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Year 2002 Tributes

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Face Kitty thru Fuzzy Monster Prouty

Face Kitty, 08/15/02

Thanks for 15 great years :,O)

Gail Ericson

Facsimile, 08/2001

we still don't know whatever happened to you. You appeared one day in our backyard and then a couple of years later you were just gone one day.
You were a great cat and loved to go on walks with us and the dog.
We will always miss you.
Tina, Jeff and Allyson, who used to always carry you around

Faduka, 12/29/97

We will never forget you, sweet little girl.

Mike and Deanna Barbarick

Fagan (Tudorlab's Patsy Fagan), 11/04/81-09/17/92

Dear little Fagan,

You touched so many people's lives and will be forever remembered by us: Bill, Camille, Chris and many others.
You were my own little "guru" and "spiritual friend and teacher," since you taught me how to enter into joy without guilt.

I've always said it was no accident that "God" was "Dog" spelled backwards (and vice-versa) - and you showed us all the reason why.

Wherever you are, whatever you are doing, may your path be one filled with ecstasy!

I will love you forever, my friend!

Bill Courson

Faith, 10/12/02

Faith was a stray at our seasonal campsite. I've been trying to catch her before the campground closes for the winter. She was a young tabby we could only get with several feet of, but always talked to us. This was our last weekend, I'd got a live trap and said many prayers for her. It was wet & cold, but I spotted her Sat. morning huddled next to a tree. I was able to get close enough to sweep her into my carrier. Unfortunately it wasn't soon enough, she was hurt. We suspect she was hit by a car. I'd called a rescue shelter, they said it didn't sound good for her, just to keep her warm and quite. We stayed at a motel that night and took the cat we called Faith with us. She was warm and sheltered from the weather. We petted her, removed many ticks, kept her warm and loved her. She died that evening. Even thought we knew her for only a little time, we loved her. We gave her a grand burial befitting a pet that was loved its whole life. May God give her a life free from starving and pain.

The Hanson Family

Fancy, 04/01/02-06/10/02

One minute you were here, the next gone. I don't know what predator got you, but you are sorely missed.

CJ Clark

Fancy Lee, 10/23/80-11/30/96

My Little Fancy Girl: My heart still aches for your warm little body & those precious love-filled eyes that just seemed to tell me you understood my every word. You were & are my life-long best friend. How can I ever repay you for never leaving my side when I was ill. . .you cuddled, licked, & nuzzled me back to health. You will remain in my heart all the days of my life. Be patient, as I need to be, my sweet little girl, for one day we'll be reunited, & Mummy will never have to leave you again. I love you!!

Fannie, 03/15/91-07/22/02

Fannie brought so much joy into our lives through her antics. She was truly the 'Funny Girl' that she was named after. She loved to play and was always up for a game of chase. She could turn on a dime (when she was younger). And when she would nip (as if you were a sheep), you'd get the cutest little skinny bruise on your leg, on your rear, on your arm - generally wherever she could connect.

She loved to run and be outside.

She was a fabulous guard dog.

She loved the snow (not that we got much of it ever in St. Louis).

She stomped her feet when she wanted to go outside. Or eat. Or run after the squirrels. Come to think of it, she stomped her feet a lot.

She could talk just like Chewbacca on Star Wars. Really.

She loved chocolate and would go to great lengths to get it when she could smell it. She once ate a whole bag of Hershey's kisses. Yes, wrappers and all.

She loved bread. We'd come home to find an empty wrapper and one full dog. I don't think she shared with Sam, either.

I remember coming home to find the coffeecake my mother-in-law had given us completely gone. I grumbled about Steve being such a slob when I looked more carefully at the mess left behind. I turned to Fannie to find her 'smiling'. Caught!

Yes, she smiled. She also made this funny 'whooshing' sound while she was doing it. A smile usually meant she'd been up to no good. Or Sam had. She wasn't good at keeping secrets.

Her all-time favorite toy was a battery-operated car of Lee's. It used to chase her around. Then she figured out she could attack back. She would throw it around and growl - it was quite a game for her.

Fannie was also the neighborhood ambassador, when we'd let her. I will never forget her first foray out in this venue. A PR nightmare, to be sure. She had been living with us for about 5 months (we got her when she was 8 months old) and she wandered to a neighbor's house down the street. She went into their backyard, where they were having lunch with company. In true Ambassador fashion, Fannie left them a little present right in front of where they were eating. And Lis learned a lot about humility. We got an invisible fence right after that. Her ambassador tendencies never left her, though, so when we took out the fence years later, she resumed her role. She did manage to curtail her gift-giving, however.

Fannie would drive Sam, our Lab, crazy wanting to play. Sam is, well, laid back and was always mistaken as older than Fannie - he's a 1.5 years younger. But a few nips in the right places and he'd be up and fighting.

Steve became known as Mr. Outside. He would get up in the morning and, before he got to the bathroom, Fannie would be up, stomping her feet, talking about going outside. I, on the other hand, could get up, make coffee, shower, dress, dry my hair, fly to the moon, and she wouldn't say a word. Steve could walk in the door after working all day and Fannie would be up - waiting to go outside. It really was quite funny. Steve would complain about where he fit into the household pecking order.

I feel so blessed to have had this big personality in my life. Thank you for letting me share her with you.

I miss you, Fannie Girl.

Lis Tanz-Harrison, Steve Poetz, Lee Harrison and Sam

Fannie, 11/15/82-12/26/94

A very special girl indeed. I can't wait to play tennis with you again and to pull you away from the dinner bowl. I love you still and miss you.

Tim Walker

Fanny~Mae, 12/06/86-06/25/02

To my angel dog, who everyone could see as special and kind. Please know that I love you forever.


Fantasee's Cassiopeia CD, WS, TDI (Cassie), 05/08/89-11/23/02

Cassie was "ours" from the first litter we whelped. She was a puppyish minx from day one. Showing was not her favorite thing to do, but she was a lovely show girl. Her real joy was as a therapy dog - dressing up in Easter and Christmas attire to bring smiles to the faces of the residents. For a small girl, she has left a lot of herself in many hearts.

Fare well, Cassie; we always will love you.

Lisa & Bob Peterson

Farah Boo, 01/94-09/28/02

Mommy will miss you forever, Miss Farah Boo. I can't wait to see you zooming again. I hope you, Rin, Cubby and Luna are safe and happy. I love you always.


Fast Eddie

This is a special tribute in memory of a sweet little pumpkin named Fast Eddie. Eddie was loved by many and brought great joy to his Mommy- Chris and his Grandma too! We trust that all of God's beautiful creatures cross over to a safe- beautiful place and their spirit is always with us. This is a prayer for Chris- her family and to remind her that her sweet baby is right with her. Close your eyes and let Eddie show you- he is there- loving you from spirit

Fat Boy Lucky, 07/07/89-10/22/02

Dearest Lucky Boy,
You were and always will be the pride and joy of my life. Thank you for sharing the BEST of you from the day God shared you with me. You always had such a special way of reminding me to live in the present and not worry so much about the "what if's" in life. I love you with all my heart my dear sweet lap-kitty.
Your loving mom, Nadine

Fat Cat, 07/94-10/6/02

My Fatty Cat, my best friend, my big ball of fluff, you will never be forgotten.


Fate, 09/27/02

I found Fate stuck under my fence on September 20th, 2002. She was just a few weeks old (maybe 4 or 5 weeks) and in a really battered state. Immediately I took her in and started caring for her over the weekend in every possible way that I could. At first she was skittish and very much afraid of me; however, over time she began to let me touch her and actually started to drink have some warm milk and pedialite for kittens. Eventually she started to move around and explore and even began to play with me on occasion. During this time I noticed that her breathing was laboured and that she had a lot of trouble breathing when she tried to lay down (so much that she would try to fall asleep sitting up). So on the following Monday I quickly took her to my local vet and was informed that she was in very bad shape. Someone, it was thought by the vet, had kicked her very hard and scrambled her insides and diaphragm making breathing and eating very difficult. She also had a slight fracture on a hind leg but overall the vet was surprised that she was playful and adventurous for her condition (she was running around his office attacking everything in sight). However, I was told, she needed surgery to correct her scrambled insides but he could only do the surgery on the Tuesday of the following week for fear she might not survive the surgery because she was still so very weak. So I brought her home and spent the most joyous 5 days with her and she seemed to be getting stronger everyday and more and more playful. She would follow me all around the house, attack my toes, and climb on my belly at night to cuddle up and sleep while I watched TV. On Friday, September 27th of 2002 Fate passed away in my hands. She had been playful all morning and had actually graduated to small amounts of very soft kitten food a few days back. It shocked me when that Friday afternoon I followed her to the newspaper she used as her bathroom and she seemed to want to pass a hairball. Suddenly she went into convulsions and started to pass from this world. I quickly rushed her to the vet's office while trying to keep her conscious but she finally had stopped breathing and died a few seconds before I arrived. I was devastated. I still am. I miss her some much it's unbelievable considering I only had her in my life for a few days. She won a place in my heart and I will remember my dear little Fate until the day I die. My home feels so empty and I feel so lonely (even though I have 2 dogs, a cat, and a parrot all of whom I love most dearly). I miss Fate with every ounce of my being and I hope she is waiting for me somewhere out in the great beyond. I gave her all the love I could possibly muster and cared for her with every shred of soul I had in me (and then some). I truly wanted her to make it and walked with her every step of the way since I had found her lost, scared, and alone. I cannot emphasis how much I miss her and still love her; and I hope that wherever she is now that she remembers me and knows that I gave and continue to give all my love to her.

I miss you Fate, please wait for me, wherever you may be.

Sandor SantaCruz

Fawn Bunny, 05/97-01/25/02

Bunny Fawn, Our grieving hearts miss your little nudges, frolicking and head tossing, ear flopping mischieviousness. You were the sweet spot in our hearts and souls. Your little bunny traces taught us our house need not be perfect when our home was enriched by the warm abundance of your love. You let us hold you like a baby, and even your vet and her staff was in love with you.

Our hearts will never be without longing to have you back. I commit your heart and soul to God to take in his arms and place in his dear deer heaven where you can romp and play and sleep until we see and hold you again.

Cheryl K. Theiler

Faz, 06/23/93-10/06/02

You came into my life at a time when I was hurting and you healed that hurt the moment you ran up chest and into my arms. I swear you and the human you were name after planned that all the way up from the city where you were rescued. You were truly a one woman dog and I will never feel quite as safe without by my side. Your canine sister misses you almost as much as I do and it just not the same going to sleep at night without your cold nose pressed against my cheek. Go now boy and chases frisbees and balls until we meet again.


Feathers, 1998

I love you my precious Feathers. You were the best bird in the world. There were good and evil times like the time you pood on my head. Feathers I want to thank you for those wonderful and exciting 5 years. I really miss you alot. Nothing could ever replace you. I'm now 12 years old. I wish you could see Boomer I think you remember him. He is huge. I love you and miss you.
Love Joshua.

Fee Fee, 08/81-06/16/02

FeeFee, a poodle, was 21 years old when she passed. She came into my family 10 years ago and enjoyed a good life. She was special because she brought sunshine and happiness to our home. My other animals miss her like the rest of the family. She will be greatly missed.

Stephanie Coleman

Fefe, 05/16/89-11/25/02

Dear Fefe So many years have gone by and we were lucky to have shared them all with such a wonderful friend and companion. We love and miss so much and know you will be happy with all your friends and family. You had the most beautiful face which will never be forgotten. You are in all our hearts and always will be.
Thank you for all the joy and happiness you have brought us. XXX OOO

Love: Jennifer, Amanda & Kayla

Feisty, 01/03/02

Feisty - What a sweet little girl you were. I'll miss you so much.

Lorri Arnett

Felicia, 09/01/81-08/31/02

She came into our life and blessed us with unconditional love for 21 years. She will be missed dearly.

Cheryle & Howard

Felicia, 03/20/84-05/16/00

Today marks two years since my beloved little 'Licia went to Rainbow Bridge. Although the pain has subsided, I still miss her so much. She was my little friend for 16 loving years.

There's nothing like the loving trust and loyalty that a pet can bring into our lives.

Kristi Castro

Felicity, 04/10/02

Felicity was one of a kind. She has such love to give and was always there for me. I never thought I could have such a beautiful dog, and for fourteen years I did. I thank God that I had her, and will always miss that specialness that was her. She was my smile, she was my sunshine on a rainy day, she was my baby. Goodbye Felicity. I didn't get to say goodbye to you the way I wanted to. There is never enough time to do everything you want to do. I just want to say that I loved you and will always miss you.

Susan Barabas

Felix, 03/83-08/02/02

My darling little guy was with me through thick and thin over the past almost 20 years. He was a fearless little guy and he was like my alter ego. I had him put to sleep on Friday. It was the hardest decision I ever made and my heart is broken. I really hope I see him again and I hope he knows that it is out of my great love and respect for him that I put him to a rest that he so deserves and I know he is in a better place now. Never again will he be a young, fearless, playful kitten trapped in an old diseased aching body. I love you Felix thanks for all you've been for me. Love, Mom.

Felix, 01/19/02

I never got to hold Felix but our family sponsored him from the Foster pet Program at Animal rescue Inc. I had wished I could have brought him home to live with us. But with his health problems I knew it was impossible. So we sent what we could to help him out until I learned he had passed away. I'm so sorry Felix I wished you could have lived here with us. We keep your photo and introductory letter as a lasting reminder of you and always know we love you.


Fella, 1991

I know that you were there to welcome dad when he left us as you always welcomed me home from work or travel. I am waiting to see you in our future.

I miss you constantly.

Sana Maelhorn-McGhee

Fenway, 08/10/02

One of the sweetest cats ever to have lived. He brought us much happiness. He was a great brother to his two feline siblings. We will miss that orange face forever.

Kathie and Tim

Feral Kitty, 11/29/02

Feral kitty was ran over by a car today. I hope there was no suffering. You will always be in my heart. Your brothers and sisters miss you and I miss you especially. I know you will be happier at Rainbow Bridge.

Fergie, 04/06/01

Fergie was loved by everyone, especially her Mother and Father. She has a brother named Scooter who is now suffering from cancer of the adrenal gland and has been given 1 to 2 months to live. If he must pass on, please Lord let the two of them meet up and live forever together. Please keep Fergie safe and happy. Thank you Lord. Amen

Rae Ann Pitts

Fergus, 09/09/99-09/12/02

Fergus was an epileptic dog who loved playing and running. He seemed to have boundless energy and a good heart. He loved his family. He was put to sleep after suffering with epilepsy for 2 years. His seizures had become very severe and his owners worried that he would die alone while having a seizure. They opted to euthanize Fergus in order to be there with him and give him a peaceful death with his family there letting him know they loved him very much. He will be missed greatly.


Ferguson, June 97

He died years ago and I still cry.

Carla B

Festus, 05/23/87-04/04/02

After 15 years of love, warmth, compassion, humor and friendship, Festus decided that it was time to enter a new generation of life, the life of "Kitty Heaven". With all of our love, we said our goodbye's and thanked the most personable cat that ever lived, and blessed his faith in the years to come. He will be missed dearly, from his patent beg, to his waddling belly, to his amazing appetite. Thank you for the memories Festus.

Love Mommy & Daddy

Feynman, 01/02-07/30/02

Dear Feynman, You brought us great joy in your short life. We were grateful we could send you over the bridge to a place where breathing is easier.

Al & Carolyn Sekela

Fidget, 11/14/02

Fidget was my friend. Sometimes she was my only friend. She loved Sunshine, fish and being scratched on her neck.

Jamie Robertson

Fido, 12/03/93-01/15/02

Fido passed away on January 15, 2002. He was only 8 years old. He had a very bad brain tumor that affected his nervous system, thus causing severe kidney failure. He got sick around Thanksgiving, but then around Christmas and New Year's he showed great improvement, but then a few days before I had him put down, he got very ill--he was in critical condition. He was the first dog I ever owned (I got him when he was only 3 months old). This is my tribute to the one true friend in my life...
Fido, you were as close to human as an animal could be. You were my little man. You had a beautiful spirit that will forever live on. Everyone fell in love with you. Even those who never liked dogs loved you right from the start. You were such a kind and gentle dog, with no mean bone in your body. You are my best friend and you have helped through some really hard times. I was never alone because of you. As I was your world, you were mine. I'm going to miss the way your tail would wag so hard causing your big butt to shake when you saw me. The way I would kneel down and you would jump up, putting your paws over my shoulders hugging me. I'm going to miss the way you would sit and stare at me when I was eating, knowing if you sat there long enough I'd give in and give you a little treat. I'll miss having to yell out the window to you because you were barking at the air. I'll miss the way those big brown eyes looked at me everyday or the way you would always comfort me when I was upset. The way you were always smiling in every picture, the way you would let me dress you up in clothes, or how when you would ride in the car, you'd put your paw on the window with your head in the wind. The way you'd jump up and put your paws on my waist and dance with me. So many memories that I will never forget. You had your own unique personality and everyone has always said you were the best dog they have ever met. It was hard to see you in so much pain and I knew I couldn't let you suffer any longer, but I want to thank you for miraculously recovering for a short time, just so mommy could remember how you were. It saddened me so to see you in so much pain. As much as I wanted to be with you just one more day, I knew in my heart I could not let you suffer. I know now that you are in a special place playing with all the others, eating as much food and bones as your little heart desires. I know everyone up there is going to love you just as much as I did. I will miss you, but always remember how kind, loving, playful, and gentle you were. I will forever and always love you, Fido and miss you. Everyone loves you and misses you. Not a day will go by that I wont think of you. I know, someday, I will be reunited with you. You are mommy's little ham. I love you SO much!!!!!!!!

Fi Fi, 11/16/02

Fi Fi is missed every day, and loved more and more, and a remembrance flower garden off of the patio in fl. In her honor, which blooms even now in winter season. Her spirit surrounds us, and her sisters , Squeaky and Skeeter who passed in the yr. of 2002, and the house is empty but the love hangs heavy in the air as their spirit surrounds us. Play ball or lets go in the van lets me see them scamper off into the van or yard to do their favorite things... Thank you for this sight, my thoughts are with everyone at this Xmas season.

Joy King


Rest in peace dear friend.

Mary & Richie

Fifi, 09/01/95-04/19/02

Is it a kind of dream,
Floating out on the tide,
Following the river of death downstream?
Oh, is it a dream?

There's a fog along the horizon,
A strange glow in the sky.
And nobody seems to know where you go.
And what does it mean?
Oh, is it a dream?

Bright eyes,
Burning like fire.
Bright eyes,
How can you close and fail?
How can the light that burned so brightly
Suddenly burn so pale?
Bright eyes. ~Bright Eyes~ Garfunkl

To my Fifi, My Angel Baby, I love you always and I miss you so much.


Fifi, 01/97-02/11/02

My companion and sweet friend. I will miss you dearly, but I will not cry for I will see you again. Your love and gentle way is what I will always cherish. I thank God that I had you in my life for the time that I did. Thank you for choosing me to be your caretaker.



Fifi, 5/1/95-11/5/01

Fifi, Nana, Stinky Head, Baby,

Oh, if you only knew how much mama misses you. I think about you every day.., every single day. I wake in the middle of the night with overwhelming feelings of grief and regret. I cry and cry thinking about you. I miss the things you used to do...the way you would hug my neck like a child when I picked you up, the way you would slop your food all over when you ate, the way you took care of me as much as I took care of you. We have a puppy now. I suppose some day I will love her as much as I love you. For now, it just can't happen. When I'm holding her, I close my eyes sometimes and pretend it's you. It makes me so sad sometimes, that I have to put her down. I know that time makes things better, and I can't wait until the day when I can think of you and not cry--if that ever happens. Know that I made the decision I thought I needed to make--even though the guilt overwhelms me sometimes. Know that I think of you every single day, and I keep a picture of you by my bed. Know that nothing could ever take your place in my heart. Have fun in heaven, healthy and strong. Stay with Mom-mom and Pop-pop until I get there...they will take care of you and give you the love you need. I'll be looking for you at the gates; look for me too. I'll be there sooner than you think.

I Love You Baby. Mama

Figaro, 07/04/88-09/27/02

Figaro was a very special cat. She was whip-smart and loved sweets.
She loved to cuddle in bed at night and give head rubs. I'm sure she is in heaven. We miss her terribly. We love you, Figaro.

Lucia Minor

Filo, 4/24/828/4/02

Flio was my friend for 20 years he left me recently and really miss him the long talks the help with any thing I was doing. He was born in my house 4/24/82, and he left for the rainbow bridge quietly in his sleep on 8/4/2002. He was a all black cat. Who was always there when you need a friend. We will all miss him.

Finnegan, 10/04/95-05/15/01

I wrote this the night my Finnegan left us. I haven't been able to let go but now know it is time to let him cross the Rainbow Bridge and play again. He loved to play and smell flowers. He loved everyone and everything.

Please refer to this page for a picture and the original poem:

My Little Black Face

Three years ago a little black face came into my life
I looked into his sad little eyes, it was love at first sight
At only 2 years old he had been treated oh so cruel
Why he wasn't loved by them, they really were such fools

He wouldn't respond to his name because he was always left alone
And he needed a new name for his new life in a new loving home
We wanted something different to welcome him to our place
A friend came up with Finnegan and it fit the little black face

The little child within him loved balls that made noise
The kind of squeak that is found in a baby's little toys
He'd play with them for hours and make them squeak real loud
When I teased him about his skeeky, he looked at me so proud

If I was down and needed a friend my Buddy was always there
He'd rest his head on my shoulder to show he really cared
I will always miss my Buddy hugs or Buddy Nuggles, their nickname
Life without my little black face will never be the same

The cancer ravaged the body of my sweet baby boy
For that final ride in the car we took his squeaky toy
He chewed it and made it skeek one final time for Mom and Dad
Our tears flowed so heavily, it was cute but it was sad

He passed away quickly as his body was so weak
With his ball between his paws so he'll always have his squeak
I stroked his head and kissed my precious little black face
A part of me died with him and can never be replaced.

Copyright Sharon Donnelly

Mommy and Daddy will love you and miss you forever Finnegan. It's time for you to go find Pearl. Remember to not get too close to her because she tends to get grumpy when you do. We love you Baby, have fun chasing lots of balls, if there are any burrs I am sure you will find them but try to stay out of them okay. Remember to step carefully as you always did when you smell the flowers.

Sharon & Shawn Donnelly

Fiona, 2/11/02

Fiona was a sweet, gentle cat who was loved and is missed very much.

Val Anderson

Fiona Lee, 05/01/99-02/10/02

Fiona was my best friend. She was very loving and caring. She will be greatly missed. She will always be remembered.

Natalie Mayhew

Firbah, 05/01-12/25/02

Firbah was born in a field in Murfreesboro, TN in May of 2001. We had been feeding his mother, and from the first time we saw that little gray ball of fur we fell in love with him. He adopted us in November when he decided that he wanted to live in our home. Later, he moved with us to El Paso as a part of our family.

As an earth cat, he loved the feel of the soil beneath him. But in the house we will always see him up on his favorite perch. Waiting to be fed in the morning he always had the loudest motor, and nobody looked up at me more adoringly.

We miss you Firbah, and I'll always hear your soothing "bruuu, bruuu, bruuu" in my memory. Ed

Firbah was my little "fox": it took about 3-4 weeks to "tame each other". Day by day we sat closer and closer to each other, watching each other from the corner of our eyes, until one day he let me stroke him. In the next few days he came to our door, again and again and then he eventually moved in with us.

Here are some of my favorite quotes from the Little Prince, the ones that will always remind me of Firbah.

"...But if you tame me , than we shall need each other. To me, you will be unique in all the world. To you, I shall be unique in all the world."

"One runs the risk of weeping a little if one lets himself be tamed."

"Here is my secret, a very simple secret: It is only with the heart that one can see rightly; what is essential is invisible to the eye".


Fireball, 12/07/02

My hamster, Fireball, was handed down to me from my nephew. She was such a sweet dwarf hamster. They gave her to me because she liked to bite my nephew. She never did that to me, probably because she trusted me and I didn't manhandle her like my nephew did. She was a beautiful white color with a little bit of beige and had red eyes, which is why my nephew named her fireball. She seemed to like to drink alot, which led me to believe she had diabetes. I didn't do anything different to take care of her, she seemed happy until just last weekend she wasn't herself. She didn't come running when I went to feed her. I then knew something was wrong. I made her comfortable and she passed away later that evening. I have a cat that misses her just as a much as I do and will greatly miss her very much. Thank God I have a very understanding boyfriend, so he let me bury her in his backyard...

Joanne Zuba

Fishface, 06/14/02

You were one COOL cat, PussPuss. You went by many names. I've seen less loyal Golden Retrievers. Live by the bird; die by the bird, I guess. We tried to tell you but I guess it was hard to understand. I hope it's a lot nicer where you are now. Karla and I will miss you immensely.

Peace my little friend.

Hap and Karla

Fizzy, 08/25/88-03/11/02

My sweet little buddy. I miss you and love you. Wait for me and we will cross together.



Flapper, 05/21/88-03/31/01

Oh my dear sweet Flapper, I can not believe it has been a year since you have been gone. I have never felt such loss or pain. You gave us 13 years of love. Everyone still talks about your "smile" and how lucky we were to have you for so long. I miss you so much. Did I do the right thing? We planted a beautiful yellow rose bush where we buried your ashes. It bloomed all summer You'd love the chance to pee on it. I'm happy that you are pain-free and I hope some day my heart will heal, though I don't see how. I loved you more than anything in my life and miss you more than I have words to write. Tears are blinding me as I write this tribute to you. I wish I could touch you one more time. When people ask if I want another dog, I smile and say no. While in my heart I know it is only you I want back. Your place in the Ohio Animal Hall of Fame is your lasting tribute for your kindness and all the love you gave to "your" Hospice patients. I love you, Boo and will see you in my dreams until we meet again......

Deborah Jay

Flash, 04/04/91-04/15/02

Flash, Loved us and we well always Love him.
Alf misses him. Mom & Dad well meet you and Stinker at The Rainbow Bridge.

Love You,
Mom, Dad, & Alf
Tom & Judy Buffington

Fleasa Mae, 08/15/84-10/26/99

You are the sunshine of my life, my darling little girl, Shall you go on shining, here ever after. When my time comes, we will reunite, with so much laughter (woof-woof ). But until that day, we will wait, until we hear each others call, in Gods living pasture! P.S. That goes for Daddy too! All my love goes out to you Fleasa Mae, I will miss you so much!!!! Love Eternally, Your Mommy

Fleur, 03/28/91-11/01/02

Fleur was my very special friend. I miss her so much. Fleur was born nearly blind. I am a veterinarian and my wife and I decided to give this little soul a home. She gave us love and joy for almost twelve years. Fleur became an important part of my practice and helped me counsel clients who were troubled over assuming the responsibility of a pet with special needs. We will always love you, Fleur.

You can read more about this exceptional dog at: and

The Zigler Family

Flick, 10/20/02

Flick was Cindy's very first kitty. He was a great cat, and turned us into great cat lovers. He will always be special to us and we are thankful that he is not suffering with his illness any longer. We love and miss him very much.

Cindy & Dave Skidgel

Flick, 07/07/01-08/09/02

I am sorry you were taken from us so young


Flippy, 07/04/64-09/06/80

Flippy, our first child...we love you and miss you!!

The Rockway Family

Floppers, 03/01/94-11/28/02

Gary and I took in an 8 1/2 yr old bunny Flopsie in August. She was an amazing animal. She lived in our upstairs and had free run of the bedrooms.. she loved to snoop in all the rooms and visit everyone.. then growl and grunt and chase a cat or two back into HER room and her big condo. She never chewed. She loved to crouch down and get pets and would do it for hours if she could get away with it. She would dance and chase our feet when we walked in the room - chase us into the closet growling like a dog to get her pellets in the morning.
We had to be careful not to lose our fingers when she jumped on top of the pellet can. Every night at 10:30pm she would run to the edge of the hallway by the steps to get her nightly treat with the other bunnies. She taught us so much about giving and loving a bunny and how sometimes we have only short brief time with them.
Flopsie left us and went to the Bridge yesterday, Thanksgiving day.
She never let on that she was sick, except maybe in her last days she seemed to miss the litter boxes more with her poops when she had always been meticulous, but otherwise you would never have known.
She still ran and chased us, growled for salads and pellets and ate like a little horse. She even ran to the edge of the steps that last night. Her output was equally as good. But when we got up that morning, she didn't race to the edge of her cage and bite the bars to get out like she always did and we knew something was different. I reached in and got Flopsie and she was very limp and cried from some sort of pain. We raced her to the kalb Emergency clinic where a very special bunny doctor saw her. We were there 3 hours. Flopsie held on for so long, and would nuzzle our hands even though you would tell she was so weak. She went in for x-rays and had a seizure of sorts.
Gary and I went immediately into the X-ray room and held her for her last moments while she was on oxygen. She quietly went to the Bridge with my holding her.Flopsie really touched our lives and souls.

Nancy Ford McConville

Flower, 03/10/02

Even though you're not mine, I'm going to miss my cuddlebuddy terribly. You brought light and love to my entire family. Thank you.
Keep watch baby you.


Flower, 06/16/97-01/22/02

First she was my seed then she was a bud not yet fully bloomed but, in need of attention, next she was my Flower and she always will be. Unfortunately my baby loved to go outside. We are not sure how but she was killed outside. Her favorite spot was the window where she could look out there and dream of her next adventure into the unknown. I loved her very much and her full name was Flower Jewl Corder.

Flower-Belle, 02/01/98-10/09/98

To the most special bunny that ever existed, my baby Flower. You will always be in my heart. Thank you for all the unconditional love and happy moments. I will always love you!

Fluffer (Fluff Stuff), 05/04/88-04/14/02

Farewell my beloved friend and baby dog...I love you and always will Thank you for being there for me during so many upheavals...for your love and caring...and for sharing with Mom and helping take care of her...and showing me real love...teaching me too!!! I wish for you the deserve it...and until we meet dreams...and out of time/space and in heaven...I leave you in the hands of the Angels...God...Mom & Dad and our other loved ones God Bless. my beautiful sweet ...stubborn ... smart ...knowing...& loving ,,,Baby Dog & Queenie/ FLUFFER...My Forever friend...You will be in my heart and a part of me forever as will Mom & Dad and my loved ones that have gone ahead I love you!!!!!! May 4 1988 to April 13 2002 I will miss you so...but as promised I will always come back for you....I kept that promise on earth and I will in Heaven,,,give Mon & Dad my love....I love you all so much & miss you all Help me to go on and grow from the love you all gave me...unconditionally!!! Thank you for being with me...especially during Mom's recent passing!!!!!!!! Adieu...till we meet again and touch thru our hearts and souls!

Mary Ann G

Fluffer Graham, 01/16/86-10/08/02

She was my best friend. I had her since I was six years old and she meant the world to me. There aren't many memories she isn't a part of. Part of my heart left with her. I hope I gave her half of the happiness she gave me in my life. If no one else was there for me, she was.

Fluffernutter, 02/14/99-10/19/02

My beautiful fluffernutter, momma will always love you and you will be greatly missed. I know you are in a better place but I wish you were here with me. I have a great void in my life without you. Please know that I will always love you and will miss you forever.

Dawn Brown

Fluffy, 12/16/02

I don't know what to say, but you were the best cat I ever had. So much personality. You were so big and that bushy tail, everyone loved you the moment they met you. You ruled the roost. Wrapping Christmas presents isn't the same this year without your help. The house is quiet without you. I miss you, I love you and you will be forever in my heart.

Long Live The King !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Fluffy, 12/14/02

Fluffy you were a best friend and companion for many years.
Till we meet again, I'll bring the treats.


Fluffy, 02/14/96-12/01/02

I lost my beloved Fluffy in an attack by 2 Pit Bulls. I miss him more than I can bear....

Dana Harmier

Fluffy, 09/19/74-11/07/02

Fluff, may one day we met again. You will always be with me, just this time in a different way. You will never be replaced, you will live in my heart forever. I love you Fluff! Until next time...............Sissy (Cindy)

Fluffy, 05/01/81-06/10/98

Little Bubba,
I still love you and think about you all of the time. The years have not diminished the loss that I still feel for you.
I still keep looking at your pictures and kissing them. You will always be my baby.
We will see each other in heaven one day soon. Please wait for me until then.
Stay close to St. Francis and look out for our friend Tyler.
He came up yesterday.
Have you seen my little JR? And how about Mickey? We'll all be together one day and live
with Jesus.
I'll see you soon Bubba!

Fluffy, 01/15/00-10/17/02

Fluffy was a great pet but got really sick and died. We are going to miss you Fluffy!! :(:::::::::::::

Rachel M

Fluffy, 08/05/02

I will see day sooner or later. Remember me Fluffy, I'll never forget you. I'm crying now because you are gone and I know you are with God. That make me feel better. Fluffy you were so ill at the end, but your Vet said you didn't suffer. We had to say good by.. no so long for now. Sometimes I think I hear your meows under the bed.
I love you Fluffy, now and forever and every. One day they will find a cure for Renal/Kidney disease to help your brothers Moekie and Muckin. Sacha, Moekie, Soxie, Jordan, and Muckin said hello and they miss you and your curl up tail like Cork Screw.


Fluffy, 11/08/91-08/08/02

Your suffering has ended. You will never hurt again. I love you always and will see you at the bridge my angel kitty.

Sheila Cook

Fluffy, 06/29/91-06/29/02

Fluffy, you were one of the kindest cat that We ever had. I wish you the best in your new life with our Father. We can not wait to see you again but for now We will have you in our hearts forever. Thank you for being a part of our family, you will never be forgotten. Te amo Fluffy, Ciao

Amy, Henry and Charlie

Fluffy, 2/15/01

Fluffy was wonderful, cuddly and sweet,
He came and comforted me when I was sad, down or beat
Although in body he is very much gone,
Forever in my heart, his memory will live on.


Fluffy, 11/30/78

The sweetest kitty there ever was. He once shared all his special places in his field with me. My daughter, Jennie, who was eight when he was diagnosed with inoperable cancer, still keeps his collar in a prominent place in her home.

Kathy Martin

Flufftychops, 07/24/86-11/13/02

To Chops....we all miss you like mad, even Porker...hope you are happy now and not suffering...and hope you understand why we did what we did - see you again one day presh........


Fluffy DeRoche, 04/30/86-10/24/96

My dearest Fluffita, our little princess, we still miss you so very very much.... Thanks for being such a loving little angel, through my surgeries and infertility. You filled that empty place inside of me. We will love you FOREVER!!!!

Fluffy Fuzz, 10/08/02

Fluffy Fuzz was our son, our baby and now our Angel in Heaven. We love you with all our hearts. Our darling little boy. May God rest you well till we meet again in Heaven. Love Mom and Dad

Fluffy Sara, 06/12/02

My "Fluffy" was the love of my life. She came into my home with my mother-in-law (Helen Wiscour) in November of 1994. When my Helen died the following July, Fluffy became my special angel. For almost 8 years we were devoted to each other. She was always by my side or sleeping next to my pillow. Today, she went to heaven. I feel the circle has been completed: First Helen gave her to me and tonight at 5 p.m., I sent her to Heaven to be with Helen.
My heart is broken, but, in reading the Rainbow Bridge Poem, I can see Fluffy running to Helen to be picked up and loved for eternity...someday, I will be there with them.

Madelyn Wiscour

Fluffy T. Cat AKA That Stupid Cat, 09/12/02

He was not the sole light in our life, but he was a scrapper, like the rest of us. He is family, and is missed.

Fokker Nielwocki, 1/6/02

We will all always love him and thank him for the time that he was here. We hope that he is happy and well.

Jessica, Dan, Chris, Tom, Christian, Justin, Eric and Kellie

Foley, 11/01/02

You tried so hard to stay with us. Be happy, you are loved.

Robert Henderson

Foley, 1987-12/29/01

I knew the day would come, but I never imagined how much I would miss you. You never felt comfortable inside, you always loved the yard outside. It's so hard knowing that you aren't outside the door anymore, watching out for us. I hope you understood that I didn't want you to be cold and in pain anymore. These past 14 years, I've told the boys they will never, ever have another dog like Foley, one who will always love them, and smile at them like you did. I never had a doubt that you were put on this earth to be with us...You will always be with us in our hearts.

Mary Jane

Foof, 5 May 2002

Foof, we miss you so much, it has only been a few days, we love you so very very very much and can't believe you are gone.

Foof, I was never really close to you, and thought a lot about my cats, but I really did love you, even though you were closer to John and really his dog. I did and still do love you, and only wish I had paid you more attention and given you more love.

Please take care, god bless and we look forward to seeing you again soon.

I hope you still can look down on us and know that we are thinking of you all the time.


Foofoo, 09/22/02

To my darling dear little Foofoo.
I love you so much. You touched so many with your love and your brightness. You're a very special dog and my miracle dog! You're a tiny dog with a big heart. I will cherish you always. Thank you for blessing my life with your love.
With all my love,

Foofy, 01/19/02

We didn't know we needed him, but Foofy knew we needed him and chose us to be his family. He will always be my joy, comfort, and inspiration, such a strong, loving heart in that little body. He amazed me everyday with the way he looked at the world. He was a gift and a blessing. I know I will see him soon one day and we will play and talk and love each other for all Eternity. Until I see you again my darling little boy, I love you always, I look forward to holding you in my arms. Love, Farah

Forbes (Forbidden Lion of Doh Boi), 08/12/87-10/17/02

A Memorial to Forbes

Today I had to make the hardest decision of my life. Today I had to love my boy dog Forbes enough to let him go and have him put to sleep.

He was a male Lhasa Apso and his AKC name was Flores Forbidden Lion of Doh Boi. As a puppy he was dark brown with golden highlights in color except for his ears, which were black. As he grew older the fur covering his body got some more cream and golden spots in it. And as he reached old age the black ears got some gray in them.

Forbes was born on 8-12-87 from the parents of April one of our Lhasa females we had until she passed away, and one of Patty Lotus male dogs Doh Boi. Over the next 15 years he became a true member of our family and stood by us through good and bad times. But Forbes loved us no matter what. Each night I would get into bed and when he was younger he would jump up with my wife Linda and I and nestle his head in between us and then rest at the foot of our bed as to say he was protecting us. We would watch TV together us, play in the park, and do all the things that a family and his dog would do.

Over the past year or so, old age caught up with Forbes. He had started having difficulty jumping on the sofa, bed, also going in and out of the house. Three months ago he started shaking a lot. In the last two days of his life he stopped eating and starting breathing in quick shallow gasps. He had lost control of his limbs and bodily functions. I decided that he had been too good of a friend and too faithful a companion to not allow him to suffer the way he was.

I wanted Precious our Chihuahua female dog to see Forbes leave so she could say good-bye in her own way. I left Precious at home and took Forbes in a carton box with towels in it to Tyrone Veterinary Hospital. Dr. Raymond C. Raines let me hold Forbes while he gave him an injection of a tranquilizer and left the room for us to say good-bye. Five minutes later Dr. Raines came back and with Forbes still in my arms he administered the euthanasia shot. After the injection Forbes made a loud cry of relief that sounded like between a yelp and a howl followed by a couple of sighs. At that point he stopped shaking and after Dr. Raines confirmed that his heart had stopped, the pain and suffering that he was going through was over.

Although I could not believe that Forbes stopped breathing and his heart, a heart that knew nothing but love, loyalty, and companionship, stopped beating.

I then took Forbes to the Pinellas Memorial Pet Cemetery and Crematory to have his remains put into an Urn. There I met a lady who works there by the name of Linda, and she calmly explained to me what they would be doing to Forbes. Linda explained that my wife and I could pick Forbes remains tomorrow along with the Urn that our breeder Patty Lotus gave us for this very sad moment of our life.

We now have Forbes remains by the family room. He is now happy in a place called Rainbow Bridge where our other pet dogs have gone before him like April his mother and Tiga his sister. I will truly miss Forbes very much and in a way a part of me has also gone with him. I think the most that I will miss about Forbes is not being able to see his happy smile waiting by the door as I come home from work. Or see him playing with Precious and eating his favorite doggy biscuits.

Forbes was the last of our Lhasa pets we had and one of my favorite words to him were: Come here Forbes?…Where's my boy Forbys?…Come here boy? I can not believe that I will not be able to say this words to him again until I meet him at the other side of Rainbow Bridge.

Good-bye my boy Forbes...thank you for the love you gave to us over the last 15 years. I will see you at the other side of Rainbow Bridge. Be a good boy until I get there and in the meantime I will always remember that I love you with all of my heart because I will truly miss you.

Your friend and companion,

Michael Flores

Ford (Found On Road Dog), 02/23/02

How could we have know that our Found On Road Dog (FORD) would be such a Friendly Ol' Rotweiller Dog (FORD) too? It breaks our hearts to know we won't hear him purr again.

Marta & Bob

Forrest, 12/28/01

You died on a Friday.

I cannot tell you how much we miss you. There just aren’t words big enough. All I can help think is that I hope we gave you a wonderful life. And we did not feel that we owed you anything less than that. You’ve been through thick and thin. You have battled things that many did not think you would be able to overcome. But being Forrest, you did. I never thought that anyone would have that willpower…especially a cat. I guess that goes to show that you can never underestimate.

Call me greedy, but I want you here with Daddy & I. I do not think I would wish for anything else but that…if I were to get the chance. We did enjoy the six years that we had with you. Pretty funny how you were going to be the first kitten we were going to get rid of. But for some reason you managed to capture our hearts before you could be taken from us. And I will never regret that decision. You had two other siblings. I don’t remember the exact month, date, or even day of the week that you were born. But I do remember seeing you come into this world. And sadly had to watch you leave it. I kind of regret not knowing the exact day and everything that you were born. But I remember that moment and the days following.

You got the name Forrest because you used to sit under the table while the other kitties played. You used to always stick your paw in your mouth, almost dumb-founded like. It was the cutest thing. And that was the year that Forrest Gump came out. How perfect. The day we found out you were FIV positive… We took you to the vet for a check up and I believe to check out your ear mites. I’m not sure exactly what. But they did a blood test on you for Leukemia, FIV and something else. I think. But anyway, Dr. DeLaughter did the test and came back with the results. You were FIV positive. Pretty harsh news to hear. But it wasn’t something I don’t think any of us could not handle. Whatever obstacles were to come, we would all get through them together. And whatever they were, I did not want for you to suffer in any way.

Your first “incident”… It was in the evening time and you did not look like you were feeling well. You weren’t eating or drinking. Pretty lethargic. The next morning you were way worse. You wouldn’t even move. So I took you to see Dr. Fink. They said you were REALLY dehydrated and wanted to give you fluid under the skin treatments. You would require three of them. You received your first one then. I dropped you off at home and put you in the bed with Daddy. He said within an hour you were purring. We knew then that you would be okay.

Your final “incident”… You pretty much copied the same symptoms from your first episode. You seemed to be moving more, just a little lethargic. I took you into the vet soon after. I figured you were experiencing the same thing you did before. They sent us home with no fluid treatment. Later I decided I would take you in for one after I realized that you were not going to eat or drink anything. That was on a Friday and I wanted to make sure that you would be okay for the weekend. They told me that if you weren’t eating by eleven the next morning to bring you in. And that’s what I had to do. You really didn’t go downhill then, but pretty much stayed the same. After a few more treatments you didn’t get any better. So the vet advised me to feed you through a syringe. Which was one of the hardest things I had to do. It seemed as if you were having trouble swallowing. Almost every time I fed you, you would gag and cough. It was horrible. From then I believed that you weren’t going to make it. Your eyes crusted shut, you were draining from your nose…you looked pitiful. But I didn’t want to give up on you. The vet said that you were doing your part of the deal. Which made me think you were giving it all you had to make it through this. And we were going to be with you every step of the way. Money was no object to us if it meant you would get better. You were really bad on Thursday night (December 27th). I was to go over to my parents’ house to stay the night so I could go to Sea World with our relatives the next day. I will regret that day for the rest of my life. Daddy was going to take you first thing in the morning to the vet. He called me. Left a message because I didn’t hear my phone ring. So I retrieved it. At that moment I felt like I had been hit by a truck. We planned to take you in first thing in the morning because he knew that I would want to be there. A few hours later I got a call saying that you had passed. That time it didn’t feel like I was just hit by a truck. It was indescribable. The pain was the first thing I felt. And happiness was the second. Because I knew that you were not suffering anymore. There was nothing more that we, the vet, or you could have done. That was the final obstacle that we all couldn’t overcome, even together.

This is an obstacle in life (our life) that we have been dealt. And Daddy & I are going to face it together. It’s hard, but we are going to do it. My concern is that we didn’t make you suffer in any way trying to make you well. I could not wish that on anyone. Especially not our dear Forrest. So hopefully you are in a “Kitty Heaven” or more wonderful place right now. Being the angel you were when you were with us. Loving the way you did when you were with us. And just being Forrest, when you were with us.

We love you tremendously. We always will. And you will never be forgotten.

1995 – December 27th, 2001

Love Always, Mommy & Daddy

Stephanie & Mike

Fouffe, 01/03/02

She was THE "smyling sammie" and you could never be sad where she was. I loved her very much

Claude Paradis

Fourseasons Sakim, 04/25/70-02/12/02

My brother bought Kim as a 6 month old filly. When my brother died in 1978, Kim came to me. She was a beautiful dark bay and ruled her herd 'til the day she died. She was a Regional Champion in English Pleasure and Pleasure Driving and gave us 5 beautiful babies. When her babies teeth came through and it was painful to be suckled on, she would jam her teeth into the wall rather than her hurt her youngster.
She always let us know if she thought breakfast was late And no matter how clean or full the water bucket, she would always go out and dig through the snow to find a mud puddle to drink from. She loved a good roll in the mud and being out in the warm sunshine with her bestest buddy, Gandy May.
Kim had a stroke on Monday and lost sight in her right eye. I stood with her for 3 hours in the arena while we waited for the vet. I brushed her, talked to her and walked with her when she felt like it. She stood and watched over her herd one last time as my husband brought them in, nickering softly to each of them as they went past. The vet drew blood and medicated her and made plans to come out the next day. We put her back in her stall and gave her fresh water and lots of hay. She died that night, with Gandy May watching over her from the next stall. She's buried next to one of the apple trees in the paddock that she used to pick clean every summer. I know she's still watching over her herd, out in the warm sunshine, scarfing down apples and slurping up mud puddles.
You were very special, my grouchy old mare, and I will miss you until the day that I die. You were head-strong, athletic, intelligent and very people-savvy. And I love you very much.

Michele Kowalski

Fox, 05/10/02

Fox was my best friend, for years he always licked my face and was there. he was the best friend anyone could have. He died in an alley, how I don't know. I wish I were there for him. I will remember him forever. my heart and kisses go out to you fox, wherever you are. I love you.

Diane Stowe

Fox, 20 Januari 2002

A too short life full of friendship hope too see you in heaven...

Linda Belgium

Foxy, 06/04/90-10/13/02

The sweetest, most lovable, fun Samoyed, who was a big tease and loved life even though he endured a great deal of pain. He was stoic to the end. He had problems walking and short of breath. We took him to dozens of vets and even UW Vet Hospital and no one could tell us what was wrong with this lovable, sweet dog. 4 days after he died the lab results came back from a new vet. He had a Lupus, a very painful and rare disease. We loved him and miss him. We hope to see him again someday without all the pain but with all his joy of life and love. Our lives are so empty. Will the huge hole in our hearts ever heal? We hope you are happy and without pain Foxy.

Foxy Lady Lee, 04/01/95-10/09/02

My Sweet Foxy, I'm so Sorry I didn't have a chance to say Goodbye. I went home expecting to see you in the morning. I didn't know you wouldn't make it through the night. I know you were sick but we all thought we had a few more months together. I'm so Very Sorry I wasn't with you. I'm sure you were happy to see your little "Sister" Pepper again. I Miss You both so much. We'll all be together again, Please wait for me.

I Love You,

Foxx, 01/08/93-05/21/02

He was a good friend and a loved member of our family.
He will be greatly missed.

Joe Aimetti

Fozzie, 04/03/02

I had to make the hardest decision of my life on April 3, 2002. I had to lose my little Fozzie cat. I had him for 14 wonderful years. He brought such joy to all who knew him. He was a little love bug. Never met a lap he didn't like. But he got so sick. There isn't a day that goes by that he isn't thought of with love. Go to heaven and wait by the rainbow bridge till I get there. I will always love you. Laurie

Fozzy Jo, 04/07/85-12/07/01

Fozzy Jo,

We want to thank you for giving us sixteen and a half beautiful years. You were a real trooper fighting your Renal Kidney Failure disease for ten months. We had a tough decision to make, when we had to let you go to Rainbow Bridge. Your quality of life had deteriorated so that you did not love each day. You were struggling each day. You got to a point where you could not handle your subcutaneous fluid shots anymore.

We will miss you sleeping in our bed, purring, meowing when you wanted fed, meowing to be let into the garage, meowing to go outside, jetting down the stairs as if you had wings, your gorgeous eyes and beautiful black fur with your white paws, giving you a bath, which you hated, feeding you your favorite fish oil, sitting under the Christmas tree for hours, helping your mom study, laying on the desk, and your caring personality.

You see this Christmas will be extremely hard for us. Your love and companionship will be missed during the holidays. You loved the Christmas tree. You could sit under it with the lights twinkling for hours. In fact, we have some special pictures of you sitting under the tree. We will cherish our memories you have given us to get us through each day.

We will take each day one by one. The days seem to be long and difficult right now. In order to get us through the days ahead, we will remember the unselfish love you gave to us. We know you are in a much better place. You are now with your sister Molly (Hooty) and your brother (Buster).

We love you and will cherish you!!!! Take care of yourself and all of the other animals. Someday, we too will meet you at Rainbow Bridge.

Lots of Love,

Tim and Diane (aka Mom and Dad)

Franc, 12/21/83-06/29/99

Even though you had really bad breath and could be a total a....hole, we still loved you very much. We have your picture on the computer screen as a screen saver and we see your smiling face every day.

We still love you and miss you.

Tim Walker

Frances, 08/17/94-10/08/02

Frances was an amazing bird, and even though I have 2 other beautiful parrots, the void in my life is tremendous. I miss his kisses, I miss the way he would call me, I miss him telling me "I love you" and him saying "yummy, you like it" when is was feeding time. His tremendous life force, so full of love will be missed terribly. I hand fed him from 4 weeks of age.
He died in my arms. We love you little Frances, and you will never be forgotten or replaced. May your little spirit fly high and free, without ailment or pain.


Francesca, 03/12/94-12/04/02

She was our beautiful, sweet, loyal child. She was violently taken away from us. We miss her dearly.


Frances Lillibelle, 08/21/02

Best friend and guardian angel, Buddy and I love you and miss you. You were named after St. Francis for your gentle and generous soul. Thank you for all of the love and joy you've given us, Frannie girl. You're always in our hearts -- until we see you again. xoxo

Jenny Rider

Francis, 18/08/98-19/01/02

Francis left this world as he had lived--with grace, beauty and in my arms. He napped with me, ate beside me, and was with me everywhere I went. He had a soul like no other and deserved to live in peace and tranquility for all eternity. My deepest hope is that he has found what he so deserved at the Bridge. Sleep well. Mommy loves you.

Lisa and Rick Cameron

Francis, 01/13/02

Ginger is having a rough time without you Frannie, she is looking all over for you & has started sleeping in your spot at the foot of our bed. She goes to your grave & sniffs it & rolls around on top of it. I can't stop crying. Kassidy & I both keep thinking we are seeing you, when I let Ginger in or out, I keep looking, hoping you'll come running in after her, but you're not there. I feel so guilty for not being there for you & for not noticing you by the ditch in front of the house. I hope you did not suffer at all. You were such a little princess. I just can't believe as frisky as Ginger is & as docile & fearful as you were that you were the one to get hit by a car. You were such a careful little kitty who never even liked to get dirty. You poor baby. We are all feeling the loss of your presence in the house, it was bigger than we knew until now. I hope you're able to come back to us in spirit, it's so hard to believe you're not here now. I can feel you in the house, & when I look at those empty spots & don't see you at the door to be let in, that's when I feel the loss. The double food dish that you & Ginger shared, her side is empty, yours is still full & Ginger will not touch it. We are all missing you more than I ever dreamed possible. We are all feeling terrible guilt over which one of us let you out that day, but I know as sweet & loveable as you are, you know we would never purposely put you in harms way. Maybe you were chasing mice in the ditch & looking at the tracks on the road, someone obviously came way too close to the ditch. I hope you were not scared, alone or cold. We love you dearly Fran-Fran & you will always be a part of our lives. Shine down on us my little princess. Stay safe, warm & happy. All our love forever & ever~ your family, the Blooms

Franki, 02/23/92-10/08/99

My sweet, little smiling girl. How much I miss your goofy little smile and how much of a shadow you were. So devoted and when you needed me the most, I was at work.
I know if I had been there that terrible day, those people would not have taken you, your mom and your Grandma.
I'll never forgive myself for what happened, I only hope you can forgive me some day... I can only imagine the fear of what you faced.

I love you, Frankenberry, and we will meet again one day soon.

Sandee Conn

Frankie, 12/17/02

I love you Frankie and I miss you so much. Part of my heart is gone. Ripped out of my chest. and I can't believe you're gone. I wish you would come back. I wish you didn't have to go so soon. It is hard to endure the pain of your loss. Your presence was such a light in my life. Every day I loved just having you there. I'm sorry I left you for the 2 1/2 days you really needed me. If I had it to do over I wouldn't have gone.

Frankie, 12/16/02

We only knew Frankie for 2 days as he was a stray who came to us. We took him in and loved him. He loved us back. Today we took him to the vet to be neutered and get his ear mites taken care of. He tested positive for feline leukemia. Since we have 3 other cats, our vet advised us that Frankie should be put down. Sadly, and without fully knowing if we were doing the right thing, we allowed the vet to put him to sleep. I'm sorry Frankie, that I didn't get to love you more. I'm sorry you life ended just as we were trying to help you. You can wait for me at Rainbow Bridge...or find my dad, who is already up there.

Laura Wroblewski

Frankie, 05/06/02

Frankie, you were the best companion anyone could ever want, especially for me. God got us together for a reason when "I rescued you and you rescued me right back". It's so hard not having you physically with me; I feel like I've lost my protector and best friend. You're with me in spirit, though, and you've showed me that a number of times -- and I'm glad Mom finally has a dog to play with her on the other side! Your "doggie siblings", Jared & Babe, don't know what to do without you, either -- nobody's here to bark at them when they get "out of line", as you felt they did from time to time. Words just can't express how much I love you; what a great personality you have; and how handsome you are. Although you must have been in pain at the end, and we wouldn't want you to suffer, you are truly missed -- and you were loving till the end when you died in our arms. I hope we helped you we did our best -- as sweet as you are, you know that. Peter grieves for you, too. And, Francis Dean Sammy Jones Krakes, you'll always be special to Justin and me. We love you.

Frankie, 09/10/91-03/15/02

Frankie was my #1 son, my partner. One of four cats, three of which are brothers, he was my baby. I got Frankie when he was just 8 weeks old. His beautiful blue eyes got to me. He used to sleep in the palm of my hand until he outgrew it. Ever since, he was always with me, always my best friend. He instinctively knew when I was down and was always there with a hug and a purr. I always felt that Frankie was my mom reincarnated. Frankie was born just a few days after my mom passed away. Frankie was named after my mom's favourite singer, Old Blue Eyes, Frank Sinatra. Just like my mom, Frankie was taken from me far too soon. He loved to watch TV with me, actually paying attention to the screen. When he slept with me, he'd sleep on my side. If I rolled over, he'd walk with me and lay down when I settled. On colder nights, he'd sleep under the covers next to me with his head resting on my arm. He'd always come up to me, put his paws on my leg and look at me with those beautiful blue eyes. It was like he was saying "I love you mom". I miss him terribly and will always love my Frankenpuss. Go with God baby. Say hi to mom for me. I love you.

Jackie Murphy

Frankie, 04/98-12/23/00

My dear sweet best friend and my love. May you be free of pain and fear. May you be happy forever..I will always love you, my baby.. Daddy loves and misses you, and always will..

Tom Glore

Franny, 3/3/02

Franny was a loving, sweet girl who I adored cuddling with when I visited my friend Gayla. Even though she had a tough face and a funny snaggle tooth, a gentler dog you couldn't hope to meet. At the end of her life Franny Bear had a doting mother and all the comforts. She was a good dog, Franny. We'll miss her.

FrauGramann GradyAgain, 03/28/93-03/30/02

When he neared the edge of all the love he knew
and passed into the dimension of unknown,
I have to believe that one of two things happened.
There was something divinely solid for him to stand on, or he was taught to fly.

Sally Erdner

Frazier, 11/08/93-01/29/02

Frazier was a very special part of our family who will be and is deeply missed by all of us. The twinkle in his eyes and his little wagging tail always greeted us. Our love goes on and on for him.

Laura, Lowell, Trevor & Dustin & Bentley

Freckie, 06/06/68-11/15/86

Freckie, even after 15 years I still grieve for you. You were there for me through all my heartaches and happy times for 18-1/2 years and even found your way home when you were stolen away from me. Your death on my birthday was your gift to me so that I didn't need to make the decision to end your life when there was no way to make you well. I know I will see you again some day. I love you!


Freckles, 03/25/01-12/09/02

Since your birth you brought a lot of love and joy into my life. I am grateful for the time I had with you, even though it was short. I miss and love you so much. Your mom, brothers, and sister miss you also. I know some day we will meet again. You were my buddy.

Freckles, 12/22/88-05/29/02

I had Freckles since he was seven weeks old.
He was always a bundle of joy, ready for a walk or ride.
His brother, Skipper, and I miss him very much and look forward to the day when we can all be together again.


Freckles, 02/02/02

We lost our beautiful English Spaniel Freckles last night of congestive heart failure. She was only 10 and completely healthy until about 6 weeks ago when the vet heard a murmur in her heart. After some tests she was diagnosed with mitral valve insufficiency with regurgitation. She was doing so well with medication that we thought she would be one of the dogs that stabilizes and does well for at least 2 more years. That was not to be. She was one of the few who's disease progresses rapidly, so rapidly that three nights ago she had a cough, only an occasional cough. Two nights ago that cough because very, very weak and unproductive. It also lingered much longer before she was able to catch her breath and lay down to recover. It was not long, only about 10 minutes in between episodes of coughing, that were each lasting longer and longer while the sounds of the cough was getting weaker and weaker). Yesterday morning before I left for work, she was coughing that weak cough over and over and over while she looked up at me as if asking me to help her. I wanted to breath for her. I would have gladly given my lungs to that being that is the epitome of love...for all... Freckles has loved every single person and every single animal since the day she was born. I left for work but I left her with my husband who is the most loving, best daddy to our little fur baby. Throughout the day Freck became so weak and so afraid of coughing that she would not sit down, lay down, or eat. She just stood up all day, hardly moving for fear she would cough, and looking at her daddy, my husband Larry, with those same pleading eyes as if asking him to please help her be able to breathe. Then there was a strong fluid sound each time she breathed. She was brought into the vet who did an x-ray and said there was more fluid in her lungs. She said to double the Lasix and call him in a few days. That was not to happen. That night, she began to cough up blood and continue to have that fluid sound with every single breath. Larry carried her to the car, and brought Freckles to the Animal Medical Center in Manhattan. Larry had called me before he left (I was working late -- I work in Manhattan) and I told him I would meet him there. I left the office and took a taxi to 62nd and York, where the Animal Medical Center is. I got out and went into the waiting room looking for Larry and Freckles. I told the woman behind the desk I was meeting my husband here with our dog. She said "go into room 6." I said "you know who I am? You know who my husband is? You know my dog, a black & white springer?" She again repeated for me to go into room 6. Just then Larry opened the door a little bit, poked his head out, and said "Freckles died on the way over." I cannot put into words my feelings when I saw my baby laying with her eyes half open, her tongue hanging out of her mouth, just laying on the metal slab dead. I don't know how this happened so fast. I don't know why earlier in the afternoon when Larry brought her into the local vet and did an x-ray, they didn't see what dire shape she was in or why they sent Freckles home. I just read something on the internet that says in heart crisis, lasix should be given intravenously. Maybe had that been done she could have breathed easier for a while longer. I am a very cynical person toward medical doctors. I have become the same way with veterinarians. I will always feel our local vet could have done something other than send Larry and Freckles home. Anyway, I have such beautiful memories of my baby girl. She was not in this world in vain. She made so many people happy. She would have made a wonderful therapy dog. If I ever have another dog as friendly, social and sensitive as Freckles, I will share her with others who need someone like her in their life. Five years ago, my husband and I lost our 16 year old son, Eric, to leukemia. During his illness, most of his "friends" disappeared into the sunset....they were busy with their own lives.... and school friends, and getting ready for college. There were times that Eric was away getting treatment for 3 months, sometimes longer, getting treatment in the hospital. Freckles was always there to greet Eric when he came home. Freckles would practically do summersaults in the air when Eric walked in the door. And as weak as Eric was, it never failed to invoke a big, huge, smile on Eric's face when Freckles greeted him. Eric was her pal and she never forgot about him when he was in the hospital. For those times alone, we will love Freckles forever. I figure by now she's up there in dog heaven, hanging around the rainbow bridge, playing with everyone (even the meanest dogs had a soft spot for Freck I guess because she was so unaggressive), and probably looking for her mommy and daddy who I know will both see her one day. We will see our baby in heaven. We will never forgot her legacy of unconditional love.

Larry and Laurie Lame

Freckles, 09/90-01/23/02

Dear Freckles,
Your love and friendship through the hard times and the easy times will never be forgotten. You brought much joy to my life and I am very grateful for that. I can't wait to be with you again in heaven. Here is a poem that I wrote for you

My Dog
My dog knows when it is time to play,
and she knows when it is time to behave,
and her love grows,
as we get old,
the time we spent together,
was almost as if we were in heaven,
but as u depart,
remember you'll always have a place in my heart,
Freckles you were my best friend and I will love you forever.
Freckles: September 1990-Jan 23 2002
To my dog with much love,

Freckles Falls Richardson, 08/1986-08/27/02

A compassionate friend who was always there you. A dispenser of unconditional love at all times. A terrific lap warmer and purr-er extraordinaire. That was Freckles.

Freckles is already missed more than even she can imagine. The house just isn't the same without her. She can still be "seen" in her favorite resting places. She can still be heard purring for a snack in the kitchen. Poems have been written in her honor and in her memory. She deeply touched the lives of those who knew and loved her. Her presence in a room brought a smile to your face. Even her cat friend, Pepper, misses her and still looks for her in her usual spots in the house. But Freckles is not there. Freckles is waiting for all of her friends, feline and human, on Rainbow Bridge. We will see you again soon, Freckles...all in God's time. We miss you and we love you!

Dale Hughes

Fred, 04/14/95-11/02/02

Sadness and sorrow overshadow my days
For my dear companion has passed away.
He captured my heart and brought consolation,
This rowdy but gentle, smiling Dalmatian.

He was loving and loyal, playful and protective,
With pep in his step, he was constantly active.
He could hear me coming from afar,
And with anticipation, he knew it was my car.

Always happy to see me, no complaints on his part,
A tail-wagging buddy, with a caring warm heart.
His special 'woof woof' signaled the waste truck was near,
Always alert and in tune without ay fear.

And then it happened, a shocking report from the vet,
I am losing my best friend - my sweet pet.
As the days past with no hope of a cure,
I promised he would be safe and secure.

I believe he knew by the tears we both shed,
Of his ensuing death and that day of dread.
He licked my face as if to say,
'Don't worry or fret', we'll meet again someday.

On his day of passing, it was windy and cool,
With raindrops from Heaven - November 2, 2002.
Blessed, with a guardian and my special friend I said,
"I'll forever remember, my robust and fun-loving, -
Good 'ol FRED!"

Leslie Smith

Fred, 11/01/02

My little Freddy,

I am so sorry for what you had to go through. You were my first guinea pig and you were so special. I will always remember your little attitude. I will never forget you. You will always be in my heart.


Fred, 06/20/02

Fred was the most wonderful cat anyone ever had the honor of having in the family. We adopted him in December of 1995 and we were fortunate enough to have had him for the last 7 years. His heart, though as big as the world, just could not hold out any longer. He tried to stay with us as long as possible, but he no longer had the strength to carry on in this world. Fred I cry for you each and every day, I will NEVER forget you or stop loving you! I thank God for the time that we shared with you. Daddy loves and misses you as much as I. WE LOVE YOU FRED!!

Elizabeth Laparr

Fred, 06/96-10/17/02

6 years is a long time for a guinea pig to live. Fred lived with me in countless apartments, and was adored by a limitless number of people. I'm going to miss his squeaks, his chewing on his cage, and the jiggle of his waterbottle ~ all the sounds that had grown so comforting for me over the past several years.

Wendy Esformes

Fred, 09/25/02

Fred passed away after a short brave battle with Lymphoma (cancer). We adopted Fred from the Edmonton Kennel Club Purebreed Rescue at the age of 3. As my wife and I do not have children, Fred was our "son". Fred touched a lot of hearts because of his outgoing personality and loving nature. He will be dearly missed everyday, but will remain strong in our hearts.

Robert & Cayley

Fred, 08/30/02

Fred, the moment we set eyes on you we fell in love. You were a beautiful Basset. We loved to hear your loud, beautiful bark. It was so special when you would greet us with that strong, wagging tail of yours and those big, droopy eyes. We felt your love and we hope you felt ours. When our kids came along, you greeted them with the same love and they loved you back. We can still remember the time when we dropped our ice cream and you anxiously ate it all. We all laughed. In our minds we can still see you running around enjoying life. Our hearts are aching right now and the pain is so deep. Do not fear, you will never be forgotten and our love for you will never be replaced. You were unique and special to us all. You left an imprint of your big, beautiful paws in our hearts. We love you dearly. Rest In Peace little one.

Love Always,

Your Family (Dago, Consuelo, Cynthia ,and Ben Morales)

Fred, 06/19/02

Fred you will always be in our hearts. We know that you are playing with Willoughby and Gwenivere. Take it easy on them. Shmu and Chloe are sad that you are not here, but they know that your suffering is over. Now you can have all the pizza and white castles you want, without getting in trouble for helping yourself. We will miss you so much, love mommy and daddy.

Floyd & Stacey

Fred, 1/30/94-5/2/02

I loved my friend.
He went away from me.
There's nothing more to say.
The poem is over
As gentle as it began.
I loved my friend.
--Langston Hughes

Thank you for loving us so much, Fred. We loved you just as much, and we will always love you. God bless you.

Shiba and Julian

Fred, 08/05/93-01/05/01

Fred was our children's first pet. He was loyal and true. we teased him about being brain damaged because of his many times hitting his head on the bottom of our wooden furniture. We miss his bark at every breeze. And his loyal attack of the vacuum cleaner. He tried to hang on to life but he was in pain so we had to let him go. My husband and I cryed alone in the car for an hour before we want home to tell the children. They knew it was the right thing to do for Fred. Now we think of him happy in heaven, waiting for us to come see him someday.

Peter and Arlene Hewson

Fred, 1/14/02

We adopted Fred on January 15, 1999 when he was 6 years old. He was a handsome gray schnauzer. Fred immediately adapted to our family. He had found a new home and we had found a true friend. Fred was smart, gentle, friendly, and playful - everything anyone would want in a pet. Everyone who met Fred loved him. Unfortunately, only three years later, Fred had to leave us. We discovered he had a tumor. We tried everything to save him.

Freddy, we all miss you terribly. We'll never forget you! You will live in our hearts and memories forever. Mom, Dad, Alyssa and Rob

Fred, 01/07/02

Fred was my best friend who I lost on Monday January 7th. We shared lots of things like walking in the yard, eating yogurt and milkshakes, and taking naps. He was a loving companion for 19 years.
He is missed by me and the Annie cat.

Freddie, 07/25/99-10/22/02

Dear Freddie,
I miss you so much. You may have only been a fish but you were cool! You were an awesome purple, red, blue, & white betta! You would always follow my finger, attack your food, & puff up your gills at me. You were awesome!!!


F.Y.I.:Please check out the D's, my 3 dickie birds are there.

Freddie, 03/02/02

He was a dog that was left at the local animal shelter at the age of 12 yrs. I saw his picture in the newspaper and fell in love with him. We had him for 2 1/2 yrs before he got sick. Even though we only had him for a short time, he was a sweet loving dog who will always be missed and never forgotten.

Elsie Morris

Freddie, 08/06/89-10/30/00

We Miss you very much. He had cancer, cushing, kidney failure. Very loving dog and bought is much joy.

Mom & Dad

Freddie, 07/01/89-10/30/00

My dearest friend you are truly missed. You are always in my heart and I love you very much even though you have been physically gone for over a year. I still remember how you would pose for a camera and how you would be so excited when I came home. I miss you Freddie. You gave me unconditional love and I will see you again on the Rainbow bridge when it is our time. Enjoy the meadow and all the friends you have made but keep your ear alert because some day I will be calling your name. Love Mom

Freddy, 6/3/89-6/13/02

Gone, but not forgotten,
You're always in my heart.
The day your pain ended
Is the day my pain did start.
Till the roses lose their petals,
Till the heather sheds its dew,
Till the end of time, dear Freddy,
I will love and remember you.
Goodnight for now, my baby,
And all that's left to say:
I hope there is a heaven,
So I get you back one day.

Freddy Cougar, 01/11/02

Goodbye, dear sweet Fred. You were a wonderful companion during all the years we spent together, and you are missed very much. We will always remember your goofy (and sometimes ornery :) ways and happy-go-lucky attitude, the curiosity that sometimes got you into pickles, and, above all, your incredibly generous and loving spirit. Thank you so much for sharing your life with us. Much love, "Mom"

Freeway, 05/16/02

I will miss you.


Freon, 11/02/87-02/14/02

"Freon" was the most beautiful friend and pet to ever live. She was sweet and sassy, dedicated to her family, loving to all, compassionate and friendly. Over her life span she turned many people into dog lovers, who before had never liked animals. She made people see the wonders of a true friend. I got her from SPCA when she was 6 weeks old. She never let me down, always a pleaser, always a friend. I will miss her unconditional love, and faithfulness. I know she is now out of her painful struggle to keep her body going, only for me, as to not leave me alone. Brave until the end, enduring pain, and sacrificing her dignity, to try and stay alive, rather than pass on and leave me alone. I sent her on her journey this week, relieved her of her pain, and her undying obligation to take care of me. She left me with her gift of love, and took this gift of mine. I will see you again soon Freon. Love, Mommy

Fresca, 05/08/89-10/23/03

Fresca was a very loving, gentle dog to anyone she met. She stayed by my side whenever I was around. The day before she died she walked, begged and licked as though it was any other day. Her spirit was wonderful. We would never had known that she was sick without XRays and Veterinarians. Many people asked how old our puppy was. She was thirteen years old and if it weren't for a few grey whiskers would you have never known she was that old. We loved her.

Fresno, 03/01/88-05/16/02

My beautiful Fresno:

Thank you for all the wonderful years of unconditional love and devotion. There is a hole in my heart that in time will heal over, but still be there and you will reside there for the rest of my life. I will always love you and miss you.

Mom and papa too

Freya, 30/09/94-21/11/02

You'll always be in our hearts and never forgotten sweetheart. Will love and miss you always. I know you are still with us and the house is empty without you.

Mandy Penman

Friday, 10/01/01

Friday, we miss you so very much. You were so special, so beautiful. Your last month was filled with pain with the cancer I know. It was very hard to give you up, but I know that it was time. We love you forever and forever - till we meet at the Rainbow Bridge. I know you will be watching for us!! Love you so very much.


Friday, 04/22/02

You are finally at peace, my little boy. I miss you so much and I will always treasure your loyalty and affection. I will meet you at the Rainbow Bridge.

Ellen Bradshaw

Fripouille, 12/20/93-02/05/02

Thanks for the wonderful years - filled with love, compassion, patience and softness. It was all too short! There will never be another Fripouille and I'm sure we'll meet again - don't forget to visit us in our dreams, we'll be looking out for you.


Zenta, Lise and Réjean

Frisbee, 10/28/94-05/28/02

I found Frisbee as a stray and posted flyers with his photo to locate the owner. No one called. Today I find myself posting flyers of my own, looking for my lost best friend. I am not sure what happened to him, but he is gone. We shared almost eight years together, eight years I wouldn't trade for the moon and stars. I miss you, Frisbee, and love you forever.

Melissa Libby

Frisko, 02/14/86-05/01/01

Its very hard for me to let go.. even after 9 months I still cry almost every day... I cried every day for 8 months and only now have I realized He is gone...He comes to me on the bed ( I feel him) and I hear a bark at 6:50 every morning that wakes me up, just like he used to...I know he is staying here to make sure I am ok... Budsters.. I am ok!!! I love you to death and beyond............


Frisky, 12/01/01-10/05/02

There were 13 puppies in your litter, but you were an easy choice. You sat apart from the rest, studying us with those big beautiful eyes. We brought you home in a cardboard box and introduced you to your big brother Rocky and your Daddy Muttley. For nine short months you enriched our lives, even if you did like to chew on everything. You grew up to be such a big, handsome, loving boy. We sure do miss you our good boy. We'll never forget. Love you always: Mom, Dad, Muttley, and Rocky.

Frisky, 4/93-8/27/02

To Our Sweet Frisky ~ We miss you so much. You came to us as a pet for Jammye and James. Jammye took care of you. After she married, you filled such a void. You were very sick for the past two years. We knew you were in pain. We took you to different veterinarians trying to find an answer, but no one was able to help you. The veterinarian said you would never get better and that you would die a horrible death. We saw how you were suffering. We could not let that continue. James said that we had shown you love, but that we needed to show you one more time how much we love you. It was the most painful decision we ever had to make.

We keep looking around the house and seeing movement, but when we look again, you are not there. We buried you in the rose garden next to the window. We put a flower and a heart on your grave. In the box you were buried in is the kitty cat rug that says "home" and "spirit."

Even though we may have other pets because we love animals so much, no other pet will ever take your place in our hearts. Thank you for all of the wonderful memories you gave to us. Wait for us at the Rainbow Bridge, and we will cross together. We love you so much!

Jim, Sue, Jammye, and James

Frisky, 1982-01/31/02

Frisky came into our lives when we moved into this house. My mother and I moved here in 1995, and he was here on moving day. By the end of the first week, he had gotten in the house, and by the end of the 2nd week he was coming and going as he pleased. Although he lived two doors down, he spent most of his time with my mother, and he was the best thing that could have happened to her.

When my mother became terminally ill, I told Frisky that we would take care of each other. And he did take care of me. I thought he might forget about me when I went back to work. I worked 2 jobs and most nights did not get home until 9:30. But he was always here to greet me and would run to the car and sometimes jump in when the window was down.

I had brought him to the vet for an injury he suffered and the vet told me he needed dental work, when I had put away the $ for the dental work and had the time I brought him back to the vet, and with the bloodwork it was determined he was hyperthyroid. So we had I-131 treatment instead. Then he was found to have CRF in the follow up blood work to the hyperthyroid treatment. I never meant to keep him from his family, but I had kidnapped him. I made him become an indoor cat. He lived with his medical conditions for just over 2 years from the hyperthyroid diagnosis.

I feel like God brought Frisky to us - first to help my mother, and then to help me. I don't feel like I could ever find another cat, another companion or another friend so special as him. I love my Frisky Whiskey.

Fritz, 09/07/91-04/13/02

You left your pawprints all over our hearts!! We love you and miss you!! Until we meet again.........

Doreen & Charles Colburn

Fritz, 10/05/97-02/24/02

Fritz was here as my best (and for a while, only) friend as I moved from my home in Missouri to Florida. I was alone, starting out from scratch and he was my touchstone to my friends and family. Every night after work I would come home and he would be there at the window waiting for my arrival, by the time I was at the door he was there to greet me and we would sit to watch the news and talk about our days. He was a big talker and as silly as it sounds, it was like we understood each other. Every night when I would go to bed I had to lay on one side and he would lay across my arm and fall asleep with me. As work started to keep me later and later into the night I realized it was unfair of me to expect him to entertain himself all day long, so I got him a friend, Izzy. He took to Izzy easily, acting as her surrogate mother - helping her bathe and showing her around her new home. He was also a very curious kitty - everytime a door, drawer, cabinet or window was opened he felt it was his job, as man of the house, to thoroughly inspect it. I miss him so much it hurts inside. I know Izzy does too, she cries at night, sitting on their windowsill like she is waiting for him to come home. The most difficult things about pets is that as much as you want to comfort them you can't speak their language and tell them that everything will be alright. I had to put him to sleep last Saturday night - his heart was failing, he was having trouble breathing and a blood clot went to his back legs causing them to suddenly be useless. He cried and cried all the way to the emergency room and I couldn't help him, I couldn't make him feel better. I know he is in a better place now - I have to believe that. But, I am selfish - I want him here with me.


Fritz, 02/10/02

To Fritz - my best buddy. Never has there been a guy with a heart as big as yours. You hold the most special place in my heart, and always will. For all the good times we had, I am so very thankful. With the grace of God, one day we will meet again - and in the meantime, your spirit will always be a part of me. I miss you....go play.....keep an eye on me and day we'll all be together again. All my love, forever.....Mom

Fritzi, 07/18/01

Fritzi my love, you are missed so very much by me and the kids. You were my soul mate l always knew everything would be okay by just one look from you on my most saddest of days l know you are in a better place, but l would give anything to look down and see you by my side. Sleep tight my Angel. L miss you so.

Fritzie, 10/27/92-07/03/02


You will always be my precious little angel. You taught Mommy how to love and be loved, and for that my darling, you will live in my heart forever. I always told you that nothing could ever come between the love we have. Keep my place ready so one day we can cross the Rainbow Bridge together. I love you forever, my darling.


Fritz Von Steiniger, 10/24/84-12/24/01

My long time family pet, Fritz, has died on Christmas Eve, exactly 17 years to the day that he became a member of my family. He was a gentle and loving long-haired Dachshund, always giving unconditional love. After a 6 month battle with a brain tumor, and a 4 day stay in the hospital, he came home on Christmas Eve to spend one last day with our family. We will miss Fritz and his floppy ears, playful prance, and how he learned to say "Mama" when he wanted me to feed him. I love you Fritz and hope to see you when I go home to, Mama Caron.

Frodo, 06/27/87-08/06/99

12 years was too short a time with this boy, my lifetime would not have been enough.

Ron Fink

Frost, 08/23/93-02/28/02

Frost you were my forever best friend. Eight yrs of your unconditional love and now you are gone. Renal Failure I know what it is now. I still feel guilty for having you put to sleep. But could not stand to see you suffer any longer. I know you would do the same for me. Thanks for always taking care of me. I will never forget you! Life does not seem the same without you in it. I can't stop crying for you but I know your in a better place. Go towards the light Frost go towards the light. Letting go of you was the hardest thing I have ever done. Please know you are loved. I would like to write more but cannot stop crying just please know I love and miss you terribly.

Love your mommy

Frosty, 12/14/02

I wish you hadn't had to suffer at the hands of humans. I wish I had known what was happening to you sooner. I did the best I could for you in your last month of life. I love you Frosty!

Cyndy Hakansson

Frosty, 04/87-08/09/02

Frosty was a truly special and intelligent dog.
She was gentle and loving and never hurt anyone or anything. All she ever wanted to do was please us. We will love and miss her until the day we die. We truly hope there is a Rainbow Bridge for us to cross together.

Mary, Frank, Chris and Jessica Russo

Frosty, 10/08/01-05/02/02

You were a special baby! I miss you, and you will always be in my heart. I love you. I'll see you at the Bridge.

Robin Smith

Fruity, 06/07/94-05/29/02

Fruity was a special cat, always come to me no matter where I go. I always play with Fruity for games and she loved play with my mother at the garden at her backyard of house. She always wait for me to come home from college, heard my car arrived and ran to the front door. One day she was very illness and had anemia (FIA), the result show up there was increasing white cells in her blood and another problem with her kidneys may not working well. She had been put down and no more pain to lived. She was laid rest and peace. I miss her terribly. She always in my heart forever, to bring my memories of happiness time reduced my grief.

Fry, 01/01/93-09/21/02

Fry is a handsome, gentle, sturdy, big boy who is so appreciative of every morsel of food, bowl of clean water, pat and rub, walk and swim. Such a sweet soul. I love him with all my heart.

Sheila Bowden, Steve Ross

Fudgie, 08/27/90-02/03/02

To "My Girl"
I love you, and miss you terribly


Funky, 04/15/02

Her name was Funky, she was a cat, not quite 1 year old yet and she died last night 04/15/02. She was so beautiful and the sweetest little girl in the world. Everyday she would come up with the other cats for breakfast when my dad fed them and when I would come home from school she would run to me and follow me up the back steps to the door. She loved attention and loved to play. Our neighbor brought her to us last night and told us that she had been hit by a car and they had found her. Her body was still warm. I am completely devastated and I know that it will take a long time to get over this loss.

Jennifer Lanier

Furryface, 11/01/02

You were the best thing that ever happened to me, and the apartment seems so empty without you. Sleep well, my angel.

Betty Kranzdorf

Fuujin, 10/19/91-10/16/02

My wonderful, beautiful Fuujin,

My heart aches with missing you but as I promised, I continue to celebrate your life and all the love and happiness to gave to me through the years. I miss you terribly and will always hold you dear and close to my heart. You will be with me always. There is no way to ever express how much I love you and how grateful I am for every minute we shared. Thank you for all the joy and laughter you gave me, and continue to give me through memories of you. You will always be my Queen Cat of the Universe.

Fuzz, 10/2001-05/2002

you disappeared only two weeks after your brother Smokey got hit by a car. Now all we have left is your brother Bear. He really misses playing with both of you.
Hope you are safe or if you got hurt we hope you didn't suffer.
Jeff, Tina, Allyson

Fuzzy (Fuzzball), 08/13/02

Our dear old Fuzzy, our loyal house cat and companion to our family, will now be at the Rainbow Bridge with his former house mate, Dottie. Travel safely, my friend, and may you forever have peace and comfort. You will be missed. One day we will be together again.

Jill Oneal

Fuzzy, 09/29/01

I miss my Fuzzy so much. This Friday will be 5 months since he left me. I was with him all the way to the end. I was kissing his nose when he died. He loved me no matter what I did or said. He was always on my lap while I was watching tv or reading. I would come home from work and find a big lump under the bed covers, where he went when he was cold. Fuzz loved to go outside on nice days. We would go out and he would walk around the back yard. I have pictures of him looking up the tree at a squirrel looking down at him. He was my loverboy, my baby.


Fuzzy, 07/04/00-01/25/02

She was a special pet that loved all people and enjoyed being a hamster. When I took care of her, she would take care of me. She enjoyed waking me up every morning. She loved all kinds of treats and food. When she really needed me, her paw would come forward to pull my hand back to her. She really loved kisses and hugs. They made her feel good all over. Sometimes I think she thought she was human. She could stand on her hind legs and walk. She ate dinner with my family, and she really enjoyed night time TV.

Terry, Karen, Alex & Tiffany Ing

Fuzzy Monster Prouty, 12/01/83-02/08/02

Fuzzy Monster, my best friend and little love for so many, many years, I wish you joy, peace, courage, friendship and love in your new life. My love goes with you always and forever. - Mommy

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