural instinct and I loved the fact that she still had some of that in her. Domino caught one maybe two squirrels and one rat. Domino also had a taste for girls she got me a lot of attention when I took her out. She approved my current girlfriend Sefanie. Stefanie has also pampered and loved Domino like she was her own. Stefanie, domino, and myself have gone on many hiking, camping and snow trips together that we will never forget. Domino was all out best friend and I will never forget her. Domino will miss the treats from grandma and visits from Penny.
We Love You Domino,
Alan & Stefanie, George & Linda (Dad & Mom)

DOMINO was such a special dog. She was so beautiful to look at and had so much beauty on the inside. She filled our hearts with joy and was a thrill to watch run in the yard. I was privileged to know her through Alan Slavik. He was so fun to watch with her and had taught her to do so many tricks. He taught her to shake, roll over, go under your legs and could circle or do anything you wanted. She had dug up all the yard work we did for years and somehow we didn't even mind. We even painted her dog house fun colors and recarpeted it and gave her a #1 metal plate on her door. It was so much fun to take her on outings and we have so many memories with her. somehow I always thought she'd be there for us and I wished I could have been there for her the way she was for us. I can still feel her fur on my face and smell her and hear her breathing, she shook the bed back and forth and I loved that feeling. she makes me want to be a better person and not sweat the small stuff. Thank you DOMINO for making me a better person. I love you forever. Stefanie.

Dominoe, 02/01/90-08/11/07

A day doesn't go by that I don't miss you.

Gina Y

Don, 03/04/01-03/04/09

Don, you bacame so ill, so sudden, it brakes my heart to not have you at my side.I passed roby park "were we walked most nights" I can still see you
there but I know that you are now reunited with Quincy and you will both be running together in the lovley green valleys and , time is non existant over there, I will join you both when my time comes.Love you with all of my heart.Daddy

Dona Pitra, 02/20/09-04/19/09

I will always love my pet. once i have my new pet, i am going to be more nicer and NOT let it take a bath in the sink. ill always miss her.

Fernando G. Lorenzo Jr.

Donald, 04/07/93-24th Feb 2009

I would like to pay tribute to my darling Donald. It was a privelege to have him in my life, he had such a cheeky yet loving personality and I felt closer to that animal than I ever have to anything else. I miss him with all my heart and long for the day when I can hold, smell and touch him again. I think of him every second of every day and miss my little pal. Please let him be in a better place wheer he is happy and I hope one day we will be reunited. I love you Donald and will never ever forget you my angel.
Love mummy xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Donna, 07/01/98-07/17/07

We adopted her from a Chow Lab rescue shelter and came to us on Halloween night.
She was black with bright eyes and a sassy strut.
Donna was very protective of our family but loving in nature.
She was sweet, gentle and reserved and was one of the best decisions we ever made together as a family.
When we learned of her passing our hearts were broken and still are but we know she had an amazing life with us.
Some nicknames were Donna Doo, Donna Do-Right, Doo-Doo Brown, Donna Girl, Baby Girl.
We'll never forget you Donna and love you very much!
The Jackson 5

Donna Hurtado Sayegh, 08/01/96-06/05/09

mi donnis, mi donna,tu eres el regalo mas hermoso que la vida me dio, Gracias por compartir conmigo tu vida y hacer de mi vida una felicidad completa. te amamos rey, kelly y mapi.

Pilar Hurtado

Donner, 10/01/92-12/30/08

A special four legged friend, Donner made our lives happier and safer.
We'll miss him but will always have the memories of 16 good years.

Terry and Patricia Ryno

Donovan, 03/04/06-03/28/09

In memory of Donovan -- thanks gave me so much.

Joe Gallagher

Donut, 03/16/09

My beloved Donut,I love you and will always be missed.May you be in Heaven where you belong!


Dony Killpack, 07/12/09


Doo, 12/05/98-03/12/09

To my Little Doo. You made me realize what unconditional love is and you will be in my heart forever. I will always love you. Mommy XOXO.

Doodle, 01/21/87 - 09/21/09

22 Years of Love

Doodle, 12/24/92-05/21/09

Doodle you will always be in our thoughts.
You've been an amazing addition to our family and we will always love you.
Thanks for the memories.
Enjoy doggie heaven.
WE LOVE YOU!!!!! Mommy & Daddy

Doodles Parmese, 08/05/99-02/03/09





Baby Girl(Gilly) know you are missed and loved. I know now god sent me one of his ANGELS thats why he had to call you back home you made my life better and more livable I miss you more than i can say I will always love you and can't wait to be with you again i wil live with a big hole in my heart.Thank you for my new baby you really did a good thing ,daddy loves youand misses you

Dooley, 10/99-08/2003

I will never forget you and regret your tragic and untimely death. Six of your puppies are still with various family members and bring us all great joy. I will love you always. Fran

Dopey (Nanook), 17/06/09

Dopey you are my little baby & im going to miss you so much, you can chase ducks & rabbits any time you want now & go swimming in the water but dont drink too much of it. This is so hard Dopey, everywhere i look i see you, rubbing your nose on the grass & groaning in pleasure, flopping down & rolling round in the fresh cut grass, lying down beside my feet at night when im watching tv. I had 16 great years with you & im so pleased you picked me to be your friend. You can roam the hills forever now baby & i cant wait to see you again, we'l meet on rainbow bridge. Til that day you'l be in my heart & thoughts every day & night, I love you Dopey, I always will, there will never be another like you, bye for now fluffy bum, always & forever your mam xxx

Doppler, 10/05/94-06/08/09

We love you and will never forget you!

Mark, Monica, Kayla and Rachel Minne

Dorinda, 04/18/91-03/12/07

Our beloved Dorinda, we love you so very much.
You were the best kitty we ever could have imagined - a beautiful and loving Himmy-Siamese.

They say that cats choose their owners, and Dorinda definitely chose us.
She was such a wonderful kitty -- Heather couldn't help but say "Look at YOU!" every time she saw her because she just couldn't believe that she was OUR kitty!

For the next 15+ years, Dorinda assumed her rightful place as head of our household.
She lived with us and her 'sister cats', Ellie and Boo and brought much joy and happiness to us., Dorinda assumed her rightful place as head of our household. She was quiet (generally), dignified, stubborn, opinionated, and especially loved licking 'Chee-dust' (the orange powder left on your fingers after eating Cheetos) off our fingers.

Dorinda was caring, and would always come to check on us when we were sad or not feeling well, and touched noses with us occasionally,
She always managed to communicate to us, especially Heather, what she was thinking, feeling, or desiring.
She was very affectionate and LOVED to be given hugs and 'KEEEESES!' just as long as her back feet were still on the ground - she never enjoyed being lifted and carried.
She was a very important and much-loved member of our family.

When a cat chooses its owners, it considers not only how the owners will treat it in this chapter of its life, but how they will aid its beginning of the next chapter.
A few weeks ago, Dorinda let us know that while she had been proudly self sufficient in most matters of this world; she now needed our support and assistance to help make her move into the next.

She had led a long and happy life with us but her body was beginning to fail her.
Though it was the most painful thing we ever did, because we knew we would miss her deeply, we agreed to help her make her departure from this world as dignified, graceful, and painless as possible.
We let Dorinda go in the most peaceful and loving way we could and we were both there with her until she slipped away to the Rainbow Bridge.
We know she's there now waiting patiently for us and enjoying all of her favorites: crunchy kitty treats, "Chee-dust", homemade whipped cream, and licks of tiramisu cake.
Her soul will remain with us forever, watching over us and our home. We take comfort in knowing she had a long and wonderful life with us.

She brought so much love and happiness to our lives and we know she knew how very much we loved her.
We will miss sharing "KEEEESES!", hugs, and those powerful head-smashers with her.
Heather will especially miss putting her forehead gently on hers and holding it in position for a long 'Himmy Mind Meld' while she purred, and will miss using her as her fuzzy pillow every night.
We will miss her sweet face and her beautiful purr.

We know she's at the Rainbow Bridge right now taking applications for our future kitties.
No one could ever replace her and we will never forget Dorinda.
She is a most wonderful creature who shared her life with us, and made our lives so much more wonderful by her presence. Her soul continues to live on in our home. Dorinda, true to her name, is Always.

We miss you so much and just can't believe that we will never again see your beautiful face or hear your incredible purr.

We love you.

Heather & Richard & Ellie & Boo

Dorsett, 04/19/00-05/02/09

Dorsett was a beloved member of our family. He was greatly loved and will be greatly missed. A piece of my heart is broken and will never ever be repaired. I pray to God we made the right decision in sending him to Peace and I hope that he knows just how much we all loved him and will always always remember him.

Ruth Almeida York

Dory, 04/10/09

Sweet little Dory came to Angels with Paws after being found in the cold very sick.
She died from a bad infection caused by ingesting string.
Even though our vet did surgery, it was too late and she died shortly afterward.

At least she is no longer suffering.


Dory Reynolds Bryant, 05/19/92-10/31/08

Thank you for choosing us as your pet parents. We think of you everyday!!!

Rick & Bill Reynolds Bryant

Dosha Montano Rodriguez, 01/01/98-02/10/09

Mommy and Daddy love you so very much! We know you are now free of pain and are in a better place! WE MISS YOU SO MUCH DOSH!
love always,
Mommy and Daddy

Dot, 09-05-1994 - 09-30-2009

I lost my fuzzy faced quadraped, best friend of 15 years. Dot went peacefully to sleep as I knew she was ready for a very well deserved rest after being an awesome, loving and faithful companion for 107 human years. I loved her with all my heart and she was the best friend anyone could ever ask for and she was and always will be "Momma's Girl".

Godspeed Dot and thanks for the years and the memories. Every life you touched was made happier and richer cause you were the best.

I miss you and love you


Dot, 06/11/09

Dot was loved by many and will never be forgotten.
She was a wonderful companion and will live on in our memories... until we meet again and I can say "Momma's Home"


Dot (Kim's Baby), 01/29/09

In tribute to little Dot who's enegetic, loving and loyal spirit will be missed very much!!

Kathy and Donna

Dots, 11/05/95-11/09/08

Dots, I have your name posted on here for everyone to see, yet I did not do a tribute for you.
That I must do now.
Your best friend as you know, we lost today, Blazer has crossed the Rainbow Bridge and I only pray that you were there to greet him.
You two were the best dogs that anybody could ever ask for, you the sweetest, and he protected the family including you, yes you had your spats at times like brother and sister, but we know that if anyone or thing tried to hurt you, Blazer would have been there.
My beautiful baby girl Dotsy, show him what you have learned in only 4 short months that we lost you, and you will be now together for all eternity and never be alone.
All of us love you, miss you so very much, and know you are a guardian angel because there wasn't a mean streak in your body.
Love you baby girl.

Dottie, 05/26/02-08/10/06

We love you Dots!
We never forgot about you.

Divina H

Dottie (The Scottish Terrier), 02/20/03-04/20/09

Our precious little scottie was a very special little girl with so many memories.We will miss her so very much!

Scott and Gina Smith

Doug, 03/21/96-06/27/09

Doug was the sweetiest dog, very kind and loved grand kids.I miss him climbing under the covers with us and also all the kisses.We dont have anyone to give our pizza crust anymore and miss all that drull Very lonely without you doug. I love You and miss you so much. Til We meet again! grandma

Dougal, 06/14/09

Sleep peacefully little Piggy.
We love you.
Mum and Jonathan. xxx

Dougal, 01/25/08-02/03/09

He came into my life and stayed for such a short time but left such a lasting imprint on my heart.

Anne MacCuish

Dougal Murphy, 30/09/94-04/05/09

Rest in peace wee boy, we will never forget you x x x

Marie, Sarah, Jacqui & Stephen

Douglas, 11/08/92-12/04/08

An exceptional and much loved friend and companion.

Diana, Dave, Kim and Nicole Gallagher

Doxie, 05/04/94-02/23/09

Thank you Doxie for all the wonderful years you gave us.
We miss you so much - our home will never be the same without you - you were like our fourth child. We know we will see you again, but will miss you dearly until that time.
Until we meet again, love Dad & Mom.

Dozer, 08/17/02-06/09/09

The love, laughter and joy you brought into our lives will forever be missed & remembered. You taught us the meaning of unconditional love and our lives were truly blessed and protected by your presence. We miss you deeply our loyal friend. We Love You Dozer.

Brett & Tammi Besemer

Dozer, 02/25/09

Dozer was our special dog although he was not owned by us.....we were his Grandparents who watched him every chance we could....he would always get so excited to go in the car for a ride with the windows partly down...oh how he enjoyed that fresh air blowing on him...we will miss him but did not want to see him suffer and know he will find our beloved Scout when he gets to Rainbow Bridge and all will be well again....

Dave and Judy

Dragon, 01/21/09

Dragon....I sorely miss you and feel very guilty for your death. I'm so sorry........I hope you can forgive me my loyal companion....I didn't know that medicine was bad for were a funny pet and everyone here misses you dearly.....I haven't had the heart to tell them of your death because I know it would break all their were very loved...I can't tell you that enough......I love you and hope that perhaps I can see you once again.....

Love you babe..

-Ash a.k.a annoying fussy owner...heh......

Drai Yeomens, 10/14/89-04/22/09



Drake, 09/14/06

when i found out drake had a brain tumor he gave 5 months for me to show him how much i loved the end and the last day he showed me that it was time for him to go. it was my last sign of true love that i showed him in putting him to sleep. the last words i told him was i will see you at rainbow was the easyiest thing for me to was to put drake down the hard thing was letting him go

Keith Brown

Drake, 01/09/09

Hey Drake,

We cannot tell you how happy you made our lives since the day we brought you home.
Saying so long to you was the absolute hardest thing we have ever done in our life but we know you are pain free now and loving life again.
We love you and will always miss you, until we meet again buddy, take care of yourself.
Go find that big ol moose shed that we spent so much time looking for up in Alaska.
We love you Drake.

Ryan and Rachel

Drake E. Milfoy, 01/08/08

It has been one year since we have said our good-byes.
Although each day has gotten easier, not a moment goes by where you are not in our thoughts.
We miss your wet nose more than words can say and hope you are having the time of your life up there.
Thank you for watching over your baby brother, Reecie.
We love you and always will, Drakey!
Love, Mom, Dad, Sonia, Rainy, Solomon, Fritz, and Baby Reece

Drake Moriconi Sutton, 05/05/95-03/27/09

Drake - you were an amazing dog.
You were filled with love, and always so sweet.
I will miss the belly rubs, your big brown eyes, and your doggy smile.
You were a terrific companion, and I will miss you terribly.
I will always love you, and am so lucky to have had you as my dog.
Drake-a-poo, I know that you are at peace, and you will always have a special place in my heart.

Jennifer Sutton

Draky, 02/07/08-03/04/09

My Draky,i hate to call him a cat,while for me he was my baby.My baby who always brought us sunshine at home.He was there either outside at home or setting in the door waiting for us to came home.The love that he showed us was so amazing.Nobody in this world could replace him. We terribly missed him,specially his sister Chiky,in which to painfull to look at her roaming around as if she's looking where her brother is.
oh baby,wherever u are now i hope u feel happy and warm.Remember that we love you,very much.And I knew that someday we could meet each other again.


Dreamer, 03/08/09

Dreamer I miss you and I still can't believe you're really gone. I keep looking at te window in hopes of seeing you there waiting to come in. You will always be in my heart along with Misty. I'll always love you.


Drew, 03/09/09

Drew has been the only creature who always had a smile on his face and simply could not wait for me to get in the door.
I can not wait until the day I get to see him again and spend eternity with him.
I love you Drew and thank you for all of the love, joy and warmth you have given my heart......I miss you so much and can't wait to be with you. I love you.


Drifter, 09/05/85-02/27/09

loving dog

Susan Haag

Dripper, Oct. 6, 2009

i know he had a hard life on the street, but you came into my home and gave me nothing butlove, i saved you and you saved me, i never thought i would or could love a cat as much as i loved you, you will always have a place in my heart, i hope you are happy where you are and are waiting for me to join you, i know you are still watching over me as you always have but rember, i will join you and we will never be aprt again love mommy

Drizzt, 05/13/96-06/07/09

My dear friend who I will miss until I see you again.

Julie Clancy

Drizzt, 10/08/94-06/08/01

Drizzy I miss you still and can't wait for the day I get to see you again.
I hope you are enjoying the wonderful place you are.
Find Alustriel and keep close to her.
I will see you again one day and we will have joyous reunion.

Joan Holycross

Drysdale, 03/27/97-04/15/09

To my dearest friend:

I will miss you ol buddy.
I will see you in heaven.
I miss you.

John Plummer

Dublin Rose, 11/15/96-06/28/09

Dubbie Doodle, we miss you.

Shannon and Ed Riotte

Duchess, 1995-06/16/09

Beautiful girl. Wonderful friend.


Duchess, 06/24/09

you were with us since you were dumped at our gate as a tiny puppy.
The last night I had you--I knew in my heart it would be our last night together.
But you came and got up on the couch and I petted you and told you it was okay that I loved you.
When you got up that last time I knew that you were nearing the end of your journey.
The last thing I could do for you was to put you on your favorite bed spread.
When you slipped away I took you out and buried you next to Sydney and Pudgy.
Three is one week was almost more than I could take.
You were the one I expected to lose. I didn't expect to lose them.
You were afraid of thunder and lightening--but after Dad died you started sleeping on the bed.
I had to push you off many nights--but I loved you girl and am going to miss you.
As I was burying you at 2:30 in the morning I thought that I was glad to live in the country.
This country life let you dogs have so much running room.
Missing you.
You were a great dog==you alwys looked so sad--but we didn't know what had happened to you before you came to us at such as early age.
You were the best and we will miss you.


Duchess, 04/13/97-02/17/09

Duchess had been with us since she was 5 wks old. She loved to run and play and loved to camp. She was stricten with cancer 2 yrs ago and survived,
she had a disease that made the muscles in her body deteriorate. We miss her terribly and so does her sister, Sammy. She's forever in our hearts.

Jim and Judy

Duchess, 12/25/97-02/12/08

Watch over my dear Duchess cat.
Duchess, I'll always love you and miss you.


Duchess, 09/12/95-01/31/09

Dear Sweet Duchess our angel kitty- thank you for filing each of our days with sunshine and never your ending love.T here is no better friend than you have been to Courtney.
We thank God for sending us such a precious gift to care for these last 13 1/2 years. We didn't save you YOU saved us!!
You have been so much more than a friend and there are not enough words to describe the love that we have for you.
The hole that you leave will never be filled but will always be a part of us. You have been and will always be our "angel kitty".
Dance and play with dad and Misha my dear dear companion and lifelong friend..until we meet again---see you later love Courtney & Mom

Duck, 07/02/93-07/09/09

To the Duckman, who didn't have a mean bone in his body, our family will miss you and your smile every day. Hopefully you met up with Kiera and are enjoying a romp together. We will always love you and you will remain in our hearts forever!

The Berry Family

Duckee, The Duck, 06/04/09

Duckee, How will we ever forget you? You kept our hospital safe from mean dogs, and nasty cats. You were our receptionist for 3 years. We loved to see you run out of the bathroom after you scared someone. Rest in peace

Andie MacDonald

Ducky Doodle, 05/26/06-02/13/09

Our Mr. Ducky Doodle was a very special little guy. A runt of the litter, bottle fed for weeks, we did not expect him to live. He proved us wrong and grew up to be a perfect little guy of 7 pounds. His personality was one of a kind, silly, sometimes neurotic, but incredibly smart. We tragically lost our Mr. Ducky yesterday, and will miss him more than words can say. The time he had with us was special, and he is unforgetable. Our hearts are very heavy and there is a definite empty place that only he could fill. We look forward to seeing him at Rainbow Bridge when the time is right, and seeing him bounce and prance like he always did. We love you Mr. Ducky.

Lisa Meyer

Dude, 1998 - 12 January 2009

Well little "Pitbull" you fought your last fight and took on something a little bigger than you.
We were graced by your presence when someone dumped you on our driveway.
You knew you had found some wonderful humans to love you.
We did.
We had given you other names too: Monkey Butt, Demon, Ganma's Boy and you answered to them all. Finding you was heart wrenching, your final time in your Sponge Bob blanket took you to the BRIDGE.
Wait for us with all our other babies Dude, we will see you again.
We LOVED you little one.

Barbara Butler and Lenara Snell

Dude Wallace, 04/26/08-01/10/09

Dude was taken from us way too soon. He was just a baby. He got really sick one night and I took him to the vet and when she opened him up his intestines were dead, the vet said it was from a birth defect we did not know about.There was nothing the vet could do. We were soo sad and it happened so fast. We are having a hard time dealing with nyour loss Dude. We know you are in a better place and we will meet again someday. Brandie and Cocoa miss you dearly. I miss my little trio we had. You were such a handsome funny little guy. Im sorry you had to go but Im glad that I got to be your mommy for the short time you were here. We love you Duders.
Until We Meet Again,
Mom, Dad, James and your sisters Brandie and Cocoa Wallace

Heather Wallace

Dudley, 04/20/09

My wonderful sheepdog. I will miss you so much.

Stephanie Gifford

Dudley, 04/22/09

My beautiful boy is now at peace. I hope that he is youg and sighted again and running around a pool with a ball in his mouth. That was one of his favorite things to do.

He loved me unconditionally and I feel lost without him.

Rest in peace Doodles. I will always love and cherish you and I will look for you at the Bridge. Thank you for being such an important part of my life.


Dudu, 16/07/78

You were my first dog and you've made me the happiest child in the world! I'll never forget you and will love you forever.

Fernanda Ferreira de Ferreira

Duermo, 03/18/09

I'll cry for every time I have to translate "I Sleep" into Spanish
But I will continue to live for you too!

Lacy Finnigan

Duffy, 10/22/91-07/10/09

Duffy you filled our lives with joy. You were/are a best friend to us, and your brother Pete. We will miss you so very much. Thank you for all the special times, kisses, courage, and love. Thank you for choosing us. Petey Duffy Dino Joey = Best Friends Forever.

Duffy, 03/25/08-12/08/08

We miss Duffy so much and wish he was alive.

Brooke, Sydney, Alda and Steven

Duffy, 01/16/99-02/07/09

To our beloved Airedale Terrier, Duffy. You were funny, inquisitive, demanding of our attention, always ready for action, and, above all, loyal. You enriched our lives immeasurably. We miss you.

Larry & Liz Wymer

Duffy Pitsavas, 04/30/09

While you were with us for 3 short years, you filled our hearts with lots of love and kindness. Your hugs and headbutts will not be forgotten. We love you Duffy.

Nicole Pitsavas

Duggan, 04/16/98-01/01/09

Duggan,mama's bubba, you were the light of my life. You will live in my heart forever. My strong boy, I loved you so much. Please run free and happy now baby.

Mandy Zechmeister

Dugie, 03/25/92-05/22/08

I love you so much my sweet angel.
You will always be in my heart until we are together again.

Carol Buckley

Duke, 06/11/09

100 pound Duke was the most obedient, friendly dog ever. who always had a perfect dispostion. He was devoted to his human family, loved all people and other dogs he met, the best walking partner in the world, and waited so patiently for everything.
Our backyard here in town and our farm will feel so empty for a long time.

John and Frieda Jetter

Duke, 09/22/97-06/26/09

To the love of my life who helped me through really tough times and only gave me love and laughter and an inner quiet. I miss you with every fiber of my being.
I believe your are over the bridge and you are running and playing and waiting for my time to come so you can meet me for my journey.
I love you,

Duke, 6//2/97-06/06/09

Dear Duke,

I had a lot of fun raising you and having you as my boy.
Your presence gave me strength, comfort, security and love.

Rest in peace, without any pain, and I will see you soon at the rainbow bridge.

Rieko Tran

Duke, 09/01/00-05/20/09

My sweet, sweet Duders.
I miss you so much!!! Letting you go was the hardest thing I've ever had to do.
I miss your sweet face and your big brown eyes.
The house is so empty without you.

It's hard to write about you, I can't see because of all the tears in my eyes.
I love you!

It' only been 24 hours since you've been gone and I can't stop crying.
I sit in "your" chair hugging your blanket with my eyes closed and I can smell you, and it feels like your still here....until I open my eyes.

I love you Duders.... my good boy, my sweet pea!!!
I hope you miss me as much as I miss you.


Duke, 05/06/09

My Dukie was rescued in 2003 from wandering around an apartment complex, abandoned and half-starved. He was a wonderful companion to me until he suffered a heart attack last week. I will miss his snuggles and kisses and will always love him.

Patricia Hutchison

Duke, 05/90-04/17/09

Duke has gone to join his big brother Scrapps. For the past few years he has had kidney problems, and here in the last month they began to fail. I was fortunate to have been a part of his life for nearly 19 years. I had to make that decision this morning to put him to sleep, he had stopped eating and drinking since last night, and generally unresponsive. I hated to let him go, but I believe it was the right thing for him. I love you Duke! And Buckshot misses you too!


Duke, 02/20/94-03/29/09

Our beloved Dukey,
We know you are in Heaven. We miis you and I miss cooking for you. I see you all the time in the kitchen waiting for you food. We will wait till God calls us to heaven. I am sure we will get see you. Benoy looks sad some time.
But we know you are happy.
Love Anna k.

Duke, 12/28/05-04/04/09

We got Duke in June of 2007 when he was 1 1/2 years old.
He became very attached to me in a short time.
He was a gentle giant - so loving and sweet.
We understood each other. It was like we could read each other's thoughts.
He died unexpectedly while we were on vacation. His stomach twisted while at the kennel and the vet could not save him. I will miss him terribly.


Duke, 04/01/09

forever loved

Kathy Koledin

Duke, 06/08/02-04/29/09

long live the duke

Mackenzie Nolan

Duke, 07/22/97-03/12/09

Duke you were my shadow and protector.
I miss you so much.

Reneah Raffay

Duke, 04/28/93-04/19/08

To the love of my life, my best friend and forever soul-mate.
I love you so very much Duke! You brought so much into my life that had been missing for years, and I'm eternally grateful to you my precious man.
I so look forward to seeing you again one day, and spending the rest of eternity with you.
Kisses and hugs.

Janice Giampaoli

Duke, 06/95-05/03/06

Duke, my very special friend and companion, who was with me through thick and thin. Duke who loved all whom he met, and was also loved by everyone. Although it will soon be 3 full years since you left me, I still shed a tear and miss you soooooooo much.And yes, Hannah that crazy pointer friend of your's misses you too. Till we meet again, love you forever. Mike, Hannah and Rocky.

Duke aka Dukas aka Dukeness, 02/13/09

Duke was released from his suffering today and went to the Rainbow Bridge. He was only four years old and I was fortunate to have him for the last two. You see Duke was owned by a dog fighter before I got him and all the love, socialization, manners training couldn't undue the damage done by the dog fighter. To me, his rescuer, he was a loyal, faithful companion who loved me unconditionally and protected me from harm, even if the harm was often in his mind only. Please don't let Duke's death be in vain.
If you see suspicious behavior and think an individual may be fighting dogs do the right thing and report it to the authorities. I will miss you Duke. A piece of my heart went with you today.


Duke, 11/30/93-02/05/09

As much as I'm going to miss you. I'm glad to know you're with mom again, probably sitting on her lap. You were a great companion to mom. You'll always be 'one of the big dogs'.
I'll never forget you and you'll always be in my heart.

Cheryl Foss

Duke, 02/14/94-28/01/09

I will never forget your beautiful red ears and big ole brown eyes old were my constant love and companion and not a day goes by that you are not in my thoughts.... I love you little guy and I hope you can forgive me... your were a good dog!!!

Yvette Butt

Duke, 08/26/00-01/12/09

You were such a loving dog with an awesome spirit that I have never seen before.
You were my little shadow and always cheered me up when I was down.
You always made people laugh with your crazy little antics...that's what made you so special.
You were taken from us much too soon.
I really wasn't ready to let you go!
I miss you so much!
I love you with all of my heart and will never forget you.


Duke, 1995

I just found this page.
Duke you will always bein my heart...I will never forget you.
I love you Mommy

Duke Bauman Marchionda, 05/24/09

Duke was the nicest loving dog in the world. He had a humble spirit and was the greatest source of love in our home. I thank God for every moment I had to spend with him.
His big brown eyes and beautiful face will be missed.
Duke was always kind, truly, he was such a good boy.
We miss you so much Duke. We love you.

Susan and Grace Marchionda

Duke Miller, 11/04/00-11/14/08

We still miss you everyday dear friend.

Larry and Debbie Miller

Dukie, 06/04/09

Hey, my Little Man Dukie:
I know you know you are loved, and sorely missed.
Wait for me at the bridge - you'll find Harley, Damien & Bean there too.
I'll be along soon and together we will all walk across that bridge.
I'll bring your favorite Penguin toy with me.
Good bye my Little Man.

Dumplin, 11/30/08-05/01/09

What can I say about my little friend. I brought her into the world, helping her to breathe and then watched as she took her last breath just 5 months later. I hope she comes back to me in a body that benefits her. I'll always love you.

Colleen K

Dumpling, 16/04/09

RIP Dumpling
You were our favourite you hated bath time but you loved it when you were getting dryed fugly will miss you alot he has lost his buddy
thinking of you always

Penny and Tony

Duncan, 4/27/07 - 10/21/09

2 years ago we posted a tribute to your sister Katie Rose. Only the pain of her death was eased because we still had you. Tomorrow we will take you to end your suffering and you will join Katie. You were always the mellow guy. So patient so sweet. You loved eveyone and everyone loved you. So as we share our last night together, know how much we love you and how much you will be missed.

Go now and find your sister and wait for us for oneday we will find you across the rainbow bridge.

Love You Always.

Your Forever Family for almost 13 years.

Duncan, 07/24/04-03/21/09

Duncan, Dunkie, Dunkadoo you were with me for far too short a time.
I miss my "Little Guy."
Mommy loves you.

Duncan, 11/22/07-02/28/08

Our Little D brought so much love and happiness to us.
Our hearts are aching.

Shirley, Rudy, Crystal Lopez

Duncan, 08/15/97-01/16/09

Duncan - Where did the time go? 12 years came and went so fast that it's hard to imagine our daily lives without you in it. Knowing you did not suffer and are now crossing the Rainbow Bridge is a comfort to us and everyone whose life you touched. From time to time you may hear a familiar voice calling out your name while you are running through the green grass with your new friends looking for Scooby Snacks, I am sure. It's Mom's voice being carried to you by the wind to let you know we are thinking of you - today and always.

Mike and Pam Spaugy

Duncan Magic Moxie, 03/31/09

Sweet, gentle, loving boy I miss your "music" and playing duck, duck goose with you. You had to go much too soon.

Betty Kyle

Duncan McCloud, 06/28/98-12/25/08

I love you so and this I know.
You are in my heart and part of me forever baby boy.

Rose & Ed Rodriguez

Duncan Paige, 06/22/09

We will miss you duncan.
I know that you were suffering, so we helped the pain go away.
It tore us up inside, but we will meet again one day.
When we meet, we will never seperate again.
We will be together forever.

Nora, Lisa, and Melissa

Dune (Wish Up a Sandstorm), 06/12/97-05/04/09

All heart.

Rick and Pam Staul

Dunkel, 04/27/01-03/18/09

We lost you today Dunk. Our hearts ache for you.
When I came home today the house wasn't the same.
It was so hard for us to say goodby. We will
meet again my little Dunkel.

Tim Connelly

Dunn, 05/01/98-06/16/03

Dunn, you are missed and remembered for your great spirit and companionship. Rest easy.

Joe Danna

Dustin Copper Brundage, 05/31/94-04/03/09

Our dear Copper will forever be in our hearts as we miss your wit, charm and loyalty. You have always been such a strong little poodle through it all, but now we hope that you will rest in peace and comfort. 'Til we meet at the bridge...

Love you!

Lana and Terri

Dusty, 07/93-07/13/09

Rest in peace, our dear little Dusty doodle-bug.
You were the world's best barn dog, always ready to protect your farm and horses and your mom. Your horses and pack miss you and look for you every day.
I really miss my little tan shadow and will always carry you with me in my heart.

Kyle & Pete Hatzenbuehler

Dusty, 01/91-05/2009

He was the best cat I've ever had...and I've had alot.
He was my baby.


Dusty, 06/22/09

I adopted this small loving soul on a Thursday. I had very little time with her before she got sick.
I loved her so very much.
I can still see her scratching on her box just happy to be here.
She died in my arms and I will never forget her sweet face.

Tiara Willis

Dusty, 2006-06/20/09

Such a sudden and unforeseen tragedy at the groomer this morning. My affectionate, wonderful blessing, Dusty was taken by cardiac arrest. The animal hospital was only 2 blocks away but could not revive him. It was the first and last time I will use a groomer for a cat.
I should have known better. I love him and miss him. I am struggling with guilt and pain of losing my close friend that wakes me up in the morning and sleeps with me at night.. Dusty will be terribly missed for a long long time. I adopted him as a baby and he was going to be 3 years old in July...

Rob N

Dusty, 04/01/98-06/19/09

The best friend and study partner I could ever ask for. He can never be replaced.

Amy Ramon

Dusty, 07/05/96-06/04/09

She came to me as a six week old puppy and was my constant companion. She tried so hard to talk and was such a joy in my life.

Lynette Gibbons

Dusty, 04/27/09

Our good boy.
We miss you so much. I miss your funny looks and your howling and your pretty caramel eyes.
You were the best boy ever - so sweet natured, always happy-go-lucky.
I was so glad I was your mom.
You made me happy and I love you so very much.
I'm so sad you're not here with me, but so glad you're not hurting anymore.
I hope you watch over me, Brad, and Millie.
She misses you, too.
I love you, bubby.

Kathy Powell and Brad Abraham

Dusty, 11/01/90-04/31/04

We love and miss you lot's Dusty.
You were with us for so long it just isn't the same with out you.


Dusty, 03/18/09

Dusty we loved you so much and you will always be in hearts. you were the greatest buddy that anyone could ask for. you were are family member and our pal. you will live on in our hearts, forever and always. we love you and always will. and we'll see you soon. you and roxy.

Bill, Pam, Zac, and Susianne

Dusty, 06/01/97-03/09/09

Dusty has been my best friend for the past 11 1/2 years and she will always be in my heart forever!

Wendy Kk

Dusty, 01/2001-03/09/09


John & Gail Salgado

Dusty aka Dobie & The Dustman, 1991-02/04/09

I love you my sweet baby boy. We were privledged to have you for 18 wonderful years. We miss you every single day. You kept our promise & lived to my 40th birthday. I pray that I gave you the most respectful end that I could, to my most dearly loved little Dobie.

Mama loves Dobie
And Dobie loves Mama....

Dusty, 01/30/09


Dusty, 11/21/97-11/10/08

My angle Dusty.
You were an angel on earth, I know you are truly an angel in Heaven.
I love and miss you so much, but I know you are in a place that will give you all I could not.

I love you little girl.

Dusty, 1992-01/15/09

You were my first pet as an adult and were there for me through everything in my life.
When guys left, you were there.
I loved you like you were my firstborn child and I miss you more than anything in the world.
You were always so accepting of the new additions and remained mommy's little boy.
I can't believe you are gone and you are in my thoughts every minute.
I am praying that I will see you again one day.
There will never be another love like that you gave me.

Cindy McFarland

Dusty, 01/15/09

I am so lost without my big protector. I miss you following me around the house. The house is so quiet without you in it. We miss you very much and will forever carry you in our hearts. Thank you so much for all of the great memories. I hope with all my heart that you are with Bandit and both of you are able to play without pain.

Debby & Tom

Dusty, 09/25/97-09/29/08

The first dog we ever owned, we loved her dearly and she will never be forgotten.

Brandon and Kari

Dusty Arndt, 03/30/98-02/14/09

My Dearest Dusty,
Your loss has left a gaping hole in my heart. I miss you so much. When I got you on Father's Day in 1998, it was so hard for me - a loner all my life - to get used to sharing my space with you. Now, almost 11 years later, I find it so much harder to not be able to share my life anymore with you. Your curiosity, spunk and unconditional love won me over. I could not have asked for a better child than you. May God bless you and look over you forever. Your memory will be in my heart for the rest of my life.

William Arndt

Dusty Blue, 04/02/09

Bless my Dusty Blue Cat--12 years-- had lymphoma-my best friend and soulmate went to heaven. my heart will never be the same without him-my precious angel boy. I dedicate the song "Bless the Beast and the Children" to him which i personally sing to him. Love Mommy

Dusty Lougheed, 04/26/95-09/12/08

Dear wee Dusty,
We miss you so much. You were the smartest and most loving cat we ever had. We will never forget you. I am sure you are waiting for us at The Rainbow Bridge with Tommy and Kalla. Someday we
will all be reunited.
All our love,
Mommy Barb and Grannie Brenda

Dutch, 07/31/95-05/06/09

Dutch, when you first entered my home and jumped up on my lap I knew you where home and meant to be with me. You where full of life and personality that made everyone notice and love you. We went through a lot in the 9 years we where together, 9/11, the passing of Todd, hurricanes and a lot of good times. This last year was difficult knowing your illness and that one-day I would have to do something I dreaded. Now that the day has come, I cannot express how much I miss you. I hear you speak to me as you did when you wanted something. Although my house is now silent I still hear you running through house with you chewy or toy. Know that I LOVED you with all my heart and wish we had more time. Sleep well my child. Love, Michael

Dutch, 10/11/99-01/11/09

Dutchy brought love and friendship to all that he touched.
He was a true example of what it means to love unconditionally everyone he met.
He will be missed until we meet again at the rainbow bridge.

Jim and June Sabatinos

Dutch Chewey, 03/21/99-12/23/08

Dutch was truly a very special member of our family, as well as being the best friend anyone could ever have. We loved, and cherished him, and there is not a day that goes by that we do not think of him and remember the love we shared with him. Dutch had a wonderfully unique personality and we honestly believe that he never saw himself as anything other than human.
He made us laugh and feel loved unconditionally.
His time with us was way too short and he will always be missed. We love you Dutch.

Patrick Black and Janine and Bruce Piscadlo

Dutchess, Summer of 1981 to Autumn of 1991

P.S. I remember driving to Pataskala with a friend to pick you up and surprised the family and what a surprise when your Dad arrived home from work to meet you.

Dutchess, 04/28/09

brave little soul-rest in peace

Donna Jak

Dutchess, 07/12/97-12/06/07

Not a day goes by that you aren't miss. A part of my heart will always belong to you.

Gina Y

Dutchess, 12/23/08

Dutchess was attacked by an Akita and couldn't survive her internal injuries. She was the love of my life and I always used to tell her she "was in the middle of my heartbeat".
I miss her terribly and ache to see her face and pet her.
I am so shaken because she was taken before her time by violence.
She was a special girl and will be forever in my heart.

Laurie Pacheco

Dutchess Sheppard, 05/15/03-01/23/09

Dutchess my baby was the light of my life and she was my first personal pet. She was so smart and loved to chase the squirrels. Even after she tore her acl she was ready to run and play. She was with me evryday of her life until she was so sick we had to let her go. I will love you forever baby, and miss you and your sweet spirit. I know you are running after squirrels now and I look forward to sharing our special moments with those we both loved. Thank you for the time we had little girl, you made my life a joy!

Anne Sheppard

Dylan, 04/17/03-03/23/09

Dylan was an old soul and a special dog. She never needed to be trained, she just learned from observation. Dylan was the smartest and most obedient dog we ever had.She always wanted to please. Her life with us was not long enough. She will be sorely missed.

Joanne, Rick, Ali and Art

Dylan, 06/05/96-01/09/09

We love you so much and will miss you dearly.
Be in peace, my big boy.

Love, Mom and Dad, and your brothers and sisters.

Dylan David Jeffrey Worsham McManus, 07/12/98-11/25/08

To Our Dearest Son Dylan, We love you so very much! We miss you so much every minute of every day. In the mornings when we get up, we are filled with so much dread at the thought of your not being with us. Everytime we think of you, we smile and you still make us laugh when we think of your special little antics. My favorite one was when you would flop back on me, never doubting that I would catch you and you would look up at me and I could see the laughter in your big brown eyes. When I see all of your things, like your little clothes and coat and toys, it breaks my heart. Your being gone has left a big hole in our hearts. We love you so much and I hope that every tear that your Mom and I have shed for you gives you a little hug, because if it does you'll for sure have enough hugs to last until we get to be with you again forever. We love and miss you so much our sweet, dear Son and we can't wait to be with you again. All our love forever, Mama Sandee and Daddy David

Dylan Ray, 07/08/09

Dylan Ray, we love you and we will miss you, you were such a good boy, Love Randy, Beth, Melissa, Matthew, Jake and Chris

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