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Year 2003 Tributes

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Oakley thru Ozzy

Oakley, 04/01/96-07/07/03

I am still in shock, and still so sad. Oakley was larger than life, physically and with personality. He was my spoiled prince. I pray I will see you again some day. I love you.

Lisa Menadue

Oakley Middleton, 1/22/03

Oakley came to us as a special gift from a local shelter. He had been abused and neglected and his white fur was discoloured dark brown. He wasn't trusting and looked very melancholy. The shelter told us that we were his last hope...

We adopted you...our lovely white cocker spaniel and gave you unlimited love and affection and you 'melted.' You began to love us as your family and for three years, we were all together. In July 2002, you were diagnosed with a mast cell tumor and you fought until the end. Yesterday afternoon, we gave you the ultimate gift and helped you on your way to Mac, Shane and Velvet. We love you Oakley, and miss you terribly but we know that now you're not in pain and you can play and run again. You're in good hands with Mac. We will never forget you. Love, Mum, Dad, Heather, Jackie, Darren & Gidget.

Oatmeal, 8/9/01-08/09/03

You were the school pet were I work. The kids thought it would be funny to feed you to the snake. I thought nothing of you. I didn't even want to touch you. Later during the year, a family took you home because you couldn't be left at school over the summer. I had major surgery in July and couldn't have children. The family that had you decided that they couldn't care for you anymore. In October we picked you up from this family and I thought I wish I had seen you earlier. You were so cute but afraid and cautious of us. You won our hearts immediately. We brought you home and gave you everything that we could think of to make you happy. You are our child. We even took you to Charleston to see your grandparents. You, in turn, were happy beyond belief. You chewed everything in site, even the sofabed. You loved cheese, apples and fish sticks the most. But there were always your treaties so that you could have something sweet. You passed on this morning in my arms at 7:00am taking your last breath. I cannot express the love we will have for you forever. There will never be another like you.

We love you so much, will never forget you and will miss you forever,

Mommy and Daddy

Obe, 05/01/91-07/14/03

Obe was a wonderful dog. I am trying to come up with a word that totally captures his demeanor and the one word that comes to mind is "leader". He was the strongest dog I have ever seen in both the physical aspects and his spirit. He always had to be top dog no matter what the circumstances and he just assumed that was his place in life. He rarely give out "kisses" but would just brush your face lightly with his muzzle. He loved his ears to be scratched and he loved to go on walks pulling you all the way even after he was blind. He never tired and he never gave up. Our hearts are broken - and it seems like they will never heal. We will miss him desperately but we know we will see him again

The Phelps

Oberon, 01/25/93-01/14/03

We had to say good- bye to our beloved Oberon. We are very sad as he was the foundation of our family. An amazing guy, he touched the lives of everyone he met, and made strangers smile on the street. We miss him. We will always love him. He reminds us what is important in our lives. He was beautiful to the very end. Ann Lee and Stuart

Obi, 04/03/00-08/06/03

OBI, We love you and miss you so so much. We know you are no longer suffering like you did throughout your short life. We are just so sorry that we were not there with you when you passed, but please know we love you so much!!! You were and will always be our Big OB!
WE LOVE YOU and will run with you someday!

Robyn, Nate, Trey, Cayden, & Your Buddy Luke

Obie, 03/05/94-04/08/03

The following is both an expression of grief and celebration of the life of one Oberon Antares, King of the Fairies, Cat Without Peer Among His Contemporaries, who, in acknowledgement of his humble nature, and in deference to his inability to comprehend words having more than two syllables, was known throughout the nine years of his life and of our togetherness simply as Obie.

Being a cat of Very Little Brain, our protagonist was compelled to identify those few things in life which were Most Important, and then to devote himself entirely to the pursuit of same, lest a few minutes pass and cause him to forget them all. Possessed of a lusty appetite, Obie was skilled in the arts and sciences of Tasty Treat Procurement -- in particular, his mastery of the Pudding Bowl Head-Butt, the Iced Tea Paw-Dip, and the Tuna!-Tuna!-Tuna!-Tuna!- Ankle-Circling Maneuver were unparalleled. Despite his lack of formal education and his frequently demonstrated inability to retain information, Obie did teach himself how to read a clock, or so it seemed; he was eerily adept at rousing his daddy exactly 30 minutes before the alarm was set to go off, thereby guaranteeing himself a leisurely breakfast in the company of his Favorite Human, complete with post-prandial petting, rather than the rushed, on-the-way-out-the-door handful of kibble that so many other (supposedly more intelligent) cats are willing to accept.

His affable temperament endeared him to all, even those slightly addled folk who claimed not to like cats-in-general. In his prime, he weighed 14 pounds and most strongly resembled a D'Anjou pear (which he would certainly also be willing to sample, if by chance you happened to have an extra one handy). His prodigious expanse of belly made sleeping on his back The Preferred Way, and he could frequently be found flat on his back, wedged up against his Favorite Human (also flat on his back), and snoring in harmony with him. His favorite exercise was None At All, closely followed by Having A Roll Across This Catnip as well as Watching The Cat Dancer From a Reasonable Distance. On those occasions when he could be compelled to swat at the Cat Dancer, his ultimate goal was always to secure it with a claw and then to quickly subdue it by Laying Down With a Squish, trapping it beneath his belly. His love for his Humans was deep and abiding, aided, no doubt, by his inability to remember anything but that they were There with him and that this was Good.

When he suddenly became less dense, then svelte, and finally slim, it became clear that all was not well. A diagnosis of kidney disease was followed shortly thereafter by an additional diagnosis of diabetes, with many complications. Obie tolerated the efforts of his Humans to make him well, despite the fact that these efforts involved not only daily needle sticks, but also Different Food. As always, he had the shortest possible memory for the many traumas inflicted by his Humans, and relentlessly maintained Utter Devotion as his top priority. After three months of treatment, however, his condition continued to deteriorate. His diseases weakened him until all he could be was tired. Our own Utter Devotion drove us at first to do whatever we could to keep our boy with us, and then to realize that he needed us to love him even more than that.

Last week, our vet came to our house to help us let Obie go. He died in familiar surroundings and with the Humans that he adored and who adored him. He was given an anesthetic that allowed him to slowly and gently fall asleep before the final injection was given. His last awareness was of his Humans holding him, petting him, and whispering words of Utter Devotion to their small black sweetest boy.

Our overwhelming sorrow at the loss of our boy is softened by my unwavering belief that last night, a big beautiful Egyptian cat goddess picked Obie up in her mouth by the scruff of his neck and gently took her newest kitten away with her. By now, she'll have presented him with a bottomless bowl of tuna, an endless patch of catnip, and an eternally warm and available lap in which to curl up until such time as his Humans come to retrieve him. We love you, Obie.

Amy Milligan and Mike Swanberg

O'Brien, 05/31/03

A sweeter dog you'll never find. Loved to cuddle, lay on my lap and just be my best friend. Almost 3 years ago I lost my husband and O'Briens favorite friend. O'Brien would always be at Dicks side- in the car - on the tractor, just being his cute self. During Dicks illness O'Brien and Butch (O'B's brother) became hospice dogs. Bigger smiles you will never see when one of my boys would curl up with Dick or some of the other patients. We should all have the ability to bring so much joy to so many people. When O'Brien got hurt I knew it was the right thing to do and let him leave me. He is now riding on the tractor with Dick and sharing his love in heaven.

I love and miss you
Momma Kathleen

Odie, 08/08/88-12/05/03

No words can describe how much you are missed. Godspeed Odie-girl.

Dottie & Mike

Odie, 6/1/90-10/17/03

Odie, you were such a bright light in what could be a dark world at times. Always happy, always selfless, always ready to be there for us, no matter what. Despite your tough beginning, you never held any resentment or scars from what had been done to you, always the picture of unconditional love. You truly smiled, and it was contagious! You were such a huge part of our lives, the trips to the Outer Banks will never be the same without you---you were the consummate beach bum and all-round vacation dog.
Making the decision to let you move on to the place where you'll once again be whole and happy was the hardest thing that we've ever had to do. You never complained but your poor little body had gotten so tired, although you kept trying.
I know that Maggie and the cats were waiting for you, and that you are now happy and probably playing ball and "doing cartwheels of happiness" again. I'm sure that you and Maggie did "crazy dog" first thing.
Odie, your Dad is so very sad, I breaks my heart to see him so sad, but I know why he is. You know that you were his baby boy, and that he loved you the day that he met you and that you welcomed him into our family. And I loved you so much as well---you and the Mags got me through some very difficult times, I would never had made it without you. You were everyone's friend, but my special friend always.
Be happy, sweet Odie, I know that we'll see you and our other beloved family members one day. Until then, watch over us and help us to heal.

Jamie, Paddy, and Lucy

Odie, 12/17/87-10/07/03

Odie was such a wonderful pet and I will always miss his silly little grin.

Tracy Cooke

Odie, 07/06/87-06/09/03

Odie was a great friend and a special member of our family. We will miss him always.

Zustra Family

Odie, 06/14/93-02/12/03

To my baby girl - I'll love you for the rest of my life.


Odie, 12/16/88-02/05/03

Odie how we loved you so, you were so much a family member and will be missed so much. You will always be in our hearts. Please forgive us for what we had to do, but your life was not for naught for you have changed us forever. You have taught us love and devotion without question or doubt, for that we are ever in your debt. May we be granted the joy of having another like you? Odie rest in peace and wait at the Rainbow Bridge for us.

Ogala, 05/05/02-04/16/03

Just know that I love you (and your brother, Wasichu) very much and I'm so sorry for what happened. The people at the kennel promised to give you shelter until we moved in to our new place - not euthanize you! I miss you terribly and I wish this tragedy never happened. I hope you are both safe and happy now and weren't too frightened. I only wish I could have been there for you, but if I was it wouldn't have happened. Please take care of your brother and don't let him eat too many ice cubes at one time... you know how he feels when he does. I promise to think of you every day and say a prayer - I will see you both again soon! I Love You more than anything! Please forgive me.
Love, Momma

ps: You were my life… my love… my pride and joy! A part of me died when you were taken away and I will never be the same. I will miss our talks at night and your snuggling routine - you're the only dog I ever knew that purred.

pss: I hope you get lots and lots of dog bones and toys on your birthday! I wish I could be there… just remember to share with Wasichu :) HAPPY BIRTHDAY, BABY!!!

O J, 03/29/83-08/07/03

In lasting memory of our very special friend O J, a cat who won our hearts with a humble and loving spirit of his own.
O J we will miss you dearly, and will remember you always, please wait on us at the bridge, so we can cross it together.
Larry & Denise

Okemo, 07/07/93-11/04/03

So long my precious pup. I will miss you eternally. Sleep tight, and enjoy your time in heaven. We love you, baby girl!

Alison & Andy Overholser

Olga, 05/06/89-08/16/03

My wonderful old dog and best friend had a stroke on the 15th of August and I had to make the decision on the 16th to put her to sleep. It was the hardest thing I have ever had to do in my life, but I was there to hold her and let her know, because I love you, you will not have to suffer any longer. She was my companion and friend. Her wagging tail and lovely brown soft eyes of comfort where always there for me as I entered the house. When I felt down she was there and we had the best of times. She loved water and sticking here head under water to retrieve rocks. My heart is hurting more than I could imagine. My mother said that Olga was here to make sure I got married and had children to carry on. I did get married and now have a 2 1/2 year old and a 8 month old. I guess she was my guardian angel to see that I have a family to help me thru with the loss of my best friend. I miss her so badly... every room reminds me of her and he warmth she brought to our home. Olga, you will always be remembered and I will see you again one day. Go and run with the Angels and Mommy will see you in Heaven.

Dana Renton

Oliver (Ollie), 11/15/03

Ollie thank you for 14 wonderful years with our family. You were a great family member. You greeted us every day we came home from work and school. We loved watching you eat french fries and petridge farm gold fish. Our hearts are broken. Thanksgiving won't be the same without you eating turkey with us and we will miss you on Christmas morning as you sat in every present box after it was opened. Our hearts are broken and we miss you so much.
Love always,
Your family Bob, Ellen, Rob, Michele & Mandy Segear

Oliver (Oli, Wally, Walliver, my baby), 05/24/97-09/20/03

Oliver, I will always miss your "meow" because you meower was "broken" as Chris put it one day. You will always be my first baby, my best friend. It hurts to know that for the past 6 1/2 years when I was sad I had you to hold, and I can't now. I will miss our walks we would take and everyone was amazed at how you stayed with me and followed me. I will miss seeing you when I wake up right next to me, snoring away. I will miss when you were sleeping and I would rub your belly and you would run around on a walk and see you right behind me as you always were. I love you my baby, my Oliver, my heart.

Oliver, 07/04/96-08/18/03

Oliver was the first cat I truly had for my very own. He saw me through university and starting my job. We moved a fair bit and he never complained. He was a moody thing sometimes but I loved him just the same. He was taken too young at the age of 7 from chronic renal failure. I had to have him put to sleep and even though I don't feel any guilt as I didn't want him to hurt anymore, I miss him so much.

Karyn Bell

Oliver - Ollie Pollie, 11/04/91-12/04/02

Our Ollie Pollie - Best boy in the world
Rescued 11/04/91 died in the arms of those who loved him 12/04/02 your unconditional love brought hope, purpose and happiness to those lives you touched. We will always love you xxxxx foreverxxxxx

Oliver (Ollie, Red Prince, Lollipop, Baby Boy), 21st May 2001 to 2nd May 2003

Today is my baby's 2nd birthday, however sadly he's not here in person to share it with me. I was looking forward to this day for months telling my precious baby boy all about it. But sadly he was run over on may 2nd, and I have never ever felt pain like it before. Ollie no one understood me like you. You were always there, I'm so unhappy at work and loved coming home to you waiting for me, my loyal, faithful friend. You take care honey and wait for me at rainbow bridge until we can be together again. Happy birthday precious baby boy. All my love Catherine xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Oliver (Ollie), 04/22/03

In memory of my special dog, Oliver, who is sadly missed.
He went to Rainbow Bridge on 4/22/03 with our help due to Heart Disease. You will never be forgotten and all your friends at the Park are looking for you. We had you for 12 short years and will never forget when we adopted you.
A constant companion, friend and always there to greet us with unconditional love. Miss you dearly and wish you were here. We will see you at Rainbow Bridge. Love always, Nancy.

Oliver, 4/15/84-09/29/02

An extraordinarily patient and tolerant soul in the body of a cat. A lover to the last hair on his body and a fiend for laps. The cat for my lifetime.
Thank you very much,
Chrissie Johnson

Oliver, 05/01/02-02/07/03

Oliver was one of the sweetest kitties I ever knew. From the moment I saw him I knew we'd be great friends. He was a beautiful shiny solid black with yellow eyes. Since he was a very shy kitty, he loved to hide when a visitor came. But when it was just us, he would come out and play and purr and climb all over me. And he loved his sister cat, Amber. Chasing her around the house was one of his favorite things to do. The day I found out he had FIV was one of the saddest days. The last few days of his life I just held him in my arms and cried. He showed his appreciation by licking the tears off my face (which actually made me cry even harder). Amber and I will always miss our sweet little buddy, Oliver.

Oliver, 08/01/03

My little soldier died today. I miss him so much. Hope Geno was waiting for you babs. Sorry I waited so long, but I was selfish and just wanted you with me for that little bit longer.
Rest in peace Olly. till we meet again.

Oliver Spaulding, 02/10/02-05/05/03

When I first brought you home from the pound and you stopped shaking and fell asleep in my arms I knew we had a bond. You have brought unbelievable joy into my life, and just thinking of you makes me laugh. I wish we had more time, but the time we did have was the greatest time of my life. Sometimes I think you were made of pure love. I love you Oliver, I miss you. You were the best dog anyone could have. I love you forever.


Oliver Twist, 02/06/93-03/06/03

Good night sweet prince. You were so special, smart and my best friend. you were loved, from all the kids at the schools, to the seniors at the nursing homes. We never had children, so our heart and sole went in to raising you, and a large piece of our heart broke off when you went across the rainbow bridge. We will look forward to meet us at the beautiful meadow. You will always be in our hearts as a special pet at a special time. Love mommy and daddy

Olivia Kerr Barnard, 03/20/82-03/11/03

Olivia was a very special little girl. We usually called her just Livia or our favorite nickname, PeeWee (she only weighed around 7 pounds). We got her when she was 4 weeks old and she was 21 years old when we had to let her go.

She was the sweetest little baby--she loved to be hugged, held and kissed. She would cuddle around our faces and bump her head on us. She purred all the time. She would look at us with this face that we knew meant she loved us.

She was beautiful--all black, bright yellow eyes, and a little "Roman" nose (a little bump on it).

We had to put her to sleep-she had gotten so weak she couldn't walk or even stand. It was the most horrible thing we ever had to do.

I don't even know how to express how much we miss her. I hope someone will help to pray for her precious soul.

Lisa and Cindy

Ollie, 09/15/03

Ollie 25 years old: died September 15, 2003. Ollie was an African Grey who was never sick a day in his life and died in less than 2 hours. Why we do not know...I'll miss you dear bird. You sat in my kitchen for 25 years>>the center of attention. The cats respected and even loved you. You loved to have your head scratched and you really loved mashed potatoes and corn and your banana for lunch. I cry every time I walk by your cage. The cats and I miss you tremendously and I'll never forget you. I look for you all the time and can't believe you're gone forever. I will definitely see you one day at the Rainbow Bridge along with Pumpkin, Simon, Ruby, Cricket, Peeper, Casey and Pasha. Look for them because you knew them all. Sleep well my dear bird. I'll love you forever...Sylvia

Ollie, 08/17/01-07/19/03

You are the very first dog I have every really loved unconditionally. I will miss you so much. If there was anything in this world I could do to bring you back I would. Please never forget me. I love you so much Ollie.

Shaunda Palmer

Ollie and Smokie, 2003

Ollie and Smokie were lifelong partners to my dearest friend Marilyn.
Two beautiful black TWH that adored her and respected her, as she did them.
Smokie died earlier this year from West Nile Virus at the young age of 39 and Ollie succumbed to old age in September, Marilyn had to make that terrible decision to euthanise Ollie, he was 30.
They have now crossed Rainbow Bridge into that evergreen pasture with no fences to join my beloved Shadow, Penny Girl and Bo.
Run free as friends and we'll see you at the Bridge.


Olliver (Ollie), 1st April 1990 to 10th Sept 2003

Ollie was my beautiful companion for 13 years. He was loving and sweet but with a wicked streak that kept visitors at a distance. I loved him unconditionally and miss him terribly.
I lost my father last year so I know that there is someone visiting the Rainbow Bridge to give Ollie his head nuggies and treats.
Rest in comfort now my precious boy. Give my love to Poppie.

Jennifer Henderson

Olyve Oyl, 1993-2003

Olyve was a tough old bird whose cancer finally claimed her on a spring night. She will be missed.

Omar, 11/30/90-08/11/03

Dear Omar,
You were the first and best dog we ever had. You made our life better because you were in it and we shared many special and beloved memories. You will NEVER be forgotten and we are happy and grateful for the time we shared together. Thank you for coming into our lives and for having such a gentle soul and loving spirit. May you rest in peace old friend...until we meet again...
With love always,
Kristine Swickard (and Michael Garabedian too)

One-Eyed Jack, 10/30/00

Jack, you came to us with broken leg and blinded eye. You brought us a new perspective with your determination not to let anything hold you back. We loved you for your spunk and bravado. We miss you so very much. We will meet again, my little One-eyed Jack!!


Onery, 09/01/92-01/31/03

Onery was a great kitty. She was friendly and grouchy. She had the most beautiful, huge eyes. Everyone who saw her commented on what a beautiful cat she was. She fought the last year with Irritable Bowel Disease and finally succumbed to cancer on Friday. She will be dearly missed by us and her brothers and sister(1 cat and 2 dogs). Our lives will be so empty without On the Con the Con the Con. Rest in Peace sweetheart.

Becky and Travis Almany

Oni (Cute Little Monster), 06/23/02-10/16/02

I don't have the words, and without knowing Oni he's just another lost kitten, but he was (to us at least) the best kitten, ever. Though terribly ill, and in desperate need of care, he never seemed to notice how sick he was, and instead was determined to always make us feel better. We miss your fuzzy little head and too-big ears, and we love you.

John & Kate

Onyx, 07/13/03

To Onyx - The most amazing cat in the whole world - you were the big yellow eyes that I saw first thing in the morning and the very last thing I saw before I slept - my best friend and constant companion, we grew up together and shared so much. You inspired me every day of your life, and will inspire me for a lifetime. I am so happy that you were never in any pain and that I had the chance to share my life with you, you've set a tough standard for the other kitties

Lulu Berndt

Onyx, 02/14/03

I knew you were suffering yesterday, and my heart ached. Onyx, my most special cat of all, and you knew too, that our time together was over.

You held your paw around my arm as they gave you the shot, and then slowly relaxed. I didn't want to see you go, but I could not have left you alone, you were always there for me.

Remember how you followed me on the paper route, people couldn't believe it.

My eyes are puffy and red from crying, and there is an emptiness inside. Mama cried too, her heart aches too.

Though I know you are gone, I can't accept it, yet. But to see you suffer would have been worse.

I love you Onyx, my big furball, my special cat, my friend.

I love you, already miss you and will never, ever forget.

Pamela Labrake

Onyx, 07/03/91-12/18/02

You were a sweet girl and brought much joy to my life. May you rest in peace and be forever free.

Onyx Buddy, 03/19/03

For your loyal and gentleman nature. You are forever in our hearts and minds.

Missing you always... your family

Michelle Taber

Onyx Josey, 08/30/00-12/26/03

For our precious little kitty. You were loved more than we could ever communicate. In this life, your legs did not cooperate, by that never slowed you down. You had an enthusiasm for life that your little handicapped body could not slow down. So many of our pictures on the walls hang crooked because you would sometimes try to run, but your legs would not do what your mind was telling them. You some times needing the wall for support, which skewed the pictures from their straight alignment. I don't think we will ever touch them to straighten them again. There were times you reminded me of a little bunny. We called you our little "exfoliator" because you liked to like us so much. You were taken from us so suddenly, I am not sure that I have grasped the immensity of it all yet. WE LOVED YOU SO MUCH!! I will so miss when you stood on your back legs and cried to be picked up, since you could not jump. I am SOOOOO SORRY that I did not realize that you were sick. In retrospect, it seems that there may have been signs, but none of them would have changed the outcome. We miss you dearly. We are so glad you are resting just outside our home. Chuck even made a little cross for your grave. When Spring time comes, we will look for a tree to plant, so you will have shade and will be able to watch the birds. If you remember, Chuck and I lost a baby who is now in heaven as well, hopefully you have found him and you will both be waiting on us when we arrive. I hope that the rainbow bridge restored your legs. I can almost see you shaking off your paws and running, really running for the first time in your life.

I love you so much, and will miss you more than words can say. We will take care of your sister for as long as she needs us and think of you each day.


Onyx Von Sles, 05/13/95-10/10/03

Onyx, you brought us many many years of happy , fun and good times. We miss you dearly. You brought light, life and love into our family. Now we are empty without you . We know you are now pain free and basking in the beautiful sunshine at The Rainbow Bridge, smelling the flowers, playing with all the other furbabies there waiting til we meet up there with you again with that little nub of a tail wiggling for us.
We love you and always have. We miss you and there could never ever be a replacement for you, you were our family.
We love and miss you.
God rest your soul.
With love today, tomorrow and always,
Mommy, Daddy and your little baby two legged boy Sean

Oopie Cat, 01/12/02

This is in loving tribute to my dear Oopie Cat who died unexpectedly today. I was not aware that she was sick however in the early morning of January 12, she took her last breath. To Oopie--I'm so sorry if there is something I could have done. Now, I can think of so many things that I should have paid attention to. I love you so much and I'm so sorry. I love you.

Oose, 12/11/93-17/07/03

Goodnight little kitten, I love you always.

Mick McCormick

Opal, 08/19/95-11/30/03

To our cat-cat (her human sister's knickname for her); you are the most loving, sweetest cat.
We know that you are home now with your brother, Hurricane; I know he was waiting for you and is happy to have his sister with him.
We will always love you and we are happy we could be there with you when you left this world for a better one.
We will always love you, Opal Kitty.

Tanya Markow

Opey, 09/22/94-11/17/03

Fare thee well love, fare thee well love, over the mountains, you must go, take my heart love, take my heart love, will we never meet here again no more. (beautiful goodbye song by The Rankin family, all should hear it)

My boy, my whole life, the reason I woke in the morning. The reason I could go to bed alone everynight, my boy, with you I was never alone. I could do all the things I did, all the things I accomplished because I knew I was doing it for us. You made me a better person and taught me so much. You were my only family. There was nothing ever in my life that compared to my deep love for you. And nothing in my whole life has been so painful as loosing you in my arms that day.
The vet and I had no idea you were going. I couldn't believe as I looked into your eyes and you looked into mine, that I could not help you or protect you as I had always done. Thankyou for hanging on those extra minutes while I talked to the vet, I only went back to hug you then they wanted me to leave while they did more tests. I guess you knew your mom well, she would come back for a quick hug. I knew when I picked you up that I was loosing you right there. I'm sorry my baby boy that I was helpless. But I'm so grateful that you and I were eye to eye and lips pressed when you took your final breath on me. I was as close as I could get to you. You needed me there in your last moments, I'm so grateful you didn't suffer al all and you were in no pain. Your last moments are relived in my mind daily. I carried you home and held your body all day playing that song. I held you so close. Opey, it took those days I had you in your beautiful coffin before I could accept you were gone. You looked so beautiful, I brushed you and put your toys in with you. No one understands the soulmate relationship we had. Molly is so severely depressed missing you, she loved you so much. She lays on YOUR blanket now, not hers, and grieves for her husband. The only thing that has given me some strength is that I know you were always happy and that you adored me as much as I adored you. we gave eachother so much happiness for 8 years. I'm grateful I told you I loved you every day, I'm grateful that I never once lost appreciation for you. I told you everyday how wonderful you made my life. In your eyes, I could see you just wanted to be with me no matter where. And this is why I took you everywhere. My little guy always with me. Your own seatbelt, your own life jacket, And the best pillow on our bed, the one that you would steal from me everynight.
I know you had a good life and lots of freedom. These are the things I try to think about because I'm in so much pain without you. You were easy to love. Its been a month, But you know the ceremony I have for you everynight. I just want to pay you every great tribute I can, to tell you how much I respected your life and felt blessed to have such a sweet dog. When you died, you change my life. You have opened me up to the spiritual world. Its comforting to know that you are waiting for me at RAINBOW BRIDGE. Thankyou for visiting in my beautiful dream that night. I needed to feel some closeness. Please visit often, I still need you. Opey, you truly were my life. We had 8 great years kid, Ill be the first in line at rainbow bridge to take you with me again. The pain will fade in time, but never the love for you or the great memories.
I believe God is taking good care of you now until the day when I can be with you forever next time. I'll never let you go again. My boy, my love, Goodbye Opey xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo

Lisa Bogardi

Opie Guinness, 10/01/86-02/11/03

Opie was the most loyal and sweet companion ever. We used to call him a little man in a dog suit because he seemed so human. He knew when you were sad or feeling low and would sit by you or kiss you or put his head in your lap. Until the last few months when he didn't know us anymore, he followed my husband and I everywhere. When we went away on vacation, we couldn't wait to get home to him. He's left such a hole in our lives.....We will never forget you, sweetie.

Amy Brier

Opie Red, 07/30/02-09/01/03

In Loving Memory of Opie. Oh, how we miss you. The short year that we were able to spend with you will grace us for the rest of our lives. You have given us so much love, laughter and joy that words simply cannot express. We love you always.

Patsy & Dean Carter

Opus, 09/10/02-08/07/03

You were perfect in every way! We miss you so!

Opus Goodfellow, U-CDX, MB-CD, ASCA-CD, CGC (Opus), 05/01/91-01/18/03

Opus Popus, itty bitty Bopus. It's been too long since you passed to the bridge my gentle friend. I think of you every day and I hope you know that I miss you and know that perhaps I pushed you too hard. You never asked why, just gave and gave. I tried to thank you for all that Opus. I hope you know. You will always be special to me and I don't think I'll ever make up to you for
failing you in the end. I know that you're walking on 4 good legs and you've welcomed our Emma to the bridge. I am sure you have and are playing with her now. Let Shadow know that Emma is so polite. she won't
challenge Shadow's queen bee status.

I love you Opus.

Janet Skulina

Orange, 09/02/03

You were a special cat who thought he was a dog. Unfortunately God had other plans for you and you were not with us for very long. Your life was shortened by a kidney disease and our lives were shortened for not having you there to entertain us or for us to entertain you. We miss you greeting us at the door, sitting and begging and doing your various other tricks. Mostly your purr, your love, your affection, your attention, your talking, your time, just being with us. We will look forward to seeing you with Mokey and Whitey White. We love you, Orange, and won't forget you.

Susan, Robert and Crystal

Orange AKA OrangenieWeenie, 3/29/86-2/28/03

Orange, for 17 years you were my best friend. Words cannot convey my hurt, so I don't speak openly of you very much, but I needed to write this. I miss smelling your sweet fur and your protective watch over me as I slept every night. I miss coming home every night and having you waiting by the door. I miss being able to cry on your big, strong body, and feeling solace when things just seemed impossible. Till we meet again at the Bridge, Weenie, Mommy will Miss You. I love you, my best friend...forever.


Oreo, 02/12/97-10/04/03

In Memory of OREO My Double Stuffed Cookie Crumb
Laid to Rest beside his canine companion KING

Teresa Reed

Oreo, 02/01/93-11/11/02

"You may forget what they said, but you will never forget how they made you feel." ~ Carl Buechner

Jenny Hipps

Oreo, 05/27/89-11/24/03

Oreo, was my first dog, and I couldn't have asked for a better friend.
He never gave me a day of trouble in all of his 14 1/2 years.
He was always happy and a joy to be around. His very long tongue was always sticking out of his mouth, which made him even funnier. He will be greatly missed.
I will remember him always with a smile.


Oreo, 11/23/03

May this wonderful dog that gave so much happiness and love be comfortable forever.

Karen Burkholz

Oreo, 11/12/03

I miss Oreo so much! he was the first hamster I have ever had and he was everything to me! And a couple days before he died I didn't spend anytime with him and I wish I had because now that he's gone I miss him more then ever!!


Oreo, 11/20/02-08/06/03

There's something missing in my home, I feel it day and night, I know it will take time and strength before things feel quite right. But just for now, I need to mourn, my heart---it needs to mend.

Though some may say it's, "just a pet" I know I've lost a friend. You've brought such laughter to my home, and richness to my days...A constant friend through joy or loss, with gentle loving ways. Companion, pal, and confidante, a friend I won't forget, you'll live for always in my heart, my sweet forever pet.


Oreo, 05/05/91-09/14/03

Oreo you were my best friend who weathered the storms and carried us through some difficult moments in our lives. Stephanie, Sarah and I miss you will all our hearts and you will always be very very very special in my heart - what is left of it. You brought me laughter and wonderful memories. I know you are happier and running like the young pup again.


Oreo, 04/89-08/19/03

She used ALL of her nine lives, lived fully, and was a kitten in spirit until the last. She has left a big hole in my home...I miss her presence.
She fell from the wheel well of a passing van at my feet, so tiny I could encircle her with my thumb and middle finger. She had a good life. She died in her favorite position to snuggle and purr, hugging my arm with her head resting on it.


Oreo, 08/25/03

God bless your little soul

Lori Prucha

Oreo, 08/27/03

Oreo was a very much loved cat. He was an only kitty, and did not know he was not one of the children. His first year of life were spent as an indoor kitty, because we lived in an apartment. When we moved to a home, we slowly introduced him to the outside. He loved the birds, and would lay on the grass for hours, just watching them and singing to them. He grew to be a very large kitty, and never learned kitty skills, like climbing trees, and fences. He met his first dog soon after moving to the house, and he had no idea what it was. Fortunately, it was a small breed, friendly dog of the neighbors. Eventually, we added to the family two dogs, but they stay in the backyard most of the time, and oreo was inside most of the time. He never stayed out at night, because we were afraid he would get hurt because he never learned kitty sense. Around 5 am Monday morning, we awoke to a horrible screaming sound. I ran down stairs, and turned on the porch light to find to wild dogs tearing our precious oreo into two. None of us knows how he got out that night, we religiously keep him in at night. None of us has ever seen those dogs before or since, either. Sadly, he was still alive when we got to him, though the dogs disappeared. After rushing him to the emergency clinic, prognosis was dim, and we elected to allow him to enter eternal peace. He only had four years with us, and was still such a kitten at heart. He was a great companion, and is and will continue to be sorely missed. He provided the unconditional love and companionship only special animals can. The house feels so empty and quiet now, without his constant purring, and singing as he follows me wherever I go to curl up on my feet, just to be close. We are hurting terribly.

Sheri Hughes

Oreo, 08/14/03

Oreo, you were the best friend to me for the last 14 years. I'll never forget you and we'll se each other again one day. I love you.

Joanne Stevens

Oreo, 07/30/03

Oreo was very special to us. She will always have a place in our hearts that can not be replaced. I pray for that day when we will be reunited again at the Rainbow Bridge and can snuggle together once again. We love you Oreo our "keke bee" and "kibbbles" girl. Sassy and Patches send their love. Give Confederate a hug for us.

Donna and Greg Herrin

Oreo (Orie), 07/05/03

Thank you for always being there! I will never forget you and will ALWAYS love you!

Love, Mom

Oreo, 07/06/97-06/02/03


You've made the past six years of our lives unforgettable. We loved you with all our hearts and will miss you always...especially the way you always looked for attention from us and the endless squeaks for food. You rock bud and I hope you're finally free from pain and happy at rainbow bridge. Can't wait to see you on the other side!

Steve, Janet, Bill, Katie, Patrick, Alex

Oreo, 12/2002

Dear Oreo,

Your whole family misses you...some of your family never met you but we are sure you have gone over the Rainbow Bridge to be with God and all his beloved animals.

Allison, Mom and Dad

Oreo, 06/11/89-1/24/03

I loved you more than even I realized & miss you. You stood by me through the good times & bad, always just happy to be with me. I thank you for that. We are all missing you & will always hold your memory close & dear. Love, Mom & Dad

Oreo, 01/19/03

Oreo was a special little girl. Another rescue of mine who had a bad start in life. I got her when she was very young and we had many good years.

When she first came she was weaned but still young. She was also very weak. She had been eating whatever she could find which included cedar tree needles I soon realized.

She got on a better diet and was well looked after. She turned into a beautiful cat in no time.

One of her favorite things was to play in the big garden tub with her toys. It was all the better if there was water in the tub. I have video of her playing in the water with her toys.

I will never regret rescuing her or keeping her. I will always and forever miss her though...


Oreo, 2/17/02-12/28/02

Oreo was a VERY cute guinea pig. She would always let you snuggle with her and she would lick your fingers forever! Her fur was so smooth like velvet and we love to open the refrigerator and hear her squeak for a treat. Every once in a while you would hear her purr. When Oreo was dying company was over and we put her on the floor when she was dying and everyone gathered around and started petting her. We know that she is having a blast in heaven! We also know that she was made for us because I wasn't even going to get her but since it was Sunday my parents let me get her and my other guinea pig Taffy.


Oreo, 04/02-01/04/03

We Love You Big Man. We Will See you Soon

Love Mommy & Daddy

Oreo, 06/05/00-01/01/03

Our special, special boy is gone. Our loving, sweet, cuddling, nuzzling, funny, silly, beautiful boy. Goodbye, our wonderful Oreo. Goodbye.

Linda Popovich

Oreo and Her Six Kittens, 08/05/03

Oreo came to my home one stormy night bringing with her six kittens. I took the stray mother to the Dr. for blood tests to enable me to place the kittens in foster care. Oreo, as we called her, tested positive for leukemia. Oreo and all kittens were put to rest. This is an example of what kind and caring people endure to rescue pets that some people do not take care of. Now I am left with the sadness and grief of seeing 6 adorable kittens and their mother destroyed. I cry every day for them.

Oreo Muffin, 10/02-02/26/03

Oreo Muffin, you had such a short little life. I loved you from the moment I saw you until the moment you died in my hands. I'll never forget your spunk. I miss you.


Oreo The Double Stuff, 06/14/95-10/16/03

We love you, Oreo! We tried so hard to get you better when you got sick. We are sorry you're gone. We miss you with all of our hearts! You're the only cat I ever knew that would offer your cheek for me to kiss it. Mommy and Daddy love and miss our little boy!!!! Our hearts break for our Oreo Cookie-boy every day! Pictures of our beloved Oreo can be seen at

Mr & Mrs Joseph M Pacholek

Oreo Thomas, 12/01/03

Oreo was my little buddy, he waited for me to come home. He looked up to me and enjoyed our short time together. we loved him and wanted him to be ours, but he had to move on. I'm glad to have had him be with us and I hope that he realizes that we loved him. Goodnight OREO! I love you!

Bill Baker

Orey, 07/12/87-02/26/02

Orey, you were such an onry kitten with your busy-balls and toys. You loved chicken, potato chips and ice cream. People that disliked cats even liked you. I remember you walking around the tub when I was in and sometimes getting in!! You drank from the faucet. My sister got you for me when I was 15 and you helped me heal many broken hearts (including the one I have now), survive a teenage pregnancy and calmed me during many restless nights. You were a companion to mom and dad for 6 years when I couldn’t have you, but I cherished having you in your golden years and was honored to be with you those last few hours. As I kissed your head, it gave me peace to know that I could for once give you back the comfort that you gave me for 16 years. All creatures great and small, the Lord God made them all--- see you at the bridge buddy.

Orlando, 04/82-03/30/91

Orlando was the joy of my life. He was a beautiful, long-haired white cat with a plumey orange tail and an orange butterfly on his forehead. A gourmet cat, he enjoyed cantaloupe, tomatoes, green beans, cole slaw, applesauce, peaches, and bananas, along with more usual cat foods. He loved people, especially little children and older people, and was highly intelligent and extremely affectionate.

When taken to the University of Tennessee Veterinary School for risky surgery for a rare kidney condition, he won the hearts of all there. The veterinary doctor assigned to his case termed him a "noble cat", as he still was loving and trusting despite the sometimes painful procedures which were necessary to save his life.

Orlando was much loved and much missed by his younger "brothers", Tommy Tucker, who has now joined Orlando in Rainbow Bridge, and Shadow, who is still bringing joy as my companion at the age of 14.

Rest in peace, dear friend....


Orleans, 10/13/97-05/24/03

I love you so much. I am sorry that you were sick. I did everything I possibly could to make your remaining time with me and Taylor comfortable. From the day after you were born, until the time you had to leave, you became my best friend. You taught me so much and loved me unconditionally. I hope that I was able to do the same for you. Taylor and I miss you VERY much. I love you, Poopie-head!!

Orville (Bones), Jessie, Princess Bertha and All The Others, 07/18/03

This is a tribute for all my furry friends at the sanctuary.
It is a no kill Sanctuary, but somehow for some reason your life was taken.
To all the animals that are in a shelter and won't make it out, to all the wolf dogs who are sooo misunderstood, and to all the animals that are longing for food, love and understanding, tonight I light my candle for you.
And for all the broken hearts that are missing their furever friends, I also lite this candle for you.
I was comforted by these words, "all dogs go to heaven".


Osa, 10/26/03

Thank you for being my family, for keeping me from being lonely, keeping me warm and seeing me through all the hardest times of my life. I wiped my tears with your ears for years!!

Christina Lopez

Oscar, 11/27/03

No matter how long we live or how many dogs we have we will always remember and keep in our hearts our wonderfully funny lovable Oscar . He came to live with us after having been terribly abused . But with our love and patients and understanding he became a beautiful happy healthy dog that finally knew he was truly loved by his humans . Your sudden death at the paws of other dogs has left a deep hole in our hearts . We love you and miss you so much . Be happy in the place your in now .We will meet again at the rainbow bridge.


Oscar, 09/20/03

I miss you so much.


Oscar, 11/20/03

We miss you and love you so much.

Mike & Nikki Duerr

Oscar, 09/99

Oscar you were my first cat. Since you came into my life there have been many more. And it's because of you they are here. You were the best cat ever. I will never forget you.

Carol Ennis

Oscar, 11/07/03

My best friend for 14 years

John Sicotte

Oscar, 10/27/03

A great grumpy bunny, who taught my son to love all creatures

Liane Pomfret

Oscar, 08/19/03-10/09/03

We lost Oscar to a liver disease that they couldn't fix. We didn't catch it soon enough because it hit too fast. He was find on Saturday and on Monday we took him to the vet and we lost him on Thursday.

Cole and Jade

Oscar, 10/11/03

I hope on Halloween they have those "icky" peanut butter candies you love and that your teeth are better so you can eat them. Likewise on Christmas, stay out of the hard candy dish, you know what a belly ache you get. I miss our lunch time together. Thank you for watching over my children as they grew, and keeping my lap and feet warm for all those years. I was lucky you picked me to come home with when we met at the kennel. I don't need to tell you to be good while you wait for me, you always are.


Oscar, 1/16/90-10/7/03

For my wonderful O-man. You were a gift sent from God. You brought so much joy into my life. It is because of you that I dedicate my life to helping loving sheltered animals find homes. You are and will always be my best friend. You are always with me and will never be forgotten. I love you Oscar!


Oscar (O-man), 05/10/99-04/27/03

My beloved little O-man, I miss you so much words can not say. I have a deep void since you left and I hope I always did right by you. I can not stop crying my cheeks sting form my tears. I miss singing you lullabies and cradling you in my housecoat rocking you to sleep. I miss the crazy way you would run around the house, play ball, and just the fact that you were you made you so special.....
You brought me such joy and I think you would like the collage I put together of you........
you were smart, and bright eyed, inquisitive. I still see you sunbathing in the summer sun...........
i will love you until the day I die. I am only a Shell now without you
please know that I have not stopped loving you for even one moment Mr.Fluffy Pants (sleep with the angels my love until we meet again)
Anna-Maria your mamma

Oscar, 21/09/03

So very sadly missed. An absolutely magical cat who made us all laugh so much.

Anna Claxton

Oscar, 06/05/99-07/23/03

I love you and I miss you.

Shelly Turner

Oscar, 09/10/00-07/07/03

My Sweet Oscar Kitty, once again, one of our beloved children, friend, son and brother has left to join our others at the Rainbow Bridge. We will miss you, you were so young and left us far before your time. Play with the others and be happy. You can rest now, and you will never have to suffer and you are with your playmates. I am so sorry I wasn't here when you passed on, but at least Shannon got to say good-bye. Love, Mom

Oscar, 11/17/01-05/31/03

My beautiful "Little Boy" died tragically this weekend after being accidentally run over by myself. I am heartbroken but know that God is taking good care of him now. Oscar was a gentle kitty who loved to sleep in my garden or be right with us when we were outside. I will miss him terribly but am extremely thankful to have had his unconditional love in my family's life.

Oscar, 01/21/88-05/21/03

My baby boy, and no better friend could you find.


Oscar, 03/12/98-05/18/03

Oscar was a great cat---loved by all because he had an "attitude". He was his own man and allowed very few (but very special) people to touch him. He had big white rabbit paws and a heart of gold. Unfortunately, his 'stress' problem with the new kitten became a fatal heart attack. We only had him to love for 4 years but he left a family that will always remember and miss him.


Oscar, 12/18/95-09/27/02

To my beloved Oscar,
AIHA took you away from us so quickly and we still miss terribly.
Love Kevin & Linda & Archie (our new furbaby)

Oscar, 08/09/91-02/28/03

Today, we lost our good friend Oscar. A friend that watched Andrea and I date, went on weekend trips with us, watched us marry and moved into our new house with us, and for the most part, was a big part of our life together. A few years ago at the age of 9 1/2, Oscar went blind and concurrently became a diabetic. Things weren't easy for him...the dog that once loved chasing a ball and standing up on his hind legs was pretty much relegated to a world of silhouettes and two shots of insulin a day. While in very good control diabetes-wise, anyone could tell that he was slowly giving in. Diabetes, in and of itself, can be quite a challenge sometimes...I should know, as I've been a type 1 Diabetic for 33 years. But I could never imagine being diabetic and not being able to tell someone how I felt or when I needed help.
Oscar had his subtle ways of doing that, and with my lifetime experience with diabetes, we did the best we could together. He couldn't come in the house as much any more, as he was losing his ability to "hold it in" sometimes, so he slept in the heat of the garage. I spent some time with him each day, whether running out the door for work and giving him a shot, or working in the garage at night on some project and having him keep me company.

Tonight, the garage is a different place. It's full of tools, a lawn tractor, and two cars...but it's very empty. His bed still warm, I packed it away along with much of his "worldly possessions" for donation to the ASPCA tomorrow.
Tonight, we let go of a dear friend. It was time, as he slowly began to "detach" himself and our vet recommended that this was the best thing we could do for him. We never wanted to let go, but keeping him around because of OUR own feelings was not in his best interests. Andrea and I hadn't cried together like we did tonight in a very long time. Oscar was brave, more stoic than we could ever be. Having him pass in our arms was possibly the best gift we could give him at this point. He did go gently, as gently as he'd nuzzle up to us on the couch a few years ago.

God Bless You Oscar...someday, be it near or a long time from now when I'm called Home, I'll meet you at the bridge, buddy. And always know...I will never forget you.
Thanks for all the goodness you brought to our lives.

Oscar, 02/98-03/01/03

Our "Little Wiener Man" left us on 3/1/03. He was the light of our lives and leaves behind a great legend. He fell in love in his "Aunt Karen" who cared for him until the end.
He is made whole again and will forever run pain free. Go Oscar, Go! We love you!

Oscar, 04/29/00-02/21/03

Oscar, I'll always miss you and your always be in my heart. I'll miss the way you listened to me when I had no one to talk to I'll miss the way you turned your head to the side when I talked to you ill meet you at the end of the rainbow.
Love mommy

Oscar Laneaux, 09/13/92-01/23/03

Thinking of you always, our best friend and companion. You gave us all so many wonderful memories and unconditional love. I know your playing happily in the sky now and one day we will be together again. We shall all light a candle for you Oscar and for all your playmates above. We miss you all dearly.
Until we meet again, Your Family

Oscar Maserang, 10/28/03

Oscar came into my life Christmas Eve, 1987. I heard a noise, opened the door, and in he walked. I was leaving, so I took him to the mailroom at my apartment complex so he would be warm and not get run over. I figured he belonged to one of the other tenants. When I got home that night, my (then) boyfriend said "Do we have a cat?" When he got home, Oscar was sitting at the door, and walked right in, curled up in a pile of laundry and went to sleep!

Oscar was my best friend all these years. He had a distinct sound; he didn't meow, he made a "mmrrp" sound, tossing his head up as he did it. Oscar usually slept on my pillow, head on my shoulder, purring in my ear.

Oscar never met anyone he didn't like, or who didn't like him. Even "non-cat" people fell in love when they met him. He was truly one of a kind. With his dark silver fur and deep emerald green eyes, I've never seen another cat who looked like him.

In his later years, he had most of his teeth pulled. Then he developed a thyroid condition, for which he took medicine twice a day. He always got his medicine in a piece of cheese. He loved this! He started spending all of his time sitting in front of the fridge, "mmrrpping" at anyone who came into the kitchen. If it was getting past his pill time, he would stalk around the house, looking for me, and would "mmrrp" and walk a few steps, turning and looking to make sure I was following him to the kitchen. He was lovably grumpy like only a sweet old kitty can be. The girls at the vet even called him "Cheese Kitty"; when we boarded him while on vacation, he apparently cat-cussed them out each day until he got his cheese!

It was hard to let my best fur friend go, but it was time. The last two weeks of his life, he slowly lost the ability to walk. His last couple of days were spent laying on a towel under the coffee table. But he would still "mmrrpp" slightly whenever I laid down on the floor next to him.

Although I have 9 other cats, there will never be another Oscar. He was very special to all who knew him.

Leisa Heitman

My little friend you brought me so much happiness. How could such a little animal fill me with so much love? I am grateful to you and the time we were able to share.
It hurt me so much to take you to the vet a final time but I understood the outlook and was aware of your pain and to keep you alive for a few more days would have been a selfish act. It just puzzles me how you were so active one night and the next morning so terribly ill.
I already miss coming home after work in the evening to see you step off your wheel and look up at me waiting to be picked up. I love the way you followed me around the apartment like a little dog and came to me when I called. Oso, you were so much fun.
I will remember and love you always.
Nick B.

Ossie, 08/28/94-06/15/03

Ossie was my best friend and companion for almost 9 years! I picked him up from the breeder in Crete, NE when he was 6 weeks old. He was my baby! He was there for me every minute of the day. One of the smartest dogs I've ever seen. Very loving and loyal, he greeted me with wagging tail, at the door when I'd come home from work. When I got married he accepted the fact he must share my attention, then even more so when my daughter was born 5 years later! He accepted this and his heart made room for his "new loves" as well!
It was easy just to take for granted that he was always there because he was. Always a step behind mine! One day I came home from work and Ossie was not at the door as he had been for so long! I noticed this right away and asked my wife where Ossie was. I went to the window and he was laying in the back yard looking around, and when I called to him he looked at me and to my surprise didn't come to me. I instantly turned to my wife and said "Something's wrong with him!"

I strongly believe Ossie and I, our spirits, had a connection! We were getting ready to travel to the Ozarks where Ossie loved to run and swim to visit my father-in-law! The night before Ossie was standing at my bedside and I could see him looking at me in the dark! Because I knew instinctively that something was wrong with him, I put my arm around him and said "Don't go yet Os!" He licked my face and the next day he seemed back to normal. When he discovered we were going on a trip he perked right up!
On June 14th Ossie had a great day he swam in the lake chased sticks, and that night when we were fishing on the boat, he layed right at my feet the whole time. When we got back to the house he went to bed with my wife, which he normally didn't do. He usually stayed with me.
On June 15th, Father's Day morning, Ossie was gone! He went in his sleep very peaceful and on his side like he always layed when he was most comfortable! I held him for awhile until I knew it was time to let him go! I miss him more than I had imagined I would. I think of him every day, and can still hear him every now and then. I still feel him a step behind me!

Now, in the morning when I ask my 2 year old daughter what she dreamt about that night she always says "Ossie, playing with a ball!" So I know he still lives on in her heart as well!

We miss you Ossie! Wait for me at the bridge and I'll come for you some day!
Your loving Family

Ossie, 1996-12/26/02

When I found you as a wet, cold little kitten I thought you'd then be safe forever. Just 6 years later you were found once more but this time there was no happy ending. Where did you go to, my little friend? Did you realise you were so close to being back at home?

I miss you, Mum and Nan miss you terribly. I hope you've found Ben again and are having some amazing playtimes together. I love you, littl'un.

Julianne Bonner

Otis, 2/92-12/11/03

Otis our dear and special friend you brought us so much happiness and love and loyalty in the 12 years you were with us you will sorely missed but never forgotten

Mike and Cheryl Green

Otis, 03/26/01-11/24/03

Otis I love you. You were by best friend and I will miss you forever. Goodbye my Golden Oates.

Melissa Draper

Otis Ronni Christmann, 12/06/99-03/17/02


I love you boy with all of my heart and I miss you more then I can say. I'm sorry I lost you and I hope you forgive me.

With all my love,

Otto, 08/01/94-12/05/03

My poor, sweet puppy.
I hope wherever you are now, you have some kids who love you dearly to play with. How could I not have known? I will always miss you. I am so sorry.

Ann Chapman

Outlaw, 10/06/88-06/21/03

To my best friend you will always be in my thoughts.
Thanks for all of the unconditional love and joy you brought into my life.

Carie Kegerreis

Owen, 11/25/97-02/16/03

Owen was a wonderful boy. One of the most amazing cats we have ever known. It comforts us to know he is with his momma again, but we miss him very much.

Ruth Hallaway

Owl & Skye, 03/05/03 & 03/06/03

Owl, you helped me to move on after the loss of my Bear. Poor innocent Owl whose life was taken from him by our instinctive dog, and Skye, the poor tormented dog who had to be let go for the safety of the children. Skye was gentle and loving but had a hard life before we adopted her. I love you both very much and mourn the fact that you were both victims of this world. I really meant the best for both of you, but I know things will be better where you are now.

Ozzie, 12/10/03

Sleep in peace little Ozzie and know that you will always be with us.
One day we will meet again.
We love you.

Dana, Karen and Marty Sparrow

Ozzie, 01/25/97-08/02/03


You will always be in my heart. I love you.

Terri Bell

Ozzy, 3/1/03

My old man,
I made the decision to let you go, hopefully in peace. I'm sorry I made you wait so long. I hope it didn't hurt for too long. Thanks for the 17 yrs of unconditional, unselfish love you gave me. Thanks for keeping me company at the computer and having Oscar show me in your way that I made the right decision yesterday. We are both going to miss you terribly. There are so many things I wish I would have done differently but that's not changeable now. I hope God gives you all the tuna and cheese that you can hold and lets you sleep on his bed at night. I know Winston met you yesterday and I'm sure he's glad you came to be with him. Now neither one of you are alone. Don't let him play too rough, tell him we will be together in heaven someday. I miss you both and love you!

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