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Year 2003 Tributes

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Xander thru Xyll

Xander, 09/10/02-01/17/03

Xander was my little luv bug. He was so small when I rescued him and with some love and nourishment became a beautiful little boy. He took sick all of a sudden and nobody could find out why or what it was. It will be so hard to go on without him, as I see his little dooks, jumps and playful antics everywhere I look. I am trying to be strong for the rest of the fur babies. Xander, you are greatly missed with all my heart and mommy will be with you again someday.


Xavier, 06/11/94-06/03/03

He was more than just a pet. He was a beloved family member.

Rob Smith

Xena, 10/09/03

Xena was very special to me. I found he in our backyard when she was only a few weeks old. She was probably feral, but I caught her and slowly gained her trust. In a couple weeks we had become good friends. She loved to be stroked and scratched, and rubbed against my legs, purring. Soon we had her spayed, and a week after that, we let her outside. She was very happy, and was still there the next morning, but then she disappeared. Nobody has seen her since. It has been 3 weeks and we are losing hope. We think that something happened to her that day and she passed on to the rainbow bridge....Xena, I love you and miss you so much!!!!


Xena, 11/11/01 - 26/10/03

Xenie Weenie

Bouncy, loving, beautiful.

A life cut short, tragically, taken by the rainbow that wanted her too much.

Life is really empty, all our lives feel grey, but in our hearts some sunshine, for we will be together again one day.

Tears fall like raindrops, empty inside is how we all feel, yet the sunshine of our memories bring the light back to us again.

I can see your rainbow Xena, so bold and beautiful and true, your in our hearts forever baby we will never forget you.

For Xena is with Kanie, where there is no pain and one day we will cross that rainbow bridge and be together again.

Your spirit will live on in our hearts forever Rest in peace little lady

Love always

Mum, Dad, Lisa, Kerry. Sam, Tina, Krissy, Aaron, Chay & Hannah your Mummy : Sandy...(whippet)

Xena, 01/22/01-06/23/03

Darling Xena, we love and miss you so much .. rest in peace our lovely girl.

Julie & Paul

Xena, 07/30/00-01/15/03

I would like to say I will never find another happy, most sweet, innocent soul as Xena. She was always happy. Never met a stranger. And would wag her whole bottom as soon as she seen you. She never made a sound (wouldn't bark). Except a little snort every time her rear end would shake. She is definitely missed and always will be. We'll see you on the bridge ZZ love you!


Xena, 02/27/99-02/06/03

My sweet little Xena passed on today with no warning. She was always by my side and loved to cuddle. I can't believe she's gone. She was happily playing this morning and showed no signs of distress. I took my children to school this morning and when I came home about 20 minutes later she had died under our bed. I loved her so much.

Jennifer Leon

Xiao Ju, 03/17/95-11/03/03

Xiao Ju - I love you, I will miss you, and I wish I could be by your side right now. I know you will be in heaven happily waiting and watching over me. I had the best time of my life with your companionship - I learned from you your unconditional love, and I learned to love too. You will always be my very favorite little brother in my heart. I love you Xiao Ju.

Cynthia Hwang Evans

Xiao Peng You, 04/09/90-02/03/03

To the best and most loving pet I ever had.

Theresa Woods

Xiggi, 10/09/93-18/10/03

We love and miss you so much, you were taken from us so unexpectedly. Sumi has lost her adopted mum. You played, washed and cuddled up to her as if she were your own.
Your daughters Ischka and Ellie miss you, but you will live on through them. Even Mylo the cat is lost without your company.
I bet you are now running through the stubble fields with your old friends Zak and Honey having a wonderful time together again.
You were a true ambassador for all German Shepherds.
Till we meet again
All our love Angie, Graham, Ischka, Ellie, Nula, Jarno, Cita, Sumi and Mylo

Xyll, 07/08/02

Xyll was our best friend and greatest support. We miss him with all our hearts.

Brandi & Donna

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