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Year 2003 Tributes

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Zach thru Zzilly

Zach, 01/31/03

To a once in a lifetime dog. Healthy and happy to the end. He loved all people and animals, as if they were his new best friends. His presence is missed by all who knew and were inspired by him.

Peter & Nancy Lynch

Zachary, 07/04/90-12/16/03

I would like to say that I didn't think I could love anything as much as I loved you. My baby boy, my bubba man. I love you forever and for always. And until we can be together again I want you to rub it one more time.
I love you Zachary Jake.

Emily Grace

Zachary, 05/2003

Zachary, brother in spirit to Pancho, my other boy, you were a very special friend and companion, one that I
miss dearly.
You always have a place in my heart and in my soul.
I love you.

Marcia Sanborn

Zachary, 12/25/03-07/05/03

I am 13 and my dog died this summer. He was in bad shape. He was in our back yard and he fell off of our deck and walked to the edge of our pool and fell in. He died. And I want to thank my aunt maribeth for being there for me

Zachary, 24/07/91-26/09/03

My darling smiley boy - lost suddenly and unexpectedly...I miss you so much XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

Julie R

Zachary (Zack), 02/24/03

Zachary was a sweet, all black, fluffy kitty who was born outside. He was the first baby his mommy carried into the house on a warm summer day back in June of 1987. He was a great addition to our family, as he loved everyone equally. Today he was found to have multiple tumors in his abdomen, which originated in his pancreas, and subsequently put to sleep. The events leading up to this discovery found Zachary not wanting to eat and very lethargic, and overall very depressed. I don't really think he wanted to go, but he was in so much pain. He couldn't even use the litter box. This all happened in a matter of weeks. Just two, to be exact. I will miss Zack so much...he was my baby. No kitty will ever replace him. I will see him again someday. I love you always, Zack.


Zachary, 11/15/89-02/04/03

My beloved Zachary passed away this morning. He was the most exceptional dog God ever created. He was my ex-wifes guardian angel and truly the most amazing spirit there ever was. I have four beautiful pets now but the memory of Zach shall always be foremost.
I love you and miss you Zach.

Donald Dicarlo

Zachary P.H. White, 09/25/90-12/03/02

"Z" loved to go for a ride even if it was just around the block. You were such a good baby. Never got into any trouble and as always glad to see us. If we had one wish now it would be to hold you one more time like we used to. I'll never ever understand why God took you away from us. I cry daily and see your beautiful face throughout the day and night. I don't think this pain will ever go away. As long as we live you will live on too in our hearts!!! You will be with us in our hearts for eternity!!!

Zachary Sanborn, 05/09/03

Zachary was a beloved companion and will be missed forever. We adored you, sweetheart. You'll always be in our hearts. All our love, always.

Zack, 04/01/02-29/10/03

The love of my Life

Laura Taylor

Zack, 06/19/89-08/21/03


You were the light of my life. When we lived in our "abusive" situation for so long - you were always there trying to protect me; no matter what the cost, and I love you so very very much for that. I'm just sorry that I had you in that situation to begin with. But, we made it out and had six years after that to be together and out of the fear. I use to always ask you "you want to go to the farm?" and you would get so excited. (that is the place where I grew up where my parents still live). Well baby you are going to be on the farm forever now because I placed your little body in the soil behind my grandparents home where I will be living. We will always and forever be together. Thank you my special little friend for always being there for me!!! I LOVE YOU - MOMMIE

Zack, 05/30/88-09/10/01

Beloved friend and companion of the entire family. Bright and loving at all times. A gentle soul that will always be missed.

Greg Hood

Zack, 09/28/86-03/15/02

This in in memory of our angel, Zack! Zack, we lost you in the physical realm almost 1 year ago, but never will we let you go within our hearts. You were a wonderful missionary kid and you have brought such joy into our lives. Mommy and Daddy miss you so much, how I long to hold you in my arms once again, and I know I will someday, soon!

Ken & Shelia Welch

Zack, 05/10/93-01/02/00

Zack was the #1 in our family and it would be forever. never we will forget him or stop loving him .He was our best dog best friend and protector he was mine in my difficult time of my life. Be happy there in spiritual world and don't forget we ALWAYS pray for you .... love Keylin family.

Zack Apple, 12/79-1990

My dear Zacharias Passed many years ago but has never been forgotten. He is always in his mom's heart. All who knew little Zack loved him. He gave much joy and love to all his people. You are missed little man. Love forever, Mom

Zack, Owen, Austin, Dawson, 10/29/03

Zack, Owen, Austin, Dawson

My breath.
My life.
My every waking moment
My every sleeping night.
My every wish and dream
My thoughts, passion, and reason
My destiny, My soul, My heart
My tears, My joy, My fear
My joy, my sorrow, my tears
The purpose behind my existence.
The reason I have lived.
The reason I still survive.
You made me who I am today.
My prayers, my thankfullness,
My being.

The loves of my life.
Forever together in heart, soul , body and mind.
My soulmates.

Until we are together again,
I love you with all my heart.
So desperately and sadly missed.

Mommy "Big Bird".

Zacn, 05/01/02-06/15/03

"my little man" was a sweet and wonderful little soul that was always curious and funny. He so loved that I don't even know how to express this through my tears at this time. He will make an angel quite a special companion.

Allie Deaton

Zahavi, 07/16/03

This tribute is dedicated to our loyal companion Zahavi who left us suddenly on July 16, 2003. Zahavi was a bright and loving Golden Retriever who was fiercely protective of his family. He always had time to play with us and learn new tricks. His love for us was unconditional, and he was always there to listen to the problems of our day. He often greeted us with his "dancing feet" routine which never failed to bring a smile to our faces. He was clever and smart, and was a wonderful watch dog and affectionate friend. He was a happy dog who loved people and his Scooby-doo snacks, and had many people in his life who loved him. His loving presence will be deeply missed by his family, neighbors, and friends. Rest in peace beautiful boy, and know that you were loved very much. You will always have a very special place in our hearts for eternity. Not one day goes by that we don't think of you, miss you, and wish we could have you back here with us. We'll meet again at Rainbow Bridge. Love, Mommy, Daddy, Amy, Sasha, Ninja, and Moussee

Zak, 01/29/03

ZAK was found as a pup we took him in he enjoyed the company of the other dog (CODY) they played together and were separated about 8 years ago now they are back together again and someone has been left again for the second time managed to get 16 yrs out of the other this one only 13

Joseph Samella

Zakarie, 05/22/96-10/11/03

Zakarie Binkster we will miss you always. You were a beautiful, strong, kind, loving hearted dog. You saved our lives and we know that you will always be with us and protect us. Danielle is still dreaming about you. Running through the Pacific ocean with us. We will never forget you. We love you Zak!

Jodi Henley

Zan, 08/94-11/20/03

Zan is my soulmate, and I know she will be waiting for me. She gave me more love than I could have ever imagined. I love you Zan.

Alissa Luken

Zane, 09/30/98-10/13/03

For our beloved Zane. Forever in our hearts.

Joe, Tina, Tyler & Casey

Zane Hills Lindey Kompa, 12/07/91-7/31/03

In memoria, my only dog and a great friend to the children. She's my sons "guardian angel puppy" now.

Zappa, 11/09/96-26/08/03

Zappa was an awesome dog - My heart is broken because his step is still - We love and miss you and will always remember him as our special little boy - Rina & Risden

Zara, 04/29/00-03/25/03

my special friend-we got through the torsion, the gold bead implants and we were well on our way--we couldn't get through our latest episode-brain seizure/mass? I know your resting peacefully!

David & Vanessa Petrosky

Zebedee, 06/30/03

To my special baby who was my best friend, words cannot describe how much I miss you, I couldn't have asked for a better listener and companion, nothing can replace you. You will always be in my heart and I will never forget you. The whole family feels the same. You grew up with me and knew me so well, the house feels so empty without you..
But I know that you are happy now that you can see again, walk again, and I know you are running around with your brother Doo-Little on rainbow bridge doing the things you loved to do.
You lived a very long life and you became ill so I know that you know what we had to do. We didn't want to see you suffer.
Dee Dee the whole family loves you soooo much and we will always remember you. We will meet again when we too come to rainbow bridge.

Always and for ever.
Mommy, Daddy and Angelique

Zebie, 7/21/87-1/20/03

We miss you our Buzlbearz, Our Zeesah Neshamah. We will always love you.

Mom and Dad

Zeke, 12/13/03

Zeke, my shadow, my protector, my playmate, my I will miss you. You gave me so much that I
will forever be grateful for having you in my life. You gave so much and asked for so little. I am so happy you have crossed over that Rainbow Bridge to a place of endless joy, vitality, energy....a place void of pain.
My dear Zeke, wait for as one day I will be looking for you. In the meantime, find Fluffy and try to get along.....Baby Kitty misses you so much as does will forever be in our hearts and in our memories....

Jan Pentecost

Zeke, 08/11/01-03/23/03

I love and miss you. You will always be Momma's little baby boy. The best boy EVER!!


Zeke, 06/06/03


Zeke, 4/12/89-9/29/03

Zekey boy, we love you and miss you so much. Thank you for bringing so much joy into our lives.

Zeke, 08/89-07/24/03

In loving memory of our precious baby Zeke. He will live on in our hearts and will be ever present in spirit with us. Now he is with Grammy Lois and I can see her smile as they both walk a heavenly path together free from pain and suffering. We love you both and know that you will take good care of Little Zeke.

Zeke, 01/01/85-03/18/03

We had Zeke, a good and happy dog, for a little over 18 years. I had to make the decision today to let him go to heaven. I knew it was the right thing to do, and I have peace about it. He was a loyal companion to my son and me, and we loved him, and still love him, very much. And he loved us. We'll miss him always.


Zeke Carver, 12/06/91-07/13/03

To Zeke, who gave us unconditional love and wonderful memories for 12 happy years. May you rest in peace dear friend. I will never forget your loving face and wagging tail that greeted me every morning and every afternoon when I came home. So long Zeke.

Zekie, 02/22/03

Zekie passed from cancer, but went gently. We will always miss you honey, wait for me, I'll be there to greet you again with a big hug and smile, just like you left me with. Forever in my heart

Pam and Greg Skowronek

Zeldy Plumeria, 12/06/03

She was the embodiment of pure love.
We called her "love-love".
She never stopped giving.
She purred until her last breath.
That sound will ring in my ears and heart the rest of my life.

Kathy Krammer

Zera, 04/01/88-12/02/03

Zera, my sweet baby was so hard to let you go today, watching you breathe your last breath, but I know your soul is with the Lord now, and you no longer suffer.
Find your sister Nilla, and go swim and run on strong legs.
Be happy where you are.
Casey and I will see you soon, my love.

We love and miss you, and will never forget you,
Mom and Casey

Zeus, 09/97-04/24/03

We want to say Thank-you to Zeus, our beloved rottweiler. Thank you for being you. I was never afraid when you where by my side. You proved to people what a wonderful breed you where. We miss you and think of you everyday. There will never be another like you. You where truely one of a kind. We love and miss you, we will be with you someday. Watch for us, until then we love you!!

Danielle and Mark

Zeus, 07/16/02-12/16/03

Ohh my sweet little buddy, you were so handsome. I don't know where epilepsy comes from yet I have had my last two dogs stricken with it at a young age. I just put Zeus to sleep because he would not stop having siezures. Please forgive me for not having the strength and finances to keep fighting. My first Dog was Norma Jean, a rottwieler who came down with epilepsy when she was 8 months old.

It was tough to see her go into siezures for the first time. I kind of got used to it over the next two years, until she wouldn't stop having multiple siezures at about 3 years old. I can remember the day like it was yesterday when I left her to be put down.

Now it is today that I have suffered another blow to my heart that will never heal. One month ago after running in the park Zeus began to have a siezure. I immediately knew what this was yet couldn't believe I was two for two with sick dogs. I have watched him have about 15 siezures in this last month and it has been too much for me to handle. I hope people will pray for Zeus to find Norma in heaven. They were both so young we will have the best time when I get there for them to greet me. Please God forgive me for making the decision to put them both to sleep. I just can't help thinking about what reasoning could be behind a 27 year old single man picking two dogs with juvenile epilepsy. I love you Norma and Zeus so much and have every intention on seeing you both again. I will lead the good life for you two, I want to make sure I see you again.

Patrick Duff

Zeus, 04/15/95-12/11/03

It was an honor and a privilege to have known you and to have been loved by you, Zeus. We can only hope and pray that you are carrying us with you as we carry you. Your memory will live on forever. You are missed more than any words can express. We know you are in a better place and in our heart of hearts, we know we will see you again.

Stacey and Matthew Elliott

Zeus, 05/19/03

I first got Zeus, and his brother, Panther in the Summer of 1996. Zeus was a beautiful, and cute kitten! A long haired persian mix. In the Spring of 2003, I noticed my cats had a few fleas on them, indoor cats. I had always used Frontline for my cats, but this time, money was tight that pay period, and I decided to wait until the next paycheck. I bought some flea spray instead, to spray Zeus. I thought it was working, I checked him. But I found him in the bathroom, very weak, looked, and noticed a lot of fleas. I bathed him with some flea shampoo. Then he was too weak to stand up. He had become Anemic from blood, and nutrient loss. This mistake will never happen again. I feel guilty to this day, 7 mo. later. I can't believe it happened. I miss you Zeus. The other cats are fine, and healthy, including your brother Panther. I'll see you again someday Zeus. I love you.

David Denson

Zeus, 09/29/95-10/09/03

I love you my faithful friend.


Zeus, 08/29/03

Zeus thank for the years you gave to me and Daddy. We cherish every single memory. Even though you were here with us for 19 years, it just wasn't long enough. We know you are at peace and you will be in our hearts forever.

AJ and Sandra Falbo

Zeus, 08/19/03

I am having a hard time saying goodbye to Zeus. He was a wonderful exotic shorthair, never any trouble. He was expected to live only 6 months, but he and I beat the odds of liver disease, respiratory ailments, nose surgery and many other obstacles. The last 5 years have been the best, with every day being a gift. I did everything I could until I knew yesterday I couldn't do any more. I held you in my arms for the very last time and told you how much I loved you and how much you mean to me, and how much your brothers loved you too, but you already knew that, as our wonderful vet was administering your medicine to make the pain go away and help you sleep. I love you with all my heart and we miss you very much.

XOXOXO. Fran, Jupiter, Comet, Cosmos, Orion, Polaris, Ninja, Raven, Leo and your doggie sisters Shayla and Sierra.

Zeus, 07/24/01-07/25/03

My Zeus was a wonderful friend and companion. We lost him to Autoimmune Hemolytic Anemia and Thromicyde Apenia. It is a very heart wrenching disease and if not caught in time, it is deadly. Zeus was not caught in time. There is no cure but can be treated with early detection. If you think there is anything wrong with you animal, Please make your Vet draw blood or get a 2nd opinion. Go with your gut instinct.
Zeus was only 2yrs and 1 day old. He had a full life ahead of him. He was so playful and energetic. He loved everyone and was great with kids.


Zeus, 07/23/00-05/23/03

I miss you baby. I am so sorry that I could not protect you like I needed to. Your grandmaw and I think about you every day. You brought so much happiness into our lives and I can not wait to be back with you again.

Tiffany and Desiree

Zeus, 11/22/99-7/1/03

Oh Zeusers,
You brought so much joy to your Mommy and Daddy's lives. We know that you are in a better place, but the whole left deep in our hearts by your passing will take much time to heal. We know you are in a peaceful place, and that you are at the Rainbow Bridge with Zena, whom we all had just lost on April 3 of this year. You both take care of each other, and keep an eye on your parents, as well as your new baby sister Zoey. We love you and will miss you, always.

Aunt Missy and Uncle Jayson

Zeus, 11/16/98-05/31/03

We will miss you our furbaby

Jerry Skotniczny and Rita White

Zeus, 6/7/92-4/15/00

Zeus, You were the love of our lives. Our hearts were not just broken , they were shattered...the day you were not with us here on earth.. you will always be in our hearts.

Kathy & Frankie Bayer

Zeus, 03/15/85-01/17/03


You were not only my pet, but also my best friend. You will be missed and I'll think of you everyday.

Zieke, 12/25/89-08/28/03

Missing you deeply baby Zieke. You are in my thoughts every single day. You were the best baby Zieke anyone could ever ask for. I miss you with all of my heart!!!
Love Forever,

Ziggy, 12/17/95-09/10/03

Remembering Ziggy a very handsome Samoyed, so full of fun and life, I will love and remember you always.

Grandma Wilson

Ziggy, 12/17/96-09/10/03

To Ziggy
Our wonderful happy smiling Samoyed. We miss you so much Ziggy, our lives will never be the same now that you have gone. Parsley misses you too.

Sandra & Mark King

* * * * * * * * 

Ziggy belongs to my friends Sandra & Mark King. His death was unexpected and a great loss to there family.
Ziggy was a Samoyed, loved by his owners and Parsley his little brother. He will be truly missed.
May Mark and Sandra find comfort in knowing Ziggy will be waiting at Rainbow Bridge.

Cindy Volz

Ziggy, 06/94-08/20/03

Our precious boy Ziggy has gone to the Bridge, and we hope his brother Spider will be there waiting for him, where they can play like kittens together again. Jerry and I miss you terribly, Loki and Freyja miss you too, they have been looking for you. They stay close to us now, they know we need them. Ziggy you were the sweetest cat, and my heart is broken with your loss. Love Gemma, Jerry, Loki & Freyja

Ziggy, 06/08/01-05/17/03

Ziggy, today we lost you suddenly and unexpectedly and much, much too soon. You were my first dog and you showed me unconditional love. The house is so empty without you, but you left behind so many memories and hours of companionship. I hope that somehow, wherever you are, you know how much you are loved and missed. You are truly our Angel Baby now.

Sweet Dreams, Mom and Ray

Ziggy, 08/93-10/29/02

Dear Ziggy,
It has taken me a long time to come to terms with your loss. And even now I carry huge feelings of guilt and sadness over losing you. I could barely handle it and I'm sorry I had to get Cameron to do most of everything.
I feel terrible for the duress you were under and hope that the time I spent with you...especially when we lived in that apartment together without the dogs is as special to you as it was to me. You are such a well loved cat and I wish I could have made everything better so I did not lose you.
I hope you are in a place now where you can see and you are happy and know how totally well loved you are. I will always miss you.
Sweet dreams Ziggy,

Ziggy, 4/26/88-1/4/03

My dear friend,

You've been a trooper all your life, right up until the end. You took abuse from your other "brothers" for wanting to be close to me. And, when they were all gone, we had so little time together. I hope we made the most of it. For a little while anyway you were the king of the household. I miss you sleeping on my pillow above my head every night, I miss your silly "psycho" meow when you were playing with your toys, I miss your love bites in the morning.

I keep expecting to walk in the bedroom and have you look up at me from sleeping on the bed. I can't believe you're really gone. For 18 years you've been a friend, from the time I brought you home in that little box from the pet shop until the time I held you close when you took your final breath.

You're resting now out back with your brothers, peaceful. No more pills, no more visits to the doctor and being scared. I have my memories of you and that will have to be enough now. I hope I made you feel safe and loved in those last moments, like you've always made me feel. When the world was too much to handle, I always had my Ziggy boy.

Love, Mommy.

Ziggy Stardust, 03/27/87-05/24/03

We will all miss his chatter!!

Tony Chestnutts

Zinho, 06/26/03

I Loved Zinho so much that now the pain is way too deep to endure and all I want is to die hoping to be with him again Dear Beloved Zinho I call out his name and weep...Please HELP me to fin another one looking like him...Maybe then, the pain slowly will get better. God bless all of you. He was a long coat male tan Chihuahua.

Orlane Mahak

Zipper, 09/30/95-10/23/03

Our Zipper was so incredibly precious to us. He was soft as silk, and loved to cuddle. He spoke to me in his own way, with bright eyes and a sweet voice. He slept in silly positions, and played what we called 'Kitty Sumo' with the other kitties in our home. But Zipper was by far, the boss of the house, even though he was timid and shy...he was so loving to us, that I can't explain it. The loss in our hearts at his passing, is almost unbearable. I hurt like I haven't in over 3 years, my dear father passed away. I miss zipper horribly...and find myself crying all the time. We miss you 'dipper kit' will live in our hearts and mind's eye forever...Love you, Kit.

Charlene & Jeff Thomas - Nicholas Marescalco

Zippy, 04/03/03

Rest in peace my dear friend.
We will meet again, Zippy-Boy.
Love you.....


Zoe, 08/2003

I would like to like to say one last good bye to Zoe.


Zoe, 01/18/95-09/15/03

She came to us from a breeder after she won her championship.
She was a wonderful, loving pug.
When you looked into her eyes you saw her soul.
She gave us so much.
I miss her terribly.

Rosann C

Zoe, 11/01/01

The best girl ever. loyal true and irreplaceable.

Andrea Osborne

Zoe, 04/95-04/21/03

Zoe was a very special little ball of sweet loving fur. It broke my heart to lose the battle with her kidneys and have to make the decision to send her on her way. She will be forever missed.

Barbara Orlitzky

Zoe, 02/21/03

I remember how whenever I would talk or sing or something vocal, Zoe would run out of her box and try to get close like she wanted to hear my voice… or it seemed that she just knew if I wanted to see her and pet her or if I needed quiet.

Annie Bird

Zoe, 12/28/92-02/14/03

Zoe, sister of Archie, was always the picture of health. A very loving dog with a delicate disposition, she always lit my heart. Unfortunately, she was unable to tell me of the growing mass in her brain which caused a seizure 01/26/03. It was a hard last three weeks caring for her. She died quickly of cardiac arrest. I just wish I'd been there 15 minutes earlier to be with her. I miss her more than I do her brother.


Zoe, 01/02/03

For Zoe, who was tragically taken from her mom and dad on Thursday night, the second day of January, two thousand and three. She was just a baby at the age of three, and the pain and unfairness of her sudden loss resonates amongst those of us who deeply love the four-legged members of our own families.

Tracey, Dennis and Jordan

Zoey, 02/14/91-08/26/03

Zoey, you were my special friend and I miss you so very much, my beautiful blue eyed girl. I know there was no choice - we tried so hard. Now I believe you are happy, healthy and running to your hearts desire. Thank you so very much for being there when I needed you the most and I hope I never failed you. I know my pain and grief will fade in time and I will never forget you. There is such a huge hole in my heart and my life right now. It will be a joyous moment when we meet again at the rainbow bridge.

Terry Lata

Zofo Flower Ronan-Prepodnik, 06/07/89-04/15/03

Zofo was the sweetest cat anyone knew, she had the most beautiful face. She was born when I was just 9 years old and we grew up together. She was my best friend. I don't remember much of life with out her, and it will be hard. Two more months and Zoe would have been 13... a teenager... I just bought her a basket on Saturday she loved to sleep in it! We buried her on Tuesday - in her basket...
Zofo, we miss you so much. Now you will be with Snoopy, Jadie and my Mommy. Mommy will take care of you, I know she will. I love you Zofie!!

Zoie, 01/28/03

Precious Zoie,
You have left a paw print on our hearts and changed our lives forever!!!

Linda McMahon

Zooti, 9/23/83

Although you died 20 years ago today - 23rd September - I have never forgotten you. You were dumped on the door step as a tiny kitten scarcely able to eat solid food. It was a dark November evening and very cold. You were so small you could fit in the palm of my hand. I never really wanted a cat but I took you inside hoping to find you a permanent home. I had some builders in the house and asked if they wanted you. One of them took you home and I then realized that I could not let you go. I telephone the man pleading with him to let me have you back. I was entirely smitten by you. They say animals are our teachers. This is so right. Because of you I became active in the animal rights movement and a vegan almost overnight. In your eyes I saw all the animals that are tortured in laboratories, slaughter houses and other vile establishments. Whenever I read something about animal cruelty, you would leap up on my lap to comfort me although I had not made a sound.
When you died quite suddenly at the tender age of three, I was absolutely devastated. You sent me Ben, to care for and he lived for 17 years. It is so strange that he also died on 23rd September.
You are a very special angel.
Denise Bennett

Zooz, 09/05/03

Zoobie-boy was the greatest weezeel in the world. I remember
when we got him, he was normal ferret size, only a baby. as the
months went by, he grew, and grew...when he passed away just
a month ago, he was 3times as big as our smallest of 7 ferrets. I love him with all my heart, and the only thing that keeps me from crying in public, is that I know he's waiting for me at the Rainbow Bridge. I love you and miss you zoobie!

Emmy Grimes

Zorro, 12/10/02-11/15/03

Zorro was a good pet. He was kind and very tame. Now that I think about it, he had a happy life with me.


Zorro, 02/99-09/24/03

I found Zorro when I went to find a dog. He was waiting patiently in a cage as soon as you walked in the door. I picked him up & new he was mine. He was so sweet & loving from the first time I saw him. He never nipped. He was a little bigger then most ferrets but he was never sick except the one time w/the flu, which he came right out of.
He was always sweet w/Nola, who was very sick from insulinoma, & he checked on him throughout the day, even though he never got to play w/him. When Nola died in August I brought in Nardo. He immediately showed him who's boss but Nardo survived & they became best friends from then on.
It was so much fun watching the 2 of you play & carry on. You were always sweet w/ Isabo. Then Jaqi came into the family & you showed her the ropes too & when she grew to be 4 times your size she still was gentle w/ you. Today you died not 5 feet from me from the viral infection. You didn't eat or drink & the medicine didn't work. I feel so bad I didn't get you to the vet on time since you were sick for awhile & I thought you would come out of it before Bob came home, but you were too far gone to get better. I will never forget how you hopped when you ran, squeeked when you drank your water & gnashed your teeth when you were agitated, but you didn't scratch or bite. You always gave me kisses. I hope you found Nola at the bridge so you will get your chance to play w/ him. Already tonight Nardo is looking for you & running back & forth to me. I know he misses you & so do I. I only wished you had more time w/us since you were such a good little ferret. You definitely left your mark on my heart.
Carol Wall

Zorro Geyer-Knowles, 05/09/03

Zorro was a special cat. His fur was black as night and his eyes were golden-green. His name was given to him for courage because he was a scaredy kitten - he was always hiding, coaxed out only by Kitty Milk and his sister Olivia's antics. He won our hearts when we were adopting his sister; his owner put him on my shoulder and he stopped shaking and started quietly purring and snuggled in, then did the same on my husband's shoulder. How could we not love him? Even though he was frightened, he always fought hard for life. When he was a very small kitten, he almost drowned but he saved himself by clinging onto a piece of plastic for hours until his owner could rescue him. When he was older his muscles were strong and sleek and he was big enough to be king of the bed, jumping impossibly high to catch birdie, and pouncing on bright red bug. His nametag allowed him to play the never-ending Zorbie game of chasing reflections of the sun. We called him Borbbles and Borbies. He was not quite 2 years old when he was diagnosed with wet FIP, but he fought hard and stayed healthy for more than 5 weeks. In the end, he died peacefully with his family around him. He will be greatly missed by his human mama (he was my little boy), his human dad (who cared for him every minute of his illness), his sister Olivia, best friend Scoopy and surrogate cat mama Baby. We love you little guy, and we hope you meet Trouble over the bridge and wait for us there.

Zoso, 07/04/90-12/22/02

For Zoso ~

ash can't hold your soul, my sweet

sand can't hide your face from me

love from you is everywhere still

what did you see? years with me

melting cold snow specks of debris

I recall your warmth next to me

four seasons pass how can it be?

my love now life sings to me

a shadow? no I saw you this week

a visit a touch a glance so sweet

Zoso 7/4/90 - 12/22/02 a very special girl


ZsaZsa, 31/05/88-15/07/03

Dear ZsaZsa,
Tonight we put you to rest. You made it to the grand old age of 15. And what a wonderful 15 years it was. You brought such happiness and joy to our household. You were as adorable as anything could ever be. But more importantly, you were so loving, kind, giving, non-judgmental...just a true friend. You were always a puppy...almost to the end. Then your kidneys just failed and you no longer had the energy or desire to eat or move. You told us in your own way that it was time. What a dignified little lady you were. As the vet slipped the needle into your vein on the back deck, you slipped quietly and quickly away. Moving forward to the Rainbow Bridge to be with Max and Star. You were so peaceful and beautiful. We have our pictures and our memories that will last our lifetimes. Thanks and Praise to Almighty God for creating such a beautiful creature. We were truly blessed.
We love you ZsaZsa, our beautiful little ShihTzu.
Forever in our hearts. Till we meet again in Paradise.
Love from your family left on earth,
Les, Patti, Sean, Seema, Brent, Jordan, Erin

Z-Z, 05/04/03

Z-Z, aka Charlie Brown, aka Super Pony. Very special pony belonging to my daughter, Jennifer. Beloved friend and partner. Please see our tribute to Z-Z at, click on Z-Z's page.

Lori Tankel

Zzilly, 04/04/88-08/30/03

Zzilly was so very special to us. She moved countless times and always adjusted to her new surroundings like a trooper. She grew up in the theatre and was in several shows herself. Although only 12 pounds, she guarded us like a true warrior. She loved her family and we loved her so very much. She will be missed more than I can say.

Ida Bostian

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