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Year 2002 Tributes

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Yacca thru Yuki

Yacca, 01/99-06/10/02


Your family misses you. Your brother Bear is carrying on, but he wishes that you were still here with him. Don't forget us.


Yankee Doodle's Casey, 7/3/92-12/8/02

Me and My Best Friend

My favorite animal is a dog. As a matter of fact, my best friend was a dog. This is my story about a dog named Casey.

When I was about a year old, my mom bought the family a puppy. We named it Casey. He and I did everything together. He helped my family get through the hard times.

Dogs are said to be man's best friend and Casey was. He never stopped loving or got mad at me. I tried to return the favor. He loved all of us as much as we loved and still love him.

When we moved to Indiana, Casey loved it. He hung his head out of the car window as we entered the State. We went to my Grandma's house to stay until we found our own house. He had a few accidents in the house but for the most part he was very good.

A few months later we got out own home and we have lived there for five and a half years. We have since added two more dog friends, Sandy and Tilly.

Sadly on December 8, 2002, my best friend, Casey, died. We are very very sad. His time has come and yet he is still loved so much on the earth by many people young and old. Casey is my best and most loyal friend ever. This is the end of my best friend's and my story. ~~~ Amanda

Yellow Jett, 05/09/99-02/09/02

Yes I cryed when old Yellow died; he was my buddie. And Jack is everywhere looking and smelling for you. The hardest thing I have to do was pick you up out of the road a lay you to rest. Yellow you will always be daddy's boy and o- what a good boy you was I can not seem to get back to my life 'since yours was taking , sleep well my darling boy. I know where Rain Bow Bridge is you play with all the others till daddy get there . God look over me and bless my yellow......amen Bemis

Yeshe-Baby Girl, 01/15/86-12/21/02

Yeshe was loved by so many. She was given to me when after I had a near death experience. She has been at my side ever since. She has traveled all over the country with me through the years. I do Spiritual Counseling and she was always in the room, working with me. There was a healing energy that came through her. As I worked with those grieving about the death of their children or some tragic event, she would lay on their feet or let them hold her tight as the tears fell from their eyes. As she got older, her snores would accompany the sessions. Many taped and they always said that was one of the most uplifting parts of the session, hearing her little snore. Everyone would ask about her.

The past year She had been ill and I knew I had to let her go. Saturday the 21st I woke up to her dead on the bed. Her companion named "brother" looked at me with confusion and sadness. My life changed at that moment

Yeshe had a Spiritual mission in this life just as I have had and even though I know from experience where we go after leaving this body, my heart is broken and filled with a heavy pain, it is now my turn to need comfort.

Yeshe was a gentle energy but even up until a couple of weeks ago she would wake me at 7AM to take her outside and have her breakfast. I know she stayed as long as she could for me. The past couple of weeks she would cuddle close to me I knew it was time to say goodbye soon.

Three days before she died I was praying outside in the morning and as I looked up into the sky there was a cloud in the shape of a Shitzu, heading for heaven, tail flying high, the little top not, face towards the heavens. Tears fell from my eyes for I knew she would be leaving in a few days.

She was blessed as she died at a Native American Medicine Woman's house. She was given a sacred pipe ceremony and blessed as she was wrapped in a red blanket. When I drove her to the Vet, it was a slow ride, like a procession. The last time we would ride together in this life. Brother was in the back seat quiet and sad.

I pray for all of the four legged little creatures of this world, all the the gentle spirits that fly, bring us joy. They teach us so much, give so much to our lives. I have done Pet grief and loss counseling for 12 years and now it is my turn to grieve. My heart is broken, I miss her so much, I can't wait to arrive at the Rainbow Bridge and see her running towards me with Brother.

I send you all love and a prayer for healing of your hearts.

Yeshe "Baby Girl" you will not be forgotten, thank you for being there in all of my own personal sadness and joy. And for Others. I miss holding you and that sweet little face with that little tongue hanging out. You aged gracefully and with dignity. My grief has just started, your new life has just begun.

Elaina Proffitt

Yoda, 03/01/94-10/27/02

To my baby Yoda-I will miss you always. You were my first baby and you always will be.


Yoda, 10/09/02

Yoda was the sweetest dog who brought much joy to us for 13 years. We miss her dearly.

Louise & Rex B

Yoda, 03/08/96-08/12/02

Yoda, you were my little baby, my little man. For 6 1/2 years you have made my life so sweet and so full of love. I want to thank you now for always being there to make me laugh with your antics, lick my tears when I cried, and for loving me unconditionally. Please know that I did what I thought was best for you, I really believe that you wanted me to make the pain go away. I answered your request, and I hope you believe that I saved you. I know we will meet again someday, but until we do, farewell and know that Mommy loves you.

In Memory of Yoda Mufasa Goyda/Simmons, who died of kidney failure on August 12, 2002. I never loved anything or anyone so much.

Yoda, 05/23/02

Yoda, you are our special Angel Cat. You were with us too short a time, but gave us many lifetimes worth of love. We will love you and miss you forever.

Carla and Candi Lichty

Yoda, 01/07/02

Yoda, sweet Yoda--every minute of my seven years with him was pure heaven. He was the kindest cat imaginable. Everyone (including people who disliked cats) loved him and he loved them back. Through head-butts, nose kisses, and catnaps stretched out on my chest, he embodied love. In fact, no matter how hungry he was, when I first came home from work he wanted a hug first...and then food a few minutes later.

Before he came into my life, he was homeless. On the streets, he contracted FIV (feline immunodeficiency virus). Because of the need to properly treat the illnesses that resulted from his condition, I learned responsibility. Because of the time limit and the degree to which I loved him, I learned to appreciate every minute I had with him. And because he is now gone, I am learning how to say "good-bye" and how to let go. Yoda, like the character from whom he received his name, was the best teacher imaginable.

Yoda will always be a part of me. And I long to see his spirit again.

Yogi, 10/31/02

Today we lost a friend and protector that will always be in our hearts.
We cried when we were told the news, our boy has left us, our teacher of things proud, patient and understanding. Who can fill this huge gap that you have left.
We explained best we could to your children and they seemed to understand. We are lucky to have your son and daughter to carry on your lines, we promise you they will be loved even more with your parting, as they are our link to you and your memory.
The show ring will now be a quieter, less interesting place without your presence but we will carry on and make you proud of us.
We will always love you Yogi. Rest in peace and without pain
We will meet again.
Brett, Stacey Thompson.....Latte, Rizzo and Dax.
Yogi (Eros von Sahne) Rottweiler. Passed away 31/10/02 from that insidious plague....Cancer.

Brett and Stacey Thompson

Yogi, 03/30/95-08/08/99

I know it seems strange that my Yogi has been gone for nearly three years and I am having him added to the tributes page now but he still feels so close and it seems like yesterday we were together. Yogi came to me through the Retriever Rescue when he was one year old. We were best friends for three years until the day he simply laid down and died without warning. Yogi, I love you and miss you and know I will continue to miss you until I see you again at Rainbow Bridge.

Jackie Caussyn

Yogi, 01/03/02

You freely gave your heart to me, and it took me years to discover how special that was. Leave the pain and being crippled here, while you run freely among the rest of your family and friends. I wish I had walked you more often, but the next time we meet, we can walk forever.
Rest gently my friend. How I miss you.

Richard Ranta

Yogi-Bear, 06/15/02

My little angel you left tooo soon. you will always be in my heart and in my memory, I will miss your chewing on my finger when you wanted attention, and climbing the cage when you wanted out. you were a sweet little girl, and daddy and I miss you much, until we meet again at the rainbow bridge my angel. mommy and daddy

Yogi Bear, 08/04/90-01/13/02

The days pass on
Yet, your memory lives on
The things that irked us the most
are the things we miss the most
The house has not been the same since you left us
And still you left us with more love than you could ever know
You will always be in our hearts and our souls
Sleep peacefully dear friend until we meet again


Yogiedog, 26/09/02

Yogiedog the best dam dog a girl could ask for.
Over 25 years Yogiedog looked after me I am very thankful that we found each other all those years ago and for all we have shared since. No words will communicate the loss I feel

Robin C

Yoshi, 05/24/02-11/04/02

Yoshi, my finned best Betta friend. You were my first Betta and you were always there! When I would come into the room you would swim to the front of the tank and follow me as I walked around. You also ate from my fingers. My cat, Suleiman, considered you his own pet. You came into my home and my life on May 24, 2002 and died too soon on November 4, 2002.

We miss you so much and you will always have a special place in my heart. Swim on in peace, health and happiness forever, dear friend.

Wendy Hutchison

Yotaro, 02/28-04/29

My boy got hit by a car when I was on a business trip. When I came home and he wasn't at the window to greet me I knew something was wrong, he always knew when I was coming home. When I opened the door to the kitchen and he didn't come sliding across the tiles to me I went cold. Where was he? I asked my wife and she asked if I wanted a cup of tea, and when I demanded an answer she told me what had happened, he was chasing a squirrel, we don't live on a busy street but just at that moment a truck came....
and here I am, over a year later and sometimes I think I'm better, that I'm over it, but I just can't seem to stop crying today. It's a beautiful sunny day, I should be in the backyard gardening with an annoying white cat rolling in my vegetables and chasing the butterflies. I want him to be here now but worse, I want him to be with me in the future. He was my best friend and I love him.


Yugi, 06/27/02-07/27/02

I knew you so little, yet I miss you so much. I know you'll wait for me up in heaven.


Yuki, 09/90-11/23/02

You will always be my baby.


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