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2009 Tributes

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B.B., 07/28/98-04/24/09

B.B. was a tough beautiful blue-eyed friend.
She ran the house as her kingdom and is now playing and romping around with her little brother Two Socks at the Bridge.
She passed very peacefully and the last sounds she heard were my heartbeats.
She will be greatly missed.
We will always lover her.

Kathleen Lavery

B.C., 05/16/09

B.C. was our best friend for 19 wonderful years.
She thought that she was a 'people' and understood many words and phrase and talked to us in 'kitty language'.
She loved to sit in the window, sleep in the sun, fetch paper balls, go outside and hide under the bushes and watch the birdies and squirrels. She loved turkey, ice cream, cool whip and pizza and especially cheese, in addition to Fancy Feast. She loved to get kissed on the top of her head and loved to lick us on our noses. She was always there to greet us when we came home and loved to sit on my husband's chest and be petted or brushed or to cuddle with me while I watched TV. She loved to sleep on top of my husband's hip but if it was cold she would crawl under the covers.
We and our two children were hopelessly devoted to her.
She is so missed, it is almost unbearable.

We miss you precious fuzz face, best friend, meow meow, baroness of bad, beast of a cat, mooch, little kitty chow chow, poopy kitty, kitty girl. I hope there is a kitty heaven and that you get people food all you want and get to frolic in the sunshine and that there are lots of trees for you to sharpen you nails on.
I thank God for bringing B.C. and our family together.
She was a blessing to us and we were a good family for her.

We will love you forever B.C.

Susan Bieker

B.J., 03/09/09

BJ went to the vet this morning because his ears were hurting him.
Apparently, he had an aneurism and died almost immediately.

BJ was a gift from my
husband for valentine's day, 2004.
He was the most wonderful, sweetest dog I have ever known.
He loved me so much and I loved him back.
He used to wiggle his little stub of a tail when he saw me or if he heard me say his name.
He was a beautiful little soul and I will always have a hole in my heart.
He will always be in my heart and I will see him again when I cross the rainbow bridge myself.

I love you, BJ.

Lisa Shoemake

B.V. Black Velvet, 05/11/09

She was a really good pet & friend.

Sue & Bob Friedrich

B.W. Martin, 06/06/01-12/17/08

Little B.W.-or our little Bea-ver
I still don't understand the losses of this year, with Wally, Pinky and now you, our little buddy.
I can only guess time caught up with you and your
possible birth defects, or possibly you were frightened to death by that Jack Russell the day after we had Pinky euthanized.
Can't figure any of this out at all.
Just so sad.
Rest in a peaceful,happy place little B.W.
You are with your pals Wally and Pinky and I will never forget you.

Karen and Keith Martin

Baasha, 03/01/98-01/23/09

Baasha started having seizures in May, 2008.
Lots of tests never told why only that he had an enlarged heart and lung problems.
Lots of arthritis in his hips and cateracts.
He had a seizure tonight and went outside before it was concluded and lost his balance and fell over. We do not know if he got so out of breath from the seizure and had a heart attack or what.
I held his head as he took his last breaths.
We miss him dearly.
He was a cool Dal.


Babach, 05/27/00-06/11/09

Now you are
free to run, to chase the squirrels and to again be with your pal, Rosie. No more struggle to stand,to run, to even enjoy the simple pleasure life had for you when you were strong.Wobblers took your ability to move but not your incredible spirit. Life is empty right now, my friend but someday soon I'll see you coming across the bridge to me with all my past friends.Run hard and strong my love.

Pat Meltabarger

Babe, 07/14/96-05/10/09

To Babe, my forever girl.
We love you.

Lisa Peterson

Babie Maggie, 6/1996 - 10/28/2007

We so miss your wiggle wiggle when we come home and miss all the love you gave us everyday. We miss when you are happy and lay on your back and do your trick. You were the sweetest most loving dog but where you are there are no thunder storms and the sun always shines

You wiil always be in our hearts

Love Terry and David

Babins, 03/29/08

Dear Babins, I got you for my only son when he was just a boy.He took you out with just a coat and shorts in the snow and rain and sun.And you slept on his bed and kept him warm and safe.You both grew old and your boy was away but here in this house you still stayed. you kept Mom company and was always by her side all the times that she cried.Then came Clancy, a friend for you! Oh how you loved him and he loved you.He still looks for you and wants to play or to just lay next to each other and enjoy the day.Alison loved when you chased her toys and boy did both of you make alot of noise! We all miss you,your hugs and kisses.I still know your here cause sometimes I know your lying on my bed with me.I love you so much and hope you weren't in any pain.I'll never forget your sweet little face when you wanted to say goodbye and I'm sorry I wasn't there for you but I didn't want you to go.But I'll be there at Rainbow Bridge when it's time for me to say goodbye.

Jill Johnson

Babu, 06/29/09


Shauna Bettencourt

Babuschka, 05/07/09

My sweetest cat Babuschka, I wish I could take back what happened two mornings ago. Your life with me, only 2 of your 5 years was too short. You were a most loved cat and now that you are gone there is nothing I can do to replace you. I pray that your soul is with God and angels, which you were one on earth. I love you today, tomorrow, and until I die. Babuschka, mommy is so sorry, baby. I love you with all of my big heart. If you can, please send your spirit to visit me and Audrey...she cries for you. This home will always be full of love for you


Baby, 06/29/07

Baby, it has been two years since you left me.
I have not forgotten you and your sweet nature. Bubba left me this week and has joined you.
I know you will both be happy to be together again.
He almost didn't make it after you passed on; he was so lonesome.
I found another companion to help him and me deal with your loss.
Bam Bam is a loving Siamese; she does not take your place, only adds to the love that is so special.
I know you were waiting for Bubba on the Rainbow Bridge because I saw the rainbow through my tears as I drove home.
I hope to meet you both again some day.
I love and miss you terribly.

Fran Cassidy

Baby, 04/25/03-12/14/08




Baby, 07/02/09

To baby:
Our Sun Loving Little Girl!
Words can not describ the loss we feel without you! We take comfort in knowing that you are no longer in any pain and we are forever greatful that you were part of our lives!
God Bless You! We Love You!

Tracy & Elisah Goodwin and Family

Baby, 09/03/83-10/13/02

Baby was one very special little girl that came into my life from an abusive situation. There wasn't any one or any thing on two or four legs that she did not want to be friends with, she just loved everyone, especially the elderly and cats.

Even though she passed away seven years ago, at the age of nineteen, I still grieve for her and I probably will until the day I to pass from this life.

Most Rev. Archbishop Gregori

Baby, 06/25/09

My Baby passed on 6/25/09. I was at her side along with her Poppa and Snuggles. Baby was diabetic for over a year. It was a rough year. I'm sure she is at peace now. Forever love you Baby.


Baby, 05/21/09

Baby was a lovable little creature who charmed everyone she met. She was rescued from drowning so many years ago by our daughter, Crystal, and at the time the vet said with the abuse and starvation which she also suffered that likely she wouldn't live more than a couple of years. But here she was 16 years later, a loving member of our family. Baby loved us and was dearly loved in return for 16 sixteen years. We hope to see her crossing Rainbow Bridge one day. Thank you, little girl, for being such a big part of our lives.

Len, Jo-Anne and Crystal Lemaire

Baby, 06/15/09

My Baby girl, you left us so unexpectedly. I will miss you so much! You were with me in the tough times. I only hope I did enough for you. My little sweetie girl.


Baby, 05/20/09

The puppy i fell inlove with, the elderly sweet dear man i held, he passed on today and although it is very hard for me to left go he was in so much pain that i had to let him go. It's hard now and i'm very selfish for wanting him to stay in so much pain he was my bestfriend the one who helped me with my problems who i loved and cherished from the day he was born until his last breath. Although he is gone and although he is not in my arms anymore i know he is with his friends and is waiting for me in heaven not too far away from the rainbow bridge.

Hayley Booth

Baby, 05/02/09

My sweet little Baby Girl. I fell in love with you are your brother, Brody, when we met 8 yrs ago. I miss us saying "Good Morning" and "hello" to each other and our conversations. I miss when you would purr really loud in my ear while I'm sleeping and "make bread" in my hair- pulling it and waking me up.
You were like no other kitty.
You have left a hole in my heart...At least now I know your feeling young and well again and no more insulin shots. I can see you and Brody playing together and biting his eyebrow when he sniffs too close. My little girl...I miss you so much. Until we meet again...Love, Mommy

Baby, 08/07/04-05/14/09

Baby was one of a kind. He liked to scold the kids when they were trouble. He loved to fight with daddy. He loved to kiss mommy. He loved to sing and dance. He will be missed. He will never be forgotten. Everyone who met him, he touched them in a special place.

Angel Roth

Baby, 04/25/09

Baby was my heart and my comfort.
She adopted me 19 years ago and has been my constant companion ever since.
She sat on my chest while I was cooking or on the computer or sewing or paying bills.
I miss her terribly.
She will live in my heart forever and I will never forget her.

Paula Brewer

Baby, 04/19/09

Please send a prayer for my little Baby bunny. She will be forever loved and remembered. I know the pain will never really heal, but it is soothed by Baby's best friend, Sammy. Sammy and Baby were best friends throughout her short life. I'm so glad that I was able to spend time with her and learn all I could from her. Her love was unending and unconditional. I know all the other babies at the Bridge will welcome her with open hearts. She will be in my heart forever. Until we meet again, Mommy, Daddy, and Sam <3

Baby, 04/24/03-12/14/08



Baby, 04/23/03-12/14/08

Baby, my love. I'm hoping and praying that you are well in your resting place. I will never get over losing you. I take solace in knowing you're not suffering. But i can't get over how things happened so fast, and what happened?
My luv i will hafta live with this and its killing me.

I will forever luv u and hold you in my heart. God Bless you my sweet boy. till we meet again.

Love You Forever,

Momma Sonia

Baby, 04/17/97-03/28/09

We miss you Baby girl. I know you are happy, now. We love you, Baby.You are a very special dog.


Baby, 01/01/98-02/23/09

To the one thing in my life I did right. Baby stood by my side through my sickness and never left me. Till now.

Goodbye to my best friend. A part of me has died with you. But I hope you are pain free. I wish we were still together, but you need some rest. Please know I love you more than anything, ever.

I love you , Baby. I love you so very much.

Vincene Lewis

Baby, 11/08/97-03/11/09

My best buddy died today. I cant belive she is gone. I miss her so much. she was my little sweetie

Warren Thomas

Baby, 03/10/09

i miss you dearly.

Kelly C

Baby, 04/01/98-03/03/09

Baby loved the water and was a great swimmer.
She didn't care if it was 30 degrees outside, she loved the water.
She held her tail high and was always happy.
My house is empty without her.

Ana Haget

Baby, 03/04/97-01/18/09

Boo Boo you are greatly missed my dear boy you were always there for me and never let me down you were the sunshine in my life and until we meet again I will miss you dearly

Lisa Pello

Baby, 07/03/09

baby you will be missed our home will never be the same. you are with amos now your best in peace. i love you. till we meet again on the other side.

Debbie Mercier

Baby, 08/11/98-09/19/05

I miss you still my precious girl. I hope you are waiting for me because I can't wait to see you again.

Lesley Harrison

Baby, 04/08/06-02/02/09

It seems so unfair that we lost you Baby. I miss you so much. Buster is going to miss you so much. We love you. I hope that you are with other bunnies right now.

Miss you :( ****


Baby, 04/25/98-02/03/09

Its been only one day since Baby passed and the grieving process is one I hope to never endure again. Baby was not a dog to us, she was our little girl. She filled the home with so much joy and life. She waited anxiousely everyday for Kris to come home. She was our world. She can never be replaced. She was her own personality. Beyond loyal, beyond anything I could possibly express. Her life goes on within us, memories that will break your heart, her expressions that fill your heart with love. We will continue to look to our feet at home expecting those deep big brown eyes to be waiting for you to give into her every wish, who knows, perhaps she is here with us now looking down from up above where we will surely be united with Baby again. We miss you Baby girl, you were like no other. Love forever from our hearts, your Daddy Kris and your other Daddy Drew

Baby, 04/92-01/23/09

My cat passed away in my arms on Jan. 23,2009 at 4:00 AM. He took a piece of my heart with him and that is how it should be. I believe that all animals have an owner picked out for them as soon as they are born. I know that my cat was born just for me. It was just the 2 of us for almost 17 yrs. I will never get over my loss but i have to believe that he is always with me and i with him. Mommy loves you Baby and i always will.


Baby, 04/24/03-12/14/08

My tito today makes one month since u left. Only god knows the sorrow I'm feeling I will never get over losing you. The only thing that keeps me going is knowing that someday we will meet at the rainbow bridge. And when we do,it'll be forever.
Your brothers n sisters miss you too.till we meet again.
momma sonia

Baby, 01/11/09

Baby fought her way into this world. Starving & dehidrated she crawled to my door and there was never a cat more lucky in love than she. Baby was the softest black cat that I have ever been privlaged to know. Baby loved people so very much and never hesitated for a moment to show her affection to any stranger. Her tolerance did not run to other animals, cat or dog. After 6 years of a charmed and beautiful life, a foster dog took her life. Baby died fighting, just as she had come into this world, she went out. ***What a stray and wandering heart shall find, so shall there be another***

Carolyn Baebler

Baby, 04/24/03-12/14/08

My love its going to be four months since you passed. Nit a day goes by when i don't think of you .
Forever in my heart
may god bless you. Till we meet again I LOVE YOU.

Baby, 01/01/87-01/06/09

My sweet Baby boy, 22 years together, I will love and miss you always. The house is empty without you, but I can feel your spirit still here. No more sickness for you...I will see you again at the Rainbow Bridge, on that joyous day to come.

John McMillan

Baby, 12/26/08

Baby was a once in a lifetime dog.
We got him as a rescue dog.
He couldn't even stand up.
We brought him back to life.
We loved that little dog.

Nancy Firth

Baby Belle, 03/28/09-04/16/09

I never held Belle but I loved her just the same.It gives me some comfort knowing Baby is taking care of her now at the Bridge

Jan Larsen

Baby Blue, 01/10/00-09/20/06

I remember the day I brought you home.
You had been an outdoor cat and not treated for fleas, so I had to keep you in the garage all night.
I think you cried all night.
I still hate my self for that night.

You became my best friend, especially when I lost my beloved Shadow (Russian Blue, aged 17).
You would always seek me out anywhere in the house and want to jump into my lap.
You were never cross or angry, at least not for very long.

You were taken to a specialist who determined that you had congestive heart failure.
That went on for about two years and then one night you didn't want to eat and just sat on the kitchen floor looking miserable.
We took you to the vet and they kept you for two days before calling to say that you had passed away.

I'm sorry I didn't say goodbye properly.
I miss you every day, even 2 years later.
I hope you are at the rainbow bridge, or in heaven with my grandma, who loved cats.
Goodbye old friend.

Ron Storozyszyn

Baby Bosso, 05/02/09










xo... I love you forever

Baby Bunnie Apollo, 04/05/09

Baby Bunnie was adopted on March 21, 2009 by a wonderful family that tried their best efforts to provide her with the finest care possible filled with unconditional love.
She was awaiting her third boss's (my stepdaughter) arrival on April 10, 2009 to be named, thus her alias, "Baby Bunnie," which became permanent on the day of her passing.
Baby litter-trained rather quickly and was just connecting more with her owners--she loved and trusted Daddy best!
Bunnie did not enjoy her cage much, but Mommy and Daddy kept her in there for her safety when she could not be supervised; otherwise, Baby roamed the home with freedom.
She enjoyed being rubbed on her cheek, and favored the seeds from her Rabbit Mix (part of her starter kit provided by the pet store but Mommy and Daddy soon learned from the vet that it was not recommended).
She was a beautiful perfect little bunny who is greatly missed, loved, and will never be forgotten.
Mommy and Daddy are not taking it very well, but they are comforted knowing I am in a better place with no boundaries or fears and am under the care of the Almighty Father.

Celeste and Joseph Apollo

Baby Cakes, 06/10/09

Sweet Baby Cakes was rescued from a breeder in 1997.
She weighed 15 lbs and her belly drug the ground.
Her beautiful blue eyes stole our hearts.

She developed a liver problem in 2007.
She began losing weight slowly and by the time of her death she weighed just 3 lbs.
She still had attitude and though she had no muscle left could still jump and run.

She lost some of her eyesight, lost all her teeth and was losing her hearing but would not give up life.
The decision was made to send her to the Rainbow Bridge before she could no longer get around.

We love you Baby Cakes and all the sweet meows you gave us.
Up until you closed your eyes and took your last breath you purred so lovingly.

Say hello to Sadie, Emma and Patches at the Rainbow Bridge.
We love you.

Sharon Beresford

Baby George, Maybe 1994 - September 7, 2009

Baby George was rescued from the Fulton County Animal shelter in Georgia in May 2007 by our friend Mary Ann Ellis. He was thought to be 13, blind and deaf. She determined that he wasn't deaf and desperately needed thyroid supplement, which she supplied. He was happily loved among her miniature schnauzers for over a year. When Mary Ann had an accident in October 2008 that led to her later dying, my husband Mark and I brought Baby George home with us.

Baby George was recklessly adventurous and incredibly sweet tempered. His eleven months with us was our gift. We will never know about his puppyhood and his many years until the Fulton County Animal shelter, but we suspect someone loved him very much because he knew how to love. jude preissle and mark toomey

Baby Girl, 03/20/06-03/28/06

Even thow we didn't have much time together I LOVED YOU alot and I think of you everyday, now you can go and play with Muffy.

Amiee' Hatfield

Baby Girl, 03/22/09

I will see you again my little Baby Girl

Rose Pedersen

Baby Hannah, 04/01/94-05/14/09

Hannah, I love you so much, you are so missed.


Baby Kitten, 03/03/09-03/14/09

It is so sad when a little tiny baby kitten, who just opened her eyes passes.
She was too tiny to walk across the bridge herself.
I am certain Christ carried her.


Baby Kitty, 07/04/09

My mother taught me how to love, and for 18 and a half years Baby Kitty shown me what love was about.
We will miss you little one. You've made our journey together the best experience of my life.

I love you, Brenda, Scott & George

Baby Kitty, 05/13/09-05/16/09

We only had you in our hands for 3 days but you will be in our hearts forever. Sleep well little angel. We love and miss you!

Jim & Tracy

Baby Kitty, 04/23/09

With heavy hearts we had to give our Baby Kitty back to God on Apirl 23rd 2009 at 10pm. I sat right by her side until the very last beat of her tiny little heart. Baby Kitty was always such a tiny little girl, but she had a heart bigger than anything you could imagine. We were so blessed to have her in our lives and I thank God everyday for her. She leaves behind her sister Chelsea and her adopted big brother Goofy. They miss her a lot too. Baby Kitty held my hand with her tiny paw till the very end. She was such a good little girl. We will miss her dearly! We loved her with all of our hearts and I know someday we will see her again. But until that day we will miss her every single day of our lives. We love you Baby Kitty! "my little pumpkin". Mommy and Daddy miss you!

Baby Love, 06/09/07-07/05/09

I'm so terribly sorry, I'm sorry about everything I couldn't do for you when you were here. You didn't asked to come to me, and I didn't ask it either, but we ended up together anyway. I tried to make your life as good as possible... I loved you so very much.

All I can say is I hope you enjoyed those 2 years we spent together. I pretty much can do nothing now to make things better now, my words are worthless at this moment. All I have is my broken heart and my terrible sorrow.

I don't know what happens when life ends, I don't know if its the same for hamsters and people... is there really a place called 'Rainbow Bridge' for those pets that have passed away? Oh, god, I would pray everyday of the rest of my life if there could be such a place if i did so. Please, forgive me. Please don't hate me. If the Rainbow Bridge exist, please be there when I join you.

You are at peace now. Pain is gone. Your sould know I'll never forget you. How could I ever? Rest now, my beloved baby. I'll light a candle for you.

Erika Martinez Trejo

Baby Luv, 04/23/03-12/14/08

My love, my tito, its gonna be 3 months since you passed. My life will never be the same. I miss you soooo much my hearts still broken and the questions of what happened won't go away ever. May god protect you now that I couldn't. Maybe one day ill be avle to understand and maybe get closure. For now my luv rip n know that mamma luvs you for
eternity. Till we meet at the rainbow bridge stay well.
Luv momma sonia

Baby My Tito, 04/23/03-12/14/08




Baby O'Neil, 04/04/09

Baby was laid to rest on Saturday, April 4th, 2009, after a long and courageous battle with Cushing's Disease.
She was the very best friend of Jennifer O'Neil, who gave Jen many, many years of happiness and joy.
Baby also leaves behind her human family--Ashley LaFountain and Jon Sclar.
Baby also is missed tremendously by her dog sister Sophie, who refused to eat last few days of Baby's life, because Baby wouldn't eat.
Baby loved her Mom's kisses on the lips, which grossed out everyone else but they didn't care, uh uh!
Baby lived and breathed for food. Every minute of every day she wondered where the next treat was coming from.
She was a wonderful dog to Jennifer and her family and she will be sadly missed. Thanks for the memories, Baby!

Michelle Drumm

Baby Red, July 1993 - September 22, 2009

My precious Baby Red,
So precious she was, a lil lady who always crossed her paws when laying down. Her fur was so soft due to her intent on prim & properness, seldom did she frown. A scaredy cat as others knew her to be, though not with me. She was my sweet and loving baby - just give her some space and she will repay you with lots of loving and grace. Scared was not her way though no point to prove she'd leave you to brood with your envy as appeared her pace she seemed made of satin and lace.  

I am so sorry.  
I wish I could have held you forever.  
I sometimes think I still hear you walking to come to bed.  
The other day as I was sorting laundry I felt as though you were at my leg.  
I love my baby girl!  
I thank you so much for the love you showered upon me, for the slow sway of your tail, your purring, your sleeping on my chest that last morning, your patience as I drove you to the vet for the very last time.  
I pray your forgiveness for I feel maybe I should have held on another day or two.  
You tried so hard to eat because I asked you to.  
My sweet baby Red rather than slack in your show of love as your body was withering away, you looked at me with eyes full of passion.
Please rest now sweet baby Red, and know that you will always be near in my heart.  
Thank you for sixteen years of loving me, for being there to wipe my tears with your cheek, for the nudges and kisses and for letting me love you.  
Oh my sweet Baby Red, Sia, the kids, and I love you and miss you so dearly.

Baby Shamu, 11/14/94-05/20/09

I will allways LOVE YOU. You are forever in my heart. Please don't forget to greet your mommy in Heaven. You have been and always be the LOVE of my life. So happy, sweet, tender, silly and loving, your unconditional love tought me to be a better person, Thank you. I'll never forget your sweet, tender looks, specially your silly underbite. Mommy is always there, kissing you and loving you forever, until we meet again. See you soon my ANGEL OF LOVE.


Baby Silvers, 01/29/09

Our sweet Baby arrived at the rainbow bridge today.We will miss her greatly.She was such a loyal kitty and sweet as could be. Now she is playing with her other family members, Kaycee Lee,& Crystal kitty. Until we meet again my sweet baby girl. All of our hearts will forever be with you as will our love.

Doris Silvers

Babygirl, 02/97-05/12/09

I lost my sweet kitty Babygirl to a nasal tumor.
She was my little shadow, the one to greet me when I came home.
She loved being brushed and always begged for the milk left in my cereal bowl.

Kathryn F

Babygirl, 06/03/03-03/03/09

May you alway be happy amoungst your playful friends. Love and miss you each day.
You were a joy to raise and each and every day you brought us much love and happiness.
We were blessed to have you in our lives. Your brother misses you too.
He looks for you every day and sends his love too.
We will be together soon and a whole family once more.
RIP my lovely baby.
Mommy Poppy and Brother
We ache for your warth every day of our lives.
I love you sweetie.

Babygirl Nicole, 10/13/02-09/27/08

Babygirl I luv u so much u made life fun and brite and now since ur gone it's dull even though I have been on this earth 14 years and those years were so amazing I lost u and sweetpea on the same day I hope ur seizers r gone and ur brian tumor


Badger, 02/10/1996 - 09/21/2009

In memory of one of my best friends! words can not express my love for you, only my heart. I will forever have a whole in my heart. Boo I miss you so much! Thank You for all the fun times and memories. Our first meeting;Our walks;chasing and catching balls and sticks, you loved to do this;playing chase; following me everywhere,my shadow,always at my side,and never out of your site, my protector;our rides in the truck, you loved going for rides;I could never out smart you, you always knew when I was trying to out smart you; our bedtimes; how you would wake us up; your kisses and our songs. I could go on and on, I miss you so! You taught me so much about life, how to love so deep and I did not know it would hurt so to lose you, my heart aches. Thank You for being my best friend and buddy. Thank You for the unconditional love that we had between us! I know that you are running wild and free as the free spirit you are and pain free. You will be dearly missed and forever in my heart! See you over on the other side!

I love you Boo!

Badger, 03/03/09

Badger, You will remain in my heart forever.

Susan Auger

Bagheera, 01/18/96-05/24/09

You were the sweetest cat and you are dearly missed.
The most faithful friend with your unconditional love.
I loved to sit on the couch while on the laptop computer with you making yourself comfy right near me purring loudly and looking up at my face with your wonderful green eyes every once in a while to wink at me, meow at me or just reach out your paw and pet me.

When I was sick you were content to lay by my side to cuddle and love on me. You were always polite when you wanted anything. I will miss you sitting on the doorway of our bedroom as if waiting for an invite to come onto the bed. You were such the gentleman.

I will miss our talks. Oh how you loved to talk. You always had a meow for me.
I will remember all of your different meows.

I remember the day you reached out to catch a fly with both paws and then sat back down on your back legs with your little arms out in front as you slowly opened your paws to see your "catch" only to see that there was nothing there :) the look on your face was priceless.
You brought me such great joy!

It hurt to let you go. I didn't want to. But I
knew I had to for your sake. :( I held you 'til 3:30 am the night before the vet visit. I will cherish that quiet time.

In the meantime sweet Bagheera play and enjoy your time 'til we meet again.
We will take that walk and be together forever.

Your Brothers Rowdy dog and Shadow Cat miss you and love you too.

Rest in Peace my beautiful beautiful sweet Bagheera.

Dona and Steven Farris

Bagheera, 01/01/09

my dear sweet Bagheera - you were the spark in my life for so long it is hard to believe you are actually gone.
I will never forget you big brown eyes and that puppy dog look you always had.
You were always so happy, silly, playful and loving.
Everyone who met you instantly adored you.
Thank you for being such a good boy all these years.
I will never forget you and will remember all the wonderful adventures we had.
I am truly lost without you.


Bagheera Bugsy Boy Schmidt, 05/28/99-02/23/09

Lost a very good friend today to Kidney disease
:( The best friend we have ever had!! We just cant believe that you are gone Bagheera!! We love you so much! We look forward to meeting you at the rainbow bridge boy :) We love you!!!

Holli & Shannon Schmidt

Bailey, December 11, 2009

Beloved Friend and Companion, You will be missed immensely. You brought so much joy to our lives.

Bailey, 8/27/95 - November 2, 2009

To our beloved Bailey...words cannot express the sadness we feel in our hearts at losing our best friend of 14 years. You've made us laugh, you've made us cry...but most of all you've made us happy. You showed us the meaning of true, unselfish and unconditional love....we know that no one loved us more than you did and I hope you know that we loved you more than life itself. Daddy and I miss you and love you so very much and the pain we feel is beyond words. Knowing that you're in God's loving arms, no longer feeling pain, gives us some comfort as we try to find our way back to some sort of normalcy. We can't wait for the day when we see each other again across that Rainbow Bridge... Daddy and I can scoop you up, look into your beautiful soft eyes once more and kiss your sweet little face...until then, we'll be giving you lots of hugs and kisses in our dreams. We love you Bailey...forever.

Bailey, Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Bailey was a very special dog, she was loyal protective and loving. I will miss bailey's hyperness, her quirks, her sweet face and cuddles. She was my best friend and she will be dearly missed.

I only had Bailey for six months but they were the best months of my life and I will treasure my memories of her forever.

I love you Bailey and I will never forget you. Thank you for all you did for me!

Bailey, 02/14/1998 - 08/26/09

We lost our beloved dog Bailey on August 26, 2009. I can truely say it is the worst day of my life. I miss him so much. He is the love of my life, my first born. He loved life and enjoyed his days on earth for 11 1/2 years. He was the most handsome, loveable Golden Retriever around. Anyone who new him loved him. I miss him greeting me at the door when I get home with that silly smile. My life was better because he was in it. I was the lucky one. Till we meet again boy. I love you.

Bailey, 05/27/09

God Bless you my Bailey-girl..we miss you so, so, much. You were truly our first born and we love you so much. You were the BEST dog anyone could every ask for...Rest in Peace my girl.

Christine Murphy

Bailey, 04/24/09

My Unconditional Friend.
You will be missed greatly.

Jennifer Barto

Bailey, 07/05/98-03/30/09

I will forever hold a special place in my heart for my precious Bailey. And although the pain is unbearable I wouldn't trade one single tear for the privilege of having been her human mommy.

She was always there for me, even when others were not. She was my companion, my best friend and the giver of unconditional love.

I don't know how I will go on without her. She truly was the love of my life.

I will always love you, my precious angel.

Jeanne DiPierro

Bailey, 03/27/97-06/05/09

Bailey was my best friend. She saw me through a lot of ups and downs over the past 12 years. Sometimes she was the only thing that kept me going. When she was diagnosed with insulinoma last summer I was devastated. What I want Bailey to be remembered for was her ability to make everyone around her happy. She had a wonderful personality and was able to express herself through her actions in such a way that I always felt like I knew what she was thinking. She greeted everyone as they entered our home as though she knew they were there just to see her. When she wanted to go swimming in the lake out back, there was no stopping her. Her droopy eyes and way of tilting her head made it impossible not to give her a treat or share a bite of your own snack with her. Having to make the decision that she was not living the life she wanted to and was no longer enjoying life was the most difficult decision I have ever made. I pray each night that I made the right decision for her and that she is happy swimming in a big lake in heaven. I hope she know that what I did, I did out of love and that I miss her very much.

Diane Lukac

Bailey, 04/10/00-08/17/08

I would just like to tell my little girl How much I still miss her and love her , and that she will never be forgoten she was my baby....
she was my Mommy dog.....Love you Daddy....

Bailey, 05/18/09

Today Mr Bailey went to the Rainbow Bridge. At age 18, he began to slow down only this past week. He was such a kind and loving pet and never missed the opportunity to greet others and wag his tail. Bailey endured diabetes for the past 1 1/2 years and was blind, too. He didn't let his disabilities stop him from enjoying the sun on his fur and playing with my young daughter.I knew the time had come today when you had trouble walking. I would carry you forever if I thought it would help. I love you too much to let you suffer. I held you in my arms as you took your last breath. I will never forget you my friend.
I will love you forever and always my doggy you'll be. All our love- Ericka and Madison

Bailey, 07/04/07-05/06/09

My little old man - the sweetest and funniest guy. Even though your body was so twisted by arthritis your little bright eyes and spirit are my inspiration right now. Gypsy is sad without you beside her.
My little belly belly belly - we really miss you.

Elizabeth Egley

Bailey, 05/14/09

Thank you Bailey for ALWAYS greeting me and the whole family when we came in the door.
You were an AWESOME and adorable dog.
I remember how you used to run on top of the couch, and how you loved that yellow duck toy=)
Run free Bailey!!You can breathe perfectly now.
You can eat and play all you want.
Good bye Bailey, you will be missed....


Bailey, 11/22/00-05/12/09

You will always be with us


Bailey, 04/04/96-04/16/09

On 4/16 we lost a very special part of our family.
Our lives have changed forever.
We were blessed to have him his full life and grateful for those wonderful 13 years.
I will miss the way he looked up at me and the presence he made in our home.
Love you Bailey

Nancy and Sherri

Bailey, 06/11/97-04/25/09

Bailey, our black lab, would have been 12 yrs. next month.
He was very ill the last few months and even though he tried valiantly to stick to his favorite routines, he just didn't have the will or strength.
There's a huge void in my heart without him beside me, but he'll live on in many wonderful memories.
He was such a kind and gentle companion and wonderful with the grandchildren. Dear Bailey boy is no longer in pain and can now rest and play with his furry friends over the Rainbow Bridge.


Bailey, 05/04/99-04/29/09

You will always be in out Heart.


Bailey, 09/26/94-04/01/09

Bailey was our beautiful girl.
She added so much love, joy & happiness to our lives.
I felt at peace when she was here with us.
Bailey, Mom & Dad miss you so much.
We love you angel.

Lois & Tom

Bailey, 06/06/96-04/25/09

Bailey was the sweetest dog ever.
He was our baby and gave us so much joy.
We will never forget all of the love he gave us.
We love him so much.

Heather and Chris

Bailey, 12/19/94-03/01/09

Bailey, it's not been two months that we had to let you go.
I miss you so.
My heart truly knows what it feels like to be broken.
I think of you everyday and I ache for you to be home with us. Some days I think I can hear you, or feel you about.
I wish I could just hold you again, feel you again.
I'll never forget kissing you and holding you and saying "goodbye my best boy".
I can't imagine ever not feeling this way, you're not here when I come home, the house feels so empty, I feel so empty.
Until we meet again my boy, know that you brought such joy to our lives,
I'll wait for you at the Rainbow Bridge. I love you, Mommy

Bailey, 04/14/09

Bailey was more than a dog.
She was a member of my family.
I have spent half my life loving her and to have her gone tears me up inside.
I love her so much, she would always go nuts when I came home to visit, acting like a puppy, which was amazing as she was 14.
I'll never forget her beautiful smile and the way she would nudge her nose under your arm if she wanted more pats.
Wherever she is I hope Nana is with her, she always loved Nana taking her for walks.

RIP Bailey, you are an amazing friend.

Sarah Crowe

Bailey, 10/30/96-03/29/09

My friends and family all know what a big part of my life my dog, Bailey is.
It is therefore with a heavy heart, that I inform you of his passing early this morning around 2:15AM, Sunday March 29, in Halifax.
Bailey was the love of my live as you all know, and he has left a huge hole in my heart.
After years of battling liver disease, he succumbed in a few short hours to a cancerous tumor on his spleen which caused him uncontrollable internal bleeding.
On Friday we have a great day in Point Pleasant Park and even this afternoon, we were playing out on the deck in the first warm rays of spring sunshine.
He had a good day today.Thank you all for you enquires about Bailey over the years; it meant a great deal to know that you cared about his well-being.
I can't begin to tell you how empty I feel at this moment - 12 1/2 years and now he's gone.
I prayed that I would be here with him when he passed, and for that I am truly thankful. Randy

Bailey, 06/24/03-04/18/09

Bailey my little Boo Boo I miss you so much and I love you. You always be in my heart you were not only my pet, companion, friend but you were like a child to me a huge part of the family. I'm trying not to cry but it hurts to bad not to. I hope you are pain free now and at rest. I love you baby boy always. love mommy

Bailey, 01/28/95-04/13/09

Bailey brought so much joy to our lives. We will miss him terribly. He will always have a place in our hearts. With much Love, Gary, Inge and Kaitlyn.. also, our other kitty, Sabrina..

Bailey, 09/08/95-04/06/09

Dearest Bailey will be missed by her Mommy, Daddy, siblings and most of all Jake the yellow lab.
Bailey was a special angel who was always there for Mommy before she met Daddy.
She was a blessed animal that put a smile on everyone's face she encountered.
We miss her so much already and know she is in a peaceful, loving place.

Taix Family

Bailey, 04/01/99-04/08/09

I miss you so much, Pretty Girl.
I will love you and cherish your memory always.


Bailey, 03/97-04/01/09

Please pray for the loss of the closest member of my family's dog Bailey, who since we are both childless, consider as our furrever children.
Bailey passed away too young, at age 12 due to a blood clot in her heart.
I know she is over the Rainbow Bridge with our other family members including a loving mother, aunt, grandmother, and many more.

Thank you for your unwaivering support of our furry children & God Bless you for all you do.

Maria D. Dicino

Bailey, 02/14/09

Bailey mommy misses you so much. I would give anything to have you back. We are so attached to one another when u left apart of me left. You were the most amazing dog/best friend i could ask for. I love you baby

Michelle Hall

Bailey, 03/19/09

You were the best dog that i could ever have asked for and i will love you always


Bailey, 03/27/97-04/01/09

I lost my beloved Bailey a few days ago.
She died very peacefully at home.
I miss her terribly but am finding peace that I was with her in the end.
She was my first dog and I loved her more than anything.
She had the cutest little face and I always thought her paws smelled like pop corn :).
She was my baby and my heart will never be the same without her.

Natalie Parrish

Bailey, 05/15/07-03/22/09

You took care of me when I was sick, you kept me company when I had to sit down, you loved me, you were happy to see me, you made me feel important and loved.
I miss you so much already - you will always be in my heart.


Bailey, 03/18/09

Bailey was a wonderful friend and companion.
She had a rough start in life but found her true home with us.
Her death has left a huge hole in our hearts and we miss her so much.
We will always love her and hold her memory in our hearts. And we look forward to the time when we will be reunited with her.

Joann Bondhus

Bailey, 02/24/09

Bailey, you were our precious angel.
We miss you so much.
You gave us so much joy and happiness.
You were the best dog in the world.
There is such an emptiness in our lives now that you're gone but we know we will see you again someday.
You are in heaven with all of God's precious angels that have crossed over the bridge.
Our sweet Bailey, you will live forever in our hearts, and we know you will always be sitting beside us in spirit.
We love you so much, sweetheart.
Thank you for being our faithful friend.
Thank you for being our special baby.

Debbie and Rich Berna

Bailey, 11/29/06-02/27/09

We hope you find what you are searching for, we miss you

Bryan Hesse

Bailey, 12/04/99-02/27/09


We miss you so much.
You helped us through the loss of our child and the loss of our home.
You will always be close to our hearts.

Nancy Fortier

Bailey, 03/17/91-02/12/09

Bailey was my "little girl". She was born the runt of the litter but became the Alpha Kitty of the house. I joked for years that if you looked up the definition of "scaredy cat" in
Webster's, you would see a picture of Bailey.
Your love was cherished by me each and every day. You touched me and my life in so many ways and I love you for that.
I miss you my baby, my sweetie, the love of my life.
You are forever in my heart, Love Momi

Bailey, 1994-02/02/09

My Bailey left my arms for Heaven on Monday, February 2, 2009. It was so hard to watch him go. I miss him so much! He brought more joy to my life than can ever be expressed. He was always so curious. He LOVED looking out the window at the goings on outside. He would hop up in his chair and peer outside for hours and hours. I can't help but smile just thinking of him doing the same from God's window now, instead of mine.


Bailey, 02/10/96-02/02/09

Oh sweetie, it's just such a raw pain right now without you.
You were the best friend we could have had.
I didn't know the day I picked you out of that litter that you would come into our family and bring us such joy...I'm glad we made the decision to help you along your journey so that you weren't suffering anymore but it was just so sudden that we weren't ready for it.
Bella misses you too, she just doesn't know why you're not here to play with her.
I love you so much..Mom, Dad and Stefan

Bailey, 03/17/99-12/29/08

May God bless my sweet, precious, baby girl. I love you so much!


Bailey, 09/17/97-12/11/08

Bailey was such a wonderful dog who was taken from us too soon. He was diagnosed with a brain tumor after a seizure and got progressively worse in just a week. He was my best buddy for 11 years and putting him down was the hardest decision I have ever had to make. We finally recieved his urn and I put him in on Sunday, so I was having a hard night. I wish all dogs were as loved and missed as Bailey.

Lisa Krager

Bailey, 01/25/09

Bailey, you were the BEST!!! You found me in April 1995 and brought me so much
You loved to be vacuumed, greated every visitor at the door & loved to be loved and give love.
I know you're with Maya enjoying the warmth of the sun..see you later Boo-Boo Bear!!!

Deborah & Frank McSparren

Bailey, 06/10/01-10/11/03

My Bailey - the day I met you while I was working at the shelter I couldn't believe how beatiful and funny you were. Every time I walked past your cage your paw would snake out and try to grab me. We already had 2 kitties at home and weren't planning on adding another but you stole my heart from the get go. I went home and told your Daddy that you had to come home - you needed to be out of the kennel. You sure gave the other two a run for their money; stole their beds; hid their favorite toys; ate their food as well as yours and a few other naughty things too. But how could we stay mad at you - you had such a wonderful personality.Then, the worst, you lost weight and slept alot. And your Dr. said maybe a month.How could that be - you weren't even 3 years old. I didn't believe him ! But you slept even more and lost more weight. You still could get up on the toilet to drink - your favorite drinking place even though you had filtered, iced water in your bowl and you still enjoyed your meals.
You spent every minute that I was home with me and I cried many, many tears with you cuddled against me. A month later you and I got up one morning and you couldn't get up on the toilet to drink - my heart broke because I knew it was time for your suffering to end. I can only hope and pray that you are having a blast over the Rainbow Bridge and that there is lots of food for you to get fat on and a lineup of toilets for you to drink from.
I love you sweetie.

Wendy Reglin

Bailey, 09/01/97-01/02/09

My Bailey, My little guy, My best friend...I miss you terribly everyday. I know it was time to say good-bye so you didn't suffer, but I can't let go. When I was sad before I would turn to you to help calm my nerves. I can't pick up any of your things, your bed-time stuffed animal 'Sam' is still on our bed waiting for you.
No matter what I'm doing in the house, I know right where you would be or what sun spot you would be laying in. My routines are all confused now because they all included you.
I hope things get easier over time without losing any of our great memories of 12 years. I'm so glad you're healthy and whole again, but I miss you terribly and thank you for all the love you allowed me to feel. I love you!


Bailey, 01/03/09

Rest well sweet girl.
You were the best friend my daughter and son-in-law could ever have.
You will be missed but your memory will live on forever in our hearts.

Trudy McElligott

Bailey Ann, 07/01/09

Bailey was truly a one of a kind dog. She was the most loving, loyal friend to us. We have so many wonderful memories of our years with Bailey and even though we are in pain from our loss, it is so worth it to have shared our lives with such an incredible friend. We will always love her and cherish our time with her.

Conlon sends his love to his best friend (our two year old son.)

We love you and miss you Bailey!

Loree & Pat Myers

Bailey Belle of Baton Rouge, 01/30/96 - 09/04/09

Bailey was the best dog anyone could ever hope for! She was always there for you whan you needed a friend. She was our friend and our family. She love anyone and everyone. When you saw Bailey, she gave you this feeling like no other, that warm, gentle feeling that eveyone loves.  
Bailey, we miss you so much! It was so hard to see you go. We love you with all are hearts!!  
So thank you Bailey, for being the best dog anyonje could ever wish to have.


Your family (written by Sydney-12 years old)

Bailey Bixler, 04/16/96-01/02/09

Bailey, you were the best!
We love and miss you dearly!

Jessie, Kate and Jim Bixler

Bailey Boo Aden, 10/28/95-07/03/09

Bailey, you are so missed by us. We can still hear your little paws echoing down the hallway. We love you so much. Sleep well, be at peace, you will always be in our hearts.

Ralph & Laura Aden

Bailey Chicken, 07/04/09

My Darling Bailey, Thank you for your love and endless loyalty.
You were my beautiful baby boy and I will love you for always. xxx


Bailey Clarke-Gregory (Southern Charm's I'm a Butler Too), 08/01/97-05/08/09

Such a beautiful, sensitive little spirit you were, almost too delicate for this world.
Our own ET.
We will miss you terribly but know you are in a better place and are with Butler, Taz and Schatzie.
Go run and play and we'll see you when we get there.

Susan Gregory/Carlotta Clarke

Bailey Copeland, 02/03/99-04/09/09

In Loving Memory of Bailey Copeland.My Best Friend.My Heartbeat.My baby...

Angela Copeland

Bailey French, 03/17/09-03/23/09

To our best little friend!
Bailey, for 13 years you gave us such joy and happiness.
Now that you have gone our home is so empty and our hearts are heavy with pain.
We know that you are in God's hands now and will be waiting for us to join you again.
We love you so much.
Good night sweet Prince!

Mom & Dad French

Bailey Hanna, 07/03/99-05/18/09

Bailey, my beautiful, beautiful boy lost his short battle with osteosarcoma.
He leaves a family all torn up with sadness but with a faith that he is now in a better place with no pain, doing all of those things he loves..... chasing a tennis ball, riding in the car with the wind on his face, walking/running everyday, swimming and all those things that made Bailey so happy.
He brought joy to so many... his mom- Patti, sissy Hannah, brother Cody and brother Patches.
Along with the entire Hanna family (Nanny, Marie, Diane, Jimmy, Lisa, Caleb, Uncle Bobby, Robert, Joseph, Derek, Ms. Beth).... a special Uncle Bobby who was with him and his mom at the very end.
We love you Bailey.... our beautiful boy. Wait for us, we will be there.
I promise.
I love you- Mommy (Patti)

Bailey Jane, 09/09/00-01/04/09

Bailey came quickly into my life. She is the first cat to claim a spot in my heart. She was her brother Oscars protector. I would go to sleep at night with her gentle purring in my ear.
I will always love you my little Bailey Jane. Mommy misses you more than you will ever know.
Sleep well my little girl. Know that you were loved.

Kristie E. McMasters

Bailey Marie, 03/12/98-12/29/08

Just this side of heaven is a place called Rainbow Bridge. When you died, you went pet to Rainbow Bridge. There are meadows and hills for you and your special friends so you can run and play together. There is plenty of food, water and sunshine, and your friends are warm and comfortable.

All the animals who had been ill and old are restored to health and vigor; those who were hurt or maimed are made whole and strong again, just as we remember them in our dreams of days and times gone by. You'll be happy and content, except for one small thing; you'll miss someone very special to you, me, who had to be left behind.

You will all run and play together, but the day comes when you suddenly stop and look into the distance. Your bright eyes are intent; Your eager body begins to quiver. Suddenly you'll begin to run from the group, flying over the green grass, your legs carrying him faster and faster.

I have been spotted, and when you and I finally meet, we will cling together in joyous reunion, never to be parted again. The happy kisses rain upon my face; my hands again caress the beloved head, and I'll look once more into the trusting eyes of you, my pet, so long gone from my life but never absent from my heart.

Then we will cross Rainbow Bridge together....

I love you Bailey Marie. Thank you. :)


Bailey May, 04/15/09

Bailey you were the most awesome dog and such a loyal and loving friend.
We grieve over you and know that you are waiting for us at Rainbow Bridge.
We will remember how your soft ears felt, the look of your hazel eyes, and how you could catch frisbees.
We miss you!!

Vaughan Family

Bailey Perro, 02/01/96-04/03/09

Although this is such a painful time, We feel blessed to have had her in our lives.... She was worth every bit of it and she was everything to us... She was OUR baby

Mike and Stef

Bailey Susan Yarborough, 12/04/94-03/31/09

I am Bailey Susan's Aunt Theresa. I remember getting her with my sister Katrina when she was just a puppy.
Bailey was always glad to see you and was a very happy dog.
Bailey got to watch my sister's kids Sydney and Troy grow up and was there for many happy family get togethers.
We will miss you Bailey Susan Yarborough, you were a great dog.
We pray that you are happy now in a better place and running around and playing with Buster Yarborough.

Steve & Katrina Yarborough

Bailey Woltemath, 01/25/09

To my beautiful girl-Thank you for taking such good care of me and for your unconditional love. You are my soul mate and will always be in my heart and mind. I will miss you and can't wait to see you again. Be nice to all the other dogs, they are your friends and will care for you until I get there. Please forgive me for not being there when you passed. I hope you visit me often in my dreams. I love you and always will. See you later. My B-Loo.

Joey Woltemath

Baily, 02/01/09-06/03/09

He had a way
To brighten your day
Sooth your troubles for a while
A twitch of his nose
off he would go
Though he left you with a smile

Always my friend
A friend to the end
Never wanting nothing more
Your company I'll miss
A sweet bunny kiss
Calm I never knew before

Baily we loved you
But now you have gone
Where sun shines through the window
While you binky all day long

Jeff and Kathy Mash

Bakkies, 07/06/07-07/12/09

Bakkies past away on Sunday,and my heart feels torn apart I know this is not what she would want.She was a caring and loving dog who helped me trough all the hard times and was always there when I needed someone,with a lick and a wave of her tail she could brighten up my darkest day.How I wish it wasn't so soon.But God is calling you.My heart feels empty my heart feels raw,I lost more than a dog in you,you were my child,my best friend,my shoulder of comfort in times of dispair,you were my teacher but most of all you are the biggest love i'll ever share.And that is why I cry today it saddens me to know my child won't be with us anymore on this earth.Wish the whole world saw the great dog you were.But Bakkies my friend I will try not mourn for to long about the time that we lost,but rather rejoice the time you had.I will look after Clara your baby as if she was my own,if she grows up to be even a tenth like you.I would be so happy.Bakkies my love I love you so,I just hope that you know how much because words can't always explain.And that is why I promise you,that I'll change my life for the better all just you.So I love you my bakkies you changed my whole life.So rest in peace Bakkies and play in paradise daddy will miss you but it's not goodbye only see you later.


Baliegh Cline, 02/22/09

We are so thankful for all the fun hours, love and watchful days she gave Lisa and Sean.
She will missed, but never forgotten.

Susan Greene

Ball Ball Chu, 12/12/08

I wish to hug you again. You left us so suddenly and lonely. I wish I was there with you. I really missed you and you are always in my heart. Thanks for your friendship and companionship throughout these years. I promised to be strong and tough.

Frankie Shum

Ballou Fank Slocum, 03/03/96-05/08/09

We have loved you from the day you came into our life.
You were "OUR BOY".
We could not watch you suffer,
We could not see you in pain.
Now you are free.
Your body is no longer sick, or weak, or hurting.
Because we loved you,
we had to let you go.
I am lost without you, but you will live forever in our hearts.

Dianne Fank

Baloo, 03/22/09

Our gentle giant, there will never be another like her..

Diane DeFino, Andy Ortega

Balore, 01/17/09

You will always be well loved.


Balto, 05/10/09

Take care Balto, we love you and miss you and will see you again!

Joan Plonski

Balto Greer, 12/30/95 - 02/22/09

Balto came into our home when I was only two years old, when we moved to Arizona in 1996. He was only six months old. He was always healthy, just a bit on the chubby side. He lived through many ordeals- my father once stepped on him (by accident) and punctured his lung. Balto persevered and lived for a very long time. I grew up with him, and he was always there for me to lay with and pet when I was sad. Balto was, is, and always will be my big boy, my baby, and I love him and miss him endlessly, as do the rest of my family.You're always in my heart Balto, and I will always wear your dog-tag. Always. I love you.

Bam Bam, 11/04/07-02/11/09


I found this poem on the net today and it rings in my head.

Our hearts still ache in saddness,
secret tears still flow,
what it meant to loose you,
no one will ever know.

I look for you to come out of your mama's room in the morning, and greet me at the door when I come home.
Laliah is still waiting for you to come out and play. And Shorty does not know what to do without you.
Life is good, death is inevetable. But timing is not always ours.
WE will always have you in our heart.
Love Mama, granny, and papa

Bama, 1994?-02/25/08

Bama was a rescue dog, a small black Peke-a-Poo, who was found with matted hair, full of worms, and had obviously had a litter but there was no sign of what had become of her pups. We cleaned her up, got her proper veterinary care and she became a part of our family.

Before she could be spayed, she became pregnant by a roaming Cocker Spaniel, and gave us the joy of her son, Murphy, who is still with us.
(We call him a Cock-a-peke-a-poo!)

She was a fierce little 12 pound alpha dog who ruled our pack of three with an iron paw. She let the pack play, but if it got too rough, a simple snarl from her was enough to bring it all to a halt.
However, with any human, she was loving and kind and sweet, and charmed everyone she met with never as much as a growl at any person.

She loved chasing balls more than anything in the world.
She would play for hours, until her tongue was hanging out the side of her mouth!
If there was a ball anywhere in the area, she would find it and drop it in front of you, and wag her little stubby tail a million miles a minute and have the look on her face asking, please? Let's play!

She had an energy and presence about her that I've never had in any of my other dogs.
Her time with us was truly a gift and she is deeply missed every day.

I love you, sweet little girl, and will meet you again one day.
We'll play ball until your tongue hangs out, then you will sit in my lap once more and fall asleep there, comfortable and happy.

Jeanann Madden

Bama, 01/25/09

We rescued 'Our Bama Puppy' - 60 lbs - in Nov. 1997 at our farm and she thanked us every day with her unconditional love and loyalty. She was my husband's faithful companion, riding in his pickup everyday, sitting in the front seat like his blonde girlfriend. We have an oil painting of Bama that my college roommate did for us; she died just a week before Bama. She had to leave 2 black labs; now she has Bama in heaven with her. Bama had a rare liver tortion of one lobe and died of toxic shock. She was sick but we did not know it was so serious. It happened on a weekend, but we took called the vet anyway, who kept her overnite for IV fluids but Bama died alone in the kennel that night. We feel so guilty. When will the pain go away?

Mike and Janie Simms

BamBam, 11th March 2009


Lisa & Mike Mardlin

Bambi, 04/07/93-11/18/07

Bambi our baby girl, we will miss you forever.
You always made us smile and laugh, and we loved you.
You were a little dog that thought you were a big dog and protected us always.

Rick and Lisa Stewart

Bambi, 04/22/94-04/01/09

Bambi was absolutely the sweetest dog in the world and everyone who knew her for 5 minutes agreed.
She had a special connection to her Daddy and has now gone to join him in heaven where they are healthy and can run and play!

Beth Allen

Bambi, 04/07/08

Always a happy girl!
A great pal and companion.

Doris Waters

Bambi, 03/09/09

You were an important part of our family; and we will miss you and Roscoe terribly.

The Tenney Family

Bambi, 09/01/00-03/05/09

To our beloved Angel Baby: Bambi. We miss you so much. We know that you had to go, as you were just suffering too much, but the pain in our hearts is so strong. We love you in death as we loved you in life. Thank you for being such a wonderful companion. You really took good care of Mommy especially. You did a good job, little one. That'll do, Bambi, that'll do. We love you forever and eternally. We look forward to the day we will see you again.

Missy and Doug Richmond

Bambi, 01/10/09

Bambi's original family moved off and left her.
I saw her going through a dumpster and offered her some food.
Within days, she had brought with her two friends.
None of the cats were tame enough to touch.
Bambi had a litter of 4 beautiful babies - 3 of which still live with me.
She was a ticked tabby and was very beautiful and exotic.
I regret that she never trusted me enough to pet her - but she at least knew she had a "home".

Tiffany Johnson

Bananas, 02/28/05-02/07/09

My sweet dog Bananas passed away this past Saturday from chronic kidney failure. He was, and still is a very special dog. I miss him so much! I am so thankful that he chose me to be be his " mom", he was a beautiful soul. I know that he is healed now, I am happy for that. I will always remember him.

Cristi Gopen

Bandana & Itchy Rychter, 06/26/09

Bandi and Itchy,

We love you both so very much, and we are going to miss you more than words can say.
Thank you for being a soft place to lay our wirry heads for so long, and bringing quite comfort when we needed it. Thank you for all the unprompted laughs you both brought into our lives. We were so blessed to have had you as our furbabys.

Now, go live your new lives as young,healthy,happy puppies that we know you now are!

We love you both and will never ever forget you.

Until we meet in heaven again, we love you and miss you always Bandi and Itchy.

Your loving family

Bandit, 10/15/1998 - 12/11/2009

My Dear Bandit,
You are so greatly missed. Your gentleness, kind loving eyes, and constant displays of affection toward us will always be remembered. You were a kind soul that we took a chance on when you were already all grown up and discarded by your previous family. You fit right in from the moment we put you in our car at 6 years old, way overweight, hip dysplasia and knee problems. All these things never kept you down, well never kept you from showing your love. You were always there for any family member in need of your loving touch. And your tail wagged all the way up til the end of your life. You brought so much love into our family. I feel selfish when I want you back, knowing that your body just wasn't able to support you anymore. But, I know I will see you in heaven some day. I know you are there now, feeling physically better than you have felt in a long time. And in that I am finding peace. I will see you some day Bandit. I miss you, we all do.
Diane and family

Bandit, August 8, 2005 - August 19, 2009

Bandit was a faithful companion. He never met a stranger. He was loved by all who knew him. He will be missed.

Bandit, 06/04/09

Bandit i miss you so much... i love you, boy. Meet me at the rainbow bridge.


Bandit, 04/17/09

Bandit was a sweet young man who came in with several family members all the way from Tenesee (by way of a closing shelter in Wyoming) to Angels with Paws.

He seemed to only have a cold, but it was later diagnosed as FIP and he had to be euthanized.

I hope he has plenty of playmates in heaven as he was so playful.


Bandit, 10/17/91-05/04/09

You were my best buddy and companion for 17 1/2 years...I love you and will miss you like crazy!
R.I.P. my "handsome Baa-Bee".
Now you can play with Tigger at the Rainbow Bridge!
Until we meet mommy.

Bandit, 01/04/05-04/22/09

Mommy will miss you little boy.


Bandit, 06/06/07-03/29/09

Dedicated to Bandit who stole our hearts and left this earthly life way too soon. Bandit will always be remembered and Loved. Charismatic, nurturing, and loving Bandit brought joy and light into our lives. The wink of his eye, his happy barks, the way he almost literally talked to us, and our quiet walks will be sorely missed for the rest of our lives. Bandit was so much more than a dog to us. Bandit was a loved member of our family. Our home feels empty without Bandit. There will never be another Bandit in our lives. We are so thankful for the brief time he shared with us. We hope Bandit knows that he is loved and missed with all our hearts. We look forward to seeing Bandit on the Rainbow Bridge one day. Until that time, we will honor Bandit's memory as best as we can.

Chad Ketter & Judy Cistaro

Bandit, 06/06/02-11/27/07

My beloved Cookie Monster, never does a day pass without me thinking of you. I know I did the right thing that day and stopped our suffering. Cant wait to meet you again at Rainbow Bridge.

Adriana R

Bandit, 01/09/98-03/16/09

Bandit was an Australian Shepherd. He was by far the smartest dog I have ever owned. He was a very vocal dog even for a herder breed. He loved to talk to me.I really believe he thought we spoke a language just between him and I. Starting in 2001 we had some crisis in our family lots of folks don't experience in a life time,I was dignosed with breast cancer,this dog that normally was a very hyper dog, was very sudued and gentle. He sensed my condition and was by my side always. 2002, my husband had a massive stroke,he had to learn to walk, speak and write again. Again Bandit knew and was always near my husband. 2003, our only son was killed in a car wreck.We cried so much in Bandits fur, it was wet many a times. He always looked in our eyes and said use me as your comfort pillow, as that is my job now. The thing with Bandit , he was about his person, he lived for us.When times really got tough, I would just sit with this dog that normally would chase a ball for hours, was like it's ok mom, lean on me. He got me through some very rough times. I never had such a devoted dog, that was all about his person. He was my 3rd Aussie, which their know for their devotion, Bandit took it to another level.He developed Pancreatis Sunday, we got him to the vet and I thought Monday when I visited him , he had improved. He looked up and raised his head, I even got a tail wag. I thought we had a good chance. About 9:00 that night, the vet called and said he had passed away. My neighbor which adored Bandit, said "see he still was watching over you, as you did not have to make a decision about ending his life" I still think he will be watching over me and I'am sure he's playing ball with our son in heaven.I will never forget Bandit and he will always be in my heart.

Bev Gilford

Bandit, 08/21/94-02/28/09

Bandit was such a good boy and fought hard for 7 months with MCT.
We fought hard until the cancer fought harder.
He was the bravest, sweetest, boy and I will love him forever.


Bandit (My Love), 07/27/93-03/14/08


Bandit, 08/01/91-03/15/05

You were and still are the best friend I ever had Bandit. Mommy still misses you terribly and think about you daily.
Keep an eye out for l'il Jake who we lost from this earth yesterday (2/28/09).
He was a special little guy too.
Love you,
Mom Cheryl

Bandit, 11/17/97-18/01/09

My darling Bandit,
I guess I thought you would be with me forever. I have dreamt about you for every night since you left me broken hearted. My life is so empty, I long to hold you in my arms and look into those big brown expressive eyes as you looked into mine. Another pup cannot replace you and I really feel we will meet again, I can't believe anything different. I will never stop loving you and will always miss you.

Love your mommy, Shelley and Emily too.

Bandit / Doc's Impressive Sky, 05/07/01-02/19/09

Bandit was my baby boy... a beautiful paint horse with a perfect teardrop on his left eye. We were companions, competitors and best friends. I will miss him forever.

Paula Riggs

Bandit, 01/31/09

Boo - Mommy and Daddy miss you very much, you will always be loved, and your tail is wrapped around our hearts now as much as it was when we adopted you back in August 2000.

Heather Brown

Bandit, 11/10/94-12/31/08

My faithful companion.
I miss you and I love you!

Celena Komarnicki

Bandit, 04/09/97-01/27/09

i lost my bandit on 1-27-09 he passed away from cancer. i had him 12 years he was a very good dog i hurt's that i lost him i can't wait to go to heaven and see him.

Patricia Mullen

Bandit, 01/23/09

Bandit was very loving and is missed by all of us.

Melanie Peterson

Bandit, 01/15/09

My dear Bandit loved everyone,and was always ready to comfort anyone who seemed to need it. She was taken much to soon and will be forever missed. I can't forget how she was always there at my feet waiting for any attention and always ready to give her love. I will remember you always and I miss you dearly. I am so glad that I did get to say goodbye. We will remember you always in our hearts.


Bandit Baby, 10/93-01/13/09

you made the last seventeen years of our lives wonderful. you are a great cat. we love you very much banban. you rest mo suffering!

David, Tracey, Chelsey, Brianna and Josh Biggs

Bandit Baby Boy, 05/07/00-04/28/09

Bandit we miss everything about you so very much. We hope you enjoy your days now smelling the summer breeze and running in the green grass. Until we meet again. Love you always Buddy.
Tim, Michelle Deserae, Destiny and Belle.

Bandit Baby Boy Ballingall, 04/24/09

To our best friend and protector Bandit-

We love and miss you, but know that you are now young and free of pain again. Go to the bridge and you will find your pals Max, Butch and Porter waiting for you to join them. They have been watching over you and waiting to take good care of you.

We love you Bams!
Mommy, Daddy, Kevin, Emma & Dice

Bandit Bart Hilley, 12/19/97-03/23/09

Our beloved Bandit was a real character. He LOVED to eat and would wake from a sound sleep whenever a wrapper crackled or the smell of something caught his nostrils!
Garbage cans were a specialty!
He wasn't a bad dog, just misunderstood.
But we loved him dearly in spite of his quirky personality.
Bandit will be sorely missed.

Joanie Hilley

Bandit Brown, 12/04/08

Bandit was the best cat and first one we ever had we adopted her through a pet adoption agency. She stuck her foot through the cage they had her in at pet smart her eyes were big as saucers when we walked away to get the carrier to put her in she thought we were leaving here there she had been there a year. We were so lucky to have the time we did with her. She was a angel in a fuzzy cat body she was very smart she knew when we were sad and when we were happy.
She was always there for us. She had the best personality she has paved the way for the others we had adopted shortly after she came home with us she always welcomed new cats in and helped them adjust she was the mama cat. Because of her we will always adopt needy animals into our homes. she chose us as her parents. she died of cancer in december we miss her. Life will never be as sweet as it was when she was here to enjoy it with. Love you Bandit always in our hearts always on our minds.

Joy and Glenn

Bandit Francis, 11/17/97-01/18/09

My darling Bandit, you meant the world to me. I miss you so much I am sick. I miss the way I held you in my arms and you looked into my eyes when I was sad. The way you pressed up against my body very gently when I cried just to let me know you were there for me. I am dreaming about you every night;are you dreaming about me? I know we will meet again someday. My life will never be the same, I can't imagine living the rest of my life without you.
There are no puppies in the whole world that can ever pull the love out of me like you could. I am heartbroken and holding you forever in my arms and watching your every expression, just as you are mine.
Love your always doting mommy, Shelley

Bandit Houser, 02/2009

Bandit, you are so loved and for 18.5 years you gave nothing but love to everyone.
You didn't ever meow but you purred and purred.
So many nights your layed beside me and purred me to sleep.
I will miss you forever and always.
I thank you for loving me so unconditionally and giving me that extra love when somehow you always knew when I was down.
I love you Bandit.

Donna Houser

Bandit Speraneo, 01/02/91-01/02/91

My little soul mate has crossed over now. I let him go today, after 18 years of pure friendship and love. He was a light in mylife that I will always miss. My home is a shell now, with out his chesty little snort and sweet nature. I miss you boy, so much.We had a great time together. Thank God for sending me you. I can not wait to see you again old friend.

Amanda Speraneo

Bandit Whitlock, 04/01/96-03/06/09

We love you baby and we miss you.

Philip Whitlock and Lorelei Sands

Bandita Flores, 05/04/06-04/23/09

Thank you for being such a wonderful companion. No matter what life threw at you, you never gave up. I thank god for you everyday, and take with me your fighting spirit and passion for life. We love you and you will be greatly missed.

Susan Flores

I remember the day we brought you home. Your wonderful little spirit brought life to our quiet home. You were a wonderful sister (to Chompo), companion, and not matter how bad my day was, your barking and kisses would bring a smile to my face. We miss you dearly and will always love and remember you.
Love your mom

Elizabeth Herrera

Bandito Goshtaiy, 07/30/87-03/25/09

Mama's Sweet Baby.
A cat who loved to talk and who had too much personality for one animal.
She will be missed and loved forever.

Janet Goshtaiy

Banditt Eubanks, 06/18/94-02/20/09

Banditt was my joy in life, my everything he will be so missed. He brought so much joy and happiness to my life. He was my heart and now it is breaking. Rest, play, and run my dear baby,,, I miss you!!

Debbie Euanks

Bane, 01/25/00-03/29/09

In memory of Bane, our loving, sweet, gentle Best Friend.

Jessie Matthews

Banjo, 05/21/09

You were a royal pain, but I love you and I will miss you a lot.

Eddie Reynolds

Banjo, 09/01/06-12/30/08

In Memory of Banjo
You always brightened my day, and now my heart aches to know i'll never see you again xx

Rachel Thackray

Banjo Moore, 01/08/96-06/30/09

We lost our precious Shih Tzu, Banjo, to cancer today. He was such a special part of our family. I can't imagine him not being around each day, but I know that he is in a better place and is no longer suffering. What wonderful memories we have of our dear Banjo, and as hard as it was to let him go, we're so thankful that we had over thirteen years of happy memories with him. Thank you Banjo for filling our days with your unconditional love. God Bless you Banjo! We'll love you always!

Les and Yvonne Moore

Bankster, 07/07/99-01/16/09

TO Bankey our beloved kitty. You are with God now, no more pain, shots or trips to the vet. Please know that we Love you and plan to see you in Heaven to great us with Miki by your side. I pray that the Lord has greeted you with open arms and you are comfortable now. Please dear God this kitty was our baby, accept him into your fold of love and take care of him till we meet again.
In the name of Jesus we pray.
Love Daddy and Mommy.

Banshee, 06/20/09

For 2 decades you were my friend, companion, and confidante. Know that you were loved and deeply deeply missed.

Tony Memmer

Banshee, 03/05/07-05/05/09

To my beautiful boy, I lost you two days ago and I am absolutely shattered. I have this empty space and my eyes are raw from all the tears. I miss you so much - Imoo misses you too, you were his companion too. He has not left my side since you passed away. I love you and hope you were not scared when you died. I am so sorry that you died alone. I wish I had the oppertunity to say good-bye and to feel your little warm body against my face. I miss you and hope that you are loved, peaceful and happy wherever you are. I miss you so much. I will always love you my precious boy.

Thomene Boshoff

Banta, 12/22/06-01/08/09

My sweet little Banta, I miss you so. Thanks for being such a special friend and trying so hard to get better. I feel your spirit and we will be together someday.

Donna Louvier

Baraka, 03/16/97-03/31/09



BareBare, 01/01/05-01/05/09

BareBare, you were my pride and joy when I got you! I remember when I first saw you, you came straight to me and I knew you were the one! You were there with me when daddy went to work, you protected me when I needed it, you loved my kids and were their for them when they called your name! I love you sooo much and wish you were still here with me! You live a very short life, but it was the best ever. I will always miss you and cherish your memories forever! I love you, your mommy Connie

Barkley, 06/24/09


You will always be my special "boy". You brought me more joy than I can even describe. I miss you and love you always.

Your Mom,


Barkley, 09/16/99-11/24/08

To our special dog you will miss untill you spot us on the rainbow
bridge. Nine years wasnt enough for us but we are blessed to have spent those nine years with you, you have left paw prints on
our hearts for ever. Gimmie paw!

Krystina, Becky, and Tommy Wilson

Barkley, 01/06/94-02/19/09

Barkley passed away at 4:30 p.m. He was a great dog.
He traveled with us many places.
I loved holding him alot, he was a great snuggler.
A good friend of mine called him Barkaroni because of all his little curls. We loved the name because it suited him well so we kept it as our nickname for him.
He loved to eat our cats food during feeding times even though he had food in his own bowl. He was a happy greater when we came home from any activity.
We love you Barkley and know you are in a better place now.
If you see a cat with long black fur and a white chest and responds to the name Mindy wag your tale and give one of your famous barks and go off and run and play together and know you are missed, happily remembered, and so so loved.

Caroline, Frank, Sean

Barkley, 02/05/09

I love you Barkley!
I am sorry.


Barkley, 01/12/09

I know Barkley was always happy running around in our big yard with all his energy. He and my beagle Jake were brothers for 12 years. The last couple of years Barkley slowed down and I knew the time would come. Yet, he plugged on until Christmas when I saw a marked change in his energy. I think he knew he was going to die soon and wanted me to accept it; but I just wouldn't. On January 11th, he went to bed as usual and never woke up. I wrapped him in a blanket and brought him to the vet and said goodbye. I hope he knows I let him go, not because I wanted to, but I had to. I have to focus on Jake now, because he has just been diagnosed with bladder cancer. I'll we'll see you again "Bark". I think Jake may be joining you soon. Brothers together again.

John Castaldo

Barkley, 04/01/99-01/12/09

There are no words to describe the loss we feel.

Dave and Pam Angus

Barkley Gaskin, 02/05/94-05/30/09

Good bye my friend, please forgive me for not being there when you left us. You have been the greatest dog I ever knew. You touched many lives, I was a lucky and better person for having known you. I will never forget you.

Bobby and Beth Gaskin

Barley, 06/11/09

My best friend left me last week after 16 years together.
A piece of my heart went with him.
His constant love and companionship as well as all my precious memories will stay with me until we are together again.

Kim Nicklaus

Barley, 22/03/96-11/07/08

Easter will soon be here my precious baby,you are still so missed by us all especially your little brother Oliver

Marion Gavin

Barley Scarborough, 05/05/08-04/03/09

Barley was an 11 month old male munchkin. He passed on 1 month before his first birthday. He had the best personality you could of asked for in an animal. He loved to play, cuddle but most of all gave the best kisses in the world. His tragic death was caused by injesting lilies which are toxic and deadly to cats. We know he had the best life with us and was spoiled beyond belief. We miss him soooo much but know where ever he is, he is doing great and is happy. Barley will forever be with us!

Jenna and Michael Scarborough

Barnabus, 06/27/09

One Love One Heart always Booda.

Bernadette Crucilla

Barnaby, 05/22/96-07/13/09

Muffin, we love you so much and we will miss you!
We know you had to go, just so Sissy didnt have to be alone.
It is us who are alone now.
Namaste Dear One!

Jill, Randy & Branden Berrong

Barnee, 08/20/95-05/24/09

One week has gone by & I ache to have you back in my arms my sweet sweet baby boy.
I smell you all around me & wish you could still be here with us.
I thank you for a wonderful "almost" 14 yrs. and for the unconditional love that you have always given.
I couldn't let you suffer and you gave me the sign to let you go & as hard as it was sweet boy I needed to put you at peace & over that rainbow bridge free of illness or pain.
I could of held you all night after you took your last breath and I know you knew you were surrounded by so much love when you quietly went to sleep.
Life just isn't the same without you boo and you my dear boy are one of a kind and I just wish I could hold you, hug you, lay with you, play our tongue game & sing together just one last time.
I miss you terribly & until we meet again just hold onto all the love we have given you for so many years.
You own a giant piece of my heart Barnee & mama loves you!

Barney - B-Man, 01/23/98-07/06/09

Barney was our faithful companion.
He never had an off-day, never was angry, never agressive with anybody, no matter who he was in contact with.
We will miss you for a long time.
Please believe we made the right decision.
You were done and were telling us that at the end.
Love you forever.

Ann and Lee

Barney, 06/13/09

in memory of our beloved dog who will no longer be suffering

we miss you so much barney and we hope you forgive us for sending you to heaven x

Jade Wickenden

Barney, 11/04/93-05/01/09

My dear Barney, you were my constant,loyal companion for over 15 years.
I can not imagine what it is going to be like to not see you everyday.
Your kind eyes and happy expressions always made me smile.
I held you while you took
your final breath.
I am thankful that you never suffered or felt any pain.
I love you Mr. Boy and I am going to really miss you.

I love you very very much.


Barney, 04/10/09

Barney...never will forget the day we brought you home from the rescue in had been lost and wondering. Well, you found a home for the past 6 years and we loved you and spoiled you and you gave us love and affection right back. You went from a skinny 100 lbs to 165 and loved every minute of chased the deer in the yard when you first came, you traveled across country with us when we moved to Arizona, and now you have crossed the bridge. We love you and miss you ....we will see you again someday...

Patricia Linthurst

Barney, 11/19/96-04/04/09

My best friend from the time I brought him home at 4 weeks old, Barney was always right by my side. I still cannot find the words to express the feelings I am experiencing, so I wont try. All there is to say is Barney I will love you and miss you always. You filled every corner of my life with joy and I cannot wait to be with you again.

Kristin Roby

Barney, 09/93-3rd April 2009

A very special little tabby cat who was so very much loved.
Sleep tight beloved Barnpot.
Forever in our hearts.
Paul and Helen Moorhouse, Sally and Katy

Barney, 08/19/90-01/19/09

Barney had the most beautiful stripes and was looked like a black tabby tiger.
He was always aggressive but could be loving, too.
He got intestinal cancer and last month, he couldn't walk anymore.
I will always miss him.


Barney, 27 February 2009

What a wonderful dog,but has daft as a brush.He would spend hours jumping about after shadows,hideing behind doors or trees where he thought no one could see him
He had such a huge personality full of fun and love,i miss him dreadfully.I will never forget him and will hold him in my heart forever.Night night Barney x


Barney, 09/01/91-02/07/09

Barney was my baby -- a true mama's boy. I will miss him forever. Even though he had a good long life, he still left me way too soon. Good-bye B; I will never ever forget you.

Cynthia Glazier

Barney, 01/05/01-18/11/08

Laying you to rest my baby was the hardest thing I've ever had to do in my life.
Getting that call that you had taken a turn for the worse and nothing could be done absolutely tore my heart apart.

You were my first pet and I can say in all honesty, the love of my life (apart from Daddy).

Words just cannot express how much I miss you, not a day goes past when I don't pray to hear you lie down on the stairs or brush my hand for a cuddle.

I'm finding it so hard to cope without you baby boy; thoughts of coming to find you more and more closer.

You were and always will be my baby boy; I love you precious boo, love mummy xxx

Barney Flintstone, 03/17/94-06/17/09

For Michael.
Barney Flintstone is now restored to health and is free from pain.
You gave him a great life and I know he misses you as much as you miss him.
Know that he will be there to greet you when you pass on - many, many, many years from now.
There is no time where Barney is so it will seem like only a moment to him.
Your Nanna, my Billy and a multitude of others are there greeting him now so he is not alone.
Be patient and know that he is fine.
Be kind to yourself and know that you loved him and he knows that.
I am here for you if you need to talk or cry or laugh or just sit quietly. I've been through this many times and I know it is not easy and you will never forget him.
I love you Michael.
Aunt Dori (aka: Auntie "I said nooooo")

Barnuza, 10/15/93-02/22/09

Great memories of my darling friend will never fade. She was a part of me. Thanks Barns for your love and friendship. Rest in peace with mummy and when I cross rainbow bridge, please come find me. I will make sure I will carry your favourite biscuits and Schmakos with me. Sleep dear, I love you. Papa Adrian

Baron, 05/25/09

Baroni, we came into each other's lives by luck I think. Although four, we bonded and you loved your new family instantly as if we were together since birth. I met no one who didn't like or love you. We all miss you! I wish I knew a word that means partner, son, friend, protector.... Baron! Play nice with Bear, and Max.

Lou Dominguez

Baron, 05/30/00-05/08/09

We miss you tremendously Baron. You brought so much joy to our lives the short time you were with us. We love you and think of you all the time.

Martin and Jarda

Baron, 2002-03/31/09

We will miss your need for constant attention, your whinning, and most of all your love.
Our hearts are breaking.
We will always love you.

Scott and Kay Lowe

Barron Von 'Baxter' II, 10/30/97-07/01/09

I miss my best friend ever.
There isn't a day that goes by that I don't cry.
I look and listen for you thinking that you might come back.

Sandy Barnett

Bart, 07/22/97-03/24/08

March 24, 2009 will mark the first year we have been without our dear family member Bart. We remember her with a warmness in our hearts and miss her tremendously.
She was a compassionate friend and loved us as much as we loved her.
Blessed be Bart's memory.
We love you.
Mom and Dad.

Bart, 03/05/09

Bart was my husband and his brothers dog before becoming part of 'our' life in January 2005.He was the oldest and smallest of our pets;sister Kyma (10yr dalmatian)and brother Jak (4yr Siberian husky),but he was our little boss....he loved life, even though my vet said he had a stage 4 heart mummer and prepared me on Jan.18,2005 he may not live for very long...each check-up visit to the vet ...Bart amazed him with his strength and zest...he had the face truly only a mother could love..but all where won over by his big eyes and constant toothy grin.He will be missed by so many friends and family members that had the pleasure of his acquaintance.
Bart barked one last time to call me to his side at 1:00am March 5,I held him and rubbed his head and ears as his breathing became a whisper,I could feel him relax as I spoke and I knew he was telling me goodbye.I will always keep my 'Barty' close to my heart.As my tears still fall I can only know he is at peace,and his body is young again and healed.

Yvonne and Greg Posmantur

Bartlett, 04/07/97-01/09/09

We'll miss you, Mr. Face.
Thank you for all of your years of unconditional love and support.


Bashful, June 1994 - September 5, 2009

Sometime in the afternoon hours of August/September 1994 you were my 28th birthday present and the best 28th birthday present a girl could've asked for. I found you in a shelter huddled in a corner of a cage with eyes that pleaded for rescue and I knew you were the one I wanted to take home and from that moment on you were the best friend that trumped all others.

Over the years we watched you fight and overcome a rare immunity disease, we watched you fight severe glaucoma that took your right eye, when my father passed and I laid in bed for weeks crying you were right there by my side the entire time, when I cried after failed IUI attempts you were right there again by my side, we watched you fight old age, we watched as stairs became your enemy, but you remained a tough fighter.

3:40 a.m. September 5, 2009 on my 43rd birthday I woke up to the sound of your yelp and my heart dropped and as I came into the room I saw a different look in your eyes, I saw the look of helplessness. Your back legs gave out and left you unable to even stand. We left so we can all get back to sleep and hopefully wake up to a fresh new day and a stronger fighting spirit and as I laid in bed I prayed and dreamt that I woke up and all was better. Unfortunately it was not. An hour later we carried you out to the car and to the vet's office where they confirmed it was time to say goodbye. I asked to stay by your side, as you stayed by mine, to the very end and as you took your last breathe, I kissed you goodbye and thanked you for being everything you were.

RIP Bashful. I love and miss you so much. I pray you're in heaven playing with that big red ball in the sky and are finally free of all pain and hurt. Thank you for being my best friend.

Basil, 2004-15/01/09


You were a true friend..i loved you so much and will miss you always...
youll be forever in my heart...
sleep well...
good nite little man,god bless xxx


Basil Jenkins, 05/30/01

Still think of you always. I hope you and Loki are looking after each other. Love you both. You were my best friends. Love Mam (Teresa)

Batch, 11/13/99-02/13/09

you wait there for momma,my angel.I wont be long.because i just miss you 2-much.

Gina Cannon

Baxter, 03/01/99-06/11/09

Our dog Baxter was such a fun-loving pet.
He was so much a part of our family, yet we took his presence for granted. No matter where we went in the house, he was there but with our two young boys we had little energy remaining for him. Now that he's gone we realize how much he truly meant to our family.

I still know that he was loved greatly by us and lived a comfortable, love-filled life.
In time, we will forgive ourselves for the time we wasted.

We will forever miss your bark Baxter, your unending appetite, and clever ways.
You were our friend and constant companion.

We will see you in heaven and take you for the walks I often failed to give you.
Just know that I loved you soooo much and will miss you terribly.
Rest in peace buddy.



Baxter, 12/10/96-06/11/09

My best friend.
He stood beside me anytime I needed a friend.
We needed each other.
He left me behind with a broken heart and a very empty space in my family.
Sweet, beautiful Baxter.

Laura Washburn

Baxter, 05/23/09

My baby Baxter...I miss my best friend. I can't believe you're gone. It's so quiet in the house I can't bear it. I miss your seeing your smiley face. I miss giving you belly rubs and going on our walks at night. I miss you waking me up in the morning. It just won't be the same without you my little monkey. I love you so much. Rest in Peace friend.


Baxter, 08/17/95-04/08/09

I miss you everyday.
My little buddy.
I'm so sorry you got sick and died
We had 10 great years together
We'll meet again
Love, your Mommy

Baxter, 03/19/09

Schmacky, you were the best Ba-friend EVER.

Laurie Halvorsen

Baxter, 01/15/99-02/25/09

Baxter, you were the love of our lives.
You left us much too soon and you took a huge part of hearts with you when you passed.
We can't imagine ever getting over you not being here.
The only thing that gets us through each day is knowing that you are no longer in pain and have your eyesight back once again playing happily until we meet again.
We love you and we miss you dearly every day, my sweet baby.
Now you are with the Lord making him laugh and smile just like you did us and you can bark at all of the beautiful sparkles til your hearts content!
We Love You!!

Joe & Donna Coates

Baxter, 02/22/09

Hey Baxter Boy,
What a friend you have been. Words really can't express the joy you brought into my life and many many others. Your unconditional love, your ability to see directly into my emotions, and most of all your companionship is dearly missed.
Life will go on but it will never be quite the same. A piece of my heart went with with you. Treasure it, for it holds all my love for you and all the joy that brought to me.
Sleep well Big Fella.

Alan Daly

Baxter, 05/22/96-12/20/08

Bax, you have left a void in my life. You were my loyal friend for 12.5 yrs. I knew that loosing you would be difficult! But - never imagined it would hurt so much. Thank you for always being there for me. I love you so much! Lots and lots of love and wet kisses, your grieving mom.

Baxter, 08/02/96-01/09/09

Baxter you filled the last 12 years with much joy, you were completely loved and cherished.
Oh how our lives are empty with out you - we shed a tear for you daily dear old friend.


Baxter, 05/01/01-12/26/08

On December 26, you've disappeared somewhere

Like outer space

You've found some better place

And the days of searching have come up empty

We feel you are dead...

Because you moved on

You're long gone

But we can't move on

We miss you Baxter

Thank you for your never ending head butts, putting up with our toddler son, greetings at the door, 7 years of breakfast in the morning and unconditional love. Our heart feels empty without you. Please wait for us, we will be looking for you.

We miss you.

Deanna, Matt and Ryan

Baxter - Our Package, 04/25/02-10/22/08

We will always love you, and never forget you.

Mote & Patri

Baxter Brewer, 12/03/04-04/11/09


Thank U for the 3 years 5 months & 8 days of love and joy U gave us.... U were SO mistreated before we rescued U.. U were goin blind @ 11 months and we had U'r eyes fixed. U were never LOVED and we LOVED U daily... U were never taught to love until U came to us and boy did U learn fast....U will always be a BIG part of your family. Wait right there with a Ba-Girl, Miller, and we'll be looking for both of you when we get there....
Love U forever & ever::: Daddy, Mama, Anney, & Ruger

Baxter Buxton / Monster, 2007 - October 28, 2009

Baxter / Monster -

I love you, little buddy. I hope you are safe and warm and happy and I wish with every fiber of my being that I will see you again some day.

I will never forget your bright brown eyes, your tap-dancing little claws, your curly Pug tail. I admire the way you did everything with your whole being...lived, loved, slept, ate, played, you threw your entire self into everything you did.

You were a special little guy, just like a person to me and to Mike, and we both miss and love you. We are lucky for having been loved by you, because we know you loved us with your whole heart, loved us far more than we ever deserved.


Baxter MacMillan, 06/10/95-01/16/08

Baxter, you were very special to me and I thought about you everyday. You were with me for many years and by my side no matter what.
You were the most loving, caring and loyal friend anyone could ask for.
I love you and I miss you!!

David MacMillan

Baxter Unger, 12/17/95-04/30/09

A brilliant boy, a special light, sharing love, day & night.
God bless you, Mama's boy. You will be Mama's boy forever & ever.
We love you, dearest Baxie........and you will always be carried in our hearts - your effervescent spirit, fortitude and love live on with us always.
Mama & Daddy love you so much, our boy.
God bless you!

Bay, 02/01/09

You came into my life during very rough times and saw me through to my happy ending. By the grace of God, I was there with you and saw you through to your happy ending. Thank you for ten wonderful years, I will miss you terribly but I look forward to spending an eternity together. I love you, you really were my best friend and I will see you again old man. XOXO Katy

Bay Sox Son Sir Elete snd Shane, 09/03/00

unconditional love and trust for 30 years

Ann Thomas Augsburger

Baylee, 07/14/97-04/04/09

Baylee was my very best friend for almost 12 years. She was so smart and we had such a bond. My heart is so heavy without her with me. I will always remember what a wonderful contribution to my life she made. She loved food - any and all food - she loved to go to the park, bye-bye in the car, and she loved to swim. She will be missed so much for eternity. I love you and miss you Baylee Girl.


Baylor, May 25, 1997 - October 5, 2009

Baylor (Bubba),  
You will forever be in our hearts. You were and will always be a special part of our family. We miss you terribly. We will never forget you. We love you.  
Love, Russ, Jen, Jack, Caroline and Koda

Baylor, 12/03/08

Baylor, you were such a very special part of our family.
You joined us nearly 12 years ago and quickly won our hearts.
You were a retriever who didn't quite get it--you'd rather we chase you to get the ball than just turn it over.
You were pretty headstrong, so you probably really did understand retrieving, you just CHOSE not to conform.
You loved to play tug and cuddle; you ate EVERYTHING.
The trash had to be locked up and the bread moved to a high shelf in the pantry.

You hadn't been feeling well most of the fall, but we thought it was arthritis in your hips.
You had a great Thanksgiving though, and really enjoyed all the special treats we mixed with your dogfood to encourage you to eat.
On the day you died, you wouldn't drink or eat, but picked up your head and laid it in my hand.
I didn't realize that was your goodbye, but an hour
later you were gone.

It's been very lonely here without you!
We miss you so much!
You will always be our Baylor-Dog.
We love you.

Tami Wilson

Baz, 10/03/07

Chopper was waiting to meet you, wait for us always xxx xxx

Janet & Suzanne

Bazel, 2000-06/23/09

Dear Bazel,

You came into my family as a young kitten, and you were always my best friend. The life you shared with me was was unlike any other and I will always believe that we were destined to be a part of each other's lives. I love you more than anything and I miss you. You will always be in my heart and by my side and I cannot wait to see you again someday. There aren't enough words to express how grateful I am that you were my "buddy." I love you.


BB, 04/01/96-01/29/09

BB was the Alpha dog in my family.
He was kind, gentle , protective and full of love.
My other dogs are lost without him as am I. I rescued him as a stray at 7 months old.
He has been nothing but joy in my life.

Mona France

BC, 7 March 2009

BC was an exceptional feline who gave my sister, Wendy, great joy and comfort through hurricanes, floods, and other more "human" losses.

I myself heard BC say "Mama" (more than once) when calling Wendy. I loved BC too. He was a sweet boy. We miss him very, very much.


Bea, March 1998 - 14 January, 2009

My sweet potato...with your passing another piece of my heart is gone, but the weight on my soul has lifted because I know you don't suffer. I will continue on with the adventure of life always knowing that you and Pivit will be waiting for me in the field near the bridge. I'll be sure to bring you both some peanut butter when I come. Thank you for the endless tail wags and love :)

Patty Pantzalas

Bean, 05/01/97-05/06/09

Bean became a member of our family in 2003.
He was the first pet that we got together and he made us smile every day for the past six years.
We laughed every time he would meow because it sounded like he was saying 'Raul', as if to correct us that his name wasn't Bean.
He will be missed by his parents, his other two brother, Boo and Poopie and his sister, Ellie.

Beana, 07/2002-04/22/08

Beana was the first cat thst my husband every got attached to. She loved to chase our small pups around and play cowboys and Indians with them. Her of course being the wagon train that the 6 dogs were surrounding. We use to have a peice of gyproc up against the living wall. Beana would run and hide behind this then dash out and catch one oif the pups by surprise. It did not take those pups long to figure our if three sat at one end and three sat at the other end she could not surprise them. Beana love to catch and bring back balls and other toys for us to throw for her, she loved that game. Her favorite game was to lay on my husbands foot and have him boot her across the kitchen floor over and over again. I can noy tell you how much my heart hurts when I think of lossing her, I am unsure wherether it is the way she passed or just lossing her she was my heart and my soul. We lost all three of our furbabies in an apartment fire, I was so angry cause everyone else manged to get one of there babies out and I lost all of mine it is so unfair. I wish I could stop crying my soul has been torn apart and it seems like nothing will every mend it again.

Maxine Lundbek

Beanie Boy Frazzini, 10/16/95-12/26/08

Beanie was larger than life. He had a joyous personality, lighting up the faces of everyone who gazed upon his cheshire cat smile. Although he was only 19 pounds of pure delight he carried a heart as big as king kong. He was a precious gift that we got to live with for 13 wonderful years and he is a part of us forever.
If anyone would like to go to his website:
God Bless all the beautiful beasts in our lives.

Cynthia Frazzini and Craig Aspen

Bear, 3/15/07 - 12/13/09

Bear was my impish, lively and incredibly loving angel who entered my life at a special time of need--I was recovering from breast cancer. He became a brother to my labradoodle, Gus, a friendly tormentor to my cats, Mitzi and Jobey, and a constant and adoring companion to me. His last act of love and devotion to me came moments before he died. As he lay on blankets on the floor of the emergency pet clinic, his labored breathing blessedly relieved by the tranquilizer that had just been administered. He rested peacefully but never took his eyes off of me and even attempted a slight shake of his no tail bottom. As I sat with tears rolling down my face, I told the vet the story of how he came to me during my illness. At that very moment, Bear lifted his head and purposefully kissed me on the nose, never taking his eyes off of me. If ever I doubted the deep bond and the spiritual connection between us, it was forever put to rest. I will miss my sweet boy, taken way, way too early to a malady he should never have gotten. And the memory of his kiss goodbye will stay in my heart forever.

Bear, 6-13-99  -  11-16-09

My Dearest Bear,

My heart aches for you beyond measure. The unconditional love you gave me always will be irreplaceable. You were recently diagnosed with diabetes and I was seeing weight loss and incontinence, and I was told the best diet in the world will not bring your health back without insulin. I have to believe that. And I couldn't afford insulin shots and all the followup visits to the vet. But, you know, my Baby Bear, I must believe that this path was not for either one of us. You always had such dignity and loyalty, and I promised myself you would leave me and this world with your dignity and not in ill health. I know I could have kept you a bit longer, but I want to believe with all my heart that that would have been selfish. I will miss you terribly for always. I will try every day to believe that you are well and happy somewhere in the universe and that I will always be in your heart and you will forever be in my. Your spirit will live within my heart forever.

I love you, Bear
You now have wonderful peace. I know this.

Bear, 07/09/09

Bear, you left so suddenly that we know you had somethig very important to do.
We'll miss those little things that you used to do for us.
You seldom sat in our laps but you always wanted to be with us, especially with Tina.
You helped us with house and yard work, you greeted us every time we came home, and you played with us when we needed a smile and a laugh.
We'll miss you little girl, we'll always love you, and of course we'll never, ever forget you.
We promise you'll be the first we look for when we cross over the bridge ourselves.

Tina and Jim Hofstad

Bear, 07/07/09

You were the best friend we could ever hope for.
You gave us unconditional love and devotion.
I always felt secure when you were near me. Your soul was the perfect pure soul of a dog.
You never complained when your body started failing, you never asked for much.
Now I hope that you will be running full tilt through the woods like you used to with your ears flapping like banners in the wind behind you.
The space beside my bed will be filled with your absence.
We love you, be strong and steady and happy again.


Bear, 07/04/09

R.I.P bear you will never be forgot and will always have a place in our hearts. As you always have been. rest easy buddy =]

Billy & Brittany

Bear, 09/95-06/17/09

I'm gonna miss you bear- you were my best friend

Judy Brasher

Bear, 06/16/09

Bear has been with me through so much.
He was always there for me.
I know I will be grieving for him for a very long time to come.

Sherril Johnson

Bear, 03/03/97-06/19/09

My dearest King Bear. You are me, and I, you. Its so hard letting you go.
I cannot wait until we are together again my best friend. So so hollow without my dearest Alpha. Bless your heart my deepest love. We will meet in eternity.
Until we are together again, breath my baby, breath and run free.

Sharon Seawell

Bear, 05/06/01-05/22/09

Bear you were our good girl and are truly missed it is so quiet with out you we weren't ready for you to leave but we'll see you again one day your bestfriend Roxy is lonely with out you. Rest in Peace.

Tory & Wendy Johnson

Bear, 10/20/96-05/21/09

Bear was a loyal friend.
He gave my family 12 wonderful years being with him.
He loved us, and loved playing frisbee.
He will be missed by Tashina, myself, Jonathan and Bob as well as everyone that knew him.
He was a special dog, and will always have a special place in my heart.

Debra Bader

Bear, 05/15/09

I will always love you and miss you my little buddy.

Love, Hugs and Kisses,

Bear, 12/10/93-05/08/09

What a true blessing you have been to us since you came into our lives over fifteen years ago.
A brand new puppy.
The love you brought with you will always remain in our hearts and minds.
You are now free to run and be able to breath.
Never will you ever be forgotten dear dear Bear.

Pauline and Bill

Bear, 04/28/09

You gave us 13 years of love and affection.
We will miss you so much!
There is an empty space in out hearts and on our beds where you use to lay, sleep and play.
At least now you are no longer in pain.
We love you so much and miss you Bear Bear!

Arron, Kris, Blake and Sami

Bear, 05/12/98-04/29/09

Bear was the most lovable, cuddly dog that I have ever know. He had a loving heart and gentle spirit.

Melissa M Marr

Bear, 04/22/09

Author Unknown....."Our animals shepherd us through certain eras of our lives. When we are ready to turn the corner and make it on our own.. they let us go."
Bear was rescued at3.5 yrs. Came into our lives when Irish had Cancer and COPD. Left when the curable was cured the others on hold. He truly was not a dog but our guardian angel. He is/will be sorely missed. All loved him even people who did not like dogs. Bear we love you. Mom and Dad

Bear, 08/18/96-07/08/05

Bear I wish I would have found this website some years ago if i had i would have left this message a lot sooner.I miss you so and i wanted you to know that you have not been forgotten.I can only say this,if it is true that all dogs go to heaven and rainbow bridge is real then i know you are there and are having a ball,but one day my good friend,we will be together again.

Ken Reynolds

Bear, 06/17/96-04/19/09

He lived and died a perfect gentleman who gave love to all who knew him.
He took a piece of my heart with him.

Lisa Levy

Bear, 04/15/09

Bear was a beautiful, gentle, kind and loving friend to anyone she met.
She was a kind and loyal pet.


Bear, 02/01/94-03/25/09

How do you say Goodbye to you only child who has been with you for 15 years?
The hole in my heart is huge.
I would love one more moment with him happy and healthy.
One more game of tug-o-war.
Bear you will always be in my heart and thought of often.
You will always be loved and missed dearly.

Debbie Galvan

Bear, 03/02/09

Our always faithful companion and friend.
You quickly grew to be a part of our family and our hearts when I found you 10 years ago.
You will always be a part of us and we will miss you until we are reunited with you again.

Carolyn & Robert Patchin

Bear, 02/19/09

We will miss you

Bill & Sharon Whatton

Bear, 02/17/09


Michele Rivera

Bear, 06/05/06-02/11/09

To my beloved Bear. Even though we had you for a shirt time it was the best 3 years we had. I am sorry you were in pain, but I know you are no longer in pain and I am grateful for that. Enjoy the snow were ever you are and know that we all miss you much and will see you in time. Love Kelly, Odonis, Anthony, Galen, Tyra and Xaria!! Kisses and lunch love and hugs!!

Bear, 12/07/07-02/06/09

In your short time with us, you touched our hearts. The way you knew when we needed attention and your silly persistance with playing "ball". Your pillow sits empty, and it hurts. We all know you're in a better place, but you will be missed dearly.

Josh, Becky, Logan, Mason

Bear, 05/06/93-01/26/09

As I was sitting in my old chair, with a cup of coffee and reading your article---I kept looking at my precious dog, Bear.
Bear is a rather famous and much loved dog. Bear was even featured in the Daily Breeze about 10 years ago.
He was my constant companion, coming to work every single day for nearly 14 years at Lomita Mail Car.
Going to work was one of his greatest joys.
Hundreds, maybe thousands of customers, watched him grow up from a 5 week old pound rescue to the incredible dog he is now. Bear is an Australian Shepard/Chow mix and was nearly dead when I adopted him.
The pound didn't want to release him, he was so sick.
But after many months of treatment and surgeries, he rebounded and has lived a very good life. People brought him gifts at Christmas, carried biscuits in their cars, took the time to visit and pet him.
He knew so many people by just the sound of their cars and would wait anxiously for them to come inside.
He even protected me from two possible robberies.But as I write this, Bear passed over the Rainbow Bridge today.
This is probably the hardest and most gut-wrenching decision I've ever had to make.
I prayed he would just go to sleep and pass peacefully.
Bear has lived a remarkable life and brought so much joy and happiness to so many. Today his suffering has ended.
Mine will just begin. How do I wake up on Tuesday and not have him greet me with a Good Morning Mom!!
Good-bye my dear friend. Rest easy, run like a puppy once more. We will see each other again, in a far better place.
In Loving Memory of
Bear the Dog~~~

Becky Stephens Amos

Bear, 12/05/96-10/09/08

We still miss you Bear.


Bear, 08/23/97-01/06/09

I adopted Bear when he was 15 weeks old. 3weeks after adoption he was diagnosed with no hip sockets. He had a surgery at 6 months & doctors said he may live 6 or 7 years due to his large breed with the hip issue. Bear was my son, my angel. My husband & I have no kids, Bear was our child. He lived a beautiful, amazing 11 1/2 yrs & his hips are not what took his life. He developed a deteriating spine, Christmas day is when the symptoms started & by 1/6, I was left with the hardest decision in my life, he went down hill so fast yet he was not in any pain, but he could not even walk without tripping & falling& he gave me "the look", I knew the time had come where I needed to let him go with his dignity & I spared him all pain. Even though I know I did the right, noble thing, I am still,3 weeks later, filled with guilt & emptiness. The pain is almost too much to bare, but I must go on. So this is to my love,my angel, mommy's Boo-Bear, I will forever love you, xoxoxo

Jennifer & John Knoop

Bear, 01/07/00-01/08/09

Our beloved friend Bear,
Thank you so much for being the world's best dog. You were loyal, funny, beautiful and our best friend. Your bravery and loyalty will never be forgotten. Love you forever Baby Bearba!!

Tracy and Shannon Narburgh

Bear, 12/30/08

May Bear rest in peace. His life enjoyed to the fullest. Taken too soon but now in Rainbow Bridge enjoying life to the fullest. He is missed by all.


Bear Barker, 10/04/94-06/03/09

My Beloved Bear, you lived every day, every minute of your life to the fullest. Part Wolf - a Master Zen Teacher of No Judgement, the Love of Life and Appreciation and Joy for each day. Bear, you were/are a part of my heart. I will miss you more than any words can say. Masquers sends a special kiss on the nose to you and says she misses you so much too. Until we met again on The Rainbow Bridge I will say goodbye for now.

Barb Barker

Bear Bear, 05/07/09

Dearest daughter Bear Bear !
I missed you all the time. I dreamed of you last week. I can't help myself not to think of you. I missed your howling sound and all your funny looking expressions. I love you my dear. Hope you'll living happily with other furbaby with no pains and fear at Rainbow Bridge. We shall meet someday !!
Dad Rophan.

Rophan Hung

Bear Bear, 11/01/97-03/31/09

You have been loved all your life.

Gia Pham

Bear Bear, 11/27/03-01/18/09

You'll never know how much love and affection you gave to me this last year. You stole my heart at first glance and I appreciate the time I had with you.


Bear Goliath McQue, 06/14/05-04/30/09

Bear, was more than just a pet. He was family. He was such a little package that came with so many big and wonderful things inside. He was so brave, weighing in at 5 lbs he never feared anything. Protecting those he loved, and even strangers in need. I swear he understood every word you would tell him. He was a comfort to me, and my best friend. I will always love him, and will miss him.

Aubrey McQue

Bear Sanborn, 10/20/92-03/08/09

i want my bear to know what a great part of my life he was to me. you and i have been through so much together, alot of sadness alot of great times,you were my best friend for 18 years, you were my child. i'm gonna have a hard time with out you, it killed me to say good by, but you wre in so much pain and it hurt me to see you like that. i give you my love and pray i see you again some day. give my love to booboo and bambi. your all together now, and i miss you all so much. love mommy (robin sanborn)

Bear Thomas, 06/20/09

Your passing came as quite a surprise to us. We thought we would take you to the vet and you would be alright. Those who knew us best knew you were more than a pet, you were part of our family. The extreme sadness and depression we are feeling because you are gone is overwhelming. We can't seem to stop crying. It will never be the same without you. Thank you for all the wondeful memories and for being there for us. We will never forget you and will love you always.

Cheryl Thomas

Bear Thompson, 06/10/04

Missing you daily..Always wondering if you knew the choice we made was from love and caring and desperation...We loved you more than you will ever know and we hope one day to meet at the Rainbow Bridge and have you walk across it with us and we will forever be together again...Loving you Bear "Bop" baby....

Kara and Junior Thompson

Bear Thunder Kemp, 12/22/01-02/17/09

We love and miss you Baby, We will see you in Heaven, at the Rainbow Bridge, Mommy sleeps with your teddy every night and gives him kisses for you every day! I love you baby!!!
Love, Your Family
We miss you so much!

Bear Toboe Moore, 04/18/04-02/29/09

Bear, you were so precious to us.
From the first time our eyes met, we knew you were the only little teddy Bear for us.


Bear Trexler Bradford, March 1, 2004 - October 4, 2009

In Memory of Bear
March 1, 2004-October 4,2009

Bear came into our lives in an unexpected way. I was visiting our local Humane Shelter, and Bear was brought in after being rescued from a difficult situation. I knew the moment I saw Bear, he would have a forever home with my husband,son,and I. Bear was two years old, and a BIG boy. Bear was a Newfoundland, black with a white chest and white paws. A beautiful fluffy tail. Bear had a wonderful laid back personality,and always happy.What a joy Bear has been in the short time that we shared his life.Bear loved to go down to the river, and walk at the park near by. Also loved going to the lake, where it must have been bring your dog day. Bear loved floating on a raft, with sunglasses and a Auburn baseball cap. Bear was the hit of the party that day.He always enjoyed taking us for a walk. Sometimes he would just sit to have his chest scratched or his head rubbed. If we stopped before he was ready he would take his head and lift our hands back to where he wanted scratched. He especially loved having his lower back scratched. No matter what, he wanted to be with us his family.  
On Saturday, October 2, while petting Bear we discovered three golf ball size lumps under his chin in the throat area.Bear had stopped eating two days before. We took him to the vet first thing the next day. Unfortunately, the vet told us Bears white blood cells were elevated off the chart and had a fever of 104.6. Bear had the type cancer Lymphoma, that attacks the Lymphnoids and then major organs. In Bears case, the cancer had spread fast, and by Sunday Bear had become extremely weak. By Sunday evening Bears energy level was slowing down. Roy and I never left Bears side, and we were there for him in the end. It was very difficult, but we would not have wanted it anyother way.  
We will miss our friend as a member of our family. We love you Bear. See you at the Rainbow Bridge with Kahn and Aubie our furbabies who have gone before.

Beasley, 07/2009

You gave your family lots of love in the short time you were with us.
You are greatly missed.

Tracy Van Dyne

Beasley Frazer, 10/24/03-01/02/09

Beasley was the BEST dog anyone could ever have.
He was so smart, loving, and affectionate.
He was our best friend, he was our walking partner, and he was there all the time.
We miss him so, so much.
We are so blessed to have spent that last 5 years with such a loving, wonderful soul.
Beasley, we love you and miss you so very much.
We will never forget what happiness and joy you brought to our lives.

Rick, Sharon, Marisa and Macy Frazer

Beasty, 01/21/09

Today I had to make a hard Decision one of the hardest I have ever had to make. My beasty boy is gone he was the chunkiest grumpiest kitty that I have ever known and I will miss you horribly every day till we meet at the Rainbow Bridge. Don't be scared Beasty, Buddy is waiting for you and will be so happy to see you I know how much you missed Bud. I will miss your warm tummy and diesel engine purrs, know that you will be missed very much and will ALWAYS be in my heart for another can never take your place. Goodbye my "chubby checker" I love you and miss you so much already.

Dawn Polanco

Beau, 12/29/97-07/07/09

Beau was good and faithful dog. He loved going to the dog park and rides in the car. Hated bathes and grooming. He loved playin with my two other dogs, but to soon they passed on and he became a real Mama's boy. I know he loved me and I just don't know how to deal with him being gone. I loved him so much.

Collene Hartley

Beau, 06/17/01-02/07/09

Beau was the love of my life.
Though he had been sick for some time with IBD, we were gradually getting his disease under control.

When the medications were at a low level for managing his condition, his IBD flared up again and we could not get it under control. He began to suffer serious symptoms of anemia.
We took him back to the specialty clinic where he underwent a blood transfusion in an attempt to build his strength before attempting more invasive tests.
That night while hospitalized he went into cardiac arrest and stopped breathing.
The vets were unable to revive him.
The call I received at 5:30 in the morning was the worst moment of my life.

Beau was the sweetest boy and gentle and loving to all.
During his seven years, he gave love to my husband and my mother and his sister Emma.
But most of all,
Beau and I loved each other.
He was always there for me with tons of love and slurpy kisses when others were not.
Not a day will go by on this earth that I will not miss my Beau.

Lavelle Martin

Beau, 12/04/07-05/03/09

Beau was my comfort, my faithful companion, my best friend, my love. My amazing, sweet baby who gave nothing but love and smiles to everyone he met. He'll always have my heart.

Lisa Tucker

Beau, 02/16/92-04/01/09

You gave us nothing but joy for 17 years.
We are comforted by wonderful memories and knowing you had a good life and a good death.
We love and miss our precious Beau.

Werhel Family

Beau, 04/01/00-10/28/08

In loving memory of Beau, our beautiful Boxer.

Cheryl H

Beau or, more formally, Tantara's Beaus Blue Water, 12/15/02-03/02/09

Beau was a strong, gentle giant. I will never know what happened that Monday, but I miss his hugs and his steady gaze and his ability to listen to everything I had to say to him.

Dianne Averill

Beau, 06/01/99-02/27/09

Best friend, little companion, funny girl, brave soul, finally your struggle with illness is over.
You are missed by so many,you were such an excellent therapy dog. But most of all we miss you. Your friends Bailey, Roxanne, Cindy-Lu, and your human, Mimi

Beau, 02/20/09

We miss you so very much. Not a day has gone by that I haven't thought of you. You were our precious rescue from the puppy mill. We thank God for the 10 years we had with you.
Mom and Dad,
P.S. Natchez and Predator have been missing you too

Beau, 01/25/09

Twenty five pounds of dog with seventy thousand or so strands of beautiful white hair, on carpets, sofas, tables, floors, Mom's pants 24/7 x 52. Gentle as you could be, Beau, you never forgot that your job was to guard your humans, even the day you passed.
Can't find words to describe how much I miss you and hard as it was for Mike to let you go, your passing was peaceful and pain free.
I wish I could hug you one more time.

Susan Fellows

Beau, 01/02/09

Our beloved boy, our ever faithful and sweet fellow Beau, crossed over the rainbow bridge on Friday, January 2,2009 at approx. 11;50 AM. What a lovely dog, what a noble boy he was. Always there at my side, ever sensing my mood and offering himself, never leaving my side. I'll love this beautiful spirit forever.


Beau BobieBear, 01/01/03-02/01/09

Missing you more than words can say,
but we know we will meet again one day.
There must have been a reason why you had to go; God must have needed our beautiful Beau.

Jette & Stuart Hirshals-Fleming

Beau Gilmore, 01/01/94-03/03/09

We had beau for 15 years and was the best little dog I have ever had.
He was a rare male poodle.
His color was "red".
Every other hair on his body was red.
We loved him just like one of the kids.
He will be very much missed.
Please take care of him until we meet again.
Love you, Beau

R.G. Gilmore

Beau Hernandez, 06/27/92-02/07/09

I had to let my baby boy Beau go on 2/7/09.
He had cancer and got very ill the week before, refusing to eat.
Thought I tried every thing, I knew it was time to let him go to our father in heaven. I was blessed to have him as long as I did and he will always be cherished in my heart and soul.
I will see you again my "puppy chulo".
I love you.

Christine Hernandez

Beau Huff, 12/17/1997 - 12/11/2009

We are grieving today for our beloved Papillon, Beau. My husband had to talk me into a indoor pet and he became the love of my life. Nothing can duplicate that unconditional love and you must be a pet owner to fully appreciate the depth of the love for our pets. Beau was always a happy dog who gave the best kisses ever. He became sick a month ago he wasn't eating or happy. The vet put him on Predisone to bring up his platelets but that was only a bandaid as his platelets went back down as we weaned him off the meds. We made the decision just yesterday to send him to heaven. The grief since God never gave us kids is almost unbearable and over whelming today. Beau slept with us for 12 years so last night was the first night without him and we could not sleep. This morning brings much sadness as the house is so quiet. I came home for lunch every day to let Beau out and at 2:30 when I came home from work, he would get groomed and then I would run the vacuum (because he sheds). I have no idea what I will do to fill my time without him. We aren't open to another pet now as it would be impossible to fill Beau's shoes. We are looking toward retirement and traveling in a few years is the real reason we don't think we will get another pet plus having to grieve another pet. Beau would warm my lap most evenings as he would lay on my lap while watching TV. All the cuddling and kisses is what I miss the most. We miss him early and no words can take that pain away. We planned everything we did including vacations around Beau as he went with us everywhere.

Beau Lack, 03/12/98-06/23/09

My loving Beau,

I realize it was time to let you cross The Rainbow Bridge. I did not want to let you go, but I knew it was tiome. I could see it in your eyes. We loved each other so much, and I will miss you until the day I cross Rainbow Bridge, and you will be waiting to greet me. I love and miss you so very very very much. So long for now my sweet boy.

Linda Lack

Beaumont Vom Specialblut Cdx Ucdx, 01/04/03

A gentleman by any standard who touched the hearts of all who knew him.

Ed Carol

Beauregard Blue Bone, 03/07/01-02/29/09

No Bigger Little guy ever filled our lives with such joy and awe!
He was absolutely the most memorable fella one could imagine. Boy! is he missed! And I am just the Grammy.
Can you guess how much his Mommie misses him?! Sure will be grand to see him again at the Rainbow Bridge. Till then, Beau, lots of hugs and kisses.

Betsy Armstrong

Beauregard Fluffy, 07/11/09

Forever the perfect cat. xoxo

The Ropers

Beauregarde, 10/22/93-06/19/09

Beau/Beau Beau/ Bo be dos/ Big guy, you were my buddy and best friend for 15 years and I will miss you terribly.
I know that your time on earth was full of love and happiness.
You adapted to all the changes in our life and loved me with all your heart and I did the same for you.
I will never forget your kind way of loving me and all the people I cared about.
Sweet dreams and I will join you again someday.

Lisa Stewart

Beautiful, 07/08/09


You adopted me many years ago and I came to love you so much.
You were "my" cat and I will miss seeing you run to the front door every morning when I am gettng ready for work.
I pray that you did not suffer and I pray that you know how much I really, really loved you.

I also pray that you and Tigger are up there waiting for me and that I will see you both again one day.

I miss you!

Cheryl Finney

Beautiful, 11/11/04-01/10/09

Dearest Beautiful one,

Though you remained feral and free, you were a very bright part of each day for me.

Bless your free heart for the gifts that being a caregiver for you these few short years has given to me.

May you run ever free with Puddles, and may you always know that Triton fares well.

Noreen Berlier

Beautiful Poofin, August 2, 2009

My darling pet, how I miss you.

From the moment I picked her up as a little white poofball, my heart connected with her. She looked up at me, no more than maybe 6 weeks old, with the biggest blue heart thudded...yep, we were in love!!!
Over the years we have been the best of pals, she sat with me when I cooked (of course she had to taste most of what I made).  
She was the dearest darling cat I have ever known....Poofin would climb up on my chest when I was watching the TV and wrap her front arms around my neck then kiss my face over and over.  
She was my comfort when my Mom got sick, cuddling with me when I would sit and cry. And when Mom finally passed into Eternity my little darling Poofin was at my side or wrapped around my feet constantly.  
She acted more like a dog following me around the house. She was a girley girl and a princess. Everything I did for the cats I own (or own me) was always done with the thought of Poofin first. I purchased beds, treats, outdoor enclosures, pillows to rest, toys, blankets...all with only her in mind. The other cats can use them if she allowed, but most of the time they knew who they belonged to and steered clear.  
The connection we had I have only had with a select few people, never a pet.  
She was my darling Pooloo, my sweetyheart, Poofett, God knows how I miss my baby.  
Not one day has gone by since she passed that I have not cried at my loss. My heart aches with her gone, I feel so alone.

I Love you with all my heart Poofett, my love. You are Mommies Baby and always will be.

My heart is missing a very large part that you have taken with you, and until I see you again, I will feel this emptiness & lonliness.

Beauty, 06/28/09

Beauty, we will miss you greatly. You were a wonderful pet and will always be in our hearts. Love you!


Beauty, 05/09/98-06/17/09

Your pet becomes a part of your family and a part of your heart.

Arvin & Lisa Butler

Beauty (Buddy), 06/01/09

Beauty was a faithful male cat.
He was always such a comfort to me.
He always knew when I needed him and would comfort me.
He was very much loved.

Mary Stefanchik

Beauty, 03/29/96-05/10/09

Our dear Beauty passed over the Rainbow Bridge on Mother's Day to be reunited with her mom, and all the other wonderful cats and dogs we have had the honor to have grace our lives.
She battled kidney disease like the fighter she always was for 7 months and finally her little body had enough of it.
She passed in her bed at home peacefully in her sleep.
We will always miss her and think of her and have all been better for having her.
May you rest in peace our little Baby Beauty...until we meet again.
Love, Mom, Dad, Henry, Bonita, Baba and Grace xoxoxoxoxoox

Beauty, 03/11/95-02/16/09

Out of all the people I have had as friends in my Booty were by far the best friend I have ever had and will have.
I also hope and pray with everything I have that I will see you again someday.
Love you girl with everything i have.

Joshua Medeiros

Beauty Soberg, 05/07/95-06/28/09

God Bless you Beauty you were the BEST!

John & Julie

Beaux, 06/09/08

You started out with our family as a gift and never would I have imagined that you were a special gift to me an my entire family for the 12 years we were blessed to have you as part of the family.
You were always there for me at my darkest days and true friend and companion.
A year after losing you, I still miss you and will always hold you dear in my heart until we meet again.

Ken Mire

Beaverdog, 02/26/09

We miss you so much.

Rachelle and James

Beavis, 03/95-12/07/07

Beavis was such a cool cat.
I will always miss him.

Garrett Ciciarelli & Erica and Falan Wissing

Bebe, 11/07/97-02/11/09

I recued Bebe from an abuser when she was almost 4 years old. She wasn't fed, pet, or loved. I gave her all the love I could give. She died in my arms Feb,11. My heart is broken and I don't know if it will ever be the same without her.
Heres to you Bebe, you were truely the love of my life.

Gina Scacciaferro

Becket, 04/18/97-02/07/09

Becket was truly the most wonderful dog I have ever encountered.
He was always happiest when being loved by people, with belly rubs a special favorite.
He smiled constantly and brought great joy to everyone he met.
I will hold him tightly in my heart.
I was truly blessed to share my life with him even though I was never worthy of him.
Farewell, love dog.
The world is now a lesser place.

Kelly Lease

Beckett, 02/28/09

Beckett was a rescue from a puppy mill in 03.
We had her and she was a charmer every since she came to us. She shared a home with Ash, a german short haried pointer. She was my shadow, and when i came home from the store, she knew there was a treat waiting for her and Ash. She was a black and white Dal so everyone who met her loved her cause she was marked so beautifuly. Her personality was happy. When taken to our vet he would say "she is food driven" . That was a big joke in our family.

As with most big dogs her hips gave out and she could not get up any more. She was the 3rd Dalmatian I have had. I love the breed so. Happy eyes, and always a laugh for me, that is how I remember Beckett.

Pamela Brown

Bee, 20/12/04-26/05/09

Bee was very special and was such a trooper when her best freind Bhriny died last year. She was best friends with Twinkle and was like a mother to him. We will all miss her so very much because she was always so calm and composed, but always happy and chirpy. We love you Bee.

Jake Costello

BeeBee, 01/18/97-07/01/09

In memory of my dearest friend and companion.
I will miss you always.

Diann Fahey

BeeBop, 08/90-02/23/09

Beebop, who was previously named Abdullah, was a wonderful orange tabby that my son picked out at our local SPCA. He was just 7 months old. He was a sweetie and loved to cuddle, sit on my lap, lick my hair and chase our other cats. He lived a long healthy life, passing away when he was 18 and a half years old. I believe that he is at peace, no more pain, and will continue to be cared for by a loving God. Beebop, we love you and miss you. Thank you for being such a special member of our family for so many years. Enjoy your rest, and stay close. Love, your human and feline family

Beemer Meister Watson-Bond, 12/30/94-03/07/09

Beemer, my little boy,
I will always remember the funny little things you did and the joy you brought back into my life! You were never 'just a dog' - I LOVE YOU! Thank you Beemer! I was blessed to have you as my best friend!!!

Carlah J. Bond

Beeper Dobson, 04/09/97-03/19/09

"Boogie Man" has been sad since yur death and he really misses you.
Chandler has also noticed your absents.
We still call you "Miss Kitty" and missyour warn body in our bed.

Al and BJ Dobson

Beethovan, 03/25/09

We will miss you & love you forever our beautiful BAY-BAY.

Jeanne, Sarah, & Katie

Beethoven, 02/08/08-02/27/09

I'll miss you buddy.


Beethoven 'Toven', 07/09/97-01/12/09

Gawd Toven baby we miss you already .. I can't even tell you how hard of a day its been. Now you and Pringles can meet each other again and play. You gave us so much joy and laughs. We will never forget you .. we love you so much Tov. Until we meet again .. Sweet Dreams Babe

Sherrill Lund Josh and Sasha Worley

Beethovena, 12/20/95-05/06/09

Beethovena was a wonderful and sweet doggy, full of personality. She was my best friend, and my whole life. I'll miss her until we are reunited.

Michele Nihiser

Beetlejuice, 04/15/00-01/05/09

Beetlejuice was a blue ribbon kitty, although he had never been in any contest or show, he always won first prize of my heart.
He was a beautiful long haired cat with brilliant green eyes and a white face and feet just like his mother, Sox.

He was my best friend and loved to sit on my lap while I would put my make up on.
He would get into the middle of everything and especially loved to play with wrapping paper, postcards, boxes, and Albert.
He was a loving friend to my father which he showed by nibbling at his feet.
A best friend to my mother and to all of my true friends.
Beetljuice was happy, purring when you scratched his head and playful when you tapped his tummy.
I will miss taking naps with him and seeing him wait for me at the front door.
He loved to conquer the jungle of the outdoors, trouncing through flower beds and snacking on the lillies.
Beetlejuice was 18 pounds and stood 3 feet tall on hind legs.
He was almost 9 years old when he laid with me all weekend then silently crossed the rainbow bridge.
He was truly a blessing and will be loved and missed for lifetimes.

To my handsome boy, with love, Michelle.

Beggar, 05/07/09

You were my sweet, crazy little girl. I won't forget you. Wait for me at the Rainbow Bridge, sweetie. I love you Beggar.


Behr, 02/09/01-05/15/09

He was huge, he was happy, and he loved everyone he met.
In his short 8 years, he made many, many friends, touched all he met, and was an unforgettable member of his family.
Behr was my love and will forever remain in my heart.
I am eternally indebted to him for all he taught and gave to me.

Renee Mitchell

Bella, 01/01/00-05/28/09

Bella...i miss you.
you were one special labbie.
i know that you are all around in spirit and it makes me smile knowing that you r in God's hands hanging out with my mom and dad in heaven...


Bella, 07/10/09

Bella was our best friend ever. She showered us with unconditional love. She greeted you always with a smile and wag. She loved to snuggle and get her belly rubbed. She loved her "baby" toy and playing fetch.
Bella came to us in a time in our lives where we really needed her unconditonal love and gentle ways. She taught us so much!
Tragically she left us way to soon (age 5) when she developed autoimmune hemolytic anemia. She tried with every ounce of determination to pull through but lost her battle on Friday six days after being diagnosed.
We love her so much and her passing has left a huge hole in our hearts. We know that she is in a better place now, and is no longer suffering.
We will love her forever and will meet her again someday at the pearly gates of Heaven.

Valerie Peterson-Barnes

Bella, 01/10/08-06/12/09

Bella was simply a treasure.
She only lived a short time and died tragically but I cannot express how much she touched my life and how much of a void is left now in my heart.
She was so full of spunk and even though she only weighed 15 lbs., she would have protected me with everything she had.
She loved to go wherever I was and when I left a room, she would get up and settle back down in whichever room I had gone into.
She had eyelashes like a doll and one look in her sweet eyes and you could not help but fall in love with her.
She will be missed so much and my heart will forever remember every day that I had with her.


Bella, 01/2000-05/28/09

Bella was such happy, most loving yellow lab.
She touched everyone's lives in a unique way.
She truly loved unconditionally and was there for me when my parents passed away, went everywhere I went, and did the best she could to fight off her cancer.
She was a part of me and when she passed a part of me went with her.
I miss her so.

Rich Masino

Bella, 12/2002-05/26/09

My Cat Bella was my life.She was put to sleep today due to illness.Bella loved sitting in my lap when I was on the computer.I wish so much that I could have done more for her. She's still the best part of my heart.

Debra Taylor

Bella, 02/17/04-03/24/09

Bella, you are missed soooooooo very much, I cry everytime I think about you and I always wonder why you had to leave us so soon.


Bella, 01/92-05/05/05

Forgive me . i am unable to stop crying. It still hurts so bad.
I love you and forever .
I wish you could be here with me and we could be on this earth again. I love you forever. You knew so much and me so little. Bless you.


Bella, 11/04/02-05/16/09

Bella will be missed by us and her 2 dog brother and sister, Taiko & Raleigh. SHe loves to eat, follow Sarah around the house, chase rabbits and sit in the sun.

Sarah Schatz

Bella, 10/13/00-03/25/09

Tribute to Bella My Angel.

Bella, you are a Blessing in my Life. You are the Greatest Love of my life. You possessed Beauty without Vanity, Strength without Insolence, Courage without Ferocity, and all the Virtues of Man, without his Vices. You are the first to welcome, foremost to defend. You came in the form of a dog, but you were much bigger than that. You were a vehicle of strength, devotion, gentleness, loyalty, and unconditional love. Ever so faithful and sweet and you are etched in my heart forever. You were my true companion and no one will ever take your place in my heart. I will be ever grateful for the short period you spent with me. I'm so sorry that I had to put you to sleep. I wanted to always be the hand that only touched you with the degree of love you have always shown me. God has taken you to a better place where you do not have pain and suffering anymore. I can't wait to meet you in Heaven.

You were there,

Now you're nowhere

My heartache

Why can't this be fake

You were mine

if only I took the time

It's so hard without you

I really, really miss you

"If there are no dogs in Heaven, then when I die I want to go where they went."

My Precious Bella I love you very much and I miss you terribly. You lay buried in my heart forever

God turns clouds inside out to make fluffy beds for the dogs in Dog Heaven, and when they are tired from running and barking and eating ham-sandwich biscuits, the dogs find a cloud bed for sleeping. God watches over each one of them. And there are no bad dreams.


Bella, 09/21/06-03/28/09

My Bella, what a beautiful, talented companion. She was the talk of the neighborhood and my office. Everyone knew Bella and her many, many talents. She hate jet black coat with a white chest and four white paws. Her love and excitment was all around our home. She died in her sleep with no apparent signs of illness. She played, ate, ran around our yard. We were home all day and left of only 1 1/2 hours. When we returned she was in her bed and we thought she was asleep, but she was already dead...warm to the touch, so it appeared it just had happened. I am in agony and disbelief. I am mad at the world and need much prayer.

My Beauty Queen Bella....I love and miss you so.

Lisa Alexander

Bella, 03/24/09

Bella I miss you so much it hurts.


Bella, 03/24/09

My sweet love I don't know what to do without you. I love you so much baby. You will forever be in our hearts.


Bella, 08/23/07-03/20/09

Too soon to believe, but not too soon to grieve. You're not in pain anymore, baby Bella, for that I am thankful. Thank you for your love, your loyalty, and your friendship.

Love, Mom & Kyle

Bella, 10/28/07-03/22/09

Bella, aka Bella Boo, aka Izzy,

You have left an empty place in our hearts since you have been gone.
We still cannot believe that you won't be making suprise visits while we are showering, that you won't be visiting us while we are watching tv, that you won't be dodging us so you can get on the counter before we catch you.
You were such a part of our family and it is a struggle every day to accept that you won't be here anymore.
We will all meet up again someday and that thought makes losing you a little easier.

Here is your song....

Who's so pretty?
Bella's so pretty... she's a pretty, pretty... pretty, pretty princess!!

Ferret away little princess... we love you!

Patrick, Heather, Daniel and Jake

Bella, 12/21/04-03/09/09

Bella was the most loyal and loving dog I have ever known, and we have had quite a few dogs. She deserved more than I could ever have given her. What an amazing dog she was.

Megan Liscio

Bella, 11/05/05-03/11/09

Bella our hearts ache with sadness and Mack Brown is crying - he has lost his best friend.

Lani Faber

Bella, 1992-02/25/09

Bella, taught us all how to age with joyous abandon and die with courage. I love you. Thank you for being my baby.

Mary S

Bella, 2008-02/25/09

I love you my sweet Bella, we will never forget you.
You will be in our hearts forever and we will see you again one day and be reunited forever!

Debbie Laverdiere and Armand Norton

Bella, 08/23/98-01/23/09

I lost this precious little kitty Bella tonight, January 23rd at 11:30pm, she passed away in my arms.
She was such a blessing to me, so loving and was my little shadow all of her life and I loved that so much about her and loved her so dearly.
I am alone in my life and at this time have been out of work for nine months, so these last nine months I had been home with her every single day and although I was down from being laid off, Bella was always there to make me smile every one of those days.
Bella was so precious to me and I am in so much pain after just losing her. I am very thankful that I had her in my life for this but short time that I did.

Thank you for allowing me to share a bit about my darling little kitty, Bella.
I'll always miss you my love.

Sarra Enck

Bella, 09/29/07-01/15/09

I loved you so much and miss you. Your birthday was the day you came into the house to live with me. You spent most of your life as an outside stray but finally trusted enough. You loved having a house and beds and being brushed and having your ears rubbed. Your happy life was so short, you got so sick and had to leave this world. I will always love you, see you in the morning my Bella

Joanne Purpura

Bella, 11/21/93-01/02/09

Bella, you have been such a blessing to me.
You have seen me through many times, good and bad.
I miss you so much!
You were the bestest friend, companion a girl could ever ask for.
I truely believe that we will meet again in someway or form.
You will never leave my heart.
I was so lucky to have you in my life, a big chunk of it, for 15 years!
I will miss your licks and comfort you always provided.
You were the best listener. Even though you were my dog first, you let your heart into my husband, David and our son, Scotty.
Whom will miss you terribly.
I love you Bella, always will.
I will see you again, I promise!
You are forever in my heart.

Bella, 12/29/01-12/30/08

My beautiful sweet baby girl never went through old age.
Grew so ill so very quickly.
Mo more pain.
You are in our hearts kept by love which is forever.


Bella and her babies, 04/14/09-05/25/09

Today I loss my rabbits. I had my rabbit Bella. She and her 7 babies lives were cut short today. Her babies would've been exactly 6 weeks old tomorrow. Unfortunately a group of dogs came and tore into their cage. I was out of town that day, and when i came home that afternoon, they were all gone. I found the bodies all over my back yard. My rabbits lived outside. I wish now that I never had had them outdoors. I thought the cage was strong and sturdy.
But I was wrong. Please remember that pets should live indoors where they are safe and protected.

Steven Knott

Bella Dawn, 07/11/04-01/30/09

Bella, mommy misses you and will always love you.
Thank you for getting me through so many rough times. I'm sorry I couldn't help you get better.
I will never forget you.
You will be in my heart forever and no one will ever take your place.
Your sister, Chloe, misses you and sends her love, too. She says "Thank you for rescuing me".

Love Always and Forever,
Mommy and Chloe

Bella Mia Rizzo, 10/24/00-01/10/09

My best friend.
My Dog defined the word Loyal.
Oh my gosh She was so loyal and kind.
Such a sad time.
I will miss my Bewwy Wewwy.
They'll be waiting thats for sure.
It will be a glorius time.
Im sorry for all of us and wish for happier days.
Lee Rizzo

Bella Niles, 02/12/09

You were the dog no one wanted.we took you in and you became the dog everyone loved. Friends and family vied for who would watch you when we went out of town. People wore out the batteries in their digital cameras snapping your picture. People at the vet's office looked forward to your visits, they even did things for free because they knew how special you were.

I hope to God that the last four years of your life more than made up for the years of pain and sadness your brave little soul endured before you were brought to us.
People say I spoiled you, but they are wrong,you spoiled me. God Bless You my little Bella. You were one in a billion I only wish we had more time together. I miss you so much and sometimes it feels like the tears will never stop.
Love,Your Poppa

Bella Noel Memering, 10/15/08-06/14/09

Bella bu. We are going to miss you soooo much. Your mommy misses you more than words can say. I hope you find as much happiness in doggy heaven as you had down here. We are thankful for the time you gave us while you were here, and help make me and your mommy a better person. Oh bella bear, this was just too soon. This wasn't the plan for alll of us. I miss you bear. Love forever, your Mommy and Daddy. xoxox

Bella Richardson, 02/01/02-02/01/09

You had to leave this world Bella, we could not make you understand why but you'll be happier now free of pain and illness. We'll see you again one day but until then enjoy yourself and forgive us for what we had to do.

Brett [for Carlie]

Bella Rose, 02/20/2007 - 06/22/2009

Bella Rose, you are a doggie I will never forget. I have never met a doggie with so much energy. You melted my heart the first time I held you in my arms. You were so little and fluffy, you looked like a little bear. I'm just sorry that God must have needed you in Heaven because you passed away to soon.
I'm sorry I was not here with you when you needed me the most. I wish I had been home, then I would've been able to give you a proper send off to Heaven. If I would've known that you were so sick, I would not have gone on vacation. Now you and your brother Gossamer are in Heaven together and are now pain free.
I can't wait to see the both of you again! I miss the both of you everyday of my life. Bella Rose, you will always have a special place in my soul because you saved my life. I love and miss you so much!

Bella Sutton, 03/01/97-02/23/09

She was the most loving animal I have ever and will ever meet.
She loved me unconditionally.
She also fought her disease for over one year with courage.
I will always love my Bella.

Amelia Sutton

Bella Youngford, 07/04/09

Bella was a cute little firecracker and passed away fittingly on 7/4.
We will always love her.
She was the best little dog and even scared away a great dane once in our garden. She barely weighed 24 lbs.
She was a puppy til the end and always will be in our hearts.

Dora Youngford

Belle, 9/12/09

My darling Belle my beautiful little Beagle you were so loved by all. Not a day will go by that I don't cry, miss, long and cherish you. When you passed on 9/12/09- a part of us went with you. We will love you forever.

Belle, August 19, 2009

Gail and I have been involved with rescuing Golden Retrievers ever since we lived in Virginia. We have kept up the labor of love in Georgia. Now it is time for us to let our beloved Belle go.

Belle was the last dog we rescued in Virginia. She was so scared in that cage at the animal control building. Both of us believe rescued animals share a special bond, knowing they were the lucky ones and are forever grateful. Belle was no exception. We only hope we have lived up to her expectations.

Recently, she has had problems digesting her food. We had her evaluated by our Vet. The diagnosis was Mega esophagus. In older dogs, this most likely was brought about by a nerve disorder. She required constant attention and special feedings, including therapy after each "meal". We were concerned about her quality of life as well. She had to remain calm to assist the food to go down the alimentary canal. Even so, she could not keep her food down and lost 15 pounds this past month.

Based on what we knew, what we learned from the Vet and on line, and our love to do the best for her, we have decided to put her to sleep this afternoon. We know that we will see her again and she will be whole and healthy and look us in the eye and thank us for caring for her.

Belle loved life and all those around her. She always made us smile when she would lie down with Buzz the cat. Belle and Babe were the best of friends. She loved to run and when Gail would take her to the river with friends and their dogs on Sunday mornings, they would let them run free (always keeping an eye out for the state park ranger)...and Belle would run like the wind. She loved greeting strangers in the street on our walks and everyone knew who the good-looking blonde was. She would join us on the bed every morning, always waiting for an invitation first, then she would jump like a gazelle up onto the bed.

If you have animals, be sure to give them a hug in memory and honor of Belle.

Warren and Gail

Belle, 09/26/94-08/06/09

Our lovely Belle has decided to join her siblings.
Almost 15 years ago, you came to our lives like an ugly duckling, but turned out to be a beautiful swan.
It wasn't easy being the second child, living in the shadow of others. You were the biggest of the bunch and acted like the dominant child, but deep inside you loved all your siblings.

You were very active, running around and jumping around (up and down the sofa!). Even when your legs could no longer jump during the last few days, you would stand in front of the sofa, asking to be brought up.
You would whimper when you wanted something, or got too excited, how we miss it now.
Your healthy appetite, destroying one spoon after another in the process, but we were glad to see. When you were little, you would chew on everything: cassette boxes, dolls, Styrofoam, nails. You always had the nicest teeth, though.
You were very stingy, saving your chews or treats until the last minute, growling at anyone who glanced your way.
You loved to get your teeth brushed, because you enjoyed licking the chicken flavored toothpaste.
You never liked to be alone, destroying the door with your nails when you were young, until your paws were bleeding. Or becoming a nervous wreck when we were about to travel, even though you were coming along.
You used to love catching air with your tongue, we're sorry we stopped blowing air to your mouth.
You were always the clean freak, didn't want to get your hands or feet dirty when you went to the bathroom, doing seemingly impossible acrobats just to keep the limbs clean.

We knew you were sad when Minnie left, because you were not the same anymore. The whimpering sister suddenly became the mature and well behaved one, like Cece Minnie.
Belle, we know you're in a better place now, running around with Cece Minnie, Cece Ariel, Titi Donald and Meimei Daisy. All your illnesses and infirmities healed.
We are sorry that sometimes we ignored you and treated you as our second best, you deserved better.

Have a good night sleep our last baby; you will always be in our hearts.
Thank you for being there when we needed you.
Thank you for forgiving us and loving us more than we can ask for.
Thank you for coming into our lives and to stay for as long as you could.

Until we meet again our beloved Belle, for now go play and have fun with Minnie, Ariel, Donald and Daisy at the Rainbow Bridge.

Lots of Love and Kisses,
Mommy and Daddy

August 6, 2009
Ferry Firmansjah and Mitzy Budiono

Belle, 07/12/09

There are no words to describe how I feel.
I miss you so much.
You brought so much joy to my life and I am forever greatful for being allowed to care for you while you were on this earth.
I was so lucky and my life so blessed to have had you in it.
I love you Bunny Belle.
I will always love you.

Jennifer Dery

Belle, 12/26/96-06/25/09

Thank you Belle for teaching me how to love with a pure heart.
Thank you for choosing me to share your love with for the past 12 1/2 years.
Your radiant joy will never be forgotten.
We love you and miss you so very much!!!
You will always be my heartdog!!


Belle, 07/07/09

Faithful friend, ever vigilant protector, you have taken part of our heart with you.

Janet Nichols

Belle, 07/03/09

I was honered to have you share your life with me. You will be greatly missed, forever. I will see you someday at the Bridge. Until I hold you again...


Belle, 05/23/09

Though it's been more than a month since we had to say goodbye, I still feel the loss of my sweet Belle more harshly with each passing day.

She was indeed my best friend. The listener. The comedian. The healer of wounds. The one who brightened long, hard days.

Looking forward to meeting here again on the Rainbow Bridge.

Jen Reed

Belle, 11/13/08

i dedicate this tribute to my best friend in the whole world.
she was the best friend a girl could ever ask for.
she helped me through some really tough times, including the loss of my human best friend.
i know she went in peace and love.
i was with her when she went and it was the saddest and most beautiful thing i have ever seen.
i loved her so much and it still hurts.
i miss you every day Belley-boo!

Becky Walsh

Belle, 10/09/03-05/21/09

Belle was so loving. I hate that she passed so tragically. I miss her so dearly and pray that she is able to run freely with her cousin Lucy up there.


Belle, 09/16/97-05/13/09

To my precious angel Belle, may you have all the doggy treats in heaven that you desire and a comfy bed to rest you sweet head on.
I will miss you so much and never forget you.
You loved so unconditionally!!!! Thank you for always being by my side.

Alayna Smith

Belle, 05/12/09

Our beloved Belle will be dearly missed.

Cheryl Phillips

Belle, 02/01/95-04/25/09

Belle I love you and miss you! Things just are not the same with you gone. You beat your cancer baby. Mommy is so proud of you! You are my little Super Girl! I will see you again. All my love, Mommy.

Belle, 04/96-04/23/09

Our 13 year old Schnauzer, Belle, died suddenly today of an apparent aneurysm or stroke. We rushed her to the vet within 3 minutes because they are just outside of Plum Creek our subdivision. But there was no way to save her. I'm writing to you because I know that you understand and can appreciate the sorrow that me and my family are feeling. She became a part of my life when I married Laura 8 years ago and was with Laura and Robby before that.

Belle was a very loyal and loving dog to our family and provided a great deal of comfort. She would always be very excited when any of us came home, even if we were only gone a few minutes. She had a very short tale but it would vibrate so fast that her whole back end would shake. It was so cute. She would follow us around the house so much that we nick named her The Stalker. She was so needy that when I would be working on the computer, she would beg for attention so much, that I would put her in my lap or keep her on the floor and pet her with one hand while typing with the other. Sometimes, she would jump on the couch and lay with her head on my leg. Belle would make a bad day better.

Belle has left a void in our lives and she will be greatly missed. Thanks for reading this.

Rich and Laura

Belle, 02/04/99-04/15/09

Belle lost her 5-1/2 month fight with Lymphoma. She's the best dog I ever had- gentle and loving with children, happy, active, and never aggressive. Her only flaws were stealing food and rolling in cat poop! During her sickness, she slept a lot more, but she was always affectionate and loved her food. She had bursts of energy where she'd still chase birds and swing her stuffed toy. She was tough and brave, having survived 3 mast cell tumor removals and a torn ACL. I don't believe she was in pain long- she had her last hurrah on Easter, then stopped eating and drinking. Her decline was rapid, but peaceful. She will be terribly missed.


Belle, 05/25/07-04/09/09

She was the little dog with the big heart. She gave her spirit, love and loyalty unconditionally.
I miss you Bellarina.


Belle, 05/28/05-11/17/08

Belle, I miss you so much. Your stay was to short. When you left me, there was a hole in my heart.I loved you more than I can say and I'll love you twice as much tomorrow. Please wait for me at the Rainbow Bridge so I'll know where to find you when I get there. The first thing we'll do is go for our usual canal walk and then come home and sit by the couch and rest like we always did. Your sister Chole misses you also and wants to join us in the canal walk as well. As soon as all my chores are done here I will come right up as soon as possible. In the mean time please come across the Rainbow Bridge every now and then to check on us to see that we are o.k. Mom, Sella & Nena say they misses you to!!! So take care until I see you. Love always DAD.

Belle Belle, 07/06/09

She was the best, always wanting to please and play know matter how bad she felt. She always helped w/ the other pets brought into our home. She accepted her new sisters and brothers w/ lots of love. She loved people and touched so many hearts. She'll be missed greatly by all who knew her. We love you, Belle Belle.
Mom,Dad,Chase,Sophie & Tilly

Belle Hall, 08/06/2009

Belle Kitty, letting you go was the hardest thing I ever had to do. The Vet said that it was for the best, and we did not want you to suffer, but it was so hard watching the spark of life pass from you forever. I hope you knew that the hand petting you at the very end was mine.

Your Mom and I miss you so much! The world seems a smaller, lesser place now that you are gone.

I hope you can find your older sister, Goldie, at the Rainbow Bridge, and take comfort in her presence until your Mom and I meet you there some day.

Belle o the Ball, 09/17/98-01/27/09


I miss you so much.
I want to thank you for all the love and companionship you gave me over your short life.
You taught me so very much - how to love and show my emotions, how to accept love and to know that you loved me.

Rest in peace and I will see you again someday.


Belle Stewart, 08/23/98-05/21/09

Belle was an the best friend & daughter anyone could have ever asked for.
You are & always will be our baby girl.
I always feared the day that you would be gone, but, I never could have imagined the pain that we would feel when you left.
There is such a hole in our hearts that will never be filled.
The only thing that gives me hope is that we will be reunited again someday in heaven.
Junior misses his sister, but we are trying our best to help him through this.
We will always love & miss you baby girl.
Thank you for all the wonderful memories & unconditional love that you've given us through the years.

Seann & Amber Stewart

Ben, June 26, 2002 - August 12, 2009

Ben brought so much joy and laughter to our lives, our life has forever changed because of him. Ben was unique and definitely had personality. We always called him our "social butterfly." He loved people and other animals. He has left this hole in our hearts that will never be filled.

Ben, May 23rd 1993 - 11/08/2009

My darling Ben,
I miss you so much it hurts,you were my best friend,loyal, friendly and always there for me, I have never found those qualities ever in a human being.

I miss you !

My tears are falling on the keyboard as I write this, the pain is unbearable but you needed to be free, it was your time Ben and I had to do the one last act of kindness for you although I didnt want to,

please forgive me Ben.

Now go, run free and be happy Ben, wait for me, it wont be long before we meet again, I promise.

I love you X LICK X LICK X

Ben, 06/26/09

Ben, you brought so much love and happiness. We will miss you.

Laura Brick

Ben, 25/12/94-29/04/09

What can I say about our ben except that he wasn't just a dog he was a member of our family. He was included in our everyday lives. He'd cheer you up when you felt low by nuzzling up to you and giving you a kiss... just to show he cared. Its soo quiet in the house without him. I keep expecting to see him lying on his duvet in the hall. Or lying outside my bedroom waiting for me to wake up. Mealtimes jut aren't the same. You keep listening out at 1230 for him to start barking for his dinner. You make extra roast potatoes because he loved his sunday roast.


Ben, 03/18/09

My little boy was the sweetest most loving cat anyone could ask for. Until the very end he purred and loved me without regard for his own suffering. Rest in peace my sweet sweet boy.

Susan Fordin

Ben, 05/07/08-03/15/09

Ben-you were so tiny, and you grew up so fast. You loved to eat treats, right out of my hand. Towards the end of you short life you were in constant pain. I hope you are happy now, we will miss you.


Ben, 08/16/94-02/08/09

Our sweet Ben, we Love you and will miss you forever.


Ben, 12/16/99-02/13/09

My beloved Ben went to the Rainbow Bridge at approximately 4 A.M. on Friday 2/13/2009.
He passed in his sleep.
He was 9 years 2 months old.
He was a loyal and faithful companion.
He was my constant friend.
He fought congestive heart failure for the past 14 months and was tired and ready to get his well earned rest.
I will miss him terribly.
It's going to be a long haul for me without his warm loving presence.
God speed my Ben.
I'll love you always.

Susan Fitts

Ben, 09/01/08

we love you ben miss you xxxxxxxxx

Louise Waters

Ben, 10/20/96-02/03/06

Ben, we miss you every day.


Ben, 25/08/00-27/12/08

our dear little fluffball ben you meant the world to all of us,everyone loved you.sleep tight baby will always be with us a very special and loyal friend love and remember you always xxxxxxxx


Ben, 30/06/06

Our big boy, fantastic companion and faithful friend, we still miss you so much

The Butland Family

Ben (Benny), 01/11/02-01/10/09

Our gentle Ben.
Everyone loved him.
We had him for almost 7 years. (He died the day before his birthday). His death was very sudden and unexpected. Our hearts are broken.
His little buddy Rascal misses him terribly.
We know he is in a better place.

Melissa Jerry Josh & Sami Boarts

Ben, 01/15/09

Love and Light Forever

Anne N. Pelletier

Ben and Billy, 08/10/99 to 02/16/08 and 03/13/09

to my beautiful boys my heart is broken and i miss you so much no one to comfort me now your gone i love u so much life will never be the same rip my babies til we meet again

Patricia Lloyd

Ben Porter, 04/28/09

We lost our Best Friend on March 28th, 2009 after 16 wonderful years.
I miss His smell, His smile, His rabie tags clinging on His collar, His everthing.
My husband and I cry together laike babies.
When does it get better. It seems like it happened today.
I cannot get over the loss and am grieving greatly.
We had to pick up His Ashes today which only made things become fresh all over again.
They made us two foot prints of His paws, that was very nice and they gave Him back to us in a very nice cherry Box.
I don't want a box, I want my Baby Boy back.
He had loss the use of his back legs in the last 3 months.But we managed, we made a harness to help him walk.
He was still healthy and happy, He ate well and had to be with me every second and I loved it.
He took 8 pain pills a day but we knew he was still in some pain and we promised Him that we would not let him hurt.
So we had to let Him go, my Heart is broken and will not heal.
Someone gave me the Rainbow Bridge poem and I read it often.
Thank you for letting me talk

Norma Courtois and Craig Porter

Ben Waters, 09/01/09

i think of you everyday i loved you so much goodnight godbless xxxxxxxxxx


Benben, 06/15/97-01/12/09

Benben came into my life a skinny little fur ball that looked like a sheep that had just been sheared by someone who gave him
a really bad haircut.
Ben joined our family which included Amanda the greyhound, Lady the shepherd/huskie, gracie the cat, cocoa the cat, and sasha the cat.
All except gracie have gone before him, but now he joins the rest of his sisters in animal heaven.
Ben fought a good fight against the ailments that he had, but in the end his little heart gave out.
I loved him from the day he came into my life and will keep loving him even though he is gone, and thank goodness not suffering anymore.

Jane and Stephen

Bengal, 12/01/96-05/12/09

I wish I could have kept you safe and healthy forever but I could not watch you suffer any longer. The day you died, a little piece of me went with you. I am thankful that you died at home, in your own backyard while your puppies were present. The hardest thing I ever did, was watch you die. I am thankful that I was with you and was able to comfort you but I will never forget the look in your eyes as you passed on to the next world. I want to forget that look and just remember you running. You were so fast!
I wish the vet would have shown up so that you were not in so much pain. I promise I won't use that vet for your puppies.

I know that when I rescued you 13 years ago from the pound that this day would come to pass...I just wish the time hadn't flown by as fast as it did. I want you to know that I adore you and will take care of your little ones as I did you. I am thankful to have those puppies of yours with me now. They remind me a lot of you. I love you Bengalfish. I will miss you till the day we are reunited. For now, play with John and Grandpa and be a good girl. Run, eat, play, jump and smile.


Daddy and Jackie and DJ and everyone else that had the pleasure of rubbing your belly.

Bengie Escalona Maldonado, 12/18/94-05/03/09

Hey boy! I hope your doing fine. We missed you a lot. Eres el mejor perrito del mundo!! u know it! We will always remember you and love you forever and ever. You were such an awesome dog. Funny, furry and beautiful. The baby of the house. TE AMO BENGIE

Liza, Juan and Millie

Bengy, 23 Feb 2009

Bengy, mummy and I will miss you dearly. We love you so much and hope you are at peace now.


Benjaman, 08/19/93-04/06/09

Benny was a big orange tiger and a exceptional cat, a wonderful companion and best friend.
For almost 16 yrs he was by my side thru the good times and bad.
We moved 7-times and he never once complained.
The last four years of his life he was diagnosed diabetic and needed insulin shots twice a day; not one time did he ever fuss about the shots. I miss him very much, my home is so empty without him, but it was his time to go and I know he is with all the other animal friends he had in the past.
God Bless you Benny.

Linda J Eben

Benjamin, 07/18/09

My beautiful boy, Benny Boo - I loved you more than you could imagine and wasn't prepared to say goodbye so soon.

Lynda Stein

Benjamin, 08/20/07-02/25/09

Benjamin, you blessed us with your life.
You are in our hearts forever.
You will always be remembered and loved.

Alan and Marilyn

Benjamin, 07/19/00-01/23/09

Our Benjamin was a very special and beautiful boy.
There aren't enough words or space to include all of
his attributes.
We loved him and will miss him forever.
He was and always will be foremost in our thoughts.

Patsy Carnahan

Benjamin Collins, 01/05/09

This darling little white fluffy creature of God died suddenly during the morning of January 8, 2009.
My grief is shattering and the house seems empty without his happy spirit and cute doggy ways.
I thank him for the joy he brought to me and am grateful for the love he had for me.

I will miss you forever, little Benjamin

Julie Collins

Benjamin Franklin Isbell, 01/02/99-04/24/09

Ben was a loving and trusted friend. I will miss him every day. He loved to sit with me in my recliner and cover up with a blanket.

James Isbell

Benjamin Young, 07/14/09

You will be missed by brother Adam and the rest of the family.
Good-by my lap pig.

Margaret Young

Benji, 06/20/09

Benji be well, may your sight return, and your pain disappear. Play nice with Gigi, Papagena, Pamina, and Hunter. Wish them well when you complete your journey across the bridge. Find them as they will meet you on the other side of the bridge bid them hello for us and give them our love. Tell them how much we miss them all.

Benji, 09/09/99-05/22/09

RIP Sweet Benji.
I will always love you and keep my memories of you close to my heart.
We had to put you to sleep so you would not suffer.
Someday, we will meet again at the Rainbow Bridge.
RIP Sweet Benji.

Kathy Englert

Benji, 05/10/03-04/17/09

just a little bundle but what alot of love you give.until we meet again on rainbow bridge


Benji, 01/06/09

For my Good Friend Teri and the loss of her little golden Benji.

Deena Borremans

Benji, 08/20/01-12/18/08

You will always be remembered and forever in our hearts.

Darren Degroot

Benji Maria, 12/12/94 - 10/01/09

Benji came into my life at the right time. I was 19 years old. He was a gift from my dad. Benji was the baby I'll never have. When my beloved Pomeranian passed on October 1,2009 a part of me died with him. The only thing that keeps me going is that I know one day we'll meet up at the Rainbow Bridge. Benji I will always have you in my heart.



Benjie Owen Cohen, 12/22/08

You were my beloved best friend and probably saved my life during the years we shared together. I loved you and miss you: you had a wonderful soul

Dianne Cohen

Bennet, 09/01/07-02/14/09

My little guy.
We'll miss you terribly.


Bennie, 02/07/09

Love and miss you, little Conchtables Bennie dog! You were the greatest dog that ever lived.

Gretchen Padula


Benny Nunez Santiago was born on June 21, 2004 and left us on December 31, 2008 at the age of 4.

Benny Nunez Santiago will be greatly missed but always alive in our hearts.

Benny pass away in a very painful way on New Years Eve at 11:29pm. He was sleeping then he woke up and came to my lap for a few seconds he was still. Then he felt pain, a lot of pain. He cried and was shaking. I tried to hold him and stop him but I couldn't do nothing. A few seconds later he stopped and I realized that he have die. I called Rod on the cellphone, who was on the way crying saying "baby, I think Benny die! I remember saying to Benny "Benny please wake up, don't die, Benny please don't leave me, Please wake up" but he was dead. Rod came running to him to hold him. He took the thing Benny had on his neck and held him in his arms. We putted Benny on the bed and holded him as much as we could it. We kiss him good bye.I cried so much,Rod cried too because we loved him so much. He was our baby.. He was a cat we always looked forward to come home to. He was always by the door the moment we were opening the door. He slept with us every night.. Lately Rod had him so spoil that Benny slept in the middle of the bed with us. Every morning he woke me up at 5am for food. He did all he could it do to get me up, even pulled my hair sometimes. I just wish we knew about what he had earlier and had take him to the doctor. But he never complained or cried til it was too late. He would it be here with us today.
Benny I just want you to know that we were with you til the end, we even slept on the floor with you when you were sick..Just like you slept on the floor with me when I was sick and didn't want to go to the bed.We will always remember those special moments we got to spent with you..Thank you for loving us. We love you and miss you very much...... Mom and Dad.

Benny, 10/11/97-06/13/09

We love you Benny! You were the Best! Your gentle little soul will be missed!


Benny, 11/18/95-06/07/09

Benny was the most wonderful dog anyone could ever have.
He was sweet, kind, loving and devoted.
He rarely complained of pain eventhough we know he was in tremendous pain for a long time.
He loved to chase squirrels and birds and play with his step-brother Sammy the pomeranian.
He especially loved his family, Don, Douglas, Dylan and me, Denise.
We miss the sound of his soulfull baying, his appetite for food and the sloppy wet kisses he gave us.
Until we meet again Benny on Rainbow Bridge, hope you have fun chasing those squirrels.

Denise Tirino Bishop

Benny, 02/12/97-06/05/09

Benny we loved you so.
Your brother Elf will miss you terribly.
Our heart's ache for you.
Your bold personality and friendly personality greeted me everyday with love and affection.
You were my special boy.
I loved you dearly.
I will never forget what a good kitty you were.

Shel Greb

Benny, 11/10/97-05/23/09


I will never forget the day we picked you up from the animal shelter.

Brian Chapman

Benny, 01/04/04-05/07/09

Words can't begin to describe the love we all have for you sweet boy.
You were more than a dog but a huge part of our hearts.
You will be missed every second, minute, and hour of everyday until we meet again.
You went too soon angel and our loss of of you is immense.
Keep chasing your tail in heaven Benny boy.You will forever be with all of us.
Thank you for your love and unrelenting dedication. R.I.P.
We Love You!!!

April Rose and Family

Benny, 05/01/09

My sweet Benny.
You were a wonderful kitty and will be forever missed.
You missed your buddy Kitt so much who left us 6 weeks ago, that I knew you would soon be with him.
You struggled with your FIV and kidney disease for over a year.
Your now once again healthy and playing.
I so miss your purrs and head butts.
One day we will all be together again.
I love you my little friend.
You were truly a blessing in my life.


Benny, 04/08/96-04/18/09

We thank God for the wonderful years with our beloved Benny. We learned so much about unconditional love from Benny. Benny will remain in our hearts forever.
No other dog will take your place, you were one of a kind! Until we meet again....we love you!

Jeanne and John Hackworth

Benny, 25th April 1998-9th April 2009

RIP My Beautifull baby Benny, I miss you so much, my heart is broken.
I pray you are with your Brother Jack.
I also pray that i will see both of you again one day.
Untill then, god bless you both my Darlings.



Benny, 12/29/01

We miss you so much Ben. We cannot wait to meet with you over the rainbow bridge!

Lots of love
Forever and ever

The Rose Family

Benny Adelson, 04/01/09-03/07/09

We could not have asked for a better friend, healer, or cheerleader in our lives.
Benny, you were always there for us to make us laugh, sing with us, and make us feel better when we were sad. You also made sure we were never lonely.
We know how much you loved us and only hope that you know how very much we loved you, too, and that we always will.
We look forward to seeing you on the Rainbow Bridge when it is time for us to reunite in the flesh, however, please know you are in our hearts now and forever.
We love you and will remember all the wonderful days we had together.
Love, Mommy, Daddy, Jeff and Paul

Benny Bunny, 10/15/87-01/02/03

fearless, brave and true

Kim Proseus

Benny D, 08/22/98-05/23/09

A little Dog who thought he was 7 ft. tall and 300 lbs.Was loved by everyone .His Mommy will always remember him as My Benny and will never leave my heart. Was my pride and joy miss him terribly.Will miss his greetings at the door and howls when he was glad to see me,his warm face licks.We all will think of Benny as a best friend with stinky breath and a cold nose and a heart as big as the universe .He will be the first one I look for when I pass.Love You My Benny Always

Benny Johnson, 05/2006

Benny, you were a long time friend of mine. You saw me through high school, college, medical school, residency and fellowship.... Your passing still hurts a lot. I don't think I will ever get over you. If you suffered at all, please let me make it up to you when we meet again.
I loved you so much then and I still do now. Please let me into your life once again.


Benson, 10/20/00-03/01/09

The best 4-legged son ever.

Deborah McFall

Benson, 02/28/09

I love you Benson - I wanted to be with you forever - we were a team - a family - and I will always love you.
I have no clue what to do with myself or how to function since you passed.
I understand and I am grateful you aren't hurting right now.

Miss you always, HUGS, Purrs and Yummy Kisses

Bentley, June 1, 1993 - July 27, 2009

Our dear Bentley,
You were a wonderful boy and we loved you to the very end. You lost your brother Aynsley a year ago and this summer we had to say endure the horrible pain of saying goodbye to you too. You were a gentle, sweet, beautiful beardie and gave us 14 years of broke our hearts to lose you...we carry all the special memories with us and will miss you always. Allan and Alayne Ferley

Bentley, 02/26/09

Bentley was Bentley.
He always marched to his own beat, even at the end.
He had lymphoma but he was so happy, he was lethargic for about 3 days, and on the 4th and last day (Thursday) I took him down to our lake and he looked at me, for the first time since Sunday with what could only be described as a smile and passed away in the car on the way to the vet.
He was the best dog, had him for 13 years and though he was irritating at times, he was always there for me when I needed him most.
I'm just glad I could be there for him.
I know he died a few months ago, but it has taken a while for me to get over the loss, though it will never truly go away.
I will always have the memories of my puppy, and I will never forget the smile he always put on my face.
I love you Bentley, please wait for me and mom.
I promise that we'll come for you, though it may take a little while, so play with bingo when he gets up there, tell him to give you a noogie for me.


your brother


Bentley, 07/04/03-05/12/09

Bentley; I miss and love you. You were such a wonderful companion. I know you are now at peace.
All my love

Bentley, 07/14/97-04/01/09

Bentley, you had a heart of gold and the mind of a yearling... right until the last minute of your life! We'll miss you lips!

Amy, Kameron, and Fiona Clarke

Bentley, 03/19/09

The truest friend I could have ever asked for. He was there during the toughest times in mine and my children's lives. He is missed more than we could ever express.

Merideth Johnston

Bentley, 11/05/07-02/21/09

Bentley we loved you so very much,you were a great,loving dog,with lots of pep,I loved taking you on walks. I know that you are not sick or in pain any more,I will see you again some day! Love you Sharon Kent Ryan and Nicole

Bentley, 08/15/95-01/02/09

I had to say goodbye to my beautiful 13 1/2 year old Shar Pei yesterday after a 6 month battle with cancer.
I rescued Bentley at 10 1/2 from a shelter and fell in love with him the minute I saw him.
He hit it off instantly with my other Shar Pei (now 9 years old).
I hurt so much but know that he is no longer in pain and is waiting for me at the Rainbow Bridge.
I miss him so much.
Mommy and Bailei love you Bentley Bear and there will never be a minute that goes by that I will not be thinking of you and missing you!
Forever and always your best friends!

Valerie Druckman

Bentley Daisy Mae, 11/09/97-04/28/09

Bentley was more than I could ever have asked for.
She NEVER chewed or ruined anything and until her hearing went, she listened very well.
She was the best dog ever and I'm not sure what I will do without her.
She will be missed by everybody who met her.

Wendy Adams

Berkley, 01/16/09

Our kitty lived a long, happy life. We will miss her soothing purr, soft fur, and sweet disposition greatly. Berkley's spirit will live on in our hearts and memories forever.

Melinda Bullard

Bernice, 04/06/91-07/10/09

Our darling little Sissy girl!
We love you so very much and we miss you like mad!
Look for Muffin, he will be looking for you.

Jill, Randy & Branden Berrong

Bernie, 03/01/90-03/23/09

Bernie was an important part of our lives and he will be missed. Rarely do you find a cat with such a great personality and friendly disposition. I feel better knowing that his suffering is over and that he is at the Rainbow Bridge with our golden retriever, Riley, who passed on in December 2005.

Richard Angeloni

Bernie Kosar, 04/18/09

My best friend.

Greg Otto

Bernie Otto Brian Yoder, 08/00-02/16/09

We have a wonderful wonderful gift for almost 9 years.

Maureen and Greg Yoder

Bert, 03/17/01-06/27/09

Bert, so full of life, living fast and having fun right up until the end....we'll miss you baby Bert!! Ernie's been calling for you....


Bert, 04/11/95-01/29/09

My darling Bert, how I love you.
I named you Bert so that every time I called your name it would make me smile.
And you held true to that promise. The very first time I laid eyes on you, it was as if you were waiting for me.
You knew your assignment.
Your presence in my life has kept me true to myself on many occasions and always comforted me in times of loss.
I am trying to keep reminding myself when I grieve your loss that you were all about living in the moment, that I should spend my time celebrating a life well lived instead. Thank you so much for allowing me to share this section of the road with you.
I am so glad you are free. I promise that I will follow your example and truly live.

Heidi MacLeod

Bert, 10/04/04-01/20/09

An amazing dog that brought so much love and light into our lives.
So gentle and caring, so loving and nurturing.
Bert you were more than the family pet; you were the heart and soul of our family.
Our home is so very quiet and still with you gone and our hearts ache to see you again.
I can't wait to meet you on that bridge my friend when I can see that tail wagging so hard and you can slobber anywhere you want.
Till we meet again....

Michelle Lawson

Bertie Beatrice, 02/03/08-01/13/09

To my darling princess bertie,
i love u so much, I miss u and im so sorry my baby!.

Amma will always be with u!


Berty, Christmas Eve 2006

berty... i know you sort of thought you were a dog... you were one of the sweetest cats on earth. i miss you sooooo much!! kisses.... i cant believe youve been gone so long now.. i miss you crazy tons. i hope you miss me too. luv you.


Bess, 06/26/99

Bess was a special little girl and a big part of our family and losing her was the hardest thing we have ever endured.
I held her in my arms as she slowly passed away.
She is now with her sister Candy.
We know they will both be young again, running and chasing each other, never to be separated again.
The memories of wonderful times spent with such a very special girl will never be forgotten.
She gave everything of herself and more.
We were joined at the hip.
We knew every little thing about her.
At night she would sleep under the blanket next to my face and lean on me to say goodnight.
There is a deep loneliness inside us now.
I don't know what to do except I guess wait for the grieving to pass but will it.
I blame myself for her passing but all the should if's and what if's will not bring her back.
I have all the wonderful photos and memories to enjoy.
She had a wonderful life because she was loved so dearly.
May you rest in peace my girl and don't forget our agreement to come back and see me.
I know your sister has.
All our love and kisses from your mum and dad and Max.
May you always be happy and content, never feel pain again, only peace.
We love you.

Bessie, 03/30/09

I will always remember your sweet chocolate kisses, Bessie Boo. Your gentle nature with my children is something that most humans never accomplish. I remember how you would NEVER jump on my bed unless I told you it was okay, and then I would be greeted with those precious kisses. There will never be another dog like you. I am so happy that you are no longer in pain and that you don't have to suffer through insulin injections any more. I will see you when we cross the Rainbow Bridge together.

Tracy Green

Bessie Mae Bean Stealey, 05/01/97-02/25/09

To my precious friend (The Bean)I will love you always. Thank you Jesus for her life and for keeping her with you until we meet again. Mommy

Beta, 8/2002 - 10/26/2009

To Beta: You were always so happy to be alive, and so friendly. It's going to be very hard for me to be without you. I'm so sorry that I wasn't there, that I couldn't protect you. You must have so afraid.

I'll miss your footsteps, your snorts, the way you told me about everything you saw when you came inside, and your companionship. I'll miss how you would cuddle with me and let my hands sink into your beautiful fur. You were such a beautiful and handsome cat. I will always love and miss you. Your time here was too short.

Amy Kasarda

Betsy, 11/03/08

To my baby. You are the love of my life and no other will take your place. I know that you are with me because I feel a constant presence. Love 4 ever. Rest in Peace.

Dr. Pamela Spears

Betsy, 11/25/08

It was my honor to be your companion and caregiver.

Laurie Neebling

Betti boo, 1998 - 6th november 2009

We are so missing you,you were a lovely dog, left in the garden of a house in France we kept you despite having two other dogs at the time,we never regretted doing so, you were fearless and determined, up to the end,you battled with arthritis so determined not to miss your walks you dragged yourself to your feet,now your gone and your friend Henri is distraught,you taught us how to cope with old age,you were a merry dog to the end.How wonderful if you could be at rainbow bridge waiting for us.

Betty, 05/10/01-12/21/08

Betty came to us as a kitten about the time my wife and I first met.
Betty was a small handful in size then, but huge in character.
She is white with seven grey spots.
The three spots near her butt looked like the Mickey Mouse logo.
After seven priceless years with her, on the morning of Dec. 21 I let her out to go potty like every other morning and have not seen her since.
Later that day our power went out in the house.
My wife and I decided to light candles, bundle up and wait for our little Betty to come home.
We waited by the glass doors where she always sat to be let in.
We sat there for days through a black,freezing depressing Christmas eve and Christmas night.
It was so cold in our house you could see your breath.
We hoped she would come home to warm our house and hearts.
She still stayed gone.
We searched tirelessly for her in the cold and snow.
Im an artist by trade, and Betty was always present as I painted.
She is my Muse(mews).
I have never cried as much in my life.
Not even at the death of my own parents!
How 12 pounds of cat could have such a profound affect on my life is amazing to me.
I love her more than this rambling tribute can convey.
I love you my dear Betty.
I love you.

Craig & Yolanda Zuger

Betsy, 08/27/93-03/26/09

Betsy will always be in my heart and loved forever.
She was a wonderful companion and I am waiting to be with her again as we meet over the Rainbow Bridge. Bless her!

Sister Juanita Gwisdela

Betsy Ross, 07/04/01-04/17/09

My dear dog suffered bravely from Cushings disease and other illnesses.
She went to heaven on 4/17/2009.
I will always love her and miss her.

Erin Hodgess

Betty, 06/30/01-05/02/09

Betty was our beloved friend and companion for seven years.
She lost her battle with kidney failure a few weeks ago.
We miss her dearly and feel that she was taken from us too soon.
Betty was so special to both my husband and me - she was our best little buddy.
She was such a well behaved cat - she never tore up anything in the apartment and hardly ever got into anything she shouldn't.
She was a little saint.
She had the best personality as well - she was more like a dog in the sense that she was friendly and always wanted to greet and play with any visitors we had.
She was always there for us when we had a bad day
- she knew to sit next to us or in our lap and comfort us.
She protected us from creepy bugs to the very end.
She always knew how to make everyone laugh by doing something silly or cute.

I still cry every day when I get home and she is not there to greet me.
I know it will take a while to get over it.
I just miss her so terribly right now.
I miss getting up in the morning and seeing her little face peering at me over the covers.
I miss making her breakfast and dinner.
I miss coming home at night and playing chase with her and her favorite string toys.
I miss brushing her because she used to love that so much.
I miss all the little silly things she did, like carrying her little teddy bear in her mouth, meowing loudly and running to drop it at my feet or on the floor by the bed - as if to say "look what I brought you!!!"
If there is a heaven, I'm sure Betty is there now.
May she rest in peace and feel no more pain.
May all the happiness she brought me, my husband and others be repaid to her a thousand times over in the afterlife.
I am so lucky that fate brought us together - I only wish that we had more time together in this world.
Not a day will go by where I won't think of her and thank God she was in our life for the past 7 years.

Michelle & Jose Rivera

Beulah, 05/20/09

I will miss you my little Beulah, my angel. What a strong fighter you were. You were such a joy in my life. You were my first pet, my first love as I called you. Thank you for being in my life, for letting me take care of you and for showing me what true love is. I will miss you and I will love you always. Forever in my heart, my Beulah.

Kristen Hellwig

Beverly, 01/10/91-11/11/08

Bev was 10 when I found her at the humane society.
She was loved by me and anybody who met her. Bev was a great travel companion on cross country trips, and loved riding in boats. Beverly went to the Rainbow Bridge in my arms at home. I guess that is what she wanted.

Roy Deichmiller

BGD (Bloody good dog), 10 September 1998 - 20 October 2009

I have had my girl for 9 years. She was not named by me but by her previous owners and her name is very true. She was a bloody good dog. I will miss her for ever. She will never be replaced.

Bhupen Lagasse, 07/15/08-04/05/09

I received him a little over a year ago, him being the spawn of Becca's hamster. Well, that spunky bundle of energy that has tried to hard to kill me has finally breathed his last breath. My prayers were said and I believe him to be happily in heaven now. He's a lucky one. Buggsy(rabbit) had died slowly from a cold. Toots(dog) and Herby(cat) had died slowly from car accident wounds. Taran(rat) had wasted away due to some unknown desiese. Snuggles(dog) died slowly from fluid around her heart. But Bhupen died peacefully in his sleep late this afternoon (April 5th) while I napped with my goats. His age finally caught up to him. He will be missed beyond belief by myself and his best friend; Geronimo, and I know Becca as well, since he orginated in her home.
RIP Bhupen, the one who taught me to live.
"We all must pay.
You have paid your fare, for a beautiful place up there.
The creator called you to go, and left us with sorrow and woe.
So rest in peace dear one, your work on earth has been done.
So I"ll.say good-bye for awhile, till again I"ll see your smile.
When my life here is over, I"ll meet you on that golden shore."

Lindsay Lagasse

Bianca, 06/15/09

I really miss my little doggie


Bianca, 05/94-02/14/09

Bianca, the joy and love you gave will live on in our hearts forever.

Joann & Linda

Bianca, 07/93-01/11/09

To my sweet Bianca....I am sorry that you suffered so and that your decline was so fast that I could not be there to hold you.
Please forgive me. You were my constant companion and always a source of comfort for me for 15 yrs and know that your spirit will always be with me.


Bianca, 11/21/95-12/27/08

There are no words to describe the love and joy you brought to my life, and Ari and Jordan's lives over the past 13 years. You will always hold the most special place in my heart that will never be replaced.

Beth Katz

Bianco, 02/07/09

My beloved cat Bianco passed on to that rainbow in the sky on Februrary 7, 2009. Letting him go was the most difficult decision that I have had to make. He was a wonderful and loving cat and was a sweet and gentle companion and dear friend for fourteen years. I will miss him dearly, but I know I will see him again someday. Farewell my dear friend but not goodbye.


Bibi, 02/11/09

Bibi fought hard all her years she survived against all odds....she sadly left me this morning....Bibi you will always hold a special place in my heart.....Rosie dog and Mae cat are so missing you my little love will now be reunited with Mitzi who passed away last year age 17.....Daddy is also gonna be there for you he will give you loads of cuddles.....not to forget Little Timmy dog who passed over just hours after you ....look after little Timmy for Aunte Shirl OK Bibi always in my thoughts sweet little Bibi xxxxxx Mommy

Bibits aka Bobby, 01/15/09

Hey my blue eyed
baby boy! Hard to believe its been almost four months since you had to leave. I miss you so much, and think of you all the time. Mostly at night I think of you, I toss and turn in my sleep. On occasion I still find myself reaching up above my head to pet you're soft head or belly, I want you back honey...You held me together when life was really tough for us. You traveled the world with me, each place I made sure you were allowed to be there. You were not just a pet, you were my best friend in the world. I cant help but see in my mind when it was time to let you go. You put up a fight even in the end which broke my heart more, but in my heart I knew I had to let you go. Cancer had torn you up inside, Im so sorry I couldnt save you Bibits. I love you with all my heart and soul and look forward to being with you again someday. Here on earth I feel empty, something is missing and that is you.

Jennifer Saumier

Biff, 06/01/90-09/17/06

Biff, beloved family friend, King of his feline friends. Missed by Kizmit and Dude. Loved by all who knew him.

Seth Dunas

Big Boy, 05/18/09

Rest in Peace Big Boy. I will miss you dearly. You were a great joy in my life. We shall meet again some day at the Rainbow Bridge.

Marquita Smith

Big Daddy, 06/12/07

To my beloved Big always made your opinion known, even in "cat language!"
I loved having you for 11 years, and was heartbroken when you died so unexpectedly.
Your sister joined you last week, and I will see you both together again in heaven!
Play together, and enjoy the reunion.
Know you are loved and hold a place in my heart forever!

Mark Ranney

Big Dan, 08/20/09

Big Dan was not my pet, but a wonderful clydesdale/appaloosa horse who spent the last years of his life at Horses Haven. I met him first as the sponsor of another horse and had the opportunity to help feed him as a volunteer. He was a beautiful, gentle soul whom you could totally trust in spite of his huge size. Maybe 24 is a good age for a big horse, but I wish that something could have taken away the pain of his arthritis. Dearest Big Dan I remember being touched at Christmas time when I saw your sponsors arrive with a halter they had bought just for you and how happy they were to spend time grooming you. You may have been somebody's throw-away horse, but we all loved you very much and I wish you could have stayed with us longer. Please wait for all who loved you at the Rainbow Bridge. I hope you can run and play free of pain in heaven.

Big Dog, 10/31/97-06/13/09

Big Dog..."The Best of the Bunch"
You were greatly loved and will be missed by us and your buddies, Chocolate, Patches, Jake and your sister Velvet.
We will be looking forward to our reunion one of these days.
Keep chasing those squirrels "Mitter B"
Say hi to Binky, Lady, Maude, Scruffy and Mitzy for us!

Thanks for going to the "Rainbow Bridge" on your own, and saving us the heartache of have to put you to sleep!

Thanks for being such a great family friend!

We are going to miss your old cold nose nuzzling up to us for a pet on the head.

God Bless You Big Dog!

John and Leslie Craig

Big Dog, Big, Bigs, Biggie, Notorious B.I.G. and Tutters, 08/25/08

It's been a few months since Biggie passed, it was just too hard to put my thoughts to words. We are healing, but still miss her terribly.
Big chose us, we came home one night and she was laying across our welcome mat.
She looked as though she had been on the road for a long time, cuts on her face, her paws tag, just an old leather collar.
We tried to find her "home", only to realize...she chose our home. She fit in so well with our other two dogs, Border Collies, Annie and Meg! But she was a big girl, thus the name...but so well mannered!
But she made her way into our hearts, a great disposition and friend to our family. We wound up taking in a chihuaha/boston terrier mix a little over a year ago, affectionately named her "Lil' Dog".
It's almost as if Lil' Dog came along as a form of entertainment for Biggie, they'd play tugging games...Big would let L.D. win or end it by dropping her huge pay on the rag - too funny!
She had been with us about 8 years, and when she began to limp, we found out she had osteoscaroma-cancer in her shoulder. At the same time Meg was battling diabetes, those two were the best of buds - well, it was a long road, Big lasted much longer than expected, but once Meg suddenly passed on 7/11/08, it was as if Big knew and gave up her battle.
One thing is for sure, she was loved, and we will always remember Biggie.
The house is now quiet, as Big and Meg were the vocal ones, Big liked to "sing" and had big woofs that came from deep within, Meg was famous for her roos, the two were quite a pair!
Miss you Biggie...we will see you "then"...but until "then"...please no crashing the gate!
You and Meg wait on the other side...enjoy the cool grass and sunny skies and thank you so very much for your unconditional love. XOXOXOXOXO!

Deb Zarka

Big E, 07/15/08

Big E., the rap cat, was the coolest dominant male cat. He was so loving and very sensitive. He knew whenever I was sad and would come lick my tears. He had attitude, but underneath it was really an attention monger. He had very thick gray fur and white paws. Felt like he was my best friend. I love him and still miss him. Thanks my Big guy for everything you gave me. I hope you are having fun with your brother, Babyface. My love to you both. Your mommy.

Big Foot, 10/20/99

Big Foot was a cat who came to me as a stray when he was around three or four. My dad and I took him in.He was smart and lovable and also adventurous. He was a popular cat with family and friends and will always be remebered as our most popular act ever.

Constance Wilson

Big Guy, 01/04/09

Big Guy.
What a wonderful loving spirit of love and joy.
I am so blessed to have had you by my side through part of this journey called life.
How you spoke to me through your eyes I will never forget.
How we went for hour long walks in the evening around the yard side by side, no leash for restraint, just you and I together, trusting and at peace to be with each other.
I will always love you, my Lion King, my Angel sent from heaven, my love bug.
You were the sun of my day and the moon of my night and will always be in my heart forever more.


Big Head, 05/29/09

Head, I miss you terribly, you were the most beautiful cat. You brought so much laughter, love and adventure to our family. I just knew that when I took you to the vet that everything would be Ok. Now you are resting and at peace. I will never forget you. You will always always have a place in my heart


Big Kitty, 01/22/09

a kitty that was very special in our lives she was a kitty that was respected by us her mom and dad and her family of pets that include 1 other kitty named tica and 3 dogs angel,lady, mia she left us with no warning of illness we love her and our hearts our broken she will be missed we love you big kitty may you rest in peace love always............. your family 1997-2009..

Big Show, 03/21/09

Big Show was a special kitty. We adopted him from the Humane Society asking for the kitten that no one else wanted and we saw it as us being lucky enough to get him. His sweet nature, passionate love rubs, bold purrs and love of being picked up and held will be so terribly missed. He is our baby boy, Doey and will always be. He was strong and brave and loving till the end. I know that we will be able to be with him again. Mommy and Daddy will continue to always think about you and love you always Do-Doh.

Stacey Brady and John Marty

Bigboy, 03/20/09

We lost our beloved Bigboy at the hands of a loose dog. Bigboy "adopted" us 2 years ago. We are in shock and our hearts are broken. I don't think my family's tears are going to stop. Bigboy was a ray of sunshine, now our days look so gloomy. Please take a moment to honor our precious baby. He was so dearly loved and will be missed so very much. It hurts so bad.


Bigger Tigger Two Koppin/McCollough , 05/31/02-06/26/09

Bigger Tigger

Your life at the shelter was short,but we all loved you very much and tried very hard to save you. shy,large but sweet Orange kitty. May you no longer be in pain and may your day be filled with fun. May you rest high on the mountain until the day when we all meet again. You left us with a lasting memory and special place in all of our hearts.

Cindy McCollough

Biggie (Bubba), 3/12/00 - 12/7/09

With Biggie, it wasn't about how much I loved him (though I loved him more than words can say) but it was about how much he loved, no, make that adored me. If I was in his sight and he could stare at me, then that was the perfect day for him. I remember when I first got him as a puppy and I kept saying what a mature puppy he was. So stoic and kind. Due to numerous breathing and mobility problems through the years, he was destined to be a couch potato. Which he did quite well, he loved Animal Planet and football (especially the Steelers). He knew how to give me five and when I was in the basement walking up the stairs, I would say Help, me Biggie and he would stretch out his little pug paw to me. They think he may have had leukemia. He was so tired in the end. I miss you so much Biggie. Ray-Ray misses you so much, too. Go find Petey and Butchie and Shelby. Til we meet again, my little black pug, with the white paw, Mommy loves you so much and I will never, ever forget you and I will remember you everyday.

Biggie, 05/04/95-06/10/09

Words can't express how much Biggie meant to me.
Biggie was kind, gentle, intelligent and so much more. He was a friend and companion. He was a big,beautiful, fluffy black cat with fluff between his toes. He loved to cuddle, purr and sleep. He also loved shopping bags, greenies, and catnip. He was the most gentle creature I ever met. Never would he bite or scratch. He was so full of love.

I snuggled with him every night for 14 years.
His constant purr was a magic motor that would always make me feel better. I would always think of Biggie and make up silly songs to sing to him, which he loved. No matter what life sent my way, Biggie was there with me.
His loss is a part of me I can never get back.

Biggie, I love you more than words can say. I am so glad you did not suffer, and you knew when it was time to go. You left with the quiet peace and dignity you always possessed.
I thank you for the joy, love and peace you brought to my life.
I will never forget you and never stop loving you. I know you are with Mommy at the bridge now, and that comforts me.
I love you and miss you
with all my heart.


Biggy Boy Bandit, 10/31/97-02/26/09

He was the love of my life and my true soul-mate.
He fought against CRF for six years and ended up losing his life to cancer.
He was pts while laying in my loving arms, knowing I was there with him to the end.
He is forever in my heart.
May he RIP at the Rainbow Bridge until I join him there.

Janice Jones

Bigweld, 11/02/09

we miss all miss you. Babe your brother has never looked so sad. We miss you and hope you are out of pain.

Love Robert,Paul,Norma,Bev and you brother Babe

Bijon, 11/08/94-02/15/09

Bijon will forever be a part of me, he was the light and love of my life.
He was a wonderful little boy who never gave his mom any trouble.
A true Angel in every sense of the word.
To say he left paw prints on my heart is an understatement.
He will eternally be missed but never forgotten.
I loved him with all my heart and soul, in fact my whole world revolved around him.
I miss you my love, may you romp and play until we meet again.
I love you BB.

Candi Lucas

Bijou Barbosa, 05/09/09

The whole family is sick with grief over the loss of our little fisty Bijou.
He was a lucky little soul and brought a lot of life to my Mom's home.
He was a faithful friend of my little brother, mother and especially my step Dad.
Up until the very end, his Mom and Dad did the very best for him by letting him go to heaven and play again when it was time.
We love you and miss you Bijou and will NEVER forget you!!!


Billy, 07/05/09

our beloved billy the king of cute our little bill bill you left us so suddenly so soon we thought we had years ahead to spend with you. i am so sorry you had to get sick and you cannot be here to play with us anymore and share our lives.we miss you and so does rascal, gray, piggy, shadow and roxy. you will be our best friend forever. we love you billy and we will see you one day in heaven! play with simba and be happy in heaven we love you billy! love
mom dad and thomas

Billy, 21/06/09

My best friend, loyal, loving, gave all, and asked for very little in return.
we had him for 8 wonderful years and i miss him every single second of every waking day.
Billy, I love you and miss you terribly and will never forget the wonderful happy years we had together.

Patricia Ann Maycock

Billy, 19/06/09

A fun and friendly cat who sadly had to be put down due to cancer. Miss you loads Billy, and we will always remember and miss you with fondness

Garrie Shicommie

Billy, 06/05/09

He was a rescue dog, so afraid when we got him.
He blossomed under our care, became a loving friend.
Now our friend is gone and our hearts are broken.
No more morning snuggles with a dog who has pushed us off of the bed so he can have most of it (all 40 pounds of him), no more silly dances on the way to food, no more snuggling with the cat, no more licking the paint off the plate trying to get the last little bit.
Billy, we love you, and miss you so much.

Mommy and Daddy

Billy, 04/01/88-04/08/09

I had my sweet Billy boy for 20 years and I am so incredibly lost without him.
I continue to look for him, wait to see him round the corner, or jump up on my bed. He was the one constant in my life since early adulthood. The pain of his loss is unearbable but I know he won't suffer anymore and he went in a peaceful, dignified way.
I love you Billy
Love, Mommy

Billy, 02/14/99-02/08/09

When I came home and mommy told me that you wre gone, I froze. I never expected the day would be this soon. You left us shortly after I left on my business trip. I knew you wouldn't live forever, I just thought that I would have a couple more years with you. I am comforted in knowing it happened quickly, and that you didn't suffer. You were safe inside your house, and it was just your time to go.

You were the first member of the family. Through 3 houses and 2 kids you stuck with us. When the kids were babies you sat by them as if you were protecting them. You would sneak in their rooms at night just to look. Then you would get back into bed with me and mommy. Without you the house is empty. I still open the blinds for you because I know how you enjoyed laying in the warm sun. I still lay the blankets so that they are comfortable for you to lay on. Last night was the first night I closed the bedroom door all the way, because I finally realized you wont be coming in again. I miss you baby boy.

Ashley Lopez

Billy Bob, 04/23/09

Dear Bill,

I thank God for bringing you to me.
You are a special boy.
You gave me happiness every moment of everyday. I hope that I was as good to you as you were to me. I love you still, my Billy, Billy Beagle Boy of Company B. It hurt me so much to see you so sick. I hope that I did everything I could to make you better.
I wish everyone was blessed with your kind and loving spirit. I miss you most in the morning when you would get up with me, and I will miss you when I go to Mass on Sunday because you won't be in the car waiting for me. I love you so much and I will never stop.
I will be seeing you, Pebbles, Zabu, and Shorty when the time comes for God to call me.
I love you. I miss you. I miss you, but the only thing that keeps me going is that you are not suffering anymore.
Wait for me, my Billy Bob. Be safe. I will never stop loving you.


Billy Boy Bentz, 03/26/08

Billy deserved so many more years than his nine. He was the sweetest, most loyal, humble dog. He was so special to us. We love all of our pets, but Billy was special.
There was just something about him, so unselfish.
We hope he knew how much we loved him. Oh Billy, we miss you.

John and Ellen Bentz

Billy Jack, 02/12/09

My Boy Billy Jack was my heart, he was my pride and my joy, I had him for only 3 short years but feel lucky to have been owned by him. He was always the perfect gentlemen with a gentle soul. He was my velcro dog and I am broken and will never be repaired. Rest in peace my Billy, Mom loves you and will keep you forever in her heart.


Billy Wohl Battista, 09/01/93-06/12/09

Billy was a special soul. He transcended being a cat into some form of preternatural being.

There will never be another Billy. He was our love and our baby and we will love him and miss him always.

Dearest Billy we love you so much.

Melissa Wohl and Gregory Battista

Billykins, 03/01/93-07/18/09

My dear Billykins such a beautiful cat with a huge heart who very sadly went to sleep yesterday after a long battle with renal disease.

I miss you so very much - my whole world is very empty without you, the pain so much to bear. I will never ever forget you and hope we will meet very soon on Rainbow Bridge and you have no more to suffer.

Sweetheart I miss you so so very much - love you always xxxxxxxxx your mum xxxxxxxxxxxx

Bimbo, 05/31/09

In Loving Memory of Our Dog, Bimbo, who died on the 31st of May 2009. Much Loved from your family, our dear pet.

We All Love You, and we're not going to forget you. Love, Rita(Mum), Daniel & Adrian (Brothers)

Bimmer, 05/12/08

I'm sorry I never showed my love for you, Bimmer. Please forgive me. I should have kept you in..I'm sorry. I loved you buddy.


Bimmer Christofidis, 10/27/95-05/16/09

To My ONE & ONLY sweet BIMMER,

You have been my friend and part of our family for ever it seems. I will always remember the joy, happiness and love you afforded me and our family. You were like our I will never forget.Our home will never be the same now that you are gone. You will always be in our thoughts and hearts.

I will say good morning and wish a sweet dreams today and forever - my one and only dog and friend FOREVER! God Bless Always, I love You! Hugs and Kisses. Rest in Heaven - Love Always Your Mommy -

Bingi, 11/16/05-08/20/08

Bingi Was my pal. My Life and stuff, She also played with me and played and played.


Bingo, 18 years 09/30/09

Bingo was a part of my life for for 18 years. He was a wonderful cat that adopted me, when I moved into the neighborhood. He spent his last few months being an indoor cat. The outdoors no longer interested him. He just wanted to be close to me. I will miss him.

Bingo, 01/05/95-03/05/09

You were everything to me Bingo. You had the brightest spirit and such a joy for life, but now i have no clue how to cope without you. For 14 yrs you were the light that kept me going. Everything feels so empty without you here, including myself. I think about you every minute and can't believe i'll never again see your big brown eyes looking at me with all that love. I'll always remember the good times though. I miss you drinking my tea when im not looking and rubbing your head against me when you wanted a hug. I'll Miss and love you more than i could ever miss and love another being. You'll never be forgotten and always have my heart.
xxxx <3 xxxx


Bingo, 05/28/94-01/02/09

Today I lost my child, my best friend and the most loving dog anyone could ever own.
Bingo fought a hard battle until the very end.
She was the greatest dog!
She was smart, loved to play soccer, ball, and frisbee.
She was loving, kind, and a friend to all who knew her.
Bingo will live in our hearts forever, for she brought so much joy, love and happiness to everyone she met.
Today she is free of pain and can once again run and play.
I love you girl and miss you terribly.

Kay Weems

Bingo Jewett, 06/29/09


Binky, 08/03/01-05/28/09

My Binky was so
Special to me and my Family,he was very affectionate and vocal. he love his furry little mice toys and would dunk them in the water bowl,then he would put them by my feet so i can throw them, and then he would go fetch them , ,he would greet all visitors that came over and loved on them. My Binky had a best friend he loved and protected, and that is Tonio,my little cousin,My Little Binky had Heart disease,and i had to make the hardest decision in my life,and that was to say GoodBye,But Mommy will see him some day at The Rainbow Bridge,But before he passed peacefully,I said to him to continue to greet me at the door when i got home and to lay next to me when it was bed time..I LOVE YOU BINKY ALWAYS AND FOREVER and Sapphire your baby brother Misses you too

Blanca Valenzuela

Binky, 04/21/09

I feel your spirit in my soul, but would rather have you at your bowl.

My pain is as deep as the 17 years you brought joy to my life.
Your love, devotion and companionship will live on with me forever.
That rainbow bridge does not seem bright right now, but when I arrive and call for the Binkster, I know that puppy bounce and those floppy ears will come running to me.
Binky, stinky, my little pup-er-oo, watch over me and guide my dreams to happy times of you and I together.
All my love,

Binky, 03/27/09

Rest in Peace little girl, we will miss you.

Dan and Lori Liker

Binky, 11/25/97-01/17/09

Binky taught me how to trust.
We've been through so much together.
She will be forever missed.
She was my own personal angel.

Anita Chapel

Binky Bubbles, 08/15/94-01/24/09

Binky was the Original Chihuahua. She was the most beautiful Chihuahua in the world and her Mama will always love her very much. Bye-bye Binky...Mama loves you.

Binx Zahedi, 04/99-05/19/09

Sleep well, our beautiful baby girl. You were our princess for 10 too brief years. You were always such a delicate little thing, but you let everybody know who was the boss. Your sister, Pikachu misses you so much, and Kip, the boy who loved you with all his heart is not the same without you. Know that you will never leave our hearts. Our Binx will always be a member of this family, and the stories of your antics will live on. It is with the deepest pain that we say goodbye for now little one.

Mary-Beth Zahedi

Bisbee, 04/14/09

Bisbee was very sick with pneumonia. We did everything we could, but she wasn't getting better. She was the best rat in the world and didn't deserve to suffer any longer, especially when we knew there was no hope, so we put her to sleep. I said goodbye and told her what a good rat she was. All she needed was a sedative; she was so sick and weak that's all it took. She was the sweetest thing. I think will most miss her curious and loving beady little black eyes. She will probably always be my favorite ratty, and I'm sure I will miss her for the rest of my life.


Biscuit, 12/25/03-05/21/09

Our sweet Lil' beagle...she will be missed, we know she needed to go home and be pain free, but it still hurts very much. It's been already 2weeks since she left and were still having a tough time. Every time I walk in the house, I expect her to run down the stairs to greet me or sit by the kitchen entrance waiting for a morsel to fall on the floor while were cooking.

We Love baby beag!
Mom & Dad, (sis) Christina & Anyssa

Biscuit, 01/12/08-05/06/09

Biscuit was my bunny and my best friend. I always called him my baby and told him everything. I played outside with him using a rabbit harness. He was so cute and meant everything to me, and I would do anything to get him back! He loved parsley. He was so funny when he snatched my girl scout cookies, but then again he did eat anything ( The remote buttons, cell phone buttons, wires, and papers. Even sequins on my shirts.) I hate ever thinking of the day he had a heart attack. He waited for me to come home and stood up when I got there. Sadly, he stopped breathing and kicking in the car as I cried on the way to the vet. She said he was the healthiest and most beautiful bunny she'd ever seen, but was born with a heart defect! I'll never forget him because he was much more than just my bunny. I can't describe how much I loved him and how painful his death was. He was my most special companion and even more than that.
Everyone who is dealing with the loss of a beloved pet should know that they are having the time of their lives waiting for their special person and watching over them.


Biscuit, 01/17/93-05/19/09

For 16 years Biscuit was our special boy and more so "my baby". He and I had a unique bond -- like no other I have had with a pet before. He had such expressive eyes and a personality that was infectious. Right up to a few days before his passing, he acted more like a young pup than an "old man". When the end came it was peaceful and sudden -- he died in his sleep -- and truly an answer to prayer because we never faced the difficult decision to euthanize him. He has left a mark on our hearts that will never fade and he will be missed every coming day. I am thankful for the years we had with him and the love he gave us. We were truly blessed.
Thank you for 16 priceless years, Biscuit! We miss you more than we can say!

Angela and Jesse Jones

Biscuit, 05/01/95-05/18/09

He enjoyed going for walks and playing catch with tennis balls. I'll miss our daily walks and ball playing. I'll look for you by the rainbow bridge. We'll walk again in heaven.


Biscuit, 06/01/94-05/02/09

Biscuit was as sweet as she was ornery.
She greeted me at the door with a "Heroes Welcome." I miss her happy tail, her wet smoochies, her snuggles and her love for life!! She loved everyone and knew no strangers.

Robbi Shaffer

Biscuit, 11/03/08-03/06/09

Biscuit was the best, I miss coming home to him and taking him out of his cage and his tail would wag so fast and lick my face. I miss him laying on my shoulder. He always played with the bigger toys and he loved it.


Biscuit, 03/07/96-12/23/08

You brought such tremendous joy to our lives.
We know you are in a better place now, but we sure do miss you!
Until we meet again,

Love, Mommy and Daddy

Bishop, 02/02/09

To my Bishop-Boy. I took you in when you were cold, frost-bitten and not being fed.
I was supposed to find you a good home, but because I fell in love with you noone was good enough.
I was supposed to keep you safe and feel as though I have failed.
I hope you know I love you. I miss you so much.

Patricia and Michelle Henderson

Bismarck 'Busy', 08/11/91-01/27/09

Busy Boy, you were a wonderful companion and will be miss very much.
You gave of yourself unconditionally, loved to play and cared about your housemates, Betsy(Yorkshire Terrier) and Roo(Cocker Spaniel).
If anyone wasn't feeling well you were there for them.
Although your eyesight was gone and you couldn't run and play anymore you still tried to the very end.
I let go of you now so you can be with your human "daddy" and Betsy at the "Bridge" and feel young once again.
God's speed Busy!
I love and miss you so much!
"The Mommy"

Bismarque, 10/07/03

Little Bissy:
We knew when we got you, your days were numbered.
You were sick and needed constant care.
You lived a little over 9 years and were a joy to be around.
You loved anyone and loved to sit on our laps and have your little tummy rubbed.
Your time with us was too short.
We love you and will always be in our hearts.
We miss you!


Bister Buster Fister Fuster, 10/01/00-10/16/08

Hard to describe here in the company of the beauty and awesome spirits already here.
Ex prizefighter- tossed out of his high rise condo and condemned to survive in a dangerous trailer park, declawed and scared, he fought his way through to some lucky hearts who took him in and considered it a privilege and honor to know and love him.
His scarred-up nose was the only physical remnant of his life on the streets, and rarely ever had to show his tough side again.
Buster was one who really knew how lucky he was and showed his gratitude every day.
Great sense of humor, loyalty and automatic purr, shown daily. We still feel him up there, purring at us.

To all of us here at 2115, Buster was..the Specialist.

Thanks for taking the time to read this and for allowing me to share.
This really helped.

Bitey, 02/16/95-05/04/09

Your Spirit,Style,Work Ethic and absolute love-of-life has given me more confidence in life than you can ever know. You were always High on Life...

Donna Speck

Bits, 03/10/09

Bits lived a good life...better than some humans as we've been told. He was a gentle kind spirit who leaves a deep hole in our hearts. He will be always be remembered as a little boy dressed in a fur coat.

Love, Mommy, Daddy and your brother Kibbles

Bitsy, 7/1998 - 7/17/2009

When Mom and I found you, you were just an itsy bitsy shihtzu and the name Bitsy fit you perfectly (even though when other people first heard it they thought you were a little girl - I always explained the story and never tired of telling it). The funny thing was, we got you after my dad had passed away as a companion for Mom, but the fates bonded you and me forever. When you were 7, Mom passed away, so then it was just you and me until 9 months ago, when you got a daddy. Over the years, I called you many, many nicknames, but you were always my little Bitz, my sweet bean! You were my life, my heart, and my best friend. You were adorable and funny and very smart. You also had your own mind when you wanted to.

After everything you went through; back surgery, eye ulcer, diabetes, and blindness from cataracts, you were still a bouncy, happy baby til almost the very end. When the ER doc told me you had bone cancer, I was in shock. She told me you would be in terrible pain. I couldn't let you suffer another minute longer than absolutely necessary.

Daddy and I rushed to the hospital to spend time with you before you went into that sleep that would take your loving presence away from me. It's the hardest thing I've ever done. You were so fragile and weak. We petted you and talked to you. I held you close and kept talking to you. You were just like a little rag doll.

The doctor came in with the syringe and I held you close as she gave you the injection. Peace at last for you, my little angel. I sit here now in devastation; missing you every minute of the day. We'll be together again at The Rainbow Bridge. I love you always, my Itsy Bitsy Boy!

Robin S Skolnik

Bitsy, 04/18/95-02/02/09

We miss you our sweet Bitsy. The love and laughter you gave us will never be forgotten.
You were 6 pounds of joy and sweetness. We have an empty spot in out hearts. I hope and pray there is a Rainbow Bridge and we get to hold you again someday. We miss you sweet baby. We love you with our heart and soul.

Shari Horstmann

Bitta, 04/01/95-12/29/08

There is a hole in my heart for the loss of this sweet kitty girl, who gave such love and devotion for over 13 years.
I will miss the "chatting" on the phone, and the eventual silent meows, the stare downs for food scraps, the cuddling by my side.
I will miss her every day.

Abby Mayers

BJ (Buffy Jr), 07/14/09

BJ, we love you SO MUCH... But you are now in a better place.
You will always be in our hearts.
You did your namesake Buffy proud!
You two can now be together.
I have all those pictures of you and us together for fond memories.
Buffy, I carry a picture of you in my wallet, and now BJ, you will be there too.
You will be missed dearly.
I know you two are barking and wagging your tails looking down on us.

Lee Zielsdorf Jr

BJ (Beetlejuice), 1992-2002

To BJ, my first bird.
You were the sunshine in my mother's house, and a memory of my grandmother's generosity after she passed on.
I missed part of your short life while I was in college.
When I came back, we only had a month together before I went on a trip and you crossed over while I was away.
I know you're in a beautiful tree, somewhere warm, whistling happily and waiting for me. -Erica Essary

BJ, 03/18/97-05/27/09

Our sweet natured little BJ will be sadly missed and thought of every day.
Everyone who ever met you loved you and wanted to take you home.
You were a loyal and precious little companion and we love you so much.
Now you are at Rainbow Bridge with Poochie, Beauty, Smokey and Sadie just waiting.
I love you Beeje.
You will always be in mom and dad's hearts.

Janet Robinson

BJ, 07/15/03-04/30/09

BJ was taken away so suddenly and I can't bear the thought of him being gone. I love him so much. BJ was a beautiful cream colored cat, with the softest fur. He always slept at our feet at night. He was the sweetest cat, even to the other animals. BJ, we will always love you and miss you.

Yvonne Orndorff

BJ aka Bear Jr, 02/21/94-05/06/09

you are a special boy and i love you, you can now be with your grandma. I love and miss you all

love mom

BJ, 04/19/09

You were mine for 13 years.
I will miss and love you forever

BJ, 08/15/06-06/19/08

He was such a lovable dog. i dont know how he ever passed away because i came home one day from work and well it is hard to talk about...but he was my baby boy. he was very spoiled. I miss you bj and love you so very much

Chelsea Byrd

BJ, 01/28/09

To a little dog who just showed up one day in our yard, you will be missed tremendously.
We love you very much and will never forget you.

Hope Small

BJ, 01/06/09

BJ Was my BEST friend , She would listen when we talk to her , she was never sad , always happy for us,before we left to go have her put to sleep my son was crying and hugged me and said mom she never was a dog she is like a person.... she just had that personality that is like wow she listens . she has been with us since my son was 2 he is 16 now,BJ was 14 we had her since she was 5 weeks old.. The kids are comming in saying were is BJ... She is Really missed... She had a Big heart right up till the end.... We bought her a pet casket so she is burried right outside ...Bj i really miss you and i hope you understand i wanted to be able to say goodbye to you and not just let you pass on alone , I know the cancer was getting bad because you stopped talking to me and my heart broke everytime you tryed to talk and could not... I love you and miss you sooo much
we all do.. you took care of me and made me a big girl not scared to stay home alone.. I love you BJ all you did for me ... I am so proud of you .. I put your pictures up that we took at JC penny's but i will take them out again real soon and let you take over the house again... I MISS YOU....I LOVE YOU SO SO SO MUCH..........

Dallas Watford

Black Dog, 02/05/09

you were my back dog,my beautiful black dog. oh how my heart bleeds for you. you will always be with me, you will never be forgotten. i love you so much. i cant see my way with you not at my side. i will be with you again someday my sweet boy. im so sorry i did everything i could for you, you were to sick for to long, and we just didn't know. i just want you to know, how i would have give anything to keep you from going. i love you i love you i love you black dog. wait for me boy. when i get there i'll sing your song at the top of my lungs, so, you be listening for me. and i'll have your biscuits for you. i'm just so lost without you. why we had to part i'll never understand. PLEASE DON'T FORGET ME.

Susan Romani

Black Jack, 10/03/09

Black Jack came into our lives in July 2007. My son found him on He was at a beagle rescue. From the moment he was in our family until he passed very quickly at the age of only 8, he was a pure joy. He was loving, smart and very handsome. He will always be loved and missed by mom,dad, Christian and Oscar.

Black Kitten, 06/13/09

This is a short little tribute to the little black kitten that was run over in front of our house this past weekend,
not sure it even had an owner, but my wonderful husband got the little broken body out of the street, and we buried it in our backyard.
I will be lighting a candle tonight for the poor little thing and say a little prayer that it was quick and it didn't suffer.
Sharon Williams

Black Nose George, 06/27/09


Joan Burch

Blackie, 07/10/09

Love you baby, really gonna miss you. Wait for us at rainbow bridge and run free with your sisters. Love you so much xxx

Lucy, Binny, Animals and Nana

Blackie, 24/04/09

blackie was a part of my life for many years. i miss her more than words can say. she was a devoted and passionate dog . rest in peace my blackie. till we meet again.


Blackie, 06/10/97-02/02/09

i will never forget you you taken my heart with you and i don't mind my baby my sweetheart my best friend my companion may you rest in peace :(


Blackie, 01/01/90-02/06/09

Blackie was a neighbor's cat who chose us. A gentle cat who talked a lot, wagged his tail when his name was called, enjoyed sitting in the deck chairs with his favorite towels and greeted you when you approached him. He was very articulate with just a few meows, communicated quite well, had his own algorithm to decide who he was going to sleep with, and woke us up with a tap on our cheek. As he got older, his coat started going gray, he slowed, had to be carried. We knew the end was near but did not realize he would go suddenly. He has left a void that is not easy to fill. We will always love you Blackie, Blackie.

Mani & Karen Subramanian

Blackie, 10/15/88-02/03/01

You were our first fur baby and are still greatly missed after 8 years.

Connie Stuart

Blackie, 06/01/92-01/22/09

Blackie loved to sleep in my Master Bathroom and he would even lay there until I was done with my shower.
What a great king he was and he will never be forgotten by me or my family.
We all cried for a long time due to losing him.

I truely loved him with all my heart.
Thank you for being with me for 16+ years.

This message is to my best buddy, "Blackie", who was born around 06-01-1992 and past away on 01-22-2009 @ 7:15 pm due to kidney and liver failure.
He was over 16+ years old.
I am happy to have know him and his personality.
He was a great cat!

He was a neutered male domestic medium haired cat and was the best cat I ever had growing up.
He was the only cat I truely raised from a kitten into an elderly adult cat.

Whoever thinks that cats do not have souls is wrong!
They truely have a soul and they love, want love and attention which is a cats life other than eating, drinking, going to the bathroom, causing a mess, playing with toys, sleeping and just being a cat.

My idea with this website is to remember my cats legacy and I will never forget him until it is my time.
I will see him again, but not right now, along with a few past pets that I had, but this is dedicated to, "Blackie", and no other cat.

We lived together in six places and were finally home since 1999 and have never moved since finding our final home, which was a blessing to our family.
Each place we lived will always be in my heart from the little things that he did to be a cat and growing up.

Things I will miss until we meet again:
When he used to sleep by my side
When he used to want attention from me
Playing with a feather on a stick
Getting the cat crazys and running
Looking up at me to be petted
Walking under my office chair
Getting into areas to sleep, hide or play
I will miss his medium to silent purring
I will miss his meow to get attention

I hope that anyone who reads my information will understand that caring, feeding, loving and spending time with an animal like a cat from a kitten to an elder age is like having a child.
You have to take care of your animals just like a child.

Please take care of your pets and always give them love, attention and keep them healthy.

You will be missed until we see you again.

Richard, Greg, Kim & Aaliyah

Blackie Banks, 05/23/09

Loyal, always loving. A true work dog with a love of other animals but never succeeded at catching a squirrel. Always accepted me for who I was when others didn't. He was my business partner and always kept me going. Hiking, fishing, trapping, playing, swimming... we did it all. I looked forward to taking him on our first boat trip together this year.
His life was too short, I rescued him from deaths grip years ago. This time God said... You've served your mistress well.


Blackie Hamilton, 07/27/09

Blackie, we loved you so much. Even though you were sick a lot of those eight years, we loved you and it never mattered to us. You are deeply missed by my parents, brothers, and your sister Whitey (she smells around for you!). You were perfect, and the most loving cat ever- you never asked for anything except to be cared for, and I hope we did that for you. Seeing you after the stroke was terrible, and I hope your pain is eased. Saying goodbye was the hardest moment of my life so far, but I know you're in a better place, prancing around with the other kitties <3 You will forever be in my heart, and it's hard to move on, but I know you're in kitty heaven and I'll meet you up there one day.

Nichole Hamilton

Blackie Twigg, 03/01/91-01/14/09

In Memory of "Blackie"¯ Twigg
March 1991 to January 2009 17 years 10 months

We want to thank all of Blackie's friends for their condolences, cards and donations to the Kennebunk Animal Welfare Society in his memory, along with sharing their fond memories of Blackie over the years on Gooch's Beach.

Blackie was a very loyal, faithful companion who gave us his unconditional love and will always have a special place in our home and hearts.

"If there are no dogs in Heaven, then when I die I want to go where they went."¯
Will Rogers

Anna Mae & George Twigg
Kennebunk Beach, ME and Gilmanton, NH

BlackJack, 05/13/09

We send you now in peace to be with the rest of the loved furbabies.
You will always be in our hearts and we love you so much.
Rest in peace our sweet boy.

Claudette and David

Blackjack, 02/10/96-02/03/09

Blackjack - you came into our lives when you were so lonely. I took one look at you and knew you had found a home. When I close my eyes I see you running as fast as you could in that endless open field. Having to let you go has broken my heart. I hope your best friend Cody was on time to meet you at the Bridge. We love and miss you with all our hearts. Run free my love.

Mom, Cory, Liz, Erik, Cheyenne and Savannah

Blackjack, 01/23/09

You will always be in my heart, my best friend, and my hero.

Jolynn Weeks

Blade, 05/20/09

We will miss you Blade! You will always be in our hearts... We will all remember how loyal, sweet, and caring you were, and probably still are!

Zoe Smedly

Blake Carrington, 02/24/96 - 09/15/09

Thank you for the many years of memories. For the unconditional love, the high jinks, and for being 'the man of the house', when Daddy was called for duty overseas, again and again.

Always the alpha, always the "ME" dog, and always the Romeo with the ladies.

You will always be missed and always carried in our hearts.

Wags and Licks

The Mommy and The Daddy

Blanca, 06/28/09

Blanca Nieve de La Casa Blanca passed away at 2:30 pm in Southlake, texas. She has been a tremendous support and friend for eighteen years. Her spunk and attitude defied her breed.
She will forever be in my thoughts.

Jamie Bessler

Blanca, 1994-2009

My Dear Blanca, my puppie dog. We will miss you greatly and think of you daily. We took for granted that you would be here forever.Now, we will hand your over to God he gave us to you and you bought us so much joy and Love you will live in our hearts forever and every where we look in this house we will always see you and feel you.

Melinda and Martha

Blanco Lett, 05/23/07-02/18/09

Blanco was a special kitty, I often called him 'My Beauty' because to me he was. His beautiful soft long white hair with tips of pale orange on his ears and his lovely blue eyes. He was so loving to me, we had a very special bond.
I miss him so. Rest in peace my Beautiful Blanco.

Linda Lett

Blarney, 07/01/96-05/11/09

He was my best friend.
I shared a lot with him,
and he always wanted to be with me
There is a big hole now, and I miss him so.

Bill Kavanagh

Blaze, 01/95-07/09/09

My funny comic right to the end. From the day we met you and you peed on your Daddy's shirt, through all your "problem child" days of setting off the alarm, ripping up carpet & chaise lounge pads, running to the bed during thunderstorms and fireplace crackling, goosing people, eating EVERYTHING, to being the strong shoulder for me to cry on or a paw to hold onto in a dark night, you were there for me. You and Riley will go to Heaven and rejoin our kitty Misty there and I will be with you three again someday. Be a good boy buddy. We love you always and miss you so much. Thank you for being our friend.


Blaze, 01/20/00-06/28/09

Rest in peace our beautiful dog - it's been 24 hours and your presence is already extremely missed.
I keep looking for you to come running to me.
I know you are at peace and in no pain and that is what is making it alright.
Play with the angels.


Blaze, 03/18/06-08/27/08

Because you were always there, I miss you and think of you often


Blaze, 09/04/94-06/06/09

Blaze was a momma's boy.
He was my confidante, my best friend.
He has been with me through some of the hardest times in my life.
Life is going to be very empty without him even though I'm glad he's not suffering anymore.
Sweet boy, I love you with all of my heart!
I will see you at the Rainbow Bridge!

Brenda Smith

Blaze, 03/10/97-04/23/09

My best friend, my buddy.
I will miss you always.


Blaze, 07/03/04

My little one, I love you so much, still. It feels like its been forever since I've seen your happy smile, your knowing eyes; since I've felt your comforting presence at the foot of my bed. They tell me the years have healed the pain, but time does nothing but teach us how to bury it and how to act out the part of moving on.
I'm so sorry for all the ways I wronged you, for the way I watched you die and could only offer you a faster slip into peace. I thank you for all the love you gave me, gave all of us. I will always love you, as I did then and as I do now. Blaze, I know you'll love your peaceful life at the rainbow bridge. I love you, and I'll see you again.


Blaze, 05/19/97-02/14/09

A gentle soul when he came into our lives making them richer beyond our wildest dreams and an even gentler soul when he left.

Tell anyone who will listen all your stories I'll still be listening for them!

You were our perfect one! A gentleman to the end.

Run free and play with the squirrels and birds & give Halle & Sheba kisses and love from us.

Missing you terribly & loving you even more,

Mom, Dad & one very lonely Easy Dog

Blazer, 09/10/99-10/15/09

Blazer, you were our protector yet the gentlest dog anyone could have.
It was your kind heart and spirit that was always in you, to be beside me whenever I was home, and anywhere else I might be in the house or outside I could always could on you to be by my side.
Dots has met you by now on the bridge to lead you where you need to be but you are not alone.
You have your girl again and together you will always stay eternally.
We love you and miss you with all of our hearts Buddy Boy, Ole' Bud!

Criss W. Shemenski

Bleach, 08/04/98-03/24/09

It was an honor to have you in our lives.
You will be loved forever.

Susan Motter

Bleu 42, 09/15/98-03/29/09

Bleu 42 came to for food and love and we gave it to him.
Bleu showed up one early evening as a sweet young and starving kitten. We were grilling chicken wings. He was welcomed with love and chicken wings. He was so beautiful, silver with grey tips and had the bluest eyes you can imagine. I decided to keep him unless someone came to claim him. He soon grew up and became so much more beautiful. Lucky for us no one ever came to claim him.
We at that time lived at lot 42 and we had 3 other cats he could join in fun with. He came to be known as Bleu 42.
When we moved, since they were inside-outside cats I had to crate them for the move. There was Ole Pop, Tango and Bleu. We moved to a nice quiet subdivision. I sat all three crates on the ground, putting food and water near them and called them. Slowly one by one they came out of their crates. Bleu was first, he looked all around at the trees, fences and houses. I repeated to them that this was our new home and they had their nice place to sleep inside a real (shed) building snug and warm. These cats prefered to be outside unless it was storming or really cold.
My only concern for them was the road in front of our house. The speed limit is 25mph. but sadly the limit is ignored all to often. I made and placed a sign in our front yard to remind people to slow down, that pets were playing in the area as well as children.
Bleu was a cat with the coolest attitude. He walked with a strut that showed his majesty. Yes, he walked like a king and he was ruler. He loved to chase the squirrels and birds and laze away the day in the sun on the hill in our back yard with his buddies.
They would all come inside in the early evening to spend time with us, coming to the front door where they knew we would see them and let them in, Bleu however had to be called by his name, his whole name before he would enter as to be announced. "Now entering is Bleu-42".
Bleu would greet us and let us pet his rabbit soft fur as he passed going for snacks in the kitchen.
Upon his return allowing to be petted again. When he would jump in your lap to lay down he didn't just lay down, he would plop down as to say "Here I am, love me". We did, he loved ear rubs and to be stroked and brushed. Sometimes they would opt to stay inside for the night. Our nights in the bed were amusing as when they had a spot they did not want to relinquish it. We would have to forgo our own comfort to satisfy them, which we did happily.
When they wanted out they would just stand at a door and waited to be noticed or Bleu would let out an ever so slight meow.
Our neighbors knew them and would see them cross the road to go play in a field or hunt for mice.
On the morning of March 29th everything changed... Bleu was hit by a speeding neighbor, he was struck in the head. Our hearts cried out in agony, our lives will never be the same. Bleu 42 was killed almost instantly. Within 5 minutes he was gone from our lives. We prepared him for burial and placed him beside his brother and sisters. (our other children who left us before him) Bleu's buddy Tango looks for him still...


Bleu Nooney, 02/09/99-02/12/09

Bleu came into our lives 9 years ago after she had been dropped from the Seeing Eye Dog program as a result of her bad hips.
Her gentle nature was an inspiration to all of us - her eyes spoke to all of us as if she always understood our every need.
Even the friends who are not professed "dog lovers" were touched by her spirit and she was often referred to as "the ideal dog".
We will miss her every day, and I'm thankful that she had minimal suffering when she passed away.

Karna Nooney

Blitzy, 05/12/98-02/10/07

Two years ago I lost my precious Baby girl (Blitzy)to a rapidly spreading cancer.Blitzy fought a hard battle until the very end. Blitzy was my best friend. She was a loving,kind and a friend to all who knew her. There isn't a day that goes by that I don't think about her. I miss her more then words could tell. Its been very lonely here without you. You will always be my Baby girl. When you left you took a piece of my heart. I haven't been the same since the night you got the strength to stand up and looked me in the face to tell me to let you go, You were in so much pain. Blitzy was the best dog anyone could ever have. She was so smart,loving and affectionate. She was my best friend in the whole world. I miss your company. I miss holding you in my arms and having you fall asleep in my arms or on my lap or lying against me at night. I miss playing hide and seek with you in the mountains. I miss our hikes in the mountains and our trips to Myrtle Beach. You were my traveling partner. I miss your beautiful brown eyes and your voice and the way you would always cock your head to listen when I talked. I loved your beautiful smile. You were so happy when you were with me. You didn't like sharing me with anyone. I miss your kisses that you gave me everyday. I fell in love with Blitzy the minute I saw her. You will always be the love of my life and no other will ever take your place. You always gave me a purpose in life. You brought so much happiness into our lives. We love and miss you very much. Please be happy and know that we will come to see you at the Rainbow bridge as soon as we can. Mommy and Daddy, Grandma and Grandpa and Ethan.

Willliam & Donna Allen

Blondie, 02/14/92-01/18/09

The King of the Pride has passed on. Long live the King in heaven!! There has never been a more wonderful King of the Pride to the Conrad cats, a more faithful, loving companion or friend (regardless of species).

Cathy Conrad

Blondie, 09/05/95-12/19/08

We miss you so much Blondie - we miss your sweet face that greeted us every morning and evening for the past 12 years.
You were the best friend anyone could ask for.
The only thing that has gotten us through this time is knowing that you are with your mom and sister, and having a fun time in heaven.
Daddy and I will see you again one day our sweet girl.
We love you bunches.

Mike and Mo Pennington

Blondie Cook, 02/14/95-02/15/09

Peak week....miss you....

Chris Cook

Blondie Singingwolf, 07/07/98-04/12/09

Blondie was one very special large canine furrball. She died of cancer and heart disease. She went quietly in her sleep next to me, with me kissing her goodbye. So at least she knows she was/is loved. She was my companion and friend for ten years and she will be greatly missed. Goodbye my dear Blondie, my little miss "me first".

Elisha Singingwolf

Bloo Aguirre, 04/06/92-06/04/09

Bloo - My darling, sweet baby - you have been gone for one week now and it miss you more and more every day.
Life without you is not the same - the smiles are not there anymore.
There is no more laughter, no inner peace.
You were my world, my reason for living and breathing every day and I loved you with all my heart and soul.
Every breath I took was for you. You were so tiny when we first brought you home but you immediately took over the household making sure everybody knew you were running things now.
Seventeen years later, you were still running things - especially your mommy and daddy.
You took my pillow every night and I slept on my arm.
You took my food and I got the leftovers - your favorites were: McDonalds cheeseburgers, cream cheese, whipped cream, chocolate ice cream, Hershey's kisses, basically anything mommy was eating you had to have.
My BLT sandwichs without the bacon because you ate it all!
What fun is eating now when you aren't there to take it away from me?
You gave me so much joy and yet so much frustration and I still loved you more than anything on this planet, I would have died for you.
But you died first and there was nothing I could do to save you.
I miss you more than you can ever know.
Nothing will ever be the same without you.
Daddy forgets you are gone and starts to talk to you then remembers and cries for you.
I pray I'll join you soon on the Rainbow Bridge - that's all I want now - just to be with you again.
My baby, my darling baby sweet Bloo.
I'll bring the cheeseburgers.
I love you and daddy loves you so very much!
See you soon baby.
Love, Mommy and Daddy.

Blossom, 03/27/98

Blossom, my friend, I miss you and thank you for being in my life. I love you.

Sandra Whittier

Blossom, 01/12/09

our dearest blossy. blossom was a very special dog. she came to our home with love and support.she took her job to another level and her abilities will never be forgotten. blossys time here was too short though so very and dad she loved you both so much and you were great parents. we will get through this. sis

Blossom Scruggs, 06/22/09


Blue, 01/15/97-07/13/09

Here's to you Blue,

My best friend.
No one ever loved me as you did.
You filled me up when I was empty.
My promise to you is that I will stay full and whole so your life's work won't have been in vain.
It was beyond wonderful being your mom.

I will love you forever my baby doll.


Blue, 07/14/09

Blue was the sweetest, kindest, most loving dog that I have had the pleasure of knowing.
His favorite thing to do was snuggle with you on the couch. Cancer took him from us far too soon and I was not prepared for the intense emotions that I am feeling.
It feels like someone has ripped a piece of me away and I want it back desperatly.
I know that no one will ever take Blue's place in my heart.
I loved him more than I think I even had realized and my heart aches from his physical absense in my life. I love you Blue.

Christa, Kera, and Spencer

Blue, 1992-07/08/09

Goodbye Blue,I know I had to let you go and save you from suffering but it was the worst moment of my life. I took you back home to Shropshire to lay you to rest next to your sister Diesel. She's waited 2 years for you so will have lots of games to play. Hope you've found her and that she's well and glad to see you. I'll never forget you and thank you for all the love you gave me,


Blue, 04/12/89-07/05/09

Beloved, cherished friend of 20 years.
My heart and soul.
I will never leave you and you will never leave me. I love you, my sweet, shy boy.

Cindy Hansson-Reed

Blue, 06/28/09

My friend Lorrie has lost Blue, a very much loved friend and cat.

Right now she is with Slug, being shown around and finding the best mouse holes.


Blue aka Blue Girl or EE (Evil Eyes), 09/17/98-06/19/09

To The Memorable AND Fiesty Blue Girl,
It was easy to fall for those cute little markings and sweet face. You were the BEST cuddler while sitting at the computer or in bed. It only took a few times to realize that there were good times for a petting and times when, well, it's just not good. We all learned quickly that you had full control. You had strong character, and we loved you for it.
You were a great adoptive kitty, and I am happy to have been a part of your life.

Blue Sabo McElroy, passed away Friday, June 19th 2009, from an extended illness.

She is survived by her sibling kitties....Dillon & Bella Sabo McElroy.

Kathleen McElroy

Blue, 01/25/08

Was my angel, it is not the same here without you You have been thru so much with me... cant get over you are gone! miss you so much.. love all my beloved animals that have passed and hope Blue is with them all. x

Nina Winchester

Blue, 04/01/08-05/23/09

Blue was a kind, energetic, and happy dog, with no mean bones in his body! Chasing cows was his favorite hobby, next to sending us off daily on our way to school. We love you Blue, and miss you terribly.


Blue, 02/26/09

I miss you my beloved Blue. You will always be my special friend, soulmate, and inspiration.
If you were in any pain through the final moments, for that I apologize. I LOVE YOU and miss you so.
Your picture is next to me everywhere, your love is in my heart and surrounds me wherever I am. I now know what your cries meant before I left you at the hospital that evening.
for waiting to say goodbye to me and your final head nuzzles before I left you.
Goodbye my love.

Blue, 03/15/97-08/16/08

Miss you buddy

Barclay Banister

Blue, 02/03/09

For my beautiful baby who I will cherish forever. I miss you.

Kim Chapman

Blue, 09/06/06-01/21/09

We will miss our loving, goofy boy, we will remember him always.

Jolie and Yelena

Blue, 01/25/97-01/23/09

He was the love of my life. He was my companion for 10 years while my husband traveled all the time, he was my baby boy, the one I told my secrets to, the one who spent almost every night in my arms cuddling. He was the patriach of six other cats - he was an old soul even as a kitten and you could see the wisdom in his eyes.

I made sure he went keeping his dignity

Zelda Nichols

Blue, 10/22/95-01/03/09

You took care of our family so well for so long.
There's an emtpiness without you.
Your boy misses you.

Tanya Madix

Blue Gutierrez, 04/14/01-06/06/09

In loving memory of my sweet Blue boy.
My heart aches and the tears fall.
I knew I had to let you go before the light in your eyes faded away. I miss your unconditional love and gentle spirit. You'll live on in my heart forever.

Theresa Gutierrez

Blue Kiser, 03/10/07

RIP Blue, you will be missed my friend..

Jim, Wndy and Hannah Kiser

Blue MacGregor, 03/14/09

With the gentle click of his nails and his majestic mane, you wonder if a unicorn has just passed your way. Gentle and kind, content to just be, Blue MacGregor was a beautiful friend and companion who will live in the hearts of all who knew him. With the passing of someone so dear, it is difficult to accept the finality of death, the end of such a special relationship. Blue's soaring spirit is an inspiration. May we all imbibe the sense of peace that was so came so naturally to him.

Faith Hawkwoman

Blue Moon (Paint Horse), 5 years old 08/09/09

Sorry, for not being there when you started to foal. When I found you that morning I was devastated, to see that you had complications( Placenta first) and you and the foal had died. I had never seen a dead horse, and I remember kneeling over and trying to close your blue eye, but it would'nt close. I covered you and cried.

Sorry,I failed you, as your owner, and I was not there when you needed my help.

Thanks for the wonderful time, when I rode you, you were always so easy going, the ideal horse for any horse lover. Everytime I see a paint horse I will stop to think of you,and your foal.

If love could have saved you, you would have lived forever,

Love, Marina

Blue Waybright, 04/26/09

We miss you our bebeloved Blue.
Our hearts feel your past pain and hope you are now at peace.
We will always have you in our hearts.
Kara, Mom and Dad.

Blue Zeus Whittington, 09/11/05-03/25/09

Forever we were planning on being a family together but it doesn't work out like we dream. So my baby in our dreams we will meet. You were so good and so smart you didn't deserve to leave us so tragically or so suddenly and unexpectedly, undeserved. You are in a better place now as much as it hurts to say.
Remember Always we LOVE YOU and our hearts ACHE without your sweet face to see.
Forever and Always
Your Family
Craig Angie Cade and Kevin Whittington

Blueberry Fabisiak-Page, 06/05/09

I miss you so much Bluebear - he was a magical cat and will never be forgotten by his sisters Buffy and Peanut, and brother Kiwi - and he would have loved his new little brother Spike - and he is very very missed by his mommy and daddy.

Blueberry touched everyones heart - there is not one person that met him did not love him so much. Sweet sexy boy RIP.

Love mommy

Blueboy, 07/04/00-05/31/09

My dear Blueboy thanks for being my baby all these years and being the very special boy you always were. I will miss you very much and love you with all my heart , good night for now.


Bo, 01/15/80-12/29/95

I miss you, buddy.
I will always remember and love you, and look forward to seeing you again when my time is up.

J Toth

Bo, 11/07/00-06/25/09

You were a clown and the sweetest dog I ever met.
The house is empty without you.
You will be missed always.

Teresa & Brian

Bo, 05/28/09

Bo was my smile, always the one making us laugh and surprising us with tricks we didn't even teach him. He will surely be missed.

Gladys Go

Bo, 07/98-15/22/09

Bo was the most loving dog I ever had and no dog has ever tried harder, his whole life long, to be good.

Judith McCormick

Bo, 04/08/09

BoBo, you were our special "little man" and we loved you dearly.
We will miss you, but know you are running and chasing squirrels in the sun!
Till we meet again, Mommy and Daddy

Bo, 07/15/00-03/27/09

Bo was beautiful inside and out,my best friend and companion.He will be missed by sooo many people.


Bo, 12/28/93-03/22/09

"It is better to have loved and lost than to have never loved at all"
Samuel Butler

Tammy Weber

Bo, 03/23/09

You brought so much happiness into our lives and we will always love you.

Tara Slate

Bo, 03/28/09

Bosephus (Bo) was truly a legend.
Every path he crossed left a place in someone's heart.
The name "Beloved Basset" certainly fit him to a tee.
He went everywhere with us.
He vacationed in the mountains, walked downtown Galinburg, rode the Gator across the fields and went on hikes everywhere so that he could explore with his keen Basset nose.
We will all miss him so much but in his last six months, his health has failed him.
Bo (Bubba) will always be a part of our family.
In loving memory of our Bo,

Mom & Dad, Mandy & Eric, Bailey

Holly & Jeff

Bo, 1999-02/13/09

I see there are many "Bo"s" listed on these pages, but I can't imagine any one of them being more special than our "Bo". He was one of a kind. Never have I seen a more loving, kind gentle , faithful friend, as he was. He was like 1'2 person. He understood every word. We never had to tie him up
outside or put him on a leash when we walked him. He just stayed by our side. I miss that big red dog, so much. He was the best friend I ever had. I don't think we could ever find another dog as nice as "Bo" God Rest his soul.

Lipsys Family

Bo, 11/25/02-02/21/09

Bo Winters, I think of you every day. I carry your tag in my pocket now.
My heart is broken - you were my best buddy ever. I know that you went in peace and I will see you someday at rainbow bridge.
Love, Mom

Bo, 02/25/09

Good bye Bo.
You were the best friend a guy could have.
You were always so happy to see me.
You always brightened my day.

I know I will see you again.
Remember what I said as you passed.
I'll meet you at the bridge!

I miss you terribly & I love you,


Bo, 01/29/09

Thanks, Bo for being there and taking care of Dad.
When you see Mom, give her my love and tell her I miss her terribly.
Your job now is to be there with her.

Nancy Hope

Bo, 03/01/97-01/02/08

The best cat in the world !

His loving spirit will be missed by all who knew him.

Kathy and Kevin

Bo Bo Suen, 04/15/97-06/18/09

Bo Bo, we all miss you and love you. You are the best dog.
We will never forget you.
You are the first best friend of us when we first come to US. Now, we wish you are at the Rainbow Bridge, at
there you have friends, food, sunshine and happiness.
There are no more pain.
I wish you will meet Sunny and Cat Choi there and play with them.
You are the youngest one, so you need to listen to them, because they will take care of you and protect you.
Bo Bo, I wish you understand our decision, this is good for you.
Please don't forget us, all of us!

Mandy, May, Ken, Soina,Nat, Mei, Peter

Bo Didley, 12/23/08

The dearest sweetest dog in the world. You helped us when we lost our son to cancer & now we have lost you to the same disease.If every dog was like Bo there would be no more homeless dogs. We will forever have an empty place in our hearts. We love you little boy.

Rebecca Cotney

Bo Jennison, 11/20/04-03/11/09

Best buddy in the world. May you be pain free and happy laying on top of the big picnic table in the sky.

June Jennison

Bo-Kay Million Dollar Baby (Millie), 6/01/07 - 9/21/09

Millie was a little seal-colored Italian Greyhound who never met a stranger!

Millie, I miss you with all my heart. I am so sorry that I did not recognize you were in distress after your emergency c-section on Sept. 20, 2009. I should have acted sooner rather to believe my vet when I was told that your fever was not abnormal. In my heart, I knew it was not normal. All the "coulda, shoulda, woulda's" won't bring you back. For this, I will suffer guilt for the rest of my life. The 5 babies you were carrying were born prematurely and one by one, they passed. I guess God needed you at the Bridge to care for your little ones, leaving me totally devasted.

You were such a trooper throughout our long ordeal with your broken leg. You did not complain but took life in stride. While healing, we would walk around the lake, under the oak trees, across the street. I remember how you loved meeting the joggers and how you would stand on your hind legs and beg attention.

I do the "Millie walk" with your Momma, Grandpa, and brother while I tell them all the things I know about you. They still search the house for you. I hope they know something about where you are so they can tell me and help my heart to heal. I will always love you!


Bo Sylvester, 04/11/09

Bo was a faithful and loving dog, who helped raise three wonderful boys-- Todd, Bryan and Mark.
After the boys became men they formed there own familys. Bo remained with John and Nancy, and was a loving and faithful companion.
The boys never forgot Bo, and came to see him often.
Bo was to have a long life, but never long enough.
We will miss you Bo-------you family, and all the people you touched with your sweet soul.

Nancy and John Sylvester

Bo Tiggy, 06/06/07-03/03/09

Bo Tiggy. Orange tiger kitty to others, but a great lion in my heart.
You will be so missed.
You know you were loved and I look forward to seeing you at the bridge.
Look for our other friends that are there and remember you are always in my heart and never forgotten.

Joyce Brenc

Bob, 07/10/09

Very sad loving cat "Bob" passed away during diagnostic surgery. It was so nice to come home to her greeting me with her "squeeky" "I missed you. She truly loved me for me, and I her. She is deeply missed. Some will say "She was JUST a cat!" But she was MY cat and I could tell her all my hopes and dreams, and I loved it hurts right now. :-(
You can lose your shadow.....but not your memories <3

Janice Brouillard

Bob, 07/01/09

We are forever grateful that we had the opportunity to make your life better in so many ways.
Miss you...and thank you.
Mom and Dad

Bob, 04/23/07-05/28/09

My little Bob man. We had you for such a short time. I looked forward to seeing your sweet little face every morning. I only hope you know how much you are loved and how much you will be missed.


Bob, 05/19/09

Beloved companion


Bob, 04/10/09

This morning we said goodbye to you, my sweet Bobby. Rest in peace. I hope you are enjoying the warm sunshine and chasing butterflies across the bridge. I love you very much. Be happy, my sweet kitty.

Rebecca Bonner

Bob, 02/11/09

I miss you so much everyday.
I am so sorry that I could not make you well and that your life was taken so young. I will never forget you. You brought me faith and hope and taught me wonderful lessons about patience and compassion.
You were truly a gift for God and I will forever treasure each day you were in my life.
I know God had a plan for you as you were one of his feline angels. Roam free now Sweet Bob until we meet again.


Bob, 03/04/09

I only had you for a week, but you meant so much to me. I am sorry your heart gave out while waking from your neuter surgery. I loved you. Your little attitude and the way you cuddle with me for hours the night before, even though that was nothing like you. Maybe it was your way to tell me you loved the stay with me, but you knew it was your time. I'll miss you Bob.


Bob, 01/05/06-02/23/09

Until we meet again my love, my best friend.


Bob, 09/01/07-02/12/09

Luv and miss ya our little yellow part of his tail missing kitty

Mike and Karen Baker

Bob, 07/31/93-10/10/09

you will live in my heart forever.
Play on little one, I will see you soon.

Tracy Hawthorne

Bob, 07/01/00-01/14/09

a/k/a Bob the Alien, Bubble Bath Bob, Bean Soup Bob and Basket Case Bob

He's running with the big cats now!

Anne-Marie Gosser

Boba Fett, 12/24/08

Boba Fett 1996-2008

Goodbye my little buddy. Until we meet again.

At the foot of the rainbow bridge, my little red haired friend.

I'll miss our trips to Wendy's, our walks around the park.

Hearing your nails click the floor, hearing your defending bark.

Soo many many memories of you my little pup.

Remember you trying to get on the couch and never giving up.

Remember you jumping over Kelsey when she was little too.

Remember playing tug until we'd just give the toy to you.

Oh and your little baby, and your Slave One doggie "room".

You were with me for 12 long years, but you left too soon.

I'll miss you forever Boba Fett, and remember you every day.

Please kiss Cocoa and Wittle and the rest for me, until I come your way.

Kimberly Baty

Bobbi Bobychuk, 10/31/95-02/13/09

Bobbi was already named when I got her. She was my destiny. She always had a plastic knobby ball in her mouth and loved to play. Next to sleeping and eating, she was the happiest dog in the world. She was amazingly beautiful with her Cindy Crawford birthmark, and she was so smart and sneaky. She always brought a smile to my face and gave me unconditional love. She went through two knee surgeries to the same leg and was always brave and courageous. She loved hanging with Grandma and Grandpa and she LOVED kids. She touched so many lives, even when Grandpa was on respite, she went to visit him. We thank all of our friends and family for their love. Special thanks to her breeders Kim and Richard Hamel, Maureen for bringing her into my life, my mom for taking care of her when I had to leave town, my friends Marilyn, Doug and Judy for helping us get through the surgeries, the awesome vets at McPhillips and Transcona Vet. Special thanks also to Dr. Lisa Sawka for seeing Bobbi to her final resting place.Thanks to all my dog owner and pet owner friends who have been very supportive.

To Bobbi - you are a gift from God. God backwards means dog. I miss your kisses at the side of the bed in the morning, I miss you howling when you stick your balls under the furniture. I miss you licking my leg after you drink water or after I get out of the shower. I miss you eating my food and peeking your head around the corner of the kitchen when I am downstairs getting laundry. I miss not seeing you when I come home.I miss rubbing your belly and your throat while you gave me kisses. I miss giving you snacks and curling up on my feet at night. I miss your face on the pillow next to me and your paws on me when I massaged your legs. I miss calling you all the silly nicknames I gave to you: I know that angels have taken you to heaven and you are no longer sick. I will never forget you...forever and always your mom.

Carla Bobychuk

Bobbie, 06/10/09

Bobbie was truly an angel because we found her at church one day in the snow, looking like a Bobcat. I always said it was a sign from God! After caring for her in the woods for a week, we brought her into our home on December 17, 2003. Though we found out about her FELV early on, that's what helped us, myself specifically, to remember to take each day at a time. She taught me how to heal from past pet losses, but most importantly, how to enjoy each day and make the most of it. I can honestly say that is what we did until she went to the Bridge today, June 10, 2009. I know the Lord is watching over her, and she is with my other furbabies, Tangles and Pouncer. Bobbie will be missed but she has clearly touched our lives and changed us and made our lives so much better. We are truly blessed for all the time we had with her. Baby Girl, mommy is here and will always be here with you. I'm already missing you but I know we are still together. I love you and can't wait to see you one fine day.

Kristen, Tim and Hope

Bobby, 08/27/91-10/18/08

My Beloved Bobby...May you forever purr in peace my little friend. You could look into my soul...
and always make me smile.

Now and forever...until...

"And when it's time for you to go...from that body to be free.
Remember you're not're coming home to me."

All my love, Tina

Bobby, 28/06/07

We will never forget you, Bobby. You had enormous problems due to being a stray when we found you, but your loyalty and kindness more than repaid us for your rescue. You were a wonderful companion to us and we loved you dearly. Your brother is now in need of our prayers and love. Please be there to greet him when he passes over, he missed you terribly. With our best love, and a kiss on your lovely soft head, Gillian and David.

Bobby aka Bibits, 01/15/09

It's been almost six months now since you been gone. Seems like just yesterday I had you in my arms, telling you how much I love you. I miss you so much my blue eyed boy, so much...I came across a picture of you the other day, brought tears to my eyes. You were my best friend, my best pal I could ever ask for, yet I had to make that hard choice to let you go. Cancer tore you apart yet you stayed tough and fought hard. Had I not done anything you may have lasted a bit longer, but that would have been very selfish of me, and I couldnt do that to my best friend. I love you Bibits, wont ever forget you in my lifetime. xxx-ooo

Jennifer Saumier

Bobby, 10/01/90-01/28/09

Bobby, my little buddy, you have fought the hard fight for so many years with all of your medical problems. My precious friend, you were the best cat anyone could have ever wanted ever. May you rest now little one. "I have sent you on a journey to a land free from pain, not because I did not love you,but because I loved you too much to force you to stay."
~ Unknown


Bobby, 01/07/01-01/23/09

In loving memory of our dearest Bobby, who we love very much. Thank you for all these years of friendship and joy that we shared. You will always be in our hearts.

Ivette and Zuly

Bobby, 05/05/05-01/22/09

Bobby, El Callejero....

Era Callejero por derecho propio
Su filosofia de la libertad
Fue hacer de las suyas sin lastimar a otros
y sobre los otros no pasar jamas.

Era nuestra Bobby y era la Ternura
Que nos hace falta cada dia mas...
Era una metafora de la Aventura
Que en el diccionario no se puede hallar....

Era nuestro tabby porque lo que amamos
Lo consideramos nuestra propiedad
Era del Hiper y del del viejo barrio
De los vecinos, amigos, y todos los demas...

Era el Callejero de las cosas bellas
Y se fue con ellas cuando se marcho...
Se bebio de golpe todas las estrellas
Se quedo dormido y ya no desperto....

Nos dejo el espacio como testamento
Lleno de nostalgia, lleno de emocion...
Vive su recuerdo con los sentimientos
.... para derramarlos en esta cancion....

(Hasta siempre bobbito...Hijito.... Hermanito...)

Liliana Treserra

Bobbydog, 15/06/06

Dearest Bobby, loyal, brave and faithfull friend. Your brother Colin the Collie has now passed on today and at the time of writing. Can you please watch out for him and greet him when he reaches the Bridge. He was so frightened and I know you will settle him down and once more you will sleep together as you used to do. We love you, and you have never left our hearts. We think of you still. We are in grief again and know our hearts will be eased by your love of Colin and seeing him again. Our love Daddy and Mummy Style.

Bobi, 03/31/09

TO our dear sweet Bobi girl who gave us so much each and every day of her life. You are so missed by us all.

Mary Ellen

Bobo, 06/16/09

Bobo will be missed she was a special little girl and we all loved her very much.

Chuck and Betty Kaser

Bobo, 04/27/09

A loving and faithful friend to the end.

Elaine Goodwin

Bobo, 04/07/09

In loving memory of Bobo, who came into are life neglected, malnourished resulting in Renal failure. We loved him, and Gave him the best life he could have ever had.His big sister Savana, little sister Sydney, mom and me all loved him dearly. They said Six Months we never gave up. He Lived to be 2 1/2. He gave us so many gifts in his short life, smiles and memories that will last a life time:)He loved sitting in my truck, even just in the driveway. Riding in the Car, Doing his welcome home dance we called the pony:)Cuttling up with his mommy on cold nights.
Bobo, your one true friend, I'll never forget, thanks for all of the gifts you've given us.
We love You, and Will miss your little face dearly.
Until we meet again, My friend, our friend.
We love you Bobo

Steve Cox & Jennifer Husser

Bobo Emmit Goldstein, 04/25/01-02/27/09

Bobo possessed many admirable traits. He was regal, courageous, protective, kind, gentle, loving, sensitive and insightful. He was a Prince of Angels disguised as an English Mastiff that we had the privelage to spend almost eight years with. His passing was and is devastating to us because he was truly Our Baby. He had cashmere ears and diamond eyes. Everyday we would tell him that he was "The Best Baby in the whole vide, vide, vide uniberse", and that we loved him more than anybody loved anybody. We still tell him that in the hopes that he hears us and is with us. If we knew for sure that we could be united with him, we would go now........... that's how much we love and miss him. Our Bobo. Our Prince of Angels.

Linda & Arnie Goldstein

Bocephus, 06/05/09

You played so joyously, you comforted everyone. Your favorite basketball is with you still so that you can enjoy our new life with no suffering and only happiness to run and play.Your family will always miss you: until we all meet again.

Ktrina Alise and Clinton Don Patton

Bochie, 05/07/95-02/28/09

He was nearly 98 years old in human years, and lived his life full and was cared for and loved until his last days.
Beloved Bochie--- with his lion yellow eyes, huge personality and attentive spirit, gave us all love and received it with a grateful heart.

I spent last night looking at years and years of pictures with this bigger than life--- loving creature that has occupied my heart for so long and find I am at peace to reflect on all the wonderful times he's had with us and yet my heart is bursting and is heavy for I am missing my baby boy I awoke in dream the other night and his words lingered in my thoughts

~~My Life¦.. as Mr. Narfies~~
Treat me gently beloved mommy dog, and I will love you forever with a full and happy heart.

Show me patience and I will learn to understand your every word and action. I will even protect you with my life if yours is at any time in danger.

Speak to me often, and give me many silly nic names--- for your voice is music to my ears and I await even the simple sound of your footsteps, knowing soon you will be near.

Shelter me from nature's bitter cold and wet and I in return will warm your heart and make you smile with my barking and tail waggin'

When my bones are old, give me a soft warm place to curl up and rejuvenate my aching body. Touch me, rub my sore hips and help me stretch each night before we lay our heads to rest

Play with me, tickle me take me for walks, let me swim next to you in the ocean and let me pull you along in the cool salty waters you so love, take me on long wilderness hikes and show me the amazing natural world you so love let me romp in the snow and play while you and your friends are skiing your beloved mountain peeks .for I seek your challenge just as I seek to please you.

Teach me to jump with from your sailboat and then how to return to her deck safely- show me the way to stay safe should I wander off on my own self guided walks around cars
I will follow a thrown ball to the ends of the earth if you choose it and I will swim the seven seas just to see you smile.
Fill my bowl with fresh water and see that I'm well fed, for I cannot speak to ask you and am completely at your mercy. But my trust in you is so complete, I know you will never do me wrong.
And beloved master, when I grow old and the time comes to say farewell, hold me gently in your arms and I will go without a whimper. For with you I am safe and secure.
Now I am resting with those that have gone before me, waiting on the other side , mommy dog ---was many 4 legged friends, Tina, Ellie, Lupe, Natasha, Sam, Spike, Rider, Kona and so many others- of your friends children I am meeting now

I was your beloved dog for so many years and I will forever be with you all
WOOF- yours,
Bochie ~~Narfy, Piggy, Farky Barky

Amy Stephenson

Bodacious, 05/02/09

To My Loving Bo Bo....

I will always remember the day I got you....I went into the pound and saw this adorable little black and white kitten....just meowing away....and I just had to have you.
You never stopped meowing...ever...I will miss your little voice every single day!
You were the best cat anyone could EVER ask for.
You were the most gently and kind cat, to everyone....we always teased that you had the personality of a dog more than a would come when called, would eat anything....even twizzlers would crack us up the way you would just lay in the middle of the living room on your back...all four limbs just
spread open wide....just as content as could be, even with all the madness of little babies and toddlers running around!
You will NEVER be definitley were a one of a kind....I will never forget you BO BO...EVER!
You will always be in our hearts and memory....don't worry about Angel girl....we will take good care of her for you.....and she will be with you again one day.
I LOVE YOU BO precious baby boy!!
You started this family of mine with me.....we were a team......I miss you so very much it hurts.....GOD BLESS YOU BABY BOY!

Mommy :-), Daddy, Avery, Taylor, Chance...and your girl, Angel

Bodhi, 10/01/99-07/13/09

My Dear Bodhi,

Thank you for your love, kindness, and protection.
It is with great love that I let you go.
Go into the Light. . .you will be in my heart forever.


Bodie Hunter Sowers, 05/13/07-07/06/09

The best cat in the world. Bodie brought us
"presents" almost every day. She would twitch her tail and show me her belly when she saw me. She was so proud of her hunting presents she brought us. We miss her terribly. We love you Bodie!!! Mommy and Daddy and your sister Peanut and kitty mom Izzy love you and miss you very much!!! Are hearts are broken, and will never mend.

Chrissy Sowrs

Bodies, 01/05/09

Bodies I Love you and Miss you deeply. See you Soon!

Sara Lile

Boela, 09/12/08

My dearest Boela. I hope you are running free at the rainbow bridge. I just want to thank you for the most precious 15 years we shared with you. No other pet will ever take your place in my heart. you know I am still sick since I had to put you to sleep. I had to receive treatment from the doctor, as I could not eat, sleep or think straight after you went to sleep. I felt like I am choking and could not swallow. The doctor gave me some tablets today to try and help me cope with the huge loss I have suffered by losing you. There could never be a more unselfish love than yours. You loved to play and you adored other little puppies. You always wanted to protect each and every new pup that was around. You were a real mommy to all the other pets. You protected me like gold and you were always on my lap. No one could dare touch me or you would bite them. I am so sorry that I had to put you to sleep my angel, buy we tried everything possible. In the end I had to carry you around and that was the worst. you were always so playful and alive and I know you would not prefer to live like that. My angel, I will never forget your eyes when they gave you the final injection. At least I know I held you in my arms and my face was the last thing you saw. My baby, wait for me at the Rainbow bridge, I will meet you there when the time comes. Until then, all my love and I will never ever forget you. Sweet dreams and rest in peace. from your mommy

Boffy, 20th. March 2009

Dearest Boffy,

We love you so much. Rest in Peace.


Bogart, 10/26/92-12/29/08

We miss you so much, Bogart.
You were my dearest little friend for 16 years and I am forever grateful for the time we had.
My heart and our house is empty without you.
You will always be a part of me and I am so very sad without you.
I miss you, I love you.

Diane Duncan

Bogey, 03/27/09

My beloved "Biti",

Thank you for the smiling face and your tender paw on my chest as we slept each night.
Thank you for the playfulness and the concern when you knew I was worried.

Thank you for taking me and accepting me as your loving owner and companion.

I am so glad you didn't suffer.

See you in Rainbow Bridge, my "BoBo".

Cristina King

Bogey Joe, 10/12/94-02/25/09

The special boy who brought us together.
Rest peacefully until we meet again.

George and Vicki

Bogie, 2003

hi bogie its me julia i miss you sooo much!! i'm eleven now!!! i know i'm getting older. how is the rainbow brige is it fun?


Bogie, 03/21/03

Bogie, for a long time you were the only "man" in my life, and the only one I needed.
You were my best buddy, my partner in crime, my baby. The night before you died, you were sleeping just behind me on the back of the couch...I leaned back and pressed the side of my face against your warm, furry body...I listened to the strong beat of your heart, and I thought - 'That's Life.
That's Life itself I'm listening to.'
Less than twelve hours later, you were gone.
And all that warmth and beautiful, cinnamon-and-cream colored life were gone.
At dusk in a blinding blizzard, I carried you out into the woods as far as I could go and laid you, wrapped in your favorite blanket, into the snow beneath some branches...reminding myself that you could not feel the cold, see the dark...that you would not be afraid, or lonely without me.
Every day I think of you - every day I miss you.
I was so very lucky to have you in my life.

Thank you Bogie, my boy-o.
I love you.

J.E. Ginty

Bogie, 07/12/97-01/20/09

The most precious boy to ever grace this earth, Bogie...forever in our hearts and souls...All Our Love, Mama,GrandPAW,Grammy,Daddy,&all your babies-doggies,even Mar! You are with your Sissy now..We miss you and cannot wait to see you again some day!

Susan Krick

Bogey Boo, 02/27/09


Bogey Joe Smith, 10/12/94-02/25/09

Our little tennis ball champ, Bogey Joe. You will be in our hearts forever. You were loved so much...

George Smith

Bogs, 06/11/09

The cancer finally tooks my Bogs today.
Had to
put him to rest today but his suffering is over.
He was our office cat and been with us for quite a few years.
Greeted everyone who came into the
Loved to bite me all the time but he was the best.
He was loved by many of our clients and friends.
He will be missed by many.
No more suffering for my Bogs.

Barbara Sabatie

Bond, 10/03/96-02/23/09

Bond left us quite unexpectedly.
he was my baby.
he left Will and me with a hole in each of our hearts.
he was full of love while on this earth and still is everywhere i look.
each night before we went to sleep we would "promise" to "be" with each other at the end of this life.
his loss hurts a great deal as i hadn't expected to lose him before Will who is two years older.
Will misses you Bond.
i continue to say nighty night before i go to sleep, good bye before i leave the house.
your spirit will be with me forever.
love, dawn
Bond's memorial:

Dawn S

Bones, 08/06/09

I had hopes in having you around much longer. My heart is so broken!
I will miss you, I do miss you.

Bones, 05/02/92-04/07/09

I miss your kindred spirit and know you are in a better place.


Bonita Applebum, 06/29/95-06/08/09

Best dog gone dog in the west...We love you Bo! XO XO

Don & Jen

Bonkers, 6/01/2000 - 09/11/2009

My Baby Bonk, I had the pleasure of caring for you for only 6 months. I rescued you and your sister from an owner who choose not to care for you anymore. You were so shy at first but then blossomed into an incredible cat. You were sick at the time and I did not know until 3 months ago. Your big heart was so full of love but unable to function healthy. I took you to the best and tried everything but I understand, God needed your big loving heart more than us on earth. I know you are not struggling for every breath like you were the last few days of your life. You are running, playing and of course, making biscuits which you did so well. Your life mate, Jasper, is in good hands, Mikey is taking great care of her, playing with her, fighting with her! I miss you terribly, your nightly romps through the house, your morning meow! I am so thankful for our short time together, just wish I had you longer. We miss you and love you dearly!
Mommy & Daddy

Bonkers, 04/15/94-12/11/08

My little boy went to a painless place 2 months ago today. I miss him soo much it aches in my heart. Bonkers was the most loving, devoted pet & part of my family that I would ever have imagined to be blessed with. My youngest daughter choose him out of a litter of 4. Her, my oldest daugher and I loved on him for many many years.
When he turned 1 yrs old, we had him since he was 7 weeks old, he almost died, was having extreme difficulty breating, so after an emergency trip to the vet, we found out that he had Cardiomaphaty (Hardening of the heart mussles), same condition happens to us people.
His heart muscle wall was 3 times the normal size and during his growing up from a kitten to an adult, his lungs were gradually filling up with liquid. The day we took him to see our vet, he drew about 4 huge syringes out from his lungs, took an x-ray, & pretty much was sure of what had happened.. He refered my baby to a heart specialist who after many tests came to the same conclusion. Told us that there was nothing to do for him, muscles relaxant & half a baby aspirin every 5 days, not much more. At that time the Vet said that he could live 6 more months - 6 more yrs.. all depended on what care he got.
That was over 14 yrs ago. We pampered our little boy, he was soo spoiled by my daughters & myself.
Then 5 yrs ago, my girls moved out and it was just my baby & I. He became my best friend, I would cry on him when sad things happened, he would lick my tears and his look of love & worry always made me feel better. Bonkers loved to be hugged, lay on my lap and get his belly rubbed anytime. He was like a child, followed me everywhere around the house, even to the bathroom, he would be on my lap while I "took care of bussiness"...(this part of having him there always is so hard to overcome)
About the middle of Sept 2008, he started loosing weight and not acting like himself..his belly started to swell. Thought he had worms, cause several people told me that the symptoms looked like that. Tried deworming & nothing happened.
After a visit to the vet, I found out that he had Lymphoma, (cancer in his lymph nodes) and terminal. The first week after I found this out, I could not sleep, crying all the time, specially driving home from work, always the fear of him
being gome when I got there was killing me.
The vet said that he gave him 30-45 days at best.
He would always look soo happy to see me, he had a great appetite and was not crying out in pain, the vet had said that when that happened there was only one thing left to do to. I did not want to go anywhere (except work) dedicated most of my free time to just show him how much I loved and needed him. still do.. Bye the begging of November he would not go to the litter box anymore, he would do #2 in the carpet by the litter box only, not all over the place.. the first time I got home and found his poop, he looked at me with such eyes like telling me that he was sorry, I told him it was Ok. baby, it Ok. I will clean this for you as long as you stay with me. At that time I put a shower curtain liner to the side of his litter box, put paper towels and showed this to him.. Bonkeys was such a beautifull little boy, he went there up until the last morning.. Up until the 6th of dec, he still ate and craved attention which I gave him all the time.. then the week following, he just went downhill so fast, I felt it in my heart that he was gonna leave me and I scheduled an appt. for sat the 13th, could bear to see him in pain, even at this time, he would purr (not as loud as before), every time I held him and kissed him and just held him. He loved being held close up with his little paws circling my neck, hugging me right back..I would feel his little heartbeat next to mine. wish I could still.. By tuesday, I was praying to God to Please, Please take him to heaven from here (his home) where he has always felt loved & needed.. The thought of me taking him and say yes, put him out was so painfull to think that I was going to have to do so.
The morning of Thurday the 11th, when I got up, he was under my bed, (never did this) and I just knew that he was ready to leave me. I coaxed him out, he would not touch his food, I carried him, put him on my lap and while I was kissing and hugging him, I told him that it was Ok for him to leave me, that I understood, that I was not angry at him, that one day we would be together again.
I laid him down in his favorite corner of the couch and left to work.. I should have stayed with him, but didn't. Left work early afternoon and when I got home he was gone. been gone about an hour, right where I left him. I felt like I wanted to die, the pain in my heart was so intense, the tears and hearache were unbearable.
Called my daughters and told them, called the crematoriam (which is what I had planned to do,and I as well will be cremated) to see if they could do it that evening. Could not think of leaving him alone even for a nite. But I ended of having to, the earliest they would do it was 8 the following morning. I carried him wraped up in one of my housecoats like a baby, then left him and came back home. walking into my house was one of the hardest things I have ever done in my life.. The emptiness was so painfull. cried most of the night and in the morning drove over to the crematorium. got it done and brought my baby back home with me.. I no longer felt empty inside.
Now the time is passing and the saddness & tears are not daily anymore.. at least twice a week and mostly on thursdays the saddness invades my heart and soul completely and I just cry until I can't cry no more. I know he is in heaven, that he is no longer in pain, doing all the things he could not do while on earth.. but I still miss him so and wish he was still here with me. I had not experienced a death that hurt so much to get over since I was 14, when my mother passed away.
I feel that I have changed inside, and I just hope that the sad & hurt eventually go away. Bonkers, you were one of the most wonderfull loves in my life that I cherish every day that I live.

Rose Rodriguez

Bonnie, 09/24/96-07/01/09

Just looking at your little face made me happy. You were the love of my life and however much it hurts me I would not give up a second of the time you spent with us.Thank you for everything you gave us Bonnie - I will love you to the day I die.


Bonnie, 19/06/09

my bonnie to me was the best little dog anyone could have owned to me she was human as she knew exactley what you were saying to her so loyal to me and now that she has gone she has took part of me with her and i dont think life can be ever the same she left behind daisey who is not well herself but hoping the vet can cure her god bless you bonnie and some day i will come to you,

C Wilson

Bonnie, 11/06/93-19/06/09

she meant the world to me she was so loyal and was my best friend

Carol Wilson

Bonnie, 07/19/97

Have never forgotten you.

Timothy Larner

Bonnie, 05/06/09

Bonnie was a beloved foster cat of ours for three years. She was rescued and tested FIV+. Normally she would have been put down immediately but because we exist she was given a chance. She had three great years with a warm roof over her head, food to eat on a regular basis, clean fresh water, and loving on demand... She will be missed!We love you Bonnie!!!!

Sandra Davis

Bonnie, 15/04/96-08/04/09

I miss my little baby bonnie so much you were the light of my life and not a day goes by when I dont miss you.
You are in my heart and always will be.
You were my guardian angel always there to help me in my hour of need and to get through each day.
You were a blessing to me and I love you so much.
Till we meet again my love.

Your mum and brothers and sisters

Bonnie, 03/18/09

This is for my pretty girl that I lost on the 18th of this month (Mar.). Bonnie was the most loved dog anyone could own, she was the best all her life never mean, nothing she was always happy. To think 17 years ago there were pups in a box for free at Smithton truck stop and by the end of the day there was one left and they were gona drown it because it was a girl, well that was the day that I started my journey in life with bonnie. I can remember when anyone was coming over they knew to call first so I could get her out on the porch to meet them cause she would tinkle when she got excited to see you. I have one of her pups and her other half( her mate) here and this house is not the same with out her. Bonnie and her pup would do everything together go outside to do their business, eat, treats, everything they laid side-by-side always. As for me she was always there to meet and greet with her happiness to see you from 5 min - 5 hours, she would wait out side of the bathroom when I was bathing and move to where ever I moved, she was always by my side faithfully,when I lost her I lost a huge part of myself, needless to say how much this girl is missed all the way around, but; one thing that will never change is that she will always be in my heart forever. with love, her mom and owner

Bonnie, 03/10/09

Dear, sweet Bonnie.
You and Clyde were my comfort and my friends.
You were both inseparable, but now Clyde and I will continue.
Rest in peace, my beloved companion.

Chris Palmer

Bonnie, 01/15/98-12/26/08

The best dog ever born.
Smart, serious, dedicated to her job of guarding us.
Bessie misses you!


Bonnie, 10/24/92-04/08/08

How can anyone love an animal so thouroughly and deeply as I loved my Bonnie? Such joy, such love, such fun and such trials.Anyone who says animals don't have a soul or don't come from heaven don't know my Bonnie. She was an angel sent from God to watch, care and teach me how to love. On 04/08/2009 will be one year she passed on, it has taken a year of grieving to be able to write this letter.It was my priveledge and honor to be her pet owner and I thank God for the chance to know her. She truly sits on the right hand of God

Sue Scudder

Bonnie, 01/01/03-01/24/09

To my beloved Bonnie - please know how much you're missed and how lucky I was to have your love and companionship for as long as I did.
I miss your company.
I miss playing with you.
I miss holding you and having you fall asleep in my lap or in my arms or lying against me at night.
I miss your beautiful eyes and your voice and your purr - the way you told me in no uncertain terms that you were happy, you loved me and apprciated what I did for you.
You gave me purpose.
You will always have part of my heart.

Please be happy and know that I'll come to see you at The Bridge as soon as I can.
For now please rest, play and be free - and drop in and check on me from time to time too if you can.
Try to not forget about me.

You will never, ever be forgotten.
I can't wait to see you again.

Jeffrey Novak

Bonnie, 01/01/94-01/24/09

Our beautiful, beloved Bonnie girl passed on to the rainbow bridge today after a valiant battle with a rapidly spreading cancer.
There was no better dog than our beautiful Bonnie.
She was loving, smart and will be missed forever.
Everyone who knew Bonnie loved her.
She is now with her brother, Clyde and cousins, Storm and Hagar.
Bonnie, my little angel, we loved you before, we love you now and we will love you always and forever.
You will never be forgotten.
Wait for us.
All our love, mommy, daddy, Eric, Danielle and your little, big sister Callie.

Bonnie, 12/30/08

Bonnie, I will never forget the day Dad, Michael & Jennifer brought you home and surprised me.
You were such a tiny ball of fur with the sweetest yorkie teddy bear face. For 16 years you were the "love of my life".
There is a hole in my heart that no one else can ever fill.
I will see you again some day and I will cherish all the wonderful memories.
I always loved the way you would climb up the ramp dad built you so you could look out the window.
Every evening you would watch for him to come home and you would run down and meet him.
You were always ready to go to pet therapy and to the school for canine literacy.
You brought so much happiness to your family and to many others.
Thank you for all the joy you brought to me, dad, Michael, Jennifer and to everyone who knew you.
You touched many lives and I am happy knowing that you are now running around in a strong body.
Until we meet again.

Bonnie & Clyde, 06/07/97-03/31/09

I never really knew what it meant to have your heart ripped out....
To the best friends I have ever had. Thank you for all your support and unconditional love.
See you again.
Rest well

Bonnie and Clyde, 02/2009

i miss you both but with your wings i know you flew to heaven to be with the other birds
i will not say goodbye for you live in my heart

Lee Niesig

Bonnie Boo, 09/15/94-03/14/09

Bonnie Boo 9/15/94-3/14/09

Bonnie- we will always love you & never forget you. We miss you so much!

Janet , Scott, Nick, Jess, Nika, Cassie & Tipsy

Bonnie Foster, 01/25/96-02/28/09

Will miss you tons Meet you at Rainbow Bridge

Ida Foster

Bonnie Kraft, 02/24/07-02/15/09

Bonnie, know that we will always LOVE AND MISS OUR SWEET LITTLE GIRL, OUR LITTLE BON BON.Though you were taken from us way too soon,the time we had will always be treasured, how can we forget playing out back with you and clyde, tossing your frisbee and tossing the ball and you would always beat clyde to it first.I remember the day I brought you home,that w/e it snowed in april and you just loved it even though you were only 7 weeks old,and you always did love snow,till the day you left us that was one of your favorite things to do.Love Mommy and Daddyand clydie

BonnieBelle, 09/06/95-07/04/09

You and Isaac grew up together.Every boy needs a friend like you. Now he's all grown up, I guess you knew your job was done. You'll always be loved, always be missed, always be in our hearts and our memories.

We'll see you again.Meantime,enjoy your renewed strength and youth, and chase a lot of rabbits, and eat a lot of oatmeal cream pies!

I love you.

Faith and Isaac

Bonny, 05/29/09

Bonny The Wonder Dog - loved everyone. My sweet girl I will miss you forever.


Bonzi, 03/90-06/09/09

Thank you for being my best friend and sharing your life with me. Thank you for picking me 19 1/2 years ago and not taking "no" for an answer. I am a better man because of my time with you. I will miss you everyday and can't wait until the 3 of us are together again.
Until then, look after your sister and try not to cause too much trouble.
I love you Bonzi - and I always will.

Sam Mairs

Bonzo, 04/23/00-06/07/09

Bonzo was a special boy - a person in a dog's body. He loved people and made everyone fall in love with him. He smiled all the time and climbed into my lap. He was a 43 LB lap dog. He had to be close to me all the time and followed me everywhere. We comforted each other through so much.I miss him so much.

Karen and Brad Cotton

Boo, 09/28/98-07/13/09

Boo was my big black baby boy. You left too soon & so fast. My protector, a gentle giant, sweet to every creature. Boo gave slurpy kisses to everyone. Talli & I will miss you. I loved Boo so very much. God please take care of my baby. You will never be forgotten.
Thank you for picking me to be your mommy.
Love Forever!


Boo, 09/19/00-07/17/09

I love you so much Boo.
The world will never see another dog quite as amazing as you.
You changed my life.
I will never forget you.
I will never stop loving you.
You will forever be with me, forever be in my heart.
Please forgive me, big girl, if I kept you in pain too long, or gave up on you too soon.
I let you go be God's dog, cross over to the rainbow bridge because I thought that you were ready.

I know that you are running around like a wild dog now, free from your earthly pain.
You will never be forgotten.
You are truly one of a kind.
I love you and I will you see you again.

Love, Mama

Boo, 06/14/09

We miss you so much Boo. Your brother is going to miss you as well. You were the bestest kitty in the world. We will take care of your brother and always hold you in our hearts. We can't believe your gone

The Light Family

Boo, 04/28/93-05/30/09

I had my Boo for 16 years 1 month and 2 days on this earth. She developed an aggressive cancer a few months ago. A year ago she had diabetes, but was healed of more insulin, just kidney pills. Never have I had such a connection with a pet. I have my light yellow tabby Sissy still that is 8 years old. She is my baby too and I hope she bonds with me more in the coming months. Boo had trouble breathing a week ago; we rushed her to the vet and she passed in my arms. She was a sick little girl. I held her for so long; I did not want to let her go when we got home. I thank GOD I was with her and never had to make the decision to euthanize; as that would have been so hard for me. We buried her in the back yard in a little coffin. My precious mom and sis got a beautiful blue and white flower spray with streamers IN LOVING MEMORY BOO for her grave. They loved her too and knew what she meant to me.
I miss her so much; the smell of her, the feel of her, just seeing her.
She was my best faithful, loving companion.
Her pic as baby and adult and those words are tattoed on my arm and those words are on my own headstone. I want to add tattoo words IN LOVING MEMORY ALWAYS IN MY HEART MY PRECIOUS BOO 04-28-1993 to 05-30-2009. I was with her when she was born and held her as she passed.
I know she is in Heaven and I will be with her again one day. I always believed my dad and Jesus sent her to me from Heaven in 1993 a few months after my dad passed.
What a faithful friend she has been to me.
Always in my heart my sweet Boo....
Til then, GOD help me with this pain.

Darla Jacksom

Boo, 10/05/82-07/04/97

This tribute page is for my beloved dog, Boo.
He was 15 years old when he died.
Everyone loved Boo.
He was a great protector, ball player, runner, and snugger.
He would play ball from morning to evening without tiring.
Boo was gentle and caring.
He was my greatest companion and friend.
Part of my heart and soul left me when he died.
I adopted another dog, Aggie, while Boo was still alive and they played together famously.
Then it was time for Boo to leave me and go to a peaceful retirement place.
He saw that I was again protected by Aggie.
He taught Aggie well in advance.
Thank you Boo for being a major part of my life and soul.
I love you and miss you greatly.
My mom wanted Boo's ashes to be buried with her, so they are together now.
Save a place for me Boo.
Love you dear.
(Its me.)

Boo, 02/25/09

We love you so much and miss you every day, Boo Kittah.

The Watsons

Boo, 11/15/07-02/07/09

i love you baby boy, you will always be in my heart, you were my best friend, my everything.

Debbie Filmalter

Boo Boo My Buddy My Little Man, 01/01/95-04/17/09

My sweet baby boy. what can I say? I have been grieving for you and crying for you. You were the most loving, understanding, Spiritual, Angel, obeident King of the Pups, The Animal VIP! in my life. Only Jesus was higher than you and me. and we had that understanding between us. I miss you. Your beautiful eyes. Your bark and your cute little howl. I know you are with Jesus, Daddy, and all the people and animals who have gone before. I will be there soon to you but long to me as where you are is timeless. My heart aches to hold you in the bed like we did and kiss you and play with you and your toys. God Bless. I will be there. Be Watching! My sweet love.

Donna and Jeff

Boo Boo, 09/10/97-06/29/09

Boo Boo,
I will never forget you and cherish the time we had together in this life. You were always the most protective, playful, loyal, loving, intelligent, and gentle creature I've ever met.
I will love you always and you will be remembered by all that you touched forever.
You are now free of all pain and suffering and one day we will be together again.
I miss you so my best friend ever
may you rest in peace
god bless you

Boo Boo, 01/01/90-04/17/09

I have never known such love. You were so obedient, forgiving, understanding and Spiritual. If I felt bad, all I had to do was look at your beautiful face and I would smile, laugh...hold you. I will never forget you my sweet baby. I am so sorry the end happened like it did but the Bible says "Death where is your sting?" so I know you just slipped away in a second from here to heaven. Your are in Paradise with Jesus. OH GOD, MY GOD how my heart aches for you. I wish I could see you, hold you just once more. I love you, my precious, precious baby.

Donna Kulavich

Boo-Boo, 08/02/87-07/31/03

On July 31, 2003 I said goodbye to my best friend Boo-Boo. It was the hardest thing I ever had to do,But i knew he was in pain.Old age sure does creep up fast. I was just thinking about him tonight and all the times we shared together.He was an awesome dog one of the best ever born.It reminded he so much of him and how we all knew it was time to release him from his broken body. I even get watery eyed typing this and thinking of him. He meant so much to us.Even though hes gone,I still feel his presence.We held onto him til the end and told him he was gonna be ok.Now I know someday we'll meet again where he'll be waiting at the Rainbow Bridge.


Boo Boo, 10/10/93-02/26/09

My sweet orange cat Boo Boo passed away on Thursday and I miss him dearly. I had raised him since he was 8 weeks old, adopted from a shelter. He was the sweetest, most trusting and most affectionate boy, loved to cuddle and slept on my head until I had my first child. I only wish I'd cuddled him more these past few years...he certainly deserved it. He was loved and will not be forgotten. Kisses on your sweet nose, dear Mr. Boo.


Boo Boo, 02/26/93-02/13/09


Will and Linda Donaldson

Boo Boo Burch, 04/94-05/05/09


Harold/Shelia Burch

Boo Grissom, March 25, 1998 - September 30, 2009

My sweet little Boo, I miss you so much. I come home and forget you aren't going to greet me at the door with that wagging little tail and so "happy to see you Mom" dance. We fought so long and hard this last year to keep you going. I remember that day a couple of weeks ago when you looked at me from your nesting place on the couch and it felt like you were saying, "Let me go." You brought such joy into my life. I loved your Mom but you were "my" boy. I miss that warm little body of yours up against me and I have this huge emptiness in my heart. I hope you are having fun in the garden at the Rainbow Bridge playing and hunting for bugs. That was one of your most favorite things to do.  
I helped bring you into this world and I was with you when you left. It's the hardest thing I've ever done, to let you and your Mom go and less than a year apart. You helped Dad and me get through the loss of your Mom, our sweet Cricket, and for that we will always be thankful. But now to have you gone, oh my sweet, sweet boy I feel like my heart has been wrenched from my chest. We will always love and miss you and while you and Cricket wait for us run, play and have fun chasing bugs.  
We love and miss you so much, until we meet again,  
Mom, Dad and Tony the cat.

Boo Lady Adams, 05/23/09

My Boo,
You are my Princess.
You gave us so much.
I hope you felt me rocking you & telling you how much I loved you.
You will rest by the pond with my yellow daisies.
May you be happy, young, be free of any pain & have many friends.
Thank you for loving us as you do.

Boo Pretty Kitty, Such a Pretty Kitty.
We will meet again.
Mom & Dad

Boo! Meister, 10/15/94-05/21/07

Boo! was the last of my terrific trio. All three of the fantastic felines are waiting for me at the rainbow bridge of which I have a picture hanging above my PC as I write. I think of them every day, sometimes with a tear in my eye, and others with a wonderful memory. Chaz left me in December 2004, Ginger September 2005, and Boo! May 2007. God blessed me with such beautiful memories of them. I continue to feel an empty spot in my heart even after such a long time. They will always be with me in memory if not in body.

Greg Kembitzky

Boo Robinson, 04/08/09

He was my very best friend. He was my "ROCK" for 15 and a half years.
He was so sensitive and emotional--he always knew how I felt and responded accordingly.
I always knew how he felt and did the same. There will never be another like him. He lived as long as he could to make sure I would be okay--that is just the kind of dog he was--he had more character than a lot of people I know.
He was the best and I miss him deeply. I love you Boo...see you at the bridge one day...have fun till I get there okay?


Boober, 03/21/99-02/21/09

My little Boober had a lot of trouble in his life and his last 2 months were hard and painful.
I'm so happy he doesn't hurt anymore but i really miss him so much.

Michael Jones

Boobie, 04/17/09

My precious Boobie, you were and will still always be my greatest friend and family. You gave me hope, strength and warmth when when my world seems dark. You cherished life and of course food, more than anyone.
I love you, Boobie. I miss you alot, I believe and pray every day that we will meet and reunite again soon.

Clarice Low and Janet Low

BooBoo, 05/11/09

You were the best companion. Thank You for all the wonderfull years that you stayed by my side. I'll miss you Boo. I love you always.


Booboo, 08/12/94-07/12/07

you had to of been the most loving and the most beautiful dog in the world, you loved me sooooo much, and i loved you just as much, you were my baby boy. the day i had to let you go was the worst day of my life, i felt so sick that it was so hard to breath. i miss the love you showed me.
thank you for the 14 years of love you gave me, i don't think anyone or anything could of loved me more, it's so hard for me to beleave i wont see or kiss that beautiful face again, i'm sending you my love, and i can't wait to find that kind of love again. i know they will love you in dog heaven because you are an angel.
love mommy (robin)

Boobookitts, 04/18/09

Boo was the light of my life

Jill Hurley

Booda, 10/22/98-05/05/09

I am really a mess without you Booda!

I pray you are in God's lap and God is keeping his promises. Booda you are my baby and I miss you so! I am grateful that you are now free from sickness and are pain-free. I was with you when you died and I am grateful for that (as crazy as that sounds). I at least got to let you know that I loved you one last time, even though it broke my heart. I know that you loved me as much as I loved you. You showed me every day of your life, right until the end, even though you were sick. It was a very special bond we had and I am so lucky to have had that in my life. But on the other hand that is what makes it even harder. I am also grateful for the fact I didn't have to put you down. I was getting to the point where I was thinking I might have to because you were really starting to suffer and I couldn't bear that. But you even did right by me then. You truly were my angel. You slept by my side and followed me around, no matter where I was, you were with me. You were one special gift...and I am missing you dearly!

Thank you for sending me "our song" and I will remember you! Always, until we meet again! and we will. A love like ours last forever!!!

Love, licks, and face rubs,
from your MOM

Tina Gryszowka

Booda Boo, 03/01/09

To our Booda,
Thank you for all your love, protection and companionship. Your job is done now, you can go run, play and not hurt anymore. We love & will miss you terribly. Thank you for taking care of Logan, Madison & Cody. You will never be replaced nor forgotten. We will see you again one day good friend. Our days will not be the same without you in it and a part of our family will be gone. Be healthy & happy now. We love you forever.

The Small Family

Boodah aka Boodieboo, 03/17/08-01/15/09

mommy misses you terribly boodah boo. you were one in a million and will forever be greatly loved and missed

Katie Harris

Booey, 02/19/09

I just want to tell you that I lost my beloved Booey early Thursday morning. I'm just broken hearted. He was my companion, best friend, reason to rise and try to shine, reason to come home, and who I missed so being away. I loved him so hugely and he gave it all back and I'm just feeling so sad and so lost. I didn't see small things adding up, at 13 1/2, quickly enough. I just didn't see, and I ought to have seen. I'm having a hard time getting past that. I feel that I protected him, thinking ahead of any possible harm, attending to his comforts, for all those years and at the last minute, I let him down. I know that God went with him, but I really didn't want my little boy to have to take that journey without his mama. Everything is different and I don't know how it will be right again. Booey, I love you always; you are my best boy and I miss you so.


Boofer, 04/24/09

We will miss "His Hairiness".
Well behaved, loving and gentle!

Joyce and Mike

Booger, 02/14/09

To my Beloved Booger.....I nursed you for 10 years and would do it all over again...It broke my heart the day we said goodbye and I am still dealing with the aftermath...How I long to hear your words again...When it it my time, I will not rest until I find you again...So, Boogs, until we are playing again, enjoy your new painless world when you can soar.....
Your Mom..........

Booger, 09/15/94-03/26/09

Booger you were a wonderful part of our lives for so long we will miss you... always!

The Fresh Family

Booger, 03/21/09

Booger,My Sweet little Angel,I miss you so much.I miss you picking up the thing I drop and bringing them to me for a treat.I miss giving you rawhides..The squirrels outside miss you running from window to window as they tease you...I am so so sad without you ..Doogie misses you so much..Please visit me little girl..I love you so ...Momma

Booger Watkins, 04/08/09

Booger was my daughter Keena's dog however he has been dearly loved by our whole family for the past 11 years. He was the most precious and loving little guy in the world. He was my daughters everything they have been through so much. He was the reason she got up in the morning and it is a difficult loss for her. He will be so missed!

Charlette Mann

Boogie, 12/26/92-05/19/06

It's been a little over three years since you passed away, but you still live on in our hearts, thoughts and memories. We donated some of your toys to the SPCA, and some to your friend Onyx. She is in NC doing well with my best friend. Someday we cross the rainbow bridge, and we meet again.
Till then, we all love you very much.


Boogie, 05/98-05/2009

Boogie was a very sweet and lovable cat that loved people; she constantly showed her affection imensely and eternally. She would wait in the drive way every evening watching for my truck to turn onto our street and greet me with her special way. We will miss her undying loyal friendship and affection. We will miss her greatly!!!!

Jeff Coursey

Boogie, 03/13/92-01/08/09

My sweet little Boogie was truly the child I never had.
She will be in my heart forever. She made everyone she met smile and she loved everyone.
I love her today, tomorrow and always.


Boogie Man, 08/05/92-09/29/08

I love you Boo boy! I know you're in a better place, but I miss you so much! Mama will see you again in heaven. You were one of the biggest blessings in my life.

Chris Perkins

Boogie 'Texas Red' Swanson, 06/26/09

A great little dog with a huge heart.
My companion, my friend, my family, my partner, my caretaker, my reason to smile, my reason to get up in the morning, the boss of the family, a brother to Simba, and now my reason to cry.

Mary Swanson

BooHeart, 07/04/89-12/19/07

Zachary is with you now, he joined you March 26.
I hope you have found him and are having fun playing again.
I love you!
Love you always, Mom

Booker, 01/01/01-03/02/09

Booker, or Bookerkitty, was the most special pet I have ever owned.
He was a big, gentle giant, and had a unique personality.
He even had a way of sitting in chairs like a human.
He was always there to greet me at the door when I came home, and he always came and woke me up at 0500 to feed him, so I always knew I had a reliable backup to my alarm clock.
I would have done anything for him, cost was never a consideration.
In 2008, I spent over $3500.00 on surgery to clear a urinary blockage.
He recovered quickly and was doing great.
His March 2, 2009 death from a heart attack was very sudden and unexpected.
I spoiled him for six years and never once regretted adopting him.
He was there with me during some very hard times, and I believed I would have him a lot longer.

I always told him "Booker's the best kitty in the whole world and I wuv him."

I miss you so much Booker.


Bookey, 11/2002-06/09/09

We love you Bookey! The family misses you so much and all the neighbors of Greenview Trail.
Rest in Peace.

Divina H

Boomer, 11/22/98-07/08/09

You are terribly missed.


Boomer, 05/26/96-01/06/09

You will always be my number one son.
If I could save a moment for a lifetime it would be loving you.

Barbara Devlin

Boomer, 08/01/96-16/06/09

My darling Boomer, you chose to come and live with us on the 22nd of September 1996 when you were 8 months old.
You lived next door but they treated you very badly.
I was frightened of you because you used to bark at me over the fence.
The day that you jumped the fence into our garden was a turning point in both our lives.
For the next 12 years and 9 months you were my best friend, I told you things I never told anyone else.
Now you have gone, there is a huge void in my life.
I miss you my darling and will always love you.

Boomer, 05/08/09

Boomer was my baby bear.
He was so full of life and although he and I journeyed through many hard and joyful days together.
He was always right by my side.
My gentle little giant of grace and comfort.
He will never be forgotten by me and I will find him at the rainbow bridge where we can cuddle and hold each other forever after.
I love you my sweet, sweet boomer bear.
Love mommy.

Boomer, 04/25/93-02/2009

He was the best dog in the world. He was my first dog and e can never be replaced. I love you Boomer and I always will.


Boomer, 03/25/09

Boomer belonged to my best friend. He was a remarkable and loving dog and was so dedicated and loyal to Kristi and Joe and their beautiful baby girl. Every time I saw Boomer he was the happiest dog in the world and always seemed like he was smiling. I will miss Boomer running up to my car to greet me when I visit Kristi and her family. He was a beautiful reminder God's creation. RIP Boomer! We all love you!


Boomer, 04/02/02-03/16/09

We only had Boomer for 6 years. We got him from the pound, he turned out to be a great dog!!! He was sick over the weekend, i thought maybe it was his hips again, but the xray they took on Monday showed he was in heart failure.I miss you Boomer, My heart is broken, i will never forget you! I love you. You and charlie can now play together, untill we meet again. Rest in Peace, Boy

Love Mommy

Boomer, 02/23/09

We are so privileged to have had these past twelve years with the great, brilliant Boomer, a true prince; he left on his own terms but the love he gave us will never leave. Our house is a different place, we will miss you, sweet Boomer, but we take you with us on all of our hikes, rides and travels. What we've learned from and through you will fill our hearts, minds and journals for the rest of our lives.

Antonia, Zakir, Anisa and Isabella Qureshi

Boomer, 07/17/92-01/17/09

My Boomer, my friend, my baby, my protector and my heartbeat. How I miss you.........for almost 17 years you were there for me and now there's a huge hole in my heart. I promised you that I would be ok if you left me and I'm trying so hard to keep that promise. You always had a smile and your only aim in life was to please me. I know you are with your brother Shadeaux and you teasing him about something. Wait for me my boys and remember that Mom will love you always. Run through the fields my Boom and chase your brother.

Sandy Tomlin

Boomer, 08/89-11/20/00

Boomer who missed his calling as a search and rescue dog.

Beth Szillagyi

Boomer, 01/13/09

Boomer, we love you and wish you did not have to go.

Lu Rose

Boomer Wright, 03/25/09

A big black lab mix with a wonderful intelligent face and a wagging tale that swept things off of any low-lying table.
Always at the door for greetings holding a stuffed toy in his mouth.
Always gave a little jump of happiness when you put on his leash.
So good and so brave and so endearing - straight A's when he boarded and played with other dogs.
Wish I knew his history but he came from the Humane Society to a family who kept him chained to a tree to my daughter who talked them into letting her keep him and then to live with us and our two other dogs for three years - long enough to have a big hole in our hearts.
We'll never forget him.

Madeleine M. Wright

Booper, 07/12/94-07/12/09

My Big Booey Bear, you are forever loved and cherished.
I love you everyday, always have and always will.
Your spirit and bear-ness will never ever be forgotten.
Your family is always with you, you are never alone.

I love you baby bear.

Lea Richards

Bootie, 07/03/09

So loyal, and loving.
Love you, Mommie

Bootie is my grand baby. Frisky and gentle and loving. During her many visits to grandma's and grandpa's, we spoiled her. There were so many wonderful moments and so many hugs and purrs exchanged. Bootie, I love you so much. You are my Bootie babe. Forever. Grandma Linda

Boots, 10/20/04-04/26/07

You'll be missed more than you'll ever know.


Boots, a.k.a. Big Ole Boy, 06/08/09

He was my greatest furry friend. He was our rock in times of hardship and he was our joy always. The most gentle and loving dog I've ever known. His housemates, his pack, Zach and Lady miss him so much. Zach has lost his hero and Lady has lost her oldest friend. His leaving has left a hole in my heart. I will miss him greatly until we meet again at Rainbow Bridge.

Ben Cook

Boots, 04/29/09

You will live in my heart forever.

Steve Mills

Boots, 1975

Boots was my first dog after I was married.
My great aunt had passed away and I took her dog Boots,
She was very shy at first but after a few days she took to my year old son Ryan like she had been a member of our family from the beginning.
She was kind and gentle and even shared her dog food with Ryan!
I have some great pictures of Boots sharing her meal.
We only had Boots for a couple of months and I lost her in a tragic accident which broke my heart for a very long time.
I've missed her forever but I feel that she and my Great Aunt Marg were meant to be together forever.
For the short time that I had her she gave us all the love in the world. Love you forever Boots.

Sandy Maloney

Boots, 05/12/70-11/01/83

Boots, you were the best! You helped baby Ryan grow up to be a great kid. You travelled all over with us and were a wonderful companion. I hope you're playing with your mom, Angel, and having lots of fun. You were always so steady and dependable, and I do still miss you.

Linda Guthrie

Boots, 02/06/09

My sweet baby Boots went to heaven on February 06/2009. He was my best friend and companion, he always made me feel happy in times of sorrow, and gave us so much love.
I'm so sorry we could not save you sweetheart, but you are free of pain now. We miss you so much and we'll love you forever.

Elizabeth Morales

Boots, 02/22/09

Good-bye my little buddy. We have been through so much together in your life with me. You just took ill Friday and now you are already gone. Please forgive me for anytime I was mean or upset with you. Run across the Rainbow Bridge and see Toby, Amy and Missy who have preceeded you. Run to where there is no more pain or illness. I hope you all will be waiting for me when my turn comes. I will miss your talking and calling for Mom when you were hungry. May God hold you in the palm of his hand while you make the transition across the bridge. I love you little one.

Christina Takacs

Boots Bonilla, 02/21/09

Boots became a member of my family at 2 months of age.He was the last puppy in a box in front of a grocery store.he was to become my best friend and companion for almost 15 years!
Boots was the perfect dog right from the start! Never ever did anything wrong and was so well behaved.He was born that way,I didnt have to teach him!
I have never seen a dog that never had to be taught,he just was perfect.I dont think I will ever see it again.
He always wanted to please..I will miss him until it is my time and I am reunited with my beloved dog.
You have to know this pup seriously always pleased.he never had to be on a leash except for his protection.He listened very well.
The only fault I can think of that my Boots had is he loved to go places but he hated the car.he would have panic attacks panting and shaking(Poor Baby) Funny thing is he was so much like me,because I also suffer from panic attacks.
Beautiful ,awesome loss to this world and to me.he was my best friend and loyal companion.I could go on and on..I love you Boots.

Pamela Bonilla

Bootsie, 30.07.2009

I found you and you found me.
A special quiet, understanding and gentle soul.
The years have passed so very quickly
I will miss your gentle way, your soulful eyes and your peaceful presence.
You are now forever chasing your shadows.
R.I.P. Bootsie forever loved and forever a part of me.

Bootsie, 03/14/09

I love you so much and will miss you forever.
Rest in Peace, my baby Booboolah.

Christine Blandina

Bootsie Mineau, 09/19/91-02/18/09

I miss you terribly my girl I hope your running free of pain XOXO

Tammy Mineau

Booty, 07/03/09

Booty - I miss you. I love you. I know you are better now. I know if you were here you would give me your 3 licks and tell me not to cry. I will miss you greeting me everyday when I get home. I will miss you using the bathroom with me every morning. I will miss that crazy look in your eyes when we'd play string. I will miss shoot em up bang bang. I will miss your snoring. Grandma and Grandpa miss you and love you too. There will never be enough tears that I can cry for you. I love you. I miss you. My beloved baby girl.

Renee Barrow

Bordeaux Chapoulie, 12/14/94-04/05/08

It's been a year since you left us for Rainbow Bridge.
There hasn't been a day that's passed where Mommy & Daddy haven't thought of you, talked about you and cried.
We have a picture of you and Cognac in every room and one that goes with us when we travel.
We know you are safe and Cognac is by your side.
We love you so very much and miss you terribly my sweet peanut head.

Mona & Phil

Boris, 07/06/09

Boris OWNED the neighborhood (without a fight) and accompanied our dogs on walks, stopping politely to spray whenever they stopped to mark.
He recently passed the torch of confidence to our youngest cat.

Barbara Schwartz

Boris, 10/15/73-11/12/86

To a Great loving dog friend .... you run around Rainbow Bridge till I come fetch you !!

Robert Mulligan

Boris, 11/12/99-04/23/09

Boris was orignally added to my life as a gift to my terminally ill wife who died of Brain Cancer on Christmas week of 2000.
Boris, after taking care of her and loving her into the arms of Jesus became my inseparable pal.
We were never apart other than for a couple of hours treatment at the vets during his illness with lung cancer.
He was with me 24 hours a day no matter what I did or who I visited.
He was my love and very best friend ever.
My life is so empty without him and I will never forget him or stop feeling him in my arms every hour of every day. I don't know that I have felt such agony as at the time I held him when he was put to sleep.
I lost the love of my heart and will never find another who was as much a soul mate as he was.
I love you friend and always will treasure every moment I had with you.
Life will somehow never have the joy I only had with you.
I'll look forward to a day I hope we will be reunited.
I love you Boris.

Jerry Geist

Boris, 2004

Now Mishka is with you, I still miss you and love you both.

Marina P

Boris Badenov, 06/01/95 - 08/30/09

To our sweet baby boy  
You gave your love unconditionally  
You kept us young and full of fun  
Your sister will always miss you  
We will never forget you  
You will always be in our hearts  
Can't wait to see you again  
Rest in peace, sweet and gentle prince

Bosco, 06/22/09

To our little stinky boy-we are glad you are not hurting anymore-bluebonnet,betty jane,bart.bonkers,and choo love you!


Bosco, 09/17/97-01/06/09

My beloved boy Bosco, you are so missed. I truly hope we will meet again one day and I can throw you a frisbee and you can swim all day. My heart aches for your company and I find that my sadness is overwhelming. You were the most beautiful, loving soul. Brown eyes, fur, nose and a loving heart. Your brother Murphy misses you so much, he is so lost without you, we will never forget you. My beautiful boy. Gone but always in my heart, your doggie mom, Suzy.

Bosco, 01/23/09


Little buddy Bosco, you came into our lives to leave too quickly

You were my first little doggie, and the best doggie I could of asked for

It didn't matter how horrible my day I had been when I opened that door

You were waiting eagerly for me there

You filled our hearts with love, companionship and good old fashioned childhood joy

You howled at the ambulance, you loved carrots and turkey

You loved our walks and going with Mike to the dog park

Hanging out the car window, you were so carefree

Nothing scared you: not the Doberman, not the Huskey, not the Pit Bull

You just wanted to run like the wind and you ran next to your new friends

Your life was cut too short, I am sorry for letting you out of my sight Bosconator

Thank you for the love you brought to us

Thank you for the eagerness the happiness and the pure joy you filled our hearts with

You will forever remain in our hearts

My little buddy Bosco

Danielle Douglass

Bosco Martinez, 08/03/08-05/05/09

Bosco was a very loving,full of life and happiness part of our family he will be missed very much.

Jason Martinez

Boss, 06/17/08

I know you waited for me to say farwell, before you had to leave so quickly and way too soon.To let you leave was a tough decision to make, but the right one.
Your Buddy Aussie and I still miss you. I know your suffering is over and you are well and healthy once more. The boys Wombi and Penny ,I am sure, were happy to welcome you to Rainbow Bridge,
and I know you boys are having fun chasing everything that moves. I believe, my sweet boy, you sent us Yager, who is trying to fill your shoes !
Run free sweet lovemuffin, till we meet again.

Boston, 04/21/08-06/05/09

I would like to make a tribute to my cat Boston.
He died suddenly.
He was just a little over a year old.
He was a funny, loving, beautiful cat and I loved him very much.
He is going to be greatly missed by us and by his sister Brandy.

Boston, you were the best.
We will miss you and never forget you.
Love you Boston Baked Beans


Boston Behgooy, 05/24/09

Sweet Boston, we miss you very much!
We will see you very soon.
Love, Mom and Dad and Lucky

Botega, 03/17/09

Botega was a good fish. Always happy to see mom after a trip!
Botega will be missed!!

Sonya Deri

Bou, 04/25/96-06/07/09

You are whole and vital once more, Bou Bear.
You are the best dog we ever could have, and we love you with all our hearts. We will all be together again someday, either on this earth plane or in our Father's mansion where you are now.
Until then, enjoy the love that surrounds you, run free once more, and know our hearts are with you always.
Rebecca and Jan/Mommy and Daddy

Boudreaux, 1995-02/14/06

To my loyal companion.
I miss you so much.
My love for you will never die.

Patricia Weaver

Boudreaux, 05/17/09

We were not ready to let our first baby go. He will be missed forever. We love you, Boudreaux.


Bouji, 09/01/83-03/l8/00

your diabetes and epilepsy did not stop you from living a great life with us.

Sandy Konstantinidis

Bounce, 06/11/09

To my Little Brother and Best Friend of 10 years, Bounce,you will be sadly missed by Daddy and Momma and I, as well as the whole family.

May you Rest in Peace while chasing squirrels in Doggy Heaven

Bryce Denham

Bourbon, 01/15/96-07/13/09

You were only five weeks old when I rescued you from the desert and gave you a home.
You gave me over thirteen years of love and affection.
I've been blessed!
Please wait for me on the Rainbow Bridge!!


Boutchie, 10/07-03/18/07

Merci d'avoir mis un rayon dans ma vie... Je t'aime!


Bowtie, 08/2001 - 08/18/2009

Bowie, we will miss you more than you could imagine. What a wonderful little character you were all your life. You were one of the sweetest, most interesting kitties I ever got to share lives with. Go find Mudface and Rufus K and they will be your forever friends. Please know we did everything we could to save you, but it was your time and it was a blessing to be able to help you move on. I am leaking pain right now, and I loved you so much. Your brother,Mopar, misses you terribly. Godspeed Bowie Doodle. I'll watch for you XX Karen

Boy, 10 yrs 7-31-09

Oh Boy! You were a fantastic dog and friend. I'm not sure how to go on without you. We will always remember you asking for treats and the unconditional love you showed us. This week has been so hard, watching you struggle, wanting to run and play but unable. I feel like I let you down, but I know you understand and are grateful that the pain has left. We will miss you terribly, but I know you have found Sharleigh by now and the two of you are running together like before. So long dear friend! You will be in our hearts till we see you at the Rainbow Bridge!

Good Boy!

Much Love,
Mom and Dad

Bozo, 05/13/09

You arrived one winter, long ago in a snow storm. Who knew you would become my sisters most loyal and loving friend and companion through good times and bad.
You were very sick in the end and your mommy Emily did the kindest favor for you by letting you go in peace. You stuck around long enough for her birthday and that is a gift she will never forget. I thank you, Bozo, for being my sisters little baby.
God Bless you, "Hammy"- We will all miss you.
Go now to Blueberry and Jeannie- they are waiting for you.
Good night, We love you

Emily Keifer/Victoria Reinmuth

Bradlee, 04/15/05-04/20/09

My precious baby, you were my best friend and the light of my life, I love you.

Katherine Seeley

Bradley, 01/01/97-04/18/09

Bradley, or "Big Bradley" was just the cat I was looking for. I had just gotten my first job and apartment, and I wanted a big tiger cat. You were a teenage cat at the shelter, with huge paws and ears and I knew you were the one. You moved with me from that first apartment, to my first house, to our house once I married.
You were always the lead cat as others came along, and kept me company through many hard times.
These last few months have not been fun for you and I was pained to see you as a shadow of your former "Big Bradley" self.
I miss you dearly and love you always.


Bradley Latourneau, 06/01/09

We love you so much Bradley.
Life just won't be the same without you.
But life has been different and so much better because you were here with us.

Phyllis & Mike

Brady, 06/01/03-01/31/09

So sorry Brady. You were the best . . little friend . . little brother, etc. Thanks for all the great memories. I hope yu and Toto are together tonight.

David Ozag

Brady Loudamy-Justice, 02/19/96-05/16/09

Brady was our special little boy.
He was born blind.
His cataracts were removed when he was three year old.
He was the smartest boy ever.
I had to spell some words, because he knew them.
Whenever I said "Bye" he would stand between me and the door and growl.
He was diagnosed with lymphoma the day after Thanksgiving and bravely endured 6 months of chemotherapy.
There are so many wonderful things about Brady. I just miss him so very much every day.

Laurie Loudamy

Brahmer, 06/12/04-01/19/09

I found him in the middle of the street on my way to work. He was 2 weeks old.
I was caring for an abandoned litter of 4 a the time, so what's 1 more!
He was a blue long haired boy-I bottle fed him for 4 weeks.
He was a sweet loving boy.
He developed kidney failure one month ago.
The vet and I tried hard for him and he gave it all he had too.
He passed yesterday morning at home surrounded by his family.
He was only 5 years old, our time was too short.
I miss him dearly.

Lori Aumann

Branca, 08/03/08

Branca, since i found you, you taught me the true meaning of gratitude and loyalty... Thanks to brought me a lot of smiles and fellowship! I miss you...


Brande, 08/13/80-03/03/99

I adopted you from the shelter,not expecting you to be the precious cat that you were...But,you slept on my pillow every nite,and followed me everywhere...I miss you so very much...the kitties that I have now,approve of you...I know you are still with me in spirit,and for that,I am grateful...

Sande Butler

Branden, 01/23/09

We miss you Branden!

Gretchen Kuyper

Brandi, Dec 23, 1999 - August 24, 2009

We could not have loved you more....Oppie is lost without you, and so are we. You were the best. We go into the pool but it's not the same without you laying on the diving board or sunning yourself on a lounge chair!  
We'll be looking for you at the Rainbow Bridge.  
We love you,  
Mommy, Daddy, Colleen, Johnny and Bobby

Brandi, 05/30/09

My beloved companion and are truly missed.

Sandra Woods

Brandi, 02/23/96-05/05/09

Here is a poem I wrote for Brandi. She was very dear to us and we loved her very much.

In Honor Of Brandi
When we arrived you were in a corner
Scared and shaking .
I sat down on the ground and
Were the one to come to me.
You choose me to be your friend.

I named you after my favorite Drink.
My favorite was a fine glass of aged Brandy.
Your coat the color of autumn , your muzzle
The shade of coal, your eyes, my god your
Eyes were like burnt amber.

Your were So BEAUTIFUL.

We made our pack with you
You promised to FOREVER show us
In life was. You were so loyal.

You were So LOVING

You were more than a dog to us,
You were our DAUGHTER, our
You would give your life for us.
And that is without a doubt.

You were so PROTECTIVE

You loved to hike in the mountains
You would catch all the smells,
Turn over the leaves, sniff the holes in trees,
You would hold your head up and sniff the wind
Not one place was left unchecked.

You would run ahead of us in the woods
To make sure the path was clear and that
No danger was ahead of us.
When it was clear you ran back to us to let us know
It was ok to walk further.
When I needed help up the side of a cliff you
Would help me up the cliff with me holding onto
Your collar and you would pull me.

You were our COMPANION
You lived life to the fullest
With no regrets or shame
You fostered dogs who were
Scared and afraid of humans.
You helped them over that fear
And showed them what LOVE
Was in a loving family.

You were a MOTHER

You Brandi were the best
Anyone could ask for,
No matter how our day went
You were there to love us
And not judge us for our faults.

YOU Brandi were the SAVIOUR.

You grew old with our family
You were so brave and did not
Waver from beginning to end.
You Brandi are the strongest
I was the weakest in the end.

You Brandi are the GREATEST

You looked into my eyes while I held you
I spoke to you softly and told you
Miss you dearly.
But I know your time has come to
Depart from this body that once was
So strong, and so full of life.
I told you I will be ok BABY GIRL
Now you just rest your weary head
And I will be here with you until your
Last breath.

You looked at me as you spoke with your eyes
I love you mommy, tell Cheyenne and Crystal
I love them dearly and I will miss them.
Let them know I will watch over them
From heaven and I will see them in their dreams.
Tell Daddy I love him and will miss him too.
Let Daddy know I loved camping and hunting with him.

But mommy remember I loved you
Dearly and I will always remember
The loving life you gave me.
I choose you to love and I loved
Every minute of my life with you.
Thank you mommy for holding me
While I take my last breath.
I must go to the Angels and wait for you.


Brandi, 07/07/08

She was not a pet she was a person , always there when you needed her the most, and always understood what you were syaing and feeling.

Dave & Ruth

Brandi, 07/27/94-04/07/09

You were truly the best.
The 15 years we had with you will be memories that will last a lifetime. I hope you are at peace now. I love you.


Brandi, 08/10/99-06/12/06

A poem I wrote after Brandi passed away

Soft whisper

My best friend spoke to me last night
a soft whisper in my ear.
I woke up and looked around the room,
I was startled, yet I had no fear.

My best friend said that all is fine
Rainbow bridge is so much more.
That there was so much love up there,
even a beautiful ocean shore.

There is fields and fields of green green grass
and the sky has different shades of blue.
There are flowers, mountains, trees and clouds,
everything they said it was, is true.

My best friend whispered in my ear last night
saying "Please don't cry or be sad.
That what was done, had to be done,
for me to live my life now, so be glad".

My best friend said that I did the right thing
an unselfish act on my part.
And that this pain & sadness I feel
will be gone soon from my heart.

I asked my best friend "How could this be
I miss you so much everyday.
That my heart hurts so much for you,
I wish there could of been another way".

My best friend whispered in my ear last night
"You will always be in my heart.
Go on & live and love another,
because we will never really be apart".

"I carry your unconditional love with me
I have done this from the very start".
I whispered back to my best friend last night,
"I'll always love you with all my heart."

My best friend whispered in my ear last night
"it's time for me to go towards the light.
I just wanted to stop & say to you
go on my best friend, I'll be alright.

So good-bye my best friend as I looked up at the sky
a shooting star I see in a straight line.
Moving fast across the sky & out of sight,
I whispered,
"Good -bye my best friend, now, I'll be fine".

By Lanie Blackmon(copyright) 12/12/06

Brandi passed away from Lymphoma cancer. I miss her terribly to this day.

Run Brandi, run free

Lanie Blackmon

Brandi, 04/01/01-02/28/09

What an impact this golden girl had on us!!
She was bought as a companion for my husband as he was retired and I wasn't and what a companion she became -- dug up pond plants, dug holes, moved plants, left female urine spots all over the yard but yet absolutely endeared herself to both of us.
She was not yet 8 when she passed and the hole in our hearts will be a long time mending.
There isn't a place we look that doesn't remind us of her and the tears start -- we wonder if they will ever stop.
She peacefully went to sleep yesterday and I know she is no longer struggling but the struggle her "mom and dad" are having is beyond words.
I know we aren't alone and my heart goes out to those who have gone through or who will go through the loss of their beloved pet or should I say family member.
We love you Brandi and you will never be forgotten--your scrapbook I started the day you came to us is a testimonial of our love for you and the beautiful tribute your "dad" wrote is placed in it also. Be happy and healthy over the "Rainbow Bridge".

John and Sharon Wilcox

Brandi, 06/04/94-12/29/08

This tribute is for our little Brandi.
We got to have you for almost fifteen years and you were sick the past year.
I just wish you were still with us.
Sometimes I wish I had just let you go ahead and die here at home but I decided to go see one more time if they could fix that infected ear.
We got to see the older vet this time and instead of pills for your ear he thought he could fix it.
I am so sorry that you had to die on the table and not here with us.
We love and miss you more than we ever thought possible.

Janet and Toby

Brandi, 12/15/94-01/02/09

Brandi was a very loving family dog to myself, my husband, my daughter and son.
She was always playful while always keeping a protective eye on all of us. We cherished our time with her and we know that she will be waiting to be reunited with her family.

Doreen McDonald

Brandi LaBreck, 02/15/93-10/07/08

My dear sweet Brandi you are my shining star and life is different without you. I miss you and I love you for infinity. Forever you are in my soul.
Your Mommy

Brandon, 08/15/93-06/12/09

Brandon was our baby...he chose US and we were happy to bring him home!

Brandon was a wonderful member of our family for almost 16 wonderful years.
He was a great companion, friend and pet.

One of his favorite things to do was to walk over to his "treat drawer", give a big sniff and then turn to us and give a quick bark to let us know that he thought he deserved one!

Today was one of the hardest things that I've ever had to look into Brandon's eyes, knowing that he was in pain and that I needed to make the decision to allow him to move onto a better place.

He will NEVER be forgotten as a valued family member and will ALWAYS have a very special place in my heart!

I love you Brandon!!!!


Brandon, 05/07/93-04/16/09

Brandon was a very special boy kitty.
He had a heart of gold and filled my life with love, happiness, and the strength to cope in a tough world.
Brandon gave me a home to come to every night rather than just an empty house, and wherever I was, he was sure to be right behind me.
He was my best friend and companion through so many years and changes in my life.
There is nothing that will ever fill this place in my heart that forever belongs to you my special kitty. Love always, Daddy

Brandy, 08/12/09

Brandy...Our family will never be the same..You left our world today..but will never leave our hearts..You will always be under the table at family dinners and in the back yard at family outings..I will miss you more then anyone will were there for me when I Did not want to be there..Thank you for all the years you gave to our family

Brandy, aka Boo Boo, 07/12/09

Brandy, we miss you more than you will ever know. The pain is so deep now. You will live on in our hearts forever. Rest in peace sweet girl!

Deena and Barry

Brandy, 10/10/96-03/15/06

Brandy was one of a kind. He was the best dog ever.

Art Van Houten

Brandy, 01/97-06/28/09

Brandy was adopted from an animal shelter 12 years ago and we were blessed with her love ever since.
She was a loving dog, friendly to every one who gave her a pet on the top of her head.
Most times, she didn't know she was a dog.
My son Dustin, whom she was bought for, loved on her as she was his best friend.
She slept with him, played with him, watched tv with him and more.
She is missed and will be missed for a long time as she was a loving family member that just happen to have four leggs.
She suffered four siezures in less than 24 hrs when we made the decision to let her go to doggie heave, we didn't want her to suffer any more.
We greive the loss of our family member, but know we made the right decision.
Brandy, we will be reuninted someday, in the mean time run and play.....

Donna Stapleton, Dustin, Tony, Jarred Scolari

Brandy, 06/22/94-05/01/09

Racing through the water at the beach
Charging up the mountain after something out of reach
Tail blowing in the wind, head held high
Your eyes gleaming ... I swear I see you smile

I will remember forever
The years we've had together
In my mind's eye I still see
Your head resting gently on my knee
Telling me it's time to go
God gave me the strength to let you go

Have fun in Heaven
With Ditto and Midnight and Winnie
Someday I will join you
So don't worry about me

"Goodbye my friend.
I know I'll never see you again.
But the love you gave me through all the years
Will take away these tears
I'm okay now ....
Goodbye my friend." (lyrics by Linda Rondstadt)

I Love You!


Brandy, 01/01/96-06/16/09

Well, the Lord has a dog now,
I just sent Him mine,
The old pal so dear to me.
And I smile through my tears on this first day alone,
Knowing they're in eternity.
Day after day, the whole day through...
Wherever my road inclined,
Four feet said, "Wait, I'm coming with you!"
And trotted along behind

.....Rudyard Kipling

Paula Pavan

Brandy, 06/10/09

Forever in our hearts!

Michele Werderber

Brandy, 11/13/95-06/02/09

Our precious Brandy has gone to Heaven, where she will be greeted by family who knew her here.
She will be greatly missed as she brought almost 14 years of happiness to our family.

We love you Brandy and will see you again!

Jeanne DiAmico

Brandy aka Squeaky, 10/25/06

Love you baby girl. Papa & I miss you so much.

Ron & Jodie

Brandy, 05/18/09

I am so saddened by the death of my beloved Brandy. I have had so many dogs but never one like B as she was affectionately called. No longer is she there to meet me when I get in with insistent and persistent demands for a kiss. She would never go to bed if I had not retired to bed first. Even in the last days she kept watch over me and would not budge from my side until I had retired to bed. I miss you so much my big beautiful B and I will always love and remember you.


Brandy, 10/20/08-05/20/09

Only here for a short time but brought so much love and sunshine to us all.Sadly missed by all
Lots of love always Cheryl and Bob
Kippy, Winni, Zilla and Leo

Brandy, 11/09/93-05/11/09

This email is to memorialize the precious life of our baby, Brandy.
She was like our child from day one.
The very first time I saw her at a local pet shop, I wasn't even shopping for a dog, I saw her and she stole my heart and soul away.She was a very tiny MinPin, only 2 lbs. I didn't even think she was a puppy because she was so tiny...everyone crowded around her & wanted to hold her.
It seems when she was placed in my arms, she acted differently and everyone commented on it. She rested her tiny head on my shoulder, and didn't want me to leave her.
I cried all the way home, since I couldn't even afford her, but I found a way to buy her.
It was one of the happiest days of my life when we picked her up.
She has brought such joy and love to our household for the past 16 1/2 years, that words cannot explain how she will be missed. Today is our first day without her, and it is both difficult and relieving to not see her suffering anymore. She tried to hold on, as if she did not want to leave us.
But the time had to come to put her at ease.
Her memory will go on forever, and I want her ashes buried with me when I leave this earth.
I am adding this request to my will....Brandy and I will always be together, forever.
We love you our precious girl...your Mama and Papa

Brandy, 04/12/03

Brandy, thank you for taking such good care of Kitty.
I love you and will always miss you.
Until we meet again.
Love, Mom

Brandy, 28/12/94-28/04/09

You were our first baby, forever loved and sadly missed

Aileen & Bill

Brandy, 04/06/96-04/14/09



Brandy, 03/31/09

My sweet girl, always the lady, ever gentle. You were my constant companion and so faithful.
I miss you but appreciate the gift that I had in your companionship.
It was so hard when you had to leave this earth so soon after Faith died but I know that at least you are together at peace.

Karen Chandler

Brandy, 01/22/02-03/01/09

My dear sweet baby i love you soo much even though you are no longer with me. No matter what happened you were always there to comfort me and make me feel better. no matter what you did whether it be chewing on my shoes spilling Tyler's morning coffee or even peeing on the floor i always loved you with all of my heart and i always will. i am srry that i put you down but you were in so much pain and i couldn't just sit there and watch that happen. If only the car had seen you or even went just a little bit slower driving down the road you would be here at my side. Wherever you are know that no matter what i will always love you with all of heart and nothing will ever change that. Wait for me at that big white gate i will come for you someday.

Jordan Martin

Brandy, 01/02/02-03/19/09

We miss you terribly brandy girl, we are so sorry you got sick and we couldnt make you better. you left behind 6 babies who are wondering where you went, but dont worry we are taking xtra special care of them for you. please wait for us on the other side, until then, you will always be in our hearts...

love mommy and daddy

Brandy, 04/05/93-03/16/09

My sweet puppy baby.You are missed deeply.I hope you are running pain free in them green grassy meadows and swimming til you never tire.My heart is aching for you but I know you needed to go.
I love you and you will always be forever in my heart.


Brandy, 05/20/92-02/19/09

May you run free with no pain.Find Chanel she is waiting for you and so is Grandpa.You were my shadow for almost half my life.I feel lost without you by my side.I miss your kisses and cuddles.I miss you ,my heart is broken .

Michelle Ennist

Brandy, 02/18/09

In memory of my beloved pet, Brandy, who came into my life quiet, like an angel, and left the same way. She filled my life with her wonderful presence, always letting me know in her perfect subtle ways, no matter how busy life became, that she was there. Though she wasn't the same energetic, frisky, fun-loving dog of her youth, her constant presence was such a comfort to me. She will always live on in my heart. Brandy.....I will miss you forever!

Angela Horst

Brandy, 04/2000-01/22/09

In honor of our beautiful Brandy...aka "squishy puffy cheeks". We miss you so much.
So does your sister Ginger.
She is always looking for you.
Our family will never be the same without you.
We will see you again one day across the Rainbow Bridge sweet girl...until then, we will miss you dearly...Love you bunches, your family (daddy, momma, Shane and Ginger)

Brandy, 08/01/92-12/26/08

Our old girl loved life but just could not keep going. We miss you Brandy and we love you very much. Have fun at the Rainbow Bridge.

Jim and Michelle

Brandy, 12/14/08

Brandy was a beautiful marked simular as stripes on a tiger. She was 68 lbs. and she was a female.As she grew she was a quiet dog that fewly did she bark but when she did the bark it wasn't a loud one and it had a short wolf sound.Her colors were brown with black stripes. Brandy was a lovely dog that when she was near you and then touched you she had a wiggly nose snout that would let you know that she loved you and was happy to have such wonderful parents. Brandy, we always loved you and we will miss you dearly. Love, Mom & Dad

Brandy BabyDoll Mungwira, 03/19/09

We adopted Babydoll from the Pound four years ago and she quickly became a very large part of our family.
We love her very much and miss her more than words can say.
The emptiness she has left behind is sometimes much too much to bear.
I know that she is resting now in Gods arms and is free of pain, but would give anything to hear her bark and see her run around again.
Love you sweetheart.
From Chipo and Big Mama

Brandy Bentley, 01/10/09


You lived such a long and full filling life traveling so many places in such comfort and style. Mom and Dad never left you alone for long and many things were planned around you. When you decided it was time to leave your comfortable place you did it quickly and peacefully, and for that we are all greatful that you did not have to suffer. As someone said, you are now running with the BIG DOGS!
"Run Brandy, Run!"

Stephanie Hoing-Brandy Is My Mom Ginger Bentley's Dog

Brandy Bollo, 03/26/09

Brandy, You were a wonderful dog and loved by all of us... You wil be missed...

Audre Bollo

Brandy Burrows, 05/23/09

what a great dog that will never get replaced by anything in my heart.


Brandy Jean Turnbull, 12/23/99-06/09/09

Our big, black, gentle, loving Brandy has passed on. Mommy and Daddy miss her terribly but as we told her when we buried her yesterday, we love her and we will see her along with her sister Sammy when we shall all be united once again in the day that shall surely come in the Kingdom of God.
Meanwhile, we know that our tears will stop flowing and Sammy will stop grieving as time assuages our hurt over the loss of such a dear member of our family.

Todd & Tina Turnbull

Brandy Jewel, 03/06/09

Brandy was a good girl. She was always very rambunctious but always put a smile on our faces. She was a part of our family and was definitely treated as such! We will miss her deeply but she will always have a place in our hearts.

Lindsay Morrell

Brandy Russo, 05/01/02-03/03/09

Dear Brandy,

We love you and miss you very much! God bless you now that you are now in Doggie Heaven!

John Russo

Brandy Simeone, 01/01/09

Baby girl, we miss you so very much and basle doesn't know what to do without you. Your wiggles, sniffs, licks and face bubbles will never be replaced and it will be impossible to be happy again without you in our lives. I hope you have a snuggly bed wherever you are and that we see you again some day. You were the best dog a person could ask for and while it's almost impossible to be in a better place (unless they have bologna and cheese), know that we miss you just as much as you miss us. Don't be scared, we'll be there soon. Love you forever and ever and ever.

Julianne Simeone and Family

Braunie Girl Thompson, 11/2008

Not knowing what happened to you was so hard for me...I cried for hours just holding you when we came home and found you...Your loving brother and constant companion Brauq misses you as does "big brothers" Baby Boo and Boo Boo...We miss your chirping and your kisses your willingess to love on us and be the first to take control...May you and Bear wait pateinetly for us to join you....Love your Mommy and Daddy

Brayden Cain Gibson, 03/08-01/29/09

Brayden was my sweet little baby boy.
He loved to howl. We would howl and he would repeat us. He loved playing and laying in my flower garden too.
He loved laying his sweet little head on my shouldar as he would go to sleep.

He never barked much and saw no strangers. He was so happy to see anyone that would show him attention.

He was 7 pounds of love. I love/ed him so very much. I didn't even realize how much I loved him until he passed. I didn't sleep for 3 days, had nightmares, my eyes were so swollen from crying I could hardley open them.

I am still in shock. I walk through the house and feel so empty. I didn't get to say good bye to him.. Thats what hurts me the most.

I had my mom take him to the vet for me since his back legs were weak. He had ate from my hand and shook his tail. I told him "You're going to the doggy Dr, baby boy! You will be all better and come home very soon baby!" I then gave him to my mom who took him to the vet.

As soon as my mom got home the vet called and said he had passed. They said they started an IV and he just passed out. The vet said he gave him epernephrine to jump start his tiny heart. His heart did start back beating, but then stopped forever.

Hid blood tests came back good, no heart worms, no worms, no parvo, no anything! The vet told us he was puzzled as to why he died, so he did an xray after he passed. He found that my baby had an enlarged heart and what looked like a chest tumor.

It hurts SO bad that I didn't get to tell him goodbye. I miss him with every beat of my heart.
He will be buried in our yard. I will be putting flowers, rocks, a fountain and a bench out there, so I can sit and remember him.

I don't know when the pain will ever go away. I wake up wondering where he is, and why he is gone? Why did my baby have to be taken from me in the dead of winter. Why couldn't my baby boy get to live? He didn't take up much space, he was loved, why? My heart is in a billion peices.

In Loving Memory of:
Brayden Cain Gibson
March 2008 ~ January 2009.
In the Arms of An Angel.

Crystal & John Gibson & Son's Caleb & Cameron (Age 10 and 5)

Brayden Crump/Adair, 05/99-02/15/09

To the love of our lives!! The joy and love we were given was a gift from God! Thank you Beau for your years of heart aches until I see you again ! I love you !

Stephen Adair and Brad Crump

Braz, 04/14/97-04/18/09

Braz lived with me, his mommy, in two states, Florida and Virginia.
He first showed up at a job I worked for many years, 7-11.
I took this kitty to the vet because he was rather dirty.
He also had a flea collar on and it was originally my intent to take him to the SPCA to find his owner.
After talking with the vet, the vet informed me that the flea collar he was wearing was old and he had been infested with fleas.
In fact, his collar was way too tight on him and his estimated age was 6 months.
When I heard this, I took the cat home with me, naming him Braz after two Cassco (now Reddy Ice) workers, Chaz and Brent left the store, as this kitty showed up as they were pulling out of the parking lot so I figured, I would name the cat after them.
Braz had a good life, he loved to go in and outside the house and was a very free spirited kitty.
His little half brother, Orelle, died a few years ago and Braz grieved for along time.
Now they are together in heaven and having a great time together, I am certain.
My friend David helped me by holding a beautiful service at Braz's gravesite.
I have never had a pet service like this before and it was very special to me.
Goodbye, Braz or BrazzerDazzerDoo or BrazzyWazzy or BrazAMahTaz, as I so affectionally called you on many occasions.
I have the song in my head right now I used to sing to you too.
Brazamahtaz, Brazamahtaz, what would I do without my Brazamataz.
Now, I am not so sure but I am so glad I had you for the years that I did.
I love you.

Breaker, 11/25/99-03/23/09

Days without you will be too long and too sad. I'll miss you Pup-E-Boy.

Mary Moreau

Breena Lynn Rigg 'Momma's', 01/20/09

Our little white ball of fluff,Fluff butt, You were not just a cat to us , you were family. You were our baby!We wish you were still with us now. We miss you dearly!I wished you could have lived on forever. My coffee buddy, my slipper fetcher & knew who to look at for missing socks,slippers,mittens & hats... Hopefully you are in heaven & know that we miss you very much. No one else can ever be like you!
We love you Momma's!

Mommie,daddy Kody & Sammi Jo

Breezer, 07/13/09

Breezer was the greatest puppy (even though she was 13)..She was brought into my life when I needed her most.
She was never trained but instinctivly always walked by my side with out a leash.
She loved long hikes, lakes, and going to our campground.
I am so grateful she was a part of my life.
she made me a better person.
I am saddened and devasted by her loss.
She will forever be my Breezer-Brie in my heart.

Anita Zegers

Breezy, 05/16/09

I loved you more than words can ever express.
You were my sunshine! You were my best friend!
I will hold you next to my heart forever!

Jill Moen

Brenna, 06/26/09

Brenna was a shelter survivor from a family of pups who all died from parvo.
My caring vet placed her with us after our 1st puppy died.

Brenna loved being in the boat, car, yard or wherever we were.
She took a boat ride last weekend, and chased a few waves on the beach.

She had become the kindest patience loving & faithful (and even obedient)dog. She had a special friend named Suzy. She was loved and is missed dearly.

Sara & Butch Sealy and Michelle Robinson

Brett, 10/18/1998 - 10/11/2009

We adopted Brett on 6/19/1999 from Northern Calif Brittany Rescue. We wanted a companion to our female Brittany, who we still have.

Brett was about 8 months old when we got him. He had been rescued from the Sacramento County Anaimal shelter. He was in pretty bad shape when Nor Cal Brittany Rescued him. He had been set free by someone who apparantly abused, starved and used him as a bait dog

When we found him on the Nor Cal Brit web sight we thought how perfect, he is in Nor cal, he is orange and white, our female is choclate and white, he is about 8 months old, whe is 14 months old, seems like a great fit

We called rescue and set up an appointment to meet. They told us Brett had been adopted out once already but was returned in a day because he was too energetic. I thought, no problem, we have a large yard and a Brit already.

When we first met Brett it was at an adoption fair, all the other dogs where in cages, but the rescue people drove up and met us and took brett out of the car. We had our other britt with us and they seemed to hit it off, so we took him home

The next day in walking our two new babies we came across another family with a dog and brett when bezerk. I have never seen anything like this before, and I understood why he had been returned

I litterly had to lay on top of him so he would not attack this other dog. When we got home I told my wife I was calling rescue to take him back. But she came into my office and said he just sat down next to her, put his paw on her and gaze up into her eyes and that was it, she would not take him back

With that we embarked on an long path that included various dog trainers, the UC Davis Animal Behaviorl Dept, and even sedatives. What conclusion we came to was that Brett was never going to be able to do some of the things we wanted to do with him, but that in our home and in our yard, he was the most loving dog you could imagine

He was nervous, and who wouldn't be after what happened to him at an early age. But he came to feel right at home. Before Brett, our other Brittany used to sleep in the bathroom that had a doggy door to the yard. The first night home I put them both in that room and close the door and the barking was endless. I opened the door, and our female dog was lying on the floor quietly, but there was brett, big orange eyes, dark saucer pupils, with the biggest simle and tail wagging 100 miles an hour.

We had a neighbor who used to complain about the female dog barking so being sensitve to this I brought them, supposedly for one night, onto our bed. And there he slept for the next 10 Years and 4 months. In fact, he slept like a prince on a pillow up against the headboard, with another pillow upright against the head board, up above my head. For the next 10 years I slept with my feet off the end of the bed and normally with a dog paw either covering or close to my nose.

Our other brittany is very calm, and posied. My mom calls her a human dog because of her facile expressions. Brett was all dog, tail going a mile a minute for any reason, coming to you for a lick.

What I will miss is hearing brett trott, he didn't walk anywhere, on our wood floors. Having him run into my office and jump up on my day bed as I work. Seeing him out of the corner of my eye inching closer and closer to me on the day bed uptill he jumped off to insist on my attention

I will miss his professional manipulation for food. The way when you told him to sit for a treat he would sit and hold his head back, almost as if at attention.

And I will miss his total love. This dog, who was so horribly treated, just wanted to love and be loved.

Brett came down with what was termed undiagonosed Chronic Rhinitis almost a year ago to the day. Our Vet and the local hospital ran tests, took CT scans and found nothing. Dogs do develop Rhinitis for no appartent underlying reason and I accepted the dianosis but in the back of my mind I really wondered. As always, even when he would be sneezing repeatedly, or reverse sneezing or other things I won't describe here related to Chronic Severe Rhinitis, he would always look at me and smile, try to nuzzle me or get me to pet him

This past tuesday morning he suffered a Status Elipticus Seizure. I scouped him up and raced to the local hospital. He sized the entire 20 minutes there, and continued into the day. We did CT Scans and blood work that all came back negative. We then had a spinal tap down. All tests were coming back negative except a high level of protien. There was one test left for fungal diesease, but the hospital was sure he had a hidden brain tumor that was not showing on the CT Scan. When the final test came back positive for Fungal Encephilitis the doctor was stunned. We were then told the treatment was very brutal to attack the fungus in the brain. But we had no choice

Brett rallied on Weds waking up from his partial coma from the Seizure. He had temporary blindness and was not able to stand or walk. This is not uncommon for such a seizure. But he did recognize our voices and smells. We visited him twice a day and called the hosptial every two hours. On Friday night his body because to suffer the effects of the battle with the dying fungus and the effect it was having particuarly on his lungs. Sat and Sat night I was able to hold him, get him to wake up and actually see me and my wife as his eyesight was improving, help hand feed him and most importantly tell him how much I loved him and that he was a very good boy.

Sunday moring, 10 minutes after I checked in with the vet at 7 AM, Brett's heart gave up the fight, unable to keep up with the fluids building in his lungs as they because imflamed from the fungus.

Bretty boy, I hope you know we really loved you. You were your mom's shadow. Both your mom, me and queen are inconsolable tonight. Queen misses her yard and squirrel chasing buddy more than I thought could be

I want you to rest and play on the other side of the rainbow bridge and wait for all of us there. I promise when I see you again I am going to give you the biggest hug and kiss. And I promise to have one of those chicken treats you love

It is so quiet here without our bretty boy. You were one of my two babies, you and queen. I hope you knew how much you were loved, I hope you knew as you were lying in the hospital unable to move how much your mom and dad loved you.

We tried to give you every chance we could afford so you could get better. I hope your not mad about the hospital, I wanted desperately to give you any chance, you were always such a strong boy. But I guess with all that happned you just got tired, and I understand

And I hope you know what a very very good boy you are. You were always my good boy

I have your picture up right in front of me, with some of your locks of hair. Don't be scared. You dad's always here for you.

Good bye for now, but I promised we will see each other agian

A million kisses

PS (I am sorry for anyone who read this on how long it is. I needed to write this and I hope someone will understand what a very very good boy this dog tried to be after a very rough start)

Brett, 04/20/09

My baby boy I miss you so!!

Karen Cunningham

Brewster Baker Hicks, 01/04/09

Play with Mimi and Grandaddy.
We love you always!

Kristen Hicks

Briah Tarpit, March 1993 - September 19, 2009

You were my best friend and constant for 16 years. You loved me unconditionally and made me smile during good times and bad. You were a survivor who continued to fight until the very end, but now you are at peace and for that I am grateful.

I will miss you always, but will be okay because now you are healed and able to run and play again.

Till we meet again. Love & Kisses
Momma Sharon

Brian, 01/16/09

Brian, I only knew you for such a short time but you had such an impact and will always be loved and missed. The world IS a better place because you were here.

Amanda Driver

Bridget, 04/23/93-10/12/06

You are so missed my sweet Bridget


Bridgette, 07/09/09

The joyful love of my life, my steady companion who was with me through ups and downs, who bravely endured her ailments and was a role model for me on how to face life's challenges. I will miss her always. She is in my heart forever.

Maxine Fisher

Brie Skye, 01/13/95-10/24/08

It's been 11 weeks that our hearts have been broken.
Even though Brie Skye is gone, we will
celebrate her always in our hearts forever.
My life is empty without her.
She came home with us at 35 days old, and would have turned 14 just yesterday.
At 11 Brie lost her eye sight from dibetics and was totally blind for 4 months.
I felt helpless and it broke my heart.
I took her to Ohio State University for a consultation to see if she might be a canidate for cataract removal.
She was!!!!!
We had implants put in and she could see for the last 2 years of her life.
Praise God for that!

Toni & David Frame

Briget, 03/17/06-05/30/09

A very loving,verypretty little piggie with a little white mohawk haircut that nature gave her.
Her passing has left an enormous hole in my heart and my husbands.
I would never have guessed it was possible to love a little piggie so much.
I will always hear her puring and chirping in my heart.
I told her to go find her mom and dad and brothers and more sickness now...


Brindi, 06/01/97-03/29/09

We love and miss our girly-girl Brindi.

Donna Hardee

Brinkley, 06-30-02 - 12-17-09

My precious sweet little boy was such a joy who made me smile everyday. i miss him sooo much & am heartbroken he was taken from me so suddenly. his spirit will live on 4ever n my heart.

Brinkley, 02/19/09

Brinkley was my best friend forever... she was the kindest, sweetest dog I have ever known. She loved her other dog friends, going for walks, chasing lizards and birds at the beach... she loved her doggie treats, did tricks, and followed me everywhere. She was my shadow. I am devestated without her.

Pam Steinhauser

Bristol, 02/02/09-05/14/09

My Sweet angel has gone home to Heaven, but her Mommy and Jordan (her sister) are having a very difficult time dealing with this loss. It was very unexpected; she had to be put to sleep because of heart problems.


Julie Denton

Brita, 10/04/95-04/17/09

My little Brita was the joy of my life, and she helped me to be a much better human being. She was always there for me, during the most difficult times. I loved her more than I loved anyone or any being. She was my little girl.

Anne Voglewede Green

Britney, 04/23/09

Good bye sweet Britney.
You have been the sweetest dog ever.
You have helped us heal from our hard times and the pain that came with it.
God gave you to us for a long time to help us in our joyous and sorrow times.
Go sweet Britney back to the Creator who rightfully owns you and we thank Him for allowing us to share our love with you. We will miss you so much!!!


Brittany, 07/11/1991 - 10/24/2007

Dear Britty,

Today is 2 years since you passed away. I hope you know how much I continue to think about you and love you...ALWAYS!


Brittany, 11/06/96-06/24/09

To my beloved Angel.....May you be at peace...My heart has such a void in it that can never be filled...Till we meet again. You were my Best Friend

Felicia Villeneuve

Brittany, 04/14/94-03/26/09

We will always love and miss you Brittany


Brittany, 1996-2002

Britty baby, Happy tail and smiling face.
I hated losing you - you were such a happy dog.
See you soon.


Brittany Ann Abernethy, 04/14/94-05/29/09

Brittany was the most beautiful beige and white Shitzu that I have ever seen.
She had a princess attitude from the day we got her and as the years pasted became the Queen of the house.
She had her share of surgeries, but this time no doctor could have fixed her, it was her time to go to the bridge, run and play for the first time in serveral years.
I can't wait to see my beautiful Brittany again at the Rainbow Bridge. In the mean time, have fun Big Girl, mommy Loves You...

Brittney, 04/15/95-02/12/09

In beloved memory of Brittney! Let God bless your beautiful soul! and Rest in Peace!
We Love you!


Brodie, 06/30/02-03/29/09

The accident that took you was so sudden, we had not the chance to say goodbye.
Always happy, so full of joy, you enlightened my life every moment of every day.
Thank you for giving so much love and for sharing your life with me.

You my beloved Brodie are part of me forever.
Your intelligence, gentleness, sweetness, and love of life remain with me now and until we meet again, when we will once more gaze into each other's eyes shining with love. I treasure your investigative spirit as you ran ahead on our walks, as I cherish the joy of seeing you running across a field to me.
One day I long to find you on the other side running once again into my open arms, for you have only just gone on ahead a little while.
You know I love you, my most beautiful and wonderful boy. Until we meet again.
Love forever, Mama

Brody, 03/27/03-05/12/09

Brody was all any son-dog could ever be; he came to me from his first 14 months living in a crate with his brother, in a kennel - had no affection, jaunts out into the real world, no connection to life -- and in
my loving, responsible care I was able to help him adjust to the real world, become comfortable with his entire univrse without terror.
Brody was my la-dog, my ankle-dog and all he ever wanted was to be with me, anywhere I went, and he was, he was!!!
He was everything to me while I lived single, he gave me unconditional love, such great joy and devotion.
Today I am at peace that he is no longer suffer with the pancreative cancer, that he is playing, running and has all his energy back again at God's loving hand!

Barbara Barker

Bronson, 01/14/09

Bronson was an ambassador for a breed that is so often maligned and misunderstood. He was so gentle and patient with small animals and little children. My toddler grandchildren loved him and he was always so excited for them to visit.
We miss you, Bronnie, and I look forward to seeing you again on the other side of the Rainbow Bridge. I am so grateful you no longer have cancer and are free from pain. Good night my precious.
Love, Mom

Bronson Drury, 02/21/95-02/16/09

He was our hero, our friend, always happy, always energetic, always there.
He was our little buddy.
We wish him eternal peace.

Regina and David Drury

Bronx, 19/04/09

Thanks for being my pupper-dog.
I miss my Bronxie baby boy.


Brooke, 05/17/09

You were our sassy but loving girl, that watched over us all these years. You loved to pose for pictures and boss your little sister around to no end. You will be greatly missed but forever in our hearts.

Dien and Melisa Shearer

Brooke, 07/01/00-02/18/09

Brooke, thanks for all the love and joy you gave me.
Thanks for teaching me how to love running on the golf course. I will always love you.


Brownie, 02/01/00-02/17/07

I miss Brownie very much. He was not like any other bunny. He had a very unique personality that made him very special.He was a very sick bunny all of his life, he loved to be held and loved attention.We cared for him,giving him medicine everyday, but we loved him alot anyways! My family and I miss him alot! You were our special boy!! We love you & miss you!!

Lisa Marie

Brownie, 06/01/09


You'll be missed girl! You are the greatest friend we will ever know. We know your watching and protecting over us from above. Love you.

Heather Richardson

Brownie, 08/14/00-04/01/09

Mommy misses you, baby.
I love you so much <3
We're gonna cross that Rainbow Bridge together
and never again be seperated.


Brownie Kornfeld, 07/04/09

Dear Brownie,
We already miss you so much, but MOST OF ALL, we want you to know how much we love you. We always shared our food with you, even our special chicken, and dot treats because you were part of our family. You could have anything in our house, including our sticks.
Our mommie, Ailene, loved you like she loved us.
So I guess we lost a beloved brother.
We love you, be happy and please give our love and a kiss to our brother, Rainbow. xoxoxxoxox the girls

Bruce, 05/12/09

Dear Bruce,

I dont know how to begin this letter. I know it has been awhile since I probably held you in my arms. But the very first day I saw you is still fresh in my mind. It was funny we never got along at first and yet you have been a big part of my life. In a weird way, it always seemed to me that it was you who taught me to become a mother. And hence, I have treated you as my baby -my First baby. They say when you experience motherhood you become fragile, and indeed I felt this with you. And I will never forget that day you almost died in my arms, your life was so meaningful to me. That day will always tell me that I am never going to be prepared if you leave, it will surely break my heart.

And now that you're gone, it brought great sadness that will take a very long time to erase. I recall those days that I have ignored you because of Thames but that special place for you in my heart has never changed. I thought it would but its still here. When I learned that you got sick again, I have entertained the thought that maybe you will be bidding goodbye anytime soon. But not once did it occur to me how much it will sadden me or if I will be able to let go.

I think when someone you love dies you will never be prepared for that day when it will come. You will always wish they will stay with you forever. I try to hold back my tears in my melancholy triggered by your loss but it is not easy. I thought that because I am here I wont be affected but I was wrong, and Im somehow wishing now I was near when you left. My heart is crushed in a way I can never begin to understand but this is it. Im wishing right now that Michelle will be able to overcome this grief she's experiencing right now. Its not easy to lose someone who is close to your heart.

Inspite of all this, I am grateful that you came into my life. I dont know how much I have affected your life but you're one heck of a dog. And for this, your memory will remain in my heart forever.


Bruce, 04/25/09

To our darling Bruce, who was taken from us tragically, RIP my love, we will meet again xxxx

Maureen Hilton

Bruce, 12/15/07-03/27/09

my baby boy was my baby along with his dad buddy, but buddy is strong and im here for him and i know our little angle is going to watch over us. i can't wait to be him playing, hugging and sleeping him, im missing him so much that i can't stop crying... my baby is gone and buddy and i are alone. i love you bruce....

Oscar Rodriguez

Bruce Pugliese, 09/06/96-06/22/09

To my Boy Brucy,
You have no Idea how much I miss you already,but I know you are in alot better place now.You where always there for me through thick and thin,you always put a smile on my face and warm welcoming feeling in my heart.Thanks to you I never felt lonly when no one was around,you are truly my best freind,and i will never forget you and I will love you forever. Your best friend Ken

Bruiser, 12-27-05 - 10-19-09

You are my life and made everyday wonderful for us your family. To watch u play so hard with Cheese and the cat were fun times. U were so excited to be around other dogs and run wild. I never again will have a dog so close and such a big part of my life than you were. U were always with me and I missed you when u werent. Ive cried so much for your loss and felt bad that u were in pain when u left us. I wish I knew u were in a dog heaven with other dogs and got all the treats in the world. I buried you on a quiet hill just above from where u passed on. Its surrounded with trees and wildlife. You were wrapped in your blanket that kept you warm each night in your kennel. U have your collar inside your box with u and your tag upon your box which is now where you are kept warm inside each night. I'll think of u everyday. Please go and be with your friends now and live in a much safer world for i cannot be with you but only in my heart. I love u.

Bruiser, 03/29/09


Cathy Schatzberg

Bruiser, 03/22/08-01/31/09

I came home one night to find my puppy, Bruiser, strangled by his collar.
We have another dog and left them out of their crates.
While playing, his collar got twisted and choked him.
It is horrible to think about what happened and how it happened, but obviously all we can do is look back on the happy memories Bruiser has left us with, and there are many of them.
He was oh-so-mellow and slept like a big fluffy bear (looked like one too) in hibernation, except for those EXTREME bursts of puppy energy that often came out of nowhere.
He was SO CUTE and SO SNUGGLY, and I will miss his mushy face forever.
Bruiser survived Parvo, and we fought so hard to keep him alive during that struggle, so it was heartbreaking to lose him by such a freak accident.
Perhaps it was not in his cards to live a long life.
A good friend once said, "good dogs come, enrich our lives, and leave us better than before..." and that he did.
See you at Rainbow Bridge Bruise Cruise!
Love you!

Christina and Brett Collins

Bruni, 02/14/96-03/21/09

You are gone but never forgotten you were not just our family dog you were our daughter/sister we will miss you but know you are in peace not suffering any more and making the decision to let you go was the hardiest thing to do if there was anything else we could have done you know we would of So Bruni we love you and know you will be watching over us WE all LOVE YOU GIRL

Mom,Dad,Becky,Carlos,Kody Seanie, Nanni Tio and evryoneelse who knew and loved you

BRUNO, 02/15/01 - 03/26/09

Words cannot express the hurt of losing you. I thought I had known pain, I thought I had known grief- I found out that I knew neither until I had to say "goodbye" to you, my beloved.  
I don't know what I did, or didn't do, or what was overlooked, for me to be chosen to share my life with such a magnificent beast- the most beautiful dog I have ever known, inside and out- but it was both an honor and a privilege to do so.  
I can still see your eyes looking at me, such love.  
On the saddest day of our lives Daddy and I chose our pain over yours and we let you go. Not a day goes by that we don't miss you terribly and still love you dearly- you'll always be Mommy's baby and you'll always be Daddy's 'Big Yella' Dog, Blu'. We are grateful for the time we had with you, our 'Blu', and hope and pray that we did right by you, as you did by us every day of your life. Thank you for being the best friend in the world, for your unconditional love and undying loyalty, and for teaching us what it truly means to have, and to love, a dog.  
You were a gift from the Almighty in Heaven, and to Him you have returned.  
We Love You, Bruno, Now and Forever.  
Mommy and Daddy  

Bruno, 12/29/1996 - 08/06/2009

My friend, my quadruped, my hairy son. Always you knew when I needed you, with a gentle lick and a furry shoulder to cry on. Thank you for keeping my secrets that I could tell no one else and for never telling how much I needed someone to comfort me.  
Thank you for staying with me when you knew I couldn't stand alone. I know you were a brave boy. I know it hurt you to leave me. I love you Bruno, Mommy loves you.  
I will meet you in the meadow where the cheeseburger bushes and vanilla ice cream plants are. Please make sure you chase every lizard you see, and before you know it, I'll be there. Grandpa and Mike and Rudy are just up the trail, so make sure you stop in. Check out the wonderful clear stream over the hill, where the water is fresh and cold and good for swimming in. There is a nice cozy place under the trees just there, and your favorite blanket is waiting for you to lay down and take a nap. I made sure there were no wrinkles or lumps in it 'cause I know that's how you like it. The sun is shining and warm my friend, so lie down. And when you drift off the sleep, I'll be there, as always, forever.  
All my love,  
Your Biped, your friend, Your forever Mommy

Bruno, 06/02/08-06/02/09

Bruno was a very happy boy.
Being all white, he was blind in one eye from birth, but didn't know it.
He came into our home and loved every human, dog and bird he met here.
He efforts to get his 10 year old GSD brother up and moving were relentless - and successful every time.
He was a gentle giant with the small beagle girls and a visiting miniature dachsund.
He was annoying in his efforts to get them all to play, but none of them had the heart to get mad at him.
He was endearing, innocent and just plain happy.
He was smart and learned tricks in a matter of three treats.
Everyone at the vet's office adored his funny character.
As he grew, he developed brown spots under his white fur in addition to one brown dot of hair on the middle of the top of his head.
I always told him he better stop growing spots - people would think he was a dalmation.
My husband called him Brunownski.
I called him Bruno Butt - all my dogs have middle names...
Anyway, he became known as Brunownski Buttinski, The Spotted Wonder Dog.
Being white he obviously had some suppressed immunity issues, he developed a complex and aggressive form of cancer that three pathologists could not even identify without further testing.
Within four days of his diagnosis, he had stopped eating and became lethargic and was losing weight quickly.
He went from a year old puppy to acting like a fifteen year old dog.
I made the decision to have him sent to Rainbow Bridge due to his inability to eat.
He was literally starving to death.
Nothing would stay down.
It was his first birthday.
There is a lot of guilt over this - he was just a baby.
It would be so much easier if we had more than 9 months with him and he had lived a wonderful, long life.
He was incredibly smart, funny and so eager to please.
He truly had a bouncy joy for life.
I have had numerous dogs in my life, rescues in and out of my home at times in addition to our own pets, however, this loss has been the most difficult to bear, he was truly a special character.
At a year old, he had already reached 70 lbs, and was still a skinny kid.
This is one of those times when a person asks the question WHY?
He is missed soooo much.

Vicki Corbett

Bruno, 05/18/09

Rest in peace brave Bruno, our faithful friend. You gave unconditional love and we miss you so much.
We will never forget you.

Richard and Patricia Flood

Bruno, 02/18/97-04/15/09

Bruno, you will always be my baby boy.
I miss you and I love you.

Susan Paddock

Bruno, 04/10/04

We miss you something were a great friend and family member.
We are glad that you are not suffering anymore.
Please greet Daisy at the bridge.
We love and miss you lots.


Bruno, 01/17/09

You were always proud and brave, so I decided to help you pass on the other side with dignity, without suffering, without becoming the shodow of your former self. No more pain or sickness for you, you didn't deserve it.
But I miss you terribly. I love you. And I hope we meet again.

Irini Voliotou

Bruno, 01/11/09

We lost of beloved fur baby Bruno this morning.
He had been declining rapidly due to arthritis and developed vestibular disease last week.
He had snapped out of his depression this last week and even played last weekend, for the first time in months.
We are grateful, for he went very peacefully (laid down to go to sleep and just passed).
He gave so much to us and I hope we gave as much back to him.
We love you Bruno and we will miss you!
Mom and Dad

Bruno Kirby Price, 03/14/09

We will miss you Mr.Cross Paws! You filled our hearts with love and you defied the odds.

Mama, Papa, Chloe, Brandy and Your Jenny

Brunswick, 08/12/95-12/02/08

My sweet precious boy I miss you so very much. I look forward to the day when I will see you again.

Russ Hancock

Brutus, 15 July 1986-12/03/97

10 years and I still miss you so much!

Would you know my name
If I saw you in heaven
Will it be the same
If I saw you in heaven
I must be strong, and carry on
Cause I know I don't belong
Here in heaven

Looking forward to seeing you again, not too soon I hope though, but one day.

Penny Lindh

Brutus, 04/95-06/18/09

Brutus, you were the most loyal friend we could have ever had. Everything feels so lonely without you. Our hearts are aching for you. We miss you so much and can't wait until we meet again in Heaven. You were the most amazing dog and we can't believe you are really gone now. We love you forever.

Mommy and Daddy

Brutus, 05/96-04/13/09

Brutus was a truly great dog.
He was a fun puppy, but never destructive. He had such personality! He was a terrific guard dog!
Always made us feel safe.
His commitment to me, his mama, was unwaivering.
He was my protector, my guardian and my baby.
Even in his later years, mentally he was only a puppy.
He LOVED his walks, my husband and I used to take him as often as possible, even though the distances we walked became shorter to accommodate Brutus's aching joints, when he saw me break out my sneakers he could barely contain himself.
He was able to convert non-dog people in to dog-lovers! I miss him SSOOOO much it hurts.
He was almost 13 years old.
He saw us through a lot of changes in our lives and we will always remember him and carry him in our hearts.

Sue & John Knighton

Brutus, 01/02/06-01/09/09

Our dear boy... the King.. the King is...

Deneen Demourkas

Brutus Cykoski, 09/11/05-07/18/09

Let me just say that this little guy was in a class all his own; I'd have a hard time finding something, anything, to dislike.
He was a good dog.
He didn't deserve his fate.
Brutus, you will be missed.

- Your forever loving parents, who will never, ever forget you,

Jerod & Elizabeth

Brutus Maximus Wise, 10/26/03-07/19/09

We love you buddy. You are the best dog. I know that you are no longer sick and for that you are blessed. I sure do miss you though. Say hi to Tammy & OJ for us. Bye Bye our beloved Big Dog.

LuAnn Wise & Jessica Budziszewski

Bubba, 4/2/99 - 9/12/09

The best dog anyone could ever have. You are such a good boy and fought so valiantly against the horrible disease of cancer living much longer than anyone expected. They didn't know what we know-that you are brave and strong even if you are only 8 lbs.! Such a fighter and you rallied and came back so many times. I'm so proud of you baby boy. I love you so much and pray you made it to Rainbow Bridge safely and that your brother was there to meet you. My heart will never be the same. You took a great big piece of it today when you passed on into the next life. I know Tracie is there to be with you and hug you and play with you until I come. Sal, too. I love you all and will see you soon baby. We will hang out just you and me for all eternity. I can't wait for the day when I see that happy dance you do and that happy way you run towards me when I call. Run free with no pain.

Bubba, 07/14/09

Bubba was my faithful, loving companion for eighteen years.
I miss him so very much.
The day Bubba was put to rest, it rain hard; I believe they were tears from heaven to match my tears.
On the way home, a rainbow lit up the sky; it was intensely bright and I knew it was significant.
I now believe that was Bubba crossing the Rainbow Bridge and meeting his companion, Baby, who passed on two years ago at the age of seventeen. I will never forget these two wonderful companion that gave such unconditional love and I loved in return. I love and miss you both, Baby and Bubba.

Fran Cassidy

Bubba, 07/97-06/19/09

Bubba, my constant companion for 12 years. You are so very loved & missed. There are no words to describe how much you mean to me. I love you, Bubba.

Elaine Moody

Bubba, 06/18/09

our baby boy bubba we will be together someday for now my little furry friend enjoy the fields and the warm sunshine we will meet you at the rainbow my little buddy boy bubba love your mommy and daddy ( for now you go run and play with the other pets till mommy and daddy get there ) GOD BLESS OUR BABY BOY BUBBA X0X0X0X


Bubba, 06/04/09

My special boy has left us all too soon. We will always love and miss you.

DJ Audette

Bubba, 06/04/09

My Bubba Boo

Mommy misses you more than you can imagine.
I still look for you when I walk in the door. I miss seeing your sweet face.
Daddy misses you too.
Say hi to Grandmother from us and save some toast for your cousin Jake.
Please tell him we miss him too. Everyone misses you soooo much.
I love you.


Bubba, 12/95-06/11/09

Bubba was the perfect pet, and he was always there when I needed him.
He loved unconditionally.
I wish I could see him roll over onto his back and "ask" for a belly rub one more time.

Gaile Broce

Bubba, 10/23/98-06/19/07

It's been two long years without you around. I finally came to terms you were in a good place.I miss all the things we use to do,the tag games,hide and seek but most of all those wet kisses and your low growl when you would talk to me. You are the best of the best and I will always love you little man. Until we meet at the rainbow bridge enjoy yourself. No more pain and you're healthy again.Love ya little man and mkss ya.

Love 4-ever,

Mom a

Bubba, 09/30/08

The time came when I had to say farewell,and it was so very difficult. Knowing that you have gone to a very special place continues to give me comfort. You are so greatly missed.......

Karen Scarpine

Bubba, 12/19/99-05/05/09

Bubba was my best little friend full of unconditional love.
He never strayed for than 10 feet from my side and made me feel like I was the most important person in the world.
His bright little eyes, feisty personality and loving heart will never be forgotten by me.
One could not have had a more loyal little friend and I will miss him always.

Linda Putt

Bubba, 10/31/98-02/27/09

I love you bubba, more than you will ever know.
I miss you so much and can't wait to be with you again.
Play with Mocha till I get there and be good.

Jennifer Hedley

Bubba, 07/94-12/02/08

He was a loving loyal little dog.
My buddy.
very sadly missed.

Sue Stevenson

Bubba, 10/30/06-01/24/09

Bubba was my best friend and companion.
He taught me so much about life, who knew such a little package would bring so much insight.
I miss him dearly, every second every hour.

He watched a 14 year old boy mature into a 16 year old teen. And I watched him grow from a pup to a dog.

Every night we slept together and he'd protect me. I sure wish I could see him one last time <3

Luis Rocha

Bubba, 10/23/98-06/19/07

Bubba my baby son the holiday has past and we remembered you agin this year. Only their were no presents to give you only happy memories of your life with us.People still talk about the pitbull who thought he was human, you really did! You were so much joy to play with,love and raise,Thank-you for coming into our lives.I wish the whole world could have met you and saw some of the memories that were created. Friends I know are now owning pits to give them a chance at love like we had. Thanks son you taught us all a valuable lesson in our life taught that all pits aren't bad,it's the way they are raised with no love. Play in rainbow playround and meet some good friends until my day is done here son will we meet again.Tag your it! Love and miss you so much. But at least you will not suffer any more. Liver diease is bad and you tried to stay but you couldn't so buddy play and have fun.
Love Mom,Dad and all your friends

Bubba Bossard, 06/04/09

Our sweet little Bubba boy. We love you so much. We know you are in heaven with Jakie and Gram. You were so much fun and such a good dog. We miss you so much.

Sherno Family

Bubba Deshuk Rivers, 01/27/09

Bubba, You died in peace just as we had always planned, at home and in your sleep. Your illness was quick and we took care of you as best we knew how. You will be missed forever and be held in our hearts for eternity, we love you!

Sam Rivers

Bubba Dubba Call of the Wild, 10/18/98-10/18/08

The best friend anyone could ever ask for.
He never showed anything but love to all he met. He is missed every day.

Carol and Robert Jones

Bubba Gil-Solis, 11/06/04-07/08/09

Bubba i miss you so much. Please know that i love you and will never forget you. i miss your kisses and you hugging on your momma the girl. Everybody misses you. Please be close to me i need you.
Love your mom, Mariana

Bubba Gregory-Leaming, 01/11/98-07/19/09

Bubba was adopted to keep my late brother company, after he was diagnosed with terminal hepatic (liver) cancer. After Ralph died, Bubba adopted me as his foster Daddy.

Bubba was just a tiny handful of wiggly puppy when he first entered our lives, and lived a long, full twelve years knowing that he was loved.

Bubba had a stroke on Thursday afternoon (07/18/09), and was taken to the local hospital where he was admitted for treatment and observation. The next morning, his doctor called me and advised me that the prognosis was bleak at best.

I made one of the hardest decisions of my life, and advised the doctor that I'd be in around 1:30pm to make final arrangements.

I arrived at the animal hospital about 1:20 in the afternoon and shortly was shown into a private room. After a short wait, one of the staff brought Bubba in so I could cradle him in my arms. He was so weak and pitiful looking, but he smelled me and slowly managed to give me a final face lick.

He knew I was there...

They told me that I could take as long as I needed, so I held him, gently stroked him,

and sang a little song I'd written just for him many years ago. He looked at me several times as I was singing,

so I knew he heard my voice...

It's a silly little song, but I'd sung it to him everyday since he was just a tiny handful of wiggly puppy.

I love you Bubba,
Oh yes I do.
I don't love anyone
as much as you.
You are so good to me
it's true!
Oh Bubba, I love you.

After about an hour, Dr. Foster poked his head in and asked if we were ready. I looked at Bubba, he gave a little sigh and then I realized that he knew he would not be coming back home with me, but was instead going to Rainbow Bridge where he'd be met by St. Francis, and taken to where all the precious companions can romp around
and play forever.

Dr. Foster came into the room and explained briefly that he would be using a two step injection process, the first a mild sedative and the second a lethal nerve agent. After the first injection, he gently placed his stethoscope on Bubba's chest, then gave him the second injection. He seemed a bit surprised that Bubba's
little heart stopped almost instantly. He said that was very unusual, and that it normally takes at least a minute...

So, I knew then that Bubba was ready to go to his final home...
It was 2:22 pm...

Listen to "At Rainbow Bridge the Puppies Play" a gentle instrumental I've written and performed in Bubba's memory.

Fr. Bill Leaming

Bubba Nelson, 11/03/96-01/08/09


Lisa & David Nelson

Bubba Richardson, 08/14/97-04/15/08

Hey Bubba,

It's been a year now since you left.
We miss you very much.
Theres an empty space in our lives that belongs only to you.
We talk about you everyday.
We laugh a lot when we remember the crazy things you used to do.
You just keep having fun up there at the rainbow bridge.
Run and be free and happy.
Wait for us there.

Your Family

Bubbah Louise, 03/10/09

She was a dog who came to me virtually sight unseen, and added humor, love, and adventure to my life.

Chrysanne Fife

Bubblegum - Bubby, 09/01/02-04/25/09

Bubblegum was my best friend and as close to me as if he were my own son. Not a day will go by that he will not be remembered.

Jeff Vice

Bubbles, 05/20/09


You were my baby for half my life and I had to make the hard decision to let you go. It broke my heart to see you so sick but now that you are gone my heart aches like never before. I miss everything about you my precious girl and will always love you. Thankyou for being such a wonderful best friend to me. My life will never be the same without you,your furry kisses and beautiful snuggles can't be replaced.
Love you eternally

Bubbles, 09/24/96-02/28/09

you were my best friend.
I love you.
I already miss your big wet nose, your howling and your big floppy ears.
Rest in peace my sweetheart.
I love you.
You are such a good girl.


Bubbles, 12/19/98-10/10/08

even though i'm surrounded with your friends and sibling, i stll miss you; your beautiful, soft,white fur-- cuddling up on my breasts, warm and purring-- safe and secure in my arms.
you loved me and i certainly loved you-- and when your illness drained and tired you, i held you even closer and let you go to sleep.

love, mommy

Bubbles, 02/07/00-01/12/09

My Little Doggie , My Best Freind...

You left me so saddenly!
I did not have the time to say Good Bye!

My life changed forever!

I am lost without you !
I miss you day and night!
I love you more then life!
I will meet you in Haven at the End of my life!

Your Mommy

Bubbles, 01/31/09

This is for Celeste--Bubbles human Mom...

For those of us in The Garden, Bubbles gave us happiness and hope. We looked forward to hearing about her progress daily. And... Bubbles gave us Sophie.
Sophie will be Bubble's legacy, and keep that hope alive.
Bubbles touched many hearts-She'll not be forgotten!

Janice Hurd

Bubbles Palmieri, 04/01/04-07/09/09


You will always be loved, and I will miss you until I see you again.


Buck, 01/13/90-02/08/01

You were my first big dog, and a handsome dog at that.
You were so well behaved and a wonderful friend.
I will never forget you.

Conni Fialkowski

Buck, 02/25/09

I will miss my riding partner.

Victoria Jones

Buck aka MN's Roadtrek, 05/95-01/19/09

He was a true champion and embodiment of the term noble soul in his career, in the way in which he lived his life and in his final competition against lymphoma.
Buck spoke both orally and through his actions to create a sense the he truly was a dog of distinction and dignity who expected no less than the best from himself and those around him be they canine or human companion. He was a dog with a big heart and, despite his reserved and sometimes gruff exterior, a very deeply loving soul. He was a wonderful dog and someone whom we always told that if there were more dogs like him, more people would have dogs.
Deeply loved and sadly missed.

Ken Cosgrove

Buck, 01/17/95-11/25/08

You are my best friend, my best life companion and will live forever in my heart. Thank you for the gifts you have given me and making me laugh everyday. I love you buddy!!


Buck Britt Boggess, 05/10/09

buck was a vary vary good dog
every body loved him.
me and my family loved him to death .
Even though he just passed
away, we are always going to cry.
I can never forget about him.
And I am glad we had him so long.


Buckly Lalli, 09/92-01/17/09

You were the most laid back cat I've ever known.
You never liked being around alot of people or animals.
You never liked alot of noise.
I hope your around laid back animals and are enjoying peaceful surroundings that are just like our backyard that you loved.
I miss you and I will see you someday again.


Angela, mom, and Dad


You're a good dog, you.
I still feel your warmth sleeping beside me.

Anna Covici

Bucky, 09/09/96-06/11/09

Bucky was our first dog. He was smart, funny, but most importantly, he was our best friend. We miss him more than words can ever express. I love you, Beagle-brother. We'll see you when the time is right.


Bucky, 06/01/95-05/30/09

My sweet little fur baby. I miss you with all my heart and soul and wish you were still here with me. I know you are now in Heaven talking up a storm to the angels. I will love and miss you everyday that I continue to breathe. You are forever my booboo.


Bucky, 05/06/90-05/18/06

And can it be that in a world so full and busy, the loss of one small creature makes a void in any heart, so wide and deep that nothing but the width and depth of vast eternity can fill it up?

Patricia Neumann

Bud, 07/22/97-04/28/09

Bud was a much-loved family member and the most gentle of dogs.
He will be missed by all who knew him.
Wait for us, Bud, at the Bridge!

Carolyn and Jim Reynolds

Bud, 03/22/94-04/06/06

I cannot believe it has been 3 years today that you have been gone. My heart still hurts.

Gone but not forgotten.

Julie Aka Mommy

Bud, 02/25/09

I will miss you my little man.
You have touched me in so many ways.
I am forever changed by your presence in my life.
What a special gift.
I love you and will see you again at the Rainbow Bridge.

Duane Kimble

Bud, 06/01/93-02/07/09

My sweet boy, at peace at last.
When you were too sick and weak to cross the bridge by yourself, Beans came to fetch you.
You are at peace at last.
We love and miss you both.
Bud and Beans, together again.

Rich, Kristen & Chico Haas

Bud, 12/17/08

From the moment I picked him up at the SPCA, I knew he was special.
He was 2 years old and already about 18 lbs.
He became my buddy and was so much more than a cat.
He had a personality, he understood what I said and simply loved me so much.
Its been two weeks now since we gave him his peace with no more pain or suffering.
But even until the last moments of his life, he never complained even though he was down to about 5.5 lbs and his kidneys were quickly failing. I miss him terribly and feel lost without him.
May God bless his little soul.


Bud Brady, 07/07/09

You were such an amazing dog, thank you for all you have done for me and the unconditional love that you have given me. You are dearly missed around the house and will forever and always be in my heart. I know you are in a much better place now and the suffering has been relieved from you. Have fun playing in the clouds and I cant wait till the day we are reunited. Oh and by the way Riley says "bark..Hi...bark" I love you Buddy boy!


Bud Junior, 07/14/09

Georgie's much loved companion.
Now at home with Grandma, Bridget, Desi, Snap and Bud, Sr.

Jayann Whaley

Budbud, 06/12/09

Bud and I shared 16 years of life together, There are just no words right now that I can express the Love I've Lost, See you on the other side Bud.
God has you now, In Jesus' name, Amen

Pastor Richard L. Amon

Budders, 08/12/07-07/13/09

I can't explain the pain I feel having lost my boy to PDE. I took him to the vet when he wasn't himself, and the next day he is having siezures. I called the vet right away on Sunday and she kept him overnight. He never responded to the meds. I had to make the decision to put him down. She said he was starting to vomit. So I couldn't put him though any more pain. It happened so fast. I'm glad he didn't suffer. But I just keep asking Why?? He was my baby. Our house is so empty without him. He would sleep with me, get me up for work. Watch as I got around and he was right at the door when I came home. We were together every minute I was home. Followed me everywhere. He was smart too. We had a cow bell at the door he would nudge it when he had to go outside. But got to the point he rang it when he wanted something period. He was so much fun. I could go on and on. But I am here also because I can't eat, or sleep. All I do is think about him. I miss him so much. Even though it's only been 2 days, I know it's natural to feel this loss. But I can't understand why my baby died and there is no cure. Never even heard of this disease. The vet didn't either. God bless. Thank you. I just want to do something in his memory.

Sara McCollough

Buddha, 04/27/09

A dear, dear little soul. So loving, gentle, talkative, affectionate and sweet. Dearest little pure white Buddhy we miss you so much and we will always love you with all our hearts. Thankyou for the love and joy you brought into our lives.

Jennifer, Megan, Stephanie and Vanessa

Buddy, 11 years old 12/10/2009

Buddy was my best friend and the best dog in the world to me. I have been with you since I was 18 months old and I have shed so many tears. We had so much fun together especially when I use to paint you with sidewalk chalk and you would just sit there. The funniest times is when you would just twirl around in circles and I would just laugh. I know you are out of pain now and you are so deeply missed. I love you deeply!!!

Buddy, July 8, 1996 - November 3, 2009

My Dearest Buddy, November 3, 2009

I love you with all my heart and soul. Just because you have passed away doesn’t mean I will ever stop loving you. I will never forget you. You will be kept warm and loved inside my heart forever.

When we first brought you home as a puppy, Cameron was 10 years old. We drove all the way to Fresno for you! You kept jumping up and down and nipping Cameron’s knees. You used to run so fast and bite my toes with your sharp puppy teeth!

I thought that you would provide great comfort to Cameron who was going through the worst time of his life (parents' divorce). But what I didn’t realize was that you gave me great comfort. Instead of coming home with no one to greet me at the door, when Cameron was at his Dad’s for days, you were there, happy and glad to welcome me home. You were always there for me, waiting anxiously, and now I have to be there for you and do one of the hardest things I will ever have to do. I have to release you from your pain and misery. Cameron and I have to “let you go”. If there was any way I could make you "good as new" and keep you with us forever, I would. I will always be here for you, Buddy, waiting anxiously to see you again, inside my heart, in my dreams, and in an after-life.

Who will I shake paws with now? Who will steal my shoe? Who will get me off the couch to walk outside in the beautiful sunlight, sunset, or starry night?

You are my “golden oldie”, Buddy. You have always been my “smoochy pooch”, my “smoochy-poochy pie”. You are the only one, and you know this. I will miss you terribly, Buddy. But we have to let you go. I can’t bear to see you suffer.

You have all my love and appreciation, Buddy, for being my “extra furry” son! If more humans were like you, the world would truly be a better place. I will love you forever. My love will be with you now and forever, Buddy.

Your Mom (Beth)

Buddy, 07/23/03 - 10/21/09

What can I say about Buddy. My Handsom boy, Who weighed 140 Pounds, was as Strong as a moose and as gentle as a lamb. He would never hurt anything. He was a gentle Giant. He was a Cancer Survivor, Over a Month of Radiation Treatments, Survived a Bite from a Brown Recluse Spider, a deadly bout with Leptos (as finally diagnoised by Stanford Medical University) His Vets were dumb founded. Leptos is caused by Wild Animal Urine, Apparently something staked a claim to urinate in our back yard at night (We live in the country) and when buddy would play with his ball he was ingesting it from his ball. His best friend was our 5 pound Yorkie, So Adorable to watch them. Buddy loved me most of all, I was his Mommie. My husband couldn't hug me in front of buddy or he would shove his way between us and make a loud whoo whoo sound as if he was saying, Hey there, she's mine. He woke me up every morning with a soft noise at my door to go outside. He loved his cookies, He wanted so much to be like the other dogs in our house a small lap puppy and the best he could do was put the front of his body on the sofa next to me and lay his head in my chest. He was my very best friend. He would sleep with our cat curled up next to him, He loved riding in the motorhome, It was about the only thing we could take him in as he was too big for our Vehicles to be comfortable in. He was a healthy, Happy, well cared for, much loved pet. Just a week ago the dogs were playing in the house and beginning to get a little loud so I said all right everyone outside to play and opened the sliding glass door to let (4) of them out, The Yorkie, Beagle and Aussie plus Buddy, 10 Minutes later I left to run to the Grocery Store, A couple of Minutes later my Husband told our Son to go ahead and let the dogs back in, My Son Found buddy lying in the back yard near the fence and he was already gone. Needless to say, I lost complete control of myself when I got home, Blaming everyone around me wanting to know what they did to my dog. Late that same night my husband bought a large Cargo container and with his Backhoe Dug a Large hole and buried my baby. The Next day I went to see his vets to ask, why? What Happened? What was wrong with my Dog? The only thing his Vets could think of was purhaps he was chowing on some of his dry food and began barking at the fence and choked on his food. Needless to say, I am so guilt ridden I can't sleep, Was my driving away from the house causing him to run and bark after me as if he was saying Hey Mom where you going? Had of I stayed home would I still have my Baby. There is a poem I would like to Share

A Golden Heart stopped Beating  
Two Shinny eye's at rest  
God Broke my heart today to Prove  
He only takes the best  
Only God knows why you left me  
But you did not go alone  
For part of me went with you  
Today God Took you home  
In memory of Buddy

Buddy, July 23 1993 - July 30 2009

Sixteen years, six days
of having love


They say memories are golden
well maybe that is true.
I never wanted memories,
I only wanted you.

A million times I needed you,
a million times I cried.
If love alone could have saved you
you never would have died.

In life I loved you dearly,
In death I love you still.
In my heart you hold a place
no one could ever fill.

If tears could build a stairway
and heartache make a lane,
I'd walk the path to heaven
and bring you back again.

Our family chain is broken,
and nothing seems the same.
But as God calls us one by one,
the chain will link again.

Buddy, 07/18/09

Buddy was a rescue. We took him in at 9 yrs old after a difficult life and time in a shelter in which he was attacked. It took over a year to stop waking up scared and growling.
He learned to be a part of the family in spite of his deafness and his lack of understanding that you don't pee in the house!
He was a sweet boy who really tried hard to be a good boy. He was loving and needy and as obediant as he could stand being. We loved him and miss him greatly.

Madeline Davis

Buddy, 07/15/09

Buddy was the love of my life.
He was the sweetest boy I ever knew.
He loved walks, sleeping in bed with us, Twizzlers, wagging his tail and so much more.
He brought so much joy and love to my life.
I can't believe he is gone.
He is in Heaven now with God and the Angels making the way for me, Doug, and Savannah.
We love beautiful Buddy boy.
We miss you.
I will never forget you.

Susan and Doug Whitlatch

Buddy, 05/31/96-07/13/09

Thank you Buddy for being the Light of our lives.
Your Light will never die. We are one Spirit and nothing will ever separate us. Be young again and continue in your special Joy. We'll always love you.

Chris and Guy Pruvot

Buddy, 03/96-07/06/09

I love you so much.
It's OK if you want to cross the bridge to be with Claire now.
Clairemont can keep an eye out for me.
Thank you for over 13 years of love, devotion and loyalty.


Buddy, 04/2009


Bingo and I miss you so very much. Although you had diabetes, you always sat like a real trooper to receive your twice daily injections.
It was as if you knew you'd feel better after your shots. Buddy I miss your smiling face when I come home, your unlimited supply of kisses and hugs and your companionship.
I miss our daily walks and all the friends we'd both make.
Bingo misses you too.
He stills looks for you to walk through the door.
He loved to groom your ears and the top of your head.
We both feel a huge loss at your passing.
As hard as it was, I put my feelings aside and chose to give you peace and serenity in heaven. I know you are without pain now and God has taken you in. We love you Buddy, and look forward to the day we see you again. Love, your mommy and Bingo

Carol and Bingo

Buddy, 08/05/95-07/11/09

Buddy - Thank you for fourteen wonderful years. You were a sweet and precious kitty and we will miss you!

Patricia Rutledge

Buddy, 07/01/91-08/10/03

Buddy was a dog we got from the humane society.
He had a lot of character and was a funny dog.
He always kept us laughing from the first day we adopted him and he burped in our face.
He was an exceptionally smart dog.
He loved to play ball and lay under the piano as I played.
He also managed to eat a variety of things he shouldn't, getting him into all kinds of trouble.
He was a tough dog who fought back through a terrible illness to live another two years.

Rebecca Raber

Buddy, 07/03/09

Buddy Boy,

You were a constant companion, always eager to please, be loved, and love back unconditionally.

Your passing has left a huge void in our lives and you are so greatly missed.

Michelle V

Buddy, 07/02/09

You were a wonder -eating oranges and apples off the tree and searching for pears. We will miss you so much. Please wait for us on the other side of the bridge - we will be looking for you.

Kathy & Ron Tate

Buddy, 06/19/09

Buddy Cat was a gift from God, she did not have an easy life but know how to love.
Buddy stayed with us untill we were ready to let go!
No longer in pain Buddy but my hart is missing you so much.
You came to see me 3 days after you past & I told you it was ok to go on, Go to the Rainbow Buddy, run & be free from pain.
You will forever be in my hart Buddy.
Love You Buddy (My Friend)


Buddy, 06/20/09

Buddy was my prairie dog, not only a pet but a loving member of our family and a huge part of our lives. Buddy will be missed dearly and we will think about him always. I love that little ball of fur that would climb up into my bed everynight to cuddle with us and keep warm. I love you so much Buddy and I miss you more as each day goes by. RIP.....Until we meet again in Heaven.. xoxoxo

Dawn Quinones

Buddy, 06/18/97-06/22/09

A finer dog and friend we have never known...

One day in September of 2005,
this skinny, dirty, smelly black dog was under our front porch.We tried to get him to come out, but to no avail, he would have none of that.. We left him a dish of water and food.. The next evening after more water and food,
we were sitting on our back deck and out he came,
sat down between us,
just like it was the most natural thing in the world. And from that moment on.. It was..

Buddy was a fine looking lad, he had deep-set big brown eyes and a heavy brow that were always conveying an expression of deep thought,
an underlying patience and graciousness that was easy to fall in love with, and
always carried himself in a powerful and dignified manner.

He loved marking his territory in the morning, having his ears and back rubbed, and
eating his dinner and especially his treats !!!

Buddy went to Puppy heaven on 6/22/09..
We love him, miss him,
and will always remember him, and the things he taught us about courage, loyalty and devotion.

The Zoller Family

Buddy, 06/04/09


Sharon Saccocci

Buddy, 05/01/83-05/23/09

My "Buddy" was the best dog around.
He was my special friend.
Our special time together was the early morning.
He waited for his little treat, a dog biscuit that helped clean his teeth.
After the treat, he lay on his fluffy pillow and took in the warm sunshine - he reminded me of a baby.
He liked to play with a big green yarn ball, he caught it with his teeth and was ready to play more.
He had a beautiful thick golden coat and fluffy tail.
I miss seeing him in the mornings.
He will always live on in my heart!


Buddy, 06/09/08


Buddy, 06/09/09

Buddy was my true friend.
I am single and he was my companion through my good times and bad times he was there for me.
Although he was paralyzed in his hind paws, he got around like a trooper using his front paws. He would beat me running to his bowl to eat. Buddy developed atrophy in his hind legs and could no longer use the litter box.
Unfortunatly, he was using the floor and rug to do his duty and was sitting and getting sores.
He never cried but I knew he was not in good shape and did the best thing possibe for my love Buddy.
Today was a tough day, the house is so quiet without his talking to me but I know he is in kitty heaven now and in a better place.
Buddy you will always be in my heart and soul.
Love ya Buddy!!!

Michele Stewart

Buddy, 09/12/98-06/05/09

Buddy was a great and loyal friend and I miss his companionship already. I don't know how to fill the gap. I always took care of him and him of me.
I hope he is resting now and running like he could not.


Buddy, 05/26/95-06/03/09


Kimberly Angelone

Buddy, 06/27/98-05/29/09

I lost my little Buddy yesterday.
He was the best boy ever.
Even though he was almost 11 he was always puppylike. People could not believe his age.
His illness came on very suddenly and in 3 weeks he was gone.
He was truly the "man" in my life and the best being I have ever met.
I am still shocked he is not sitting here beside me, putting his head under my arm while I am typing.
I don't know what I am going to do without him.
I pray that he is happy again, running and playing and finding icecicles to eat.


Buddy, 10/31/94

Even though it's been close to four years, and I have two more dogs, a golden named Logan and a funny dachshund on steroids named Thor both of whom I dearly love, Buddy remains forever with me and part of me. He and I were inseparable, and we still are.
We will be together again sometime, and forever.
I'm sure Logan and Thor will be joining Buddy when the time comes also, and our family will again be complete.

Ed Thomas

Buddy, 01/28/95-03/13/09

My dearest Bud Bud - I knew your time was getting near - I could see it in your eyes.
I pray you didn't suffer and am glad I was near you, holding you, when you took your last breath.
I know you are now free and running with the wind.
You were a huge part of me and you will forever be in my heart. I love you and miss you terribly.

Lori Pinkowski

Buddy, 05/22/09

buddy-or budsin-was our best friend.we didn't get to see him before he died on account of that we were on a was impossible to lose him and i am crying right now.when we came home from the sleep-over, we noticed that our dog Indigo was moping around and searching his bathroom very thoroughly.she really did miss him. my 7 year old sister Carmen and i cried together when we heard the news.I am a very sensitive 11 year old girl who loves each and every one of her animals and I truly do hope to see Buddy,Ursus Americanus,Hoshi,and Blue Zeus on my way to the rainbow bridge.

Gabi, Carmen, Indigo

Buddy, 11/01/99-05/17/09

You will always and forever be our Buddy.

Bill & Deborah Tittle

Buddy, 05/22/09

We lost our Cat Buddy (also known as Budso or Budson Boy to my girls) to old age and kidney failure after a long life of bringing us happiness.
We are all very sad to have him gone from our lives but are very happy that he is no longer in pain and in a much better place.
The rest of our pets feel his loss but he is now reunited with our other animals whom he outlived.
We will definitely see him again.


Buddy, 12/03/94-05/11/09

Buddy was the best friend ever. He raised all my other children, taught them how to play and took care of them. He was an awesome frisbee catcher - insatiable! He would dance when he wanted to play inside. I will miss you Bud.

Libby Reeves

Buddy, 03/10/09

I miss the ever-joyful you, Buddy, every day.

Liz Gordon

Buddy, 06/10/07-05/16/09

Buddy you and Auggie never asked for anything but love in return, you both guarded and watched over us and we will miss you dearly.
You will both live on in our hearts forever.

Troy & Ashley Cox

Buddy, 02/22/98-05/03/09

My Buddy Boy i'm going to miss you so much!!! I love you with all my heart my boy!! Give kisses to Nana and BoBo for me. Have fun in heaven my Precious Boy!! I love you so much!! We will meet again I promise!!

I love you so much!!!! xoxoxooxoxoxoxoxo
Love Your Sissy <3

Buddy, 05/06/09

my buddy was the best dog on earth.he always greeted me at the door.and always loved me.he followed me everywhere i went.and he always wanted me to play with him.unfortently he died from a disease called "blasto". there was no saving buddy.and i just want him to know i LOVE HIM AND MISS HIM VERY MUCH.

Ashley Moore, Janice Walters, Harold Walters, Brett Moore

Buddy, 04/15/97-04/24/09

Buddy, Thanks for always herding me, keeping me on a schedule, and most of all loving me. I will miss you forever, but your friendship and love will never be lost in my heart. Thanks for being my best friend.

Buddy, Spring of 1994-05/06/09

Buddy was a gentle, sweet, lovable, playful dear friend.
He was loved by all who knew him, humans and 4 legged furry friends as well.
We miss him and hope and pray that there really is a "Rainbow Bridge" where we will be re-united with him one day.

Beverly & Malcolm and Family

Buddy, 01/11/01-04/24/09

You were my best friend, taken away from us much too soon.
We will always love you and shall never forget the joy you brought to our lives.

Sleep peacefully my sweet babby boy..

Bill Hull & Michelle Knight

Buddy aka Buddy Budha, 08/15/92-04/24/09

Buddy brought so much joy and happiness to my life.
Whenever I was sad, sick or just needed to talk about a problem Buddy was there to comfort me.
He was the most loving, gentle and humerous pet I have ever had in my life.
I was fortunate enough to hold him in my arms and comfort him to the end. We will miss Buddy terribly and he will always be in my heart.
I love you Buddy.

Sandra and Jim Baylor

Buddy, 04/24/09

Buddy, my little man,I miss you and wish you a safe trip on your journey. I will never forget you and will love you forever. Thank you for being my best friend. I wish we could have had more time together. Enjoy being healthy at the rainbow bridge, run and play with your furfriends and know I will come for you someday. I love you my little man. Dad

Buddy, 05/01/09

Buddy, a noble and kind soul who will always be missed.


Buddy, 04/22/09

My heart has broken.
Our wonderful boy Buddy died today.
He was 15 years old.
Although his heart and lungs were strong, he could no longer walk due to arthritis in his spine.
This has been the hardest decision I have ever had to make - whether to keep him with us, even though he was suffering or to let him pass on to where he will never be in pain again.

He was a silly boy with beautiful brown eyes and he looked like he had eyeliner on.
He loved to chase cats and rabbits and to eat cookies.
I like to think that is where he is now, with his big brother Cody, romping over green hills in search of something to chase.
He really became a momma's boy in his later years, as he was my constant shadow.
I will remember him for the rest of my life as a sweet [with a bit of devil in him too!!] and loving boy.
Sweet dreams precious boy.
Mommy will always love you and I will remember your love forever.
May we meet again someday on the Rainbow Bridge.
Hugs and lots of love.

Buddy, 06/28/00-05/21/09


Julie and Steve

Buddy, 04/20/09

My dearest Buddy,

You were always there when I needed you - to listen, to love, to be with and you never asked for anything in return. I miss your greetings at the front door and the chance to kiss you goodnight.
I'm thinking of you constantly and hoping (wishing) that maybe you'll, somehow, be there when I get home. There will never be another Buddydog! RIP my sweet angel...for my world was a better place with you in it.


Buddy, 04/20/09

A tribute to Buddy, he was a fun and loving dog. We will all miss him. His dog cousins will miss running around and playing with him. He was loved by all of his family.

Brenda J

Buddy, 04/11/09

My Buddy was a rescue so I don't know his birthdate.
But I had his love for 13 years and he will always be a part of my heart and soul.
He broke his leg falling down our stairs and he didn't heal properly.
I miss him so badly my heart is breaking.
But I know he doesn't hurt any longer and he's free. Finally free.

Christina Ellenburg

Buddy, 08/07/95-02/24/09

My Beloved Buddy Is in Heaven..


Buddy, 08/05/96-04/10/09

The most loving little boy.
He was my best friend for over 12 years who I loved with all my heart.
He will be missed so much!! Rest in peace baby boy...


Buddy, 03/25/02-04/05/09

Buddy was my best friend. Every where I went he would follow.
He loved to play games and was a natural entertainer. When he looked at me with
his big beautiful eyes my heart just melted. I can not believe I've lost him.
My heart is hurting,
the pain is greater than I have ever felt before.
My beautiful boy.
So full of life and joy.
Help me to help understand his loss and to be able to accept this tragady.


Buddy, 04/28/97-04/10/09

Buddy, we got you at 7 or so weeks, and you almost made it to the big one-two! We fell in love with you the minute we set eyes on you. You never as much as snapped at a single person (except when someone tried to cut your nails lol). You lived a long (and very spoiled) life and we don't regret ANY of it, and comparing any (if any) new pets to you would be an absolute INSULT to YOU. You will be sadly missed by all of us for a very long time. We are all just so sorry to see you go, when we all saw your will to live, but your failing kidneys had other ideas. I hope you forgive us for ending your pain before you suffered any longer. We were there the entire time holding you and talking to you as you left us. We love you BooBoo... ALWAYS!

Brian, Joan, and Corey

Buddy, 04/07/09

Buddy was so special. He showed up at my doorstep 10 years ago. I never found out where he came from and I never knew his real age. He was so very loyal, never fully trusted anyone but me. He was a huge protector of our home. He always let us know when someone drove up and when the mailman and the newspaper man arrived. He was very loving and sweet. He was my sweet boy. He was a good boy. I will forever be thankful to God that he sent Buddy to me and I will forever miss him until we are reunited at "The Rainbow Bridge".

Barbara Smart

Buddy, 01/10/02-04/09/09

We will miss you!!


Buddy, 03/24/09

To our beloved dog Buddy. You have been the best dog anybody could ever hope for. You never wanted anything except for our love. Buddy, you will be missed and never forgotten and always in our hearts.

Chris & Caroline

Buddy, 06/97-03/19/09

My little girl Buddy passed over the Rainbow Bridge on 3/19/09. She was very sick, and I made the decision to let her go. I found her wandering a 4 lane highway when she was just under 1 year old. I stopped my car, she came over to me, I opened my car door, she climbed in, and the rest is history.
She was my special girl, sleeping with me in my bed each night.
We also have a pug named Riley who will be 9 years old in April, who misses her very much.
Each night when I go to bed, I go over to her side of the bed and say goodnight to her. I miss her, but I know we will see each other again. For now, Buddy is playing with other pets we have had that have passed on, and they are all waiting to meet with us again.

Barbara Doerr

Buddy, 02/14/97-03/18/09

Buddy - you were my goofball, my confidant.
You made me laugh and you had fun.
We miss you - you left a big hole in my heart - you were always a good theif!
We love you and someday we will meet again.

Susan and Martin Rhoad

Buddy, 11/30/94-03/19/09

My Buddy...I had to do something to let you know that I love you so much and am really sorry that I wasn't there when you laid to rest...I really wanted to be. I am so sorry for sticking you with needles and forcing you to take meds when you didn't want them...I just didn't want to lose you. You are my best friend and have stuck by me through everything even though it was so easy for me to leave you and I have felt guilt about that everyday. If I could've did things differently I would've. You pulled me through so many situations and for that I thank you with all my heart. You will always be in my heart and my mind. Always know that you are loved and no matter what I will be with you again. Now it's just blue skies and fluffy more more more pain dawnee...I'm in so much pain right now...I miss you so much and just wish you were here...Save a spot for me...Wuv you!!!


Buddy, 03/21/94-03/12/09

I love you my big boy.
You let me know it was time.
Your poor hips/legs just couldn't keep holding up that 160 pounds of yours.
The vet told me 5 years ago that you probably had another year left.
You beat all the odds, Buddy.
I'm glad that I was with you when you left.
I knew you were ready.
I'm sorry I cried all over your beautiful face and got it soaking wet.
Shiloh and the cats miss you terribly.
It was so cute to watch you playing with those cats and the little beagle puppy.
You were always so very gentle with them.
I'll see you again, big boy, and I'll never ever forget you.
I love you more than anything in this world!!!

Cindy Britt

Buddy, 02/01/09

We got you from a friend that was allergic to you... We are so happy we did... It was fate. Your time with us seemed so brief... The many happy times we spent in the boat, the walks through the park, or just watching you rest on your bed..... Its so hard not seeing you at the door when I come home from work..... We love you Buddy..... Miss you so much... Take care of Brisco and we will be with you later......

Glenn and Brenda

Buddy, 01/09/09

He had a rough two years while a stray, but, he had 2 great years with my brother and me. We love you, Buddy and we miss you, Chris & Marc

Buddy, 03/09/09

I'll miss you sleeping with me my little silly Shih Tzu. I love you baby.

Deborah Ebeyer

Buddy, 01/29/08

Even after a year, the hurt is as bad as ever.
I can never replace you, in my home or my heart.
I would give everything I own just to be with you again, to see your beautiful brown eyes, your total dedication to me and your wonderful smile.
I'll never forget you, Buddy.
You were everything to me.

Margaret Michele Banal

Buddy, 08/94-07/05/08

Miss you so very much! You are forever in our hearts. XOXO

Ilda Galvao

Buddy, 07/27/03-03/01/09

my buddy has passed to rest at rainbow bridge.
i came across this sight several times by accident and read the painful situations that others had to deal with.
And here i am today writing about my own.
he will be missed dearly for he was a sincere loyal american cocker spaniel that you could ever imagine.
So playful and full of happiness every time i greeted him So cuddly at night when he slept by my side.
The most adorable precious dog yet so hard to believe his personality sometimes.
he loved his toys and was one of a kind. no pet can replace him. its unfortunate to say he had severe back issues for one year.
He recently hurt his back for a second time and the medications were not strong enough to help him and he became paralyzed right before my eyes. he lost movement in the hind legs and within hours his neck stiffened.
His back issue became impossible for him to fight and suffered from horrible disc disease and prolonged pain.
His yelping and panting and extremely limited body movement told me not to let him suffer no more.
Surgery was an option but not a guarantee and to put him through more suffering to chance he can suffer longer made me let him go.
i love you buddy and will miss you always


Buddy, 03/05/09

Buddy was a beautiful, happy dog until he got diabetes and became blind.
He still was able to walk around the back yard and make his way back to the door.
We loved him and miss him so very much - the house is empty without him.

Richard & Jenny Lyons

Buddy, 10/07/93-02/18/09

Buddy came into our lives in 1993.
He was the sweetest kitty, and so full of curiosity.
He loved to give me "chin rubs" every night before going to bed.
Buddy's back legs gave out on him on 02/13/08 and the vet could not save him.
We agonized over doing the right thing.
On 02/18/09, my wife and I held Buddy while the vet put him to sleep.
I told Buddy over and over that I loved him.
I am so sad and I have lost a true friend.
There will never be another Buddy.
Rest in Peace.
Love Dad.

Buddy, 01/01/96-02/16/09

This is for Buddy who brought so much happiness, joy, pride, admiration, and stability into our lives through so many transitions.
His absense is achingly painful.
His health crashed in his last week from the final stages of kidney disease.
It is horrible to see the creature you love decline in such a way.
I hope we did the right thing in euthanizing him last Monday, February 16th.
And I hope there is a heaven for such animals.
I have not gotten over the pain yet and I wish I had done or could have done more for him which is what he deserved after giving us so much happiness. Love you Buddy and miss you terribly.

Patricia and John

Buddy, 01/14/07

We miss you Buddy. Can't wait to see you on the other side of the Rainbow Bridge

Scott Bates and Ken Clark

Buddy, 02/09/09

So hard to say goodbye to you, so I'll say 'See you later.'
I've already 'stepped over you' 10 times in the few hours that you've been gone.
What I wouldn't give to trip over you again ... or have you warming my feet as I sit here at the computer.
Miss you so much, Budster.
Love, Mom.

Buddy, 09/01/98-02/02/09

My best friend closed his eyes last night,

As his head was in my hand.
The Doctors said he was in pain,

And it was hard for him to stand.

The thoughts that scurried through my head,

As I cradled him in my arms.
Were of his younger, puppy years,

And OH...his many charms.

Today, there was no gentle nudge

With an intense "I love you gaze",
Only a heart thats filled with tears

Remembering our joy filled days.

But an Angel just appeared to me,

And he said, "You should cry no more,
GOD also loves our canine friends,

HE's installed a 'doggy-door"!

jan cooper '95

Kate and Mike

Buddy, 09/24/99-02/11/09

I am so glad that you choose me to be in your life.
We had so many good times together, and I will remember you always.
You have a special place in my heart.
I love you Bud.

Kelly Lenart

Buddy, 11/26/95-02/07/09

Buddy, known to his family simply as Bud, moved on to the Rainbow Bridge tonight.
He was in the company of those who loved him until the very end, when his big loving heart finally gave up the fight and he found peace.
Bud was born at Thanksgiving 1995, and along with his spunky brother Buster, was adopted into the Armstrong family in Feb. 1996. Bud and his brother enjoyed their long adventurous walks in the country, through field, creek and woods.
While Bud was getting weaker in his last months because of a heart murmur, he remained a loving and loyal friend to his family until the very end.
His doctor delivered the sad prognosis just Thursday morning: Bud was experiencing congestive heart failure and had days to live.
He was brought home to spend his final time with those who loved him, and he fought hard for 2 days. We hated to think he was suffering, but we had two more days of giving him all our love.
Elaine and I were both petting and holding him when he drew his final breaths...he died in the arms of those who loved him.

Dana Armstrong

Buddy, 11/18/93-11/10/08

Our Buddy was 5 weeks old when he came into our lives. He was a little pistol but fulfilled our lives with pleasure. When he was 6 years old he was diagnosed with diabetes. I couldn't let him go. For 9 years I gave him insulin shots twice a day. A few weeks before he passed, we believe he had a stroke. He would walk in circles. Then he couldn't stand up and stopped eating. Then Monday Nov. 10 came. I had to make that decision. I called the vet and made arrangements to bring him in. As I layed beside him comforting him and talking to him he let out 4 barks.... and then he was gone. He didn't have to go to the Vets.
It's been 3 short months since he passed, but not a day goes by that he is not in my mind.
Thanks, Buddy for your years of uncondtional love.
Rest in Peace My Friend....My Life

Mike & Jeannette

Buddy, 09/01/98-02/01/09

A Dog's Prayer
Treat me kindly, my beloved master, for no heart in all the world is more grateful for kindness than the loving heart of me.

Do not break my spirit with a stick, for though I should lick your hand between the blows, your patience and understanding will more quickly teach me the things you would have me do.

Speak to me often, for your voice is the world's sweetest music, as you must know by the fierce wagging of my tail when your footstep falls upon my waiting ear.

When it is cold and wet, please take me inside... for I am now a domesticated animal, no longer used to bitter elements... and I ask no greater glory than the privilege of sitting at your feet beside the hearth... though had you no home, I would rather follow you through ice and snow than rest upon the softest pillow in the warmest home in all the land... for you are my god... and I am your devoted worshiper.

Keep my pan filled with fresh water, for although I should not reproach you were it dry, I cannot tell you when I suffer thirst. Feed me clean food, that I may stay well, to romp and play and do your bidding, to walk by your side, and stand ready, willing and able to protect you with my life, should your life be in danger.

And, beloved master, should the Great Master see fit to deprive me of my health or sight, do not turn me away from you. Rather hold me gently in your arms as skilled hands grant me the merciful boon of eternal rest...and I will leave you knowing with the last breath I drew, my fate was ever safest in your hands.

--Beth Norman Harris


Buddy, 1997-02/03/09

i love and will miss my dog buddy


Buddy, 02/08/09

to my best friend ill always remember you what a loyal loving friend may god be with you

Lillian and Clayton

Buddy, 01/23/09

We miss you Buddy so much.
You were a gentle giant. I miss looking into your
beautiful loving eyes, feeling your warm fur against my cheek. I miss you watching over our children with your protective yet gentle eyes. You were part of our family and always will be.
We love you and miss you very much.

Dot and John

Buddy, 1998-01/26/09

Buddy was with us for 10 years.
He brought a sense of stability and loyalty to our whole family.
I was laying on the floor in front of the fireplace with him last week and I thought how great life is to be able to lay with someone who loved me unconditionally.

He will be missed by our whole family.

Cheri Todd

Buddy (Webb), 01/24/09

Buddy was a very special cat who seemed more like a little person in a cat suit.
His quiet presence and love made a huge impact in our lives and my sister and I miss him terribly. He was also quite a character and more stubborn and opinionated than any cat I've ever known.
Thank you, Buddy, for being my little boy and helping me through so many hard times.
I'll carry you in my heart always, and I hope you are in a wonderful place now with your choice of bowls and bowls of fresh ice water and all the tuna fish you can eat and the best lounge chairs to sun yourself on -- with your choice of beautiful outdoor scenery.
You deserve no less.

Rosanna Trimboli and Family

Buddy, 04/10/95-02/01/08

Buddy was abandoned on a farm road outside Omaha, Ne.
A friend of a friend found him and took him in.
Later they found out we were looking for a family dog and from the moment we met Buddy we knew we were a match.
Buddy lived with us for 10 years and more than three moves.
Our family grew from three children then to four and finally five.
He was there for all of it, always with a warm muzzle and a gentle loving look in his eyes.
He was as much a part of our family as the kids and will be sorely missed.
Four years ago we brought Harley, a now four year old chocolate lab into the family to keep Buddy company as the kids got busier and busier with school and sports. Buddy and
Harley were great friends and we will always remember Buddy's gentleness through his careful mentoring of young Harley.
May St. Francis watch over him now that he is in heaven.
The Moran's.

Buddy, 03/25/93-01/19/09

To our beloved Buddy, Mom's best friend, who later became my shadow and Brody's brother.
You are so missed, my friend...but you are finally at peace playing with your Brother, Brody, after your long courageous battle with Cushing's Disease.
We miss you terribly, and are comforted knowing you are pain free.
Thank you for being such a loving, wonderful, pet.
Love from Mom and Dad until we see you again

Marilyn Bowie

Buddy, 01/01/90-07/03/08

I miss you every day, my boy.
Thank you for choosing me so long ago.
You must have known how much I needed you.
Jump high, chase your tennis balls, enjoy your "cigarette" chews, and wait for me. I love you always and forever.

Sherry Frank

Buddy, 06/28/06-01/21/09

To my best friend Buddy who lost his life today due to a massiave seizure at 2 1/2 years old.
Thank you for your love and filling my life with love.


Buddy, 01/02/09

Buddy was a very special fellow and my very best friend. He was loved by everyone that knew him and in turn loved everyone he knew. I will always miss him but feel blessed to have had him with me for 13 wonderful years!

Sara and Glenn Andrews

Buddy, 10/31/97-08/29/08

To: My animal compain and soul mate..Some pets are loving and some are sweet but, you dear bud,made my life complete.
miss you

Gina Smith

Buddy, 03/13/95-06/09/08


Buddy, 03/23/83-07/10/96

Buddy was our first family dog.
We took him when his other parents could not find a place to live that took dogs.
He was such a great boy.
He was trained in search and rescue so he was great fun for the kids. They would hide and he would find them, or they would hide a toy or treat under or on them and he would find it.
He was just a wonderful guy all around.
It's been 12 years since his passing and he is still missed every day.

Judy Hartman

Buddy, 01/04/09

My special Pal, Thanks for all joy you brought to me. Words can't describe the grief I feel without you.

Ronald W. Braun

Buddy, 10/01/94-01/02/09

Buddy, you loved without question
you helped me thru my grief
what am I gonna do without you
when I have nobody here to hear me speak
There never was a day when you did not make me smile
When you chased the squirrels up the tree and sat there for a while
Your in God's hands now where there is no more pain
No more loud words that seem to make you shake like you was in pain.
I love you little friend and please wait for me at Rainbow bridge
untill we meet again
your Mommy

Buddy, 07/10/07

Dear Buddy,
With the New Year here, I can't believe it will be almost two years since you left us and went over the Rainbow Bridge.
You are continually thought of EVERY day baby.
I miss you so so much!
Love, Mommy

Buddy, 01/12/95-12/29/08

To our Dear Buddy, you were our protector, your size alone made you stand apart and many to fear you. Yet we know that in your heart you were really a small lap dog who wanted to curl up in a nice chair.
Were going to miss you beating your tail against the bed in the morning to wake us up, or sounding the alarm when something was up. We are sorry to have to take you to the vet for the last time, but it was simply to hard to watch you waste away, the cancer slowly taking you a day at a time. We will always remember you as our brave protector and send our LOVE with you until we see you again at Rainbow Bridge.

Love Mom & Dad

Steve & Bonnie Jones

Buddy Barajas, 11/25/2005 - 12/15/2008

Today marks a very sad in our lives. We lost our buddy, a cocker spaniel/shitsu mix. As our daughter was an only child our family needed another noise maker in the house. A family friend's dog had a litter and was looking for a good home for their babies. We took our daughter to see the puppies and it was love at first site. We brought our little buddy home and she named him Buddy Barajas. He quickly gained became the love of our lives and taught us so many values we as humans take for granted. He was the first to be up and greet the day with so much joy, he sadly watched us leave for work and school, and waited patiently for us to return with loud barks and jumps of joy to see his family return to play with him. He taught us to love and be happy as a family once again. We grew to be best friends on the morning walks he loved, the morning runs we took in the park and became the watch dog or big brother for our daughter.

It was because of Buddy Barajas that many family members also got dogs to be a part of their families. They would ask us to train their dogs as we had trained Buddy however we could only train Buddy because he loved us enough to listen to our commands. I could go on with stories about how our spoiled dog became our best friend and it is why every day is so painful to live without his paws pittering on the kitchen floor, his loud barks wakeing us up in the middle of the night, his endless potty breaks on the living room furniture his favorite spot to take them much to the disapointment of my wife who kept reminding us he had to go and leave our house because of this little fault he had.

On December 15, it was a rainy day and our Buddy got out of our fence and went for his run in the park nearby. Sad to say he never made it back as I cannot imagine how he made it to the busy street we live by. He was ran over to a point of beyond recognition. I was only able to know it was him by his collar my daughter had purchase for him. He is no longer with us in life but he will always be with us in our hearts, minds, and prayers. We are all on this site for the same purpose we all love our little family members who some people call DOGS, Our family pastor told us to always remember him because he meant so much to us and because dogs have the very same traits our Heavenly Father has and that is why a DOG spelled backwards is GOD, he is faithful, he will always love us even if we hate him, if we kick him and punish him and put him outside, he will be the first to forgive us and be there at all times with unconditional love.

Thanks for reading this if you got this far. Tonight my daughter and I said a prayer and will place a Poinsetta plant on his grave which we have placed in our back yard, his stocking still hangs with the toys we bought him for last Christmas which he never got to play with.

We Love you Buddy Barajas and we will never forget you.

Sam, Dad and Mom who learned to love dogs but a little too later after you were gone and showed her how to love dogs again.

Buddy Bitsimis, 02/06/09

Our family is bereft at the loss of our Buddy.
He was a wonderful dog, who added so much joy to the past 8 years of our lives.
The memories he has left us with will keep him alive in our hearts.

Gina Bitsimis

Buddy Blachek, 05/10/09

I can not believe that you are not here sitting looking at me. My heart is breaking. I will miss your sweet smile and loving eyes. The way you would wink at me, perk your ears up when you would hear something you liked. Especially when I said that I loved you or go for a ride? do you want a treat?
I know that I will see you again the meantime please keep an eye on us like you always have. And know that I will never forget you. Never. You brought our families together and I will be forever grateful to you.
I love you My Buddy...
Till we meet again ..

Mary and Jim Blachek and Family

Buddy Boo Boo, 04/11/89-06/11/09

To my beautiful boy, I miss you and love you so much, til we meet again, I know God will keep you safe and that you are not suffering anymore.
Please keep an eye out for Hook, I know Kathi would like that.
You brought so much joy to my life.

I love you my dearest baby boy.

Love Mom

Buddy Boy, 01/91-10/30/05

I will never forget my little boy.

Cindy Tong

Buddy Buddy, 06/21/00-06/19/09

He was a good boy.
Born in my living room and mine from the start.
There is an empty feeling left behing by such a good boy being lost so soon.
The loss it tremendous.

Thank you Buddy for being everything I could have wanted from a dog, a friend and a coconspiritor.
The void you have left is a reflection of the deep love I had for you.

I hope you are making friends and enjoying heaven.
I will look for you when it is my turn.
Until then please be a good boy and remember that I love you.

Jessie Brannen

Buddy Carrera aka Buddy Bear, 07/01/05-07/06/09

Our buddy bear, you will be missed, and never replaced!

Daniel, Yvette Carrera, Matthew Orona

Buddy Dilbeck, 02/16/96-04/02/09

This precious dog came to me nine years ago when
a friend of a friend gave me her 4 year old Shih Tzu, Buddy, after I lost my 12 year old dog Tramp.
I was heartbroken over Tramp and Buddy healed my heart over that loss.
Now he is gone too and my heart is broken again.
I sure do miss the little guy and his sweet face always looking up at me!

Karen Dilbeck

Buddy Fischer, 07/02/09

Buddy you brought such joy to our lives even lola the dog. we miss you already. catch those mice in heaven.

Sarah Wilson and Steve Fischer

Buddy Fritz, 03/20/09

Fritzy Boy I miss you and love you so much.
I am heartbroken without you.

Fran Haasch

Buddy Garrett, 04/21/09

Buddy came to my family at our farm over a decade ago.
He was attached to my mom from the first moment.
He truly was mom's 'buddy'.. hence his name!
He would follow her around the yard.
Mom always said that she thought he was trained to be a guide dog.. I think he just felt safe and secure with her.. and knew that she was his to protect and walk beside in life. Buddy had a great life.
Lots of woods to explore, a creek to dive in and a family that loved him!
Buddy will be missed!
We are grateful for the blessing of his life!

Liz Whatley

Buddy Heikkinen, 07/29/99-01/30/09

Buddy was an amazing dog, who touched many peoples heart's.
He first started showing signs of Osteosarcoma in August/September 2006.
He lived for the water and hiking in the woods.
But most of all, he loved hanging out and playing catch at the beach.
He is a part of our family and he is very loved.
He will be missed greatly.

Hailey Heikkinen

Buddy Hernandez, 11/24/98-05/07/09


Sandra Hernandez

Buddy Hudson, 06/01/98 - 09/03/09

Our family found Buddy at the local SPCA. That autumn day in 1998 we were looking for a certain type of dog - not a Lab-Basenji mix. Our son spotted Buddy halfway down the long hall of cages. We all: my husband, 2 kids and I: elected to take Buddy and another dog my husband picked out - out to the "play" area where we could get acquainted. We all agreed...that Buddy was the nicest. My husband said we should "make sure though - and wait a week or so to decide". We didn't get back to the SPCA until 2 weeks later. There was no sign of "Buddy". I was frantic - I was sad. My son hollered from way down the end of that hall..."Mom, come here - look who I found". Sure enough, it was Buddy. We adopted him on the spot, and were told in the 2 weeks that passed he had been adopted by a woman who dropped him in the overnight depository box with a note saying "he was too rambunxious"! That having happened was our Blessing. Buddy was a beautiful strawberry-blonde Lab-Basenji male. He had the kind nature of a Lab - and the non-barking, catlike-ness and stature of a Basenji. From day1...he was a gift from above. Nothing you could do to this dog would make him upset with you. A stranger could take a bone from his mouth - but he was also the trusted guardian of our home. For a dog with such a ho-hum name... he was popular with all in the neighborhood. It is painful for me to find the words to describe this incredible and magnificent friend. He was my rock, my shadow and my sanity. At the end of no matter what kind of day - there stood Buddy. In times of sickness, he layed diligently by the bed or on it. On occasions when he couldn't come along - he waited patiently in the window. During dinner he would eat his dog food - but if we grilled burgers...he always knew there was one on the grill for him as well. We never made a trip to Goodberry's to get ice cream without him. Matter of fact, even @ home when the freezer door opened, he would let you know "he knew". Vanilla ice cream was the last thing Buddy ate last Thursday before I took him to the vet. I spent the entire night with him on the floor - wanting him to know I was there for him... so hoping it would ease his pain. Buddy had the courage of a lion, dealing with multiple seizures for 11 years - manners far better than most people I have met - patience I could never have... and a sweet kindness I have never experienced in another animal. Buddy was fun too, he entertained us for all those years playing games with the family. He ran away early on... walked out to the nearby highway where he was picked up and taken to Burger King - the person then proceeded to take him home where Buddy fit right in. After 2 weeks we saw the ad in the local paper..."strawberry-blonde dog found". We just knew it had to be Buddy. My husband drove by the home where Buddy was just to make sure we had the right dog. There he was, on the front deck with the owner eating something like grilled chicken. Needless to say, that family didn't want to give him up; we paid them a reward and were on our way home...with Buddy! He never ran away again. We bought him a bone bigger than he was - it was a sight. Buddy shared everything with us...all of our ups, downs, birthdays, holidays ~ but his favorite was chasing squirrels! He never caught one...and we always sort of thought, he really just wanted someone to play with. A day didn't go by without my saying "I love you" to Buddy. Not a day! He was spoiled rotten - but that's ok. I know he had been abused before ending up at the SPCA (according to the lady there) and for the 11 years we had him, I wanted him to know we were his family and he would never see a harsh day again. I believe he knew that - he showed us in so many ways that he loved us too. Many times I thought about what would have happened had we not adopted him... well: it was meant to be. People probably often wondered why such a great dog would have such an ordinary and mundane name... well, what's in a name really??? I meet some dogs with these magnificent names and poor manners... what means the most to us is NOT our friends name...but what HE IS MADE OF - WHAT IS IN HIS HEART! Buddy's heart was full of and laughter. He was one of US... he was a HUDSON. He will be with us forever ~ and life in our home will not be the same again. Buddy Hudson, thank you for 11 wonderful and unforgettable years of LOVE.

Buddy Lee Rainey, 06/96-01/03/09

Dear Buddy Lee,
You came to me as a skin and bone stray. I fed you diligently ever day and tried to coax you closer so I could pet you but it took three months for me to finally gain your trust.
After that, I was your mama.
I loved all the times we went to the dog park and in your own way, you played with the other dogs.
And when we took a walk by the lake, you loved rolling in the dead fish on the banks.
You loved getting into the water, drinking it no matter how much algae there was and walking around, but never immersing yourself in the water or swimming!

I loved taking you for a ride around town or just wherever with you hanging your head out the window and feeling your ears fly in the breeze.
I loved watching you smell the night air and other critters on evening drives through the country.

You loved to eat and I loved sharing every meal with you.
The chicken strips and waffle fries from Chick Fil A were your favorite in addition to junior burgers from Sonic and french fries and ice cream cones from McDonald's.
I loved watching a DVD with a box of Milk Duds or Whoppers and you were right there beside me wanting to share.
You certainly loved your treats in the morning and evening and especially canned dog food. And you loved hogging the sofa, you wanted to be right next to your mama.
You loved standing guard in the front yard over the entire block, not barking at the neighbors you knew and barking at the strangers.
You loved chasing bicycles and cats!
And you loved that field across the street.
Sunning yourself, rolling in the grass to scratch your back and doing your business.

Thank you Buddy for being my best friend the last 11 1/2 years, for being my protector, my confidant and my exercise partner.
But most of all Buddy, thank you for loving me. I miss you so much and we will meet again on the Rainbow Bridge.

I love you,

Buddy Love, 01/26/98-01/20/09

We lost our beloved Maltese and my best friend on 1/20/09 to an extremely rare condition.

I miss him so much :(


Buddy McBudd, 01/01/96-02/16/09

Dear Buddy,

Thank you for 13 years of absolute joy and happiness. For being my anchor, a great provider, and defender of your territory. You were a gentle yet fearless animal. Intuitive, intelligent, obedient, and trusting. You welcomed all human visitors and made yourself an intrinsic part of every activity. You were unique and no other pet will match up to you, Buddy. I miss you and love you.

Patricia Donoghue

Buddy McKenzie, 12/99-07/16/09

The best dog with the biggest Heart. We will miss you until we meet again.

Todd and Dalyn McKenzie

Buddy Our Stray Cat, 03/16/07

This is for Buddy who was a stray I fed for abpout 5 years. He would around winter spring, summer and fall to breakfast, lunch and or dinner. I even bought a special bowl that plugs into a wall jack to keep the water from frezing in the winter. He was the neighborhoods cat, was lovable once he got to know you. And would actually talk to you and answer. When he was done eating he lay around for a bit disappearing untill the next day or a few or sometimes even even a week.
This past Sat. 3/15/2009 I got home from running errands only to find his front forearm tore open. I had to do something. So canned foos into the cat carrier and in Buddy went none to happy. The Vet took one look and sais we will need to knock him out for the surgery to stitch it and he has an abcess on his other foot we should look at as well. I say ok and while not fix to boot. That way he can go to the Humane Society and get a fresh start. That they called and said surgery went well. I called Mon. afternoon and was told he had feline -Aids. It is something other cats can catch so he can not be released back outside, the Humane Society will not take him and I have 7 of mine own. I did try to find a home but no one was interested. And so I went to see my Buddy. The Vet said we will need to make him sllepy but he is not real happy with us. So I spoke to my Buddy and before I knew his went up and he was letting pet him and than he got up. I asked if he'd eaten anything since he got there yesterday and was told "no". No sooner had I asked when Buddy who was still getting lovings from got up and atarted eating the dry food they set out for him. So my dear friend I will always be looking for any time of day to be coming down the walk way looking for food or water or a friendly pet or two. And I surely will our conversations as we both had a lot to say to each other.
The best thing you did at the Vet my dear friend today was show them how lovable you were when I showed up and you ate. You were just waiting like you always did.
I was glad to be there today to see off and cross the Rainbow Bridge. You will running around drinking, playing, and yes Buddy eating too. Untill we see each again. All My Love, And Say Hello To All Of Our Furry Friends Who I Know Met There. PLK

Pam Kerstner

Buddy Parks, 1/12/1997 - 8/12/2009

To our dear sweet Buddy-dog: They say time heals all wounds. We are still missing you terribly but are also grateful that you are no longer suffering from the cancer that was suffocating you. We don't understand why we had to say goodbye so soon. We love you so much, sweet boy and miss you deeply. We hope that we will see you soon on the Rainbow Bridge and know that God has you in the palm of His hand. You were such a brave, loving, joyful companion during the darkest moments of our lives. We can never thank you enough for coming into our lives. We hope that you are running and playing along the beaches of Heaven and that you know how much we love you. We hope that you know we will always remember you and life won't be the same without your precious smile and your eager excitement when it was time to go fishing or even for a walk. We love you, sweet baby. God bless you.

Valerie and Clay

Buddy Paul, 12 years 7/29/09

Tribute to a loving soul, home protector, and best friend to my Mom. Buddy, you are a special angel who will be missed terribly. You will remain in our hearts forever. Wait for us at the Bridge.

Buddy Proper, 10/22/08-06/19/09

We will miss you very much Buddy you are very loved.

Doug and Lean Proper

Buddy Robinson, 06/08/09

Buddy we were blessed to have you in our lives for the short years. You live a wonderful life. We constantly spoiled you.We let you express yourself you fit easily into the family. We miss you already. It was hard watching you die.We will miss your joyous attitude and one of a kind personality. You was the best dog anyone could ask for. We will miss your growl when we asked you did you want to take a bath. We will miss you greetings at the door faithfully. You had a good life and now we have to go on without you and it hurts but you will be in our memories!! You was always there for and us and we were there for you in your last moments. The house is empty now cause our joy has left but we will see you again in a MUCH better place!!Until that time my friend, precious, button. We can't believe how sudden your death occured we figured maybe a few years from now but not this soon! Something good will come of this. Tony miss from walking you everyday and he is very lonely now that you are gone. Daddy misses you as well very much!WE LOVE YOU

Robinson Family

Buddy Roche/Hughes, 03/05/09

You were the best BaBa....You tried so hard to overcome all of your little fears like walking across the kitchen floor and coming in and out of the house! John & I will love you forever and thank you for all of the love that you gave us. You were such a simple, loving friend. Gracie will miss you... thanks for showing her the way.I hope you are happy and have found Bandit across the Rainbow Bridge.

Diane Roche

Buddy Saracino, 07/10/07

Dearest Buddy, It has been 2 years since we lost you.
We will never forget the love you brought into our home and the wonderful memories we have of the time we had with you.
I thank God for letting us have you in our lives for 9 1/2 years. You are so dearly missed, my Buddy. My dear Angel, we will meet again over the Rainbow Bridge.
Love and miss you so very much, Mommy, Michael, and Amanda.

Buddy Shields, 04/17/00-03/09/09

Our Buddy Boy, our Baby,

We miss you terribly. We know it was time to say goodbye, so you didn't suffer. But we can't let go.And our heart hurts so bad. Our routines are so confused, the house is so empty. Your absence is achingly painful. Thank you Buddybuds for all the love you allowed us to feel, for being in our lives, for being such a great dog/friend/family member. We hope it gets easier over time. We Love You and miss you sooo much. You will always be in our hearts until we meet up with you again. Love you, Love you, Love you!!!XOXOXOXO. Be good up there baby!!Rest easy now.

Milton, Bo & Daniel Shields

Buddy Van Durmen, 04/24/09

Dear Buddy, everyone who met you fell in love with you right away. So many people will miss you and think of you every day. We loved you more that words can describe. We hope you are happy now and all healed and happy with your other puppy friends.

Joan and Bob Van Durmen

Buddy Von Wolfgang Taylor, 02/15/95-03/10/09

Rest in peace my boy.
You were a great friend and will be truly missed.

Jerry Taylor

Buddy1, 04/01/00-06/20/09

I loved you the moment I saw you in the pound, even though I was looking for a different dog and was not looking for a lifetime love.
You made it through Parvo and I loved you all the more.

You had the brighest eyes, the fluffiest mane, the most handsome face and paws, a wonderful howl, and an aloofness that was almost cat-like.

I had no idea how you were suffering nor for entirely how long.
But, when your kidneys were failing so fast you showed symptons and all three vets gave you terminal prognosis, I had no help to offer except an easy passing.
Please know how much I love you and miss you, and please don't be mad at me for not wanting you suffer anymore.
I miss you terribly and so does Jasper, your canine pal.

Lynn Stice

Budweiser, 1996-2006

Budman, You were such a good friend and companion.
Even though you have been gone 2 years I still miss you terribly.
I'm glad you chose me to be with.
Stay happy my friend and I will see you soon.


Budweiser Kennard, 03/11/96-2007

Thanks dog. I did and will do my teamwork required as a master to be as Annubis. My soul is your leash and you'll heel soon. I'm too smart for mourning, but I really miss your presence so hold for us revisited.

Kristopher Kennard

Buff, 12/10/07

Buff - one of Callie's babies...funny Buff with his big plumed tail and big white feet..Buff who could stretch farther than anyone could every remember...Buff - the stuff...we tried everything but a cure was not to be...God needed your graceful presense in his beautiful our hearts forever.


Buffer, 07/30/03-06/30/08

Michelle Thomas

Bufferooni, 11/31/98-02/02/09

Our family spent the best 10 years of our lives with our sweet Bufferroni. She brought so much love, laughs and hugs to all of us.
We loved her so very much.
It is very painful to talk about her because she left us so suddenly and in such a tragic way. But she deserves to be honoured my sweet Buff who left us very suddenly last Monday. We have suffered (and are still suffering) the loss of our sweet friend.
While I was walking her a young teenager driving carelessly struck her and she died in my arms moments later. We are truly devastated and will miss her terribly. I am sitting here thinking about how that sweet little dog came to live with us and made it a happier place. Thank you to all of our family and friends always ready to listen to how wonderful Buff was and always happy to see her cheerful little self.
For that,I am so grateful. Buffy was a whole lot of love, I cannot image our lives
without her. It has been almost 5 days and our hearts are broken. But I know that she found the perfect home with us and she had a great
life full of hugs and love.
Marie, Keith, Deborah and Matthew
Buffy you will be in our hearts forever.

Buffiegirl, 06/15/95-09/10/08

my sweet angel girl mommy misses you so very much thankyou for sharing your life with me meet me at the rainbow bridge

Kathy Mussi

Buffy, 06/17/09

Dear Buffy,
You will be greatly missed, but always remembered.
You were a wonderful, loving and affectionate pet and meant the world to Lois and Ray. They loved you so very much.

Nancy & K.C. Taylor

Buffy better known as The Mamas, 08/18/98-06/13/09

She was my first baby girl. My heart is so broken without her. I know she is no longer in pain but I miss the way she would lay on my neck and sleep at night. I miss the way she walked her front end weighed more then her back end so when she walked and went to stop her butt went in the air it was so cute.
Baby girl rest in peace and know you will always be in my heart and i will think of u every day. Love you so much Mamas


Buffy, 11/12/02-05/28/09

She was my angel here on earth and has now been sent to heaven.
A peice of my heart will always be with my baby girl.
I have never felt so much love and so much pain in me entire life.
Buffy - I owe you so much more than thank you.
I would not be the woman that I am today without you.
You saw me through the good and the bad and were always there to comfort, support, and most of all, to love me back.
I have faith that one day we will be together again.
I love you forever and always.
God - please take care of my baby until I am with her again.

Jennifer Smith

Buffy, 08/01/92-05/03/09

It has been a difficult time since you left us a few days ago. I know your up there playing and having a ball with all your new friends.
I know that one day Buffy we will all be together again.
We all miss and love you a great deal.


Buffy, 04/12/93-03/09/09

Buffy, I got you when you were all but 5 weeks old a little pip squeak, you sat in a coffee cup.
From the first time I saw you , you were my Buff Buff and you were my best friend and child....
I am so sorry for what ever discomfort you may have been in your final days. You made me so happy and proud the 16 yrs you shared with me.
Run free and be happy Play with Shelby and let Linda take care of you.........I miss you I see you all over the place and miss your licks and swims across the livingroom floor... I will see you again Buffy and you will be in my HEART forever ........please forgive me but I couldnt let you live in pain or discomfort you didnt deserve that. I love you Buffy my hear aches endlessly for you.....go fetch girl .... I love you. Tabitha and Sabrina miss you.
Love Mommy

Buffy, 03/13/09

Buffy, you were my heart and soul....There are no words that I can write to explain how much you meant to all of us. The house will never be the same. You were an exceptional dog who was loved by everyone who ever met her. I hope you are safe and happy. Hugs and kisses forever...We love you!


Buffy, 03/01/92-11/22/08

Buffy, I miss you. I really don't know what happened to you that night. I went to sleep and the next morning you were gone. I do blame him for whatever happened to you. Because he was drunk, baby mom's so sorry for that. I know that you are Snowball, take care of each other. Now go and lay with snowball in the sun and rest. Look for me as I will be looking for you. Love you.

Mary Torres

Buffy, 12/20/06-02/25/09

Buffy came into our lives and touched us all.
She was a beautiful little dog, always friendly to everyone she met. She had some strange traits, watching T.V. while sitting on her bottom like a human, hiking pillows,balls, blankets and such. Buffy started having seizures in her 1st year of life and they continuely grew worst, we tried various medications and prayed for a miracle...but in the long run to no avail.
I never had a dog that has gotten into my heart the way Buffy did, as I cry typing this having to had put her down the day before I pray she forgives me...because I can't forgive myself..I pray to God that we will be reunited...I Love Her and Miss her so much.

Lance Seifert

Buffy, 05/28/01-02/04/09

To my little Buffy was 2 weeks this past Wednesday, 2/18/09 since you left grandmom and I. I honestly thought that it was going to get easier but I'm finding that is more difficult and I am breaking down more now than I did a week after you passed. This has been an extremely difficult week for me. I feel like you were taken away from us way too early and it has been hard for me accept that. I just dont know how grandmom and I are going to go on without you. The house is now dead, no barking, no more hearing your little paws running on the hard wood more sounds of the little bells you wore on your collar. I have been watching video clips of you running up and down outside, having such a blast and to know that we will never experience being outside with you again, breaks my heart. I know that you are in a much better place now and no longer suffering, but it really doesnt make it easier for us. Grandmom and I love and miss you dearly, you will live in our hearts forever, my little Buffy Puff.


Buffy, 1993-01/07/09

In remembrance of my beloved Buffy who was gifted into our home and into my heart in 1993. On January 7, 2009, he was enfolded back into the tender arms of his Creator.


Buffy, 1988

its been over 22 years, and I still miss you.
You were my best friend for 14 years, and I hopeyou know how much itmeant to me.
You were my best girl, and I want you to stay close to Harley, he'll watch over you until I see you both again.
Love you CB
Your mom

Buffy, 07/93-01/12/09

To Buffy (My Sweet Baby Girl),

I never considered myself a kitty kind of guy but your Mommy wanted you and I could not say no. I have to admit that you had my heart from the moment I laid eyes on you.

Over the last 15 years we shared lots of lazy days where you proved to be an excellent napping partner (even though you snored). I miss those days already.

The scars you gave me during our play times I will wear proudly. Just know that Daddy will always love you and miss you.

Rest My Sweet Baby Girl...
With all my love,
Your Daddy (Jeff)

To My Forever Baby

Buffy, when I came to the shelter those 15 years ago I thought I was to choose a baby to love, instead you chose me!
I knew I would love you and take care of you but I had no idea you would completely steal my heart. (You had Daddy and Brothers heart too!)

I miss hearing you meow "Mom"¯ and feeling your little paw pat my arm or face to wake me in the middle of the night for me to pet you and talk to you.

Saying goodbye was the hardest thing I've had to do since losing Adrienne, but I take comfort knowing that you are no longer sick.

Our home is not the same and I know it never will be.

We thank you for loving us and please know that we will forever love you and you will never leave our hearts or thoughts.

Sleep tight my baby, sleep tight.
With all my love,
Your Forever Mom, Cheryl

Cheryl Stump and Jeff Stump

Buffy, 12/19/95-01/07/09

To my best friend in the world, thank you for being such a sweetie comfort, and giving me the most unconditional love possible. I love you and miss you soooo much rest in peace my princess,I will always love and remember you!

Diane Mancini

Buffy Boozer, 09/15/02

Buffy brought a lot of pleasure to our lifes for fifteen years.It hurt to lose her,but I know she will be in our hearts forever.May she rest in peace.She was a wonderful poodle.


Buffy Sanabria, 06/28/93-06/16/09

To my dearest Buffy,you were and always wiil be
my baby,you were my special companion for so long,with you I learned to be a better person,I wiil paciently wait until we meet again,together forever to cross the rainbow bridge, a world full of love care and lots of fun.Buffy I miss you.

Love forever Your mom Maria

Buford, 05/18/09

Buford you will be greatly missed.
You were the sweetest, best, dog anyone could ever ask for.
I love you.

Melissa Lebedzinski-Lorentz

Buford, 12/31/08

I lost both my dogs on December 31, 2008. They were my best friends and i will never forget them, and always remember what they taught me!


Buford, 02/26/09

Buford was the best.
He had such a personality and definately his own mind. I will miss him so much, he was my buddy and together every morning we would talk, cuddle and make coffee together.
The comfort of his huge purr will missed so much.

Lisa V

Bug, 06/10/09

When we moved to our first home, Bug and her partner Bear were our first pets. Today, Bug left our world, and we miss her dearly. She was a beautiful blue and black lovebird. Bear is quite lonely without his love to keep him company in their nest.

Robert & Colette

Bug, 02/01/94-04/02/09

Bug's health was declining, and with great difficulty we made the decision to have her put down.

She was a good companion, very loving, always willing to give kisses, welcomed strangers into the house - but beware when leaving.

Bug was a member of our family, my loving friend, my baby - always by my side or sitting on my lap.
She was about 16 years old - we were blessed with having her for almost 12 of those precious years.

- we will miss her.

Diane Morales

Bug Man, 10/20/06

You are loved.
Find your long missed buddy Kabuki Cat and bask and play over the rainbow bridge.

Jo Bush

Bugeyes, 1990-01/2009

I got Bugeyes as a kitten in the Spring of 1990, she was terrified and hid for two days.
After that she was a friendly and submissive cat.
We went through a lot together, including hurricane Andrew.
She passed in January 2009 after a 2 month illness at almost nineteen years old.


Buggy 'Bugaboo' Liquori, 09/24/99-02/18/09

Sweet, strong in spirit, playful, loving, funny, happy.
Bells, "gimme those wings"¯.

My Buggy.

Rest in peace, Bugaboo, may you fly free and be strong and know that you were wanted and loved and still wanted and loved and never forgotten.
We love you, all of us, forever.

February 18th, 2009.

Kevin & Evangeline Liquori

Bugs, 07/18/09

You will be dearly missed, stupid heat, I wish I could have done more to save you:( you will always be in my heart


Bugsy Molinaro, 03/08/08

Our little boy is gone.
Always a joy to have come and sit in your lap and cuddle.
Your sister Smidgens (midgee) misses you as much as we do.
Her soul mate is gone to the bridge.
Always the investigator you were, we still look for you to stand in the windows and meow at the birds and anything that moves outside.
You are in a better place and have no pain anymore.
We will always love you and you are in our hearts forever. Always our "buggers".

Cheryl and Phil Molinaro

Bugsy Tafari, 12/25/00-03/10/09

"Bugsy Tafari was the first "Rasta Bunny/Reggae Ambassador" in the reggae industry.
He was the son of "Amlak Tafari", world famous bass player for the internationally famous reggae band, "Steel Pulse" from the UK. And when he was given to me to take care of 8 years ago, his presence in my life brought me so much unconditional love and happiness. He will be missed by many all over the world as he was the mascot over the years at many different reggae shows and festivals throughout California, working with some of the Best Artists in Reggae music from all over the world. Praise Jah for the contribution this little furry creature gave to this world, so much happiness and love. Blessings to you Bugsy! (you will be sadly missed the most by your Mami & Titi!)

Saundra Torres

Bugy Viloria Romero, 06/24/99-04/23/09

Tu amor y ternura incondicional perdurara por siempre en nuestros corazones y pensamiento.
Te Amaremos por siempre nuestro angelito Bugi.

Maritza Viloria

Buka, 08/15/97-04/19/09

I miss you my four-legged friend/conniving buddy.
But I know you got the last laugh 'cuz you stuck me with the bill.
When a pot boils over on the stove, I don't hear your warning barks.
When someone knocks on the door, I don't hear your barking.
It's the subtle connections we had as a team that touch my heart.

Carol Durlak

Bullet, 06/17/09

Bullet the Red Dog was very brave and gave freely of his love...
Keeping his head held high and always trying his best to show his love...
We love you and know your footprints and memories will forever live on in our hearts!
Thanks for being our friend, companion and part of our family....

Barb & Jeff

Bumblin Jc Daisy Mae, 01/10/97-03/20/09

Daisy Mae:
We all miss you very much.
Your big, soft brown eyes begging for popcorn.
How you actually sat up to beg for food.
We will miss your chin pointed straight in the air and your Bo-Wo to go outside.
Yes, even the gassy parts as well!
Well all love you very much.
You will always be our "Real Aftrican Lion".
Love and miss you Jim and Lisa

Bun-bun, 03/26/07

Bun-bun, I miss you terribly. I miss your soft fur and how you used to cuddle with me. I hope that you are happy at the Rainbow Bridge and that you are waiting for me. I am going to be very happy when I get to see you and all of the others. Please tell Gilbert I said hi. I hope that you are well fed and happy there. I am waiting for the day that I will hold you in my arms again. Please wait for me. You have always been one of my best friends and you always will be.


Bunn Bun Bun, 11/11/90-02/11/09

We miss you BunBun, We are sorry, we love you. You where sick, we did not want you to suffer, please forgive us. we love you. I hope your not cold and have a nice place to sleep , like you did at home. We cant sleep with out you, we are sorry. Please forgive us. we will alway love you , I am sorry..

The Gallini Family Minus One

Bunny, 8/4/09

I was walking my girlfriend to her car one night in Oct of 2008 (10 months ago) and saw a big white animal under a car across the street (a cat?). To my surprise it was a big white New Zealand rabbit. I tried to lure her out with no luck. The next morning she was still there, so I went to the market and bought some carrots, and I was able to catch her and bring her inside my house. She was scared, and after 2 days of indoor living (no one came to claim her), I built her a nice size pen, and got her a hutch to put inside it for her new home. Since we didn't know her name, we just called her Bunny. She had the run of the whole backyard during the day, and her pen at night. She ate my plants, dug holes (and tunneled too) and gave me a hard time about coming in at night...but we loved her to pieces anyway. Bunny stopped eating 2 days ago, and the vet kept her overnight to try and open up the blockage she had, with no luck. The vet suggested surgery, and said Bunny had a good chance to pull through. I was told she was about 5 years old, but in good health otherwise, so we agreed to the surgery. Bunny survived her operation, but passed away a couple hours later that night. Her surgeon thinks it was most likely cancer, as a large mass was removed.

I would let Bunny out every morning around 8:00am, and she would come bounding down the ramp from her hutch, and hop out of her pen. I work out of my home, and my office is in the backyard, so I would see Bunny often during the day. Every few hours I'd check on her and bring her a piece of carrot or apple. She was a good size bunny with a good appetite. She got along well with our cat, who was another surprise (we found Kitty after she got trapped under my house).

I guess the best way to end this tribute is say how much we loved Bunny. My girlfriend was a little reluctant for us to keep her at first (maybe me as well), but she fell in love with Bunny pretty quickly too. She was a beautiful bunny, with a lot of spirit and spunk. I don't know how her life was before us, but she spent her last 10 months with people that loved her dearly. She hasn't even been gone for a full day yet, but I miss her terribly.

Bunny, we miss you, and will always love you,

John, Cheryl & Kitty

The picture included is when Bunny started dating, and her first beau was a sailor of all things...

Bunny -- Ch. Bluhaven's Energizer, 02/05/95-12/28/08

Bunny was my constant companion for almost 14 years.
She was a wonderful pet, show dog, and mother.
She lives forever in my heart.

Michael Parker

Bunny-Boo, 06/19/09

My life will never be the same.

Gina Caccitolo

Bunny Ragbir, 02/04/09

Very special, smart, lovable, adorable, playful,words cannot express how perfect he was and how much he meant and will always mean to me. He added so much meaning to my life and my heart.
forever loved


Bunnyboo, 02/01/96-01/06/09

Thank you for going on this journey with me, Bunnyboo. We were a perfect match. I love you with every piece of my broken heart.

Meg Rains

BunnyBunny, 12/14/08

she lived with a friend of mine in my cage.
I brought her vegetables and hay and pellets.
I loved her and wished I could have had her to live with me, but I couldn't. She was a weetie and I miss her, but am glad for being able to know her and for her to be in that beautiful bunny heaven now where she is free and happy all the time.

Bonnieâ palmer

Burber, 06/13/09

Wherever you are in the heavens above,
I will think of you often with affection and love.
I miss you.
I will always miss you.

Patti Purcell

Burma, 10/10/08

My good friend you were so nice to Farouk now you are both together see you some day Gary and Diane.

Burt Palmer, 03/91-04/13/09

He was a good and loyal friend, who lived for 18 years, but as his black mask on his ears and face faded to greyish white just as his fur was always, so did his health, cancer struck, and god called him home for now til i get there to take over his care again.
we miss him and loved so much down here, and i know we will see him again.
But most of all he was part of our family, and will remain in our hearts forever, for there will never be another pet as wonderful and true as he was to us, and we to him.
May you rest in peace and wake up in a much better place, Burt.

I promise i will find you and we'll be together someday, I love you please don't forget that ever.

Amber Minton and Kenneth Palmer

Busey, 04/12/09

Busey Raymond, you were the best clinic cat ever!
We loved you for your fussiness and headbutts when you demanded attention.
I'm so sorry you've been ill for the last year.
I hope your passing was a peaceful end.
We'll miss you!!


Buska, 05/03/09

We've just lost our beloved Buska, who was the most intelligent and the nicest dog I've ever met. We all loved her so much and will never forget! I'm happy she won't suffer any more and will be enjoying "second life" in dog's heaven !

Magda Curillova

Buster, November 7, 1999 - November 6, 2009

Buster was the love of my life for almost ten years. From the day he came home with me, till the day he died, he was my very special doggie. He started going bald when he was just a year old, so he always had to wear clothes outside in the summer and winter, to protect his poor skin. He became incontinent at around the age of seven so he had to wear diapers. He was stubborn and would never let me hug him or love on him without barking out his displeasure, yet I couldn't have loved him more. He was playful to the very last day of his life. Now his clothes are gone except for a couple I saved, his diapers are gone except for two safety pins I kept, his toys are all put away until the day I can look at them again, but his memory fills the entire house as it fills my heart. I will love him forever.

Buster, 07/16/09

I really don't know exactly what to say on here but just put whats in my heart. I just want to say that I really loved him very much and miss him very much. I called him goofy because of the way he use to go nuts over my bowling ball and try his best to pick it up and bark at anybody that would try to touch it or the way he use to chase my remote control cars and tear the tires off them and sometimes even succeed and then if I turned it and chased him with it he would run from it and then when I turned it back around he would chase it again barking at it. He was a great dog and my little buddy, buddy. He's gone now though and I just pray that if he does have a soul that God will take good care of him. Just have to say to him, love ya buddy, buddy and you'll always be in my heart forever. I'll never forget you no matter what.

David deBeaumont

Buster, 04/19/96-05/15/09

Buster Beagle,
My precious baby boy.
Words cannot possibly convey just how special you are, you were my entire life.
You are loved beyond words and missed so very much.
You brought such love and joy to my life and you will always be my best friend.
I just can't seem to find my way without you little man, your absence is felt in every corner of this house and in my broken heart, it's too lonely here without you and Mama needs you here still.
Buster boy, you will always be my love, and will forever be Mama's heart.
Love you little one and miss you so!

Jacquie Christensen

Buster, 06/01/09

Buster was a sweet rabbit who loved to hop and cuddle. He would hop up to strangers for a pet and loved to run through the blinds. I will miss him very much. I hope he is with his brother by bond George and Einstein.

Lisa Johnson

Buster, 06/01/05-11/19/08

He was my everything, my best friend, the brightest thing about my day was seeing his smiling eyes. he is missed every single day

Chris Lalic

Buster, 10/13/08

To My Darling Boy Buster..I miss you more and more every day,,,no one will or could ever take your place...I miss your snoring,I miss your snuggles when we are on the couch...I miss your whole self and my heart aches each and every day...I miss you buddy

Diane Paris

Buster, 06/19/09

He was loved by all, sweet and humble. He was my best friend.

J. Greene

Buster, 09/06/02-06/19/09

Buster was and always will be mommas' boy. He was the most intelligent and loyal dog I ever had and I am a better person for knowing Buster.

Karen Craig

Buster, 06/12/09

Buster was my best friend. I miss him terribly but know that he has gone to a place where there is no more suffering.


Buster, 10/01/95-06/06/09

Buster, the most beautiful little boy who ever lived.I miss him so dearly and heart aches for him. He will be forever loved and missed.


Buster, 04/19/96-05/15/09


You will always be Mama's heart, I love you more than words can say and miss you so very much.
You are my best friend in the world and without you I feel so alone.
The house is too quiet, our bed too lonely and my heart empty.
You are the best boy ever and I was so lucky to be your Mama.
I love you my precious little boy!

Jacquie Christensen

Buster, 03/24/96-05/29/09

Buster BRuiser will always be missed by Mom,Dad, and his 2 legged brothers as well as his many friends he made.We will miss your devoted,loving nature.Hope you connect with your Auntie and Grannie and have a wonderful fun game of ball with them.I miss you already! xoxo

Sharon Newcombe

Buster, 06/11/07-05/15/09

Buster was not even two years old when he got hit by a truck and killed...but he taught us so much in his short life.
He taught us about happiness, joy, silliness, forgiveness and just having fun.
We are heartbroken without him. We just hope he knows how much we loved him.
He was such a happy little guy. It's going to take a long time to get through this...if we ever do

Jim and Shelley Barnett

Buster, 12/01/98-05/16/09

Buster was a domestic shorthair cat the we rescued over 10 years ago.
He was a black and white tuxedo cat.
When we adopted him, he could fit into the palm of our hand. He became a part of our lives and we loved him and miss him so much.
He loved to play and loved to be involved in everything we did around the house.
He got sick so fast and we didn't want him to suffer, so we let him go this morning.

Paul Comeau

Buster, 18/10/90-17/02/09

Goodnight my friend I will always love and miss you xxxx

Margaret Mc Ateer

Buster, 12/95-09/27/08

My little buddy, I miss you so much.
I hope the pain is gone and you're able to run and play again.

Justin Warren

Buster, 04/01/92-05/11/09

My Lad


Buster, 06/29/96-05/02/09

The sweetest doggy with the biggest heart, winning smile, friend to everyone, the only dog our family has ever had...may he be free now to chase all the birds he wants! Buster, we love you, we miss you and we know that you are in doggy heaven! Some day we will see you again!

Stephanie Shahid

Buster, 04/25/09

Buster, You were my best friend, and I spent many wonderful years with you, Although you are gone, your still here in spirit.God must have needed for
a special reason, Your one of a kind and just remember I will be seeing you when the lord decides it is my time, till then just remember that I love you!!!


Buster, 08/02/96-04/17/09

I was with you the day you came into the world and the day that you left. The circle of life
Thank you for so many great memories.
You were such a friendly kitty and everyone loved you.
I will always remember you my buddy!


Buster, 04/07/09

I Love you so much, Buster.
Thank you for being my best friend these last eight years, making me laugh and smile everyday.
Words just can't express how much I will miss your funny ways and unique personality, and the love that you always gave to me and Mom and Dad.
I'll keep you with me always, deep in my heart.
Love you, Bust!

Buster, 11/30/08

Buster, you were always there for me sweetheart and part of my soul is now with you across the rainbow bridge.

Buster, 04/27/98-03/02/09

Buster, you would dance and smile when we came home each day making the homecoming very exciting. We miss you very much, we await our joining st the Rainbow Bridge.

Rosie Parmigiani & Colleen Noone

Buster, 04/01/93-03/03/09

A tribute to Buster.

Dear Friends and Family,

Our life-long family companion, Buster died this morning around 4AM.
His passing was relatively swift as his body could not withstand his impaired liver function.
Buster was cared for deeply as most family pets. He would have been 16 April 1.
Buster adopted me at the animal shelter in 1993 at 4 months old. He was very smart, loved to run, play, chase animals and be a good dog. He enjoyed joining the family Thanksgiving dinner
- always with the best of manners (never reaching across the table), and was known to play baseball and football. He loved getting Christmas presents, going for ice cream and above all going for walks.
He was an ardent scout, a protector of home and family and loved to play and sleep on the sofa and could somehow take up an the entire space of a queen size bed at only 40 lbs.
He was a wonderful dog and was loved very much and will be missed dearly.
We are thankful that he is in God's hands and is at peace.



Buster, 04/20/97-02/16/09

We will always love you and know that you will be waiting for us at the Rainbow Bridge. No other dog can ever take the place of our "Bubba Boy" Take care, my boy and have fun with Crystal and Smokey "Rustle" while you wait for us. Love, Mom & Dad

Buster, 06/06/99-10/27/08

I miss you so much.
I miss your playful way you when you greet me in the morning and when I come home from work.
I love the way you jump on the couch and sit beside me, playfully.
I love the way you smell and how you purr when I hug you.
Even though you are a dog, you often acted like a cat.
I look at your picture and think of all the memories we shared.
I will always love you, Buster.
Harley misses you too.
Love, mom.

Buster, 02/23/09

We miss you very much.We will love you always.


Buster, 02/19/09

Buster died this morning and I am very sad today.
He has been a very faithful, devoted companion for a long time and I'll miss him very much.
He is joining our other boxer, Chester who left us 5 years ago. It comforts me to know they are together again. Our remaining dog, Sophie, is going to wonder where her big brother is. There will be a big, empty cold spot on my bed tonite where he normally sleeps.

Jane Bennett

Buster, 06/95-02/21/09

Goodbye to our beloved Buster. You have endured enough pain while on this earth. You are now in a pain-free place. We will all miss you dearly, especially your brother Topper. God speed Buster!

Aunt Kelley

Buster, 06/17/93-01/18/09

We'll miss you ol'guy - and your pretend friend, Skippy. You were such a sweetheart, growing up with David; we're missing you so much. In our hearts you will always reside. Now you can play, carry three toys in your mouth, pick figs from the tree, purr when we scratched your ears, and run like a bunny. Watering the yard will never be the same.

Connie, Tom, David Strybel

Buster, 05/29/96-01/21/09

Buster was a phenomenal dog that adored his family. He was blessed to not only have a family of now 4,with the recent birth of our daughter, but also 7 other pets to keep him company. My husband, Ed, has had Buster since he was just 15 years old. We joked often that Buster was like a hemmorhoid on Ed because he followed him absolutely everywhere. They were best buds. Buster's family is going to miss him very very much.

Tiffany Fleming

Buster Abate, 10/06/01-04/08/04

My Beloved Buster-I still miss you so much.You are my #1 man.I will never forget you or Lucy. Take care of Lucy. I'll be seeing you again some day.

Susan Abate

Buster Brown, 02/28/98-06/29/09

Buster B. Brown, you lived up to your name from the day you came home.
You were always in some kind of mischief, but always with a smile.
But when it came down to it, you helped anyone who was hurting in any way you could.
We hope you've found Shelby, and will wait for us at the Rainbow Bridge.
You'll always be in our hearts.
Mom, Dad, Joey and Ryan.

Buster Brown, 07/02/95-04/25/09

Buster Brown you were a good dog.
We were happy to have you a part of our lives.
You gave us so much happiness.
We will remember all the joy you brought into our lives.
We will never forget how you use to say "I love you".
Well buddy we love you too.
I am sorry we had to put you to sleep. I know you were in a lot of pain and we just could not put you through anymore.
I know your sprit is with us and I know it was you that made the sausage fall on the floor the day after you left us.
Thank you for protecting us those 14 years.
One of the best days of my life was watching you come into the world and watching you open your eyes for the first time and watching you grow to become a great dog.
We will miss you Buster Brown and love you forever.

Michelle Endsley

Buster Brown, 02/03/09

My sweet baby Buster Brown, the finest dog in town, I hope you feel better now. You fought so hard and I'm proud of you, my baby. Mommy will miss you so, but I know you had to leave. I hope you know I did all I could and would have gone to the ends of the earth to make you better. It just wasn't meant to be.
Please wait for me, Buster. It will be a joyous day indeed when we meet again!
You were a once in a lifetime dog, and will always have a special place in my heart.
I love you forever and ever, sweet baby!!

Buster Brown Duncan, 04/01/93-05/02/09

He taught me the greatest gift of all "un-conditional love"

Melody Duncan

Buster Brown's Golden Star, 03/05/09-02/09/09

What could we possibly say to convey our love and admiration for spending the most loving and precious 9-11 months with our beloved boy Buster Brown.
Thank you God for considering us worthy for this most unique task.

Pamela Osis-Gruner

Buster DiPalma, 08/11/96-06/04/09

I miss you Bus! You were the best dog and the best friend I have ever had!!! You had the purest soul, no human would ever be capable of having...I was Blessed to have you in my life!!!
Love, Mommy

Buster Fatboy Liquori, 07/14/09

We love you so much, our little boy.
You gave us so many wonderful years filled with joy, happiness and laughter and fun.
We will miss you so much.
We can't believe that you were taken from us, too.
We hope you are together with your little Bugaboo and C.B., and all of those who have passed on before that have so much love in their hearts to give.
All of you, please watch out for him, we love him so much.
We love you ALL so much and thank you for your love and guidance from over there.
He was the best little boy in the world.
We miss you, little chicken.
Be good, happy, healthy and strong.
We love you.
All of us.

Kevin and Evangeline Liquori With Baby Burd (His Mate)

Buster Loewinger, 01/05/09

I will always love you forever, Angel Buster.
You are my best friend for my life and I will never forget you.

Sherry Loewinger

Buster Roo Ryan, 08/15/94-03/10/09

We brought Buster home when he was six weeks old and he quickly became a permanent member of our family, and he was treated just like he was human instead of canine. Buster was just like one of our children as he grew up with our oldest child, and we would take him for car rides and for walks in the neighborhood. Loosing Buster is just as hard on us as loosing a human member of our family and I know that in time we will heal, but it is going to take a long time, but Buster brought so much joy and laughter in our family that we will never ever forget him.

Melissa Ryan

Buster Vaughn, 01/20/91-03/13/09

I will miss Buster so very much.
He was such a loyal and true companion.
He was with me longer than my husbands, and he's been with me through surgeries, and personal trauma and the good times as well.
I will always revere him and thank him for the years of joy and happiness he brought to our family.
I will miss him greeting me at the door when I come home and laying in my lap while I unwind.

Hugs, Kisses and many many purrs,


Buster Wolff, 12/15/99-04/19/09

For my son and furbaby Buster. Who fought cancer so bravely. You were and will always be a inspiration to me. Even at the end, you lived with pride and dignity. I love you so very much and pray for the day when I will
be reunited with you. You live on in my heart and soul! xoxo

Kimberly Wolff

Butch, 07/11/09

Good bye Beautiful Butch,
You are now in a wonderful place where, Fredie, Fritiz, Bebe, Skippy, Tico, and Evan will be there to greet you.
I will miss you but know you will be well taken care of. Sweet Butch We love you and will miss you very much.

Dianne, Hans, Hildie, Panda and Bear

Butch, 02/14/09

I miss you butch. I'm sorry your life here had to end. You were a great dog, free sprit. Hope you and your bother are together living a pain free life.
love mom, dad, sister

Butch, 11/30/08

I lost my boy suddenly.
I found him dead in the dog box he insisted on sharing with his sister and had all his life.
He was my special pal.
Followed me everywhere and I wouldn't have made it thorough my divorce without him by my side.
I miss him.

Marilou McClung

Butchie, 09/07/94-07/09/09

Unconditional love is what you gave to me. No matter what happened you were always by my side. From break-ups, to deaths, or emotional teenage drama you always knew exactly when I was feeling down and would cuddle right up into my arms. You were like no other Butchie and although its the hardest living here without you, I know now you're no longer suffering. I love you Butchie and you will be so greatly missed. <3 I love you forever and always.

Ashley Rennebu

Butchie, 03/25/09

My wonderful companion of 16 years you will always be in my heart. You are missed by everyone so very much. I'll love you forever by Butchie Boy!

Maria Boccutto

Butchie, 09/01/99-01/25/08

The best boy, our perfect companion. We saved him, and he saved us right back. He is sorely missed.

Mark & Tammy Bierman

Butchie Boy, 09/08/98-01/25/09

To our Butchie Boy - We love you and miss you so very much.
Thank you for all the love you gave us and for all the ways you gave us a better life...... all the laughter, friendship, companionship, and unconditional love.
We will always love you, and you will always be with us.
You were taken from us much too fast and soon, but we are glad you did not suffer.
Thank you for everything Boo.

Tammy Harness & Mark Bierman

Butchie Brod, 06/19/02-05/26/09

The kindest soul Butchie.
I loved you so much.
You were there with me when I would have otherwise been alone, brightenng all my moments. You suffered an unneccesary illness, and fought so hard for a year.
You fought through and got better and happy for a while(about 1 yr) for which I am so grateful.
I am so sorry you suffered at the end.
I hope you are at peace, and that other spirits/souls can benefit from your presence as I did.

Nelson Brod

Butler, 08/16/95-05/29/09

Butler gave me nothing but pure unconditional love, he was the best thing that ever came into my life....and the sadest thing to have left. He loved to swim, go camping, take car rides, and walks... he woke me up in the morning and slept by my bedside at night... he greeted me at the door when i came home and said good-bye when i left...all humans he came into contact with fell in love with him.... Butler was a gentle soul who gave pure LOVE! Besides myself (his human pet)He also left behind a wife (Kaydie) who will miss him dearly..... I truly hope that he does not feel the pain and misery he experienced his last days on earth and i am sure he is sitting next to his God sharing his LOVE!


Butta Bean, 4 years old - 11/30/2009

To My Beloved are missed so very much. I am sorry for the heart breaking decision I had to make but I felt it was the best for you so that you wouldn't have to suffer anymore. You have brought so much joy, happiness, love & laughter to me and to all those who knew you. Your bright eyes & warm personality shined through and through no matter what type of day you were having. We all miss you & will never forget what a spectacular & loving cat you ere. I Know you are playing with Lola, Tati, Zara & Brandi and having fun with no more hurt or pain!

I LOVE YOU & MISS YOU and you will FOREVER live in my heart, mind, soul & are THE BEST BABY BUTTA!!!

My heart is very heavy from grief & sadness but just always know the love & wonderful memories I had & willalways have will help my heart heal but NEVER FORGET!!

Love Mama

Butter, 06/02/09

Good Bye my sweet and loyal Friend, you will never leave my heart.
I know I had to let you go, but my tommorow's will never be the same.

Gigi MC MCgaha

Butter, 02/14/09

To Butter - a cat with endless patience and a forgiving heart - who stuck around until I was ready to let him go.

I miss you terribly.

Sandra Woessner

Butter Scoch, 05/07/05

all i have to say is i loved butter scoch and i always will.i hope he knows how horrified i was when i saw him dead.


Butterbean, 01/23/94-02/21/09

Butterbean, was the little girl I never had. She was my best friend, she was my everything. I could just look at her and was able to tell what she wanted, and she always new what I needed from her. Its hard to imagine my life without her in it.

Lisa McKeithan

Buttercup, 07/03/09

I miss you and love you!! xoxo

Kelly Ascah

Buttercup, 03/10/09

Buttercup was my neighbors dog, but he never spent time with her so, she took up with my husband and I and over the years we grew so close to her and loved her as if she was our very own dog.
Buttercup was such a loving dog, she would paw at our feet, walked every step we walked, slept outside our bedroom window, excellent watch dog, but she had a habit of chasing squirels, certain cars, and 4-wheelers and this past Saturday night, March 7, Buttercup was hit by a 4-Wheeler at the end of our drive-way.
The driver drove off never rendering help for her.
After rushing her to a local Vet, we learned she had a slight head injury, road rash, and cuts, but she couldn't or wouldn't move her back legs.
Due to the amount of pain she was in and shock, all the Doctor could do was give her pain medication and start an IV.
On Monday, he put her through x-rays and to his surprise she had no broken bones no where in her body.
He dignosed her with soft tissue damage, but on Tuesday, I received the horrible news, "there's nothing more we can do."
Buttercup had suffered a spinal cord injury and she would never use her back legs again.
I lost my beloved Buttercup and my heart is broken for a dog that wasn't even mine, but she was.
We have given her a proper buriel this morning and I draw comfort and strength knowing Buttercup knew we loved her as our own.
We'll cherish the many memories she has blessed us with and think of those who will never experience the love of an owner.

The Venn's

Butters, October 1, 2003 - December 13, 2009

We only had him for 6 short years. He was his daddy's boy, even though mommy was the one who wanted him. He would be waiting by the door for daddy to come home from work. Then he and daddy would take a nap together. He would lay right next to his daddy with his leg over daddy's arm. If mommy came into the room, he would look at her as if to say "Go away mommy. Me and daddy are taking a nap." If daddy would sit in the recliner chair, he would be on the back of the chair in no time flat. He would also follow his daddy around like a little puppy dog. Wherever daddy went, Butters went. And if he was told to get out of the kitchen, he would "fuss" at us the whole time he was leaving. When daddy was working on his stamp albums, Butters would either sit and watch him or try to "help" by walking all over them. He did, however, like for mommy to scratch his back. He would purr so loud we thought he was going to take flight! He liked to watch t.v. with mommy. He would sit in the chair across from mommy while watching. He would also sit on the back of the couch while mommy was on the computer. Once in awhile he would meow at mommy so that she would scratch his back. And if she stopped before he was ready, he would try to grab her arm. He loved his friends Kathy, Barb and Gladys. He especially loved his Aunt Lisa and Uncle Jason. Butters was a son to us. He was our friend and companion. Rest in Peace, Butters. We love you and will see you soon at the Rainbow Bridge.

Butters, 07/01/09

My dog would of been a year old on July 1st 2009 she got out of my yard and a car hit her killed her on impact. I never got to say goodbye never got to hold her one last time. It hurts so bad like a part if my heart just broke. She was my baby and now suddlen she gets took outta my life. People please slow down and watch your speed sometimes the dogs are loved and have a family. There part of a family

Sarah Koga

Butterscotch, 05/01/1997 - 09/11/2009

Butterscotch, I will miss you meeting me at the door every day when I get home from work. I still see you laying beside me, I feel your presence all around the house. I know you will see me again, until then enjoy your new beginnings. Love, your friend.

Butterscotch, 05/25/09

Butterscotch was a wonderful and loving cat who thought he was a dog. He loved people and his best friend - our Lhasa Apso, Buffy. We are all so sad without our Butter, but know he will be waiting for us across the Rainbow Bridge. Our loves were enriched because of the love,companionship,loyalty, and courage Butterscotch brought to all of us. There is a hole in my heart where Butter used to be, but we are so blessed to have had him as long as we did.

Sandy and Earl Waters

Butterscotch, 12/01/08-03/10/09

Butterscotch my dear baby gurl. We love and miss you very much. Run free little one til the day we meet again. Gone from our lives but not from our hearts.


Butterscotch, 02/06/09

She was such a sweet and beautiful cat, but it was her time to go. We love and miss you Butterscotch.

Tracy Randolph, Chris Conley, Michelle Barnum

Butterscotch Nathan, 07/06/95-04/15/09

Butters has brought so much love and joy to our family. We are grateful for having been chosen to share her journey and learn the meaning of unconditional love. Today we mourn our loss, our eyes wet with tears and our hearts heavy, we embrace the knowledge we were loved and have loved and that Butters is running around with our loved ones who have already passed in heaven. Butters has left her imprint upon our souls forever. We were not lucky but blessed.

Lisa Nathan

Butterz, 01/27/09

I hope you had the time of your life, Butterz

Aunt Patti

Butthead, 03/10/09

Butthead was my best friend for 10 years.
He did his guarddog duty well
Each time the doorbell rang.
Strangers surely couldn't see
My gentle friend- behind those fangs.
I noticed in the recent times
His ears were not as sharp
Where is that running ball of fur
The years have shown their mark.
My Butthead was a special dog
I know he gave his best.
But as I looked deep into his eyes
I knew it was time for him to rest.
Good bye my friend I'll miss You so
In my heart You'll always stay.
There will come a day
When we will be together once again.

Ilona Baker

Button, 07/01/96-04/29/09

Button was rescued from the shelter at the age of 10.
She came with severe arthritis, but never complained or turned down a walk, even if it was slow.
The last year she accompanied me in her stroller, still unwilling to miss out on an opportunity to see the world.
We were always together, at home, in the car, on a weekend getaway.
A huge piece of my soul is missing without her.
Our time together was too short, but so meaningful.
I miss you Button, more than you can imagine.

Dolores Ellis

Buttons, 11/20/95-07/01/09

Dear Buttons,
Because we loved you so much we chose not to have you live in pain and suffer any longer. Because we loved you we chose what was best for you and not extend your life for our sakes and to say "Goodbye" with our arms around you. We were heartbroken to see you in such distress and we are grief stricken at our loss of your unconditional love. Where ever you are, please know that we loved you with all our hearts and will always miss your dear, gentle and loving spirit.
Go and play now, and keep our love with you. We will see you again.
Jean and Sarah

Buttons, 2008-04/01/09

Buttons we are so sad you passed away especially as we were away on holiday and your carer found you. We are so sorry we weren't with you and that makes it all the harder, especially as you were only a young piggin. Goodbye and know all our love goes with you "our little wombat".
We will make sure we look after all your friends and loved ones. Harriet, Milo, Otis, Oompa, Sherbet, Coco and Malteser all say a special good-bye. Your mums Chauntelle & Stacey. xxxx

Buttons, 03/21/09

You were Daddy's little girl for 14 years, died in my arms, we are heartbroken and you were a loved little girl, you will be missed.

Martin Florida

Buttons, 07/15/93-03/13/09


Mary Ann Taylor

Buttons, 07/15/93-03/13/09

This tribute is for buttons, the best dog ever! God please take care of our best friend, he was the most kind and gentle dog we have ever known.
Our hopes and prayers are that when we leave this earth Buttons will be waiting for us at the Rainbow Bridge. We love you dearly, good buy. P.S. I will bring plenty of treats.

Terry and Mary Ann Taylor

Buttons, 09/18/96-02/21/09

Wonderful Friend and Companion,
Do you know how much I miss you and how empty the house seems without you?
For all the nights you kept me company on the recliner,for all the days you ran to greet me when I returned home from work,for the countless times you lifted my spirits and made me smile when I wanted to cry, I miss you and you'll always have a place in my heart.

Kathryn Moore

Buttons, 01/28/09

We miss you Tootsiebella.

We hope and pray to God every night that you are at last resting comfortably and that your little body is no longer hurting you.

Bowsie misses you but we explained to her what happened to you. We hope she understands.

We don't think we'll ever understand why what happened to you did. But it did and we and Dr.Friedman helped you as best as we could.

We love you Buttons with all our hearts.

Rest well sweetie, you earned it.

R DeStefano

Buttons, 01/03/09

I've had Buttons since he was a kitten, 13 years later he left me. He had gotten sick and lost a lot of weight. I took him to the vet on Friday and made the decision on Saturday to let him go. That was the hardest decision of my life. As he laid there in my arms I knew he was no longer in pain. I know it was the right thing to do and I will see him again. I will miss you, my pretty little kitty. I love you Buttons!


Buttons (Porky), 05/95

Buttons was a nice little dog.
She could sit and wave to you.
was a nice and loving dog and very friendly.
She would shake
your hand.

Ron Deutmeyer

Butybung, 29/01/09

It has been nearly a week now since Butybung was taken so violently and shockingly from me. I still have the video in my mind playing over and over of the teenager wheelspinning on Butybung after running him over. He could have been saved if it had just been the impact, but the deliberate spinning wheel on his fragile body literally tore him apart infront of my eyes as he yelped - no one should have to see their baby go through that. Let us prey the sick culprit is caught and that the police have luck with their investigation. In the meantime, I look forward to seeing Butybung on the rainbow bridge where I know he is waiting for me, happy and content.

Michael Edmunds

Buzz, 03/05/09

Buzz was adopted from a shelter in 2003.
He was an older dog that had a habit of running away.
Well, he could scale a 6' fence in a single leap and then the chase would be on.
As he aged, he began to have health problems, but we loved him and saw to his needs.
Finally, old age and senility got the best of him and we let him go with dignity.
He was a good dog.

Ken, Lori, and CJ

Buzz, 02/19/09

You will be greatly missed... you were an absolute joy to look after.. i just wish I had more time with you.

Candida Fernandes

Buzz, 02/06/09

Buzz picked me out himself when I rescued him from the shelter.
He was a handsome silver tabby who was wild like his stripes.
He knew how to charm me to get what he wanted, and he was a beautiful soul.
He was sick for a while but never lost his spirit.
He will always be in my heart.

Lauren Pille

Buzz Lightyear Schulz, 06/27/09

My dearest kitty, my dear catson, my best friend and confidant, you have been with me for more than half my life, you knew me better than anyone. We grew up together and have been threw it all.
You always knew what to do to comfort me or cheer me up.
I'll miss your loving nudges and bites to wake me up and the talks we had and you fussing at me.
You were always young at heart never acting your age. You played with the kids like you were one of them and then boss us all around.
I still can't believe you are gone.
I wish I knew what happened to you.
I hope you weren't in pain.
You looked like you were just napping as usual. I'm glad I can remember you that way. I hope it is great on the other side. I will miss you horribly.
Thanks for the wonderful 15 years we had, I wish we had more time, but I am grateful for every moment we had. I will truly miss you. My heart can't wait for the moment we are together again. I have faith that you are in a good place, and that will help me through the days. You will be forever in my heart until we meet again.
I love you always!

Byron Furry Pants Huff, 07/01/95-04/07/09

My Dear Byron

Thankyou for being such a big part of my life.
I treasure you like no other and your loss has left me with a broken heart.
My comfort is in knowing that someday we will be together again my little furry pants.
I Love You

Byron Smith, 06/14/09


Our time together was short and not always easy for you, given your struggles with heartworm disease and treatment. But I'm glad I could give you some time to run in the mountains, experience the joy of jumping through snowbanks, and a nice warm and safe place to sleep at night. I so loved and love you, my little orphan from the storm. You will always be my Byrie Ayrie, standing on your perch overlooking the world beyond.

Love, your Mom

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