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Year 2003 Tributes

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Jacintha Jay thru Jynx

Jacintha Jay, April 1985 to 1st August 2001

My darling elegant, energetic girl. Passed away sadly aged 16 due to a fractured pelvis and kidney failure. I know you will be in heaven little girl, please take care until we meet again. Please help look after my little boy Oliver. God bless You little Angel, love you more than words can say. love Catherine

Jack, 04/01/89-12/02/03

Jack had more personality and attitude than any cat I've ever known!
He must have gone through 109 lives before his dear heart wore out.
He had a distinctive look - black and white with a black stripe down his nose.
I will miss him very much.
He was my baby.

Eloise Meachum

Jack, 02/14/93-11/14/03

Jack has been the most special part of my life. It times of trouble and stress he has always been there in his quiet way to comfort me and make me feel worthwhile. He was loved by us as though he were a son, and he has been my best friend for 10 years. Going on without him is hard and I miss him more than I can say. I look forward to the day when we will be together again.

Cathy Reed

Jack, 11/22/03

Here's to you, my brave little cat, may you now hunt forever wild and free, thank you for sharing your life with me.


Jack, 03/02/03-11/09/03

Jack will be sadly missed.
He was a wonderful pet, a great friend, and companion.
We love him very much and will never forget him.

The Libby Family

Jack, 2/1/02-10/11/03

Jack you were there every time we looked for were there to comfort us in our time of need. Now we were there to comfort you on your journey to the rainbow bridge...we love you jack and we know you are no longer in pain...we will meet again one day at the rainbow bridge.

Have a wonderful day!!!!

The Bergeron Family

Jack, 10/25/90-08/19/03

You will be missed here by Mom and Dad, but I know Jill welcomed you when she saw you at the Bridge. We will always love you and remember the goodness you brought to our home.

Mom and Dad

Jack, 8/04/03

Jack Sprat was the light of our lives and much too perfect for this earth. He brought us nothing but love and pure joy. We love and miss him more than words could ever express. We especially miss his nose kisses and his beautiful purr. May God keep you safe in His loving arms, Jack.

Momma and Daddy

Jack, 9/1/98-7/7/03

Jack gave us so much joy. He was a champion show dog. We were looking forward to the days where we could give Jack some time to play, and give him a break from the show ring but unfortunately he passed away at four from a rare cancer. We miss him very much

Jack, 06/02/00-07/14/03

I miss you every minute of every day Jack! I cry for you every day and night and think of you often. Sonny and I are grateful that you were a part of our lives, even though it wasn't for a very long time. We hope to see you at the bridge. Lots of hugs and kisses Love mommy and Sonny

Jack, 11/24/99-06/24/03

Jack, I have no words to express how sad and lonely life is without you. I just miss you so deeply and long to see you again someday when God calls me home to you. I feel as though I'll never stop crying. If and when I do I'll never be able to forget your smiling face my little fox, you'll remain in my heart forever.
Until then I will do all that I can to give another Shiba Inu a second or third chance like you to have some fun and be loved, instead of living scared or abandoned or abused.
All my love, your adopted mom, Denise.

Jack, 09/03/95-07/08/03

"Bubba" Jack was my best friend. I had him from 10 weeks old. He had such a short life with many ailments. He loved to bark at the papergirl, chase the squirrels and go for "rides". I miss him so....

Susanne Printy

Jack, 09/04/93-05/07/03

Thank you for gracing my life for ten years. I think I will miss our conversations the most. Goodbye my friend. See you later.

Sarah Applegate

Jack, 01/19/03-05/03/03

Our little Angel,
your bright little, shiny face will be forever missed.
We miss your funny ways,
your ever wagging tail.
Beloved little puppy.
Taken from us so suddenly and tragically.
Wait for us....
Your loving family

Jack, 03/22/03

I miss you so much Jack.


Jack, 03/24/03

13 years I can't believe 13 years has passed since we carried that little pup to the car. Yesterday you were carried a final time to the vet to relieve you forever of the pain and indignity of sickness and age. But you carried yourself like the GIANT you were-rarely even a whimper in spite of the ortho-surgeries. Jacky, my bestest boy, my heart is so heavy. How magnificent you were Oh my smoocher boy, I hope you had the best time here- I'll never forget woodwalks, chewbies, how you luved balloons and hated anyone touching your feet bed flops and most of all: RHINO HEADS and socks all over the yard Please watch over your bros and sis and humans. We miss you. Love not limited by time or space, Denise and Fred

Jack (The Nipper), 09/03-03/06/03

He was a brave little fellow, saved the household from a brown snake, and was not afraid of dogs 5 times his size.
We will miss him very much.

Laurie Wilcox

Jack (Dig), 03/01/03

Jack, |For all the wonderful years of love, smiles, and digging, I could never thank you enough for coming in and conquering my heart. Have fun running again with those who've gone before. I'll see you again, my friend.

J L Mendenhall

Jack, 02/15/85-02/27/03

Jack was always in my heart; now he is all around me.

Clinton and Leslie McCauley

Jack, 1990-01/2003

Jack was the best cat ever and is greatly missed. Jack disappeared into the cold one January day never to be found. He was approximately 13 years old and couldn't possibly have survived the elements unless someone found him which is very slim possibility but unlikely. Jack would lick my face then follow it up with a loving nip of his teeth. He loved to go for walks on the lease with me. I think of him often with much happiness and sadness at the same time. I hope he knows how much I loved him and that he is now fine.

Laura Bussink
for Larry Jones

Jack, 06/07/01-01/07/03

To the love of our lives. Thank you for the best year and a half. You will be in our thoughts and hearts forever.
We love and miss you so much.
Love and Kisses,
Mommy and Daddy

Jack-A-Rooh, 09/20/85-08/06/02

Rooh you were the most loved dog. It has been so hard to do life without my precious little girl. Your spunk for life and your love for play brighten every part of my life. You are so greatly missed!!!! I know in my heart you have to be in heaven. God could not create such a love as I had for you and let it end when your life on this earth ended. I know I will see you there, in Heaven, for a love so special as mine to you and the unconditional love from you to me is a gift from god that will always be!! Just as you will always be in heaven. Where I will see you the moment I enter those pearly gates as God has said he will give us the desires of our hearts and the lord knows to see you again in heaven is one of my deepest desires. I will forever love you my dear Rooh---love your mommy Rodi

Jackie, 11/01/89-6/27/03

God Blessed me greatly when made me your best friend. I am honored to have spent so much time with You, Jackie. I am a better person for having known you for almost 15 years and sharing my life with you. Pure, sweet unconditional love never dies and I will see you at the Bridge with open arms and a loving heart. Good bye my sweet, smart, compassionate and funny friend. I know you are with me still, but my heart is broken and I miss you so very, very much...

Jackie, 1/2?/94-01/06/03

I love you Jackie


Jackie Bird, 08/10/87-05/26/96

To our wonderful Jackie Bird who was a beautiful friend. He brightened many days with his cheery attitude.

Jody Rhoades

Jackie Horvath, 03/30/02-01/02/03

During June 2002, I was working as an HR Manager at a steel processing plant when I learned there was a kitten who had been living in our plant, in a welding booth. An employee had been bringing her food and providing shelter for her, but this obviously was not the best environment for a kitten.

I learned about her on the exact one year anniversary of the day I had to put a beloved cat (Peanut) to sleep after a long struggle with Feline Leukemia, two days before my wedding day.

I volunteered to bring the kitten home, feeling it was fate that she was brought to us.

A week before Christmas, she began to have digestive issues. I finally took her to a vet on New Year's Eve to discover a severe hernia - her intestines were wrapped around her heart and lungs, causing trouble breathing and heart failure.

No one is sure if this was congenital or if she may have suffered some sort of severe trauma while in the factory. All we know is that is she was a sweet, precious girl who brought us and our surviving cat, Buster, a lot of warmth and comfort. We made the decision to ease her pain and send her to the bridge to keep Peanut and all our past pets company while they wait.

Jacksey, 08/04/95-03/16/03

What a special gift from God. You came into our lives and captured our hearts. You always made us smile and laugh.
It is true you never know true love until you have opened your heart to an animal. We love you and miss you sooooo much. I know we will meet again. Love Dad

Jacksey, thank you for getting me through the death of my father. Thank you for encouraging me go for walks. Thank you for the comfort you brought us all. I love you, I ache for the time when we are together again. I can't wait to kiss your sweet neck, and scratch your ears. I hope your with my dad, you will capture his heart too. Thank you my baby, Love Mom xoxoxoxoxoxxo

Jackson, 12/22/03

To my best friend, my travel companion and my little camping buddy - You are a one of a kind a very special friend. I love you and miss you

Marla Rege

Jackson, 11/21/03

Jackson, I miss you so much. I so wanted to bring you home from the hospital and nurse you back to health. But God wanted you to come home. I'm so sorry I wasn't there with you when you crossed the Rainbow Bridge, but please know I will always love you and miss you terribly. You brought so much joy to my life, I hope I brought even half as much to yours. I love you and will see you again some day.

Jackson (Action Jackson ), 10/21/03

Jackie died today after a brief but valiant battle against lymphoma. He had 2 weeks of chemo to no avail, but we are glad we tried. He died suddenly at home in the middle of a hug from his Daddy, Bill, just as Dad told him how much we loved him.

A good, smart, funny dog - our big boy. We'll miss his "talking", his mischievous nature, his running around the yard so fast he turned to a blur and his big heart full of love.

He joins Heather, Bandit, Bear & Lady who crossed the bridge before him. He leaves a confused Petey the pup and the old girl, big sister Rosey. Be Good, Sweet Boy and Run Fast again for Mom & Dad!

Jackson, 10/01/97-10/07/99

We miss and love you!

Rob and Kellie Kolb

Jackson, 03/26/96-11/19/02

Jack, I miss you. You were my best friend, I will never find another like you, my brave protector and always my comedian, I'm sorry Boo, I always think of you.

Jessica Iyall

Jackson, 02/14/87-11/95

Dearest Jackson, my first "very own" dog: I miss you too, today and always. I hope you and Remy can find each other under the Rainbow and be great pals (I hope you already have-- maybe you were the first to meet him!). He got on very well with Katia and Juno, the Akitas I have now. He will probably want a "free ride" on your back, but don't be afraid -- he won't bite you while he's there. (He will, however, be VERY interested in your TOES, so watch him around those beautiful paws of yours!) All my love to you, my sweet baby boy. Don't forget to hook-up with Remy and meet me under the Rainbow. Love, Mommy

Jackson Croft, 05/03/98-04/14/03

Jackson lived a very special life up until the very day he died suddenly of liver disease that no one knew he had. He lived a very joyful life and touched everyone who met him. He will be missed terribly, and never be forgotten.

We love you JJ.

Jacob, 05/02/85-08/08/03

He was my faithful companion--he was with me from 6 weeks he was there for me whenever I needed a hug or a laugh

Glenna Hutto

Jacob Horatio, 11/01/97-11/15/02

To my darling little squirell, my little buddy. Rest in peace my darling Jacob.


Mummy & Daddy.


Jacques, 06/30/93-03/29/03

He was a very gentle spirit and good friend to me and to his new friend Boone.

Sylvia Rynerson

Jade, 04/21/98-12/28/03

Good ol' Ick. Always there, always.. wanting food... She was our foundation bitch. Now, we own 4 Staffies and have had 4 litters.
She had her little trick.. her own individual characteristic that made her unique... The image of a 120 litre barrel rolling around a 20 acre paddock with her behind it was hysterical...
She'll always remain in our hearts...
Goodbye Icky!

The Flentjars

Jade, 07/26/94-03/31/03

My baby, Jade, made his journey to the rainbow bridge yesterday following a month long battle with cancer. To Jade: Jade, I want to thank you for the 8 years of joy and love that you have given me, you will never leave my heart! You were always there with your sweet beautiful face and those big brown eyes, giving your comforting love. You are everything to me and I love you so much! Thank you for blessing us with your presence! love you always, your mom," grandma" Rose, "Grandpa" Joe, April, Ropa, Victor, Kelley, and Alaska :*(

Jade, 03/01/93-08/19/95


Her eyes were lined like blackest night
Her wings were red when spread for flight.

She loved to play with her little toys
That made such lovely birdy noise.

She cooed so gently in my ear
And told me "I love you" as I held her near.

Her feathers, the rich color of jade
Didn't have time to even fade

God took her while she was young
Before all her birdie songs were sung.

But still, I miss her everyday
Even though she's sailed away.

Over the rainbow and into God's love
She sings with God's chorus of birdies above.


Jadi Crain, 4/29/88-8/08/03

Dear Jadi,

We saw each other grow up. I was 13 when I first held you as a pup we looked into each others eyes for the first time. and six days shy of my 30th birthday you left this world and we stared in each others eyes and me holding you in my arms the very last time until your very last breath. Thank you Jadi for the wonderful 16 years we had together I would not change it for the whole world I truly believe that you were sent here to be my guardian angel. Until we meet again old girl. when my time on earth is done I will be looking for you at the rainbow bridge so we can cross together and never to be separated again.
I love you Jadi.

Love always and forever,

Jagger, 03/18/02-02/22/03

Jagger had to be put down today because he had drank antifreeze. We still have his brother Laz but, he is just so lost without his brother. And I'm lost without my baby. I love you Jag.

Kalen Clark

Jaguar Cascade of Helms, 04/02/92-01/09/03

In Loving Memory Of


Who died in her sleep unexpectedly, quietly and peacefully on January 9, 2003.

Jag will be sadly missed by her family, Michael, Sara, Branden, Alexis and Tyler Helms, and her closest companion, Romulus. She was the first addition to the family of Michael and Sara Helms in 1992.

We wish her love and peace.

Jaime Valencia, 03/21/87-02/10/03

In memory of Jaime Valencia
March 21, 1987 - February 10, 2003
My Little Girl. I will always love you.
My world stopped on February 10, 2003 - it will never be the same without you, my little love.
I love you.

Jairo, 02/05/02-03/25/03

Jairo, my beloved, you were so sweet, so tender, you left in my life sadness and the hope to see you again!!

Amalia Ortiz

Jake (Jakie), 12/22/03

Our jakie was the best boy. loved by all who met him. and happiest when he was with his family. we will hold him in our hearts forever.

Debby Johnson

Jake, 12/25/01

Loved and never forgotten. Hope to see you again.

R. Penny

Jake, 12/21/03

Jake blessed our lives for only 20 short months.
But had it not been for the wonderful Jakie.... there wouldn't have been Gina, Mickey, Dexter, Lola, Kilty and Maggie.
He was the best of the best.
He died from complications to a liver shunt revision.
He is gone, but he will NEVER be forgotten

John & Piper Bodkin

Jake, 11/24/91-12/08/03

We love you Jake.
Mom, Dad, Ricky and Shelby

Rick, Kim, Ricky and Shelby

Jake, 12/03/03

Jake was a rescue pig. He had been abandoned as a baby in San Diego's Balboa Park and was lucky enough to be brought to the Wee Companions guinea pig rescue. He was snuggly pig who gave gentle kisses. He will be very missed.

Gaby Turek

Jake, 11/13/03

To the best dog in the world. I love you more than I can ever say. It took everything to let you go. I can see you running again with Clancy, the aches and pains gone for both of you. Everyone who knew you is crying for you. My dearest friend, I miss you.


Jake, 01/20/03

He was in pain at the end and now I am the one in pain. I feel the pain of losing him every day. I miss him so much, but he had cancer and would have died slowly over the course of many days. I did not want him to suffer any more than he had, so I had him put to sleep.


Jake, 01/08/89-11/11/03

My darling Jake, you have given me 12 and a half years of unconditional love since the day I met you at the pound and brought you home with me. I wish you peace, happiness and much, much love always in your new heavenly home until we next meet.

All my love always,


Jake, 11/03/03

Jakey was more than a cat..he was one of my best friends.
He was ALWAYS there.
Always loving...always warm.
He always wanted to be with me...even in the hot sun or the bathtub.
Silly guy!! I love ya and miss ya bud. You're the best.

Debbie Dorsey

Jake, 10/21/03

I can't believe I had to let you go you were so young and life didn't start out to good for you, But I hope the time we had together gave you some comfort. And let you know there is good out there. I love and miss you so much. But you are not suffering now. And I'll see you again someday! I love you Mommy

Jake, 07/12/92-10/13/03

My beloved and trusted companion, My Friend, My shadow.
Jake I will never forget the wonderful memories that we made together. If ever I needed you, you were always there with a kiss and a snuggle.
Forever in our Hearts............
Love, Mom and the Boys

Jake, 12/17/01

This is for my best friend JAKE, who passed away 12/17/01. He was the light of my life and now his memory will warm my heart for the rest of mine. GOD BLESS MY BOY!

Terry Castleman

Jake, 03/04/95-10/23/03

To My Little Man, Mommy misses you so much I hope you didn't think I ever left you, Daddy needed you with him. You will be on my mind and in my heart every day until I get to be with you again. Please watch over your daddy his heart is empty without you.

Thomas Masi & Theresa Rienzo

Jake, 09/01/93-10/14/03

Jake, I was never a dog person until I met you. In your 10 years on earth, you destroyed the childhood fear of dogs I'd always had. You showed me what loyalty is. You taught me that dignity and poise are not exclusively human traits. I love you, and will always love you. You were exceptional by any standards, and I'll never, ever forget you. You've gone on to a better place, and I can just see you there, acting silly and brightening everything up. That's what you did best. It was just YOU. Goodbye, good friend. See ya later.

Rita Dalton

Jake, 02/24/94-10/16/03

To the coolest, smartest, most loving dog...we miss you Jake. The beach will never be the same.

Betty Young

Jake, 03/21/92-08/29/03

Airedale Terrier Number 1

Karla Richardson

Jake, 12/17/88-03/08/02

Dear Jake: I bet you are having fun now with all the dogs that you have met. I miss you very much. When I go to your house it feels empty. I bet you are having fun chasing cars now. I have a stuffed animal whose name is Jake and I sleep with him every night. Whenever I get sad I hold Jake and he reminds me of you. I love you and miss you very much. Love, Hayley

Jake, 04/30/90-06/30/03

Dear Jake,
You were the champion of dogs. You were the best companion anyone could have. I will always remember how playful you were and how you would sit next to me and then lean into me. I loved putting my arms around your big neck and pulling you close. I wish you were here so I could brush you and rub you and "make you beautiful". You always loved that. I miss you more than anything.

Love, Terese

Jake, 01/18/96-06/28/03

To Jake, our sweet little puppa, we love you and miss you. You will be in our hearts forever. You were truely man's best friend.

John, Linda & Johnny

Jake, 02/91-06/05/03

Just missing you so, Jake. Mommy and Daddy love you so much, and we'll see you one day on the Bridge.

Randy & Stephanie

Jake, 02/05/03

Jake was one of the great loves of my life. I thought I had more years with him than I did and my life will never be the same without him. I miss his doggy kisses and how he would roll over to get a belly rub, I miss him greeting me after a hard days work and I miss him getting me up early in the morning for his walk. What I would do to see him one last time and let him know how much he meant to me.

Kathleen Neubauer

Jake, 05/17/90-06/01/03

Jake was the best dog ever, He was gotten from the SPCA at 8 months old, we had an instant connection. I was the only person he would come to for at least a year after we got him, he stayed inside, and was housebroken in a matter of 2 weeks. He slept beside my bed every night. By the age of 3, he took a liking to the outside, and decided to stay outside. He got hit by a car, disappeared found him beside the steps a few weeks later, couldn't even pick up his head. I hand fed him, and slept beside him for the next week until he was able to do stuff on his own. It took him a few weeks, but he made a full recovery with the exception of his front paw, he lost all nerves, so he didn't have use of it anymore. Over the next 10 years, he was still the best companion you could ask for. He was always my best friend. The last few weeks of his life he suffered greatly, and had to be put to sleep. I hope it is true that when a dog dies, he is restored to his normal health, and that he is in a much happier place, and waiting on me. He will be greatly missed, and never forgotten.

Christina Spigner

Jake, 12/28/91-05/05/03

My angel left earth too early.

Pat Sumpter

Jake, 04/26/03

Our sweet and gentle giant... we will miss you terribly.

Doris & Ree

Jake, 04/09/95-04/27/03

You may not be here, but one sweet day, I know I'll see you again and we will never be apart. Any dog we get will never replace you :) You were my best friend. I needed you more than anything, you knew and still know most of my secrets. I will think of the good times we had and laugh. I don't know what else to say, I wish you could read this or show me some how your okay. You became sick so fast I didn't know I would lose you so fast. I wish there was something I could of done that would of help you. I guess this for the best and Mom and Dad did what they thought was right, I just wish I could of said good-bye one last time. I hope you will be better there and wait for me over the Rainbow Bridge so that one day we'll be together again. I have your leash still, if you come looking for it. I wanted you to have the collar, I know how much you hated to be without it. Good-bye my friend.

Lot's of Love,


Jake, 03/01/95-04/18/03

Jake was the best friend and constant companion that I could have ever asked for. His courage during the last few months of his life was truly an inspiration. I know he didn't want to leave, but he's in a better place now, where he is no longer suffering. Everyone who met him loved him, and I will love him forever.

Heather Kratz

Jake, 03/31/03

Our sweet boy has left us. Through tears and smiles of many, many fond memories of our baby, Jake you were such a bright ray of light in our lives since the day you wound up at our house. We adopted you as a stray over 10 years ago, or should I say you chose us. You circled the block for 2 days and kept winding up at our house. You were in dire need of a bath and a lot of TLC. We gave each other many more good and happy years. Daddy and I lost you to thyroid cancer. Were suffering the guilt over being selfish and keeping you with us until the bitter end, or doing what we did and let you go to end your suffering. Maybe in the end it was the best because now you can run and hear again you don't have to be carried up the stairs or take all that yucky medicine anymore. ( even though you never fussed about any of it ) Putting you down was one of the hardest things Daddy and I have ever had to do. Daddy brought you to the vet today and stayed with you so that you wouldn't be scared. It was over before the syringe was emptied. Daddy told you that you are with God now and closed your eyes. Sweetie, I'm sorry that I couldn't be with you, but it hurt me too much to watch. I am sorry for being a coward, Please forgive me. I'm having a hard time writing this through my tears. Hopefully, it will help ease the heartache a little. Daddy and I miss you more than word could possibly say. Angel is lost without you, she misses her big brother and protector. Simba, Lexie, Little bit, Kato and Cypress keep looking around for you. ( your fellow furbabies ) Jake, you are gone but will NEVER BE FORGOTTEN. Until we meet again we miss you and Love you!!! Love Your Mama and Daddy Josie and Frank P.S. Jake, we will be lighting a candle in remembrance of you EVERY Monday.

Jake, 05/09/88-11/10/02

Jake, best friend went to be with god died of renal failure. Miss you Jake

Dennis Brady

Jake, 01/22/94-03/17/03

To our faithful loving companion. You may now be free to run and play until we meet again.


Jake, 06/06/99-03/18/03

Jake came into our lives on 6/6/99 through Westie Rescue. He was approximately 9 years old. He had severe allergies, hardly any fur left, and his previous owners had neglected him, wanted him put down - thank goodness his vet refused. He was a wonderful, loving dog, who was very expressive. He taught us many things, including to slow down on walks and enjoy everything. He loved walking on the beach, playing with his toy alligator and being petted. We have many, many wonderful memories and, even though he was with us for just 3.5 years, it seems like forever.

We weren't expecting this to happen even though he was 12 years old. It was sudden and over faster than we knew what hit us. He got sick on Sunday and was gone by lunchtime Tuesday.

We will miss him and will never forget him.

Tracie & Robert Dugdell

Jake, 11/08/85-02/03/03

The most loving, loyal friend ever, with personality to spare.

Ann Shahan

Jake, 11/05/92-01/16/03

Jake, You were my buddy, my companion, my protector, my friend, and my heart, and I miss you so very much, but one day soon, we'll be together again, forever.


Jake, 12/12/92-01/29/03

Jake, we miss you more than words can express. Our hearts are broken with your passing. We know that you are in a better place and that we will see you again one day. Please know that we love you. You were more than a pet to us. You were our friend.

Mom & Dad

Jake, 12/14/02

Jake was a great cat...he came into my life as a rescue and we had 12 great years together. I know you are now waiting with Beau and we will be together again. Enjoy your rest my friend.


Jake Almeda, 08/22/96-06/28/03

Jake will be our baby forever. He will never be forgotten

Jake Dukkie Huxter, 07/16/01

Jake you were our first and best baby we still refer to him as the King, Jake died at home in my arms it still makes my heart break to know that you are gone. Remember my Jackie! you are gone but not ever forgotten we will meet again someday.

"Go gently into the night our beloved Jake"

Missing you for now and forever

Mama, Daddy Jessica and our Jedd Jedd

Jake Flash Skelley, 5/27/01-9/19/03

He was the best dog that anyone could ever have. We miss you, Buddy.

Jake Hunter, 01/08/89-11/11/03

Tribute to Jake Hunter (deceased 11/11/03) - my best friend and loyal boy

I just don't know what to do with myself
I don't know what to do with myself
I'm so used to planning everything for two
doing everything with you
and now that you're gone
I just don't know what to do

I just don't know what to do with myself
I don't know what to do with myself
Going for walks now only makes me sad
Dog Shows make me feel as bad
cause I'm not with you
I just don't know what to do

Like a summer rose
needs the sun and rain
I need your sweet love
to heal all the pain.

I don't know what to do with myself
just don't know what to do with myself
I'm so used to planning everything for two
doing everything with you
and now that you're gone
I just don't know what to do

I will always remember and love you Jakey.



Jake Jordan Grice, 12/25/91-06/11/03

Dear Jake, I still miss you so much. Thank you for all the love you gave me. Thank you for staying to meet Lilly Kate. She is growing so fast. I light your candle when I miss you especially bad. I miss the way you were always right beside me, but you will always be in my heart. Laura

Jake Rumbaugh, 9/91-9/8/03

Jake, what an Angel you are! If only God had let you stay longer. You have given us more than we could ever imagine. We will never forget all the happiness you gave us. You will always be our baby! We will love you forever.

Jake, you took over our house, our yard and our hearts and held tight . We hope you can hear our thoughts, because we think about you and talk to you every day. We hope you are free to run and play again. We hope you are happy. You tried so hard to get better for us- and we love you so much for trying. Please know that you were pure joy in our lives- and now our house is so sad and quiet without you.

You were the kindest, most gentle dog. Everyone who met you loved you. Your huge size startled most, but you compensated with your big gentle heart. I miss your head lying on my shoulder and your sigh of content that would follow when you found just the right spot. Oh how we will miss you. We love you so much. We wish terribly that you hadn't left us so soon. Your dad and I wish you love, peace and joy.

Jake, dad misses you more than he can even say. He just seems so lost in the morning and on the nights I go to school without you. Please give us the strength and courage we will need to get through this…. We will see you again my angel when the time is right honey. God how we miss you....The most loyal, lovable dog. May you finally be free from your sadness and pain….and know that we are at a loss without you, for there will never ever be another like you. We will continue to thank God for his gift when we he blessed us to have you in our lives. Jake you will never be forgotten, but so sadly missed!

So remember, wait for us at the Rainbow Bridge, because we will be there someday, someday we'll all be together again, for all eternity….


~Mom and Dad~

Jake Trino, 12/24/91-5/28/03

My little Jake... I miss you so much. You were my special gift sent from Heaven. Thank you for always loving me everyday of your life. You were my angel on earth and now you're my angel above. I know you are in a beautiful place and I am looking forward to meeting you there someday. I love and miss you and Banks very much. You have touched the lives of so many people. Thank you for fighting for the five extra days we spent together. I will cherish every moment we had until I see you again. I love you Jakey Wakey Snakey! Momma

Jakey, 3/30/91-2/15/00

We miss you very much but know that Daddy needed a part of us with him so you were sent. We love you very much and there will never be another boy like you. Watch over Daddy and Poppi and give them kisses from mommy and me.

Your sister-

Jakey, 07/21/98

My dear Jakey, Although you have been gone for 3 1/2 years now, my pain of your loss is still with me. I dreamed about you last night, although we both know it wasn't a dream, was it, my love? I love it when you visit me. My beautiful, bluish-gray boy, a handsome and well-mannered gentleman... well-mannered except when it came to chicken, that is! We knew you couldn't resist it! There are two things I only understood after you passed. One was that you had taught me a lesson about grieving and death. Although grief hurts and we tend to want to rush it, we must go through it slowly and feel the pain. I will remember that next time. Thank you, my love. Second, when Mama was in pain lying on the floor all those years ago, I had stupidly not realized why you were walking on my body. I pushed you away, "Why choose this time to be friendly? What are you doing, Jakey?" I said. It was not in your nature to be that forwardly friendly. Now, years later, it came to me that you were desperately trying to help me the only way you knew how. I will never underestimate the true love, pure heart and helpful nature of an animal again. Thank you for your lessons, my love. Thank you for being my handsome and beautiful 1st cat! The one who went through the pain of young adulthood with me. I am sorry for the times I was not there for you, in my selfishness. I know you forgive me for you have an expansive, loving heart. I can't wait to see you on the Bridge!!! Mama's dear boy. I love you, always. Karen

Jamaica, 05/27/86-08/29/03

I had you long ago
Come into my life.
We loved.
You more of me, I think so.
Today I tried to be brave
by sending you on, without pain,
to be with my Dad
In Heaven
Now he has my companion.
I will miss you both now more then ever.

Love, JB

James, 11/14/03

James, you were very much loved, and it is not only I who am missing you, but also your dog and duck friends, Stretch and Tommy. Tommy sits under your hutch and stares up hoping to see you there. Stretch laid down beside your hutch, and he hasn't moved in hours.

I did all that I could to help you, and I know that the vet tried his hardest. You were one of the most handsome rabbits I have ever had. It has only been a few hours since you passed, but I miss you so much.


James, 2000

He was loved.

Friends of Pres and Judy

James (Charly) Thompson

In memory of our beloved "other" son - Charleton James (Charly) Thompson. We love & miss you so. Please do not be afraid - we will all be with you soon. Play with "Itchy" and it's okay for Grandpa Frankie to love you up until we can all be together again. Daddy made you the most perfect resting place. You chose your bed - my daylilies. You have all your favorite toyz, snacks, pillow, & blankie with you. We snipped some of your fur so that when we die we will have a part of you buried with us. We hope we gave you as much joy as you unconditionally gave us for all these past. When you died peacefully in your sleep, a huge part of us died with you. Please have comfort in knowing we will keep talking to you & tending to you. No one will ever take your place my precious one. You are our king, our hero, our "other" son. Keep turning the sprinklers on for your fresh drinks & keep knocking on our doors. We may not be able to see one another, but we know you are here with us. You will live on in our hearts. Please find us Charly when it is our time to come home too. There are not enough words in the universe to express how much we love you. Hold on "handsome", "bud", "baby", "son".............we will all be together again and then we will be whole again.

Fran Thompson

James Joyce, 11/20/92-9/4/03

Our dearest James -- we have loved you for your whole life and will always love you. We are heartbroken that you have had to suffer so and we hope and pray that you are happy and at peace where you are...we miss your meows, purrs and cuddles.

We are giving you a "group hug" now...

You are our special and beautiful baby forever...

We love you, our best friend, our child, the one who made our family whole...

Love mommy and daddy

Jamie, 12/26/85

To my companion, you were my seven year old birthday present, loving , caring, devoted, and dedicated canine compadre, Rest in Peace Jamie, Love You.


Jamie, 02/01/86-11/28/03

You are with your Jesse' now, Be well little girl, Al and I miss you both so much!!! God Speed You to Earth~~LdyGothic, Barb & Al Zeszut
Jesse' 12/31/80-07/15/94~~~~~Jamie 02/01/86-11/28/03
they were best friends.........

Barbara Schmidt-Zeszut

Jamie, 04/07/03

Jamie you were a very special boy. We gave you the best life a doggie could wish for after your sad start in life. We knew you wouldn't be with us for long due to all the ill treatment you suffered as a puppy, but we cherish the memory of all the happy times we spent together. You've left a big dog-shaped hole in our hearts. I hope you've met our other furry friends who passed on - Clint, Ploppy, Sabi, Nip, Jutie, Sammy, Prince, Bambi, and all the rabbits and guinea pigs. All our love, mum and dad xxxxxx

Jamie Lee, 8/24/91-11/19/02

Jamie Lee "My Girl-Princess" was so VERY special to us. We miss her beyond words. She LOVED to play & was always carrying multiple toys. She would remind me every night to take her for a walk. She did not forget anything. There will never be another dog like her again. She was truely one of a kind. I really hope the rainbow bridge is true so we can all met again. We love you Jamers...Mom, Dad and Boomer

Jamie Lyn, 2/21/90-08/08/03
Devin Bailey, 2/6/91-08/08/03
Bacardi Louise, 9/13/95-08/08/03

Together from here to eternity......Forever in my heart and were my babies my kids...and I always will miss your kisses and hugs!
Jamie ......rooo rooooo
Devin......I hope you have the best pillow in heaven
Bacardi.....the little princess
I Love you.........

Kim Dawson

Janis 7/4/93-3/8/03 and Raven, 9/02-2/6/03

Janis and Raven were my beloved babies that recently crossed the Rainbow Bridge, within a month of each other. Janis was over 9 years old and was solid black. She was the most hilarious cat in the world, and the most vocal. She would tell you EVERYTHING that was on her mind. The funniest thing that she would do is play with her catnip. I would put it in a bowl and she would start digging into it like a dog, and then just dart off upstairs like something from the Looney Tunes. She was my baby and my heart and soul, and I will miss her. Raven was a little tan and white tabby that I adopted last November. He was rambunctious and loved to follow Janis around. Their relationship was that of an older sister/younger brother. She would play with him, but if he got out of line she would smack him and pounce on him....just to put him in his place. Soon after that you would find them cuddled up together on my bed. Raven was only 18 weeks old and was a little angel. Both of my babies were murdered by someone who I thought I trusted, and unfortunately I didn't find this out until after Janis died. This person is no longer in my life and although I cannot prove that he did it I know he is responsible. He is a very, VERY sick scum and I can find some solace in knowing that he will rot in hell for what he did to my cats. They had no reason to die and this person's intentions were nothing short of demented.
I know Janis and Raven are comfortable now, and that in itself is comforting.
Janis and Raven.........see you at the Bridge. I love you and miss you so much.

-Tina Nelson

Jasmin, 10/02/00-10/11/03

My darling sweet Jasmin, your life was so short but you gave so much pleasure in that short time, you will live on forever through your son and 3 daughters. Thank You so very much for being my best friend, ever in our thoughts my sweet girl.................


Jasmin, 10/04/84-15/04/98

Jasmin was a beautiful loving and loyal friend and companion whom I will never forget. Rest in peace little one.


Jasmin, Spring of 98 to 12/31/02

Our spirits will always be together, that no one can ever take from us. I know she would be kissing me to death if she were here. Our love will always be the most special love I have ever known unconditional as Christ loves us. I thank God for knowing that kind of love here on earth. I pray to have our grief lifted. She will always be my Angel-Doggie. She will always be missed. I love you. Mammazita (another name for her)

Jasmine (Jazzy Belle), 09/22/03

Still very sadly missed, but never forgotten!

Jenny Gamble

Jasmine, 09/22/03

I just want to say that I miss you Jasmine and ever since you are gone my life has collapsed. I want to fall asleep with you.
If there was anything I could do to bring you back I would give up everything I have with me just to see you one more time. You are my little girl, the most perfect daughter I had and I miss your true loyal unconditional love and support.
Rest in peace my sweety pie.

Ivette Yost

Jasmine, 11/28/03

In memory of my precious companion, Jasmine, who blessed my life so much for the last 13 years, I love you, Jasmine.
I will carry you in my heart forever.
Love, Mom

Jasmine, 04/08/93-10/07/03

Jasmine loved to dig in the backyard everynight. I would have to wipe her nose every morning like a little kid that had food on their face. I miss calling her in in the morning and wiping her nose and feeding her her morning ice cubes. She would follow me to the freezer every morning while filling up my glass with ice and diet coke. Even though Arizona is hotter than blue blazes during the summer we would find her out in the sun every afternoon sunning herself. And in years past in her baby pool. I hope she knows we let her go with love in our hearts and a sadness that is overwhelming.

As I sit here near the back door I wait in anticipation for her to let me know she wants in house by nudging the door with her dirty nose.

Liz Bonnice

Jasmine, 4/16/90-7/10/01

My dearest beloved Jasmine,
I can't believe that it has been over two years since you crossed the Rainbow Bridge. Not a day passes that I don't think of you and miss you terribly. You were so very loved here and I thank you for all that you so selflessly gave me without ever expecting anything in return. When you became so ill, I thought we could cure it and you would have many long years left with me. Allowing you to be euthanized was the single most difficult decision of my life. Even now I still wish that it had turned out differently. Jorree was lost without you and mourned you terribly. He got better when Jaselle joined the family. Life is just not the same without you. I am honoring your memory with a Pet Loss Support group Jasmine's Friends. I hope that you know as you look down from heaven that you were loved, adored, and treasured. I love you and miss you every day.

Jasmine, 06/2002-05/08/03

From the second Scott saw you he knew you were the one,
The one to take home and play with, the one to share our love.
We brought you home with a sister, Abby was her name,
You were both so cute and tiny, though you hardly looked the same.
You were so fast and playful, springing from here to there,
Leaping up the stairs in one small bound was not an undoable dare.
We were always amazed how you stayed so tiny as Abby expanded in width,
Our little "bunny" we called you; curled up like a rabbit you did sit.
Abby grew bigger and ornerier at once and earned the nickname "skunk,"
We began to worry as she played too rough, wrestling you to the floor like a punk.
We took you to the vet to see what was wrong when you acted like you were in pain,
He gave you some meds and to grandma's you went; you seemed so happy and not the same.
You were a happy kitty wanting love and affection once more,
We thought Abby was the reason you always tried to escape out the door.
We discovered we were wrong when you went back to your ways of hiding in a corner looking sad,
Another vet said, "nothing is wrong," making grandma and I quite mad.
It was shown he was wrong, as you only got worse; you quit eating and couldn't even stand,
We were all worried so much about our little kitty; we said we'd do whatever we can.
On the sad morning of May the 8th we had to make a hard decision that would hurt me,
We all love you so much, but we had to let go to free you from the pain of your physical body.
As I pet your little head and looked into your gentle eyes as you softly drifted away,
I knew in my heart you were much better off; as a happy, healthy kitty in heaven you now play.
Now as you look down on us smiling and purring there is one thing we want you to know,
We all love you so dearly, you were such a "good kitty" and we are so sad you had to go.


Jasmine, 01/06/96-05/04/03

Always in our hearts and never forgotten.


Jasmine, 05/25/91-02/24/03

.We see you everywhere. Daddys here watching over you, always and forever. If tears could build a stairway, and memories a lane.............Id walk my way up to heaven and bring you home again. We miss you with all our hearts Jasmine, you were a brave, beautiful princess. We Love You Jasmine, your Mommy, Daddy and Jordan.

Jasmine, 09/02/96-02/03/03

09/02/96 - 02/03/03 Sugarbear's Jasmine
Our dearest Jasmine, we miss you terribly. I'm sad that we couldn't beat the cancer. We did everything we could. I hope you understand and I hope you are running thru the woods. You were my dream come true. You were my baby from the day I met you. You always listened, obeyed, stayed home when we couldn't take you somewhere. You let Elizabeth crawl all over you, even when you were sick. I miss you so much it hurts. I will always remember you, the way you looked at me with that crooked head, the way you panted after playing ball. I will never forget your beautiful black and tan coat. It would shine so pretty after a good bath, it was thick and very warm. Remember camping at Idlywild? It was so cold and you and Baron kept us warm all night long. That wouldn't be the last time. You always took such good care of us, regardless of how you felt. I will miss you forever. I hope to someday see you again. Please keep Smokey, Tiffany, Bo, Samantha, Missy and Lady company. I love you more that you will ever know.

Michelle, Eric and Elizabeth

Jasmine, 02/02/93-01/16/03

Jasmine was such a sweet, loving friend and family member. We will never forget her.

Susan Peters

Jasmine (Jazz), 03/07/86-01/02/03

Jasmine, your Daddy misses you so very, very much. The tears are streaming from my eyes as I write this. No one on earth knew me better than you. We were together slightly over 6000 days. I raised you and your brother from kittens. Jazz, you made me realize with your loss that you let me believe that I took care of you, when in fact you really took care of me all these years. You were such a good little "lady girl". In my mind's eye I can still see you looking up at me, I can feel the weight of your delicate little body over my chest as you licked my nose to wake me each morning. I can still hear your soft voice talking to me, telling me about your day or what you wanted to do. I can still feel your soft, soft fur as I stroke you in my mind's eye like I did the 10's of thousands of times I did in life. I miss rubbing your tummy as you lay beside me while I cuddled you close to me. I can still smell your fragrance atop your head, that always seemed to be there to make me calm. I can still see that tuft of fur - like a spike - that rose from your head, that somehow made a declaration that you were a kid of the 80's. I can still see you reach for me with your paw to attract my attention. Everything about you gave me a true meaning of life. Baby....I love you and always will. You're with your brother now and I'm sure he's so happy to be with you again. both thought me more about what really is important in one's life. Someone once said, "It doesn't matter where you find true love, just so long as you find it." are my true love. I loved you even before you were born, because all of the qualities I wished for in had. You let me experience...true love. Just thinking about you made me feel so good - wherever I was or whatever I was doing. The thought of you warmed my soul. Jazz....Heaven now has you as it's Angel and I ask - of you to be my Guardian Angel together with your brother ...TC. If you I would love to be with you and your brother again. To do all the living we all did together - once more.

There's a song by Leslie Anne Rymes...How can I live without you....that expresses the feelings I'm going through. sexy lady girl...Dear feel my love hold you till time stops. I will never stop thinking about you. Till we are together again.

I love you very, very much (kiss) Daddy

Jasper, 12/19/93-12/07/03

It's been a pretty awful day. My eyes are swollen from crying and my nose is red from blowing. I hope I can pull myself together for this coming week. We all seem to be taking turns being hysterical. I have periods of calm, and then I have to get on the phone to tell someone else the news, and it starts again. Or, I just start remembering something and this wave of sadness and grief consumes me; I am powerless against it.

The way I work through my feelings is to write about them. Following are a few of the things I will cherish, things I don't ever want to forget.

Oh my God, a thousand memories, flooding my mind's vision. Everywhere I look in this house, I am reminded of him.

My bed- the way I'd find him lying on his back against the pillows when I'd come home in the middle of the day. And how, after his last biscuit of the night, he'd come up onto the bed, and allow me to position him any way I wanted, sometimes dragging him this way or that, to give us more room. And then I'd stick my feet beneath him and curl my body next to him, luxuriating in his warmth.

When I'd come into bed after Ken had been asleep, quite late, and the room was very dark, there was always the tail, flopping madly against the bed to greet me.

The doorbell just rang, and there was no barking following it, as there has been for almost 10 years. How will I get used to this awful silence?

The couch in my office - he would lie there while I worked, with his head propped up on one of the small end pillows. I have many pictures of him like this. They look posed.

Any furniture in the house, couches, chairs - for some reason, he got into the habit of resting his chin on the cushions when he wanted to go up, looking at us for approval. So, we'd tell him, OK, and he'd hop up.

We trained him to respond to the command, "Out of the kitchen!" when he was being pesky during meals. So he'd back out, just jutting into the kitchen only with his head and front paws still in the room. Then the symphony would begin; the whining, moaning, almost singing. After a while we'd usually invited him back in and gave him a morsel or two.

He was just so unnaturally obedient. He was not really a natural creature, but one of human engineering, judging by his lack of certain instincts (hunting, stalking, killing). He literally *lived* to please us. I could spend all afternoon outside in my unfenced front yard gardening, and he planted himself between me and the road, like a sentry. Several times the kids accidentally locked him out of the backyard, so he just patiently lay down by the gate, waiting for someone to let him in. It would never occur to him to wander away.

Ken loved to play rough with him, and Jasper would often "start him up" by taunting him; barking and assuming that universal play pose, front paws and head down, rear end up, tail wagging wildly. In the ensuing mêlée, there would be much barking, snarling, and snapping of the jaws, sometimes catching clothing and skin, but always with the gentlest of intent. Ken and Jasper had the ultimate trust in each other. Ken often put his hands in Jasper's mouth, without the slightest hesitation. The only time there was any damage, it was completely unintentional, usually done with his nails, not his teeth.

During my moments of calm, I remember the vow I made to myself some time ago: that I would honor his memory not by never getting another dog, but by opening my heart and home to another kindred canine spirit when the time was right. But I don't know when the time will be right. I am anxious to fill this large gaping hole in my heart, but I know I have to have enough time to grieve and plan for the future. Actually, I have been grieving in one form or another for the past three and a half years, from the time we got the first diagnosis of cancer. We had a reprieve of three years, and I remember always admonishing myself not to say "He *had* cancer." But after a while I was lulled into a false sense of security. I just said to Ken about a week ago, "We can never again say 'He *had* cancer.' He will have it till the day he dies." I just didn't know how soon that day would come.

Coming home to an empty house will be very hard. So will going to bed, or doing all the other myriad routines in which he was enmeshed. I pray for the strength and fortitude to get through the next several weeks and months, until hopefully the pain subsides and the memories become pleasant.

Susan Oakes

Jasper, 2001

Jasper was an indoor outdoor cat. One of my neighbors found him in their shed dead. We do not know what happened. All we know is that he was in the persons shed. Jasper was the best hunter we had. He used to bring home dead rodents and leave them at the door. My mom lost two cats and her dog and I lost my dog. This place is really unhappy.


Jasper, 11/10/83-10/31/03

You were my best friend and my soul mate. Life will never be the same without you. I was truely blessed to have you in my life. when you passed a huge part of me went with you. I MISS YOU!

Jenny Merris-Dolk

Jasper, 02/2003

Jasper was only with us for a few weeks, he came from a very bad situation and was blind and quite sick, but he finally got to be a ferret before he passed on. He tried so hard to be good, and he also is very missed!!

Gerri Himberger

Jasper, 09/10/96-11/04/03

Thank you Jasper for being in my life for the 7 short years you lived, it wasn't long enough. I miss your sweet face, your chirping in the morning, and everything else about you. You were such a sweet bird. I think you were waiting for me to hold you in my hand because that is when I felt your last little heartbeat. I cried uncontrollably that day because I loved you so much. You will forever be in my heart and in my memories. I think about you everyday. I hope to see you again when my time comes and I leave this earth. Again, thank you for being my little friend. I miss you so much and I love you!

Take care, my baby,
Kathy - "Mom"

Jasper, 11//17/03

Thank you for finding your way to me Jas.
You brightened my life with your love.
I will always be grateful that you spent a portion of your life with me.
I will always love you.

Jasper, 1995-09/04/03

He was our baby.
He loved cookies and tomatoes, and pizza, and his toys.
He brought sunshine to everyone who met him.
We love him forever.

Eric and Guinevere

Jasper, 11/12/90-08/10/03

We will miss you, you are in our hearts forever.

Laurie & Bill

Jasper A.K.A. Jazz, 02/14/02-07/01/03

My Sweet Jazz. I fell in love with you from the moment I saw you at the pet shop. You were never the vicious dog that everyone made Chows out to be. You loved me so much, and you protected me from anyone you thought was going to harm me. You looked like a teddy bear when we got you, and that solid black tongue you had gave you so much attention. I want you to know I loved you so much and still do. If I could go back in time, I would erase what happened to you. Please don't hate me for what went wrong. The same day I took you to the animal shelter and saw your big brown eyes look into mine, I felt so guilty, like I betrayed you. I never knew that they would put you to sleep. You have to believe me when I say that. They told me that they would adopt you out. When you tried to bite one of the staff, I knew you didn't belong there. I was planning on taking you back home. I called the shelter to see how you were doing that evening, they couldn't find you. My heart sunk in, I knew. I kept calling cause I didn't want to believe. When they told me that they put you down cause you tried to bite them, I cried for days. The guilt still is in my heart. I loved you so much. you were my cuddle bug. You tried to be a lap dog, even though your size was not. I miss you so much. I still find myself keeping every trace of your things I find around the apartment. I wish things could have been different. I hate that you had to take your last breath laying on a cold table with so many other dogs barking around you. Most of all I hate that I could not have gotten you back. I still have that picture of us last Christmas, you know the one with Santa. If I could I would have done anything to bring you back. I just hope you don't hate me or think I didn't love you. I know we will meet again, but it seems so far away. I hope that your spirit will come visit me in my dreams. I love you baby, Take care of Trevor for me and your cousin Sheila. Until I feel that warm, wet kiss on my cheek again, You will be in my heart FOREVER & ALWAYS. Love Mommy & your little human boy, Noah

Jasper, 08/04/03

We love and miss you Jasper

Lisa & Chris Cannata

Jasper, 03/01/92-03/20/03


I still walk to the Old Presque Isle Lighthouse. We did it together for the last time back on March 20th. Now I walk alone, but I know your Spirit goes with me. I can still see your wagging tail leading the way. I miss you, Puppy.

All my Love, Dad.

Jasper, 05/04/03

You were almost 15 years old and I lost you a few days before my own birthday. You were my best bud. I can't even describe how much I miss you. I look and listen for you still. I hope you have all the peace and love I wish for you! I LOVE YOU MY SWEET BABOO xxxxx Love your Jody

Jasper, 01/01/90-04/02/03

I thought of you with love today
But that is nothing new
I thought about you yesterday
And the day before that, too.
My heart still aches with sadness
and secret tears do flow
For what it meant to lose you
No one could ever know.


Jasper, 12/28/02

Jasper was more like a person than a dog. He communicated his thoughts and feelings very clearly and interacted in a very personal, patient and interested way with the people he met. He was loved by everyone who met him- even people who didn't like dogs, and he loved most everybody.

Most days, Jasper spent his time just a few feet from my desk at home but his really loved (and expected) to go with me in the car on errands or on trips.
He provided me with constant companionship for eight years, watching over me protectively and lovingly and always kept me in his range of sight or hearing.

If there are "soulmates," he was mine. I could read his thoughts and he mine.
His love was my greatest source of comfort in life. I hurt really bad right now because I miss his so much but in time, I hope to be able to smile and remember all the ways he entertained me through the years.
Jasper Kramer-Appleby, you were the light of my life, my best friend, my "honeyboy," my child. I will always love you!

Pat Kramer

Jasper Copple, 12/25/99-05/09/01

Thanks for the LOVE Jasper. We miss you!

The Copples

Jasper (J.P.) Jean Luc, 07/31/91-01/11/03

Jasper was such a wonderful dog. He had a black spot on his tongue that looked like he just ate a blackberry. When ever he didn't get his way he gave us a crooked lip and we knew he wanted something. He probably wanted more peanut butter treats. Everynight he would lick his entire bed before he would get in it and don't interrupt him or he would start all over again. Every morning he would pop up just like a pop tart to make sure you knew it was time for his breakfast. He always had a "happy you're home look" when we would walk in the door. No doubt because it was time for dinner. I know we will play with him again and I know he will welcome us at the bridge with his crooked lip wondering where we have been. We love you Jasper.

Gloria & John Albidrez

Jasper Joe, 06/01/88-06/09/03

I miss you buddy! Will see you at the bridge. Love, Mom.

Jassy, 12/21/03

We met Jassy as a neglected little bird. Through all she had been through she was still the sweetest bird you would ever meet.
We will never forget her. Our hearts will never be the same.


Jassy4, 05/10/87-06/27/03

She was the joy of my life, my dream come true from the time I was a small girl. She was my best friend.
She passed on way too soon and I will always love her.

Gwen Bass

Jax, 12/25/91-04/26/03

Jax was my heart and soul.. there will never be another. I will love other dogs hopefully, but never have one as perfect and beautiful and loving as him. He died in my arms Saturday at 8am.

Elizabeth Wellborn

Jayme, 12/02/87-04/11/03

My special princess. I will never forget you. I know you are waiting for me, as you have the 15 years. I love you my sweet baby.


Jayto, 01/01/91-11/07/03

Our little girl passed away at 9:00 pm, November 7th, 2003. It has been just shy of two weeks now, and our hearts still ache. We miss you sweet baby. We love you and you remain always in our hearts. We have never had anyone or anything give us so much love as you. You are irreplaceable. Mommy and Daddy are still down here, so look down every now and then, and don't be sad. We will be together again someday.

Love You Jayto, Mommy, Daddy, Leo, Milly and Bobby

Jazmin, 4/22/03

Goodbye, my sweet little Jazzie Girl. You were a bright light in all my days. Run now and find Brok, Gretchen, Heidi, and Apollo. They will show you our meeting place by the bridge where we will be together again forever, my angel. Until then, you will always be alive in my heart. I will be your Momma forever and a day.

Jazz, 3/94-5/26/03

My heart is broken and I miss you more than words can say. You were my special baby boy and although I know your pain has ended the pain of losing you is so difficult to bear.
I think of you all the time and see you sweet face and feel so very fortunate that you were in my life for six year.
One day we will be together but until that time I love you.


Jazz, 06/23/97-10/28/03

To Jazz my baby boy who I miss so much.
You were a very special boy who brought alot of love to everyone.
My heart is broken, but I know you are no longer suffering and waiting for me to come to you one day at the Rainbow Bridge

Dee Phillips

Jazz, 08/11/91-14/05/03

You were part of our life for so many years. Now all your suffering is over. We received love from you and we gave you love. Chris and Jonathan will miss you. Tu etait le copain de mon mari alain.This has been so hard for us but one day the hurt will subside. We all love you Jazz.

Alain and Brenda

Jazz, 10/31/89-02/07/03

Jazz was a bottle raised baby who always was very bonded to us humans. Either he thought we were cats or that he was human. He slept with us every night. He loved to sleep on my pillow next to my head or on my tummy. He was the most loving affectionate cat I have ever had. I feel blessed to have had him in my life. Today he went to the Rainbow Bridge to wait for me.


Jazzer Razzer Roozer, 09/13/87-12/19/03

A tribute to a wonderful pet, Jazz, who let my daughter twirl his whiskers.
BYH Jazzer.
We miss you.

Lisa, Clay, and Kelsey Campbell

Jazzmine, 09/26/92-03/28/03

To My best friend, My babby girl Jazzmine, Thanks for all the kisses, for keeping me company during all those hard times, for your unconditional love, your warm body that kept me warm during those cold winters. Cleo and Bosco miss you dearly, and of course so do I. I will never forget you but know that you are not in any more pain, and are in a better place, with God and all those who knew you and went before you. Love ya baby girl, Frank

Jazzmine, 07/17/91-12/26/00

No words can express what you mean to us. No words can express our pain. You were taken from us so young but you brought so much joy to us. Shotzee and Dyznee look for you and miss you too. Thank you for being our little Jazzie Wazzie. We love you, we will always love you and we will never forget you.

Kim and Mama

Jazzy, 6/24/03

To my beloved Jazzy--I miss you so much!! Not only were you a part of my family for all of those years, but for some of them you were my family. Thank you for all of the incredible memories and times we had together--your companionship, loyalty and patience are greatly missed. I will see you again one day at the Rainbow Bridge. Run, jump and play hard--and don't forget to wait for me.

Dan MacIver

Jazzy, 10/01-03/23/03

Jazzy was a real sweet heart. She also was a comedian as she LOVED to scare the crap out of my cat. When Misty (the mother of my other 2 chins's) kits were born, and misty had to go for a run, Jazz would keep her kits warm. I'm just sorry that she bit that live wire. Misty, Sunny, Seedy, Libby, Buster, myself, and my parents miss her.

Amanda Thomson

Jazzy, 09/05/95-02/11/03

I can remember when I first got you you were so perfect. We had a lot in the few years that we were together. You were so smart but you always found a way into trouble. It was ok because how could I stay mad at you when you would give me that puppy dog look. I remember carrying you every where I went until you got too big I miss you my baby and I just want you to know that I love you so much.
When you started getting old and had so many health problems you would still get on the bed and curl up next to me even though it took so much out of you. I feel bad my baby that I couldn't put you down but I guess God did what I couldn't do.
Love you always my baby.

J.C., 08/14/03

Our "little bit"- you gave a courageous fight to the end with your leukemia. We will miss your sweet little kisses in the morning, the mischief you got in to at night, and just laying there with us all, just being you. I know you are not hurting anymore and one day we will meet again..

We love you J.C. so MUCH!
Mom, Justin, and Jessica

J.C., 03/04/02

Remembering J.C. with love, a gentle dog loved by everyone who knew him. Came to us as a rescue from dogs home in 1990 as an adult. Fitted in immediately with our other rescues, both dogs and cats. Miss you so, J. C. love you so.


JC's Marvelous Maggie, 06/06/89-08/27/03

Miss Maggie, I love you and miss you so much! You were so precious in our life always there for someone in need! There will be a big hole in our hearts because your not here to play and snuggle and love us anymore but for a long 14 years you did these things and we have so many memories! We know you are happy and free and in no more pain which is our wish! Say hi to Peppi, Missy, Sheena, Timber, Rowdy and Rosco for us and hope they are still waiting for us cause you will never be forgotten! Play, love and run free baby you deserve it! Love Mom John, Alex, and Tim

JC's Rowdy Rowdy Piper, 02/01/91-03/07/03

Rowdy we miss you so much but so glad your not in pain anymore! Life goes on without you but oh so much more quietly. You kept everyone on the move with all your little antics! But your running ,playing and never stopping Free to roam as you please no fence to hold you in so I'm sure you and Timber Joe are playing ball as much as you can! We have so many memories of you we are thankful as we can hold on to these until we meet again!
You were most definitely the creature of your name with the help of John.
We will always remember the Leash tug! Love ya wild thing!
Mom Carol, John, Alex, Maggie, Newt, Festus and Elvis

J.D., 09/17/83-07/22/03

J. D. was the best little dude ever!

Pam Johnston & Gary Roesler

Jean Pierre, 02/14/96-11/09/03

Jean Pierre, We miss you so much. You brought so much joy to our home and a big part of our lives is now very empty. Sherron cried for you in church yesterday. Sade' was very sad that she was away at college and was not able to see you. Everyone has been very supportive and miss you also.

Love Always, Mommy

Jeb Otika, 04/01-11/08/03

My beautiful gentle giant, your love for every new day will be missed greatly. The thump, thump, thump of your tail hitting the walls of the house as you walked thru will echo in my heart w/ your memory. Be happy at the bridge with all the other friends we have loved & rescued... Until later my cherished friend.

Susie Buchanan

Jefe, 1989-09/24/03

She was the best dog ever. My Triple P: Perfect, Perky, and Pretty. I will always miss her.


Jefferson, 10/11/03

My sweet little Jefferson, so intelligent and good, I will miss you always.


Jeffrey Roanne, 07/22/93-02/20/03

Jeff was the sweetest boy ever. We never heard him growl in the years we loved him. He loved people, fun, travel, and food. I wish I had given him more chicken and birthday cake. We miss him greatly and hope he is safe and happy. God bless all the people these loving pets leave behind.

Maribeth Petery

Jellybean, 12/08/03

I want you to know having you for 13 years have been the greatest times of my life to get to know you and share my life with you. You've been there through thick and thin and you warmed my heart when it was sad. You knew me well and trusted me not to hurt you. I love you and miss you so dearly. I had you cremated and carry a vital of your love around my neck. You were beautiful and the best bunny I could ever have. Love you always MOM

Jenna, 02/07/92-12/23/03

Jenna is our beloved little girl.
She came to me as a puppy and has been the best companion in the world. She loved all animals and the mountains and dog beach.
Our hearts are broken without you and I know we will see each other again.
Until then my love be safe and remember we love you with all our being.

Ted and Maureen Anglas

Jenna, 12/06/03

You came into my life like a whirlwind. Both of us taking a new path in our life's journey. Both seeking the freedom to be who we really are. I rescued you from the confines of a small yard and a family who loved you but didn't understand your needs. You rescued me from a loss incurred 18 years before when my best friend, Lucky, crossed over the bridge. You were my friend, my teacher. You helped me remember that freedom and spirit are always inside us. We had issues at first, you wanted to run the house, I wanted you to behave. We found a common ground... I let you run the house and then you would behave.

I wish you could have told me you were sick. But you showed no signs. And when you passed, Doc McEwan even said there was no evidence of your illness without extensive testing. You were always jumping with joy when I got home from work, smiling that Husky smile. When we played soccer, you would chase that ball and dribble it back, just to have me kick it again and again. When Rocket joined our family, you wanted to show him who was boss. But one tap from those big hooves and you realized he was a lot bigger than you. But when I saw the two of you, muzzle to nose, and you giving him wet, sloppy kisses, I knew the two of you were fast friends.

The Cats and the Birds were a challenge for you. Ohhhh, you wanted them soooo bad. But you learned they were part of our family and even though they were small and looked so yummy, you respected their presence and let them be. Eventually Jack and Chester were your buddies.

I loved to watch you run. And when you smiled at me my heart always melted, no matter what mischief you had been up to. We had but two short years together and in that time we each helped the other heal the pain from the past. You are missed, my sweet girl, you will always be in our hearts.

Mom, Chan, Alicia Omega, Rocket, The Birds (Heady & Bird) and The Cats (Jack, Jax, Chester, Peanut, Stimpy, Daisy and Samson)

Jenna, 09/21/03

In my arms, Jenna snuggles so tight
the tears are unrelenting.. it's our last night
I thank her and tell her I cherish her love
and that she's a precious gift from above.

I whisper words softly in her ear
and read the words from friends far and near
She listens attentively as though she knows
she "yahoos!" at the beautiful prose.

PD bowling was her favorite game..
life with the gang will not be the same.
I'll miss the pitter patter of those little feet
always first in line when it was time for a treat.

Our time together is coming to an end
too soon to say goodbye to my little friend.
Three and half years is simply not enough time
for a prairie dog companion in her prime.

My sweet baby girl, oh I'll miss her so
it's so hard for me to let her go
Rainbow Bridge is where she'll be
tomorrow when I set her free.

I will cherish her life - it was not in vain
and I know that we'll see one another again
In just a few hours, the sun will come up
"Goodbye, my precious prairie dog pup."

September 21,2003

Dianne James

Jenni, 08/15/88-08/03/03

Jenni was a rescue from the pound. She had be very mistreated during her life, but she was treated like a queen when she came into ours. She was big and floppy and loved to run in the sunshine and take a swim in the creek.
She was a most gentle soul and was well loved by all who knew her..

Jenni we Miss You
Jan, Charlie and Chris

Jennie, 11/26/03

Our sweet little Jennie has gone to Rainbow Bridge. She was the light of my life, my little girl, my little "honey bee" and my "tiny little cat". She brought us so much joy. She was so spunky, so strong and she fought her illness up to the end. The FeLV ravaged her little body until there was almost nothing left but it could not take away her beautiful spirit - her shining light.

When we returned home on the evening of her passing, I opened the front door, walked in and immediately was enveloped by the most beautiful fragrance. The scent of flowers like orange blossom and roses filled the whole house! There was no reason why there should have been a fragrance in the house as I had not sprayed anything before I left. In fact, the odor of a sick cat had pervaded the family room where Jennie spent most of her last days. Suddenly the realization and certain knowledge came to me that it was Jennie's sweet spirit that had filled the house and she was telling us that she was now in a wonderful place, that she was whole and no longer sick and in pain - she was at Rainbow Bridge and for me no longer to mourn for her as she is happy and free.

My husband confirmed all of this to me as he also smelled the beautiful fragrance. We cried and hugged each other comforted in that knowledge and as we did so the beautiful fragrance went away. Jennie stayed long enough to send us that message and then left us to go back to Rainbow Bridge where she will be waiting for us until we join her.

I will not say "Good Bye"; rather, I will say "Wait for me Little Girl, I will be coming to meet you".

Maria and George Andrews

Jenny, 03/15/89-12/05/03

We miss our gentle old girl. She is in our hearts and memories, especially at this time of year.
Our hearts are so empty.
We love and miss her.

Debbie Hines

Jenny, 08/19/03

Jenny was my best friend. I'm so glad she's not in pain anymore, wish the same could be said for me. I've been concentrating on making this passing all about her, trying not to take into account how much I miss her, how much I wish I could be with her. When a memory of her pops into my mind I try to think of it as a visit from her. Jenny was the most giving, unselfish and forgiving soul in the whole world. I was lucky to have her and I look forward to a time when her memories bring me only joy instead of the pain I now feel.

Thanks to the Juan de Fuca Vet Clinic for their support and guidance.


Jenny, 08/06/03

I was never a good enough master for such a sweet little dog. How many times did I turn you away? How many times was I too busy? Now there is ONLY kneel by your little grave in regret and sorrow. I know now and forever the pain YOU must have felt when your unconditional love was not returned in kind.

I will be better Jenny. In time....when your absence has taught me to truly appreciate you...I will be a master again. I will be also a better person. I will go forward with what I will call "Jenny's lessons" I only wish I hadn't had to lose you to learn them.

It will be crowded for me at the bridge. Yours is the first face I'll look for sweety. You're a good dog I love you

Ryan Jay Rimel

Jenny, 10/10/01-04/25/03

Jenny was hit by a car today, we shall always love her and remember her...she was our sister too. RIP my dear sweet baby!

Katie, Britty, Abby, Chloe

Jenny, 11/26/87-01/08/03

My dearest baby we all miss you so much. We love you and will never forget you. You were my first baby and I will never forget the joy you brought to our lives. You did everything, swam in the ocean, went to the beach, camped. You loved chasing the rabbits out of our back yard. I know now you are running and jumping as you once did when you were young. Love you always, Mom.

Jenny Black, 01/01/91-08/19/03

I gave Jenny back to heaven at 7:30pm on Aug 19, 2003. She was 12 and a half years old, and suffering from arthritis. Last Friday I took the day off and went out to the vet's office to get Jenny's ashes and her paw print. They put her ashes in a really lovely vase (with stopper) made on Salt Spring Island, it's wrapped in pink tissue paper with a pink rose and a tag (in loving memory) I won't unwrap it until we buy our property and move, so I can have her with me always. I think the vase is ivory with pink slashes across it, but I don't want to see it yet. Her paw print has some of her hairs in it. After two weeks I'm not crying anymore, but I sure am blue a lot. Still, it's getting better. I'm concentrating on how happy she is, how young and healthy she is, and how she doesn't have to have anyone's permission to do whatever she wants to. She's free now, and I can feel her visiting me each time a memory of her flashes into my mind.


Jeremy, 06/05/98-03/11/03

We had you for only 4 short days, but we loved you as if we had had you forever. We love you and you will always be our sweet tomcat. Sammy misses you too. We know Tykie is watching over you and we know you are all still with us... keep on purring, our little angels.

Jerome Herman Hoey, 6/12/85-5/03/03

My Sweet Bunny Rome
He looked like a sweet little angel when we found him in teh woods of Québec 18 years ago. A small, mangy kitten not old enough to be away from his mother. Thank God he found a new mother, me. I took care of him and he took care of me for 18 years. He had feet that made him look like a little white bunny and a mouth that was beige in color which made him look like he had been into the chocolate milk. He was taken from me because his little body could not fight any longer, not because his spirit and will to live were not strong. He was tired and needed to be with his best friend Victor kitty in heaven. Jerome was my best boy. I ache every moment that he is not with me to hold, hug, share my deepest secrets with and cry on. The day he left was the worst day of my life. He will never be forgotten and I will never be able to fill the emptiness in my heart. I miss you Ro-Ro and I look forward to the day when we can be togther again and share donuts. GIve me the strength to get through life without you by my side.
Your loving mommy.

Jerry, 04/89-11/18/02

Jerry was the most loving cat I ever had. He just loved everyone and he loved for you to hold him for long periods of time. Of course you had to hold him in his favorite way. He did not "talk" much and had a very quiet voice but he would let you know what he wanted you to do. He was 13 years old when he passed from cancer last year and the void was so great. His brother Tommy was left behind and then he too passed with cancer only 9 short months later. They were the best guys. They are sorely missed and I look forward to our re-uniting one day. May they both be together until one day we will all be together. I am sure they are keeping God very busy in the meantime.

Glinda Samano

Jerry, 11/11/03

Jerry, you've given us so many great years and you will be dearly missed. We love you, always and forever!!


Jerry, 11/03/03

I miss you Jer. You were a good little cat. Always calm, and a little proud. You cheered me up a lot. Thanks for that. I liked when you jumped out of the bushes at me and when you ran around the trees. I will remember you always, maybe we will meet again someday. Chacne misses you too. And Cooper is going to miss you! I love you!!!


Jerry, 11/03/03

I will remember all the walks you took with me and the times you sat outside the fitness center waiting for me to finish. You made me feel so special when people asked if you always took walk with me I am sorry I let you go outside by yourself and that I wasn't there for you when you needed me.
I will miss you every minute of everyday for ever Jerry!


Jerry, 05/18/95-26/07/03

Dearest Jerry, I and all your friends down on this earth miss you so much and hope you are now free from all the illness, joining all your passed on friends at the Rainbow Bridge, catching birds and butterflies. We will meet one day and take great care of yourself. You are always in my heart. Love you lots from your Mummy. xxx

Jerry, 05/02/92-05/11/03

It was a fluke the day I met Jerry. My Sister and I were going to the pet store to look for new food for our other kitties when we saw Jerry in the corner, in a cage, waiting to be adopted. He was so affectionate, gave me head butts and right there I knew he had chosen me. Jerry was like a big Smokey Joe, one of our other kitties, who also has Russian blue in him. My Sister and I decided then and there to take him home. It was a spur of the moment decision, we even had to go home first to get a carrier. But when I found out that he had been surrendered after 9 1/2 years and spent 6 months in a cage at the humane society before that, I knew we had made the right one.

I didn't want to think of his fate if we had not taken him home. He was a 10 year old cat. Although Jerry spent the first month or so under my bed, only to come out to eat and drink, he turned out to be the most loving companion I could ever hope for. He soon bonded with my Cammie and Smokey Joe. I would often find them sleeping together on my Sister's bed. Jerry loved to crawl into my lap while I was sitting on the couch or jump on my bed and snuggle with me. Or crawl into my lap while I was on the computer. He would always tap me with his paw to get my attention and meow at me, then look at me thoughtfully and purr wonderfully as I held him.

I have these memories of him. One day I will remember you Jerry without feeling the pain of your loss, one day I will look at your pictures without wanting to cry, one day I will no longer feel pain when I am reminded of you every day, one day I hope to see you again and promise to hold you in my arms and never let you go.

My sweet prince Jerry, I will love you forever until I breath no more.

Jerry, 05/23/03

Our boy Ree, forever in our hearts -- we'll see you again our sweet boy.

Paul & Chris

Jerry, 05/14/03

Bye Baby Jerry.....

Bill and Melanie

Jerry Lee, 08/16/89-06/08/03

The whole world should be like he was.

Brenda C. Alvarez

Jersey Girl, 06/03/90-05/30/03

Jersey Girl was so special to us. The thing she cared about more than anything was food. Jersey was in a lot of pain and it was best for her to be put to sleep.

Bob, Susie, Kate and Jenny Sharp

Jesse, 1993-11/03/03

My little love!
I see your funny face everywhere I look; I hear your tail thumping the floor; the jingle of your collar reassures me that you are near --if only in my memories.
Know that your brave, bright spirit will be with me always.
Watch for me at the Bridge....Love, Mom

Jesse, 02/14/91-03/04/03

Messy Jesse! I miss you so. You were the last remaining with me after the other three went ahead. I take comfort in envisioning them there to reunite with you at the Bridge when you came home with tongues hanging and tails wagging. You are all young and strong again. Such a good sport you were Jesse, even as your body failed you. It is still hard for me to grasp that you have truly gone, it's been 3 weeks and I still automatically step over the place you slept when I roll out of bed so as not to hurt you curled up on the floor. I miss talking to you, you talking to me...Lacey complaining whenever you were groomed, she loved your "shaggy" eating everything in sight, never knew how such a small dog could put away so much rubbing your face in the blankets or carpet and sneezing all over us...Maria was so impressed with your snoring and wondered how we could sleep with all that noise...I guess we were used to it...everyone you met would say "She is such a sweet dog!". We knew. And you were. We love you Jess. I can only look forward to seeing your smiling face and holding you close again.


Jesse, 07/04/92-09/24/02

I loved this black child more than anything. I held her in my arms and I sent her on to be with Jesus. Now she has wings to chase the ducks. Jesse mommy loves you more than anything and I will see you again one day!

Nina L. Wilson

Jesse, 03/15/91-01/25/03


Forever in my Heart

Jesse, I miss you
the Joy that you brought to all creatures
the Purpose you gave me
the Loyalty you have demonstrated
the Strength of devotion
the Compassion for me and others
the Enthusiasm for doing things with me
the Appetite you had
the Love for the ladies
the Closeness that you had to have
the Brilliance that you always have shown
the Don't Worry, Be Happy discipline you had
In the End, it tore me asunder
No longer is your physical presence with me
We are forever bonded by the love we shared
Our spirit continues to live as one
Jesse, don't worry, I will join you someday soon.

Ross Howard

Jesse Doberman, 01/12/91-07/05/03

God saw you were getting tired, and a cure was not to be, so he put his arms around you, and whispered "Come to me".

With tearful eyes we watched you, and say you pass away, although we loved you so very dearly, we could not make you stay.

A gold heart stopped beating, for the bestest good girl it was time to go. God broke our hearts to prove to us that he only takes the best.

WE love and miss you terribly jesse, go with god and rest in peace my boo boo.


Jesse Hailey, 12/24/02

Dear "Little,"
It's been one month now since I've seen you. At first, I heard you many times, either coughing or snoring. I haven't heard you in awhile. It gets a bit easier each day. The reason why I realized it had been a month is because you "brother, Nicholas" took off at 1:00am on the 24th when the temperature and wind chill were potentially deadly and was gone until he was found and brought home the next morning at 9:00am. I thought that I was going to lose him too and I realized what the date was. I miss you "Little."


Jesse Milford-Gold, 02/16/03

Jesse has a brother that's missing him very much and we miss him more than I could have imagined. Thank you for having such a wonderful place to visit online. It's so inspiring to know that many other people love their pets as much as we do.

Bobby Milford and Larry Gold

Jesse Milton Colebank, 02/13/88-11/09/03

Jesse Milton Colebank
February 13, 1988 - November 9, 2003
I miss you, "Jess-The-Mess" - Mom
There's something missing in my home,
I feel it day and night,
I know it will take time and strength
before things feel quite right.
But just for now, I need to mourn,
My heart -- it needs to mend.
Though some may say, "It's just a pet,"
I know I've lost a friend.
You've brought such laughter to my home,
and richness to my days.
A constant friend through joy or loss
with gentle, loving ways.
Companion, friend, and confidante,
A friend I won't forget.
You'll live forever in my heart,
My sweet, forever pet.
- Poem by Susanne

Jesse Owens, 06/30/00-11/24/03

He was such a great little guy! Every night he would run around his house in circles, training for the Olympics. We will miss his friendly little freckled face every day. May St. Francis of Assisi look after him and all that have gone before him.

Sandra Ludwig

Jessie, 03/07/96-12/05/03


You were the best! The best dog anyone could ever ask for. Everyone loved you and will never ever forget you.

We love you more than anything!

Love, Daddy & Mommy

Jessie, 04/97-12/05/03

Dear Lord,
Please make Jessie free from her painful skin problems, let her breathe freely again and give her a strong heart. Help her to be a good and faithful companion to Grandma and Grandpa in heaven. We love and miss you terribly, messy Jessie!
From her family: Gillian, Peter, Caroline, Laura, Mozart, Eliot, and Milo.

Jessie, 01/11/91-02/13/03

We all loved you. Your friend Charlie called you to his side and you didn't have the strength to say no. We will always love you.

Angela Ryan

Jessie, 02/14/87-07/01/03

You were my companion for 16 1/2 years and not once did I ever regret having you in my life. The one regret that I do have is not knowing if you were ready to go. While you suffered from numerous elderly symptoms, your eyes were as alert as ever. I told you that day to find your Grandpa Bill and wait with him at the gate of the Rainbow Bridge and I promised to come for you both when it was time. You brought a lot of joy and happiness in my life and were there for me regardless of the situation. I love you Jessie and always will.

Debbie Parker

Jessie, 02/01/88-06/17/03


My faithful friend, constant companion, and source of delight; your love sustained me and blessed my life.

Renee Beech

Jessie, 10/23/88-6/20/03

Jessie, You were my best friend and loyal companion. I miss your lovely eyes and smiling face. You will always be in my heart. I miss you so much. I'll love you forever, J-pup.

Jessica, 23/03/92-28/02/03

Our precious Jess, we will miss you so very much and are happy that your pain and suffering is finally over

Jon & Susi Wrathall

Jessie, 05/15/92-10/12/03

This is for a best friend, Jessie we all wish you were still with us, we all miss you so much, we will never forget you, hope you are running free. Love you always

Carol C

Jessie, 01/12/92-05/01/03

The very best friend I've ever had none
I missed you when mommy and I split up and our visits were cherished and now I wait for us to meet at the bridge. I long for that day at the bridge you'll NEVER be forgotten
I love you

Jessie, 24/05/02

It's twelve months on the 24 May 2003.
It feels like forever since you left.
You are always on my mind and Paige's mind too. I named my second daughter after you Grace Jessie. Although you weren't here when she was born I know you are looking down upon us.
I love and miss you so much my little angel.
Till we meet again.
Love Mummy xxxxx

Jessie, 02/24/88-05/03/03

I put my sweet, loyal, wonderful dog Jessie down today at age 15. She was so special to me. I have had her since she was a puppy. I bought her for $25 in 1988 and for that small sum I got unlimited love, friendship, and the best hiking partner ever. Rest in peace my Jess. I will always love you, and thank you for loving me.


Jessie, 08/09/87-04/03/03

On April 3rd I have lost my best friend. Jessie loved us unconditionally as we loved her. She helped raise my two children and then began help raising my granddaughter. And she did a good job too. She was always there when others weren't or couldn't be. If we could love others as our pets love us the world would be a better place. Tonight I am numb with grief....I keep expecting to see her waiting at the door or laying on her bed. I always said good night to her before turning in with that in mind .....
Good Night Jessie You are Loved

Anne Liddell

Jessie, 12/31/97-01/22/03

My best buddy, I miss you so much.

Jim Dobson

Jessie, late 1988-08/15/99

August 15, 2002

My sweet Jessie, my heart still aches with missing you, and especially today, as I remember the terrible pain of this day, three years ago, when I had to let you go. Papa and Grandma put out the flag in your honor today, for you were truly a good American, and a true friend to an old soldier.

I miss you every day, and Papa and I talk about you often. Your picture sits next to Grandpa's in the living room, as I know the two of you are together now. I cherish the blanket that you chewed holes in as a puppy, and I have all of your special things together in a treasure box.

All day today, your life has been running through my mind like a movie. You were an extraordinary spirit, and you led a happy, well traveled, extraordinary life. You went everywhere with me, and if you weren't welcome, we didn't go there.

You were an angel, sent to teach me how to love again, and to help me dismantle the wall that I had carefully built between myself and the world after a divorce. You succeeded in doing that, and it was because of you that Papa and I met. I laugh when I think of telling Papa that he had to meet with your approval before I would even consider marrying him. When he came to visit, he arrived here very ill, and from the moment I brought him home, you would not leave his side, even as I slept in the guest room. You stayed with him until he recovered, and you made it very clear that you adored him. When Papa and I were married, I wanted you standing there with us in the garden during the ceremony, but you were blind by then, and crowds of people frightened you, and there were too many stairs for you to negotiate.

When you and I moved to Arctic Alaska, your dainty little desert paws hurt from the extreme cold snow, so I had a Native American woman make you two pair of leather, fur lined mukluks. You looked so silly in them, but you gratefully wore them on your brief treks outside. We shared a twin bed in the cabin, and the blankets froze to the wall at night, so you wore polar-tec booties to bed, to keep your feet warm. You would sleep with your back against me, and your paws against the wall, and then you would push, to make a little extra room for yourself. In your whole life, you only growled at one person, other than in protection; my boss in Alaska, and you were so right about her, for she was an evil, wicked woman.

After Alaska, you hated the cold months of winter, so I would send you south, to the desert with Grandma and Grandpa, after Christmas, and you enjoyed the warm days on the patio, until I picked you up in mid February. I always missed you terribly, but it was best for you. Your manners were always impeccable, except for walking on a leash, and Grandpa would walk with you everyday, and tell you that "we are just going for a walk, we are not plowing the fields today."

Leaving you with Auntie Jo for 6 months while our house was built was so difficult. I felt like a non-custodial parent, and every Friday, I made that 80 mile drive to spend the weekend with you. I always cried when I drove away on Sunday, and saw your sad little face at the door, watching me go.

We went camping with friends, and one night you disappeared. We searched frantically for you, all over the campground. Then we saw you come out of the tent, looking sleepy, like, was someone looking for me? You always were early to bed.

When we moved into our new house, it was late October, and the whole place was one big mud-hole. I laid 600 square feet of sod for you to do your business on over the winter, and to keep your feet clean. When you went outside, I always said "stay on the grass" and you always did. After you went blind, you wandered off one night, and I had the whole neighborhood looking for you. Grandpa was here, and he was as scared for you as I was. Thankfully, we found you, safe and sound. Grandpa told me to get a crew out here to fence the yard for you, to keep you safe, and he paid for it.

My boss yelled at me for taking you with me on business trips in the company cars, but I continued to do so, as the motor-pool said they had no problem with it. You were great company during those many hours of driving, and lonely nights in motels. You protected me from men breaking into the cabin in the middle of the night in Alaska. You protected me from two men, with no good on their mind, who stopped to "help" when my car broke down in the mountains of Idaho. You protected me when I was working alone on the reservation, miles from anywhere. And, you were always there on tough days to lick away my tears, and worry after me until I felt better.

I remember how worried Gary was about taking you up with us in his small plane, but you just sat in the back seat and looked out the window, happy to be in a passenger seat instead of the cargo area you had to endure in the commercial planes. Ha, and I delayed the flight out of Anchorage on our return trip, until the crew had double checked to make sure that you were on the same plane with me, as I didn't see them load you.

You were such a little mommy, and raised three kittens. Schiezie was only 4 weeks old when we brought him home, and you took over his mothering. We were amazed that he would suckle on your tummy, and milk tread. And we howled in laughter when you would wash him, giving him a "spiky" hair-do. If he tried to leave, you would slap that dainty paw over him and hold him down until he was properly and thoroughly washed. He's really missed you too.

After you were gone, you came to me one night. I didn't see you, but I heard your tags, and I smelled you, and it was such a comfort. My arms and heart were empty without you, and I know it was you who picked out Missy, knowing I would love her, and heal her months of abuse. I also know that you come and visit Missy, for she has taken on your habit of shaking her tags to wake me up......a tactic that I don't think a deaf dog could figure out.

We buried your ashes under Grandma's front porch, before the cement was laid. Your resting place will never be disturbed, and Grandma is comforted, knowing that you are at her front door.

You touched the lives of all who knew you. You were my child, my friend, my protector, one of my lifes greatest joys, and I'll always love you, my sweet little bear, Jessie.

Jessiecow, 1984-12/31/01

I thought that I would miss you so, and never find my way, and then I heard the Angels say, "She's With You Everyday"!!!

Victoria Leib

Jessie James Walt, 05/30/85-08/03/03

To Jessie James we all will miss you so very much your little sister Glory Anne has been looking all over for you she liked it when you would nuzzle her and try to steal her treat. Your big sister keeps wondering were your at she also miss you. I keep telling them that you are with the puppy angels now and that you are with mommy and Suzy and Tessa now waiting for us to meet you there someday. Take care my little friend Daddy will miss you so very much.

Jessie Jones, 9/1/93-7/10/03

Jessie has a kind spirit and kind heart. She was my loyal, faithful, beloved, best friend. Her unconditional love touched my heart in a way I could never express. Playing with her tennis ball, watching her swim in the lake with my son and pestering the chipmunks will be sadly missed but forever remembered. Her devotion to me will always be kept in a very special place in my heart and soul. I will never let her go, and I know someday we will meet again on the Rainbow Bridge. My precious, Jessie, take care and have fun....We will be together again.

Jessie & Titan

You were my babies, my best friends and my soul mates and I couldn't have loved you more.
Life will never be the same with out you both. My reason to smile has gone, until we are together again.

Tracey Joemets

Jessum, 15/05/03

To my special boy who was taken ill suddenly. I hope you are with Simba, Baggy, Shadow, Max and Ben. Even though you would drink our tea and pinch our dinner you will leave an empty space in our home. We love you, Mummy, Daddy, Yogi, Jazz, Fizz, Rif and April xxxxxxx

Jessy, 12/04/03

Jessy was the loyal companion of Kelley.
Her sweet and gentle demeanor, the way she sat co-pilot and hid under beds will be missed by all who knew her.
I hope she's playing with Jughead and Kodjo up at the rainbow bridge.


Jessy, 10/91-12/05/03

Be happy at Rainbow Bridge!! Zion and I miss you so much. We think of you so very often and remember the joy you brought to us. My heart aches for you, but I find peace in knowing you are where you should be, playing with your friends, feeling young and healthy again. I keep you close to me at all times. You are so loved and so missed.


Jester, 06/26/95-07/10/03

My beautiful and very special dog who captured my heart from the moment I set eyes on him as a puppy. We had a special love - kisses and hugs and those wonderful cuddles at night when you would breathe softly in my ear. My heart is breaking without you, my love, but I must look after your brother and Marcus too. The pain is terrible to bear but I know that you had to go - your body was tired and it was not fair to make you continue. Wait for me my darling, until I can hold you in my arms again. I will love you always.

Julie Longdon

Jet, 11/24/03

To my darling dog Jet who I loved and still love so much. You will be in my thoughts forever. I miss you but know that you are at peace now. All my love Linda x

Jet Lancaster, 9/15/01-9/26/03

Jet was the best dog ever. His Daddy named him after the famous Jet Li. He loved his Daddy so much and would follow every step after his Daddy. He also loved everyone in his family, Granmom Sue, Granpa Marshall, Katie and Mommy. He brought Happiness everywhere he went especially Walmart. He went fishing, shopping and to all different parks in MD and PA. Jet protected everyone he loved, only being 4 pounds, he could scare away any bad guy. Jets family didn't consider him as a dog but as another member of the family. He would even wear clothes and he had the coolest spiked collar. He could swim, run, fish and swing on a swingset, he was a superdog. Jet was a miracle. We love and miss you Jet. Love, Your family

Jetta, 10/24/03

She had been ABUSED then thrown away--into my arms my life and my heart. My life was blessed from having known Jetta. She was loved and wanted and she loved me. Thank you Jetta.

Kerry Crandall

Jett The Pett, 10/01/93-03/13/03

Jett the Pett we will all miss you so much. Your groans when you get in bed, your licks, waiting for us in the shower. You are a wonderful Pett.

You came to our lives quietly and quickly and left in the same quiet way.

Love, MD, DD, Muckie, CJ

Jezebel, 07/97-09/17/03

To Our Jezebelly - I wish we had the chance to say goodbye, please know that you are such a bright light in
our world that will never dim. We miss and love you so much....we know you are snuggling with Abigail right now....we will never forget you Big Girl!

Mama, Papa, P.B., Mauser, Rocky & Kismet

Jezebel, 05/05/03

She was my best friend for 16 years and is missed terribly.

Eric Brown

Jezebel RatGirl, 10/2001-03/11/02

It's been one week since I lost my ratgirl. While she has joined her brothers and sisters, I will miss her being in my life. Ms. 'Bel' liked being in the living room on the couch chasing the cats, eating french fries, peeling tomatoes before she ate them, "sauce" on veggies, and climbing shoulders for a better look at life. Jezzie lived quite a long time and toward the end she managed to keep up appearances even though it was hard. No more pain or suffering, just gentle sleep for a job well done.
Bye Ms. Jezzie Bel Rat Girl, mommy miss!

Jill, 03/03/93-5/16/99

My little doggie-daughter, how we still miss you today. You will always be in our hearts. Until we meet again my little angel.

Love Mommy and Daddy

Jillian, 05/26/98-06/23/03

Jillian was our love and joy for six wonderful years. We will always love and treasure our big bear.

R and H Chisa

Jimi, 02/26/03

Our cat passed in the night while sleeping in our bed, his passing was very peaceful yet unexpected, which makes understanding this quite difficult, we miss him dearly, our little big guy, who brought us many years of happiness, we're bringing you home Jimi

Sylvie and Ian

Jimmy, 12/18/03

We loved Jimmy very much. He was cuddly and loved us too. He fought very bravely against CRF and anaemia for five weeks after the vet had sent him home and said he wouldn't last for more than a couple of days. We are all heartbroken and won't ever forget him. He was a loving and intelligent cat and a super companion for 14 years.

Jan, Juliet (7) & David (9)

Jimmy, 07/17/03

Jimmy was the most wonderful cat in the world. He was loving, cuddly and almost a human. We miss him greatly.

Jean Camberg

Jing Jing, 01/05/90-11/01/03

He came bounding into my life 13-1/2 years ago and completely stole my heart when I saw this 2-lb. ball of fluff stamping his front paws, barking that wee bark, trying to intimidate me, bouncing forward to take a quick nip at my exposed toes before quickly retreating.

My little Foo Dog, descended from the famed protectors of the palace and emperor of China, my Peke, my Jing Jing. He had the heart of a lion but the disposition of an angel. Sweet, docile, passive, loving, affectionate, good- natured, patient, and tolerant, never giving me a day of trouble, even when he was a mischievous puppy. He was my baby, my sweet pea, my sugar bear, my love.

I sometimes called him Fang or Snaggletooth because his bottom teeth would often stick out over his upper lip making him look a little like a werewolf. But he was far from that little puppy who tried so hard to intimidate me. He was a momma's boy, a big sissy, who loved to be cuddled and coddled. He was a real couch potato, and before he went blind from cataracts, he loved to watch tv! I'd turn on an animal show and he'd go crazy, barking at anything with four legs. He would often notice animals in a movie scene before I did (he once woke me at 2 am barking at the horses in an old Western), and he would come running at the sound of certain cat food commercials. His favorite toy was a stuffed sock, and his favorite meals were homemade chicken soup and pasta with spaghetti sauce. His favorite place--anywhere I happened to be. He was my shadow, my ever-faithful companion, following me from room to room, accompanying me on weekend trips, and even sneaking into work with me occasionally. He loved the car, and would whine on Saturday's when he'd see me packing a suitcase, letting me know he knew I was going somewhere other than work. As soon as I announced we were going for a ride in the car, he would bark, tail wagging, bouncing in anticipation. As soon as we'd get on the road, he'd curl up and go to sleep til we got to our destination--he didn't care where we were going, as long as we went together. Sweet-natured and well-behaved, he was welcomed everywhere we went; everyone loved him and he loved anyone who would scratch his back.

He had few health major problems over the years--mostly his eyes caused him problems and we had one very scary crisis in 12/01 when he got a terrible infection that nearly killed him and took 3 months of antibiotics to eradicate. Still, he bounced back from that stronger than ever. I was very lucky because he was healthy and vital throughout most of his life. But then about 2 months ago, he started to act strange, isolating himself and not interested in things he used to love. I knew he had arthritis in his back legs, but this was something more. Tests showed his heart to be very enlarged, the one side barely functioning, and it quickly changed him from a happy, robust, playful little dog to a subdued, sad, weak animal who lost so much weight I feared I'd break his fragile bones everytime I picked him up. Gone was my loving companion and in his place was a shadow, a wisp of fur and bone that slept almost constantly and wanted only to be left alone. Within 2 months, he was barely able to stand long enough to go to the bathroom, walked to his dish with aching difficulty, and couldn't even keep his back feet under him when he'd eat. He started to retain fluid from the heart condition and lost his appetite. Medication improved things for a short while, but then it got the best of him again. It got harder and harder for him to walk from the weakness and the arthritis in his legs and spine. And more and more muscle kept disappearing, no matter how much he ate.

It was painful to see him like that. All the care and medication kept his body going, but his spirit was gone. Still, he fought to hang on, I think more for my sake than his own. He knew I needed him, and I kept asking him not to leave me. I could see what was happening, but I refused to accept that my cherished pup was going downhill so fast. But earlier this week, I realized that to make him continue was selfish, that his life, once filled with joy, was now filled with pain, sadness and difficulty. Yesterday, conceding defeat, I sent him to the bridge.

It was the hardest decision I've ever had to make. I knew it was right for him, but it felt all wrong for me. My grief is enormous and I miss him terribly. I always will. When he died, he took a big piece of my heart with him. My only comfort is knowing that he's in a better place, free from the pain and suffering of this past couple of months, and someday, we'll meet again.

Goodbye, my baby. I love you, and I miss you. My life will never be the same without you. But I'll cherish the memories of our time together until I see you again when you greet me at the bridge.

Jingle, 08/21/93-04/07/03

"As long as memories live within your heart, your gentle and noble friend will live forever"

** I love and miss you Jingle. You will always be in my heart. ** ~August 21, 1993 - April 7, 2003~

Gail Prisel

Jingle Bell, 10/10/96-10/24/03

To our beloved Jingle are so special to us and we will love you forever. You were so sick and yet put up with the medicine and doctor visits like a trooper. Trixie misses you and the other bunnies seem to as well. You made a huge impact on our lives and things will always be a little different with you gone. You were a very special bunny and we feel lucky to have had you in our lives. We cannot wait until we meet again at the rainbow bridge. Love, Mama & Dad

Jingles, 11/94-05/13/03

Jingles will always be remembered for her loving disposition.

Kathleen L Wilson

JJ, 03/23/98-09/24/03

This is a tribute to my hero. I loved him so very much. We found he had lymphoma on march 2, 2003. We fought hard along with him and did everything we possible could to conquer the cancer, but he just couldn't win and one day not too long ago, he told me with his eyes that he was ready to go to Rainbow Bridge and wait for us there. Even though I knew he knew I never had anything so very hard to do. He will always be in our hearts and the love for him will never die.

Pat Tucker

JJ, 09/07/85-08/22/01

He was our child.
He lives with us everyday.

Norm & Jutta Raynal

J.J., 07/09/03

J.J. - what some call a Golden Shepherd - died in the early morning hours of Wednesday, July 9, of kidney failure. He was approximately twelve years old (a rescue from the side of the road as a puppy). J.J. was my constant companion from the time of his rescue. Unfortunately, our plans to do a home euthanasia fell through when the vets we had lined up did not come as planned. J.J. and I - now exhausted from his constant care - spent a very difficult twelve hours before death finally arrived. I am grieving more the way he died. Once I get past the guilt - then I can grieve his death. Gayle G. Schroeder

J.J., 05/12/91-01/22/03

My tribute to J.J. would be to thank him for all the support he gave me, though these feelings cannot be totally put into words the companionship the love and for being there through the time when my Dad passed away, when I separated from my wife. We didn't have any children, but to us our two Cocker Spaniels were are kids. Thank-you J. I hope you had the best days of your life.


Joanie, 04/02-12/08/03

I found you at a time when you needed rescuing, and I only wanted you to be happy. Thank you for sharing your life with me -- I treasured your sparkling black eye, your warm, soft fur, and your tiny hands and feet. I'm sorry for the suffering you went through your last week of life, and I'm very sorry that euthanasia was the last gift I gave you. God, please hold Joanie close, and give her the freedom she's always wanted. I will miss you, little one. I love you.

Linda Cody


You were the best friend I have ever had and I miss you very much. A day not go by that I don't think of you. You are the love of my life and you shall forever be in my heart.

All my love

Jody, 01/28/95-10/28/03

Jody, you left us last Tuesday (10-28-03) and we will never, ever forget you. We could not allow you to continue to suffer from that horrible disease and your eyes were so tired. It was most difficult, but we know we will be with you again. Your pal "Abby" is lost without you and looks for you everyday. No one will ever take your place as you were truly a one of a kind friend. Thank you for your unconditional love and acceptance. We will treasure you always....Mom, Dad and Jordan.

Jody, 09/16/81-05/20/03

Jody was with us for 21 years. We feel extremely grateful for that blessing. He was a friend to all of us, but in particular to my father, they were inseparable. When my father was battling cancer, I believe it was Jody who inspired my dad to not give up. Jody had a special quality of bringing out the love in people. Even those who were not fond of cats could not help but love him. He was gentle, affectionate and very vocal. We will all miss him and always be thankful for the enormous amount of love that has been his gift to us. We love you Jody, you will always be with us.

Michele Bezo

Jody, 01/02/03

I can't find words to express how much Jody meant to me. He shouldn't be gone. I will love and remember him as long as I live.


Joe, 1991-07/11/03

K-9 Joe was a retired drug dog (Black Lab) who worked with the Erlanger Ky Police Dept. Joe was retired in 2000. Joe was given to me for training as a arson detection dog but due to his failing health, became a family member instead.
K-9 Joe was a special dog who touched several peoples lives. He will be missed by many and forgonen by few. Joe even received a visit from a lady who had made his badge who just wanted to meet K-9 Joe the lady traveled from Massachusetts to Kentucky for no other reason then to just meet Joe.

Terry J Allen

Joe Studley Cool, 03/11/90-02/27/03

He remembered everyone he ever met, and everyone whoever spent any time with him had come to find their own special name for him. So adios Booger, Snaggletooth, Studwell, Mr. Brown, Jabba The Mutt, Joe, and you know the rest Little Buddy.

Jeff Curran

I was his mom, my son Jeff was his brother..We miss you so much little buddy, you will never be forgotten..Look for us at the "Rainbow Bridge", you can make as many trips back and forth as your little loving heart desires.

Marilyn Curran

Joey, 26/01/97-01/12/03

Joey you will always be in my heart and in my soul.
I will miss you every day until we meet again. Take care up there and know that we are always together. You are my strength.


Joey, 11/29/03

We just want you to know that we all loved you very much Joey.
You were a special, sweet, and intelligent guinea pig and we could have never been blessed with a more loving friend.
You helped me through hard times, and cheered me up when I was lonely and I can only offer my love in return.
You will never be forgotten and we will always think about you and talk about our fat Joey:)
Enjoy all the hay and carrots in heaven with Milo and Bobo
We love you and miss you!

Jamie Shipley

Joey, 07/08/91-11/21/03

Joey was a really special guy.
There's so much that we will miss.
Giving rides to the neighborhood children, going camping, just being Joey.
He always had a smile for us, no matter what.
He always had a hug for us, when his hips would permit it.
He was a very special part of our family.
We will miss him saving the rocks from the river or getting the kitty who steps out of line.
We can't wait to see him again at the Rainbow Bridge.

Rob & Sally Halpin

Joey, 03/07/00-11/23/03

Well, Joey, I only found you a couple of hours ago so I'm still haven't started admitting to myself that you're gone, let alone coping. I miss you so much already. I'm fighting off sleeping right now because tonight will be the first night you won't be there lying on my legs... I got you as a birthday/moving on my own present only a couple years ago from the Humane Society. I guess I should say that you picked me. Instantly I thought of how we were going to grow up together, how when I have children you'd be there with your tail flopping happily, and how much I already loved you. I never thought I'd come home tonight to see what had happened. (Exactly nine days from when you got home from the vet-almost every day a struggle). I'm sorry that of all days, today I didn't check up on you...I was late for work and had to run. Shoulda, woulda, coulda I guess. I'm still crying right now but I know I have a lot of support but I wanted to tell you, Joey, that even though you think you died alone, not once were you out of my mind or heart. I love you and I miss you terribly...

Jessica and Andy

Joey, 11/13/03

It is with a most saddened heart that we let our Joey go, the happiness he has brought into ones life is a miracle within a miracle.


Like light transcending through time
the majesty of one's aura emits....
for my words are mere shadows in the wind
for it's my heart that sings with joy....
my love for you opens like the -
flowering Rose Bud as I feel your
heart within me!!

Richard Edward Offenburger

Copyright ©2003 Richard Edward Offenburger

Joey, 11/06/02

Sadly still missed one year ago today.
We will NEVER forget you.
You are in our hearts forever.
Even though God gave us another, we can never forget our sweet little Joey.
You were so good and courageous to the very end. Love, Mom & Dad

Joey, 01/93-10/l4/03 were the best dog ever. My heart is breaking. I take comfort in knowing that you had a wonderful life and you were so loved and loving. Look for Missie and Bernie and Lucy and Lukie and Hector and Sophie and Jack. They've been there a while and they'll take care of you. But you are number 1

Esther Mamet

Joey, 5/15/87-6/4/03

Joey, from the moment you entered our lives, you brought constant love and joy. We will never forget your playful tactics, the way you loved to groom your long, soft gray hair and lick your white "boots" and how cuddling up on a lap made you the happiest purring cat in Joey, from the moment you entered our lives, you brought constant love and joy. We will never forget your playful tactics, the way you loved to groom your long, soft gray hair and lick your white "boots" and how cuddling up on a lap made you the happiest purring cat in the world. You were so brave to fight your pain, and were sweet and loving until the end. Find comfort with your sisters there, and someday we will all be together with you again.

Joey, 02/07/03

You were with us for such a short time and how we loved you. We named you Joey after Joseph in the Bible because you had a beautiful coat of many colors. You were a gift to us and your time with us was much to short. There is an emptiness in our hearts now that you are gone, but please know that we loved you so much that we could not let you stay in the condition you were in.
We needed to let you go. You will forever be in our hearts.

Joey, 10/12/02

I'm so sorry about putting you to sleep.. it was the hardest thing we ever had to do but to see you in pain and suffering like that was too much. I think about you everyday and I cry myself to sleep each night. I know time will heal, but I miss hearing you meow each morning and sleeping in your basket. The house feels so empty with out you but I know now your not in pain and that makes each day a little better. We all love you and miss you dearly.
Love alway's Mom, Meghan, Dave and Michael

Joey Hershberger, 03/08/03

Losing Joey

The day we lost Joe Joe was the day we lost

Wagging tails at the end of the day…

Invigorous walks in the neighborhood…

Begging politely at the table so good.

The day we lost Joe Joe was the day we lost

A friend who was there no matter what …

A pal who loved us in good and in bad..

A warm furry buddy who never was sad.

The day we lost Joe Joe was the day we lost

Our pet with which we could play every day…

Our Pet who would love us every which way…

Our pet that not a bad word to us would say.

The day we lost Joey was the day we lost

Brown eyes that looked at us with love…

Jingles of his tags like music above…

Jumps on the bed at the end of the day…

The day we lost Joey was the day we lost

Our opportunity for hugging, kissing, and patting our Shiz Tsu on the head…

We lost that warm snuggly body in bed at night.

We lost that cold nose on our warm cheek so sweet.

The day we lost Joey we never will forget

He was the most loving of any a pet!

Kind and loyal to us all…

Perky, friendly, and so small.

The day we lost Joey we realized we will miss

The tick or treating in his costume of that or this…

The all American salute he did make with his little flag…

The chasing of his friend Sassy as they played tag.

The day we lost Joey we said good-by and

Thanked him for all that he brought into our lives.

Peace, happiness, joy…

And most of all …

That rare unconditional love …

That is just so rare.

The day we lost Joey is the day we lost

A true friend…and many a tear…

A day-to-day companion…and hugs so dear…

A lap full of love at any time of day.

A hope of goodness in all living things.

The day we lost Joey is the day we realized there is a place….

A place called Rainbow Bridge…

A place he waits for us…

A place we all will meet again…

A place where dogs and humans do unite…

A place where our spirits happily fly out of site.

Yes, my friend, we'll see ya at the bridge Joe Joe.


Dad, Mom, and kids

Johanna, 2001-07/09/03

Oh Little Johanna, my sweet cream love. I don't know what happened to you. You were such a special gift, sent from heaven, which is where I guess you have returned. I am so so sorry that you had to leave so soon, so young. I'll do my best to look after Ringo. He is missing you as I am too. Thank you so much for your hard work and dedication over the years in taking care of lots of orphaned chicks in the birdroom. You were a very special little hen and if I could, I'd have kept you forever. I will always keep you in my heart as the beautiful creamino hen with those flashing fiery red eyes who lovingly fed all the babies like in this photo:

And you talked to me - how cute was that?

You were the first to eat the softfood, the first to take a bath and the first to settle down on yet another clutch of forsaken eggs. I know I can never replace a hen like you. I just wish you didn't have to go so soon, Johanna, that you could have stayed a few more years with me and with Ringo. Obi Wan, Kenobi and Xeniades would want to thank you if they could. Without you, they would not be alive. You truly were a gift.

Ciao Amore...

Christine - birdsnherbs finchflock

Johnette, 01/09/94-03/30/02

Johnette came into my life on my 18th birthday, 1994. She left me shortly before my 26th in 2002. I am still not able to fully accept her death. She was my best friend, and my most trusted confidant. She listened to my problems and she never complained, not once. Johnette was not just a cat, she was almost human in a way to me. She always seemed to know when I was upset and was quick to comfort me. She also never left my side, not even when she was dying. Even now, a year after her death I still feel her presence around me, especially when I am in bed. That was her favorite place to be. I miss her terribly and I hope that everyone can experience love and devotion from an animal like I experienced with my Johnette. I love you Johnette, and try not to scratch up God's feet too much!

Matthew Nowik

Johnny Ledbetter, 05/03/88-03/15/03

My beloved Johnny. Rest in peace my big lovable cat. I will never forget you and the fun we had. You were a great cat and great companion. I love you so much and will miss you terribly.


Jojette, 03/99

What a special pal you were! We miss you every single day and remember what a friend you were to us. We are so glad your pain is over and that you are healthy once more, and that you run with the big dogs. You were such a special friend that we have a new pal now, because you taught us that we would always have a special place for pets. It was a long time before we could even think about it, but you would love Jilly. Wait for us at the bridge, we can't wait to see you again! Thanks for the love! Kisses!

Don and Gloria Card

JoJo (Baby JoJo), 02/96-09/03/03

My lovey Baby JoJo, It's been 2 mos. since you passed away. I wish I could say it has gotten easier but I can't. I still hear you in your cage and see you out of the corner of my eye. My heart sinks when I turn to look and I realize your not really there. I miss you so much that my mind is playing tricks on me. What I would give to have you bite at my feet or give me lots of kisses when I pick you up. I know in due time I will see you again. Where we can spend eternity together both in perfect health. Although some will say your just a ferret to me you were and still are the most loved living being (aside from Nana) that has ever touched my life. I only hope that I gave you a happy life while you were here. If not I will try to make it up to you when we meet again. Until then I love you more than you'll ever know my Baby JoJo.

Loving you Always,

Jojo, 02/11/02-07/10/03

My little one, you were not my dog, and your time here was to short. I loved you as you were my own, and hope that I gave you some peace and comfort. I so enjoyed our time together. I miss you, and wish you could have had a better life, I can only pray that you are safe and happy at the bridge, and hope that you have found my Tia and you two have become friends. Take care my five lbs. of trouble, I love you.


JoJo, 11/20/01

JoJo was a special companion. When he came to live with me, he had no personality. His former owner was not mean to him, but he was a show dog and didn't get much personal attention. it took a while for him to get used to the house and everyday life, and he was so enjoying it when he was killed a few days before Thanksgiving, almost to the day he came to be with me. I think about him all the time, and grieve over the loss. I know that someday we will be together again, but it is still painful. I love you Jo.


Joker, 09/08/00-09/02/03

Joker I miss you so much you were taken away too soon! I remember like it was yesterday going to the breeders to find you. I wanted a female only and then saw your cute beautiful fluffy self. I picked your sister Joey as the one I was going to take but you would not let me go without picking you too. You followed me out the gate. You picked me. All you ever wanted to do was protect me. I keep looking out that back door and want to still see you sitting there like always watching my every move. When you started to lose weight I was so worried that something was wrong but glad that the vet did not find anything bad in the tests. But now your gone. What happened? I am so sorry Joker. I feel as if I failed you. "Let the sun shine bright today at the bridge, and the angels sweetly sing: Let the water run sweet and the breeze be warm, As the bridge flock takes brilliant wing. For a soul is arriving this morning. He's special: that's all I can say... Please love him the way we loved him on earth..Our angel crossed over today."
We all love and miss you so very much Joker.
Love, Mary, Hector the kids. Tyler, Ali, Haley and of course your sweet sister Joey.

Joker, 05/05/89-08/10/03

Joker, a loving companion, you have left a hole in my heart that can never be filled. Wear your siler harness with pride.

Barbara Lamoreaux

Jolie, 07/16/95-07/15/03

Our love forever for the sweetest, most loyal little dog ever born. Mommy & Daddy

Jolie, 06/05/03

My darling little girl, I miss you more than words can say. It is no surprise that you died of a heart that had grown too large, because you were full of love. You'll always be my little girl.

Jomo, 04/30/96-12/20/02

Thank you, dear friend, for the special memories, the years of unconditional love, your never failing devotion, and for the treasured blessings you left in our care.

We gave 'em hell fighting the dreaded cancer! Thank you for your brave moments, for forgiving me the medical treatments, and for hating to leave as much as I hated easing you on to the Rainbow Bridge. Our hearts are so-o very heavy.

Carla Carmain-Herret

Jonas, 10/13/03-06/01/03

When I feel you gone
It bring my knees to the ground
It's not over yet
Far from over yet

So heaven bless you, boy,
For that song you sang
It gives me hope and joy
When I'm feeling down

It's not the same here
Without you in the room
But if I let it go
I can bring back a piece of you

So heaven bless you, boy,
'Cause in that song you sang
You saved the world for me
And gave us more than we are worth.

Nathan and Darci

Jonnie, 06/18/03

Dear Jon,

It seems you used up eight lives before you found us. We wish that ninth one was so much further away. But sadly not.

It's hard to think of a word big enough to describe how we'll miss you or what our time together meant. Let's just start with thankyou, forever.

Now that you're over the rainbow bridge, say hullo to Boo for us. She liked to play, too, and I'm sure she'll show you where the best lizards are.

Eve Postle, Terri Baigent

Joon, 10/88-10/02

To my beautiful old gal, Joon. I miss your smile and your goofy ears. I miss the way you rubbed your head against my leg when you wanted loves. Fourteen years is a very long life for a greyhound, but not long enough. You were my sweet, loyal, loving, understanding, gentle companion for eight years and I miss you every day. It was a painful decision to let you go. But to know that you would pass with dignity, surrounded by love, and without pain and suffering was the ultimate gift we could give to you. Joon-Bug, thank you for eight years of the sweetest companionship anyone could ever hope to know.


Jordan, 11/09/95-12/22/03

Thank you for all your unconditional love, our lives feel empty without you...........

Jennifer & Christopher Lee

Jordan, 07/15/93-12/25/03

I can't believe you are gone. You were with me yesterday, as happy and normal as you ever were. You died during the night. I'll never know for sure why. I wish I'd given you an extra hug that night, or an extra "Mommie loves you". But I didn't. And just like that you were gone. You were a wonderful friend and loving companion. I'll never ever forget you and I'll always love you. My Fat Boy. Mommie loves you...


Jordan our lovely baby we love you ,and miss you so much you meant the world to us goodnight sweetheart sleep tight
Love and kisses forever
From mummy daddy Levi and your twin brother Jess xxxxxxxx

Jordan, 1/19/89-4/23/03

Beautiful, sweet, perfect Jordy, the light of my life, the joy of my heart. Taken just before the spring, no amount of sunshine can ease my grief. You are sorely missed by everyone, including those that never new you but smiled at your adorable sight each day on the street. I will love you forever, and hope to see you again some day.

Jordan, 01/2003

Jordan was a wonderful cat, with lots of love, who came into our life at just the right time.

His passing has left a hole in our lives. Especially my sister Ami's, and my Niece Megan. Megan doesn't understand yet that Jordan was needed in Heaven to keep things straight, and to keep Skiddoodle in line.

Ami doesn't understand that Jordan will be in Heaven waiting for her. I know that she hurts, but Jordan is chasing other kitties in heaven, and looking after my boy doodle, and everything will be okay. It just takes time.

Jordan...........I will miss you, you big black furball.


Jordie, 04/01/02

Jordie was a special girl who came to me when I needed her. She had been abused and abandoned and joined me and my Labrador, Euler in a life of fun, adventure and love. She never forgot that life was full of good surprises but also never took them for granted... from always having enough food to sleeping on the bed to running on the beach. She taught me to enjoy every minute and now she has taught me to treasure every one, because you never know how many you'll get. She's gone but she still lives in the hearts of those who knew her.

Renee Stdenis

Jordy, 05/06/03

To Jordy,
You didn't have a full life and for that I am sorry. You were such a pretty dog, and always had a "clown face". You loved to go camping and "See the fish...Ding Ding Ding...
I along with Dad and Teego will miss you very much. Nine years is much too short a life, but I think while you were here you were happy, and for sure....Loved....

Your family will miss you Jordy. We love you.....

Joseph, 05/01/03-09/11/03

He was a spritely little creature and my Golden Retriever, Sadie and myself will remember his floppy little ears.


Josephine Louise St. Pierre, 5/6/96-10/25/03

A Tribute to a dog who was a person. She made us laugh. She made us cry. She was funny and in our little household was purported to be a Broadway Star- starring in her own show, "Pork on Broadway." This was so real to us, we had a "cast," show stopping tunes, rehearsal dates and everything. Talk about laugh, the life we constructed for her was anything but dog-like. And she loved every moment of it. She was the queen of our "pack" (we have 5 other dogs- who will scold them now, who will put them in their places??) A member of our family is gone, we will never again hear ourselves, in her sweet voice, belt out show tunes with an impeccable English accent. She enriched our lives beyond explaining and she will be so missed by all of us.

Josey, 11/09/03

For 12 years, you were my constant companion. You were the first to greet me when I got home from work. You cuddled with me while I read or watched TV. I don't think I've taken a walk in 12 years without you. Every night, you watched over me. Most important of all, you showed me love. The unconditional free flowing love that I never knew existed until you came into my life. I wonder how I can go on without you...and then I remember that I will always have your love. Thank you for the privilege of spending your time with me. I am deeply honored for having you as my companion. I have always loved you so much and I always will. Josey, Josey, Josey, momma loves you soooo much...

Mavis Reed

Josh, 06/21/92-11/11/03

Josh came to me as a baby. He was born in a puppy mill, had already had 5 "homes" and been neutered by the time he was 6 months old and was pretty wild and unmannered. In the too few years we were together he became the most loving, gentle soul that ever existed. Such a trooper! He survived sure death twice before but, as hard as he tried this time, his little body couldn't go on. His first buddy, Homer, died tragically 7 years ago. Josh was never again close to another dog. I hope they are together now. Josh loved me as no one had loved me before. Not my parents, not my siblings, not my husband, not my one. His was pure , unconditional love that few people are fortunate enough to experience. I feel blessed to have known and loved him but oh how I wish I could he could have stayed a bit longer. It's heart breaking not to hear his little pitter-patter as he followed me around the house, not to have him in his spot on "our" bed, not to be at the door to greet me when I come home. I'm grateful I had 2 years of not working to be with him most of the time. I know he isn't struggling to breathe now and that brings a little comfort. I'll always miss him.

Carol Martin

Josh, 07/08/03-07/12/03

This poor little kitten was born July 8, 2003 at roughly 3 in the morning eastern time. He was the runt of the litter he could not walk though he made fierce and brave attempts. My cat, His mother, wouldn't let him eat. After talking to a vet I tried to bottle feed but he passed on early this morning on July 12, 2003.

I named him Josh and in just a few short days I became very attached to this tiny creature who laid in the palm of my hand. I love him dearly he has touched my soul and I will miss him.

Jenifer Ahrens

Josh, 03/09/03

A sweet little boy

Julie Keefer

Josie, 09/29/02-10/30/03

Dear Josie's short life filled such a dire need for me after the sad loss of Maxine just two weeks after Josie's birth. May she find happiness and comfort in her new life. I will miss her tremendously.

Chris Brennan

Josie, 02/08/91-08/29/03

My darling Josie,
You have left a huge hole in my heart, I will love you forever. You were the sweetest and most loving companion a person could want, I cry for you and miss you so very much, it is so difficult not to see you every day and see that wonderful face looking at me. I will see you again some day and hug and kiss your face. Until we meet again I will remain your mommy forever.

Mommy loves you,

Josie, 02/05/03-05/18/03

Josie our little angle died yesterday afternoon from the terrible Parvo virus. Josie was our foster pup, she was one of 8. We had done everything possible to keep her safe. We ensured that she got all her shots, we found her a wonderful home, but somehow she contracted this terrible virus. There has never been Parvo in our home, we took all the precautions but four days after she was adopted she contracted the disease and three days later she passed on.

I used to call her ric-o-shay because when we would come home she would fly around the house jumping on and off the couch, playing with the big dogs and holding her own. She was such a sweet baby and our hearts are broken.

We love you Josie, my little ric-o-shay hope to see you at the rainbow bridge, Cassie will take care of you.


Your Foster mom and dad

Josie, 05/07/03


You went by alot of names.....Josie Bear, Josiegirl, Josie Marilyn.

"There were bells on the hills, but I never heard them ringing...........till there was YOU." - remember that little girl.

We want to let you know that we will always remember your sweetness and are so happy that you came into our lives. Little Girl Josie, you will be happy to know that we distributed the rest of your food to three of your canine "friends". Tell Sport that we still talk about him, but we don't cry anymore. Just sit by my dad and wait for us to meet you at the bridge. We'll be there as soon as our earthly lives end. Till then.....we love and will NEVER forget you.

Chris and Bill

Oh, and Josie thanks for sending the pet to out door the night after you went to sleep for good. She was a good messenger and let us know that you "arrived" safely.

Josie, 01/01/03-04/11/03

Josie, my precious little angel puppy born 01/01/03, passed on to the rainbow bridge 04/11/03. So short your sweet little life was. So unfair that you had to be taken from me by such a vicious, evil disease. You were such a light in everyone's life who met you. I will miss your tiny little freckle face and the tiny grunting noises you made when you were picked up. You were and will always be my little sunshine. Throughout your short little life you fought so hard to not let the disease get to you but finally you had no more strength to fight and you told me so. It was an agonizing decision to make to end your suffering, but I hope you know that I did it out of love and that I will always love you. You have your place in my heart snuggled in right next to Mosby's. I hope you two have met and are now running around the Rainbow Bridge together. I can't wait to see you again angel-face.
Alyson (Your Momma)

Josie, 06/30/9-10/15/02

Josie was such a good girl, that I know Heaven holds a special place for her............


Josie, 12/06/01-02/03/03

You were beautiful inside and out. You were only with us for two years, but those were some of the happiest times of my life. We will miss you so much. I long for the day when we will reunite. There is so much of my everyday life that will remind me of you. Your loud purring, your meows for milk, your request for fresh water, the way that you followed me everywhere around the house. Me and your Dad love you so very much. Life without you will never be the same. Rest in peace. I hope that you are chasing some mice, drinking milk, getting tummy rubs and being scratched on your head. Until we meet again, my baby girl, Josie.


Jotul, 04/12/02-01/22/03

You thought of me first, until the very end. You knew I couldn't make the decision and lose you, so you took matters into your own hands. You were my very special friend for 11 years and I miss you so very, very much... I know you will be waiting at the Rainbow Bridge for me because that's all you ever wanted: to be with me.


Joy, 04/22/92-08/08/03

Let this be a wonderful tribute to my little baby Joy, the most loving little Tibetan Spaniel there ever was.
She was my heart and soul, for now and forever.
My heart aches for you Joy. Til we meet again, I wish for you nothing but 'chewies' and 'treats'.
I love you.

Barb Balbort

Joy, 09/22/92-05/13/03

Joy you will always be my very best friend and I will never forget you.

Francisco J. Jimenez

Joy, 04/93-06/10/03

My husband and I were grieving the loss of another dog when we bought her. We named her "Joy" hoping that she would bring joy back into our lives. I had been so sad over the loss of my first dog, Cookie, that I knew I had to get another pet in order to heal. The first time I met Joy, she was 6 weeks old. I held her face close to mine and said "Give me a kiss." She licked my nose, just as Cookie had done. I knew then that Joy was the dog for me. For ten years that beautiful black Cocker brought so much joy to our lives. Never was a dog so aptly named. Today I had to have her put to sleep because we just found out that she had cancer and it was inoperable. My heart is breaking but I just want to pay some sort of tribute to her. My Joy, you not only helped me to cope with Cookie's loss. You brought your own unique personality into our home and became part of our family. We loved you every day. I hope we brought you joy as you did to us. I'll meet you at the Rainbow Bridge. In the meantime, Cookie will be fun for you to run with. Thank you my pretty girl.

Judi Jackman

Joy, 12/24/89-05/01/03

My loving Joy Joy, yesterday your suffering ended. I'm having a very hard time getting through this but keep reminding myself you are now at peace and comfortable. I feel so lucky to have had you all these years. Chelsey and Sierra are quite confused yet, but in time will know that their playmate will not be coming home. We will love you forever. Rest in peace my love, until we meet again. Susie, Jerry, Kayla and your K-9 sisters Chelsey and Sierra.

J.R., 07/09/95-08/01/03

My beloved friend JR - you were a true member of our family - I miss you so much


J R, 09/15/85-06/23/03

I wanted to take the time to thank God for blessing me with a wonderful pet and dear friend. I have never in my life loved anyone of anything more than I love you. You have brightened my day and life so many times that words can not describe. EVERYDAY we met, you greeted me with a smile and a warm smooch, never once passing judgment, never once forsaking me for others.

"My Monster" as he was affectionately called gave me 18 years of complete joy and bliss. Always there, never tired, supporting me uplifting my spirit and my heart.


Things up there must be pretty bad if God needed you to serve him. I only wish you can provide God with as much love and joy that you have provided me.

I only wish you comfort and peace!



* * * * * * * * * * * *

My God how I miss!

18 years you graced my life with your love and faithful dedication. Always there to support me, always there with a wag and a smooch, never forsaking me, never letting me down.

I lost my best friend in a world where I have none. I thought the pain would ease, it hasn't. I know you watch over me and I lean on your spirit to move forward.

Heaven could have waited one more day! Things in heaven must be in bad shape if God needed you up there!


Jubal, 04/16/01-02/14/03

Jubal was with us for only a very short time. In this time our daughter Shannon raised Jubal and worked with him. I found him on the morning of the 14th of February 2003 so peacefully sleeping and he never woke. We are missing dearly and will always remember him for all the love he had given our family. We loved him with all of our hearts. My you rest Jubal (Jubby-Doo) in heaven and hopefully you will be there playing with Noah our chocolate lab who passed in 2000. WE LOVE YOU JUBAL!

Debbie Grim and Shannon Surface

Judicious, 11/01/91-01/26/03

We shall miss our beloved "Judy". She was our very special girl. Judy was brave to the end.

Joey Nicolson & Dennis Ryan

Julianna, 04/18/97-02/06/03

My baby girl, I love you and miss you so so much !!!

Lori Kale

Julie Ann

You are the most precious gift a dog dad could have. We all hurt, but take comfort that you are healed, healthy and vigorous once again. Your spirit was boundless to the end.

Everyday you gave us was a gift, we just wanted more. You were taken so young, the cancer eating your body. It hurt us all to see the cancer stealing the life from you.

I am so sorry to take your life, please, please forgive me.

We all regret that we could not journey with you, that you had to leave us behind, but we will be together someday in the future.

Always your loving father,

Mom, Dad, Blake & Otto

Juliet, 1987-07/08/03

Juliet was my friend for 18 years. I rescued her from the street at 4 weeks old and it was love at first sight. I pampered her for her entire life and prayed that when it was time to go she would go quietly and softly without pain and suffering. She had a heart valve problem but was otherwise healthy and happy because I gave her heart medication every day for three years (two times per day). I would not even leave her for one weekend so I have not even gone away for vacation for fear of losing her. She gave me a special gift of love for 18 years and when she died, she died quietly in her sleep in her favorite spot in her own room (she slept in the spare room) had three beds, 7 soft fleece blankets, 6 stuffed animals, the best cat food, the best hugs and pampering a pet could have - she repaid me by loving me unconditionally, without expectations, demands or questions. She purred whenever I came near her and would jump on my bed every morning and lick my arm to wake me up. Then she would curl up next to me and purr so loud it sounded like a motor. I am devastated by her loss. Although I am grateful that she died peacefully in her sleep and she didn't suffer. I am suffering so much that I am unable to function properly. The house is so empty without her little footsteps and her little voice. She became very talkative as she got older and would follow me around letting me know what she wanted - a meow for a piece of chicken, another meow for her Laxatone treat for the hairballs and a different cry for come kisses. She understood English - she would greet me at the door everyday when I came home from work. When I asked her if she wanted chicken she would sit in front of the fridge!!! She also knew when it was time for her medication and would cry and remind me by sitting in the kitchen near the counter where I kept her pills- I would wrap the pill in a small piece of chicken and she would eat it with no problem. My heart is broken - she is in heaven now but I am lost without her. I made a special photo album for her, I also made a beautiful poem which I plan to e-mail to your web-site - I won't get Juliet's ashes until this week or next week and I want to get them so I can put her back in her room. How can I cope with this. Eighteen years is so long to love my pet and now she I gone. She was beautiful and so sweet and loving. Thank you for hearing my pain. Love Diane

Juneau, 10/24/92-01/07/03

My best friend, my companion, my bud, If tears could bring you home again, you would have never left. Find Zero and Devin, play safe and be a good boy. See you when mama's time comes. I will never stop missing you, My JuJu.

Sharon Rawstron

Junie, 12/04/03

The toughest Tomcat finally met his match and to everyone's surprise it was to old age. Junie had to be put down last week and I miss everything about him already. He could still hold his own around cat's a quarter of his age, 16, and in the end more than twice his weight. The one thing I'll miss most about him is the way his lips would go into a perfect black o when he was curious about something. I've never seen a cat do that and I don't think I ever will again.

James Barrett

Junior, 03/15/87-03/15/98

He taught me wonder-ment and unconditional love. He is a true blessing to my life.

Carol Kotsifakis

Junior, 07/14/03

I miss you so much. You were so sweet and loving. I will always remember you and the short time we had together. I love you. Goodbye my precious baby.

Christine Petruzzelli

Junior, 01/2003

Please pray for my little Junes. Each day of his life he struggled with his health, but he never ever was anything but an angel. So loving so sweet. He was my best friend and my reason for living. I miss him so much I can't even express it in words. I only pray that god loves my little angel as much as I did.


Jupiter, 05/05/98-08/15/03

My heart is broken. My grief is overwhelming. Jupiter, I absolutely love and adore you! You are forever in my heart my big guy! Your family will see you at the Rainbow Bridge....wait for us.

Mom, Dad, Jake and Rachele

Justin, 11/25/03

You are and always will be Mommy and Daddy's best boy ever. We love you and are so very thankful to have had you in our lives. You have stood by our sides though good times and bad. It hurt us so to see you suffering and we pray that you found comfort in our love and that we made the hard choice to let you go, out of our love for you.

I know that you are now a puppy again but we miss you oh so much.

you are one of a kind and will always be with us.

I know one day I will be with you again and we will romp and play just like we once did

Your family forever
Mommy and Daddy

Jynkar, 01/15/91-07/25/03

Jynkar had the most beautiful smile I've ever seen. She was loving, sweet and kind, and she was always cheerful and so good natured, so trusting, so patient, so good.

She was the closest friend I ever had, my constant companion, my cherished child. She was my hiking buddy, my bad catfood eating dog, my trusted confidante, my shadow, my jester, my joy. Twelve years was simply not enough time.

Jynkar was the best dog I ever knew. I only hope I brought her some happiness and that she knew how fiercely, how desperately I loved her. Jynkar left me far too soon; I have no words to describe what she meant to me. There is no language which can illustrate the love I had for her or the pain I feel now that she's been taken so suddenly, so unexpectedly from me. Her loss is unbearable, and my life will never be the same now that she's gone. Please light your candles and send good thoughts for my beautiful girl, my good dog, my best friend. Help illuminate her path so she is not frightened and does not stumble.

May your journey be a safe one, little girl, and may your new road be a kind and gentle one. I am with you always. Your pain is at an end now, and you'll never have to worry anymore. I hope your new life is filled with all the old joys you cherished in this world, and that you find new things to delight you. More than anything, I hope you will remember me, and wait for me at Rainbow Bridge so we can someday meet again and never be apart anymore. There will never be another dog like you, baby girl. I love you very, very much.

May you roll with Orion among the stars, my precious girl, and may you never know anything but peace.

Jynx, 04/19/95-06/12/03

Thank you for bringing beauty, joy, and light to our lives, for looking over Aeryk, and for bringing so many blessings to our household. We love you and miss you.

Tracy and Bob

Jynx, 3/12/01

My Sweet Angel Kitty


Jyoti, 08/04/03

It is with heavy hearts we bid a fond farewell to our furry friend Jyoti. Jyoti had overcome many obstacles in his short life and was always there to greet us with his piercing blue eyes and purring heart. His family, including kitty sisters Mary, Prema, Leela, and Shanti will greatly miss him. We can take comfort knowing that Jyoti was well loved and came from a wonderful home. We ask St. Francis to welcome Jyoti and to please watch over him.
Jyoti will forever be in our hearts and memories.
Marc & Joyce

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