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Year 2002 Tributes

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Q.T. thru QVS

Q.T., 04/24/01-07/08/01

Q.T., my little darling, my snowy fur baby, too soon gone, rescued twice from death in 3 weeks time. I was too far away when you needed help the third time. I'm so sorry, my darling.

Q.T. was a very special, very brave little kitten, born feral and sheltered with her 6 littermates by her mother in our garage. Q.T. and her sister, Callie were the only 2 surviving kittens of a litter of 7. Q.T. was killed by a neighbor's dog. I was finally able to capture Callie and take her to safety - she is now in a loving home. Punkin, the mama, was brought into our house when she went into labor again (6 months later). We were able to find loving homes for the additional litter of 7, Punkin was spayed, and is now enjoying life indoors with her new brother and sisters.

Karen Cardey-Harris

Queen Rose, 02/06/01

I think of you every day.
I miss you so.
You were my fawn girl.
I know I will see you again.
That is a comfort that heals my pain.
You are my special shining star.
Our nightly herr runs lack your graceful speed.
I know you are with me always.
Wait for me at the bridge.
We will be together one day.
I choke back tears as I remember your silky hair and cheesy feet.
You are my girl and I love you so!

Sadly missed by Mommy, Daddy, and Roscoe

Queen Tiny Englands Pride (Tiny), 04/29/90-10/27/02

My sweet girl!

Susan Miley

Quentin, 11/05/02

Quentin was such a truly special cat. For a boy, he was a great mama cat to the kittens we added to our home. He'd had such a tough life himself- had never been able to walk normally because of a birth defect and often had painful ear infections that became sinus infections. At the end, he was also diabetic, but remained the sweethearted friend he'd always been although he enough troubles of his own. He was too sick to hunt down his little stuffed bear toy and bring it to our bed each night. But he was so well loved and will be missed by everyone who knew him.


Quentin, 03/12/02

Quentin, my hound dog, my first canine teacher, you taught me the benefits of being still - of being patient - of just being. In my ceaseless business, I did not always appreciate your calm, centered wisdom. Now I realize what you were trying to teach me... there is no need to be other than what you are. Being is all that matters. I'll miss your baritone baying, alerting me to strangers in the night-yard... your spiraling, happy doggy dance at mealtimes. Your pack will miss you - whose ears will Riley wash? Who else would Ian the Eldercat rub against, purring? Alex, though he hasn't played with your tail for years now, will remember you as the ultimate kitten toy. Tom, your human alter-ego, grieves... as do I, ever your student. I love you, Q-hound. You are a GOOD DOG.

Chris Vrba

Queso, 03/09/02

Queso, I didn't know you personally, but I have heard about what you went through in the news, and I have heard that those punks who hurt you got off scott free.

I know that you are in rainbow bridge right now eating tons and tons of cheese and tuna !!! You WERE loved, even though you lived behind a restaurant as a stray. Many people love you still and think of you. As for the punks who did this to you, they will get theirs one day, I have no doubt.

You are in our hearts always, Queso. Tell Reggie I said hello .


Quetzal, 02/05/02

Wil-o-Glen Quetzal was a glorious Ruddy Abyssinian with the look of a champion and the heart of one, too. I often teased her and said she was "made of love," because she never had a hiss or growl for anyone. She took life as it came, and gave back only purrs and rubs and soft-eyed glances. Her favorite thing in the world was to roll over on her back so I could give her tummy-rubs -- and if I tried to pull my hand away too soon, she would gently grasp it with her claws fully out, yet softly, so as never to break the skin. She'd use those claws like fingers, surprisingly strong, to hold my hand just where she wanted it to be. She was a quiet girl -- rarely even a meow, except when she was hungry and dinner was late. She fought heroically against the double, terrible duo of chronic kidney failure and cardiomyopathy, and finally let me know, on Feb. 5, 2002, that it was time to let her go to the Rainbow Bridge. I know she's there waiting for me. And until then, she lives where all good cats live -- curled around her person's heart. Goodbye, Little Q -- I will love you always! :-) Mary

Mary Platt

Quimby, 04/83-08/28/02

My Mr. Man. Such a Beautiful cat. I hope you are happy and you are with Fallon. I miss you so much. I Love you Bud.

Michele Howard

Quincey, 07/04/96-10/07/02

Quincey, mommy, daddy and Callihan miss you so much. We cry every day. We just want one more chance to love on you. You will always be in our hearts and we can't wait to see you again. You better expect a big hug and kiss from all of us.

Love you sweet boy!


Quincy, 10/26/90-05/22/02

we saved him from the pound when he was three, he was forever grateful to us, and us to him. he was my best buddy

Curt Hottle

Quincy, 06/09/92-12/29/01

In Loving Memory of Quincy who lost his fight with osteosarcoma Dec. 29, 2001.
Night, night my sweet boy...Your Mommy loves you and misses you very much.


Quintin, 01/08/01-04/11/02

From the moment we met you you brought such happiness and love in to our lives and we are eternally grateful for the short time we were given to spend with you. We miss you so much honey bear, but hope you are happy up in rainbow bridge. You will be in our hearts forever gorgeous.
Love always Mum, Dad and your brother Neo.

Quisto, 11/03/83-07/15/95

I miss you everyday.

QVS, 07/15/02

You are so loved. And so missed. Thank you for sharing your life with us.


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