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2009 Tributes

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A.C., 01/01/93 - 11/10/09

Oh A.C., my dear sweet "Babygirl", "Mama Kitty", "Sissy-kins" and on and on... you were so much more to us than just a pet or belonging; you were family. The child we never had. You were my B.F.F (Best Feline friend) Always!! I miss you every minute of every day. This Tuesday it will be 3 long agonizing weeks since we lost the battle over the raging cancer inside you. I feel empty and lonely without you, feeling as if the love I have for you now has nowhere to go, almost spilling to the floor, lost. I will miss your "Drop-n-Plops", your upside down stretches, your inquisitive "MROW?" when we woke you or walked in a room...almost sounding as if you were asking a question, sooo cute my friend! I'll miss the way you used my body as a runway in the middle of the night because you were a sweet nocturnal creature who was lonely or bored. I'll miss spoiling you with "ippy-keem" (whipped cream), expensive foods & tuna straight from the can. I will especially miss the way you rubbed on daddies face with yours when he came home. So much love there. Your hair is still everywhere, except now I leave it be because I am scared that one day there will be none left to cling to me.
I guess all I am trying to express is that I am so blessed to have had the honor of knowing you & caring for you during your short, but full, lifetime. Fate brought us together and hopefully fate will see that we will be together again one day, either in my dreams or perhaps after my own journey to "Rainbow Bridge". Until then, "Daddy" & I will always remember you fondly and with pure unconditional love.

AAiden (M'Lady's Wild Eyed Southern Girl), 08/15/07-03/14/09

My heart went with you when you left.I will always love you,Mommy's Love.My AA,my Angel.Godspeed.

Meredith Fallow

Abba, 03/17/09

You were my baby and I will always love you and miss you.

Michael Eric Prock

Abbey, 05/28/98-06/08/09

best damm dog in the world


Abbey, 04/01/09

the sunshine of my life for 14 years

Roseann Rowan

Abbey, 12/14/92-03/10/09

Abbey, thank you for being part of our lives.
We'll always love you.


Abbey, 01/10/99-02/04/09

To my best friend in the world.
You will always been in my heart.
I miss you so much!

Christine Hergenhahn

Abbey, 06/04/08

I am so glad you appeared on my porch 4 years ago.
I do miss you.

Debbie - Mom

Abbie, 06/14/92-07/05/09

The best doggie ever! we will miss you.

Sandy Robbins

Abbie, 09/97-02/21/09

No one could have asked for a more loving and loyal girl. You lit up my life and will miss you so very much til I see you again waiting with Sam to meet me. I love you.

Jenni Freeman

Abby, 07/06/09

Abby was a fiesty girl with personality to match. We called her Abby the talking dog because she would seem to almost talk to you...she was a smiling girl...and always happy to see you...Abby was such a part of our family that just going to the beauty shop she would be missed I can't imagine how it will be with her gone forever...I love you Abby Do and miss you so much.


Abby, 08/07/97-08/04/06

Abby, my baby, not a day goes by that I don't think of you and miss you.
You took a huge piece of my heart with you.
I can only hope that someday we'll be rejoined & I gain some peace by thinking that you're with Lady-girl playing ball and waiting for the rest of your family.
I love and miss you and always will.

Terry Russell

Abby, 03/24/93-05/21/09

Abby came to live with us at 7 weeks old, on our daughter's 10th birthday.
As with most "live" presents for children, she soon became the family present.
We spent many happy years together.
She loved to sing (howl) on command, ride in our boat, chase a ball, take long walks, eat treats and just sit close by.
Her last 4 years were plagued with illness and diapers.
The day she could not stand up to eat any longer, we had to help her over the bridge.
Mom, Dad, Katie and Elliott miss you very much dear Abby Girl.
Run free till we meet again.

Rhona Pinkney

Abby, 12/20/04-06/10/09

Abby was the best dog that anyone could ask for. She was our best friend and was there in my time of need.
She was taken from us entirely too soon. We love and miss you Abby.

Adrienne Smith

Abby, 04/24/09-06/12/09

Abby was my sweet little girl and even though she was only with me for a short time I will miss her dearly.
There will never be another like her, and no one can ever take her place.

Daddy loves you baby and will see you again when we meet in heaven.

Abby, 08/16/96-12/14/08

Abby was diagnosed with lymphoma on 10/30/07 and fought a very hard fight for 13 1/2 months.
She was one of the sweetest, most loving pups I have ever seen.
Our family has not been the same since she has passed. Dear Abby, I know that you are free from that horrible illness.
We love you and miss you so much, it is unbearable at times.
We'll see you again soon, lovely girl.
Enjoy yourself at Rainbow Bridge!

Amy Callahan

Abby, 08/15/93-01/12/08

Abby was a wonderful sister to Cozy. Remember how he washed you and you would jump on him the minute he looked away. My heart was broken when you passed on. You were so brave even near the end. You'd sit on my computer table under the lamp to keep warm. Soon, my beloved girl, your brother will be joining you. He's fighting his own battle right now just as gracefully as you did. Please look for him soon and great him on the bridge. Both of you will always live in my heart. In time, we'll be together again. All my love.
Sue c.

Abby, 05/03/09

Abby will always be remembered. She was always smiling, happy and listening. She knew when I was sad and happy. I loved her so and miss her so much. I was so blessed to to be able to share my life with her. She was 12. A companion, true friend, and irreplaceable.
My Bumbles you will forever be in my heart.
Your loving mom,

Abby (Abigale), 2006

Our kitty Abby came to us shortly after I had lost my dear sweet P.K. I thought I would never have another kitty, but God had other plans. I told my mom "I am not ready to have another kitty, and I am not sure I ever will, but if I did, i would want an all white kitty". Then one day my mom had this feeling that she should go to the local pet store (which she NEVER does... EVER) and the store just had someone drop off this beautiful pure white, long haired kitty to them that someone had found. my mom came right home and put me in the car and rushed out there without telling me what I was going for. Then I saw her.... I loved her from the first second I saw her and I couldn't want to take her home! We took her home a couple of days later and she because the owner of our home. We loved her with all our hearts. I then had gotten my kitty Mickey who was a black and white male kitty and they became best friends. I loved my Abby so much! I then met my future husband and my Abby LOVED him so much! She got so excited when he would come over to see me. And when we got married and moved in together my Abby would run to him the second he got home from work. She was a very "proper" kitty, almost like she knew how beautiful she was and that she was the queen. She had a heart of gold and she would lick your face all day if you let her. We miss her everyday! She started to get sick around the time I had brain surgery and I almost told my family that I would wait until Abby got better to have my surgery, but they made me do it anyway. I prayed that my Abby would stay safe until I got home to be with her. I had some friends come and live at our house while I was away having the brain surgery and when I got home I went to all of my furbabies and hugged and kissed them all and I thanked my Abby for waiting for me. She was a very happy kitty. then a few months after I got home she started to get worse and then one night she went back home to be with God. I found her food dish with the symbol of a cross licked into the dish and I knew that was my sign that my baby girl was in the arms of Jesus now and she was happy. We miss you "baby Abby" and we love you SOOO VERY much! God Bless you! We will see you again someday. I promise!

Julie & Doug Horn

Abby, 08/22/05


Abby, 04/09/09

Abby was our special little girl. She was a loving thing and queen of our house. Since losing her buddy Sassy 2 years ago, she got all of our attention and because she was older she needed lots of special attention.
Our house feels so empty now, the hurt is so fresh. She will always be in our hearts and hopefully we will get to see her again one day with Sassy, and Cupcake.

Barbara and Steve Carter

Abby, 04/02/09

To Our Beautiful Abby, we recused you from such abuse in 1997, and you finially trusted were always there for us,tail wagging and the most wonderful greeting when we came was hard to release you, but we knew you were in pain...up to the Rainbow Bridge you went, there you can play with all our other pets waiting for us...We are so sad .... but know that you are free of pain....and we will have our wonderful memories of you all these past years...Good bye our Abby....You always were are to really say Good Bye...

Pat Unice

Abby, 03/30/09

Now running with her pal, Bambi, and at peace.

Doris Waters

Abby, 06/29/95-03/17/09

To my sweet Abby, I miss you more than words can say.
You were not just a dog, you were my first baby, a child with fur.
You were all I ever wanted of a dog and I was so lucky to have you in my life for almost 14 years.
When I was a little girl I used to dream of having a dog as sweet and loving as you and was so blessed to have you in my life.
I will never forget you and I will never stop loving you.
Rest in peace dear girl, you brought much light to all of our lives.

Shannon StClair

Abby, 11/21/94-03/16/09

Abby, our granddog.
We will do your tribute because right now your Mom is really hurting. She misses you so much.
So do we.
You were the cutest little fur ball when she brought you home.
The sweet puppy smell and the little Springer kisses.
You were your Moms companion at the barn 24/7.
Where Erin was, Abby was.
You romped, wagged that tail, played and just enjoyed life.
You brought such joy into so many lives.
You were always so healthy.
We thought you would live forever.
You also protected your Mom.
I think you knew she was diabetic and made sure she was always alright.
You were such a laid back lady.
Your heart broke when she was in the hospital.
We will never forget those sad eyes and the joy when she came home.
You loved horse shows, playing ball and eating!
However, we think your heart broke when you found out our Callie (your sister) passed away in Nov.
You were so vibrant and looked so great.
So Abby rest in peace.
We love you so much and miss you more than you will ever know.
Say hi to Callie and give her a big kiss.
You both have crossed over the Rainbow Bridge and are together again.
May there be lots of treats, green grass and big cars for you both to ride in.
As we said about Callie; you came a puppy and left a beautiful lady. You were the role model for life.
Rest in peace sweet girl.
You will never be forgotten.
Until we meet again.

Patty and Walt McKenney

Abby, 04/01/95-03/18/09

A great dog and a wonderful friend.

Carolyn Coleman

Abby, 11/2008-02/13/09

Little Abby-
You must have been so scared when you crossed that Rainbow Bridge.
You were so little, and so sick.
My heart breaks for you.
Your family dropped you off at the animal control when they lost their jobs and could no longer care for you.
About two weeks later, a strange lady picked you up and drove you home.
That first night was kind of fun.
These strange people bought you lot's of toys and they had another puppy who you played and played with.
You hadn't been feeling very well, and the next day this strange lady who kept saying she was your Mommy, took you to the doctor who stuck things up you and scared you even more.
Luckily, the other puppy was right there by your side.
Two days later you got much sicker and had to go stay in the hospital for four days.
The people there were nice, but, the pain was really bad and by the time your Mommy came to pick you up you were really scared, and probably wondering just why your family took you to that cold ugly place.....everyone said you were going to be fine, but, the next morning, while this new Mommy lady was holding you, something happened and your heart just gave out and you were gone.
Abby- you were with us for such a short time, but I miss you so much.
You would have been such a wonderful addition to our family.
You didn't get a chance........and for that we will be always sad.
"Mommy" Mary Jo and Chcuk

Abby, 03/17/97-02/18/09

My beloved girl Abby died last night after surgery to remove a tumor from her liver.
She was the love of my life and best friend.
I am so sad I can hardly function.
I have to mourn her and will for a long time.
Why, all I can aske is why???


Abby, 03/96-02/11/09

My golden retriever, Abby,had the most beautiful soul.
Abby was sweet, kind, gentle, sensitive, happy, loyal, never complaining and very brave.
Abby was my constant companion and best friend.
miss her terribly already.
It feels like there is a huge aching hole in my heart that she used to fill.
Abby filled my home with her presence. Now h your spirit can be free with the angels to suffer no more. I will love you always Abby.

Linda McCreight

Abby, 06/15/91-01/05/09

Abby was always there for Ron. She would wait for him to come home from work. She always knew when someone was down and would give them a nudge with her cold nose....We will really miss her. The house seems so empty now.

Stevie Zeestraten

Abby, 07/31/01-01/28/09

Abby, you will be in my heart forever. Thank you for being such a wonderful and faithful companion for 8 years. I love you more than I ever thought was possible to love a friend, and I will miss you every day. It comforts me to know you are out of pain now and basking in the warm sun whenever you want to. I love you, my girl.

Kimberly Wicks

Abby, 01/24/09

Abby, beautiful and gentle shy girl. We will miss you.

Sweet/Cushman Family

Abby, 07/28/00-01/24/09

Forever in my heart.


Abby, 12/10/98-20/01/09

For my lovely Abby who suffered so much before we rescued her 14 months ago.
She was so gentle and loving in spite of being cruelly used by a puppy farmer.
So much love given for such a short time rest well my beautiful girl til we meet again.

Anne Coates

Abby, 12/93-01/11/09

My sweet, precious Abby dog.
You were the best dog anybody could ever ask for.
You lived with me and the rest of the Davis family for almost 16 years.
I ask that you remember us when you go to heaven, to God's giant, green backyard that he's prepared for y'all.
There you can eat all the doggy-bones you want, play with other dogs, meet with old friends and make new ones.
May God bless your soul, you were the best dog anyone could ask for.
You were also the most sweet-tempered dog i've ever known.

"May the Lord bless you and keep you.
May the Lord make his face shine upon you.
May the Lord lift his countenance upon you, and give you peace."

Ronald Andrew Davis, II

Abby Fee, 06/06/09

My best friend, and constant companion. My source of love, life and ambition. She kept me going. I will miss her dearly. The wounds are fresh and the heart is broken. Hopefully time will heal the wounds and vacancy left by this bundle of love. I miss you Abby.

Tammy Fee

Abby Gabbriellini, 08/20/00-01/27/09

Abby was a very loving, well-behaved, beautiful dog. She loved our family and her sister, Gracie (a maltese) very much. She was playful, but most of all the most LOVING dog I have ever known. She knew if someone was crying and would run to go sit right next to them while she nudged your arm to let you know you had a shoulder to cry on. I wish she was here to comfort me right now as I am crying writing this but I know she is in a better place where she is no longer in pain. Abby Gabbriellini suffered from epilepsi which took a toll on her, she was put down the afternoon of 1/27/09. She will be missed dearly but will always be remembered with fondness.

Chelsi Gabbriellini

Abby Gamble, 11/06/08

A gentle loving companion.
Forever in my heart.

Shirley Anne Gamble

Abby Gayle Schauf, July 8, 2004 - October 24, 2009

My sweet, precious Abby girl. I cannot imagine living the rest of my life without you. You brought me so much joy in the short five years God gave you to us. I have never been so adored before and have never loved another pet like I have loved you. You were my heart. You brought me so much joy. My favorite memory of you is how you would come up on the bed and cuddle with me at night. You would tap me, then climb up on my chest and lay your head on my cheek and purr in my ear. You taught me so much in these brief five years. You gave me unconditional love and asked for nothing in return. I am so sorry I didn't realize how sick you were until it was too late. I'm sorry you had to suffer so much those last nine days we had you home. I prayed so hard for you to just get well but evidently God needed you more. I know that you are whole now, no more lung cancer. You are young and beautiful and having the time of your life playing. No more pain, dear Abby, no more pain. Remember how you loved to play? I loved how I could motion for you to follow me and you'd come. I love everything about you. You were my dream kitty - the sweet and loving girl I had always longed for. Thank you for loving me the way you did and for blessing my life for five short years. I love you with all my heart and I will never forget you. You will forever be in my heart and in my life. I will never love another pet the way I have loved you. Thank you, my darling Abby, from the bottom of my heart. You are forever loved and cherished. Good bye sweetheart. I will see you again one day. Please watch for me. I want you to be first in line to greet me and jump into my arms. I love you, little Abby. With all my love until we meet again. Daddy and Mommy and Anabelle Cat

Abby Moore, 04/24/94-12/07/05

The Light of my life and the Joy of my soul.
I Thank GOD always for allowing me to be your "Mama" while you were on this earth.
Thank you for loving me.
I'll see you soon my sweet Abby girl.

I will love you forever

Your Much Blessed Mama

Abby Osborne, 01/11/09

My sweet Abby; we lost her suddenly from what appeared to be a heart-attack. Thankfully, she had no pain and went quickly. I suppose God had a reason for taking her first; she was there to greet her sister almost a month later. She loved to sleep in my bed; snuggled against my legs every night. Abby loved to "moo" and wear clothes!She, too, was a special part of our family since the day I picked her from the litter @ 4 weeks old. We love her dearly and will miss her always.

Janet Osborne

Abby Perfect, 10/22/92-02/23/09

My Best Babyť, Abner, Abigail, no matter what we called her she was the sweetest dog I could have ever had. Larry handed her to me and said, "Here is your girl."ť She was my girl. Always loving and loyal. She loved going everywhere with school, shopping but most of all to the farm where she could run free. She loved doing laps and wandering through the woods. She didn't like tree branches rubbing against the 4-runner. She liked ice cream cones and hot dogs from Texas hot dogs in Kane. Abby loved Scott and Brad but her favorite man was Larry. She liked to snuggle with him and chew up his clothes.Abby loved kids. For many years she would go to school with me at the end of the year. She even had her picture in the yearbook. She gave her paw to anyone. When Ian arrived they were instant friends. He loved Abby and she missed him when he went home.

I loved my baby. I will miss her warm body at my feet each night, I will miss her barking and circling the truck because she wanted to go with me. I will miss her fuzzy head leaning over my shoulder in the truck. I will mis sher poking her head through the railing when the pizza delivery man came. I will miss her resting her head onmy TV tray wanting her share of my dinner.
I will miss her eager bark when I came home every night.
She was my best friend. I loved her so much but SHE LOVED ME MORE.

Linda Ferguson

Abby Schardt, 08/16/90-01/26/09

Abby, you came to us because Eric couldn't have you with his new wife.
You and Sunny found a home with us and our other furry family members.
Sunny left us last year, and now you are on your way.
I am so sorry you became sick, but happy that you didn't suffer more than you did.
You were always the sweetest cat, happy to have anyone hold you, happy to be petted and paid attention.
You had the softest hair I have ever felt.
This morning, I let you smell the lemon blossoms on the lemon tree in the garage.
I think that now that you're in Heaven, you will smell that smell all the time.
I pray that you are reunited with Sunny and all your friends.
Your dad and I love you forever and will always miss you very much.
Thanks for being a part of our lives, little Abisher.
Go with God, we will see you later.

Mom and Dad

Abby Stubbs, 12/22/08

I miss you so much it hurts but I know you in a better place.
Thank you for being my best friend I will never forget you and I will always love you.

Linda Stubbs

Abby Wafford, 01/13/09

Abby was the best little dog I ever had.
I love and miss her so much!!
Every morning she was the first thing I wanted to see when I first got up.
I will miss you for ever and can't wait to see you again soon.


Abbylou, 04/15/09

My true best friend was put to sleep today. She was the best dog I have ever owned.
She is so sadly misse.


Abigail, 06/6//96-03/11/09

Our sweet Abigail closed her eyes for the final time 3/11/09. She was a beautiful creature with the most loving temperment. She will always be in my heart and soul.

Barbara Johnson

Abigail, 03/03/92-02/20/09

Our first and best kitty.
You have given us 17 years of love and joy and will be forever in our hearts, sweet girl.

Chad, Shanon, Elena & Anna Ramirez

Abigail Anne aka Peeschie, 11/30/95-02/17/09

Now you're with your big sister Carrie Ann. She will give you all her toys and share her food and treatees with you. When we see you again, Daddy wants tisses and Mommy wants to smooze.Until then, enjoy your walkies and playing with your toybees............XX OO

Jay and Patricia

Abigail Rose Tillman, 11/25/02-12/29/08

To my Abigail, I will forever love and miss you.

Angela Tillman

Abita Romeo, 03/23/09

Romeo you will remain in our hearts forever. Our home feels empty without you.
Mom and Dad

AC, 05/11/09

Mr. AC Buddy Man was the best "kitty" in the whole wide world. He really got me thru alot. His brother DC passed away in January 09. My daughter and me are truely lost without the two of them, but we know that they are together now. Robyn and I miss you both "Boys" and you are with Granddaddy.
Momma and Robyn

AC Terry, 1993-12/29/08

AC was the gentlest soul we've ever had the honor of knowing.
She loved everyone, and eveyone loved her.
She loved 'keeping track of' her family (as Border Collies will do), and excelled in her training classes.
We will have other canine family members, but none as special as our AC.

Michelle & Nick

Acadia, 03/14/89-08/20/02

My baby Cady, I still miss you but I know you are with Casey and one day we will be together again.
I love you my baby. Mommy

Ace, 01/31/03-07/15/09

Ace was such a wonderful dog.
He will always be in our hearts.

Tina and Harold

Ace, 07/01/09

Ace - you touched our lives and you will never be forgotton!
May you rest in peace, until we meet again!

Sean McWhirt

Ace, 04/96-04/2009

I never wanted a dog,and you came into my world and I didn't ever want to lose you. Thank you for loving me so much-I miss you buboo, and I love you soooo much.

Dawn Taylor

Ace, 10/18/01-03/24/09

Ace was a high energy 7 yr old puppy. He was the light of my day every day. Always waiting at the door, excited to see me when I arrived home from work. He made us crazy by chewing up wicker baskets, window sills and door frames! But he gave us so much joy with his playfulness and love for life. He loved to go on walks .. which easily turned out to be runs or pulls! He loved cheese and loved his raw hides. I love him and will miss him tremendously! Rest in peace Acey boy!

Esther D

Ace, 03/10/09

I love you Ace, and I miss you!
Rest in Peace.


Acheron, 09/07-02/22/09

My best friend and greatest confidante.


Aciekins, 04/29/95-02/05/09

My sweet remembers....

Acie you left so suddenly with so little time to say goodbye.
But you waited for me, I was with you.

The everydays may not always come to mind, but those special moments with you will be in my heart forever.
Like the softness of your angel fur, the tenderness of your eagerly given kisses, you chasing leaves caught in a breeze, playing gently with a garden toad or showing delight with your beloved yo-yo ball.

I miss you, always will.
Keep watch for me, I will meet you with open arms at the Rainbow Bridge.
Love remembers.....

Kisses and hugs, Sweetie!
Love you!

Ada Ruggerio, 01/24/09

Ada... Sweet Baby Girl

We never got to know you Ada-but we know the people who loved you so much! Your Mom and Dad have told us just how special you are! We grieve with the humans you left behind, but we are happy you are free now!

Free from pain and free to romp and play with all the other animals at Rainbow Bridge. We know, Ada, that you are there along with all our pets, waiting for us to be together again forever with
those who have passed before you and that we loved so much too...

Play well little one...

Marti & Vicki Carey

Addie, 08/19/97-04/08/09

The best dog a family good ever ask for.
We are blessed to have had you in our family. Our love for you will remain in our hearts forever.
Until we meet again, my dear friend, may God keep you safe and happy.

Love,your family.

Addie, 06/27/99-03/01/09

She was my baby girl. We had a bond she and I that no one else will ever quite understand.
She was my Special one and she knew it.
Just wanting to please me and she never failed at that.
Her tail always wagging out of control when I came home from work and she couldn't contain her joy as she jumped up at me.
Followed me from room to room never wanting to be out of my site.
You might say we had an obsession.
I'll never look into those bright happy eyes again and I am sadder than I could ever adequetly explain.
I knew her time was near, she had fought so hard and long to conquer her sickness.
But as with us all she couldn't stay here forever and I have to let her go.
I whispered my goodbyes in my peachy-pie's ear and told her it was ok to go..that I would be looking forward to seeing her someday and we would play frisbee again.
Until that day I hold her very dearly in my heart and never far from my thoughts.
Things will remind me of her and I know I will have weepy moments but my tears will eventually turn to happy memories that we have shared.
Until we meet again.

Kim Gallentine

Addie Clare, 09/03/03-07/02/09

Addie Clare, your sudden unexpected death has left us heartbroken. Even on your last day, you ran and played just like always. You were always so happy go lucky, and loved running through the fields with Osita in hot pursuit. You swam in the pond, like you loved to do, and then teased me with the tennis balls, daring me to chase you and try to steal them away, always staying just out of reach. Baby girl, Osita is so lost without you, and so are we. We loved you so much, Addie Clare. You were a sweet little girl.

Ricky and Brenda Long

Addison, 05/28/09

I love and miss you so much Addy-Bear.
You were there for me when I was at my lowest, and it pains me to no end that I wasn't there for you during your last days. I wish you were still here, my sweet, sweet girl.


Addy, 06/08/07

I could not have asked for a better dog. I saved you from a horrible end, and hopefully gave you the loving home, family and friends that you deserved. It was such a pleasure having you in my life. Thank you for letting me rescue you and take care of you. Thank you for teaching me the real meaning of loyalty.


Adelaide, 03/01/09

Adelaide was the sweetest cat .......

Kathleen Lacasse

Adeline Schweiger, 06/28/09

We will miss you, little sweet Adeline.
Enjoy chasing butterflies in your heavenly meadow full of colorful wildflowers and beautiful sunshine! Try not to annoy Chance by flitting over his head (dive-bombing?!) with your new Angel wings. Thank you for letting my sister love, squish and pet your soft furry self for so many years! XO

The Freds

Adena Uslander and Alexis Uslander, 10/28/97 and 11/21/93 to 10/12/08 and 10/08/06

We love you girls and will never stop loving you.We know you are both together and in Heaven.
This is just a little tribute to let you know we love and miss you both.

Take care our babies and we will be together once again in the future!

Michael and Debbie

Adrian Sue Stone, 01/01/08-04/10/09

We miss you so much Addy!!!
Life just isn't the same without you.
We miss you running to us everytime we walk through the door.

Mary Schneiter, Lawrence Stone, Leah Schneiter, Tayla Burke, Keith Fowler

Aeron, 03/31/94-01/2007

Aeron, you were only just beginning to come into your own and out of your brother's shadow.
In the end, your connection to him proved the stronger, and so you joined him at the Bridge.
Please know that I loved and still love you VERY much.
I miss you still, and I promise to pet you and give you as much lap time as you want when we are together, again!


Affe von Lawhorn, 07/27/97-05/25/09

Thank you, Tex.
You are a good dog.
You are my partner.
You are my friend.
I love you very much.

Patricia Lister-Golin

Africa, 02/28/99-07/16/09

Thank you Africa,you were the best dog anyone could wish for!
I will never forget your bright eyes, the way you barked when you needed something, we all were convinced you really talked, in a way you did. You made us all very happy, everyone who met you, fell in love with you immediately.
You gave me the best 10 years of my life.
Rest in peace princess, I will never forget you!
I loved you Africa!

Ana Keith

Aggie, 07/07/09

Aggie you will be missed, we love you, Love Randy, Beth, Melissa, Matthew, Jake and Chris

Aggie, 04/01/97-08/05/08

This statement is a tribute to my beloved adopted dog, Aggie, who died last August 2008 at the age of 11 years. She was my family, my life, my breath and my very soul.
She was protective of me, sat beside me when I low and sad, waited for me to come home wagging her tail and happy to see me, and I loved her immensely.
I hope and pray that she knew that, I do believe she did.
Happy trails Aggie and I know you and I will meet again.
I love and miss you greatly.
I thank God for sending you to me.
Its me.

Aggie Bergeron, 04/01/09


Karie D Bergeron

Agnes, 05/17/02-03/16/09

Rest in Peace Big Dog. You were the light of our lives.

Ben Hebert/Delaney Davis

Ah Wong The Happy Albino Ferret, 06/17/09

Ah Wong, you gave us nothing but pure joy love and happiness. Rest in peace my baby.

Morgan Miki Cmk

Aiko, 02/17/94-02/27/09

We are hurting, more for our own selfish reasons today because we just miss his presence so much.
We know he is in a happy, healthy and better place. It is just the house seems so strange without the black dog.
We love you and miss you Aiko.
Thank you for being such a good boy for so long.

Rachel and Jason

Ain't Miss B Haven aka Mama, 04/29/09

A beautiful, gentle horse. Always a lady. Mama leaves behind her 18 yr. old son Ted. She is so greatly missed.

Betsy Wilkinson

AJ, 04/12/09


Akasha, 02/20/09

Kasha, my sweet little girl.
I love you so much.
I am forever grateful that you came into my life. I treasure every moment we spent together.
I will miss you deeply, my precious angel.
Thank you for all of the love and support you've given me over the years.
You were a ray of sunshine that came into my life.
I am glad you died in my arms, with the sun on your beautiful little face.
I will see you later on down the road.
Your spirit and energy will always be with me.

Love, Mommy.

Akira, 05/20/95-07/03/09

Akira loved to be petted, it was her favourite thing.
She took delight in shedding on us; and going for long walks.
Head in lap at suppertime, she just wanted to be loved and loved us in return. Her Sister Rowen at her side, they exited live together and have left us bereaved and with large holes in our hearts.
We will love you always

Sharon Amos

Akita, 04/26/96-01/05/09

To Akita our big, little, sunshinegirl.
We miss you a lot but we know you are in a better place now without pain and suffer.We would have kept you for å longer time but it was not possible.But we got almost 13 years with you and
you will stay in our hearts forever.
Sleep thight dearest friend and guardian.

Jan-A. Opdahl

Akiwu Collery, 11/14/94-01/14/09

Akiwu my love, you were not just a part of me, but all of me. You encompass my being and I will carry you in my heart for all eternity. Until we meet again... Thank you for everything, my love. You will be greatly missed and I will love you forever.

Leah Collery

Al Figaro, 03/21/09

Our sweet Al,you were truly the Gentle Giant.
You left us so suddenly,we will miss you.
Home will never be quite the same without that loud meow!

Always In Our Hearts
Daddy And

Alan, 07/16/97-04/15/09

My dear sweet boy, I will always miss you.
The day you left tore a huge hole in my heart.
I hope you are running free at the bridge and watching over me.
Please send me a sign.
Love, Mommy

Alaskan Snow, 02/16/09

Beloved Alaskan, always ours, you touched our lives for you are an unforgettable member of the family.

I cannot wait for the day I will meet you in rainbow bridge.


Murad Syed

Albert, 02/10/04-10/10/08

My big boy, rest in peace. Mommy loves you.

Albert, 05/01/94-01/09/09

Albert, you lived a loving life, made friends, protected your cat from all that menaced her, let Ginger share your home and person, and kept all of the toys for yourself.
The house is quiet without your soft paws and I will miss you forever.
Be well, be happy and wait for me.
Love, Your Susan

Alea Snman My Only Brutus Logan, 06/19/93-02/13/09

My friend, my heart, my song. Rest well, woo, I am always by your side. Thank you for all you gave.

Kathryn Bullock


Alex, 08/01/96-05/22/09

The best most loving intelligent dog in the whole universe.

Doug & Peggy Bradfield

Alex, 05/15/09

12 years of joy. I did not realize how large a part of my life Alex was until the day she passed on.


Alex, 12/12/96-06/30/09

Alex was my buddy, my friend.
He gave me unconditional love.
We had a long history together.
He was there for me when my fiancee passed away in 2001...he was there when my father passed away in 2003...he was there when I lost my my baby is gone.
I've lost everything that was close to my I have no one...I feel so isolated and alone...I have no one to share my grieve... :_{

Lissy Diller

Alex, 05/01/09

To our beloved friend alex , we will miss you more than words can say. you were our fie nd and partner for so many years that the hole created with your passing can never be filled.
No more pain bubby you are free. We know we will be seeing you again , so until then sa y hi to smokey and dont you two fight.
We love you ali and always will. You will forever been in our hearts.

Mike, Mary, and Laura

Alex, 12/95-04/17/09

Alex was my best friend.
He was gentle and so kind.
He had a good life I would like to think.
He was never abused -
he enjoyed popcorn so much.
Everyday we would pop it and he would sit patiently and wait for us to throw the popped corn to him.
He would get so excited!
I miss him terribly.
His age took over in the last few days and he would just look at me with those big eyes and wonder why he was feeling so bad.
Rest in Peace, Alex - I will never forget you and I miss you so.

Sandy Vanvliet

Alex, 10/31/97-04/01/09

Alex you were the best dog we ever had - you watched out for us and took care of us.
We will miss you so much, however we know that you are not in pain anymore and that gives us comfort.
We will meet you at Rainbow Bridge when our time comes and we will hug you and you can lick our faces like you always did.
Continue to watch over us ~ We love you so very much.

Lori, Allen and Mary

Alex, 04/20/90-09/29/08

Thank you for sharing your 18 plus years with us.
We miss you sweet voice and soft paws as you roamed our house.
Your cat condo is still in its place, and we sometimes see you resting there as always.
Be happy at the Bridge along with so many others who wait for their loved ones.
You will always be our special angel!


Alex, 02/23/09

Alex girl, you will be sadly missed.
You were Mike's best friend of 10 years, and took great care of him.
You protected Bodie every day you were together, and touched my life in the short year I knew you.
You were the best dog anyone could have asked for, we wished we had more time to say goodbye.
You raised Bodie into an amazing young man and he's looking for you all over the house.
We miss you so much and a part of our life is empty, this house is empty.
Thank you for all you brought to our lives, you will never be forgotten and in our hearts always.

Mike and Sara

Alex, 08/90-06/15/04


I miiss were a GOOD DOG!!

God Bless you


Alex, 10/31/99-02/16/09


Connie Gold

Alex - Alexandra, 05/05/94-02/04/09

My beautiful baby girl, I know you have gone on to a much better place and are probably running around right now free of pain playing with my other beautiful baby girl (Daisy). I will miss you so much and you will always be in my heart. You remained young and beautiful as the first day I picked you. Say "Hi" to Daisy and Jesus for me,
Love you, Grandma.

Alex Hunter, 05/18/01-01/22/09

Alex was only with us a short time but she will never know how big an imprint she left on our lives. Alex truly was my best friend and companion and will never be forgotton.

Scott Hunter

Alex West, 03/23/09

Alex was the boy that everyone loved. His friendly smile and gentle approach pulled your heart to him as soon as you met him! Then his playful attitude, swanky swaddle, and love-happy attention kept you under his spell. Where's Alex, where's Alex, like you had to have him near you at all times. He will always be near because he is in our hearts, and especially in his Mom's heart. Alex and Sheila, Alex and Sheila, how perfect a match they were. They could talk on the phone to each other! How special is that? Their bond was lovely and wonderful and will never go away. We miss you Alex but know that you are well again and can do the things you loved to do. And now you're with Maybee, your favorite girl, so have fun. Alex has company of all our friends at Rainbow Bridge, Maybee, Peace (P.C.), Tara, Coco, Ringo, Stella, Shineon, Scoochie,and all our humans who are sitting on the rainbow too! Love Well. Remember the Alex! Dance around the candle when you light it!

Sheila West

Alexander, 1994-07/13/09

We love you very much and we miss you.
Find Thais and ET, they will take care of you until we can all be togther again.
Be a good boy.
Mom & Dad

Alexander, 11/12/08

I only had you for four short years but you were very much loved.
Until we meet again.

Flo Aiken

Alexander, 07/11/88-01/19/09

Alexander was the best.

Patricia McNally

Alexander, 02/16/96-01/08/09

Alexander was my companion, my friend, he brought so much joy in to my life.
I am having a hard time dealing with my loss.
I know he can run and play without any pain and can see again but my heart is broken.

Diane Jaquay

Alexander the Great aka Alex, 12/94-05/2008

Alex, I still miss you and think of you so much.
Thank you for all your love, kisses, and companionship. You were the greatest! I often think of the sweet way you tried to "talk" to me, and those cute litte ears standing up, and those piercing dark eyes. Most of all, I miss you sitting by my side and being the worlds best companion.


Alexander Jackson Beauregard, 06/10/09

My best friend for 11 yrs. I miss you and will see you again

Todd Owens

Alexie, 1/1/1994 - 10/21/09

Sweet, Sweet Alexie. You came to us sick with Cushings. We were able to get you well to live a happy and healthy life with us until Cancer finally beat you. You gave us so much love and such beautiful smiles. We miss you so much, but am happy you are running around playing at the Bridge. We love you and will always love you. You were our sweet, sweet Alexie.

Alexis, 03/17/95-12/30/08

Alexis was the joy of my heart and my reason for carrying on. She was a brat, and a hellion as a puppy, and I loved her for it. She roo-roo'd for her dinner when it was late, and she didn't take no for an answer. She was bossy, and brassy, and I miss her every single day. I loved her, and I lost her, and I will never be the same.

Johannah Layson Hutchens Gage

Alexis Ann, 10/12/97-12/20/05

Hi baby eddie bear. Daddy misses his little girl so much. Im sorry we couldnt get rid of your cancer sweetie I prayed and prayed and hoped. I think of you every day and look at your picture and wish you were here with me I need you for my strength you are the world to me. Its been 3 years now but it feels like forever I am sad thinking I will never see you again. Thank you baby you filled my life with love and I love you and will miss you for the rest of my life. God bless you angle.

George Eachus

Alexis Lexy D'Avila, 01/21/96-04/15/09

Thank you my dear friend for all the love we shared. You were my sweet princess and my best friend. Please know that I have you with me always.....I carry you deep within my heart. I love you baby!!
Love mommy

Alfie, 10/30/87-02/21/09

Our LITTLE MAN who gave us unconditional love for 12 year's. God how we miss you.

Patty & Lenny

Alfie Johnson, 07/18/09

my alfie was so beautyful so kind and so gental
he never hurt a fly

everything was ok till friday when he became ill he died because someones putting down poison over the fields he died because of horible people

Mandy Johnson

Ali, August 9, 2000 - June 13, 2009

My dear boy Ali, I will always love you. I think of you every day and miss you more than words can say. You filled my heart with love and gave me joy every day of your life. I only hope that you are healthy, happy and well. You kept me safe and taught me patience and how to love unconditionally. I love you and miss you.



Ali, 05/25/09

Can't wait to be with you again, my sweet girl.I love you!

Linda Rich

Ali, 05/20/09

My sweet, sweet boy.
You were such a good cat and were so loved.
I hope that I honored you in your last days and made your transition an easier one.
I pray that you felt no pain, no fear.
I saw the look on your face and the movements your body made.
I was with you every second of the way.
I miss you so much.

Carey Deyton

Ali, 03/15/99-04/10/09

Ali Boo.
Mommy loves you and misses you very much.

Ali, 09/09/02-02/23/09

our sweet girl, you will be dearly missed.

Jackie Crook and Scott Ferguson

Ali Haines, 01/03/09

To my beautiful boy-cat, I love you and miss you terribly. Until we meet again...

Silvia Haines

Ali Hickman, 12/26/08

We will miss you Ali, we love you

Morrie & Sandy Hickman

Alias, 2004-05/19/09

"I lost a special friend today. The kind you can't replace. And looking at her empty bed, I still can see her face.
I know she's in a special place our Lord has for such friends, where meadows, fields & flowers help make them strong and whole again.
I know she's watching over me. She'll be with me when I cry. So with one more kiss on her beloved head
I told my friend Goodbye." Unknown Author

Goodbye Alias. Mommy loves you...I'm sorry I couldn't save you.

Alice, 04/14/09

Dear Sweet Alice,

I will miss your floppy ears, your wiggly butt and those room-clearing "gas" bubbles of yours! A better Boxer has never roamed the earth! You took everything in stride, even 2 "human" babies invading your home. And you loved everyone unconditionally. What a grand girl you were! Now it is your turn to be healthy, happy and completely free. You can dig in the dirt; chase possums and take all of your "indoor" toys outdoors as much as you want. Heaven will be better for you being there and you will be missed. Keep those angels busy throwing your frisbee and your ball. Love and hugs, my "niece" dog. Aunt Kathy is going to miss her Miss Alice B. Toklass!

Kathy Boote

Alice Carpenter, 03/15/04-05/16/09


You were my best friend and helped me through some very hard times. I miss you so much.


Alice Mae, 06/18/08

My heart is still broken. My wonderful little dog.

Barbara Jo Hernandez

Alizé, 07/01/01-04/27/05


You entered this world on July 1, 2001, became one with my heart on November 10, 2001, and returned to God's loving arms on April 27, 2005.

I will never forget how you chose me over another and how much we loved each other.
No matter what I did, you were always content in my arms.
I'll always remember trying to do the laundry one-handed because you were in my other arm.
I will fondly look back on the task of making the bed while you hid under the sheets.
I will always cherish each day we shared and each time you greeted me by jumping from the floor into my waiting arms.
You loved me, nuzzled me, and stole my heart in an instant.
You were always purring and beautiful.
I was devastated beyond words the day God took you back home and away from me.
There will never be another like you, my sweet.
Ricochet and Zachary are lost without you, as am I.
Our time together was much too short, but I know God will take loving care of you and we will meet again at the Rainbow Bridge.


All My Pets

The early death of my little Sammy this past Friday (04/03/2009) has brought back all my memories of all my pets who shared their life with part of mine and and I'd like them to know ( wherever they are ) that they are not forgotten! From my six parakeets to the four "same-sex" gerbils who turned into 21. Snowflake, the rescued white mouse, part of a kid's school project and about to let go outside.
Kristie, our schnoodle dog (1988-2001)-so loving, but sick for the last years of her life. Sweet Doozie , the bunny (1997-2004), rescued from the big Ohio flood in 1997. Sandy, his friend (1998-2003), who died under mysterious circumstances. And now Sammy (2007-2009) ,paralyzed last fall in her lower spine by what now turned out to be cancerous, having spread from her spine to her lungs and intestines. The vet told me she needed to be put down right then and there, within 15 min. - not nearly enough time to say proper good-bye ! RIP


Alley, 12/17/06

He was my first love and will never be replaced in my heart ... never.

Charlotte Shilling

Alley, 1995-02/20/09

Alley was the seweetest most gentle girl to everyone she met.
From a battered beginning then rescued to a loving home, she was always the first to welcome us home and kiss us goodnight with her doggy "I Love You Too".
She will live forever in our hearts and we look forward to being reunited with her someday and cross the rainbow bridge together.

Kristal McCready & Bob Demski

Alley G, 10/30/97-04/23/09

Oh my dear sweet Alley you shined so bright! You brought much joy to all of us and for that we will be forever grateful! God Bless! Love always Mommala, John and Petunia

Alli Babba, 03/22/09

Alli was the greatest dog.
She was always there for me, greeting me at the door, playing and running together, knowing when I was afraid, sad, happy,... and she had spunk like no other.
She was diagnosed with diabetes five years ago and she didn't let the disease slow her down a bit.
I have been blessed to have had such an amazing pet(family member)in my life for 19 years and she will be sorely missed.

Jules Davis

Allie, 12/98 - 11/27/09

To my beloved Allie.. you were my best friend and companion. Your beauty was only matched by your enormous heart and kindness. Go play with Ginger and Gypsy and I'll see you when it's my time.

My heart is heavy with grief, but you were a beautiful girl until the very end. Thank you for the kisses before you went. I will always love you girl. I miss you so very much.


Allie, 06/01/99-07/18/09

Lost my friend Allie today.
She was with me for 10 years and we had an intimate journey as she suffered with many illnesses over that time.
She always brought joy to my life, had the sweetest meow and loved life.
She will be truly missed.


Allie, 06/10/09

My sweet Allie girl crossed the Rainbow Bridge on Wednesday June 10th 2009 after being diagnosed with Chronic Renal Failure a little over a year ago. She had a long and happy life with me and her feline friend Isis. She has left a paw print on my heart that won't fade and I know she's happy and I will see her again.


Allie, 09/05/00-10/31/08

allie was one of a kind, she was half human,she was our life , she was a beautiful kind and gentle dog,she loved people and life and we miss her very very much. I can't think about her without crying.she was my baby.

Linda Hapgood

Allie and Aja, 04/22/09

To beautiful litter mate cats who were abandoned as kittens and so lovingly came into my home.
You lifted my spirits when I was sad and were always so loving and wanting to be loved.
You were with me through so many milestone moments in my life, both happy and sad.
I will always love you and miss you and I wish you peace and good health in a new "home".


Allister, 10/92-07/09/09

Our dear friend Allister passed away peacefully on the night of July 9.
He was home, being petted and cuddled, and begin told how much we love him, as he passed away.
He spent his entire 17 years on Earth letting us know that he loved us, each and every day.
His exuberant purring made everyone who met him love him instantly, just as his demanding meow let us know that his milk bowl was empty.
We will miss him so much, but we know that now he is with his best friend Bingo, and his adopted sister Marie, and he no longer has any pain or discomfort.
Allister, we love you and you will always be in our hearts until finally we all meet again in a better place.

Jill McAfee, Stephen Haller, and Dharma Haller

Ally, 10/04/98-10/23/08

She was a very good girl!

Amy Portera

Ally, 04/01/96-01/07/09

I miss you so much Ally! After 12+ years of being my roommate, I am lost without you! I know it was your time to go, and there was nothing anyone could do. But I'm still very sad and the house is too quiet without you.

Pamela Bickett

Alma, 02/14/96-03/07/09

My dear furry baby i miss u soo soo much already but i was soo soo blessed to have been able to have u in my life for 13 wonderful years and U brought soo much joy,laughter,happiness,comfort and unconditonal love into my life and I will be forever grateful to u sweetie for that .u were there for me at my lowest when no one understood me and were judging me but u never did and that will FOREVER mean the world to me.I hope i was able to give u half of all that comfort and uncontional love u showed me now that u were sick sweetie .I will love u FOREVER AND EVER and there will NEVER EVER EVER BE a furry baby Like u .U were and ARE a furry angel:)Luv u my baby bop FOREVER AND EVER.REST IN PEACE my sweet dear Alma .I hope u are having a wonderful time playing,running and eating, up in heaven like u loved to do here on earth I knwo Carmela will take care of u now up in Heaven I know how much she loved u when she was alive .Luv u FOREVER AND EVER My baby Bop.MEOW MEOW.luv your mommy,patty

Almejita, Spring 2001 - November 27, 2009

Rescued out of garbage can by my friend, the tiny gray kitten was turned over to me. I tucked her in my pocket and bottle fed her every couple of hours. Aware that she needed stimulation to defecate, I put her on the rug beside me while I waited for the water to heat up so I could dribble it over her private parts. My little white rescued dog was licking her when I looked down. Valiente--so named because of her bravery in overcoming a terrible accident--became mama to the kitten. But she had to share that role with Cajita, the german shepherd, who also adopted her.

Because I had traveled with cats before, I was concerned that my new kitten might be frightened, unnerved in a moving vehicle. I put her on a pillow and drove cautiously off. My husband asked, "How is she?" And I smiled. She was peacefully asleep. "She's happy as a clam," I said, and that became her name: Almejita. Little clam.

From the first, MeeMee was my best friend. She listened to my confessions, her beautiful blue eyes watching the movement of my lips. She lay on my hip in bed. She adopted favorite places to spend her time and would switch to a new place after several weeks: on the ladder in the closet, on top of the TV, on the mantel.

In the summers, we'd take her to the California mountains where we have a cabin. She'd prowl about during the day, but, incredibly, always came when I called her in at night when the coyotes started howling.

Diagnosed with kidney failure in the fall, MeeMee adopted my sweater shelf as her bed. Now, I snuggle my nose in those sweaters because I can smell the sweet perfume of my precious Almejita, the beloved cat who made me happy as a clam.

Alpine Dancer, 06/19/09

True Friend faithful companion.


Alustriel, 08/31/01-02/12/09

Alustriel you will be missed.
Guen and I will see you again one day.
Until then enjoy yourself until the day we see you again and then we will have a joyous reunion.

Joan Holycross

Amadeus, 04/14/09

He was my pal.
Always here when I got home.
Always on my lap when I was sitting.
Slept in my bed with me at night.
See ya later bud.

Ted Mizerski

Amala, 08/13/98-04/25/09

Greatly Loved, Sadly Missed!

Angela Miller

Amazon The Sorceress - Amy, 04/12/91

Amy was our beautiful special girl, funny clown, and the center of my heart.
I still miss her so much and my heart breaks whenever I think of her.
I wish I could have done better for her the last years of her life and hope she forgives me because I never will.
The emptiness has not healed and I'm not sure it will.I am amazed that so much joy, love, and companionship could come in such a beautiful package - my Amy.

Colene White

Amber, 04/09/96-04/24/09

My Beautiful Amber went to Rainbow Bridge on 24th April 09.
She has been such a big part of our lives.
We will never forget her, but it hurts so much missing her.
Our Lovely Amber we used to sing songs to her replacing the original lyrics for her name - Her name was Roo Roo - she was a show dog with yellow feathers in her fur - you get the picture - she always knew when she was being talked about and she loved it! She has been mother to our other two dogs who are both moping around and our four cats who have been looking for her since Friday. To end with another song that we used to sing to her by Paul Simon - She's a good girl - she don't ask for nothing - Diamonds on the soles of her paws. Sleep well now Amber Roo. x

Nicky Clay

Amber, 04/05/09

Amber, you are missed and loved!

Kelly Abdellatif

Amber, 01/20/09

Dear Amber
Rest in peace, my precious dog.
I loved you more than you'll ever know.
Although you are no longer with me here on this earth, I will carry you in my heart forever.
I will cherish the memories of our life together, including all the days we spent with you swimming at the beach, our dog-walking events, afternoons in the backyard with your frisbee and the time you spent with Peter, Anne and I in the city.
Thank you sweet Amber, for being such an amazing companion to Grandpa and all of us.
We love you.

Lisa Penha

Amber, 01/19/09

you were a wonderful companion, my heart is broken. rest in peace my darling Amber


Amber, 01/07/09

Amber...A very good long time companion.
I loved her so much.
She was always there for me and never complained that I didn't have enough time for her.
One of her favorite times was sitting on my lap while I crocheted or on the crocheted item.
She only loved me and seemed to tolerate everyone else for my benefit.
I will miss her so much.
She was my "baby".


Amber, 08/13/01

Oh, my sweet little bun-bun, how I miss you!
You and I were so close and you clung to my side always...there was no one else that you could ever enjoy like your mama.
I remember when I got you as a tiny puppy and they told me that I couldn't see your parents but that you WERE 100% dachsund.
Over time we suspected that you were not and it became a bit of a joke...Stu called you a 'dachshuaua' for part dachsund, part chihuaua but you were so cute and unique.
You had a little skip to your walk and even in your golden years, your gait still had a skip to it.
Forgive me if you lingered longer than you wanted.
I looked at you for signs of pain or signs you were ready and maybe it was ME that wasn't ready to let you go.
The decision was finally made and my heart is broken.
I love you my sweet go play at the bridge with your sisters Tawny and Hildy and one day PJ and Sophie will join you as well.
Please look for me when it is time and we will enjoy eternity forever!


Amber Hirsch, 05/29/97-03/30/09

We'll dearly miss your stomping feet.

Lynn & Ray Hirsch

Amber Jo, 04/12/97-06/01/09

Amber Jo, you were our very best friend and you are missed so, so much! You will be in our hearts forever....

Nancy Lotrionte

Amber Rose (Sanchez), 01/16/09

I was so blessed to have you for 13 wonderful years.
One more day, one more time, I wish I could take back that day and make everything ok.
I don't know if I will ever forgive myself for looking away that night, for just a few.

You protected me for all these years and kept me safe and warm.
For the last 2 years when you grew older and needed me, I tried to be strong and supportive the best I could. I never knew what it was like to be blind in this big world all alone and cold.
Sometimes I feel I failed you because you trusted me to be your eyes when you couldn't see and your strength when you were weak.
Despite your handicap, you were still so strong- watching over me, protecting me.

I could feel your strength even to your last breath.
We had an unspoken understanding, I knew you and you knew me.
I never forget that sad and gloomy night that you wanted me to just lay there with you.
"If I just lay, if I just lay here, would you lie next to me and forget the world."
For a moment we were in our own place to share memories and secrets and words of love.
"Spoken and unspoken".
When I knew you were about seconds away from heaven's gates, slipping into the light, I knew you could see me again for one last time. Silently, we gazed into each other's eyes and I held your head so gently and kissed you on the ear and whispered how much I loved you and would always hold you near, and about what a wonderful friend you had been for all these years, and it was ok for you to go to heaven. Mommy would be ok.
I would love you forever. When you took your last breath it totally broke my heart but I knew you were going to a better place that you could finally see and feel young again; looking down from heaven, waiting for the day we will be together again. You will always be my Baby girl and I will miss you so much!
You were and always will be the best girl a mother could ever ask for.
Thank you for always being there.

Amber Rose Lynn, 04/09/09

We loved you with all our hearts.
You were always Daddy's special girl.
Our hearts were breaken when we had gone to say 'good-bye", but we know that you are at peace now and in no more pain.

"The Lord giveth and the Lord taketh away, Blessed be the Lord."

Thank you, Lord, for the joyful time you gave us with Amber.

Georgeann O'Connell

Amber Snowflake Horton, 08/25/95-04/19/09

Amber was my best friend who I had lost on April 19, 2009. No matter what, she was the one thing in my life that I never doubted. She was there for me everyday for over 13 years. When I was down, mad, or just having a bad day, spending time with her made me feel so much better. As I had my 3 children she would be by them daily. She loved being part of our everyday life. They loved her so much. She did not have a bad bone in her body. It hurt me so bad to put her down. It was by far the worst thing that I have ever had to go through. I know that her quality of life was not that of what it was not even just 3 months ago. Last year she lost most of her hearing and the day she was put down she could not stand without falling forward or backward. I wanted to be selfish and keep her around but she would have just been suffering trying to please me. It's hard to get by each day since with her not here. I know time will make it easier but I will never forget the joy that Amber had brought to me and my family. I hope that she knew that as I held her as she went into eternity. I hope we brought that same joy and security to her as well. Amber you will always be missed and never forgotten. I Love You.

Jeff Horton

Amber Vaughan, 02/05/09

to my beautiful girl amber,saying goodbye to you was the hardest thing iv ever had to do,i miss you and cry for you more than i thought posssible,you were my best friend,my everything for 16 years and my life is so sad without you,i will never forget you amber,you will be in my heart forever and i hope you are going nice long walks with dad again!night night,love you always gillian xxxxxxxxxxxxx

Amber Witzigmann, 04/95-05/17/09

Amber loved to go camping with us at Carrol Lake campground but she will still be going with us so we can put some of her in the lake along with her mom Sandy. We will miss you Amber but we know that you are waiting for us at The Bridge.


Adam Witzigmann

Ame, 02/04/96-05/27/06

Amebaby, you were my shadow and such a cutie pie. You were so smart even when they tried to say you were the "runt" of the litter.
We didn't care. Your mommy and I loved you beyond words.
I know you came to get Safire. I wish you had waited because I wasn't ready to let go. I hope you both have fun together at Rainbow Bridge while you are waiting for me. I still kiss your picture everyday because I miss you so. I know I used to call you both my angel babies -- now you truly are. So please watch over me and your mommy.
Love, Grandma

Amelia, 03/26/09

Amelia was my first cat She had a brother Data who long disppeared. She was my sweetie and talker, but I knew it was time to go. She was so skinny at the end and yesterday stopped eating. It hurt me so to let her go, but I could not bear to see her suffer.


Amos, 02/23/09

We loved you so much, and I am certain you felt our love in your time spent with us. Our home is so empty now without you, and Bruce misses you terribly. I hope that you find Pedro and my Grandma and Grandpa, they will hug you and love you unconditionally as we all did until the day we are together again. We love you Amos and we will always remember your huge heart and your brown, trusting eyes, and that tail of yours that was always happy.

Forever in our hearts, your family

Amos Anthony Rogers-Smith, 02/06/91-12/29/08

Our little guy is running like the wind, again. He's with his Grandpa; his big brother, Colby; brother and sister, Andy and Abby; new friend, Pepper; and many of the other friends he has made along his way in life. He never knew a stranger and offered unconditional love to all that he met. Don't forget to make the bed, baby-dog. You are sadly missed.

Susan Rogers/John Smith, III

Amstel Pooh Bear, 06/04/95-06/09/08

I miss you Pooh Bear. Meet you at the Bridge. Thank you for all the great memories. There never be another like you.

Lee Kehaulani Harper

Amy, 05/23/09

My Dearest Amy,

I have loved you the most since the day I spotted you and took you home. We have been the best of friends untill you left yesterday. I will love you as my very closest friend and companion forever. I will join you one day and we will never again be apart.
You're Mom always, Peggy

Amy, 04/30/09

Our Dear Amy, you gave us more than 14 years of love.
You came to us as an unwanted puppy of unknown origin, perhaps a mix of chow and shepherd.
A tennis ball was your favorite toy; you'd bring it back for just one more toss until you almost couldn't get up again.

As you aged, you were no longer able to run and jump, but you'd stil carry that ball around, and occasionally toss it in the air or catch it on a roll.
No matter how arthritic you became, you'd still get that gleam in your eye when you had your ball.

We miss you girl.
It's much too quiet here now.
Your cats are looking for you, especially Molly who would sleep curled up with you and wash your face and kiss your eyes.

You can run again now and chase all the balls you want.

Gail & Johnnie and Sammy & Molly

Amy, 04/14/09

We love you,Amy. You will always live on in our hearts


Amy, 01/23/95-04/04/09

Amy was a good dog. She loved going on walks, chasing squirrels and rabbits. She loved the bologna or corned beef Daddy gave her in the morning when he made his lunch. The only lunch meat she didn't like was salami!

She was a funny dog. At the end of day she would lay half in and half out of her bed. She had ears that looked like the hat on the Flying Nun and they flapped when she ran. She didn't do much running in her later years. In the end she was in pain and could hardly walk because of arthritis.

She was so good with our other dog Gabby. She hardly ever got mad at her when she was annoying.

Mommy, Daddy and Gabby miss you. We will love you always. She you at Rainbow Bridge.

Amy, 01/31/09

Amy was originally from Spokane, Washington. Amy originally belonged to Mrs. Meeker of Spokane, Washington, and then Amy later came here 6 years ago.
My heart is broken over the sudden passing of Amy.
Amy was a beautiful orange cat.
Amy was a best friend.
My room is so empty without Amy. I shall love you forever, Amy. I miss you so much, Amy!!


Amy aka La Pia Blanca Amirrilla, Amy Noodle, Sweeter Bug, 06/15/01-11/17/08

I just want to tell the world of my neverending love for my Amy girl.


Amy Moore, 09/15/05-07/17/09

To my most wonderful Amy girl. God blessed me so much when he brought you into my life. Amy,my most precious baby girl. You have always been my heart like your sister Abby. You endured slowing becoming totally blind. Your strength, became my strength, your fiesty, my joy, your intelligence, my awe. Your love, my eternal gratitude,and your heart and spirit, became mine also.
My most cherished baby girl.
Thank you so very,very much for loving me. Your "Amy Spot" will forever be in my heart, and spirit.
Your Mama loves you more than you will ever know. Enjoy Heaven, Mama will see you soon. With all of my heart. I love you, I love you, I love you.

"Boink, you're it"

Love, Mama

*To Jennifer Johnson, Thank you for finding Amy and bringing her home.
Julie, Thank you from the bottom of my heart, for giving me this precious creature from GOD.
Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.

With much gratitude and love, stacy

Anais, 07/96-01/02/09

Anais was my center, my root. She saved my life during a time when I wanted it to end. She was my healer, my guardian angel. And she was so beautiful--her pink nose, big green eyes, and soft fur captured my heart. I miss you, Anais, so deeply that my body aches. My head hurts, my stomach hurts, my heart is broken. But I will heal, because you taught me how to. I promise to never forget the gift you've given me. I promise to be strong, because that is what you would want. And I promise to be your soul mate and best friend for Eternity.

Allison Anais Brunner

Ananda, 06/06/08-07/16/09

I never knew I could love so much or hurt so bad.

Jim Tandy

Anastasia Empress of Moscow, 11/13/89-04/23/09

At the tender age of 92 years, our Anastasia crossed over the Rainbow Bridge. Loyal and Loving until the very end, we have never in our lives had a more faithful friend!

John Stock and Dominic Yeung

Anchovio, 11/20/00-01/19/09

The best cat in the world.
He enjoyed water from the faucet and cuddling next to me all and every night in bed. I miss his beautiful face.


Andie, 05/30/09

Andie was one of the sweetest dogs I knew. She loved life and to chase her favorite ball. She always smiled and loved people. She always brought me her unconditional love day after day for 13 years.

She will be sorely missed by anyone who ever got the chance to meet her and got a little bit of her love.

I love you my Sweetpea, and will miss you always and forever. I hope that once day I will get to see your big smile and wagging tail again someday.


Andre nick name Little Man, 10/97-04/09/09

Our Little Man - Andre, was the most loving, devoted, loyal, sweet as sugar and happy doggie. There was always so much love in his eyes and in his heart...He loved us no matter what. He always wanted to do good and to please us. He was our life...He was the most amazing big brother for his little sister - Scarlett. Our family is lost without him. We hope that he always felt our love for him just as we felt his love for the 12 years we spent together. Our hearts our broken we miss him terribly. We know that he is pain free now, young again and strong, running around with his big brother Julius who passed on in 2006. Little Man -we hope to see you in our dreams's so hard to let you go...We love you, always have and always will. Our home is not the same without you...Mommy, Daddy and Scarlett....

Andy, 01/25/00-10/16/08

Andy was adopted by my husband in August 2000. He was at a PetSmart and heard this thumping. He turned and there was this beautiful black and white Pointer. He was hooked. Andy was the boss of the house until Rosie came along. She put him in his place the first night we had her home. He tried to sniff her food bowl and she tore into him. He looked at us like we had brought home a demon dog to his house. Eventually they learned to love one another. And on October 16, 2008 when he died due to canine cardiomyopathy she grieved. Andy left a hole in our heart that will not be filled. The same thing will happen when Rosie crosses and when Deuce crosses. When that happens we will find other shelter dogs to love as much as we have loved those that have gone before. Isn't it amazing how God made it possible for our hearts to just keep expanding to take in more of his creatures?

Tim and Jamie Brennan

Andy, 03/01/96-21/01/09

A wonderful loving dog who spent his days chasing squirrels, frogs, cuddling on the couch and playing with his football..

Will be missed by many and never forgotten

Toby James

Andy, 09/2003-01/18/09

I can't begin to describe how much I miss you.
You will always be loved and missed by us.
Our hearts are broken.
Stay warm.

Love Mom, Dad and your friend Teddy

Angel aka (MEW), 08/08/98 - 12/11/09

Mew you will never be forgotten! You were daddy and mommy's first baby and you were so beautiful. We have so many memories of you and how you loved baskets, and love to sleep under daddy under the blankets when he made a tent for you. How you loved to roll on the bed and just tell us all about your day. You were a sight to see, just a beautiful baby girl! Its so hard for me to say goodbye to you, we are all so sad and your brothers love you and miss you. Even though baby Huey chased you around he is sad for you and stayed in the bed with mommy & daddy last night. I will never know what really happened with you but I do know you are at complete peace and we will meet again some day.

I love you and miss you baby girl!! My little Madge!


Angel, 06/09/09-07/13/09

One of 4 sibling of mama "Baby". We will miss your playfulness. Rest in peace, sweetie.

Marguerite Brunk

Angel, adopted 09/24/1999-06/27/09

I released Angel to the Rainbow Bridge on June 27, 2009.
She was adopted from the Nebraska Humane Society on September 24, 1999.
It was obvious she had had a hard life.
She turned out to be the most loving, gentle and sweet spirit, and the best companion I ever could have picked for my other dog Chelsea.
I miss her desperately.

Sandy Butkus

Angel, 07/12/99-06/06/09

To our beloved Angel, you've finally gotten your real wings.
We love you and know that our Guardian Angel is watching over us still.
Till we meet again on the other side of the brige . . .

Arleen Larkin

Angel, 06/19/09

Waiting for the Rainbow Bridge when I will have you again

Carol Fish

Angel, 06/08/09

Angel....who was MY Angel and loved me unconditionally.
I'll always love you.


Angel, 06/04/09

My sweet girl came into my life 5 years ago....she was very special in so many ways....i will miss her always......wait for me Angel...i will be there with you one day...all of us will be together one day...till then you are in my heart..our hearts....kisses my darling and loving hugs....XOXOXO.....thank you for sharing your life with me....

Kathleen Abazia

Angel, 07/04/00-05/31/09

Angel was truly my best friend. She guarded me with her life, and never once left my side. I will never replace her. I cant walk into my house now without her coming to greet me. Or run to the door to go outside to empty the trash or pick up the mail. She loved to chase lizards that would hide in the garden and I didnt mind the plants that were trampled as long as she was having fun. I know she's safe and will be there waiting for me. I will always love you with all of my heart. At the very least I know that I was loved back.


Angel, 14/05/09-31/05/09

You were a beutiful littel puppy, all sems perfect, but it wasent. Your heart was not how it shud bee. Rest in peace my littel love, you will always hawe a place in my heart.

Kirsti Bergli

Angel, 05/30/09

Angel was more than a dog.
She was the sweetest dog from the time we rescued her in June of 1999.
I have had cats, but Angel was my first dog.
When we brought her home she adapted immediately to our home as well as to our cat Mandy.
(Mandy wasn't thrilled at first but she learned to love Angel too!)
Everyone who came to our home could not believe how sweet and gentle our Angel was.

Angel slept in our room in her bed with her special blanket that she loved to have fresh from the dryer.
She would get right in her bed and work to get herself into the exact position she wanted.
She loved to hunt rabbits in our backyard (must have been the beagle in her).

When my daughter Gina was born she would sleep on the floor by her crib.
If the door was closed to Ginas room she would sleep outside the door.
She was so sweet with children, if they were too wild she would walk away and look at me as if to say Mommy please save me.

About three months ago Angel started showing signs that her age was getting to her.
Like so many others I vowed never to let this lovebug suffer.
She started to lose weight and wander the house.
She would walk in circles for hours.
She used to love to lay on back and have belly rubs and kisses but she wouldn 't stay still long enough.
After two different trips to our vet, (who tried antibiotics and steriods) we came to the conclusion that there was no quality of life left.
By this time Angel would fall when she tried to go the bathroom and she walked into everything.
We had to let her go.

This was by far the most difficult decision I have ever made.
My husband waited in the car because he couldn't deal with it.
I took Angel in to our vets office for the last time.
It broke my heart because I felt like she knew.
The assistant tried to hold her down while the dr. gave her the shot.
Angel struggled so much not enough of the shot was administered.
They had to give her a tranquilizer.
After ten excruciating minutes and too many tears to count they administered the final shot.
She closed her eyes and went to sleep.

Angel I love you so much!
I hope you understand that I would never let you go if I didn't think you were suffering.
Please let me know you are OK.


Angel, 05/02/09

My Angel, I miss you so very much. A part of me is missing. My heart hurts. I wish I could have just one more day with you. I cry and long for you everyday. You were my pal, my best friend. I know you are no longer in pain, and you can see again!! Be strong my precious Angel, and wait for me. One day we will cross Rainbow Bridge together. I Love You <3 <3 <3


Angel, 04/30/09

A beautiful little girl with a sensitive soul and a timid nature is gone from our lives. We love her. We will miss her tugging at the bottom of my robe in the morning, helping me find her breakfast dish. Most of all, I will miss the subtle hint of a smile that was always on her face, especially when she was sleeping.

Sherwell and Joyce Short

Angel, 10/31/08-04/20/09

Angel,you were only with us for a while but we loved you very much.
Your fur brother, Chief, is still grieving and cried aloud when he realized that you weren't coming back. I know that you are running and playing in pet heaven with your new body that doesn't hurt anymore.
We miss you so much.
Your mommy, your animal pack and your human pack.

Angel, 09/23/93-04/22/09

RIP Angel baby.
You are free of all your pain and can now go and join your beautiful baby boy Sebastian and adopted son Leo playing at Rainbow Bridge.

Thank you for 14 beautiful years and giving me Sebastian.
The 2 of you have left a permanent impression on my heart and soul.
I will miss you immensley.

Seeya baby girl - I love you big time xxooxx

Pauline Corcoran

Angel, 04/06/09

In rememberance of our beloved family member who passed suddenly.
We miss you and wish we had more years with you.
We love you Angel.


Angel, 04/01/98-03/30/09

Angel came into our family from a rescue 8 years ago, and settled in like she'd always been there.
She was a gentle, sociable cat who loved everyone.
Angel was tolerant and accepting of all the love my now 5.5 and 7 year old daughters have lavished on her since they could crawl. She became ill a month ago, and seemed to recover after a vet stay. Angel's sudden decline over the weekend and death have left a huge hole in our family. But I know now she is out of any pain. Angel, we miss you.

Denise Metcalf

Angel, 11/19/98-11/06/08

We are honored to have shared almost a decade with this wonderful,humble,loyal companion...Angel was a very special Bichon Frise that words would never do justice for. He will be always loved and never forgotten.

Lynda and Ron Stuckey

Angel, 05/10/99-03/05/09

To my Angel, my best friend, my best buddy, my dog who went over the rainbow. Your unconditional love that you so shared with everyone is so deeply missed. You were perfect in every way possible and my love for you will never end. I don't think my tears will every end also. I miss you so much. Thank you for being the special little girl that you were.

Laura Maki

Angel, 06/12/69-10/01/74

Sweet Angel cat! You were our first. I'm so sorry your illness took you away.
I still think of you so often.

Linda Guthrie

Angel, 09/15/08-02/03/09

A true Angel that will forever live in ours hearts. We love you and miss you so much. You were our Angel.

Amanda Gipson

Angel, 01/26/09

My constant companion, my friend and my love, I miss Angel's presence in my life so much. The house feels empty now. I think of the times she cuddled with me for contentment, or to ease my tears and sorrows, and the times we shared treats and watched TV or listened to music, with her in my lap or laying against my side. I miss looking down from reading my book and finding her at my feet just looking up into my face, patiently waiting for a word or carress. I miss her big beautiful eyes looking so directly into mine. Angel, I love you, my precious.

Angel, 03/11/09

Angel was found by my friend in a recycling shed.
Angel was all battered and my friend wasn't sure she would make it.
Now this was on Jan. 11, 1999 which was an extremely cold day.
My friend found this poor kitty crying under a truck.
She asked people around if this cat belonged to them and as it turned out she did not.
My friend then brought Angel to my place where I nursed her back to health and had a great ten years with her.
Sadly on Mar. 11, 2009 I had to have her Euthanized as she was very sick.
Her ear was badly infected and the ear discharge really smelled. Her eye leaked of discharge.
I asked the Vet if Angel was suffering and she had said that yes she was.
Now I'm not certain as to what exactly this was but I suspect she had a tumour in or near her brain as there was a lot of swelling near her discharging eye.
Reluctantly, I signed the Consent form and had her Euthanized.
A sad day I shall never forget.
After she was sedated, I stroked her and said "Thank you for coming into my life."
I could not handle being in the same room when it was time for the Euthanasia so I had someone else go in and sit with Angel.
I waited in the waiting room while this was being done.
I just want to say that Angel has brought me so much love ....unconditional love that will never die and I look forward to seeing her in great health at Rainbow Bridge.
Bye Bye Angel

Dianne McCullough

Angel, 03/12/09

My beloved Angel has gone to Heaven.
I will miss her sooooo much.
Her Dad, my husband, is already there.
I hope they are together....I love you Angel & Dick


Angel, 03/07/09

Angel was my best friend i loved her she was like my little sister i swear to never forget her. i love her so much.she is like she is my baby she is my guardian angel i guess she's for real now.i love andm miss you more than u could ever know angel i love u.


Angel, 05/15/93-02/21/09

You will always be in our hearts

The Evans Family

Angel, 08/2008-02/02/09

She truly lived up to her name: Angel. She was an angel in my life when I needed it. I didn't have her for long at all, but loved her with all my heart.

Matt Gipson

Angel, 06/90-01/10/09

Angel, you have been with us for a long time.
We've been through everything together.
You have taken such good care of my mom through all that she went through.
We miss you soooooooo very much.
It's too quiet here.
You will always be in our hearts and memories.
We love you so much Angel and can't wait to see you again.


Angel Eye's 'Angel', 01/24/06-03/11/09

Angel you will be missed. You made sure that we noticed you the day that we first saw you. You may have been overly vocal but that's who you were. We find our selves not entering the backyard without tears because of the silence that lingers, without you there barking at Kiki cat and the squirrels in the morning. I catch myself when I go to the door to call Eeyore and Anna still calling you too.We don't know where you came from or what your life was like before you came to us.We hope that we gave you the best forever home for the time you were here with us. What happened to you was tragic and the hardest thing that we have had to deal with in a very long time.We would have fought to make you better. That didn't seem to be an option. So we let you go so you did not suffer. We will always remember your one beautiful blue eye giving us those little looks. So it's not good bye forever and you will never be forgotten.

Kevin and Genny Nabors

Angel Leigh King, 06/02/09

angel was the sweetest dog ive ever had and the only dog ive ever had. she was my baby for 14 of the 16 years ive been alive. to angel: i promise you my baby, i will see you again when im home.

Kaleb King

Angel Morales, 09/05/95-12/26/08

Angel Fluff Morales was a beautiful soul. She was a very kind and gentle animal always wanting to be pet and with a very eager appetite. She lived for long walks around the lake where she could run free in the sunlight. Angel was full of light even in the last few months of life, even after surgerys, she enjoyed every moment and always (appeared) to have a smile and waged her tail. She is survived by her Sisters, Lauren(21), Bianca(24),Lola (Yorkie,4) and her parents: Magda(49) and Robert(50).

Angela, 02/03/09

Angela was a very special dog who endured many challenges in her life, prior to becoming part of our family.
She came to my shelter where I volunteer at and due to her age and health issues, she continually kept being overlooked, despite her happy, gentle, and loving demeanor.
After a year of shelter life, my husband and I brought her home and it was the best decision of our lives.
We knew that her life was on borrowed time but we could not let her leave our world without experiencing what a loving home was.
She blessed our lives for one year and although I wish we could have had her longer, I'm trying to find comfort in knowing that we accomplished our goal- she had a mama and papa who adored her.
Angela, you will always be our baby girl, Angie Pangie, Panja Bear, Brincolina Ballerina, teddy bear, and angel.
Until we meet again...

Yolanda Brown

Angelica, 03/21/96-03/02/09


The Bianchi Family

Angelina, 05/03/09

My Rat was sleeping in her nest.
Her eyes were closed, she needed rest.
But I still could not resist!
Would she mind if he were kissed?
I picked her up and kissed her head,
And then I put her back to bed.
Now she's gone, i feel so sad,
My little angel felt so bad
Now she's at peace with furry friends
may her blessings never end..

Lisa Engen

Angelina, 01/23/09

Anglelin came into our family as a pet for my daughter but she really bacame my pet. She was so amazing. Such a love and so unconditionally there for me throughout our years together. I feel that in losing her, I have lost a part of myself. I am so blessed to have had little Angelina in my life. She was little in size (10-11 lbs) but so big in spirit. She is missed so much.

Patrice Hanson

Angelus, 04/20/03-07/12/09 baby will never be forgotten.

Kelli & Kevin

Angie, 03/16/95-04/11/09

She was the best Golden, from her early days as a puppy until late in her life she loved the lake and loved to swim and then
roll in pine neddles. She would spend hours wading back and forth in shallow water searching for fish. When I caught one and showed it to her, it was just a sniff and walk away.
But she knew the lake held fish and sooner or later she would see one.
Her passing has left an empty hole in my heart. I miss her terribly.

B Beauregard

Angus, 02/14/95-07/08/09

You gave me 14 years of unconditional love, which at times I felt I did not deserve.
You put up with my moodiness and the times I ignored you.
But you were always there for me when I needed a shoulder to cry on.
Thank you for loving me so, my little punker.
Now that you can see and hear again, run like the wind until we meet again.


Angus, 07/01/00-03/23/09

I said I didn't want another cat!
I was taken advantage of by my mother and her freind. I was left with Angus the cinammon colored kitty.
He died of an intestinal difficulty at the age of 9 on 02/17/08. I dreamt of him and my hubby and I saw him in spirit for about 4 months in our apt. He is buried up at our farm in our special place for the critters.

Betty Bremner

Angus, 02/21/94-08/22/08

To my special were a daddy's boy and he still misses
you like terrible and wanted to be here with you on your last day, and instead talked to you on the phone as you passed.
You were never sick, you always dug up the yard looking for those nasty moles...and the best champion obedience dog that ever never forgot your work and you never forgot who loved you until the end.....

Mommy and Daddy love you.......

Angus, 08/16/93-05/01/09

My sweetest Angus passed away on 5/1/09.
He was suffering from renal failure for the past several months.
He was the most loving cat anyone could ask for.
His most favorite thing in the world was affection.
He enjoyed being cuddled more than anything.
During his last days he especially enjoyed a little bed that was given to him by a very special new friend and the most wonderful person in my life.
I will love and miss him always.

Debbie Krupa

Angus, 04/18/09

For Angus, our neighbor and friend.

Holly Oglesbee

Angus, 09/08/96-03/10/09

My gentle, beautiful best friend died 3 weeks ago.
I still cannot believe he's gone.
He brought smiles to all of us when he smiled.
His was an unconditional love, the most faithful companion anyone could ever hope for.
I miss him terribly; our home seems so empty.
I do feel like he knew how much he was loved, even at the very end when his head rested on my arm, and he took his final breath.
I am so thankful I stayed by his side as hard as it was. Our hearts are hurting and empty without this loyal friend.

Thank you Angus for the beautiful twelve and one-half years of friendship and faithfulness.

I love you so,

Angus, 09/08/96-03/10/09

My gentle, beautiful best friend died 3 weeks ago.
I still cannot believe he's gone.
He brought smiles to all of us when he smiled.
His was an unconditional love, the most faithful companion anyone could ever hope for.
I miss him terribly; our home seems so empty.
I do feel like he knew how much he was loved, even at the very end when his head rested on my arm, and he took his final breath.
I am so thankful I stayed by his side as hard as it was. Our hearts are hurting and empty without this loyal friend.

Thank you Angus for the beautiful twelve and one-half years of friendship and faithfulness.

I love you so,

Angus, 03/09/09

Angus was my constant and faithful friend, through good times and bad, through thick and thin. I just love that kitty so much!

Gayle M

Angus McTavish McDougall McFee, 05/18/95-01/10/08

When I call I still see the bending grass. I love you and miss you, Angus.


Angus S. MacGillicuddy, 08/08/97-03/06/09

For mommy's little shadow Angus. My heart aches from missing you. I hope that we gave you a wonderful life. Please wait for
me under the apple tree beside the rainbow bridge. I will be looking for you. There could be no heaven for me without you there. May your rest easy in God's loving arms.
I love you my furbaby.

Robbin Aesque

Anheuser, 05/20/92-05/04/09

Anheuser was almost 17 his kidneys shut done. He was a very special and unique cat.He was found when he was less than 2 weeks old eyes not opened and I was told by vets he probably wouldnt make it.My dog Nikki raised him and took care of him like she was his mom he thought he was a dog.Nikki passed away in 1996 so I know they are together now. I miss both of them and can't wait to see them again.

Janie Britton

Anna (Annabel), 03/21/03-01/15/09

Anna was a sweet, beautiful, gental special little girl. You captured our hearts right from the start with your beautiful personality. You came into our lives and made us smile , and you brought so much to our lives. But it was so painful decision to let you pass
over to
the Rainbow Bridge. No words can express our pain...
Without you Anna, nothing is the same here.
you can never be replaced in our hearts. We hope you knew how much we loved you.
And you will always be cherished in our hearts.
We miss you more than words can say.

Sarah and Doug

Annabelle, 02/27/09

dear annabelle you came into my life and i fell in love with you and now your gone and youve taken a piece of my heart with you.We will always miss you and think of you each and every day.

Betty Curtis

Annabelle, 12/24/06-01/27/07

My precious little angel, you are so dearly loved and missed. Not a day goes by that we don't think about you and smile, for all the wonderful memories you gave us! Love you Annabelle!

Leigh Heska

Annabelle -Bella- Bachman, 06/27/93-06/04/09

Annabelle was born June 27, 1993. She came into my life almost 16 years ago weighing less than 1 pound and almost ready to give up on hers.
She had been abandoned by a breeder, for being the 'runt' of the litter, to a fish and lizard store where they knew nothing about caring for a malnourished kitten who was taken from her natural mother too early.
She was anemic, flea-ridden, lethargic, and heart-broken.
I made them open up the bird cage they had her in and held her.
The last bit of activity she had for weeks was give me a kiss on my cheek and lay her head on my shoulder.

The vet wouldn't even give her 6 weeks to live.
I made a promise to her that I didn't care- that she would be the happiest little kitty in the world, it didn't matter if it was 3 days or 3 years, no matter how long.

I bathed her by hand every day, fed her by hand several times a day, and gave her her medicine in ways she could handle taking it because she had no energy to do any of it on her own.
She lost her beautiful long fur to short fur from the iron medicine and it turned much of her torti coat white, but she was getting a little stronger each day.

After 6 weeks I took her back to the vet.
She now weighed 6 pounds, had some energy (although not as much as she should have) and they did not believe that it was the same little less than 1 pound kitten I had originally brought in.

The first REAL burst of energy she showed was attacking the chicken dinner of my roommate, stealing a leg, dragging it to her and my room, hiding with it, and growling at my roommate when she came to get it back.

Over time after she was able to stop the medicines. She got her beautiful long-torti coat back and was inseparable from her Mama.
When I came home form classes she would be waiting in our room, would run to the door and proceed to yell at me for being gone form her so long.
She ate meals with me.
She her food, me mine, but if it was something she could have, I shared some.

Annabelle was more kid than cat.
When I was hurt, she laid next to me pouting and sad.
She would climb up onto my hurt shoulder and try to heal it for me with her love and purrs.
When I cried, she would climb up, wrap her arms around my neck, wipe my tears off of my face with her paw, and then just hug me with her head snuggled on my cheek or on my neck.
This never changed.

She eventually got her full energy and would run all over the apartment with fierce determination.
She climbed the walls after toys, learned 'fetch', and was so blissfully happy as long as Mama was around. She hated to be away from me and would get so sad when I wasn't home for any reason.

When she was 2 we (me and my then fiance, now husband) found some of Annabelle's siblings abandoned at a different pet store.
The same breeder dumped them because they were half-siamese, half-torti-persian and 'unsellable'.
They hadn't even opened their eyes yet.
We adopted one who my husband fell in love with and took her home to meet Annabelle. Yuri had never learned from her natural mother how to clean herself and was half-starved.
Annabelle at first was annoyed (what big sister isn't when a new baby comes home), but soon came to care for her in a half motherly, half sisterly way.
They looked so much alike that when they laid together you couldn't tell where one ended and the other started. She was a WONDERFUL big sister.

A couple of years after we got married.
Her Papa had been in her life from the time she was a few months old, so she was well used to him being around most of the time, but it was Mama she depended on to be there.
We moved far from the home she had known, but she and Yuri settled in quite well.
As long as Mama was around, everything was good for Annabelle.

Not long after she had her first bad time.
She started developing UTIs and they couldn't figure out why.
They were getting 'worse' and Annabelle was getting sicker.
We were in and out of the Vet, but they never seemed to help her much.

Again we moved and to another Vet she went.
This one allowed her body weight to go down by half and her urine was 80% blood and still they did not care- "we can see her in a month".
I called and called all the Vets in the book trying to find someone who would care and help (no one would see her because she was 'someone else's patient').
Finally I found one- Dr. Shepard.
They let me bring her right in and Dr. Shepard knew what was wrong right away.
Annabelle had bladder stones and needed surgery to get them out because by then they were so large they could not be reduced enough to pass.

That year we did not have Christmas per se.
We told anyone and everyone that we wanted no gifts.
If you were going to get us anything, or even a card, don't spend the money, please help us save my baby.
We sold much of what we owned and donations came in.
The only one to get presents that year was our toddler daughter- although not very much, she wanted to help save Annabelle too.
Our Christmas present was that Annabelle lived through the surgery even with her weakened state and couldn't wait to be at home with Mama again.

Everything I did, everywhere I went in the house, Annabelle was with me.
When I took a shower- she had to be in the room, cooking, sitting on the couch, anything.
When I slept she was either on the bed with me or (more likely) would come onto the bed, pull the covers down, lie down with me and use my arm as her pillow and demand my hair under her paws or over her head.
She HATED it when I had my hair cut short.
She loved her Papa so much, but would always stay jealous that he had time with me.

She had a couple of nick-names.
Bella, Baby, Babybelle were the ones we used the most.
In fact she was so used to being called (by me) these that when our daughter came along and I would say "Baaaaby" to her and Annabelle would come running meowing.
She loved being held like a baby by me, but not everyone could pick her up- she was a Mama's girl.

Not too long after she recovered from the surgery and got her strength back again, something terrible happened.
Her Papa heard in the middle of the night what he thought was her and her sister fighting, which would have been very unusual, so he ran (well sleepily stumbled) up the stairs (he had fallen asleep on the couch watching a movie) to find Annabelle in the hallway having a seizure.
He called for me and I came into the hallway finding by baby again helpless and tortured by something else.

There was no where we could take her at the hour it was then so I stayed up the rest of the night with her and made sure she would be OK.
I was on the couch holding her, talking to her, loving her.
In the morning I called in to her Dr and got her straight out.
Due to all of the stresses her poor body had taken she developed a seizure disorder.
She would need to be on Phenobarbital and have blood work done every year (later became every 6 months- law was changed). No problem, this is my baby.
What ever I can do, I will do.

Like with her first surgery people started again telling me I should just 'put the poor thing down' instead of taking the added expense and time of giving her this simple medicine.
She is MY BABY.
I would NEVER do that over something like this.
She is a fighter, she wants to fight to be here, she LOVES life, she LOVES being with me, her whole life is being with me. Plus I made her a promise, I love her too much to break that promise ever.

So I would ask her- what do you want?
Her answer would be to look at me, meow at me, climb up onto my shoulder, put her head under my hair, purr, snuggle, then look at me and 'pet' my cheek, then start snuggling me again.
Hmmm, I think that was a "I want to be with you Mama" answer.

A few years down the road filled with lots of love, snuggles, demanding, and just complete attachment on both sides, Annabelle again had a medical problem.
This time it was tumors.
She developed breast tumors and they were growing rapidly.
We had to try to get the money together for the surgery and it took longer than we would have liked.
We were finally able to have the surgery and the Dr. took out all of her mammary glands just to make sure.
We found out it was not cancer, but she lost some small movement of her right arm because that was where he had to take the most tissue out.
But still she was the queen of the castle, kept the others in line, enjoyed life and we took each day as it came.

Labour Day weekend this past year- 2008, Annabelle was trying to climb up onto the bed where her Papa was and she wasn't able to get up.
He went to help her thinking she had her claws caught in the blanket, but that wasn't the problem.
She wasn't able to use her back legs.
He got me and we got her to the (what we thought was a good) animal hospital immediately because being a holiday weekend there would be 3 days before she could see her Dr.

There they told us that Annabelle would never walk again, that she would be horribly depressed, and that we should just 'end it for her now'.
All of this was told to us AFTER we told them the limited funds we had.
BEFORE that they wanted to run scans, do tests, and were optimistic.
They said 'we are monitoring her in the cage and she seems depressed'.
We told them that was because she was away from me and that they would not let her see me, she wanted her Mama!!!
'Nope, no cat is capable of that kind of deep affection'.
I DEMANDED to see her and when I did Annabelle was HAPPY, climbing, snuggling and begging me to take her home.
So that is what we did.

They wanted to kill her, but put in her medial record from there that we "took her life into their own hands by taking her home".
What hypocrites.
They said that no one would want to do the kind of care she would need- in front of my 2 children!
I diapered them, I followed them, I cleaned up after them, I had done it for Annabelle when she was a kitten!!!
Why would I not do it for her now???

Annabelle was with us here for 9 months after.
We would have lost that wonderful, precious time with her.
They scripted medicine in doses that would have killed her had we followed their directions they gave, but we suspected them of this and only gave her small doses.
Annabelle's regular Dr was appalled at the report, at the meds, and everything with us.
The ER dr was trying to 'euthanize' Annabelle without our consent because she could not believe the bond that she and I shared.
We sat waiting that whole first weekend because she (the ER dr) had told us that Annabelle probably would not make it though until Tuesday.
Yup, had we followed her directions Annabelle would not have made it through.

Annabelle got around fine for a kitty who could not put weight on her back legs.
We found out that it was bad disks in her back that caused this.
But as long as she was eating, drinking, going bathroom, and was energetic, she would be fine.
Other problems might arise: UTIs, constipation, and the disks could fully collapse causing her to lose control over her bowels and bladder altogether.

I made her a kitty wheelchair out of my other kids' old doll buggy.
Annabelle liked going backwards in it more than forward, but she liked it.
We put puppy pads under her, diapered her, bathed her, made special food mix up for her each meal so that she would not be constipated, but would still have a meal worth having.
Twice the constipation happened: the first in the weeks following the ER visit (those meds also helped cause it) and once a few months ago.
We did the best to help her get though them and she did.
She had a couple UTIs, but only in the first couple months and then one in her last few days.
In the middle, for all of those months, not one.
They were amazed. They could tell how much I loved her and took care of her that she was not getting them.

Annabelle fought through everything, but in the last couple of days she was in pain.
We do not know if it was back or kidneys, but she was hurting.
She was so scared, but she was fighting to stay with me.
When her Papa would hold her, she would get so upset- only Mama.
I stayed up with her through 2 nights hoping and praying that we were wrong and that she was 'only' constipated again, but we both knew better.

She didn't want to leave me.
She cried for me to not leave her. She held onto me with every bit of strength she had.
She should have died that second night.
Her breathing was shallow, she was holding onto me with her paws and claws, her body was saying "I'm done", but her mind and soul fought it all night.
She never wanted to leave me. Papa and I said to her, enough and at 10:05 on June 4, 2009 her beautiful, wonderful, loving, caring, intelligent soul left her body.

Years ago when I was in college I was given an assignment in my woodworking class to make a wooden box with certain specifications.
I always said after that should I lose Annabelle I would use that for her because she deserved to be buried properly.
And that is what we laid her in.
She has the Hello Kitty fabric she loved to lay on, her favourite toys (her fishy on a string and a balled-up hot-chocolate packet, her favourite to play with, bat around, and hide in my shoes so that I would have to play with her with it instead of leaving the house), a note from our older daughter, a metal car from our younger daughter (loved small metal objects), one of Mama's shirts, some of Mama's hair to have over her face and snuggle in her paws, Mama's in-hair toy (a hair wrap, she loved when I had those in), and a flower becuase she loved the smell of flowers.

I finished the lid for her box and started her grave.
I never wanted to make that lid, ever.
I look everywhere for her.
I swear I hear her meowing for me.
I can't sleep right without her- I never have, I don't know how to be without her.
How many parents do as much for their natural children?
I see the evidence of the uncaring all around me, even on my own street.
I LOVE her.
I cared for her just like I did for my girls.
I feel so lost without her. I hurt without her, it hurts to breathe without her.

I love you Annabelle, I wish there was a way for you to come back home.
Words can not say how much I love you and how heart-sick, heart-broken I am now.
We all miss you so much.
Yuri is sad without you.
She keeps wondering where I took you and when you are coming home.

This is a wound that time will not heal, I will have the scar of losing you forever. Time my fade it a little, but it will always be there for everyone to see.
That for a time I had the best baby-cat, the best little-girl any Mama could hope for and that I lost you and now I am broken.

I hope though that you are at peace Annabelle and that you forgive me that I could not fix you.
I know you didn't want to go, but there was nothing more I could do.
I am so sorry I couldn't do more.
I wish I could have.

Collette, Ray, Rachael, Anya

Annabelle Scott, 02/04/09

Annabelle was the light of my best friend's life.
Annabelle was just like Lisa in every way but she had 2 more legs than Lisa. Their pesonality was the same, ready to go and have fun in a moment's notice. Annabelle was spoiled beyond belief and had the life of luxury with all the love anyone or any animal could ever want. Lisa will miss Annabelle more than I could ever know. But I do think that one day they will be together again. Lisa loved Annabelle so much that she would rather suffer the pain and loss herself,
than for Annabelle to go thru any more suffering. That to me is the ultimate love.

Lisa Scott

Annie, 12/25/98-06/17/09

We miss you so much. You will be forever in our heart. Until we meet again...

Sharon Brown

Annie, 01/11/08

Annie my dear sweet little girl. Loyal, playful, adorable... you will always be in my heart.
I miss you terribly and I'm so sorry.
We will be together again.
I love you.

Cary Galbraith

Annie, 04/19/97-05/23/09

Sweet Annie, I cannot put into words what a huge void your passing has left in our life. We are so deeply saddened by the suddeness of your departure. The girls are I are so devastated, we look for you around the house and still can hear the patter of your paws and your bark from time to time. You were the most loyal friend anyone could ask for, you were comfort and joy personified. Please know that you were loved more than you could imagine. Deeply missing you, your "girls".

Cheryl Brydges

Annie, 07/09/07

Annie, I miss you everyday. You will always be my best friend, and my definition of what it is to be loved, and to love. Losing you was the hardest thing, but I would have never traded my time with you for anything. I do not regret loving you and being loved by you. I can't wait until I see you again. You will always be a part of me. love you with all my heart. I am so glad that you know I do.

Amy Benson

Annie, 04/11/09 sweet, devoted little girl. My heart aches and longs to hold you.
You gave us so much love and asked no more in return than to be by my side. I will try to be as brave and trusting as you. You were greatly loved. I pray to see you again and will treasure all our happy memories together.. from many long walks along the ocean cliffs,to swimming laps, and chasing balls. You were the best! Everyone thought we rescued you but you know it was,in truth, you who rescued us. Thank you.
I am grateful for your long life with us.
Always in my heart,

Annie, 04/28/75-07/16/91


We haven't forgotten you!
You were our first
poodle...Our hearts have never been the same!
You truly taught us the lesson of unconditional love!

Cliff & Sharon Harris

Annie, 07/10/07

A Wonderful and Beautiful friend that will live in my heart forever.

Randy Taylor

Annie, 07/04/00-02/06/09

Cancer took my best friend Annie early this year and left me with such a terrible pain. A lonely tennis ball lays on the lawn, a leash dangles from the garage wall and bowls empty of food and water sit without use. How could this a very lonely me. But through all the tears and sorrow, I promise to keep her safe and warm in my heart....for my best friend and me, we will never part.

Larry Lundin

Annie, 03/03/09

This sweet girl came into my life after being saved from a trap in Lexington, NC by a friend. I had an older dog named Shasta and wanted companionship for her, so Annie was the companion. The first thing she did was run away. She definitely had the wandering gene; I don't know how many times I lost her over the 14 years she was with me, but somehow, I always got her back. I even lost her on a family vacation in New Hampshire. She was always on patrol; I guess that was her job. Even up til the end, she was patrolling to make sure everybody was safe. I thank God and Annie that she let me know she was ready to go; she was very peaceful and still after having a rough evening. We spent the last afternoon at the park laying in the sunshine; she ate a little snow and even an icicle. But she wasn't moving, and couldn't walk. So we helped her on her way. Her love has already come back to me in the form of all my friends and family that are sharing this grief with me. I miss you so much, Annie dear; you were my blessing. Play sweetly, dear girl, and stay on patrol. Tell Nana I love her, and take care of Shasta. See you again, my love. Luke and Angel wonder where you are. We are all sad.

Bill Strawn

Annie, 03/03/09

Annie weighed only 9 pounds but she was the head cat in our family of 3 cats.
She was sweet and loved to be held and liked to burrow under the covers at night.
We found her hanging around a
mini-mart gas station when she was a kitten and took her home.
She liked to sit on our dresser in the bedroom window and lie in the sun and watch the goings on in the neighborhood.
It was so hard to let her go

Carol Frye

Annie, 04/22/87-03/05/09

My best friend - Annie
You helped me through the tough times and now one of the toughest decisions I had to make you couldn't help me.
I know I made the right decision - you lived 22 long years, but I still miss you.
Missing that you were always there. So enjoy your new life and I look forward to the day we meet again. I am forever yours girl !!!
Love mom

Tara Doyle

Annie, 05/01/95-03/03/09

I just hope she's okay now.
We miss her terribly--we always will.
But we know we will see her again one day.
We will never, ever forget her and what an amazing girl she was.
She was always there for me and I hope she knew how much I loved her and will always love her. There will never be another Annie.


Annie, 02/24/09

Annie my love;

You've been my bestest girlfriend now for such a long time, so
When I finally realize that I have to let you go
Just one more time let me tell you that I love you more than ever, and
Some things you have to know.

I promised you so long ago to always go with you,
And though you can not speak the words, I know that you did too.
I see it in your eyes, and know you love me as I you.
There were so many happy times that you and I knew.

So now it seems our journey must be coming to its end.
It hurts so much for me to know I'm losing my best friend.
I know you'll be more comfortable, and peaceful in your rest
As tears fall down please know sweet-love, you've always been the best!

Jennie Reed

Annie, 02/04/09

In Loving Memory of Annie Mason. She was a loyal and faithful friend. May she rest in peace.

Sally Campbell

Annie, 08/07/00-02/07/09


We loved you more than we can ever say.
You will be in our hearts forever and never forgotten.
We will miss your kisses and bedtime with you.
I hope you can feel our hugs everyday.
We love you Annie Girl.
Mommy, Daddy and Nick.

Annie, 01/28/09

Oh my sweet Annie-bannanie..I'm so sorry you were in so much pain. I wish I could have made you better. It was so hard so say goodbye. We will miss you so much.....I love you.

Your mommy.

Annie, 12/29/08

Your loss is overwhelming.
I'm grateful that you were in my life.
Your loss is overwhelming.
Remember I love you.

Marianne Aman

Annie, 01/09/09

Sweet, sweet Annie, we miss you so very much.
Our hearts are broken over your death.
Maggie, Sophie, Donut and Hookie all miss you too.
We hope you are at peace and we will always love you.

Barbara Nash & Paul Rosal

Annie, 09/25/04-01/05/09

Annie was such a sweet girl.
She loved to sleep under the covers on my stomach...she loved people and the only thing she wanted in the world was to be loved back.
I adopted her when she was about 8 and I loved every minute with her.
I couldn't have asked for a better cat.
She will be missed so much.


Annie and Chloe, 03/15/96 and 03/01/96 to 02/06/09 and 09/01/08

You two where the best and I will truly miss you. I don't know life without you guys because I was five when you guys entered my life. I have found Life without you guys is hard but I know you guys are running around having lots of fun and I take comfort in that! Until we meet again I will always remember you! I can't wait to run and plaay with you guys again.

I love you,
Love Gretchen

Annie Arnold, 04/15/94-03/26/09

Our wonderful little girl that gave us many years of joy and love.
You have left a hole in our hearts that will never be filled.
We love you forever.

Barbara Arnold

Annie Bea Jean, 09/06/98-02/27/09

Annie Bea was a GREAT boxer, everything you would ever hope for in a dog. She was happy, loving, playful, protective. Those happy kisses will me mess, and that kidney beaning she always did will too. She gave us 10 and half years of UNCONDTIONAL love, and as a human I could return about 10 percent of the love and joy that she gave my family and myself.


Annie Eiermann, 01/28/09

You have left paw prints on our hearts. We love you and miss you.

Tammy Eiermann

Annie PePe, 10/07/03-04/28/08

My sweet were so scared of life being brought up in a puppymill never got over it....most of your short life you lived under my bed, occasionally when storms came you got in bed with weren't cuddly, but you were precious....I miss you sooooo much.

Love, mommy

Annie Valentine, 01/05/95-09/21/07

I will always love you Annie Valentine.
You were the very best friend I could have ever had.
I think about you everyday, you will always have a piece of my heart with you.

Lucie Gannuch

Anonymous, 03/19/09

I met you this morning.
Your body was laying on the pavement.
Who were you ?
A house cat, who wanted to spend the night out and leaves a grieving family behind?
An anonymous stray, that death liberated from a miserable life in the streets of Paris?
I will never know, but you have found a family forever in my heart. I will not forget you.


Ansel Reichardt, 06/08/97-06/21/09

You are greatly missed Ansel! You were such a wild spirit even until the end. Maxwell has been looking around for you all day and night, he misses you too! WE LOVE YOU!

Andrea & Chris Reichardt

Anubis, 03/17/09

Forever with you is not enough but we are grateful for the time we had.

Nura and Tina

Anvil, 04/27/09

Anvil,thank you for the best 7 years. You were a handful but we saw something in you and we were right. We love you and miss you and hope you are in a better place.Dad especially misses your walks. Ernie, Cleo and the gang miss you too, Rest in peace baby.


Anya, 04/04/99-06/23/09

Anya was my best friend and companion for ten wonderful years.
She came from the pound with spitfire in her eyes and she never lost it.
I will miss her always and she will never be gone from my heart.

Michelle Church

AOK Black Betty, 04/01/93-07/26/07

Miss Betty, I hope you are taking care of Garth and Guy just like you did before you left. You were the most perfect loving friend God could have ever given me.

Aphrodite, 05/15/06-03/19/09

She left us far too soon and without any sign she was making a journey.
She will be loved and missed sincerely. Our sweet angel

Kristina and Jeb Haverkamp

Apollo, 04/14/94-06/30/09

We are so much in pain since Apollo passed away, who had been the most wonderful buddy and the gentlest dog we have ever known. We hope he is in no more pain and peaceful in his afterlife.

Soonmi, Lidia, Wan, Maggie

Apollo, 09/28/96-07/10/09

You are forever in my heart and will missed. Thanks for all the memories!!!!

Momma, Daddy & Tucker

Apollo, 10/25/03-12/29/08

Apollo was a strapping 85lb love bug before he became ill with IBD and/or cancer. He was my best friend, and if I sat in this chair I am in, he would put his head on my lap until I let him climb up, and he would fall asleep standing up hanging over me as I typed, wrote, or whatever. He loved for anyone to throw his big ball with the handle. He would run so fast and bring it right back and give it to you by dropping it right there at your feet. He loved going anywhere to see anyone, even his veterinarian. He was a peach when I groomed him. Not a mean bone in his body. He adored my son, and played for hours with him outside. My son now wears a special medal around his neck that my sister was nice enough to have made for him. It is a St. Francis medal with the inscription, "May God be with Apollo" on it. Apollo will be sorely missed, but he is not suffering anymore, and is now with all his buddies up in heaven. Goodbye my Apollo.

Cheryl Lucena

Apollo, Amber, Bodacious

My English Mastiff babies (Apollo, Amber, & Bodacious) are so greatly missed; and yet I realize just how much I would've missed in my life, without them! While on this earth, and then in the Heavens beyond, I know that I shall never truly walk alone! Their greatness is mine to keep forever!

Peggy Kolk

Apollo Don, March 17, 2001 - October 3, 2009

Dearest Apollo:
     I will always think of you in my thoughts and know your love in my heart and my soul. You have always been a good boy/ dog. Be good and set an example in doggie heaven/ say hi to Annie for me. Please come and visit me from time to time. You are my loverrdog and will always be Apollo the Dog.  
Robbie Don

Apollo Jerdine Turner, 11/15/99-05/14/09


Apple, 04/21/09

I miss my little girl so much.
Glad i had you - even if for a short time.
Be happy and snarl at everyone.

Jodie Rochetich

April, 12/01/94-02/24/09

I love you so much, April.
You were my "little teddy bear" when I first saw you.
You were the little mother to the dogs we got next.
You can rest now and be with your sister Kristy.
I will miss you so very much.
You are at peace now and have no more pain.
I will always think of you every day.
I love you so very much, Mommy

April, 12/27/08

You are in my heart forever.
You are a sweet bun and you have touch my life forever.
Thank you for loving me.


Arabella, 02/01/06-01/28/09

The name Arabella translates to Beautiful Gift, and my sweet Saint Bernard, Arabella was a very beautiful gift.
Arabella was a beautiful, sweet girl, she was a little mischievous from time to time and there was that day she tried to eat the couch...but all in all she was just a loving girl who wanted nothing more than to give kisses and be petted.
Arabella never caught on to the fact that at 140 pounds, she was not meant to be a lap dog, but she kept trying.
Arabella had a short but happy life and she will be missed by all who knew her.
I hope she knows that I would have done anything to keep her, but I could not face the fear and pain in her big brown eyes.
While my head knows the decisions I made for her were the right ones, my heart aches.
I know Arabella is no longer in pain and that she left this world knowing that she was loved.
I rest assured that Arabella is in a better place, painfree and chasing squirrels, until we meet again.

Anne Clark

Archie, 05/23/09

Archie was the most special cat ever. He was sweet and loving and fought through cardiomyopathy for over two years. He was a fighter until the end and took care of us more than we did of him. He was the sweetest cat, and now our family is suffering without him (especially his brother who looks for him constantly). Archie we will love you forever.


Archie, 08/17/95-05/05/09

this is to the best little thing that came into all our lives,archie you made everyday exciting and we loved you more for that every day,i just hope you were totally happy and that the last few days of your life were painless,a day will not go by,with out you being in our thoughts,we love you and miss you so much,were ever you are,i hope your playing and being
happy and i hope you have found mack there too ..............our very special dog archie.

Duncan Forster

Archie, 18 Feb 2003-3 April 2009

My best friend. My emotional support. My 'baby boy' I loved so dearly.


Archie, 01/23/98-01/23/09

Our beloved Archie -

It seems like yesterday that you were just a puppy! All puppy feet and excited bark.

You grew up, and Dawn became your mommy. Did you know that you got Mommy and Daddy together? It was because she saw your picture on Daddy's profile that she decided to contact him - she thought that anybody who put their dog's picture on their dating profile must be OK!

It's such a quiet house now. We miss your woo-ing. We miss that sigh you always made at night as you went to sleep.

We hope we made you happy - you always made us happy. We hope you are with Sidney now - we so want to see you both again!

We love you, wooples.

Mommy and Daddy

Ari, 10/31/86

Sweet, loving, loyal.

Evangeline Liquori

Ariel, Summer 1996-07/10/09

Thank you for being such a good boy...we miss you so much. Until we meet again......

Sandra Seda

Ariel Moon, 06/27/09

Thank you Ariel for bringing our family closer for 8 1/2 years.
We didn't rescue you, you rescued us!
Love Daddy, Mommy, Stefi, Lindsey, Baxter and Mitten.

Arielle, 03/26/09

We will never forget you. You were such a wonderful furbaby. What a gentle, loving soul. You are in heaven where the canacer can't hurt you. You will be young again. We will see you again someday sweetie. You will never be forgotten my love. Goodnight Air bear. RIP

Lauren & Matt

Arizona, 06/17/09

I will love you for the rest of my life. You were my girlfriend and best friend. I love you Zona!

Sue Boppel

Arizona, 11/22/00-01/26/09

Arizona was our best friend: loyal, funny, lovable, protective, beautiful, and was always there for us.
We MISS you Ari (hairball) and WE LOVE YOU. The BEST dog in the WORLD (she was!)

Mark, Kathleen and Miranda Swineford

Arnold, 03/31/04-04/21/09

My beloved Arnold, I thank you for the five years you gave me, they were the happiest time of my lonely life and I will always love you as long as I live. No one could ask for a better friend than you, and you will always be very close to me whatever happens.

Fredrik Wallinder

Arrow, 12/23/08

The Greatest doggie soccer player who ever lived.

Rick, Maryann, Renelle and Laurel

Artemis, 01/06/09

The time we shared upon this earth was much too short, yet I treasure every moment of it.

Beth Weeks

Arthur, 12/31/97-04/10/08

Back together , with you playmate and ''brother''.Be good boys till we meet again , i miss you both so much xxxxxxxxx

Jennifer Mc Laughlin

Arthur, 09/92-03/20/09

My beloved companion of 16 1/2 years, always by my side and there to lull me to sleep. Leila was right when she said you are very wise. You will always have a special and warm place in my heart. Thanks for sending your messenger it gave me peace.


Arthur, 05/01/07-04/15/09

Arthur...We miss you so much...Hope you are in a wonderful place now...where you can eat and run as you loved to. Sweet snowball,my little bear, we'll love you forever...

Maddalena Sinatti

Arthur, 22/03/09

Goodbye Arthur.....


Arthur, 02/12/99-02/20/09

To my loving companion.
I miss you very much.


Arthur Fulmer, 09/01/96-06/15/09

Best Friend, Brave, Loyal, Proud, Strong, Stubborn, Laid-back, Sweet, Smart, Adventuresome, Royal, Handsome, Fair, Funny, Water-loving, Basketball- loving, Defender, Dear Brother, Pal, Mountain Climber, Explorer, Chow Hound, Bone Chewer, Bed Hog, Planner, Obedience Failure, Camera Shy, Patient, Andrew's Pal, Gwennie's Hero, Mom's Darling, Salvador's Buddy, Gleaming Black, Warm right brown eyed, Honest, Truthful, Clean, Car Driving..

Sandra Weir

Artie, 07/19/96-02/24/09

Artie,you will alway be loved and in are hearts.
Until we meet again.

Gary Dunkel

Artie, 08/20/06-01/16/09

My Artie, my good good boy, I love you and I will miss you and everything about you always.

Adriana Gomez

Arty, 07/20/08-05/26/09

Arty was the most affectionate and loving cat that you could meet. Always jumping onto your lap to say hello and ask for a hug, evn when there was food or something else already on our laps. We will miss you

Chris Heath, Fiona Heath and Jamie Heath

Asalon, 02/96-05/11/09

The dog that put the world on her shoulders and took care of us. She was so kind and so full of wisdom beyond her years.


Ash, 06/06/97-04/24/09

In loving memory of Ash, for which lived his last years with my parents-in-law, where he received all the attention he deserved. He was a beautiful cat and loved to be held, would just melt in your arms... He will be greatly missed!

Crystal Gregory

Ash, 04/14/02-02/25/09

Will be sadly missed by her very special friend "Smoky"

Mandey & Susan

Ash, 03/14/02-02/25/09

Ash was a very hyper and always on the go, we shared our times at night when we sat down to watch t.v.
Always looking for her treats even when she already had some. Very affectionate, cuddley and always made sure you knew she was around, brushing up against you, meowing to get your attention.

It has taken the life right out of me to know that the days, the months and years that we have spent with each other have come to an end but i will carrie you close in my heart until we meet again and we can continue our journey, together once more.

Love you forever my baby

Mandey Helman

Ash, 11/17/01-12/27/08

Ash was only 7 years old and his passing was sudden.
He was such a good, sweet, handsome boy.
My heart is broken. His buddies here at home are missing him terribly.
I hope and pray he was met at the Rainbow Bridge by my Saulsbury (deceased 2001) and Bandit (deceased 2000).
Forever in our hearts our Ashy....I miss you so much.


Ashes, 04/25/09

22 years is twice as much as some owners get, but for me it will never feel like enough. You were proud, handsome, stubborn-so much charisma and charm. You were in your glory when greeting guest with the closest thing I have ever seen to a warm smile I have ever seen on an animal before.But you're gone now: I will never find you cuddled up by my head or under the blankets by my side; climbing over me to try and get food that even I shouldn't be eating let alone you; or purring in that distinct low tone I love so much again. You were my constant companion for more than half of my own life-my longest and dearest friend. No one will ever replace you. Love you.

Carla V

Ashes, 02/09/09

I wish that I could have left with him. I wish that he didn't have to suffer at all. Most of all, I wish that he were here, with me, so I didn't need to right this entry. But I couldn't have, he did, and he will never physically be here with me. He was a good dog, but his kidneys got to him. R.I.P. my beloved Ashes, and may your NEW ashes comfort those who loved you with your memories. I love you then, now, and forever...Gerard...

Ashes, 05/25/95-01/05/09

To My Precious Ashes
For the last fourteen years, Ashes has been my shadow.
She traveled with me to lots of places and has been in more states than many of my students had been.
Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia, North Carolina were her most travelled states.
She sat next to me any time I was sitting on the sofa at home or in the car going anywhere.
Her name could easily have been Shadow instead of Ashes.
My youngest son gave her to me and we couldn't decide on a name.
What he wanted, I didn't; what I wanted, he didn't.
Finally I said ok, she is the color of ashes in the fireplace so her name is Ashes, Switches and Ashes actually.
She was my joy and by human standards led both a wonderful life and a hard one.
In her last few years, she had three legs, four teeth, old dog vestibular disease, congestive heart failure, countless seizures among other things, and yet, I loved her more than most anything because there was unconditional love between us.
She was not much of a barker, kisser, or rambunctious dog, much more sedate than most miniature Schnauzers.
She was a complete lap dog, my lap mostly.
Her groomer at Pet Smart, her two vets, and her breeder all commented on how sweet she was.
Little did they know.
One night when we lived out in the country, she came face to face with an armadillo and scared me to death.
I literally had to go pick her up to get her away. I think she barked all the way in to the house.
Her favorite toy was an old sock which had a knot tied in it.
She would chase it and bring right back to me over and over.
She had several sweaters and one t-shirt.
The t-shirt was one I just could not leave at the store.
It had "Teacher's Pet"ť on the back. How appropriate could that be?

Ashes was so sick the last few weeks of her life.
Every time she went outside, she would come back in and collapse either right outside or right inside the door and have a seizure.
She got to the point that she didn't even want to go outside because she knew what was coming.
My precious grand daughters were here for Christmas and when they spent the night, I explained to them that Ashes was really sick and that if they saw her laying on her side, they were to come get me.
The girls were absolutely precious.
Ashes would go into a seizure and one of the girls would stay by Ashes side petting her very very gently while the other would run get me.
The first time Ashes ever saw my grandchildren, she was not so excited, but by that last visit, she seemed to really like them.
I'm glad they got to see her before she died.
Before this trip, they had been scared of her and seldom went near her unless I was there holding her, but this trip, they petted her and talked to her.

Ashes was my heart and my heart is hurting today.
People who do not have dogs in their life would never understand, but we who love out dogs are as broken hearted as if we'd lost a child.
Ashes depended on me for everything.
She loved me unconditionally, and she has left an empty space in my house.
After my hubby buried her in the rain yesterday, I realized I don't have many pictures of her.
I bet the next dog gets photographed a lot more than Ashes did.
Maybe it's a good thing not to have the pics.

I love you Ashes and will always miss you.
I hope your trip across the Rainbow Bridge was filled with spunk, spirit, and joy.

June Hollis

Ashes Miller, 04/18/09

I miss you,
I miss your smile
And I still shed a tear every once in awhile

Kristi Miller

Ashlee, 09/91-02/07/09

My Toots ......your are in heavan now and I can just picture you curled up and warming yourself in the sun like you always did with us...your are going to be so missed and I am so sorry that you had to go...I will forever miss having you snuggled in my arms watching tv in my bed...what am I going to do without had a long and happy and very wonderful life with a family who loved you deeply....Good Bye my love....

Patrik and Kezie, Mom and Dad

Today I lost my best friend....I held her and talked to her to the end which was a peaceful one...She will forever live in my heart even though the other half is missing...We will all miss her ...RIP Tootie, now you can chase those birdies that you always watched out of the window...

Night time will be the loneliest with out you to snuggle with...


Ashleigh, 08/06/95-04/09/09

We miss you so much! You gave us more love than we deserved. We had no idea how much room you took up in our lives until you were will always be special to us!

Diane Tideman

Ashley, 11/23/95-07/03/09

She was beyond a doubt the most wonderful friend anyone could ask for.
I believe that God creates pet friends to truly teach us the meaning of unconditional love.
She was the greatest blessing.
I will love her always.


Ashley (Tiny Dancer), 06/30/09

Thank you for sharing your life with me. I hope I served you well Ashley and as you crossed over, I know you were welcomed and greeted with the patter of many little feet.

You were once a Tiny Dancer in my hand but now, you can dance for eternity.

One day, we will be together forever. I'll be sure to bring the N-Bone treats.

My Ferret Rainbow Bridge -

Dusky, Scooter, Bear, Ivory, Scootsie, Sasha, Gambino, Teddy, Nessie, Buster, Lexi, Rocky, Dookie, Tigger & Ashely (Tiny Dancer)

James O'Donnell

Ashley, 06/09/09

Our beloved and faithful companion, we will always love you and miss you.
You are my heart baby boy.
Your gentle sole shines over our lives as little blind Precious-cocker and I struggle to go forward without you. Until we are all together again....

Nancy & Precious

Ashley, 05/25/09

My beautiful princess crossed the Rainbow Bridge in my arms tonight.
My heart is heavy and I miss her so much.
It's crowded at the Bridge tonight as everyone welcomes her home.
I await the day that I'll see her again.
Right now, it's just so very hard.


Ashley, 01/01/89-05/11/09

Ashley was my sweet angle baby-love. Her Dad (my ex H)deserted her in 2005. I was with him for 7 years)I took her in and gave her a warm loving home. She was my familiar. My family. I loved her so much and still do.She is so missed. I know she is at peace and with my Sweet Tecate now. I cant wait to see her again!

Gwynne Biuso

Ashley, 01/24/97-03/29/09

She was the sweetest most beautiful girl ever.
She was intelligent, obedient and a faithful frie nd until the end.
She loved being outside and protecting her home and yard.
She would bark at the geese in the pond and talk to her dog friends in the neighborhood.
She also loved being inside with me.
She loved attention, and loved to be touched.
She would lay beside me forever.
She slept with me at night with her head on the pillow next to me.
She always met me at the door when I came home.
She will be missed deeply by her brother, Ben and her father, David and everyone else who knew her.
She cannot be replaced.
Ashley I know you will get lots of Beggin' Strips and Greenies in Doggie Heaven.
Goodbye for now. I'll love and miss you forever, Mom

Ashley, 03/20/09

A companion on three are so missed and loved.

Patricia Hermes

Ashley, 03/14/09

A sweet little soul whose love and affection will never be forgotten.

Randy Taylor

Ashley (Ashie-Pashie), 04/25/03

Ashley - You were such a pretty little stray kittie that wandered into my yard and into my heart. You are sill missed very much. All four of you are together forever and waiting for me. I will see you all with the other furry brothers & sisters -- yes, the dogs. Keep playing, keep waiting. We will be together soon enough. Loved you then, love you now, and we all will have love forever more.

Joy D Wolf

Ashley, 12/08/92-01/26/09

Our Ashley girl was simply "The Best".
This family misses her terribly and feels such an immense void.
How we wish we could look in her eyes one more time,hug her and feel her lick our hands. Ashley had an almost human like personality.
She had a very sweet,loving and selfless nature.
We were blessed to have had her as part of our family.
She will be forever missed and always,always in our hearts.
We love you "Ashley Girl".
x0x0x0 Carol,Bruce and Scottie

Ashley Morgan Eisenrod, 03/21/88-10/21/08

Today, March 21st, 2009 is my Ashley's 21st birthday. It is also 5 months since her passing. Today, our family will celebrate Ashley's 21st birthday together. I will always think of you, my dear sweet Ashley and will miss you in my life. I will hold you dear to me always. The memories of you are so wonderful and I thank you for being mine.
Love and Happy 21st Birthday my sweet Ashely girl.

Ashley Nicole, 04/16/93-02/16/09

Ashley- from the moment I first laid eyes on her (she was 16 hours old)I knew she would bring me so much joy! She always knew when I was feeling sick or sad (she would lay her head on my lap or if I had my head down, she would nudge me with her head) She enjoyed car rides, walks, going to the beach, seeing people, running, playing with her penguin. She had a presence about her that everyone loved. She was so smart (if I said pray-she would get on her hind legs and put her paws together and move them fast up & down) She knew the difference from her tennis ball and her blue ball. You could tell her to get which ever one & she would bring the correct one to you! People were amazed how smart she was. She was with me through hardships and good times- my single days,my marriage, my 2 pregnancies, etc. I could always depend on her for comfort. Most of my adult life was with her and I feel like a piece of me is gone....
She will forever be with me. There is a special place in my heart only for her. I love my little girl and miss her so much! I knew and dreaded when this day would come and nothing can prepare you for the pain and the void. I just want to hold her and kiss her one last time....

Karen Harr

Ashley-Princess, 4/17/92 - 11/7/09

Breed: Shih-Tzu..
Color: Brittle (black, brown & white)

My Little Princes Girl...
Mama Loves you so much... & Daddy Larry loves you so much...
when you left, you took 2/3rd of me....
I am so sorry you had to go through the heart problems..
I will always love you!
You're always be my Baby Girl. My Little Girlie... My Princes.. Young Lady... Young.. Young!

Thank for your unconditional love. Thank you for waiting for Daddy to come home.

I feel so guilty taking you to be put to sleep. I could not bear anymore that you are not doing well health wise.

You are such a Trooper! My Little Angel...

We love you and miss you so much.... it's not the same without you

Jasmine & Larry Kutcher
Dallas, TX

Ashton, 08/11/92-02/25/09

Ashton was a wonderful dog. He was so loving and smart! He always protected us. We will miss him! We will always love you!

Phil and Deanna

Asia, 11/01/02-07/24/09

You were my baby before I had my own. You were the one that I cried on, played with, and told all of my problems to. Even though you could not talk back you were always there to listen. Sometimes I think that I could have done more for you but I remind myself that you went from a malnourished stray to a loving, happy dog and had a pretty great life. I miss you baby girl! My little "toots"!

I knew last night would be your last night. We walked for what seemed like forever then sat by that still lake and just looked. You were so calm. I wonder if you knew?

I found your stuffed toy out in the yard today. I held it, I cried, but I am sure that you have one better now wherever you may be.

Asia, 06/22/09

Poster dog and exemplary model of the Am Staff breed:
Asia was overly friendly, kind hearted, brave and strong.
She was inteligent, playful, loving, supportive and always ready to please.

We had the privilege of her being in our lives for 10 years.

Shannon & Eric Thompson

Asil, 10/01/94-02/12/09

We Love you and miss you so very much.
You were the best. Thank you for all the love and companionship you gave to us.
Good-bye big boy, hope to see you again someday!

Lisa Wright

Askem, 08/15/99-04/20/08

I miss my Askem SO much .. It has been a year already but it feels like yesterday !!

Nicky Rajotte

Aspen, 11/23/00-07/08/09

Aspen was full of life and had lots of energy. She will be deeply missed. We wish her peace in her new life. We love you, Aspen!!!!


Aspen, 14/06/09

Aspen, you were a beautiful cat and loving companion. We will miss you very much.

Anthony, Magan and Kaitlin

Asti (Little!), 3/20/86-7/10/09

Asti was a once in a life time cat. My husband found her in a field in 1986, brought her home and she was instantly a part of our family. Because of her beautiful Siamese like markings friends thought she was a purebreed and would ask what her breed was called. My husband always said that she was a new breed called a "Field Cat". Some thought we were serious and wanted to know where they could get one like her. It was always funny to see the look on their face when we told them that she really was from a field! She was a small cat ( Her nickname was LITTLE) but OH SO strong. Putting her to sleep was one of the hardest things I have ever done. She fought to live but I realized that she was exhausted from her long, glorious life and keeping her alive was a very selfish thing to do on my part because what mattered was HER and not my feelings. She fell asleep so peacefully and free of pain. Everyone says how lucky we were to have her for 23 1/4 years but that does not ease the pain or stop the tears from flowing. She is missed more than words can express and my heart aches. My prayer is that she knows how much she was and is loved. May she be at eternal peace and waiting for me at The Rainbow Bridge. LOVE YOU LITTLE!!!!!! MOM

Asti Spumanti, 03/02/94-02/05/09

Asti has been my best friend and traveling companion for 15 years and has touched so many lives. He was my right arm and the best dog a girl could ever have. He traveled with me in my RV as i worked across the country and now my heart and RV will be empty without him.
Even at 15 this little guy gave me everything he had, and I will miss him more than i can ever say. I hope now i have an angel in heaven waiting for me at the rainbow bridge. My heart is broken.
I pray that God will hold him in His arms so he is not scared and he knows how much i love him.

Mary Cottingham

Astro, 01/01/97-02/18/09

My dog Astro went to play with his older brothers today. He had stopped eating. I took him to the vet who said that he was probably had a large mass in his stomach.
We miss him dearly.


Astro Godfrey, 03/05/09

The only thing i can say about astro is she had to be the world's best dog. We love you so much sweetheart and we can't wait to see you again. it will be so exciting to see you whole and healthy. We know God wanted you sweetie, but we miss you so. Have fun and know that there is and won't be a day that goes by that you are not in our thoughts. God Bless You.

Terri & Terry Godfrey

Athena, 05/02/09

The love of our lives has crossed the Rainbow Bridge.
She gave us nothing but genuine love and affection. It's always difficult to end their lives, but it's better than the hurt in their eyes before you let them go. Until we meet her when we go over the Rainbow Bridge ourselves,We will always love and remember her the way she was when she was healthy.


Athena, 02/22/09

My baby Athena was the greatest joy. She was fearless and happy. I love her and I will meet her at the crossroad! Until then please take care of my baby.

Angel Pennington

Athena, 04/29/96-02/12/09

Athena was a very special dog, a true friend, and a better partner than I could have ever hoped for. Her presence in my life has made me a better person. I would not trade a moment of our time together to avoid the pain that I am experiencing in our parting. I'll see you at the bridge, my friend.

Kristen McKenna

Atlanta Georgette, 01/19/09

Lanna, we miss you so much but we know you are in a better place and we can't wait to see you again one day.
We love you.

Mary Ann and Billie Jo

Atreyu, 07/14/09

Atreyu was wonderful cat, that loved to play, and have his cheeks rubbed. His only human was myself, and our dog tango. He was a bit of a loner, and like to hide when anyone new came into the house. He was a feral born cat that was abandoned at only 5 weeks old. I had taken him in, as he had taken me into his heart. his high pitched meow, and bright green eyes, He will be very sorely missed.

Jennifer Cousino

Atti, 06/06/09

Sweet Sweet Atti - thank you!

Terrie and Bob Frenson

Atticus, 01/29/09

Our hearts our breaking because you had to leave us. You were the love of our lives and always will be. Everyone who ever met you said that you were the sweetest boy ever and you were.
We would give anything to have one last walk with you and hold you in our arms and tell you how much we love you. You were the perfect dog for us and we hope we were the perfect Mommies for you.
God, we miss you so much.
We don't understand why you had to leave us at such a young age and so suddenly.
All we do know is that you are in our
hearts forever and ever.
Until we meet again, my love.

Barbara and Lynne Gathany

Atticus, 12/14/08

My little boy Atticus taken from me to soon.
I am forever greatful for the time that you were here with me.
I will always love you and I miss you more than any words can express.

Jessica Bond

Attie, 05/08/95-02/09/09

Most loyal creature I have ever seen.
I am honored to have had you at my side for 13 years.


Aubrey, 05/01/09

Aubrey was an amazing rat.
He made me laugh everyday with his cuteness and his antics.
Though his sickness and death came quick i will always remember him.
He leaves behind a brother and myself.
I miss him alot and i hope that i see him again some day.
I love you Rei!!


Aubrey, 04/13/08


Words cannot express how much I love and adore you.
You have been with me through thick and thin and gave me nothing but endless love and affection.
I don't know how I'm going to live without you.
It hurts so much.
I'm so sorry for letting you down.

Your mum.

Audrey, 04/18/09

To the beautiful eyed Ms. Audrey.....your owners took you to the shelter because you were too old at 9 and the sweet people there knew just who to came home with me and ran and ran around for 6 more years...eating the best food, playing with other friends....and then one day you decided it was time to casually walked into the vet's office, lay down on her table and looked at me, then closed your eyes...

Much love and kisses forever.......mommy

Audrey Hepburn, 01/30/09

Audrey was very special to me and everyone who knew her. I rescued her 7 months ago from the little guild of st francis in cornwall ct. Audrey's story is an all to familiar one, she was found abandoned ,they asume by a breader when she was all used up.(FOR THEM) She had some health issues that in the end were just toooo much for her poor tired body. BUT she had a great 7 months I know---she was with me 24/7 she was my constint companion my co-pilot my right hand girl at work just an all around sweetie. And just like her furmother she loved food and did she ever try lot's of new things.To sum it all up I love Audrey with all my heart and always will. I look forward to seeing the rainbow bridge with my girl standing right on the other side.

Angie Wingard

Audrina, 10/18/08-03/12/09

Audrina was a sweet little kitten at Angels with Paws shelter who spent most of her short little life in an isolation cage due to ringworm and URI.
It was discovered she had an esophogeal defect.
Money was raised and the surgery to save her life went well, but she had to be put to sleep due to complications only a week or so afterward.

I am happy to have given her a little love in her short little life and look forward to seeing her again in heaven.


Auggie, 11/05/02

He was the best dog. He was my friend and companion for many years. I miss him very much and often still think of him.

Heidi Hamlin

Auggie Doggie, 06/10/07-05/16/09

Auggie you were the best doggie in the world; you never asked for anything but love in return, you guarded and watched over us and we will miss you dearly.
You will live on in our hearts forever.

Ashley & Troy Cox

Augie Bear, 05/27/09

TO my little augie bear,
a special angel of a pet.
Happy and content, as one could be.
Years of joy,
and lots of fun. That is what he brought to me.

Christine Matarese

August Johnson, 04/23/09

August was a very royal dog.
He was very smart too.
I loved him so much like a child.
I miss him so much.
I want to see him and touch his neck one more time.
Augy, come back to me.

Brad and Masako Johnson

Augustus (Gus) Wos Von Traverse City, 06/15/96-06/07/09

We'll miss you pal..... you gave us so much joy and happiness, and I hope we returned the favor. You're leaving a huge void in our lives....and only time will heal the pain. Wait for us....we'll be joining you and when that day comes, we'll be together forever.
We love you Bud.......
Mom and Dad

Auntie Argyle, 01/99-06/24/09

You were found in the park by our dog who was the same age as you, and we took you in because no one would claim you.
For over 10 years you greeted me at the door when I came home from work and I always fed, watered, and petted you.
You loved early Beatles and loved to dance. I will miss you so much. I look forward to seeing you in best health again. My beloved bird, my Our Lord bless you and take care of you until we are re united.

Betty Bremner

Aura, 06/26/09

Aura was the greatest dog and will never be forgotten. She is doing the "Aura Dance" in heaven. We love you kiddo.


Austin, 07/26/91-04/17/09

He was the kindest, gentlest dog I've evr known. My heart is broken into a million little pieces at losing my shadow, my sidekick, my baby.

Carol Lapitsky

Austin Powers, 01/20/97-04/27/09

My beloved old man who never ceased talking he annoyed the rest of my family but to me he was king of the castle i love him forever

Joseph Edens Kuhns

Autumn, 07/13/09

You had a rough beginning but I tried to give you the best life I knew how. Now you can be with LeAnne again.

Rebecca Semon

Autumn, 12/29/97-07/10/09

I can still remember when we brought Autumn home almost 12 years ago and how excited our kids were.
She instantly became part of the family. She was so full of love and energy. Our memories of her will remain dear to our hearts forever!!!
RIP Autumn you are missed.

Forever love-
Mommy, Daddy, Dani, Risa and Macho, Pepper (our chiwawa) :)

Autumn, 01/05/09

For over 17 years you were my best friend and companion. I miss you everyday and can't wait to see you again.

MJ Meherg

Autumn, 01/12/09

Autumn you were the best little mommy any kitten could ask for. Thank you for being my little baby for as long as I had you and for giving my your little precious kittens. I love and miss you so much.

Laurie Fullmer

Autumn Marie, 9/1996 - 9/14/2009

Autumn Marie, "baby girl", "bae girl", sweetie girl....I can't even begin to say how much we miss you! We have loved you for the past 13 years and have felt your unconditional love for us as well. It hurts our hearts right now, but we know you are not suffering anymore. It was the hardest decision we've ever made, but we know you are at peace. We know you'll have fun playing with Chubbs again, and will be waiting for us when it is our turn to cross....we look forward to seeing you healthy and happy once again!

Love, Your family

Baby girl, I love you and I miss you! Today was one of the hardest days of my life but I know you are in a better place. You're young again and can run...and I know you're playing with Chubbs! I will miss you every single helps to know that I will see you again. I LOVE YOU BABY! Barbara

Ava, 02/2009-05/30/09

My beautiful Girl, you are missed by me and your sisters and hope you're waiting at the Bridge with Zeis, Della, and Dixie.
I love you.

Edie Hopper

Avery, 03/30/09

He put together the phrases "Good Bird" and Pretty Good Bird" to come up with Pretty Good Bird.
He was certainly that, and more.
He was a wonderful pet for 14 years.
He will be missed.


Avery, 07/05/92-01/14/09

We will love you always and forever.

Chip and Pam

Avery Huneke, 07/15/93-05/18/09

Avery "boots" Huneke left us peacefully & started his journey to the Rainbow Bridge early Monday morning.
He passed away in the middle of the night sleeping where he loved to be the most, right next to his mommy & daddy in bed.
I adopted Avery as a special needs kitty whom had weak kidneys, liver problems & suffered diabetes, but the bond i formed with Avery in giving the daily care is a joy & feeling only someone with a special needs pet can feel.
He was the most adorable, loving & precious cat i've ever met.
I spent the last 4 years worried about the health of his kidneys, doing everything i could to keep him healthy, knowing sooner or later i would be faced with the most difficult decision a pet owner could make.
Instead, I think Avery knew how much I worried & in return gave me the sweetest goodbye he could - i now know it was his last gift to me.
You see, that was Avery's style.
He was masterful at loving others & giving affection.
We have learned so much from our Avery.
I miss my best friend so much, and i pray "someday" i will get to see my little brave buddy again.
We love you so much Avery & you're in our hearts always. Christopher & Karen

Avila (Ava) Ann, 04/12/05-04/12/08

Ava was the best dog that I could ever ask for! She's loyal, sweet, full energy for everything, and the best part is that all she ever wanted was to be by my side. There is no other dog like her and I will love her and never forget her for the rest of my life.
I only hope that she is now as happy as can be swimming and playing ball with no more pain. One day I hope to see her again!


Avvie, 06/28/01-03/18/09

You came into our lives with your strong spirit. You were immediately loved by anyone who met you, adored by Mommy & Daddy. We will miss the tennis ball games, the night-time hide and seek, you meeting us at the door with a big tail wag, and comforting us in our pain. We only hope we offered you the same entertainment and comfort. We miss you dearly Avvie.

Sara Henry

Axel, 10/08-06/08/09

Axel was a good kitten. Yes, he passed on when he was only eight months, a kitten. It was caused by a hereditary disease of blood crystals, because he was a Persian mix. Axel had pretty green/yellow eyes, a cute little black nose, and a long, shiny black fur coat. He was very loveable, too. Whenever I picked him up and held him, he used to look into my eyes, purr, and fall asleep. Even though Axel was so young and he was taken so early in his life, he had a huge influence on my life. He taught me to love and trust, as well as to relax and enjoy life's pleasures, such as zip-ties and litter boxes and long threads. Here, trying to recover from the recent loss, I wear his collar in memory of my baby, Axel.

Jessica Duke

Axel, 01/09/09

I miss you my dog so much, you were so special and made everyday great. I am sorry you got DM and we had to put you down because you no longer were enjoy life. We loved you so much and know you loved us, I hope to meet you again in some future way. You were the most gentle soul a person could meet. You were the best dog anyone could have. Rest in peace at the rainbow. Dad

Axl, 07/02/97-06/09/09

Axl I am so sorry you had to go so soon. I feel like it's all my fault, I will never forgive myself and I will always have a sick empty feeling. I wish I could turn back time to do things differently.

I saw your rainbow after you left, thank you for letting me know you went up to heaven. I hope you are happy and free of pain. I love you and miss you so much. There will never be another dog like you. You are the best! I will always be thinking of you no matter what I am doing. Everywhere I look I imagine you are there with me like you always were. Frisbees, hugs, rubs & kisses to you my sweet Axl up in heaven. I LOVE YOU!

Denise Shanabarger

Ayla, 11/20/94-05/21/01

When I lost her to a sudden illness, I took comfort in the fact that I still had her brother Jonde.
Yesterday he passed away so my thoughts are turning to her again - I take comfort in knowing that her and Jonde are together again.

Suzanne Garber

Ayla, 03/17/95-01/26/09

Ayla was loving, intelligent, beautiful and a great companion.
We miss her very much.

Rosemary, Jim, James and Emily Holt

Ayla, 01/04/09

Ayla, I wanted to give you this tribute to thank you for the joy and companionship you gave me.
I got you as a real baby and had to bottle feed you, and although you were only in my life 5 years, we had a special bond and mutually enjoyed each other.
Your sweet disposition made a lasting impression that I will never forget and I will treasure every moment I had with you.
You had an uncanny ability to sense my mood, were a very happy and playful cat that "talked"ť and purred all the time, and were a true companion that spent a lot of time with me.
You became terminally sick very quickly and you didn't deserve to suffer. I decided to help you over the bridge and I'm glad I was there with you and I trust that you are happy now.
I miss you terribly now, but wait for me as we will reunite some day at the bridge, until then, please enjoy your health and bird watching and know that you are thought about and missed a great deal.

With love,

Ayla, 03/17/95-01/26/09

Ayla was loving, intelligent, beautiful and a great companion.
We miss her very much.

Rosemary, Jim, James and Emily Holt

Aynsley, 04/26/96-05/17/09

My Baby Girl, I miss you so much! You were the best, and I will never get over you. Aynsley, when we lost you we lost part of our family. Always remember you are my best friend and someday we will all be together again. Have fun in heaven with Nana and PopPop. Our hearts are broken!!! WE LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!

Maryellen Bernaiche, James, Ian, Kelly, and Devon

Ayva, 06/15/07-12/27/08

Ayva you were my cat and i miss you very much
i wish we had more time together because life just isnt the same without you
i miss your meows and affection the way you would follow up and down the street to and from work i miss the way you greet me at the bottom of the street when i come home from work
i hope you are truly at peace and your memories will always live on in my mind
til we meet in the after life i will dearly miss you Ayva my beautiful cat


Azrael, 06/20/09

Her Royal Highness, Azrael McWhineypants came to us last July. We were leasing a house on the other side of town in a small subdivision. She started setting up camp on our back porch. She had a collar, but always came to our porch, even though we weren't yet feeding her. Eventually, I started putting out food for her.

I searched for any owners or previous human companions but couldn't find any. Apparently, she had adopted us.

When we had to move in October she came with us. We kept her strictly inside until around Christmas time, for fear that she'd get lost. She did NOT like being inside all the time and let us know every hour of every day that she was awake. She was very much a gotta-be-outside cat. When it was raining, she'd glare and scream at us, as if to say, "How the heck could you let this happen?!"

So she'd been loving the nice weather of late and staying out later and later, or if she came inside for the night, waking me up earlier and earlier to go out. The first thing she'd do upon going outside would be to flop down on the concrete and roll around in the dirt. She loved getting dirty. Kinda odd for a cat, but what can I say?

She was very vocal, and had quite the "catitude." Sometimes, we would be in the kitchen, or living room, or office, etc, and she would come sit in the middle of it and scream at us. Yes, she had food and water.
We think she was just an attention monger.

She used to attack my legs and feet for fun. I had always meant to trim her nails, but well, I didn't want to alienate her, and I really wanted to keep my hands.

The vet had to put her under sedation just to administer her vaccines. She was what they called a "fractious" patient.

She was becoming tolerant of me rubbing her belly, a little tradition that started after we had her tummy shaved in prep for her spaying (which had already happened before she came to us).

She would head-butt anything and everything to give it lovin'.

She liked watching the birds in the back yard and chittering at them.

Oh, and she loved her "kitty drugs" - catnip. She'd roll around in that, too. She was such a freak sometimes!

But we loved her. We still do. She was _our_ surly, whiny ball of fur and claws.

Now the house is too quiet by far, and I haven't had the heart to pick up all of her toys.

She will be sorely missed.

Megan Harris

Azrial, 07/11/09

I will miss were one of the only friends I could count on. I hope the life I provided for you for the past 13 years have been happy on earth...I know you're in a better place now. I am hoping to see you on the other side when I get there.
You are the most beloved pet I've ever had, Azrial.
I will never forget you.
I'm sorry I couldn't hold you again before you left me.


Aztec, 05/15/96-04/09/09

I grieve. That such a precious, sweet, and melodious a Lady was part of my life... is beyond my ability to express. I am the better for having her in my life.

I have witnessed the passing of my dad and my dog this year.
Such is the way of our journey... we live, love, and are loved.


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