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2009 Tributes

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Cabo, 06/21/98-03/02/09

Today we want to celebrate the life of our beautiful & brave boy Cabo.
He was a full of life Golden Retriever who taught us how to live & reminded us to be joyful and "happy dance" every day!
He was only here a short 10 1/2 years, but every single day with him was special & more fun because he was along for the ride.
I have never met a dog that touched more people - he has friends far & wide, and was so loved!! Our hearts ache for him, but we know he is running on healthy strong legs through heaven tonight with a tennis ball in his mouth, and spreading his infectious joy up there!

Saying goodbye is the hardest thing we've ever done & we will miss you every day.
So long for now my sweet friend.
Mommy & Daddy love you!

Cabot, 12/01/97-04/23/09

Our beloved Cabot.
You taught me so much in your life and your passing.
My life will be forever changed.
Your happy ever ready for the next big adventure.
Your courage when things were tough, your wonderful kind gentle nature.

There will never be another just like you!

In our hearts forever.

Pam & Ray Guyer

Cachi, 08/24/91-05/08/09

Cachi baby, thank you for the wonderful 17 1/2 years of unconditional love. Our home and hearts are so empty with out you, Luckily you left us with so many great memories and with you little sister to help us with our pain.You will live in our minds and hearts forever! RIP our baby, until we meet again

Gina and Rolando Lopez

Cacique, 04/01/92-12/28/08


Doreen & Angelika Salazar & Daddy

Cadberry Catherine, 07/04/09

My Darling Cadberry Catherine. Thank you for being my so very clever and stubborn baby.
I will love you for always. xxx


Caddie, 09/20/08

Caddie was the best person I have ever known. His love was unconditional, his spirit always cheery, his mood always playful. He is truly missed more than we thought possible. Our hearts are broken and heavy.

Joan and Andy

Caddie, 09/23/04-02/19/09

Caddie was the most amazing dog who brought so much joy to my life and that of my husband and children.
She was taken from us way too young at the age of only 4-1/2.
Our attempts at treating her cancer was only able to extend any kind of a meaningful life for her for 1 month.
May God bless all of us who are grieving the loss of furry family member and be reassured that we will meet up with them again some day.


Cado, 04/30/08-05/25/09

Cado was such a sweet, beautiful kitten who was put on this earth to remind me to love every day.
The littlest things would make her happy - a butt scritch or her dinner bowl coming towards her.
I miss her little chirps the most.


Caesar, 06/10/09

My sweet baby boy spent almost 12 years with me. He helped me during some very tough times always there to greet me with a smile on his face. He will be greatly missed by many. Caesar,I hope you're laying in the sun with your brother Kiki now and enjoying some cola chicken for me.Remember I will always love you, until we meet again, love from your mom (and brother Tsumi)

Caesar, 09/26/96-04/21/09

Adopted from the SPCA 14 months ago when I stopped in to find a cat as a playmate for my only cat left after 3 others died. Caesar was seen on an old blanket on a cement floor.
His hips and back legs already were bad, he struggled to raise up and walked painfully looking.
A note on the cage door said his master gave him up due to her own disability and upcoming surgery, and that she had asked that he not be "put to sleep."
Caesar was my and my girlfriend's focus for 14 months. I moved a bed into the dining room to be close for his care.
Caesar learned the goodness of riding shot-gun in my truck, that my black Lab, Willie, was fun to try to chase. I learned that Caesar loved ball.
He'd chase what he could.
He'd play catch while laying down then use his nose to strongly push the ball back for another try at catch.
And, Caesar quickly learned to love his Grandma, my mother.
At Grandma's house I learned how smart Caesar was - he showed me he knew how to use his nose to flip open the gate latch - because he didn't like not being with someone, he wouldn't let me walk to the driveway without him trailing along.
His last two days, Caesar learned he liked vanilla icecream and hotdogs.
I learned how much he loved me just from the look in his eyes.
I learned how much I'd come to love him and will always miss my boy, Caesar.


Caesar, 04/05/09

You were my baby. You left me much too soon. If animals become angels you are one, there was never anything bad about you. Everytime I think about you I see you with Benji (my dog who passed away 7 years ago). I know that you are together and she is taking care of you. I love you so much, forever.


Caesar, 01/04/98-04/04/09

Caesar has been with me for 11years. He was my shadow and my friend. He came when my family was whole and was the last to be with me. I thank him for all the love and for all he did for me.

Gianna Foley

Caesar, 02/02/91-12/09/07

The bestest little guy ever, we have missed you so much! Please look after Cleo until we are all together again.

Rita & John

Caesar, 11/29/94-10/01/08

To Caesar, my best friend...I know you are at peace now without pain...can't wait to see you again some day...


Cagney, 04/23/09

She came into our lives unannounced.
She chose us.
She blessed us with 13 loving years.
She filled our hearts with joy.
We will forever miss you.

Until we meet again...

Irene Torres

Cagney, 03/02/09

I don't know how I will fill the hole in my heart. Cagney was the love of my life and her sister Lacey and I will miss our dear Cagney. I can smile thinking of all the joy she gave and how she mde my life so much fuller.

Goodbye my little Schmooppy.


Cahala, 11/05/09

My sweet girl. My family, my best friend, my everything

Caicos, 01/01/93-07/02/09

My Caicos, named after a trip to the Turks and Caicos Islands.
He reminded me of the miles and miles of white sand beaches.
I never thought I could love anything so much.
He was truly special.
His sister, Roxy, was just as special and she passed on at 18 on the same day as her brother.
I would so love to believe they are young and happy somewhere...........

Barbara Shepard

Cain Allen, 07/14/09

Our son has gone to see his brother may they play together as they once did. Mom and Dad miss you so much.You gave us 15 yrs. of love. We will never forget your that face, loud purr,or the kisses you gave. Please God take care of our Sons

Penny and Chuck Dotson

Caira Keenan, 01/24/09

Our little baby girl. You were the most wonderful friend. We miss you dearly.

Lee and Chelsea Keenan

Cairo, 05/16/92-12/14/08

Losing you that day broke our hearts. So very sorry.

Darlene & Ken

Cajun King, 12/26/96-05/01/09

Cajun was a special dog dearly loved by his family.
We miss him very much.

Marissa Kelly

Cal-O-Kamil, 04/26/08-03/17/08

Mom really misses her Mila! You were were in a horrible, neglectful situation when I rescued you. I know the last 10 years of your life were good. I'm so sorry I couldn't help you at the end.
Mom will see you again in heaven. XOXOXO

Chris Perkins

Calamity, 08/17/93-03/24/09

i raised this baby since she was two days old and abandoned by her mother..i am going to miss her so much..she was so much a part of my life and family..i know she is waiting for me at the Rainbow Bridge.

Micaela Mailea

Calcuba Blck Magic (Yoli), 05/21/01-06/16/09

Our beloved Yoli crossed The Rainbow Bridge to join her "Momma" INT CH Cuba Libre of the Redlands (Cuba) after a short and courageous battle with cancer. Yoli was the youngest of a litter of 5 born to our Cali(AM/INT CH Upstart's Jiminey Cricket) and our Cuba. She was our only brindle, a hellion of a Cairn, mischievous at times, very lovable and a sweetheart. She would greet everybody by grabbing your hand to take you for a walk, just like her father and her grandfather, CH Cairngold Captain Jack. She loved her toys (binkies), her crate, to be "beautified "for the dog shows and specially, she loved her 3 year old daughter, Lucy, protecting her from everybody and everything. Yoli was very special to all of us and her loss leaves a tremendous void in our lives. She was Cuba's baby. She missed Cuba so much that we think that she gave up so that she could be with her mother. She knew that Lucy would be in good hands with sister Havana, the surrogate mother that plays with Lucy all the time. Today we celebrate Yoli's life, taken too soon from us, just like her mother. Until we meet again by The Rainbow Bridge our beloved sweetheart, Yoli. Have fun, be healthy again and be happy as you snuggle against Cuba, just like you always did.
Connie, Jim & Lee Gholson, Calcuba Cairns.

Caleb, 03/27/99-02/08/09

Our Beloved Caleb, we miss you so!
I could not imagine life without you, you seemed like you would be here forever! But that is not so.
My friend said soon I will cherish found memories of you, but right now I just expect to see you laying on the couch and running around the yard with Coconut!
You had personality beyond measure and had the biggest heart I have ever seen.
You were kind and considerate.
Caleb, We will always have a warm spot in our hearts for you and I will never forget!
We will always love you, you were a great guy with a gentle spirit, my big bear!!


Caleb Spud Smith-Hunter, 05/96-02/25/09

Caleb was a "prayed for" kitty.
I found him at the Humane Society. He was: baked potato shaped as a kitten and incredibly beautiful in his markings as a grey tabby: a big boy, at one time 18 pounds, but so content and so gentle that he would not defend himself from even little kittens; a friendly boy who personally greeted and smelled everyone who came to our house; a "dude" who at 3 months had already begun to musk and had to be fixed at 4 months; a clown who got into every cupboard, closet, drawer, tube, purse, box, bag and container he could squeeze himself into; a playful kitty who devised his own games and taught them to me; a beloved boy who was an utter delight to me since the day I brought him home; a cat that stole the hearts of every person who ever met him.... even some ardent cat haters fell in love with him.
He was my "spud", my sweet potato kitty and went through a divorce with me, moves, job losses, tears, heartaches and life for almost 13 years.
Only diabetes took him down, and even at the end he still let it be known that he "wasn't amused" at being held and getting his shot.... what a trooper. I know letting him go was the right thing to do, but my heart is broken. I will carry his sweet face in my heart for the rest of my life. I've had many cats, but Caleb tops them all. He was my boy. Oh, how I'm going to miss him.

Beth Hunter

Cali, 07/01/03-11/21/08

Cali was the best kitty anyone could ask for. She was always loving and there for me when I needed her. I love you so much Cali and miss you. I wish I could hold you and kiss you right now. I will never forget about you or stop loving you. I love you Cali Girl.

Jennifer Delzer

Cali, 07/23/97-01/03/09

My sweet cali I love and miss her so much. This house is not the same without her. I hope she knows how much she was loved and how much she is now missed. We got cali the year before we got married. We did not pick her, she picked us. We went to look at brittany puppies. We both knelt down and the owner open the door all the puppies ran out and ran the other way, but not cali she ran right to us so we took her. From that day on we only grew closer. Cali followed me everwhere. She loved to run, play ball, and in the summer she liked to chase the water when we ran the hose. I think the thing we both liked the most was in the evening when the kids went to bed cali would cuddle up next to me on the sofa. I would talk to her as if she were a person and she would always seem to listen. Cali was part of our family. Now that she is gone I am lost.

Lori Petrillo

Cali Sue, 06/25/97-06/10/09

My sweet little girl that endured so much in her life. She fought long and hard but her little body just needed to rest. I will always see her strength and her happy face.

Rebecca Boatright

Caliber, 06/06/98-03/03/09

Dearest Caliber,
We miss you so much. You left us so quickly we didn't get to say goodbye. One last game of ball, let you out back to have your last run before we left for work, then finding you on the back porch asleep, to not wake up again. It isn't fair.

Thinking back to all our memories with you. The summer we went to Disneyland and you got to go too. Our camping times! I remember the time you protected us from those pesky racoons!

I had to call the boys and tell them. They were sad. What will Joe do without his Callie when he comes home on leave? You won't be there to play tag around the dining room table. You are so missed by us.

Lilly is sadden too. She looks for you, room to room. She has taken up sleeping on your pillow at night. Her new place. It breaks my heart to see her miss you so much. She picks up your ball and carries it around looking for you.

We know you are happy, chasing never ending balls without being tired.
Your ears will still perk up when you hear ducks or geese fly by. You'll go to the front door waiting for the words "leash on" hopeful that you get to go too.

We still can't get used to you not being here to greet us when we come home. We still miss trying to sneak in the house trying to catch you on the couch before you new we were home. That is the hardest, I think. For that quick moment, forgetting you are gone. And then realizing you really are.

We love and miss you Caliber, oh so very much.

Elaine Olson

Calico Calypso, 10/24/09

Caly you were a pampered princess who brought a special kind of joy to our home. We loved your silent miaouw's and the way you moved down the hall in search of a new place to make your "deposits". But we didn't mind because you hadn't been treated right before you came to us and we knew you just needed a place where you could feel safe and cherished. And we did love you so much. Your fur was so soft and the contrasting claws in your mittens were gorgeous. No princess ever deserved her royal treatment as much as you. And your sweetness in return was just wonderful to us and your 5 brothers and sisters. Please know that none of us, nor your godmother will ever forget you or the way you gave us love in return. Wait for us on the rainbow bridge with our beloved ones who have passed on and we will join you when it is our time.

Calisto, 07/15/09

Calisto was a special part of the family, the child with many health issues. She left us much too soon, she will be missed by all family members.

Allan Gamble

Callaway, 01/01/97-06/25/09

My bestfriend, Callaway has passed away. After a battle with chondrosarcoma, she has finally reached the Rainbow Bridge. I love her with my heart and soul and will miss her so much. See you one day MooMah! I love you so much and will miss you dearly.

Andrea Kaiker

Calle, 04/30-02/27/09

You were my special girl.
I was so excited the day our were born.
My one and only puppy you couldn't have been more beautiful.
You were always mom's baby.
No one else understood how special you were.
I will miss you so very much.
I see you at the gates of Rainbow Bridge Tasha, Newman, Kodi and T.c are waiting for you.
They are so happy to see you and you are happy to see them as well.
You will play as you always did.
Rest now my beautiful girl
Until we meet again.

Ann Blomwist

Calli, 05/29/09

Calli, I miss you so much and love you. We spent 15 beautiful years together and I will never forget you.


Calli, 02/10/93-02/13/09

Calli had an amazing life, she went many places, was an agility champion, was always my protector, and had a personality and attitude that was one of a kind.
And she was a beautiful dog, so pretty.
Thanks to our many friends we made along the way for all the good times and the support.

Journey Safely, Calli.

Love always and forever,

Calli Pallotto, 03/25/09

Beloved feline companion of Colleen Pallotto

Callie, 10/06/97-06/29/09

After we had to give away another dog (a husky/wolf mix) because of all the trouble she caused in our city home, my wife said "no more dogs".
Then she met Callie, a 2 year old Newfoundland in need of a home because her breeder found her genetically unsuited for breeding, and fell in love with her.
My first reaction when she brought Callie home was "What is this galumphing monster" but I quickly learned to love her just as much.
Though Callie won breed championship and obedience awards even despite her genetic problems, we sometimes joked that her greatest talent was being in the way.
She always seemed to manage to plant herself and lie down right in the path of where we were stepping or working.
But we understood this was really because she loved us and wanted to be near us at all times.
Another joke I made was that my wife put up a little sign saying, "Lord, help me to be the person my Newf thinks I am", and I said, "What, a sucker?"
But her love meant a lot to both of us.

With Callie going on 12 years old, we knew that she was very elderly for her size/breed.
She seemed to be nearly blind and deaf (a tendency to cataracts was one of her genetic problems-- though we suspected some of the deafness was selective, when she didn't want to hear our commands:-)
It was a little sad to see her not as lively as she once was (not that she was ever a ball of energy, but now she was no longer capable of long rambling walks which we used to enjoy).
But she still seemed to be enjoying life, and we enjoyed her.
We were disappointed to get word that we would no longer be allowed to take her to our time-share lake cottage which she loved, and I worried about how to board her.
Then, after starting to show signs of bladder or kidney problems, she went into a sudden decline this past weekend.
She stopped eating, became lethargic and had great trouble climbing up and down stairs to go outside from our second floor home.
I made plans to take her to the vet, and knew she might not come back.
Sunday night, I was surprised when she started moving around and indicating she wanted to go out.
We got down the stairs and she pulled on her leash, indicating she wanted to go for a real walk, not just go potty in the yard.
And so I took her for one last leisurely walk around the block.
It was if she was saying, "I won't be able to do this any more, but I'm going to gather my strength to walk with you one more time".

The next day-- yesterday, Monday, June 29-- I took Callie to the vet with just a little hope that she might be able to recover.
But the vet told us she was showing clear signs of kidney and heart failure, that there was little likelihood any treatment would help much and it was more likely she would decline further quickly and really suffer.
(We appreciated the vet not giving us false hope in order to collect fees for treatments.)
And so, I called my wife from work, and together we took her for a last little walk, took a last picture and then stayed with her and loved and petted her as the vet released her from any present or future pain.

Like I guess a lot of people who go through this, I feel a little guilt as well as grief.
My wife initially held out for giving her "a few more weeks to be with us" while I could not see going through the whole thing again, perhaps in just a few days and with Callie in greater pain and suffering.
Rationally I think we did the right thing, and my wife now agrees.
But it's hard not to wonder if I was worrying too much about the nuisance of caring for a large dog whose body functions were completely failing, or the cost of more vet visits and treatments, or the problem of our scheduled vacation in a few weeks, on which now Callie obviously could not go along even if it were still allowed.
Does everyone who makes this decision have feelings like this?
Maybe so.

Anyway, we have no immediate plans to get another dog (though, as I noted, we did say that once before:-)
We do have several cats (one of whom misses the "doggy" she adopted as her own and sometimes curled up with).
But we will always love Callie, and I hope we will still have our happy memories of her when the grief of this past few days has receded.

William Henley

Callie, 10/31/96-05/09/09

Callie, You were sweet, You were fun, You WILL be missed by Ashton and me.


Callie, 04/22/09

We lost our baby- she was wonderful- and the pain is so bad.
She was never a problem and is terribly missed.
Rest in peace our little love... until we meet again.

Laura & Phil Davis

Callie, 03/14/09

To my little peanut:
You are my best friend and I miss you more than I can say. You were always little, but in your last few days you just seemed so tiny. I know I did the right thing by letting you go, but it is breaking my heart. You are not in pain anymore and for that I am grateful. Have fun at the rainbow bridge and come visit me sometimes.When the time is right we will be together again.Please dont forget me! I will never forget you.One day your sisters will also join you. They miss you too!

Love, Mama

Callie, 05/31/97-11/28/08

Our sweet girl Callie came into our lives when she was six weeks old.
You gave us so much.
You made us laugh, your little butt always wiggling, you loved us unconditionally.
There is nothing like a Springer kiss.
Every morning when I wake, I look for you. You loved waking up and getting a belly rub.
You had such a wonderful life. You never let us know you were sick.
The Monday before Thanksgiving I noticed your breathing was very fast.
A trip to the vet, many tests we got the diagnosis of cancer.
I have never cried so much in my life.
By Friday you were so very sick, I knew it was time.
We fed you Thanksgiving dinner that Friday and took you to the vet.
We held you in your favorite blanket.
We were all with you when you crossed over.
Mr. Bubbles still misses you so much.
I still cry.
There is such a void in our house.
When I ordered your memorial stone, there was so many things I wanted to put to describe my sweet girl.
So, for my Callie:
You came to us as a puppy, and left a beautiful lady.
You were a role model for being alive.
Her friendship precious, her love unconditional.
You were our life, our love.
Your beauty will always remain.
Rest in peace my sweet girl.
Until we meet again.

Patty McKenney

Callie, 02/03/09

Hey little Callie girl, you'll be missed more than you can know....
Thank you for trusting me to take care of you all of your life and thank you for allowing me to hold you in my arms as you left this world.
Your pop and I love you so much and we will always remember you.

Annette Smith

Callie, 11/10/07

Callie was rescued and brought to our home, days later she blessed us with 4 precious little babies, Harley, Buff, Jewel and Andrews. A little bit of her lives on in each her babies.
She had her way of doing things, wanting to be held when and if....she loved to watch birds and just be loved.
We will always love the joy she brought to us and we will love and miss her each and every day.


Callie, 01/15/09

My Dear Callie,today I had to make a hard decision very quickly. I had to let you go. I wish I could have been there with you, but it was not possible. I can only hope that you know how much I love you and I wish I would have known just how sick you were.
You loved us so much that you hid your pain from us. I take comfort in knowing that every day you were loved and cared for and you were grateful. You were so brave and purred for us even though you were hurting inside. I will miss seeing you sitting on my bed when I get home and having you sleep on me at night and give me kisses.
How will I ever get used to you not being here anymore?
I will never forget the day we found you as a stray. You were so pretty and sweet, how could anyone have thrown you out?
That was 6 years ago and I know that you were happy with your home with us and always showed your happiness. When you surprised us with your 2 babies, you were a good mommy to them and we were happy that grandma took them to her house to live, where they are now big healthy boys. They are just as sweet as you and when I go visit, I will remember you even more.
Thank you, Callie, for coming into my life, and for allowing me the joy of having you in our home. You are truly the best, nicest and sweetest.
I will love you always, and see you again someday. My lap is eternally yours, my sweetheart.
I love you,

Callie Sue Lloyd, 06/15/09

Callie Sue is and was a joy to us.
we have missed you so very much. Cee Cee and Sylvester miss you too.

Ronnie and Marilyn Lloyd

Calvin, 02/22/92-12/11/08

Baby boy

P & R

Calvin, 06/05/09

We love you Calvin, you are such a good soul!

Suzanne and Norma Talbott

Calvin, 05/05/94-05/15/09

It was not an easy decision, but it was the right one. You have been with me for so long and I miss you so, but your little body just couldn't take it anymore. I probably waited too long, but I just couldn't seem to bring myself to choose your last day. You were always such a good patient and everyone just adored you. I'm at least relieved that you passed so peacefully, purring until the very end. You will always be my 'smoopy' and I will always expect you to come running when I turn on the faucet. Rest in peace my little friend.

Susan, Mark and Aidan

Calvin, 09/98-04/30/09

Calvin was the best cat in the world. He actually chose me at the Animal Shelter when I first met him 11 years ago as a kitten. We walked into the adoption room and there he was,
the cutest little gray and white tabby about 6-7 weeks old just clinging to the front of the cage with all 4 paws crying for attention. As soon as I picked him up he calmed right down and purred and was so loving I couldn't let him go. Since then he has been my constant companion. Always there, always loving. He helped me thru so many heartaches and disappointments with his loving eyes and gentle purr. Always willing to let me cry into his fur over anything. Always there even when I would be too busy and push him away. Always waiting for me, wanting to be in my lap even when there were other laps to choose from. Always within reach. He came to bed with me each night and stayed until we got up in the morning. He was always there waiting by the door and would purr as soon as I walked in. I have never felt so utterly alone and lost as I do now that he is gone. My heart aches to hold him again.
I tried so hard to save him these last few months. My heart broke when they told me he was in kidney failure and going to die. I tried the ivs and antibiotics even though they told me there wasn't much chance. Finally I had no choice but to put him to sleep. It was the hardest thing I have ever done. He couldn't walk or even raise his head anymore. I held him crying as he died. I don't know how to go on without him. I can't eat, I can't sleep. I have lost loved ones before but his love was always there to comfort me. His loss is the hardest I have ever known. I just can't imagine life without him.

Danita Wright

Calvin a/k/a Cally, Cal, Boo Boy, 04/20/09

We will miss him so much.
He loved us and was with us for 11 years.
We are lucky to have had him in our life, he gave so much, and took so little, except our hearts which are broken now.
We love you Cally!!!

Becky & Scott

Calvin, 08/24/96-04/06/09

Calvin (Callie):
We miss you little buddy.
We are glad you are not suffering anymore, but we will miss your inquisitive looks and head rubs.
You were so smart and we are happy we had these 13 years with you.
You and your brother Hobbes (04/30/02) are now together playing in the heavenly fields.
The kids and us will always remember you.

Albert and Carla Franke

Calvin, 03/93-02/24/09

In loving memory of my dearest little buddy, Calvin.
He was with me, by my side, my constant companion for 15 years. He was the sweetest, friendliest, cuddliest friend I could ever have hoped for. He truly loved me unconditionally, and I, him. He taught me what that was and I dearly love him for that. I miss him terribly and know that letting him go was the best thing in the world for him. He's in a much better place now and I know his spirit and love will be with me forever.
I'll never forget you, Calvin. I already miss you cuddling up with me tonight. I'll see you on the other side of the Rainbow Bridge when my time is come.
All my love to you.

Tanya Lelo

Calyx, 09/08/93-02/09/09

my spark,
my light,
my joy,
my sorrow,
my laughter,
my will,
Calyx : def >the root of a flower< the center core of a flower,
my flower
for each and everyone of us who has had the oppertunity to engage in your precious presence, has been blessed with your sweetness.....
my love,
never forgotten,
i will carry you with me,
your dad
most of all your best friend
Stephen xoxox

Camelott, 05/14/95-03/19/09

Camelott was my little buddy.
He greeted me when I came home after work in the evening and slept with me at night and petted my arm with his tail.

I had to put him down due to Kidney Failure.
I miss him with all of my heart.

Peter Tompkins

Camila, February 28 1998 - November 12 2009

thanks for all these years of love, loyalty and happiness. I love you more than I could ever love anyone. I have you on my hearth. Daddy and Marcus love you too. I hope I will meet with you some day. You were my precious Princess, my sweet Camila, Papacha, Pupulu, I love you.

Camille, 03/29/09

Camille was truly a one of a kind cat. She will and already is missed. She was loved greatly and her memory lives on. She was talkative, loving and very smart. She brightened everyone's lives. We only hope she is in a better place.

Camille- we love you and miss you. it's hard to believe you are gone. you will always be in our hearts. you were the best cat anyone could ever ask for and i wish we could have had more time with you.

<img src=>

Hannah, Marissa, Sarah, Nicole and Chuck

Cammie, 01/05/93-02/19/09

Cammie, You little goof ball, we miss you!
Maybe in Heaven there is a big car you can ride in each day!
See ya later.

Marty and Bill

Cammy, 03/25/95-12/26/08

Cammy, my sweet dog. I will forever miss you. I watched you be born, then I watched you leave this earth. You are now with your sister who left a year and a half before you. Together again. My Girls. I miss you both. I love you both.

R.I.P Girls.

We will meet again someday.

Lisa Depson

Camry, 05/01/97-06/26/09

I wish words could do my little baby justice, but I can't think of any. I just know I miss her.

Chipp Reid

Canaan, 05/19/09

He was a great pet & he will be missed dearly.

Melissa Brittany & Emma Hopkins (Sc)

Candi aka CC, 06/25/95-12/29/08

We miss you so much already, Monkey Bear. Go find your Kia Blue and the rest of your pack. We will meet again someday. Thank you for all you've given us.

Shelley and Bryan Walker

Candie, 02/04/01-02/20/09

You were the best dog, my best friend. You taught me about love. I miss you more than words can say. I love you baby girl.

Anissa Canova

Candy, 05/28/09

Our beloved Candy was taken from us too soon. However, her short time with us gave us many wonderful memories which we'll never forget. We miss you and love you Candy.

Anna and David

Candy, 03/95-04/05/06

This little dog filled our life with so much joy in her own quiet way.
So loving, so quiet and ever so grateful for giving her a loving home. At the end she was in pain and her eyes lost all the sparkle she had in them ... we knew it was the end. We miss her so much and hope we'll be united with her in the afterlife.


Candy, 09/29/01-12/25/06


With lots of love and affection,
Your bestedt friend in the whole universe


Candy, 05/01/99-04/08/09

Hello little Labrador, Hello you yellow furry pup, When I brought you home, I said I would never give you up.

Good-Bye old friend, I have protected you from harm, There are tears falling on your face, as you passed from my arms.

Good-Bye old Labrador, Good-Bye you gray furry pup, I have kept my promise of my love, and will never give you up. Love PAPA

Candy, 09/29/01-09/30/06

Candy I LOVE you and I will see you very soon
Also we both know that in 6 months when you
Come back to life you, me, Max, Mom, and dad
Can be one big happy family and we can live forever

With Lots Of Love
Your Bestest Friend Ever

P.S. I miss you but as you know we will see each other again
In 6 months

Candy, 03/02/09

Candy was adopted from a local animal shelter in 1996. She was a volunteer animal assisted activites and animal assisted therapy dog through both the Pet Partners and Rainbow Animal Assisted Therapy Group.
Candy brightend may peoples' lifes by visiting them in nursing homes and a hospital, including the children cancer ward. Arthritis forced her to retire as an AAA/AAT dog in 2006.
For the last two and 1/2 years, she enjoyed a quite life at home with her two doggie sisters.
She was a dog with a huge heart and will be missed by a lot of people.

Mary Siarkiewicz

Candy, 11/02/09

goodbye our baby girl, until we meet at the bridge, night night xxxx

John and Tina Roberts

Candy, 01/12/09

gone for this world but never from our hearts

Krystal Gray

Candy Allen, 19/01/99-10/06/09


Ernest Allen

Candygirl, 6/18/1995 - 9/15/2009

How can I tell about the love I lost when Candy passed on. How can I tell about the emptiness inside me the feeling of loss than sometimes overwhelms me. I can't. I can't tell you how much I miss her or wish I could have just one more hour with her. It is beyond my ability to describe such feelings, such depth of love. I can only remember the bright shining eyes that looked so lovingly at me, the playfulness that me laugh, the smiles that never stopped coming all through the life she led. I miss her so much and know that I will never replace her or find another like her. I will always have that special place in my heart for Candy and her alone for she was, is and will always be my precious.

CANDYGIRL, 06-18-1995 - 09-15-2009

She was the sweetest dog that I have ever known. I fell in love with you the first time I laid eyes on you. We were bonded forever from the first time I held you. Candy you are my heart, soul and eternal love.

When she was 3 years old Mommy had cancer and Candy would lay around my head at night to keep me warm. I had 2 other surgeries and Candy would always lay next to me to comfort me.

My husband traveled a lot and we have no children, she was my daughter, no question about it. Where I was Candy was.

She spent her entire life making my life whole. Our love for each other was unconditional. .

I miss you so bad. I really believe that we will be together at the Rainbow bridge and I can't wait to hold you again and look into your beautiful eyes forever. I miss seeing you black and white (what mommy called your freckles) and I miss getting those wonderful kisses from you. You were the best kisser ever. I long so much for the sound of your paws running through the house. I miss you laying on the back of the couch like a cat watching the entire house.

I am so sorry you were so sick the last couple weeks and in so much pain. Mommy took you to all the doctor's that were available to try and get you the help you needed but to no avail.

My heart is breaking from missing you but what keeps mommy going is that I know we will be together again and cross the Rainbow Bridge together and we will never have to part.

I love you more than anything else in this world and there is this huge hole in my heart where you lived that will not be filled until we meet again at the Rainbow bridge.

Candyrock's Kodiak aka Kodi, 04/15/00-02/06/08

Kodi was my first Mal and a real "Trainer."
My husband obviously took him to be with him since I lost Kodi a short 3 months later.
I will wait until I see you again my Kodi.

Wendy Maris

Canis Lupis Forrest, 1993-12/30/08

Canis You Took My Heart with You, You Were My Best Friend. I Will Always Miss You And Love You. Someday We Will Be Together Again. You Will Suffer No More. Until We Meet Again, I Love You Sandy & Nancy

Capone, 04/19/08-07/11/09

My little baby Capone was the sweetest, most lovable fur baby I could have ever asked for. I was truly blessed to have him in my life for the short time that he was with us. That he was taken from us so suddenly is truly tragic, and I will always miss him and hold a place in my heart just for him. I cry every night thinking about his sweet kisses and warm hugs, and how he loved to just be held and cuddle up with his mommy & daddy. The only thing that keeps me going is the knowledge that one day he will be in my arms again, and we will cross the Rainbow Bridge together.

Christina & Steven

Cappacino, 03/06/08-06/25/09

What a special boy you are. So calming and loving to your whole family.

We love you dearly and will miss you every day that goes bye.

Now you are at peace my baby. What a fighter to the end.

Sweet dreams until we meet again at the rainbow bridge.

Mommy, Daddy, Lindsay, Ashley, Kylie, and Koala Bear

Cappy, 06/01/09

I didn't know you very long.
The vet said that you were fifteen years old.
What happened to your home?
You obviously were a good pet, beloved by someone.
When you came here looking for food two years ago I had no idea that you were so old.
I miss you.
I miss your happy, sweet face.
I hope to see you again.

Sharon Armbrust

Captain, 01/23/06-07/09/09

Captain, little man - you were the love of our lives and we miss you with all our being. You were too young to go and we will never forget you.

Lynn & Jim Caswell

Captain Jack, 07/06/09-07/02/09

Captain Jack looked so much like my late husband that many people commented on it. He was silver with a white beard and dark shiny eyes. He was a foundling of "show dog" markings,found at 2-3 years. At 11-12, he began to slow down. He whimpered some but the vets did not seem concerned. Then when I returned from a week-long trip, he started into labored breathing and I took him to the vet and we saw that he was not going to make it and to relieve his suffering, we had to euthanize him. He had congestive heart failure which had developed into pulmonary edema on both sides.

Jack had a very hard life. After we found him with long shaggy hair, we were unable to locate his family, even after numerous people responded to our quests through the vets and humane societies. He seemed stressed about this for a long while. Then my husband became very ill and we moved away, having to leave a large arthritic lab, because I could not lift her into the car with our cat and the Captain. The two dogs had become very close over the 5 years they were together. Both were sad, as were we.

After our move to Oregon to be near our daughter, Jack was attacked by two pit bulls and needed emergency surgery for the wounds near his heart. A few months later, he had an emergency spleen operation. About 6 months later, my husband died and Jack grieved terribly. Then he had surgery for a large fatty deposit on his side.

He was always terribly anxious every time I left the house. He spent a huge amount of time in the car. It was his security place. He went there when I turned on the oven as the noise seemed to make him shake all over.

But he was the sweetest dog in all the world and loved everyone he saw. He had enormous curiosity and the funniest personality. He entertained.

There is a whole yard of toys to give away, leashes and bowls and beds. He took up my life. He WAS my life after my husband died. He was my reason for getting up in the morning. I miss him so much that I am in real pain. But I have a feeling he has created his own heaven and I am there comforting him as he did me.

While on my trip, I missed him more than I thought possible. I said to myself I would never complain again about having to take him for a walk in the rain, about all the debris he dragged in on his feet. And now I wish I could complain.

Linda Chisholm

Cara, 05/12/09

In loving memory of our wonderful dog Cara.
You will be missed but you will always have a place in our hearts.
Sleep well my pretty girl, we will see you in due time at the Rainbow Bridge.

Randy Maria Corbin Kyla

Cara, 05/23/06-04/15/09

In loving memory of my best, best friend and my sweetest love, Cara.
Thank You for the endless unconditional Love and Happiness that You brought to my every moment.
Thank you for your continual patience and understanding and for teaching me about all that is important in Life.
Thank You for Hug after Hug and for continually sharing with me your love, beauty, gentleness, playfulness and joyful disposition.
We have so many incredibly special, fun and loving memories.
Our connection means the world to me! Thank You! I love You Sweetheart!
And I miss you so much!


Cara Aroura Beggy, 09/11/00-01/07/09

Cara Beggy
November 11, 2000 to January 7, 2009
Dear Friends and Family,

Today Cara went home to be with St. Francis of Assisi and run in the fields toward the rainbows.

She will be sorely missed.

Our hearts are broken and we need time to heal so we respectfully ask for your prayers and understanding.

Many people say to us, she was "just a dog"¯. She was our dear FRIEND above all else. Cara was our our loving companion.

She stayed by us when we were sick and she always gave us her fun loving spirit, her happy smiles when she was feeling well(Cara hda epilepsy), and her never ending love.

Unconditional LOVE and devotion are rare these days.

St. Francis will welcome her in the garden and she will wait for us there. I love you Sweet Little Brown Eyed Girl.....BIG HUGS, Mommy

In Christ, who reigns forever
Corinne , John, and her brother Casey

Caramel, 02/09/09

I am so blessed to have had my sweet Caramel in my life.
I can't believe I won't touch her silky smooth fur, she had the softest fur of any cat I've had.
She was also a great foster mom to the many kittens I have fostered and would lick them and play with them.
She would cuddle under the covers with me on cold nights and keep me warm.
I can't believe she's gone.

Susan Wolf

Caramel, 01/06/09

My Baby Girl. I will never forget the day you ran up to me at the Pet Store. All excited making cute sounds. I feel honored that you picked me to be your mom.
You were always such a sweet girl, my dearest friend who loved me unconditionally and the best entertainer in the whole world.
I know you were happy and felt loved but you gave back ten times more.
The house is so quiet without you and your big "brother"¯ Toby misses you so much.

My heart broke the morning I woke up and saw your limp body. I wonder everyday what happened and if you could have been saved if I was awake.

I miss you and love you so much, and just cannot imagine a life without you by my side.
Thank you for loving me the way you did my sweet baby girl.

See you at the Rainbow Bridge!
Love, Mom

Carli, 06/22/09

I bought Carli as a pup in Canton, Texas for $25 nine years ago. She was my shopper's remorse at 4:00am the next morning :-) but, since then had been a complete blessing to have around. She was amazingly loyal and very kind-hearted. She loved to chase the lawn mower and bark right along side the wheels. Drove my sons & husband crazy. We miss our Carli-girl terribly.


Carlie, 05/31/09

Carlie and I were best friends.
We met when we both had needs to be filled.
She was so smart and sweet.
She will be missed by so many, but mainly by me - her "mama".

Carlo, 09/05/00-03/25/09

My big beautiful boy....I miss you and always will.

Mary McDermott

Carlos, 04/23/09

To the best cat a girl could have.
Thank you for loving me so unconditionally.


Carly, 14/02-03/23/09

we love you carly, your not in pain anymore, we will miss our lump a dump. be a good girl, we will see you again one day.

Karen and Steve

Carly Burum, 02/06/09

i will always love you and miss you! I think about you every day!


Carmel, 05/24/85-03/09/02

Run free, faithful friend, chase the wind, leaves and the high flying birds.
We will love and miss you always.

Laurie, Gina, Wade and Larry Lewandowski

Carmella, 07/28/96-05/25/09

Carmella was called the miracle cat with all her afflictions such as kidney failure twice which led to finding she had only one kidney.She beat the odds,she showed us she wanted to live.Many times she had problems which we thought would end her lfie but didn't.She was a survivor.Her age and the affects of renal disease finally caught up with her.She had no fight left in her and passed away in our arms.

Barbara Vatza

Carmen, 2/28/97 - 12/19/09

It's the first day after you crossed the Rainbow Bridge my little Carmen.

You are so small but yet you have such a big heart and gave me every ounce of love you had. You provided me with so much happiness and excitement that I wonder how it's possible for me to face this day, and the following days, without you there beside me.

I can remember you dancing on your back legs while your beautiful eyes brightly shined when I sang in my horrible off key voice - "I love my Carmen, oh yes I do, I love my Carmen, and I'll be true. When you're not with me, I'm blue, Oh Carmen, I love you." I sang that song to you everyday and not once did you mention that I couldn't sing. And as your hearing faded and your vision diminished, you still danced with delight at this old woman's singing.

But that was the way you were. You took such good care of me.

Carmen, that's how you can recognize me when I start to cross over the Bridge to be with you forever. Listen for my off key voice, singing our song.

I love you baby girl. You will forever stay in my heart until we can be together again.


Carmen, 06/30/09

Carmen was my first kitty cat.
She came to my apartment on a rainy week in May in 1996 and was with me for 13 years.
She died of blood anemia but she was in my arms when God came for her.
I will miss her because she was a talker.
I would call her name and she would always answer me back.
She loved to climb on TV's and any other furniture so that she could lay with her paw handing over the top.
She was always a lady and she was loved so much.

Sharon Bastel

Carmen, 05/01/07-05/25/09

You were my very best friend Carmen, I miss you in all things near and far. Thank you for all the love and joy you've given me, I will cherish it for always. Noserub...

Inge Dehenin

Carmen, 08/17/02-05/15/09


Thank you for taking care of us for all of these years and being our guardian.
You fought many health battles and never complained, always were there with a smile, tail wag and ready to give us your toys.

As hard as this was, this was one last battle that you/we could not win.
Please know that we love you with all of our hearts and did this one last act to protect you from further pain.

We feel so very fortunate that you found us through Mastiff Rescue.
We were blessed to have you in our lives, in our home and in our hearts.
You made our house a home with your loving presence.

You are missed; our dear friend and we look forward to seeing you again.
We know you will have those 2 good knees and will be ailment free running among all of your new friends.
You were always the mayor about town here and we know you will do the same there across the rainbow bridge.

We Love You,
Mommy, Daddy, Grace and Zipper

Carmine, 04/10/96-03/15/09

To my baby boy Carmine, thank you for the love you gave me every moment of your life. For all the kisses, garding me, and you friendship. Thank you for all the happiness you brought into my life and all the laughter.
I will miss you every day of my life.

I love you Carmine,

Carrie Lu, LuLu, Susie, 09/23/96-02/18/09

Our sweet LuLu, we missed the first years of your life but how blessed we are that God put you in our lives for the brief but beautiful 2yrs. and 5 months.
We know your running, free of pain and probably attacking a pine tree or two that get in your way.
I'm so glad you are finally with Kerry who you
missed so much.
I hope you can see us right now and know we just wanted you to feel better.
I will miss so deeply smelling the top of your beautiful head-it smelled so good.
I hope we didn't let you down in any way.
See you someday Susie.

Laura and Kevin

Cartman Hollick, 06/10/97-06/25/09

Cartman was my " comfort " cat.
A dearly loved member of our family for 11 yrs, he will be greatly missed.
We love you Mr C !
Michele, Randy, Tyler & Gail

Cartman Our Little Boogieman, 04/17/98-02/16/09

Cartman, you were born here and you died here in our home. We loved you and will miss you greatly. We are glad that you are no longer suffering or weak, that you have been reunited with your brother and mother on the bridge and together you can play until we come your way. We'll miss you forever!

Steve, Deb and Orion

Casanova Cassie-Cat, 03/04/09

The most loving cat ever...

Jo-Anne Davis

Casey aka Westmore's Dashing Prince, 11/12/00-06/29/09

Casey, thank your for almost 9 wonderful years. You were my first pet. You were one fabulous friend and companion. I will always hold you in my heart. Shaineh and I miss you.


Casey, April 10, 1996 - September 18, 2009

You will forever live in our hearts Casey, go run with Muffin and Yaro, we love you and will miss you, our faithful friend.

Casey, 02/18/96-07/07/09

I will always love you and miss you.


Casey, 03/05/93-06/13/09

My Maltese, Casey, was such a wonderful companion for the last 13 years.
I adopted him when he was 3 years from a friend who was moving, and he made my place a real home!
He was so loving, sensitive, intelligent and was the "best boy in the whole wide world".
I will miss him dearly!
Rest peacefully, my little one!

Michael Robinson

Casey, 06/16/09

To Casey,
The best loved dog around. We will miss you and remember you always.
Ken,Ann Marie,Kimberly,Jonathan and Especially Nathan.

Casey, 06/09/09

Thank you Casey for being the very best friend to me.
We have been through a lot together and I know that now you are happy and joyful and free.
I will continue to care for God's animals here on earth in your honor and memory.
I love you and I thank you for loving me unconditionally.


Casey, 05/29/09

You were my favorite baby.
I hope you are together with your brother Magic and buddy Boots.
Thanks to my Whitefoot family for your love and companionship over the years.

Joanna Chusid

Casey, 02/15/03-01/21/09

My perfect brown chihuahua gave her life when an aggresive husky cornered me.
Casey ran over to me and growled at the husky.
The husky jamp on her and I threw water at the dog.
After the dog ran, I scooped up mu limp chihuahua and buried her.
I'll see you on Rainbow Bridge.

Wendy Lowder

Casey, 08/01/09-05/10/09

Casey was with us for such a short time yet brought us great joy, love and happiness.
She will always be with us and never forgotten.
We love you Casey.

Joan Williams

Casey, 08/96-05/01/09

Casey was my walking buddy; he was always ready to walk, except for the last year or so.

He was always everywhere I was in the house; he helped me with my sewing, cooking, was by my bed when I slept.

He died here at my home on May 1, 2009

Jean Sells

Casey, 12/12/93-04/11/09


Carol Revitz

Casey, 03/27/93-05/08/09

Casey and I grew up together and have never been apart until this friday. We spent 16 wonderful years together which I am extremely thankful for. I picked her out when she was a 6 week old puppy and I was only 11 years old. Having her put to sleep was the hardest decision I have ever had to make. She had gotten to where she was totally bowel and bladder incontinent and getting constant bladder infections and having to wear diapers. She could barely walk due to severe arthritis and seemed to be in a lot of pain. Yet she did not want to leave my side and continued to follow me around the house even when her back legs would hardly hold her up. She declined more and more this past week and I could not bear to let her suffer any longer. I gave her a triple whopper from burger king before I said goodbye to my old loyal friend. I was there with her while she fell asleep and drifted off to the rainbow bridge. I felt her last breath against my cheek. I held her and cried into her fur and kissed her and told her everything would be ok and I would see her again. She was the best dog ever. She chewed up our entire house as a puppy and jumped up on people and was unruly...but I loved her unconditionally. Near the end she could no longer wag her tail due to nerve damage. I hope she is wagging her tail right now and swimming and chasing a tennis ball. All things she hasn't done in years. I will miss you Casey dog. You were one of a kind. You were my first dog and the best dog. I hold you in a special place in my heart.

Kristin Timm

Casey, 04/21/09

We miss our girl.....she was the best!

Caroll, Bob, Ryan, Brendan

Casey, 07/24/93-04/15/09

My dearest Casey I miss you so much! You were the highlight of my day when I came home and the last kiss goodbye every morning.I will always miss you,love you and wish you were here. Love mommy

Casey, 07/31/04-04/04/09

We will always love you!!! We miss you terribly.
You will always have a special place in our hearts and lives.
You were the most wonderful doggie ever!!!!!!!

Casey, 04/04/09

We have been thru so much together and I will cherish every moment we had. You were my best friend and I will miss you so much. I know you are no longer suffering and someday we will be together again. We love you Casey Louise.

Mommy and Daddy

Casey, 04/02/05

Casey, you opened my eyes........ and my heart.....

Karl Schindler

Casey, 02/14/95-03/19/09

We rescued Casey from the Humane Society when she was 9 months old.
She loved to swim,or chase a ball.But most of all she loved Ralph

Sadly she is gone,but there is no more cancer

Dorothy Mailer

Casey, 09/19/95-03/13/09

Goodbye my sweet angel!
It was an honor to be your person for 13 beautiful years.
I love you madly and forever!


Casey, 01/12/01-03/13/09

A sweet soul who touched all the lives he came in contact with, animal and human. Casey will be greatly missed by Sheila, Ross, Whittni,Spencer, Chelsea, Trinity and Gracey.
We know you are no longer in pain and are running with Della once again.
WE LOVE YOU and MISS YOU!!! MY Birthday Boy!!!


Casey, 03/12/95-03/08/09

Casey, our home is so empty without you and we have such big holes in our hearts.
We'll remember and love you always.
Rest easy.
Love, Mommy, Daddy, PopPop and Jenks.

Casey, 08/15/96-02/28/09

I've had Casey since she was 4 weeks old.
Friday she was faint and could barely stand.
She was vomiting and had poop accidents all over the house.
Took her to vet on Sat morning where she passed of a ruptured tumor of the spleen.
I feel I should have done something different.
I miss my sweet girl so much, my heart feels like it was ripped out of my chest.
I can't even type this without tearing up.
I wished I took her on more car rides, spent more time with her, etc.
I can't stand this pain and don't know if it will ever go away.
This was all so sudden, I can't believe my baby girl is gone!
I get so sad when I do ANYTHING because i just think the last time I did this, my Casey was alive and waiting for me at home.

Joseph Delgado

Casey, 02/13/09

We always said she was too mean to die, but I guess life caught up with her. She was nineteen years old, in a lot of pain, and our new kitten constantly terrorized her, so we made the difficult decision to euthanize her. She put up a fight at the catheter, but in the end she went peacefully. She will always be my Snoodle Doodles and I will always love her.


Casey, 10/16/96-08/14/08

August 14, 2008

This morning, after a battle with tumors and severe arthritis , I said my final goodbye to Casey my Labrador and constant companion. For almost 12 years she has been by my side through marriage, divorce, illness, relationships, house renovations, vacations, extreme joy, and tragedy. She was the smartest , most intuitive dog I've ever known.
For those of you who have visited my home you know that she was the welcome wagon to all guests and was always willing to go for a walk, join you on "her" couch to watch TV, or to play in the snow with you.
The last several months to a year saw her health in slow decline but she retained her personality, loyalty and love for treats :-) . After a few last-resort trips to the vet this week to try some final medications, I knew that she would let me know when it was time to let her go and last night she gave into the severe pain and stopped eating so I knew. She crossed the Rainbow Bridge peacefully with me, my mom and her long-time veterinary team by her side.
Her beagle sister and I and the rest of my family and friends will miss her terribly but I know somehow she's already up there chasing squirrels at full speed, wagging her tail like mad, and having a terrific time.

Rest in Peace, Good Girl.


Casey, 10/30/94-12/29/08

I found Casey at the Humane Society while I was grieving for my Angel who had recently passed. Casey was with me for over 14 years. She had a rough life, losing a front leg in an accident and then later in life needing a splenectomy, but she loved life,no matter what it threw at her. She developed cardiomyopathy and it finally got the best of her and I had my vet come to the house and Casey had a peaceful passing in her bed. I will miss my buddy, she could be stubborn and definately had a mind of her own, but I loved her with all my heart and I know that she felt the same way. She will be missed by me and the dogs (especially Abby) and cats(especially Orville who would cuddle up to her outside) that share our home.

Casey I know you are in a better place and I hope that you are finally four legged again and chasing those squirrels for all your worth!I love you and will miss you always!!


Casey, 08/12/97-01/17/07

My best friend, I miss you casey you were the first real pet I ever had and I want to tell you I miss you and look at your picture everyday wishing I could hold you one more time and tell you that I love You.Thank You boo bear.

George Eachus

Casey Freund, 11/30/96-04/01/09

I miss you a lot. The house just isn't the same. My heart is truly broken. I have lost my "best girlfriend". Thank you for 12 and 1/2 wonderful years. Hang with Mark and he'll be sure to watch over you and give you your belly rubs; until we meet again. Love always, Kelly

Casey Jones, 02/15/95-05/17/07

my baby, i can't believe it's been two years already since you've left us. i still think about you every single day. cameron misses you so much. she's getting white in the face but is still a puppy :) shelby is still a pain in the butt, but we love her. i wish you here to see my baby Sienna, she is so cute and is getting so big. you would be so proud. i love you so much, Case.

Casey Jones, 06/13/93-03/12/09

Casey went to sleep today. I will miss him tremendously.
He help me through so many hard times, and we enjoyed so many more fun times.
I look forward to seeing and playing with him again.
I know he will find his way to his brothers, Coco, Cagney and Arizona.
They will play and be happy.
I miss you already.

Scott Stevens

Casey Lynn, 03/28/01-05/14/09

In loving memory of our beloved Casey-Girl.
Casey was the epitome of love, boundless energy, loyalty and happiness. It was impossible not to smile if she was around. For 8 years, she was our constant companion and source of unadulterated joy. She won the hearts of everyone she came across, she set a perfect example of how to live life.
Greet everyone with enthusiasm, always see the best in everyone, have fun whenever possible, and be loyal to those you love.

You will forever have our hearts, our love, and our undying gratitude. We'll watch for those shooting stars. And one day, we'll play again.
With broken hearts, Mommy and Daddy

Casey Moss, 02/26/01-08/19/08

We lost Casey to an autoimmune disease. Although we still have Prima who we love so much, Casey was just so special. It has been so heartbreaking knowing that she died so young. We are greatful for the time we spent with Casey and she holds such a special place in our hearts. We love and miss more than anything cas :)


Casey Roane, 05/07/98-02/19/09

My sweet boy. You were the PERFECT dog. I will never forget how wonderful, sweet and smart you were. Wise beyond your years, you loved other dogs, people and especially your family. You are sorely missed and we will never be the same. Mom and Dad

Cash, 05/16/09

Mr. Cash ourlives have been enriched by your loyalty and love. You truly were an amazing, strong dog. We all miss your smile,hugs, licks and of course most all we will forever miss the happiness you brought to our family.
Love your family and buddies Shelby, Gizmo and Little Ann

Cash 'The Man In Black', 04/27/09

You will always be in my heart and mind. You always made me happy and feel safe.

Jody Roberts

Cash, 01/14/96-01/20/09

His name was Cash and his nickname "big guy"¯

He was blond and fluffy and had big soulful eyes.

He loved to jump in the car and take a ride,

But other times he would be home and love to hide.

He was sweet and kind and gave great hugs.

He was a Wheaten Terrier and had the cutest mug.

I miss him, I'm crying and do not know what to do,

I lost my great friend which some of you never knew.

I miss him lying right next to my bed,

I cannot sleep because I can't get him out of my head.

I want to get past this and I know I will,

But Cash will leave a hole in my heart that nothing will fill.

I want to celebrate and honor his life,

I want to get back and be a mother and wife,

But now I must grieve the loss of my friend,

My heart is heavy and needs to mend.

Cash, I love you and miss you so dearly,

I want to wake up and see this clearly,

That life and love is a gift and we must embrace it,

And having you in my life was the greatest.

Jackie Noveck

Cashmere, 04/15/94-06/06/09

My "pretty girl" made her last journey to the vet yesterday.
It breaks my heart that she is not here sleeping beside me and purring tonight.
She was a beautiful Torti that loved the outdoors whether she was roaming around or just sleeping in the big flower pot in the backyard!
She was a big part of my life for 15 years and I will miss her terribly.
Good night sweet Cashie,I love you.

Susan Volonino

Cashmere & Clapton, 01/2000



Diane McCamy

Caspar, 07/23/97-03/23/09

My baby girl with the white angel wings is now at peace.
Your mom and dad miss you so much and cannot imagine life without your tail whapping the furniture and your baby kisses.
Maggie and Rosie miss their big sister, but we are all happy that you are no longer in pain anymore.
Godspeed, sweet poolie girl.

Joanne Fountain

Casper, 08/18/99-07/10/09

I miss my baby horribly.
He was truly the love of my life.
His death was sudden and not expected. I look around the house, see his toys, his leash, his treat and I am not ready to part with them. My wonderful friends and family are trying to console me to no avail. I don't think I will ever get over the loss of my beloved Casper.


Casper, 12/21/01-06/12/09

Casper was a special friend, companion and truly beloved member of our family. He will always be in our hearts.

Donna & Walter Lowich

Casper, 06/13/98-06/05/09

We love & miss you so much. Thank you for always taking such good care of us.

Ron & Jodie

Casper, 04/23/09

My little Casper was such a sweet girl and loving kitty.
She was always there when you needed some company.
Anytime you spoke to her or called her name, she would just start purring so loudly.
It was the sweetest thing.
She was always there to say hi when you came home from work.
She was with me for fourteen years and full of spirit her whole life.
She will be deeply missed and I hope to be greeted by her again someday.
Casper, you were such a sweet and good kitty.
I love you so much and will miss you terribly.

Natalie Hays

Casper, 04/02/09

Oh Caspie. Thank you for choosing us to spend your last years with. It was a privilege loving and caring for you. The love we felt for you is what makes it so utterly hard to say goodbye. I would do anything to bring you back.

Run now with Hansel and until we meet again...... I love you


Casper, 07/13/96-03/07/09

Casper was such a precious baby in our lives.
It's so hard to believe she is gone.

Duane, Natalie, AJ & Benny Kozitka

Casper, 01/23/09

There is not much I can say about my poor boy. He was old, epileptic, blind, and deaf. My mom refused to put him down and instead he was made to suffer. And for that..I am sorry, Dear Friend. I miss you, and will always love you.

Monica P

Casper, 01/16/09

See You Later My Dear Friend Casper

Casper I love you so much.
You mean so much to me.
This is the hardest thing I have ever had to do.
You are such a special soul and I am so happy to have known you.
If I had it to do all over again I would do it without hesitation.
You have been my best friend who has always shown me acceptance and unconditional love.
You have ministered to me too many times to count. You have been my spiritual guide and I often joked about how you were god in cat form.
I will never forget all the times I was lamenting or suffering and you would look at me with your knowing green eyes.
Your beautiful eyes always spoke the truth to me and somehow you would pass along the wisdom of the ages with one glance my way.
I have always thought that I believed in reincarnation and "old souls" but now that I have had the pleasure of living with you for 7 years I now, truly, know that to be true.
You have lived many lives I am sure of it.
I know are a great soul, a holy soul and now you are concluding your time with me as Casper.
I hope in your next adventure you will not forget that I love you with all my heart and I will always be a better person for having had you in my life.
No words can express the depth of my feelings for you.
I will miss you snuggling into my neck every night and you putting your paw on my check to let me know you were there and you loved me.
I will miss you meowing for fresh water from the bathtub and you sitting with me to watch my favorite TV show.
Yes, I know that you love me and that you have been preparing me for this moment for a while now.
You have known much longer than I that this was soon to come and that we had to cherish the time that we had.
I can see in your face that you are concerned about me and how this will affect me.
I want you to know that I will celebrate your life every chance I get.
In your memory I will love other animals and pass along the wisdom that we call "Casper".
You will be with me every time I pet Keechie, Daschle and all the other animals that come into my life.
I take up the challenge to pass along, the love that I received from you, to other animals.
This will be my quest in your memory.
You have taught me so much I won't ever forget you.
I will always Love you.
I know that I will see you again someday when it is my turn.
My dear cassy, my darling casper dasper, casserlla, cassy dassy, sassy cassy.
I promise to love Keechie better and won't be so hard on Dash as you have asked.
I will love myself more too.
I will be okay so don't worry about me.
Make your transition in peace knowing I love you.
You have taught me the meaning of love and I will practice this in your memory and make you proud.
As hard as this is for me I know that you are ready.
You told me you are ready and I want to be strong for you.
I want to show you my love by letting you go.
This is my ultimate act of love for you, letting you go.
Please visit me in my dreams until we meet again.
I know that I will see you again so this is not goodbye, my love, but see you later.
I will see you again soon my sweet.


-From your loving Mab

Casper, 11/09/99-12/07/08

Casper, you touched so many. Thank you for all of the love and joy that you brought to our lives. We were so blessed to have you as part of our family. You were a wonderful companion and our best friend.We miss you more than words can say.You will always have a special place in our hearts. Someday we'll meet you at the Rainbow Bridge. But until that day. Rest in peace "Snuggle Pup".

Jim and Deb

Casper, 10/26/08

Casper was the best pet anybody could ever wish for.He was feisty, but very loyal and loving.
He has wrapped his paws around our hearts, and will never be forgotten.
We miss him all so very much.

The Heaveners

Cassie, 08/14/98-06/27/09

Cassie-you were more than a dog - you were beautiful, intelligent, caring, loving - you were strong up until your end. Even from a pup, we knew you were special. Your "Cassie-isms" will be remembered forever-the family and friends that came to see you (not us) will always remember you, as will we. Your family and your sister Caity will miss you. You loved life, you loved family and you were loved by all who knew you. You knew when to play, you knew when to be sensitive - you were a blessing to us. We miss you and love you.

John and Becky Sullivan

Cassie, 07/24/07

You were my friend and confidant, you shadowed me during good times and bad, you were my travel buddy and my constant companion...

...and you will always be loved and missed.
Sleep well, Casiopea.

Susan Pittman

Cassie, 06/25/09

Cassie, you were a different dog that had her own quirky ways of letting us know what you wanted.
10 years ago we almost gave you back because of some of these behavorial issue.
However, during the 10 years your were our pet, we grew to love you very very much.
We know that you have found all your friends at the rainbow bridge and that you are now happily running around, barking and letting everyone know who you are and what you want.
We will all miss you and know that someday we will see you again at the Rainbow Bridge.

Ellen Kippel and Ken Donohew

Cassie, 13 June 09

Cassie actually adopted me about 13 years ago.She was sitting on my welcome mat when I came home from work.And when I opened the door,in she ran, but I set her outside because I knew that she belonged to someone.
Everyday for the rest of that week,I came home from work,and therte she was sitting on my welcome met to welcome me home.I finally gave in, and she had been with me ever since.
She was my friend,my companion,and my comfort for all of those years,and I will miss her.But I will see her one day again.

Kevin Cooper

Cassie, 05/05/00-05/16/09

Cassie was the most beautiful puppy in the world, she was my heart and will be with me ALWAYS

Cheryl Gervasio

Cassie, 09/14/81-09/04/94

My darling Cassie, I've never put a tribute in here for you.
But today I will.
Along with all your sisters and brother.
You are all together at the bridge, you being the longest.
Wait for awhile longer, my darling Cassie, and mommy will be there soon.
Its been so so long since I've kissed you beautiful face.
Soon, my darling, soon.
Wait for mommy and we'll run together across the bridge.
I'll protect you and you'll protect me.
Find Annie, Sam, Kelsey, Pepsi, and Rikki, and we'll be together again.
I love you my Baby.....Mommy

Cassie, 08/23/95-05/24/09

Cassie was such a loving pet.
Her nickname was "Sure Licks Alot"!
She was the most obedient dog, even though she did not go through formal training.
She was also the most patient dog I have ever had, especially around my children.
She was my protector - barking at anyone and anything that was around the house or yard and would even bark at my husband when he would put his arm around me.
She was with us for almost 14 years (just about our entire marriage).


Cassie, 05/27/09

She was a beautiful little girl and loving right up to the end. She is at peace now and she will always remain in my heart.

Jack Ballard

Cassie, 05/26/09

Missing my baby of 17 years today. Always there to greet me when I came home. Always waiting for me at bedtime. Always meowing at me to wake up and pet/feed you. It hasn't quite sunk in that you are gone yet. I will never have another kitty quite like you. I'm glad you're no longer sick, but I will miss you always being at my feet. I love you, Kitty.

Jen and Family

Cassie, 04/20/95-04/03/09

I cannot believe how empty the house is since we lost her today. She was my shadow, constant companion, and the most loving creature (human or canine)I have ever known. She was with me when noone else was. She was sensitive to emotions, and was drawn to comfort anybody from whom she felt distress or sadness. She was truly an empath. She was hurting whenever others were. How can the world go on, missing such a crucial element? I will puzzle over this forever.

Molly Altomare

Cassie, 05/05/05-03/24/09

Cassie was born May 2005. She was diagnosed with Lymphoma November 10, 2008. On February 9, 2009 (my birthday) we found out that the cancer had spread to her Liver and lungs. At this time we put her on pain med's. March 24, 2009 she had gotten so bad that she couldn't control her bowls and she couldn't drink or eat anything. She weighed 59 pounds in February by March she had lost 20.9 pounds. I finally had to make the decision to let her go. I had to put her down yesterday at 5:00 I held her head in my hands while she went to sleep. That was the hardest thing I have ever done and my husband couldn't be there so I had to do it by myself. We took her over to my land in Gordo and buried her there. I planted some flower seeds on her grave so that we might be able to enjoy seeing beautiful flowers when we visit her grave. My husband doesn't really no what to do. Last night on the way home I just broke down crying in the car and all he could do is hold my hand. I kept thinking of the day I got her when she was a puppy, she was so sweet and tiny. She was a big surprise for my husband, he had always wanted a Bassett hound. He kept telling me that she was the best dog he has ever had, and that he doesn't understand why this had to happen to her. She was only 4 years old, she would have turned 5 in May. It is just so hard knowing I didn't get that much time with her, but the time I had was precious. I just wish I would have known this at the time. I would have done so many things different. I hope everyone understands the grief we are dealing with right now. I am so thankful for everyone's support. Please love your pets because you never know what tomorrow may bring. And for those who don't understand how we could feel like this about a dog, think of her as our child. We have no children so our pets are our children. We just lost a child, our little girl, to cancer. Please be a little sympathetic.

Lisa Hinton

Cassie, 08/14/88-02/13/00

Cassie Jane, the dog of a lifetime

Beth Szillagyi

Cassie, 02/13/09

We were soul mates.
You gave me so much joy.
I can't believe it was time for you to go.
Fifteen years with your sweet soul was not enough.
I hope and pray you are in a better place, young, happy and healthy again, and we will be together once again someday.
Until then, remember I love you!
There will never be another like you.
My heart breaks for you. I miss you so. Mom

Cassie, 01/17/09

I will miss my special little girl.
I didn't get to be with you for very long, it seems.
You will always be a part of our family.
I will miss your beautiful blue-green eyes & the quick purr you had.
I won't have my pretty little princess to snuggle with me on those cold nights. I will always be thinking of you & will always love you.

Cathy Thompson

Cassie Byrne, 05/11/96-06/03/09

A faithful and loving companion that will live on in our hearts forever. Know that you were loved and that we did everything we possibly could to make you better.


Cassie Lynn Phillips, March 1994 - August 13 2009

I will always remember when we first met, you were 6 months old. Lisa my friend had your sister and litter mate Molly. This made me want to add another cat to my family. So Lisa took me to your house; stating I should make sure I choose a kitten for your current owners were going to euthanize your litter.

So many choices...all so cute. But as soon as I seen you and your twin brother in the window I was transfixed. I looked at you...then him....which one do I choose? I remember that my eyes lingered longer on your face...and as soon as I looked into your big green eyes I knew you were the one. The little girl at your house said you had 2 names...MeMe and Indian (because of the light brown marking on your pretty head that looked like a feather).

You were sooooo scared when I brought you home mewing all the way. You hid for a week and I remember you got stuck under my dresser. I knew I had to let you come to me on your own... so I let you be. And so you did...while I was watching late night jumped up by my head on the couch...sniffed me...mewed pleasantly. It amazed me how you picked your own name. You never came when I called you MeMe or Indian. I tried so many names you never responded. Then the name Cassie popped into my head...I said it out loud and you came running and purred.

And so the years went by moving here and there with me and your sister Buddy. You hated it when we scared you to be taken out of surroundings you grew accustomed to. But you always adapted like a trooper.

You have always been there for me over the years. Whenever I was stressed or going through turmoil you always extended your paw...meowed...tilting your head up as if to say it will be alright.

You were never sick a day in your life of 15 and a half years. Sure you would leave a fur ball or two around the house. Sure you peed outside of the litter box when mommy left it an hour longer then I should have. But when you got sick it was a shock and soooo fast.

Your sister got sick first...thought she was going to leave us. God I love you for licking my tears when it was happening...holding my hand with your paws to your chest. God I love you for never leaving my side and giving me assurance and love with your big green eyes.

Then your sister Buddy got better...we were all amazed at her recovery. As soon as she did that is when you stopped you purposely waited until Buddy was on her feet. How you loved mealtime...always sang for you supper. I never really noticed at first you were sick. But your collar started hanging off your neck and you felt so boney. When you couldn't make it up onto your bed I took you in to the Vet.

They found a huge lump in your intestines...that is why you were not eating. They said to let you go. I made the date 2 days later. You were so sick...not able to swallow...crying for me and asking me to make it pain and discomfort.

Today I let you go. You seemed comfortable at the vet, not scared at all. I couldn't believe how peacefully you went. You looked into my eyes as I sang to you...I saw a grey tiny spot in the middle of both your eyes. You were purring in my arms and looked with me with such love then the grey spots went away and your eyes went dark.

I knew you were gone but couldn't process it in my mind and you looked sooo peaceful and beautiful, death isn't supposed to look like that. It should feel empty and dark. But it felt full and bright with a warmth that could comfort the most saddest of hearts. Oh my God and the peace that hung in the air so thick it could penetrate the darkest of souls giving it renewed faith to heal all sorrows.

The doctor came in he thought you were still alive but when he checked your heart...he looked at me in disbelief saying you were gone. He said normally takes 20 minutes to half an hour. You were gone in five. He said with such were ready.

I placed you on the table with the doctor saying don't take too long...not healthy. I kissed you and said I love you and can't wait to see you again on the Rainbow Bridge...

P.S. Weirdest... strangest thing happened when I left you. Went out to eat and guess what????....the waitress came up to introduce herself to take our order. At first when I heard her say her name I thought I was imagining it....she said..."Hi my name is Cassie". I cried right there and was like something or someone from somewhere telling me you are ok. Thank you for being my baby:)

Cassy, 01/17/04

The best little daddy girl I miss you so much and it hurts.

Homer G Workman Sr

Cassy, 03/15/02-01/28/09

You went too soon little Fish, but I must treasure the gift of your memory and know that you had a great life and I will always miss you.

Donna Boone

Cat, 1998-01/19/09

You were my friend and my companion. You will be missed. You are better than any dog I have had.You are in a better place now and pain-free. I could never have asked for a better cat. You never scratched the furniture or got on the counters. When I talked you listened and would talk back to me. You followed me everywhere and always knew when I called the house. I could always hear you in the background meowing. The last few days with you were hard and I know now that my decision to finally let you go was for the best, although right now it doesn't feel like it. Otto (dog deceased) and Hera (dog deceased) will be your guides and your protectors.
Your Human

Catie, 09/08/01-07/25/07

Our little girl gone but never forgotten.

Joe and Belinda

Catnip, 04/90-05/16/09

I had 13 wonderful years with you. I miss you talking to me, cuddling under my chin and kneading me before we go to sleep. I love you and will see you on the other side.


Cayenne Lewis, 05/24/02-02/20/09

Cayenne, my little girl.
You have been taken from us too soon.
You have given us so much joy that our lives are in turmoil with your passing.
This was all very sudden, and we are glad that you did not suffer.
We miss you terribly.
Love, Mom and Dad.

Cayman, 09/14/97-06/13/09

To my dear sweet boy, Cayman,

You will always be my gallant and beautiful prince. My little warrior and protector, my smart trickster and loyal companion. Together we held fast to one another through life's journey of nearly 12 years.
You never faltered or walked away when the road was hard. You were steadfast and patient.
You eased my tears without me having to ask. You comforted my soul when the world seemed so bleak. You gave me a reason to smile and laugh everyday. You taught me that playing eases pain, and the our moments are everything. You taught me that caring for the one you love, knowing they are dying, is a precious gift and honor.
Even in your pain, you brought new friends into my life, and helped them to feel whole.
You knew I would need them to ease my pain, and to help me find the hope that someday we will walk amidst the clover again.
Until then, may God forever hold you, my gentle knight, in his heart and keep you safe.

I love you so very much-
Your Mom

Cayman, 05/2005-02/13/09

To my furriest child...always loved, forever will you be missed...They don't come much better than you.

E. Magnus

CC, 04/01/88-01/23/09

After having CC by my side for almost 21 years, it was time for him to go.
He finally shut down on Thursday and I could not see him suffer another day.
His love and memories will be with me forever.
Although I am hurting so much, I know CC is in a better place.


Ceanna, 07/06/09

She was a dog that loved to be loved.

The King/Shiller Family

Ceasar, 05/11/09

I miss my poor little birdie. He would always say hi when I came into the room and make kissy noises right before bed. He would always sing along with me when I was bored. And now he's gone. His cage is still in my room. It makes me sad every time I see it but also kind of comforts me. I <3 you Teeter! I don't know what happened to you but you are wayy too young to be buried right now ='[


Ceasar, 02/25/09

I adopted Ceasar when he was 8 months old and he lived with me for 13 1/2 years.
He recently had a couple of seizures and wasn't able to get around very good and I finally had to have him put to sleep.
I think he was a great dog and he will be greatly missed by myself and his brothers, Gunner and Squeaky.

Brian McLaughlin

Ceasar, 01/01/00-03/09/09

Eight days ago God took you with out a trace and now with out you i feel i have no place, and as i try to hide the tears that run down my face, for these are tears of joy because you are there saving me a place. I miss you my friend and be rest assured no one will ever take your place. I love you Ceasar.

Cindy Clark

Ceasar, 03/15/01-01/22/09

Ceasar,you never bit anyone,you never killed anything, you brought delight in every being that crossed your path. You came to work with me every day. We roamed the Sierra Mts. and took long naps together under the pure blue skies and the stars,drank water from crystal clear streams. You were my teacher that constantly re-minded me that there is nothing more than the present moment. We have been friends for countless life times and I am so greatfull we found one another once again. You never did one single thing wrong. My heat is breaking. Missing you does not describe my feelings. Till we meet again my friend, all my love, Ric

Ceaser, 05/02/09

My Dear and Wonderful Ceaser passed away after
a decade together!
I miss you very much and wish everyday I could go back in time to keep you alive....
I know what your last gift was for me and I will keep you with me forever.
I know that you are in Heaven and I know when you are here with me.
I will keep your memories forever and let the world know who you are.
Continue to do your Ceaser things here and in Heaven.

Rita Wentz

Ceaser, 02/27/09

Ceaser was a very sick Little guy


CeCe, 09/26/07-06/08/09

CeCe, know I loved you with everything I had.
I couldn't have loved anything more if I tried.
You were, are, and always will be everything to me, my best friend, confidant, saving grace, soul mate.
I love you and miss you every day.


Cecil, 10/93-04/14/09



Cecil, 10/92-04/14/09

My heart is breaking right now & I can hardly see through my tears.
I loved you with all my heart & soul. I know I will never find another wonderful pet like you.
I miss you so badly.
You were my constant companion & greatest company.
This decision was so hard but I know that the light at the end of the tunnel would only have been a temporary fix & I loved you far too much for that.

Marianne Mulholland

Cedric, 1998-05/22/09

I know you were sick, but having you put to sleep was the hardest thing I've ever done. I hope you are somewhere good with your entire personality unchanged.
I love you.


Cee Cee Bower, 06/29/2009 - 08/22/2009

Cee Cee was the kind of Rottweiler that everyone adored. She was gentle and kind and never met a person that she didn't like or those that didn't instantly fall in love with her.

She loved to give you a hug. She would stand up on her hind legs and try to lick your face and hug you. She loved people and hated being alone.

Even after Cee Cee became diabetic and went blind, she remained faithful and protective of her loved ones. She put your needs above her own.

If you were ill, she would stay at your side, comforting you, rather than dwell on her own illness.

I honor her life and mourn her as though she were my child. My heart aches for her now, even though I know she is at peace in Rainbow Bridge, the hurt of her loss was great for me as I cared for her in every way that I could. She was my 4 legged child, that will never be forgotten or replaced.

Cee Cee Bower June 29, 2003-August 22,2009

CeeCee. 07/29/97-03/23/09

I miss you "Little Man", but I will have wonderful lasting memories of our time together. You were a little trooper who overcame many health problems without so much as a whimper. You were a special friend who helped me get thru some very difficult times. You were an extraordinary CHARACTER who I'll miss dearly. We'll be together again soon. Until then, I love you and miss you. Dad will look after you now.

Love, Mom

Ceilidh (Kay-Lee), 06/25/98-08/03/08

Letter From Heaven

Hi Guys!

I just wanted to thank all of you for taking care of me when I was in the hospital.
I was so sick.
Thank you for not yelling at me when I had an accident or when I pulled my I.V. out.
I didn't know what I was doing.
I would never try to be difficult.
It was never in my nature.
Please don't be sad, 'cause I'm happy to tell all of you that I'm feeling much better and am completely healed.
But it's in a different way than you may think.
I'm happy and healthy and I'm in a brand new place.
Although it's not really supposed to be new to me, 'cause Mommy always told ne that this is the place that I fell from.
I think it's called "Heaven."
Anyway, I guess I'm back there.
I do miss my people family so much, But, from what I can understand from the stuff that I've overheard, it will be no time before I get to see them all again and be with them forever and ever!
Well, I'd better go.
I want to check out these streets of gold.


Celeste, 12/30/00-02/15/09

Celeste was my first cat. I adopted her on my 16th birthday from the Woodford County Humane Society. She had been brought back because the other family did not like her stiff tail. She had the cutest gray coat with a white dot on her chin and white socked feet. She loved to eat popcorn and play with her peacock feather toy and strings or ribbon. Every night she slept on my stomach. She was very talkative in order to get your attention. She loved to chew the end of my pencils while I wrote or jump on the keyboard while I typed. She passed suddenly probably from an undetected heart condition. She was just 8 years old. I will always love you sweet CeCe. You were there for me when no one else was. Rest in peace sweet girl. I pray that you will see your boyfriend Deandre in heaven and you all will romp and play for eternity. See you when I get there sweet baby.

Koree Fugate

Celia of Cinders, 03/16/96-04/30/09

To our beloved family member Celia,
no different than one of our children. A military dog- she traveled the world in support of her country and family. She helped raise our children, teaching us all discipline, patience, and to not judge too quickly. We miss you dearly. Until we meet again Celia.

The Benjamin Family

Celie, 08/01/99-11/26/08

Thank God for His Gift of You to me and Thank You my precious precious little girl....Life on this earth is so very short for all of us... Ask the Lord to take all of our hearts and hold them in His Hands to mend the brokenness...I will see you both soon.

Roger Stinson

Celine, 16 December 2005 to 9th June 2009

Celine was a highly intelligent cat. she sleep her head on my pillow at night. she brought shoelaces to play fetch with me. she loved me so much and i loved her. she woke me up to go under the covers in bed. she touched my face with her paw sometimes.
I am in massive grief and i am sad she is gone.

Sharon Clinton

Ceri, 05/01/94-01/28/09

Ceri was a great source of emotional support for me; I bonded with her in a special way. I said that I'd cried so many tears on her that it was a wonder I hadn't drowned her. I miss her so terribly!

Julia Corbett-Hemeyer

Cesar Gerda Susqudillas Intimators Magic, 03/24/05-03/23/08

You were my life my all everything I did I had you in my mind when I went to work it was hard to leave you. Cesar you were sick most of your short time you never knew what it was like to be a normal dog. Cesar you are at peace no pain no pills no more cemo. You will always be at my side watching over me and I cant wait for the day we play again.
God bless you
And I will be with you again.
I Love You
I miss you with all my heart

Karen Gerda

Cessa (short for Princessa), 06/25/09

To Cessa, my little Cairn angel. We were blessed with 4 years of love from this little girl who was scared and shy when she came to us.
She blossomed into a sweet and loving "little old lady". She was my constant companion when I was at home.
My heart is broken over her passing. My Daddy died in February and I believe they are taking walks together in heaven. Cessa, you have left a hole in my heart and I promise you that I will rescue another little Cairn girl and give her the same "cushy" life you had.

Antonette Healy

Cha Cha Mr. Cha T. Rabbit, 02/02/05-12/16/08

Saw a commie Saw! I almost lost my mind when I lost you. If only I had done this or if only I had done that......or waited a little longer. I thought that I could WILL YOU WELL. Oh God my God how I feel a part of me died with you and Pooky. You two were bonded then you both got sick. You had it hard your whole life and the last year you were so lonely and in pain and I was stupid and broke. I feel so guilty because I didnt have what ever it took to fix everything. You were marked so beautifully. You were the sweetest baby. You wouldnt hurt a fly. I still call your name and I still cry for you. The Lord gave me a dream of you running around in the sparkly rainbows. Peanut is feisty buddy! whew. I wish you were here. I look at the pictures of your precious ears and face. I will always love you, my baby boy. Love, Mama

Cha Cha, 05/94-01/03/09

I rescued ChaCha and her sister and brother by a street when about 8 weeks old in 1994.
ChaCha was such a little sweetheart. She loved to head butt really hard to.
She had the markings of a Panda Bear.
I just want her to know that her mommy is taking this very hard and that I will never ever forget her.

ChaCha you are with Tony and all your other brothers and sisters that are at the Rainbow Bridge.
mommy will be with you again, even though I know that you are always with mommy here in spirit.

We all love you ChaCha Rest In Peace Baby


Chablis, May 30, 1995 - November 5, 2009

Chablis our precious little beanie baby. Mommy misses you so much sweet angel. Daddy wants your kisses. We love you forever little one. Stay close to Moki & Jassi, until the day we are together again forever I hold you close & carry you in my heart & soul.

ChaCha, 01/04/94-03/11/09

our most beloved member of our family. we miss you so much

Sandy Mersinas

Chachi, 09/26/06-03/04/09

We will always love you and miss you....our little cuddlebug. Callie will miss you too but we will all see you again. I hope you are running free, getting lots of treats, and chasing cats on the rainbow bridge.

Misty Fogg

Chad, 09/11/07-01/05/08

We didn't have enough time together.

Falan Wissinger

Chairly Brown (Chairly), 06/14/09

we lovE you
chairly brown.



Chalino aka Dark Knight, 06/03/09

Chalino we miss you..we love you...thank you for teaching Keelin so much and I hope your running and jumping the high ones!!!!!!

Janet and Keelin Funk

Chambor aka Shami, 05/19/93-12/04/08

It was so easy to fall in love with you Shami and so hard to say goodbye.
For 15 1/2 years we made an inseperable team.
You will always be on my mind and in my heart.

Rest in peace...Luv you always


Champ, 05/05/09

Champ was a real member of our family. He always was there for all of us. He will be missed terribly. We love you.

Susan Barringer

Champ, 07/96-03/24/09

Will miss you forever, your friendship and loyalty is beyond words,your sweet and gentle nature is what I'll forever miss.You were loved, and forever will be.


Champ & Nany, 11/06/94-02/05/08

Champ was an intelligent, independent, sweet, faithful German Shepherd. We brought her home as a pup one month after having our home robbed. She was a devilish pup but grew to be just perfect. At age 2, she "adopted" a neighborhood pup who wasn't being raised right; she mothered this pup, "Nany", instantly and they became the best of friends for the next 11 years of Nany's life. They were inseparable and brought the family and extended family so much joy. When she lost Nany in September 2007, she was never the same. Her progressive arthritic condition became worse and her quality of life diminished greatly no matter what we tried to do for her. Four months later we refused to let her struggle any longer. Our beautiful girl was tired and sad. She gave me my final paw, final kiss and fell asleep in my arms. It has been nearly a year and I grieve her still to this day. I miss her - and Nany - terribly. I don't know when it will finally get easier. I love you so much, Champ.

Cristie Ricciotti

Champ Elway Krause, 1995-07/14/09

Champ was the most faithful loving dog.
We always knew when "Daddy" came home as he would go to the door.
We never heard the car, but Champ knew.
He was a real lap dog and was strong and independent too.
His brother, Mickey, will miss running around and chasing him.
RIP Champ.

Kelly Krause

Champ Ouellette, 03/17/97-03/06/09

Champ,you will always be in my heart and loved. We miss you so much. There is a void in the house. So glad we had you to love for 12 plus years. You were a wonderful, good and loving part of our family. Your pictures mean more now than ever. You can not be replaced. Love and miss you so much.


Champagney (girlie girl), 02/03/09

My sweet girlie girl,(gramma's girl)

I fell in love with you the first time you showed up in our yard.
The color of champagne, the sweetest spirit.
You tolerated the "boys" with all thier shenanigens.
You were the "prettiest girl in the house" and my heart hurts without you.

May you now be at peace, free of any pain or suffering to come.
You will forever be in my heart.


Chance, adopted 07/18/05-07/15/07

My little Chancey.
You found your way to my doorstep one hot summer day in 2005, and ran right into my house and heart.
When no one ever came to claim you at animal control, I was priviledged to be the one to adopt you.
You were my little angel that helped me cope with losing my beloved shih tzu only 3 months after I adopted you.
My only regret is that I wasn't able to adopt you when you were younger.
I only got to spend 2 short years with you, not long enough for sure.
I hope I could give you a wonderful last 2 years of your senior life...
I miss you little Tawn-Tawn...
Until we meet again...

Holly Estrada

Chance, 09/07/99-05/11/09

Chance was the light and love of my life for 10 and a half years.
I miss Chance dearly and the only thing that keeps me going is my belief that Chance and I will be reunited.
This is the worst pain I have experienced in my entire life.
Chance was a cancer survivor, back surgery survivor, had a genetic defect and survived that too, but in the end
chronic kidney failure along with another episode of pancreatitis
was too much for his precious little body to handle.
He was such a fighter but in the end I had to make the difficult decision to have him humanely euthanasied.
He went peacefully in my arms but sometimes I miss him so much I feel physically sick and like I will never full whole again.


Chance, 04/20/08-06/17/09

Love you forever chance <3


Chance, 10/14/97-06/20/09

Chance was 11.5 yrs old and was suffering from a MCT(mass cell tumor) and seizures. He was my true companion thru many diffacult times. He never waivered in comforting me and giving me the "i'm right here dad" look. I never imagined how much i could learn from seeing the world thru his eyes. Today, he had the look i prayed would never come. I told him to "find a nice shady spot and relax till i got there". Watch over us Chance. We miss you buddy. love daddy mommy and abby

Chance, 09/01/97-06/05/09

To my best friend, I love you and miss you so much. You were a part of my life since I was 1 year old

Luke xoxoxo

Chance, 06/02/09

Chance was a kind soul & shared his love with me for 14 yrs. He let me know it was time to let him go. It broke my heart, but I did't want him to struggle any longer. He will remain in my heart forever.

Donna Giberson

Chance, 02/14/98-05/29/09

To my beautiful boy Chance, who was our dearest friend, who made us happy, laugh, love, and live. you will truely be missed as you were our love. Please know that we tried everything to save you, we never wanted to see you suffer in pain. Our hearts ache tremdously for you and you will live on in them forever. Please rest in peace knowing you were so loved and will be missed dearly. We love you Chance. See you again someday. Love Mommy and Daddy and sister Baylea

Chance, 05/09/09

Chance was a member of our 6 pet family and he will be sorely missed. He was born under a trailer home in Billings MT. in 2001 and we took him in after a few weeks of trying to catch him and he would run away from us. :)
He was very special and lived with his brother Chief (who thank Godis still with us) and three other of our cats.
Chief is his twin except for the white ring Chance had on his black tail.
Chance was a black cat with white belly, and white feet.

He died after being struck by a car on thr 9th of May and I held him while he died a very moments later after fidning him laying in the road.
Only one car struck him and he just had a little blood coming from his nose and mouth.

We have buried him in our back yard and I mourn his loss everyday.
I need all of your prayers.
We will miss him greatly.

Scott Dattoli

Chance, 04/27/09


Tim Sharon Brianna Pat Kim Maxie and Ringo

Chance, 12/13/96-04/28/09

Today we lost our "handsome boo" Chance.
We rescued Chance when he was 3 years old.
From the minute he met us he was in love with my husband.
It was like Dino and Fred Flinstone at first sight.
He was so happy when we brought him home.
He wasn't caged and kept for breeding.
He was HOME!!
He had a family and sister Cleo that loved him with all we had in us.
He never was caged again or bred again.
He just got to be Handsome Chance!!
We lost his sister Cleo 2 years ago and he was depressed but he gained a new sister Lula Belle.
Even though he was close to 13 years old, he still could chase her.
It was hilarious just to watch him. He was the best and we will never ever forget him.
Our hearts our broken but we know he is happy now and all of his pain is gone.
Cleo was waiting for you Boo, now you both wait for Mom and Dad.
We love you with all of our hearts.
Run and be happy again.
Always remember "my cup runneth over" for you buddy.
Forever, Mom and Dad

Chance, 01/96-03/31/09

Chance was an awsome dog , Loyal beyond belief.
He will be forever missed .
He was like one of my children so very
proud and intelegent .
We love you buddy. :(


Chance, 03/20/09

Forever loved
Forever missed

If ever there was a being who knew the meaning of
"the love you take is equal to the love you make"
it was Chance.

Though in the Other world now, his love and spirit will always be with me and his friend and partner, Connor. Chance will always be a part of me.

Susan A. Wilson

Chance, 04/20/03-02/22/09

I miss you so much, we needed each other, and through the hardest times for you I was right there by your side. I miss your big nose in my face, your paw slapping me, and stealing my teddy bears just so I would give you a treat to get them back. Im so sorry you suffered your last day, but please know I suffered right beside you and I am suffering now. You fought a good fight but in the end the seizures took over. It's not fair, you was such a good boy. I miss you baby, and I wish you was here beside me to lick away my tears and help me understand why you, and why so suddenly and so soon..

Barbara Graham

Chance, 02/18/09

My sweet Chance was the love of my life, my companion, my friend. He fought a long and hard battle with bone cancer until I had to let him go.
He was so smart and understanding.
He was always there for me when I needed him and I miss him so. My life will never be the same without him.
I hope that he has found his friend Pearl to play with unil we meet again.
I love you Chance!

Sandra Sachitano

Chance, 09/02-02/18/09

My Chance left me today.
It was such a privelege to have him in my life. My life will not be the same without him. He was my baby.
I pray that he is in doggie heaven running and playing, pain free, with his friend Pearl

Sandra Sachitano

Chance, 04/28/08-01/29/09

Our very first pet, and what a great pet he was! Chance was hit by a car while we were shoveling snow. During his 9 months on earth, there was never a more loving, smart, adorable, obedient, free spirited, lover of life, and loved in return puppy in the world. He was special, and everyone who met him got it. To say that he will be missed is an understatement. Chance could never be replaced. We just wish we'd had more time to spend with him, but we are so blessed for the time we had. His memory will live on in our hearts forever.

Patti, Mike, Russell, Dan, Dave, Joanna, Rick, Jenny, Kristina, Laura

Chance, 02/09/95-02/04/09


Lisa and Garry Piccini

Chancellorsville (Chance), 02/00-08/07

Oh, how we miss this character with a sense of humor as big as he was.
What a gentle giant he was with such a patient, laid back demeanor he was loved by all and he loved all.
It's been a year and a half and we sill miss him dearly.
He was just joined this past Monday by his little sister Maizie (Amazing Grace).
I pray they are united in spirit and will be waiting for us along with our other dogs of decades gone by (and our cat Toby). May he (they) have found the peace that we pray Maizie has found.
He truly suffered (but mostly in a good mood-- a smile on his face and a wag of the tail.) What a dear boy he was, a better companion, dog, pal and dear friend you will never find.
Our hearts still go out to you and now to your sister, too. Peace to your spirit.

Mary and Jim McGrew

Chancelor, 11/22/94-06/04/09

To my son chance who was with me for most of my adult life, you were there when so many tears flowed from my eyes, you just licked them from my face and stayed near me!!
you were there for the happiest times in my life, the sad times as well, you just stayed near me, you would love to crawl into the blankets when you slept and then come out like a little chipmunk who had been sleeping all winter!!:)I loved that about you!! so many things i loved about you mijo! and when you did your little noggin tapping when you wanted attention!! god i will miss you so much , but no matter what you are my soulmate and we will ALWAYS ALWAYS BE TOGETHER!! when i leave my body and this earth then i will be with you still, no matter what you will always be by my side!! WE LOVE YOU BABY BOY!!


Chancey, 06/15/03-08/15/08

Chancey was my brother's dog from 1993 until 2002. On January 1st, 2002, my brother went back to college full-time and I adopted Chancey. She had already been best friends with my Yorkshire Terrier, Paco and my Rhodesian Ridgeback, Nixa. Chancey loved to run. She looked at acted more like a Husky, even though she was a Husky/Shepherd mix. She was a beautiful girl with one brown eye and one blue eye. She looked like a wolf. Wherever she was, she was the boss. She liked to tell other dogs and other people how it was going to be. Chancey was an eternal optimist; she always saw the bright side. She couldn't stand to see any other dogs laying around relaxing; she had to give them their marching orders. Chancey passed away on August 15, 2008. We miss you Chancey and we will always love you.

Tom Scherrer

Chancie, 03/31/96-03/06/09

God Bless you our sweet baby boy! Gone from our lives but forever in our hearts!!

Until we meet one day at rainbow bridge,

We love you so much!!!!

The Evelyn Family

Chandler, 08/06/98-03/29/09

To my puppy Chandler, you are my best friend and the best pup in the whole world. I will miss you so much but will always remember our trips in the car and playing hide and seek. I will never forget you and will always hear you bark. You now have Kong to keep you company.
Love you forever,
Night Night xxx


Chanel, 06/24/09

In memory of my black kitty.
She was very loving and playful. She had the sweetest voice and
she would meow and purr at the same time.
I miss you, my little black kitty.

Carolina Rivas

Chanel, 05/12/04-12/27/08

Chanel was my best friend and the love of my life!
She loved going places with me whether it was riding in the car, shopping, visiting friends who loved her dearly or just taking a walk around the neighborhood.
She was the most gorgeous little one who touched everyone she met!
It's unfortunately she left me so soon however, I honestly feel that she is in a better place with God and my Mother! No longer will she suffer! I will always miss those morning licks when she is trying to wake me up!
Ms. Chanel, I love you and I miss you so much!
God Bless you my little one! Mommy loves you & misses you!

Chanelle Irene Grable, 05/25/97-02/08/09

I lost my very dearest best friend.
My little Yorkie has been with me since she was 6 weeks old.
She died at the age of 12 years old. She will be greatly missed and I know I will never have another dog like her again.
I love you Chanelle.
Till we meet again!!

Laura Heenan

Chang, 04/93-03/20/09

We will love you forever!

Sandy & Stephen Rodwell

Chano, 09/08/08-12/21/08

My dearest angel,

Although you were with us such a short time, we loved you so very much.
We miss you terribly but we know you are in a better place, never to hurt again. You will remain in our hearts forever.

Julia & Lou Lespier

Chantilee, 05/12/95-03/05/09

My baby was 13 years old.
She passed of breast cancer and lung cancer.
Its been so hard for me not having her as she was a big part of my daily routine.
I miss her kisses her love her look when I thought what next she seemed to let me know everything will be ok. The hardest thing I had to do was make that choice to have her put to sleep.
I know that she knows I tried there was just nothing I could do for her and that hurt the most I have always protected her and this time I couldn't.
I love her so much and my heart is schattered in a million pieces as i miss her so much.

Nora Anderson

ChapinDog, 03/17/95-06/24/09

Chapin had an innate sweet nature. When I took him in to visit the vet after I adopted him she said "This is a FIND". He was my first dog as an adult and I made many mistakes.
He always forgave me and he went on to attain a CD title in three straight days in 2002. In February 2009 he was diagnosed with osteosarcoma - on his skull. His sweetness never changed.
He spent his last night snuggling with me on an air mattress on our living room floor. His "girlfriend" was a Golden Retriever named Promise. She went to the Bridge last August and I told him she'd be there to greet him.

Rosemary Dunn

Chaplin, 02/05/09

Chaplin was a very special cat.
He loved to cuddle over my heart, stretch his arms out and touch my face.
He purred from the moment I met him.
He loved to chase birds and mice when we went outside together, and sleep in the sun.
He was the adventurous one of my two boys.
All white, and the sweetest disposition.
Everyone who got to know him just loved him.
Softest fur and meow of any cat I have known.
Beautiful green eyes that glowed red in the dark...he would launch out of his litter box and tear through the house at mach 9.
Picky eater, loved fish.
I always had to make extra when cooking fish.
He was bossy and talked incessently (that was the iron of his name... When he was a baby, I named him after Charles Chaplin, the silent film star, because he never spoke a word... as he got older, he never stopped talking.)
I will miss him so.

Pamela Schilling

Charbon, 06/03/09

To my Char,
Thank you for the wonder years of love and lessons. I have learned so much from you. I look forward to you returning to me in spirit.


Charcoal, August 5, 2009

Charcoal....You came from Heaven...and we know you have gone home again....where there is no pain....and where God's love surrounds and comforts you...
Thank you Charcoal...for lighting up the lives of Murray and Lynne...for teaching them to love more than they ever thought possible..for showing us all how to enjoy life...and live through hard spots with courage...
Rest dear Charcoal...You are such a blessing..and will be in our hearts forever.....

Charcoal, 01/09/09

Charcoal came into our lives in February of 2000. She had been abandoned in our small town, and we found her, adopted her, and loved her instantly.
She has been my best friend for the last nine years, the only truly unconditional love I've ever known.
Today she died. Today my heart broke.


Charcoal, 1982-1996


Chardonnay, 01/03/97-03/04/09

Rest in peace sweet boy...


Charis, 17/04/09-29/06/09

Our wee Charis was sadly taken from us too soon
at only 10 weeks of age.
Sleep tight little one...till we meet again at the rainbow

We all love you and miss you & you will always be in our hearts & out

God saw you were getting tired and a cure was not to be.
So He put his arms around you and whispered, "Come to Me."
With tearful eyes we watched you, and saw you pass away. Although we loved you dearly, we could not make you stay.
A golden heart stopped beating, hard working paws to rest.
God broke our hearts to prove to us;
He Only Takes The Best

(Author Unknown)

Love always Mum, Dad, Caitlin &

Charity, 1981-04/12/00

My sweet old girl, you gave your life for your baby Buffy.
You did your best for her--she's a big grown up girl now.
You'd be proud of her.

It's been almost eight years, but I'll never forget you.
I'm so sorry you never got to be a pet horse like I wanted you to be.

Rest easy, sweetie.
Snoop and Buffy will join you by and by.

Louise Cotulla

Charles, 12/10/98-05/27/09

My handsome, sweet boy...find Garth and Jessie and run to your heart's content until I get there.

Aurelia Giorgi

Charlie, 06/09/09-07/10/09

One of 4 kittens born to mama "baby". Charlie was a quiet little guy. He kept to himself, but was a cuddler when engaged. We will miss your sweet cuddles. Rest in peace, sweetie.

Marguerite Brunk

Charlie, 05/89-05/08/09

I don't know where to even begin with Charlie.
He came into our lives because my sister, Jennifer, adopted him in May of 1989.
Our family has been through a lot of ups and downs in the past 20 years, including losing my sister, Jennifer.
But, Charlie was always there just being Charlie.
For that, I am eternally grateful and truly feel blessed that Charlie was a part of our lives.
I know that Charlie and Jennifer are in Heaven, having already crossed the Rainbow Bridge together and are waiting for us.

Mat and Margaret Frost

Charlie, 07/02/09

we was not ready to say goodbye but we know our my heart you are resting now. You will always be Our baby girl and thank you for the 14yrs you gave us. You will be in our hearts forever and will never be forgotten . You have taken a piece of our hearts with you.miss you always Sweets dreams beautiful Charlie x x x x x x x

Mrs Cooper

Charlie, 09/22/00-06/26/09

Charlie was a great cat. I had him for 9 years since he was a baby. He wen't missing for over a month at one time. I thought I lost him then but he came back to me.I will miss him forever. He loved me unconditionally and I took him for granted. I thought he'd never leave me.

Jennifer Nunes

Charlie, 11/06/09

Charlie you were a little rascal and cheeky in more ways than I can say - but you were a one of -a total suke and loved attention as much as I loved giving you attention and its only been a couple of hours and I miss you terribly.
You were persistent just not enough to fight the stasis but I pray you were happy in your year with me and that you didn't suffer in the end pal.
Love you always Charlieboy xxxxxxxxxxxxx


Charlie, 06/10/09

Charlie will always be in our hearts. He was the best cat and friend anyone could ask for. I miss him terribly. His favorite spot was on the back of the couch behind my head. He loved to eat bugs. He loved to bask in the sunshine and make funny noises at the birds. We love you so much Charlie. I know you are in a better place chasing butterflies. I'm so glad you were my precious little buddy. We will remember you always. Love, Nikki, Joe and Jordan

Charlie, 04/02/07-02/23/09

For my Charlie, you are loved and missed so much. Run, play and chase butterflies at the bridge my baby. Till we meet again, I love you....forever


Charlie, 07/02/02-05/28/09


You are my best friend, my snuggle buddy, and my sweet angel baby.
You have made my life so complete and wonderful.
Your sweet kisses and loving gazes are the most fabulous memories that I will cherish always.
I love you with all of my heart and soul and I know that one day we will be together again.
You will never be replaced or forgotten!

Vanessa Kneupper

Charlie, 05/08/09

Charlie is a very missed little cat. Charlie was very smart and, for most of his life, very fast explaining to some extent his 20 years. Charlie liked to sit and study with Jennifer. He did have a bone cancer on his skull 2.5 years ago which was killed and removed. Charlie was very liked by all of his veterinarians and the technicians. Charlie was very nice to all, like a professional patient. In his 20 years he went through a lot and brought much happiness and entertainment. I'm sure Charlie is with Jenny now! We love you, Charlie.

Charlie, 08/08/05-23/05/07

Charlie you were a fantastic pet and were very friendly and chirpy. When I saw you with that tumour I felt the right thing was to let you go. I had you euthanazed because I love you and your quality of life had completely gone. Give me a little chirp like you used to when the radio was on. Chirpy Charlie cheep cheep.

Danielle Dewitt

Charlie, 10/11/96-05/11/09


Maryann James

Charlie, 05/13/09

Charlie was a great bad-dog and terror of the neighborhood, but simply sweet and too fearful for his own good.
We love and miss him dearly.

Elizabeth & Jim Barnes

Charlie, 05/13/09

Charlie was the Best dog for our family. He was patient with two toddlers and loved life. He always greeted us at the door when we came home and loved to snuggle whenever he had the chance. He helped raise two kittens and was a good dad. He loved pig ears and the big smoked bones. If it was bigger then him, it was even better. He never barked unless someone was at the door, and always wagged his tail for whomever it was. I will miss those brown eyes and that little nudge he gave whenever he wanted to love on me.


Charlie, 05/08/09

It is hard to believe that you are really gone, Charlie.
And, hard to believe that we adopted you 20 years ago.
So much has changed in our lives in 20 years but you were always there for us just being yourself and only wanting and giving love and attention.
I feel like I have lost a piece of myself.
I know that you are with Jennifer now and I hope and pray that I will get to see you at the Rainbow Bridge someday.

Mat and Margaret Frost

Charlie, 02/05/03-05/05/09

You enriched my life in so many ways every day. I am sorry you could not stay with us longer and hope you were always happy and know how much you were loved. I will miss you for ever.

Stefan Finn

Charlie, 07/16/99-04/13/09

Thanks for being my friend. I will always miss you.

Allen Morales

Charlie, 05/93-02/25/09

I miss you so much Charlie.
I hope you are playing with Maggie and having fun.
This house is so empty without you.
I don't think I will ever get used to you being gone.
Thank you for coming into my life.
I love you and miss you every day.

Elaine Donlin

Charlie, 08/30/94-03/14/09

Charie was our little guy we will miss him very much


Charlie, 10/01/96-03/05/09

Charlie was a beautiful, and loving dog.
was my best friend.
He was always at my side,
following me from room to room at any time,
day or night.
He loved his dinner and when
he was young,loved to chase birds and swim in
the canal.
You knew he was King of the House.
He would cuddle with me on the couch and protect
me if he thought I was going to be harmed.
loved me unconditionally and I loved him just
the same.
I will miss him so much.

Kathy Nicholas

Charlie, 04/14/99-02/17/09

I miss you, and i will never forget what you have done for me. I love you.


Charlie, 12/22/08

Love you charlie hope you are having fun and eating all the carrots at least you dont have to worry about getting fat!!
Have a nice time on rainbow bridge..

Abbey Platten

Charlie, 02/22/08-03/30/09

This dog was a sweet, sweet puppy. He went to heaven and is probably playing with many of his new friends. Heaven is a place where dogs can have whatever they want, any type of thing decides what they do. As I'm typing this, I'm crying. He was one year, one month, one week and one day. We didn't even have him for one full year. All I know is that my family's lives will never be the same again because of what he did to change our lives. God bless you sweet baby boy and let you live a nice life in heaven!

Mary, Glenn, Caroline and Katie

Charlie, 1994-03/30/09

Our beloved fluffy baby, we called him a "dog-cat" because he ran to the door upon our arrival home, rolled over for a belly rub, followed us around the apartment, was in my lap every chance he got, and even slept with us under the covers. In the morning he would wake me up with a soft batting of his paw against my nose. I loved that the first thing I saw in the morning was his face and big eyes gazing into mine. Our spoiled kitty, he often ate fresh deli turkey and sushi, and drank ice-cold filtered water. We were constantly amazed by the adorable things he did each and every day, and the cute positions he curled himself into.
Even the look on his face melted my heart, and the way he "mushed" on my belly, curled up on my chest with his paws tucked under, and purred so loud you could hear him in the next room. "He's cooing!" , I would exclaim with pride. Picking him up and holding his warm big fluffball of a body against me with his chin resting on my shoulder and his paws wrapped around my neck filled me with some of the greatest joy I have ever felt in my life. Without the joy and love he brought us everyday we never would've survived my father's death and my two miscarriages.
His comfort was invaluable. Our beloved fluffball baby we miss you so much.

Amanda & Hack

Charlie, 08/2006-02/27/09

Charlie was an integral part of our family and he brought so much love and joy to our lives. His passing was so sudden and devastating for us. We miss you so much, little bunner.

Cindi Goertz

Charlie, Archie's Best Friend, 03/06/09

To Charlie, my friend Archie's bestest friend, may he rest in peace.

Susan Shipman

Charlie, 03/09/00-02/23/09

Our Little Charlie Boy has gone for a romp in the sun without his leash.

John was going to the road to flag down the vet and Charlie was in Taffy's arms in the rocker Charlie's eyes followed John out the door and his spirit followed him down the driveway for one last walk.
His gaze never returned.

Charlie's body was committed to the beautiful, warm, blue Pacific Ocean at 2 p.m. February 23rd.

Charlie the Bullet Dog lead many people on wild chases up and down steep hills, through creeks & estuaries, on busy city streets and through wooded wonderlands.

Charlieâ's passport had 17 flights to and from Costa Rica.
He was always perfect on his flights but there were many adventures after he touched the ground.

Charlie was patient, loving and filled with fun. His circle of friends and people that loved him is huge. We were so blessed to have him.

Taffy Tucker

Charlie, 02/19/09

Charlie was found by my mother when he unexpectedly ran in front of her car one day about 6 years ago.
As God would have it, Charlie next came into my car after he got hurt.
You see, Little Charlie picked a fight with my ex-partner, a 90 lb German Shepherd police dog.
Consequently, Charlie lost one of his eyes.
My wife, who had never been a dog lover, absorbed Charlie forever into her heart during his time of medical attention.

During the week of February 15th, and ironically the same day that an ultrasound revealed that our second child was indeed a baby girl, I took Charlie to vet because he had been very ill.
I was told that Charlie's kidneys had shut down because he was extremely diabetic.
Two days prior to bringing Charlie in, he had refused to eat anything, including roast beef lunch meat.

I said goodbye to Charlie, and then stayed with him during his last few minutes on this Earth.
I can't remember a time when I cried so hard.
I still have my almost 10-year old lab (Jenny), and I hold her even closer every night now.

I know that Charlie has returned to GOD, and is in the loving care of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.
Until we meet again Charlie, I will be forever missing you.

We love you dearly Charlie, and we will never forget you.


Ray, Raymond, Tracy, Jenny, and Rylee

Charlie, 10/17/96-02/28/09

From the very first day that we brought you home we knew you were special.
You gave us unconditional love and many smiles. You will always be a part of us...we will always miss you and love you from the bottom of our hearts. Thank you for being a member of our family. Thank you for the best memories and we are all sending you lots of hugs and kisses. Our hearts ache for you, for just one more hug! We will meet you again one day at the Rainbow Bridge. We all love you, Charlie...Daddy, Ryan, Courtney, Montana and espically were my best friend and such a love. God bless you Charlie!

Charlie, 01/27/09

Charlie was my best friend. He was the love of my life. His health is the reason why he is hopefully in a better place. I love you Charlie!

Jennifer Carver

Charlie, 03/21/00-01/27/09

Hey Bubba, we REALLY miss you, especially Mommy. I know you really missed your big sister, Gladys, since she left us last month, but now, I know you are with her.
I know you are able to see again, and run and play again, like you did when you were a baby. We will always love you.

Sheila Kopena

Charlie, 01/19/09


You touched my heart in a way no other has.
I am sorry you had to leave this world, I will miss you till the day I die.
I love you my Charlie man


Charlie, 05/01/02-01/20/09

Mom and Dad miss you so much Charlie.
You will always be our little "Charlie Poop Beanie".
We hope your tummy feels better now.

Janine and Michael Johnson

Charlie, 05/06/88-01/13/09

My Little buddy, we have been through so much together. You have made the last 16 years of my life so special. Thank you for always being there for me and happy to see me.
I know you have been sick for awhile and it was time for you to go, but I will always miss you until we can play and run again.
I love you!

Janet Schoenfeld

Charlie, 06/03/01-01/16/09

Unconditional love regardless of my mood, undying loyalty.
I wish I could have saved you.
I wish I could have had you longer.
Walk with God and your cousin dogs who have also passed,
Bo, Baxter, & Bogart.
I can see the 4 of you running together in heaven.
Don't let them boss you around.
Walk beside me and be my friend.


Charlie, 05/92-01/08/09

Charlie was a brave little guy.
He suffered from diabetes for about 4 years.
He lived to be 16 1/2 years old and I feel blessed to have been a part of his life.

Debbie Wells

Charlie, 12/22/08

Our sweet little buddy became an angel cat one week ago.
He was way too young to leave this world but his kidney's were failing him.
We love and miss him terribly. Thanks Char for sharing your life with us.

Marianne D

Charlie Beezer, 8/30/09

Charlie you were and allways will be my friend. You were a very strong and rugged cat. In the end that was you're undoing. I will allways remember you joining us in the garden to pick vegtables. The other cats would pester you but you were never bothered. A quiet friend I will allways love you. I am sorry that you had to leave in such a hard manner. I hope that you are at piece now and happy and playing with you're brother Albert. Wait for me and I will be there soon, Ian.

Charlie Brown, 07/02/99-06/07/09

Thank You my little Charlie for all of your love.

Harvey & Sandy Turley

Charlie Brown, 01/01/90-03/31/09

I love and miss you my dear buddy and friend!


Charlie Brown Hansen, 10/15/93-06/02/09

Charlie taught us so much about life, love and friendship.
One look into his beautiful, soulful brown eyes and you knew he understood whatever was troubling you.
I'll be looking for him one day over the Rainbow Bridge!
We love you, Charlie...go get those squirrels!

Anne Hansen

Charlie Brown Sumser, 02/11/09

Charlie has been the best companion I could have dreamed of having. He fought hard from the beginning. He overcame many obstacles, and truly lived all of his 9 lives. Life will never be the same. I will miss him most on his green pillow, when I nap, and when I dry my hair. Your sisters and I will live on with empty hearts. I love you and wish there was more that I could have done for you. Thanks for the love you showed me.

Anne Sumser

Charlie Chan Wheeler-Henegar, 05/05/91-02/05/09

Charlie passed away on Thursday, February 5, 2009

Born in Columbia, S.C. on May 5th, 1991, he was the son of the late Helen M. Wheeler and brother of Diane, Punkin, Bitty Kitty, Sweet Pea & P-Nut, step-brother of Corky and loving son "Chuckie" to his Daddy, Bill Henegar.

Charlie gave great joy to his family during his 17 years and 9 months on this earth.
He was loving, smart, playful, funny & considerate, and lived to provide love every day of his life.

He was a great traveling companion & made many trips with his family, always congenial & easy to get along with regardless of circumstances.

He loved unwrapping his Christmas surprises himself after finding them under the tree, & cheerfully put up with having to blow out candles & wear silly hats each birthday.
He was a "ham" & was ready to pose whenever he saw a camera.

He especially liked taking walks in the rain & was well known on Railroad Avenue for his well dress appearance & the many handsome sweaters & coats he wore in cold weather.

He was small but courageous & never backed down when a fight couldn't be avoided.

Charlie was predeceased by his human Mom, his Punkie & Bitty Kitty, & we're happy to know they were there to welcome him at the Rainbow Bridge.

Our thanks to Dr. Dalton, Julie & Tara for the wonderful care provided during Charlie's long life.

Charlie is sadly missed by all who knew him, but will never be forgotten.

You were my sweet, Best Boy Charlie--keep Mom company, play with Punkie & Bitty and wait for me--until we can all be together again--xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxox-Sis

Love Always, Daddy, Corky, Sister & P-Nut

Charlie Farrer, 01/01/05-12/01/09

my special princess who sadly fell asleep and left us heart broken. be with fergel untill we meet again.all our love always.

Alex and James

Charlie girl, 6/20/1990 - 8/9/2009

Charlie girl, we love you so much, you are our sweet baby. We will miss you so much. You lived 19 years, a very long time for a little beagle to be here on this earth, you pushed and fought and was always full of life. You were full of energy, loved to go on walks, play with your toys and your brothers Apollo and Cooper. Most of all you loved to eat, which you did all of the time and let us know when you wanted somthing by howling through the house. We will most of all miss your howl waking us up first thing every morning! You were loved so much. Mommy is sorry she was not there with you when you left us, I am so very sorry. Mommy and Daddy and your brothers will miss you more than you know. We love you Charlie girl.

Charlie 'Marley' Larroche, 06/05/09 have only been gone for 1 day..our family misses you so very much. You were such a good cat and brought so much love to us. You left us so suddenly, but we know now that it was your time to leave us. Duffy misses you so much, too.You will always be in our thoughts and hearts.We thank you for all the love that you gave to us.Be at peace....

Debbie & Dwayne Larroche

CharlieBug, 06/09/09

Today I had to let my friend go. I know he is at peace now and no longer suffering. I loved him very much and I miss him so much already. Love you me ChiChi.


Charlotte, 07/03/09

Thank you for being my loving dog for nine years.

Now you no longer have to be afraid of thunder storms.

I love you and miss you.

Love, Mom

Charlotte, 03/25/05-04/23/09

Tragically taken too soon in life, will be missed and forever in our hearts, you are the light of my life.

Michelle Himes

Charlotte, 04/19/09

Our beloved Charlotte passed away on April 19.
Words cannot describe how much we miss her and will always love her.
She is in our hearts forever.


Charlotte, 25/03/09

Charlotte you will be sadly missed, you died suddenly and without a warning. We hope your happy in rainbow bridge and that your at piece.

Miss you sooo much love mum, dad, joe, lindsey

Charlotte, 05/28/00-03/02/09

Charlotte was a very special loyal friend, companion and very much a part of our family.
For almost 9 years, we centered our lives around her.
She meant everything to us and when she became suddenly ill with liver cancer we were in shock.
We all were deeply touched by her spirit and kindness.
She loved and accepted everyone.
We will greatly miss her and her funny mannerisms.

There are Church Fathers who believed that when we ourselves pass on we will find in paradise what we have truly loved, including those animals who were a comfort and a joy to us.
I will see Charlotte again!
At the end of my own struggles, I suspect that I will; that along
with my loved ones, I may very well find a certain Golden Retriever.

We all love and miss you, Charlotte!

Miriam and Dan Griffin

Charlotte, 01/31/09

charlotte was a uni que and very special pet. i bought her when she was 2 months old and was only 10 pounds and grew up to 180 pounds. she was a loving pet and loved to cuddle up to me. she loved to snuggle in her blankets and cover herself up. my cat slept with her every night and is grieving as well. she still looks for her and wonders where she is. i loved her very much and will be missed so deeply. she will always be in my heart now and always. someday we will meet again. i miss you very very much and again i love you.


Charlotte, 10/96-01/31/09

charlotte was a great friend and partner. At times she was a real pain in the neck when it came to feeding time you would be able to set your watch by her. She had a Great personality and disposition she knew she was the Boss and she would let you Know It.. She had the best belly to lay on during those cold and sometimes lonely nights. She was my best friend and partner. I will truly miss her..


Charlotte Mayfield, Char, 06/08/09

In memory of Char . . .

How do these furry little creatures find their way so deeply into our hearts? They can't actually form words, yet they find ways to convey soooooo many things. I have to admit, Charlotte was my favorite - don't tell Chuck or LaShaundra (or Puff or Henry Thomas).
She wandered into our lives - and onto my lap in the DFW airport employee parking lot. It was a rainy October night and I heard some moeowwwws as I was getting in my car to go home. Of course I couldn't just leave a little kitty-cat out there in the middle of nowhere - so the plan became, "If she comes to me when I walk over there, I will take her home." That was in 1996. Not only did she come to me - but she sat quietly on my lap, purring the whole way home. She was no stranger to riding in cars.

Her introduction to Chuck, our 'first-found' stray cat was more raucous than we'd hoped - she was pretty hissy and aggressive - but what we didn't know then, was that she was preggers and would deliver 4 kittens about a week later. Only 1 was born alive - we think because she was so malnourished when I found her. We had two homes lined up for the kitten, but both fell through, so in keeping with all the news of ebonics at the time, and because she was mostly black, we named her LaShaundra. (I know, very un-PC, sorry!)

And so she came into our lives almost 13 years ago - she was a little scavenger - we think because of her starving days before I found her. She would follow me around the apartment - always adoring - AND looking for food. She was trusting and generous - hopping up on my lap when I sat down - and she would purrrrr up a storm - such a sweetheart.

A little over a year ago we found out she had diabetes - so, since Dave's been diabetic since he was a kid, it was fairly easy to take that on and regulate her blood sugars. More recently, she had several bouts with a urinary tract infection that didn't want to go away. This can also cause a spike in the blood sugar levels - which happened on Sunday. Even with increased insulin, and stronger antibiotics, she became very lethargic and her little body had just had enough.

It will take some getting used to - not finding her sleeping on the foot of the bed or beside me nudging me to let me know she's ready to eat. Not finding her strolling down the hallway to greet us when she hears the key turning the lock or trotting side-by-side around the corner with LaShaundra to be fed. She was my little sweetie, and I love her and I will miss her.

Many have said she was lucky to have found me - but I think it was I, who was the truly lucky one . . .

Cheri and David Mayfield

Charlotte Sometimes, 08/01/03-03/14/09

When we first met you, we looked at you and your eyes said you needed us. You were like no other dog on Earth, perfect in every way. You followed us everywhere, and filled us with so much joy. We loved coming home and being greeted with excited whines. We now realize it was us that needed you.

Your life was as short as your legs but your love was as long as your body. Your gentle spirit will stay in our hearts and always inspire us to be as wonderful as you thought we were.

We miss and love you - Short Stuff, Weeny McShortlegs, squirt, bubby, pooper, brat, bumble bee, Charlotte Sometimes.

Stephanie and Matthew Rogers

Charlotte Sometimes, 02/14/92-01/19/09

I will miss you Charlotte. You were a good kitty and you'll always be my baby.

Michele Yamazaki

Charly, 01/01/95-06/02/09

Charly thanks for being my best friend. You meant so much to me and the family. I fall in love with you from the first day I saw you. You truly were my best friend, and now I lost you. No words can explain how much I miss you. You were my first baby. The day you passed way you took my heart along with you. Some thing is missing from my life. Thank you Charly for being my best friend, thanks for making all of us so happy. Bye Charly till we meet again.
Love Mommie,

Charm, 03/03/87

Charm was my first choice at the Humane Society.
Although she was a year old I couldn't pass her by. That sweet face staring at me through the cage just told me that she was the one. I never regretted having picked her.
She was the light of our lives. Charm was so much fun and gentle, great with the kids.
When she was 13 it was time to let her go. I knew it was time but it is such a tough decision. We all miss our "Charm", she was wonderful, so sweet and she was always smiling!


Chase, June 22 1999 - September 14 2009

Chase the Face, we miss you so much. Your big long nose that you would poke everything with, your constant sugar addiction, your attentiveness and pawpaw if you knew we were upset or sick. We miss seeing you at the top of the stairs, laying on your $1,200 dog bed, and grumbling at us "warden" style when we were talking in bed. We're sorry you were so sick in the end and that you had to be at the hospital away from us. Always remember we love you and will never forget you.

Mom, Dad, your Boy Adam and Willow =(

Chase, 06/25/09

"Little Chase" my brother and sisiter-in-laws cat is losing her battle today with post surgery complications from a brain tumor.
She has given them so much love and they went above and beyond to try and keep her but she had other ideas She did fight to the bitter end.. She will be at the rainbow bridge bery soon but they will meet again! Luv,

Chase, 03/19/97-03/13/09

To my sweet, sweet boy Chase...
He was my welcoming committee each day...he was my constant snuggle buddy by night.
My husband and I were blessed to have spent the past 12 months with him back in our home after my family faithfully cared for him while I recovered.
He was a loyal companion to my 3 nephews and endured all of the love my they had for him.
He loved Grammie's protection and her cookies, swimming in my sister's clean pool, long walks and road trips.
He loved riding in the car, especially the convertible, but as long as he could stick his head out and allow the wind to blow in his face he was happy.
He insisted on enjoying life and refused to give up.
He was my alpha dog till the end.

Michelle Wooten

Chase, 12/01/01-12/28/08

My dear Chaser-bunny, you were taken too soon, and we don't know why.

You were always such a happy, funny bunny. I miss you greeting me at the door of your cage with your whisker kisses, wanting to be scratched behind your ears.

Your brother Holden misses you terribly. He's never been alone so long, and he's not as brave as you. He's getting lots of love and treats, and he will adjust soon.

Take care my funny bunny, and I'll see you at the Bridge...


Chase, 04/01/95-01/02/09

Chase saved our lives.
He brought life back to us and now we have to learn how to go on with out him.
I have never had such a special friend, my heart is broken.

Greg and Donetta Thompson

Chata, 10/14/96-01/09/09

She was the truest friend I've ever had.
I will miss her for the rest of my life.

Nancee Relles

Chattie Marie, 05/13/96-02/27/09

A little girl who gave so much love and affection.
She was my pal who shared so much of my life.
She showed me that love has no bounds.
Everyone who knew Chattie, loved her - not only will she be a loss in my life but in the lives of my family and friends.
She loved to be cuddled - hugged - and fed.
There is an emptiness in my life but I have so many fond memories.
Everyday was an experience and delight.
May all who have pets enjoy the love and affection I have know and will always cherish that Chattie has given me.
She is with all my family and friends who have passed on to another life - and they, too, will find the joy in knowing her,

Sandra Carnevale

Chaucer, 04/15/90-04/20/09

Rest in peace my beloved friend.

Matthew G. Klein

Chauncy, 09/29/89-05/21/08

I was just 8 years old when i saw you being born. You were the first kitten, and I fell in love with you instantly. I was a lonely little girl, and you were my very best friend. You followed me to school, the park and even up trees. I knew you knew how badly I needed you.

You were like my shadow, you were always by my side and even let me hug you so tight when I cried. When I was so young, I never imagined the end. I could have never guessed that you'd see me grow up, get married, and even meet my son. I know you held on as long as you could for us, especially for me. We fought so hard to keep you going to keep you healthy.

You let me know when you were ready, but not even 18 yrs was enough to prepare me for goodbye.

I held you in my hands the day you were born, and it was me, your momma, who held who held you so close the moment you passed. You died on a beautiful spring morning.

I had only 8 short years without you in my life, every day I can remember, you were there. Tomorrow will be the 1st full year since you passed. I think about you every single day, and I visit you as much as I can but it doesn't hurt any less. Forever has never felt so long.

Oh my Chauncy cat, one day we will be forever young together, you wait for me at that bridge.

We love you,

Dana, Mark & Evan

Chaunnessey, 10/31/90-03/21/09

To Our Pretty Girl Chaunnessey:
You gave us 19 and a half years of very special love and wonderful memories.
We miss you so much but take comfort in knowing you are at the perfect Rainbow Bridge, playing with Jakie, Meggie, Buddy, Foxxi, Red & Smudge!
We will see you and everyone else there some sweet day...all of your lights are shining down from heaven tonight and will every night.
We love you!

Mommie & Daddy

Chayana Saba, 06/2007-04/16/09

Beloved God
Im feel very sad because for lost my cheer chayana saba whós passed away, and very she very
suffer for terminal
breast cancer, permit to her the peace and happy condition in your Reign, Im prayer for her today for resting in peace

Tony Saba

Chaz, 05/03/92-03/28/09

He will be leaving me this afternoon - we leave shortly for the vet's.
He was an awesome dog - my best friend and companion for 17 years.
He was a show dog, an obedience dog, a therapy dog - and always my support and comfort.
He was not afriad - he knew thing would be better.
I love you Chaz - goodbye my friend.
I'll see you at the Bridge someday -

Love Joanne

Chaz, 05/01-02/09/09



Chaz, 03/15/94-01/24/09

I had my special baby for 15 years and lost him to old age.
I had to put him down and it was the toughest thing I have ever had to do.
He was my little angel and I'll miss him till the day I die.

Joyce Stanger

Chaz Crenshaw, 11/13/07-02/09/09

You were gone in a blink of an eye we had no time to say goodbye. So unexpected because you were so young and so healthy. You were our first pet and you will always have a special place in our hearts. You are in Heaven now and Jesus can take better care of you than we ever could! Love you Chaz Whaz!

Flair, Regina, & Brittney

Che, 01/24/09

Che was given to my ex-husband and myself by his my ex-father-in-law and was a beloved member of my furry family for 11 years. Recently she had started to have many bathroom accidents so I knew that something was wrong. She just wasn't herself anymore. She wasn't doing a very good job of maintaining her coat anymore and she could no longer easily jump on top of the bed (her favourite place to sleep). I think I knew it was time a while ago for her to pass on but I didn't want to accept the fact. I will miss her for her independence and unconditional love. She was there for me when my marriage broke up and I know that I saved her from suffering through kidney failure. I only pray that she did not suffer any pain prior to me finally being brave enough to let her go.

Lisa Hopson

Checkers, 03/23/09

Checkers you were the morning sunshine, I wish I could give you a hug today, miss you very much.
You were/are the best dog ever, gave so much but never asked for anything.
All your friends at the park miss you very much, I'll miss not running you on weekends and I miss you not sleeping in the same spot everyday.
It's very hard today and I know it will be but know that I love you as always and you are in my heart always.
Rest now my prince for you have crossed over and are with friends until we meet again.
Love Nancy and Phil. XOXOXOXOXO

Checkers, 11/25/85-11/25/96

You were a good dog. You had some adorable puppies.You gave us some great memories. You were a smart, good doggy. We miss you.

Michale & Beverly Burkett

Checkers Lovejoy, 04/11/01-01/08/09

After a short illness, Checkers passed away with his parents at his bedside.
Checkers was born in Cross Lanes, West Virginia.
Checkers and his mom later moved to Columbus, Ohio.
Checkers is survived by his mom and dad, Mary and David; one sister Luci and one brother Woody.
We would like to express our gratitude to MedVet of Worthingon and especially Dr. Corey Brown DVM, a specialist in Internal Medicine.
Checkers found bravely against all odds and leaves a void in all of our hearts.
We love you, Checkers.

Mary Lovejoy

Chee Chee, 04/16/09

I miss you everywhere you were... you are my heart and I will miss you forever.


Cheech, 07/02/95 - 11/07/09

dear cheech, u were my best friend and there will never be anyone like u. i hope u are happy and healthy and running free somewhere in a field full of dogs. i miss u so much it hurts. i hope u know how much i loved u and how special u were. u left us so fast, i wish i could just scratch your chin, hug u, kiss your nose, nap with u..... just one more time. u are at peace and that makes us happy. i love u.....mommy xoxoxoxoxoxo

Cheech, 10/12/04 - 9/11/09

To my li'l Cheech - I'll miss your ferret face that peeked out from underneath the chair for a rub and the pitter patter of your little feet running across the floor over to your dish for a treat to eat. Though you are here no more, your memory will live on in my heart until we meet again.

Cheech, 05/18/09

Cheech was a great friend.
It was hard to let him go, but it was his time.
Have fun running in the fields.


Cheerio, 2006-02/21/09

Cheerio, I said that I was not going to let this stray into my heart, but you found a way. You were always embarrassed to be held in public, but always ready to snuggle and fall asleep in my lap. Always demanding, but always so very giving. You'll always be my most special and dear loved little friend.

Michael Tober

Cheeto, 07/2004-03/30/09

Cheeto Pito Frito Dorito Gilligan Milligan Stinky Pete With Diry Feet Peter Pan Warren...You had the longest name. I miss you so much. It was only today that you crossed the Rainbow Bridge. Soon, I will see and we will cross the Rainbow Bridge together.

I love you buddy.
I will always miss you.

Jon Warren

Cheezie, 03/16/09

Cheezie,you were a great companion,even thou you thought you were the King of the house. Those little morning kisses, trying to get me up to feed you. Greeting me at the door when I came in and always having something to tell me when I got home. I rescued you from the SPCA, and you gave me so much back. I miss you so much, always in my heart.


Chela, 03/19/09

My dear Chela,
You were my best friend, my constant companion, my therapist, my teacher and my baby.
I'm having a difficult time without your kisses and hugs but I knew it was time for you to go.
I hope you know how very much I love you and how much my heart hurts without you.
I know you're with Coco now and you're free from pain and that someday, when it's my turn to cross over, you'll be there welcoming me.
Until then, you'll be in my heart always.
I love you Chela bug.


Chelsea, Januarary 2000 - 09/04/09

Chelsea was a loving individual with unique personality that warmed everyone's hearts. She embraced our lives with so much and is so dearly missed. We think of her every moment of the day and remind each other that we shall meet again when we cross the Rainbow Bridge together.
We truly believe in the Rainbow Bridge as something very special happened when we parted with Chelsea on that sad Friday afternoon when we were heading back home. A very special rainbow under a cloud formation never seen before, so big and colorful that stretched from where we parted ways all the way to her home of the past 9 years, 25 miles away. We now know Chelsea is safe, well and having fun until we meet again when Dawn and I cross the Rainbow Bridge together and reunite with Chelsea when we know there will be biggest hugs and kisses waiting. God Bless Baby Girl!

Chelsea, 06/17/09

I'll miss you Chelsea Kitty.
Your certainly were the best Chelsers!
Love you :)


Chelsea, 06/24/97-05/16/09

I'd give anything if I could turn back time
To that special day when I walked in that store
I didn't have much but I gathered every dime
Because I somehow felt you were worth much more

So it's me, my wife, our daughter, and now you
Had God looked down I'm sure He would've smiled
Because deep in my heart I know He knew
That to me you were like another child

As the years went by and we all grew closer
I loved you more and more with each passing day
How can a dog like you make life so much better
With the joy you bring in your own special way

But now that final day I dread is here
And with it a pain that tears my heart to pieces
No matter how hard I try to get over you, my dear
With every tear I cry the pain increases

But I'll say goodbye for what else can I do
I guess all good things do come to an end
And I'll pray to God to look after you
Until that day when we can be with you again

Les and Clarissa Morosi

Chelsea, 06/10/97-06/03/09

I love you always baby girl. Rest well.

Ashley H

Chelsea, 05/11/09

Chelsea, you came into our lives 15 years ago.
You have made us laugh and cry, but you also gave us so much love.
Our big bed will be empty without you


Chelsea, 05/18/09

You fought the good fight Chels, and were fortunate to spend many years in the loving environment you were brought home to.
May you find restored health and eternal peace and comfort.

Karen V

Chelsea, 08/19/95-01/24/09

Chelsea, it's been almost 3 months since you've been gone and I miss you terribly every day. Spring is here and with the melting of the snow, two of your stuffies that you had outside have reappeared in the yard. Alexie noticed them and said "Chelsea". I love you and miss you so much!
Love, Mom

Chelsea (Debbie's Chelsea Girl), 07/14/02

Chelsea, your were such a wonderful cuddly friend..even up to he very end. You were smiling and loving all the way and without fear.
Even today I can't write this without great grief and sadness.

Soon your brother will be there to join you and your sisters.

We love you and miss you lots,
Mom & Dad

Chelsea, 03/15/09

Chelsea was a beautiful loving cat that came to us through a loss of a good friend almost ten years ago. Her owner passed away at a young age (35) from cancer, and we were blessed to have her come into our lives after. She helped us to deal with our friends loss, and many of our mutual friends said we saved her life by taking her into our home. I hope she had a better, fuller life because of us. I know we did because of her. I believe she is now with our friend again and it's his turn to have her again. And I believe we will see them both again one day.

Lee and Kim Cox

Chelsea, 04/07/95-03/10/09

You came into mommy's heart at 6 weeks old and will stay there forever.
You were always there for me.
Rest in peace my big old bear.
i will always love you.

Ray & Ann Marie Geissel

Chelsea, 09/29/89-01/03/06

it has been over 3 years since god saw fit to take my baby girl chelsea home with him..i miss her so much..i think of her often thru the day and am very grateful for the times we had with her. it gives me comfort to come to rainbowbridge and think of her playing and running like the poem says..i still cry when i think of her and even though we have new new dog named hayee who i love very much i still have a hard time dealing with her loss..thank you for letting me say a few words..i hope to be able to let her go knowing she is not hurting and in a much better place some day...thank you

Darlene Dobrowolski

Chelsea, 08/29/96-02/06/08

It has been one year today that my Chelsea girl crossed the Rainbow Bridge. I miss her sooooo much it hurts. A piece of me is missing......
Mama loves and misses you .................

"Chelsea Poo Poo,

Chelsea Poo Poo,

Chelsea Poo Poo,

Mama's favorite puppy girl!"

Marci Freeborg

Chelsea, 11/14/93-01/23/09

My sweet, sweet girl - You have left a hole in our hearts -we miss you terribly.
We will love and cherish the years we had with you forever.
You and Lucy are together again and we love and miss you both.

Deborah Gleason

Chelsea, 01/71/95-11/02/07

This is a tribute for my first grandbaby, Chelsea. She truly was like no other pet I've ever seen - I know for sure that she was "off the charts" as far as intelligence and her knack for knowing what you were thinking before you even verbalized it.
It was as though she could sense or read your mind.
Many times we would laugh because Chelsea would respond to something that had been said or done just as though she were part of the conversation.
And this little girl did a fine job of doing whatever it took to get her way.
She was very strong-willed and let everyone around her know what her opinion was on the subject.
She sure did draw attention from everyone who ever saw her - always glowing comments about how beautiful and unusual - "what a great looking dog" and we all knew how lucky we were to have her.
I want to thank you, Chelsea, for all the love, all the laughs and good walks we had, and for all the care and watchful protection you gave my daughter.
I'll always miss you, Chelsea, - that's for sure - but I am comforted knowing that you are happy now and pain-free and chasing those squirrels that were always just out of your reach.
I know those beautiful eyes of yours now are full of joy and laughter !!!
I love you,Chelsea !!


Chelsea, 01/27/95-11/20/08

To my sweet Chelsea girl, Momma misses you so much! You were my best friend! You were the most loyal,patient,caring,loving and devoted friend that I have ever had! You did an amazing job looking out for me, giving me kisses when I was down and celebrating ever happy moment for 14 years. I can not even begin to put into words what you meant to me or how much I miss you. I can only hope that I loved you the way you loved me. I am so sorry that you got sick, I did every thing in my power to take good care of you, we sure did make it through some tough times together but the cancer was too tough for us to beat. I am so sorry that Momma did not realize how sick you were until it was too late, you were so brave and you never let on that you did not feel well. If I could have I would have taken the cancer and all the pain from you and gotten sick myself instead of you. You were my heart,my campanion and my best friend and you were always by my side no matter what. Every photo that I come acroos of me, there you are laying right next to me. I feel lost without you now but I had to let you go because I could not let you suffer. I hope you understand that I sacrificed my happiness for you b/c I always told you that I would never let anything or anyone hurt you. That is why I had to ask the vet to come to our house and take away your pain even though it killed me to watch you die and be carried away from your home with me forever. I loved you with all my heart Choocie and I will never forget you or how you made my life worth living. I miss you more than words can say and so does your baby sissy Macy. I hope you are happy and well now and please do not worry about me any more. You were my best friend for a lifetime and now you are my guardian angel for an eternity. From now on all my thoughts of true love will be of you. I can not wait to see you again and hug your neck but please do not sit and cry while you are waiting for me. Go run and play with all your new friends and be happy my angel. I love you Chelsea Marie and I miss you terribly, my life will never be complete without you in it! You are forever in my heart and I am in yours! Rest in peace baby. I love you-Momma

Chelsea, 05/89-01/02/09

Chelsea will always be "the baby cat".
She took such wonderful care of me for 19 years.
She made sure, when the alarm went off I got up, no matter what!
She greeted me when I returned with meows, as if asking about my day.
And there will never be another cat with furr as soft as hers.
If I was sad, she comforted me, and when I was excited, she seemed to celebrate with me.
She tolerated many moves, and I would tell her home was wherever she was, and so she trusted me.


Chelsea Alwine, 04/23/00-01/18/09

Chelsea was the sweetest most affectionate cat I have ever known . She was adorable , and so dearly loved her entire life . The past 2 months brought such sorrow to us at home . Chelsea was treated for lymphoma and thymoma , and rapidly declined in mid-January . We are all so sad and miss her dearly . Thank God , we will picture her running healthy in Heaven today and forever more . We love her so much !

Tim and Guyla Alwine

Chelsea B Sweet, 02/03/09

This kitten came into our lives as a stray.
She was the most loving, affectionate cat who tended to act like a dog.
She was a very big part of our lives and even slept on our bed with us nightly.
The void we feel without her is incredible.
Even our other pets sense something is strangley wrong.
She was a beautiful soul and we miss her.

Roseann M Sweet

Chelsea Jane Andrews, 05/01/98-02/07/09

We can't wait to see you pretzeling for us on Rainbow Bridge!
We already miss your smile, your little nub, and your velveteen ears; but most of all, we miss your kindness and love for everyone.
You are our special angel and will always be in our hearts!!!!

Rachel and Matthew Andrews

Chelsea Lilly Hyams, 29/12/08

Farewell to sweet, pretty Chelsea Lilly. You were the most adoring, pretty cat only happy when you were lying quietly on your mummy and daddy's bed or next to Jessica. You loved being patted gently and never bit anyone in temper. When you lived here you were content to lie on one of the beds, or on the arm or back of the sofa or on the balcony watching the people and traffic going past. You never strayed near the edge knowing that would be dangerous. When visitors came you were always friendly to them. Never mind about us being woken up early in the mornings to be fed. You were just doing what cats do. You were happy to be left alone all day and greeted us at the door when we came home. In the last 17 months you bonded with baby Jessica and we knew you would never harm her. Dear Chelsea, I hope you didn't suffer too much at the end. Rest in Peace.
Love Grandma Marilyn

Chelsea Lu-Lu, 04/17/09

I rescued Chelsea from a shelter. It was winter time. At that place she was the only one that was not jumping or barking. She was in bad shape. Skinny and sad. Ears down and sad puppy eyes. Somebody had brought her to the shelter a week before, on the day of my b-day. I felt in love with her instantly. People were looking for beautiful dogs and she was skipped a couple of times. I am so glad. Chelsea was the best dog in the world: fun, caring, protective, loving, and spoiled rotten silly creature. She loved kids and babies. She loved the cat. I love this dog with all my heart. She came into my life when I needed healing from deep old wounds. We healed together. Thank you Chelsea for your unconditional love, for being totally you. Thank you for dry my tears away when I needed it. You are far away now. I have to dry out my tears myself. Chelsea, you were the best dog in the world. I love you with all my heart. Enjoy heaven sweetheart. I know you are well, but it breaks my heart not to see you around. I miss you so much!.
Love you forever. You are an awesome and beautiful doggy.

Chelsea Morosi, 06/24/97-05/16/09

Dearest Chelsea,
Your family misses you so much.
We all cry and mourn your sudden departure.
We wish we could go back in time to the day when you first came into our lives.
We would give anything to have you for another twelve years.
You showed us the true meaning of life.
We pray to God to see you someday.
Goodbye for now, until that final day when we are one family again.
Please be there for us.
We love you, Chelsea.

Les, Clarissa, and Kimberly Morosi

Chelsey, 04/17/09

Will be greatly missed

Henry, Marilyn, Kim and Kevin Smith

Chelsie, 01/11/09

Chelsie, you were a "little Imp".
We love you very much.
I'm so sorry I couldn't make you well

Laurie Biggs

Chelsie Lynn Watton, 03/25/09

Chelsie was a wonderful pet and friend to me and I hurt so bad that shes not here now.I know she is in a better place now,but my heart aches for her,as she was my baby,because I can't have children and she was my child! God bless her and others that have passed on before her,she will be missed much!!


Chemka Valentine, 05/09/93-02/07/09

I will miss my little Chem so much.
I knew she was failing, but coming to terms with it is another story.
I don't know what I'll do without her. To me she was the perfect cat.

Kali Valentine

Chen Chen, 06/06/97-04/01/08


It has been one year to the day that our precious little boy, Chen Chen, crossed over the Rainbow Bridge to eternal peace from the pain and discomfort that was his during the last 6 months of his life.
We do know he is better off and his spirit still burns bright in our hearts.
The pain of the loss is still there, but the memories of the glorious times we shared, while he blessed our lives, covers the pain more and more each day.
We feel his spirit has become our Guardian Angel and have experienced many instances where we are convinced his intervention has protected us from harm.
We really believe this.
We now have a new member to our family, Kobe, a 2 year old Japanese Chin.
Different from our Pekingese, Chen Chen, in many way, Kobe has provided us the much needed love that we missed with our painful loss of a year ago.

We know he is also guided by the spirit of our Guardian Angel as Chen Chen's personality shows threw every now and then.
We still hold weekly candlelight ceremonies for Chen Chen as it gives a chance to connect and talk.
We have great empathy for all that our experiencing the loss of their beloved furry children and hope that our story gives them hope, comfort and the knowledge that their loved ones are not gone, but transformed.

Bernie and Jo Anne Tyler
Loving Parents of Chen Chen

Cher, 04/15/01-02/22/09

To a most beloved pet whom I will miss so very much.


Cher Cher, 1996-05/27/09

Nanny and Paw Paw miss you big girl.

Marc and Kay Barlow

Cherise, 04/07/09

Thank you God, for allowing us to care for such a loving and trusted companion for 14 years. At times it was she who was caring for us. Although now you have taken her to be with you, we trust in your promise to reunite us when we come to be with you too.
Our our Love, forever-more.

Jack & Diane

Cherita Noteetha, 06/10/09

You were only my kitty for a little over 1 year. The oldest cat at the shelter and missing most of your teeth I wanted to give you a good loving home which i hope I did. You were the sweetest and funniest cat. I am sorry I could not do more for you at the end but you are not sick and in no pain now. Rest in Peace.


Cherokee, 11/27/95-01/05/09

You will always be in my heart. Thank You For Loving Me.


Cherokee La Bear La Fountain, 04/04/09

I dreamt of you and you came true. I will always love you, You'll live on forever in my heart. Rest in Peace my Angel.


Cherry Oaks Chocolate Moose Almighty, 10/31/05-06/19/09

My sweet Moose,
We will all miss you so much. You brought so much happiness to everyone around you. The only word to describe you is LOVE. You are love. You did so much of God's work in you short time. Helping people in the hospital and helping children. You were the greatest gift from God and your mommy will cherish you forever, along with your grandma and so many others. Thank you for making me a better person.
I miss your sweet, beautiful face more than anyone could ever know. May you be in heaven, happy and healed.
You have a piece of my heart with you always. May you be in God's arms and protection. I love with all that I am. Love, your mommy, Gina

Cheryl Harris, 09/24/04

Dakota was my momma dog. She had 2 puppies that we kept and another one the we got later.
She was always taking care of them and is missed awfully.


Chessie, 03/24/09

Tomorrow will be the last day I get to see my sweet, sweet Chessie.
She has been with me through my toughest times.
I got her and my other Golden Milo after my mom passed away.
They were her dogs and gave me much comfort the months and years after her death.
Now I feel like I am losing the last part of my mother.
And it kills me.
The only thing that makes it better, is knowing that they will all be reunited again and no longer in any pain.
I will miss you deeply...


Chessie, 03/14/09

For Chessie, our beautiful dark carmel Golden Retriever of almost 14 years of age.......she Gave Love and Received our Love.
She, in turn, taught us to Give Love and gentle kindness to others.
Her zest and happiness for Life and Family was contagiously exuberant!
Her incredible love and protection for cats, being the step-mom to four! Walking to the school bus stop each day with all the children loving her, especially our granddaughter.
Each grandchild knowing how incredible she was and enjoying her. Her Happy and Special Spirit will be with us forever.
She is sorely missed. Love running those Heavens!
Love and Kisses for you, Ms. Chessie!

The Blair and Bunnell Families

Chessy, 03/14/09

In Memory of my Chessy, the love of my life, my best friend and companion. I will never forget you and hold you in my arms forever. You will be loved always and I anxiously await the day when you and I will meet again on Rainbow Bridge. I hope you are young again and playing with your brother Foss. Though I am grieving your loss and feel so empty without you, I know you are out of pain and the Chessy I knew. It's just so quiet around here without you and Callie and Jack are so quiet. I have a special memorial set up for you by the fireplace where you liked to lie. We have beautiful flowers there, your picture and wonderful cards of remembrance. I hold you in my heart and as I promised you, I am going to make a plaque in your honor and pu

Sara McIlroy

Chessy, 11/26/96-12/22/08

We'll miss you forever Chessy.
You were the sweetest dog in the whole world - everyone that met you, loved you.
You gave us 12 years of unconditional love and cherished memories that will live on forever in our hearts.
Bless your soul 'CH' - we loved you.

Seeley Family

Chester, 07/13/09

Arch and I are most saddened to report that Chester has gone over the Rainbow Bridge.
He was suffering from old age with his internal organs shutting down so we regretfully and tearfully decided it was time.
He went quickly and peacefully and gave both of us a kiss, which was very comforting as he was not a "kissy" dog.
He was 15 years old, my first "rescue" and I had him for 11 years.
We are getting his ashes back and will keep him with us always.
We'll find comfort in knowing that Chester is young and fat again and playing with all his previous female companions ...Goldie, Lulu, and Lucy Too.
Goodbye to our sweet boy, you were Mr. Personality and everyone who met you fell in love.

Rae Packer & Arch Darrow

Chester, 06/12/02-05/10/09

Chester -
I remember the day you came home with Daddy. You were a shivering, shaking little yellow flea ball with a huge blue ribbon tied around his neck. You were perfect....I remember that day we bathed you twice and Daddy sat on the floor with you picking dead fleas off you like a monkey. You were our first baby...our whole world. So many pictures so many memories...You were such a goofy, happy go lucky guy...always into trouble and mischief. You ate the stair banister...the wall...surround sound most expensive remember the first day I took you to work with me you climbed into my lap in the drivers seat and we had to pull over on 270 b/c I couldn't even see. You were such a gentle man; so good with the kids even though it "disrupted" our lifestyle. Max misses you out in the yard playing with him so much...he tells me all the time how much he misses you and how he sees you up in the sky with God and the other doggies. It breaks my heart. He made sure to tell you goodnight out his window the other night. We miss you so much Chessie. Mollie is good but misses you as well. She is still in remission!! It is so hard to walk back into OSU to take her for her chemo treatments. The memories of taking you down there flood back and I just sit there and cry. I told you it would be ok and it wasn't; I'm so sorry Ches. I thought we had so many years left together. I wish I had a few more minutes to sit and love on you and pet your soft ears. I sit outside and try and imagine you out there "surveying your kingdom" the yard is so empty now. The grass is now green and not yellow from brushing you - poor birds will have nothing to build their nests out of. We took Mollie swimming but it was depressing without you there. How you LOVE to swim... You are gone my friend but you are still very much here. We miss you so much. We will see you again one a way it makes death not so scary to have loved ones on the other side because you so look forward to seeing them again. I love you Mr. Rooney!

Jody Snyder

Chester, 06/17/00-05/02/09

letting him go was so hard to do but watching him be in paid was even harder.
I still hear his nails on my floors, still hear his sweet bay and still see those loving, trusting eyes.
he went to sleep in my arms, with a full belly, listening to me say "what a good boy you are".
I will never forget.

Donna Martin

Chester, 04/28/98-04/22/09

We miss you.

Laura and Kathy

Chester, 27/09/87-26/01/09

My beautiful friend of 21yrs, how can i thank you for all the joy you gave me, your were my rodeo buddy and so much more, we went from Pony Club to professional competition together, you always gave so much more than you asked for, from the day you arrived at 12weeks old, to the day you died at 21yr, i love you so very very much and miss you forever, thankyou for the memories old friend, until we meet again xxxxxxx


Chester, 01/29/05-01/28/09

Chester was a happy, loving dog who brought joy to all whom he encountered.
He enjoyed lounging on the couch and eating all the food he could get his paws on (especially chinese food).
His peaceful demeanor and loving gaze taught all those around him to fully enjoy every moment of life.

In the beginning of January Chester received brain surgery to treat the genetic disease Syringomyelia and, although he was quite strong after the surgery, the remainder of his recovery proved to be fatal.
His body could not handle the stress, and, within a week Chester was suffering from Thrombocytopenia.
The doctors did all they could to save him but just as the plasma transfusion began to take effect his heart stopped beating from exhaustion.

Chester- you were the best thing that ever happened to this family and we will miss you terribly.
May you rest peacefully.

Pierce Levine

Chester, 12/29/08

We miss you so much sweet boy....I think of you every day

Jenn Singarella

Chester, ?1995-04/14/04

You have been gone for almost 5 years, but we needed to let you know that you were one of a kind.
You were so abused as an outdoor-unneutered-unwanted cat.
We tamed you and gave you the loving home you needed and greatly deserved.
We had you in our home for such a short time, but you meant the world to us.
We love you still -- Mommie & Daddy

Chester, 05/98-12/29/08

We were all blessed by Chester's loving spirit, sense of humor and adventure. He is missed by everyone who knew him, and we hope he's having lots of fun chasing squirrels in the sky.


Chester McPoufie, 11/01/07-12/23/08

Chester was the sweetest kitten. He was taken from me too soon. Just one year. I was there when he was born and I held him when he passed. I miss him so much everyday but I try to take comfort knowing that he knew I was was with him when he passed, that he knew he was loved. Its hard sometimes when I reach out for him and he just isnt there anymore. I miss you so much baby Chester, Ill never forget you. Im sorry you had to go.


Chester Singarella, 12/29/08

we miss you so were so sweet and a great companion...I will always love you


Chett, 09/94-09/03/08

He was a gift from heaven.

Dana found him as a little kitten all alone in the near by building under construction, but to me, he arrived when she brought him home on Christmas Eve. He sat on the chair in the living room all Christmas day staring at us. I thought a 3rd cat was too many - I wanted one for each of the girls - but he just seemed special.

As a kitten he had an undeveloped squiggle of a tail. His voice was so weak at first that he'd try to meow but nothing came out. His meow was always little more then a squeek. Except when he was screaming at an enemy cat.

The cats had their roles. Chauncy was the hunter, but Chett was the warrier. He guarded the house and grounds against intruder cats. If another cat was walking along the street Chett would charge out at him, no hesitation. He didn't always win the fights, the cat next door took a bite out of his hind section on a couple of occasions.

But no matter how angry he could get at the cat next door, he was always loving to people. I remember him being in the neighbor's yard, screaming his head off, and my calling his name again and again, and he looked at, growled at the neighbor's cat, looked at me, growled at the cat, slowly turned and walked across the yard jumped into my arms, still growling while looking back at the other cat, but nuzzling my face. I always thought he was greatful for my giving him an excuse to leave the fight.

But most of the time, he was the happiest person in the room. Nobody purred as much as he did. We thought he was just so happy to have been taken in. But I really think he was just happy.

Ans he loved to be picked up. He'd follow me around asking to be picked up. And at least once a day, he'd find me, jump on my lap and nuzzle. He was so giving. He didn't just allow you to love him. He loved you back.

To me, he was the best little kitty that ever was. He was the nicest, gentlist, most loving cat. No matter how unhappy the household, he was always the love between us.

And in the end he came with me to the banks of the Western River, which is how I thought of the Delaware as a young boy when looking towards the mountains out by the sunset.

He was an angel. He was Chetman. And we were buddies. When I touched him, he didn't know it was my hand, he knew it was me.

I've come to believe that all living beings are God's eyes. But some, I think, see more clearly.

Maybe they're the angels.
And angels live forever.

My little man has gone home.

Dwight Harris

Chevee, 01/03/08-08/28/08

My little Chevers. I'm still missing you. We know now that Buster has such a beautiful, happy guardian angel. We think of you and talk about you all the time my little baby. Miss you and love you SO much. Kees kees honey.


Chevy, 01/12/09

Chevy - Kaitlin was your hero - she rescued you and took care of you...Aaron loved you too...he was with you on that last night...we all were...letting you know that we loved you more than anything and that our hearts will be never be same without you...we could not continue to let you be in are too special...the emptiness in our home will never be filled because you were one of a kind....we miss you and love you everyday!
Chunky Bunk.


Chevy, 02/09/00-01/16/09

We miss you!

Daniel, Rachel, Braden & Shadow

Chewbacca, 04/23/93-05/08/09

He was and is in my heart the most wonderrful baby you could every ask for he was as loving and gentle as the wind on your face on a spring morning he was never sad even the last day when he could no longer stand he wagged his tail to say thank you and i love you it was a very hard thing to do when i had to say good bye when the Dr said it over i went to my knees with him in my arms it was the only help i could give him his age and time had taken him from me. my heart hurts very bad but i know he is well and happy and my heart will heal with time. Thank you for this site. Lisa Christy

Chewbacca aka Chewy, Chewpac, Pock, 02/95-12/09/07

Bless his pointy little head.

Dave, Jennifer, and Nikki

Chewie, 06/17/09

Thank you all who are praying and liting candles for my Chewie. My emotions are still very raw and I still wish that I could just kiss his furry head one last time. Even though it has been about a month since his passing away I still cry every night and hold his picture close to my heart; in hope that he could feel how much he was loved and appreciated. Hearing and remembering his last, painful meows still brings me to tears because in his last moments of life he was barely able to control his body because of his seizures. The painful picture of Chewie seizing, meowing uncontrollably, and losing control over his body before and after most of his seizures is still in my mind. I wish that those weren't the last memories that I would have of my sweet Chewie.

Chewie, 04/28/09

My dear friend and constant companion for all these years I miss you already. I know you are not suffering anymore
and resting comfortably.
I love you. We will be together someday.

Jennifer, TJ, Lisa

Chewie, 2005

It hurts too much to talk about the details. Chewie came to us at 6 weeks old. He was a companion , protector, and became a family member just as my children. He lost a back leg in a car accident and did not seem to notice the loss. As arthritis set in he became more agressive to everyone except me and would visousley bite. My husband had a heart attack and we lost everything. I could not adopt Chewir out. We were evicted so I had no choice but to put him down. The guilt is still with me and I still cry everyday. How could I kill something that had such unconditional love for me. I cannot live with this.


Chewie, 06/01/92-01/02/09

Thank you for being my best friend for 16 years. I know you're in a better place now, and I'm happy that you're no longer suffering, but the pain of losing you is beyond all description. Please know how much you will always be loved, how profoundly you are missed, and how much I wish you were here. I love you, baby cat, and I hope to see you again one day.


Chewy, 06/30/09

Chewy was everything to us. She made us better people and she was loved by everyone who met her. Her smile was radiant and her eyes made you warm inside. She just made everything better. She lived a long and happy life with us and we loved her as unconditionally as she loved us. Nothing matched the love from a pet. We miss her more than words can say and we are devastated by her passing. Still wondering when the pain stops- maybe never.

Stacey & Steve

Chewy, 03/02/09

My best friend closed his eyes last night,
As his head lay in my hand.
The doctors said he was in pain,
And it was hard for him to stand.
The thoughts that scurried through my head,
As I cradled him in my arms,
Were of his younger puppy years,
And Oh... his many charms.
Today there was no gentle nudge,
With an intense "I love you" gaze.
Only a heart that's filled with tears,
Remembering our joy-filled days.
But an Angel just appeared to me,
And said, "You should cry no more,
God also loves our can

Alisa Borden

Chewy Bear, 12/02/08-03/28/09

I don't know what to write. He was my one and only baby. We only had him for 2 short months. He had a Liver Shunt and he was in pain so we had to make the tough decision of letting him go peacefully without anymore pain. I miss him so much and I love him so much. He was truly my Baby. He was so sick but yet he still needed me to hold him and comfort him. I will truly miss his lively bark and playfulness. He was one of a kind and no other puppy will ever be as perfect as he was. Please put me in your prayers to heal because this is the hardest thing I have ever been going through. My heart is broken. Please put Chewy Bear in your prayers as well. He is sadly missed every day and every hour and every minute. I love you Chewy Bear.

Christina Bowman

Chewy Noble, 02/07/09

chewy was my special little dog and I miss her so
we had a great relationship.

Thoris Noble

Chewy Sabrier, 03/26/99-03/20/09


You are the most special dog that any of us have ever had.
You made me smile every time I looked at your face.
You always knew when I needed you and how to make everything go away.
We are all going to miss you biting at our ankles and growling at us when we moved because you were sleeping.
You had something very special about you, and everyone that knew and met you absolutely loved you. Granny is going to miss cleaning up after you with the trash can and Paw-Paw is going to miss you begging for food or yummies.
There will never be another like you.
You are truly special.
I will always remember our night when we slept 17 hours together.
I don't think I will ever have another dog that can sleep like momma can!
We were a perfect fit together.
I am going to miss so many things about you, even the things that used to make me so mad. I am so glad the cancer is gone now and you can breathe again.
One day we will be reunited and I will be able to cuddle with you.
May you rest in peace and remember how loved you are.
You are my bugie!

Kristen Sabrier

Cheyanne, 10/07/96-04/04/09

I taught you to climb the stairs,
You trusted me to hold you
I let you run in muddy spring puddles on the road
Cause it made you happy and you made me laugh.

You climbed the stairs by yourself
Because you knew I was behind you to catch you
You jumped up in the air and spun around
And I clapped my hands with glee.

I am helping you go down the stairs
Because you are old and unsure of yourself
I place my hands on your belly to guide you up the stairs
I walk behind you to catch you when you trip.

You have been my best friend
My companion, my shadow, my protector
You have been loyal and loved me unconditionally
Now my beautiful friend, I must show my love for you.

As I say good bye to you one last time,
I see you as my happy little chocolate Labrador Retriever
I remember the emotions as I watched you through life
Now you have one last stairway to go, and I'll help you

With love your friend Linda

Cheyenne, February 12, 1998 - September 6, 2009

Cheyenne you shine as a star amongst Golden Retrievers. From that first day we brought you home at 8 weeks old you were full of spunk and were so playful. You were my baby. You were my faithful friend who was always by my side no matter what. You were the only dog I ever knew who watched tv. You were so smart at figuring things out. It's hard to believe you were a dog at times. We will miss you so much. I hope to see you again one day my friend. I love you and miss you so much! Sedona says hi and she misses you too you were her swimming buddy.

Cheyenne, 12/25/95 - 09/05/09

You taught us the true meaning of unconditional love. Born on Christmas Day, you were truly a Godsend. May you rest in peace, and we will see you and your brothers, Dakota and Vader, and sister, Bandit, one day.

Judi and Rich

Cheyenne, 04/15/97-05/06/09


Cheyenne, 04/05/02-03/10/09

My pretty girl, I miss you so much.
You were taken so prematurely and so needlessly.
I don't know if I'll ever find peace with the person who took you from me.
You are my heart, and I feel so empty now that you will not be there to run through the pasture to greet me at the gate ever again.
I had so many great plans for you.
I will never find another mare quite like you again.
Gallop through the clouds sweet girl.

Jersey Mettille

Cheyenne, 04/30/09

We will miss you Cheyenne.
You will always be in our hearts...

Melissa, Brittany & Emma

Cheyenne, 09/22/94-11/30/08

You were my friend and companion for 14 years. You loved me unconditionally and also you love any puppy, cat, horse or big dog that came around. You loved to go alone on the long rides that we took on our bikes, quads and horses. You were there whenever I needed you. Your love was the greatest I have ever known. When I first got you at 4 months old I had no idea that you would bring so much love to our lives. In the last days of your life I could see the pain you were in. You would try to play even with that pain. I would have loved to make you better, but I couldn't. I am sorry that you had so much pain my friend, but you still looked good. In the end you would lay on the back deck in the sun with your friends, (Cats: George, Chris, Dogs: Mitzi, Mandy and Leita) by your side. They knew that you weren't feeling good so they would just prefer to lay with you just to keep you company. Sometimes you would lay with your head in my lap and I would stroke your head ever so gently. Then you would fall asleep. I miss you so very much and you are always in my heart. I miss the walks and you just being by my side. You will always be remembered iin all of our hearts. I hope to be seeing you on Rainbow Bridge when the time comes. Here is a special tribute to you my friend.

If I could reach up and hold a star for every time you made me smile, the entire evening sky would be in the palm of my hand. All My Love to you Cheyenne.

Forever Missed and Loved Deena (Nelson/Pearce) and Family.

Cheyenne, 12/28/96-02/20/06

You will always be in my heart.
Thank You For Loving Me.


Cheyenne Kent, 01/09/96-04/28/09

My precious Cheyenne started out his life being abused: he was thrown from a truck traveling at 50 MPH and hit a car.
A gal found him and took him to a vet for surgery on his head and face.
I was the lucky one to adopt him.
He was a real big cat, in size, love and affection.
Over this past weekend he began acting differently - he started sneezing and keeping to himself. By Monday he was very lethargic.
I immediately took him to my vet and had to have him euthanized today.
Since there was no clear answer to his illness, during his necropsy several biopsies were taken to help determine the cause of his death.

My wonderful boy gave me so much and I do and will miss him terribly.

Susan Kent

Cheyenne Marie Antoinette, 05/09/99-01/31/09

Cheyenne was our heart, our daughter, Our Princess. Her existence in this world was a gift to everyone who ever came into contact with her. She had a rough life before she chose us, and more health problems than she deserved, but she never, ever gave anything but unconditional love and fierce devotion to us and her adopted son Cooper. Her spirit just became too big for her body and she had to leave us, for now. The space she left will never quite be filled, but we will always remember how incredibly blessed we will always be to have been allowed to share her life.
Run, Princess (and spin!!).
All our Love,
Mommy and Daddy (and Coopie too!)

Cheyloe, 11/28/94-03/04/09

Cheyloe was very special to our family and friends. She was our baby and was not treated like a dog. She loved children exspecialy babies, and even thought she could look after them. And she did try...bringing them blankets, toys and even her food. Which made us laugh. She found a lost dog in the woods. One time there was a child gone missing in our area. I told Cheyloe to find the little girl, she stuck her nose in the air and was off. With in minutes she had found the little girl stuck in the thicket of the woods. Cheyloe amazed the mom and the police officers. Chey had a good life and keep us happy. We could bring any animal to her and she was very good with them. She has lived with a dog, 2 cats, a rabbit, three rats, that she got along great with. One of the rats would try to bully her (I guess because of it's size wanted to show who was boss), it would attack her paws, and she would come wimpering to mommy. lol She would play hid n seek but not fetch. Which my son wuld tease her about. Cheyloe was a great companion and is and will be very missed.

Patti, Andria, Jay Calhoun

Chi Chi, 01/29/97-04/07/09

Beautiful Gentle Darling boy boy we miss your cuddles and purrs We Miss You So, Brokenhearted Mum, Ching and Samantha (your brother and sister) Your here with us but we miss to feel your gentle touch stroke your silky coat and hear your endless purrs that delighted us all. We'll see you our Chi Chi Darling boy boy, when we all get there, I know you hold our hearts in your Paws and that you pulsate through our souls, a special Blessing you are.xxxxxxx

Jan Ross Fitzpatrick

Chi-Chi, 10/2003/88-02/16/09

Chi-Chi was a loving caring cat with a beatiful personality. He will be missed dearly, but never forgotten. I know our spirits will reunite one day in God's kingdom.

Ms. Claude Séguin

Chi Chi, 02/14/08-02/10/09

You were with us for such a short time, but you will be in our hearts forever. We love you and miss you everyday.


Chi Chi, 05/25/96-02/13/09

My Dearest Chi Chi,
I miss you so much it hurts. I look for you everywhere and when i cannot find you my heart sinks below the horizon. Now, instead of feeling the weight of your warmth curled up in the crook of my knees at night, i hug your pillow and hold your collar and try not to whisper your name.I want to tell you mommy is here and everything is okay, but i don't know where you are.I talk to God and i say, "I know you love us so surely what we have loved must be with you in Heaven." That is my prayer. That is my hope.
Don't forget me my beloved as you run amongst the tall grass chasing that chipmunk you could never catch. Mommy will be home one day soon.

All my love and more....

Chia, 02/02/89-06/26/09

Lived a long life of unconditional love and brought us much joy!
I'm sure she's off looking for Taylor to sit on and a big diving board to bask on.
Forever in our hearts and so greatly missed.
20 years of loving memories.
Rest in Peace my Fluffy Butt!

Gail & Grace

Chibbe, 01/14/09

Chibbe, we love you so much and it was difficult to know when to let you go but you showed us how sick you were and that you were ready.
Where ever you are now, we know that you are at peace.
You and Sam are together now and nothing will ever separate you two again.
When Sam died we were comforted by the fact that you were still here but now both of you are gone and we now have to let go of both our babies. I will keep both of you close to my heart and miss you everyday. I hope to one day see my Sam Sam and my Chibsee again. Your loving family, Jack, Mary, Hannah and Laura

Chica, 07/27/03-14/03/09

My very special beloved baby girl, is gravely missed by both Lisa and Ebony. My she rest in peace and perhaps find me again.


Chicka, 05/04/09

chicka was, you can say, a "problem cat". everyday we would smell her her "presents" all over the house and could never find them. that would lead to pulling out all the couches and searching behind eveerything till we found the culprit of the stench. but you know chicka, it might of been easier without the pooping all of the house but we loved you SO much anyways. i am so sorry i havent been there for a year. but mom tells me that you werent feeling very well these past months and that surely your doing better up in heaven. you lived a long life, i dont know if you remember but you were my birthday present when i was 3. im almost 18 now so that makes you 15 years old, thats a LONG time in kitty years. i am glad your pain is gone now, and im sure we'll see each other again someday. i loveee you foreverr my chicka.

Gianna Rizzotti

Chiclet, 07/04/96-01/11/09

I grew up with my dog Chiclet. Before my family adopted her at the local animal hospital I was afraid of dogs and never wanted to pet one. When we got Chiclet, that all changed. She was so playful and happy and always wanted to be around people. When she was little, she would run away at the first opportunity because she had so much energy. She always barked at anyone on the street and was a great watchdog. She LOVED to eat. Anything and everything (except koosh balls, lettuce and sometimes pretzels). I will never forget when she jumped on the table and stole and devoured 8 uncooked hotdogs!

Whenever I was home alone, she was always there with me. She would lie in the sun and even if she wasn't in the same room as me, I could always hear her snoring on the blanket.

She had an interesting fear of water (especially the pool) and vacuum cleaners but thunder never bothered her.

She never was great at interacting with other animals and could never go for a normal walk or never properly play fetch.

She was not perfect but that is what made her so human. It always seemed like she understood every part of the conversation and was thinking about it in her head.

I will never forget celebrating the Yankees first championship of my lifetime with her and the rest of my family in October 1996.

About a week ago I said bye to her as I went to college and I never thought I would not see her again. She had leg and knee problems in the past but nothing life threatening. She was 12 ½ years old and I thought she would live for a few more years. She had several strokes since last Thursday and stopped breathing yesterday. She probably had a brain tumor but at this point it doesn't really matter. I am glad in a way I did not see her in a helpless state but I wish I was with my family at this tough time.

I will always remember Chiclet as my first and only pet in my life and for all of the joyous moments we shared together throughout my childhood.

I had many names for Chiclet but the one that I called her the most was "the dog"¯. I think the reason I called her that was because she was the one and only dog I loved.

I can't believe she's gone.


Chico, 05/29/09

Chico was truly "a mighty mini man". Gracie his dog friend and
I miss him.

Colleen Cary

Chico, 01/01/95-12/17/08

My baby boy was my whole world. He loved me so unconditionaly that words cant explain. I took him everywhere with me. He helped me & comforted me more than my grown kids. When he passed on I lost it. I miss him & still cry & my heart still aches for my baby. I love you & miss you so Chico & the Rainbow Bridge is what I so look forward to when I pass on!

I love you baby boy!!!

Chico, 12/18/03

Chico was my oldest cat. 18 yrs old he was
I very much miss him as well. Both of my
cats followed me everywhere i go.
I really miss Him as well.

Mary Jane Jewell

Chico, 01/08/98-04/16/09

Thank you for your loyalty and friendship, my dear friend. You will never be forgotten. I love you always and forever.

Traci Rivera

Chico, 09/11/00-02/22/09

Chico, my little angel, thank you for 8 wonderful years & 5 months of unconditional love & devotion. I love you & miss you so much.

Maria Jones

Chico, 01/01/96-02/03/09

You were sweet even when passing, as if you didn't want to leave us alone, particularly mum, for whom you were a devoted companion. I cannot imagine what she will do without you. I cannot imagine what I will do when I next go see them and you don't come to greet me or sit on my foot. But I cherish the memories, the wonderful Reiki sessions that we shared when I knew you were ill just after Chrsitmas. You struggled to be with us a little longer, for our sake because it would have been easier for you to let go, be free as you are now. I know I am selfish, I wanted you to stay longer. But I thank you for your presence, for your life with us, for what you gave us, what you give us, now and always.
Till we meet again, dearest friend. I love you.

The whole family of Margarita Carretero González

Chico Anderson, 02/16/09

My dear little Chico-boy,

I miss you terribly!
You will ALWAYS be in my heart.

Your mommie, Sheila

Chico Bubbie, November 22, 1996 - October 29, 2009

My Bubbie Dog. How do I even start to go on without you. You were my first Jack Russell and you taught me so much. Because of you, I made so many wonderful friends in the Jack Russell world. We had so much fun at the Terrier Trials....I loved watching you do Go to Ground. You loved hunting for those rats! The hikes we took in the mountains, our camping trips, our walks in the woods, the quiet snuggly nights on the gave me so much joy. You were the love of my life son. Your baby sister and I miss you so much. Like I promised you on the day you left this world...I will be there to get you and I will not leave without you. So hunt those rats, chase those squirrels and get those tennis balls. I'll see you when I get there Bubbie. There will forever be a whole in my heart. I love you.

Chico Corbitt, 02/06/01-04/20/09

To our little came into our lives when we needed you most. You have been a true and faithful companion and friend. We miss and love you desperately. We will see you again.


Your Family and little Bailey

Chief, 06/07/00-06/27/09

Chief was our wonderful companion and part of our family for 9 years.
We are thankful we knew him.
He gave us everything.He was so smart and so good. We are devastated and will remember him with love and humor for the rest of our lives.
Thanks Chief!
We love you!
You are a good boy named Chief and Mommy loves you, Daddy loves you and Abby loves you!!!

Chief, 04/27/95-06/26/09

Chief was a loyal friend for over 14 years. We had many wonderful memories of Chief, vacations we took, and playing at the park. You will be missed, dear friend.

Mark and Kristi

Chief, 06/03/09

Chief was my best friend! I was only 3 when my parents first brought him home. He was just a puppy, we had gotten him at the humane society. He was all I knew, everytime I came home he was the first one I'd always wanted to see. When he was 4 he was diagnosed with Mast Cell Cancer. The vet only gave him one year to live. At the time I was 7 years old and when I found out I was a mess. We had a lot of good times together, he has been the best dog for me. When he was 12 he got really sick, he was skinny and wasn't eating. He was acting depressed and my parents said they think its time to put him down, but unfortunately he struggled for another year. On June 2nd my mom told me they knew it was time, he'd lost control of his bowels, wasn't eating or drinking, and wasn't himself anymore. On June 3rd we had him put to sleep. There is a service in our town called Pet's at Rest and we had him cremated. I'm so excited to be able to have him at my house all the time. I love him & miss him more and more every single day.


Chief, 02/14/00-05/02/09

He was the sweetest and smartest dog I have known.
And he is GREATLY missed by my family and I.
We are so lucky to have had him.


Chief, 11/11/98-04/22/09

Our profound loss cannot be expresed to our dear companion and friend, Chiefland.
We will never forget you or your dear, dear spirit.
My biggest wish is for you to know somehow, somewhere that we love and miss you now and forever.

Mike and Cathy Di Lena

Chief Atkin, 04/08/99-04/06/08

An Ode To My Canine Soul Mate.

The hardest choice a soul must make,
The one we must not regret,
Is the choice we make to save the pain,
Of our much loved pet.

They say that broken hearts will mend some day,
We should give it some time,
But no-one really understands,
They all think we'll do just fine.

But the pain I feel is so intense,
I still wish you were here.
Six months have passed and still I cry,
I'd give it all to have you near.

To have you here beside me,
To once more feel your fur,
To see you looking happy,
Once more to hold your paw.

Sometimes I feel you breathe on me,
I still think I'm in denial.
And though your bed it isn't empty,
It's still going to take a while.

A while to not feel so empty,
For me not to feel alone,
Though I know I'm not the only one,
To feel a pets loss to the bone.

To me though you were more than that,
For you were my true best friend,
Your loss still has me gutted,
For you loved me right unto the end.

I swear you spoke to Kav that day,
He seems to have your smile.
And Koda seems to understand,
For they come now when I cry.

Keiana howled for three days straight,
I feared I lose her too,
We took comfort in each other,
And so far we have pulled through.

I know that most people think I'm barmy,
They just don't understand,
Snap out of it, come now just move on they say,
As if they could ever know!

Know that when you find your soul mate,
It isn't always as you'd plan,
Sometimes they just aren't human,
And some gals just don't need a man!

A dog is man best friend they say,
But we women know it best,
We know that our dogs are savvy,
They love us unconditionally best!

We never doubt their loyalty,
For we know they love us best,
We know exactly where we stand,
For our love they just don't test.

A dog can know your heart so well,
And he doesn't even have to try,
And Chief you knew me better,
So much better than any guy!

I will never fear the storms again,
That were your greatest fear,
I still expect to hear you whimpering,
When those summer storms loom near.

I will never hear your thunderous paws,
Tearing hell-fast down the hall,
Nor will I ever touch your thick black coat,
Or hear your deep bark again.

My life will never be the same,
I want you back, I know its wrong,
But I wish you'd never left me Chief,
I wish you'd never gone.

My Chief he was my man you see,
I'm sure he had me from the start,
And no living man could ever mend,
The gaping hole within my heart.

My heart was yours my buddy boy,
I shall never call it back.
Your friendship meant the world to me,
And without you my world is black.

This hole is now my lesson,
One I always had to learn,
That love is better lost you see,
Than never felt at all.

Written by Danielle Atkin.
For Chief,
August 4th, 1999 - May 27, 2008.

Danielle Atkin

Chien Cowley, 05/20/93-07/13/09

Rest in Peace Chien, my dear and faithful companion.
How I will miss you.
You are always in my heart and with me in spirit.

Susan Cowley

Chikita, 02/26/09

chikita i miss you I wish you were here for I can hug you and never let you go.if i had you with me i would let you play for ever.i missyou.

Damaris Lozano

Chili, 07/14/09

Chili was a special dog that just loved to play.
He was always distraught when alone and did not fare well.
I will always love him and hope he is at peace and happy.

Doug Smith & Catherine Philpott

Chili, 04/25/97-05/28/09

She was the best dog ever, so sweet, so easy, and a guardian until she new the arrivals were friendly.


Chili Pepper, 11/01/95-04/06/09

I miss you.


Chili Pepper Hearn, 09/02/94-06/11/09

Run Free My Little Girlie Girl
We love you so

Chilli, 07/07/09


We were just playing earlier today and then I thought you were taking a nap, but you have gone to the Rainbow Bridge.
I miss you so much already and I can't stop crying.
But I will never forget that you were my best friend and my memories of you will last forever.
I love you so much and we are lighting a candle for you to guide your way to the Bridge.
I will see you in my dreams.

Thank you for being my friend and for being a part of our family.
I love you forever,


Chilli, 01/15/98-06/15/09

Our Best Buddy.
The pain is still too great but we love an miss you very much.

Margaret & Noel

Chilli, 05/30/09

Chilli was the most beautiful, sweet, funny, loyal dog.
He will be missed so much.
We loved him more than anything.

Lori & Chris Jones

Chima, 01/25/09

My beloved Chima, I lost a part of my heart and soul when God called you to Heaven. There just doesn't seem to be a way to express how much I miss you. I cherish my memories of you, but they are not enough to fill the empty spot that I have felt in my heart since you have been gone. Until we meet again my friend, I love you.

Sharon Gonzales

China, 07/01/03 - 02/14/06

My little Baby ChinaGirl.....I miss you so. It's been 4 years and I still can cry just thinking of you. You were my little angel. So trusting and tiny. There will always be pets in our lives, but you, my Baby ChinaGirl will never be replaced. I know God blessed us with you and all his precious little creatures, it couldn't be heaven without all things that bring us joy pleasure and peace.....till we snuggle again and we meet at Rainbow Bridge...I Love you baby. You always be in my heart..........


China, November 25, 1993 - September 28, 2009

You will always be loved and remembered in our girl pug dog

China, 03/08/07-05/06/09

China was my angel.
She took a piece of my heart with her.
I am so sad without my China Bug.


China, 12/07/93-04/07/09

To my beloved China,
Thank you for being the best companion I could have hoped for. You were with me through thick and thin. Many days you are what made me smile and pulled me through, for this and many other reasons, I thank you. I will cherish every moment God gave us together and hope you are running through the fields of heaven. My heart aches for you until we meet again.....I love and miss you, Mommy

China, 03/08/09

My Dearest China,

Thank you so much for bringing so much happiness into my life.
I will never forget you my baby girl.


Chinese, 04/30/08-05/10/09

My sweet one, my little boys' best friend, Chinese, went to the Bridge today.
He had been sick for a few days and the medication wasn't helping....last night my husband slept on the den floor next to his bed all night.
Chinese held on long enough today for my two little boys to come and say goodbye. As soon as they did he slipped away.
I know that he was just waiting to say goodbye to them.

He was the sweetest, kindest, coolest cat I have ever known. He was always quick to climb on your chest and lick you in the face and all you had to do was touch him and he was purring like a jet engine.
He was simply awesome and we will miss him dreadfully.

We love you Chinese!

Lila Sprinkle

Chip, 04/01/98-05/27/09

Chip, We miss you so much. The house is so quiet without your big, beautiful personality and presence. Someday we will all be reunited forever. We love you
Mom, Dad, Nick, Micro and Tulie

Chip, 03/19/09

Chip the most faithful, humble, loving dog I have ever known.
He is well known and well loved by most of the people in Irwinville, GA.
He has lived with us, protected us, followed our every move (all over Irwinville) for the past 8 1/2 years.
He got into a fight with a pit bill and unfortunately the pit bull won.
We found him this morning in the church yard next to our house.
If there is a doggie heaven... he is there.

Mandy, Rick, Dusty, Dena, Myda, & Dylan (The Bryants & Vasseys)

Chip Daniel Bowman, 2003-2009

I am doing this for mom and dad. I know they miss you very much. I know you were waiting when Jack came to see you all and I know you are both safe, and not hurting anymore. We love you both so much and miss you everyday. Have all the fun, love and comforts of all the people who are with you right now. Till we all meet again. You will forever live in our hearts.
Love Mom, Dad, Sissy, John, Tom, Ock, Penny, Shelly, Toby and most of all Dale. If I forgot anyone I am sorry!

Chipper, 04/01/98-01/19/09

RIP Chipper you were such a special member of our family!
Until we meet again at Rainbow bridge....

With love,
Mommy, Daddy, Brendan and Josh xoxo

Chipper Lucky Lucky, 04/27/09

You have no idea how much you'll be missed Chipper.
We'll never fully get over losing you.
I love you.

Ashley Allen

Chippie, 02/19/01-01/03/09

The first bird my wife bought, this cute little lovebird was just a juvenile when she finally convinced me to let her get him. She brought him home and put him on my chest as I was laying down, he settled in and was not scared. He became our favorite pet, and he was active, rambunctious and always in need of lots of attention. But the tragedy of his passing has left me devastated - not only did he succumb over the weekend when no emergency help could be reached, my wife (his bonded companion) was, and still is, out of the country on vacation. I will have to break it to her when she gets back, and we will grieve together (a second time for me). It is still a mystery what happened, he was fine when I returned him to his cage but within hours I knew he was ill and I could not understand the reason for his sudden turn (he was only 7 years old, and very healthy). He passed away in my loving hands, early Sunday morning, and I will miss him terribly.

Dave Graham

Chippy, 05/28/09


You touched the hearts of so many people and animals; children loved you, the elderly loved you, furry animals loved you, and feathered animals loved you. You brought joy to the lives of children with disabilities and smiles to the faces of the elderly in nursing homes. You could not have touched more lives in your short 3 years. Your existence was a blessing to be celebrated by all. Chippy and Zoey miss you and we will miss you forever. xxx

Julia and Vicki

Chippy, 11/03/09

i loved my dog and grew up with him and i feel like im gna be crying for weeks i don't know what to do


Chips, 06/26/09

Chips was the best cat in the world.
He was with me through many changes in my life, welcoming a husband and three children, and various other pets with grace and hospitality.
He even saved my daughter's life when she was 2.5.
She got out of the house early one morning while I slept, and he alerted me by sitting outside my open bedroom door crying and yowling loudly.
He had never done that before or since.
He was very smart, loving, and my cat soulmate.
I miss him terribly and hope he is enjoying the rainbow bridge.

Liz Foster

Chirpy Chirples, 10/28/08

Chirpy Chirples, mommy loved you, so much! You were so abused when you came to live with us-your hair all burnt and so underweight! Mommy nursed you back to health and then you got that Tummy Ache-again-you let me make you better for your special Little Boy-L'il Tommy who so Loved You! Remember when you and your Guinea Pig Wife Calleigh had babies-all 4 male and solid black-just like you! How you loved to walk through the house-you followed by Calleigh and your babies-Alfalfa;Blackie;Nipper and Squeaky! How all 6 of you would popcorn in the air-How we all miss that! Then Chirpy-you got sick again-this time you would not let me make you better-it was time for you to go! How I held you and cried and your Special Little Boy and Young Lady Cried-they thought that you would let mommy make you better-mommy knew that you were going to leave us, though!
Now you are waiting on all of us!
You are in a Warm place with a warm pool to bathe in-you have small apple trees and orange trees and all the Leaf Lettuce and carrots that you can eat! Your hair is all sleek and smoothe and you feel well! You have new friends to play with while you wait on the rest of us! Your Guinea Pig wife-Calleigh is still missing you as are your babies and the new piggies we rescued 3 months before you left us-Nillie and Jill! Nillie will be coming to join you very soon-so Please take care of her and tell her it is OK!
Mommy Loves You and Looks forward to seeing you again!
Your Little Boy-L'il Tommy Misses You as Does Your Special Young Lady-Patti! Daddy Misses You, too! He buried your body in a warm and sunny spot! We know that you are not there-yet it is a Remembrance of Your Short Life and How You Touched US!
Not Goodbye-but Until We Meet Again!
Your Human and Guinea Pig Families!

Darla Michelle Shults

Chivers, 01/03/95-02/07/09

My beautiful ginger boy affectionately known as 'the cat with attitude'. I tried so hard to keep you, but I couldn't help you. I would do anything to have you back to the lovely healthy boy that you were just two and a half short weeks ago. I shall never forget you 'Chivvy chips'you were a very special boy, so gentle and kind with me and the other boys, but so aloof with anyone else. Seville misses you, for the first time in his life he doesn't have you to help him in the world 'outside'. Nugget and Barley miss their 'dog' cat, who always wanted to come on their walks. You were as big as any dog and showed no fear of any who dared to come near you. You terrified me when you decided to follow us across a main road and then sat in the middle of it with the cars heading for you. How you never got run over was a miracle. I couldn't cope with the stress and always made sure you were safely at home after that. You along with Seville inspired a stranger, now a friend, to write 2 short stories about H.F.M. Lion Cat and Tiger Cat. Liz said she has never been so ignored by any cat, but it was a privilege to be ignored by you! You are so much missed. You allowed me in your life for 14 years - I went to get one ginger kitten and came home with two as I fell in love with both you and Seville. Different as chalk and cheese, in your own way you took care of Seville. When he went missing for four days you followed me round the roads as I went looking for him. I have never had another cat quite like you.
I didn't want to let you go, but I couldn't see you suffer. I hope you know that I was holding you and talking to you when you went to sleep. I know that you are reunited with Caine and your beloved Muffin, and that you have met Winston, Minstrel and Charlie for the first time. I know that they will look after you. Take care my precious boy, one of 'gillsgoldens' you will always be with me.


Chloe, November 1, 1997 - September 21, 2009

You stole our hearts and touched our very souls that night in February when we brought you home with us. Mom held you on her lap as you sat there, trembling, and maybe a little frightened, not knowing where you were going or what the future held in store. The first couple of nights at home were a period of adjustment for all of us. What a joyful time we had with our new puppy! We soon became accustomed to playing tug-of-war, receiving your kisses, the belly rubs you liked so much, the giving of hugs, chasing each other around the house while playing "hide and seek", and the quiet times just enjoying each others company, and the love we shared. The years flew by much too quickly and we would not have traded any of them for all the riches in the world. We shared those last few hours together and our hearts were broken the day we had to let you go. We were truly blessed by God when he allowed us to be a part of your life. Sharing your love and your gentle spirit is something we shall always treasure. We look forward to that day when we shall be reunited with our precious little angel in that house, not made with hands, eternal in the heavens. Until then, my sweet girl, know that we shall love you always!

Chloe, July 26,2008 - August 14, 2009

Chloe, you came to me at a time when I needed you the most. From the first time I held you I knew how important you would be to me. You were the only peace and love I had at my darkest time. The love you gave me in one short year was more than I've gotten in a lifetime anywhere else. I am so sorry that your sweet little life had to end so soon. When I buried you I also buried a part of myself and for as long as I live I promise to keep a part of you alive and with me. You gave me more than any human person ever could. Thank you and I will always love you my sweet baby girl.

Chloe, 02/08/98-07/13/09

I love you Chloe and will always miss you.
You were such a great dog and will always have a special place in my heart.


Chloe, 05/24/99-06/21/09

I miss you my lil' girl. You are my heart and soul. You have been through lots of things in your little time here. You had a problem with laying too many eggs. Which caused you harm. You developed nuerological damage. But I just loved the way you would turn your cute little head and look at me. You gave me so much love. You made me smile and soooo happy. ..I am still singing .."You are my sunshine to you..I always will. It's so hard when I walk in the room and see your empty cage. I think your pals..Daisy, Jingles, Dante and Jeter know your gone. They are acting unusual. I know they miss you too. Especially Jeter-He was so attatched to you. I sometimes just lay on the floor in there..and sing Chloe girl, Best in the Baby Girl. I know I did the right thing by making it easier for you to pass. Your poor little kidneys were failing. There was nothing anyone could do to save you. I didn't want you to linger in pain. I will love you for the rest of my life and a day wont go by without me thinking of you! Every beat of my heart are there........


Chloe, 06/20/09

Our precious angel it's so hard for us to believe you're gone. We miss you so much already. I dream of the day that I hold your head in my hands once again. Thank you so much for being our protector our friend and our angel.
Say hello to the rest of our passed friends, continue to watch out for us and rest in the Lords arms until we are together again.
We Love You Angel

Karey Kaemmerer

Chloe, 04/11/96-06/23/09

My Dearest Chloe,
Right now I have a huge hole in my heart. My love for you will never fade- only grow stronger. I think of you all the time.
I want you to know, that having you in my life and experiencing your true unconditional love has made me a better person. You don't know it...but you taught me so many wonderful things about life. And for that Chloe, I will always be greatful.

I will miss you my sweet, sweet baby...until we meet again.

Love, your mom and best friend forever

Sarah Williams

Chloe, 05/96-05/30/09

My Chloe girl was a one of a kind! We had a good life together. She loved her family, the river , the rock!, & the ball!
It was very special for me when she passed cause you see,I recieved her for my birthday, and she passed on my birthday 13 years later.I knew it was going to be on my bday. very special! And I thank the Lord for answering my prayers that she didn't suffer, when she was ready she just went to sleep. Thanks be to God!!!!

Courtney Spence

Chloe, 08/13/04-07/14/08

From the the time when chloe was a puppy she would lay in a circle with her sisters Maddie and Quinn.I thought they would always be that way together. The family would laugh when they went to bed ,because they made their circle. until the day when Chloe went away. Now, Maddie sleeps alone, and Quinn sleeps alone.No more circle.What I didn't know was, Maddie was sleeping with Chloe,and Quinn was sleeping with Chloe.Chloe made the circle.And like that circle, that has no end. My love for her will never end. Love your mama and family.

Chloe, 06/01/09

Ah Chloe, my little love bug, my bean pod!
You were the sweetest dog and I miss you terribly.
I'll never forget the day I rescued you from the pound.
You were a snarly mess who blossomed into the most beautiful, loveable pet. Forever in my heart, Babyboo.

Jennifer Glick

Chloe, 07/27/92-12/18/07

Chloe was so special to us, so sweet and loving.
She was our companion for over 15 years.
She even enjoyed watching television, especially animal shows and commercials.
She hated watching college basketball though, I guess because my husband gets squirmy in
the chair!
So during a game she would leave the room only to return when a commercial came on!
We miss her so very much and she will always hold a special place in our hearts.
We love you, Chloe.


Chloe, 04/30/92-05/03/09

Our beautiful and gentle Chloe who has been with us for 17 years.
We were so lucky to find you at the Lost Dogs' home, all those years ago.
You made our home a special place.
We love you and will never forget you.

Sonia and Jim

Chloe, 10/10/95-03/16/09

Our Dearest Chloe, you are missed so much. Watch for us from across the rainbow bridge.

Sandie and Mary

Chloe, 05/19/93

You slipped in when I left the door open while checking the mail, and stayed with me for many years.
Funny thing, I believe that I guessed your name; you answered to it instantly!
You were a wonderful, beautiful lady, a delightful companion, and I look forward to meeting you at the Bridge!


Chloe, 03/01/90-04/10/09

Thank you so much little one for all the years you gave me.
I know the last weeks were hard and I wish I could have helped, but in the end there was nothing more I could do for you.
I know you understood but it was still hard.
Katy and Bailey miss you as much as I do.
Rest well, Chloe, I love you.

Deb Klodt

Chloe, 04/05/09

Sweet Chloe you are missed so badly sugar bear. Mike & I can't stop crying and the house is so empty without you. We are trying to focus on all the wonderful memories you have left but all we really want is to hold you in our arms and feel you between us in the bed. We love you so much...take care angel. We'll light the candles tonight for the first time for you. Love always, Carol & Mike

Chloe, 03/13/09

Chloe, the love of our lives. Such a sweet girl, loving to the end. You were only with us for the last 1 1/2 years but you made it the best we'll ever have. Oh God it hurt so bad to tell you goodbye that Friday that it still rips my heart apart. I hope you know what you meant to us and you always will be in our hearts, thoughts and prayers. God love you little girl as I am sure he will as we did...

Always yours,
Kenny & Wendy

Chloe, 03/19/09

Chloe was a very special light in our lives and will be forever. I will miss her licks, her fondness for tuna juice and brushing and seeing her every day. She was a very small tabby, unique in every way. Can't believe she's gone, but she had a good life and I know we'll see her again.
Bon Voyage, Chloe.

Cathy Purdy and Mary Keuffer

Chloe, 11/23/04-03/16/09

Dear Chloe,

Thank you for all of the times you were there for me and helped me.
I love you and I will miss you rest in peace from this awful world.
Cross the Bridge and stay in peace.

I love you always and Forever

Chloe, 09/12/09

Chloe was a a christmas present for my kids,she was a yellow lab and had a pink nose and green eyes.My kids loved her a lot, and made our whole family happy. My daughter and I had a huge connection with her.We couldnt wait to see her get big.Then on March 12 chloe started geting sick,so my husband took her to the vet.When he got to the vet they took x-rays and noticed that she was bleeding internally. Her heart was beating very fast and she was cold so they put heating blankets on her and gave her medication.The vet went outside the room to talk to my husband about what was wrong with her.The vet said she ate something poisonous,as they were talking a nurse came out of the room and said she went into cardiac arrest.The doctor ran in to the room and tried to get her heart to beat agian. She came back but, every time he stopped rubbing her chest, her heart beat would slow down, so the vet let her go. Chloe passed away at 5MONTHS OLD. We miss her very much and love her it is difficult to express the pain that we are going through - she was a gem. I miss you chloe baby - you were our hearts!!!!


Chloe, 10/21/95-03/13/09

Our dear, sweet, precious Princess...our lives are so empty without you now.
We are inconsolable, knowing we cannot see your sleepy sweet face every morning and your exuberant greeting in the evening. You brought so much joy to our lives every day, you were our smile and our sunshine.
We so wished we could've had you just a bit longer, as you loved the Spring, but we are also glad you did not suffer long.

We are heartbroken, so heartbroken, trying to find ways to get through the days, so dull and bleak without you.
We hope and pray that you are happy and pain-free now, and we look forward to the day that we can hold you and kiss you again.

Your loving mommy and daddy.

Chloe, 05/10/96-03/02/09

My beloved Chloe.
Yesterday was the worst day of my life for having to say goodbye to you, my beautiful girl.
Making the decision to let you go was the most painful and hardest decision of my life.
So much worse than I ever imagined.
I did it to spare you of more pain and suffering.

Your joy, humour, gentleness and trusting nature will forever inspire and will forever live in my heart.

I love you and miss you terribly.
Be well my girl, be happy, be in peace.
I will see you again someday.
In the meantime, you will live in my heart and my mind everyday.


Chloe, 06/04/99-02/03/09

Our darling baby girl went to sleep today now you will find your brother and sister they will look after you now.Tell them we still love them too xxGod bless xx


Chloe, 01/20/09

My dear Chloe was an angel from heaven.
The sweetest dog that ever lived, always giving up her bone to her "sister" boxers, even though they had their own to chew on.
My dear sweet Chloe.
Oh how I miss you!
You will forever be in my heart!
I love you!

Joy S. Knapp

Chloe, 03/01/94-03/01/08

Chloe a full year has passed since you went to the Rainbow Bridge.
I think of you daily, but especially today.
Until we meet again faithful friend, We still love you more each day.

Wendy and Steve Wood

Chloe, 02/25/09

Chloe was the sweetest kitty.
She loved to snuggle with her mommy(me)and give her snuggums on the face.
She will be dearly missed.


Chloe, 07/01/03-01/25/09

You were my best friend and constant companion.
I miss you more than you will ever know.
I will love you forever. Rest in peace, my angel.

Andrea Milligan

Chloe, 02/10/09

We are so heart broken & missing our dear little Chloe. It will be 1 week tomorrow since she passed & our hearts are aching terribly. Our home isn't the same without her. She was so sweet & cuddly & spunky. We truly miss her...We love you Chloe! Godspeed...


Chloe, 02/12/09

Chloe was with our family for only a short time but left a huge impression and will be deeply missed.
I love you Chloe and will miss you so much.


Chloe, 09/07/94-01/27/09

Farewell dear friend. It was hard to let you go but I did it in hopes that you would find peace and comfort overthe Rainbow Bridge. Until we meet again......Love, your mama

Chloe, 01/24/09

May Chloe be able to run free and be happy.
I'm truly sorry that she wasn't as happy as she was in the beginning of her life when her days came to an end.
Chloe was a very special soul and will be missed dearly.

Kristin Socha

Chloe, 10/13/97-01/02/09

Chloe - You were the best pet that anyone could ever ask for.
No matter where you went someone knew you and everyone loved you.
You were my best friend and I will miss you so very much.
You were there for me when I was lonely and you comforted me, you gave me so much joy and I can't imagine you not being here - Darlington Circle will never be the same without you there. I never knew how very painful this would be.
I love you girlie and will miss you forever.

Karen Hechler

Chloe, 11/22/90-01/03/09

Chloe, our beautiful cat, passed away after 18 years leaving her sister Sophie.She recently got quite thin and frail and the vet suspected cancer as she had a lump near her abdomen.We found her in the morning having died in her sleep.She will always be loved by us. This love will never die. She was a huge part of our lives. I miss her dreadfully. Words cannot really express how I feel.Hope to be with you in my dreams Chloe.Linda.

Chloe, 03/12/04-12/28/08

In loving memory of my sweet beautiful Chloe.
You will be in my heart always.
I love you Bobo.

Christie Ward

Chloe Elizabeth Bartholow, 01/03-03/30/09

Our family adopted chloe about 2 1/2 years ago. She brought so much happiness to our family. She was my baby girl. Her kisses and boxer wiggles...she had such a loveable personality. She was only 6 years old when the cancer won. That monday was the hardest day of our life. No more suffering for you baby girl. The house is so quiet and cold without you. This has been harder than we could ever imagine...our hearts are just hurting so much. We love and miss you so very much.

Alex and Cole

Chloe Louise, January 5,1996 - July 31,2009

Chloe Louise 01/05/96-07/31/2009. What can I say? My heart hurts so. My best friend, my companion, so much a part of my life. It has taken awhile for me to honor you, my angel because to put words on paper means you really are gone. Daddy and I picked up your ashes yesterday and I knew I need to do this today. Thank you for all the love and devotion for 13 1/2 years. You came into my life at 6 weeks old and we spent nearly every day of your life together. You filled such a void as the last of my 4 children left home and went to make lives for themselves. You will live in my heart until we meet again on the Rainbow Bridge. I love you forever little one, Mommy

Chloe Mae Victoria, 03/22/09

We will always love and miss you Chloe bear.
We remember adopting you as a teeny puppy.
You were the sweetest girl and loved everyone.
You loved all the yummy treats we had and loved going for walks.
Your little girl Pepper will be taken care of and we will keep your favorite Garfield with your bandana and collar in constant memory of you.
You were the mama dog and will be forever missed.
We will always love you and will see you again sweet Chloe.
You literally had such a big heart that it was time for you to go on and run in the beautiful beyond.

George, Terry, Carrie, Matt, Joey and Pepper and Lucy

Chloe Osborne, 02/14/09

Chloe was a very special part of my family; she had the sweetest personality and she loved everyone. She was a beautiful dapple color and had the softest ears (felt like silk). Making the choice to put her to sleep was the hardest, worst choice I've ever been faced with. We loved her dearly and will miss her always!

Janet Osborne

Chloe Surowiec, 08/15/96-06/04/09

To our faithful and loving angel:
You will be missed by me, your Grandpa and Grandma, your Aunt Kate, your Uncle Jerry and Aunt Loradana, by all of your family and friends.
You were the sweetest, best dog ever. We love you more than all of the fish in the sea, more than all of the sand at the beach, and more than all of the stars in the sky.
Hope to see you in heaven.
Rest in peace sweet girl.

James Surowiec

Chloeanne, 09/01/95-01/29/09

We miss you with every day that passes!!
We know you are happy now and we will see you on the Rainbow Bridge one day!!
We love you Chloeanne!!


Choco, 06/08/07-05/01/09

He was a great little dog.He came into my life when i really needed someone to love.I miss him so much.R.I.P MAMAS BABY

Wanda Kelley

Chocho, 03/19/94-03/20/09

I will always love you, my Pooh Bear.


Chocolate, 10/22/09

I know everyone feels I am insane; but my pets are the one grasp to sanity I have when I have a totally insane day. They bring certain calmness to the world around me that no human can do. And I love them all, ok some more than others. But when I lose one I am close to, that was a kind hearted loving sole, it is like the loss of a family member. If that makes me crazy so be it. Our goat with meningitis died during the night unexpectedly. He was doing well and showing improvement every day. So needless to say I am in shock, heartbroken and feel like such a failure.

Chomper, 01/09/09

It was a friday and we found out that he had a tumor in his stomach twice the size of his head, and my parents decided to put him to sleep that day. I never got to hug him and say goodbye to him before he died. But they brought him home in the back of my mom's SUV, and they let me and my little sis see him. I srarted to cry as I was petting him, knowing that I will never see Chomper walk again, lay the way he does, and see the way he follows my dad around, ever again. Couple of years ago I remember how my mom told me the story on how when I firt got Chomper for my b-day, how i wanted to name him Shep. Well my mom huged me and asked me if I remember how I wanted to name Chomper, Shep, and how wasn't I glad my mom talked me out of that. We both laughed and she said Chomper was a good name for him. I grew up with Chomper, and to see him laying there dead just brought more tears to my eyes, knowing that he never cared what I looked like, what I wore, and all those things that people care about, and returned my love that I gave to him my whole 14 years of my life.

Chomper remember I will never forget you, never stop loving you, and never could you be replaced in my heart and that you'll always be in my heart forever and ever. I can't wait to see you at the Rainbow Bridge. I love you

Kannsas Michaels

Chomper, 03/08/04

Miss Chomper Lupin, this is Ma sending you a heads up. Please look out for Mr. Eggbert, as you always did when you were here. You were always so patient and could stop the flying eggbeater in his tracks with just one look!

I am so sorry that you had to leave us so suddenly the way you did, but you gave us many adventures. Right from the start you knew you would come home with us, and picked us out of that crowded room of cats!
Pa thought you were pregnant for the first 6 months of your stay! Imagine! And you certainly lived up to your name! You took lessons from Daisy at the Spirit Post, and when Eggbert came you turned into his Nanny. We will never forget the leash lessons in the front yard, to stop him from being a dumb head, by sitting on the leash!

You were the brave one when we moved and showed Eggbert that there really was a yard to play in, even tho you didn't want to get your paws dirty, you played in the corn and Eggbert followed!

You were the sweetest little girl and Eggbert was lost without you!
He soon got another Nanny, but it was more 'first love', when Angelina marched into our lives and took over, now she is lost without Eggbert.
So please, be on the look out and take extra care of Mr. Eggbert, you and he were bestest buds, and he will need your wisdom to find his way until we are all together again!

Love to you and all the guys up there! Ma

Choochie, c.1992-01/15/09

I miss you and love you, buddy.
I was proud to call you my friend and you were there for the most important phase of my life.
We had our ups and downs but nothing could ever replace you, my little midnight buddy.
I promise one day I will come find you at the Rainbow Bridge and take you home with me where you belong.
Rest in peace, I love you.

Mat Janosko

Chopper, 11/07 - 9/2/09


Words cannot express how truly sorry I am. I was the one who was supposed to care for you and protect you always, and I feel like I let you down. Although you were a family pet, you were always my dog. You have left such a big hole in my heart, and I miss you terribly. I miss you sleeping next to me and licking my face every morning when I wake up. I miss your sweet face and your loyal companionship. I know you are waiting for me, and that we will meet again at the Rainbow Bridge. Until then, I hope you are running, fetching and playing, carefree and without any pain. I will love you always, and you will always hold a special place in my heart.


Mommy (Kris F.)

Chopper, 23/08/06

We love you Chopper, wait for us xxx

Janet & Suzanne

Chopper, 06/09/95-06/10/09

We'll miss you buddy! We love you with all our hearts. Thank you for giving us 14 years of love and happiness

Deanna & Brian Murzycki

Chopper, 02/08/97-04/12/09

Chopper was the funniest, most loyal dog.
She was always at my side, even when she didn't feel good, she still followed me everywhere or had her eyes on me.
A piece of me went with you Chopper, and I can't wait to see you again someday!
I love you Chopper Dopper D-lophigus, Queen of the Schnooksters!

Shari Odut

Chopper, 04/07/03-01/13/09

Chopper was my constant companion and took care of me when no one else was there. Thank you for all the unconditional love to our whole family. I miss you more than I ever thought was possible. I will see you again someday!

Brownlee, Chris and Jackson Honeycutt

Chopper, 03/05/92-01/25/09

I will always cherish the love we shared.
You are forever in my heart.
I love you Chopper.


Choppy, 03/10/09

Choppy--we will miss you so much! Thank you for giving us 13 WONDERFUL and BEAUTIFUL years.
You have taught us so many wonderful lessons and gave us so many lovely memories.
You will be in our heart ALWAYS!!!! XOXO

Bill, Despi, Kathy, Minas, Penny, Ari & Chloe

Choufleur Guindon, October 1, 2009

With deep sadness we would like to inform you of the passing of Choufleur Guindon.  
Choufleur (Chouche) Guindon, in his 22nd year, was euthanized this morning as promised by his mother before he really had any suffering from kidney failure.  
Predeceased by his brother Figaro (Fig) Guindon he leaves behind his mother Michele (who came to accept this before morning) and two sisters - Coco Chanel Buras Price Guindon and Cleo (Clee) Guindon. He will be deeply missed and helped his mother get through a lot of rough times and health issues.  
Choufleur and Figaro will be reunited in a beautiful stainless steel urn and kept at home where they are still loved.
Choufleur, you helped me create some of the greatest memories over the last 21 years. You were there for always and so I promised that I would be here for you when the time came. I hope you are having fun with Fig.... and I can't wait to have the two of you home again.

CHOUPI, MARCH 2008, probably 24th - 12/23/2009

CHOUPI was a marvellous and cute grey cat who come into my life for my biggest happyness, only one short year and a half ago. HE is gone three days ago, just one day before what should have been HIS second Christmas. HE left my life, heart, body and soul so empty... HE is gone so early just because HIS mommy owners hadn't get her vaccinated.
CHOUPI was and still is a MARVELLOUS being,nature offered to me... Through everything hard and bad, life made me endure, HE was a so wonderful strenght and joy source to me.
CHOUPI was a Magician, an Alchemist : I am some lead, next to HIM, to HIS contact I became Gold.

Chris, 10/01/81-Mar 1993

My best friend during my teenage years, my patient listener, the one who consoled me after each of the many struggles I had. The one i told my secrets to. He had a level of understanding of my emotions that is almost incomprehensible to me today. The puppy who always managed to steal food off the table, the puppy who did not want to go to sleep if he was not covered with a blanket, the friend who missed me when I left for the Army and kept howling at night keeping my parents up. He was born the day my Grandma passed away and had passed through 5 Owners in the first year of his life until I found him - and despite his many problems - which went away over the years - He always stayed with me - against all odds. He passed away when I was not there and he came to visit me afterwards, 1 or 2 days later while I was on a different continent! As if to console me and say "it's allright, I am better now, don't worry about me". I could feel that he knew about my new puppy which had a different name for his first few weeks, but then in honor of Chris I gave him the same name. I miss my friend.

Jens Riemann

Chris (Christopher), 03/01/93-12/23/98

My best Buddy, my protector, my friend. He was such an amazing dog - I miss him so much. No day has gone by without me thinking of him. I dream of him regularely and the pain of loosing him just wont go away.
If there is another world where we meet again I cant wait to see him run and play like we used to. Watch out, squirrels!

Jens Riemann

Chrissy, 08/11/97-06/30/09

I love you Chrissy. While you were with us, I loved your playfulness, the way you ran, your beautiful black coat. No one believed you were almost 12. You were a beauty! You had a quiet strength that strengthened me. You were only with us for three short years but your passing has left a big hole in our family. I will love you forever.


Christian, 08/10/98-01/15/09

Christian you left me too early, but it was time for you to go to wait for me at the Rainbow bridge.
You were such a wonderful companion to me for almost 11 years.
I deeply miss you cuddling with me.
Mommy & I had you cremated and we are going to wear an urn necklace so that you are close to our heart.
We miss you so much, and it will be great to see you running towards us in the beautiful field with your ears back.
We love you, Mommy & Grandma.

Christie Miss- T Purrfect, 02/28/93-07/08/09

A truly loving spirit and beautiful furbaby, you are deeply missed and deeply loved. My prayer is that you have found peace and joy, and are once again with Andy, playing and purring.

Ginger Gerhart

Christobel, 01/01/96-06/29/09

To my beloved baby girl, you were incredibly special and the most important thing in my life. I will miss you terribly, my sweet little angel
Peace and happiness to you


Christy, 01/07/09

miss you
my darling friend

Ann Gibson

Christy, 01/17/09

With loving memory of a very special cat named Christy.
She was a very sweet and loving cat that gave me a few short years of her life.
She went to the Rainbow Bridge at 9:40 a.m. this morning.
She will be greatly missed and thought about always.


Christy, 01/19/09

To the sweetest of all cats.
To my cat-Princess Mary-Christy.

Thanks for choosing me. Thanks for each day, for each blink of your eyes. Thanks for your energy, for your warmth.


Debora Valdes-Miranda

Chu-Ling, 05/07/09

Be happy. Be healthy again.

Candace Booth

Chubbs, 05/29/09

To our little Chubbs, we love you forever and miss you like crazy! We know you're young and agile again and will be waiting for us when it's our time to meet you in Heaven. It eases our hearts to know that YOU knew how much you were loved. Goodbye our "Chub-chub", "Bubba", Chubba-do" "DoDo Boy" "Baby Chubba"...Goodbye Chubbs..we love you!

Tomasino Family- Donna, Joe, Barbara & Joey (and Autumn, Our Pit Bull Who Misses Him Too)

Chubby, October 1998 - 27th November 2009

Chubby, you'll always in my heart. I love you so much.
I hope you know that when you took your last breath.
I'm so sorry I didn't hold you and comfort you in my arms at the last moment of your precious life. I really miss you.
Riu-Riu sayang ni na, good boy!

Chubby, 01/09-03/07/09

I miss you!
Even though you were'nt with us that long you managed to steal our hearts. I miss playing with you, and you sleeping with me. I still have all of your things toys, dog bowls, and yes even your shoes that you loved so very much. Mikayla misses you meeting
her at the bus stop in the afternoons, Mama misses you laying at her feet as she worked or watched tv.
We are all going to miss you jumping in the car to go riding. You were such a good Dog Chubby, You could and probably never will be replaced with another.
You were loved so much chubby. and We will miss you FOREVER.

Shubby, Shubby, Shubby!!!

Loving you always,
Becky, Mikayla, James, Joan and Rocky

and Special doggie friend:
Irish Rose

Chubby Chu Chu Seelig, 05/21/01-02/24/06

Hello my chubby wee,

I miss you so much there is not a day that goes by I do not think of you.
I still cry to this day missing you.
Your bother and sisters are well.
Every night when we go to sleep there is still an empty spot in the bed for you.
I bought you a beautiful urn with a crystal on top and your picture is on it.
I wish you were still here.
I can still hear your meow and remember how you would greet me at the door when I would come home from work.
I love you my chubby wee and miss you so much.
Until we meet again you are always in my heart.

Love you, Mom

Chubee, 06/18/93-12/12/08

The most beautiful Tortoiseshell to infinity and beyond.
You were such a brave and beautiful girl -- 2 plus years of subqutaneous fluids.
We miss you so very much.
With love, Mommie & Daddy

Chubsy, 04/09/09

RIP my beautiful brown eye angel.
I love you so much.
You have brought so much joy and happiness to my life and you will never be forgotten, you will forever live in my heart.

Robin Pierre

Chuck, 12/12/92-06/22/09

Words cannot express the sadness I feel but I know in my heart, you are in a better place.I will always love you and miss you.


Chuck, 1993-03/09/09

Chuck, we're going to miss you so much.
Thank you for being so brave as the end came.
We love you.
Keep Rosalita company.


Chuckie Marie, 03/14/09

My beloved cat, Chuckie, went to heaven today.
She was my constant companion and loving friend for nearly all my adult life, 19 years or so.

She was sweet, smart and never any trouble.
She adored me and loved me unconditionally, despite my flaws.
I love her and miss her already. She was also beautiful with big blue eyes.

Please forgive me Chuck, I did not want you to suffer.
Please watch over me little angel from up there. You were by my side in good and bad I will never ever forget you. I love you.
Regina Burke

Chula, 1991-01/08/09

Chula, your name says it all.
it means beatiful in spanish.
you were physically a beautiful, graceful, calm and relaxed pet.
Everyone who met you fell in love with you. And you always recipri-cated. You showed your love to people of all ages, especially children, Adrianna, Sean and Massimo.
Now you are a beatiful spirit. Your
sister,simba, the cats Zoe and Smokey and me
miss seeing you. I miss touching you, but we feel your chula spirit.


Chula, 04/26/97-01/08/09

Please lord take care of our chula and watch over her she is a very special pretty girl and we loved her tremendously and hope she is well taken care of as she was with us

Brenda Gerber

Chuletas Carrillo Salcedo, 04/04/95-02/04/09


Chulo, 12/01/08-02/2009

i miss this little cat he was an outside cat that used to folow me and come to me everytime i walked outside. he used to climb the fence for me on super bowl sunday we were all outside and he was out there sitting on my lap. i loved that little cat so much he was so play ful and i missed him so much


Chulo, 02/06/09

My dearest Chulo,

How is it possible that it has been 4 weeks since you left us. I miss you more and more each day. Grandma really misses you. She said she has dreamed of you with her father. Liz misses you also, she said she has dreamed of you playing with Uncle Rene running in circles like you used to do in the house only you are not gasping for air like you used, she has also seen you with Aunt Alice sitting in her lap and swinging on her porch swing like she used to have. I am happy you are with them and are healthy. I miss you like crazy the house is too quite, and we don't have our warning when the mail man comes.
I miss the special nicknames I used to call you (chew-chew, chup dog, chulo bulo among others. I love but I know you are running among the flowers you love and are waiting until we meet again.


Chunky, 08/20/98-03/04/09

Our sweet angel boy had cnacer for over 3 years. We were told we would be lucky to have him for one year. Actually we were lucky to have 11 1/2 years. We were there when he was a baby coming into the world and we were there when he left this world. We would not have been anywhere else. We could not let our little man go alone. Just as always he survived on his terms. We know he knew we were not ready to lose him. He lasted as long as his little body would let him. He was the baby we never had. He was an amazing friend and companion. You never know how much it means to have a pet there for you when you come home, wagging thier tale just so happy to see you walk in the door. As the song says "that's the good stuff". Each day is a bit less pain. The most pain comes with the "firsts". The first time to come home and he's not here, the first morning to get up and he's not here, the first night to go to bed and he's not here. Having to tell all our loved ones the sad news was a painful task. Everyone has been so wonderful and understanding. We could not have asked for better friends and families.
We love you bubby and will see you again another day.
Love you forever,
Mommy and Daddy

Chunky, 01/19/09

Shunka, our beloved 4-legged friend and relative, we miss you dearly but know you are now free of pain, free to run and play, and to love with your boundless heart. We hope you and Liza have that special relationship there and we will try to keep your sister, Mona, as happy as we can until we all meet again to cross the Rainbow Bridge together. You have taught us how to love unconditionally... you will always be alive in our hearts. Your 2-legged Dad & Mom ~ Kelly & Bonnie

Churchill, 06/19/01-01/08/09

Churchill, you know how much we loved you. You gave so much and asked for nothing in return. We will always miss you, our sweet baby, and love you forever.
We already miss you too much,
Love your Daddy's

Chuy Garcia, 04/14/96-02/25/09

My baby heart is broken beyond words at not having you with me.
You were the greatest gift from God that I will ever receive.
I love you more than words can ever say and just like I told you before you closed your precious eyes, just wait for me baby, I'll see you again and we'll never have to say goodbye ever again. Love you...Mommy.

Chyna, 12/12/99-06/06/09

To our beloved best friend.
We will miss you but you will be in our heart always.

Pat, Denise, Alyssa & Spike

Cia, 06/16/09

My sweet little Cia. I will always love you so very much. You were the best pet. May God welcome you and watch over you always. Please know how very much you were love and will be missed. My sweet little girl, from the depth of my soul, it pains me to see you gone. I hurt so badly not to hold you but know that you will forever be in my heart with me until we meet someday again. I love you sweet one.

Shara Yuen

Ciara, 2007 - Oct 22 2009

Ciara aka (kikee)Neathway (Newfie/chow)  
We will miss you with all out had the best hugs and kisses ever..I will miss singing to you my baby girl..and Dad will miss the loving way you used to greet him when he came home.  
You left behind you Mama Muskwa and you buddy Furby..Muskwa looks for you everywhere and of course can't find you. Furby has no one to fight with him over toys he is so sad..  
And me well I have'nt stopped crying since the day you were hit by that car..I know you were a hero trying to keep a cat out of our yard.  
You used to make us laugh all the time as we called you our class clown.  
Even your boy Cameron is having a rough time dealing with you gone.  
You were our baby girl and we will always miss you dearly.  
You will forever be in our hearts...  
I can't get the kikee bird song out of my head or the go to sleep song.  
I will always remember you when I hear those songs they will be with me forever..You were just like losing a child of ours. At first to suppose to be My dog but ended up being daddy's dog. I have never hurt this much from losing a pet before usually one day or two but this time its so hard on all of us.  
So my baby I will sing this song till you greet me in heaven  
kikee bird sits in her old gum tree counting all the gums drops she can see laugh kikee bird laugh kikee bird thats not a monkey thats you..

we love you always and forever our baby girl  
Ciara (kikee) Neathway  
with love mom dad and your boy cameron  
In our hearts you are a hero

Ciara, 10/07/95-06/03/09

She was pure love and pure joy. Loved by many dogs, cats and humans.

Anna Rising

Ciara, 06/98-05/03/09

Just a wonder loving dog who gave us many sweet memories. She left us feeling safe as I held her close and now she is with her sister Allie

Mark and Diane Odell

Ciara Noel Tucker, 12/07/01-02/05/09

Ciara's love and constant companionship, devotion and gentleness even through her pain will never be forgotten.
Ciara was one of a kind in her looks and in her personality.
She made friends everywhere we went - and boy did she like to ride in the car.
Ciara, you will be in my heart for eternity, until we meet in heaven for hugs.

Marte Tucker

Cienna, 05/30/08

Our whole family misses you terribly...thank goodness I found you on the streets of LA to become part of my life and my family'slife...each and every one of us adored you.

Carrie Drosnes

Ciera, 08/11/96-03/02/08

She could be bullheaded and contrary. But she a loyal and faithfull part of our family. Also mom made her a lapdog, which no 60lb dog can really be.

Dolores & Jack MacGregor

Cierra, Jan 2006 - Oct 22 2009

Our beautiful Cierra aka kikee we miss you so much.  
I have been crying all day .  
You were our class clown when we were down you always made us laugh.  
You leave behind you best buddy Furby and your Mama Muskwa they will miss you dearly. I will always remember singing the kikee bird song to you and the go to sleep song..I will never forget you as long as I live maybe some day when its my time to go you and my Mama will come to meet me till then my sweet baby girl rest in peace and know that you were so loved here on earth..  
with all my love forever your mom Jeannie dad Phil and your boy Cameron

Cigar 'Ciggy', 05/29/96-04/16/09

You were my true love, constant companion, my eyes, ears and protector. I miss you so much.
All my love, forever.
Carol "Mom"

Cinamon, 03/31/96-03/28/08

My Cinamon was a sweet soul who helped me get thru some of the darkest times in my life. Just looking in his eyes and the love that shined thru made me realize that tomorrow was always a brighter day.

Marye Hall

Cinder, 07/04/96-06/08/09

What a beautiful cat you were. In looks as well as personality. You had a rough start coming into this world, and a worse one going out. I only hope that you enjoyed living with me, (and the others) as much as I loved living with you. Only sunny warm days for you now. Peace until we all meet again.


Cinder, 03/26/09

Cinder was a wonderful pet, and I will miss him dearly. He was my baby, and I hope to see him again some day. I love you my little cat face!

Tina Winn

Cinder, 05/12/94-01/27/09

She was the sweetest cat I ever knew.

Kay Anderson

Cindy, 10/24/91-03/04/09

To my best friend for over 17 years. Your life gave my life a reason and purpose. You taught me the meaning of love, devotion, caring and compassion and as the years went by and you needed me more and more, my feelings for you ever strengthened. Because of this great love for you, I had to let you go with the dignity you still had left, rather than keep you hanging on for my own selfish reasons. You are now at the Rainbow Bridge and reunited with Skipper, Champ and Baby, though I think I heard Skipper yell down to me, "Mom did you HAVE to send her"?

Cindy, my "wittle girl", PLEASE do not try to shake Skippers tail off his body, like you used to. Please give him a few minutes of peace each day.

Some day I will see you again. Please tell Skipper, Champ and Baby that I still miss them every day!

Rest well my little angel.....


Cindy, 11/28/94-09/25/08

My Dear Cindy,
It has been 4 months since you had to leave,and I miss you so much.Letting you go was hard,but watching your pain was worse.
Three days ago we had to take again this hard decision, and let Maxi go too. I hope his pain is gone,and he will find you at Rainbow Bridge so you can stay together,until we meet again.
We will always love you guys,
Michelle,Michael,Mircea and Cristina

Cindy, 23/11/90-08/08/06

You had the sweetest nature, and were a loving and faithful friend we still miss you (pickle) x

Butland Family

Cindy, 01/06/09

Cindy Lou was our beautiful little Baby girl for 10 years. I selfishly wish I could have her for another 10.
She was the sweetest dog and always had that "puppy" exuberance for life. She'd growl and bark if the neighbors larger dog, a chow/retreiver, would come in the yard. As the neighbors dog came closer she'd always run behind me and the barking and growling would turn into a very soft wimper. In the end when her pain was so great she still met me at the door with a wagging tail and a sweet look. She's resting now and her pain has ended but mine seems to have just begun and it feels as if it will never end.

Rich Marti Jacqui Adam Aimee Karen and Coal

Cindy Morgan, 11/27/99-12/27/08

Ever since my sweet baby Cindy left my world has been dark and glum. She was the light of my life, my child. I just can't wait for the day I will see her again. I think about it all the time. Mommy loves you baby.

Cinnamini, 07/21/08-03/30/09

I will miss you more, than I could ever describe in words. You were awesome beyond belief. I will always remember your beautiful personality. I will always and forever love you. I cant wait to see you again on the other side of the Rainbow Bridge.


Cinnamon, April 4, 1996 - August 1, 2009

I always called him my Pooky although his name was Cinnamon. There was something about his cute little face that said "I'm your Pooky". He was one of six kittens I adopted along with his mommy on Good Friday in 1996. Each one of the kids and mommy were very unique. My husband always called Cinnamon my boy because he wanted only me. When the others came close to me he left until he could be the center of attention again. He knew the routine every evening and when I came home from work waited for me to finish the dishes, take out the garbage and he would run in front of me into the bedroom and jump on the bed. He was still there waiting as I changed and washed my face. We would spend a few minutes just laying on the bed while I pet him and told him how much I loved him.
His last two weeks were an emotional rollercoaster. He became ill and was hospitalized for a couple of days only to return home and taken to the emergency room hospital early Sunday morning two weeks ago, On that Monday I took him back to his home vet where he continued to get care until Thursday. He wasn't improving so early Thursday morning I went to say goodbye and God gave me a gift. My Pooky was better so I took him home and brought him back daily for IV therapy and medications. The first day and evening my emotions were flying and Cinnamon and me spent a good deal of time together. I felt he was so glad to be home and I was so happy. Unfortunately it did not last and he did not improve enough to sustain himself. He will always be my Pooky and my boy and I will relish the memories of love and devotion he gave to me. I will love you always Pooky and never forget you. Someday you, me and the rest of our cat family we be together. I pray that you are enjoying the peace of heaven with our heavenly Father and your mommy and brothers.

Cinnamon, 1963-1978

Cinnamon, your mother came looking into our kitchen door to see the Serena's cat dishes.
We saw her face.
Then, there you were!

You were my cat.
The Most Beautiful Cinnamon Cat in the World.
It meant a lot to have someone love me as much as you did.
You slept with me.

I am sorry I left home.
I went to college then did not move home.
I missed you.
I still have that picture of you in your red collar, sitting in classic cat posture on the fireplace.
It reminds me there were good times there.

After Serena died, Mama says you came into your own. You were a fierce hunter.
I did not know you were sick until Mama said you had died.
I am sorry we did not get to say goodbye. I will always remember and love you, MY CAT!


Cinnamon (Bitty), 06/07/94-05/22/09

Cinnamon, you were the best dog I could ever have asked for. From the first day that you jumped up on me and covered me with kisses, til the last day that you laid next to me and I pet you and told you it was going to be okay... You were my best friend and you filled my life with joy and happiness for 15 years. You helped me make it thru cancer and sometimes were the only one around to provide me comfort. I can never find the words to explain how much you changed my life and made it that much richer. I love you with all my heart, and will never stop. I know that you are in heaven with Grandpa and Dusty now, and happy, young, energetic, and without pain... I know I will see you there one day, but until then... your memory will live on everyday in my heart. I love you and miss you more than I know how to express.

Shay Hazen

Cinnamon, 11/21/95-05/18/09

A true friend, my best friend.
Thank you, I'm a better person for having you.
I will always miss and love you. I can't wait to see you again. I will think of you everyday.

Sharon Wilson

Cinnamon, 10/11/05-05/10/09

Cinnamon was so cute and lovable.
She was lots of fun.
I will miss her very much.
She was fun to be around.

Taylor Lawrence

Cinnamon, 05/08/01-04/18/09

My darling Cinnamon, I miss you so much my heart hurts. I cry everyday and will miss you forever. You went out with a bang cuz you always thought you were a big dog. I'll hold you in my heart always and I miss you pooh!

Felisa Rowsey

Cinnamon, 10/2006-04/14/09

He was a great piggie!!

Jennifer Stover

Cinnamon, 02/02/09-03/25/09

We love you little cinnamon and will miss you dearly! You were the happiest and friendliest baby pinnie pinn we ever had! We love you!
Love Lydia

Cinnamon, 03/10/09


I will miss you so much. You were 17 years old and I know you had a wonderful life. Even though your not here with me anymore I know your happy and healthy in heaven. I love you so much and you will always be in my heart.

Love Mommy.

Cinnamon, 02/25/95-02/17/09

Thank you for the wonderful years of happiness you gave.
Rest in peace my sweet Cinnamon!
Love always!


Cinnamon, 07/09/00-01/06/09

Cinnamon you were the most amazing dog.
You brought joy to all of our lives. It has only four days since you left us, and we all miss you so much.
Ginger is still looking for you.
When she is outside she still barks to see if you will come like you always did when you were with us.

Letting you go was one of the hardest decisions I had to make. I knew that if I kept you here it was because of my own selfish reasons. I knew from that last night you were with us that it time because you could not lay down to go to sleep because of how uncomfortable you were.

I miss how you use to walk around the house with a shoe in your mouth, and also you taking our socks and carrying them around in your mouth. There is such a void in my heart. Your indeed were such a gentle soul. I know that you are not alone, you are with my dad right now, and he will take care of you till I come home to be with you.

I miss you baby.


Cinnamon Hartless, 10/20/98-06/06/09

My best friend that I will miss foreever

Bill & Laura Hartless

Cinniamon, 11/25/92-04/30/09

Cinni, You were a blessing from God given to us on 12-15-1993. Our family was in turmoil, our teenage children lost and without love. You were an angel given to my family from God above and you gave us a kind of love only you could give us. You taught this family how to love again. You gave us years of dedication, loyalty, love, companionship and laughter. My heart is breaking right now and I do not have you to comfort me as you had done some many times in the past. You amazed me right up until the end when you were laying in me arms and looked at me and groaned in a manner as to comfort me just one last time. I will miss you with all my heart. Rest in Peace. I love you little buddy. Your best friend. Daddy

Cino, 02/29/00-06/22/09

Our beautiful boy, we love you so much and miss you every day. Thank you for being in our lives.We know you are still with us as you have been in many lifetimes before this. You are so loved. You have touched the hearts of more people than any animal I know of.May you enjoy endless sunshine until we meet again....then we will all bask in the loving rays.All our love to you. Mummy & Pops

Cinque Davis, 11/11/02-02/08/09

Cinque' when you came into out lives, we never knew how much you would touch all of our hearts.
We welcomed you with open arms and never let you go.

As days and years past we watch you grow into your own personality and ironically enough you fit our family so well.
We always said, "Cinque' you truly are a Davis...".

It was very hard for me when I went off to college, and sometimes I never thought about how hard it may have been for you.
I always thought you just got used to me leaving.

As your mother, I should have considered your feeling more often, but I had plans for us to have a wonderful life together just as soon as I graduated this upcoming May.

You were the reason I chose to become a veterinarian.
My world felt like it shattered when I got that devastating phone call.
It is something I will never forget and I never wish it on anyone.

As I began to grieve I was so angry by the whole situation.
I always thought you would be around forever and never expecting that sad Sunday when my parents called and said that my baby had passed on.

When I found out the way in which my "Cinque' spoo" left me I felt my heart just fall underneath my feet.
All I kept saying was "Cinque' was such a friendly dog....WHY....he was only trying to be friendly...he just wanted to make a friend...".
As I grieved I had someone tell me that I know he was just trying to be friendly, you are his mother and he was a piece of you.
You have the same personality.
He is always in your heart because all the good things about you were put into one and created especially for you.
They mentioned, "if you could give birth to a dog, I truly believe you would have...because he is a special person just like you".
Don't think about how or why he is no longer on earth....ALL DOGS GO TO HEAVEN, and because you are so special you will go to heaven and reunite with him again one day.
I will always remember these statements because that is what I use every night to help me remember my Cinque'.

Cinque' was the type of dog that you knew it was a person trapped inside of him.
He had so many human-like qualities I even began to understand him and his whole demeanor.
When Cinque' walked into a room everyone took notice. When you entered our house you gave Cinque' his respect first.

I can truly say I feel blessed to have gotten to experience the joy and love that he brought to my family.
Cinque' we miss you, we love you and can not wait to reunite with you in heaven.

As I walk across the stage this May, I will blow you a kiss and say Cinque' we did it Man, all of this is for you. I told I could not let you die in vain.
I know you will always remain in my spirit and in my heart.

Love you always,
Mommy, Brubby (uncle), Grammy, Grandpa and a host of family and friends.

Circe, 03/01/89-05/15/09

My baby, I love you so much and miss you so deeply. You are my soul mate and thank you for being by my side for 19 years. Your passing has left a tremendous void in my life. Please come to me in my dreams or in any way you can. I miss you so much. I would do anything to kiss your cheeks and bury my face in your warm body again. My baby, I will reunite and spend eternity with you on the other side when the time comes for me. I love you so much Baby.

Jon Brown

Cisco, 07/13/91-05/04/09

She was my friend and confidant!
She has joined her brother, Mischief, at the Bridge but leaves her sister Whiskers to watch over me.
I miss you, Cisco and will always love you!

Sue Ford

Cisco, 01/20/99-01/14/09

Happy 10th Birthday in heaven my angel. My life will never be the same without you in it.
You were truly a gift from god that I had to give up too soon.
I love you with all my heart and miss your shadow and beauty every minute of every day.
Please save a place for me in heaven right next to you.
I promise we will be together again.

Love you so much, Mommy

Cissy, 02/23/09

Cissy, I know you became a new kitty when you crossed Rainbow Bridge an hour ago. I hope you are running and playing with Fluffy who has been there waiting for 8 years now. Max and Simba miss you too. They are looking around the house for you. Good bye my love, Maggie

CJ, 11/23/94-7/18/09

My Good Old Boy, I miss you. My tribute to you only tells a fraction of how much you have meant to me and how much I miss you. From the first time our eyes had met, I knew you were the one for me and you knew too I was the one for you. Our time together proved just that. We were a great team. If their should be another by my side, that pup will have big paws to fill. You were truly The Best. I am so proud of you and your courage. Thank you for all the happiness and security you have given to me as I have so proudly given to you. You sensed my agony and despair in our final days together and somehow you knew it was time to let go. You gave me your final gift. You made the decision. I couldn't imagine making it for you. Thank you my love. You will be sadly missed but never ever forgotten. Rest for a bit CJ, then regain your strength and run like the wind. One day our eyes will meet again, you will run into my arms and we will cross the Bridge together. I will see you again my friend.


CJ, 07/18/09

Gone but not forgotten will be sadly missed old timer. I will miss your howling and persistance in trying to bust into the bathroom everytime I was in there. Take care buddy,and have a good time w/ all your friends at the bridge.-Jackson says hi : ) see you later CJM


CJ, 09/09/97-05/18/09

CJ, you were so brave this morning and gave the boys such a great start to the day. I must've thanked you a thousand times for being such a great family member. I will miss you when I'm on the front porch swing, when I read the Sunday paper, and when I get home from work and you're sitting on the front porch waiting for me. I will miss your "time clock" of getting me to go to bed each night at 10pm.
I know the boys and I will miss seeing you run sideways and Pierson will miss your bark! Walter has always known you as his dog and will be sad for time to come. Thank you for leaving us
as gracefully as you came into this world. Our love goes with you.

Diane Rafter

CJ, 03/12/09

Cj was a wonderful and special companion. He was diagnosesd with SARDS in October 2005 which caused him to go blind. He was a trooper and handled his blindness with great dignity and courage. Sadly, the effects of SARDS also took a toll on his kidenys and he lost his fight on 3/12/09. He is so loved and missed! My heart is empty without my belived CJ with me. He is up in heaven with his eyes wide open and seeing again for the first time in years. I love you CJ and will see you again someday!!
Love your mom!!

CJ, 01/11/09

CJ was the best cat we have ever had the joy of having, he was so silly and so very loving.
We had CJ in our lives for 16 sweet years and not a day that goes I will not miss him terribly.

I'll love you forever and always my beautiful baby boy.

We will forever be blowing up kisses to you.

Stephanie P

Clairemont, 05/97-06/30/09

Mommy Loves you, See you at the bridge.


Clancy, 07/14/09

I miss you bebe.
Sleep peacefully.


Clara, 2002

Hey beautiful xxx

Jo Hibbard

Clarence, 07/08/09

Clarence was a wonderful cat and will be sorely missed.

Nancy Ross

Clarence, 10/29/96-04/15/09

My dear friend and companion for so many years, I miss you so.

Sally Sandine

Clarisse, 07/09/09

Although you didn't live with me for the last few years I never forgot about you.
Your picture has and will remain on my dresser.
Thank you for being there for me during so many good and bad times.
Enjoy kitty heaven and look for Sparkles.

I will miss you so much.

Marc Deising

Classie, April 2002 - July 18, 2009

To My Dear Classie,
You were truly my soul-mate big boy kitty. I wish with all my heart I could have cured your cancer. You gave me so much in the short 7 years I had you and in the end I couldn't do anything but hug, kiss and tell you how much I loved you. You are missed so much every second. I see you in every room I walk into and hear your meow and that special look of love you always had in your eyes. I look down as I walk from room to room expecting to see my puppy-dog kitty following me but then I remember.... Please have happy times until I get to see you again. Love from your mommy

Classy, 06/2004-05/13/09

We loved you very much and we will always miss you.

Julie Roces

Claudia, 01/12/09

I miss you,baby will never be the same without you.


Claw, 11/27/2009

To Claw, my dear kitty.
Always loving, always silly, always near.
We'll remember you forever.
I will see you again, my friend.

Clea, 07/10/07

Clea, Sofi is now in heaven with you.
Have fun cuddling together.
We miss you both!

Generosa Litton

Clementine, 01/19/98-04/23/09

Clementine lived a beautiful life. She spent the last several months in pain and fighting kidney disease. After letting go of the guilt that I should have known and keeping her here was for me. I helped her end the pain and although I wish every second that I could take it back. I know she is not in pain anymore. She gave her family more love than any animal or human I have seen and bore 17 beautiful children in her life. She is missed and loved deeply.


Clementine, 05/97-04/08/09

My most beautiful, precious irreplacable Clementine has passed from this world & into kitty heaven due to complications from diabetes on April 8, 2009. She was far to young to be taken from me, into heaven, but she is now an orange angel looking over us all. She was about to turn 12 in May, and we had owned her since she was about 6 weeks old...a darling, precious ball of orange fur that had to 3 baths the first day home to rid her of the fleas that she was covered with....from the barn she was born in. Someone had dropped of her pregnant momma, sadly. Myself, Mark & my 3 kids, Ryan, Kyle & Tara loved her dearly & will miss forever her horribly LOUD purring, whistle snore that kept you awake at night, massive kneading, & head butting ability. I remember so m any good, funny things sbout you, and will never forget you. When I cried, you were always the one to seek me out & look at me with those HUGE, round, green eyes & gently try to comfort me. I know you'll be watching over me & comforting me from heaven. Her brother Caesar (cat) will not miss her hogging the food dish so he couldn't get to it, but will miss her companionship. Her sister Lola (dog) will miss her as well. It took Clementine a looong time to warm up to Lola, several years in fact, but they did end up being fast friends..."The Three Muskateers" actually. What a beautiful, veluptous, funny, personality plus girl you were....God help us...we will miss you & love you in peace my little girl.....

Gerilyn Hurst

Clemson, 08/01/92-02/13/09

submitted by Aunt Diane:

Clemson was the naughtiest puppy ever, rescued from a shelter.
But he was also the most beloved pet.
His family took excellent care of him his whole life and cherished him.
They are an example of unconditional love.
Clemson was a lucky dog who will live in our hearts forever; happy memories of him will help ease his loss.

Tom, Tricia and Ashlan

Cleo, January 11, 1999 - July 17, 2009

No one can ever replace you, old friend. I hope you are home now.

Cleo, 07/05/09

We adopted Cleo in 2006 and it was one of the happiest days of our lives. We took to each other immediately and she knew she had a forever home with us. She was the joy of our lives. She is now happy, healthy and with her daddy who just passed 10 days before her. They are now having so much fun together. No more racing for her. Both of them are now sunbathing together waiting for me to come join them. That will be the happiest day of my life.


Cleo, 04/15/09

Cleo, you are my best friend in the whole world. Even though you know how much I love you, I still need to say it. I love you so VERY much. I think about all the good times like everybody tells me to but it still hurts. I will never feel the same again. I can't wait to see you at the Rainbow Bridge. I will never be able to love another animal as much as you and may never attempt to ever again. And I now realize that you were more human then I and that you were more my family than my parents. I hope you will come back to me in some way, whether it be spirit or as another friend. I will always light my candle for you.
Now you can finally come to school, like you always wanted.

Bradley Poulin

Cleo, 16/05/09

Goodbye to a beautiful, affectionate and special pet who loved me through a difficult time. I will miss you terribly xxx

Zoe Lagadec

Cleo, 03/05/99-05/02/09

My beloved Cleo died suddenly on Saturday without warning.
She ment everything to me.
I had to put her to sleep.
I promised her I wouldn't let her suffer when I got her 10yrs and 2 weeks ago.
I am heart broken.
I could never repay the kindness and love she gave to me.
God bless you Cleopatra, your David will join you as soon as I can.


Your David

Cleo, 05/25/94-05/08/09

Cleo, my little sweetheart, you were
the perfect cat, the cat who loved cantaloupe, spinach, corn, and green peas, and who took such good care of Pippa when she joined our family.
You quietly kept the other cats in order, and now you have gone.
You fought the good fight against lymphoma, but today lymphoma won.
Kiri is the sole survivor of that cat family, and I know she misses you already.
How I miss you, my little darling; you will be in my memory forever.
love and kisses.

Dorothy Little

Cleo, 10/02/04

Cleo was the most unusual cat. He loved me and always seemed to know when i needed him to be close. He has been gone 4 years but i will never forget him and he is now re meeting his doggie friend Caesar who just died 2 days ago.


Cleo, 01/23/04-04/01/09

My dear sweet little angel. you were the greatest little mut anybody could ask for. when you tore up my clothes and peed on the floor i still loved you with my whole heart. If i was sad and confused for whatever reason you would jump in my lap and just lay there and always made me feel better. I honestly don't know what i am going to do without you here with me. i am sorry that you had to go so suddenly but i didn't want to see you suffer anymore. just always know that mommy loves you soo much and that no matter how old i get or if i get a new animal you will always hold the most special place in mommies heart.


Cleo, 03/29/09

cleo you were our neighbor and we loved you , you were their official greeting girl always wagging your tail . you especially loved mike . even on your last here with us and already so sick you got up and said hello . the news came to us from your mom that you had gone to the rainbow bridge .so i hope you met maggie there .your untimely passing will remind me you don 't know what life will bring ,but i made a promise to tell all the pet owners out there mke sure your pet is safe from poison . have fun with maggie at the rainbow brigde see there we love you cleo ,bartie and his family

Vera Schmella

Cleo, 1990-03/25/09

Cleo was the most woderful cat; adopted in Guelph, Ontario, CANADA, in 1993 traveled to Atlanta, GA in 1997, then to Phoenix, AZ in 2004.
Cleo loved to hunt Gekos, drink from the spa, and lounge in the sun by the pool.

He passed on this evening, peacefully after a most wonderful life.

Gary & Cathy Sirota

Cleo, 03/15/09

The cutest little girl in the whole wide world, we will love & miss you until we are reunited again.

Rita & John

Cleo, 06/09/95-03/03/09

Cleo was the smartest, sweetest dog. She had a very strong will to live, survived much adversity, and finally came to an acceptance when the time had come...We'll miss her always. Her daughter, Mary, survives, and she is 10 years old today, and we are showering her with love.

Jane Martin

Cleo (Stubby), 02/24/08

Cleo, you adopted us.
You just showed up one morning and never left.
You greeted us when we came home and was always so lovable and appreciative.
I am so sorry that your last day on this earth was so horrible.
I am sorry I was not home to protect and care for you.
I am sorry you were all alone.
We love you Cleo and will never forget you.
Until we see you again, look for Webby and Cash, they too left this world too soon.

Thea Albin

Cleo, 10/23/96-02/24/09

Cleo was my everything. She gave me so much love and we were together every day.
Her sister Tiffany is also a standard poodle and she's 5 years younger.
She knows she's gone.
We buried her today. She looked incredibly peaceful and more beautiful than ever. We euthanized her after treating her for one year for cancer.
She had every treatment and surgery that was possible. I was truly blessed to have her for a whole year after being diagnosed. She had malignant oral melanoma. I spared her any pain or suffering by putting her to sleep.
She told me she was ready.
I have never known anyone to have a disposition like she did.
She was a gentle soul. I'm heartbroken but she's at peace.

Pam Cohen

Cleo, 2003

Cleo - my last doggie but only one of many of our 4 legged friends that I think about and miss everyday.
I know you with Lady, Rags, Maddie,Prince, Benji chasing and running around in heaven.

Miss you all lots


Cleo, 10/27/01-01/23/09

Our sweet little girl was loved so much. She was my best friend always by my side. We discovered that she had lymphoma in August. We did everything that we could for her. She had chemotherapy and we gave her all the love and happiness that we could provide for her. Unfortunately the chemo stopped working and we had to end her suffering. We miss her terribly and will never for get her.

Brenda Austin

Cleo, 01/20/09

I can't even begin to describe how much I loved you or how much I'll miss you. You were my best friend and I'll think of you every day. I'm so glad I was there with you at the end and that you weren't alone. Everybody who met you loved you and thats because you were so special. I'll cherish the memories of all our good times forever. I love you so much Cle babes xxx sweet dreams little one and eat all the chicken you like xxxx

Joanne Mather

Cleo, 12/21/96-01/06/09

YOU will always be in my heart.......

Mervin Quah

Cleo, 01/10/09

Cleo came to us about 4 years ago as a special needs foster cat from the local no killer shelter.
She had a serious gingivitis condition that made her life difficult and painful a lot of the time.
We took her to our wonderful and carrying vet who tried various treatments (including teeth removal) to try to get the condition under control.
The teeth removal offered some relief but the most effect treatment was monthly steroid shots.
Our vet was kind and taught us how to give them to her. They would be affective for about for 3-4 wks.
We soon realized that we could never let anyone else adopt her because we did not want to trust her care to anyone else so we decided to give her a forever home.

In June 2008 she developed an abscess on her gum.
We took her to the vet and had it drained but it came back in Sept. 2008.
So another trip to the vet to have it drained again and this time a regiment of antibiotics and pain meds.
That worked for another couple weeks but it always came back.
Just before Christmas I knew I had to make the decision to put her to sleep.
It was the hardest thing I have ever had to do but I knew that her quality of life had changed and now she had more bad days then good days.
It still did not make it any easier.

So today, Jan 10 at 11:45 a.m. Cleo went to the Rainbow Bridge.
I still cry as I type this. I know in my head I made the right decision but knowing that she will no longer be with us makes me sad.
I will miss that big black face with the big yellow owl eyes and her toothless smile.
She was always the first one at the food bowl and the only one to sleep between our pillows at night.
She had such a hard life, but was the best cat that anyone could ever want.
She took the pills and shots without much resistance. it was as if she knew they would make her feel better.

I love you Cleo and will never forget you.

Jackie C

Cleo Poulin, 04/15/09

The best dog in the world, I hope to see her in other dogs someday. I can't wait to cross the Rainbow Bridge with her.

Bradley Poulin

Cleocatra, 03/13/95-02/22/09

My little Cleocatra, I miss you so much. I am so sad that you are gone so quickly from Cancer. I wish I had known, and I hope you were not in
pain towards the end. I know you are with your twin sister, Zoe who left us so suddenly at age 6 years, and I know you are telling her all about the great life we shared. Thank you for loving me as much as I love you. Every breeze, cloud, raindrop, beam of sun will be a kiss from you. I miss you baby boo. Mama.

Cleopatra, 03/14/96-07/11/09

The whole family loves you, Mami! You were our good baby girl and we won't forget you. We miss you so much Lali. Marky misses you a lot too. I hope you are having fun in Heaven growling at every dog. I can't wait to pet your fuzzy head again when I see you in Heaven.
I love you so much pookie face :'(
Just remember that we all love and miss you.
We miss you sitting in the sunshine, eating grass, and looking beautiful the most.

Danielle & Kathy

Cleopatra Prada Comito, 07/07/09

I love my sweet girl Cleopatra we she died Ihought cat down(like Offcier down) but no cat up she is angel now

Erin Comito

Cleopatra..Queen of The Nafts, 09/19/00-03/29/09

Unplanned adoption to unconditional love, she was my dog. She became queen of the house and let everyone know this is where she lived. No one enter unless she allowed them to. During her growing up years, it was one thing after another that kept her in trouble. From eating the backyard drip system to shreads 3 times, digging holes in the yard, eating the box spring mattress lining to pieces before she got too big to go under the bed was the worse that she did.
She didn't take to stranges at all, she was more afraid of them but showed it as anger, so she was always with us.
No kennels, doggy-day-cares or groomers. Her black short hair was so smoth and soft, she has the most pretty big brown eyes that watched my every move. Would stand by the back door when wanting to go outside-never barking.
She knew I was always close to see her. At night she would lay her head on my bed to wake me if she needed to go out at night. She loved sleeping with a blanket over her nose, she snored loud too. Cleo would have jumped into my bath water if I allowed her, so she just licked at the bubbles while I was bathing. She was my shadow, she went everywhere with me. Cleo hated windshield wipers and was ready to jump at them the minute she got into the car-rain or shine. She exspected a treat from any bag bought into the house. She ate what ever I put in my mouth.
I felt safe with her, she would let me know if someone was close with a low growl leading to barking. She loved licking you as you pet her and she loved being pet on her rear. Her toy box sits in the family room where she would get one out for you to play with her the minute you sat down. I could always feel her eyes on me, making sure I was ok or to make sure she didn't miss out on anything. Where ever I sat, she was only inches away. She knew her neighbors voices, Mike & Vera, and would come to greet them at her door. Roger will now have to clean up under his chair himself. When I was hurt she laid right next to me knowing something was wrong. I laid next to her knowing she might not make it the night she died from getting into some poison. I miss her smell, her licks, her watchful eyes on me and her unconditional love.

Fran & Roger Nafts

Cleopatra Willis, 10/04/92-07/05/09

My beautiful diva has made it to the rainbow bridge.
I promise I will be there one day, my love.
Thank you for letting me hold you as you passed...the 17 years we had were full of joy and love, and you will never be forgotten.

Jennifer Willis

Cletus, 02/21/09

I will greatly miss you and all the love you have shown towards all of us. Molly really misses you too. You were the best cat we could have ever asked for. God rest your soul. We will love and miss you forever.

Your Family

Cleveland, 01/03/09

Cleveland was my very best friend, since the day I brought him home from the Human Society, 9 years ago.
He was loyal and loving to our family and made everyone that came into our home feel welcome.
He gave the best kisses and could always put a smile on your face, no matter what you had going on in your life.
I will hold him in my memory and my heart for ever!
We love ya Cleve and will see you again soon!
Dad, Mom & Sissy

Bye Buddy...........

Clifford, 07/04/98-04/02/09

Clifford the Big Yellow Dog was the best dog we ever had. We got him when he was 11 weeks old and he was the best friend anyone ever had. WE all will miss him most. He was the only dog we've ever had as a family member that never needed training.

Mark, Leigh and Robert Dudenhoeffer

Cline David, 08/15/94-02/14/08

Cline, may your purrs comfort me always.
You will be missed and I thank you for
being my best friend and loving unconditionally.

Bob Goodwin

Clio, 04/09/98-02/22/09

My beautiful Golden Clio passed through our world sharing all her joys and happiness with us.
She was a family member in every sense of the word.
She was my child, my son's playmate and my husbands steadfastcompanion.
She went everywhere with us - vacations to endless Little League, Pony League and All Star Games.
She slept in our bed, comforted us, eased our pain.
When she could no longer stand her own pain, we had to let her go.
She joins my first Golden, Callie at the rainbow bridge and I know they will both be waiting.
Until then-We love you Clio-we always will love you.

Kim Petrick

Clitty, 11/29/08

Boo, my wonderful friend and companion for 11 years. You were without a doubt the sweetest creature I have ever met and your passing has left a void in me that only you can fill. I miss your voice, your smell, your touch, and your presence. I miss the way you wanted to be held like a baby and the way you always curled up with me at night. I miss coming home and hearing you cry as you came through the house to greet me. What a precious gift your were. Thank you for always being so sweet with Schemp, Diva, and Dixie. I only wish I could have been with you in the end, but you chose your way curled up on our chair on the landing. Be at peace, my love and I will see you again. Words aren't enough to tell of your greatest or my love for you. Know that I will always love you and cherish the time we had together. You come back for me and I'll come back for you. You will always be my Boo and I will always love you, my forever friend.

Dave Angel

Clive, 05/94-05/13/09

To my big, black, beautiful baby boy.
You brought us so much love.
You will be in our hearts forever.


Clive Calanan, 12/01/93-02/04/09

Thank you Clive for all of the years of joy and comfort.
You remain in my heart and soul forever.
Love You.

Dana Calanan

Cloe, 11/19/07

Cloe, my sweet baby.
it took almost three years for you to trust us, then we were the best friends, until you became was so unfair for you to suffer, you, the sweetest lap cat this family has ever known.
we miss you and your fur baby friends miss you....
love your family

Cloey, 06/23/96-07/08/09

Our beloved Cloey was ill with a failing heart and liver.
We decided the best thing for her was to put her to sleep.
It was a very emotional decision.
We miss her terribly and hope that she has made it to Heaven.
She was truely a remarkable cat who taught us so much. She had a kind and gentle spirit and was truely a gift from God. We love her and miss her very much.

Renee and Aaron Focht

Cloey, 04/29/09

We could not have asked for a better dog than Cloey.
We were so blessed to have her in our lives and the happiness she brought to all of us is immeasurable. We miss her :)

Emily, Jeff & Wyatt

Cloie, 06/20/97-04/07/09

We called Cloie the Angel Cat, because she would climb up on the rocking chair arm and miraculously perch herself up there so she could get closer to people who came in the house. She loved and purred openly and loudly. A year ago she was diagnosed with feline diabetes, and probably had it for years before, so we were lucky to have her with us another nine months before we had to say goodbye. She died peacefully today, leaving her brother, Moonshine and her family, Felicia, Thomas and Emily. She will be missed, and never forgotten.

Felicia Libo

Clover, 01/02/09

~In Memory of Clover~
"I'm a good boy!"..yes you are! I love you so much my sweet baby. I love you forever. You were funny and so smart and loving. My little poopie. You brought so much happiness to me and those around you who loved you so so very much. Rest with the angels my sweet baby Clover. Love forever in our hearts, Your Mommy Karen, Grandma, Lolly, Munchkin & Melanie

Clover, 12/13/98-12/25/08

I can't believe i lost my little guy Clover.
He was my special baby.
my little troublemaker.
my little fuzz ball, my little cuddlebunny, my little stinkblossom.
I wasn't ready for you to go.
I am not ready to be without you.
I had so many more cuddles to give you, i wanted so many more clover cuddles.
I was not ready for you to go.
I love you and miss you - you will always be my little bubba


Clover Ford Sachs, 01/23/09-02/19/09

Little Ford was orphaned and we fed her, every meal she got with a baby bottle and cared for her as her mother would have. She loved to cuddle and slept lots of times on my chest.
Her favorite thing was a stuffed Santa I gave her from my Christmas decorations and laying on her back on the heating pad.
We are not sure why she left us but she will be sorely missed.

Alisha Sachs

Clovis, 06/23/94-07/20/09

Dearest Clovis, I cannot thank you enough for all the happiness you have brought to my life and for all the love you have given me. You have given me so many wonderful memories, that I will cherish always. I smile everytime I think of you, Cloeybear. I'm smiling now writing this, as I allow all these wonderful memories of you to fill my head. Memories such as the time you accidently pushed loose the window screen while you slept on an upstairs windowsill. You were 15 times your original size when you landed on the deck below and may have been slightly traumatized (we didn't see you for a few hours afterwards) but you were otherwise alright, naturally you landed on your feet. And memories of you trying to open the securely closed front door by standing directly beneath the doorknob on your hind legs and tapping the doorknob with your right front paw. But my fondest memories are of cuddling with you, petting your belly and hearing you purr. Oh how I loved sharing this time with you. I love you so very very much, Cloeybear. I will always love you and I know I will continue to smile when I think of you, and I will think of you often. Enjoy the grass at the Rainbow Bridge. And someday we'll cross that bridge together, babe. I love you, my baby boy!

Your mommy,


Clovis, 04/19/92-05/14/09

He was the most wonderful cat ever.
He had none of those standoffish cat traits and he was my constant companion for 17+ years.
I will never forget him and I will never have another cat like him as long as I live.
He simply was one of a kind.
He would give you kisses and most cats won't even get that close to people.
He died of kidney failure and a heart murmur and I felt so horrible that there was so little it seemed that I could do for him.
He died alone in our home while I was at work; he was on medication but I guess it was just making him more comfortable.
I hope everyday that in the end he knew how much I loved and still love him.
He will be the screensaver on my computer forever as though he were still with me.
I miss you very much sweetheart and I am glad that at least you are no longer in pain.

Alycia Adams

Clovis, 06/10/91-06/11/09

Great cat.
Loving, affectionate and loved everyone.


Clyde, 02/28/96-05/16/09

Clyde is now with my son Nick who passed away April 8, 2008. It has been hard the past year but knowing that they are together makes it somewhat easier. it is comforting to know that they are with each other.

Terri Foss

Clyde, 04/11/09

Clyde was the most noble spirit I have ever known and I will miss him desperately, and so will his little sister Felicitee

Pam Armstrong

Clyde, 11/07/95-03/11/09


Valerie Gammon

Clyde, 1998-01/19/08

Goodbye my love.
You will never know how hard today has been.
You will never know how I truly tried to do everything in my power to save you from CRF.
But we had 4 precious months together & now, you are free from pain & discomfort...My heart aches for you- until we meet again....

Susan Lindstrom

Clyde, 01/09/09

My beautiful brave boy. I love you very much, baby, and will always keep you in my heart.


Clyde Billingsley, 09/01/99-05/10/09

He was a great dog, a cancern survivor.
Beloved family member to Terry, Traci and Trevor and his dog sister, Bonnie.
He will never be forgotten and will always remain loved.

Terry and Traci Billingsley

Clyde Fusco, 09/04/93-12/13/06

Clyde : It has been two years since you passed away. We are heartbroken and saddend by your loss. We miss you and think of you everyday. You are always in our hearts and minds. We love you, always. Till we meet again. Our baby boy. Love always, Mommie and Daddy.

Co Co, 08/17/96-03/30/09

All heart and love! Never saw anyone or animal she did not love! My family, my love, my life!

Jim Wood

Co-D (aka nickname Cody), 10/15/09

My dog Cody rode with me and we napped together. He watched my moves and at times we played. His forte was a treat for a trick or for doing his duty outside. A stubborn and prideful little Dachshund he was. Yet, we were a team because he chose me. I will miss him greatly, goodbye my friend.

Coach, 07/02/91-07/05/05


Michael Darley

Coal, 03/18/09

Coal was Melissa's best friend, and will be missed forever.
He was such an AWESOME dog, he will be missed by everyone in the family.
Love you Coal!!!

Melissa Brautigam

Coal, 01/07/09

Dear Sweet Coal, May you now enjoy a pain free life. You are such a sweet and gentle soul and we can't wait to see you full of life and fluffy again! May you and Dylan enjoy playing in the meadow until we see you again sweet boy.

Sandee Worsham & David McManus

Cobi Pugh, 06/09/09

Cobi was the best buddy anyone could ever have.
At 4 months of age I rescued him from a 4 foot chain, no clean water, no clean food and nothing but dirt to lay on.
The people who had him obviously had no idea what a wonderful friend he would be.
He followed me everywhere he could possibly go even though he suffered with pain in his joints.
If I went up and down the stairs fifty times a day, he would be there with me.
As I would mow the lawn going from the back to the front, front to the back, he would be right there.
I never left his side on his final day as he never left my side his entire life.
He is missed greatly, my shadow, my friend, my buddy, my Cobidog.
I'll never stop loving him or missing him.

Becky Pugh

Cobra, 07/06/09

Cobra was so good.He was a pleaser and I really don't ever remember him misbehaving.He was supposedly from a "swimming breed" and couldn't swim. That's the worst thing I can think of. And even though he couldn't swim well he still loved to try. I don't know how many times we yelled "Cobra! Get your butt up!!" while he struggled in the water. We've tried to keep him going just a bit longer, but I know it is time. He will be so happy to see Mako. She protected him here during her special life and will take over again until we join them. Thank you Cobra. We love you very very much. You're a good boy.

Nancy Patton and Lance Hughes

Coby, 02/12/09

my name is maureen & this is a tribute to my sister-in-law, ag, who is an animal foster mom, owner, lover & advocate.
she was with her beloved coby yesterday while he was beautifully released from his pain with the help of caring professionals. as we all know, it is so bittersweet.
coby is now romping with so many furry friends that we can only rejoice, though the emptiness on the earthly side truly heart wrenching. blessings to all who are going through this as well as trying to make a life changing the right thing.

Coca Cola, 02/12/00-06/26/09

There are dates in your life that you will never forget.
For some people it's the day they graduated.
The day they got their first job.
The day they got a promotion.
The day they got married.
The day they became parents.
The list goes on and on.
But whatever the date is, it brings back not just the memory of that specific day, but also everything that happened thereafter.

June 9, 2000, was one of those special dates for me.
It was a sunny Saturday and summer vacation was just around the corner.
I woke up bright an early with excitement.
I hurried everything that morning.
My shower, my tooth brushing, my getting dressed and my breakfast, all took place in about 10 minutes.
Finally, my family and I were out the door headed for a pet store located just about 10 minutes from my house at a place called Tower Plaza.
As soon as I walked into the store, I smelled that funny smell that many homes with dogs have.
It's not a bad smell.
It's just a smell.
My mom walked with me to the glass windows and pointed out to me the dog she had seen the night before.

She had huge ears and huge paws in comparison to the rest of her body.
She was tri-colored and had sad eyes.
She had a little, heart-shaped nose.
But funniest of all, there was a dog sleeping on top of her.
She was just hanging out underneath.
They let me play with her for some time in a small room located next to the cages.
I immediately fell in love with her goofy stare and floppy ears.
So, we took her home.
The first big decision was her name.
We finally decided to name her after my mom's first dog in El Salvador.
She became Coca Cola the beagle.
Every time her name was asked, people would laugh at my answer.

The first night at home, we decided to follow what the book said.
We got a small cardboard box, put it in the kitchen, and placed her in it when it was time to sleep.
However, she began to cry, so I snuck her in my room and let her sleep with me that night.
I'm almost certain that it was that night that our bond was formed.

Her life always, some how, and for some reason, revolved around mine.
If I was taking a shower, she just had to be in the bathroom in there, waiting for me to get out.
If I was watching tv, there she was, sitting next to me on the couch.
If I was on my desk doing my homework, there she was on my bed next to me.
She followed me around everywhere.
When I was away at school, she would just sleep on my bed all day long.
Her life would resume as soon as I walked in through that door.
She waited for me every day at around 4:30pm to follow me around for the rest of the day.

I know people always say dogs give you unconditional love.
Dogs are a man's best friend.
Dogs are very loyal.
But in many ways, those are all understatements.
Yes she loved me with out condition.
Yes, many times, and in many ways, she was my best friend.
Yes, she was very loyal.
But she was so much more than quotes and sayings.
In her I found a silent but understanding companion.
Some how, she knew when I was happy.
When I was leaving.
When I was sad.
The first time I cried in front of her, it's as if she had been preparing all along for that date.
She got up and placed her head under my hands so that I would pet her.
She then licked my tears.
It may sound a bit disgusting to some people, but believe it or not, it's one of the most comforting feelings for a teenaged girl.

So let's see.
The things she loved: first and foremost, she loved getting her belly rubbed.
She loved car rides and sticking her head out the window.
She loved chicken.
She loved water.
She loved walks where she could sniff just about everything around her.
She loved my bed.
She loved barking at strangers.
She loved running after critters.
She once almost killed a chicken that belonged to my aunt.
She loved sunbathing in the afternoons.
She loved when she got attention.
She loved going on road trips.
She loved it when I came home.
She loved many people.
And she loved me.
All she ever really wanted was to be with me.

Things I remember:
I remember the day we took her to the beach and she swam like she had been doing it all her life.
Her little paws never stopped flapping around the water.
I remember hiding from her at night before going to sleep, and my entire family laughing because she would run around so worried looking for me and wanting to find me.
I remember many times finding her on top of our dining room table, looking for something to eat.
In fact, we found her there last week (lymph nodes enlarged and all, haha).
I remember her wanting to pick fights with dogs twice her size.
I remember her first road trip up to Tennessee and how she did not want to poop when we were all staring at her.
I remember her always looking for soft spots to lie down on that were near me (sometimes, just paper lying on the floor would do).
I remember her turning over her food plates at least once a week because she was hungry and didn't want the dog food on her plate.
I remember her going on her back and asking for a belly rub.
I remember her sniffing out every single grocery bag we brought home, checking to see if we had either gotten her a toy or food.
I remember her dreaming in her sleep and moving as if she were running.
I always did wonder what she dreamt of.
I remember the time she poked her eye causing her eyeball rolled back and we took her to the vet so worried. Hahaha.
We could only see the sclera of her eye.
They put some fluorescent dye in her eye (to check it) and turned off the lights and it looked like her eye was floating.

She's made me laugh so much.
She's made me smile an infinite amount of times.
She's made me worry.
She's made me love her.
And now, I have to make a decision that I really don't want to make.
I have tried to say goodbye to her but I just sit and remember and wish I could fix her instead.
I know to some people it is hard to understand the love between a human and a dog, but rest assured, it's one hell of a special kind of love.
And I am so sad to think that today is the day.
I no longer want to see her suffering.
I don't want her to feel any pain.
She doesn't deserve it.
I just wish it had not been this soon.
She is only nine years old, and for those nine years, she's been nothing less than an amazing dog.
But nine, to me, seems too soon.
I wish my time with her had lasted a couple of more years.
But her body isn't physically letting her anymore.

Yesterday I took her to the park.
Her last time at the park.
She enjoyed it so much, even if it was short.
She sniffed just about everything she wanted to.
Except for the dog poop, which I had to move her away from, haha.
Apollo was being very sweet with her.
It's as if he knew it was his last time at the park with her.
He loves her so much.
He followed her around the entire park.
In the car, she stuck her head out the window.
And like always, the air makes them flap away from her face, which makes her look so very funny and goofy.
But when we got home, she got worse.
She barely slept at night.
She moved around my entire room the entire night.
She vomited twice.
She fell down once, while trying to get up on her blanket.
She was breathing so heavily and there was a whistle in her lungs.
This is her third day without eating.
I've tried so hard to make her eat.
I've given her her favorite foods and placed them in her mouth to tatste.
But she just isn't hungry anymore.
Her stare is sad.
Instead of physically following me around, she follows me with her stare.
Since I know it's what she loves to do, whenever I leave a spot, I carry her with me, because I know that's what she wants.

Today is going to be so hard.
My arms become so weak thinking about it.
But I don't want her to spend another night like last night.
Coquita, Linda, preciosa, I'm going to miss you so much.
I love you and will never forget your goofy stare.
I love your ears and your whiskers.
I love that you still won't let me grab your paws.
I love everything about you.
And I'll miss everything about you.
But I have to let you go.
You have to rest now, mi princesa.
June 9, 2000, was one of the best days of my life.

Sandra Varela

Cochecks, 07/14/09



Cochise, 02/15/95-02/19/09

Cochise was a beautiful male Maine Coon that was silver in color.
He will be missed by his step brother Chen, the two of them used to sleep together all curled up around each other. He had been ill for over a year when we said goodbye.

Pauline Mac Kay

Coco, 11/2001-07/10/09

I am very sad today,I lost my best friend.I had to have her put to sleep,she couldnt walk anymore.It was the hardest thing I have ever had to do.I loved her so much.Its so hard to see her ball on the floor.But I know in my heart,that someday we will meet again.Thanks to all for your support.
Randy Foster

Coco, 10/28/05-07/07/09

Coco was my best friend and constant companion.
She was full of life and such a joy.
She liked her back scratched and would always lay on my lap when i was sitting down.
She would sleep curled up against my neck, even when she was full grown.
She enjoyed playing with her catnip mouse.
Even when she would claw at the furniture, or tear something up in the house - it didn't matter, because she was so special in so many other ways.
We always played games - she liked to play chase, and she would never be more than 10 feet away from me when i was home.
I just lost her 2 days ago and the pain and sadness is overwhelming.
I miss her terribly - and hope she knows how much she was loved while she was here.

Diana Davis

Coco, 16/Aug/08-25/June/09

My little Hamster "Coco" died from Wet Tail! She will always be remembered, I miss her so much and may she rest in peace

Love You Coco! :)


Coco, 04/21/05-06/25/09

Hey baby girl, We miss you every day. Daddy is still taking it hard and sits next to you every night. You was the best girl, you was good & loyal baby. You enjoy your self with your toys and your favorite tennis ball on the rainbow bridge. We love you and we will see you soon. Don't worry, Mojo and Oreo are okay. They also miss you.

Bill and Jennifer

Coco 'Poopa', 12/26/05-06/30/09

To our Baby Coco,
I can't imagine in my mind a more beautiful, loving animal than you.
You were perfect in every way and the way you loved us was endearing. Why did you have to get sick?
So young, not even 4!
I tried everything. Through my tears I kept you going until you had enough. I know you were strong because you beat it once.
But it got you in the end.
You kept going for Daddy and Philly too...Daddy is taking it very hard. I find myself looking for you all the time and I think I hear you walking around sometimes. I came home for the first time to an empty house and it was the worst feeling ever.
I prayed to God to help heal you, he wanted you instead, so we look forward to the day we all will meet again....and I can once say again "there's my little girl" and you will wag your little tail and come to my side.
Love Mommy, Daddy & Philly

Coco, 11/11/97-06/07/09

Coco. Born November 11th, 1997, was euthanized on June 7th, 2009. The veteranarian said he would have died within an hour.
In the past few days of the week of June 7th he had been slowing down. His legs refused to work and he was resting a lot. He had diarreah that was uncontrollable. My mother said "It smelled like death".

I had Coco since I was 3; before I can even remember. He was more than a pet, moreso a brother.
He was a great dog. He never bit anyone, and hardly ever got angry. I'll never forget when he stood on the mound of dirt in our backyard and we called him "King of the Hill". He was such a proud dog. He acted like a puppy until a few months prior his demise. =[

Coco was loved very much, by his adopted sister, Crystal, a pomeranian ( 5 ), and not so much by Katara, our kitten ( 1 ).

The last time that made me laugh, was how he ate on his deathbed. He ate whatever we had for him about 10 minutes prior his euthanization.

Goodbye Coco. Have fun frollicing across the rainbow bridge. You are strong again, your coat shiny, your legs fast. But remember me. That is all I ask, never forget me and your family.
Crystal, Myself, Katara, Mom, Dad, Jessie, Grammy.
Everyone loves you.

We will rejoin with you one day and steal you from that rainbow bridge, and you'll be mine again. Until then, as we always said. "Home free".
Have fun while it lasts, I'll be there to snatch you once more.

- Brandon P.

CoCo, 12/14/97-05/19/09

CoCo was a love dog. Where ever we took him, people were attracted to him. They would come over and pet him and he liked that. He was kind and gentle. He was our best friend. He is in a better place now and he will always be in our hearts. His partner and brother Cowboy also misses him. CoCo thanks for the unconditional love and enjoyment you always gave Martha and I. We will see you again at the Rainbow Bridge in Heaven.
Love, Your Daddy and Martha

Coco, 05/30/02

My dear Coco, who had the spirit to keep going even when it was difficult, and who went on to lead an extraordinary and long life

Paula Coburn

Coco, 03/23/09

Coco butt, you were my best friend, I will miss you the rest of my life.

Love mom

Coco, 03/18/09

Coco, I want you to come back, you make my life you are my favorite dog, but you did something by mistake, and I know it was not your fault, you love me, and I love you because you are so nice to me, and I just want to see you one more time in real life because you took care of me, and you made me happy when I was sad, and you made me laugh, and you are the best dog in the world and no other dog than you can take your place I LOVE YOU COCO, and i'm sorry for the mean things i have done to you I did not meen to do that to you I just want to see you again because I LOVE YOU COCO.

Love: your favorite sister Emily Ramirez

Bye for now until I go to heaven which is the other side of the Rainbow.

Emily Ramirez

Coco, 08/02/00-03/19/09



Coco, 02/27/97-03/21/09

I could not have asked for a more perfect, loving pet companion.
She was truly heaven sent.
I lost you too soon baby and I miss you terribly.
May God in Heaven use you to make an angel happy as you made me so happy.
I pray that you and I will cross that bridge together one day.
All my love,

Coco, 02/17/09

My beautiful Coco flew into my backyard 4 years ago, was never claimed, so became a part of our family.
You were my best buddy Coco and I miss you so much.

Janet Jones

Coco aka Snarky Beanbaum, 02/26/09

Coco was my very special baby.
There was something so special about her. Everyone who met her thought so too! We miss her so much it hurts! We need to take solace in the fact that her spirit is with us always!!!
We miss you little baby girl!
Momma, Papa, Woody, Annie, Checkers, Murphy and Datsyuk xoxoxox....

CoCo, 05/23/95-02/19/09

Dear CoCo, thank you for being with me for the past 13 years.
I love you so much and will always have you in my heart.
I wish you are now at a happy place with good health.
I will see you someday again.
Please don't forget me.

Love you always.


Coco, 10/08/98-02/12/09

We will always love you Coco! Thank you for being such an integral part of our family.
Our lives and the lives of those that met you will always be touched by your love and your presences.
We will miss you drearily.
See you on the other side!


Escobar Family

Coco, 02/12/09

To CoCo, aka "CoCo la CoCo puffs",We feel a deep emptiness since you passed away, but this shallow feeling is revived when we think of how your unique legacy of 11 years has been.  The legacy will be steadfast in our hearts, with your loving kindred spirit and your booty shaking song "CoCo la CoCo puffs". You were a good loving pet with such a vibrant personality. You will be truely missed.From your loving family,Lori, Bayo, Asia, Amber, & Adam Akisanya

Coco, 04/12/96-02/02/09

Although every one of my cats were truly loved by me there was something very special about
I miss him so much, he will always have a special place in my heart.
I hope he is with my other deceased pets and is healthy and happy again.
I look forward to us meeting again.

Darlene McDermott

Coco, 01/08/09

FOR COCO..........Kona, Zima and Bartly were waiting for you on the rainbow bridge to welcome you to their playground where there is no pain....God Bless you pretty husky girl with the loving blue eyes!

Lorraine & Garth

Coco, 03/17/95-01/02/09

Coco has been my best friend and child for the past 13 years. You might say we were 'joined at the hip'. She came to work with me everyday for her whole life and brought joy, love and comfort to many on a daily basis. She lost her valiant fight against hemangiosarcoma. As her vet said, she was one tough dog. She will be sorely missed but I find comfort in the notion that she is happy and pain free, over the rainbow bridge. She will enrich the lives of all dogs in heaven. There will never be another Coco. May she rest in peace and happiness with plenty of greenies!

Debbie Wolf

Coco Butters, 09/01/98-02/23/09

Coco passed peacefully in Greens Fork Monday, Feb. 23, as we heard the grim prognosis from her Dr. Osburn Monday, Feb. 23, 2009. Coco gave so much more than we could ever return to this best, sweetest, most loving dog to ever grace the Earth. She showed such courage, never letting us know of the cancer that ravaged her body. She survived abandonment by her prior family, a collision with a Mack Truck, a viscious attack by a coyote pack, even awoke us 2 hours before the earthquake of 2007. We Miss Coco so. And, loved her dearly.

Tom & Mary Anne Butters

Coco Cockateil, 05/06/09

Coco flew into our lives.
he landed in a junk yard and came to live with us. This was about 2003.
Coco has been a gift of joy. we will miss him so very much.
See you at the bridge- sweet Coco

Jan Truman

Coco Pup, 03/31/09

I remember the day I met you
I didn't realize how important you would be
The day we found each other
The day I think you chose me.

All the stages of my life
You walked along with me

Through both the triumphs and the sorrows
A better friend you could never be

You were always there at my feet
Or wherever I wanted you to be
Always bringing a smile to my face
When I needed a smile so badly

Here I thought I saved you
From some terrible fate
But I think you did the saving
On that very important date

You fought cancer so bravely
So it was hard to give the nod
To send you to Rainbow Bridge
When it was time to go meet God.

I'm thankful that I met you
That we picked each other in the end
My pup, my companion, my family
But most of all - My best friend.

In Loving Memory

Lisa K

Coco Whiddon, 5/27/07 - 8/31/09

My dear lovely,Coco, you were there for us as much as we were there for you. When we needed someone to lift us up from our sorrow and grief, you shined your light on all of us (Mom, Dad, Scout and Sawyer). We loved you so dearly. You were so full of life, loving, sharing and yet independent. You just seemed to know when to give and share love. In amazement, you could not believe that a family could provide you unconditional love. You could not believe that a family would play ball with you. You could not believe that they would stay outside with you while you watched and chased the squirrels. You could not believe that they would tuck you in at night and keep the light on until you were settled. Most of all you could not believe a Mom who would sleep on the floor with you when you became sick. You could not believe that Mom and Dad would do anything to make you happy and keep you well. It was all for you in the name of love. You gave your love to all of us and we did our best to reciprocate. As you are in Heaven with Rent, play ball with him. He loved to play fetch as much as you did. We all will see you both once again. You will be playing and waiting at the Rainbow Bridge. Thank you God for the short time that we had Coco. Please let her run and play free from any manmade cages. Coco, we will always love you. Love, Mom, Dad, Scout and Sawyer Whiddon

Cocoa, 05/30/09

I am very tearful and miss him terribly.

Melissa Shannon

Cocoa, 07/01/00-05/11/09

My darling boy went to the Rainbow Bridge this past Monday.
He was my baby and very special.
I love him and miss him more than I can say. He will always be in my heart and in my thoughts and I hope he is happier and healthier now.
It was so hard for him to get this old.
Unable to hear for the last several years and recently almost blind but he still knew how to snuggle with his mom and his sister Lynn.
We will always love you Cocoa and we will never forget you...Love Mom

Cocoa, 03/31/09

It seems like just yesterday that I went out the front door to retrieve the morning newspaper. On the way back into the house I noticed a small fur ball crouching in the bushes on the side of the house. Upon closer examination I found a small shivering kitten that could fit into the palm of my hand. I talked to her and she approached me from her hiding spot.

Maybe animals have a sixth sense or see a mark on households knowing the owners have a love for animals and will always lend a helping hand when called upon.
She started to follow me into the house; how could I resist her charm? I had some cat food in the house left over from another feline friend that I had lost just a month earlier to feline leukemia. She gobbled the food down and drank some water and then proceeded to rub up against my leg to show her approval. How could I resist the advances of such a lovely lil girl? No Humane Society for this lucky stray.

That was just over 11 years ago that this Chocolate Point Siamese feline became a member of our family, we aptly called her Cocoa.

She brought us much joy over the years. Yes, she had her quirks, demanding her daily dose of canned tuna each morning with a loud yawl until we filled her dish. She would sit on the coffee table in front of the couch giving my wife and me an icy, cold stare until we made room for her on the sofa. After the move to the couch she would find her way into my lap purring her approval after the transition was made.
A few loving stokes would keep her motor running all evening.

A few weeks ago I noticed Cocoa was not herself. She seemed listless and was not eating properly. I trip to the vet was in order. The Vet ordered some tests and he asked she be kept overnight. The Vet called the next morning with some not so good news. Cocoa was in kidney failure and would need some IV fluids and antibiotics and hopefully she would recover.

After a week in intensive care we got the devastating news from our Vet via an early morning phone call. Her stats were worsening and she would not recover. He suggested we come over and pick her up for an overnight stay to say our goodbyes. The short drive to the Vet on this cold, rainy, morning seemed to take forever. When we arrived the Vet brought her to us, she immediately perked up seeing us and she seemed glad to be heading back home to her comfort zone. Purring her approval all the way home, sitting in my wife's lap.
After she arrived she drank some water but it was obvious she was very weak and could barely walk under her own power. We made a bed for her out of some old towels.

Cocoa spent the most of day and evening on our laps, never stopping to relish the loving strokes her masters were bestowing upon her. She loved every minute as we did.

Later that evening we put the bed we had made for her right next to ours. We put a bowl of water and a cat box in close proximity to her bed. Several times during the night we were awoken by her vocal demands, she needed to be petted and reassured that she was okay. We gladly obliged. At one point she tried to use her cat box but did not have the strength to climb in. I helped her in and after she was done moved her back to her bed.

In the early morning while my wife and I were getting ready for the day she somehow made her way into the bathroom where she settled down next to my wife on the bath mat. Our hearts were breaking at this point for the inevitable was just a few hours away.

The drive to the Vet seemed to take but a few seconds this time. I could tell Cocoa was visibly upset, sensing possibly what was to come. Not even the loving caresses of my wife seemed to comfort Cocoa now.
When we arrived at the Vet we were ushered into a small waiting room. I was holding Cocoa's limp body in my arms when the Vet entered. Cocoa tried to bury her head in my arms, hiding from what was to come next. We could no longer fight back the tears, my wife and I bawled like a baby.
I asked the Vet to treat her with compassion and with dignity.
After saying our final goodbyes we dashed out the door. The ride home was long and little was said between us. The only solace for us was knowing she was no longer suffering and in pain.

A few days have passed now and the pain of devastating event is starting to lessen for us. Cocoa's constant feline companion and friend of 11 years Sammy, a male Maine Coon cat, wanders from room to room searching for his sister. He just does not understand what has happened and we can tell he misses her as much as we do.

If there is such a thing as cat heaven, Cocoa is there looking down on us knowing she was loved and is missed.
Cocoa we love you so much. You might be gone in body but your spirit will never be far from our thoughts and our hearts.

We love you Cocoa .... we miss you!!
Gary & Sintori Alpert

Cocoa, 04/05/94-03/15/09

Thank you for your love and companionship all these years, Cocoa. You will be missed.

Terry Bowers

Cocoa, 02/19/09

You were a little old lady in a fur coat who always did things her own way. We were so blessed to have you as a friend for so many years - we grew old together. We love you and miss you. Be well and happy at Rainbow Bridge until we are together again.

Mark and Diane Jans

Cocoa, 04/25/03-01/27/09

Dear Cocoa:
You were such a precious part of our life.
We are so happy to have been there when you came in to this world and feel very honored to have been there when you took your last breath.
You were such a loyal and happy dog.
We could not have asked for a better dog.
We hope you know you were very much loved and will be missed terribly.
We have such fond memories of you and will miss you and will think of you often when we are doing the activities you were a part of and other times.
Our lives will always have an emptiness that will never be filled.
Thank you for giving us 6 years of love, laughter, fun, and your devotion.
You are now with your mama.
We definitely didn't want to let you go, but it was the best thing for you.

All Our Love,
Jason (daddy), Kim (mommy), Josh and Nikki

Cocoa, 06/01/94-12/30/08

Cocoa was my faithful and loving companion for over 14 years. We lived in Louisiana, Kansas, Virginia and Florida. He played "down the bayou,"¯ raced through the Blue Ridge Mountains and along Virginia Beach, attended a few classes at William and Mary, had gone on many road trips, was puppy-sat by grandma so he was never alone and ate like a king! I can't believe the pain and incredible sense of loss right now.

Jennifer, Joe, Jada and Joey, Jr

Cocoa Moe Waite-Simon, 04/15/94-05/04/09

Cocoa you were my first pet when I moved out on my own. I rescued you from an abusive home 10 years ago. We did everything together including growing up together. You are my world and I miss you so. I dont really remember my life before you and Im not sure how it will go on without you. My life has forever been changed by the love you have shown me. I know you are running around now like you once did and your pain is gone. Like the poem says...I will be looking for you on the other side of the rainbow bridge my friend...I love you always!

Lindsey Simon

Cocoabean, 04/05/04-03/17/09

Gone too soon.She was a beautiful and loving little girl.She is greatly missed by all who knew her.I hope to see her again someday on the other side of the bridge.I know that she is playing there now.I miss her.

Karen M Kaar

Cocobop, 05/17/08

this is a song 4 my cocobop. not long ago in a shelter fare away lived a black and wight kitty named i love you.


Coconut, 02/14//09-05/25/09

You were taken from us too soon my dear baby. My heart is in pieces over your death. It's hard to believe that in these short 2 months that you touched our lives so deeply. I loved you as soon as I first saw you.

You were the type of bunny I've always wanted. You were loving, cuddly, eager for attention. No matter what time of day it was or how tried I felt, you just out that little paw up to me and I was yours.

I remember your favourite spot. You would climb up me to snuggle into my neck and relax. Someone told me once that if your animal turns to show you their bum, it's a sign of love and affection. I truly believe that now because you did that everytime you were ready to get down. I think that was your way of saying "Thank-you for loving me" as strange as it may seem. And then off you went to explore the house or chase the cat. Ash looks for you now. He must miss his playmate and Lemon misses his companion.

I am so sorry for the way your life ended. A truly horrible accident that I don't know if it could have been prevented. Just your curious ways gone wrong I suppose. But you will be missed now and forever and we will see you again when we meet at the Rainbow Bridge. To me, it will feel like a lifetime. But for you my sweet baby it will only be seconds when I can hold you again. I'm keeping your spot open my dear sweet baby Coconut so we can snuggle once again.

Mummy loves you and will think of you everyday. You will always be in my heart.

Love Always, Lin
X's & O's and cuddles forever

Coda, 03/25/96-03/30/09

You were one of a kind. A perfect friend. You made friends everywhere you went.
Your smiling face could make a bad day disappear.
You were truly an amazing dog and loved so much.
Rest in peace till we meet again.

Pam Brendle

Codie, 07/06/94-06/18/09

To our little dotted Angel:

A piece of our hearts went with you last Thursday.
You gave us so much joy and unconditional love.
It is so hard to wake up each morning and not have you greet us.
Our only consolation is that we know you are now playing again with Cicii and Stan and you're not in any pain.

We love you and will miss you always.

Trish & David

Codie Alexandrea Gregory, 07/08/97-06/09/09


You are the best dog in the entire world and we love you very much. You are our best friend and always gave us lots of love and comfort. You loved to swim in the pool and chase your tennis balls, ride on the golf cart, and eat lots and lots of cheese.(Also, you were and still are my best friend- Jennifer) We will see you again very soon so don't forget to wait for us and play with Sam and Max in Heaven while you are waiting. (I am taking care of your babies and blanket, they will stay with me forever-Jennifer) WE LOVE YOU VERY VERY VERY MUCH!!!!

Love forever, Mommy, Daddy, Jennifer (Ja-fur), and Megan. WE LOVE YOU CODIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Cody, 12/02/09

Cody, my best friend and companion for the last 20 years passed, last night, he has gone on to be with his sister Madison. Cody, you will always be my Kitty Boy and I will love you and miss you forever.


Cody, 01/01/09

This is the cat of my ex-boyfriend. He was such a sweet cat. One day, this cat was outside on his patio and he opened the door. Cody came right in. He warmed up to my ex very quickly and saw him as a "daddy". We named him Cody, since my ex is a computer programmer.

I cannot stress enough how sweet this cat was, how much he loved everyone, especially my ex.
He was so soft and cuddly.

Since we broke up, my ex began dating this girl who is allergic to cats. She wanted him to get rid of Cody.
Since he now loves this other girl, he was willing to give Cody up. He also did not like that Cody would sometimes scratch his sofa. So he tried to see if other people would take Cody. No one was able to take him. I would have taken him but I really felt he was best with my ex since he loved my ex so much. I tried to convince my ex to keep Cody. I did not realize how determined he was to get rid of the cat. He tried bringing Cody to shelters and because of his age no one would take Cody and give him a shot at being adopted by someone else.

I talked with my ex today after not speaking to him in a long time. I asked how Cody was.
I heard a silence.
He then told me that he had Cody put to sleep.
The saddest part is that Cody was not really old...he was in good health...and so lovable.
And now he id dead.
He trusted my ex with his life to take care of him.
And one day he brought Cody to the vet and Cody probably thought in his cat mind that he was just going for a check up.
But he did not know his daddy was going to have he was going to die that day at the vet.

I feel so horrible.
I wish there was something that I was able to do.
Cody should not have died.
I hope that new girlfriend is worth it for this precious life to die.


Cody, 06/26/09

Our Princess-We love you so much..
You will be missed terribly.. Your spirit will
remain in our hearts forever.

Gail Ed Adam & Brian Hueter

Cody, 01/22/09

Run Cody Run!!!!
your brother Coz was so sad when you left. He was so lonly he stopped eating, but we took him to the park where we always camped and he seemed to come back to life. But you know this don't you, because your were there too...weren"t you?

Vanessa Thomas

Cody, 06/07/09

To my best friend. I will miss you everyday, until we meet again. You were loved by everyone.

Amy, Beth, Dave, Barb

Cody, 11/03/95-06/07/09

Thank you for being such a great dog and adding lots of laughter to our family!

Dunlap Family

Cody, 04/27/09

Cody, you came into my life when I needed you so much. You helped ease the pain of losing Shadow. You scared just about everyone in the neighborhood, but I know what a lovable sweetheart you were. And people who weren't scared were so impressed by you. They thought you were so beautiful. I thought you had a sprained foot. I never dreamed you would have bone cancer. I am so sorry I didn't know sooner. There was nothing I could do. I thought we would have part of the summer together. It all happened so fast....too soon. You tried so hard to hide the pain. I'm so sorry for your suffering. It's been 8 days....... I miss you so much. I wish I could have you back. I wish I could wake up from this nightmare and you would be there, laying at the foot of my bed. I sit, every morning now, on the front steps like you did toward the end. I hear what you were hearing and I see now, what you were watching. You looked like you were taking snapshots, to take with you. You were on TV the other night.....on the 5:30 news! I sent a picture of you watching the news and they were so impressed that they put your picture on the TV. I was so happy, and so proud that that puppy on TV was mine! I wish you could have seen it. You made your mark in my life and I will never forget. You must be with Shadow now. At the "Rainbow Bridge." Watch over each other. My good boys.......I will come for you. Thank you Cody, my "midnight toker." I love you forever..........

Deborah Mechlowitz

Cody, 10/95-04/27/09

To our beloved Cody that always offered his protection and love , we looking forward to see him again healthy and beautiful as he was , he was a great friend that he did not care if we had money or a new car , he gave us his love and friendship inconditionally, he will be miss greatly may your journey be full of chew bones and happiness we love you

Hugo and Renee

Cody, 09/01/99-04/17/09

We love & miss you so much. The house is not the same without you. We miss our walks & trying to squish into our bed that you loved to take over.
You were the best dog ever!

Bill & Nicole

Cody, 04/15/09

Cody...the most precious blessing ever!


Cody, 07/27/95-04/16/09

I couldn't have asked for a better friend in my dog, Cody. I swear she was more human than some people that I know. Why does it have to be so hard? Everything I see, I see her on it or doing what she did. I see her on the back deck, I see her on the front lawn. I see her on the couch. I could never replace such a dog like Cody.


Cody, 04/06/09

Beloved companion

Mark and Fred

Cody, 03/24/09

I will never forget your soft kisses and how we loved to cuddle.
Gone are you from my life but never to be forgotten.

Gail Fisher

Cody, 04/03/96-12/16/08

To our Dearest Cody,

Oh Schmoo, I miss you so much.
Losing you just before Christmas was so painful; words cannot describe the emptiness I feel without you in my life.
I'm so sorry you got sick.

I feel like we didn't have you long enough even though you were 12½ when you left us.
I'm so glad that we got you when we did and that we spent 8 of the most wonderful years together.

Your sisters Liz and Jackie miss you so much too.
We're so glad we were all able hold you one more time.

You were so special and you deserve to be happy and healthy again.
Now you can be reunited with your first mama, Great-grandma Kate and your brother Brownie.
Now you can all run and play at the Rainbow Bridge together.
Wait for me there, my little Schmoodie-Doodie, and I will come to get you when my time on Earth is completed and we'll spend Eternity together in Heaven.

In the meantime, I will think about you and miss you every day, we all will.
We will always love you Cody


Mommy, Daddy, Lizzy, Jackie, Teddy Bear, Peanut, Tucker, Frankie, and Ugly Bird

Cody, 07/12/93-02/25/09

We love you so very very much Cody and will miss you forever and always...the many happy memories that we share will keep us in peace my dear loved are the greatest furry friend that a person could have!!

Darci Volsen and Family

Cody, 01/27/09

My very special boy Cody.
You were and always will be my very special boy Cody. I miss your cuddles, tucking you in bed at night and your cute baby noises :-) You were in my life such a short time but I will never ever forget you - and will be looking forward to the day I can see you again.
I really truely hope you can forgive me for what I done as I know you trusted me and I let you down. I know you are up there with Tim, Snoopy, Nicky, Tricky, Lucky, Zac, Darky, Inky, Sprog and all the other special animals I had in my life. I pray that you are running around, getting on with everybody and it makes me happy knowing you never have to be scared again.
You now know the wind will never hurt you.
I love you Cody and miss you my special boy. xxxx

Cody, 10/21/91-02/10/09

For 17 years we traveled this world together. For 17 years you were my friend and companion. No person could have asked for a more loving or faithful friend. I miss you cody boy...god how I miss you.

Karen Hunter

Cody, 01/31/08

January 31st will be known as the hardest day I have had in my life. After a long battle, Cody was put to sleep. Back in November he had a urinary tract infection and was treated with antibiotics. The vet told me that if I saw blood in his urine again I was to come back in and get another round of treatment. When I went to get a second round, there was a new vet at the Banfield and my vet had relocated to Michigan. The new vet would not give me a refill without further testing. During the testing Cody went into respiratory distress and we later found out he had a stroke during the incident. I went back in the next day and demanded the second round of antibiotics which did clear up his infection. Unfortunately, the side effect of the stroke was that he couldn't use his tounge to eat the same way. We have been trying to feed him anything that would work and it did work for the last month and a half. This week, Cody quit trying to eat. My vet here in Indy who we love and adore told me we could try and syringe feed him to give him nutrition until he could try and figure out how to eat with his new disability. We did this on Wednesday and Thursday and Cody hated it. I decided that the two most important things in Cody life was 1) Me his Mommy, Paul his Daddy and Zeus 2) Eating. When he lost his desire to eat I knew it wasn't the Cody I know and love. Paul, Kelly, Zeus and I took Cody Saturday morning after we snuggled Friday night. He was surrounded by his family and went very peacefully. He was tired and when I came to terms with it he relaxed and able to just enjoy sleeping with us. At first I thought the pain was too much to endure, but I would never exchange all the tears I have shed for the 15 years Cody made me smile daily. He was my protector and he took his job very seriously. He was always smiling and happy up until Thursday. He loved me unconditionally, and never judged me or my decisions. The last 15 years don't have a single memory without him there.
Zeus, Paul and I have cried a lot the past two days, but we have often caught ourselves moving to the happy tears that are the memories of the Cody we know. He is no longer hungry, in fact he rallied long enough to have his last meal which was 6 bites of steak. Zeus needs us because it is very quiet without the sounds of Cody, but we have been taking extra long walks many times throughout the day. He is very sad, but we have to let him grieve in his own way just like we are.
I knew this day would come from the moment I laid eyes on Cody, I just didn't think it would be this way. I refused to let Cody starve to death, or have his last feelings be of hunger. He was too good to feel this way.
So I say goodbye to my little shadow, who would wag his tail everytime I smiled, who was obsessed with licking every cut or wound, who protected me both physically and emotionally, who was never in a room that I wasn't in, who countless times would run into me when I stopped walking, who reminded me every time I forgot to give him a treat, who knew the best nooks and crannies to snuggle into for a nap, who slept with me every night right between my legs, who groaned at the chimes on our clock every hour on the hour, who waddled behind us on every walk being very careful not to leave the sidewalk so he wouldn't get dirty, who woke me regularly by crawling up on my chest and licked my face, but then allowed me to wake slowly and cuddled in closer, who loved laundry detergent so much that I never did laundry alone or without him rubbing along the downy or detergent box, who was my friend for 15 years and will never be forgotten.


Cody, 12/27/09

Cody we miss you so much!
We know you are not hurting anymore and in a better place.
You brought us 12 wonderful years of memories.
One day we will all be together again....see you at the Rainbow Bridge, Buddy.
Love Mom, Dad, Bryon, Erika.
Your sisters too, Abbey and Grace.

Cody, 01/08/09

I just lost my best friend.
He saw me through college graduation, getting married, building a house, having babies, and now he's gone.
I loved the way he smelled, the way he put his paw on me when he wanted my attention, the way he sounded like Chewbacca when I rubbed his ears.
I loved how he loved my daughter and how she "gave him love" every morning by wrapping her little arms around his neck.
I loved how he would play Frisbee until exhaustion, and could eat his way through a bag of food if not caught in time.
I love that he always wanted me, and am so unbelievably thankful for my time with this kind soul and can only pray he knew how much I loved him.


Cody, 12/22/08

Cody Boy,
My sweet lap cat. You got sick WAY too soon. Your life ended so quickly. We were just starting our love affair. I miss you!! May you now be in heaven with Toby, who also went too quickly. Thank you for the love, laughter, affection, attention, sweetness you gave me. It's too hard to say good-bye. You left a hole in my heart. I love you my boy!!

Sherri Baker

Cody and Coco, 07/12/09

I will miss my babies.

Celia Perkins

Cody Arthur Marie Chadwick-Snyder, 02/14/96-05/23/09

What joy and love you brought to me my cody. I am so lost without you ! I can't stand the thoughts of you not being here with us, but i am grateful we will see you again at the bridge !
That gives me such hope and peace.

Brenda Chadwick-Snyder

Cody Bayanito, 06/23/06-01/22/09

Cody boy, my little one, Mommy miss you so much. It's only been a while since you left us, but it seems forever. You kept me company, you were there when I'm all that you're gone, my life will never be the same. You don't know how hurt I am, how hard I cried and still crying over you...Please help Mommy to learn to move on. Daddy and Kuya Nick misses you too. Jade, Jazz, and Pepper (your sisters and brother) miss you also. we love you, and we're praying that you're at peace with where you are now. May our Almighty God keep you and comfort you. We'll see you someday.
Love always,
Mommy Jackie

Cody Bear, 04/27/09

You were my greatest and most loyal friend. I love you! I'll miss you! Rest in God's hand now.

Nicole Marie Workman

Cody (Dakota) Farnan, 11/28/93-04/12/09

We all love and miss you Cody. Thank you for being such a special part of our family for 15 years. You always made us laugh and always showed us how happy and excited you were to see us when we came home. We will always keep you in our hearts and thoughts. Play and have fun at the Rainbow Bridge with Smokey, Diamond Girl, Caroline, Yogi, and all the other fur babies. We will all be together soon to go on long walks and play. Love you always.

Janet, Scott, Samantha, Tim, and all of our famliy.

Cody Gordon, 04/12/98-02/20/09

We love you!
You'll always be in our hearts and thoughts and prayers.

Donna Gordon

Cody Hudson, 07/05/09

we will always miss you you where my favorite little puppy, I'm sorry i didn't keep you inside during the fireworks we'll always remember you.

Connor Hudson

Cody Peters, 04/04/09

I waited my whole to have a dog. When finally I was able to get one we found eachother. You werent just a dog you were my child my best friend my protector. I raised you since you were a puppy and you gave me your heart and i gave you mine. You were so good with my kids and loved them so. I cant believe your not here with us. You stood by myside all the time. You understood me and I understood you. I couldnt ask for a better dog. I needed you and you needed me. I dont know why you were taking away from us so early.You were only 7 We should had 4 more years. I dont know why you had to go on the kids birthday party that when we needed you the most. I still want to wake up and it be a bad dream. But when I wake up your not on the end of the bed sleeping next to me. The love you gave us will be with us forever and I always love and miss my Cody

Candice Peters

Cody Tyler, 03/12/95-02/03/09

In his eyes we see a loving soul, and in our hearts we always knew we never have a finer friend.
Mom and Dad miss you Cody.

Cody Tyson, 06/03/09

He will always be remembered for his amazing love.courage,contant happiness, his handsomeness and his loyalty. He will alwys be in my heart forever.Rest in Peace Cody.

Lia Negrete

Cody Wynn, 04/21/08


Coffee, 03/13/94-04/28/09

Coffee, there is a big hole in my heart since you pased yesterday.
You left your way and I'm happy for that, but I miss you so so much.

Joanna Nuckols

Cognac Chapoulie, 05/25/96-06/07/08

You are always in our hearts my sweet baby.
A year ago your Bordeaux left us for Rainbow Bridge and you joined her shortly after.
Mommy & Daddy miss you terribly...we have pictures everywhere.
Often I just can't talk about you because I get choked up with sadness but I know you are healthy now and romping around, munching off the treat trees and have met many friends.
We love you dearest baby.
Mommy & Daddy

Cojack, 01/27/89-06/13/09

I'm going to miss my kitty.

Sherry Soforic

Colby, 03/06/09

I miss my beloved Colby so much.
It seems like there is a hole in my heart that will never mend.
It seems like only yesterday she was a puppy.
She loved the outdoors so much.
She was my faithful companion until the moment she left this earth to cross the rainbow bridge.
She will live forever in my heart and soul until we meet again.
I will miss her until that moment.

Catherine Grams

Colby, 03/20/92-04/24/08

I will always miss you my little cooch.

Joanne Bonk

Colby Jack, 04/13/97-07/08/09

Colby touched everyone he met.
He was a beautiful boy and the sweetest guy in the world.
He loved kitties, long walks, food, food, food, and his favorite stuffed peep.
He was also known as Gorgeous, The Colber, and Bubbah to those who loved him.
Our lives will never be the same but he remains in our hearts forever.

Elizabeth Heelan

Colby Lynn Graddy, 08/10/98-01/19/09

In memory of my Granddogger Colby Lynn.we all love you and will always miss you. your suffering is over.We will all be together again. you have Reese Marie to keep you company till then. You were such a good girl, just like grammys Reese was you both shouldent of had to suffer like you both did.Love and Hugs always

Your Grammy

Colden, 08/06/97-12/28/08

Fly Colden Fly! Thank you, thank you for being our sentinel, our guardian, our friend, our companion. My heart will hold you all my years.

Kathleen Park

Cole, 01/04/95-04/04/09

Cole was the most intelligent, loyal, everloving companion in the world.
He, his sister Hershey (soon to be 13 on July 4th) were the joy of my life.
We BOTH miss him terribly!!
Cole was a dignified dog, a cool calm intellectual.
The light of his life was our bond.
Cole saw me through a stage 4 cancer, the dramatic change of career that followed, lived in 3 states, flew on airlines, loved to run on the beach in Texas yet played in the snow in Wisconsin and was overjoyed and grateful over everything and kiss he was given.
I pray his spirit with be reunited with mine when I pass over the bridge.
God Bless you Cole--travel safe.
We love you, miss you and will never ever forget you.
We will meet again.
Love, Mommie

Cole, 08/19/06-04/20/09

Cole he was my very best friend.
He never left my side and everytime he looked at me, his eyes were always so full of love.

I miss him very much and sad that we had to let him go so suddenly.
But I know he is in a better place now and he is not sick anymore, and one day I know we will meet again.

Lorey Watkins

Cole Porter, 05/28/09

Cole was the most affectionate cat I've ever had the privilege of caring for.

Barbara Dean

Cole Verda, 06/06/09

Cole was a very good dog and loved everybody and everybody loved him.
The mailman would always bring him treats.
He loved to go on walks and retrieve stones from the pond.
Cole loved to eat leftovers and lick the dinner plates.
He was good to our cats.
Cole was our furry family member.
We love him very much and we will miss him.

Kelly, Ashley, Jamie & Chris Verda

Colie, 06/29/09

I will miss "my" girl with all my heart. She was the most loving and devoted dog I could ever hope to have.
Even when she was in terrible pain she was trying to be soo brave.
My heart just broke into a million pieces because I couldn't help her. When I went home after the trip to the vet to help her escape her pain forever I walked into the living room where she had spent her last two days and nights it hit me that my angel was gone forever. My home seemed so empty and cold.
Her water dish was sitting in the kitchen still half-full.
We loved each unconditionally...where else can you find a love like that.
I will love her forever.


Colie, 05/05-01/06/09

My little Colie was a special needs cat with cellerbeller hypoplasia. I gave her the best possible 3 1/2 yrs I could. My heart aches without her and I think always will. I will miss you lots buggy


Colin Our Collie, 04/08/97-13/04/09

Colin, you have gone today from our lives but not our hearts or minds. We love you so much and are so grateful for your time with us. You were loved by everyone. At the moment, we are raw with pain, but your memories will help ease our pain. You were frightened and so we did the best we could for you and in the end you were peaceful and at rest. God be with you and protect you. We love you, we will always love you. All gone now, God bless xx from Daddy and Mummy.

Colonel, 08/31/94-03/03/09

Colonel was the most gentle chow in the world. He loved everyone. He always was there for me to comfort me and take care of me. He knew when I was sad, and he never left my side. His brother, Major misses him so much. Major is five and Colonel was always with him. Colonel, you are missed so much. I love you.

Cathy Howell

Colours, 07/11/97-02/16/09

You have no idea how much we miss you, how empty the house and our hearts are without you here.
There's not a moment that goes by that we don't think of you and miss you.
We are so blessed to have had you in our lives and we will always be thankful for the time we had together.
We love you always Old Man Cully Woo, we will never forget you or how you touched our lives.

Rachel, Keith, Maisie and Prince

Comet, 12/24/84-02/96

He was my close friend and companion.
We were inseperable.
Even though it has been more then ten years since he left me I grieve for him still.
I know that I will see him again.


Comet, 12/28/96-01/08/09

My buddy Comet, you are so sorely missed.
I know the fond memories will keep us together until we meet at the Bridge...

Larry Bles

Comet, 2002-01/01/09

Our Big Buddy you will be missed!! You will always be our favorite DOG ever!! So loving & caring you always were...We will never forget you, our home is so empty without you here...

Eric & Wendi Jones

Company, 06/22/09

I brought Company home with me when he was 8 weeks old.
He was the pick of the litter and a total gift, meaning I did not pay for him and he was a gift to my life.
He was the fattest, sleepiest, laziest puppy in the litter and he remained the sweet mellow boy I knew he would be the rest of his life.

He was with me for most of my adult life, 18 years.
A few of those years were the darkest and scariest of my life and it was amazing how the love of that animal made everything so much better...
His sweet beautiful kind face and eyes could soothe the most acute anxiety and calm the worst temper.
The need to care for him helped me to care for myself and others.

His name was so fitting.
"Company" loved my friends and family and they were always so drawn to him.
When they were guests in my home Company would follow them around, sleep in the guest room, wait for them to come out of the bathroom.
It was so precious.
I was a professional massage therapist for ten years and he was an integral part of my practice.
He would snooze in the therapy room for the whole session, almost guiding the clients in and out.
They loved hearing his little sleeping sounds as much as that ethereal music I used to play.

Thank you so much Company Boy.
You're like my little son and I will miss you, but I am rejoicing for your 18 years of undying love and devotion.
Thank you so much GOD, for giving us these wonderful creatures to teach us about unconditional love, life, ourselves, and each other.

Scott Williams

Comrade, 10/01/00-05/20/09

You were beautiful and wonderful. I will never let you out of my heart. Thank you for always being there for me. Until we meet again, I will be sitting on the porch watching the people go by.


Conan, 12/94-03/07/09





Conelly, 04/20/06-02/06/09

You were a good boy Connie, a bright light put out way too soon. Your family knew what a kind and gentle soul you were even if that's not what you showed others.
The decision to put you down broke our hearts ...I still miss you daily and long for your snuggles and kisses.
Forever in my heart free...I will never forget you.

Conga, 01/05/94-04/29/09

I will always miss you and love you jungle cat


Conman, 06/02/92-05/19/09

I almost had a full 17 wonderful years with you my one and only handsome man.
My world will never be the same without my bestfriend and child.
We travelled the world over together through many trials we still made it through.
I don't know how I will ever face this trial without you.
I cannot breath when I think of not holding you again until I reach the other side.
I pray you are running again pain free chasing squirrels and roaming the neighborhoods of heaven.
Until I get there, I know the family we have lost will try to give you all their love.
God knows what I would give to have just one more hour with you my friend.
There are no words anyone can say, no space in this world that doesn't hold memories or thoughts of you. My tears will never stop and to see you again can never possibly soon enough.
I love you conman, my handsome man with every fiber of my being.
Loving you every moment of everyday for the rest of my lonely time in this life.
I knew this day would come baby, I just can't breath now that it has.
Love Always and Forever Mommy

Connor, 10/31/94-04/26/09

Connor was my gift from God. I hand-selected him from a litter when he was just days old. Or should I say, he selected me, by clamoring over his brothers and attaching himself to my thumb! Connor helped to see me through graduate school, a 13-year marriage, a divorce, an eating disorder and cancer. He represented all of the good things in this life and showed me daily what unconditional love was all about. He has been my angel on earth for more than 14 years, and tonight, he finally got his wings.


Connor Elvis Kraft, 03/24/01-06/29/09

We miss you baby boy.
You were definitely the glue that held this household together.
I know that you are no longer suffering and God is taking care of you.
You will always be an important part of our lives and we will never forget you.

Mark & Lisa Kraft

Conrad, 07/13/89-02/13/09

Conrad, you were the light of my life.
When I rescued you at 8 months of age from the shelter that was going to euthanize you because they thought you were a feral cat that could not be tamed, you captured my heart.
You have been by my side ever since, sleeping next to me, lying on my lap, waking me up, playing with my hair, even trying to bat at your beloved "squishy ball" this morning when you could barely stand up.
For almost twenty years you shared my home and my life, and tonight the house is so empty without you.
I know that you were so frail and your little body was ready to leave this world, but your little heart and great spirit were so strong you would have kept trying to go on just to stay with me, and I couldn't bear to see you end such a joyful life in pain and suffering.
I kissed your head and said goodbye to my wonderful boy, my "Big Kitty", my best friend.
I loved you so much, and always will.
I know you're playing with Sam and Sissy, and feeling just like your old frisky self now.
I will miss you so much until we meet again.
Love Forever, Mom

Cooch, 12/08/93-03/24/09



Joanne & Gary

Cookie, September 09 1993 - September 05 2009

Cookie was my companion for so long shy 4days of 16years. She was there for me for the loss of my previous dog, and now I have my 2 year old Schnauzer Elke to be there for me. Elke came into Cookies life 1 1/2 years before Cookie died and I was worried a puppy would be to much for her. They were best friends until the day Cookie died, Elke went and laid next to her on her blanket that morning.

Although dogs are mans best friend, another dog is the next best thing or a man is the next best thing. All I know I provided my girl Cookie with a friend for all the long hours I had to worked during the twilight of her life.

Cookie will always be remembered to me as a carefree Lhasa Apso that truly only wanted to love and be loved. She was so amusing as she loved nature and was unconditionally loving to me. Every night before I would go to bed she would kiss me with her devoted love and on her dying metal bed at the vet I had tears and she kissed me in all the pain she was in before her final breath. She was a teacher and meantor to Elke and Cookie I will carry in my heart for eternity as she loved me from her heart as these are Gods creatures that man cannot live without!

Cookie, 06/11/09

rest in sweet peace furbaby

Alyssa Atherly

Cookie, 07/10/09

You came to us during a time in our lives when we were searching for anything to help fill a void that was in our souls and in our hearts.
A small black and white ball of fur with the softest wettest tongue any creature on earth could possess.
You brought with you an unconditional love a simple love a pure love that most people
will never have the opportunity to experience.
You were always there to comfort us when we needed it and you never asked for anything in return.
You were our Cookie Doggie. What a character you were. What a dog. What a dog.
You were so full of life so full of energy that keeping up with you was like chasing a whirlwind but we didn't mind, you kept us at the top of our game and for that we will be forever grateful.
The years went by too fast my friend. Just moments ago you were laying at the foot of the bed or resting behind the recliner. These were your places and only yours.
In the morning when the sun was rising I could always count on you being at your place in the hay meadow. Watching the world come alive feeling the sun warm your face and enjoying the birth of a new day.
I am so sorry that this day was your last and that I had to make the decision to end your suffering but when I looked into your eyes I knew, we both knew it was that time.
You made a positive difference in our lives my friend and for that I will always be grateful to you. May your soul find the peace it deserves in Doggie Heaven and may those who have gone before us see and experience what a wonderful and playful soul they have been blessed with.
Rest in Peace my Cookie Doggy. But don't be sad.
I know with all my heart that you, King, Burly, Tucker and I will all be reunited again someday and what a glorious and wonderful day that will be.

Randy Copley

Cookie, 06/05/09


My beautiful soulful amazing pup!
What a gift you were to me and all those who knew you......You enriched my life in ways I never imagined possible and I thank you for kindness, love, devotion, support and for being my best friend and helping me get through all of the rough times.
Your memory will live on....I love you with all my heart, Momma

Cookie, 04/02/08

My Cooker Girl,

It's been a year since I last held you-not one day passed that I did not think of you. Please wait patiently for me. I miss you- there's a hole in our lives without you.

Love, Woofy

Cookie, 05/07/95-04/29/09

I don't even know where to start.
Cookie was
such a wonderful dog -- a special family member.
We purchased her when we were living in Georgia--always said she was our little "Southern Belle."
Cookie was MY special girl.
No matter where I was in the house, she would be right there with me, always at my side.
I didn't always appreciate it because there would be times, I would turn around quickly and she would be under my feet.
She would just look up at me with those big eyes as if to say "I'm here, Mommy, I'm here."
She would love me unconditionally.
Cookie would be scolded for doing something wrong and she would continually wag her tail and give kisses.
I could never stay mad at her.
Cookie didn't realize that she was a dog.
When I would go in the car, she would want to go.
When I went to bed, Cookie would go to bed -- yes sleeping in between my husband and I every night.
In the winter, she would sleep under the covers w/ her head on a pillow.
Whenever I left the house, I could always count on Cookie to greet me at the door, wagging her tail, and ready to give kisses.
Oh how I miss her so much.
A friend told me that Cookie couldn't have had a better Mommy and I thought I couldn't have had a better dog.
I MISS her so much as she was such a special part of our family!!
I do believe that one day we will be together again but until that time, I will cherish every memory that I have with Cookie.
Cookie, I love you and miss you so much. You will always hold a very special place in my heart.

Alison Howe

Cookie, 03/22/92-01/19/09

We got Cookie from our local Humane Society when she was just a pup. We miss her dearly, especially her bark which was like a hounddog. We had her for a short 16 year time period and she will never be forgotten. Rest in peace Cookie Dough for some day soon I will see you at the Rainbow Bridge.

Ken Bradford

Cookie, 02/16/09

My angel dog Cookie was put to sleep this morning. She was my companion since I was 5 years old. Cookie was a loving, gentle friend and a family member. I miss her and love her so much. She was sick for a while, but now she is out of her pain and in a better place with my mom right now. I love you Cookie girl!

Megan Shea

Cookie, 02/05/09

she had loads of personality and oozed with character. loved by everyone and so very pretty. She was highly intelligent and when she had her health, she did many tricks. me and her dad adored her and we still do.


Cookie, 01/28/09

Cookie was the only cat I ever had that truly smiled when he looked at you and purred at the slightest glance in his direction. My baby is gone from this earth too soon. I will miss him always.

Rachael L. Gregg

Cookie, 01/29/09

We will miss the late night squeaks for apples and carrots, you gave us lots of fun and snuggles. WE love you, see you at the bridge.

Dyson Coulson

Cookie aka Bossy, 12/23/08

Sweet kitty, you are so loved by so many people.
You touched two families and will be missed by so many of us.

Oh sweety, my heart is breaking.

You're not suffering from the nasty cancer, in Heaven you have all your legs and you have all the food you want.


Cookie, 01/15/09

Our constant companion, always taking my office chair and wanting a tidbit at dinner.
Also hogging the bed at night.
We can't believe you were gone in an instant.
We will always remember your sweet friendship.

Sally Logan

Cookie, 09/18/92-11/28/08

My precious little girl...I miss you so much it hurts.
You will always be loved and never forgotten.
Rest in peace baby girl.

Vicki Pieri

Coop-er, 08/15/05-04/30/09

I didn't want Cooper...his late "daddy" picked him out.
He is now dying from Histiocytosis and I am so thankful he is my "puppy"....I love and will miss them both greatly!

Debbie Pasko

Cooper, 12/23/00-09/08/08

I love you Coop and think about you all the time. I miss you. I wish you could be here to meet and play with Dylan. A part of me believes that you already have and do play with him. I love you and can't wait to reunite with you on Rainbow Bridge.
p.s. Toonie and daddy are good and they miss you and love you soo0oooooo much


Cooper, 09/01/00-05/07/09

Dear Cooper you are and aways will be the King of the Cuddlebugs.
I love you so much! Forever you will be in my heart!

You had the most gentle soul. Everyone who handled you was attracted to you.
I know that you hung in there for me. You didn't want to leave me. I couldn't do it anymore! I loved you so much that I could no longer make you go through those seizures. You were so tired!
You were just ready to go.
I am relieved that you at least got to go to sleep cuddled with your little head right next to my heart.
Forever and ever I will remember you!

I love you!

Robin Mauger

Cooper, 09/09/08-04/13/09

No farewell words were spoken
No time to say goodbye
You wee gone before we knew it and only God knows why
Gonna miss you Cooper..


Cooper, 6th April 2009

Cooper, you were only 8 years old, I loved you so much, you were my best friend in the whole world. I had you since I was 5 years old, I will never ever ever forget you pal, dont you forget it, love you always and always.


Cooper, 05/07/05-11/17/06

It's taken me a long time to get here.
I had lost my Lu Lu Just the year before and Cooper was only a year and a half. A gorgeous Yellow Lab with a perfect Ridge. Happy, good natured...a big oaf.
I just adored him. He was too young to leave me.
I miss you Big Boi.
I hope you and Lu Lu are having a great time at the Bridge.
I'll be there soon...

Teri Campbell

Cooper, 01/17/95-02/27/09

Cooper, my old Coopy, I will love you forever, and miss you always.
I am so lost, and it's only been 2 days, you were 14 and I know the time was coming, but I wasn't ready for this.
It was so hard to make that decision.
Love you, Mom and Dad, Danielle, Matt, Kodi, K.C. Klifford, and Michelob

Cooper, 01/24/98-12/16/08

You were our very first Mariner dog. We miss you so much. We miss your beautiful hugs, your prancing & smiling, your companionship. There will never be another boy like you. We know you're up there smiling down on us.
You are always in our thoughts and we'll never ever forget you.

Gary, Debbie, Kallin, & Landon Morin

Cooper, 05/92-01/17/09

Cooper helped me get through some very difficult times with his unconditional love. Coming home to him was one of those often assumed experiences that turned into a special time every night. But as he grew older, I was determined never to let him suffer. Last week, he couldn't get up on his hind legs or walk. And his time had come.

But he did not die alone. His death was gentle, dignified and I held him tightly so he could feel my love as he took his final breath--and so the last voice he would hear in this world would be mine. At the same time, I felt his silent love for me thanking me for not letting him suffer.

I am 68 years old--so I expect I will be meeting him at the Rainbow Bridge soon and cross over the bridge with him. I look forward to that day.

Jim Clark

Coosa, 05/27/09

You were a wonderful companion.
We love you with all our heart and you will never be forgotten. Now you are without pain and cancer free.
Play in heaven and we will meet again someday.

Love you my girl!

Dani, Leonard, and Girls

Cooter, 05/10/09

I MISS YOU EVERYDAY AND TALK TO YOU ALL THE TIME.YOU brought me so much love and affection,we will be together some day until then I LOVE YOU.Mommy

Cooter, 06/10/08-06/18/09

Cooter was a good friend-she will be missed


Cooter 'the boy' Brown Racer Jones, 11/13/98-01/23/08

Dear Coot,
I can't believe it's been a year today. I think about you and miss you every day and I always will. I thank God you were a part of my life. I learned so much from you. You tought me love, laughter, forgivness and so much more. You will always be the best friend I have ever had. You saved my life, Coot. You had an amazing soul.
I know you watch over me everyday. I feel your presence. I know I will see you at "the Bridge", after all I saw it with my own eyes the day you left me. I love you buddy, and there will always be a special place in my heart that is only for you.
Untill we meet again, my friend.
I Love You, love Mommy

Cooz, 09/03-01/06/09

I rescued Cooz when I was 18 years old behind my parents back, They were furious when I brought him home but since the second I laid eyes on him I was in love. I spent five years fighting to keep him in our house-he was the most loving cat ever. He loved to go outside (even though I worried about him) he was not as happy indoors. He went missing on January 6 2009 I went to look for him and he was no where to be found, when I went to bed I heard him crying--figuring he was in a cat fight. When I went outside I saw his head stuck in a raccoon trap placed on my neighbors chimney. I didn't know what to do, my first instinct was to push him up so his weight would not strangle him. But he continued to fight for his last breath, when his body twitched I knew he was gone. I was crushed and angry asking "Why did I have to witness his last breath". But now I am grateful that he didn't suffer alone. I will always remember him and love him for the rest of my life. I hope that one day we will meet in heaven.

Angela Soric

Cooper Sanders, 01/02/94-01/31/02

"We miss you Coopy."

Mary and Andrea

Copa Jewel Sterling, 1989-03/05/09

Joy of my life, thank you for always loving me.

Cristopher Cornell Sterling

Copper, 07/31/99-05/29/09

We all miss you terribly.

Jenn and Greg

Copper, 08/23/97-05/04/09

Farewell, little boy.
Wait for us....

Charlie & Chris Senseney

Copper, 2009-04/21/09

My friends dog "copper" left us today.The vet took xrays,tests and an ultra sound today and found nothing wrong.Because of copper not eating and losing weight she decided to put him down.The vet did an autopy and called her after returning home about 1/2 hr and told her copper had a small kids arm band toy that was inside the stomach.We are at a loss of words that nothing could be seen on xrays or ultra sound to save him. I pray that he is running with all the dogs in heaven and has no pain.If I only had more time to search on line for answers that my have saved him or taken him to another vet.
Just to late!

Becky Taylors Friend

Copper, 04/14/09

Copper was such a joy-I miss her bark, and the trips outside just for excursions-

Lister Hope Mills

Copper, 03/06/09

The greatest dog in the world. When you looked into his eyes, you could see the love for all that he possessed. His disposition was unbelieveable, vets even commented on that. He loved to play, and even up until the day he died, he would around squeaking his favorite toys. He was a great dog and a great friend.

James Beaton

Copper (Copper Top), 12/26/93-01/17/09

Copper, thank you for being such a wonderful, loyal caring dog....We been throught much together and you were always there to love me unconditionally.....I will never forget the way you would greet me every night as I came home from work, that stubby little tail wagging, the sloppy kisses and the way you would curl up to me at night keep me nice and warm.
You have made the last 16yrs of my life so special and I hope you felt love that I had for you....I very sad that your not here with me, but my hope is that you are free again to run through the medow with all your new friends, tail wagging and with a smile on your face.

Until we meet again sweet pea
Loving you always and everyday....Mommy

Copter, 07/05/95 - 10/28/09

He didn't like the water,
But he loved a bone.
He wasn't very brave,
Didn't like to be alone.

He wasn't too big,
But he wasn't too small.
He always liked to jump
In the leaves every fall.

His ears were enormous,
From the day that we met.
He could bow on command,
He was the best dog yet.

He really loved his Daddy,
All the neighbors would say,
When he pulled into the driveway,
At the end of the day.

We sure were lucky to have
Had him in our lives.
Our hearts are breaking,
And there's tears in our eyes.

But somewhere in heaven,
He is running free and strong,
Like when he was a puppy,
And his pain is gone.

Thanks you, Coppie, for giving us your
love and trust all these years. We will
miss you so very much, old boy.

Love, Rick, Nancy, Sara and Bailey

Coral Paulson, 04/01/89-02/20/09

Coral was a good friend and member of our family for almost 20 years.
She is greatly missed.
Words can't explain how important she is to our family.
We love you Coral!

Sheila Cernicka

Corby, 09/06/98-01/23/09

Corby was the perfect example of a pet that gave me and my wife unconditional love EVERY day of his life.
He always had that smile on his face and followed us around the house whenever we got up.
Corby always made friends rapidly with small children, and his best pet friend, a cat named Oscar, misses him very much.
Thank you Corby, for the loving friendship you gave us evey day.
We had fun.
We miss you.

Joseph C. Hammond

Corduroy, 04/29/09

Corduroy had many long and happy years with us, even though some were difficult. I know he is at peace now and I will see him again someday.

You were a great dog, Corduroy. I'm so glad that you wandered into our yard all those years ago.

Stephanie Reaser

Corey, 11/96-06/25/09

I never told you enough what a good dog you were.
I will miss you.
Run to Nana and I will see you someday soon.


Corey, 07/10/97-05/23/09

Corey, you will LIVE in our hearts forever......

Nancy and Karl Axelson

Corey, 01/29/76-10/15/86

you were the best dog of the world.
I loved to watch you leaping from the snow.
WAtch over Callie;she is really ornery.

Thomas Slagel

Corey Louis Tracy, 05/20/92-02/05/09

Little Gray Man...

You made us laugh, we loved our conversations with you, and finally you made us cry when you had to leave....we know that you and Peitzu are playing on the bridge and that once again you are mighty and can see...oh how we love and miss you!!!

Barney, Donna, Julie and Mike

Cori, 1999 - 10/20/2009

Goodbye to the wagging of the body as you came to say hello.
Goodbye to the kisses you would give us just for being there.
Goodbye to the sharing a king size bed, and still having no room.
Goodbye to letting us know someone was at the front door.
It's hard to say goobye to the love you showed.
And yet, we must say goodbye.
But only for a short time, for we will see our Cori again.
And when we do, It will be a big hello, filled with love.

We love and miss you very much!!!!

Scott and Kay Lowe

Cori, 05/07/09

Always loved, forever missed.


Corky, 2009

Corky you were such a kind soul...We miss you so much. RIP sweetie

Shanna Ivy

Corky, 05/13/96-07/10/09

To a amazing dog that nobody took in until I took him under my wing and loved him. He chose me the day I saw him and took my heart away. He brought joy and happiness to my world and supported me through the most difficult times in my life. My world seemed to stop when he left and I feel I cannot function but I know his wonderful memories will stay in my heart and other hearts that had the privledge of knowing this special lil man. He brought sunshine to the most gloomy days and made me smile when he greeted me and he will be missed dearly.

Donna Bostic

Corky, 2009

We miss you Cork. I know you and Max are up there playing and are not sick anymore. I am grateful for that. RIP

Shanna Ivy

Corky, 03/06/09

In memory of my beloved Corky who left this morning after losing her battle with cancer and old age.
She was a precious friend and companion through the years.
She taught me much about life, aging gracefully, and even death.
The house is strangely quiet and empty tonight.
At times I weep and at times I am happy that she is no longer in any pain.
I loved her like my child.
A piece of my heart will always be hers.
I hope the Creator finds I was worthy of her love and devotion.
Corky, you were a very good, very brave Little Girl, and I will love you forever!
Watch for me!
I'll be there as soon as my work here is done.
I'll bring a banana popsicle for you too....
Forever, Mommy

Corky, 02/13/09

Corky was one of a kind! He showed the big dogs who was boss. He did what he wanted, when he wanted too. We all love him soooo much. I have to think of his passing as a good thing. Corky was old and lived his life! We know he is always with us in our hearts, never to leave. There isn't much more I can say, just that WE ALL LOVE YOU CORKY and we'll see you again someday. We will pass that Rainbow Bridge together!

With Love,
Allison, Rick, and Shelly

Corky, 01/23/09

Our Corky was the best dog ever!
He was so loved!
He was so laid back and always was there for me.
I wish I could have him back, whole and healthy!

Matt & Dianna Manselle

Corky Howard, 09/01/90-03/27/08

An entire year has passed since you have left us, and i still can't seem to believe it's real. My tears still fall for you, each time i remeber your beautiful little face. You still keep me grounded when i feel like im floating away, remembering you and how much love we shared makes me better at caring for other peoples loved ones. I miss you so much. I can't wait til i can rock you in my arms once again and have you lick my cheeks.
you are still my best friend, my family, and i love you, Cork. xoxoxox

Mandi & Brenda Howard

Corky Lopalong Coble, 04/28/09

He was the most handsome boy on the planet I miss him sooooooo much

Julie Coble

Corri-Moo Schecter, 01/06/09

I miss you puppy-moo.

John Schecter

Corum, 11/30/99-03/13/09

He was not a dog to me.
He was my baby and I will miss him so much.
I am in so much pain and cannot wait to reunite with him again one day.
His toys were called "Bob" and they are all around me to remind me of him.
What a beautiful boy.
He went too soon because of cancer and I will NEVER forget him.
He lives on in my memory.


Cosby, 01/01/92-05/25/09

Rest in Peace...

Cindy Hughes

Cosby, 07/25/99-04/16/09

After many happy years with my cat Cosby, I have lost him to kidney failure yesterday.
He was a beautiful beige long-haired cat, that always gave me a sense that he understood me.
He was an old soul and very loving.
I will miss him terribly.

Angelica Court

Cosmo, 09/95-06/29/09

I will always love and miss you.

Susan Lanier

Cosmo, 03/08/08

The most wonderful cat, who is missed so dearly

Dee Sirois

Cosmo, 05/22/05-06/29/09

You'll always be remembered


Cosmo, 07/20/96-07/04/09

I'm sorry that we only had three years with you; It wasn't nearly enough. I hope you understand that we didn't want to let you go and that it was heartbreaking to do so.
We love you so much.
May you have thousands of tennis balls to play with.
Please watch for us and one day we'll resume our game of fetch.

Eileen Puechner

Cosmo, 11/08/94-06/11/09

In memory of my little baby angel Cosmo who gave me much love and joy for 14 years. I will keep him in my heart forever and know I will see him again.


Cosmo, 09/03/01-11/15/06

Cosmo was mom's girl, she followed her around and protected her with all her might.
God Bless you my love.
I miss you loads every day.
I will never have another pet like you.
You were my soul mate.

Cheri Perry

Cosmo, 04/31/09

Cosmo was the sweetest, kindest, most gentle cat I have ever known. He was originally my wife's cat, but when we met Cosmo and I became instant buddies. He loved to lie on your lap and was great at keeping you warm on a cold winter day. Each night he would wait for me to get in bed, then he would jump in bed and curl up next to me. His gentle purring would help me fall asleep. To put it simply, Cosmo was pure love wrapped in fur. I loved that cat so much. He is missed but I know that he is in a better place, where he won't suffer anymore. I know that I will see him again one day. Until that day comes, I have all the memories that he left me.

David Casasola

Cosmo, 04/29/09

We are so sorry Cosmo!
We loved you to pieces and now we miss you to pieces.
You were our little helper and shadow.
At least you are with Fidget now - getting into trouble, I'm sure.
Your daddy is going to miss getting his eyebrows groomed.
I'm going to miss finding you in my clothes on the bathroom floor.
We are both going to miss your little butt waddling across the floor.
Even your little "gifts" will be missed.
We love your Big Guy!
I just wish we found you sooner!

Michele & Dave

Cote James, 08/01/94-12/14/07

You loved in your own special way, you missed Sandra and let us
know it. We love you and miss your nightly dramas. But most of all we just miss you. We hope to see you at the rainbow bridge with Tammy and Sandra Jean

Paul Dufresne

Cotton Nicoson, 06/19/09

What a great boy Cotton was, all white, polydactle and deaf but so sweet.
He left his family and sister way too soon but he is out of pain and in heaven.

We miss you Cotton!

Kathy Nicoson

Courtney, 10/99-05/08/09

Of all the dogs I've had, you were the one that meant the most to me.
I'm now in my seventh decade of life but you and I shared that special bond that somehow seems to be reserved only for a young child and his or her first dog.

You were full of love and shared it with me everyday that you were here.
You made my life so complete and calm no matter what problems I encountered.
You were there for me always.

And, my best friend,
I shall always love and remember you.


Cowboy, 07/26/08-03/16/09

My beloved little boy

Ashley Farres

Cowboy Patton, 08/30/02-08/18/08



Countach, 05/09/96-08/13/08

My perfect little angel baby
- - how I miss you so.
You are in my thoughts every day and my heart is empty.
Thank you for the 12 years of love, laughter and comfort.
I will always love you more than the world and will miss you with every breath I take.
Play safely in heaven with Aunt Shelly.


Courtney, 08/94-05/04/04

My Baby doll- Courtney,
I will always love you so much. It broke my heart when I had to put you down and right to the end I battled with myself if it was the right thing to do. But deep in my heart I know that it was, my angel. Your last 4 years were difficult and you fought so hard for me. Between the hypoglycemia, low thyroid, liver problems and kidney problems. Then last year you got the tumor in your left eye and you still kept fighting for me. But the last month or so you were not having an easy time, between everything health wise, then the cataracts. when you started with the seizures and I could see your legs were getting to painful for you plus you did not want to eat for your grandma, but only me your mommy, I knew it was time. I miss my sleeping buddy. I awake and you are not there. I wish I could hold back the rushing minutes, and make the wind lie still, dry all the raindrops and hold back the sun, cause my world has ended- casue my babt doll is gone. I love you so my special angel, my beautiful baby doll. I will miss you always until we are together again.
love - your mommmy

Cozmo, 05/26/98-04/08/09


Cozy, 08/15/93-05/31/09

My best friend,Cozy, brother to Abby, just made his final journey today. He was so brave but I know he's free to run and play with his sister. You had such a good life and gave so much joy. I will miss you every day. Today, you went to sleep so peacefully. We brought you home and you now lie in the corner of the garden where you always tried to sneak off to. For 15 years, you and your sister Abby grew up with my children and grew in my heart more than anyone I've known. You will always be loved and will never be forgotten. Zoe will miss you when she comes to visit. I hear noises and think you are still here. The day you'll run to greet me like you did every day is far away but I promise I will look for you. Rest Peacefully my friend.

Sue Ciampaglio

Cracker, 03/10/08

I cannot believe it has been an entire year since you left us.
We have missed you and thought of you every single day.
We have kept your very special and unique personality alive through our countless memories, you were so special and humorous.
Nine years with you was not enough time and it seemed to pass so quickly, it left such a huge void when you passed away.
I loved you more than life and you were my very best friend.
I thank God for having you in my life for nine years.
I cannot describe in words how much you meant to us or how deeply losing you hurt.
Thanks for all of the memories that we will continue to cherish forever and for loving us so much.
Wait for us at the bridge baby, we will be there for you.
Till then we will be loving and thinking of you.

Mommy and Daddy

Crackerjack, 02/07/95-05/16/09

Crackerjack was our precious little girl that we had from birth when we lived in Nairobi, Kenya (Africa). Her mother was American and her father was South African. She had been the joy of our lives for more than 14 years, and we will never forget the love she brought to our household. She was so loving and smart. She liked to be petted and praised, and returned her affection with loving kisses. She especially liked her treats, and would do various tricks for them. She was so sweet to everyone, and never growled or bit. But she was also a good watch dog who had a loud bark to alert us of anyting unusual. She always slept with us (Conni & Tim) in our bed. I (Tim) feel like a part of me is gone.


Crackers, 02/14/88-06/12/04

Hey, Cracks! You were beautiful and aloof.
You wanted things your way and got pretty nasty when you didn't get it. But I knew you couldn't help it and I loved you anyway. Still do. Play nice with Angel and Boots and all the others there and don't spit at anyone.
I miss all three of you but I've got lots of living to do yet.

Linda Guthrie

Crackers, 03/29/04-01/25/09

I rescued my boy when he was two.
He had had five homes and was disregarded as another one of those crazy dogs.
The truth is he rescued me and showed me how to love unconditionally.
He was and my best friend and am grateful to have had him for as long as I did.

Jennifer Miller

Craigie - Ridgedale Craigie - Clydesdale, 03/15/82-03/02/09

Craigie and I share a connection that is eternal. He comforted me in my times of sorrow and often made me laugh.
He is wise, noble and so awesome that words do him no justice.
I love him with all my heart and soul.

Sue Linder

Cricket, 11/10/96-07/23/09

My dear sweet Cricket. You were the sweetest dog in the world. You were always at my side. I only hope you are now reunited with kipper and are running free and rolling your basketball. Someday I will meet you at the Rainbow Bridge and we will be together again. I love you both. You are the best dogs and I thanked God everyday for sending you both to me. Love, your mom, Judy

Cricket, 06/29/09

Thank you for the 9 years you gave me. You were such a joy. A little bugger you were abandoned by your Momma. A little tomcat you were always bringing me those special gifts you acquired on your nights out.
Thanks for all the cuddles and love and your purrs that always relaxed me. Always rubbing against my leg.
You were a great cat.
I love you and will miss you kitty kitty


Cricket, 12/18/86-06/22/95

I think of you everyday


Cricket, 08/18/89-08/22/03

To My Little Angel, Your Sweet Memory Will "Always" Be In My Heart. I Loved You Then, I Love You Now.

Lori June Stratton

Cricket, 07/26/90-02/22/09

Cricket was a very loving cat, who picked my daughter (Keri), when she was only 5 weeks old. She decided Keri was hers and that was it. She put up with a lot, from my grandson picking her up by the ears and carrying her down the hall (he was only 18 months, and thought they were handy for handles!), to baby rabbits crawling all over her. She loved my 3 big dogs, specially my gold lab. They were born 1 day apart, and grew up together. Keri married and had 3 children. Cricket obligingly helped raise them. She leaves an enormous hole in our hearts, and in the home. She will be forever missed, never forgotten.

Keri & Sandra

Cricket, 04/01/94-01/10/09

Cricket, we will miss your meows and your spot on your belly.
We loved you and you were a great friend to all of us.

Jamie Capp

Cricket My Love, 11/02/94-01/26/08

My little friend left me much to early, I wanted her to live forever.
Her tragic death has my heart so heavy.
I miss her every day, and hope she knows I would never purposely do anything to let her down.
I am so sorry I was not there the day she passed away.
I will forever feel bad I was not.
I will someday be happy to see her greet me once again when my time is up on earth.
Cricket...I love you and miss you.

Madeline LoPresti

Cricket Swindle, 03/02/00-01/29/09

Cricket was the best little dog I could have ever asked for.
Anytime I was sick or sad she was right there, in my lap, making me feel better.
I will miss her so very much.
I am so thankful that God allowed me to have her in my life.

Leann Swindle

Crickety, 02/27/09

He was a big, long, tall boy, gentle and loving and he made me happy and I love him.

Linda C. Smith

Crissy, 06/01/00-05/10/09

crissy my beatiful kitty how sad you left after given birth to 3 loving kittens,i hope they look like you, although unfair,i will take care of them for you and so will your friend princess,you were a good mother, and I know my mother loved you and wanted youand i hope you bless her see you soon!

Kathy Kau

Crissy, 04/12/91-01/14/09

In the early 90s, a young girl at the church I attended, middle child of a single mother, adopted me as her part-time grandfather.
Christy loved animals and had a female kitten named Sissy. In due course Sissy produced a litter of 6 kittens, 2 shorthair females, and 3 males, and 1 long hair female.
When the kittens were barely 12 hours old, I and another church member helped move the family to better housing and I asked Christy if I could have the longhair at 8 weeks and she agreed.
On the appointed time, in June 1991, I picked up the longhair, naming her Prissy and also got one of the shorthairs, naming her Crissy.
Crissy was always a small cat, and a picky eater, so when she started refusing any food with her thyroid meds. in it, I knew the end was near.
She made it to the Rainbow Bridge without struggle or suffering, and our third cat, a gentle Himalayan Male lay beside her as she was dying.
PrettyBoy was Crissy's friend for 8 years, and Crissy is survived by Prissy, who will be 18 in a couple more months.
Once Prissy's time comes, I'll add her, but then I will look for another kitty. I'll probably wind up getting one at the animal shelter where we got PrettyBoy a few days before 9-11.
This is a wonderful website and a friend, who also has cats, steered me to it.

Jerry & Karen Sullivan

Crombie, 07/01/99-07/02/09

She was the most loving dog I have ever met.
She didn't have a mean bone in her body.
She viewed everyone as a friend.
She loved going for walks, chewing the squeakers out of toys, and eating.
She was diagnosed with bone cancer 3 months ago and now she is gone from this world, hopefully to a better place where she doesn't feel pain anymore, and will wait for us in heaven.
I love you Crombie!

Abby Sromek

Crosby's Blue Gem, 11/07/98-08/05/08

Crosby, a.k.a. the "Cros-man", would have been human if he hadn't had that extra set of legs.
His beautiful blue eyes saw the good in every one and his loving heart made us all his family.
He shared his space graciously with Soot and Rosie, the cats and was foster brother to Ollie, the stray.
He loved running, frisby, riding in the car, herding sheep and just being with his "humans".
He was a soldier to the very end and taught us all how to be better people.

We miss you, Cros.

Nina Marie Altman

Cross Creeks Clumbers Constable (Bull), 003/28/96-03/30/09

We will miss you Bull,
Join Vito and have a good time again
Ma & Dad

Cruiser, 01/16/02-02/20/09

Today our friend lost his battle to cancer.
Cruiser was the epitome of a gentle giant. We were so lucky to adopt him from a brother and sister who got him from a kill shelter.
They did not realize how much space large dogs need, and how much attention.
We got Cruiser when he was 15 months, and he immediately blended with our female rottie and male lab.
Cruiser was never aggressive, never growled, was very laid back.
The first day we met Cruiser, he walked by my husband, who had just ironed his jeans, lifted his leg and tinkled on him!
We were sold, and would not have missed a day of this wonderful dog's life.
He was diagnosed at the end of October 2008, but gave it a good fight.
I am glad to say that I was right next to him on his comforter when he passed away at midnight.
He will be sorely missed - his uniqueness, his affection and surely his howling at the sound of emergency vehicles!
We loved him so. He is physically out of our lives, but always in our heart - he has met his brother in heaven. I believe in God, but don't always understand things He does - especially to our pets.

Phyllis Hicks

Crummer, 12/23/08

To the best friend I've ever had and all his wonderful years of love. He will never be replaced nor forgotten. I miss him dearly.


Cry Baby, 05/92-01/05/09

Our Cry Baby was the most special cat for almost 17 years.
No other cat can be quite so unique and strong.
He had kidney and bladder stones for the last 6 plus years.
Lived through 2 successful surgeries.
I think he was blocked in the ureter once more and couldn't pee for three days or eat at all, he drank water and would throw it up.
We made the choice to put him to sleep.
For a 16 lb cat it took enough medicine to kill a 300 lb animal.
He just kept breathing.
The vet came back to the house 3 hours later and gave him a 4th shot.
We feel like we killed the energizer bunny.
Our Cry Baby will be remembered for his comfort to his daddy and me, his mommy, and to his younger brother Bandit.
Baby's purrs, kisses and special attention will never be forgotten.
I am very sick and we would lie still together for hours to comfort us both.
He didn't like too many other people or animals, he was truely our Baby.
I love you sweetheart!

Sharon and Adam

Crystal, 09/1998-07/29/09

Just about an hour ago, my wonderful vet gave Crystal a shot that helped her move on to where she wanted to go - over the bridge to meet so many other wonderful pets. It's only been a week since she was diagnosed but it's been one of the longest weeks of my life - the other long weeks were when Bashful and then Bandit were sick and crossed that bridge - so I hope they are there to meet Crystal. I also worry that I didn't treat Crystal as royally as she deserved - I feel I could have done more.

She's give me remote memories (and I'm so glad they are remote) of the birds she "caught" (or wanted me to believe that - they were really stunned when they hit my large window) and she retrieved them when they hit the deck. But then there was the possum that she fought to death (the possum's death) while I was gone (thank goodness) and my poor neighbor had to do everything to get rid of it and clean it up.

She was always happy even when her sister chewed her up. She never every complained about anything and was a plain ole dog (even though she was a pedigree Siberian Husky) and never expected or wanted anything but love and a biscuit (probably in reverse order).

She was almost 11 years old and I had had her for 9 of those - of course I had only agreed to keep her and her sister, Jackie, for a week when her original owners needed to get rid of them. But everyone on this page knows how that went....after a week there was no way I could give them to the rescue folks. They were now part of my family!

I remember buying the SUV I have for them to come across country when I retired from Virginia to come to San Antonio. They had the entire back of the SUV and even though they were drugged most of the way, they were what I worried about the most - how would they adjust, would they be upset etc etc - I worried more about them than about my new job.

Then when I got here, they were able to see the dogs on the other side of the fence and fought and fought. I was certain I was going to have to move. But I got fortunate - I ended up with probably the most expensive fence in San Antonio but they couldn't see each other any more so they didn't fight.

We went through a time of trying to figure out what was wrong with her because of her elevated alk phos and fortunately nothing really showed - but interestingly one of the things that made me worry then (a few years ago) was her panting - I wonder when she developed this cancer?

We went through bad hip arthritis in the last 6-8 or more months - I gave her shots and liquid when she was in even more pain. She was so good about that.

God, I love you Crystal and my heart is so very empty where you've taken a part with you as you cross the bridge. I am also having some difficulty believing you're gone...what now for Jackie and I - how do I get over this and how do I comfort Jackie? Please communicate with me some how, girl and know I love you bunches...Your mom

Crystal, 02/12/93-06/30/09

crystal, you were a great friend and family are missed everyday.i love you!!

Scott Bulger

Crystal, 06/25/95-02/22/08

Crystal, my princess, you have been gone for 15 months now.
It still seems like yesterday that I took you to the vet's office that last time.
I am so sorry that you had to suffer so long with the heart disease.
I love and miss you very much.
Your "brothers" miss and love you too.
I cannot wait to see you again at Rainbow Bridge.
Take care of Jesse (a guinea pig that just died two weeks ago) until I find my way there to meet you.
Thank you for sending Nicki into my life.
She is so much like you.

Susan Blain

Crystal Bulger, 02/12/93-06/30/09

my sweet crystal,

you were the most loving cat ive ever known.with a personality to match. we had you for 16 wonderful years and you brought such joy and happiness to our house. you were always at the door to greet anyone who were comforting when i was were there for us and ill never forget slept with me every night and now there is an empty spot on my bed and in my heart.i will always love you.i not only lost a pet,i lost a best friend..R.I.P..xxoo..scott

CT, 29th May 2009

A beautiful friend from the beginninig connecting on the very day in the pound was much loved and gave much love... will be sorely missed was like my child

Cheryl Pryor

Cuba Libre of The Redlands, 03/01/98-03/09/09

After a short and courageous battle with cancer, our beloved Cuba crossed The Rainbow Bridge joining her breeder Will Jomarron(Redlands Cairns) and her mother Chula JT of the Redlands. Cuba represents the true essence and spirit of a Cairn. She was a devoted mother to Havana and Yoli and a grandmother to Lucy, always licking ears to keep them clean. She was our soulmate, friend, loyal companion, strong, tender, loving, independent, high spirits and fierce in defending her family and household. She was the alpha female with a zest for life until the end. Today we celebrate her life. She has been an inspiration to all of us and she will be missed tremendously. Until we meet again by The Rainbow Bridge our beloved friend, Cuba. Have fun and run by the meadows and be healthy again. Connie, Jim & Lee Gholson, Calcuba Cairns.

Cubby, 03/01/95-01/08/09

My Dear Sweet Angel Cubby,

You were so friendly, kind, gentle and loving. You brought a smile to everyone who encountered you. You were clearly our Goodwill Ambassador. I wish I could look into those beautiful amber eyes again and rub those incredibly soft ears. You will be dearly missed.
Farewell my friend.

The "Sweets"

Cubby Stout, 05/09/03-04/17/09

Cubby was a very special part of my family. She was like a child to me. She was very spoiled but very much loved. I deeply miss her. She was a faithful friend and companion to me. She will live forever in my heart.

Shirley Stout

Cuddles, 12/2001

Cuddles- Please take care of gingersusan. I miss you so and love you very much. I will see you at Rainbow Bridge soon. Wait for me there. Love Mommy

Cuddles, 05/26/09

I loved her so much and the loss haunts me. Cuddles was always there to greet me at the door. She had a special way of giving hugs when asked or just because she felt like it. She curled up with me every night, and was the first thing I saw in the morning. She was my alarm clock when slept through the real alarm. I've had many years with her, but it's never enough. She will be in my heart forever. I've had her cremated So I will have her close always.

Nancy Cooper

Cuddles, 04/13/09

Cuddles bought so much love and life to our family. She was taken from us my a driver traveling to fast at night on a country road. He took part of our that night. Cuddles you are missed so much. Please wait for mommy and we walk to into Heaven together. Love you my baby

Judy Smith

Cuddles, 04/07/09

May god keep you and love you as much as we loved you.May all my loved ones passed on enjoy the baby we never got to know.God bless you both.I will see you one day again.

Kathi Patterson

Cuddles, 06/16/93-03/26/09

Dear Cuddles: May you peace and happiness. Just know that you never will be replaced. I will think of you every moment. I carry you with me always. Thank you for your endless love and giving me the privilage of being your owner. I miss you more than words can express. I cherish every single second I had with you. I am hearthbroken. I will love you will always be my Cuddley puppy.

Nicole Szymusiak

Cuddles, 11/21/08

he was so great,he did things other cats didn't.he would go around opening on my cabinets in the house,he would sit on this big rock we have outside and wait on my husband to come home from work.he brought love and joy into our lives, he died in my arms while i was giving him cpr.the doc. said it was he heart.we love and miss him was the best 11yrs of my life.


Cuddles Gonzalez Rodriguez, 05/22/09

My dearest Cuddles: Please know that I love you and miss you. The decision to let you go was so difficult and heartbreaking for me.
Your sister, Mischief misses you an awful lot.
Julio and I are
grieving your loss, however, we are happy you are no longer in pain.
Loosing you has been very sorrowful.
May you be in pet heaven pain free jumping and playing.
I know I will see you again.
All our love - The Rodriguez Family.

Cuddles Marie, 10/19/90-06/15/07


Cuddles Marie, 01/21/95-06/02/09

Cuddles was an amazing little girl. She was so caring and loving.
She had the most beautiful brown eyes I have ever seen. She loved carbs.
Her favorite foods were rice, cereal and bread. She was a wonderful big sister to our other maltese, Munchkin. She was always there for me when I needed her. I know that you are whole again - running and playing again. I love you Cuddles Marie and I will see you again one day at the Rainbow Bridge.

Lauri Becerra

Cuddles Spruill, 01/92-05/05/09

My loving angle Cuddles was taken from me last Tuesday (05/05/09) at 5:00am. He was 17 years old and sadly was diagnosed with colon cancel back in Feb. 2009. The Dr. wasn't 100% positive it was indeed cancer, but the test to find out if it was or not was to serious and that could have taken his life, plus it cost over $2500 and sadly, we don't have the kind of money. He lived for 3 months after finding out what was wrong, but the Dr. only gave him a few weeks. I'm very grateful that he lived as long as he did once we were told of the diagnosis. Towards the end, he got very skinny, weak and would not eat or drink but very little. I prayed every day, all day long for God to give my baby Cuddles a second chance and to not take him from me. Sadly, my prayers were not answered. The morning of the 5th, we rushed him to the Animal ER and he was starting to go into seizures, and they quickly put him under. I'm so glad that my sweetheart did not suffer badly, and I hope that when he was in the back with the Dr. that he wasn't scared. My Cuddles was my angle, my sweetheart, my soul, and he loved only me and feared everyone else. I feel so bad that I wasn't able to be with him at the end, but hope and pray he went quickly and peacefully. I have so much quilt and sadness in my life now since he's been gone. What if we had the money to run the test on him, and they could have saved him? And did I do something to contribute to his cancer? My life is so empty without him here with me. I cry daily over him and visit his grave when I can. It kills me to know his little body is in the ground when he should be here with me. Everyone keeps telling me that time will heal my pain, but I don't think it will. Cuddles was like a child to me and my life has no meaning without him. If I had one last thing to say to my baby Cuddles, it would be... Thank you for giving me 17 wonderful, loving years! I will ALWAYS love and miss you Cuddles, and I hope your not alone, sad or frightened where ever you are at. I also hope that your here by my side and will always be by my side. I can not wait until we meet again, because I will hold you so tight and never let you go again! Cuddles showed me what true, unconditional love meant, and I thank him every day for what he has given me! I love you so much baby, my angle, my sweetheart! And will never, ever stop loving you nor will I ever forget you!
You will always be in my heart! Today is my 39th Birthday (5-15) and it's just not the same without you here with me to celebrate. I want to believe your here in spirit, I hope you are because I'm always talking to you. I know Cuddles will never read my tribute that I'm writing to him, but I do hope he knows how much he has always and will always mean to me!
I love you and miss you so much my Cuddles darling!
Love your mommy, always and forever!

Cudjoe, 03/19/09


Richie and Eadie Neckles

Cujo, 05/15/98-04/20/09

Cujo you were my friend and cuddly Teddy Bear, you were loved so much and we miss you so much.
If there is a rainbow bridge I hope you will be waiting for us. I miss coming home from work and seeing your wagging tail. I miss your bark when you wanted a treat. I don't think I could ever find a dog as great as you were.

Jan Thomsen

Cujo, 03/20/07-03/09/09

My Gorgeous Dog Cujo...

We miss you so much!

We miss the wee you greeted us so warmly everytime you saw us even though i'd end up with bruises on my shins!

We remember when we first got you, it was such a long drive home but you sat on my lap and were so good, you looked up at me and i knew i was "mum" and that Dave was "dad"! You always cried if you were left in a room by yourself, we'd have to call you in to where we were! We still laugh at when you couldn't quite get yourself on the sofa, you just couldn't quite get those back legs up but you soon mastered it once you grew!!

Cujo, I missed you so much this morning, it was the first morning without you and it was awful, the house feels so empty and i feel so gutted that it had to come to putting you to sleep but you are in a better place.
I hope that you're happy and running free just like you always liked doing, oh and i hope you have plenty bones to chew!!

Am so sorry Cujo but we were left with no choice, it wasn't you're fault. You couldn't help the way you were, you were perfect 95% of the time but that 5% you were very unperdictable and we know you would of never of forgiven yourself if you had hurt Alfie-Ray or anyone else for that matter but at least me n Dave were there in the end to say goodbye.
Saying goodbye to you has been the hardest thing I've had to do. Am glad it was my face you saw as it happened.

Love you so much my cheeky chappy, i will only ever remember the good and daft things you used to do because you weren't a bad dog! You were a kind loving friend you just were menatally ill and sadly nobody could help you!

Sleep tight sleepy hound

Love you so much and miss you just as much

"mum & dad"


Cujo, 02/16/09

A rescued baby the size of a guinea pig when we got her-the best "beggar" we've ever seen and her waistline reflected this talent-it worked on EVERYONE she met.
She was "friends-for-life" instantly with everyone in which she came in contact-always held her own with other animals-never took the back seat-always the leader. She finally had to give-in to cancer, but her unique spirit lives on-we love you forever, Cujo!

Steve, Holly, John and Ben Heeren

Cunard, 04/11/96-06/20/09

The best things in life are free, and they come looking for you, they appear by surprise, and sometimes by a wrong turn.
Cunard was the best and brought out the best in those who loved her.
She is strong once again, healthy, and loving new life.
She is missed and loved with every beat of our hearts.
We LOVE you Cunard!
Muder and Fauder.

Cupcake, 11/17/05

Cupcake, You will always be our Angel Face. Now Belle is at the Bridge with you, looking out for you till Mommy and Daddy join you both. All our love always Cupcake, we miss you so.. till we meet again Cuppie....
Mommy and Daddy

Cupcake, 06/15/92-03/01/09

We got Cupcake when she was a little kitten, and she grew up with our two daughters.
She was a beautiful and very nice cat. Her square snout looked like the bottom of a cupcake.
If there is a heaven, we hope to be petting Cupcake there some day.

Joel Libove

Cupid, 2/14/97 - 11/01/09

Cupid, you were such a lover girl. We rescued you from a snowstorm, 13 years ago, as a little fluffy white puppy. You never have forgotten that. You could not show enough love to your family, friends and your sister, Bearsie, that you greived over almost 2 years ago. Now, you have approached the "rainbow bridge" and playing like the good ole days, with her.
Gramma and Momma miss you soooooo very much. You were Gramma's companion and protector for the last 10 years when you moved in with her. You NEVER left her side. She is missing you in her life. It is VERY quiet and lonely with out you by her side.
We couldn't let you suffer anymore. Cancer hit you quick and hard. Last weekend was rough and I slept on the floor at night listening to you trying to breath. We couldn't continue letting you suffer. God was calling you and we had to accept that. Baby, you are SOOOOOO missed and we are in tears every day, since Nov 1, at 0700. I miss you visiting my house, riding for long rides you loved so much. You will be coming home in a week or two and you will be in all those special places you enjoyed while with Gramma and me. Bearsie will also, have you next to her, on the fireplace mantel and in the vehicles, too.
CANCER SUCKS!!! Love Momma and Gramma (Northern MI.)

Curlie Nelson, 01/03/09

When Curlie entered my life I could of cared less, at the time I was grieving the loss of what I thought was the love of my life, I also granted Curlie the name of "The Loser Cat." However after six months Curlie got stuck up in a tree for six days after he got down, he was a changed boy, he was very affectionate and entaritaining. He burrowed his way into my heart and in fact on January 3 2009 I really did lose the love of my life.

Caroline Nelson

Curtis, 10/12/03-02/04/09

My little handsomest. I miss you so much. Thank you for being with me during the hardest times in my life. You were truly my guardian angel. I know now that you are with Grandpa biting his pantlegs without any medicine. I cannot imagine my life without you but I know I will see you again. I love Curtis and Thank you.

Christina Guimond

Cutie, 07/03/09

cutie was such a sweet cat, always sleeping on my son's pillow, moving 7 times with us. always going to the door when his "daddy" came home with food. he was a really cutie, wonderful cat. my beloved 18 yr old. i will always love him and will miss so much.


Cutie (me mow mow, baby girl), Christmas 2008

My girl was always there for me with here totally unconditional love.
I held her, love her so much i can hardly see.
She was gettion older and i know that.
She just stopped eating and on Christmas day fell asleep and was gone.
I have been praying that when it was her time to go that the Lord would please let her fall asleep in my arms without suffering and without the need for me to make a decision to put her down.
I just dont think i coule do that.
I have found out how very selfish i must be.
I held her on Christmas as much as i could.
With family comming over to celebrate i now feel so much guild because when i had to serve the holiday mean and open gifts i layed her on my coat ( her favorite bed ) and put her in my room ( her favorite spot when not in bed with me, i could not put her on the bed because she could no longer jump to get off alone and i was afraid she would get hurt.
I just keept wanting to go and be with her but because of my aunt and uncle who are older and not well i felt the pulling need to space myself between cutie and my guests.
Once the fanfair was over the very first thing i did was to go check on my girl.
She was gone.. I picked her up and held her limp yet stiff body.
God i just want to be with her and hold her.. she was alone when she died and i feel so much guilt that i was not holding her.
She was always in my arms.
Always. I am disabled and not able to walk very much and she would sit with me and comfort me while the world was going around she was steadfast giving me her comfort, company and love.
No one could ever ask for a better companion.
I have always had my christian religion and even that very day told my aunt and uncle and children ( who are also greiving ) That is was all ok and Cutie would be in heaven with my grandma and grandpa and other catss ect and she would be there happy and waiting for us all to join her.
I said this to comfort them because they too love and have lost a precious cat.
I needed to make them feel better and once everyone left and i could think i totally lost contnrol of my emotions.. i could not stop sobbing and crying and blaming God for taking my love , my heart.
I feel as tho my heat has been ripped out.
I found this site because i googled the words grief for my cat and up came this site.
I read the rainbow bridge and i think it helped i think although i feel i need some kind of concrete proof.
I am now praying for the Lord to please show me in a dream my girl and that she is happy and we will be together forever one day but so far that has not happened.
I need to know this.
I am so lost and empty and i feel like there is nothing i can do to get myself near normal again.
My children are 20 and 21 and i know they need me and i love them dearly yet most of my heart is gone and i feel guilt because on some level i want to be with Cutie.. My kids are helping me to try to get through this but their way is to keep me from any talk about cutie or away from her spot in the house ect.
Every place i go i see her and see her coming to me to be held ect. I have been feeling as tho no one understands the extente of my love for her or my loss.
I can not talk about her with anyone they always avoid the subject.
I know they are doing their best to help me get through this i have had several strokes recently and they worry if i get so upset i will have another or worse.
I am trying not to show how i am feeling around them so they will not worry but i need to talk about her she is such a large part of my life.
Thank you for this opportunity to express all this.

Cutie I love you with my whole being, my entire heart.
Please forgive me for not having you in my arms when you passed away.
I miss you so much and need to hold you.
I hope you can feel my arms and my love surrounding you as you always did here with me.
If there is one thing i am sure of i know we looked in eachothers eyes and we knew the extent of our love for each other.

Please keep my spot next to you my girl for i am hoping and praying that you are there waiting for me and your sis and brother with Jesus.

Sandy Stephens

Cutie Hamster Qian, 04/02/07-07/02/09

Cutie was a wonderful, faithful, loving hamster, whom I cared for very much. I wish him good luck in hamster heaven, and hope that he will be treated as he deserves to be, and better than I treated him. Cutie, if you're reading this, I will always love you more than anything else.

Michelle Dena Qian

Cybil Loo, 06/25/95-05/22/08

Cybil was so brave with her cancer. The night before her death, she was begging at the grill and barking for her bones. I wish we had more time with her, but I knew she was in pain. It has taken me this long(10 months)to add her to the bridge list because I miss her so. Rest in peace until we meet again, my best friend ever.

Lori, Pat & Payton Peck

Cygnus, 04/22/94-03/14/09

To my angel Cygnus,

You have brought so much joy and love to our lives.
I am still reeling from your departure.
My only comfort comes from the belief that your soul has moved on to bring someone else joy or that I will see you again someday in the afterlife.

We will love and miss you always.....


Cyrano, 1994-06/13/09

Cyrano was a sweet cat.
He loved unconditionally and always wanted to be near his Mom or Dad.
He would answer any question we asked him with a hearty "Meow".
His purring made us smile and you just knew how happy he was.
We have many fond memories of Cyrano and know that our lives were blessed to have him as part of our family.

Sean & Rita

Cyrano, 02/14/01-07/14/08

My cyrano was my child until lymphoma took him from me last year.
I still feel the pain every day and I have yet to stop crying tho the pain has eased and I smile when I think of him swimming in the creek or running down the hall chasing a tennis ball.
He was the most precious gift to me as someone had dumped him at my house and just left him but what they didnt know what that their trash was my treasure and I will treasure him always.

Michele Whitaker

Cyrano, 02/19/94-02/17/09

To my little cat Cyrano and the best, most loyal friend. I will miss you always and forever. You bought much joy into my life and I was lucky to have you as a huge part of it for 15 years.Your mom loves and misses you very much but now you are at the Rainbow Bridge with your brother Fogey. Until we meet again, take care of each other. Love always.

Renata Dean

Cyrano, 10/23/95-02/19/09

Cyrano was a wonderful loving friend, he was the one to comfort me when I lost family members and has been there for most of my life. I hope to see him once again some day.

Dogs are special because they are always happy to see you and have the true meaning of unconditional love. Give you pet a hug today and tell them that you love them.


Cyrus, October 30, 2009


You didn't start out to become my dog, but a twist of fate brought you to me. You were a unique and loving dog who didn't have the best start in life but you never held it against anyone. I love you and miss you - my heart is broken over your loss, I'm just glad I was home with you and could hold you as you passed over the rainbow


Czarna, 10/14/95-06/03/09

Our girl, Czarna, has been our "daughter" for over 13 years.
We're so lucky we were a lab mom and dad to such a beautiful, loving soul.
She brought so much life and happiness to us everyday.
She was always a great "big sister" to Coral and Pearl.
I know they miss her, too.
We're so blessed to love such a wonderful girl.
We miss you.

Kristin & Steve Filce

Czonka, 07/22/01-04/10/09

My dear boy Czonka, you will always hold a special place in our hearts. You were taken away from us way too soon. It gives me some comfort to know that you are in a place where you are no longer sick or in pain. You now have the energy to run and play. I know there are plenty of birds for you to chase in heaven. We will always miss you. We look forward to meeting you one day at the Rainbow Bridge.
Your loving family,
Jackson 5

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