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Year 2003 Tributes

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Gabby thru Gypsy

Gabby, 01/12/00-11/28/03

To My sweet, dearest Gabbygirl.
My arms will forever be around you, just like the day when you were let go of your painful body. I have cried so many tears I cannot see.
You will be in my heart always. My faithful companion and my guardian, Mommy will miss you...

Gabby, 07/08/03

Tribute: He was my most loyal companion for 14 years. Almost half my life and most of his. The first dog who wasn't "my parent's" dog. The first time I had to make such a decision. But there was no more to be done. It was time.

The smartest animal I ever knew and the most loyal and forgiving soul I ever will know. My young boisterous pup. Eventually........ my old friend.

It's going to be lonely around here for awhile.

Gabby, have fun while you're waiting for us. Play ball and go for a swim. Chase a cat now and then. Herd some ducks. Run the fence with your neighbors. Play ball with people who haven't been as fortunate to have your special type of friendship. Bascha should be along fairly soon. You two will have to wait a bit longer for me.

If I send along others before I get there, keep an eye on them for me. Show them the ropes. Don't let Bascha bully them too much. You'll always be the lead dog, Gabby. I'll be along with tennis balls and Frisbees in hand when I'm done here.

Gabby, 01/90-03/08/03

I just had to put her to sleep this weekend, any prayers for my family or for her are greatly appreciated...


Gabby, 04/26/96-01/18/03

Gabby was a very special kitty that came to me in Missouri from North Carolina in April 1997. She was a FeLV stray and no one wanted to adopt her. A wonderful woman, Vicki, drove Gabby halfway across the country so Gabby could have a home.

Gabby was diagnosed with Lymphoma in December of 2002. The vet didn't recommend surgery. We tried a chemo drug which did not work. The mass in her abdomen grew very large and she began to have trouble walking, as well as other difficulties.

I felt Gabby was telling me she was ready to move on from this life. We made an appointment so the vet could help her move on. She left us on Saturday, January 18, 2003 at approximately 8:40 a.m.

We had almost 6 years with Gabby. That was so much longer than anyone expected her to live. I miss her so very much!

I love you, Gabby Sue!


Gabriel, 04/05/91-10/03/03

You remain my pride and my sunshine, my light...I miss you awfully. Wait patiently, my little love. And never forget how much I love you.

Gabriel, 08/22/98-08/19/03

Gabe..I miss you so much..Im so happy you are not in pain anymore...but I sure am. I miss you on the couch fixing your pillows for 10 minutes to get comfy, I miss you snuggling with me, I miss you holding your head so straight for your collar, while your sister goes berserk. And mostly, I just miss you all day, every way. You were my brave baby boy and I will love you forever. I just wish everyone was able to know what a sweet, wonderful, brave, loving guy you were, there will never be anyone else like you, and you have taught me so much. I will always love you Gabe.

Christi Morris

Gabriel, 02/14/88-07/25/02

Gabriel, Its been one year ago today, that I had to do the hardest job in my life. Your sister Summer and I miss you so much, I think of you almost every minute of the day Buddy. I know your looking for some gum on the bridge! You be a good boy and wait for me and your sister, where I'll scoop you up and kiss your face over and over. We'll be with you when it's our time, so for now, just stay in my heart and keep your eye on Jasmin, and give her lots of love and kisses for me and we will all be together soon. I love you buddy so very much.

Mom, Summer and your friends

Gabriel, 07/04/02-12/30/02

We only had my angel Gabriel for 1 1/2 months and we had to put him to sleep tonight. He and his brother Apollo developed a cold shortly after we adopted them, so we nicknamed Gabriel the "Angel of buggers." He never quite shook the cold and today we found out he had Feline Infectious Peritonitis (FIP) that is a fatal virus. Fluid surrounded his lungs and although we hoped he "only" had pneumonia, the diagnosis was much more horrible-a death sentence. He died peacefully in Eric's arms, with us both telling him how much we love him and we will meet him on the rainbow bridge.
We need your prayers more than ever since we just lost Zorba in October.

Eric and Julie

Gabriel Bashore, 05/10/03

My little man with the cheshire grin, I will never forget you. You were a once in a lifetime cat. You and I went through so much together. I never knew our time would be so short. I walk around the apartment and you are not rubbing against my legs. You don't jump up to my face so we can nose each other. I miss you so much. I don't know how to be with out you. You were my baby, my pride and joy, my partner in crime. You were my companion and confidant. Please don't forget me when its my turn and we meet again on the bridge. I can't imagine anyone else I would rather spend forever with. You are loved my precious one. You will always have my heart!

You Mom

Gage, 05/25/89-11/25/03

Our Gager left us yesterday, passing in his sleep at the hospital.
He was 14.
He is out of pain now, but his absence is heart wrenching.
In his prime, he weighed 125 pounds, and was a big softie.
His favorite toy was his blanket, which we proudly walked around with, clearing the tables with his tail.

Gager, enjoy your pain free time in God's yard until I can join you.
Achilles and Guinevere have already welcomed you, I know.
I only wish I could see you romping with them again!

You're our Big Guy - we miss you so much.

David Jarboe

Gage Marie, 05/16/03-12/16/03

She was my Baby Girl.

David Stewart

Gandy, 11/20/03

You shared our lives for such a long time, yet now it seems we met you only yesterday. We will grieve your passing until we meet, once again, on the Rainbow Bridge. Fare well, old friend. The bonds of age are but a memory now.

Your people, Kim and Quentin, and all who knew and loved you

Garfield, 07/14/03

This is in memory of my dear beloved Garfield. My 18 year old cat who passed away today, July 14, 2004. She will always be in my heart and thoughts. I miss you my dear kitty and someday will be with you again.


Garfield, 5/6-01/10/03

Garfield - You will always hold a special place in my heart. You were my best friend and a wonderful companion. I'll always miss you.

Dorothy Lessem

Garth, 10/31/92-11/19/03

My beautiful angel, the days pass slowly and there is no comfort. We miss you so very much..our lives are so empty and quiet without you here.

I hope that you're with your love, Sammi, playing in the snow on the other side of Rainbow Bridge.

Cheryl & Ken

Garth, 10/07/03

You were my friend until the end. You were always by my side and I will never forget you. Love you always -mom

Garth, 5/15/03

To my beloved Garth--I miss you so much!! I was blessed to have you in my life for 10 years. Your undeniable spirit, loyalty and goofiness touched my life forever. In between the tears of missing you, I find myself laughing at the great memories I have of you. I will see you again one day at the Rainbow Bridge. Play hard and wait for me.

Dan MacIver

Garth, 06/28/96-12/20/02

Garth was the sweetest, goofiest, most loveable baby. I will miss him dearly. I love him with all of my heart and I cannot wait to see him at the bridge.

Dana Deutscher

Gator, 11/10/92-12/16/02

Our beautiful boy has lost his fight with cirrhosis of the liver, a disease he fought and kept a secret from us. We cannot get over the grief we feel, we miss him so much, our life will never be the same. We pray we will all be together in paradise but until then we continue to be missing him. We did find a wonderful vet at the end who we will forever be grateful for, she helped and shared with us our deep grief.

Carene and Paul

G.B, 10/29/87-01/28/03

To G.B, Eternally close to me more than anyone, anything else in this world. Looking forward to the day when we will see each other in heaven and again share that emotional connection. See you soon, I'm still with you near-by. Love, NICK.=

Gebo, 08/06/90-04/18/98

You were my best friend, and today Sept, 11, 2003 your brother will join you and Misty in heaven, I will see you again. I love you always.

Lisa Contreras

Gecko, 11/19/03

This is in loving memory to my buddy Gecko who was a very brave soul.
I will miss you always.
My heart will always ache.
We love you!


Geezo, 04/01/83-07/25/03

He was a tough old cat, but mellowed greatly in his twilight years. He came when you called his name, let every kid in the neighborhood pat his head, and built a nest for himself in front of the house. Somewhere during his twenty years he learned how to warble like a bird, and he would have five minute conversations with you if you warbled back to him. He loved to sit beside your plate and wait for just the right second for you to turn your head, then his huge double-paw would snag his prize; a doughnut, a piece of turkey, sipping milk from your glass maybe. He will be greatly missed, but never forgotten.

Tom and Lisa

Gehrig, 09/01/01-04/19/03

Gehrig was the most special little guy with a terrible disease...Feline Leukemia. We knew our time with him would be short, but were surprised by his quick health failures. With great sadness, we helped Gehrig pass to a place where he could breathe again without pain. This was the most difficult decision of our lives.

Gehrig... we love you so much and are so sad that you are gone. Your kitty brothers miss you too. We know we will meet again sometime in the future. Run free in the pasture and enjoy the sun... your favorite place to be. We love you and always will.

Ed and Denice Garcia

Geisha, 08/92-10/2001

Thank you for teaching me how not to take things so seriously, for making me laugh when I was depressed and giving me unconditional love. It broke my heart when you had to leave us 2 years ago, but I know you are in a much better place now. Talking about it still hurts. I am sure you and Tiggy are having a wonderful time together. We love you and miss you dearly. Luc, Rina & Sasha

Gemini, 06/01/91-02/01/03

Hey little buddy, you will never know how much you meant to us and how special you really were. You understood me like no one else could, and you were a constant source of comfort and joy in our lives. Everyday we spent together meant so much to us, and our lives will never be the same without you here. You will always be with us, and one day we will be together again. We will always love you kitty-cat.
Mommy and Daddy.

Gemini, 03/27/88-9/17/02

Beloved sweet Trolska. You are forever in our hearts. We will always love and remember you. We miss you so!

Gemma, 03/03/91-11/21/03

Gemma was a treasure, and a treasure is something you always want to keep close to you.
I cannot believe I have to spend the rest of my life without her.
She was my heart.


Gemma (Crystal Rose), 06/04/85-10/06/02

You were ......

My moon, my stars
My begining, my end
My night, my day
My gemma, my friend.

Carol James

Gemma, 15/03/95-03/02/03

I love you Gemma I will never forget you I hope you are happy and well. Please forgive me for not being there in your hour of need. I am so sorry GimGam.

Gemster, 07/08/90-08/04/03

Gemster was a loving, special friend and companion that brought joy and fun to our home. She was loved by both of us and will always be remembered as long as we are able. We had her an additional five years from the time she almost passed due to a serious illness. Gemster will be sorely missed. We are grateful for the additional five years we had with her.

Don & Kris Schellhammer

General Patton, 11/26/01-07/30/03

My gentle giant and best friend, you were only given 18 precious months with me...but you fit a lifetime of love into that short time. You gave me a glimpse of heaven with your unconditional love for me. Cardiomyopathy may be the reason you were taken from me...but I know that in simple terms all that means is that your heart was too big, you loved too much. Thank you for teaching me how to laugh at drool slingers on my walls and chewed furniture, every minute was a treasure. I love you.

Meredith Kerger

General Patton Hayden-Smoak, 08/23/01-01/01/03


You were a special gift to us from God. We were blessed to have been chosen as your family. You taught us all, the very important lesson of how to love unconditionally. Your spirit was as unique and beautiful as the coat you wore. You made us laugh everyday you were with us. We love you so very much and we miss you even more. You were Daddy's soul mate, bubba's best friend, Jeb's loving little brother, Danner's playmate and Momma's little Prince. It is so hard to let you go this way. You were taken from us in a very hard and sudden way. We will never forget you and we can't wait until the day we will be with you again. So for now little buddy, run and play in Rainbow Bridge and know we will see you one day again.

We love you and miss you much,

Daddy, Momma, Bubba, Jeb, Danner,
Freckles, Mid-Night, Pumpkin, and Senorita Casseneta (Cassie) Smoak


Genesis, Thank you for everything that you've done for all of us. We will NEVER forget you!!!! Go run and play in the green pastures just the other side of The Rainbow Bridge. We love you sweetheart and you will forever remain in our hearts. Love You, Mom, Babcia, Tina, Ken, Mishu, and Thor

Gentle Annie, 09/06/89-03/22/03

"Gentle Annie" - by The Clancy Brothers

"Fair and lovely Annie, your gentle ways have won me.
You bring peace and joy and laughter everywhere.
Where you go, the sunshine follows. You're a breath of spring in winter...and my heart and soul are always in your care - Gentle Annie, Gentle Annie and my heart and soul are always in your care. When you touch me with your fingers, my cares and worries vanish, like the morning dew before the rising sun. When your eyes tell me you love me, my soul is filled with wonder and my love for you will live when life is done. Gentle Annie, Gentle Annie, and my love for you will live when life is done. You're the flower among the flowers, you're the birdsong in the morning, you're the laughter of the children at their play. You're my hope and joy and wisdom, you're my reason just for living, you're my treasure, you're my very night and day. Gentle Annie, Gentle Annie - you're my treasure, you're my very night and day. When the mountains all come tumbling and the Earth stops its turning, when the winds don't blow and the stars refuse to shine...when the moon has left the heavens and the seven seas are empty, I will still have Gentle Annie on my mind. Gentle Annie, Gentle Annie, I will still have Gentle Annie on my mind."

Joanna Schlegel

Gentle Pigeon, 10/18/03

Gentle Pigeon, I found you in the middle of the highway. It's amazing you were still alive. You were so soft and I could tell by the look in your eye that you weren't afraid as I cradled you in my hand all the way to the animal hospital. I'm sorry the vet couldn't save you, your leg was too badly broken. But at least you left us knowing that someone cared about you. I'll never forget you!

Kathy Zavala

Gentry, 06/20/89-03/22/03

I miss your kitty kisses on my face and your warm body against my head at night and of course your wonderful purr. I'll see you at rainbow bridge Gentry. Love, Mom

Carol McDonald

Geoffrey, O8/18/03

Dear Geoffrey: It has been almost four months since I last saw you. And I miss you more and more each day. You were the greatest dog I ever had. You were and are my best friend, my protector, my baby, my little boy. I cannot adjust to not having you with me. You ruled the household and every other pet I ever rescued. I cannot get over that I had to kill you. It haunts me night and day, though I am told it was best for you. I prayed that I would not have to do but my prayers were not answered. I know you are healthy and happy wherever you are. It will not be too much monger before I join you; I just have to tie up some loose strings. Please my little boy take care of yourself and look out for Lil' Guy until I get there. I will find you though Kathy says that you will be standing at the entrance waiting for me. I hope and pray that is true; but in any case I will find you Geoff. I love you and miss you so much. We have another hurdle to take of, but I will work things out so that you can I will be together my little friend. It won't be long before you and I are together again. I love you Geoffrey. Momma.

Geordie, 09/06/89-11/30/03

Geordie was a happy-go-lucky little scamp who loved to play. Every moment was an adventure to him, a wonderful treat to explore. I have a tea towel that portrays a life-size Scottie and Westie in a field of heather, with the Gaelic, "We Twa" ("we two"). When Gemma died, there was only one. Nine days later, he joined her and took what was left of my heart. They were together again, "We Twa."


George, 12/15/03

Didn't get to say good-bye...but I know you'll always be with me.


George, 07/01/97-06/07/03

Oh, Georgie, my little Sock Thief.
I am so sorry. I miss you, but I know you are with Emma and Buster.
You are my angels, and I think of you every day.


George, 11/09/92-07/18/03

My darling little buddy, my companion, my pal. Thank you for the love and for being the best dog in the world.


George, 07/06/03

I am a neighbor of a family who has lost their beloved family member "George", a lovable dog who was lost on Sunday July 6, 2003 at around 6:15pm due to a fire at our apartment complex in Fort Worth, TX . George was a loving, faithful companion to Jason and Tara for the past 4 years and was a neighborhood dog who loved attention and was the neighborhood watchdog who would not let you get in your car without coming to you or making sure he had your attention and sometimes, he even let you have the privilege of petting him or letting him sniff you. He is a sweet and loving dog who allowed his mom and dad to add another family member, a baby boy, to the family last August. He will be missed by all who ever had the privilege to know him. He is now in a special place with God and will one day be reunited with his family who loves and misses him so much. George, you are missed so much by those of us who had the opportunity to know you, but I take comfort in knowing that you are in Heaven looking after my cat Tiger whom I lost on Jan. 5, 1999, and I know you are taking care of each other until we see you again. Thank you for giving me the chance to know you and your wonderful family,
Love always,
Debbie McClendon

George, 05/18/92-04/12/03

He was born along with six other pups. Only he and his sister survived. Mother had complications during the delivery and after a c-section we lost all but two. George and Gracie. Never apart. Born and raised in the same household. He loved his sister, and would often clean her ears for her. I loved him.

Rich Shattuck

George, The Magnificent, 1990-20/01/03

One heck of a great dog. So filled with love and pure joy. Everyone who knew him was effected by his presence, incredible spirit, courage and golden heart. In death, as in life his love for us all remains as ours always will for him.

Peter and Gayle

George, 07/04/88-12/30/02

George weighed 22 pounds at one time. Four years ago I began giving him insulin injections twice a day. He lost an eye a year ago and became blind in the remaining one. He was always an indoor cat. He was my furry bundle of love and companion. He was unconditional love and showed so much wisdom. He would seek me out when I was sad or perhaps crying. He would also seek me out when I was just thinking of him. He would hunt for his special sock and when he'd find it, he'd howl for us to come and eat the "special" kill he had just made for us. I would always praise his "hunting" skills and thank him for the "meal". He would head-butt me and rub his nose against mine while great purrs would rumble from his chest. He did this same thing the day I had him put down due to kidney failure. I held him and spoke sweet love talk into his ear as he fell into a sleep which he'd never awake from. I miss him so. I still cry. He was my "old man cat" who loved me when I thought no one else could. I've never known such grief and I'm in my 50's. He didn't touch my life. He touched my soul.

Trudy D'Armond

George, 04/89-01/06/02

George, you were my anchor. No matter what was going on at the time, I knew you would be there to love me unconditionally. I always knew you would crawl up into my lap and make me feel needed. We love and miss you so much and look forward to the day that you, Daddy and I are together again.


George, 04/02/02-01/07/03

We have written, a special eulogy too
I am sorry that my tears stopped me from reading it to you
Seeing you lying cold and still, waiting to bring you home
Although we have your ashes, we will always feel alone
We miss you so much baby, our tears will never cease
Lost we are without you, in turmoil is our peace
We're thinking of you always, and all your friends are too
Every Monday we will light, a candle just for you.
At the Rainbow Bridge you're waiting,
Playing in fields of green
But through my selfish tears and broken heart
I wish you were still here with me.


George Burns, 02/02/34-11/05/03

I was there when he was born & even bottle fed him & sister Gracie when their mother disappeared. He was my constant companion. Always there with me when I slept. Always there when I was ill. Always there when I needed a friend.

I will miss his flips. I will miss his distinct "meow". I will miss his charming, loveable personality.

Now, my bed will feel empty, Bye Georgie. I love you & miss you so much.

Jennifer Graciano

George R, 12/02/02

Our special rat was put to sleep today. He was with us for 2 and a 1/2 years. I'll miss little your "nose kisses" and the way you liked to curl up in my baggy jumper sleeves and fall asleep. Your back legs didn't work any more but you managed to haul yourself around with your front ones for quite a while, you looked funny but we were assured you were not in any pain. But when the tumor grew on your shoulder and you caught a cold, I knew you were tired and needed to sleep. Now you are free to run around again in ratty heaven and eat all the cheese you can find. Night night Georgie, sleep well. Mummy and Daddy love you and we'll will see you soon.

George W, 07/19/03

George was one of the greatest cats in the world. We miss you so much poor little buddy. We're so sorry we didn't have more time with you. We hope you will always be around us in spirit. We love you baby. Mommy is so sorry.

Gerald T Kittycat or Jerry, 04/15/91-09/06/03

Gerald T Kittycat or Jerry was my first cat. I never thought of myself as a cat person, but Jerry changed that. He loved to be held, sit in my lap (or anybody's lap for that matter). He purred all the time and I loved when he would lay with me and purr away. What a great way to fall asleep. Jerry would greet me at the door whenever I came home and roll over for a bit of tummy rubbing. Often the two dogs would be sleeping but Jerry was always there. I think he thought he was a dog. He loved the dogs and would sleep with them. He came when he was called, no matter where he was. I used to hold him like a baby in my arms and rub his belly. He loved that. I miss him more than I ever thought possible. I think of him everyday and when I go to bed I remember the kisses he would give me before settling down, curled up and purring by me. The dogs and my other cat miss him very much, especially the cat, Sugaree. She looks lost without him and sleeps in all his favorite spots. I can't bear to think about getting another cat, not yet. No cat could possible compare to Jerry. He was my great companion. Thank you Jerry for enriching my life and being my bestest buddy.

Karen Knox

Gerricco, 11/20/91-07/07/03

I remember looking out the back window and seeing you laying in the loft of the barn in the sunlight. I remember your kisses. I remember your blue eyes looking up at me as I make my way to the kitchen in the morning to feed you. I remember our fun times, our games, and our naps. I remember our play fights, where you acted like a big brave pussycat, ready to take down your prey. I remember you chasing the your feather around the house. I remember how you like to have your back and ears rubbed. I remember your meow, and your happy purr. I will remember not to forget those things about you. It has only been a couple of days since you have been gone. I miss you much, and always will. There will never be another cat like you... I could take seeing your pain, I didn't want you to hurt... I will never forget you... Love you Gerrikitty...
Love me

Gershwin (Gertie), 5/15/95-3/7/03

Gertie was the best dog a family could as for. She kept us laughing through her steeling bones to her eating every type of bagel except the ones with raisins. Gertie we miss you so much and wish you were still here. You were the best cuddler of all our guys. You will forever have a place in our hearts, especially moms. We love you so much even in death.

The Greybills

Gertie, 06/23/90-12/01/03

Gertie, so gentle, so kind, mother to all, free of pain and suffering at last. I love you, my dear friend.
We shall meet again.


Gertie, 09/30/93-03/20/03

Thank you, my sweet baby, for the wonderful nine years you chose to give to me. As much as my heart is still breaking, I know that we will be together again and share the same special bond and love that we did while you were here with me. God Bless You!
Your Mama

Gertrude, 05/91-08/19/03


We miss you so much. We know you are with Spike at Rainbow Bridge but Mom and Dad still want you back and want you to know that you may not be here with us but you are never far from our hearts.


G.G., 02/23/03

My special bird buddy left us suddenly Saturday night, far too soon. I still look for her out of the corner of my eye, begging for toast, scolding me from the top of a door, riding on my shoulder, stretching her gorgeous wings.

She's a little green hole in my heart.

Paul Senior

Gia, 05/01/01-08/02/02

I miss you Gia. I hope your little heart has taken you to far away places of true beauty. I think about you all the time and wish you were still here with me.

Jennifer Willis

Gibby, 03/19/03

Gibby had a hard life, he was abused as a pup and taken in by a woman who had no business keeping as many animals as she did. He was kept in a bedroom for years with several other dogs and was never fed on a regular basis. He was always a sweet and loving boy and in spite of my best efforts over the years to convince his owner to allow him to live with me she never would agree until recently when she was evicted. He was skinny, sickly, and arthritic from age but it seemed that life had finally taken a turn for Gibby. He got to come home with us where he was loved on every day, where he was taken for walks 3 and 4 times a day, where he could sniff and mark territory like a normal dog and was fed every day. He had the best personality and the most beautiful soulful brown eyes. If we put his leash on before we were ready to walk out the door he would pick up the leash in his mouth and follow us around as if to say "if you don't hurry up I'm just going to walk myself". Gibby was an old guy we figure he was about 13 years old, and for what ever reason, only god and Gibby himself knows why, he bit our neighbor on the hand and she was taken to emergency. He never before displayed signs of aggression, but he did a number on this lady. He was immediately taken to the pound where he was in quarantine for 10 days. The neighbor insisted that he be put down or there would be legal ramifications. It breaks my heart to lose him, I had waited 7 years to give him the life he deserved with people who would love him. We had only two short months to show him that life wasn't all bad and to try and make up for what had been done to him before. My only consolation for losing him is to know that he has crossed rainbow bridge, he is now happy and pain free and that he will be there to meet us when it is our time to go. May he sleep on couches made of clouds, have a never ending supply of pig ears and people food, and may his squeeky monky toy never fall apart. we love you buddy, see you in heaven.

Gibson, 12/16/03

Gibby was a beautiful little angel. She was my pride and joy for 13 years. I miss her more then anyone could possibly know and will anxiously await the day I can be with her again. She had soft little human hair for fur and bright brown puppy dog eyes. Sweet angel, fly high and sore long, mommy loves you and will play with you again some day.

Tara Bingham

Gideon, 06/88-08/20/03

Gideon was a special cat because we traveled together, including going camping with our family and extended family. For a time he lived indoors and out in both Nevada and California. I got him when I took the bar exam in California (he is named after an indigent defendant who went on to win a right to counsel for all) and has been with me through my whole career and my entire marriage. We had an amazing connection. I was lucky to have known him.

Allison Davis

Gidget, 04/19/89-09/25/03

Gidget filled my heart and my life with more love and joy than could have ever imagined.
My heart aches and my eyes fill with tears because I love and miss her so.
Saying "good-bye" was my only option, she will forever remain in my heart.
I love you Gidget.

Janet M. Bisson

Gidget, 04/04/89-09/21/03

While Gidget was the one cat in my life, I lived in two apartments, had three cars, four boyfriends, and five jobs. I miss her terribly.

Holly Sutherland

Gidget, 05/15/02-05/14/03

In memory of Gidget, who was the sweetest and most loving pet I ever had.

Lynn Evers

GiGi (The G has hard sound as in go), 04/30/94-12/09/03

My precious little baby boy will be sadly missed. He brought so much joy and laughter to everyone because of his precious personality. He was loved dearly and will never be forgotten. Good-bye LoveButt, Love The Azua Girls

GiGi, 01/2003

They told me today that you had died. Oh, how my heart breaks that I wasn't with you at the end....I know they did what they thought was best, and I hope your new owners loved you, even tho' you were only with them a short time...I explained to you why you couldn't stay with me and I hope you understood... I didn't want you to go... I love you GiGi...wait for me...
Aunt Kathy

Gila (Pronounced Hila), 05/16/03-06/16/03

We found her abandoned outside my workplace. Took her to our vet and attempted to get her on the road to health. She had serious infections and too dehydrated to survive for long. We loved her for the few days we had her and she was my Baby Girl. She cuddled on my shoulder and loved taking a couple of naps with me during her brief interlude with us.

Lenora Johnson

Gilby, 01/07/93-28/04/03

Goodbye our beautiful cheeky boy, you brought us so much and made us so happy to lose you so suddenly was so tragic, the pain we are feeling since you left us is huge, such a little boy could leave such a big hole in our lives, you were definitely one of a kind always happy always bouncing along always there for a kiss and a cuddle, we miss every single thing about you. 10 years was way too short but we are forever grateful that you were in our lives, we know we will see you again someday in the mean time look down on us and when you hear us talk about you we know you'll be listening. Goodbye our beautiful cheeky boy Gilby we will always love you, your memory will never ever leave us.

Dad, Mum, Sebastian xxxxxxxx

Gimpy, 6/2/03

Good bye my little bird, you had a tough life but I hope we made it better for you. Till we meet again.

Gina, 10/29/03

Gina Cat was an angel and she channeled unconditional love every day of her long life. After 16 years in my care, her little body could no longer function with renal failure, and she decided to go. She wanted to go on her own, without help from the vet. And so she did. I miss her terribly. She brought me through a bad marriage, angst of separation, pre-divorce anxiety, and divorce, as well as several apartment residences, and she lifted my spirits everyday, to transcend the everyday pain of human travail. She gave me such peace, thru all my personal changes, and the sight of her sweet beautiful face, in orange and white would cheer me each and everyday.

I can't quite believe she is gone; I hope she knows that I miss her, and wish she could be with me forever, in a perfect body, without disease or failure. her loving Mom, Ellen

Gina, 03/28/00-06/16/03

To our little baby girl, We love you so much.

Nancy, Marc, Lindsay, Jake and Mercedes

Ginger (Bunbun), 06/10/88-11/21/03

Go in peace my dear friend. I hope you find Magic and Buddhie in perfect health at the bridge. Take care of each other.
Who will clean my ice cream bowl now?

Jennifer Vernon & AJ Bowman

Ginger (Aka: Pudge), 04/29-10/29/03

You became sick so suddenly, I didn't expect it. It was very tough to make the decision to put you down. I know you weren't feeling well. I'm sorry that we didn't get to spend more time together. I will miss cuddling with you (& your piggy kisses) the most. It's hard to not walk into a room and start whistling at you (or to say your name). I hope you are happy where you are! I'll never forget you! Until later ...

Laura & Family

Ginger, 10/24/03

Ginger was the sweetest girl ever. She died of cancer and kidney failure yesterday and we are heartbroken. We'll meet you at the bridge when we get there, girl!

Jim and Julie Balke

Ginger, 10/15/03

My tribute to "Ginger" is this: "She served two homes faithfully in her lifetime". Ginger was my Mom's companion for eight years until Mom died in 1997. Then she came up to our house and was our wonderful pet for six years.
Ginger always showed her love and was never nasty to anyone -- even the small children. We had a cat in our house and they got along real well -- the cat used to lay close to Ginger and sleep when the weather was cold.
She will be greatly missed by all the family (especially me). THERE WILL NEVER BE ANOTHER DOG LIKE HER!!!

Judy Bolden

Ginger, 09/13/03

I miss you so much, I think I will never stop crying. It is my hope that I will see you again in the next life. I loved you, Ginger.

Jenni Kessler

Ginger, 4/14/00-7/10/03

The best friend I ever had
Never told me I was bad
She did not wear human garb
Or utter a single stinging barb

Only tender loving care
Did she ever want to share
Yes, only kindness did I receive
From one as sweet as she.

She enriched my life with her gentle ways
And made me laugh at the games she played
She was always there when I needed a hug
Or to show her devotion with a simple nudge.

While stroking her soft white furr
I listened to her comforting purr
I whispered my secrets, desires and fears
Into those ears willing and eager to hear.

I rubbed my face in her hair
While I shed a million tears
She would never judge
Only gave her unconditional love

Now she is gone and I am sad her time on earth through
But I will always remember my friend with the eyes of blue
For she can not be replaced by another
Goodbye my best friend, my cat Ginger.

Ginger, 06/03/03

We will always love you Ginger, you were a best friend to Nathan and a loving companion to us all. God Speed. xoxox

Ginger, 10/09/92-05/06/03

She was forever and she was the greatest dog I will ever know. I am truly blessed to have shared all those years with Ginger.


Ginger, 12/17/93-02/14/01

My beautiful little girl has been gone for 2 years last February 2003 and her love and devotion for the 8 years she loved me with her precious little heart, is still felt to this very day. Her loss is forever present and life just seems a little harder without her by my side. I miss you so very much my Ginger and wish we were still together in the many ways we shared our days. I love you still....and always will. You will never, ever, ever be forgotten and I know we'll be meeting again one day at the end of that Rainbow Bridge....and oh...what a happy day that will be!!

Zita Simpson

Ginger, 10/04/86-05/24/03

My loving dear little teddy bear, I miss you so much, you would follow me everywhere I would go, you loved going bye-bye with mommy.
You were there whenever I needed to talk to someone, and you always listened.
My heart is hurting for you, I miss you so, I loved the way you would wash your cute little eyes, and play with your little treats, I miss when you would come to me for just mommy time, just to hold you. Oh, my baby girl I miss you so.


Ginger, 4/21/96-5/09/03

On May 9, 2003, our darling Ginger went to sleep in our daughter's arms after her brave fight with cancer. She has given our family so much love and job. This past year especially she has been a comfort to us. My husband has been unemployed for 15 months and we have spent quality time with her. She was diagnosed only 7 short weeks ago and fought to the end. It was so difficult to make the decision to let her go, but she looked into our eyes and seemed grateful. She will be missed, our home is empty. Sleep gently dear Ginger.

Ginger, 04/19/03

We didn't have you in our lives for long, but we hope we made you as happy as you made us.

Alison and Rich Upton

Ginger, 05/13/85-03/26/03

Hey, little sweet pea! Is your little body whole again? Are you able to run, jump and eat all the Fancy Feast cat food you want? I just want you to know that I would have done anything to keep you here longer, if I didn't think you would suffer anymore.
I lost you last night , and I MISS YOU SO MUCH! There is a part of me that is missing today. You were with me through a marriage, four kids, and another cat. YOU WERE MY BEST FRIEND little sweet pea.! I miss you with all of my heart.
Take care little Gingy, and we will meet again someday!

Love Always,

Cheryl ( Mommy)

Ginger, 06/89-03/08/03

Ginger, My baby of nearly 14 years. We already miss you so much. You will always be a very special part of our family. Things just aren't quite the same without you. But I know in my heart that you are so much happier. We look for the day that you will accompany the ones that will bring us into paradise with you. Always to remain in our hearts and lives, we love you baby.
Daddy, Mama, Rebecca, Kristen and Coco too.

Ginger, 02/20/89-02/27/03

Ginger will always be daddy's little baby. She will surly be missed by my wife, my son, her daughter, her granddaughter and me. "Anything for popcorn"

Ginger, 12/01/87-03/04/03

Ginger, more than a pet but part of the family, we'll always miss you.

Carl, Debra, Carl III, Rosalie, Rob & Nick Savillo

Ginger, 05/18/87-01/31/03

To a very special dog, who gay us alot of joy, we will love and miss you forever.


Ginger, 01/30/03

You, my faithful friend, will forever live in my heart. I pray that you are somewhere special, where the sun always shines and the grass is always green. I love and miss you more than words can ever express.

Ginger, 08/13/88-11/26/02

We miss you so much. You were a true friend and the love you gave to us will always remain in our hearts. Be good and catch the ball for me - you are the best!
Becky, Bob, Penelope, Tessie and Cindy Marie

Ginger, 08/13/88-11/26/02

Ginny, I miss you so much. But, I know your spirit lives on in my heart. You were such a sweet and loving little friend. I will always think of you when I throw the ball for Penelope, Tessie and Cindy - we all know you were the best ball catcher Be good. Becky

Becky Freeman

Ginger, 4/4/88-12/3/02

To Ginger, we love you so very much. Ginger, it's Mommy...I miss you so much it hurts. I know you are an angel now and I will see you again but until then stay warm, safe, dry and eat well. I hope you are happy and don't ever forget about me. Thank you Ginger for all you taught me, the fight you fought to stay alive for me, and all the love you gave me and continue to fill my heart with. Daddy misses you so much and it will never be the same here without you. Maggie and Dream send their kisses. Until then, please God keep her safe and hold us all in your arms. Love, Donna

Ginger, adopted 1998 or 1999 to 12/28/02

"Red Haired Girl"

There's a path in the side pasture -
a path that she herself made on her many walks and adventures.
I thought she'd like it there.

She was so afraid, so timid and skittish -
That red haired girl.

When a kind lady beckoned to her to come out of the lonely wilderness -
To a place of warm and belly full.

The kind lady entrusted her to another, and the other to me -
And the red haired girl came to live and learn beside my other children.

She was to be a foster child
But she was wild
And wouldn't let herself be touched.

She'd rather stay out in cold and rain
Rather than to trust the hand that feeds.

And so it took about a yearbefore she'd let me come near enough to touch her - just soft and slow - to touch.

In time she couldn't get enough, but only ever on her terms,
And even after all the time, still startled and jumped up when fast asleep.

I know she must have had it hard - she must have been abused and abandoned
But she came to love and trust me.

I saw her love in hazel eyes when she'd pushed her weight against my hand
Stroking her chin and chest I know she liked the best.

I knew that after all that time earning her trust that I could never adopt her out -
That it would be a cruel betrayal, even if she went to the nicest of homes.
Or perhaps that's what I told myself so that I didn't have to part with her.

She liked my dogs well enough but I think she loved my Homer -
In fact if they'd been both intact I think she'd have taken him as her lover.

She was so smart but she carried such a deep sadness that she always seemed burdened.

I don't know if it's something that happened to her,
Or if she is like the other creatures on this planet
Who channel the sorrow and grief of the world.

Today as I laid her in the ground,
wrapped in a soft cotton blanket to keep her warm
and cookies at the ready in case she was hungry on her journey,
I wept and wept and told her that I was sorry
that I hadn't been there to hold her while she fell asleep forever.

Sorry that she had to go to that place alone.
Somehow after all of that time and love I feel I still failed her.
I could have done more - I should have done more.

But all I can do is give her back to the great Mother
To care for her until I meet her again.

So she rests in the earth under cedar trees
The path she made will take you there."

Ginger-Gin-Gin, 07/04/92-12/04/03

Gin-Gin we love you and we miss you. We wish that you were still here with us on this earth, but I know that you are with us in spirit. The pain and suffering is over and you are in a better place now. We will never forget you and all the fun we had together. We will always think about you and are love for you will always be in are hearts. With love always, your Mommy and Daddy.

Randy Mendoza

Ginger Girl, 11/19/03

No one can know how broken inside we are. You were given to us to care for and to love. And how YOU did love us and trusted us to care for you. We took you to the vet and he said you would be ok, but that night as I held you in my arms and you got weaker I knew God was going to take you. I know dogs go to Heaven and I will be so glad when He brings us together again and you can give me your special "kisses" again. You made our live so happy, I hope somehow you know that. Thank you for you love and thank you God for the time with her.

Diana and Bill Turner

Ginger Goldstein, 05/03/86-09/17/03

My beloved Ginger,
We spent 17 and a half beautiful years together.
I can't believe your really gone. I still expect to see you here every morning when I wake up and at night when I go to sleep. I hope I gave you the best possible life and that you were always happy. I wish you could have talked to me and told me if it was really your time to go. I hated to have to make that decision. I will always treasure our time together and the part of my life that you shared. I know that no other animal will ever replace you. You will always hold a special place in my heart forever. I love you Ginger.
Love, Mommy

Ginger Jo, 02/22/92-12/10/02

we love you ginger. you're in our hearts this holiday season and forever more. we love you!

Penny, Steve, Erica, and Sara

Ginger Lin, 04/14/89-04/13/03

Sissy you may be gone from our home, but you will always remain in our hearts. We talk to you each morning and night and pray that you are healthy and happy at the rainbow bridge. We know one day that when it's our time to leave this world, you will be waiting for us, with you tell wagging and you standing and waiting for mommy to bend down and give you a kiss. Until then baby you will remain in our hearts forever.
Love Mommy and Daddy

Ginger Pye Cavanaugh, 05/10/03

On Saturday, May 10th, 2003, at 11:10 a.m. Ginger Pye Cavanaugh went to heaven. She was a brindle greyhound who was kindest most loyal pet we had ever owned. We rescued from racing when she was less that two years old and we believe that she would have been fifteen had she lived until this September. Good bye Ginger. We love you very much.

Love, Regina and Richard Cavanaugh

Ginger Snap, 07/25/91-11/16/03

Ginger Snap was so special and brought love and compassion to all who knew her.
She is joining her sister and brothers but mommie misses her so!
She was the baby and my last one.
My loss is heaven's gain.....what an angel baby!!!!

Stacie Jo Lobue

Ginger Snapps, 1989-07/06/03

Ginger Snapps
1989 - August 6th, 2003 Ginger, I can't even express in words how much I miss you. You were my only sister for all of my life. I've told countless stories of how we bought you... Mom wasn't even planning on getting a dog but you were so cute she couldn't resist when she saw you as she was browsing the pet shop. Everyone was overjoyed to get a dog. You were a little brown and white Lhasa Apsa. You knew your grounds, no one could pick you up besides Mom Remember when you bit me on the thumb at the old house? Remember that Halloween that me and Kate dressed you up as a witch? Remember all of the contests that we entered you in? All of the other dogs could jump for frisbees and obey their owner and I couldn't even get you to walk around the circle without dragging you. You still won 2nd place nevertheless. You were always number one in my heart. The following Summer I taught you how to "sit" and "come" and I was so proud of you. You were my Gingess. Everyone loved "That little puppy" even as your were 13 and 14 years old. You were such a healthy puppy, going for hour long walks with Brian and I at the age of 14. Who knew that when we all went to the shore on June 29th that we would be coming home with one less only 2 months later. I was always worried for the day I would have to say goodbye to you, but I never really realized it was actually going to happen. You were a huge part of our family. Our family is a puzzle, and you were one of the pieces, now that you're gone, we're no longer complete. The house is so lonely without you here always keeping the chairs warm or even just sitting the in middle of everything so people would have to notice you and step over you. Remember when you would grab a stuffed animal and run back and forth throughout the house as fast as you could? We all loved seeing you so energetic. We always had good walks, good times. Everywhere I look I see you. Sitting on the coach by the window when we would come home, running to the door to greet us. The red spin chair that you would share with me. The stains in the brand new carpet only one week ago. The pictures all over the house, Dog food in the ads, water bowls in the corner, letting you out everyday after school. Reminding mom to take you for haircuts. Posing you for pictures with us on holidays. It was only one month ago that we posed for our last annual 4th of July Picture. I will treasure each and every one I ever had taken. No one understands the connection that you can have with a pet. You weren't a pet or a dog to me, you were my sister. My only sister. I grew up with you, I loved you I will never be able to replace you. Ever. No one and nothing could ever replace you. You are so special to me. Having you as a pet was the best thing that ever happened to me, I love you so much and you will always have a place in my heart.

~Julie, Mommy, Daddy, Brian, Tim, and Kevin.

Gingham, 05/08/03

Our sweet gingham girl,
You came into our lives as sweetly, softly and gently as you lived! With sky blue eyes and a coat of true gingham. We are so fortunate for the 3+ years that you were with us. Then on may 8, 2003 you had to leave us. Now my heart is so heavy with grief. I am so sorry, I didn't know your heart was failing you. It was so sudden and unexpected! We miss you so very much. I have to believe that you are lying on a feather pillow at the place where you are now. When I go to bed, I touch the spot on the pillow where you used to lay, above my head. It's almost as if I can feel you there, and your soft purr lulls me to sleep. I know you will be waiting for us at "the rainbow bridge" along with the others and we will all be reunited once again. This is what keeps me strong! So until we meet again at the bridge, sweet girl, know that I love you and miss you with all my heart! Mom (Debbie)

Ginny, 11/08/03

She added so much to my life. I have never known a more loving, loyal, sweet kitty. She will forever be missed.

Deborah Adler

Ginny, 03/29/03

Ginny was my wife's dog when I met her 4 years ago. She quickly became our dog. But much more than that she was my adopted daughter. We can't have children and for lo these many years, Ginny was Sandy's daughter. I came into their life late but was so blessed to know her. Ginny didn't like me at first. I remember when Sandy would bring her to my apartment, she would stay so close to Sandy and not come near me. One night after we got married I bent over to kiss Sandy in bed and Ginny snapped at me. They loved each other so much. I knew this day would come but I never anticipated it would hit me so hard. I have to be at work today while Sandy, my mother and sister-in-law take Ginny to the Vet to have her put to sleep. Ginny developed Pancreatitis about a year ago and had recently developed kidney problems as a result. Dr. Ferriss, her vet, called yesterday to let us know she had lost 90% of her kidney function and it wouldn't be long. Sandy immediately said we could wait until we absolutely had to act but I reminded her that she took care of Ginny for so long and was always there for her and she needed to be there for her now. I pray I wasn't wrong.
Montie Moore

Gioia, 11/07/03

My dear, sweet old lady Gioia passed away peacefully in my arms on Friday, November 7, 2003. She was a beautiful Collie mix, 19 1/2 years old ... a gentle, shy creature with a heart of pure gold. I had the privilege of giving her a loving home for the last half of her life, and she enriched my life every moment. I'll always remember her and miss her, but take comfort in knowing that she's up on Rainbow Bridge, finally in perfect health once again, and content. I wrote her a poem that final day, as I faced the decision of freeing her to go to 'The Bridge'. This is my tribute to you, dear Gioia, with love and gratitude for all you gave me:

To My Darling Gioia

How can I ever say good-bye
To one I love so much?
You've changed my life with your devotion,
And your gentle touch.

When I despaired, you licked my hand,
And nudged me with your nose;
When I rejoiced, you shared that too;
You felt my high's and low's.

Your very name means "Joy" itself,
And you've been that to me -
A joy, a gem, an angel-dog,
A soul of loyalty.

You've been the best friend any girl
Could ever hope to have -
My dear companion, devoted, true,
Unselfish, loving, brave.

You've taught me what it means to love,
Caring only for my best.
You've lived your life so selflessly,
And have truly earned your rest.

You've served two humans through your life
- a tribute to your huge heart!
I've no doubt you loved the first one well,
Until death made you part.

You must have wondered where she went,
And why she never returned.
You must have watched day after day,
With hope that always burned.

Her family almost put you down;
Her death should mean yours, too.
But thankfully one member stood up,
And went to bat for you.

And so I saw that blurry notice
Pinned up to a wall,
"Older dog needs home", it read,
"Owner deceased" was all.

And then a picture - really bad,
Could hardly see your face.
But I knew that you needed me,
And that I'd take her place.

I'll never forget the day they brought you,
Trotting from the car.
Your gorgeous hair, all blonde and red,
Your pretty face - a STAR!

And so within a few short days,
You followed ME around -
The way you must have followed her,
An ever watchful, devoted 'hound'.

Your one desire is to know
Where I am every minute.
You love to find me in a room,
And then just lie down in it.

Ah, you dear sweet soul, when did my heart
Become so entwined with yours,
That to lose you now seems like my death, too,
And the well of grief just pours?

I KNOW you're off to a "better place",
I know your body's at rest;
I know you can run and play again,
And you're feeling at your best.

And you've earned that right, dear Gioia-heart,
If any dog ever has,
But letting you go is the hardest thing
I've ever had to face.

I kept on praying that you'd sleep
And simply not awake;
That God would "take this cup from me",
So this choice I wouldn't have to make.

But it seems that He's given me one final test
Of how great my love is for you.
Can I do what I must for YOUR sake, old girl,
In spite of what it puts ME through?

Well the depth of your love has set the example
Of what I must follow today.
I'll now show you MY love by setting you free,
And be there to usher your way.

Your spirit will live on inside me, dear Gioia,
For all of my life, every day;
I'll never forget the sweet angel you were,
And how blessed I was by your stay.

Dear God up in heaven, please take home this angel,
This dear, sweet old lady of mine;
And give her a crown, and a big comfy throne,
And the tastiest foods to dine.

And tell her I miss her and all her sweet ways,
Please tell her each morning and night;
Please say that I'll always remember her well,
And in my stead, please tell her, "Good night".

With all my love,
Your Mom

Jane Loewen

Girl, 11/30/03

Girl, you were a great, big hearted, loving, joyful friend. You re missed so much, but I see you frolicking out there chasing squirrels. Thanks for everything.

Love you, Anne

Girl, 09/25/03

Hey Girl, beauty queen, precious kitty, good kitty, girl kitty, You made it to 20 - you are a strong and determined kitty! You have been my best friend, confidante, and always there for me when life seemed to hard, to much. You saw me through two degrees, I went to vet school so I could care for you properly. And I did. When you got colorectal carcinoma I did the best I could - they said 60 days and you showed 'em! You lived twice that. But I still wish you could have never been sick, could have lived forever, I cant right now imagine my life without you, and I hope so much you are peaceful and happy. Thank you for being so wonderful - you never complained, you came with me to shop, to school, to work, everywhere and we had a blast together. When you died in my arms I felt like dying to and I know my life will never be the same, or as good as it was when I was cuddling, walking or talking to you. I love you and miss you with all my heart. love mom.

Girl, 06/15/91-06/04/03

I love you very much & miss you greatly little Girl.


Girl Garbo Lee

To My little Girl Garbo Lee: Your life has been a very special blessing to me and always will be. My traveling companion, my confidente, my best friend. Your sweet face and loving beingness will never be forgotten....always remembered. I will miss your darling face placed on my shoulder as I drove and your uplifted eyes that begged for attention. Your presence on my bed peering out the window in search of squirrels, or anything that moved so you could prove how much you protected me from harms way. Your sister Mollie, that you cared for and protected.....the many dogs you pal'ed around with at every doggie park you visited. You undaunted devotion to being the best of friends with me. You kept company in times of sadness and brightened my each and every day. Thank you for your special presence in my life, you will NEVER be forgotten or MISSED! I LOVE YOU GARBO!!!! Good bye until we meet again! Your loving friend, Darci!!!!!!!!

Girl Girl, 02/20/03

Thankyou Girl Girl for letting us understand what unconditional love is.
Thankyou been the friend, the teacher and the daughter for this short 7 yrs.
And Thankyou for waiting for us to accompanied you thru' the last moment
And thankyou for coming around to see me, mum and meg before you bid farewell.
Thankyou for showing us your love even though you are truly sick
Thankyou and we truly love you
Adopting you was one of the best decision I had make in my life. Thankyou...

Anthony Ng

Girlie, 07/04/87-01/16/00

Remembering my best friend life has given me. I miss you terrible, but know you have no pain now.

Bobbi Whitmire

Girlie-Girl, 11/12/03

Girlie-Girl was my friend and companion for 13 years. She talked to me endlessly and wanted nothing more than to nibble on my dinner, sit by me and have brush her with her favorite brush. She was incredibly sweet and gentle, no matter what was going on. At the moment, I am so sad I don't even know how I'll get through the day, but I know I will eventually just remember all of her sweetness and not her last few weeks.

Joanne Hoffman

Giya, 06/01/01-02/04/03


You were the other flame in the dark. You and your twin, Canila, were the healers when I was sick. I only wish I could have healed you as you healed me. I wish I had been there with you when you left, but I know that you are with me now. I miss you and Canila more than anything, but I know when I finally walk up to the bridge, you both will be there. And you, in your logical way, will lead me to the peace you have now.

Gizmo, 12/27/03

When I needed Love you gave it when I was in need of a friend you were always there You will live in my heart forever this pain I feel may cease in time but the joy you gave will remain forever rest in peace my old boy

Stephen Hedley Goonan

Gizmo, 05/01/88-12/27/02

He was a dear friend and companion for 13 years, we miss him so much!! His devotion, loyalty and love for his "grandpa and grandma" will never be forgotten.

Donna Laporte

Gizmo, 05/25/91-06/15/03

Personality Plus! A true friend and companion. You are missed so very much. You are gone but will never be forgotten.

Mary Bolin

Gizmo, 07/17/87-01/22/00

The hardest thing I ever did was to put your pain first and not try to keep you with me --knowing how much you were suffering. it broke my heart standing with you at the vet as you fell into your last sleep. there isn't a day that I don't miss you, even though it's been so long. you fleeting spirits don't stay with us long enough.

Ann Chapman

Gizmo, 09/16/90-12/13/03

My very best friend.
He was loved by me more than I have ever loved anything or anybody.
Loyal and brave.
Faithful and loving.
I will always love you, Gizmo.

Martha Hampel

Gizmo, 04/06/90-11/02/03

I wrote these two poems right after Gizmo passed. "Go To Sleep" was written just as things happened that day.
I can't think about him or even mention his name without crying.
I read some of these memorials about other pets & I cry as if they were my own.
People who don't have pets think it's crazy to mourn the loss of a pet.
But they're a part of your family.
They're with you day in and day out.
They give you all their love and affection and never ask for anything in return.
We had Gizmo cremated, and now his remains sit under our Christmas tree because if he were here with us today, that is exactly where he'd be taking his cat naps.
Gizmo, we love you & we miss you so much.
Angel & Tiger miss you so very much.

"Go To Sleep"

I woke up Sunday morning
and went about my day
I went into the bathroom
there on the sink you lay
You waited for me to brush my teeth
so you can drink from the tap
and when you were done, you layed back down
and continued with your nap
We all got dressed, there were things to do
so we hurried out the door
when we returned, on the sink you lay
just as you were before
Lying there on your side
something just wasn't right
There was a sudden change in you
that happened over night
The doctor called us in the room
and said you reached the end
The time had come to say goodbye
to our fluffy feline friend
She carried you in her arms to the room where we had waited
She promised us you'll feel no pain
you were heavily sedated
She layed you on the table
and not to my surprise
out of habit I took a tissue
and I began to clean your eyes
I stroked your head and kissed your face
and I could not hold back my tears
You gave this family lots of love
through all your thirteen years
I still have your baby that you carried around the house
you took it from me when you were two months old, and since then it's been like your spouse
Now you're gone and we miss you so
our home is not the same
I don't know whether to laugh or cry
when our parrot calls your name
I'll miss your purring in my ear
as you did every night
Go to sleep our beloved Gizmo
while mommy turns out the light.

"Your Pretty Floral Tin"

The day we layed you down to rest
was the hardest thing to do
I never dreamed when I woke up
it was my last day spent with you
I'm finding it hard to deal with this loss
I cannot stand the pain
My bay window is empty now
where you sat and watched the rain
If I had known that Sunday morning
was my last day spent with you
I would have put everything aside
to spend your final hours with you
The renal failure that took your life
was a race you could not win
Rest in peace our beloved Gizmo
in your Pretty Floral Tin

Joan, Robert, Taylor & Elizabeth Gallo

Gizmo, 03/89-03/2003

Gizmo, you were a small cat with a big heart. I miss you jumping on the bed and keeping me warm at night. Curl up next to China Rose and keep one another warm and safe. I will love you forever. Mary

Mary Davis

Gizmo, 10/31/96-10/17/03

It was such a shock to lose you. You were always the feisty one, always into trouble and exploring. You didn't appear to slow down even though now we know that cancer was there.

Tinker has missed you a lot also, but yesterday she joined you. We miss both of you so much and love you. You and Tinker will always be in our hearts.

Robert and Tara

Gizmo, 10/18/03-11/10/03

Your time here was so short and life was taken from you so fast. we love you so much. You were only 3 weeks old and not even given a chance. Though you were here only for a short time knowing you and loving you will last a life time for us. hopefully jack has met you at the bridge and you are happy and not alone. We will see you again someday until then sweet baby remember we love you. love, Michelle, David, Amanda and Shelby

Gizmo, 01/04/91-10/20/03

My Gizmo was a loving wonderful friend that was always there to pick me up and I will miss him forever. He and a very bad heart and most likely leukemia. I pray he is at the Bridge crossing, running and happy once again.


Gizmo, 09/19/03

I was blessed with my dogs Gizmo (11) and Samantha (14) many years ago and couldn't imagine life without them. Unfortunately, Gizmo's kidney's started shutting down Friday night and, after a very rough night for all of us, especially him, the choice was clear that I had to say good bye to mine and Sam's best buddy. He was like a puppy and so very full of life right to the end. I can only hope that he is running through the woods and fields right now trying to catch any squirrel that he can find (he was such a lover boy that he would only want to play with them or scare them, not hurt them). Good bye for now Gizmo. Keep an eye out for Sammy and I. I love you more than words can describe.


Gizmo, 12/22/87-8/17/03

Gizmo was loved by all, but mostly by his mommy. I miss him more each day. He was my entire world.

Kim Holloway

Gizmo, 04/10/91-09/08/03

Gizmo was a good boy with a good soul. He kept his mousies in line and loved it when his dad played the piano. We're going to miss him so much.

Ralph and Rebecca Torres

Gizmo/Little Gizzy, 06/02/92-08/14/03

My little Gizmo passed away during the night on 08 14 03. She was my best friend in the world and I miss her so much. I got her in 1992 at 8 weeks old and she was so small, the house feel's so empty without her. I wish I could turn back time. Gizmo you was a loyal companion and made me happy for so many years it will be hard without you. We love you, may you rest in peace and may we meet again. Love dad & mom, in our hearts forever

Gizmo, 01/20/88-07/24/03

I just wanted "My Boy" recognized. He was the light of my life and I miss him so. We had 15 1/2 wonderful years together. He was so special and no dog will ever be able to replace the love he gave to me.


Gizmo, 16/07/03

Gizmo just to let you know mummy and daddy misses you very much and so does Missy. You will remain forever in our hearts.

Love mummy

Gizmo, 05/01/94-05/06/03

I love my Gizmo and miss him very much. I have never had anything hurt as much. My only consolation is that he is healthy once again. I LOVE YOU GIZ!!!!

Lisa Nielsen

Gizmo, 5/16/03

Gizmo was my best friend in the world. I got him just after he was born. A little scrawny Main Coon who was full of life. He came to weigh between 17-20 lbs as he grew older. Unfortunately a year ago he was diagnosed with kidney disease and lost so much weight (7 lbs). I did everything I could for him. On Thursday, May 16, I came home and the disease was taking him over. I feel so guilty for not being home with him that night. But, I did everything to save him and make him comfortable.

My beautiful baby, I miss you so much. I pray that you are laying on your back enjoying some sunshine and a cool breeze. You gave me 16 wonderful loving years. I know wherever you are you are now healthy and suffer no more.
I am sorry my baby for not getting home sooner. I did everything I could for you that night. But I know you have no more discomfort. The house is so quiet and empty without you. I will see you again. Be happy my "baby boy."
I love you sooooooo much. Until we meet again...XOXOXO
Love Momma (Shannon)

Gizmo, 04/28/87-12/27/02

You and your brother, Stormy, were our very best & most beloved kitties ever. You taught us so much about cats, love and silliness and you even made a cat lover out of Rick! Rest well at the Bridge with Stormy until we meet again! Very well loved but missed her on Earth!

Rick, Kay & Jr Poston

Gizmo, 4/23/94-4/10/03

Gizmo left us over night 4/9-4/10 suddenly in his sleep.
We all really MISS you especially Mom. Things just aren't the same, when I came home from surgery you weren't there....I never had that "last" chance to play ball-ball with you or play with your feather that Sweetie didn't want. But I know someone is playing with you all the time now and you are probably outside, in the weeds and flowers...playing with monsters to protect mom. We all miss rubbing your little go-tee and that belly. But most of all your companionship, you are the best 'Lil Liz EVER!!!! Mom misses you waking her up and bringing her your toys and snuggling in under her arm at night like a baby. Giz, we know you are in a better place and you have everything that you ever wanted. Oh yeah, we will always have your Christmas stocking for you, things won't be the same then either since you won't be able to carry all over the house waiting for Santa.......We love you Gizzie and you will always be a part of us forever. Until we meet again, I love you!!!!


Gizmo, 11/02-04/05/03

To the cutest cat the world has ever seen. A personality like yours will never be seen again. I love you dearly and miss you every day, my dearest little Gizmo.


Gizmo, 08/01/99-04/06/03

Gizmo you were my hero, my ultimate companion. You always knew how I was feeling and I will miss you more than you could ever know. Your death has been very hard for me and I continue to see your loving face everywhere I look. Thank you for your ultimate compassion, love, understanding and for just being there for me when I was so sick. You made each day and night easier for me. May God find a piece of heaven for you to rest upon and may He watch over you now as you did for me. I love you kitty-kitty. I hope that you are no longer in pain and that you are able to run and play freely. You are forever with me and will truly be missed by our family. I wish I had known what you were going through, but being as strong as you were, I now realize that was impossible. I love you Gizmo!!

Cathy Towne

Gizmo, 07/?/97-03/26/03

Thinking of you all the time, my furbaby bunny. I'm so glad you didn't suffer pain in the end.

Gizmo, 02/17/91-03/23/03

my precious angel has gone to rainbow bridge and though it hurts me so much.. I know that some day she will see me and come running across the field and we be together for the rest of our lives ....

Joann Alberson

Gizmo, 03/26/03

Dear Giz, How silly we were to think that so long ago we were rescuing you when in reality it was you rescuing us. You are our little hero and you put up one heck of a fight. Thank you for taking care of us for so long. We love you and will never forget you. Now go run baby. Run MoMo run!

The Yingers

Gizmo, 09/16/84-03/29/03

Gizmo was a great siamese cat and a significant part of my life. I have had many through the years, but he was truly kind to all other animals and any human being who came along.

There was always a purr or a head brush, a soft paw in the face or a kind meow. He loved to tell you about his day. I will miss his wanting to sit on my lap or lay on my shoulder as I walked around the house.

He loved to sleep next to you, under your arm. Always a talker, he spoke up for all the other pets when he felt it was time to eat, he needed a hug or the kitty litter changed.

I had him 18 years and he enriched my life like no other pet I have ever had. In the end, after months of hydration therapy, he succumbed to kidney failure and had to be put down. I am very sad this day.

I know he is in a better place today and no longer suffering. Yet it was the hardest thing I have ever done. I realized that I could no longer be selfish about keeping him alive. He deserved to be at rest.

I hope I see him again on the other side someday..

Alan Boucher

Gizmo, 02/20/03

Gizmo came to the Humane Society where I worked as an Animal Care Worker. He suffered from an autoimmune disorder, and I had to make the dreadful decision to end his suffering.

Though you passed without a home, you are not alone.
I am by your side.

When we meet again,
I will hold you in my arms and ask
Please forgive me, my friend...

Troy Way

Gizmo, 04/09/90-03/01/03

Gizmo, I experienced the first thunderstorm without you tonight. I remember how you always insisted on going out in the rain - the harder it rained, the more you insisted on going for a walk! I would give anything in the world to take one more walk in the pouring rain with you my sweet girl. I will never forget your funny ways: How you'd waddle to the laundry basket and snuggle in, so only your furry little face poked out from the clothes; the way you loved to share my pasta and French fries (or anything else I happened to be eating that day) and how, whenever I was sad, you'd rub against me and lick away my tears. You brought so much joy to so many people, and were always so happy: Even when you could no longer walk, you greeted me daily with such joy, and loved going for rides in the little red Radio Flyer wagon we bought you. My little Moopie, my furball, I just want you to know that I will always love you: You were my child, best friend and confidante, and I will never, ever forget you. One day I'll see you again, baby girl. Until then, be happy and healthy, and run free again at Rainbow Bridge.

Gizmo, 01/23/93-02/24/03

Gizmo wasn't a cat, he was our baby. He was the best boy in the world and will be loved and missed forever.

Mark & Christine Kirk

Gizmo, 08/26/89-02/11/03

Our best and most trusted friend. You will be missed.


Gizmo, 5/91-2/17/03

Gizzie, you were our true companion. We will miss you terribly. You brought us great joy, laughter, and unconditional love. Going for rides with Daddy was your favorite thing to do. He will miss making you your weekly batches of chicken liver with rice. Giz, you were and will always be one of a kind, unique and special. Thank you for being a part of our family. You taught us what unconditional love was all about. We will see you again someday and cross that bridge together. Until then will be forever in our hearts.

All our love,
The Chandonnet Family

Gizmo, 11/15/99-01/08/03

Gizmo was a very loyal and good dog. He touched everyone's heart that new him and he will be greatly missed, and forever in our hearts. He was taken from us much to soon, but like they say only the good die young. We love you Gizmo!!!

Dennis, Robyn, Ryan, & Kylie

Gizmo, 02/14/93-01/03/03

"Giz" was the best cat ever!! He knew when I was sad, he was there rubbing his head against mine. When I was sick in bed, he was there laying next to me letting me know he loved and cared for me. Unlike any cat we've ever had, Gizmo was full of personality, friendly and always wanted to be a part of whatever I was doing. Today, I feel the emptiness of a loved friend I suddenly lost yesterday. Our hearts are very heavy and will miss you terribly.

Always and Forever in our hearts,
Ashley, Mommy and Missy-Lyn

Gizmo Colstad, 08/99-12/06/03

Gizmo was the kindest, sweetest most adorable dog I have ever known. I'm really going to miss the way he always wanted to be upside down when I held him. Guess the world looked a little better to him that way. I'll also miss the way he always greeted me when I came home. Wanting to sit on the arm of my chair to watch TV with me. "Little man" I hope there is a huge chair where you are and someone to watch TV with you. I'll miss your snoring at night while you were snuggled in the bend of my leg. I didn't have you with me nearly long enough. Why someone had to be so mean as to take you from me I'll never know. You never hurt anyone. I love you little man. Wait for Momma at the bridge. I'll be looking for you!

Gizmo Cummings, 02/21/03

Gizmo, This is your mommy speaking, it's only been 3 days since you've passed I think about you all day. I am in so much pain, but I know that we will meet again. Your daddy (Dan) tells me that your eating steak every day, and your able to sleep on a big fluffy couch. Your missed more than words can say. I love you always and forever. your mommy (Rainee)

P.S. will you tell my grandma hello.

Gizmo D. Dog, 09/22/03

You were a true friend. Always there when I needed you. You always were able to lift my spirits no matter what. Even though we still have Buffy and Baby our family is no longer complete without our Mini Mighty Mo Dog We will miss you and never forget you.

Roland & Rose

Gizmo Sneakers, 6/1/87-8/30/03

Gizmo, we miss you so very much! We want you to know you will always have a very special place in our hearts. We hope you are enjoying yourself where you are, running, playing, and of course, eating. I am sure there are plenty of ice cream and cookies where you are now! We love and miss you so much, and you will never be forgotten. Love your Daddy, Mommy and Sister.

Gizzmo Pandora, 03/08/91-09/17/03

Live well my little one. I will be awaiting the day we meet again. Until then, chase the butterflies as you loved to do. This is one of my very precious memories that I will always hold Dear. We all miss you deeply but know that you are not alone or suffering. You are joining so many other very special friends who have preceded you. God Speed!


Gizzy (Gizmo), 04/04/03

Gizzy was a silly, crazy, and wonderful dog, and fit right in with us. He made us smile and laugh many, many times. We don't know exactly how old he was because we adopted him on October 14, 2002, but he was only a few years old. The vet said it was a one-in-a-thousand happening, but who would have thought it would happen to us. He will be greatly missed.

Glama, 10/31/92-07/04/03

With all her memories her spirit will always be with me. She will not be forgotten. Not only was she a champion in the ring, but she was a champion in our hearts.

Glencannon, 07/04/83-07/28/03

Here's to our almost 20 years together. I hope you have found your sister Aodhan and that you and she are happily sunning yourselves. Until we meet again at the Bridge - I love and miss you.

Glory, 11/11/02-11/09/03

Our precious brindled bully girl left us much too soon just 2 days short of her 1st birthday


Glory, 06/30/95-01/24/03

Glory was my best friend. She went with me everywhere and enjoyed every moment of the journey. Her favorite places were the beach, the lake, and on my bed at night. She could read me like a book. Her eyes followed me for seven years, always available as my companion, protector and maker of laughter and fun. Watching her play in the water and in the sand was one of the greatest joys of my life, and I will miss that dearly. We have done great things together, touched many lives, explored many places. We were going to do many more great things together, but it will have to wait. Glory, I hope you were ready to go. I hope you died knowing that you are the apple of my eye and that you are loved and that many people will miss you terribly. I will never forget you, God's precious gift. Love, Breanna

Goat, 10/08/90-10/11/03

My precious baby Goat, thirteen years ago our paths crossed and you changed my life forever. I was a goofy little girl on roller skates and you were a sweet stray looking for a home filled with love. Maybe it was destiny that we found each other that night, but I know that I wouldn't be who I am today if you had not entered my life.

Not a day went by that I felt alone or scared, because I knew that you would always be there for me. Now that you are gone, my love for you still lives on as bright as ever and I know the love you felt for me will live on in my heart. guiding me. When my time comes and I have to leave this world as you did, our love for each other will live on... because that bond we shared together was special and can never die.

Goat, I want to thank you with all of my heart for coming into my life and always being there for me. When I look up at the sky on a clear day, I will think of your beautiful blue eyes that always looked at me so lovingly.

Our song: ~ She's a cat, she's my cat, she's my baby Goat-cat, She's a baby Goat-cat ~

Goatee, 4/10/87-2/6/03

To my big boy Goaty, the most handsome boy that ever lived. I was so lucky to have you with me for so long. I love you very much. Big BB and I miss you terribly.

Godfrey, 07/22/00-07/15/03

Godfrey suffered tail pull as a result of a incident with a car. Despite attempts of his vet, medicine and much time the nerve damage was too much. We let him begin his journey to the bridge so he would be at a better place and suffer no more.

I will always remember and love you Godfrey!

Marcia Williams

Golden Cloud Burst, 07/19/88-10/18/98

Wow Goldie you had a wild fire for life like the color of your fur. You had this really vibrant orange color and a beautiful white stripe down your nose. You would always put Bruno in his place. Let me just say to these people that Bruno is a Great Dane Mastiff mix and this lil sheltie didn't put up with the attitude. It was really funny to see. Kevin misses you and has the pictures of you and him in his room. She was very lovable as well. She loved to be groomed and kept herself up pretty well. She showed all the animals in the house who was boss. For a smaller breed she had fight. Such spunk. The family misses you much we all do. I know that you are chasing and playing with Lucky up there. I remember we had Trixie with Lucky then we got you. Lucky came in to eat and ate right beside you not knowing you were a new dog. You went to sniff him. He jumped and ran in the other room behind the couch and hid. I will always remember that. Well, just wanted to give you the tribute that the family owes you for all the laughter you gave us and to show us that spunk. You are in a fun place now with allot of dogs and cats to play with. Be easy on them and take care sweetheart. We love you.

Helene (mommy)

Golden Retriever Chips of Gold Aka Chip, 04/19/96-11/14/03

A wonderful friend was lost 11-14-03! Chip, my dear G-R passed and has moved up to the Rainbow Bridge! You will always be loved and missed by your family!
Watch over you family from Heaven.........Rob, Paula, Brandon, Levi, Toby and Tina will miss you dearly!
As will your mama and papa!
(and Aunt Chellie!!) Have FUN, PLAY and be a good boy Chipper!! MISS you and love you dear "speed bump"!
I bet you look handsome with your wings and halo!

Rob and Paula Paynter

Goldi, 06/01/89-05/17/03

You can shed tears that she is gone, or you can smile because she lived. You can close your eyes and pray that she'll come back, or you can open your eyes and see what she has left. Your heart can be empty or full of the love you shared. You can turn your back on tomorrow and live yesterdays, or you can be happy for tomorrow because of yesterday. You can remember her and only that she is gone or you can cherish her memory and let it live on. You can cry and close your mind, be empty and turn back, or you can do what she would want, smile, open your eyes, love and go on.
I miss you "Golden Girl", my forever friend

Goldi, 5/10/03

She was the sweetest, happiest, expressive, most agreeable dog I have had or will ever have. Getting her at 4 months old was a fluke of circumstances that surely saved her from a terrible life. She enriched my life everyday. The pain from her loss is equal or greater to anything I have ever experienced. Three days ago she seemed healthy and happy, Then came a rapid, emotional, roller-coaster ride of vomiting, vet visit, acute diabetes, transfer to intensive care hospital, pancreatitis, some improvement, then finally, kidney failure. Three hours ago I held her sweet, suffering face in my hands while the doctor ended her life. Everything now looks a little more grey and ugly and there is a huge hole inside me. Hopefully, we will be together again on some level in some heaven. "I loves you, Gold!" DBR

Goldie, 10/26/96-10/09/03

Goldie we miss you so much. Christmas was so sad without you.
You were the best most loyal friend anyone could ever have.
I talk to you everyday, but I sure miss your kisses, and your wiggly butt. You waged your tail and your whole body waged. There will never be another dog like you. Can't wait to see you again, baby girl, we love you!

Cherie and Jay Garrabrant

Goldie, 07/89-12/26/03

Goldie We will miss you so very very much We Love you and will never forget you. You hold such a very special place in our hearts safe journey old seet babe with all our Love
from Lisa and Jonathan

Goldie, 05/2003

In loving memory of my baby girl, my best friend, my heart. May you be safe and happy til we meet again.


Goldie, 09/13/02-08/21/03

Goldie was a special hamster. She was cuddly and funny and spazzed a little and was so cute. We will miss her. Love you Goldie!

Kajsa Grace Magdalena Wood

Goldie, 03/17/90-07/22/03

Hi my banana dog, I hope you know how much you meant to me (still do) You were the moon and stars in my life and I appreciate everything you did, from being there thru my heartaches to digging up my dads garden. You were the best girlfriend I have ever had. I love and miss you . To the best friend a girl could have..I cant wait to be with you again. *Gimme a kiss!* Love Amanda

Goldie, 10/01/85-06/17/03

We love you & miss you Goldie, we'll meet again at The Rainbow Bridge

Elaine Manning & Jim White

Goldie, 11/92-06/12/03

Goldie was a sweet girl that loved to hunt and boat ride. She was her daddy's pride and joy. She will be greatly missed.

Rick Anderson

Goldie, 01/09/94-05/26/03

Goldie was the best friend that my husband every had. She supported him through his heart surgeries, felt his pain, offered an ear when no human ear would do, always knew when he was troubled. She died in his arms.

Barbara Jo Sauer

Goldie, 06/15/00

Always remembered and never forgotten. Goldie brought so much happiness to me when I was growing up. She was there during all the ups and downs and saw me through all the way till my final graduation as a doctor. I lost her 6 months later, but I know she is in a better place and I will see her again someday.

Dr. John M. McKittrick

Goldie, 09/05/88-04/10/03

She saw me through my own battle with cancer. I held her as she died from hers. She will always live on in my heart as she did in this life with me for over 14 years. I will dearly miss her little freckled nose, her fluffy tail and tummy and how she used to like to "help" me dry my hair and walk laps around my bed in the morning.

Goldie, 10/10/91-4/08/03

Goldie was the sweetest most loving dog that may have ever walked the earth. She must have had two hearts and she loved me with both of them. She was my constant companion and always waiting for me in the window when I would return home from work. I love her so much and miss her terribly. Life just isn't the same without her and I hope she knows that I can't wait to see her again some day.

Goldy, 6/20/97-6/03/02

I really miss you Goldy, you were my best friend.


Goliath, 11/09/90-12/11/03

My Dear Goliath,
I do hope you know just how special you were to not only me, but to so many people in this entire world. You were so very loved by so very many. You changed my life forever and gave me the best 13 years anyone could ever ask for. I know these last few months were very hard for you and I do appreciate all you did to help me and Jack get through them. I could not have made it without you. I also know that you now deserve to rest and for your tired and worn out body to become whole and healthy and forever young again. I will always love you...Godspeed my Love. Please give Daddy and Hannah a big ol Boxer smooch for me and Jack. We miss you all more than words can say. Love Mom

Goliath, 12/13/03

May you rest in peace


Goliath Miller, 9/13/94-7/9/03

To our majestic man, we love you so much and miss you even more.
You were our friend, and our companion. May God bless you. xoxoxoxoxox

Gollum Wade Dibble, 12/11/88-11/03/03

Gollum, It has only been one week since I said goodbye, I still cry for you, I still miss you terribly and always will. I will always love you, When I take Dillon out in the backyard, I still look to see where you are, Even Dillon that little monster still misses you also. We only were together the past 6 years, but right from the first day we met, I knew you would always be with me. Please know that I was there with you long after you were already gone, I just couldn't leave Dr Averitt's without you, She told me I was the best mom a dog could ever have had,but it was still the hardest thing for me to do, I did try to reach your Daddy, so that he could have seen you one more time, to say goodbye but that didn't happen and that breaks my heart too, I even thought of holding on to you longer to give him that chance but that would not have been fair to you, I just couldn't bear to see you struggle I know how hard it was for you to get up and down those three steps to come in or out of the house, and watching you trying to lie down and then get back up again, although you didn't seem to complain, it looked so difficult. I will always remember taking you to Jamestown Beach and the Colonial Parkway to swim, how you loved the water, and even though I knew you where older and I guess you thought you could just stay there forever swimming it was all I could do to get you back in the car. When I pick up my keys to go somewhere I still expect you to be waiting at the door to go for the ride too, if it was just to the grocery store, it didn't matter as long a you were with me, I hope you were not mad when I brought that puppy home in April, I think you may have actually liked him, I only hope that he will be as good a Lab as you always were. Even when your Daddy walked out on us, you still stayed faithful to me, I miss coming home after work to that wagging tail, How proud I am of you, being blind for the past 3 or 4 years never stopped your spirit, I remember when I took you to the beach and I would throw the dummy in the water and you'd swim right out to it, people could not believe you were blind, and I always told them that you were too smart to let that stop you from having fun, you learned to see with your ears, You almost made it to 14 years and all I can hope is that you were as happy with me as I was with you, I love you Gollum and miss you Until we meet again, All my love forever, Mommy

Gonzo A.K.A. Big Guy, 05/18/96-09/25/03

Making the decision to let Gonzo go, was the hardest thing that I ever had to do. I could not understand why it was happening. He was such a good cat and I did my best to take care of him, why couldn’t I fix what was wrong with him. When he first became sick in April, I had no idea what I would be facing in the months to come, all of the highs and lows and the choices that I would have to make. To this day, I still question my decisions and I pray that Gonzo knows that I did everything out of my love for him. If I had the opportunity to convey to him my feelings, this is what I would tell him… Gonzo, my precious big guy, I am so blessed that you chose me that day at the humane society. I will never forget when they opened your cage and you jumped into my arms, wrapped your front legs around my neck and started rubbing your face to mine (something that you would do for the next seven years). It was instant love!! I am not sure if you will ever know how much you brought to my life. You were so special and there is no other like you. You brought me through a lot of very difficult times, always protecting me and being my comfort. I am so thankful for having you there all the times that I needed you. ,I miss you and all of the things that you used to do...even the “quirks”. Your sparkling personality, the way you would greet me at the door, our many conversations. But, I miss our cuddle time the most, the way that you would come and nestle in my lap, crawl up on my chest, knead my tummy and rub your face against mine. All of the head butts. How you would purr…that motor of yours was always going!! You always knew when it was bedtime and you were always there to sleep with me. ,I often complained about your wake up calls, but now I miss your little love nips telling me “Mom, wake up, I am hungry!”. I miss our evening treat time and all of the tricks that you would do for me. I also miss how you would follow me around to help with the housework. Your spot is still there on my craft table where you would watch me as I put together scrapbooks. I miss the way you would spontaneously jump up into my arms and just give me hugs!! And yes, I even miss chasing you after you jumped the fence to the neighbor’s yard.

Grandma Michele, Grandma Margret, Marie and Matt all miss you very much. Marie misses her "aristocrat" that always helped her read the Sunday paper when she came to visit. Margret misses you on the end of her couch and in her study when she would do her evening emails. You brought so much to the lives of others and they will always remember you! ,Thank you so much for this last summer. I am so thankful that we were able to treat your illness for as long as we could. I will remember this last summer always. I am so sorry that the drugs stopped working and you had to suffer the paralysis of your hind legs. I know you and I know that it was difficult for you to lose you independence that day in September. You tried so hard and you were so strong right up until the end. ,I love you very much and I want you to know that you are so special and I hope that you know that I did what I did because I love you and I did not want you to hurt anymore. You were always so strong, and to see you deteriorate was more than I could handle. I want to thank you for all of your unconditional love and for all of the wonderful memories that you have given to me. I will forever hold you in my heart as well as everything that you taught me.

,I hope that you liked that we brought some of your ashes to the cabin, we are going to plant some catnip there next spring. And of course we put some in your fence jumping spot and even some on the other side. Margret says she loves to know that you are with her in the back yard.

I too like knowing that you are with me. Please continue to be with me and help me through this unbearable pain that I feel. Gonzo, please wait for me…I cannot wait to see you again. I love you so much.


Gonzo, 09/03/92-03/24/03

I knew, from the very first moment I saw Gonzo, that we were meant to be together. I was blessed to have him in my life for 10 1/2 years.

I'm at a loss for words. I don't know how to pay tribute to him. He touched so much of my life. He brought me such happiness, peace, companionship, entertainment, and LOVE! I don't know how to do for him, now that he's gone, even half of what he did for me. All I can say is that I think of him every day and miss him so much that it still makes me sick to my stomach. I want him back, I want him back, I want him back!

Deanna McLeod


Goober was a unique dog......all my life I have had a dog, but you were so special. You were a friend to all and everyone loved you so much. You protected us, you made us laugh, you made us cry when you were ill, but you were so strong and such a survivor! You gave us so many years of joy. You were our "little miracle" who came through from Adopt-a-Pet after we lost Andre. We couldn't believe that you were like his twin, we were so lucky. You had a wonderful nature, temperament, such a great dog! We miss you & always will. You can never be replaced.

Goober Boy Brown, 1/31/00-2/07/03

Goober, aka Goobie, died on 2/7/03. He was a chocolate lab and our "chocolate covered nut". My daughter originally bought him for her boyfriend who proceeded to lose him when he was about 6 mos. old. When we were lucky enough to find him I told her that she had better keep him at our house. She eventually broke up with her friend and went off to school and left Goobie in our charge. We never regretted a single moment. He was a part of our family from the start.

The moment that I keep thinking about was the time, he was with us for a short while, and I went down into our rec room and here he is sitting there with a duck decoy in his mouth, so proud, as if to say "See what I can do". We had to come to a very difficult decision to put him down on 1/07/03, he had bone and lung cancer and we couldn't bear to see him in such pain. He was part of us for 13 years, and still has a part of our hearts. He was an incredible companion and friend. We love him and miss him terribly and hope it is true about Rainbow Bridge, because I really can't think of never seeing him again.

Jeanne and Ted

Goofy, 10/13/03

Goofy was the dearest little gray cat who was dropped off as a kitten and lived a whole summer on her own. From the first day she entered our home she was a constant source of joy and love. Her life ended all too soon and our home will never be the same. I loved and miss my little friend more than she'll ever know.


Goofy, 1991?-04/09/03

Goofy lived in a shelter for two years before I adopted him. This did not dampen his zest for life at all. He died last week of FIV, which he must have had for about 10 years, with no symptoms. He has taught me so much and I love him and miss him terribly.

Goose, 03/91-02/18/02

My goosie girl, gone but not forgotten!
We love you!!!

Jason & Jennifer Taylor

Goosebump, 03/26/01-11/09/03

I love you and miss you so much, my sweet baby boy.


Gordon, 8/12/99-9/22/03

Gordon, you were my best friend & loyal companion. I wish you & I could have grown old together, but someone had other plans for you and needed you more than I do. You have taught me unconditional love and happiness that I never imagined a dog could bring. Not only did I feel the love you had but so did anyone else that met you, whether they were a person, dog, cat etc. I know that Laney & I will see you again just the way we remember you, as a playful & fun loving Boxer. I miss you more & more everyday. Love your mom.....

Grace, 11/17/03

My sweet kitty - I wish you didn't have to go so soon.

I. Hyder

Grace, 01/01/84-06/14/97

The day you left me was a day I will never forget. It was the day my mother got remarried. You had been sick and that day you were barely holding on. I didn't want to leave you by yourself when you needed me most. I talked to you and stroked you for as long as I could before I had to leave. I don't know if you were even aware of me at the end but I was there. Grace you were my first pet and there will always be a special place in my heart for you. You taught me the meaning of unconditional love. There is a stone in the backyard with a cat on it in your memory.

Lindsey McAdams

Graceful Bloom (Greyce), 05/05/95-10/09/03

Greyce was released from her pain today at 3 p.m. Intelligent and gorgeous - a real Alpha girl. Such a wonderful ambassador for greyhounds we adopted three more. Greyce will be greatly missed by her family and her "pack". Sweet dreams gorgeous Greyce. May the good Lord return your health and strength as you run with the angels. We love you..........

C.C. Theodore

Gracie, 12/13/04

Gracie was a wonderful dog! an amazingly loving dog whose wet nose could always make me smile.
She went to awesome protect my 2 year old son. from moving branches away from his sand box to walking side ways in front of him so that
her daughter gabby couldn't jump up on him. Gracie will always hold a very special place in my heart.

Bree Martin

Gracie, 10/04/03

Thank you for being a true demonstration of God's Amazing Grace!!

Ed, Nancy, Terry, & Lori

Gracie, 06/27/01-09/18/03

Gracie was a loving, precious kitty, who was put on this Earth for only a short time, but played an important role in her parents lives. She filled a void during a vital time and provided love and laughter to those who loved her. Even though her life was not long, it was a happy life Gracie will always have a special place in our hearts.

Gracie, 08/22/03

Gracie the Possum Slayer Dead at 14

Gracie the Possum Slayer, beloved dog of Tammy Valentine, died today of a heart ailment and other health issues at the age of 14.

Well-known for culling dozens of possums, skunks and a couple of unfortunate cats from three San Antonio neighborhoods, Gracie enjoyed a long life of running, long walks, chasing cats, swimming and figuring out how to escape her owner's yard on garbage day.
Her more memorable exploits included opening a garage door without assistance, roof inspection and sunning in her grandparent's pool.

Like most dogs of her caliber, Gracie's beginnings were shrouded in mystery. Born of parents from the poodle and springer spaniel lines, it is rumored she may have had puppies at an early age. In her later years, she enjoyed a warm friendship with Smoky the Schnauzer, but she always insisted it was a platonic relationship. She preferred humans to dogs, and made her opinion on that matter very well known.

Despite her uncanny ability to escape from virtually any fence or door, Gracie was best known for her incredible hunting ability. If the animal was smaller than her, it was lunch. If it was bigger, she would at least put up a good fight. The only thing that ever frightened her was loud thunder.

Besides her owner and Smoky, Gracie leaves behind grandparents, an uncle, her caretakers Jeff, Carla and Jo, all of her caregivers at Animal Health Associates and Jake the labrador retriever, from who she was, unfortunately, estranged.

Tammy Valentine


We will miss you our sweet feline friend.
May the Lord take care of you till we meet again.

Gracie, 02/14/03

I only had you for a short time, but fell deeply in love with you. I'll never forget the way you looked at me when you heard my brought such joy to my day. I know you didn't feel good and hurt alot, but you always managed to keep your head up...until you just had enough. You were such a trooper and I will never forget you. I picture you sitting on God's shoulder and I know you will never hurt again. I love you.


Gracie Earlyne, 09/13/99-01/26/03

Miss Gracie,
I have cried more than you will ever know I'm so sorry for the times I didn't give you much attention but you know you were my girl, things just went down hill for you after the time you got sick but you knew that I needed you and you hung in there for me and I love you for that if you were sick and I didn't pick up on it I know you'll forgive me.
Sweet baby girl meet me at the rainbow and together we will go.

Tera Sheets

Gracie Girl, 10/15/87-10/11/03

Gracie Girl we miss you so much, you were a wonderful dog. I look in the back seat of my car and think I must see you back there enjoying the ride. I miss not being able to share my toast with you in the morning and also you don't talk to me from your bed. I sure do hope you enjoyed your life with us as much as we did having you in ours. The decision was hard to make but you did not feel good and were weak, but you gave me a kiss, so I know you were ready to go. We will never forget you and we will see you again I know. Mom & Pop (Mausann Zimmerman and Jerry Miller)

Gracie Girl, 07/14/03

Gracie, Our Dearest Friend;
Your truly graced our lives with your soulful, loving, "golden-dog spirit for 12 magic years. You left us so suddenly and not so very long ago. In your own caring way , we think you tried to spare us a long, sad goodbye. You touched so many lives with your loving, gentle spirit. Everyone adored you, our golden, sweet, friend and your tender spirit will be treasured in our hearts forever Gracie Girl. Thank you for the honor of sharing your life with us and for the boundless joy you always gave us.

Grady, 05/01/93-08/25/03

To my lil' sweetheart
I love you sweetie


Graffit Fanberk Schwarzperl, 06/14/92-04/13/03

Dear boy,
Thank you for the 11 years of happiness you brought to our home. We will never forget your voice, your smile and the tender look of your eyes. Your love for us was bigger than your heart. There will never be another you. We miss you so much.
Angelika Mikhailova and family.

Granny, 2002

Granny, I have so much to say to you, but I think you know already. So much wisdom I felt from you, it was as if you transmitted it to me so I wouldn't get hurt so much. I so wanted to hug you again, Granny. I'm sorry you were so cold when you died. I know you understood everything I said and everything I felt. I know you knew how much I loved you and your young son Theodore. You touched my life like no one ever has. You gave my horse a reason to live, and allowed him to be a doting "uncle" for a while. You came into my life for a reason, and brought your son to be with me after you were gone. Thank you for that. Even though I let you down, Granny, I won't ever again. I'll always take care of Teddy no matter what I have to do. He misses you so much, but I'm so glad I can take care of him once again. I'm so glad he is with me. Dear Granny, I cry when I think of your sweet, gentle disposition and how unselfish you were. You gave to everyone around you and kept little for yourself. I guess you knew what was really important. I loved to hear your soft voice, and I really loved the hugs we shared. Granny, you're so much wiser than me. I really learned a lot from you and am so grateful that I had you for the time I did. I hope you're fat and your feet can take you wherever you want to go painlessly. We'll see you again someday, and I can't wait to just love on you again. Thank you, Granny, you taught us all.

Marty Thomas

Grateful Lady Shadow of Aire, 10/24/00-01/08/03

Our Lady girl, we miss her much! She came to us on Christmas, and our two daughters then 1 and 3, were not nearly as excited as I was. She kept me company, made me laugh at some times and not at others, and was part of our still young family, even when our son was born. I am grateful that we will her in so many key memories, that all of my children got to know her and that she was with us, even for only two years. I am grieved, that we could not have loved her longer... Until we meet again, Lady, have fun on the green pastures and run with your friends.

Berardi Family

Grayland's Ain't No Mistakin (Mystic), 10/19/01-08/25/03

OUR dear sweetest Mystic,
Your mommy "Kay" and I will love and remember you always!! Your special way of loving will not be forgotten. I am sure Sheeva Gutt was there to greet you, along with your lil brother Hershey~ You are gone from our lives but not from out hearts
~Till we meet again........At the Rainbow Bridge

Michelle Szakel and Kay Harney

Gray Mouser, 04/05/03

For those who will understand:

We let the Gray Mouser stop fighting today.

The trouble was, until today, we didn't know that he WAS fighting.

We knew that he had been throwing up more than usual lately. But, since it was shedding season, and he was growing back in some of his hair where last fall's flea attack had left him bare, we didn't think it was TOO unusual.

At least not until the last week or so. Mouser had always been a skinny cat, but over the last week or two he lost much weight quickly. You could always easily count his ribs, but when his hip bones suddenly made their presence known, we began to worry. Still, he was up and about like usual, and didn't show any other signs. He was sleeping a lot, but then again, he always had. And between naps, he was up and around, with his usual "buddy" routine.

He hadn't been eating much lately, but that also wasn't overly unusual for him. With the rapid weight loss over the last several days, we began to get very concerned, and scheduled to take him to the vet yesterday (Friday). Yesterday morning he was at the breakfast pool as usual, but after taking only a bite or so, walked off. When I put a bowl of milk out for him and he showed no interest in his favorite food, I was very concerned. He did allow me to "kitten feed" him a few teaspoons worth, but then would take no more.

The vet gave him a full checkup but could find nothing obvious. He suspected partial liver failure, but the bloodwork showed normal. The vet sent the blood off to another lab for confirmation and we waited until this morning.

When the other lab confirmed no indications of problems, the next step was exploratory surgery. The x-ray had shown nothing, but some blockages don't show on x-rays, so we approved the procedure.

Then we got the call......the vet had found that over half of Mouser's stomach had been eaten away by cancer. His stomach was totally blocked. Although he could eat, he couldn't digest anything, and everything had to come back out the way it went in.

The vet and his assistant both said they had never seen anything like it in thirty years of treatment. Apparently Mouser had been fighting this for months, or even years, without letting on. Not until the last few days was there any major sign that something was wrong. The vet characterized him as the "toughest little kitty" he had ever seen....but then again, he was new to Mouser. We had known that all along.

So, we faced that unfortunate choice that many pet partners endure....we could have let him go on, but it was just a matter of days. In the meantime, he would have gotten weaker and weaker, and been in more and more pain. Though it goes against every fiber of my being, we decided that we couldn't make him fight any longer, and gave the okay for the vet to release him from his pain. Of course, we were there for the unfortunate event. We could not let him die alone.

Now we've got to try to enter the healing process for ourselves. It won't be easy, as Mouser had been an integral part of our lives for 13 years. Every since he adopted us (and yes, it was in that order, not the other), he has been a constant companion and source of comfort. Always a sweet and gentle cat (although Brig and Warlock might not have agreed in his early years), he had settled down to always just be there. And now he won't be.

He was first and foremost a "Daddy's Boy", and Daddy is especially going to miss him. The spot that he shared with Pumpkin beside the computer will now have to be filled by Pumpkin alone. The morning routine of get showered, get dressed, and pat Mouser is going to have a gaping hole. And the world's greatest "Chicken Hawk" will no longer need to have the good parts saved for him from the dinner plate.

The Gray Mouser can never be replaced, but hopefully with the help of Briggety Britches (Brig), Wizard, Warlock, Mystic, and Pumpkin, we'll manage to get through somehow.

Wayne & Chris

Great Gray Coo T.J., 03/01/03

Hi friends,

I just wanted all of you to know that my dog, TJ, lost his battle with cancer on March 1. At about noon the Crone came, while Jason and I and the dogs were with him. He was laying in the house with us when he picked up his head and appeared to alert to something outside. He picked his spot in the backyard to lay down, and we joined him in his final moments. We buried him in the spot he picked, a good hunting spot for him. He battled his ill health until his very last breath, and complained very little and hunted every day.

Everyone who met the Great Gray Coo-T came away with something positive from him, as he is a very noble, proud animal with not much room for nonsense. He was a great hunter who stayed perseverant and true to his duties until the very end. He greatly loved me and was always by my side. He greatly loved Jason in the sense of the hunt and sparring, and in the fact that they were soldiers and family protectors together. He very greatly loved our daughter, Rowyn, and protected her to all ends. When Sgt. T. was on-duty, everything with the baby stayed secure (except her food....his favorite saying being, "Did I ever tell you that was my favorite food?").

When one who was loved very, very much is taken away from us to their place in the Summerland, we get the closest look at God's face we ever get in this land of the living.

What I, personally, learned from my Coo is this:

Life is short, and even though the surroundings may look dull and still, always pat the bushes. You never know, there could be "something".

Greda, 07/16/93-07/20/03

At 8:30 that Sunday morning we awoke and found you sick. We rushed you to our compassionate vet but your kidneys had shut down. We had to let you go. By 10:30 you were home again and we buried you in the yard you loved. Your marker will be day lilies planted especially for you.

You were such a special friend and words just fail us when we try to talk about you. May the God of all good girls keep you safe and reward you for your good dogness. Someday we will see you again and it will be just like before.

David, Diane & Aaron Gray

Greedie Mckie, 05/17/02-02/21/03

Greedie explains him all over he was the first one to the dinner plate and the last one to leave, he was the biggest cat in our neighborhood, we called him our mofia kitty king of cats, he would walk me and my daughter back n forth to the school bus stop everyday, and when my husband came home from work he was always laying in the middle of our driveway rolling back n forth waiting to play, I think Greedie was one of the coolest cats I have ever had, he will be greatly missed we love him very much!
:) greedie's brother Tigger misses him so much :)

Gremlin, 02/26/03

He was the most grateful, appreciative, uncomplaining, unselfish cat I've ever known and even made my decision to let him go with me in mind.

Carolyn Acheson

Greta, 06/06/03

To a very special friend. We love you and will miss you always.

Jennifer Salopek

Gretchan, 8/90-10/11/03

You provided me with many years of love and companionship. I won't forget how you liked your Grandma's butter pecan ice cream, and how you waited, sometimes impatiently, for a small bite. I'm sure you have found your sister upon your arrival at Rainbow Bridge. You will have each other until the day when we all meet again.


Gretchen, 11/15/03

I love you forever, Gretchen.
You will never be forgotten.

Melissa Arbitman

Gretchen, 12/28/89-10/22/03

First I want to say to the people that put together this website, thank you so much!! You have no idea how much this means to me.

My Gretchen would have been 15 years old this December. I had her put to sleep this morning, and it was the most difficult thing I've ever done. She was my only child. Gretchen, please no how much Mommy loves you. I will see you soon.


Gretchen, 05/30/89-10/09/03

In memory of my deceased parents' dear little dog who I was lucky enough to inherit. She was very much little baby friend.

Peggy Coddens

Gretchen, 01/01/88-08/05/03

Forever in my heart...

Mona Pefley

Gretchen, 07/07/03

Gretchen was my best friend, I love her & will never forget her. She had a way of cheering me up, she would just lay next to me & I felt better instantly

Staci Pugliese

Gretchen, 11/05/01-01/31/03

She was a Christmas present from my husband, so tiny that I could hold her in one hand. She loved opening presents.

She was a happy girl, and when she wagged her tail, her whole body moved. To her, there were no strangers, just friends she hadn't met yet.

She grew to be a big girl, and we used to joke about how much space she took up around the house. Now that she's gone, we realize how much space she really filled.

She loved to play Frisbee and to tease her brother and sister during a game of catch. She enjoyed making us laugh.

Her favorite compliment was to be told that she was nice. She wanted to be close to us when we were not feeling well, and appreciated the attention we gave her when she was sick. During the worst of my grief, she is here, still giving me comfort.

We all love you, Gretchen, and we miss you a lot.

Sherri Ferguson

Gretchen Marie, 04/16/98-12/10/03

Today, Gretchen left this earth and a family and brother dog, Max - all of whom thought an awful lot of her nature and loving, loyal personality. She remained so loyal and gentle - even at the end. We are thankful that she was only (visibly) sick for the past week - and that her quality of life was pretty good with visits home in between treatments at the vet's office the past three days. Tonight, we will take her body home and it will rest in peace under the evergreen in the backyard. But her spirit will live on in our hearts forever. May Saint Fancis and all the saints welcome her into Dog Heaven!

Linda Zoeller

Gretel, 10/17/03

To our Gretel girl, thank you for staying with us as long as you did & then making the decision for us. My big girl thank you for being with me afterwards, I know you'll always be near.
I miss you & miss looking into your beautiful chestnut eyes, rubbing your belly & holding your paw. You're with your Hans now. Thank you my beautiful girl for your unconditional love.
Your momma loves you & daddy too.

Gretel, 09/28/92-04/29/03

We love you, we miss you and its hard to get by each day without you. I miss your little brown eyes and your sweet little tricks. You filled this home with love and now your gone. We will always remember you and nothing will ever take your place or fill the empty space. Love Your Family

Gretel, 12/97-03/07/02

We miss you... It has been one year since you left us, and we think of you with so much happiness! We love you!

Alicia and Bradley

Gretta, 11/27/85-08/27/03

There are no words that could justify the special love we had for one another. Thankyou for all the pride and joy you gave to me. God created the most wonderful friend and companion when he created you. Thankyou for fighting so hard to stay with me, you knew I would be lost without you and you were right my delicate, sweet cat. My love and commitment to you will never fade, it will stay true in my heart till I see you again and we can be together forever. I want to thank Gretta's home vet, Dr. Carol Miller for everything she did for Gretta over the years and the comfort of knowing she would be there to help her pass on in the home she was happy in and with the dignity she deserved. I would also like to thank my fianc'e for keeping her young at heart up until the very end. I love you Gretta. I miss you so. Long my you run Big Kitten.

Gretta, 4/2003-7/26/03

Gretta was the most beautiful and intelligent dog. She was very sensitive and gentle. She could read our emotions. She loved to play, laugh, and smile.

We rescued her in November, 2003 after a family abandoned her. She came to live with us. She was insecure, afraid of men, and nervous. Over the months, she blossomed into a beautiful and joyous dog full of life until Saturday morning. She was wearing her invisible fence collar when she ran off the property into the street. A speeding truck hit her, threw her in the air, and drove off without stopping. She landed onto the side of the road, tried to get on her feet and looked for us. Jerry saw her, called her name, and as soon as she saw him, she laid down her head. She started gasping for air. We rushed her to the vet but it was too late. She had died. We are very hurt and heart broken. She was with us for only eight months and had a profound impact on our lives. We will miss her forever! We love you, Gretta!

Grey a/k/a G-Boy, 04/13/02-04/04/03

I'll miss you G, I'll miss how you flip,
onto your back as if to submit.
You gave your love unconditional and sweet,
never deserving to be killed in the street.
You were a gorgeous boy, Crystal's biggest baby,
Left a hole in my heart, easing in time maybe.
Today I planted a garden, over your place,
in the shape of a cross, never replacing your face.
I pray there's a soldier, who passed with you,
Two hearts to be together, friendship made anew.
Goodbye, my sweet, sweet baby.

Sandra Schott

Grey, 4/7/87-1/2/03

Oh my Sweet Grey, lover of treats with a huge appetite, now that you have joined your brother Blue over the Rainbow Bridge you can romp and play and eat to your hearts content. I know it was your time, but my arms are so lonely, my heart is empty with ache, the mornings are too quiet. I long to hear your romping feet down the hall, meowing at the bedroom door. You gave me hours and hours and hours of love and delight and it was my honor to care for you all of your life, and to hold your spirit as your life was leaving you. I hope you know that we sent you to be with your brother because we could not let you suffer until the end. We would have held onto you forever, but we could not let our needs be more important than your need to die with grace and ease. For all that you have taught me about unconditional loving, for what you are now teaching me in my grief about trust and opening my heart even bigger, my forever gratitude. You will be with us always. Tell your brother hello, give him a lick from his mom and dad. We will see you again. We loved you both so very much.

Katherine and Steven Resnik

Grey Bird, 02/03/97

To my beautiful baby boy.....I love and miss you still


Griffey, 05/23/03

You were my best friend. I don't know what caused your cancer but I know no one did it on purpose. I love you so much and you, me, summer, dakota, kai, daddy and mommy will all cross the rainbow bridge together many years form now. We will live together again with all of our other pets from the past. You were a big part of my heart and I hope you will never leave me again. I love you so much.


Griffin, 10/07/93-06/13/03

Mommy and daddy will always love you and miss you-you were our baby and you always will be. We will forever hold you in our hearts and in our minds and our lives. Sleep well sweet prince.

We love you,
Mommy & Daddy

Grim, 06/10/03-07/18/03

Grim, darling baby, I miss you so badly. Thank you for the time that you gave me, the joy that lives in my heart with the memory of your sweet little face. I'll meet you at the Bridge when my time here is through and we can spend eternity together. I love you.


Grindal, 04/28/94-04/05/03

I hear your footsteps on my soul forever.

Grindal was my savior, my friend and my conscience. I knew someone so special would not be mine for long, but the hole you left is so large...

Even your vets cried at your death, but you died as beautifully as you lived: in your sleep, in bed, next to me and after a glorious last day on earth.

You were needed again and more by someone else somewhere else. You taught me to stand on my own and I hope that I can live up to your faith in me. May your spirit continue to comfort me for all my days.

Please watch over all of us, Linda, Charles, Nico, Swift, Gilles, Marvell and Sangre de Cristo Animal Hospital.

I salute your courage and thank you for your love.

=> Linda

Grizz, 02/2003

An Unfortunate Ending
by Charles Long, for my beloved dog Grizz

You've been a good friend for so many years,
and now that you're gone I've cried many tears.
Your unfortunate death was surely unfair,
oh how I have wished that your life had been spared.
The moment I heard that we would soon part,
I felt a spot empty in the soul of my heart.
The day felt so dreary when I realized you'd go,
I repeated to myself that this could not be so.
After many sick days and long hospital nights,
I began to realize this was not a fair fight.
As hard as you tried to be oh so strong,
the disease that you fought held on much to long.
Along came the time, you could struggle no more,
your breaths became labored as you lied on the floor.
I knew in my heart that this could not go on,
our time here together was now all but gone.
As I lied there beside you on that hospital floor,
I knew that your suffering now was no more.
But although you've now passed from your physical life,
you'll live in my thoughts every day, every night.

Grizzabella, 07/31/03

I love you.


Grizzly Bear, 06/01/99-12/10/03

I chose you Grizzly, or did you choose me? You were so big and black and loving. Your brother Patches misses you so much. I miss you so much. Whether you have one or 19 when one is gone there is an empty space in your heart. Go with Katie, Shadow, Whitey, Garrett, Ima, Rusty Max and LOU LOU. Take care my "BIG BLACK BEAR" Mommy loves you and DADDY MISSES THOSE HUGS.

Groucho, 05/27/01-11/02/03

You were only with us a short time, Groucho, and you life was cut short. You will be missed. I will miss being greeted when coming home or waking up, the "little surprises" you would leave me. Your big brown eyes and the wag of your tail. Your short stubby legs running and playing. No one can replace you.

Kathy Gower

Groucho, 11/03/03

In memory of our little cat, Groucho
When we found you, you fit in Jerry's shirt pocket. We nursed you and only had hope. Hard to believe that 17 years have gone by and now your gone. WE will miss you more than you will ever know. Thanks for all the memories.

Lisa and Jerry

Groucho, 10/25/86-01/22/03

Groucho was our best friend, our hero and loving companion. He can never be replaced and will always be missed. We love you, Bubba, and we hope you are busy playing with your son, Zeppo, hanging out with Harpo and Chico, and bossing Tiggy around. To lose all of our babies, but especially you, sweet, silly, intelligent, compassionate, happy Grouch, in less than two years is like losing our whole family. Bingo misses you terribly and is doing her best to take care of us. I believe we will all be together again someday, for if not, what purpose is there to life?

Grover Cleveland Angus McGuyver Lindsay, 04/15/92-06/06/03

Grover was the Dog Who Barked Love at the World -
If only all dogs could love with a heart as big as his -
He taught me how to smile when I thought I could not, and he taught me how to love and spread love

Our family home is empty without his big body and his big heart filling it with joy....

Grunt, 06/04/00-07/12/01

Everyone said he was the strangest pet... When we were raising him, everyone said he wouldn't make it. But he held on and was one of the sweetest pets we've ever had... He wasn't the brightest, or the prettiest, but waking up, and seeing his little grey whiskered face, never failed to make our days happier.

He was lively, and playful, up to his last breath. We know that somewhere up there, he is running through the treetops at last, where he's longed to be. No hip problems... We miss you Grunt

Madison Shaw

Guapo, 08/19/00-12/08/03

Thank you for bringing so much joy into our lives. You will always be our little baby. "My Little Kiki" I know we will see each other again and we will be so happy. I will carry you in my heart each day. Mom and Daddy love you so much. I miss you my little baby. We will see each other in my dreams. I love you pappa.

Patricia & Duncan Ballantyne

Guapo, 06/21/03

A wonderful, sweet and loving friend.

Kathleen Salazar

Gucci, 08/19/03

She was my hero and I love and miss her. For 14 years she greeted me every time I came in the door. She was a one woman cat and loved me with all her heart, as I loved her.

Kyle Andrews

Guenievere Samantha-Jean, 09/08/03

A tribute to a loyal friend, a pup who loved to go to horseshows and socialize, a happy dog that left us at the age of about 13. She came to us a stray that just hung on. Never have we had a dog so intelligent and "human". She made a very difficult decision for us and passed while we were at work. Her friend Ruthie and Dad were with her but she spared us. We will miss you Puppykins, all of us. You had a good long life with us and we loved you. Our words can't say just how much you meant to us.

Tiffany and Mom

Guido, 11/2/91-9/8/03

To our little man, our monster dog, pig nose horse eyes. You are the last of our babies and we love you so much. We believe Reggie is there with you and together again you two are having fun. Our hearts hurt but know it was your time to go, but please know how very much we loved you. Soon we will be with you too. Momma and Daddy

Guiness, 12/27/00-01/01/03

I will miss your sweet face and the way you follow me around constantly by my feet. I never tired of holding you even when you became ill. I will always miss you my baby girl.


Guinne, 11/16/03

Guinne Girl, I miss you so very much. We chose you when you were a baby. You had such a hard life up until then. Animal Welfare found you in the woods with your Mom who had to be put down and I found you at PetSmart. You were nothing but a small ball of black fur with pink bunny ears on. I fell in love with you then even though you wanted nothing to do with humans. Oh what a wonderful part of our family you became. Over the last, almost three years, you became more and more ours. Every day gaining more trust in us. Mornings are the hardest. We miss your waking up and talking to your Daddy telling him that you, your big brother Gus and your sister Daisy were ready to go outside. Mornings are so very quiet now. Gus and Daisy are still looking for you. I know that you are someplace wonderful now. Being born feral, you always wanted to run. I guess our large back yard just wasn't enough for you. The chain link fence tied down so you couldn't escape under it, and the electric fence at the top just wasn't enough to keep you in. Now you're someplace where you can run forever. Please don't forget us because we will never forget you. I only hope that the pain in my heart will get better. When my time comes, I know that we will be together. Your sisters that have crossed over, long before you came to us are with you now and will take care of you like we did. I know that Princess and Cleo will love you. No one, though, will love you as much as your Mommy. Please always be happy and safe.

Debbie Archer

Guinness, 06/22/95-10/13/03

Rest in Peace friend. You certainly deserve it.

Tommy, Kaytie, and Grace

Guinness, 01/03-04/03

A wonderful little soul and a friendly face waiting for me when I would come to his cage. My heart is broken beyond repair, but I know I will see him once again.

Mike Rubalsky

Guinea, 12/02/02

I would like a tribute to my guinea pig that passed away. I loved it with all my heart and soul and will always have a place for it in my heart. He would greet me every morning with a squeak and want to be held and feed. I have been blessed with a baby he left behind that was born shortly after he passed away. Mommy Guinea misses him greatly and baby guinea will never know what a great dad it would have had. I miss him and will always miss him!


Guinness, 06/18/95-10/13/03

For our first baby- You made a Huge impact on everyone who ever met you. We will miss you forever, an hope you know you can never be replaced. Rest well, buddy. You deserve it.

Tommy, Kaytie, and Gracie

Guinness, 29-01-02 to 08-01-03

Guinness, you were taken from us so suddenly and tragically and I feel so responsible. You saw only one Christmas and you never even saw your 1st birthday.
I always check under the cars when somebody leaves our home and you are never there - but this day I did not check and you were there. I heard the scream and Oupa stopped immediately, the wheel did not go over you but it was enough. You seemed okay - not a drop of blood. But it was too much for your gentle soul. We tried our best with Dr Filter to revive you but you took your last breath in my arms and there was nothing more that we could do

We love and miss you so much.
Your scottie friend Haggis misses you and searches for you.
You were an angel and now God has given you wings.
Please wait for us at Rainbow bridge.
You are in our hearts always.
With love Louise (mommy), Gary, Robin and Garrit and of course Haggis.

Gulliver, 04/26/88-07/22/03

Gulliver was found abandoned at a YMCA Camp in Potosi, Missouri. A fellow teacher gave him to me and I have loved this orange tabby ever since. He was a great companion who loved to curl up next to me with his paw over my hand whenever I worked at my desk in the evening. He would complain until I picked him up first thing in the morning. When he was a kitten he had another buddy to play with - Minou - a big black cat who was his friend. I will miss and always remember this gentle cat who shared so much with me. Goodbye, Gully. Thanks for the memories.
Love, Bub

Gumdrop Elizabeth, 11/29/79-09/08/93

My Gumdrop was my "first" special angel in my life. She came to me after my mom passed away - my mother had just rescued her from the streets of Baltimore. One of the last things my mom said to me was "I told this little thing that she would always have a good home with me" week later my mom died. I brought Gumdrop from Baltimore to San Diego...where she was the joy of our lives for almost 14 years. She will always have a special place in my heart. Other little angels have joined our family but Gumdrop will always be in our hearts. ** May you watch over Courtney, Puppy and little Fluffy until the day I cross the Rainbow Bridge to join you all.
Love, Mommy

Gunner, 11/01/01-05/01/03

We only had Gunner but for a short time but it seemed as though we knew him our whole lives. We loved him dearly and we hurt as though we'd lost any member of the family. If you are reading this and you still have you pet, please, never take them for granted, I would give anything to hug our Gunner just once more. If you learn anything from your pet, let it be the unconditional love they give us. We will never forget our "Gunner Bunner".

Jim and Debi Brannon

Gunner, 07/07/02-03/18/03

You are the "other" Love of My Life. You were with us for a short 8 months, but my world revolved around you and I miss you more than words can describe. My heart is so empty. The only moment of peace I have had is when I asked you and God for a sign that you were "ok". You answered me with a cloud shaped in the palm of a hand, and that palm had another tiny cloud in it that was in the shape of a dog. Mike saw the palm, but didn't see the tiny dog shaped cloud. He said that I was the one that was supposed to see it. I know you will be waiting for me at the Rainbow Bridge. I love you and miss you so much Gunner.
Love, Lora (momma) and Mike (poppa)

Gunner, 10/24/96-10/05/02

Gunner you will always be remembered as the biggest legend. Daddy and Trigger will always miss you hope to see you at the rainbow you sent us after we buried you. Thanks for all the great memories. RIP


Gunny, 4/12/89-5/23/03

To our precious Gunny,
We were blessed with you for 14 wonderful years. We know your strong and loving spirit will never leave us. We love you and miss you every minute of every day. Take care of Champie and save a place for us with you both in Heaven.
Sending hundreds of kisses....

Gunther, 8/21/02-9/17/03

There is no greater loss than losing one of my pets!~ In a world that can so often be terribly cruel and unjust, my dogs have ALWAYS been there for me! Their love is the most perfect, the most purest form of love I have ever known.

Gunther was my boy!~! He loved me, protected me, and adored me like none other! I will miss him forever and then some...

Gunther Samuel, 08/23/03

My precious Shih Tzu was killed on Saturday, August 23rd. I feel as though I have lost a child. He was always there to comfort me when I was upset and make me laugh when I needed cheering up. He was such a angel and I can't believe he is gone. I will always believe he was my Guardian Angel. I miss him so much and I just wish I could hold him one more time. I know he knew how much I loved him and I know how blessed I was to have him. He was truly one of the greatest things God has ever placed in my life! I love you Gunther!!!!!


Gus, 07/07/87-06/07/03

Gus (Nandawar Gorgeous Gus) was a very special cat, with a wonderful temperament, he sired many, many beautiful kittens and was Sire of the Year here in Australia for many year. He is very sadly missed.


Gus, 10/31/98-06/13/03

The best kitty ever, Gus, will be missed but never ever forgotten.
We love you, Gus...
Steph, Steve & Louise

Gus, 04/29/03

To my gentle, sweet boy, the Butterfly Whisperer, wade in the water that you love so and run with Annie in the beautiful meadow of flowers and butterflies. Someday I'll be there with you. Until then you're always in my heart and I know in Dallas' heart too. Please come walk with us again in the prairie, the four of us.

Gus, 11/96-03/27/03

Gus, you brought great joy into our home and our hearts. Your sudden and unexpected passing has given us great grief tho' we know you are in a much better place and will not suffer as you would have if you'd stayed with us. Give Zak and Flo an extra special kiss from their momster and know that you are very safe within the great paws of the Black Wolf. You know Roxane saw both you and the wolf the day after you left and that she misses you greatly too. Go bite a toe for us!
Much love and missing you terribly
Momster and Dadster

Gussafang, 02/14/87-03/12/03

Sleep well, brave little one. Mummy loves you, mummy loves you. I beg God allowed you to hear me say "I love you" as I sent you back to Him. I'd give up my place in Heaven to have you there in my stead.
Mummy will always love you.

Gussy, 09/21/87-10/16/03

For Gussy who tickled Mommy's soul, who protected and loved "his girls" and for our Gussy, whose bravery and strength leaves his Mommy in absolute awe.
Honey, you are so loved and so missed.......

Diana Higinson

Gustav Caun Lauber, 04/13/93-08/04/03

Gustav you were a truly caring soul--an angel indeed. You have earned your wings by now... You were my best friend and were always there when I needed you. I miss you so much. The house is a sad place without you in it. Schuyler looks for you constantly as he wants to play with you. You taught him so well but he wasn't through learning quite yet and I wasn't through loving you yet either. My heart breaks wishing you were here. Harry must be really happy to see you. I bet she rejoiced when she saw you prancing through the gate. Your bright eyes lit up I am sure. Your heart wasn't made to last but ten years on Earth but an eternity in heaven. I will see you at the Rainbow Bridge with Harry.

Gustavo, 03/01/93-05/13/03

I am overwhelmed with emotion. Yet this emotion is a strange emotion I have never felt before. On the one hand I feel fortunate and on the other robbed. Fortunate that I had the unique opportunity of sharing my life and love with another and robbed by the fact that the life expectancy of a dog is not much more that ten years. On this unforgettable day, at around 2:45 pm, the life of a wonderful companion was terminated. Gustavo, our boxer, had developed a degenerative disease, which robbed him of both his dignity and the use of his hind legs. Like many of life's lessons, until you have experienced it, you cannot fully comprehend it. Gustavo was a wonderful dog, both intelligent and sensitive. He was the kind of dog with whom it is impossible not to become deeply emotionally involved. His intelligence often amazed me and his understanding of human emotion often dumbfounded me. He literally knew when one of us was sad, or happy or angry, even if we tried to hide it. When we were sad he would comfort us, when we were angry he would shun us. Yet, no matter our emotional state, he would always greet us with a happiness not easily duplicated by humans. His happiness was contagious, impossible to ignore. Until his last days, when the most he could muster was a lift of his head and a paw, he was faithful to the end. We could learn much from dogs. As humans we tend to be elitist, considering dogs to be a much lower life form. But Gustavo has taught me some valuable lessons. One is that life is fleeting, we should enjoy it. Another is that we as humans should strive to be as faithful to our life companions as Gustavo was to us. He never let us down and we will never forget him.!

Gusty, 05/17/90-05/16/03

To my best friend, I love you and will think of you always. You are the most perfect boy in all the earth. Please follow me always until daddy, "splash" and I can come "home" to join you. You are very missed! I love you Gus! love Mommy..xoxoxo

Gwebara's Cunning Cloie, 01/11/97-12/25/02

Cloie had her own way of doing things. She would roll over in the show ring and hog tie herself because she did not want to be there. She would wait by the door when ever mom said sissy is coming home today. Through the hard times getting her to obey me and her sweetness after I did I love her. Cloie taught me to love and trust. She taught me so very much. Cloie I miss you and love you with all my heart. I will be waiting for the day when I can cross the Rainbow bridge and see you runny toward me with your tail wagging and your huge smile on your face. You will always have a place in my heart.

Rachel Greybill

Gwen Cat, 04/22/03-11/19/03

I miss you Gwen and there will always be a special place in my heart for my "first" baby.
Thank you for waiting till my "real" baby came into this world.
I think you knew that I would need someone to love and hold after you were gone.
I love you and Daddy, Cami, Skech, Zoe, Buffy, and Liliana all miss you.


Gyp, 02/21/03

A much loved family member - she will be sadly missed.
Such a lovely temperament, such a faithful and trusted friend.
I post this on behalf of Gyp's owners - my mother and father, Ted & Glenys James who are now 80 and 78 years of age.
They will not have another dog because of their age - they have had dogs all of their married lives - 55 years.
It saddens me that they won't have doggie love of their own but are more than welcome to share mine.
A few dogs, many happy memories, and the occasional tears.
God Bless you Gyp - you made their lives worth living - and mine.
Be free from pain now...............
Meryl Fitzgerald.

Gypsy, 04/26/90-11/06/03


I love you so much and I will never forget you. I am so sorry that you hurt; I always want to be there for you. Thank you for all the love and joy that you gave to us. I will look forward to seeing you again; I can't ever let you go, as you will remain in my heart forever. You are my special girl, I love you Gypsy.


Gypsy, 11/08/03

Gypsy was a beautiful girl who was so full of life right up until her last days, today we had to put her down. I'm sorry gyppy girl. May you run free in dingo heaven


Gypsy, 09/19/98-10/22/03

Most loyal companion, friend, and pal. She loved me just the way I am. I miss her every minute she was just everywhere. A true cowdog in every way, I only pray that I have but a small portion of the character she thought I had. I can still see those adoring eyes, waiting for my approval to participate in whatever activity it was that I was involved in at the moment.
I love you Gyps!
Forever my Baby Girl.



To our wonderful Gypsy:

Our friend for almost 20 years, at the end you taught us grace. You lived a wonderful life and gave us so much love despite the handicaps of blindness and lack of breath. You surprised us with the success of your never gave up. You gave us an exceptional example and accepted your hardships without letting them limit your love.

Rest, sweet Gyppers...thank you for letting me be your dad for the last ten years. I love you...see you soon. Remember our promise to each other; I'll be there.

Gypsy, 09/01/03

To my darling Gypsy, ("Gypsy-Lou"). Mummy loves you so very much. Thank you for being such a good girl for Mummy and so loyal and loving. I will miss you so, so much and you will always be Mummy's number one girl. I'm sorry for the times when I may not have been as attentive as you needed and deserved but I always did my best. I know that you are in heaven where you don't have to have those pills any more and your body doesn't hurt. I love you so very, very much that I hurt real bad right now. I will see you again my darling. I will be able to kiss your "Teletubbie" again in heaven.

Gypsy, 05/26/03

Gypsy was a very special little girl. She loved her mommy and daddy with all her heart and she gave us thirteen years of unconditional love and devotion. We will miss her forever and wait until we can once again meet at the Rainbow Bridge. Loved and remembered until the day we die.

Kate Sherry

Gypsy, 05/16/89-04/14/02

My little Ookie. Mama's boy. My special little kitty. Daddy, Ali and I miss you very much. You will always be with us in our hearts.


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