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Year 2003 Tributes

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Babbette-Bridget-Adams thru Byron White

Babbette-Bridget-Adams, 09/03/89-10/20/03

I am glad she is playing and running around, fields and has a lot of, "Chicken" to eat.
"Miss You"!!!

Dan Adams

Babe, 9/25/03

Thank you for the many years of unconditional love. You will remain in my heart always.

Babe, 09/17/03

My baby was relieved of her suffering yesterday at 4:00 p.m. I love her so much and will always remember her as a loving, patient and sweet baby. My Jonesy, my mother and my husband all will miss her too.

Robyn Coffey

Babe, 02/08/92-01/15/03

I'll miss you, your little freckled face and all the fun times we had together. You filled a great void in my life for 11 years. Know that I loved you. You were my sweetheart.

Kirk Neilson

Babee Angel Moreira, 12/18/95-05/06/03

Babee was and is the center of our families world, I look forward to the day I can kiss her and hold her in my arms again and tell her how much her mama loves her. God Bless Babee always!

Babette, 02/22/87-09/03/03

Your personality always made me smile, thank you.

Gerard Gershonowitz

Babi, 07/08/03

You were a beloved companion. Thank you for the years of love and devotion you gave me. I will miss you always, and you will be forever in my heart. I love you Babi.

Carol O'Connell

Baboo, 02/19/03

My special friend Baboo crossed the Bridge this morning. The Vet discovered a cancerous tumour in her throat. There was nothing that could be done.

My husband gave me Baboo before we were married, she was a special cat who I loved dearly.

Thank You Baboo for the years of love you gave me, I will miss you dearly my friend..our whole family will miss you terribly.

I hope your cross over the Rainbow Bridge will give you back your health. Just know you will not be forgotten here on earth and that you were loved dearly....


Babs Hansen, 6/22/02

Babs, words cannot express how crushed I have been since you left me. Now, Nikki just left us, but she is now able to reunite with you. I hope you both know that I love you and miss you very much. Please visit in dreams.


A loving, beautiful young friend,
We'll never forget, your loving, loyal friendship and companionship. You left us far too soon, we will always think of you.... a smile for all the memories, as the wind blows, and the sun shines, until we meet again my beautiful girl Bab's, at rainbow bridge..........



Baby, 12/26/00-12/14/03

Baby, you may be gone, but you will never be forgotten.
Before you left us, you left a part of yourself here for us to take care of.
His name is Lucky and he will be just as loved as you were.
I'm sorry I failed you.
We love you.


Baby, 10/30/90-12/08/03

To the best cat I ever had.
You will be sadly missed and are forever in my heart and prayers.
May the lord lead you to Mom where she is waiting for you.
With love always,
Ralph & Joyce xxxx

Ralph Preedy

Baby, 12/10/03

Baby came to our family two years ago in October of 2001. She was only four weeks old according to the vet. We found her in the middle of our road and decided to keep her. She brought so much energy to our house, as we have two other cats one which is 11 and the other 4. She was so mischievous, and that got the other cats involved and all three would play together and cause trouble. When she wasn't walking on our treadmill, or sleeping in the linen closet she would be sleeping with the other two cats. She died early Wednesday morning with no warning that there was anything wrong. I woke up and found her at 4am. She never really grew since the time we found her so she was always our little baby, and we love her and will miss her so much.

Tania Heilman

Baby, 11/24/03

Found and adopted in 1996, Baby was a sweet, affectionate & patient dog who fit right into the family. She'd been abused & abandoned before we found her and although she gave her heart right away, she gave her trust only toward the end. We will never forget you, Baby.

Cyndi Glass

Baby, 09/28/86-11/13/03


Mommy loves you FOREVER FOREVER, you are my son, love of my life, Bless you FOREVER.


Baby, 04/29/85-10/25/03

I lost you on Saturday and with you went all of my heart and soul. I am so thankful for the day you picked me out at the Denver Dumb Friends League. You were ALWAYS there for me....when my father died and when your brother Hershey died you kept me sane and grounded. I don't know what I am going to do without you. I will always miss you and I will love you until the day I die. I will see you again one day. I know you are safe, and no longer sick. Goodbye my ladybug.


Baby, 06/12/97-05/31/03

Baby Daddy and I waited soo long for you, and you were well worth the wait. We will always miss you and cherish each moment we had together. Be healthy and remember we will always LOVE you.

Claire Dempster

Baby, 08/11/03

Baby, you came into our lives so unexpectedly and two weeks ago today, you went on to the Rainbow Bridge in much the same way. Baby, we miss you SO MUCH! I hope that our Rico met you when you arrived and welcomed you there. I just wish I could have told you about all of the joy and happiness that you gave to Roxi and me for the past 15 years. Hopefully, now that you are at the Bridge, you can truly understand exactly HOW MUCH you meant to us. The day that we had to send you on, you were so terrified and in so much pain; it really broke my heart seeing you that way. You had no idea what was happening to you, but I do believe that you KNEW that your mom and I were doing the one last selfless good deed for you. Do not worry about Roxi and I, we are so sad and mourning the physical loss of you, but in time we will be OK. Please wait for us there, as one day your mom and I WILL be reunited with you! We love you Baby!

Baby, 08/24/03

Mrr. Good dog.

Daniel and Tara Johnson

Baby, 04/1988-07/19/03

To my sweet Babydog...she was always my baby, even to the very end as I held her in my arms as she passed on at age 15 and 3 months. I love you so much and feel such a terrible void without you. I know I will see you again!


Baby, 05/29/03

For the past thirteen of Baby's nearly-seventeen years, we have been blessed to have her share her life with us. Rescued from "Death Row" at the dog pound in 1987, Baby immediately became a special and beloved family member, and since 1993, the close companion of Buddy. We had no idea that Baby was ill or suffering until the day before her death, when she could no longer get up due to loss of bone in her spine and legs. The night before, she went for her last walk, and found a perfectly heart-shaped natural river rock for me to keep. Baby had a unique personality, like no one else's. I'll always remember her sleeping on the waterbed with her head on a pillow, losing her in the wilds of Henderson, Nevada only to find her six hours later at the police station, and especially the way she stomped her feet in indignation. Baby, I was never upset with you when you heaved the throw pillow at me on the couch! It only endeared me to you even more, as you further reinforced what an emotional, feeling girl you were. I offer this tribute to Baby who is at the Bridge. Buddy misses her so much, as do Cheryl, Shawn and I, and although our hearts have broken, we treasure thirteen years of wondrous memories until we can see her again. We love you, Baby!

Nancy Madden

Baby, 04/30/90-05/28/03

We had to put our beautiful Baby to sleep this past week. It was the hardest thing I had to ever do. He had cancer and was so miserable. I was with him when he passed on. Stroking that soft hair. He was the most loving little cat. He would follow me around the house and waited at the window when I came home from work. He always knew when it was time for me to come home. The pain is so unbelievable. Our whole family loved him. Till I see you again. Pat

Baby, 10/16/89-05/17/03

My Sweet Baby Cat,

I am so sorry you got so sick, my sweet Baby Girl. I will always love you and miss you terribly.

Til we meet again,


Baby, 05/05/01-01/12/02

What a sweet little bird. He died of PDD at only 8 months old.


Baby (Tafina), 03/13/03

My beautiful Baby passed on today. Thank God I was with her at the hospital. I hope she realizes how much I love her and will miss her. Baby was an ornery little kitty, but I loved her like only her mommy could. I will always remember how this introverted, antisocial cat would always run to me whenever I was upset. Although she was generally not very affectionate, Baby knew when I needed comforting and she gave it to me. Baby would get next to my head while meowing with agitation at my distress. She would then make dough in my hair and then lay on my head when I was upset. Sometimes she did this even when I wasn't upset. My husband called her my headset. No other cat of mine has ever shown such concern for my emotional state. This is why when it came time to say goodbye to Baby, I wanted to try to make her feel better by being there and gently stroking her body. I hope this helped to ease the transition for her. There are many things I will remember about my beautiful longhaired calico Baby, but most of all, her concern for me. Love, Mommy

Baby, 11/26/86-11/13/00

Pray for my little girl that she is safe in Heaven and playing in that big doggy yard in the sky.


Baby, 02/14/87-01/31/03

Our Baby was with us for 17 years. She was the light of our lives. She taught us how to be more caring, loving and devoted then we thought possible. She was bright, beautiful and black with topaz eyes. We had to put her down Friday because of feline cancer of the mouth. We are so very devastated at our immense loss. Baby was the most elegant, graceful and intelligent cat we have ever known. I think she was a special being given to us as a gift for our trying to be the best humans we could be every day of our lives. Baby was the best thing about me. This being had more love in her than I have every seen in my 53 years on this earth. Baby is such a loss to us, we do not quite know how to work through this grief we are feeling. We hope the Rainbow Bridge story is true....

Craig & Carol Robinson

Baby, 04/27/90-01/26/03

Our Dearest Baby,

We miss you so much and will love you forever.

Mommy and Daddy

Baby Angel Girl, 06/01/03-06/05/03

This goes to Baby Angel Girl, who tried so hard, bottle feeding, vet visits, all in 4 days of wonderful life. She is greatly missed today and will be everyday. God needed you more than us, no more pain and suffering. We love you and miss you till we meet again. See you at the doggy door in heaven. Your little brother misses you.

Shelly Chaney

Baby Beula, 01/87-11/01/03

Baby was the right name for her.
She was a gentle, loving creature that remained a loyal companion until she had no wag left.
We will miss her always

Rob and Linda

Baby Boy, 12/22/03

Thank you God for letting us have our angel for a time.
We will miss him.

Jerry, Nancy, Shawnie, and John Haskell

Baby Boy, 05/14/96-04/04/03

People said "it's only a parakeet, get another one". They just don't understand. You were our sweet baby boy and we love and miss you so very much. You could never be replaced. Thank you so much for the time you gave us. Rest in peace my little friend.

Mommy, Suny Luv & Boomer

BabyBoy, 11/19/95-5/9/03

Baby, came into my life after the sudden death of my parents. I tried not to fall in love with him when my parents were living cause I already had three dogs and a cat of my own and didn't think I had the room for one more.
I was wrong, when my parents passed I had started to developed a love for this dog that was wonderful he was the only dog I had ever seen smile when I would walk in a room.
I brought him home to meet my other pets and they welcomed in into the pack, every are crazy cat.
He started to slowly waste away from Liver and Pancreatic disease the vet told me there was nothing he could do but me and Baby weren't ready to give up.
As the weeks went by he would have good days and bad till I finally had to make the decision to put him to rest.
Everyone in our family will miss him, but I will especially because he brought me great comfort, friendship and joy that will never be replaced.
Your were very much loved Baby.

Baby Cakes, 05/01/99-04/30/00

I'll never forget you my sweet baby girl.

Karen Bores

Baby Cat, 08/86-05/15/03

God Bless You Baby Cat. You will be dearly missed.

Carl and Clarissa

Baby Dog Dailey, 06/05/91-04/28/03

Baby Dog, I will miss you more than you can possibly know. I will now live for the time when me and mommy will see you again.

Babydoll, 1/7/93-1/12/03

Now you're gone and I'm lost without you here now
But I know I gotta live and make it somehow
Come back to me
Can you feel me
Hear me callin for you
Cause it's
It's been too long and I'm lost without you
So what am I gonna do, I've been needin you,
Wantin you
Wonderin if you're the same and who's been with you
Is your heart still mine, I wanna cry sometimes
I Miss You

*Miss You by Aaliyah

~Our Sweet Babydoll~ We feel so blessed that you came into our lives. It is still so hard to believe you are gone, when you passed on it was devastating. We had no idea such a sweet little pug could bring so much happiness and love to our family. Friends like you are blessings from God, and God had sent us an Angel! We will Love You forever and miss you greatly! Until our paths meet again you will always have a special place in our hearts~
We Love You and Miss You, Charlotte, Carolyn and Elaina~The Dimitriyadi Family

Baby Eve, 09/03/03

This little furbaby survived without mommy since two weeks old. If not for MOM Evelyn, she wouldn't have lived. On September the 3th, she made her first visit to the Vet and one day later she passed on. Mommy misses her and wishes that she is cared for at the Bridge just as she was at home. If any little baby deserves it, this one does. Be safe with friends at the bridge!

Baby Girl, 06/09/89-05/04/03

Thank you my dear sweet angel for coming into our lives. Baby Girl was the sweetest angel we have ever loved. She left us early in the morning on Sunday. When we were burying her in our back yard church bells rang out from the church down the street and a Red Tail Hawk flew over us. We know she is at peace now. And that one day she will greet us in heaven. She was always waiting when we came home and so loving. We will miss her forever. She will always be in our hearts.
(If dogs don't go to heaven then we want to go where they go)
thank you very much,
Sue and Dennis

Baby Girl, 09/01/93-03/05/03

Baby Girl, you will never be forgotten. You were my special friend. I'll miss your weight at my feet everynight, stealing the blankets, sitting on my lap everynight, & watching the Nascar races with me. I hope your in a better place now free of pain. Mommy misses & loves you!

Bonnie Schultz

Baby Love, 02/12/93-08/02/03

Today was the worst day of my life. I had to make a decision to end your life. Please understand that I did this out of my love for you. I didn't want you in pain anymore. Even though you would never have complained about it, I could see it in your eyes. You hurt so much, yet loved me more than you let the pain hurt. I couldn't bear seeing you that way, the weight-loss, your clouded eyes, and how weak you'd become. This was the hardest thing I ever had to do. If only your Kidneys hadn't went bad. You'd been in such good health all your life! This is devastating. I lost my bestest friend in the world! My little protector! But I know if you could have talked to me, you would have told me not to cry, that you'd be ok, and that you loved me. Thank you for the years of devotion and love you gave me, and I'll see you in Heaven.
Love You Always & Forever,

Baby-Peanut, 05/08/03-07/22/03

"Baby-Peanut" born May 8, 2003 passed over on July 22,2003.She was a tiny tiger tabby kitten who beat all odds to get as far as she did. Her joy for people and her spunk was admired by all who met her. At over 2 months of age she still appeared to be a month old but in her face was the maturity that went far beyond her age..I have been a caregiver for over 30 years & found homes for over 85 cats & kittens since October, 2002 but this little fur baby was very special .May she be free as the wind in her face at the Rainbow Bridge Love Grammie, Linda.

Baby Rose, 07/15/84-01/30/03

Rose was a sweet tiny 3 pound, beautiful fawn red with little black mask. Her face was truly as sweet as her little personality. She brought our family many years of comfort and sweetness. She was my companion, as well as best friend at my times of need and happiness. Always there for me after a long days work, or sad times in my life she always knew my moods. She suffered a loss many years ago, she had one puppy named Pedro He rocked her world. Pedro died at 6 months old and she searched all over for him for along time. Rose had a sadness come over her and in her eyes after he died. The play seemed to die out of her too. But she always loved her mama, and we became even more close then and thru the years. She was there with me as I watched my 3 children leave home and begin lives of their own. We missed them together. Now my Baby Rose is gone and I miss her so much. The last thing I told her was the Angels are going to carry her to Pedro and she will be with him forever. And I will never leave her, we are forever bonded together in our hearts, she will never never leave my heart. Someday she will along with Pedro will sit with me and we will love on each other forever. Thank You and God Bless Karen Burdg

Baby Squeaks, 02/23/99-10/08/03

The Silent Giver,
Stoic and kind, loving, caring, worrying, watching.
Wanting to be in with the pack. Not a cry, not a peep.
Died with dignity. The Silent Giver.
Baby Squeaks.
No longer in my arms, Forever in my heart, I grieve for you and pray you are now safe, warm and happy in a garden patch of delights. Your passing is my pain, I feel ashamed.
I learn from you and am humbled by your bravery, your trust, your love. I yearn to have you back, and fight the acceptance of your passing. To my sweet good baby boy,
Love you always, mommy

Baby Tia, 04/11/99-03/22/02

Baby Tia' helped me survive my mother's cancer and death. Without her, I wouldn't have made it. She was such a joy and the most important thing in my life. I couldn't wait to get home to her everyday and find her waiting at the window for me ready to play frisbee. I've never felt so much love for a dog in my life. She was so unique and special. I'll never get over her and the tragedy that took her life. (She was attacked and killed by a neighbor's german shepherd). I miss her so, so very much.

Betty Stacey

Bachi, 04/08/02

Bachi came into my life from the local animal shelter in June 1997, and shortly thereafter was diagnosed with feline diabetes. He was a brave and loving cat, and my best buddy. Also a BIG cat- averaging 17 lbs or so. We live in the country and many a time I watched Bachi facing off his 4 canine siblings, all rushing toward him at full speed then breaking apart just as they reached the place where he sat. Make no mistake- they all loved Bachi, and the 5 of them would roll around the field together. Wherever we went on foot Bachi would accompany us along with the dogs. When a new dog moved into the area and seemed inappropriately interested in Bachi, our dogs warded the other off, shielding Bachi.
His diabetes was an on-and-off again condition, we'd go 5-8 months on insulin, then suddenly his pancreas would decide to start producing again. The "fugue" states in between those times were difficult and for Bachi, painful. Many times I held him in my arms, his body wracked with convulsions, as we rushed him to the vet. Bachi was stuck and poked and prodded innumerable times and never complained. Only when he wanted food!
We live on a private road, and about a year ago the neighbor above us rented his house to a woman with 3 kids. Their driving is nightmarish, and despite personal pleas they and their friends fly up and down the drive past our house. We worried about one of our dogs getting hit- like the goofy yellow lab- Bachi was cautious around cars and avoided the road. I never worried about him.
On the evening of Monday, April 8, 2002 we heard the roar of their diesel truck and as it passed our house there was a thud that drew both Robert and I outside. The truck continued up the drive, and there lay our Bachi. Dead.
The driver had to have known that one of our animals had been killed, but no acknowledgement was ever made. And when I went to talk to them a week or so later, my knocking was ignored. I have not tried since.
I do take some consolation in the certainty that Bachi was killed instantly. And I know that the ravages of his disease would have increased the likelihood of more terrible physical problems as time went on. I know all that. And yet I grieve, even now. I miss him terribly. I miss his fat paws that I used to hold in my hand. I miss him laying beside me on the bed. I like to quilt and Bachi used to keep me company while I worked. There was a pile of fabric that he loved to lie on; it is still covered in black fur. I cannot yet bring myself to wash it. It was many months before I was able to resume work on the quilt.
We buried Bachi in a little copse of wild cherry trees in whose midst is a large rock. One of those magical places. I've hung prayer flags from the trees and covered his grave with special stones, but I am unable to spend much time there.
In the months immediately following his death, both Robert and I felt the presence of Bachi. For example, he had a distinctive way of opening the screen door, and I cannot say how many times we heard that sound and saw that slight movement. Occasionally it seemed that he was again laying beside me in the bed. And sometimes the dogs seem inordinately drawn to what appears to my eyes as an empty space.
I love the concept of the rainbow bridge. Thank you. I only discovered this site this morning, in an article about the killing of Patton by the Tennessee state trooper. We have grieved also for Patton and his family.
Thank you for providing me the space to record my love for Bachi, and the terrible, terrible sadness I have felt since he was killed. I try not to hate those people who killed him, and I try not to dwell on how many other defenseless animals are killed every day by them and their ilk. Or, as is mentioned in the rainbow bridge, the many who suffer by research or other human abuse. Our kind does so much harm, it is as overwhelming to me as the personal tragedy of my Bachi. They are developing the mountains of Western North Carolina, where I was born and live, and as more habitat is destroyed one sees more dead little bodies strewn along the road. Thank you too for a place to channel that grief.
Katie Kremer

Bad Puppy, 08/18/00-09/09/03

What a joy she was in my life! She was truly a beloved friend and I miss her more than words can express!
I love you -always- Bad puppy!!!

Lori Lee

Bagel, 05/23/82-07/29/89

Bagel, was the love of my life. My dad used to say he could hear my car turning in at the end of the road. When I was sick in the hospital for over a month the folks had to bring him home a towel that they had placed in the bed with me, so that he could smell me on it. They said he carried it every where until I got home. Folks used to say he was "cool" and they were right. He was a cool guy and somehow he new it. He was also very dignified all except for the part where he would carry his treats around in a basket. That was his way of socializing. When there was more than one person around her would run a grab a treat, because it made him happy. I think he new that I was happiest when there was someone around to share my time with, so it made him happy too. I miss him every day of my life. Someday when I get to the Rainbow Bridge I bet he'll be the first person I see.


Bagger, 08/09/93-02/04/03

Bagger was one of the most independent dogs I have ever had the privilege of sharing my life with. He would come for a hug or a kiss, but he was like a pre-teen, ugh, he would jump down and be off on whatever business there was at hand. However in the last 45 minutes of his life he let me hold him, never once trying to get down. He would sometimes look up at me as if to say, "I know, it's okay." I truly feel he was talking to me. His brother Buster and I mourn him every day.

Baghara, 10/11/03

I really miss my cat! Baghara was the first cat I got b4 I got my other 2 cats, I think my other two cats miss him to, I still think about baghara alot and sometimes I wish that he was still alive. He used to give me kisses on my cheek all the time. I love bahgara
Baghara I miss you!
Love always

Bagheera, 10/27/93-1/30/03

Dear Bagheera,
I miss you so much. I am so lucky to have had you for a friend. You allowed me to do so many things on my own that I would have been too scared to do without you. I am so thankful for all of the memories of all of our road trips and how wonderful it always felt to be just a girl and her dog on the open road. My apartment and life seem so empty without you. I just don't know what to do. I hope you can feel how much I love you, loopy. I'll see you in the future. Cosmo misses you too.


Bagpuss, 02/26/03

Dear friend, I'm so sad at having to let you go. You gave me so many happy times and you'll live on in my memory for all time. Hope you find Choddie, TJ, Felix, Emily and Caeser and that you all enjoy your time at Rainbow Bridge. Keep a look out for me, cos I'll be joining you one day.

Gonna miss you tough guy. Sleep well friend.


Bailey, 12/14/98-12/12/03

In Loving Memory of Bailey, we loved her so much.
We will miss her forever.

Justine Brewer

Bailey, 07/03-12/07/03

Bailey, My Little Guy, as I would call him, died yesterday morning while sleeping. He had been through a lot in his short life. I rescued him from a no kill shelter that was in danger of being shut down. He was sick when I got him and I wish I could have done more for him. I loved him so much and I would rescue him all over again even knowing what the outcome would be. He was a special kitty and he made me very happy. He was so brave and strong and I am going to miss him.
I love you my Little Guy!


Bailey, 08/26/96-01/03/01

To one of the best friends I've ever had. I miss you. You will forever be in my heart and soul. I Love You.


Bailey, 05/31/98-11/12/03

You are so missed, Bailey. We all love you so much.. and will never, ever forget you.. Your life ended much, much to soon... but we know you are not in anymore pain.. and you are in a happy place.. running.. and chasing squirrels and balls... eating treats and cheese. Thank you for your unconditional love.. your sweet kisses.. you were the best dog we could have asked for. Such a wonderful "big sister" to Sammy.. nothing made her laugh as much as you did. I know you will always watch over her.. and be her guardian angel. I hope you know how much you meant to us.. and we will miss you forever.. Your spirit will stay with us on our hearts, dreams, and thoughts. Thank you for all that you were and all that you gave to us. It can never be duplicated and never replaced. Our lives will never be the same. I am sorry for being ignorant.. if I only could have known sooner.. I am sorry I was not there to say goodbye.. but I am glad you had Daddy and Sammy there to see you through the last moments. We understand if you didn't want to suffer anymore.. or didn't want to cause us anymore pain.. We know now you are free... and have endless amounts of energy. We will see you again someday.. please wait for us.. and we will be together again.. I just know it. We will see you someday soon.. goodbye for now, sweet Bailey.. please never forget us..

Julie, Matt, and Sammy Larson

Bailey, 11/04/03

Today I lost my best friend, he was still trying to be active, and chasing his kitten buddies, but had a hard time keeping his balance. His last night he was shivering and howling until I covered him with a blanket and his kittens slept beside him. I knew it was time, but it was the hardest thing I have ever done. be a peace my fried until I see you again. love and miss you Bailey boy and so do missy and sweetie.

Pat John

Bailey, 10/01/91-10/23/03

"The Fuzzy" -- We were blessed with you for just 3 1/2 years but learned so much from you. You immediately became our child. You also became our personal alarm clock, shadow and best friend. You have left us with millions of wonderful memories (getting shut in the dresser drawer on accident, eating the plate of french fries, laying in the sink, your lion hair cut, hairspray monger, sitting up and turning around for treats and many many more) and we know you are now at peace. You were a fighter and a trooper never giving up. We miss you more than words can say. "It is better to have loved and lost than to never have loved at all." We will never forget you. With all our love...Daddy & Mommy

Bailey, 04/26/92-09/12/03

Words can not describe the hurt in my heart after loosing my best friend on 10 1/2 years. My Bailey, the one that was there for me since I was a senior in High School was taken tragically from me. I am sorry that Mommy could not find you after the car struck you, but maybe that is how you planned it. When I did, you still looked so majestic in your sleep. I thank you for always being there for me, keeping me safe when we moved out for the first time when I was 19, watching over Grandma when she was sick, keeping my brother safe from the neighborhood bullies, going everywhere with me, and watching out for Savannah when I had her at 25. I hope you know that you will always be in my heart and I will never forget you. There will never be another Bailey. Your brother, Sully, misses you and I will try to do as good with him as I have with you. Give Bo and Loulie a kiss for me. I love you my Gentle Giant and will miss you always!!! Love, Mommy, Daddy and Savannah

Bailey, 09/06/03

A true friend and companion on this journey of life


Bailey, 09/15/90-07/14/03

Bailey-Thank you for being my best friend, and the kindest being I've ever met. Thank you for spending 13 wonderful years with me. You were with me all the time...I'll be with you one day...I'll miss you puppyhead. I love you. Craig

Bailey, 07/15/92

To the best little BeagleBoy ever...your mommy misses you. Go find your brother Bo-Bo-Joe and run free...

Bailey, 07/28/93-03/26/03

To my sweet Bailey on your first birthday at the bridge. Hope you have found Snoopy. It is her birthday too. We miss you and love you forever! Love, Mommy

Bailey, 07/14/99-07/26/03

Miss him very much....Wish he was still with us.

Jeannette Miller

Bailey, 07/03/03

Bailey was the sweetest most wonderful dog and is missed terribly by Rusty and Kramer (her sister and brother) and her parents Mickey and Isabel.

Isabel Herron

Bailey, 05/15/90-06/01/03

To our ole original, and Miss America- Godspeed sweet Bailey and thank you for giving us some of the best years of our lives. You are forever in our thoughts.

Cheryl and Mike Ford

Bailey, 03/13/90-06/14/03

The sweetest, kindest best friend any of us ever had. We will miss her dearly.

Bailey, 06/14/03

Thank you, my little man, for being there through all my frog-kissing days and for never being embarrassed to be seen with me...even when I accidentally dyed my hair that awful red. Thank you for being happy to see me always and for never judging me. I love you dearly, and as we is stronger than death. Thank you, THANK you, for being such an amazing friend to me.

Leslie Braun Dagenbach

Bailey, 5/19/03

Oh my sweet boy, I cannot believe you are gone. How I miss you so my brave little man. You were such a pistol when you were young. The best lizard catcher ever. And you could jump six feet high to catch your cat dancer. Silly little man.

Then at age 7 I found you had diabetes. It was so horrible for you Bailey. Mommy did everything, you know that. You had insulin resistant diabetes. We did everything for you boy. You know I called you my miracle man because even though your sugar stayed so high for 2 years even with insulin, you kept on going. We had our down times. But you told me February a year ago that you were not ready to go and I called the vet 1/2 hour before he was to come and relieve your pain that you told me no, you wanted to stay. He didn't believe me, but you stayed my love. I'm so proud of you sweetheart.

Oh my boy, Mommy doesn't know what to do without you. I knew this time would come and I thought it wouldn't be that bad because we had time, but Bailey honey, it's bad. It's really bad without you.

My beautiful boy, such a handsome boy. You do not come when I call you now. You are not sleeping beside my head. You are not walking with me and meowing as I took you out to exercise to keep you going. Those were very special walks weren't they Bailey. I see you coming to Momma with your tail held high and talking all the time to me. I did that for you and you did that for me. I know you lived on for me boy. I knew when you were down and wouldn't eat or move, that I could come and love you and brush you and you would get up and you would eat. Our love kept us going didn't it boy?

I just didn't think your time was to come now my love. I cannot accept it now. I gave you everything I had, I hope you know that Bailey. Please know that.

In my grief today, I would take you back and do a million more tests and spend all the money I have to help you. But at the end I thought you had had enough boy. Your little body was so skinny and though you ate so much.

Bailey, please forgive Mommy if I could have done more. I don't know. I did all I could boy, every single day, with all my heart.

You my love will be missed forever, until the end of time. My heart is with you wherever you are. A part of me died with you. Go with Gracie now my love. My two babies died on May 17, 2002 and May 19, 2003. You are my babies and I will love you until I am no more.

I love you both, my Bailey and my Gracie girl. Go with God now and play and be at peace. Lay in the sunshine and chase the butterflies. I will always remember you that way. Be young again my loves. In my heart you are forever young and happy. Go be kittens again my babies. Go be happy. I love you so.

All my heart forever, Mommy

Looking back on the memory of
The dance we shared 'neath the stars alone
For a moment all the world was right
How could I have known that you'd ever say goodbye

And now I'm glad I didn't know
The way it all would end the way it all would go
Our lives are better left to chance I could have missed the pain
But I'd of had to miss the dance

Holding you I held everything
For a moment wasn't I a king
But if I'd only known how the king would fall
Hey who's to say you know I might have chanced it all

And now I'm glad I didn't know
The way it all would end the way it all would go
Our lives are better left to chance I could have missed the pain
But I'd of had to miss the dance

Yes my life is better left to chance
I could have missed the pain but I'd of had to miss the dance

Bailey, 10/04/92-05/07/03

Bailey, I will meet you in heaven!

"With your chrome heart shining in the sun, long may you run............."

Terri Jones

Bailey, 01/31/89-05/07/03

To my baby girl that I lost this morning 5/7/03 I love you and will never forget your friendship and love. My only hope is that you understand that I did what was best for you and that I would have given my life for another day with you. Until we see each other again my angle. Love your mama

Bailey, 12/15/89-04/21/02

To my best friend. It has been 1 year and I still miss you as much today as the first day. You will always be in my heart. Some day we will be together again. Wait for me by the bridge.


Bailey, 04/21/03

Bailey Lady,
You were such a special little lady! We miss you so much already! It has only been a day. I miss your nippy kisses, and your scratches of hello! Mom is so sorry that I did not keep you safe! I tried to stop you, but you wanted to say hi to the kids! I love you Bay Lady!
Momma Rosi

Bailey, 8/12/02-3/31/03

You left far too soon and my heart aches so! I miss you and all of your puppy antics. Oh how I wish you were chewing up everything now. I hope you are dancing & jumping on rainbow bridge...

Kathy Dameron

Bailey, 03/09/98-03/21/03

I can't believe that he is gone. He was only five and we thought he just had an ear infection and it turned out to be lyme disease and kidney malfunction. I held him in my arms so his last sights and sounds would be of one who loved him dearly. I am so sad and angry and lost. I will see you one day again, my friend. So please have a peaceful and happy time until we cross that bridge together. I love you, Bailey, forever.

Holly Dakos

Bailey, 03/03/03

We will miss you more than you know. Thanks for all the years of fun & happiness. We will see you again. What we wouldn't give to see you drinking out of that toilet again! We love you Bailey!

Amy, Zach & Madison Bosier

Bailey, 07/04/99-02/18/03

We miss you very much! No other kitty had a personality quite like yours. We're sorry you're gone, but know that you are in a better place. We'll always love you!

Bailey, 02/07/03

Bailey was the most wonderful loving cat anyone could hope to meet. He touched all of our lives every day. I'm so sorry Bailey - I wish we could have found a way to make you better. I will always remember you playing, laying in the sun and chasing drops of water down the drain. I miss you every second, and realize nothing will ever be the same again without you. I pray that you are in a sunny place catching flies and rolling in cat nip. I love you now and forever, Mommy.

Bailey, 04/18/89-12/30/02

Thank you and Mac for sharing your lives with me. Nothing is quite the same...

Diane Williford

Bailey, 12/29/02

Bailey - we were truly blessed to have been adopted by you. Though you were in our lives only a short while, you became a very important part of our family and we loved you dearly. You were taken from us much too soon and we will miss you very much. You will never be forgotten.
Love always,
Momma & Daddy, Harley & Buster

Bailey B, 11/03/91-11/25/03

My Beloved Bailey, You rescued me and I you, in March 1999 We both came from dark places And healed each other

You were my darling dog My best friend My baby

And now there is a big, Bailey shaped hole in my world And nothing can ever fill it

We had great times and tough times but together we made it

You made everyone who saw you smile and Mommy's heart sing.

I love you sweetheart, nothing but good days for you from now on.

All my love, forever Mommy

Bailey Gestalt Berry Pinion, 04/17/99-04/15/02

To my Dearest Bailey,
My heart broke into a million pieces one year ago to this date. As the song goes, "Aint no sunshine since you've gone ". I truly miss you every day.
You will never know the complete happiness you gave me while you were here on earth with me. I long for the time to see you again... Hugs, Kisses, Stuffed Animals, Balls and Lots of love to you up there in Rainbow Ridge. I LOVE YOU and we'll play together again one day.
The following poem helps me get through the day, knowing I can whisper your name.
"Ascension" by Collen Corah Hitchcock....
And if I go,
while you're still here
Know that I live on,
vibrating to a different measure
- behind a thin veil you cannot see through.
You will not see me,
so you must have faith.
I wait for the time when we can soar together again,
- both aware of each other.
Until then, live life to its fullest.
And when you need me,
Just whisper my name in your heart,
...I will be there

Bailey Renee, 06/19/94-02/12/03

We will miss you old girl. Wait for us at the bridge with Tojo, Rochester, & Desiree.

Sue Bubela

Bailey Roland, 2/26/01-5/09/03

Bailey was a special little guy who will be greatly missed by the many people who loved him. Bailey's family will always remember him and appreciate the happiness and love that he brought to our lives.

Kristen Roland

Bailey's Irish, 05/29/03

Bailey was our joy for 5 years. She came to us frightened and confused. She never stopped wanting to please even when her pain became too great. Bailey's happiest time was riding in the car to anywhere, as long as she was with us. We hope she is happy, pain free, in her new home. We shall meet her at the Rainbow Bridge, along with "sister," Sable.

Bale Face, 12/1/03

Dear Bale Face. You were hurt so badly by a car, and so we took you to the vet to euthanaise you. I am glad you aren't in pain. And thank you so very much for trying to come home. I am so happy that you had a home to come to. The Growlies miss you and so do I. I miss your baleful gaze, the way you looked after the young ones and wouldn't eat til the babies had their fill. Even though I never got to touch you, I loved you from afar. I know that you cared for me to, and I thank you for that. Rest in peace, old boy, we'll look after the family. Much love, Avalon

Balky, 02/19/03

Balky was a very special friend from the day we got him. We will remember his loving attitude and how appreciation for him could be paid in belly rubs. Always one to run from a fight to stay for the hugs. We will keep his memories close and laugh at the good times we had in his 17 years. We all Love You Balky and you will NEVER be forgotten.

Your family


I miss you to death big boy Bally!!!
I will see you when I get there !!!
And we will play all day long!!!
I promise!
I love you Bally!!!!!

Matt Stewart

Baloo, 02/14/94-10/17/03

Therapy Dog
Teacher of love and devotion
Squirrel chaser
Hole digger

We miss You
We Miss You

Kim & Brian

Baloo, 08/03/94-09/12/03

Baloo, you will always be my special "baby". Yes, I treated you as a kitten all your life even though you grew up and became a very large, black male cat. And you loved to be treated as a kitten. You knew exactly how to manipulate me to fulfill your wishes. You also knew precisely how far you could go before you made me and your cat-mate Bamse completely crazy.
I was blessed with nine wonderful years together with you. When you where at the veterinary hospital, and gave up your fight against your Diabetes, I wasn't there to kiss and hold you. I couldn't let you suffer more just because it perhaps had given me some peace of mind. The nice veterinarian promised me that he wouldn't leave you alone before you had went away to the wonderful Rainbow Bridge.
My baby, I miss you terribly and you are always in my thoughts. Until we meet again at the Rainbow Bridge.

Lena Westerlundh

Bamba, 01/05/03

Had a disease which many captive chameleons get, so I had to send him to heaven; he looked so weak.


BamBam, 04/04/99-11/02/02

I want to pay tribute to my dog BamBam especially today cuz it is his 4th birthday. I miss him so much. He will always be in my heart and soul where ever I go.


Bam-Bam, 02/04/03

I am missing you, Bam-Bam. You always had attitude and did not know you were a cat instead of a person. I will always see you in my memory--your stark long white whiskers against the black of your face. And your four little white toes. Thank you for loving my children as they grew and for being such a friend to us. I wish I could hear your happy chirp as I walked by this morning. There is an empty space in my life that no one can ever fill. We did not want to let you go, but that was our selfishness and because we love you so much we did what was right for you, dear heart. You will be with me always.

Sandra Francisconi

Bambi, 07/04/90-08/04/03

I was there when she was born (1 of 8) and I was there holding her when she died earlier this evening. She was a wonderful friend and companion and I already miss her more than words can express. I love you Bambi. Thanks for the pleasure you brought into my life.

Libby French

Bambi, 03/14/03

Bambi, You were the most loving and faithful cat a person could ever want. God sent you to us 3 years ago as a stray. How I wish I could have had more time with you. No other cat could ever replace you. I am happy that you now have a healthy body and have no more problems at the Rainbow Bridge. I love and miss you so much. There is such an empty spot in my heart now with out my faithful companion. My sweet Bambi Angel.

Cherie Land

Bandit, 04/17/88-12/12/03

My sweet have been with me most of my adult life.
Thru good times and bad you were always there at my side.
Everyone who met you fell in love.
There is none sweeter than you.
I will miss you so much and you will be in my heart and mind always.
I wish I could have you back.


Bandit, 10/28/02

My Bandit spent the first 3 years of his life locked in a barn and the last 3 1/2 being kissed and hugged. We all miss him so much.

Gerri Himberger

Bandit, 06/16/99-11/24/03

Bandit was a good boy. He succumbed to a short but intense illness this morning. He struggled to the end to stay here with me, but finally I had to tell him it was ok to go, that his work here was done. It was time for him to rest. And he did. He will always be close to my heart, I only hope the pain of losing him,
will fade away to joy at his escape from this world, and his journey to the bridge.

Julie Pittinger

Bandit, 02/15/90-11/13/03

You were a wonderful soul mate with a purr like thunder. You loved to sleep nestled up close at night and picked on dogs. You lived in our house, but were loved by the whole block. The whole neighborhood grieves. Bandit, you will be missed by your human family who loved you and your fellow pets Harley, Cookie and Milo who loved you, too.

Peg Keeley

Bandit, 04/26/89-11/03

With the greatest sadness, my beloved and best friend, Bandit ( a 14yo+ sheepie mix) has joined his Friends at the Rainbow Bridge today.

After visiting the vet yesterday we thought we had more time 4-6 weeks, but GOD decided differently today when not only couldn't Bandit walk but he was breathing so heavily that his whole body was shaking and he looked in pain.

He will be cremated and his ashes will come back home hopefully next Friday.

These 13 years sped by like a race car !

I WISH I HAD IT TO DO ALL OVER, I would have tried to savor the moments more IF THAT IS POSSIBLE.

The countless vacations I didn't take because I won't kennel my dogs, the days of work to go to the Vet IMMEDIATELY for one health reason or another.. Short holiday visit because I didn't want to leave my dogs home alone for long. ALL the sacrifices were worth ...

Bandit was my best friend and I miss him dearly.

Be well my best friend, play and frolic like you haven't been able to for a long time and know that when my time comes I will look for no matter where you are !

Rest in Peace Bandit Smitrovich April 1991 - November 2003

Very empty and sad, Louise Smitrovich

Louise Smitrovich

Bandit, 07/05/02-03/09/03

Thankyou Bandit for your 2 beautiful kittens. The time we had together was too short and your passing too quick. Here today-gone tomorrow, all this pain, all this sorrow.
Goodnight my sweetheart, wait for me at the gate by the bridge. xxx. I love you. xxx.

Bandit, 11/27/90-08/27/03

If ever there was a dog who was loved, pampered, and revered, Bandit was it. He was as much a part of our family as our children. He loved us unconditionally. In turn, he was loved devoutly and rec'd the best care during his life and throughout his illnesses. Even in death, Bandit will be loved and missed, and no doubt spoken of often. He leaves with us all, a legacy. The reality is that death is a part of life and none of us escapes it when our time comes. The best any of us can hope for is that it be honorable and peaceful. We provided that for our beloved Bandit. Bando, Mommie & Daddy will love you and cherish your memory, always.


I love you, and ill see you soon.


Bandit, 11/27/92-07/26/03

You will always be missed.


Bandit, 5/19/95-6/13/03

It's just been one day since you left us. We miss you so much. We thank God for all you have given us in your eight years with us. You were a very loyal and faithful dog. The house is so empty without you and we see you everywhere. I know you are looking down on us and know we will always remember you. I want to hug you so much and kiss your cute face. You are with your sister CiCi now and I know you are not lonely. We can never replace you. We wouldn't want to. I know you will be waiting for me at rainbow bridge and we can catch up on all the hugs and kisses. Sleep with the angels, my sweet, sweet baby.
You are always with me and I with you.
Love and hugs and kisses---Mom and Dad

Bandit, 07/82-04/12/03

My precious Bandit, all 6-1/2 pounds calico kitty, pure attitude and love. You talked to me all these years, and had such a range in decibels! I miss our chats so much. I miss you telling me everything that was going on. You were not even 8 weeks when I found you and brought you home, never dreaming we would be together for such a long time. You were with me some of the roughest patches in my life, always with your love, snuggles and purrs. My little girl, I miss you so very, very much. I am amazed how big a hole you have left in my heart, you so small and yet so large. I feel so very grateful that you chose to spend you life with me, and enriched my life so much. I know we will meet again. I love you so very, very much.

Lynne Justen

Bandit, 04/14/01

Bandit was a great family member and was so lovable to everyone and we enjoyed him so much, he will be in our hearts forever.

Linda Johnson

Bandit, 04/15/90-01/08/03

You were my special companion. Always affectionate and loving. I will miss you and love you always.


Bandit, 09/01/89-05/24/02

I loved him, he will always be in my heart.


Bandit, 11/10/92-01/08/03

Ode To Bandit, Sue's Band Of Gold:

Many of you have already heard the sad sad new of our Bandits passing this morning. She went peacefully surrounded by great love & affection from the closest kin to her.

I want to express my heartfelt sympathy to my best friend Sue and family for the great lose of her best friend Bandit. All of you who had the opportunity to know Bandit would agree that she was a true good spirit and loyal companion with a gentleness & kindness that oozed from her and we shall all remember her with great affection.

Bandy was a lucky dog to get the heart & soul of her real animal lover friend and "Mom" Sue. Bandit knew how much she was loved. The special bond Bandit had with Yogi & YT was another gift to us all. We will both miss and remember the good times we all shared in life together and stay grateful for the time we had to know & love Bandit. Farewell to wo/mans best friend.



Susan Haftel

Bandit, 01/09/03

My best Friend, I will miss you.

The Wright Family

Bandit Borges-Pimanjonok, 03/05/99-07/07/03

To our wonder friend and family member, may you play in the sunshine forever. We love you Bandit.

Barb Borges

Bandit Boy, 08/15/79-03/26/94

The best little man you could wish for. You showed me what real love is. When you passed a piece of my heart broke and can never mend. Wait at Rainbow Bridge and help Mitzi when she arrives.

Albert & Linda Bowles

Bandit Earl White, 06/01/88-08/15/03

We loved you so much AND we miss you SO MUCH

White Family

Bandit Mcree, 01/03/98-06/08/03

I lost my very special friend in the early morning hours of June 8, 2003. How I wish I would have fed you rather than let you go. Always in my lap, forever in my heart. You were the coolest cat, Bandit. I love you!! Take care of Tobee. Mom

Bandy, 12/01/98-07/25/03

Bless Bandy, who has passed from this world, where he was too often treated badly and abandoned, left on his own. Bandy, we love and miss you and pray you are in a better place, like you fully deserve to be.

We love and will miss you forever, dearest Bandy!

"A ro ro ro ro ro ro ro!!"

Joe and Stacy Rosenfeld


Banshee, you were such the wild child. You came to me the daughter of a feral cat that a friend was looking after in her cat groomery. You weren't too friendly but you certainly were a beauty with your long fur and golden eyes. Then I began meditating and you were there. You traveled the Astral Paths with me. Now you travel happily free of a frail body. I miss you.

Daddy Jay

Barkely, 7/29/03

I lost my very healthy dog to a silent killer hemagio sarcoma. No one could figure what was wrong with him until he died. It was awful and he was so scared. He didn't know what was wrong either. I feel like I let him down even though we went to the vet several times with our complaints, his blood work came back neg but he was swollen and had a rash. I can't get his scared look out of my head when he was dying.

Barkley, 09/26/94-10/13/03

Barkley was my first "child". He was my comfort during times of stress. I called him the "Big Woofer". He knew how much he was loved I believe. He kissed me just before we had to put him to sleep and he died in my arms. It was the hardest thing I have ever had to do. I love you Barkley, I just couldn't let you suffer. I'll see you in heaven one day.

Laurie Barnard

Barkley Rose, 03/06/99-08/17/03

She was the best "spotted girl dog" a girl could ever have. We hope she's met up with Baxter (who left us 4 yrs. ago) & that they'll be happy friends together.

Marilyn & Brian

Barley, 08/07/00-10/17/03

Barley was always ready to play. He was smart but stubborn. He loved running outside, but not if the grass was wet! His favorite thing to do was to chase the laser pointer or do his multitude of tricks with his daddy. We and his sister miss him so much.

Laura and Dirk Lampron

Barney, 12/18/03

Barney was the most affectionate loyal family member. He passed from heart failure that left him too weak to continue. He gave us so much love and happiness in the 13 years we had with him. He accepted every new pet into the family with paternal love without hesitation. He loved to chase lizards, but had to pass that joy onto his sister, our Golden Retriever. He will forever be loved and missed.

L Hall

Barney, 03/12/ 93-11/26/03

Barney Besaw was what you could call the perfect dog. His personality was exceptional. He was a "people" dog. He loved to eat, wag his tail, an make people happy to touch him. One of his favorite things to do was roll over on his back so he could have his belly rubbed. All his human friends and especially his "Mommy" will miss him always, and think of him daily. His battle with heart disease was lost on 11-26-03.

Claudia Besaw

Barney, 11/12/03

You were a grand old boy of 18 and yet you were failing fast. I couldn't stand by and watch you suffer, I loved you too much. Making the decision to have you put to sleep was so hard. I'm glad that I decided to be there at the end. I was able to cuddle you and talk to you gently as you slipped away.
Things are just not the same at home. Our other cat Amber has been looking for you and crying. The vet said that she will go through a period of grief the same as we all will.
I hope that now you are in a better place and free of all of the ailments that made your life such a struggle.
Thank you for all the wonderful years of love that you gave us. We will never forget you.


Barney, 12/25/93-11/14/02

To the Best Friend I ever had.
I love you and miss you.
Love, Mom

Barney, 10/14/03

I love you my Barney Boy, I can't wait for the day when we meet again, until then you will live in my heart and I will miss you every day. You have left me with so many happy memories. Everyone always says how lucky you were that you were rescued but really I am the lucky one to have had you in my life. Thank you for your unconditional love and devotion and being my special Barney Boy

Darby Rock

Barney, 5/11/90-9/4/03

You will always be our special boy. Thank you for being our dog and being a member of our family. We will always love you and miss you very much. We will never forget you. Our grief will never end until we are together again.

Love, Mommy, Daddy and Bobby

Barney, 07/29/02-05/07/03

To our little buddy who is running and playing at Rainbow Bridge. We love you and miss your big kisses and unconditional love.

Susan and James


I want to say goodbye to Barney. He was the best dog anyone could every have. He was there when I would come home from work. He never got mad because I was late. Barney like to take long rides anywhere. Barney is going to be missed by many. His best buddy Hope. Hope is a cat, she became his mother. She would try to take care of him in your way when barney would not feel good. Barney is going to be missed by all. Barney Hope and I will miss you so much.

Love Carol Ann

Barney, 05/05/03

For Barney, You were a beautiful tuxedo cat. I don't know why someone would throw you out. I'm so glad you found us. I remember when we first saw you in the field. You were crouched down and we thought you were a skunk! You turned out to be the newest addition to our family. We will miss you greeting us and waiting for your treats when we come home. Surprisingly Cinder really misses you too. I'm so sorry we weren't with you. It was so sudden and unexpected. Now you are at Rainbow Bridge and you have both your eyes to see with and can hear too. We will all be together someday but in the meantime you have a lot of good friends to be with. We love you Barnyardo.
Carol and Dave Rice

Barney, 04/01/03

We loved you so much that we let you go rather than see you suffer. You have left a big hole in our lives. Until we meet again, you will remain in our hearts...

Good bye Barney. You are a good boy...

Missed By Sharon, Steve, and Adam

Barney, 03/30/91-12/25/02

Barney - I miss you so much. Everyday I am eating my cereal, sometimes a flake will drop on the floor and I am still waiting for you to come around the corner of the microwave and grab that flake. I know you are in the house in "spirit", because things you use to do will always be there. When I am getting ready for bed you were always waiting on the platform for me to sneak up and rub your stomach or you would be peeking over the bed, just waiting for me to come up and see you. You were the BEST!!! I will always miss coming down the alley with you to our house, you use to bark like a rooster, you knew the neighborhood so well. You were so good about staying in "your own backyard". I will miss the times at the "fountain" with you. We use to stop at the bakery and then walk over so you could play in the fountain. Everyone loved watching you for their entertainment. You were so "special". I have left your "bell" on the back door, that you use to ring to go outside. It brings me comfort, hearing it when I open the door, as you are still hear in "spirit". You will always be with me in my heart and I will always love you... Barney, I miss you so.

Jerry Gunn

Barney, 11/9/90-3/8/03

You could be vulnerable with Barney - he could see you at your most despairing times and still love you without question. You could be late for dinner and he'd still love you. Unquestionable love, the greetings at the door with the noisy barks and jumps and kisses, the joy of walking and jumping into the collar… the love of treats!

Four treats a day - that's a minimum!

Sleeping on Mommy's lap on the couch

Sleeping on the bed near Mommy

Sleeping until the nose twitches to announce Mommy's arrival (or Grandpa's visits)

Barney's Favorites:

Favorite food - Steak, treats, cheese, snausages,

Favorite place to sleep - Mommy's spot on the bed near her pillow

Favorite thing to do - Follow Mommy from room to room and nap at her feet

Favorite music - Beatles - Something in the way she moves (He always howled with it!)

Favorite toy - Yellow one with hole in center for treats

Favorite man in his life - Grandpa

Favorite time of the day - Dinnertime

Favorite place to walk - Around the trash areas (ok, maybe by the lake, near the triangle of bushes that smell great)

Favorite playmate - Mollie, his girlfriend

Favorite kids - Sleeping ones

He's gone, but never forgotten. He was playful till almost the last day. He went fast and he never did anything fast! He was my strength and my daily sustenance. I pray that he's enjoying his new friends, and flitting around heaven with golden new wings and finding new laps to enjoy.

Mostly I miss his barks and beagle kisses.

Suzanne Pattee

Barney, 03/30/91-12/25/02

Barney - You are missed everyday... when I am getting my morning cereal ready, sometimes a flake still drops and I am waiting for you to come around the stove and get it. You were such a "good" dog. You didn't need much training. You learned how to ring the back door bell, just because it was a decoration at Christmas, you learned that it meant to "go out" and taught yourself to nudge the bell with your cute little nose and someone would let you out. I will miss taking you to the fountain, that you loved to play in. You didn't even need your leash on, you were so involved in that fountain. People that use to walk by, said you were their entertainment. They laughed and thought you were so darling, "as you were" to watch and video tape. Also I miss your cute paws, hanging over the top step at the top of the staircase. You just loved that platform, waiting for me to come up the stairs quietly and sneak up on you to rub your floppy ears and your chest. You could have layed there for hours and hours, just being content. You also trained yourself to stay in "your own backyard". You never went out of your yard, unless you were greeting people, that were walking by the house.
You will be missed terribly!!!

Love and kisses forever.

Jerry Gunn

Barney Corkrean-Grzelecki, 07/05/86-02/05/03

In Loving Memory of Barney,
My pal, teacher and companion. His softness diffused and his strength, incomprehensible. He was there for me when no one else was. Barney was a unique little guy; gentle and confident in every way. He taught me about love like no human could. He was humorous and grounding too. We understood and accepted each other just the way we are. We made each other feel special. He never hurt me like humans do...he was perfect in every way..I miss and honor you Barney. You didn't leave me. You just died. I'm sorry you had to go. I'll be seeing you in all the familiar places, in every single thing I do all day through. In every Summer's Day and when the day is through, I'll be looking at the moon, and I'll be seeing you...See you again Sweets. Thanks for being so beautiful....Ru

Barney Haumesser (Nickname Pig), 02/19/03

(This was taking word for word the day of, when I told my on-line friends at a Muppet fan webpage at about my dog Barney.) I miss that Pig (dog) dearly.

"Hello Everyone, this morning today 2/19/03 my family had to put our dog to sleep. I'm not sure if it has been done yet, but he's out of our live's now. His name was Barney and was about 5 & 1/2 years old. We got him Summer of 1997 as a puppy from the SPCA. He had a previous owner so "Barney"' was already named. He was about seven weeks old, and we kept his name Barney even though we could have changed the name because he was still so young. Barney was a German Sheperd mix with what we believe was Labrador. So to describe him, he had the body and colors of a German Shepherd with the head like a Lab with his ears down and everything.
He was one of my babies. But we have good reason in putting him to death. Last night around 10:30 -11:00, he bit my younger brother Alex (age 17) right on his lips. It was pretty bad, this wasn't a little snip, Barney was a BIG dog. I'm not going to go into detail here, but it looks as if my brother will be okay. From what I heard, because I wasn't in the room, my brother was feeding barney his dog food in the basement and got a little to close as to give him a kiss.

Barney's the type of dog that begs for food, he would do anything for human food and is very protective of his own dog food. If you get in the way of his begging, staring, or take away food from him, your in danger of getting bitten. my whole family knew this.
Barney was the first dog we have ever had, and this is very painful for me, but I'm taking it a lot better then I ever thought I would have if he had died in anyway, shape, or form. This way I know Barney didn't go threw any pain and would never go threw any pain ever again. I was always scared of him being hit by a car, now I know that's not the way Barney would die, nor of growing old and any pains inside of him thus costing expensive pet bills in which he would die anyways. This also wasn't a slow painful death, like if he had cancer or something. I know it was (or will be) quick and painless, the best way for a dog to pass on. There really was no other option. When I was younger I always felt this was the worst way for a dog to die, being put to sleep before his time, but under certain conditions and looking at this in all angles it's what was best.

We took my brother to the hospital right after it happened and they had a plastic surgeon come in. My uncle who's is a bone doctor and used to work at this hospital and came in also. He said that Alex's mouth looked good and everything would be okay. I didn't see the actually bite marks as my bother Alex had a towel on his mouth the whole time after it happed, but my older brother, his name is Joe, said he didn't think it would turn out so good right after seeing the bite.

Like I said, there was no other option, it wasn't debated, we all knew the dog had to go. It is very sad but this could have happened to anyone else in the family, and any of our friends and other family members. This could have been me laying on that hospital bed. The sad thing is Barney has bitten before, and not just one but a couple of people. Two friends of my brother Alex, one was one of our younger cousins, he's nipped my younger brother and me a few times, plus he has tried to bite my mom once and my older brother, but they were not this bad at all compared to Barney's bite on Alex last night. Once was too many. If he bites once, he's bound to bite again, whether it's six days from now, six weeks, six months or six years from now.
We can't put the risk of this happen again even worse to any of us. I really feel this was the right thing to do even thought it's so painful. He's just a dog, he is my dog, but this isn't a world tragedy, People are more valuable then animals, and we all know this. Life goes on and stuff like this happens everyday.
If anyone would like to talk about a pet that has pasted away for whatever reason, I'd loved to hear about all the good times and fun times you had with this pet, whether it happened 20 years ago or...Today. Even if your pet is alive and well I'd still like to hear about them.

There is just dead silence in my house now and I'd like to talk to someone. I' ll share my adventures with Barney in the fallowing posts. I still have my kooky cat named Boots with some very funny stories about her I'll share a little bit later, I really didn't want to make this thread about "Poor Zack's dead dog", as I didn't name it "Good bye Barney" I'd just like to hear about all our wonderful pets that we love, and even if you don't have a pet you could talk about a funny encounter with a squirrel or something.

One last thing about Barney, I took him for a nice long walk this morning, I stopped at the store and bought a bag of Milk Bone stake's for him. Then I took him to a park I live by that has a pond and woods. We always enjoyed taken him there in the summer and watch...well Barney would chase, the ducks. I Rarely go there in the winter, but I had to take him one last time even if it was cold. The pond was completely frozen over! I've been there before in the winter but the ice was very thin before. It looked like kids had played in the middle because there were foot prints all over the snow on top and an orange shove stuck in the middle. Maybe a warning sign? I thought that was kind of dangerous and I decide we had better not try. It looked like Barney had fun during the walk and the time we were there, I gave him just about the whole bag a milk bones up to the time I said good bye to him. I didn't go to the SPCA with my older brother, I was dropped off at collage on the way, Barney just stared at me from in the car as my older brother drove away.

One last thing that really hit my heart was that every dog we past this morning barked at Barney, Barney never barks at other dogs or would rarely do it. It was like they knew he was a dead dog walking. We ran into this one lady with a gigantic dog, I think it was a boxer, but I not sure, it looked like one but bigger and fatter. he looked so excited to see Barney. The lady said "I'm sorry! He's only 8 months old and is still very playful." 8 MONTHS OLD! This dog was a horse! I though my dog was big and at five years! I didn't think it would be right to tell the lady this would be Barney's "last walk". So we said good bye and moved on. I wish my pup had stayed 8 months old.

I just can't believe this has happed and so fast too! I have so many regrets, but this was the best thing for all of us before anything got worse. As for Barney, I'll miss you ya pig! Cause that's what you are! Just a big dumb pig with a special place in my heart. All Dogs Go To Heaven Barney, but I don't know about you, you did a very bad thing, but I forgive you and will never forget you.
The human named Zack,

My brother Alex looks ok, but this has got to be extremely hard for him, and right now he can't really express all of his feeling. He asked me if I was mad at him, of course I'm not mad at him, this was bound to happen sooner or later. I'm really trying to make my younger brother Alex feel conferrable about it, he doesn't need any guilt in feeling that in the way it happened it was his fault. It wasn't Alex's fault, this happened because of a combination of things all threw out Barney's life.
Thanks for reading and take care,

Zack) Rowlf the, I'd never bite, but I am a chewer, Dog.


Barney R., 05/22/89-08/04/03

Dear Barney: Thank you for allowing me time with you; to care for you, play with you, comfort you, love you. They say that people/animals are on loan to us for a designated period of time. To them I say, "I'm grateful for the opportunity with you." Thank you for helping me through my early sobriety days, through all the fishing trips, traveling to the store for ice cream, walking along the shoreline at sunset. Watching you grow old was hard; like watching a mate whittle away. But now you're free from the pain; free to run and play, free to chase a cat or two - free. And as a small blue balloon dancing in the wind along the gentle sand; I raise you up to a higher plain. Wait for me wherever you are - I'll be seeing you again! Love, me

Barney Redfreckles, 03/22/84-11/01/03

It is so hard to day goodbye to the best friend a person could ever fast Barn!! run free!!


Baron, 03/94-11/22/03

Baron was an amazingly brave, beautiful, sweet
gentle huggable bear. His gentle loving nature enriched our lives. He was the most lovable sweetest angel boy in the world. My Bouvier was the bestest boy in the world and the most handsome too!
He endured so much in dealing with his bone cancer yet he just good naturedly dealt with it. He was grateful for all our care and was a model patient..through his leg amputation and subsequent chemotherapy.
There is a huge void in our lives and our hearts are broken to not have him with us. I'd give anything for more time with our baby boy.

Carol Laporta

Baron, 02/11/95-10/24/03

Baron was 110 pounds of pure mush.
He loved everyone and was the neighborhood's favorite.
He was truly a gentle giant.
Baron will be missed by everybody who knew him, especially his mother.

Beth and Ed

Baron, 01/29/90-08/20/98

Baron AKA Bubble, Buboli & Bear,

You were and still are the love of my life. Thank you for your unconditional love. Without you, I don't know if I could have survived life. The day I helped to send you to your heavenly life, will always be bittersweet in my heart. That was the day I married Dave. Even tho Dave and I are not together right now, I believe you said to me, "Please Muma, my purpose in this world is complete. I wanted to make sure you were happy and with a man who treated you kindly and with respect, not like that MEAN MEAN man Bob. I am tired, cannot walk or eat and am starting to lose my dignity. Please hold me while the vet helps me find the Rainbow Bridge." As much as I loved you Bubble, I would never have let you lose your dignity. You were too much of a gentleman. I need you desperately in my life right now but I know I can't just bury my crying face in your fur anymore. You are gone, but will never ever be forgotten!!! I love you with all my heart and soul. I pray to Jesus that I will be reunited with you on that special day when HE calls me home. Love forever, Muma

Baron, 12/17/88-05/07/03

He was a trusted and loyal friend for 14 Years. He will be missed

Constance Froelich

Baron, 03/20/03

Baron - You were a wonderful, sweet, sweet Brittany of seven years who gave us so much pleasure. You wanted to be with us or to run find your shoe and carry it around. So much fun. You never ever chewed a shoe or anything else and there were times when you must have felt horrible but you were always so sweet and never any trouble. You only wanted to be near or to be petted. We miss you so much. I will always remember you sitting and looking out the window, waiting for us to return. We miss you and love you. Anne Rolfe

Baron, 03/12/03

To "The Baron," our fearless, spirited, warm, loving, affectionate feline companion of twelve years. You found us one day when we stopped for ice cream near the Chincoteague Wildlife Refuge in Virginia. Such a wonderful friendly kitten you were! Our hearts were captured, and when the shop owner told us you had been around for over a week living under the boardwalk, we knew you were going home with us.

You will never leave us now because you will live forever in our hearts and minds. Your silvery fur, your fuzzy tummy, your warm electric purr, your strut and swagger, your insistent demands for attention matched only by your willingness to give affection in return. Thank you dear little silver grey one for sharing your life with us. And for leaving us softly and gently in your sleep, at home, your dignity and feline pride intact.

Wait for us by the Rainbow Bridge, Baron! Mommy will say your name everyday and think of the happy times we had together. You belong to me and Ken always, dear little Baron.

Baron, 10/20/91-01/08/02

We loved and adored Baron. He gave us more than we could have ever given him. He left us too soon, and though we miss him every day, we know that we will see him again!

Baron Murphy, 12/05/03

Baron, I will miss you so much - you were such a good companion.
I wish everyone that was afraid of Rotts could've met you - they would've fallen in love with you like I did.
I know you're whole again and at peace, I can't wait to see you again at the Rainbow Bridge.

I miss you Big Guy.


Barron, 07/06/91-07/18/03

Barron was a very special loving baby. He was twelve when he had to go t the Rainbow Bridge. He had cancer. He was much loved by us and by his DazyDuke who joined him at the Rainbow Bridge on 7/27/03.

Dan and Bonnie OConnor

Barron, 09/28/93-03/21/03

I wasn't through petting you, loving you yet. Of course, I would never have been through petting you, and will never be through loving you.


Barron, 31/12/87 to 21/2/03

Our Darling Barron
We miss you so much
I talk you in the Bungalow
And I talk to your photo
But it is not the same without you.
You were a wonderful Boy Baz
I will never forget your lovley friendly ways
You didn't have a bad thing about you
I wish you could come back to us
But I know you were not well and getting older
We will always Treasure our times together you
Loved so much
Lots of love and kisses
love from
mummy and daddy
and all the family
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx (31/12/87 21/2/03)

Bart, 12/17/90-12/19/03

Old friend you are not in pain anymore, but your love and devotion will live in my heart always. I love you fella and you are sorely missed.


Bart, 04/14/03

Bart I love you so much and miss you. I know deep down inside though that you are much better off now. I will never forget you. You can rest peacefully now with Bonky, Lilly, Scooter, Honey, and Ashby.

I Love You, Rita

Bart The Space Dog, 06/03/03

Little Buddy Bart: You fought the fight of a pit bull with the heart full of love for your best buddy, Ken. In the end I believe your thoughts were of him and all the good times you had together. Going camping, walking through the woods, chasing critters you happened upon but never catching, wading in the streams to cool off whenever you found one. But the battle is over now and you are gone. Ken feels so lost without you. Nothing will ever replace the loss in his heart, but I promise you this Bart, that I will be there whenever he needs a HUG or a shoulder to lean on. I can't replace you but I can share in the memories of the long life you two shared together. We will laugh and cry as we reminisce. So everyone that has ever had a beloved pet that meant the world to you.. Raise your glass and salute the best little buddy a guy could ever have.... To Bart Hoogtelling We will meet you at the Rainbow Bridge little buddy with a bag of your favorite cookies.

Debbie Allgood

Barty (Aka BB Bartowski), 12/02/03

A great mouser, loyal to the core. She knew she was supposed to be with our family. Our sentry. Come back soon. We need you!

Betsy, James, Lydia, Jim

Bascum, 04/26/93-02/13/03

My baby, my buddy, my pal, my pooper, you will never be forgotten and will live on in my heart and in my memories until we meet again on the other side of the rainbow.

Bashful, 07/01/00-08/20/03

Bashful, you came to me without a home, you were shy at first, but learned to trust in me completely. I tried to give you the best I could, you gave me more than you know. God decided it was your time to go at your young age. You are very much missed and are thought of all day. It is hard to look outside and not see you and have you come running to me. You had such spirit and love and I Miss our kissey kissey's! I love you and miss you so much, it hurts. I will never forget you, I LOVE YOU! Kissey Kisseyxoxo Mommy

Basil, 12/04/95-09/05/03

Basil was a hand reared puppy who had a lot of disabilities which he overcame & he loved life, bringing a lot of happiness to those who knew him. He managed to live to the age of 7yrs & 9mths to the surprise of many but not to those who really knew him. He is so loved & very much missed.

Shirley Buchanan

Basil, 7/23/03

Basil came to us on April 10, 2002 as a foster dog through the Schnauzer Rescue. He was described to us as a Standard Schnauzer between the ages of 7 and 10, having no front teeth (probably having chewed through a chain), almost deaf (from a hitting/kicking by previous owner), and having a full tail, which is unusual for a Schnauzer. But even with those unique traits, he was a beautiful looking dog. We came to love him very quickly and ended up adopting him. He loved to walk, and walk, and walk - it was like endless energy. And he loved to catch birds, if he could; he did catch one once in a shrub and ended up walking home with this bird in his mouth and legs dangling out - he would not let me open his mouth to remove the bird. Eventually, he did open his mouth to release the bird (a little too late for the bird, however). He did not play, nor do we think he even knew how to play. We don't know what his history was but we like to think the life we gave him from April 10, 2002 until July 23, 2003, was a pretty good life - up until an illness that slowly took away his mobility. So, our Basil dog joins our Graysie dog (Miniature Schnauzer) at the Rainbow Bridge. We hope they are having a great time together running, and playing, and sniffing. We will always be thankful Basil came into our lives. He taught us so much. I have never seen such a brave little boy - never a complaint and always seemed happy just to be here with us. I am sorry he couldn't have had a healthier life, but we made it the best life possible for our little guy. We love you Basil; we always will.

Basil, 02/11/86-07/25/03

We were blessed to have had Basil in our lives. Bazzie, we will miss you and love you always!

Love, David, Sue, Jon, Carrie and Goose

Bastet, 03/21/03

Bastet: I found you abandoned, alone, and beaten to a pulp. But for the 3 years out of your 6 yrs of life, you had someone who cherished, and loved you. Your courageous spirit both thru your abuse and thru your illness taught me how powerful love can be.
I will look for you at Rainbow Bridge...Until then, you remain close to my heart.

Batman, 08/14/01-06/19/03

I miss you so much. My heart is broken. You were my special cat, I will miss all you silly antics. You had such a lovely personality. I'm so glad that I met you and I will love you always!


Baxter, 05/01/97-12/10/03

Baxter loved to make biscuits and drool on my lap. I will miss the sound of his purring by my ear. Catnip was his favorite treat in the world. He was the best boy and taken away too soon.

Shannon Coleman

Baxter, 11/19/03

I miss you more than I can say Baxter.
You were the light of my life.

Karen Schneider

Baxter, 10/07/03

In Memory of a sweet boy, sadly missed.

Sue Howson

Baxter, 03/20/91-09/12/03

We were so lucky to get to be his guardian for 12 1/2 beautiful memory filled years with the Bestest Biggie Dog ever. Our hearts will never be the same, but we wouldn't trade it for the WORLD. We love you so much and will never forget you, Dassy Doo.

Baxter, 09/15/01-07/14/03

Baxter - you will be missed by all. We know that you are now at peace. We love you.

Jason and Jessica Dirks

Baylee, 03/08/98-01/01/03

I tribute to Baylee my baby girl, she will always be loved and missed and day we will meet again at the bridge

Taylor Abbott

Baylee Rose, 01/11/98-07/28/03

We called her our "big black mutt", or our "gentle giant", and we still see all 90 pounds of her everywhere we look. She is sadly missed by her family. Even though we have another dog & 3 cats, her passing has left a big hole in our hearts, and the house seems empty without her.


Bayley, 08/13/95-03/15/03

Bayley unlocked hearts, and brought love in. We miss our almond eyed girl. Your time with us was much too short, but full of lessons. When you went blind right after your 6th birthday, you taught us the meaning of strength and a willingness to live life. When we had to make the hardest decision we have ever had to face, it was done with love. When the liver disease returned with full force, we had to do what was best for you. You were cradled in both our arms, while Dr. Jack did the hardest thing for a vet to do.
Your little sister Crickett misses you so much, as do we. Your ashes were returned to our home yesterday, and it still does not seem possible. Our little girl, we will meet you at the Rainbow Bridge someday. We know that your spirit and love linger on here with us.

Debra & Karan

Baylor, 01/19/02

Baylor, you were such a good bunny. How you loved to 'race' with the Penelope, Ginger and Tessie in you pen. We miss you.

Becky, Penelope, Tessie and Cindy

BB (Busy Body ), 11/14/03

She had a gentle happy spirit. A kind, loving, and patient heart. A piercing howl for the noon lunch siren. A warning growl for the squirrels all about. Several threatening barks for trucks passing by. The jingle of her collar as she walked around the house. The moaning, groaning, and grumbling sounds to get her way, of course! Her prance and intense stare when people food was being served. And last but not least, her excited body wiggle, and she could actually smile like a person when she was happy to see them. Everything about her will be missed. She lives on in our hearts and minds as do all the other well loved animals who have gone before her. As long as we remember, they will still live with us.

Mary Davis

BB (Bluebird), 08/2003

We were lucky enough to be able to take BB into our home when his first mother, a very close and dear friend of ours, moved into a new home where pets were not allowed. We had always wanted another pet since our rabbit, Ruby, passed on some years ago. We believe that God smiled on us, and BB, that day and said that we should be together. I brought BB home and he seemed to fit right in to our lifestyle. He sang and talked (as only he could) right from the first day. For BB life had changed very dramatically because all of his life he had lived in the same, rather small cage that he had known since being just a baby. We were able provide him with a 'mansion' in comparison, and eventually, we provided him with a companion. We believe that the last few months, the last few weeks, the last few days, and, hopefully, his last few hours were the happiest, most comfortable, and loving times of his short life. We believe that he was only 6, or possibly 7, years old when he passed.
We miss him terribly. His companion, CC, fell into a budgie depression and so, to ease her pain we provided a new companion for her. We feel that BB would approve.
He is so sadly missed, but so clearly, and lovingly remembered.

GoodBye sweet BB, till we meet again.

Kevan Brownson and Doren Beard

B.B., 12/31/02

B.B. was our first dog who came into our lives three years ago. He was an abused, no hair, rib showing, malnourished, flea and heart worm infested pitiful sight. We didn't expect him to live three days after we found him much less three years. His will to live was very strong and he brought us so much joy and love every day he was with us. The Sunday before New Years Eve he lost the ability to stand up and we believe his kidneys started to fail as well. He received a compassionate and loving exit from our world that included chocolate cake, anointing of his body and wonderful prayers. He opened us up to the wonderful world of dogs and we are forever grateful to our pal B.B.

Brian Hall

Bea, 08/19/03

Bea--I remember your orange nose and beautiful colors and your white elephant toe paws and your funny complaining meows. You weren't with us for that long--5 months, then you got really sick and I was so worried. When the vet said you had cancer I couldn't believe that you were going to die so soon. Our time together seemed so short. I don't know if we did the right thing at the right time, I don't know if it would have been better to let you fade naturally. I don't know if there is a right thing. You seemed more comfortable fading than being interrupted and having us end it--everyone had an opinion, except they weren't you and you couldn't say in English what you wanted. I want you to know how much I loved you anyway, and I am sorry for the forcefeedings and all. You got so sick in the end, couldn't even keep down water, even a drop. It has taken me months to finish this. I hope your spirit is free and content, and you don't have to hide your head anymore when you are scared. You can hold it up now.

Mayree and Jason

Beamer, 02/22/97-12/22/03

We will never forget you dear friend

Kathy & Bruce

Beamer, 03/26/98-06/15/03

Thank your Beamer for sharing your life with us for the last five years. Our lives were truly blessed because of you. Thank you for giving us your unconditional love. You were there for my after my surgery - You walked up and down the hall with me, every hour, so I could get better. You passed to the Bridge so quickly and so unexpectedly, and way too soon. The grief is overwhelming. We miss you so much, but we will never forget you. We love you and you are in our hearts forever, until that day we meet at the Bridge. I can already see you, baby boy, running, almost flying, so graceful, like a deer with those long, long legs, coming to greet us, when it is our time.

Jennifer and Eve

Beamer, 01/09/89-06/13/02

Beamer was an incredible dog. He was always there for me & protected me. In his last days, he was happy just to be with me. When he passed it was the greatest sorrow I have every felt. He may not have been the best dog, but he was my best friend. I know he is still here with me.

Sharon Masica

Beamer, 04/03/92-02/15/03

To BEAMER With Love

Deep brown soulful eyes that gaze up at me with love
Trusting, kind, gentle soul, your were sent from above
To bring boundless joy and the truest love to me
Etched in my heart you'll forever be.

Big soft tail wags lovingly greet one and all
No matter human, feline, or bunny so small.
Shower love on all you meet, you know no enemies or strangers
With you, precious girl, helpless creatures feel no danger.

It took little effort on mommy's part
To train you for therapy because it's in your heart
A natural at giving love and affection away
From schools to rest homes you made everyone's day.

You've had a better life than most
Shopping at Wal-Mart and jet-setting coast to coast.
You even accompanied me to the county library
And sniffed through the stacks without being wary.
You helped me select Blockbuster videos to view
And sat in on school meetings like part of the crew.
People associate me with you and you with me
We're joined at the hip, and forever will be.

Now you're in heaven, free to frolic and play
And do favorite things that once made your day:
Take long "sniffy" walks and bask in the sun
Curl up in warm laundry when it is done
Sniff every inch of heaven with your little Beagle nose
And strike your adorable sit-up pose
Eagerly scarf down your liver treats
Run laps through the house after ripping mommy's socks from her feet
Leisurely lounge on the pillows of mommy's bed
Tilt your chin up toward me for a rub on the head.
Roll on your back for a long belly rub
Snuggle up in the down comforter like a little bear cub.
Help me "clean" my dinner dishes
Enjoy ear slides, nuzzles, cuddles and kisses.

Although you're physically no longer here
I know you're still with me, my sweet little dear
Reassuring me that you're just fine, my very best friend
Sweet Beamer, out time together will never end.
I'm so in love with you and you with me
Companions we will forever be.

-Amy Parsons
Beamer's mommy

Beaner, 04/13/87-04/28/03

I said goodbye to my Bean kitty today. She was 16 years old. I brought her home when she was barely 8 weeks old, and she gave us nothing but love and devotion. The first night she was here she crawled up the quilt and slept in my hair. It was her time and I was lucky enough to hold her in my arms as she passed on. My eyes are worn out from crying. Goodbye Beanie-weenie, Beanergirl, Beanercat, I love you.

Becky High

Beanie, 06/23/03

It was 23rd June 2003 when my lovely hamster Beanie died of tumour. He lost his fight against tumour. I can't describe how devastated I was when I found him dying upside down. I took him to the RSPCA a few weeks but the vet diagnosed the two big lumps as tumour (he was already 2 years 8 months old). They felt like filled with water. He told me not much could be done as operation was not advised because of his size and his age. He said he could put him to sleep or I could try injecting Beanie antibiotics. I did not want to have put Beanie to sleep so I said I would try injecting antibiotics. He just told me to keep an eye on him and took him back to the vet surgery if things became worse and he prescribed me some antibiotics. I should have injected him six times but the second time I lost control and injected all to Beanie. I just kept my fingers crossed.

Things have been normal as Beanie has been feeding. I thought Beanie was a fighter. On the 22nd June 2003, my partner realised Beanie was breathing heavily. But he was still eating. When I returned home at 6pm on the 23rd June 2003, he was still sleeping. I went back to check him 2 hours later only to find him dead upside down. My heart was ripped and I have been wailing for a week since he died. My partner buried him in the pot on the balcony.

I have kept him for more than 2 years and 8 months and he was so cute. I always took care of him and he gave me so much joy. He has spent time with me when I was happy and unhappy. I have prayed if I could do anything to bring him back. I still cannot accept the fact that he has left his papa. I always told him I would love him forever no matter what happened.

Time may alleviate the pain although I can never forget my Beanie. I don't want to have another hamster as I don't want to suffer so much agony and it lives so short (less than 4 years). Why do they have so short life expectancy???? I went back to work the day after he died but I could not forget his death. I kept crying and decided to go home 3 hours after starting work. My only consolation is I can be with Beanie forever when the end of the world comes and we will be united.

Bear, 03/11/96-12/24/03

Bear was my companion. He was independent but he loved to eat with me, watch TV with me, sleep, nap, study & work on the laptop with me. He loved to run (or stampede) through the house, jump up to 6 feet in the air to bat down a little toy shakie mouse, chase balls on a string as he ran around me in circles, bat down ice cube slivers in the kitchen, play hide & sheek and chase me grabbing the back of my legs - he liked to nap, eat & play. Bear was a lap cat & often followed me into the bathroom right before bedtime. Bear was an indoor cat but escaped on several occasions to go outside and chew grass. I took him out occasionally to let him roll around and eat grass. I tried to be around to always comfort him. Bear had a heart murmur that was diagnosed 6 years ago and was on medication since. He developed cardio myopathy and got a blood clot, or thrombus, on August 2nd, 2003. He survived and got the use of his hind legs back and has spent the past month as his old self. On Christmas Eve, he was playing and running around, then he had another attack. His heart was worst and his back legs were cold. I had to let him go, but I spend as much time as possible with him the last 4.5 months. I love him dearly. I got a broken heart for Christmas. Bear was a very special fuzzy child. He was bossy, feisty, independent and loving.

Melinda Wilson

She was with me from the day she was born.

Only 20 pounds but she was my protector and my shadow.

Nancy Cours

Bear, 11/25/03

Bear was so faithful. He loved us. He loved his 7 cats and his best friend Molly our other dog. He loved his family and we all are devastated at our loss. We miss him more than words can explain. What can ease the pain?

Michele Kern

Bear, 17/09/02-02/00/03

Bear was a beautiful puppy we had the good fortune to have and he was one of five.
unfortunately he went to another home and was lost and I feel went to a beautiful place on the other side.
we think of him often and I have his two sisters.
he was always loved


Bear, 11/22/03

Bear, you were one in a million.
At times past I was thankful for that; you were the most troublesome dog I ever met.
But you loved us, and we loved you.
Always the wag of tail to signal your happiness, just from seeing us.
I'd sacrifice a million doors, and nail up a million new boards for the fence, if you could be returned to us.
You went too soon, your bright light extinguished, or at least hidden from our eyes.
I'm grateful for the time we had together.

Gary K

Bear, 06/1993-11/2002

Bear or Chip. True partner. Bear was a police patrol dog. I was teamed up with Bear when I was hired to patrol the lv housing projects. We were a team that was meant to be together. After are time to together on the streets. Bear went home with me for good.( my buddy ) after 5 years, I lost that buddy to cancer. But I know, he is always with me when I am on duty, watching over me. Thank you for taking me home safe, every night!

Derek Smith

Bear, 03/94-11/03/03

We love you Bear and you will be greatly missed!
You are always in our hearts.

Faith & John Tone

Bear, 09/18/01

We still can't beleive your gone.
Ee miss you so much baby.

Keith and Donna Tyrer

Bear (WeeWee), 01/05/93-02/04/00

Bear was a poster dog for "man's best friend".
He always waited by the door when I was away.
Only when I returned from a trip did he return to the bedroom to sleep.
He often met me at the door when I arrived and leaped and panted a wet-one on my lips.
He was so devoted, so protective - almost too much, but always knowing the kiddies from the adults.
He is still missed. He was so young (7) when the big "C" swept the life away from him.

Ron Pierce

Bear, 10/14/01-10/16/03

Thanks for those big bright eyes that brought joy to each day. Your unconditional love and sweet spirit will be deeply missed. Goodbye little bear.

John and Alisa Bryant

Bear, 09/05/98-09/13/03

Bear was a special gift from God. He was so sweet and loving...We shall miss him forever....We love you buddy...You are well now, we will be united some day......

Love David and Sharon

Bear, 09/19/87-05/18/00

We miss you my Bear, I love you and I miss you

Peg Shriner

Bear, 07/05/99

Tribute to Bear my dog. Who touched my life and who tried to protect me from the bad man. I owe that dog plenty of treats when I make it up to the bridge. He was splendid and active. He used to cock his head from side to side every time I asked him do you love me? Or you wanna go bye byes? He was awesome. I loved him dearly and always will. He will always have a special unique place in my heart. He is still the only dog that wore a heart shaped name tag. I haven't bought one for any of the dogs that I have had since him. He has that special place within my heart. I want to let him know in this that I still think of him all the time and you are up on Rainbow Bridge with Caesar... Show him the ropes please sweetheart. You were my first kid before I had kids and let me just say Bear that Bruno (your big buddy) Hasn't forgotten you either. Love you and Always miss you your mommy Deanne

Bear, 08/04/03

You came to me early out of need.
The car took your Queen in a fit of speed.
Ears not open eyes not cleared not even baby teeth had you gotten.
At the age of 5 myself I learned a lives lesson not to be forgotten.
I learned from you that taking care of you was a big responsibility.
But with that lesson you loved me with all your ability
The hourly feedings and bottom washing and teaching you to play.
How could I know I'd be writing this to you today.
Others saw you as only as a cat.
But my little bear you are so much more than that.
You taught me the gift of a child's love.
I will cherish that gift sent from God above.
The only way I could set you free.
Is knowing your returning to him to wait for me.

Love, Laura

Bear, 02/19/91-08/02/03

Bear, You are my best friend and I will miss you always. You will always be in my heart. I love you.


Bear, 08/13/93-05/15/03

Bear you were the most wonderful companion anyone could of hoped for. You were always there to listen, protect, and be the ultimate best friend. We miss and love you deeply and hope you are in heaven waiting for us........


Bear, 08/28/91-07/15/03

He was a wonderful friend. He loved children and he loved me, he was always near me when we were together. I miss him so much. I can't quit hurting.


Bear, 07/22/85-05/13/03

Momma misses you SO much. So does Kodi & your Dad. I'll never stop missing or loving you. I'm so glad that we had 18 years together, you were such a loving little guy. I'm so fortunate that I was your Mom, thanks for all the years Bear Bear...I Love You!

Karen Ramsey

Bear, 04/23/92-05/16/03

I can't believe you are gone Bear, that you will not be waiting for me when I get home. You are more special to me than my words could ever convey. The tragic way your life was cut short is something I will never get over, just as I will never forget you. Thank you for all the love and joy you brought me.

Rosa Greenbaum

Bear, 05/16/03

This is a letter to ask you for forgiveness. I have been watching you for the past 3 months, and you no longer look happy as you were. Still scared of everything that moves outside. I have tried for the past 3 years to help you work past those fears, but yet I have failed you.
I will never forget how we came to be. One cold day at the Miaouf animal shelter, in 1999, I walked right passed you in the cold garage for where you were kept. You looked at me so sad, I opened the gate, and sat on your fav haystack. As I looked away, here comes a big black blob running towards me, I did not know if I should leave or stay. But my decision to stay worked for both of us.
You jumped onto that stack, layed you head, and your huge paws on my lap. I knew it there, you were meant to be mine.
Finally in the month of June you came home with me, That was the day my heart was taken.
The moment you stepped into that car, your stress began to show. And your fear increased. I thought with training it would pass in time. Yet it got worse.
I have stayed right by your side through thick and thin, but the people before, really did too much harm to you.
In the 3 years that I have had you, you have tugged at my heart strings more than you will ever know, your long battle fighting the ecoli.
As I know dogs lives go through changes, I just wish that the changes you made were a little easier to handle, and control.
Please do not think I am doing this cause I do not love you, I am doing it because I do. I want to see you finally in peace.
I will meet you one day at the rainbow bridge, and I know you will be waiting for me with open paws.
Please run and play with your long lost friends at the Miaof shelter, they would love to see their Grandpa dog again. My protector and theirs.
You will always be in my heart grandpa dog.
XOXOXOXO your human mommy
P.S, the puppy will not be the same without you.

Bear, approx 1994-04/22/03

She was the greatest dog! From the instant I saw her I knew she was mine. I am having a very hard time adjusting to her not being here but we knew it was time to let her go. She went blind about 2 years ago and adjusted so well-it didn't even slow her down. I believe that our souls are connected and she's waiting for us on the bridge. Mommy loves you "my little friendly." And Daddy loves his "baby girl."

Bear, 07/03/90-04/08/03

"Bear", an ex-drug dog and my partner for nearly 13 years. He was a my best friend and gave unconditional love. He will be missed, but never forgotten.

Mike & Jan Duke

Bear (Blackberries Brandy), 03/29/99

Bear was my best friend for 13 years. A stoke and arthritis took her away from us 2 days after we moved into our new home. This home had a beautiful, safe doggy yard, a special doggy door so all of our kids could go inside-outside whenever they wanted. Bear never got to enjoy it, but she sleeps in our flower garden beneath the Columbines, and will remain in our hearts forever.

We'll meet again soon Bearsie. Mommy loves you.

Joni & Ed

Bear, 08/08/93-02/27/03

Bear we will always love you, you were our gentle companion, friend and family member. We know you are in heaven and we miss you.

Marc & Jolayne

Bear, 02/25/03

Bear and I were together for 13 years. He saw me through several relationships, 10 houses & apartments and he always tried to wake me up at 8 a.m. every morning, weekends notwithstanding. He was a grumpy little guy and I loved him. I found out before he died that he lived his life with only 1 working kidney, but did a really fine job of it. I can't imagine waking up without him, but it'll be ok. He's not in pain now, and maybe even Theo was waiting for him when he crossed.

Cathy Davis

Bear, 05/05/91-01/31/03

Bear was my soul mate and I miss him terribly. As many have said, he was my "walking diary." He was there through every big moment of my life. He was my best friend.


Bear, 02/02/00-02/21/03

Always faithful and regal...Bear never stopped looking out for us. He tried to pretend that he didn't need a lot of love and that he was tough, but every night when he tried to snuggle in bed with us, we knew better. We hope that Bear finds some friends to frolic with, that he plays nicely with others and that there is someone there to comfort him when it thunders. Bear tried his best to overcome the tendencies of his breed, not for himself, but for us. Bear is gone but never forgotten.


Bear (Sherlock), 12/31/89-12/27/02

Baby Bear, I miss you, I love you, we are lonely with out you. We look at your pictures all the time. Thank you for being our baby Bear. 13 years of love and care you gave us. Give Puddys a kiss for us, we will always love and miss you both. Love Mom & Dad

Bear, early 80's to late 80's

In my life I have lost pets and loved ones alike. Bear was a ball of black fur. I came home form school one day in the early 80 to find the beautiful black chow. He looked like a little black bear laying there waiting on me to run and play with him. As he got older we ran and played to hot summer days away and even thought he was my best friend he loved my momma the best. When she was in the yard he wasn't far from her and neither was I for that matter.

I lost Bear in the late 80.That summer morning I slept in for some reason. My Grandmother woke me with sad news of him crossing the Bridge. I cried for weeks and weeks. I couldn't bear the thought of the summer without him there to play ball with me and run behind me trying to bite the tires on my bike so I would stop to pat his head and rub his back.

In January of 2001 my Mom died from a heart attack. I had never thought about him being there to meet her until today. I always prayed that he was in heaven and we would someday see one another again. I think back on the times in his youth that we shared ice cream and cookies together and my mom would fuss at me for feeding what I was eating. As I sit here in front of the puter and look back on the good times we shared like him stealing the baseball as we taught my cousin how to play and running and laying down in the biggest mud hole he could on top of the ball. That day no one was brave enough to try to get the ball so I guess he won. I miss them both very much and I take comfort in the thought they are together now out of pain. I know she was happy to see him for they loved each other so. The only prayer I have is that when my time to cross the Bridge they will be there waiting on me.


Bear, 09/01/87-12/07/02

Bear was our best friend. His bright eyes told us everyday how much we meant to him. He loved to go on his walks to the park everyday - rain or shine. His toys are still everywhere around the house. His favorite was a stuffed monkey he would carry around and throw up in the air to play. We will miss him very much.

Bob & Joette Waldon

Bear, 11/01/86-12/29/02

Please Dear Bear, know how you are missed and how Mom & Dad have cried each day you have not been with us. Please know the happiness you brought to us each day we were blessed with you. Christmas morning when you awoke you weren't the same dog you had pain and terror in your eyes and that's when we knew what was owed to you was a peaceful existence with no pain. It is hard to let go even though it was what you probably wished for. "Your" place behind the chair is now empty but your memory remains embedded in the spot. Please keep Abba company at the Rainbow Bridge and when Atasha crosses over, please watch over her as well. You have etched our hearts forever and will never be forgotten. Until we meet again and share another Ice Cream .. Love and Kisses our "Bad News Bear" your Family misses you..

Bear-Bear, 05/07/60-08/06/00

My 'Dearest '

Audrey Sculthorpe

Bear Bear, 05/01/96-01/04/03

Bear you were my very best friend
No one will ever replace you
Thank you so much for your friendship
And for all of your cuddles
Whenever I was down
It was to you I turned
I love you so much
You'll be missed more than you ever know
Love Mommy

BearButt, 09/15/95-11/08/03

BearButt, From the moment I saw when you were 5 days old I knew you were mine! Ever since that day I have cherished each moment spent with you. I cant sleep without you! Please wait for me and daddy to play again in heaven!

Wayne & Patty Haworth

Bear Coltrane, 7/24/03

Bear, you were truly my best friend. I thank God for sending you to me and giving me the privilege of living with you and taking care of you all these years. You were a gift from God and I am thankful that he loved me enough to allow me to have the privilege to care for you. I miss you deeply but I know that you are no longer suffering. We will meet again some day and be together for eternity. You will always live in my heart. My love to you always. Your human mom, Carleane

Beardog, 04/01/85-12/22/01

Bear you were the man the best dog in the world a child would cry in the night and you would be there in a flash to kindly lick their face all over and they would be happy because they know they have a hero to keep them safe from even a little mosquito, that's the way you made us fell and now you can run in golden fields of light and have the time of your life and always remember your the MAN and we will always love you and never forget who is our only hero

Megan, Jenny, Daddy

BearDoggie, 01/89-09/12/03

My dear sweet fur angel... it wasn't suppose to be this way. I know there were days you were down.. and days you were up... I just wanted to make you better again..I just wanted there to be more happy days. I made a promise to come back... told you not to fear...that they were just simple one would not hurt you.....but then you were gone...oh baby...mommie didn't leave you there..honest... I want you back fur-babie...I need your hugs ... I need your licks... I'm so sorry... that wasn't suppose to happen.... please forgive mom..please

Bear Man, 02/08/03

You touched my life so much, my heart aches from missing you. Now you can run, romp and play. Till me meet again, I love my Bear Man.

Kay Voigt

Bear Weezie, 08/28/96-05/28/03

I still sometimes have difficult times with our recent loss of our dog, (Bear Weezie). I know that might sound a little crazy to some, not when you knew her, she was so lively & so full of fun, after that darn Frisbee as she would run, life was her passion, she was really awesome. Her death was really sudden, hopefully you didn't suffer girl, when I look back and now know everything that I know now about her condition, it all seems so clear... When you play back all the scenarios of the weird happenings within your mind, you ask yourself, why didn't I do this, or even attempt to do that, or even make an attempt to take her to the vet. But, looking back in retrospect on that extremely strange day, God was my vision on this particular day and boy was that vision beyond a perfect 20/20. I have since come in & out of my realization, that we must let somber & depressing feelings eventually drift away, out of our everyday thoughts that release just enough from our minds, to relinquish the guilt from our systems, thinking of only the best times! This especially holds true in situations in which we have no control over, when it comes to a loss of one our family members, and she was such a large part of ours...It really hurts and eventually that will subdue! Bear, our thoughts & our Hearts go out to you goofy, beautiful, Rottie. We will always look back at all the extreme pleasures & times that you had given to us, they were really great!!! You will be extremely misses by everybody you have touched within your wonderful life. We love you Bear, we'll be seeing you when we cross the Rainbow Bridge together!

Beasley, 05/95-10/08/03

My sweet Beasley, I miss you so much. I cannot believe you have been taken from us so soon. You were only 7 and had only been with us for short 5 years, but during that time we had many wonderful times together. I will miss your hugs and your Beagle bark. The girls are trying to carry on without you and Angel misses you terribly. I know you are in a better place and I hope you know that we did all we could for you, it was just your time. I hope Barney and Charlie have welcomed you to the Bridge, I can picture all of you playing together. Someday my sweetie, I will see you again, until that time be happy and know that there isn't a day that goes by that we don't think of you. I love you Beasley.


Beasley, 05/08/03

You will always be in our hearts and we will never forget you. We love you and will miss you very much.

Sherry, Jim, Angel

Beast, 05/09/84-01/26/96

Sweet Beattie boy, I will never forget you. You were my first love. I still miss you, but now you have Sissy April to keep you company until we all get there.

Barbara Brinkman

Beast, 02/02/03

Our beloved little Beast has gone to join his buddy Sam. We are comforted by the fact that they are together now.

Rachel Emmons

Beastie, 10/18/86-03/21/03

My precious Beastie - I miss you so much! You and I grew up together and I know that we'll see each other at Rainbow Bridge someday. Your kidneys are working now and you can see your Bunny and Jasmine sisters again. I can't wait to see all of you again. Mommy misses you sweet pea - you were the best feline friend a girl could have.

Beastie Boy, 06/01/94-03/09/03

This afternoon I buried my fluffy boy Beastie. I wish everyone could have known what an incredible cat this was. He was born in a wooded area behind a shopping center. I had seen his mother near that dumpster for almost a year, but didn't try to get her because I had an elderly cat at home. When that cat passed away, I discovered that the dumpster cat had babies she had hidden inside a discarded pipe. I decided I had to get them. I tried for a week, but they were all so wild, I couldn't get them, so I trapped them. Beastie was the runt. His eyelashes were growing into his eyes, and his testicles didn't descend, so I knew I had to keep him. Over the next few years, he had to have three eye surgeries, and was neutered five times in three years, before the vet finally got the 2nd one out of him. He was the family glue here. He groomed all the other cats, so they often followed him around. Every night, he would get in bed with me, and lie down near my head. Then the others would surround him because he would lick them until they fell asleep. Then he would "groom" me until he fell asleep. And, when I woke up, he'd start licking me and everyone all over again. He even helped me tame some of the new cats because they all loved him. He LOVED to have me rub his stomach; his head would fall back, and his mouth would fall open because he loved it so much. He was never any trouble, and would sit in front of the house on his little wicker cat-sized chair, watching others go by. I am the stupidest human being in the world for not making sure you came in with me last night, Beastie! I will never forgive myself, and wish so much you were here with us now. I'd give anything for another nine years with you. We will all miss you terribly. I love you....Kim

Beau, 10/18/02

For Bobo -- it's been over a year since we lost you but we still miss you so very much.
You put up such a brave fight the last year of your life and at the end you just had no more fight left.
But now there are no more needles and no more hospitals.
We know you visit us -- we can feel you all around us.
Do you know we adopted two more cockers?
You made us so happy that we couldn't bear to be without that in our life.
There will never be another you, that's for sure, but you made our life so rich that we wanted to share it with your friends.
We love you Bobo.
Mommy and Daddy.

Beau, 08/22/94-11/04/03

Mr. Beau Wilson--we miss you terribly. We're so glad you came to live with us. You were Mom's Angel from Heaven when I needed a baby to hold. It was so hard to leave you--but you weren't really there anymore, you had gone to Rainbow Bridge. We'll miss kissing that fuzzy head and tugging on those ears--the best ears in town! And the best puppy hugs ever! We'll always remember that sweet face. Every time the furnace comes on we'll think of Beau. We love you so much it's impossible to put into words. But we'll all be together again one day. God just wanted you to come to Him first--and I can't blame Him. We'll love you and miss you forever, my sweet boy. Love Mom & Dad.

Beau, 04/28/93-09/30/03

Beloved Beau went peacefully today ... how honored I was to be there to watch him go for it was time, the cancer took him way too quickly. In the last hour of his life he did what he loved best -- played with his tennis ball on the deck with his Daddy Don and Daughter Leah (Mommy too) in the fall sunshine. He used his last strength to do so. He even got some steak that Daddy cut up for him. I am numb, I am grieving, for this beautiful dog made my life more special just by his being in it. There will be no other ... who else will be my Doozer Butt? Even the vet asked where I got that nickname -- and I just said it was ours, and he knew from the moment I called him that as a puppy that he was my doozer butt. My Beau puppy, my friend. I'm not sure when this is really going to hit me -- I just know today, his last, was very, very special.


Beau, 11/90-9/2/03

You were with me threw thick and thin. We grew together, traveled together, My faithful friend and companion to the very end. I didn't want you to suffer, so I put you to sleep. It was hard for me but I knew it was best for you so please my beloved Beau watch over Angie and I and wait for us at the rainbow bridge. Until we meet again you'll forever be in my heart. Love mom and Angie.

Beau, 12/11/88-8/18/03

My little furry friend, I was lucky enough to have you and your unconditional love for 14 1/2 years. For that I feel blessed. What a joy you were and such company for me. You'll never be replaced in my heart.....there can only be one Beau. You have fun romping and playing to your heart's content and, before you know it, I'll be there and we'll cross that bridge together. I love you little man!

Beau, 05/01/89-07/01/03

You gave us 13 years of feeling safe, enjoying watching you daily in the kennel or out for a walk. Will miss your big brown eyes and bark to let us know you are there but you are free of pain at last and can chase all the butterflies and bees you want to now. Go in peace and we will be there someday.

Kathy Olsen

Beau, 10/18/02

Beau was (is) the love of my life. He struggled so hard for all of his 12 1/2 years that in the end he had no more fight left in him. He had an auto-immune disease and we almost lost him more times than we can count. But he always fought his way back. Even a stroke didn't slow him down; however, the palsy from the stroke left him unable to feel that he was chewing on his cheek. That site got infected and because of the immune suppressants, he was unable to fight the infection. I still weep for my Bobo. We have since adopted two rescued cockers who are very dear and loving and will have their own place in my heart. But there will never be another Beau -- the best dog in the world. We love you Bobo.


Beau, 02/13/93-05/05/03

Beau served her community and police department with love until the very end.

Officer Richard D. McNary

Beau, 03/04/00

Oh Beau! I miss you so much still, and I apologize for not getting this up sooner. I miss seeing you in the mornings as I leave for school. I miss sleeping next to you warm body at night. I miss our walks together. Most of all, I miss being able to touch you, to smell you, to see you. Those things I took for granted and I regret it. If only I could hug you one last time, to feel you giant body in my arms, to feel your soft face against my cheek. If only I could smell you one last time, to say one real goodbye to you, to make sure you knew that I loved you with every beat of my heart, to let you know you will never leave my thoughts, maybe I could get along easier. I know in time, we will meet again, but not for a long time, hopefully. I want to live life to its fullest. but when that time comes, oh! How happy I will be! I will run to you and embrace you in a giant hug, making up for all this lost time! I will never let you go again, unless you desire it. In the meantime, I will still dance in the rain, take long walks, and sing "wild thing" as I take the garbage cans down. You have inspired me, Beau, and I will love you until this world is no more, until heaven is but a mere memory. I will remember your face, and every time the breeze blows, I will think of you. I love you Beau, forever and always. Love, your girl Olga

Beau, 07/15/94-06/05/01

To my puppylove how I miss those days of us going for long walks just you and I. How I long for you to sit by my side or was I sitting by your side and watch you chew your bones for hours. I miss trying to find everything you stole, you were a master thief. Please know that not a day goes by where I don't think of you, usually with a smile and a tear at the same time, only you could manage to do that to me. I know you tried so hard to hang on as long as you could, and like everything you did you gave it everything you had. You looked so tired and so weak, finally when the end came I was at peace and full of sorrow. I know it was your time as short as it was. Those 7 years were wonderful and I know in my heart I will never have another puppylove. Thank you my puppylove for giving me such and unconditional love, I will miss you. But in my heart I know you are playing and going for those long walks you so much loved. I will be looking for you when my time comes so once again you can shower me with love and kisses. Mommy loves her Beau very much and misses you even more.
Love and Kisses

Beau, 04/25/75-03/28/79

To Beau, my photogenic boy who liked music. I wish you could have played ping pong with Sunny. Thank you for being nice to Corky dog. I miss you.

Kaylen Bennett

Beau, 11/28/90-01/27/03

Beau was our best friend. We raised from a puppy, and after all the children were gone, he was still with us. All he ever wanted was to just be with us. He was total and unconditional love, if you ever got mad at him, he would keep coming back and nudging your hand until everything was OK again. He acted like a puppy until the end, and that was why it was such a shock. He could not stand at the end, but he never complained. We will always love him, and we know, that one day, we will be together again.

Beau Aka Bee-Boo, 02/27/90-02/16/03

My heart is broken and I cry tears that just don't seem to precious baby. We miss you terribly, Bo-bo. There are no words to express our grief and our thanks to God for putting you in our lives. Until we meet again...

Sam & Kim Di Maggio

Beau, 07/04/92-01/29/03

The Best Golden Retriever anyone could ask for.
We miss you Beau.


Beau, 01/06/02

Beau you left us for the bridge a year ago and we still miss you. You brought so much joy into my life and you will always be my baby boy! Love Mom

Beauregard Jackson, 3/13/91-1/15/03

Beau, My beloved little man, these last few months have been the hardest. I miss you so much, but I know that you are not in the pain you were while you were here. I still look for your smile but at least I can see it in my dreams.

Take care I will see you on the Rainbow Bridge with bacon in hand.


Beauregard Jackson Pickett Burnside, 12/21/94-02/22/03

He came to us for a very short while
But with each day he brought a smile.
We shared our laughter and our tears
And even our most dreaded fears.

He taught us how to love,
The way humans seldom do
With no conditions, lies or blame.
His heart was pure, his love was true.
Forever Loved...

Alan & Eileen Charof

Beauregard Mac Thinge, 08/06/91-08/24/03

My Dearest Little Friend Beau,
You are physically gone from us now, we miss you and where ever you are, I know you are happy and well.
We will grieve for you and feel the pain of not having you here, you were always here. We will remember all the good and funny moments (there were many) and tell Jaden when he is old enough to understand.
We will hope to ease the pain in time as we know you would not want us to be in pain or unhappy, that was the reason you came into our lives.
All your friends miss you, people and furmates.
Beau, carry our love and memory where ever you are as we do, and know that when we all meet up once again, it will be forever.
Beau, We miss you and will always love you.
Dad, Mommy, Jaden and your brother Oliver.

Beauty, 11/1/87-12/8/02

I miss you so much, Beauty. I remember the feel of your fur against my skin, the sound of your purr as I stroked you and the love you gave me for 15 years.

Beauty, 6/15/93-5/31/03

Beauty was our beloved companion for almost ten years and we feel a heavy sense of loss that we know will never be completely erased. Her only goals in life were to please us, love us, and be loved by us. Each of those goals were achieved three hundred fold over. She was like our child and a part of our heart is missing. We miss her boundless energy, her beautiful, twinkling, brown eyes that stared into your soul. I miss her special "kisses" and begging for belly rubs! One day, Beauty, Daddy and I will cross that Rainbow Bridge and be with you again! Until then, know that we love you so very, very much and you will always and forever be a part of our hearts and souls. We love you, Beauty. Mommy and Daddy.

Beauty, 08/01/91-05/23/03

This tribute is dedicated to my dearly departed Beauty.
She was born from my cat Tiffany. Beauty was a half breed of seal point Siamese and short haired cat. She had a beauty mark under her chin, so my sister called her Beauty.
Beauty was a affectionate cat who would take any opportunity to jump upon your lap and get a cuddle.
She was very vocal and would let you know what she thought. Beauty loved to sing, and she would often sing me to sleep.
Beauty often caught birds and would leave the remains for me to see, as if to show off her reward.
I love her soo much and feel a void in my life without her around.
Dedicated to my Beauty on may 24,2003. rest in peace. I love you!

Sally Deline

Beauty (Boo), 10/16/84-01/16/94

Beauty was my real child, as real a child as my own son. I had to have her euthanized due to a stroke and loss of bowel, bladder, and emotional control. I still grieve for my baby, sometimes as if it had happened today. I will never forget, never forget, never forget all the things she did to make me happy, and the way she taught me how to love. I miss her with all of my heart.

Linda Yount

Beaver, 1987-12/28/03

My baby Beaver, we will miss you terribly. We will always keep you in our hearts, and cherish the loving memories you gave us. You were a warm and compassionate little boy.
You were a strong kitty and fought the kidney disease till the end. Thank you for all the years of happiness you gave us. For you, I'd do it all over again. Forever, Carolyn, Cody, & Kylie

Beavis, 07/18/94-12/24/03

Beavis, Thank you for coming into my life. You have travel the world with me and always loved me unconditionally. You and your sister Rozzie have stuck with me through good times and bad. I am sorry mommy could not make you all better. Mommy is sorry that there was nothing I could do to take the cancer away. It broke my heart to see you in so much pain. I know you were in more pain than you ever showed. Your tail would wag but I knew with every groan you were in pain. It was the hardest and most heart breaking decisions I have ever made. I know you are no longer in pain and you are up in heaven opening all of the doors just as you did here. You are my Beavdini. I know you are up in heaven swimming, running, and playing fetch with the angels. You and your sister along with K.C. are the loves of my life my angels. I thank God everyday that I found you and your sister. I believe it was fate that brought us together. I see your sister dreaming, her whiskers twitching, her paws flickering and I know you are with her, running and playing. I know you are beside me at night while I cry, my heart breaking because I miss you so much. You are and will always be my boy. I know when Daddy, Rozzie, K.C. and I cross over to heaven you will be there waiting for us. You will always be in our hearts. Mommy, Daddy, Rozzie and K.C love you so very much!!!!

Beavis, 12/05/03

My Beavis was always friendly and loving. He loved to drink from the bathroom sink. He was very good at opening kitchen cabinets and other doors. He took turns laying on my lap and my husband's lap, it was like he was trying to share equal time with each of us. He was playful and loved his catnip-filled Newt Gingrich doll. He is missed terribly by me and my husband, and his little adopted furry brother Charlie.

Jamie Leonard

Bebe, 15/09/98-23/04/03

She was always Mommy's little girl. Her buddy Sampson and I will miss her very much and think about her every day. I tried to give you everything...I hope you had a great life.


Bebe Creech, 04/01/03

To my baby brother, Matt, on the loss of his best friend, BeBe....BeBe you were his life, his love, the best gift anyone could have ever had. Matt, may you know, she is no longer suffering, no longer dealing with the pains of cancer...she is at peace....BeBe, you fought a good rest in peace girl!


Becky, 01/03/92-10/07/01


Love always. Take care Silk-Silk.


Judy Yung

Becky, 09/21/03

Becky-you were the most wonderful pet and companion a family could ever dream of. You lit up our lives with love and hope for 13 wonderful years. We will never forget your sweet face, your funny antics, your love and your faithfulness to our family. You will truly be missed everyday and we will always keep you close to our hearts. Thank you for all the wonderful years you gave to us. Rest in peace our friend. We love you!

David, Linda, Melissa and Jessica.

Becky, 6/10/98-6/13/03

Becky was a special little girl who had a pretty tough last couple of years. You see she was born with several birth defects. One of which manifested itself only in her death. Even with the problems she had she was a spirited girl who loved to play. She brought great joy to all who knew her for she loved to play and give kisses. Her death was way too soon! We loved her very much and miss her a great deal!

David Roberts

Becky, 6/10/93-9/18/02

She was the best pet we ever had. A shame she left us but she's with her friends now in heaven. God keep a watch over her. She loves to be petted love you and miss you Becky. Love mom and dad

Bee-Bop, 04/23/80-03/06/00

To my first cat and best furry buddy, you're forever in my heart.

Jacalyn Mignogna

Beejay, 06/01/88-04/18/03

We love you Beejay..."Our Honey Bear", Uncle Justin and Auntie Janet xoxoxoxox

Beeper, 1987-07/09/03

You were the best girl!


Beethoven, 03/01/93-02/10/03

Beethoven, you're such a sweet dog. Your buddy Edgar misses you, and so do I.

Martine Meijering

Beethoven, 10/05/88-08/21/03

Beethoven, my darling angel, my best friend, my baby, you were sent to me from God, our creator, to bring me comfort in a time of great need. You were abandoned by your feline mom, because you were so ill, and I found you at one week old. Even though the vet said I should put you to sleep, I believed you wanted to live. I did not know until time passed that we needed each other to survive. You were not just a cat, you were a spirit with a high purpose on this planet. The grief I feel for your loss is immeasurable but I am comforted that you died in my arms knowing how much I love you and that you are no longer suffering. The only way I can live without you my little one is to continue to write the book, using your great story, to help others in need. God has taken you home and I know your spirit is with me always and forever my sweet precious amazing love. You have touched so many, many lives with your unique unconditional love and you have left this world a better place. I know there are still many tears to be shed as I write your story, may those tears turn to tears of JOY and that you are comforted knowing how very, very special you still are to so many, many lives. I will remember your snuggles and purrs, never, ever for 15 years leaving my side, sleeping on my head, waking me in the morning by touching my face, licking all my tears away, our travels together, our walks together, you lying in the sun that you loved so much, looking upside down to make sure I was near. The endless memories of you I will cherish for as long as I live, until we see each other again. Beety, although I know your spirit is here with me, please don't forget to come and rub your little nose up against me so I can know you are here from time to time. That I will miss the most, along with you lying near me when I am reading or napping facing me with that sweet face and your gentle purr or the times I carried you on my hip or on my shoulder as I worked around the house. Billie and Foxy Girl miss you too. May God comfort and care for you the most amazing cat that ever lived, my sweet love Beethoven. Your Mommy.

Tary Parkoshon

Bee-Wee, 1988-05/05/03

This tribute is for my best friend Bee-Wee. I had to make the hardest decision today to have her put to sleep. She had liver disease and it had gotten worse in the last couple days. She suffered seizures, 3 in total, and the final one, I decided not to let her suffer any longer.

She would have been 15 this year.

Rest in peace Sweety...I will see you again at Rainbow Bridge and no more suffering honey!!



B'Elanna, 08/27/01-05/08/03

My sweet baby B'Elanna, you were truly MY first little baby. I wish I had been able to spend more time with you before you departed for the bridge, and I wish so badly that I had been with you when you left this world. I hope you are having fun at the bridge with Tiger, Enis, Buddyrow, Barkiller, and all the bettas waiting on me there with you. And make sure you keep track of that chunk of my heart you took with you. I want it back when we meet again sweetie. :) I miss you so much my little 'Lanna baby. Daddy misses you too. My bedroom isn't the same without your wheel rattling at night. Ziggy's just isn't the same. I love you so much my precious little girl. I'll be so glad to see you again. But until that day, I will always think of you and your antics with a smile and a tear in my eye. Thank you for being my anchor on sanity through all those stressful times. Until we meet again my precious little one...

Sara McAbee

Belial, 11/08/90-10/06/03


Letting you go was the hardest decision I have ever had to make, but I could not continue to watch you suffer and keep getting sicker. You were my pride an joy, my beautiful baby boy. Please know that I will love you always and I hope you can forgive me for all the times I yelled at you. I fell in love with you the minute I saw you and I wish I could still hug you and get kisses from you. My heart aches for you. You were my life for 13 years, and 13 years is just not long enough. One day when it is my time to go, I will be looking for you and I hope you will be waiting for me. Always remember that mommy loves you very much. PS: Max misses you too, regardless that you tried to eat him. I love you punkin' and I miss you very much! Love, Betty-Lou

Belial (Eli), 10/00-02/08/03

Eli was my sweetie boy. He took very good care of his cagemates, and he never bit a soul.
He fought through many illnesses, and lived a long rattie life.

Stephanie W

Bella, 10/02-12/05/03

Bella was the most affectionate, loving, happy dog I have ever met in my life. My boyfriend and I received her on 12/26/02 as a Christmas Gift. And she truely was a gift. She shared her love with everyone she met, and taught them things they never would have dreamed. My heart feels empty without you my bella bella. Those who didn't even know you grieved for you. I love you, Bella! Love Mommy & Daddy....

Bella, 12/04/95-12/11/03

We are going to miss our special angel – her singing talent, playfulness, her affection, tricks, and just her huge love for life.
We know God is looking after his beautiful creatures.
She was a good girl.

Dan and Andrea Niedziela

Bella, 07/22/03

To our Bella B,

I'm so sorry I didn't watch over you more carefully. when you died, you were simply doing what you loved. So curious, so full of life. Please forgive me.

You will forever be a part of our family. Please know that Daddy, William, Tahoe and I love you with all of our hearts. You have left your mark in all of our lives. your crazy bark will forever be missed!

The day you were struck by that car, I saw a double rainbow in the sky. It was so beautiful. I think it was your way of telling us you're ok and you're happy.

We love you Bella girl!

Bella, 1990-6/16/03

You made the most of our every moment together. I still thank you every day for being my dog.

Bella, 05/05/92-04/02/03

To all the abused animals who have been rescued, and who, like Bella, offered unconditional love to all.

Bella, 06/20/98-06/04/03

Dearest Bella,
You were a wonderful, loving dog and we will miss you very much. You will always have a special place in our hearts.
Love your family!!

Bella, 12/07/91-2/27/03

Dear Bella, I will truly miss you, I can't believe the pain that I'm feeling right now, you were like my other daughter. You've filled my life with much joy and happiness, during the most stressful time of my life, you were always there for me. Our whole family is feeling your loss. Well my Belle, until we see each other again, I LOVE YOU and you'll be in my heart always! LOVE MOM XXXO.

Bella- We love you and miss you forever. You were our strength through tough times and you brought so much love and happiness into our lives. I will miss watching you play with Poppie and run like crazy down the hallway and back. There will never be another like you. You hold a special place in all our hearts. We love you Bell!!

Bella Corleone, 10/08/03

Our sweet Bella was the highlight of our lives; she gave us unconditional love and brought much happiness to our home. Her life was snuffed out by a careless, unthoughtful person who's mind was elsewhere and who had no regard for a residential area where there are many children and pets - and for this, we have been robbed of our precious little girl. Our hearts are broken and our tears will not stop falling. Bella rests in our yard now, but will forever be in our hearts.

Marilyn & Angelo Lamanna

Belle (Sundowne Belle Seranade, 07/19/89-12/02/03

You won my heart at 4 weeks of age, and just wrapped it tighter around your paw for the next 14 years. A better friend may not be found. I will keep trying. It's all your fault you know.

Jet had only been with you for 2 years and it seems she has only picked your bad habits to emulate [there weren't many, but these're doozies :)].

Your honors in Obedience and Agility competition are still a goal for me and Jet to duplicate, and your swimming antics are in the hearts of many.

See you at the bridge sweetheart. We Love you!

Tracy U..U Tory U..U Jet ^..^ Casey ^..^ Brickle

Belle, 11/27/03

Belle was a free spirit and my guardian.
She chose when she came to me and when to leave.
She was loved by everyone who met her and we miss her terribly. May she rest in peace and her spirit protect us evermore.

Maryanne and Jim

Belle, 02/14/94-11/09/03


You are missed so greatly by each and everyone of us! It is so hard to say goodbye! We will remember your sweet kisses and your beautiful golden eyes forever! Your life was so short but full of some awesome memories. Until we meet again watch over us all and protect us with your angel wings. Our little Isabella Dellabella you will always have a special place in our hearts forever.


Daddy, Mommy, Brittany, Cassandra

Angel, Misty, Trixie & Wigglenose JR.

Patricia Thomas

Belle, 11/97-8/24/03

Belle, you are my sweet baby. You will always be remembered, loved, and missed by Mommy...... I know you have many ferret angels waiting to play with you. I love you hunny..........

Belle, 10/30/85-07/26/03

We are so thankful to have had Belle with us for almost 18 years. Although losing her was painful, it was time... She is in a better place now. We will always love you, Belle.

Gary and Teresa


I am giving tribute to Belle this day as in the next week I am flying to her home kennel in Canada to spread her ashes where she was a puppy and where there are fields and views of mountains and the ashes of her Mother and Brother are there as well .......This dog was so fantastic that I can only tell you she was the once in a lifetime friend that people wish for...The times without her crawl and in my heart I can hardly believe she was ever here sometimes except for the empty spot in my heart that aches...Some days it is easier to cope other days like today, the pain encompasses me to the point , I can only say its unbearable. Time will heal this pain and with my parting with her ashes I think I am freeing her spirit to go to where all Good dogs go, because I know she would never have left me if it hadn't have been her need to make heaven a better place....I LOVE YOU MY BELLE-IE...............Go home and play and I will meet you some unknown day- we were soul mates for such a short span of time- But my life was Happy when you were Mine- Run and play and catch and swim, just know I Love you my baby...Love Jane

Belle, 04/20/03-06/27/03

This is in remembrance to Baby Belle, a delightfully mellow 2 month old chi cross who belonged to my 13 year old nephew max. We knew you for such a short time Belle but we loved you so. You will be sorely missed ma'Belle

Sharon & Max

Belle, 29/11/00-28/04/03

We miss you darling, and there is never a moment when we don't think of you. Watch over us babe and we shall see you when our times come.

You were the most special little darling ever, and you were so cruelly taken by cancer, we were so upset as you were just a baby, only two and a bit, so unfair, we just wish we could have had you for longer as you gave us such joy an happiness, mummy feel so empty without you - it hurts loads and loads. we wished you would see our children. Do you hear me speaking to you each day? Always remember "Nellie the Elephant.....". For ever and ever loving you. Bless you, hope you are in no pain now babe, sleep well and play with Sherry and Cindy. Granny, Gramps, Nan and Grandad will look after you now until we see you again my darling. I will love you forever. I can still see you running on the green looking soo happy and healthy, I hope you still run and are happy. Thank you for bringing us such love and joy you were more of a person than a dog. missed forever. Mummy and daddy XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

Belle, 11/15/86-03/18/03

Belle you passed over the bridge today to join Chiquita, which passed on May 30, 2002. I am sorry that you had to go before I got home, but you know that I loved you very much. You had a very full life 16 years 4 months. You really enjoyed that we owned a Butcher Shop. You got the best meat mixed in your food, and the best bones. We will all miss you. Love Jo-Ann, Alf, Vince & Guy

Belle, 11/06/87-02/23/03

You were so loved by all of us and will be sadly missed.
We know you will always be with us.

Theresa Verbonitz

Belle, 05/31/92-12/06/01

Belle - with the velvet face- we miss you. You will always be in our hearts.

Mary Meila

Bellvedere, 07/15/90-08/12/03

I adopted Bellvedere when she was 9 and had her for four wonderful years. As with most bassets, she did not think of herself as a dog, but rather, a supreme being. She was spoiled better than most and can now meet my first Basset, Josie and compare notes about their Mom. I will miss her big brown eyes and even her incessant howling!

Nancy Bennett

Belmore, 03/25/03

My darling Belmore,
You are at peace and your health and vigor restored. My heart aches for you. Your spirit is missed greatly. The house is not the same without you in it. I only wait for the day when you are back in my arms, purring loudly with content. Until I see you at the bridge you are in my heart and soul.
Love your mommy,

Belo, 11/10/03

Belo was our first dog and I opened my heart to him. I am so sorry he was with us for such a short time. He was like a child and I will miss him so.
He was a great companion and showed us as much love as we did him.

Richard Soucie

Ben, 25/04/85-27/04/99

I think of you every day see you at Rainbow Bridge love mum

Ben or Benno, 1998-11/21/03

We found Ben as a puppy playing in the gutter in our neighborhood.
We had to rescue him.
He has been a wonderful dog and will be greatly missed.
It is a sad day for us.

The Conley Family

Ben, 11/05/03

Ben - a much loved family member a good and faithful friend, how will we bear your loss?

Jean Flynn

Ben, 04/14/99-01/20/03

The best black cat in the world

Candace Vickers Taylor

Ben, 9/23/02

Ben was a beautiful white cat with black patches. He came from the local cat rescue organization and was a young feral cat. He spent the first week under my bed refusing to emerge and yowling almost non-stop. I had to put food, water and a litter tray by the bed which he used when I left the room. I got very little sleep that first week and felt like screaming myself. Bit by bit he became more confident and decided that he really liked to be cuddled and that humans were quite nice after all. Ben became a bid mummy's boy who dribbled with pleasure when stroked or called a "baby boy" He loved the other cats in the house but never did grow to like Pepper, the dog, who would chase him whenever he could.

Poor little Ben got cancer and I tried everything I could to make him better. The vets could offer nothing but I tried all kinds of alternative medicines. He lived for two and a half years after the diagnosis but one day he just gave up eating and was in pain. I could not let him suffer because I loved him so much. On the 23rd September 2002, the vet very gently helped him to pass over the bridge.. Ben is buried in a beautiful ecology park which is just up the road. He is there with the dog and all his cat companions.

Ben, I miss you so much.

Denise Bennett

Ben, 09/06/88-18/08/03


A faithful friend to the end, leaves a big gap in my life which will be very hard to fill.

Jeanne Whittaker

Ben, 16/06/86-17/08/03

Ben, You were my special little man and my heart is breaking now I have had to let you go. You were so funny and kind and leave a massive hole in my heart. We will all love you forever

The Ball Family


Ben, How do I even begin to tell you how much I miss you? There is a huge hole in my heart that I know will get smaller with the passage of time but for now is gaping. I am so sorry I couldn't tell you all the things I wanted to say but you were hurting and all I could think to do was try to stop the pain as fast as possible. You were so brave! I knew your time here was not going to last forever but to lose you the way we did was something I was not ready for. The love that we feel for you is so great that our hearts are still broken. How do I ever even begin to thank you for being you? All of your crazy antics that sometimes drove me crazy but always made me smile. Opening stall doors and gates is still NOT funny so behave yourself and try to be a good boy. I miss your big brown eyes and that soft nose. I miss how good your mane smelled even when you were covered in mud. I miss seeing you in the pasture and still expect to see you come walking up at feeding time. Thank you for keeping me on my toes at the rodeos and for bucking every single time I ever sat on you. Thank you for being so good for Ronnie and for being Shelbys best friend. Ronnie is having a really hard time dealing with the fact that he was out of town when we lost you. I really think God has a reason for everything and he knew it was best for Ronnie not to be here. I am so glad his last memories of you are before you got hurt and were happy and healthy. You have been my best friend and I can't even count the number of times I stood in the pasture crying into your big strong neck and telling you all my troubles. You always made everything seem better. I know you are fine now and are with Blackjack, Mouse, Rosie and Sunshine. I want you to be happy and not miss us the way we miss you. We will all be together again someday and we will meet on the rainbow bridge. Until then....I will probably still cry when I think about you but I know that one of these days I will be able to remember you with a smile instead of a tear. I love you so much!!!! You will always be in my heart.

Ben, 05/10/03

My sweet Benny....

Claudia Roedl

Ben, 5th April l991

Ben 17 years old dog. passed 5th April l991. Ben you left us l2 years ago but it still seems like yesterday. You came to us a little puppy as your mum and dad didn't want you, I wanted a smooth haired dog but you were all curly but when I saw you in my dads arms I thought oh well I will take you. Little did I know then what a dog you would turn out to be. You grew up with our two sons you were a brother to them, they loved you so much. Then when we got our cat Toby you welcomed him to the family. You got ill suddenly although you were l7 years old we weren't ready for you to go. You had to be put to sleep within a week we were so heartbroken, my heart is broken still after l2 years of you passing, remembering you is easy we do it every day, missing you is heartache that never goes away, they say that memories are golden and maybe that is true but we never wanted memories we only wanted you.... We miss you Ben and love you wait for us we will be with you one day.

Ben, 08/21/88-12/22/02

Ben was diagnosed with chronic renal failure late in his happy, healthy life. He died six months later. We were so blessed to have him in our family and he will forever live in our hearts.


Ben, 11/7/88-2/11/02

My Dear, Dear Ben,
Today is one year since we said good-bye, and I don't know if your passing seems more like just yesterday or 5 years ago--that night still haunts me so clearly, yet it seems like such a long year. I keep seeing your face and replaying the last day of your life--I see you on our walk--the way you looked at me when I turned around early. I remember what we had for lunch and you happily eating it. I see you stretched out on the foot of the bed that night when we went to sleep, and I still hear you howling in pain on the way to the vet at 2:00 am. Ben, I never thought it was going to be the end and I wasn't ready. I'm still not ready. I still miss you so much, my angel, and I'll never be the same without you--a big part of me left this earth with you. My sorrow over letting you go has not faded and I still wonder if I did the right thing for you that night--oh please, please forgive me, my Bennie if I didn't put you first. My grief and my guilt remain strong. More importantly, my love for you remains as strong as ever, and my memories of you are a lifeline. Every day I wish you didn't have to go, and I wonder if it was you who gave me no choice, knowing it was your time, even if I didn't. I've been to your grave, yet I know you aren't there, and I try to picture you in God's arms, and I pray for you to come see me in my dreams. I know you see we have another dog, and I know you will understand when I say I love her and she doesn't take your place. Your daddy misses you as much as I do, and I know he still cries for you also. Ben, you gave me the first unconditional love I ever felt, and I will never forget it. You taught me a lot, and I hope I provided a happy life for you. Please forgive me for all the things I didn't do--maybe I could have been a better mom. And please remember how much I did and still do love you--you are my baby. Please come see me in my dreams, my Ben.
All my love forever,

Ben, 02/10/91-02/06/03

The house is so quiet and empty without you Ben. No more snoring in your sleep or huffing and puffing on the look out for food. I miss you so much. You were great fun. You were already old when you came to live with us and you stayed for two short years. I have been ill too and you helped my recovery. I hope that you were not in too much pain from your arthritis and sore stomach. We always did what we thought was best for you and I know you loved all those walks and excellent sniffs.

You are much missed.

RIP Ben 'till Rainbow Bridge

Dawn Whitaker

Ben, 05/14/91-12/20/02

We'll meet you on the other side of Rainbow Bridge one day, Ben. Be patient and wait for us. Love you always.

Bernier/Brearey Family

Ben, 04/13/99-01/20/03

Ben was a wonderful cat, never caused any problems, unlike some of my other cats, always sweet, never aggressive. I miss Ben so much. I will never forget him. I love you, Ben. I wish you were still here with me.

Candace Vickers Taylor

Ben & Baby, 11/01/03-11/13/03

Although you were only with us for a short time, you both will always hold a special place in our heart. Your mom, Freckles, did the best she could to take care of you, but God said he needed you now. He needed 2 more angels to help all the other dogs cross the rainbow bridge. Ben and Baby, you are very special and we will miss you. :*(

Amber Crumpton

Ben Higgott, 08/04/03

My beloved dog Ben was set free yesterday at 12.45pm. After being ill for sometime, it was decided that Ben should be put to sleep. I am absolutely distraught, and I would like Ben to know that all of his family are devastated and our thoughts are with him. I hope he heard my prayer last night and I would like to promise Ben that one day we'll meet up again, and I look forward to have him waiting for me as the happy, healthy dog he once was.
M heart has broken Ben, and yesterday a part of me died with you. I love you and I won't ever forget about you.

Benjamin, 12/25/91-11/12/03

You were always my little man, and you always will be. You were my first dog and such a special guy, that I will keep you with me always. I love you so much, more than words can even begin to tell you. This horrible disease (AIHA) almost took you from me two weeks ago, but then you got better, giving me false hopes when, today, your little heart just couldn't take it anymore and filled your lungs with fluid. I'm so sorry for the pain that this caused you, but I hope that now you will find yourself in a place free from pain and sickness. I love you so much and you will be missed as not only my pet, but my family member, my baby, and my best friend. Please wait for me at the Bridge, so we can be together again someday.

Benjamin, 10/04/03

Benjamin passed over the Rainbow Bridge on October 4, 2003. He was my best friend and constant companion for 16 years. He battled cushings and arthritis with typical terrier courage. I will miss him for the rest of my life.

Pam Ross

Benjamin, 12/16/97-08/21/03

You fought a courageous fight. We will always love you, never forget you, and miss you always.
Trey, Lara, and Macy (Little Sis).

Benjamin, 09/01/00-05/14/03

He was a good little boy.

Joan and David

Benjamin Bunny, 05/14/03

Benjamin Bunny was the companion of my best friend for over ten years. He was a very special bunny, who visited children's libraries, kindergartens, and school classes.

Ben was the beloved companion of JellyBean, a small black rescued bunny, and five rescued cats, Chessie, Emily, Clinger, E.T., and Elliot. He was a gentle, funny, and very loving friend who is greatly missed. His passing was quick and painfree, and we rejoice that he is now in Rainbow Bridge...

S.B. Booker

Benjamin P. Dog, 09/23/90-11/17/03

You were the very BEST dog ever.
We miss you.

Linda & Jami Cork

Benji, 12/12/03

Benji was deeply loved by Josh and Ruth, my Dad and Stepmother, who are 87 and 84 who live in Florida. He passed last week and my Dad & Ruth cannot stop crying. I've told them about the Rainbow Bridge and am sending them the story...Please keep Benji, our precious one, in your hearts. He was such an incredible and special companion to them. He happily sat on Ruth's lap whenever they took their trips from Florida to New Hampshire for the summers, and stayed with them in their room wherever they went. Benji followed my Dad around the house, and liked to sleep between them every night, a little on each pillow. Neighbors and friends always came in to pet Benji and play with him. He was a love and will be greatly greatly missed. I'm grateful for the happiness and affection he brought to our family.

Josh and Ruth

Benji, 11/30/87-02/22/03

My love, a love that's through and through. For my loyal friend, Benji, that's you.


Benji, 11/93-10/19/03

Benji, you have been my comfort for almost 10 years. I miss you terribly. I don't know how I could have gotten through the rough times without you. I know you've crossed over, and I will see you someday. I am glad you are no longer suffering. I know you are bringing joy and comfort to everyone over the bridge. I love you always.

Kim Dometrovich

Benji, 12/1999

I used to be the proud mommy of a foundling stray, and several cats. Benji stole my heart when dad came through the door one day after school and said "There's a black benji-looking dog outside. Come look." I begged to keep him. My mom had just broke her leg (the first time) and my mamaw was staying with us to help out. Mom was hesitant about keeping a stray, and she said that if he stuck around and was good-natured, we'd keep him. She let us put a cut off milk carton of water out for him. My mamaw and I would sneak out of the house, not knowing the other was doing it too, and feed him leftovers and bones. I was about 11 then, and I'd save parts of my dinner, and the left-over scraps from everyone else's plates and then wash dishes after supper as it was my usual chore. I kept a tupperware dish hidden in the back of the sink cabinet to put the left over food in, and take it to him after I was done. (I used to "go ride my bike" alot after dinner) I called him Benji, after what my dad had said. I kept begging mom to keep him, and he started sleeping on our back porch. Mom's decision was made for her when the neighbor's scary and really mean German Shepard got loose and came after me while I was playing with my new doggy friend in the field next to our yard that separated the neighbors yard from ours. Benji, and little black poodle about a third of the size of Spooky, the shepard who was named correctly, jumped between me and the would be attacker, and defended me, and was losing. I saw blood. Realizing that he needed help, I ran to the house, screaming at the top of my lungs for my dad. When dad asked me what was wrong the only thing I could manage to say was "Benji....he's hurt! Hurry!" We ran back to the field, and saw the neighbors daughter trying to fight Spooky off of Benji. She managed to wrestle the big dog away long enough to free Benji, who then came running to us. Dad picked him up, and run to our garage, wrapped something around him, and sat him in a box so he couldn't move, and hurt himself. Mom and mamaw had been watching from the upstairs backyard porch, and mom, with a broken leg, hobbled down to their mini-van, opened the door for dad, and they put my bleeding little friend in the box in. Mom and dad got in to take him to the animal hospital. But before closing the door, I remember asking mom if Benji would bee okay. She looked at me and said "If he lives, he's yours"
Benji lived through it, with broken ribs, a big tear in his tummy, and a broken hip. He would be okay. He was mine. From that day forward, the only time we were not together was when I was in school. He was my best friend. I used my allowance money to buy him a special bed with a big pillow since he was still recovering, and he slept beside my bed every night. I didn't have to use a leash for this dog, because he never strayed from my side while walking. He was my protector. We used to sit under a tree near the creek I live beside of now, and just talk. I never heard a mean bark from him, and he only growled twice, when a skunk came up to our carport, and when a strange man came to the door looking for my dad while I was home by myself once when I was about 16. Benji was the only dog to ever be let loose in my sister's elementary school. He was allowed to roam freely in her class rooms, visiting the kids. He was even her show and tell item once. He rode with me in my car after I got my license my first time driving by myself. He was my first doggy love.
My best friend was killed after being hit by a car for the second time. He was 7 years old, and had been with me for 6 of it. I was 17, and my son was only a few months old. Matthew couldn't talk well yet, but still tried to say Benji's name. It came out "Bee-Beee!", but Benji understood it anyway. Even little Matthew loved him, and couldn't understand why Benji didn't come when he called for him. I have never gotten over him. The whole family, even my dad, cryed. He is buried at the edge of my dad's property, between his yard and mine, under the dogwood tree we'd sit by, near the creek. I still make silk flower bouquets and take them to him, and talk to him when I can. We didn't have another dog for 2 years. I am 21 now, and have 2 big beautiful Siberian Huskies, both of whom I love and adore. My sister now has a mixed breed dog a lot like our Benji was that I found at a shelter for her, who was named in his honor, Buddy. They didn't take his place, but they help fill the hole that was left in our hearts when he was taken from us.

To Benji, my brave little friend, I know you are waiting for me at the beautiful Rainbow Bridge. I miss you so much little buddy. I know you are okay now, and that you aren't hurting, having a great time romping and playing in the fields. I will never forget you, please don't forget me and the times we shared. Someday, when it is my time, we will walk across the Bridge together, but until then I will love and miss you. Thank you for listening to me, and being my constant companion. I love you Benji.

Your mommy and best friend,

Benji, 1979-1996

Our beloved Benji bought us so much love and happiness in his 17 years. He was such a sweet and fearless pup...In our hearts you will always forever...Mom and Dad

Joann and Bill


Benji sadly had to be put to sleep as he had some psychological problems which it was too late to treat as they only came to light just before his death. Big mad mountain of a mutt and spitting image of great-great-granddad, Chico, who Benji used to annoy as a puppy. Greatly loved by Von and Jean and Alec, my grandparents who owned him. Although Trixie was a third of Benjis size, she showed him who was boss! My grandparents now have a little Westie called Toby who is an adorable little scrap, but Benji won't be forgotten

Mandy Jane Todd

Benji, 11/06/86-02/22/02

This was my very best friend in the world...I still miss him .. He's in heaven with Jesus now and he is not suffering anymore..But I will be with him one day...

Debra Wallace

Benji, 02/05/03

In loving memory of my darling Benji who went to Rainbow Bridge on February 5 2003. I first saw you in a cage at the Royal Show and you won my heart and Sandi agreed to let me have you. You became my life, my best friend and companion and protector, and it was the hardest decision I have ever had to make to let you go to Rainbow Bridge, but you were a very sick little boy and I had to do what was best for you so you wouldn't suffer. Thank you for the 5 short wonderful years of love and friendship we shared and thank you for being my protector at all times and for helping me find little Gemma. I miss you so very much Benji. I will never forget you.
"Near, far, wherever you are,
I believe that the heart does go on......?

He is your friend your partner
Your defender, your dog.
You are his life, his love, his leader.
He will be yours faithful and true to the
last beat of his heart.

Benji, 12/23/01

To Ben, our special rabbit who suddenly passed away 2 days before Christmas, Dec 23, 2001.

Time has not healed my broken heart Ben. The day you died, part of me died with you. I wish I knew what it was that made you "ill" that day. There are soooo many things that are running through my mind and I feel so incredibly guilty for your death. I knew Ben that you were not healthy from the beginning and I did everything possible to extend your life with us. I just hope I did everything possible. Was there something more that I could have done? I just want you to know that mom and dad were there with you holding your paw when the vet gave you the injection to put you out of your misery. That was the last thing I ever wanted to do Ben but I had to do it. I am sooooo sorry. When we brought you home wrapped up in your towel, your body all limp, I don't think I ever cried as hard as I did at that time. I cried for a week straight. I could barely see cause my eyes were soooooo puffy. Christmas was TERRIBLE. The worst Christmas of my life. It was sooooo sad to bury you with your stocking packed full of treats and bury you with all your unwrapped Christmas presents. I know how much you loved unwrapping your gifts. It was even more hard to unwrap the present you gave to me Ben. Thank you for the wonderful gift. I will always cherish it.

I buried you in your favorite place by the roses right near our family room window so that you can still look in and be a part of us. I miss you sooooo much Ben. I am so sorry for everything. I hope that God is spoiling you rotten just as much as I did, and is giving you your favorite treats and letting you do as many acrobatic "scooby-doos" as you want to. I hope you are getting lots of kissies on your nosey and are still playing the "left-paw, right-paw" game. I hope you are sitting there licking your chest hairs in high honor just like a king (inside joke) and are enjoying all the cheek rubs and back scratches you can handle. You deserve it Ben. We will meet again Ben and when you see me hop on over and give me the biggest kissie you can muster!!!!! I miss you dearly Ben. Love, Mom XOXOXOX

Benji, 09/15/87-01/25/03

To my precious, faithful, loving companion of many years. You are dearly missed. You and I went through many times both rough and good together. You sealed our bond with a slurpy kiss the first day we met and you picked me out. You will always be in my heart.

Marilyn Utz

Benjie, 01/2000

I miss you very much Benjie, we will meet up again friend over Rainbow Bridge. God bless. XXXXXXX


Benny, 12/03/03

My darling Benny who lived his life with love, patience and dignity. I will love you forever and miss you more than I can bear.

Margaret Pawson

* * * * * * * * * 

My darling Benny, I have been a week without you and it is unbearable. I want to feel your fur against my cheek and hear you coming through the catflap. I had to release you from suffering because I love you so much. I don't think I will ever get over your death. I miss you so and I will love you forever. You enriched my life.


Benny, 10/06/03

Benny was a great friend to us all. We love him and will miss him very much. We know he is with his best friend Tux now, waiting until we can all be together again. Benny we will never forget you, love you always... mommy and daddy

Tiffany, Scott , Sierra, Brian and Colby

Benny, 06/01/03

To Benny,

The sweetest, kindest, loving dog the world will ever know.

Mom and Dad

Benny, 05/01/97-01/19/03

Benny was my very first dog and first love. I found him while hiking the Long Trail in Vermont, and he's been by my side ever since... except for the time he's spent off on his own following his beagle nose. He was hit by a car and killed on January 19th. He touched the lives of so many, and I've heard in the past week of many special moments he had with friends and family that I was unaware of. I have so many special moments that I will keep always in my heart. I miss him tremendously! Grieving is not something I have any experience with, and it is not easy, but I am finding that he is still with me always, still listening to me, still following me around, and that is very comforting. Benny, I miss you and I love you and you will always be my first true love! Love, Mom

Benny, 05/05/02-12/31/02

Benny lost his battle w/ kidney disease on New Years Eve 2002. His time on this earth was short, but impacted my life forever. He taught me the joys (and tribulations) of living w/ a house bun. Benny was spunky boy who at times also suffered from little man disease. He terrorized the cat every chance he got and took every opportunity to "mix it up" w/ Terry, a 9 lb New Zealand. But w/ me and his beloved Crystal he was patient and loving.
He passed on w/ his family next to him. An hour earlier while holding him for the last time I told him it was ok to let go. Probably the first time that silly bunny listened to me. Goodbye my friend. Ill see you on the other side one day.


Benny Baker, 08/03/93-07/02/03

I love you Benny. You will always live in my heart.


Benny Blue, 10/27/99-1/12/03

Benny Blue went to warm the feet of God. He spent his life on earth warming not only my feet but my heart. His bright blue eyes almost mystical expressed his every emotion and feeling. His unmeasurable love he shared with everyone he met with a warm licky kiss and a wag of his tail. He was my 85 pound lap dog and frequent shadow. He will remain faithfully in our hearts forever. We miss you, Benny!

Ben Roughley, July 1988 to 19th December 2002

My beloved Ben.
You have taught me so much,
And I thank you for that,
You were with me in times of sadness and times of joy.
You were my best friend.
I will never forget you, you are forever in my heart.
Until we meet again at Rainbow Bridge, wait for me lad.
Because one day I will come for you, and we can be together again forever.

Miss you,
Mum. xx

Benson, 10/15/95-11/13/02

Benson was my soul partner in kitty form. All his illnesses that we battled together and his wonderful personality only strengthened the incredibly close bond that existed between us. He was only 7 years old when he was taken from me and I thought the world was so unfair for taking him so soon after all he had been through. His unique "needs oiling" purr always brought a smile to my face. And a snuggle always brought out the purr. He was truly special and loved by many. And I loved him so very much. The emptiness he left in my heart can never be replaced. I hope he is there waiting for me when it's my time to pass over the rainbow bridge so we can be together again. And this time forever.

Nadine Dintzer

Bentley Jo, 12/28/93-10/18/02

Bentley was a very special dog and companion. He had a mission on earth and took good care of us. He was very brave, noble and stubborn. We loved him more than life itself. We are so thankful he was in our life to teach us about love. He put many people in our lives we would not have had without him. He was so beautiful and was in a few advertisements in magazines. We miss him very much.

Beowulf, 08/31/87-04/18/03

Beowulf was the nicest and most loving dog I have known. I am proud to have had him for the past 15 1/2 years.

Bernie, 04/06/03

My Dear Friends,
Today I lost the best friend I have ever had. Though each of you who knows me loves me, I'm sure there have been times I have tested your patience or not been all you wished I could be to you. But this one little soul came into my life at a time when I was very heartbroken and alone, and to him I could do no wrong. I often called him "Bernie Who Saved My Life". He always made me happy at the beginning and end of any day, and I looked forward to coming home to him, even when other things at home were not so wonderful. I can't think of a time when he ever did anything wrong. I truly felt a connection with him that was as deep as any human relationship I have ever had. I don't care how it sounds to those who don't understand, to those who do, you know how awful I feel today.

I don't want to go into the details again right now, it's too painful. But this morning he either had a heart attack or a stroke of some sort, he could not breathe well, I could hear it in his chest. I have kept him as healthy as possible and pain free as possible with medications to treat his arthritis for the last year or two. He still had such happiness even though we could not take the long walks we once enjoyed. He was happy lying here in the doorway in the wonderful California weather, as long as he could see me over his shoulder sitting here working at the computer. Even up until last night, he still wanted to play. I feel some comfort knowing that he was happy til the end. But this morning it was obvious something was terribly wrong. He was in terrible agony, and I always told myself I would not put him through a long painful medical ordeal just for my own wanting him here longer. I only had the doctor show me one x-ray to know what I had to do. I will always miss him.
Thank you all for reading, and for caring about him.

He spent the first part of his life being a champion in the show ring, and the last half being the champion of my heart.

love, Cyndi

The attached picture is the last one I have of him, taken by my mother when she was out here in Santa Barbara in March.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

A Dog's Prayer

Treat me kindly, my beloved master
for no heart in all the world is more grateful for kindness
than the loving heart of me.

Do not break my spirit with a stick,
for though I should lick your hand between blows,
your patience and understanding
will more quickly teach me the things you would have me do.
Speak to me often, for your voice is the world's sweetest music,
as you must know by the fierce wagging of my tail when
your footstep falls upon my waiting ear.

When it is cold and wet, please take me inside....for I am now
a domesticated animal. No longer used to bitter elements...
and I ask no greater glory than the privilege of sitting
at your feet beside the hearth...
though had you no home in all the land...for you are my god...
and I am your devoted worshipper.

Keep my pan filled with fresh water, for although
I should not reproach you were it dry,
I cannot tell you when I suffer thirst.

Feed me clean food, that I may stay well to romp and play
and do your bidding, to walk by you side,
and stand ready, willing and able to protect you with my life,
should your life be in danger.

And beloved master, should the Great Master see fit
to deprive me of my health or sight, do not turn me away from you.
Rather, hold me gently in your arms as skilled hands
grant me the merciful boon of eternal rest...
and I will leave you knowing with the last breath I draw,
my fate was ever safest in your hands.

~ If you have men who will exclude any of god's creatures from the shelter of compassion and pity, you will have men who will deal likewise with their fellow men. ~ St. Francis of Assisi

Bert, 08/85-12/12/03

Thank you for the eighteen years and for all your love.

Debbie Brooks

Bert, 06/97-11/10/03

I got Bert when my great dane Pinkerton's brother died and he needed a new friend.
Pinkerton passed on 9/29 and Bert wanted to go and be with him.
He made Pink very happy.

Anne Sendecke

Bert, 07/01/91-02/20/03

He was huge, in body and in spirit. The king of all bassets. He had dignity and pride. We will always keep him in our hearts.

Terrence Plas

Bertie, 12/16/03

Bertie was an old dog, adopted from the Pound, whose new life with an older couple must have been like a dream come true. Recently, Bertie lost his elderly master. Bertie was sad, but still he had his beautiful and kindly mom, who wanted only the best for him. Bertie refused to leave her side most of the time, and when someone else wanted to take him for a walk, it was with huge reluctance that he parted with her. It was if he was afraid of losing his mom too, so we never guessed it would be Bertie who was about to leave us. He was one of the sweetest of all sweet creatures and now rests at the feet of our Papa.

Betty Baker

Bertie, 06/01/90-24/08/03

Bertie Evans our special boy with all our love God bless until we see you again and we are reunited.

Alan, Carol and Toby Evans

Bessie, 12/03/88-08/13/03

Bessie was the sweetest dog with an amazing personality. She had a bad start in life, having been ill-treated, and suffered from separation anxiety. With a lot of loving care, she gradually got over her start in life, and once she trusted you, was the most loving and trusting dog. She constantly 'talked' to you, to let you know how she was feeling. Sadly she was diagnosed just over two weeks ago with a tumour on the spleen, which had bled causing her to become anemic. We managed to keep her comfortable and happy for the past two weeks, but yesterday she collapsed after the tumour bled again. It was time to say goodbye to her as she was now suffering too much. We stayed with her until the end when the vet gently put her to sleep.
Until the Rainbow Bridge our special and loyal friend.........

Steve & Jo Griffiths

Bessie, 08/2002

This is my 4th entry this year. Bessie was the 3rd pet death we had to face in 2002. First Maxine at 16 1/2 to old age and probably disease. Then Jack Dog, 8 yrs old, struck by a tour bus on our quiet street, and Peggy, our 18 1/2 yr old cat who was put down today, New Years Eve.

Bessie was a wonderful, happy, relaxed, gentle girl. She would put up with anything. She was just happy to be loved and to be with us. We went to an animal shelter to find my boyfriend, now my husband, a kitten. She was in a cage with her brother. She meowed louder than I have ever heard any kitten meow when we went by her cage. We were captured by her and brought both she and her brother home. Her brother disappeared about 6 months later but Bessie remained with us and our 2 other cats and a dog until her death at 11 1/2 yrs in Aug 2002. She had some disease of the lymphatic system and after a 5 week struggle finally had to be helped to die. We knew when the time was right. Even though she was sick I still let her go outside if she wanted. It was summer and warm and she loved the outside. Finally one day she didn't come back. I called and called her, no answer. I kept looking and calling for her the next day too. I knew the area she was in and truly felt she could hear me but wasn't answering. Then on the third morning I got up earlier than usual and went outside to call her again. This time, deep from within a pile of thick bushes I could hear her faint meow. For two days she didn't answer me but this time she did. We quickly got her out and contacted the vet. It was time to help her die, she knew it and so did we. I truly feel she answered me that morning because she wanted help. I am so grateful. If she hadn't answered I would always have looked out into the back yard and wondered where she was. We lost all four of our pets this year. Three to illness the other to a tour bus. It has been a very sad year. I still can't believe they are all gone. So, a New Year starts tomorrow, it will be a year of healing. My heart is in too many pieces now to consider having another pet. I do hope in time my heart will be whole again and I can give to another pet what I gave to these four. To my fur babies, I send my love, take care,


Beth, 09/19/84-12/16/02

Beth such a tiny and pretty little girl you truly were the most perfect pet to Dad. All of us loved you and will miss you. Dad is heartbroken without you but so proud to have spent 18 years loving and knowing you. Sleep tight till we meet again. XX


Betsy, 07/01/02-09/00/02

Betsy was our foster pup. She had come from a litter of six. The smallest in the litter and the mom were not doing well. My wife and I fought day and night to save them. We did, but not before we lost Betsy. She was one of the bigger pups and seemed so healthy. Come to find out she wasn't. My wife rushed her to the vet, he said that she had dehydrated and there was a 50/50 chance that she would make it. Unfortunately she died on the way home. We are so sorry Betsy, you were so beautiful. You would have been a beautiful dog.

We love you Betsy girl and wish we could have done better. We know that our Cassie is there to show you the ropes. I know we will see you at the rainbow bridge waiting for us.

Love your

Foster mom and dad

Al and Linda

Betsy-Mae, 06/19/90-03/07/03

We loved you, my sweetheart. Missing you, and feel numb.
Love, Mama - XO

Betsy Ross, 04/24/03

Betsy Ross: You were the sweetest dog! We cherish the 2-3/4 years we had with you, after we adopted you from the Samoyed Rescue Service. We have no idea what you went through before we got you, but we feel certain that you had a good life with us. And our lives were so richly blessed by your presence. We feel so bad that you had to suffer at the end, with the tumor in your nasal cavity. We were not ready to say goodbye to you. It was hard to make the decision to help you cross the Rainbow Bridge, but I know you are now at peace. Thank you for all the love you gave us. And thank you to Maria from the Rescue Service, and Dr. John Travis and his wife, Colleen, for all the help and support they provided. Till we meet again, with much love & affection,
Judy, Eric, and Big Brother Brian.

Betty, 03/30/03

More human than hamster! - good luck Betty, see you again one day. x


Betty, 01/01/84-02/07/03

Betty Angel, I love you. Now, Always, Forever. Watch over me please. I will never forget you. There will never be another you, Betty. My sweet apple head. You're forever in my heart. I love you and miss you, Heather

Betty Bootchew, 09/29/03

Betty, the truest, best dog EVER. She was my baby and my heart, and was taken from us way before her time by a hit and run driver. She was able to drag herself to the beach, her favorite place in the world to finally rest her head the last time- right next to the water she loved so much.

I will never forget. God, keep her close to you always. Until later...

Sarah Jeanne

B-Flat, 11/12/03

Love you Bflat more than words..we are always together in my heart. I missssssss you my precious boy


Bibbs, 08/16/03

This is for Bibbs, Who came into my life, FIV positive at the age of nine years. We were told he could not live very long with FIV, that his immune system was grinding down. We beat it for 8 more years. We did it. This cat was the most extraordinary cat I've ever known. Non-territorial to a fault, and liked to be held and snuggled in bed at night. Affectionate to the point of annoyance at times! This proves that LOVE, is indeed, strong medicine. I look forward to seeing him again, and being able to thank him for his presence, and for what he taught us all.
Thank-you for your time.

Biff, 09/23/87-07/30/03

This tribute is for my beloved friend Biff. He was a great companion for almost 16 years. I couldn't have asked for a better pet.

At two years old he was hit by a car and had a successful surgery and was able to live a happy life.

In the end my old friend just couldn't live his life like we wanted to. His back end was tired and he just didn't want to eat or drink so I had to help him end his suffering.

He is now with GOD and waiting for me at the gates and I cherish the day we meet again. I will miss him dearly. My heart is empty without him.

I love you BOOBUZ. I will see you again.

Love your mommy

Biff Braveheart, 06/11/03

Biff, You came into our lives a mystery and you left us just as mysteriously. We miss you greatly and will always love you. We'll see you one day at the Rainbow Bridge. Madeleine Gelsinon

Big Bad Butch, (my little Babushka, Butchie Bear, Butchie-Butchie-Butchie), 1990-08/23/03

A juvenile delinquent in a cat's body. Once one got past the rough exterior, Butch was a complete mush ball of love. He was a tough street cat but tender hearted when it came to looking after his Turbo cat, a kitten who was rescued shortly after Butch came to our home. Butch was intended to go through rescue but with a four month waiting list, he stole our hearts before he made it to the program and he stayed with us instead.

He was an amazing catcher. He could catch a ball between his front paws while standing upright on his back legs. This was just something he did, we didn't train him. He was a force to be reckoned with, the other cats knew to leave him alone. He has friends waiting for him at the Rainbow Bridge, and he has others to wait for.

Frank and Pamela

Big Boy

He was the best dog ever. He would sleep with me and my xhusbend would trick him we had good times but before my oldest dather was born we had him put down because he could not walk very well and he was so big that a vet would put him to sleep. I got him as a puppie and I raised him from a puppie to a giant dog. he died at the age of 12 I think he was the best dog ever and if he were here he would say he had a good life!!!!


Big Dog, 06/30/03

May your spirit run free and your earthly pain be forgotten. You filled so many lives with your big heart and sweet ways. We will miss you but we are certain that you will be waiting for us when we cross the Rainbow Bridge. You will live on in our hearts always.
Our hearts are full and we will always feel you near us.
Daniel, Miriam, Becki, Little John and Christopher and a myriad of friends too numerous to list here.

Big Dog, 2000-2/20/03

February 20,2003, we had a tragic loss in our family. Our Beloved Big Dog passed away suddenly. He was very loved and will be very missed. He was not just our Dog, he was my Protector, my family, and my friend. Although he was with us for a little more than a year, he made a Big impact in our family. He was the gentle giant. I feel very blessed that I was given to opportunity to know him and love him. He will be in our hearts forever. I love you with all my heart, my Big Dog, God Speed Big guy!
Love Always, Melissa

Big Doggie, 12/17/89-07/15/03

All our love to our "Big Doggie". We cherish all our time we had together. You will be missed forever.

Joe & Jamie Primanti

Big Fat Vernon (aka Fat Boy), 09/15/99-09/12/03

They always go in threes. We all know Johnny Cash and John Ritter, but I am as big a Red Wings fan as there is. My 2 fat cats are named Vernon and Osgood, for the two who won the Cup in my lifetime, no Hasek yet. Vernon at 4 years old and 22 lbs, was taken from us Friday. Suffering from a Urinary Tract Infection, his heart stopped shortly after they inserted a catheter to relieve his bladder. He could not be revived.

For all of you Wing Nuts out there, even though you didn't know him or me, even if you don't like cats, please take a moment in memory of "Big Fat" Vernon. He will be missed so much. Thank you.

Karry Smiecinski

Big Foot, 08/26/93-07/29/02

My first furbaby, as a grown-up. My friend, secret-keeper, and four-footed theripist (take a walk,play with the other dogs, was his advice for everything) He was the original Will Rodgers of dogs...he liked dogs, cats, people.

Cheryl Barron

Big George, 11/07/03

Big George was rescued from a tiny metal cage left outside in the summer heat. When I got him, he had no hair on his back legs due to mites. He couldn't walk on his back left leg due to an old fracture, and he had ulcers on his eyes and an ulcer on the bottom of one of his feet. George gradually improved. He gained 120 grams, grew all his hair back, and was eventually able to walk on all of his legs. But then his kidneys began to fail. His arthritis got worse. He couldn't even stand up. It was time for him to go, and so we let him cross Rainbow Bridge. I can't wait to see him again. I miss him so much. I miss him screaming for applesauce in the middle of the night. I miss him purring when I presented him with his bowl of veggies. However, it is a great comfort to think of him feeling young and happy again.

Kathleen L

Biggie, 03/26/92-03/28/03

You'll be in my heart
No matter what they say
You'll be here in my heart..

Big Guy, 11/02/03

Big Guy (Biggie Boy), all I can say is that you are in my heart. You have brought me so much joy and happiness. Your life was taken too early and I am totally devastated that someone did this to you. I cannot wait till I can meet you at the Rainbow Bridge where we can play in the leaves that you loved so much. All of your friends that you hung out with miss you as well as the entire family. You will forever be missed!
All of our love goes to you Big Guy - YOU ARE MY ONE AND ONLY BIGGIE BOY

Dana Rock

Big Kitty, 05/2003

Big Kitty was a very loving fella
He had a need to be close as he was
inherited with the home we bought,
and was obviously neglected by the
sad state of his health...
but we loved him and doctored him
until he was the lovliest of cats
and the most loving of the three we have.

Dawn and Grayson

Big Munk, 12/02/03

This is for my cat, Munk who passed on this morning at 8:00am. She was, and still is my bestest friend in the whole entire world. I love her so very much, and always will. I believe in the story of Rainbow Bridge, and I cannot wait until we meet again.

Ivy and Jenny Youman

Bigs Wetherhead, 08/10/87-10/25/03

I hope you are making lots of new friends, sweet girl. We miss and love you so. Cheetah has been on his best behavior since you've gone away. I'm sure we have you to thank for that. We're always with you. Never forget.

MJ Wetherhead & John Conway

Bijou, 04/24/90-07/15/03

All creatures great and small
All things wise and wonderful
The Lord God made them all.

Jim and Linda Rhodes

Biko, 04/05/91-01/03/03

Biko was a black lab with a big heart, gentle nature, and an inexhaustible joy of life. With his special wisdom he knew how to love beyond measure, to share his sense of humor, and to be completely in the moment. He loved nothing more than to be with his family (except perhaps eating the cat's food). Biko, we grieve for you so much. Your devotion and friendship are missed every day, and every day we give thanks that you were in our lives.

Kathy, Dave and Ian

Bill (Bilbo), 04/05/88-09/29/03

Bill- How can I begin to Thank You for touching our lives and teaching us the real meaning of unconditional love & devotion-You will always be my good BOY. Velvet-Head
I know you are happy and pain-free now
We love you and know we will see you again...
How many balls have you chased tonight?
WE Love You forever-
Janet & Michael

Bill, 01/09/98-07/01/03

You were second hand and learnt to trust. We gave you your freedom and that exploration perhaps cost you your life. An ex child's bunny who was stuck in a cage you learnt to come out of your run and cage and hop around outside with the chickens and ducks. You even let the hens lay eggs in your cage. I would see you frequently sprawled out taking the sun. I don't understand how you drowned in the pond. What happened? You had lived with us and the pond for 3 years. Rosie your mate misses you. I miss you running up to me outside with your nose twitching for food.
All our love

Bill (Musky), Cat 01/85-12/29/02

Bill - Musky: In the two years you were in my life, you brought me so much love and joy. Every day I looked forward to walking through the door and knowing you were there waiting to say "hi". Now that you are gone, my heart feels empty and dark knowing that I'll never be able to hold you in my arms. I'll miss all the times you cuddled with me during the cold nights, and your constant meowing when you were happy to see me. You were the best kitty in the whole wide world, and with all the love and brightness you shined upon us, your soul will truly live on. Thank you for being Daddy's Little Angel.

Bill (Punkin, Muskey, Muffin, Baby), 01/85-12/29/02

Bill (Punkin, Muskey, Muffin, Baby):
I don't know how to say goodbye to someone who has been with me all of my adult life. I thank you for your comfort when I was sad, your loyal vigils when I was ill, and your warmth and affection when I was cold. I thank you for making everyday brighter by just being there. Home will never be the same without you. I ache every time I put the key in the lock to come home and I don't hear your excited meows greeting me. I will remember all the lessons about unconditional love that you have taught me. I saved you at 8 months old, but you have been saving me ever since. You are truly the love of my life and I miss you, Punkin. I will see you someday on Rainbow Bridge....Love always, Mommy.

Billbo, 08/01/90-08/05/03

Billbo was the sweetest friend I've ever known...I adopted him in August of 1990, as a little baby who was found wandering in a nearby schoolyard. Billbo scared my German Shepherd Shera under the bed for the first two weeks he curiously explored his new home. Before long, Shera was holding Billbo down and cleaning him. After that, Billbo would often throw himself at Shera's feet asking to be pampered. When we adopted an Old English Sheepdog named Waldo, it seemed that Billbo and him would never be good friends....but Shera's unexpected passing brought the two together in their grief, and they have since been inseparable pals. Another sheepdog, Molly, came into our home, and Billbo stayed on top of the refrigerator for a few weeks, only coming down to eat and use his litterbox. But he grew bolder, and soon had her gently kissing him, and providing him with a warm, furry place to sleep. Today, Molly, Waldo, my partner Mohamed, and I are all grieving the loss of our dear friend Billbo. I can only hope that our decision to release Billbo from his suffering was the right one. Thanks to our friends at the Boulevard Pet Clinic for all they did to help Billbo. I will never forget my little buddy.

Billie, 05 Feb 2003

A good friend, a lovely lady. Named after Billie Holiday because she sure could sing the blues when she wanted something. Met at the Rainbow bridge by her friend Bernie. Sorely missed by Rob and Cathy and her sidekick Lester.

Billy, 07/12/03

I didn't know you very long but, I love & miss you so

Laura Lambert

Billy, 10/19/03

Billy was a unique little dog, who lived with Mum & Dad for over 14 years. He had a mostly healthy life, although deaf in later years.
He longed to be with his Mummy & Daddy always and fretted when we were out, so happy when we returned. He had boundless energy and thought he would live forever. But sadly, that was not to be, he is now with his brother Bobby, playing in heavens garden. Mummy and Daddy will miss you, but will never forget you.

God bless little Billy.

love Mummy & Daddy

Billy, 09/03/91-07/10/03

My precious kitty,

You gave such joy and happiness to our lives and you were so trusting and brave and took care of your family with pride. On the wee hours of a July morning I let you out and trusted you would be right there by the door as you always had been. A part of my heart died that morning when I found you across the street with your throat slit. Life will never be the same around here without your precious face and purrs. You were my faithful friend and I feel so bad that I was not there to protect you. I pray that you will forgive me. For 12 years you were safe and I never dreamed of anything like this happening in this neighborhood and my heart is still hurting so much. Everyday, I look for you but you are not there. I see your precious face looking up at me when we shared salmon together your last night here with me. How do I go on and make the hurting stop when you were always there for me, in good times and bad. Thank you Billy for always being that faithful companion. No other kitty could ever take your place in my heart. I hope your with little "Mandy" your faithful friend and I will never forget you. I hope some day the hurting will stop but I won't have peace until the person that did this could be punished for such a cruel thing. Thank you my kind and faithful friend. Love you, Mommy

Billy, 06/24/93-09/02/02

We miss our Billy alot our hearts are still saddened by the passing of our Billy boy.

Mark G

Billy (Jokyl Easter Present), 01/04/91-21/09/02

Belated goodbye to our beloved furry comedian, Billy. He came to us at 18 months old from show kennels, but trusted us immediately. We had many wonderful laughs with him - one I remember is teaching him to jump into our hatchback ( he had got too heavy to sit on my lap any longer) which involved me crouching inside enticing him in with a biscuit, while he gave me the old "What on earth are you doing?" look. He was always very difficult with other dogs, and trying to restrain him from flying into the fray led to close acquaintance with hedges, ditches, and bushes, and on one occasion, concussion from falling on the driveway.
A bear of very little brain, he never could work out how to get back to my side of the tree when on the lead, and was patience itself. Once he started to wade across a flooded ditch but lost confidence halfway and ended up stranded over a floating log, gazing hopefully at us and awaiting rescue. (He never did realize that he had Otterhound ancestry and hated to get his feet wet.) We adopted a 12 week old abandoned Staffordshire/Jack Russell cross bitch and Billy adored her, letting her hang on to his ears and beard without complaint. He was a gentle giant, but his bark frightened all callers who did not know him.
He endured losing a front leg to a rare autoimmune nerve condition, but a few months afterward developed 2 different types of oral cancer. We had to let him go when he began to show pain, and nothing more could be done. His trusting and loyal nature endeared him to all, and his handsome appearance ensured lots of admirers.
We miss you Billy, and we will never forget you
Penny, Alan, Adam and Frances

Billy Buck, 01/03-30/08/03

My little Billy buck. I love you so much. We had such a little time together but it was so special. Love you.

Shannon Sparrow

Billie Diamond Baggins, 12/27/85-07/28/03

"Song For Billie" was written on the day of her sacred passing to God and to Paradise. It is written with deep gratitude and admiration, for a wonderful cat that God gave us to love for so long. Billie is now reunited with her darling Baggins-Mother Bunty and her sweet sisters, Mitzi and Daphne. Her Beloved Brother, Darcy, and her little friend, Timothy, ask Billie to help them in their old-age too. May Billie's courageous spirit live in our hearts and show us too the way to Love.

The bowl is empty now My Love,
Your shaggy coat now smooth
You were the gentlest, sweetest soul,
Beloved by all who knew you.
Your button-eyes so bright, My Dear,
Your voice so sweet with love,
Yours was a heart so filled with care
Like blossoms from above.
You filled our lives, our hearts with cheer
You gave unending song,
To all the dreary days of pain
You helped us get along.

How well we will remember you,
And those soft padded paws that came
With Love and Trust anew.
Oh, you were the sweetest, bravest cat
That anyone could own,
And like the Angels from above

...From your devoted Mums - Jan and Maureen xxxxxxx
We love you, Billie Darling, with an endless kiss.

Jan and Maureen

Billy Jack, 11/18or19/2003

Although you were someone else's dog, I'm glad I had the opportunity to meet you at my Godmother's house. I really felt close to you. You were so loving and I was always glad to see you. You were so friendly and I'm going to miss that a lot. I know that you're over that rainbow bridge with dutchess and Ali and I'm sure you all had a heavenly reunion. My only regret is that one of us should have called the SPCA and reported that you had been hit by a car. I miss you Billy Jack and I'm sure the other dogs in the neighborhood misses you too! Much Love to you!

Wanda, Edarias, Lolita, kevin, Rhonda and Stephanie

Billy Joe, 1986-11/13/03

Our son, Joey's, beloved and faithful pet who entered our home and our hearts in 1988.
He was so special and we miss him so much.

Larry W. Branstutter

Billy The Beagle, 02/17/03

I released Billy the beagle to a happier painfree place on 02/17/2003.

Billy the beagle was my constant companion and friend. I miss him dearly. He brought joy and wonder to my life. He helped me survive the loss of my partner. I know that Billy is now playing with Don and Peko in a safe place. I built a memorial web site for Billy at

Lots of Hugs,

Bimbo, 31 August 1985 - 4 April 2003

A spectacularly coloured tortoiseshell kitten, you joined our family at the age of eight weeks.
Delighted, we watched you grow and revelled in your antics - bringing home worms, mice and all kinds of creatures, patting our noses gently when the alarm clock rang.... at 6 months old, you survived the accident which meant that your tail had to be amputated, and showed your immense courage. Loyal and faithful, you were always there to share our joys and sorrows. Over the years, you became a dignified old lady, putting into place with a swipe of the paw any kitten or puppy who became too curious....despite your failing eyesight, you still enjoyed a stroll l on the field and sunbathing in the garden.
Last night at 11 p.m. you were sleeping peacefully. Sometime between then and 6 this morning, you left us, your time had finally come at nearly 18 years old.
God speed to the Bridge darling Bimbo... Till we meet again.
Your mistress Jeanne.

Bindi, 04/10/90-16/08/03

Bindi was a wonderful cat. A spunky brown tabby manx cat, who smiled and purred and won every heart he met. He was born in Dale's wardrobe. He fished for leaves in the gutters between gardens. He followed us around like a dog. He was best friends with a horse called Tom. When he died, he was buried with his little sister Possum, who'd died 7 years ago. It was so hard to say goodbye, but when you were suffering, I knew it was time. I will always love you.

Bindi boy, 08/15/03

Bindi boy, sweet boo-boo. Never doubt how much we loved you. Your sweet smile, your loud purr, you sitting on my pillow grooming my hair, like a feline hairdresser. You used up your full nine lives, as you explored, and played. You were at the vet when we got married ten years ago. You used to get into the shower. You would go fishing in puddles when you were young. You chased off dogs right up to the end. So many times you went to grandmas farm for holidays when Dale and myself took annual leave. You made it through bad tick poisoning 1/2 of your life ago, what a struggle that was! You outlived your sister Possum, and your adopted brother Leroy.
Today I had to say goodbye, so I spoke to you at the end. I reminded you about the Rainbow bridge, and to look for Possum, Leroy, and Jaydar. I would be there one day to see you again. But I couldn't let you suffer after you had the stroke. So I said goodbye today, and kissed you goodbye. The GREEN DREAM quietened your heartbeat, and I felt your spirit escape like a sigh. So my sweet boy, Rest in peace. May your spirit be free. I will never forget your lovely face, and your sweet purr and loving heart.
Love mum (pam).
I know you were ready to say goodbye. I love you so much. So did your dad.

Bingo, 08/01/86-11/08/04

My Dearest and be happy. I am with you in spirit. I love you.

Pauline Goss

Bingo, 05/79-11/2001

I didn't know I wouldn't be there to hold your paw when it was your time to go

Wendy Fowler

Bingo, 12/01-04/01

Bingo - We love you, and we miss you, and we hope you are having fun up there with Jesus. We wish you were here with us. I love you Bingo - Love Crystal, Anna and Scott

Bingo, 03/21/03

To Bingo, Greg's faithful friend. They made a terrific team and loved each other so much. Bingo, you will be missed... until we all reach the Rainbow Bridge.

From Greg's family.

Bingo Bradley, 12/02/91-11/24/03

Goodbye my best friend, I pray we will be together again. Part of my heart is gone and nothing will ever fill it. Thank you for your unconditional love, no one or thing in this world will ever love me like you did. I need you now more than ever!! Please wait for me I will be with you again.

Lisa Henry

Binks, 03/2002-02/22/03

Our little 1 year old Binks.
You were taken away from us too soon.
Our family has such an empty space without you.
We remember watching you play with your furry feline friends Mandy and Baby. Your best friend Angel kitty misses you so much. How sweet you were taking little cat naps in the babys crib. Always welcoming daddy and mommy home when they got home from work. Trying to get in the shower with the kids. Who says cats dont like water ? Cuddling up on Mommys lap. You were such a special little kitty.
Mommy's birthday is today and if she could have anything in the world it would be for you back in her arms.
The boys Patrick, Christopher and Sean miss you.
Mommy and Daddy miss you too.
You will remain in our hearts forever ..
We love you Binks always.............................

Binky, 01/07/96

He was my familiar

Susan Coleman

Binky, 06/17/00-11/04/03

Binky our little "Beep Beep" for 3 years you were such a joy to us. You were just a little stray that wondered up to our door, and the love you gave is still in our hearts.

Mike & Rhonda Haines

Birdie, 08/12/01

Birdie, we miss you so much. Can't believe your gone two years. We love you so much. Mommie and DaDa Always in our hearts forever.

Barbara Bruno-Quinones

Birdie, 06/01/98-05/09/03

Sweet Dear Birdie,

I miss you so much...I am so sorry I could not help you the night you passed on. Such a freak thing and I just knee we were going to grow old together. I have cried every day since you passed on. I love you my little baby, always playful, always kind, always cheerful and kissy.

Love, Susan

Birdy, 6/17/03

I would like to give tribute to our yellow parakeet, "Birdy", who being so little was so brave when being ill and, such a sweet and loving pet, until his last moments. May God bless our "Birdy."

Biscuit, 02/24/94-12/05/03

Biscuit was the most understanding pet I have ever had.
She just knew when I needed her, when to be there for me.
Even as she died, she put her paws around my neck, layed her head on my shoulder and just went to the bridge.
She will be so missed.


Biscuit, 10/01/83-09/20/03

Biscuit, you were with me for 20 years and I am very thankful for that. You were always there for me, purring with your tail way up in the air to show you were content. I am very happy to have had you as long as I did. It was very hard to say good-bye, but I know you are in a better place right now. You made us laugh when you didn't react to the injection the first time. You were letting us know just how strong you always were and that you were going to go when YOU were ready. Typical cat, but you never were that typical cat. You were always so friendly and lovable to all who came into our home. You always wanted a lap to sit on. I will truly miss you. I loved caring for you, even the last few months when you were going downhill. You adjusted to every situation with such grace. As long as you had me around, you were happy. I am sorry I can not be with you right now, but I would if I could. You are now in God's hands so my job as your mom is done. I love you and thank you so much for your unconditional love. Always. I love you, Biscuit. You will never be replaced.
Love, Carrie

Biscuit, 01/14/58-06/23/03

This is a tribute to Buscuit. I will always remember you putting your nose in my hand and finding me at the Humane Society. I will always love you and will forever miss you.

All of my love forever and always.

Teresa Kelly

Biscuit, 05/15/98-04/10/03

May God Bless my little friend who I grew to love so much (even though I was always a "cat hater".

Biscuit...I miss you little buddy and will always have a place in my heart for you.

Craig Smith

Bishop, 07/03/95-09/22/03

To my best friend -- I will miss you and love you forever

Ginger Walls

Bitsy, 09/04/03

My dearest sweet Bitsy I miss you so so much. You were such a sweet and wonderful friend. I felt as if you were just one of my children. Please forgive me for having to put you down. You were in such pain. Please remember I will love and miss you forever. Until we meet at the bridge, were I can hug and kiss you again
Your mommy always

Bitsy, 12/28/88-02/27/03

My little girl left me today. She was a light in my life, my constant snuggle. She gave me the warmth of a true friend, a love that I will carry forever in my heart. I know that she is waiting for me on the other side, and I cannot wait for the day that she will again take her paw, and scratch my leg, so that I may pick her up to give her a loving squeeze, and a kiss on the side of her head. I miss you Bitsy, there will never be another.
Love, your papa.

Bitzer Lehmann, 8/8/88-4/14/03

Words cannot express the passing of our Bitzer. He surely was a friend of our parents who loved them dearly. Aunt Pat we will never let Bitzer go from our memories or hearts. Please make sure that you believe that Bit is happy, healthy and having a good time with all our loved ones that he met at the gate.

Bitzy, 21/05/95-08/06/02

You are with us forever. Oh Heart! I see u, I feel so bad I let u go, Sylvia loves u forever. We will all be together one day, Dougie says Hi, I think he will be the next to join u. My Darlings.

Ruby Adey

Bix, 07/04/91-04/09/03


You were taken so suddenly and our grief is intense! We never wanted to believe that this day would someday come where we have to say goodbye. You were such a wonderful and devoted part of our family and you will always be after day, hour after hour. You had style, you had grace, you were a stubborn old dog; but no one could ever take your place! We hope that you have some woods in heaven to romp and run...your most favorite thing to do!!! By the way, Beavis misses you too...he will miss you too. "YOU WERE AND ALWAYS WILL BE OUR (NUMBER #1).

Please wait for us Bix; as we look forward to seeing you again at the Rainbow Bridge in Heaven.


Love Daddy, Mom, Beavis, and Papa

B.J., 12/19/94-11/19/03

I Never Knew

I never knew how loud silence could be,
it's something I'm learning, since you left me.
No click of your nails on the kitchen floor,
no sound of your paws scratching the back door.

No bark of warning as strangers pass by,
no settling into bed to the sound of your sigh.
And during the night I wake no more
to the comforting sound of your gentle snore.
Instead I wake to the sound of my tears,
as I dream of the sounds from our happy years.
Not only do I miss the touch and sight of you ...
I miss the sounds that left with you, too.

I never knew how loud silence could be,
just one more lesson you taught to me.
So many things I learned from you,
like the sound of silence ...
I've learned that, too.
Oh, B.J., my little "Sugar-butt..."
Mama misses you so much.
I am so sorry I couldn't find you and protect you, honey.
I searched for days, not knowing you weren't far...
If I'd only found you, you'd still be here with me.
I'll never understand why God took you from me when you're all I had left in this world.
My heart is shattered and I long to cuddle with you, play with those cute floppy ears, see you "sit pretty" for another treat or more attention, and just see your sweet excited face when I come home.
I can't say good-bye, just yet...
I have to believe you're still with me, if only in spirit. I don't know how I'm going to make it without your love, devotion, and companionship, but I do know this...
Heaven better have plenty of "Bi-kits."

I'll always love you, baby.
Love, Mama

BJ, 02/10/98-09/22/03

BJ, there is an empty place in my heart since you have left me. You were the best friend a person could ever have, and I thank God every day that you were in my life.

Betty Allen

BJ, 08/02/87-07/10/94

BJ was Katie's Brother. He too was a sweetheart Cat. He had such a funny personality. He loved to play especially with trash cans, knocking them over. We use to call him "Fat Cat" because he loved his food, even his Sister's.
He lost the use of his back legs and that is why he is gone early in his life. He always knew when we were sick and would curl up with us to try and make us feel better. He was quite a Cat!

Tom & Glenda Sprayberry

BJ, 07/14/03

You blessed my life 17 years ago when I was a 12-year-old child who needed a cat to love. I will never forget how much you have given me by just being there, in good days and in bad. I will miss you so much but I know that I will see you again someday and we will be together forever.


B.J, 02/27/97-11/18/01

Take good care of Muffin

Elfriede Marterer

BJ, 03/?/87-02/?/03

To a wonderful friend, he will be missed. Love Family & Friends

B.J. Greenfield, 9/5/87-6/26/03

B.J......what a delicious, spicy puppy you were to mommy, daddy, matty and I. We miss you more with every passing day and would give anything to turn back the clock to have more time with you. You were like a dream to came to us when we were grieving over having lost our first pooch, Brutus, and we fell in love with you so instantly. What was not to were so sweet, spicy, kind and snuggly and such a bundle of love and energy. We will never ever forget you and lose sight of how special you were. You were so tired at the end and we knew we had to give you the rest you soooo deserved, even though it killed us to do so. The reality that you are really gone makes me cry everyday and I look at your pictures constantly and talk to you. I know you hear me...we had something so special! You were and forever will be my baby beenie boy, my little angel who I know is running around "up there" like the puppy I remember! You meant everything to us and we were the luckiest people in the world to have had you as part of our hearts and our lives. We miss you so, will never let you go and will treasure all of the memories we have with and of you. Rest peacefully little baby boy and know that we carry you in our hearts and thoughts and we will be together again one day. We can't wait to sniff, kiss and hold you again! xoxoxoxoxoxo, jenny, matty, mommy and daddy

B.J. (Lee) Sinclair, 10/11-01/14/03

This old dog of mine, left in his own time. Our hearts are broken where he will always be, someday we'll be reunited with our big buddy, Lee.

Pam, John, Coco & Barney

Black, 01/08/84-12/06/03

For 18 years - over half my life - you gave me unconditional love. So many wonderful memories an yet your suffering the last 3 days is the one so vivid. Your sweet smell is on my shirt. Your were so beautiful today, even when your heart gave out. You always were a classy lady. I miss you so very much. I love you and will be with you soon. Say hi to papa, grandma, tay, red & peanut. 143-24

Kimberly Huntington

Black, 11/07/03

Our hearts are braking. Our eyes full of tears.
We will miss you very much.

Donna & Frank

Blackbeard's Black Thunder (Thunder), 06/18/93-05/27/03

I could not be without you now that you are
a part of my life
I could not face lifes misery nor stay clear
of all of its strife

you give me love as I have never known
and you give it totally
you see me through with such gentle eyes
but it is the real me

it doesn't seem to matter to you
just what I might be
you can't see my many faults
because you just see me

you're not weighted down with selfish thoughts
just unselfish love
and I can do more than think
you are a gift from up above

You are my soul and my guiding light
my one true friend
you're there for me no matter what
you're my Newfoundland.

Blackberry, 12/16/03

Buddy, how you made me laugh from the day you showed up in the yard with your 3 brothers and Momma. We lost your brother Spider in Oct. now you. I thought you were unhappy because I kept you in the house so you were not killed by a car like Spider, I had no idea how sick you were. I do know you loved me. How you attacked the dish towels hanging from the cabinet and fridge, "who's got grandma's towels" and there you would be hanging onto them with your claws. The way you would turn around and look at me with those beautiful eyes. You had such a dry sense of humor I never saw in any other cat. We have not told Sparky yet, but we think he knows. He has been looking for you. You were my buddy, my love, and I am so happy to have had you in my life, that you let me scratch that belly, and love you and be loved by you. You were special to me, my buddy, I will miss you forever, but will hold your love in my heart forever.

Lauraine Griffin

Blackberry Muffin, 04/24/87-03/12/03

My Muffin was the greatest and I miss her terribly. I'm having a hard time dealing with her loss. I still have my other poodle Cocoa. I love him but I can't get over losing Muffin.

Patty Cole

Black Cat, 10/15/88-10/03/03

Black Cat, you were my best friend for 15 years. Every time I peel a potatoe or eat a cucumber, I will think of you. I will miss you at night keeping my feet warm. I look forward to the day I see you again. My Ladybug will take care of you till then. Love Debbie I love you

Blackcat, 07/05/03

Oh, Blackcat - you gave us so much love and joy - our lives will never be the same. You will always be in our hearts and we love you with our souls!

Wendy and Rob Garcia

Blackie, 09/03/02-12/05/03

Dearest Blacks. I had my doubts about keeping you at first, but you soon won everyone's hearts and filled our lives with endless joy. You're the best pal anyone can ask for, and even if you stayed with us for a short one year, losing you so unexpectedly pains us so much. I know there will never be another dog like you, you're special and unique in your own Blackie way. You're nothing we expected at first, with your "alligator bites" when you were a puppy, your gorgeous big nose and floppy lips that dribbles whenever you watch us eat, and your constant energy that gave us quite a few bruises. I have so many regrets now that you're gone, and I blame myself so much for your passing. You saved my life, and I can never repay you...ever. I'm alive now because of you. It seems like you saved my life, only to end yours so soon. I'm still heartbroken of why you suddenly died. We know you will find peace under your favourite orange tree. You always loved to eat those oranges, you even pick them from the tree yourself when we weren't looking, remember? I will always remember you, and cherish the memories you have given us. I love you, Blackie.

Lily Chau

Blackie, 01/11/03

You were loved so much and always will be


Blackie, 11/15/03

Friend and fearless protector.

Tori, Ally, Karyn & John

Blackie, 09/05/03

I love Blackie so much. She had the feline aids virus (also known as the leukemia virus) that she contracted from her mother. My family and I were blessed with having her for a year and a half. My step-mother and I found her at the bank, and she was friendly, so we petted her and got back in the car and were going to leave when another patron of the ATM at our bank started kicking at her to get away from him because she was rubbing on her leg. We are animal lovers and already have 9 other cats (all indoors). We couldn't stand the sight of this, so we had to take her home with us. Then about a month after having her we had her tested for all cat illnesses and found out she had AIDS. All of our other cats are perfectly healthy, but it is extremely sad for me because she was my cat. These last two days have been very depressing for me. I miss her so much and want just to see her so badly. Please keep her and me in all of your thoughts. Thank you.

Blackie, 04/01/03-08/27/03

Blackie showed up in our yard when he was only about 5 weeks old. We could not find his mom. He was walking on 3 legs. With our hearts full of love we welcomed him into our home with 6 other cats....

He reminded us that we could still love another baby kitten. He gave us much needed laughter and love. About 2 weeks ago we started to notice that something was wrong.

After a trip to an emergency vet and a second and third opinion we were advised that he had FIP and he should be put down. We could not bring ourselves to do this, but today, after he stopped eating and his bladder had started to fail we had to put him to rest. He was such a trooper and tried so hard to greet us and come lay with us. He needed us as much as we needed him.

It is amazing that having 6 other cats that the house has an emptiness without him. We are so grateful that he chose us to come to and so thankful that we had the opportunity to love him. We will all miss his tiny presence .... it is amazing how a tiny kitten's presence can fill the room.

Sandra & Nicole Delaney & Grammy

Blackie, 04/28/98-09/03/02

2 pets I'm lighting a candle for, so they can see their way across the rainbow bridge and to a land with no pain…Sharon Morrow's Doodah and our very own special kitty who thought he was a human-Blackie Joe Nordstrom.

Cheri Nordstrom

Blackie and Piglet, 02/87 and 03/2001 to 08/18/03 and 08/04/03

We love and miss you dearly, special friends.

Blackjack, 1/25/88-12/31/02

My constant companion and Best Friend in the whole world.

Blackjack, 02/03/03

You were a precious gift from God. You are a gentleman, wise and loving. We love you, and miss you so much.--r3, Will and Bart

Blacky, 03/95-11/07/03

My beautiful baby, you had a rough beginning and I was privileged to take care of you. You gave me more than eight years of laughter and joy and I am missing you so very much. I am sorry I had to let you go, I wasn't ready to lose you but I didn't want you to suffer just to keep you with me a little while longer. Thank you my sweet darling for the love and companionship you gave us. I'll always love you and think of you and eagerly wait for the day when I can hold you in my arms knowing you are happy and healthy again. When Spring comes again I will plant the most beautiful fragrant flowering tree I can find so that you will be sunning in its branches forever. I love you my beautiful Blacky,

Blacky, 02/27/88-03/01/03

I loved my dog from the bottom of my heart she was there from when I was born to yesterday I am 15 now and my dog had cancer and had to be put down I hope she is in doggie heaven and I will never forget her as the best dog that ever lived

Love Jeff

Blacky the Cat, 1997 to 26th May 2003

We gave you a good home while we could. You were not with us long enough for us to give you all the love we had for you. Such a good, sweet, loving cat, determined to move on from your past experiences.

Missing you always. Mummy and Daddy.

Blaine, 05/14/89-12/02/03

Blaine, our only boy!
Sadly missed.

Don and Judy

Blaizw, 04/01/99-11/29/03

For a very special animal who suffered with a sickness which caused him to feel bad often but was always happy. He was always there for his mom with a tail wag and bunches of kisses. I miss you so very much!

Sheila Bennett

Blake Bunny Rabbit, 07/16/03

Dear Blakie,

I love you very much. You brought me so much joy. I miss you!

Blanca, 07/09/89-07/19/03

Blanca you were our puppy and our first child. You gave us 14 years of love, happiness, and affection. It's so hard to believe that you're gone. We will love you forever and there will not be a day that you are not thought of. We hope you find your pals up there in doggie heaven - Dusty (our beloved pup for five years), Kisha (grandma's pup) and your neighbor pal, Kayla. Run, play and wait for us...We Love You!
Susie(mommy), Joey(daddy), the kids, and Sheba

Blanca, 6/16/03-8/19/89

I miss my first baby so desperately, my shadow has disappeared. You will always be in my heart.

Blaze, 10/31/03

I miss you so much!!!!!!!!!!


Blaze, 05/30/99-10/03/03

Blaze was a wonderful boy and I'll never own another dog with as much heart as he had. He loved doing agility, splashing around in the surf, playing ball, and herding. We lost him at such a young age to severe epilepsy. I'll never look at another red Border Collie without feeling the loss of Red Blaze. His wonderful big hearted spirit will live with me always. I won't remember him sick, but running around the farm, with a smile on his face, the wind in his hair, running unencumbered, running, running.................. "Another turning point, a fork stuck in the road. Time grabs you by the wrist, directs you where to go. So make the most of this test and don't ask why. It's not a question, but a lesson learned in time. It's something unpredictable, but in the end is right. I hope you had the time of your life."

Karen Denton

Blaze, 1993-01/24/03

Blaze was my Mom's and Dad's special friend in their old age. We lost my Mom on Sept. 25, 2001 and my Dad recently on Dec. 16, 2002. Blazey was lost without my Mom but rallied for my Dad who had Altzheimer's disease. Over the last year he was brought to my Dad in his assisted living facility for visits every week. He was a loving cheerful companion and did everything he could to cheer my grieving father. My Dad died on Dec. 16, 2002 and Blazey pass away Jan 24, 2003 - I believe my parents needed him with them. They belong together and are now all at peace.

Ellen Martin

Blazer, 10/20/88-06/09/03

Blazer was a guide dog, one of those very special dogs that lead blind people to wherever they need to go. Just a word about this term. Many people refer to these dogs as "seeing eye dogs" but those are actually only the dogs that come from that particular school in Morristown, NJ, but the correct term for all dogs of this type is actually guide dog. Blazer was born in Newfoundland, Canada on October 20, 1988 and I got him just two days after my 36th birthday on April 14, 1990 from Canine Vision Canada, the guide dog school in the Toronto area. What a birthday present he turned out to be. Blazer was very intelligent, intuitive, sensitive and loving. He has been an ice breaker for me for so long, and has caused me to meet literally hundreds of people that I'm sure I otherwise would never have met. His love was unconditional, his work bordered on the unbelievable. He seemed to be able to understand normal conversations between people, and the things that he figured out were uncanny. It seems that the more words for stores and businesses that I taught him, the more he wanted to learn. He was like a sponge the way he soaked things up. Blazer and I had that rare kind of relationship that I'm sure he knew what I was thinking more often than I will probably ever know. Several dog owners said that watching us communicate was like watching a single mind, a single spirit at work. He truly was my soul mate. Often, a person doesn't have that kind of relationship with a guide dog until his or her third or fourth dog. But for me to have had it with my very first dog is highly unusual.

I know that the quality of life for Blazer in the last month of his life really started to go down, because his back legs weren't very strong. He could hardly get up off the floor and he couldn't always make it outside in time. He was too dignified a dog to have accidents in the house, and I know he knew that that was the wrong thing to do, but the poor thing just couldn't help it. My room mates were anything but understanding of him which only added to the pressure he was under and the negative vibes he must have been feeling. I knew that the time had come to have him put down, and at about 6:20 PM on Monday, June 9, 2003 with four of his closest friends around him and his head on my knee, he went very peacefully in the huge back yard that he had loved so much for these past six years. The event was very beautiful thanks to one of the most caring and sensitive vets I have ever known. He really loved women very much, and did everything within his power to make women gravitate to him. There are so many Blazer stories that I could tell here, but there isn't the time or space.

Blazer was a part of my very soul, and I feel like I've lost not only my best friend, but the only friend I have had for six years here in Georgetown. He lived as long as he could, for a good fourteen and a half years, and I couldn't ask for anything more than that. He did more to improve the quality of my life than I ever would have imagined possible when I first began training with him, and the beautiful thing is, he did it absolutely unconditionally. I will miss him terribly, and he will always remain in my heart!

Sam Ward

Blazer, 02/28/93-04/12/03

Dear Blazer,

You found us at the pound, looking for a cat. So much of your short life had already been behind bars. Your beautiful face, your relentless energy, your strength of spirit, and the depth of your character. Mere words to describe the indescribable.

From the day you rode home with us and barfed all over the car and Kris, to the final day at the vet, where you lay your head in my lap and took your final breath, you were as gentle and peaceful as the breeze on a spring day.

For all the times that I yelled at you for doing dumb dog things, my heart cries out to you for forgiveness. For all of your accidents, please, dear Blazer, know that I still loved you. For all the times that we left you at home while we went to do our human things, your smile when we returned was like a beacon. Through all of the pain of your final days, you never hesitated to still give us your unquestioning love.

The open space in Mom's sewing room will forever be yours. When I went to wake Andy, this morning, I stepped over the place where you liked to lay at the base of the stairs, only to realize you were no longer there. The floor of the entryway, once warmed by the fire in your soul, was very cold. The bag of un-chewed tennis balls in the garage will remain un-chewed. Looking around the house, I see you everywhere, I wait to trip over you as I round a corner, I still look behind me in the kitchen to make sure that I won't step on you as I turn, I sense you watching over us as we mourn our loss.

Our kitties, Skatter, Nona, and Tank miss you very much. They now roam the house, calling your name, hoping to find you in a place they haven't yet looked.

No more are you held back by your painfully, failing earthly body, as you are now free to run, and play in the sun. You have more new friends than you ever thought possible. Your days are never lonely; you can have spaghetti for dinner every night, all the grapes you can eat, an endless supply of Fritos, mountains of tennis balls, and a soccer field where you reign supreme.

You will live in our hearts forever, as we wait for the day when we are reunited. I dream of the day when I can put my face in your fur, feeling the warmth of your soul radiating outward, and your heart beating beneath my hands. The scores of people, whose lives you touched throughout the years, are richer for having known you, and your family and I consider ourselves the richest of all. Richer for the joy your brought into our lives without asking anything in return; richer for the love that you gave without question or hesitation; richer for the energy you carried with you into every corner of your life.

Dear sweet Blazer, our Blazer-face, our face-dog, our puppy-dog, our Blaze, our light, and our life. You've passed to a better place, although the pain of your passing lingers with us. Your purpose was fulfilled, your job was complete. In time, the pain of our loss will ease, and the memories of your love and beauty will hold us up when we feel down. Until that time, though, our hearts ache, and our eyes fill with tears, for the love that we lost can no longer lick our face, cleanup spilled food, play tug-of-war, greet us with a smile, or rest against our feet.

For all our human failings, you still loved us like we could never hope to love you in return.

Play hard, buddy. We'll join you in time.

Dad (Stuart), Mom (Linda), Kris, and Andy

Bleu Kiely, 2/14/89-3/3/03

To a True and Trusted lil friend.

Blinky, 05/01/03

Blinky, I miss you so much. You have been with me through me finding myself. You showed me the true potential of me. You are a part of who I am. Blinky, my baby you will always be.

Love your Mommy

Blitz (Sweet Rocky Von Blitz), 04/15/91-09/01/03

To my darling dog-boy, so valiant, so brave: sweet baby Blitz, you cannot know the joy you brought to me for twelve and a half years. If your life purpose was to teach unconditional love, you succeeded beyond measure! Your love always blanketed me and delighted me, and I know that Jim (your dad) loved to watch how you delighted me, and how gloriously you loved me, and us, and how you showed that love. I hope so much that you truly know how much we loved and love you. Even as you were so ill, so suddenly ill, you still gave me kisses. With this I send a million kisses, forever snuggles, forehead-to-forehead touches. Please, Blitz, do not feel discouraged as you wait for me, for us, at the bridge. We will come...til then, please find a warm and sunny spot where you do not have to 'pull the sunshine' across the floor to your spot on the rug, a sunny spot where you can wait for us. We love you, I love you, always, Dee (mom)

Blitzen (Blitzie), Fathers Day 1991-01/07/03

Blitzie was the most special dog I have ever encountered. Regardless of his current activity, the minute he spotted or heard us, the THUMP THUMP THUMP of his tail could be heard throughout the house.
He loved each of us expecting nothing but love (and food!) in return. For that, I will always painfully feel his absence. He was so happy just to be near us.
He was, in all senses of the word, our buddy and companion.
We did all we could to treat the bone cancer and something else snuck up and took him from us. He now waits for his Dad on the Rainbow Bridge with his big brother, Saxon. He probably has his Hedgehog or his Grinch Twin in his mouth and his Corgie dog at his feet.
We love you, Blitzie Boy, and our lives will never be quite so full again. We miss you so much, baby boy.

Dean Belt & Kathy Maue

Blitzen Reynolds, rescued 11/5/01-7/2/03

Blitz was a rescued dog who had been abused. After several weeks with my family he began to trust us. He was the most loyal and grateful pet I have ever loved. He died suddenly of mesenteric torsion this morning following emergency surgery. His courage and dedication to me enabled me to love an animal once again. In the end, I think he rescued me. I miss him dearly. God Bless you Blitz.

Blizzard, 04/10/91-06/07/03

For my very special boy - always at my side, always in my heart, always and forever loved. The joy in my life, the love you gave us, we will miss you and mourn you forever.

Helen Williams

Blondie, 11/28/03

Blondie was a special dog. My Dad brought her home to be with my Mom in 1989. She was in wheelchair at the time with LUPUS! She was wonderful company to my Mom and never left her side during her illness that took her life on Jan. 2002. As a promise to my Mom, Blondie came to my house to live (next door). She helped me cope with the lost of my Mother and I'm sure I helped her too. She went into Kidney Failure and in her own way let me know it was time to go be with my Mom. I held her in my arms as the Vet put her to sleep. I feel like I lost Mom all over again! My heart is broken but Blondie lived a wonderful life and touched so many lives in here 14 yrs. She will be missed but I believe she is in Heaven with my Mom, both of them free of pain and waiting for me someday.

Sherry Skinner Emory

Blondie, 05/01/91-01/11/03

Blondie, you were so much larger in life than your tiny physical frame. You brought me through so much ... times of grief, joy and growth, and you kept me from ever feeling lonely. You saw me through so many stages of my life. Without you, I wouldn't be where or who I am today. You were my baby and my best friend before I had your "Daddy," and before we had our human child. You gave me love, and gave me the joy of having someone to pour my love into. You also were an incredible blessing to your "Daddy." You got into his heart and gave him someone else to love in a way he didn't have before you and I came into his life. You did the work of a million angels in our lives, Blondie. I know you're sitting in Mua's lap right now and that you're both breathing easily and free of pain in your perfect bodies. I miss you so much, though, Blondie. Thank you for being my blonde puppy girl, for loving me and for being so accommodating for your impatient Mommie. I think you had a good, happy life with me, and I beg you to understand my imperfection if I did anything wrong. Oh, how I wish you were still here to bark and wake up the baby. I would have never been ready to give you up. We'll all be together again one day, though, Blondie. Please look over us, especially Dailey, and help him to be as good of a puppy dog as you were. You will live in our hearts forever. -- Mommie and Daddy

Bloody (Bloublou), 20.12.2001 - 30.01.2003

le petit rat adore a mon meilleur pote est mort jeudi 30.01.03 a l'age de 25mois, suite a une tumeur non operable, il nous manque deja tellement on l'aimait tant c'est le calvaire de perdre un petit compagnon que l'on aime tant. il s'appelait BLOODY (BLOUBLOU) petit rat de 700grammes un MALE tres beau avec une belle colerette avait vu le jour vers le 20.12.2001; il s'est éteint paisiblement chez le véterinaire(ca aurait ete mieux a la maison bien sur) le 30.01.2003 a avait donc était très calin, adorait passer des heures a se faire caresser par son papa,c'etait un adorable petit amour et nous allons le pleurer encore beaucoup! il nous manque deja tellement,on l'adorait le bloublou.Merci de le mettre sur l'arc en ciel, parce que si y a quelqu'un qui a le droit d'aller rejoindre les autres petits ratons sur l'arc en ciel, au paradis des animaux,c'est bien bloody, notre bloublou adore, le gentil petit rat adore de noel son maitre! merci pour lui!

Blossom, 11/28/89-12/23/03

Your loving, kind spirit is missed, and your kisses in my face and head bumbs, too. The fight we had to get you well from Feline Aids and won was a great triumph, and also the ones we had and won when your immune system had its bouts afterwards, except for this last one that we both lost, but especially you who are now gone. It was sudden and fast, all within one day. You have been my best friend for 13 years, whereof the last 7 years were special after the Feline Aids incident. You were sidetracked and misguided by someone else, but I always loved you no matter what, as I still and always will. You're my 3rd loved one I lost within the last 5 years besides your daughter Miesje and my Mom. But I will always love and think of you, especially now.
You have a special place in my heart and life forever.

Blossom, 02/14/03-12/01/03

Blossom, I thought you would live forever, I wish. I have so many memories of your cute ways, queen on the pillow with your rhinestone barrett, jumping to bite a man's seat of pants, and the way you would run around like a youngster after I would hold you in your last days. You can see, hear and not fall over now. I know you are beautiful now and will always be in my heart. You were so feminine, a princess. I will always love you. I will see you again.


Blu, 10/01-07/28/03

Dear Blu,
You were my bouncing baby boy, so full of life. You were the bright spot for me every morning and the final thought in my head each night. I will miss you more than you will ever know, I feel like a piece of my heart has been torn from my body. I can't wait until the day I can play fetch with you again, and watch you swim and you can make me smile and laugh everyday. I love you sweet boy and miss you so very much.

Marleen Cassarino

Blu, 1988 to 14th March 2003


You have been a joy to have for the last 14 years. You are missed by all your pals, Ben, Jack and Rustybuck. You are back with Ben and playing with Toby. Look forward to seeing you at the bridge. Love you always, Mum and Dad

Blue, 12/02/03

Goodbye my beloved boy. Our time together was precious to me. You helped me through some rough times. I hope you will be happy and find peace over the rainbow bridge.

Love Mommy

Blue, 05/23/95-11/03/03

No dog ever gave more, Blue.
Your bravery in fighting OS taught me to live in the moment and make every day count for something.
You've been an example of courage to so many people.
Just a little blue dog, but you left your mark.
You are free, my friend... pain can no longer keep you a prisoner.
My heart weeps... I can't believe you're gone.

Blue, 09/01/91-10/10/03

To our wonderful family member Blue, Ending your journey here on earth today was the hardest thing I have ever done. After Dad left with you today I so much wanted to call him and tell him to bring you back home, But I realized that I was just being selfish. You were such a special part of our lives for 12 years that I didn't want it to end. I still remember the day you arrived by UPS truck. You were scared and bit me, I was angry with you and decided that I didn't like you very much, but I came to love you very much. We will never forget you, you will always be in our hearts and someday we will see you again, until we do have fun and remember I love you.

Tammy Ball

Blue, 09/01/88-09/25/03

My sweet Blue. How I wish you could have remained with us forever. How wonderful that you were your same happy self until your last day.
We miss your happy waking up noises- We've never had a dog so eager to great each day with smiles and wags. We miss that silly huffing noise you made through your lips that made us laugh.
We miss you jumping up and down when dinnertime approached.
Most of all we miss just your happy, even, sweet presence.
I hope you can find Jody and Jeddah and know that we will all be together again.
Love you forever,

Blue, 04/05/98-06/07/02

Blue was my daughter and myself's companion. She was a very special dog to us. She had the most unique personality. We lost her in a very tragic farming accident. I still feel the pain in my heart everyday. Blue, I will never forget you. Until we meet again.

Debbie and Katie

Blue, 02/09/03

In Loving Memory of Blue.

Blue was a cat who had traveled some miles. He came to live here purely by chance. He was unwanted by his original family and had lived a very tough life. He found affection difficult as he had never known it before he came to live with us. He was independent, a survivor. The cat with 9 lives! We loved him, we cared for him and we will miss him.

Blue, may Maddy and Ben and Fatty take care of you at the Rainbow Bridge. You have earned your rest and deserve much love and care. Please know that in the few months that you have lived with us we have known how much you have loved it here. You worked so hard. You made friends with new faces, you went from being a cat who lived in fear, to a cheeky and lovable boy.

You deserve this tribute because you meant something to us.

Peace be yours big boy. May your days be filled with love and sunshine.

Missed. Loved.

The Kay Family.

Blue, 01/01/03

A Brief Friend

Chris Parker

Bluebeauties Little Hero, 06/09/03-06/25/03

My Little Hero was with us for such a short time. Born the runt of the litter and too tiny and undeveloped to survive amongst a litter of big fat healthy kittens. All efforts to help him nurse failed and he passed without ever opening his sweet baby eyes even though at two weeks they should have been, without ever knowing how much he was loved or how I was fighting with him. May God please keep him safe for me and let him know how deeply he is loved and missed.

Blueberry, 03/01/88-09/29/03

The world is so quiet and lonely with you gone.
Never have I loved an animal so deeply. And I was never loved so much in return.
You were my pride and joy and I will never forget you.
Please know that mommy did not want you to suffer, this is why I had to let you go.
I hope that when my time comes you will greet me in heaven and jump into my lap and give me kisses.
I will love you forever!!!!!!
Your mommy, Vicki

Blue Eyes, 08/05/00-03/09/02

Oh, Blue, I miss you so very much. Thank you for blessing my life the way you did. I'm sorry I couldn't save you. I'm sorry you suffered so much. I love little you forever. Take care of Bootsie, now. You didn't know him in life, but I loved you both so much.

Becky Warner

Blue Haze, 11/11/01-08/25/03

Haze, we miss you sooooo much. we miss you smelling the flowers, barking at the rain, playing with your woobie, and snuggling up with me and daddy and heather. you were and still are our truest friend and we cant wait to see you again. your loss is truly felt every day. we love you soooooooooo much. love, mom, dad and heather.

Blue Murray, 12/11/91-07/03/03

My sweet boy Blue, you will never be forgotten, you will be missed everyday and loved forever. Truely you are "Man's Best Friend". Thank you for all the years of your loyalty and being so forgiving, caring and loving. I'll see you again one day my sweet boy.

Blue Sky, 08/10/96-10/21/02

Sweetheart, I'm so sorry you became ill. If only something could have been done, but both your doctors found your illness too late to save you. I know you suffered, and I am very sorry for that, though I hope my presence supporting and holding you eased your pain even just a little.

Mommy will never forget you...your voice, your personality, or your presence. You are missed and always will be.

Goodbye for now, my sweet little boy... :(

Bluestar, 02/14/88-03/22/03

With as much dignity as Bluestar walked through her 15 years one month and eight days on this earth, that is how she left it - always trying to please us.

She made sure she saw both her parents after the fatal shot and then she was gone. Oh, so, peacefully.

The irony is that it was 15 years exactly to the day that she came into our lives that she decided to leave us.

So her hurting parents ask for kind thoughts for us and to aid our Bluestar on her journey to the Rainbow Bridge.

Linda Steves

Bo, 03/15/00

Bo Dog, It's mommy. I miss you so much, and love you so much. I know you have crossed over the rainbow bridge. You were such a good boy. You and Savannah both helped mommy through a very difficult illness, and if it weren't for you guys I probably wouldn't have progressed as far as I have. Mommy loves and misses you.

Bo, 12/26/90-12/23/03

To our sweetest angel.

Lou, Mary, Joe Bottino

Bo (Boseph), 08/2003

I know you will always live in my heart for you will always give me strength on and off the football field.
I love you so much that I will never forget you and the love you gave me.
For your in Gods hands now and I see you as that star that always catches my eye at night.
I love you BO.
love and miss u forever

Joshua Kerley

Bo, 10/18/03

I lost my precious Bo to some unknown liver ailment.
He was so sick, I had to
put him to sleep.
IT was the hardest decision I ever had to make but seeing him have his seizure was one of the worst things I have ever seen.
I loved my baby and still fell guilty about not having the possible $2000 to have him tested and operated. Please say a prayer that he is in peace and knows I did everything I could and I loved him very much

Mary Greene

Bo, 10/18/95-11/27/03

Thank you to my Bo Bo Mr. Velvet Ears for all the years of love and support.
I will miss you and love you always.
You were the bestest dog in the whole world.
Ty Fry your brother will miss you too and sends you his love.
You've touched us forever.
Please watch over us until we meet again.
Love Dad

Bo, 08/16/89-06/05/03

Farewell to my baby boy
June 5, 2003 6:07pm

There is a place called Rainbow Bridge. Remember when you were little and you would dart straight up the tree and climb out as far as you could go? Well, you're doing that right now, I'm sure. But you'll never get caught out on the branches again. You can see for miles. See the mountains and the birds and the sky goes on forever, I bet. And you'll never hurt again. You'll have tuna fish and tender vittles and all the dresser drawers you want to sleep in. Look for little PeeWee; she beat you there. Gave you her mama, in fact.

I miss you terribly, my baby. You were with me so long. You slept next to me on your pillow and you woke me up in the morning with kisses on the nose and yelled real loud if I covered my head. Those words you typed on my keyboard never really made sense, but I always knew what you were saying.

We got through your daddy's death together. me laying on the bed crying, you curled up under my arm or laying on my back. Later, it was just me, you and Sami and we had to learn to do so much. You were never far from me. You were always by my side and in my heart.

I can't go with you yet, baby boy. But your daddy has picked you up by now, I'm sure. Tell him I am doing well. And I will come later. Wait for me at Rainbow Bridge. I miss you terribly, my boy, but I know I had to help you one last time. I will always love you.

Your mama cat

Bo, 04/91-01/07/03

Bo was a "special-needs" dog and my best friend for 10 years when my life was in turmoil. He always stood by me.

D J Krepin

Bo, 03/20/03

Bo was a special part of our family. He only wanted love, food and a clean safe place to live out his life. He came to us as a stray and stayed to become a true part of our family. Rather that watch him suffer needlessly from feline leukemia we chose to release him from his pain and suffering this afternoon. He will be sorely missed not only by his human family but by his bestest buddy, Bitsy.

Anita P

Bo, 2002

Bo was a beautiful chocolate dog that I fell in love with at the pound. He was an abused dog an was available to experienced owners only. He had also fallen in love with me so we were both eager to go home together. At first he would not leave my side, I even had to go with him to go potty. If let out by himself he would squeeze as close to the door as he could get and not move. He was perfect with me but it took a year or so for him to notice an respond to other people, the exception being strange men who he considered dangerous and would defend me from. For a while I had to muzzle him. He never bit anyone ever but to make sure I did this until he learned that all men were not cruel. Which he did eventually learn.
In fact he came to love my husband altho he was always my special love. I became crippled and Bo taught himself how to help me. Stabilizing me when I was unsteady, acting as a climbing aide and always loving and staying by my side.
He was an amazing dog and I loved him with all my heart. I took him to the vet to have a wart removed and they killed him. They would not let me have and insisted he had to stay overnight for 'observation'. They decided to change his bandage as the wound (for a wart ?)was bleeding thru. He would not let them so they anesthetized him again. It had been only an hour or so since his 1st and then they left him to die alone and unaided. If he had been with me he would not have died. He became lethargic & depressed when I was not with him and even tho I had worked with to overcome this, he still did it. The additional meds killed him. For a wart removal. I will miss him forever. My funny old man dog is waiting for me at the bridge and as I heard one man say, there has to be animals in heaven because anyplace without my Bo would not be heaven.
Cheryl Schoelles

Bo, 09/86-12/97

Forever loved

Mary Hutchison

Bob, 12/14/03

Bob was such a special boy. He had so many human qualities, and would act much like a kid at times, being funny. He loved to run his nose along in the snow, he loved to play with his brother Eddie. He loved to play in the yard, barking and biting at your feet. He was an excellent swimmer. He was just such a big part of my life, and now he's gone to a tumor. He died in Mommy's arms yesterday. He is buried with three brothers (Ringo, Waylon and SevenToes) and a sister (Peppi). I am going to miss you so much, Bob. I love you so much. I will see you at the Bridge soon, my big Bob man.

Donna Wallace

Bob, 10/06/91-11/03/03

In loving memory to our beautiful Bobby. He loved his people & they adored him.

If he loved you, you knew it & he gave out his kisses discriminately.
I attended his birth & I assisted in his passing. He will never be forgotten. we love him forever.

Maria Miller

Bob, 09/12/03

I lost my wonderful, beautiful poodle Larry on June 27, 2003 to diabetes. Then unexpectedly, my vivacious, outgoing, life of the party, Pomeranian Bob's trachea collapsed. He went through surgery just fine, but died three weeks later from a stroke. Today is the 3rd week anniversary of his death. My heart is so heavy and hurts so much for the loss of these two companions. They were not dogs to me. They were my best friends, confidantes, etc. I pray to God to Grant Me Peace from the hurt that continues plague me. I also have a 12 year old tsi tsu (sp) and 11 year old schnoodle. I know that they cannot be with me forever, but I can't stand the thought of losing one of them right now.

Debbie Baker

Bob, 04/23/93-09/13/03

Our beloved Bob, our gentle soul, you will always be in our hearts- we will all meet again some day.

Bob, 17/03/81-26/08/99

Always in our thoughts, love and miss you every day....

Ron May Jackson

Bobber, 12/19/02

Bobber, remember to find that special bed up there and save me a spot. I'll be there some day and we will go "seepy" together. I love you so much. I miss you! -Daddy


My little Bobbie we miss u an love u an we pray u will get the help u need we cry for u an because we could not keep an give u that help know always in your little happy heart that we love an miss u get well our precious baby

Faye and Alan

Bobbin, 10/04/03

My "Little Girl" for 19 years, I miss you so much.

Bobby, 11/28/03

If you ever knew Bobby, you would have loved him. He passed on to Rainbow Bridge on 11/28/03. He was loved by everyone.

To my sweet Bobby, I can't tell you how much I love you and will miss you. You have been my best friend, and you were always there when I needed to be loved. I hope you know that I will always love you. You will always be in my heart. You touched everyone you met with your loving eyes, soft fur and gentle ways. Now, you will be with Sidney, and one day, little boy, I will be reunited with you both. Let Sidney know how much I still miss her and love her after these years apart. I am sure she knows. Now, you can both romp and play with no pain. Mommy is crying so hard right now. I loved taking care of you. You were never a burden. If I could have spent every waking minute with you, I would have. You were my life. You were the brightest part of my life. I am so happy I was able to take you to the beach so you would feel the sand between your toes. The little things are what I will remember. When I first saw you, it was nothing short of a miracle, because I had just lost Chester. God brought you to me so I could care for you and you could care for me. Sweet boy, I still can't believe you are gone. I will always hold tight the memories of you so I will never feel like you have left this earth. Be with God and all of the other sweet animals that were sick but no longer pain. I love you and will always cherish you with all of my heart.

Love and kisses, always, Mommy (Lavena)

Bobby, 11/15/03

Dearest Bobby, you choose me, Thank God, that day at the pound and you made our house a home. You brought joy and laughter to our whole family and taught us patience and understanding. Your full smile when you ran, your excitement at breakfast and supper, your happiness to see us come home were uplifting. We loved you with all our hearts and you are greatly missed. I cannot wait to see you again.

Barb & Greg Breault

Bobby, 11/15/87-07/07/03

Bobby you were and always will be my best friend. I will never get over losing you. You were always there for me no matter what. That is what I miss most about you. You're beautiful face and fluffy ears. The way you always seemed to know what I was thinking. Nobody else loves me the way you did. I am so lonely without you. I never thought it would be this hard. Goodnight Bobby - till we meet again. I will always love you and will never forget you. Louise xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Bobby, 09/11/94-07/25/03

Bobby, we love you with all our hearts and miss you more than we can say. Our hearts are broken and we feel lost without you. You will always be in a special place in our hearts. Especially Mommy's. You were always her shadow and always by her side. Our tears are flowing and we hope you are happy playing with Hector, Cindy, Blackie, and Jenny. They will show you the way and wait for us together. We will be together in time and we'll run together in the fields. If only you could be with us right now to lick away the tears from our faces and cuddle between us in bed. You've done so much for our lives and brought so much love into it. Your spirit will live with us forever. We will cling to that until we meet again.

Jason and Norah Bleazard

Bobby and Jessica, 23/03/92-31/03/03

To Bob and Jess,

You are now both at peace and after being separated for only one month are finally back together. Jess we held on to Bobby for 30 days, but last night it was time to reunite the two of you again. We hope you are having such a ball up there and we miss you so very very much but look forward to being reunited with you one day.

God bless you our special babies Jon and Sue

Bobby-Jo, 23/08/00

Remembering with love my beloved Chihuahua, Bobby-Jo, we only had three years together but l would not have missed those three years for anything. This was your third home, sweet Bobby, and you brought sunshine with you. God bless you, my little gentleman, l can never get over losing you and love you with all my heart.


Bobcat, 09/17/99-11/22/03

We love you Bob, we will miss you always.

The Burden Family

Bobe, 06/30/96-04/18/03

Bobe was the sweetest dog in the world and we loved him more than love itself. He will be sorely missed, but he will forever live in our hearts.

Juli & Tamer Kiykioglu

Bobinette, 02/02/01-11/06/03

Bobinette was taken from us suddenly today and I write this story under GREAT STRESS. I never wanted another dog, having lost a favorite pet in the past. But when the breeders brought her to us that day as a puppy with a pink bow around her neck, I knew it was instant love for my wife and I for her.

For two and half years, she brought us immense pleasure and was a constant companion with unconditional love. My wife works in the evening and night, so she was with me, in my lap or by my side always. When my wife came home for work, Bobinette always had to go outside to meet her and bring her a "present" of a stick of mulch. Bobinette would always squeal with joy at the sight of us and would always hold her neck up for kisses. Her ears did not point straight up like a typical Chihuahua, but drooped, making her even cuter.

When we were ready for bed, all we would say is "Ready for cookie night night?". Bobinette would immediately jump up and head for the door for her last trip outside for the night. When she came in, she would head for the bed and wait for a little cookie treat. Then she would curl up between us to settle down for the night. In the morning, she would awaken us by placing her neck on our faces for kisses. There are SO many things to say about her human qualities that can't be mentioned here.

I don't know how I/we will cope without her. Our loss and grief is so complete it's hard to comprehend. We have NEVER felt this kind of pain before! My wife is sedated tonight and the medicine is not working for me. I know there are support groups for this. Our Bobinette is burned into our minds forever! I know support can probably help, but at this point I can't see how. We will miss her so very much! May you rest in peace our "Little Girl". Someday, we will see you again. Manon and Ray

Bobo, 08/01/90

We love you and miss you Bobo, thank you for being my protector when I was a little girl and for comforting me when I was scared.
I'm sorry I wasn't old enough or strong enough to be with you when you passed on, but I love you and think of you every day.
Be happy in heaven with Milo and Joey and I will see you there some day.
I love you

Jamie Shipley

Bobo, 11/25/91-10/07/03

He was our wedding present that we received when we were married. He was my baby since we were never able to have our own. He would lay beside me at night and always come to my side of the bed to hop into bed. When he became arthritic and deaf, he would come to me to be lifted up into bed. He followed me around everywhere he could. He would lie by my feet all the time and thought that my clothes were the greatest to lie on. He was truely my best friend. He understood me when I suffered from depression and etc. He was always there for me; never judgmental and had unconditional love for both of us.

Bobo, 06/86-11/01

We miss you sweet dog.

Jean-Marie Lacobee

Bobo, 01/26/03

My Bobo was such a beautiful, proud, loving dog. He loved to run to each side of the fence early in the mornings and give a bark. It was if he was saying, "Good Morning world, Bobo's awake". He was a big dog but was so sweet and gentle. I miss him.

Joan Adkins


Bobo was a bright light in my life. He will always be with me in my heart. His spirit is too strong and his light too bright to disappear. I feel lucky to have had him for the time that I did; I will treasure that time always.
Good bye my beautiful little boy.

BoBo, 04/19/89-01/02/03

I want everyone who reads this to know what an exceptional horse BoBo was. She was a beautiful little Peruvian Paso mare. She was black with a white blaze and two white socks. She began her life in Alberta, Canada, where she lived with a family and was a special therapeutic riding horse for there daughter who had cerebral palsy. She lived here with me in B.C., Canada for the past 4 1/2 years. She started out here as a boarded horse and her owners gave her to me in June 2001. She suffered from Cushing's disease and chronic founder. We had worked long and hard to get her diseases under control and had good success. But it was always a hard road we traveled especially for BoBo. She endured so much pain, on and off throughout her life. Her founder was always a difficult thing to treat and control. But through it all she was always sweet, gentle and kind. She was the most gentle horse that I have ever known, and I imagine, ever will know. Her eyes were so kind and she was warm and affectionate. My 2 year old son loved her and would come out with me every day in the summer to groom her. My 3 year old filly, Lily, loved her like a mother, and so she also became known as "Auntie BoBo". My new addition to the farm, Neena the goat, became very attached to BoBo, and seems quite lost without her.

Last night she succumbed to a violent case of gas colic and suffered an intestinal torsion. She was in too much pain to transport for surgery, and so, my good vet Brian ended her suffering. Today she will be laid to rest on my property.

As BoBo drifted away last night I kept telling her what a good horse she has always been and how much I love her and will miss her. I know she is in a special place of beauty now, and one day we will meet again at the rainbow bridge. Till then, take care my sweet horse, and run free and beautiful with no more pain. I love you and miss you always.


BoBoJo, 07/16/91-03/01/03

For were her "man", her protector. You did your job well and will be missed. We know your at the bridge now, running and playing with your friends and still watching out for your momma from above. Rest in Peace Bo.

Bobo Yan, 12/94-09/07/03

Bobo is always in our hearts though we believe that he is living happily on the rainbow Bridge. He should be waiting for us there and we'll meet each others some times later. It is so lucky that we have been lived together for 9 years. Without him, our life and time will not be so sweet and happy.

Kamkam, Fanny & William

Bocci (Like The Game Bocci Ball), 06/22/90-11/05/03

For how well you loved and took care of us, and us you!


Bocephus, 11/18/89-04/13/03

Bo was a sweet, sweet baby who was content to be held and petted. He was always there with a kiss and to comfort me. He was my nightly companion as he slept on the pillow right by my head often putting his paws on me to maintain contact.

I can not express the depth of the pain I feel no longer having his presence daily. I would give anything to hold him again

Lisa Ahart

Bodhi, 02/2003

In Loving Memory of Bodhi

Wendy Burch

Bodie, 09/15/88-09/19/03

This guy was my best friend. He made sure I didn't close any doors normally left open, he made sure I was always cuddled, and he made sure I got up on time, even on weekends. He told me all his troubles and I told him all of mine. He had a special sound he made, sort of like "bar-r-r-r" that meant "I love you, too." I will miss him forever.

Becky Schilling

Bodie Joe, 12/17/99-05/01/03

Bodie Joe, darling little granddog, you brought so much joy and happiness to so many people in your too short life. You were loved more in that short time than anyone could ever know. You are in my heart forever. I miss you so much.

Shirley Gillis

Bo Dillaber, 12/15/98-03/11/03

What a privilege to have had those wonderful years with Bo. He deserved such a peaceful passing. Love you, Bo!


Bogart you have been a wonderful part of our family for almost your entire life. You were loving, smart and a dedicated dog.
You will always remain in my heart, forever.
Your loving mom,

Bogart, 12/29/02

Bogart was an amazingly loving and affectionate friend. Gently extending one middle claw and touching my cheek, he was my morning wake-up alarm; my constant lap warmer; my mid-winter heater; my best buddy. His kidneys failed at 15 years old, and calling in the vet was the hardest thing to do. Despite the mercy and logic of helping him leave this life, the fact remains that I had my best friend put to death - a most terrible duty.

Eugene Moore

Bogart Reda, 06/29/00-11/23/02

Our little boy, we love and miss you so much. Almost a year and the pain is still so fresh.

Kareem and Stacy

Bogart Wallace Chamberlain, 04/13/93-02/07/03


Born: April 13, 1993
Died: February 7, 2003 at 7pm

Bogart passed on due to complications from an enlarged heart. His heart enlargement was caused by an inoperable and aggressive tumor in the middle of his heart that was affecting his liver, stomach and breathing. He died extremely peacefully on his own will without ever really suffering. This was his greatest gift to us and himself.

Bogart was adopted into our lives on February 4, 1995 from PetsMart in Boca Raton, Florida. Bogart was in the car and part of our family in less than 15 minutes after setting our eyes on him. Thank you Diane Borchardt for getting the message to us that he was there waiting for us. Our lives changed for the better that day!

Survived by his Dads:
John C. Wallace of Tallahassee, FL
William J. Chamberlain of Tallahassee, FL

His Grandparents:
Mr. & Mrs. Reynolds Wallace of Mexico Beach, FL
Mr. & Mrs. William Chamberlain of West Palm Beach, FL

His brother and best friend in the world:
Chief Buster Albert Chamberlain Wallace of Tallahassee, FL

He joins:
His great-grandparents, Stephen and Julia Frank who we know were there awaiting his arrival

and joins his fur-pals:
"Aunt" Randi Chamberlain
Puss Armstrong
Boo-Boo Kitty Thompson

Bogart leaves behind many human friends. Thanks to all of you for showing him patience, kindness, acceptance and love throughout his years. He also leaves behind a host of fur-pals including:
Typsy Thompson
Cody Litscher-Green
Delila Litscher-Green
GotMilk? Thompson
Tribble Thompson
Merry Reese
Moses Reese
Valentine Reese
Panda Wallace

Bogart lived in:
Boca Raton, FL 1993-1995
Fort Lauderdale, FL 1995-1997
Tallahassee, FL 1997-2003

Bogart loved to go on car rides and would spin in circles at even the suggestion of an opportunity to go on one. He had traveled extensively throughout Florida and the Southeast. Some of his favorite locations to visit were:
Mexico Beach, Florida
Charlotte, North Carolina
West Palm Beach, Florida
Bryson City, North Carolina
Ormond Beach, Florida
Brundidge, Alabama

Bogart lived life in the fast lane and was always a happy, vocal and eager dog. Because of his loving, unique and quirky personality he had acquired many nicknames from his dads and also from many of you. Some of those nicknames were:
Mushy Pig
Shark Dog
Mr. Bo
Big Butt Bo
El Pig
Pig Dog
Cat Dog
Toe Nails Jones
The $85 Dollar Dog

We know that Bogart would like to thank the best Doctor in the World, Dr. Melanie Donofro, who was available to him 24 hours a day and always did her best to make him feel better. He loved and trusted her and was always happy to see her. He also appreciated the kindness of all the staff at Los Robles Animal Hospital including:
Pat who was always a comfort to him during his acupuncture treatments.
Debbie who never got upset or grossed out when he stuck his tongue in her mouth.
Angie who was there to help give him treatment and who he respected so much that he never bit her! :)
Kristen who was his favorite tech to hold him and always there to calm him with her sweet voice and Melissa, Kathy and Andrea who always got him those quick appointments, his special foods and put up with his dads' craziness over the phone.

Bogart's ashes will be returning to Tallahassee in few weeks where they will be placed on the mantel to be with us always. A few of them will be sprinkled in the ground around a new tree that will be planted in our yard in memory of him. A few other ashes will be placed in his grandparent's yard in Mexico Beach, a yard he loved to roam around.

Please do not mourn Bogart's swift and calm passing, instead celebrate his life and your memories of him. If you would like, it would help his dads and brother, Buster in their mourning process if you could send us a memory or two that you have of Bogart. The funny stories, of which there are hundreds, would be greatly appreciated.

Bogart would want you all to remember that the most deserving pets come from the "pound" or "rescue" and please do all you can to rid this world of puppy mills and the places that sell pets from these awful inhumane places. We will be making a contribution in Bogart's memory to a local animal rescue service to help other abandoned/abused pets have a second chance at a good and loving life, like Bogart had.

We love you Bogart and will miss you for the rest of our lives. You will be with us always! We'll be with you soon Mushy.

John Wallace & Bill Chamberlain

Bogey, 05/12/96-09/06/03

Bogey, my dearest baby boy. How much joy and love you unselfishly offered to us on a daily basis. it is with such sadness that we had to say goodbye to you so suddenly. it was so painful to see you slipping away and weak in just three short days. It was our worst nightmare. Julie, Stephen, Gina, Daddy and I will remember your big black lips, your gentle eyes and your loving paws.
You would always nudge me with your head when I stopped scratching you. You walked with me daily for almost six years. My walks now are empty and so lonely. I feel myself looking down to my left side. your massive "speed bump" presence was so comforting to us all and leaves such a void now.
I know that you are finding peace and lots of cheese wherever you are. I will eternally love you and never forget you!

Bogey, 7/21/87-4/22/03

He was a dear, sweet dog and is sadly missed.

Bogey Hart, 10/09/03

Bogey was a fighter, he had many medical problems that just came about, and he decided he could fight no longer.
He was still a young dog, but it was his time.

Aldie Veterinary Hospital

Bogi, 3/15/88-9/12/03

Severely missed by his family and friends all over the world including foreign exchange students and air force cadets we have sponsored. A truly gentle soul now at rest. We love you forever Bogi.

Bogie, 10/01/89-12/10/02

My baby boy. Next month will be one year. I miss you every day. I know you are with me in my heart forever and you are watching over your new "brother" Danny...but remember no one could ever take the place of you. My heart is now split in two.
I love you Bogie Boy!

Lisa Kaye

Bogie, 08/13/95-05/31/03

Bogie, our sweet boxer boy, passed over the Bridge on Memorial Day weekend.
You will never suffer again sweet Bogie.
We miss you every day.
Watch over us until we meet again.
Sweet dreams.

Larry, Melissa, Brandon, Katie, & Emily Killingsworth

Bogie, 08/25/03

I miss you so much...Mommy's home..I am sorry it was too late...

Bogus Khan, 07/10/91-11/05/03

Tribute to A King

Bogus Khan
My Feline friend
A warrior and fighter
To the very end.

God sent you to me
Somehow he knew
I needed a fur friend
Someone special, that was you.

You showed me humor
How to laugh again
With a twitch of your tail
And certain tilts of your chin.

You were playful and naughty
Majestic and proud
You loved to show off
To the right type of crowd

You refused to ever
Back down from a fight
To watch you in action
Was an awesome sight.
Feline, bobcat, hoot owl
It never mattered to you
You won your battles
To your heart you were true.

You stole my heart in less than a day
And loved us all in your own special way.
Our journey was long
With laughter and tears
We were blessed to have you
for so many years.

At Rainbow Bridge dear Friend
Please wait for me
Till we are together again for eternity

Renee Hartman

Boissy St. Leger, 04/15/88-01/02/01

He was a great dog and my best friend.

Sylvia Rynerson

Bojack, 11/15/93-11/10/03

BO, You were a good partner and the only one always there for me through some pretty tough times, Thanks for your Love and dedication, till we meet again take care of my Dad

Leeann & Tim Seeley

Bojazz, 10/17/03

Bojazz was my 14-1/2 year old Collie/Shepherd. He had been sick since December 2002. I had to put him to rest October 17, 2003. He will always be my special boy. As his grave was being dug, I wrote him this little poem:

My tears fall like a gentle rain on your sable fur

And I think, "Is this a pain I can endure?"

But clearly your pain was so much worse,

So I quit the selfishness and took the only course.

I held your head and felt you relax in my arm.

There will never be any more pain or harm.

Remember our trip to the beautiful beach?

It is in your dreams and within your reach.

I imagined you out on the beach with a ball,

and coming back to me when you heard my call.

I know you will come back to me someday,

Because we have bonded in a special way.

Bojazz, chase those tennis balls and dig in the sand,

Because one day soon we will be together again.



The Rainbow Bridge awaits us......

Boji, 10/26/89-06/10/03

Thank you, Dear Boji, for the countless gifts you gave us in your living life and in your departing life as we know it. In living, you truly taught us Love. In departing, you let us have a taste of the incredible Peace of God. Thank you for staying in our hearts and with us in Spirit. We love you!!!

Maryalice, Gary & Dominique Tomei

Bolifer (Joe) Louis, 07/12/03

Please say a prayer for Joe who snuck out of the house and was met by a dog and killed by the attack. His life was ten years of adventures and brought more love to people with a moment his loud purr than many people find in a lifetime. He went long before his time and we hope he knows we would have cared for him for many, many years to come with all of our devotion. He will be missed more than the rain misses the sun.

Amy Arena

Bone, 1988-2003

To my bonnie boy we love you......

Bill T

Boni, 06/19/99-06/14/03

You've been a blessing for our family. We'll really miss you...

Lilliam Matos

Bonita, 07/19/86-11/07/02

I miss you, sweety. Nothing is the same no more...


Bonnie, 12/14/94-10/07/03

My girl Bonnie.
She was my sweetheart. Love you Bonnie.


Bonnie, 04/03/03-11/28/03

Bonnie, you were my best friend and companion. Every place I look I expect to see your sweet little face. You died too young and had so much to give. Even though you weighed just over 3 pounds, it will take a ton to fill the hole in my heart. I will never, ever forget you. I love you. Carol

Bonnie, 02/07/87-10/08/02

Our treasured little angel waits for us with Phyllis and Cleo at the Rainbow Bridge. Forever in our hearts.

Julie Derrington & Wendy King

Bonnie, 04/18/91-06/04/02

My beautiful Bonnie,

It's been a year and still I cry
I cannot fathom, I wonder why
you had to go, you had to leave
Forever for you I will grieve.....

I love you Bonnie, miss you heaps....

Mary Messaritis

Bonnie, 04/80-7/25/97

Best baby girl in the world. I miss you so much and think about you every day. I miss the love we shared, the way you understood me and were always there to comfort and love me. Sleep tight baby-Mummy will always love you. Love and kisses always from Mummy, Daddy and Lauren xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Bonnie, 03/17/92-03/27/03

When we rescued Bonnie three years ago, she became part of our family right away. She fit right in from the start by being so loving. She attached herself to our other golden, Chelsea, as if they were old friends. Thank you for loving us every day. It has been painful to lose two goldens through illness over two weeks time. To have them in our home with our children brought out so much joy each day! We will miss them both greatly.

C. Schafer

Bonnie, 03/08/03

Grieve not,
nor speak of me with tears,
but laugh and talk of me
as if I were beside you......
I loved you so -
'twas Heaven here with you.

Isla Paschal Richardson

Bonnie, 01/21/85-09/29/02

You were my closest friend for 17 years. My protector, my little love, my fuzzy girl. Your passing has left such a void in my life. I miss you and love you so much.


Bonnie Belle, 05/23/94-12/10/03

The most wonderful friend a man could ever have had. She was just so lovable and always caring. She seemed to know when someone needed help and went to them. She cannot be replaced and will always have a place in my heart. I miss you Bonnie Belle. Daddy.

Bonne Belle, 09/04/91-10/05/02

Bonne Belle will always be in my heart...she knew not only what I was saying but also what I was thinking and feeling. She was the utmost sweetie-pie and loved by many. "My Bonnie lies over the rainbow" now.

Liz McMullin

Bonnie Bleu, 09/19/87-11/13/03

To my beloved Bonnie, you were my first best friend, and companion of 16 years. I'll never forget the day they brought you to me as a pup. I was a chubby 9 year old always picked on in school until I out grew that. Chubby or thin you always thought I was beautiful. You were there through the laughter and the tears. With you goes the most beautiful friendship I will ever know. Thank you! Rest in peace my baby, mama misses you dearly.

Bonnie and Clyde, 03/24/96-02/10/03

Bonnie and Clyde were a sister and brother pair given to me by 2 of my sisters for my birthday. Bonnie couldn't figure out if she was a calico or a tabby cat, and Clyde was the most beautiful black and silver tabby ever. They both enjoyed drinking out of the sink as I got ready in the mornings. The two of them snuggled right up close to me every night; one against my stomach while the other curled up behind my knees. Due to a behavioral problem that couldn't be fixed by medicine, I had to make the decision to euthanize since no one would want cats with their behavior, and the fact they were declawed meant they couldn't become outdoor cats (I wouldn't have allowed that anyway). It was such a tearful decision since they were very healthy cats that I dearly loved for almost 7 years. I'll miss my bed buddies. Hopefully, Hobo and Beth are waiting for them at the Rainbow Bridge so we can all be together again someday.

Amy Bowen

Bonnie Blair, 11/13/93-01/22/03

The funniest, laid back Shar Pei I've ever had the pleasure of knowing/ * being "owned by". A quirky, hilarious, Einstein dressed in a Clown's Costume with those diamond shaped clown eyes. She was Buddha, the Sandman or a USMC jet fighter pilot (F-18s). On other days, she relaxed and chilled out. Made outrageous noises (not body functions!), but rather weird or scary sounds from some special place in her head. (At times I looked over and expected to see her levitating and rotating her head. ANYTHING was possible with Bunnie G.) Favorite trick which made howl with laughter EVERYTIME.... she would go into her rounded Igloo type doggie home, wrestle her 'blankies' to a huffing conclusion, then lay on her back and push off the inner back wall of the Igloo and come "shooting" out. Head upside down, huffing and puffing, feet in the air and just stare at me. This is the dog you want in your foxhole for every logical and military reason.

I LOVED HER; always will. I look forward with great anticipation to my journey to Rainbow Bridge. (IF I didn't really believe in that special place, I don't think I'd want to go on, knowing I'd never see her again. Too special for words.)

Bonny Sophie Kelly, 01/15/94-10/15/03

Sophie was the dog we loved, and a girl we thought would always be there. We knew her for ten years--she saw us all through our teenage years with a gentle disposition, and through our hardest of times with a gentle soul. She was kind, caring, and always always always good. We miss her with all our hearts.

Sharon Kelly, Anne Kelly, Jennifer Kelly, Tim Kelly, Mike Moriarity, Gary Lobstein, Andrew and Elizabeth Wyatt

Bono, 01/04/94-10/02/03

My Bono Boy,

You were my co-pilot, my gardening buddy, my foot warmer, my best friend. My heart is broken. I love you so much.
I will miss you forever.


Bony, 03/12/02

Bony died last year. She lived for 13 years and was full of love. I feel her with me all the time, she keeps appearing in my dreams and send me love. I miss her A LOT!!!!!


Bonzo, 28/08/01

Our beautiful little Bonzo will never be forgotten

Mic & Maggie Knighton

Boo, 10/20/03

We love you and miss your kisses!
Can't wait until we meet again!
Daddy, Mommy, Emma, Wil & Dali

Boo, 05/10/87-10/12/03

Boobert (BOO) was the light of our life and we miss him dearly It's so hard to go on without him and I know that he will always be in our hearts. Life will never be the same for us without Boo, but we know his suffering is over and that brings some comfort.

Vivian & Bob (Boo's Mommy and Daddy)

Boo, 03/01/02-08/21/03

Sweet little Boo you are loved by so many. Mommy misses you.

Boo (Sambucca), 07/14/03

My beautiful Boo died yesterday. She was my daughter, my friend, my companion, my angel. I knew she was failing for some time now as I had fallen and had surgery in May 2003 and lost 30 lbs myself while in bed and unable to walk for these months. She would stare at my foot (in a cast), she knew I was injured and had extra patience when she needed to be fed. She never failed to hop onto my bed in the morning and in the evening so we could have "tummy time" and I would talk with her and sing to her. I saw her failing and told her how much God loves her for the past few months, thinking I was preparing myself for her death. But, when the time came yesterday, I truly was not prepared to help her cross over and my tears continue to flow today.
She waited for me to wake yesterday morning and I knew by the way she was laying something was wrong. When I pushed the chair aside around under the dining room table she did not move her head, but, only her eyes and looked at me, swallowed , and passed on. She waited for me, this I am sure of (I think perhaps I awoke unusually late in the morning, because after I pet her, talked to her at 2:30AM I felt her breathing laboring and she stared at me continuously right in my eyes..... saying it is my time to go now for over a week. I did not want to acknowledge this.)
I truly loved Sambucca, she was beautiful inside and outside.
We really listened to each other. We understood each other, and she knew she was loved.
I cannot stop crying for two days now. She was with me for almost 18 years and I need to know if she sees me and knows how much she was loved.

Boo, 07/04/94-12/23/02

Boo......take care of Appollo....Love Me.

Anne Katz

Boo, 02/15/94-03/09/03

We were lucky to have her in our family. We will miss her terribly, but will always remember her with joy.

Joshua Herrmann

Boobie, 12/99-08/11/03

You peered out thru the glass at us a very friendly bunny
I tried to steer the kids away-more animals, more money
As we reached inside the cage the bunnies scatter around
Except for one who licked my hand and firmly stood her ground.
That bunny, please the children cried and cajoled and moaned
We promise to take care of her if you let us take her home
so a cage and food were bought and it was money well spent
A creature so delightful, I know you were heaven sent

Forgive my constantly saying "Boobie what are you doing?"
Cause whenever I looked around my carpets your teeth were chewing
You made me laugh out loud even when I was blue
How could anyone stay angry with one as beautiful as you

Goodbye my furball of gray and white, your time came to leap into the light
To pastures green and meadows wide, fields in abundance on the other side
Your tired body is healed and new, every day brings an adventure or two
The skies forever blue, the sun shines bright-beyond the rainbow there is no night

So fly my bunny of gray and white
Your new life awaits beyond the light
Though we may not be together the way we used to be
We will always be connected by the cord of love-ETERNALLY

We miss you so much- Mommy Ellen and Daddy Mikey

BooBoo, 10/14/95-11/28/03

You were and still are the light of my life. I never knew what real love was until you came into my life. You gave me so much joy and happiness... and exercise even when it was raining, snowing, blistering heat, or freezing cold! You made me feel things that I am just realizing now that you are gone. I miss the sound of your sigh after you would lay down for a nap. I miss hearing your nails against the baseboard as you would lay down and rest your chin on the window sill. I miss you coming up to me and wanting to be petted under your chin (for hours if my hand wouldn't cramp). I miss hugging and kissing you all day long and telling you how much I loved you, that you were the most handsome baby in the world, and that I would take care of you forever and never let anything bad happen to you. I miss knowing that you are watching out for me as I slept. I miss you so much, BooBoo... I just want to die. My heart is so ripped to pieces. I can't feel anything except so lonely for you. I am so numb. I have nothing now that you are gone. When I would tell you 100 times a day that I loved you, it came from my heart; I actually felt it. Now that you are gone, and I am no longer saying it, I have no heart. I am just a shell. When you died, BooBoo, you took my heart and soul with you. We'll be together again, soon... I promise. I love you, BooBoo. Mommy loves you.

BooBoo, 11/08/03

BooBoo, You were the light of our day and night. We must now go on without you hoping to see you in heaven with your "baby" in your mouth waiting to play!

Wayne & Patty Haworth

Boo Boo, 03/16/90-11/01/03

My heart and best friend in the world.

Jo Ann Juneau

Boo Boo (The Hunter), 08/01/00-09/23/03

The Bane of all small furry animals,
Boo adopted me just after I lost my parents, Just poked her nose out of the bushes as a new kitty and said "boo".
She was loving and always there when I needed her.
I lost her this morning, unknown head injury.. she tried to make it home.
I love you and will miss you my Boo!

Chris Purcell

Boo Boo, 07/10/85-08/27/03

I bottle-fed both you and your older sister, who "somewhat" adopted you, (put up with you is closer to the truth.) Through a series of "accidents" you inherited your name and you became my little Boo Boo. I never intended to keep you. I only raised you to give you to an acquaintance, but I found not only had you imprinted on me, but I you. I couldn't part with this black fluffy ball of fur. You followed me around for almost 20 years and I still look for you beneath my feet. I miss you chasing the water droplets out of the hose and the show-stopping acrobatics you would do to try and catch them. It's been awhile since you enjoyed doing that. Your arthritis disabled you these last couple of years. I only hope that where you are, you've found your sister. These last four months since she's been gone were hard on you. You two were quite inseparable, although you both were competitive in vying for my attention and I had to been careful about making sure you both got equal time, (and food!) Dying was difficult. You always fought hard and relinquishing your hold on life was no different. I held you all night that last night. You struggled so hard to hang on. Dad met with our cherished vet the next morning and he held you one last time. He didn't want me to see that last moment, so I kissed you and held your sweet face one final time before I let you go. The only thing that made it easier was knowing that you were not in any more pain and that you would be with your sister. I love you and will see you both at the Rainbow Bridge. Love, Mom

Boo-Boo, 08/14/91-04/20/03

To my Boo-Boo Baby ~ momma's ooo-boo-boo baby. Big, Big, my big & fat and just all that. I miss you so very much, you left me with such shock. I hope & wish you are in a safe place ~ heaven. You left me on the most holiest days of the year ~ EASTER Sunday. May god bless you and hold you just like your momma did. I love you & miss you very much Boo-Boo Baby ! ! Hugs & wet kisses all over your head

Karen Heftman

Boo Boo, 2/26/03

You were the most special kitty. Through 6 moves, marriage, kids, 5 dogs, 3 other cats, you were there. I learned so much from you about acceptance, love, patience and above all - the joy of life. We all miss you so very very much. Thank you for taking care of us all these years. May you be free from pain, may you have a fireplace in the winter, a cool spot in the summer, children to love and an endless supply of laps. Ubele Boobele, I love you, find Klondike and Teddy. Take care of each other until we all meet again.

Love Stefania

Boo-Boo, 01/01/90 ???-10/17/02

Thank-you seems so small for all you taught me about life and love. Until we meet on the rainbow bridge I pray for you Peace and Love. Also know that I think of you daily and smile for the memories I will always have. Although I miss you dearly I am comforted with thoughts and pictures of you that will forever be etched in my heart and mind.

Cynthia Ann

Boo-Boo Bunny Boy, 08/01/89-12/24/02

My little 6 lb., adorable, sweet, gentle Himalayan cat, Boo-Boo Bunny Boy who I loved with all my heart, died on 12/24 when I was away on holiday. I received a call from the pet sitter who told me she had found him. I cut my trip short because I was just feeling too badly and needed to get home to my other cat. When I returned, Lucy (my Calico) was traumatized. I've loved all my animals but I was IN love with Boo-Boo. He was a forever baby that softened my heart till it melted. I adopted him from a shelter 3 yrs. ago where they told me he was 2 yrs. old. When I took him to my vet, I was told that he was at least 10 yrs. old. It didn't matter because I was hooked but always knew that it meant our time together wouldn't be as long as I anticipated. He loved to nudge his little, round, adorable face under my chin and he sounded like a dove when he purred. When I held him, he would put his arms around my neck and just melt my heart. There was nothing in this world he loved more than chicken (except me). Whenever I cooked it, I'd always make him a portion, which excited him endlessly. He once jumped on the kitchen counter and broke a jelly jar that I loved into many pieces. I yelled at him and then glued the pieces together. This was the only time I became annoyed with him and he knew it. I now look at that jar and like it, my heart is broken in a million pieces. I always used to tell him that some day he would break my heart....I just didn't know how painful this loss would be. It's been like one long day since he died. Boo-Boo's death led me to adopt another sweet little Persian from the shelter; a 4 yr. old silver, mushy faced female that I've named Bunny Girl. I knew I wasn't ready because I've been grieving terribly, but I also knew that I would adopt and needed to pursue my search. I look at her and feel sad, thinking that Boo-Boo isn't here anymore but then I turn to look at her again....and she's looking back at me as if to say, "I need you too." My heart is slowly melting. She's been my band-aide on my broken heart. Oh, and she loves chicken too! This website has been the best therapy for me and I hope for all those broken-hearted souls, that it brings you some comfort too.

With everything inside of me, I love you Boo-Boo Bunny Boy.

Sandra Furstman

BooBoo Kitty, 09/10/91-10/25/03

We miss you!

Holly Alexander

Boo Boo Kitty, 10/13/89-03/10/03

Dear Boo Boo, I miss you so bad I can hardly stand it. Thank you so much for being my faithful friend and loyal companion for 13 years. You were always by my side through good times and bad. When I cried, you licked my tears away. The way you nudged the top of your head under my chin was priceless and a feeling I will never forget. It is so hard to go to sleep without you in my arms but I thank you so much for letting me know you are still with me in Spirit. Even though I have to wait to hold you in my arms again, I am comforted by what you have given me until then. I love you forever Boo and I can't wait until we can be together again.


Booby, 11/03/94-05/23/03

Booby was a very special dog for me and my family, he was with us for 9 years. everytime we came home he was there at the door waiting for us and barking cause we were at home already. He never wanted to be alone he was always there with us and follow us every where in the house and always playing with his toys around the house.

Booby we miss you very much and you always be on our heart forever.


Boof, 01/09/95-22/04/03

My boy "Boof", 8 ,passed away after a 6 day struggle. He developed a rare blood disease and although my vet tried everything he didn't make it. He was the joy of my life and I'm terribly saddened by my sudden loss. I love and miss you Boof.


Booger, 07/04/87-06/18/03

My heart aches still, but I know you'll be waiting at the Bridge for me. Run free without pain, my friend. God, I miss you!


Booger (Boogie Child), 09/03/03

Be Free....Booger

Judy Althouse

Booger, 03/05/86-02/22/00

The best, naughtiest Boo ever. Fourteen years of unconditional love....the three years you've been gone seem like only days. I miss you so, ba' bear.


Booger (Ace's Boy), 06/25/02

BOOGER "The Wonder Dog" He Was Simply The Best . God's word teaches us that animals will be in heaven.

Dr.Ace Ratliff

Booker, 04/09/91-06/16/03

We were blessed to share our lives with Booker for the last 12 years. He was the most wonderful dog and is very sadly missed. He was 6 weeks old when he came to enrich our lives and from the first day was completely housetrained and full of love. He has seen us through many dark times and without him I'm not sure we would have made it. The house is a lot emptier these days and thoughts of him are constantly around us. He is free from any pain finally and we look forward to seeing him again before we cross the rainbow bridge. Stay well sweet friend and we love you and miss you very much.

Scott & Diane Butcher

Booker, 01/19/03

Booker was a "special" ferret. After we purchased him as a kit, we discovered that he was deaf and blind in one eye. He was a biter that we never could change. But none of his problems slowed him down and it was hard to tell that he was different from the rest of his cage mates. Booker, your "sister" Angelica misses you and so do I. "Til we're all together again, Rascal and the others will watch out for you. Love, Mommy

Booker T

God Bless this beautiful and perfect little kitten, and special prayers for those grieving for him.


Booky, 11/28/03

Our dearest Booky
Our treasured and loyal friend
With honest heart and looks of love
Our "Dr." Booky or Booker-T
Taught us what we should be
Little soft one with little doe eyes
One ear up and one ear down
God's little fellow
His gift to us
Return he must this very day
to our Lord's loving care
In forever love and fond memories to our sweetest Booky

Elaine and Bill Callahan

Boombie, 01/86-07/25/03

Boombie, our sweet little girl. You left our world only 4 months after Springsteen passed, and our hearts ache with your loss.

Roz & Howard Smith

Boomer, 11/18/03

This is a remembrance to my walking buddy Boomer.

Carolyn Hayes

Boomer, 03/02/99

To our little buddy. If love could have saved you , you would still be with us.

Thank you for the love and joy you gave our family for the last 41/2 years.

Rest in peace.

Boomer, 1993-2003

I love you & miss you so much Boomer.

Melissa Morgan

Boomer, 03/05/02-06/18/03

Boomer you were the light of our lives words cannot express how we felt about you. You were a family member we will always love and miss you dearly. You were mommys baby boy and always will have a big part of my heart. We love and miss you The Kortes

Boomer, 09/15/97-05/13/03

To my little Prince, You are beyond words, always so so good, so loving and incredibly smart. I honestly don't know what we will do without you. I am so thankful I had you in my life. There were so many tough times that your little bunny kisses just melted away. I will miss you always and never never forget you. We love you Boo.

Timothy Mariano

Boomer, 12/12/93-03/02/03

Boomer, You are in our hearts forever.
Love, Mommy, Daddy, Annie, Joe Joe, Laura & Gina

Boomer, 02/14/03

Boomer was a springer my son and I rescued from the local dog pound. He was a sport, being twice the size of a normal springer. We called him "Our Big Teddy Bear", because he was so big and soft and warm. He was always gentle, always loving, always there. He passed away on Valentine's Day from heart failure, after only having symptoms for a week. Goodbye, Boo-Boo, my big teddy bear.

Star Ostgard

Boomer, 08/95-03/14/02

Daddy is with you now, Boomer. I know you were waiting at the Rainbow Bridge and were overjoyed to see each other. How he loves you. Chester and I miss you both. You can't imagine how much. Love, Mommy

Boooda, 02/90-08/23/03

Over thirteen years ago, a friend asked me if I'd like to have one of her kittens. This little orange one kept trying to climb my leg, and I thought "He likes me!" Little did I know that he was trying to eat me...

Boooda was a great guy. Just the furry orange guy who wanted to hang out with us, and never did quite figure out why we treated him like a cat. Smart enough to figure out about doorknobs AND deadbolts. If he'd had thumbs he would have been dangerous.

A very loving cat - always the first one there if someone was crying. A great judge of character; I knew my fiancé was a keeper when Boooda liked him. Boooda the adventure kitty, going for car rides...

I know he's in good company now. His buddy Toby has been waiting for him...

Mama loves you, Boooda.

Boots, 04/24/89-12/12/03

Boots, we loved you so much and miss you terribly. We hated to see you suffer. Now you are free from disease and can at last be at peace. I hope you know how much we love you and you will always be our "angel cat".

Chris, Diana, Haley and Elsie Wilson

Boots, 03/26/88-09/26/03

Boots - We all miss you so much. I don't know what I will do now without my sweet dog. I am just waiting for the day when we can all be reunited again. Knowing that you are with Sheba, Maggie, Ricca and all our loving family gives me comfort. Until that time never forget that we love and miss you with all our hearts. Lotsa love, Lyn, Dan, Blackie & the Fish

Boots, 09/15/03

Boots, although you were a little stray cat that came to our backyard upon seeing our own cats, you became mine. I fell in love with your huge green eyes and lovable demeanor. Your life, though short, changed mine. You showed me that life can be beautiful no matter the length, and just as meaningful too. The nights I sat in the backyard on the swing with you at my side, and the one night you spent curled up in a ball asleep next to me - I hope they were as happy for you as for me. May you watch over us and our passed feline friends. One day I will see you at the Rainbow Bridge. We loved you deeply, and your friendly presence is missed in our now quiet backyard. Rest in peace.

Boots, 06/01/90-9/5/03

Boots was our wonderful cat for 13 years. We loved her very much. We adopted her while still grieving the loss of our previous kitty BooBoo. She was such a small kitten she could sit in the palm of our hands. She did the most humorous antics; she came tearing through the house one day with a plastic back on her hind quarters like it was eating her...very funny. She loved to wake me at night by eating my hair. She was Garrett's best friend and confidant. We got our dog Sparkles when Boots was 4, and Boots became boss instantly.

We love you so was so hard seeing you get so sick...and our hearts were broken watching you pass on. We love you and are so sad without you.
We miss you.
Brad, Diana and Garrett and Sparkles

Boots, 09/08/03

You were our beloved and loyal friend. Your unconditional love continues to manifest in our lives, and we remain eternally grateful for the strength and dignity which you so nobly and generously offered. Be at peace, beloved friend. Until we meet again...

Donna Capowich

Boots, 05/01/89-09/10/03

I will miss my special companion forever. You will be with me in spirit always for you are alive in my heart. I am still crying for my grief is so great. I hope time heals my broken heart. I am so alone without my precious Boots.

Nancy Bellavance

Boots, 10/14/00-06/01/03

Bootsie, I miss you more than you could ever possibly imagine. I can't even take a bath without thinking you are right behind me waiting to jump in the tub. I can't even sleep because I am so use to having you sleep right on my head. You were the best kitty ever, I miss you so much, Ryan misses you as well. He couldn't even make it to his school play the day after you died. I just hope that you think of us always, I know it was you who helped me find my bracelet the other day. You always did look out for us!! I miss you baby and there isn't a kitty in the world that will ever replace you! We love you Boots! Love, Wendy Ryan and Matt

Boots, 01/09/40-06/09/59

Be praised my Lord for love like this! Thank you Boots for being my confident, friend, comforter, and companion during my childhood from ages 6yrs.-19yrs. I was such a lonely only child, and I truely needed all that you gave to me. Now, 43yrs.later I still remember in my mind and in my heart. You were the first of my now six dogs( four deceased). I hope all of you will find each other and love each other and meet me one day at the "bridge". I will always hold you dear in my heart. You have truely influenced my life profoundly. Thank you Boots; I love you.

Beverly Templeton

Bootsie, 2002-05/06/03

I love you, Bootsie. With my whole heart in fact. I'm so sorry I wasn't able to save you from F.I.P. Please forgive me for choosing euthanasia. I couldn't stand to see my baby, my friend suffer any more and I knew it would only get worse. I LOVE YOU FOREVER. I miss your speckled-nose kisses, your purrs, your snuggles, your cute profile, your sweet, sweet ways.

Becky Warner

Bootsie, 01/05/03

Bootsie was the queen of the house for 20 years.
She was playful, a keen hunter, and the most loyal friend a human could have.
She died this morning after a 2 year struggle with thyroid and seizure problems.
She was skin and bone although she still ruled the house.
May she be in a special place tonight where she is her old self, eating what ever she wants and sleeping in a soft bed with a heating blanket.
Bootsie if you can hear me, LEAVE THAT FINCH ALONE.

Bootsiey, 06/02/03

I miss you Bootsiey. You were my sweetheart. You will never be replaced. You will live on in my heart forever. I miss you so much. I could write so much more but I will eternally love you unconditionally forever.

Boots Patrick, 06/29/1993-10/03/03

Boots Patrick was a gentlemen. A loving and easy going friend who enjoyed life to the fullest. I will miss the daily walks we had together as he loves the outdoors. The fall was his special time of year when he could lay outside in the yard and enjoy the cool air and sunshine. He had a few week to do that this year before his passing. I will miss his temperament as he was so special to me. I look forward to the time we will be together again. All my love as you pass over the Rainbow Bridge.

Gerald V. Faley

Boots Wright, 06/26/86-01/12/03

Boots Wright made my life incredibly special. She, a gorgeous charcoal grey with white feet, was a Russian Blue, the spitting image of Bugs Bunny's "Sylvester". But she was much more genteel and intelligent. Boots stayed with me for 17 years, seeing me through a tough family situation, the turbulent teens, the wild college days, and into responsible adulthood. She always faced everything in her life bravely, as cowardice was not a part of Boots' personality. I thank Jesus Christ for giving me this cat (and her remaining sister, Precious) as a companion.


Boris, 11/03/91-06/15/03

Boris reached out and softly touched me with his paw when he was a kitten, and he has touched my heart ever since then. We bonded deeply, went through all of lifes joys and sorrows together, we shared it all and drew strength from each other's love. He was my friend, companion, confidante, my baby, my shadow, and I loved him more dearly than any other cat I've known. We understood each other completely.

He was the smartest cat I've known, though not very energetic. He preferred for me to do all the work during playtime, while he lounged like a Roman leader, condescending to bat the toy once in awhile.

He loved to pat me with his soft paws until the day he died, and I miss that so much now. Boris will always live in my heart, and I'll miss him terribly. He loved to be told he was a good cat, so Boris, wherever you are, you're a good cat, the best ever. I love you Boris!


Boris, 06/30/03

Our beautiful Grandkitty Boris,
You were so loved by your Mommy and Daddy and by your Grandma and Grandpa. You accepted our little girl as your own and she loved you so much. You were Daddy's boy, too. You were so brave and courageous when you took a ride into the city and back on Daddy's car engine. What a ride!
You will always be in our hearts and never forgotten.
Go over the Rainbow Bridge and play with Amanda and Tiger. We will see all of you in heaven.
Love, Grandma and Grandpa

Boris and Belle, 02/15/95-08/24/03

Borry and Belly, the best pair of mates that we could have ever wished to have had the honor of having for such a brief time, They are so sadly missed but wait for the day that we will all be together again. We love you


Bosco, 10/16/93-03/26/01

Bosco & Harley the two best boxers at the Rainbow Bridge.
Bosco you went there first and your passing was heartbreaking. Harley you were my best girl. You two were the best. Your pups were beautiful as you were. You are so very missed. We will never forget you nor could your sweet souls ever be replaced. Harley it has only been a week since your passing and I can't express how much grief I feel. But at least you guys are together and having a great time. I love and miss you more than words can say.... All my love, to My Harley girl and My Bosco Boy........

Lori Hloska

Bosco, 03/03/02-05/27/03


You were taken too soon by illness, but loved more than anything else. We have many good memories but will miss you greatly you were a large part of our family. We know Sheva, Puffy, Kirby and Buckweat are with you now.

We will see you again our sweet boy.
Love your family

Boss, 10/27/03

You were a gentle giant with a heart as big as you were! We will miss you and love you forever! Good Bye my sweet boy!

Tracy Bennett

Boston (Boss Man), 9/11/03

Our beautiful Boston passed away on 9/11/03. He was 15 and was taken from us suddenly. He was only 3 weeks-old when he and his brothers entered our lives. he was the runt and quickly adopted the nickname "Boss Man" due to his take charge attitude with his brothers. His spunk was his magic, his attitude charismatic. We miss you Boston ... we miss you duking it out with Max ... trying to climb up on the couch or bed, as if you were climbing Mt. Everest ... herding us to the refrigerator for Tuna ... yelling, "Boston, stop it!" when we heard you splashing the water out of your bowl ... joyfully lifting you into the tub when you wanted to drink from the faucet ... watching you sleep on your back with your feet propped up on the window screen ... you are forever in our hearts ... God bless you our little one ... we will see each other again.

We love you little Boss ...

Your 2 moms

Boston, 01/26/99-08/03/03

Boston was the best friend, dog, companion and family member. Eager to please, loved by everyone who met her.
|She is greatly missed and will always be loved.

John & Karin Stoeckler

Boswell, 03/15/01-03/24/03

We picked Boswell from a litter of puppies at our local shelter--he was a rolly polly black lab mix, with almost no tail, and a cute face. Over the next two years we faced many challenges with him because he had a very severe form of epilepsy, and the seizures were difficult to control even with medication. Then, in what seems the height of unfairness, he got a rare form of cancer that crippled him within two months. He was so young--only 2 years old. We loved him with our whole hearts. I still listen for his footpads in the hallway, still wait to feel his weight settle on the end of the bed each night. I look for him and his tiny wagging tail on his big 75 pound body each time I walk in the door. I wake up ready to take him for his walk each morning. He taught me a lot about enjoying life as much as possible; even the day before he passed on, he nosed a ball at me though he could no longer chase it. I look forward to seeing him again so much at the Rainbow Bridge.


Bouchette, 4/7/03

My best and truest companion; you are greatly missed.

Bouncer, 05/04/98-07/07/03

You are, and always will be, my best friend, my sweet Bouncer, and not a day will go by that I won't see you padding across my mind. You wait for me at Rainbow Bridge and I'll be there when its time. Life was so much better having you here. I love you, Feetie Beat.


Bouncer, 07/06/03

A very special friend, deeply loved and missed.


Bouncer, 03/15/84-05/30/03

He's been my camping buddy and best friend for almost 20 years. I'll miss him so much.

The Berkley Family

Bowe Francis Ford Hemingway, 05/90-06//24/03

Our precious beautiful cat son with the extremely loud purr - we will always love you. Everybody loved you, including the vet office staff who wouldn't let us know you were ready to be picked up from appointments because they wanted you to keep hanging out with them! Godspeed.

Victoria Haas

Bower, 11/19/02

Our beloved Bower, you were so special, and one of a kind.
You lived for Rick your daddy and you were his life. For the 18 months you lived you brought such joy into our lives which we will remember always. I ask God all the time why you had to be taken from us so soon, I just don't understand, Our hearts ache and I cry for you all the time, I would give anything to have you back here with us.
After reading about the Rainbow Bridge I feel better knowing that someday you will see your daddy and us again, so we can play soccer all the time. And never to part.
We Love you Bower and Miss you, Sebbie misses you too...
Love Grandma

Boxer, 06/13/03

For my Boxer,

I wish I had known that you were sick. I thought it was only old age. Maybe you would have survived longer. I miss you and it was so hard to let you go. It was too sudden. I pray that you and Randy are together now and happy. I miss you both. We had a great 13 years together. I love you.


Boy, 01/01/94-10/11/03

Boy, mommy loves you and mommy will always love you. Mommy will miss you more than you will ever know as she loves you so very much. She will miss you running and sliding in the snow this winter and she will miss your meow and always being at her side. Boy, you are the sweetest and most loving friend mommy ever had.

Boy, 12/12/91-08/27/03

I miss you my little friend and will never forget the last look we shared. I'll see you at the bridge little duffer.


Boy, 04/26/02-06/20/03

I love you boy and I will love you for ever.


Boz, 11/18/03

As fine a cat as there ever was. Life with Boz was simply amazing. A special kitty in many ways. An angel kitty for sure. Thanks for adopting me when you did. Farewell friend.

Michael Singleton

Bozlie, 01/15/93-07/03/03

Bozlie was stolen from our home last year at this time and remained missing for approximately three weeks but our hearts found one another again. He lives a very vigorous life and was very loving and affectionate and loyal. He loved giving and receiving hugs. He will truely be missed.


Bradlee, 05/02/83-05/27/01

Bradlee was given to me on my 30th birthday - it was the best present a person could have. He's gone now but never far from my thoughts.

Pat Moeser

Bradley, 01/10/92-09/11/02

To our baby Bradley. From the first day you chose us to be your new parents you gave us nothing but your unconditional love, and our lives were so very much enriched by what you gave to us. We will be forever grateful for the love you gave to us and you will be in our hearts forever. Our Love forever, Your Buddy and The Boss.

Brady, 10/02/03

She was my sweet baby girl, I have a huge hole in my heart

John and Edna

Brady, 07/03/93-12/30/02

We will miss you Brady boy but you will forever be in our hearts..Until we all see you again in heaven ..Love Daddy..Mommy and Delanie and your buddy Simba.

Brae, 11/08/03

Brae was taken from me on Nov 08 2003 by dogs. She was a sweetheart, she loved everyone. I miss you Brae and will always love you.


Brae, 10/18/87-04/27/03

I say good bye, but know it's only for a short time. We'll meet again at Rainbow Bridge when my time comes. Bye-bye "Baby Girl". I'll miss you.

Bran, 29/03/02

Anam Cara, I miss you so much. See you at Rainbow Bridge

Liz Payne

Brandee Brandon-Wojo, 04/10/92-06/28/03

Thank you Miss Pooper for all of the joy and laughter. You have stolen our hearts and will reside there forever. We love you and will miss you terribly. Pick out a good spot and come find us to play when it's time.

Love and big wet eyeball kisses,

The mommies

Brandi, 08/27/97-07/26/03

To the love of my life and will always be. I miss you more than you will know.
Not one day goes by that I don't think of you and wish you were here.

Kristi Bruno

Brandi, 10/21/89-12/17/03

Brandi baby, I will Love and Miss you forever. I pray you are happy and that we will be together again, forever.


Brandi, 06/26/93-07/07/03

I'll remember you in Springtime, when the flowers bloom so bright;
I'll remember you through summer's days, and long and lonely nights;
For that was when God reached down, and came and took you home;
I pray you wait at "Rainbow Bridge" so you won't be alone;
I'll remember you in Autumn, as through golden leaves I go;
I'll remember you in Winter, with each flake of falling snow;
And even though you're gone now, your memory lingers here,
And you'll live on, within my heart, so I can always keep you near.

Denise R. Bushnelli

Brandi, 01/16/83-10/06/03

My sweet Brandi,

Thank you for 20 years of love and laughter. You are truly the Miracle Poodle.

Sweet dreams, Sweetie.

Tammy Lovell

Brandi, 10/18/91-07/14/03

Brandi, I loved you from the very first day I saw you. You were always by my side no matter what. I could always count on you for big slurpy kiss and that adorable mushy face that said, "I glad your home mom."

I will always keep you in my heart. I love you and thank you for being such a loving, and beautiful part of my life.

I love you, Mushy face.


Brandi, 06/07/03

Our friends knew her as Brandi~~~
We knew her as "faithful, loving, and trusting~~all that God calls us to be!

Judy-Gary Phillips

Brandi, 2/14/93-05/11/03

Last Sunday, on Mother's Day, we lost our Brandi. Brandi was not my dog, but I had taken care of her since her Mommy moved away. Brandi lived across the street with her grandparents. But since Brandi was sick, and had problems walking, she needed someone else to help with walks, rides to the vet etc. She was a big, beautiful German Shepard, bred from service (police) dogs. She had a big pedigree, but an even bigger heart, so she was kept as a pet. She lived with Tasha, a mixed breed dog, and 2 kitties. Last summer, Tasha and Dukie, a 25 year old kitty, went over to the bridge. I loved and helped care for all these babies, and losing them was like losing my own. But Brandi and I had a special bond, one that lasted over months when we didn't even see each other. The day before she passed, I asked my other neighbor if she had see Brandi out in the yard, and she had. I had a very urgent feeling to go over and visit, but didn't heed that feeling. The last that I had hugged and kissed my Brandi was on Easter. "Tomorrow," I said to myself, and tomorrow didn't come.
A 7:30 the next morning I got a phone call from her Grandma, telling me hysterically that the dog was dead. I ran over, and there was Brandi she had died peacefully in her sleep. She died in the same position that my Svetlana died in, and even seemed to have the same peaceful smile. It brought back all my grief about Svet, but I knew that she was at peace. As I laid next to her, she was still warm, I told her how much I loved her, and how glad I was that we had grown so close. I brushed her, and cleaned her eyes.
I'll never forget that day Brandi the day we walked down by the woods and we sat there for a few minutes you sniffed the air and you moaned softly from the ecstasy of the smell of wild things. You didn't get out often, and you relished the moment. I remember you watching a bird fly by, and wanting to chase the squirrel, but your legs didn't let you run anymore. Now you can run and jump and play with your mother, and brother and sister that have passed over. I'm sure they were there waiting at the Bridge. I hope that I see you again someday sweetie, because even though you weren't mine, you did become part of me. Your Mommy is grieving badly, and was planning on bringing you out to your new house, but I knew that was never going to happen. I think she did too. She said that I could keep your red collar. I keep it in a baggie so that it doesn't lose your smell. I hold it when I want to feel your spirit. I may put it in the car, so that your energy will be there, and your protective side will always be in the car that you loved.
Until we meet again my beautiful girl, and until then I will think about that beautiful day you smelled the wild things in the air, and were so happy. You put your head on me and kissed my face, as we sat together resting until you got up the strength to walk back up the hill. I will always remember that moment. I love you sweetheart. Please kiss Svetlana for me you loved all the kitties, I hope you are together.


Brandi, 04/01/94-01/10/03

Brandi taught me what "unconditional love" really was. Her courage and strength she has shown with her battle and ultimate loss with osteocarcoma has given me the strength to make it through the days I thought I couldn't. I am truly a blessed and better person for having her in my life.

Marcia Maxwell

Brandie, 07/13/85-06/08/03

Brandie was a very special girl who touched everyone that came in contact with her. She was loving but very protective of her family. She loved to have her ears and belly scratched, and was always watching when someone had something to eat (hoping to catch a nibble). We will miss her terribly. Take care Brandie. I know that you are able to see, hear and run with Jaret now. Watch over us. Until we me again, my furry sister. I love you.

Brandon, 06/06/92-01/27/03

Dear Brandon,
We miss your sweet face and gentle way. I am sorry I was not there for you, in your final days, as I was tending to my dying Mother. I didn't even realize how bad it could be, losing you, until I came home and you were not there to greet me, with your big brown eyes and wagging tail. We miss your "welcome home" greetings and you on our laps. You were our brave and fierce little friend, whom we loved dearly. Keep your old buddy "Cody" company and we will see you two again someday soon.
Love and Kisses,
Mom, Dad, Lynne, Andy and Brad

Brando Wells, 07/15/03-09/11/03

Eight weeks ago, a litter of kittens was born under our house from the neighbor's cat. It flooded, and Nicky, the queen cat, brought her litter to live on our porch. Every day we played with and cared for her litter which was located in a box on the porch. We immediately chose the only black cat in the litter and named him or her Brando, and waited for the day we could bring him inside to live with us. When he was a little older, we'd bring him inside to get used to the house for about an hour at a time.

Three days ago, the mother stopped nursing her kittens. They had been eating solid food and using their litter box for a couple weeks. The mother went to get spayed yesterday. We took in Brando for the past three days. He was a gentle little lamb who loved to be held and kissed, and Ben would carry him around on his neck. Since my partner Ben seriously hurt his back, the kitten was great company for him. Brando stayed in the bathroom when we were not home, and he loved to sleep on top of magazines with a soft towel for swaddling. He was a tiny tot.

A few hours ago, Brando & Ben were on the sofa. Brando loved to lie upon Ben's belly and hang at his neck. He had just learned to purr, and loved to purr loudly. Ben tried to get up from the sofa, but his back gave out and he landed on the infant kitten, crushing him. Brando was immediately in shock-- he did not even cry out. He must have had serious internal injuries and could not breathe on his own. Our neighbor, Paul, euthanized him for us almost immediately and privately, and we are ever indebted to him for his humane service.

Obviously Ben and I are in complete shock and mourning. I had to write about the kind and gentle kitten named Brando. We never even knew his gender for certain. We will miss him and we will always love him. Please pray for Ben that his guilt does not hurt him further. As always, thank you for listening, my friends.

Rest in peace, Brando Gatto Wells.

Black long-haired with white locket

Jamie Joy Gatto

Brandy, 03/01/81-06/01/01

The feistiest dog this side of the Pecos.
She was the best!

Debbie Donald

Brandy, 07/22/96-11/24/03

Our Brandy left us last night after a short bout with diabetes which took her from us quickly. She was suffering but looked at me with her Big Brown eyes and I kissed her and told her I loved her and there would be no more pain.
Brandy was a 7 year old Yorkie Poo and was kind and gentle and my 7 year old son is heartbroken, they grew up together and she loved him as much as he loved her. She was a big cuddly baby and loved with all her heart. She is missed terribly. Goodbye sweet Brandy may we all meet someday at the Rainbow Bridge and you will be in our arms again, till then angel Brandy have fun in heaven with your other pals and know you will always be in our thoughts. WE LOVE YOU

Kim Flores

Brandy, 06/07/00

You gave me all the love I could ever wanted they you died of cancer. You are in my heart forever love from Adele xxx

Brandy, 10/02/03

Sweet Brandy we miss you so much.
You were such a special gift.
You're in our hearts forever and will always be with us in spirit.
We love you Pooch!!

Jon and Cindy Stolson

Brandy, 09/01/86-10/29/03

We would just like to thank our wonderful dog for giving us such love and comfort for 17 years. She is and will always be our first baby.

Mike & Kim Swintosky

Brandy, 10/20/03

~For my Brandy~You were my talker, fetcher, card player, and I really thought one of these days, you'd pick up the pen and write something, maybe even take score. You were so smart, so agile, and so quick - a precise fetcher who would sniff out the fake plastic lizard until you found it, returned it, and demanded I throw it again with your talking. I loved to play fetch with you, and I loved your talking. It's so quiet without you here. I miss hearing you when I come home, I used to hear you as soon as soon as I shut off the car - before I even walked in the house. You were such an awesome cat, and my best friend - I miss you so much, and I'm so sorry for everything you went through during your last week. I couldn't stand to watch you hurt anymore. Until we meet again and cross the bridge - remember how very special you were to me and how much you were loved.

Brandy, 10/09/03

Rest well my angel, Mommy loves your more than words can express. You and I walked miles and miles together. I hope you will be walking beside me every day. Mommy will never forget you. You were by Angel Brandy.

Brandy, 12/89-09/18/03

You will always be my special angel. Give your sister all my love....


Brandy, 02/19/87-06/16/02

"Our Tribute to Our Golden Lady Brandy"
February 19, 1987 to June 16, 2002.

We want to tell the world about our good friend and loyal companion "Brandy" a beautiful Golden Lady, anyone would love to have.

Brandy came into our family at six weeks of age. It was love at first sight from the moment we saw her standing up on the edge of her whelping box wanting to come into our arms forever.
Brandy choose to be with us from that day forward. A beautiful little girl, blonde with big brown eyes, mischievous, full of energy, obedient and lovable.

Brandy grew up in a loving, caring home environment and more so as she matured.

In our eyes Brandy was of "show" quality. During her lifetime she had a few setbacks but she survived and recovered each challenge. With much love, care and concern she overcame a few major surgeries.

In March 2000, Brandy lost her human Dad who adored her without reservations. They were inseparable. That was another challenge for Brandy. It took several months to adjust without Daddy being there for her.

Again, with tender loving care she bounced back and helped her human Mom and sister, also to adjust to our loss. And now, we are three, Brandy, Mommy and Me.

Brandy gave us her unconditional love and happiness and we gave it all back to her which she so richly deserved. More than that her greatest pleasure was being at home relaxing in the living room with her family.

She was loved by her primary doctor and his staff. A good patient with a great deal of patience. Brandy was a very special "Golden Lady".

Unfortunately and much to our regret we lost Brandy suddenly on Father's Day, June 16, 2002.

her doctor told us she's in a better place now free of pain and the horrible disease that took her life.

We have a terrible void in our hearts and miss her more than words can express.





Brandy, 07/29/02

You were the best girl a family could ask for. Always there to help clean the dinner dishes, give a cuddle or lick the tears from my face.

It's been almost a year since you died, but it still hurts like it was yesterday. We were blessed to have you seven and a half years, but they were not enough. We will miss you and love you always.

Brandy, 06/30/03

Brandy had a special way of loving people without intruding on them. The day I got her from the animal shelter, having just lost my mom to cancer, we sat patiently together waiting for the paperwork to be filled out. She still wasn't certain she was staying until the first day past, the second ... she would get sick in the car, certain that I was taking her back to the shelter. When she finally realized that car rides meant going to the park to run, or going to the pet food store - she knew she'd found a home for good.

I have found memories of her laying on the floor in front of the couch, and she would put her head up on the couch just to make sure I was still there. She would hand me her paw and we would hold onto each other. We got each other through alot together and over the years we grew to understand each other as good friends will.

I had just lost my job and was wondering how I was going to manage to pay bills and make ends meet when I noticed the first red mass on her muzzle. There was no money to take her to the vet, so I took care of her the best I could, knowing that it would not be enough for someone I'd shared my life with for so long. Her decline was too quick, but she refused to give up until after I had found a new job. Then she gave in to the need to sleep. The evening before she went to sleep forever, she made it outside to watch the squirrels, and bunnies and other dogs pass by with their owners. She looked up at me one last time and wagged her tail briefly as if to say "We've had a good life together, mom". The next evening she went to sleep forever still licking my hand while the vet put her to sleep.

I miss her so much now . . . she will always be the light in my heart.

Ruth Szesny

Brandy, 05/27/93-06/01/03

Our Brandy:

There isn't a day that goes by we don't think of you and miss you with all our spirit. My heart cries every day that your gone but you remain in our hearts and spirits always. You were so loyal and gave unconditional love every moment of your life, even at the very end of your sickness- you would wag your tail. I would give anything to play puppy-wagon again and squeez your face and sing songs to you (Although you didn't enjoy my singing) you still listened as you pushed me away. Know my sweetie we will be together again and I will give you my unconditional love. All my love and kisses forever- Mommy's- Carol, Lori and Jean.

Brandy, 05/09/91-05/27/03

You will be missed forever

Lauren Thigpen

Brandy, 05/15/03

We will miss Brandy very much, she will be in our hearts forever.

Christpher & Jeana Bireline

Brandy, 0/9/28/99

In loving memory of my soulmate and special friend for fourteen years. I miss her every day.

Gloria Mathis

Brandy, 07/22/03-03/12/03

Brandy was our dear friend and housedog for 9 years. She was taken from us so suddenly that the tears just don't seem to stop. She was always with one of us and she'll forever remain in our hearts, no one can ever come close to taking her place. She was loved by many. I hope she knows how much she is missed and how much she was loved.
Goodbye our devoted friend. Mommy & Daddy love you.

Brandy, 08/09/87-03/14/03

To the best little girl in the world. You were with us from the beginning to the end and we'll remember you always. You brought us such happiness. We can only hope that you are chasing the squirrels up in doggie heaven. With eternal love, Daddy and Papa.

Brandy, 04/90

Just another doggie that was in my life that passed long time ago...


Brandy, 04/19/95-02/28/03

Our little Brandy will be missed from our lives. We love her so much, it hurts. We'll see you again sweetheart.

Allen Family (Claude, Angie, Ashley, Dayton and Cassie)

Brandy, 12/01/89-11/26/01

God sent us a special gift. God please tell her "well done my child" Thank you for making her part of our lives.
We miss her so much.

Don Fleming

Brandy Alexandria, 05/19/97-05/17/03

I got Brandy when she was only 6 weeks old and she was the runt of the litter.
She was so energetic and beautiful. She was my best friend and put up with me for nearly 10 years.
Brandy was all black and had mahogany spots, a rottweiler.
Brandy never had to attend obedience classes, she was an elegant queen with perfect manners.
She was always at my side, a people person for sure.
Brandy was always considerate of other animals, she would never had hurt a flea...but because of her size (106 lbs) I believe that many feared her and her loud bark didn't help much either. This is one of the reasons that I put her on a pedestal and her devoted loyalty to me and my family.
She was a protector and would always look out for us.

Brandy loved to go swimming and chase ducks. She would actually smile and she was even more beautiful when she did.
Even though she chased animals, she only wanted to play with them she would never hurt them or sometimes she would charge other dogs to let them know that she was the boss...but if they turned on her...she would run away...God bless her sweet little heart.

I would sing to Brandy her favorite song..."You are my sunshine...please don't take my sunshine away.."

She did not like the word..."bath" and my family would tease her with it to get her wound up.

I have no children so Brandy was my daughter and my mothers granddaughter. She was very special and loved by everyone who knew her.

No matter what she was going through Brandy was always there to greet me at the door with her beautiful smile and a lick for a kiss. I loved those kisses and she really did teach me allot about love and appreciation of animals.

Brandy started limping one day after chasing a squirrel and hurt her leg about two years ago...the limp would come and go and the vet passed it off as arthritis. We later found out that it was bone cancer..She had it in her legs and in her spine. This was not until about 2 years after the first incident.
She was getting worse fast and would cry out in pain. We had her on morphine and knew that we could not let her continue to suffer because we could not stand to let her go.

This was the hardest and the saddest decision that I ever had to make in my life. But I knew that I could not let her suffer and live without being able to run a play as she loved so much.

One day she looked at me straight in the eyes and I knew that she was letting me know that it was ok to let her go and that she was ever so thankful for me and I let her know how thankful I was of her for changing my life forever.

You live in our hearts forever Brandy Alexandria, thank you!

Jan S.Short

Brandy Pett, 08/07/88-04/16/03

To our very special little boy, you are at peace now, go play with your friends, we will see you again. Love mummy and daddy xxx

Brandy Smith, 01/02/03

You gave us over 13 years of unconditional love and were a special friend to all who knew and loved you. We were truly blessed to have you in our family and will never forget your keen mind, energy, sensitivity and ability to love. We know that you are at peace in a warm and cheerful place. We miss you, will never forget you, and will meet you at the bridge.

Corrine & Bob

Branston, 09/01/88-05/01/03

We found our beautiful boy 15 years ago on a very busy road in the Highlands of Scotland, a little scrap trying to find food on the road. We stopped and picked him up a dear little black cat with gorgeous big eyes, he was so tiny he could sit in my hand, what a little pickle he was, he just melted our hearts, so he came home with us to join our other furbabies and so we named him Branston. What a joy to have had you Branston, you were so kind and loving. You never scratched or hissed at anyone, you groomed and washed all the other furbabies, and all of them loved to cuddle up to you.

When we found three kittens that were going to be killed we bought them home and you treated them as if you were their mother, taking such care of them, then when they were older we gave one away and kept the twins as we called them ( Crystal and Pearl), you just kept on loving and looking after them as you did all our other furbabies, right up to the 1st of May 2003, when you, our beloved darling was put to sleep.

Eighteen months ago, you were diagnosed with cancer and you were so brave to have the operations and the chemotherapy to give you longer with us. The vet assured us that you weren't in pain, so you kept on going, the vets all loved you and called you "their Star", such a brave and wonderful cat. Then on the 1st of May, we saw that your back legs didn't support you, but for our sakes you were determined to keep going, but we could see sweetheart that it was your time to go. Darling Branston, you had such a big heart and such love it just poured out of you, thank you Darling for being our wonderful Branny, it was such a privilege and honour that you choose us as your parents. Our hearts are broken Branny, no longer are you there at the bottom of the bed, no longer are you cuddled up in your Dad's arms, no longer there to give us your very special love. Our other furbabies are missing you, but knowing you, you will be looking after our other furbabies and dogs at Rainbow Bridge. One day we will all be together, what a day that will be, your Dad and me, your Mum, gathering all our beloved pets up, at Rainbow Bridge, so many of you, so missed but never forgotten, everyday we talk and think about you all. All of you who choose to come and live with us, what wonderful and happy times we have had together. It is these wonderful memories of you all that keeps us going, you are all so loved and missed. Our furbabies:
Austin..Bonnie..Huddy..Ginger..Blackie..Curry..Souffle'...Marmite..Tabby..Fluffy-Mary...Muffin and Sherman..and our dogs:
Kirsty..Tarka.. and Heather.

So Darling Branston, have a happy and lovely time at Rainbow bridge with all our other pets, enjoy the sunshine, listening to the birds singing, chasing after the bees and butterflies, and enjoying the grass you so loved to eat. You will be missed so much our Darling boy, but you are loved.... always loved and you will always be in our hearts. So Darling, for now, we will leave you in Gods safe and loving hands, until we can all be together again at Rainbow Bridge. God Bless you sweetheart, your loving Mum and Dad. xxx Shazzie, Lauren, Graeme and Claire send all their love to you Darling x x x x

Brat, 07/01/83-01/27/03

My precious, Brat, I was so happy when my brother Ernie and future sister in law gave me You as a kitten in Texas. You were such a hambone and loved to have your picture taken. People who weren't fond of cats changed their mind after meeting you. You had such big back feet I thought you would grow ears and be a bunny. You were also a traveler, from CA to NC and a special vacation in New Orleans at the Hilton and Marriot. I am so glad we had 19 1/2 yrs together, my bestest buddy. I knew it was time for you to leave and prayed to the Lord to take you home. I am so blessed that I was at home and got to hold you in my arms as you took your last breath. You are with me know in a beautiful blue urn with a yellow rose of Texas. I still hear you meow. Thanks for all the luv XXOO Your Mommy Jean

Brazil, 06/04/91-08/05/03

Brazil (my sweetpea, baby cat, bunny, baby cake, stripes and spots, peaches and cream, creamsicle, baby Brazil, Mr. Brazil, and Brazil-Brazil), I love you and miss you so much. You are such a special kitty. Please don't be sad without me-- I will meet you on the other side of the bridge...and I'll bring your comb, collar, baby food, and favorite toys!

Brdydgette, 2/28/00-6/23/03

Brdygette was a great friend for her very short life. She was an extraordinary jumper also- she could jump anything and was incredibly fast. She was huge- especially her paws! She loved our rottwieler to death and was the sweetest Labrador ever- as well as the smartest. Especially since she was taken so suddenly at such a young age, we will miss her tricks, her greetings, her paw shakes, her many kisses, and her high-pitched bark. There are so many things I would like everyone in the world to know about Brdygette- my words and my thoughts and feelings cannot do justice for this young, once-in-a-lifetime, very special dog.

Brea, 05/98-11/10/03

My beautiful girl is now running with the big dogs. Until we meet again Brea I love and miss you so.

Kathy Knoll

Breezy, 04/02/02-11/15/02

We love you!

Dea Moore

Brennan, 06/99

I will always be together, Bren. I love you and miss you.

Jean-Marie Lacobee

Brewser, 04/25/91-07/21/03

Brewser, Our brave and beautiful son we will always hold you in our hearts and carry your soul forever. Thank you for being our Rainbow. Mommy and Daddy

Brewster, 03/90-11/22/02

Brewster it is your first anniversary away from mommy. I have thought about you often in the past year. As I sit and do my work at my desk I feel you there next to me, and reach back to pet you. Then, realize you are only there in spirit. It was not the same without you to help as I raked the leaves this fall; you digging out all the acorns from the leave piles to eat them and made such a mess with the shells from them. I made a special garden under your hemlock tree filled with lots of daises, your favorite flower to lay in and many others because you loved the flowers so much. I still look at the pictures of you surrounded by the daises and it makes me smile. I just wanted to let you know how much I miss you and think of you everyday but especially today on the first anniversary of your passing. P.S. Sarah's kitties Spidey and Gizmo are using your bed and seem to learn some of your tricks by cuddling on it. They do some funny things just like you used to.

Love, Mommy

Bria, 07/25/03

I miss you so very much but I'm thankful you are free of suffering.
I love you,

Brian, 02/02-12/09/03

Although you were only in our lives for a year and a half, you touched our hearts like no other could. We will truly miss your nose rubs and soft kisses. You will forever be our little Bri Bri. When you left us, we can only hope that you passed in peace and know how much we will always love you. Until we meet again my little sweetheart - MOMMY & DADDY

Brian Peppi Davis, 10/13/03

Dearest Peppi, 10-13-03 We love and miss you so much. You always made me laugh. Little Snuffy and Idgie are so lonely. They have no one to play hide the treat. I love you always, little boy and I would NEVER have let anyone hurt you if I just had known. Sissy Marianne

Bridge, 10/15/01-01/11/02

I hope and pray you've found Sabbath and the two of you are running and playing and having more fun than you ever had on earth. Your short life was filled with anguish and horror by the mean people who didn't love you the way you deserved to be loved. I'm so glad I had the chance to "rescue" you (although I think you're the one who truly rescued me, my "Bridge" over trouble water) and spend three short months with you so you could see what it was like to be really, truly loved. I will forever miss your warm breath on my face, your thousand soft kisses each day and your unconditional love. I'm so sorry you couldn't stay with me forever in life, but I promise you you'll be in my heart that long. I love you baby girl!

Bridget, 09/06/90-11/29/03

Bridget was a wonderful companion. I had the privilege of being her caretaker for 11 years. She was loving and cute. She was gentle and sensitive to the needs of others. She was a wonderful creation of God and there will be no other like her. Bridget, you were the best and will live on in my heart forever.

Marie Bergeron

Bridget, 09/16/89-11/01/03

Bridget's passing has left such a void in my heart and my life. She was like a child to me and always there for me throughout 14 years.
B you're so missed!

Moira Stephens

Bridget, 10/10/03

She was the best friend that any one could have ask for. And no other dog can take her place in my bed or in my heart. She was hit by a car and the driver did not even stop to let us know that she was hit.


Bridget, 09/17/03

Bridget, You taught us that it's ALWAYS worth it to try. You were such a brave little trouper! We miss you so much, and we'll love you forever. Elaine and John

Bridget, 07/08/90-03/15/03

Dear Bridget,
Our hearts are broken and we miss you so much!
You were always a gentle girl and a wonderful companion.
We will always remember you running in delight to retrieve your ball, and always keeping us company.
Thanks so much for 12 wonderful years. We love you!

Barbara, Craig, Bryan, and Kaitlyn

Bridgett, 02/01/93-12/29/02

Bridgett - my mini lop was my best friend and the love of m life. Having her approximately 9 years and adopted her after being abandoned. The house is empty and I have not wanted to put her toys away is very hard. I cry alot, but try to remember as she lay dying in my arms she is now with the angels. I would like to see her one more time to be sure that he is ok. Bridgett ruled our home on her terms and death came too sudden.

I love you Bridgett


I made arrangements to have Bridgette put to sleep on Friday afternoon. It will be at home.
This has been such a hard decision to make, I keep going back and forth.
She is very special to me, as I know all your pets are.
It just hurts so bad right now.

Mary Beth

Bridgette Winnie, 03/15/90-05/23/03

The GREATEST dog in the world loving caring loyal I will miss you so much

Sandy Scholtz

Bridgit, 01/11/92-02/06/03

A dear little dog who brought joy to our lives and her memory will continue to do so.

Kathy O'Brien

Bridie, 30/11/88-03/05/03

Bridie I remember when I went to pick you up from your breeders, you were 10 weeks old and running around the house carefree. You were my then my child substitute I used to carry you on my lap in the car even when you were fullygrown. I used to take you to dog obedience and you loved it. I remember 1 lesson when we were in a line a dog came to the class late and everything was silent, you then let out a bark as if to say "how dare you come to the class late". I remember the fun times you had with your lifelong friend brodie and the many games and walks we shared. one day when I had moved house and my daughter was asleep I had to open a gate for my friend to leave the property and as much as you would have liked to come out to the gate you chose to stay behind and watch over my daughter. you were so devoted and loyal and when my daughter was young would put yourself in front of my daughter with strangers to protect her. When you had puppies you would play with them and not let them get in front of you racing up the hill. I will miss you till we meet again...I miss you so


Brie, 09/17/03

More than just a rat, a one-pound furry manifestation of love, joy, intelligence, and general enthusiasm for life. Never stingy with cuddles, always open to belly-scratches and strawberry yogies. Rest well, my friend--love and bruxes. I'll miss you horribly.


Brie, 09/09/92-06/26/03

My Beautiful Brie,
You are with Daddy now. You missed him so much when he died only six weeks ago. I knew you had to go to be with him. My heart aches so much having both of you gone. I'll always love you, my Briepoo.
Love, Mommy

Briggs, 11/02/93-11/13/03

I miss you my baby boy. I cried for weeks when you left me as I held you. I love you so much and nothing will ever replace you in my heart. I know you are with coco at the Rainbow Bridge.
I will look for you both when I arrive. Love you my darling, mama

Briggs, 01/05/91-07/09/03

I'll miss you forever.


Bright Eyes, 12/04/03

Remember that you are and never have been alone.
See you at the bridge.

Chris Knecht

Bright Eyes, 04/28/89-02/26/03

Bright Eyes, you were loved very much and we miss you dearly. We hope you are happy and having fun with you sister and brother, Lady & Nimmi.

Cathy McElearney & Vicki Garfinkel

Brigit (Aka Little One), 06/08/03

Devoted, sweet, and a loving friend to the end.


Brin, 22/11/03

My beloved dog Brin I love and miss you so much I hope you are happy at the Rainbow Bridge

Kerry & Julian

Brindle Noel, 12/15/84-04/28/03

Our Brinnie Noel just could not fight any longer and went to join Almond Joy at the bridge on 4/28/03. Brinnie, we will miss you more than you know. Please wait at the bridge for me, I can't wait to see you again. Your the best most understanding friend I have. We all love you and pray for you and our joy is knowing that you will suffer no longer. Run and jump with Joy until we are together again. xoxo. Chuck (Mommy, Dad, Angie, David and Chazzie too!)

Brit, 09/15/85-12/06/03

I am so sad without you. You were such a good friend and I miss you so much. I love your furry little self.

Barbara Scoggin

Britnee Chili Pepper, 12/24/94-05/06/03

This morning was like any normal morning but Brit didn’t wake me up and kiss me. I had to pull her out of my sons bed, and push her butt out the door to go do her business. She was panting so I thought she needed fresh water, brought her in and tried to give her one of her favorite treats she pushed it away. I thought maybe she had an upset tummy and thought nothing of it. A few hours later I came home from an appointment and she is cold, with whitish/gray gums and hanging her head low. I took her to my vet and they told me to go to MSU since it seemed like a cardiology case. You bet it was, she had a Hemangiosarcoma in her heart. The pericardium was filled with blood and smack dab in the middle of her heart was the tumor. I had to make the hardest decision of my life, I had to end the life of my best friend and my first child.

Jaimie Ferguson

Briton Wicket, 12/21/03

Wow, what to say about our beloved Briton Wicket? His time with us was too short. We were cheated by his passing, and he was cheated of a life he deserved. He was with us only 18 months, but left an indelible mark on our lives - and forever occupies a place in our hearts. Now that he's gone, there's a gaping hole in our lives & our home.

We found Brit, or he found us (I believe the latter) in April '02. The little fellow had been unceremoniously dumped at our apt. complex by some anonymous party. We saw him during the day wandering about, but due to the collar, thought he had just gotten out for a stroll. But while walking our other dog, we saw him still wandering alone at 2am. We brought him home, and his first act was to survey the apt., briefly observe the other animals, and lay down under our the coffee table in our living room.

It became clear in the weeks that followed that Brit was a victim of abuse & mistreatment. He was suspicious of the human touch, and fearful of objects like brooms (and even cameras) - even from afar. A human foot placed too close to him caused a hyper-defensive fear reaction, which sometimes resulted in an attempt to bite the offending limb. Brit was totally unkempt, and initial attempts to bathe him were a lengthy exercise in diligence & patience. Attempts to clean his ears or groom the mats & tangles from his coat resulted in more aggression. When placed on the couch or bed, he became very nervous, and the fear reaction would come out. We knew that even a rescue organization could not or would not deal with Brit, and that we were his last & only hope for life.

It took months & months of J's working with him, loving him, calming him, and reassuring him. Even as he left us, Brit was still a work in progress. But throughout his life with us, we were privileged to see Brit blossom, and his true character & personality come forth. Brit finally allowed us to bathe him without incident, and he let us take his picture without trepidation. Even the errant footstep no longer elicited the same reaction. Beyond that, he became a loving, trusting soul. His true potential & nature as a companion shown through.

Upon returning home from even the briefest absence, Brit wanted to be greeted by voice, touch, and sight. In the event we would first drop a backpack or change clothes after a day of work, Brit would be there waiting for his greeting. Brit's favorite thing in the world was a car ride. He'd hop in your lap, and gaze expectantly at the driver, waiting for the window to be lowered to he could feel the wind lift his ear, cool his face, and fill his little nose. Just putting on shoes - let alone the jingle of car keys - sent Brit into an excited Shih Tzu frenzy of happy growling (chortling) and yipping. As Brit began to trust us, it became clear he craved human contact. When sitting on the floor playing a game, Brit would sit or curl up right next to your leg, just to be touching you. He'd sit on our feet - his request for attention, and his plea that you not leave. Brit so loved his trips to PetSmart, which brought forth the biggest, happiest, Shih Tzu grin I'd ever seen. Brit even accepted training, learning to sit, speak, and shake. He loved to take midnight walks with our other dog, roaming the grounds of our apt. complex, taking in all the sights, smells and sounds. The were an odd couple (a 65 lb. Rott/Akita/Chow mix, and our 15 lb. Shih Tzu), but the best of canine friends. When out of sight, they immediately looked for one another, and never roamed far apart.

But Brit was taken from us; stolen by the powers that be. He was beset by a degenerative disc condition in his lower back that deteriorated in 24 hours. Left with very little choice - more so in the interest of Brit's quality of life - we let him go to the Rainbow Bridge 48 hours ago. His last moments were spent in the arms of his Mama & I, grinning that wonderful Shih Tzu grin, his eyes filled with love for us. The pain & grief are nearly unbearable. I feel worse for him than I do for myself. Brit was a victim of abuse, and he had finally found a home where he was safe & secure, not to mentioned loved, cared for, cherished, and spoiled. After the (estimated) first 3 1/2 years of his life spent being mistreated, he had finally found the life & home every companion animal deserves. And in return, he had blossomed; revealing his true loving, trusting, sweet-natured, playful personality. We feel shortchanged, cheated of what should have been years & years of wonderful companionship. We also feel the Brit was shortchanged, taken from a home where so many people loved, appreciated, and adored him. But Brit will never ever ever be forgotten, and he has a place in my heart the same as our other dog, whom I've had for nearly six years. We never thought that one little life could make such a difference to us, and in such a short period of time. I trust that in time, the wonderful memories & images of Brit that now cause so much pain from loss will bring smiles & recollections of a truly special companion that was taken way before his time.

We will always love you Brit, and never forget you. We hope to be reunited with you when our mortal time here is done. In the meantime, we hope you know how much we love you, what impact you had on us, what you mean to us, and that you'll guide & welcome our other companions that will someday come to the Bridge.

Jennifer & Brian

Britta, 03/05/03

Britta was my families Black Lab. We had her put to rest March 5th, she was 15 years old. Not a day goes by that we do not think of her. My daughters were 7 & 9 years old when we brought Britta home and they don't remember not having her here to greet them when they came home. Britta was such a loving dog & loved buy us in return that she never will be able to be replaced and we are not going to try. My heart goes out to everyone who has lost a devoted pet. Britta, you will always be in our hearts.

Brittany, The Kisser, 04/29/97-12/02/03

Brittany was nicknamed the Kisser because she always came up on hind legs to give me kisses. She followed me everywhere & gave me more happiness than I can tell you....She was the best cat I ever had, or ever will have.

Johanna Wohlfelder

Brittany, 08/23/00-06/26/03

Please pray for Brittany that she is okay and at peace.

Lolly Enriquez

Brittany, 08/15/90-03/13/03

Brittany was the loyal and loving pet. She will be dearly missed as she was an extension of our family. We know that she is waiting at the end of the Rainbow Bridge for us.

Jamie Langiewicz

Brittany, 2/20/03

Thank you, Little Brittany-Ham, for bringing such joy to our lives, for giving us 10 beautiful, healthy babies, including Cinnamon-Bear, and for taking such good care of them. You were the best mom. Our hearts are in pain for your having to suffer before you died, but you know that we did everything we could to make you better. You were such a sweet little girl, with such an outgoing personality. We will never forget you. We loved you and always will. Rest in peace, Little One.

Walker family

Brittany, 05/13/93-01/27/03

To Brittany,

For the many wonderful years you were loved and cherished. Never will you be replaced or forgotten. Forever you have a part of our heart.

We love you, Mommy, Daddy and Matthew

Kelly, Aaron and Matthew

Brittany Sue, 03/23/93-08/19/03

A precious angel who gave me such companionship. An enduring will that will never be forgotten. Truely, my best friend. Find peace our baby girl.


Brodie, 08/10/90-07/03/03

I will miss you my son, I could not bare to see you suffer. I remember you as you were, running through the grass and swimming down the rivers. Your love of life was as great as my love for you, please forgive me son, it was not an easy decision.
All my love forever, wait for me....

Brody, 05/01/98

My best friend. We love you and miss you.

The Heredia Family

Bronwyn, 10/05/95-11/06/03

Never will there be a more loyal and loving dog who was at the same time so independent of mind and spirit. You will be greatly missed by Bob, your dog sisters and brothers Jack, Merlin and Elsie, and your real sister Emmy. You have gone to join Danu, who will take care of you till we all come to join you. I will love and miss you forever, Bronwyn. You died too young, and without warning. I can't believe I have to go on without you, but in your memory, I will somehow try. The great boat "Bronwyn" - named in your honor - will sail always to your wonderful memory.
I love you with all my heart.

Valerie Flocco Hill

Brooke, 01/31/94-07/28/03

Brooke, You were our best friend. You will always be in our hearts and memories. You were very special to us, we miss you so much.

Love, Patrick and Anna

Brownie, 12/25/03

Brownie was my first dog when I moved out of home and he had a good long life and it was really hard for me to see him passed away and he will always be in my heart and remember him. I miss him so much already and still trying to cope with his death.


Brownie, 04/28/90-07/29/03

You are my angel in heaven, watching over me now. You will be in my heart forever.

Lisa Dorn

Brownie, 01/19/03

This brave little dog was needlessly killed by a large neighbor dog on our property. She is profoundly missed.


Brownie, 02/08/03

I love you now and always. I am sorry our time together was so short.
Thank you for coming into my life. Love, mom

Lee Vannucci

Brownie Miracle Conejito, Rescued 06/96-01/11/03

Brownie came to us by someone who had found him abandoned in a local park. He was dehydrated, with nails so long they curled under his little paws. I a few days, he was happy and binkying. For his whole life (I'm guessing he was near eight when he passed), he was such a sweet, vivacious wee boy. His cuteness was overwhelming and people often asked me if he was a baby, with that little, round head and tiny ears. His 'big brother' Cocoa resented his presence, but over the years they enjoyed teasing each other and even played together outdoors and in the house for a few hours at a time. Brownie's last day was filled with joyful play with Cocoa, and much cuddling from us. A few days before his death, he even licked my arm, something not usual for him. It comforts me to know I was with him at his passing and that it was quick, AND that his little spirit is in God's loving care - happy once more. Good-bye my wee boy. Mommy loves you very much, and so do dad and Cocoa. May we meet again.

Bruiser, 12/09/91-12/19/03

To my dearest friend I miss you with all my heart and soul. You brought so my joy to our lives. Thank you for being our loyal passionate companion. I pray to God that he will take care of you. Until we meet again. I love you with all my heart. Mom

Mary & Patrick Perrier

Bruiser, 12/16/03

Bruiser was a very special FELV+ tomcat who remains in the hearts of everyone he met.
We would like to thank Cole Park Vets for taking care of him and Rikki's Refuge for giving him a home when we could not and for surrounding him with love during his final months.

Ellen and Shoji

Bruno, 12/19/03

Bruno was a Love muffin Golden Retriever that brought Joy to all that he met.
I adopted him from Atlanta Humane Society 3.5 years ago.
He was my best buddy.
I will miss him forever.

Rich Lavoy

Bruno, 11/28/95-12/14/03

Bruno was our beloved dog.
Bruno was a wonderful dog and a true ambassador for the breed of rottweilers. He always had a loving demeanor and enthusiastically greeted new people that he met. He always watched after PeeWee as they grew together, he was her guardian by his own choice and doing, any time she was outside, he wanted to be right there with her to watch what was happening.

Over the last year his health seemed to deteriorate and he was found to have severe anemia along with an enlarged liver about nine months ago. He was being treated for those conditions and also for arthritis that had developed in his spine, he seemed to be feeling better after taking the supplements and medications for awhile. However lately he would pick them out of the food and spit them out on the floor. On Dec. 14, 03 Bruno became extremely ill at home and couldn't stand, after mom and dad took him to the vet's it was found that he had at least two large masses in his abdomen and chest. It is believed to have been cancer that took Bruno from us at only eight years of age.

Dwayne, Liz, and Kelsey

Bruno, 01/08/97-08/18/03

Dear Bruno,
Daddy & Mommy & Donato will always love you no matter where you are. We will always be thinking of you and your in our hearts always and forever.
You were taken away from us by an act of violence at such a young age, you were a strong healthy dog that did not deserve what happened. People can be cruel and mean to animals but they are the true meaning of the word "animal".
We love you boy,
Your family and friends

Bruno, 08/11/03

Bruno was with us just one year adopted from an abused home. He was our 'angel' from heaven who taught us the true meaning of love.


Bruno, 08/11/01-16/06/03

Why we let this happened?
U are still a little boy.
We miss u so much...
Melina Hioti, Akis Lefakis

Bruno, 05/15/87-12/31/00

To my "Big Galoot" Bruno... You were my best friend for many years and I miss you sooo much. Every Christmas Cameron and I still place your special ornament on the tree and wish you were here with us still. I feel better knowing that you're happy up there playing with Ashley and Daisy. I'll be looking for you at the Rainbow Bridge. Love Mommy & Cameron

Bruno, 11/89-04/18/03

The best companion anyone could ever have.

Denise Marino

Bruno, 06/06/90-02/24/03

It's been a week since I lost you, and not a day has gone by that I haven't cried thinking about you. My life seems empty without you by my side. For 12 and a half years, you were my joy and the love of my life. You gave me so much love and constant companionship through the good times and the bad times. I still see you, feel you, and hear you in every corner of my life and my memories. My wish is that in time I will remember you without the tears. That when I recall you, it will only be with a smile of remembering how special you were to me. I know I can never replace you and you will live forever in my heart. I miss you so much Bruno. I find solace in knowing that you also knew how much I loved and cared for you. I'll never forget you my baby boy.

Teresa Mattick

Bruno, 7/21/88-12/29/02

He was "My Buddy" and I loved him dearly and will miss him so very much.

Donna Huff

Bruno, 08/99-01/02/03

You taught me what love means, and I loved you so much.

Maria Jesus

Brute, 01/09/03

Brute, you were the best dog we could have ever had. We all miss you very much. We are all so glad we got the chance to adopt you and make your life with us the best time of your life and ours. We will never forget you. We love you. Hug & kisses & head scritches forever.

Jeff, Elaine, Sammie, Duchess, Kiri, & Rydia

Brutus, 12/05/03

This is on behalf of my friend who helped me through the loss of my furfriend last year.
Brutus was there for Jerry through all of his ups and down over the past 9 years.
He will be missed but he is now at the Rainbow Bridge with my BoKitty waiting for us and any other Furbrothers/sisters they main gain over the years.
We love them will all of our hearts.
Thanks to Brutus and Bo for always loving us with no conditions.


Brutus, 11/03/03

In memory of a little dog who once slept in my coat pocket, and has a permanent place in my heart.


Brutus, 12/09/94-07/01/03

Brutus was the most amazing big boy. He understood English. He understood me. He opened wrapped gifts all by himself. He was an amazing watch dog. He would have put his life in front of mine. He was ALWAYS there. always.
He took care of me, and I hope he will now be taken care of. I find it hard to imagine the rest of my life without him. I will live off of the wonderful memories I was so blessed to experience. He gave UNCONDITIONAL LOVE!
Thank you Bruddy, for 8.5 of the best years of my life.
I'll see you again one day, Mommy loves you!

Bruzer, 12/30/01

Bruzer (Bubba),
It's been one year today since you've left us. I still can't believe you're gone. You were my best friend for so many years. I felt a special bond with you that can't be broken. All those health problems you had but you still pulled through for me. This last time just took it's toll. I'm so glad you're at peace now. I'll really miss those stormy nights with you crawling up on my lap cause you were scared, also all the times we shared popcorn and candy canes together and our walks in the woods. My life isn't the same without you but I know we will be together again in Heaven. I Love You Goodnight my wolfdog.
Your best friend,
Jackie Roberts

Bryce, 07/18/03

Bryce was the most loving and gentle soul I have ever met. She raised 2 children with my husband and I and spent much of her day playing with them and watching over them. She crossed as she lived, with dignity and courage and with a will to help and support her human family. She spent many days riding with me in the car to children's homes who had special needs. They loved her and she was so excited to give them a kiss and share her love with them. She loved to chase her tail and to swim in the water, no matter how cold it was. Her last good day was spent at the ocean,...the first time she had seen it. Her gentle soul was ready to be rid of her elderly body, but she will always be very close to us in our hearts. The tears are still flowing as we miss her physical presence, but know that she remains with us forever. She was a wonderful gift from God and we will always be grateful to him and to her for the unconditional love, support and loyalty that she showed us for 13 years. We love you forever Brycie-be free and enjoy your "wholeness" again, visit if you would like and know that although we are not physically together, we are always one in spirit and love. You are always our Bry-Bry baby, our golden girl. xoxoxooxoxoxoxoxo


Bubba, 01/11/95-12/27/03

I lost my dearest and truest friend this weekend, and he will be sorely missed...

Teresa Y. Baranowski

Bubba, 08/21/03-12/18/03

A perfect little pei boy who came to us 11 months ago and taken away from us so suddenly on 12/18/03.
You are missed and the heartache we feel is immeasurable.

Mei Chan

Bubba, 04/01/93-11/10/03


We can't stop crying for you! You are so missed! You know how loved you were. You were just so ill in such a short time. You were our best friends. Bella and Brewster miss you as well. We know we will see you again. We hope you are in Heaven with Poppop and Grammy! We hope they are giving you lots of love and treats.

We will love you always! Mommy and Daddy...Tara and John

Bubba, 11/21/96-11/03

We loved him, he is a member of the family.

Pam Givens

Bubba, 4/1/96-8/30/03

Bubba, we will always miss you and love you. Love, Mom and Dad.

Bubba, 07/10/03

Bubba, was, and IS a one of a kind cat, and is my soul cat. He was a fighter, and still is. May god and the rest of the animals at rainbow bridge guide him and keep him happy :), and tell him to come visit us every day at home ! WE ALL LOVE YOU BUBBA ! ESPECIALLY MOMMY ! She especially wants you to visit as much as possible. :) It won't scare us if you create some poltergeists in the house hold. WE WANT THAT ! OK BABY BOY? bring it on :) Hopefully by now you are fat again, up to par, healthy, lovable, affectionate, and the same pain in the butt you always are. We love you so much. We will see you later!


Mommy & the Bunch

Bubba, 06/09/03

BUBBA, you were the only cat I ever loved. As a matter of fact you were the only cat that ever paid any attention to me. I will miss you as much as I miss my dogs. At times I had the feeling you were a little dog in a cat suit. Rest quietly at the Bridge until we meet again. God bless you BUBBA!

Bob Hunt

Bubba, 04/24/03

You left us so tragic and sudden. We will love & miss you for many years to come. You will always have a special place in our entire family's heart, but especially Mom & Chuck who will miss you terribly. Thank you for being such a good friend! Now you are with dad and doc - Rest in peace our little friend!

Don & Debbie Friedrichsen

Bubba, 05/01/94-03/02/03

Bubba was a special friend to all. He was a true definition of "love". He will be missed.

Mary Calhoun

Bubba Crowe

Your daddy and mommy love you so. We are thinking of you and praying for you in our own special way... I asked Daisy Mae Elizabeth Teucke to be there for you when you go to the Rainbow Bridge. I saw you today and thought of Daisy Mae. She was the best friend I ever had. Some regrets of mine.. And your mommy and daddy know you are their best friend forever....... Xo Bubba...

Neighbors Greg and Lori

Bubba Wells, 01/22/87-05/01/03

Bubba, you will always hold a special place in my heart. You were there for me when I was alone and needed someone to be with. You always licked my tears when I cried. Now I don't have you there to do that anymore. I will always love you, and there will never be another to replace your love that you gave to me! At least I have the consolation of knowing that you will never suffer anymore, and you are at Rainbow Bridge. Your Mama

Bubbie/Bubba, 1987-08/20/03

We had our Bubbie girl for 15 years. She was such a true sweetheart. She had renal kidney disease, and her health 'crashed' last night, and we knew that putting her down was the last and only thing we could do for her. Our 6 1/2 year old son is coping well, our 15 mos. daughter will one day know, and we have peace in our hearts knowing there was nothing anybody could have done. She lived a great, long life, 16 years old - I had her since Feb. 1988. She was less than a year old then. She was our light. She was like my little Guardian - I had her from when I was 18 years old, on, until this day. She was there for me for everything. These quotes sort sum it up for me, but we'll all get through this o.k. She had a peak in her health since falling so suddenly ill last Friday, one week before her passing. I know I will have peace, but peace does not have a cold nose, a pink tongue, whiskers or a warm purr. Peace does not use the litterbox, hurl hairballs or wake me at two in the morning because it got lonely and wanted to crawl under the covers.

And though a fresh new set of paws will one day walk into my heart, the here-and-now, day-to-day presence of a creature who knew me better than I know myself, loved me better than I love myself ,and let me know that on a regular basis, is gone.

Peace is a wonderful thing, but it doesn't wear fur. And when I miss that fur so much, when the grief swells and threatens to consume me, the memory of my bond with my fur-person grounds me. It tells me to look forward and celebrate the joy that bounded into my life so many years ago; to pause and ground myself, let the love that was there surface and know that the love is still there. It's lonelier on this side, but if I ride out the grief I come full circle back to the peace. It doesn't wear fur and it doesn't stop tears, but it does bring the memory of love and changes the tears from those of desperate sorrow to those of healing and of hope.

They that love beyond the world cannot be separated from it.

Death cannot kill what never dies.

Nor can spirits ever be divided, that love and live in the same divine principle, the root and record of their friendship.

If absence be not death, neither is theirs.

Death is but crossing the world, as friends do the seas;

They live in one another still."

William Penn - "But there it was, unmistakable. I knew my girl. She and I had been together for almost seventeen years. I knew she was tired, and sick, and - worst of all for me - that there was no hope of her ever being better again.

Should I have waited for pain? I don't think so. I am having enough for both of us. And that's okay. I can take it. My girl is at peace, and eventually I will be too."

Where you used to be, there is a hole in the world, which I find myself constantly walking around in the daytime, and falling in at night. I miss you like hell. God bless you, Bubbie. We thank you so much for everything you did for us. You are a special precious little girl, one who will never ever be forgotten in our hearts. Please say We love you to our Dear Fluffy girl, too. We miss you Dearly already, sweetie, and it has been 'only' just over 12 hours ago since your passing. How on earth will we get through days without you? *How on earth?* But in Love for you, and in knowing you fought a brave battle, we know in our hearts it was your time to go, we have come into acceptance in our hearts. Go now in Peace, our Dear, sweet Bubbie. May we meet again one day. We love you forever and ever.
All Our love,
Daddy, Mommy, TJ, & Meg {'BUH-buh.'}Sammie piehead misses you too, Honey. We can tell. One day you and she will again meet.

Bubbles, 07/12/03

To my big gentle guy, I'm sorry I couldn't make it better for you, the hole you left in my heart will never heal.

Cris Page

Bubbles, 01/01/87-07/21/03

To my very best friend, I will love you always, you will always be my baby girl.

Marla Madrigal

Bubbles, 05/29/92-05/08/02

You left us a year ago and it has taken me this long before I could stop crying long enough to leave this tribute to you. We helped bring you into this world and you took a huge piece of our heart when you left it was such a shock because you never acted sick. Only God knows why and I have to trust him but it sure does hurt. I miss you so much but I will see you again one day and now your sister Angel is with you take care of her and I will take care of her parents because they are hurting pretty bad right now. See you two at Rainbow Bridge! Love you Mom

Bubbles, 03/10/97-02/27/03

You gave us so much love and you will always remain in our memory! We will miss you so much...

Hyginia, Stefan, Bianca and Lorenzo

Bubbles, 02/12/03

You left us too soon and we will miss you very much. Until we meet again...

Julianne Gentile

Bubbles, 09/01/99-02/09/03

Bubbles was an enthusiastic escape artist who got out and left behind her collar. She was a block from home when she met the one thing she couldn't overcome - a car. I pray it was quick and that she didn't suffer, my Bubbles baby, my Bubula, my Bubble-butt, my beautiful baby belly. She left behind a grieving pack leader (me) her litter mate Squeak, and her friend Aug. I love her and miss her so much.

Katherine Pegelow

Bubby, 04/89-02/14/03

My sweet Bubby. I met you at 10 days old. You were such a little demon then. Your brother and sister were so happy to meet a human, but not you. Your mom kept you safe in my shed, until it was time to explore the world. The people that "owned" her didn't care how many litters she had... didn't care how many babies died. You three survived. When your mom was killed by a car, I knew I couldn't let that happen to the three of you. You became house cats, and hated it. Vet visits, the dreaded spay/neuter surgery happened. Then, your beloved brother Stumpy died. You turned to me in your grief... you were only 9 months old then, but, became my best little buddy. Following me down the road when I walked the dog... crying when you couldn't see me. No one could touch you but me. I think my parents saw you twice in all the time you were with me. Actually, all they saw was a blue blur flying for the bedroom and the comfort you found under the bed, whenever people came over.

I miss your special meows. All I had to say was your name, and you would come out from wherever you were talking the whole time.

Then, a few weeks ago, your favorite brother Diablo died. You had lost your sister 10 years before, and turned to D in your grief. You two were so close, sleeping together, grooming each other. I loved that boy, and it killed me to see you grieving so. That's when the cancer was found. I thought you were still missing D... I didn't know. 2 weeks ago, you were given 3-6 months to live. Multiple myeloma... I couldn't believe it. I had just lost my beautiful Diablo, and now you were going to leave, too. You didn't want to wait 3 months. 2 weeks and 1 day later, you wanted out in the garage, and went and laid down right where D died. I knew, Bubby, I knew. You hung on for me to get home from work. And even though you were so tired, so cold, so weak, you greeted me. It took a lot of effort, but, you wanted me to know how much you loved me. I bundled you up for your last ride to the vets. You laid on my lap barely breathing. I kept telling you it was ok to go, D and the others were waiting for you... the vet was so compassionate, so gentle. While I whispered in your ear that I loved you, you drifted off to eternal sleep. But later that night, I heard you Bubby. I know you are with your sister and brother and Diablo. And, I will one day join you....

I miss you my angel....


Bubby Dog, 11/11/91-08/14/03

Bubby Dog
Age 12 11/11/91 - 08/14/03
Our darling baby boy passed away August 14, 2003 from a rare immune system disorder that took him from us in just 2 days. He would have been 13 in November. Bubby- you were so brave and strong - so much stronger than Mommy and Daddy.
We love you and miss you with all our hearts. Please remain in our home and our hearts forever. Although we miss you terribly, you know that Mommy and Daddy loved you so very much, and you know that we did everything we possibly could have to keep you with us just a little longer. But God had other plans for you, sweetest Bubby Dog, and you had to go to him. Thankfully, he took you quietly, painlessly, and while you were in Mommy's arms. Bubby, sit by Jesus' side, and he will love you and look after you just like we did. But you know what Bubby? You didn't really go away, you're still very much here with us, your little body just couldn't fight that terrible disease. We understand that you had no more choice in this matter than we did. By the way Bubby, I just learned about the Rainbow Bridge from this website...I'm sure you are already there playing with your friends, chasing squirrels and eating lots of ice young again our wonderful little boy, but always look for us Bubby. Mommy and Daddy will be coming for you at the Rainbow Bridge one day. A love as deep and strong as we all shared is stronger than death, and Bubby, our separation is only temporary. Thank you for the years of laughter and unconditional love you brought into our lives and the lives of everyone who knew you. Be a good little boy. We'll see you in a little while.
All the love we have,
Mommy, Daddy, and Sissy


Bubsy was in all accounts my VERY BEST Friend. He was a very smart, affectionate and curious rabbit, and was my loyal companion. I lost him as quickly as I was able to acquire him. He died a painful death, fighting pasturella.

He really believed I think that he was a dog. Always running to the front door to greet people with his welcome, and affection. He jumped on my bed every morning to wish me a good day, and spent a great deal of his day in my chair and window sill to catch the going's on out side. I miss him more than I can ever say. I pray, I may have him at my side again some day.

T. A. Robles

Buchelough, 06/01/86-09/22/03

He loved me unconditionally, he was always there. He will be missed tremendously. No one understands, they say it's just a cat, but he was like a member of my family and it will take me a long time to be okay again.


Buck, 01/01/90-10/31/03

Everyone you met said you were a special, beautiful dog--"the best dog, ever". You converted non-animal lovers to those who adopted their own pets.

We know we can never replace you, but we hope to offer another animal a place to be loved and cared for all of its life. We miss you.

Here's to remembering an animal that wagged his tail at everyone he ever met. Goodbye, Poopus. We love you.

Steve Winter & John Otte

Buck, 8/02/05-6/19/03

In loving memory of a very special companion, Buck. He was a beautiful, strong, proud, majestic, gentle intelligent loving and knowing creature. A soul mate to his devoted human companion (mom), Pat. He will be missed by many, but, never forgotten. All of my love to you Pat, I'm here for you. I know Buck will always be at your side or under your feet or teasing the cats - in a different way. I hope that you will be comforted by feeling his presence. You have another angel by your side and in your heart.


Buckaroo Bonzai, 09/01/85-08/02/99

Panting Prince still watches me, so when the knife cuts my broken shadow, he licks joy beneath my bones, and lives always, in eternity.

Buckaroo Bonzai, frisbee master, sausage purloiner, and dog extraordinaire.

Susan, Donald, Christy, Jinna, Nick

Buckshot, 11/24/87-07/14/03

To my best friend & protector. I love you dearly. I thank you so much for everything. Until we meet again.

Vicki L. Stalnaker

Buckwheat, 12/01/03

Beloved pet and companion to myself and my three children.
A better pet couldn't be had.

Callie Henrichs

Buckwheat, 08/31/87-10/25/03

We hope to see you in our dreams and look forward to the day we unite again.
Love you always and forever.
Melanie, Brittany, Rick and Sherry

Buckwheat, 07/30/03

Buckwheat was my neighbor's dog but I had recently taken him under my wing. He would always greet me in the afternoons by running down the length of the fence, barking and dancing in circles. He had the cutest button eyes. He had recently lost his best friend, Sissy, and was very sad. After she was gone, he seemed to lose his spirit. I have no doubt that they are playing together again at the Bridge.

Buckwheat, I miss you little buddy.

Buckwheat, 02/87-04/01/03

Buckwheat was put down after 16+ years and an illness of a few months, and he goes now to join his brother Snowball, whose tribute was posted in 2000 (1987-2000). Bucky and Snowy were litter mates: two porcine felines--one white, one black--and I loved them very much. Those who met them grew to appreciate Snowball for his excellent behavior, hunting skills, and the way he would sleep on my head and knead my chest. Bucky was much loved for his amazing intelligence, devious ways, refusal to conform to any expected standard of behavior, the way he would sit next to you with one paw on your leg, and his incredible bleating meow. Bucky was scary smart and horribly behaved and for this he was much loved. Snowy was just a great, tender, sweet cat.

I miss you guys! Lilly says hi as well. Thank you for being so wonderful for so long and for giving me so much, especially in difficult time.

Your lonesome friend,

Bucky, 11/04/03

Our beloved Bucky will be forever in our hearts we love you and miss you and will never forget you

Jim, Jill, John and Molly Trochta

Bucky, 03/15/88-07/28/03

My Bucky, thank you for all you gave me, your unconditional love and devotion. You are so very special to me. I love you! You gave me love, happiness, and companionship and never wanted anything in return...Thank you for protecting me all these years...You are the pure beauty and innocence that God wanted in this world. I thank God for bringing you into my life. We lived our lives together and now I must go on without you. May I always be the kind of person that you, Bucky, my beagle, always thought I was....and you will always be my love. We will be together again....

Tom Marin

Bucky, 05/05/01-05/21/03

Bucky was loved by the whole family. He was attacked by two Pit Bulls. And died due to the injuries that he received. In his short life he had 2nd Grand Champion status. He was only 29" tall not much bigger than a large dog. He will be greatly missed by all that knew him and grew to love him. I am only 12 years old and would like to have a horse again as nice as Bucky. He was my buddy.

Bucky, 10/01/94-04/05/03

Bucky was my best friend. I will always remember his grin and his tail wagging a mile a minute whenever he saw me. I could not leave the room without him being by my side. I had special songs I sang to him and he would always give me a kiss after I finished the song. He developed a fast growing bone cancer which also caused nerve damage. He went from being a happy hyper baby to passing in just 5 short weeks. I still can't believe he's gone. I miss him terribly. He will always be "Mommy's sweet little Bucky Dog."

Bud (Lord Plushbottom III), 11/06/03

to my faithful friend and companion of 15 were with me through it all...teenage angst, first loves, first apartments, the college years, crazy roommates, kitty friends and foes, many heartbreaks, marriage...divorce, nephews, newfound independence.

You were by my side for half of my life and I will never forget your fluffy pants or your freckled nose. I'll even miss your sometimes annoying love bites. You were truly one of a kind, my "cat-dog" who came when I whistled, always met me at the door, fetched, and walked with me to the corner store and back. How I will miss your chewing habit and your talking in the mornings and late at night. Your comfort on cold nights and constant unconditional love.

I want to thank you for saying goodbye... I only wish I would have known that would be our last time snuggling under the covers. Thank you also for making sure you were in a place we could find you, I would have been horrified if you had simply "gone away". I was shocked that you had left us, especially because you showed no signs, but I am glad that you went when you were feeling good and like yourself rather than fade away slowly as so many others do. I will be forever thankful for the 15 wonderful years we had together and for all the lives you touched. We miss you so much...

Lori Decter

Bud, 07/01/85-09/16/03

I believe that Bud lived as long as she did because she was truly loved and gave love, she will be missed greatly. Till we meet again Bud, Daddy Mommy Jonathan and Nikki.

Bud, 06/18/89-07/01/03

To my Bud-dog, momma misses you but knows you are no longer in pain and are once again playing with Kado and Liza. Your daddy and I had a hard time letting you go, but we know in our hearts it was the right thing to do. Your pain is now our pain. We will see you again. With All Our Love, Mom and Dad

Bud, 10/15/88-04/03/03

I miss you Bud. Mama loves you sweet little precious heart.

Judy Sanner

Bud, 07/04/91-04/16/03

My heart is huge in my chest with sadness and the tears won't stop. You were the best cat in the whole world. You liked my singing. And what a good hunter you were! I'm kinda sorry, now, that I kept you inside these past couple of years. God, I'll miss you Baby Budster!

Linda Brewer

Bud, 02/14/89-03/12/03

Everyones' old friend

Dennis Penna

Budder (Bud) Dolin, 09/15/90-09/08/03

10/5/2003 8:35 PM Dedicated To:
My Best Friend Bud! 8-15-1990 to 9-08-2003

Once in my life, I was brought a bundle of fur that gave me great joy!
He had six toes, a pink nose was black and white, and was a boy!
He was so small he fit in the palm of my hands and I fed him with love and great care!
I named my cat Bud and he was a beautiful domestic long hair!

We lived close together and shared special times!
At 20.5 pounds he was very special and one of a kind!
He liked to watch the birdies take a bath in the sun.
And lay on the back porch rail, to him that was fun!

We took walks on the leash, but not very often.
Sometimes he would pull a little to hard and start coughing.
But home and my heart is where he loved to rest his head.
But treatment by bad vets has prematurely left him dead!

I thought we would live and grow very old together.
He was a week from turning 13 and now he is in Heaven.
My memories of my best friend will be ever lasting.
I've lost my appetite too and now I am fasting!

He was so sick he lost 5 pounds before he departed!
An ear infection and broken eardrum ECT.. The terror had just started.
We both fought hard for 4 to 5 weeks and knew his surroundings even while he was so weak!
The last days were the toughest for me and him; the vets I took him to committed a moral sin.

I will never forget my best friend and my God my best pal!
Together in life we had such a howl!
He was treated like a king, and I always watched his back.
His love was unconditional and he never showed any slack!

Budder (Bud) Dolin 9-15-1990 to 9-08-2003 he was the best thing in the world that ever happened to me!


Buddy (Cretoo), 03/08/76-08/91

My beloved friend, I never knew how much I'd miss you till you were gone. You were the sweetest, most adorable creature that ever lived. There are dogs selling calendars now who had nothing on you. You were the best friend a girl ever had, and I love and miss you so, even now. Please take care of the birdies, and give my love to Joe-Boy and Happy and Susie (I hope all of you are snuggled up around Grandma's feet). I hope to see all of you again someday. Until then, you will live in my heart forever.


Buddy, 12/08/03

Buddy was our best friend and companion. We adopted him from a Humane Society shelter. We love him very much and we will always miss him and love him with all our hearts.

David, Rose, Mike, & Julianne

Buddy, 06/97-12/07/03

Buddy was not just a cat. He was a little human in a kitties body. He brought love and joy to all who knew him. Buddy passed away too soon and we are all grieving for him. We take comfort in knowing that Buddy is up in Heaven, sitting by a great big window and looking down on us.


Buddy, 04/93-11/02/03

Buddy, you were so sweet I miss you so much life is not the same without you in it. Thanks for all the laughter you gave to my life. I know that one day I will see you again


Buddy, 06/10/90-07/28/03

Buddy was my best friend I got him as a scared abused doggy and with love and patience turned him into the sweetest dog he was 13 when he died of cancer and I miss him and think of him every day this is my first exmas with out him I love you Buddy I know you are singing in heaven

Darlene Ullman

Buddy, 1990-11/10/03

We found Buddy, old, blind in both eyes and missing all of his teeth on the street a short couple of months ago.
Missing was not a heart of gold with so much love to give.
I've always felt terrible at not being able to locate your owner or knowing your story.
We will always love you.

Shelley and Dave Lomanto

Buddy, 12/02/03

Thanks for all your love. You will always be in our hearts. Till we see you again.

P.S. You can take us for your walks again!

Mary Jane Norris

Buddy, 11/21/03

The Best Dog in the world. I love you Buddy.

Harold & Melissa

Buddy, 04/06/89-11/06/03

Buddy you were a very loving, loyal companion for 14 years. It's so hard to believe that you won't be there to greet me when I come in the door. Rusty sits by the door waiting for you to come home, he misses you terribly. We all miss you very much, and wish you were still here with us. We have so many happy memories of you, and you will always be a part of our lives. The house seems so empty here without you. LOVE YOU BUD! MISS YOU BUD!

Denise Hargreaves

Buddy, 1988-07/09/03

Buddy .... our little boy, you were our angel face on earth, and now you are our angel face keeping watch from heaven. You were the center of our world, our reason for beginning each new day, our life. We miss you so much, and we are doing our best now to make our way without you. You will remain forever in our hearts. Hugs and kisses to you, our little prince. Love Mommy and Daddy.

Buddy (Beavy), 04/13/01-09/16/03

Buddy...I want you to know that I love you as much as I love my son and daughter. You were truly my best friend, my buddy. I am so sorry that I was mad at you this week for barking up a storm, scratching in the night and licking my face before I woke up in the morning. How I will miss your blue eyes, ever so looking at me with unconditional love. I will miss your wine/ruff when I pull up to the house and you 'call' to me with those funny ruffs. I will miss my office buddy, you have been either on my lap, in my office or in my bed sleeping with me, always protecting and watching out for me.

Beavy...Buddy...I will love you forever. Tiffany

Buddy, 02/14/87-06/16/03

On July 16th of this year, my constant companion and best friend crossed over the rainbow bridge. He was at my side in the bed we had shared for so many years. I could tell he was very tired, as I prayed to God not to let my friend suffer, and reassured my best pal that it was alright for him to go and have his reward for bringing my family such love, laughter and affection. I placed him in a hand made coffin and buried him in our yard wish his blanket and favorite toys. A small cross, marks the resting place of his physical body, but I know he's waiting for me on the other side of the rainbow bridge. My 10 year old nephew said it best. "All dogs go to Heaven." Mine is for ever in my heart

Paul Breau

Buddy, 07/11/94-08/24/03

Buddy was a mix breed and was diagnosed with diabetes at the age of 5. We had to have him put to sleep because of him not eating for 4 days and no longer drinking water. He had a very bad stomach problem that made his worse.


Buddy, 12/31/90-08/20/03

My beloved Buddy will always be in my heart, forever.

Pabs Barrett

Buddy, 01/01/94-08/13/03

Buddy moved with me across four states. She didn't like very many people, but I know she loved me. She would smile at me. She loved to cuddle up, be brushed, and have her fur cut in the summer. She died of lung cancer yesterday. I didn't even know she was sick. I feel terribly guilty because I didn't spend as much time with her in the last few months as I wanted to. I could tell she wasn't feeling very good, but I couldn't face it. I miss her terribly and I hope she is in a good place, and happy.

Chris Kauffman

Buddy, 05/15/90-08/14/03

My best friend, my Buddy, Weiner, how can I say Goodbye. I can't wait to see you at the Rainbow Bridge! Love, Ellie and John

Buddy, 7/12/03

My best friend and dearest heart

Buddy, 06/25/03

Buddy, you have always been so very special to me. When I was feeling down or sick or upset you were always there for me and I owe you so much for being there unconditionally with all the love that you had to give. I'm sorry that I was not here to protect you and I wasn't there to be with you as you left this life. Kim and Kristen say they are very sorry and they didn't intend for any harm to happen, they loved you also. Thanks for always being there for me, but until we see each other again, you will always be in my heart, my dreams and my soul for as long as I live.
I Love You and Miss You my sweet Buddy!!!!!


Buddy, 06/06/03

Buddy... today was your turn to go. You gave us nine years of joy, and we hope we gave you the same unconditional love you gave to us, day after day. I don't know what we'll do when we come home and you aren't here to welcome us any longer. But I know Cody was waiting for you, and is so happy that you are finally joining him. You will be able to run and play again - it's been so long since you've been able to. Please know that we love you, but it was time to say goodbye. Bye baby... we miss you, and we'll see you again.

Rachelle and Chris

Buddy, 09/26/84-05/14/03

You loved so unconditionally; My most loyal and dearest friend
It makes it so much harder to believe; that it ever had to end.
You're life was short, it seemed to me; But I cherish the time we had
I hope you know how much you were loved, and know, your death leaves me so so very sad.
You brought to our family a love so warm and so giving; making our house into a home
Always know, my dearest friend Buddy, in my heart and memories, you will always and forever roam.

With love always to the best friend I have ever had.

Hugs and Kisses Buddy!!! I miss you and love you!!!

Love, Mommy (Karen)

Buddy, 07/17/95-05/06/03

How I miss our faithful companion. As much sadness as we feel, we take solace in knowing Buddy is no longer feeling pain. There will always be a place in our hearts for Buddy. Though he is no longer physically with us, his spirit will always be felt. God bless your soul Buddy and thanks for being our special friend. We all love you and miss you.

Larry V

Buddy, 05/03/03


Please help me, help me grief the loss of a wonderful friend. Buddy passed away tonight from grandmal seizures that he had had today and I found him when I came home hiding and very seized up. I rushed him to the emergency vet and they immediately took him in and his vitals were ok, then he had another seizure, took a couple of breaths and had a heart attack.

This is very hard for me to write, I love Buddy so much, I'm sitting here with swollen eyes and balling while I write this. This is the only way I could find some relief in my loss to talk this out but its 130 am here, and I just got the call a little while ago after I left the vets cause they were keeping him overnight to watch over him for his seizures.

I am in great grief and my heart is broken into a million pieces, I don't know what to do. I feel like I could have done more for him. I feel so horrible, I feel lost and empty, like I feel I didn't do enough for him, I could have done more, I could have been with him. I could have saved him instead of leaving him there with the vet.

I'm completely heartbroken, I hope you all understand my pain and please pray for Buddy, that he is in no more pain and free from this cruel world and his epilepsy.

With a broken heart,


Buddy, 04/18/03

I love you Buddy.

Emily Abrams

Buddy, 10/16/89-04/10/03

Buddy has been the love of our lives for 13 wonderful years. He was my baby. I don't know what we'll do without him. But, I know he is in heaven and with my cousin Cindy (she died 1 year ago). Cindy & Buddy are playing with his tennis ball. I can see his short legs just flying over the grass and when he's caught it he runs back just as fast. Buddy always, always brought the ball back to you to throw it again. Buddy remained very active and happy - just like a puppy. He was my best friend. We were blessed to have known & loved him.

Margie & Anthony Callahan

Buddy, 5/4/93-2/16/03

We loved you so much -you made every day special. Thank you for the unconditional love you gave to me. I miss you every day and night, however we know you are no longer suffering and are scampering all through heaven.

Sue Kauflie


Buddy was a loveable cat. Always knew when I was happy or sad. Cuddled with me when I was cold, and would put his paws on my lap when he wanted love. He was spoiled and I wanted him to have the best a CAT could have. I don't know where he is but I know that hopefully is he gone from me he will be in a better place. I hope that one day we can be together again! St. Francis of Assisi Patron Saint of animals--please watch and protect Buddy


Buddy, 01/15/03

We will all miss you, Buddy. I know Travis will be glad to see you join him and he'll once again nibble gently on your ears because you were his best friend. We'll all miss your grin with all the missing teeth and your soft, wavy ears and that pesky tail that never seemed to stop. We'll miss the way you liked to hunch down on anything soft and stick that fuzzy butt up in the air and roll your head and neck into the plushness, obviously enjoying yourself. The way you would drop anything if someone mentioned the word 'squirrel', your affection for going to the park with your mommy or going for any car ride for that matter..the way you were so gentle with the girls while they were growing up. So many things, so many memories. Rest in Peace were much loved by your grandparents, me and your whole family. Thank-you for being such a sweet boy, we miss you.

Buddy, 04/20/89-01/14/03

Buddy, was MY best friend. He was loving, caring, and VERY close to me. I'm gonna MISS him every day, until I see him again, on the other side. I LOVE YOU BUDDY.xoxoxo


Buddy (Cretoo), 03/08/76-08/91

My dearest Bud, You were the light of my life for 15 great years. You were the most adorable being that ever inhabited this planet, and the image of your sweet face is eternally etched in my memory. I still visit the trees where I walked you all those years ago and pause there, remembering you. You were the best friend I ever had, and I still miss you. I hope you're taking good care of Grandma over there until I see you both again. I love you always.

Buddy, 07/24/95-12/21/02

Buddy, you were the best friend and gave unlimited love to all that ever knew you in your short seven and half years.
I miss you very much and you will always be in my heart and mind. I fixed all the little holes you made in the yard but there is now one big hole that I don't know how to fix. I will wait til we meet again and forever. Thank you for teaching me what real love is. Love you

Buddy, 01/07/03

His heart was willing, but his body was not. 6 years is not long enough for me... gone now for just a few hours... I miss you so much.

Stephen Guenther

Buddy, 04/26/88-12/30/02

Today I had to put my best friend to sleep due to arthritis pain, cancer, and blindness. He's be my best friend for over 14 years and has seen me through the best times of my life, and the worst. He died with myself, my mom, and sister petting him and telling him that we love him.

I believe that all dogs go to Heaven and that my Buddy is now with God.
He's free of pain and is waiting for me one day.

Buddy Alexander, 11/22/02-06/23/03

You will always be missed Budman.

Kathy Lowery

Buddy & Ginger, 11/19/03

Buddy and Ginger you are forever in our hearts and will be missed always we love you forever.

Bill and Lisa

Buddy Bear, 02/28/03

My friend Anita Cook's beloved companion Buddy went to the Bridge today...This is her tribute: Bear went to be in a happier place today. I took him to the vet this morning after a week of many ups and downs. He was going downhill quickly and I decided that he was not going to get worse. I could have kept him alive longer, but that would only have been for me. For him, I did not want him to suffer or to be in pain and that was starting to become questionable. I have a wonderfully sweet and caring vet who was a huge help to me this morning and even shared a short poem. It was probably the hardest decision of my life, believe it or not. But, even though I have had several panic moments today, I know he was not going to get better and only worse. It was the right decision. Tonight, I know he is running through the fields with no fences or leashes, licking everyone he meets. I have been fortunate to have had 11 wonderful years with him and he has been my true companion through many moves and changes. I will miss him greatly but I am thankful he was a part of my life for as long as he was. Bear was unique. He definitely was a dog for me. Our personalities were a perfect match! I truly believe God loves his creatures all and has a very special place for them all. I would like to think he is with my mom and dad tonight, but if not, I know it's wonderful!

In memory of Buddy Bear.

Buddy Boy, 1987-10/28/03

Thank you Buddy Boy for sharing your life with us. We love you so much.

Sheila Bowden & Steve Ross

Buddy Franklin, 12/15/03

Buddy was our Angel Dog, Sweetest Dog we have ever known!

Scott, Belinda, Scottjr & Stefanie Franklin

Buddy Hardy, 10/25/03

Patient, stubborn, wise, loving friend--You gave us more love than we ever could have imagined. Until we meet again, your spirit lives on in our hearts.
Lisa & John

Lisa Hardy and John Summa

Buddy McLure Cracraft, 08/11/03-05/06/03

To Buddy McLure Cracraft, the best dog and best friend we have ever had the privilege of sharing our lives with. Our love always. We will see you when we get there.
Don, Chris and Jason

Don, Chris and Jason Cracraft

Buddy Sue, 10/01/91-05/11/03

Please God Watch over my Buddy Sue. She was so special to me and there will never be another cat like her. I loved her so much and wish she could have stayed here with me longer. She was just the most wonderful cat in the world and I'll never forget her.


Buddy The Wonderdog, 07/06/88-10/06/03

The truest friend and companion, Buddy, we will see you on the other side.
We will never forget your incredible intelligence, your awesome sensitivity, and your stoicism throughout many difficulties. You were the consistent, loving family member that drew us together and compelled us to be strong for each other.
We will love and cherish your memory forever. Jana, Jeremy and Josh Clark

Buddy Vella, 10/18/90-9/22/03

You will surely be missed, Buddy. We will miss your smile when we came home and you were there to greet us. You brought us many years of happiness. And we are looking forward to seeing you again.
Mom (Donna) and Dad (Joe)

Buff, 09/89-05/03

My darling little boy how I miss you. I remember you with bittersweet memories. You were such a mama's boy. I'm sorry I didn't know how ill you were. Even the treatment was too late. Your little body just couldn't fight anymore. I hope that you have lots of friends at the bridge. I don't know if you'll wait at the bridge for me or have already crossed over with papa. Either way is fine. Papa loved you too. Molly missed you something terrible the first few weeks. She has now become quite vocal and affectionate. Someday our whole family will be together again. Strykey may becoming soon, as I just found out he has a bad heart. Please watch for him, show him around and take care of him.

I love you my sweetheart,

Buffer, 01/04/89-11/30/02

We adopted our precious little girl from our Vet when she was 3 months old.. She had been found in a shopping center. She was so thin and they had to shave her. Buffer grew into a beautiful princess; so loving and cuddly. During her time she had many illnesses, but fought so hard to get well on meds and special diet she as able to do all her favorite things.. Buffer went everywhere she could with us. Her Dad took her out twice a day for walks, and with her Dad would ride like the Red Baron. We were fortunate to be her Mom and Dad for so many years. So was so social and everyone loved her. Buffer became so ill in November, she seemed relieved when we took her to the vet. We brought her remains home Christmas Eve. Our girl was so special to both of us. She was our baby. In my heart I know she is in a happier place, free from pain, and waiting for us. Buffer, you were the most precious baby. Our Shelty and cat miss her too, neither will lay where her bed had been. . Buffer, you will always be in our hearts and we Love You and Miss You so very much.

Buffett, 07/22/93-07/07/03

He was an extraordinary dog, exceptional friend and loving member of the family. He will be terribly missed.

Lynda Parlett

Buffett, 05/13/93-04/12/03

My Shadow


Buffie, 09/09/89-10/31/03

Buffie, you can see and hear now and we will see you in a little while you find Tausha and you can play now your pain is all gone. We miss you but are thankful you suffer no more. We love and Tausha
love Mommy and Daddy

Buffie, 08/01/89-07/14/03

Buff, we miss you more than ever. I hope you know how much we love you. We will play ball again.

Your Mom & Dad

Buffie, 08/13/03

Buffie came in to my life from a friend who couldn't keep her. She lived with us for 12 years , passing away in my arms August 13th 2003. Life is so lonely without her. She was my loving companion. I spent hours holding her and talking to her when there was no one I could talk to. I still have her toys she played so much with. I will always feel her fur against my face and see those soulful eyes peering into my heart. I miss her so much and each day is hard without her. I will never forget you and am glad you are no longer suffering. I hope and pray that I will get to see you again, Buffie. I love you and miss you. Love Mom (Nancy Coffin)

Buffumwood Bob Mackie a/k/a Mackie, 3/13/91-4/1/03

Our "Best Boy"!

Buffy, 12/08/01

Baby, I will never forget you, you were an amazing person, I love you so much, Angel loves you so much and I hope you are together now and that we will all be together again someday and never be parted again. I miss you so much my baby. I love you more than I can say. Mummy.

Buffy, 11/17/86-10/31/03

In memory of our "Buffy Girl": Thank you for all of your love and devotion and for watching over our babies as they grew to become adults.
Your gentleness, deep caring eyes, and clickity-click toenails will never be forgotten. Your bed has grown cold, but your resting place in my heart still burns brightly.

The Gaillards

Buffy, 01/13/95-08/18/03

To our beloved friend and companion, Buffy. We miss your beautiful face, your smile and your presence. You were so strong, in body and mind. We will always remember you. Not a day goes by that we don't talk about you and remember how very lucky we were to have you in our family. We hope that you are with your twin brother, Harley, and we hope to see you again. Thank you for bringing joy to our lives. We love you, Buffers, forever and ever.

Tina, Dave, Marisa and Ross

Buffy, 08/22/91-08/02/03

A loving and constant companion for 12 years. You will always be a part of my life, and I will never forget you.


Buffy, 02/06/93-07/18/03

We miss you terribly, dear Buffy and I'm sure you miss us. You were a big part of our lifes, we did everything together. You loved us so much and we loved you. We miss your good morning kisses and telling us it's coffee (goodies) time. Wait for us and we'll see you again. Hope you can breath normally now. Love Mom & Dad

Buffy, 1993-08/05/03

We were so blessed to have buffy for 10 years. We know the lord has her and will play with her for "eternity".

we will miss you
"buffy"! all our love,
your family

Buffy, 10/12/01-06/06/03

Thank you for spending your short life with us, beautiful girl. We will love you forever.

Kate Blackwell

Buffy, 06/01/88-06/07/03

We miss you so much, Buffy.


Buffy, 04/07/88-04/14/03

Buffy survived dangerous brain surgery to live nine more months with multiple myeloma. She had a great quality of life during that time. Her story was publicized in the national press because of her unique story and recovery. I will miss her spirit, determination and affection.

Lenore Gelb

Buffy, 01/15/70-11/22/83

Buffy was always there as I was growing up. I never had to be afraid of anything. Whenever we were sick she would never leave our side. She was my best friend


Buffy, 04/07/03

Our Buffy passed away this past Wednesday we buried her in our Back yard, she is at rest now and no longer suffers.
She had a infection in her little bottom and couldn't get over it, we had to have her put to sleep, we really miss her.

Antone & Shirley Muhlenkamp

Buffy, 03/04/96-04/25/01

Buffy was part golden lab mix, he was very gentle and loving. I brought him home when he was only 4 weeks old, we had to feed him cottage cheese, he was too young for dog food. He use to sleep on my chest he was so tiny. He grew to be a very big dog, 130 lbs. He was a very smart dog, he learned quick. He was taken from us when he was only 5 years old, way to young to die, he wasn't even sick, at least not that you could see. Buffy you are missed so very very much you were one in a million. Till we meet again, sweet dreams.

Buffy, 12/11/02

Buffy learned to be a sweet and caring dog...she had had 3 years of abuse and neglect...she learned that people could be nice and loving...she is missed every day

Lurese Levoir

Buffy, 01/04/03

Buffy was my loyal companion since I was 12...there will never be another friend like her. I love you, Buffy...I miss you so much.


Buffy Marie, 07/17/03


At a very tender age, Buffy Marie became a Hero when the other pups escaped through a hole in the fence. She came to the sliding glass door and barked and barked until I came out there and tracked all the pups down.

In 1989, at one year of age, she competed in the Catalina Memorial Day Dog Show. She won first place in Miss Show Teen Puppy. She came in second in Retrieving, Chipper being the winner for who knows how many years in a row.

But the next year, not only did she win second prize for juggling in "Stupid Pet Tricks", she kicked Chipper's ass and won first place hands-down in Retrieving. She stills holds the title of Reigning Champion as there was never another Catalina Memorial Day Dog Show.

She loved her tennis balls. When we brought her home, she went in the backyard and found an old tennis ball. She thought she had discovered Heaven. She was never too far away from a ball from that point forward. We must have gone through tons of tennis balls over the years. Some got stuck on the roof, some ended up in other people's yards. Oh, and when the decorated ones came out, well, she had to have those. She received tennis ball containers for Christmas, her birthday, balls were on sale, any reason at all. Sometimes Bob would pull all the fur off the ball, so then it would become "the little ball with no fur".

Cheryl Becker

Buford, 01/11/03

In memory of Buford, the loveable St. Bernard who was loved by all, and will always be remembered for his happy, friendly personality and his love of everyone who crossed his path May God grant him a special place at Rainbow Bridge


Bug, 08/15/03-10/13/03

Dearest Bug,
One month ago a neighbor asked if we could help with a tiny kitten who had been found underneath a dog, mauled within inches of its life. They brought you over, and I said, "Oh, he's no bigger than a bug." We fell in love with you and vowed that we would do our best. I put you on a heated pad by my bed and woke up every two hours to dribble kitten formula into your mouth and to hug you for a few minutes before I went back to bed.
The next day I took you to the vet and was told that it didn't look like you had any internal injuries and that I could take you home.
Within two days, things were looking up; you were eating well and started to act like a kitten. Your favorite thing was a long red string, and you loved to attack it and drag it around. You met Bob and Bungee and got plenty of grooming just like your mama used to do. While I was at work though, I put you in this huge doggy kennel in my room because I needed to know you were safe.
Each night I looked forward to coming home and seeing your tiny sweet little face. You never cried, but the minute you saw me you started to purr; I can still hear you now. I would hold you near my heart as we heated up your dinner and got ready to play. It made me so happy to see you run and play and to tickle your fat little tummy.
Last Saturday I heard you getting sick in your kennel and hoped that it was only a one-time ordeal. But every time you ate your food would come up. I took you to the vet to have the doctor look you over. You sat in your kennel like such a big boy and never once made a peep.
The doctor was overly concerned with your heart rate. He said it was way too fast and that you might have a serious heart defect, so he wanted to keep you for the day. I went to work and awaited the phone call. (of course I called them twice before they called me!)
The phone rang at 4:30, and the minute I heard the vet's voice I knew things were not good. He told me that I had a very sick little guy with a serious heart defect. He had done some checking and found that your little esophagus was blocked by an aortic arch, and none of your food was making it to your stomach. So, though you were hungry and thirsty, you weren't getting anything into your stomach. He said that you were so tiny and dehydrated that you would probably not make it, and that he suspected other problems as well.
I called the rest of your family and we met to spend one last hour. We were all in shock, Buggy. This could not be happening! We held you and cried and insisted on staying with you to the very end. Then we wrapped you in your baby blanket and took you home. For a very long time, Buggy, we could not let you go. Finally, we kissed your tiny face, wrapped you in a new baby blanket with your one of your little toys and laid you to rest in the middle of the beautiful flowers in our front yard. And when we move, Buggy, we will take you with us. Everyday we put new flowers on your bed, and you even have two letters, one from me and one from Alix.
Buggy, thank you so much for the love that you gave us. The first week that you were with us, Alix had you wrapped in your blanket lying in her arms, and she said, "Mom, how can you love something so much so fast?" Well, Buggy, you were so special to us. We miss you so, and Bob is still searching the house for his little buddy. I am so thankful that our Heavenly Father gave you another chance to experience the love of a family and the joy of being a kitten if only for a short time. I love you, Buggy, and I miss you more than you can ever know. But, I know that you are running through the fields in Heaven, and I asked Jesus to please carry you around on his left shoulder once in while and to please find you a red string. You were our angel, Buggy, and we look forward to seeing you again in a place and time where we can be together always. God Bless You my angel.

Judy Wood

Bugbear, 1987-07/16/03

Bugbear came into my life shortly after I lost my old lab x Sam. I was worried about my other dog, Caiman, becoming lonely so I started looking around the pounds for another large black female dog for companionship. I had found the cutest litter of Shep x puppies at the pound, but they wouldn't be available for another 3 days. So I continued looking and came to another pound in a different city. I walked in and a volunteer tried to interest me in an older medium-sized black male very hairy dog. He was due to be euthanized that hour and she was walking him around the pound one last time. I wanted a large black female dog, so I said no. I didn't find any dog in the kennels that fit what I was looking for, so I started to leave.
On my way out the door, I came across the same volunteer with the same dog sitting outside the euthanasia room. I guess seeing him that close to the needle made me realize I shouldn't walk away because he didn't fit my criteria. So I adopted an approximately 5 year-old male very hairy dog and took him home.
That was 12 years ago and I have never regretted the impulse. Today I had my friend who may be 16 or 17 years old now put to sleep. He was tired and ready to go.
If reading this story makes even one person consider adopting an older guy from the pound, then it has been worth writing. You see he was older and had unknown problems since he was at the pound. And people walked by him because he was older and wouldn't live as long. They thought he would have medical problems or behavioral problems. Bear had almost perfect health right to the end. His only behavioral problem an insane desire to chase seagulls at the beach. And he was with me for twelve wonderful years-outliving the puppy, Beowolf, that I went back and adopted from the first pound by almost two years. Goodbye my hairy old Bear-I will see you again someday

cave canem

Bugger, 12/05/03

I love you, Bugger. I have such an empty feeling without you. I pray you are in a happy place, and we will be together again.

Caroline Griffith

Bugs, 09/08/03

Here is his story.

16 years ago, a little grey kitten was abandoned when his family moved away. I already had a blonde, tabby, adult male cat, named "Tweety." As much as I tried to ignore this little grey ball of fluff, after about three days, we had a cold snap along with a day of rain. That night when I came home from work, I couldn't stand the thought of this little kitten, who was determined to stay and wait for his family to return for him, wait through the cold rainy night.
When I brought him in, thinking that my other cat would have a complete hissing fit, much to my surprise, he was quite taken with the little wet kitten. Imagine my shock, when I noticed that the my adult male cat, was allowing this little kitten to suckle, or at least try. My God, it would go on for hours, to the point that Tweety's nipples would become swollen and engorged! When I would pull the little kitten off, there would be a sound like a bottle being uncorked!
My little kitten, I later named "Bugs" grew up to be such an amazing and fun cat. He would fetch his toys, which was great, since I didn't have to get up to retrieve them, and "Tweety" would chase after him, while he played.
Tweety is now at "The Rainbow Bridge", he got out one day, and was tragically hit by a car.
With the loss of his best friend, Bugs became even closer to me. He would snuggle nose- to- nose with me while we slept. He talked to me as if he understood what I said, and always seemed determined to get in the last word. Bugs was the best cat anyone could have! Over the years after Tweety left us, I often wondered if he would like another companion.
About 5 of years ago we rescued a feral kitten. Her mother had been dumped near our apartment and somehow survived for several years. Poor mother cat was quite scraggly, but nonetheless as fertile as they come! My God, she had two litters every year for several years. One evening, she had four little kittens in our front yard where they were chasing insects flying up from the grass. I melted when I realized that when they would succeed in catching one, they quickly gobbled their prize down. The poor little things were so hungry! I went in, got one of Bugs toys, a stick with a string attached, crept out quietly, and one of the little ones followed it right in the door. I shut it quickly, trapping her inside out apartment. The poor little thing was terrified! She ran and hid under the first place she found. After finally catching her, while hissing and spitting furiously, I held her close and began gently stroking her. In no time she began to purr. She had long hair, with tortoise shell markings, but matted, dusty, and very smelly. I kept saying to her, in my best baby talk, "You tink!" (stink) My roommate Ron thought it was fitting, so we named her "Tink".
At the end of May three years ago, we rescued another feral kitten on a stormy night. The poor little girl was on our back porch, where her very young mother, (one of scraggly, fertile mother cats offspring), had left her, screaming her little head off. Her mother, still very much a kitten herself, was at least smart enough to place the sickly little runt of her litter of three on the right porch! We took her to a 24 hour emergency center for treatment, bottle fed her, giving her vitamins and antibiotics, to got her healthy so we could find a home for her. Well, after one potential home fell through, I told Ron, "If we name her, she's ours!" Since we rescued her from a storm the night we brought her in, we named her "Stormy." You can easily fill in the rest of her story.
Now with three cats, Bugs and his two girls, we had a full house! No more rescue cats, no matter how much my heart ached for their well being.
Back to Bugs story.

Fat and Happy?
At age 13, after years of my fattening him up, my "Good old Bugs" developed diabetes.
I noticed Bugs seemed lame, and that he was having trouble getting up on the sofa, or on the bed, to snuggle with me, so I took him to the Vet. The Dr. suspected it might be neuropathy, caused by diabetes. The Vet told us to keep an eye on him to see if he was drinking alot of water, and check for excessive urine output. Yep, both were indeed happening. We set up another appointment for blood work. The blood test revealed, his glucose levels were extremely high, indicating that he had diabetes.
After 13 years of companionship, how could I deny him the treatment! I had spoiled him, obviously with food, fattening him up. I knew I was to blame for him becoming diabetic! I had to, and would do whatever I could for Bugs. It was the least I could do. After the Dr. gave me a quick lesson on how to give him his insulin injections, and a night of tossing and turning nervously dreading what I had to do, it was time for his first injection the next morning. I swear he amazed me! Spoiling Bugs and making him a huge 13 year old baby/cat. I thought he would surely protest me jabbing a needle into him, but I'll be damned, he didn't even flinch! I swear, had to check to see if his fur was wet. I just knew the needle never penetrated his skin and I had only squirted the insulin on his skin beneath his fur. Well, I'll be damned again! I parted his fur, looking for a wet spot, but found the area dry. Success! I can't tell you how relieved I was. My big baby had done much better taking his shot, than I did. I was still a wreck though! Ron quickly learned how to give the shots, and in no time we were old pros! I think that smart as he was, Bugs somehow knew the shots were for his own good, and seemed like he awaited his morning injection, greeting us with his usual "Meow Meow!"

Too good to be true?
For about two months, we had no problem, until I came home from work late one night to find him in insulin shock. It wasn't severe, he was only acting a bit loopy. I immediately fed him, and soon after, gave him a teaspoon of honey to quickly raise his blood sugar. About 25 minutes later, he seemed to be out of the woods, but tuckered out.
The next Wednesday, I got a frantic call from my roommate Ron. Bugs was obviously having problems indicating his glucose level was low again! Ron was already giving him food, and honey, so I told him that I would try to get away from work soon. Fifteen minutes later he called to tell me that Bugs was now having a seizure! I rushed home to find that Ron had things under control, and Bugs was up and finishing his dinner. I thought he was tuckered out the first time! He was completely wiped out this time! It just broke my heart to see my buddy having so much trouble.

Internet to the rescue!
I can't tell you how much help and information I got surfing the net! I learned how to use a Glucometer to check his glucose levels, and even did a "Glucose curve," to determine when the insulin peaked, showing how low it was causing his glucose levels to drop, enabling us to determine how much insulin to administer. Thank goodness for the Internet! At one point, for about 6 months, we were able to stop the injections all together. I found out that it's a common occurrence called "The Honeymoon," where apparently the pancreas begins to function more as it should, but is usually short lived, and the insulin has to be given again.
Honeymoon over!
For over three years both Ron and I gave Bugs shots twice a day. We had to plan our lives around a strict schedule, but we willingly managed. I am grateful for the internet, and all of the information I gathered, but most of all, grateful for the time we gained with Bugs. Although still crippled from the neuropathy, and aging, Bugs seemed content, and happy.
Now at 16 years old, unfortunately Bugs developed other health problems. I'm not sure if they were related to the diabetes, or simply old age. After six months of him suffering from things such as horrible, projectile diarrhea, we were forced to make the difficult decision to have him euthanized Monday, September 8, 2003. I know and trust my Vet, and he wouldn't have suggested we send Bugs on to the "Rainbow Bridge" if it weren't the right thing. Both Ron and I wanted him to make that journey before he got to the point where he was suffering terribly.
I miss him terribly, and will never get over losing him. I thank God for the "Rainbow Bridge." I know Bugs has reunited with his old friend and buddy Tweety, and your beloved pets, making new friends and playmates, while they wait for us to join them later.

Rick Barstead

Bugsy, 09/01/91-08/07/03

Today I lost my best friend to the Rainbow Bridge, but I promised him, I will be with him again one day.
He is free of pain now. God Bless my beloved Bugsy

Elaine Witmer

Bugsy, 1/2/92-3/10/03

Bugsy the boxer was a wonderful boy
Who gave me love and lots of joy
I loved him with all my heart
I dreaded the moment we had to part
But now I know he is in a better place
That sweet boy with the beautiful face
He lived a wonderful, happy life
He was there for me in happiness and strife
He really meant the world to me
He was playful, silly and fun to see
The sofa was always full of his hair
I always shouted, but I really did not care
He loved to steal food from the table
And knocked over the trash whenever he was able
He was loving, kind and sweet
And loved to sleep on top of my feet
Whether you were family or someone new
He always would greet you with a shoe
At the end of each day and at the start
He will always have a special place in my heart
When he gets to heaven he will meet his nanny and brother Moe
And they will be together wherever they go
I am sending him a little prayer
God bless him and keep him in your care

Bugsy the boxer.......the best dog in the world!

Terry Mc Fillin

Bull, 12/13/89-07/29/03

Anyone whoever met Bull fell in love with him. All you had to do was look into his big brown eyes. Bull always had a wag in his tail & a smile on his face. All Bull ever wanted was the simple things in life, a pat here and there, to lay in the sun chewing a ball made him most happy. In fact it was rare not to see Bull without a ball in his mouth. Bull was a true gentleman and a bit of a ladies man too...Loving the company of his lady Blacky and their daughter Nugget.
Bull almost lost his life 4 years ago to AIHA, but he was a little battler and we were lucky enough to enjoy his company until it caught up with him again as well as old age. This time the battle was to much as we looked into his weary eyes. We had to give him the only last gift we could and had him put to sleep painlessly.
It has been only 2 months & 2 days since we had to put Bulls daughter Nugget to sleep as well. Bull....Your family must have needed you on the other side. The pain of letting you all go is almost unbearable but we take comfort in the fact you are reunited with your family, and watch over us. Your memories will stay with us until we all meet again one fine day for eternity. Eternally loved Mum, Dad & family past present & future. XXXXOOOOOXXXX

Joanne Opie & Wayne Larcombe

Bullet, 10/4/03

Farewell my beloved companion of 12 years. You have seen me through the most difficult periods in my life with unflinching loyalty. Your unconditional love always put the light of hope back in my heart, even in my darkest moments. I know you are in a wonderful place now, without the pain of arthritis and dysplasia causing you great discomfort. Leap, wag and smile your way through heaven, and know I will always keep you in my most loving memories.

Bullet, 02/05/03

"My Best Girl"

Today in the world
We find one less soul
Yet we celebrate her life
Not mourn in the cold

She was the picture of independence
And very headstrong
She knew what she wanted
Self-deprecating all along

But never before
Has there been such love
An angel with whiskers
Sent down from above

She brightened our days
Kept us awake some nights
And according to her
Felines have rights

The right to be pet
The right to be fed
The right to be sleep anywhere
Including your bed

She'd awake before dawn
And ensure you the same
Sleeping late on the weekends
Wasn't part of her game

But if you felt blue
Down-hearted or depressed
She was right there with you
As a friend she was the best

Today we let go
And we must say goodbye
Your throat may get tight
And a tear in your eye

We must celebrate the past
Seventeen wonderful years
That Bullet brought joy
And today several tears

Live for the moment
For the moment will pass
But within our hearts and our minds
The memories will last

Godspeed to you Bullet
The "Scooter", the "B"
For without earthly pain
You forever are free

Bullett, 08/31/89-03/21/03

He will always be my boy.

Cindi Meyers

Bullitt, 06/20/82-09/27/03

To our special 'Loompies', we loved you so much! You were always there for me during the rough spots and the happy ones. You tried valiantly and overcame the obstacles of Feline Diabetes and Renal disease only to have your little self finally be taken from us by a stroke. This was the hardest thing I've ever had to do in my life...saying good bye to you. We love you and know that you are frolicking around heaven now with Freddie and Jaybird...Thanks for being such a wonderful friend to me for the past 20 years...Kaitlin has never known her life without you and will always have a special place for you in her heart. We love you are at peace now. Love, Mom and Kaitlin

Bullwinkle, 10/06/96-01/08/03

Bullwinkle you are missed very much, for the short time we had you, you brought us much joy, Love you, and know you are running like the wind again. Love Theresa


Bumbles came to us when my brother stepped on a bee at a friends house. Bumbles had double paws and was the cutest thing you ever saw. Sadly we lost him when my sisters dog attacked him, he was sleeping with my sister. He layed on the bed after we finally got the dog to release him. It was to late. He passed away early in the morning. He wasn't even a year old.

Bumble, thunder, jasper, sebastion, and suzabelle we miss you all. Life isn't right with out you. The house is so empty


Bumper, 08/01/88-11/05/03

He is our prince, our sweet baby boy and we miss him dearly.
The world is a colder and sadder place without him.
We look forward to seeing him again.

Annemarie Rizzi

Bundle (Bonnie's Bundle of Joy), 12/23/87-08/08/03

His official name was Bonnie's Bundle of Joy, but he was known as Bundle or Honey Bun. He was my constant companion for 16 years. He was with me from his first hours on earth until his last. He spent the first 15 years in one small community and never traveled more than 50 miles from his birth place. He was clever and amusing in his early years, learning to jump up and ring the doorbell at 3am and learning to say his prayers, count his age, etc. for a few treats.
He was so devoted to me. The permanent ugly scar above his eye occurred when he attacked a poisonous snake under the deck. On other occasions, he placed himself between me and danger.
When I lost income, position, and most of my friends abandoned me in my time of greatest need, he was there. When my beloved nephew was murdered in the line of duty, I remember little except Bundle and I wandering aimlessly through the morning mist of a sleeping town.
During my mother's long illness, Bundle was at her feet, and then at her bedside. Finally, just 9 months ago, he, along with his family, escorted the coroner, who removed her frail little body from the bedroom.
He was my companion, my confidant, my comfort .His death marks the end of a chapter in my life. My comfort is in knowing that, unlike so many animals, he was loved and cared for, and WE WILL MEET AGAIN.

Sandra Tindoll

Bundles, 10/06/85-07/18/03

To My Lil Angel "Bundles"
You will be missed so much, words will never express the way I feel without you. I pray that you are running and playing with Max, and that you are so, so happy. You will live in my heart forever...

Love You,
Mommy, Enid

Bungi, 03/18/03

Bungi was the best dog in the world!

Everyone that met him, loved him. He was gentle and kind. He brought joy everyday. He was a magnificent chow. He walked like royalty with a special prance. I remember most of all his many faces and expressions. He loved to have his back scratched under his tail, and have his chest scratched. He would put two paws up on the sofa to assist. This was the most wonderful and shortest eleven years I ever spent with any creature, human or animal. He was my special friend and companion. He helped ease all kinds of difficulties I had in life. He loved his companion Sesame very much. He would often lick her face or sit next to her quietly on the patio for hours. I miss him already, even though he is only gone for 24 hours.

Karen Drew

Bunky, 02/14/97-03/04/03

Good Day:

He was our bunny rascal. He was important to us. We loved him so much that no one bunny could ever replace him.

He was everything to us. He still is. We need him and want him to come back to us, but we know that's not exactly what's gonna happen, no matter how much we dream.

We have ordered three bunnies to replace him. Like that's enough. I don't think so. Will it heal the huge wound that's inside my heart over the death of my little bunny one? Will I ever get over the death of my baby bunny one? I doubt it. I cry all the time and suppose I always will no matter how many bunnies I have in my life.

He wasn't just a bunny. He was my baby and I loved him so much that living without him is so very difficult. I didn't even know I could love anything that much. And......I do.


Bunnicula, 1/99-9/1/03

You will be very missed by your mommy. She loves you very much. You made mommy smile when she would come home knowing you were waiting for me to give you your evening snack of parsley, cilantro or carrots. Of course, when you were really lucky, you would get your favorites: bananas, fritos, cheerios or wheat thins. You will always be my little feisty super-fundicula and the teeny-tinies that I called you because of your small size that you were when I saved you from the pound!!! You graduated to Chunky-Pants later after all those snacks =)Thank you for allowing mommy to snuggle with you close to your passing on to the bridge. That meant a lot to me and I hope I was able to comfort you. I hope you are able to meet up with all my other bunnies up there. You can all have a party and eat all the cords and carpet your little hearts desire up there! I also hope you find a snuggle bun up there to make you happy. Though, you can lounge out as like to and watch the television if you want to. Be happy my handsome little boy =) I love you veeeerrry much.

Bunnie, 09/09/03

Our sweet little Bunnie Bear,
For 14 years you have been our friend. My buddy, tag along, even my confessor. You would touch my tears away with your paw. Stay by my children with they were ill. Cuddle in my lap or the crook of my arm. Give me sweet kisses on the cheek or nose. Every single day with out exception, you met me at the door when I got home. I will love you forever and never forget you. You were not my "pet" sweetheart - you were my best friend. My little Bunnie, for now you are sleeping and nestled in my heart, but someday we will be together again and then we will never part. Wait for me by the door my little Bunnie, I don't know how long I will be, but I can't wait to see you again. We all love you. Mom.

Bunnie was an amazing cat. He was more than a cat, he was my friend. I can't believe that he is gone. I loved him so much. I still love him and I always will. I think about him almost every minute. I will miss him like I've never missed anyone before.
I believe that animals like Bunnie have a profound sense of love, and his life has made me a better person, a more loving person and I will never eve forget him. I will love you for ever Bunnie and I cant wait to see you again. Love Jenny

Bunniest Americana, 09/20/03

To Bunniest Americana (you little sausage)...

We miss you little buddy
You are not here any longer
But, you will always be in our hearts little buddy

Tonight, we will look for your shinning star in the sky
Please be good in heaven, eat your green little buddy
See you when we cross over... OK!

I was very attached to this rabbit. In my opinion, Bunniest Americana was the most beautiful rabbit I ever seen. I will never be able to find another one like him. Anibal

Bunny, 02/90-10/02

We sent you to the rainbow bridge to be well again, we buried your remains under the lilac tree, and Daddy turned it into a shrine for you. He cries for you and talks about you still, you were his very best friend. It was the worst day of our lives, but one of the best for you. I see you there happy, healthy, and wagging your tail; yet waiting to here Daddy's truck pull up. We'll be with you again someday, then you can give Daddy his kisses. Our Bunserella, gone but not forgotten!

Ron and Cheryl

Bunny, 09/19/03

Bunny, your time here was too short. Our home is empty without you. I miss hearing you play with your toys, I miss playing with you all night, I miss the little kisses that you gave to me every time I picked you up. Every day when I came home from work, playing with you was the first thing I wanted to do. I truly believe that you are an angel for how you brought our family together. I can't believe you're gone. I'll never forget you, ever!! Please don't forget me and our family. I pray every

I Love You,

Anthony and Family

Bunny, 01/15/03

To the best bunny ever. We miss you so much! We will always love you!!!!!

Janice Worley

Bunny, 02/94-11/26/02

I never had a pet where we were so in sync with each other and had such a tight bond. I miss your sweet face & would give anything to be with you again.


Buppy, 06/26/03

Our baby, our friend and our clown. We miss you with every beat of our broken hearts. Mommy waits to see you again, and so does mommy Lisa, especially getting sugar from under your scruffy white ears.

Leslie and Lisa

Burley, 06/12/92-11/07/03

Burley was an exceptional dog with wonderful judgment. He never bit anyone in his whole life and was a peacemaker among our other animals. He was always there to break up an argument between them before it escalated into a fight. Burley had a quiet courage, especially in his last days. He had a joy of life from his earliest days and combined the two traits into one heck of a dog.
I told him today before his last visit to the vet that he and I would meet again and just to wait for me. He promised to do that.

Lois Morgan

Buster, 08/07/96-12/27/03

You are my best friend, my buddy, my Buster Brown. We should have many more years together. I'll love you and miss you always and forever.

Shelli Blechinger

Buster, 11/26/89-12/22/03

You were my first "baby" and you will be missed.
Thank you for teaching me how to be a mom.
We love you.

Cindy Stafford

Buster, 07/98-12/22/03

Buster, my beautiful lion, you'll always have a place in my heart. I remember the day you turned up out of nowhere in our yard, only 2 months old, weak and sick, and how you grew into a magnificent, fluffy orange beauty. I'll never be able to read a newspaper again without remembering you trying to sit on the space I was reading. You were my friend and you brought us light and love.
I miss you so much and so does Rufus. We'll see you again. Go to the light Buster.

Rebecca Reid

Buster, 11/28/03

I got buster when he was just 6 weeks old he had this cute white spot on his foot somehow when I seen him I feel in love. Buster was the most loving dog he always carried around these squeakie toys in his mouth he even slept with them at times he loved going bye bye when I would get the blanket he knew he was going in the car he would get so excited. He was one person who didn't judge me and loved me for me no matter what. He was always there at door so excited to see me when I came home from work when I had the worst day there was buster to cheer me up! I had this tigger toy I got from disneyland it talked he hated that thing it was so funny to see him bite at it and bark. I loved him so much and today has been the worst day of life how will I cope with losing my best friend.


Buster, 09/20/88-11/22/03

Buster, I love you so .... my heart is aching .... I have taken your pain .... now you are new ... you are Mama's boy ... and ill love you forever.....

Deborah Hodges-Harman

Buster, 11/24/01

Boy you will always be missed and loved. Go and play and run and enjoy being free of pain. Enjoy being with Anna . we will see you again someday.
Mommy, Daddy, Beanie, Nikki and Nemo

Buster, 03/15/95-12/30/01

My sweet Buster, my Dusty Cortez.
I miss you too. You take care of Emma for me.


Buster, 12/19/91-11/07/03

He was my companion, buddy, confidante and protector
He is missed in presence, but not in my heart.
My only hope is that he is no longer suffering and waits for me on the other side.

Debra Gardiner

Buster, 11/18/03

You will always be in our hearts, Buster. Five short years ago you were lost and alone, wandering around the A&W. We were the lucky ones to have found such a loving and devoted pet. You gave Anna comfort in difficult times, and I know you came to us for a reason. I still can't believe my little Bussy was hit with cancer. I tried so hard to save you. Even at the end, your strong will and devotion was there, despite your weakness. You were a fighter, but I was finally forced to do what I had hoped to avoid. I thought you would die at home, Buster, but you just couldn't let go. I am so sorry for everything you had to go through. I will cherish every memory of you today and always. I really miss you and peace.

Lisa, Paul, and Anna Clarkson

Buster, 11/07/03

The most thoughtful, compassionate dog in the world.


Buster, 10/31/03

We loved little "Butt" and he was taken much too soon from us.
We know that he had a happy life on earth and is watching over us now.


Buster, 11/16/90-10/15/03

Buster you were and are my best friend we had a great life together may you rest in peace and chase those rainbows see you again someday I love you my son

Georgianne Larosa


My beloved Buster died unexpectedly in my arms Tuesday 10/21, 6:55 p.m. He was my faithful friend for 13 years, saw me raise my kids, go through a divorce and had my undivided spoiling for all those years. I would leave the tv on for him when I was at work and would rush home because I knew he was waiting by the front door for me. How can I bear this grief? I miss you, Buster and love you more than you could ever know. - Mommy.

Buster, 10/07/03

In loving memory of my best friend of 11 years. You were there for me through all the good and bad times. You were the best dog that anyone could ever ask for. You have touched my life and will remain in my heart for as long as my heart beats.

Your loving master...Robert

Buster, 07/01/95-07/22/03

Buster was the best dog ever. I feel that He was sent from God to be with our family. I miss him everyday and will always love him. Our home does not feel the same without him.

Christina and Jeff Warren

Buster, 01/29/95-07/22/03

We love you and miss you

Dad, Mom, Dylan, Bryant and Anna

Buster, 07/14/9-07/10/03

Buster was a great joy to my family, we miss him so and are waiting for the day we can again join him, and all of the special dog and cat friends that have shared our home over the years. God Bless You Little Friend.

Buster, 01/20/03

Buster came into our lives at a full run and taught us so many things about loyalty and love. He looked after us until the very end, and taught his "son" Boomer to do the same. We remember him everyday and are amazed by all the things he did for us that we took for granted. He will always be part of us.

Karen and Roy Hachman

Buster Aka Butter Butt, 12/11/98-07/03/03

Buster you left us to soon. We will always love you and miss you our Beloved little Butter butt. Til we meet again some day.

Amy, Bryan and Breanna

Buster, 5/7/89-12/5/02

We will miss you. youwhere a good friend. You where a joy to us and in are hearts. You are now with your brothers Hamilton, and Bundy.
God will look over you now

Paul & Gail Wade

Buster, 04/18/86-02/28/01

little rolled tufts of gray dot my woolen sheets. tonight my door will be latched for the first time since i was seven. he always wanted to see me. often i heard him pawing the door while i was in the shower. you don't understand what this cat was. just now i glanced over my shoulder, i thought the neck of my guitar leant against my bed was his periscopic tail, always erect, fur cleft at the end
he's in good health for a cat his age, allegedly reported the veterinarian. initially she didn't believe he was fifteen. i told dad it will catch me off guard later tonight or tomorrow.

18 april 86 - 28 feb 01
49 days short of fifteen
this afternoon my dad came home, found blood in his stool. he wrapped my beloved companion in towels and held him to the vet. they said they could operate but prognosis is not good for cats over twelve years old. dad told buster he was there on my behalf. they gave him a sedative first.

he knew where i was. he always knew. i could be in the bathroom with the light off and the door cracked; he'd come pawing at the door. i'd do odd work around the house and he'd follow me up and down the stairs as many times as i'd go. cats don't think about their human i don't imagine. they must have an image etched into their eye lens or their tiny brain, an image which they seek. when a cat finds his person he must have some sense of feeling right. buster didn't like the car. he'd go crazy if even you carried him near a car door. even before this he would feel things were different and hide himself. he endured double saturation in the ivy at park lane before seceding finally. he looked so funny when he was wet; when i was little i said his wet tail looked like a soggy carrot.
i was etched into his perception. he sought me always. when i'd be gone for a few days he'd pace the house and check my room with frequency, my dad told me. when i came home he acted nonchalant, as if to say i knew you'd be back all along. i was his foremost thing if he was frightened pinned to a cold tabletop how much more was his impulse to find a door and paw at it to see if i'd come

he knew of emotion though he hadn't really his own. i never sensed he was sad but i felt my sadness in him; he perceived it in me whether a cat could try to or not, many times he was all i had that was concrete. i could talk to mom on the phone when things were not well. i cried to buster when i was lost; when anger filled our home buster kept me there. once i pushed him away; i cried so hard and i held him when he was little, he hid under the bed. after a week he came up on the bed with me. i'd run my finger under our favorite afghan and his eyes would get big. he thought my finger was a mouse as much as i did. still he chased it, scampered after the pointed lump with all his youth. after a while we became friends. many nights before i moved i'd pull the blankets over us and i'd cry. once he crawled up on my chest and i told him about Jesus. i remember holding him so hard a cat would pop, but he knew i needed it. it will be another seven years before i'll have lived more without him than i have with him.

last night he slept with me as usual. before bed i went downstairs for water and he followed me, crying. i told him to be quiet. i will never forget his voice; moreso ever with me is his breath, his purr, and the occasional night he'd lie sideways and knead my chest. lately it had become more difficult to get up when he didn't want to. he'd stand on me 'til he nearly fell off. now i remember the night before last he laid on the blanket to my left, leaned toward me with his back at my hip. i stroked him a while and fell asleep. i had to move him in the morning. last night i slept inverted in bed for some reason. george was annoying him so i scared him off and held buster for a minute. i fell asleep quickly last night i remember. i've been ready for this for a while. a few years ago i wept over the thought of not having him a call and fifteen seconds away. (even if he was asleep at the far end of the house, i had only to call once and he'd come quickly.) i have come to see the hand of God in this: his perfect timing has coincided with mine. this mute animal has served its purpose at one end; the loyal friend who brought me through the shards of a broken home, without a word my love for this simple creature who knew one function: since he couldn't love he did everything a cat could do to make a young boy think he loved me. he was my sibling. i'd have talked to him more except that he understood me. what little he knew he forgot when i picked him up.

i've come to a time when having such a present, overt reminder of my years living with mom is a luxury. so needless to say he was more than a luxury when times were good. it is as if he had been retired, knighted, and inducted to the hall of fame about a year or two ago, and he has lived his last months in the joy of the present in light of what difficulty we've seen, what pain i've allayed by him. i think he didn't want me to see him die. now we've come to such a pleasant day; he is no less today than yesterday. i didn't need him to love him. five years ago it would have been more difficult to mean this. he served his purpose and it's tearing me apart i love him so much, i can't stand it! he will not come tonight. as i will forget he's gone so will i remember. i will never forget what you did for me, from one-third my age now to as long as i have feeling you were my joy. an animal; i'm better for you. you deserve more than you could understand although when the sky thundered or the ground shook you found me. certainly a man is given an animal for company of a sort; that was your end. your tiny life came to be devoted to finding me, and then what? i held you. this is the best you could've been. you outlived every one of two hundred siblings; you were a person's best friend. for all your little mind could grasp, for the capacity of the best-witted cats that ever lived, you could not have been more. you will not come tonight. you would have been long asleep on my bed by now. just yesterday you played with the string on my journal and i made sure you got hold of it with your teeth so i could have the transcription of your bite marks. it was a secret fear of mine that he'd die slowly, gradually. i hadn't thought of it in some time. three weeks ago i told sarah about when he dies. oh, buster carried me from mom to sarah. oh, buster, my loved friend, my dear dear cat, my friend in everything for as long as i can remember! never again will i say this morning i saw you. in thirteen minutes a new day will begin, a day you won't see. you died only eight hours ago, my life, my life, my cat, nobody knows divorce or junior high, they threw rocks at me, called me fat, to you i was always me you knew me, i know! thank you, you loved me for so long and so well! five thousand nights you came to me, five thousand times i had reason to smile as i tried to sleep. you were my only reason so many times, my sweet friend, there is no chance you will arrive tonight. how bitterly i mourn, feeling my hand on your back, under your chin; i knew every place you liked. you saw me to the end of my loneliness, to a time when i no longer asked what if? God chose your time, three years with me and mom, seven weeks since monday, the end is not good. any sooner and i'd be broken! you carried me, old friend. you made so much wrong bearable. i knew this day would come. you knew i didn't need to say anything. the clock is chiming, has chimed its twelfth now. goodbye best friend of mine you are with me always

Buster (Rustead), 05/17/81-01/31/02

To my baby:
I can still remember picking you out when I was 5, and the silly name that Mom and Dad talked me out of that became your middle name. You were the love of my life, my Rustead. You stayed with me just as long as I swore to everyone you would, as if you heard and knew and just couldn't let me down. I miss you and although I had 21 years with you, it went so fast. I can't wait to see you again.

With love always,

Buster, 05/17/03

I gotta tell you a story, but I can only tell it once, and after that, I don't know that I can handle describing it again. It has been a traumatic weekend for me.

Saturday (May 17th, 2003) was not a good day for me. I was not feeling myself from the get go and I had to go to work. I'm usually not in best spirits the days I have to work to begin with, but even more so on that day. I went to work, and was just near tears the whole day. Some people thought I had allergies, others would look me closely and wouldn't say anything. I kept my mouth shut, but was in a daze all day. Ben (my husband) went to his mother's Saturday for his regular biweekly visit and I knew when I got off that night I would be home alone. I made it through the day, and went home, but my mind was still just clouded and depressed.

I got off around 7:00 and got home probably 7:30ish-7:45ish (I picked up some stuff for soup and salad for dinner) I got home, made a salad, sat down in front of the TV. Ben called, talked to him a bit, he told me about a stray kitten that had wandered up to his mother's house, and wanted to know if we should keep him. No problem, we always seem to find room for more. A little later, the phone rang again, this time it was for Shawn. About 8:15, I heard a gun shot outside, followed by a dog barking, the dog sounded like our neighbor dog, Buster. (Buster is a regular, friendly visitor to our house. He plays with our dogs, likes to get lots of attention. A black and white herding dog, looks a lot like Joe. [Joe was a dog my grandparents had most of my child hood. He never bit, always stayed close and was very friendly, to everyone.]) I know the neighbor had problems with wild animals killing his sheep, and he got Buster in hopes of him protecting the sheep. I hurried and muted the TV, to listen closely. My dogs were barking and freaking out. (Little did I know my dogs understood the barks better than I did.) For a few moments, I didn't hear anything else, and resumed the volume on the TV; I was watching something on sandstorms in Africa on one of the Discovery Channels. I heard another shot, and this time, yelping. I should never have gone outside, I knew I should never have gone outside. What I saw next was something I hoped I would never have to see in my lifetime. I looked across the field that separates our driveway/property from the property of those neighbors. All I could see above the tall grass of the field was busters black and white tail. And it was wagging pretty sporadically. My first thought was that he was OK, and he must be excited a little. But than I didn't see the tail anymore. And just then, out from the shade of a tree, I saw two figures moving one stepped forward and lifted a shotgun to aim. I heard the 3rd shot. I started screaming, I don't know what all I said, but I do remember shouting "What are you doing!" and I may have said it twice. The person that didn't have the gun stepped out from the shade and said, "He killed two sheep. He killed two sheep". I couldn't think of anything but, "how barbaric!" I realized the odd tail wagging was Buster trying to get up or run or something, a counter balance kind of wag. I can't imagine his final moments; I can't imagine the kind of mind that can create those kinds of moments. I would have taken him; others would have taken him. He was a good and friendly dog. I treated him like my own he was always welcome here.

I ran inside, sobbing, like a child. I ran inside and called Ben and tried to tell him what happened. I guess he immediately left to come home. He called a couple of times, and made it back here late that night, kitten in tote. (He named the kitten L.T. It stands for Lazy Tail, because he only likes to raise the first half of his tail, letting the other half hang a near 90-degree angle.)

I don't know what to do with these images; they play over and over in my head. I'm angry with myself that I didn't take the dog. He would spend so much time here, that I was worried he wasn't treated well at home. There were weeks where he wouldn't leave our land, and would sleep on our front porch. These past few months, he came over less and less, and just this last week, Buster came over, but wouldn't come to me. He would just stand and wag his tail at me furiously. So I know he was excited to see me, but wouldn't approach. I am so, so scared to report the man. I'm not sure what Texas laws are on this subject, but even if I did, I still don't know that I would report him. I have two dogs of my own, and now 4 cats. It's not hard to tell when we are gone. He needs to be reported, but not sure if I should. Me yelling at him gave me away. I may be the only witness to this. I believe he adopted the dog from the Athens Shelter/Animal rescue. The same people that refused to let us adopt a dog because our property was not completely enclosed with a fence. The same people that as Ben left angrily because of this refusal, watched this person that refused him a dog, go out and kick some dogs because they were fighting, KICK the dogs. I'm not sure what all Ben said to this woman, but I know Ben, he was pissed off, and I'm sure he got her riled up. I guess kicking dogs is some sort of anger therapy or something.

I still can't stop crying, but I'm hoping that this will get easier. I always knew things like this happened, but it was easier not putting a face to the victims. I drove by his house this morning to take my son to school, when I noticed all the trash sitting in front of the neighbors' house, out for pick up and wondered if Buster was in the pile somewhere. Discarded like a broken tool.

My hope is that I can get over this, and if I tell this story to you, it will help the images get out of my head. It was a "simple" solution for a simple mind. Spread this letter, I want others to think of Buster and all the other Busters in our lives.

That's all I'm going to say for now. This is in memory of a warm hearted, loving dog, Buster. He never hurt any of our animals, and just liked to hang out. He liked our toys, he liked the kids, and he liked my cooking (even if it was old leftovers from the days I was cleaning out the fridge.) I hope he knows he can still hang out with us any time, even now.


Buster, 01/04/91-05/22/03

Buster will be sadly missed but never forgotten. It is so quiet here now.
Fenix is lonely and so sad.

Lori Spychaj

Buster, 03/17/93-05/11/03

Buster was found in a parking lot next to a bag of puppy chow. She had a good life with us, and will be badly missed. She was a gentle, loving dog with the children.

Jane Fazi

Buster, 05/01/90-03/25/03

I am so sad today that my beloved and devoted Boxer named Buster has passed on. He was my best friend and I took him everywhere that I went that even included work!! He would go shopping with me and wait ever so patiently in the car and would never tear up a thing or make a mess. He was and is, still considered a member of our family that everyone is aching right now. I am so sad and broken hearted that I don't know what to do next. Please say a prayer for myself and my Buster along with all of the other precious companions that have went on to a place without pain.

Buster, 23/07/93-12/01/03

To my dearest Buster,
I will always love & miss you,
I hope you can forgive me for what I did,
I did it out of love for you,
You are free from pain now,
You will always be my baby,
Thank you Buster for being my best friend,
I know your spirit is still with me,
Find Cabbie and have fun together,
Love you now and forever,
Goodbye Busty xxxxxxxxxxxx

Buster, 02/15/03

Buster, my ever faithful friend, has passed on. He was always there for me - all through the bad times and the good. He trusted me, even when I didn't deserve it. Even though he couldn't hear, he was always able to sense when I came home or when I needed him most. I painfully miss him, but I know that he now has freedom from his old, aching body. Go in peace, my beloved Buster.


Buster, 05/05/96-02/08/03

You are my bestfriend, I will never forget the way you made us all laugh, I will never forget how you would lay your head on my lap and just look up at me with those beautiful eyes of yours. I knew how much you loved me and you knew how much you meant the world to me. You were my son.

Dad brought you home today and you are in the house nice and cozy.

You will never be forgotten.

Your Loving family,
Mom, Mom, Dad, sister, and the kitties you kissed everyday. xox

Buster, 14/11/95-12/02/03

Enjoy your life at 'Rainbow Bridge' away from pain and suffering.

I miss you so much.

We will meet again someday

until then

night night Boo Boo

Karen Perkins

Buster, Spring of 2000 to 01/11/02

A Buster story...

In the spring of 2000 I got my first dog. I had had a dog growing up, but I did not share the responsibilities of owning a dog and really never knew what it was like and how rewarding it can be. I had no idea what joy it would bring me. When I got to the animal shelter I noticed he had an over bursting amount of character that could not be contained, that was it for me, I brought him home from the animal shelter and we named him Buster.

Originally I was a cat person, and I did not like dogs. I did not want this dog in the beginning. At the time my girlfriend wanted a dog so I was persuaded to get one. It wasn't long until it was very clear whose dog he was. I trained him, loved him and cherished his friendship just as much as a human counterpart. He knew my moods and my feelings. When I split with that girlfriend and I moved to NYC Buster came along for the ride.

Buster spent a brief sojourn on Cape Cod Mass (at my parents' house) while I got settled in The City. Once I was all set, Buster came down and became a City Dog. He met many new and interesting people and animals. One of his favorite pastimes was walking the empty TriBeCa streets in early evening seeing other dogs and making friends with any person he could find. Every person who met Buster always took a liking to him. He had an extremely good friendly persona and would never hurt a fly... and to boot, He looked Cute!

Between becoming a city dog, running into local park rangers, learning to walk six flights of stairs daily, and being the fancy at the dog run, Buster would often travel to Cape Cod and New Jersey (as Marisa and I would go to see our parents.) He loved the country just as much, taking in long walks, swimming in the ocean, and fetching sticks in ponds. His only real negative trait was that he loved people... IS that NEGATIVE? He was perfect, and always offered unconditional love to all of us.

His life and our seemed to be coming together and no one saw any problems until last March when he seemed to develop "a cold". At first this is what we thought is was, a cold. As it progressed into a constant runny nose we took him to our local vet and the said it was allergies. After two more months we were referred to a specialist at The Animal Medical Center on the East Side. We went up there with Buster and were told that he had allergies... surprise surprise. A week later Buster had his first seizure and that was the real beginning of his decline. They began to treat him for an uncommon fungal infection called Aspergillosis.

As his health worsened his treatments became more radical. After multiple treatments and a risky surgery, Buster finally got to come home just last Tuesday. He seemed to be doing better. Earlier in the hospital he had lost his sight and his ability to walk; by the time he got home he had regained them. Everything seemed to be taking a turn to the better, when last night he became weak and eventually lost all breath and finally stopped breathing. After I administered mouth to mouth resuscitation on him en route to the hospital it seemed that it was in vain as the ER staff failed to revive him. He passed away at 9:30 last night. He was almost three years old.

The details of his demise are not important, what is, is that I want everyone to know how much I did love my dog and how good he was to both Marisa and I. He cheered us up when we were down; he always had a smile and was a true fighter. Even when his vision and walking ability were taken from him he pushed on. From the initial results from his autopsy it looks like Buster suffered from DIC, which are basically blood clots in his lungs. This is the body's systemic reaction from inflammation (like the kind in his brain.) In rare occasions it can be treated and even rarer, stopped. This usually happens in a very short period of time so death can be very quick. It is good to know he was at home with us and that we could not do anything else for him. I guess it was his time.

Some people said: "it's just a dog", well maybe he was A DOG, but he was NOT just a dog. He was my heart and soul and we will miss him greatly. I never knew what is was like to have kids (as I do not have any) but I now know. I feel there is a giant part of me missing and I struggle to find closure and to not blame myself for his death. This is one of the hardest things I have had to deal with. I always said how hard it would be to let go of him when he got older, I never realized that it would happen so soon and in such a way.

Keep those you love close, life is often shorter than you may expect. Live it to the fullest and you will have no regrets. I do not think Buster had any. Although he was young he led a beautiful pleasant happy inspiring life. I miss him so much and thank you for all of your understanding as Marisa and I go through this grieving process.

To Buster "Buddy", who is running through those immense woods above free from his pain and suffering down here!



Buster Bar Spear, 04/92-06/29/03

Buster was hit by a car June 29th 2003 and my sweet neighbor picked him up and placed him in a box and brought him to us so we could bury him. He has a special resting place in my back yard where I can easily see his spot, he was wrapped in my bath towel I wanted my scent to be with him on his journey.

My heart has lost its song since you passed. I wake up in the lonely night with tears upon my cheek, realizing I had been calling to you and you can no longer come to chase away my sorrow and fears. Then I lay in the dark and imagine you lazing in the sun at the foot of Rainbow Bridge waiting for me and when I come I scoop you into my arms, kiss your head and you stretch your neck out for me to rub my face in the soft fur of your neck and I nuzzle against your generous rumbling purr, content at last. Until that day comes I will see you in my dreams and hold you tightly in my heart. I still love you bestest!

your mommy

Buster Blaine, 06/13/03

Buster, you taught us to stop and smell the flowers, take time out to walk in the rain and enjoy the neighborhood sprinklers. No sock ball was safe and your smile was contagious.
We miss you terribly and love you tremendously.

Buster Crabtree Cox, 1/11/03

To our dear buster: you came to our home as a stray. Even though you spent most of your life outside, you so enjoyed your time inside visiting with the other kittys and eating your canned food. Unfortunately, on 1/10/03, you sustained life ending injuries as a result of a dog attack. You survived because you were so tough, but your injuries were too severe for you to keep going. The light in your eyes was gone. You had a peaceful and pain free passing to the rainbow bridge and I was with you to the very end. With the looks of love that you gave to me before your tragic accident, how could I leave you alone in your final moments? I couldn't. Your last breath was a loving purr, and I knew then that you loved me too. You will always be with me, and I will miss you everyday of my life. Sleep soft dear friend for while I live, you shall not die. With all my love. Leah P.S. Evan, Lucky, Patches, and especially Sadie misses you terribly. You were loved my dear friend.

Buster Chrispen Brown, 10/23/90-07/08/03

So sorry that we had to let you go. It was getting so hard for you to get around. We will always love you and miss you.

Yogi & Patti Ybarra

Buster Jr, 03/21/96-07/21/03

Dear God, I thank you for my four-leg, floppy eared, friend who was such a joy. Who game me unconditional love and was always glad to see me. Who liked to lick my feet and give them doggie baths. Who gave me wet kisses and doggie hugs. My alarm clock and faithful companion...loyal and true I will miss you.

Buster, you have found a place in my heart and there you will always be. Nothing will be able to separate us. We will always be together. You make me smile and bring me joy. Full of Love! Black, Brown and Tan!

Baa Baa Chips, Chicken Bones, Cough Drops and Mints. Let's go on the deck; Run in the Yard! Let's go for a walk; Eat your food; Drink Water; Sit! Fix your paw; Want a Baa Baa?

My live stuffed animal, precious one. You are at home and at rest. Thank you for seven wonderful years and our special walks and talks. Good night. See you in the morning. Have sweet dreams and God Bless you!

Marcia Dunn

Buster Theriault, 06/09/03

I love you Buster I hope you see Minnou up there you need her love I'll see you and I few years.. He need to be well treated and be with his sister Minnou who passed on November 29th 2002 .

Butch, 01/01-10/25/03

Butch was our special family member who loved life and playing. We miss him greatly!

Erica V

Butch, 07/13/92-09/19/03

We all miss you Butch, but we know that your body is now healed & you are not in pain.

Vicki L. Stalnaker

Butch aka BB, 04/12/03

Butch, you were the best damn cat that ever stole into our lives, and stole our hearts. Bill TOLD me "not to feed you" when you showed up on my doorstep more than ten years ago, all scraggly and bedraggled and wet and skin'n'bones, because it would only "encourage you to stay". Of course I ignored Bill, because I'm a sucker for strays.

I called you at first "Blondie", because, once cleaned up and dry, you were such a beautiful butterscotch-blond tabby -- until we ascertained you were actually a "Butch". You then became our "Butch Blondie", or "BB" as I called you. Bill, of course, only called you "Butch" -- and you must have really liked that, because you decided very quickly that you preferred quartering in HIS house instead of mine. Bill had only Whitey Dog, who ignored you. and Mama Cat and Whiskie Cat, who grudgingly accepted you.

When Whitey Dog died of old age five years ago, you became the "dog of the house". You did actually act more like a dog than a cat, loving to curl at Bill's feet in the evenings, and trailing Bill around the house and yard adoringly, just like a dog, craving love and attention, and “supervising” whatever project was going on.

I enjoyed your company often on my front porch steps, where you loved to talk and rub against me, roll in the dirt, and rub against me some more; you loved your ears scratched, and you loved to talk. You would leap in the car as soon as I opened the door when I came home from work at night. You would crawl all over my lap, sniffing for any “treats” I might have dropped on the seat or floor, and pulling over sacks to see what was in them for you.

You were so territorial, and that's probably why you got the FIV, defending your turf in one of your regular battles.

Three days ago you were fine; two days ago I discovered you listless and your jaw swollen. Bill asked me to take you to the vet yesterday, when we learned the nature of your illness. You were given an injection for pain -- you were trembling so, and you spent one more day and night in your loving home of ten years.

This morning we took you to the vet's, and while we were around you, stroking you and telling you how much we loved you, you passed so gently, so beautifully, so peacefully, so very quickly to the Rainbow Bridge.

Butch, say "Hello" to Whitey Dog, and Mama Cat, and Princess Uebi Kitty...and wait for us. We love you so much, and miss you so much, and our quiet grief is so intense right now. I look forward to that time, when once again I will stroke your beautiful soft butterscotch-blond fur, and you will talk to me, and I will talk to you.

Be in Peace, our Beloved Butch.

Bill Armbruster and Dwight Dirks

Butch, 08/18/88-01/28/03

A special personality

Jim & Sheila Ward

Butcher The XIVth, 05/23/98-10/22/03

Please say a prayer for our beloved Butcher The XIVth. He was only 5 years 5 months old - too soon to be taken away from us. God wanted him in heaven I guess...he will be playing with my Dad (1999) and my other "babies": Diana, Prince, Jacky and Tina. We will miss Butcher The XIVth dearly until we meet with him again. Love you Boobee!!!!

Betty & Mike

Butkus, 02/13/98

Butkus, you had been so abused before we got you. You never knew the meaning of that word again, and turned out to be such a gentle giant. Jude was our girl before you arrived, and she welcomed you in to our home as her friend. After we lost her, we were blessed with our sweet Nikki. Then we lost you 16 months later. We just recently watched our precious Nikki pass on, and our hearts are once again broken and shattered. Please take care "my beautiful boy" of both my girls, until I can join you all once again. Missing you all everyday.

Donna & Guido

Butler Sterling, 06/28/95-10/21/03

In times of trouble, your presence was comforting and you were an unquestioning, loyal friend
In times of joy, you understood and rejoiced as well,
God gave you to me to love, care for and enjoy.
You were smart, beautiful and wise. Abby misses you very much as do "Daddy" and I.
You will always be in our hearts.

Cynthia Lewis

Butterball, 04/12/98-12/06/03

We miss you so much and will never forget the love and joy you brought into our lives

Gabriele & Kevin

Butterball, 04/01/92

Butterball was a neighborhood cat that adopted us and our family. We don't how old he was, but we suspect that he was around 14 or 15 when he disappeared. My son Chris and I miss him.

Steve Sterry

Buttercup, 07/10/03

To a wonderful and loyal and loving girl, we will greatly miss you. We hope to see you soon you are in the arms of Jesus now and our sure you are having fun. Thank you so much for being a part of our lives you are our daughter that we have never had. Love you bc

Kelly & Brian

Buttercup, 12/31/99-02/04/03

My daughters and I came home Tuesday evening to find that our beloved dog Buttercup had tragically died in a freak accident. Buttercup was not just a dog to us, she was a valued member of our family. We are devastated by her passing. We could not have asked for a sweeter, more loyal, smart little dog. She loved all of us unconditionally and we loved her right back. She had baskets full of toys, there was no where in our house that was off limits to her, she came every where with us and every single night she slept under the covers right next to me. I desperately miss her and just want one more day with her so I could make sure she knew how truly loved she really was. Buttercup I can't wait to see you at the rainbow bridge. Please come visit me in my dreams. I love you Buttercup.

Margret Mowry

Butterscotch, 7/10/87-3/12/99

In loving memory on what would have been your 16th birthday. You left us too soon, but your sweetness lives on. We will always remember and love you for the funny, gentle, innocent soul you were.

Butterscotch, 8/1/91-6/7/03

The following text was sent by e-mail this morning to all of our friends that also adored our big love puppy, "Scotch".

It is safe to say that Lisa and I did not have a good weekend. We lost our big lovable briard, Butterscotch, yesterday.

I had actually written several paragraphs detailing his medical condition, but decided that not many of you would need to know the detail. The short story is, we took him to the vet because he had lost the energy to want to get up and walk and wouldn't even eat treats that would normally be crazy for.

A couple of Xrays, an ultrasound, and consultation with a second vet indicated that he had a large tumor growing from his spleen, and it had started to hemorrhage.

Even if we had got to the vet before the bleeding started, very expensive surgery would not have cured him. It simply would have bought him a little time. The surgery itself on a dog that was less than two months from his 12th birthday would have been risky.

We spent some time alone with him, reminded him that he was always a good dog, and that we loved him very much. We were with when he went to sleep at about 6PM.

If you read about briards (there are numerous web sites like, or even the blurb at, you will often see them described by fanciers as "a heart wrapped in fur." I think Scotch took that to about the 10th power. Lisa had a lot do with him being like he was - rearing him from a puppy to be a big, fluffy, gentle "Disney Dog" that loved everyone, especially children... and even cats.

We will miss him terribly.

Thanks for reading.


Butterscotch, 01/01/99-02/05/03

Butterscotch was as sweet as the candy. Always giving love and making everyone around him smile. You always made me laugh when I gave you your favorite food grapes. You loved your little orange drops just as much. I miss how you would talk to me when I held you or when I gave you your bubble bathe, you loved to be brushed as much as the dogs did. Cousin Callie misses you very much she just sits at the back door and looks in trying to figure out where you are. Cousin Gabby and Twinkle Toes don't understand either. I will never forget you sweetheart, loosing you as left an empty place in the kitchen and my heart. Butterscotch you were my best friend and my little man. You are now with Simba, Scruffy, Pierre, Raven, Amber, Pete, Billy, Pooche, Pepper. I always loved you Butterscotch and will never forget you as long as I live.
We will all be together again one day. I love you and miss you Butterscotch.

Buttons, 08/01/88-12/07/03

Beloved Buddy, sadly missed.
A true "Pearl"

Don and Judy

Buttons, 04/29/89-06/19/03

Dear Buttons,

Even though I had to let you go, the pain of losing you will never go away, my heart has closed and a piece of me has died.
I look forward to meeting up with you on Rainbow Bridge, please wait for me, I will love you forever.
I know we will be together again one day.


Buttons, 03/89-11/27/03

dear buttons,
you are very much missed, the hurt in my heart is feeling all the love I will always have for you, thank you for all the times you shared your love with me, all the comfort
you gave me .you will always remain in my heart.


Buttons, 1/13/75

Buttons came home in my brothers pocket where he had put her to keep warm while he finished his paper route. He had gotten her from one of his customers. She was to be a family dog but ended being my dog. We went almost everywhere together until the day she had to be put to sleep.

Kathy Rogers

Buttons, 07/96-09/07/03

Buttons is a great friend, a great person, that gave me her all till the end, she was a true lady she held her head high, and keep her self with class.


Buttons (Bubby Boo), 08/08/85-03/31/03

Buttons, you were my best friend and my confidant. You were there for me no matter how bad things were. You created so many good times for the whole family. There always was a special bond between us and now there is an empty hole in my heart and life. I love you and miss you so very much. I wait for the day that we will be together again.

Charles & Staci

Buttons (Boo), 07/08/93-10/04/02

Miss you Boo

Tracey & Bryon and Shiloh

Buttons Johns, 02/14/89-08/28/03

Buttons was my little baby girl. She was my best friend. She was with me through difficult times and through good times and she always loved me no matter what. She was smart and understood so many things. When she was young, she had so much energy and we would walk at least once a day.
She loved the park and I think we went to all of them at least once. She loved to chase squirrels and kitties but would never hurt them. She never hurt anyone but knew only how to give love. When we went someplace in the car she would climb up on my neck so she could see out the window.
She loved to go places with me and I took her everywhere I could. She learned to chase her tail when I said, "go Buttons" and she made everyone laugh. It was one of the cutest things she did.
I miss her terribly tonight but I'm happy that she isn't suffering and she is with her family and friends. I feel like I can't go on without her but she wouldn't want that. She didn't like it when I was upset so I have to be strong.
Thanks for reading about Buttons. She would have loved you too.


Buttons Pierre Francios XIII, 05/14/89-08/19/03

God sent you from heaven and gave me fourteen years of unconditional love.
May God watch over you and keep you safe while we are apart.
I love and miss you, Angel Boy.

Buzz, 02/14/88-09/17/03

To our very best friend in all the world, mommy, daddy, casey and molly miss you more than words can say, and love you more and more each and every day. May God bless you.

Buzz, 04/15/89-07/27/03

I will miss you forever Buzz.

Love, Kendall (age 11)

Buzz, 01/18/90-04/26/03

You are missed so very much, Buzzie. We will ALWAYS love you. God Bless you. We'll see you again someday. You are the best.

The Price Family

Byron, 9/25/89-05/28/03

I held a beautiful ceremony for Byron, my beloved Golden Retriever companion of 12 years, on May 28, 2003. He was present for the ceremony in the backyard, which was shared with 5 dear friends and was filled with tears, some laughter, and numerous treats for him. The ceremony included "A Dog's Prayer", The Rainbow Bridge Story, a long letter I wrote to him about our entire 12 year relationship and his new role as my spirit guide. The vet came to perform the euthanasia , while friends read beautiful prayers. After the shot was administered, he still hung on for another 20 minutes. Quite remarkable that even in deep unconsciousness he was concerned for my well being. He was almost 14 at passing and the bond that we share is quite extraordinary. I am eternally grateful that his last breath was taken while I laid beside him and held him with love. He has been with me through so much - so many tears and so much laughter, not to mention hikes and swims. As recently as last summer, we went on yet another one week vacation to Oregon that was built around us swimming together - our favorite shared activity. I have many beautiful photos and have since created a gorgeous alter where he used to eat. It now feeds my soul and spirit and is a reminder that he is always with me. I believe that this time of transition is for both of us. Byron, I miss you and remain eternally grateful for all you have taught me and for every moment we shared together. You have left your body, but I know that you have not left me. And thank you for all the signs you have brought me from the spirit world. They have helped me so very much.

Infinite Love,

Byron White, 06/23/94-11/28/03

We didn't get the chance to have you for very long, but you will forever live on in our hearts and memories.
We will always love you Byron and you were the greatest dog!
I hope you are no longer in pain and I hope you know that making the decision to have you put down was the hardest thing I have ever done.
You will always mean the world to me and I am so thankful that my life was blessed by yours.
I love you!

Jeanelle and Mike Turner

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