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Year 2003 Tributes

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Hachio thru Hyper Piper

Hachio, 03/04/87-01/28/03

Rest in Peace, my beloved Hachio Thank you for being with me.

Nonie Masterson

Hagrid, 04/20/02-04/19/03

We will always love you Baby Hagrid.

Amy Avey

Hailey, 03/27/99-07/01/03

Hailey is a wonderful companion that will be sorely missed by her daddy and 4 year old child. She never growled at anyone and always licked everyone's hand with more kisses than anyone. Hailey you will always be in my heart.


Hairy, 12/14/01-12/14/03

Our little fur-bum came to us from the SPCA in Montreal.
He wasn't very affectionate at first. But he loved to eat!
However very quickly after, we got very close to each other and our connection grew. We will always love him more and more. We love you Hairy and here's a virtual "nose kiss"! >

Mike Vo and Marcia Hum

Haley, 11/25/03

The last of our little long haired baby's. It seems that you no sooner got here then you left. We love you and miss you. None of you are forgotten.


Haley, 03/02/93-11/15/03

Haley, for almost 11 years you there every day and good and bad (remember when you learned you could open the refrigerator?) we cherish every minute of it. Why is it that we only realize how important someone is to us after they're gone? We'll always miss you, and we'll always love you. Until the day we meet again old friend...

Michael Cron and Marybeth Marshall

Haley, 04/28/92-03/31/03

Haley joined her brother Taarzan at the Bridge. She will be sadly missed by Bones (her furry sister 6 yrs old) and by us too. We still miss Taarzan. But at least now they are together. Mommy & Daddy miss you.

Haley Ann, 4/07/96-2/15/03

Yesterday, our beautiful Haley lost a 4 month battle with Hemolytic Anemia. We love and miss her with all our hearts and souls. We will see you again, Haley Ann Bopp Doggy Wog, and the sooner the better.

Half-Pint, 10/16/96-12/11/03

We miss you so very much little putter. You already know how special you were and how much of an impact you had on our lives. We know you are pain free. You came to show your Daddy you were happy again and he knew you were ok. Your legend will live on and you will never be forgotten here at home or in the Eskie world. We love you Putter Pint.

Anna & Morey Baughn

Hallie, 10/28/03

Hallie was my Spotted Angel.
She was the most wonderful, and faithful companion one could ever hope for.
She is terribly missed.
I look forward to the day we are together again.


Halo, 7 Feb 2003

Halo was a 13 year old Kelpie cross. She was a rescue dog, who had 12 years of abuse and neglect before coming to live with us. We had 9 precious months with her before she went to the rainbow bridge. Halo had the most amazing capacity for love and forgiveness - despite her tragic past, she came to us full of love and trust, just happy to be part of a real family. She gave us energy and love but most of all she showed us how to appreciate what was important in life. Her lesson to us was that it is the quality, not the quantity of time that is important. From the moment she arrived, Halo took over the role of protector of our then 6 month old baby - they adored each other, to the point where the first word he learnt to say was Halo.

Halo was a beautiful soul who filled our home with love and light. Her passing has left a hole in our hearts and an empty space in our home. She will always be missed and never be forgotten.

Kim Leong

Hamilton, 08/28/??-11/08/01

In loving memory of Hamilton. You were the best Kitty in the world. Thank you for all you gave me. I will always love you. You really were a miracle kitty. May you find peace and play ball every day. Mamma Kitty loves you.

Lyndee Lundstrom

Hamish, 02/12/03

Hamish was the first hamster I ever rescued, and the first pet I ever had to have put down. I had no idea my heart would break as I held him while he died! He was the sweetest, friendliest little creature imaginable, and he had a real joie de vivre (a joy of life). We played every night for the 20 months we lived together. He never let his ailments bring down his happy spirits, even though he needed a shot for his demodex mites every two weeks for several months, and regular treatments for a recurring eye infection. He was shaggy, had a funny-looking nose and three tiny dark polka dots on one ear. I take comfort in knowing I made one little creature very happy, and ended his suffering as quickly as possible when his time had come. Rest in peace, Sweet Hamish.

Jules Bodewein

Hamlet, 12/21/03

Hamlet was a rare white parakeet with a bit of blue on his back. I got him after my mother died and he helped me cope with the loss. He was a very affectionate and loving bird, always ready to fly on my shoulder and chirp whenever I got home. I was able to rescue him when my home burned down in June 2002, and losing him now- 4 days before Christmas seems unbearable. He died in my hands wrapped in a towel after a brief illness. I am sorry he did not have a longer life. He was my best friend. I pray that he is in heaven with my mother. God bless you Hamlet and keep you safe until I get to heaven myself. LOVE ROMANY

Hamlet, 03/24/03

Hamlet, you were and still are my best friend. You were the best thing to happen to me and helped me feel good when I was depressed and comforted me when I was lonely. Because of you, I will open my home to another guinea pig so I can love them, too. I now know how they truly make great friends. I love you.


Hammy White Socks, 07/01-12/20/03

Hammy, you helped me through losing my job in 2001 and 9/11 by providing me with your humorous antics and allowing me to pay attention to you. We will never forget you little guy.
Thank you for allowing us to enjoy you and love you.

Joanne Wood, Lon Van Gilder, Courtnie R

Hamza, 03/06/02

How loving and dear can one creature be? Hamza.
I've never had a fur-friend who's so stolen my soul, and whose passing has left me so empty.

Peri Craig

Hank, 05/05/92-09/27/00

I loved you then; I still love you now: I'll always love you! I miss you terribly. We think of you everyday.

Allan Lichtenthal

Hank, 08/05/91-01/02/03

What can I say? Hank has been/was my baby for so very long, that my heart cannot remember when he was not with me. He was so very precious and beloved to us, and his loss is great. He has left a void that can not be filled, and I am filled with such sadness over his absence.

Teresa Wilcox

Hank Parker, 04/21/89-12/01/03

We loved you with all our hearts and will miss you so much. You gave us more joy, companionship and unconditionally love than we could have imagined possible. You were beautiful and smart and we had such fun walking in the woods, on the beach and just having you in our lives. You will be in our heart forever and we will see you again some day.
We didn't want you to suffer any longer and so we had you put to sleep today and although we know we did the right thing for you, it still broke our hearts.

You will be in our hearts forever or until the day we meet you again in heaven. Love you baby boy, you were the best boy ever.

Always in our hearts,
Mom & Dad

Hannah, 10/14/03

She had cancer and I would not let her suffer it was hard to give her up but she's not suffering now

Connie Burgess

Hannah, 12/08/03

you were very loved and will be very much missed.
We all hope you are at peace little one.

Laura & Tom

Hannah, 02/25/99-10/19/03

Gone way too soon - never to be forgotten. Godspeed sweet Princess Banana!

Bru, Bec, & Sherri, Tim & Kali

Hannah, 02/21/90-06/04/03

Thanks for coming into my life, girl. With you by my side, I was never lonely. I will never forget your gentleness and sweetness. Your passing has left a huge void in my life, and unfortunately, I now know the true feeling of loneliness. But your memory will stay with me forever. Thanks, girl.

Donna Reynolds

Hannah Garnett, 10/21/90-11/13/03

Pray for a safe passage for Hannah, a much loved girl by Anne, her human mom, and her breeder mom , Ruth Ann

Ruth Ann Melson

Hansel, 8/28/89-4/7/03

I adopted Hansel in 1991 at 1 1/2 years old from a dear lady. He was well cared for, but not very socialized. He did not grow up with children, and I did not have any, but he did very well with kids. With some work, in time, he became a friendly, outgoing, confident dog. My vet always said he was the calmest and quietest Miniature Schnauzer he ever knew! I had heard about visiting dogs and I thought that he would make a good one. When I finally made the time, we were certified with the San Antonio Delta Society as a Pet Partner team in 1996 and visited for 7 years. I was working as a nurse at University Hospital at the time. We became the first official team to visit pediatrics there. We went weekly from 1996-2000. He seemed so happy as he pranced down the hallway and he loved the attention. He performed many tricks as speak, whisper, smile, sit, lay down, rollover, dance, backup, catch, give me five (shake), take a bow, and give hugs. He was very smart and also knew what quite a few words meant. Hansel had ticklish toes and the kids liked to see him kick like a rabbit! He was also known for his many costumes. We won a number of contests for his cute photos, costumes, and tricks. We even went trick-or-treating with the patients in the hospital and in the neighborhood! During Fiesta, when people would bend over to pet him, I would sprinkle them with confetti! The kids thought it was especially funny when I got the doctors and adults. Hansel had a very gentle spirit and loving nature. He loved to lay in the bed with the kids. I could lay him in just about any position! He was very still, which is important with patients' injuries or surgeries. One nurse came in a room and didn't realize he was real until she saw his eyes move! Sometimes he would ease their pain or make them smile, maybe for the first time since being hospitalized. If he couldn't get them to laugh, I could usually get at least a smile from his funny photo book of pictures. We also brought comic relief to the families. He could motivate post-op kids to walk with him in the hallway. We worked with dog bite kids, and hopefully showed them not to be afraid of all dogs. When University pediatrics had it's grand opening to a new floor, they made wall paintings with children's handprints. Hansel got his pawprint on one too! We celebrated his 10th birthday with a party at the hospital. Then we had a party at home with friends and their dogs! We had the opportunity to mentor a number of new teams. Later we started visiting at Methodist Children's Hospital in PICU and on the pediatric floors from 2000 to 2003. We witnessed many magic moments, like watching a child's heartrate come down on the monitor while he lay with them, when medication and other measures couldn't calm them. Once we helped a doctor do his neuro exam, by helping motivate the child to give Hansel commands and pet him. Sometimes we'd have to remind the staff, we were here to see the patients! We also spent 6 months at St Luke's Behavioral Center and the Alzheimer Unit at Homewood. We participated in a few Delta presentations at schools. At Churchill High School, he was passed around the room, being held like a baby!
Besides Delta, Hansel was a very public dog. I took him every where I could-the parks, outdoor fairs like Starving Artists Show and King William's Fair, around the neighborhood, and even to work a few times! He was so well behaved, he was welcomed at (non food) businesses like my local bird feed store, hardware stores, book store, craft shop, nursery, office supply and pet store.
Hansel was the "mascot" at the children's Asthma camp for 2 years. He spent 2 weeks as camp dog where I worked as a nurse in the infirmary at Travis Lake. He had a huge fan club! He liked people, watching the back yard, chasing squirrels, going for walks, riding in the car (where he always wore his seatbelt!), going out in the front yard to get the mail, following me around the house, "watching" TV with me on my lap, and sleeping with me.
He brought me much joy and companionship. He asked for so little, but gave so much. He was such a special blessing to me. He died at 13 1/2 years old and will be greatly missed, but I hope to see him again one day. I celebrate his life in remembering the good times. Hansel touched so many lives and he will continue to be alive in the hearts and minds of all that knew him!
ECCLESIASTES 3:19-21 Man's fate is like that of the animals; the same fate awaits them both: As one dies, so dies the other. All have the same breath, man has no advantage over the animal. Everything is meaningless. All go to the same place; all come from dust and to dust all return. Who knows if the spirit of man rises upward and if the spirit of the animal goes down into the earth?

Judy Lynch

Hans Hinter Hermann, 12/06/78-Unknown

Learned everything from his "big sister" Bear.

Intelligent, protective, one of a kind.

Nancy Cours

Hans Wickland, 06/28/03

For our loving, courageous Hans, we thank you for your unconditional love. We love you boo & miss you.

John & Meg

Happ, 09/01/92 ?-01/12/03

Happ, the happy kitten and cat, passed away less than a week ago. I still remember the night she came home with me over 10 years ago. After introducing her to her surroundings, litter box, toys, and food and water bowls she jumped in my lap and commenced to make that puuring sound from deep within her throat that cats make when they are content. I thought, "What a happy kitten"; and the name Happ just stuck.

I still expect to hear her meowing in my ear in the morning, telling me it's time for breakfast. I still look up imagining that I see her stalking around the corner from the bedroom to leap into my lap and demand my attention after her nap. I'm at a loss when she's not there to greet me when I get home from work at night.

So long Happ. I miss you.


Happy, 01/01/85-02/21/03

We miss you so much, little buddy. My heart broke when I watched you leave this world, and I haven't stopped grieving all week. You were such a precious gift in my life, and I'm so grateful for the 18 years we had together.

I bought a beautiful statue of an angel and placed her on your grace. She is kneeling down petting a raccoon and two bunnies. Now she can guard your sacred resting place.

Rest well, my little friend. We'll meet again someday.


Joyce Walters

Happy Boy, 04/17/03-10/29/03

Happy Boy was a gift to me. I loved him like a son. He was always happy. He laugh and played all the time. He layed around for two days, not eating and very sad. I found places today where he urinated and it was bloody. I just feel so bad because I had no idea he was dying. I found him under the stairs breathing hard and lethargy. I picked his lifeless body up and raced to the Vet. I could hear his labored breathing. Suddenly the sound was gone. Happy died in the car. I just screamed. I ran into the Vet's office and cryied I think Happy is dead. Everybody in the office was crying. Happy was dead.
Happy, I hope you is somewhere running and playing. Thanks for being my friend. Thanks for the fun times. I loved you and will miss you.

Marie Bell

Hardy (Aka Fat Face), 10/10/03

To the strongest, most brave little boy I've ever seen, you were and still are very loved....



To HarHar, my sweet little grand Yorkie. We so miss you. You were such an adorable little boy. You left us too soon. Give Uncle Roth a sniff and a kiss from us. Momm, Daddy, Mandy, Cassidy, and Mamaw

Harley (Wobble), 07/23/90-11/06/03

Harley Wobble
July 23, 1990 - November 6, 2003
A devoted friend and companion, who owned me from the first moment I saw him.
Who slept on our bed from the first night of his arrival, to his last.
His favorite pastime was eating, and he did it so well he earned the nickname Wobble.
I will miss him so much, from his begging, to his howling, to touching his silken ears.
He was simply the best little Beagle,
who was always Boss Dog.

Free now from the cancer and pain which claimed him, he is now reunited with his best friend Cleo and fellow buddy Murphy.

Run and play Sir Wobblepot, and find God's bottomless cookie bowl.
Love forever, Kim, LJ, Sarah, Willow, and Midge

Kim Rushnell

Harley, 10/28/02-10/16/03

We Love You so much, Harley. And How we begin to live without you is beyond all of us, You gave us so much Joy and happiness, you were as loyal to us as we were you, Why you had to be taken from us all to soon we do not understand but We all will NEVER forget you as long as we live and you will be thought about everyday of our lives, Rest in Peace our Best Friend and Lil' Buddy as you are in a perfect place where someday we will all be together as a Family again. We Miss You and Love You so much.

Terry & Sheryl Dickes & Family

Harley, 9/11/03

Harley was without a doubt one of the best animals I've ever had, I won't say owned, because he was my child. He was taken from me much too soon and I miss him so very much. I would like to say that he brought so much love, joy and happiness into my life. I love you Harley and hope to see you again one day my baby. Mama

Harley, 07/24/93-08/23/03

We first met our lovely Harley Davidson (Harls) when he was six weeks and two days old - a red heeler staffy X complete with a white staffy stripe and white tip on his tail and four silver socks which glowed in the sun. Actually HE chose US and we loved him from the start for ten years and one month! We have never before met a more caring pet and he loved us as unreservedly as we did him. We always celebrated his birthday on 24 July and he guarded the food gifts around the Christmas Tree including his own present. Mia one of our two cats was his friend and they always ran to greet each other. Winfield, our other cat, was merely tolerated but she hero worshipped Harley and has tried so hard to be a dog. Harley used to listen in the mornings for John's alarm to go off and then would rush in, jump on his bed and make sure he was awake. And now we are heartbroken because all our love and all the medication could not make him better and we had to have him euthanized. He was so brave and wanted to stay with us as much as we wanted to be able to make him well again. We have put his toys and dinner bowl into storage and say we will never have another dog. After all there could only be one Harley who brought so much joy into our lives. John & Margaret

Harley Aka Kitty Meow Meow, 05/15/98-08/02/03

My Kitty Meow Meow, I miss you so much!! You used to greet me when I came home from work, you used to get up on your two Little legs, meowing as your rubbed up against me, telling me about your day. I miss you curling up next to me in bed, making biscuits, giving me love bites. I miss having you sit on my lap while I'm on the computer, your furry little face against mine. Please know that I love you and that I miss you and wait for me, one day we will be together again.
Love, Mommy Marilyn and Daddy too !

Marilyn and David Shanks

Harley, 04/14/03

Harley was nice enough to adopt us. We met him on a rainy day at the boxer rescue here locally. He was underweight and barely had any hair. His previous owners did not care for him. As soon as we saw him, we knew he was the one. He shook his whole body with excitement, and gave so many kisses we needed a towel! After 2 years of wonderful love, we had to help him over the bridge due to a cancerous tumor at the base of his brain. He was loving to the end. And he will never be forgotten...
We love you Harley!!!!

Natosha Salmon

Harley, 12/09/01-07/16/03

In loving memory of our beloved Harley. We love you!
Momma-Woman, Daddy-Man, Zack, and Princess Blue Bell

Harley, 04/01/93-05/31/03

We love you. We miss you. We will never forget you. Thank you for all that you gave. You are forever in our hearts. God bless you and keep you.

Doug and Sandra Beyrer

Harley, 04/15/96-04/12/03

My sweet baby dog. I will love you forever. Wait for me...we will be together again.


Harley, 08/19/95-04/13/03

Happy till the end, we love you always.

Dr Klein

Harley, 1/10/99-10/9/02

Harley I have sent you on a journey to a land free from pain, not because I did not love you, but because I loved you too much to force you to stay. Now your beyond the door where there is peace I am sure. For I know I will meet you there in heaven. I love you and miss you so much. May you rest in peace. No more suffering honey. Love mommy

Harley, 02/06/95-03/23/03

Harley, you are forever in our hearts. We will always remember how you loved to bounce around fetching your ball. You always put a smile on our faces you funny little puppy. We will miss you and never forget the love you put into our lives. We love you.
The Fenendael Family

Harley, 02/21/03

I miss my girl, thank you for all the love and companionship you gave so willingly. We love and miss you girl.

Janice Berry

Harley (Harles), 12/01/90-03/30/02


You were such a gentle, graceful and loving dog. I was so lucky to have had you in my life. I miss so much. You were, and still are, the Best!

Love, Your Little Mama

Harley, 10/01/95-01/25/03

My dear son, Harley, you have given me joy, comfort and love while you were here with will forever be in my heart..
I miss you so much and love you forever...until we see each other again, I will keep you close to my heart. love, mom

Tuja Okker

Harley, 06/28/96-12/20/02

Harley could never get enough attention. He loved all people and his brother Garth to no end. He was a fantastic companion and I will miss him greatly. I'll see you at the bridge with your brother, baby.

Dana Deutscher

Harley and Mocha, 12/08/03

Harley was my first anniversary present. Just a little black ball of fluff with bright eyes and a huge smile. We had him for 10 years and his little wiggly body is missed everyday. We buried him with his ever present tennis ball and his "baby". Mocha was dumped on us about 6 months ago. Skinny, hairless and badly abused, he turned into a beautiful apricot poodle. No teeth, blind and scared he came to know in his short time with us what it was to be loved. Our triumph was when he started coming to us to be loved on. I will miss them both and can't wait to see them when I get there.

Christy Austin

Harley C, 12/25/94-01/12/03

I miss you more than words can say. I feel I lost my best friend and my heart is so broken. I just hope all your pain is gone. The kids miss you terrible and I hope to see you again har-har. I will never forget you and one day we will meet again. I love you and miss you!!
Love you,
P.S. I'll bring the tuna for you.

Harley D., 08/19/95-03/13/03

We love you and miss you so very much. We look for you in every room as we walk through the house. Oh how I wish we could turn back time! There's still so much for us to do together.

I am just not ready to let you go, come visit me in my dreams - Mom

We Love you forever, Mom, Zach, Justin, Aaron, dad and even grandma and grandpa.

Harley D, 07/85-01/02/03

You were a prince among cats. You loved everyone and everyone loved you. There is a hole in my heart that will never be filled. Til we meet again my beloved friend.

Sheila Anne

Harley Davidson, 09/01/02-03/03/03

Harley we really loved you. We miss you very much. We are so sad without you. We hope you are in cat heaven.

Harley Dude II, 01/13/95-01/11/03

To our wonderful Hars~ Oh Beeter, we miss you so much. Our lives are so empty without you. Thank you for giving us so much joy for eight years - you were not just a dog; you were a member of our family and you always will be! We will love you forever! ~Until we meet again~

Love Always, Mom, Dad, Risa, and Ross

P.S. We hope you are eating steak bones, chasing golf balls, and doing the conga dance in heaven =) we love you

Harley Jane the Wonderdog, 03/15/90-08/30/03

Harley Jane the Wonderdog. . .you were the most sweetest, gentlest, biggest babydoll in the entire world. Sadly missed by momma, daddy, your sister & brother, grandma & others. Run, jump and play in your wonderful new body babygirl. . .WE LOVE YOU!!

Harley O, 02/2003

My har-har you will always be my baby... I'm sorry we didn't know sooner about your heart... but that night we knew something was terribly wrong... I'm sorry I did not get to see you off to the rainbow bridge but hopefully you will be there for me when I get there... you are still loved and thought of all of the time. your favorite baby Gracie is so big now you wouldn't believe it but I'm sure you are watching over us. bailey misses you most of all, I know she was your girl. you will always be my friend even though our time together was far too short, I love you,


Harper Joseph Evan Jundi, 03/17/97-11/21/03

Harper Joseph Evan Jundi was my baby since the day I adopted him, when he was 10 days old. As the runt of the litter, I catered to him and he saw me as his mother. He would nurse on my skin and my clothing and loved to lean his head against me and purr into sleep.

He was 6 years, 8 months and 4 days old when he passed away from cardio myopathy, but he was brave and loving to the end. I was able to hold him in my arms when he passed on. He is now my kitty angel but being without him will be hard.
I used to sing to him:
"Harper Joe, Harper Joe
Mama loves you so"
I love you Harper Joe.
Love Mama


Harpo, the moment you were gone, I realized how long it had been since you had chased a ball or heard the jingle of your favorite toy, how isolated you were becoming as your body aged and your senses faded. But your spirit was always wild, your sense of humor forever a joy to behold -- even as your now-fragile frame gradually overshadowed the muscular showoff and clown who loved to entertain us with his antics. You were passionate about life, and greeted every day with anticipation. What a trooper! You never complained and never even admitted you were in pain. We're grateful you didn't suffer a lengthy illness, but we weren't really ready for you to leave us. When I come home, I think I hear you barking. At my desk, I'm sure you're there at my feet. In bed, I wonder why you're not trying to share my pillow. I no longer have a reason to walk slowly along the canal, admiring the skyline and enjoying the soft breezes. I pray and I hope with all my heart that you and Pooh Bear have been reunited, and that you have met and already come to love Tobie, Heather, and Heidi. We miss all of you, and wonder how we can ever bear to have another dog, because of the grief we feel when the time comes to part. Or how we can possibly manage to live without you, or one of your cohorts. After 18 years of loving us and taking care of us, the silence you've left us with is a heavy burden. I think your daddy is even more heartbroken than I am, and he is truly inconsolable. Whatever will we do....?

Harriet, 03/20/03

To my sweet little girl Harriet.

Michael Cannon

Harry, 11/12/03

I love you Harry and my heart and soul grieves that I was not there when they put you to sleep......I didn't even get to say goodbye or talk to you before they took you.....We had no idea that in that loving ball of fur you had Leukemia and they put you to sleep before they even told me.
I was going to give you a loving home, with lots of food and love and warmth....Please please forgive me Harry for leaving you and not being there....I had no idea it was the last time I'd see you...I miss you so much....

Allison Hanuschak

Harry, 9/11/03

Harry, you were such a beautiful creature but had such a rough life. I'm sorry that we didn't spend as much time with you as we should have. I did enjoy the time we had together, and am sorry to see you go. We will miss you. Please find your fur siblings and give them hugs from us. We will see you on the other side of the bridge...

Iris Mayhall

Harry, 05/22/00-07/11/03

Our special bond will never be broken, We will meet at the rainbow bridge.

Matthew Pryme

Harry, 05/26/94-07/05/03

To Harry, I have now been alone four days. I miss you so much. Your demeanor was closer to an angel than I have ever had the pleasure of knowing. You followed me from room to room as I worked and what a helper you were! Your singing I still hear. You came on the first call and responded with love unconditionally. Not only were you physically beautiful and so brave you were my little angel and I miss you. The last look when our eyes locked I will treasure forever. It seems unfair that you were taken on my birthday. May you come often to check on my heart.


Harry, 07/28/89-02/27/02

I loved Harry as you would a child. A part of me died when he did. While I do remember and think of the happy times we had together, I miss him with all my heart. I wanted to die when he died. I have never loss someone so close to me. And that was after so many losses in my family. But nothing could prepare me for the loneliness I would feel after he left us. He deserved and returned all the love we showered on him, measure for measure. I could not of loved anyone more. I will always miss him and hope we are reunited when I visit over Rainbow Bridge...

David Joseph

Harry Bear Murphy, 11/28/97-07/28/03

Harry was with us only a few short years...
He is an angel that we will never forget.
He blessed our lives and we will treasure our time with him forever.
We love you, with your brother and sister, run with Patrick, and Lili and Sam and Maggie and Jesse. We love you, forever.

Harry Pryme, 05/22/00-07/11/03

Our special bond will never be broken, We will meet at the rainbow bridge.


Harvard, 09/15/03-05/03/03

We lost you to disease and old age, but we will never loose you in our hearts and thoughts. You brought joy and happiness to your family for years for this we loved you and will love you forever.

Andrew Kane

Harvey Aka Mr. Harvard, 04/21/94-12/04/03

Hey Harv, We called you Mr. Harvard because you were so smart, handsome, and sophisticated.
We were glad to have been able to help you when you needed us.
We will always love you and your legacy will live on forever.
Love Mom and Dad

Harvey, 03/19/01-07/26/03

We miss you so much


Hassan, 04/16/99-08/31/02

Hassan, everyone loved you very much ... especially me. I will never forget you. We shared a very special bond, that not even death can take away. For the rest of my life, every day, I will be thinking of you. Thank you for teaching me to open my heart, and love unconditionally. Wait for me, sweetheart. We will be together again, but until that day arrives, keep chasing grasshoppers up in heaven. A piece of you lives in me forever, Hassan. I'll love you forever. Until then sweetie.

Tara Sikorski

Hawkeye, 08/18/95-12/22/03

Goodbye Hawkeye - we love you, and will see you again someday.

Matthew Brown

Haylee Joe, 02/18/01-01/30/03

You're free to go now little one,
Rejoice and play - The time has come,
For your spirit to be on it's way,
Have fun be happy, your love will stay

We will ALL miss you,
Blessed Be, Merry meet and merry part!
Love always,
Michelle, Drew, & Mathew

Hayley, 07/92-04/04/03

Dear Hayley,
You were the best dog on this earth!
We will miss you forever!
Mom, Dad, Jake, Alexa & Max


Dear Hazel, you were a big part of our family. You will always be loved and remembered. Sweet dreams, little one.

Natalie, Jackie, Gino, Galina.

Hazel, 03/19/01-05/08/03

We now Hazel is in a better place now.
We love her and we miss her very much.
She will always be part of our family.

Meyle Family

Hazel, 4/15/99

This tribute is in honor of my little boy Hazel who departed this Earth on April 15, 1999 at the age of nine.

You were the light of my life and the best Chief Rabbit ever to rule on the Down.
Thank you for all the love and memories- Hazel-rah, until we meet again,

I love you always,

Heather, 02/14/03-11/24/03

Will Rogers said, "If there are no dogs in heaven, then I want to go where they went."


Heather, 10/01/89-08/12/03

You are so missed. It is so quiet. No more "talking" when someone sneezes or comes to the door. Muffin misses you so much. There is no one to chase away real or imagined critters when she goes outside. You were always there to do that for her. We know that you are happy with Buffy and Mindy and the others that came before you from our family. We are happy that you are no longer in pain.

Paula and Don


Heathy, life is not the same without you.
I miss the way you give me kisses.
I miss your loud voice.
I miss the way you just got in your place and stayed there, just happy to be around me.
I miss your leadership.
Your sister misses you too.
I remember when I picked you two up at the SPCA and you sat there so perfectly quiet so that I would pick you.
It was an easy choice.
I've loved having you for all the good years, you were everybody's favorite, and you were so friendly.
I think about you all the time, Heathy, and I search for you.
I wish that somehow, some way, you could come back to me.
Losing you was so painful - I cried out in agony.
It hurt so much, Heathy.
Please be happy and loved and where you're supposed to be.
I have not been able to let go of you yet though.
I don't know if I ever will.
Maybe I can let go of the sadness and pain when I finally see you at the Rainbow Bridge.
But while I'm on earth, I still cry when I think of you.
I feel so bad.
Please know how sorry I am, and how very much I always loved you.
You changed my life forever, Heathy, and I'll miss you and cherish you until the day I die.

Love, Marty

Heaven, 04/28/80-11/28/03

Heaven, you will be in our hearts and minds forever.

Emma Fogler

Heaven Leigh, 06/28/90-10/19/03

I love you and miss you so much, mommy's sweet girl. Please don't forget me as I never will forget you. We will be together again someday. Please be happy and content in the mean time, and never forget our song "You and me against the World.... and when one of us is gone, and one of us is left to carry on....then remembering will have to do...think about the days of me and you...."

I Love You Heaven,


Heckie, 01/12/98-17/02/03

You left us so suddenly and now are hearts are broken and we don't understand why? One minute you were there and then you were gone - we didn't get to say goodbye or tell you how very much we loved you. You weren't even ill, at least not that we knew. We will always miss you.

Sue & Mike

Hector, 10/24/03

Hector was a gentle, loving boy; we all miss him very much.

Pam Swanson

Heidi, 06/04/90-12/06/03

I know that you no longer have to suffer the pain.

Mary Reta

Heidi, 12/16/99-12/02/03

Our dearest Heidi,

We know you are in a much better place now. No pain, drugs, confusion or unhappiness. Our wish is that you understand why we did what we did, and will forgive us for it. We miss you so much, and will always love you. It is so quite at home without you. And I especially miss not having you to sleep beside me. We love you baby, and will forever hold a very special place in our hearts. You be a good girl now, and be eternally happy!

Love, Daddy and Mommy

Heidi, 03/12/82-07/18/96

We weren't really looking for another dog, but when you escaped from the animal shelter and hid in my car and refused to leave, we thought we'd better take you home. Heidi, thanks for 14 great years of watching the kids and just being a "good dog" in general. Hope you are up there playing with Katie. We miss you a lot. We hope to see you again (if not, I'm not going..) All our love "Heid"...

Blair Lamere

Heidi, 07/11/84-03/16/99

Heidi was our "queen of the universe".
We will keep her love of life and spirit of adventure alive in our hearts.
It's been over 4 1/2 years and she is still missed very, very much.
We love you, Heidi!

Dave & Lynn Donell

Heidi, 03/04/03

Heidi was very brave and fought a battle with cancer that left her with an enlarged heart.
We miss her very much

Heidi Von Schalk

Heidi, 05/01/91-10/06/03

Heidi you are a very good girl. I love you very much, I will love you always. I think about you all the time. You where not just my pet you where my best friend. I hope your happy in heaven.
Love you hugges and kisses mommy

Heidi, 10/04/03

She is with our Lord waiting for me and Marge.

Charlotte Henderson

Heidi, 9/23/03

Heidi was our special little girl for 12 great years. she protected our family, we felt safe with her here. Heidi saved the life of my son Matthew, when Matt was a baby in his walker someone left the basement door open, Heidi stood in the doorway and barked as Matt tried to get past her. Heidi has two friends here that will also miss her, Rex and Sandy are our two min pins, Heidi kept them in check, if they got out of hand she would get up and bark at them and they would stop what they were doing and go lay down. I hope we made the right decision for Heidi. We will always remember you Heidi and always love you. I believe that Heidi is now with our son Michael that died at birth. She will live forever in our hearts. Thank you Heidi for being such a wonderful part of our lives.

Heidi, 08/13/92-09/01/03

Oh, Heidi of the far horizon - Go; go chase the clouds through the sky.
Love you always. Thank you, thank you, thank you, my dear, beautiful friend.

Linda Kelly

Heidi, 06/24/03

Heidi, we brought you home when you were so small. You chewed up everything you could get your teeth on, including the kitchen flooring. When Brittany, Lindsie and Stacie were born, you laid beside them, watching anyone who came near. When the girls got older you were always there keeping a watchful eye over them, following them wherever they went. You loved playing ball and going for rides. You always met me at the door no matter what time I got home with a wag of your tail and a nose between my knees. You loved to lay under the tree in the backyard and watch the girls play, and go on walks with Brittany. When you got sick and we knew your time was short, I asked Brittany where she wanted to bury you. She said "Dad I want to put her under the tree, that's where she always laid while we play in the yard." Well Heidi Jo, you are forever laying under your favorite tree and keeping watch over your girls. I know you are with Sandy, Jessie and Taffy running and playing ball. Brittany, Lindsie, Stacie, Kringle and Tizzy miss you. You were my buddy. Mom and I will see you on the Bridge, I'll bring the tennis ball.

Heidi, 03/07/86-06/17/98

On the 5th anniversary of your crossing, my precious darling, I still miss you and love you every day.

Judy Hannemann

Heidi, 04/08/91-06/06/03

Heidi was always the teacher and I the student, May and I find the strength and knowledge from all she was to teach others in my obedience class to always be kind and forgiving as she was. I miss her so much!!!

Linda Howell

Heidi, 08/12/92-05/24/03

Heidi was my special dog. My nubby, nubster, nubby nubkins, schnitzel, heidster, etc..she knew all her nicknames, and came to them all. I will forever love her and cherish the memories she has left with me. She was a dog with a sense of humor and attitude, and will always be in my heart. I look forward to the day when I can see her again, and hear the familiar 'woo woo woo' in greeting.
Love you Heidi,

Heidi, 06/24/94-04/16/03

My dear, precious Heidi passed away April 16, 2003. It happened so fast. I never knew when I left you that morning, that I would never see you again on this earth. I know I will see you one day when we cross the Rainbow Bridge together. You were such a sweet and wonderful puppy. You were never any trouble. Maggie was a good mommy to you and taught you well. I can still see your sweet, happy little smile. All you ever wanted was to be petted and loved. You never asked for anything and now are gone. I will miss your sweet, happy, smiling face forever. I love you.

Brenda Portlock

Heidi, 04/02/03

Heidi started her life as an abused dog. I rescued her when she was about 1 1/2 years and in the 12 years that she shared with me, she displayed sweetness beyond any dog I've met.
I will miss you forever.

Paula Chapman

Heidi, 11/06/82-10/17/01

Our beloved Heidi, we miss you still. You were our baby and our big brave 4 pound girl. You will always be part of our hearts, our memories and our smiles. You loved to play golf and you had your own little duckie that you carried when you felt out of sorts. You were a bed hog but that was okay because you also were a comfort and a bit of warmth for our not only our backs but our hearts. Your little curious and asking face still brings me smiles and tears. I love you Heidi. Wait for us, keep Scheetie away from the Christmas tree and watch over all the others who walked over the rainbow bridge so bravely and wait for us. Just bark and dance around when you see us and we will know where you are. Love, mom.


Heidi was an awesome dog who lived to 14 years old and suffered of cancer of the liver. Even though she weighed 60 pounds, she was so gentle and loving and nurturing. I will miss her warm kisses on my face and her listening to me when I needed to talk and no one was around. I will especially miss her unconditional love. I will be proud that I was the owner and mother of such a special dog that God placed in my life.

Patricia C

Heidi, 04/16/93-01/14/03

Heidi, We love you We miss you You brought so much joy to our lives You were God's gift to us in our advancing years

James and Elaine Fenwick

Heidi, 03/04/03

To our beloved Heidi-
We love you and miss you so much. You are now with your best friend Kelly at the Rainbow Bridge which does give us some comfort. Till we all meet again.......
Joan, Michael & Megan

Heidi, 01/29/96-12/19/02

Heidi was a wonderful sweet dog, who never truly grew up. She was always afraid of loud noises and strange objects and needed much love and attention. She was active and healthy until the very moment that she died. She was my baby girl and I love her, miss her and I'll never forget her. I'll hold her in my heart forever.


Heidi Ann, 06/10/93-10/24/03

Heidi you will always be with us in our hearts and minds. You were loved so much.

Jan and Donald Hale

Heidi Belle Maennle-Hopper, 03/15/92-02/01/03

Heidi Belle was truly an exceptional pet. She knew she had a special commission from God to take care of her beloved children, especially David who has Down Syndrome. She would have defended her family with her very life. Even when she was stolen by a dog theft ring she was brave enough to escape and was smart enough to follow her guardian angel to my parents home. Miraculously she had never been to their home in her life! We lost Belle to complications from Lupus and we rest in the knowledge that we will meet her on the Rainbow Bridge. As she was dying, I promised to meet her there! We know that she is there taking care of another special boy as she had great training on this earth.

Heidi, B.J., Uli, Bugs

For my Heidi Bear (95), B.J. (92), Uli (00), and Bugs (99),

You are missed and loved everyday. Each of you were special and family. Please know I love you very much.

Shelly Ashley D.V.M.

Helen, 01/15/93-05/19/03

To my best girl and only "daughter" I'll ever have....
I miss you, girl.
Rest in Peace.


Helene, 08/05/03

Through years of chronic pain you were always kind. I'll miss you crabby girl


Hendrix, 07/04/92-08/11/03

She was our special baby, always willing to comfort, love, and snuggle. She was an essential part of our lives and will live on in our hearts for all times. We will miss you little one.

Kim Labonte, Giselle Labonte

Henri, 17/04/94-18/02/03

Sadly missed,
He was a great character.

Brian and Gloria Matthews

Henry, 06/06/96-12/15/03

Henry is a person who wore fur. Has was an unusually loving, sentient, playful, regal, soul whose positive impact on our lives can't be expressed in words. We are thankful that he graced our lives and pray that his soul has achieved eternal happiness at Rainbow Bridge.

Richard Kochenburger & Janie Roque & Rich Issacs

Henry, 02/23/03-11/07/03

Henry was sent by our dear departed cat Onery to cheer us up. He was a wonderful, loving, lap cat sent from Heaven. His mysterious death reminds us that God needs pets too. Although his time with us was brief, we will always love him for the comfort he brought and can't wait to see him again.

Becky Almany

Henry, 04/10/03

We love you. You are and always will be in our hearts as long as we live.

Tze Tu Ho

Henry, 01/11/02-08/07/03

With All My Love Henry Take Care


Henry, 04/10/03

We love you. You are and always will be in our hearts as long as we live.

Tze Tu Ho

Henry, 09/28/03

Henry passed on today after a long and brave battle with illnesses from old age. He was a very loved friend and although I do not know exactly what to say because I am very sad right now I do want him to know I love and miss him forever.

Meghan Lord

Henry, 07/08/86-02/24/03

To our beloved Henry, you were our friend and confidant, in good times and bad, you were always there with a wag of your tail, or a kiss on the cheek to make us feel better. You played with the kids, and always made us laugh with your antics. Through the tears, we are giving you to the Rainbow Bridge for you to be free of pain and now you can do all those things you did when you were young. We will always keep you in our hearts, and will see you again when the time is right. Be free, our dearest, fly with the wind.

Bill and Pat

Henry Tilney, 04/30/99-05/16/03

Our little sunshine Henry,

You came to us as a wonderful surprise from God, and now he has called you back to Him all to soon. Now the rainbow bridge will sing with your incessant purrs forever, your asthma is gone forever, and you can go for walks without being on a leash. I miss you so much, my little angel. You took my heart with you up to Rainbow Bridge. I will always love you, and I eagerly anticipate the day when I will, by the grace of God, go with you across the Bridge never to be separated again.

Love always,
Mom, Dad, and Kimberly

Herbert, 08/28/03

Thank you for being my little angel. You were so courageous throughout your illness. You will forever have a special place on my heart. I love you sweet boy.

Herbie, 08/02-01/18/03

Herbie was a little bundle of energy, loved to play and pester my sister's oldest dog. He played all day with my sister's dogs, but when he wanted held or a special treat here he would come running to me with that look in his eye that said, "Pick me up mommy, spoil me." At about the same time each evening he would come to me, wanting picked up. I would pick him up and he would look at me as if to say, "Isn't it time to go to bed?". Off we would go to bed where he would curl up at my feet to sleep for the night. He knew that he was my baby and that I was always ready to spoil him. Then he got sick. After he got sick he would look at me as if asking me to just hold him, which I did. He kept getting worse and the vet could not seem to figure out what was wrong with him. He kept loosing weight and couldn't hold anything down. Then he started having bloody diarrhea. The day before he passed I took him back to the vet for the second time in 2 days, the vet gave him a stronger shot and some pills. He seemed to be getting better. He was holding down food and getting up and getting his own water. That night he climbed onto my chest to sleep. I thought everything was okay. Early the next morning he started bleeding. I carried him out of the bedroom and put him on my sister's bed. He laid there breathing shallowly until he was told that everything would be okay then he closed his eyes and passed. I loved him very much and will forever miss him. He got so skinny in the last few days that he was not like the same dog at all. I know that he will be taken care of and will be happy, and I know that one of these days I will be reunited with him. He will always live in my heart.

Tammy Genet

Hercules (Bun Bun), 03/27/03

A tribute to my heroic bunny Hercules who was my best friend and I love and miss him dearly I just hope he is ok at the Rainbow Bridge will his pal who died shortly before Iolaus (guinea). May he rest in peace, until soon we are united once more!

Laura Vickers

Hercules, 10/18/01-03/19/03


How do I explain the ache
In my heart now that you are gone
How do I explain the seeds
Of love that you have sown
How do I live each day
Without you by my side
How do I ease the hurt
Now that you have died

And now as I look back
Over the last three years
I see the happiness you brought
To me through my tears
When I was feeling down
Your head upon my knee
To let me know you'd
Take my pain happily
When I would walk
Through the door
The look upon your face
As you knocked me on the floor

My dear friend, my baby
My sweet puppy dog
How can I lift myself
From this overwhelming fog
Do I dare believe that you are
In heaven with past friends
Or are you still here
Beside me until the end

you are missed by mom, charlie,
xena and princess

thank you
Denise Duncanson

Hercules, 05/01/97-03/23/03

Herc had epilepsy, but he was a fighter, and the most gentle and protective dog I have ever met. He loved us and we loved him. Hercules crossed rainbow bridge at 3 pm today, when epilepsy complications, made his life less about living and more about suffering. Hercules you were a good boy and I am sorry we couldn't help you, I am so glad you honoured us with your love and became a member of our family.

Toni Ross

Hercules, 04/02/96-11/20/02

My dear Hercules, it has been 2 months since you went to the Rainbow Bridge and sometimes I miss you like it was yesterday. I lost you to shar-pei fever much before your time and I watched you suffer especially the last month of your life but you never really let on how badly you were feeling. You still honored us with your love and never snapped or snarled at us. When I would help you get around or go up the stairs you would give me a kiss as if to say, "Thanks, Mom". You even obeyed my last command when I told you to just let go and it would not hurt any longer.

You will never be forgotten. I know you have deeply touched two lives and probably more in the short six years of your life. It was as if you knew you would not be here long and you gave extra love to make up for the time you should have been here.

I will never truly get over you but thank you so much for your love and friendship.

So to my best friend, who was taken long before his time, I LOVE YOU AND ALWAYS WILL.

Mom & Dad

Hermann, 04/01/66-1970

He was eager to please. Taught his daughter (Bear) everything he knew.

Nancy Cours

Hero, 05/16/03

Hero, I love and miss you dearly. You brought so much love and joy into my life and I thank you for that. I will never forget you buddy. I long for the day when we meet again. Love you, Ray

Hero, 12/08/91-01/23/03

Hero, you were our Handsome Boy and the best Greyhound anyone could ask for! Even after you were gone, the vet talked about your thick soft fur, something anyone who knows anything about Greyhounds always noticed. We went to the track that day back in 1994 to adopt a Greyhound. The truth is, you chose us. You came out of your cage and walked right over to daddy, and your big brown eyes looked deep into his. That was it. We took you home and trained you to lay on a couch and sleep in a bed! You had more stuffed animals than a newborn baby. You had your favorite Blue Bone.

Greyhounds like kennels they said. Not you. You were found after 5 hours in the kennel in the midst of a fluffy white mess! Do you remember shredding the pillow, the comforter, the towel, and putting some hefty teeth marks in your stainless steel water bowl? You were never put in the kennel again. Fluffy bedding and pillows atop the master's bed was more your speed. You were the king. We were just your humble servants willing to do anything that suited you.

But, when the master was away, you were lonely. Within six months we took you back to the adopt your sister Holly. You were like two peas in a pod! You two were like great big bookends, often mirroring each other with your poses as you stretched across the couch, or the floor, or the bed...

She misses you now as much as the rest of us do. She has not known life in our house without you until now. What a hard lesson. We wish we could explain it to her so she could understand. She stands looking out the window, greeting us at the door as you used to do, waiting for you to return.

Things are different here now and they will never be the same. You aren't here to tell us when the delivery men come, or when daddy comes home from work, or when friends and family arrive. You aren't here to provide your extra special "shoe service" when people enter the house. (We used to think that being able to find our shoes by the door where we left them would be a benefit, but oh, how we wish we still had to search the house or gather them in numbers from the couch!) You aren't here to demand breakfast before we've had our coffee. You aren't here to cuddle next to and share our pillow on the couch in the evening. You aren't here to steal daddy's spot in bed in the morning. You aren't here to stretch out on the floor in the middle of the field of toys, which always encouraged us to tell the children to tidy up. You aren't here to beg for french fries, bread crusts, and other goodies with your Chubakka roo. You aren't here to rest by the old tree stump in the backyard, where we loved to watch you entertain yourself. You aren't here to run the fence out back with your friends. We will have to adjust to life without these things and many others.

We miss you terribly. We loved you more than we even realized. We will remember you forever. We know you are in Heaven with our other loved ones watching over us and waiting for the day when we will join you.

Thank you for giving your heart to us old boy. We are thinking of you now, healed and young again, running full-out circles in the sky....and then settling down for a nice long stretch on the comfiest couch you've ever had!

Did you ever know that you're our Hero? You are the Wind Beneath our Wings. Thank God for you.

Your family. Forever....

Herschel Kirk Edlund, 10/01/92-02/27/03

Our Dearest Herschel: Mommy and Daddy miss you so. You are free of pain now big boy so go and play for we will see you soon someday. With sorrow in our hearts we know now you must go but remember you are the best dog we could've ever hoped for. Until we meet again over the rainbow you'll be with us forever.

Love and Hugs

The Edlunds

Hershey, 10/22/03

Hershey was my beloved friend for 13 1/2 years. She was a pregnant stray, attacked by a dog and saved by a good hearted woman. She recovered from her injuries and delivered three healthy kittens. In due time, the kittens were all given to good homes and I adopted the little mama cat. She has been totally devoted to me since that day. She was very gentle and loving with a sweet, sweet nature. She will always have a big chunk of my heart.

Teresa Gregory

Hershey, 04/15/89-08/21/01

My tribute to Hershey is that he was the most wonderful, caring and gentle dog in the world and he will be missed terribly but I will always love him and remember him.

Hershey, 10/98-07/29/03

Thank you for being the best little boy ever. We know you will be the brightest star in the sky. You will forever be missed. We love you BIG much.

Joe, Nicole, Lizzie, Emma and Mommy too!

Hershey, 1996-04/01/03

My beautiful blue eyed handsome little man, you are now a guardian angel.

You were so gentle, affectionate, playful, a pure joy to have around.

Until we meet at the Bridge....

Patty Blevins

He Who Had No Name, 05/02/03

This is to all the dogs and cats that get hit by cars and no one claims them. I am so sorry that people can be so mean. Not all of us are. Many of us respect you more than people. You are so deserving of all of our love and many do not understand that. I hope that you are enjoying the bridge. May you have all the happiness there that you did not receive here!

Hey Jude, 09/28/96

My sweet Jude.
Now Nikki has joined you and Butkus.
Please take care of her until we can all be together again.
Mommy misses you all desperately.

Donna & Guido

Hey You, 12/15/03

My Saint You, I used to call you this because you appeared at our front door on Easter Sunday 3 years ago. You were probably only 6 months old then. Only God knew the joy and happiness you would bring us these 3 short years. Oh my HeyYou, we miss you so much. You loved us with all your heart and soul as we love you. Your smiling at us when we would come home, your smiling at everyone that walked in our front door. Oh how you loved the grandchildren. You danced with them, played with them, loved them so much. Destiny your German Shepard sister is so lonely these days without "You" You loved to run run run and you would run fast out in the field until one of us caught up with you. You had personality, almost human. We miss you lying between us in bed, wanting so much attention from us and giving us all your attention. Your kisses we miss. Today, Jan. 15, 2004 has been a month since you've gone to Heaven but every one of these days, we have thought of our HeyYou with tears of missing you. You had so much life and brought us so much joy, laughter, happiness. You were a card, so funny, so silly, so hyper running and jumping all over the furniture running room to room. "You" were LOVE. Until we meet again in Heaven,
Always know we love you, our HeyYou.

Pattie, Rusty, Tiffany, Damian, Savanna & Destiny A

Hilda, 11/25/90-04/14/03

My beloved Hilda, you were the best friend of Paul, Sue and Mary. I still cannot believe you are gone, you will be with us forever. Love always your Dad. Paul

Hilda, 03/91-02/12/03

I only knew Hilda for the last 6 years. She was my husbands dog before we got married. Hilda was the best doberman anyone could ever ask for. Troi, our 5lb poodle would hand from Hilda's lip trying to get her chewy back and Hilda would just drop the chewy and walk away. No growling, not even one hair raised. She was so good with her. When me and my husband first got married, Hilda had her own recliner and if I would try to sit on it, Hilda wanted to be on my lap too (sharing it with me).
Hilda, you are now with your sisters Heidi, Troi, Kali, and Nikki. I hope you are all happy and playing with each other. Me and your dad with meet up with you at the rainbow some day. Until then.....we love you and miss you.

Heather and Michael

Hilde, 06/23/87-11/12/03

Hilde, a beautiful calico, is greatly missed by Gerri and her furry brothers:
Blackhawk, Greystoke & Maxx.
She was much loved and will always be with us in spirit.

G Lohbrandt

Hildy, 5/6/2-7/16/03

For a beautiful girl who suffered so many traumas without complaint and always a wagging tail, even as you passed over the Bridge. You were Mommy's Bath Buddy, our Foot Warmer under the desk and our Under the Covers Bed Buddy. You are our forever Buddy. Our Hildy Matildy!

Hinnie Boy Kitty, 08/02/03

Bless you for the lessons you taught of hope, love, loyalty, persistence and grace. We miss you but we trust that your spirit shines brightly, free of pain. We'll be together again.

Blessed Be, Hinnie

Hitch, 04/87-12/13/99

Hitch, Hitchcock....the buff orange guy with the "hitchy" walk because of a nasty fight with a car as a kitten and the pigeon purr....he was a kitty, not a bird!
Tail up and motor going....a friendly guy that fought the brave battle with renal failure, patiently letting his human companions give him his sub-cue fluids 2x a day....motor running the whole time.
He was a great furry friend that we still think of and hope he is having a great time chasing bugs and climbing trees in his own "big room"....

Wendy Marcisofsky

Hitop, 08/20/87-03/19/03

Hitop was put to rest today after a long and full life, bringing me 15 yeas of unconditional love, companionship and comfort. She was a great friend, and will always be a part of our family. We will miss her dearly.

Frank Delessio

Hobbes, 11/10/03

My life. My angel. My baby boy. My love.

Jennifer Hawes

Hobbes, 7/15/92-7/01/03

Hobbes: You came into our lives shortly after we were married in 1992. You were such a little ball of orange fur and so cuddly. You hid in my hair while I was trying to sleep. Your purring was so comforting. You were the boss of all the other cats we had because you were there first. Through five different houses and several life stages, you were a constant companion and best friend that I could always count on. I remember bringing home balloons and dangling the strings low enough for you to jump in the air and catch. You didn't know what to do with the balloon once you caught it, but you had fun letting go and trying again. One time, I didn't realize Ron left out his paints and you and Calvin had walked through them. We came home to black, white, and blue footprints everywhere. You were in the corner trying to lick off the evidence. You loved to sit next to the portable heater when it was cold. You burned your nose when you fell asleep too close. When Alex was born, you adopted him as your friend. Words can't describe how much you were loved. You got sick so suddenly, I didn't know what was wrong until it was too late. I tried to keep you at home and nurse you, but you never responded to the treatments. The hardest thing I ever had to do was take you to the vet that last time. I came home from work and took you outside to the place you loved to sit. I brushed your fur and held and talked to you. Ron said his goodbye's and told you what a good kitty you were. Alex stroked your fur and asked me why you were going away. I held you in my arms while you went to sleep the last time. My voice was the last you heard as you went to be with God until I could see you again. That evening, Alex wanted to know why I was crying. He said "Hobbes went to be with God so he could make him better". Sometimes 4 year old kids can be very profound. Thank you, Hobbes, for 11 years of sunshine and happiness. We will never forget our first and best. We love you.

Ron, Kristina, and Alex Gluth

Hobbes, 07/01/94-04/30/03

Hobbes you left us today, me and mom cried all day. It was hard to tell the girls about you. They could since that something was wrong when we called them. You have left a void in all our hearts that will hard to fill. Your sickness was just to much for you to over come. We all miss you, till we meet again. Love dad mom & girls

Hobbes, 03/29/93-09/29/01

My precious Hobbies. I miss you so much. You were my "bestest" friend in the world. I still can't believe you are gone. I miss you and love you everyday of the world. You got sick so fast that we didn't even know what was happening until it was too late. When you got too weak to go down the stairs anymore I would lay in the floor with you so you wouldn't be alone. When you didn't want to eat I tried to feed you by hand and give you all your favorite foods. I could see the pain in your eyes. Feel it in my soul. I'll never forget the day you went away. I wanted to be with you so bad but Gary wouldn't let me. He said he'd seen his go and I didn't want to remember you that way. I felt so guilty for so long. Like I'd let you down. I hope you forgive me. I love you more than everything!

Hobbes, 02/27/02

My buddy, my bodyguard, my best friend. Forever in my heart.

Kathleen Marks

Hobbs, 11/22/03

Hobbs was a bunny at Brambley House Rabbit Rescue.
I volunteer and every Saturday morning we clean all the cages and let the bunnies out to "play".
The night before Hobbs suddenly fell ill- the next day we were doctoring him but he wasn't responding- before I knew it- I heard Stacey say "I think he is dying"- two seconds later she say "He's dead".
I didn't get to know Hobbs very well but I sure was upset by the whole thing- one day they are they the next day they are not- just love and care for the babies while they are here.
He left behind Calvin- who is so missing him.

Pamela Tegtmeyer

Hobbs, 03/17/03

You died in my arms this afternoon; just a sneeze and you were gone; you will always be in my heart; we miss you.

Caroline Neber

Hobie, 01/06/02

Always alive in our hearts we miss you our little man. You lay resting outside our kitchen window and we visit you each and everyday and send our love to you and pray to meet you one day on the "Rainbow Bridge" We love you!

David Williams & Ray Epperson

Hobo, 12/15/03


We thank you for your puppyhood and for loving us unconditionally in the many years we spent together. May you never doubt our love for you, remember Callie and I will miss you dearly, remain in our hearts forever, and rest in peace TNWM. *XOXOXO*

Cassie and Callie

Hobo, 11/24/03

Hobo, you appeared in our lives one night in December in 1996, when you adopted my mother. You were unlike any cat we had seen -- no tail, and a rounded shape like a bunny. Soon we learned you were a special cat, a manx. . . and after you got used to us, we became your family. We often wondered what happened, to bring you to our driveway, seemingly out of nowhere. We tried to find who you belonged to, but with no luck. You had the most beautiful yellow-green eyes that could gaze right into my soul. And you had the softest black and white coat -- you were a very handsome cat. You loved to be brushed and especially to have your chin scratched. You would roll over from side to side, as if telling me where you wanted to be combed. And after combing, you encouraged me to play with you -- you loved the chase across tissue paper or anything that crinckled. Your favorite play was "pounce on the stick," when it appeared from under the edge of the chair or sofa. Everyday when I would come to visit you, you would trot out to see me as soon as you heard my voice. I will miss you so much. Last night I held you in my lap as we said goodbye. You were not feeling very well, but you curled up and tried to nuzzle your head under my arm. I scratched your head and chin and finally you were calm enough to purr. When it was time for the injection, I just put my head down on yours and whispered, "I love you, Hobo." And then I knew you were gone. I hope there is a place, a wonderful place where you can play free from pain, where there are endless pounce toys and all the shrimp you can eat. And I hope someone there remembers to brush you, scratch your chin, and love you a lot.

Sandra Zaslow

Hobo, 03/25/03

She was a big black baby. She was so mellow and sweet. Although she wasn't my dog I loved her. Hobo you will be remembered always.

Janet Frost

Hogan, 11/09/02

Not a day will pass that we won't remember your beautiful face. Take care until we meet again at the Rainbow Bridge.

Deborah Grissom Mom, Dad and Family

Hogan, 08/01/00-12/19/02

Hogan, you fought over a year with your cardiomyopathy before it finally overcame you. I knew you were tired often and did not feel great, but if I thought you were in pain, I would have let you go sooner. Up until the last few days, you still played with your favorite ball, as you used to do for hours a day. We are terribly sad that you are gone, but at least you left us while we were with you. There are so many regrets, but we can't do anything about them now. We hope you have gone to a better place, because you deserve to be in one. We hope that Kiara, Tip, Tiny and you are all being cared for by June. We love you and miss you more than anyone will ever know.

Hojo, 09/01/87-08/21/01

I miss you!!!

Rob Allen

Holliwood, 04/01/98-03/09/03

Our boy passed peacefully on Sunday afternoon, while in my husband's arms. He had been battling an E. Cuniculi infection that had permanently disabled him. We are grateful for the time he spent with us and will miss him terribly. He has passed on to be with Dallas, his original companion bunny, who passed before him in May of 2001.

Sommer & Skip Cronck

Holly, 04/30/94-07/26/03

For a precious baby girl, who loved to make dough.
She is sadly missed by Jazzy, Teddy, Cootie & Mimmy.

Holly, 10/11/95-06/05/02

life has not been easy without you and I don't think that the house will ever be the same! Your warm eyes and loud bark are very much missed by everyone here! Niko is a new addition and Angel has done well training him which the talent came from you!


Holly, 10/11/91-11/20/03

We love you, Holly, with all our hearts.
At 13 you crossed over the rainbow bridge after leading a long and full life in our home as part of our family.
Now, you are with Lady....take care of each other kids...till we can all be together again.
We will miss and love you forever.
Love, Sarah and the Marquis family.

Holly, 06/04/89-10/26/03

Thank you for 14 wonderful years. You were a member of our family, and we will miss you every day. Your warmth, sweet kisses and funny gestures will be held in our hearts forever. We all love you and will see you again someday!

Holly, you were my first baby and my very special friend. I miss you like crazy. I love you Holly girl, Mom

Holly, 10/25/94-10/08/03

My friend and companion, my astonishingly beautiful rabbit. The beauty that shone from your little spirit was astounding. So beautiful. I am lost without you my love.

P. Roughley

Holly, 05/08/02-09/18/03

Holly was diagnosed with Lupus in May 2003. Affected her joints, especially her hips. Hips went out of joint 8/28/03 and suffered for 3 weeks. Her liver and blood count very high. She wouldn't eat, drink or move. Vet tried antibiotics. All the medicine we had her take on since May 2003 made her body break down and fail. We put her to sleep today, September 18, 2003. We love and miss her very much already.


Holly, 06/27/92-09/05/03

Holly, I thank you for your love, your compassion, your companionship. You made me laugh, take long healthy walks, and enabled me to get through sad events in my life. I will miss you forever, my Holly Wolly

Margie Klapper

Holly, 05/17/03

Holly was my "baby girl". It broke my heart to lose her, and I will miss her forever.


Holly, 11/10/00-5/30/03

Holly, it has only been a few hours since you passed out of our lives and we miss you so much. Sally and Hoppy miss you too. You were a loving and special dog and we will never forget you: our "pupperoni". God bless you. Love, Mommy, Molly, Daddy, Hoppy

Holly, 10/29/89-05/13/03

to my special girl no more medication or pain be your happy self and seamus and I will keep you in our hearts till we see you again

Pat Watson

Holly (aka Pookie and Schmoopie), 1991-05/07/03

Holly was a special blessing and gift from God. She brought sunshine wherever she went and was loved by anyone who was privileged to know her.

Kathy and Jim Muckinhaupt

Holly Beagle, 09/25/90-02/20/03

Holly went over the Rainbow Bridge after 12 1/2 years with us. It has been over 8 weeks and I still miss her. When she was 2 she had to have back surgery to have 1 of her spinal discs fused, after that I thought nothing would take her. Cancer reared its ugly head, but it was fast, the vets said she hadn't been suffering from it for only about a month. I will miss her everyday and always. I love you Holly Beagle.


Holly Berry Red, 9/91-05/15/03

Holly Berry was a dark golden retriever. She had the sweetest face and personality to match. She was the kind of dog that everyone wanted to pet, wherever you were. She was gentle and loving. She would rather be petted than anything else in the world, even eat.

She never had any formal obedience training, yet she was so determined to please us and so intelligent she would listen without a second command.

She loved our family as much as we loved her. She would let my grandchildren dress her up and love her and she would take it all in stride.

We miss her terribly. We had to put her brother down in Feb. '03, and 3 weeks later found out that Holly had cancer too. We were devastated. I think she missed her brother, Goober, a chocolate lab, alot. Hopefully, they are both waiting for us at Rainbow Bridge and in the meantime, are running and playing as young dogs again, healthy and pain free. "Holly and Goober, we miss you and love you and will never, never forget you."

Holmes, 07/24/93-09/23/03

You continued to love life even though your first experiences with humans were unforgivable. You knew love for most of your life, and died gently and beloved in our arms on a day of our choosing, so that you would never have to know the pain of a body that was rapidly failing you. Godspeed hHolmes...always feel my kisses

Peggy and Dick


We miss you Homer, for much of my adult life it has been you and me. We ran in the mountains, hiked on trails and spent so much of our time together. People have told me that they only knew us as a package, "Homer and Dave". Now it's just me. You added to my life beyond measure when I was single and you enhanced my life when I got married.

No other dog could have been my best friend as much as you were to me. You turned the heads of people every where we went. It was like I was walking with a celebrity and people were always asking about you, even wanting to take your picture. You are beautiful and strong.

The snowy winters in the future will always remind me of our adventures together. Hiking through the snow together whether we walked in the woods or city was like being in Heaven to me.

I love you so much and so does Sarah. Be happy and run with your new and re-acquainted friends. Your passing is hard for me, how can I go on by not having my best friend here on earth with me?

Until we meet again in Heaven...I love you.

Honey, 02/14/00-11/29/03

Her song was my delight, her life my life.

Joy Renzi

Honey, 11/16/03

Honey is my best friend. I miss her so much - her friendship and her love.

Libby Spooner

Honey, 12/92-11/11/03

We miss you so much -- the house is quiet without toenails clicking across the hardwood floors, no barking, no wagging tail when we get home....We love you, Honey, and we miss you terribly.

Jen Alessi

Honey, 06/26/03

A very special friend, there for me when I was all alone. I will miss her.

Sheila Robert

Honey, 1986-07/2000

Honey, I miss you, you beautiful, wonderful gift of God.

On the day I moved into my new home, after the movers had left and I was sitting on the front steps, taking a breather, you came over to check me out - as if wondering "Who is this person moving into my Cul de Sac?" I looked up and you were standing there, a picture of Rin-Tin-Tin and Lassie, all rolled into one.

I held out a hand, which you sniffed and gave a little lick. I scratched your head and told you how beautiful you were, and thereafter you were my best friend until I got Nicholas, and thereafter you were one of my two best friends. You welcomed that little pup Nick into your Cul de Sac and treated him like a baby brother for many years.

You were the epitome of gentleness, love and devotion. Your intelligence was as remarkable as your sense of devotion to your Goddess. Your soul was larger than your body and you earned your place at the Rainbow Bridge. Hated to see you go beautiful Lady!

Our friend Nicholas joined you at the Rainbow Bridge on 9-9-02, a few years later. When I get there to meet Nick, I will bide a while as you wait for your Goddess. Honey, you are missed very much, as is Nicholas. And we will meet again you beautiful creature. I love you.

Ben Potter

Honey, 09/09/00-02/15/03

I called her Honey. Or sometimes Honey Bunny or my little Honey Dew. She was taken from me today without any warning or notice. She held a special place in my heart and in the heart of her companion, Lucky. They were inseparable. Continually cleaning each other and cuddling every night when the lights went out. Where ever one was, the other was close by. Now I sit here crying, watching Lucky and wondering what he is thinking. And hoping that I did the right thing for her. The disease came on so suddenly, without any signs until this morning. I know need to keep reminding myself that she had a good life with me. I gave her nothing but the best. Plenty of greens and veggies, all the Timothy hay she could imagine and all the love I could give her. But nothing will take away the guilty feeling that I have knowing that I was the one who had to make that final decision. She's in a better place now, no hurt and no pain to riddle her little body. She was a strong little thing right til the end, with the longest eyelashes I had ever seen on a bunny. You could tell she was a little doe from across the room. I will always love you Honey Bun!

Honey, 02/27/01-11/28/02

So small and scared in your little box when we brought you home. Little did we know what joy and laughter you would bring us. My sweet Honey-Bun, I miss you so much, I know you are always there and I know you watch us now. Until we meet, to be together again.

Thank you for giving me so much happiness. The only regret is it was too short.


Honey, 01/09/03

by Anne R. C. Neale

I am not setting your Spirit free,
To soar to heaven to wait for me,
No pain, but peace will be there,
As you now climb up the golden stairs,
You'll wait at Rainbow Bridge you see
Until I come too to go meet He.,
Then we will travel the rest of the way
To meet our God, sometime, some day
I set you free now from this earth,
Your soul will have a second birth

Honeybear, 07/20/96-11/23/03

The sweetest Honeygirl in all the world... Heart and spirit not willing to give up... I love you so, always have and always will...

Vicki White

Honeybear, 11/29/89-09/03/03

In Loving Memory of Honeybear Thorpe
11/29/89 - 09/03/03

We love you baby bear and we miss you so much. You're at peace, in eternal rest, and not suffering anymore. You were always a good little girl, "Daddy's little baby", such a beautiful little dog. Heaven now has two of our fur babies just over the Rainbow Bridge... you and Snooper. You two take care of each other and play... just as you two did when you were young. We will see you two again one day. For now, you will forever be in our hearts and alive in our memories. We love you.

Your loving family,
Daddy, Mama, Kimberly, James, Kobe, Coco and Champ

Honey Boy, 06/01/89-10/24/03/03

To Honey Boy our dear cat of 14 years. You came to us when our daughter Marcie was 3 and you immediately became part of our family. You always thought you were human with your talking and jumping right in when the family gathered. You knew you were loved and you loved us back unconditionally. We were there for you when you were sick and gave you the care to get well. You were always there for us on the lonely days when all we needed was your purr and touch. In the mornings you were there when I drank my coffee. You were there outside as I read the paper, both looking at the bird feeder. You were there at night when I would proclaim, "Soft food!" and your eyes would light up and you would jump to your food tray. We miss you dearly, Honey Boy. This last time we were not able to save you and we were there for you when the fluid went into your body and you breathed your last breath. You will always be in our memory as we go on with our life. Thank you Lord for our Honey Boy - he was a good pet and companion.

In Memory of:

Honey Boy 1989-10/24/2003

Jay Gosdin

Honey Bun, 06/26/03

God Bless Our Pets Always and Forever.

Honey-Bun, 06/12/90-01/24/03

Honey-Bun, a loved member of our family. May you rest without pain and know how much we love you.

Melanie Roberts

Honeycomb, 07/29/88-03/21/03

When I was a little girl, there was nothing I wanted more than a dog. Unfortunately, my brother had really bad asthma, and all the allergists told us we shouldn't have pets because they might have made him more sick. But then we moved to Olympia, WA from the Bay Area, which is far less smoggy, and on my sixth birthday, Honeycomb was on the back deck waiting for me.

We almost lost her a couple times - she fell off a truck while hunting in Eastern Washington once, and she almost died of a rare parasitic disease. But she held on and ended up living for fourteen years. My greatest regret was having to leave home for college when she was eleven years old... I wish I could have brought her with me, but unfortunately that wasn't an option. She was a beautiful, sweet puppy, and I miss her terribly, even three months after her death.

You are still loved, Honey. You will always be.

Dina E

Honey Dew, 1/12/94-8/23/03

I miss you so much, Hon! There's just this constant ache and I find myself looking for you. There's a void that Ellie & Kyleigh just won't ever fill. I miss that morning welcome of your fluffy tail "thump, thump, thumping" against the floor and looking out the window to see your head up & your hair blowing in the breeze. I love you so much! Please wait for me.

Jen Wesh


Honeydew was a golden retriever with a big heart, gentle nature, and an inexhaustible joy of life. With her special wisdom she knew how to love beyond measure and to share her sense of humor. She loved nothing more than to be with her family, we grieve for you so much. Your devotion and friendship are missed every day, and every day we give thanks that you were in our lives.

We miss you! Love Margaret and family

Honey Dooze, 06/13/99-10/20/02

Honey Dooze
My precious baby, the day that I got you was one of the best days in my life. You brought me joy, and more love than some people see all their lives. You will always be in my thought and in my heart. I miss you very much. My heart will always be with you.

Your MOM

Honey Girl, 09/24/03

My beautiful girl entered my life and became my life. She was my joy and happiness. I know that God gave her to me especially because he knew I would have the love to give to such a sick dog. She was so brave, so loving. The loss of my baby is one that I will never recover from. Shut down the moon and darken the sun, my little light has gone.

Ann Marie Lynch

Honi B, 08/90-02/98

Our Beloved Honi B (Miss B) to the world. Though its been a long time since you left us, we miss you still. Your Father and best friend passed 11/24/03 I know you will be comforted to see him again. Together with your mom, Ethitaya, who preceded you in death, the whole family is now together waiting at Rainbow Bridge. Our love to you and all our furbabies over the last 30 years.

Blaine and Jan Caracter

Hooch, 03/03-11/10/03

We lost Hooch to the parvovirus. Everyone PLEASE have your pets immuninized. We did not know he needed those shots. None of our pets will ever again be with out current vaccinations.

Scott, Chris, Mark, Alex, Eloise

Hooch, 06/06/03

Hooch was a rescue dog that we took in and loved. We made his last few months the best!

Sandi and Leeann

Hooper, 08/23/03

The cutest little dog ever known..we miss you

The Henry Family

Hooper, 04/2003

Hooper we miss you so much, you will never know the void you have left. I know now you are out of pain and will join your buddy Jr, I miss you so much HOOPER.

Judy Horne

Hooper, 06/07/94-01/24/03

On this steel gray
And ice cold day
We put our boy, our hound
To sleep

His sparkling eyes
His coat, so sleek
His love for life
His soul, so deep

A piece of our hearts has been
Spirited away
A twist of fate on a
January day
Much more than a pet, much more
Than a friend
We'll never know his kind again

Flies he now to open fields
Where rabbits run and fences yield
With swiftest speed he'll run and bound
His memory, ours to keep.

Brendan and Tracey O'Neill

Hope, 12/18/02

Wait For Me

Wait for me, please, Hope wherever it is you are my beautiful and loving dog, now a shining star. When the sun makes sparkling diamonds of the early, morning dew watch for me, my dog and I will come to you. skies of blue will blanket like a magic canopy as I run to meet my beloved friend... I love you, Hope, please wait for me.

Ginger Cochran

Hope, 12/10/02


We treasure every moment we shared with you. Your simple, gentle nature asked only to be loved, but you gave as much love as you received. You will always be our cherished friend.

Karen and Scott

Hopie (Boo-Boo), 9/7/01-8/28/03

Living on Borrowed Time
(In honor of "Hopie")

Living on borrowed time --
precious moments come and go
Time that seems so endless --
like an hourglass' afterglow

Pressed between life's pages,
lie the stories we recall --
of love, and hope, and happiness...
and sorrows -- great and small

Yet even if I had known you --
mere moments or decades, too
I'd still be grateful to have had you in my life --
for the light of love in you

Though we resign to receive
what small life we have to share
I'd never regret a moment
of life that time did spare

I'd never reflect with remorse
And pray I'd never met you
For tender moments we spent together
Is treasured time that God had lent you

Living on borrowed time -
We're on loan just a little while
Infinite moments - so lost without you
In time that can only tell

That even if I had known you -
Mere moments or decades, too
I'd still be grateful to have had you in my life -
For the light of love in you.

This poem is dedicated to one of our adopted, furry family children - "Hopie.
" She was a beautiful, lovable, huggable ball of wrinkles (Chinese Sharpei)
who gave us so much love but never asked for anything in return. Life is too
short to dwell on sorrow, so in her honor, I try not to shed too many tears
and go forward; knowing that whether Hopie had been with us 2 months or 10
years, there is not a moment I regret that we had her in our life during her short

© LadyCamelot 09/2003

Hop-Kee, 12/29/86-06/21/03

We will always love you, Hopper. You gave us 16 1/2 years of pure love and licks, Hop-Kee, you were the best pet ever. R.I.P. Love, Mommy & Daddy

Hoppers (Hops), 06/01/02-05/08/03

My little pal. I thought you would outlive me. Im sorry that whatever you were born with, took you so fast. I love you forever and always. PIV is terrible. Im sorry you suffered because I couldn't bear losing you so fast. Thanks for being stronger that I. Fluffy and Susie Miss you too Im sure.

Hoppy, Found Fall, 1994-08/14/03

Dearest Hoppy, Lovey-Boy, Dancy-boy-
You are so missed but I know you are dancing in heaven now. Bed-time and foody will never be the same. I miss your little tail and sweetness.
Daddy, Nini, and I feel lonely without you.
I pray that someday we will be together again, even though in my heart we are never apart.
All my love,

Horseshoe, 11/16/03

Horseshoe was so wonderful and dedicated.

Michael Chavis

Hotdog, 05/19/92-09/11/03

We started life together when she was 8 weeks and I was 12. She was a puppy in the Canine Companions for Independence program, and I spent that entire summer training her and sleeping on the kitchen floor with her. She was later released from the program because she had mild hip dysplasia, and I was able to keep her. She greeted me eagerly every day when I came home from middle school, then high school, and right on through college.
I would always look forward to the moment when I could lay down and hug her -- she would lay in the curve of my arm with her nose pressed into my side.

She was and is the best part of my life, and I am completely devoted to her and will be forever grateful to have had her.

She breathed hard for a little while and passed on unexpectedly. She will always be my little baby.

Houdini, 10/27/95-12/22/03

What a special, special boy. Houdini was our miracle, from the day he was born. Bubba boo, we love you. We will never stop missing you. Sleep well, honey-boy.

Frank & Kathy

Houston, 04/27/92-03/07/03

We love you Mr Hou Poo Magoo and will miss you so much. You taught us so much and we were so lucky to have had you with us.


Howdy, 08/12/03

We were just getting to be good friends... I love you

Laura Lambert

Hudson, 05/04/03

Hudson passed far too soon. She was my best friend and I loved her more than I could ever describe. Rest in peace, dear huddy. Mommy loves you and will always keep you close.

Huey, 02/01/94-12/13/03

Huey was our dog for almost 11 years. He was a terrier mix all body with a small head & very cute kinda like a schnauzer & husky mix-he was one of a kind. He had epilepsy for the last 6 years & we treated him with 2 types of med 2x a day. So he was a special needs dog & but still lived a fun life of running the state trails we took him to often, living the good life at our country home on some land. He got very sick suddenly with internal bleeding & nothing could be done so we had to say goodbye and put him to sleep just 2 weeks ago. It was the hardest thing we had to do. This was our first & only dog together in our married life. We miss him a lot but remember him & his pampered life which makes us smile. The vet said that most owners would not have kept him as long as we did since it was such a responsibility so that makes us feel better too. We miss you Huey but know you are pain free now and at peace with all the other doggies....

Carolyn & John

Huggy, 08/28/03

You came to us late in life- we hope we gave you a couple of good years baby. Be happy, be free.

BT Pritchett

Hunny, 10/12/03

For Hunny, the friendliest cat I've ever known. He was a stray that my Mom took in, and when she came to live with us, he came too. He was never content to stay inside, though, and yesterday he got hit by a car. His jaw and teeth were broken, and we couldn't afford what it would take to make him better, so we had to have him put to sleep. Hunny, I am so very sorry for everything that happened. I hope you are happy in heaven with Jasmine and everyone else. Jasmine, take care of Hunny up

From: Lisa Cain

Hunter, 06/12/02-11/10/03

You will always hold a special place in our hearts my sweet 'Angel Baby'.

Julie K. McClaferty & Jonathan & Andrew Delira, Augustus "Gus", Lucky, TC & Squirt

Hunter, 02/14/99-09/12/03

"Hunter We'll Always Love & Miss You"
February 14, 1999 -- September 12, 2003

I will never forget the day I found you at the Humane Society, you were so precious and full of energy.
When I brought you home, you seemed to know right away that this was your new home.
You were so full of life, so playful, so loving, I will always remember that special day God sent me to you.

My sweet baby, you went through so much in your short little life and through it all you still managed to give
all your love to me, Dawn and Tia.
You suffered so with severe allergies, all your vet and I tried to do to help you failed after 3 long years.
I often said to myself and to your doctor, IT ISN'T FAIR that you should have to suffer like you were,
WHY did this have to happen to such a sweet and loving dog.....of course there were no answers.

With all your trips to your vet, you gave so much love to all who cared for you, you were always ready to give
kisses no matter what you had to face.

When we'd go in the car, you always loved to sit in the passenger seat and look all around, you were such a good
little passenger.
When we went to visit Dawn & all her babies, you loved to stay near us, although sometimes you'd run after all the
other babies to see what they were barking about and
come right back.
When we'd leave to come home, you and Tia would sleep all the way home, exhausted from the day. You always seemed
to know when we got close to home, you'd sit up in
the seat and look out the window as though you knew exactly where we were.

Sweetie, I hope you know how much you mean to me and how thankful I am for all you have given.
You gave me strength and you loved me for all that I am. Thank you for touching me so deeply with the blessing
of your love.
Sharing my life with you has made everyday more meaningful, more cherished and so much brighter.
I will always carry your love in my heart and my heart will always be filled with love for you.

I will not say good bye to my Sweet Baby Girl, instead I'll say " You'll be forever in my heart till we meet again,
for that will be the day we'll be together for all eternity and never to be parted again".
God Bless my Sweet Baby Girl.

Our Love Always and Forever
We Will Miss You So Very Much
Mommy, Dawn and Tia

Hunter, 09/15/03

Hunter, you came into my brother's life when he really needed you, and for that, I am truly grateful. Your happy face and sunny disposition brought him comfort and joy, and you were definitely destined to belong to him. Thank you for so many years of laughter, kisses, and good times that you brought him, and please watch over him as he embarks on this new journey in his life. We will miss you, but if you can't be here with your daddy, then at least you are in a place that is safe and happy. You were the light of his life, and even though yours was too short, our memories of you will last a lifetime. Thank you for everything you did for him. Give Mookie a kiss for us. Love, Auntie Steff

Hunter, 07/03/03

My cat Hunter of 10 years was ran over by a car on 7/3/03. Please pray for him and for me and I am very sad and feel very guilty.


Hunter, 05/06/03

Hunter - she was one of God's special gifts to me. Now she has gone back to Him.

Debra Rhoads

Hugs, 02/15/01-02/05/03

I wish to add a tribute for my special dear friend "Hugs" who recently passed away. He was so special to me. I loved him very much. He was able to hold on long enough to say Goodbye to me and for that I was grateful. The look he gave me before he died told me he was suffering but that he loved me and held on to say goodbye. I told him I would see him in hamster heaven and for him to save a place for me because you see if there are no animals in heaven I would not be happy there but I feel sure they will all be there when we get there because the Bible says that in heaven we will eat leaves of the grape etc. and no meat will be eaten in heaven. So that tells me that we will have animals there just for companions and friends. Isn't that wonderful and I know we can trust our heavenly father to take care of them until we get there.

Debra Kay Dove

Hunter, 09/03-08/23/02

I loved him, he died do soon, wasn't even a year. he was my baby, I loved him more then anything, and I don't know wut to do, I wrote him a poem. im 13, please don't steal it. Not Enough

Written By Samantha Montgomery For Hunter

Not enough days spent with you
I don't want it to be true.

I don't want to let you go
God took you so fast I didn't even know.

I hope you days with me were good
I hope you felt the way you should.

Please remember the memories and the past
I can't believe you went so fast.

I'm going to miss you I'll remember your face
You always made me smile here in this place.

But I hope you are happy where you are I hope I treated you right
And I hope it wasn't too painful when left me that night.

"I'm so sorry I wasn't here." I moan
I wish you hadn't died alone.

Soon I won't shed a tear
But I'll smile at the thought of when you were here.

Hurricane, 04/89-11/07/03

Hurricane baby, thank you for all of the wonderful years we've had together. I was there the day you were born, and you've remained my Pride and Joy, my Baby Boy since then. Love you Hurc!

Anna and Michael Wachala

Hurricane, 08/19/95-02/03/03

We have missed you these months, Hurricane. You know that we still love you and now you have your sister, Opal, to join you and play with. We miss her so much already, just as we missed you so terribly. Take care of your sister. We miss you both. We love you!

Tanya Markow

Hussy Puppy, 02/14/88-05/09/03

God in Heaven answered our prayers 15 years ago that brought so much joy in our lives. Hussy was an unique dog or human to us. She had an broken hip in which we had surgery for her, to correct this, she was truly our very best friend. During the last few years of her life she developed Cushings disease and was having an hard time breathing. This Friday May 9, 2003 the good Lord in Heaven took our puppy from us to suffer no more to give her an new heavenly body. Hussy Puppy will truly be missed from our lives. Thank You God for given us 15 years of your Godly Love with our dog "Hussy Puppy"...

Ken and Lisa Kesler

Hyper Piper (Piper, Pipe), 11/21/03

Piper has been the most wonderful friend. I had just recently brought her to share with my old 2nd and 3rd grade teacher for her kindergarten class. Yesterday (Friday, Nov. 22) I went to check on her and she lay there dead. I remember when I first got her she was scared and squeaked A LOT! If I spoke she would panic, but she really liked The Beatles and what not. It's hard to live without her, and I always sang her a little song. Now I have a quote for her,

"Do not save your loving speeches
For your friends till they are dead;
Do not write them on their tombstones,
Speak them rather now instead."
- Anna Cummins

Rachael Johnson (RJ)

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