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Year 2003 Tributes

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Ice thru Izzy Bee Schermerhorn

Ice, 12/01/90-07/25/03

Icey was a very special dog in so many ways. She was with us throughout all our highs and lows. She even moved across the Atlantic with us to England, and got to splash about in the sea! People were always coming up to us on the street to pet her and tell us how beautiful she was. We already knew that!

Her passing was so sudden and we are still reeling from losing a third of our family. She touched a lot of people all over the world, and she is missed greatly. We have gotten signs from her though that she is ok, and I guess she's still up to her old tricks! She was "The Best In The West". Sleep peacefully, Puppa! Mommy and Daddy will always love you.

Ice, 06/12/87-03/09/03

I will miss my Ice kitty. She was a crotchety old gal but she loved me without question. I will see her again.

Dan Nicholson

Icee Blue, 10/08/88-05/22/03

My Icee Blue, I love you so much and miss you. There is a hole where you snuggled and an ache I cannot heal. You were the light of my life, always there to comfort me and love me totally and unconditionally. I saw your gentle soul in your beautiful blue eyes and knew a love for me that I had never known. Forgive me my precious baby, I could not see you suffer more for my selfishness in wanting you near me yet I anguish in guilt for the most heartbreaking and difficult decision I have ever made. God blessed me with your love for 14 1/2 years and I am so very grateful for that. When you were so ill in 2001 and I nursed you and God graced me with 2 more years of your love. Thank you my sweetheart for all that you shared with me. I will carry you in my heart until I am no more and then meet you at the Rainbow Bridge. I am breaking in pieces in my sorrow but need you to know that my love for you was, is, will be strong and deep. God hold you gently and give you strength in your legs, lungs, and heart to find "spidies" to play with and "good kitty's" to enjoy. Love you so much my "Boo Louie", "Kitty Cakes" "Baba Louie" "Bestest Buddy". You are loved and missed so very very much. Love always in all ways my baby Blue - your Mom and Dad xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxox

Ichi, 08/28/01-09/05/03

Ichi, we miss you so were such an exceptional cat! You were such a big boy...I know you will find lots of love where you are now with that big heart of yours! Until we meet again my big, sweet pumpkin are always in our hearts and thoughts. We love you and your daddy can't wait till the day he feels your little chin bites again! xxxooooxxxoooo

Daddy Stephen, Momma Lindsey, Aunt Ash, Grandma Marcy, and your brothers Pete, Edgar, Fisher & Bailey

Icies, 01/30/97

I think about you ever day my baby.
You were taken so suddenly. I don't know why.
I will met you on the Rainbow bridge one day & we can once again play together.


Iggy, 02/27/90-09/30/03

We miss you, our precious will always be in our hearts.


Iggy, 03/01/03

To My Beloved Iggy- May you find peace with Azure, Smokey and Nickey in your special place . I mist you and think of you every day. Love, Mommy

Iggy, 04/10/91-01/13/03

Our hearts are broken today, Igg. You were a very special cat. Run free now with your Papa Meadows!

Aundrea and Bryan Hudgens

Ijjy Woo, 06/02/92-09/13/03

Our baby girl we will miss you. Mommy misses your cuddles and Daddy misses your licks. We will see you at Rainbow Bridge!

Katy and Jeff Copple

Ike, 09/25/95-11/19/03

We miss you so much Ike. I know its beautiful at the Rainbow Bridge. Wait for us there. We love you!!

Barbara and David Pufahl

Ike, 02/26/93-02/28/03

In loving memory of my beloved and most loyal companion Ike.

Amber Lukins

Iki Onioni, 05/11/91-11/20/03

I will think of you every day and miss you more every minute that you are gone.

Patricia Pena

Ilan Ayrton Brown, 10/09/93-07/21/03

Ilan my boy - not one day will go by that I won't miss you; picking you up to look out the window, napping with you on my chest in the afternoons. I will miss it when you greeted me each day by arching your little head up in the air for a kiss, and when you'd look up at me with those round golden eyes asking to be fed. You have given me great joy over the past ten years, and when the grief has eased, I hope to be able to celebrate your little life like we did every day you were here. Bless you my boy!

Scott M

Ilsa, 08/18/86-03/08/03

Goodbye to my best friend. My heart is broken and I miss you so. Run free little peanut - get all the squeaky toys once again.

Kathy Burns

InA Wink (Annie), 04/26/90-04/28/03

A gallant, willing, beautiful elegant greyhound. She astounded and garnered the respect of trainers, veterinarians, competitors, friends, and her family. She is and was beloved- my pieta....:***o)

How very much I miss you, dear heart.........I still can't believe you are gone from my temporal life. I know you still live- that only your body expired, not your soul, not your spirit, nor your willingness to live despite a body which simply could no longer do so.

I simply can't wait to see you and live with you again- forever together.....Forgive me that my heart breaks until then....I so love you.

India, 02/13/93-12/31/03

My beautiful beloved India - my little girl who saved my life. Thank you for letting me share my life with you, and for your bravery, beauty and strength you showed every day. I will always love you little girl, and I ache with your loss.

Patti MacCini

India, 05/05/88-01/02/03

India was my first pet and constant companion for 14 years, 9 months. She was my dearest friend & confidante, and I will forever miss her loving presence in my life.
Rest in peace my baby.

Melissa Martinez

Indiana, 12/04/99-11/12/03

Indiana was the best thing that ever happened to me. We loved each other with a deep, trusting love. We were together constantly for almost fourteen years. He just kept trying to keep going.
He loved me unconditionally and I loved him unconditionally. He will be in my heart forever.

Morrow Hayes

Indy, Aka Bindy, 10/30/03

Indy, we know you have found your friends Junior, Buddy and Clementine at the Rainbow Bridge.

Pauline & Steve

Indy, 01/07/02-06/25/03

Indy, our first baby,
we miss you SO bad. You were tiny for a German Shepherd, but you were big in our hearts. Nothing can replace you - your "hamtongue", herding Ripley back into the house for us, your excitement at seeing cows, sleepy eyes after a day swimming, checking on the kitties to see if they're o.k. when you hear someone cry, letting Ripley and Lincoln "suckle" on you when they miss their mom, giving kisses, lying on your back holding a toy with your paws and "donkey-kicking", going under the bed & under the covers, going for a ride, puppy wrestling... so much more. We'll see you at the Rainbow Bridge - for now, have fun with Rex, Penny, Zeke & all the others who have gone before. We love you, Indy.

Indy, 04/21/03

Champion cuddler…sweet boy…funny kitty…tough little guy…my buddy…piece of my heart…separated now in the physical world, but together spiritually before, now, forever and beyond.

I pray you understood that I let you go so that now you will have no more pain, no more medicine, no more operations. Now you have long naps, big yawns, sun baths, squirrels and birds to watch and talk to, any and all food you like, without the encumbrance of a physical body that let you down so over the last four years. Now you can stalk butterflies, follow the movement of tree branches in the wind, drink from fountains. Now you can run and pounce and jump. Now you are always safe; there is nothing more to fear. Now you have the love and companionship of other kitties and other humans who have gone ahead. And any time you look for me, look inside yourself because I'll be there, just as you are in me.

One day I'll be able to hold you again and we'll look into one another's souls again. Please visit my dreams to make the waiting easier. Until then, angel boy…love always, Mom.

Infinity, 08/90-12/06/03

He has no tail, therefor he has no end, therefor his name is Infinity. And, he will go on and on forever in my heart and connected to me by a bond of profound love.

My sweet boy, I miss you so much. I know that you are with me in spirit, but I miss you by my side at night, in your special places during the day...talking to me, licking my face, getting under the covers when it's cold or sitting on my head when the mood suited you. You taught me about love, you guided me, comforted me, made me laugh. You have given me so much and I will always love you. Thank you Mowie.


Inga, 1995-02/02/03

To my Inga pig hoover...the bossy bully....I miss you terribly...the cats ....not so much! I didn't realize just how much you kept Guido "in line"...he misses you when he is outside and continues to dump your food bowl over in a hurry just in case you might be coming around the corner. waiting until I am snuggled into bed and then scratching to go out....I won't miss that but I already miss your sleepy sigh that tells me to relax...that you too are going to sleep. I won't miss your crankiness you developed in your old age to everyone but me...but I will miss the sense of protection and devotion you gave me... I won't miss the fights between you and Guido over toys/bones or attention....but I will miss your independent assurance ... I won't miss your digestive track and your atrocious odors! I will miss your love of brushing "ooo la la's" and your weird obsession with eating the discarded fur! your funny shaped toe nails, lop sided looks...velvet ears...your tricks we worked so hard on together.....the new howling thing you started this year...I am sure the neighbors won't miss! I miss just you being has only been 4 pain is still new and raw....the reality of you not coming back not quite real. I can't stop seeing you where you last laid your head....feeling guilty that you were wanting me and I wasn't there for you in the last moments. I have been comforted thinking you went to sleep thinking of me and woke up in heaven! No more hip more breathing more more anything but peace...I am sorry we had to make the choices between rent or vet visits....I did the best I could with what we had. I hope we did right by you....if only my love could heal... I loved you, you loved me and food....tolerated the rest... I will expect you to be waiting to greet me in the end... I will be expecting to see you and my gaggle of "babies" I will lose before my time comes. it is my only solace today...goodbye my sweet fat girl... love mommy.... and the family....

Inky, 12/04/03

Inky will be missed by many.


Inky, 05/16/03

Inky was a special big black cat. He was always by my side for 18 years. When he was born, he was coming breech, and his little mother needed some help, so I helped him come into the world. He was strong and brave. He disappeared in the summer of 1986 for three months. I searched all summer and finally found him in a pasture on the outskirts of town. How he got there we'll never know, but he survived on his own all that time. A few years later, we were treating him with what we thought was flea spray, but turned out to be tick spray, which made him very sick with a blood disorder. He recovered, but was left with a tremor. Last November, I ran over him with the car, but fortunately it was only his tail, which was fractured up next to where it becomes his spine. The vet warned that the tail might have to be amputated, as it would be paralyzed. Not with Inky. To our amazement, he regained the use of that tail. After the first of this year, he began to develop kidney failure, and started going downhill. Even with intensive care, dialysis, etc., he continued to become more sick all the time. He had lost his hearing and most of his eyesight. On Friday morning, May 16, I could not stand to see him suffer, so I made one of the hardest decisions of my life, and I had him put to sleep. I really believe that Inky thought this illness was just one more tough time to get through so he kept hanging on. What a strong spirit he had. I had a dream a couple of nights later where I saw him fat, shiny, and healthy. I'll never forget you, Inky, a.k.a. Big Guy, Ink-meister, Inky-doodle. I believe that you, Chung, and Dallas are having a big time now that you have been reunited.

Inky, 01/05/03

To the cutest little "peeper" that I knew: you made everyone smile and you persevered through many a tough day. You were loved and will be a loss but memories of your little peeps and songs will forever linger.

Jennifer Higgins

Inky, 01/09/03

Inky...You have no idea how much I love you and miss you. I go to sleep thinking about you, and wake up, expecting to see your beautiful face. You were the best bunny. You loved to play, binky, run all over the apartment, and give me love. I adored when you would lay your paws and head on the edge of the cage, and allow me to kiss and stroke you. If I asked for a kiss, you licked my face. That melted my heart each and every time. I want you to know that your unnecessary pre-surgery death will not go unnoticed. Many people will learn from this, and how veterinarians need to pay closer attention to pets that have just gotten over an infection. You left way too early. I pretend you are still here with me, and mimic stroking you and calling you all the silly names I came up with! You are my angel, and I can't wait to see you again, my love.


Intrepid Miller, 7/91-2/6/03

We had to say goodbye to our puppyboy on 2/6/03. Daddy and mommy miss you very much. Blue misses you too. You were our special little dog and we will always miss you. Someday we will see you at Rainbows Bridge. Until then, don't forget us and look for us because someday we will see you again. Love you always, Mommy and Daddy.

Iolaus (Guinea), 01/08/03

A tribute to my bubbely gorgeous guinea pig Iolaus who passed away a while ago and is now followed by her best friend Herculess the bunny rabbit. I miss her and love her dearly and may she rest in peace until the time when we are once aging together again.

Laura Vickers

Irie, 03/28/87-07/15/03

Irie... We love you and miss you terribly our sweet Irie. You will be in our hearts and our souls forever. We will never forget you! You will always be with us. All our love... Mommy, Daddy, Kaiya & Shayna, and your brother left behind Raga.

IronMan, 08/13/03

IronMan was a beautiful rat that I saw in a feeder bin at a pet shop. I don't know why the breeder tossed him away to be snake food, but he was truly gorgeous and I had to take him home. He was a little bossy to the other males in his cage, but it's because he was the biggest of them all. He got to spend 6 months in a nice cage, eating real food and playing with his own kind, which is better than the fate of the rats he was being sold with. I'm sorry IronMan, and I'm sorry to all the rats who aren't pretty enough to the petbreeders, who are given to pet shops as throw-aways.

Irving, 09/25/95-05/09/03

I miss you so much Irving! I love you and forever will you be in my heart.


Isaabella Penelope Rose, 10/2001-04/02/03

No friend has ever been as special as you were.

Janice Rogers

Isabel, 06/18/91-05/26/03

In Memory of Isabel, the perfect, most gentle creature on earth. May she romp in fun in Paradise, and may I see her again.


Isabella, 12/24/02

It with great sadness and measured relief that I write to tell you all that my beloved Isabella kitty has died.

She came to be with me 10 years ago along with her buddy Ben. When I first saw them at Hooterville Pets one was laying on top of the other so that the other was impossible to see. I reached in and picked up Isabella and my friend picked up Ben. As we stood petting them they each reached out a paw to the other until they touched. I had come seeking a kitten and soon was taking home two of the most magnificent cats I've ever met. Isabella with her sweet healing ways and kindness for all. Ben with his suave romantic way of luring all into petting him. He always smelled like he was wearing expensive but very tasteful cologne

At the time I think Ben was two Isabella was just over a year old. They had plenty of kitten energy particularly at night. I remember our first Christmas together when I came down to see what mischief they were up to this time and found them both half way up the trunk of our fully decorated Christmas tree batting the glass balls out of the tree!

Ben's stay with me was brief. I had moved to a house that bordered on a meadow and woodlands and he often went out in the night to see what tasty creatures he could find. And, as it happens in the natural world he became some hungry creatures tasty treat himself.

When I left the wooded house Isabella came with me to Edmonds and when we moved into the cottage in the back yard she became easily adapted to living in two houses at once. She took to greeting all members of the house family as they came in the front door sometimes with a chirp or a sharper "where have you been and why so long?". At parties she would work the crowd with grace sharing her love with all.

When I decided to travel on the boats last year I was reluctant to leave Isabella behind. Thankfully, my roommate was gracious enough to look after her while I was away so kitty didn't have to leave home too. I carried her picture with me and would ask about her when I called and wrote home. And, I'm told that she always knew when I was closest to home.

When our new roommate came to live us with his four children visiting Isabella showed them love through her patience, especially Isabel, Mark's youngest girl.

Having been away for so much of the previous year I showered Isabella with love and affection this past year. Through the years she nursed me body, heart, and soul through so many trials and tribulations and she taught me about loving without condition. We spent lazy days napping together in the lawn, evenings listening to the radio and snuggling. She was my constant reminder to be rather than do and often the inspiration for sleeping in.

Two weeks ago she came up to me as I was reading in bed and reached out to me putting her little paw on my heart and looked into my eyes. I know now that she was telling me that she loved me and she was going to go.

The last week has been one of the most difficult for me. Through it all she was a brave kitty never once crying out in all the poking and prodding and feeding and pills. I was with her in the end looking into her sweet little face. The line between alive and suffering and gone and at ease was a short distance to cross with the vet's help.

She will be the most beautiful Christmas angel ever and possibly the first cat to reach enlightenment!

We had a lovely candle lit ceremony for her and she rests now under the plum tree swathed in wool and the lavender flowers she loved to sniff. The candles we lit for her burned despite the blowing wind through all of dinner, while we went out to look at the lights and one lone candle burned through most of the night. I pray that it lit her way to wherever we all go when we cross over and that she finds herself warm and comfortable surrounded by loved ones wherever she is.

So, yes, I loved my cat. And my heart feels as if it is breaking.


Isabelle, 03/17/96-10/22/03

She was a loyal Scott loved by her family.

Rivers Family

Isabelle, 08/18/03

Isabelle came into my life when I was 16 years old and was with me for 17 years. She and I were absolutely in sync with one another; we had a bond that will never be broken. She was -- is -- always my baby, my forever kitty.


Isabelle, 09/99-01/30/01

My Isabelle, was taken from me unexpectedly by a fast moving truck. She was going to be 4 this year. She had been an abused puppy when I was given her. I, with no job at the time, and had just moved back to my home state, was not sure I wanted another family pet. My brother in law kept telling me he found the perfect pet for me... this dog was 'so cute...she looks just like you', I just had to meet her. :) And you know what? She was much cuter than me!!!! And she was so adorable and loving, there was no way I could resist her 'smile'.. and her all over body 'wiggle'(that I referred to as her 'shake') Isabelle is the best dog I have ever had.. she was indeed "My Best friend" My Isabelle got me through many times of sorrow, and shared in many times of fun and happiness. She was very much loved, and will be missed with my whole heart. May my Izzy be warm and safe and happy now even though I cannot see her or be with her.

Robyn McGrath

Isabo, 07/14/99-11/07/03

We found you in Delaware on a farm. You were one of a few that survived that deadly hot day when you were born. You ran right up to me & jumped on me & I knew you picked me. You came home on that long ride & were such a good dog & never chewed anything or messed the house. You got along so good w/ all your pals in the house & I felt protected w/ you around. You went shopping w/ me & sat for hours where ever I went. You were always loyal & very smart. We moved to the new house & that's when your problems started. Doc told us you were the worst case of allergy he had ever seen & you lived the next 2 years on pills. This destroyed your body & our hearts. Everybody loved you but felt so bad for you. I had come to the conclusion this wasn't a life for you anymore & gave you entry to the bridge. I hope now you are w/ Zorro, Aja & Nola, as they were your buddies before you that you loved. You were a good friend & I will always miss you.

" be good girl"...Carol Wall

Isaiah, 03/29/03

He was hurting. He was suffering. We had to put our beloved friend down.

Time to say goodby.

As we put our arms around you
Before your final rest,
Our hearts surround to love you
And thank you for your best.

Our home you watched and treasured
Our lives you truly blessed.

Lessening now your burdens
We tend your tired bones,
Let us be your pillow
Then wings to take you home.

Listen for God's calling
Sweet promises of peace,
Old friend leap to Heaven
Suffering released.

We love you Isaiah.
We will see each other at the Bridge very soon.

Your loving mother,


Ishtar, 01/01/86-03/29/03

At 3PM on Mar 29/03, Ishtar has gone to join her sister Athena. She leaves us to mourn and miss her very special life and presence. Thank you for more than 17 wonderful years of sharing your life. Pets and love from Laurie and Jim. The joy that both she and her litter mate Athena had for life (and a little food pilfering) made our lives something special.

Laurie and Jim

Isaiah, 04/29/03

Isaiah you were a very special dog. I love and miss you alot. Your sweet and kind friendship will always be missed. Please tell Mistie I said hi. I love you baby. You were a very special friend of mine.

Time to say goodby

As we put our hands upon you
Before your final rest,
Our surround to love you
And thank you for your best.
Our home you watched and treasured,
Our lives you truly blessed.

Lessening now your burdens
We tend your tired bones,
Let us be your pillow
Then wings to take you home.
Listen for god's calling
Sweet promises of peace,
Old friend leap to heaven
Suffering released!

Goodby dear friend. We miss you more then you ever know.

You loving mother,


Isis, 02/28/03

Isis picked us at the Adoption Kennel. She was 5 years at her adoption. I am so grateful to have had you in my life.
You taught me patience, and the meaning of unconditional positive regard to others. I am so sorry for not recognizing your pain sooner. Thank you for the wonderful remaining 5 years we had together, your silly pranks, you always seemed to know when I needed to laugh. Thanks old friend.
Mom and Erin

Isis III, 12/01/03

Rescued from a Shelter at 3 or 4 yrs, she gave a lonely man 20.5 yrs of love and joy. Each night she would snuggle against my right side, with her head on my shoulder, and often purr until we fell asleep. Doctor said kidney failure and gave her a month ... she took seven, even catching a mouse 3 weeks ago. I miss her more than I can say.

John Etler

Islandcats Prince Charming, 02/11/00-01/24/03

My beautiful, huge, baby died from FIP. Its so quiet here now. He should not have died. This virus can be prevented. Please immunize your baby for FIP. Its a rare virus but not so rare if your baby has it.

Lynn Turner

Ismo, 01/01/95-07/28/03

Ismo was my first Cat. I always considered myself a dog person until I got Ismo. The moment I saw him in the cage at the shelter I knew he was "the one". I've always known that with every pet I've ever had. You just make eye contact with them and know right away.

Ismo loved to lounge around the house and lay in my recliner. I always told people, if you want the best seat in the house, you'll have to move Ismo. He loved sitting in my picture window looking at the birds and squirrels also. That would occupy hours of his time. Another favorite of his was playing with a red ribbon that came off of a Christmas package one year. He would ignore store bought toys and play for hours with that ribbon. He also liked to chase paper balls and although I'm sure other cats do this, I had never seen a cat bring the ball back to you. He would do this many times until he got tired.

Ismo was my "sleeping buddy". He would see me head for the bed and boom, he was in it and ready for a long night's rest. He seemed to be fascinated by the shower also. I get up early to go to work and I could always count on Ismo coming and sitting on the toilet seat and watching me shower or bathe.

On July 28th, 2003 I was having a cook out and Ismo was standing at the back door. He had never made any effort to go outside before but this night when the door was opened he ran out on to the deck. He stopped and so I walked over to pick him up and he ran out into the yard which was fenced. As I went out into the yard he got spooked by some dogs in the neighborhood who started barking and he jumped the fence and took off.

My best friend and I spent days looking for him, going to the shelter, posting newspaper ads, knocking on doors, website ads, posters, etc. We never did find Ismo. While I guess it is possible that someone took him in (I did not have a tag on him since he was a full time indoor cat) I have accepted the fact that Ismo is very likely waiting for me at Rainbow Bridge. Play hard and sleep tight little buddy. I love and miss you!

Brian Geiser

Isolde, 09/27/03

Isolde, a.k.a. Izzy, has gone to join our Tristan, Kirsten, and Adrienne to wait for us at the Rainbow Bridge. She bravely fought heart and kidney disease accompanied by blindness for many years, never losing her dignified queenly composure. We sorely miss her and will keep her love in our hearts always - Jean-Paul and Mary (her human caregivers), Roland and Celesta (her feline adopted brother and sister)

Itty Bitty, 08/02/03

I will miss you Itty, my little girl. I love you so much. I think of you all the time. You were my sweetheart. You were my special angel. God came down and gave you your wings....I will see you some day nose to nose. Love ya. MOM

Itty Bitty-Houdini-Big Mama, 021/24/03-7/23 & 7/25 & 7/28 2003

To my babies..mommy loves you and misses u all... I lost u all but ur big brother smoky joe and hes still very sick from the parvo.. he misses his brothers and sister...hes home now from the vet but mommy wishes she could of brought all of u home together... love u babies.. momma

Iva Jeans Ronossi, 08/04/91-02/30/03

I feel so depressed and tired and don't have much interest in things right now. I feel like a big part of me is missing and I don't know when I will find it again

Joann McCord

Ivan (Potatoehead) Michon, 01/19/93-06/19/03

We adopted Ivan or should I say, Ivan adopted us around Halloween 1994. I had gone to the pound to look for a dog for my husband and myself. I walked slowly past the cages and was greeted by a group of barking dogs, some who were rushing the gates of their cages to be picked. I passed cage number 9 and there sitting in the corner looking like he had no cares in the world, was the most beautiful white doggy, my Baby---Ivan. He was sitting so calmly when I approached the cage, I said "come" and he did. I then told him to sit and shake hands and he did. I knew then I had found my "Doggy. "I went in to fill out the paperwork and the lady working there told me not to let his breed scare me. I said what is he and she said 1/2 Pitbull. I told her I wasn't afraid, but I had done some research on Pits and was prepared for him. I then went home and told my husband I had found the perfect dog. You know what ,he actually agreed with me. We took our baby home 3 days later, after finding out he had been trained to fight, had his tail bitten repeatedly and had been at the pound 4 months. He was so sweet, that they didn't want to put him down, but his time was getting close when we showed up. He was 21 months when we got him, not quite a puppy, but still a big goof. Our biggest task was introducing him to our kitty. That task went relatively easier than we expected. Right from the start he was a "Mommy's Boy." Where I was, Ivan was not far behind. He loved riding in the car, swimming at our house on the lake and walking 3 miles a day with me. If I were to describe every instance of love he gave us, I would have to write a book. But a couple of them were as follows. My husband and I had been married almost 10 yrs. when we found out I was pregnant. For 3 months Ivan would not let anyone near me and would take my naps with me when I grew weary. I guess it helped that I shared some of the Chinese food that I craved, with him. Into my 3rd month of pregnancy, I suffered a miscarriage and Ivan was once again there to comfort me. He actually allowed my husband to comfort me, but then proceeded to follow me even closer. Then my Dear Dad was diagnosed with 2 types of cancer and required several surgeries after which he would come stay with us. Well, when we were at work, Ivan never left my Dad's side and even lay in the bed with him a few days before my Dad passed away. I guess it is so very hard to summarize the 8 1/2 years of love and admiration we had for that lonely white stray who endeared himself to everyone he met. he was loved by children as well as adults. My own Mother-in-law used to respond to the grandchild question with "Yes, I have a grandson named Ivan." Ivan gave us many years of love and he enjoyed a relatively healthy life until May of this year when he was diagnosed with Insulin dependant Diabetes and Cushing's disease. After suffering with those 2 illnesses for 3 weeks, he started losing weight rapidly and was having a hard time walking, so we took him in for an ultrasound and that's when they found the Liver cancer. The hardest thing we have ever had to do was to plan Ivan's Euthanasia and subsequent Cremation. But, just one look into his big soulful eyes and I could see he was already leaving us. So last Thursday,6/19/03 at 10:40 AM, my Husband and I bid our Baby Boy Ivan a final farewell and ended his suffering. IVAN-----Mommy and Daddy and your little "brother", Pitou all love you and miss you, but we know you had other work to do. So for now you run and play with Memere, and Pepere B and Pepere M, and when you see Blackhead, remember, she doesn't have any front claws and can climb trees better than you. We all love you and miss you, but most especially MOMMY--You will always be MY PRECIOUS ANGEL BOYCHILD and I will never forget you.

Ivey Krystyne, 12/25/99-12/13/02

My precious baby girl, I await the day that we meet again. Mommy loves you and misses you!!

Ivory, 06/89-03/20/03

In loving memory to my dear kitty Ivory
June 1989 - march 20, 2003

No words can express my sorrow or pain that I feel now that your gone. Against all odds you fought a hard battle these last few months against the cancer that finally took your life. It was not until you laid peacefully in my loving arms that you took your last breath. Thank you for giving me almost 14 years of your endless love and affection. I will cherish the memories of you forever. Rest in peace my dear friend until we meet again. You will always be in my heart and in my thoughts.
Love you forever

Ivy, 04/06/89-07/08/02

Ivy was a truly exceptional companion. She was 1 1/2 years old when I saw her languishing in a shelter in Northern Maine, head full of porcupine quills and 15 pounds underweight. Calm and serene she had a Zen like quality that could not be hidden by her terrible physical condition. She saw me through many major life changes, and moves, always there with her quiet support and unconditional love. Thank you Ivy for being in my life, I'll never forget you.

Meg Biggs

Ivytree Melody, 07/26/92-12/23/03

Ravin, you will live in my heart until we meet again at the Rainbow Bridge.


Izzie (Isabelle), 02/15/03-03/26/03

I loved Izzie more than anything. She was my special little angel. She drowned in my moms fish pond outside. I will never forget you baby girl, you will be in my heart forever.


Izzy, 17/07/96-25/08/03

My Little Iz. Our special little girl, you really were one in a million. We miss you loads and we'll never forget you.

Georgina Harris

Izzy Bee Schermerhorn (Isabella), 10/01-08/27/03

Our dearest Izzy, there are so many things left unsaid. Your passing was sudden - for which we were unprepared. Your dearest Toonces howls at night and breaks our hearts as he searches for you in every corner, over and over again. How can we explain to him. How can we explain to you that we just never knew.
You will be in our hearts forever and ever. Our best friend our whole lives.
Rest in peace and suffer no more.

Brenda, Paul, Zak and Noah

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